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c. {prep} :: circa
c. {prep} :: cum
c. {prep} :: causa (in "e. c.")
c. {v} :: cito
c. {noun} :: caput and capitulum (§; chapter, section)
C {letter} :: letter: ce
Caban {m} :: pea coat
Cabrio {n} :: cabriolet (an automobile with a retractable top)
Cabriolet {m} :: cabriolet
Cache {m} [computing] :: cache
Cachet {n} [dated] :: seal
Cachet {n} [figurative, dated, outside, Switzerland] :: characteristic, peculiarity
Cäcilia {prop} :: given name, a Latinate form of Cäcilie (Cecilia)
Cäcilie {prop} :: given name
Cadaver {m} :: obsolete spelling of Kadaver
Cadmium {n} :: cadmium
Cadmiumbromid {n} [inorganic compound] :: cadmium bromide
Cadmiumchlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: cadmium chloride
Cadmiumcyanid {n} [inorganic compound] :: cadmium cyanide
Cadmiumfluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: cadmium fluoride
Cadmiumgehalt {m} [mineralogy] :: cadmium content
cadmiumhaltig {adj} [mineralogy] :: cadmium-bearing
Cadmiumhydroxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: cadmium hydroxide
Cadmiumiodid {n} [inorganic compound] :: cadmium iodide
Cadmiumion {n} :: cadmium ion
Cadmiumnitrat {n} [inorganic compound] :: cadmium nitrate
Cadmiumoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: cadmium oxide
cadmiumreich {adj} [mineralogy] :: cadmium-rich
Cadmiumselenid {n} [inorganic compound] :: cadmium selenide
Cadmiumstearat {n} [inorganic compound] :: cadmium stearate
Cadmiumsulfat {n} [inorganic compound] :: cadmium sulfate
Cadmiumsulfid {n} [inorganic compound] :: cadmium sulfide
Cadmiumtellurid {n} [inorganic compound] :: cadmium telluride
Cadmiumverbindung {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: cadmium compound
Caesar {m} :: alternative spelling of Cäsar
Caesium {n} :: caesium
Café {n} :: a café, a coffee shop
Café {n} :: coffee
Cafeteria {f} :: cafeteria
Caffein {n} :: obsolete form of Koffein
Caipirinha {m} :: caipirinha (traditional Brazilian drink)
Caisson {m} [engineering] :: caisson
Caissonkrankheit {f} [pathology, nautical] :: caisson disease
Calau {n} :: Calau (city)
Calayan-Ralle {f} :: Calayan rail
Calcit {m} [mineral] :: calcite
Calcitonin {n} [hormone] :: calcitonin
Calcitriol {n} [biochemistry] :: calcitriol
Calcium {n} :: calcium; alternative form of Kalzium
Calciumablagerung {f} [pathology] :: calcium deposition
Calciumacetat {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium acetate
Calciumacetylid {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium acetylide (calcium carbide)
calciumarm {adj} [mineralogy] :: low in calcium
Calciumarsenat {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium arsenate
calciumbindend {adj} [biochemistry] :: calcium-binding
Calciumbromat {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium bromate
Calciumbromid {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium bromide
Calciumcarbid {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium carbide
Calciumcarbonat {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium carbonate
Calciumchlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium chloride
Calciumcitrat {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium citrate
Calciumfluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium fluoride
Calciumgluconat {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium gluconate
calciumhaltig {adj} :: calcium-containing
Calciumhydrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium hydride
Calciumhydrogencarbonat {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium hydrogen carbonate, calcium bicarbonate
Calciumhydroxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium hydroxide
Calciumiodid {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium iodide
Calciumkanal {m} [physiology] :: calcium channel (ion channel for calcium ions)
Calciumlactat {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium lactate
Calciummangel {m} :: calcium deficiency
Calciumnitrat {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium nitrate
Calciumnitrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium nitride
Calciumoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium oxide
Calciumphosphat {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium phosphate
Calciumpropionat {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium propionate
calciumreich {adj} :: calcium-rich
Calciumsilicat {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium silicate
Calciumsilikat {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium silicate
Calciumsulfat {n} [inorganic compound] :: calcium sulfate
Caldera {f} [geology] :: caldera
Calendula {f} :: synonym of Ringelblume
Californium {n} :: californium
Calimocho {noun} :: calimocho
Calvinismus {m} :: Calvinism
Calvinist {m} :: Calvinist
calvinistisch {adj} :: Calvinistical
Calymmium {prop} :: the Calymmian
Camion {m} [Switzerland] :: lorry
Cammann {prop} :: surname
Camouflage {f} [military, dated] :: camouflage
camouflieren {v} [dated] :: to camouflage
Camp {n} :: camp (accommodation in tents)
Camper {m} :: camper (a person who camps, especially in a tent etc)
Camper {m} [video games] :: camper (a person who stays in one spot during a first-person shooting game, to guard an item etc)
Campher {m} :: alternative spelling of Kampfer [scientific]
Camping {n} [tourism] :: camping
Campingplatz {m} [tourism] :: an area where people may place tents, caravans, and the like; a campsite; a caravan site
Campus {m} :: campus (central premises of an educational institution)
Canache {f} :: alternative form of Ganache
canceln {v} :: to cancel
cancerogen {adj} :: cancerogenic, carcinogenic
Canfieldit {m} [mineral] :: canfieldite
Cannabis {m} {n} :: cannabis
Canyon {m} :: canyon
Cappuccino {m} [beverage] :: cappuccino (Italian coffee-based beverage made from espresso and milk; a cup of this)
Caprinsäure {f} :: decanoic acid, capric acid
Caprolactam {n} [organic compound] :: caprolactam
Capronsäure {f} :: hexanoic acid, caproic acid
Caprylsäure {f} :: caprylic acid
Capybara {n} :: capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris)
Car {m} [Switzerland] :: clipping of Autocar
Caravan {m} :: caravan [UK], trailer [US]
Carbatsche {f} :: archaic spelling of Karbatsche
Carben {n} [chemistry] :: carbene
Carbid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: carbide
Carbochemie {f} [chemistry] :: carbochemistry
Carbonat {n} [chemistry] :: carbonate
Carbonatgestein {n} [geology] :: carbonate rock
Carbonsäure {f} [organic chemistry] :: carboxylic acid
Carbonsäureamid {n} [organic chemistry] :: carboxamide
Carbonsäuregruppe {f} [organic chemistry] :: carboxylic acid group (functional group)
Carbonyl {n} :: carbonyl
Carbonylgruppe {f} [organic chemistry] :: carbonyl group (functional group)
Carbonylkomplex {m} [chemistry] :: carbonyl complex
Carbonylsulfid {n} [organic compound] :: carbonyl sulfide
Carbonylverbindung {f} [chemistry] :: carbonyl compound
Carboplatin {n} :: carboplatin
Carbosilan {n} [organic chemistry] :: carbosilane
Carboxy {n} [organic chemistry] :: carboxyl
Carboxygruppe {f} [organic chemistry] :: carboxyl group (functional group)
Carboxylase {f} [enzyme] :: carboxylase
Carboxylsäure {f} [obsolete] :: carboxylic acid
carcinogen {adj} :: alternative spelling of karzinogen
Cardy {f} :: one cultivated form of Cynara cardunculus
Cäremonie {f} :: obsolete spelling of Zeremonie
Caren {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Karen
Carina {prop} :: given name
Carl {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Karl
Carla {prop} {f} :: given name, feminine form of Carl
Carmen {prop} :: given name
Carnallit {m} [mineral] :: carnallite
Carnotit {m} [mineral] :: carnotite
Carola {prop} {f} :: given name, feminine of Carolus, Latin form of Karl ( =Charles)
Carolin {prop} {f} :: given name
Caroline {prop} :: given name of French origin
Carotin {n} :: carotene
Carotinoid {n} [chemical, technical] :: carotenoid
Carsten {prop} :: given name, alternative spelling of Karsten
Cärtchen {n} :: diminutive of Carte
Carte {f} :: obsolete spelling of Karte
cartesianisch {adj} :: Cartesian
Cartoon {m} {n} :: cartoon (comic strip)
Cäsar {prop} {m} :: Roman cognomen, especially referring to Julius Caesar
Cäsar {prop} {m} [very, rare] :: given name
Cäsar {m} :: Caesar; caesar (style of Roman emperors)
Cäsar {symbol} :: The letter C in the German and Austrian spelling alphabets
Cashewnuss {f} :: cashew nut
Cashflow {m} :: cash flow
Casino {n} :: alternative spelling of Kasino
Cäsium {n} :: cesium
Caspar {prop} [Biblical character] :: Caspar of the Magi
Caspar {prop} :: given name
casten {vti} :: to audition; to have a casting (evaluate people for a perfoming part)
casten {vt} [less common, at least in non-specialist use] :: to cast (choose someone for a performing part)
Castingshow {f} :: talent show
Cäsur {f} :: obsolete spelling of Zäsur
Casus {m} :: alternative form of Kasus
Catachrese {f} :: obsolete spelling of Katachrese
Catarina {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Katharina
Catcher {noun} :: catcher (in baseball)
Catcher {noun} :: wrestler (professional wrestler)
Catcherin {noun} :: A female professional wrestler
Catenaccio {m} [football] :: catenaccio
Catharina {prop} {f} :: given name, a less common spelling of Katharina
catholisch {adj} :: obsolete spelling of katholisch
Cathrin {prop} {f} :: given name
Catrin {prop} {f} :: given name
Cayenne {prop} {n} :: Cayenne (capital city)
Cayennepfeffer {m} :: cayenne pepper
Cayenne-Ralle {f} :: grey-necked wood rail
CBD {noun} :: initialism of Cannabidiol
CCC {prop} {m} :: initialism of Chaos Computer Club
ccm {symbol} :: ccm (cubic centimetre)
CD {f} :: CD (compact disc)
CD-Player {noun} :: CD player
CD-Radio {n} :: a radio with a CD drive
CD-Spieler {m} :: CD player
CDU {prop} {f} [German politics] :: initialism of Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands
CDU-geführt {adj} [politics] :: led or managed by members of the CDU
C-Dur {n} [music] :: C major
C-Dur {n} :: C major ("the major chord with a root of C")
C-Dur {n} :: C major ("the major key with C as its tonic")
CeBIT {prop} :: initialism of Centrum für Büro und Informationstechnik The world's largest tradeshow showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions for business and home. Held annually in Hanover, Germany
Cecilia {prop} :: given name
Cecilie {prop} :: given name
Cedille {f} :: cedilla
Celina {prop} :: given name
Celine {prop} :: given name
Cello {n} [musical instruments] :: cello
Cellulose {noun} :: alternative spelling of Zellulose (chiefly in technical texts)
Cembalo {n} :: harpsichord
Cent {m} :: cent, the smaller unit of the euro
Cent {m} :: cent (in other currencies)
Center {n} :: centre / center
Center {n} :: shopping centre
Centimeter {noun} :: alternative spelling of Zentimeter
Cer {n} :: cerium
Cermet {n} :: cermet
Ces {n} :: C flat
C-Falter {m} :: comma butterfly
Chabo {n} :: Japanese bantam
Chabo {m} [slang, regional, chiefly Rhine-Main area] :: boy; guy; bloke
Chalcedon {m} [mineral] :: chalcedony
Chalcedon {prop} {n} :: alternative spelling of Chalkedon
Chaldäa {prop} {n} :: Chaldea
Chalkanthit {m} [mineral] :: chalcanthite
Chalkedon {prop} :: Chalcedon
Chalkogen {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: chalcogen
Chalkogenid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: chalcogenide
Chalkogenidglas {n} :: chalcogenide glass
Chalkophyllit {m} [mineral] :: chalcophyllite
Chalkopyrit {m} [mineral] :: chalcopyrite
Chalkosin {m} [mineral] :: chalcocite
Chalzedon {m} :: alternative spelling of Chalcedon
Cham {prop} :: Cham (town)
Cham {prop} :: Cham (town)
Chamäleon {n} :: chameleon
Chamäleon {n} [constellation] :: Chamaeleon
Chamenei {prop} :: Khamenei, surname notably borne by Ali Khamenei
Chametz {m} :: alternative form of Chamez
Chamez {m} [Judaism] :: chametz (leavened bread)
Champagner {m} :: champagne (sparkling wine made in Champagne)
champagnerfarben {adj} :: Champagne-coloured
Champignon {m} :: button mushroom, champignon (a mushroom of the Agaricus genus)
Champion {m} [colloquial] :: champion
Chan {m} :: khan
Chanat {n} :: khanate
Chance {f} :: chance
Chancengleichheit {f} :: equal opportunity
chancenlos {adj} :: chanceless
chancenloser {adj} :: comparative of chancenlos
Chancentod {m} [sport, colloquial] :: a player who habitually misses good chances to score; a bad finisher
changieren {v} [dated] :: to change
Chanson {m} :: chanson
Chanukka {prop} {f} :: Hanukkah (the Jewish festival)
Chanukkia {f} [Judaism] :: hanukkiah (an eight- or more often nine-branched menorah used during Hanukkah)
Chaos {n} :: chaos
Chaoskampf {m} :: "struggle against chaos"; chaoskampf
Chaostheorie {f} [mathematics] :: chaos theory
Chaot {m} :: chaotic person
Chaot {m} [political] :: violent anarchist
chaotisch {adj} :: chaotic
chaotischer {adj} :: comparative of chaotisch
Chapeau {m} [dated] :: hat
Chapeau {m} [dated] :: hat-wearing man
Chapeau {interj} :: used to express appreciation
chaplinesk {adj} :: Chaplinesque
Charakter {m} :: character; the totality of someone's personal qualities
Charakter {m} :: character, characteristic feature or nature of a thing, place or people
Charakter {m} [becoming dated] :: character, symbol, written glyph
Charakter {m} [dated, possibly archaic] :: title, rank
Charakter {m} :: a character; role/figure in a theatrical play, video game etc., which has a noticeable character (set of personal qualities)
charakteriologisch {adj} :: characteriological
charakteriologisch {adv} :: characteriologically
charakterisieren {vt} :: to characterize
Charakterisierung {f} :: characterization
Charakteristik {f} :: characteristic (distinguishing feature)
Charakteristikum {n} :: feature, characteristic (of a person or thing)
charakteristisch {adj} :: characteristic
charakteristisch {adj} :: distinctive, typical
charakteristischer {adj} :: comparative of charakteristisch
charakteristischerweise {adv} :: characteristically
charakteristischsten {adj} :: superlative of charakteristisch
charakterlos {adj} :: characterless
Charakterlosigkeit {f} :: characterlessness
Charakterschwein {n} [derogatory] :: lowlife
Charakterzug {m} :: character trait
Charge {f} :: load
Charge {f} :: batch
Charge {f} [military, obsolete] :: rank
chargenweise {adj} [relational] :: batch
chargieren {v} [performing arts] :: to overact
chargieren {v} [metallurgy, of a furnace] :: to feed, to load
chargiert {v} :: past participle of chargieren
Charisma {n} :: charisma
charismatisch {adj} :: charismatic
charismatischer {adj} :: comparative of charismatisch
charismatischsten {adj} :: superlative of charismatisch
charkowisch {adj} :: of or pertaining to Kharkov; Kharkovian
Charlotte {prop} :: given name of French origin. Variants: Lotte, Lieselotte, Liselotte
Charlotte {symbol} :: The digraph Ch in the German spelling alphabet
charmant {adj} :: charming
charmanter {adj} :: comparative of charmant
Charme {m} :: charm (ability to enchant)
Charmeur {m} :: charmer
charmieren {v} :: to charm
Charta {f} :: charter
Chasar {m} :: Khazar ([male or female] member of the Khazar people)
Chasarin {f} :: Khazar (female member of the Khazar people)
chasarisch {adj} :: Khazar (related to the Khazar people)
Chasarisch {prop} {n} :: Khazar (the language of the Khazar people)
Chassid {m} :: Hassid
Chassidismus {m} :: Hassidism
Chassis {n} [automotive] :: chassis
Chasu {prop} {m} :: Chasu
Chat {m} :: A chat, exchange of text or voice messages in real time, notably by Internet
Chatroom {m} :: chat room (computer site online where visitors can exchange messages)
chatten {v} [Internet] :: to chat
Chauffeur {m} :: person employed to drive a private or hired car; chauffeur
chauffieren {v} :: to chauffeur
Chaussee {f} [dated] :: country road
Chauvi {m} [colloquial] :: male chauvinist; (mild) misogynist; macho
Chauvinismus {m} :: chauvinism
Chauvinist {m} :: chauvinist; national, racial, or religious supremacist
Chauvinist {m} :: male chauvinist; (mild) misogynist
chauvinistisch {adj} :: chauvinist
Chauvispruch {m} [colloquial] :: a (mildly) misogynist slogan; a statement revealing male chauvinism or machoism
Chawer {m} :: honorary title given to a distinguished Jewish scholar who is not a rabbi
Chawer {m} :: friend, comrade [especially as used by Zionist Communists]
Check {m} :: check
Check {m} [Switzerland] :: alternative form of Scheck
checken {vt} :: to check (up), to inspect, examine
checken {vt} [slang] :: to grasp, understand
Checkliste {f} :: checklist
Checkpoint {m} :: checkpoint
Cheddarkäse {m} [cooking] :: synonym of Cheddar
Cheerleader {m} :: cheerleader
Cheerleaderin {f} :: A female cheerleader
Chef {m} :: boss, chief
Chefetage {f} :: executive floor (mostly used figuratively as a synonym for bosses)
Chefideologe {m} :: chief ideologue
Chefin {f} :: female boss
Chefkoch {m} :: chef, head chef, head cook
Chefredakteur {m} [Germany, Austria] :: editor in chief (male or of unspecified sex) (highest ranking editor)
Chefredakteurin {f} :: editor in chief (female)
Chefredaktor {m} [Switzerland, Liechtenstein] :: editor in chief (male or of unspecified sex) (highest ranking editor)
Chefredaktorin {f} [Switzerland, Liechtenstein] :: editor in chief (female)
Chefterrorist {m} :: terrorist-in-chief (male or of unspecified sex)
Chefterroristin {f} :: terrorist-in-chief (female)
Chelat {n} [chemistry] :: chelate, chelate compound
Chelatbildner {m} [chemistry] :: chelating agent
chelatisierend {adj} :: chelating
Chelatkomplex {m} [chemistry] :: chelate complex
Chelatligand {m} [chemistry] :: chelate ligand
Chemie {f} :: chemistry
Chemieanlage {f} :: chemical plant (factory)
Chemieinformatik {f} :: alternative form of Chemoinformatik
Chemikalie {f} :: chemical (chemical substance) produced industrially or in a laboratory
Chemikaliengesetz {n} [legal, chemistry] :: Chemicals Act (laws (in Germany, Austria and Switzerland) regarding hazardous substances)
Chemiker {m} :: chemist (person working in chemistry)
Chemikerin {f} :: chemist (female) (person working in chemistry)
Chemilumineszenz {f} [chemistry] :: chemiluminescence
Cheminée {n} [Switzerland] :: fireplace
Cheminformatik {f} :: alternative form of Chemoinformatik
chemisch {adj} :: chemical
chemische Bindung {f} [chemistry] :: chemical bond
chemische Verbindung {f} :: chemical compound
Chemnitz {prop} {n} :: Chemnitz (city)
chemoautotroph {adj} :: chemoautotrophic
Chemoinformatik {f} [chemistry, computing] :: cheminformatics
Chemolumineszenz {f} [chemistry] :: chemoluminescence
Chemometrie {f} :: alternative form of Chemometrik
Chemometrik {f} [chemistry] :: chemometrics
chemometrisch {adj} :: chemometric
Chemotherapeutikum {n} [medicine] :: chemotherapeutic agent
Chemotherapie {f} [medicine] :: chemotherapy
-chen {suffix} :: nowadays the most common suffix to create a diminutive form
Chengyu {n} [linguistics] :: chengyu
Cherub {m} [biblical] :: cherub
Cherusker {m} :: a member of the Cherusci
Cherusker {mp} :: Cherusci
Cheshire-Katze {prop} {f} :: the Cheshire cat
chevaleresk {adj} :: chivalrous
Chi {n} :: chi (Greek letter)
Chianti {m} :: Chianti (Tuscan red wine)
Chiara {prop} :: given name borrowed from Italian
Chiaroscuro {n} [painting, photography] :: chiaroscuro
Chiasmus {m} :: chiasmus
chiastisch {adj} :: chiastic
chic {adj} :: alternative spelling of schick
Chic {m} :: chic
Chick {n} [youth slang, often, pejorative] :: chick (young woman, usually sexually attractive)
Chicken {n} [uncountable, cuisine] :: chicken (meat)
Chicorée {mf} [culinary] :: Belgian endive (Cichorium intybus)
Chiemsee {prop} {m} :: A lake in Bavaria
Chiffre {f} :: cipher
Chiffre {f} [classified ad] :: box number
chiffrieren {v} :: to encode
Chile {prop} {n} :: Chile (country)
Chilene {m} :: A Chilean, member or descendant of the people of Chile (South American country)
Chilenin {f} :: A female Chilean
chilenisch {adj} :: Chilean
Chilesalpeter {m} [mineral] :: Chile saltpetre (sodium nitrate)
Chili {n} [meal] :: chili
Chili {f} :: chili (fruit)
chiliastisch {adj} :: chiliastic
chillen {v} :: to chill (to relax, lie back)
chillig {adj} [colloquial] :: cozy, soothing, pleasant
chillig {adj} [colloquial] :: comfortable
chilotisch {adj} :: Of or from Chiloé Island
Chimäre {f} :: chimera (a mythical monster)
chimärisch {adj} :: chimeric
China {prop} {n} :: China (country)
Chinakohl {m} :: Chinese cabbage
chinakritisch {adj} :: critical of the Chinese state
Chinalizarin {n} [organic compound] :: quinalizarin
Chinchilla {n} :: chinchilla (animal)
Chinchilla {n} :: chinchilla (fur)
Chinese {m} :: person from China
Chinesin {f} :: female person from China
chinesisch {adj} :: Chinese
Chinesisch {n} [language] :: Chinese
Chinesisch {n} :: jargon [often used as the second element in compounds, e.g., “Patentchinesisch” is used for “patentese”]
chinesische Mauer {prop} {f} :: Chinese wall, Great Wall of China
chinesische Petersilie {f} :: Chinese parsley, coriander
chinesische Stachelbeere {f} :: kiwi fruit
Chinesisch sprechen {v} [idiomatic] :: to be unintelligible
Chinin {n} :: quinine
chionophil {adj} :: chionophilous
Chip {m} [electronics] :: chip
Chip {m} [also, gambling] :: chip (piece of plastic or metal used as a token for money, entrance tickets, etc.)
Chip {m} [cooking, chiefly in the plural] :: crisp [UK]; chip [US]
Chipkarte {f} :: chip card, smart card
Chipsatz {m} :: chipset
chiral {adj} :: chiral
Chirurg {m} :: surgeon (male or of unspecified sex) (doctor who performs surgery)
Chirurgie {f} [uncountable] :: surgery (field of study)
Chirurgie {f} [colloquial] :: the section of a hospital in which surgeries are performed
Chirurgin {f} :: surgeon (female) (doctor who performs surgery)
chirurgisch {adj} :: surgical
Chitin {n} [biochemistry] :: chitin
Chlor {n} :: chlorine
chlorähnlich {adj} :: chlorine-like
Chloralkan {n} [organic chemistry] :: chloroalkane, alkyl chloride
Chloralken {n} [organic chemistry] :: chloroalkene
Chlorargyrit {m} [mineral] :: chlorargyrite
Chloraromat {n} [organic chemistry] :: aryl chloride
Chlorat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: chlorate
Chlorbleiche {f} :: chlorine bleach
Chlordioxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: chlorine dioxide
Chlorethan {n} [organic compound] :: chloroethane, ethyl chloride
Chlorfluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: chlorine fluoride
chlorfrei {adj} :: chlorine-free
Chlorgas {n} :: chlorine gas
chlorhaltig {adj} :: chlorinated
chlorhaltig {adj} :: containing chlorine
Chlorhühnchen {noun} :: chlorine-washed chicken
Chlorid {n} [chemistry] :: chloride
Chloridion {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: chloride ion
chloridisch {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: chloride (attributive)
Chloridkanal {m} [physiology] :: chloride channel
chloriert {v} :: past participle of chlorieren
chloriert {adj} :: chlorinated
Chlorierung {f} :: chlorination
chlorig {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: chlorous
Chlorit {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: chlorite
Chlorit {m} [mineral] :: chlorite
Chlorkalk {m} :: chlorinated lime
Chlorknallgas {n} :: An mixture of chlorine and hydrogen that reacts explosively when exposed to bright light
Chlorknallgasreaktion {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: The explosive reaction of chlorine and hydrogen when illuminated by a bright light
Chloroform {n} [organic compound] :: chloroform
chloroformieren {v} :: To chloroform
chloroformiert {v} :: past participle of chloroformieren
Chlorophyll {n} :: chlorophyll (green pigment)
Chloroplast {m} :: chloroplast
chlororganisch {adj} [organic chemistry] :: organochlorine
Chlororuthenat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: chlororuthenate
chlorotisch {adj} :: chlorotic
Chloroxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: chlorine oxide
Chlorpentafluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: chlorine pentafluoride
Chlorphenol {n} [organic compound] :: chlorophenol
Chlorsäure {f} [inorganic compound] :: chloric acid
Chlorstrom {n} :: current of chlorine (gas)
Chlortrifluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: chlorine trifluoride
Chlorung {f} :: chlorination
Chlorverbindung {f} [chemistry] :: chlorine compound
Chlorwasser {n} :: chlorine water
Chlorwasserstoff {m} [inorganic compound] :: hydrogen chloride
Chlorwasserstofflösung {f} :: hydrogen chloride solution; hydrochloric acid
Chlorwasserstoffmolekül {n} :: hydrogen chloride molecule
chochem {adj} :: cunning
Chocolade {f} [now, rare] :: alternative spelling of Schokolade
Chokolade {f} [now, rare] :: alternative spelling of Schokolade
Cholera {f} :: cholera
cholerisch {adj} :: choleric
cholerisch {adj} :: hot-headed
Cholesterin {n} :: cholesterol
Cholin {n} [organic compound] :: choline
Chomeini {prop} :: Khomeini, surname notably borne by Ruhollah Khomeini
Chometz {m} :: alternative form of Chamez
Chomez {m} :: alternative form of Chamez
chondritisch {adj} :: chondritic
-chor {suffix} :: -chorous
Chor {m} [music] :: choir; chorus (group of people singing together)
Chor {m} [architecture] :: choir (part of a church building)
Choral {m} [hymn tune] :: chorale
Choreograf {m} :: choreographer
Choreografie {f} :: choreography
Choreografin {f} :: female equivalent of Choreograf
chorisch {adj} :: choric
Chorizo {f} :: chorizo (a type of sausage seasoned with paprika)
Chorknabe {m} :: choirboy
Chorknabe {m} [transferred sense] :: harmless, naive or innocent person
Chormeister {m} [music] :: choirmaster
Chose {f} :: thing, affair, matter
Chrestomathie {f} :: chrestomathy
Christ {m} :: a Christian
Christ {m} [archaic] :: Christ
Christa {prop} {f} :: given name
Christabend {m} :: Christmas Eve
Christbaum {m} :: Christmas tree
Christbaumkerze {f} :: Christmas tree candles
Christbaumkugel {f} :: A bauble, shiny spherical decoration, commonly used for Christmas decorations, especially Christmas trees
Christbaumschmuck {m} :: Christmas tree decoration / ornament
Christdemokrat {m} :: Christian Democrat
Christel {prop} {f} :: given name, diminutive of Christine and Christiane
Christenheit {f} :: Christendom
Christentum {n} :: Christendom, Christianity
Christian {prop} :: given name
Christiane {prop} :: given name
christianisieren {v} :: to Christianize
Christianisierung {f} :: Christianisation / Christianization (Christianising / Christianizing [nouns])
Christi Himmelfahrt {f} :: Ascension Day
Christin {f} :: a female Christian
Christina {prop} :: given name, Latinate variant of Christine
Christine {prop} {f} :: given name
Christkind {prop} {n} [Christianity] :: Baby Jesus
Christkind {prop} {n} :: A fictional angel-like creature, typically thought of as an apparition of Baby Jesus, which traditionally takes the place of Santa Claus as a bringer of Christmas presents in the German-language area, particularly but not exclusively in Catholic regions
Christkindchen {prop} {n} :: diminutive of Christkind
Christkindl {prop} {n} [Southern Germany, Austria] :: diminutive of Christkind
Christkindl {n} [Austria] :: Christmas gift
Christkindlein {prop} {n} :: diminutive of Christkind
christlich {adj} :: Christian
Christlich Demokratische Union {prop} {f} :: Christian Democratic Union of Germany
christlicher {adj} :: comparative of christlich
christlichsten {adj} :: superlative of christlich
Christmette {f} :: midnight mass
Christof {prop} {m} :: given name, a less common spelling of Christoph ( =Christopher)
Christogramm {n} :: Christogram
Christologie {f} [theology] :: Christology
christologisch {adj} [theology] :: Christological
Christoph {prop} {m} :: given name
Christopher {prop} {m} :: given name
Christorbeere {f} [dialectal, possibly archaic] :: gooseberry
Christstollen {m} :: stollen (a traditional German cake eaten at Christmas time)
Christtag {m} [Austria] :: Christmas Day
Christus {prop} {m} :: Christ (the messiah who was named Jesus)
Christusmonogramm {n} :: Christogram, especially the chi-rho symbol ()
Chrom {n} :: chromium
Chromat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: chromate
Chromatid {n} [genetics] :: chromatid (either of the two strands of a chromosome that separate during mitosis)
Chromatierung {f} :: chromatizing
Chromatin {n} :: chromatin
chromatisch {adj} [optics] :: chromatic
Chromatizität {f} :: chromaticity, color intensity
Chromatografie {f} :: chromatography
Chromatographie {f} :: chromatography
chromatographisch {adj} :: chromatographic
Chromcarbid {n} [inorganic compound] :: chromium carbide
Chromdioxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: chromium dioxide
Chromeisenstein {m} [mineral] :: chromite
Chromgelb {n} :: chrome yellow
Chromgrün {n} :: chrome green
Chromgruppe {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: chromium group
chromhaltig {adj} [mineralogy] :: chromium-bearing
Chromiodid {n} [inorganic compound] :: chromium iodide
Chromit {m} [mineral] :: chromite
Chromnitrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: chromium nitride
chromophor {adj} :: chromophoric
Chromophor {m} :: chromophore
Chromosom {n} :: chromosome (structure in the cell nucleus)
Chromosphäre {f} :: chromosphere
Chromperoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: chromium peroxide
Chromsäure {f} [inorganic compound] :: chromic acid
Chromschwefelsäure {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: chrome-sulfuric acid
Chromstahl {m} :: chrome steel
Chromtrioxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: chromium trioxide
Chromylchlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: chromyl chloride
Chronik {f} :: chronicle
Chronik {f} :: timeline
chronisch {adj} :: chronic
Chronist {m} :: chronicler, annalist (male or of unspecified sex)
Chronobiologe {m} :: chronobiologist
Chronobiologin {f} :: female chronobiologist
Chronologie {f} :: chronology
chronologisch {adj} :: chronological, chronologic
Chronometer {n} :: chronometer
Chruschtschow {prop} :: Khrushchev
Chrysantheme {f} :: chrysanthemum
Chrysoberyll {m} [mineral] :: chrysoberyl
chthonisch {adj} :: chthonic
Chur {f} :: archaic spelling of Kur
Churbrandenburg {prop} :: archaic spelling of Kurbrandenburg
Churfürst {m} :: archaic spelling of Kurfürst
churfürstlich {adj} :: obsolete spelling of kurfürstlich
churkölnisch {adj} :: archaic spelling of kurkölnisch
chüschtig {adj} :: tasty, mouth-watering
chüstig {adj} :: alternative form of chüschtig
Chutney {n} :: chutney
Chuzpe {f} :: chutzpah
Chymie {f} :: obsolete spelling of Chemie
Chymiker {m} :: obsolete spelling of Chemiker
chymisch {adj} :: obsolete spelling of chemisch
ciao {interj} :: ciao
Cicero {noun} [uncountable, printing, dated] :: cicero, the 5th of the 7 traditional German sizes of type, between Korpus and Mittel, standardized as 12 point
Cineast {m} :: cineast
cineastisch {adj} :: cineastic
circa {adv} :: circa
circumbinär {adj} :: Misspelling of zirkumbinär "circumbinary"
Cis {noun} [music] :: C-sharp
cisalpin {adj} :: alternative spelling of zisalpin
Cisplatin {n} :: cisplatin
Citrat {n} [organic chemistry] :: citrate
Citratzyklus {m} [biochemistry] :: citric acid cycle
Citrin {m} :: citrine (variety of quartz)
Citroën {prop} {n} :: Citroën (company)
Citroën {m} :: Citroën (car of that company)
Citrone {f} :: obsolete spelling of Zitrone
Citronensäure {f} [organic compound] :: citric acid; alternative form of Zitronensäure
City {f} [colloquial] :: city center, downtown, central business district
citynah {adj} :: near the city
Claim {n} {m} :: claim
Claim {n} {m} :: advertising slogan
Clair-obscur {n} [painting, photography] :: chiaroscuro
Clan {m} :: clan
Claque {f} :: claque
Claqueur {m} :: claqueur
Clara {prop} :: given name of Latin origin
Clathrat {n} [chemistry] :: clathrate
Claudia {prop} :: given name from the Latin feminine form of Claudius; popular from the 1960s to the 1980s
Claus {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Klaus
Clausthalit {m} [mineral] :: clausthalite
claviform {adj} :: claviform
clean {adj} [colloquial] :: clean, drugfree
Cleaver {m} :: cleaver
Clemens {prop} :: given name
Clerisei {f} :: obsolete spelling of Klerisei
Clerus {m} :: obsolete spelling of Klerus
Cleveit {m} [mineral] :: cleveite
clever {adj} :: clever
Clickbaiting {m} [Internet] :: The practice of attracting click-throughs by using clickbait headlines or images
Client {m} [computing] :: client
Cliffhanger {m} :: cliffhanger
Clique {f} [social group or mathematics] :: clique
Clou {m} :: highlight
Clou {m} :: point (core or punch line)
Clown {m} :: clown (male or of unspecified sex)
Clownfisch {m} :: clownfish
Club {m} :: club (association of members)
Club {m} :: club (nightclub, discotheque)
Clubchef {m} :: alternative form of Klubchef
Clubchefin {f} :: alternative form of Klubchefin
Cluster {m} [astronomy] :: cluster (group of galaxies or stars)
Cluster {m} [computing] :: cluster (group of computers working together)
Cluster {m} [music] :: cluster (secundal chord of three or more notes)
Clusterverbindung {f} [chemistry] :: cluster compound
Coach {m} :: coach (trainer or instructor)
Coachbuilder {noun} :: coachbuilder (a builder of custom cars)
Coachin {f} :: female equivalent of Coach
Coachingzone {f} [football] :: technical area (area by the pitch that the coach and technical staff should not leave during the game)
Cobalt {n} :: alternative form of Kobalt
cobaltblau {adj} :: alternative form of kobaltblau
Cobaltblau {n} :: alternative form of Kobaltblau
Cobaltgruppe {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: cobalt group (cobalt, rhenium, iridium and meitnerium)
Cobaltit {m} [mineral] :: cobaltite
Coburg {prop} {n} :: Coburg (independent city)
Cockpit {n} :: in the aviation the room, where the pilot and the co-pilot steer the aircraft; cockpit
Cockpit {n} :: in the car industry the front area, where the driver and the front-seat passenger seats are; cockpit
Cocktail {n} :: cocktail
Cocktailbar {f} :: cocktail bar
Coda {f} [music] :: coda
Coda {f} [linguistics] :: coda
Code {m} [computing] :: code
Codereview {m} [software] :: code review
Codex {m} :: alternative form of Kodex
Coelestin {m} [mineral] :: celestine, celestite
Coenzym {n} [biochemistry] :: coenzyme
Cofaktor {m} [biochemistry, maths] :: alternative form of Kofaktor
Coffein {n} :: alternative spelling of Koffein
cognacfarben {adj} :: cognac-coloured
Coiffeur {m} [Swiss] :: hairdresser; barber; friseur (male or of unspecified sex)
Coiffure {f} [formal, uncountable] :: the art of hairdressing
Coiffure {f} [Swiss] :: hair salon
Coiffure {f} [obsolete] :: artfully designed hairstyle
Cola {f} {n} [beverage] :: cola, Coke, Coca-Cola (beverage made with caramel and carbonated water)
Colemanit {m} [mineral] :: colemanite
Cölestin {m} :: obsolete spelling of Coelestin
Collage {f} :: collage
Collier {n} :: necklace
Colmar {prop} :: Colmar (city)
Cöln {prop} {n} :: obsolete spelling of Köln
Colonel {m} :: colonel; Colonel (in Anglo-Saxon armies)
Colonel {m} :: colonel; Colonel (in Francophone armies)
Colonie {f} :: obsolete spelling of Kolonie
Colorado {prop} {n} :: Colorado (state)
colorieren {v} :: alternative spelling of kolorieren
Colorimetrie {f} :: alternative form of Kolorimetrie
Coltan {n} [mineralogy] :: coltan
Columbit {m} [mineralogy] :: columbite
Columbium {n} :: columbium
Columbo {noun} :: Sherlock; used to refer to someone who expresses the obvious while not being aware of its obviousness
Come-back {n} :: alternative form of Comeback
Comeback {n} :: comeback (return to success or popularity)
Comeback {n} [rare] :: comeback; retort (witty reply)
Comer {adj} :: of, or relating to Como
Comic {m} :: comic, comic strip or comic book
Comicfigur {f} :: cartoon character
Comicliteratur {f} :: comics (artistic medium)
Communiqué {n} [Switzerland] :: alternative spelling of Kommuniqué
Community {f} :: community
Compiler {m} [computing] :: A compiler, computer program to translate between machine code and a readable program
Computer {m} :: computer (programmable electronic device that performs mathematical calculations, logical operations, and usually also data retrieval/storage)
computergesteuert {adj} :: computerised (computer-controlled)
Computerindustrie {f} :: computer industry
Computerlinguistik {f} :: computational linguistics (an interdisciplinary field dealing with the statistical and/or rule-based modeling of natural language)
computerlinguistisch {adj} :: Relating to computer linguistics
Computerprogramm {n} :: computer program
Computerspiel {n} [video games] :: computer game
Computertomographie {f} :: computed tomography
Computervirus {f} [computing] :: computer virus
Concealer {m} :: concealer [cosmetic product]
concessionieren {v} :: obsolete spelling of konzessionieren
Concorde {prop} {f} :: Concorde (supersonic airliner)
Connellit {m} [mineral] :: connellite
Constanze {prop} :: given name
Container {m} :: a big container made of metal
containern {v} [colloquial] :: to dumpster dive
Containerschiff {n} :: container ship
containerweise {adj} :: bulk
Contenance {f} :: countenance, composure
Content-Management-System {n} :: content management system
Conterfät {n} :: obsolete spelling of Conterfei
Conterfei {n} [obsolete] :: a kind of portrait
Conterfeit {n} :: obsolete spelling of Conterfei
Conterfet {n} :: obsolete spelling of Conterfei
Conterfeth {n} :: obsolete spelling of Conterfei
Conterfey {n} :: alternative spelling of Conterfei
Contergan {n} :: thalidomide
Contra {prop} {m} :: Contra
Contrefei {n} :: obsolete spelling of Conterfei
Cookinseln {prop} {fp} :: the Cook Islands (a self-governing country in Oceania)
cool {adj} [colloquial] :: cool (in its informal senses)
cool {adj} [colloquial] :: cool, calm, easy-going
Copernicium {n} :: copernicium
Copyright {n} :: copyright
Cord {noun} [textiles] :: corduroy
Cordula {prop} :: given name
Corina {prop} :: given name
Corinna {prop} :: given name
Corioliskraft {f} [physics] :: Coriolis force
Cornelia {prop} :: given name
Cornflakes {p} :: corn flakes
Cornwallit {m} [mineral] :: cornwallite
Corona {f} :: obsolete spelling of Korona
Coronavirus {n} [virology] :: coronavirus
Cörper {m} :: obsolete spelling of Körper
Cörperchen {n} :: diminutive of Cörper
Corps {n} :: a corps, a kind of traditional student's corporation in German-speaking Europe
Corps {n} :: archaic spelling of Korps
Corpus {n} :: alternative spelling of Korpus
Corsage {f} :: alternative spelling of Korsage
Cortison {n} :: alternative form of Kortison
Costa Rica {prop} {n} :: Costa Rica
Costa-Ricaner {m} :: Costa Rican (person from Costa Rica)
Costa-Ricanerin {f} :: Costa Rican (female person from Costa Rica)
costa-ricanisch {adj} :: Costa Rican (pertaining to Costa Rica)
Cottbus {prop} {n} :: Cottbus
Couch {f} :: couch
Couchsurfing {n} [tourism] :: Couch­sur­fing
Cougar {m} [uncommon] :: alternative form of Kuguar
Couleur {f} [of persons] :: shade, kind, caliber
Couleur {f} [German student corps] :: color, colour
Coulomb {n} :: coulomb
Coulomb-Konstante {f} :: Coulomb's constant
Coulombsch {adj} [physics] :: coulombic
Count-down {m} :: alternative spelling of Countdown
Countdown {m} :: A countdown, count(ing) backward to the (starting) time of some event
Count-down-Uhr {m} :: alternative spelling of Countdown-Uhr
Countdown-Uhr {f} :: countdown timer
County {n} {f} :: county
Coup {m} :: coup (quick, brilliant, and highly successful act)
Coup {m} :: coup d'état
Coupé {n} :: coupé
Coupé {n} [dated, rail transport] :: train compartment
Coupon {m} :: coupon
Courage {f} :: courage, guts, initiative
Courage {f} [obsolete, 17th-century military slang] :: vulva; vagina
couragiert {adj} :: determined, showing initiative and courage
couragierter {adj} :: comparative of couragiert
Courtage {f} :: commission, broker's fee
Cousin {m} :: male cousin
Cousine {f} :: female cousin
Couvert {n} :: alternative spelling of Kuvert
coventrieren {v} :: To devastate or raze (a city) in the manner of the November 1940 aerial bombardment of Coventry, England
Coventrieren {n} :: the act of coventrating
Coventrierung {f} :: The act of coventrating
coventrisieren {v} :: alternative form of coventrieren
Coventrisieren {n} :: alternative form of Coventrieren
coventrisiert {v} :: past participle of coventrisieren
Coventrisierung {f} :: alternative form of Coventrierung
Cover {n} [music] :: cover version, cover song
Cover {n} :: cover (front of a CD, DVD or magazine)
covern {v} [music] :: to cover
Cowboy {m} :: cowboy
cps. {adj} [medical, pharmacy] :: Abbreviation of compositus
Crack {n} [sport] :: crack
Crack {n} [colloquial] :: highly trained and competent person
Crack {n} [equestrianism] :: successful racehorse
Crack {n} :: (recreational drug) crack cocaine
cracken {vt} [computing] :: to crack
cracken {vt} [chemistry] :: to crack
Cracken {n} [organic chemistry] :: cracking (of petroleum hydrocarbons)
Cramer {prop} :: surname
Cranberry {f} :: cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon)
Crash {m} :: crash
Crash {m} [computing] :: crash (malfunction of computer software)
Crashkurs {m} :: crash course
Credo {n} :: creed; credo
creme {adj} [color, indeclinable] :: cream
Creme {f} :: cream [medicine]
Creme {f} :: frosting, custard
Creme {f} :: cream colour
Crème {f} :: alternative spelling of Creme
cremeartig {adj} :: creamlike, creamy
Crème de la Crème {f} [idiomatic] :: crème de la crème
cremefarben {adj} :: cream-colored
crèmefarben {adj} :: alternative spelling of cremefarben
cremefarbig {adj} :: cream (in colour)
Crème fraîche {f} :: crème fraîche
cremen {v} :: cream
crèmen {v} [Switzerland] :: alternative form of cremen
cremig {adj} :: creamy
crèmig {adj} [Switzerland] :: alternative spelling of cremig
cremiger {adj} :: comparative of cremig
cremigsten {adj} :: superlative of cremig
Creole {f} [chiefly in plural] :: hoop earring
Crêpe {mf} :: crêpe (a flat round pancake-like pastry)
Crescendo {n} :: crescendo
Creutz {n} :: obsolete spelling of Kreuz
Creutzfeldt {prop} :: surname
Creutzfeldt-Jakob-Krankheit {f} [disease, neurology] :: Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
Creuz {n} :: obsolete spelling of Kreuz
Crevette {f} :: alternative form of Krevette
Cricket {n} [sports] :: cricket
Croissant {n} :: croissant
Croupier {m} :: croupier (male or of unspecified sex)
Crowdfunding {n} :: crowdfunding
Crux {f} :: trouble, difficulty, crux
Crux {f} :: grief
Crwth {f} :: crwth
Cryogenium {prop} :: the Cryogenian
Crystal {n} :: crystal meth
CSEL {prop} {n} :: initialism of w:Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum
CSU {prop} {f} :: initialism of Christlich-Soziale Union (a political party of Bavaria)
Cummingtonit {m} :: cummingtonite
Cunnilingus {m} :: cunnilingus
Cup {m} :: cup [trophy]
Cup {m} :: cup [of a bra]
Cupalit {m} [mineral] :: cupalite
Cuprit {m} [mineral] :: cuprite
Cuprizon {n} [organic compound, medicine] :: cuprizone
Curaçao {prop} {n} :: Curaçao (island)
Curaçao {m} :: curaçao (liqueur)
Curcuma {f} :: alternative spelling of Kurkuma
Curie-Konstante {f} :: Curie constant
Curiepunkt {m} [physics] :: Curie point, Curie temperature
Curium {n} :: curium
curricular {adj} :: curricular
Curry {n} :: curry (sauce or relish flavored with curry powder)
Curry {n} :: curry powder
Curryketchup {m} {n} :: curry ketchup
Currysoße {f} :: curry sauce
Currywurst {f} :: currywurst; a German national dish consisting of hot pork sausage cut into slices and seasoned with curry sauce
Cursor {m} [computer] :: cursor (icon of a pointing device)
Cursor {m} [computer] :: cursor (icon indicating where the next insertion should take place)
Customizing {n} :: customization
Cutter {m} :: film editor
Cutter {m} :: boxcutter
Cuvier-Ralle {f} :: white-throated rail (Dryolimnas cuvieri)
CVJM {prop} :: YMCA
Cyan {n} :: cyan (colour)
Cyan {n} [chemistry] :: cyanogen
Cyanat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: cyanate
Cyanid {n} [chemistry] :: cyanide
Cyanidion {n} [chemistry] :: cyanide ion
Cyanidlösung {f} :: cyanide solution
Cyanobakterium {n} :: cyanobacterium
Cyanogen {n} :: cyanogen
Cyanogenbromid {n} :: cyanogen bromide
Cyanotrichit {m} [mineral] :: cyanotrichite
Cyberkrieg {m} :: cyberwarfare
Cyborg {m} [science fiction] :: cyborg
cyclisch {adj} :: cyclic
Cycloaddition {f} [chemistry] :: cycloaddition
Cycloalkan {n} [organic chemistry] :: cycloalkane
Cyclobutan {n} [organic compound] :: cyclobutane
Cyclodextrin {n} [carbohydrate] :: cyclodextrin
Cycloheptan {n} [organic compound] :: cycloheptane
Cyclohexan {n} [organic compound] :: cyclohexane
Cyclopentadien {n} [organic compound] :: cyclopentadiene
Cyclopentan {n} [organic compound] :: cyclopentane
Cyclopropan {n} [organic compound] :: cyclopropane
cyklisch {adj} :: alternative form of zyklisch
Cymbel {f} :: obsolete spelling of Zimbel
Cystein {n} [amino acid] :: cysteine
Cystin {n} [amino acid] :: cystine
Cytochrom {n} :: alternative form of Zytochrom
Cytosin {n} :: cytosine (a base which appears in DNA)
Cytosol {n} [organic compound] :: cytosol
Cytostatikum {n} :: alternative form of Zytostatikum
cytostatisch {adj} :: cytostatic
Czartoryski {prop} {mf} :: surname