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ru-verb (ru-verb?

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This template is used for the headword of Russian verbs. Please do not use subst:.


1= and head2=, head3= ...
The headword with accents. This is also used to link to individual words in a page title. Leave it blank to use the page name as default.
tr= and tr2=, tr3= ...
Overrides the automatic transliteration of Cyrillic letters if needed.
The aspect of the verb. Use impf for imperfective verbs, pf for perfective verbs and both if the verb can be either.
pf= and pf2=, pf3= ...
Specifies the perfective equivalent of the verb, if any.
impf= and impf2=, impf3= ...
Specifies the imperfective equivalent of the verb, if any.

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