Függelék:Angol szógyakorisági listák/FDA2

A Wikiszótárból, a nyitott szótárból
Ugrás a navigációhoz Ugrás a kereséshez
true bad wild sweet impossible lifelong alive wet recurring night team hope world house reality girl pipe job nightmare come live become realize pursue wake remember fulfill chase sleep
bad greatest constant unknown growing irrational deep sudden widespread deepest people hope anxiety death failure crime pain factor live express overcome confirm face allay cause strike anger experience
hair eye side room night matter sky light skin cloud suit glass brown blue wear green black white red gray cold thick
contract agreement president bill treaty law paper letter name autograph agent document petition player book free recently refuse dated onto up for class before customer already online volunteer subscriber worker employee on play sponsor eventually refuse originally
traditional different scientific effective alternative various common current appropriate modern participant study research teaching subject data analysis course use assessment develop teach employ provide describe apply determine produce assess involve
who else if something kill maybe shoot other hurt steal unless please somewhere blame
weekly literary monthly online glossy pornographic conservative quarterly mainstream outdoor time editor newspaper article cover book new issue news page read publish appear report feature sell pick launch edit devote
light change value view fact difference concern reality policy attitude price mirror interest level pattern may upon accurately off cultural simply
metal rain cream load door weight burden equipment traffic industry snow drinking too carry wear lift hang thick hot wooden
young wounded dead military fellow female Soviet war army field foot child officer enemy marine battle unit kill die fight send capture shoot wound return carry train
private intellectual personal public physical local commercial residential cultural common tax right owner value damage land protection piece rental ownership own buy sell protect acquire purchase seize belong define
woman girl day place child eye face house city wife hair color most young ever blue absolutely wonderful bright rich elegant
senior free-lance young editorial famous prolific contributing female staff freelance artist editor woman fiction science director letter author live base contribute travel e-mail specialize portray reside chronicle compile
good right serious fun hot crazy tough weird funny lot kind people kid sort legend food bunch sack buy happen love sell throw eat strut pack clean store
hidden digital infrared still candid live light hand-held advanced planetary video TV club television crew surveillance lens security use move follow capture roll set record catch point carry
quality life performance health condition skill education effort situation efficiency relation ability economy chance technology help significantly dramatically greatly continue economic
right left broad bare wide cold thin heavy sore thick hand arm head back blade neck bag strap face injury look shrug touch glance stand pat lift shake sling tap
full local gay wet parallel wooden topless crowded uneven trendy restaurant candy chocolate hotel state snack grill drink stool window sit raise hang grab lean tend lower dance feature slide
grand luxury downtown five-star cheap expensive fancy room restaurant night suite lobby resort bar casino guest beach stay check return own arrive book operate lodge overlook cater
focus choose rely opt prefer concentrate argue propose merely reward altogether
rolling steep green pleasant southern nearby surrounding eastern auburn gentle chapel country road top town forest oak crest tree mountain climb walk overlook roll head rise surround ride dot perch
difference problem relationship evidence condition form possibility society opportunity culture universe tension earth literature structure no between still only such long already
open deep blue shining green inland vast heavy level lion turtle island water salt black dead red change rise sail swim head float drown cross overlook blow crash
other financial high political educational social public international religious democratic education government society research university art college law marriage policy build establish support attend state strengthen operate transfer lend shape
primary political present main sole specific public common real whole study sense life article research intent discussion meaning tax investigation serve use explain achieve test accomplish suit establish defeat
similar different consistent general complex cultural changing familiar certain typical behavior change color weather movement relationship development response difference growth follow show emerge create reveal fit reflect establish identify repeat
great small fine specific full personal final technical graphic vivid attention story page news plan security work summary level photograph describe provide discuss reveal add remember explain examine focus emerge
answering military flying automatic heavy complex well-oiled expensive smart gun washing time fax slot sewing message tool vend build buy operate install test replace invent measure feed
new big real greatest major legal serious tough economic environmental court problem week kind security century design response authority future face meet pose present accept address rise issue prepare mount
new small private previous original principal current proud rightful sole business property store team shop player restaurant gun building sell hire compensate complain convince sue contact advise negotiate notify
federal secret special undercover literary foreign double independent British estate travel insurance government intelligence enforcement orange police drug player sign act arrest investigate hire search banish contact testify pursue
time question guy decision job law issue choice love situation problem crime really face enough pretty smart very extremely
go look straight still move day year lie plan stare far week road
new young old previous whole early current entire people power woman child parent leader electricity boom gap boomer pass represent born produce inspire belong hand influence train attract
break bank development fishing use estate interest success fisherman market building product welcome continue right join residential real industrial
many most man those meet both person friend speak love someone share name marry
great late early free past cool previous light following backward spring rise summer winter season day election semester break publish plant release schedule survive launch
road street walk stair hill way back run step hall side corridor line path
smooth flat floured hard lunar entire outer water earth area temperature work planet skin soil moon painting cover break scratch rise reach float skim apply measure spread
balanced federal annual congressional military total current tight deficit year office cut defense president percent amendment tax committee balance pass reduce increase submit approve state sign double exceed
democratic senior junior conservative incumbent bipartisan vice moderate distinguished influential state US new president time congressmen thank vote agree support introduce welcome elect oppose propose sponsor
brown full heavy mixed overnight punching zipper-lock athletic plastic air sleeping paper shopping garbage duffel carry put pack hold fill pull open grab drop pick
virtual political social economic harsh physical objective historical ultimate show check TV dream perception fantasy sense television truth become face reflect deal accept confront ignore exist experience transform
managing senior associate assistant contributing medical magazine note executive letter news newspaper chief writer publisher author contribute name appoint retire resign edit reserve applaud commend
people garden individual bar female male attitude athlete voter minority adolescent plot personality flock toward focus less view
issue problem question concern study research program article letter topic policy nation correspondence need directly social specific specifically
right war society liberty movement union service servant law case leader group during against political criminal federal military file
room foot line moment effort elevator ladder shadow toe hall doorway bus stage plane microphone into forward onto aside inside outside over up effort pressure attack onto campaign enforcement pace production down chief chairman force CEO onto speaker intention voluntarily in government fill military fate legislature rescue broker regulate out into door onto behind front public back inside pace admire survey startle
public open serious general online detailed following brief present group issue result class topic student panel debate subject purpose continue include lead focus join engage participate involve conclude center
hypothesis drug model student system study water theory sample effect product skill ability limit subject positive design determine currently thoroughly empirically evaluate fully successfully out new chance as just idea its
single stay-at-home working full-time divorced scared teenage foster adoptive part-time dad kid time house soccer sister home car birth birthday tell love die cry yell hug kiss sigh shop divorce
domestic political sexual sectarian physical ethnic racial random act scene woman sex school drug crime victim threat level stop end prevent occur reduce erupt commit involve cause threaten
number percent fat score cost population time return amount value sample carbohydrate sit million saturated increase per estimate reduce annual less
white pale dark smooth dry soft brown thin thick light color hair cancer bone tone cell surface layer care muscle remove cause peel burn protect touch rub break wear stretch
medium high medium-high low medium-low intense dead oil skillet minute pan boil saucepan oven summer water onion reduce add remove cook turn feel increase
national economic foreign advisory governing international legislative tribal security city member resolution president research nation meeting education relation meet vote approve pass decide elect adopt form appoint attend
thing change difference sign foot absence improvement reader smell expression similarity ring neighbor observer odor seem something never hardly barely
egg heart team sugar death drum butter white odds wife mixture police flour vanilla cream until hard lightly badly up on get kid guy wife pretty someone badly cop threaten down sun door rain upon out issue decliners advancer competition
long little middle left cold tiny thin bony gloved broken hand index lip hair ring thumb tip eye toe arm point put run hold snap touch keep stick press lift
great clear nearby frozen shallow freshwater man-made artificial arctic sparkling salt city water river shore forest area mile mountain view overlook swim head surround fish flow feed drain freeze dry
neither any ever anyone deny necessarily confirm fully entirely merely sufficient surprising inclination desirable
luck author birthday reader harm happiness holiday educator instructor retrospect fulfillment hindsight farewell grandpa majesty I can well thank sometimes someone anyone
art world time museum history life society technology science state era medicine early ancient traditional western industrial thoroughly urban democratic European
gay same-sex happy previous interracial traditional arranged legal civil failed year child family divorce couple sex relationship love daughter institution end last save ban recognize fail oppose enter define perform
electoral popular final presidential single close unanimous total necessary percent majority election confidence count candidate number get cast win lose receive support delay tally
alleged sexual innocent potential female dead violent intended helpless sacrificial family crime rape abuse murder accident police AIDS disease become fall help blame kill identify claim treat suffer shoot
song voice music choir bird praise tune hymn church anthem blue love heart singer gospel along together softly musical sweet shout loudly favorite chant beautifully accompany
difficult easy daunting simple specific complex impossible challenging joint main force performance time hand group orientation teacher difficulty type activity perform complete accomplish face require assign set involve carry undertake
ovarian cervical pancreatic colorectal testicular terminal endometrial breast risk prostate lung patient disease woman colon cell treatment die cause diagnose prevent develop treat spread cure kill reduce
front total cubic rushing passing wide square receiving net combined touchdown back trimming pass game tree season side school play rush carry run throw catch gain
open tiny outdoor cramped dirty darkened remodeled table room door window floor counter sink cabinet soup sit walk stand enter cook return head clean smell gather
other personal individual single specific big-ticket luxury various expensive additional scale response number factor test food table questionnaire line news include consist contain buy relate respond identify comprise remove
personal social individual primary moral full fiscal corporate sense government right family action role job authority freedom accountability take assume accept bear claim share carry protect ensure
full dry wide gaping pink toothless round smiling wider loose hand word eye corner nose river tongue finger taste tooth open shut keep close cover wipe hang fill drop twist
international general collective interim prenuptial final tentative mutual regional trade peace budget term bargaining tariff development plea arm reach sign negotiate nod enter end violate conclude announce fail
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social human foreign political financial private international cultural long-term gain city punishment nation investment venture market raise cut invest attract reduce flow finance accumulate lack found
serious real nuclear potential military terrorist greatest major perceived immediate security death health war violence terrorism bomb peace perception pose face receive represent perceive deal present reduce warn exaggerate
eye head face mouth camera lip shoulder ear joke tear grin wave relief satisfaction greeting back nod again shake broadly slightly
natural electric hot cheap atmospheric interstellar ionized clean used burning oil station greenhouse price emission tank tear mask run produce reduce buy pump fill burn hit emit contain
of use usual traditional hour rely cash plastic milk butter concentrate stair elevator
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audio fast right wrong dead inside short fresh beaten record field railroad race team sound car title athlete keep check lose stop run follow cover cross train feature
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people man country history tax color nation source soil gap kid tradition poor famous powerful deep strike dark cultural brown
senior private ordinary fellow average law-abiding local individual free US state right group nation community action committee suit participation become protect allow treat vote participate educate encourage urge defend
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nice formal sit-down quiet romantic black-tie four-course complete expensive lavish lunch table party night family breakfast restaurant plate evening eat cook serve sit invite prepare finish plan honor feature
state country world culture hemisphere civilization society nation conference art tradition diplomat eastern modern reserve central traditional cultural northern
public political national presidential heated current open ongoing issue policy side discussion subject matter abortion reform continue rage spark engage end focus surround provoke dominate enter
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thing question story point way study case idea part finding aspect character very more most because find really something
disease attack cancer injury law heart infection damage loss spread effort abuse violence pregnancy crime from help try far order in future treat effective necessary intend effectively
mile world distance car south north west train east speed month space Africa through around far across along hundred
child baby year son daughter month star infant wedlock poverty before after raise where since breed healthy prematurely newly
issue problem question factor information activity story experience variable health use level education development performance directly closely significantly positively
role responsibility position control leadership model form risk duty presidency theory command posture researcher function always everyone reasonable safe automatically generally
these other all business ever matter above whom whatsoever violence second exist absolutely virtually
hospital official mistake patient evidence guilt wrongdoing defeat error affair failure fault immigrant testimony oath must later finally readily freely willing hate refuse force publicly
of her stand me right house sit stop camera face mirror car table TV
way guy scientist hell genius odds analyst engineer trick coverlet prominently hard finally transcribe illustrate depict harder importantly correctly summarize kinda out how what try can way who why where whether exactly
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live let stand sit home walk act travel eat dark sleep account enough sufficient
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public foreign international social sexual diplomatic civil-military economic human political race power country council labor community trade gender history firm improve establish maintain normalize bear examine affect strain define strengthen
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botanical botanic formal secret private green organic wild square rose house vegetable home plant flower city center hose create tend design visit surround overlook feature weed water bloom
easy equal free open direct full limited information service health market people care resource public education have provide gain give allow deny restrict
book article paper story report university letter result work issue volume list data collection science by recently originally previously short widely
day moment memory event conversation detail interview incident meeting scene childhood visit governor reader occasion later vividly fondly correctly vaguely
union republic state leader president troop force army government system economy empire
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university state part city town hemisphere region border district end accent northern eastern along central European
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low net high annual capita average median personal federal gross tax family percent household level source growth rate security distribution pay earn rise increase provide report generate raise supplement fall
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way program strategy treatment teacher method use system intervention means teaching control more most very as prove less provide
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after almost serve follow begin start recognize upon respond apparent notice available
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