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A a being a blue moon a bright thought a can of worms a catalectin a century a certain number a chip off the old block a coup sur a crowd is not company a cup too low a dagger of the mind a Daniel come to judgment a day after the fair a dead letter a deal a discretion a dog's obeyed in office a face untaught to feign a fair field and no favor a far cry to a few a fig for a fine frenzy a fond a fortiori a full a gauche a gentleman and a scholar a good hand at a good turn a good way off a great way off a hundred a la francaise a la mode a la parisienne a la sourdine a la tartufe a length of time a little at a time a little bird told me a little bit a long time a long time ago a long way off a long while a man among men a million a myriad a nonillion a number a number of times a outrance a plague upon! a post master a prey to a prey to grief a prey to melancholy a priori fact a priori reasoning a quadrillion a quantity a quicksand of deceit a Roland for an Oliver a sadder and a wiser man a schoolboy's tale a se a short time ago a shot in the locker a show of a slave to a soul as white as heaven a span a stitch in time a stranger to a thousand a thousand and one a thousand times no a tort et a travers a truce to! a wash a wee bit a wilderness of sweets a word and a blow a word to the wise a world of A$ A,B,C,D,E,F A. B. A.B.C. A.C. A.D. a.m. A.R. A.U.C. ab extra ab intra abacist aback abacus Abaddon abaft abalienate abalienation abandon abandon all hope abandon the hope of abandoned abandonment abase abased abasement abash abashed abate abatement abatement of differences abatis abatjour abattis abattoir abba abbacy abbatial abbatical abbatis abbe abbess abbey abbot abbreviate abbreviation abbreviature ABC abdal abdicant abdicate abdication abditory abdomen abdominal abdominoscope abdominoscopy abdominous abduce abducent abduct abductee abduction abductive abductor abecedarian abecedary aberdevine aberrant aberration abet abettor abeyance abeyant abhor abhorrence abhorrent abide abide by abide by arbitration abide with abigail ability abiogenesis abito abject abject fear abjection abjectness abjunction abjuration abjure abjurement abkari ablation ablaze able able seaman able-bodied ablegate ableness ablepsia ablepsy ablude ablution abnegation abnormal abnormal mind abnormality abnormalize abnormity abnormous aboard abode abode of love abode of the blessed abodement aboding aboideau abolish abolishment abolition abolitionist Abolitionist Party abolitionize abominable abominate abomination abord aboriginal aborigines abort abortion abortive abortive attempt abortive efforts abound abounding about about it and about it about to about to be above above all above all praise above board above comprehension above ground above par above price above suspicion above the mark above water aboveboard abovementioned above-mentioned above-said abovestairs abra abracadabra abrade abrasion abreast abreption abridge abridged abridger abridgment abroach abroad abrogate abrogated abrogation abrupt abruption abruptly abruptness abscess abscind abscission abscond absence absence d'esprit absence of aid absence of elasticity absence of intellect absence of light absence of mind absence of motive absence of preparation absence of rule absence of smell absence of solidity absence of time absence of voice absent absent oneself absentee absenteeism absentminded absent-mindedly absinthe absolute absolute establishment absolute interest absolutely absoluteness absolution absolutism absolve absonant absonous absorb absorb the attention absorb the mind absorb the soul absorb the thoughts absorbed absorbent absorbing absorption absorption of mind abstain abstain from doing abstain from voting abstainer abstemious abstemiousness abstention absterge abstergent abstersion abstersive abstinence abstinence from action abstinent abstract abstract application abstract attention abstract idea abstract oneself abstract study abstract thought abstracted abstractedly abstractedness abstraction abstraction contemplation abstruse absurd absurd story absurdity absurdness Abuna abundance abundant abundantly abuse abuse like a pickpocket abuse of language abuse of terms abusive abut on abutment abuttal abutter aby abysm abysmal abyss academic academical academician academist academy acanthus acari=atre acarpous accede accelerate acceleration accelerometer accension accent accentuate accentuation accept accepta acceptable acceptance acceptation accepted fact accepted principle access accessible accession accessory accessory after the fact acciaccatura accidence accident accidental accidentally accidentalness accipient accipitres acclaim acclamate acclamation acclimatization acclimatize acclivity accloy accolade accommodate accommodate differences accommodate matters accommodate oneself to accommodate with accommodating accommodation accommodation train accompaniment accompanist accompany accompanying accomplice accomplish accomplished accomplishment accomplishments accompts! accord accord with accordance accordant according as according to according to Cocker according to custom according to Gunter according to Hoyle according to law according to regulation according to routine according to rule according to the occasion according to use accordingly accordion accordionist accost accouchement account account as account book account current account for account settled account with accountability accountable accountableness accountant Accountant General accounter accounting accounting firm accounting for accounting party accounts accouple accouplement accouter accouterment accouterments accoy accredit accredited accredited to accretion accrimination accroach accrue accrue from accrust accubation accueil accultural accumbent accumulate accumulation accuracy accurate accurate knowledge accurate recollection accurse accursed accusable accusation accusative accusatory accuse accused accuser accusing accustom accustomary accustomed ace aceite Aceldama acephalous acequia acequiador acequiamadre acerb acerbate acerbic acerbity acervate acervation acescent acetic acetic acid acetose acetous acetous fermentation achar acharne ache Acherontis pabulum achievable achieve achievement achiever Achillean aching aching heart achromatic achromatism achromatize acicular acid acid test acidify acidity acidulate acidulated acidulous aciform acinaciform acknowledge acknowledged acknowledgment acme acme of perfection acology acolothyst acolyte acolyth acomia aconite acoustic acoustic organs acoustics acquaint acquaint oneself with acquaint with acquaintance acquainted acquainted with acquainting acquest acquiesce acquiescence acquiescent acquire acquire a habit acquire a trick acquire currency acquire honor acquire knowledge acquire one's liberty acquired acquired knowledge acquirement acquirements acquiring acquisition acquisition of knowledge acquisition of skill acquisitions acquisitive acquisitiveness acquit acquit oneself acquit oneself of acquit oneself of a duty acquit oneself well acquitment acquittal acquittance acquitted acreage acres acres and perches acrid acrid fumes acridity acridness acrimonious acrimony acritude acroama! acroamatic acroamatic knowledge acroamatical acroamatics! acroatic knowledge acrobat acropolis acrospire across across the counter acrostic act act a charity sometimes act a part act a part in act as a drag act drop act foolishly act in concert act of folly act of grace act of indemnity act of smelling act on principle act on the defensive act one's part act up to act upon act well act without authority act without instructions acted upon acting acting a part acting corporal acting manager actinic actinic rays actinism actinometer action action and reaction action is eloquence actionable active active application active attention active service active study active thought actively activist activity actor Acts Acts of acts of kindness actual actual existence actual thing actuality actually actuary actuate actum aiunt ne agas acuity aculeate aculeated acumen acuminated acumination acupuncture acute acute angle acute ear acute note acutely acuteness ad captandum ad infinitum ad interim ad lib ad libitum ad referendum ad valorem ad. adactylism adaga adage adagio Adam! adamant adamantean adamantine Adam's needle adapt adapt itself to adapt oneself to adaptable adaption add add fuel to the fire add fuel to the flame add to add up to add water added addendum adder addict oneself to addicted to addicted to drink addicted to the bottle addiction adding machine additament addition additional additive additivity addle addle headed addle the brain addle the wits addle-brained addled addlehead addle-pated address address a petition address a prayer address a request address book address card addressee addresses adduce adducent adduction adductive adeem! adelomorphous ademption adenography adeology adept adequacy adequate adespotic adhere adhere like a remora adhere to adhere to a duty adhere to an obligation adherence adherent adhering adhesion adhesive adhesiveness adhibit adhibition adhortation adiaphanous adiathermancy adieu adieu to adieu! adipocere adipose adit adjacency adjacent adjection adjectitious adjective adjective jerker adjoin adjoining adjourn adjournment adjudge adjudicate adjudication adjunct adjuration adjure adjust adjustment adjutage adjutant adjuvant admeasurement administer administer an oath administer correction administer holy penance administer the lash administer the sacrament administer to administration administration of justice administrative administrative court administrative law admirable admirable Crichton admiral admiralty admiration admire admirer admissable admissibility admissible admissible in society admission admit admit exceptions admit of admittance admitted admitted in society admitted maxim admitting admixture admonish admonition admonitive admonitory ado adobe adolescence adolescent Adonis adonize adopt adopt a belief adopt a course adopt an opinion adopt the cause of adopted adoption adorable adoration adore adorer adorn adornment adown adrift adroit adroitness adrolepsy! adscititious adulation adulator adulatory adult adulterate adulterated adulteration adulterer adulteress adulterous adultery adultism adultness adumbrate adumbration aduncated aduncity aduncous adust adustion advance advance against advance expedite advance of learning advance of science advance work advanced advanced age advanced guard advanced in life advanced in years advancement advancing advantage advantage over advantageous advene advent Adventism Adventist adventitious adventure adventure film adventurer adventures adventurous adversary adverse adverse luck adverse necessity adverse party adversity advert to advertence advertency advertise advertisement advice advisable advise advise with advise with one's pillow advised advisedly advisement adviser advocacy advocate advocation advoutress advoutry advowson adynamic adynamy adytum adze adzooks! aedile aegis aeon aeration aerial aerial ladder aerial navigator aerial perspective aerial water bombardment aerie aerification aeriform aerobe aerodrome aerodynamics aerography aerolite aerology Aeromancy aerometer aerometry aeronaut aeronautic aeronautics aeroplane aeroplanist aeroscope aeroscopy aerosphere aerostat aerostatic aerostatics aerostation Aesculapius Aesop aesthetic aesthetics aetiology afar afar off afeard affability affable affair affair of honor affaire flamb_ee affairs in general affect affect the soul affectation affected affected manner affected with affected with illness affectedness affectibility affecting affection affectionate affections affective affective disorder affector affettuoso affiance affianced affiche affidation affidavit affiliated affiliation affinity affirm affirmance affirmation affirmative affirmatively affix affix numbers to afflation afflatus afflict afflicted afflicted with illness afflicting affliction afflictive affluence affluent afflux affluxion afford afford aid afford consolation afford foundations afford pleasure afford support affranchise affranchisement affray affrayment affriction affright affrightment affront affront danger affuse affusion afield afire afloat afoot afore aforehand aforementioned aforenamed aforesaid aforethought afraid afraid of one's shadow afraid to say afreet afresh Afric heat Africander aft after after a fashion after a time after a while after acceptation after age after ages after all after days after death the doctor after hours after life after meat mustard after one's fancy after one's mind after one's own heart after one's taste after the deadline after this fashion after thought after time after years after-age afterbirth afterburden afterclap aftercome aftercourse aftercrop afterdinner aftergame afterglow aftergrowth aftermath afternoon afternoon farmer afternoon party afterpart afterpiece after-shave lotion aftertaste afterthought afterwards aga agacerie again again and again against against all expectation against expectation against long odds against one's will against one's wishes against the current against the grain against the stream against the tide against the time when against the wind agalloch agallochium agamist agape Agapemone agate age aged agelessness agency agendum agent agent provocateur agentship ages ago agglomerate agglomeration agglutinate agglutination aggrandize aggrandizement aggravable aggravate aggravated aggravating aggravation aggregate aggregation aggression aggressive aggressor aggrieve aggroup aghast agile agility agio agiotage agitate agitate a question agitated agitated tremulous agitation agitator agitprop aglet aglow agnate agnation agnition agnize agnomen agnostic agnosticism ago agog agoing agonies of death agonism agonize agonizing agony agostadero agrarian agree agree for agree in opinion agree to agree with agreeable agreeableness agreeably to agreed agreed on all hands agreeing agreement agrestic agricultor agricultural agriculture agriculturist agronomy aground aguardiente ague ague fit agueweed aguish ah me! aha! ahead ahead of his time Ahriman aid aidance aide-de-camp aiding aidless aigrette aiguille aigulet ail aileron ailing ailment aim aim a blow at aim at aimless aimlessness air air balloon air bladder air blower air conditioner air conditioning air drawn air drawn dagger air engine air escaping from tires air gun air line air pipe air pump air speed gauge air tight air tube air valve airbag airbubble airbuilt aircraft carrier airhole airing airlift airline airman airmanship airpipe airplane airplane radio airport airs airship airwind airy airy hopes aisle ait aitchbone ajar ajutage akimbo akin akin to Al Capone al fresco alabaster alack a day! alack! alacran alacrity alameda alarm alarm bell alarm clock alarming alarmist alarum alas the day! alas! alate alated alb alba Albany hemp albata albeit alberca albification albino album albumen albuminous Alcaic alcaid alcalde alchemy alcohol alcohol thermometer alcoholic drinks alcoholism alcove Aldebaran alderman ale Alecto Alectromancy Alectryomancy alembic alert alertness alerts Aleuromancy Alexandrine alexandrite alexipharmic alexiteric alfalfa Alfardaws alfilaria algebra algebraic algebraist algebraize algid algology algorism algorithm alguazil alias alibi alien alienable alienage alienate alienated alienation aliene alienism alight align one's march aligned alignment alike aliment alimentary alimentation alimony aliped aliquot aliquot part alive alive and kicking alive to aljibar alkahest alkali alkali flat alkaloids all all aboard! all agog all alive all alive and kicking all along all along of all at once all but all decked out all for the best all Hail! all hands all hell broke loose all his geese are swans all in all in all all in good time all in one's day's work all in the wrong all is for the best all is lost all kinds of all manner of all manner of ways all of all of a heap all of a twitter all one all one to all out all over all over the town all possessed all powerful all put together all quiet on the Potomac all right all right! all round All SAint's DAy All Saints' Day all searching all sorts all sorts of All Souls' All Souls' Day all straight all sufficient all talk all talk and no cider all the better all the better for all the day long all the fat in the fire all the go! all the rage all the same all the time all the world over all the worse for all the year round all things considered all up with all-absorbing Allah allay allay one's excitability all-destroying all-devouring allectation allective allegation allege alleged allegiance allegorical allegorize allegory allegresse allegretto allegro allelujah allelujah! all-engulfing alleviate alleviation alley allfours Allhallowmas Allhallows alliance allied allied to alligation alligator alligator pear allign one's march allignment alliteration alliterative all-knowing allness allocate allocation allocution allodial allodium allopathic allopathy alloquy allot allotment allow allow due weight to allow for allow scope allow some weight to allowable allowance allowance to be made allowed alloy alloyage all's well all-seeing all-sided allspice allude to allure allurement alluring allusion allusive alluvial alluvion alluvium all-wise ally alma mater almanac Almanach de Gotha almanack almightiness almighty almighty dollar almoner almost almost all almost immediately almost unheard of alms almsgiving almshouse almsman aloes aloes wood aloft alogy aloha alone along along with alongside aloof aloofness aloud Alp alpenstock alpha Alpha and Omega alpha particles alphabet alphabetarian alphabetical Alphitomancy alpine Alpine Club already Alsatia Alsatian den also also-ran altar altar boy altazimuth mount alter alter ego alter one's course alter the case alterable alterant alteration alterative altercation altered altered for the worse alternate alternately alternateness alternating alternating double bonds alternation alternative alternativeness alternity althorn although altiloquence altiloquent altimetry altitude altitude and azimuth alto altogether altorilievo altorivievo altruism altruist ALU alum alumina aluminous alumnus alveary alveolar alveolate alveolus always amability amadou amah amain amalgam amalgamate amalgamation amanuensis amaranthine amaritude amass amateur amateur radio amatory amaurosis amaze amazedness amazement amazingly Amazon ambages ambagious ambassador amber amber-colored ambergris Amberlite ambidexter ambidexterity ambidextral ambidextrous ambidextrousness ambient ambigu ambiguity ambiguous ambilogy ambiloquy ambit ambition ambitious amble ambo ambrosia ambrosial ambulance ambulation ambulatory ambuscade ambush ambustion ameer ameliorate amelioration amen amen to amenability amenable amend amende honorable amendment amends amenity amentia amerce amercement American American bowls American organ Americanism Americanize amethyst amiability amiable amianth amianthus amicable amicably amical amice amid amidships amidst amity ammeter ammonia ammoniacal gas ammonite ammunition amnesia amnesty amoebaeic amoebaeum amoebean amole among among other things amongst amoret amorette amoroso amorous amorous glances amorphism amorphous amortization amotion amount amount to amour amourette ampersand amphetamines amphibian amphibious amphibology amphibolous amphiboly Amphictyonic council amphigouri amphitheater Amphitryon amphora ample ampliation amplification amplify amplitude amplitudinous amply amputate amputation amulet amuse amuse oneself amused amusement amusing amylaceous an an age an eternity an existence Ana anabaptism anabolism anachronism anachronize anacoluthon anaconda! anacreontic anacrusis anaemia anaerobe anaesthesia anaesthetic anaesthetic agent anaesthetize anaglyph anaglyptic anagoge anagogical anagram anagrammatism anal analecta analectic analeptic analgesic analog clock analogical analogical thinking analogicalness analogous analogue analogy analysis analyst analytic analytical analytical balance analytical geometry analytical instruments analyze analyzer anamorphosis anapest anapestic anaphrodisia anaphrodisiac anarchical anarchism anarchist anarchy anastatic printing anastomose anastomosis anastrophe anastrophy anathema anathematize anatomic anatomical anatomize anatomy anatriptic ance ancestor ancestral ancestry anchor anchorage anchored anchoret anchorite anchorman anchorwoman ancient ancient flamen ancient times anciently ancillary ancon and and also and eke and heaven knows what and no mistake and shuffle the cards and so forth and so on and what not andante andantino andiron androgen androgynal androgynous anecdote anecdotic anele anemography anemometer anemone anemoscope anent aneroid anew anfractuosity anfractuous angel angel dust angelic angelus anger angina angiography angle angle rafter anglerfish Anglican Anglicanism Anglice Anglicism Anglicize angling Angostura angrily angry angry mood anguill anguilliform anguish angular angular distance angular elevation angular measurement angular momentum angular velocity angularity angularness angustation anhedonia anhelation anhelose anhydrous anile aniline dyes anility animadversion animadvert animadvert to animadvert upon animal animal ecology animal gratification animal kingdom animal life animal magnetism animal oil animal physiology animal spirits animalcule animalism animality animalization animalness animastic animate animated animated nature animation animative animosity animus anion exchange resin ankle ankle deep anklet ankus ankylosis annalist annals annatto anneal annex annexation annexationist annexe annexion annexment annihilate annihilated annihilation anniversary anno Domini annotate annotation annotator annotto announce announce one's candidacy announcement annoy annoyance annoying annual annuity annul annular annulet annulment annulus annunciate annunciation anodize anodyne anoint anointed anointed king anointing anointment anomalistic anomalous anomalousness anomaly anon anonymous anorexia anorexy another another pair of shoes answer answer a purpose answer for answer the helm answer the purpose answer to answerable answerable for answering ant Antaeus antagonism antagonist antagonistic antagonize antaphrodisiac antarctic ante ante chamber ante Christum ante room ante up antebellum antecedence antecedency antecedent antedate antediluvian antelope antemundane antenna antepast anteposition anterior anterior to reason anteriority antevert anthelion anthelmintic anthem anthemion antherozoid anthology Anthony dollar anthracite anthrax anthropogeny anthropography anthropoid anthropology Anthropomancy anthropomorphism anthropophagist! anthropophagus! Anthroposcopy anthroposophy antibiotic antibiotics antic antichrist antichristian antichristianity antichronism anticipate anticipation anticipatory anticlimax anticyclone anticyclone! antidote antifebrile antifungal antifungals antigravity antigropelos antiinflammatory antilock brakes antilogarithm antilogy antiluetic antimacassar antimony Antinomian antinomy Antionous antiorgastic antipathy antiphon antiphony antiphrasis antipodal antipodean antipodes antipoison antiquarian antiquarianism antiquary antiquated antique antiqueness antiques store antiquity antiscriptural antiseptic antiskid tires antisocial antispasmodic antispast antistrophe antithesis antithetical antitoxin antitussive antitype antiviral antler antonomasia antonym anvil anxiety anxious anxious expectation anxious meeting anxious to go anxious-bench anxious-seat any any port in a storm anybody anyhow anything is possible anything will do anytime anytime you're ready aorist aoristic aorta AP apace Apache aparejo apart apartment apartment house apartments to let apathetic apathy apaulette ape Apelles apercu aperient aperitif apertion apertness aperture apex aphelion aphid Aphis aphonia aphonous aphony aphorism aphoristic aphrodisia Aphrodite apiarian apiarist apiary Apicius apiculate apiculated apiece aping apish aplanatic aplomb Apocalypse apocalyptic Apocrypha apocryphal apodeictic apodeictical apodeixis apodictic apodixis apograph Apollo Apollyon apologetic apologist apologize apologue apology apophthegm apophysis apoplexy apostasy apostate apostatize apostle Apostles' Creed apostleship apostolic Apostolic Church apostolical apostrophe apostrophize apothecaries' weight apothecary apothegm apotheosis apozem appal appall appalling appanage apparatus apparel apparent apparently apparition apparitor appeach appeachment appeal appeal motion appeal to appeal to arms appeal to authority appeal to for appeal to the law appeal to the sword appear appear for appear in print appear to one's eyes appearance appease appelation appelative appelidage appellant appellate append appendage appendicitis appendix apperception appertain to appetence appetency appetible appetite appetition appetize appetizer appetizing applaud applaud to the echo applaud to the very echo applause apple apple brandy apple butter apple green apple of discord apple of one's eye apple off another tree apple slump applejack appliance appliances applicability applicable applicant application apply apply a remedy apply the attention to apply the brake apply the compass apply the eye to apply the match to apply the mind apply the mind to apply the sponge apply the torch apply the torch to apply to appoggiato appoggiatura appoint appointment appointments apportion apportioning apportionment apposite apposition appprove appraisal appraise appraisement appreciable appreciate appreciation apprehend apprehension apprehensive apprehensiveness apprentice apprentice oneself to apprenticeship apprise apprized of approach approach of time advent approach! approaching approaching age approaching ages approaching days approaching hours approaching life approaching time approaching years approbate approbation appropinquate appropinquation appropriate appropriation approval approve approved approvement approving approximate approximately approximating approximation approximative approximatively appulse appurtenance appurtenances appurtenant to apricot-colored April fool April showers apron aprotype apse apt apt to aptitude aptness aqua aqua regia aquamarine aquarium aquatic aquatics aquatint aquatinta aqueduct aqueous aquiline Arab araba arabesque Arabian nights arable arado arbiter arbiter elegantiarum arbitrager arbitrageur arbitrament arbitrament of the sword arbitrariness arbitrary arbitrary power arbitrate arbitration arbitrator arbitrement arbor Arbor Day arbor vitae arborary arboreous arborescence arborescent arboretum arborical arboriculture arboriform arc arc light arcade Arcades ambo Arcadia Arcadian arcanum arch arch over archaebacteria archaeo- archaeological archaeologist archaeology archaic archaism archangel archbishop archbishopric archdeacon archduchy archduke archdukedom archebiosis arched arched ceiling arched roof archegenesis Archeozoic archer archery archery ground archetype Archeus archiater archiepiscopacy archiepiscopal archipelagic archipelago architect architectonic architecture architrave archive archlute archmologist archon archtraitor arclike arctic arctics arcuate arcuation ardent ardent expectation ardent friendship ardent imagination ardor arduous area area defense arefaction arena arenaceous arenarious arenose areola areolar areometer Areopagus ares arescent aretology Argand argent argentine argil argillaceous argol argosy argot argue arguementum baculinum arguer argufy argument argumentation argumentative arguments Argus Argus-eyed argute aria Arianism arid aridity Ariel arietation arietta aright ariolation ariose arise Aristarchus aristarchy aristate Aristides aristocracy aristocrat aristocratic Aristotelian Arithmancy arithmetic arithmetical arithmetical progression arithmetically arithmetician ark arm arm chair arm in arm arm of the law arm of the sea armada Armageddon armament armaments armature armchair general armed armed at all points armed cap a pie armed cap-a-pie armed force armed to the teeth armed with patience armet armful armiger armigerent armigerous armillary sphere armistice armless armlet armor armor plated armored armored cruiser armored vest armorial armorial bearings armory arms Armstrong gun army army list army-navy surplus store arnica aroma aromatic aromatic bitters aromatic perfume aromaticity around around the corner arousal arouse arouse oneself aroynt! arpent arpents arquebus arquebusade arraign arraignment arrange arrange in a series arrange in words arrange itself arrange matters arrange with arranged arrangement arrant arras arrastra array arrears arrest arrest the attention arrest the mind arrest the thoughts arrestation arriero arrish arrival arrive arrive at a conclusion arrive at the truth arrive on time arriving arroba arrogance arrogant arrogate arrogate to oneself arrosion arrow arrow of time arrowhead arrowheaded arrows arrowy arroyo arsenal arsenic arsenious acid arsenious oxide arson arsonist art art of memory art of reasoning art of war art school arteriosclerosis artery artesian well artful artful dodge artful dodger artfulness arthropod artichoke article article of faith articled clerk articles articles of agreement articulate articulate sound articulated vehicle articulation artifice artificer artificial artificial intelligence artificial life artificial memory artificial resin artificial respirator artificial sweetener artificiality artillery artilleryman artisan artist artiste artistic artistical artistically artists artless artlessness aruspex aruspice Aruspicy as as a as can be as a body as a consequence as a matter of course as a rule as a whole as bad as bad can be as bad would have it as boundless as the sea as broad as long as chance would have it as compared with as far as as far as possible as for as full as a vetch as God is my witness as good as as good as one's word as good would have it as Greek to one as if as if it were as ill luck would have it as ill-luck would have it as in duty as is one's wont as it may be as it may chance as it may happen as it may turn out as it may turn up as it ought to be as it seems as it seems good to as it should be as it were as lief as like a dock as a daisy as like as it can stare as little as may be as long as my arm as luck may have it as luck would have it as matters stand as much again as one as one goes as one man as one thinks proper as opposite as the poles as poles asunder as regards as relates to as respects as soon as as the case may be as the crow flies as the day is long as the dial to the sun as the matter stands as the needle to the pole as the saying goes as the saying is as the sparks fly upwards as the story goes as the story runs as the tree falls as the wind blows as the world goes as they say as thick as hops as things as things are as things go as times go as to as usual as well as as you please as you were as you wish asbestos ascend ascend the throne ascendancy ascendency ascension Ascension Day ascent ascertain ascertain one's direction ascertained ascertainment ascetic asceticism ascititious ascribe importance to ascribe to ascription asessor ash Ash Wednesday ashame ashamed ashcake ash-colored ashdrop ashen ashes ashore ashpan ashy Asian mystery Asiatic cholera aside aside from the purpose asinine ask ask about ask for mercy ask leave ask one for ask pardon ask permission ask trouble askant askance askew asking asleep Asmodeus asomatous asp aspartame Aspasia aspect aspects asperges asperity asperous asperse aspersion asphalt asphaltic asphaltite asphaltum asphodel asphyxia asphyxiate aspick aspirant aspirate aspiration aspire aspire after aspire at aspiring asportation ass ass in lion's skin assafoetida assagai assail assailant Assama assassin assassinate assassination assault assault and battery assault rifle assay assayist assegai assemblage assemble assembled assembly assembly room assemblyman assemblyroom assemblywoman assent assenting assentment assert assert positively assert roundly asserting assertion asses' bridge assess assessment assessor asset assets asseverate asseveration asshole assiduity assiduous assiduousness assify assign assign as cause assign dower assign places to assign the parts assignat assignation assignee assignment assimilate assimilate to assimilation assist assistance assistant assistant judge assistant secretary assister assize ass-kisser associate Associate Justice associate with associated Associated Press associated with association association of ideas association of thought assoil assonance assonant assort assorted assortment assuage assuagement assuaging assuasive assuefaction assuetude assume assume a character assume a lofty bearing assume a name assume a new phase assume authority assume command assume the appearance assume the character of assume the command assume the conclusion assume the form of assume the nature of assume the offensive assume the semblance of assume the shape of assume the state of assumed assumed name assumed position assumed title assuming assumption assurance assure assure oneself assured assuredly astatic asteism asterisk astern asteroids Asteroth asthenia asthenic astigmatic astigmatic sight astigmatism astir astonish astonished at nothing astonishing astonishingly astonishment astound Astraea astragal astral astral body astral influence astral plane astray astray from astriction astride on astringency astringent astringent bitters astringents astrolabe astrologer astrology astronaut astronautics astronomer astronomical telescope astronomical unit astronomy astute asunder asylum asymmetric asymmetry asymptote asymptotic asymptotical at at a different time at a disadvantage at a discount at a foots pace at a funeral pace at a glacial pace at a glance at a great rate at a later date at a later period at a loose end at a loss at a loss for at a low ebb at a nonplus at a pinch at a premium at a reduction at a snail's pace at a stand at a standstill at a stretch at a stroke at a subsequent at a venture at all events at all hazards at all points at all risks at all times at an end at anchor at another time at any cost at any hazard at any price at any rate at any risk at any sacrifice at any time at arm's length at bay at beat of drum at bottom at call at close quarters at cost at cost price at cross purposes at cross-purposes at daggers drawn at death's door at ease at enmity at established periods at fault at feud at first blush at first sight at fixed established at full speed at great cost at half speed at hand at haphazard at harness at heart at high words at home at home in at home with at intervals at issue at issue upon at issue with at its height at large at last at least at leisure at length at liberty at loggerheads at long odds at loose ends at most at no great distance at no hand at no period at no time at odds at odds with at once at one fell swoop at one jump at one with at one's beck at one's beck and call at one's books at one's call at one's command at one's disposal at one's door at one's ease at one's elbow at one's feet at one's finger's end at one's last gasp at one's leisure at one's orders at one's own risk at one's pleasure at one's post at one's side at one's wit's end at one's word at open war with at peace at play at pleasure at present at prime cost at railway speed at random at regular intervals at rest at rest at a stand at right angles at sea at short notice at sight at sixes and sevens at some other time at stake at stated periods at stated times at sunrise at sunset at that instant at that moment at that point at that point in time at that time at the back of at the bar at the beginning at the bottom of at the breast at the deadline at the eleventh hour at the end of his tether at the end of one's rope at the feet of at the first blush at the foot of at the halt at the head at the head of at the heels of at the helm at the last at the last extremity at the last gasp at the least at the mercy of at the most at the office at the point of at the point of death at the point of the sword at the present time at the same instant at the same time at the shop at the sword's point at the tail of at the threshold at the top of one's lungs at the top of one's speed at the top of one's voice at the top of the scale at the top of the tree at the very moment at this moment at this time at this time of day at times at variance at variance with at various times at war at war with at which time at wholesale at will at work at your peril! at your service ataghan atajo atavism atelier athanasia Athanasian Creed athanor atheism atheist atheistic atheling atherosclerosis athirst athlete athletic athletic sports athletic supporter athleticism athletics athwart Atlantean Atlantes Atlantis Atlas atmosphere atmospheric atmospheric air atole atoll atom atomic atomic clock atomic explosion atomic power atomic submarine atomize atomy atone atone for atonement atony atop atrabilious atramentous atrium atrocious atrocity atrophy attaboy! attach attach importance to attach some weight to attache attached to attachment attack attack tooth and nail attacking attaghan attain attain a point attain majority attain the goal attainable attainder attainment attainments attaint attaintment attainture attar attemper attempered attempt attempt impossibilities attend attend mass attend service attend services attend the sacrament attend to business attend to one's work attend to orders attend upon attendance attendant attention attention to detail attention! attentive attenuate attenuated attenuation attest attestation attested copy Attic attic fan attic salt attic wit atticism Attila attire attitude attitudinarian attitudinize attogram attollent attorney attorney at law attract attract attention attract notice attract the attention attract the mind attract the thoughts attractability attracting attraction attraction of gravitation attractive attractiveness attractivity attrahent attributable attribute attribute to attributed attribution attrite attrition attroupement attune attuned to AU au bout de son Latin au courant au fait au fait with au fond auburn auction auctioneer audacious audacity audibility audible audience audience chamber audit auditing firm audition auditor auditorium auditory auditory apparatus Augean stable Augean task auger aught augment augmentation augur augur well augural augurate auguration augurial augurous augury august Augustinian auld lang syne Aum aumbry aunt aura aureate aurelia aureola aureole aureolin auricle auricomous auricular auricular confession aurist aurora aurora australis aurora borealis auscultation auspice auspices auspicial auspicious austere austerity Austin Friars Austral Austromancy authentic authenticate authentication authenticity author Author of all things Author of our being authoritative authoritativeness authority authorization authorize authorized author's proof authorship auto auto da fe auto dealer auto repair shop autobiography autobus autochthonal autochthones autochthonous autocracy autocrat autocratic autoeroticism autograph autography Autolycus automaniac automatic automatic gun automatic pistol automaton automobile autonomasia! autonomous autonomy autoplagiarism autopsy autoptical autoradiography autotype autumn autumnal autumnal equinox aux absents les os aux aguets auxiliary auxiliary forces avail avail oneself of available avails avalanche avant-courier avant-garde avarice avaricious avast! avatar avaunt avaunt! Ave Maria ave! avenge avengeance avengement avenger avenging avenue aver average average circumstances averment averruncate aversation averse averse from averseness aversion avert avert the eyes averuncate Avesta aviary aviate aviation aviator aviatrix avid avidity avile avocado avocation avoid avoidance avoiding avoidless avoirdupois weight avolation avouch avouchment avow avowal avulsion AWACS await awake awake a doubt awake to awaken awaken the attention awaken the echoes awaken the memory awaken the mind awaken the thoughts awaken to awakened conscience award aware of away away from the purpose away with melancholy! away with! awe awe-inspiring aweless awe-stricken awestruck awful awful silence awfully awhile awkward awkward squad awkwardness awl awl-shaped awn awned awning awny awry ax axial Axinomancy axiom axiomatic axis axis of rotation axle axle shaft axletree ay ay there's the rub ayah ayatollah aye ayudante azimuth azimuth circle azoic azote azotic azure azygous B B.C. B.T.U. b=ete noire baa Baal babble babblement babbler babbling babe babe in arms Bab-ed-Din Babel babish Babism Babist baboon babu babu English babushka baby baby food baby linen baby scale babyhood babyish babysitter baccalaureate baccarat baccate Bacchal Bacchanal bacchanalia Bacchanalian bacchanals Bacchante bachelor bachelor girl bachelorhood bachelorship back back away back down back friend back lot back off back out back out of back stairs back to back back up backbite backbiter backbiting backbone backdate back-dated check back-door backdown backer backfire backform back-formation backgammon background background information background radiation background session backgrounder backhanded backhoe backlog backpacker backplate backset backsettler backside scut backslider backsliding back-stairs backstairs influence backtrack backward backward movement backward slash backwardation backwardness backwards backwards and forwards backwater backwoods backwoodsman Baconian method bacteria bacteriology bacterium bad bad blood bad business bad case bad chance bad circumstances bad compliment bad debt bad example bad fairy bad faith bad favor bad grammar bad habit bad hand bad humor bad intent bad intention bad job bad joke bad language bad likeness bad luck bad man bad manners bad money bad name bad odor bad repute bad spirit bad spirits bad taste bad temper bad time bad times bad turn bad woman badaud badge badge of authority badge of infamy badge of slavery badger badger dog badger game badinage badli badly badly off badness bad-tempered Baedeker baffle baffle all description baffle description bag bag and baggage bagatelle baggage baggage car baggala baggy bagman bagnio bagpipes bah! bail bail one's own boat bail up bailiff bailiwick Bairam bait bait the hook bait with a silver hook baited trap bake bakehouse baker's dozen bakery bakeshop baking bakshish bal bal costume bal masque balais balance balance accounts balance accounts with balance sheet balanced balbucinate balbutiate balcony bald bald as a coot baldacchino baldachin baldachino baldaquin balderdash baldric bale bale out baleen bale-fire baleful balista balister balistraria balize balk balk one's hope balky ball ball cartridge ball dress ball lightning ballad ballad monger ballast ballet ballet dancer ballet girl ballista ballistics balloon balloonery ballooning balloonist ballot ballproof! ballroom ballroom dance balm balm in Gilead Balmoral balmy balmy sleep balneal balneation balourdise balsam balsamic baluster balustrade bam bambino bamboozle ban banana band band of hope band ribband band together bandage band-box banded together banderole bandit bandog bandolier bandrol bands bandura bandurria bandwagon bandy bandy about bandy arguments bandy legged bandy with bandy words bane baneful banewort bang banger banish banished banishment banister banjo bank bank account Bank holiday bank note Bank of Elegance bank up bank vault banker bankrupt bankruptcy banlieue banner banneret bannerol banquet banquette banshee bantam-cock banter bantling banyan banyan day baptism baptismal baptismal regeneration Baptist baptistery baptize bar bar association Bar Mitzvah bar of justice bar out bar room bar shot bar sinister bar the way bara bara khana barachois baragouin barb barb the dart barbacan Barbados tar barbaresque barbarian barbaric barbarism barbarity barbarous barbarousness barbe barbecue barbed barbed wire fence barber barbican barbiturates barbouillage bard barde barded bare bare facts bare possibility bare subsistence bare supposition bareback barebacked barebone barefaced barefaced- barefoot bare-footed bareheaded barely barely pass muster barely possible bareness barf bargain bargain and sale bargain by inch of candle bargain for barge bargee bargeman barghest baritone barium sulphate bark bark at bark up the wrong tree barkantine barkbound barkeeper barleycorn barm barmaster Barmecide feast barmote barn barn door fowl barn raising barnacles barney barometer baron Baron Munchausen Baron of the Exchequer baronet baronetcy baronial baroque baroscope barouche barque barrack barracker barracoon barranca barranco barrater barrator barratrous barratry barred barrel barrel along barrel organ barrel plating barren barricade barrier barring barring out barrister barrister at law barrow bartender barter barway barytone base base coin base note base of operations base viol baseball baseball cap baseboard baseborn based on baselard baseless basement basement floor base-minded baseness bashaw bashful bashfulness bashi-bazouk basilica basilisk basin basis bask bask in bask in the sunshine basket basket of basketball basophobia bass bass clarinet bass note bass viol basset basset horn bassetting bassinet basso bassoon bassorilievo basta! bastard baste Bastille bastinado bastion bat batch batching bate bateau battery bath Bath chair bath room Bathala bathe bathed in tears bathometer bathos bathroom bathybic bathycolpian bathymetry bating batman baton batophobia batta battalia battalion batten upon batter batter to pieces battered battering ram battering train battery battle battle array battle cry battle ground battle of life battle royal battle wagon battle with battle-ax battled battlefield battle-field battle-ground battlement battleship battologize battology battue bauble bavardage baverdage bavin bawarchi-khana bawcock bawd bawdry bawdy bawdyhouse bawl bawn bay bay at the moon bay leaves bay rum bay salt bay the moon bay window bayadere bayard bayonet bayou bays bazaar be be a candidate be a citizen of be a component be a coward be a football be a liar be a mere machine be a participator in be a party to be a puppet be a reproach be a role model be a spectator of be a subject of be able be about be abrogated be absent be absurd be accordant be accredited be acquainted be acquainted with be active be advised by be affected be affected with be afraid be after be aged be agitated be alive be all and end all be all ears be all over be all over with be all over with one be all things to all men be all up be all up with be all with be alone be an actor be an example be an excuse for be an idle man be an object be answerable for be artless be as good as one's word be asked in church be asleep be assured be at be at a stand be at an end be at cross purposes be at home be at home in be at home with be at issue be at loggerheads be at one with be at one's feet be at one's post be at one's service be at peace be at right angles to be at sea be at the head of be at the helm be at the mercy of be at work be at work on be attentive be au courant be aware of be banded together be based on be beautiful be become visible be beforehand be behind be beneficial be benevolent be bent upon be better be black be blind be blind to be blunt be born be born so be borne be bound for be bound to be bright be brittle be broad be brought to bed of be buoyed up be busy be called be called to the bar be called within the bar be capricious be careful be caught napping be cautious be censorious be central be certain be cheap be cheerful be clean be closeted with be cloud be cold be commissioned be complete be composed be composed of be comprised in be concave be concealed be concise be concordant be confuted be conscious of be conscious of disgrace be conscious of glory be conscious of shame be constituted by be contained in be content be contiguous be contingent on be contrary be converted be converted into be convoluted be courageous be courteous be cowardly be credulous be cunning be curious be current be curved be dark be deaf be deaf to be dear be deceived be deep be deeply impressed with be defeated be dejected be dense be deputy be desirous be destined be destroyed be deteriorated be different be difficult be diffuse be diffused be dim be dimsighted be disappointed be disclosed be discontented be discontinuous be discordant be discourteous be dishonest be disintegrated be disinterested be disjoined be dismissed be disorderly be disrespectful be disseminated be distant be distinguished be doing be doomed be doubtful be down upon be drunk be dry be due be due to be dull be early be easy be economical be effaced be elastic be electrocuted be eloquent be employed in be endured be engaged in be entangled with be entitled to be equal be equivocal be erroneous be even with be evidence be excited be excluded from be executed be exempt be expedient be exposed to be exposed to danger be exterior be extinct be faithful to be false be fashionable be fastidious be fatigued be few be fine be firm be flogged be fluid be forgetful be formed of be fragrant be free be free with one be friendly be friends be gazetted be general be given to understand be going about be gone be good be good enough be governed by be grateful be grave be great be guided by be habitual be hanged be hard upon be harmonious be hateful be heard be heavy be hidden be high be hoarse with talking be honorable be hopeful be horizontal be hot be humble be hungry be hurtful be identical be ignoble be ignorant be ill be ill off be ill timed be impatient be impenitent be imperfect be impious be implicated in be important be impossible be impotent be impressed with be imprisoned be improbable be improved by be impure be in be in a daze be in a fair way be in a hurry be in a state be in a stew be in a taking be in action be in at the death be in business be in charge of be in circulation be in clover be in danger be in debt be in deep trouble be in difficulty be in elysium be in error be in every mouth be in fashion be in favor of be in favor with be in front be in haste be in health be in high favor with be in league with be in love with be in motion be in office be in one's mind be in one's possession be in one's power be in one's thoughts be in orbit be in order be in question be in the ascendant be in the blood be in the chair be in the city be in the hands of be in the nick of time be in the power of be in the rear of be in the same boat be in the trail of be in the vanguard be in the wake of be in the way of be in the wrong be in the wrong box be in time be in trouble be in two places at once be in want be inactive be inattentive be included in be incomplete be incredulous be incumbent be incurious be indifferent be inelegant be inequitable be inert be inexpedient be inferior be infinite be influential be informed be informed of be inglorious be inimical be innocent be inodorous be insane be insensible be inside be insolent be instantaneous be instrumental be insufficient be intelligent be intelligible be intemperate be interested in be intrinsic be introduced to be inverted be invisible be irascible be irreligious be irresolute be it so be jealous be joined be justified by the event be kept waiting be known by the name of be large be larger than be late be latent be lax be left be lenient be let out be liable be liberal be light be listened to be little be little more or less be long be loquacious be lost be lost to view be loud be low be made of be made up of be malevolent be manifest be married be mask be master be master of be master of one's time be merged in be mistaken be mixed be moderate be modest be moist be narrow be near be near the truth be necessary be negligent be neutral be no more be noble be nobody be null and void be numerous be obedient be obstinate be occupied be occupied with be of a character be of good cheer be of good heart be of opinion be of use be of use to be off be off like a shot be off! be OK be old be on a footing be on a level with be on active service be on foot be on one side be on one's best behavior be on one's good behavior be on one's guard be on one's legs be on pins and needles be on service be on the anvil be on the fence be on the safe side be on the stocks be on thorns for be on time be one be one of the guys be one's chance be one's fate be one's fortune be one's lot be one's property be oneself again be opaque be opposite be ordered be orthogonal be ostentatious be out of all patience be out of circulation be outspoken be owing to be pacified be parsimonious be part of be part of the group be partial to be past be pendent be penitent be perfect be perpendicular be persuaded be pious be pleased be pleased with be poor be possessed of be possible be powerful be praised be precipitate be prepared be present be present to the mind be probable be prodigal be profitable be prominent be prompt be proof against be prosperous be proud be proud of be public be published be pungent be put to one's shifts be quiescent be quiet! be quit of be quits be quits with be rare be rash be ready be received be recognized be reconciled to be rectangular be red be reduced to powder be regular be regulated by be related be related to be relieved be resolved be resolved into be responsible be rich be rid of be ridiculous be rife be right be rightly served be rough be rude be run after be safe be salubrious be sane be satiated be savory be scandalized at be seated on the throne be secluded be seized in common be selfish be sensible be sensible of be severe be sharp be short be sick be sick of be silent be silent! be similar be simple be situate be situated be skeptical as to be skillful be slow to be small be smaller than be so good as be sociable be somebody be something be sorry for be sour be sovereign be spared be spliced be sponsor for be still! be straight be strong be stronger be studious be subject be subjected to be successful be sufficient be sullen be superior be supported be surprised be sweet be sweet upon be sworn be taken be taken by surprise be tasteless be taught be temperate be tenacious be that as it may be the aggressor be the case be the cause of be the death of one be the due be the dupe of be the duty of be the effect of be the making of be the possessor of be the precursor be the rage be the same be the sign be the victim of be the worse for be there be through be tired of be tired with be tolerated be transient be transparent be triumphant be true be ugly be unaccustomed be uncertain be unclean be uncomformable be under a cloud be under an obligation be under consideration be under fire be undue be unequal be unexpected be ungrateful be uniform be unimportant be unintelligible be unlike be unmeaning be unpalatable be unprepared be unproductive be unskillful be unsuccessful be unwilling be up with be uppermost in the mind be upstaged be useful be useless be vain be vain of be variegated be vertical be vicious be violent be virtuous be visible be vulgar be wafted be warm be watery be weak be wedded to be wedded to an opinion be white be willing be without be wonderful be wont be worse be worthy of be worthy of notice be worthy of regard be wrong beach beach comber beach umbrella beacon beacon-fire bead bead roll beading beadle beadledom bead-like beadroll beads beadsman beagle beak beaked beaker beam beam of hope beam splitter beaming beamy bean counter bean feast bean the name of bear bear a charmed life bear a grudge bear a hand bear a heavy hand on bear a helping hand bear a price bear a sense bear away bear away the bell bear company bear date bear down bear down upon bear false witness bear fruit bear garden bear good will bear hard upon bear harmless bear ill bear in mind bear in the memory bear in the mind bear in the thoughts bear leader bear love to bear malice bear no resemblance to bear obedience to bear off bear on bear one company bear oneself bear out bear pain bear part in bear pit bear resemblance bear respect for bear spleen bear the appearance of bear the bell bear the brunt bear the brunt of bear the burden bear the cross bear the impress bear the palm bear the semblance of bear through bear up bear up against bear up under bear upon bear well bear with bear witness bearable beard beard the lion in his den bearded beardless bearer bearer bond bearing bearing rein bearing upon bearing with bearings bearish bearskin beast beast of burden beastly beasts of the field beat beat a retreat beat about for beat about the bush beat against beat all others beat an alarm beat back beat black and blue beat down beat hollow beat into beat into the head beat it beat of drum beat off beat one's brains beat one's breast beat one's chest beat the air beat the alarm beat the bushes beat the drum beat the war drums beat time beat to a jelly beat to a mummy beat up beat up against beat up for beat up for recruits beat up one's quarters beaten ground beaten path beaten track beatic beatific beatification beatified beatify beating beatitude beau beau ideal beaucatcher beauteous beautification beautified beautiful beautify beautifying beautiless beauty beauty is only skin deep beauty of holiness beauty parlor beauty unadorned beaver dam beaver hat becalm becalmed because bechance becharm beck beckon become become a habit become added become alive become aroused become audible become awake to become bankrupt become better become bound to become broad become colorless become deteriorated become enamored become extinct become friendly become high become in order become insane become insolvent become known become large become larger become of become old become one become public become red become rich become sane become small become smaller become solid become sponsor for become the aggressor become unclean become uniform become visible become worse becoming becripple bed bed of downs bed of roses bedarken bedaub bedazzle bedding bedeck bedel bedesman bedevil bedevilment bedew bedfellow bedgown bedight bedim bedizen bedizened Bedlam bedlamite bedmaker bedmate Bedouin! bedridden bedrock bedroom bedstead bedtime bedwarf bee bee in one's bonnet beef beef headed beefcake beefeater beefsteak beehive beeline Beelzebub beer beery beeswax beet root beet sugar beetle beetle headed beetlebrain beetlehead beetling befall befated befit befit the occasion befit the season befit the time befitting befog befool befooled before before an audience before Christ before its time before long before now before one before one's eyes before one's face before one's time before the floats before the ink is dry before the wind before then beforehand beforementioned before-mentioned befoul befriend befringed befuddle beg beg a boon beg from door to door beg hard beg leave beg one's bread beg one's life beg pardon beg permission beg the question begawd beget beggar beggar all description beggar description beggar on horseback beggar the imagination beggar'd all description beggared beggarly beggar-my-neighbor beggar's lice beggary begging begging letter begilt begin begin a new phase begin again begin at the beginning begin at the wrong end begin de novo begin one's beginner beginning beginning of the end begird begirt beglerbeg begone dull care! begone! begonia begrease begrime begrudge beguile beguile the time begum begun behalf behave oneself behavior behead behemoth behest behind behind a screen behind in payments behind one's back behind the age behind the curtain behind the scenes behind the veil behind time behindhand behold behold! beholden beholden to beholder behoof behoove behooving being being at fault being in fault bejeweled Bel bel esprit belabor belated belaud belay belch out beldam beldame belduque beleaguer belfry Belial belie belief believe believe in believed believer believing belike belittle bell bell book and candle bell boy bell pepper bell shape bell shaped bell the cat belladonna belle tournure bellicose bellied belligerency belligerent belling bellman bellmare Bellona bellow bellow like a bull bellows bellwether belly belly god belly laugh belly out belly timber bellyful Belomancy belong to belonging to belongings beloved well beloved below below its full complement below its full strength below par below stairs below the mark below the salt belt Belus belvedere bemingle bemire bemoan bemused bench bench centrifuge bencher bend bend an ear bend backwards bend before the storm bend down bend forwards bend one's course bend one's looks upon bend one's mind to bend one's steps bend one's steps towards bend over bend sinister bend the attention to bend the bow bend the brows bend the eye to bend the head bend the knee bend the knee to bend the mind bend the mind to bend the neck bend to bend to one's will bend to one's yoke bend to the rules bend towards bending beneath beneath consideration beneath notice beneath one beneath one's dignity beneath regard beneath the sod Benedict Benedictine benediction benedictory benefaction benefactor benefice beneficence beneficent beneficial beneficial interest beneficially beneficiary benefit benefits forgot benevolence benevolent Bengal heat benighted benign benignant benignity benison Benjamin's mess benolin benshie bent bent on bent upon benthal Benthamite benthopelagic benumb benumbed benzene benzine benzol benzoin beplaster bepraise bequeath bequest berate bereave bereaved bereavement bereft bereft of bereft of reason bergamot berlin berloque Bernardine bersagliere berserk berserker berth beryl beseech beseem beset beset with difficulties besetting besetting sin beshrew beshrew! beside beside oneself beside the mark beside the point beside the purpose beside the question beside the transaction besides besiege besique beslaver beslime beslubber besmear besom besot besotted bespangle bespatter bespeak bespeckle bespot besprinkle best best friend best love best man best part best room best seller best wishes bestead bestial bestir oneself bestow bestow consideration upon bestow one's hand upon bestow thought upon bestowal bestowment bestraddle bestrew bestride bet beta rays betacism betake oneself to bethel bethink oneself bethral bethrall betide betimes betoken betongue betray betray itself betray the cloven foot betrayal betrayer betrim betroth betrothal betrothed betrothment better better advised better for better half better off better sort magnates betterment betting betting house betting ring betty between between cup and lip between hawk and buzzard between ourselves between the lines between the teeth between two fires between two stools between you and me betwixt betwixt and between bevel bever beverage bevy bewail beware beware! bewilder bewildered bewilderment bewitch bewitchery bewitching bewitchment bey beyond beyond a doubt beyond all bounds beyond all dispute beyond all hope beyond all praise beyond all question beyond compare beyond comparison beyond comprehension beyond control beyond expectation beyond expression beyond measure beyond mortal ken beyond one's depth beyond one's grasp beyond one's power beyond one's reach beyond price beyond question beyond remedy beyond saving beyond seas beyond the grave beyond the mark beyond the pale beyond the pale of beyond the veil bezonian bhang bhisti bias biased bib bibacious bibacity bibber bibble-babble Bible Christian biblical biblioclasm biblioclast bibliography bibliolatry Bibliomancy bibliomania bibliomaniac bibliophile bibliopole bibliopolist bibliotheca bibulous bice bicentennial bicephalous bichhona bichloride of mercury bicipital bicker bickering bicolor biconjugate bicorn bicornuous bicornute bicuspid bicycle bid bid a long farewell bid defiance to bid fair bid fair to bid for bid Godspeed bid goodbye bid the banns bid welcome bidder bidding biddy bide bide one's time bidental bidet biduous biennial bienseance bier bifacial bifarious bifid bifocals bifold biform biformity bifurcate bifurcated bifurcation bifurcous big big bang big bug Big Dipper big gin big gun big with bigamy bighead bight bigot bigoted bigotry big-sounding big-sounding words bigswoln bigwig bijou bijoutry! bike bilabiate bilander bilateral bilateral symmetry bilayer bilbo bilboes bile bilge bilgewater biliary calculus bilingual bilious bilk bill bill and coo bill of costs bill of exchange bill of fare bill of indemnity bill of indictment bill of lading bill of right bill of sale Bill Sikes billet billet on billet-doux billhook billiard room billiard table billiards billing and cooing billingsgate billion billow billows bills of mortality billy Billy goat billycock bimonthly bin bina binary binary number binate bind bind hand and foot bind oneself bind over bind up together together bind up wounds bindery binding bindle stiff bine bing binocular binoculars binomial biocide biogenesis biogeny biograph biographer biography biology bioplasm biopsy biosphere biotaxy biparous bipartite bipartition biped biplane biplicity biquadrate birch birch bark canoe birch rod bird bird cage bird in hand bird of bad omen bird of ill omen bird of passage birdlime birdman bird's eye view birds of a feather birds of prey bird's-eye view bird-witted biretta birth birthday birthday party birthmark birthplace birthright birth-throe bis bis! bise bisect bisected bisection bisexual bisexuality bishop bishopdom bishopric bishop's palace bishop's purple bison bisquit bissextile bister bistoury bisulcate bisulcated bisulcous bit bit by bit bit cut bit of blue sky bit of waste paper bit with the fate of bitartrate of potash bitch bitch it bite bite in bite one's thumb bite one's tongue bite the dust bite the thumb bite the tongue biting bito bit-player bitten bitter bitter as gall bitter disappointment bitter draught bitter enemy bitter pill bitter pill to take bitter resentment bitter words bitterish bitterly bitterness bitterness of feeling bitters bittersweet bitumen bituminous bituminous coal bivalve bivalvular bivouac biweekly bizarre bizarrerie blab blabber black black and white black as a shoe black as a tinker's pot black as jet black as midnight black as my hat black as November black as thunder black body black coat black death Black Friars black game black grouse black hole black hole of Calcutta black in the face black lead black letter black list black look black looks black Maria black pepper black sheep black squall black swan blackamoor blackball blackberry blackboard black-browed blackcock blacken blackguard blackguardism black-hearted blackjack blackleg black-letter blacklist blackmail black-mouthed blackness blackquarter blacksmith blacksnake bladder blade blague blain blame blameless blameworthy blanc-bec blanch blanched blancmange bland blandiloquence blandiloquent blandiment blandishment blandness blank blank cartridge blank despondency blank verse blanket blanket cloth blare blarney blase blaspheme blasphemer blasphemous blasphemy blast blast off blast! blatant blather blatter blaze blaze about blaze abroad blaze of glory blazing blazing star blazon blazon forth bleach bleaching powder bleak blear blearedness blear-eyed bleat bleb bleed bleed freely bleeding bleeding heart blemish blench blend blend in blend into the background blending blennorrhagia blennorrhoea bless bless my heart! bless one's stars bless the mark! bless us blessed blessing blessings blest blest with blether Bletonism blight blight one's hope blighted blighted hope blind blind a trail blind alley blind as a bat blind as a beetle blind as a buzzard blind as a mole blind as an owl blind bargain blind coal blind corner blind experiment blind hookey blind impulse blind man's holiday blind of one eye blind one's eyes blind orifice blind poker blind side blind the eyes blind to blinded blindfold blindfolded blindly blindman's bluff blindness blink blink at blinkard blinker bliss blissful blister blithe blithesome blitz blizzard bloated bloated with pride bloater blob blobber lip blobber-lipped block block of buildings block out block printing block the way block up blockade blockhead blockhouse blockish blocks of ice blond blood blood boiling blood heat blood horse blood hot blood hound blood poisoning blood shed blood stained blood thirsty blood warm bloodhound blood-hound bloodless bloodlessness bloodletting bloodshed bloodshot bloodstone bloodstroke bloodsucker bloodthirsty bloody bloody flux bloody minded bloodyminded bloom bloomer bloomers blooming blossom blot blot in one's escutcheon blot out blot sully blotch blotter blouse blow blow a hurricane blow a kiss blow about blow down blow dry blow for blow blow great guns blow hard blow hot and cold blow in blow off blow one's brains out blow one's cool blow one's horn blow one's top blow open blow out blow out one's brains blow over blow the coals blow the fire blow the horn blow the trumpet blow to smithereens blow up blow upon blow valve blow with the wind blowed blowhole blowing blown blown over blown upon blow-off valve blowout blowpipe blowth blowzy blubber blubber lip Blucher boot bludgeon bludgeon man blue blue and red blue and yellow blue blood of Castile Blue book blue devils blue jeans blue laws blue light blue lights blue moon blue Peter blue ribbon blue ruin blue sky blue sky hypothesis blue stocking Bluebeard blueblack bluejacket blueness blues bluestocking bluff bluff off bluffer bluish bluishness blunder blunder headed blunderbuss blunderer blunderhead blunt blunt the edge of blunt tool blunt! bluntness blunt-witted blur blurred blurt out blush blush for blush up to the eves blushing blushing honors bluster blusterer blustering bo boa boar board board of control Board of Education board of green cloth Board of Studies board of works Board school board walk boarder boarding boarding school boards boast boaster boastful boasting boaston boat boat race boat shaped boating boatman boatswain bob bob a courtesy bob a curtsy Bob Acres bob and weave bob for bob up and down bobbery bobbin bobbing bobsled bobsleigh bocage bock beer bode bodement bodice bodily bodily enjoyment bodily pain bodily suffering bodily! bodkin bodkin! body Body and Blood of Christ body clothes body color body forth body of Christ body of doctrine body of knowledge body of water body pain body politic bodyguard boeotia Boeotian Boeotic bog bogeyman boggart boggle boggy bogie bogle bog-trotter bogus bogus check bogus cheque bogus money Bohemian boil boil down boil over boil with indignation boil with rage boiler boilerplate boiling boiling imagination boiling over boisterous boisterousness bold bold as a lion bold as brass bold font bold hand bold imagination bold stroke bold the scales even bold up to execration boldfaced- boldness bold-spirited bole bolero bolster bolster up bolt bolt in bolt out of the blue bolt the door bolthead bolus bomb bomb burst bomb calorimeter bomb vessel bombard bombardier bombardment bombardon tuba bombast Bombastes Furioso bombastic bombed bomber bombilation bombinate bombination bon ton! bon vivant bon voyage bon voyage! bona fide bonanza bonbon bond bond coupon bond holder bond of union bondage bonded together bonds bonds of harmony bondslave bondsman bondswoman bone bone house bone of contention bone to pick boner bones boneset bonesetter bonfire bonhomie Boniface Bonjour bon-mot bonnet bonnet rouge bonny bonus bony bonze boo boob booby boodle book book exercise book learning book madness book of fate Book of Mormon bookcase booked booking bookish bookishness bookkeeper bookkeeping book-learned bookless booklet bookmaking books bookseller bookseller's shop bookshop bookstore bookworm booly boom boomerang booming boon boon companion boor boorish boorishness booster boot booted and spurred bootee booth bootikin bootless boots booty booze boozy bordel bordello border border upon borderer bordering bordering upon borderland bore bore out of all patience bore out of one's life bore out of one's skull bore to death boreal Boreas boredom borer boring born under a lucky star born under an evil star borne borne down borough borrow borrowed plumes borrower borrowing boscage bosh bosh! bosk bosom bosom buddy bosom friend bosom friendship boss boss one around bossed bossy boston botanic botanic garden botanical botanist botanize Botanomancy botany botch botchery both bother botheration bothering bothy bottle bottle green bottle up bottle up in the memory bottle-holder bottom bottom dollar bottom of one's heart bottom of Pandora's box bottom upwards bottomless bottomless pit botttomless pit boudoir bough bought bouilli bouillon boulder boulebards bouleverse bouleversement bounce bounce back bounce upon bounce upon one bouncing bound bound back bound by bound for bound to boundary boundary line bounden duty boundless boundlessness bounds bounteous bounteousness bountiful bountifulness bounty bouquet bourdon bourgeois bourgeoisie bourn bourse bout bovine bow bow down and worship bow kneed bow legged bow out bow shot bow submission bow the head bow the knee bow to bow window bowed bowed down bowelless bowels bowels of the earth bower bowers of bliss bowie knife bowing and scraping bowl bowl along bowlder bow-legged bowling alley bowling green bowls bowman bowstring bowwow bow-wow box box car box on the ear box the compass box the ears box up box wagon boxer boxer shorts boxes boxing boxing ring boy boyar boycott boyhood boyish brabble brabbler brace brace up one's loins bracelet bracer braces brachial brachygraphy bracing bracken bracket brackets brackish brad bradawl Bradshaw brae brag braggadocio braggardism braggart Brahm Brahma Brahman Brahmi brahmin Brahminical Brahminism braid Braille Braille-type brain brain dead brain storm! brain work brainless brainpan brains brainsick brainstorm brainy brake bramble bran brancard branch branch off branch office bureau branch out branchiae branching brand brand of discord brand with reproach brandish brand-new brandy brangle brangler brank branny brash brasier brass brass farthing brass-band brass-colored brassiere brat bratling bravado brave brave a thousand years brave danger bravery bravissimo! bravo bravo! bravura brawl brawler brawny bray braze brazen brazen out brazen-faced brazier Brazil tea breach breach of faith breach of law breach of promise breach of the peace breach of trust breach-loader breachy bread bread and cheese bread of life bread stuffs breadbasket breadfruit breadth break break a custom break a habit break a lance with break a law break a usage break away break bread break bulk break cover break dancing break down break for taller timber break forth break ground break in break in upon break into break jail break loose break loose from prison break no bones break of break of day break off break off a custom break off a habit break off a usage break on the wheel break one's back break one's faith break one's fast break one's heart break one's neck break one's promise break one's word break open break out break Priscian's head break prison break short break silence break squares with break the back break the back of break the heart break the ice break the law break the lee break the neck break the neck of break the peace break the ranks break the record break the seal break the thread break through break through a custom break through a habit break through a usage break through the clouds break up break up of the system break with break with the past breakable breakbone fever breakdown breaker breakers breakers ahead breakfast breaking out breaking up breakneck breakup breakwater breast breast high breast the current breast the tide breast the wave breastplate breastwork breath breath of air breath of life breath of one's nostrils breathe breathe freely breathe in breathe more freely breathe one's last breathe revenge breathe vengeance breathing breathing rate breathing time breathinghole breathless breathless expectation breathless impatience bred in the bone bred in the lap of luxury breech breeches breeches pocket breechesmaker breed breeder breeding breeze breezeway breezy brethren brett breve brevet brevet rank brevier brevipennate brevity brew brewing Briarean briary bribe bribery bribery and corruption brick brick crockery brickbat brick-colored bricklayer bricks and mortar bridal bride bridegroom bridesmaid bridesman bridewell bridge bridge over bridge party bridge whist bridle bridle one's tongue bridle path bridle road bridle track bridle up brief briefly briefly thyself remember brier brig brigade brigade major brigadier brigand brigandage brigandine brigantine bright bright as day bright as noonday bright as silver bright days bright eyed bright idea bright prospect bright side bright thought brighten brighten up brightness brigue brilliancy brilliant brilliant idea brim brim over brimful brimmer brimming brimstone brinded brindled brine bring bring about bring aid bring an action against bring back bring back to the memory bring before the public bring forth bring forward bring grist to the mill bring home bring home to bring in bring in a verdict bring in danger bring in its train bring in question bring in the fashion bring into a focus bring into being bring into court bring into disorder bring into existence bring into notice bring into order bring into play bring into question bring into relation with bring into trouble bring into view bring low bring near bring new blood bring off bring on bring out bring over bring pain bring round bring through bring to bring to a close bring to a crisis bring to a deadlock bring to a focus bring to a head bring to a point bring to a stand bring to a standstill bring to account bring to an end bring to an issue bring to bay bring to bear bring to bear upon bring to book bring to bring pass bring to justice bring to life bring to light bring to market bring to maturity bring to mind bring to naught bring to one's senses bring to pass bring to perfection bring to remembrance bring to terms bring to the bar bring to the block bring to the front bring to the gallows bring to the hammer bring to the parish bring to the test bring to trial bring together bring together evidence bring under one's notice bring under the hammer bring up bring up the rear bring up to bringing forth bringword brink briny Bris brisk brisk as a bee brisk as a lark briskness bristle bristle up bristle with bristling bristling with arms Britannia metal Briticism British British lion British Thermal Unit brittle brittle as glass brittleness britzka broach broach one's broad broad accent broad awake Broad Church broad daylight broad farce broad grin broad highway broad hint broad humor broad meaning broadcast broad-hearted broadhorn broad-minded broadsheet broad-shouldered broadside broadside on broadsword Brobdingnagian brocade brocatelle brochure broder brogan brogue broil broiling sun broke broken broken accents broken color broken down broken English broken fortune broken fortunes broken heart broken hearted broken meat broken sentences broken thread broken voice broken winded broken-hearted broken-winded broker brokerage brokery bronchia broncho bronchocele bronchus bronco bronze brood brood over brooding brook brooklet broom broth brothel brother Brother Jonathan brotherhood brotherly brotherly love brougham brought to bed of brow browbeat browbeaten brown brown as a berry brown as mahogany brown as the oak leaves Brown Bess Brown Jones and Robinson brown stone brown study Brownian brownie brown-noser browse bruin bruise bruiser bruit bruit about brumal Brummagem brunch word brunette brunt brush brush away brush off brush up brushwood brusque brusquerie brustle brutal brutality brutalize brute brute creation brute force brute instinct brute matter brute memory brute strength brutify brutish brutum fulmen Bryanite bubble bubble up bubbling bubbly bubonic plague buccaneer buccaneering buccanier! Bucephalus buck buck fever buck jump buck-basket bucket bucket shop buckjumper buckle buckle on one's armor buckle to buckle with buckled buckler buckram bucolic bud bud from Buddha Buddhism Buddhist budding buddy budge budget budget of information budget of news budmash buffalo buffalo nickel buffer buffet buffet the waves buffle headed buffo buffoon buffoonery bug bug bear bugaboo bugbear bug-bear buggery buggy bugle bugle call buglehorn build build castles in the air build up build upon builder building buildings built on built upon.sand bulb bulbous bulbul bulge bulk bulkhead bulkhead in bulky bull bull calf bull dog bull head bull in a china shop Bull Moose Party bulldog bulldog courage bulldozer bullet bullet train bulletin bulletproof bulletproof vest bulletproof window bullfight bullion bullock bull's eye bull's-eye bullwhip bully bully for you! bullyrag bulrush bulwark bum bum boat bum one's fingers bum-bailiff bumbledom bumcombe bummer! bump bump against bumper bumpkin bumptious bun Buna-S bunch bunch backed bunchy bunco buncombe bunder bundle bundle on bundle out bundobast bung bung up bungalow bungle bungler bungling bunk bunker bunko bunko game bunko man bunkum bun-kum bunt bunting Bunyanesque buoy buoy up buoyancy buoyant buoyed up bur burden burden of a song burden the memory with burdensome bureau bureau de change bureau of engraving bureaucracy bureaucrat burgee burgess burgh burgher burghmote burglar burglary burgomaster burgrave burial burial ground burial place buried buried in buried in a napkin buried in oblivion burin burke burlap burlesque burletta burly burn burn daylight burn in burn into memory burn out burn the midnight oil burn to burn to a cinder burn to the ground burn up the track burner burning burning ghat burning glass burning pain burning shame burning with curiosity burnish burnished burnisher burnoose burnous burnout burnt burnt offering burr burried burro burrock burrow bursar bursary burst burst forth burst in burst in upon burst into burst into a flame burst into tears burst like a thunderclap burst of eloquence burst of laughter burst on the ear burst one's bubble burst out burst through burst upon burst upon one burst upon the sight burst upon the view burst with anger burst with envy burst with grief bursting of a bomb bursting of a bubble bursting of a shell burthen bury bury the hatchet bus busby bush bush pilot bushed bushel bushfighting bushranger bushwhacker bushy business businesslike business-like buskin buskined buss bust busted bustle bustling busy busy as a bee busy bee busy hum of men busy oneself in busybody but but a step but I didn't believe it but in practise unlikely but now butane butcha butcher butcher shop butchery butler butt butt against butt end butte butter butter dish buttercup butterfingers butterfly buttery buttock button button the lips button top button up button up one's pockets buttoned up buttonhole buttonholer buttress butyraceous buxom buy buy a pig in a poke buy and sell buy for a mere nothing buy for an old song buy in buy long buy low and sell high buy over the counter buy the farm buyer buying buying and selling buzz buzz about buzzard buzzard dollar! buzzed buzzer buzzsaw by by a balanced hatchet by a balanced sieve by a dash if the pen by a dash of the pen by a hair's breadth by a side wind by a stroke of the pen by a strong arm by a suspended ring by a wand by accident by all manner of means by all means by an indirect course by and by by any means by appearances in the air by arrows by birds by by installments by cable by catches by chance by choice by clockwork by common consent by crooked paths by crystal gazing by currents by degrees by design by dice by dint of by divine right by dough of cakes by drawing lots by dreams by driblets by end by express by fair means or foul by finger rings by fishes by fits by fits and snatches by fits and starts by force by force of arms by forced marches by fountains by George by ghosts by halves by heart by herbs by hook or by crook by implication by inches by inference by intuition by itself by jerks by jingo by Jove by leaps and bounds by leave by little and little by main force by meal by means of by meteors by mice by mirrors by my troth by no by no manner of means by no means by numbers by one by oracles by order by passages in books by pebbles by possibility by precious stones by preference by purpose by reason of by red-hot iron by regular gradations by regular intervals by regular stages by regular steps by right by rote by rule by rule of thumb by sacrificial fire by salt by shadows or manes by skips by slow degrees by smoke from the altar by snatches by some means by spurts by stealth by steps by storm by stress of by stress of weather by telegraph by that time by the by the agency of by the aid of by the authority of by the Bible by the by by the card by the entrails of fishes by the features by the hand by the mode of laughing by the side of by the stars at birth by the way by turns by ventriloquism by virtue of by walking in a circle by water by way of by way of parenthesis by what means by what mode by wholesale by winds by wireless by word of mouth by writings in ashes bye byelaw bygone bygone days bylaw by-name bypath bypaths and crooked ways byplay byre byroad by-room byssa byssus bystander byte byway byword by-word byword of reproach

C cab cabal cabala cabalistic cabaret cabaset cabbage cabdriver cabin cabined cribbed confined cabinet cabinet council cabinet member cabinet picture cable cabman caboose cabriolet cacation cachalot cache cachexia cachexy cachinnation cacique cackle cacodemon cacoepy cacography caconym cacophonous cacophony cad cadaster cadastral cadaver cadaverous caddy cadeau cadence cadenza cadet cadge cadger cadi cadmium cadmium-yellow caduceus caducity caecal caecum caesura cafe caftan cafuzo cag cage Cagliostro cahoot cahot cahotage Cain caique cairn caisson caitiff caitiff! cajole cajolery cake cake-walk calabash calaboose calambac calambour calamiform calamitous calamity calash calathiform calcareous calcination calcine calcitrate calcitration calculable calculate calculate upon calculated calculated to calculating calculating machine calculation calculator calculous calculus calculus of differences caldron caldron texture Caledonian calefaction calembour calendar calendar year calender calenture calenture of the brain calf Caliban caliber calibrate calico calidity caligation caliginous calipers caliph caliphate calisthenics calisthenics! caliver calk call call a spade a spade call a spade 'a spade' call at call attention to call away the attention call boy call by hard names call by ugly names call fairly call fitly call for call forth call Heaven to witness call in call in question call into being call into notice call into play call names call of duty call off the attention call out call over call over the coals call properly call to call to account call to order call to the bar call to witness call up call up spirits call upon call upon for callable callable bond callaesthetics! callant called for called to the ministry callidity calligraphy calling calling attention to calling forth Calliope callosity callous callousness callow calls calm calm as a mill pond calm before a storm calm belief calm down calm opinion calmness calomel caloric caloric engine calorie calorific calorimeter calote calotte calotype caloyer caludicate calumet calumet of peace calumet of war calumniate calumniator calumniatory calumnious calumny calvary Calvin Klein Calvinism Calvinist Calvins calyx cam camarade camarilla camarista camber cambist camboose Cambrian cambric camel camel backed camel bird camelopard camelot cameo cameo appearance camera buff camera technician cameraman camerated Camilla camisade camisole camorra camouflage camouflaged camp camp meeting camp on the trail campagna campaign campaign contribution campaign worker campaigner campaigning campaniform campanile campaniliform campanulate campestral campestrial campestrian campestrine camphor Campus Martins can can hook can such things be! Can you top that? Canadian canaille canakin canal canal boat canaliculated canaliferous canard canary cancan cancel canceling cancellated cancellation cancelli cancer candelabra candelabrum candelia candent candid candidacy candidate candidate for Bedlam candidature candied candle candle ends candle-holder candlelight candlelighting Candlemas candlestick candor candy candy store candystriper cane cane sugar canescent canicula canicular canicular days canine canine appetite canine madness canister canister shot canker canker rash canker worm of care cankered cankerworm canker-worm canned goods cannery cannibal cannibalism cannibalize canning cannon cannon ball cannon fodder cannon shot cannonade cannonball cannoneer cannular canny canoe canon canon law canon regular canon secular canoness canonical canonicals canonicate canonist canonization canonize canonry canons canopy canopy of heaven canorous cant can't hold a candle to cant hook cantankerous cantata cantatrice canteen canter canterbury Canterbury tale cantharides canticle cantilever cantilevered canting cantle cantlet canto canton cantonment cantrap canty Canuck canvas canvass canvass a subject canvasser canzonet caoutchouc cap cap gun cap in hand cap of maintenance capability capable capable of being shown capable of refutation capacious capacious memory capacity capacity for cap-a-pie caparison cape caper capful capful of wind capillament capillary capilliform capital capital crime capital joke capital messuage capital punishment capitalist capitals capitation capitation tax capitol capitular capitulate capitulation Capnomancy capon caporal capote capouch capping capriccio capriccioso caprice capricious capriciousness capriole caps. capsheaf capsicum capsize capsized capstan capsular capsule captain Captain Bobadil captain general captation caption captious captiousness captivate captivated captivating captive captivity captor capture Capuchin caput caquet car car radio carabineer carack caracole caracoler caraffe carambole caramel carapace carat caravan caravansary caravel carbine carbon carbon tetrachloride carbonaceous carbonaro carbonate of ammonia carbonate of lead carbonic acid carbonic gas carbonization carboy carbuncle carcanet carcass carcelage carcinoma card card file card games card index card sharper card sharping cardcase cardiac cardiac arrest cardiacal cardialgia cardigan cardinal cardinal bird cardinal flower cardinal grosbeak cardinal lobelia cardinal point cardinal points cardinal virtues cardinalate cardinal's hat cardinalship cardiograph cardioid cardiomyopathy carditis cards cards to play care care for care nothing about care nothing for care will kill a cat careen career careful careful regardful carefully careless carelessness caress caressed caressing caret caretaker careworn cargador cargo caribou caricatura caricature caricaturist caries cariole carious cark carking carking care carking cares carle carlock carman Carmelite carminative carmine carnage carnal carnal knowledge carnality carnal-minded carnation carnival carnivorous carol carom carousal carouse carousel carouser carp at carped carpenter carper carpet knight carphology carping carrefour carriage carried carried away by passion carried by acclamation carrier carrier pigeon carriole carrion carrom carronade carroty carry carry a point carry all before one carry away carry back carry by storm carry coals carry coals to Newcastle carry conviction carry in the memory carry in the mind carry in the thoughts carry into effect carry into execution carry off carry on carry on a conversation carry on a trade carry on an argument carry on an inquiry carry on business carry on hostilities carry on war carry one off one's legs carry one's thoughts back carry oneself carry out carry out an inquiry carry over carry owls to Athens carry sail carry the appearance of carry the day carry the semblance of carry through carry to a great height carry too much sail carry weight carry with a high hand carrying carrying distance cart cart away cart horse cartage cartel cartel! carter cartes sur table Carthusian cartilage cartilaginous carting cartload cartographic cartographical cartography cartoon cartouche cartridge cartulary caruncle carve carve in stone carve one's way carvel carver carving Caryatides cascade case case harden case hardened case in point case of conscience case of life or death case of need caseation caseharden casehardened casein casemate casemated casement caseous casern cash cash account cash at hand cash book cash keeper cash register cashbook cashier cashmere casing casino! cask casket casque casquetel Cassandra cassino Cassiopea's chair cassock cast cast a glance cast a gloom cast a horoscope cast a nativity cast a shade cast a shade on cast a shadow cast a sheep's eye cast a sheep's eye upon cast a slur on cast a slur upon cast a spell cast a stone at cast adrift cast anchor cast aside cast aspersions cast away cast away care cast behind cast behind one cast behind one's back cast blame upon cast dishonor upon cast down cast for cast forth cast gloom cast in a different mold cast in one's lot with cast in one's teeth cast in the eye cast in the same mold cast into prison cast into the shade cast iron cast light in cast light upon cast lots cast of countenance cast of mind cast of soul cast of the dice cast off cast off a custom cast off a habit cast off a usage cast off trammels cast one's net cast out cast out of doors cast overboard cast pearls before swine cast reflection cast reproach cast sheep's eyes upon cast the eyes back cast the eyes on cast the eyes over cast the first stone at cast the lead cast the parts cast the skin cast to an anchor cast to the dogs cast to the winds cast up cast up accounts castaneous castanet castaway caste castellan castellated caster castigate castigation castigator castigatory casting vote casting weight casting-weight castle castle in the air Castle of Indolence castle-buildier castle-building castles in Spain castles in the air castling cast-off clothes castor Castor and Pollux castrametation castrate casual casual acquaintance casually casualty casuist casuistical casuistry cat cat house cat jumps cat o'nine tails catabolism catachresis catachrestical cataclasm cataclysm catacomb catadupe catafalque catalepsy cataleptic catalo catalog catalogue catalogue raisonne catalysis catalytic catamaran catamenia catamenial cat-and-dog life cataplasm catapult catapult upwards cataract catarrh catastrophe catcall catch catch- catch a disease catch a glimpse of catch a likeness catch a sight of catch a sound catch a Tartar catch a weasel asleep catch a whiff of catch an idea catch an infection catch at catch at a straw catch at straws catch basin catch by surprise catch drain catch fire catch hold of catch in a trap catch napping catch one's death catch the attention catch the ear catch the eye catch the flame catch the infection catch the mind catch the thoughts catch tripping catch unawares catch up catching catching of the breath catchpenny catchpoll catchweed catchword catechetical catechism catechist catechize catechumen categorema categorical categorically true category catenary catenation cater caterer caterpillar caterwaul caterwauling cates catgut scraper cathartic cathedral catheretic catheter catholic Catholic Church catholical catholicism catholicity catholicon Catiline cation-exchange resin catnip catopsis catoptrics Catoptromancy cat's concert cat's cradle cat's eye cat's paw catsitter cat's-paw cattle cattle plague cattle prod cattle rustler cattle thief cattle truck catty Caucasian mystery caucus caudal caudate caudex crib cauf caught napping caught tripping caulk causal causality causation cause cause a doubt cause anger cause desire cause discontent cause error cause evil cause for alarm cause laughter cause pain cause pleasure cause sensation cause shame cause to be believed caused caused by causeless causerie causeway causidical causing pain causing pleasure causiticity caustic cautel cautelous cauterization cauterize cauterizer cautery caution cautionary cautious cautiously cautiousness cavalcade cavalier cavalry cavatina cave cave in cave of Adullam cave of despair cave of Eolus caveat caveat actor caveat emptor Cavendish cavendo tutus cavern cavernous cavesson caviare caviare to the general cavil caviler cavilling cavity caw cayenne caymon cazique CB C-clamp CD ceasar cease cease and desist! cease to breathe cease to exist cease to live ceaseless ceaselessness cecity cede cedilla ceiling celebrant celebrate keep celebrated celebrating celebration celebrity celerity celestial celestial bliss celestial spaces celibacy cell cellar cellaret cellarway cellular cellule celluloid cement cement a party cement a union cementation cemented cemetery cenobite cenotaph Cenozoic censer censor censorious censoriousness censurable censure censurer census cent centaur centenarian centenary centennial center center in center of buoyancy center of gravity center of life center of oscillation center of percussion center of pressure center round centerboard centered in self centesimal centigram centimeter cento central central air conditioning central bank central heating central processing unit centrality centralization centralize centrally centrical centricalness centrifugal centrifugal force centrifuge centrifuge tube centripetal cents-off coupon centuple centuplicate centurial centuriate centurion century cephalalgia ceramic ceramic ware ceramics cerate Cerberus cereal cerealia cereals cerebral cerebration cerebrum cerecloth cerement ceremonial ceremonial salutation ceremonialism ceremonious ceremony cerograph cerography Ceromancy ceroplastic certain certain cure certainly certainty certificate certificate of deposit certified accountant certify certitude cerulean cerulescent ceruse cespitose cess cessation cessation of life cession cesspool cestus cha-cha chador chafe chaff chaffer chafing chafing at the bit chafing dish chafing-dish chagrin chagrined chain chain lightning chain of reasoning chain shot chain-link fence chair chairman chairperson chairwoman chaise chalcedony chalcography chalet chalice chalk chalk engraving chalk out chalk talk chalk talker chalky challenge challenge comparison chalybeate chamber chamber fellow chamber maid chamber of deputies chamberlain chambers chameleon chamfer chamois champ champ a bit champ at the bit Champ de Allars champ the bit champagne champaign champaign country champain champak champion championship chance chance it chance medley chancel chancellor chancery suit chances are in favor of chancy chandelier chandler change change and change about change bands change color change for change hands change money change of intention change of mind change of opinion change of purpose change of state change one's intention change one's mind change one's note change one's place change one's purpose change one's quarters change sides change the face of changeable changeableness changed changeful changeling changer changing channel chant chanticleer chantry Chanukkah Chaomancy chaos chaos is come again chaotic chap chap book chaparajos chaparal chapel chaperon chapfallen chaplain chaplaincy chaplainship chaplet chapman chaps chapter chapter and verse chapter house chapter of accidents chaqueta char character characteristic characterize characterized charade charcoal charge charge interest charge on charge with chargeable chargeable on charged with charger chargeship chariot charioteer charitable charitableness charity charivari charlatan charlatanism charlatanry charlatism Charles's wain Charley charm charm bracelet charmed charmer charming charnel house chart charter charter poll chartered chartered accountant chartered libertine charwoman chary Charybdis chase chaser chaser-balancer chasm chassepot chaste chasten chastened chastening chastise chastise with scorpions chastisement chastity chasuble chat chateau chatelaine chatoyant chattels chattels real chatter chatterbox chatterer chattering chattering of teeth chatti chatty chauffeur chauki chaunt chaunt the praises of chaunter chauntress Chauvinism chavar chaw-bacon cheap cheap and nasty cheap as dirt cheap at the price cheapen cheapness cheat cheat sheet check check it out check oneself check out check palliate check roll check the books check the growth of checker checker cab checker roll checkered checkers checking account checklist checkmate checks checquers cheek cheek by jole cheek by jowl cheeks cheep cheer cheer the heart cheer to the echo cheer to the very echo cheer up cheer up! cheerful cheerfully cheerfulness cheering cheerless cheerly cheery cheesecake cheesepairings cheeseparings cheetah chef de cuisine chela chemical mace chemiluminescent chemise chemist chemistry cheque chequer chequers cherish cherish a belief cherish an idea cherish an opinion cherish feeling cherish hope cherry cherry bomb cherry cheeked cherry-colored cherub cherubic cherubim chess chessboard chest chest of drawers chest on chest chest-beating chestnut chest-thumping cheval-glass chevalier chevron chew chew the cud upon chiaroscuro chic chicane chicanery chi-chi chick chickaree chicken chickenhearted chicote chid chide chiding chief Chief Baron chief justice chief part chiefdom chiefly chieftain chiffonnier chiffonniere chignon child childbirth childhood childhood friend childish childish treble mute child-like children of darkness child's play chili peppers chiliad chill chill to the marrow chilled to the bone chilliness chilly chime chime in with chimera chimerical chimes chiming chimney chimney corner china china anniversary china jubilee china wedding chinch chine Chinese calendar chinese water torture chink chink! chinking Chinook chip chip in chip of the old block chip off the old block chipmunk chipped ice chipping chirography chirology Chiromancy chirp chirrup chirurgery chirurgical chirurgy chisel chiseling chit chitchat chitterings chitty chivalric chivalrous chivalrous spirit chivalry chivarras chivarros chlamys chloral chloride of lime chloride of sodium! chloroform chloroformed chlorosis chlorotic chock full chock-full chocolate choice choice of words choir choke choke damp choke full choke off choke-full chokidar chokra choky choler cholera choleric choose choosing chop chop into pieces chop logic chop up chopfallen chophouse chopping chopping sea chops chor choral chorale chords chore boy chorea choregus chorister chorography chorus chorus of applause chorus of praise chorus singer chose in action chose in possession chosen chotahazri chouse chowchow chowder chowderhead chrestomathy chrism Christ christcross-row christen christendom christening Christian Christian charity Christian community Christian Science Christian Scientist Christianism Christianity Christmas Christmas box Christmas party chromatic chromatic dispersion chromatics chromatism chromato pseudo blepsis chromatogenous chromatography chromatology chromatoscope chromatrope chrome-yellow chromolithograph chromolithography chromosome chromosphere chronic chronicle chronicler chronogram chronogrammatical chronograph chronographer chronography chronologer chronological chronologist chronometer chronometrical chronometry Chrononhotonthologos chronoscope chrysalis chrysolite chrysology chub faced chubby faced chuck chuck under the chin chuck up chuck-a-luck chucker-out chuckle chuckle headed chucklehead chudder chuff chugalug chum chunk chup rao! chup! chupatty church Church Catechism church government Church of Christ Church of Rome church yard churchdom churchman churchwarden churchyard churchyard cough churl churlish churlishness churn chut! chute chutney chyle CIA ciao cibarious cicatrix cicatrization cicatrize Cicero cicerone Ciceronian cicisbeo cider cienaga cigar cigar store cigarette cilia ciliated cilium cimeter Cimmerian darkness cinchona cincture cinder Cinderella cinders cinderwench cinema cinematograph cinematographer cinematography cinerary cinerary urn cineration cinereous cineritious cingle cinnabar cinnamon cipher Circe Circean Circean cup circination circle circle of acquaintance circle of the sciences circlet circling circuit circuition circuitous circuitously circular circular letter circular note circular reasoning circular saw circularity circulate circulating decimal circulating medium circulation circumambience circumambient circumambulate circumambulation circumbendibus circumcise circumcision circumduction circumference circumferential circumfluent circumforanean circumforaneous circumfuse circumfusion circumgyration circumjacence circumjacent circumlocution circumlocutory circumnavigate circumnavigation circumrotation circumrotatory circumscribe circumscribed circumscription circumspect circumspection circumstance circumstances circumstantial circumstantial account circumstantial evidence circumvallation circumvent circumvention circumvest circumvolution circumvolve circuration circus cirrocumulus cirrostratus cirrus Cistercian cistern cit citadel citation cite cither cithern citizen citizen of the world citizen's band citrine citron-colored city city park civet civic civic crown civil civil law civil service list civil war civilian civility civilization civilize civilized civilized life civism clack clad claim claim relationship with claimant claiming clairobscur clairvoyance clairvoyant clam clamant clamber clammy clamor clamor for clamorous clamp clan clandestine clang clangor clangorous clank clannishness clanship clap clap on clap on the back clap on the shoulder clap one's hands clap one's hands on clap spurs to one's horse clap the hands clap together clap under hatches clap up clapboard clapperclaw clapping clapping of hands claptrap clarence claret claret-colored clarichord clarify clarinet clarion clarity claronet clash clash of arms clashing clasp class classfellow classic classical classical education classicalism classicism classics classification classify classis classman classmate clatter Claude Duval Claude tint claudication clause clauses claustral clavate clavated clavichord clavier claviform clavis claw claw coat clawback claws clay clay-cold claymore clean clean as a new penny clean as a whistle clean bill of health clean forgotten clean hand clean hands clean out clean sweep clean-cut cleaned cleaning cleanliness cleanly cleanness cleanse cleansing clear clear as a bell clear as crystal clear as day clear as daylight clear as mud clear as noonday clear away clear coast clear conscience clear decks clear eye clear for action clear glance clear grit clear obscure clear of clear off clear off old scores clear out clear sight clear sky clear stage clear the course clear the decks clear the ground clear the skirts of clear the throat clear up clear witted clearage clearance clear-cut clear-eyesighted clear-headed clearing clearness cleavage cleave cleave dimidiate cleaver cleavers cledge clef cleft clem clemency clement clench clepe clepsydra clerestory clergy clergy list clergyman clerical clerical error clericalism clericals clerk clerk of works clerkship Cleromancy clever clever stroke cleverness clew click clickety-clack client clientele clientship cliff climacteric climate climatology climax climb clime clinch clinch a question clinch an argument clinch the fist at clincher cling cling like a bur cling like ivy cling to cling to hope cling to one another clinical depression clinical thermometer clink clinker clinometer clinquant Clio clip clip one's words clip the wings clip the wings of clip y clipper clipping clique clivers cloaca Cloacina cloak clock clock radio clockwork clockwork precision clock-work precision clod clodhopper clod-hopper clod-pated clod-poll clog clog the wheels cloisonn_e cloisonne cloisonne ware cloister cloistered cloisters closable close close a shutter close application close as wax close at hand close attention close call close fisted close handed close in upon close in with close inquiry close of day close one's ears close one's eyes close one's eyes to close one's ranks close prisoner close quarters close resemblance close study close the curtain close the door upon close the eyes close the hand close the lips close the pleadings close the purse close the temple of Janus close thought close to close to the wind