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solvent Appendix:Glossary of finance contango liquidation pathfinder prospectus profit-taking shares upset price value date Federal Reserve System imprest refinance axe put bear interest bull distribution note penalty park statement corner spread beta spot strike capital call position actual rest yard grace principal gilt audit share deposit long flat linker passive transaction multiple attestation contagion nominal floor conventional disintermediate cumulative underwater forward return hedge leverage realize stopper vega freeze cable mature time note arbitrage disburse float anticipation bullet subordinate omnium refinancing lamb fundamentalism alpha capitalize voting falsify settlement ROM buck stale AAA fugit CF duration securitize cap panic AFC corporate assets default liabilities tenor redeem CAD EOD w/o caplet clearance coupon uptick reserve subscribe tracker commute big figure notional utility stockbroker stockholder indication clearing extension margin secondary fundamentalist fungible rehypothecation speculation premium redeemable hypo upside down surgery speculator maturity warrant valuation issue perpetuity multiple expansion yo-yo convertible privilege seller's market reminder preferred dividend straddle conduit EPS jobber Threadneedle Street negative equity wide open municipal disintermediation muni repo subpar junk bond financer zero coupon bond credit default option debenture technical analysis ticker tape vest date technicals contingent claim strip strategy underwriter fallen angel pound the table liquidity noncumulative government issue ROR creditor tontine TRS SDR tailgate consolidated superfund Lombard rate promissory note contrarian backwardation compound interest earnings speculate over-the-counter drip pump and dump interest rate Goldman roll mutual fund redetermination net profit open interest exchange rate basis point mis-sell FBO monoline obligor front runner liquidize obligee ultrashort in specie chartism premarket irredeemable letter of credit overleverage unvested unexercised noteholder unitholder investable capital market financial instrument debtholder futures market unpledged putable midcap rephasing open-end fund closed-end fund fundamentals CAG unhedged levered firm tunneling bear market load fund bull market credit rating stock market crash perpetual bond tippee financing dry powder money market senior note hyperinflated overweight nonfinancial debt negotiable buydown ex stock marginal cost of capital OPEX CDO unsystematic risk floor plan lending negative pledge vendor bid optionable EBIT refi financials aval limited liability double-dip thin trading front running market risk fut. Brigitte Bardot optionality structurer deleverage flotation cost money broker penny stock derivative instrument surplusage market capitalization spot market notional amount P/E ratio credit line cost-benefit analysis interestless Nikkei index Greeks securitization DJI bear spread nonreserve nonborrowed American option payment schedule Bermudan option day count convention legal interest Quotron Treasury bill market maker antigold Texas ratio Eurobond short selling cash instrument tranched T-bill liquidness zero coupon trading pit trading floor pullback insider trading credit default swap credit event debt instrument total return swap EBRD microfinance nonprime installment loan mortgage-backed security MTCN futures contract conditionality ABCP fundamental analysis zero-coupon note credit crunch debtor in possession call value common stock secondary market regular dividend preferred stock investment bank jump the gun maturity date asset-backed price-earnings ratio metaorder vesting schedule CTR pre-packaged bankruptcy bps microcap depositum guaranteed equity bond TED spread under-hedging subinvestment SML arbitrage pricing model hedgie stress test trade acceptance money market fund stockpicker shadow bank PST too big to fail break the buck simple interest equitylike commodity exchange antidilution spot price overspeculate banker's dozen CDS noise trader best efforts floorlet encashment payment service unexpired cost FICO rehypothecate ratable net present value AUD reinsurance flotation AUM Great Depression panic buying CML moratory wirehouse RORO blind pool tax accounting cost price newco overbought subaccount oversold over the counter tracker mortgage OCMT IBG YBG leaseback overperform day trade superhedging Elliott wave low-doc loan open outcry dequity anticonduit NINA loan EBICS chequable setoff corner the market bridge loan FOP Dutch sandwich money mule C$ mischarge buy into munies peer-to-peer lending bagholder trade down credit limit day trader NOBO FTT growth stock private-wire house illiquid aftermarket grey market buyout nonpar chartist consol pledgable APM arb European Stability Mechanism cash and carry KSH investment banker fractional reserve banking personal capital rumpty triple witching quadruple witching idiologus security market line deindex funding liquidity risk scalper nonfinancial BBA reexchange fixed charge swaption vulture capitalist Alt-A L/C HELOC LIFFE CAC yield to maturity CAPM NINJA SEAQ zombie bank inside information shadow banking banker's acceptance bondholder exchangeable auction call margin call bucket shop Eonia take out the stops SDBA STR hedged recapitalization cash position club together bond premium underweight call premium information velocity strap strategy gold bug CLO CDO-squared quant fund chewable marzipan layer in the money CLN money of account seed money stock company market opening market value calendar spread capital loss nonrecourse stock loan primary market collective investment scheme yield curve at a premium callable bond market jitters teaser rate capital asset net-net counterparty European option honeymoon period quote-driven Fannie Mae Freddie Mac GRAT Black Thursday political risk callable high probability trade nonbanking redefault minibond servicer boomlet toxic debt credit score supervoting VaR Value at Risk mark-to-market nonmortgage undercapitalization stockholding puttable systematic risk proprietary trading MPT par yield arbitrage pricing theory capital market line savings account toppy noncallable discount rate nonrevolving collateralized loan obligation nonlending oncost wastebook nonchecking noncapitalized trade up capitalizable earnout downtick FDICIA supersenior underreserved minibubble superbull nonhedged optionlike recharacterization antipill nonexchange EONIA black information nonaccrual LPT interest-free negative gearing director's loan fixed income affinity card currency risk collateralized debt obligation credit risk fair market value commercial paper no-load fund shadow banking system mark to market limit up limit down REMIC boom and bust noncash convertible security mortgage bond stocklike indexlike nonstockholding nonborrowing nonfutures reintermediation precredit itemizer bondholding ALLL NINA paythrough subhedging antioption group certificate OTM Internal Revenue Code bookbuild nondepository over-hedging nonequity nonitemizer stubless white information private investment banker make whole cliquet capital structure out of the money anaconda mortgage overbullish SSI moon rocket Euribor lame duck capital gain kicker letter of comfort line of credit seigniorage money scrivener GEB purpose statement locatio et conductio sinking fund bullet loan bottom fishing fancy stock program trading crowdfunding Sallie Mae greenshoe overallotment ERM CRM daily average revenue trades easy CAPEX accepting house liquid T lever cost of money short look-back antistuffing stuffing one-touch exotic hickey shareworthy eurocurrency Eurocurrency intraday after-tax flexdollar payment order quote stuffing teenie loserboard LTM rumortrage unitholding credit report fund house bounced cheque subadvisor sell short water shunting two-name paper foreign exchange certificate treasury stock trustee stock freehanded free-handed commutate ASP revolver foreign direct investment book value return on investment Eurobank emerging market air loan anti-avoidance value premium arbitrageur share dilution preferred stockholder arbitrager nettable passive income dematerialization underhedged buy low, sell high nonwasting susu commodity market financial market midrate midprice in mora sell away superbond RBS when, as, and if EDA financier frankable franking growthy redemption value activist investor reverse repo haircut mutual organization credit card debit card bank card government bond overspeculation tuck in Sharpe ratio ex ante SEPA refined posttrade pretrade nonqual puke ccy joint-stock company CMO enterprise value prerealization unitrust Henson trust debt-for-nature RBC reverse mortgage hook stock ex dividend overwithhold underwithhold triple lock taint untaint MIRR IRR volatility comaker operating loss nondeductibility nonderivative PPF Euromarket NSI NTP cash basis mortgage-backed rate of return risk-off risk-on definitive agreement CAGR conventional mortgage loan dividend equalisation reserve PEP tail risk George Washington digital zero acceptance accumulation accumulator Aussie derivative future industrial investment pip security stock swap investment fund underlying ISA sell side buy side stock split unliquid nonliquidity checkable information impactedness swingline subfund ASX LIBOR CTM mint par mint par of exchange specie point gold point unwind book account restructure rangebound Citations:debtquity volatility buffer noncommercial commercial permabull unhedgeable QE unicorn EBITA noncredit CVC Big Four FX bankable bankability death futures Talk:quantitative analysis covered call Wavoid exchange rate risk FX risk foreign exchange risk peg NIC name melt up LC financial management acquiring financial institution CTO demand note U/A DTD foreign debt Premium Bond mudarabah post note January effect tranche recapture FUTA revolving loan quant recontribution NR net operating loss credit-deposit ratio recasting shareholder setup fee CLM bond home loan loan nonconvertibility option anti-detriment corporation limited company limited liability company parent company stock exchange liquidable liquidability down payment foreign exchange EAP SAAR Footsie girocheque walk portfolio go public initial public offering flunkey liquid document antisilver yield divestment ECU