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-e- {interfix} :: used to link elements in some compounds
-e {suffix} [now chiefly unproductive] :: used to form nouns from adjectives, sometimes with umlaut of the root vowel; the nouns express the quality of the adjective
-e {suffix} :: used to form the plural of some nouns; in masculines and feminines, but not in neuters, usually triggering umlaut of the root vowel
-e {suffix} [chiefly dated] :: used to form the dative of strong masculine and neuter nouns ending in a stressed syllable
-e {suffix} :: used to form various declined adjective forms, notably the nominative/accusative feminine singular
-e {suffix} :: used to form the 1st person singular present indicative (and subjunctive) of a verb
-e {suffix} :: used to form the 3rd person singular present subjunctive of a verb
-e {suffix} :: used to form the 1st and 3rd person singular past subjunctive of a verb
-e {suffix} [colloquial] :: contraction of du after 2nd person singular forms of a verb
E {letter} :: letter
E605 {noun} :: parathion
E/A {noun} :: abbreviation of Eingabe/Ausgabe Input/output; I/O
Easteregg {n} [computing] :: Easter egg
Eau de Toilette {n} :: eau de toilette, toilet water
Ebbe {f} :: ebb, low tide
ebben {v} :: to ebb
Ebbs {prop} :: Ebbs (municipality)
ebd. {adv} :: abbreviation of ebenda ibid.
ebd. {adv} :: abbreviation of ebendort ibid.
ebda. {adv} :: At the same place, ibidem
Ebeje {prop} [archaic] :: Ebeje (the most populous <<island>> of <<atoll:suf/Kwajalein>>, <<c/Marshall Islands>>)
eben {adj} :: flat, smooth, even (of a surface)
eben {adv} [modal particle] :: so, just, simply, indicating that something is generally known, or cannot be changed, or the like; often untranslatable
eben {adv} [modal particle] :: just, quickly, indicating that something is done fast or without much complication
eben {adv} :: just; a moment ago
eben {adv} [literary, with dieser] :: exactly, very
Ebenau {prop} {n} :: Ebenau (municipality)
Ebenbild {n} :: counterpart (something that resembles something else)
ebenbürtig {adj} :: on a par (evenly matched); of equal birth
ebenbürtig {adj} :: equivalent, coequal, equal
ebenda {adv} :: just there, at the same place
ebenda {adv} :: ibidem
ebendieser {pron} :: he, she, it
ebendort {adv} :: just there, at the same place
ebendort {adv} :: ibidem
Ebene {f} :: plain
Ebene {f} :: plane
Ebene {f} :: storey, floor
ebenerdig {adj} :: ground level
ebenfalls {adv} :: also, likewise, as well
Ebenfurth {prop} {n} :: Ebenfurth (municipality)
ebengleich {adj} :: alike, similar
Ebenholz {n} :: ebony (wood)
Ebenholz {prop} :: A village in Vaduz, Liechtenstein
ebenholzfarben {adj} :: ebony (colour)
ebenso {adv} [formal] :: equally, as much
ebenso {adv} [formal] :: likewise
ebenso {interj} :: same to you!, you too!
ebensowenig {adj} :: just as little
ebent {particle} [dialectal, chiefly Berlin, nonstandard] :: alternative form of eben, used to express agreement; exactly
Ebenthal {prop} {n} :: Ebenthal (municipality)
Eber {m} :: boar (male pig, especially domestic)
Eberau {prop} {n} :: Eberau (municipality)
Eberesche {f} :: rowan (tree)
Ebergassing {prop} {n} :: Ebergassing (municipality)
Eberhard {prop} :: given name
Ebern {prop} {n} :: Ebern (town)
Eberndorf {prop} {n} :: Eberndorf (municipality)
Eberschwang {prop} {n} :: Eberschwang (municipality)
Ebersdorf {prop} {n} :: Ebersdorf (municipality)
Ebersdorf {prop} {n} :: Ebersdorf (municipality)
Eberstalzell {prop} {n} :: Eberstalzell (municipality)
Ebeye {prop} :: Ebeye (the most populous <<island>> of <<atoll:suf/Kwajalein>>, <<c/Marshall Islands>>)
EBK {noun} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Einbauküche
eblaitisch {adj} :: Eblaite (related to the ancient city of Ebla or to the Eblaite language)
Eblaitisch {n} :: Eblaite (the Eblaite language)
ebnen {v} :: to level
E-Book {n} :: e-book
Ebreichsdorf {prop} {n} :: Ebreichsdorf (municipality)
Ebro {prop} {m} :: Ebro (river)
Ecgonin {n} :: ecgonine
echauffieren {vr} [formal] :: to get steamed, to get excited
Echo {n} :: reflected sound, echo
Echo {prop} {f} :: the nymphe Echo
Echokammer {f} [acoustics] :: echo chamber
Echokammer {f} [figurative, media, communication] :: echo chamber
Echolalie {f} :: echolalia
Echse {f} :: lizard
Echse {f} :: saurian
Echsenbach {prop} {n} :: Echsenbach (municipality)
Echsenmensch {m} [fantasy, conspiracy-theory theory] :: lizardman, lizard person
echt {adj} :: authentic, genuine, true
echt {adj} [chiefly colloquial] :: real; factual
echt {adj} [maths] :: proper
echt {adv} [chiefly colloquial] :: really; indeed
echte Karettschildkröte {f} :: hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata)
echter {adj} :: comparative of echt
Echtheit {f} :: authenticity
echt jetzt {interj} [colloquial, interrogative] :: really?; get out of here! (exclamation of surprise or disbelief)
echt jetzt {interj} [colloquial, declarative] :: come on!; for real! (exclamation of frustration)
Echtzeit {f} [computing] :: real time
Eckard {prop} :: given name
Eckard {prop} :: surname derived from the given name
Eckardt {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Eckard and Eckart, from Ekkehard
Eckardt {prop} :: surname derived from the given name
Eckart {prop} :: given name
Eckart {prop} :: surname derived from the given name
Eckartsau {prop} {n} :: Eckartsau (municipality)
Eckchen {n} :: diminutive of Ecke
Eckdaten {p} [plurale tantum] :: key data
Ecke {f} :: corner, edge
Ecke {f} :: a roughly triangular or quadrangular piece of something
Ecke {f} [chiefly colloquial] :: region; area; neighbourhood
Ecke {f} [graph theory] :: vertex, node
Ecke {f} [sports] :: corner
Eckehard {prop} :: given name
Ecker {f} [dated, rare] :: beechnut
Ecker {f} [obsolete] :: acorn
Ecker {f} [archaic or regional, usually plural] :: acorns as a suit in German playing cards
Eckert {prop} :: surname
Eckhard {prop} :: given name
Eckhard {prop} :: surname derived from the given name
Eckhardt {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Eckhard, from Ekkehard
Eckhardt {prop} :: surname derived from the given name
Eckhart {prop} :: given name
Eckhart {prop} :: surname derived from the given name
eckig {adj} :: angular
Eckigkeit {f} :: angularity
Eckpfeiler {m} :: pillar (in the corner of a room)
Eckpfeiler {m} :: cornerstone (all senses)
Eckpunkt {m} :: corner
Eckpunkt {m} [figurative, chiefly in plural] :: guideline
Eckpunktepapier {n} :: white paper
Eckpunktepapier {n} :: key issues paper
Eckstein {m} :: cornerstone (literal and figurative, but for the latter more often Eckpfeiler)
Eckstein {m} [Southern Germany, card games] :: diamond
Eckstein {prop} {mf} :: surname
Eckstoß {m} [soccer] :: corner kick
Ecktisch {m} :: corner table
Eckwert {m} :: guidance value
Eckzahn {m} :: a canine (tooth)
Ecstasy {n} :: ecstasy (drug MDMA)
Ectasium {prop} :: the Ectasian
Ecuador {prop} {n} :: Ecuador
Ecuadorianer {m} :: Ecuadorian (man from Ecuador)
Ecuadorianerin {f} :: Ecuadorian (woman from Ecuador)
ecuadorianisch {adj} :: Ecuadorian (pertaining to Ecuador)
Edamer {m} :: An inhabitant of the Dutch town Edam
Edamer {m} :: Edam cheese
edaphisch {adj} :: edaphic
Edda {prop} [Norse mythology] :: Edda
Edda {prop} :: given name, shortened from Germanic compound names beginning with Ed- or Edel-
edel {adj} [of people] :: noble (having a noble character)
edel {adj} [of people, archaic] :: noble (being a member of the nobility)
edel {adj} [of deeds] :: noble
edel {adj} [of things] :: elegant, classy, high-quality
Edelgas {n} :: noble gas
Edelgaskonfiguration {f} [physics, chemistry] :: noble gas configuration
Edelgasverbindung {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: noble gas compound
Edeling {m} :: nobleman
Edelmann {m} :: nobleman, noble
Edelmetall {n} :: noble metal
Edelmut {m} :: generosity; kind-heartedness
edelmütig {adj} :: high-minded, noble, magnanimous, selfless
Edelschild {prop} {mf} :: surname
Edelschrott {prop} {n} :: Edelschrott (municipality)
Edelstahl {m} :: stainless steel (corrosion-free alloy)
edelstahlartig {adj} :: steely, steel-like
Edelstal {prop} {n} :: Edelstal (municipality)
Edelstein {m} :: gemstone
edelsüß {adj} :: Very sweet
Edeltanne {f} :: noble fir (Abies procera, a large evergreen coniferous tree of high-altitude areas in western North America)
Edel-Uni {f} :: Ivy League
Edelweiss {noun} :: alternative spelling of Edelweiß
Edelweiß {n} :: edelweiss
Eder {prop} :: surname
Eder {prop} :: Eder (river)
Edgar {prop} {n} :: given name
Ediacarium {prop} :: the Ediacaran
edieren {v} [scholarly] :: to publish
edieren {v} :: to edit
Edikt {n} [chiefly historical] :: edict
Edikt {n} [Austria, officialese] :: bankruptcy proceedings
Edinburgh {prop} {n} :: Edinburgh (capital city)
Edinburgh {prop} {n} :: Edinburgh (council area)
Edith {prop} :: given name borrowed from English in the 19th century
editierbar {adj} :: editable
Editierbarkeit {f} [computing] :: editability
Editor {m} :: editor (male or of unspecified sex)
editorisch {adj} :: editorial
Edlitz {prop} {n} :: Edlitz (municipality)
Edmund {prop} :: given name of English origin
edomitisch {adj} :: Edomite (related to Edom or to the Edomite language)
Edomitisch {n} :: Edomite (the Edomite language)
Eduard {prop} :: given name, derived from English Edward via French Édouard in the 18th century
Edukt {n} [chemistry] :: reactant (participant at the start of a chemical reaction)
EDV {noun} [computer] :: initialism of elektronische Datenverarbeitung
EDV-gestützt {adj} :: computerised
Eferding {prop} {n} :: Eferding (municipality)
Efeu {m} {n} :: ivy
Effekt {m} :: effect
effektiv {adj} :: effective
effektiv {adj} :: actual
effizient {adj} :: efficient
Effizienz {f} :: efficiency
Effusionsgeschwindigkeit {f} [physics] :: effusion rate
E. F. G. {phrase} :: abbreviation of euer fürstlich Gnaden, Euer Fürstlich Gnaden, Euer Fürstliche Gnaden
e-Form {f} [linguistics] :: e-form
EG {noun} :: abbreviation of Erdgeschoss
EG {prop} [dated] :: initialism of Europäische Gemeinschaft
egal {adj} [usually predicative only] :: all the same, unimportant
egal {adj} [dated, still used by some older speakers] :: the same, matching, alike
egal {adv} :: no matter
egalisieren {v} [sports] :: to level, equalise
egalitär {adj} :: egalitarian
Egalitarismus {m} :: egalitarianism
Egalität {f} [politics] :: equality
Egel {m} :: leech
Egeln {prop} {n} :: Egeln (town)
Egg {prop} {n} :: Egg (municipality)
Egg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Zürich, Switzerland
Egge {f} :: harrow
Eggelsberg {prop} {n} :: Eggelsberg (municipality)
eggen {v} :: to harrow
Eggenburg {prop} {n} :: Eggenburg (municipality)
Eggendorf {prop} {n} :: Eggendorf (municipality)
Eggerding {prop} {n} :: Eggerding (municipality)
Eggern {prop} {n} :: Eggern (municipality)
Eggert {prop} :: given name, a Low German variant of Ekkehard
Ego {n} :: ego
Egoismus {m} :: egoism
Egoist {m} :: egoist
egoistisch {adj} :: egoistic
Egon {prop} :: given name, popular during the first half of the 20th century
Ego-Shooter {m} :: first-person shooter
Egozentrik {f} :: egocentricity, egocentrism
Egozentriker {m} :: egocentric
egozentrisch {adj} :: egocentric
Egozentrismus {m} :: egocentrism
egressiv {adj} :: egressive
Egypten {prop} {n} :: obsolete spelling of Ägypten
eh {conj} [colloquial] :: before
eh {adv} [colloquial] :: anyway
eh {adv} [colloquial, Austrian] :: well, admittedly (for which in Germany only schon is used)
E.H. {noun} [music] :: abbreviation of Englisch Horn
ehe {conj} :: before, ere
ehe {conj} :: rather than
Ehe {f} :: marriage (state of being married; life as a married couple)
ehebrechen {v} [dated] :: to commit adultery
Ehebrecher {m} :: agent noun of ehebrechen; adulterer
Ehebrecherei {f} :: adultery
Ehebrecherin {f} :: adulteress
ehebrecherisch {adj} :: adulterous
Ehebruch {m} :: adultery
ehedem {adv} :: formerly
Ehefrau {f} :: married woman, wife
Ehefrauchen {n} :: diminutive of Ehefrau
Ehegatte {m} :: husband
Ehegatte {m} :: spouse
Ehegattin {f} :: feminine noun of Ehegatte
Ehegattin {f} :: married woman, wife
ehelich {adj} :: marital
ehelich {adj} :: born in wedlock
ehelichen {vt} :: to espouse
ehem. {adj} :: abbreviation of ehemalig
ehem. {adv} :: abbreviation of ehemals
ehemal. {adj} :: abbreviation of ehemalig
ehemalig {adj} :: former, erstwhile
Ehemalige {f} :: a (female) former (student, lover, office holder - context must clarify)
ehemalige jugoslawische Republik Mazedonien {prop} {f} :: former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
ehemals {adv} :: formerly
Ehemann {m} :: married man, husband
Ehemännchen {n} :: diminutive of Ehemann
Ehemännlein {n} :: diminutive of Ehemann
ehe man sichs versieht {phrase} [somewhat, dated] :: before you can say knife (quicker than one expects)
Ehepaar {n} :: married couple
Ehepartner {m} :: spouse
eher {adv} :: rather, quite
eher {adv} :: comparatively, somewhat
eher {adv} :: earlier
eher geht ein Kamel durch ein Nadelöhr {phrase} [idiom] :: easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, ...
Ehering {m} :: wedding ring
ehern {adj} [archaic, poetic] :: made of ore, thus of metal, especially iron
ehern {adj} [figurative, of a, rule, will, etc.] :: iron, inflexible
Ehescheidung {f} :: divorce
Ehestand {m} :: matrimony
ehestens {noun} :: at the earliest
ehestens {noun} :: ehestens am Freitag ― Friday at the earliest
ehestens {noun} [dated, outside, Austria] :: as soon as possible
Ehesteuer {f} :: dowry
Eheweib {n} [archaic] :: wife
Ehr {f} [poetic, dialectal, otherwise archaic] :: alternative form of Ehre
ehrbar {adj} :: respectable
ehrbar {adj} :: honorable; reputable
Ehrbarkeit {f} :: respectability
Ehre {f} :: honour; honor
Ehre {f} :: credit
Ehre {f} :: kudos
Ehre ist wichtiger als Ehren {proverb} :: "Honor is more important than honours"
ehren {v} :: to honor
Ehrenamt {n} :: volunteer work
ehrenamtlich {adj} :: voluntary (working without pay)
Ehrendivision {f} :: Any of the sport leagues called eredivisie in the Netherlands and Belgium, especially that of association football
Ehrendoktor {m} :: honorary doctor
Ehrengast {m} :: guest of honour
ehrenhaft {adj} :: honourable, respectable
ehrenhaft {adj} :: reputable
ehrenkäsig {adj} :: touchy in matters of honour
Ehrenmitgliedschaft {f} :: honorary membership
Ehrenmord {m} :: honor killing
ehrenrührig {adj} :: defamatory
ehrenrührig {adj} :: scurrilous
Ehrenschuld {f} :: debt of honour
Ehrenschutz {m} [law] :: protection of honor
Ehrenschutz {m} [Austria] :: patronage, auspices
ehrenvoll {adj} :: honourable
ehrenvollsten {adj} :: superlative of ehrenvoll
ehrenwert {adj} :: honourable
ehrenwert {adj} :: reputable
Ehrenwort {n} :: One's word of honor, linking a claim or promise to one's personal integrity
ehrenwörtlich {adj} :: Based on one's word of honour
ehrerbietig {adj} :: deferential, respectful, reverent
Ehre, wem Ehre gebührt {phrase} :: credit where credit's due; used to justly praise someone, or to break the solemnity of praising
Ehrfurcht {f} :: awe, reverence
ehrfürchtig {adj} :: awestruck, reverent
Ehrgeiz {m} :: ambition
ehrgeizig {adj} :: ambitious
ehrgeiziger {adj} :: comparative of ehrgeizig
ehrlich {adj} :: honest
ehrlicher {adj} :: comparative of ehrlich
ehrlicherweise {adv} :: in all honesty, honestly
ehrlich gesagt {phrase} :: truth be told, to be honest, actually
Ehrlichkeit {f} :: honesty
ehrlich währt am längsten {proverb} :: honesty is the best policy; implying that dishonesty will eventually be exposed
ehrlos {adj} :: dishonourable
Ehrlosigkeit {f} :: dishonor, infamy
ehrpusselig {adj} :: touchy about one's reputation
ehrrührig {adj} :: defamatory
ehrste {ordinal num} :: obsolete spelling of erste
Ehrung {f} :: recognition
Ehrung {f} :: honour
Ehrwald {prop} {n} :: Ehrwald (municipality)
ehrwürdig {adj} :: venerable, reverend
Ehrwürdigkeit {f} :: venerability
ehst. {adj} :: abbreviation of ehstnisch, i.e. obsolete form of est. (Estonian)
ehstnisch {adj} :: obsolete spelling of estnisch
Ehstnisch {prop} {n} :: obsolete spelling of Estnisch
eh und je {phrase} [with "so ... wie"] :: as ever
eh und je {phrase} [with "seit"] :: time immemorial, as long as one can remember
-ei {suffix} :: site or building where a characteristic activity is conducted
-ei {suffix} :: used to create abstract nouns denoting a state, condition, or quality, like English -y
-ei {suffix} :: alternative form of -erei
Ei {n} :: egg (all biological senses)
Ei {n} :: something egg-shaped
Ei {n} [colloquial, usually, in the plural] :: testicle; ball [also figuratively]
Ei {n} [colloquial, in the plural] :: bucks (money)
Ei {n} [colloquial, usually vocative, mildly pejorative] :: clown; foolish bloke
Eibe {f} :: yew (tree or shrub)
eiben {adj} :: yew (attributive), yewen
Eibenast {m} :: yew bough
Eibisch {m} :: marshmallow (plant)
Eibiswald {prop} {n} :: Eibiswald (municipality)
Eibohphobie {noun} :: aibohphobia, that is, the fear of palindromes
Eichbaum {prop} :: surname
Eiche {f} [countable] :: An oak tree, an oak, Quercus; the common tree
Eiche {f} [uncountable] :: oak; the wood of the tree
Eichel {f} :: acorn (fruit of an oak tree)
Eichel {f} :: acorns (a suit in German and Swiss playing cards)
Eichel {f} :: glans (vascular body which forms the apex of the penis)
Eichelhäher {m} :: European jay (bird), Garrulus glandarius
eichen {v} :: to calibrate, to gauge
eichen {adj} :: oaken, oak (made of oak wood)
Eichenbaum {m} :: oak tree
Eichenberg {prop} {n} :: surname
Eichenberg {prop} {n} :: Eichenberg (municipality)
Eichenberg {prop} {n} :: One of two municipalities in Thuringia, Germany
Eichenholz {n} :: oak, oak wood (The wood and timber of the oak.)
Eichenlaub {n} [collective] :: oakleaves (leaves of the oak tree)
Eichenlaub {n} [military] :: oakleaf (military award)
Eichgraben {prop} {n} :: Eichgraben (municipality)
Eichhorn {n} :: squirrel
Eichhörnchen {n} :: squirrel (in the narrow sense, Sciurus vulgaris)
Eichinger {prop} :: surname
Eichkatze {f} [regional, Southern] :: squirrel
Eichner {prop} :: surname
Eichstrich {m} :: calibration mark
Eid {m} [especially official, law, politics, military] :: oath
Eidam {m} [dated] :: son-in-law
Eidbrecher {m} :: oathbreaker
Eidbrecher {m} :: perjurer
Eidbruch {m} :: oathbreach
Eidechse {f} :: lizard
Eidechse {f} :: a member of Lacertidae, the family of the wall lizards, or true lizards
Eidechse {f} [constellation] :: Lacerta (astronomical constellation)
Eidechsenfisch {m} :: lizardfish, any member of the Synodontidae family
Eidenberg {prop} {n} :: Eidenberg (municipality)
Eiderdaune {f} :: eiderdown
Eiderente {f} :: eider (duck of genus Somateria), Somateria mollissima
Eidesformel {f} :: oath formula
eidetisch {adj} :: eidetic
Eidgenosse {m} :: confederate
Eidgenosse {m} :: Swiss (citizen of Switzerland)
Eidgenossenschaft {f} :: confederation, confederacy
Eidgenossin {f} :: Swiss woman
Eidgenössin {f} [rare] :: alternative form of Eidgenossin
eidgenössisch {adj} :: confederate
eidgenössisch {adj} :: Swiss
Eidotter {m} {n} :: egg yolk
Eierbecher {m} :: egg cup, eggcup
Eierbecher {m} [colloquial, sports] :: jockstrap
Eierdotter {m} {n} [chiefly archaic] :: alternative form of Eidotter
Eierklar {n} [Austria] :: alternative form of Eiklar
Eierkuchen {m} [regional, eastern Germany] :: pancake
Eierkühlhaus {n} :: cold storage warehouse holding eggs
Eierlaufen {n} :: egg and spoon race
eierlegend {adj} :: egg-laying, oviparous
eierlegende Wollmilchsau {f} [colloquial, often disapprovingly] :: An all-in-one device or person which has (or claims to have) only positive attributes and which can (or attempts to) do the work of several specialized tools
Eierlikör {m} [gastronomy] :: advocaat (alcoholic liqueur made from brandy, sugar, and egg yolks)
Eierlöffel {m} :: egg spoon
eiern {v} [colloquial] :: to wobble [of a wheel]
Eierpflaume {f} :: Prunus domestica subsp. intermedia [the plant is dated]
Eiersalat {m} :: egg salad
Eierschale {f} :: eggshell
eierschalenfarben {adj} :: eggshell (colour)
Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher {m} [humorous] :: A device used to create breaking points in egg shells in order to allow one to easily remove the top part of an egg using a knife without causing the shell to splinter; used for the humorous effect of its overly-formal construction (resembling Amtsdeutsch)
Eierspeise {f} :: an egg dish (specific type of prepared food featuring eggs)
Eierspeise {f} [Austria] :: scrambled eggs
Eierstock {m} :: ovary (female organ)
Eiertanz {m} [idiomatic] :: tortuous maneuvering [literally: egg dance]
Eieruhr {f} :: egg timer
Eifel {prop} {f} :: a relatively low mountain range in western Germany which occupies parts of southwestern North Rhine-Westphalia and northwestern Rhineland-Palatinate
Eifeler {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Eifel
Eifeler {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Eifel
Eifer {m} :: eagerness, zeal, alacrity
eifern {v} :: to strive
eifern {v} [obsolete] :: [with über] to be jealous of or zealous for
Eifersucht {f} :: jealousy
eifersüchtig {adj} :: jealous
eifersüchtiger {adj} :: comparative of eifersüchtig
Eiffelturm {prop} {m} :: Eiffel Tower (famous iron tower in Paris)
eiförmig {adj} :: egg-shaped, oval
eifrig {adj} :: avid, eager, diligent
eifrig {adv} :: enthusiastically, gladly
eifrig {adv} :: religiously
Eigelb {n} :: yolk [usually only in a culinary context]
eigen {adj} :: own
eigen {adj} :: appropriate
eigen {adj} :: idiosyncratic
eigen {adj} :: innate
eigen {adj} :: peculiar
eigen {adj} :: private
eigen {adj} :: proprietary
eigen {adj} :: intrinsic
Eigenart {f} :: peculiarity, characteristic
eigenartig {adj} :: peculiar, characteristic
eigenartig {adj} :: strange, odd
eigenartigerweise {adv} :: strangely, oddly
Eigenartigkeit {f} :: peculiarity, characteristic
Eigenartigkeit {f} :: strangeness, oddness
Eigenbrötelei {f} :: solitary ways
Eigenbrötler {m} :: solitary person, recluse, loner
Eigenbrötlerei {f} :: alternative form of Eigenbrötelei
Eigenbrötlerin {f} :: A female solitary person, recluse
eigenbrötlerisch {adj} :: solitary, reclusive
Eigenfunktion {f} [mathematics] :: eigenfunction
Eigengrau {n} :: eigengrau
eigenhändig {adj} :: with one's own hand; handmade, handwritten
eigenhändig {adv} :: with one's own hand, single-handedly
Eigenheim {n} :: privately owned home
Eigenheit {f} :: singularity (the state of being singular, distinct, peculiar, uncommon or unusual)
Eigenheit {f} :: behavior, mannerism (a distinctive behavioral trait)
eigeninitiativ {adj} :: on one's own initiative
Eigeninteresse {n} :: self-interest
Eigenkapital {n} [finance] :: equity; capital
eigenmächtig {adj} :: high-handed
Eigenname {m} :: proper noun
Eigennutz {m} :: self-interest
eigennützig {adj} :: selfish
eigens {adv} [formal] :: specifically (just for this purpose)
Eigenschaft {f} :: feature, property, characteristic; quality
Eigenschaftswort {n} :: adjective
Eigensinn {m} :: stubbornness, obstinacy, self-willedness, the quality of having an own mind without being prone to change it
Eigensinn {m} :: idiosyncrasy
eigensinnig {adj} :: self-willed, stubborn, defiant
eigensprachlich {adj} :: In one's own language
eigenständig {adj} :: independent
eigenständig {adj} :: discrete
eigenständig {adj} :: autonomous
eigensüchtig {adj} :: selfish, self-centred
eigenthümlich {adj} :: obsolete spelling of eigentümlich
eigentlich {adv} :: actually
eigentlich {adj} :: actual, proper
Eigentor {n} :: own goal
Eigentum {n} :: property
Eigentum {n} [legal] :: title, ownership
Eigentümer {m} :: owner, proprietor
eigentümlich {adj} :: typical, specific
eigentümlich {adj} :: peculiar
Eigentümlichkeit {f} :: peculiarity
Eigentumswohnung {f} :: condominium, freehold flat [UK]
Eigent.-Whg. {f} :: abbreviation of Eigentumswohnung
Eigenurin {m} :: urine from the same person that uses it for urine therapy
Eigenvektor {m} :: eigenvector
eigenverantwortlich {adj} :: directly responsible, on one's own responsibility, on one's own authority
eigenverantwortlicher {adj} :: comparative of eigenverantwortlich
Eigenverantwortlichkeit {f} :: direct responsibility, one's own responsibility, one's own authority
eigenverantwortlichsten {adj} :: superlative of eigenverantwortlich
Eigenwärme {f} :: body heat (heat generated by a person, animal, machine etc)
Eigenwert {m} [literally] :: an entity's intrinsic value
Eigenwert {m} [mathematics] :: eigenvalue (specific value related to a matrix)
Eigenwertproblem {n} [mathematics] :: eigenvalue problem
eigenwillig {adj} :: headstrong, self-willed
eigenwillig {adj} :: unusual, peculiar, idiosyncratic
eignen {vr} :: [+ für (object)] to suit, to be apt
eignen {vt} [lofty] :: [+ dat] to be own to someone, to be characteristic
Eignung {f} :: aptitude, qualification, suitability
Eigt.-Whg. {f} :: abbreviation of Eigentumswohnung
Eihülle {f} [biology] :: Embryonic membrane
Eike {prop} {f} :: given name
Eiklar {n} :: egg white
Eiland {n} [literary] :: a small island, typically isolated
Eiland {n} [literary] :: an island of any size; occasionally used to avoid repitition of Insel, otherwise poetic
Eile {f} :: hurry
Eileiter {m} :: Fallopian tube
Eile mit Weile {proverb} :: haste makes waste
eilen {v} :: to hurry, to rush
eilen {v} :: to be urgent
eilf {num} :: obsolete form of elf
eilfertig {adj} :: hasty
eilig {adj} :: speedy, hasty
eilig {adj} :: urgent
Eilmeldung {f} :: breaking news
ei'm {art} :: contraction of einem
eim {contraction} :: contraction of einem
Eimer {m} :: bucket
Eimer {prop} {mf} :: surname
ein- {prefix} :: generally indicating (concrete or abstract/metaphorical) motion into something
ein- {prefix} :: one, mono-, uni-
ein {num} :: one
ein {art} :: a, an
ein {adv} [now, chiefly in compounds] :: indicating (concrete or abstract/metaphorical) motion into something
ein {adj} [predicative] :: on
eina {adj} [Namibia] :: painful
eina {adv} [Austria] :: alternative form of herein
eina {interj} [South Africa, Namibia] :: ouch
ein abgebrochener Riese {m} [idiom, derogatory] :: small-statured person
ein alter Hut sein {v} [idiom] :: to be an old hat [something very familiar]
einander {pron} :: each other
ein Apfel und ein Ei {phrase} :: alternative form of 'n Appel und 'n Ei
einarbeiten {vt} :: to incorporate
einarbeiten {vt} :: to train [somebody for a new job]
einarmig {adj} :: one-armed
ein Ass im Ärmel haben {v} [idiom] :: to have an ace up one's sleeve
einatmen {v} :: to inhale, breathe in
Einatmung {f} :: inspiration (act of breathing in)
einatomar {adj} :: monatomic
einatomig {adj} [physics, chemistry] :: monatomic
ein Auge auf etwas werfen {v} [idiom] :: to keep an eye on something
ein Auge zudrücken {v} [idiom] :: to turn a blind eye
einäugig {adj} :: one-eyed
Einbahnstraße {f} :: one-way street
einbalsamieren {v} :: to embalm
Einbalsamierung {f} :: embalming
Einband {m} :: cover [of a book]
Einbau {m} :: installation, fitting, fixture, assembly
einbauen {v} :: to build in, to build into, to install
Einbauküche {f} :: built-in kitchen
Einbauteil {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: fixture(s), fittings
einbehalten {v} :: to withhold
einbeinig {adj} :: one-legged
einbekennen {v} [Austria] :: to acknowledge
Einbekennung {f} [formal] :: acknowledgement
Einbekennung {f} [Austria, dated] :: tax return
einberufen {v} :: to convene
einberufen {v} :: to conscript
Einberufung {f} [military] :: call-up papers, conscription
Einberufung {f} :: (session) calling
Einberufungsbefehl {m} [military] :: conscription order
einbestellen {v} :: to summon
einbetonieren {v} :: to concrete: to encase in or cover with concrete
einbetten {v} :: to embed
Einbettung {f} [mathematics] :: embedding
einbeziehen {v} :: To include
einbeziehen {v} :: To integrate (into)
Einbeziehung {f} :: inclusion, involvement
einbezogen {v} :: past participle of einbeziehen
einbilden {vr} :: to imagine [falsely]
ein Bild sagt mehr als tausend Worte {proverb} :: a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture paints a thousand words
Einbildung {f} :: illusion, imagination
Einbildung {f} :: conceit (overly high self-esteem)
einbinden {v} :: to bind something
einbinden {v} :: to integrate
einbinden {v} :: to involve somebody/something
einblasen {vt} :: to blow into
einbläuen {v} :: to beat (something) into (someone), to impress (something) upon (someone)
einbläuen {v} :: to make (something) blue; to blue
einblenden {v} [radio, film, computers] :: to display, to show
einblenden {v} [radio, film] :: to fade in
einbleuen {v} :: obsolete spelling of einbläuen (impress (something) upon (someone))
Einblick {m} :: insight
einbrechen {v} :: to break in
einbrechen {v} :: to break down
Einbrecher {m} :: agent noun of einbrechen; burglar, picklock, housebreaker
einbrennen {vt} [auxiliary: haben] :: to burn in
einbrennen {vr} [auxiliary: sein] :: to memorize
einbringen {v} :: to bring in, harvest, yield, fetch (a price)
einbringen {v} :: to bring into, contribute
einbringen {v} [politics, law] :: to introduce (a bill), file (an action)
Einbringen {n} :: insertion, introduction, placement
Einbringung {f} :: insertion, introduction
einbrocken {v} :: to get someone into [e.g. trouble, mess]
Einbruch {m} :: burglary, break-in
Einbruch {m} [economy] :: slump
Einbruchdiebstahl {m} :: burglary; alternative form of Einbruchsdiebstahl
einbuchten {v} [colloquial] :: to bang up (put in prison)
Einbuchtung {f} :: indentation, bay
Einbuchtung {f} [colloquial] :: incarceration
einbürgern {v} :: to naturalize (grant someone not born a citizen citizenship)
einbürgern {v} :: to become usual
Einbuße {f} :: loss
Einbuße {f} :: detriment, damage
Einbuße {f} :: forfeit
einbüßen {vt} :: to lose
einchecken {v} :: to check in
eindämmen {v} :: to contain
eindämmen {v} :: to stem
eindämmern {v} [auxiliary sein] :: to fall into a light sleep, begin to doze
eindämmern {v} [Swiss, auxiliary haben] :: to fall (of dusk, evening), to grow darker
Eindämmung {f} :: containment
Eindämmung {f} :: holding back
Eindämmungsfeld {n} :: containment field
Eindämmungsmaßnahme {f} :: containment measure, mitigation action
Eindämmungspolitik {f} :: containment policy, containment
Eindämmungsprozess {m} :: mitigation process
Eindämmungsprozeß {m} :: alternative spelling of Eindämmungsprozess
eindampfen {v} :: To evaporate
eindampfen {v} :: To vaporize
Eindampfung {f} :: evaporation
eindecken {vt} :: to cover, to roof
eindecken {vt} [gastronomy, of tables] :: to prepare, to lay
eindecken {vr} :: to stock up, to buy a lot
eindenken {vr} :: to familiarize oneself [+ in (object) = etwas = with [a situation, circumstance]]
eindeutig {adj} :: unambiguous, unequivocal, explicit, unique
eindeutig {adj} :: clear, definite
eindeutig {adv} :: unambiguously
eindeutig {adv} :: clearly, obviously
eindeutiger {adj} :: comparative of eindeutig
eindeutschen {v} :: to Germanize: to adapt to the German language and its orthography, phonology and/or morphology
eindeutschen {v} :: to make (something) a part of Germany
eindimensional {adj} :: one-dimensional, unidimensional
eindosen {v} :: to tin (place into a tin in order to preserve)
eindringen {v} :: to intrude
eindringlich {adj} :: urgent, insistent
eindringlich {adj} :: emphatic
Eindringling {m} :: intruder
Eindringling {m} :: interloper
Eindringling {m} :: trespasser
Eindringtiefe {f} :: penetration depth
Eindruck {m} :: impression
eindrucken {v} :: to imprint
eindrucken {v} [Austria, colloquial] :: to push something in (to the point of damage)
eindrücken {v} :: to push in
eindrucksvoll {adj} :: impressive
eindrucksvoller {adj} :: comparative of eindrucksvoll
eine Affäre haben {v} :: to have an affair
eine harte Nuss zu knacken haben {v} [idiom] :: to have a hard nut to crack
eineiig {adj} [of twins] :: monozygotic; identical
eineindeutig {adj} [maths] :: bijective, biunique
eineingeschüchtert {v} :: past participle of einschüchtern
eineinhalb {num} :: one and a half (1½), sesqui-
eine Kette ist nur so stark wie ihr schwächstes Glied {phrase} :: a chain is only as strong as its weakest link
eine lange Nase machen {v} [idiomatic] :: to thumb one's nose
eine Lanze brechen {idiom} :: to take up the cudgel for, to support
eine Leiche im Keller haben {f} :: skeleton in the cupboard, skeleton in the closet
einelementige Menge {f} :: synonym of Einermenge
einem geschenkten Gaul schaut man nicht ins Maul {proverb} :: don't look a gift horse in the mouth
einen an der Klatsche haben {v} [idiomatic] :: have a screw loose
einen an der Waffel haben {v} [idiom] :: to be a bit crazy
eine Nase drehen {v} [idiomatic] :: to thumb one's nose
einen Bären aufbinden {phrase} :: to trick; to cheat somebody
einen Blick werfen {v} [idiom] :: to take a look
einen Braten in der Röhre haben {v} [idiom] :: to have a bun in the oven
einen Dachschaden haben {v} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: to have a screw loose [literally: to have a roof damage]
einen fahren lassen {v} [idiom] :: to flatulate
einen fliegen lassen {v} [idiom] :: to flatulate
einen Frosch im Hals haben {v} [idiom] :: to have a frog in one's throat
einengen {v} :: to constrict, contract
einengen {v} [chemistry] :: to concentrate
einenglischen {v} :: to anglicise: to adapt to the English language and its orthography, phonology and/or morphology
einen guten Draht zu jemandem haben {v} [idiomatic] :: to be on good terms with someone, to have a connection with someone or something, to be attuned to
einen im Tee haben {v} [idiom] :: to be tipsy
einen Korb kriegen {v} [idiom] :: to be [romantically] rejected
einen Krebs fangen {v} [idiom] :: to catch a crab
einen kühlen Kopf bewahren {idiom} :: to keep a cool head
einen Riegel vorschieben {v} [idiom] :: to put a stop to
einen Rückzieher machen {v} [idiom] :: to backpedal
einen runterholen {v} :: [with dative, reflexive] to jerk off
einen runterholen {v} :: [with dative, transitive] to jerk off
einen Schlussstrich ziehen {v} [idiom] :: to put an end to [+ unter (object) = a topic, discussion, etc.]
einen Strick drehen {v} [idiomatic] :: to use something against somebody in order to hurt them (e.g. to have them fired or the like)
eine Nummer zu groß {adj} [idiomatic] :: out of one's league
einen Vogel haben {phrase} :: To have a few screws loose; be nuts; be crazy
einen Vogel zeigen {phrase} :: literally "to show a bird". making a cuckoo sign
einen Zahn zulegen {v} [idiom] :: to hurry up
einer {pron} :: one
einer {pron} :: someone, somebody
Einer {m} [mathematics] :: unit
Einer {m} [mathematics] :: units' place, ones' place (place value of a number)
Einer {m} [sports] :: single scull
Einer {m} [swimming] :: one-meter diving board
eine Reihe {phrase} :: a number of
einerlei {adv} :: all the same, not of consequence
Einermenge {f} [mathematics] :: singleton
einernten {v} [agriculture] :: to harvest, reap
einer Sache auf den Grund gehen {idiom} :: to get to the bottom of something
einer Sache Rechnung tragen {v} [idiom] :: to take something into account
einerseits {adv} :: on the one hand
einerseyts {adv} :: obsolete spelling of einerseits
eine Schlange am Busen nähren {v} :: to nourish a viper in one's bosom (do acts of kindness that will cause one harm in the end)
eine Schraube locker haben {v} [idiomatic] :: to have a screw loose
ein Esel schimpft den anderen Langohr {proverb} [idiom] :: the pot calling the kettle black
eines Tages {adv} :: one day, someday
einesteils {adv} :: on the one hand
einestheils {adv} :: obsolete spelling of einesteils
Eine-Verantwortlichkeit-Prinzip {prop} {n} [programming, object-oriented] :: single responsibility principle
ein Exempel statuieren {v} [idiomatic] :: to set a warning example [literally: to set an example]
einfach {adj} :: easy
einfach {adj} :: simple; plain
einfach {adj} :: single; one-way
einfach {adv} :: just; simply
Einfachbindung {f} [chemistry] :: single bond
einfacher {adj} :: comparative of einfach
Einfachheit {f} :: simplicity
einfach so {adv} [idiomatic] :: just like that
einfach so {adv} [idiomatic] :: just because
einfach so {adv} :: willy-nilly, haphazardly
einfachsten {adj} :: superlative of einfach
einfädeln {v} :: to thread
einfädeln {v} [idiomatic, figurative] :: to contrive, orchestrate
einfahren {v} :: to drive in
einfahren {v} [a train into a station] :: to arrive, to pull in
Einfahrt {f} :: entry, entrance, way in
Einfahrt {f} :: driveway
Einfall {m} :: idea
Einfall {m} :: invasion, inroad
einfallen {v} [with dative] :: to occur (to somebody), to come (to somebody); to come to mind
einfallen {v} [with dative] :: to remember
einfallen {v} :: to invade
einfallsreich {adj} :: imaginative, inventive, ingenious
Einfallsreichtum {m} :: ingenuity, inventiveness, resourcefulness
Einfallstrasse {f} :: alternative spelling of Einfallstraße
Einfallstraße {f} :: access road, radial road, arterial road
Einfalt {f} :: simplicity, naivety
einfältig {adj} :: simple, naïve
einfältigerweise {adv} :: naively, oafishly
Einfältigkeit {f} :: simple-mindedness, simplicity, artlessness, innocence, naïvety, sheepishness
Einfaltspinsel {m} :: simpleton
Einfamilienhaus {n} :: family house, family home (house designed to hold a single family)
Einfamilienwohnhaus {n} :: family house, family home (house designed to hold a single family)
Einfang {m} :: capture
einfangen {v} :: to capture
Einfangquerschnitt {m} [physics] :: capture cross section (of a neutron capture reaction)
Einfangrate {f} :: capture ratio
Einfarbameisenwürger {m} :: uniform antshrike
einfärben {v} [to colour with dye] :: to dye
Einfärben {n} :: coloring, (mainly British:) colouring
einfarbig {adj} :: monocolor/monocolour, unicolor/unicolour, unicolored, monochromatic, monochrome
Einfarbralle {f} :: uniform crake
Einfärbung {f} :: dyeing
ein Fass aufmachen {v} [idiom] :: to get worked up
Einfg {noun} :: abbreviation of Einfügen
einfinden {vr} :: to arrive at a specific location
einflechten {vt} :: to weave together
einflößen {v} :: to feed to; to pour into someones mouth
einflößen {v} [figuratively] :: to inspire with; to fill with
Einfluss {m} :: inflow, influx
Einfluss {m} [figurative] :: influence
Einfluß {noun} :: alternative spelling of Einfluss
Einflussbereich {m} :: sphere of influence
Einflussfaktor {m} :: influencing factor, factor of influence
einflusslos {adj} :: uninfluential
Einflusslosigkeit {f} :: lack of influence
einflussreich {adj} :: influential
einflüstern {v} :: to whisper, to prompt
einflüstern {v} [figuratively] :: to insinuate, to suggest
einförmig {adj} :: monotonous, humdrum
einförmig {adj} :: unchanging
einfrieden {v} :: to fence in
Einfriedung {f} :: the act of fencing something in or enclosing an area
Einfriedung {f} :: enclosure, fencing, fence, stockade
einfrieren {v} :: to freeze (to lower something's temperature to freezing point)
einfrieren {v} :: to freeze (wages, prices, etc.)
ein frühes Grab finden {idiom} :: to find an early grave, to die young
einfuchsen {vt} :: to make somebody a Fuchs, Fux, i.e. teach them the basics of fraternity rules and traditions
einfuchsen {vr} [colloquial] :: to get the hang of, to study
einfügen {v} :: to insert; put in the middle; put in between
einfühlsam {adj} :: sensitive, perceptive, empathic, compassionate
Einfühlungsvermögen {n} :: empathy
Einfuhr {f} [economics] :: import (the practice of importing)
einführen {v} :: to introduce
einführen {v} [economics] :: to import
einführen {v} :: to initiate
einführen {v} :: to insert
Einführung {f} :: introduction
Einführungsjahr {n} :: year of introduction
Einführungsjahr {n} :: [of a company] founded
Einführungsleitfaden {m} :: introductory guide
einfüllen {v} :: to pour in, to fill in
ein für alle Mal {adv} [idiomatic] :: once and for all
einfüßig {adj} :: one-footed
Eingabe {f} :: input
Eingabeaufforderung {f} [computing] :: command prompt
Eingang {m} :: entrance, entry
Eingang {m} :: arrival
Eingang {m} :: input
Eingang {m} :: entrance gate, doorway, hall, passage
Eingang {m} :: orifice
Eingang {m} :: inlet, mouth (of a river)
Eingang {m} :: introduction
Eingang {m} :: importation
Eingang {m} :: access
Eingang {m} :: beginning, preface, preamble, prologue
Eingang {m} :: receipt
eingängig {adj} :: catchy
eingangs {adv} :: at the beginning
Eingangstür {f} :: entrance door
eingeatmet {v} :: past participle of einatmen
eingeatmet {adj} :: inhaled
eingeben {v} :: to enter, input
eingebildet {adj} :: big-headed, conceited
eingeblasen {v} :: past participle of einblasen - blown (in or into), insufflated
eingeboren {adj} :: indigenous, aboriginal, native
eingeboren {adj} :: innate, inborn
eingeboren {adj} [Christianity] :: only-begotten, sole of God the Son, denoting that he is the only and unique son of God the Father
Eingeborene {f} :: [female] Aboriginal
Eingeborener {m} :: [male] Aboriginal
eingebracht {v} :: past participle of einbringen - brought, introduced, yielded
ein gebranntes Kind scheut das Feuer {proverb} :: a burnt child dreads the fire; once bitten, twice shy
eingebunden {adj} :: integrated (into)
eingebunden {adj} :: involved (with)
Eingebung {f} :: inspiration, impulse, intuition
ein Gedächtnis wie ein Sieb haben {v} [idiom] :: to have a mind like a sieve
eingedampft {v} :: past participle of eindampfen
eingedenk {adj} :: mindful
eingedenk {prep} :: mindful, remembering
eingedeutscht {adj} :: adapted to the orthography, phonology and/or morphology of the German language; Germanized
eingeengt {v} :: past participle of einengen
eingeengt {adj} :: cramped, constrained, constricted
eingefallen {adj} :: hollow, sunken
eingefleischt {adj} :: inveterate, dyed-in-the-wool, ingrained, chronic
eingeflößt {v} :: past participle of einflößen
eingeflüstert {v} :: past participle of einflüstern
eingefroren {adj} :: frozen
eingefroren {adj} :: icebound
eingeführt {adj} :: introduced, established, inaugurated
eingeführt {adj} :: imported
eingefüllt {v} :: past participle of einfüllen - poured in
eingegossen {v} :: past participle of eingießen
eingegossen {adj} :: infused
eingegossen {adj} :: ingrained
eingehalten {v} :: past participle of einhalten
eingeheimst {v} :: past participle of einheimsen
eingehen {vi} [_, with in + accusative, chiefly dated, literary] :: to enter; to go inside
eingehen {vi} :: to contract; to shrivel; to shrink
eingehen {vi} [botany, otherwise disrespectful] :: to die
eingehen {vi} [_, with auf + accusative] :: to discuss; to treat; to elaborate on
eingehen {vi} [_, with auf + accusative] :: to respond to; to take (a question)
eingehen {vt} :: to contract; to conclude (an agreement)
Eingehen {n} :: shrinkage
eingehend {adj} :: extensive, detailed, thorough, exhaustive
eingehend {adj} :: incoming
eingeklemmt {adj} :: stuck; hemmed in
eingekocht {v} :: past participle of einkochen
eingeladen {v} :: past participle of einladen
eingelagert {v} :: past participle of einlagern
eingelagert {adj} :: stored
eingelagert {adj} :: incorporated
eingelassen {adj} :: embedded
eingelassen {adj} :: flush
eingelegt {v} :: past participle of einlegen
eingelegt {adj} :: pickled, soused
eingeleitet {v} :: past participle of einleiten
eingeloggt {v} :: past participle of einloggen
eingelöst {v} :: past participle of einlösen
eingemacht {v} :: past participle of einmachen
eingemischt {v} :: past participle of einmischen
eingemottet {v} :: past participle of einmotten
eingeordnet {v} :: past participle of einordnen
eingeordnet {adj} :: classified
eingeplant {adj} :: scheduled
eingeprägt {v} :: past participle of einprägen
eingepresst {v} :: past participle of einpressen
eingepresst {adj} :: pressed (in)
eingeräumt {v} :: past participle of einräumen
eingereicht {v} :: past participle of einreichen
eingereist {v} :: past participle of einreisen
eingeschlagen {v} :: past participle of einschlagen
eingeschlechtig {adj} :: unisexual
Eingeschlossensein-Syndrom {n} [colloquial] :: synonym of Locked-in-Syndrom
eingeschmolzen {v} :: past participle of einschmelzen - melted down
eingeschossig {adj} :: one-story (buildings)
eingeschränkt {adj} :: restricted, constrained, limited
eingesetzt {adj} :: used, introduced, deployed, applied
eingespart {v} :: past participle of einsparen
eingespeist {adj} :: injected
eingespeist {adj} :: fed (into)
eingesperrt {adj} :: confined
eingesperrt {adj} :: caged
eingesperrt {adj} :: imprisoned, incarcerated, jailed
eingesprüht {v} :: past participle of einsprühen - sprayed
eingestanden {v} :: past participle of einstehen
eingestehen {v} :: To admit, confess, concede, acknowledge
eingestellt {adj} :: adjusted
eingestellt {adj} :: appointed, recruited
eingestellt {adj} :: ceased, abandoned, closed
eingestimmt {v} :: past participle of einstimmen
eingestuft {v} :: past participle of einstufen
eingestuft {adj} :: classified, classed, rated, categorized
eingestürzt {v} :: past participle of einstürzen
eingetaucht {v} :: past participle of eintauchen
eingetaucht {adj} :: immersed, dipped
eingetaucht {adj} :: submerged
eingetragene Partnerschaft {f} :: civil union, civil partnership, registered partnership
eingetroffen {adj} :: arrived
eingewandt {v} :: past participle of einwenden
eingeweckt {v} :: past participle of einwecken
eingeweicht {v} :: past participle of einweichen
Eingeweide {n} :: (mostly plural) guts, internal organs
eingeweiht {adj} :: privy
Eingeweihte {f} :: female insider, initiate
Eingeweihter {m} :: insider, initiate
eingewendet {v} :: past participle of einwenden
eingewilligt {v} :: past participle of einwilligen
eingießen {v} :: to pour in
eingleisig {adj} :: single-track (railway)
eingliedern {v} :: to integrate
Eingliederung {f} :: integration
eingreifen {v} :: to intervene
Eingreiftruppe {f} :: intervention force, response force, deployment force, task force, emergency team
Eingrenzung {f} :: containment, barrier
Eingrenzung {f} :: limitation
Eingriff {m} :: intervention
Eingriff {m} [medicine] :: operation
Einguss {m} :: (in-pouring) the pouring of the metal into a mold
Einguss {m} :: (sprue) the opening of the mold, through which the metal is poured
Einguß {m} :: obsolete spelling of Einguss
Einhalt {m} [formal] :: stop
einhalten {v} :: to keep (an appointment, a promise etc.), observe, follow (a tradition, rule, diet etc.)
einhalten {v} :: to abide by, to comply with (a decision, rules etc.)
einhalten {v} :: to maintain (speed, direction, course etc.)
einhalten {v} [dated] :: discontinue, stop doing (something) [mit (etwas)]
Einhaltung {f} :: adherence, compliance (with a law, etc.)
einhämmern {vt} :: to hammer in
einhändig {adj} :: one-handed, single-handed
einhauchen {v} :: to breathe into
einheben {v} [Austria] :: to collect a fee
einheimisch {adj} :: domestic (internal to a specific country)
einheimsen {v} :: to earn
Einheit {f} :: unit
Einheit {f} :: unity
einheitlich {adj} :: uniform
einheitlicher {adj} :: comparative of einheitlich
einheitlichsten {adj} :: superlative of einheitlich
Einheitsbrei {m} :: bland, samey fare; pablum; prolefeed
Einheitspartei {noun} [GDR, politics] :: Unity Party (the main party of a state)
Einheitspsychose {f} [psychiatry] :: Unitary psychosis, a 19th-century belief that all forms of psychosis were surface variations of a single underlying mental illness
Einheitswurst {f} :: Something uniform and bland
Einheitswurst {f} [historical] :: A type of sausage made according to a uniform recipe, introduced during the First World War as part of war rationing
einheizen {vi} :: to put/turn the heating on
einheizen {vt} :: to put (the oven) on
einheizen {vt} [colloquial] :: to give (someone) hell, haul over the coals
einhellig {adj} :: unanimous
einher {adv} :: in (in the direction of the speaker)
einherfahren {v} :: to drive along
einhergegangen {v} :: past participle of einhergehen
einhergehen {vi} [constructed with mit] :: To accompany
einhergeht {v} :: past participle of einhergehen - accompanied
einherschreiten {v} :: to stride along
einholen {v} :: to catch up to
einholen {v} :: to reel
Einhorn {n} :: unicorn
ein Hühnchen rupfen {vi} [idiomatic, + mit, chiefly infinitive with müssen or haben zu] :: to take to task; to have a rebuking talk with
einhundert {num} :: one hundred
einhunderterste {adj} :: hundred-and-first
einhundertprozentig {adj} :: one hundred percent
einhundertste {ordinal num} :: hundredth
einhunderttausend {num} :: one hundred thousand
einig {pron} :: some, a few, plenty
einig {adj} :: united
einig {adj} [predicative only] :: agreed, in agreement
einigen {v} :: To unite or unify
einigermaßen {adv} :: somewhat
einigermaßen {adv} :: fairly, moderately, rather
Einigkeit {f} :: unity
Einigkeit {f} :: consensus, agreement
Einigung {f} :: unification
Einigung {f} :: agreement
einimpfen {v} [ditransitive] :: to inculcate (teach by repeated instruction)
einkapseln {v} :: to encapsulate
Einkauf {m} :: purchase (the act or process of seeking and obtaining something)
Einkauf {m} :: whole set of purchased goods
einkaufen {v} :: to shop
Einkaufsbeutel {m} :: shopping bag
Einkaufsbummel {m} :: shopping spree, leisure shopping stroll
Einkaufschip {m} :: alternative form of Einkaufswagenchip
Einkaufskorb {m} :: shopping basket, shopper basket
Einkaufsliste {f} :: shopping list, list of things to buy
Einkaufstasche {f} :: shopping bag
Einkaufstüte {f} :: shopping bag
Einkaufswagen {m} :: shopping cart, shopping trolley
Einkaufswagenchip {m} :: trolley token (coin-shaped piece of plastic or metal used to unhitch shopping trolleys in supermarkets and the like)
Einkaufszentrum {n} :: shopping center, shopping mall
Einkehr {f} :: (self-)reflection
Einkehr {f} :: retreat
einkehren {v} :: to sojourn
einkehren {v} [figurative] :: to come
Einkerbung {f} :: The action of notching (in / into)
Einkerbung {f} :: notch, indent, score
einkesseln {v} [millitary] :: to surround
Einkesselung {f} [military] :: encirclement
einkettig {adj} [chemistry] :: single-chain
Einklang {m} :: harmony
Einklang {m} :: conformity, compliance, line, keeping
einknicken {v} :: to buckle
einknicken {v} [figurative] :: to cave in
einkochen {v} :: to boil down
einkochen {v} :: to preserve, to bottle (to preserve food by heating and sealing in a can, jar or bottle)
einkochen {v} [Austria] :: to decieve, scam
einkommen {v} [dated] :: to earn
einkommen {v} [sports] :: to come in [in a ranking]
einkommen {v} [archaic] :: to come to mind
Einkommen {n} :: income
Einkommenssteuer {f} :: income tax
Einkommensteuer {f} :: income tax
Einkorn {n} :: einkorn wheat
einkriegen {vt} :: to catch up
einkriegen {vr} :: to calm oneself
Einkristall {m} :: monocrystal, single crystal
Einküchenhaus {n} :: a house with one kitchen
einkühlen {vt} :: to refrigerate
Einkühlung {f} [technology] :: preservation of food in a refridgerator
Einkühlung {f} [Austria] :: chilling (of wine, etc.)
Einkunft {f} [often plural] :: income, revenue
einladen {v} :: to invite
einladen {v} :: to treat (entertain with food or drink, especially at one's own expense)
einladen {v} :: to load (something into a container)
Einladung {f} :: invitation
Einlage {f} :: insert, insertion, inlay
Einlage {f} [medicine, orthopedics, for shoes] :: insert, insole
Einlage {f} [cooking, in soups] :: garnish
Einlage {f} [feminine hygiene] :: pad
Einlage {f} [theater] :: interlude, intermezzo
Einlage {f} [banking] :: deposit
Einlage {f} [finance] :: share, investment
einlagern {v} :: To store, deposit
Einlagerung {f} :: storage
Einlagerung {f} [chemistry] :: intercalation
Einlagerungsverbindung {f} [chemistry] :: intercalation compound
Einlass {m} :: admission
einlassen {vt} [formal, of a person] :: to let in; to admit; to grant entry
einlassen {vt} [chiefly of liquids, gases] :: to introduce; to cause to enter a room or fill a container, usually slowly
einlassen {vt} [with Bad] :: to draw a bath; to run a bath
einlassen {vt} [chiefly construction] :: to cause to be embedded in something; to recess; to inset
einlassen {vr} [with auf + accusative] :: to get into; to become involved in (especially something risky)
einlassen {vr} [with mit] :: to become involved with somebody (usually one who is “bad company”, or for something risky or immoral)
einlassen {vr} [formal, law, usually of a defendant] :: to testify; to declare; to state
Einlassung {f} :: testimony, statement
Einlauf {m} :: the act of running in
Einlauf {m} [sports] :: run-in, finish
Einlauf {m} [medicine] :: enema (injection of fluid into the rectum)
Einlauf {m} [colloquial] :: harsh critique
Einlauf {m} [engineering] :: entry (place where a liquid or a gas enters a system)
einlaufen {vi} [auxiliary: "sein"] :: to run in
einlaufen {vi} [of clothing, auxiliary: "sein"] :: to shrink (by washing)
einlaufen {vi} [of ships, auxiliary: "sein"] :: to enter port
einlaufen {vt} [of shoes, auxiliary: "haben"] :: to break in
einlaufen {vr} [sports, auxiliary: "haben"] :: to warm up (by running)
Einlaufkind {n} [sports] :: child mascot (a child who accompanies a football player entering the pitch)
einläuten {v} :: to ring in
einläuten {v} :: to herald, to usher in
einleben {vr} :: to settle in
einlegen {v} :: to insert
einlegen {v} :: to put in
einlegen {v} :: to inlay
einlegen {v} [a break] :: to have
einlegen {v} [a protest or appeal] :: to file
einlegen {v} [cooking] :: to pickle
einleiten {v} :: to commence, initiate, trigger, instigate, start
Einleiten {n} :: initiation, commencement, triggering
Einleitung {f} :: introduction
Einleitung {f} :: preamble
Einleitung {f} :: inlet (of water)
Einleitung {f} :: induction (of labour)
einlenken {v} :: to relent, back down
einlesen {vr} :: to acquaint oneself with a work or field by reading
einlesen {vt} [computing] :: to scan; to read or digitalise with an electronic device
einleuchten {vt} [colloquial] :: to become clear [to somebody]
einlochen {v} [colloquial] :: to put behind bars
einlochen {v} [golf, billiards] :: to get the ball in the hole
einlochen {v} [vulgar] :: to penetrate
einloggen {v} [computing] :: to log in (gain access to a computer system)
einlösen {vt} [banking, of a security or bond] :: to redeem
einlösen {vt} [banking, of a check] :: to cash
einlösen {vt} [of a promise] :: to redeem
Einlösung {f} [banking, of a security or bond] :: redemption
Einlösung {f} [banking, of a check] :: cashing
Einlösung {f} [of a promise] :: redemption
einlullen {v} :: to lull [to sleep]
einmachen {vt} [cooking] :: to can (to preserve food by heating and sealing in a can or jar)
einmachen {v} :: to fix, to fit into
ein Machtwort sprechen {phrase} [idiomatic] :: to decide a matter; to exercise one's authority
einmahnen {vt} :: to demand payment/fulfillment [of an obligation]
einmal {adv} :: once, one time (one and only one time)
einmal {adv} :: once (formerly; during some period in the past)
einmal {adv} :: sometime (at an indefinite but stated time in the past or future)
einmal {adv} :: first of all, for starters, firstly (as an initial point; before any other considerations)
Einmaleins {n} [arithmetic] :: multiplication table; times table
Einmaleins {n} [figuratively] :: basic knowledge; 101
einmalig {adj} :: non-recurring, one-time
einmalig {adj} :: singular, unique
einmalig {adj} :: unheard-of
einmal ist keinmal {proverb} :: Once doesn’t count; one swallow does not a summer make
einmal ist keinmal {proverb} :: One slip is allowed; everyone deserves a second chance
einmal ist keinmal {proverb} :: One time won’t hurt; just try it
Einmannpackung {f} [Bundeswehr] :: field ration, combat ration
einmarschieren {v} :: to invade
einmauern {vt} :: to wall in
einmengen {vt} :: to mix in
einmengen {vr} :: to meddle
einmilliardste {ordinal num} :: billionth
einmillionste {ordinal num} :: millionth
einminütig {adj} :: one-minute
einmischen {vr} :: to interfere, to intervene
einmischen {vt} [rare] :: to mix into, to blend into
Einmischung {f} :: interference, intervention
einmonatig {adj} :: one-month (attributive)
einmotorig {adj} :: single-engined
einmotten {vt} :: to mothball
einmummen {vtr} :: to muffle up
einmütig {adj} :: unanimous
Einnahme {f} :: receipt, revenue
Einnahme {f} [medicine] :: taking (of a drug)
Einnahme {f} [military] :: taking, capture
einnässen {vr} :: to wet [oneself]
einnehmen {v} [military] :: to conquer
einnehmen {v} [of meals or medicine] :: to take, to have
einnicken {v} :: to nod off
einnisten {vr} :: to nest
einnisten {vr} :: to settle down
Einöde {f} :: deserted, remote, isolated land; wasteland
ein offener Feind ist besser als ein ungewisser Freund {proverb} :: "An openly hostile enemy is better than an unknown friend"
einölen {v} :: to oil
einordnen {v} :: to classify (to determine the class of an item)
Einordnung {f} :: classification
Einordnung {f} :: grading
einpacken {vt} [a gift, etc.] :: to wrap up; to pack up
einpennen {v} :: to doze off, to conk out
Einpersonenhaushalt {m} :: one-person household
einprägen {vt} :: to imprint (to leave a print, impression, image, etc.)
einprägen {vr} [dative, _] :: to memorize
einprägen {vr} [accusative, _] :: to etch into one’s mind (make a lasting impression)
einprägsam {adj} :: easily understandable and rememberable; intuitive; neat
einprägsam {adj} :: memorable; significant; meaningful; expressive
einpreisen {v} [finance] :: to price in
einpressen {v} :: to press in
einpressen {v} :: to inject
einprogrammieren {vt} :: to program, to program into
einprozentig {adj} :: one-percent
einquartieren {vt} :: to quarter
Einrad {n} :: unicycle
einräumen {v} :: To grant, concede, admit
Einraumwohnung {f} [DDR] :: single-room apartment; efficiency apartment; bachelor apartment
einreden {v} :: to talk into (doing/believing something), convince, persuade
einreiben {vti} :: to rub in
einreichen {v} :: to send in, to hand in, to submit
einreihig {adj} :: single-breasted; arranged in a row
Einreise {f} :: entry (into a country)
einreisen {v} :: to enter (a country)
einreißen {v} :: to knock down, demolish
einrichten {v} :: to furnish
einrichten {v} :: to arrange
Einrichtung {f} :: facility, institution
Einrichtung {f} :: constitution, installation, establishment
Einrichtung {f} :: furnishing, furniture
Einrichtungsgegenstand {m} :: furnishing item, fixture
einrosten {v} :: to rust [to the point of unusability]
einrücken {v} :: to march in
einrücken {v} :: to report for duty
einrücken {v} [typography] :: to indent
einrühren {v} :: to stir in
eins {num} :: one (numerical value represented by the Arabic numeral 1; first positive number in the set of natural numbers)
eins {num} [colloquial] :: one, one o'clock
eins {adv} [somewhat, colloquial] :: only used in sich eins sein (“to agree”) and eins werden (“to arrive at an agreement”)
Eins {f} :: one (digit or figure)
einsam {adj} :: lonely, lone
Einsamkeit {f} :: loneliness
Einsamkeit {f} :: solitude, lonesomeness
einsargen {v} :: to coffin
Einsatz {m} :: use
Einsatz {m} :: effort
Einsatz {m} :: risk
Einsatz {m} [games] :: stake
Einsatz {m} [military] :: mission, campaign, deployment
Einsatz {m} :: input
Einsatz {m} [music] :: entry, entrance; cue
Einsatzbereich {m} :: operating / application range
Einsatzbereich {m} :: field / area of use
einsatzbereit {adj} :: ready for action, ready for operation, ready for use
einsatzbereit {adj} [sports] :: fit for play
einsatzbereit {adj} [military] :: combat-ready
Einsatzgebiet {n} :: application, field
Einsatzgebiet {n} [military] :: theatre of operations
Einsatzkraft {f} :: responder, a member of a rescue team
Einsatzkraft {f} [plural] :: forces, emergency crew, personnel
Einsatzmöglichkeit {f} :: (field of) application
Einsatzort {m} :: site (of a factory etc)
Einsatztruppe {f} :: task force
Einsatzverband {m} :: operational unit, squad, mission contingent, reaction force, task force
einsaugen {v} :: to suck in
einsaugen {v} :: to absorb
einschaltbereit {adj} :: ready to be switched on
einschalten {vt} :: to switch on, to power up, to enable (to put a mechanism, device or system into operation)
einschalten {vt} :: to call in
einschalten {vr} :: to intervene
einschärfen {v} :: to impress upon, to inculcate
einschätzen {v} :: to judge, to assess
Einschätzung {f} :: assessment, estimation
einschenken {v} :: to pour [a drink into a glass or cup]
einschieben {vt} :: to slide something in
einschieben {vt} :: to insert
einschiffig {adj} :: (of a church) single-nave; having a single nave
einschlafen {v} :: to fall asleep
einschläfern {v} [euphemistic] :: to put to sleep
einschläfernd {adj} :: soporific, somniferous
Einschlag {m} :: impact (the force or energy of a collision of two objects)
Einschlag {m} :: wrapper, wrapping
einschlagen {vt} :: to smash
einschlagen {vt} :: to gouge
einschlagen {v} :: to strike (of lighting)
einschlagen {v} :: to take (a path etc.)
einschlägig {adj} :: relevant, pertinent, appropriate
Einschlagklappe {f} :: book flap
einschleppen {v} [nautical] :: to tow in
einschleppen {vt} :: to unknowingly introduce [something undesireable]
einschleusen {vt} :: to make something go through a sluice
einschleusen {vt} :: to smuggle in
einschliessen {v} :: alternative spelling of einschließen
einschließen {v} :: to lock up
einschließen {v} :: to include
einschließlich {prep} :: including, comprising
einschließlich {adv} :: inclusively
einschlummern {v} :: to fall asleep, doze off
Einschluss {m} [geology] :: inclusion
Einschluss {m} :: involvement
Einschlußkomplex {m} [chemistry] :: inclusion complex, inclusion compound
Einschlussverbindung {f} [chemistry] :: inclusion compound
einschmeicheln {vr} :: to ingratiate oneself (get favor through flattery)
einschneiden {v} :: to engrave; to carve
einschneien {vi} [auxiliary sein] :: to be snowed in
einschneien {vt} [auxiliary haben] :: to snow in
Einschnitt {m} :: incision
Einschnitt {m} :: cut, financial cut, cutback
einschränken {vt} :: to constrain
einschränken {vr} :: to economize
Einschränkung {f} :: constraint, restraint
einschreiben {vr} :: to enroll, enlist
Einschreiben {n} :: registered mail
Einschreibung {f} :: enrollment (Am.) / enrolment (Br.)
Einschreibung {f} :: matriculation
einschreiten {v} :: to intervene, to interfere, to step in
Einschub {m} :: parenthesis
einschüchtern {v} :: to intimidate
Einschüchterung {f} :: intimidation
Einschulungsuntersuchung {f} :: examination of children entering elementary school
einschwören {vt} :: to make sombody swear [+ auf (object) = etwas = to something]
einsegnen {vt} :: to bless
einsehbar {adj} :: accesible
einsehen {v} :: to comprehend, understand, recognize, realize, accept
einsehen {v} :: to see into
einseifen {v} :: to soap
einseitig {adj} :: one-sided
einseitig {adj} :: unbalanced
einseitig {adj} :: biased
einseitig {adj} :: unidirectional
einseitig {adj} :: unrequited (love)
Einseitigkeit {f} :: one-sidedness
einsenden {v} :: to send in, submit
Einser {m} [schools, slang] :: grade one
einsetzbar {adj} :: usable, applicable
einsetzen {v} :: to put in; set in; insert
einsetzen {v} :: to use; employ
einsetzen {v} :: to appoint
einsetzen {v} :: to risk
einsetzen {v} :: to stake
einsetzen {v} [reflexive, with für + accusative] :: to speak up for
einsetzend {adj} :: incipient
Einsicht {f} :: insight (power of acute observation and deduction)
Einsicht {f} :: a view, a look (into e.g. a room)
einsichtig {adj} :: reasonable
Einsiedler {m} :: hermit
Einsiedlerin {f} :: feminine noun of Einsiedler
einsilbig {adj} :: monosyllabic
Einsilbigkeit {f} :: monosyllabicity
einsitzen {vi} :: to be in jail
einspannen {v} :: to clamp
Einspänner {m} :: one-horse carriage
Einspänner {m} :: A solitary person; someone who only lives for themself
Einspänner {m} [colloquial, jocular] :: bachelor (unmarried man)
Einspänner {m} [Austria] :: Viennese coffee (espresso and whipped cream served in a glass)
Einspänner {m} [Austria] :: a sausage link
einsparen {v} :: To save on
einsparen {v} :: To reduce, cut down on
Einsparung {f} :: saving, economy
Einsparung {f} :: retrenchment
Einsparung {f} :: economizing
einsperren {vt} :: to lock up, to imprison, to jail
Einsprache {f} [Switzerland, law] :: objection
einsprachig {adj} :: monolingual, unilingual
Einsprachigkeit {f} :: monolingualism, unilingualism, monoglottism
Einsprengsel {n} :: inset, sprinkling, interspersion (state)
einspringen {vt} :: to fill in, step in
einspritzen {v} [technology] :: to inject
Einspruch {m} [legal, court] :: objection
einspurig {adj} :: single-lane, single-track
einst {adv} :: once, formerly (during some period in the past)
einst {adv} :: one time, at one point (sometime in the future)
Einstand {m} :: start, debut
Einstand {m} [tennis] :: deuce
einstecken {v} :: to plug in
einstehen {v} :: To vouch (for), take responsibility (for)
einsteigen {v} :: to get in
einsteigen {v} :: to get on
Einsteiger {m} :: beginner, rookie, newbie
Einstein {prop} {mf} :: surname, notably of Albert Einstein
Einstein {m} :: an extremely intelligent person
ein Stein fällt auf den Kopf {phrase} :: Used other than as an idiom, see the individual lemmas
ein Stein fällt auf den Kopf {phrase} [idiomatic] :: Used to refer to the residual risk that is part of life, or a fate one cannot avoid
Einsteinium {n} :: einsteinium
Einsteinkonstante {f} :: Einstein's constant
einstellen {v} :: to employ, to hire
einstellen {v} :: to adjust
einstellen {vr} :: to prepare
einstellen {vr} :: to appear
einstellen {v} :: to cease, to stop
einstellig {adj} :: unary, monadic, single-digit
Einstellung {f} :: attitude
Einstellung {f} :: hiring, beginning of an employment
Einstellung {f} :: cessation, discontinuation
Einstellung {f} [legal] :: dismissal (of action)
Einstellung {f} [technology] :: adjustment, setting, calibration (of a machine)
Einstellung {f} [medicine] :: adjustment (of medication)
Einstellung {f} [film] :: take
einstens {adv} [formal, literary] :: once, one day
Einstieg {m} :: entrance
Einstieg {m} :: start
Einstiegsdroge {f} :: gateway drug
einstig {adj} :: former, erstwhile
einstimmen {v} :: to join in
einstimmig {adj} :: unanimous
einstöckig {adj} :: one-story (buildings)
einstoßen {v} :: to push in
Einstrahlung {f} :: irradiation
Einstrahlung {f} :: insolation
einstreuen {v} :: to intersperse
Einstrom {m} :: influx
einstufen {v} :: to categorize, to class, to classify
einstufig {adj} :: single-stage
Einstufung {f} :: classification, ranking, grading
einstündig {adj} :: one-hour
Einsturz {m} [of a building or other construction] :: collapse
einstürzen {v} :: [building or other construction] to collapse
Einsturzgefahr {f} :: danger of collapse, risk of collapse
einstweilen {adv} :: for the time being
einstweilen {adv} :: in the meantime
einstweilig {adj} :: temporary
einstweilig {adj} :: provisional, interim
eintägig {adj} :: one-day (attributive)
Eintagsfliege {f} :: mayfly
Eintagsfliege {f} [colloquial, figuratively] :: nine day wonder (something that generates interest for a limited time and is then abandoned)
Eintänzer {m} :: gigolo
eintauchen {v} :: to plunge
eintauchen {v} :: to immerse, to dip, to steep
eintausend {num} :: one thousand
eintausendsechshundert {num} :: one thousand six hundred; 1,600
eintausendsiebenhundert {num} :: one thousand seven hundred; 1,700
eintausendste {ordinal num} :: thousandth
einteilen {v} :: to divide up
Einteilung {f} :: classification, arrangement
Einteilung {f} :: division
Eintheilung {f} :: obsolete spelling of Einteilung
eintippen {v} :: to type in
eintönig {adj} :: monotonous, humdrum
Eintönigkeit {f} :: monotony
Eintopf {m} :: stew
Eintracht {f} :: concord
Eintracht {f} :: harmony
Eintracht {f} :: unity
einträchtig {adj} :: harmonious, peaceful, united
Einträchtigkeit {f} :: concord
Einträchtigkeit {f} :: harmony
Einträchtigkeit {f} :: unity
Eintrag {m} :: entry (in dictionary, record in log)
eintragen {v} :: to enter, to record
einträglich {adj} :: profitable
eintreffen {v} :: to arrive
eintreffen {v} :: to come true
eintreiben {v} :: to drive in
eintreiben {v} :: to collect [e.g. debts]
Eintreibung {f} :: debt collection
eintreten {v} :: to enter
eintreten {v} :: to occur, to eventuate
eintreten {v} [with für + accusative] :: to advocate, to support, to stand for
eintrichtern {vt} :: to din something into somebody (repeat insistently in order to persuade or make remember)
Eintritt {m} [chiefly uncountable] :: occurring; occurrence (the fact that something happens)
Eintritt {m} [chiefly uncountable] :: joining; enlistment (becoming a member, e.g. of a club)
Eintritt {m} [chiefly uncountable] :: entrance, access (right to go in, also the fee thereof)
Eintritt {m} [countable, rather rare] :: entry, entrance (door or area where one enters)
Eintrittskarte {f} :: ticket (piece of paper that allows entrance into somewhere)
eintrüben {vt} :: to blur
eintrudeln {v} [colloquial] :: to arrive (often late and/or one by one)
einundachtzig {num} :: eighty-one (81)
einundachtzigste {ordinal num} :: eighty-first
einunddreissig {num} :: alternative spelling of einunddreißig
einunddreißig {num} :: thirty-one (31)
einunddreißigste {ordinal num} :: thirty-first
einundfünfzig {num} :: fifty-one (51)
einundfünfzigste {ordinal num} :: fifty-first
einundneunzig {num} :: ninety-one (91)
einundneunzigste {ordinal num} :: ninety-first
einundsechzig {num} :: sixty-one (61)
einundsechzigste {ordinal num} :: sixty-first
einundsiebzig {num} :: seventy-one (71)
einundsiebzigste {ordinal num} :: seventy-first
einundvierzig {num} :: forty-one
einundvierzigste {ordinal num} :: forty-first
einundzwanzig {num} :: twenty-one
Einundzwanzigeck {n} :: icosihenagon
einundzwanzigfach {adj} :: twenty-one-fold
einundzwanzigjährig {adj} :: twenty-one-year-old
einundzwanzigmal {adv} :: twenty-one times
einundzwanzigste {ordinal num} :: twenty-first
einundzwanzigwöchig {adj} :: twenty-one-week
ein Unglück kommt selten allein {proverb} :: it never rains but it pours
einverleiben {v} [law] :: to incorporate
einverleiben {v} [humorous] :: to eat
Einvernehmen {n} :: consent, agreement
einvernehmlich {adj} :: amicable
einvernehmlich {adv} :: amicably
einverstanden {adj} [predicative adjective] :: In agreement, agreeing
einverstanden {adj} [as interjection] :: okay, agreed
einverständlich {adj} :: by mutual consent
einverständlich {adj} :: amicable
Einverständnis {n} :: agreement, consent
Einverständniserklärung {f} :: declaration of consent
ein Vögelchen hat mir gezwitschert {phrase} :: a little bird told me (I was told by hearsay or a source that I do not want to reveal)
Einwand {m} :: objection (statement expressing opposition)
Einwanderer {m} :: immigrant (male or of unspecified sex)
einwandern {v} :: to immigrate
Einwanderung {f} :: immigration
einwandfrei {adj} :: perfect, impeccable
einwandig {adj} :: single-walled
einwärts {adv} :: inwards
einwecken {v} :: to can (to preserve by heating and sealing in a jar)
Einweckglas {n} :: Weck jar
einweg- {prefix} :: disposable
Einwegbehälter {m} :: disposable container
Einwegbesteck {n} :: disposable (plastic) cutlery
Einwegfeuerzeug {n} :: disposable lighter
Einwegflasche {f} :: disposable bottle
Einweggeschirr {n} :: disposable tableware
Einwegglas {n} :: disposable glass
Einwegmesser {n} :: disposable (plastic) knife
Einwegpackung {f} :: disposable (food) container
Einwegpfand {n} :: can or bottle deposit
Einwegrasierer {m} :: disposable razor
Einwegspritze {f} :: disposable razor
Einwegverpackung {f} :: disposable (food) container
einweichen {v} :: to soak
Einweichen {n} :: soaking, soak
einweihen {v} :: to initiate
einweihen {v} :: to inaugurate, to consecrate
Einweihung {f} :: inauguration
einweisen {v} :: to brief, instruct
einweisen {v} :: to take to a medical facility, to commit
Einweisung {f} :: briefing, introduction
einwenden {v} :: to object
einwenden {v} :: to oppose
einwenden {v} :: to argue
einwenden {v} :: to demur
Einwendung {f} :: objection (statement expressing opposition)
einwerfen {v} :: to interject (in a discussion)
einwertig {adj} :: monovalent
einwertig {adj} :: univalent
einwickeln {v} :: to envelop, wrap up, wrap (enclose in fabric, paper, etc.)
einwickeln {v} :: to fool, take in (deceive, hoodwink)
einwilligen {v} :: to consent (to), to agree (to)
Einwilligung {f} :: consent
einwirkend {adj} :: acting on
Einwirkung {f} :: influence (on), exposure (to)
Einwirkung {f} :: effect or impact
Einwirkzeit {f} :: exposure / application time / duration
einwöchig {adj} :: one-week
Einwohner {m} :: inhabitant
einwohnerarm {adj} :: small (having a small population)
Einwohnerin {f} :: feminine noun of Einwohner
einwohnerreich {adj} :: populous (having a large population)
Einwohnerzahl {f} :: population, number of inhabitants
ein Wort gibt das andere {phrase} :: one word leads to another
Einwurf {m} [soccer] :: throw-in
Einwurf {m} :: insertion; opening
Einwurf {m} :: slit; slot
Einwurf {m} :: interjection (in a discussion)
Einzahl {f} [grammar] :: singular
einzahlen {v} [banking] :: to deposit (to put money or funds into an account)
einzäunen {v} :: to fence in, fence, enclose
einzel- {prefix} :: single
Einzeldosis {f} :: single dose
Einzelfall {m} :: individual case; isolated case
Einzelfallbetrachtung {f} :: consideration of cases on an individual basis
Einzelgänger {m} :: loner
einzelgängerisch {adj} :: solitary
Einzelhaft {f} :: solitary confinement
Einzelhandel {m} :: retail (sale of goods directly to the consumer)
Einzelheit {f} :: detail
Einzelkind {n} :: only child
Einzeller {m} :: unicell, unicellular
einzellig {adj} :: unicellular
einzeln {adj} :: single; lone
einzeln {adj} :: only, unique
einzeln {adj} :: separate; discrete
einzeln {adj} :: individual
einzeln {adj} :: sporadic; occasional
einzeln {adv} :: singly
einzeln {adv} :: individually; one by one
Einzelnachweis {m} :: itemization, specification
Einzelner {m} :: nominalization of einzelner: individual (a single human being)
einzelsprachlich {adj} :: pertaining to one or more individual languages
Einzelstück {n} :: unique specimen, single piece, individual piece
Einzelteil {n} {m} :: [not further subdividable] part, component
Einzelunterricht {m} :: one-to-one lessons, individual instruction
Einzelzimmer {n} :: single room
einziehbar {noun} :: retractable
einziehen {vt} :: to thread (elastic, thread etc.)
einziehen {vt} :: to put in (a joist, wall etc.)
einziehen {vt} :: to retract, pull in; to lower (a periscope); to take in (a rudder)
einziehen {vt} [military] :: to conscript, draft
einziehen {vt} :: to collect (taxes etc.)
einziehen {vt} [typography] :: to indent
einziehen {vi} :: to move in (to a house etc.)
einziehen {vi} :: to come (in + dative to)
einzig {adj} :: only, sole
einzig {adj} :: unique
einzig {adv} :: only
einzigartig {adj} :: unique
einzigartig {adv} :: uniquely
einzigst {adj} [colloquial, nonstandard] :: alternative form of einzig
Einzug {m} :: move, moving in (the act of moving to a particular dwelling)
Einzug {m} :: ceremonial entry, entrance, such as of soldiers into a city, dancers into a hall, etc
Einzug {m} [sports] :: advancement (the reaching of the next round in a tournament)
Einzug {m} [banking] :: collection of payments due; withdrawal of banknotes
Einzug {m} [typography] :: indentation
Einzugsparty {f} :: housewarming party
Eis {n} :: ice
Eis {n} :: ice cream
Eis {n} [music] :: E sharp
Eisbahn {f} :: ice rink
Eisbär {m} [zoology] :: polar bear (Ursus maritimus)
Eisbearbeitungsmaschine {f} :: ice resurfacer
eisbedeckt {adj} :: ice-covered
Eisbein {n} [regional, northern and central Germany, cooking] :: pork knuckle
Eisberg {m} :: iceberg
Eisblume {f} :: frost pattern, frost flower
Eisbohrkern {m} [geology] :: ice core
Eisbrecher {m} :: icebreaker (ship designed to break through ice)
Eisbrecher {m} :: starkwater, starling (structure to protect a bridge from ice floating on a river)
Eiscafé {n} :: an ice cream parlor, especially one that also serves cake
Eischnee {n} :: egg white foam; beaten egg white
Eiscreme {f} :: ice cream
Eiscrème {f} [Switzerland] :: alternative spelling of Eiscreme
Eisdiele {f} :: ice cream parlor (shop or café selling ice cream)
eisen {v} :: To freeze
eisen {adj} [obsolete] :: of iron
Eisen {n} :: iron (chemical element, Fe)
Eisenach {prop} :: Eisenach (independent city)
Eisenarsenid {n} [inorganic compound] :: iron arsenide
Eisenbahn {f} :: railway, railroad (transporting system)
Eisenbahn {f} [somewhat, colloquial] :: train
Eisenbahnüberführung {f} :: railway overpass
Eisenbahnunterführung {f} :: railway underpass
Eisenbasislegierung {f} :: ferrous (iron-based) alloy
Eisenbergbau {m} :: iron mining
Eisenbergbau {m} :: iron-mining industry
eisenbewehrt {adj} :: reinforced with iron (or steel)
Eisenblech {n} :: sheet metal (iron)
Eisencarbid {n} [inorganic compound] :: iron carbide
Eisencarbonyl {n} [inorganic compound] :: iron carbonyl
Eisendraht {m} :: iron wire
Eisenerz {n} :: iron ore
Eisenerz {prop} {n} :: Eisenerz (municipality)
Eisenerzgrube {f} :: iron ore mine
eisenfarben {adj} :: steely (having a gray colour of iron or steel)
Eisengießer {m} :: iron founder (person who works in an iron foundry
Eisengießerie {f} :: iron foundry
Eisengranat {m} [mineral] :: iron garnet
Eisengruppe {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: iron group
Eisenguß {m} :: alternative spelling of Eisenguss
eisenhaltig {adj} :: ferrous, chalybeate (iron-bearing)
Eisenhauer {prop} :: surname
Eisenhut {m} :: aconite, Aconitum
Eisenhydroxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: iron hydroxide (ferrous or ferric)
Eisenion {n} :: iron ion
Eisenkies {m} [mineral] :: pyrite
Eisenkraut {n} [uncountable] :: Verbena (a genus of herbaceous plants)
Eisenkraut {n} [specifically] :: common vervain [Verbena officinalis]
Eisenkraut {n} :: lemon verbena (Aloysia citrodora)
Eisenkraut {n} [countable] :: A plant of any of the above taxa
Eisenmangel {m} [pathology] :: iron deficiency
Eisenmangelanämie {f} [pathology] :: iron-deficiency anaemia
Eisenmeteorit {m} :: iron meteorite
Eisennagel {m} :: iron nail
Eisenoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: iron oxide
Eisenpentacarbonyl {n} [inorganic compound] :: iron pentacarbonyl
Eisenplatte {f} :: iron plate
Eisenpräparat {n} [medicine] :: iron supplement (or similar preparation)
eisenreich {adj} :: iron-rich
Eisensilikat {n} [inorganic compound] :: iron silicate
Eisenspäne {noun} :: iron filings
Eisenspat {m} [mineral] :: siderite
Eisenstadt {prop} {n} :: Eisenstadt (municipality)
Eisenstein {m} :: ironstone
Eisenstein {prop} {mf} :: surname
Eisensulfat {n} [inorganic compound] :: ferrous sulfate
Eisensulfid {n} [inorganic compound] :: ferrous sulfide
Eisentreppe {f} :: iron stairs
Eisenverhüttung {f} :: ironmaking (iron smelting)
Eisenwaren {fp} :: hardware (fixtures, equipment, tools and devices used for general purpose construction and repair of a structure or object)
Eisenwarenladen {m} :: small hardware store, typically locally owned
Eisenwerkstoff {m} :: ferrous material
Eisenzeit {f} :: Iron Age
eisern {adj} :: iron
eisern {adj} :: ironclad
eisern {adj} :: staunch, unyielding
eiserne Hand {f} :: iron fist
Eiserne Krone {prop} {f} :: Iron Crown of Lombardy
Eiserner Vorhang {prop} {m} :: Iron Curtain
Eiserne Vorhang {m} [no plural] :: Iron Curtain
Eiseskälte {f} :: icy cold
Eiseskälte {f} [figuratively] :: icy manner
Eisessig {m} [organic compound] :: glacial acetic acid
eisfrei {adj} :: free of ice
Eisgarn {prop} {n} :: Eisgarn (municipality)
eisgekühlt {adj} :: iced (cooled by the addition of ice)
Eisheilige {f} :: a female "ice saint": one of the saints on whose feast days frost is likely
Eisheiliger {m} [in the plurale tantum] :: a period in May with increased likelihood of night frost, falling on the name days of certain saints; a blackberry winter
Eisheiliger {m} :: one (male) of these saints; a male "ice saint"
Eishockey {n} :: ice hockey
Eishockeyspieler {m} :: ice hockey player (male or of unspecified sex)
eisig {adj} :: icy
eisiger {adj} :: comparative of eisig
eisigsten {adj} :: superlative of eisig
Eiskaffee {m} :: iced coffee
eiskalt {adj} :: ice-cold
Eiskrem {f} :: alternative spelling of Eiscreme
Eiskreme {f} :: alternative spelling of Eiscreme
Eiskunstlauf {m} :: figure skating
Eiskunstläufer {m} :: figure skater
eislaufen {v} :: ice-skate
Eis laufen {v} :: Spelling reform of 1996 spelling of eislaufen
Eislaufmutti {f} [pejorative] :: soccer mom (woman overly ambitious with her children's success)
Eisleben {prop} :: Eisleben (town), now named Lutherstadt Eisleben
Eismann {m} :: iceman (one who trades in ice)
Eismann {m} :: ice cream street vendor
Eismann {m} [Austria, Southern Germany, plural only] :: the Ice Saints
Eismeergarnele {f} :: pink shrimp, deepwater prawn, deep-sea prawn, great northern prawn, crevette nordique, northern shrimp, Pandalus borealis
Eisnebel {m} :: ice fog
Eispickel {m} :: ice axe
Eisregen {m} :: freezing rain
Eiss {m} :: alternative spelling of Eiß
Eiß {m} [regional, Southern German, Switzerland, chiefly dialectal] :: purulent ulcer, running sore
Eisschicht {f} :: icecap, ice sheet
Eisschnelllauf {m} :: speed skating
Eisschnellläufer {m} :: speed skater
Eisscholle {f} :: ice floe
Eisstein {m} [mineral] :: cryolite
Eisstocksport {m} [sports] :: curling
Eisstockstiel {m} [sports] :: curling stick
Eistaucher {m} :: great northern diver [Gavia immer]
Eistee {m} [beverage] :: iced tea, ice tea (cold tea)
Eisverkäufer {m} :: ice-cream vendor
Eisverkäuferin {f} :: ice-cream vendor (female)
Eisvogel {m} :: kingfisher (any of various birds of the suborder Alcedines)
Eiswein {m} :: ice wine (a sweet wine made from grapes that are harvested after the first frost)
Eiswürfel {m} :: ice cube (small piece of ice used for cooling drinks)
Eiszapfen {m} :: icicle
Eiszeit {f} :: ice age
eitel {adj} :: vain (overly proud of oneself, especially one’s outer appearance)
eitel {adj} [religion, otherwise dated] :: vain; void; futile (having no value or effect)
eitel {adj} [dialectal, otherwise obsolete] :: empty
Eitelkeit {f} :: vanity
Eiter {m} [pathology] :: pus
Eiterbeule {f} :: boil, furuncle
Eiterfluss {m} :: pyorrhea [discharge of pus]
eiterig {adj} :: purulent, suppurating, festering
eitern {v} :: to suppurate (form or discharge pus)
eiterweiß {adj} :: pus-like white
eitrig {adj} :: purulent, suppurating, festering
Eitzing {prop} {n} :: Eitzing (municipality)
Eiweiß {n} :: albumen, egg white
Eiweiß {n} [nutrition] :: protein
eiweißhaltig {adj} :: albuminous
eiweißhaltig {adj} :: proteinaceous
Eiweißstoff {m} :: protein
Eiweißstoff {m} :: albumin / albumen
Eiweißsynthese {f} [biochemistry] :: protein synthesis
Eizelle {f} :: ovum
Ejakulat {n} :: ejaculate (the liquid ejected during ejaculation)
ejakulieren {v} :: to ejaculate (of a male, to eject semen, or, of a female, to eject vaginal fluid during an orgasm)
Ejalet {n} :: eyalet
EJRM {prop} :: initialism of ehemalige jugoslawische Republik Mazedonien
Ekel {m} :: disgust
ekelerregend {adj} :: disgusting, revolting, nauseating, sickening, repugnant
ekelhaft {adj} :: disgusting
ekelig {adj} :: alternative form of eklig
ekeln {vr} [with vor] :: to be disgusted
ekeln {vt} [more formal] :: to disgust
Ekis {prop} {n} [Austria] :: acronym of Elektronischen Kriminalpolizeilichen Informationssystem; the Austrian internet surveillance system
Ekkehard {prop} :: given name
ekkrin {adj} :: eccrine
Eklat {m} :: scandal, stir
eklatant {adj} :: striking
eklatant {adj} :: blatant
eklektisch {adj} :: eclectic
Eklektizismus {noun} :: eclecticism
eklektizistisch {adj} :: eclectic
eklektizistisch {adj} :: Related to eclecticism
eklig {adj} :: disgusting, yucky, icky
Ekliptik {f} :: ecliptic
ekliptisch {adj} :: ecliptical
Ekranoplan {m} [aviation, nautical] :: ekranoplan
Ekstase {f} :: ecstasy
ekstatisch {adj} :: ecstatic
Ektoenzym {n} [biochemistry] :: ectoenzyme
-ektomie {suffix} [medicine, specialist, less widely understood than in English] :: -ectomy (surgical removal of)
Ektoparasit {m} :: ectoparasite
Ektoplasma {n} :: ectoplasm
ektropisch {adj} :: ectropic
Ekzem {n} :: eczema (acute or chronic inflammation of the skin)
-el {suffix} :: suffix in diminutives
-el {suffix} :: suffix in nouns indicating appurtenance
-el {suffix} :: suffix in agent and instrumental nouns
EL {m} :: initialism of Esslöffel
elaboriert {adj} :: elaborated
Elan {m} :: elan, verve
elastisch {adj} :: elastic
elastisch {adj} :: flexible
elastisch {adj} :: resilient
elastisch {adj} :: springy, bouncy
elastischer {adj} :: comparative of elastisch
elastischsten {adj} :: superlative of elastisch
Elastizität {m} :: elasticity
Elastizitätsmodul {m} :: modulus of elasticity
elastomer {adj} :: elastomeric
Elastomer {n} :: elastomer
Elativ {m} :: absolute superlative
Elativ {m} :: elative (a grammatical form that expresses the comparative, superlative, and absolute superlative)
Elb {m} :: elf
Elba {prop} {n} :: Elba (Italian island)
Elbait {m} [mineral] :: elbaite
Elbbrücke {f} :: a bridge that spans the Elbe
Elbe {prop} {f} :: the Elbe
Elbe {m} :: alternative form of Elb (elf)
Elbenvolk {n} :: the race of elves
elbisch {adj} :: Elbian; of, located by or pertaining to the Elbe
elbisch {adj} :: elven, elfish
Elbmetropole {f} :: metropolis on the Elbe
Elbmetropole {f} [in particular, no plural] :: Dresden or Hamburg
Elbstadt {f} :: city on the Elbe
Elch {m} :: moose, elk (largest member of the deer family)
-elchen {suffix} [standard] :: used to make diminutives of nouns with a stem ending in -ch, and a few with a stem ending in -g.
-elchen {suffix} [regional] :: used to make diminutives of words with other final sounds, particularly -k and -ng.
Elchtest {m} :: moose test, elk test
Electoral College {n} [politics] :: electoral college
Electronic Card {f} :: ecard (electronic greeting card)
Electronic Card {f} [Austria] :: electronic health insurance card
Elefant {m} :: elephant (male or of unspecified sex)
Elefantenhochzeit {f} [economics, colloquial] :: huge merger
Elefantenhochzeit {f} [politics, colloquial] :: grand coalition
Elefantenlaus {f} :: the elephant louse, Haematomyzus elephantis, being a parasite of elephants
Elefantenlaus {f} :: certain Anacardiaceae species:
Elefantenlaus {f} :: ostindische Elefantenlaus, Semecarpus anacardium, marking-nut
Elefantenlaus {f} :: westindische Elefantenlaus, Anacardium occidentale, cashew-nut
Elefantenrunde {f} [colloquial] :: A televised debate or discussion with the leaders of the major political parties
Elefantenrüsselmuschel {f} :: geoduck, a species of clam (Panopea abrupta or Panope generosa)
elefantös {adj} :: elephantine (all senses)
elegant {adj} :: elegant
eleganter {adj} :: comparative of elegant
elegantesten {adj} :: superlative of elegant
Eleganz {f} :: elegance
Elegie {f} :: elegy (mournful or plaintive poem or song)
elegisch {adj} :: elegiac
elegisch {adj} :: plaintive
Elektor {m} [politics] :: elector (male or of unspecified sex)
Elektricität {f} :: obsolete spelling of Elektrizität
Elektrik {n} [colloquial] :: synonym of Elektrizität
Elektriker {m} :: electrician (male or of unspecified sex) (a person who installs, repairs and maintains electrical wiring and equipment)
Elektrikerin {f} :: electrician (female) (a person who installs, repairs and maintains electrical wiring and equipment)
elektrisch {adj} :: electric
Elektrischer Wels {m} :: electric catfish
elektrische Zigarette {f} :: electronic cigarette
elektrisieren {v} :: electrify (supply electricity to)
elektrisieren {v} :: electrify (excite suddenly)
elektrisiert {adj} :: electrified
elektrisiren {v} :: obsolete spelling of elektrisieren
elektrisirt {adj} :: obsolete spelling of elektrisiert
Elektrizität {f} :: electricity
Elektrizitätswerk {n} :: (electric) power station
elektro- {prefix} :: electro-
Elektrochemie {f} [chemistry] :: electrochemistry
elektrochemisch {adj} [chemistry] :: electrochemical
Elektrode {f} :: electrode
Elektrodenpotential {n} [physics, chemistry] :: electrode potential
Elektrodynamik {f} [physics] :: electrodynamics
elektrodynamisch {adj} [physics] :: electrodynamic
Elektroenergie {f} :: electric energy
Elektroenzephalografie {f} :: electroencephalography
Elektrofahrzeug {n} :: electric vehicle
elektrogen {adj} :: electrogenic
Elektrogitarre {f} :: electric guitar (a guitar which requires electronic amplification to produce sufficient sound)
Elektrogravimetrie {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: electrogravimetry
Elektrogrill {m} :: electric grill
Elektroindustrie {f} :: electrical industry
Elektroingenieur {m} :: electrical engineer
Elektroinstallation {f} :: electrical installation
Elektrokeramik {f} :: electroceramic
Elektrolokomotive {f} [transportation, train] :: electric locomotive
Elektrolyse {f} [chemistry] :: electrolysis
Elektrolysezelle {f} [physics, chemistry] :: electrolytic cell
elektrolysiert {v} :: past participle of elektrolysieren - electrolyzed
Elektrolyt {m} :: electrolyte
elektrolytisch {adj} :: electrolytic
elektrolytisch {adv} :: electrolytically
Elektrolytkondensator {m} :: electrolytic capacitor
Elektromagnet {m} :: electromagnet
elektromagnetisch {adj} :: electromagnetic
elektromagnetische Wechselwirkung {f} [physics] :: electromagnetic interaction
Elektromagnetismus {m} [physics] :: electromagnetism
elektromechanisch {adj} :: electromechanical
Elektromobilität {f} :: electromobility
Elektromotor {m} :: electric motor
Elektron {n} :: electron
elektronegativ {adj} :: electronegative
Elektronegativität {f} :: electronegativity
Elektronenaffinität {f} [physics] :: electron affinity
Elektronenakzeptor {m} [chemistry] :: electron acceptor
Elektronendonator {m} [chemistry] :: electron donor
Elektronendonor {m} [chemistry] :: electron donor
Elektroneneinfang {f} [physics] :: electron capture
Elektronenfehlstelle {f} [physics] :: electron hole
Elektronenkonfiguration {f} [physics, chemistry] :: electron configuration
Elektronenmangel {m} [chemistry] :: electron deficiency
Elektronenmasse {f} [physics] :: electron mass
Elektronenmikroskop {n} :: electron microscope (any of several forms of microscope that use a beam of electrons rather than one of light)
Elektronenpaar {n} [physics, chemistry] :: electron pair
Elektronenschale {f} [physics] :: electron shell
Elektronenstrahl {m} :: electron beam
elektronenstrahlgeschmolzen {adj} :: electron-beam-melted
Elektronenübertragung {f} [chemistry] :: electron transfer
Elektronenvolt {n} :: electron volt (eV)
Elektronenzahl {f} [physics, chemistry] :: electron number
Elektronik {f} :: electronics
Elektronikindustrie {f} :: electronics industry
Elektronikschrott {m} :: electronic waste, e-waste
elektronisch {adj} :: electronic
elektronische Datenverarbeitung {f} [computing] :: electronic data processing (EDP), computer data processing
elektronische Zigarette {f} :: electronic cigarette
Elektroofen {m} :: electric fire
Elektroofen {m} :: electric oven, furnace or kiln
elektrophil {adj} :: electrophilic
Elektrophil {n} :: electrophile
Elektrophorese {m} [physics, medicine] :: electrophoresis
Elektrophysiologie {f} :: electrophysiology
elektropositiv {adj} :: electropositive
Elektroschrott {m} :: electronic waste, e-waste
Elektroschweißen {n} :: electronic welding
Elektroskop {n} [physics] :: electroscope
elektrostatisch {adj} :: electrostatic
Elektrotechnik {f} [electrical engineering] :: electrical engineering
elektrotechnisch {adj} :: electrotechnical
Element {n} [chemistry] :: element
Element {n} :: element; essential component
Element {n} [chiefly in the plural] :: force of nature; the elements
Element {n} [chiefly in the plural and with adjectives] :: a person, especially viewed as a member of a destructive or criminal group or movement
elementar {adj} :: fundamental; essential; vital
elementar {adj} :: basic; elementary
Elementaranalyse {f} :: elementary analysis
Elementarladung {f} [physics] :: elementary charge
Elementarteilchen {n} :: elementary particle (fundamental particle)
Elementarzelle {f} :: unit cell
Elementbezeichnung {f} :: element's name
Elementhalbleiter {m} :: single-element semiconductor
Elementhäufigkeit {f} :: frequency (relative abundance) of the elements
Elementsymbol {n} [chemistry] :: chemical symbol
Elementwasserstoff {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: binary hydride (simple compound of an element and hydrogen)
Elen {m} {n} :: moose [US], elk [UK] Alces alces
Elena {prop} :: given name
Elenantilope {f} :: eland
elend {adj} :: miserable
elend {adj} :: wretched
elend {adj} :: sordid
Elend {n} :: misery
elenktisch {adj} :: elenctic
Eleonora {prop} :: given name, variant of Eleonore (Eleanor)
Eleonore {prop} :: given name
Elephant {m} :: elephant. obsolete form of Elefant
Elephant {m} [chess, obsolete] :: castle, rook
Elephantenlaus {f} :: archaic spelling of Elefantenlaus
eleusinisch {adj} :: Eleusinian
elf {num} :: eleven
Elf {f} :: (a group of) eleven
Elf {f} :: football team, XI (so called because eleven is the number of players on such a team)
Elf {m} :: elf
Elfe {m} :: alternative form of Elf
Elfe {f} :: female elf
Elfe {f} :: fairy
Elfe {f} :: pixie
elfeckig {adj} :: hendecagonal
Elfenbein {n} :: ivory (material)
elfenbeinfarben {adj} :: ivory (having colour of ivory)
Elfenbeinküste {prop} {f} :: Ivory Coast, Côte d'Ivoire (country)
Elfenbeinturm {m} [idiomatic] :: ivory tower
elfengleich {adj} :: elflike
Elfer {m} :: someone or something with the number eleven (a bus line, a football player etc.)
Elfer {m} :: penalty kick (in association football, taken from eleven metres from the goal)
elffach {adj} :: elevenfold
elfhundert {num} :: eleven hundred
elfmal {adv} :: eleven times
Elfmeter {m} [executed to determine the outcome of a game] :: penalty kick
Elfmeterschießen {n} :: penalty shoot-out
Elfriede {prop} :: given name
elfstellig {adj} :: eleven-digit
elfstündig {adj} :: eleven-hour
elfte {adj} :: eleventh
elfter Finger {m} :: penis
elfzehn {num} [colloquial] :: eleventeen; a nonsense number
ELGA {noun} [healthcare, Austria] :: initialism of w:de:Elektronische Gesundheitsakte (electronic health records)
Elia {prop} :: Elijah [biblical character]
Elia {prop} :: given name, much more common in the form Elias
Elias {prop} :: given name of biblical origin
Elimination {f} :: elimination
eliminieren {v} :: to eliminate
Eliminierung {f} [organic chemistry] :: elimination (reaction)
Elisa {prop} :: given name, short for Elisabeth
Elisa {prop} :: Elisha [biblical character]
Elisabeth {prop} :: Elizabeth [biblical character]
Elisabeth {prop} :: given name of biblical origin
elisabethanisch {adj} :: Elizabethan
elisabethinisch {adj} [rare] :: alternative form of elisabethanisch
Elise {prop} :: given name derived from Elisabeth
elitär {adj} :: elite
elitär {adj} :: elitist
Elitarismus {m} :: elitism
Elite {f} :: elite
Eliteeinheit {f} :: elite unit (eg of a military)
Elitist {m} :: elitist
Elixhausen {prop} {n} :: Elixhausen (municipality)
Elixier {n} :: potion (liquid which is medicinal and/or magical)
Elixier {n} [alchemy] :: elixir (liquid which was believed to turn non-precious metals to gold; liquid which was believed to cure all ills)
Elixier {n} [pharmacy] :: elixir (sweet taste-masking liquid)
Elke {prop} :: given name, a Low German and West Frisian diminutive of Adelheid; popular in the mid-twentieth century
-ell {suffix} :: pertaining or adhering to; adjectival suffix attaching to nouns
Ella {prop} :: given name, similar to English Ella
Ellbogen {m} :: elbow
Ellbögen {prop} {n} :: Ellbögen (municipality)
Elle {f} [skeleton] :: ulna
Elle {f} :: ell
Ellebogen {m} [colloquial, regional] :: alternative form of Ellbogen
Ellen {prop} :: given name of English and Danish origin
Ellenbogen {m} :: alternative form of Ellbogen
Ellenbogengesellschaft {f} :: dog-eat-dog society (world, jungle), survival-of-the-fittest world, everyone-for-himself society
ellenlang {adj} :: incredibly long
Elli {prop} :: given name, diminutive of Elisabeth
Ellipse {f} [mathematics] :: ellipse
Ellipse {f} :: ellipsis
Ellipsoid {n} :: ellipsoid (surface all of whose cross sections are elliptic or circular)
elliptisch {adj} :: elliptical (ellipse-shaped)
elliptisch {adj} :: elliptical (showing ellipsis)
Ellmau {prop} {n} :: Ellmau (municipality)
Elly {prop} :: given name, short for Elisabeth or Eleanor
Elma {prop} {f} :: given name
Elmar {prop} :: given name, shortened from Adelmar, roughly equivalent to English Elmer
Elmen {prop} {n} :: Elmen (municipality)
Elmo {prop} :: given name
-eln {suffix} :: Verb suffix: Build verbs from nouns, adjectives and other verbs, whose meaning is either iterative or diminutive
eloquent {adj} :: eloquent
Eloquenz {f} :: eloquence
eloxieren {v} :: To anodize
eloxiert {v} :: past participle of eloxieren
eloxiert {adj} :: anodized
Elsa {prop} :: given name
El Salvador {prop} {n} :: El Salvador
Elsass {prop} {n} :: Elsass (region)
Elsaß {prop} {n} :: Alsace
Elsässer {m} :: Alsatian (man from Alsace)
Elsässerin {f} :: Alsatian (woman from Alsace)
elsässisch {adj} :: Alsatian (related to Alsatia, its inhabitants or its languages)
Elsässisch {prop} {n} :: Alsatian (language)
Elsbeth {prop} :: given name, shortened form of Elisabeth
Elsbethen {prop} {n} :: Elsbethen (municipality)
Elschenbroich {prop} :: surname
Else {prop} :: given name borrowed from Danish
Elster {f} :: magpie
Eltendorf {prop} {n} :: Eltendorf (municipality)
elterlich {adj} :: parental
Eltern {mp} {np} :: parents
Elternabend {m} [schools] :: parent-teacher conference night
Elternhaus {n} :: parents' house
elternlos {adj} :: parentless (without a (living) parent)
Elternschaft {f} :: parenthood (state of being parents), parenting (process of raising and educating a child)
Elternschaft {f} :: [collective noun] parents (of a school or community as a whole)
Elternteil {m} :: parent
Elternzeit {f} :: parental leave
Elvira {prop} :: given name
EM {noun} :: initialism of Europameisterschaft
Email {n} :: alternative form of Emaille
Email {f} :: alternative spelling of E-Mail
E-Mail {f} {n} :: e-mail (system; letter)
E-Mail-Adresse {f} :: e-mail address
Emaille {f} :: enamel; vitreous enamel; porcelain enamel
Emaillefarbe {f} :: enamel paint
emaillieren {v} :: to enamel
Emaillierung {f} :: enamelling
E-Mail-Verschlüsselung {f} :: e-mail encryption
emanatistisch {adj} :: emanationist
Emanuel {prop} :: given name
Emanze {f} [colloquial] :: women's libber
Emanzipation {f} :: emancipation
emanzipieren {v} :: emancipate
Embargo {n} :: embargo
Emblem {n} :: emblem, symbol, logo
emblematisch {adj} :: emblematic
Embolie {f} [pathology] :: embolism (obstruction or occlusion of an artery by an embolus)
Embryo {m} {n} :: embryo
embryonal {adj} :: embryonic
embryonentoxisch {adj} :: embryotoxic
Emden {prop} :: Emden (independent city)
Emelie {prop} :: given name
Emely {prop} :: given name
emendieren {v} :: to emend (to correct and revise)
emergent {adj} :: emergent
Emergenz {f} [philosophy, psychology, physics] :: emergence (arising of emergent structure in complex systems)
emeritiert {adj} :: emeritus
emeritus {adj} :: emeritus
Emesa {prop} {n} :: Emesa
Emesene {prop} {f} :: Emesene (region)
Emesener {m} :: Emesenian
Emesener {adj} :: Emesenian
Emesenerin {f} :: feminine noun of Emesener
emesenisch {adj} :: Emesenian
Emeser {m} :: Emesene
Emeser {adj} :: Emesene
Emeserin {f} :: feminine noun of Emeser
Emetikum {n} [medicine] :: emetic (an agent that induces vomiting)
Emeute {f} [archaic] :: riot
Emigrant {m} :: emigrant (male or of unspecified sex)
Emigration {f} :: emigration
emigrieren {v} :: to emigrate
Emil {prop} {m} :: given name
Emilia {prop} :: given name, a latinate variant of Emilie
Emilie {prop} :: given name
Emily {prop} :: given name, an English type spelling of Emilie
eminent {adj} :: eminent
Eminenz {f} :: eminence
Eminenz {f} :: (His) Eminence
Emir {m} :: emir (title of a prince, commander or other leader or ruler in an Islamic nation)
Emirat {n} :: emirate (country or province ruled by an emir)
emisch {adj} :: emic
Emissär {m} :: emissary
Emission {f} :: emission
Emission {f} :: issue, launch
emissionsarm {adj} :: low-emission
Emissionslinie {f} [physics] :: emission line
Emissionsquelle {f} [physics] :: source (radioactive)
emittieren {v} :: to emit; send out; give off
emittieren {v} [finance] :: to issue
Emma {prop} :: given name
Emmeline {prop} :: given name
Emmentaler {m} :: Emmentaler
Emmer {m} :: emmer (a particular species of wheat, Triticum dicoccon)
Emmerich {prop} :: given name, borne by an 11th century Hungarian saint
Emmetropie {f} :: emmetropia
Emmi {prop} :: given name
Emmy {prop} {f} :: given name, diminutive of Emilie and Emma
Emoji {n} :: emoji (digital graphic icon used to represent a concept or object)
Emotion {f} :: emotion
emotional {adj} :: emotional
emotionaler {adj} :: comparative of emotional
emotionalsten {adj} :: superlative of emotional
emotionslos {adj} :: emotionless
emotiv {adj} :: emotive
emp- {prefix} :: alternative form of ent-, only used in empfangen, empfehlen, empfinden, and derivatives of these.
Empathie {f} :: empathy
empathisch {adj} :: empathic, empathetic
empathogen {adj} :: empathogenic
Emperativ {noun} :: used mockingly to describe a grammatical mistake where a person uses e rather than i in an imperative
Empersdorf {prop} {n} :: Empersdorf (municipality)
empfahen {vt} [dated] :: to receive
Empfang {m} [social engagement or ability to receive radio signals or reaction] :: reception
Empfang {m} [act of receiving] :: receipt
empfangen {vt} :: to receive (e.g. a present, a guest)
empfangen {vt} :: to welcome; to greet; to receive cordially
empfangen {vti} [biology] :: to conceive; to become pregnant (with)
Empfänger {m} :: agent noun of empfangen
Empfänger {m} :: receiver
Empfänger {m} :: addressee
Empfänger {m} :: receptor
Empfängerin {f} :: feminine noun of Empfänger
Empfängerin {f} :: receiver (female person)
Empfängerin {f} :: addressee (female person)
Empfängerin {f} :: receptor (female person)
empfänglich {adj} :: susceptible, receptive
Empfänglichkeit {f} :: susceptibility, receptivity
Empfängnis {f} :: conception; the act of becoming pregnant
Empfängnisverhütung {f} [rather formal] :: contraception (use of a device or procedure to prevent conception as the result of sexual activity)
Empfangschef {m} :: male receptionist, male desk attendant
Empfangsdame {f} :: female receptionist
Empfangsgerät {n} [electronics] :: receiver
Empfangsherr {m} [rare] :: male receptionist
empfehlen {vt} :: to recommend; to advocate
empfehlen {vr} :: to offer one's services
empfehlenswert {adj} :: advisable, recommendable, commendable
Empfehlung {f} :: recommendation
Empfindelei {f} :: sentimentality
empfinden {v} :: to feel (to sense)
empfindlich {adj} :: sensitive
empfindlicher {adj} :: comparative of empfindlich
Empfindlichkeit {f} :: sensitivity, sensibility
Empfindlichkeit {f} [photography] :: speed (of film)
empfindlichsten {adj} :: superlative of empfindlich
empfindsam {adj} :: sensitive, tender, compassionate
Empfindung {f} :: sensation
Empfindung {f} :: feeling, emotion
empfohlen {adj} :: recommended, endorsed
Emphase {f} [formal] :: emphasis
emphatisch {adj} :: emphatic
Empirie {f} [chiefly uncountable] :: empirical knowledge; knowledge based on testing and experience
empirisch {adj} :: empirical
empor- {prefix} :: Separable verb prefix that indicates movement to the top of something
empor {adv} [formal, dated outside of compounds] :: up, upward
emporblicken {v} [formal] :: to look upwards
empören {vr} :: to be outraged
empören {vt} :: to outrage
emporfahren {v} :: to drive up
emporfahren {v} :: to startle
emporheben {v} :: to raise up
emporhelfen {v} :: to help upwards
Emporium {n} :: emporium
Emporkömmling {m} :: social climber
emporsteigen {vt} :: to climb
emporsteigen {vi} :: to rise
emporstreben {v} :: to strive to a height, to aim to a height
empört {adj} :: indignant, upset
emportragen {vt} :: to carry upwards
Empörung {f} :: indignation
emporwachsen {v} :: to grow upwards
emporwirbeln {v} :: to whirl upwards
emsig {adj} :: industrious
Emsigkeit {f} :: industriousness
Emsland {prop} {n} :: a district in Lower Saxony, Germany
Emu {m} :: emu
emulieren {v} [computing] :: to emulate
Emulsion {f} :: emulsion
-en- {interfix} :: alternative form of -n-
-en {suffix} :: A suffix of all verbs in their infinitive form
-en {suffix} :: A suffix indicating the 1st and 3rd person plural forms (except the present indicative sind of sein)
-en {suffix} :: A suffix appended to strong verb stems to form the past participle, usually together with ge-
-en {suffix} :: A suffix appended to some nouns in all of their plural forms. These nouns are so-called “weak” or “mixed” nouns; they are most often feminine, often masculine, rarely neuter
-en {suffix} :: A suffix appended to weak masculine nouns in all oblique cases of the singular, and to some mixed nouns in the singular dative and accusative
-en {suffix} :: A suffix appended to most other nouns, the so-called “strong” nouns, in their plural dative
-en {suffix} :: A suffix (in fact, the most common declensional ending) which is appended to determiners, adjectives, and participles, for multiple forms of all grammatical cases, both singular and plural
-en {suffix} :: A suffix which is used to create adjectives that most often refer to materials
-en {suffix} [chemistry] :: -ene (alkene suffix)
enaktiv {adj} :: enactive
Enantiomer {n} [chemistry] :: An enantiomer
Enargit {m} [mineral] :: enargite
-end {suffix} :: A suffix forming the present participle of German verbs, analogous to English -ing
Endbetrag {m} :: final amount
Endchen {n} :: diminutive of Ende
Endchrist {m} :: Antichrist
Enddarm {m} :: rectum
Ende {n} :: end, finish
Ende {n} :: conclusion
Ende der Fahnenstange {n} [idiomatic] :: end of the line, end of the road
Endeffekt {m} :: final effect
Ende Gelände {phrase} [colloquial] :: Indicating that something has ended
Ende gut, alles gut {proverb} :: all's well that ends well
endemisch {adj} :: endemic
Endemit {m} [biology] :: endemic (individual or species that is endemic)
enden {v} :: to end
Endergebnis {n} :: end result, final outcome
endesgefertigt {adj} :: finished (typically with a signature)
Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung {f} :: end-to-end encryption
endgeil {adj} [colloquial] :: great, excellent; hip, cool
endgelagert {v} :: past participle of endlagern
Endgeschwindigkeit {f} :: terminal velocity
endgültig {adj} :: final, ultimate
endgültig {adj} :: definitive
endimanchiert {adj} :: endimanched
Endivie {f} :: endive (leafy salad vegetable)
Endlager {n} :: A storage facility where something (usually waste or toxic matter) is to be stored indefinitely or for a very long time
Endlager {n} [especially] :: Such a facility for radioactive waste; a deep geological repository
endlagern {v} [of waste, especially radioactive waste] :: to store permanently, to dispose of permanently
Endlagerung {f} [of waste, especially radioactive waste] :: final storage, final disposal
endlich {adj} :: finite, limited
endlich {adv} :: eventually, at last, finally, endly
endlos {adj} :: endless
Endlösung {f} [no plural, euphemistic] :: Nazi term for the planned and attempted mass murder of the European Jews, the Holocaust
Endlösung {f} [dated] :: the final or definitive solution to a question or problem
Endlösung {f} [chemistry, possibly dated] :: the final solution: the solution reached after the last of several dissolutions of solute(s) in solvent(s)
endo- {prefix} :: end-/endo-
Endogamie {f} :: endogamy (the practice of marrying within one's own social group)
endogen {adj} :: endogenous
endogenetisch {adj} [genetics] :: endogenetic
Endokard {n} [anatomy, cardiology] :: endocardium (membrane that lines the interior of the heart)
endokrin {adj} [medicine] :: endocrine
Endokrinologe {m} :: endocrinologist (male or of unspecified sex)
Endokrinologie {f} :: endocrinology
Endokrinologin {f} :: endocrinologist (female)
Endometrium {n} :: endometrium
Endoparasit {m} :: endoparasite
endophytisch {adj} :: endophytic
endoplasmatisch {adj} [cytology] :: endoplasmic (of, or relating to endoplasm)
Endoskop {n} :: endoscope
Endoskopie {f} :: endoscopy
endoskopisch {adj} :: endoscopic
endoskopisch {adv} :: endoscopically
endothelial {adj} :: endothelial
endotherm {adj} :: endothermic
endothym {adj} [psychology] :: endothymic (determined by feelings; coming from the spiritual area of the subconscious, the affective, and the emotional)
endotracheal {adj} :: endotracheal
endotracheal {adv} :: endotracheally
endozentrisch {adj} :: endocentric
Endplatte {f} :: endplate
Endprodukt {n} :: end product
Endpunkt {m} [chemistry] :: endpoint
Endreim {m} :: end rhyme
Endsieg {m} :: final victory
Endsilbe {f} [linguistics] :: ultima
Endspiel {n} [sports] :: final (last round of a competition; only used of sports with two sides per match)
Endspurt {m} :: final sprint
Endstation {f} :: end of the line, terminus
endsunterschrieben {adj} :: signed (of a document)
Endung {f} :: ending
Endung {f} [linguistics] :: ending, desinence, termination
Endung {f} [linguistics, obsolete] :: case
Endwort {n} [morphology] :: initial clipping; apheresis
Endzeit {f} :: end times
Endzustand {m} :: final state or condition
Endzweck {m} :: ultimate goal, purpose, objective
energetisch {adj} :: energetic
energetisch {adv} :: energetically
Energie {f} :: energy
energiearm {adj} :: low-energy
Energieaufnahme {f} :: energy intake or absorption
Energieaufwand {m} :: energy expenditure / input
energieaufwändig {adj} :: energy-intensive
Energiedichte {f} [physics] :: energy density, flux
Energieerzeugung {f} :: (electrical) power generation
Energiefreisetzung {f} :: release of energy
energiegeladen {adj} [of a person] :: energetic
Energiegewinnung {f} :: energy production
Energieinhalt {m} :: energy content
energieintensiv {adj} :: energy-intensive
energieliefernd {adj} :: energy-supplying
Energieministerium {n} :: energy ministry
Energieniveau {n} [physics] :: energy level
energiepolitisch {adj} :: energy policy (attributive)
Energiequelle {f} :: energy source
energiereich {adj} :: energized (rich in energy)
energierelevant {adj} :: relevant to the production and use of energy
energiesparend {adj} :: energy-saving
Energiespeicher {m} :: energy store or storage
Energiestoffwechsel {m} [physiology] :: energy metabolism
Energiesystem {n} :: energy system
Energietechnik {f} :: energy technology
Energieträger {m} :: energy carrier
Energietransfer {m} [physics] :: energy transfer
Energieverbrauch {m} :: energy consumption / expenditure
energieverbrauchsrelevant {adj} :: relevant to energy consumption
Energieversorgung {f} :: energy supply
Energieversorgung {f} :: power supply
Energiewende {f} :: energy transition, the transition from energy generated from fossil fuels to renewable energy
Energiezufuhr {f} :: energy supply or input
Energiezufuhr {f} :: power supply
Energiezustand {n} [physics] :: energy level
energisch {adj} [of a person] :: energetic, firm
Enfant terrible {n} :: enfant terrible
eng {adj} :: narrow, tight
Engagement {n} :: commitment, dedication
Engagement {n} :: booking (of an artist etc)
engagieren {vt} [to hire an artist] :: to engage
engagieren {vr} :: to get involved, to be involved
engagiert {adj} :: committed, dedicated
engagierter {adj} :: comparative of engagiert
enganliegend {adj} :: close-fitting, snug
Engel {m} :: angel
Engel {prop} :: surname
Engelbert {prop} {m} :: given name
Engelbrecht {prop} {m} :: given name, rare today
Engelbrecht {prop} {m} :: surname
Engelchen {n} :: diminutive of Engel
Engelein {n} :: diminutive of Engel
engelgleich {adj} :: alternative form of engelsgleich
engelhaft {adj} :: angelic
Engelhai {m} :: angel shark
Engelhartstetten {prop} {n} :: Engelhartstetten (municipality)
Engelhartszell {prop} {n} :: Engelhartszell (municipality)
Engelland {prop} {n} [dated] :: England
Engellein {n} :: diminutive of Engel
Engelmacher {m} :: abortionist (one who performs an illegal abortion in a non-medical setting)
Engels {prop} :: surname
engelsgleich {adj} :: angelic
Engelstrompete {f} :: angel's trumpet, Brugmansia
Engelszunge {f} [figuratively, often in plural] :: great eloquence
Engen {prop} {n} :: Engen (municipality)
Engerling {m} :: white, dirt-dwelling maggot of the cockchafer or botfly
Engerwitzdorf {prop} {n} :: Engerwitzdorf (municipality)
engherzig {adj} :: petty, pedantic, narrow-minded
engl. {adj} :: abbreviation of englisch
England {prop} {n} :: England
England {prop} {n} [somewhat, colloquial] :: Great Britain
England {prop} {n} [somewhat, colloquial] :: United Kingdom
England {prop} {n} [colloquial, proscribed] :: the British Isles (including the Republic of Ireland)
Engländer {m} :: an English person (male or of unspecified sex), an Englander; an Englishman
Engländer {m} [somewhat, colloquial] :: any English-speaking person of origins unknown to the speaker
Engländer {m} [colloquial] :: a British person
Engländer {m} :: an adjustable spanner [UK], adjustable wrench [US], crescent spanner [AU, NZ]
Engländerin {f} :: Englishwoman, an English person (female) (woman or girl from England)
Englein {n} :: diminutive of Engel
englisch {adj} :: English
englisch {adj} [of steak etc.] :: rare
englisch {adj} [archaic] :: angelic, angelical
Englisch {n} :: English (language)
Englisch {n} [football, regional, parts of western Germany] :: A children's game for three or more participants played with one goal. Players try to reduce the goalkeeper’s points by scoring volley goals. Missing the goal makes the respective player the goalkeeper. The first player to forfeit all his points is the loser
englische Härte {f} [idiomatic, football] :: The degree of tough defending one must expect or cope with when playing against an English side, or under an English referee
englische Härte {f} [idiomatic, figurative] :: A course of action that may seem unfair, but is considered within the limits of common practices
englischer Gruß {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: Angelic Salutation, Hail Mary
englische Woche {f} [idiomatic, football] :: A week where league matches are played during the week (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday), which happens only a few times per year
englische Woche {f} [idiomatic, football, loosely] :: A week where a given team plays a match in a national or international cup competition during the week
englischsprachig {adj} :: anglophone (English-speaking)
engmaschig {adj} :: continuous (control etc)
engmaschig {adj} :: fine-meshed
Engpass {m} :: defile (very narrow path, especially in mountainous terrain)
Engpass {m} [figurative] :: strait; bottleneck; shortage; shortfall (difficult situation where there is a lack of ressources or space)
en gros {adv} :: in bulk, wholesale
engstirnig {adj} :: narrow-minded
enigmatisch {adj} :: enigmatic
enkaptisch {adj} :: encaptic
Enkel {m} :: grandchild
Enkel {m} :: grandson
Enkelin {f} :: granddaughter
Enkelkind {n} :: grandchild
Enklave {f} :: enclave
enklitisch {adj} :: enclitic
en masse {adv} :: in large amounts
enneaeterisch {adj} :: enneatical
Enneberg {prop} {n} :: Enneberg (municipality)
Enns {prop} {f} :: Enns (river)
Enns {prop} {n} :: Enns (municipality)
Ennsdorf {prop} {n} :: Ennsdorf (municipality)
Enolase {f} [enzyme] :: enolase
enorm {adj} :: enormous
enossal {adj} :: intraosseous
enostal {adj} :: alternative form of enossal
Enquete {f} :: inquiry, investigation
enragiert {adj} :: angry, furious
-ens- {interfix} :: used to link elements in some compounds
-ens {suffix} :: plural suffix for family names that end in a sibilant consonant
-ens {suffix} [dated] :: genitive suffix for personal names that end in a sibilant consonant
-ens {suffix} [dated] :: genitive suffix for personal names that end in -ia
-ens {suffix} :: forms adverbs from superlatives and ordinal numbers
Ensemble {n} :: ensemble
Enstatit {m} [mineral] :: enstatite
ent- {prefix} :: Inseparable verb prefix indicating removing something from the object, from, away from, off
ent- {prefix} :: Inseparable verb prefix indicating a conversion to the opposite, a reversion
ent- {prefix} :: Inseparable verb prefix indicating the beginning of something
entaktogen {adj} :: entactogenic
entarten {v} :: degenerate
entartet {adj} :: degenerate
entbehren {v} :: to do without, to dispense with
entbehren {v} :: to be deprived of
entbehren {v} [+ genitive] :: to be without, to lack, to miss
entbehrlich {adj} :: dispensable, superfluous, unnecessary
Entbehrung {f} :: hardship
Entbehrung {f} [economics] :: austerity
entbehrungsreich {adj} :: deprived
entbieten {v} [literary, ditransitive, with accusative and dative] :: to present (one's greetings etc.)
entbieten {v} [literary, archaic, ditransitive, with accusative and zu] :: to summon
entbinden {vt} [dated, often, passive] :: to see a woman through childbirth; to deliver
entbinden {vi} :: to give birth; referring to labour, excluding pregnancy
entbinden {vt} [still somewhat nonstandard] :: to give birth to a child
entbinden {vt} [+ von] :: to free someone from a duty; to release; to exempt
entbinden {vt} [+ von or genitive] :: to dismiss or discharge someone from a job or office
Entbindung {f} :: liberation (from something, especially an obligation)
Entbindung {f} [medicine] :: childbirth; delivery
Entbindungspfleger {m} :: midwife (male or of unspecified sex)
entbittern {vt} :: to debitter
entblößen {v} :: to divest, to denude
entblößen {v} :: to free oneself of, to deprive of
entblößen {v} :: to expose something hidden, to reveal
entblößt {v} :: past participle of entblößen
entbrennen {vi} :: to burst
Entchen {n} :: diminutive of Ente
Entchen {n} :: duckling
entdecken {v} :: to discover, to spot
Entdecker {m} :: agent noun of entdecken
Entdecker {m} :: discoverer
Entdecker {m} :: explorer (A person who by expedition seeks new information.)
entdeckt {adj} :: discovered, detected
Entdeckung {f} :: discovery
entdunkeln {v} :: to undarken, deobfuscate
Ente {f} :: duck (aquatic bird of the family Anatidae)
Ente {f} [typically] :: mallard; by far the most common duck species in the area, thought of as the duck per se
Ente {f} [colloquial nickname] :: Citroën 2CV
Ente {f} [medicine] :: urinal (vessel for holding urine)
Ente {f} [journalism] :: canard (false or misleading report)
enteignen {v} :: to expropriate
Enteignung {f} :: expropriation
enteisen {v} :: to deice (remove ice)
enteist {v} :: past participle of enteisen
entenartig {adj} :: ducklike
Entenbraten {m} :: roast duck
Entenbrust {m} :: duck breast
Entenhausen {prop} {n} :: Duckburg (fictional city where Donald Duck lives)
Entenküken {n} :: duckling
Entenschnute {f} [colloquial] :: duckface (facial expression)
Ententeich {m} :: duckpond
enterben {v} :: to disinherit
Enterhaken {m} :: grappling hook
Enterich {m} :: drake (male duck)
enterisch {adj} :: enteric, intestinal
entern {v} :: to board (an enemy ship)
enterohämorrhagisch {adj} :: enterohaemorrhagic
enterohepatisch {adj} :: enterohepatic
Entf {v} [computing] :: Del (delete key)
entfachen {v} :: to kindle
entfachen {v} :: to stir up
entfacht {v} :: past participle of entfachen
entfahren {v} :: to escape
entfahren {v} :: to slip out [someone's mouth]
entfallen {v} :: To drop or be dropped
entfallen {v} :: To lapse or be cancelled
entfallen {v} :: To slip one's memory
entfallen {adj} :: omitted
entfallen {adj} :: cancelled
entfalten {v} :: to unfold (to undo a folding)
entfalten {v} :: to unfold; develop; pan out
entfaltet {v} :: past participle of entfalten
Entfaltung {f} :: unfolding, development
entfärben {v} :: To discolour or bleach
entfärbt {v} :: past participle of entfärben
entfärbt {adj} :: discoloured, faded, bleached
Entfärbung {f} :: decolouration
Entfärbung {f} :: decolourization
Entfärbungsmittel {n} :: decolorant
entfernen {vt} :: to remove
entfernen {vr} :: to gradually move away; to recede; to retreat; to diverge
entfernen {vr} :: to stray; to deviate; to depart (from a group, a route, etc.)
entfernen {vr} [military or related context] :: to desert; to go absent; to leave without permission
entfernen {vr} [formal] :: to leave a place; to remove oneself
Entfernen {n} :: removal
Entfernen {n} :: detachment
entfernt {adj} :: distant
entfernt {adj} [with a measurement] :: away
entfernter {adj} :: comparative of entfernt
Entfernung {f} :: distance
Entfernung {f} :: removal
Entfernung {f} [medical, in compounds] :: -ectomy (generally alongside a specialist, not widely understood word in -ektomie)
entfesseln {v} :: to unchain
Entfesselung {f} [also, figurative] :: unchaining, unleashing
entflammbar {adj} :: inflammable
entflammen {vt} :: to set on fire
entflammen {vr} :: to catch fire
entfliehen {vit} [with dative] :: to escape
entflohen {v} :: past participle of entfliehen
entfolgen {v} [Internet, with dative] :: to unfollow (unsubscribe from a particular information feed)
entfremden {v} [ditransitive] :: to estrange, to alienate
entfremdet {v} :: past participle of entfremden
Entfremdung {f} :: alienation, estrangement
Entfremdung {f} :: misappropriation
entfreunden {vt} [internet] :: to remove from one's friends list, to unfriend
Entfreundung {f} :: unfriending
entfrosten {v} :: to defrost
Entfroster {m} :: defroster
entführen {vt} :: to abduct, to kidnap
Entführer {m} :: agent noun of entführen; abductor
Entführung {f} :: abduction, kidnapping
Entführung {f} :: elopement
entgast {v} :: past participle of entgasen
entgast {adj} :: degassed
Entgasung {f} :: degassing
entgegen- {prefix} :: Separable verb prefix that indicates movement towards or against something
entgegen {adv} :: against
entgegen {postp} [with dative] :: toward
entgegeneilen {v} :: to hasten towards (something), to rush to meet (someone)
entgegengeschlagen {v} :: past participle of entgegenschlagen
entgegengesetzt {adj} :: opposed, opposite, opposing, contrary
entgegengesetzt {adj} :: inverse
entgegengesetzt {adj} :: past participle of entgegensetzen
entgegengewirkt {v} :: past participle of entgegenwirken
entgegenkommen {v} :: to come towards the face of something or somebody
Entgegenkommen {n} :: accommodation
Entgegenkommen {n} :: concession
entgegenkommend {adj} :: accommodating, obliging, complaisant
entgegennehmen {v} :: to make the counterpart for by taking, to take the performance without the implication of approbation
entgegenschlagen {v} [often metaphorical] :: to assail someone, to be faced by someone, to throw against someone
entgegensetzen {v} :: to counter
entgegenstreben {v} :: to strive towards a certain direction [+ dat]
entgegenstreben {v} :: to endeavor against something [+ dat]
entgegenwirken {v} :: To counteract or counter, [+ dat]
entgegenwirken {v} :: To thwart, [+ dat]
entgegnen {v} :: to counter, retort
Entgegnung {f} :: reply
entgehen {vt} :: to miss
entgehen {v} :: to slip
entgehen {vi} :: to escape
entgeistert {adj} :: dumbfounded
Entgelt {n} :: charge, payed money
entgelten {v} :: to compensate, recompense
entgeltlich {adj} :: in return for payment
entgeltlich {adj} [finance, legal] :: to purchase
entgeltlich {adj} [legal] :: for for valuable consideration
Entgiftung {f} :: detoxification
entgleisen {vi} :: to derail, come off the tracks [also figuratively]
Entgleisung {f} [rail transport] :: derailment
Entgleisung {f} [figuratively] :: slip, lapse, blunder
entgleiten {v} :: to slip [from grip]
entgratet {v} :: past participle of entgraten
entgratet {adj} :: deburred
Enthaarung {f} :: depilation
Enthaarungsmittel {n} :: depilatory
Enthaftung {f} [Austria] :: release (from prison, etc.)
Enthaftung {f} [law] :: release from liability
Enthaftung {f} :: delamination
Enthalpie {f} :: enthalpy
enthalten {v} :: to contain, comprise or include
enthalten {vr} [with genitive] :: to abstain from
enthalten {v} :: past participle of enthalten
enthalten {adj} :: contained, included, covered
enthaltend {adj} :: containing
enthaltsam {adj} :: abstinent
Enthaltsamkeit {f} :: abstinence
enthärten {v} :: To soften
enthärtet {v} :: past participle of enthärten
Enthärtung {f} :: softening
enthaupten {v} :: to behead, to decapitate
enthauptet {v} :: past participle of enthaupten
Enthauptung {f} :: beheading, decapitation
entheben {v} :: to relieve [+ genitive]
entheiligen {v} :: to desecrate
enthemmen {v} :: to disinhibit
enthüllen {v} :: to unveil
Enthüllung {f} :: unveiling
Enthüllung {f} :: revelation
Enthusiasmus {m} :: enthusiasm
enthusiastisch {adj} :: enthusiastic
entionisieren {v} :: To deionize
entionisiert {v} :: past participle of entionisieren
entionisiert {adj} :: deionized
entjungfern {v} :: to deflower (to take somebody’s virginity)
entjungfert {v} :: past participle of entjungfern
entkeimen {v} :: to disinfect
entkernen {v} :: to decore
entkernen {v} :: to pit (remove the seed from fruit)
Entkerner {m} :: pitter, corer [device that removes pits or cores]
entkernt {adj} :: seedless
entkleiden {v} :: to undress, to disrobe
entkoffeiniert {adj} :: decaffeinated
Entkohlung {f} :: decarbonization, decarburization
entkokainisieren {v} :: to decocainize
entkokainisiert {adj} :: decocainized
entkolonisieren {v} :: to decolonize
entkommen {v} :: to escape
Entkommen {n} :: escape, getaway
entkoppeln {v} :: to decouple, to uncouple
entkoppelt {v} :: past participle of entkoppeln
entkoppelt {adj} :: uncoupled
entkoppelt {adj} :: decoupled
Entkopplung {f} :: decoupling
entkorken {v} :: to uncork
entkorkt {v} :: past participle of entkorken
entkörperlichen {v} :: to disembody
Entkörperlichung {f} :: disembodiment
entkräften {v} :: to refute
entkräftet {adj} :: invalidated
entkräfteter {adj} :: comparative of entkräftet
entkräftetsten {adj} :: superlative of entkräftet
entkriminalisieren {v} :: to decriminalize
entladen {v} :: to unload, to discharge
Entladung {f} :: discharge, unloading, venting
Entladungsröhre {f} :: discharge tube
entlang {postp} :: along
entlang {prep} :: along
entlangfahren {v} :: to drive along
entlanggefahren {v} :: past participle of entlangfahren
entlanggehen {vt} :: to walk along
entlarven {v} :: to unmask
entlarven {v} :: to uncover
entlassen {v} [a prisoner or patient] :: to release
entlassen {v} [from a job] :: to dismiss, to fire
Entlassung {f} :: release
Entlassung {f} :: dismissal
entlasten {v} :: To relieve, ease
entlasten {v} :: To discharge, release
entlasten {v} :: To exonerate
entlastet {v} :: past participle of entlasten
Entlastung {f} :: discharge, release
Entlastung {f} :: exoneration
Entlastungsprogramm {n} :: program for reducing a burden, especially financial
Entlastungsprogramm {n} [Swiss] :: program for reducing public budgets
entlauben {v} :: to defoliate
Entlaubung {f} :: defoliation
Entlaubungsmittel {n} :: defoliant
entlaufen {v} :: to run away
entlausen {vt} :: to delouse
entledigen {v} :: to get rid of
entleeren {v} :: to empty (to make empty)
entleert {v} :: past participle of entleeren
entlegen {adj} :: out-of-the-way
entlehnen {v} :: To borrow
entlehnt {v} :: past participle of entlehnen
entlehnt {adj} :: borrowed
Entlehnung {f} [linguistics, lexicography] :: borrowing
entleiben {v} :: to kill
entleihen {vt} :: to borrow
Entlein {n} :: diminutive of Ente; little duck, duckling
entlieben {vr} :: to stop loving, to fall out of love (von with)
entlohnen {v} :: to pay, renumerate
Entlohnung {f} :: payment, renumeration
Entlüftung {f} :: vent; ventilation
Entlüftung {f} :: deaeration, degassing
Entlüftungsanlage {f} :: ventilation system
entmachten {vt} :: To deprive someone/something of his/its power, to depower
Entmachtung {f} :: depriving of power
entmagnetisieren {v} :: To demagnetize / demagnetise
entmagnetisiert {adj} :: demagnetized
entmannen {v} :: to emasculate, to deprive of the capacity as a man
entmannen {v} :: to castrate, to remove the male member
Entmannung {f} :: castration
Entmannung {f} :: emasculation
entmenschlichen {vt} :: to dehumanize
entmilitarisieren {v} :: to demilitarize
entmilitarisiert {adj} :: demilitarized
entmineralisieren {v} :: to demineralize
entmineralisiert {adj} :: demineralized
entmischen {v} :: To unmix or demix
entmischen {v} :: To exsolve
entmischt {v} :: past participle of entmischen
Entmischung {f} :: decomposition, segregation, unmixing
entmutigen {v} :: to discourage [to take away or reduce the courage of]
entmutigend {adj} :: discouraging
Entnahme {f} :: taking, removal
Entnahme {f} :: withdrawal
entnazifizieren {v} :: to denazify
Entnazifizierung {f} :: denazification (the removing of Nazis)
entnehmen {v} :: to take from
entnehmen {v} :: to extract, withdraw, unload, remove
entnehmen {v} :: to learn from
entnerven {v} :: to unnerve
entnervt {adj} :: exasperated
entnervt {adj} :: burnt out, worn down
entnommen {v} :: past participle of entnehmen
entnommen {adj} :: obtained, removed, abstracted
Entomologie {f} [biology, zoology] :: entomology (study of insects)
entomologisch {adj} :: entomological
Entourage {f} :: entourage
entpacken {v} [computing] :: to unpack, decompress
entpuppen {vr} [zoology] :: to eclose, to emerge from its cocoon/pupa
entpuppen {vr} [with als] :: to turn out to be
enträtseln {v} :: to solve, to disentangle, to unravel, to unriddle
enträtselt {v} :: past participle of enträtseln
Entrecote {n} :: entrecôte (a premium cut of beef)
Entree {n} [dish served before main course] :: entrée
Entrée {n} :: alternative spelling of Entree
entreißen {v} :: To wrest (from)
entrichten {v} :: to pay
entrinnen {v} [formal, with dative] :: to escape
entrissen {v} :: past participle of entreißen
Entropie {f} :: entropy
entropisch {adj} :: entropic
entrücken {vi} [auxiliary: sein] :: to escape
entrücken {vt} [auxiliary: haben] :: to carry away
entrücken {vt} [auxiliary: haben, Christianity] :: to translate, to rapture
entrückt {adj} :: transported, enraptured
entrückt {adj} :: lost in thought; absentminded, meditating
Entrückung {f} [religion, mythology] :: a move from one realm or world to another
Entrückung {f} [Christianity] :: the Rapture
entrümpeln {v} :: to remove junk
entrümpelt {v} :: past participle of entrümpeln
Entrümpelung {f} :: junk removal
Entrümplung {f} :: alternative form of Entrümpelung
Entrundung {f} [phonology] :: unrounding
entrüsten {vr} :: to be indignant
entrüsten {vt} :: to enrage
entrüstet {adj} :: indignant, outraged, incensed
Entrüstung {f} :: indignation
entsaften {v} :: to juice, to extract the juice of
entsaftet {v} :: past participle of entsaften
entsagen {v} :: [+ dative] to renounce, to relinquish
entsagen {v} :: to disclaim, to waive, to abandon
entsagen {v} :: to abjure, to abnegate
entsagen {v} :: to abdicate
entsagt {v} :: past participle of entsagen
Entsagung {f} :: renunciation, abjuration
Entsagung {f} :: resignation
Entsalzung {f} :: desalination
Entsalzungsanlage {f} :: desalination plant
entschädigen {v} :: to compensate; to indemnify
entschädigt {v} :: past participle of entschädigen
Entschädigung {f} :: compensation, indemnification
entschärfen {v} :: to defuse
Entschärfung {f} :: defusing
Entscheid {m} :: decision
entscheiden {vtir} [or] :: to decide
entscheidend {adj} :: decisive
Entscheidung {f} :: decision
Entscheidungsbefugnis {f} :: authority to make a decision, power to decide, power to will, decision-making power
Entscheidungsbereich {m} :: range of decision-making authority
Entscheidungsgewalt {f} :: power to make decisions
Entscheidungsproblem {n} [mathematics, logic] :: Entscheidungsproblem
entschieden {adj} :: determined, resolute
entschieden {adj} :: decided
Entschiedenheit {f} :: resoluteness
entschlacken {v} :: to purify
entschlafen {v} [poetic, euphemistic, death] :: to fall asleep [often in the phrase: sanft entschlafen]
entschleiern {v} :: to unveil
entschleiert {v} :: past participle of entschleiern
Entschleunigung {f} [colloquial] :: slow movement (cultural shift toward slowing down life's pace)
entschließen {vr} :: to decide
entschlossen {adj} :: determined, set, resolute
Entschlossenheit {f} :: determination, resolution
Entschluss {m} :: resolution, conclusion
Entschluss {m} :: decision, resolve, determination
Entschluß {noun} :: alternative spelling of Entschluss
entschlüsseln {v} :: to decrypt
entschlüsselt {v} :: past participle of entschlüsseln
Entschlüsselung {f} :: decryption
entschlussfreudig {adj} [of a person] :: decisive
entschuldigen {vt} :: to excuse
entschuldigen {vi} [chiefly in imperative] :: to excuse/forgive something
entschuldigen {vr} :: to apologize, to apologise
Entschuldigung {f} :: apology (expression of remorse or regret)
Entschuldigung {f} :: excuse (explanation designed to avoid or alleviate guilt or negative judgment)
Entschuldigung {f} :: note (written excusal for being late or absent from school)
Entschuldigung {interj} :: excuse me, pardon, sorry
Entschuldigung {interj} :: excuse me (request for someone's attention)
entschwefelt {v} :: past participle of entschwefeln - desulfurized
Entschwefelung {f} :: desulfurization
entseelen {v} :: to desoul [i.e. to kill]
entsenden {v} :: to dispatch
entsendet {v} :: past participle of entsenden
entsetzen {v} :: to shock, to horrify, to appall
entsetzen {v} [military, dated] :: to relieve (a town or fortress from a siege)
Entsetzen {n} :: horror
entsetzlich {adj} :: horrible, terrible, horrendous, appalling
entsetzlich {adv} :: horribly, terribly
entsetzt {v} :: past participle of entsetzen
entsichern {v} [firearms] :: to release the safety
entsinnen {vr} :: to recall; to remember; to recollect
entsonnen {v} :: past participle of entsinnen
entsorgen {v} [waste, especially nuclear or toxic] :: to dispose of
Entsorgung {f} [waste, especially nuclear or toxic] :: disposal
entspannen {vt} :: to relax [transitive]
entspannen {vr} :: to relax [intransitive]
Entspannung {f} :: relaxation
Entspannung {f} :: recreation
Entspannung {f} :: catharsis
Entspannung {f} :: detente
entsprechen {v} :: to correspond (be equivalent or similar in character, etc.)
entsprechen {v} :: to meet (satisfy, comply with)
entsprechend {adj} :: corresponding
entsprechend {adj} :: adequate, appropriate
entsprechend {adj} :: respective
entsprechend {adv} :: accordingly
entsprechend {prep} :: according to
Entsprechung {f} :: equivalent
entsprießen {v} :: to sprout out, spring out
entspringen {v} :: to arise, originate, spring (start to exist)
entsprochen {v} :: past participle of entsprechen
entsprungen {v} :: past participle of entspringen
Entstalinisierung {f} [politics, history] :: destalinization
entstammen {v} :: To come from
entstammen {v} :: To derive or stem from
entstammt {v} :: past participle of entstammen
entstanden {adj} :: originated
entstanden {adj} :: spontaneous
entstauben {v} :: to dust
entstehen {v} :: to come into being
entstehen {v} :: to arise
entstehen {v} :: to develop
entstehend {adj} :: originating, emerging, emerging
entstehend {adj} :: nascent
Entstehung {f} :: creation
Entstehung {f} :: origin
Entstehung {f} :: development
Entstehung {f} :: formation
Entstehungszeit {f} :: time of origin / formation
entsteigen {v} [literary] :: to get out of
entsteinen {v} :: to pit; to remove the pit of [an apricot, cherry, etc]
Entsteiner {m} :: pitter
entsteint {adj} :: pitted; having had the pit removed
entsteint {v} :: past participle of entsteinen
entstellen {vt} :: to disfigure somebody's looks
entstellen {vt} :: to distort the truth
entstellen {vt} :: to disrupt text or code
entstellt {v} :: past participle of entstellen
entstellt {adj} :: disfigured, distorted, maimed, deformed
entstellt {adj} :: garbled
entstielen {v} :: to destalk
entstören {v} [electronics] :: to remove interference
enttarnen {v} [espionage, of a spy or an agent] :: to expose, to unmask, to uncover
enttarnen {v} [science fiction] :: to decloak
enttarnt {v} :: past participle of enttarnen
Enttarnung {f} [espionage, of a spy or an agent] :: unmasking, exposing
enttäuschen {v} :: to disappoint
enttäuschend {adj} :: disappointing
enttäuscht {adj} :: disappointed (defeated of hope or expectation)
Enttäuschung {f} :: disappointment
entteeren {v} :: to remove the tar
entteert {v} :: past participle of entteeren
entthronen {v} :: to dethrone
entthront {v} :: past participle of entthronen
entvölkern {v} :: to depopulate
entwachsen {v} :: to grow out of
entwaffnen {v} :: to disarm
entwalden {vt} :: to deforest
entwarnen {v} :: to give the all-clear
Entwarnung {f} :: all-clear
entwässern {v} :: To drain
entwässern {v} :: To dehydrate or desiccate
entwässernd {adj} :: draining
entwässert {v} :: past participle of entwässern
entweder {conj} :: either
entweichen {v} :: To escape
entweichen {v} :: To leak (of gas)
entweihen {v} :: to desecrate
entwenden {v} :: to steal
entwerfen {v} :: to sketch, to draft
entwerfen {v} :: to devise, design
entwerten {v} :: to devalue
entwerten {v} :: to invalidate
entwerten {v} [a ticket] :: to punch, to stamp, to validate
Entwerter {m} [travel] :: clipping of Fahrscheinentwerter
Entwertung {f} :: devaluation
entwichen {v} :: past participle of entweichen - leaked, escaped
entwickeln {vt} :: to develop
entwickeln {vr} :: to shape up
Entwickler {m} :: developer
Entwicklerin {f} :: female developer
Entwicklung {f} :: evolution
Entwicklung {f} :: development
Entwicklungshilfe {f} :: (overseas) development aid / assistance
Entwicklungsland {n} :: developing country
Entwicklungspotenzial {n} :: development potential
Entwicklungsprozess {m} [technology] :: development process
Entwicklungsprozeß {m} :: alternative spelling of Entwicklungsprozess
entwinden {v} :: to wrest [+ Dativ (object) = jemandem = from]
entwirren {v} :: to disentangle, to unravel
entwirrt {v} :: past participle of entwirren
entwischen {v} :: to escape
entwöhnen {v} :: to wean
entwürdigen {v} :: to debase
Entwürdigung {f} :: indignity
Entwurf {m} :: draft
Entwurf {m} :: design, model, sketch
Entwurf gemäß Vertrag {m} [software, design] :: synonym of Design by Contract (design by contract)
Entwurfsmuster {n} [architecture, design, software, design] :: design pattern
Entwurzelung {f} :: uprooting
Entwurzelung {f} [figurative] :: uprooting, uprootedness, rootlessness, deracination, dislocation
entziehen {v} :: to revoke [a right or permission]
entziehen {v} :: to withdraw (to remove, stop providing)
entziehen {v} :: to extract (to withdraw by a mechanical or chemical process)
entziehen {vr} :: to shirk, escape, avoid [one's responsibilities, the consequences of one's actions, etc.]
entziehend {adj} :: depriving, detracting, privative
entziffern {v} :: decipher
entzogen {v} :: past participle of entziehen - revoked, withdrawn
entzücken {vt} :: to delight
entzückend {adj} :: lovely
entzückend {adj} :: adorable, gorgeous, desirable, attractive
entzückt {adj} :: enchanted, thrilled, delighted, charmed
Entzückung {f} :: delight
Entzug {m} :: revoking
Entzug {m} :: withdrawal (an act of withdrawing; metabolic shock when an addictive substance is withheld)
entzünden {vt} :: to ignite, to inflame
entzünden {vr} :: to ignite, to inflame
entzünden {vr} [medicine] :: to inflame
entzündlich {adj} :: inflammable / flammable
entzündlich {adj} :: inflammatory
Entzündlichkeit {f} :: flammability, inflammability
Entzündung {f} [fire or medicine] :: inflammation
Entzündungsaktivität {f} [pathology] :: inflammatory activity (production of inflammation)
entzündungshemmend {adj} :: antiinflammatory
entzwei {adj} :: halved, divided (in two)
entzweibrechen {vit} :: to break in two
entzweien {v} :: to divide
entzweireißen {v} :: to rip in two
en vogue {adj} :: fashionable
Enzenkirchen {prop} {n} :: Enzenkirchen (municipality)
Enzenreith {prop} {n} :: Enzenreith (municipality)
Enzephalitis {f} :: encephalitis (inflammation of the brain)
Enzephalopathie {f} [pathology] :: encephalopathy
Enzian {m} :: gentian
Enzian {m} :: gentian schnapps, enzian
enzootisch {adj} :: enzootic
Enzyklika {f} :: encyclical
Enzyklopädie {f} :: encyclopedia (comprehensive reference work with articles on a wide range of topics)
enzyklopädisch {adj} :: encyclopedic
Enzym {n} :: enzyme
enzymatisch {adj} :: enzymatic
enzymkatalysiert {adj} :: enzyme-catalyzed
Eoarchaikum {prop} :: the Eoarchean
Eosin {n} [organic compound] :: eosin
Eozän {prop} {n} :: Eocene
Epenthese {f} [phonology] :: epenthesis
Epffel {noun} :: obsolete spelling of Äpfel
Eph. {noun} [music] :: abbreviation of Euphonion
ephebisch {adj} :: ephebic
Ephedrin {n} :: ephedrine
ephemer {adj} :: ephemeral
Epibiont {m} [biology] :: epibiont (organism that lives on the surface)
Epichlorhydrin {n} [organic compound] :: epichlorohydrin
Epidemie {f} :: epidemic (widespread disease)
Epidemiologie {f} [epidemiology] :: epidemiology (branch of medicine dealing with transmission and control of disease in populations)
epidemiologisch {adj} [medicine] :: epidemiological
epidemisch {adj} :: epidemic
Epidot {m} [mineral] :: epidote
epifaszial {adj} [anatomy] :: epifacial
epigastrisch {adj} [anatomy] :: epigastric
Epigenetik {f} [genetics] :: epigenetics (the study of the processes involved in the genetic development of an organism, especially the activation and deactivation of genes)
epigenetisch {adj} :: epigenetic
Epiglottis {f} :: epiglottis
epigonal {adj} :: epigonic
Epigone {m} :: epigone (follower, disciple)
Epigone {m} :: epigone (imitator of artist or style)
epigonisch {adj} :: epigonal
Epigramm {n} :: epigram
epigrammatisch {adj} :: epigrammatic
Epik {f} :: epic poetry
Epikard {n} [anatomy, cardiology] :: epicardium (layer of tissue between the pericardium and the heart)
Epiker {m} :: epicist
Epikie {f} :: epikeia
Epikie {f} [law] :: equity
epikureisch {adj} :: epicurean, Epicurean
Epilepsie {f} :: epilepsy
Epileptiker {m} :: epileptic
epileptisch {adj} :: epileptic
epilieren {v} :: to epilate (remove body hairs)
Epilog {m} :: epilogue
episch {adj} :: epic
Episkopat {n} :: episcopate
Episode {f} :: episode (something that took place)
episodisch {adj} :: episodic
epistemisch {adj} :: epistemic
Epistemologie {f} [philosophy] :: epistemology
epistemologisch {adj} :: epistemological
epitaktisch {adj} :: epitaxial
Epitaph {n} [rare or elevated] :: epitaph (inscription on a gravestone)
Epitaxie {f} [crystallography] :: epitaxy
epithelial {adj} [anatomy] :: epithelial
Epithese {f} [linguistics] :: epithesis
epithetisch {adj} :: epithetic
Epitheton {n} :: epithet (word in the scientific name of a taxon following the name of the genus or species)
EPO {prop} {f} :: initialism of w:de:Europäische Patentorganisation
epochal {adj} :: epochal
Epoche {f} :: epoch
eponymisch {adj} :: eponymous
Epopöe {f} [dated] :: epic, epopee
Epos {n} :: epic
Epoxid {n} [organic chemistry] :: epoxide
Eprouvette {f} :: test tube
Epsilon {n} :: epsilon (Greek letter)
Epsomit {m} [mineral] :: epsomite
Epstein {prop} {mf} :: surname
Equilibrium {n} :: balance, equilibrium
-er- {interfix} :: used to link elements in some compounds
-er {suffix} :: Forms agent nouns etc. from verbs, suffixed to the verb stem
-er {suffix} :: indicating something defined by a number; in the plural often all numbers with the same first digits
-er {suffix} :: Used to form the plurals of some nouns
-er {suffix} :: Forms nouns indicating an inhabitant of a place, or a person originating from a place
-er {suffix} :: Forms invariable adjectives from place names, with a genitival meaning, indicating origin from or association with that place
er- {prefix} :: Inseparable verbal prefix that indicates a successful conclusion, leads to the wanted result
er- {prefix} :: Inseparable verbal prefix that indicates killing or dying
er- {prefix} :: Prefix signifying a notion of getting something (either by conscious effort or (rarely) producing the effect of coming to have it unintentionally) by specific means
er {pron} [personal] :: he
er {pron} [personal] :: it (when the grammatical gender of the object/article/thing/animal etc., being referred to, is masculine (der))
er {pron} [personal, obsolete] :: alternative spelling of Er
Er {m} :: a person or animal of male gender, a male
Er {pron} [archaic] :: you (form of address to a male person)
erachten {v} :: To consider
erachten {v} :: To deem
Erachten {n} :: opinion
erachtet {v} :: past participle of erachten
erachtet {adj} :: deemed, considered
erahnt {v} :: past participle of erahnen - guessed, divined, surmised
erarbeiten {v} :: To work out
erarbeiten {v} :: To obtain by hard work
erarbeiten {v} :: To develop
erarbeiten {v} :: To assemble, compose
Erastes {m} :: erastes
erbarmen {vr} :: to take pity on, to have mercy for
Erbarmen {n} :: commiseration, compassion
erbärmlich {adj} :: pitiful, miserable
erbärmlicher {adj} :: comparative of erbärmlich
erbärmlichsten {adj} :: superlative of erbärmlich
erbarmt {v} :: past participle of erbarmen
erbarmungslos {adj} :: pitiless
erbarmungslos {adv} :: pitilessly
erbauen {v} :: to build, erect
erbauen {v} :: to entertain, elevate
erbauen {v} :: to edify
erbaut {v} :: past participle of erbauen
erbaut {adj} :: built
Erbauung {f} :: edification
Erbe {n} :: inheritance; heritage; legacy; bequest (property that is bequeathed and inherited)
Erbe {n} [figurative] :: heritage (anything that is passed down from preceding generations, e.g. genes, values, attitudes, traditions, etc.)
Erbe {m} :: heir
erbeben {v} :: [of a building or the earth] to quake
erbeben {v} :: [of a person] to tremble, shake
erben {v} :: to inherit
erbetteln {v} :: to receive by begging
erbeuten {vt} :: to plunder
erbeuten {vt} :: to prey on
Erbfeind {m} :: historical enemy, inherited enemy
Erbfeind {m} [historical] :: inherited, essential enemy, believed to be hostile for generations or even since time immemorial [often in relation to France, or by extensions the Romans]
Erbfolge {f} :: (hereditary) succession
Erbgut {n} [biology] :: genetic material
erbieten {v} [literary, ditransitive, with accusative and dative, chiefly archaic] :: to grant, to show, to present
erbieten {vr} [literary] :: to decide to do, to undertake, to emprise, to make oneself available
Erbin {f} :: heiress
Erbinformation {f} :: genetic information
erbitten {vt} :: to request, ask for
erbittert {adj} :: acrimonious, grim
Erbium {n} :: erbium
Erbkrankheit {f} [pathology] :: congenital / hereditary disease
Erbland {n} :: hereditary land
erblassen {v} [literally] :: to turn pale; to turn white
erblassen {v} [metaphorically] :: to die
erblasst {v} :: past participle of erblassen
erbleichen {v} :: to turn pale
erbleichen {v} [literary] :: to die
erblich {adj} :: hereditary, heritable
erblicken {v} :: to sight
Erblindung {f} :: blinding
erblühen {v} [literal or figuratively] :: to blossom
Erbobergespan {m} [Medieval Hungary] :: a hereditary Hungarian Lord-Lieutenant of counties, a hereditary Hungarian count
Erbobergespann {m} :: alternative form of Erbobergespan
Erbonkel {m} [colloquial, humorous] :: rich uncle (An uncle from whom an inheritance is expected.)
erbosen {v} :: to anger
erbost {adj} :: angry, infuriated, furious
erbötig {adj} :: willing
Erbpacht {f} :: emphyteusis, long-term leasehold
erbracht {v} :: past participle of erbringen
erbracht {adj} :: rendered, performed
erbrechen {vr} [formal] :: to vomit
erbrechen {vit} [significantly less formal] :: to vomit (something) (out)
erbrechen {vt} [archaic] :: to break something open
Erbrechen {n} :: vomiting
Erbrechen {n} :: regurgitation
Erbrecht {n} [legal, no plural] :: inheritance law (area of law pertaining to passing on property, titles, debts, rights, and obligations upon the death of an individual)
Erbrecht {n} [legal] :: right to inherit
erbringen {v} :: To render, yield, produce, give, furnish
erbrochen {v} :: past participle of erbrechen
erbrüten {v} :: to hatch, to breed
Erbrütung {f} :: hatching, breeding
Erbschaft {f} :: inheritance, heritage
Erbschaftssteuer {f} :: estate tax
Erbschaftsteuer {f} :: alternative form of Erbschaftssteuer
Erbschleicher {m} [derogatory] :: legacy hunter
Erbse {f} :: pea
Erbsensuppe {f} :: pea soup
Erbstück {n} :: heirloom
Erbsünde {f} [Christianity] :: original sin (state of sinfulness in all human beings)
Erbtante {f} [colloquial, humorous] :: rich aunt (an aunt from whom inheritance is expected)
Erbteil {n} :: part of an inheritance
Erbwort {n} [lexicography] :: word inherited from an earlier form of a language
erdähnlich {adj} :: earthlike
Erdalkalimetall {n} :: alkaline earth metal
Erdalkalimetallion {n} :: alkaline earth metal ion
Erdaltertum {prop} :: synonym of Paläozoikum
Erdaltzeit {prop} :: synonym of Paläozoikum
Erdanziehungskraft {f} :: force of gravity, gravitational force
Erdapfel {m} [Switzerland, Austria, Southern Germany, dialectal elsewhere] :: potato
Erdatmosphäre {f} :: Earth's atmosphere
Erdball {m} :: globe, Earth
Erdbeben {n} :: earthquake
erdbebengefährdet {adj} :: earthquake-prone
Erdbebenkatastrophe {f} [environment] :: earthquake disaster
erdbebensicher {adj} :: earthquake-proof, antiseismic
Erdbeerbaum {m} :: strawberry tree
Erdbeere {f} :: strawberry
erdbeerfarben {adj} :: strawberry-coloured
erdbeerrot {adj} :: strawberry-red (in colour)
Erdbewohner {m} :: inhabitant of the planet Earth
Erdbirne {f} [rare] :: a potato
Erdboden {m} :: ground
Erde {f} [uncountable] :: soil
Erde {f} [uncountable] :: the ground
Erde {f} [countable] :: a world; a space to live in
Erde {prop} {f} :: the planet Earth
Erdeichel {f} [obsolete] :: earthnut pea (Lathyrus tuberosus)
Erdeichel {f} [obsolete] :: peanut (Arachis hypogaea)
erden {v} :: to earth [electrically]
erdenken {v} :: to think up
Erdenrund {n} [formal] :: world
Erderwärmung {f} :: global warming
erdfarben {adj} :: earthy in colour
Erdferkel {n} :: aardvark
erdfeucht {adj} :: moist as soil
Erdfrühzeit {prop} :: synonym of Präkambrium
Erdgas {n} :: natural gas
Erdgasfeld {n} :: natural gas field, gas field
Erdgasquelle {f} :: natural gas well
Erdgeschichte {f} :: history of the Earth
Erdgeschichte {f} :: geology
erdgeschichtlich {adj} :: geological (concerning the history of the Earth)
Erdgeschoss {n} :: first floor [US], ground floor [UK]
Erdgeschoß {n} [alternative or Austria] :: first floor
erdhaltig {adj} :: earthy
Erdhülle {f} :: geosphere
erdig {adj} :: earthy (resembling dirt or soil)
erdiger {adj} :: comparative of erdig
erdigsten {adj} :: superlative of erdig
Erdkabel {n} :: buried cable
Erdkern {m} :: Earth's core
Erdklumpen {m} [lump of earth] :: clod
Erdkörper {m} :: terrestrial body (e.g. Earthlike planet)
Erdkreis {m} [formal] :: world
Erdkruste {f} :: Earth's crust
Erdkugel {f} :: globe
Erdkunde {f} [now chiefly as a school subject] :: geography
Erdling {m} :: Earthling
Erdmagnetfeld {n} :: Earth's magnetic field
Erdmandel {f} :: chufa (Cyperus esculentus plant and produce)
Erdmandel {f} [obsolete] :: peanut, goober (Arachis hypogaea plant and produce)
Erdmandel {f} [obsolete] :: earthnut pea (Lathyrus tuberosus plant and produce)
Erdmännchen {n} [zoology] :: meerkat
Erdmännchen {n} [mythology, dated] :: a gnome or dwarf that lives under the earth
Erdmantel {m} :: Earth's mantle
Erdmittelalter {prop} :: synonym of Mesozoikum
Erdmittelzeit {prop} :: synonym of Mesozoikum
Erdmond {prop} {m} :: the Moon [Luna]
Erdmute {prop} :: given name
erdnah {adj} :: near-Earth
Erdnatter {f} :: eastern ratsnake (Pantherophis alleghaniensis, syn. Pantherophis obsoletus)
Erdneuzeit {prop} :: synonym of Känozoikum
Erdnuss {f} :: peanut, goober (Arachis hypogaea plant and produce)
Erdnuss {f} [obsolete] ::  tiger nut, chufa (Cyperus esculentus plant and produce)
Erdnuss {f} [obsolete] :: earthnut pea (Lathyrus tuberosus plant and produce)
Erdnuß {f} :: alternative spelling of Erdnuss
Erdnussbutter {f} :: peanut butter
Erdoberfläche {f} :: surface of the Earth
Erdöl {n} :: oil, petroleum
Erdölfraktion {f} :: petroleum fraction (component, separated by fractionation)
Erdölprodukt {n} [chiefly in the plural] :: petroleum product
erdölreich {adj} :: petroleum-rich, petroliferous
Erdölvorrat {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: oil stock(s)
Erdrauch {m} :: fumitory (plant)
Erdreich {n} :: soil, earth
Erdreich {n} :: earth
erdreisten {v} [formal] :: to dare; to have the audacity
Erdrinde {f} :: Earth's crust
erdrosseln {v} :: to strangle, throttle
erdrücken {vt} :: to squeeze dead, to kill by squeezing
erdrückt {v} :: past participle of erdrücken
Erdrutsch {m} :: landslide
Erdschatten {m} [astronomy] :: shadow of the earth
Erdstoß {m} :: Earth tremor
Erdteil {m} :: continent (large contiguous landmass)
Erdtrabant {m} :: the Moon; the moon of the Earth
Erdtrabant {m} :: satellite (man-made)
erdulden {v} :: to endure
Erdung {f} [electricity] :: earthing system
Erdwärme {f} :: geothermal heat
Erdwolf {m} :: aardwolf
Erdzeitalter {n} [geology, colloquial] :: geological era
Eredivisie {f} :: alternative form of Ehrendivision
-erei {suffix} :: Used to form verbal nouns, which often have an informal and/or negative overtone
ereifern {vr} :: to get worked up [+ über (object) = etwas = about]
ereignen {vr} :: to occur
ereignet {v} :: past participle of ereignen
Ereignis {n} :: event (occurrence of social or personal importance)
Ereignisablauf {m} :: course of events
ereignisbasiert {adj} [programming] :: synonym of ereignisgesteuert
ereignisgesteuert {adj} [programming] :: event-driven
Ereignishorizont {m} [astrophysics] :: event horizon
ereignisorientiert {adj} [programming] :: event-based
ereignisorientierte Programmierung {f} [programming, paradigm] :: event-driven programming
ereignisreich {adj} :: eventful
ereilen {vt} :: to befall, overtake
erektil {adj} :: erectile
Erektion {f} :: erection (rigid penis)
Eremit {m} :: hermit
Eremitin {f} :: feminine noun of Eremit
eremitisch {adj} :: hermitic, hermitlike, eremitic
ererben {vt} [dated] :: to inherit
ererbt {adj} :: inherited
ererbt {adj} :: inbred
erethisch {adj} [pathology] :: erethic
erfahren {adj} :: experienced
erfahren {v} :: to find out, learn, to come to know
erfahren {v} :: to experience
Erfahrung {f} :: experience
erfahrungsgemäß {adj} :: empirical
erfahrungsgemäß {adv} :: empirically
Erfahrungswert {m} :: empirical value
erfassen {v} :: to grasp, grip
erfassen {v} :: to realize, conceive, comprehend
erfassen {v} :: to capture, collect, measure, record
Erfassung {f} :: capture
Erfassung {f} :: collection
erfinden {vt} :: to invent
erfinden {vt} :: to fabricate (something untrue); to make up (a story)
erfinden {vt} :: to find out, to discover
Erfinder {m} :: inventor (male or of unspecified sex)
Erfinderin {f} :: inventor (female)
Erfindung {f} :: invention
Erfindung {f} :: fabrication
Erfolg {m} :: success
erfolgen {v} :: To happen, occur, take place
erfolgen {v} :: To follow, ensue
erfolglos {adj} :: unsuccessful
erfolgreich {adj} :: successful
erfolgreicher {adj} :: comparative of erfolgreich
erfolgreichsten {adj} :: superlative of erfolgreich
Erfolgsrezept {n} :: recipe for success
erfolgswirksam {adj} [economics] :: affecting net income
erfolgt {v} :: past participle of erfolgen
erfolgversprechend {adj} :: promising
erforderlich {adj} :: necessary, required, essential
erfordern {v} :: to necessitate, to require
Erfordernis {n} :: need, necessity
erforschen {v} :: To explore
erforscht {adj} :: explored
erforscht {adj} :: investigated
erforscht {v} :: past participle of erforschen
Erforschung {f} :: exploration
erfragen {vt} :: to inquire
erfreuen {v} :: to please
erfreuen {vr} :: to enjoy
erfreuend {adj} :: pleasing, delighting
erfreulich {adj} :: pleasant, pleasing
erfreulicher {adj} :: comparative of erfreulich
erfreulicherweise {adv} :: happily
erfreulichsten {adj} :: superlative of erfreulich
erfrieren {v} :: to freeze to death
Erfrierung {f} :: frostbite
erfrischen {v} :: to refresh [to renew or revitalize, especially by consuming beverages]
erfrischend {adj} :: refreshing, freshening, recreating, bracing
erfrischend {adj} :: exhilarant
Erfrischung {f} :: refreshment
erfroren sind schon viele, aber erstunken ist noch keiner {phrase} [idiom] :: a request to close an open window letting cold air in despite a bad smell in the room
erfüllbar {adj} :: feasible
erfüllen {vt} :: to fill (with something physical or abstract)
erfüllen {vt} :: to fulfill / fulfil
erfüllen {vr} :: to come true
Erfüllung {f} :: fulfillment
erfunden {v} :: past participle of erfinden
erfunden {adj} :: invented, contrived
erfunden {adj} :: fictional
erfunden {adj} :: imaginary
erfunden {adj} :: bogus
Erfurt {prop} {n} :: Erfurt
Erfurter {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Erfurt
Erfurter {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Erfurt
erg. {abbr} :: [abbreviation of ergänze] add, complete (imperative mode)
erg. {abbr} :: [abbreviation of ergänzt] added (participle)
ergänzen {vt} :: to fill, fill out, complete
ergänzen {vt} :: to add
ergänzend {adj} :: additional, supplementary, complementary
Ergänzung {f} :: supplement
Ergänzung {f} [grammar] :: object
Ergänzungssatz {m} [linguistics] :: A subordinate clause which replaces an object
Ergänzungsstrich {m} :: suspended hyphen, hanging hyphen
Ergativ {m} [grammar] :: ergative case
ergattern {vt} [colloquial] :: to grab; to snatch; to get
ergaunern {v} :: to grift, swindle
ergeben {adj} :: loyal, devoted, humble, obedient
ergeben {v} :: to yield, produce
ergeben {vr} :: to surrender
ergeben {v} :: to arise, result, turn out
ergeben {vp} [impersonal] :: to happen
Ergebenheit {f} :: humility
Ergebenheit {f} :: loyalty
Ergeber {m} :: submitter
Ergebnis {n} :: result
ergebnislos {adj} :: unsuccessful, fruitless
ergebnislos {adj} :: inconclusive, indecisive
ergebnisoffen {adj} :: open-ended
Ergebung {f} :: surrendering, capitulation
ergehen {vi} [formal] :: to go out, to be issued
ergehen {vi} :: to go (well, badly etc. for someone)
ergehen {vr} :: to hold forth, expatiate (über [+ acc] on)
ergehen {vr} :: to indulge (oneself) (in [+ dat] in)
ergehen {vr} [literary] :: to take a stroll
ergiebig {adj} :: productive, fertile
ergiebig {adj} :: abundant
ergiebig {adj} :: fat, heavyset
ergießen {vr} :: to gush, pour out
ergo {adv} :: ergo
Ergonomie {f} :: ergonomics
ergonomisch {adj} :: ergonomic
ergossen {v} :: past participle of ergießen
ergötz {v} :: past participle of ergötzen
ergötzen {vt} :: (with genitive) to compensate (someone for some damage)
ergötzen {vt} :: to delight, amuse or gladden
ergötzen {vr} :: sich ergötzen (an) to cherish, to be amused (by)
ergrauen {v} :: to grey (to become grey)
ergraut {v} :: past participle of ergrauen
ergreifen {v} :: to seize
ergreifen {v} :: to take up (a job, etc.)
ergreifend {adj} :: moving, stirring, gripping, poignant
ergriffen {v} :: past participle of ergreifen
ergrimmen {vi} :: to become incensed, become furious
ergrimmen {vt} :: to anger, to make wroth
ergründen {v} :: to fathom, get to the bottom of
Erguss {m} :: Leakage of fluid to another area
Erguss {m} :: Emergence of feelings in words
Erguß {m} :: alternative spelling of Erguss
erhaben {adj} :: sublime, exalted, elevated, lordly
erhaben {adj} :: unassailable, above (something)
erhaben {adj} :: embossed, relief
Erhabenheit {f} :: sublimity
Erhabenheit {f} :: loftiness
Erhalt {m} :: receipt, reception, acceptance
Erhalt {m} :: preservation
erhalten {v} :: to maintain, uphold
erhalten {v} :: to receive, obtain
erhalten {v} :: to save
erhalten {v} :: past participle of erhalten - obtained, received etc
erhalten {adj} :: surviving, extant
erhältlich {adj} :: available, obtainable
Erhaltung {f} :: maintenance, preservation
Erhaltungszustand {m} :: conservation status, state of preservation
erhängen {vt} :: to hang someone (to execute by hanging)
erhängen {vr} :: to hang oneself (to commit suicide by hanging)
Erhard {prop} :: given name
Erhard {prop} :: surname derived from the given name
Erhardt {prop} :: given name
Erhardt {prop} :: surname derived from the given name
Erhart {prop} :: given name
Erhart {prop} :: surname derived from the given name
erhärten {v} :: To harden
erhärten {v} :: To affirm, corroborate, substantiate
erhärten {v} :: To petrify
erhaschen {v} :: to grab, to seize
erheben {v} :: to raise, lift (e.g. arm, voice)
erheben {v} :: to levy, charge
erheben {v} :: to gather, collect (e.g. data, material)
erheben {v} :: to bring (charges)
erheben {v} :: rise (to one's feet, from one's seat, etc.)
erheben {v} :: rise (e.g. mountain, tower)
erheben {v} :: rise up
erheben {v} :: to feel superior
erheblich {adj} :: considerable, substantial, significant
erheblich {adv} :: considerably
Erhebung {f} :: elevation
Erhebung {f} :: uprising
Erhebung {f} :: survey
Erhebung {f} :: levy
erheischen {v} :: to require
erheischen {v} :: to demand
erheitern {v} :: to amuse
erheitern {v} :: to cheer up
erheiternd {adj} :: exhilarant, amusing
erhellen {v} [also figuratively] :: to illuminate, to brighten
erhellen {vri} [figurative] :: to illuminate, to brighten
erhenken {vt} :: to hang [kill by hanging]
erhitzen {vt} :: To heat (to cause an increase in temperature of an object or space); to warm; to inflame
erhitzen {vr} :: To grow hot or warm; to become heated; to fly into a passion
Erhitzen {n} :: heating (act of)
erhitzt {v} :: past participle of erhitzen
erhitzt {adj} :: heated
erhitzt {adj} :: igneous
Erhitzung {f} :: heating (up)
Erhitzung {f} :: excitement, inflammation
Erhitzung {f} :: calefaction
erhoffen {v} :: To hope (for); desire; want (to)
erhöhen {v} :: to heighten, raise
erhöhen {v} :: to increase
erhöhen {v} :: to exalt
erhöhend {adj} :: enhancing, elevating
erhöht {adj} :: increased, elevated, raised, heightened, enhanced
erhöht {v} :: past participle of erhöhen
Erhöhung {f} :: increase, elevation, rise, increment
Erhöhung {f} :: enhancement
Erhöhung {f} :: hill
erholen {vr} :: to relax, to recover, to recuperate
erholsam {adj} :: restful, restorative, relaxing, refreshing
Erholung {f} :: recovery, convalescence
Erholung {f} :: recreation
erhorchen {vt} :: to hear by eavesdropping
erhören {vt} :: to grant
erhören {vt} [dated] :: to hear
Eric {prop} :: given name, variant of Erich borrowed from English or from French Éric
Erica {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Erika
Erich {prop} {m} :: given name
Eriesee {prop} {m} :: (Lake) Erie
Erik {prop} :: given name
Erika {f} :: heath ( genus Erica)
Erika {prop} :: given name interpreted as a flower name, and as a Scandinavian feminine form of Erik. Spelling variant: Erica
Erikativ {m} [humorous] :: the "erikative"/"ericative" verb form, the verb stem without any personal ending, which is used to imitate a sound or indicate that an action is occurring
erinnerlich {adj} :: recalled, remembered
erinnern {v} [ditransitive] :: to remind [+ acc = whom] [+ gen = which matter] or [+ an (object) = which matter]
erinnern {vrit} :: to remember [+ gen = which matter] or [+ an (object) = which matter]
erinnern {vt} [colloquial, rare] :: to remember [+ acc]
Erinnerung {f} :: memory (recall); remembrance
Erinnerung {f} :: reminder, something that reminds
Erinnerung {f} :: memento, the objects wherewith the memory is supported
Erinnerung {f} :: [Germany] a kind of legal recourse in civil procedure
Erinnerungsmarke {f} :: sealing stamp
Erinnerungsmarke {f} :: a stamp or mark left as a memento
Erinnerungsstück {n} :: souvenir
Eris {prop} {f} [astronomy] :: Eris (dwarf planet)
eristisch {adj} :: eristic
Eritrea {prop} {n} :: Eritrea
eritreisch {adj} :: Eritrean (Of, from, or pertaining to Eritrea, the Eritrean people or the Eritrean culture)
Eriwan {prop} :: Eriwan (capital city)
erkalten {vi} :: To cool down
erkälten {vr} :: to catch a cold
erkaltet {v} :: past participle of erkalten
erkältet sein {vi} :: to have a cold
Erkältung {f} :: cold (illness)
Erkältungskrankheit {f} :: cold
Erkältungskrankheit {f} :: (especially in plural) coughs and sneezes
Erkältungssymptom {n} :: cold symptom
erkämpfen {v} :: to gain through struggle
erkaufen {vt} :: to buy, purchase
erkennbar {adj} :: recognizable, discernible, visible, identifiable
Erkennbarkeit {f} :: recognizability
erkennen {v} :: to recognize, perceive, acknowledge
erkennen {v} :: to realize, detect, see, know, identify, discover, understand
erkenntlich {adj} [in the idiom "sich erkenntlich zeigen"] :: grateful
erkenntlich {adj} :: perceptible
Erkenntlichkeit {f} :: sign of gratitude, sign of appreciation
Erkenntnis {f} :: realization, recognition, insight, perception
Erkenntnistheorie {f} [philosophy] :: theory of knowledge; epistemology
Erkennung {f} :: recognition, identification
Erkennung {f} :: detection
Erkennung {f} :: cognition
Erker {m} :: oriel; bay (on houses)
erkiesen {v} :: to pick, go for, choose
erklären {v} :: to explain
erklären {v} :: to declare
erklären {v} :: to assert
Erklärung {f} :: explanation
Erklärung {f} :: declaration, statement
erklecklich {adj} [of an amount or value] :: considerable
erklimmen {vt} :: to climb
erklingen {v} :: to sound (to produce a sound)
Erkraftung {f} :: the event of getting or receiving power, enlightenment
erkranken {v} :: to fall ill, to sicken
erkrankt {v} :: past participle of erkranken
Erkrankung {f} [slightly, formal] :: the act or process of falling ill
Erkrankung {f} [slightly, formal] :: illness; disease
erkunden {v} :: to explore, to investigate
erkundet {v} :: past participle of erkunden
erkundigen {vr} :: to inquire (to get information)
erkundigt {v} :: past participle of erkundigen
Erkundung {f} :: exploration, investigation, reconnaissance
erküren {v} [formal] :: to choose
-erl {suffix} :: suffix used to create a diminutive form, mostly in southern Germany and Austria; e.g., HäfnHäferl
Erl {prop} {n} :: Erl (municipality)
erlaben {v} :: invigorate, refresh
erlabt {v} :: past participle of erlaben
erlahmen {v} :: to flag, to weaken
erlangen {v} :: to achieve, to obtain, to gain
Erlangen {n} :: attainment
Erlangen {prop} {n} :: Erlangen (independent city)
erlangt {v} :: past participle of erlangen
erlangt {adj} :: acquired
erlangt {adj} :: achieved, gained, attained
Erlass {m} :: decree
Erlass {m} :: remission, exemption, waiver
Erlaß {m} :: alternative spelling of Erlass
erlassen {vt} :: to issue (a law, an act); to promulgate, to enact (a regulation)
erlassen {vt} :: to let off (a penalty)
erlassen {vt} :: to abate (debt, taxes)
erlassen {vt} :: to waive (a fee)
erlassen {vt} :: to remit (a liability)
Erlassjahr {n} :: Jubilee
erlauben {v} :: (with dative) to allow; to permit
Erlaubnis {f} :: permission (authorisation)
erlaubt {adj} :: allowed, allowable
erlaucht {adj} :: illustrious
Erlauf {prop} {n} :: Erlauf (municipality)
Erlauf {prop} {f} :: Erlauf (river)
erläutern {v} :: to explain
Erläuterung {f} :: explanation (the act or process of explaining)
Erle {f} :: alder
erleben {v} :: to experience
erleben {v} :: to see, live to see, witness
erleben {v} :: to undergo
Erlebnis {n} :: experience (event of which one is cognizant)
erlebnisreich {adj} :: eventful
erlebt {v} :: past participle of erleben
erledigen {v} :: to finish, to complete
erledigen {v} :: to take care of, to see to, to handle
erledigen {v} [slang] :: to kill
erledigt {adj} :: completed
erledigt {adj} :: done for
erledigt {adj} [colloquial] :: exhausted
erlegen {v} :: past participle of erliegen
erlegen {v} :: causative of erliegen: to make succumb
erlegen {v} [formal] :: to hunt down (wild game)
erlegen {v} [euphemistic] :: to cull (livestock)
erlegen {v} [regional, outside, Austria] :: to pay a sum of money
-erlei {suffix} :: Produces adjectives describing the number of kinds of a thing
erleichtern {v} :: to facilitate, make easier
erleichtern {v} :: to ease
erleichtern {v} :: to simplify
erleichtern {vr} :: to relieve oneself
Erleichterung {f} :: relief
Erleichterung {f} :: ease, easing
Erleichterung {f} :: alleviation
Erleichterung {f} :: facilitation, facilitating
erleiden {vt} :: to suffer, to endure, to undergo
erlen {adj} :: aldern
Erlen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Thurgovia, Switzerland
Erlenmeyer {prop} :: Erlenmeyer; surname
Erlenmeyerkolben {m} [chemistry] :: Erlenmeyer flask
erlernen {vt} :: to learn [to the point of being an expert]
Erlernung {f} [dated] :: learning [e.g. of a language]
erlesen {v} :: To select, choose
erlesen {adj} :: delicate
erlesen {adj} :: choice, select
erlesen {adj} :: exquisite
erleuchten {vt} :: to enlighten, illuminate
erleuchtet {adj} :: illuminated, enlightened
erliegen {vi} [with dative] :: to succumb to; to lose out to; to yield to; to fail to withstand (an enemy, a temptation)
erliegen {vi} [with dative] :: to be under (a misapprehension, an illusion)
erliegen {vi} [with dative] :: to die; to succumb to (an illness, a wound)
Erlkönig {m} :: erl-king
Erlös {m} :: proceeds
erlöschen {vt} :: to extinguish; to quench, to douse
erlöschen {vi} :: to extinguish; to become extinct
erlöschen {vi} :: to go out; to die out
erlöschen {vi} :: to lapse; to expire
erlöschen {v} [archaic] :: same es the intransitive usage supra
erlösen {v} :: to deliver, to set free
erlösen {v} [Christianity] :: to deliver; to redeem; to save (to free from sin, its destructive power and its punishment)
Erlöser {m} :: one who delivers someone; redeemer; saviour (male or of unspecified sex)
Erlöser {m} [Christianity] :: Redeemer; Saviour (Jesus Christ)
Erlösung {f} :: deliverance; liberation
Erlösung {f} [Christianity] :: deliverance; redemption; salvation (liberation from sin, its destructive power and its punishment)
erlügen {v} :: to fabricate [e.g. a untrue story]
ermächtigen {v} :: to authorize
Ermächtigung {f} :: authorization
Ermächtigung {f} :: empowerment
ermahnen {vt} :: to admonish
Ermahnung {f} :: admonition
ermangeln {vi} :: to lack, be missing [+dative]
Ermangelung {f} :: only used in in Ermangelung
ermannen {vr} :: to summon courage; to man up
ermäßigt {adj} :: reduced (lowered in price; having a discount price)
Ermäßigung {f} :: discount
ermatten {v} :: to wear down
Ermattung {f} :: fatigue
ermittelbar {adj} :: ascertainable
ermitteln {v} :: To ascertain, determine, investigate, detect, identify
ermittelt {v} :: past participle of ermitteln - determined, ascertained
ermittelt {adj} :: determined
Ermittler {m} :: investigator, detective
Ermittlung {f} :: investigation, inquiry
Ermittlung {f} :: determination, ascertaining
Ermittlungsverfahren {n} :: preliminary / investigatory proceedings
ermöglichen {vt} :: to make possible
Ermöglichen {n} :: enablement
ermöglicht {v} :: past participle of ermöglichen - enabled
Ermöglichung {f} :: enablement
ermorden {vt} :: to murder
Ermordung {f} :: assassination, murder
ermüden {v} :: to tire; to fatigue
ermüdend {adj} :: tedious, tiring, fatiguing, exhausting
Ermüdung {f} :: fatigue
Ermüdung {f} :: weariness, tiredness
Ermüdungsfestigkeit {f} :: fatigue strength
ermuntern {v} :: to wish on; to encourage
ermuntern {v} :: to cheer up; to give hope
ermunternd {adj} :: encouraging
ermutigen {v} :: to encourage
ermutigend {adj} :: encouraging
-ern {suffix} :: [not productive anymore] iterative suffix, used to form verbs from other verbs
-ern {suffix} :: used (always together with a prefix) to form verbs from nouns
-ern {suffix} :: made of (used to form adjectives from nouns)
Erna {prop} :: given name
ernähren {vt} :: to nourish, to feed
Ernährer {m} :: breadwinner
Ernährung {f} :: nutrition
Ernährungsgewohnheit {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: eating habit(s)
Ernährungsmedizin {f} [medicine] :: clinical nutrition
Ernährungsphysiologie {f} :: nutritional physiology
Ernährungssicherung {f} :: food security
Ernährungswissenschaft {f} :: trophology
Ernährungswissenschaft {f} :: nutrition (science of), nutritionism
Ernährungszustand {m} :: nutritional status
Ernde {f} :: obsolete spelling of Ernte
ernennbar {adj} :: appointable
Ernennbarkeit {f} :: appointability
ernennen {v} :: to appoint, to name
Ernennung {f} [act of appointing] :: appointment
erneuerbar {adj} :: renewable, sustainable
erneuern {vt} :: to renew
erneuernd {adj} :: renewing, restoring, renewable, regenerative
Erneuerung {f} :: renewal, replacement
Erneuerung {f} :: innovation
Erneuerung {f} :: renovation
erneut {adj} :: renewed
erneut {adj} :: repeated
erneut {adv} :: again, anew
erniedrigen {v} :: to abase (to lower so as to hurt feelings), to dishonor, to humble
erniedrigt {v} :: past participle of erniedrigen
erniedrigt {adj} :: degraded, humiliated, humbled
erniedrigt {adj} :: abject
Erniedrigung {f} :: humiliation, abasement
Erniedrigung {f} :: degradation
Erniedrigung {f} :: lowering, depression
Erniedrigung {f} :: In music, a flat note (abvreviated "es" for "Erniedrigungs Zeichen"
ernst {adj} :: serious, severe, grave
Ernst {m} :: earnestness, seriousness
Ernst {prop} :: given name
Ernstbrunn {prop} {n} :: Ernstbrunn (municipality)
Ernstfall {m} :: emergency
ernsthaft {adj} [important; weighty] :: serious
Ernsthofen {prop} {n} :: Ernsthofen (municipality)
ernst zu nehmend {adj} :: alternative form of ernstzunehmend
ernstzunehmend {adj} :: serious (to be taken seriously)
Ernte {f} :: harvest
Erntedankfest {n} :: Thanksgiving
Ernteertrag {m} :: crop, yield
Erntehelfer {m} :: harvest hand, harvester, someone who helps to bring in the harvest
Erntemond {m} [Northern Germany] :: harvest moon
Erntemond {m} [dated] :: August
ernten {v} :: to harvest, to reap
Ernting {prop} {m} [obsolete] :: August
ernüchtern {v} :: to sober [to make or become sober]
ernüchternd {adj} :: sobering, disillusioning, disappointing
Ernüchterung {f} :: disillusionment, sobering experience
Eroberer {m} :: conqueror
erobern {vt} :: to conquer
erobern {vt} :: to win
Eroberung {f} :: conquest
Eroberung {f} :: capture
Eroberungszug {m} [military] :: conquest, invasion
eröffnen {v} [a ceremony, game, shop, etc.] :: to open
eröffnen {v} [figuratively, a possibility, perspective, etc.] :: to open up
Eröffnung {f} :: opening
Eröffnung {f} [chess] :: opening
erogen {adj} :: erogenous
erogene Zone {f} :: erogenous zone
erörtern {v} :: to discuss (to converse or debate concerning a particular topic)
Erörterung {f} :: discussion, examination
Erosion {f} :: erosion
Erotik {f} :: erotica, eroticism
erotisch {adj} :: erotic
erotisch {adv} :: erotically
erotischer {adj} :: comparative of erotisch
erotischsten {adj} :: superlative of erotisch
erotomanisch {adj} :: erotomanic
Erpel {m} :: drake (male duck)
erpichen {v} [obsolete, execpt for past participle] :: to glue using pitch
erpicht {adj} :: keen, eager
erpicht {adj} :: obsessed
erpressen {v} :: to blackmail
Erpresser {m} :: blackmailer
Erpresser {m} :: extortionist, extortioner
Erpressung {f} :: blackmail; coercion (the act, sometimes punishable, of forcing somebody to some behaviour by means of a threat)
Erpressung {f} [law] :: extortion; blackmail (the crime of forcing monetary values from someone by means of a threat)
Erpressungsgeld {n} :: extortion money
Erpressungssoftware {f} [computing] :: ransomware
Erpressungsversuch {m} :: extortion attempt
erproben {v} :: To test
erproben {v} :: To prove
Erprobung {f} :: testing
Erprobung {f} :: test, trial
erquicken {v} [formal] :: to refresh, revive
erquickend {adj} :: refreshing, invigorating
erraten {v} :: to determine (something) through advise or empathy
erraten {v} :: to guess (something) correctly, to divine
erratisch {adj} :: erratic
errechenbar {adj} :: calculable
errechnen {v} :: To reckon, calculate, compute
errechnet {v} :: past participle of errechnen
erregbar {adj} :: excitable, emotional
erregbar {adj} :: irritable, irascible
erregen {v} :: to thrill; arouse; excite; titillate
erregen {v} :: to cause; elicit; evoke; bring forth; stimulate into action
Erreger {m} [medicine] :: pathogen, agent, germ
erregt {adj} :: excited, thrilled
erregt {adj} [sex] :: aroused
erregt {adj} :: agitated, incensed, upset
erregt {adv} :: excitedly
erregt {adv} :: hotly, heatedly
Erregung {f} :: excitation
Erregung {f} :: arousal, stimulation
Erregung {f} :: agitation
Erregung {f} :: thrill
Erregung öffentlichen Ärgernisses {f} [law, Germany] :: the crime of performing sexual acts in public
erreichbar {adj} :: reachable, achievable, attainable
erreichbar {adj} :: accessible, approachable
erreichen {v} :: to reach, to catch, to accomplish
erretten {vt} :: to save, rescue
errichten {v} :: to build, construct
Errichtung {f} :: establishment, construction
Errichtung {f} :: foundation, formation, erection
erringen {v} :: to gain, to achieve
erröten {v} :: to blush
errötet {v} :: past participle of erröten
errungen {adj} :: gained, achieved
Errungenschaft {f} :: accomplishment, achievement, attainment
ers {contraction} :: contraction of er es
ersättigen {vr} :: to satiate oneself
Ersatz {m} :: replacement, substitute
Ersatz {m} :: compensation
Ersatzbank {f} [soccer] :: substitutes' bench
Ersatzdehnung {f} [phonetics] :: compensatory lengthening
Ersatzfahrplan {m} :: replacement schedule
Ersatzfrau {f} [female person] :: substitute, stand in
Ersatzfrau {f} [sports, female person] :: replacement
Ersatzhaltestelle {f} [transport] :: replacement stop
ersatzlos {adj} :: Without compensation
ersatzlos {adj} :: Without replacement
Ersatzmann {m} [male person] :: substitute, stand in
Ersatzmann {m} [sports, male person] :: replacement
Ersatzrad {n} :: spare wheel
Ersatzreifen {m} :: spare tyre, spare tire
Ersatzspieler {m} :: substitute (player; male or of unspecified sex)
Ersatzstoff {m} :: substitute, replacement
Ersatzstoff {m} :: surrogate
Ersatzteil {n} :: spare part, replacement part
ersaufen {vi} :: to drown
ersäufen {vt} :: to drown
erschaffen {vt} :: to create; to produce; to make
erschallen {vi} :: to sound; to ring
erschallt {v} :: past participle of erschallen
erschauen {v} :: to sight
erschauern {v} :: to shiver
erschauern {v} :: to tremble
erschauern {v} :: to thrill
erscheinen {v} :: to appear
erscheinen {v} :: to come out, be released
erscheinen {v} :: to appear, to seem
Erscheinung {f} :: appearance (way of being perceived by others)
Erscheinung {f} :: apparition, vision (act or instance of becoming perceptible, especially of something transcendent)
Erscheinung {f} :: phenomenon (something that happens widely or repeatedly)
Erscheinung {f} [rare] :: emergence, occurrence (act of happening, of becoming real or palpable)
Erscheinungsbild {n} :: appearance, semblance, aspect
Erscheinungsform {f} :: manifestation, appearance
Erscheinungsform {f} [biology] :: phenotype
Erscheinungsform {f} [chemistry] :: allotrope
erschienen {adj} :: published, released
erschiessen {v} :: alternative spelling of erschießen
erschießen {v} :: to shoot dead
Erschießung {f} :: execution by shooting
Erschießungskommando {n} [military] :: firing squad
erschlaffen {vti} :: to tire out, slacken
erschlagen {v} :: to slay, to strike dead
erschließen {v} :: To exploit or develop
erschließen {v} :: To tap
erschließen {v} :: To infer or deduce
Erschließung {f} :: development
Erschließung {f} :: indexing
erschlossen {v} :: past participle of erschließen
erschlossen {adj} :: exploited, developed
erschollen {v} :: past participle of erschallen
erschöpfen {v} :: to exhaust
erschöpfend {adj} :: exhausting
erschöpft {adj} :: exhausted
erschöpft {adj} :: weary
Erschöpfung {f} :: depletion
Erschöpfung {f} :: exhaustion
Erschöpfung {f} :: fatigue
Erschöpfungszustand {m} :: (state of) exhaustion
erschrecken {vi} [standard, auxiliary sein] :: to be frightened; to be startled
erschrecken {vr} [chiefly colloquial, auxiliary haben] :: to be frightened; to be startled
erschrecken {vt} [dated, auxiliary haben] :: to frighten; to scare (someone)
erschrecken {vt} :: to frighten; to scare (someone)
erschrecken {vr} :: to be frightened; to be startled
erschrocken {adj} :: past participle of erschrecken
erschrocken {adj} :: shocked, taken aback, startled
erschröcklich {adj} :: terrible, terrifying
erschüttern {v} :: to shake, to rock
erschüttern {v} [of a person] :: to shake up, to convulse
Erschütterung {f} :: concussion
Erschütterung {f} :: vibration
Erschütterung {f} :: shock
erschütterungsfrei {adj} :: vibration-free
erschweren {v} :: to complicate, to make hard or harder
erschwert {adj} :: aggravated
erschwert {adj} :: complicated, difficult
erschwinglich {adj} :: affordable
ersehen {v} :: to learn [+ aus (object) = etwas = from]
ersehen {v} :: to see
ersehnen {vt} :: to long for
ersetzbar {adj} :: replaceable
Ersetzbarkeit {f} :: replaceability
Ersetzbarkeitsprinzip {n} [programming, object-oriented] :: synonym of liskovsche Substitutionsprinzip
ersetzen {v} :: to replace, to substitute (durch by/with)
ersichtlich {adj} :: apparent, clear, obvious
ersinnen {v} :: to imagine, think up
erspähen {vt} :: to catch sight of, to spot
ersparen {vt} :: to save, to save up, to put aside
ersparen {vt} :: to save, to spare (To spare somebody from something bad.)
Ersparnis {n} :: saving (an of)
Ersparnis {n} [in plural] :: savings
erspart {v} :: past participle of ersparen
ersprießlich {adj} :: beneficial, profitable, fruitful
erst {adv} :: first, at first
erst {adv} :: only [with progress, accomplishments or the present time]
erst {adv} :: not until, not for, not before [with reference to a point or period of time in the future]
erst {adv} :: only, as recently as [with reference to the past]
erst {adv} :: short for erstmal
erstarren {v} :: to congeal, set or stiffen
erstarren {v} :: to freeze, to become motionless
Erstarren {n} :: setting, gelation
erstarrend {adj} :: solidifying
erstarrt {v} :: past participle of erstarren
erstarrt {adj} :: congealed, solidified
erstarrt {adj} :: numbed, petrified
Erstarrung {f} :: solidification
Erstarrung {f} :: stiffness, rigidity
Erstarrung {f} :: numbness, deadness
erstatten {vt} :: to reimburse
erstattet {v} :: past participle of erstatten
Erstattung {f} :: refund
Erstaufnahme {f} :: original recording
Erstaufnahme {f} :: initial reception
erstaunen {v} :: to astonish, astound
Erstaunen {n} :: astonishment
erstaunlich {adj} :: amazing, wondrous, astonishing
erstaunlicher {adj} :: comparative of erstaunlich
erstaunlicherweise {adv} :: amazingly, astonishingly, surprisingly
erstaunlichsten {adj} :: superlative of erstaunlich
erstaunt {v} :: past participle of erstaunen
erstbester {adj} :: which seems the best out of a random selection; the first that comes along
erste {ordinal num} :: first
Erste {f} :: feminine noun of Erster
erstechen {v} :: to stab (to pierce or wound with pointed tool or weapon)
erstehen {vt} [colloquial] :: to buy
erstehen {vi} :: to arise
Erste Hilfe {f} [medicine] :: first aid (basic care)
ersteigern {vt} :: to buy at an auction
erste Klasse {noun} :: first class
erste-Klasse {noun} :: attributive form of erste Klasse
erste Lautverschiebung {prop} {f} :: Grimm's law
erstellen {v} :: to create
erstellt {v} :: past participle of erstellen
erstellt {adj} :: created
erstellt {adj} :: rendered, prepared
Erstellung {f} :: creation
Erstellung {f} :: preparation, generation
Erstellung {f} :: building, construction
erstenmal {n} :: obsolete spelling of ersten Mal
erstens {adv} :: first, firstly