A Wikiszótárból, a nyitott szótárból

A sablonról [sablondok. infó] [szerkesztés]


Use this template to provide a qualifier before or after a list item, e.g. to qualify a synonym with a region or register, or a type of usage, like {{qualifier|figurative}}. For other situations, the following templates are preferred:

  • To provide a context for a definition, use {{label}} instead.
  • To indicate a particular accent for a pronunciation, use {{accent}} instead.
  • To identify the sense to which a usage note, synonym, or other -onym applies, use {{sense}} instead.


* {{sense|an oath or affirmation}} [[promise]], [[vow]], {{qualifier|informal}} [[word]]


Readers can customize the display of definition context qualifiers, sense glosses, other list item qualifiers, and italicized parenthesized text. Your current style is this:

  1. (qualifier like this, your current style) a definition... (note..., your current style).
  • (Sense gloss like this, your current style): synonym, (qualifier like this, your current style) synonym

Most readers seem to prefer standard italicized, parenthesized list item qualifiers:

  1. (qualifier like this, default style) a definition... (note..., default style).
  • (Sense gloss like this, default style): synonym, (qualifier like this, default style) synonym

Some readers, however, prefer italic punctuation around such text:

  1. (qualifier like this, all italic) a definition... (note..., all italic).
  • (Sense gloss like this, all italic): synonym, (qualifier like this, all italic) synonym

Some readers, however, prefer special treatment for list item qualifiers:

  • (Sense gloss like this, non-italic): synonym, (qualifier like this, non-italic) synonym
  • (Sense gloss like this, mostly italic): synonym, (qualifier like this, mostly italic) synonym
  • (Sense gloss like this, all italic): synonym, (qualifier like this, all italic) synonym
  • Sense gloss like this, small-caps: synonym, qualifier like this, small-caps synonym
  • (Sense gloss like this, small font): synonym, (qualifier like this, small) synonym

This template allows readers to choose select such custom formats using WT:PREFS or by editing your personal CSS file (e.g. Special:Mypage/common.css), as described in WT:CUSTOM.

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