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a- {prefix} :: a- (not, without, opposite of)
a. {adj} [Swiss] :: alt
a. {adv} :: anno
a. {adv} :: auch
a. {contraction} :: am
a. {prep} :: an
a {letter} :: letter
a {n} :: alternative form of A
a {noun} :: abbreviation of a-Moll
a {noun} :: abbreviation of Ar
A {letter} :: letter
A {n} :: A
A {noun} :: abbreviation of A-Dur
A {noun} :: abbreviation of Ampere
A {noun} :: abbreviation of Autobahn
A {noun} :: alternative form of Å (symbol for Ångström)
à {prep} [business, perhaps somewhat dated] :: at (a specified price or rate of exchange per item)
ä {n} :: alternative form of Ä
Ä {n} :: A letter used in German orthography: an umlauted version of A
a. a. {abbr} :: abbreviation of ad acta
Aa {n} [childish] :: poo, poop (faeces)
Aa {prop} {f} :: any of several rivers in Germany
Aa {prop} :: surname
AA {noun} :: initialism of Anonyme Alkoholiker (Alcoholics Anonymous)
AA {noun} :: initialism of Arbeitsamt
AA {noun} :: initialism of Arbeitsanteil
AA {noun} :: initialism of Arbeitsanweisung
AA {noun} :: initialism of Arbeitsausschuss
AA {noun} :: initialism of Assistenzarzt
AA {noun} :: initialism of Aufgabeart
AA {noun} :: initialism of Ausbildungsabteilung
AA {noun} :: initialism of Auslandsabteilung
AA {noun} :: initialism of Auswärtiges Amt
AA {prop} {f} :: initialism of American Airlines
Aab {prop} :: surname
Aach {prop} :: any of several rivers in Germany
Aach {prop} :: any of several towns and villages in Germany
Aach {prop} :: surname
Aachen {prop} {n} :: Aachen (city)
Aachener {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Aachen
Aachener {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Aachen
Aachenerin {f} :: A native or inhabitant of Aachen (female)
AAD {symbol} :: AAD
Aa gemacht {v} :: past participle of Aa machen
Aak {n} [nautical] :: A flat cargo vessel used on the Lower Rhine
Aake {f} :: alternative form of Aak
Aakerbeere {f} :: arctic raspberry
Aakerbeere {f} :: the fruit of that plant
Aal {m} :: eel
Aal {m} :: Bad crease or crumple
Aal {m} [slang] :: torpedo
aalähnlich {adj} :: eellike
aalartig {adj} :: eellike
Aalauge {m} :: eye of an eel
Aalauge {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: idiot, asshole
Aalbeere {f} :: blackcurrant
aalen {v} :: to hunt eels, to go on an eel-hunt
aalen {vr} [colloquial] :: to stretch out, especially laughing (compare rotfl)
aalen {v} [colloquial] :: to relax (eg as on vacation)
Aalen {prop} {n} :: Aalen (city)
Aalfang {m} [uncountable] :: the catching of eels, eel fishing
Aalfang {m} [countable] :: an eelbuck, a device placed in flowing water to catch eels
Aalfang {m} [countable, possibly dated] :: a pond or place to catch or keep eels
Aalfell {noun} [dated, rare] :: eelskin
Aalfett {n} :: eel fat
Aalfischer {m} :: eeler, eel fisher
aalförmig {adj} :: anguilliform
aalglatt {adj} [literally, fairly rare] :: very slippery, like the skin of an eel
aalglatt {adj} [figurative] :: slippery; unlikely to commit oneself
aalglatt {adj} [figurative] :: slick; slimy; professional in a disingenuous way
aalglatter {adj} :: comparative of aalglatt
aalglattesten {adj} :: superlative of aalglatt
aalgleich {adj} :: eellike
Aalhaut {f} :: eelskin
Aalkorb {m} :: eel basket, eelpot
Aalleiter {f} :: eel ladder
Aalmolch {m} :: amphiuma, conger eel, congo snake (a genus of aquatic salamanders (and thus actually amphibians, and not fish, nor reptiles), the only extant genus within the family Amphiumidae)
Aalmutter {f} :: viviparous blenny (Zoarces viviparus)
Aalmutter {f} :: eelpout (fish of the family Zoarcidae)
Aalquappe {f} :: burbot (Lota lota)
Aalquappe {f} :: eelpout (Zoarces viviparus)
Aalräucherei {f} :: eel smokehouse, eel smokery
Aalraupe {f} :: burbot (Lota lota)
Aalreuse {f} :: eel basket, eelpot, eel trap
Aalschwanz {m} :: tail of an eel
Aalspeer {m} :: eelspear
Aalstechen {n} :: eel spearing
Aalstrich {m} [zoology] :: dorsal stripe
Aalsuppe {f} :: eel soup
Aaltierchen {n} [zoology] :: eelworm
Aam {f} :: aam (measure of liquids)
Aa machen {v} [childish, colloquial] :: to poo, pooh, or poop: to defecate
a.a.O. {phrase} [sometimes proscribed] :: initialism of am angeführten/angegebenen Orte an abbreviation when a source is cited multiple times
Aar {m} [poetic, formal or dated] :: eagle
Aare {prop} {f} :: Aare (river)
Aargau {prop} {m} :: Aargau
aargauisch {adj} :: Of or from Aargau
Aarmühle {prop} {f} :: former name of Interlaken, Switzerland
Aaron {prop} {m} :: Aaron (biblical figure)
Aaron {prop} {m} :: given name
Aas {n} :: carrion
Aas {n} :: bait
Aas {n} :: beast, devil
Aas {n} [slang] :: sod, bugger
Aasblume {f} [botany] :: carrion flower
aasen {v} :: to feed on carrion
aasen {v} :: to waste or spoil something, to make a mess of (something)
Aaser {m} [hunting, Southern Germany] :: gamebag, hunting bag
Aaser {m} [hunting, Switzerland] :: a meal eaten in the nature; picnic
Aasfliege {f} :: blowfly, an insect of the family Calliphoridae
Aasfliege {f} :: a flesh-fly (Sarcophaga carnaria)
Aasfliege {f} [uncommon] :: A person with a habit of exploiting other people
aasfräßig {adj} :: alternative form of aasfressig‎
aasfressend {adj} :: scavenging; carrion-eating
Aas fressend {adj} :: alternative spelling of aasfressend
Aasfresser {m} :: scavenger (an animal that feeds on carrion)
aasfressig {adj} :: synonym of aasfressend‎
Aasgeier {m} :: vulture (especially the Egyptian vulture or the griffon vulture)
Aasgeruch {m} :: carrion smell
aasig {adj} :: putrid
aasig {adj} :: disgusting
aasig {adv} :: very
Aasinsekt {n} :: carrion insect
Aasjäger {m} [hunting] :: pothunter
Aasjägerei {f} [hunting] :: pothunting
Aaskäfer {m} :: carrion beetle
Aaskrähe {f} :: carrion crow
Aaß {n} :: obsolete spelling of Aas
Aasseite {f} [tannery] :: flesh side
Aasvogel {m} :: bird feeding on carrion
Aasvogel {m} [figuratively] :: vulture, a person who profits from the suffering of others
Aa-Wurst {f} [childish] :: human feces with the approximate shape of a sausage
Aayden {prop} :: given name, form of Aidan
ab- {prefix} :: Separable verb prefix that indicates removal or quitting, off, away
ab- {prefix} :: Separable verb prefix that indicates a downward movement, down
ab- {prefix} :: Separable verb prefix that indicates from or of
ab- {prefix} :: Noun prefix that indicates deviation or being different from the source
ab {prep} :: Beginning at that time or location; from
ab {adj} [colloquial, predicative] :: off; not attached to anything anymore
ab {adj} [nonstandard, attributive] :: off; not attached to anything anymore
AB {m} :: abbreviation of Anrufbeantworter
AB {m} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Altbau
Aba {f} [clothing] :: aba
abaissiert {adj} [heraldry] :: abaissé
Abaka {m} :: abaca (plant)
abakteriell {adj} :: abacterial
Abakus {m} :: abacus (table with balls on wires or counters in groves, for counting)
Abakus {m} [architecture] :: abacus (uppermost part of a column)
Abalienation {f} :: abalienation, alienation, estrangement
Abalienation {f} :: disposal, sale
abalienieren {v} [dated] :: to divest (oneself) (of something), to dispose of something, to alienate (for example) property
abalienieren {v} [dated] :: to alienate (a person, etc)
Abalone {f} :: abalone (edible univalve mollusc)
abänderbar {adj} :: alterable
abänderlich {adj} :: changeable, amendable, modifiable, variable
abändern {vt} :: to change, to alter
abändern {vt} :: to revise, modify
abändern {vt} :: to amend
abändern {vt} :: to commute
abändern {vt} [grammar] :: to decline
Abänderung {f} :: alteration, change
Abänderung {f} :: modification, revision
Abänderung {f} :: amendment
Abänderung {f} :: commutation
Abänderungsantrag {m} [politics] :: amendment
Abänderungsklage {f} [law] :: petition to modify a judgement
Abänderungsvorschlag {m} :: proposal for modification
Abandon {m} [legal] :: abandonment
abandonnieren {v} [rare] :: to abandon
abandonnieren {v} :: to abandon ship
ABAP {prop} [computing] :: acronym of allgemeiner Berichts-Aufbereitungs-Prozessor
abarbeiten {v} :: to work off (a debt, the items on a to-do list, etc); to resolve or take care of something by working
abarbeiten {v} :: to work hard, to slave away
Abart {f} :: subspecies, subkind, subvariety; a kind which deviates from a standard or a convention or a norm
Abart {f} :: degenerate or deviation
abarten {vi} [dated] :: to deviate, to degenerate
abartig {adj} :: deviant, abnormal
abartig {adj} :: sexually deviant
Abartigkeit {f} :: deviance, abnormality
Abartigkeit {f} :: sexual deviance
Abartung {f} :: A deviation or degeneration from something's normal state
Abartung {f} :: A variety or particular variation
Abartung {f} [biology] :: The occurrence of mutations in a plant or animal species
abäschern {vt} :: to rub off with ash
abäschern {vr} :: to work to exhaustion
Abasie {f} :: abasia (incapacity to walk)
Abate {m} [religion] :: abbot
abatisch {adj} :: abasic
Abaton {n} :: abaton
abätzen {v} :: to clean or remove with etchants
abaxial {adj} :: abaxial
Abbaggerung {f} :: removal or excavation with the help of an excavator
Abbaggerung {f} :: destruction or demolition with the help of an excavator
abballern {vt} [colloquial] :: to shoot dead
Abbau {m} :: dismantling, demolition
Abbau {m} :: mining
Abbau {m} :: decomposition, separation, analysis
abbaubar {adj} :: degradable
abbaubar {adj} :: demountable (disk etc)
Abbaubarkeit {f} :: degradability
abbauen {v} :: to dismantle
abbauen {v} [mining] :: to mine
abbauen {v} :: to reduce
abbauen {v} :: to degrade
Abbauerscheinung {f} :: degenerative change
Abbaugerechtigkeit {f} [law, mining] :: mining rights
Abbaumethode {f} :: mining method
Abbauort {m} :: mining site
Abbauprodukt {n} [chemistry, biology] :: product of the decomposition of a long-chain molecule
Abbauprozess {m} [biology, chemistry] :: degradation process
abbauwürdig {adj} [of a mine] :: exploitable, workable
Abbé {m} :: abbé
Abbeförderung {f} :: dispatching, removal
Abbeförderung {f} :: euphemism for killing
abbehalten {vt} [clothing] :: to keep off
abbeissen {v} :: alternative spelling of abbeißen
abbeißen {v} :: to bite off
abbeißen {v} :: to snap off
abbeißen {vr} :: (with von) to pursue, to strive after, to strive to
Abbeizmittel {n} :: paint remover, paint stripper
abbekommen {v} :: to get a share of something (pleasant or unpleasant)
abberufen {vt} :: to withdraw
abberufen {vt} :: to recall
Abberufung {f} :: dismissal, revocation
abbestellen {v} :: to cancel a subscription
abbestellen {v} :: in a more general sense: to cancel any kind of delivery of a thing or summons of a person you have ordered
Abbestellung {f} :: cancellation
abbezahlen {v} :: to pay off
Abbezahlung {f} :: repayment
abbiegen {vt} :: to bend
abbiegen {vt} [technical] :: to fold (metal)
abbiegen {vt} [figurative] :: to head off, to stave off
abbiegen {vi} :: to turn, to turn off
abbiegen {vi} :: to branch off
Abbiegespur {f} :: filter lane, turning lane
Abbiegung {f} :: bend
Abbild {n} :: image, reflection
Abbild {n} :: image, picture, portrayal
abbildbar {adj} :: imageable
abbilden {v} :: To portray, to depict, to picture
abbilden {v} :: To map, to outline
Abbildung {f} :: depiction, image, figure, picture, illustration
Abbildung {f} :: mapping
Abbildungsfehler {m} [optics] :: aberration, image defect
Abbildungsmaßstab {m} [photography] :: image scale
Abbildungstechnik {f} :: synonym of Abbildungstechnologie
Abbildungstechnologie {f} :: (digital) imaging technology
Abbindebeschleuniger {m} :: accelerant (construction material)
abbinden {vt} :: to untie, undo
abbinden {vt} :: to lace
abbinden {vt} [medicine] :: to ligate
abbinden {vi} :: to bind
abbinden {vi} [tech, constr] :: to set
Abbitte {f} :: apology, request to be forgiven
abbitten {v} :: to ask for pardon for
abblasen {vt} :: to call off (performance, party)
Abblaseventil {n} :: relief valve
abblättern {vi} :: to chip off, to peel off, to flake off
abblätternd {adj} :: flaking, peeling off, shedding
abbleiben {v} :: to be located [in an unknown place]
abblenden {vt} :: to dim
Abblendlicht {n} :: anti-dazzle light, low beam, dimmed light
abblitzen {v} [archaic, firearm] :: to misfire
abblitzen {v} [by extension, colloquial] :: to rebuff
abblocken {v} [sports] :: to block
Abbrand {m} :: burnup
Abbrand {m} :: combustion
abbrechen {v} :: To break off (remove by breaking)
abbrechen {v} :: To terminate, cancel (end incompletely)
abbrechen {v} :: To discard (throw away)
abbrechen {v} :: To pull down (demolish)
Abbrecher {m} :: dropout
Abbrecher {m} :: demolition company, demolition worker
Abbrecherquote {f} :: dropout rate
abbremsen {vi} :: to slow down, decelerate
Abbremsen {n} :: () braking, deceleration
abbrennen {v} :: to burn down
abbrennend {adj} :: burnt, scorched
abbrennend {adj} :: burnt away
Abbreviation {f} :: abbreviation
Abbreviatur {f} :: abbreviation
abbringen {vt} [chiefly in phrases] :: to dissuade, discourage, put/throw off course
abbröckeln {v} :: To crumble away
abbröckeln {v} :: To flake off
Abbruch {m} :: demolition
Abbruch {m} :: termination, discontinuation
Abbruch {m} [computing or military] :: abort
Abbrucharbeiter {m} :: demolition worker
Abbruchbirne {f} :: wrecking ball
Abbruchfirma {f} :: demolition company
Abbruchgenehmigung {f} :: demolition permit
Abbruchhaus {n} :: condemned building
abbruchreif {adj} :: ramshackle
Abbruchunternehmen {n} :: demolition company
abbuchen {v} :: to debit
Abbuchung {f} [procedure] :: debit, direct debit, debiting
Abbuchung {f} [sum, amount] :: debit amount
abbügeln {vt} [idiom] :: to brush off (To disregard something, to dismiss or ignore someone.)
Abc {n} :: alternative form of ABC
ABC {n} :: ABC, alphabet
ABC {adj} [weapons] :: NBC. initialism of atomare biologische und chemische
Abc-Buch {n} :: primer (book)
Abchase {m} :: Abkhaz
Abchasien {prop} {n} :: Abchasien (region/and/country)
abchasisch {adj} :: Abkhaz (of or pertaining to Abkhazia)
Abchasisch {prop} {n} :: Abkhaz (a Northwest Caucasian language spoken in Abkhazia)
abchecken {v} :: to check out
Abc-Schütze {m} :: alternative form of ABC-Schütze
ABC-Schütze {m} [colloquial, dated in some regions] :: first-year pupil; child who has just started school; abecedarian (male or of unspecified sex)
ABC-Waffen {fp} :: NBC weapons
ABC-Waffen-frei {adj} :: NBC-weapons-free
Abdach {n} [Northern Germany] :: canopy
abdachen {vr} :: to slope down
abdachen {vt} [often, impersonal] :: to remove the roof of
Abdampf {m} :: exhaust steam, waste steam
abdampfen {v} :: to evaporate off
abdampfen {v} :: [of steam-powered vehicles] to depart, steam off
Abdampfen {n} :: evaporation, vaporization
abdämpfen {v} :: to dampen
abdämpfen {v} [music] :: to mute, especially kettledrums
Abdampfentöler {m} :: exhaust-steam oil separator
Abdampfrate {f} :: rate of evaporation
Abdampfschale {f} :: evaporating dish
Abdampfturbine {f} :: exhaust-steam turbine
abdanken {v} :: to resign
abdankend {adj} :: abdicating, resigning
Abdankung {f} :: resignation
Abdankung {f} [obsolete] :: dismissal
Abdankung {f} [Swiss, otherwise regional] :: memorial service
abdecken {v} :: to cover
abdecken {v} :: to cover costs
abdecken {v} :: to uncover, untile
Abdecker {m} :: knacker (one who deals with animal cadavers)
Abdeckplatte {f} :: panel
Abdeckung {f} :: cover, covering
Abdeckung {f} :: coverage
abderitisch {adj} :: abderitic
Abdestillation {f} [chemistry] :: fractional distillation
abdestillieren {v} :: To distil off (remove by distillation)
abdestilliert {v} :: past participle of abdestillieren
abdichten {v} :: to seal (prevent leakage)
Abdikation {f} :: abdication
abdikativ {adj} :: abdicative
abdingbar {adj} :: amendable, cancellable
abdirigieren {v} :: To direct away
Abdomen {n} [anatomy, rare] :: abdomen
abdominal {adj} :: abdominal
abdominell {adj} :: abdominal
abdrängen {vt} :: to push away
abdrehen {vi} :: to turn
abdrehen {vi} [nautical] :: to veer
abdrehen {vi} [aviation] :: to peel off
abdreschen {vt} :: to thresh
abdriften {vi} :: to drift off course
abdringen {v} [dated] :: to obtain by force [e.g. land, money, promises]
Abdruck {m} :: imprint, impression (the mark left behind by pressing on or printing something); print (of e.g. a finger)
abdrücken {v} :: to fire, to shoot (a weapon etc.); to pull the trigger
abdrücken {v} [technology] :: to pressure-test
Abduktion {f} :: abduction (physiology: movement separating limb from axis)
Abduktion {f} :: Abductive reasoning
Abduktor {m} :: abductor (muscle)
Abece {n} :: ABC
Abecedarium {n} :: abecedarium
Abeillekolibri {m} :: The emerald-chinned hummingbird, Abeillia abeillei
abeisen {v} [Austria] :: to defrost
-abel {suffix} :: -able, -ible
Abend {m} :: evening; the time from dusk onwards (unlike in English, now generally including the first hours of the night, until midnight)
Abend {m} [archaic] :: The west
Abendappell {m} :: Evening roll call
Abendblatt {n} :: evening paper
Abendbrot {n} :: supper, dinner (evening meal), typically consisting of bread, sliced meat, cheese, and pickles
Abenddämmerung {f} :: dusk (a period of time occurring at the end of the day during which the sun sets)
abendessen {v} [southern Germany, Austria] :: to sup, to have supper (the evening meal)
Abendessen {n} :: dinner, supper (the evening meal)
abendfüllend {adj} :: all-night
Abendgebet {n} :: evening prayer
Abendkasse {f} :: ticket office (office where tickets may be purchased immediately before the performance)
Abendkleid {n} :: evening dress
Abendkleidchen {n} :: diminutive of Abendkleid
Abendland {n} :: The Western world; Christendom
abendländisch {adj} :: occidental
abendlich {adj} :: evening
Abendlied {n} :: evening song
Abendmahl {n} [Christianity] :: Last Supper (Biblical event)
Abendmahl {n} [Protestantism] :: Communion; Eucharist (sacrament)
Abendmahl {n} [southern Germany, Austria, otherwise archaic, literary] :: supper; evening meal
Abendmahlsfeier {f} [Roman Catholicism] :: a mass on Maundy Thursday in remembrance of the biblical Last Supper
Abendmahlsfeier {f} [Protestantism] :: Communion; Eucharist (sacrament)
Abendmahlzeit {f} :: evening meal
Abendrot {n} :: Red color of the (western) sky around the time of sunset
Abendroth {prop} :: surname
abends {adv} :: in the evening, at night, see Abend;
abends {adv} :: p.m., indicating that a time is in the evening or early night. a.m./p.m. have no direct equivalents in German; the appropriate time of day is used instead
Abendschule {f} :: night school
Abendsonne {f} :: evening sun, setting sun
Abendstern {m} [astronomy] :: Evening star; the planet Venus as seen in the western sky in the evening
Abendstern {m} [astronomy] :: Evening star; any star (or planet, anciently thought to be a star) seen in the evening, especially the planets Mercury and Jupiter
abendwärts {adv} [archaic] :: westwards
Abendwind {m} :: evening wind
Abendwind {m} :: west wind, zephyr
Abenteuer {n} :: adventure
abenteuerdurstig {adj} :: adventurous
Abenteuerfilm {m} :: adventure film
abenteuerhungrig {adj} :: adventurous
Abenteuerin {f} :: An adventuress, female adventurer
abenteuerlich {adj} [related to adventures] :: adventurous
Abenteuerlichkeit {f} :: adventurousness
abenteuerlichsten {adj} :: superlative of abenteuerlich
abenteuerlustig {adj} [inclined to adventure] :: adventurous
abenteuerlustiger {adj} :: comparative of abenteuerlustig
abenteuerlustigsten {adj} :: superlative of abenteuerlustig
Abenteuerspielplatz {m} [leisure time] :: adventure playground
abenteuersüchtig {adj} :: adventurous
Abenteurer {m} :: adventurer
Abenteurerin {f} :: An adventuress, female adventurer
aber {conj} :: but; however; though
aber {adv} [obsolete, except in compounds] :: again
aber {adv} [qualifier] :: rather; quite; unusually; used with adjectives to express a surprising degree, whether this surprise be real or for effect
aber {adv} :: nonetheless, nevertheless
Aber {n} :: an objection
aber, aber {interj} :: there, there, now, now
Aberglaube {m} :: superstition
Aberglauben {m} :: superstition
abergläubig {adj} :: alternative form of abergläubisch
abergläubisch {adj} :: superstitious
abergläubischer {adj} :: comparative of abergläubisch
abergläubischsten {adj} :: superlative of abergläubisch
aber hallo {interj} :: absolutely!, you bet!
aberhundert {adj} :: hundredfold
aberkennen {v} :: to revoke [e.g. a right, a title, an award]
abermalig {adj} :: repeated
abermals {adv} :: anew
aberrant {adj} :: aberrant
aberranter {adj} :: comparative of aberrant
aberrantesten {adj} :: superlative of aberrant
Aberration {f} :: aberration (deviation)
Aberration {f} [optics] :: aberration
Aberration {f} [physiology] :: aberration
abertausend {adj} :: thousandfold
aberwitzig {adj} :: ludicrous
aberwitzig {adv} :: ludicrously
aberwitziger {adj} :: comparative of aberwitzig
aberwitzigsten {adj} :: superlative of aberwitzig
Abessinien {prop} {n} :: Abyssinia (the historical name of Ethiopia)
Abessinien {n} [dated, slang] :: a nude beach, a nudist beach
abessinisch {adj} :: Abyssinian
Abessiv {m} [grammar] :: abessive
abfackeln {v} :: to burn off
abfahrbereit {adj} :: ready to leave / depart
abfahren {v} :: to depart, to leave
abfahren {v} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: to be crazy about something
Abfahrt {f} :: departure
Abfahrt {f} [sports] :: downhill
Abfahrt {f} :: slip road
abfahrtbereit {adj} :: synonym of abfahrbereit
Abfahrthalle {f} [rare] :: alternative form of Abfahrtshalle (departure room of a train station)
Abfahrtshalle {f} :: departure room of a train station
Abfahrtsliste {f} :: sailing list
Abfahrtszeit {f} :: time of departure, departure time (of train, bus, ship etc.)
Abfall {m} :: waste, garbage, rubbish, litter
Abfall {m} :: decrease, decline, drop
Abfall {m} [religion] :: apostasy
Abfall {m} [obsolete] :: shutter, lid
Abfallbehälter {m} :: waste receptacle, garbage can, refuse container
Abfalleimer {m} :: rubbish bin; dustbin; trash can (small container for wet rubbish, either indoors or a fixed one outdoors)
abfallen {v} :: to fall off, to drop off
abfallen {v} [religion] :: to apostatize
abfallen {v} :: to secede
abfällig {adj} :: derogatory, disparaging
abfällig {adv} :: disparagingly, pejoratively
Abfallkorb {m} :: garbage can, recycle bin
Abfallprodukt {n} :: waste product
Abfallstoff {m} :: waste product
Abfalltonne {f} :: garbage can, recycle bin
abfangen {v} :: to intercept
abfangen {v} :: to pull up
abfangen {v} :: to pull an aircraft out of a dive
abfärben {vi} [of inks or dyes] :: to bleed
abfärben {vi} [idiomatic] :: to rub off [+ auf (object) = jemanden = on]
abfassen {v} :: to write down
abfassen {v} [cant] :: to arrest
Abfassung {f} :: drafting
abfedern {v} :: to cushion (a blow)
abfertigen {v} :: To make ready for dispatch
Abfertigung {f} :: act of finishing
Abfertigung {f} :: dispatch
Abfertigung {f} :: clearance
Abfertigung {f} :: expedition
Abfertigung {f} :: smart rejoinder
Abfertigung {f} :: reproof, snub
Abfertigung {f} :: dismissal
Abfertigung {f} [Austria] :: settlement, compensation
Abfertigungsgebäude {n} [aviation] :: terminal building
Abfertigungsschalter {m} :: dispatch counter
Abfertigungsschalter {m} [aviation] :: check in counter
abfeuern {v} :: to fire off, to fire (a weapon)
Abfeuerung {f} :: discharge, firing (as of a gun)
abfiltern {v} :: To filter off (remove by filtration)
abfiltriert {v} :: past participle of abfiltrieren - filtered off/out
abfinden {vt} :: to pay compensation
abfinden {vr} [+ mit] :: to come to terms, to face
Abfindung {f} [money] :: settlement, compensation
abflachen {vt} :: to flatten
abflachen {v} [reflective] :: to flatten (sich abflachen)
abflaken {v} :: To shoot down with antiaircraft fire
abflauen {v} :: to calm down, abate
abfliegen {v} [aviation] :: to take off (from the ground), to fly away
abfliegen {v} :: to depart
abfliegen {v} [of birds] :: to migrate
abfliegen {vt} :: to fly over, overfly
abfliessen {v} :: alternative spelling of abfließen
abfließen {v} :: to drain
Abflug {m} [aviation] :: take-off
Abflug {m} [aviation] :: departure
Abflugzeit {f} :: time of departure [of a plane]
Abfluss {m} :: drain; plughole [especially in the bathroom, also toilet]
Abfluss {m} :: outlet
Abfluß {m} :: alternative spelling of Abfluss
Abflussleitung {f} [technology] :: drainpipe
Abflußleitung {f} :: alternative spelling of Abflussleitung
abflusslos {adj} :: undrained (having no discharge)
Abfolge {f} :: succession (sequence arranged in order)
Abfrage {f} :: query
abfragen {v} :: to query, question
abfräsen {v} :: to chamfer, to bevel
Abfuhr {f} :: removal
Abfuhr {f} :: rebuff
abführen {vt} :: to take away [someone in police custody]
abführen {vt} :: to regularly pay
abführen {vi} :: to evacuate [the bowel]
Abführmittel {n} :: laxative (substance with a laxative effect)
abfüllen {v} :: to fill up
abfüllen {v} :: to bottle, to bag [something into containers]
abfüllen {v} [colloquial] :: to get drunk
Abgabe {f} :: tax, duty
Abgabe {f} :: delivery, contribution
Abgabeleistung {f} [electricity] :: delivery power
abgabenfrei {adj} :: duty-free, tax-free
Abgang {m} :: exit
Abgang {m} :: departure
Abgang {m} :: sale
Abgänger {m} :: graduate
abgängig {adj} :: missing (especially of people)
Abgas {n} :: emission, exhaust, exhaust gas, waste gas, exhaust fumes, offgas
Abgaskatalysator {m} :: catalytic converter (in a vehicle)
Abgasklappe {f} [technology] :: exhaust door
Abgassonderuntersuchung {f} [historical] :: exhaust emission test
Abgasstrom {m} :: exhaust stream
Abgastemperatur {f} :: exhaust gas temperature
Abgasturbine {f} :: exhaust gas turbine
abgebaut {adj} :: degraded, decomposed, dismantled
abgebaut {adj} :: mined
abgeben {v} :: to hand in
abgeben {v} :: to deliver
abgeben {v} :: to deposit
abgeben {v} :: to give away
abgeben {v} :: to sell
abgeben {v} :: to hand over
abgeben {v} :: to pass on
abgeben {v} :: to concede
abgeben {v} :: to emit, give off
abgeben {vt} [sports] :: to pass a ball
abgeben {v} :: (shoot) to fire
abgeben {v} :: (declaration) to give
abgeben {v} :: (vote) to cast
abgeben {v} :: (stuff, plot, background, frame) to provide
abgeben {v} :: (to act like someone) to make
abgeben {vi} [sports] :: to pass
abgeben {vr} :: to bother oneself with somebody/something, to associate with somebody/something, to mess around with somebody
abgebildet {adj} :: depicted, pictured
abgebildet {adj} :: mapped
abgeblasen {v} :: past participle of abblasen
abgebrannt {adj} :: destitute
abgebrannt {adj} :: broke, bankrupt
abgebremst {v} :: past participle of abbremsen - slowed down, decelerated
abgebröckelt {v} :: past participle of abbröckeln
abgebrüht {adj} [chiefly derogatory, sometimes commendatory] :: callous and cunning; experienced in “the game”, in immoral behaviour
abgebügelt {v} :: past participle of abbügeln
abgedichtet {v} :: past participle of abdichten
abgedroschen {v} :: past participle of abdreschen
abgedroschen {adj} :: hackneyed, trite, corny, worn out
abgefahren {adj} [not comparable] :: just left, recently departed
abgefahren {adj} [idiomatic] :: outstanding, great, cool
abgefahrener {adj} :: comparative of abgefahren
abgefahrensten {adj} :: superlative of abgefahren
abgefasst {v} :: past participle of abfassen
abgefeimt {adj} :: wicked, malevolent
abgefertigt {v} :: past participle of abfertigen
abgefiltert {v} :: past participle of abfiltern
abgeflacht {adj} :: flattened
abgeflacht {adj} :: levelled
abgeflacht {adj} :: oblate
abgeflakt {v} :: past participle of abflaken
abgefuckt {adj} [slang] :: fucked-up
abgeführt {v} :: past participle of abführen
abgeführt {adj} :: discharged
abgefüllt {v} :: past participle of abfüllen
abgefüllt {adj} :: bottled
abgefüllt {adj} :: filled (up)
abgegeben {adj} :: delivered
abgegeben {adj} :: submitted
abgegossen {v} :: past participle of abgießen
abgegossen {adj} :: decanted
abgegrenzt {adj} :: demarcated, delimited, separate
abgehackt {adj} :: chopped off, hacked off
abgehackt {adj} :: choppy [way of moving, etc]
abgehackt {adj} :: clipped [way of speaking, screaming, etc]
abgehalftert {adj} :: abandoned, neglected
abgehalten {v} :: past participle of abhalten
abgehärtet {adj} :: hardened, hardy
abgehärteter {adj} :: comparative of abgehärtet
abgehauen {v} :: past participle of abhauen
abgehen {vi} :: to come off, come loose
abgehen {vi} :: to set off, set out
abgehört {v} :: past participle of abhören
abgejagt {v} :: past participle of abjagen
abgekämmt {v} :: past participle of abkämmen
abgekämpft {adj} :: weary
abgekämpft {adj} :: exhausted, worn-out
abgekartet {adj} :: put-up, collusive
abgekartete Sache {f} :: put-up affair
abgekartetes Spiel {n} :: put-up job, put-up, stitch-up
abgeklärt {v} :: past participle of abklären
abgeklärt {adj} :: prudent
abgeklärt {adj} :: clarified
abgeklärt {adj} :: mellow
abgeknickt {v} :: past participle of abknicken
abgekühlt {adj} :: cooled, chilled
abgekühlt {adj} :: abgekühlte Luft
abgekühlt {adj} :: slowed down
abgekühlt {adj} :: eine abgekühlte Konjunktur
abgeladen {v} :: past participle of abladen
abgelagert {v} :: past participle of ablagern
abgelaufen {adj} :: expired, lapsed, out of date
abgelebt {v} :: past participle of ableben
abgelegen {adj} :: remote (distant or otherwise inaccessible)
abgelegener {adj} :: comparative of abgelegen
abgelegensten {adj} :: superlative of abgelegen
abgelegt {v} :: past participle of ablegen
abgelehnt {adj} :: rejected, declined
abgelehnt {adj} :: opposed
abgeleitet {adj} :: derived
abgeleitet {adj} :: derivative
abgelesen {v} :: past participle of ablesen
abgelöst {v} :: past participle of ablösen
abgelöst {adj} :: detached
abgelöst {adj} :: replaced
abgelöst {adj} :: ousted
abgemacht {adj} :: agreed
abgemacht {adj} :: settled
abgemeiert {v} :: past participle of abmeiern
abgeneigt {adj} :: averse, loath
abgeneigt {adj} :: opposed
abgenutzt {v} :: past participle of abnutzen
abgenutzt {adj} :: worn, shabby
abgenutzt {adj} :: worn out
Abgeordnete {f} :: female Member of Parliament
Abgeordnetenhaus {n} :: house of representatives / deputies (in parliament)
Abgeordneter {m} :: delegate, assemblyman, representative, Member of Parliament
abgepackt {v} :: past participle of abpacken
abgepackt {adj} :: packed, packaged
abgeraten {v} :: past participle of abraten
abgeraten {adj} :: discouraged
abgeraten {adj} :: dissuaded
abgerechnet {v} :: past participle of abrechnen
abgereichert {v} :: past participle of abreichern
abgerissen {adj} :: ragged, tattered
abgerissen {adj} :: seedy
abgerufen {v} :: past participle of abrufen - accessed, retrieved, fetched
abgesagt {v} :: past participle of absagen
abgesagt {adj} :: postponed; called off, cancelled
Abgesandte {f} :: emissary (female)
Abgesandter {m} :: emissary (male or of unspecified sex)
abgesättigt {v} :: past participle of absättigen
abgesaugt {v} :: past participle of absaugen - sucked off
abgeschabt {v} :: past participle of abschaben
abgeschabt {adj} :: shabby, threadbare
abgeschafft {v} :: past participle of abschaffen
abgeschieden {adj} :: secluded
Abgeschiedenheit {f} :: seclusion
abgeschirmtes Kabel {n} :: screened cable, shielded cable
abgeschlagen {v} :: past participle of abschlagen
abgeschlagen {adj} :: severed, cut off
abgeschlagen {adj} :: repulsed, beaten
abgeschlossen {adj} :: separate, enclosed
abgeschlossen {adj} :: secluded
abgeschlossen {adj} :: completed
abgeschmackt {adj} :: outrageous, tasteless, vulgar
abgeschmackt {adj} :: corny, fatuous
abgeschmackter {adj} :: comparative of abgeschmackt
abgeschmacktesten {adj} :: superlative of abgeschmackt
abgeschnallt {adj} :: unstrapped
abgeschöpft {v} :: past participle of abschöpfen
abgeschöpft {adj} :: skimmed
abgeschreckt {v} :: past participle of abschrecken
abgeschweift {v} :: past participle of abschweifen
abgesehen {v} :: past participle of absehen - disregarded
abgesehen {adv} :: except (von for), apart (von from), other (von than)
abgesenkt {v} :: past participle of absenken
abgesichert {v} :: past participle of absichern
abgesichert {adj} :: secured, protected
abgesoffen {v} :: past participle of absaufen
abgespannt {adj} :: exhausted
abgespannter {adj} :: comparative of abgespannt
abgespanntesten {adj} :: superlative of abgespannt
abgesperrt {adj} :: locked
abgesperrt {adj} :: fenced off
abgespielt {v} :: past participle of abspielen
abgespritzt {v} :: past participle of abspritzen
abgesprochen {v} :: past participle of absprechen
abgesteckt {adj} :: marked, defined, specified
abgestellt {v} :: past participle of abstellen
abgestellt {adj} :: parked (car)
abgestochen {v} :: past participle of abstechen
abgestorben {adj} :: dead, necrotic
abgestorben {adj} :: mortified
abgestossen {v} :: past participle of abstossen
abgestrahlt {v} :: past participle of abstrahlen
abgestrahlt {adj} :: radiated
abgestreift {v} :: past participle of abstreifen
abgestumpft {v} :: past participle of abstumpfen
abgestumpft {adj} :: blunted, dulled, jaded, deadened
abgestumpft {adj} :: truncated
abgesunken {v} :: past participle of absinken
abgetippt {v} :: past participle of abtippen
abgetrennt {adj} :: detached, severed, separated
abgewandt {v} :: past participle of abwenden
abgewartet {v} :: past participle of abwarten
abgewehrt {v} :: past participle of abwehren
abgewendet {v} :: past participle of abwenden
abgewertet {v} :: past participle of abwerten
abgewinnen {v} :: to win something from someone
abgewinnen {v} :: to take pleasure in
abgewirtschaftet {adj} :: rundown
abgewirtschafteter {adj} :: comparative of abgewirtschaftet
abgewöhnen {vr} :: to give up, to break [a habit]
abgewöhnen {v} [ditransitive] :: to make sombody give up [a habit]
abgeworfen {v} :: past participle of abwerfen
abgeworfen {adj} :: dropped
abgeworfen {adj} :: thrown (from a horse)
abgewrackt {v} :: past participle of abwracken
abgezockt {adj} [colloquial] :: ripped off
Abglanz {m} :: reflection
Abgott {m} :: a false god; an idol
Abgötterei {f} :: idolatry
abgöttisch {adj} :: adoring
abgöttisch {adj} :: idolatrous
abgrenzen {v} :: to delimit, to demarcate
Abgrenzung {f} :: demarcation
Abgrenzung {f} :: differentiation
Abgrund {m} :: abyss
abgründig {adj} :: abysmal
abgründiger {adj} :: comparative of abgründig
abgründigsten {adj} :: superlative of abgründig
abgrundtief {adj} :: abysmal
abgünstig {adj} :: jealous
Abguss {m} :: mold, cast
Abguß {m} :: alternative spelling of Abguss
Abh. {f} :: abbreviation of Abhandlung
abhaben können {v} :: alternative form of haben können
abhacken {v} :: to chop up with an axe
abhaken {v} :: to checkmark
abhaken {v} [figuratively] :: to finish, to forget about
abhalten {vt} :: to stop, prevent (someone (from) doing something)
abhalten {vt} :: to hold (a service, ceremony etc.)
abhalten {vt} [nautical] :: to change the direction from
abhandeln {v} :: to deal with, cover [a topic]
abhandeln {v} :: to strike a deal to buy
abhanden {adv} :: gone, lost
abhandenkommen {v} :: to go missing, to lose
Abhandlung {f} :: treatise (systematic discourse on some subject)
Abhang {m} :: slope, incline
Abhang {m} :: hillside, declivity
abhängen {vi} [abhängen von] :: (+ dative) to depend (on)
abhängen {v} [slang] :: to hang out
abhängig {adj} [with von] :: dependent (on)
abhängig {adj} [with von] :: addicted (to)
abhängiger {adj} :: comparative of abhängig
Abhängigkeit {f} :: dependency
Abhängigkeit {f} :: addiction
Abhängigkeits-Invertierungs-Prinzip {prop} {n} [programming, object-oriented] :: dependency inversion principle
abhängigsten {adj} :: superlative of abhängig
abhauen {vt} [auxiliary verb: haben, cutting weapon] :: to cut off
abhauen {vi} [auxiliary verb: sein] :: to do a runner
abhauen {vi} [auxiliary verb: sein, pejorative] :: to piss off
abheben {vi} :: to lift off
abheben {vi} [of airplanes] :: to take off
abheben {v} [telephone, pick up the receiver] :: to answer
abheben {vt} [banking, of bank accounts] :: to withdraw
abheben {v} [card games] :: to cut
abheben {vr} :: to be dissimilar to, differ from (von)
abheilend {adj} :: healing
abhelfen {v} :: to remedy [+dative]
abhelfen {v} :: to help down
Abhilfe {f} :: remedy, relief
Abhilfe {f} :: redress
abhobeln {vt} :: to plane off
abhocken {v} [gymnastics] :: to squat and then jump off a piece of equipment
abhocken {v} [skiing] :: to get into crouch position
abhocken {v} [Swiss] :: to dismount (a horse)
abhocken {v} [Swiss, colloquial] :: to sit down
abhold {adj} :: lofty
abholen {v} :: to collect, pick up or fetch someone or something
Abholung {f} :: collection, pickup
abholzen {v} :: to cut down the trees, to clear of timber
Abholzung {f} :: extensive cutting of trees: logging, deforestation, clear-felling
abhören {v} :: to wiretap a phone call
abhören {v} :: to auscultate
abhörsicher {adj} :: (of rooms or equipment) secure, bugproof
Abhörverbrecher {m} :: (World War II) A person who illegally listens to foreign radio broadcasts
Abi {n} :: clipping of Abitur
Abi {prop} {m} :: given name
Abia {prop} {m} :: given name
Abiogenese {f} :: abiogenesis
Abiogenesis {f} :: abiogenesis
abiotisch {adj} :: abiotic
abirren {v} :: to wander off
Abitur {n} :: final exams taken by pupils at the end of their secondary education in Germany and Finland
Abiturient {m} :: A pupil / student who is taking, or who has taken and passed, the Abitur. (male or of unspecified sex) (roughly, high-school graduate)
Abiturientin {f} :: Abiturient (female) (roughly, high-school graduate)
abjagen {v} :: to take, to snatch away, to steal
abjekt {adj} :: abject
abjekt {adj} :: despicable
abkacken {v} [vulgar] :: to fuck up (to do badly at something)
abkacken {v} [vulgar] :: to die
abkacken {v} [vulgar] :: to pass out
abkacken {v} [vulgar] :: to crash
abkacken {v} [vulgar] :: to be stunned, to be stricken by amaze
abkämmen {v} :: To search an area
abkämmen {v} :: To destroy by bombing
abkanzeln {v} [colloquial] :: to rebuke
abkapseln {vt} :: to seclude, to shut off
Abkapselung {f} :: encapsulation
abkarten {v} [colloquial] :: to secretly prearrange to advance one's own interest
abkaufen {v} :: to buy, buy out
abkaufen {v} [idiomatic] :: to buy into, buy [to believe something]
Abkehr {f} :: rejection; renunciation
abkehren {v} :: to renounce, reject
abklappern {vt} :: to canvass
abklären {v} :: to clarify, to clear up
Abklärung {f} :: clarification
Abklatsch {m} [printing] :: cliché
Abklatsch {m} :: poor copy, poor imitation
abklingen {v} [of, sound, light] :: to fade away
abklingen {v} [physics] :: to decay
Abklingzeit {f} [physics, music] :: decay time
abknabbern {vt} :: to nibble off
abknallen {v} :: to shoot down, to bump off, to pick off
abknicken {v} :: to snap
abknicken {v} :: to break
Abkomme {m} :: descendant
abkommen {v} [dated] :: to come from, to derive from
abkommen {v} :: to stray from (something)
abkommen {v} :: to unintentionally stray from (a chosen course)
abkommen {v} :: to digress from (a goal or subject)
abkommen {v} :: to abandon
abkommen {v} [sports] :: to start (a competition, event, etc) (in a particular way)
abkommen {v} :: to free oneself
abkommen {v} :: to get away, to tear oneself away (from an activity)
abkommen {v} :: to turn from, to estrange oneself from (someone)
abkommen {v} :: to get clear of (something or someone), to get or be free of
abkommen {v} :: to go out of style (to become disused or obsolete)
abkommen {v} [dialectal] :: to grow thin and gaunt, to go to rack
abkommen {v} [regional, Namibia, of a Rivier (arroyo)] :: to (be filled with and) carry water
abkommen {v} [regional, Namibia, of weather: of the wind, a draught/draft, a storm, etc] :: to (unexpectedly) form or arise and draw near
Abkommen {n} :: accord
abkömmlich {adj} :: dispensable
Abkömmling {m} :: descendant
Abkömmling {m} [chemical derived from another] :: derivative
abkönnen {v} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: to be able to stand or endure something or someone
abkrageln {v} [colloquial, regional] :: to kill
abkratzen {v} :: to scrape
abkratzen {v} :: to kick the bucket, snuff it (die)
abkriegen {v} [colloquial] :: to get
abkriegen {v} [colloquial] :: to pull (someone), to pick up
abkriegen {v} [colloquial] :: to get off, remove
abkühlen {v} :: to cool off
Abkühlen {n} :: cooling, quenching
Abkühlgeschwindigkeit {f} :: rate of cooling
Abkühlung {f} :: cooling
Abkunft {f} :: parentage
abkupfern {v} :: to plagiarize, to copy
abkürzen {vt} :: to abbreviate
Abkürzung {f} :: abbreviation
Abkürzung {f} :: shortcut
Abkürzungsdschungel {m} [figuratively] :: alphabet soup (overabundance of acronyms and abbreviations)
Abkürzungsverzeichnis {n} :: list of abbreviations
Abl. {abbr} :: abbreviation of Ablöse
abladen {v} :: to unload
abladen {v} :: to put away or down the freight
abladen {v} :: to empty by put away the freight from the inner of
abladen {v} :: to pass on, to ascribe the responsibility for [to do a labelling speech act compared to literal unloading]
abladen {v} :: by pass on and thus make affected by [in a manner which is compared to literal unloading]
abladen {v} :: to do both of the two aforementioned in one – to make affected by ascribing to
abladen {v} :: to cancel the subpoena of
Ablage {f} :: filing
Ablage {f} :: storage
Ablage {f} [rare] :: filed document
Ablage {f} [Swiss] :: branch office
Ablage {f} [Swiss] :: deposit, deposition
ablagern {v} :: To deposit
ablagern {v} :: To season or age (especially timber)
Ablagerung {f} :: deposit, sediment
Ablagerung {f} :: debris
Ablagerung {f} :: residue
Ablagerung {f} :: deposition
ablandig {adj} :: offshore (moving away from the shore)
Ablass {m} :: drain
Ablass {m} :: cessation
Ablass {m} [Roman Catholic Church] :: indulgence
Ablaß {m} :: alternative spelling of Ablass
Ablassbrief {m} [Catholic] :: letter of indulgence
ablassen {v} :: to drain; to let off, to let out
ablassen {v} :: to let go
ablaßen {v} :: obsolete spelling of ablassen
Ablasshandel {m} [historical, Roman Catholicism] :: selling of indulgences
Ablaßhandel {m} :: obsolete spelling of Ablasshandel
Ablassventil {n} [technology] :: bleed valve, drain valve
Ablaßventil {n} :: obsolete spelling of Ablassventil
Ablation {f} :: ablation
Ablativ {m} [grammar] :: the ablative case
ablativisch {adj} :: ablative
Ablauf {m} :: process, procedure
Ablauf {m} :: expiry, expiration
Ablauf {m} :: flow, course
ablaufen {v} :: to expire, to run off
Ablaut {m} [linguistics] :: ablaut (substitution of one root vowel for another)
ableben {v} [literary] :: to decease, to die, to pass away, to leave this life
Ableben {n} [literary] :: passing (away), demise, death
ablebig {adj} [literary] :: deceased, dead, having left this life, having passed on
ablegen {v} :: To take off, put aside
Ableger {m} :: spin-off of a parent company or parent organisation
Ableger {m} [botany] :: layer, shoot of a plant
ablehnen {v} :: to decline, refuse, reject, turn down
Ablehnung {f} :: rejection
ableitbar {adj} :: derivable, deducible
ableiten {v} :: to derive
Ableitung {f} :: derivative (something derived)
Ableitung {f} :: derivation
Ableitung {f} [mathematics] :: derivative
Ableitung {f} [linguistics, process] :: derivation
Ableitung {f} [linguistics, product] :: derivative
Ableitungsmorphem {n} :: derivational morpheme
ablenken {v} :: to divert
ablenken {v} :: to distract
Ablenkung {f} :: diversion
Ablenkung {f} :: distraction
Ablenkungsmanöver {n} :: diversionary tactic
Ablenkungstaktik {f} :: diversionary tactic
Ablepsie {noun} :: ablepsia
ablesen {v} :: to read (take a reading)
ablesen {v} :: to pick off, pluck
abliefern {v} :: to deliver
Ablieferungspflicht {f} :: delivery duty
abliegen {v} :: to be far away
Ablöse {f} [rented dwelling] :: one-off payment [to previous tenant for immovable installations]
Ablöse {f} [sports] :: transfer fee
ablösefrei {adj} [sport] :: not requiring a transfer fee for the transfer of a player to another club
ablösefrei {adj} [Austria] :: not requiring a one-off payment (to previous tenant for immovable installations)
ablösen {v} :: To detach or remove
ablösen {v} :: To supersede or take over from
ablösen {v} :: To relieve
Ablösung {f} :: removal
Ablösung {f} :: relief, replacement
abluchsen {v} [colloquial] :: to obtain through slyness or quickness; to wangle
ABM {noun} :: abbreviation of Arbeitsbeschaffungsmaßnahme {f}
abmachen {v} :: to remove
abmachen {v} :: to agree
Abmachung {f} :: deal (agreement, arrangement)
abmagern {v} :: to lose weight
abmähen {vt} :: to mow
abmahnen {v} [law] :: to cease and desist
abmatten {v} :: to weaken, wear down
abmeiern {v} [archaic] :: To take away the right of ownership of a farm
abmelden {v} :: to log out, log off
abmelden {v} :: to cancel [e.g. a subscription]
abmessen {v} :: to measure
abmeßen {v} :: obsolete spelling of abmessen
Abmessung {f} :: measurement
Abnahme {f} :: abatement
abnehmbar {adj} :: removable, detachable
abnehmen {v} :: to take off (remove something that is attached to something or on top of it)
abnehmen {vt} :: to shave off (a beard, especially a full beard or moustache)
abnehmen {vt} :: to amputate (a limb)
abnehmen {vti} :: to pick up (the phone)
abnehmen {vt} :: to take (a sample of, especially blood)
abnehmen {vt} [usually with dative giving the owner] :: to take away, to take over (remove something from someone's hands or possession)
abnehmen {v} :: to buy (something from); usually implying a business deal rather than mere shopping
abnehmen {v} :: to win, steal, or confiscate (something from)
abnehmen {vt} [usually with dative giving the speaker] :: to hear and accept (a promise, oath, confession from)
abnehmen {v} [colloquial] :: to believe (someone something)
abnehmen {vt} :: to be presented with something and examine it
abnehmen {v} [military] :: to inspect (a parade)
abnehmen {vi} :: to decrease, to diminish
abnehmen {v} :: to lose weight
abnehmen {v} [of the moon] :: to wane
abnehmend {adj} :: decreasing, declining, waning, shrinking
Abnehmer {m} :: consumer, buyer
Abnehmertausch {m} :: consumer exchange
Abneigung {f} :: aversion (dislike)
abnibbeln {v} [colloquial] :: to kick the bucket
abnorm {adj} :: abnormal
abnormal {adj} :: abnormal
abnormaler {adj} :: comparative of abnormal
abnormalsten {adj} :: superlative of abnormal
abnötigen {v} :: to extort
abnutzen {vt} :: to wear out (by use)
abnutzen {vr} [to suffer due to use] :: to wear
Abnutzung {f} [damage of an item caused by use over time] :: wear
Abo {n} :: clipping of Abonnement
Abolitionismus {m} :: abolitionism
abominabel {adj} :: abominable
Abonnement {n} :: subscription
Abonnent {m} :: subscriber
Abonnentin {f} :: feminine noun of Abonnent
abonnieren {v} :: to subscribe
abonnieren {v} :: to follow [e.g., on Instagram or Twitter]
aboral {adj} :: aboral
Abordnung {f} :: deputation
Abordnungsgeld {n} :: relocation money
Aborigine {m} :: Aborigine, Aboriginal Australian (male or of unspecified sex)
Aborigine {f} :: Aborigine, Aboriginal Australian (female)
Abort {m} [dated] :: toilet, loo
Abort {m} [formal, medicine] :: miscarriage, spontaneous abortion, abort
abortiv {adj} :: abortive
Abortus {m} :: abortion
Abpfiff {m} [sports] :: final whistle
abprallen {v} :: to bounce off [+ von (object) = of]
abquatschen {v} [colloquial] :: to persuade someone to give something away or to give something up
abrackern {vr} :: to toil away
Abraham {prop} {m} [Biblical character] :: Abraham
Abraham {prop} {m} :: given name
abrahamitisch {adj} :: Abrahamic
Abrasion {f} :: abrasion (act of abrading)
Abrasion {f} [geology] :: abrasion
Abrasionsbeständigkeit {f} :: abrasion resistance
Abrasionsplatte {f} :: abrasion platform (loping or nearly flat bedrock surface extending out from the foot of a marine cliff under shallow water of a breaker (wave) zone)
abrasiv {adj} :: abrasive
abraten {v} :: to discourage, dissuade
abräumen {v} :: to clear away, to clear
abrechnen {vi} :: To settle up; to establish (and balance) all earnings and costs
abrechnen {vt} :: To sum up; cash up; to make a final account or bill of something; to include something in such a bill
abrechnen {vt} :: To subtract
abrechnen {vi} [figurative] :: To settle scores with someone or something; to make one's final reckoning; to get even; to have closure or revenge
Abrechnung {f} :: settlement (final invoice)
Abrechnung {f} :: reckoning, payoff
Abrede {f} [dated] :: agreement
abregen {vr} :: to calm down
abreiben {v} :: to rub off, scuff, or abrade
abreiben {v} :: to rub
abreiben {v} [cookery] :: to grate
Abreibung {f} :: abrasion
Abreibung {f} [figuratively] :: beating
abreichern {v} :: to deplete, to remove
Abreicherung {f} :: depletion
Abreise {f} [of a voyage] :: departure
abreisen {v} [at a voyage] :: to leave, depart (nach for)
abreisend {adj} :: departing
abreissen {v} :: alternative spelling of abreißen
abreißen {v} :: to tear off
abreißen {v} [a building] :: to tear down, to demolish
abret. {adj} :: abbreviation of altbretonisch
Abrieb {m} :: abrasion, wear
Abrieb {m} :: attrition
abriegeln {v} [of a door, etc.] :: to bar, to bolt
abriegeln {v} [of an area with barriers] :: to close off, to block off
abringen {v} :: to force out, wring
Abriss {m} :: demolition
Abriss {m} :: summary, outline
Abriß {m} :: alternative spelling of Abriss
Abrissbirne {f} :: wrecking ball
Abrissparty {f} [colloquial] :: before the demolition of a building last private or public farewell event
Abrösten {n} :: roasting, torrefaction (of ores)
abrücken {vit} :: to move away [+ von (object) = from]
abrufbar {adj} :: available, accessible, retrievable
abrufen {v} :: To access, fetch or retrieve
abrunden {v} :: to round off (give something a smooth, roundish form, especially by filing the edges)
abrunden {v} [figurative] :: to round off; to top off (complete or finish something, give it a satisfying form)
abrunden {v} [arithmetic] :: to round down (round towards a lesser amount)
abrupt {adj} :: abrupt, suddenly
abrupt {adj} :: jerkingly
abrüsten {v} :: to disarm
Abrüstung {f} :: disarmament
Abs. {m} :: abbreviation of Absatz
Abs. {m} :: abbreviation of Absender
ABS {noun} :: initialism of Antiblockiersystem (anti-lock braking system)
Absage {f} :: refusal, rejection
absagen {v} :: to cancel, to call off
absagen {v} [of an invitation] :: to decline
absägen {v} :: to saw off
Absam {prop} {n} :: Absam (municipality)
absatteln {vt} :: to unsaddle (a horse)
absatteln {vi} [figurative] :: to halt, stop
absättigen {v} [chemistry] :: to be incapable of any further reaction or bond, to be saturated
absättigen {v} [psychology] :: to satisfy (a need, desire)
Absättigung {f} :: saturation
Absatz {m} :: turnover (quantity that has been put onto the market, and process of trying to get things on the market)
Absatz {m} :: heel (part of shoe)
Absatz {m} :: paragraph (passage in text)
Absatz {m} :: landing, place on stairs where there is a turn
Absatz {m} [geology] ::  sediment
Absatzbewegung {f} :: disengagement
Absatzbewegung {f} :: military retreat
Absatzmarkt {m} :: sales market
absatzweise {adv} :: intermittently, in batches
absatzweise {adv} :: paragraph by paragraph, in paragraphs
absatzweise {adj} :: batchwise
Absatzzeichen {n} :: pilcrow, (a paragraph mark)
absaufen {v} [slang] :: to drown
absaufen {v} [automotive] :: to flood [an engine with fuel]
absaufen {v} :: to lose altitude
absaugen {v} :: to suck off
absaugen {v} [slang] :: to give a blowjob
absaugen {v} :: to vacuum
Absaugung {f} :: suction
Absaugung {f} :: extraction (by suction)
abschaffen {v} :: to abolish, to annul, to discontinue, to get rid of
Abschaffung {f} :: abolition
abschälen {v} :: to bark
abschalten {v} :: to switch off
Abschattung {f} :: shading, shadowing
Abschattung {f} [philosophy] :: adumbration
abschätzen {v} :: to estimate
abschätzig {adj} :: disparaging, derogatory
Abschaum {m} :: dregs, scum (the worst and lowest)
abscheiden {v} :: To deposit, precipitate
abscheiden {v} :: To eliminate
abscheiden {v} :: To separate
Abscheidung {f} :: precipitation, deposition
Abscheidung {f} :: sequestration
abscheren {vt} :: to shave off
abscheren {vit} :: to shear off
Abscheu {mf} :: abhorrence, abomination
abscheulich {adj} :: abominable, hideous
abscheulich {adj} :: abhorrent, detestable
abscheulich {adv} :: hideously, beastly, abominably, detestably
abscheulicher {adj} :: comparative of abscheulich
Abscheulichkeit {f} :: abomination
Abscheulichkeit {f} :: hideousness
abscheulichsten {adj} :: superlative of abscheulich
abschicken {v} :: to submit; to send, send off
abschieben {v} :: to deport (from a country)
abschieben {v} :: to shift (blame or responsibility onto someone or onto certain circumstances)
Abschiebung {f} [legal] :: deportation
Abschied {m} :: parting, farewell
Abschiedsbrief {m} :: farewell letter
Abschiedsbrief {m} :: suicide note
Abschiedsgeschenk {n} :: parting gift
abschießen {v} :: to shoot off
abschießen {v} :: to shoot down
abschirmen {v} :: to screen, to protect
Abschirmung {f} :: shield, shielding
Abschirmung {f} :: screen, screening
Abschirmung {f} :: protection
abschlachten {v} :: to slaughter [to kill brutally]
abschlachten {v} :: to commit mass murder
Abschlag {m} :: discount, rebate
Abschlag {m} :: advance payment
Abschlag {m} [accounting] :: markdown
Abschlag {m} [sports] :: kick off
Abschlag {m} [golf] :: drive
abschlagen {v} :: to knock off
abschlagen {v} :: to cut off, chop off
abschlagen {v} [figurative] :: to refuse, to deny, to reject
abschlagen {v} [golf] :: to tee off
abschlagen {v} [football] :: to punt
Abschleppdienst {m} :: breakdown service
abschleppen {vt} :: to tow; to tow away (a car etc.)
abschleppen {vt} [colloquial] :: to pick up (a person in a pub etc.)
Abschleppwagen {m} :: tow truck
abschliessen {v} :: alternative spelling of abschließen
abschließen {v} :: to end, to finish or complete (eg one's studies)
abschließen {v} :: to shut off
abschließen {v} :: to lock up; to seal off
abschließen {v} :: to conclude (a contract, a deal), to finalise/finalize (a contract, an agreement)
abschließend {adj} :: final, concluding, closing
abschließend {adv} :: in conclusion
Abschluss {m} :: exclusion
Abschluss {m} :: end (finish)
Abschluss {m} :: graduation (the action or process of graduating)
Abschluß {m} :: obsolete spelling of Abschluss
Abschlussdeich {prop} {m} :: the Afsluitdijk, a dike damming the Zuiderzee off from the North Sea
Abschlussprüfung {f} :: final (test or examination given at the end of a term or class)
abschmecken {v} :: to taste a dish and, if necessary, add more spices to it
Abschmelzung {f} :: smelting
Abschmelzung {f} [figurative] :: downsizing, streamlining, reducing
abschmettern {vt} [colloquial] :: to reject
abschminken {v} :: to remove make-up
abschnallen {v} :: to unfasten, unbuckle
abschneiden {vt} :: to cut off
abschneiden {vt} :: to truncate
abschneiden {vt} :: to shorten
abschneiden {vt} :: to amputate
abschneiden {vi} :: to score (well etc.)
Abschnitt {m} :: section (cutting)
Abschnitt {m} :: paragraph
Abschnitt {m} :: segment
abschnittsweise {adj} :: sectional
abschnittsweise {adv} :: sectionally (section by section)
abschnittweise {adv} :: in sections, section by section
abschöpfen {v} :: to skim
Abschottung {f} :: partition, bulkhead
Abschottung {f} :: seclusion (of a person, a group, etc)
Abschottung {f} :: compartmentalisation (of a market)
Abschottung {f} :: isolation (of oneself, the desired result of isolationism)
abschrauben {vt} :: to unscrew
abschrecken {v} :: to discourage [to take away or reduce the courage of], to daunt, to repel, to scare
abschrecken {v} :: to quench [metal]
Abschrecken {n} :: quenching (of steel)
abschreckend {adj} :: deterrent, serving to deter and scare off
Abschreckung {f} :: deterrence
Abschreckung {f} :: terror
abschreiben {v} :: to transcribe
abschreiben {v} :: to plagiarize
abschreiben {v} [accounting] :: to write off
abschreiben {v} :: to consider something a write-off, as in colloquial use; to call defeat
Abschreibung {f} [finance] :: writedown, writeoff
abschreiten {vt} :: to pace or stride along (walk slowly along some path, as an officer inspecting a line of soldiers)
abschreiten {vt} :: to step off; to pace off (measure by steps)
Abschrift {f} :: transcript
Abschub {m} :: expulsion
Abschuss {m} :: launch
Abschuss {m} :: firing
Abschuss {m} :: shootdown
abschüssig {adj} :: steep, sloping, precipitious
Abschußring {m} :: a marking made on the side of an antiaircraft gun to indicate the number of enemy planes it has shot down
abschütteln {v} :: to shake off
abschütten {v} :: to pour off (excess liquid)
abschwächen {vtr} :: to abate, weaken, attenuate
abschwächen {vtr} :: to alleviate, mitigate
abschweifen {v} :: to digress
abschweifend {adj} :: digressing, meandering, wandering, digressive, excursive
Abschweifung {f} :: digression
abschwören {v} :: to abjure, renounce [+ dative]
Abschwung {m} :: downturn, downswing
Absdorf {prop} {n} :: Absdorf (municipality)
absehbar {adj} :: foreseeable
absehbar {adj} :: conceivable
absehen {vt} :: to foresee
absehen {v} :: to overlook, to disregard, to willfully not refer to a fact
abseihen {v} :: to filter, strain
abseilen {v} :: to descend
abseilen {v} [euphemistic slang] :: To defecate, if connected with the male indefinite article ein, in its accusative form einen. "Einen abseilen" reflects the graphic character of German youth language and is nowadays in common use among the teenage population
Abseiler {m} [offensive] :: a lazy person who avoids doing his tasks
abseits {adv} :: apart, aside
abseits {prep} :: off, out of
Abseits {n} [sports] :: offside
Abseitsfalle {f} [football] :: offside trap
Abseitstor {m} :: Offside goal
abseitsverdächtig {adj} [soccer] :: possibly offside
Absence {f} [medicine] :: absence (temporary loss or disruption of consciousness)
Absence {f} [formal] :: absent-mindedness
absenden {v} :: to forward, send on
Absender {m} :: sender
Absender {m} :: return address (on a letter etc.)
absenkbar {adj} :: lowerable
absenken {vt} :: to lower, to sink, to deepen
Absenkung {f} :: lowering, sinking
Absenkung {f} [geology] :: drawdown
absent {adj} :: absent, not present
absent {adj} :: absent-minded
absetzbar {adj} [taxation] :: deductible
absetzen {v} :: to set down
absetzen {v} [to remove a monarch from power] :: to depose, dethrone
absetzen {v} [from the tax] :: to deduct
absetzen {vr} :: to break away
abseyts {adv} :: obsolete spelling of abseits
absichern {v} :: To secure, safeguard
absichern {v} :: To hedge
Absicherung {f} :: (insurance) coverage
Absicherung {f} :: protection, safeguard, hedge
Absicht {f} :: intention
Absicht {f} :: intent
absichtlich {adj} :: intentional
absichtlicher {adj} :: comparative of absichtlich
absichtlichsten {adj} :: superlative of absichtlich
Absichtserklärung {f} :: letter of intent
Absichtserklärung {f} :: memorandum of understanding
Absiedler {m} :: emigrants
absinken {v} :: To sink, slump or fall
absinken {v} :: To plummet
Absinken {n} :: subsidence
Absinken {n} :: decline
absinkend {adj} :: sagging
Absinth {m} :: absinth (liquor)
absitzen {vt} [auxiliary: haben] :: to serve [time]
absitzen {vi} [auxiliary sein] :: to dismount [from a horse]
absolut {adj} :: absolute
absolut {adv} :: absolutely
Absolutadjektiv {n} [grammar] :: noncomparable adjective
Absolute Beginner {m} :: incel, a love-shy person
Absolutheit {f} :: absoluteness
Absolution {f} [Christianity] :: absolution
Absolutismus {m} :: absolutism
absolutistisch {adj} :: absolutist, absolutistic
Absolutiv {m} [grammar] :: absolutive case
Absolvent {m} :: alumnus, graduate (of an educational institution)
Absolventin {f} :: female alumnus, graduate (of an educational institution)
absolvieren {v} :: to pass (successfully complete)
absolvieren {v} [theology] :: to absolve (pronounce free or give absolution from sin)
absonderlich {adj} :: weird, strange
absondern {vt} [biology] :: to secrete; to exude (especially a liquid)
absondern {vt} [colloquial, usually, derogatory] :: to say; to utter (especially repeatedly over some period of time, as though it were a secretion)
absondern {vt} :: to seclude; to isolate; to keep separate; to segregate (not usually in the racist sense, but e.g. for quarantine)
absondern {vr} :: to seclude oneself; to avoid contact
Absorber {m} :: absorber
absorbieren {v} :: to absorb, to soak up
absorbierend {adj} :: absorbing
Absorption {f} :: absorption (act or process of absorbing, either liquid or light)
Absorptionsfähigkeit {f} :: absorbency
Absorptionsgrad {m} [physics] :: (coefficient of) absorption; absorbance, absorptivity
Absorptionsspektrum {n} :: absorption spectrum
abspalten {v} :: to split off
Abspaltung {f} :: secession
Abspaltung {f} [physics] :: dissociation
Abspaltung {f} [chemistry] :: elimination
Abspann {m} :: end credits
abspannen {v} :: to wind down
abspecken {vi} [colloquial] :: to lose weight
abspecken {vt} [figuratively, colloquial] :: to diminish
Absperre {f} :: closing off, dismissal
Absperrhahn {m} :: stopcock
abspielen {v} :: to play (a tape, a movie, an audio or video file etc.); to replay
abspielen {v} [sport] :: to pass
Absprache {f} :: agreement
Absprache {f} :: collusion
absprechen {vt} :: to arrange, to agree upon
absprechen {vt} :: to deny, to dispute
abspringen {v} :: to jump off
abspringen {v} [by extension] :: to abandon, leave in the lurch
abspritzen {v} [slang] :: to cum (to have an orgasm; to ejaculate)
abspritzen {v} :: to inject
abspritzen {v} [slang] :: to murder by lethal injection
Abspritzer {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: man who ejaculates semen (typically into a woman)
Abspritzer {m} [vulgar] :: semen which has been ejaculated
Abspritzer {m} [offensive] :: person who kills other people using lethal injection (especially in connection with the Third Reich)
abspulen {vt} :: to unwind, to unspool
abspülen {v} :: to wash off, to rinse
abspülen {v} :: to do the dishes
abstammen {v} :: to descend
abstammen {v} :: to stem
abstammen {v} :: to derive
Abstammung {f} :: descent, ancestry, lineage, parentage, genealogy
Abstammungsbescheid {m} :: genealogical certificate. Used during World War II to prove Aryan descent
Abstand {m} :: distance, interspace, spacing, interval
abstatten {vt} :: to do formally
abstatten {v} [now, Austria] :: synonym of abzahlen
abstauben {v} :: To dust, to wipe away dust
abstauben {v} :: To scrounge
abstauen {v} :: to stow away
abstechen {v} :: To cut off, cut out
abstechen {v} :: To stab (to death)
Abstecher {m} :: detour, side trip
abstecken {v} :: to stake out
abstehen {v} :: to stick out
abstehen {v} :: to be [some distance] apart [+ von (object) = from]
abstehen {v} :: to desist
absteigen {v} :: to dismount; to get off something that one stands or sits on; chiefly used when the object is implied; with the preposition von, the simplex steigen is preferred
absteigen {v} :: to arrive (at a hotel etc.) in order to stay for one or more nights
absteigen {v} [chiefly figurative or in combination with aufsteigen] :: to sink; to descend; to become lower
absteigen {v} [sports] :: to be relegated; to sink to a lower league
absteigend {adj} :: downward, descending
absteigender {adj} :: comparative of absteigend
absteigendsten {adj} :: superlative of absteigend
abstellen {v} :: to put down, to set down
abstellen {v} [of a vehicle etc.] :: to park, to leave
abstellen {v} [military] :: to detach, to assign
abstellen {v} :: to turn off, to switch off
abstellen {v} [law, constructed with auf] :: to focus on a certain point
Abstellkammer {f} :: cubbyhole
Abstellraum {m} :: storeroom, storage room
abstempeln {v} :: to stamp
abstempeln {v} [figurative] :: to mark, to label, to brand [hastily]
absterben {v} :: to atrophy
absterben {v} :: to necrotize
absterben {v} :: to die back
Absterben {n} :: dieback
Abstieg {m} :: dismounting; the act of getting off something
Abstieg {m} :: descent; sinking
Abstieg {m} [sports] :: relegation; sinking to a lower league
abstimmen {v} :: to vote
abstimmen {vr} :: sich abstimmen: to coordinate or synchronise with someone:
Abstimmung {f} :: vote
Abstimmung {f} :: co-ordination, synchronising, agreement
abstimmungsberechtigt {adj} :: discussed, voted on, and agreed upon
Abstimmungsort {m} :: place or location, where one could or can vote; polling place
abstinent {adj} :: abstinent, teetotal
abstinentesten {adj} :: superlative of abstinent
Abstinenz {f} :: abstinence (the act or practice of abstaining)
Abstinenzler {m} :: teetotaler (male or of unspecified sex)
Abstoß {m} [soccer] :: goal kick
abstossen {v} :: alternative spelling of abstoßen
abstoßen {v} :: to repel
abstoßen {v} :: to push
abstoßend {adj} :: repulsive, repellent, repugnant
Abstossung {f} :: alternative spelling of Abstoßung
Abstoßung {f} :: repulsion
Abstoßung {f} :: rejection
Abstoßungsreaktion {f} [immunology] :: rejection reaction
Abstract {m} :: abstract
abstrafen {v} :: to punish, often out of vengefulness
Abstrafung {f} :: punishment (often out of vengefulness)
abstrahieren {v} :: to abstract [to consider abstractly]
Abstrahlung {f} :: radiation, emission
abstrakt {adj} :: abstract
abstrakte Fabrik {f} [software, object-oriented] :: abstract factory pattern
abstrakte Klasse {f} [software, object-oriented] :: abstract class
abstrakte Methode {f} [software, object-oriented] :: abstract method
abstrakter {adj} :: comparative of abstrakt
abstrakte Schnittstelle {f} [computing, object-oriented] :: abstract interface
abstraktesten {adj} :: superlative of abstrakt
Abstraktion {f} :: abstraction
Abstraktum {n} :: abstract term, abstract noun
Abstrebung {f} :: buttress, base
abstreifen {v} [ring, etc.] :: to slip off
abstreifen {v} [shoes, etc.] :: to wipe; to wipe off
abstreifen {v} [bark, etc.] :: to strip off
abstreiten {v} :: to repudiate
abstreiten {v} :: to contest
abstrus {adj} :: abstruse
abstrus {adv} :: abstrusely
abstufen {v} :: to divide
abstufen {v} :: to set in layers
Abstufung {f} :: gradation
abstumpfen {v} :: to blunt, dull, deaden
Absturz {m} :: crash
Absturz {m} [figurative] :: downfall, ruin
Absturz {m} [computing] :: crash
Absturz {m} [colloquial] :: heavy drinking
abstürzen {v} :: to crash
abstürzen {v} [aviation, computing] :: to crash
abstützen {v} :: to brace, to support, to underpin, to prop up
absuchen {v} :: to scour
absuchen {v} :: to search
absurd {adj} :: absurd
absurdesten {adj} :: superlative of absurd
Absurdistan {prop} {n} [jocular] :: Absurdistan (any country where absurdity is the norm)
Absurdität {f} :: absurdity
Abszess {m} {n} :: abscess
Abszeß {m} :: alternative spelling of Abszess
Abszisse {f} :: abscissa (first of two coordinates)
Abt. {f} :: abbreviation of Abteilung or Abteilungen
Abt. {f} :: abbreviation of Abteil or Abteile
Abt {m} :: abbot
abtasten {v} :: to feel
abtasten {v} :: to frisk
abtasten {v} [technology] :: to scan
abtasten {v} [medicine] :: to palpate
abtauchen {v} :: to submerge; to plunge, descend
abtauchen {v} [figuratively] :: to go to ground, disappear
Abtei {f} :: abbey
Abtei {prop} {n} :: Abtei (municipality)
Abteil {n} :: compartment
abteilen {vt} :: to divide, to split apart, to sunder, to section
Abteilung {f} :: department
Abteilung {f} :: division
Abteilung {f} :: battalion
Abteilungsleiter {m} :: manager (of a department)
Abtenau {prop} {n} :: Abtenau (municipality)
Abtheilung {f} :: obsolete spelling of Abteilung
abtippen {v} :: to transcribe from one source by the help of keys into another medium
Äbtissin {f} :: abbess (female superior of a nunnery)
Abtlg. {f} :: abbreviation of Abteilung
abtönen {v} :: to shade
Abtönung {f} :: shade
Abtönungspartikel {f} [linguistics] :: modal particle
abtörnen {v} :: to turn off, to repulse
abtörnend {adj} :: repulsive, revolting
abtöten {v} [religion, etc.] :: to mortify
abtöten {v} :: to kill; to kill off; usually in masses, of vermin or germs
Abtötung {f} :: killing [esp. of bacteria]
Abtötung {f} :: mortification
abtragen {v} :: to remove, denude
abtragen {v} :: to degrade, wear down
abtragen {v} :: to pay off
abtragen {v} :: to carry off
abtragen {v} :: to clear up, clear away
abtragen {v} :: to take down, tear down
abträglich {adj} :: harmful
abträglich {adj} :: detrimental
abträglich {adj} :: derogatory
abträglicher {adj} :: comparative of abträglich
abträglichsten {adj} :: superlative of abträglich
Abtragung {f} :: gradual demolition
Abtragung {f} :: wear (damage caused by use)
Abtragung {f} [finance] :: amortization, gradual repayment
Abtragung {f} [geology] :: erosion
Abtragung {f} [geology] :: degradation
Abtragung {f} [medicine] :: surgical removal (of warts, ulcers)
Abtransport {m} :: transportation
abtransportieren {v} :: to transport away
abtransportieren {v} :: to evacuate
abtreiben {vi} :: to go/be sent off course
abtreiben {vi} :: to have an abortion
abtreiben {vt} :: to abort (a baby)
Abtreibung {f} :: abortion (of a baby)
Abtreibungsbefürworter {m} :: pro-choice advocate / campaigner, pro-choicer, proabortionist (one who is supportive of the legality of abortion) (male or of unspecified sex)
abtrennbar {adj} :: detachable, removable, separable
abtrennen {v} :: to cut off, sever
abtrennen {v} :: to separate
Abtrennung {f} :: separation, detachment
Abtrennung {f} :: partition, secession
abtreten {vt} :: to kick away
abtreten {vt} :: to wipe off (the soles of one’s shoes)
abtreten {vt} :: to wear out (one’s shoes)
abtreten {vi} [with auxiliary sein] :: to step away, walk off
abtreten {vi} [with auxiliary sein] :: to resign (one’s job) [with von]
abtreten {vi} [euphemism, with auxiliary sein] :: to die
abtreten {vt} :: to relinquish, trade away, cede
Abtritt {m} :: resignation
Abtritt {m} [theater] :: exit
Abtritt {m} :: toilet
abtropfen {v} :: to drip off
abtropfen {v} :: to drain
Abtropfsieb {m} :: colander
abtrünnig {adj} :: renegade, breakaway
Abtrünnigkeit {f} :: apostasy
abtun {v} :: to dismiss, brush aside, snub
abtun {v} :: to waive
abtun {v} [Switzerland] :: to kill
abtupfen {vt} :: to remove something by light, careful touching with an absorbent cloth
Abu Dhabi {n} :: Abu Dhabi (emirate)
Abu Dhabi {n} :: Abu Dhabi (capital city)
abulg. {adj} :: abbreviation of altbulgarisch
Abulie {f} :: The condition abulia, absence of will-power or decisiveness
abundant {adj} :: abundant
ab und zu {adv} [idiom] :: now and then; occasionally
abverlangen {vt} :: to demand
abwägen {v} :: to weigh (to determine the intrinsic value or merit of an object)
Abwahl {f} :: voting someone out of office
abwandeln {v} :: to modify
abwandeln {v} [linguistics] :: to inflect
abwandern {v} :: to emigrate
abwandern {v} [slang] :: to deport
Abwanderung {f} :: emigration
Abwanderungsabgabe {f} :: emigration fee
Abwärme {f} [technology] :: waste heat
Abwart {m} [Switzerland] :: caretaker, janitor (male or of unspecified sex)
abwarten {v} :: to await; to wait for
abwarten {v} :: to wait around
abwartend {adj} :: wait-and-see
abwartend {adv} :: hesitantly
abwärts {adv} :: downwards, downhill
abwärts {adv} :: downstream
abwaschen {vi} :: to wash up (clean utensils, dishes, etc.)
Abwasser {n} :: wastewater
Abwasser {n} :: water contaminated from human usage; sewage
Abwasseranlage {f} :: wastewater plant; sewage works
Abwasserkanal {m} :: sewer
Abwasserreinigung {f} :: wastewater / sewage treatment
abwechseln {v} :: to alternate
abwechselnd {adj} :: alternate, alternating
abwechselnd {adj} :: rotational
Abwechslung {f} :: alternation
Abwechslung {f} :: diversion, change
abwechslungsreich {adj} :: diversified, varied
abwechslungsreicher {adj} :: comparative of abwechslungsreich
abwechslungsreichsten {adj} :: superlative of abwechslungsreich
abwegig {adj} :: erroneous
abwegig {adj} :: perverse, wayward
abwegig {adj} :: eccentric
abwegig {adj} :: absurd
Abwehr {f} :: defence: action to stop an attack
Abwehr {f} :: a method or means of defence
Abwehr {f} :: repulse
Abwehr {f} :: counter-intelligence
Abwehr {f} :: rejection
Abwehr {prop} {f} :: the military intelligence service of the German Weimar Republic and Third Reich, from 1920 to 1944 or 1945
abwehrbereit {adj} [military] :: ready for defense, prepared for defense
abwehren {v} :: to fend off
abwehren {v} :: to refuse, to say no
Abwehrmechanismus {m} [psychology] :: defense mechanism
Abwehrschlacht {f} :: defensive battle
Abwehrspieler {m} [sports] :: back; defender (player; male or of unspecified sex)
Abwehrstoff {m} :: antigen, antibody
Abwehrstoff {m} :: antitoxin
abweichen {v} :: to differ or vary
abweichen {v} :: to deviate or diverge
abweichend {adj} :: different, variant, divergent
abweichend {adj} :: dissonant
abweichend {adv} :: differently, divergently
Abweichler {m} :: dissenter
Abweichlerin {f} :: feminine noun of Abweichler
Abweichung {f} :: aberration, deviation
abweisen {v} :: to dismiss (reject)
abweisen {v} :: to repel an attack
abweisend {adj} :: cold, standoffish
abwenden {vt} :: to avert
abwenden {vr} :: to turn away
abwendig {adj} :: [religiously] unfaithful
abwendig {adj} :: alienated
abwerben {vt} [a client or employee] :: to entice, to poach
abwerfen {vt} :: To throw down, to let fall
abwerfen {vt} [sport] :: To hit with the ball
abwerfen {vt} [finance] :: To get money from
abwerten {vt} :: to devaluate, to denigrate, to depreciate, to devalue
abwertend {adj} :: derogatory, pejorative, disparaging
abwesend {adj} :: absent (being away from a place)
abwesend {adj} :: distracted; not concentrated; absentminded
Abwesenheit {f} :: absence (state of being absent)
Abwesenheitspfleger {m} :: trustee during absence of owner
AB-Whg. {f} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Altbauwohnung
abwickeln {v} :: to unwind
abwickeln {v} :: to wind up (to dissolve a partnership or corporation and liquidate its assets)
Abwicklung {f} :: handling, processing, implementation
Abwicklung {f} :: transaction
Abwicklung {f} :: liquidation (of a company)
abwiegen {v} :: to weigh, to weigh out
abwischbar {adj} :: Able to be wiped away / clean
abwischen {v} :: to wipe off, wipe away
abwracken {v} :: to wreck (down)
abwürgen {vt} [colloquial] :: to silence; to squash (prevent someone from finishing an utterance, or an utterance from being finished)
abwürgen {vt} [colloquial] :: to stall a car (cause the engine of a manual-transmission car to turn off by going too slowly for the selected gear)
abzählbar {adj} [maths] :: countable
abzählen {vt} :: to count
Abzählreim {m} :: counting rhyme
Abzeichen {n} :: badge (distinctive mark)
abzeichnen {v} :: to draw (something or someone)
abzeichnen {v} :: to sign off on something
abzeichnen {v} :: (reflexive, with sich) to be outlined (against something), to stand out (against a background)
abzgl. {prep} :: abbreviation of abzüglich
abziehen {v} :: to subtract, to deduct
abziehen {vt} [troops, etc.] :: to pull out
abziehen {vi} :: to leave
abziehen {vi} :: to pull the trigger
abziehen {v} [colloquial] :: to rip off (to cheat, to charge an exorbitant or unfair rate)
abzielen {v} :: to be aimed [+ auf (object) = at]
Abzocke {f} [colloquial] :: rip-off
abzocken {v} :: to rip off (to cheat, to charge an exorbitant or unfair rate)
Abzocker {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: swindler
Abzug {m} [of a gun] :: trigger
Abzug {m} :: drawback
Abzug {m} :: deduction
Abzug {m} :: hood, fume hood (covering of a vent to suck away smoke or fumes)
Abzug {m} [photography] :: print, copy
abzüglich {prep} :: less, minus
Abzugshaube {f} :: synonym of Dunstabzugshaube
Abzweigung {f} :: branch (something that divides like the branch of a tree, especially of roads and rivers)
abzwingen {v} :: to obtain by force
AC90 {noun} :: AC90
Accessoire {n} [arts or fashion] :: accessory
Accessoire {n} [figurative] :: adjunct; something unnecessary
Accuratesse {f} [obsolete] :: accuracy, exactness
ACE {noun} :: initialism of A+C+E
Acetal {n} [organic chemistry] :: acetal
Acetaldehyd {m} :: acetaldehyde (the organic compound CH3CHO)
Acetamid {n} [organic compound] :: acetamide
Acetat {n} [organic chemistry] :: acetate
Acetessigsäure {f} :: acetoacetic acid
Aceton {n} :: acetone
acetonämisch {adj} [pathology] :: acetonemic
Acetonitril {n} [organic compound] :: acetonitrile
Acetylcholinesterase {f} :: acetylcholinesterase
Acetylen {n} :: acetylene
Acetylid {n} :: acetylide
acetylieren {v} [organic chemistry] :: To acetylate
acetyliert {v} :: past participle of acetylieren
acetyliert {adj} [organic chemistry] :: acetylated
Acetylrest {m} [organic chemistry] :: acetyl radical
Acetylsalicylsäure {f} :: acetylsalicylic acid (acetate ester of salicylic acid; aspirin)
ach {interj} :: oh [expressing surprise, wonder, amazement, or awe]
ach {interj} :: oh [expressing sorrow]
ach {interj} :: oh [expressing understanding, recognition, or realization]
ach {interj} :: oh [preceding an offhand or annoyed remark]
ach {interj} :: oh [preceding an invocation or address, but rarely a solemn one]
Ach {n} :: oh
Achaier {m} :: Achaean
Achäne {f} :: achene (small, dry fruit)
Achat {m} :: agate
achaten {adj} :: agaten
Achatschnecke {f} :: achatine snail (Achatinidae)
Achau {prop} {n} :: Achau (municipality)
Achenkirch {prop} {n} :: Achenkirch (municipality)
acherontisch {adj} :: acherontic
Achill {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: Achilles; alternative form of Achilleus
Achill {prop} {m} [rare] :: given name of Ancient Greek origin
Achillesferse {f} :: Achilles heel
Achillessehne {f} :: Achilles tendon
Achilleus {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: Achilles
Achim {prop} {m} :: given name
achlamydeisch {adj} [botany] :: achlamydeous
Achlaut {m} [phonology] :: voiceless velar fricative, [x]
achromatisch {adj} [optics] :: achromatic
Achse {f} :: axis
Achse {f} :: axle
Achse des Bösen {f} :: axis of evil
Achsel {f} :: armpit, axilla (cavity under the shoulder)
Achsel {f} :: shoulder; shoulder joint (see usage notes below)
Achselchen {n} [very, rare] :: diminutive of Achsel
Ächselchen {n} [very, rare] :: diminutive of Achsel
Achselhöhle {f} [anatomy, rather formal] :: armpit
Achselklappe {f} :: epaulet, epaulette
Achselstück {n} :: epaulet, epaulette
Achselzucken {n} :: shrug
achsensymmetrisch {adj} :: axisymmetric
ach so {interj} :: ah, oh, I see; expresses understanding or surprise
achso {interj} :: alternative form of ach so
acht {num} :: eight (numerical value represented by the Arabic numeral 8; or describing a set with eight elements)
Acht {f} :: the natural number eight
Acht {f} :: the numeral sign 8
Acht {f} :: a playing card with the value eight
Acht {f} :: a figure eight shape; a bicycle wheel bent out of shape
Acht {f} [in idioms and derivatives, otherwise archaic] :: attention; regard; heed
Acht {f} [historical] :: outlawry; banishment (declaration that someone is no longer protected by law)
Acht {f} [poetic] :: sworn enmity; declaration of vendetta
Acht {f} [obsolete, found in western German toponyms] :: land belonging to a mansion or monastery
achtarmig {adj} :: octopod (attributive), eight-armed
achtbändig {adj} :: in eight volumes
achtbar {adj} :: reputable, respectable
Achtbarkeit {f} :: respectability, honorableness
achte {ordinal num} :: eighth
Achteck {n} :: octagon
achteckig {adj} :: octagonal, having eight corners
Achtel {n} {m} :: an eighth (one of eight equal parts of a whole)
Achtelfinale {n} [sports] :: last 16 or eighth final (the round before the quarterfinal)
Achtelnote {f} [music] :: quaver
achten {vi} [with auf and accusative] :: to care about, to pay attention to
achten {vi} [with auf and accusative] :: to keep an eye on
achten {vt} :: to respect
ächten {vt} :: to outlaw, declare as not being protected by law
achtenswert {adj} :: reputable, worthy, estimable
achter- {prefix} [nautical] :: after-, back- (in the back of the ship)
Achter {m} :: eight, number eight (figure)
Achter {m} :: figure-of-eight
Achter {m} :: octet (group of eight)
Achterbahn {f} :: rollercoaster
Achterdeck {n} :: afterdeck (of a ship or boat)
achterer {adj} [nautical] :: after, back, rear (in the back of the ship)
achterlich {adj} [nautical] :: astern
achtern {adv} [nautical] :: abaft (in the back of the ship)
achtfach {adj} :: eightfold
achtgeben {v} :: to pay attention, watch out
achtgeben {v} :: to be careful
Acht geben {v} :: alternative spelling of achtgeben
achtgeschossig {adj} :: eight-storey
achthaben {v} :: to pay attention [+ auf (object) = etwas = to]
achthäufigste {adj} :: eighth most common or abundant
achthundert {num} :: eight hundred
achtjährig {adj} :: eight-year
achtjährig {adj} :: eight-year-old
achtlos {adj} :: heedless, unheeding
achtlos {adj} :: careless; thoughtless
achtmal {adv} :: eight times
achtmal {adv} :: octuply
achtprozentig {adj} :: eight-percent
achtsam {adj} :: mindful, careful, wary, heedful
Achtsamkeit {f} :: mindfulness, wariness
achtseitig {adj} :: octagonal, eight-sided
achtsilbig {adj} :: octasyllabic
achtstellig {adj} :: eight-digit
achtstündig {adj} :: eight-hour
acht Uhr {noun} :: eight o'clock
achtundachtzig {num} :: eighty-eight
achtundachtzigste {ordinal num} :: eighty-eighth
achtunddreissig {num} :: alternative spelling of achtunddreißig
achtunddreißig {num} :: thirty-eight
achtunddreißigste {ordinal num} :: thirty-eighth
achtundfünfzig {num} :: fifty-eight
achtundfünfzigste {ordinal num} :: fifty-eighth
achtundneunzig {num} :: ninety-eight
achtundneunzigste {ordinal num} :: ninety-eighth
achtundsechzig {num} :: sixty-eight (68)
achtundsechzigste {ordinal num} :: sixty-eighth
achtundsiebzig {num} :: seventy-eight
achtundsiebzigste {ordinal num} :: seventy-eighth
achtundvierzig {num} :: forty-eight
achtundvierzigste {ordinal num} :: forty-eighth
achtundzwanzig {num} :: twenty-eight
Achtundzwanzigeck {n} :: icosioctagon: polygon with 28 vertices
achtundzwanzigste {ordinal num} :: twenty-eighth
Achtung {f} :: attention
Achtung {f} :: esteem
Achtung {f} :: respect
Achtung {interj} :: watch out, attention, warning or caution
achtunggebietend {adj} :: Imposing
achtungheischend {adj} :: attention-seeking
achtungsheischend {adj} :: alternative form of achtungheischend
achtwertig {adj} [chemistry] :: octavalent
achtwöchig {adj} :: eight-week
achtwöchig {adj} :: eight-weeks-old
achtzehn {num} :: eighteen
achtzehnfach {adj} :: eighteenfold
achtzehnjährig {adj} :: eighteen-year-old
achtzehnte {ordinal num} :: eighteenth
achtzig {num} :: eighty
Achtziger {m} :: octogenarian
Achtziger {m} :: synonym of Achtzigerjahre
Achtzigerjahre {np} :: The eighties (1980s)
achtzigprozentig {adj} :: eighty-percent
achtzigste {ordinal num} :: eightieth
ächzen {v} [of people] :: to groan
ächzen {v} [of things] :: to creak
Acid {n} [slang] :: LSD, acid (drug)
Acid {n} :: a musical genre marked by fast, often computer-generated rhythms; acid
Acidität {f} :: acidity (the quality or state of being acid)
acidoklin {adj} :: acidophilic
Acidolyse {f} [chemistry] :: acidolysis
acidophil {adj} :: acidophilic
Acker {m} :: field (wide, open space used to grow crops)
Ackerbau {m} :: cultivation of arable land; agriculture (in the stricter sense)
Ackerbaukunde {f} :: agronomy
ackerbaulich {adj} :: agricultural
ackerbaulich {adv} :: agriculturally
Ackerboden {m} :: soil
Ackerboden {m} :: farmland
Ackerkrume {f} :: topsoil
Ackerkrume {f} :: tilled soil
Ackerland {n} :: farmland
Ackermann {m} [dated] :: plowman
ackern {v} :: to plow
ackern {v} [colloquial] :: to slog away, to work hard
Ackerschachtelhalm {m} :: horsetail (Equisetum arvense)
Acne {f} [rare] :: alternative spelling of Akne
Aconitase {f} [enzyme] :: aconitase
Acrolein {n} [organic compound] :: acrolein
Acryl {n} :: acryl
Acrylfarbe {f} :: acrylic paint
Acrylglas {n} :: Perspex, Plexiglass, Lucite (polymethyl methacrylate)
Actinium {n} [chemistry] :: chemical element actinium (atomic number 89)
Actinoid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: actinide
Action {f} [uncountable] :: action (fast-paced, often violent activity)
Action {f} [uncountable, film] :: a genre characterised by such activity
Actionfilm {m} :: action film
activ {adj} :: obsolete spelling of aktiv
active {adv} [grammar, obsolete] :: actively
Acyloin {n} [organic chemistry] :: acyloin
ADAC {prop} :: initialism of w:de:Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (General German Automobile Club)
ad acta {adv} :: to the files
Adalbert {prop} :: given name, an old form of Adelbert, Albert
Adalbrecht {prop} [rare] :: given name
Adalger {prop} {m} [rare] :: given name
Adalwin {prop} :: given name
Adam {prop} {m} :: Adam (biblical figure)
Adam {prop} {m} :: given name. Pet form: Adi
Adamantan {n} [organic compound] :: adamantane
Adamin {n} [mineral] :: adamite
Adamsapfel {m} :: Adam's apple
Adamskostüm {n} :: birthday suit (circumlocutory expression for nakedness)
Adam und Eva {prop} :: Adam and Eve
Adaptation {f} :: adaptation
Adapter {m} :: adapter (device or application used to achieve operative compatibility)
adaptieren {v} :: to adapt
Adaptierte {f} :: adaptee
Adaption {f} :: adaptation
adaptiv {adj} :: adaptive
adäquat {adj} :: adequate
adäquater {adj} :: comparative of adäquat
adäquatesten {adj} :: superlative of adäquat
Adäquatheit {f} :: adequacy, adequateness
adaxial {adj} :: adaxial
addieren {v} :: to add up, to sum
Addis Abeba {prop} :: Addis Ababa
Addition {f} [arithmetic] :: addition
Addition {f} [chemistry] :: addition reaction
additiv {adj} :: additive
Additiv {n} :: additive
Addukt {n} [chemistry] :: adduct
ade {interj} :: [archaic, poetic or regional] farewell, adieu
Ade {n} :: farewell
Adel {m} :: nobility
Adel {prop} {mf} :: surname
Adelar {prop} [rare] :: given name
Adelbert {prop} [rare] :: given name
Adele {prop} {f} :: given name
Adelger {prop} {m} [rare] :: given name
Adelgunde {prop} {f} :: given name
Adelheid {prop} :: given name
Adeliepinguin {m} :: Adelie penguin
adelig {adj} :: alternative form of adlig
Adelmar {prop} [rare] :: given name
adeln {v} :: to ennoble
Adelung {f} :: ennoblement
Adenauer {prop} :: surname
Adenin {n} :: (biochemistry) adenine (C10H13N5O4, a base in DNA)
Adenosin {n} [organic compound] :: adenosine
Adenosintriphosphat {n} [biochemistry] :: adenosine triphosphate
Adenylyltransferase {f} [enzyme] :: adenylyltransferase
Ader {f} :: blood vessel
Ader {f} :: a vein of metallic ore that lies within definite boundaries, or within a fissure
Ader {f} :: gift, disposition
Äderchen {n} [anatomy] :: diminutive of Ader; small vein; venule, veinlet
Aderhaut {f} [anatomy] :: choroid membrane
Aderklaa {prop} {n} :: Aderklaa (municipality)
Aderlass {m} :: bloodletting (medical and figurative)
Adessiv {m} [grammar] :: adessive case
Adhäsion {f} :: adhesion
adhäsiv {adj} :: adhesive
Ad-hoc-Bildung {f} :: nonce word
Adi {prop} :: A diminutive of the male given name Adolf
adiabatisch {adj} :: adiabatic
Adidas {prop} {n} :: Adidas (manufacturer)
Adidas {mf} {n} :: A product of this brand
adipös {adj} :: adipose
adipös {adj} :: obese
Adipositas {f} :: adiposity
Adiuretin {n} :: adiuretin, argipressin, vasopressin
Adj. {n} :: abbreviation of Adjektiv and Adjektivum, in oder texts also of Adjectiv and Adjectivum
adjazent {adj} [maths] :: adjacent
Adjektiv {n} [grammar] :: adjective
Adjektivierung {f} [linguistics] :: adjectivization
Adjunkt {m} [dated] :: assistant, adjunct
adjustieren {vt} :: to set, adjust
adjustieren {vt} [Austria, otherwise dated, officialese] :: to dress, equip
adjustieren {vt} [Austria] :: to prepare for a specific purpose
adjustieren {vt} [Austria] :: to fix
Adjutant {m} [military] :: adjutant (male or of unspecified sex)
Adler {m} :: eagle
Adler {m} [heraldiccharge] :: eagle, as used on a coat of arms
Adler {m} :: Aquila
Adler {m} :: surname
adlerartig {adj} :: eaglelike
Adlerbussard {m} :: long-legged buzzard (Buteo rufinus)
Adlerjunges {n} :: eaglet, eagle chick, eagle fledgling
adlig {adj} :: highborn, noble [of noble ancestry]
adlig {adj} :: pertaining to the nobility
Adliger {m} :: nobleman, noble, patrician, aristocrat (male or of unspecified sex)
Adlwang {prop} {n} :: Adlwang (municipality)
Administration {f} :: administration, management
Administration {f} [colloquial, nonstandard] :: administration, government
administrativ {adj} :: administrative
Administrator {m} :: administrator, admin
Admiral {m} :: admiral
Admont {prop} {n} :: Admont (municipality)
Adnet {prop} {n} :: Adnet (municipality)
Adobe {m} :: adobe
Adolar {prop} [rare] :: given name
Adoleszenz {f} :: adolescence
Adolf {prop} :: given name
Adolfine {prop} {f} :: given name
Adolph {prop} :: given name
Adonai {prop} {m} [Judaism] :: Adonai (one of the names of God)
adoptieren {v} :: to adopt [a child]
Adoption {f} :: adoption (voluntary acceptance of a child of other parents to be the same as one's own child)
Adposition {f} :: adposition
Adrenalin {n} :: adrenaline
Adrenodoxin {f} [protein] :: adrenodoxin
Adressat {m} :: addressee
Adressbuch {n} :: address book
Adresse {f} :: address
adressieren {v} :: to address
adrett {adj} [somewhat, dated] :: neat, tidy (relating to clothing or appearance)
adretter {adj} :: comparative of adrett
adrettesten {adj} :: superlative of adrett
Adria {prop} {f} :: the Adriatic Sea
Adrian {prop} {m} :: given name
Adriatisches Meer {prop} {n} :: Adriatic Sea (sea that stretches from the Ionian Sea to the Gulf of Venice)
adsorbieren {v} :: to adsorb (to accumulate on a surface)
Adsorption {f} :: adsorption
Adsorptionskalorimetrie {f} :: adsorption calorimetry
adsorptiv {adj} :: adsorptive
Adstrat {n} [linguistics] :: adstrate
Adstringens {n} :: astringent
adstringierend {adj} :: astringent
Adulf {prop} :: given name
adult {adj} [medicine] :: adult
A-dur {m} :: A major
Advent {m} [Christianity] :: Advent
Adventskalender {m} :: Advent calendar
Adventskranz {m} [Christianity] :: Advent wreath
Adventssonntag {m} :: Advent Sunday
Adverb {n} [grammar] :: adverb
adverbial {adj} :: adverbial
Adverbialbestimmung {f} [grammar] :: adverbial (grammar: word or phrase modifying a verb)
Adverbialsatz {m} :: (linguistics) adverbial clause
adverbiell {adj} :: adverbial
adversativ {adj} :: adversative
Advocatus Diaboli {m} :: devil's advocate
Advokat {m} [dated] :: lawyer (male or of unspecified sex)
Advokatur {f} [law jargon, otherwise dated] :: bar (profession of lawyers)
Advokatur {f} [Swiss, otherwise dated] :: law firm
adygeisch {adj} :: Adygeic
ÅE {noun} :: abbreviation of Ångströmeinheit
æ {symbol} [obsolete] :: Vowel borrowed from Latin. Succeeded by ä
Aeltern {noun} :: obsolete spelling of Eltern
aeol. {adj} :: abbreviation of äolisch
aeolisch {adj} :: alternative spelling of äolisch
Aernde {f} :: obsolete spelling of Ernte
aerob {adj} :: aerobic
Aerobic {n} :: aerobics
Aerodynamik {f} :: aerodynamics
aerodynamisch {adj} :: aerodynamic, aerodynamical
aerodynamischer {adj} :: comparative of aerodynamisch
aerodynamischsten {adj} :: superlative of aerodynamisch
Aerogel {n} :: aerogel
Aerophobie {f} :: aerophobia
Aerosol {n} :: aerosol (dispersion)
AfD {prop} :: initialism of Alternative für Deutschland
afebril {adj} :: afebrile (without a fever, having no fever)
affabel {adj} :: affable
Affäre {f} :: affair, business
Affäre {f} :: affair, fling
Äffchen {n} :: diminutive of Affe
Affe {m} :: monkey or ape (male or female of unspecified sex)
Affe {m} :: ellipsis of Fellaffe, a kind of furry military knapsack
Affe {m} [slang, regional] :: temulence, inebriation, alcohol intoxication
Affekt {m} :: affect (strong emotional experience)
affektiert {adj} :: affected
affektiert {adj} :: la-di-da
affektiv {adj} :: affective
äffen {v} :: to ape, imitate
äffen {v} :: to fool, mislead
Affenarschloch {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: idiot, asshole, monkey's asshole
Affenbrot {n} :: baobab fruit, monkey bread
Affenbrotbaum {m} :: monkey bread, baobab tree (Adansonia)
Affenente {f} :: freckled duck [Stictonetta naevosa]
Affenficker {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: fucker, idiot, asshole
affengeil {adj} :: awesome, wicked (extremely good)
Affenjacke {f} :: monkey jacket, shell jacket
Affenpinscher {m} :: Affenpinscher
Affenschaukel {f} :: A shoulder cord on a military uniform
affentittengeil {adj} :: awesome, wicked (very good)
Affenzahn {m} :: breakneck speed
affig {adj} :: conceited, stuck up, vain, la-di-da
affig {adj} :: silly
affig {adj} :: affected
affig {adj} :: apish
-affin {suffix} :: affine (having a specified affinity)
affin {adj} :: affine
Äffin {f} :: monkey or ape (female)
Affinerie {f} :: refinery (especially a place where metal is purified)
Affinität {f} :: affinity
Affirmation {f} :: affirmation
affirmativ {adj} :: affirmative
äffisch {adj} :: ape-like
Affix {n} [grammar] :: affix (sensu lato)
Affix {n} [grammar, dated, rare] :: affix (sensu stricto), suffix, postfix
affixlos {adj} :: unaffixed
Affrikate {f} [phonetics] :: affricate
Affront {m} :: affront
affrös {adj} :: hideous
Afghane {m} :: Afghan, person from Afghanistan or of Pashtun descent
Afghane {m} :: Afghan hound (Afghanischer Windhund)
Afghane {m} :: a type of black hashish (Schwarzer Afghane "Black Afghan")
Afghanin {f} :: Afghan (female)
afghanisch {adj} :: Afghan (Pertaining to Afghanistan)
Afghanisch {prop} {n} :: Afghan, i.e. Pashto, the language of Afghanistan
afghanischer {adj} :: comparative of afghanisch
Afghanischer Windhund {m} :: Afghan hound
afghanischsten {adj} :: superlative of afghanisch
Afghanistan {prop} {n} :: Afghanistan (country)
Aflenz {prop} {n} :: Aflenz (municipality)
à fonds perdu {prep} [Switzerland] :: as a subsidy, being a performance without the expectation of consideration
Afrika {prop} {n} :: Africa
afrikaans {adj} :: Afrikaans (language)
Afrikaans {prop} {n} :: Afrikaans (language)
Afrika-Eurasien {prop} :: Afro-Eurasia (supercontinent)
Afrikaner {m} :: African (person)
Afrikanerin {f} :: African (female)
afrikanisch {adj} :: African
afro- {prefix} :: Afro-
Afroamerikaner {m} :: African-American (a black American)
afroamerikanisch {adj} :: African-American, Afro-American
afroasiatisch {adj} :: Afro-Asiatic
afrodeutsch {adj} :: Afro-German
afrz. {adj} :: abbreviation of altfranzösisch
after- {prefix} [no longer productive] :: after-, sub-, second... (expressing that something comes after another thing)
after- {prefix} [no longer productive] :: pseudo-, spurious... (expressing that something is false or fake)
after {prep} [chiefly Early New High German] :: after
After {m} [anatomy, formal, literary] :: anus
After {m} [obsolete] :: buttocks, backside
Afterforscher {m} :: pseudoscientist (male or of unspecified sex)
Aftergelehrter {m} :: pseudoscientist (male or of unspecified sex)
Afterkind {n} :: illegitimate child
Afterlecker {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: ass-licker (male or of unspecified sex)
Afterlehen {n} [Medieval] :: A fief, which a liege lord received then subsequently enfeoffed wholly or partially to a vassal or vassals; Afterlehen
Afterphilosophie {f} :: pseudo-philosophy
afterreden {vt} :: to speak ill of (someone); slander
Aftershave {n} :: aftershave (a lotion used after finishing shaving)
Afterwelt {f} [dated] :: posterity
Afterwissenschaft {f} :: synonym of Pseudowissenschaft
Afterwissenschaftler {m} :: pseudoscientist (male or of unspecified sex)
AG {noun} :: initialism of Aktiengesellschaft (corporation) {f}
AG {noun} :: initialism of Amtsgericht {n}
AG {noun} :: initialism of Arbeitsgemeinschaft {f}
agacieren {v} [literary] :: to irritate
Ägäis {prop} {f} :: Aegean Sea (sea of the northeastern part of the Mediterranean Sea)
Ägäisches Meer {prop} {n} :: Aegean Sea (sea of the northeastern part of the Mediterranean Sea)
agamisch {adj} :: agamic
Agar {m} {n} :: agar (a material obtained from the marine algae)
Agatha {prop} :: given name
AGB {noun} [business] :: initialism of Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen
Agenda {f} :: agenda (a temporally organized plan or list of things to be addressed)
Agens {n} [also linguistics] :: agent
Agens {n} [physics] :: medium
Agens {m} [, linguistics] :: agent
Agent {m} :: agent (male or of unspecified sex) (intermediary for certain services, such as for artistic performances or public relations)
Agent {m} :: agent, spy (male or of unspecified sex) (person working for a secret service)
Agententhriller {m} :: spy thriller
Agentin {f} :: agent (female)
Agent provocateur {m} :: alternative spelling of Agent Provocateur
Agent Provocateur {m} :: agent provocateur
Agentur {f} :: agency
Agglo {f} [Swiss] :: clipping of Agglomeration
Agglomeration {f} :: agglomeration
Agglomeration {f} [Swiss] :: conurbation
agglutinierend {adj} :: agglutinating
Aggregat {n} :: aggregate
Aggregat {n} :: unit
Aggregatzustand {m} [physics] :: state of matter
Aggression {f} :: aggression
aggressiv {adj} :: aggressive
aggressiver {adj} :: comparative of aggressiv
Aggressivität {f} :: aggressiveness
aggressivste {adj} :: superlative of aggressiv
aggressivsten {adj} :: superlative of aggressiv
Aggressor {m} :: aggressor
Aggsbach {prop} {n} :: Aggsbach (municipality)
Ägid {prop} :: given name
Ägide {f} [protection] :: aegis
Ägidius {prop} :: given name
agieren {v} :: to act
agil {adj} :: agile (having the faculty of quick motion in the limbs)
Agiotage {f} [trading] :: agiotage
Agioteur {m} [trading] :: stock exchange speculator
Ägis {f} [mythological shield] :: aegis
Agitation {f} [politics] :: agitation
Agitator {m} :: agitator
agitatorisch {adj} :: agitating, agitatorial, rabble-rousing
agnath {adj} [zoology] :: jawless
Agnes {prop} {f} :: given name
Agnosie {f} :: agnosia
Agnostiker {m} :: agnostic
Agnostikerin {f} :: agnostic (female)
agnostisch {adj} :: agnostic
Agnostizismus {noun} :: agnosticism
agnostizistisch {adj} :: agnostic, agnostical
agogisch {adj} :: agogic
Agon {m} :: agon (struggle or contest; test of will; contest in Ancient Greece)
agonal {adj} :: agonistic
agonal {adj} :: agonal
Agonie {f} :: (mortal) agony, (death) throes
Agora {f} :: agora
Agoraphobie {f} :: agoraphobia (fear of open spaces)
Agraffe {f} :: agraffe
Agram {prop} :: Zagreb
Agrammatismus {m} :: agrammatism
Agrarchemie {f} [chemistry] :: agrochemistry
agrarisch {adj} :: agrarian, agricultural
Agrarpolitik {f} :: agricultural policy
Agrarrohstoff {m} :: agricultural commodity
Agrikultur {f} :: agriculture
Agrikulturchemie {f} [chemistry] :: agrochemistry
agrobiologisch {adj} :: agrobiological
Agrochemie {f} [chemistry] :: agrochemistry
Agrochemikalie {f} :: agrochemical
agrochemisch {adj} :: agrochemical
Agronom {m} :: agronomist
Agronomie {f} :: agronomy
ags. {adj} :: abbreviation of angelsächsisch
Ägypten {prop} {n} :: Egypt
Ägypter {m} :: Egyptian
Ägypterin {f} :: Egyptian (female)
ägyptisch {adj} :: Egyptian (related to Egypt, to the Egyptians or to the Egyptian language)
Ägyptisch {n} :: Egyptian (language)
Ägyptologe {m} :: Egyptologist
Ägyptologie {f} :: Egyptology
Ägyptologin {f} :: Egyptologist (female)
ah {interj} :: expressing understanding
ah {interj} :: expressing contentment
äh {interj} :: an exclamation of disgust; yuck, ew, ugh
äh {interj} :: uh, er (expression of confusion or uncertainty)
aha {interj} :: aha
Aha-Erlebnis {n} :: An "aha experience". An experience which gives a sudden insight, solution or answer to a problem that has troubled someone for some time
Ahasveros {prop} :: Ahasuerus (biblical king of Persia)
Ahaus {prop} :: Ahaus (town)
ahd. {adj} :: abbreviation of althochdeutsch
Ahd. {prop} :: abbreviation of Althochdeutsch
ahistorisch {adj} :: ahistorical
Ahle {f} :: awl
Ahlen {prop} :: Ahlen (town)
Ahmadinedschad {prop} {mf} :: Ahmadinejad; Persian surname notably borne by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Mahmud Ahmadinedschad)
Ahmed {prop} {m} :: given name
Ahn {m} :: ancestor
ahnden {v} :: to punish
Ahndung {f} :: punishment (especially legal)
Ahndung {f} :: (literary or dated) Ahnung: premonition
Ahne {f} :: female ancestor
Ahne {f} :: grandmother
Ahne {m} :: forefather
ähneln {v} [with dative] :: to resemble
ahnen {v} :: to suspect, to guess
Ahnenforschung {f} :: genealogy
Ahnengleichheit {f} :: the identity i.e. identicalness of two of one's ancestors (for example, if one's maternal great-grandfather is the same person as one's paternal great-grandfather), which constitutes or causes pedigree collapse
Ahnenprobe {f} :: proof of ancestry
Ahnenschein {m} :: genealogical document
Ahnenschwund {m} :: pedigree collapse
Ahnentafel {f} :: ahnentafel; genealogical chart
Ahnherr {m} :: primogenitor, first ancestor
Ahnherr {m} :: forefather
ähnlich {adj} :: similar
ähnlich {adv} :: similarly, in a similar way
ähnlicher {adj} :: comparative of ähnlich
Ähnlichkeit {f} :: similarity
ähnlichsehen {vi} :: to be typical
ähnlichsten {adj} :: superlative of ähnlich
Ahnung {f} :: anticipation, inkling
Ahnung {f} :: clue, idea, notion
ahnungslos {adj} :: clueless
ahnungsvoll {adj} :: foreboding, ominous
ahoi {interj} :: general greeting between ships
Ahorn {m} :: A maple Acer; the common tree
Ahorn {m} [uncountable] :: maple; the wood of the tree
Ahorn {prop} {n} :: Ahorn (municipality)
Ahorn {prop} {n} :: Ahorn (municipality)
Ahorn {prop} {n} :: Ahorn (municipality)
ahornblättrig {adj} :: maple-leaved; having maple leaves
Ahornsirup {m} :: maple syrup
Ähre {f} [botany, countable] :: the ear [of corn]
Ähre {f} [botany, countable] :: the head, ear [of grass seed]
Ähre {f} [botany, countable] :: the spike [of a flower]
Ahrntal {prop} {n} :: Ahrntal (municipality)
Aich {prop} {n} :: Aich (municipality)
Aichach-Friedberg {prop} :: Aichach-Friedberg (district)
Aichkirchen {prop} {n} :: Aichkirchen (municipality)
Aids {n} :: AIDS (disease)
AIDS {n} [less common] :: alternative case form of Aids
aidskrank {adj} :: Afflicted with Aids
aidsverseucht {adj} :: Contaminated with the Aids virus
Aikido {n} :: aikido
ainerseyts {adv} :: obsolete spelling of einerseits
Ainet {prop} {n} :: Ainet (municipality)
air. {adj} :: abbreviation of altirisch
Airbag {m} :: airbag
Airport {m} :: airport
Ais {n} [music] :: A-sharp
Aische {prop} {f} :: given name
Aische {f} [slang, mildly, offensive] :: a woman or girl of Turkish descent
Aistersheim {prop} {n} :: Aistersheim (municipality)
Ajatollah {m} [Islam] :: ayatollah
Ajax Amsterdam {prop} {n} [football] :: conventional name of AFC Ajax (football club from Amsterdam)
ajourieren {v} [textiles] :: to do openwork
ajourieren {v} [obsolete, outside, Austria] :: to stay up-to-date
AK {noun} :: abbreviation of Abendkasse often found on concert or event tickets indicating a price that has to be paid at the venue at the evening of the event, as opposed to a presale ticket price
Akad. {f} :: abbreviation of Akademie
Akademie {f} :: academy (learned society)
Akademieausgabe {f} :: Academy edition
Akademiker {m} :: professionalist (someone who belongs to a profession that requires higher education)
Akademiker {m} :: graduate (someone who has passed higher education)
Akademiker {m} :: academic (a member of an academy, college, or university)
akademisch {adj} :: academic
akademischer {adj} :: comparative of akademisch
akademischsten {adj} :: superlative of akademisch
akalorisch {adj} :: acaloric
Akanthit {m} [mineral] :: acanthite
akatalektisch {adj} :: acatalectic
akausal {adj} :: acausal
Akazie {f} :: acacia (tree)
Akdalait {m} [mineral] :: akdalaite
Akelei {f} :: columbine (any plant of the genus Aquilegia)
akephal {adj} :: acephalous
Akkadier {m} :: Akkadian, man from Akkad
Akkadierin {f} :: Akkadian (female), a woman or girl from Akkad
akkadisch {adj} :: Akkadian, related to the ancient city or empire of Akkad
Akkadisch {n} :: Akkadian, the Akkadian language
Akklamation {f} :: acclamation
akkommodieren {v} :: to accommodate
Akkord {m} [music] :: chord
Akkord {m} :: piecework
Akkordarbeit {f} :: piecework
Akkordeon {n} :: accordion
Akkordeonspieler {m} :: accordionist (player of an accordion)
Akkordeonspielerin {f} :: (female) accordionist
akkordieren {v} [Austria, otherwise dated] :: to arrange
akkordieren {v} [Austria, otherwise dated] :: to agree with someone
akkordieren {v} [Austria] :: to coordinate with one another
akkordisch {adj} [music] :: achordal
akkreditieren {v} :: to accredit
Akkretionsscheibe {f} :: accretion disk
Akku {m} :: rechargeable battery
akkubetrieben {adj} :: accumulated
Akkumulation {f} :: accumulation
akkumulativ {adj} :: accumulative
Akkumulator {m} :: accumulator (battery)
akkumulieren {v} :: To accumulate
akkumuliert {v} :: past participle of akkumulieren - accumulated
akkurat {adj} :: meticulous
akkurat {adj} :: exact
akkurat {adv} :: exactly
Akkusativ {m} [grammar] :: the accusative (case)
Akne {f} :: acne
Akolyth {m} [Christianity, now, chiefly Roman Catholicism] :: acolyte, altar boy (generally, an assistant who performs liturgical duties such as carrying the wine, water and lights at Mass)
Akontozahlung {f} :: payment on account
akquirieren {v} :: to acquire (to gain, usually by one's own exertions; to get as one's own)
Akquise {f} :: Short form of Akquisition
Akquisition {f} :: acquisition
akral {adj} :: acral
Akribie {f} :: meticulousness
akribisch {adj} :: meticulous
akribischer {adj} :: comparative of akribisch
akribischsten {adj} :: superlative of akribisch
Akrobat {m} :: acrobat
Akrobatik {f} :: acrobatics
Akrobatin {f} :: acrobat (female)
akrobatisch {adj} :: acrobatic
Akrolekt {m} [linguistics] :: acrolect
Akronym {n} :: acronym (word formed by initial letters)
Akrophobie {f} :: acrophobia
Akropolis {prop} {f} :: the Acropolis (of Athens)
Akrozyanose {f} [pathology] :: acrocyanosis
Akt {m} :: act
Akt {m} :: nude; artwork of a naked person
Akte {f} :: file (collection of papers)
Aktenkoffer {m} :: attaché case (briefcase with a hard, rectangular surface)
Aktenordner {m} :: ring binder
Aktenschrank {m} :: filing cabinet
Aktentasche {f} :: briefcase
Aktenzeichen {n} :: file number, reference number
Akteur {m} :: actor
Aktie {f} [finance] :: share, stock
Aktiengesellschaft {f} :: public limited company, corporation
Aktienindex {m} :: stock market index
Aktienkurs {m} :: quotation, share price
Aktienmarkt {m} :: stock market
Aktinolith {m} [mineral] :: actinolite
Aktion {f} :: action (something done so as to accomplish a purpose)
Aktionär {m} :: shareholder
Aktionismus {m} :: actionism
Aktionsart {f} [linguistics] :: aktionsart [lexical aspect]
Aktionspotential {n} :: action potential
aktiv {adj} :: active
aktiv {adj} [grammar] :: active
Aktiv {n} [grammar, no plural] :: active voice (the form in which the subject of a verb carries out some action)
Aktiv {n} [grammar] :: active verb
Aktivator {m} :: activator
aktiver {adj} :: comparative of aktiv
aktiver galaktischer Kern {m} [astronomy] :: active galactic nucleus
aktives Wahlrecht {noun} :: the right to cast a vote
aktivieren {vt} :: to activate, to enable (to put into operation)
aktivieren {vt} :: to activate (to encourage development or induce increased activity)
aktivieren {vt} [chemistry] :: to activate (to convert into a reactive form)
aktivieren {vt} [physics] :: to activate (to make radioactive)
Aktivierung {f} :: activation
Aktivierungsenergie {f} [chemistry] :: activation energy
aktivisch {adj} [linguistics] :: active
Aktivismus {m} :: activism
Aktivist {m} :: activist
Aktivistin {f} :: activist (female)
aktivistisch {adj} :: activistic
Aktivität {f} :: activity
Aktivkohle {f} :: activated carbon, activated charcoal
aktivsten {adj} :: superlative of aktiv
aktualisieren {v} :: to update
aktualisieren {v} [computing] :: to refresh
Aktualisierung {f} :: update
Aktualismus {m} :: actualism
aktuell {adj} :: current, in action at the time being, live (in sense of a broadcast)
aktuell {adj} :: recent
aktuell {adj} :: up-to-date
aktueller {adj} :: comparative of aktuell
aktuellsten {adj} :: superlative of aktuell
Akupunkteur {m} :: acupuncturist
Akupunktur {f} :: acupuncture
Akustik {f} :: acoustic, acoustics
Akustikkoppler {m} :: acoustic coupler
akustisch {adj} :: acoustic
akut {adj} :: acute
akut {adj} :: severe
Akut {m} :: acute accent
akuter {adj} :: comparative of akut
akutesten {adj} :: superlative of akut
AKW {noun} :: nuclear power plant abbreviation of Atomkraftwerk
Akzent {m} :: accent (modulation of the voice)
Akzent {m} [typography] :: accent (stress mark)
akzentfrei {adj} :: accentless
akzeptabel {adj} :: acceptable
akzeptabelsten {adj} :: superlative of akzeptabel
akzeptabler {adj} :: comparative of akzeptabel
Akzeptanz {f} :: acceptance, accepting
akzeptieren {v} :: to accept
akzeptiert {v} :: past participle of akzeptieren
akzeptiert {adj} :: accepted
akzeptiert {adj} :: established
Akzeptor {m} :: acceptor
akzidentell {adj} :: accidental
-al {suffix} :: pertaining to, using; adjectival suffix appended to nouns
à la {prep} :: a la
Alabandin {m} [mineral] :: alabandite
Alabaster {m} [mineral] :: alabaster
alabasterfarben {adj} :: alabaster-coloured
alabastern {adj} :: alabaster (attributive)
alabastern {adj} :: translucent (as alabaster)
Åland {prop} {n} :: Åland
Alanin {n} :: alanine (nonessential amino acid; C3H7NO2)
Alant {m} :: A plant of the genus Inula, the elecampane
Alantbeere {f} [dated or archaic] :: black currant
Alarm {m} :: alert, alarm
Alarmanlage {f} :: burglar alarm, alarm system
alarmieren {vt} :: to alarm
alarmierend {adj} :: alarming
Alarmismus {m} :: alarmism
Alarm schlagen {v} [idiom] :: to sound the alarm, to raise the alarm
Alarmsignal {n} :: alarm signal
Alarmstufe {f} :: alert level
Alarmstufe Rot {phrase} :: red alert
Alarmzustand {m} :: alarm status, alarm state
Alasani {prop} :: the Alazani river
Alaska {prop} {n} :: Alaska (state)
Alaska {prop} {n} :: the Alaska peninsula
Map of Alaska Peninsula Volcanoes.gif
Alaun {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: alum
alaunhaltig {adj} :: aluminiferous
Alawit {m} [religion] :: (male) Alawite, Alawite boy or man
Alawitin {f} [religion] :: Alawite (female), Alawite girl or woman
Alb {m} :: elf, especially an evil one
Alb {m} :: nightmare or physical ailment [formerly believed to be caused by an elf sitting on one's chest while one slept]
Albaner {m} :: Albanian (person from Albania)
Albanerin {f} :: Albanian (female), a girl or woman from Albania
albanesisch {adj} :: Albanian
Albanesisch {n} :: the Albanian language
Albanien {prop} {n} :: Albanien (country)
Albanier {noun} :: alternative form of Albaner
Albanierin {f} :: alternative form of Albanerin
albanisch {adj} :: Albanian (of or pertaining to Albania or its people)
Albanisch {n} :: Albanian language
albanischer {adj} :: comparative of albanisch
albanischsten {adj} :: superlative of albanisch
Albatros {m} :: albatross
Albdruck {m} :: alternative form of Alpdruck
Albe {f} :: alb
Albedo {f} :: albedo
albern {adj} :: goofy
alberner {adj} :: comparative of albern
albernsten {adj} :: superlative of albern
Alberschwende {prop} {n} :: Alberschwende (municipality)
Albert {prop} {m} :: given name
Albin {prop} :: given name
Albinismus {m} :: albinism
Albino {m} :: albino
Albit {m} [mineral] :: albite
Albrecht {prop} :: given name, a variant of Albert, rare today
Albrecht {prop} :: surname
Albtraum {m} :: nightmare
albtraumhaft {adj} :: nightmarish
albtraumhafter {adj} :: comparative of albtraumhaft
albtraumhaftesten {adj} :: superlative of albtraumhaft
Albuin {prop} :: given name
Album {n} :: album
Albumin {n} :: albumin (type of proteins)
Albwin {prop} {m} :: given name
Alchemie {f} :: alchemy
Alchemist {m} :: alchemist (one who practices alchemy)
Älchen {n} :: diminutive of Aal
Älchen {n} :: eelworm
Alchimie {f} :: alchemy
Alchimist {m} :: alternative form of Alchemist; alchemist
Aldebaran {prop} {m} [star] :: Aldebaran
Aldehyd {m} [organic chemistry] :: aldehyde
Aldehydgruppe {f} [organic chemistry] :: aldehyde group (functional group)
Aldein {prop} {n} :: Aldein (municipality)
al dente {adj} :: al dente
Aldosteron {n} [biochemistry] :: aldosterone
Aldrans {prop} {n} :: Aldrans (municipality)
Ale {n} :: ale
Aleatorik {f} [music or arts or literature] :: aleatory
aleatorisch {adj} :: aleatory
aleatorischer {adj} :: comparative of aleatorisch
aleatorischsten {adj} :: superlative of aleatorisch
alem. {adj} :: abbreviation of alemannisch
Alemanne {m} :: member of Alemanni tribe
alemannisch {adj} :: Alemannic (related to the Alemannic dialect group or language)
Alemannisch {prop} {n} :: Alemannic (dialect group or language)
Aleppiner {m} :: Aleppine (a native or inhabitant of Aleppo)
Aleppiner {adj} :: Aleppine (from, of, or pertaining to Aleppo)
aleppinisch {adj} :: Aleppine
Aleppo {prop} {n} :: Aleppo (city)
alert {adj} :: alert
Alex {prop} :: given name
Alexander {prop} :: given name
Alexandra {prop} :: given name
Alexandria {prop} {n} :: Alexandria (city)
Alexandrien {prop} {n} :: alternative form of Alexandria
Alexandriner {m} :: an Alexandrian (a native or inhabitant of Alexandria)
Alexandriner {m} [poetry] :: alexandrine
Alexandrit {m} [mineral] :: alexandrite
alexandrowisch {adj} [very rare] :: of or pertaining to Alexandrov (town in Russia)
Alexie {f} :: alexia
Alexithymie {f} [psychology] :: alexithymia
alexithymisch {adj} :: alexithymic
Alfabet {n} [rarer] :: alternative form of Alphabet; alphabet (the set of letters used when writing in a language)
Alfons {prop} :: given name
Alfred {prop} :: given name, fashionable in the 19th century
Alge {f} :: alga
Alge {prop} {mf} :: surname
Algebra {f} :: algebra
algebraisch {adj} :: algebraic
Algenkunde {f} :: phycology (the scientific study of algae)
Algerien {prop} {n} :: Algerien (country)
Algerier {m} :: Algerian (a person from Algeria)
Algerierin {f} :: Algerian (female), a girl or woman from Algeria
algerisch {adj} :: Algerian (of Algeria or its people)
Algier {prop} {n} :: Algier (capital city)
Algologie {f} :: algology (the scientific study of algae)
Algologie {f} :: phycology
algorithmisch {adj} [mathematics, computing] :: algorithmic
Algorithmus {m} :: algorithm (well-defined procedure)
Algund {prop} {n} :: Algund (municipality)
Ali {prop} {m} :: Ali (name)
Ali {m} [colloquial, usually, derogatory] :: a Muslim, especially Turkish, immigrant (or descendant of immigrants)
Alibi {n} :: alibi
Alibifrau {f} :: token woman
Alice {prop} :: given name
Alien {n} {m} :: alien, extraterrestrial
Alija {f} :: aliyah
alimentär {adj} :: alimentary
Alimente {p} :: alimony (an allowance paid to someone at regular intervals, under court order, for his or her sustenance)
alimentieren {vt} :: to support financially
Alina {prop} :: given name
Aline {prop} :: given name
Alinea {n} :: pilcrow, (a paragraph mark)
aliphatisch {adj} [organic chemistry] :: aliphatic
aliquant {adj} :: aliquant
aliquot {adj} :: aliquot
Aliya {f} :: alternative form of Alija
Alizarinrot {n} :: alizarin red
Alk {m} :: auk, Alcidae
Alk {m} [colloquial] :: alcohol
Alkali {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: alkali
Alkalihydroxid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: alkali hydroxide
Alkalilauge {f} :: lye
Alkalimetall {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: alkali metal
Alkalimetallsalz {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: alkali metal salt
alkalisch {adj} :: alkaline
Alkaloid {n} :: alkaloid
Alkan {n} [organic chemistry] :: alkane
Alken {n} [organic chemistry] :: alkene
Alkin {n} [organic chemistry] :: alkyne
Alkohol {m} :: alcohol, ethanol [substance]
Alkohol {m} :: alcohol, liquor [beverage containing the substance]
Alkoholabhängigkeit {f} :: alcohol dependence
alkoholarm {adj} :: low-alcohol
Alkoholat {n} [organic chemistry] :: alcoholate, alkoxide
alkoholfrei {adj} :: nonalcoholic
Alkoholgehalt {m} :: alcoholic content
alkoholhaltig {adj} :: alcoholic, containing alcohol
Alkoholiker {m} :: alcoholic
Alkoholikerin {f} :: (female) alcoholic
alkoholisch {adj} :: alcoholic
alkoholisiert {adj} :: inebriated, intoxicated, alcoholized
alkoholisierter {adj} :: comparative of alkoholisiert
alkoholisiertesten {adj} :: superlative of alkoholisiert
Alkoholismus {m} :: alcoholism
Alkoholkonsum {m} :: alcohol consumption
alkoholkrank {adj} :: alcoholic [suffering from alcoholism]
Alkoholkranke {f} :: alcoholic (female)
Alkoholkranker {m} :: alcoholic (male or of unspecified sex)
Alkoholkrankheit {f} :: alcohol disease
Alkoholmissbrauch {m} :: alcohol abuse
alkoholselig {adj} :: merry (happy due to intoxication), tipsy
Alkoholsucht {f} :: alcohol addiction
alkoholsüchtig {adj} :: alcoholic (addicted to alcohol)
Alkoholvergiftung {f} :: alcohol poisoning
Alkoven {m} :: alcove, particularly: a bed built or let into the wall
Alkoven {prop} {n} :: Alkoven (municipality)
Alkoxy {n} [organic chemistry] :: alkoxy
Alkoxygruppe {f} [organic chemistry] :: alkoxy group (functional group)
Alkyl {n} [organic chemistry] :: alkyl
Alkylbromid {n} [organic chemistry] :: alkyl bromide
Alkylhalogenid {n} [organic chemistry] :: alkyl halide
Alkylierung {f} [organic chemistry] :: alkylation
Alkylierungsmittel {n} [organic chemistry] :: alkylating agent
Alkylrest {m} [organic chemistry] :: alkyl radical
all {determiner} :: all
all {determiner} :: every (in time intervals, with plural noun)
All {n} :: cosmos
allabendlich {adj} :: nightly
Allah {prop} {m} :: Allah (God in Islam)
Alland {prop} {n} :: Alland (municipality)
Allargentum {n} [mineral] :: allargentum
Allativ {m} [grammar] :: allative case
allbekannt {adj} :: well-known, commonly known
allda {adv} :: there
alldieweil {adv} [humorous or dated] :: all the while
alle {adv} [colloquial] :: finished; gone
alle Brücken hinter sich abbrechen {v} [idiom] :: to burn one's bridges
alledem {pron} [dative only] :: everything said so far
Allee {f} :: avenue; street that is bordered on both sides by trees
Allegorie {f} :: allegory
Allegorik {f} :: (technique of) translating something into an allegory
allegorisch {adj} :: allegoric/allegorical
allegorisch {adv} :: allegorically
alle Hände voll zu tun haben {v} :: to have one's hands full
alle Hebel in Bewegung setzen {v} [idiomatic] :: to pull out all the stops
allein {adj} [only predicative] :: alone
allein {adv} :: alone
allein {adv} [formal, literary] :: only
alleine {adv} [chiefly colloquial , only occasionally in formal writing] :: alternative form of allein
alleinerziehend {adj} :: (having the status of a) single parent; single (mother/father)
Alleinerziehende {f} :: single mother
Alleinerziehender {m} :: single father
Alleingang {m} :: solo action / effort
Alleinherrscher {m} :: absolute ruler; autocrat
alleinig {adj} :: sole, only
alleinig {adj} :: exclusive
alleinlassen {v} :: to leave alone
Alleinschuld {f} :: sole guilt
alleinstehend {adj} :: stand-alone, detached
alleinstehend {adj} :: single (not married nor having a life partner)
alle Jubeljahre {adv} [idiomatic] :: once in a blue moon
allel {adj} :: allelic
allel {adj} :: allelomorphic
Allel {n} :: allele
allelopathisch {adj} :: allelopathic
allem {pron} :: Dative singular masculine and neutral gender forms of alles ("all")
allemachen {vt} [colloquial] :: to kill
allemal {adv} :: at any rate, at all events, by far
allemal {adv} [formal, poetic] :: always
allemal {adv} [old spelling] :: all times, each time, every time
Allemontit {m} [mineral] :: allemontite
allen {pron} :: Genitive singular masculine and neutral gender forms of alles ("all")
allenfalls {adv} :: at most, at best
allenfallsig {adj} :: occurring under certain circumstances
allen Menschen recht getan, ist eine Kunst, die niemand kann {proverb} :: you can't please everyone's interests
allenthalben {adv} [dated] :: everywhere
Allentsteig {prop} {n} :: Allentsteig (municipality)
aller- {prefix} [intensifying prefix] :: very; of them all
Aller {prop} {f} :: Aller (river)
allerdings {adv} :: but, however
allerdings {adv} :: indeed!
allerdurchlauchtig {adj} :: imperial (royalty, pertaining to a kaiser)
allerdurchlauchtig {adj} :: most serene, illustrious (salutory address of a majesty)
alle Register ziehen {v} [idiom] :: to pull out all the stops
allergen {adj} :: allergenic
Allergen {n} :: allergen
Allergie {f} :: allergy
Allergiker {m} :: person that suffers from allergy
allergisch {adj} [medicine or figuratively] :: allergic
allergischer {adj} :: comparative of allergisch
allergischsten {adj} :: superlative of allergisch
Allergologe {m} :: allergist
Allergologie {f} :: allergology
aller guten Dinge sind drei {proverb} :: third time's a charm; but more general; used as a lighthearted justification for doing something a third time, for including a third person, for taking a third drink, etc
allerhand {adj} :: all sorts of
Allerheiligen {n} [especially, Roman Catholicism] :: All Saints' Day; Hallowmas (1 November; generally a public holiday in Catholic parts of German-speaking Europe)
Allerheiligstes {n} :: Holy of Holies
allerlei {adj} :: all kinds of
allerlei {adj} :: various
Allerlei {n} :: potpourri, medley
allerleiweise {adv} :: in various ways
allerliebst {adj} :: beloved
allerorten {adv} [rare, literary] :: everywhere
allerorts {adv} [rare, literary] :: everywhere
Allerseelen {n} [especially, Roman Catholicism] :: All Souls' Day
allerseits {adv} :: everybody, by everybody, to everybody
allerseits {adv} :: on all sides, from all sides
allerseyts {adv} :: obsolete spelling of allerseits
Allerweltshure {f} [vulgar, offensive] :: whore
Allerwertester {m} [colloquial, jocular] :: bottom, butt, rear
alles {pron} [indefinite] :: in singular without a noun (usually alles): everything
alles {pron} [indefinite] :: in singular with a noun: all (the) (+ singular noun)
alles {pron} [indefinite] :: in plural without a noun: everybody, everyone
alles {pron} [indefinite] :: in plural with a noun: all (the) (+ pl. noun)
allesamt {pron} :: all, everyone, everybody, all and sundry
Allesfresser {m} :: omnivore
alles Gute zum Geburtstag {phrase} :: happy birthday (literally, everything good for the birthday)
alles im grünen Bereich sein {v} [idiom] :: to have everything be working; to have everything be okay
alles in allem {adv} :: all in all
alles in Butter {phrase} [idiom] :: Everything is OK
alles in Ordnung {phrase} [literally] :: Everything (is) in order; Everything is OK
Alleskönner {m} :: jack-of-all-trades
alles oder nichts {proverb} :: all or nothing
alle Stricke reißen {phrase} :: worst comes to worst; the worst case scenario manifests itself
alles über einen Kamm scheren {v} [idiom] :: to tar with the same brush
alles zu seiner Zeit {proverb} :: there's a time and place for everything, there's a time for everything, there's a right time for everything
alles zu seiner Zeit {proverb} :: (calming) all in good time, one thing at a time, one thing after another
alles zu seiner Zeit {proverb} :: cross that bridge when you come to it
alle Trümpfe in der Hand halten {v} [idiom] :: to hold all the aces
allewege {adv} :: perpetually
alle Wege führen nach Rom {proverb} :: all roads lead to Rome
allfällig {adj} [chiefly Switzerland, Austria] :: possible, potential
allgegenwärtig {adj} :: ubiquitous, omnipresent
Allgegenwärtigkeit {f} :: ubiquity, omnipresence
allgemach {adv} [obsolete] :: gradually
allgemein {adj} :: general (common, basic, usual), universal
Allgemeinarzt {m} :: GP, general practitioner [UK] / family practitioner [US]
Allgemeinbefinden {n} :: general condition
Allgemeinbildung {f} :: general education, all-round education; general knowledge
Allgemeinbildung {f} [education] :: liberal education
allgemeine Chemie {f} [chemistry] :: general chemistry
Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen {noun} [business] :: general business conditions
allgemeiner {adj} :: comparative of allgemein
allgemeingültig {adj} :: universal
Allgemeinheit {f} :: generality
Allgemeinplatz {m} :: synonym of Gemeinplatz
allgemeinsten {adj} :: superlative of allgemein
Allgemeinwissen {n} :: general knowledge
Allgemeinzustand {m} :: general condition
Allhaming {prop} {n} :: Allhaming (municipality)
Allhartsberg {prop} {n} :: Allhartsberg (municipality)
Allheilmittel {n} :: panacea, cure-all
Allheit {f} :: totality
allhie {adv} :: alternative form of allhier
allhier {adv} :: right here
Allianz {f} :: alliance
Allicin {n} [organic compound] :: allicin
Alligator {m} :: alligator (animal)
Alligator-Birne {noun} [obsolete, fruit] :: alligator pear (avocado fruit)
alliiert {adj} :: allied
Alliierte {m} [historical] :: Allies, the allied powers during World War II
Alliin {n} [organic compound] :: alliin
Alliteration {f} :: alliteration
alljährlich {adj} :: annual, yearly
Allmacht {f} :: omnipotence
allmächtig {adj} :: omnipotent, all-powerful, almighty
Allmächtiger {prop} {m} :: Almighty
Allmächtigkeit {f} :: omnipotence
allmählich {adj} :: gradual
allmählich {adv} :: gradually, slowly
allmählig {adj} :: alternative form of allmählich
allmählig {adv} :: alternative form of allmählich
allmonatlich {adj} :: monthly
allmorgendlich {adj} :: daily (but especially, every morning)
allnächtlich {adj} :: nightly (every night)
allochthon {adj} :: allochthonous
Allöopathie {f} :: alternative form of Allopathie
Allopathie {f} :: allopathy
Allophon {n} [phonology] :: allophone
allophonisch {adj} :: allophonic
Allotria {n} [uncommon] :: tomfoolery, monkey business, foolish behavior
Allotriophagie {f} :: allotriophagy; pica
allotrop {adj} [chemistry] :: allotropic
Allotrop {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: allotrope
Allotropie {f} :: allotropy (having multiple atomic structures)
Allradantrieb {m} :: all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive
allseitig {adj} :: all-around, all-sided
Allseitigkeit {f} :: universality
allseits {adv} :: on all sides
allstündlich {adj} :: hourly
Alltag {m} :: everyday life
alltäglich {adj} :: everyday
alltäglich {adj} :: quotidian
alltäglich {adj} :: usual, common
alltäglich {adj} :: trivial
alltäglicher {adj} :: comparative of alltäglich
alltäglichsten {adj} :: superlative of alltäglich
Alltagsrassismus {m} [sociology] :: everyday racism
Alltagssprache {f} :: everyday language, everyday speech, plain language
alltagstauglich {adj} :: usable for everyday life, suitable for daily use
Alltagstrott {m} [derogatory] :: daily grind, daily routine
allüberall {adv} [now, archaic] :: everywhere
allumfassend {adj} :: all-embracing
allumfassend {adj} :: universal, global
Allüre {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: affectation
Allusion {f} :: allusion
alluvial {adj} :: alluvial
Allwetterreifen {m} :: all-weather tire, all-weather tyre
allwissend {adj} :: all-knowing, omniscient
Allwissenheit {f} :: omniscience
allwo {adv} [dated] :: at the same place where
allwöchentlich {adj} :: weekly
Allylalkohol {m} [organic compound] :: allyl alcohol
Allylchlorid {n} [organic compound] :: allyl chloride
allzeit {adv} [dated] :: always
allzu {adv} :: all too
allzumal {adv} [dated] :: all, one and all, all together
allzumal {adv} :: in any case
allzumal {adv} :: particularly, in particular
allzuviel {adv} :: too much
Alm {f} :: alpine pasture
Alm {f} :: alp
Alma {prop} {f} :: given name
Alman {m} [slang, sometimes, derogatory] :: someone with stereotypical German traits
Almanach {m} :: almanac, yearbook
Almandin {m} [mineral] :: almandine
Almhütte {f} :: Alpine hut
Almosen {n} :: alms
Aloe vera {f} [especially, medicine, cosmetics] :: aloe vera
Alois {prop} :: given name
Alopezie {f} [pathology] :: alopecia
Alp {m} :: alternative form of Alb (elf)
Alpacca {n} :: alternative spelling of Alpaka
Alpaka {n} :: alpaca (mammal)
Alpaka {n} :: alpaca, alpacca, nickel silver (metal alloy)
Alpaka {n} :: a type of guinea pig with long hair
Alpdruck {m} :: nightmare
Alpen {prop} {p} :: the Alps
Alpen {prop} {p} :: Alpen (municipality)
Alpenbewohner {m} :: Alpine inhabitant (someone who lives in the mountains)
Alpengegend {f} :: Alpine region
Alpenglühen {n} :: alpenglow
Alpenhorn {n} :: alternative form of Alphorn
Alpenrhein {prop} {m} :: Alpine Rhine
Alpenstrandläufer {m} :: dunlin (bird of the species Calidris alpina)
Alpenveilchen {n} :: cyclamen (flower)
Alpenverein {m} :: alpine club, association
Alpha {n} :: alpha (Greek letter)
Alphabet {n} :: alphabet (the set of letters used when writing in a language)
alphabetisch {adj} :: alphabetical (in the sequence of the letters of the alphabet)
alphabetisieren {v} :: to alphabetize
alphabetisieren {v} :: to teach literacy
Alphabetisierung {f} :: alphabetization / alphabetisation
Alphabetisierung {f} :: literacy
Alphabetismus {m} :: alphabetism (form of literacy)
alphanumerisch {adj} :: alphanumeric
alphanummerisch {adj} [computing] :: alphanumeric
Alpha privativum {n} :: alpha privative
Alphastrahl {m} :: alpha ray
Alphastrahlung {f} :: alpha radiation
Alphateilchen {n} [physics] :: alpha particle
Alpha-Version {f} [computing, technology] :: alpha version
Alphazerfall {m} [physics] :: alpha decay
Alphorn {n} :: alphorn
Alphütte {f} :: Alpine hut
Alpinismus {m} :: alpinism
Alptraum {m} :: alternative spelling of Albtraum
alptraumhaft {adj} :: alternative spelling of albtraumhaft
alptraumhafter {adj} :: comparative of alptraumhaft
alptraumhaftesten {adj} :: superlative of alptraumhaft
Alraune {f} :: mandrake (botany)
als {conj} [subordinating, referring to something [thought of as] in the past] :: at the same moment; when; while; as
als {conj} [after comparative] :: than
als {conj} :: as; like; in the function of; in the form of
als {conj} :: as if
als {conj} [after negative pronoun] :: but
Als {f} :: creek, drainage channel
alsbald {adv} :: at once, immediately
alsdann {adv} [literary] :: thereupon, then
alsdenn {adv} [dated] :: thereupon
also {interj} :: so!; all right!; used as a lead-in or to start a new topic
also {adv} :: so
also {adv} :: thus
als ob {conj} :: as if, as though
Alster {prop} {f} :: A tributary of the river Elbe
Alster {n} :: clipping of Alsterwasser
Alster {f} :: alternative form of Elster
Alsterwasser {n} [chiefly Northern Germany] :: shandy (beer mixed with lemonade)
als U-Boot {adv} :: in hiding, often using a false identity; only used in als U-Boot leben (to live in hiding, often using a false identity) and als U-Boot überleben (to survive in/by hiding, often using a false identity)
alt- {prefix} :: old
alt- {prefix} :: ancient
alt {adj} :: old
Alt {m} :: alto (musical voice; person or instrument that performs the alto part)
Alt {n} :: A type of beer, typical to the Rhineland region
Altach {prop} {n} :: Altach (municipality)
altägyptisch {adj} :: ancient Egyptian
Altai {prop} {m} :: Altay (a mountain range)
Altar {m} [religion, including Christianity] :: altar (table or similar structure used for religious rites)
Altarm {m} :: oxbow lake
altarmenisch {adj} :: Old Armenian (related to the Old Armenian language or to Ancient Armenia)
Altarmenisch {n} :: Old Armenian (the Old Armenian language)
Altarweihe {f} :: (religion) consecration of the altar
altäthiopisch {adj} :: Old Ethiopian
Altaussee {prop} {n} :: Altaussee (municipality)
altbacken {adj} :: stale
altbacken {adj} :: dowdy
Altbau {m} :: old building
Altbauwohnung {f} :: apartment or flat in an old building
altbewährt {adj} :: well-tried and reliable; long-standing
altblau {adj} :: blue that is slightly faded as if with age
altbraun {adj} :: brown that is slightly faded as if with age
altbretonisch {adj} :: Old Breton
altbulgarisch {adj} :: Old Bulgarian
altdänisch {adj} :: Old Danish
altdeutsch {adj} :: old German: from or resembling an earlier era of German culture (especially the 15th/16th centuries)
Altdorfer {m} :: a native or inhabitant of Altdorf
Altdorfer {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Altdorf
Alte {f} :: old woman
alteingesessen {adj} :: indigenous, endemic
Alteltern {p} :: great-great-grandparents
Alten {prop} {mf} :: surname
Altenburg {prop} {n} :: Altenburg (municipality)
Altenburg {prop} {n} :: Altenburg (municipality)
Altendorf {prop} {n} :: Altendorf (municipality)
Altendorf {prop} {n} :: One of two municipalities in Germany
Altendorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Schwyz, Switzerland
Altenfelden {prop} {n} :: Altenfelden (municipality)
altenglisch {adj} :: Anglo-Saxon (related to the Old English language)
Altenglisch {n} [retronym] :: Anglo-Saxon (the Old English language)
Altenheim {n} :: retirement home, old folks' home
Altenhofen {prop} {mf} :: surname
Alter {n} :: age, old age
Alter {n} :: antiquity
Alter {n} :: epoch, age
Alter {m} :: nominalization of alt
Alter {m} :: old man; old person (male or of unspecified sex)
Alter {m} [colloquial] :: mate, bloke [UK]; dude, guy [US]; a somewhat intimate or mildly dismissive word for a man, especially but not exclusively used as a vocative
Alter {interj} [colloquial, chiefly slang] :: man; dude; used for emphasis
älter {adj} :: comparative of alt
Alter Ego {n} :: alter ego
Alterität {f} :: alterity
alter Kämpfer {m} [historical] :: long-time Nazi, old guard of the NSDAP [1930 and 1933 are often used as cut-off dates]
Ältermutter {f} [dated] :: great-grandmother
altern {v} :: to age
alternativ {adj} :: alternative
Alternative {f} :: alternative
Alternative {f} :: option, choice
alternative Fakten {phrase} [neologism, ;, politics, media] :: alternative facts (something presented as a fact for reasons of political expediency; a fiction, a falsehood, a lie)
alternativlos {adj} :: Without alternative
Alternativmedizin {f} [medicine] :: alternative medicine
alternierend {adj} :: alternating
Altersaufbau {m} :: age distribution, age profile, age structure
altersbedingt {adj} :: age-related, age-conditioned
Altersbestimmung {f} :: dating (age determination)
Alter schützt vor Torheit nicht {proverb} :: there's no fool like an old fool
alter Schwede {interj} [colloquial] :: exclamation of surprise or astonishment
Altersdiskriminierung {f} :: ageism (the treating of a person or people differently from others based on assumptions or stereotypes relating to their age)
Alterseinstufung {f} :: age rating [of computer games etc.]
Alterserscheinung {f} :: sign of age
Alterserscheinung {f} [pathology] :: symptom of old age
Altersgruppe {f} :: age group
Altersheilkunde {f} :: geriatrics
Altersheilkunde {f} :: geriatric medicine
Altersheim {n} :: retirement home
Altersunterschied {m} :: age difference
Alterszahnheilkunde {f} :: gerodontia
Alterszahnheilkunde {f} :: gerodontics (the branch of dentistry dealing with aging and the elderly)
Alterszahnheilkunde {f} :: gerodontology
Alterthum {n} :: obsolete spelling of Altertum
Altertum {n} :: antiquity
altertümlich {adj} :: archaic
Altertumskunde {f} :: archaeology (archeology)
Altertumskunde {f} :: antiquity studies
Altertumskunde {f} :: classical studies
Altertumswissenschaft {f} :: classical studies
Alterung {f} :: ageing
Alterungsprozess {m} :: ageing, senescence
Ältervater {m} [dated] :: great-grandfather
Altes {n} :: nominalization of altes: Something old
ältesten {adj} :: superlative of alt
ältestes Gewerbe der Welt {n} [euphemistic] :: the world's oldest profession
Altes Testament {prop} {n} :: Old Testament (first half of the Christian Bible)
alte Ziegen lecken auch gern Salz {proverb} :: Older women, or older people in general, still have sexual needs
altfränkisch {adj} :: Frankish; Old Franconian (pertaining to the Frankish empire from ca. 450 to ca. 900 AD)
altfränkisch {adj} :: outdated; very conservative
altfranzösisch {adj} :: Old French (related to the Old French language)
Altfranzösisch {n} :: Old French (the Old French language)
altfriesisch {adj} :: Old Frisian (related to the Old Frisian language)
Altfriesisch {n} :: Old Frisian (the Old Frisian language)
altgedient {adj} :: veteran
Altgeige {f} [musical instrument, ] :: synonym of Bratsche
altgeorgisch {adj} :: Old Georgian (related to the Old Georgian language or to the ancient country of Georgia)
Altgeorgisch {n} :: Old Georgian (the Old Georgian language)
Altglas {n} :: waste glass
altgr. {adj} :: abbreviation of altgriechisch
altgriechisch {adj} :: Ancient Greek (related to the Ancient Greek language)
Altgriechisch {prop} {n} :: the Ancient Greek language
Altgroßeltern {p} :: great-great-great-grandparents
Altheim {prop} {n} :: surname
Altheim {prop} {n} :: Altheim (municipality)
Altheim {prop} {n} :: One of three municipalities in Baden-Württemberg, Germany
althergebracht {adj} :: traditional, classical
althergebracht {adj} :: old-fashioned
althochdeutsch {adj} :: of or pertaining to Old High German
Althochdeutsch {prop} {n} :: Old High German
Althofen {prop} {n} :: Althofen (municipality)
altindisch {adj} :: Old Indic
altirisch {adj} :: Old Irish (related to the Old Irish language)
Altirisch {n} :: Old Irish (the Old Irish language)
altisländisch {adj} :: Old Icelandic (related to the Old Icelandic language)
Altisländisch {n} :: Old Icelandic (the Old Icelandic language)
altjapanisch {adj} :: Old Japanese (related to the Old Japanese language)
Altjapanisch {n} :: Old Japanese (the Old Japanese language)
altjiddisch {adj} :: Old Yiddish
altkatalanisch {adj} :: Old Catalan (related to the Old Catalan language)
Altkatalanisch {n} :: Old Catalan (the medieval Catalan language)
altkatholisch {adj} :: Old Catholic
altkirchenslawisch {adj} :: Old Church Slavonic (related to the Old Church Slavonic language)
Altkirchenslawisch {n} :: Old Church Slavonic (the Old Church Slavonic language)
altklug {adj} :: precocious
altkoreanisch {adj} :: Old Korean (related to the Old Korean language)
Altkoreanisch {n} :: Old Korean (the Old Korean language)
altkrank {adj} [uncommon] :: having an old (longstanding) illness or injury
Altkunststoff {m} :: recycled plastic
Altlast {f} :: contaminated site, hazardous site
Altlast {f} :: contaminated waste, hazardous waste
Altlast {f} :: legacy issue
Altlatein {n} :: Old Latin (language)
altlateinisch {adj} :: Old Latin (related to the Old Latin language)
Altlateinisch {n} :: Old Latin (language)
Altlengbach {prop} {n} :: Altlengbach (municipality)
ältlich {adj} [of a person] :: appearing older than one is; particularly: having the untimely appearance of an elderly person
ältlich {adj} [of physical traits, behaviour, etc.] :: appearing old or elderly; giving the appearance of advanced age (whether untimely or not)
Altlichtenwarth {prop} {n} :: Altlichtenwarth (municipality)
alt machen {v} :: alternative form of altmachen
altmachen {vt} :: to age
altmachen {vt} :: to make someone look old
Altmaterial {n} :: old material
Altmaterial {n} :: recyclable materials
Altmelon {prop} {n} :: Altmelon (municipality)
Altmetall {n} :: scrap metal
altmodisch {adj} :: outdated, old-fashioned, antiquated, outmoded, old-timey
altmodisch {adj} :: obsolete
altmodisch {adj} :: vintage
altmodischer {adj} :: comparative of altmodisch
altmodischsten {adj} :: superlative of altmodisch
Altneubau {m} [DDR] :: new buildings built in the 1950s and 60s, now old
altniederdeutsch {adj} :: Old Saxon, Old Low German (related to the Old Saxon or Old Low German language)
Altniederdeutsch {n} :: Old Saxon, Old Low German (language)
altniederländisch {adj} :: Old Dutch
Altniederländisch {n} :: Old Dutch
altnordisch {adj} :: Old Norse (related to the Old Norse language)
Altnordisch {prop} {n} :: Old Norse (language of Scandinavia until about the 14th century)
altnorwegisch {adj} :: Old Norwegian (related to the Old Norwegian language)
Altnorwegisch {n} :: Old Norwegian (the Old Norwegian language)
altorientalisch {adj} :: old-oriental
altostnordisch {adj} :: Old East Norse
altostslawisch {adj} :: Old East Slavic (related to the Old East Slavic language)
Altostslawisch {n} :: Old East Slavic (the Old East Slavic language)
Altpapier {n} :: waste paper
altpersisch {adj} :: Old Persian (related to the Old Persian language)
Altpersisch {n} :: Old Persian (the Old Persian language)
altpolabisch {adj} :: Old Polabian
altportugiesisch {adj} :: Old Portuguese (related to the Old Portuguese language)
Altportugiesisch {n} :: Old Portuguese (the Old Portuguese language)
Altposaune {f} [musical instruments] :: alto trombone
altpreussisch {adj} :: alternative spelling of altpreußisch
altpreußisch {adj} :: Old Prussian (relating to the Old Prussian language)
Altpreußisch {n} :: Old Prussian (the Old Prussian language)
altprovenzalisch {adj} :: Old Provençal
Altrei {prop} {n} :: Altrei (municipality)
altrömisch {adj} :: Ancient Roman
altrosa {adj} :: having a pink color that is slightly darkened (as if with age) and discolored with blue or grey tones
Altrosa {n} :: antique pink
altrot {adj} :: red that is slightly faded as if with age
altroth {adj} :: obsolete spelling of altrot
Altruismus {m} :: altruism
Altruist {m} :: altruist
altruistisch {adj} :: altruistic
altruistischer {adj} :: comparative of altruistisch
altruistischsten {adj} :: superlative of altruistisch
Altrussisch {n} :: Old Russian, Old East Slavic (the Old East Slavic language)
altsächs. {adj} :: abbreviation of altsächsisch
altsächsisch {adj} :: Old Saxon (related to the Old Saxon language)
Altsächsisch {n} :: Old Saxon (the Old Saxon language)
altschwäbisch {adj} :: Old Swabian
altschwedisch {adj} :: Old Swedish (related to the Old Swedish language)
Altschwedisch {n} :: Old Swedish (the Old Swedish language)
Altschwendt {prop} {n} :: Altschwendt (municipality)
altslawisch {adj} :: Old Slavic, Old Slavonic
altsorbisch {adj} :: Old Sorbian
altspanisch {adj} :: Old Spanish (related to the Old Spanish language)
Altspanisch {n} :: Old Spanish (the Old Spanish language)
altsprachlich {adj} [linguistics] :: pertaining to the classical languages
Altstadt {f} :: historic city center, old town
Altstimme {f} [music] :: alto (pitch)
Altstimme {f} [music] :: sheet music for alto
Altstoff {m} :: used material
alttestamentlich {adj} [Christianity] :: of or pertaining to the Old Testament
alttürkisch {adj} :: Old Turkic
Altwasser {n} :: oxbow lake
Altweibermühle {f} [folklore] :: a mill where old women magically become young again
Altweibersommer {m} :: Indian summer (a stretch of warm days in autumn)
altweiß {adj} :: aged and hence slightly discoloured white, off-white
altweltlich {adj} :: old-world, Old World
altwestnordisch {adj} :: Old West Norse
Alu {n} :: abbreviation of Aluminium
Alublech {n} :: aluminum sheet
Alufolie {f} :: aluminium foil
Aluminat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: aluminate
aluminieren {v} :: To aluminize
aluminiert {v} :: past participle of aluminieren
Aluminit {m} [mineral] :: aluminite
Aluminium {n} :: aluminium (atomic number 13)
Aluminiumblech {n} :: aluminium sheet
Aluminiumbromid {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium bromide
Aluminiumchlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium chloride
Aluminiumdruckguss {m} :: die-cast aluminium
Aluminiumfamilie {f} :: aluminium family
Aluminiumfolie {f} :: foil made of aluminium
Aluminiumgalliumarsenid {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium gallium arsenide
Aluminiumgeschirr {n} :: aluminium utensil
Aluminiumgusslegierung {f} :: aluminium casting alloy
aluminiumhaltig {adj} :: aluminous
Aluminiumherstellung {f} :: aluminium production
Aluminiumhydroxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium hydroxide
Aluminiumindustrie {f} :: aluminium industry
Aluminiumlegierung {f} :: aluminium alloy
Aluminiumleichtbau {m} :: lightweight aluminium (construction material)
Aluminiummetaphosphat {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium metaphosphate
Aluminiumnitrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium nitride
aluminiumorganisch {adj} [organic chemistry] :: organoaluminium
Aluminiumorthophosphat {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium orthophosphate
Aluminiumoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium oxide
Aluminiumoxynitrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium oxynitride
Aluminiumphosphat {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium phosphate
Aluminiumpolyphosphat {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium polyphosphate
Aluminiumsalz {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: aluminium salt
Aluminiumsilikat {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium silicate
Aluminiumsulfat {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium sulfate
Aluminiumsulfid {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium sulfide
Aluminiumtrichlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium trichloride
Aluminiumverhüttung {f} :: aluminium smelting
Aluminosilikat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: aluminosilicate
Aluminothermie {f} :: aluminothermy
aluminothermisch {adj} :: aluminothermic
Alunit {m} [mineral] :: alunite
alveolar {adj} [phonetics] :: alveolar
Alveolar {m} [phonetics] :: alveolar
Alveole {f} :: alveolus
Alvíssmál {prop} {f} :: the Alvíssmál
Alwin {prop} :: given name
Alwina {prop} :: given name, a feminine form of Alwin
Alwine {prop} :: given name, a feminine form of Alwin
Alzheimer {n} {m} :: Alzheimer's disease
Alzheimer {prop} {mf} :: a surname
Alzheimer-Krankheit {f} :: synonym of Alzheimer
am {contraction} :: an + dem, at the, on the
am {contraction} :: auf + dem, on the, at the
am {contraction} :: Forms the superlative in adverbial and predicate use
AM {n} [software, development] :: acronym of w:de:Anwendungsmanagement
Amalgam {n} :: amalgam (alloy containing mercury)
Amalgamfüllung {f} [dentistry] :: amalgam filling
amalgamiert {v} :: past participle of amalgamieren
amalgamiert {adj} :: amalgamated
Amalia {prop} :: given name
Amalie {prop} :: given name. Variants: Amalia, Amelie
Amanda {prop} :: given name
Amarant {m} [plant, plural Amarante] :: amaranth, pigweed
Amarant {m} [plural Amaranten] :: firefinch
amaranten {adj} :: amaranthine (dark reddish purple)
Amaretto {m} :: amaretto (liqueur)
am Arsch {adv} :: For non-idiomatic uses see am and Arsch
am Arsch {adv} [colloquial, vulgar] :: broken; fucked
am Arsch {interj} [colloquial, vulgar] :: my arse; my foot
Amaryllis {f} :: amaryllis
Amateur {m} :: amateur
Amateurboxer {m} :: amateur boxer (male or of unspecified sex)
Amateurfunk {m} :: amateur radio
amateurhaft {adj} :: amateurish
amateurhafter {adj} :: comparative of amateurhaft
amateurhaftesten {adj} :: superlative of amateurhaft
Amateurmusiker {m} :: amateur musician (male or of unspecified sex)
Amazonenameise {f} :: Polyergus rufescens, an ant from the family Formicidae
Amazonien-Tropfenameisenwürger {m} :: Amazonian antshrike
Amberg {prop} {n} :: Amberg (independent city)
am besten {adj} :: superlative of gut; best
ambi- {prefix} :: ambi-
ambient {adj} [very, rare, widely unintelligible] :: ambient
Ambiente {n} :: ambiance
ambig {adj} :: ambiguous
Ambiguität {f} :: ambiguity
Ambition {f} :: ambition for some particular achievement
ambitioniert {adj} :: ambitious
ambitionierter {adj} :: comparative of ambitioniert
ambitioniertesten {adj} :: superlative of ambitioniert
ambitiös {adj} :: ambitious
ambivalent {adj} :: ambivalent
ambivalenter {adj} :: comparative of ambivalent
ambivalentesten {adj} :: superlative of ambivalent
Ambivalenz {f} :: ambivalence
Amblygonit {m} [mineral] :: amblygonite
Amblyopie {f} :: amblyopia
am Boden zerstört sein {v} [idiom] :: to be devastated
Amboss {m} :: anvil (block used in blacksmithing)
Amboss {m} :: anvil (bone in inner ear)
Ambra {f} :: ambergris
Ambrosia {f} :: ambrosia (food of gods or delicious foods)
ambulant {adj} :: ambulant; outpatient [attributive noun]
Ambulanz {f} [automotive] :: ambulance
Ambulanz {f} [of a hospital] :: outpatient department
Ameise {f} :: ant
Ameisenalgorithmus {m} :: ant algorithm
Ameisenbär {m} :: anteater
Ameisenficker {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: annoying person who wastes time by correcting and discussing unimportant details, nitpicker
Ameisenhaufen {m} :: anthill (a home built by ants resembling a small hill)
Ameisenhügel {m} :: anthill (a home built by ants resembling a small hill)
Ameisenigel {m} :: echidna, spiny anteater
Ameisenjungfer {f} :: antlion
Ameisenkönigin {f} :: A queen ant, reproductive female ant
Ameisenlöwe {m} :: antlion, doodlebug
Ameisensäure {f} [organic chemistry] :: formic acid
Ameisenwürger {m} :: antshrike
Amelie {prop} :: given name
ameliorieren {v} :: to ameliorate
Amen {adv} :: The formula amen
Amen {n} :: amen
amenagieren {v} [Luxembourg] :: to lay out, fit out
am Ende des Tages {prep} [idiom] :: at the end of the day
American Football {m} :: the game of American football
Americium {n} :: americium
Amerika {prop} {n} [continent] :: America
Amerika {prop} {n} [nation] :: the United States of America
Amerikaner {m} :: (male) American (from the Americas, the American continent)
Amerikaner {m} :: (male) American (from the United States of America (the United States / the States / the USA / the US) or just America for short)
Amerikaner {m} :: A round cakelike pastry of flour, butter, and lemon juice, with a sugar glaze, most often plain white, but sometimes chocolate or half-white/half-chocolate
Amerikanerin {f} :: American (female), a girl or woman from the Americas (the American continent)
Amerikanerin {f} :: American (female), a girl or woman from America (the United States of America)
amerikanisch {adj} :: American
Amerikanisch {prop} {n} :: American English
Amerikanisierung {f} :: Americanization, Americanisation
Amerikanismus {m} :: Americanism
Amerikanistik {f} :: American studies (academic study of language and literature of North America)
Amethyst {m} :: amethyst
amethysten {adj} [poetic] :: amethyst (in colour)
amethystfarben {adj} :: amethyst (in colour)
Amethysttäubling {m} :: Russula amethystina, a conspicuous mushroom
Ametrin {m} [mineral] :: ametrine
amharisch {adj} :: Amharic
Amharisch {prop} {n} :: Amharic (language)
am hellichten Tag {adv} :: obsolete spelling of am helllichten Tag
am helllichten Tag {adv} :: in broad daylight
am Herd stehen {v} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: to cook, to prepare food
am Hungertuch nagen {v} [idiom] :: to be poor and starving
Ami {m} [colloquial, mildly, pejorative] :: Yank, Yankee, American (native or inhabitant of the USA)
Amid {n} [inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry] :: amide
Amigo {m} [politics, derogatory] :: member of a clique, profiteer of cronyism, corrupt politician [especially in Bavaria]
amikal {adj} :: amical, amicable
Amiland {prop} {n} [colloquial, mildly, pejorative] :: the United States
Amin {n} [organic chemistry] :: amine
Aminogramm {n} :: aminogram
Aminogruppe {f} [organic chemistry] :: amino group (functional group)
Aminolävulinsäure {f} [organic compound] :: aminolevulinic acid
Aminosäure {f} :: amino acid
Aminoverbindung {f} [organic chemistry] :: amino compound; amine
amisch {adj} :: Amish
amitotisch {adj} :: amitotic
Amlach {prop} {n} :: Amlach (municipality)
Amme {f} :: wet nurse
Amme {f} [archaic or regional] :: nanny, grandmother, mother
Ammenmärchen {n} :: old wives' tale
Ammensprache {f} [linguistics] :: baby talk, parentese
Ammer {m} :: bunting (Emberiza)
Ammoniak {n} :: ammonia
ammoniakalisch {adj} :: ammoniacal
Ammoniakat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: ammoniate
Ammoniaklösung {f} :: ammonia solution (household ammonia)
Ammoniaksynthese {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: ammonia synthesis
Ammoniakwasser {n} :: ammonia water, ammonium hydroxide
Ammonium {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: ammonium
Ammoniumcarbonat {n} [inorganic compound] :: ammonium carbonate
Ammoniumchlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: ammonium chloride
Ammoniumdichromat {n} [inorganic compound] :: ammonium dichromate
Ammoniumion {n} :: ammonium ion
Ammoniummolybdat {n} [inorganic compound] :: ammonium molybdate
Ammoniummolybdophosphat {n} [inorganic compound] :: ammonium molybdophosphate, ammonium phosphomolybdate
Ammoniumnitrat {n} [inorganic compound] :: ammonium nitrate
Ammoniumnitrit {n} [inorganic compound] :: ammonium nitrite
Ammoniumpolyvanadat {n} [inorganic compound] :: ammonium polyvanadate
Ammoniumsalz {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: ammonium salt
Ammoniumsulfat {n} [inorganic compound] :: ammonium sulfate
Ammoniumverbindung {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: ammonium compound
Amnesie {f} :: amnesia
Amnestie {f} [legal] :: amnesty
Amnion {n} :: amnion
amniotisch {adj} :: amniotic
Amöbe {f} :: amoeba
am offenen Herzen {adv} :: open-heart (in the context of medical operations)
Amok {m} :: amok
Amoklauf {m} :: killing spree; gun rampage; mass shooting (form of rather indiscriminate mass murder, usually for personal motives, excluding terrorism)
Amoklauf {m} [broader sense, dated] :: rampage; act of running amok
Amok laufen {v} :: to run amok
Amokläufer {m} [person running amok] :: gunman
Amokläuferin {f} :: gunwoman (person running amok)
a-Moll {n} [music] :: A-minor
amoralisch {adj} :: amoral (which cannot be judged by moral criteria)
amoralisch {adj} :: amoral (lacking any sense or understanding of morals)
amoralisch {adj} [less often] :: immoral (inconsistent with moral standards)
amorph {adj} :: amorphous
amortisieren {vr} :: to amortize
Amos {prop} {m} :: Amos
Amos {prop} {m} :: the book of Amos
Amouren {noun} [pluralonly, dated or ironic] :: love affairs
amourös {adj} :: amorous
Ampass {prop} {n} :: Ampass (municipality)
Ampel {f} :: traffic light
Ampel {f} [German politics] :: coalition consisting of the SPD, FDP, and the Green Party (derived from the colors red, yellow and green representing these parties)
Ampel {f} :: lamp which hangs from the ceiling
Ampel {f} :: container (e.g. for a plant) which hangs from the ceiling
Ampelfrau {f} :: female walking figure shown on pedestrian signals
Ampelkoalition {f} [politics] :: synonym of Ampel (coalition of the SPD, FDP, and the Green Party)
Ampelmännchen {n} :: walking figure shown on pedestrian signals
ampelografisch {adj} :: ampelographic
Ampelographie {f} :: ampelography (science of grapevine cultivars)
ampelographisch {adj} :: alternative form of ampelografisch
Ampere {n} :: The ampere, unit of electrical current
Amperewindung {f} :: ampere-turn
amperometrisch {adj} [chemistry, physics] :: amperometric
Ampfer {m} :: sorrel (plant)
Amphetamin {n} :: amphetamine
Amphibie {f} :: amphibian (vertebrate)
Amphibienfahrzeug {n} :: duck (amphibious vehicle)
Amphibol {m} [mineral] :: amphibole
amphibolisch {adj} :: amphibolic
Amphiktyonie {f} [history] :: amphictyony (a religious foundation or co-operative shared between ancient Greek city states)
amphipathisch {adj} [chemistry] :: amphipathic
Amphiprostylos {m} :: amphiprostyle (A temple or other building having columns at either end but not along the sides)
Amphitheater {n} :: amphitheater
Amphore {f} :: amphora (a two handled jar with a narrow neck)
amphoter {adj} [chemistry] :: amphoteric
Amphoter {m} [chemistry] :: amphoteric substance
Amphoter {m} :: dopant (for semiconductors)
Amplitude {f} :: amplitude (mathematics, physics)
Amplitudenmodulation {f} :: amplitude modulation
Ampulle {f} :: ampoule (small glass vial)
Amputation {f} :: amputation
amputieren {v} :: to amputate
Amputierte {f} :: female amputee
Amputierter {m} :: amputee
am Rad drehen {v} [idiom] :: to go crazy
AMS {prop} [business, Austria] :: initialism of w:de:Arbeitsmarktservice (It is the formerly state-owned job centre in Austria)
am seidenen Faden hängen {v} [idiomatic] :: alternative form of an einem seidenen Faden hängen
Amsel {f} :: blackbird
Amsterdam {prop} {n} :: Amsterdam (city/and/municipality)
Amsterdamer {m} :: a native or inhabitant of Amsterdam
Amsterdamer {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Amsterdam
Amstetten {prop} {n} :: Amstetten (municipality)
Amstetten {prop} {n} :: Amstetten (municipality)
Amt {n} :: agency; department; office (state institution responsible for specified concerns)
Amt {n} :: office; post (public function, e.g. of a civil servant)
Amt {n} [Roman Catholicism, chiefly in compounds] :: mass; office
Ämterhäufung {f} :: accumulations of offices, posts
Ämterpatronage {f} :: cronyism
amtieren {v} :: to hold office, to officiate
amtierend {adj} [also, sports] :: incumbent (being the current holder of an office or title)
amtlich {adj} :: official; ministerial (of or by a state or regional authority)
Amtmann {m} :: bailiff
Amtsanmaßung {f} :: unauthorised assumption of authority, usurpation of authority
Amtsantritt {m} :: inauguration (especially political)
Amtsdeutsch {prop} {n} :: German bureaucratese, officialese (the jargon-filled, obfuscatory and sometimes legalistic or euphemistic variety of the German language which is regarded as the language of German bureaucrats)
Amtseid {m} :: oath of office
Amtsenthebungsverfahren {n} :: impeachment
Amtsgericht {n} [legal] :: local / district court
Amtsinhaber {m} :: (male) officeholder, incumbent
Amtsinhaberin {f} :: female officeholder, incumbent
Amtskollege {m} :: fellow leader, ministerial colleague, counterpart (male or of unspecified sex) (A person, often a minister, who holds the same office in another country or region)
Amtskollegin {f} :: fellow leader, ministerial colleague, counterpart (female) (A person, often a minister, who holds the same office in another country or region)
Amtsleiter {m} :: commissioner
amtsmüde {adj} :: tired of being in office, tired of holding office
Amtsschimmel {m} :: excessive amount of bureaucracy; red tape
Amtssprache {f} :: official language
Amtsstube {f} :: office [of a civil servant]
Amtsträger {m} :: authority holder
Amtsverzicht {m} :: resignation from office
Amtswalter {m} :: department manager
Amtswart {m} :: office official
amtswegig {adj} [Austria, legal] :: ex officio
Amtszeit {f} :: term, office term
Amulett {n} :: amulet
Amur {prop} {m} :: Amur (<<long river>> forming the border between the Far East of <<c/Russia>> and Northeastern <<c/China>>)
Amurleopard {m} :: Amur leopard, Panthera pardus orientalis
amüsant {adj} [somewhat, formal] :: amusing, fun
amüsanter {adj} :: comparative of amüsant
amüsantesten {adj} :: superlative of amüsant
Amüsement {n} :: amusement
amüsieren {v} :: to amuse
Amygdala {f} [anatomy] :: amygdala
Amylase {f} :: amylase (type of enzyme)
amyloid {adj} :: amyloid
an- {prefix} :: Separable verb prefix, on
an- {prefix} :: Separable verb prefix, up
an. {adj} :: abbreviation of altnordisch
an {prep} [local] :: on; upon; at; in; against
an {prep} :: by; near; close to; next to
an {prep} [temporal] :: on; in; at
an {prep} [temporal] :: a; per; only used with the word Tag, otherwise use in
an {prep} :: on; onto
an {prep} :: at; against
an {prep} :: to; for
an {adv} :: onward; on
Anabolismus {m} :: anabolism
Anachronismus {m} :: anachronism
anachronistisch {adj} :: anachronistic
anachronistischer {adj} :: comparative of anachronistisch
anachronistischsten {adj} :: superlative of anachronistisch
Anadiplose {f} [rhetoric] :: anadiplosis
anaerob {adj} :: anaerobic
Anagramm {n} :: anagram
Anakoluth {n} {m} [rhetoric] :: anacoluthon
Anakonda {f} :: anaconda
anakreontisch {adj} :: anacreontic
anal {adj} :: anal
Analbohrer {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: buttfucker
Analbohrer {m} :: buttplug
Analemma {n} [astronomy] :: analemma
Analgetikum {n} :: analgesic (medicine that reduces pain)
analgetisch {adj} :: analgesic (pain-reducing; of or relating to analgesia)
analog {adj} :: analogous
analog {adj} :: analogue
analog {adj} :: [colloquial] not computerised
Analogie {f} :: analogy (similar example as explanation)
Analogiebildung {f} [linguistics] :: analogical form
Analogon {n} :: analogue
Analogon {n} :: analogy
Analoguhr {f} [retronym] :: analog clock, analog watch
Analphabet {m} :: illiterate (an illiterate person)
Analphabetin {f} :: illiterate (a female illiterate person)
analphabetisch {adj} :: illiterate
analphabetisch {adj} :: unlettered
Analphabetismus {m} :: illiteracy
Analratte {f} [vulgar, offensive] :: assfucker
Analritter {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: assfucker
Analverkehr {m} :: anal sex (sex involving the anus)
Analyse {f} :: analysis
Analysemethode {f} :: method of analysis
analysieren {v} :: to analyze
Analysis {f} [science] :: analysis
Analyst {m} :: business analyst
Analytik {f} :: analytics
Analytiker {m} :: analyst, analyser
analytisch {adj} :: analytical, analytic
analytische Chemie {f} [chemistry] :: analytical chemistry
Anämie {f} [pathology] :: anemia
anämisch {adj} [pathology] :: anaemic
Anamnese {f} :: anamnesis (medical history of a patient)
Anamnese {f} :: anamnesis, figurally: the history of a concept
anamorph {adj} :: anamorphic
Ananas {f} :: pineapple
Ananas {f} [Austria] :: strawberry
Ananassaft {m} :: pineapple juice
anankastisch {adj} :: anankastic
Anapäst {m} [prosody] :: anapest
anapästisch {adj} :: anaphoric
Anapher {f} :: anaphora
Anaphrodisiakum {n} :: anaphrodisiac
anaphrodisisch {adj} :: anaphrodisiac
anaphylaktisch {adj} :: anaphylactic
Anaptyxe {f} [phonology] :: anaptyxis
Anarchie {f} :: anarchy
anarchisch {adj} :: anarchic
anarchischer {adj} :: comparative of anarchisch
Anarchismus {m} :: anarchism
Anarchist {m} :: anarchist (person)
Anarchistin {f} :: anarchist (female person)
anarchistisch {adj} :: anarchistic
anarchistischer {adj} :: comparative of anarchistisch
anarchistischsten {adj} :: superlative of anarchistisch
Anarchosyndikalismus {m} :: anarcho-syndicalism
Anästhesie {f} :: anesthesia
anästhesieren {v} :: to anesthetize
Anästhesiologie {f} :: anesthesiology
Anästhesist {m} :: anaesthetist, anesthesiologist
Anästhetikum {n} :: anaesthetic (substance)
Anastrophe {f} [rhetoric] :: anastrophe
anat. {adj} :: abbreviation of anatomisch
Anathema {n} :: anathema
Anatol {prop} :: given name
Anatolien {prop} {n} :: Anatolia
Anatom {m} [medicine] :: anatomist
Anatom {m} :: dissector
Anatomie {f} [biology] :: Anatomy, study of the structure of living beings
Anatomie {f} [biology] :: Dissection
Anatomie {f} [biology] :: Structural makeup of an organism or parts thereof
Anatomie {f} :: Anatomy department, anatomical institute
Anatomie {f} :: Treatise on the science of anatomy
anatomisch {adj} :: anatomic, anatomical
anatomisch {adv} :: anatomically
anbaggern {vt} :: to flirt with, hit on
anbahnen {vr} :: to be in the offing
anbahnen {vt} :: to pave the way for
Anbahnung {f} :: initiation
anbandeln {v} [Southern German] :: flirt
anbändeln {v} :: flirt
Anbau {m} [agriculture] :: cultivation
Anbau {m} :: extension, annex
anbauen {v} [agriculture] :: to grow, to cultivate
anbauen {v} :: to attach, to mount
Anbauschlacht {f} :: building campaign
Anbeginn {m} :: [temporal] beginning
anbehalten {vt} [clothing] :: to keep on
anbei {adv} [literary] :: included [with a letter, package, etc]
anbeißen {vi} [of an animal or figuratively] :: to bite; to take the bait
anbeißen {vt} :: to bite into; to take a first bite of; to eat a bit of
anbelangen {vt} :: to concern, to touch a matter
anbellen {vt} :: to bark at
anberaumen {v} :: to schedule
anbeten {vt} [religion or figurative] :: to worship, to adore
anbetenswert {adj} :: adorable
anbetreffen {v} :: to concern, to touch a matter, to be of relevance to
Anbetung {f} [religion] :: worship
anbieten {v} :: to offer, to provide
Anbieter {m} :: provider
Anbieter {m} :: vendor
Anbieter {m} :: supplier
anbinden {v} :: to tie up; to fasten
Anbindung {f} :: connection (act of)
Anbindung {f} :: binding, linkage
Anblick {m} :: view, sight, look
anblicken {v} :: to look at
Anbohren {n} :: spudding, drilling
an Bord {adv} :: aboard, on board
Anbot {n} [Austria] :: alternative form of Angebot
anbraten {v} :: to pan-fry quickly at great heat
anbräunen {v} :: to sauté; to lightly brown (something) in hot fat or oil
anbrechen {v} :: to start, commence, kick off
anbrennen {vi} [cooking] :: to get burnt
anbrennen {vi} [chiefly participle] :: to be burnt slightly; to have been affected by fire
anbrennen {vt} :: to singe; to burn slightly; to cause to be affected by fire
anbrennen {vi} [archaic, rare or regional] :: to start to burn
anbrennen {vt} [archaic, rare or regional] :: to light; to cause to burn
anbringen {v} :: to add
anbringen {v} :: to fix, to affix, to attach
anbringen {v} :: to bring
Anchorman {m} :: The main host of a television or radio program, particularly one relating to the broadcast of news: anchorman
Anchovis {f} :: anchovy in oil
Andacht {f} [no plural, state of devoted attention] :: devotion
Andacht {f} [religion] :: devotion, devotions, devotional prayer
andächtig {adj} :: devotional, devout
andächtiger {adj} :: comparative of andächtig
Andachtsbild {n} :: devotional image (often a painting or sculpture that depicts the themes of Christian grief and suffering, such as the Pietà, intended to encourage meditation)
Andalusien {prop} :: Andalusien (autonomous community)
Andalusit {m} [mineral] :: andalusite
Andau {prop} {n} :: Andau (municipality)
andauern {vi} :: continue, go on, last
Andelsbuch {prop} {n} :: Andelsbuch (municipality)
Anden {prop} :: The Andes mountain range
an den Bettelstab bringen {vt} [idiom] :: to ruin
an den Haaren herbeigezogen {adj} :: far-fetched; absurd (highly unlikely)
andenken {v} :: to think about, consider
Andenken {n} :: memory; remembrance (especially of a deceased person)
Andenken {n} :: memento; souvenir (something of emotional value kept as a reminder)
an den Pranger stellen {v} [idiom] :: to publicly denounce
ander {adj} :: See anderer.
ander {adj} [obsolete] :: the second
an der Ecke {phrase} [idiom] :: at the corner, nearby
andere Länder, andere Sitten {proverb} :: when in Rome, do as the Romans do
anderenfalls {adv} :: alternative form of andernfalls
anderer {adj} :: other, different
anderer {adj} [obsolete] :: second
andererseits {adv} :: on the other hand
andererseyts {adv} :: obsolete spelling of andererseits
anderes Ufer {n} :: for non-idiomatic uses see anderer, Ufer
anderes Ufer {n} [idiomatic, colloquial, somewhat jocular but not disrespectful] :: batting for the other team; being gay, queerness, homosexuality
an der falschen Adresse sein {v} [idiom] :: to have the wrong person/place
anderleuts {pron} [indefinite, colloquial] :: other people's, someone else's
anderm {pron} :: alternative form of anderem
andern {pron} :: alternative form of anderen
ändern {vt} :: to change
ändern {vr} :: to vary
andernfalls {adv} :: otherwise, or else
andernorts {adv} [formal] :: elsewhere
anderntags {adv} :: the day after, the next day
anders {adv} :: different, differently
anders {adv} :: else
anders {adv} :: otherwise
andersartig {adj} :: different
anderseits {adv} :: then again, on the other hand
andersfarbig {adj} :: differently coloured
andersherum {adv} :: the other way round
andersrum {adv} :: the other way round
anderswo {adv} :: elsewhere
an der Tagesordnung sein {v} [idiom] :: to occur daily, often, regularly
an der Tagesordnung sein {v} [rare, possibly, nonstandard] :: to be necessary
anderthalb {num} :: one and a half (1½), sesqui-
Änderung {f} :: change, modification
anderwärts {adv} [dated, formal] :: elsewhere
anderweit {adj} :: other
anderweit {adv} :: otherwise
anderweitig {adj} :: other
anderweitig {adj} :: elsewhere
anderweitig {adj} :: with someone else
andeuten {v} :: to suggest or imply
andeuten {v} :: to hint
andeuten {v} :: to insinuate
Andeutung {f} :: adumbration
Andi {prop} {m} :: given name
an die Kandare nehmen {v} [idiomatic] :: to put a tight rein on (literally: to put the curb on), to rein, to curb
andienen {vt} :: to press (etwas something jedem on someone)
andienen {vr} :: to offer one's services (jedem to someone)
an die Seite {adv} :: alternative form of zur Seite
Andlersdorf {prop} {n} :: Andlersdorf (municipality)
andocken {v} :: to dock [in space]
Andorf {prop} {n} :: Andorf (municipality)
Andorra {prop} {n} :: Andorra (country)
Andorra la Vella {prop} :: Andorra la Vella (capital city)
Andorraner {m} :: Andorran ([male or female] man from Andorra)
Andorranerin {f} :: Andorran (woman from Andorra)
andorranisch {adj} :: Andorran (pertaining to Andorra)
Andragogik {f} :: andragogy
Andrang {m} :: rush
andre {pron} :: alternative form of andere
Andre {prop} :: given name, a High German variant of Andreas, or simplified from French André
André {prop} {m} :: given name borrowed from French
Andrea {prop} {f} :: given name, feminine form of Andreas
Andreas {prop} {m} :: Andrew (biblical figure)
Andreas {prop} {m} :: given name
Andreasberg {prop} :: A small mining town in Bestwig, Nordrhein-Westfalen
andrehen {v} :: to switch on, turn on
andrem {pron} :: alternative form of anderem
andren {pron} :: alternative form of anderen
andrer {pron} :: alternative form of anderer
andrerseits {adv} :: alternative form of andererseits
andres {pron} :: alternative form of anderes
Andrichsfurt {prop} {n} :: Andrichsfurt (municipality)
Androgen {n} :: androgen
androgyn {adj} :: androgynous (possessing qualities of both sexes)
androhen {vt} :: to threaten
Android {m} :: android
Androide {m} :: android
Andrologie {f} [medicine] :: andrology
androphil {adj} :: androphilic
androzentrisch {adj} :: androcentric
Äneas {prop} {m} :: Aeneas (Trojan hero)
anecken {v} :: to bump into, hit by accident [+ an (object) = etwas]
anecken {v} :: to rub the wrong way
aneignen {vr} :: to appropriate
aneignen {vr} :: to acquire
Aneignung {f} :: acquisition
Aneignung {f} :: appropriation
aneinander {adv} :: together
aneinander {adv} :: against each other
an einem seidenen Faden hängen {v} [idiomatic] :: to hang by a thread
Aneis {m} :: obsolete form of Anis
Anekdote {f} :: anecdote
anekdotisch {adj} :: anecdotal, anecdotic
anekdotischer {adj} :: comparative of anekdotisch
anekdotischsten {adj} :: superlative of anekdotisch
Anemone {f} :: anemone
Anerbieten {n} :: tender [formal offer]
anerkannt {adj} :: recognized, accepted
anerkennen {v} :: to acknowledge
anerkennen {v} :: to recognize
Anerkennung {f} :: appreciation (a just valuation or estimate of merit, worth, weight, etc.; recognition of excellence)
Anerkennung {f} :: recognition
anerzogen {adj} :: educated; educative
anessen {vr} :: to get something from eating (e.g. a fat belly)
anessen {vr} [Austria, Bavaria, colloquial] :: to eat until full
Aneurysma {n} :: aneurysm
Anf. {m} :: abbreviation of Anfang
anfachen {v} [literal or figurative] :: to fan
Anfachung {f} :: fanning
Anfahrt {f} :: approach by car
Anfahrt {f} :: access road, access route
Anfall {m} [now, rare] :: swift attack (military or criminal)
Anfall {m} :: fit; seizure; attack (medical or emotional)
Anfall {m} :: yield; volume; quantum (an amount or number of something, especially one that varies somewhat irregularly between periods of time)
anfallen {v} :: to accrue, to obtain
anfallen {v} :: to attack
anfallend {adj} :: accruing, arising
anfallend {adj} :: contingent, incidental
anfällig {adj} :: susceptible, prone, vulnerable
anfällig {adj} :: fragile, delicate
Anfälligkeit {f} :: susceptibility, vulnerability, predisposition
Anfälligkeit {f} :: sensitivity
Anfang {m} :: start, beginning, origin
anfangen {vi} :: to begin; to commence
anfangen {vi} [with zu + infinitive] :: to start doing something
anfangen {vi} [with mit] :: to begin something; to start something
anfangen {vi} [with von] :: to start a topic; to keep talking about something
anfangen {vt} [colloquial] :: to begin something; to start something
Anfänger {m} :: agent noun of anfangen; beginner, novice
Anfängerin {f} :: a female beginner
anfänglich {adj} :: initial
anfangs {adv} :: initially, at the beginning
Anfangsbuchstabe {m} :: initial
Anfangsbuchstabe {m} :: [plural] monogram
Anfangswort {n} :: first word, initial word, opening word
Anfangszustand {m} :: initial state
anfassen {v} :: to touch
anfechtbar {adj} :: contestable, disputable
anfechtbar {adj} :: exceptional
anfechten {v} :: to contest
anfechten {v} :: to disturb, to care about, to bother
Anfechtung {f} :: temptation
Anfechtung {f} [law] :: appeal
Anfechtung {f} [law] :: legal challenge
Anfeindung {f} :: hostility
Anfeindung {f} :: an instance of hostilities; a hostile action; a confrontation or attack
anfertigen {vt} :: to manufacture, make, produce
Anfertigung {f} :: making; creation; production
anfeuern {v} :: to cheer, root for
anfeuern {v} :: to light [i.e. an oven]
anflehen {v} :: to beg, beseech
Anflug {m} [aviation] :: approach
anfordern {v} :: to request, ask for, to order (something), to send for
Anforderung {f} :: request
Anforderung {f} :: requirement
Anfrage {f} :: inquiry
anfragen {vt} [someone for something] :: to ask
anfreunden {v} :: To befriend
anfügen {v} :: to append
anfühlen {vt} :: to feel [by touch]
anfühlen {vr} :: to feel
anführen {v} :: to lead; to command
anführen {v} :: to quote
anführen {v} :: to instruct
Anführer {m} :: leader, head, chief, commander; person in charge of a group or organisation
Anführer {m} :: instructor
Anführerin {f} :: female leader, head, chief, commander; female in charge of a group or organisation
Anführungszeichen {n} [typography] :: quotation mark ([„◌“] or [»◌«])
anfüllen {vt} :: to fill up
anfunkeln {vt} :: to glare [stare angrily]
Anfurt {f} :: shore
Angabe {f} :: specification, declaration, statement
Angabe {f} [sports] :: serve
Angath {prop} {n} :: Angath (municipality)
angeben {v} :: to specify, to indicate, to state, to supply
angeben {v} :: to quote, to cite
angeben {v} :: to show off
angeben {v} :: to brag
angeben {v} [card games] :: to deal first
Angeber {m} :: bragger, braggart, boaster, swaggerer, showoff
Angeberei {f} :: showing-off
angeberisch {adj} :: in a bragging / boasting / swaggering way
angeberischer {adj} :: comparative of angeberisch
angeberischsten {adj} :: superlative of angeberisch
angeblich {adj} :: alleged, pretended, reported
angeblich {adv} :: allegedly, supposedly, reportedly
angeblickt {v} :: past participle of anblicken
angeboren {adj} :: inherent
angeboren {adj} :: innate, inborn, congenital
angeboren {adj} :: native
Angebot {n} :: offer
Angebot {n} [economics, no plural] :: supply
Angebot {n} [low-priced offer] :: bargain
angeboten {adj} :: offered, proffered, tendered
angeboten {adj} :: provided
angebracht {adj} :: apposite, seemly, appropriate
angebrochen {v} :: past participle of anbrechen
angebunden {adj} :: bound, connected
angedacht {adj} :: planned, envisaged
angedauert {v} :: past participle of andauern
angedeutet {v} :: past participle of andeuten
angedickt {v} :: past participle of andicken - thickened
angefertigt {v} :: past participle of anfertigen
angefeuchtet {v} :: past participle of anfeuchten
angefeuchtet {adj} :: moistened, wetted
angeflanscht {adj} :: flanged
angefordert {v} :: past participle of anfordern
angefordert {adj} :: requested
angefragt {v} :: past participle of anfragen
angeführt {v} :: past participle of anführen
angeführt {adj} :: quoted, cited
angegeben {adj} :: specified, stated
angeglichen {v} :: past participle of angleichen
angegliedert {v} :: past participle of angliedern
angegriffen {adj} :: attacked
angehabt {v} :: past participle of anhaben
angehalten {adj} :: stopped, halted
angehangen {v} :: past participle of anhängen
angehängt {adj} :: adhered, attached
angehäuft {v} :: past participle of anhäufen - accumulated
angehäuft {adj} :: cumulative
angeheftet {adj} :: attached, affixed, pinned
angeheizt {adj} :: heated, warmed
angeheizt {adj} :: heated, heightened, whipped up
angehen {vt} :: to concern, regard
angehen {vt} :: to tackle (a problem); to start (a project); to enter into
angehen {vi} [of a machine etc.] :: to turn on, start, be started
angehimmelt {adj} :: idolized
angehimmelt {v} :: past participle of anhimmeln
angehimmelter {adj} :: comparative of angehimmelt
angehören {v} :: To belong to (a group etc)
Angehörige {f} :: relative, next of kin, relation (female)
Angehörige {f} :: member (of an organization), national (of a country) (female)
Angehöriger {m} :: relative, next of kin, relation (male or of unspecified sex)
Angehöriger {m} :: member (of an organization), national (of a country) (male or of unspecified sex)
Angehörigkeit {noun} :: membership, affiliation
angehört {v} :: past participle of anhören
angejahrt {adj} :: aged (no longer young)
angekettet {adj} :: chained [to an object]
Angeklagte {f} [legal] :: accused; defendant
Angeklagter {m} :: defendant (person prosecuted or sued)
angekratzt {v} :: past participle of ankratzen
angekündigt {adj} :: announced
angekündigt {adj} :: advertised
angekündigt {adj} :: forecast
Angel {f} :: fishing rod
Angel {f} :: tackle, fishhook
Angel {f} :: hinge (a jointed or flexible device that allows the pivoting of a door, window, etc.)
Angela {prop} {f} :: given name
angelagert {v} :: past participle of anlagern
angelangen {vi} :: to arrive
angelangt {v} :: past participle of anlangen
angelaufen {adj} :: tarnished
angelaufen {adj} :: initiated
Angelegenheit {f} :: matter, issue, affair
angelegentlich {adj} :: urgent
angelegentlich {adj} :: pressing
angelegentlich {adv} :: urgently
angelegentlich {adv} :: particularly
angelegt {adj} :: invested
angelegt {adj} :: applied
angelegt {adj} :: arranged
angelehnt {v} :: past participle of anlehnen
angelehnt {adj} :: ajar, to (slightly open)
angeleitet {v} :: past participle of anleiten
Angelhaken {m} :: fishhook
Angelika {noun} :: angelica
Angelika {prop} :: given name, popular in the mid-twentieth century
Angelina {prop} :: given name of Italian origin
Angeliter {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Angeln peninsula
Angeliter {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to the Angeln peninsula
angeln {v} :: to angle, to fish [with a fishing rod]
Angelo {prop} :: given name borrowed from Italian Angelo
angelockt {v} :: past participle of anlocken
Angelpunkt {m} :: pivot
Angelrute {f} :: fishing rod
Angelsachse {m} :: Anglo-Saxon
angelsächsisch {adj} :: Anglo-Saxon (referring to the historic people)
angelsächsisch {adj} :: anglophone, Anglo-Saxon (referring to the whole of the modern anglophone world, but particularly Britain and the USA)
Angelschnur {f} :: fishing line
angemessen {adj} :: appropriate
angemessen {adj} :: adequate, due
angemessen {adj} :: suitable, proper
angenehm {adj} :: pleasant
angenehm {adj} :: short for 'pleased to meet you'
angeordnet {v} :: past participle of anordnen
angeordnet {adj} :: arranged, ordered
angepasst {adj} :: adjusted, adapted
angepasst {v} :: past participle of anpassen
angepaßt {v} :: obsolete spelling of angepasst
angepasster {adj} :: comparative of angepasst
angepisst {adj} :: pissed (annoyed, angry)
angepisster {adj} :: comparative of angepisst
angepisstesten {adj} :: superlative of angepisst
angepriesen {v} :: past participle of anpreisen - praised, touted
Anger {m} :: village green
Anger {prop} {n} :: Anger (municipality)
Angerberg {prop} {n} :: Angerberg (municipality)
angeredet {v} :: past participle of anreden
angeregt {adj} :: animated, lively
angeregt {adj} [chemistry] :: excited
angeregter {adj} :: comparative of angeregt
angereichert {adj} :: enriched, fortified
angerichtet {v} :: past participle of anrichten
angesagt {adj} :: fashionable, trendy
angesäuert {adj} [chemistry] :: acidified
angesäuert {adj} :: leavened
angeschafft {v} :: past participle of anschaffen
angeschickert {adj} [colloquial, regional, chiefly northern and central Germany] :: tipsy; tiddly; mildly drunk
angeschlagen {adj} :: beleaguered
angeschlossen {adj} :: associated
angeschlossen {adj} :: affiliated
angeschlossen {adj} :: attached, connected
angeschnallt {adj} :: strapped
angeschuldigt {v} :: past participle of anschuldigen
angeschwärzt {v} :: past participle of anschwärzen
angeschwollen {v} :: past participle of anschwellen
angesehen {adj} :: reputable
angesehen {adj} :: respected
angesehen {adj} :: respectable
angesetzt {v} :: past participle of ansetzen
Angesicht {n} :: countenance, visage, face
angesichts {prep} :: at the sight of
angesichts {prep} :: in view of, in the face of
angesiedelt {v} :: past participle of ansiedeln
angespielt {v} :: past participle of anspielen
angespitzt {v} :: past participle of anspitzen
angesprochen {v} :: past participle of ansprechen
Angesprochener {m} :: One who is or has been addressed, spoken to
angespült {v} :: past participle of anspülen - washed-up
angestanden {v} :: past participle of anstehen
Angestellte {f} :: female employee
Angestellter {m} :: employee
angesteuert {v} :: past participle of ansteuern
angestrebt {v} :: past participle of anstreben
angestrebt {adj} :: sought
angestrengt {v} :: past participle of anstrengen
angetan {v} :: past participle of antun: "done"
angetan {adj} :: be taken with something; have taken a shine
angetan {adj} [elevated] :: suitable, appropriate, apposite, calculated
angetippt {v} :: past participle of antippen
angetreten {v} :: past participle of antreten
angetrieben {adj} :: driven, propelled, powered
angewachsen {v} :: past participle of anwachsen
angewandt {v} :: past participle of anwenden
angewandt {adj} :: applied, practical, used
angewendet {v} :: past participle of anwenden
angewendet {adj} :: applied
angewidert {adj} :: disgusted
angewiesen {adj} [with auf + accusative] :: dependent (on), reliant (on)
angewinkelt {adj} :: bent
Angewohnheit {f} :: habit, custom
angezeigt {v} :: past participle of anzeigen
Angina {f} :: angina
Angiografie {f} [healthcare] :: angiography
Angiographie {f} [healthcare] :: alternative form of Angiografie
Angiotensin {n} :: angiotensin
angleichen {v} :: to adapt, to adjust
Angleichung {f} :: adaption, adjustment
Angleichung {f} [phonology] :: assimilation
Angler {m} :: angler (person who fishes with a hook and line) (male or of unspecified sex)
Angler {m} :: anglerfish
Anglerfisch {m} :: anglerfish
angliedern {v} :: To annex, to incorporate
Anglikaner {m} :: Anglican
Anglikanerin {f} :: Anglican woman
anglikanisch {adj} :: Anglican
Anglistik {f} :: English studies
Anglizismus {m} :: anglicism
angloamerikanisch {adj} :: Anglo-American
anglofranzösisch {adj} :: Anglo-French
Anglo-Friesisch {n} :: Anglo-Frisian