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o {interj} :: O
O {letter} :: The fifteenth letter of the German alphabet
O {noun} :: abbreviation of Ost; east
o. ä. {phrase} :: abbreviation of oder ähnlich
o. Ä. {phrase} :: abbreviation of oder Ähnliche / Ähnliches
Oase {f} :: oasis
ob- {prefix} :: over-, super-
ob- {prefix} :: ob-
ob {conj} :: [subordinating] if, whether
ob {prep} [formal, literary, + dative or genitive] :: on account of
ob {prep} [archaic or dialectal, + dative] :: over, above, on
Ob. {noun} [music] :: abbreviation of Oboe
Obadja {prop} [religion] :: Obadiah
Obadja {prop} :: the book of Obadiah
Obama {prop} {m} :: the 44th president of the USA; Obama
Obatzda {m} :: alternative spelling of Obazda
Obazda {m} :: Obatzda, a Bavarian cheese delicacy
obd. {adj} :: abbreviation of oberdeutsch
o. B. d. A. {adv} :: wlog (without loss of generality)
Obdach {n} :: shelter
Obdach {prop} {n} :: Obdach (municipality)
obdachlos {adj} :: homeless
Obdachlose {f} :: (female) homeless person
Obdachloser {m} :: homeless person
Obduktion {f} :: autopsy
obduzieren {v} :: to autopsy
O-Bein {n} :: bowleg
o-beinig {adj} :: bow-legged, bandy-legged
Obelisk {m} :: obelisk (a tall, square, tapered, stone monolith topped with a pyramidal point)
oben {adv} :: above
oben {adv} :: north
oben {adv} :: upstairs
oben {adv} :: at an earlier point in a text
obenauf {adv} :: on top
obenauf {adv} :: on top of things; happy, healthy, cheerful
obendrein {adv} :: besides, additionally, also
ober- {prefix} :: over-
ober- {prefix} :: upper
Ober {m} [dated] :: waiter (usually the head waiter, but sometimes any waiter)
Ober {m} [card games] :: over knave, queen
oberaffengeil {adj} [dated, colloquial] :: really cool, awesome
Oberalm {prop} {n} :: Oberalm (municipality)
Oberarm {m} :: upper arm
Oberaufseherin {f} :: A female supervisor
oberbayerisch {adj} :: Upper Bavarian
Oberbayern {prop} :: Upper Bavaria
oberbayrisch {adj} :: alternative form of oberbayerisch
Oberbefehlshaber {m} [military rank] :: commander in chief
Oberbegriff {m} :: umbrella term, hypernym
Oberbürgermeister {m} :: mayor (male or of unspecified sex) (of a large city; conventionally translated Lord Mayor)
Oberdeck {n} :: top deck, upper deck (of a ship or boat)
oberdeutsch {adj} :: Upper German
Oberdeutsch {n} :: Upper German
Oberdrauburg {prop} {n} :: Oberdrauburg (municipality)
Oberende {n} :: the upper or topmost part, the head of anything
oberer {adj} [attributive only] :: upper
oberer {adj} [attributive only] :: superior
Oberer See {prop} {m} :: Lake Superior (the lake)
oberfaul {adj} :: suspicious, arousing suspicion
Oberfläche {f} :: surface
Oberflächenbehandlung {f} :: finish (surface treatment)
Oberflächenbeschichtung {f} :: surface coating
Oberflächenchemie {f} [chemistry] :: surface chemistry
oberflächennah {adj} :: near-surface (attributive)
Oberflächenschicht {f} [physics] :: surface layer
Oberflächenschutz {m} :: protective coating (surface protection)
Oberflächenwasser {n} :: surface water
oberflächlich {adj} :: superficial
Oberführer {m} :: paramilitary rank of the nazi SA and SS, corresponds to brigadier or senior colonel. Literally translates to "Senior Leader". Next in rank to Brigadeführer, rank below is Standartenführer
obergärig {adj} :: top-fermented
Obergeschoss {n} :: upper floor
Obergespan {m} [Medieval Hungary] :: a Hungarian Lord-Lieutenant of counties, the Hungarian count in charge of every viscount (Vizegespan) in a county
Obergespann {m} :: alternative form of Obergespan
Obergewand {n} [formal] :: overgarment
Obergrenze {f} :: upper limit, cap, cutoff
Obergruppenführer {m} :: Obergruppenführer
Oberhaag {prop} {n} :: Oberhaag (municipality)
oberhalb {prep} [with the genitive] :: above
Oberhand {noun} :: upper hand. Used in the phrase "die Oberhand gewinnen" (to gain the upper hand. Also with behalten, erhalten, verlieren
Oberhaupt {n} :: chief, chieftain, captain, leader, ruler
Oberhaupt {n} :: the upper part of the head
Oberhaus {n} [politics] :: upper house
Oberhausen {prop} :: Oberhausen (city)
Oberholz {n} :: overstory
Oberin {f} [Roman Catholicism] :: (mother) superior; abbess
oberirdisch {adj} :: aboveground
oberirdisch {adj} :: aerial
Oberkappel {prop} {n} :: Oberkappel (municipality)
Oberkategorie {f} :: supercategory
Oberkellner {m} :: head waiter
Oberkommando {n} [military] :: high command
Oberkörper {m} :: upper part of the body
Oberlandesgericht {n} [legal] :: regional appeal court
Oberlauf {m} :: upper reaches, headwaters, headstream
oberlausitzisch {adj} :: Upper Lusatian
Oberleitung {f} :: catenary, overhead power line
Oberleutnant {m} :: first lieutenant
Oberlippe {f} [anatomy] :: upper lip
Oberlippenbart {m} :: moustache
Obermenge {f} :: superset (set containing all elements of another set)
Oberneukirchen {prop} {n} :: Oberneukirchen (municipality)
Oberneukirchen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Bavaria, Germany
Oberösterreich {prop} {n} :: Upper Austria
oberösterreichisch {noun} :: relating to Upper Austria; Upper Austrian
Oberperfuss {prop} {n} :: Oberperfuss (municipality)
Oberpfalz {prop} {f} :: Upper Palatinate
Oberpfälzer {m} :: inhabitant of the Upper Palatinate
Oberpullendorf {prop} {n} :: Oberpullendorf (municipality)
Oberrhein {prop} {m} :: Upper Rhine
oberrheinisch {adj} :: of or pertaining to the Upper Rhine (Oberrhein)
Obers {n} [Austria] :: cream (fatty part of milk)
Obersachsen {prop} {n} :: Upper Saxony
obersächsisch {adj} :: Upper Saxon
Oberschenkel {m} :: thigh (upper leg)
Oberschenkel {m} :: femur, thighbone
Oberschenkelinnenseiten {f} {p} :: the insides of the upper thighs (area of the body)
Oberschenkelknochen {m} :: femur, thighbone
Oberschicht {f} :: upper class
oberschlächtig {adj} :: overshot (of a waterwheel)
Oberschlesien {prop} {n} :: Upper Silesia
Oberschlierbach {prop} {n} :: Oberschlierbach (municipality)
Oberschule {f} :: high school, secondary school
Oberschützen {prop} {n} :: Oberschützen (municipality)
Oberseite {f} :: top, upside
Obersiebenbrunn {prop} {n} :: Obersiebenbrunn (municipality)
obersorbisch {adj} :: Upper Sorbian (related to Upper Lusitia, to its people or to the Upper Sorbian language)
Obersorbisch {n} :: Upper Sorbian (the Upper Sorbian language)
Oberst {m} :: colonel
Oberstaatsanwalt {m} [legal] :: chief prosecutor
Oberstleutnant {m} :: lieutenant colonel
Obersturmbannführer {m} :: military rank of the nazi SA and SS, corresponds with lieutenant colonel. Senior rank is Standartenführer, rank below is Sturmbannführer (major)
Obersturmführer {m} :: a former military rank in the SS and SA in Nazi Germany, equal to a "Oberleutnant" (first lieutenant) in the regular Wehrmacht
Oberteil {m} {n} :: upper part of something
Oberteil {n} :: top (clothing)
Obertraun {prop} {n} :: Obertraun (municipality)
Oberursel {prop} :: A town near Frankfurt in Hesse
Obervellach {prop} {n} :: Obervellach (municipality)
Obervolta {prop} :: Upper Volta
Oberwaltersdorf {prop} {n} :: Oberwaltersdorf (municipality)
Oberwang {prop} {n} :: Oberwang (municipality)
Oberwart {prop} {n} :: Oberwart (municipality)
Obfrau {f} :: chairwoman
Obfrau {f} :: representative
obfuskieren {v} [computing] :: to obfuscate
obgenannt {adj} :: above-mentioned
obgleich {conj} :: albeit, even though
Obhut {f} :: care, custody
obig {adj} :: above
obig {adj} :: foregoing
Object Request Broker {m} [software engineering] :: object request broker
Objekt {n} :: object
objektbasiert {adj} [programming] :: object-based
objektbasierte Sprache {f} [computing] :: object-based language
objektiv {adj} :: objective (not influenced by emotions)
Objektiv {n} [photography] :: lens
Objektiv {n} [rare] :: objective
Objektivismus {m} :: objectivism
objektorientiert {adj} [computing, programming] :: object-oriented
objektorientierte Programmierung {f} [computing, object-oriented design] :: object-oriented programming
objektorientierter {adj} :: comparative of objektorientiert
objektorientierte Sprache {f} [computing] :: object-oriented language
objektorientiertesten {adj} :: superlative of objektorientiert
Objektsprache {f} :: object language
Öblarn {prop} {n} :: Öblarn (municipality)
Oblast {noun} :: oblast (administrative unit, typically in a Slavic country)
Oblate {f} :: wafer
obliegen {vi} :: to be [+dative]'s responsibility
obligat {adj} :: obligatory
obligat {adj} [ironic] :: inevitable
Obligation {f} :: obligation
obligatorisch {adj} :: compulsory (mandatory)
Obligo {n} [finance] :: liability, encumbrance
Obliquus {m} [grammar] :: oblique case
obliviös {adj} :: forgetful
obliviös {adj} :: oblivious
Obmann {m} :: chairman
Obmann {m} :: representative
Obmann {m} [sports] :: head referee, official, judge
ob man will oder nicht {adv} [set phrase, possibly, idiomatic] :: willy-nilly; whether we like it or not
Oboe {f} [musical instruments] :: oboe
Obolchen {n} :: diminutive of Obolus
Obolus {m} [historical, chiefly Ancient Greece] :: obolus (coin)
Obolus {m} :: a small monetary donation
Obrigkeit {f} :: authorities
obs {contraction} :: contraction of ob es
obschon {conj} :: albeit (despite its being; although)
obsen {v} [jargon] :: to keep (somebody, something) under surveillance, to surveil
Observatorium {n} [astronomy] :: observatory
observieren {v} :: to keep somebody or something under surveillance for any length of time (for a particular objective)
observieren {v} [dated] :: to observe (scientifically)
obsessiv {adj} :: obsessive
Obsidian {m} :: obsidian
obsiegen {v} [dated, formal] :: to win
obskur {adj} :: obscure (dark, faint or indistinct)
obskur {adj} :: obscure (unknown)
obsolet {adj} :: obsolete
Obst {n} :: Edible plant parts, other than nuts, which are mainly eaten with sweet dishes, primarily fruit and berries. Edible parts of plants which do not count as vegetables
Obst {n} [slang] :: cocaine
Obstbaum {m} :: fruit tree
Obsteig {prop} {n} :: Obsteig (municipality)
Obstfliege {f} :: fruit fly (Drosophilidae)
Obstgabel {f} :: fruit fork
Obstipation {f} :: constipation
Obstkuchen {m} :: fruit pie (pie with fruit filling)
Obstler {m} [Austria] :: fruit brandy, fruit schnapps
Obstler {m} [Bavaria] :: fruit merchant
Öbstler {m} :: alternative form of Obstler
Obstlöffel {m} :: fruit spoon
Obstmesser {n} :: fruit knife
obstruktiv {adj} :: obstructive
Obstsalat {m} :: fruit salad
Obstwein {m} :: fruit wine
Obstwiese {f} :: orchard (meadow)
obszön {adj} :: obscene
Obszönität {f} :: obscenity
obwalten {v} :: to prevail
obwohl {conj} :: although, though, while
obzwar {conj} [literary] :: though, although; albeit
Occasion {f} [Switzerland] :: offer
Occasion {f} [Switzerland, specifically] :: second-hand car
Occopirmus {prop} :: Occopirmus, Ukapirmas [Prussian sky god]
och {interj} :: expressing endearment, pity, consideration, etc
Ochlokratie {f} :: ochlocracy
Ochs {m} [regional or poetic] :: alternative form of Ochse
Ochse {m} :: ox (castrated bull; castrated male bovine animal)
Ochsenauge {n} :: fried egg
Ochsenauge {n} :: oxeye daisy
Ochsenziemer {m} :: a pizzle (2)
Ochsenzunge {f} :: tongue of an ox
Ochsenzunge {f} :: bugloss or alkanet, Anchusa sensu lato gen. et spp
Ochsenzunge {f} :: beefsteak mushroom, Fistulina hepatica
ocker {adj} :: ochre/ocher (color)
Ocker {m} {n} :: ochre/ocher (color)
Octan {n} [organic compound] :: octane
Octanitrocuban {n} [organic compound] :: octanitrocubane
Octen {n} [organic compound] :: octene
öd {adj} [regional, Austria, southern Germany, sometimes central Germany] :: alternative form of öde
Oda {prop} {f} :: given name
Ode {f} :: ode, poem of a certain type
öde {adj} :: empty, bare, bleak, desolate, deserted
öde {adj} [colloquial] :: tedious, dull, dreary
Öde {f} :: wasteland
Öde {f} :: desertedness
Öde {f} :: dreariness, tediousness
Odebrecht {prop} {mf} :: surname
Odel {m} [chiefly Bavarian] :: liquid manure
Odem {m} [Biblical or poetic] :: spirit, breath, life (in the sense of Biblical Hebrew רוֹחַ)
Ödem {n} [pathology] :: oedema
Odenwald {prop} {m} :: Odenwald (mountain range), Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg
oder {conj} :: or
oder {particle} [tag question] :: right?; is it?; is it not?
Oder {prop} {f} :: Oder river
ODER-Gatter {n} [electronics] :: OR gate, a logic gate performing a Boolean logic OR operation
Odermennig {m} :: agrimony
Odin {prop} {m} [Norse mythology] :: Odin
Odinshühnchen {n} :: red-necked phalarope (bird of the species Phalaropus lobatus)
ödipal {adj} :: Oedipal
Ödipus {prop} {m} :: Oedipus
Ödipuskomplex {m} :: Oedipus complex
Ödland {n} :: badlands, wasteland
Odyssee {f} :: odyssey
œ {symbol} [obsolete] :: Vowel borrowed from Latin. Succeeded by ö
Oekonometrie {n} :: alternative spelling of Ökonometrie
Oesophagospasmus {noun} :: obsolete spelling of Ösophagospasmus
Œuvre {n} :: oeuvre
Öfchen {n} :: diminutive of Ofen
Ofen {m} :: oven
Ofen {m} :: stove
Ofen {m} :: furnace
Ofen {prop} {n} :: Buda, the western part of the Hungarian capital Budapest
Ofenbrot {n} :: bread baked in an oven [when contrasted with Fladenbrot and Aschenbrot]
ofenfrisch {adj} :: oven-fresh (freshly baked)
Ofenhandschuh {m} [cooking] :: oven mitt
Ofenküchlein {n} [Switzerland] :: cream puff
Ofenrohr {n} :: stovepipe
Ofenrohr {n} [military, slang] :: bazooka
offen {adj} :: open
offen {adj} :: frank, candid
offen {adj} :: honest, sincere
offen {adv} :: openly
Offenbach {prop} {n} :: Any of several towns and cities in Germany
Offenbach {prop} {n} :: surname
Offenbach am Main {prop} :: Offenbach am Main (independent city in Hesse, Germany, next to the river Main)
Offenbacher {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Offenbach
offenbar {adj} :: apparent (evident)
offenbar {adv} :: apparently, evidently; obviously
öffenbar {adj} :: openable
offenbaren {vt} :: to reveal, to disclose
offenbaren {vr} :: to become evident
offenbaren {vr} [religion] :: to reveal oneself
Offenbarung {f} :: revelation
Offenbarung {prop} {f} [biblical] :: Revelation
Offenbarungseid {m} :: oath of disclosure or manifestation
offenbleiben {v} :: [of a question, problem] to remain unresolved
offener Brief {m} :: open letter
offener Fonds {m} :: open-end fund
offenes Ohr {n} [idiomatic] :: sympathetic ear
offengelegt {v} :: past participle of offenlegen
Offen-Geschlossen-Prinzip {prop} {n} [programming, object-oriented] :: open-closed principle
Offenhausen {prop} {n} :: Offenhausen (municipality)
Offenhausen {prop} {n} :: Offenhausen (municipality)
Offenheit {f} :: openness
Offenheit {f} :: candour, sincerity, frankness, forthrightness
offenherzig {adj} :: frank, candid, outspoken
offenkettig {adj} [chemistry] :: open-chain
offenkundig {adj} :: overt, obvious, manifest
offenkundig {adj} :: apparent
offenkundig {adj} :: flagrant, blatant
offenlegen {v} :: to unfold, to disclose, to unveil, to reveal
Offenlegung {f} :: disclosure, discovery
offenliegend {adj} :: exposed
offensichtlich {adj} :: obvious
offensichtlich {adj} :: evident, apparent
offensichtlich {adv} :: obviously
offensichtlicher {adj} :: comparative of offensichtlich
offensichtlichsten {adj} :: superlative of offensichtlich
offensiv {adj} :: offensive, attacking, aggressive (but not in the sense of “insulting”)
offensiv {adj} :: assertive, forthright, active, direct
Offensive {f} :: offensive (posture of attacking or being able to attack)
Offensive {f} :: attack, offensive
öffentlich {adj} :: public
öffentlicher {adj} :: comparative of öffentlich
öffentlicher Personennahverkehr {m} :: public transport
Öffentlichkeit {f} :: public
Öffentlichkeit {f} :: publicity
Öffentlichkeitsarbeit {f} :: public relations (profession)
Öffentlichkeitsarbeit {f} :: outreach
öffentlich-rechtlich {adj} [broadcasting, Germany] :: public, public service
öffentlichsten {adj} :: superlative of öffentlich
offerieren {v} [for sale] :: to offer
Offerte {f} [to buy] :: offer, bid
offizial- {prefix} :: official, legal, public
Offizial {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: judicial vicar
Offizial {m} [Austria] :: title for civil servants
Offizialdelikt {n} [law] :: criminal offence liable to public prosecution
Offizialverteidiger {m} [legal] :: public defender (court-appointed attorney for the defense)
offiziell {adj} :: official
Offizier {m} [military] :: officer
Offizier {m} [chess] :: any chess piece which is not a pawn; a knight, bishop, castle, queen or king
offizinell {adj} :: officinal
offiziös {adj} :: officious
öffnen {vt} :: to open (to make something accessible or allow for passage by moving from a shut position)
öffnen {vt} :: to open (to make accessible to customers or clients)
öffnen {vt} [computing] :: to open (to load into memory for viewing or editing)
öffnen {vi} :: to open, get, or answer the door
öffnen {vr} :: to open (to become open)
öffnen {vr} :: to open up (to), confide (in) (to reveal oneself; share personal information about oneself)
Öffner {m} :: opener (device that opens something)
Öffner {m} :: switch
Öffnung {f} :: opening
Öffnung {f} :: orifice
Öffnungslaut {m} [phonetics] :: approximant
Öffnungszeit {f} [mostly in plural] :: opening hours
Öffnungszeiten {fp} :: opening hours
Offstimme {f} [film, television] :: voiceover
oft {adv} :: often
öfter {adv} :: comparative of oft
öfter {adv} :: ofttimes, from time to time
Oftering {prop} {n} :: Oftering (municipality)
öfters {adv} :: quite often
öftesten {adv} :: superlative of oft
oftmals {adv} :: oftentimes
o. g. {adj} :: abbreviation of oben genannt
OG {noun} :: abbreviation of Obergeschoss
Oganesson {n} :: oganesson
Oger {m} :: ogre (brutish giant)
OGH {m} [legal, Austria] :: initialism of Oberster Gerichtshof
Ogive {noun} :: ogive
Ogonek {n} :: ogonek (diacritical mark)
ogygisch {adj} :: Ogygian
oh {interj} :: oh
Oheim {m} [archaic] :: uncle
Oheim {m} [obsolete] :: maternal uncle; brother or brother-in-law of one’s mother
OHG {f} :: initialism of Offene Handelsgesellschaft - a general partnership
Ohio {prop} {n} :: Ohio (state)
Ohlsdorf {prop} {n} :: Ohlsdorf (municipality)
Ohm {m} [archaic] :: alternative form of Oheim
Ohm {prop} {mf} :: a surname
Ohm {n} :: ohm (unit of electrical resistance)
ohne {prep} [+accusative] :: without
ohne {adv} :: without
ohnedies {adv} :: anyway, anyhow
ohne Fleiß kein Preis {proverb} :: no pain, no gain
ohnegleichen {adv} :: without equal
ohnehin {adv} :: in any case, anyway
ohne mit der Wimper zu zucken {adv} [idiomatic] :: without batting an eyelash
ohne Scheiß {interj} [colloquial] :: no kidding, seriously (used to emphasize that the speaker is not trying to fool the listener)
ohne Schnickschnack {adv} :: no-frills
ohne Trauschein {adv} [idiomatic] :: unmarried, without being married (of a couple, especially in the context of cohabitation)
ohne Unterlass {adv} :: without intermission
ohne Weiteres {adv} :: without further ado
ohne Wenn und Aber {prep} :: with no ifs, ands, or buts
Ohnmacht {f} :: faint, fainting
Ohnmacht {f} :: powerlessness, helplessness
ohnmächtig {adj} :: unconscious (Having lost consciousness for a short time as in ohnmächtig werden ("to faint, to pass out").)
ohnmächtig {adj} :: powerless, helpless
Ohr {n} [anatomy, countable] :: The ear; the organ of hearing
Ohr {n} [anatomy, countable] :: The ear; the external visible part of the organ, the auricle
Ohr {n} [architecture] :: The overhanging part on the frame of a window or door
Ohr {n} :: A highway interchange which is ear-shaped or ribbon-shaped
Öhr {n} :: eye (of the needle)
Öhrchen {n} :: diminutive of Ohr; little ear
Ohrdruf {prop} {n} :: Ohrdruf (small town)
ohrenbetäubend {adj} :: deafening
Ohrenbläser {m} :: gossiper, whisperer
Ohrenrobbe {f} :: eared seal, walking seal
Ohrenschmalz {n} :: earwax
Ohrenschützer {m} :: earmuff
Ohrensessel {m} :: wing chair, wingback chair
Ohrenspange {f} [obsolete] :: ear wire, ear clip (a wire about a woman's ear with a half-round at the bottom, from which the earbobs or pendants are hung; for use by someone who does not wish to have her ears pierced)
Ohrenstöpsel {m} :: earplug
Ohrenwärmer {m} :: earmuffs
Ohrfeige {f} :: A box on the ear, cuff on the ear
Ohrfeige {f} [figurative] :: slap in the face
ohrfeigen {v} :: to slap in the face, to box someone's ears
Ohrhörer {m} :: earphone (sound device held near the ear)
Ohrläppchen {n} :: ear lobe
Ohrläpplein {n} :: ear lobe
Ohropax {n} :: earplug
Ohrring {m} :: earring
Ohrstöpsel {m} :: earplug
Ohrtrompete {f} :: Eustachian tube
Ohrwurm {m} :: earwig (any insect of the order Dermaptera)
Ohrwurm {m} [colloquial] :: earworm (a tune that pops up in one's memory all of the time)
-oid {suffix} :: -oid (adjective or substantive)
oje {interj} :: Oh dear!
OjE {prop} [internet slang] :: Outlook Express
Okapi {n} :: okapi (mammal in tropical Africa)
Okarina {f} :: ocarina (a musical instrument)
okay {interj} :: OK
okay {adv} :: OK
okay {adj} :: OK
Okeanos {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: Oceanus
Okkasionalismus {m} :: nonce word
okkasionell {adj} :: occasional (limited to certain occasions; not very often; sometimes)
okklusal {adj} :: occlusal
okkult {adj} :: occult
Okkultismus {m} :: occultism
Okkultist {m} :: occultist
okkultistisch {adj} :: occultistic
Okkupation {f} [military] :: occupation
oknophil {adj} :: ocnophilic
öko- {prefix} :: eco-
öko {adj} :: clipping of ökologisch eco (ecological, environmental)
öko {adv} :: clipping of ökologisch eco (ecologically, environmentally)
Ökologe {m} :: ecologist
Ökologie {f} :: ecology
Ökologin {f} :: female ecologist
ökologisch {adj} :: ecologic, ecological
ökologisch {adj} :: environmental
ökologisch {adv} :: ecologically
ökologisch {adv} :: environmentally
Ökonom {m} :: economist
Ökonometrie {n} :: econometrics (branch of economics)
Ökonomie {f} :: economy
Ökonomie {f} [dated, no plural] :: economics
Ökonomin {f} :: female economist
ökonomisch {adj} :: economic [relating to the economy]
ökonomisch {adj} :: economical [careful with money]
ökonomischer {adj} :: comparative of ökonomisch
ökonomischsten {adj} :: superlative of ökonomisch
Ökonomist {m} :: a proponent of economism
Ökonomographie {f} [economics, very rare] :: economography
Ökosystem {n} :: ecosystem
Ökotourismus {m} :: ecotourism
Oktacyanomolybdat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: octacyanomolybdate
Oktaeder {m} {n} [geometry] :: octahedron
oktaederförmig {adj} :: octahedral (octahedron-shaped)
oktaedrisch {adj} :: octahedral
oktaeterisch {adj} :: octaeteric
oktaetrisch {adj} :: alternative form of oktaeterisch
Oktan {n} :: alternative spelling of Octan
Oktant {m} [nautical] :: octant
Oktant {m} [geometry] :: octant
Oktant {m} [constellation] :: Octans (constellation)
Oktasauerstoff {n} :: octaoxygen
Oktave {f} [music] :: An interval of 12 half-tones; an octave
Oktett {n} :: octet
Oktillion {num} :: A long scale octillion, 1048; a short scale quindecillion
oktillionste {ordinal num} :: quindecillionth
Oktober {m} :: October
Oktoberfest {n} :: A two-week public festival in Munich (Bavaria, southern Germany), held yearly in late September and early October, known especially for the large party tents in which revellers consume beer on long benches
Oktoberfest {n} :: One of a number of much smaller festivals that have been organised in some other places of Germany and the world since the late 20th century, generally involving stereotypical elements of Bavarian culture
Oktopus {m} [science] :: octopus (genus)
Oktopus {m} [non-learned use] :: synonym of Tintenfisch
oktroyieren {v} :: to impose
okular {adj} :: ocular
Ökumene {f} :: ecumenism
ökumenisch {adj} :: ecumenical
Ökumenopolis {f} [chiefly science fiction] :: A city spanning an entire planet
Okzident {n} :: occident
okzidental {adj} :: occidental
okzipital {adj} :: occipital
Okzitanien {prop} {n} :: Occitania
okzitanisch {adj} :: Occitan (related to the Occitan language)
Okzitanisch {n} :: Occitan (Romance language)
Öl {n} :: oil
Olaf {prop} :: given name of Old Norse origin
Olang {prop} {n} :: Olang (municipality)
Ölauge {n} :: a glazed opening in a container used to control the latter’s fill level
Ölauge {n} [pejorative, offensive] :: wog (dark-skinned person, typically of North African, Middle Eastern or Central Asian descent)
Ölbaum {m} :: olive tree, olive (tree)
Olbendorf {prop} {n} :: Olbendorf (municipality)
Olbendorf {prop} {n} [historical] :: Gnojna, Poland
Ölberg {m} :: olive grove
Ölberg {prop} {m} :: Mount of Olives
Oldenbourg {prop} :: surname
Oldenburg {prop} {n} :: Oldenburg (independent city)
oldschool {adj} [derogatory] :: old school
Oldtimer {m} :: vintage car; antique aircraft
Ole {prop} :: given name
Oleander {m} :: oleander
Olefin {n} :: olefin
Olefinmetathese {f} [organic chemistry] :: olefin metathesis
ölen {v} :: to oil
ölen {v} [Swiss] :: to press out some oil
Oleochemie {f} [chemistry] :: oleochemistry
olfaktorisch {adj} :: olfactory
Ölfarbe {f} :: oil paint
Ölfass {n} :: oil barrel, oil drum
Ölfaß {m} :: alternative spelling of Ölfass
Ölfeld {n} :: oil field
Ölförderung {f} :: oil production
OLG {n} :: initialism of Oberlandesgericht
Olga {prop} :: given name of Russian origin
ölig {adj} :: oily [smeared with or containing oil]
ölig {adj} [Austria, dialectal] :: drunk, full
Oligarchie {f} [politics] :: oligarchy
Oligodaktylie {f} [pathology] :: oligodactyly
oligodynamisch {adj} :: oligodynamic
Oligoklas {m} [mineral] :: oligoclase
Oligopol {n} [economics] :: oligopoly
Oligopolisierung {f} [economics] :: oligopolization
Oligopolist {m} [economics] :: oligopolist
Oligopolistin {f} :: feminine noun of Oligopolist
oligopolistisch {adj} [economics] :: oligopolistic
Oligosaccharid {n} [carbohydrate] :: oligosaccharide
oligotroph {adj} :: oligotrophic
oligozän {adj} :: Oligocene
Oligozän {prop} {n} :: Oligocene
Öl ins Feuer gießen {v} [idiomatic] :: to add fuel to the fire [literally: to pour oil in the fire]
oliv {adj} :: olive (green)
Oliv {noun} :: the colour olive
Oliv-Bastardschildkröte {f} :: Olive Ridley, Pacific Ridley, Lepidochelys olivacea
olivbraun {adj} :: olive-brown
Olive {f} :: olive (fruit)
Olivenbaum {m} :: olive tree, olive (tree)
Olivenholz {n} :: olive wood
Olivenkern {m} :: olive pit, olive stone
Olivenöl {n} :: olive oil
Olivenstein {m} [uncommon] :: olive pit, olive stone
Oliver {prop} {m} :: given name
olivgrün {adj} :: olive-green
Olivia {prop} {f} :: given name
Olivin {m} [mineral] :: olivine
oll {adj} [colloquial] :: old, shabby (of things)
oll {adj} [colloquial] :: old (used as a mild expletive, mostly before names)
Öllampe {f} :: oil lamp
Olm {m} :: olm (cave-dwelling salamander)
Ölmalerei {f} :: oil painting (art form)
Olmsteadit {m} [mineral] :: olmsteadite
Olmütz {prop} {n} :: Olomouc (City in Moravia, now in the Czech Republic.)
Olmützer {m} :: a native or inhabitant of Olomouc
Olmützer {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Olomouc
Olmützerin {f} :: female person from Olomouc
Olmützer Region {prop} {f} [rare] :: Olmützer Region (region)
-ologie {suffix} :: -ology
Ölpalme {f} :: oil palm
Olpe {prop} {n} :: A town in the Sauerland of North Rhine-Westphalia
Ölpest {f} :: oil spill, oil pollution
Ölpflanze {f} :: oil-bearing plant
Ölpfütze {f} :: oil spill
Ölquelle {f} :: oil well
Ölsaat {f} :: oilseed
Ölsardine {f} :: (canned) sardine in oil
Ölsäure {f} [fatty acid] :: oleic acid
Ölschiefer {m} :: oil shale
Ölspur {f} :: trail of oil
Ölspur {f} [on water] :: oil slick
Öltanker {m} :: an oil tanker, a ship designed to transport crude oil
Ölteppich {m} :: oil slick
Öltropfen {m} :: drop of oil
Ölverarbeitung {f} :: oil processing
Olymp {prop} {m} :: Olympus (mountain)
Olympiade {f} :: olympiad, the period of 4 years between two Olympic Games
Olympiade {f} [colloquial] :: the Olympic Games
Olympiasieger {m} [sports] :: Olympic champion
Olympiastadion {n} [sports] :: Olympic stadium
Olympier {m} [mythology] :: Olympian
olympisch {adj} :: Olympic
Olympische Spiele {prop} {fp} :: Olympic Games (sport event)
Olympische Winterspiele {prop} {p} :: Olympic Winter Games (Olympic Winter Games)
Oma {f} :: grandma, granny, nan
Oma {f} :: any elderly woman
Oman {prop} {n} :: Oman
omanisch {adj} :: Omani (Of, from, or pertaining to Oman, the Omani people or the Omani language)
Ombudsmann {m} :: ombudsman
omd. {adj} :: abbreviation of ostmitteldeutsch
Omega {n} :: omega (last letter of the Greek alphabet)
Omelett {n} :: omelette
Omen {n} :: omen
OMG {interj} :: OMG (abbreviation of oh mein Gott)
OMG-Teilchen {n} [Astrophysics] :: Oh-My-God particle
Omi {f} :: grandma, granny, nan
Omikron {n} :: omicron (Greek letter)
ominös {adj} :: ominous, foreboding; pertaining to a bad omen, bringing sign of coming mishap
ominös {adj} :: dubious; infamous; of doubtful reputation
ominös {adj} :: dubious; strange; of unknown character or even questionable existence
Omme {f} :: [colloquial] head
Omnibus {m} :: omnibus
omnipotent {adj} :: omnipotent
Omnipotenz {f} :: omnipotence
omnipräsent {adj} :: omnipresent (being everywhere)
omniszient {adj} :: omniscient
Omuramba {f} {m} [Namibia] :: omuramba
Onager {m} :: onager (donkey)
Onager {m} :: onager (ancient catapult)
Onanie {f} :: masturbation
onanieren {v} :: to masturbate
Onanist {m} :: masturbator (someone who masturbates)
ondulieren {v} :: to undulate
ondulieren {v} :: to wave (to put waves in hair)
Oneirologie {f} :: oneirology
One-Man-Show {f} [chiefly sports] :: one-man show
Onkel {m} :: uncle
onkelhaft {adj} :: like an uncle; avuncular
onko- {prefix} :: onco-
Onkologe {m} :: oncologist (male or of unspecified sex) (person who specialises in oncology)
Onkologie {f} :: oncology (branch of medicine)
Onkologin {f} :: oncologist (female) (person who specialises in oncology)
Önologe {m} :: oenologist
Önologie {f} :: oenology
Önologie {f} [broad sense] :: the study of wine in general (including cultivation, production, marketing, gastronomy, history, etc.)
Önologie {f} [narrower sense] :: the study of wine production in the cellar, i.e. between harvest and bottling
Önologin {f} :: oenologist (female)
onomasiologisch {adj} :: onomasiological
Onomastik {f} :: onomastics
Onomatologie {f} :: onomastics
Onomatopoese {f} :: onomatopoeia
Onomatopoesie {f} [rare, elevated] :: onomatopoeia
Onomatopoetikum {n} [linguistics, countable] :: onomatopoeia
onomatopoetisch {adj} [rare, elevated] :: onomatopoetic
Onomatopöie {f} :: onomatopoeia (the use of language whose sound imitates that which it names; the property of a word of sounding like what it represents; the coining of a word in imitation of a sound)
ontisch {adj} :: ontic
Ontogenese {f} :: ontogenesis
ontogenetisch {adj} :: ontogenetic
Ontologie {f} [philosophy, Internet] :: ontology (all senses)
ontologisch {adj} :: ontological
Onyx {m} [mineral] :: onyx
Oolith {m} [geology] :: oolith
OOS {noun} [software, object-oriented software] :: initialism of objektorientierte Softwareentwicklung
o.P. {m} :: abbreviation of ordentlicher Professor prof. ord.
OP {noun} [surgery] :: abbreviation of Operation
OP {noun} [surgery] :: abbreviation of Operationssaal
OP {noun} [electronics] :: abbreviation of Operationsverstärker
Opa {m} :: grandpa
Opa {m} :: any elderly man
opak {adj} :: opaque
Opal {m} :: opal
Opa Langbein {m} [colloquial, regional, parts of northern and central Germany] :: daddy longlegs, harvestman (arachnid of order Opiliones; literally: “grandpa longleg”)
opalisierend {adj} :: opalescent
OPCW {prop} {f} [law, military] :: initialism of Organisation für das Verbot von Chemiewaffen (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons)
Opel {prop} :: surname
Opel {prop} :: A German motor car manufacturer, founded in 1899, and part of General Motors since the 1920s
Open-Closed-Prinzip {prop} {n} [programming, object-oriented] :: synonym of Offen-Geschlossen-Prinzip
Oper {f} :: opera (theatrical work, combining drama, music, song and sometimes dance)
Oper {f} :: opera house, opera (theatre, or similar building, primarily used for staging opera)
operabel {adj} :: operable
Operaismus {m} :: operaism, workerism, an autonomous Marxist doctrine and social movement originating in Italy
Operation {f} [surgery or military or mathematics or computing science] :: operation
Operationssaal {m} :: operating theatre, operating room
Operationsverstärker {m} :: operational amplifier, op-amp
operativ {adj} :: operational
operativ {adj} :: operative
Operator {m} :: operator (mathematical operator)
Operette {f} :: operetta
operieren {v} :: to operate (perform operation)
Opernhaus {n} :: opera house
Opernmusik {f} :: opera music, operatic music
Opernsänger {m} :: opera singer (male)
Opernsängerin {f} :: feminine noun of Opernsänger
Opfer {n} :: sacrifice
Opfer {n} :: victim
Opfer {n} [offensive slang] :: wimp (someone weak or dependent; one who cannot stand up for themself)
Opferanode {f} :: sacrificial anode
opfern {v} :: to sacrifice
Opferschale {f} :: patera
ophthalmisch {adj} :: ophthalmic
Opi {m} :: grandpa
Opiat {n} :: opiate
Opium {n} :: opium
opiumsüchtig {adj} :: addicted to opium
ÖPNV {m} :: abbreviation of öffentlicher Personennahverkehr
Opossum {n} :: opossum
Opponitz {prop} {n} :: Opponitz (municipality)
Opportunismus {m} :: opportunism
Opportunist {m} :: opportunist
opportunistisch {adj} :: opportunistic
Opportunität {f} :: opportuneness, appropriateness
Opportunitätskosten {p} :: opportunity cost(s)
Opposition {f} [political] :: the opposition, political opposition; opposition party
Opposition {f} :: a group opposed (to something or someone)
Opposition {f} :: opposition (the position of a planet in relation to the sun in positional astronomy)
Opposition {f} [chess] :: In chess, when two kings face each other with only one square between them
Oppositionelle {f} {m} :: female member of the/an opposition
Oppositionelle {noun} :: members of the/an opposition
Oppositioneller {m} :: a member (especially male) of the/an opposition
Oppositionsforderung {f} :: demand of the opposition (movement)
Oppositionskandidat {n} :: opposition candidate
Oppositionskandidatin {f} :: opposition candidate (female)
Oppositionspolitiker {m} :: politician of the opposition
Oppositionspolitikerin {f} :: A female politician of the opposition
o. Prof. {m} :: abbreviation of ordentlicher Professor prof. ord.
Optik {f} :: optics (physics of light and vision)
Optiker {m} :: optician (male or of unspecified sex)
Optikerin {f} :: optician (female)
optimal {adj} :: optimal (perfect)
optimal {adj} :: optimal (as good as possible under a given condition)
optimal {adj} :: very good
optimieren {v} [to make something optimal or more efficient] :: to optimize
Optimierung {f} :: optimization (the design and operation of a system or process to make it as good as possible in some defined sense)
Optimismus {m} :: optimism
Optimist {m} :: optimist
Optimistin {f} :: optimist
optimistisch {adj} :: optimistic
optimistischer {adj} :: comparative of optimistisch
optimistischsten {adj} :: superlative of optimistisch
Optimum {n} :: optimum
Option {f} [general or finance] :: option
optional {adj} :: optional
optisch {adj} :: optical, optic
optisch {adj} :: visual
optisch {adj} :: outward, apparent, at first glance
Optometrie {f} :: optometry
optometrisch {adj} :: optometric
Optometrist {m} :: optometrist
Orakel {n} :: oracle
oral {adj} :: Relating to the mouth
Oralsex {m} :: oral sex
Oralverkehr {m} :: oral sex (stimulation of the genitals using the mouth)
orange {adj} :: orange
Orange {f} :: orange [fruit]
Orange {n} :: orange (color)
Orangeat {n} :: orangeat (candied orange peel)
orangefarben {adj} :: orange-coloured
orangefarbig {adj} :: orange-coloured
orangegelb {adj} :: orange-yellow
Orangenbaum {m} :: orange tree
Orangensaft {m} [beverage] :: orange juice
orangerot {adj} :: tangerine (orange-red colour)
Orang-Utan {m} :: orangutan
Oratorium {n} :: oratorio
Oratorium {n} :: oratory, small private chapel
ORB {noun} [software engineering] :: initialism of Object Request Broker
Orbit {m} :: orbit (path of one object around another object)
orbital {adj} :: orbital
Orbital {n} [physics] :: orbital
Orchester {n} :: orchestra
Orchestergraben {m} :: orchestra (the area in a theatre or concert hall where the musicians sit)
Orchestermusik {f} :: orchestral music
orchestrieren {v} [music or figuratively] :: to orchestrate
Orchidee {f} :: orchid
Orden {m} :: order (awarded decoration)
Orden {m} :: order (religious group)
Orden {m} :: order (society of knights)
Ordensgeneral {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: superior general
Ordensschwester {f} [Christianity, Roman Catholicism] :: nun
ordentlich {adj} :: tidy, orderly
ordentlicher {adj} :: comparative of ordentlich
ordentlicher Professor {m} [academia] :: professor ordinarius (professor with a chair)
ordentlichsten {adj} :: superlative of ordentlich
Order {f} [military] :: order, command
Order {f} [banking] :: order
ordern {v} :: to order (to request some product or service)
Ordinale {n} :: ordinal (numerale ordinale)
Ordinalzahl {f} :: ordinal, ordinal number (generalized kind of number)
Ordinalzahl {f} :: ordinal number, ordinal numeral
ordinär {adj} :: vulgar
ordinär {adj} [obsolete] :: ordinary
ordinärer {adj} :: comparative of ordinär
ordinärsten {adj} :: superlative of ordinär
Ordinate {f} :: ordinate (the value of a coordinate on the vertical (Y) axis)
ordnen {v} :: to put in order, to order
Ordner {m} [computing] :: folder
Ordner {m} :: binder, folder
Ordner {m} :: one who keeps order (security person)
Ordnung {f} :: arrangement, regulation
Ordnung {f} :: classification, order, array
Ordnung {f} :: tidiness, orderliness
Ordnung {f} :: class, rank, succession, series
Ordnung {f} [religion] :: Ordnung (Amish rules of living)
Ordnung ist das halbe Leben {phrase} :: Being organized makes life much easier
Ordnung muss sein {proverb} :: There has to be order
Ordnungsamt {n} :: (municipal) public order office, municipial authority for code enforcement
ordnungsgemäß {adv} :: duly
Ordnungsliebe {f} :: love of orderliness
ordnungsmässig {adj} :: alternative spelling of ordnungsmäßig
ordnungsmäßig {adv} :: duly
Ordnungsnummer {f} :: serial number
ordnungspolitisch {adj} :: regulatory (concerning regulation policy)
Ordnungswidrigkeit {f} :: infraction; contravention (an illegal but non-criminal deed, often subject to a civil penalty, e.g. speeding)
Ordnungszahl {f} :: ordinal, ordinal number
Ordnungszahl {f} [chemistry] :: atomic number
Ordovizium {prop} :: the Ordovician
Oregano {m} :: oregano
Orenburg {prop} {n} :: Orenburg (oblast)
Orenburg {prop} {n} :: Orenburg (city/administrative center)
oreophil {adj} :: oreophilous
Orfe {f} :: Leuciscus idus (syn. Leuciscus orfus)
Organ {n} [anatomy] :: an organ
Organ {n} :: an organ, a publication (newspaper, etc) of an organization
Organ {n} :: an organ, a body or organization with a particular purpose or duty
Organ {n} :: an organ, a part of a government, such as an office or ministry
Organell {n} :: organelle (a membrane bound compartment found within cells)
Organelle {f} :: organelle
Organik {f} :: organic chemistry
Organisation {f} :: organization
Organisationswut {f} :: strong dedication to organizing
Organisator {m} :: organizer
organisatorisch {adj} :: organizational
organisch {adj} :: organic [pertaining to an organ of the body]
organisch {adj} :: organic [pertaining to a living organism]
organisch {adj} :: organic [pertaining to living organisms; not inorganic]
organisch {adj} :: organic [characterized by a harmonic arrangement of parts; harmoniously forming, with other parts, a whole]
organisch {adj} [chemistry] :: organic [relating to the compounds of carbon]
organische Chemie {f} [chemistry] :: organic chemistry
organisieren {v} :: to organize
organismisch {adj} :: organismic
Organismus {m} :: organism
Organist {m} :: organist
Organistin {f} :: (female) organist
Organizismus {m} :: organicism
Organobromverbindung {f} [organic chemistry] :: organobromine compound
Organochlorverbindung {f} [organic chemistry] :: organochlorine compound
Organofluorverbindung {f} [organic chemistry] :: organofluorine compound
Organogerman {n} [organic chemistry] :: organogermane
organoleptisch {adj} :: organoleptic
Organolithium-Verbindung {f} :: organolithium compound
organologisch {adj} :: organological
Organometallchemie {f} :: organometallic chemistry
Organophosphin {n} [organic chemistry] :: organophosphine
Organoselenverbindung {f} [organic chemistry] :: organoselenium compound
Organyle {f} [organic chemistry] :: organyl
Orgasmus {m} :: orgasm
Orgel {f} [musical instrument] :: organ
Orgelklang {m} :: organ sound
Orgelkonzert {n} :: organ concert (musical event)
Orgelkonzert {n} :: organ concerto (musical composition)
Orgelmetall {n} :: organ metal (alloy of tin and lead used to make organ pipes)
orgeln {v} :: to play the organ
Orgelpfeife {f} :: organ pipe
Orgelspiel {n} :: organ playing
Orgelspieler {m} :: organist (male or of unspecified sex)
orgiastisch {adj} :: orgiastic
Orgie {f} :: orgy
Orgon {n} [pseudoscience] :: orgone (form of sexual energy)
Orgonenergie {f} :: synonym of Orgon
Orient {m} :: Orient
Orientale {m} :: man from the Middle East, Oriental
orientalisch {adj} :: oriental, Eastern
orientalisch {adj} :: Middle Eastern
Orientalistik {f} :: Oriental studies
orientieren {vr} :: to orient oneself; to orientate oneself [UK]
orientiert {adj} :: news-oriented
orientiert {adj} [computing] :: message-oriented
Orientierung {f} :: orientation
Orientierungsmarsch {m} [military] :: a training march where the participants must determine their route themselves (by means of maps, compasses, etc.), usually through mixed terrain, with a rifle, tactical gear, and full rucksack, and with the obligation to support and carry exhausted or injured comrades (thus combined with a Geländemarsch and a Gefechtsmarsch)
Orientierungsschwierigkeit {f} :: disorientation
Oriflamme {f} :: oriflamme
Origami {n} :: origami (the Japanese art of paper folding)
original {adj} :: original
Original {n} :: original
Original {n} :: a unique and interesting individual
Original {n} :: character; original (one who is charismatic and funny, especially in a way considered typical of a region or a social group)
Original {n} :: eccentric; zany person
originalgetreu {adj} :: faithful, true to original
Originalität {f} :: originality
Originalsprache {f} :: original language [of a work]
Originalzustand {m} :: original condition, original state
originär {adj} :: original
originell {adj} :: original [fresh, different]
Oriya {n} :: one of the languages spoken in India; Oriya
Ork {m} :: orc (a monstrous humanoid creature, semi-intelligent and usually aggressive)
Orkan {m} :: (European) hurricane; strong windstorm
orkanartig {adj} :: hurricanelike
Ornament {n} :: ornament
ornithochor {adj} :: ornithochorous
Ornithologe {m} :: ornithologist
Ornithologie {f} :: ornithology (scientific study of birds)
Ornithologin {f} :: female ornithologist
ornithologisch {adj} :: ornithological
orographisch {adj} :: orographic
Orontes {prop} :: the Orontes
orontisch {adj} :: Orontian
Orosirium {prop} :: the Orosirian
Ort {n} :: place, location, point, position
Ort {n} :: place of abode, settled dwelling, village, town
Ort {n} [geometry] :: locus, point
Ort {n} [Swiss, dated] :: canton
Ort {n} [dated; mining] :: end, limit
Ort {n} [dated or dialectal] :: awl
Ort {n} [obsolete] :: point (of a weapon), tip
Ort {m} {n} [obsolete, historical; numismatics] :: name of a coin (a quarter of a Reichstaler)
Ort {m} {n} [obsolete, historical] :: name of a unit of mass (a quarter of a Quent)
Ort {m} {n} [obsolete, historical] :: name of a unit of volume (a quarter of a Kanne, Pfanne or Maß)
Örtchen {n} :: diminutive of Ort
Örtchen {n} [euphemistic] :: toilet
orten {v} :: To locate
orthodox {adj} [religion, sometimes other ideologies] :: orthodox
orthodox {adj} [religion] :: Orthodox
orthodoxer {adj} :: comparative of orthodox
orthodoxesten {adj} :: superlative of orthodox
Orthodoxie {f} :: orthodoxy
orthognath {adj} :: orthognathic
orthogonal {adj} :: orthogonal
Orthografie {f} :: alternative form of Orthographie
orthografisch {adj} :: orthographic
Orthographie {f} :: orthography (study of correct spelling); spelling (arrangement of letters that form a word or part of a word)
orthographisch {adj} :: alternative form of orthografisch
Orthohelium {n} :: orthohelium
Orthokieselsäure {n} [inorganic compound] :: orthosilicic acid
Orthoklas {m} [mineral] :: orthoclase
orthomolekular {adj} :: orthomolecular
Orthonitrat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: orthonitrate
Orthopädie {f} :: orthopaedics
Orthophosphat {n} :: orthophosphate
Orthopyroxen {m} [mineral] :: orthopyroxene
orthorhombisch {adj} :: orthorhombic
Orthosalpetersäure {f} [inorganic compound] :: orthonitric acid
Orthosilicat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: orthosilicate
orthotrop {adj} :: orthotropic
örtlich {adj} :: local
Örtlichkeit {f} :: venue (place, especially the one where a given event is to happen)
Ortolan {m} :: ortolan (Emberiza hortulana)
Ortsausgangstafel {f} :: A place-name sign, placed for reading by drivers exiting a village, town, or city
Ortsbeirat {m} :: local advisory council
Ortschaft {f} :: village, small town
Ortschaft {f} :: place
Ortseingangstafel {f} :: place-name sign at the entrance of a village, town, or city
ortsfremd {adj} :: nonlocal
ortsgebunden {adj} :: stationary
Ortsgespräch {n} :: local call
ortskundig {adj} :: locally knowledgeable
Ortsname {m} :: placename
Ortsschild {n} :: place-name sign, town sign, city limit sign
Ortstafel {f} :: place-name sign, town sign, city limit sign
Ortsteil {m} :: district (of a town)
Ortstein {m} :: hardpan
Ortstein {m} :: boundary stone, cornerstone
ortsunkundig {adj} :: having no knowledge of a particular location
Ortswechsel {m} :: change of location
Orwellismus {m} :: Orwellianism
Os {n} [medicine] :: os, bone (bone)
Os {n} [medicine] :: os, an opening
-ös {suffix} :: A suffix, sometimes matching -ous
Osann {prop} :: surname
Oscar {prop} :: given name
-ose {suffix} :: -osis
-ose {suffix} :: -ose
Öse {f} :: eye (fitting consisting of a loop of a solid material, suitable for receiving a hook)
Ösi {m} [colloquial] :: Austrian
Osiris {prop} {m} :: Osiris
OSI-Schicht {f} :: OSI layer
Oskar {prop} :: given name
oskisch {adj} :: Oscan (related to the Oscans or to the Oscan language)
Oskisch {n} :: Oscan (the Oscan language)
Oslip {prop} {n} :: Oslip (municipality)
Oslo {prop} {n} :: Oslo (county/and/municipality/capital city)
osmanisch {adj} :: Ottoman
Osmanisches Reich {prop} {n} :: Ottoman Empire
Osmium {n} :: osmium
Osmoregulation {f} :: osmoregulation
Osmose {f} :: osmosis
osmotisch {adj} [physics] :: osmotic
Osnabrück {prop} {n} :: Osnabrück (independent city)
Ösophagospasmus {m} :: esophagospasm
ossär {adj} :: osseous, ossal
Osseointegration {f} :: osseointegration
ossetisch {adj} :: Ossetian (related to the Ossetians, their country or their language)
Ossetisch {n} :: Ossetian (the Ossetic language)
Ossi {m} [colloquial, possibly mildly offensive] :: A person from (former) East Germany; now sometimes including Berlin
Ossiach {prop} {n} :: Ossiach (municipality)
Ost {m} :: the east (used without article; a short form of Osten)
Ost {m} :: a wind coming from the east (used with article)
Ostafrika {prop} {n} :: East Africa
ostafrikanisch {adj} :: East African
Ostalgie {f} :: nostalgia for East Germany; Eastalgia
ostalgisch {adj} :: nostalgic for East Germany; displaying Ostalgie
Ostara {prop} {f} :: goddess of Spring
ostarmenisch {adj} :: Eastern Armenian (related to the Eastern Armenian language or to the Eastern part of Armenia)
Ostarmenisch {n} :: Eastern Armenian (the Eastern Armenian language)
ostasiatisch {adj} :: East Asian
Ostasien {prop} :: East Asia
Ostbelgien {prop} {n} :: Eastern Belgium
Ostberlin {prop} {n} :: East Berlin
Ostberliner {m} :: East Berliner
Ostblock {m} :: Eastern Bloc
Ostchinesisches Meer {prop} {n} :: East China Sea
ostdeutsch {adj} :: eastern German; from or pertaining to eastern Germany or the people, the culture or the dialects of this region
ostdeutsch {adj} :: East German; from or pertaining to East Germany (the German Democratic Republic)
Ostdeutschland {prop} {n} [also, historical] :: Eastern Germany, especially the territories east of the Elbe or (formerly) Oder
Ostdeutschland {prop} {n} [also, historical] :: East Germany, the German Democratic Republic or its former territories
ostelbisch {adj} :: on the east side of the Elbe; East Elbian
Osten {m} :: East
Osten {m} [only with definite article] :: The territory of the former GDR
Osten {m} [by extension] :: anything that is Eastern, e.g. Eastern Europe, Asia
ostensibel {adj} :: ostensible
ostensiv {adj} :: ostensive
ostentativ {adj} :: ostentatious
osteologisch {adj} :: osteological
Osteopathie {f} :: osteopathy
Osteopenie {f} :: osteopenia
Osteoporose {f} :: osteoporosis
osteoporotisch {adj} :: osteoporotic
Osteosklerose {f} [pathology] :: osteosclerosis
Osterei {n} :: Easter egg
Ostereiersuche {f} :: Easter egg hunt
Osterfest {n} :: Easter, Easter holiday
Osterglocke {f} :: daffodil
Osterhase {m} :: Easter Bunny
Osterinsel {prop} {f} :: Easter Island
Osterkerzchen {n} :: diminutive of Osterkerze
Osterkerze {f} [Christianity] :: paschal candle, Easter candle
Osterkerzlein {n} :: diminutive of Osterkerze
Osterlamm {n} :: Paschal Lamb
Osterland {prop} :: Osterland (former region), now part of Thuringia and Saxony
osterländisch {adj} :: Osterlandish
Ostermiething {prop} {n} :: Ostermiething (municipality)
Ostermond {prop} {m} [archaic, poetic] :: April, the fourth month of the Gregorian calendar, which most often includes Easter
Ostermontag {m} :: Easter Monday
Ostern {n} {p} :: Easter
Osteroktav {f} :: (Catholicism) Octave of Easter (8 days form Easter Sunday)
Österreich {prop} {n} :: Österreich (country)
Österreicher {m} :: Austrian (person)
Österreicherin {f} :: a female Austrian
österreichisch {adj} :: Austrian
Österreichisch {n} :: Austrian (dialect of German language)
österreichischer {adj} :: comparative of österreichisch
österreichischsten {adj} :: superlative of österreichisch
Österreich-Ungarn {prop} {n} :: Austria-Hungary
österreichweit {adj} :: Austria-wide, in or across all of Austria
Ostersonntag {m} :: Easter Sunday
Osteuropa {prop} {n} :: Eastern Europe (Eastern Europe)
Osteuropa {prop} {n} :: the countries of the Warsaw Treaty Organization
osteuropäisch {adj} :: Eastern European
ostfälisch {adj} :: Eastphalian
Ostflandern {prop} {n} :: East Flanders
ostfränkisch {adj} :: East Frankish
Ostfrankreich {n} :: eastern France
Ostfriese {m} :: East Frisian, male person from East Frisia
Ostfriese {m} :: a breed of horse
ostfriesisch {adj} :: East Frisian
Ostfriesland {prop} :: East Frisia, Eastern Friesland
Ostgebiete {p} [historic] :: the pre-1938 territories of the German Reich east of the Oder-Neisse line, from where the German population was expelled after World War II, and which are now parts of Poland and Russia
Ostgebiete {p} [sometimes also] :: the even vaster pre-1918 territories of the Reich as well as, possibly, the Sudetenland, which was German between 1938 and 1945 (areas conquered during WWII are never included)
ostgermanisch {adj} :: East Germanic
ostgrönländisch {adj} :: East Greenlandic
Ostgrönländisch {prop} {n} :: East Greenlandic
ostindische Elefantenlaus {f} :: Semecarpus anacardium, marking-nut
ostindische Elephantenlaus {f} :: archaic spelling of ostindische Elefantenlaus
ostjiddisch {adj} :: East Yiddish
Ostjude {m} :: Eastern European Jew
Ostküste {f} :: eastern coast (any coast to the East of a country or region)
Ostküste {prop} {f} :: East Coast (the eastern coast of North America)
Ostküste {prop} {f} [idiomatic, politics, often derogatory] :: the Jewish establishment of the eastern United States
östl. {adj} :: abbreviation of östlich
östlich {adj} :: east, eastern
Ostmark {f} [colloquial] :: The East German mark
Ostmark {f} :: the eastern marches, the easternmost territories of a state or empire, especially in a German or Germanic context
Ostmark {prop} {f} [historical] :: Specific uses
Ostmark {prop} {f} :: The eastern marches of Franconia in the Middle Ages
Ostmark {prop} {f} :: An administrative unit comprising parts of Bavaria from 1933 to 1942 and Austria from 1938 to 1942
Ostmark {prop} {f} [loosely] :: Austria as part of the Third Reich from 1938 to 1945
ostmitteldeutsch {adj} :: East Central German (of or pertaining to the Central High German dialects of eastern central Germany)
Ostmitteldeutsch {prop} {n} :: East Central German
ostösterreichisch {adj} :: East Austrian
Ostpolitik {prop} {f} :: The policies of West Germany under Chancellor Willy Brandt, seeking rapprochement with East Germany and the Soviet Union
Ostpreußen {prop} {n} :: East Prussia (Province of the Kingdom of Prussia (until 1918) and the Free State of Prussia)
ostpreußisch {adj} :: East Prussian
Ostrach {prop} {n} :: Ostrach (municipality)
ostrheinisch {adj} :: on the east (thus: right) side of the Rhine
Östrogen {n} [steroid hormone] :: estrogen, œstrogen, oestrogen
Östron {n} :: estrone
Ostsee {prop} {f} :: Baltic Sea
ostseefi. {adj} :: abbreviation of ostseefinnisch
ostseefinnisch {adj} :: Baltic Finnic, Finnic
Ostsibirien {prop} :: Eastern Siberia
Ostsiedlung {f} [historic] :: The medieval eastward migration and settlement of Germanic-speaking peoples from the Holy Roman Empire
ostslawisch {adj} :: East Slavic
Osttimor {prop} {n} :: East Timor
ostukrainisch {adj} :: East Ukrainian
ostwärts {adv} :: eastward, eastwards (towards the east)
ostweserisch {adj} [very rare] :: on the east side of the river Weser
Ostwind {m} :: east wind
OSZE {prop} :: OSCE; initialism of Organisation für Sicherheit und Zusammenarbeit in Europa
Oszillation {f} :: oscillation (the act of oscillating)
oszillieren {v} :: to oscillate
Oszilloskop {n} :: oscilloscope (electronic measuring instrument)
Otavit {m} [mineral] :: otavite
Otoskopie {f} :: otoscopy
Ott {prop} {mf} :: surname
Ottawa {prop} {n} :: Ottawa (city)
Ottenschlag {prop} {n} :: Ottenschlag (municipality)
Ottensheim {prop} {n} :: Ottensheim (municipality)
Ottenthal {prop} {n} :: Ottenthal (municipality)
Otter {m} :: otter
Otter {f} :: adder
Otter {f} :: viper
Otterngezücht {n} [biblical] :: brood of vipers; generation of vipers; address used by Jesus for the Pharisees and Sadducees (three times in Gospel of Matthew), and by John the Baptist for the unregerate Jews (Gospel of Luke 3:7)
Otterthal {prop} {n} :: Otterthal (municipality)
Otterzivette {f} :: otter civet (Cynogale bennettii)
Ottilie {prop} :: given name
Otto {prop} :: given name
Otto {prop} :: surname
Ottomotor {m} :: four-stroke engine (that uses the Otto cycle)
ottonisch {adj} :: Ottonian
Ottonormalverbraucher {m} [colloquial] :: Joe Average (average consumer)
Otto Normalverbraucher {m} :: alternative form of Ottonormalverbraucher
ÖTV {prop} :: Gewerkschaft Öffentliche Dienste, Transport und Verkehr
Ötzi {prop} {m} :: A mummified man discovered in the Ötztal Alps
Oud {f} :: alternative form of Ud
Oukie {m} [Namibia] :: guy, bloke, dude
out {adj} [colloquial] :: out of fashion
Outdoor {n} :: outdoor activities (especially hiking, running, etc.)
outen {vr} [colloquial] :: to out oneself (reveal oneself as having a certain secret)
outen {v} [LGBT] :: to out (reveal (a person) to be secretly homosexual)
outen {vr} [LGBT] :: to come out of the closet, come out
outriert {adj} :: exaggerated
Outsourcing {n} :: outsourcing (transfer business)
Ouvertüre {f} [music] :: overture
Ouzo {m} :: ouzo
ÖV {m} :: public transport
oval {adj} :: oval
Oval {n} :: oval
Ovar {n} :: ovary (female organ)
ovarial {adj} :: ovarian, ovarial
Ovarium {n} [anatomy] :: ovary
Ovarium {n} [botany] :: ovary
Ovation {f} [applause] :: ovation
Overall {m} :: boilersuit; overall [UK]; coveralls [US]
Overall {m} :: jumpsuit
Overkill {m} :: overkill
ovipar {adj} :: oviparous (egg laying)
ovovegetarisch {adj} :: (vegetarianism) ovo vegetarian
ovovivipar {adj} :: ovoviviparous
Ovulation {f} :: ovulation
-ow {suffix} :: A place name suffix
-ow {suffix} :: A surname suffix
Owen {prop} {n} :: Owen (town)
Oxalat {n} [organic chemistry] :: oxalate
Oxalsäure {f} [organic compound] :: oxalic acid
Oxalsäureanhydrid {n} [organic compound] :: oxalic anhydride
Oxid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: oxide
Oxidase {f} [enzyme] :: oxidase
Oxidation {f} [chemistry] :: oxidation, a reaction in which the atoms of an element lose electrons
Oxidationsflamme {f} [chemistry] :: oxidizing flame
Oxidationskatalyse {f} :: oxidation catalysis
Oxidationsmittel {n} [chemistry] :: oxidant, oxidizing agent
Oxidationsschutz {m} :: antioxidant
Oxidationsstärke {f} [chemistry] :: oxidising strength
Oxidationsstufe {f} [chemistry] :: oxidation state
Oxidationszahl {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: oxidation number
Oxidationszustand {m} :: oxidation state
Oxidationszustand {m} [in the plural] :: oxidizing conditions
oxidativ {adj} :: oxidative
oxidativ {adv} :: oxidatively
Oxidfluorid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: oxofluoride
Oxidhalogenid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: oxyhalide
oxidierbar {adj} :: oxidizable
Oxidierbarkeit {f} :: oxidizability
oxidieren {v} :: To oxidize
oxidierend {adj} :: oxidizing / oxidising
oxidiert {v} :: past participle of oxidieren
oxidiert {adj} :: oxidized
Oxidion {n} :: oxide ion
oxidisch {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: oxidic
Oxidschicht {f} :: oxide coating / layer
Oxidverbindung {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: oxide compound
Oxin {n} [organic chemistry] :: oxine
Oxohalogenid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: oxohalide
Oxonium {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: oxonium
Oxoniumion {n} :: oxonium ion
Oxosäure {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: oxoacid
oxygen {adj} [chemistry] :: oxygenic
Oxygen {n} [chemistry, now, rare] :: synonym of Sauerstoff
Oxygenase {f} [enzyme] :: oxygenase
Oxygenierung {f} :: oxygenation
Oxymoron {n} :: oxymoron (figure of speech)
Oxynitrid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: oxynitride
Oxytocin {n} [hormone] :: oxytocin
Oxytonon {n} [linguistics] :: oxytone
Ozean {m} :: ocean
Ozeanbodenspreizung {f} :: seafloor spreading
Ozeanien {prop} {n} :: Oceania
ozeanisch {adj} :: oceanic
ozeanisch {adj} :: pelagic
Ozelle {f} [entomology] :: ocellus
Ozellenhöcker {m} [entomology] :: ocellar tubercle
Ozelot {m} :: ocelot
Ozon {n} {m} :: ozone
Ozonabbau {m} :: ozone depletion (depletion of the ozone layer)
ozonhaltig {adj} :: ozoniferous
ozonhältig {adj} :: alternative form of ozonhaltig
Ozonid {n} :: ozonide
Ozonidanion {n} :: ozonide anion
Ozonloch {n} :: ozone hole
Ozonschicht {f} :: ozone layer