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-i {suffix} :: suffix sometimes used to create a diminutive form
-i {suffix} :: suffix sometimes used to create a short form
I {letter} :: The ninth letter of the German alphabet
ia {interj} :: hee-haw (cry of an ass or donkey)
iahen {v} :: to bray (of a donkey, to make a braying noise)
iamblichisch {adj} :: Iamblichean
-iatrie {suffix} :: -iatry, -iatrics (forms names of specialized fields of medical practice.)
iatrisch {adj} :: iatric
iatrogen {adj} :: iatrogenic
Iberer {m} :: Iberian (a male native of Iberia)
Ibererin {f} :: Iberian (a female native of Iberia)
Iberien {prop} {n} :: Iberia
iberisch {adj} :: Iberian (of or pertaining to Iberia)
Iberisch {n} :: Iberian (an extinct language)
Ibis {m} :: ibis (bird)
Ibiza {prop} {n} :: Ibiza (island)
IBN {noun} :: initialism of Inbetriebnahme
IBS {noun} :: initialism of Inbetriebsetzung
Ibuprofen {n} :: ibuprofen
ich {pron} :: I (first person singular nominative (subject) pronoun)
Ich {n} [psychology] :: ego, the Ich
Ich {n} :: self, me, him, etc
ich auch {phrase} :: me too
ich benötige ein Taxi {phrase} :: I need a taxi
ichbezogen {adj} :: egocentric
ich bin Agnostiker {phrase} :: I'm agnostic
ich bin Agnostikerin {phrase} :: I'm agnostic [used by a female person]
ich bin Atheist {phrase} :: I'm an atheist
ich bin Atheistin {phrase} :: I'm an atheist [used by a female person], literally I'm a female atheist
ich bin beraubt worden {phrase} :: I've been robbed
ich bin Buddhist {phrase} :: I'm a Buddhist
ich bin Buddhistin {phrase} :: I'm a Buddhist [used by a female person]
ich bin Christ {phrase} :: I'm a Christian
ich bin Christin {phrase} :: I'm a Christian [used by a female person]
ich bin evangelisch {phrase} :: I'm a Protestant
ich bin Jude {phrase} :: I'm Jewish
ich bin Jüdin {phrase} :: I'm Jewish [used by a female person]
ich bin katholisch {phrase} :: I'm a Catholic
ich bin müde {phrase} :: I am tired
ich bin Muslim {phrase} :: I'm a Muslim
ich bin Muslima {phrase} :: I'm a Muslim
ich bin nicht religiös {phrase} :: I'm not religious
ich bin schwul {phrase} :: I'm gay
ich bin Vegetarier {phrase} :: I'm a vegetarian
ich brauche ... {phrase} :: I need ...
ich brauche eine Karte {phrase} :: I need a map
ich brauche einen Fremdenführer {phrase} :: I need a guide
ich brauche einen Reiseführer {phrase} :: I need a guide
ich brauche einen Stadtplan {phrase} :: I need a city map
ich brauche ein Taxi {phrase} :: I need a taxi
ich esse kein Schweinefleisch {phrase} :: I don't eat pork
ich glaube schon {phrase} :: I think so
ich habe Durst {phrase} :: I am thirsty
ich habe eine Frage {phrase} :: I have a question
ich habe Hunger {phrase} :: I am hungry
ich habe mich verlaufen {phrase} :: I'm lost
ich hasse dich {phrase} :: I hate you
ich heiße {phrase} :: my name is..
Ichlaut {m} [phonology] :: voiceless palatal fricative, [ç]
ich liebe dich {phrase} :: I love you
ich mag dich {phrase} :: I like you
ichs {contraction} :: contraction of ich es
ich spreche kein Deutsch {phrase} :: I don't speak German
ich spreche kein Englisch {phrase} :: I don't speak English
ich suche einen Lebensmittelladen {phrase} :: I'm looking for a grocery store
ich-synton {adj} :: egosyntonic
icht {pron} [obsolete] :: something
Ichthyologie {f} :: ichthyology (branch of zoology devoted to the study of fish)
ichthyologisch {adj} :: ichthyological
ich verstehe nicht {phrase} :: I don't understand
ich wüsste gern {phrase} :: I want to know
ick {pron} [Berlin] :: I
icke {pron} [Berlin] :: I, me
Ida {prop} :: given name
ideal {adj} :: ideal (optimal, perfect)
Ideal {n} :: ideal (perfect standard, standard of excellence)
Ideal {n} [mathematics] :: ideal
idealerweise {adv} :: ideally
Idealfall {m} :: ideal case
idealisieren {v} :: to idealize, to idealise [UK]
Idealisierung {f} :: idealization
Idealismus {m} :: idealism
Idealist {m} :: idealist
idealistisch {adj} :: idealistic
Idee {f} :: idea
ideell {adj} :: ideal (conceptual)
ideenlos {adj} :: lacking in ideas; idealess
Ideenschrift {f} :: ideography
Idem {prop} :: surname notably that of Josefa Idem
idempotent {adj} :: idempotent
Identifikation {f} :: identification
identifizierbar {adj} :: identifiable
identifizieren {v} :: to identify
identifizierend {adj} :: identifying
identisch {adj} [+ mit] :: identical (to/with); the same as
Identität {f} :: identity
Identität {f} [mathematics] :: unity
Identitätsnachweis {m} :: proof / evidence of identity
ideographisch {adj} :: ideographic
Ideologe {m} :: ideologue
Ideologie {f} :: ideology
ideologiekritisch {adj} :: Relating to ideological critique
Ideologin {f} :: (female) ideologist
ideologisch {adj} :: ideological, ideologic
idg. {adj} :: abbreviation of indogermanisch (Indo-European: of or pertaining to the Indo-European language family, or to its proto-language, Proto-Indo-European)
idiographisch {adj} :: idiographic
Idiolatrie {f} :: idiolatry
Idiom {n} :: idiom (a distinct manner of speaking peculiar to a group of people)
Idiom {n} :: idiom (a specific language variety or speech register)
Idiom {n} :: idiom (an idiomatic expression)
Idiom {n} [programming] :: idiom
idiomatisch {adj} :: idiomatic, colloquial
idiopathisch {adj} :: idiopathic
Idiosynkrasie {f} :: idiosyncrasy (individual reaction to a generally innocuous substance)
idiosynkratisch {adj} :: idiosyncratic
Idiot {m} [pejorative] :: idiot; moron (male or of unspecified sex)
idiotensicher {adj} :: foolproof
Idiotie {f} :: idiocy
Idiotikon {n} :: idioticon
Idiotin {f} [pejorative] :: (female) idiot
idiotisch {adj} :: idiotic
Idist {m} :: Idist
Ido {prop} {n} :: Ido
Idol {n} :: idol
Idolatrie {f} :: idolatry
Idololatrie {f} [rare] :: alternative form of Idolatrie
i-Dötzchen {n} [colloquial, regional, chiefly Rhineland, but spreading Germany-wide] :: first-year pupil; child who has just started school; abecedarian
I-Dötzchen {n} :: alternative spelling of i-Dötzchen
i. d. R. {adv} :: initialism of in der Regel
Idyll {n} :: idyllic life, life of Riley
Idyll {n} :: idyll
idyllisch {adj} :: idyllic
-ien {suffix} :: Used to form country names; -ia
-ien {suffix} :: Used to form the plurals of some neuter nouns of Latin descent whose original plural ends in -ia
-ier {suffix} :: A noun-forming suffix, used especially to render similar suffixes in borrowings from French
-ieren {suffix} :: Verb suffix: it and its inflected forms are found mainly as a rendering of French, Italian and Latin suffixes like -ire and -iare in borrowings, but it is also sometimes applied with a factitive meaning to German stems
-iert {suffix} :: -ed (used to form adjectives from nouns)
i. e. S. {prep} :: stricto sensu, in the narrow(er) sense, more specifically, more precise
i.e.S. {prep} [sometimes proscribed] :: alternative form of i. e. S.
-if {suffix} :: Dated alternative form of -iv
IFA {prop} [communications, fair, Germany] :: initialism of Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (originally the International radio exhibition Berlin, it is now a consumer electronics trade fair)
-ig {suffix} :: -y; forms adjectives from nouns
-ig {suffix} :: forms adjectives from verbs, well doing
-ig {suffix} :: forms adjectives from adverbs
ig. {adj} :: alternative form of idg.: abbreviation of indogermanisch
i.G. {phrase} :: in Gründung, being founded, added to company names
i.G. {phrase} :: im Generalstab or im Generalstabsdienst, appended to the rank of service: Oberst i.G.
IGBCE {prop} :: The German trade union IG Bergbau, Chemie, Energie
Igel {m} :: hedgehog
Igelfisch {m} :: porcupinefish, balloonfish, porcupine puffer
-igen {suffix} :: A suffix forming verbs from nouns, to become possessing the quality of the noun
-igen {suffix} :: A suffix forming verbs from adjectives, to become possessing the quality of the adjective
-iger {suffix} :: mixed and strong nominative masculine singular form of -ig
-iger {suffix} :: strong genitive and dative feminine singular form of -ig
-iger {suffix} :: strong genitive plural form of -ig
igitt {interj} :: an exclamation of disgust: yuck!, ew!, gross!, ugh!
-igkeit {suffix} :: forms (usually abstract) nouns from adjectives
Iglu {m} {n} :: igloo
Ignaz {prop} :: given name
ignobel {adj} :: ignoble
ignorant {adj} :: ignorant
Ignorant {m} :: ignorant person, ignoramus
Ignoranz {f} :: willful ignorance
ignorieren {v} :: to ignore (deliberately pay no attention to)
ihme {pron} :: obsolete form of ihm
ihn {pron} [personal] :: [obsolete] dative of sie; them (indirect object)
ihr {pron} :: you, ye [plural, familiar]
ihr {determiner} :: her [possessive]
ihr {determiner} :: its [when the owning object/article/thing/animal etc., referred to, is feminine]
ihr {determiner} :: their
Ihr {pron} :: yours (that which belongs to you [when formally or politely addressing one or more people])
Ihr {pron} [archaic] :: you [polite; both singular and plural]
Ihr {determiner} :: your (that belongs to you [when formally or politely addressing one or more people])
ihre {determiner} :: her, its, their [referring to a feminine or plural noun in the nominative or accusative]
Ihre Majestät {phrase} :: Your Majesty
ihrerseits {adv} :: from it
ihrerseits {adv} :: from their side
ihrerseits {adv} :: on their part
ihresgleichen {pron} :: the likes of her
ihresgleichen {pron} :: the likes of it
ihresgleichen {pron} :: the likes of them
ihre Tage haben {phrase} :: (of a woman) having her menstruation
ihretwegen {adv} :: because of her, for her sake
ihretwegen {adv} :: because of them, for their sake
ihretwegen {adv} :: as far as she is concerned (she doesn't mind if); for all she cares
ihrige {pron} :: of yours
ihrige {pron} :: of theirs
ihrige {pron} :: of hers
ihrs {contraction} :: contraction of ihr es
ihrzen {v} :: to address formally using the pronoun ihr
IHS {noun} [Austria] :: initialism of Institute für Höhere Studien
iiih {interj} :: an exclamation of disgust: yuck, etc
-ik {suffix} :: forms feminine nouns referring to fields of study
-ik {suffix} :: forms feminine collective nouns
-ik {suffix} :: forms feminine nouns referring to characteristics
-iker {suffix} :: -ist, -ic
Ikone {f} :: icon (religious painting)
Ikonien {prop} {n} :: Iconium [former name of Konya]
ikonisch {adj} :: iconic
Ikonografie {f} :: iconography
Ikonoklasmus {m} :: iconoclasm
Ikonoklast {m} :: iconoclast
ikonoklastisch {adj} :: iconoclastic
Ikosaeder {n} [geometry] :: icosahedron
Ikterus {m} :: jaundice (morbid condition)
IL {prop} :: abbreviation of Innsbruck Land (country code of Innsbruck, Land, the surrounding circuit of Innsbruck/Tyrol/Austria)
Ilchan {m} :: ilkhan
Ilchanat {prop} {n} :: Ilkhanate
Ilergaoner {prop} {p} :: the Ilergaones, a people of ancient Hispania
Ilja {prop} {m} :: A transliteration of the Russian male given name Илья́
Ilja {prop} {m} :: given name of German-speakers
Illativ {m} [grammar] :: illative case
illegal {adj} :: illegal
Illegalität {f} :: illegality
illiberal {adj} :: illiberal
Illinois {prop} {n} :: Illinois (state)
Illit {m} [mineral] :: illite
Illmitz {prop} {n} :: Illmitz (municipality)
Illokution {f} [linguistics] :: illocution (the aim of a speaker in making an utterance as opposed to the meaning of the terms used)
illokutionär {adj} :: illocutionary (of, pertaining to, or derived from illocution)
illokutiv {adj} :: illocutive
illoyal {adj} :: disloyal
Illusion {f} :: illusion
illusionär {adj} :: illusory, illusionary
illusorisch {adj} :: illusory
Illustration {f} :: illustration
Illustrator {m} :: illustrator
illustrieren {v} :: to illustrate
illyr. {adj} :: abbreviation of illyrisch
Illyrer {m} :: Illyrian (a [male or female] inhabitant of ancient Illyria)
Illyrerin {f} :: Illyrian (a female inhabitant of ancient Illyria)
Illyrien {prop} {n} :: Illyria (historic region)
illyrisch {adj} :: Illyrian (of or pertaining to the Illyrians)
Illyrisch {n} :: Illyrian (extinct Indo-European language or languages spoken at the North-West Balkans)
Ilmenit {m} [mineral] :: ilmenite
Ilmenium {n} :: ilmenium
Ilse {prop} :: given name, a German diminutive of Elisabeth, a favorite in the 1920s and 1930s
Iltis {m} :: polecat (Mustela putorius)
Ilz {prop} {n} :: Ilz (municipality)
Ilz {prop} {f} :: A tributary of the Danube that runs through Bavaria
Ilztal {prop} {n} :: Ilztal (municipality)
im {contraction} :: contraction of in dem; in the
IM {m} [history] :: inoffizieller Mitarbeiter (also: Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter), an informant in the German Democratic Republic who delivered private information to the Ministry for State Security
Image {n} :: image (characteristic of a person, group or company etc., style, manner of dress, how one is, or wishes to be, perceived by others)
Image-Problem {n} :: The problem posed by having a bad public image
imaginär {adj} :: imaginary
imaginäre Einheit {f} [complex analysis] :: imaginary unit
imaginäre Zahl {f} [mathematics] :: imaginary number
Imagination {f} :: imagination (image-making power of the mind)
Imam {m} [Islam, all sects] :: anyone who leads a group of Muslims in prayer
Imam {m} [Sunni Islam] :: imam; a trained cleric who leads a congregation
Imam {m} [Shia Islam] :: imam; Imam; a politico-religious leader inaugurated by God
Imam {m} [Twelver Shiism] :: one of twelve individuals, descendants of Muhammad living in the 7th to 9th centuries CE, who are believed to have been sinless and infallible
Imam {m} [other Shiism] :: one of a per se unlimited line of leaders, who must be descendants of Muhammad but are not necessarily ascribed superhuman qualities
im Auge behalten {vt} [idiomatic] :: to keep an eye on
im Begriff sein {idiom} :: to want to begin doing something now; to be about to
imbezil {adj} :: imbecilic
im Bilde über etwas sein {v} [idiom] :: to be in the picture about something
Imbiss {m} :: snack
Imbiss {m} :: snack bar, fast-food restaurant
Imbiß {m} :: alternative spelling of Imbiss
Imbissbude {f} :: snack stand, food booth
Imbissstand {m} :: food stall
Imbissstube {f} :: snackbar
im Dunkeln tappen {v} [idiom] :: to be in the dark
im Eimer sein {v} [idiomatic] :: to be ruined
im Endeffekt {prep} :: in the end, ultimately
im engeren Sinne {prep} :: stricto sensu
im Fall {idiom} :: [Switzerland] just to let you know; by the way (literally: “in the case”)
im Feld bleiben {v} :: for non-idiomatic use, see the individual lemmas
im Feld bleiben {v} [idiomatic, military] :: to fall; to be killed in a war
im Gegenteil {prep} :: on the contrary
im Gegenzug {adv} :: in return
im Geld schwimmen {v} [figuratively] :: to be rolling in money, to be rolling in it, to be minting it (to be extremely well-off financially)
im Griff haben {v} [idiomatic] :: to have under control
im großen Stil {adv} :: on a large scale
im Großen und Ganzen {adv} :: by and large
im Guten {adv} :: amicably; on amicable terms
im Herzen {adv} :: at heart
Imitation {f} :: imitation
imitieren {v} :: to imitate
Imker {m} :: beekeeper (male or of unspecified sex)
Imkerin {f} :: beekeeper (female)
imkern {v} :: to keep bees
immanent {adj} :: immanent
Immanuel {prop} [biblical character] :: Immanuel
Immanuel {prop} :: given name
Immaterialität {f} :: immateriality
immateriell {adj} :: immaterial
Immaterielles {n} :: something immaterial
Immatrikulation {f} :: registration, addition to the register of students (at a school)
Immatrikulation {f} [Swiss] :: vehicle registration
immatrikulieren {vr} :: to register, enroll
immatur {adj} :: immature (especially of birds and animals)
Imme {f} [archaic or poetic] :: bee
Imme {f} [obsolete] :: a swarm of bees
Immelmann {prop} :: surname
immens {adj} :: immense, enormous, huge
immer {adv} :: always
immer {adv} :: at all times without exception
immer {adv} :: very often; all the time; constantly
immer {adv} :: every time; whenever some precondition is given
immer {adv} [with comparative] :: more and more
immer {adv} [colloquial, unstressed] :: used to emphasize another adverb of time, which itself is stressed
immerdar {adv} [formal] :: forever
immerfort {adv} [dated] :: constantly
immer gleich {adj} :: same old
immergleich {adj} :: alternative form of immer gleich
immergrün {adj} [botany] :: evergreen
Immergrün {n} :: periwinkle
immerhin {adv} :: at least
immerhin {adv} :: after all
immerhin {adv} :: anyhow, all the same, at any rate
immer noch {adv} :: still
immerwährend {adj} :: perpetual; everlasting
immer wenn {conj} :: every time, whenever
immer wieder {adv} :: over and over, again and again, time and again
immerzu {adv} :: incessantly
Immigrant {m} :: immigrant (male or of unspecified sex)
Immigration {f} :: immigration
immigrieren {v} :: to immigrate
Immission {f} :: immission
immobil {adj} :: immobile
Immobilie {f} :: real estate, property which cannot be moved
Immobilienmarkt {m} :: property market
im Moment {adv} :: at the moment
immun {adj} :: immune
immunisieren {v} :: to immunize
Immunisierung {f} :: immunization
Immunität {f} :: immunity
Immunologie {f} :: immunology
immunologisch {adj} :: immunological
Immunreaktion {f} :: immune reaction
Immunschwäche {f} [immunology] :: immunodeficiency
Immunsuppressivum {n} [immunology] :: immunosuppressor (immunosuppressive drug)
Immunsystem {n} :: immune system
Immuntherapie {f} [medicine] :: immunotherapy
im Nachhinein {adv} :: afterwards; after the fact; in hindsight
im Namen {prep} :: on behalf of
im Namen von {phrase} :: alternative form of im Namen
im Nu {adv} :: in no time
Impala {f} :: impala
impardonnabel {adj} :: unpardonable
Impedanz {f} :: impedance
Imperativ {m} :: imperative (verbal mood)
Imperator {m} [historical] :: imperator
imperatorisch {adj} :: imperatorial
Imperfekt {n} [grammar] :: imperfect
imperfektiv {adj} :: imperfective
Imperialismus {m} :: imperialism (policy aimed at winning dominance over other nations)
Imperialist {m} :: imperialist
imperialistisch {adj} :: imperialistic
imperialistischer {adj} :: comparative of imperialistisch
imperialistischsten {adj} :: superlative of imperialistisch
Imperium {n} :: empire
Imperium {n} :: The right to enforce the law
Imperium {n} :: Governmental Power
impertinent {adj} :: insolent, ill-mannered
impertinenter {adj} :: comparative of impertinent
impertinentesten {adj} :: superlative of impertinent
Impertinenz {f} :: infamy, intrusiveness
impfen {v} :: to inoculate
impfen {v} :: to vaccinate
Impfkristall {m} :: seed crystal
impfmüde {adj} :: unvaccinated (deliberately)
Impfstoff {m} [immunology] :: vaccine
Impfung {f} :: vaccination
Implantat {n} :: implant (anything surgically implanted in the body)
implementieren {v} [computing] :: to implement (bring about)
Implementierung {f} :: implementation
implizieren {v} :: to imply (express suggestively)
implizit {adj} :: implicit
implodieren {v} :: to implode
Implosion {f} :: implosion
imponieren {v} :: to impress
Import {m} [economics] :: import (the act of importing)
Importeur {m} :: importer (male of unspecified sex) (can also be an organization)
importieren {v} :: to import (to bring something in from a foreign country)
importieren {v} :: to import (to load a file into a software application for use as a resource in a greater data file)
importorientiert {adj} :: import-oriented
imposant {adj} :: impressive, imposing
imprägnieren {v} :: to waterproof, to impregnate
Imprägnierung {f} :: impregnation, waterproofing
Impression {f} :: impression
Impressionismus {m} :: impressionism
Impressionist {m} :: impressionist (one who adheres to impressionism)
Impressum {n} :: imprint
Impressum {n} :: masthead
Impressum {n} [publishing, chiefly Internet] :: A statement detailing the authorship and ownership of a document or website
Improvisation {f} :: improvisation
improvisieren {v} :: to improvise
Impuls {m} :: impulse, momentum
Impuls {m} [physics] :: momentum
impulsiv {adj} :: impulsive
impulsiver {adj} :: comparative of impulsiv
impulsivsten {adj} :: superlative of impulsiv
im Sand verlaufen {v} [idiom] :: to go nowhere
im Schnitt {adv} :: on average
im selben Atemzug {adv} [idiomatic] :: in the same breath
imstand {adv} :: alternative form of imstande
imstande {adv} :: capable
im Stande {adv} :: alternative form of imstande
Imsterberg {prop} {n} :: Imsterberg (municipality)
im Stich lassen {v} :: to abandon, to leave someone in the lurch
im Sturm einnehmen {v} [military or idiomatic] :: to take by storm
im Sturm erobern {v} [military or idiomatic] :: to take by storm
im Sturm nehmen {v} [military or idiomatic] :: to take by storm
im übertragenen Sinn {phrase} :: alternative form of im übertragenen Sinne
im übertragenen Sinne {adv} :: figurative, figuratively, in the figurative sense
im Übrigen {adv} :: as for the rest, apart from that; otherwise, besides
im Voraus {adv} :: in advance, beforehand
im Vorhinein {prep} :: in advance
im Vorübergehen {adv} :: in passing
im weiteren Sinne {prep} :: lato sensu
im Zuge {prep} :: in the course of
-in {suffix} :: creates the female form for many nouns for living beings; umlaut usually occurs in monosyllables, but rarely in polysyllables
-in {suffix} [dated] :: names the wife of a person
-in {suffix} [dated] :: creates female personal names (for wives and daughters)
-in {suffix} [chemistry] :: -yne; -ine
in- {prefix} :: in-; un- (indicates negation)
in- {prefix} :: [rare, not productive] in; into (nominal equivalent to ein-)
in- {prefix} :: [not productive] in-, into
in {prep} [with dative] :: in, within, at, to, (contained by; within)
in {prep} [with dative] :: in (pertaining to)
in {prep} [with dative] :: in (at the end of or during a period of time)
in {prep} [with accusative] :: into (going inside (of))
in {contraction} [dated] :: contraction of in den
in {adj} :: in, popular (in fashion)
in Abrede gestellt {v} :: past participle of in Abrede stellen
in Abrede stellen {v} :: to deny
in Acht nehmen {vr} :: to take care, to be careful
in acht Tagen {adv} [idiomatic] :: in a week; next week
in acht Tagen {adv} [non-idiomatic] :: in eight days; in 8 x 24 hours
inadäquat {adj} :: inadequate
inaktiv {adj} :: inactive
inaktiv {adj} :: idle, dormant
inaktiv {adj} :: inert
inaktivieren {v} [biology] :: To inactivate
inaktiviert {v} :: past participle of inaktivieren
Inaktivierung {f} :: inactivation
inakzeptabel {adj} :: unacceptable
in aller Frühe {adv} :: early in the morning, bright and early
in aller Munde sein {v} [idiom] :: to be on everyone's lips
in Amt und Würden {prep} [idiomatic] :: in office
in Anbetracht {prep} :: considering, taking into account
in Angriff nehmen {v} :: to tackle
Inauguration {f} :: inauguration
Inbegriff {m} :: embodiment
inbegriffen {adj} :: included
in Berufung gehen {v} [legal] :: to appeal
in Beschlag nehmen {v} [law] :: to seize, to confiscate, to take away in the course of execution of law
in Beschlag nehmen {v} [colloquial] :: to hog; to take for oneself; to occupy
Inbesitzhalten {n} :: possession; holdover
Inbesitznahme {f} :: seizure, occupation [of an aircraft, a city, etc]
in Betracht kommen {v} [idiomatic] :: to come into consideration
in Betracht ziehen {v} [idiomatic] :: to take into consideration
Inbetriebnahme {f} [technology] :: The commissioning of a facility
Inbetriebsetzen {n} [technology] :: The commissioning of a facility
Inbetriebsetzung {f} [technology] :: The commissioning of a facility
Inbrunst {f} :: ardor, fervor
inbrünstig {adj} :: fervent, ardent
inbrünstig {adv} :: fervently, ardently
Inbusschlüssel {m} :: hex key, Allen key
Inbusschraube {f} :: socket hex head screw, Allen screw
in China fällt ein Sack Reis um {phrase} :: A metaphor referring to an entirely uninteresting and non-notable event
inchoativ {adj} :: inchoative
Incubus {m} :: alternative spelling of Inkubus
indefinibel {adj} :: undefinable
Indefinitpronomen {n} :: indefinite pronoun
indeklinabel {adj} :: indeclinable, undeclinable
indem {conj} :: by (indicates a means)
in dem Maße {conj} :: to the extent that, insofar as
in den Arsch kriechen {v} [idiomatic, pejorative, colloquial, vulgar] :: to kiss arse
in den falschen Hals kriegen {v} [with accusative] :: to get something or someone wrong
in den Griff bekommen {vt} :: to get a grip on/of, get a handle on; to get to grips with
in den letzten Zügen liegen {v} [idiom] :: to be on one's last legs; to be in one's death throes
in den Rücken fallen {v} :: to stab somebody in the back
in den Sand setzen {vt} [idiom] :: [of a project] to botch; [of money] to waste, to burn
in den sauren Apfel beißen {phrase} :: bite the bullet
in den Sternen stehen {v} :: to be in the stars, in store, preordained; to happen in the future
in den Sternen stehen {v} :: to be uncertain, unpredictable
in den Wind schlagen {v} [idiom] :: to throw to the wind
in den Wind sprechen {v} [idiomatic] :: To talk in vain
Inder {m} [person from India] :: Indian
in der Familie liegen {v} :: to run in the family
Inderin {f} :: Indian (a female person from India)
in der Liebe und im Krieg ist alles erlaubt {proverb} :: All's fair in love and war
in der Nähe {prep} :: near; in the vicinity (of); around
in der Nase bohren {v} :: To pick one's nose
in der Not frisst der Teufel Fliegen {proverb} :: beggars can't be choosers
in der Not schmeckt jedes Brot {proverb} :: beggars can't be choosers
in der Regel {adv} :: as a rule
in der Tat {adv} :: indeed
in der Tinte sitzen {v} [idiomatic] :: To be in a fix; to be in trouble
indes {adv} :: however, nevertheless
indes {adv} :: at the same time, meanwhile
indes {conj} :: nevertheless, and yet
indes {conj} :: while (at the same time)
indessen {conj} :: nevertheless, and yet
indessen {conj} :: while (at the same time)
indessen {adv} :: however, nevertheless
indessen {adv} :: at the same time, meanwhile
Index {m} :: index
Index {prop} :: the index, maintained by the Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefärdende Medien ("Federal department for examination of youth‐endangering media"), of media not allowed to be distributed within Germany
indezent {adj} :: indecent
Indianer {m} :: Indian, American Indian, Native American
Indianer {m} [constellation] :: the constellation Indus
Indianer {m} [obsolete] :: Indian, person from India
Indianerin {f} :: Indian (female individual of or relating to the aboriginal people of the Americas)
indianisch {adj} :: Indian (Of or relating to, the aboriginal people of the Americas.)
in die Bresche springen {v} [idiomatic] :: to step into the breach
in die Ehe bringen {vt} [idiomatic] :: to own at the time of one’s marriage some wealth, which becomes the common property of the married couple according to the traditional (now optional) German system of Gütergemeinschaft, that is full community property including property owned before the marriage
in die Ehe bringen {vt} [idiomatic] :: to have a child or children at the time of one’s marriage
in die Hand beißen, die einen füttert {v} [idiomatic] :: to bite the hand that feeds one
in die Hose gehen {v} [idiom] :: to go wrong, to go south
in die Luft sprengen {v} [idiom] :: to blow up (literally: "to blow (up) in the air")
Indien {prop} {n} :: India (country)
Indienststellung {f} :: entry into service
in die Pötte kommen {v} :: alternative form of zu Potte kommen
in die Puschen kommen {v} [colloquial] :: to unleash one’s potential
in die Quere kommen {v} [idiom] :: to get in the way
Indier {m} [dated] :: Indian [person from India]
in die Tat umsetzen {v} :: to put into practice; to make something happen; to realise
indigniert {adj} :: indignant
Indigo {m} {n} :: (masculine) indigo, a dye
Indigo {m} {n} :: (masculine) Indigofera, plant traditionally used to produce indigo
Indigo {m} {n} :: (neutral) indigo, a colour
indigoblau {adj} :: indigo
indigofarben {adj} :: indigo (in colour)
Indikation {f} :: indication
Indikativ {m} :: indicative (the indicative mood or mode)
Indikator {m} :: indicator (all senses)
Indikator {m} :: bellwether
indirekt {adj} :: indirect
indirekt {adj} :: implied, implicit
indirekt {adj} :: vicarious
indirekt {adv} :: indirectly
indirekt {adv} :: implicitly
indirekt {adv} :: vicariously
indisch {adj} :: Indian (Of or pertaining to India or its people.); Indic
Indisch {prop} {n} [colloquial] :: Any Indian language
Indischer Ozean {prop} {m} :: the Indian Ocean
indiskret {adj} :: indiscreet
indiskutabel {adj} :: out of the question
indiskutabel {adj} :: not worth talking about
indiskutabel {adj} [of a behavior, etc.] :: impossible
indisponiert {adj} :: indisposed
Indit {m} [mineral] :: indite
Indium {n} :: indium
Indiumantimonid {n} [inorganic compound] :: indium antinomide
Indiumarsenid {n} [inorganic compound] :: indium arsenide
Indiumatom {n} :: indium atom
Indiumchlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: indium chloride
Indiumhalogenid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: indium halide
indiumhaltig {adj} [mineralogy] :: indium-bearing
Indiumion {n} :: indium ion
Indiummetall {n} :: indium metal
Indiumnitrat {n} [inorganic compound] :: indium nitrate
Indiumnitrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: indium nitride
indiumorganisch {adj} :: organo-indium
Indiumoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: indium oxide
Indiumphosphat {n} [inorganic compound] :: indium phosphate
Indiumphosphid {n} [inorganic compound] :: indium phosphide
Indiumverbindung {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: indium compound
individualisieren {v} :: to individualize
Individualisierung {f} :: individualization
Individualismus {m} :: individualism
individuell {adj} :: individual
individuell {adj} :: personalized
Individuum {n} :: individual
Indiz {n} :: evidence, indication, clue
Indizienbeweis {m} :: circumstantial evidence
indizieren {v} :: to indicate, to hint
indizieren {v} :: to put onto the Index, the official list of media not allowed to be distributed in Germany
indizieren {v} :: to index
Indoeuropäer {m} :: an Indo-European (person, male or undefined gender)
indoeuropäisch {adj} :: Indo-European
indog. {adj} :: alternative form of idg.: abbreviation of indogermanisch
indogerm. {adj} :: alternative form of idg.: abbreviation of indogermanisch
indogerman. {adj} :: alternative form of idg.: abbreviation of indogermanisch
indogermanisch {adj} :: Indo-European (of or relating to languages originally spoken in Europe and Western Asia)
Indogermanisch {n} :: the Indo-European language family
Indogermanisch {n} :: the Indo-European proto-language
Indogermanistik {f} :: Indo-European studies
Indo-iranisch {n} :: alternative spelling of Indoiranisch
Indoiranisch {n} :: The Indo-Iranian language group
Indoiranisch {n} :: The Indo-Iranian proto-language
indoktrinieren {v} :: to indoctrinate
indol {noun} [organic compound] :: indole
Indologie {f} :: Indology (academic study of India)
Indonesien {prop} {n} :: Indonesia
Indonesier {m} :: Indonesian ([male or female] man from Indonesia)
Indonesierin {f} :: Indonesian (woman from Indonesia)
indonesisch {adj} :: Indonesian
Indonesisch {n} :: Indonesian; the language of Indonesia
Indossant {m} :: endorser
indossierbar {adj} :: endorsable
Indri {m} :: indri (a large lemur, (Indri indri))
Induktion {f} [maths, physics] :: induction
Induktionsspannung {f} [physics] :: inducted voltage; induction voltage
induktiv {adj} :: inductive
induktiv {adv} :: inductively
Induktivität {f} :: inductance, inductivity
industrialisieren {v} :: to industrialize
Industrialisierung {f} :: industrialization
Industrie {f} :: industry
Industriegebiet {n} :: industrial park
Industrieland {n} :: industrialized country
industriell {adj} :: industrial
Industrieller {m} :: industrialist
Industrienation {f} :: highly developed country; industrial nation
Industriestaat {f} :: industrialized country
Industriezweig {m} :: (specific branch of) industry
induzierbar {adj} :: inducible
Induzierbarkeit {f} [physics] :: inducibility
Induzierbarkeit {f} [biochemistry] :: inducibility
induzieren {v} :: To induce
induziert {v} :: past participle of induzieren
induziert {adj} :: induced
in echt {adv} [colloquial] :: in fact; actually; in reality (as opposed to fiction)
ineffabel {adj} :: ineffable
ineffektiv {adj} :: ineffectual; ineffective
ineffizient {adj} :: inefficient
Ineffizienz {f} :: inefficiency
ineinander {adv} :: into each other; intertwiningly
in einem fort {adv} :: incessantly
in einem Nu {adv} :: alternative form of im Nu
in einen Sack stecken und draufhauen {phrase} [colloquial] :: used to express that a particular group of people are all equally bad
in eine Schublade stecken {v} [idiomatic] :: to pigeonhole [literally: to put into a drawer]
in Ermangelung {prep} :: for lack of
in erster Linie {adv} :: first and foremost; chiefly, predominantly, above all
inert {adj} :: inert
Inertgas {n} [chemistry] :: inert gas
Inertgasatmosphäre {f} :: inert gas atmosphere
Inertgasschweißen {n} :: inert gas welding
Inertialsystem {n} [physics] :: inertial frame of reference
Ines {prop} :: given name borrowed from Spanish Inés
Inessiv {m} [grammar] :: inessive case
in etwa {adv} :: approximately
in Faktoren zerlegbar {adj} [mathematics] :: factorable
infallibel {adj} :: infallible
infam {adj} :: infamous, disgraceful
Infant {m} :: infante
Infanterie {f} :: infantry
Infantilismus {m} :: infantilism
Infekt {m} :: infection, infectious disease
Infektion {f} :: infection
Infektionsausbreitung {f} :: spread of infection
Infektionskrankheit {f} :: infectious disease
infektiös {adj} [pathology] :: infectious
Infektiosität {f} :: infectiousness
inferior {adj} :: subordinate, secondary
inferior {adj} [of people] :: inferior
inferior {adj} :: substandard, bad
infernalisch {adj} :: infernal
Inferno {n} :: inferno
infertil {adj} :: infertile
infertil {adj} :: sterile
infiltrieren {v} :: to infiltrate
Infinitiv {m} {n} [grammar] :: infinitive
Infinitiv {m} {n} [grammar] :: gerund; verbal noun; if formally identical to the infinitive (as e.g. in German) or if the language does not otherwise have an infinitive form (as e.g. in Arabic)
Infix {n} :: infix
infizieren {v} :: to infect
infiziert {adj} :: infected
in flagranti {adj} :: In the act of committing a misdeed
in flagranti {adj} :: While performing sexual activity
inflammatorisch {adj} :: inflammatory
Inflation {f} [economics] :: inflation
inflationär {adj} :: inflationary
inflationsbereinigt {adj} :: adjusted for inflation
Inflationsrate {f} :: rate of inflation
Inflationsrechner {m} :: inflation reckoner
Inflektiv {n} :: verb form without personal ending
Influencer {m} [neologism, marketing] :: Person on social media using their influence for marketing; influencer. (male or of unspecified sex)
Influenza {f} [medical, otherwise uncommon] :: flu; influenza; grippe
Info {f} :: clipping of Information
infolge {prep} :: because of, due to, owing to
infolgedessen {conj} :: consequently, hence
infolgedessen {conj} :: as a result
Informant {m} :: informant (male or of unspecified sex)
Informatik {f} :: computer science
Informatik {f} :: information technology
Informatik {f} :: information science
Informatiker {m} :: person who has studied computer science (male or of unspecified sex)
Informatiker {m} :: person specialized in information technology / information science (male or of unspecified sex)
Information {f} [countable] :: a piece of information; [in the plural] information (things to be known about a topic)
Information {f} [uncountable] :: information (the act of informing or the state of being informed)
Information {f} [countable] :: information desk
Informationsdienst {m} :: helpline (information service)
Informationstheorie {f} :: information theory (branch of applied mathematics)
informativ {adj} :: informative
informell {adj} :: informal
informell {adv} :: informally
informieren {vt} :: to inform, to update
informieren {vr} :: to be informed, to be updated
in Frage gestellt {v} :: past participle of in Frage stellen
infrage stellen {v} :: alternative form of in Frage stellen
in Frage stellen {vt} :: to question, to challenge, to cast doubt on
Infragestellen {n} :: questioning, challenge (The act or process of putting something into question.)
Infragestellung {f} :: questioning
infrarot {adj} :: infrared (invisible color "below red")
Infrarot {n} :: infrared
Infrarotbereich {m} :: infrared region (of the spectrum)
infrarotempfindlich {adj} :: infrared-sensitive
Infrarotkamera {f} [photography] :: infrared camera
Infrarotlicht {n} :: infrared light
Infrarotspektroskopie {f} :: infrared spectroscopy
Infrarotspektrum {n} :: infrared spectrum
Infrarotstrahlung {f} :: infrared radiation
Infrarotteleskop {n} [astronomy] :: infrared telescope
Infraschall {m} [physics] :: infrasound
Infrastruktur {f} :: infrastructure
infrastrukturell {adj} :: infrastructural
Infusion {f} [medicine] :: infusion (administration of liquid substances directly into a vein over a longer period of time)
-ing {suffix} [in English borrowings] :: -ing
-ing {suffix} [productive, colloquial, humorous] :: Used to form verbal nouns which jocularly imply that something is a sport, trend, or fashionable concept
Inga {prop} :: given name
Inge {prop} :: given name, short form of Germanic or Old Norse female names beginning with Ing(e)- ("the god Ing/Yngvi")
Ingeborg {prop} :: given name
Ingeburg {prop} :: given name, a German version of Ingeborg
in Gefahr und größer Not ist der Mittelweg der Tod {proverb} :: "In danger and great need, the middle way is death"
Ingenieur {m} :: engineer (male or of unspecified sex)
Ingenieurin {f} :: engineer (female) (woman qualified or professionally engaged in engineering)
Ingenieurschule {f} :: school of engineering
Ingenieurwissenschaft {f} :: engineering (application of science to the needs of humanity)
ingenieurwissenschaftlich {adj} :: engineering science (attributive)
ingeniös {adj} :: ingenious
in gewisser Weise {adv} :: in a way, in a manner of speaking
Ingo {prop} :: given name
Ingolf {prop} :: given name
Ingolstadt {prop} {n} :: Ingolstadt (city)
Ingredienz {f} :: ingredient (one of the parts of a whole)
Ingrid {prop} :: given name
Ingrimm {m} :: rage; ire
ingwäonisch {adj} :: Ingvaeonic (related to the Ingvaeonic language group)
Ingwäonisch {n} :: Ingvaeonic (language group)
Ingwer {m} :: ginger
Inhaber {m} :: owner, holder, bearer
Inhaber {m} :: proprietor
Inhaber {m} :: occupant, incumbent
inhabergeführt {adj} :: owner-managed
inhaftieren {v} :: to arrest
inhaftiert {adj} :: detained; imprisoned
Inhaftierte {f} :: [female] detainee
Inhaftierter {m} :: detainee
Inhalation {f} :: the act of inhaling
Inhalation {f} :: the substance (medicament) which is inhaled
inhalieren {v} :: to inhale
inhaliert {adj} :: inhaled
Inhalt {m} :: content
inhaltlich {adj} :: content (attributive)
inhaltlich {adj} :: contextual
inhaltlich {adj} :: substantial (relating to substance)
Inhaltsangabe {f} :: content summary, précis
inhaltslos {adj} :: meaningless
inhaltslos {adj} :: empty (having no content)
Inhaltsstoff {m} :: ingredient
Inhaltsverzeichnis {n} :: table of contents
inhärent {adj} :: inherent
Inhibitor {m} :: inhibitor (all senses)
in höchstem Maße {adv} [idiomatic] :: in spades
inhomogen {adj} :: inhomogenous
in Hülle und Fülle {prep} :: in abundance
inhuman {adj} :: inhumane
initial {adj} :: initial, incipient
Initiale {f} :: initial
initialisieren {v} :: to initialize / initialise
Initialisierung {f} [programming] :: initialization
Initialwort {n} :: initialism
Initialzünder {m} :: detonator
Initiative {f} :: initiative
Initiator {m} :: initiator, one who initiates (male or of unspecified sex)
Initiator {m} [chemistry, computing, medicine] :: initiator
initiieren {v} :: to initiate
Initiierung {f} :: initiation, instigation
Injektion {f} [medicine or engineering] :: injection
Injektionslösung {f} [medicine] :: injection solution
injizieren {v} [medicine] :: to inject
Inka {m} :: Inca
inkarnat {adj} :: incarnate
Inkarnation {f} :: incarnation (assumption of human form)
in Kauf nehmen {v} [idiom] :: to put up with
Inklusion {f} [education, sociology] :: participation, integration
Inklusion {f} [mineralogy] :: inclusion
Inklusion {f} [mathematics] :: subset relation
inklusive {prep} :: including [+ gen]
inklusive {adv} :: also including the last-mentioned term
inkohärent {adj} :: incoherent (not coherent)
inkommensurabel {adj} :: incommensurable
inkommod {adj} :: incommodious, uncomfortable
inkompatibel {adj} :: incompatible
inkompatibilistisch {adj} :: incompatibilistic
Inkompatibilität {f} :: incompatibility
inkompetent {adj} :: incompetent
Inkompetenz {f} :: incompetence
inkompressibel {adj} :: incompressible
inkongruent {adj} :: incongruent
inkonsequent {adj} :: inconsistent
inkonsistent {adj} :: inconsistent
Inkorporation {f} :: incorporation
Inkorporation {f} :: ingestion
in Kraft {phrase} [legal] :: effective, in force
in Kraft treten {v} [legal] :: to become effective; to come into force
Inkrafttreten {n} [legal] :: coming into effect, coming into force
Inkreis {m} [geometry] :: incircle
Inkreisradius {m} [geometry] :: incircle radius, apothem
inkremental {adj} :: incremental
inkrementell {adj} :: incremental
Inkubator {m} [medical] :: incubator (apparatus in which weak babies are supported)
Inkubus {m} :: incubus (evil spirit)
Inkunabel {f} :: incunabulum, incunable
Inland {n} :: homeland, as opposed to foreign country; in composites: domestic
Inland {n} :: inland, more or less remote from the ocean or from open water
Inländer {m} :: native, resident, national (male or of unspecified sex)
inländerfreundlich {adj} [also euphemistic, in right-wing discourse] :: friendly to natives
Inländerin {f} :: native, resident, national (female)
inländisch {adj} :: domestic, internal (not foreign)
Inlaut {m} [phonology] :: inlaut
Inlett {n} :: the fabric of a pillow or duvet, which is filled with the downs, etc., and sewn up
in letzter Zeit {adv} :: of late; lately; recently; referring to the recent past as a whole
Inliner {m} [slightly colloquial] :: rollerblade; in-line skate
inlinern {vi} [slightly colloquial] :: to skate on rollerblades
Inlineskate {m} :: rollerblade; in-line skate
in Minne {idiom} [Switzerland] :: by/in mutual (amicable) agreement, without the occurrence of any hostile argument; amicably, peacefully (literally: “in courtly love”)
inmitten {prep} :: amid
inn {prep} :: obsolete spelling of in
Inn {prop} {m} [geography] :: The river Inn, which flows to the Danube
innegehalten {v} :: past participle of innehalten
innehaben {v} :: to hold [e.g. a post or office]
innehaben {v} [formal] :: to possess
innehaben {v} [dated] :: to master [e.g. a skill]
innehalten {v} :: to pause (to interrupt something)
innen {adv} :: within
innen {adv} :: inside
Innendruck {m} :: internal pressure
Inneneinrichtung {f} :: interior design, interior decoration, interior furnishing
Innenhof {m} :: inner courtyard
Innenleben {n} :: inner workings
Innenminister {m} :: Interior Minister, Home Secretary (male or of unspecified sex)
Innenministerium {n} :: interior ministry, Home Office
Innenohr {n} :: inner ear
Innenpolitik {f} [politics] :: domestic policy
innenpolitisch {adj} [politics] :: regarding domestic policy
Innenraum {m} :: interior
Innenschau {f} :: introspection
Innensechskantschlüssel {m} :: Allen key
Innensechskantschraube {f} :: hexagon socket screw
Innenseite {f} :: inner side
Innensenator {m} :: minister of the interior (in the senate)
Innenstadt {f} :: inner city
Innenstadt {f} :: downtown
Innentasche {f} :: inside pocket
innenzentriert {adj} :: body-centered
inner {adj} :: inner
inner {prep} :: within
inner {contraction} [colloquial] :: in the
Innerbraz {prop} {n} :: Innerbraz (municipality)
innerdeutsch {adj} :: Within Germany
innerdeutsch {adj} [historical] :: Between East Germany and West Germany
Innereien {fp} :: guts
innere Klasse {f} [programming, object-oriented] :: inner class
innere Planet {m} [astronomy] :: inner planet
innerer Schweinehund {m} :: The weak or lazy part of one's nature; one's shoulder devil
Inneres {n} :: nominalization of inneres:
Inneres {n} :: inside, interior
Inneres {n} :: bowels, innards
innerhalb {prep} :: within, inside [spatial]
innerhalb {prep} :: within, in the space of [temporal]
innerhalb {adv} :: within, inside [spatial]
innerhalb {adv} :: within, in the space of [temporal]
innerlich {adj} :: internal, inward
Innerlichkeit {f} :: inwardness, interiority, introspection, introversion
Innerlichkeit {f} :: sensitivity
Innerlichkeit {f} :: cordiality, warmth
Innerorbitalkomplex {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: inner orbital complex
innerreichisch {adj} :: located inside of an empire or realm that can be designated as a Reich, especially the German Reich [compare inländisch]
innerstädtisch {adj} :: inner-city
innersten {adj} :: superlative of inner
Innervillgraten {prop} {n} :: Innervillgraten (municipality)
innewerden {v} :: to become aware
innewohnen {v} :: to be inherent
innewohnend {adj} :: inherent
Innichen {prop} {n} :: Innichen (municipality)
innig {adj} :: intimate, deep
inniglich {adj} :: intimate
Innovation {f} :: innovation
innovativ {adj} :: Innovative
innovativer {adj} :: comparative of innovativ
innovativsten {adj} :: superlative of innovativ
inoffiziell {adj} :: unofficial
inoperabel {adj} :: inoperable
Inosit {m} [organic compound] :: inositol
Inositol {m} :: inositol
in petto {adv} [somewhat colloquial, generally with haben] :: in store; in reserve; up one's sleeve
Inquisition {f} :: Inquisition
in's {contraction} [proscribed] :: alternative form of ins
ins {contraction} :: (in)to the [accusative singular neuter]
in Sack und Asche gehen {v} [idiom, biblical] :: to do repentance
Insasse {m} :: a passenger of a vehicle
Insasse {m} :: an inhabitant of a building with multiple inhabitants, specifically:
Insasse {m} :: an inhabitant of a home
Insasse {m} :: a patient in a hospital
Insasse {m} :: an inmate in a prison
Insassin {f} :: female passenger
Insassin {f} :: female inhabitant
ins Auge fassen {v} :: to eye (to look at something as if with the intent to do something with that thing)
ins Auge fassen {v} :: to consider doing something
ins Auge gehen {v} [literally, of a sharp object] :: to hurt or gouge someone’s eye
ins Auge gehen {v} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: to fail; to go wrong; to turn nasty; to blow up in one's face
ins Auge springen {v} :: to catch someone's eye
ins Auge stechen {v} :: to catch someone's eye
in Saus und Braus leben {v} [idiomatic] :: to live in clover, to live on the fat of the land
insbesondere {adv} :: in particular, particularly
insbesondre {adv} :: alternative form of insbesondere
ins Bockshorn jagen {v} [idiomatic] :: to buffalo, to intimidate
in Schach halten {idiom} :: to keep in check
Inschrift {f} :: inscription
inschriftlich {adj} :: inscriptive
ins Detail gegangen {v} :: past participle of ins Detail gehen
ins Detail gehen {v} [idiomatic] :: to go into details, to particularize
ins Detail gehend {adj} :: detailed
ins Detail gehend {adv} :: detailedly
ins Einzelne gegangen {v} :: past participle of ins Einzelne gehen
ins Einzelne gehen {v} [idiomatic] :: to go into details, to particularize
ins Einzelne gehend {adj} :: detailed
ins Einzelne gehend {adv} :: detailedly
Insekt {n} :: insect
Insektenbiss {m} :: bite by an insect
insektenfressend {adj} :: insectivorous
Insektenkunde {f} [zoology, biology] :: entomology (study of insects)
Insektizid {n} [chiefly formal or specialist] :: insecticide
Insel {f} :: an island, an isle
Inselaffe {m} [pejorative, regional] :: A British person. (Predominantly in areas of the former British Occupation Zone)
inselbegabt {adj} :: savant
Inselberg {m} :: monadnock, inselberg (isolated mountain or hill)
Inselbewohner {m} :: islander (male or of unspecified sex)
Inselchen {n} :: diminutive of Insel
Inselgruppe {f} :: group of islands
Insel Man {prop} {f} :: Insel Man (island)
Inselstaat {m} :: island state
Insensee {prop} :: surname
Insensibilität {f} :: insensibility
Inserat {n} :: advertisement
inserieren {v} :: to advertise
Insertionsreaktion {f} [organic chemistry] :: insertion reaction (breaking of a bond, and subsequent insertion of a small molecule)
ins Feld führen {v} [idiom, military] :: to field
ins Feld führen {v} [idiom] :: to argue
ins Fettnäpfchen treten {phrase} :: to put one's foot in one's mouth
ins Gebet nehmen {v} :: to take to task
insgeheim {adv} :: secretly, in private
insgemein {adv} :: in general
insgesamt {adv} :: overall, altogether, in total, all in all, by and large, on the whole
ins Gewicht fallen {v} [idiomatic] :: to carry weight
ins Gewicht gefallen {v} :: past participle of ins Gewicht fallen
ins gleiche Horn blasen {v} [idiom] :: to sing from the same hymnbook
ins Gras beißen {idiom} [idiomatic] :: to bite the dust (to die, literally to bite the grass)
in sich abgeschlossen {phrase} :: self-contained
Insider {m} :: insider (person with special knowledge)
Insider {m} [colloquial] :: in-joke; inside joke
insistieren {v} :: to insist
ins Kraut schießen {v} [idiom] :: to run rampant
ins Land ziehen {v} :: to pass; to elapse
insofern {adv} :: insofar
ins Ohr gehen {phrase} [idiom] :: to be catchy
insolvent {adj} :: insolvent
Insolvenz {f} :: insolvency
in Sonderheit {prep} :: particularly, especially
Inspektion {f} :: inspection
Inspektion {f} :: supervision
Inspektion {f} :: servicing
Inspektor {m} :: inspector
Inspiration {f} :: inspiration (exercising an elevating or stimulating influence upon the intellect or emotions)
Inspirator {m} :: inspirer
inspirieren {v} :: to inspire
inspizieren {v} :: to inspect
ins Reine kommen {v} [idiom] :: to come clean
ins Schwarze treffen {v} [idiomatic] :: to hit the bullseye
ins Stocken geraten {v} [idiom] :: to grind to a halt
instabil {adj} :: unstable
instabil {adj} :: labile
Instabilität {f} :: instability
Instagram {prop} {n} [internet] :: Instagram
Installateur {m} :: plumber (male or of unspecified sex)
Installation {f} :: installation
Installation {f} :: wiring (in a building)
installieren {v} :: to install (set something up for use)
instand {adv} :: in good, working condition
instand gesetzt {v} :: past participle of instand setzen
instand halten {v} :: to maintain, (to keep in good condition)
instandhaltung {f} :: maintenance
inständig {adj} :: urgent; emphatic
instand setzen {v} :: to repair
instantan {adj} :: instantaneous
Instanz {f} :: instance
Instanz {f} [legal] :: legal authority
instanziieren {v} :: to instantiate
instanziiert {v} :: past participle of instanziieren
Instanzvariable {f} [software, object-oriented] :: instance variable
in Stein gemeißelt sein {v} [idiom] :: to be carved in stone
Instinkt {m} :: instinct
instinktiv {adj} :: instinctive
instituieren {v} :: to institute (to begin or initiate something)
Institut {n} :: institute (independent research institution)
Institut {n} :: department (subdivision of a faculty)
Institution {f} :: institution
in Strömen regnen {v} :: rain cats and dogs (to rain very heavily)
Instrukteur {m} :: instructor
Instruktiv {m} [grammar] :: instructive
Instruktor {m} [dated] :: teacher, educator, especially of the elite
Instruktor {m} [Austria, Swiss] :: instructor
Instrument {n} [music or general] :: instrument
instrumental {adj} [music] :: instrumental
Instrumental {m} :: instrumental
instrumentalisieren {v} :: To instrumentalize, to exploit
instrumentalisiert {v} :: past participle of instrumentalisieren
Instrumentalisierung {f} :: instrumentalisation/instrumentalization, exploitation
instrumentell {adj} :: instrumental
instrumentell {adv} :: instrumentally
Instrumentenbauer {m} :: instrument maker
Instrumentenhersteller {m} [general] :: instrument manufacturer
Instrumentenhersteller {m} [music] :: short form of Musikinstrumentenhersteller
Instrumententafel {f} :: instrument panel, dashboard
insuffizient {adj} :: insufficient
Insulaner {m} :: islander (male or of unspecified sex)
Insulin {n} :: insulin (polypeptide hormone)
insultieren {v} :: to insult
ins Visier geraten {v} [idiom] :: to become a target
ins Visier nehmen {v} [idiomatic] :: to target, to set sight on
ins Wasser fallen {idiom} :: to fall through
ins Wasser gehen {v} [euphemism] :: to drown oneself
inszenieren {v} :: to stage
Inszenierung {f} :: production, staging, orchestration, showmanship
Inszenierung {f} :: posturing (assumption of an exaggerated pose or attitude)
ins Ziel gehen {v} [somewhat, idiomatic] :: to hit the target; to arrive at the finish (of a projectile, a runner, etc.)
ins Ziel gehen {v} [idiomatic, weaponry] :: to aim the sight of a gun at the target
Intabulation {f} [dated] :: inscription on a tablet
Intabulation {f} [Austria, law] :: entry in a land registry
intakt {adj} :: intact
integer {adj} :: with integrity, of integrity
integersten {adj} :: superlative of integer
Integral {n} :: integral (notion in mathematics)
Integralrechnung {f} :: integral calculus (calculus of areas and volumes)
Integralzeichen {n} [maths] :: integral symbol ()
Integration {f} :: integration
Integrationstest {m} [software testing] :: integration testing
integrativ {adj} :: integrated, holistic, integrative
integrierbar {adj} [politics, sociology] :: able to be integrated
integrierbar {adj} [mathematics] :: able to be integrated, integrable
integrieren {v} :: to integrate
integriert {adj} :: integrated
Integrität {f} :: integrity
Integritätsbereich {m} [mathematics] :: integral domain
Intellekt {m} :: intellect
Intellektualismus {m} :: intellectualism
intellektuell {adj} :: intellectual; academic
intellektuell {adj} :: highbrow; sophisticated
Intellektuelle {f} :: intellectual (intelligent person, interested in intellectual matters)
Intellektueller {m} :: intellectual (intelligent person, interested in intellectual matters)
intelligent {adj} :: intelligent
intelligenter {adj} :: comparative of intelligent
intelligenterweise {adv} :: intelligently
intelligentesten {adj} :: superlative of intelligent
Intelligenz {f} :: intelligence (capacity of mind)
Intelligenzquotient {m} :: intelligence quotient
intelligibel {adj} :: intelligible
Intendant {m} [theater or broadcasting corporation] :: director (artistic director), manager (male or of unspecified sex)
intendiert {adj} :: intended
Intensität {f} :: intensity (intensity)
intensiv {adj} :: intense
intensiv {adj} :: acute
intensiv {adj} :: intensive
Intensivierung {f} :: intensification
Intensivmedizin {f} :: intensive care medicine
Intensivstation {f} [medicine] :: intensive care unit
Intensivtäter {m} :: habitual offender
Intensivtäterin {f} :: female habitual offender
Intention {f} :: intention
Intentionalismus {m} :: intentionalism
inter- {prefix} :: inter-
interagieren {v} :: to interact
interagiert {v} :: past participle of interagieren
Interaktion {f} :: interaction
interaktiv {adj} :: interactive
Interaktivität {f} :: interactivity
Interaktom {n} [biochemistry, biology] :: interactome (the whole set of molecular interactions in a particular cell)
interdisziplinär {adj} :: interdisciplinary
Interdisziplinarität {f} :: interdisciplinarity
interessant {adj} :: interesting
interessanterweise {adv} :: interestingly, intriguingly
Interesse {n} :: interest (attention and concern)
Interessengebiet {n} :: area of interest (in science and others)
Interessent {m} :: interested party, prospective buyer
Interessenvertretung {f} :: representation of interests, lobby
interessieren {vt} :: to interest
interessieren {vr} [with für] :: to be interested in
interessiert {adj} :: interested
Interface-Segregation-Prinzip {prop} {n} [programming, object-oriented] :: synonym of Schnittstellentrennungsprinzip
Interferenz {f} :: interference
interferieren {v} :: to interfere
Interferometer {m} :: interferometer
Interferometrie {f} :: interferometry
interferometrisch {adj} :: interferometric
Interfix {n} :: interfix
intergalaktisch {adj} :: intergalactic
interglazial {adj} :: interglacial
Interhalogen {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: interhalogen
Interhalogenverbindung {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: interhalogen compound
Interieur {n} :: interior
Interim {n} [formal] :: interim
interimistisch {adj} :: interim
Interjektion {f} [part of speech] :: interjection (an exclamation or filled pause in grammar)
interkonfessionell {adj} :: interconfessional
interkontinental {adj} :: intercontinental
interkostal {adj} :: intercostal
interkranial {adj} :: intercranial
interkristallin {adj} :: intercrystalline
interkrustal {adj} :: intercrustal
interkulturalisieren {v} :: to interculturalize
interkulturell {adj} :: intercultural
interkurrent {adj} :: intercurrent
interkurrierend {adj} :: synonym of interkurrent
Interlaken {prop} :: Interlaken
intermediär {adj} :: intermediary
intermenstruell {adj} :: intermenstrual
intermetallisch {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: intermetallic
Intermezzo {n} :: intermezzo
interministeriell {adj} :: interministerial
intermittierend {adj} :: intermittent
intermolekular {adj} [chemistry, physics] :: intermolecular
intern {adj} :: internal
Internat {n} :: boarding school
international {adj} :: international
Internationaler Währungsfonds {prop} :: International Monetary Fund
Internationales Phonetisches Alphabet {prop} {n} :: International Phonetic Alphabet
internationalisieren {v} :: to internationalize
Internationalismus {m} :: internationalism
Interne {f} :: (female) boarding school student
Interne {f} [Austria] :: department of internal medicine at a hospital
Internet {n} :: internet
Internetanschluss {m} :: Internet connection
internetbasiert {adj} :: Internet-based
Internetblog {m} [internet] :: weblog
Internetpräsenz {f} :: Internet presence
internetsüchtig {adj} :: Internet-addicted
Internetzugang {m} :: Internet access
internieren {vt} [to imprison] :: to intern
Internierte {f} :: internee (female)
Internierter {m} :: internee (male or of unspecified sex)
Internierung {f} :: internment
Internierungslager {n} :: detention center, internment camp
Internist {m} :: internist
Internodium {n} [botany] :: internode (a section of the stem between two nodes)
interozeanisch {adj} :: interoceanic
interparlamentarisch {adj} :: interparliamentary
interpersonell {adj} :: interpersonal
interplanetar {adj} :: interplanetary
interplanetarisch {adj} :: interplanetary
Interpolation {f} :: interpolation
interpolieren {v} :: to interpolate
Interpret {m} [music] :: performer
Interpretation {f} :: interpretation
interpretationsfähig {adj} :: interpretable
interpretativ {adj} :: interpretative
interpretierbar {adj} :: interpretable
interpretieren {v} :: to interpret (to explain or tell the meaning of; to apprehend and represent by means of art)
interpretieren {v} [music] :: to perform
Interpunktion {f} [linguistics] :: punctuation
Interregnum {n} :: interregnum (period of time between the end of a sovereign's reign and the accession of another sovereign)
Interrobang {n} [rare] :: interrobang (the punctuation mark ‽)
interrogativ {adj} :: interrogative
Interrogativpronomen {n} [grammar] :: interrogative pronoun
intersektiv {adj} :: intersective
intersektoral {adj} :: intersectoral
intersexuell {adj} :: intersexual
interstellar {adj} :: interstellar
interstitiell {adj} :: interstitial
intersubjektiv {adj} :: intersubjective
Intersubjektivität {f} :: intersubjectivity (state or condition of being intersubjective)
Intervall {n} :: interval (distance in time)
Intervall {n} [mathematics] :: interval
intervallisch {adj} [music] :: intervallic
intervenieren {v} :: to intervene, to intercede
intervenieren {v} :: to intervene, to interfere
Intervention {f} :: intervention (act of intervening)
interventionistisch {adj} :: interventionist
interventiv {adj} :: interventive
Interview {n} :: interview (journalistic dialogue)
interviewen {v} :: to interview [for newspapers etc.]
intervokalisch {adj} :: intervocalic
interzellular {adj} :: intercellular
interzellulär {adj} :: alternative form of interzellular
intestinal {adj} :: intestinal
in Teufels Küche kommen {v} [idiom] :: to get into trouble
Intifada {f} :: intifada
intim {adj} :: intimate
intolerant {adj} :: intolerant
Intoleranz {f} :: intolerance
Intonation {f} :: intonation
intra- {prefix} :: intra-
intradiegetisch {adj} :: intradiegetic
intrakrustal {adj} :: intracrustal
intrakulturell {adj} :: intracultural
intramolekular {adj} [chemistry, physics] :: intramolecular
Intranet {n} [computing] :: intranet
intransitiv {adj} [grammar, of verbs] :: intransitive (not taking a direct object)
intransitives Verb {n} [grammar] :: intransitive verb
intraoperativ {adj} :: interoperative
intraossär {adj} :: intraosseous, intraossal
intrauterin {adj} :: intrauterine
intravenös {adj} :: intravenous
intrazellulär {adj} :: intracellular
intrigant {adj} :: scheming
Intrigant {m} :: schemer
Intrige {f} :: intrigue, plot
intrigieren {v} :: to intrigue, to plot
intrinsisch {adj} :: intrinsic
Introjektion {f} [psychology] :: introjection
Introspektion {f} [programming, object-oriented] :: introspection
Introspektion {f} [psychology] :: introspection
introspektiv {adj} :: introspective
introvertiert {adj} :: introverted
intrusiv {adj} [geology] :: intrusive
Intrusivgestein {n} [geology] :: intrusive rock
Intuition {f} :: intuition
intuitiv {adj} :: intuitive
in Ungnade fallen {v} [idiomatic] :: to fall from grace
in Ungnade gefallen {v} :: past participle of in Ungnade fallen
invalid {adj} :: invalid [confined to home or bed because of illness or disability]
Invasion {f} :: invasion
invasiv {adj} :: invasive
Invektive {f} :: invective
Inventar {n} :: inventory
Inventar {n} :: stock
Invention {f} [music] :: invention
Inverkehrbringen {n} :: marketing
Inverkehrbringen {n} :: circulating (money)
invers {adj} :: inverse
Inversion {f} :: inversion
Inversionstemperatur {f} :: inversion temperature
invertiert {adj} :: inverted
investieren {v} :: to invest [time, money, etc.]
Investigation {f} :: investigation
investigativ {adj} :: investigative
Investition {f} :: investment (a placement of capital in expectation of deriving income or profit from its use)
investiv {adj} :: investive
Investor {m} :: investor
inwendig {adj} :: internal
inwiefern {adv} :: in what way
inwieweit {adv} :: how far?
inwieweit {adv} :: to what extent?
in Wirklichkeit {adv} :: in fact (actually, in truth)
Inzenhof {prop} {n} :: Inzenhof (municipality)
Inzest {m} :: incest
inzestuös {adj} :: incestuous
inzident {adj} :: incident (all adjectival senses)
Inzucht {f} :: inbreeding
inzüchtig {adj} :: inbred
in Zukunft {adv} [idiomatic] :: hereafter, in future, in the future, for the future
in Zweifel gezogen {v} :: past participle of in Zweifel ziehen
in Zweifel ziehen {vt} :: to question, to challenge, to cast doubt on
inzwischen {adv} :: in the meantime
IO {phrase} :: initialism of in Ordnung
Iod {n} :: alternative form of Jod
Iodat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: iodate
Iodatom {n} :: iodine atom
Iodbromid {n} [inorganic compound] :: iodine bromide (especially iodine monobromide)
Iodchlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: iodine chloride
iodhaltig {adj} :: iodous (containing iodine)
Iodid {n} [chemistry] :: iodide
iodidhaltig {adj} :: iodide-containing; iodized
Iodometrie {f} [chemistry] :: iodometry
iodometrisch {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: iodometric
Iodpentafluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: iodine pentafluoride
Iodstickstoff {n} :: nitrogen triiodide
Iodthyronin {n} :: iodothyronine
Iodtribromid {n} [inorganic compound] :: iodine tribromide
Iodtrichlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: iodine trichloride
Iodwasserstoff {m} [inorganic compound] :: hydrogen iodide
-ion {suffix} :: -ion
Ion {n} :: ion (an atom or group of atoms bearing an electrical charge)
ionenabsorbierend {adj} :: ion-absorbing
Ionenaustausch {m} :: ion exchange
Ionenaustauschchromatographie {f} :: ion exchange chromatography
Ionenaustauscher {m} :: ion exchanger
Ionenbindung {f} [chemistry] :: ionic bond
Ionenchromatografie {f} :: ion chromatography
Ionenchromatographie {f} [chemistry] :: ion exchange chromatography
Ionenkanal {m} :: ion channel
Ionenquelle {f} [physics] :: ion source
Ionenradius {m} :: ionic radius
ionenselektiv {adj} [chemistry, physics] :: ion-selective
Ionisation {f} :: ionization / ionisation
Ionisationsenergie {f} [physics] :: ionization energy
ionisch {adj} [chemistry] :: ionic
Ionisches Meer {prop} {n} :: Ionian Sea (European sea)
ionisieren {v} :: To ionize
ionisierend {adj} :: ionizing / ionising
ionisiert {v} :: past participle of ionisieren
ionisiert {adj} :: ionized / ionised
Ionisierung {f} :: ionization / ionisation
Ionisierungsenergie {f} :: ionization energy
Ionosphäre {f} :: ionosphere
ionotrop {adj} :: ionotropic
Iota {n} :: alternative spelling of Jota
Iota subscriptum {n} [Greek grammar] :: iota subscript
Iowa {prop} {n} :: Iowa (state)
IPA {prop} {n} :: initialism of Internationales Phonetisches Alphabet
IP-Adresse {f} :: IP address (number assigned to each computer's network interface)
ipsativ {adj} :: ipsative
I-Pünktchen {n} :: the dot above the i
Irak {prop} {m} {n} :: Iraq
Iraker {m} :: Iraqi ([male or female] person from Iraq)
Irakerin {f} :: Iraqi (female person from Iraq)
irakisch {adj} :: Iraqi (from or pertaining to Iraq)
Irakkrieg {prop} {m} :: Iraq War (US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003)
Iran {prop} {n} :: Iran
Iran {prop} {m} :: Iran
Iraner {m} :: Iranian (person from Iran or of Iranian descent)
Iranerin {f} :: Iranian (female person from Iran or of Iranian descent)
iranfeindlich {adj} :: anti-Iranian
iranisch {adj} :: Iranian
Iranistik {f} :: Iranian studies
irden {adj} [obsolete] :: earthen, earthenware
irdisch {adj} :: terrestrial, earthly
irdisch {adj} :: worldly, mundane
Ire {m} :: Irishman (man from Ireland)
-iren {suffix} :: obsolete spelling of -ieren
Iren {n} [chemistry] :: irene (hydrocarbon formed by dehydration of irone)
Irene {prop} :: given name
irgend {adv} :: at all
irgend {adv} :: any, some
irgendein {determiner} [indefinite] :: some; any
irgend etwas {pron} :: alternative spelling of irgendetwas
irgendetwas {pron} :: anything
Irgendetwas ist immer dran {proverb} :: there's no smoke without fire
irgendjemand {pron} [indefinite] :: someone, somebody
irgendjemand {pron} [indefinite] :: anyone, anybody, anyone at all, anybody at all, any person
irgendwann {adv} :: sometime, somewhen, anytime
irgendwann {adv} :: at some point, someday
irgendwas {pron} [chiefly colloquial, but accepted in writing] :: alternative form of irgendetwas
irgendwelche {pron} :: any (no matter which)
irgendwer {pron} [colloquial] :: somebody; anybody
irgendwie {adv} :: somehow, somewise
irgendwo {adv} :: somewhere
irgendwo {adv} :: anywhere [in one particular place]
irgendwohin {adv} :: to some place, somewhere
irgendwohin {adv} :: to any place, anywhere
Iridium {n} :: iridium
Irin {f} :: Irishwoman (woman from Ireland)
Irina {prop} :: given name of German speakers
Irina {prop} :: A transliteration of the Russian female given name Ири́на.
Iriomote-Katze {f} :: Iriomote cat (Prionailurus iriomotensis)
Iris {f} [anatomy] :: iris
Iris {prop} {f} [Greek god] :: Iris
Iris {prop} {f} :: given name
irisch {adj} :: Irish
Irisch {n} :: Irish (the language)
Irisch-Gälisch {prop} {n} :: Irish Gaelic, Irish (language)
irisierend {adj} :: iridescent (producing lustrous colors)
Irland {prop} {n} :: Irland (country)
irländisch {adj} :: Irish
Irma {prop} :: given name
Irmela {prop} :: given name, a diminutive form of Irma
Irmelin {prop} :: given name, a diminutive form of Irma
Irmgard {prop} :: given name
Irmin {prop} {m} :: depending on interpretation or assumption Irmin is either:
Irmin {prop} {m} :: a Saxon deity
Irmin {prop} {m} :: an epithet, another name of a Saxon god as Ziu (Zio), Wodan/Wotan or Donar
Irmin {prop} {m} :: a demigod, halfgod or hero
Iro {m} :: (slang) mohawk, Iroquois (hairdo)
Irokese {m} :: (a member of the) Iroquois
Irokese {m} :: (hairstyle) mohawk, Iroquois, short form of Irokesenschnitt
Irokesenschnitt {m} {m} [hairstyle] :: Mohawk, Iroquois
irokesisch {adj} :: Irokese, Iroquoian
Ironie {f} :: irony
ironisch {adj} :: ironic, ironical
irrational {adj} :: irrational
irrationale Zahl {f} :: irrational number (real number that is not rational)
Irrationalismus {m} :: irrationalism
irre {adj} :: crazy, insane, mad, mental
irre {adj} [slang] :: crazy, incredible, extreme
Irre {f} :: the state of erring, the state of being wrong
Irre {f} :: a mentally ill woman
Irredentismus {m} :: irredentism
irreführen {v} :: to mislead
irreführen {v} :: to misguide
irreführend {adj} :: misleading
irregeführt {v} :: past participle of irreführen
irregehen {v} :: to go astray
irregulär {adj} :: irregular
irregulärer {adj} :: comparative of irregulär
irregulärsten {adj} :: superlative of irregulär
irrelevant {adj} :: irrelevant
Irrelevanz {f} :: irrelevance
irremachen {v} :: to confuse
irren {v} :: to wander
irren {v} :: to err
Irrenhaus {n} [dated or colloquial] :: asylum, madhouse, insane asylum, lunatic asylum
Irren ist menschlich {proverb} :: to err is human
irreparabel {adj} :: irreparable
Irrer {m} :: a mentally ill man
irreversibel {adj} :: irreversible
irrevokabel {adj} :: irrevokable
Irrfahrt {f} :: odyssey
Irrfahrt {f} [mathematics] :: random walk
Irrgarten {m} :: maze
Irrglaube {f} :: misbelief
irrig {adj} :: erroneous, mistaken, false, fallacious
Irrigation {f} :: irrigation (the act or process of irrigating)
Irrigation {f} [medical] :: irrigation
irritieren {v} :: to confuse
irritieren {v} :: to irritate
irritiert {v} :: past participle of irritieren
Irrlehre {f} [religion] :: heresy
Irrlicht {n} :: will o' the wisp (strange light)
irrlichternd {adj} :: wandering, flitting
Irrsal {n} :: erring
Irrsinn {m} :: insanity, madness
irrsinnig {adj} :: insane, mad
irrsinnig {adj} [colloquial] :: mind-boggling
irrsinnigerweise {adv} :: stupidly
Irrsinnigkeit {f} :: madness, insanity
Irrthum {noun} :: obsolete spelling of Irrtum
Irrtum {m} :: error
Irrtum {m} :: mistake
irrtümlich {adj} :: erroneous
irrtümlicherweise {adv} :: inadvertently, erroneously
Irrung {f} [literary] :: error
Irrweg {m} :: wrong way
Irrwitz {m} :: absurdity
irrwitzig {adj} :: mad, absurd, ridiculous
Irschen {prop} {n} :: Irschen (municipality)
-is {suffix} [music] :: sharp,
IS {m} :: abbreviation of Islamischer Staat (Islamic State)
Isaak {prop} :: Isaac [biblical character]
Isaak {prop} [rare] :: given name
Isabel {prop} :: given name. Variant of Isabella and Isabelle
Isabell {prop} :: given name
Isabella {prop} :: given name popular in the 2000s
Isabelle {prop} {f} :: given name
Isai {prop} :: Jesse [biblical character]
Isaias {prop} :: alternative form of Jesaja
-isch {suffix} :: an adjectival suffix, often matching -ic and -ical
-isch {suffix} :: of a nationality, or the language associated with a nationality; often matches -ish or -ian
ischämisch {adj} :: ischemic
Ischias {f} {m} {n} [pathology, neurology] :: sciatica (neuralgia of the sciatic nerve)
Ischias {f} {m} {n} :: sciatic nerve
Isebel {prop} {f} [biblical character] :: Jezebel
Isegrim {prop} :: Isengrin, poetic name of the wolf in a fable
isenthalp {adj} :: isenthalpic
isentrop {adj} :: isentropic (having a constant entropy)
-isieren {suffix} :: -ize/-ise
-isierung {suffix} :: -ization, -izing
Isis {prop} {f} :: Isis
Isis {prop} {f} :: alternative form of ISIS; Isis
ISIS {mf} :: ISIS; a former name of Islamischer Staat or IS
islamisch {adj} :: Islamic
Islamische Republik Pakistan {prop} {f} :: Islamic Republic of Pakistan
islamisieren {v} :: to Islamize/Islamise, Islamicize
Islamisierung {f} [politics] :: Islamization
Islamismus {m} :: Islamism
Islamist {m} :: islamist
Islamistin {f} :: feminine noun of Islamist
islamistisch {adj} [politics] :: Islamist
Islamwissenschaft {f} :: Islamic studies (academic study of Islam and Islamic cultures)
Island {prop} {n} :: Island (country)
Isländer {m} :: Icelander (male or of unspecified sex) (person from Iceland)
Isländerin {f} :: Icelander (female) (woman or girl from Iceland)
isländisch {adj} :: Icelandic (relating to Iceland, its people, or their language)
Isländisch {prop} {n} :: Icelandic (language)
Isländischer Schäferhund {m} :: Icelandic Sheepdog
-ismus {suffix} :: -ism
isobar {adj} :: isobaric
Isobar {n} [nuclear physics] :: isobar
Isobare {f} [meteorology or thermodynamics] :: isobar
Isobarenregel {f} [physics] :: isobar rule
Isobutan {n} [organic compound] :: isobutane
isodiametrisch {adj} :: isodiametric
isodom {adj} :: isodomic
isoelektronisch {adj} :: isoelectronic
Isoform {f} [biochemistry] :: isoform
Isoglosse {f} :: isogloss (line indicating geographical boundaries of a linguistic feature)
isokinetisch {adj} :: isokinetic
Isolani {m} [chess] :: isolated pawn
Isolation {f} :: isolation (act of isolating)
Isolation {f} :: isolation (state of being isolated)
Isolationismus {m} :: isolationism
isolationistisch {adj} :: isolationist
Isolator {m} :: isolator
Isolator {m} :: electrical insulator
Isolde {prop} :: given name
isolieren {v} :: to isolate, to insulate
isolierend {adj} :: insulating
Isoliermatte {f} :: sleeping pad
Isolierstoff {m} :: insulant (insulating material)
isoliert {adj} :: insulated
Isolierung {f} :: isolation
Isolierung {f} :: insulation, lagging
Isomatte {f} :: clipping of Isoliermatte
Isomer {n} [chemistry] :: isomer
Isomerieübergang {m} [physics] :: isomeric transition / transformation (of a metastable atomic nucleus)
isomerisieren {v} [chemistry, physics] :: To isomerise / isomerize
isomerisiert {v} :: past participle of isomerisieren
Isomerisierung {f} :: isomerisation / isomerization
isometrisch {adj} :: isometric
isomorph {adj} :: isomorphic
Isomorphismus {m} :: isomorphism (bidirectionally structure-preserving mapping)
Isopren {n} [organic compound] :: isoprene
Isopropanol {n} [organic compound] :: isopropanol
Isorhythmik {noun} :: isorhythm
isotherm {adj} :: isothermic
isotherm {adj} :: isothermal
Isotherme {f} :: isotherm
Isoton {n} [physics] :: isotone
isotonisch {adj} :: isotonic
isotop {adj} :: isotopic
Isotop {n} :: isotope (atoms of the same element having a different number of neutrons)
Isotopenanreicherung {f} [physics] :: isotope enrichment
Isotopenaustausch {m} [physics, chemistry] :: isotope exchange
Isotopeneffekt {m} :: isotope effect
Isotopengemisch {n} :: mixture of isotopes
Isotopenmarkierung {f} :: isotopic labelling
Isotopenverhältnis {n} :: isotope ratio
Isotopenverteilung {f} [physics] :: isotope distribution
Isotopenzusammensetzung {f} :: isotopic composition
isotrop {adj} :: isotropic
Israel {prop} {n} :: Israel
Israel {prop} {n} :: Israel, another name of the patriarch Jacob
Israeli {m} :: Israeli (native or inhabitant of Israel)
israelisch {adj} :: Israeli (of, from, or pertaining to Israel, the Israeli people)
israelitisch {adj} :: Israelite
ISS {prop} {f} [space, ESA] :: ISS
isses {contraction} [colloquial] :: contraction of ist es
-ist {suffix} :: -ist
Istanbul {prop} {n} :: Istanbul (city)
ist der Ruf erst ruiniert, lebt es sich ganz ungeniert {proverb} [jocular] :: once your reputation is ruined, you can do as you please and enjoy life; ≈ if you've got the name, you might as well have the game (literally: “once the reputation is ruined, [you can] live [it up] completely unabashed”)
ist der Ruf erst ruiniert, lebt es sich ganz ungeniert {proverb} [more negative] :: once their reputation is ruined, people tend to cast aside all decency
ist die Katze aus dem Haus, tanzen die Mäuse auf dem Tisch {proverb} :: when the cat's away the mice will play [literally "if the cat is out of the house, the mice dance on the table"]
-istisch {suffix} :: -istic
ists {contraction} :: contraction of ist es
Istzustand {m} :: actual state
-it {suffix} [masculine] :: -ite (used to form names of followers of a movement, Biblical descendants of a certain person, etc)
-it {suffix} [masculine] :: -ite (used to form names of minerals and some rocks and fossils)
-it {suffix} [chemistry, neuter] :: -ite (used to form names of salts and esters of acids whose name ends in -ous)
Itabirit {m} [mineral] :: itabirite
Italianistik {f} :: Italian studies (academic study of Italian language and literature)
Italien {prop} {n} :: Italy
Italiener {m} :: Italian (person)
Italienerin {f} :: Italian (female person)
italienisch {adj} :: Italian
Italienisch {prop} {n} :: The Italian language
italienweit {adj} :: Italy-wide; in all of Italy
italisch {adj} :: Italic (pertaining to a subfamily of a branch of the Indo-European language family)
-ität {suffix} :: -ity
-iter {suffix} :: used to form adverbs (not productive; often present in terms derived from Latin)
iterativ {adj} :: iterative
Iterator {m} [software, object-oriented] :: The iterator
Iterator {m} [software, object-oriented] :: The iterator pattern
ithyphallisch {adj} :: ithyphallic
i-Tüpfelchen {n} :: tittle, the dot on the letter i
i-Tüpfelchen {n} [idiomatic] :: the finishing touch
Itzig {m} [obsolete, offensive, ethnic slur, religious slur] :: a Jew
itzo {adv} [dated] :: alternative form of jetzt
-iv {suffix} :: -ive; making an adjective
Ivonne {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Yvonne
ivorisch {adj} :: Ivorian (pertaining to the Ivory Coast, Côte d'Ivoire)
Iwanowitsch {prop} {m} :: Ivanovich
IWF {prop} {m} :: abbreviation of Internationaler Währungsfonds IMF
i. w. S. {prep} :: abbreviation of im weiteren Sinne
Ixiolit {m} [mineral] :: ixiolite