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K {letter} :: The eleventh letter of the German alphabet
K1 {prop} :: abbreviation of Kommune 1
Kaaba {f} :: Kaaba (cubical stone building in Mecca)
Kabache {f} :: alternative form of Kabacke
Kabacke {f} [Prussia] ::  deranged house, ramshackle building, shack
Kabacke {f} [Russia] :: pub, boozing ken
Kabale {f} :: intrigue, deceit
Kabale {f} :: cabal
Kabarett {n} :: cabaret; review (satirical)
kabbalistisch {adj} :: kabbalistic
Kabbelei {f} [Northern Germany, colloquial] :: tiff, quarrel, squabble
kabbeln {vr} [regional, chiefly northern Germany] :: to tease each other, to fight with each other in a not dangerous way
käbbeln {v} [nonstandard] :: alternative spelling of kebbeln, itself an alternative form of kabbeln
Kabel {n} :: cable (electronic wire)
Kabel {n} [archaic] :: telegram
Kabel {n} [nautical, not general] :: thick rope
Kabelbinder {m} :: cable tie (a type of fastener)
Käbelchen {n} :: diminutive of Kabel
Kabelfernsehen {n} :: cable television
Kabeljau {m} :: Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua
kabellos {adj} :: wireless
kabeln {v} [dated] :: to cable (send a telegram by cable)
Kabine {f} :: cabin, cubicle
Kabinett {n} :: cabinet
Kabinett {n} :: closet
Kabinett {n} [wine] :: a classification (Prädikat) of wine made from fully ripened grapes
Kabinettskrieg {m} :: cabinet war
Kabinettsrat {m} :: cabinet committee
Kabloona {noun} [rare, dated] :: a kabloona; a non-Inuit person, especially a European, in Canada or Greenland
Kabluna {noun} :: alternative form of Kabloona
Kabotage {f} [law] :: cabotage
Kabriolett {m} [dated] :: alternative spelling of Cabriolet
Kabuff {n} :: a small room or separated corner, typically dark and dusty, used for storage
Kabuki {n} :: kabuki, Kabuki
Kabul {prop} {n} :: Kabul (capital city)
kabylisch {adj} :: Kabyle (related to the Kabyle, their country or their language)
Kabylisch {n} :: Kabyle (the Kabyle language)
Kachel {f} :: tile (on walls or floors, not roof tile)
kacheln {vt} [auxiliary verb haben] :: to tile
kacheln {vi} [colloquial, auxiliary verb sein] :: to get going
Kachelofen {m} :: tiled stove, cockle stove
Kackbratze {f} [derogatory, vulgar, colloquial] :: ugly person
kackbraun {adj} [pejorative] :: An ugly type of brown, similar in color to feces
Kacke {f} [slightly, vulgar] :: crap (something of poor quality; feces)
kacken {v} [slightly, vulgar] :: to shit
Kackvogel {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: shit-bird (term of abuse, primarily used as an insult against other humans)
Kackwurst {f} [vulgar] :: a piece of feces that has roughly the form of a sausage
Kadaver {m} :: carcass, cadaver, carrion, corse
Kadavergehorsam {m} :: blind obedience, fanatical or excessive loyalty
Kaddig {m} [dialectal, originally, Prussian] :: juniper (Juniperus communis)
Kaddisch {n} [Judaism] :: kaddish
Kadenz {f} :: a cadenza
Kader {n} {m} [sports] :: squad (body of the players of a team or club)
Kader {n} {m} [military] :: cadre (body of officers forming a new regiment)
Kader {n} {m} [Marxism] :: cadre (the ideologically trained elite, which is to fill all public and economic leadership positions)
Kader {n} {m} [Marxism, more commonly] :: cadre; leader (an individual in the above elite)
Kader {n} {m} [figuratively] :: a highly skilled or highly motivated person or group of persons
Kadett {m} :: cadet (male or of unspecified sex)
Kadmierung {f} :: cadmium-plating
Kadmium {n} :: alternative form of Cadmium
kadscharisch {adj} :: Qajar
kaduk {adj} :: decayed
Käfer {m} :: beetle
Käfer {m} [slang] :: young girl, wench
Käfer {m} :: Volkswagen Type 1 “beetle” (car)
Käferchen {n} :: diminutive of Käfer
Kaff {n} :: backwater, Hicksville, bumfuck (a backwards, boring rural town or village)
Kaff {n} {m} :: chaff
Käffchen {n} :: diminutive of Kaffee
Kaffee {m} :: coffee (beverage made by infusing the beans of the coffee plant in hot water)
Kaffee {m} [regional] :: afternoon coffee, coffee and cake (afternoon meal in northern and central Germany, particularly on Sundays)
Kaffeebohne {f} :: coffee bean
kaffeebraun {adj} :: coffee-coloured
Kaffeefilter {m} :: coffee filter
Kaffeehaus {n} [chiefly Austria] :: coffeehouse
Kaffeehausliteratur {f} :: literature produced in coffeehouses, especially in Vienna at the close of the 19th c
Kaffeekanne {f} :: coffee pot (pot for coffee)
Kaffeeklatsch {m} :: coffee klatch
Kaffeelöffel {m} :: coffee spoon
Kaffeemaschine {f} :: coffeemaker
Kaffeemühle {f} :: coffee grinder
Kaffeepause {f} :: coffee break (a rest period during the business day providing the opportunity to drink coffee)
Kaffeesatz {m} :: coffee dregs, coffee grounds
Kaffeesatzlesen {n} :: tasseography; coffee ground reading; tea leaf reading (predicting the future by reading the grounds left in a cup, especially of coffee)
Kaffeesatzlesen {n} [figurative] :: pointless speculation or prediction about future events
Kaffeestube {f} :: coffee shop, coffee bar, small café
Kaffeetafel {f} :: coffee table
Kaffeetasse {f} :: coffee cup
Kaffeeweißer {m} :: creamer (coffee whitener)
Kaffein {n} :: obsolete form of Koffein
Kaffer {m} [South Africa, offensive, derogatory] :: kaffir
Kaffer {m} [colloquial, derogatory] :: idiot
Käfig {m} :: cage
Käfigläufer {m} :: squirrel cage (rotor device)
Kafir {m} [Islam] :: kafir
Kafka {prop} {m} :: surname most notably of Franz Kafka
kafkaesk {adj} :: Kafkaesque
Kaftan {m} :: kaftan
Käfter {n} :: little chamber, closet
Käfterchen {n} :: diminutive of Käfter
Kagawa {prop} {mf} :: Kagawa (prefecture)
KAGB {prop} {n} [law] :: initialism of Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch
kahl {adj} :: bald
Kahlkopf {m} :: bald head
Kahlkopfwürger {m} :: Bornean bristlehead (Pityriasis gymnocephala)
kahlscheren {v} :: to shave bald
Kahlschlag {m} :: clearcutting
Kahn {m} :: small boat used on inland waters
Kai {m} :: wharf, quay
Kai {prop} {mf} :: given name (mostly in Northern Germany)
Kai {prop} {mf} [rare] :: given name, diminutive of Katharina
Kaiman {m} :: caiman
Kaimeister {m} :: master of the docks, wharfinger
Kain {prop} {m} :: Cain (Biblical character)
Kainit {m} [mineral] :: kainite
Kainsmal {n} [biblical or figuratively] :: mark of Cain
Kainszeichen {n} [biblical or figuratively] :: mark of Cain
Kairiner {m} :: Cairene (inhabitant of Cairo)
Kairiner {adj} [invariable] :: Cairene (pertaining to Cairo)
Kairo {prop} {n} :: Kairo (capital city)
Kaiser {m} :: emperor (ruler of certain monarchies; highest monarch)
Kaiser {prop} {mf} :: surname originating as a nickname
Käiser {m} :: obsolete spelling of Kaiser
Kaiserdom {m} :: A cathedral commissioned by a Kaiser
Kaiserhaus {n} :: imperial family
Kaiserin {f} :: empress (wife or widow of an emperor)
Kaiserkrone {f} :: Imperial crown
Kaiserkrone {f} :: crown imperial (Fritillaria imperialis, a plant of the lily family)
kaiserl. {adj} :: abbreviation of kaiserlich
kaiserlich {adj} :: imperial (pertaining to an emperor)
kaiserlich {adj} :: imperial, regal: very grand or fine
kaiserlicher {adj} :: comparative of kaiserlich
kaiserlichsten {adj} :: superlative of kaiserlich
kaiserlich und königlich {phrase} :: which refers to the Court of the Habsburgs (Austria-Hungary)
Kaiserpinguin {m} :: emperor penguin
Kaiserreich {n} [history] :: empire (state ruled by an emperor)
Kaiserreich {prop} {n} :: the Second Reich
Kaisers {prop} :: Kaisers (municipality)
Kaiserschnitt {m} :: Caesarean section
Kaisersdorf {prop} {n} :: Kaisersdorf (municipality)
Kaisersemmel {f} :: Kaiser roll
Kaiserslautern {prop} :: Kaiserslautern (city)
Kaiserthum {n} :: obsolete spelling of Kaisertum
kaisertreu {adj} :: loyal to the emperor
Kaisertum {n} :: empire (a state ruled by an emperor)
Kaisertum {n} :: emperorship (the rank or office of an emperor)
Kaiserwetter {n} [colloquial] :: clear, sunny weather
Kaiserzeit {f} :: imperial era
Kajak {n} {m} :: kayak (small boat)
Kajal {n} :: kohl
Kajetan {prop} :: given name
Kajüte {f} :: cabin on a ship, for sailors
Kakadu {m} :: cockatoo
Kakao {m} :: cocoa (unsweetened brown powder made from roasted, ground cocoa beans)
Kakao {m} [beverage] :: cocoa, hot chocolate (hot drink made with milk, cocoa powder, and sugar)
Kakao {m} :: cacao (plant, Theobroma cacao; cocoa bean)
Kakaobaum {m} :: cacao (cacao tree)
Kakaobohne {f} :: cocoa bean (seed of the cocoa plant)
Kakaobutter {f} :: cocoa butter
Kakaomasse {f} :: cocoa mass
Kakaopulver {n} :: cocoa (powder)
Kakerlak {m} [now, rare] :: alternative form of Kakerlake
Kakerlake {f} :: cockroach (insect)
kaki {adj} [indeclinable] :: khaki (color)
Kaki {f} :: kaki, persimmon (fruit)
kakifarben {adj} :: khaki (in colour)
Kakofonie {f} :: alternative form of Kakophonie
Kakophonie {f} :: cacophony
kakophonisch {adj} :: cacophonous
Kaktus {m} :: cactus
Kaktusfeige {f} :: the fruit of Opuntia ficus-indica (Indian fig opuntia) a species of cactus, "prickly pear", Indian fig
Kalabrien {prop} {n} :: Kalabrien (region)
kalabrisch {adj} :: Calabrian (of or pertaining to Calabria)
Kalamität {f} :: calamity (an event resulting in great loss)
Kalauer {m} :: corny joke, groaner (particularly egregious joke, especially a pun)
kalauern {v} :: to joke; to pun
Kalb {n} :: calf (young cow)
Kälbchen {n} :: diminutive of Kalb
Kalberei {f} :: boisterousness, rowdiness
Kalbfleisch {n} :: veal
kälbrig {adj} :: childish, silly
Kalbsbraten {m} :: veal roast, roast veal
Kalbshaxe {f} :: knuckle of veal
Kalbskeule {f} :: leg of veal
Kalbsleber {f} :: calf's liver
Kalbsleberwurst {f} :: veal liverwurst
Kalbsmilch {f} [rare] :: calf's milk
Kalbsmilch {f} :: sweetbread (thymus gland)
Kaleb {prop} :: Caleb [biblical character]
Kaleb {prop} [rare] :: given name
Kaleidoskop {n} :: kaleidoscope
kalendarisch {adj} :: calendrical
Kalender {m} :: calendar (means to determine the date consisting of a document containing dates and other temporal information)
Kalender {m} :: agenda, scheduler, planner (notebook used to organize and maintain plans or lists of appointments, events, etc.)
Kalender {m} :: omasum (third part of the stomach of a ruminant)
kalendertäglich {adj} :: daily (even on Sundays and holidays)
Kalenderwoche {f} :: A date term mainly used in German business that specifies the week of a year by its number, each week beginning on a Monday
Kalesche {f} :: calèche, carriage
kalfatern {v} :: to caulk (to seal joints with caulk)
Kali {n} :: potash (Short form of Kalisalz)
Kaliämie {f} [pathology] :: kalaemia
Kaliber {n} :: calibre
Kalibergbau {m} :: potash mining
Kalibergbau {m} :: potash-mining industry
kalibrieren {v} :: to calibrate
Kalibrierung {f} :: calibration
Kalif {m} :: caliph
Kalifat {n} [Islam] :: caliphate
Kalifeldspat {m} [mineral] :: potassium feldspar
Kalifornien {prop} {n} :: Kalifornien (state)
Kalifornier {m} :: Californian (native or inhabitant of California)
Kalifornierin {f} :: Californian (a female native or inhabitant of California)
kalifornisch {adj} :: Californian
kalifornischer Kondor {m} :: California Condor
Kaliglimmer {m} [mineral] :: muscovite
kalihaltig {adj} :: potassic
Kalilauge {f} :: caustic potash
Kalisalz {n} :: potash
Kalium {n} :: potassium
Kaliumaluminiumsulfat {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium aluminium sulfate (potassium alum)
Kaliumamalgam {n} :: potassium amalgam
Kaliumarsenit {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium arsenite
Kaliumbromat {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium bromate
Kaliumbromid {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium bromide
Kaliumcarbonat {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium carbonate
Kaliumchlorat {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium chlorate
Kaliumchlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium chloride
Kaliumchromat {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium chromate
Kaliumcitrat {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium citrate
Kaliumcyanid {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium cyanide
Kaliumdichromat {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium dichromate
Kaliumfluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium fluoride
Kaliumhexachloroplatinat {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium hexachloroplatinate
Kaliumhexacyanoferrat {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium hexacyanoferrate (potassium ferricyandie or potassium ferrocyanide)
Kaliumhexafluoridozirconat {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium hexafluorozirconate
Kaliumhydrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium hydride
Kaliumhydrogencarbonat {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium hydrogen carbonate, potassium bicarbonate
Kaliumhydrogentartrat {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium hydrogen tartrate, potassium bitartrate (cream of tartar)
Kaliumhydroxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium hydroxide
Kaliumhyperoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium hyperoxide
Kaliumiodat {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium iodate
Kaliumiodid {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium iodide
Kaliummangel {m} [pathology] :: potassium deficiency
Kaliumniobat {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium niobate
Kaliumnitrat {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium nitrate
Kaliumoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium oxide
Kaliumperchlorat {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium perchlorate
Kaliumpermanganat {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium permanganate
Kaliumpermanganatlösung {f} [chemistry] :: potassium permanganate solution
Kaliumperoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium peroxide
Kaliumphosphat {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium phosphate
Kaliumpyrosulfit {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium pyrosulfite, potassium metabisulfite
Kaliumsalz {n} :: potassium salt
Kaliumsilicat {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium silicate
Kaliumstannat {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium stannate
Kaliumsulfat {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium sulfate
Kaliumthiocyanat {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium thiocyanate
Kaliumverbindung {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: potassium compound
Kalk {m} :: lime (general term for inorganic materials containing calcium)
Kalk {m} :: limescale, scale (calcium deposit)
Kalk {m} [Geology] :: chalk
Kalk {m} :: limestone (calcium rock)
Kalkausfällung {f} :: limescale
kalken {v} :: to whitewash
kalken {v} :: to lime (treat with lime)
kalkhaltig {adj} :: chalky, limy, calcareous
kalkig {adj} :: calcareous, chalky
Kalkspat {m} [mineral] :: calcite, calcspar
Kalkstein {m} :: limestone
Kalkstickstoff {n} :: nitrolime
Kalkül {m} {n} [mathematics, only m] :: calculus
Kalkül {m} {n} [general, n or m] :: calculations
Kalkulation {f} :: calculation
Kalkulation {f} :: costing
kalkulatorisch {adj} :: calculatory; calculated (rather than actually measured)
kalkulieren {v} :: to calculate
kalkulieren {v} :: to reckon
Kalkung {m} :: liming
Kalkutta {prop} {n} :: Kalkutta (capital city)
kalkweiß {adj} :: chalky-white
kalkweiß {adj} :: ashen
Kalle {f} [dated slang] :: bride
Kalle {f} [dated slang] :: lover
Kalle {f} [dated slang] :: prostitute
Kallham {prop} {n} :: Kallham (municipality)
Kalligraphie {f} :: calligraphy (art of writing with decorative strokes)
kalligraphisch {adj} :: calligraphic
Kalmar {m} :: squid
Kalmus {m} :: sweet flag, Acorus calamus, an herbal water plant
Kalorie {f} [colloquial] :: kilocalorie
Kalorie {f} :: calorie
kalorienarm {adj} :: low-calorie
kalorienbewusst {adj} :: calorie-conscious
Kalorimeter {n} :: calorimeter
Kalorimetrie {f} :: calorimetry
kalorimetrisch {adj} :: calorimetric
kalorisch {adj} :: caloric
Kalotte {f} :: calotte
Kalotte {f} :: cranial vault
Kalotte {f} :: dome
kalt {adj} :: cold, chilly; the physical perception of something (objects, weather, body etc.) to have a low temperature
kalt {adj} :: calm, restrained, passionless
kalt {adj} :: cold, frigid (especially when referring to emotions)
kaltblütig {adj} [zoology or figuratively] :: cold-blooded
Kälte {f} :: coldness; cold
kalte Füße bekommen {v} [idiomatic] :: to get cold feet
kälteliebend {adj} :: cryophilic
Kältemittel {n} :: refrigerant
Kältemittel {n} :: cryogen
Kaltenberg {prop} {n} :: Kaltenberg (municipality)
Kaltenleutgeben {prop} {n} :: Kaltenleutgeben (municipality)
kälter {adj} :: comparative of kalt
kalter Bauer {m} [idiomatic, vulgar, regional] :: ejaculate, especially resulting from ejaculation while sleeping
Kalter Krieg {prop} {m} :: Cold War (a period of history from 1945-1991)
Kälteschauer {m} :: shiver
Kalte Schnauze {f} :: a type of cold (non-baked) cake made of butter biscuits, chocolate and coconut fat
kältesten {adj} :: superlative of kalt
Kältewelle {f} [weather] :: cold wave, cold spell
Kaltfront {f} :: cold front
kaltgemäßigt {adj} :: cold-temperate (in climate)
kaltherzig {adj} :: cold-hearted
kaltmachen {v} [slang] :: To off someone
Kaltmiete {f} [rent for dwelling without heating and side costs] :: base rent
Kaltphase {f} [physics] :: cold phase
Kaltschale {f} :: a soup, served cold, composed of beer, wine, and bread
kaltschnäuzig {adj} :: callous, cold-hearted
Kaltumformen {f} :: cold forming (work hardening)
Kaltumformung {f} :: cold forming
Kaltverfestigung {f} :: work hardening
Kaltwalzen {n} :: cold rolling
Kalvinismus {m} :: alternative spelling of Calvinismus
Kalvinist {m} :: Alternative spelling of Calvinist
kalvinistisch {adj} :: alternative spelling of calvinistisch
Kalwang {prop} {n} :: Kalwang (municipality)
Kalzämie {f} [pathology] :: calcemia
kalziniert {v} :: past participle of kalzinieren
kalziniert {adj} :: calcined
Kalzium {n} :: calcium
kalziumhaltig {adj} :: calcium-containing
Kamacit {m} [mineral] :: kamacite
Kambodscha {prop} {n} :: Cambodia
Kambodschaner {m} :: Cambodian (a person from Cambodia or of Cambodian descent)
Kambodschanerin {f} :: Cambodian (a female person from Cambodia or of Cambodian descent)
kambodschanisch {adj} :: Cambodian (of, from, or pertaining to Cambodia, the Cambodian people, or the Khmer language)
kambrisch {adj} :: Cambrian
Kambrium {prop} :: the Cambrian
Kamel {n} :: a camel
Kamel {n} :: a dumb person
Kamelhalsfliege {f} :: snakefly
Kamelie {f} :: camellia
Kamelle {f} [regional, in the Rhineland] :: candy, sweets (usually those given away during carnival parades)
Kamelziege {f} :: a llama
Kamen {prop} {n} :: Kamen (municipality)
Kamera {f} :: camera (device for taking photographs or filming)
Kamerad {m} [military] :: comrade, a fellow soldier
Kamerad {m} :: comrade, a fellow, a companion
Kamerad {m} [colloquial] :: a guy, a fellow
Kamerad {m} [slang] :: a neo-nazi, a right-wing extremist
kameradschaftlich {adj} :: comradely, companionable
Kameramann {m} :: (male) cameraman
Kameramodell {n} :: camera model
kamerascheu {adj} :: camera-shy
kameraüberwacht {adj} :: camera-monitored (monitored by CCTV)
Kamerun {prop} {n} :: Cameroon
Kameruner {m} :: Cameroonian (male or of unspecified sex) (person from Cameroon or of Cameroonian descent)
Kameruner {m} [Berlin] :: A doughnut-like pastry having an oblong or figure-eight shape
Kamerunerin {f} :: Cameroonian (female) (person from Cameroon or of Cameroonian descent)
kamerunisch {adj} :: Cameroonian (pertaining to Cameroon)
Kamikaze {f} [uncountable, military or figurative] :: a risky, seemingly suicidal course of action
Kamikaze {m} [historical] :: kamikaze (kind of Japanese fighter pilot)
Kamille {f} :: camomile (plant)
Kamin {m} :: fireplace
Kamin {m} [regional] :: chimney
Kaminaufsatz {m} :: mantelpiece
Kaminecke {f} :: fireside
Kamm {m} :: comb
Kamm {m} :: crest (of various animals), comb (of rooster)
Kamm {m} [cooking] :: shoulder (of pork), neck (of mutton/beef)
Kamm {m} :: ridge (of hills, mountains)
kämmen {vt} :: to comb; to brush (hair)
kämmen {vt} :: to comb or brush someone’s hair
kämmen {vr} :: to brush one’s own hair
Kammer {f} :: chamber
Kämmerchen {n} :: diminutive of Kammer
Kammerdiener {m} :: valet
Kämmerer {m} [historical] :: chamberlain
Kammerjäger {m} :: exterminator; someone practicing pest control in buildings (male or of unspecified sex)
Kammerjäger {m} [obsolete] :: personal huntsman of a prince
Kämmerlein {n} :: diminutive of Kammer
Kammermädchen {n} :: lady's maid
Kammermusik {f} :: chamber music
Kammeroper {f} :: chamber opera
Kammerspiel {n} :: intimate play
Kammerspiel {n} :: chamber play
Kammerstück {n} [historical] :: a canon from a particular class of artillery including howitzers and mortars
Kamp {m} [archaic or dialectal, regional, chiefly northern Germany] :: piece of land; field; grassland
Kampagne {f} :: campaign
Kämpe {m} [chiefly literary] :: an experienced fighter (or activist); a warhorse
Kampf {m} :: fight, struggle
Kampfausrüstung {f} :: combat equipment
Kampfbegriff {m} :: a term which is often and polemically used by adherents of some opinion or ideology, particularly in order to claim that term and give it a partisan definition
Kampfeinsatz {m} :: combat mission
kämpfen {v} :: to fight, to struggle
Kampfer {m} :: camphor
Kämpfer {m} :: agent noun of kämpfen; fighter
Kämpferin {f} :: a female fighter
kampfeslustig {adj} :: combative, pugnacious, bellicose, aggressive, warlike
Kampfflieger {m} :: combat pilot
Kampfflugzeug {n} :: combat aircraft
Kampfflugzeug {n} [WWII] :: bomber (aircraft)
Kampfgeschwader {noun} [obsolete, WWI aviation] :: bomber squadron
Kampfgeschwader {noun} [obsolete, WWII aviation] :: bomber wing
Kampfgeschwader {noun} [military aviation] :: bomber group
Kampfhund {m} :: attack dog
Kampfjet {m} [slightly, colloquial] :: fighter jet
Kampfkunst {f} :: martial art
Kampfläufer {m} [zoology] :: ruff (Calidris pugnax)
kampflos {adj} :: peaceful; without argument
kampflustig {adj} :: belligerent, pugnacious
Kampfmittel {n} :: means of warfare [weapons, munitions, ordnance, etc.]
Kampfspiel {n} :: contact sport
Kampfsport {m} :: combat sport, martial art
Kampfstoff {m} :: chemical-, biological- or nuclear-weapon material
Kampfverband {m} :: battle unit, combat unit
kampieren {v} :: to camp (live in a temporary accommodation)
Kamurke {f} :: chamber, a room for abode mediocrely furnitured
Kanacke {m} :: alternative spelling of Kanake [only for the sense "wog"]
Kanada {prop} {n} :: Kanada (country)
Kanadier {m} :: Canadian (person from Canada)
Kanadier {m} :: Canadian canoe, canoe
Kanadierin {f} :: Canadian (female) (a woman or girl from Canada)
kanadisch {adj} :: Canadian
kanadischsten {adj} [rare, nonstandard] :: superlative of kanadisch
Kanaillie {f} :: scoundrel, rascal
Kanaillie {f} [dated] :: vermin, mob
Kanake {m} [derogatory, ethnic slur] :: wog (person of Middle Eastern or North African looks, particularly a Turk)
Kanake {m} :: Kanak or Canaque, a member of the indigenous Melanesian inhabitants of New Caledonia in the southwest Pacific
Kanal {m} :: channel
Kanal {m} :: canal
Kanaldeckel {m} :: manhole cover
Kanalisation {f} :: sewer
kanalisieren {v} :: to channel
kanalisieren {v} :: to canalise, to canalize
Kanalreinigung {f} :: sewer cleaning
Kanapee {n} [food] :: canapé; hors d'oeuvre
Kanapee {n} [furniture, dated] :: canapé; sofa; couch
kanariengelb {adj} :: canary yellow
Kanarienvogel {m} :: canary (bird)
kanarisch {adj} :: Canarian
Kanarische Inseln {prop} {p} :: Kanarische Inseln (archipelago/and/autonomous community)
Kandare {f} :: curb, curb bit
Kandidat {m} :: candidate (male or of unspecified sex)
Kandidatin {f} :: female candidate
Kandidatur {f} :: candidacy, candidature
kandidieren {v} :: to be a candidate
Kandidose {f} :: candidiasis
kandieren {v} :: to candy
kandiert {v} :: past participle of kandieren
Kaneel {m} [specialist, cooking] :: cinnamon in the form of sticks; collective: cinnamon sticks
Kaneel {m} [archaic, dialectal] :: cinnamon (in any form)
kanevassen {adj} :: canvas (attributive)
Kangchendzönga {prop} {m} :: Kangchenjunga
Känguru {n} :: kangaroo
Känguruh {n} :: obsolete spelling of Känguru
Kanin {n} :: rabbit fur
Kanin {n} [dated, dialectal, parts of northern Germany] :: alternative form of Kaninchen
Kaninchen {n} :: rabbit
Kaninchendraht {m} :: chicken wire
Kaninchendrahtzaun {m} :: chicken wire fence
kaninchenfrei {adj} :: rabbit-free
Kaninchenjagd {f} [hunting] :: rabbiting, rabbit hunt
kaninchensicher {adj} :: rabbit-proof
Kanister {m} :: jerrycan
Kanji {n} :: kanji
KanJPz {m} :: abbreviation of Kanonenjagdpanzer (gun-based tank destroyer)
Kannada {n} :: one of the languages of India; Kannada
Kännchen {n} :: diminutive of Kanne
Kanne {f} :: can, jug, pot
Kannibale {m} :: cannibal
Kannibalismus {m} :: cannibalism
kanns {contraction} :: contraction of kann es
kannste {contraction} :: contraction of kannst du
Kanon {m} [literature, religion] :: canon (selection of texts considered accepted and/or authentic)
Kanon {m} [law] :: canon; code (collectivity of laws, particularly concerning a certain field)
Kanon {m} [Christianity, law] :: canon (ecclesiastical norm forming part of Canon Law)
Kanon {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: canon (catalogue of saints)
Kanon {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: canon (eucharistic prayer)
Kanon {m} [music] :: canon; round (song sung by groups of singers starting at different times)
Kanone {f} :: cannon
Kanone {f} [slang] :: gun
Kanonenfutter {n} :: cannon fodder
Kanonenjagdpanzer {m} :: cannon-based tank destroyer
Kanonenkugel {f} :: cannonball (spherical projectile fired from a smoothbore cannon)
Kanonier {m} :: cannoneer
kanonisch {adj} :: canonic, canonical (all senses)
Känozoikum {prop} :: the Cenozoic
Kant {prop} :: surname, notably borne by the German philosopher Immanuel Kant
Kante {f} :: edge (sharp boundary line)
Kante {f} [graph theory] :: edge
Kantenlänge {f} :: edge length
Kanther {prop} :: surname
kantianisch {adj} [philosophy] :: Kantian
kantig {adj} :: angular
Kantillation {f} :: cantillation
Kantine {f} :: canteen
Kanton {m} :: canton (state of Switzerland)
Kanton {m} [heraldiccharge] :: canton
Kanton {prop} {n} :: Kanton (former name of Guangzhou, the <<caplc>> of <

> in southeastern <<c/China>>)

kantonesisch {adj} :: Cantonese (all senses)
Kantonesisch {prop} {n} :: Cantonese language
kantoniert {adj} [architecture] :: cantoned
Kantonist {m} [historical] :: cantonist
Kanu {n} :: canoe or kayak
Kanufahrer {m} :: canoeist
Kanüle {f} [medicine] :: cannula
Kanute {m} :: [sports] canoeist
Kanzel {f} :: pulpit; raised, enclosed platform in a church from which a preacher preaches
Kanzel {f} [aviation] :: cockpit
Kanzel {f} [archaic] :: pulpit, raised desk or stand of a teacher
Kanzel {f} :: small, raised, enclosed observation post for a hunter, a police officer observing an intersection, etc
kanzerogen {adj} :: cancerogenic
Kanzerogenität {f} :: carcinogenicity
Kanzlei {f} :: (law) office
Kanzlei {f} :: chancellery
Kanzleisprache {f} :: written language of a medieval chancery
Kanzleisprache {f} [uncommon] :: officialese
Kanzler {m} :: chancellor (male or of unspecified sex)
Kanzler {m} :: short for Bundeskanzler
Kanzler {m} [historical] :: short for Reichskanzler
Kanzleramt {n} :: chancellery / chancellory
Kanzleramt {n} :: chancellorship
Kanzlerin {f} :: chancellor (female)
Kanzlerin {f} :: short for Bundeskanzlerin
Kanzlist {m} :: [office] clerk
Kaolin {n} [mineral] :: kaolin
Kaolinit {m} [mineral] :: kaolinite
Kap {n} :: cape (headland)
Kapaun {m} :: capon (a cockerel which has been gelded and fattened for the table)
Kapazität {f} :: capacity
kapazitiv {adj} :: capacitive
Kapelle {f} [religion, Christianity] :: chapel
Kapelle {f} [music] :: band, ensemble
Kapellmeister {m} :: kapellmeister
Kapente {f} :: Cape teal (Anas capensis)
Kaper {f} [pickled flower bud] :: caper
kapern {v} [nautical, aviation] :: to capture, to seize, to hijack (a ship or airplane)
Kapfenberg {prop} {n} :: Kapfenberg (municipality)
Kapfenstein {prop} {n} :: Kapfenstein (municipality)
Kap Hoorn {prop} {n} :: Cape Horn
Kapi {m} [colloquial, sports] :: clipping of Kapitän
kapieren {v} [colloquial] :: to understand intellectually; to get
kapital {adj} :: capital
Kapital {n} :: (economics) capital
Kapitalabfluss {m} [finance] :: capital drain
Kapitälchen {n} [typography] :: small caps
kapitalisieren {v} [finance] :: to capitalize
kapitalisiert {v} :: past participle of kapitalisieren
Kapitalismus {m} :: capitalism
Kapitalist {m} :: A capitalist / Capitalist [person]
Kapitalist {m} [archaic] :: someone whose income (predominantly) consists of interests
kapitalistisch {adj} :: capitalist, capitalistic
kapitalkräftig {adj} [economics] :: well-funded
Kapitalverbrechen {n} :: capital crime
Kapitalverkehr {m} [finance, economics] :: capital movement, capital movements, capital transactions
Kapitalverkehrskontrolle {f} [finance, economics] :: capital control
Kapitalversicherung {f} :: endowment insurance
Kapitalzufluss {m} [finance] :: capital inflow
Kapitän {m} :: captain (male or of unspecified sex) (on a vessel)
Kapitänskajüte {f} :: Captain's cabin, the captain's private room on a ship
Kapitel {n} :: chapter (section of a text)
Kapitel {n} [Christianity] :: chapter (clerical body)
Kapitelhaus {n} :: chapter house
Kapitell {n} :: capital (uppermost part of a column)
Kapitelldeckplatte {f} [architecture] :: An abacus, solid stone slate acting as a cover on top of the capital of a column
Kapitulantentum {n} :: defeatism
Kapitulation {f} :: capitulation
kapitulieren {v} [military] :: to surrender, to capitulate
kapitulieren {v} [by extension] :: to surrender, to give up
kapituliert {v} :: past participle of kapitulieren
Kaplan {m} :: chaplain
Kaplöwe {m} :: Cape lion [Panthera leo melanochaita]
Kapo {m} :: kapo
Kapo {m} :: capo
Kapo {m} :: foreman
kapores {adj} :: broken, damaged
kapores {adj} :: defective
Kappa {n} :: kappa (Greek letter)
Kappadokien {prop} {n} :: Cappadocia (ancient region)
Kappadozien {prop} {n} :: Cappadocia
Käppchen {n} :: diminutive of Kappe
Kappe {f} :: cap, hood
kappen {v} :: to cut down so as to make unusable; to cut off; to interrupt
Kappengibbon {m} :: pileated gibbon (Hylobates pileatus)
Kappert {prop} :: surname
Kappes {m} [regional, colloquial] :: cabbage, Brassica oleracea
Kappes {m} [regional, colloquial] :: nonsense
Käppi {n} {f} :: kepi
Käppi {n} {f} :: cap (head covering)
kapriziös {adj} :: capricious
Kaprun {prop} {n} :: Kaprun (municipality)
Kapsel {f} :: capsule
kapseln {v} :: to encapsulate
kapseln {v} [software, object-oriented] :: to encapsulate
kaputt {adj} :: broken
kaputt {adj} :: out of order
kaputtgehen {v} [colloquial] :: to break, break down, fall to pieces, go to pot
kaputtlachen {vr} [colloquial] :: to crack up
kaputtmachen {v} [colloquial] :: to break
kaputtreißen {v} :: to break by tearing
kaputtreparieren {v} [colloquial] :: To break something in an attempt to repair or improve it, particularly when such improvement was not really necessary
kaputtsparen {vt} :: to break something by saving too much money on maintenance
Kapuze {f} :: a hood (headwear)
Kapuzenameisenwürger {m} :: black-hooded antshrike
kapuzenförmig {adj} :: hood-shaped
Kapuziner {m} :: Capuchin
Kapuzineraffe {m} :: capuchin monkey, capuchin a New World monkey of the Cebusa genus
Kap Verde {prop} {n} :: Cape Verde
kapverdisch {adj} :: Cape Verdean
Kar {n} [obsolete] :: bowl, vat, trough
Kar {n} [obsolete] :: a regionally varying certain unit of measure for grain
Kar {n} :: cirque
Karabach {prop} {n} :: Karabakh (Armenian speaking region in the Caucasus)
Karabiner {m} :: carbine
Karabiner {m} [Austria] :: short for Karabinerhaken: carabiner
Karabinerhaken {m} :: carabiner, snap hook, snap-link (metal link with a gate)
Karacho {n} :: high speed
Karambolage {f} [chiefly colloquial] :: collision (kind of car accident, especially a more spectacular one of it)
Karamel {m} {n} :: alternative spelling of Karamell
Karamell {m} {n} :: caramel
karamellfarben {adj} :: caramel-coloured
Karaoke {n} {f} :: karaoke (form of entertainment; an individual performance or session of it)
Karat {n} :: carat, karat
Karate {n} :: karate
Karatschi {prop} :: Karatschi (capital city)
Karausche {f} :: crucian carp (Carassius carassius)
Karawane {f} :: caravan
Karawanserei {f} :: caravanserai
Karbatsche {f} :: a kind of plaited whip or lash
Karbolsäure {f} [dated, organic compound] :: carbolic acid, phenol
Karbon {prop} :: the Carboniferous
Karbonade {f} [regional] :: cutlet, roasted ribs
Karbonade {f} [Austria, otherwise dated] :: meatball
Karbonatit {m} [mineral] :: carbonatite
Karbunkel {m} :: carbuncle (abscess)
Kardanwelle {f} :: driveshaft, driving shaft, cardan shaft
Karde {f} [plant] :: teasel
Karde {f} :: card (textile thing)
Kardinal {m} :: cardinal (official in Catholic Church)
Kardinale {n} :: cardinal (numerale cardinale)
Kardinalskollegium {n} :: (Catholic Church) the College of Cardinals
Kardinaltugend {f} [Christianity] :: cardinal virtue
Kardinalzahl {f} :: cardinal number (word that expresses a countable quantity)
Kardinalzahl {f} :: cardinal number (generalized kind of number used to denote the size of a set, including infinite sets)
kardio- {prefix} :: cardio-
Kardiologe {m} :: cardiologist (male or of unspecified sex) (physician)
Kardiologie {f} :: cardiology
Kardiologin {f} :: cardiologist (female) (physician)
Kardiomyopathie {f} [pathology] :: cardiomyopathy
kardiovaskulär {adj} :: cardiovascular
karel. {adj} :: abbreviation of karelisch
Karelien {prop} {n} :: Karelia (region)
karelisch {adj} :: Karelian: from or pertaining to Karelia or its (Finnic) people and culture
karelisch {adj} :: in or relating to the Karelian language
Karelisch {prop} {n} :: the Karelian language
Karen {prop} :: given name
Karenz {f} [especially insurance] :: waiting period, grace period
Karenz {f} [medicine] :: abstinence
Karenz {f} [Austria] :: parental leave
Karer {m} :: Carian (male native or inhabitant of ancient Caria)
Karerin {f} :: Carian (female native or inhabitant of ancient Caria)
Karfiol {m} [Austria] :: cauliflower
Karfreitag {m} :: Good Friday
karg {adj} :: [of a room] poor, scarce, not well equipped, not decorated
karg {adj} :: [of land] barren, not lush, with little vegetation
kargen {v} :: to be stingy, miserly
kärglich {adj} :: meager
Karibik {prop} {f} :: Caribbean
karibisch {adj} :: Caribbean (Pertaining to the sea and region bounded by the American continent and the West Indies)
Karien {prop} {n} :: Caria (historical region)
kariert {adj} :: checkered
Karies {f} :: caries
kariespräventiv {adj} :: preventive of caries, preventing caries
Karikatur {f} :: caricature
karikaturartig {adj} :: cartoonish, caricatural
Karikaturist {m} :: caricaturist (male or of unspecified sex)
Karikaturistin {f} :: caricaturist (female)
karikaturistisch {adj} :: caricatural
karikieren {v} :: to caricature
Karin {prop} :: given name
Karina {prop} :: given name
kariogen {adj} :: cariogenic
kariös {adj} :: caried
karisch {adj} :: Carian (related to the Carians, their country of Caria or their language)
Karisch {n} :: Carian (the Carian language)
karitativ {adj} :: caritative
Karius {prop} :: surname
Karl {prop} :: given name
Karla {prop} :: given name
Karlchen {n} :: A diminutive of the German male given name Karl
Karlchen {n} :: A Jack of Clubs (dubbed Karlchen, i.e. Charlie) winning the last trick in a game of Doppelkopf (German card game)
Karlheinz {prop} :: given name, a combination of Karl + Heinz
karlistisch {adj} :: Carlist
Karlsruhe {prop} {n} :: Karlsruhe (city). The court ruling on cases concerning the Grundgesetz, Germany's æquivalent of a constitution
Karlsruhe {prop} {n} :: [pars pro toto] The court ruling on cases concerning the Grundgesetz, Germany's æquivalent of a constitution, which is situated in said city
Karlsruhe {prop} {n} [historical] :: One of the four districts of the Grand Duchy of Baden
Karlsruher {m} :: Native or inhabitant of Karlsruhe
Karlstetten {prop} {n} :: Karlstetten (municipality)
Karma {n} :: karma
Karmin {n} :: carmine, crimson (colour)
karminativ {adj} :: carminative
karminrot {adj} :: carmine-red
karmisch {adj} :: karmic
Karneid {prop} {n} :: Karneid (municipality)
Karneol {m} [mineral] :: carnelian
Karneval {m} :: carnival
karnevalistisch {adj} :: carnivalistic
karnevalistischsten {adj} [rare] :: superlative of karnevalistisch
Karnickel {n} [Northern Germany] :: rabbit
Kärnten {prop} {n} :: Carinthia
kärntisch {adj} :: alternative form of kärntnerisch
kärntnerisch {adj} :: Carinthian
Karo {n} :: rhombus
Karo {n} [card games] :: diamonds
Karoass {n} :: ace of diamonds
Karobube {m} :: jack of diamonds, knave of diamonds (playing card)
Karolin {prop} :: given name
Karoline {prop} :: given name
Karolinger {m} :: Carolingian
karolingisch {adj} :: Carolingian
Karosserie {f} [of a car] :: body
Karosseriebauunternehmen {noun} :: coachbuilder (a company which builds bodies for vehicles)
Karotte {f} :: carrot
Karpaltunnel {m} [anatomy] :: carpal tunnel
Karpaltunnelsyndrom {n} :: carpal tunnel syndrome
Karpaten {prop} :: Carpathians
karpatisch {adj} :: Carpathian
Karpfen {m} :: carp
Karpfenteich {m} :: carp pond
Karre {f} [regional, chiefly northern and central Germany] :: cart, barrow
Karre {f} [colloquial] :: car, automobile
Karree {n} :: square, block
Karree {n} :: (culinary) rib cut
karren {v} :: to wheelbarrow
Karren {m} [regional, chiefly southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland] :: alternative form of Karre
Karres {prop} {n} :: Karres (municipality)
Karriere {f} :: career
karrieregeil {adj} [derogatory] :: career-mad, career-obsessed, career-bent
Karrösten {prop} {n} :: Karrösten (municipality)
Karsamstag {m} :: Holy Saturday
Karst {m} [geology] :: karst (type of land formation)
Karst {m} [regional, Switzerland] :: mattock (agricultural tool)
Karsten {prop} :: given name
Kartätsche {f} :: canister shot, a form of cartridge to spread hailshot bypassing its thin wall
Kartätsche {f} :: plasterer's float, a kind of plane to whoosh plaster smooth
Kärtchen {n} :: diminutive of Karte
Karte {f} :: card
Karte {f} :: map, chart
Karte {f} :: ticket
Kartei {f} :: card index, card catalog
Karteikarte {f} :: index card
Karteikasten {m} :: card catalog box
Karteileiche {f} :: nominal member
Kartell {n} :: cartel
Karten {noun} [plurale tantum] :: card game
Kartenhaus {n} :: house of cards
Kartenspiel {n} :: card game
Kartenspiel {n} :: pack (of cards)
Kartenspieler {m} :: cardplayer (male or of unspecified sex)
Kartenstapel {m} :: deck (of playing cards)
kartesisch {adj} [also maths] :: Cartesian
Karthager {m} :: Carthaginian, person from Carthage
Karthagerin {f} :: female Carthaginian, female person from Carthage
karthagisch {adj} :: Carthaginian, related to Carthage
Karthago {prop} {n} :: Karthago (ancient city)
Karthago {prop} {n} :: Karthago (ancient civilisation)
Kartoffel {f} :: potato
Kartoffel {f} [derogatory] :: a German; particularly an ethnic German from the perspective of allochthone populations in Germany
Kartoffelbrei {m} :: mashed potatoes
Kartoffelchip {m} :: crisp; chip (fried strip of potato)
kartoffelig {adj} :: potatoey
Kartoffelkäfer {f} :: Colorado potato beetle
Kartoffelpuffer {m} :: potato pancake
Kartoffelpüree {n} :: mashed potatoes (potatoes that have been boiled and mashed)
Kartoffelsack {m} :: potato sack, potato bag
Kartoffelsalat {m} :: potato salad
Kartoffelschale {f} :: potato peel
Kartoffelschäler {m} :: potato peeler
Kartoffelstampfer {m} :: potato masher
Kartoffelsuppe {f} :: potato soup
Kartoffelteig {m} :: potato dough
Kartograf {m} :: cartographer (male or of unspecified sex)
Kartografie {f} :: cartography
kartografieren {v} [to create a visual representation of a territory, etc. via cartography] :: to map
Kartografin {f} :: cartographer (female)
kartografisch {adj} :: cartographic
Kartograph {m} :: alternative spelling of Kartograf
Kartographie {f} :: alternative spelling of Kartografie
kartographieren {v} :: alternative spelling of kartografieren
Kartographin {f} :: alternative spelling of Kartografin
kartographisch {adj} :: alternative spelling of kartografisch
Karton {m} [countable] :: carton; cardboard box (e.g. a moving box)
Karton {m} [uncountable, especially southern] :: cardboard, paperboard
Karton {m} [countable, art] :: cartoon (preliminary sketch)
Kartusche {f} [gas cooker] :: canister
Kartusche {f} :: cartridge
Karussell {n} :: carousel
Karwoche {f} :: Holy Week
Karyopse {f} :: caryopsis (a type of fruit)
karzinogen {adj} :: carcinogenic
Karzinom {n} [pathology] :: carcinoma
Kasache {m} :: Kazakh (male person from Kazakhstan)
Kasachin {f} :: Kazakh (female person from Kazakhstan)
kasachisch {adj} :: Kazakh (pertaining to country, people, or language of Kazakhstan)
Kasachisch {prop} {n} :: Kazakh (language)
Kasachstan {prop} {n} :: Kasachstan (country)
Kaschemme {f} :: dive; run-down pub
kaschieren {v} :: to cover up
Kaschmir {prop} {n} :: the region of Kashmir
Kaschmir {m} :: cashmere (wool)
kaschubisch {adj} :: Kashubian (related to the Kashubians or to the Kashubian language)
Kaschubisch {prop} {n} :: Kashubian (Slavic language spoken in the Pomeranian region of Poland)
Käse {m} :: cheese
Käse {m} [colloquial] :: nonsense
Käseaufschnitt {m} :: assorted cheese slices
Käseblatt {n} :: yellow press
Käsebrot {n} :: cheese sandwich
Käsegabel {f} :: cheese fork
Käsehobel {m} :: cheese slicer
Käseigel {m} :: (lit. cheese hedgehog) party snack made of fruit and cheese on sticks in the shape of a hedgehog
Käsekästchen {n} :: the game of Dots and Boxes
Käsekästchen {n} [loosely, colloquial] :: synonym of Tic-Tac-Toe
Käsemacher {m} :: cheesemaker (male or of unspecified sex)
Käsemacherin {f} :: cheesemaker (female)
Käsemesser {n} :: cheese knife
Käsemesser {n} [regional] :: a knife that cuts poorly
Käsemesser {n} [military slang] :: bayonet
Käsemilbe {f} :: cheese mite
Käseplatte {f} :: cheese platter
Käsereibe {f} :: cheese grater
Kaserne {f} [military] :: barracks
kasernieren {v} [military] :: to barrack
Kashmiri {n} :: one of the languages spoken in India; Kashmiri
käsig {adj} :: cheesy
käsig {adj} :: pale
käsig {adj} :: touchy
Kasimir {prop} {m} :: given name
Kasino {n} [gambling] :: casino
Kasino {n} [military] :: officers' mess
Kasino {n} [by extension] :: a cafeteria or lunchroom in an office building (originally one specific to the executives of a company, but now sometimes used merely as a grandiloquent word for Kantine)
Kaskade {f} :: cascade
Käskopp {m} [dialectal] :: simpleton
Käskopp {m} [pejorative] :: Dutch person
Kaspar {prop} :: Caspar of the Magi
Kaspar {prop} :: given name
Kasper {m} :: clown (normally a puppet)
kaspisch {adj} :: Caspian
Kaspisches Meer {prop} :: the Caspian Sea
Kassa {f} [Austria] :: cash desk
Kassandraruf {m} :: warning of impending doom
Kassava {n} :: cassava
Kasse {f} :: cash register, cash box
Kasse {f} [supermarket] :: cash desk, checkout, [cinema etc.] box office
Kasse {f} :: (Short for Krankenkasse) health insurance institution, health insurance company
Kassel {prop} {n} :: A city of central Germany south-southwest of Hanover
Kassenbon {m} :: sales slip or receipt
Kassenpatient {m} [Germany, healthcare, colloquial] :: A patient who is a member of a health insurance scheme that belongs to the national health insurance system, as opposed to private health insurance
Kassenpatientin {f} :: feminine noun of Kassenpatient
Kassenschein {m} [colloquial] :: health insurance voucher
Kassenschlager {m} :: blockbuster
Kassenzettel {m} :: sales slip, receipt
Kasserolle {f} :: casserole, saucepan
Kassette {f} :: cassette
Kassette {f} [architecture] :: coffer
Kassettenrekorder {m} :: tape recorder, cassette deck
kassieren {v} :: to take away
kassieren {v} :: to collect (money) in exchange for the goods or services one has provided
kassieren {v} :: to nought, to nullify, to quash, to cassate
kassieren {vit} [colloquial] :: to take against one’s own will
kassieren {vt} [colloquial] :: to take something away from someone against his will
kassieren {vt} [archaic] :: to discharge, to relieve from office
Kassierer {m} :: cashier, (bank) teller, treasurer (male or of unspecified sex)
Kassiererin {f} :: (female) cashier
Kassiterit {m} [mineral] :: cassiterite
Kastanie {f} :: chestnut, tree of genus Castanea
Kastanie {f} :: chestnut, nut of such trees
Kastanie {f} [colloquial, short for Rosskastanie] :: horse-chestnut, tree of genus Aesculus
Kastanie {f} [colloquial, short for Rosskastanie] :: horse-chestnut, nut of such trees
Kastanienbaum {m} :: chestnut tree (a tree that bears chestnuts)
kastanienbraun {adj} :: having a colour like that of chestnuts: brownish maroon, auburn
Kastanienente {f} :: chestnut teal (Anas castanea)
kastanienfarbig {adj} :: chestnut-colored, chestnut
Kastanienholz {n} :: chestnut wood
Kästchen {n} :: diminutive of Kasten; a small box (usually made out of wood)
Kaste {f} :: caste
kasteien {v} [religion, chiefly Christianity] :: to chasten (purify spiritually through austerity, asceticism, and/or bodily pain)
Kasteiung {f} [religion] :: mortification
Kastelruth {prop} {n} :: Kastelruth (municipality)
Kasten {m} :: crate (e.g. for bottles)
Kasten {m} [regional, Germany] :: box, case
Kasten {m} [regional, Austria and parts of southern Germany] :: cupboard
kastenförmig {adj} :: boxy
Kastenwagen {m} :: box wagon
Kastilien {prop} {n} :: Castile
Kastration {f} :: castration
kastrieren {v} :: to castrate
Kasuar {m} :: cassowary
kasuistisch {adj} :: casuistic
Kasus {m} [grammar] :: (grammatical) case (specific inflection of a word depending on its function in the sentence)
Kasus {m} [linguistics] :: case (grammatical cases and their meanings taken either as a topic in general or within a specific language)
Kat {m} [auto part] :: clipping of Katalysator
Kat {n} :: khat
Katabolismus {m} :: catabolism
Katachrese {f} [rhetoric] :: catachresis
Katafalk {m} :: catafalque (platform to display or convey a coffin)
Katakana {n} :: katakana (Japanese syllabary)
Katakana {n} :: katakana (a character thereof)
Katakana {f} :: katakana (Japanese syllabary)
Katakombe {f} :: catacomb [often used in plural]
Katalane {m} :: Catalan, (male) person from or inhabitant of Catalonia
Katalanin {f} :: Catalan (female person from or inhabitant of Catalonia)
katalanisch {adj} :: Catalan (related to the Catalan language or to the people of Catalonia)
Katalanisch {n} :: Catalan language
Katalase {f} [enzyme] :: catalase
katalektisch {adj} :: catalectic
Katalog {m} :: catalogue (systematic list of names, books, pictures, etc.; complete list of items; university calendar)
katalogisieren {v} :: to catalogue (to put into a catalogue)
Katalonien {prop} {n} :: Katalonien (autonomous community)
Katalysator {m} [chemistry] :: catalyst (substance which increases the rate of a chemical reaction without being consumed in the process)
Katalysator {m} [automotive] :: catalyst, catalytic converter
Katalysatoraktivität {f} :: catalytic activity (a measure of the catalytic power of a catalyst)
Katalysatorgift {n} [chemistry] :: catalyst poison (material that prevents the action of a catalyst)
Katalyse {f} :: catalysis (chemistry: the increase of the rate of a chemical reaction induced by a catalyst)
Katalysemechanismus {m} :: catalysis mechanism
katalysieren {v} :: To catalyze / catalyse
katalysiert {v} :: past participle of katalysieren
katalysiert {adj} :: catalyzed
katalytisch {adj} :: catalytic
Katamaran {m} :: catamaran (twin-hulled yacht)
Katapult {n} :: catapult, trebuchet
katapultieren {vt} :: to catapult
Katar {prop} {n} :: Qatar
Katarakt {m} :: waterfall
Katarakt {m} :: rapid (water)
Katarakt {m} :: part of a steam engine
Katarakt {f} [medicine] :: cataract
Katarina {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Katharina
katarisch {adj} :: Qatari (Of, from, or pertaining to Qatar, the Qatari people or the Qatari language)
Katarr {m} [pathology] :: catarrh
Katarrh {m} [pathology] :: alternative form of Katarr
Kataster {m} :: cadastre
Katastralgemeinde {f} [Austria] :: Cadastral community
katastrophal {adj} :: catastrophic [disastrous; ruinous]
Katastrophe {f} :: catastrophe, disaster
Katastrophenmedizin {f} [medicine] :: disaster medicine
Katastrophenschutz {m} :: disaster relief
Katatonie {f} :: catatonia
katatonisch {adj} :: catatonic (of, relating to, or suffering from catatonia)
Kate {f} [regional, northern Germany] :: cottage, hut
Käte {prop} :: given name, a diminutive of Katharina
Katechismus {m} :: catechism
Kategorie {f} :: category
Kategorientheorie {f} [category theory] :: category theory
kategorisch {adj} :: categorical
kategorisieren {v} :: to categorize
katenativ {adj} :: catenative
Kater {m} :: tomcat, tom, male cat
Kater {m} :: hangover
Kater {m} :: sore muscle
Katerfrühstück {n} :: first meal of the day after a night of heavy drinking, believed to cure the hangover, usually consisting of marinated herring (rollmops), pickled gherkins or cucumber or similar, normally sour-tasting food
Katerstimmung {f} :: hangover
Katerstimmung {f} :: depression
kath. {adj} :: abbreviation of katholisch
Katharina {prop} :: given name
Katharinenpflaume {f} [dated] :: Prunus domestica ssp. insititia var. pomariorum
katharisch {adj} :: Cathar (attributive)
Katharsis {f} :: catharsis (in drama, a release of emotional tension)
Käthe {prop} :: given name, a pet form of Katharina
Kathedrale {f} :: cathedral
katherinoslawisch {adj} [rare] :: of or pertaining to Katerynoslav
Kathete {f} :: cathetus
Katheter {m} :: catheter (small tube inserted into a body cavity)
Kathode {f} :: cathode
Kathodenreaktion {f} [chemistry] :: cathode reaction
Kathodenstrahlröhre {f} :: cathode ray tube
kathodisch {adj} [chemistry, physics] :: cathodic
Katholik {m} :: Catholic (A member of a Catholic church.)
katholisch {adj} :: catholic
katholisch {adj} :: Catholic
katholisch {adj} :: Roman Catholic
Katholische Kirche {prop} {f} :: Roman Catholic Church
Katholische Kirche {prop} {f} :: Catholic Church
Katholizismus {m} :: Catholicism
Kathrin {prop} :: given name
Kation {n} :: cation
Kationenaustausch {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: cation exchange
kationisch {adj} [physics, chemistry] :: cationic
Katja {prop} :: given name
Katmandu {prop} {n} :: alternative spelling of Kathmandu
Katode {f} :: cathode
katotherm {adj} :: katothermal: having an increasing temperature with increasing water depth
Katrin {prop} :: given name, a short form of Katharina
Katsdorf {prop} {n} :: Katsdorf (municipality)
Kattun {m} :: a kind of cotton fabric, calico
kattunen {adj} :: calico (attributive)
Katz {f} :: alternative form of Katze
katzbuckeln {v} :: to grovel
Kätzchen {n} :: diminutive of Katze: kitten; little cat; endearing cat
Kätzchen {n} :: catkin (type of blossom)
Katze {f} :: house cat, Felis silvestris catus
Katze {f} [specifically] :: a female house cat
Katze {f} :: cat (any member of the genus Felis)
Katze {f} [constellation, historic] :: the obsolete constellation Felis
Katzenbuckel {m} [literally] :: arched back of a cat
Katzenbuckel {m} [figuratively] :: bow [gesture of respect]
Katzencafé {n} :: cat café
Katzenfutter {n} :: cat food
Katzengold {n} :: pyrite; fool's gold; a mineral from the class of sulfides with the chemical formula FeS2
katzenhaft {adj} :: catlike, cattish; slinky, feline
Katzenjammer {m} :: dejection, frustration, depression
Katzenjammer {m} [dated] :: hangover
Katzenjammer {m} [obsolete] :: caterwaul; yowling of a cat
Katzenjunges {n} :: kitten
Katzenklappe {f} :: cat flap (small hinged panel where a cat can enter and exit)
Katzenklo {n} :: litter box, cat box
Katzenminze {f} :: catnip, plant of the genus Nepeta
Katzensprung {noun} :: A short distance; a stone's throw
Katzenstreu {f} :: kitty litter
Katzentür {f} :: cat flap (small hinged panel where a cat can enter and exit)
Katzenwelpe {m} [rare] :: kitten, cat puppy
Katzenzunge {f} :: a cat's tongue, the tongue of a cat
Katzenzunge {f} :: a cat's tongue, a small chocolate bar or chocolate-covered cookie/biscuit which is haped somewhat like the tongue of a cat
Kätzin {f} [technical or poetic] :: female house cat
Kätzlein {n} :: diminutive of Katze
Katz-und-Maus-Spiel {n} [idiomatic] :: cat and mouse game
kaudal {adj} :: caudal
kauderwelsch {adj} [of speech] :: gibberish
Kauderwelsch {n} :: gibberish, double Dutch
Kauderwelsch {n} :: gobbledygook
Kauderwelsch {n} :: Rhaeto-Romance language originally spoken in the Swiss town Chur (Kauder) in canton Graubünden
kaudinisch {adj} :: humiliating
kaudinisch {adj} :: Caudine
kauen {v} :: to chew
kauern {v} :: to crouch; to cower
Kauf {m} :: purchase
Kaufbeuren {prop} :: Kaufbeuren (independent city)
kaufen {v} :: to buy
käufen {v} [regional, nonstandard] :: alternative form of kaufen
Käufer {m} :: agent noun of kaufen; buyer
Kauffrau {f} :: merchant, businessman, trader (female)
Kaufhalle {f} [DDR] :: supermarket
Kaufhaus {n} :: department store
Kaufkraft {f} :: purchasing power
Kaufkraft {f} :: spending power
kaufkräftig {adj} :: possessing purchasing power
käuflich {adj} :: buyable, for sale
käuflich {adj} :: corrupt, bribable, willing to do illegal things for money
Kaufmann {m} :: merchant, businessman, trader (male or of unspecified gender)
Kaufmann {prop} {mf} :: surname
Kaufmann {symbol} [German, military] :: The letter K from the Deutschland Buchstabiertafel, the phonetic alphabet of Germany
kaufmännisch {adj} :: commercial, business
kaufmännischer {adj} :: comparative of kaufmännisch
kaufmännischsten {adj} :: superlative of kaufmännisch
Kaufmanns-Und {n} :: ampersand (the sign “&”)
Kaufpreis {m} :: purchase price
Kaufrausch {m} :: spending spree
Kaufreue {f} :: buyer's remorse
kaufsüchtig {adj} :: shopaholic (attributive)
Kaugummi {n} {m} :: chewing gum
Kaugummikugel {f} :: gumball
kaukasisch {noun} :: Caucasian
Kaukasus {prop} {m} :: Caucasus (mountain range, geographic region)
Kaule {f} [dated] :: alternative form of Kuhle
Kaulquappe {f} :: tadpole, polliwog
kaum {adv} :: barely, hardly
kaum {adv} :: little
Kaumberg {prop} {n} :: Kaumberg (municipality)
Kaunerberg {prop} {n} :: Kaunerberg (municipality)
Kaunertal {prop} {n} :: Kaunertal (municipality/and/valley)
Kauns {prop} :: Kauns (municipality)
kausal {adj} :: causal
Kausalität {f} :: causality
kausieren {v} [dated] :: to cause
kautelarjuristisch {adj} [legal] :: pertaining to cautelary jurisprudence
Kaution {f} [legal] :: bail
Kaution {f} [renting] :: security deposit, damage deposit
Kautsch {f} :: obsolete spelling of Couch
Kautschuk {m} :: rubber, caoutchouc
Kautschukindustrie {f} :: rubber industry
Kautzen {prop} {n} :: Kautzen (municipality)
Kauz {m} :: an owl species. (Käuze include the genera Aegolius and Strix, among others)
Kauz {m} :: a crank, odd fellow, codger
Kavalier {m} [slightly, dated] :: gentleman
Kavalier {m} [dated, colloquial] :: boyfriend; sweetheart of a girl
Kavaliersdelikt {n} [law] :: petty offense
Kavallerie {f} :: cavalry
Kaventsmann {m} :: rogue wave
Kaverne {f} :: manmade cavern
Kaviar {m} :: caviar
Kaviar {m} [paraphiliac slang, vulgar] :: feces
Kaviarlöffel {m} :: caviar spoon
Kavität {f} :: cavity
Kay {prop} :: given name
Kayser {m} :: obsolete spelling of Kaiser
Käyser {m} :: obsolete spelling of Kaiser
kayserlich {adj} :: obsolete spelling of kaiserlich
Kb. {noun} [music] :: abbreviation of Kontrabass
KBC {adj} [weapons, DDR] :: initialism of Kern-, biologische und chemische
KBC-Waffen {p} [DDR] :: NBC weapons
Kea {m} :: kea (bird of New Zealand)
Kebab {n} :: Kebab; any Oriental-style grilled meat, or a dish containing this
kebbeln {vr} [regional, chiefly western Germany] :: alternative form of kabbeln
Kebse {f} :: paramour, concubine
Kebsweib {n} [dated] :: paramour
keck {adj} :: sassy; cheeky (bold and spirited)
Kees {n} :: glacier (regional in Bavaria and parts of Austria for Gletscher)
Kefe {f} [Swiss] :: snow pea (Pisum sativum)
Kefermarkt {prop} {n} :: Kefermarkt (municipality)
Kefir {m} :: kefir
Kegel {m} :: skittle, ninepin, bowling pin; pin
Kegel {m} :: any heap or peak of conical or pyramidal shape, especially of feces, hay, brushwood, of mountains and of the tip of a helmet
Kegel {m} [mathematics] ::  cone
Kegel {m} [archaic] :: ruffian, knave; boy, youth; illegitimate son
Kegelbahn {f} :: bowling alley
kegelförmig {adj} :: conical, cone-shaped
kegeln {v} :: to skittle, to bowl
Kegelstumpf {m} :: frustum of a cone, truncated cone (a cone with the tip cut off)
Kegelverein {m} :: bowling club
Kehle {f} :: throat
kehlig {adj} :: guttural, throaty
Kehlkopf {m} [anatomy] :: larynx
Kehlkopf {m} [colloquial, totum pro parte] :: Adam's apple
Kehllaut {m} [phonetics] :: A “throatyconsonant, i.e. one produced deep in the mouth: a uvular, pharyngeal, or glottal
Kehllaut {m} [phonetics, strictly, less common] :: synonym of Glottal or Kehlkopflaut
Kehr {m} [Switzerland] :: tour, rounds
Kehre {f} :: a U-turn
kehren {v} :: to sweep
kehren {v} [archaic, still in Switzerland] :: to turn (change the direction of movement)
Kehrer {m} :: anyone and anything that performs the action of kehren
Kehricht {m} {n} :: dust, grime, soil spreading the ground in a flat fashion and attainable by the besom
Kehricht {m} {n} [Switzerland] ::  garbage, trash in general
Kehrmaschine {f} :: street sweeper (vehicle)
Kehrreim {m} [poetry, music] :: chorus, refrain (repeated part of a song or poem)
Kehrseite {f} :: other side, contrary, flipside
kehrtmachen {v} :: to turn back
Kehrtwende {f} [chiefly figuratively] :: about-face
Kehrwert {m} [math] :: reciprocal
keifen {v} :: to rail or nag in a sharp voice (in such a way as, according to the stereotype, is typical of an enraged older woman)
Keil {m} :: a wedge
Keil {m} [heraldiccharge] :: a pile
Keile {f} [colloquial] :: beating
Keile {f} :: cotter
Keiler {m} :: a male wild boar
Keiler {m} [Austria] :: aggressive canvasser
Keilerei {f} :: a brawl; a beating; a melee
keilförmig {adj} :: cuneiform, wedge-shaped, V-shaped
Keilinschrift {f} :: cuneiform inscription
Keilschrift {f} :: cuneiform writing
Keim {m} :: germ
Keim {m} :: seed
Keim {m} :: sprout
Keimbildner {noun} [physics] :: nucleation agent
Keimdrüse {f} [anatomy] :: gonad
keimen {v} :: to sprout, germinate
keimen {v} :: to stir (e.g. hope)
keimen {v} :: to form (e.g. thought, decision)
keimen {v} :: to awaken (e.g. love, yearning)
keimfrei {adj} :: germfree, sterile, aseptic
keimtötend {adj} :: germicidal, antiseptic, antibacterial
Keimzelle {f} [biology] :: gamete
kein {pron} :: no; not a(n); not one; not any
kein Blatt vor den Mund nehmen {v} [idiomatic] :: to be outspoken; not to mince words; to call a spade a spade
keine {art} :: accusative and nominative feminine and plural forms of kein (not a)
keine {pron} :: none, not any, neither (feminine and plural form of keiner)
keine Ahnung {phrase} :: no idea
keine Hand rühren {v} [idiom] :: to not lift a finger
keinen Finger rühren {v} [idiom] :: to not lift a finger
keinen Groschen wert sein {v} [idiom] :: to not be worth a dime
keinen Heller wert sein {v} [idiom] :: to not be worth a dime
keinen Pfennig wert sein {v} [idiom] :: to not be worth a dime
keinen Pfifferling wert sein {v} [idiom] :: to not be worth a dime
keiner {pron} :: none
keiner {pron} :: no one, nobody
keiner {pron} :: neither
keinerlei {adj} :: nowhatsoever, noat all
keine Rolle spielen {idiom} :: to not matter, to not be important
keinesfalls {adv} :: under no circumstances, no way
keineswegs {adv} :: in no way, by no means
keine Ursache {interj} :: Used to acknowledge thanks; you are welcome; ritual reply to “thank you”; literally: no cause (for it/that)!
keine zehn Pferde {phrase} [idiomatic] :: literally: no ten horses; wild horses
kein Jota {adv} :: not one iota; not a jot
kein Kommentar {interj} :: no comment
keinmal {adv} :: not once
kein Problem {phrase} :: no problem
kein unbeschriebenes Blatt sein {v} [idiom] :: to be a known quantity
kein Wässerchen trüben können {phrase} [idiomatic] :: wouldn't hurt a fly
kein Wunder {adv} [idiomatic] :: no wonder
-keit {suffix} :: alternative form of -heit
Keiter {prop} :: surname
Keks {m} {n} :: cookie [US], biscuit [UK]
Keksdose {f} :: cookie jar [US]; biscuit tin [UK]
Keksteig {m} :: cookie dough
Kelch {m} :: chalice
Kelch {m} [botany] :: calyx
Kelchblatt {n} [botany] :: sepal
kelchförmig {adj} :: caliciform, calyceal
Kelle {f} :: ladle (kitchen utensil)
Kelle {f} :: traffic paddle (Paddle-shaped signalling device used by police, traffic wardens, airport ground staff etc.)
Kelle {f} :: trowel (as used by builders)
Keller {m} :: cellar
Keller {m} :: basement
Keller {prop} {mf} :: surname
Kellerassel {f} :: rough woodlouse (Porcellio scaber); [more generally] pill bug, woodlouse
Kellerbier {n} :: A kind of German beer which is typically neither clarified nor pasteurised
Kellergeschoss {n} :: basement
Kellerkind {n} [colloquial] :: socially disadvantaged child
Kellerspeicher {m} :: (computing) stack
Kellerwirtschaft {f} :: a restaurant, tavern, or pub located in a cellar
Kellerwirtschaft {f} :: wine production in the cellar, i.e. between harvest and bottling; the study thereof
Kellner {m} :: waiter (male or of unspecified sex)
Kellnerin {f} :: waitress, waiter (female)
Kelte {m} :: Celt
Keltenkreuz {n} :: Celtic cross
Keltentum {n} :: the culture, history, religion, and traditions of the Celtic peoples
Kelter {m} :: winepress
keltern {v} :: to press (to extract juice from fruits, especially grapes)
Keltiberer {m} :: Celtiberian (a male member of the Celtiberian people)
Keltibererin {f} :: Celtiberian (a female member of the Celtiberian people)
keltiberisch {adj} :: Celtiberian (related to the ancient Celtiberians)
Keltiberisch {n} :: Celtiberian (an extinct ancient language)
keltisch {adj} :: Celtic (of the Celts; of the style of the Celts)
Keltisch {prop} {n} :: The Celtic branch of languages
keltischer {adj} :: comparative of keltisch
keltischsten {adj} :: superlative of keltisch
Kelvin {n} :: kelvin (unit)
Kemalismus {m} :: Kemalism
Kemeten {prop} {n} :: Kemeten (municipality)
Kempf {prop} :: surname
Kempten {prop} :: Kempten (independent city)
-ken {suffix} [colloquial, regional, northern Germany, Westphalia] :: used to make diminutives
Kenia {prop} {n} :: Kenya
Kenia {n} :: short for Kenia-Koalition
Kenia-Koalition {f} [politics] :: a coalition of Christian Democrats, Social Democrats, and Greens (e.g. in Germany: CDU/CSU, SPD, Grüne; in Austria: ÖVP, SPÖ, Grüne)
Kenianer {m} :: Kenyan (A male person from Kenya or of Kenyan descent)
Kenianerin {f} :: Kenyan (female person from Kenya or of Kenyan descent)
kenianisch {adj} :: Kenyan (Of, from, or pertaining to Kenya or the Kenyan people)
Kennelbach {prop} {n} :: Kennelbach (municipality)
kennen {vt} :: to know; to be acquainted with; to be familiar with
kennen gelernt {v} :: past participle of kennen lernen
kennengelernt {v} :: past participle of kennenlernen
kennen lernen {vt} :: to get to know, become acquainted with (a person, place, thing); to befriend
kennen lernen {vt} :: to meet; introduce oneself to; to present
kennenlernen {v} :: alternative spelling of kennen lernen
Kenner {m} :: expert
Kenner {prop} {mf} :: surname
kennerisch {adj} :: knowledgeable
kennerisch {adj} [Switzerland, otherwise rare] :: expert
Kenning {f} :: kenning
Kennleuchte {f} :: marker light
Kenntnis {f} :: knowledge
Kenntnis {f} :: awareness
Kenntnis {f} :: science (knowledge gained through study or practice)
Kennwort {n} :: password
Kennzahl {f} :: ratio
Kennzahl {f} :: index, coefficient
Kennzahl {f} :: key figure [chiefly plural]
Kennzeichen {n} :: characteristic, mark
Kennzeichen {n} :: earmark, marking, tag
Kennzeichen {n} [automotive] :: registration identifier
kennzeichnen {v} :: to flag, to mark
Kennzeichnung {f} :: flagging, marking
Kennzeichnung {f} [logic] :: definite description
kentern {v} [nautical] :: to capsize
Kepler {prop} {m} :: surname
Ker {interj} [colloquial, regional, Westphalia, especially, Ruhrgebiet] :: man; jeez; expresses surprise, agitation, irritation
Keramik {f} :: ceramic, pottery
Keramik {f} :: ceramics
Keramikglasur {f} :: ceramic glaze
keramisch {adj} :: ceramic, pottery
Keratin {n} :: keratin (protein that hair and nails are made of)
Kerbe {f} :: dent, groove, nick, notch
Kerbe {f} :: kerf
Kerbe {f} :: bullseye (nautical)
Kerbel {m} :: garden chervil (Anthriscus cerefolium)
Kerbtier {n} [rare] :: insect
Kerf {m} [rare] :: insect
Kerker {m} :: dungeon (underground prison or vault)
Kerkerstrafe {f} :: a punishment during imprisonment
Kerkerstrafe {f} [Austria, dated officialese, otherwise colloquial] :: imprisonment
Kerl {m} :: fellow, guy, chap, bloke
Kerl {m} [obsolete] :: freeman
Kerlchen {n} :: diminutive of Kerl
Kerlchen {n} :: little boy
Kermesit {m} [mineral] :: kermesite
Kern {m} [also maths] :: kernel
Kern {m} :: grain
Kern {m} :: core, nucleus
Kern {m} [physics, chemistry] :: nucleus
Kern {m} :: pit, pip, stone (of a fruit)
Kernbaustein {m} [physics] :: nuclear component (subatomic particle)
Kernbeißer {m} :: hawfinch
Kernbindungsenergie {f} [physics] :: nuclear binding energy
Kernbrennstoff {m} :: nuclear fuel
Kernchemie {f} :: nuclear chemistry
Kernenergie {f} :: nuclear energy
Kernfamilie {f} :: nuclear family (a family unit consisting of at most a father, mother and dependent children)
Kernfusion {f} :: nuclear fusion
Kernfusionsanlage {f} :: nuclear fusion plant
Kernfusionsreaktor {m} :: nuclear fusion reactor
Kerngebiet {n} [geography] :: core area, central area, core region, core zone, heartland
Kerngebiet {n} [figuratively] :: main area, core theme
Kerngehäuse {n} :: core of a fruit (like the apple core)
kerngesund {adj} :: very healthy, fit as a fiddle
Kernikterus {m} [pathology] :: kernicterus
Kernisomer {n} [physics] :: (nuclear) isomer
Kernit {m} [mineral] :: kernite
Kernkraft {f} :: nuclear power (power from nuclear reactions)
Kernkraft {f} [physics] :: nuclear force, nuclear interaction (strong interaction as well as weak interaction and nucleon-nucleon interaction)
Kernkraftwerk {n} :: nuclear power plant
Kernladungszahl {f} :: atomic number
kernlos {adj} :: seedless
Kernmasse {f} [physics] :: nuclear mass
Kernmaterial {n} [physics] :: nuclear material
Kernöl {n} :: seed oil
Kernphysik {f} :: nuclear physics (nuclear physics)
kernphysikalisch {adj} :: nuclear physics (attributive)
Kernpunkt {m} :: central point
Kernreaktion {f} :: nuclear reaction
Kernreaktor {m} :: nuclear reactor
Kernreaktorunfall {m} :: nuclear reactor accident
Kernresonanz {f} :: nuclear magnetic resonance
Kernresonanzspektroskopie {f} :: nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Kernschmelze {f} :: nuclear meltdown
Kernseife {f} [hygiene] :: curd soap, hard soap
Kernspaltung {f} [radioactivity] :: nuclear fission
Kernspin {noun} :: MRI (abbreviation of Kernspinuntertomographie)
Kernspinresonanz {f} [physics] :: nuclear magnetic resonance
Kernspinresonanzspektroskopie {f} :: nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
kernspintomografisch {adj} :: MRI (attributive)
Kernspintomograph {m} :: MRI scanner
Kernspintomographie {f} :: MRI
Kernstück {n} :: centerpiece
Kerntechnik {f} :: nuclear technology / engineering
Kernthema {n} :: core topic, key issue, core subject, central theme
Kernverschmelzung {f} [physics] :: nuclear fusion
Kernwaffe {f} :: nuclear weapon
Kernwaffentest {m} :: nuclear weapon test
Kernwaffenversuch {m} :: nuclear weapon test
Kerosin {n} :: kerosene as fuel for airplanes
Kerstin {prop} :: given name
Kertsch {prop} {n} :: Kertsch (a <<city>> on the <<pen:Suf/Kerch>> in eastern <<pen/Crimea>>, internationally recognized as part of <<c/Ukraine>> but de facto in <<c/Russia>>)
Kerzchen {n} :: diminutive of Kerze
Kerze {f} :: candle
Kerzenfisch {m} :: eulachon, hooligan, ooligan, or candlefish (Thaleichthys pacificus)
Kerzenflamme {f} :: candle flame
kerzengerade {adj} :: bolt upright
kerzengrade {adj} :: alternative form of kerzengerade
Kerzenhalter {m} :: candlestick
Kerzenlicht {n} :: candlelight
Kerzenständer {m} :: candle holder, candle bearer
Kerzlein {n} :: diminutive of Kerze
Kescher {m} :: hand net
kess {adj} :: saucy, cheeky
Kessel {m} :: a solid metal container or pot, often large, used to boil liquids: a kettle, cauldron, boiler, etc
Kessel {m} [military, hunting] :: an area in which the enemy (or game) is encircled; a pocket or besieged area (by extension also the siege itself)
Kessel {m} [hunting] :: the lair of certain animals such as fox, badger, rabbit, and wild boar
Kesselchen {n} :: diminutive of Kessel
Kesselhaus {n} :: boilerhouse
Kesselring {prop} :: surname
Kesselstein {m} :: scale
Kesselwagen {m} :: tanker (road vehicle), tank wagon
kesser {adj} :: comparative of kess
kessesten {adj} :: superlative of kess
Kestel {prop} :: surname
Ketchup {m} {n} :: ketchup
Ketogruppe {f} [organic chemistry] :: keto group (functional group)
Keton {n} [organic chemistry] :: ketone
Ketschup {m} {n} [proscribed] :: alternative form of Ketchup
Kettchen {n} :: diminutive of Kette
Kette {f} :: chain (series of interconnected rings, usually of metal)
Kette {f} :: necklace, bracelet, anklet (thin chain worn as jewelry)
Kette {f} [often plural] :: chain, shackle, fetter (chain used to bind a person or animal)
Kette {f} [figurative] :: chain, series (number of following items or events)
Kette {f} [figurative] :: chain of businesses; company with several chain stores
ketten {v} :: to chain
Ketten {prop} {n} :: Ketten (village)
Kettenblatt {n} :: chainring
kettenförmig {adj} :: catenary, chainlike
kettenförmig {adj} [organic chemistry] :: aliphatic
Kettenhemd {n} :: coat of mail
Kettenhund {m} :: guard dog, watchdog, bandog
Kettenmolekül {n} [chemistry] :: chain molecule
Kettenraucher {m} :: chain smoker
Kettenreaktion {f} :: chain reaction
Kettensäge {f} :: chainsaw (saw with a power driven chain)
Kettenschutz {m} :: chain guard
-kettig {suffix} :: Used to form adjectives to describe molecules which contain specified kinds of chains
Kettlein {n} :: diminutive of Kette
Ketwurst {f} :: A dish invented in the German Democratic Republic in the late 1970s made by sticking a sausage with ketchup into a specially prepared bread roll, similar to a hot dog
Ketzer {m} [Christianity] :: heretic (male or of unspecified sex)
Ketzerei {f} [Christianity] :: heresy
Ketzerin {f} [Christianity] :: heretic (female)
ketzerisch {adj} :: heretical (contrary to the teachings of the Catholic church)
ketzerisch {adj} :: heretical (contrary to mainstream or accepted opinion)
keuchen {v} :: to gasp
keuchen {v} :: to pant
Keuchhusten {m} :: whooping cough
Keule {f} :: club (weapon or for juggling)
Keule {f} :: pestle
Keule {f} :: leg (of animal, eaten as meat)
Keule {f} [colloquial, regional] :: dude, mate
keulen {v} [sick animals] :: to cull
keulenartig {adj} :: clublike
Keulenschlag {m} [literally] :: blow with a club
Keulenschlag {m} [figuratively] :: terrible event; thunderbolt
Keulung {f} [sick animals] :: culling
keusch {adj} [religion] :: chaste; sexually pure (abstaining from any sexual activity considered immoral, or from any sexual activity at all)
Keuschheit {f} :: chastity
Keuschheitsgürtel {m} :: chastity belt
Kevin {prop} :: given name recently borrowed from English
Keyboard {n} [music] :: keyboard (electronic musical instrument with keys of a musical keyboard)
Keyser {m} :: obsolete spelling of Kaiser
keyserlich {adj} :: obsolete spelling of kaiserlich
Keyword-Driven Testing {n} [seldom, software testing] :: keyword-driven testing
K-Frage {f} [colloquial, German politics] :: short for Kanzlerkandidatenfrage
K-Frage {f} [by extension, sports, humorous] :: short for Kapitänfrage
Kfz. {n} :: alternative form of KFZ; abbreviation of Kraftfahrzeug
Kfz {n} :: alternative spelling of KFZ
KFZ {n} :: motor vehicle (any land-based means of transportation)
Kfz-Kennzeichen {n} :: [short for Kraftfahrzeugkennzeichen] license plate, number plate
KG {noun} :: abbreviation of Kellergeschoss
KG {noun} :: abbreviation of Kammergericht
KG {noun} :: abbreviation of Kommanditgesellschaft
kgV {n} [mathematics] :: abbreviation of kleinstes gemeinsames Vielfaches
khaki {adj} [indeclinable] :: khaki (color)
khakifarben {adj} :: alternative form of kakifarben
Khan {m} :: khan
Khanat {n} :: khanate
Khartum {prop} {n} :: Khartum (capital)
KI {f} :: AI, (short for künstliche Intelligenz)
Kiba {m} :: cherry banana juice, a nonalcoholic mixed drink
Kibbuz {m} :: kibbutz (a collective community in Israel that was traditionally based on agriculture)
Kibibyte {n} :: kibibyte (1,024 bytes)
Kichererbse {f} :: chickpea
kichern {v} :: to giggle, snicker
Kichern {n} :: giggle, snicker
Kick {m} :: thrill; kick
Kick {m} :: a kick, a strike with the foot, chiefly in the context of martial arts
Kick {m} :: a football match (sometimes neutral, but especially one were both teams are uninspired and inept)
kicken {vti} :: to kick (strike with one’s foot; usually in the context of sports)
kicken {vi} :: to play football (soccer)
kicken {vt} :: to kick (remove someone from an online activity)
Kicker {m} [football, colloquial] :: soccer player [US], footballer, football player [UK] (male or of unspecified sex)
Kicker {m} [ball games] :: placekicker (male or of unspecified sex)
Kicker {m} :: foosball table [US], football table [UK]
Kicker {m} :: alternative form of Kickern
kidnappen {v} [colloquial] :: to abduct, kidnap
Kidnapper {m} [colloquially] :: kidnapper
Kidneybohne {f} :: kidney bean (variety of common bean)
kiebig {adj} [regional] :: irritable, quarrelous, cantankerous
Kiebitz {m} :: northern lapwing [Vanellus vanellus]
Kiebitz {m} :: any bird of the Vanellus subfamily of medium-sized wading birds belonging to the family Charadriidae
Kiebitz {m} :: a type of ultralight airplane, Platzer Kiebitz
Kiebitz {m} :: a type of biplane, Focke Wulf S 24 Kiebitz
Kiebitz {m} :: kibitz, kibitzer: person who watches a card or chess game, often disturbing those playing
Kiebitz {prop} {m} :: a natural recreational area around the lake Kiebitz in Brandenburg, Germany
Kiefer {f} :: pine (tree of genus Pinus)
Kiefer {m} {n} :: jaw
Kiefergelenk {n} [anatomy] :: temporomandibular joint
Kiefergelenkserkrankung {f} [pathology] :: temporomandibular joint dysfunction
kiefern {adj} :: pine (wood, attributive)
kiefernartig {adj} :: pinelike
Kiefernholz {n} :: pinewood (The wood of a pine tree.)
Kiefernnadel {f} :: pine needle
Kiefernwald {m} :: pinewood (A forest or grove of pine trees.)
Kiefernwäldchen {n} :: diminutive of Kiefernwald
Kiefernzapfen {m} :: pine cone
Kiefernzweig {m} :: pine branch
kieken {v} [colloquial, regional, Northern Germany, particularly north-east] :: to look; to glance
Kiel {m} :: keel (beam at the underside of a ship)
Kiel {m} :: quill (shaft of a feather)
Kiel {prop} {n} :: Kiel (city)
Kieler {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Kiel
kielholen {v} [nautical, historical] :: to keelhaul
kielholen {v} [nautical] :: to careen
Kielnagelgalago {m} :: needle-clawed bushbaby, one of two species in the genus Euoticus
Kielschwein {n} [nautical] :: keelson
Kielwasser {n} :: wake
Kieme {f} [fish organ] :: gill
Kien {m} :: resinous wood, fit for firing
Kiens {prop} :: Kiens (municipality)
Kienspan {m} :: fatwood
Kiepe {f} :: a large wicker basket, typically to be carried on the back
Kies {m} :: gravel; shingle (small pebbles collectively)
Kies {m} [slang] :: money
Kies {m} :: ore (technical language), containing sulphur or arsenic, being hard in consistency and hard to break apart, bright in color and with strong metallic brilliance
Kiesel {m} :: pebble
Kieselalge {f} :: diatom
Kieselerde {f} [uncountable] :: silica
Kieselerde {f} :: diatomaceous earth
Kieselsäure {f} [inorganic compound] :: silicic acid, silica
kieselsäurehaltig {adj} :: siliceous
Kieselstein {m} :: pebble (stone)
kiesen {vt} [archaic, partly obsolete] :: to choose; to select
Kieserit {m} [mineral] :: kieserite
kieshaltig {adj} :: gravely
kiesig {adj} :: gravely, pebbly
Kiew {prop} {n} :: Kiew (capital city)
Kiez {m} [East Germany, Berlin] :: neighbourhood, quarter (of a city)
Kiez {m} [North Germany, Hamburg] :: red-light district, nightclub district
Kiezdeutsch {n} :: a variety of German spoken in ethnically diverse urban neighbourhoods (vernacular variety of German)
kiffen {v} :: to smoke marijuana
Kiffer {m} [colloquial] :: one who smokes marijuana, especially regularly; a pothead, stoner
Kifferin {f} :: a female pothead or stoner, woman consuming marijuana
kikeriki {interj} :: cock-a-doodle-doo (the cry of the rooster)
Kilb {prop} {n} :: Kilb (municipality)
Kilian {prop} {m} :: given name
kille, kille {interj} [colloquial, regional] :: used when tickling someone
killen {v} [nautical] :: to shiver
killen {v} [slang] :: to frag, kill
Killer {m} [colloquial] :: A killer, murderer (male or of unspecified sex) (usually either a paid killer, contract killer, gunman, hitman or a serial killer, often in proper nouns, e.g., in tabloids)
Killer {m} [colloquial] :: an ink eradicator, ink eraser
Killerin {f} :: A paid killer or contract killer, murderer (female), gunwoman, hitwoman
killern {v} [colloquial, regional] :: to tickle
killern {v} [colloquial] :: to erase ink with an ink eraser
Killerspiel {n} :: derogative term for action computer games, especially first-person shooters, in which the main objective is killing, mainly used by people who want that kind of games to be banned
kilo- {prefix} :: kilo-
Kilo {n} :: kilo
Kilobyte {n} :: kilobyte (1024 bytes)
Kiloelektronenvolt {n} :: kiloelectronvolt
Kilogramm {n} :: kilogram (unit of mass equal to 1000 grams)
Kilojoule {n} :: kilojoule
Kilometer {m} :: kilometer (unit of measure)
Kilometergeld {n} :: mileage allowance, kilometric allowance
kilometerhoch {adj} :: kilometre-high
kilometerlang {adj} :: kilometre-long
Kilometerstand {m} :: kilometrage
Kilometerstand {m} :: odometer reading
Kilometerstein {m} :: milestone (marked with kilometer units)
Kilometerzähler {m} :: odometer
Kiloparsec {n} :: kiloparsec
Kilowatt {n} :: kilowatt
Kilowattstunde {f} :: (unit) kilowatt-hour (kWh)
Kilt {m} :: kilt
kiltbekleidet {adj} [rare] :: kilted, bekilted
Kim {prop} :: given name
Kim {prop} :: given name
Kimberlit {m} [mineral] :: kimberlite
Kimme {f} :: a notch, particularly in the sight of a firearm
Kimme {f} [colloquial, vulgar] :: crack (space between the buttocks)
kimmerisch {adj} :: Cimmerian [all senses]
Kinase {f} [enzyme] :: kinase
kinästhetisch {adj} :: kinesthetic
Kind {n} :: kid; child (young person)
Kind {n} :: child; offspring (person with regard to his or her parents; also a baby animal or young animal, especially as the second component in numerous compound nouns)
Kindberg {prop} {n} :: Kindberg (municipality)
Kindbett {n} [medicine] :: puerperium
Kindchen {n} :: diminutive of Kind
Kindelbier {n} [southern Germany, Lower Saxony, somewhat archaic] :: baptism; the ceremony of consuming beer to mark a baptism
Kindelein {n} [archaic] :: diminutive of Kind
Kinderarzt {m} :: paediatrician [UK], pediatrician [US] (male or of unspecified sex)
Kinderärztin {f} :: pediatrician (female)
Kinderbetreuung {f} :: childcare
Kinderbuch {n} :: children's book
Kinderehe {f} :: child marriage
Kinderfahrrad {n} :: Children bycicle (a bycicle adapted for children's necessities)
Kinderfeindlichkeit {f} :: Official/institutionalized hostility or coldness towards children; kinderfeindlichkeit
Kinderficker {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: person who has sex with a child
Kinderfrau {f} :: nanny
Kindergarten {m} :: nursery school; kindergarten; day care center (institution where children below school age play and are looked after during the day)
Kindergartenkind {n} :: kindergartner
Kindergartenpädagoge {m} [Austria] :: kindergarten teacher that has completed a degree in early childhood education
Kindergartenpädagoge {m} [dated] :: academic in the early childhood education field
Kindergärtner {m} :: kindergarten teacher
Kindergeld {n} :: child benefit (state payment to people with children)
Kinderheim {n} :: children's home, protectory, orphanage
Kinderkrankheit {f} :: childhood disease
Kinderkrankheit {f} [idiomatic] :: teething problem
Kinder, Küche, Kirche {phrase} [literally] :: "children, kitchen, church"; the traditional woman's realm
Kinderlähmung {f} :: polio, poliomyelitis
kinderleicht {adj} :: dead easy, child's play (attributive)
Kinderlied {n} :: nursery rhyme
kinderlos {adj} :: childless
Kinderlosigkeit {f} :: childlessness
Kindermädchen {n} [dated] :: nanny (female) (cf. männliches Kindermädchen (male nanny or manny))
Kindermesser {n} :: A kitchen knife specifically designed to be used by children
Kindermord {m} :: infanticide, child murder
Kindermörder {m} :: child murderer
Kindermund {m} :: child's mouth
Kindermund tut Wahrheit kund {proverb} :: out of the mouths of babes comes truth
Kinderrad {n} :: clipping of Kinderfahrrad
Kinderschänder {m} :: child molester, child abuser (one who performs sexual acts on a minor)
Kinderschänderin {f} :: female Kinderschänder
Kinderschuh {m} :: children's shoe
Kinderschwester {f} :: nanny
Kindersoldat {m} :: child soldier
Kinderspiel {n} :: children’s game
Kinderspiel {n} [figuratively] :: child’s play, piece of cake
Kinderspital {n} :: A children's hospital
Kindersprache {f} [linguistics] :: child language, childspeak
Kindersterblichkeit {f} :: child mortality
Kinderstube {f} :: nursery
Kinderstube {f} :: manners
Kindertagesstätte {f} :: day care center; nursery school; kindergarten [for preschool children]
Kindertransport {m} :: The transportation of children
Kindertransport {m} [historical] :: The organized rescue of (predominantly Jewish) children from Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, and the Free City of Danzig, placing them in British foster homes, shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War
Kinderwagen {m} :: a carriage for a baby or small child, especially a pram [UK] or baby carriage [US], but also a pushchair [UK] or stroller [US]
Kinderwunsch {m} :: wish or desire to have children
Kinderwurst {f} [colloquial] :: a kind of Fleischwurst sausage from finely ground meat scraps which is similar to mortadella without the fat cubes; contains a high amount of gelatin to give a soft, moist texture that makes it appealing to children
Kinderzeit {f} :: childhood
Kinderzimmer {n} :: child's room, children's room, nursery
Kindeskind {n} :: grandchild
Kindesnot {f} [often plural] :: labour, travail
kindgemäß {adj} :: child-friendly (suitable for children)
kindgerecht {adj} :: child-friendly (suitable for children)
Kindheit {f} :: childhood
kindisch {adj} :: childish
kindischer {adj} :: comparative of kindisch
kindischsten {adj} :: superlative of kindisch
Kindklasse {f} [software, object-oriented] :: synonym of Unterklasse
Kindlein {n} :: diminutive of Kind
kindlich {adj} :: childlike
Kindstod {m} :: cot death, crib death, sudden infant death syndrome (unexplained death of a baby, usually while sleeping)
Kinematograph {m} :: kinematograph
kinematographisch {adj} :: cinematographic
Kinetik {f} :: kinetics
kinetisch {adj} :: kinetic
Kinkel {prop} :: surname
Kinn {n} :: chin
Kinnbacke {f} [Southern German] :: jowl, mandible
Kinnbart {m} :: the portion of the beard on the chin, especially (but not exclusively) when trimmed in the form of a goatee
Kinnlade {f} :: jaw, lower jaw, mandible
Kino {n} :: cinema
Kinobesucher {m} :: moviegoer, cinemagoer
Kinofassung {f} [cinematography] :: theatrical version
Kiosk {m} :: kiosk
Kiosk {m} :: convenience store
Kipfel {n} :: alternative spelling of Kipfl
Kipfl {n} [regional, Unterfranken, Bavaria, Austria] :: croissant
Kippa {f} :: kippah (also called: yarmulke, skullcap) (Jewish head covering)
Kippah {f} :: alternative spelling of Kippa
Kippe {f} :: stub, butt (remnant of a smoked cigarette)
Kippe {f} [colloquial] :: cigarette
Kippe {f} :: dump (pile of refuse)
Kippe {f} [chiefly in auf der Kippe] :: spot where something is tilted or tips over
Kippelement {m} :: tipping element
kippeln {v} :: to wobble
kippen {vt} [auxiliary haben] :: to tilt
kippen {vt} [auxiliary haben] :: to dump; to pour
kippen {vi} [auxiliary sein] :: to tip over
Kipper {m} :: dumper
Kipper {m} :: kipper
Kipper {prop} {m} :: surname
Kirche {f} :: church (building)
Kirche {f} :: church (organised religion, especially Catholicism)
Kirche {f} [obsolete] :: an assembly
Kirchelchen {n} :: diminutive of Kirche
Kirchenasyl {n} :: church asylum
Kirchenbank {f} :: pew (a bench in a church, often long and wooden, and (especially in Catholic churches) with a protrusion at the back which serves as a kneeler for the next row)
Kirchenbann {m} :: anathema
Kirchenfenster {n} [architecture] :: church window, stained glass window
Kirchenfürst {m} :: church leader
Kirchengemeinde {f} :: parish
Kirchengemeinde {f} :: parish church or its congregation
Kirchengestühl {n} :: pews
Kirchenlatein {n} :: Ecclesiastical Latin (language), Church Latin
kirchenlateinisch {adj} :: Church Latin
Kirchenmaus {m} :: mouse (living) in a church [nearly exclusively used in the idiom arm wie eine Kirchenmaus]
Kirchenmusiker {m} :: church musician (male or of unspecified sex)
Kirchenorgel {f} [music] :: church organ
Kirchenpolitik {f} :: policy (of a state) towards the or a church
Kirchenprovinz {f} :: an ecclesiastical province
Kirchenschiff {n} [Architecture] :: nave
kirchenslawisch {adj} :: Church Slavonic
Kirchensteuer {f} :: church tax
Kirchenvater {m} :: Church Father (authoritative Christian author)
Kirchham {prop} {n} :: Kirchham (municipality)
Kirchham {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Bavaria, Germany
Kirchhof {m} [dated, regional, Northern Germany] :: graveyard
Kirchhoff {prop} :: surname
Kirchlein {n} :: diminutive of Kirche
kirchlich {adj} :: ecclesiastical, ecclesiastic
kirchlicher {adj} :: comparative of kirchlich
kirchlichsten {adj} :: superlative of kirchlich
Kirchner {prop} :: surname
Kirchschlag {prop} {n} :: Kirchschlag (municipality)
Kirchstetten {prop} {n} :: Kirchstetten (municipality)
Kirchturm {m} [architecture] :: steeple
Kirchturmpolitik {f} :: parish pump politics
Kirchturmuhr {f} :: church tower clock
Kirchweih {f} :: fair, fête
Kirchweihe {f} [Catholicism] :: dedication
Kirgise {m} :: Kyrgyz (man from Kyrgyzstan)
Kirgisien {prop} {n} :: alternative form of Kirgisistan
Kirgisin {f} :: Kyrgyz (woman from Kyrgyzstan)
kirgisisch {adj} :: Kyrgyz (of, from, or pertaining to Kyrgyzstan, the Kyrgyz people or the Kyrgyz language)
Kirgisisch {prop} {n} :: Kyrgyz (language)
Kirgisistan {prop} {n} :: Kyrgyzstan
Kirgistan {prop} {n} :: alternative form of Kirgisistan
Kiribati {prop} {n} :: Kiribati
kiribatisch {adj} :: Kiribatian (of, from, or pertaining to Kiribati)
Kirmes {f} [regional] :: fair, funfair
Kirn {prop} {n} :: Kirn (municipality)
kirre {adj} :: tame
Kirschbaum {m} :: cherry tree
Kirschblüte {f} :: cherry blossom
Kirsche {f} :: cherry
Kirsche {f} [colloquial, possibly, regional] :: a ball, especially a football
Kirsche {f} [slang] :: bullet
Kirschenwasser {n} :: alternative form of Kirschwasser
Kirschkern {m} :: cherry pit, cherry stone
Kirschkuchen {m} :: cherry pie, cherry cake cherry tart
Kirschpflaume {f} :: cherry plum (Prunus cerasifera)
kirschrot {adj} :: cherry red
Kirschwasser {n} :: A distilled spirit made from cherries, usually of the variety Cerasus avium; kirsch
Kirsten {prop} :: given name of Danish and Norwegian origin
Kissen {n} :: cushion; pillow (bag filled with soft material used to sit or rest one’s head on)
Kissen {n} [by extension, in the plural] :: all the soft parts of a bed, i.e. mattress, duvet, and pillow collectively
Kissenschlacht {f} :: pillow fight
Kistchen {n} :: diminutive of Kiste
Kiste {f} :: chest, box
Kiste {f} :: old banger (informal)
Kistlein {n} :: diminutive of Kiste
Kisuaheli {prop} {n} :: Swahili (language)
Kita {f} :: day care center
Kitsch {m} [derogatory] :: kitsch
Kitsche {f} [regional, Western Germany] :: core of a fruit, e.g. an apple or a pear (left over after eating or cutting it)
kitschig {adj} :: kitschy, corny
Kitt {m} :: putty
Kitt {m} :: cement
Kittchen {n} [colloquial] :: jail, gaol
Kittel {m} :: overall, smock; white coat
Kittelchen {n} :: diminutive of Kittel
Kittelschürze {f} :: sleeveless smock (adult garment, typically worn by older women for housework tasks and cleaning)
kitten {v} :: to putty, to cement
Kittsee {prop} {n} :: Kittsee (municipality)
Kitz {n} :: fawn (a baby deer, goat, chamois or ibex)
Kitzbühel {prop} {n} :: Kitzbühel (municipality)
Kitzel {n} {m} :: titillation
Kitzel {n} {m} :: thrill
kitzelig {adj} :: alternative spelling of kitzlig
kitzeln {v} :: to tickle
Kitzler {m} :: agent noun of kitzeln; tickler
Kitzler {m} [slang] :: clit, clitoris
kitzlig {adj} :: ticklish
Kiwi {m} :: kiwi (bird)
Kiwi {f} :: kiwi (fruit)
Kjeldahlsch {adj} :: Kjeldahl (attributive)
Kl. {noun} [music] :: abbreviation of Klarinette
KL {noun} :: abbreviation of Konzentrationslager
Klabautermann {m} [nautical] :: Klabautermann (a two-faced goblin believed to be both helpful and inauspicious to a ship's crew)
Klabusterbeere {f} [slang] :: dingleberry (US English) / clingon (British English) (dried fecal matter adhering to anal hair)
Klacks {m} :: something unimportant or easy
Klacks {m} :: blob, dab
Kladde {f} :: notebook, writing pad
Kladde {f} [military] :: notebook used as a register during collective target practices (of ammunition spent as well as participants’ results)
Kladderadatsch {m} [colloquial] :: chaos; junk, stuff
klaffen {v} :: to gape
klaffen {v} :: to yawn
kläffen {v} :: to yap
Klaffmuschel {f} :: clam
Klafter {m} {n} {f} [historical] :: fathom (regionally dependent unit of length approximately equal to 1.90 meters)
Klafter {m} {n} {f} [historical] :: regionally dependent unit of volume approximately equal to 3 cubic meters
Klage {f} :: complaint
Klage {f} :: lawsuit, action, charge
klageberechtigt {adj} [legal] :: Having the right to prosecute
Klagelied {n} :: lament, lamentation
Klagemauer {f} :: Wailing Wall, Western Wall, Kotel in Jerusalem
klagen {v} :: to complain (to express feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment)
klagen {v} :: to wail, lament
klagen {v} [legal] :: to sue
klagend {adj} :: wailing, complaining, lamenting, bewailing
Kläger {m} :: plaintiff (party bringing a suit in civil law against a defendant)
Klägerin {f} :: feminine noun of Kläger
Klageweib {n} :: female professional mourner
kläglich {adj} :: pitiful, pathetic; miserable
kläglich {adj} :: despicable, deplorable
klaglos {adj} :: uncomplaining
klaglos {adj} [legal] :: non-actionable
Klam {prop} {n} :: Klam (municipality)
klamm {adj} :: clammy
klamm {adj} :: cash-strapped
Klamm {f} :: ravine (valley or gorge worn by running water)
Klammer {f} :: clamp
Klammer {f} :: bracket, parenthesis, , , () and the like characters
Klammer {f} [orthodontics] :: braces
Klammeraffe {m} :: spider monkey [Ateles]
Klammeraffe {m} [jocular] :: stapler (device which binds together sheets of paper)
Klammeraffe {m} :: at sign (@)
klammern {v} :: to cling
klammert {v} :: past participle of klammern
klammheimlich {adj} :: clandestine (done or kept in secret)
Klamotte {f} [colloquial, in the plural] :: clothes, outfit, wardrobe, gear
Klamotte {f} [colloquial] :: a piece of junk, useless stuff
Klamotte {f} [colloquial] :: lowbrow film or play
Klamotte {f} [dialectal, regional] :: piece of brick; broken brick
Klampfe {f} [colloquial] :: guitar
Klampfe {f} [Austria] :: clamp (tool)
Klan {m} :: alternative spelling of Clan
klandestin {adj} :: clandestine
Klang {m} :: sound, tone
Klang {m} :: tune, melody
Klang {m} :: reputation
Klangbild {n} :: sound, sound pattern (A distinctive style and sonority of a particular musician, orchestra etc.)
Klangfarbe {f} :: timbre (sound quality/colour)
Klanglehre {f} :: acoustics (science of sounds)
Klangtiefe {f} :: depth of sound
klangvoll {adj} :: sonorous
klappbar {adj} :: foldable, collapsible
Klappe {f} :: flap
Klappe {f} [slang] :: mouth
Klappe {f} [slang] :: cottage, tea room (public toilet or similar place used by men seeking sex with other men, for cottaging)
klappen {vi} :: to clap (make a soft clapping sound, particularly of something being closed)
klappen {vt} :: to fold; to flip; to bend (to close or open a hinge)
klappen {vi} [chiefly colloquial] :: to work (out)
Klappentext {m} :: blurb, back cover copy
Klappentext {m} :: [sensu stricto] flap copy (on the inside flap of a book's dustjacket)
Klapper {f} :: rattle, cog ratchet
klapperig {adj} :: alternative spelling of klapprig
klappern {v} :: to clatter (make a rattling or clapping sound)
Klapperschlange {f} :: rattlesnake
Klappertopf {m} :: rattle, any plant of the genus Rhinanthus
Klapprad {n} :: folding bicycle; collapsible bicycle
klapprig {adj} :: rattly, ramshackle
Klappspaten {m} :: entrenching tool (short shovel)
Klappstuhl {m} :: folding chair
Klaproth {prop} :: surname
Klaproth {prop} :: Martin Heinrich Klaproth, German chemist
Klaps {m} :: clap (sound)
Klapse {f} [colloquial] :: loony bin
klapsen {v} :: to clap
klapsen {v} :: to slap
Klapsmühle {f} [colloquial, derogatory] :: loony bin
klar {adj} :: clear; transparent; bright
klar {adj} :: clear; unambiguous; understood
klar {interj} :: okay!; sure!; all right!
klar {interj} [sarcastically] :: (yeah) sure!; (yeah) right!
Klara {prop} :: given name
klären {v} :: to clarify, free from obscurities
klären {v} :: to clarify, remove contaminants
klargestellt {v} :: past participle of klarstellen
Klarheit {f} :: clarity
Klarheit {f} :: brightness, glory
Klarheit {f} :: lucidity
Klarheit {f} :: serenity
Klarheit {f} :: clarification
Klarinette {f} :: clarinet
Klarinettenkonzert {n} :: clarinet concerto (musical composition)
Klarinettist {m} :: clarinetist (musician)
Klarinettistin {f} :: clarinetist (female musician)
klarkommen {v} [colloquial] :: to cope; to come to terms, to deal with, to manage, to get along, to get on, to get by
klarlegen {v} :: to explain [clearly]
klarmachen {vt} :: to make clear
klarmachen {vt} :: to get ready (a ship)
klarmachen {vt} :: to clear (an airplane)
klarmachen {vt} [derb] :: to seduce, to get into the bed
Klarname {m} :: real name
klarspülen {v} :: to rinse
klarstellen {v} :: to get (something) straight, to put (something) straight, to clarify
Klarstellung {f} :: clarification
Klartext {m} :: cleartext
Klartext {m} :: straight talk
Klartraum {m} :: lucid dream
Klärung {f} :: clarification
Klärung {f} [of waste water] :: treatment
klasse {adj} [colloquial] :: great, awesome
Klasse {f} :: a class; a grouping
Klasse {f} [school] :: form; grade; year
Klasse {f} [sociology, economics] :: class (grouping based on upbringing, job, wealth, etc.)
Klasse {f} [object-oriented programming] :: class
Klasse {f} :: class; excellence
Klassenarbeit {f} [school] :: written class test, exam
Klassenerhalt {m} [sports] :: staying up (in the same league or class)
Klassenkamerad {m} :: classmate
Klassenkameradin {f} :: A female classmate
Klassenkampf {m} :: class struggle
Klassenlehrer {m} :: form tutor; form master (teacher who is responsible for a particular form)
klassenlos {adj} :: classless
Klassenpfad {m} [programming in Java] :: classpath
Klassentreffen {n} :: class reunion
Klassenvariable {f} [software, object-oriented] :: class variable
Klassenzimmer {n} :: classroom
Klassifikation {f} :: classification
klassifizieren {v} :: to classify
Klassifizierung {f} :: classification
Klassik {f} :: classical music, classical literature or another classical thing, the noun form of classical
Klassiker {m} :: A classic
klassisch {adj} :: classical
klassischer {adj} :: comparative of klassisch
klassischerweise {adv} :: classically
klassischsten {adj} :: superlative of klassisch
Klassismus {m} :: classism
Klassizismus {m} :: a neoclassical style in architecture, Neoclassical architecture
klassizistisch {adj} :: classicistic
Klathrat {n} [chemistry] :: synonym of Clathrat
Klatsch {m} :: a smacking/slapping sound, made (for example) by hitting, palm down, a flat, wet surface
Klatsch {m} [slang] :: meeting at which people gossip
Klatsch {m} [slang] :: gossip
Klatsche {f} :: swatter, flyswatter, clipping of Fliegenklatsche
klatschen {v} :: to clap
klatschen {v} :: to gossip
klatschnass {adj} :: sopping wet, wringing wet, soaking wet
klatschsüchtig {adj} :: gossipy
Klaue {f} :: claw
klauen {v} [somewhat, colloquial] :: to steal
Klauen {n} :: (the act of) stealing
Klaugemauer {prop} {f} :: Wailing Wall
Klaus {prop} :: given name derived from Nikolaus
Klaus {prop} :: surname
Klaus {prop} {n} :: Klaus (municipality)
Klause {f} :: hermitage (dwelling of a hermit, or a similar place of seclusion or small room)
Klausel {f} :: term (limitation, restriction or regulation)
Klausel {f} [law] :: clause (separate part of a contract)
Klausen {prop} {n} :: Klausen (municipality)
Klausen {prop} {n} :: Klausen (municipality)
Klausenburg {prop} {n} :: Cluj-Napoca (a town in Transylvania)
Klaustrophobie {f} :: claustrophobia
klaustrophobisch {adj} :: claustrophobic
klaustrophobischer {adj} :: comparative of klaustrophobisch
klaustrophobischsten {adj} :: superlative of klaustrophobisch
Klausur {f} :: enclosure (in a cloister)
Klausur {f} :: exam, test
Klaviatur {f} :: keyboard (a component of many instruments)
Klavier {n} :: piano
Klavierbegleitung {f} :: piano accompaniment
Klavierkonzert {n} :: piano concert (musical event)
Klavierkonzert {n} :: piano concerto (musical composition)
Klavierlehrer {m} :: piano teacher
Klavierlehrerin {f} :: female piano teacher
Klavierschüler {m} :: piano student
Klavierspiel {n} :: piano playing
Klavierspieler {m} :: piano player, pianist (male or of unspecified sex)
Klavierstunde {f} :: piano lesson
Klebeband {n} :: adhesive tape (in general)
Klebeband {n} [slightly, formal] :: narrow, transparent adhesive tape as commonly used in household and office contexts
kleben {vt} [with an + accusative] :: to glue (onto)
kleben {vi} [with an + dative] :: to stick (to)
kleben {vi} :: to be sticky
Kleber {m} [somewhat, colloquial] :: glue
Kleber {m} :: gluten
Kleberand {m} :: adhesive edge, border, rim
Klebestift {m} :: glue stick
Klebestreifen {n} :: adhesive tape
Klebrand {m} :: rare form of Kleberand
klebrig {adj} :: gluey
klebrig {adj} :: sticky
Klebstoff {m} :: glue
Klebstoff {m} :: adhesive, gum
Klebstoff {m} :: goo
kleckern {vi} :: to dribble
kleckern {vt} :: to drip, spill
kleckern {vi} :: to fiddle about
Klecks {m} :: blot, stain
Klecks {m} :: blob, dab
Klee {m} :: clover
Kleeblatt {n} :: cloverleaf
Kleeblatt {n} :: cloverleaf interchange
Kleeblattschädel {noun} :: cloverleaf skull
Klei {m} :: clay
Klei {m} [in particular] :: the somewhat dried-out ooze or mud that makes the ground of marshland
Kleiber {m} :: nuthatch
Kleiber {m} :: Eurasian nuthatch
Kleiber {prop} :: surname
Kleid {n} :: dress, gown
Kleid {n} [dated or archaic] :: garment
Kleid {n} [in the plural, formal] :: clothes
Kleidchen {n} :: diminutive of Kleid
kleiden {v} :: to dress, to clothe
Kleiderbügel {m} :: coat hanger
Kleiderbürste {f} :: clothes brush
Kleiderhaken {m} :: coat peg, coathook, clothes hook
Kleidermotte {f} :: clothes moth
Kleiderschrank {m} :: wardrobe (cabinet in which clothes may be stored)
Kleiderständer {m} :: coat rack, coat stand, clothes tree
Kleiderstange {f} :: clothes rail
Kleiderstoff {m} :: clothing material
Kleidung {f} [countable] :: clothing; apparel
Kleidung {f} [uncountable, rather formal] :: clothes
Kleidungsstück {n} :: garment (single item of clothing)
Kleie {f} :: bran
kleiehaltig {adj} :: wholemeal (containing bran)
klein {adj} :: small, little, tiny
klein {adj} :: insignificant
Klein {prop} :: surname
Kleinanzeige {f} :: classified ad, classified advertisement
Kleinarl {prop} {n} :: Kleinarl (municipality)
kleinasiatisch {adj} :: Of ir from Asia Minor
Kleinasien {prop} {n} :: Asia Minor
Kleinbauer {m} :: small farmer, peasant
Kleinbritannien {prop} {n} :: Brittany
Kleinbuchstabe {m} :: minuscule letter, lowercase letter
Kleinbürger {m} :: member of the petite bourgeoisie
kleinbürgerlich {adj} :: petty bourgeois
kleindeutsch {adj} :: Relating to a small Germany without union with Austria and other German-speaking areas
Kleine {f} :: girl; young woman
kleiner {adj} :: comparative of klein
Kleiner {m} :: boy, young man
kleiner Finger {m} :: little finger, pinky
kleiner Freund {m} :: little friend
kleiner Freund {m} [vulgar] :: penis
kleine Sünden bestraft der liebe Gott sofort {proverb} :: Said when someone does or says something rude, or something one does not like, and that person experiences a mishap shortly after. Comparable to the English phrase instant karma
Kleinfleckkatze {f} :: Geoffroy's cat, Leopardus geoffroyi
Kleingeist {m} [derogatory] :: narrow-minded, dumb person; bigot
kleingeistig {adj} :: small-minded
Kleingeld {n} [money] :: small change, change
kleingläubig {adj} [religion] :: of little faith; of weak faith
kleinhalten {vt} :: to keep down
Kleinhirn {n} :: cerebellum (part of the hindbrain in vertebrates)
Kleinholz {n} :: kindling
Kleinigkeit {f} :: bagatelle, trifle, little something, minor thing (insignificant, minor, or little thing)
kleinkalibrig {adj} :: small-caliber
kleinkariert {adj} :: gingham (having small checks)
kleinkariert {adj} :: narrow-minded
kleinkariert {adj} :: exhibiting an obsessive tendency, figuratively OCD
Kleinkind {n} :: toddler
Klein-Klein {n} [colloquial] :: trifle; odds and ends
Kleinkram {m} :: trivialities, trivial matters
kleinkrämerisch {adj} :: petty, small-minded
Kleinkrieg {m} :: feud
Kleinkrieg {m} :: guerrilla war
kleinkriegen {vt} :: to break [psychologically]
Kleinkriminalität {f} :: petty crime
kleinlaut {adj} :: petty; abashed, sheepish
Kleinlibelle {f} :: damselfly
kleinlich {adj} :: petty, small-minded
Kleinlichkeit {f} :: pettiness
kleinmaschig {adj} :: fine-meshed
Kleinmürbisch {prop} {n} :: Kleinmürbisch (municipality)
Kleinmut {m} :: lack of self-confidence
kleinmütig {adj} :: faint-hearted
Kleinod {n} :: jewel (anything considered precious or valuable)
Kleinplanet {m} [astronomy] :: minor planet
Kleinpudel {m} :: a poodle between 35 and 44 cm
kleinrechnen {vt} :: to undercalculate
kleinreden {vt} :: to downplay
kleinschreiben {v} :: to lowercase [first letters of words]
kleinschreiben {v} [colloquial] :: to hold as unimportant
Kleinschreibung {f} :: lower-case printing
kleinschrittig {adj} :: using small steps
kleinschrittig {adj} :: step-by-step
Kleinstaat {m} :: microstate
Kleinstaaterei {f} [political, pejorative] :: political fragmentation of a country into many small polities with a large degree of autonomy, often in relation to the Holy Roman Empire or modern German federalism
Kleinstadt {f} :: small town
Kleinstadt {f} :: township
kleinsten {adj} :: superlative of klein
kleinstes gemeinsames Vielfaches {n} [mathematics] :: least common multiple
kleinteilig {adj} :: detailed
kleinteilig {adj} :: compartmentalized
Kleintier {n} :: small animal
Kleinwagen {m} :: a small car
Kleinwohnung {f} :: small apartment
kleinwüchsig {adj} :: short in stature
Kleinzell {prop} {n} :: Kleinzell (municipality)
Kleister {m} :: adhesive paste
Klemens {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Clemens ( =Clement)
Klemmbrett {n} :: clipboard (physical object)
Klemme {f} :: clamp
Klemme {f} :: grip
Klemme {f} [colloquial] :: difficult situation
klemmen {vt} :: to jam, to clamp (make something stuck in a tight place)
klemmen {vi} :: to be jammed, to be stuck
klemmen {vt} [usually with reflexive dative, colloquial, slang] :: to steal
Klemmer {m} [regional] :: pince-nez
Klempner {m} [chiefly northern and central Germany] :: plumber, tinsmith (male or of unspecified sex)
Klempnerin {f} :: plumber (female)
Kleptokratie {f} :: kleptocracy (a corrupt and dishonest government characterised by greed)
Kleptomanie {f} :: kleptomania (proclivity to steal)
klerikal {adj} :: clerical
Kleriker {m} :: clergyman (male Christian minister belonging to the clergy)
Klerisei {f} [uncommon] :: clergy
Klerus {m} :: clergy (mainly used for the Christian clergy, sometimes for the clergy of other religions)
Klette {f} :: burdock
Klette {f} :: a burr (a seed pod with sharp features that stick in fur or clothing)
Klette {f} [figuratively] :: a clingy person
Klettergarten {m} :: climbing garden
klettern {v} :: to climb
Klettern {n} :: climbing
Kletterschuh {m} :: climbing shoe
Klettverschluss {m} [uncountable] :: Velcro (the mechanism as such)
Klettverschluss {m} [countable] :: Velcro (a pair of both strips, as on a shoe)
Kletze {f} [Austria, Bavaria] :: dried pear
Klick {m} :: The act of pressing a button on a computer mouse; a click
klicken {vi} :: to click (a computer mouse button)
Klicker {m} [regional, western Germany, dated] :: marble (small glass ball)
Klickibunti {n} [derisive] :: A graphical user interface that looks clickable, colorful, and ridiculous or childish; an overblown user interface; "angry fruit salad"
Klicklaut {m} [phonetics] :: click
Klickzahl {f} [internet] :: number of clicks
Klient {m} :: client
Klientel {f} :: clientele
Klientel {f} :: customers, clients (collectively)
Kliff {n} :: cliff (steep rock face)
Kliff {n} [in particular] :: steep coast
Klima {n} :: climate
Klimaanlage {f} :: air conditioner
Klimaerwärmung {f} :: climate warming
Klimaforschung {f} :: climate research
Klimaleugner {m} [derogatory] :: climate denier, climate denialist (a supporter of climate denialism (male or of unspecific sex))
Klimastreik {m} :: climate strike
klimatisch {adj} :: climatic
klimatisieren {v} :: to air-condition
Klimatisierung {f} :: air conditioning, climate control
Klimatologie {f} :: climatology
klimatologisch {adj} [climatology] :: climatological
Klimaveränderung {f} :: climate change
Klimawandel {m} :: climate change
Klimbim {m} [colloquial, dated] :: ado, bustle
Klimbim {m} [colloquial, derogatory] :: junk, odds and ends
klimpern {v} :: to jingle; jangle; tinkle
Klinge {f} :: blade (of a weapon or tool)
Klingel {f} :: bell
klingeln {v} :: to ring (to produce the sound of a bell or a similar sound)
Klingelton {m} :: ring tone
klingen {vi} :: to ring; to clink
klingen {vi} [also, figuratively] :: to sound
Klingenbach {prop} {n} :: Klingenbach (municipality)
Klingone {m} :: Klingon (male or of unspecified sex)
Klingonisch {n} :: Klingon (the language)
Klinik {f} :: clinic
klinisch {adj} :: clinical
klinisch {adv} :: clinically
klinische Chemie {f} [chemistry] :: clinical chemistry
Klinke {f} :: doorhandle
Klinke {f} [obsolete] :: latch
Klinker {m} :: clinker (very hard brick)
Klinoklas {m} [mineral] :: clinoclase
Klinopyroxen {m} [mineral] :: clinopyroxene
Klinsmann {prop} :: surname
klipp {adj} :: see: klipp und klar
Klippdachs {m} :: rock hyrax, Hyrax capensis
Klippe {f} :: rock that is partly covered by (sea) water
Klippe {f} :: cliff (steep rock face)
Klippe {f} [in particular] :: steep coast
klippenreich {adj} :: Having many cliffs
klippig {adj} :: craggy
klipp und klar {adj} :: plain and clear; very clear
klirren {vi} :: to clink, to clank, to clash, to jingle, to clatter
Klirrfaktor {m} [acoustics] :: distortion factor, harmonic distortion
Klischee {n} :: cliché
Klischee {n} :: printing plate
Klitikon {n} [linguistics] :: clitic
Klitoris {f} :: clitoris
klitschig {adj} :: underbaked (still soft in the middle)
klitschnass {adj} :: soaking wet; soaked
klitzeklein {adj} :: teeny-weeny
Klo {n} [colloquial] :: toilet, loo [UK]
Kloake {f} :: sewer
Kloake {f} [zoology] :: cloaca
Kloakenräumer {m} :: sewer inspector
Kloakentier {n} :: monotreme
Klobassi {f} :: Burenwurst
klobig {adj} :: bulky, chunky
klobig {adj} :: clumsy, rough, uncouth
Klobrille {f} :: toilet seat
Klobürste {f} :: toilet brush
Klöch {prop} {n} :: Klöch (municipality)
Klodeckel {m} :: toilet lid
Klon {m} :: clone
klonen {v} :: to clone
klönen {v} [regional, northern Germany] :: to chat
klonisch {adj} :: clonic
Klönschnack {m} [North Germany] :: smalltalk, chat
Klonus {m} :: clonus
Klopapier {n} :: toilet paper (paper on a roll)
Klopapierrolle {f} :: toilet paper roll
Klopfbank {f} :: hammer bench (child's toy)
klopfen {v} :: to knock, to rap (strike rather gently with something hard)
klopfen {v} [of the heart] :: to throb; to beat quickly or audibly
Klopfer {m} :: agent noun of klopfen
Klopfer {m} :: doorknocker
Klopfer {m} :: carpetbeater
Klöppel {m} :: clapper (the tongue of a bell)
Klöppel {m} :: lace bobbin
kloppen {vr} [colloquial] :: to fight, to engage in a fistfight
kloppen {vti} [colloquial or + auf] :: to thump, to hit hard
Klops {m} [regional, north-eastern Germany] :: meatball
Klosett {n} :: toilet
Kloß {m} :: thickish lump
Kloß {m} [cooking, especially, northern and central Germany] :: dumpling
Kloß {m} [colloquial, offensive] :: fatso; overweight person
Klößchen {n} :: diminutive of Kloß
Kloster {n} :: monastery
Klösterle {prop} {n} :: Klösterle (municipality)
Klösterle {prop} {n} [historical] :: Klášterec nad Orlicí, Czechia
klösterlich {adj} :: cloistral, monastic
Klosterneuburg {prop} {n} :: Klosterneuburg (municipality)
Klöten {p} [colloquial, vulgar] :: testicles
Klotz {m} :: block
Klötzchen {n} :: diminutive of Klotz
Klötze {prop} {n} :: Klötze (town)
klotzig {adj} :: bulky
Klub {m} :: alternative spelling of Club
Klubchef {m} [Austria] :: faction leader; group leader
Klubchef {m} :: chairman of an association
Klubchefin {f} [Austria] :: (female) faction leader; group leader
Klubchefin {f} :: chairwoman of an association
Kluft {f} :: cleft, fissure, joint
Kluft {f} :: gap, gulf, rift
klug {adj} :: intelligent, prudent, wise, smart
klüger {adj} :: comparative of klug
klugerweise {adv} :: wisely, prudently, cleverly
Klugheit {f} :: prudence, intelligence
klugreden {v} :: To speak as a know-it-all
Klugscheißer {m} [pejorative] :: smart ass
klügsten {adj} :: superlative of klug
Klümpchen {n} :: diminutive of Klumpen
Klümpchen {n} :: blob, globule
Klümpchen {n} :: nodule
klumpen {v} :: to lump
Klumpen {m} :: lump
Klumpen {m} :: clod
klumpig {adj} [of material] :: lumpy
klumpig {adj} [of a person] :: clumsy
Klüngel {m} [derogatory] :: clique
Klüngel {m} [by extension] :: cronyism (favoritism to friends or relatives)
Klüngel {m} [botany] :: panicle, raceme
klüngeln {v} [western Germany] :: to be slow; to delay; to dawdle
klüngeln {v} [western Germany] :: to chatter (often in confidence, or seemingly so)
klüngeln {v} :: to engage in nepotism and corruption
Klütz {prop} {n} :: Klütz (town)
Kl.-Whg. {noun} :: abbreviation of Kleinwohnung
Kl.-Whgn. {noun} :: abbreviation of Kleinwohnungen
km {noun} :: initialism of Kilometer (American: kilometer, British: kilometre)
KM {noun} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Kaltmiete
knabbern {v} :: to nibble
Knabberzeug {n} :: snack food, munchies
Knäbchen {n} :: diminutive of Knabe
Knabe {m} [dated, now literary, humorous or South German, Austria and Swiss] :: boy
Knäbelein {n} :: diminutive of Knabe
Knabenficker {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: man who has sex with an underage boy
knabenhaft {adj} :: boyish, gamine
Knabenschändung {f} [dated, pejorative, uncountable] :: pederasty
Knabenschändung {f} [dated, pejorative, countable] :: an act or instance of pederasty
Knäblein {n} :: diminutive of Knabe
knäblich {adj} :: boyish
Knackarsch {m} [colloquial] :: a firm, sexy ass
Knäckebrot {n} :: crispbread
knacken {vi} :: to make a cracking sound
knacken {vt} :: to crack
knacken {vt} [figuratively] :: to crack
knacken {vt} :: to pick (a lock)
knacken {vi} [colloquial] :: to sleep
Knacker {m} :: "alter Knacker": geezer, old codger
knackfrisch {adj} :: fresh and crisp / crunchy
knackig {adj} :: crisp, crunchy
Knacklaut {m} [phonetics] :: glottal stop
Knackwurst {f} :: knackwurst, knockwurst
Knäkente {f} :: garganey (Anas querquedula)
Knall {m} :: crack
Knall {m} :: bang
Knallbonbon {m} {n} :: Christmas cracker
knallen {v} :: to bang, to pop
knallen {v} :: to fuck (vulg)
knalleng {adj} :: skintight, pencil-thin
Knallfolie {f} [humorous] :: bubble wrap
Knallfrosch {m} :: (literally, "bang frog") a type of firecracker that jumps on the ground and is usually green
Knallgas {n} :: (gas) oxyhydrogen
Knallgasprobe {f} :: oxyhydrogen test
knallhart {adj} :: tough (all senses)
knallrot {adj} :: scarlet (intensely red)
Knallsilber {n} :: fulminating silver
Knan {m} [obsolete, regional] :: dad, da, pops
knapp {adj} :: scarce
knapp {adj} :: lean (having little extra)
knapp {adj} :: somewhat less (than)
knapp {adj} [clothes] :: short or tight
knapp {adv} :: narrowly; just
knapp {adv} :: somewhat less than, almost
knapp daneben ist auch vorbei {proverb} :: close, but no cigar; a miss is as good as a mile
Knappe {m} :: squire
Knappheit {f} :: scarcity, shortage
Knappschaft {f} :: miners' guild, an organization of mine workers
Knarre {f} [slightly, dated] :: ratchet, gragger, noisemaker
Knarre {f} [colloquial] :: a gun, especially a pistol
Knarre {f} :: socket wrench
knarren {v} :: to creak
Knast {m} [colloquial] :: jail
Knast {m} [colloquial] :: hunger
knatschig {adj} :: grumpy, cranky
knatschig {adj} :: muddy
knattern {v} :: to rattle
Knäuel {n} {m} :: ball of yarn
Knäuel {n} {m} :: tangle; mass of something entangled
Knäuel {n} {m} [plant] :: knawel
Knauf {m} :: knob, doorknob, stud
Knauserei {f} :: stinginess
knauserig {adj} :: stingy
knausern {v} :: to skimp
knautschen {v} :: to squeeze; to crumple
Knautschzone {f} :: crumple zone
Knebel {m} :: gag (a device to restrain speech)
knebeln {vt} :: to gag (tie a piece of cloth around someone’s mouth to prevent them from shouting)
knebeln {vt} [less common] :: to hog-tie (tie up someone’s arms and legs to prevent them from moving)
knebeln {vt} [figurative] :: to hog-tie; to render helpless; to oppress; to enslave
Knecht {m} :: male servant, especially on a farm
Knecht {m} :: labourer
Knecht {m} :: menial
knechten {v} :: to enslave (to make a person an indentured Knecht)
knechtisch {adj} :: servile, subservient, menial
Knecht Ruprecht {prop} {m} :: A farmhand or servant character who accompanies St. Nicholas to help him and, traditionally, to punish naughty children with his rod
Knechtschaft {f} :: servitude
Knechtschaft {f} :: slavery
Knechtschaft {f} :: bondage
Knechtschaft {f} :: serfdom
kneifen {vti} :: to pinch, to squeeze
kneifen {vi} :: to chicken out; to back out; to shirk
Kneifzange {f} :: pliers
Kneipe {f} [obsolete] :: a student’s cramped dwelling
Kneipe {f} :: pub, bar
Kneipensterben {n} :: the socio-economic phenomenon of the declining number of pub goers and the resulting closing of many pubs, in Germany and other European countries, in the second half of the 20th century and since, due to the spread of television and other factors
Knete {f} :: plasticine, modeling clay
Knete {f} [slang] :: money
kneten {v} :: to knead
Knetlegierung {f} :: wrought alloy
Knetmasse {f} :: plasticine, modeling clay
knibbeln {v} [regional, chiefly western Germany] :: to scrape with one’s fingernails so as to remove something (e.g. a price tag)
Knick {m} :: crease
Knick {m} :: A wall of shrubberies, dividing a rural area
knicken {vt} [auxiliary haben] :: to crease; to fold; to bend (something that is stable, but not hard, e.g. paper)
knicken {vi} [auxiliary sein] :: to be creased; to be folded; to be bent
knicken {v} [colloquial] :: to (deliberately) forget, put out of one's mind
knickern {v} :: to be stingy
Knicks {m} :: curtsey
knicksen {v} :: to curtsey
Knie {n} :: knee
Kniebank {f} :: kneeler (small, low bench to kneel on, especially in a church, often protruding from the back of a pew)
knieen {v} :: alternative spelling of knien
knieend {adj} :: kneeling
Kniefall {m} :: genuflection, kneeling
Kniefall {m} :: kowtow, bow, show of obeisance
Kniekehle {f} :: poplit
knien {v} :: to kneel
kniepen {v} [regional, northern Germany, chiefly colloquial] :: to blink
Kniescheibe {f} :: kneecap
knietief {adj} [literally or figuratively] :: knee-deep
Kniff {m} :: crease
Kniff {m} :: trick
knifflig {adj} :: tricky, fiddly
Knifte {f} [military slang] :: rifle
Knifte {f} [colloquial, regional] :: thick slice of bread
Knigge {m} :: Any guideline on good etiquette, not necessarily written
knipsen {v} :: to nip; to pinch (particularly so as to pluck or cut off)
knipsen {v} :: to perforate (particularly a ticket, so as to invalidate)
knipsen {v} :: to photograph
Knipser {m} :: clipper [for cutting finger nails, etc]
Knipser {m} [slang] :: remote control [for TV]
Knipser {m} :: snapshooter, amateur photographer (male or of unspecified sex)
Knipser {m} :: poacher (male or of unspecified sex) [slang, British]
Knipserin {f} :: snapshooter, amateur photographer (female)
Knirps {m} :: little chap
knirschen {v} [sound] :: to scrunch, to crunch
knirschen {v} [one's teeth] :: to gnash, to grind
knirschen {v} [figurative] :: to be wrathful, to pent-up anger
knistern {v} :: to sizzle; to crackle; to creak; chiefly referring to the sound of fire, or of paper, aluminium, etc., being crumpled
Knistern {n} :: crackle (The fizzing, popping sound of paper, fire etc.)
Knittelfeld {prop} {n} :: Knittelfeld (municipality)
Knitter {m} :: crease
knitterfrei {adj} :: crease-resistant, wrinkle-free
knittern {v} :: to crease
knittern {v} :: to crumple
knittern {v} :: to crinkle
Knittern {n} :: crinkling (The act or sound or something being crinkled)
knittrig {adj} :: crinkled, wrinkled
knitz {adj} :: useless, rotten, corrupt
knitz {adj} :: clever, savvy
Knoblauch {m} :: garlic
Knoblauchbrot {n} :: garlic bread
Knoblauchbutter {f} :: garlic butter
Knoblauchpresse {f} :: garlic press
Knoblauchzehe {f} :: clove of garlic
Knöchel {m} :: ankle
Knöchel {m} :: knuckle
knöchelfrei {adj} :: having the ankle uncovered
knöcheltief {adj} :: ankle-deep
Knochen {m} :: bone
Knochenarbeit {f} :: backbreaking work
Knochenbau {m} :: bone structure
Knochenbildung {f} :: osteogenesis
Knochenbruch {m} :: fracture (of a bone)
Knochenbrüchigkeit {f} :: bone fragility / brittleness
Knochendichte {f} :: bone density
knochendürr {adj} :: all skin and bones (very thin)
Knochenentkalkung {f} [pathology] :: osteoporosis
Knochenfisch {m} :: bony fish
Knochengerüst {n} :: skeleton
Knochengewebe {n} :: bone tissue
Knochenhand {f} :: bony hand
Knochenjob {m} :: backbreaking job
Knochenkrebs {m} :: bone cancer
Knochenmark {n} :: bone marrow
Knochenmasse {f} :: bone mass
Knochenmetastase {f} :: bone metastasis
Knochenmühle {f} :: bone mill, bone grinder
Knochenmühle {f} :: bone crusher
Knochenmühle {f} [colloquial, figurative] :: boneshaker (old, rickety vehicle)
Knochenmühle {f} :: slave labor, sweatshop
Knochenschwund {m} :: osteoporosis
Knochenstruktur {f} :: bone structure
knochentrocken {adj} :: bone-dry
Knochentumor {f} [pathology] :: bone tumour
Knochenwachstum {n} :: bone growth
knöchern {adj} :: bony, osseous
knöchern {adj} :: cold, unfeeling
knochig {adj} :: bony
Knöchlein {n} :: diminutive of Knochen
Knock-out {m} :: knock-out
Knödel {m} [cooking, especially, southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland] :: dumpling
Knofel {m} [colloquial, regional, southern Germany, Austria] :: garlic
Knofi {m} [colloquial] :: garlic
Knöllchen {n} :: diminutive of Knolle
Knöllchen {n} [colloquial] :: parking ticket
Knöllchenbakterium {n} :: rhizobium
Knolle {f} :: bulb
Knolle {f} :: tuber
Knollenblätterpilz {m} :: death cap, poisonous mushroom of the Amanita genus
knollenförmig {adj} :: bulbous
knollig {adj} :: bulbous, tuberous
knollig {adj} :: knobbly, gnarled
Knop {prop} :: surname
Knopf {m} :: button (fastener)
Knopf {m} :: button (mechanical device)
Knopf {m} :: stud, knob, e.g. a doorknob
Knopf {prop} :: surname
knöpfen {v} :: to button
Knopfloch {n} :: buttonhole
Knopfzelle {f} :: button cell, coin cell
Knopp {m} [colloquial, regional, northern and central Germany] :: alternative form of Knopf
Knör {prop} :: surname
knorke {adj} [colloquial] :: great, very good
Knorpel {m} :: cartilage
Knorpelfisch {m} :: cartilaginous fish
Knospe {f} [botany] :: bud
knospen {v} :: to bud
knospend {adj} :: budding (all senses)
Knoten {m} :: knot (looping)
Knoten {m} :: knot (swelling)
Knoten {m} [Austria] :: interchange (motorway junction)
Knoten {m} [nautical] :: knot (unit of speed)
Knoten {m} [graph theory] :: vertex, node
Knoten {m} [obsolete, pejorative] :: craftsman; journeyman; farmhand
Knoten {m} [in compounds] :: a person of some specified quality or practice; chiefly in Furzknoten, but sometimes other colloquial formations
Knotenpunkt {m} :: junction
Knotenschrift {f} :: quipu (a recording device used by the Incas)
Knöterich {m} :: plant of the Persicaria genus in the Polygonaceae family
Know-how {n} :: know-how
Knowhow {n} :: alternative spelling of Know-how
Knubbel {m} [regional, northern and central Germany] :: knob, knot (a swollen or thick spot on something)
Knubbel {m} [regional, western Germany] :: knot (of people)
Knübbelchen {n} :: diminutive of Knubbel
knuddelig {adj} :: cuddly
knuddeln {v} :: to cuddle
knüddeln {v} [regional, western Germany] :: to rumple (fabric, paper, etc.)
knüddeln {v} [regional, western Germany] :: to stuff something somewhere (e.g. clothes in a bag) thereby causing it to rumple
knuffen {v} :: to nudge; to jab; to pinch (usually playfully or even tenderly)
knuffig {adj} :: cuddly
knülle {adj} :: bombed (very drunk)
knüllen {vt} :: to crumple
Knüller {m} :: big hit
knüpfen {v} :: to tie
Knüppel {m} :: cudgel
knüppeln {v} :: to bludgeon, to thrash, to hit with a stick
knüppeln {v} [metal music] :: describes that a song is defined by a noticeably loud drum beat in a simple and steady uptempo rhythm
knuppern {v} [dialectal] :: to nibble
knurren {v} :: to growl
Knurrhahn {m} :: gurnard (marine fish of the family Triglidae)
knuspern {v} :: to crackle; to crunch (make the sound of crisp food)
knusprig {adj} :: crispy, crisp, crunchy
knusprig {adj} [colloquial, humorous, usually with noch or nicht mehr] :: in one's right mind; of full mental capacity
Knust {m} [regional, northern Germany] :: heel of bread
Knute {f} :: knout
knutschen {vtir} :: to kiss passionately; to neck; to make out; to smooch
Knutschfleck {m} :: hickey, love bite
Knüttel {m} :: club
koagulieren {vi} [auxiliary "sein"] :: to coagulate
koagulieren {vt} [auxiliary "haben"] :: to coagulate
koaguliert {v} :: past participle of koagulieren
Koala {m} :: koala
Koalition {f} :: coalition
Koalitionspartner {m} :: coalition partner
Koalitionsregierung {f} [politics] :: coalition government
koalitionstreu {adj} :: faithful to the conditions of a coalition
Koalitionsvertrag {m} [politics] :: coalition agreement
koaxial {adj} :: coaxial
Kobalt {n} :: cobalt
kobaltblau {adj} :: cobalt blue
kobaltblau {adj} :: cyan
Kobaltblau {n} :: cobalt blue
Kobaltglanz {m} [mineral] :: cobalt glance, cobaltite
Kobel {m} :: in carriages the space under the feet
Kobel {m} [Oberrheinic] :: a hood or fascinator (once) worn by women
Kobel {m} :: a dovecot(e)
Kobel {m} :: a little stable for animals
Kobel {f} [obsolete] :: mare (adult female horse)
Kobel {f} [obsolete] :: horse of inferior quality, nag
Koben {m} [rather dated or dialectal] :: a (little) stable, shed, nook, especially for pigs, a pigsty (shelter where pigs are kept)
Kobenz {prop} {n} :: Kobenz (municipality)
Kobersdorf {prop} {n} :: Kobersdorf (municipality)
Koblach {prop} {n} :: Koblach (municipality)
Koblenz {prop} {n} :: Koblenz, an independent city in northern Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
koblenzisch {adj} :: Of or from Koblenz
Kobold {m} :: kobold, goblin
Koboldmaki {m} :: tarsier
Kobra {f} :: cobra (snake)
Koch {m} :: cook, a cooker (male or of unspecified sex)
Koch {prop} :: surname
Koch {n} [Austria, Bavaria] :: mush, porridge
Kochbanane {f} :: plantain
Kochbuch {n} :: cookbook
köcheln {v} :: to simmer
kochen {vi} [of a liquid] :: to boil
kochen {vi} [of a person] :: to cook, to prepare food (chiefly hot food for lunch or supper)
kochen {vt} :: to boil (to heat a liquid until it boils)
kochen {vt} :: to boil (to prepare something in such a liquid)
kochen {vi} [figuratively] :: to be stirred up or agitated, especially with anger
Kochen {n} :: cooking, cookery
Köcher {m} :: quiver
Kocherei {f} :: cooking
Köcherfliege {f} :: caddis fly
Kochfeld {n} [chiefly specialist] :: hob; cooktop; stovetop
Köchin {f} :: cook, a cooker (female)
Kochlöffel {m} :: wooden spoon for cooking
Kochmesser {n} :: chef's knife
Kochnische {f} :: small kitchen-like area that's too small to be called a real kitchen
Kochplatte {f} :: a hot plate
Kochplatte {f} :: a ring on a hob [UK]; a burner on a stovetop [US]
Kochrezept {n} :: recipe: instructions for making or preparing food dishes
Kochsalz {n} :: common salt (sodium chloride); table salt
kochsalzhaltig {adj} :: saline, salty (containing salt)
Kochtopf {m} [cookware] :: cooking pot
Kode {m} :: code
Kode {prop} :: Kode (town)
Kode {prop} :: surname
Köder {m} :: bait
ködern {v} :: to bait
Kodex {m} [law] :: code (compilation of written law)
Kodex {m} [by extension, imprecise] :: code (system of unwritten but binding rules)
Kodex {m} [literature] :: codex (book)
kodieren {v} :: to encode
kodiert {v} :: past participle of kodieren
Kodierung {noun} :: the act of encoding/coding something
Kodierungsrichtlinie {f} [computing] :: coding convention
Koedukation {f} [no plural] :: coeducation
koedukativ {adj} :: coeducational
Koeffizient {m} :: coefficient
Koenzym {n} :: coenzyme
Koerzitivität {f} [physics] :: coercivity
Koexistenz {f} :: coexistence
koexistieren {v} :: to coexist, to co-exist
Kofaktor {m} :: cofactor
Koffein {n} :: caffeine
koffeinfrei {adj} :: decaffeinated
koffeinhaltig {adj} :: caffeinated
Koffer {m} :: a case; a suitcase or briefcase
Kofferradio {n} :: transistor radio (a portable radio receiver)
Kofferraum {m} :: boot, trunk (luggage storage compartment of a car)
Kofferwort {n} :: portmanteau word (a word formed which combines the meaning of two words)
Köflach {prop} {n} :: Köflach (municipality)
Kogel {f} [archaic] :: a kind of voluminous head finery (Kopfputz) of varying appearance throughout the centuries and regions but later more often for women, cowl
Kogel {m} [rare, Allgäu?] :: alternative form of Kobel
Kogge {f} :: cog (a ship of the Hanse)
Kognak {m} :: brandy (liquor)
Kognition {f} :: cognition
kognitiv {adj} :: cognitive (mental functions)
kohärent {adj} :: coherent
Kohärenz {f} :: coherence
Kohelet {prop} :: Ecclesiastes (book of the Bible)
Kohl {m} :: cabbage (plant of the genus Brassica)
Kohl {prop} :: surname for a grower or seller of cabbages
Kohl {m} [possibly dated] :: nonsense; idle talk
Kohle {f} [uncountable] :: coal (material; either stone coal or charcoal)
Kohle {f} [countable] :: a coal; a piece of coal
Kohle {f} [uncountable, colloquial] :: money; dough; dosh
Kohlebergbau {m} :: coalmining
Kohlebergbau {m} :: coal-mining industry
Kohlebergwerk {n} :: coalmine
Kohlebürste {f} :: carbon brush
Kohlechemie {f} [chemistry] :: carbochemistry
Kohlefaser {f} :: carbon fibre
kohlehaltig {adj} :: carboniferous; containing coal
Kohlekraftwerk {n} :: coal-fired power station
Kohlenchemie {f} :: alternative form of Kohlechemie
Kohlendioxid {n} [chemistry] :: carbon dioxide
Kohlendioxidlaser {m} :: carbon dioxide laser
Kohlenhydrat {n} [organic chemistry] :: carbohydrate
Kohlenhydrathaushalt {m} [biochemistry] :: carbohydrate metabolism
kohlenhydratreich {adj} :: high-carb
Kohlenhydratsynthese {f} [biochemistry] :: carbohydrate synthesis
Kohlenmonoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: carbon monoxide
Kohlensäure {f} [inorganic compound] :: carbonic acid (H2CO3)
kohlensäurehaltig {adj} :: carbonated (fizzy, gassy)
Kohlenstoff {m} :: carbon
Kohlenstoffatom {n} :: carbon atom
Kohlenstoffchemie {f} [chemistry] :: carbon chemistry; organic chemistry
Kohlenstoffdioxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: carbon dioxide
Kohlenstoffdiselenid {n} [inorganic compound] :: carbon diselenide
Kohlenstoffdisulfid {n} [organic compound] :: carbon disulfide
Kohlenstofffaser {f} :: carbon fibre
kohlenstofffaserverstärkt {adj} :: carbon fibre reinforced
kohlenstofffrei {adj} :: carbon-free
Kohlenstoffgehalt {m} :: carbon content
Kohlenstoffgruppe {f} [chemistry] :: carbon group (of the periodic table)
kohlenstoffhaltig {adj} :: carbonaceous
kohlenstoffhaltig {adj} :: carbonic
Kohlenstoffkreislauf {m} :: carbon cycle
Kohlenstoffmonoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: carbon monoxide
Kohlenstoffnanoröhre {f} :: carbon nanotube
Kohlenstoffnanoschaum {m} :: carbon nanofoam
kohlenstoffreich {adj} :: carbon-rich (high in carbon)
Kohlenstoffverbindung {f} [chemistry] :: carbon compound
Kohlenstoffzyklus {m} :: carbon cycle
Kohlenwasserstoff {m} [organic chemistry] :: hydrocarbon
Kohlenwasserstoffrest {m} [organic chemistry] :: hydrocarbyl (radical)
Kohlenzeche {noun} [mining] :: colliery
Köhler {m} :: charcoal burner (person)
Köhler {m} :: coalfish, coley, pollock, Pollachius virens (food fish related to cod)
Köhler {prop} {mf} :: surname
Köhlerglaube {m} :: blind loyalty
Kohlevorkommen {n} :: coal deposit(s)
Kohlmeise {f} :: great tit [Parus major]
kohlpechrabenschwarz {adj} :: Intense, non-reflective black
kohlrabenschwarz {adj} :: pitch black
Kohlrabi {m} :: kohlrabi
Kohlrübe {f} :: rutabaga, swede
kohlschwarz {adj} :: coal black
Kohlsuppe {f} :: cabbage soup
Kohorte {f} [military] :: cohort (division of a Roman legion)
Kohorte {f} [sociology] :: cohort (set of individuals)
Kohyponym {n} :: cohyponym (a word or phrase that shares the same hypernym as another word or phrase)
Koinzidenz {f} :: coincidence (state of events appearing to be connected when they are not)
Koitus {m} :: coitus
Koje {f} :: cabin; berth (sleeping room on a ship)
Koje {f} :: bunk (built-in bed on a ship)
Koje {f} [colloquial] :: bed
Kojote {m} :: coyote, Canis latrans (male or of unspecified sex)
Kokain {n} :: cocaine
kokainsüchtig {adj} :: addicted to cocaine
kokeln {v} :: to handle fire unsafely
kokeln {v} :: to be burnt
kokett {adj} :: coquettish, flirtatious
Koketterie {f} :: coquetry
kokettesten {adj} :: superlative of kokett
kokettieren {v} [with a person] :: to flirt
kokettieren {v} [with an idea] :: to toy
kokettieren {v} :: to play, to show off
Kokille {f} :: mold / mould (to make metal ingots)
Kokolores {m} [colloquial] :: nonsense, balderdash
Kokolores {m} [colloquial] :: gibberish
Kokon {m} :: cocoon
Kokos {n} [collective] :: the flesh of the coconut; its taste
Kokos {n} [collective] :: coir; the fibres won from the shells of coconuts
Kokosmilch {f} :: coconut milk
Kokosnuss {f} :: coconut
Kokosöl {n} :: coconut oil
Kokospalme {f} :: coconut (coconut palm)
Koks {m} :: coke
Koks {n} {m} [colloquial, slang] :: cocaine
koksen {v} [colloquial] :: to do coke, to do lines
Koksgrus {m} :: coke culm, coke breeze
Koksofengas {n} :: coke oven gas
Kolatsche {f} [Austria, food] :: type of pastry that holds a portion of fruit or cheese, surrounded by a puffy cushion of supple dough; kolach
Kolbeckit {m} [mineral] :: kolbeckite
Kolben {m} [weaponry] :: butt of a rifle
Kolben {m} [mechanics] :: piston
Kolben {m} [botany] :: spadix
Kolben {m} [sciences] :: flask
Kolbenente {f} :: red-crested pochard (Netta rufina)
Kolibri {m} :: hummingbird (Trochilidae)
Kolik {f} :: colic (pain)
Kolk {m} :: bog pond
Kolk {m} :: underwater vortex
Kolkrabe {m} :: common raven or northern raven, Corvus corax
kollabieren {v} :: to collapse
Kollaborateur {m} [with the enemy during a war] :: collaborator, collaborationist
Kollaboration {f} :: collaboration; collaborationism (with the enemy during a war)
Kollaboration {f} [rare, certain scientific jargons] :: cooperation; collaboration (in general)
Kollagen {n} [protein] :: collagen
Kollaps {m} :: collapse
Kollaps {m} :: fainting, syncope
kollateral {adj} :: collateral
Kollateralschaden {m} :: collateral damage
kollationieren {v} :: to collate
Kollationierung {f} :: collation
Kollege {m} [slang] :: colleague, buddy, mate, workmate, fellow member, fellow student, fellow worker, co-worker, homie (male or of unspecified sex)
kollegial {adj} :: collegial
kollegial {adj} :: cooperative [between colleagues]
Kollegin {f} :: colleague, buddy, mate, workmate, fellow member, fellow student, fellow worker, co-worker (female)
Kollegium {noun} :: A governing or overseeing board (for example, "board of editors" = "redaktionskollegium"); a college; the faculty of a college or school; teaching staff
Kollekte {f} [money collected during a church service] :: collection
Kollektion {f} :: collection, set of items
kollektiv {adj} :: collective
Kollektiv {n} :: collective
Kollektivbildung {f} :: formation of a collective
Kollektivbildung {f} [linguistics] :: collective formation
Kollektivismus {m} :: collectivism
Kollektivschuld {f} :: collective guilt
Kollektivum {n} :: collective noun (noun referring to a group of similar things)
Kollektor {m} [electronics] :: collector
Koller {m} :: tantrum, paddy, fit
Koller {m} [veterinary medicine] :: staggers, megrim
Koller {m} [colloquial] :: an unwell feeling one has after having drunk too much alcohol the evening before
Koller {n} :: yoke (part of an item of clothing which fits around the shoulders)
Koller {n} [archaic] :: jerkin
kollern {v} :: to gobble
Kollerschlag {prop} {n} :: Kollerschlag (municipality)
kollidieren {v} :: to collide
Kollier {n} :: alternative spelling of Collier
Kollision {f} :: collision
Kolloid {n} :: colloid
kolloidal {adj} :: colloidal
Kolloidchemie {f} [chemistry] :: colloid chemistry
Kollokation {f} :: collocation ((linguistics) grouping or juxtaposition of words that commonly occur together)
Köln {prop} {n} :: Köln (largest city)
Kölner {m} :: a man from the city of Cologne
Kölner {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Cologne
Kölnerin {f} :: a woman from Köln ("Cologne")
kölnisch {adj} [dated] :: of or pertaining to the city of Cologne
Koloman {prop} :: given name
Kolon {n} :: colon (:)
Kolon {n} :: colon (digestive system)
kolonial {adj} :: colonial
Kolonialismus {m} :: colonialism
Kolonialmacht {f} :: colonial power
Kolonialwarenladen {m} [historical] :: colonial goods shop/store (a shop/store, especially a grocery, with goods imported from German or other European colonies)
Kolonie {f} :: colony
kolonisieren {v} :: to colonize
Kolonne {f} :: platoon
Kolonne {f} [chemistry] :: fractionating column
Koloquinte {f} :: colocynth
Koloratursopranstimme {f} [music] :: coloratura soprano (pitch)
kolorieren {v} [a black and white film or photograph] :: to colorize
Kolorierung {f} [of a black and white film or photograph] :: colorization
Kolorimetrie {f} :: colourimetry
kolorimetrisch {adj} :: colourimetric
Kolorit {n} [painting] :: colouring, palette
Kolorit {n} [music] :: timbre
Kolorit {n} [figuratively] :: mood, character
Koloss {m} :: colossus
kolossal {adj} :: colossal, huge
kolossal {adj} [colloquial] :: awesome
kolossaler {adj} :: comparative of kolossal
kolossalsten {adj} :: superlative of kolossal
Koloss von Rhodos {prop} :: the Colossus of Rhodes
kolportieren {vt} :: to spread [news, information, gossip, etc.]
Kolsass {prop} {n} :: Kolsass (municipality)
Kolsassberg {prop} {n} :: Kolsassberg (municipality)
kölsch {adj} :: of or pertaining to Cologne
kölsch {adj} :: of or pertaining to Kölsch, the dialect of Cologne
Kölsch {n} :: Kölsch (dialect)
Kölsch {n} :: Kölsch (beer)
Kölscher Kaviar {m} :: a dish from Cologne, Germany, consisting of blood sausage (Flönz in Kölsch) and raw onion
Kölschkranz {m} :: A round tray with a long handle in the middle, carrying up to twenty 200 ml glasses of beer, used by waiters in pubs in Cologne and the Rhineland
Kolumbianer {m} :: Colombian
Kolumbianerin {f} :: female Colombian
kolumbianisch {adj} :: Colombian
Kolumbien {prop} {n} :: Colombia
Kolumbienralle {f} :: Colombian crake
Kolumbus {prop} {m} :: Columbus
Kolumne {f} [newspaper] :: column
Kolumnentitel {m} :: page header
Kolumnist {m} :: columnist (male or of unspecified sex)
Kolumnistin {f} :: columnist (female)
Koma {n} :: coma
Komasaufen {n} [colloquial] :: binge drinking to an excess frequently leading to (normally unintentional) loss of consciousness (though not actual coma)
komatös {adj} :: comatose
Kombi {m} :: station wagon, [UK] estate car
Kombination {f} :: combination
Kombinationsfeld {n} [graphical user interface] :: combo box
Kombinationsfeldchen {n} :: diminutive of Kombinationsfeld
kombinatorisch {adj} :: combinatorial
kombinatorische Chemie {f} [chemistry] :: combinatorial chemistry
Kombine {f} [DDR] :: combine harvester
kombinierbar {adj} :: combinable
kombinieren {v} :: to combine
kombinieren {v} :: to deduct
Kombüse {f} :: galley (kitchen of a vessel or aircraft)
Komet {m} :: comet
kometenhaft {adj} :: meteoric (rapidly rising)
Kometenschweif {m} :: tail of a comet
Komfort {m} :: comfort
komfortabel {adj} :: comfortable
komfortabelsten {adj} :: superlative of komfortabel
komfortabler {adj} :: comparative of komfortabel
Komfortzone {f} :: comfort zone
Komiker {m} :: comedian (male or of unspecified sex)
komisch {adj} :: funny (comical)
komisch {adj} :: funny (strange)
komisch {adj} :: peculiar
komisch {adj} :: weird, strange, bizarre
komischer {adj} :: comparative of komisch
komischerweise {adv} :: [informal] funnily enough
komischerweise {adv} :: [informal] strangely enough
komischsten {adj} :: superlative of komisch
Komitativ {m} [grammar] :: comitative
Komitee {n} :: committee
Komitologie {f} :: comitology (art of resolving issues by committees)
Komm. {m} :: abbreviation of Kommentar
komma {contraction} [colloquial, nonstandard spelling] :: contraction of komm mal
Komma {n} :: comma
Kommandant {m} [military] :: commander (of small or medium-sized units)
Kommandant {m} [Austria] :: commander (of any unit)
Kommandeur {m} :: commander
kommandieren {vi} [military] :: to command; to be in command, in charge
kommandieren {vt} [military] :: to command (a unit); to be the commanding officer of
kommandieren {vt} [military, with some specifying adverb] :: to command (a soldier) to go to some place or assume some position
Kommanditgesellschaft {f} :: limited partnership
Kommando {n} :: command
Kommando {n} :: commando
Kommando {n} [computing] :: command pattern
Kommandozeile {f} [computing] :: command line
Kommandozeile {f} [computing] :: command line interface
kommen {vi} :: to come; to arrive
kommen {vi} :: to come to; to come over (go somewhere so as to join someone else)
kommen {vi} :: to get; to make it (go somewhere in a way that implies an obstacle or difficulty to be overcome)
kommen {vi} :: to go to; to be put in (go somewhere in a way that is predetermined or prearranged)
kommen {vi} :: to come on
kommen {vi} [impersonal] :: to occur; to happen; to come to be
kommen {vi} :: to be played (of a song or film)
kommen {vi} [with von or durch] :: to be due to; to be the result of
kommen {vi} [with aus + dative] :: to come from (to have a social or geographic background)
kommen {vi} [personal or impersonal + dative] :: to orgasm; to cum
kommen {vi} [with auf + accusative] :: to be statistically equivalent to; to be there for
kommen {vi} [with auf + accusative] :: to obtain (a solution or result)
kommen {vi} [with auf + accusative] :: to get an idea; to think of; to remember; to imagine
kommen {vi} [with um] :: to lose; to forfeit; not to get
kommen {vi} [with an or gegen + accusative] :: to touch inadvertently
kommen {vi} [with an + accusative] :: to manage to reach (something high up etc.)
Kommen {n} :: "coming", "arrival"
kommend {adj} :: coming, next
kommend {adj} :: future
kommend {adj} :: of the future
Komment {m} [student slang] :: custom, decency
Kommentar {m} :: comment
Kommentar {m} :: commentary
kommentarlos {adj} :: lacking commentary
Kommentator {m} :: commentator
kommentieren {v} :: to comment, to comment on
Kommen und Gehen {noun} :: coming and going
Kommers {m} [dated, student slang] :: jamboree, a wingding in the beer hall after the tasks of the day have been finished; commercium
kommersieren {v} [dated, student slang] :: to partake in a jamboree, to have a wingding in the beer hall after the tasks of the day have been finished
kommerzialisieren {v} :: to commercialize
kommerziell {adj} :: commercial
komme, was da wolle {adv} :: come what may, come rain or shine
komme was wolle {adv} :: alternative form of komme, was da wolle
komme, was wolle {adv} :: come what may
Kommilitone {m} :: fellow student, classmate (at college or university), uni mate, schoolmate (male or of unspecified sex)
Kommilitonin {m} :: fellow student, classmate (at college or university), uni mate, schoolmate (all female)
Kommis {m} :: commis, clerk
Kommiss {m} [colloquial] :: military service
Kommissar {m} :: commissioner
Kommissariat {n} :: office of a commissar
Kommissariat {n} [Austria] :: police station
kommissarisch {adj} [of an office holder or administration] :: provisional, temporary
kommissarisch {adj} [of a substitutional or representative office holder] :: deputy
kommissarisch {adj} [of a head of a department, etc.] :: acting
Kommissbrot {n} :: army bread
Kommission {f} :: commission [a body or group of people, officially tasked with carrying out a particular function]
kommissiv {adj} :: commissive
kommod {adj} [dated, except, Austria] :: comfortable, commodious
Kommode {f} :: chest of drawers
Kommodore {m} :: commodore (the lowest flag rank in English-speaking countries, or in the merchant marine)
Kommodore {m} [historical] :: commodore (the lowest flag rank in historical German-speaking navies)
kommunal {adj} :: municipal
kommunal {adj} :: local
Kommunalrecht {n} :: municipal law
Kommunalwahl {f} :: local (council) election
Kommunarde {m} :: male person living in a (politically motivated) commune
Kommune {f} :: commune
Kommune 1 {prop} {f} :: Kommune 1 or K1 was the first politically-motivated commune in Germany
Kommunikation {f} :: communication
Kommunikationsanlage {f} :: communications system
kommunikativ {adj} :: communicative
Kommunikee {n} :: alternative spelling of Kommuniqué
Kommunion {f} [Roman Catholicism] :: communion (ecclesiastical unity)
Kommunion {f} [Roman Catholicism] :: Communion (sacrament)
Kommunion {f} [Roman Catholicism, colloquial] :: First Communion (celebration)
Kommuniqué {n} :: communiqué
Kommunismus {m} :: communism, Communism
Kommunist {m} :: communist / Communist (male or of unspecified sex) [person]
Kommunistin {f} :: communist / Communist (female) (person who follows a communist or Marxist-Leninist philosophy)
kommunistisch {adj} :: communist, communistic
kommunistischer {adj} :: comparative of kommunistisch
kommunistischsten {adj} :: superlative of kommunistisch
kommunizieren {v} :: to communicate, to exchange information
kommunizieren {v} :: to communicate, to receive Communion
kommutativ {adj} [mathematics] :: commutative
Komödie {f} :: comedy
Komodowaran {m} :: Komodo dragon
komorbid {adj} :: comorbid
Komore {prop} {f} [very, rare] :: one of the Comoros islands, especially Grande Comore
Komoren {prop} {p} :: Comoros
komorisch {adj} :: Comorian (pertaining to the Comoros, the Comorian people or the Comorian language)
Kompagnon {m} :: companion, partner
kompakt {adj} [also mathematics] :: compact
kompakter {adj} :: comparative of kompakt
kompaktesten {adj} :: superlative of kompakt
Kompanie {f} [military] :: company
komparabel {adj} :: comparable
Komparation {f} [grammar] :: comparison
Komparativ {m} [grammar] :: comparative
Kompass {m} :: compass (navigational instrument)
kompatibel {adj} :: compatible
kompatibilistisch {adj} :: compatibilistic, compatible
Kompatibilität {f} :: compatibility
Kompendium {n} :: compendium
Kompensation {f} :: compensation
kompensieren {v} :: to compensate
kompetent {adj} :: competent
Kompetenz {f} :: competence
kompetitiv {adj} :: competitive
kompilieren {v} [often pejorative] :: to compile or assemble information (without e.g. performing original research)
kompilieren {v} [computing] :: to compile; to produce assembly or binary code from a program written in a higher-level language
komplektisch {adj} :: complected; complex
komplementär {adj} :: complementary
komplementär {adj} :: supplementary
komplett {adj} :: complete (with everything included)
komplettieren {v} :: to complete
Komplettierung {f} :: completion
komplex {adj} :: complex, sophisticated, involved
Komplex {m} :: complex (all senses)
Komplexbildner {m} [chemistry] :: chelating agent
Komplexbildung {f} [chemistry] :: complexation (complex formation)
Komplexbildungsreaktion {f} [chemistry] :: complexation (reaction)
komplexe Zahl {f} [mathematics] :: complex number
komplexgebunden {adj} [chemistry] :: complexed (bound as a complex)
komplexieren {v} [chemistry] :: To complex (form a complex with)
komplexiert {v} :: past participle of komplexieren
Komplexierung {f} [chemistry] :: complexation (complex formation)
Komplexion {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: complex ion
Komplexität {f} :: complexity
Komplexometrie {f} :: complexometry
komplexometrisch {adj} :: complexometric
Komplexverbindung {f} [chemistry] :: complex compound
Komplikation {f} :: complication
Kompliment {n} :: compliment
Komplize {m} :: accomplice
Komplizenschaft {f} :: complicity
komplizieren {v} :: to complicate
kompliziert {adj} :: complicated, complex
kompliziert {adj} :: sophisticated
Kompliziertheit {f} :: complicatedness
Komplott {n} {m} :: plot (conspiracy against a person)
Komponente {f} :: component
Komponententest {m} [software, testing] :: unit test
komponieren {v} [music] :: to compose
Komponist {m} :: composer (male or of unspecified sex)
Komponistin {f} :: composer (female)
Komposition {f} [music or arts or mathematics or linguistics] :: composition
Komposition {f} :: creation
kompositorisch {adj} :: compositional
Kompositum {n} [linguistics] :: compound, compound word
Kompositum {n} [software, design] :: The composite pattern
Kompost {m} :: compost
kompostierbar {adj} :: compostable
kompostieren {v} :: to compost
Kompott {n} :: compote (dessert made of fruit cooked in sugary syrup)
Kompresse {f} [medicine] :: compress
komprimierbar {adj} :: compressible
komprimieren {v} :: to compress
komprimiert {adj} :: compressed
komprimiert {adj} :: packed
Kompromiss {m} {n} :: compromise
Kompromiß {noun} :: alternative form of Kompromiss
kompromissbereit {adj} :: ready to compromise
kompromisslos {adj} :: uncompromising, intransigent
kompromisslos {adv} :: uncompromisingly
kompromittieren {vt} :: to compromise
Komproportionierung {f} [chemistry] :: comproportionation
kompulsiv {adj} :: compulsive
komputativ {adj} :: computative (computational)
Komurke {f} :: alternative form of Kamurke
Kon {f} :: wife
konativ {adj} :: conative
Kondensat {n} :: condensate
Kondensation {f} :: condensation (all senses)
Kondensationskeim {m} [meteorology] :: condensation nucleus (in clouds)
Kondensator {m} :: capacitor
Kondensatorbelag {m} [physics] :: capacitor plate
kondensieren {v} :: to condense (to decrease size or volume)
Kondensmilch {f} :: condensed milk
Kondensstreifen {m} [meteorology] :: contrail
Kondiment {n} [cooking] :: condiment
Kondition {f} :: condition
konditional {adj} :: conditional
Konditional {m} :: conditional (mode/mood)
Konditor {m} :: confectioner, pastry cook (male or of unspecified sex)
Konditorei {f} :: pastry shop, cake shop
Konditorei {f} :: Konditorei, confectionery shop
Kondolenz {f} :: condolence (sympathy when someone has died)
Kondom {n} :: condom
Kondominium {n} [politics] :: condominium
Kondor {m} :: condor
Kone {f} [obsolete] :: wife
Konfabulation {f} [psychology] :: confabulation
Konferenz {f} :: conference
Konferenzzimmer {n} :: conference room
Konferenzzimmer {n} [Austria] :: teacher's lounge
Konfession {f} [religion] :: denomination
konfessionell {adj} :: confessional
konfessionslos {adj} [religion] :: nondenominational
Konfetti {n} :: confetti
Konfident {m} [obsolete] :: confidant, trusted friend
Konfident {m} [Austria, dated] :: informer, police informer
Konfiguration {f} :: configuration
konfigurieren {v} :: to configure
Konfirmation {f} [Protestantism] :: confirmation (ceremony of conscious acknowledgement of the faith)
Konfirmation {f} [rare, archaic] :: confirmation; verification
konfirmatorisch {adj} :: confirmatory
Konfiskation {f} :: confiscation
konfiszieren {v} :: to confiscate
Konfiszierung {f} :: confiscation
Konfitüre {f} [especially, Switzerland] :: jam, confiture
Konfix {n} :: a non-standalone bound morpheme, with lexical meaning, used to make words; a combining form
Konflikt {m} :: conflict
konfliktär {adj} :: conflicting
Konfliktherd {m} :: conflict centre
konfliktträchtig {adj} :: likely to cause conflict
konfluent {adj} :: confluent, converging
Konföderation {f} :: confederation, confederacy (a union or alliance of (largely) self-governing political entities, such as sovereign states or countries)
konform {adj} :: compliant
konform {adj} :: conformal
Konformation {f} [chemistry] :: conformation
Konformationsisomer {n} [chemistry] :: conformational isomer
Konformationsisomerie {f} [chemistry] :: conformational isomerism
Konformismus {m} :: conformism
Konformist {m} :: conformist (male or of unspecified sex)
konformistisch {adj} :: conformist
konformistischer {adj} :: comparative of konformistisch
konformistischsten {adj} :: superlative of konformistisch
Konformität {f} :: conformity
Konfrontation {f} :: confrontation (the act of confronting or challenging another, especially face-to-face)
Konfrontationskurs {m} :: collision course
konfrontativ {adj} :: confrontational
konfrontieren {v} :: To confront
Konfusion {f} :: confusion
konfuzianisch {adj} :: Confucian
Konfuzianismus {m} :: Confucianism
Konfuzius {n} :: Confucius
kongenial {adj} :: equally brilliant; on the same mental or intellectual level
kongenital {adj} [medicine, specialist] :: congenital (present since birth)
Konglomerat {n} [geology or business or cluster of heterogeneous things] :: conglomerate
Kongo {prop} {m} :: Congo (country with Brazzaville as capital)
Kongo {prop} {m} :: Congo (river)
Kongo {n} :: Kongo (a Bantu language)
Kongolese {m} :: Congolese (person from Republic of Congo)
Kongolesin {f} :: Congolese (female person from Republic of Congo)
kongolesisch {adj} :: Congolese (people or language of Republic of Congo)
Kongress {m} :: congress
Kongreß {noun} :: alternative spelling of Kongress
kongruent {adj} [geometry] :: congruent (with difference divisible by modulus)
Kongruenz {f} [grammar, linguistics] :: agreement (grammatical agreement)
Kongruenz {f} [geometry] :: congruence
Kongsbergit {m} [mineral] :: kongsbergite
Konifere {f} [botany, specialist or literary] :: a conifer (kind of tree)
Konifere {f} [erroneous or jocular] :: malapropism for Koryphäe
König {m} [monarch, chess, card games] :: king
König {prop} {mf} :: surname originating as a nickname
Königin {f} :: queen
Königin {f} [dated, now, rare] :: queen (chess piece)
königlich {adj} :: royal, regal, kingly
Königreich {n} :: kingdom
Königsbauer {m} [chess] :: king's pawn
Königsberg {prop} {n} [historical] :: Königsberg (city)
Königsberger Klopse {p} :: Königsberger Klopse (East Prussian dish of meatballs)
königsblau {adj} :: royal blue
Königsdorf {prop} {n} :: Königsdorf (municipality)
Königsdorf {prop} {n} :: Königsdorf (municipality)
Königsfamilie {f} :: royal family
Königsflügel {m} [chess] :: kingside
Königsgeier {m} :: king vulture
Königsgelb {n} :: Any of several bright yellow pigments
Königskerze {f} :: mullein (plants of the genus Verbascum)
Königskind {n} :: king's child, prince or princess
Königskobra {f} :: king cobra
Königslachs {m} :: a chinook salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha
Königsmord {m} :: regicide
Königspinguin {m} :: king penguin
Königssohn {m} :: prince, king's son
Königstetten {prop} {n} :: Königstetten (municipality)
Königstiger {m} :: Bengal tiger
Königstochter {f} :: princess, king's daughter
Königswasser {n} :: aqua regia (extremely powerful mixture of acids)
Königswasserlösung {f} :: aqua regia solution
Königsweg {m} [idiomatic] :: silver bullet, royal road
Königswetter {n} :: synonym of Kaiserwetter
Königswiesen {prop} {n} :: Königswiesen (municipality)
Königthum {n} :: obsolete spelling of Königtum
Königtum {n} [dated] :: kingdom
Königtum {n} [dated] :: kingship
konisch {adj} :: conical, conic
konjugal {adj} :: conjugal
Konjugation {f} [grammar, mathematics (usually accompanied by an adjective)] :: conjugation
konjugieren {v} :: to conjugate (list the inflected forms of a verb for each person)
Konjunktion {f} [grammar] :: conjunction
Konjunktion {f} [astronomy] :: conjunction
Konjunktiv {m} [grammar] :: subjunctive mood; conjunctive mode
Konjunktivitis {f} :: conjunctivitis (inflammation)
Konjunktur {f} :: current economic situation, current trend in the business/economic/trade cycle
Konjunktur {f} :: business outlook
Konjunktur {f} :: (economic) boom, upward trend, expansion
konjunkturell {adj} [pertaining to the business cycle or economic situation] :: economic, cyclical
konkav {adj} :: concave
Konklave {n} :: conclave
konkludent {adj} :: conclusive
konkludent {adj} :: implicit
konkomitant {adj} :: concomitant
konkordant {adj} :: concordant
Konkordat {n} :: concordat (formal agreement between a nation and the Vatican)
Konkordat {n} [Austria, Swiss] :: Formal agreement between a nation's federal government and its subdivisions, e.g. states or cantons
Konkordia {f} :: harmony
konkret {adj} :: concrete (particular, perceivable, real)
konkret {adv} :: definitely, specifically
Konkretion {f} :: concretion
konkretisieren {v} :: to concrete (to solidify)
konkretistisch {adj} :: concretistic
Konkubine {f} :: concubine
Konkurrent {m} :: competitor
Konkurrenz {f} [action of competing] :: competition
Konkurrenz {f} [no plural] :: competitors
konkurrenzfähig {adj} :: competitive
konkurrenzlos {adj} :: unrivaled, unrivalled
konkurrieren {v} :: to compete
Konkurs {m} :: bankruptcy
konkursreif {adj} [economics] :: heading for bankruptcy
konnatal {adj} :: congenital, connatal
können {v} [auxiliary, with an infinitive, past participle: “können”] :: To be able (to do something); can
können {v} [auxiliary, with an infinitive, past participle: “können”] :: To be allowed (to do something); to be permitted (to do something); may
können {vt} [past participle: “gekonnt”] :: To know how to do (something); to know; to understand; to be able to do (something); to be capable of; can do (something)
können {vi} [past participle: “gekonnt”] :: To be able to do something implied; can
können {vi} [colloquial, usually in negation] :: to be possible, to make sense
Können {n} :: skill, ability
Konnotation {f} [semantics] :: connotation (suggested or implied meaning)
Konnotation {f} [logic] :: connotation (aggregate of attributes connoted by a term)
konnotieren {v} :: To connote (to signify beyond principal meaning), to consignify
konphas {adj} :: in phase
Konrad {prop} {m} :: given name, origin of the English Conrad
konsanguin {adj} :: consanguineous
konsekutiv {adj} :: consecutive
Konsens {m} :: consensus
konsensual {adj} :: consensual
konsensuell {adj} :: alternative form of konsensual
konsequent {adj} :: consistent
konsequent {adj} :: firm, uncompromising
Konsequenz {f} :: consequence (that which follows something on which it depends; that which is produced by a cause)
Konservatismus {m} :: conservatism
konservativ {adj} :: conservative
konservativer {adj} :: comparative of konservativ
Konservativismus {m} :: conservativism
konservativsten {adj} :: superlative of konservativ
Konservatorium {n} [school of music] :: conservatory
Konserve {f} :: preserved food
Konserve {f} :: tin, can
Konservenbüchse {f} :: tin [airtight container]
Konservendose {f} :: tin / can (airtight container for conserving food)
konservieren {v} :: to conserve, to preserve
konserviert {adj} :: conserved, preserved
Konservierung {f} :: preservation, conservation
Konservierungsmittel {n} :: preservative
konsistent {adj} :: consistent (not logically contradictory)
Konsistenz {f} :: consistency
Konsole {f} :: console
konsolidieren {v} :: to consolidate
Konsolidierung {f} :: consolidation
Konsonant {m} [linguistics, phonetics] :: consonant
Konsonantenstamm {m} [linguistics] :: consonant stem
konsonantisch {adj} :: consonant (attributive)
Konsortium {n} :: consortium
Konspiration {f} :: conspiration
Konspirationstheoretiker {m} :: conspiracy theorist
Konspirationstheoretikerin {f} :: feminine noun of Konspirationstheoretiker
Konspirationstheorie {f} [rather rare] :: conspiracy theory
konspirativ {adj} :: conspirative, conspiratory
Kons.-Stamm {m} :: abbreviation of Konsonantenstamm
konstant {adj} [also mathematics] :: constant (unchanged through time or space)
Konstante {f} :: constant
Konstantin {prop} :: given name
Konstantinopel {prop} {n} :: Constantinople
Konstanz {f} :: constancy, permanence
Konstanz {prop} {n} :: Constance (city)
Konstanz {prop} {n} [historical] :: One of the four districts of the Grand Duchy of Baden
Konstanze {prop} :: given name
Konstanzer {m} :: Native or inhabitant of Konstanz
konstatieren {v} :: to state
konstatierend {adj} :: stating
konstatierend {adj} [linguistics] :: constative
Konstellation {f} :: constellation
konsterniert {adj} [literary] :: with consternation
konstituieren {v} :: to constitute
Konstitution {f} :: constitution
konstitutionelle Monarchie {f} :: constitutional monarchy (monarchy in which the monarch's power is limited by a written constitution)
konstitutiv {adj} :: constitutive
konstruieren {v} :: to design
konstruieren {v} :: to construct or fabricate
konstruierend {adj} :: constructing
konstruierend {adj} :: construing
konstruiert {v} :: past participle of konstruieren
konstruiert {adj} :: artificial
konstruiert {adj} :: constructed
Konstrukteur {m} :: designer, draftsman
Konstruktion {f} :: construction
Konstruktionswerkstoff {m} :: construction material
konstruktiv {adj} :: constructive (carefully considered and meant to be helpful)
Konstruktivismus {m} :: constructivism
Konsul {m} :: consul
Konsulat {n} :: consulate
Konsulin {f} :: a female consul
Konsulin {f} :: a consul's wife
Konsultation {f} :: consultation
Konsultent {m} [dated] :: legal advisor
Konsultent {m} [Austria, Swiss] :: consultant for a firm
konsultieren {v} :: to consult
Konsum {m} :: consumption
Konsument {m} [also biology] :: consumer
Konsumentin {f} :: consumer
Konsumgut {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: consumer good(s)
konsumierbar {adj} :: consumable
konsumieren {v} :: to consume
kontagiös {adj} :: contagious
Kontainer {m} :: container
Kontakt {m} :: contact
Kontakt {m} :: junction
Kontaktdruck {m} [photography] :: contact print
Kontaktfeder {f} :: contact spring
Kontaktfeder {f} :: spring clip
kontaktfreudig {adj} :: sociable, extrovert
kontaktieren {v} :: to contact (establish communication with)
Kontaktieren {n} :: contacting
Kontaktierung {f} :: contacting
Kontaktierung {f} :: bonding
Kontaktjonglage {f} :: contact juggling
Kontaktlinse {f} :: contact lens
kontaktscheu {adj} :: unsociable, introvert
Kontaktverbot {m} [law] :: restraining order
Kontaktverfahren {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: contact process
Kontamination {f} :: contamination
Kontamination {f} [linguistics] :: blend
kontaminieren {v} :: to contaminate
kontaminiert {adj} :: contaminated
kontemplativ {adj} :: contemplative
kontemporär {adj} :: contemporaneous, simultaneous
Konter {m} [sports] :: counter-attack
Konter {m} [figurative] :: repartee; comeback (witty answer)
Konteradmiral {m} :: rear admiral (a two-star rank in the modern German navy)
Konteradmiral {m} [historical] :: counter admiral, Konteradmiral (a one-star rank in various historical German-speaking navies)
Konterbier {n} :: hair of the dog
Konterfei {n} [dated] :: portrait
konterfeien {v} [dated] :: to portrait
konterkarieren {v} :: to thwart
kontern {v} :: to counter
Konterrevolution {f} [Marxism] :: counterrevolution (activities intended to hamper the Communist revolution; the forces behind these activities; anti-Marxists collectively)
Konterrevolution {f} [rare] :: counterrevolution (a revolution that aims to reverse the outcomes of a previous one)
konterrevolutionär {adj} :: counterrevolutionary
Kontext {m} :: context
kontextfrei {adj} :: context-free
kontextsensitiv {adj} :: context-sensitive
Kontinent {m} :: continent
kontinental {adj} :: continental
kontinental {adv} :: continentally
kontingent {adj} :: contingent
Kontingenz {f} [philosophy, psychology, sociology, statistics] :: contingency (quality of being contingent; unpredictability)
kontinuierlich {adj} :: continuous
Kontinuität {f} :: continuity
Kontinuum {n} :: continuum
Konto {n} :: account
Konto {n} :: bank account
Konto {n} :: internet account
Kontoauszug {m} :: bank statement
Kontor {n} :: branch office
kontra- {prefix} :: counter- (in opposition to)
kontra- {prefix} :: double (in music, of an instrument, sounding an octave lower)
Kontra {n} :: con (disadvantage)
Kontra {n} [uncountable, card games] :: double
Kontrabass {m} :: double bass (a large stringed instrument)
Kontrabaß {m} :: alternative spelling of Kontrabass
kontradiktorisch {adj} :: contradictory
kontrafaktisch {adj} :: counterfactual
Kontrahent {m} :: opponent, rival
Kontrahent {m} :: antagonist
kontrahieren {v} [formal, learned] :: to contract
Kontraindikation {f} [medicine] :: contraindication
kontraindiziert {adj} :: contraindicatory
Kontrakt {m} :: contract
Kontraktion {f} [formal, learned] :: contraction
Kontraktion {f} [mathematics] :: contraction
Kontraktionsfähigkeit {f} :: contractility
Kontraktur {f} [medicine] :: contracture
kontraproduktiv {adj} :: counterproductive
Kontrapunkt {m} [music] :: counterpoint (melody added to an existing one)
konträr {adj} :: contrarian, contrary
Kontrast {m} :: contrast
kontrastarm {adj} :: low-contrast
kontrasterhöhend {adj} :: contrast-enhancing
Kontrasterhöhung {f} :: contrast enhancement
kontrastieren {v} :: to contrast
Kontrastmittel {n} :: contrast medium, contrast agent (radiopaque material)
kontrastreich {adj} :: high-contrast, contrasty
Kontrollbox {f} [graphical user interface] :: checkbox
Kontrolle {f} :: inspection
Kontrolle {f} :: control
Kontrolleur {m} :: inspector
Kontrollgruppe {f} :: control group
kontrollierbar {adj} :: controllable, manageable
kontrollierbar {adj} :: verifiable
kontrollieren {v} :: to control
kontrollieren {v} :: to check
kontrolliert {adj} :: controlled
kontrolliert {adj} :: checked, monitored
Kontrollkästchen {n} :: checkbox
Kontrollraum {m} :: control room
Kontrollstab {m} :: control rod
Kontrolluhr {f} :: telltale clock, time clock
Kontrollverlust {m} :: loss of control
kontrovers {adj} :: controversial
Kontroverse {f} :: controversy
Kontumaz {f} [Austria officialese, dated] :: quarantine
Kontur {f} :: outline
Kontur {f} :: contour
konturlos {adj} :: shapeless
konturlos {adj} :: faceless
Konvektion {f} :: convection
Konvektionsströmung {f} :: convection current
konvenient {adj} :: convenient
Konvention {f} [protocol; preferred method of accomplishing a task] :: convention
konventionell {adj} :: conventional
konventionell {adj} :: normal
konvergieren {v} :: converge (to approach each other)
konvergieren {v} [mathematics] :: converge
konvers {adj} :: converse
Konversation {f} :: conversation (talking)
Konversationsmaxime {f} [linguistics] :: Grice's maxims
Konversion {f} [religion] :: conversion
Konversion {f} [construction] :: conversion, repurposing
Konversion {f} [linguistics] :: conversion, zero derivation
Konverter {m} :: converter
konvertieren {v} :: to convert
Konvertierung {f} :: conversion
konvex {adj} :: convex
konvexer {adj} :: comparative of konvex
konvexesten {adj} :: superlative of konvex
Konvikt {n} :: seminary
Konvikt {n} [Austria] :: Catholic boarding school
konvivial {adj} :: convivial
Konvoi {m} :: convoy
konvulsiv {adj} :: convulsive
konvulsivisch {adj} :: alternative form of konvulsiv
Konz {prop} {n} :: Konz (municipality)
Konzentrat {n} :: concentrate
Konzentration {f} :: concentration
Konzentrationslager {n} :: concentration camp
Konzentrationsmangel {m} :: lack of concentration
konzentrieren {vr} :: to concentrate [one's mind or attention]
konzentrieren {vt} :: to concentrate [something]
konzentriert {adj} :: concentrated
konzentriert {adj} :: focused
Konzentrierung {f} :: concentration (act of concentrating)
Konzentrierung {f} :: massing
konzentrisch {adj} :: concentric
Konzept {n} :: blueprint, draft
Konzept {n} :: concept [something understood, and retained in the mind]
Konzeption {f} :: conception
Konzeption {f} :: doctrine
Konzeption {f} :: concept
konzeptionell {adj} :: conceptual
konzeptuell {adj} :: conceptual
Konzern {m} :: business group, corporate group
Konzernumsatz {m} :: group sales
Konzert {n} :: concert (musical event)
Konzert {n} :: concerto
konzertant {adj} [music] :: concert (attributive); concerto (attributive)
Konzertflügel {m} [music] :: concert grand, grand
Konzertgitarre {f} :: concert guitar
Konzerthaus {n} :: concert hall (building)
konzertiert {adj} :: concerted
Konzertmeister {m} [music] :: concertmaster
Konzertsaal {m} :: concert hall (large room)
Konzertstück {n} :: concertino
Konzession {f} :: franchise
konzessionieren {v} :: to franchise, to grant (a company) the right to operate
konzessiv {adj} :: concessive
Konzessivsatz {m} [grammar] :: concessive clause
Konzil {n} :: church council, synod
konziliant {adj} :: conciliatory
konzipieren {v} :: to conceptualise, to design
konzipiert {v} :: past participle of konzipieren
konzis {adj} :: concise; brief
Koofmich {m} [regional, colloquial, derogatory] :: businessman
Koog {m} [chiefly northern Germany] :: polder (land reclaimed from the sea by means of dikes)
Kooperation {f} :: cooperation
kooperativ {adj} :: cooperative
Kooperator {m} [dated] :: employee
Kooperator {m} [Austria, Roman Catholicism] :: coadjutor (assistant to a bishop)
kooperieren {v} :: to cooperate
Koordinate {f} :: coordinate
Koordinatenachse {f} [mathematics, geometry] :: coordinate axis
Koordinatensystem {n} :: coordinate system
Koordination {f} :: coordination
Koordinationsstörung {f} [pathology] :: coordination disorder
Koordinationszahl {f} [chemistry] :: coordination number
koordinieren {v} [to synchronize activities] :: to coordinate
Koordinierung {f} :: coordination
Kopenhagen {prop} {n} :: Kopenhagen (capital city)
Köpenickiade {f} :: con game involving pretending to be in a position of authority
Kopf {m} [anatomy] :: head
Kopf {m} :: crown, top
Kopf {m} :: heading, title
Kopf {m} :: person; individual; fellow (referring to one's intellect or mentality)
Kopf {m} [linguistics] :: head
Kopf {m} :: [numismatics] heads (side of a coin)
Kopf-an-Kopf-Rennen {n} :: neck and neck race
Kopfarbeit {f} :: intellectual work, "mental math"
Kopfarbeiter {m} :: intellectual person
Kopfball {m} [football] :: header
kopfballstark {adj} [football] :: Good at heading the ball
Kopfbedeckung {f} :: headgear
Kopfbewegung {f} :: a movement of the head
Kopfbruststück {noun} :: cephalothorax
Köpfchen {n} :: diminutive of Kopf
Köpfchen {n} [colloquial] :: brain; wit; intellect
Köpfchen {n} [botany] :: capitulum
köpfen {v} [death] :: to behead
köpfen {v} [soccer] :: to head
Kopfentscheidung {f} :: a decision made after reflection, or rational thought [as opposed to a gut decision]
Kopfform {f} :: shape of head
Kopfgeld {n} :: bounty (reward)
Kopfgeldjäger {m} :: bounty hunter (male or of unspecified sex) (person who catches criminals)
Kopfgrind {m} :: scalp ringworm
Kopfhaut {f} :: scalp (skin on the head where the hair grows)
Kopf hoch {phrase} :: Chin up!, Cheer up!
Kopfhörer {m} :: headphones
-köpfig {suffix} :: Pertaining to the head count of a group
-köpfig {suffix} :: headed (having a certain type or number of heads)
Kopfjäger {m} :: headhunter
Kopfkino {n} :: inner cinema
Kopfkissen {n} :: pillow
Kopfkissenbezug {m} :: pillowcase
kopflastig {adj} :: top-heavy
Kopflaus {f} :: head louse
kopflos {adj} :: headless
kopflos {adj} :: absent-minded
Kopflosigkeit {f} :: headlessness
Kopflosigkeit {f} :: absentmindedness
Kopfnuss {f} :: clout (blow on the head)
Kopfnuss {f} :: riddle, brain-teaser
Kopfputz {m} :: A headdress, head finery, especially of women, or regal finery like a crown
Kopfsalat {m} :: lettuce
Kopfsatz {m} [music] :: first movement
kopfscheu {adj} :: anxious, agitated
Kopfschmerz {m} :: headache
Kopfschütteln {n} :: headshaking
Kopfstand {m} :: headstand
Kopfstütze {f} :: headrest, head restraint
Kopftuch {n} :: headscarf
Kopftuchmädchen {n} [derogatory] :: girl wearing a hijab
Kopf und Kragen {noun} :: danger
Kopfverletzung {f} :: head injury
Kopfweh {n} :: headache
Kopfwort {n} [morphology] :: final clipping; apocope
Kopfzerbrechen {n} :: headfuck
Kopie {f} :: a copy, the result of copying something, a duplicate
kopieren {v} :: to copy
kopieren und einfügen {v} [computing] :: to copy and paste
Kopierer {m} :: copier (a machine that copies)
Kopiergerät {n} :: copier (machine)
kopiergeschützt {adj} :: copy-protected
Kopierschutz {m} :: copy protection
Kopilot {m} :: copilot
Kopp {m} [colloquial, regional, northern and central Germany] :: alternative form of Kopf
Kopp {m} [colloquial, regional, northern and central Germany] :: used to make all kinds of humorous, somewhat negative words for people
Koppel {f} :: paddock
Koppel {f} :: coupler
koppeln {v} :: To connect or interconnect
koppeln {v} :: To couple or interlink
Koppelprodukt {n} :: coproduct
Köpper {m} [colloquial, regional, chiefly northern and central Germany] :: header (jump into water with one's head and arms ahead)
Kopplung {f} :: coupling
Koproduktion {f} :: coproduction
Koproduzent {m} :: coproducer
Koproduzentin {m} :: feminine noun of Koproduzent
koproduzieren {v} :: to coproduce
Kopte {m} :: Copt (man who belongs to the Coptic Church)
Koptin {f} :: Copt (woman who belongs to the Coptic Church)
koptisch {adj} :: Coptic (related to the Coptic language or to the Copts)
Koptisch {n} :: Coptic (language)
Kopula {f} [grammar] :: copula (linking kind of word)
kopulativ {adj} :: copulative
Kopulativkompositum {n} [linguistics] :: dvandva
kopulieren {v} :: to copulate
Kor. {noun} [music] :: abbreviation of Kornett
Kor {n} :: cor [unit of measure]
Koralle {f} :: coral
korallen {adj} [attributive] :: coral
Korallenfisch {m} :: butterfly fish
Korallenotter {f} :: coral snake
Korallenriff {n} :: coral reef
Koran {m} :: Qur'an
koranisch {adj} :: Qur'anic, Koranic
Korb {m} :: basket; creel
Korb {m} [aviation] :: nacelle
Korb {m} [legal] :: a set of laws around a certain theme
Korb {m} [colloquial] :: rejection of a request, typically romantic, such as a proposal or asking for a date
Körbchen {n} :: diminutive of Korb
Körbchen {n} :: bra cup
Körbchengröße {f} :: cup size
Korbflechter {m} :: basketweaver
Korbware {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: wicker item, wickerwork
Kordel {f} :: cord (length of twisted strands)
Kordel {f} [regional] :: twine
Kordel {f} [Austria] :: cord (decorative cord for dresses or as a barrier in museums)
Kordilleren {fp} :: cordillera
Kordon {m} [line of people or things placed around an area to enclose or protect it] :: cordon
Kore {f} :: kore
Korea {prop} {n} :: Korea
Koreakrieg {prop} {m} :: Korean War (war lasting from 1950 to 1953)
Koreaner {mf} :: Korean (person, male)
Koreanerin {f} :: Korean (female person from Korea)
koreanisch {adj} :: Korean
Koreanisch {n} [language] :: Korean
Koreanische Volksdemokratische Republik {prop} {f} [DDR] :: Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Koreanistik {f} :: Korean studies (academic study of Korean language and literature)
kören {v} :: to choose individual animals for breeding
Korfu {prop} {f} :: Korfu (island)
Korfu {prop} {f} :: Korfu (city)
Koriander {m} :: coriander, cilantro
Korinthenkacker {m} [derogatory, offensive] :: nitpicker, stickler for detail
Kork {m} {n} :: cork (material)
Korken {m} :: cork (bottle stopper, usually but necessarily made of cork)
Korkenzieher {m} :: corkscrew
korkig {adj} :: corky (both senses)
Kormoran {m} :: cormorant (seabird of the family Phalacrocoracidae)
Korn {n} [countable] :: kernel; single grain
Korn {n} [countable, firearm] :: bead (knob on a gun barrel used for aiming)
Korn {n} [uncountable] :: cereal; corn; grain (type of plant and its fruit)
Korn {n} [uncountable, dated or regional] :: rye (as the commonest kind of grain in German-speaking Europe)
Korn {m} :: Korn (liquor)
Korn {prop} {f} :: Chiers (river)
Kornblume {f} :: cornflower
kornblumenblau {adj} :: cornflower blue
Körnchen {n} :: diminutive of Korn
Körnchen Wahrheit {n} :: kernel of truth
Kornelkirsche {f} :: cornel
körnerfressend {adj} :: granivorous
Kornett {n} [musical instruments] :: cornet
Korneuburg {prop} {n} :: Korneuburg (municipality)
Kornfeinung {f} :: grain refining / grain-boundary strengthening
Korngröße {f} :: grain / particle size
körnig {adj} :: grainy, granular, granulous
körnig {adj} :: sandy
Körnigkeit {f} :: granularity, graininess
kornisch {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Cornwall; Cornish
kornisch {adj} :: Native to Cornwall
kornisch {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the Cornish language
Kornisch {n} :: Cornish (language)
Kornkammer {f} [literally and figuratively] :: granary
Kornkreis {m} :: crop circle
Körnlein {n} :: diminutive of Korn
Kornnatter {f} :: corn snake, Pantherophis guttatus, formerly Elaphe guttata
Kornrade {f} :: corncockle (plant of the genus Agrostemma)
Körnung {f} :: granulation, granularity
Korollar {n} :: corollary (proposition which follows easily)
Korona {f} [including, astronomy] :: corona
koronal {adj} :: coronal
koronar {adj} :: coronary
Körper {m} :: body (of a person, animal, etc.)
Körper {m} [physics] :: body
Körper {m} [geometry] :: body, solid (three-dimensional object)
Körper {m} [algebra] :: field (algebraic structure with addition and multiplication)
Körperbau {m} :: build; physique; figure (of the body, particularly the bones and muscles)
Körperchen {n} :: diminutive of Körper
Körperchen {n} [medicine] :: corpuscle
körpereigen {adj} :: endogenous
Körperflüssigkeit {f} :: body fluid
Körperflüssigkeit {f} :: humour (archaic)
Körpergeruch {m} :: body odour
Körpergewicht {n} :: bodyweight
Körperhälfte {f} :: body half
Körperhaltung {f} :: posture, position of the body
körperlich {adj} :: bodily, physical
Körperlichkeit {f} :: corporeality, physicality
körpernah {adj} :: close to the body, close-fitting
Körperschaft {f} :: corporation
Körpersprache {f} :: body language
Körperteil {m} :: body part
Körpertemperatur {f} :: body temperature
Körperverletzung {f} :: bodily injury, bodily harm, battery (crime)
Körperverletzung mit Todesfolge {f} [law] :: A killing where the perpetrator intended physical harm to the victim but did not intend their death, often considered a form of manslaughter in Anglophone jurisdictions; for example, the death of someone who hit their head on a sharp edge after having been punched in the face
Körperzelle {f} :: somatic cell
Korporal {m} :: non-commissioned officer
Korporal {m} [Austria, Swiss] :: synonym of Rekrut
korporatistisch {adj} :: corporatist
korporiert {adj} :: student union (attributive)
Korps {n} [military] :: corps
Korps {n} :: rare spelling of Corps
Korpus {n} [linguistics] :: corpus
Korpusware {f} :: silverware
korrekt {adj} :: correct
korrekt {adj} :: accurate
korrekt {adj} :: proper; decent
korrekt {adj} [youth slang] :: great; cool
Korrektheit {f} :: correctness
korrektiv {adj} :: corrective
Korrektur {f} :: correction
Korrekturfahne {f} :: proof, galley proof
Korrelation {f} :: correlation
korrelativ {adj} :: correlative
korrelieren {v} :: To correlate
korreliert {v} :: past participle of korrelieren
korreliert {adj} :: correlated
Korrespondent {m} :: correspondent (male or of unspecified sex) (of a news organisation)
Korrespondentin {f} :: correspondent (female) (of a news organisation)
Korrespondenz {f} :: correspondence
korrespondieren {v} :: [to correlate] to correspond
korrespondieren {v} :: [to communicate by mail] to correspond
Korridor {m} :: corridor
Korridor {m} :: hallway, hall, foyer
korrigierbar {adj} :: correctable
korrigieren {v} :: to correct
korrigieren {v} [homework or assignment] :: to mark
korrodieren {v} :: To corrode
korrodiert {v} :: past participle of korrodieren
korrodiert {adj} :: corroded
Korrosion {f} :: corrosion
korrosionsbeständig {adj} :: corrosion-resistant
Korrosionsbeständigkeit {f} :: corrosion resistance
korrosionsfest {adj} :: corrosion-resistant
korrosionsfördernd {adj} :: corrosive (promoting corrosion)
Korrosionsschutz {m} :: corrosion protection
korrosionsschützend {adj} :: corrosion-resistant
korrosiv {adj} :: corrosive
korrumpierbar {adj} :: corruptible
korrumpieren {v} :: to corrupt
korrupt {adj} :: corrupt (inclined to bribery)
korrupt {adj} :: corrupt (morally or ethically rotten)
korrupter {adj} :: comparative of korrupt
korruptesten {adj} :: superlative of korrupt
Korruption {f} :: corruption
Korsage {f} :: corsage
Korsar {m} :: corsair, pirate (one who plunders at sea)
Korsett {n} :: corset
Korsika {prop} {n} :: Corsica
korsisch {adj} :: Corsican (related to Corsica, its language or its people)
Korsisch {prop} {n} :: Corsican (language)
Korso {m} {n} [chiefly in compounds] :: a public celebration with vehicles driving in a row; on any occasion, but commonest with weddings and football victories
Kortholt {n} :: kortholt
kortikal {adj} [anatomy] :: cortical
Kortikoid {n} :: corticoid
Kortison {n} :: cortisone
Korund {m} [mineral] :: corundum
Korvette {f} :: corvette
Koryphäe {m} :: coryphaeus
Koryphäe {f} :: expert, luminary, genius, mastermind
Kosak {m} :: Cossack
kosakisch {adj} :: Cossack
koscher {adj} [Judaism, of food] :: kosher
koscher {adj} [often, negated, colloquial, regional] :: free of doubt, safe
Koseform {f} :: affectionate form
kosen {v} :: to cuddle
kosen {v} :: to caress
Kosename {m} :: pet name
Kosewort {n} :: term of endearment (word or phrase expressing affection)
Kosinus {m} :: cosine
Kosmetik {f} [act or study of enhancing beauty] :: cosmetics
Kosmetikindustrie {f} :: cosmetics industry
Kosmetikum {n} :: cosmetic
kosmetisch {adj} :: cosmetic
kosmisch {adj} :: cosmic
Kosmochemie {f} :: cosmochemistry
Kosmodizee {f} :: cosmodicy
Kosmodrom {n} :: cosmodrome
kosmogen {adj} :: cosmogenic
Kosmologie {f} :: cosmology
kosmologisch {adj} :: cosmological
Kosmonaut {m} :: cosmonaut (male or of unspecified sex)
Kosmopolit {m} :: cosmopolite (cosmopolitan person)
kosmopolitisch {adj} :: cosmopolitan
Kosmos {m} :: cosmos
kosovarisch {adj} :: Kosovan
Kosovo {prop} {n} {m} :: Kosovo
kosovo-albanisch {adj} :: Kosovo Albanian
Kössen {prop} {n} :: Kössen (municipality)
Kossert {prop} :: surname
Kost {f} :: food, fare, diet, board, commons
Kost {f} :: meal
kostbar {adj} :: precious
Kostbarkeit {f} :: preciousness
Kostbarkeit {f} :: precious object
koste es, was es wolle {phrase} :: at all costs; whatever it takes
kosten {v} :: to cost
kosten {vt} :: to taste, try (sample the flavor of something)
Kosten {p} :: costs
kostendeckend {adj} :: cost-covering
Köstendorf {prop} {n} :: Köstendorf (municipality)
kosteneffizient {adj} :: cost-efficient
kostenfrei {adj} :: free of cost
kostengünstig {adj} :: affordable, inexpensive, economical
kostenintensiv {adj} :: costly (cost intensive)
kostenlos {adj} :: Without cost, free
kostenlos {adv} :: for free, free of charge
kostenmäßig {adj} :: cost-wise (in terms of cost)
Kosten-Nutzen-Analyse {f} :: cost-benefit analysis
kostenpflichtig {adj} :: chargeable (subject to payment)
Kostenstelle {f} :: cost centre
köstlich {adj} :: costly; precious
köstlich {adj} :: exquisite; excellent
köstlich {adj} :: delicious (pleasing to taste)
kostspielig {adj} :: costly
Kostüm {n} :: costume
Kost und Logis {noun} :: board and lodging, room and board
Kot {m} [formal] :: feces
Kot {m} [archaic] :: mud
Kotau {m} :: kowtow
Kotelett {n} :: chop, cutlet
Kotelette {f} [rare] :: singular of Koteletten
Koteletten {noun} :: sideburns (facial hair extending on the sides of the face near the ears)
Koteletten {noun} [by extension] :: the hair directly in front of the ears (even when short or in a woman)
koten {v} [technical or very formal] :: to defecate
Köter {m} [derogatory] :: dog, pooch
Kotflügel {m} :: fender [United States], mudguard [British]
kotranslational {adj} :: cotranslational
Kotstecher {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: assfucker (typically used as a derogative therm for a homosexual man)
Köttel {m} [regional] :: a small piece of hard (chiefly animal) feces
Kotter {m} :: cage, can, prison cell
Kötter {m} :: tenant; cotter (farmer who dwells and works on a parcel of a wealthier farmer’s land)
Kottingbrunn {prop} {n} :: Kottingbrunn (municipality)
Köttmannsdorf {prop} {n} :: Köttmannsdorf (municipality)
Kotze {f} [vulgar] :: puke, vomit
Kotze {f} [regional, southern] :: coarse woolen blanket, woolen cape
Kotzefresser {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: vomit-eater
kotzen {v} [colloquial, colloquial] :: to vomit; to puke
kotzübel {adj} :: nauseated, sick to one's stomach [with the subject in the dative]
kovalent {adj} [chemistry] :: covalent
kovalente Bindung {f} [chemistry] :: covalent bond
Kowalski {prop} {mf} :: surname
Kozi {m} [often derogatory, dated] :: a commie; a member of a communist party
KP {noun} :: initialism of Kaufpreis
KP {prop} :: initialism of Kommunistische Partei
Krabbe {f} :: crab
Krabbe {f} :: shrimp
Krabbe {f} [architecture] :: crocket
krabbeln {vi} :: to crawl (typically, but not always, of a baby or insect)
krabbeln {vt} [auxiliary only haben] :: to tickle, especially by making fast movements with all fingers of one hand
Krabbenbrot {n} :: (slice of) bread topped with small shrimps
Krabbenbrot {n} :: kroepoek (Indonesian shrimp crackers)
Krabbenspinne {f} :: crab spider
Krach {m} :: crash
Krach {m} :: noise
krachen {v} :: to crash (collide, fall or come down violently)
krachen {v} :: to crack, creak
krächzen {vi} :: to croak; to caw
Kracke {f} :: old and weak horse
Kracke {f} [humorous] :: old and/or weak person
Krad {n} [military] :: motorcycle
Kradschütze {m} [military] :: motorcycle-riding infantry
Krafft {f} :: obsolete spelling of Kraft
kraft {prep} [officialese] :: on the basis of; by virtue of; by means of, through
Kraft {f} :: strength, force
Kraft {f} [physics] :: force
Kraftakt {m} :: show of strength, stunt, feat
Kraftakt {m} :: tour de force, strenuous effort
Kraftausdruck {m} :: swear word
Kräftemessen {n} :: trial of strength
Kräftespiel {n} :: interplay of forces
kräftezehrend {adj} :: debilitating, exhausting
Kraftfahrzeug {n} :: motor vehicle (any land-based means of transportation)
Kraftfahrzeug-Haftpflichtversicherung {f} :: auto liability insurance
Kraftfahrzeugkennzeichen {n} :: license plate, number plate
Kraftfahrzeugzulassung {f} :: motor vehicle registration
Kraftfeld {n} :: force field
kräftig {adj} :: strong, sturdy, vigorous, powerful, bold
kraftlos {adj} :: powerless
Kraftrad {n} :: motorcycle
kraftraubend {adj} :: exhausting
Kraftraum {m} :: weights room (a small, often private, gym used for muscle training)
Kraftstoff {m} :: fuel
Kraftstofftank {m} :: fuel tank
Kraftvergeudung {f} :: waste of energy
kraftvoll {adj} :: powerful, vigorous
Kraftwagen {m} :: car, automobile
Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung {f} :: cogeneration, combined heat and power
Kraftwerk {n} :: power station, power plant
kraftwerkisch {adj} :: Kraftwerkian
Kraftwerkserreger {m} [electricity] :: power plant excitation equipment, power plant excitation system
Kraftwort {n} :: swear word
Kragen {m} :: collar
Kragenente {f} :: harlequin duck (Histrionicus histrionicus)
kragenlos {adj} :: collarless
Krähe {f} :: crow
krähen {v} :: to crow
Krähen {n} [cry of the rooster] :: crow
Krähenfraß {m} :: food for crows
Krähenfraß {m} :: consumption (of something) by crows
Krähenfuss {m} :: alternative spelling of Krähenfuß