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r- {prefix} [colloquial] :: her-
r- {prefix} [colloquial] :: hin-
r. {adv} :: abbreviation of rechts
R {letter} :: The eighteenth letter of the German alphabet
Raab {prop} {mf} :: surname of German origin
Raab {prop} {f} :: Rába, a river in southeastern Austria and western Hungary and a tributary of the Danube
Raab {prop} {n} :: Raab (municipality)
Raab {prop} {n} :: Győr, Hungary
Raasdorf {prop} {n} :: Raasdorf (municipality)
Rabatt {m} :: discount (reduction in price)
Rabauke {m} [colloquial] :: rascal
Rabaul {prop} :: Rabaul
Rabbi {m} :: rabbi
Rabbiner {m} :: rabbi (male or of unspecified sex)
rabbinisch {adj} :: rabbinical (referring to rabbis, their writings, or their work)
Rabe {m} :: raven
Rabe {m} [constellation] :: the constellation Corvus
rabelaisisch {adj} :: Rabelaisian
Rabengekrächze {n} :: a raven's croaking
Rabenmutter {f} [colloquial, pejorative] :: bad, uncaring mother
Rabensburg {prop} {n} :: Rabensburg (municipality)
Rabenvater {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: uncaring father
Raben zeugen keine Tauben {proverb} :: a wild goose never laid a tame egg
rabiat {adj} :: coarse, rough
Räblein {n} :: diminutive of Rabe
rabulistisch {adj} :: quibbling, hair-splitting, sophistical
Rache {f} :: revenge; vengeance
Rachel {prop} {f} :: Rachel (biblical figure)
Rachel {prop} {f} :: given name
Rachemord {m} :: revenge murder, payback killing
Rachen {m} :: throat, pharynx
rächen {vt} :: to revenge; to avenge
rächen {vr} [sich rächen] :: to take revenge; to avenge oneself
Rachenlaut {m} [phonetics] :: pharyngeal
Rächer {m} :: agent noun of rächen
Rächer {m} :: avenger, revenger, retaliator
Rächerin {f} :: avenger, revenger, retaliator (female)
Rachgier {f} :: desire for vengeance
rachgierig {adj} :: vengeful, vindictive
rachitisch {adj} :: rachitic
rachitisch {adj} :: rickety
Rachsucht {f} :: vindictiveness, vengefulness, strong desire for revenge
rachsüchtig {adj} :: vindictive
rachsüchtiger {adj} :: comparative of rachsüchtig
rachsüchtigsten {adj} :: superlative of rachsüchtig
Racker {m} [colloquial] :: rascal
rackern {v} :: to work hard
Raclette {m} [dish] :: raclette
Raclette {m} [cheese, only m] :: raclette
Rad {n} :: wheel
Rad {n} :: clipping of Fahrrad; bicycle
Rad {n} [physics] :: rad (non-SI unit of absorbed dose of radiation)
Radar {n} :: radar
Radarecho {n} :: radar echo
Radarröhre {f} :: radar tube (microwave generator)
Radau {m} :: racket, row, din, shindy
Radaune {prop} :: Radaune, Radunia
Rädchen {n} :: diminutive of Rad
Rade {prop} {n} :: Rade (municipality)
radebrechen {v} :: to speak broken English, French, etc., to smatter a language (speak a language with only slight knowledge)
radebrechen {v} :: to speak pidgin
radebrechen {v} [obsolete] :: to break on the wheel
radeln {v} :: to cycle
Rädelsführer {m} [person who starts and leads a disturbance, a conspiracy or a criminal gang] :: ringleader
Radenthein {prop} {n} :: Radenthein (municipality)
rädern {v} :: to execute via breaking wheel
radfahren {v} :: alternative spelling of Rad fahren
Rad fahren {v} :: To cycle, to ride a bike
Radfahrer {m} :: clipping of Fahrradfahrer (cyclist)
Radfahrerin {f} [cycling] :: clipping of Fahrradfahrerin (female cyclist)
Radfeld {prop} {n} :: Radfeld (municipality)
radförmig {adj} :: rotiform, wheel-shaped
radial {adj} :: radial
radial {adv} :: radially
radialsymmetrisch {adj} :: radially-symmetric
radiärsymmetrisch {adj} :: alternative form of radialsymmetrisch
radieren {v} :: to etch (to engrave)
radieren {v} :: to erase, rub out
Radiergummi {n} {m} {n} :: eraser, rubber (something used to erase pencil (or sometimes pen, etc.) markings)
Radieschen {n} :: radish (Raphanus raphanistrum subsp. sativus, syn. Raphanus sativus)
radikal {adj} :: radical
Radikal {n} [chemistry or mathematics or Chinese character] :: radical
radikaler {adj} :: comparative of radikal
Radikaler {m} :: a radical (person, male)
Radikalfänger {m} [chemistry] :: radical scavenger
Radikalinski {m} [colloquial] :: a political radical, especially a fugleman or firebrand
Radikalion {n} [chemistry] :: radical ion
radikalisch {adj} [chemistry] :: Involving radicals
radikalisch {adv} :: radically
radikalisieren {v} :: to radicalize, to radicalise
Radikalisierung {f} :: radicalization
Radikalismus {m} :: radicalism
Radikalkur {f} [medicine or figuratively] :: radical cure, drastic cure
radikalsten {adj} :: superlative of radikal
Radio {n} [uncountable] :: radio (technology that allows broadcasters to transmit audio programs)
Radio {n} [countable] :: radio (device for receiving such programs)
radioaktiv {adj} :: radioactive
radioaktiver Abfall {m} :: radioactive waste
radioaktiver Zerfall {m} [physics] :: radioactive decay
Radioaktivität {f} :: radioactivity
radioaktivsten {adj} :: superlative of radioaktiv
Radioastronomie {f} [astronomy] :: radioastronomy
Radiochemie {f} [chemistry] :: radiochemistry
Radioimmuntherapie {f} [medicine] :: radioimmunotherapy
Radioiodtherapie {f} :: alternative spelling of Radiojodtherapie
Radioisotop {n} [physics] :: radioisotope
Radiojod {n} :: radioiodine
Radiojodtherapie {f} [medicine] :: radioiodine therapy
Radiokohlenstoff {m} :: radiocarbon
Radiokohlenstoffmethode {f} :: radiocarbon dating (method)
Radiolarie {f} :: radiolarian
Radiolyse {f} :: radiolysis
radiometrisch {adj} :: radiometric
Radionuklid {n} [physics] :: radionuclide
Radionuklidtherapie {f} [medicine] :: radionuclide therapy
Radiosender {m} :: radio station
Radiosynoviorthese {f} [surgery] :: radiosynoviorthesis, radiosynovectomy
Radioteleskop {n} :: radio telescope
Radium {n} :: radium
radiumhaltig {adj} :: that contains radium
Radius {m} [anatomy] :: radius (bone)
Radius {m} [geometry] :: radius (line segment)
Radius {m} [geometry] :: radius (length of that line segment)
Radix {mf} :: root
Radix {mf} [linguistics] :: primitive (word), radical (word), radix, root
radiziert {adj} :: square root (attributive)
Radkappe {f} :: hubcap
Radl {n} [Austria, Bavaria] :: bike
Radlader {m} :: [wheeled] loader
Radler {n} [chiefly Southern Germany] :: shandy (beer mixed with lemonade)
Radlermaß {f} [chiefly used in Bavaria] :: one-litre mug/amount of shandy (beer mixed with lemonade)
Radlermaß {f} :: (new usage since at least 1997): half Coca-Cola mixed with any lager beer
Radmer {prop} {n} :: Radmer (municipality)
Radnabe {f} :: wheel hub
Radon {n} :: radon
Radsatz {m} :: wheelset
Radsport {m} :: cycling
Radstand {m} :: the distance between two axles; wheelbase
Radwechsel {m} :: wheel change
Radweg {m} :: cycleway
Radweg {m} :: cycle track, cycle path
RAF {prop} :: Rote Armee Fraktion
Rafael {prop} {m} :: given name, a less common spelling of Raphael
Rafaela {prop} :: given name
Raffaela {prop} :: given name, an Italian style variant of Raphaela
raffen {v} :: To snatch up, grasp
raffen {v} :: To understand
Raffgier {f} :: greed
raffgierig {adj} :: greedy, grasping
Raffinade {f} :: refined sugar
Raffinat {n} :: raffinate
Raffination {f} :: refining
Raffinerie {f} :: refinery
Raffinerieproduktion {f} :: refinery production
Raffinesse {f} :: finesse
Raffinesse {f} :: refinement
raffinieren {v} [technology] :: to refine
raffiniert {adj} :: refined
raffiniert {adj} :: clever, cunning
raffiniert {adj} :: sophisticated
raffinierter {adj} :: comparative of raffiniert
raffiniertesten {adj} :: superlative of raffiniert
Raffzahn {m} [colloquial] :: crooked upper incisor jutting out under the upper lip
Raffzahn {m} [slang, derogatory] :: greedy bastard, puttock (a person who is grabby, greedy, grasping, rapacious)
Raffzahn {m} [colloquial] :: glutton, greedyguts, greedy pig (one who eats voraciously, obsessively, or to excess)
Rage {f} :: fury, rage
ragen {vi} :: to rise up out
ragen {vi} :: to stick out, to jut out
Raggal {prop} {n} :: Raggal (municipality)
Ragnitz {prop} {n} :: Ragnitz (municipality)
Ragout {n} :: ragout
Rah {f} [nautical] :: yard
Rahel {prop} :: Rachel [biblical character]
Rahel {prop} :: given name
Rahm {m} :: cream (milkfat)
Rahmen {m} :: frame
Rahmenbedingung {f} :: basic condition
Rahmenbedingung {f} :: boundary condition
rahmig {adj} :: creamy
rahn {adj} [regional] :: slim, skinny
Rahne {f} [Southern Germany] :: beetroot
Rahsegel {n} [nautical] :: square sail
Raider heißt jetzt Twix {phrase} [colloquial] :: The name of a thing has changed, but it is still the same thing
Raiding {prop} {n} :: Raiding (market town)
Raimund {prop} :: given name
Rain {m} :: edge path [the space between two fields]
Rain {m} [Switzerland] :: (small) slope, incline
Rainer {prop} :: given name
Rainer {prop} :: surname
Raison {f} :: alternative spelling of Räson
Rajon {m} :: raion, rayon
räkeln {vr} :: to stretch
Rakete {f} :: rocket, missile
Raketendüse {f} :: rocket nozzle
Raketenjagdpanzer {m} :: rocket-based tank destroyer (using anti-tank rockets)
Raketenpanzerbüchse {f} [military, firearm] :: bazooka, rocket propelled grenade grenade launcher gun/personal weapon
Raketenstart {m} :: rocket launch
Raketentechnik {f} :: rocketry, rocket science
Raketentreibstoff {m} :: rocket fuel
RakJPz {m} :: abbreviation of Raketenjagdpanzer (rocket-based tank destroyer)
Raków {prop} :: Raków (Polish town 1569–1869 and village 1869–present, important centre of Socinianism in the 16th–17th CC.)
Ralf {prop} :: given name borrowed from English Ralph in the nineteenth century
Ralle {f} :: rail, crake (bird)
Ralle {prop} :: A nickname, variation of Ralf
rallen {v} [slang] :: to understand
rallig {adj} :: horny (sexually aroused)
Rallye {f} {n} [motorsports] :: rally
Rallye {f} {n} [stock market] :: rally
Ralph {prop} :: given name borrowed from English, more often spelled Ralf
Ramasuri {f} [Austria] :: chaos, mess
Rambert {prop} {m} :: given name
ramifizieren {v} :: to ramify (to divide into branches)
Ramin {prop} {m} :: given name
Ramin {prop} {mf} :: surname
Ramin {prop} {n} :: a municipality in Germany (coordinates: 53°24′N 14°17′E)
Ramin {prop} {mf} :: surname
Ramingstein {prop} {n} :: Ramingstein (municipality)
rammdösig {adj} :: foggy, dazed (unable to think clearly)
Ramme {f} :: ram, battering ram
Ramme {f} :: pile driver
rammeln {vi} [of animals, especially lagomorphs] :: to copulate, to mate
rammeln {vr} [colloquial] :: to tussle, to scuffle
rammeln {vt} [with preposition an] :: to shake, to jolt
Rammelsberg {prop} :: A mountain near Harz in Lower Saxony
Rammelsbergit {m} [mineral] :: rammelsbergite
rammen {vt} :: to ram
Rammler {m} :: male hare or rabbit
Ramona {prop} :: given name
Rampe {f} :: ramp
Rampenlicht {n} :: limelight
ramponieren {v} [chiefly colloquial] :: to damage severely; to destroy
ramponiert {adj} [colloquial] :: damaged
Ramsau {prop} {n} :: Ramsau (municipality)
Ramsbeckit {m} [mineral] :: ramsbeckite
Ramsch {m} [derogatory] :: junk (miscellaneous items of little value)
Ramsch {m} :: In the card game skat, an unofficial round sometimes played if all three players pass in the bidding, having no declarer and the goal of achieving the lowest score
Ramschanleihe {f} :: junk bond
Ramschladen {m} [colloquial, derogatory] :: junk shop, jumble shop, five and dime, dime store
Ramschniveau {n} [finance, colloquial] :: junk status
Ramschtisch {m} [colloquial] :: bargain table, a table at a shopping mall or a jumble sale where various cheap items are offered
Ramstein-Miesenbach {prop} :: Ramstein-Miesenbach (municipality)
ran {adv} [colloquial] :: near, close to, over to
Ranch {f} :: ranch
Rand {m} :: edge, brink, rim (outer part of something)
Rand {m} :: ledge, margin
Rand {m} :: skin (layer of solid matter that forms on top of a liquid in a vessel)
Randale {f} :: tumult; riot (loud and unrestrained behaviour by one or more people, often with property damage, sometimes also bodily harm)
randalieren {v} :: to riot, rampage (to make noise and behave unrestrainedly, often implying property damage, sometimes also bodily harm)
randaliert {v} :: past participle of randalieren
Randbauer {m} [chess] :: rook's pawn
Randbemerkung {f} :: gloss
Rande {f} [Switzerland] :: beetroot
Randegg {prop} {n} :: Randegg (municipality)
Randgebiet {n} :: [area, territory] fringe, edges, outskirts
Randgebiet {n} [figuratively] :: fringe area
randlos {adj} :: rimless
randlos {adj} :: (of a document) having no margin
Randmeer {n} :: marginal sea
Randnotiz {f} :: marginal note
Randnotiz {f} [figuratively] :: something unimportant, trifle
Randnummer {f} [usually, law] :: a numbered division unit written alongside the text
randomisieren {v} :: To randomize
randomisiert {adj} :: randomized
randständig {adj} :: marginal, peripheral
Randstreifen {m} :: margin strip, marginal strip
Randstreifen {m} [roads, colloquial] :: shoulder, verge
Randstreifen {m} [road construction] :: a small strip between verge (Bankett) and lane (Fahrstreifen) or verge and shoulder (Seitenstreifen)
randvoll {adj} :: Brimful, full to the brim
Randziffer {f} [usually, law] :: a numbered division unit written alongside the text
Ranelat {n} :: ranelate
Ranelicsäure {f} :: ranelic acid
Rang {m} :: rank
Range Extender {m} :: a device in an electric car, which reloads the accumulator by power from the combustion engine, to raise the range; range extender
Rangelei {f} :: tussle, scuffle
rangeln {vi} :: to wrestle, to scrabble [with someone]
rangeln {vi} :: [figurative] to jockey, to wrangle [with someone]
Rangersdorf {prop} {n} :: Rangersdorf (municipality)
Ranggen {prop} {n} :: Ranggen (municipality)
ranggleich {adj} :: of equal rank
ranghoch {adj} :: high-ranking
Rangierbahnhof {m} :: marshalling yard
rangieren {v} [railway operations] :: to shunt
rangig {adj} :: avid, greedy, covetous
rank {adj} [archaic, except in the phrase "rank und schlank"] :: lissom
Rank {m} [dated, formal] :: plot, machination, intrigue
Rank {m} [Swiss] :: bend, curve (of a path, road, etc.)
Rank {m} [Swiss] :: trick, ruse
Ränkchen {n} :: diminutive of Ranke
Ranke {f} :: A tendril (of vine)
ranken {vir} [sich ranken] :: to grow in tendrils [of plants like ivy]
ranken {v} [figuratively, with haben, ranken haben] :: to be told [of stories, myths, etc.]
Ränkeschmied {m} :: plotter, schemer
Ränkespiel {n} :: intrigue
rankommen {v} [colloquial] :: clipping of herankommen
rankommen {v} [colloquial] :: clipping of drankommen
Rankweil {prop} {n} :: Rankweil (municipality)
ranlassen {v} :: to let somebody approach
ranlassen {v} :: to let somebody make an attempt
ranlassen {v} [colloquial] :: to put out
Ransomware {f} [computing] :: ransomware
Ranzen {m} :: satchel
ranzig {adj} :: rancid
ranziger {adj} :: comparative of ranzig
Ranzigkeit {f} :: rancidness, rancidity
ranzigsten {adj} :: superlative of ranzig
Raoul {prop} {m} :: given name borrowed from French
Rap {m} [uncountable] :: rap, rap music (music style)
Rap {m} [countable] :: rap (song, verse, or instance of singing in the style of rap music)
Rapfen {m} :: asp [fish]
Raphael {prop} {m} :: Raphael [biblical character]
Raphael {prop} {m} :: given name. Alternative spelling: Rafael
Raphaela {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Raphael
Rappe {m} :: black horse
rappeln {v} :: to rattle, to clatter
rappelvoll {adj} :: chock full
rappen {v} :: to rap
Rappen {m} :: the Swiss centime (1/100 franc)
Rapper {m} :: rapper (performer of rap music)
rapplig {adj} :: rattling
rapplig {adj} :: eery. uneasy
Rapport {m} :: report
Rappottenstein {prop} {n} :: Rappottenstein (municipality)
Raps {m} :: rapeseed (Brassica napus)
Rapunzel {f} :: lamb's lettuce (Valerianella locusta)
Rapunzel {f} :: rampion (Campanula rapunculus)
Rapunzel {f} :: spiked rampion (Phyteuma spicatum)
Rapunzel {prop} {f} :: Rapunzel, the long-haired protagonist of an eponymous fairy tale
rar {adj} :: rare (very uncommon)
rarsten {adj} :: superlative of rar
rasant {adj} :: rapid
rasanter {adj} :: comparative of rasant
rasantesten {adj} :: superlative of rasant
rasch {adj} :: quick, rapid, swift
rasch {adv} :: quickly
rascheln {vi} :: to rustle (make a rustling sound)
rascheln {vi} [with mit] :: to rustle something (handle it such that it rustles)
Rascheln {n} :: rustle (A soft crackling sound similar to the movement of leaves.)
rascher {adj} :: comparative of rasch
raschesten {adj} :: superlative of rasch
rasen {v} :: [auxiliary sein] to race; to speed (drive faster than permitted)
rasen {v} :: [auxiliary haben] to rage
Rasen {m} :: lawn
rasend {adj} :: raging, frantic
rasender {adj} :: comparative of rasend
rasendsten {adj} :: superlative of rasend
Rasenmäher {m} :: lawnmower
Rasenspiel {n} :: lawn game
Rasenstück {n} :: piece of turf
Raser {m} :: speeder
Raserei {f} :: frenzy, fury, rage
Raserei {f} :: speeding (driving faster than allowed)
rasieren {v} :: to shave
Rasierer {m} :: agent noun of rasieren; razor
Rasierklinge {f} :: razor blade
Rasiermesser {n} :: razor (knife)
rasiermesserscharf {adj} :: razor-sharp
Rasierpinsel {m} :: shaving brush
Rasierstift {m} :: styptic pencil
rasiert {adj} :: shaved
Räson {f} [used in derived terms and idiomatic phrases] :: reason, rationality
räsonieren {v} :: to reason, to argue
Raspel {f} :: rasp (coarse file)
raspeln {v} :: to rasp
raspeln {v} :: to grate
raß {adj} :: sharp, strong (especially of food)
räß {adj} :: alternative form of raß
Rasse {f} :: race (subspecies), breed
Rasse {f} [uncountable, Rasse haben] :: quality, class, classiness, temperament
rasseln {v} :: to rattle
Rassenchaos {noun} [white supremacy] :: "racial chaos", the result of racial intermixing
Rassenfrage {noun} :: race question; the issue of race
rassengemischt {adj} :: Racially mixed
Rassenhygiene {f} :: Eugenics
Rassenkunde {f} :: racial anthropology, raciology, scientific racism
rassenkundlich {adj} :: racist (from a racial anthropological viewpoint)
Rassenpflege {f} [Nazism, euphemistic] :: "racial care", maintaining the "purity" of a race
Rassenschande {f} [Nazism] :: sexual relations between people of “Aryanrace and “inferior” races, particularly Jews
Rassentrennung {f} :: racial segregation, racial separation
Rassetaube {f} :: pedigree dove, purebred dove
rassig {adj} :: purebred
rassig {adj} [colloquial, figurative] :: hot-blooded
Rassismus {m} :: racism
Rassist {m} :: racist (person)
rassistisch {adj} :: racist (adjective), racistic
Rast {f} :: rest, a pause, a halt; to stop a march, hike or journey for recreational purposes
Rastanlage {f} :: roadhouse
rasten {v} :: to rest
Rastenfeld {prop} {n} :: Rastenfeld (municipality)
Raster {n} :: raster (pattern of parallel lines that form the display of an image)
Raster {n} [figuratively] :: framework, schema
Rasterfahndung {f} [crime] :: dragnet investigation
Rasterkraftmikroskop {n} :: atomic force microscope
Rasthof {m} :: roadhouse
rastlos {adj} :: restless
Rastplatz {m} :: roadhouse
Raststätte {f} :: roadhouse
Rasur {f} :: the act of shaving
Rat {m} :: advice
Rat {m} :: council
Rat {m} :: councilor, councillor
Ratatouille {n} [cuisine] :: ratatouille, or any mixed vegetable dish containing mainly zucchinis, aubergines, and bell peppers
Rate {f} :: rate
Rate {f} [portion of a payment] :: installment, instalment
raten {vi} :: to advise; to recommend
raten {vt} :: to guess
Räterepublik {f} :: soviet republic, communist council republic
Ratespiel {n} :: guessing game
ratfragen {v} :: to ask for advice
Ratgeber {m} :: advisor
Ratgeber {m} :: guidebook
Rath {m} :: obsolete spelling of Rat
Rathaus {n} :: the house in which the city council meets; city hall, town hall
Rathaustreppe {f} :: town hall front stairs, city hall front stairs
rathen {v} :: obsolete spelling of raten
ratierlich {adj} :: in installments
Ratifikation {f} [treaty] :: ratification
Ratifikationsprozess {m} :: ratification process
ratifizieren {v} [treaty] :: to ratify
Ratifizierung {f} [treaty] :: ratification
Ratio {f} [philosophy] :: reason
Ration {f} :: ration
rational {adj} :: rational
rationale Zahl {f} :: rational number (quotient of integers)
Rationalismus {m} :: rationalism
Rationalität {f} :: rationality
Rationalitätsprinzip {n} :: principle of rationality
rationieren {v} :: to ration
Rationierung {f} :: rationing
rätisch {adj} :: Rhaetian
ratlos {adj} :: at a loss
ratloser {adj} :: comparative of ratlos
ratlosesten {adj} :: superlative of ratlos
rätoromanisch {adj} :: Romansch; Rhaeto-Romance
Rätoromanisch {prop} {n} :: Rhaeto-Romance (also referred to as die rätoromanische Sprache)
Rätoromanisch {prop} {n} :: Romansch
ratsam {adj} :: advisable
ratsamer {adj} :: comparative of ratsam
ratsamsten {adj} :: superlative of ratsam
Ratsche {f} :: socket wrench
Ratsche {f} [musical instruments] :: ratchet
Ratsche {f} [colloquial] :: a small cut, e.g. in one's skin or clothes
ratschen {vr} [colloquial, often, _] :: to snag; to cut accidentally on something pointed or sharp, especially one's skin or clothes
ratschen {v} :: to make noise with a ratchet
ratschen {v} [colloquial, southern Germany, Austria] :: to chat
Ratschings {prop} :: Ratschings (municipality)
Ratschlag {m} :: piece of advice; [in plural] advice
Ratschluss {m} [theology, religion] :: divine counsel, divine will, divine decree
Rätsel {n} :: riddle, puzzle, mystery, enigma
rätselhaft {adj} :: puzzling
rätselhaft {adj} :: mysterious
rätseln {v} :: to puzzle over
Ratsmitglied {n} :: member of a council, councilmember, councillor
Ratsversammlung {f} :: council meeting, council
Rättchen {n} :: diminutive of Ratte
Ratte {f} :: rat
Ratten {prop} {n} :: Ratten (municipality)
Rattenberg {prop} {n} :: Rattenberg (municipality)
Rattenberg {prop} {n} :: Rattenberg (municipality)
Rattenfänger {m} :: ratcatcher
Rattenfänger {m} :: rat dog
Rattenfänger {m} [figuratively] :: pied piper, demagogue
Rattengift {n} :: rat poison
rattenscharf {adj} [colloquial] :: great
rattenscharf {adj} [colloquial] :: sexually attractive
rattern {v} :: to rattle; chatter; clatter
rau {adj} :: rough
Rau {prop} :: surname
Raub {m} :: robbery, heist
Raub {m} :: deprivation
raubauzig {adj} :: ruthless
Raubdruck {m} :: pirated copy; pirated version
raubeinig {adj} :: rough-and-ready
rauben {v} [criminal act] :: to rob
rauben {v} [figuratively] :: to rob, to deprive
rauben {v} :: to take away
Räuber {m} :: agent noun of rauben
Räuber {m} :: robber, thief
Räuber {m} :: pirate
Räuber {m} [horticulture] :: sucker
Räuber {m} :: predator
Räuber und Gendarm {noun} :: cops and robbers
Raubfisch {m} :: predator (predatory fish)
Raubkatze {f} :: non-domestic cat
Raubkopie {f} :: an illegal copy of digital data
Raubkopierer {m} :: (Internet) One who reproduces copyrighted works without permission
Raubmörder {m} :: a robber who murdered the robbed person
Raubspinne {f} :: nursery web spider
Raubtier {n} [zoology] :: predator
Raubüberfall {m} :: robbery, holdup, raid
Raubvogel {m} :: bird of prey
Raubwürger {m} :: great grey shrike [Lanius excubitor]
Raubzug {m} :: raid
Raubzug {m} :: heist
Rauch {m} :: smoke, fume
Rauchbier {n} :: smoked beer
rauchen {v} :: to smoke
Rauchenwarth {prop} {n} :: Rauchenwarth (municipality)
Raucher {m} :: agent noun of rauchen; smoker
Räucheraal {m} :: smoked eel
Räucherei {f} :: smokery
Raucherin {f} :: female smoker (woman who smokes tobacco habitually)
Räucherlachs {m} [chiefly uncountable] :: smoked salmon; lox
räuchern {v} :: to fumigate, cure
Räucherstäbchen {n} :: incense stick, joss stick
Räucherwerk {n} :: incense
Rauchfang {m} [Austria] :: chimney
rauchfrei {adj} :: smokeless (fuel etc)
rauchfrei {adj} :: smoke-free
rauchig {adj} :: smoky
rauchiger {adj} :: comparative of rauchig
rauchigsten {adj} :: superlative of rauchig
rauchlos {adj} :: smokeless
Rauchmelder {m} :: smoke detector
Rauchquarz {m} [mineral] :: smoky quartz, cairngormstone
Rauchschwalbe {f} :: barn swallow [Hirundo rustica]
Rauchverbot {n} :: smoking ban
Rauchwart {prop} {n} :: Rauchwart (municipality)
Rauchwolke {f} :: cloud of smoke
Rauchzeichen {n} [often, pluralized] :: smoke signal
räudig {adj} :: mangy
rauf {adv} [colloquial] :: up, up here, upstairs (towards the speaker)
rauf {adv} [colloquial] :: up, up there, upstairs (away from the speaker)
Raufasertapete {f} :: woodchip wallpaper; ingrain wallpaper
Raufbold {m} :: brawler
Raufe {f} :: hayrack
raufen {v} :: to brawl
raufen {v} :: to horseplay
raufen {v} :: to pluck
Rauferei {f} :: brawl
Raufußbussard {m} :: rough-legged buzzard (Buteo lagopus)
Raufußkauz {m} :: Tengmalm's owl (species)
rauh {adj} [now, proscribed] :: alternative spelling of rau
Rauhreif {noun} [now, proscribed] :: alternative spelling of Raureif
Rauke {f} :: rocket [UK], arugula [US] (herb)
Raum {m} [physics] :: space
Raum {m} :: capacity, volume, room
Raum {m} :: room, chamber
Raum {m} :: place, area, field, room, space
Raum {m} :: room, hold (of a vessel or vehicle)
Raum {m} [figurative] :: scope, opportunity, field
Raum {m} [archaic and dialectal only] :: alternative form of Rahm
Raumangst {f} :: claustrophobia
Raumanzug {m} :: space suit
räumdig {adj} :: lightly forested
räumen {v} :: to clear
Raumfähre {f} [space, NASA] :: clipping of Weltraumfähre (space shuttle)
Raumfahrer {m} :: astronaut [male or of unspecified sex]
Raumfahrt {f} :: space flight, going into space
Raumfahrttechnik {f} :: space technology
Raumfahrtwissenschaft {f} :: space science
Raumforschung {f} [sciences] :: space science
Raumgruppe {f} :: space group
raumhoch {adj} :: floor-to-ceiling (extending the full height of a room)
Raumkapsel {f} :: space capsule
Raumklang {m} :: surround sound
Raumkrankheit {f} :: space sickness
Raumlehre {f} :: geometry
räumlich {adj} :: spatial
räumlich {adj} :: solid, three-dimensional
räumliche Komponente {f} [physics] :: spatial component
Raummaß {n} :: unit of volume
Raumschiff {n} :: spaceship, spacecraft
Raumsonde {f} :: space probe
Raumstation {f} :: space station
Räumte {f} [nautical, loosely] :: cargo capacity of a ship
Räumte {f} [nautical, technical] :: cargo capacity according to a specified stowage factor
Raumtemperatur {f} :: room temperature, ambient temperature
Raumzeit {f} :: spacetime
Raum-Zeit {f} :: alternative spelling of Raumzeit
raumzentriert {adj} :: body-centered
raunen {v} :: to whisper; to say secretly (especially in an eerie way)
raunen {v} [of a croud] :: to murmur; to whisper (to speak among each other in a subdued way, especially in astonishment)
Raunen {n} :: murmur
Räupchen {n} :: diminutive of Raupe
Raupe {f} :: caterpillar (larva)
Raupe {f} :: short for Planierraupe
Raupenleim {noun} :: A crude petroleum product resembling an impure vaseline, more or less greasy, smooth, of a butter-like consistency at ordinary temperatures; it is frequently used to form a band about trees to keep certain insects from climbing to the branches and resists being washed away by rain
Räuplein {n} :: diminutive of Raupe
Raureif {m} :: rime, hoarfrost
Rauris {prop} {n} :: Rauris (municipality)
raus- {prefix} :: A prefix, conveying a movement out of something
raus {adv} [colloquial] :: out, out of there, outta there
raus {adv} [colloquial] :: out, out of here, outta here
raus {interj} [colloquial] :: get out!
rausbringen {v} :: to bring or take out
Rausch {m} :: flush, intoxication
Rausch {m} [in compounds] :: frenzy
rauscharm {adj} :: low-noise
Rauschbeere {f} :: northern bilberry, bog bilberry, Vaccinium uliginosum
rauschen {v} [auxiliary haben] :: to rustle, murmur (make a regular continuous sound similar to e.g. waves at a shore or moving leaves in a forest)
rauschen {v} [auxiliary sein, figuratively] :: to sweep (travel quickly)
Rauschen {n} :: a murmur
Rauschen {n} :: noise
Rauschen {n} :: sough
Rauschen {n} :: whoosh
Rauschen {n} :: rustle
Rauschgelb {n} [mineral] :: orpiment (synonym of Auripigment)
Rauschgift {n} :: drug, narcotic (psychoactive substance, especially one which is illegal)
Rauschgift {n} :: dope
Rauschgiftdezernat {n} :: drug division; division of a police force that investigates crimes involving illegal drugs
rauschgiftsüchtig {adj} :: addicted to drugs
Rauschgiftsüchtige {f} :: female drug addict
Rauschgiftsüchtiger {m} :: drug addict
rauschig {adj} [Austria, now, rare] :: (very) drunk
Rauschmittel {n} :: drug
Rauschrot {n} [mineral] :: realgar (synonym of Realgar)
Rauschzustand {m} :: state of intoxication
rausfinden {v} :: clipping of herausfinden
rausfliegen {v} [colloquial] :: to be kicked out
rausgeflogen {v} :: past participle of rausfliegen
rausgefunden {v} :: past participle of rausfinden
rausgehen {v} [colloquial] :: to go out
rausholen {v} :: clipping of herausholen
rauskommen {v} [colloquial] :: to come out
rauskriegen {v} :: to find out, catch wind of
räuspern {vr} :: to clear one's throat, to cough slightly (when trying to get attention)
rausschmeißen {v} :: to kick out
Rausschmeißer {m} :: bouncer
Rausschmeißer {m} [by extension, music, party] :: last dance (last song of the night to clear the venue)
Rausschmiss {m} :: kicking out
Raute {f} :: rhombus, rhomb
Raute {f} :: the hash sign (the # symbol)
Raute {f} [heraldiccharge] :: lozenge
Raute {f} :: [plant] rue, common rue, herb of grace (Ruta graveolens)
rautenförmig {adj} :: rhomboid, lozengelike
Rautenzeichen {n} :: number sign
Ravelsbach {prop} {n} :: Ravelsbach (municipality)
rawben {v} :: obsolete spelling of rauben
Raxendorf {prop} {n} :: Raxendorf (municipality)
Rayon {m} [rare, outside, Swiss] :: department (of a department store)
Rayon {m} [dated, outside, Austria, Swiss] :: district for which someone is responsible, the representative of, the leader of, etc
Razemat {n} :: racemate
Razzia {f} :: police raid
rd. {adv} :: abbreviation of rund
Rdn. {f} :: abbreviation of Randnotiz
re- {prefix} :: re-
Reagenz {n} [chemistry] :: reagent
Reagenzglas {n} [sciences] :: test tube
reagieren {v} :: to react; to respond
Reaktion {f} :: response
Reaktion {f} :: reaction
reaktionär {adj} [generally] :: reactionary (opposed to change)
reaktionär {adj} [communism, other ideologies] :: reactionary (opposed to the particular ideology)
Reaktionär {m} :: reactionary
reaktionärer {adj} :: comparative of reaktionär
reaktionärsten {adj} :: superlative of reaktionär
Reaktionsbildung {f} [psychoanalysis] :: reaction formation
reaktionsfähig {adj} [chemistry] :: reactive
Reaktionsfähigkeit {f} [chemistry] :: reactivity
Reaktionsfähigkeit {f} :: responsiveness
reaktionsfreudig {adj} [chemistry] :: (highly or easily) reactive
reaktionsfreudig {adj} :: responsive
Reaktionsfreudigkeit {f} [chemistry] :: reactivity
Reaktionsfreudigkeit {f} :: responsiveness
Reaktionsgeschwindigkeit {f} [chemistry] :: rate of reaction
Reaktionsgleichung {f} :: chemical equation
Reaktionsmechanismus {m} [chemistry] :: reaction mechanism
Reaktionspartner {m} [chemistry] :: reactant
Reaktionsprodukt {n} [chemistry, nuclear physics] :: reaction product
Reaktionsschritt {m} [chemistry] :: reaction step
reaktionsträg {adj} [chemistry] :: slow to react
Reaktionsträgheit {f} [chemistry] :: inertness
Reaktionswärme {f} [chemistry] :: heat of reaction
Reaktionsweg {m} [chemistry] :: pathway (of a reaction)
Reaktionszeit {f} :: reaction time
reaktiv {adj} :: reactive
Reaktivität {f} :: reactivity
Reaktor {m} :: reactor (container for nuclear, chemical or biological processes)
Reaktorbau {m} :: (nuclear) reactor construction
reaktorproduziert {adj} :: reactor-produced
Reaktortechnik {f} :: (nuclear) reactor technology
Reaktorunfall {m} :: (nuclear) reactor accident
real {adj} :: that has physical existence; real
real {adj} :: pertaining to reality; real, realistic
real {adj} [economics] :: real (not nominal), measured in purchasing power
Real {m} :: real (Spanish currency unit)
Real {m} :: real (Portuguese and Brazilian currency unit)
Realgar {m} [mineral] :: realgar
Realgymnasium {n} [historical] :: A real school: a secondary school with a focus on modern science and languages rather than literature, Greek, and Latin
Realgymnasium {n} [Austria, Swiss] :: A secondary school with a focus on STEM studies rather than general studies
Realien {p} [obsolete] :: Facts, realities
Realien {p} [obsolete] :: Expertise, know-how
Realien {p} [obsolete] :: Natural sciences, collectively
Realisat {n} :: work of art; artistic creation
Realisat {n} [Austria] :: total credit balance to be at account closure
Realisat {n} [Austria] :: liquidation proceeds
realisierbar {adj} :: realizable
realisieren {v} :: to realize (to make real, to implement)
realisieren {v} [colloquial] :: to realize (to become aware of)
Realisierung {f} :: realization, implementation (carrying out)
Realismus {m} :: realism
Realist {m} :: realist
realistisch {adj} :: realistic
realistischer {adj} :: comparative of realistisch
realistischsten {adj} :: superlative of realistisch
Realität {f} [uncountable] :: reality (state of being real)
Realität {f} :: reality, fact (that which is real)
Realität {f} [uncountable, philosophy] :: dasein
Realität {f} [Austria, plural only] :: real estate
realitätsfremd {adj} :: unreal, out of touch with reality
realiter {adv} :: really, in fact
Realo {m} [colloquial] :: a member of a more pragmatic faction within the German Green Party
Realpolitik {f} [politics] :: realpolitik (pragmatic international government policy)
realpolitisch {adj} :: realpolitikal
Realpräsenz {f} [Christianity] :: real presence
Realsatire {f} :: A real-life event that is unintentionally so exaggerated and ridiculous that is perceived as satire
Realschule {f} [historical] :: A real school: a secondary school that focuses upon modern science and languages rather than literature, Greek, and Latin
Realschule {f} :: A secondary school
Realsozialismus {m} :: real socialism
realsozialistisch {adj} :: real socialist
Realwert {m} :: real value, true value
Reanalyse {f} :: reanalysis
Reanimation {f} [medicine] :: reanimation
reanimieren {v} [medicine] :: to reanimate
Rebberg {m} [Switzerland] :: vineyard
Rebe {f} :: vine, grape
Rebe {f} :: tendril
Rebecca {prop} :: given name, an English style spelling of Rebekka
Rebekka {prop} :: Rebekah [biblical character]
Rebekka {prop} :: given name, and today often spelled so
Rebell {m} :: rebel
rebellieren {v} :: to rebel
Rebellin {f} :: female rebel
Rebellion {f} :: rebellion
rebellisch {adj} :: rebellious
rebenumsponnen {adj} :: vine-clad
Rebhuhn {n} :: grey partridge (Perdix perdix)
Rebhuhn {n} :: partridge (Perdix; any bird of the genus of Galliform gamebirds known collectively as the 'true partridges') [Chiefly used in plural.]
rebsortenrein {adj} :: monovarietal
Rebstock {m} :: grapevine (plant)
Rebus {m} {n} :: rebus (type of word puzzle)
Recensent {m} :: obsolete spelling of Rezensent
Rechberg {prop} {n} :: Rechberg (municipality)
rechen {v} :: to rake
Rechen {m} [chiefly Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland] :: rake
Rechenaufgabe {f} :: mathematical exercise, arithmetical problem, math problem
Rechenbrett {n} :: A calculation slate
Rechenbrett {n} :: An abacus, manual calculating frame
Rechenfehler {m} :: calculation error, miscalculation
Rechenschaft {f} :: account, accountability
Rechenschaft {f} :: reckoning
Rechenschwäche {f} :: problems with math, dyscalculia
Rechenverfahren {n} :: calculation method, calculation procedure
Rechenzentrum {n} :: data center
Recherche {f} :: research, investigation
recherchieren {v} :: to research, to investigate
rechnen {v} :: to count, reckon, calculate, compute
rechnen {v} [with 'mit'] :: to expect
Rechner {m} :: agent noun of rechnen; person who calculates
Rechner {m} :: reckoner
Rechner {m} :: computer
Rechner {m} :: calculator
rechnergesteuert {adj} :: computer-controlled
Rechnitz {prop} {n} :: Rechnitz (municipality)
Rechnung {f} :: bill, restaurant bill
Rechnung {f} :: a reckoning, calculation
Rechnung {f} :: invoice
recht {adj} :: right (direction)
recht {adj} :: proper, correct
recht {adj} :: true, real
recht {adj} :: just, lawful
recht {adv} :: very, quite
recht {adv} :: well, right
recht {adv} :: exactly
Recht {n} :: a right, privilege
Recht {n} :: a title, claim
Recht {n} :: the law
rechtdrehen {v} [nautical, of wind] :: to veer; to shift in a clockwise direction
rechtdrehend {adj} [nautical, of wind] :: clockwise; veering
Rechte {f} :: right (right side)
Rechteck {n} :: rectangle
rechteckig {adj} :: rectangular
rechte Hand {f} :: right hand
rechte Hand {f} :: right-hand man, right-hand woman
rechten {v} [formal] :: to argue
Rechter {m} :: right-winger
rechtfertigen {v} :: to justify (provide an explanation or reason)
Rechtfertigung {f} :: justification
recht haben {v} :: alternative case form of Recht haben
Recht haben {v} :: to be (in the) right
Rechthaberei {f} :: self-opinionatedness, the tendency of a person to consider themself right when disagreeing with other people
rechthaberisch {adj} :: Of a person, tending to consider himself right when disagreeing with other people; opinionated, bossy, dogmatic
rechthaberischer {adj} :: comparative of rechthaberisch
rechthaberischsten {adj} :: superlative of rechthaberisch
Rechtleitung {f} [religion] :: guidance
Rechtler {m} [regional, including parts of Bavaria] :: someone who has a customary right to provide themself with firewood from publicly owned forests
rechtlich {adj} :: legal
rechtlich {adj} :: lawful
rechtlos {adj} :: deprived of civil rights
rechtlos {adj} :: lawless
Rechtlosigkeit {f} :: lawlessness (of place)
Rechtlosigkeit {f} :: lack of rights (of people)
rechtmässig {adj} :: alternative spelling of rechtmäßig
rechtmäßig {adj} :: rightful
rechts {adv} :: on the right
rechts {adv} :: to the right
rechts {adv} :: the right-hand side
rechts {adv} :: pars pro toto for right-wing extremist
rechts {adv} :: pertaining to the political right
Rechtsänderung {f} :: change in the law
Rechtsanspruch {m} :: legal claim, legal entitlement
Rechtsanwalt {m} :: lawyer
Rechtsausschuss {m} :: legal committee, committee on legal affairs, judicial committee
Rechtsausschuß {noun} :: obsolete spelling of Rechtsausschuss
Rechtsberatung {f} :: legal advice
Rechtsbruch {m} :: breach of law
rechtschaffen {adj} :: righteous, virtuous
rechtschaffener {adj} :: comparative of rechtschaffen
Rechtschaffenheit {f} :: righteousness
rechtschaffensten {adj} :: superlative of rechtschaffen
Rechtschreibfehler {m} :: misspelling
rechtschreiblich {adj} :: orthographic
Rechtschreibreform {f} :: spelling reform
Rechtschreibung {f} :: orthography
rechtsdonauisch {adj} :: on the right side of the Danube
rechtsdrehend {adj} :: dextrorotatory
rechtsdünisch {adj} :: lying on the right (that is, north) side of the Duna (Daugava)
rechtselbisch {adj} :: on the right side of the Elbe
rechtsextrem {adj} :: far-right
Rechtsextremismus {m} :: far right / extreme right extremism
rechtsextremistisch {adj} :: right-wing extremist (attributive)
rechtsfähig {adj} :: lawful
rechtsfehlerhaft {adj} :: legally erroneous
rechtsfrei {adj} :: extralegal, extrajudicial
rechtsfrei {adj} :: lawless
Rechtsgelehrter {m} :: legal scholar
Rechtsgeschäft {n} [law] :: legal transaction, i.e. the main category of legal acts and consisting of a voluntary manifestation of intention and often a physical action that together bring about intended legal effects
Rechtshänder {m} :: right-hander (male)
rechtshin {adv} :: toward the right
rechtskräftig {adj} :: legally valid, final
Rechtskreis {n} :: jurisdiction
rechtsmaasisch {adj} [very rare] :: on the right (thus: east) side of the Meuse
rechtsodrisch {adj} [rare] :: on the right (thus: east) side of the Oder river
rechtspolitisch {adj} :: of or related to legal policy
rechtspopulistisch {adj} [politics] :: right-wing populist
rechtsprechend {adj} :: judicial; interpreting the law or pertaining to the interpretation of the law
Rechtsprechung {f} [legal] :: case law
Rechtsprechung {f} [legal] :: jurisdiction
rechtsradikal {adj} [politics] :: right-wing radical
rechtsrheinisch {adj} :: on the right (thus: east) side of the Rhine
Rechtsruck {m} [politics] :: shift to the right, swing to the right
Rechtsschutzversicherung {f} :: legal protection insurance, legal expenses insurance, legal insurance
Rechtsschutzversicherungsgesellschaft {f} :: insurance company which provides legal protection
rechtsseitig {adj} :: right-hand; dexter
Rechtssprichwort {n} :: legal proverb, brocard
Rechtsstaat {m} :: constitutional state: a state based on law
Rechtsstreit {m} [law] :: legal dispute, lawsuit, litigation
Rechtsverkehr {m} :: right-hand driving, driving on the right
Rechtsverkehr {m} [legal] :: legal dealings
Rechtsverkehr {m} [legal] :: legal relations
Rechtsvorschrift {f} :: legislation
rechtsweserisch {adj} [rare] :: on the right (east ) side of the river Weser
rechtswidrig {adj} :: unlawful
Rechtswissenschaft {f} :: jurisprudence
rechtswissenschaftlich {adj} :: jurisprudent
rechtwinkelig {adj} :: alternative form of rechtwinklig
rechtwinklig {adj} [geometry] :: right-angled
rechtzeitig {adj} :: punctual
rechtzeitig {adv} :: in time
rechtzeitig {adv} :: on time
Recitativ {n} :: obsolete spelling of Rezitativ
Reck {n} [gymnastics] :: horizontal bar
Recke {m} [elevated] :: warrior
recken {vr} [to stretch one's muscles, sich recken] :: to stretch
Recklinghausen {prop} {n} :: Recklinghausen (city)
recycelbar {adj} :: recyclable
recyceln {v} :: To recycle
recycelt {v} :: past participle of recyceln
recycelt {adj} :: recycled
recyclebar {adj} :: alternative form of recycelbar
Recycling {n} :: recycling (process)
recyclingfähig {adj} :: recyclable
Redakteur {m} :: editor (male or of unspecified sex)
Redakteurin {f} :: editor (female)
Redaktion {f} :: editing
Redaktion {f} :: editorial staff (press, TV etc)
Redaktion {f} :: newsroom, editorial office
redaktionell {adj} :: editorial (pertaining to editors, editing, how to edit)
Redaktor {m} [Switzerland, Liechtenstein] :: editor (male or of unspecified sex)
Redaktorin {f} [Switzerland, Liechtenstein] :: editor (female)
Rede {f} :: speech
Redefreiheit {f} :: freedom of speech
redefreudig {adj} :: talkative, eloquent
redegewandt {adj} :: eloquent
redegewandter {adj} :: comparative of redegewandt
redegewandtesten {adj} :: superlative of redegewandt
Redegewandtheit {f} :: eloquence
Redekunst {f} :: oratory, eloquence
reden {v} :: to speak; to talk
Reden ist Silber, Schweigen ist Gold {proverb} :: speech is silver, silence is golden
Redensart {f} :: a commonly used expression, sentence, or proverb
Redeschwall {m} :: diatribe (long continuous speech)
Redeteil {m} [grammar] :: part of speech (the function a word or phrase performs)
Redewendung {f} :: expression, figure of speech, idiom, phrase, turn of phrase
redigieren {v} :: to edit (change a text or document)
Redleiten {prop} {n} :: Redleiten (municipality)
redlich {adj} :: honest; upright
Redner {m} [one who makes a speech] :: speaker
Rednerin {f} :: (female) orator, speaker
Rednerpult {n} :: lectern
Redoute {f} :: dancehall, event hall
Redoute {f} [Austria] :: masked ball
Redoxindikator {n} [chemistry] :: redox indicator
Redoxpotential {n} [chemistry] :: redox potential
Redoxreaktion {f} [chemistry] :: redox reaction
redselig {adj} :: talkative
Reduktase {f} [enzyme] :: reductase
Reduktion {f} :: reduction
reduktionistisch {adj} :: reductionist
Reduktionsflamme {f} [chemistry] :: reducing flame
Reduktionsmittel {n} [chemistry] :: reducing agent
Reduktionsofen {m} :: reduction furnace
Reduktionsvokal {m} [grammar] :: a vowel which can (under normal circumstances) not occur in a stressed syllable, such as [ə] and [ɐ] in German
reduktiv {adj} [chemistry] :: reductive, reducing
redundant {adj} :: redundant
Redundanz {f} :: redundancy
reduzierbar {adj} :: reducible
reduzieren {v} :: to reduce
reduzierend {adj} :: reducing
reduziert {adj} :: reduced (all senses)
reduziert {adj} :: shortened
Reduzierung {f} :: reduction
Reede {f} [nautical] :: roadstead (partly-sheltered anchorage outside a harbour)
Reeder {m} :: shipowner
Reederei {f} :: shipping company
reell {adj} :: not virtual
reell {adj} [mathematics] :: the property of being an element of the set of real numbers
reelle Zahl {f} :: real number (element of the real numbers)
Reep {n} [rare, nautical] :: rope
Reet {m} :: alternative form of Ried
Reetdach {n} :: reed-thatched roof
Referat {n} :: report/paper
Referat {n} :: oral report
Referendum {n} :: referendum (direct popular vote on a proposed law or other political decision)
Referent {m} :: referee (person who gives a reference)
Referent {m} :: consultant, advisor
Referent {m} :: referent
Referenz {f} :: reference (measurement one can compare to)
Referenz {f} [semantics] :: reference
Referenzelektrode {f} [physics, chemistry] :: reference electrode
referenzieren {v} :: to reference (refer to)
Referenzimplementierung {f} :: reference implementation
Referenzwert {m} :: reference level / value
referieren {v} :: to report
referieren {v} :: to refer
referiert {v} :: past participle of referieren
reflektieren {v} :: to reflect
Reflektion {f} :: reflection (act of reflecting; thinking)
Reflektion {f} [programming, object-oriented] :: reflection
Reflektion {f} [optics] :: reflection (the state of being reflected)
reflektirend {v} :: obsolete spelling of reflektierend
Reflexbogen {m} :: reflex arc
Reflexion {f} :: reflection (act of reflecting; thinking)
Reflexion {f} [programming, object-oriented] :: reflection
Reflexion {f} [optics] :: reflection (the state of being reflected)
Reflexionsgrad {m} [physics] :: reflectance
reflexionsreich {adj} :: highly reflective
Reflexionsvermögen {n} :: reflectivity
reflexiv {adj} [grammar, mathematics] :: reflexive
Reflexivum {n} [grammar] :: reflexive pronoun
Reform {f} :: reform
Reformator {m} [one who was involved in the Reformation] :: reformer (male or of unspecified sex)
reformatorisch {adj} :: reformatory, reformative
Reformer {m} [person who reforms] :: reformer
Reformesperanto {prop} {n} :: Ido
reformieren {v} :: to reform
Refrain {m} :: chorus, refrain (repeated part of a song or poem)
refraktär {adj} :: refractory
Refugium {n} :: refuge
Regal {n} :: shelf, rack, bookcase
Regal {n} [in the plural] :: a right/privilege of a sovereign state or ruler; regalia
Regau {prop} {n} :: Regau (municipality)
rege {adj} :: brisk, lively
Regel {f} :: rule
Regel {f} [colloquial] :: menstruation
Regeländerung {f} :: rule change
regelbar {adj} :: adjustable
regelbar {adj} :: variable
Regelbasisableger {m} :: control base scion
Regelbrecher {m} :: rulebreaker
Regelfall {m} :: rule
Regelfall {m} :: normality
regelgemäß {adj} :: legal, lawful, regulatory
regelgerecht {adj} :: legal, lawful, regulation
regelkonform {adj} :: lawful, legal, regulation
regelmässig {adj} :: alternative spelling of regelmäßig
regelmäßig {adj} :: regular; according to the rule; expected; not forming an exception
regelmäßig {adj} :: regular; steady; even; with its components in proportion
regelmäßig {adj} :: regular; periodic; happening at constant intervals; frequent
regelmäßiger {adj} :: comparative of regelmäßig
regelmäßigsten {adj} :: superlative of regelmäßig
regeln {v} :: to regulate
regeln {v} :: to control (to adjust an apparatus)
regelrecht {adj} :: downright
Regelstab {m} :: control rod
Regelstudienzeit {f} :: average period of study
Regelung {f} :: regulation
Regelung {f} :: control (method of governing the performance of an apparatus)
Regelwerk {n} :: set of regulations
regelwidrig {adj} :: unlawful
regelwidrig {adj} [sports] :: foul
regen {vt} :: To move
regen {vr} :: To move (intransitive)
regen {vr} :: To be active doing something, occupying oneself
regen {vr} :: To budge, to become noticeable
Regen {m} :: rain
Regen {prop} {n} :: Regen (town)
Regen {prop} {n} :: Regen (river)
Regen {prop} {mf} :: surname
Regenbildung {f} :: rain formation [especially by artificial means]
Regenbogen {m} :: rainbow
Regenbogenboa {f} :: rainbow boa (Epicrates cenchria)
Regenbogeneffekt {m} :: rainbow effect
Regenbogenfahne {f} :: rainbow flag
Regenbogenfamilie {f} :: family with parents of the same sex
Regenbogenfarbe {f} :: color of the rainbow, prismatic color
Regenbogenfarben {fp} :: prismatic colors
Regenbogenfisch {m} :: rainbowfish
Regenbogenforelle {f} :: rainbow trout
Regenbogenhaut {f} [anatomy] :: iris
Regenbogenpresse {f} :: yellow press
Regenbogentrikot {m} :: rainbow jersey
regenerationsfähig {adj} :: regenerable, renewable
regenerieren {vt} :: to regenerate (to construct or create anew, especially in an improved manner)
regenerieren {vi} :: to recover (to get better, regain health)
Regenerierung {f} :: regeneration
Regenerierung {f} :: recycling
Regenfall {m} :: rainfall
Regenguss {m} :: heavy shower, downpour
Regenguß {m} :: alternative spelling of Regenguss
Regenmacher {m} :: rainmaker
Regenmantel {m} :: raincoat, mackintosh (UK)
regennass {adj} :: rainy (wet because of rain)
Regenpfeifer {m} :: plover (wading bird of the family Charadriidae)
Regenrinne {f} :: gutter; eavestrough (channel under the edge of a roof)
Regenrinne {f} [loosely] :: drainpipe (pipe that connects the gutter with the ground)
Regensburg {prop} {n} :: Regensburg, Ratisbon (city in southern Germany)
Regenschauer {m} [meteorology] :: downpour
Regenschirm {m} :: umbrella [used for protection against rain]
Regent {m} :: regent (ruler)
Regent {m} :: regent (one who rules in place of the monarch)
Regent {m} :: regent (member of governing board of a college or university in an English-speaking country)
Regent {m} :: Regent (a hybrid grape)
Regentag {m} :: rainy day
Regentropfen {m} :: raindrop
Regenwahrscheinlichkeit {f} :: probability (chance) of rain
Regenwald {m} :: rainforest
Regenwasser {n} :: rainwater
Regenwetter {n} :: rainy weather, showery weather, wet weather
Regenwolke {f} :: rain cloud
Regenwurm {m} :: earthworm
Regenzeit {f} :: rainy season, wet season
reger {adj} :: comparative of rege
regesten {adj} :: superlative of rege
Reggae {m} :: reggae
Regie {f} :: direction (work of the director in cinema or theater)
regieren {v} :: to govern
regierend {adj} :: governing, reigning, ruling
Regierung {f} [politics] :: government
Regierungsauftrag {m} :: Mandate to form a government
Regierungsbüro {n} [officialese, Austria] :: seat of the government
Regierungsbüro {n} :: the office of a government official
Regierungschef {m} :: head of government
Regierungserklärung {f} [politics] :: government statement, government policy statement
Regierungsgeschäfte {p} [plurale tantum] :: government business
Regierungsgewalt {noun} :: governance; governmental power
Regierungskoalition {f} :: ruling coalition
Regierungsmitglied {n} :: member of the government
regierungsnah {adj} [of media, organizations, etc.] :: close to the government
Regierungspartei {f} :: ruling / governing (political) party
Regierungspräsidium {n} :: regional council
Regierungsrat {m} :: governing council (often regional or local)
Regierungsrat {m} [Swiss] :: Conseil d’État (council constituting the cantonal government)
Regierungsrat {m} [Swiss] :: a member of the Conseil d’État
Regierungssprecher {m} :: government spokesman
Regime {n} [usually derogatory] :: regime
Regiment {n} :: regiment (army unit)
Regiment {n} :: regime
regimetreu {adj} :: loyal to a regime
Regina {prop} {f} :: given name of Latin origin
Regiolekt {m} :: the supra-dialectal vernacular of a larger region, usually a blend of dialect and standard language
Regiolekt {m} :: [less often] any regional dialect
Region {f} :: region
regional {adj} :: regional
regioselektiv {adj} [chemistry] :: regioselective
Regisseur {m} [cinema, theater or opera] :: director
Regisseur {m} :: [figuratively, metaphorically] trainer, coach
Register {n} :: register (formal recording of names, events, transactions etc.)
Register {n} [music] :: register (range of tones in the human voice)
Registerkarte {f} [computing] :: tab (navigational widget in a GUI)
Registerwechsel {m} [music] :: register change, register shift, register transition
registrieren {v} :: to register
registrieren {v} :: to notice
Registrierkasse {f} :: cash register
registriert {adj} :: registered
Registrierung {f} :: registration
Reglement {n} :: regulation, regulations
Reglementarismus {m} :: the policy of subjecting social behaviors seen as problematic to stringent, detailed regulation rather than outright prohibition
reglementieren {v} :: to regularize; to regiment
Regler {m} :: agent noun of regeln
Regler {m} :: regulator
Regler {m} :: governor
Regler {m} :: controller
Regler {m} [knob, switch] :: control
reglos {adj} :: without movement, motionless
regnen {v} [chiefly impersonal] :: to rain
regnerisch {adj} :: rainy
regnerischer {adj} :: comparative of regnerisch
regnerischsten {adj} :: superlative of regnerisch
Regolith {m} [geology] :: regolith
regressiv {adj} :: regressive
regulär {adj} :: regular; conventional; scheduled; permanently organised; in line with law, normal practice, etc.; legitimate
regulärer {adj} :: comparative of regulär
regulärsten {adj} :: superlative of regulär
Regulation {f} :: regulation
Regulationsstörung {f} [pathology] :: regulatory disorder
regulieren {v} :: to regulate
Regulierung {f} :: regulation
Regung {f} :: movement, motion
Regung {f} :: emotion, impulse
regungslos {adj} :: motionless
Reh {n} :: roe deer (small deer species, Capreolus capreolus)
REH {noun} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Reiheneckhaus
Reha {f} :: rehab
Rehabilitation {f} :: rehabilitation
Rehbock {m} :: roebuck (a male roe deer)
rehbraun {adj} :: slightly reddish light brown; fawn
Rehchen {n} :: diminutive of Reh
rehfarben {adj} :: fawn-coloured
rehfarbig {adj} :: fawn-coloured
Rehhagel {prop} :: surname
Rehkitz {n} :: fawn, a baby roe deer
rehledern {adj} :: deerskin (attributive)
Rehlein {n} :: diminutive of Reh
Reibe {f} :: grater, shredder
Reibekuchen {m} :: potato pancake
Reibelaut {m} [phonetics] :: fricative consonant
reiben {vti} :: to rub; to chafe
reiben {vt} :: to grate
Reibung {f} :: friction
Reibungskoeffizient {m} [physics] :: coefficient of friction
reibungslos {adj} :: smooth (without difficulty, problems, or unexpected consequences or incidents)
-reich {suffix} :: -rich, -ful, used to form an adjective from a noun with the sense of 'rich in', 'full of'
reich {adj} :: rich
Reich {n} :: empire or significant State
Reich {n} :: realm (also e.g. of plants)
Reich {prop} {n} :: the First Reich, the Holy Roman Empire
Reich {prop} {n} :: the Deutsche Reich
Reich {prop} {n} :: the (Deutsche) Kaiserreich, the Second Reich (1871 to 1918)
Reich {prop} {n} :: the Weimar Republic (1919 to 1933)
Reich {prop} {n} :: the Third Reich (1933 to 1945)
Reich {prop} :: surname
Reicharabien {n} [biblical] :: Sheba
Reich der Mitte {prop} {n} [dated] :: the Middle Kingdom (China)
Reiche {f} :: rich woman
reichen {v} :: to reach
reichen {v} :: to pass, to hand, to give
reichen {v} :: to be sufficient
Reichenbach {prop} {n} :: Reichenbach (municipality)
Reichenbach {prop} {n} :: Reichenbach (municipality)
Reichenbach {prop} {n} :: Reichenbach (municipality)
Reichenberg {prop} :: Liberec
Reichenfels {prop} {n} :: Reichenfels (municipality)
Reichenthal {prop} {n} :: Reichenthal (municipality)
reicher {adj} :: comparative of reich
Reicher {m} :: rich man
Reichersberg {prop} {n} :: Reichersberg (municipality)
reichhaltig {adj} :: comprehensive
reichhaltig {adj} :: ample, extensive, substantial
reichhaltig {adj} :: rich
reichisch {adj} [rare] :: imperial; of or pertaining to an empire or realm which can be designated as a Reich, especially the German Reich
reichlich {adj} :: abundant, plentiful
Reichraming {prop} {n} :: Reichraming (municipality)
Reichsacht {f} [historical, Holy Roman Empire] :: Imperial ban
Reichsanstalt {f} :: Any of several public monopoly institutions in the former German Empire
Reichsapfel {m} :: globus cruciger
Reichsbürger {m} [historical] :: imperial citizen
Reichsbürger {m} [historical] :: citizen of Nazi Germany [limited to people considered ethnic Germans]
Reichsbürger {m} :: revanchist denying the legitimacy of the Federal Republic of Germany and its modern borders
reichsdeutsch {adj} [historical] :: being (ethnically) German and residing in or being a citizen of Germany
Reichsdeutscher {noun} [historical] :: a (ethnic) German citizen or resident of Germany
Reichsführer SS {m} [nazi, historical] :: commanding officer of the Schutzstaffel
Reichsfürst {m} :: A prince of the empire, i.e. ruler, regardless of title, entitled to an individual seat in the Imperial Diet
Reichsgau {m} :: an administrative subdivision created in a number of the areas annexed to Nazi Germany between 1938 and 1945
Reichshofrat {prop} {m} [historical] :: The Aulic Council of the Austrian Empire
Reichsjude {m} [rare, historical] :: a (German) Jewish citizen or resident of Germany
Reichskanzler {m} [historical] :: Reichskanzler (male or of unspecified sex)
Reichskristallnacht {noun} [historical, literally] :: Kristallnacht ("Crystal Night")
Reichskrone {f} :: an imperial crown
Reichskrone {prop} {f} :: the Imperial Crown of the Holy Roman Empire
Reichsmark {f} [historical] :: The monetary unit in Germany between 1924 and 1948. Also reichsmark used in non-German texts
Reichsmarschall {m} :: marshal of the realm
Reichspfennig {m} :: Reichspfennig; former German currency, subdivision of Reichsmark
Reichspogromnacht {noun} [historical] :: Kristallnacht, known in English as "Crystal Night"
Reichsrat {prop} {m} [historical] :: The upper house of the parliaments of the Austrian Empire, the Kingdom of Bavaria, and Weimar Germany
Reichsrat {prop} {m} [historical] :: The members of these houses; such 'senators' or 'lords' in similar positions
Reichsrath {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Reichsrat
Reichsstand {m} [historical, Holy Roman Empire] :: imperial estate
Reichstag {prop} {m} :: Reichstag, the lower chamber of the federal parliament of Germany until 1945
Reichstag {prop} {m} :: The Reichstag building in Berlin housing the Bundestag nowadays
reichsten {adj} :: superlative of reich
Reichsunmittelbarkeit {f} [historical, Holy Roman Empire] :: imperial immediacy
Reichswehr {prop} {f} :: the German army between 1918 and 1935
Reichthum {m} :: obsolete spelling of Reichtum
Reichtum {m} :: wealth, richness, abundance, diversity
Reichweite {f} :: range (The maximum distance of a weapon, radio station, sensor, vehicle without refueling, etc.)
Reichweite {f} :: reach
Reichweite {f} :: arm's reach
Reiden {prop} {n} :: Reiden (municipality)
reif {adj} :: ripe
reif {adj} :: mature
Reif {m} [poetic] :: ring
Reif {m} :: hoop
Reif {m} :: frost; hoar frost (cover of minute ice crystals on a surface)
Reife {f} :: ripeness, maturity (state or degree of being mature, ripe, ready)
Reife {f} :: ripening, maturation (process of becoming mature, ripe, ready)
reifen {v} :: to ripen
Reifen {m} :: tire
Reifen {m} :: hoop
Reifen {n} :: ripening, maturation
Reifenheber {m} :: tire lever
reifer {adj} :: comparative of reif
reifizieren {v} [rare] :: to reify
Reifizierung {f} [programming] :: reification
reifsten {adj} :: superlative of reif
Reifung {f} :: ripening, maturation
Reigen {m} :: a round dance; roundelay
Reigen {m} :: [figuratively] an assortment, a potpourri
Reihe {f} :: row
Reihe {f} :: rank, succession, series, sequence, range
Reihe {f} [maths] :: series
Reihe {f} [chess] :: rank
reihen {v} :: to tack, to crimp
Reiheneckhaus {n} :: end of terrace house
Reihenfeuerpistole {f} :: machine pistol
Reihenfolge {f} :: order, sequence
Reihenhaus {n} :: terraced house, townhouse, row house (type of house which shares both sidewalls with the adjacent houses)
Reihenmittelhaus {n} :: middle terraced house
reihenweise {adv} :: serially
Reiher {m} :: heron
Reiherente {f} :: tufted duck
Reim {m} :: rhyme
Reim {m} :: [linguistics] rime (part of a syllable after the onset)
reimen {vtr} :: to rhyme
Reimer {prop} :: surname
rein- {prefix} :: A prefix, conveying a movement into something
rein {adj} :: pure, clear, plain
rein {adv} :: purely
rein {adv} [colloquial] :: inside, in here
rein {adv} [colloquial] :: inside, in there
Reineke {prop} :: Reynard (the fox)
Reineke {prop} :: surname
Reineke Fuchs {prop} :: Reynard the fox
Reinelement {n} [physics] :: mononuclidic element
reinen Wein einschenken {phrase} [idiom] :: to come clean (to tell somebody the plain truth)
reiner {adj} :: comparative of rein
Reiner {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Rainer
reinerbig {adj} [genetics] :: homozygous
Reinette {f} :: alternative form of Renette
Reinfall {m} :: failure
reinfallen {v} [colloquial] :: to fall in
reinfeiern {v} :: to start celebrating on the eve and into midnight [of a holiday, birthday, etc.]
Reinform {f} :: pure form
reingelegt {v} :: past participle of reinlegen
Reingers {prop} {n} :: Reingers (municipality)
reinhängen {vr} [colloquial] :: to pull out all the stops, to go all out
reinhängen {vr} [colloquial] :: to meddle
Reinhard {prop} :: given name
Reinhard {prop} :: surname
reinhauen {v} :: to beat up
reinhauen {v} :: to dig in [i.e food]
Reinheit {f} :: purity
Reinheitsgrad {m} :: grade / degree of purity
Reinhold {prop} :: given name
reinigen {v} :: to clean
Reiniger {m} :: cleaner
Reinigkeit {f} :: purity, cleanness
Reinigung {f} :: cleaning, cleansing, purification
Reinigung {f} :: dry cleaner
Reinigungsschritt {m} [chemistry] :: purification step / stage
Reinigungsvalidierung {f} :: cleaning validation
Reinkarnation {f} :: reincarnation
reinkommen {v} :: to come in
reinlegen {v} [colloquial] :: to spoof
reinlich {adj} :: cleanly
Reinlichkeit {f} :: cleanliness
reinmachen {vt} :: to put in
reinplatzen {v} [colloquial] :: to barge in
reinrassig {adj} [zoology] :: purebred, pedigreed, thoroughbred
reinrassig {adj} [Nazism, historical] :: able to trace Aryan ancestry back at least four generations (according to the racial policy of Nazi Germany)
reinrassiger {adj} :: comparative of reinrassig
reinrassigesten {adj} :: superlative of reinrassig
Reinraum {m} :: cleanroom
Reinsberg {prop} {n} :: Reinsberg (municipality)
Reinsberg {prop} {n} :: Reinsberg (municipality)
reinstecken {vt} :: to insert, stick in, stick into
reinstecken {v} :: to tuck in
reinstitutionalisieren {v} :: to reinstitutionalize
Reinstoff {m} [chemistry] :: pure substance
reintun {vt} :: to put in
reinwaschen {v} :: to cleanse
reinwaschen {v} :: to whitewash
Reis {m} :: rice
Reis {n} :: shoot (of a plant)
Reisanbau {m} :: the cultivation of rice; rice cultivation
Reise {f} :: journey, travel
Reise {f} :: trip (on drugs)
Reiseagentur {f} :: travel agency
Reiseandenken {n} :: souvenir
Reisebericht {m} :: travelogue
Reisebüro {n} [tourism] :: travel agency
reisefähig {adj} [medicine, of a patient] :: Able to travel
Reiseführer {m} :: tourist guide, tour guide
Reiseführer {m} [book] :: travel guide
Reisegepäckversicherung {f} :: luggage insurance, baggage insurance
Reisegeschwindigkeit {f} :: cruising speed
Reisekader {m} :: a “travel cadre”: an ideologically reliable officer or individual of the German Democratic Republic who was allowed to travel to Western countries
Reiseleiter {m} [tourism] :: (tour) guide
Reiselust {f} :: wanderlust
reiselustig {adj} :: fond of travelling
reisen {vi} :: to travel
reisen {vi} [dialectal] :: to fall
Reisenberg {prop} {n} :: Reisenberg (municipality)
Reisende {f} :: feminine noun of Reisender
Reisender {m} :: tourist
Reisender {m} :: traveller, voyager
Reisepass {m} :: passport
Reisetasche {f} :: (non-military) duffel bag; holdall; suitcase
Reiseveranstalter {m} :: tour operator
Reiseversicherung {f} :: travel insurance
Reiseziel {n} :: destination (the place set for the end of a journey, or to which something is sent)
Reisfeld {n} :: paddy field
Reisig {n} :: brushwood
Reisiger {m} :: horseman
Reiskorn {n} :: grain of rice
Reismehl {n} :: flour made of rice; rice flour
Reisnudel {f} :: rice noodle
Reisproduzent {m} :: somebody who produces rice; rice producer
reiss {adj} :: alternative spelling of reiß
Reißbrett {n} :: drawing board
reissen {v} :: alternative spelling of reißen
reißen {vt} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to tear (something); to pull (something) apart
reißen {vi} [auxiliary: “sein”] :: to break; to become torn apart
reißen {vt} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to snatch; to wrench; to yank; to drag; to tug; to pull on (something)
Reißer {m} [film, literature] :: thriller
reißerisch {adj} [colloquial, derogatory] :: lurid, sensational
reißfest {adj} :: tear-resistant
Reißnagel {m} :: thumbtack [US], drawing pin [UK]
Reissverschluss {noun} :: alternative spelling of Reißverschluss
Reißverschluss {m} :: zipper
Reißverschluß {noun} :: alternative spelling of Reißverschluss
Reißwolf {m} :: paper shredder
Reißzahn {m} :: fang, canine tooth
Reißzwecke {f} :: thumbtack [US], drawing pin [UK]
Reiswaffel {f} :: rice cake
reiten {vi} :: to travel on a mount; to ride; to do horseriding
reiten {vt} :: to ride (someone or something), to ride on the back of
Reiten {n} :: riding
Reiten {n} :: equestrianism, horseriding
Reiter {m} :: rider (one who rides (a horse))
Reiter {m} :: mounted man-at-arms, cuirassier
Reiter {m} [computing] :: tab (navigational widget in a GUI)
Reiter {f} [archaic] :: winnowing sieve
Reiter {prop} {mf} :: surname
Reiterei {f} [military] :: cavalry
Reiterschwert {n} :: cavalry sword
Reitpferd {n} :: riding horse
Reittier {n} :: an animal which can be mounted and ridden by humans (for example : horse, camel)
Reiz {m} :: stimulus
Reiz {m} :: charm, appeal
reizbar {adj} :: irritable
reizbar {adj} :: irascible
Reizbarkeit {f} :: irritability
Reizbarkeit {f} :: fractiousness
reizen {v} :: to irritate (to cause or induce displeasure or irritation)
reizen {v} :: to excite
reizen {v} :: to tease, tantalize
reizen {v} :: to provoke
reizend {adj} :: lovely
reizend {adj} :: charming, delightful
reizend {adj} :: cute
Reizleitung {f} [physiology] :: conduction (of a nerve impulse)
reizlos {adj} :: unattractive, graceless
Reizüberflutung {f} :: sensory overload
Reiz und Reaktion {noun} :: stimulus and response
Reizung {f} :: irritation
Reizung {f} :: provocation
Reizung {f} :: excitation, stimulation
reizvoll {adj} :: delightful, charming, lovely
Reizwäsche {f} :: lingerie
rekapitulieren {v} :: to recapitulate
rekeln {vr} :: alternative form of räkeln
Reklamation {f} :: consumer complaint, customer complaint, complaint, claim (a grievance, problem, difficulty, or concern; the act of complaining)
Reklame {f} [somewhat, dated] :: advertisement
reklamieren {vi} :: to complain [about something purchased]
reklamieren {vt} :: to complain about; to query [something purchased]
Rekombination {f} :: recombination
rekonstruieren {v} :: to reconstruct
rekonstruiert {v} :: past participle of rekonstruieren
Rekonstruktion {f} :: reconstruction
rekonvaleszent {adj} :: convalescent
Rekonvaleszenz {f} :: convalescence
Rekord {m} :: record (most extreme known value of some achievement)
Rekordarbeitslosigkeit {f} :: record unemployment
Rekorder {m} [device] :: recorder
rekordverdächtig {adj} :: possibly record-breaking
Rekristallisation {f} :: recrystallization
Rekrut {m} [Germany, military] :: recruit
Rekrut {m} [Switzerland, Austria] :: A soldier of the lowest rank in the Swiss and Austrian armed forces, similar to a private
rekrutieren {v} :: to recruit
Rekrutierer {m} :: recruiter
Rekrutierung {f} :: recruitment
rektal {adj} [medicine] :: rectal (of -, via - or related to the rectum)
rektangulär {adj} [mathematics, obsolete] :: rectangular
Rektaszension {noun} :: right ascension
Rektifikation {f} :: rectification
Rektion {f} [linguistics] :: case government
Rektionskompositum {n} :: compound in which the head case-governs the non-head
Rektor {m} :: rector (headmaster of an educational institution)
Rektorat {n} :: rectorate
Rektorin {f} :: A rectrix, female rector; headmistress etc
Rektum {n} [anatomy] :: rectum
Rekultivierung {f} :: reclamation (of land)
Rekultivierung {f} :: recultivation, revegetation
Rekurrenz {f} :: recurrence
Rekurrenz {f} [linguistics] :: recurrence
Rekurrenz {f} [medicine] :: recurrence
Rekurs {m} :: recourse
Rekurs {m} [law, dated, outside, Austria, Swiss] :: appeal
Rekursion {f} [mathematics, computing] :: recursion
rekursiv {adj} :: recursive (drawing upon itself)
rekursiv {adj} [computing, math] :: recursive
Relais {n} [electronics] :: relay
Relaiskontakt {m} :: relay contact
Relation {f} [mathematics] :: relation
relational {adj} :: relational
relationales Datenbankmodell {n} [databases] :: relational model
relationales Modell {n} [databases] :: clipping of relationales Datenbankmodell
relativ {adj} :: relative
Relativismus {m} :: relativism
relativistisch {adj} [physics] :: relativistic
Relativität {f} :: relativity
Relativitätstheorie {f} :: theory of relativity
Relativpronomen {n} :: relative pronoun (pronoun that introduces a relative clause)
Relativsatz {m} :: relative clause
relaxen {v} :: to relax
Relegation {f} [sports] :: a play-off between teams from different leagues deciding about promotion and relegation
relevant {adj} :: relevant
relevanter {adj} :: comparative of relevant
relevantesten {adj} :: superlative of relevant
Relevanz {f} :: relevance
reliabel {adj} [elevated, scientific] :: reliable
Relief {n} [geology] :: relief
Relief {n} :: relief (type of artwork)
Reliefpfeiler {m} :: relief pillar
Religion {f} :: religion
Religionsfreiheit {f} :: freedom of religion
religionsphilosophisch {adj} :: religious philosophy (attributive)
religionspolitisch {adj} :: religiopolitical
Religionswissenschaft {f} :: religious studies; the scientific study of religions
religiös {adj} :: religious
religiöser {adj} :: comparative of religiös
religiösesten {adj} :: superlative of religiös
Relikt {n} :: relic
Reling {f} [nautical] :: railing or balustrade on a ship
Reliquiar {n} [Roman Catholicism] :: reliquary
Reliquie {f} [religion] :: relic
Reliquienschrein {m} :: reliquary
Remake {n} :: remake (of a film)
Remasuri {f} :: alternative form of Ramasuri
remis {adv} [chess, sports] :: in a draw; the result being a draw
Remis {n} [chess, sports] :: draw
Remise {f} :: carriage house
Remoulade {f} :: remoulade
Rems {prop} :: a tributary of the Neckar in eastern Baden-Württemberg
Remscheid {prop} {n} :: Remscheid (city)
ren. {adj} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of renoviert
Ren {n} :: reindeer
Renaissance {prop} {f} :: Renaissance
Renaissance {f} :: renaissance
renaissancistisch {adj} :: Renaissance (relating to the Renaissance)
renal {adj} :: renal
Renate {prop} :: given name
Renault {prop} {mf} :: surname
ren.bed. {adj} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of renovierungsbedürftig
Renchen {prop} {n} :: Renchen (town)
Renderer {m} [computer graphics] :: renderer
Rendezvous {n} :: romantic date; rendezvous
Rendite {f} [finance] :: yield
René {prop} :: given name
Renegat {m} :: renegade (disloyal person who betrays or deserts his cause or religion etc.)
Reneklode {f} :: greengage
Renette {f} :: reinette (group of apple cultivars)
Renin {n} [enzyme] :: renin
renitent {adj} :: renitent
Renminbi {m} :: renminbi (currency in China)
rennen {vi} [auxiliary: “sein”] :: to run; to race; to sprint (said of competing sportsmen, animals etc.)
rennen {vt} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to run over (someone)
Rennen {n} [sports] :: race, a competitive event in sports
Rennen {n} :: the act of running
Renner {m} :: agent noun of rennen
Renner {m} :: courser, flier, racer (a good, fast racehorse)
Renner {m} :: racer (fast car or motorcycle)
Renner {m} :: blockbuster (box-office attraction, hit, success, smash), bestseller, hit, big seller, world-beater
Rennfahrer {m} :: racer
Rennofen {m} [metallurgy] :: bloomery
Rennpferd {n} :: racehorse (a horse which competes in races)
Rennrad {n} :: racer (racing bicycle)
Rennradfahrer {m} [cycling] :: racing cyclist
Rennradfahrerin {f} [cycling] :: female racing cyclist
Renommee {n} :: reputation
renommieren {v} :: to boast, to brag
renommiert {adj} :: renowned
renommierter {adj} :: comparative of renommiert
renommiertesten {adj} :: superlative of renommiert
Renommist {m} [dated] :: boaster, braggart
renovieren {v} :: to renovate
renoviert {adj} :: renovated
Renovierung {f} :: renovation
renovierungsbedürftig {adj} :: needing refurbishment
rentabel {adj} :: profitable
Rente {f} :: pension, retirement pay
Rentenmarkt {m} [finance] :: bond market
rentenpolitisch {adj} :: pension policy (attributive)
Rentenversicherung {f} :: pension / annuity insurance
Rentier {n} :: reindeer
rentieren {vr} [chiefly] :: to be profitable, worthwhile
Rentner {m} :: pensioner (male or of unspecified sex)
Rentnerin {f} :: female pensioner
Reparatur {f} :: repair, mending
reparierbar {adj} :: repairable, fixable
reparieren {v} :: to repair
Reparierer {m} :: agent noun of reparieren
Repertoire {n} :: repertoire
repetitiv {adj} :: repetitive
replicieren {v} :: obsolete spelling of replizieren
repliciren {v} :: obsolete spelling of replizieren
Replik {f} [art] :: replica
Replik {f} :: reply, rebuttal
Replik {f} [legal] :: reply, counterplea, replication
replizieren {v} :: to replicate
repliziert {v} :: past participle of replizieren
Report {m} :: report (all senses)
Reportage {f} [general journalism] :: a report of some length and depth, including first-hand accounts, sometimes investigative
Reportage {f} [television, radio also] :: a documentary about a current issue; usually implying that the issue is, or should be, of interest to politics and general society (which Dokumentation does not necessarily imply)
Reportage {f} [television, radio also] :: live coverage with commentary
Reporter {m} :: reporter (male or of unspecified sex)
Reporterin {f} :: reporter (female)
Repräsentant {m} :: representative, agent
Repräsentation {f} :: representation
repräsentativ {adj} :: representative (typical)
repräsentativ {adj} :: prestigious
repräsentieren {v} :: to represent (to stand in the place of)
repressiv {adj} :: repressive
repressiver {adj} :: comparative of repressiv
repressivsten {adj} :: superlative of repressiv
Repressor {m} :: repressor
repristinieren {v} :: to repristinate
Reproduktion {f} :: reproduction, replication
Reproduktion {f} :: facsimile
reproduktionstoxisch {adj} :: toxic for reproduction
reproduktionstoxisch {adj} :: teratogenic
reproduzieren {v} :: to reproduce
reproduziert {v} :: past participle of reproduzieren
reproduziert {adj} :: reproduced, replicated
Reptil {n} :: A reptile; the cold-blooded vertebrate
Republik {f} :: republic (type of state)
Republik Albanien {prop} {f} :: Republic of Albania
Republikaner {m} :: a republican
Republikaner {m} :: a Republican
Republikaner {m} :: a member of the German party Die Republikaner
republikanisch {adj} :: republican
republikanisch {adj} :: Republican
Republikanismus {m} :: republicanism
Republik Bergkarabach {prop} {f} :: Nagorno-Karabakh Republic
Republik China {prop} {f} :: Republic of China
Republik Finnland {prop} :: Republic of Finland (official full name of Finland)
Republikflucht {f} [euphemism] :: the act of leaving East Germany for (in most cases) West Germany
Republikflüchtling {m} [historical] :: fugitive from the German Democratic Republic; one who commits Republikflucht
Republik Irland {prop} {f} :: Republic of Ireland
Republik Kongo {prop} {f} :: Republic of the Congo
Republik Korea {prop} {f} :: Republic of Korea
Republik Mazedonien {prop} {f} :: Republic of Macedonia
reputabel {adj} :: reputable
Reputation {f} :: reputation
reputierlich {adj} :: reputable, honorable
Requiem {n} :: requiem (a mass or other ceremony to honor and remember a dead person)
Requiem {n} :: requiem (a musical composition for such a mass)
Requiem {n} :: requiem (a piece of music composed to honor a dead person)
Requiemhai {m} :: requiem shark
requirieren {v} [military] :: to commandeer, to requisition, to seize
Requirierung {f} [military] :: commandeering, requisition, seizure
Requisit {n} [theater, film] :: prop
Requisition {f} [military, law] :: requisition, seizure, commandeering
resch {adj} [Bavaria] :: crisp, crispy, freshly baked or fried
resch {adj} [Austria, especially Vienna] :: tangy, tart
resch {adj} [Bavaria] :: cheerful, lively
resch {adj} [Bavaria, slightly pejorative] :: direct, determined, harsh
Resch {prop} :: surname
Reservat {n} [tract of land] :: reserve, reservation
Reserve {f} :: reserve (that which is reserved, or kept back, as for future use)
Reserverad {n} :: spare wheel
Reservereifen {m} :: spare tire
reservieren {v} :: to reserve
Reservierung {f} :: reservation, booking
Reservoir {n} :: reservoir
Resi {prop} :: given name, a variant of Theresa ( =Teresa), especially in Bavaria
Residenz {f} :: residence, abode
Residenz {f} :: residency
Resignation {f} :: resignation, state of uncomplaining, utter frustration
resignativ {adj} :: resigned
resigniert {adj} :: resigned, given up
resistent {adj} :: resistant
resolut {adj} :: resolute
resoluter {adj} :: comparative of resolut
resolutesten {adj} :: superlative of resolut
Resolution {f} [formal statement adopted by an assembly] :: resolution
Resonanz {f} :: resonance
Resonanzwirkung {f} [physics] :: resonance effect
Resonator {n} :: resonator
Resonatorgitarre {f} :: resonator guitar
resonieren {v} :: to resonate
resorbierbar {adj} :: absorbable
resorbierbar {adj} :: resorbable
resorbiert {v} :: past participle of resorbierer - resorbed, reabsorbed
Resorption {f} :: absorption
Resorption {f} :: reabsorption
Resorption {f} :: resorption
resp. {adv} :: abbreviation of respektive In older orthography: abbreviation of respective
respective {adv} :: obsolete spelling of respektive
Respekt {m} :: respect
Respektabstand {m} [Austria, chiefly sports] :: respectable distance (large distance) between the winner and runner up
Respektabstand {m} :: respectful distance (distance left to be polite or respectful)
respektieren {v} :: to respect
respektive {adv} :: respectively
respektlos {adj} :: disrespectful
respektloser {adj} :: comparative of respektlos
respektlosesten {adj} :: superlative of respektlos
Respektlosigkeit {f} :: irreverence, lack of respect (for another person)
respektvoll {adj} :: respectful
responsiv {adj} :: responsive
Respublica {f} [obsolete] :: republic, state
Ressentiment {n} :: resentment
Ressort {n} :: department, area of operations
Ressource {f} :: resource
rest. {v} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of restauriert
Rest {m} :: rest, remainder, remnant
Rest {m} [chemistry] :: radical
Rest {prop} {mf} :: surname
Restaurant {n} :: restaurant
Restaurator {m} :: restorer
restaurieren {v} [building, painting, etc.] :: to restore
Restaurierung {f} :: restoration
Restbetrag {m} :: residue, remainder, remaining amount, balance
Restchen {n} :: diminutive of Rest
Restfeuchte {f} :: residual moisture
restituiert {adj} :: restored, renewed, regenerated
restituiert {adj} :: reimbursed
restitutiv {adj} :: restitutive
restlich {adj} :: remaining, residual, vestigial
restlos {adj} :: complete
restlos {adv} :: completely
Restmüll {m} :: non-recyclable waste
Restposten {m} :: remainder (items left unsold and subject to reduction in price)
restriktiv {adj} :: restrictive
restringiert {adj} :: restricted
Reststoff {m} :: residue, remnant
Resultat {n} :: result (that which results)
resultatlos {adj} :: fruitless
resultierend {adj} :: resulting
resultiert {v} :: past participle of resultieren
resultiert {adj} :: resulted
Resümee {n} :: summary
retardierend {adj} :: retarding, delaying
retikulär {adj} :: reticular
Retina {f} :: retina
retiniert {v} :: past participle of retinieren - retained
retinotop {adj} :: retinotopic
Retorte {f} [chemistry] :: retort
retour {adv} [regional or dated] :: back
Retourkutsche {f} :: small revenge
retournieren {v} :: to return to sender
retournieren {v} [sports] :: to return [a serve]
retransloziert {adj} :: retranslocated
retrobulbär {adj} :: retrobulbar
retrofuturistisch {adj} :: retrofuturistic
retrograd {adj} :: retrograde, backward
Retronym {n} [linguistics] :: retronym
retrospektiv {adj} :: retrospective
Retrospektive {f} :: retrospective
retten {v} :: to save
retten {v} :: to rescue
Rettenegg {prop} {n} :: Rettenegg (municipality)
Rettenschöss {prop} {n} :: Rettenschöss (municipality)
Retter {m} :: rescuer
Retter {m} :: saviour
Rettich {m} :: radish, a plant of the Raphanus genus
Rettung {f} :: rescue
Rettung {f} [Austria] :: rescue service; emergency service
Rettung {f} [Austria] :: ambulance
Rettungsaktion {f} :: rescue operation
Rettungsboot {n} :: lifeboat
Rettungshubschrauber {m} :: emergency rescue helicopter
Rettungsring {m} :: life-buoy
Rettungsschiff {n} :: rescue ship
Rettungsversuch {m} :: attempted bribery
Rettungswagen {m} [vehicle] :: ambulance
Rettungsweg {m} :: escape route
Rettungsweste {f} :: life jacket, life vest
Rettungsweste {f} :: buoyancy aid
Rettungszeichen {n} :: escape sign
Retusche {f} :: retouching
retuschieren {v} :: to retouch
Retz {prop} {n} :: Retz (municipality)
Retzbach {prop} {n} :: Retzbach (municipality)
Reue {f} :: repentance; remorse, regret
reuen {v} :: to regret, to be sorry (for), to rue
reuen {v} :: to repent (of)
reuig {adj} :: remorseful, penitent
reumütig {adj} :: remorseful, penitent
Reunion {f} [politics, dated] :: reunion, unification
Reuse {f} :: fish-trap
reüssieren {vi} :: to succeed
Reute {prop} {n} :: Reute (municipality)
Reute {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Switzerland
reuten {v} [archaic, regional, southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland] :: to clear woods; to make arable
reuten {v} [obsolete, rare] :: alternative spelling of reiten
Reuter {m} [archaic] :: cavalryman
Reuter {prop} {mf} :: surname
Reuthe {prop} {n} :: Reuthe (municipality)
Reutte {prop} {n} :: Reutte (municipality)
Revanche {f} :: revenge
revanchieren {vr} :: to repay, return the favor
revanchieren {vr} :: to take revenge; to avenge oneself
revanchieren {vr} [sports] :: to rematch
Revanchismus {m} :: revanchism
Revanchist {m} [political] :: revanchist
revanchistisch {adj} :: revanchist
revanchistischer {adj} :: comparative of revanchistisch
revanchistischsten {adj} :: superlative of revanchistisch
Revers {n} :: lapel; revers (part of a garment folded back, especially on the front of a men’s jacket)
reversibel {adj} :: reversible
reversieren {v} [Austria] :: to reverse (in a vehicle)
reversieren {v} [dated] :: to commit to something in writing
reversieren {v} [technology] :: to switch gears of a machine
revidieren {v} :: to revise
Revier {n} :: defined area of land, principally used for hunting or foraging
Revier {n} [forestry] :: grounds; hunting ground; chase
Revier {n} [zoology] :: territory (area that an animal defends against intruders)
Revier {n} [by extension] :: defined area; district
Revier {n} [mining] :: region where a certain resource is won
Revier {n} [police] :: precinct; district
Revier {n} [totum pro parte] :: police station
Revier {n} [also, military] :: area to be overseen or cleaned by someone
Revier {n} [figurative, colloquial] :: field of expertise; scope of responsibility
Revierkampf {m} [zoology] :: A dispute over territory between rival animals
Revierkampf {m} [colloquial] :: A turf war
Review {mf} {n} :: report
Review {mf} {n} [journalism, Internet, software] :: review
reviewen {vt} :: to review [e.g. products, processes, etc.]
Revision {f} :: revision, change
Revision {f} :: appeal
Revisionismus {m} :: revisionism
Revisionsurteil {n} :: appeal decision; appellate court decision/judgement
Revolte {f} :: revolt
revoltieren {v} :: to revolt
Revolution {f} :: revolution
revolutionär {adj} :: revolutionary
Revolutionär {m} :: revolutionary
revolutionärer {adj} :: comparative of revolutionär
Revolutionärin {f} :: female revolutionary
revolutionärsten {adj} :: superlative of revolutionär
revolutionieren {v} :: to revolutionize
Revolutionsführer {m} :: leader of the/a revolution
Revolutionsgarde {f} :: revolutionary guard
Revolutionsgarde {prop} :: Iranian Revolutionary Guard
Revoluzzer {m} [derogatory] :: would-be revolutionary
Revolver {m} :: revolver
Revolverheld {m} :: gunslinger
Revolverheldin {f} :: feminine noun of Revolverheld
Revue {f} :: revue
Rexrodt {prop} :: surname
Reykjavik {prop} {n} :: Reykjavik (capital of Iceland)
Reykjaviker {m} :: Reykjaviker (inhabitant of Reykjavik; male or unspecified sex)
Reykjaviker {adj} :: from, in, or of Reykjavik
Rezensent {m} :: reviewer
Rezensent {m} :: creator of a recension of a text
rezensieren {v} :: to review (to write a critical evaluation of a new art work etc.; to write a review)
Rezension {f} :: critique, review (of a work of art)
rezent {adj} [literary] :: recent; of or from a time not long ago
rezent {adj} [biology] :: extant
rezent {adj} [regional, Switzerland, of food] :: savoury
Rezept {n} [cooking] :: recipe
Rezept {n} [healthcare] :: medical prescription
rezeptfrei {adj} :: non-prescription; over-the-counter
Rezeption {f} :: reception
rezeptiv {adj} :: receptive
Rezeptor {m} :: receptor
rezeptorvermittelt {adj} :: receptor-mediated
rezeptpflichtig {adj} :: that requires a doctor's prescription
Rezeptur {f} :: recipe
Rezeptur {f} :: formula, formulation (for a product)
Rezession {f} [economics] :: recession
rezessiv {adj} :: recessive
rezidivierend {adj} :: recurrent, recidivous
reziprok {adj} :: reciprocal
Rezitation {f} :: recitation
Rezitativ {n} :: recitative
rezitieren {v} :: to recite
R-Gespräch {n} [telephony, Germany] :: collect call, reversed charge call
RH {noun} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Reihenhaus
Rhabarber {m} :: rhubarb, Rheum rhabarbarum
Rhabdomyolyse {f} [pathology] :: rhabdomyolysis
Rhabdomyopathie {f} :: rhabdomyopathy
rhapsodisch {adj} :: rhapsodic
Rhein {prop} {m} :: Rhine
rheinabwärts {adv} :: downstream on the Rhine
rheinaufwärts {adv} :: upstream on the Rhine
Rheine {prop} :: Rheine (city)
rheinfränkisch {adj} :: Rhine Franconian
Rheininundationskollektenkasse {f} :: the Rhine inundations fund
rheinisch {adj} :: Rhenish; of or pertaining to the Rhine or to the Rhineland
Rheinisch {n} :: Rhenish (dialect)
Rheinland {prop} {n} :: Rhineland (geographical region in western Germany, roughly equivalent to the former Prussian Rhine Province)
rheinländisch {adj} :: Rhinelandic
Rheinland-Pfalz {prop} {n} :: Rhineland-Palatinate
rheinland-pfälzisch {adj} :: Of or from Rhineland-Palatinate
Rheinmetropole {f} :: metropolis on the Rhine
Rheinmetropole {f} [in particular, no plural] :: Cologne (Köln) or Düsseldorf
Rheinstadt {f} :: city on the Rhine
Rhenium {n} :: rhenium
Rheniumdiborid {n} [inorganic compound] :: rhenium boride
Rheologie {f} :: rheology (physics of the deformation and flow of matter)
rheologisch {adj} :: rheologic
Rhesusaffe {m} :: rhesus monkey, rhesus macaque, Macaca mulatta
Rhetorik {f} :: rhetoric
rhetorisch {adj} :: rhetorical
rhetorische Frage {f} :: rhetorical question
rhetorischer {adj} :: comparative of rhetorisch
rhetorischsten {adj} :: superlative of rhetorisch
rheumatisch {adj} :: rheumatic
Rheumatismus {m} :: rheumatism
rhexigen {adj} [botany] :: rhexigenous (of intercellular space, made by tearing apart of cells)
Rhinitis {f} [pathology] :: rhinitis
Rhinozeros {n} [formal] :: rhinoceros
Rhizosphäre {f} :: rhizosphere
Rho {n} :: rho (greek letter)
Rhodamin {n} [organic compound] :: rhodamine
Rhodanid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: thiocyanate
Rhodesien {prop} {n} [historical] :: Rhodesia
rhodinieren {v} :: To rhodium-plate
Rhodinieren {n} :: rhodium plating
rhodiniert {v} :: past participle of rhodinieren
rhodiniert {adj} :: rhodium-plated
Rhodium {n} :: rhodium
rhodiumbeschichtet {adj} :: rhodium-coated
Rhodiumfolie {f} :: rhodium foil
Rhodiumhydroxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: rhodium hydroxide
Rhodiumion {n} :: rhodium ion
Rhodiumisotop {n} :: rhodium isotope
Rhodiumkatalysator {m} :: rhodium catalyst
Rhodiumkomplex {m} [chemistry] :: rhodium complex
Rhodiumlegierung {f} :: rhodium alloy
Rhodiummineral {n} [mineralogy] :: rhodium mineral
Rhodiumoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: rhodium oxide
Rhodiumsulfat {n} [inorganic compound] :: rhodium sulphate
Rhodiumverbindung {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: rhodium compound
Rhodochrosit {m} [mineral] :: rhodochrosite
Rhododendron {m} :: rhododendron (flowering shrub in the genus Rhododendron)
Rhodonit {m} [mineral] :: rhodonite
Rhombencephalon {noun} :: hindbrain
Rhombencephalon {noun} :: rhombencephalon
rhombisch {adj} :: rhombic
Rhomboeder {n} :: rhombohedron
rhomboedrisch {adj} [crystallography] :: rhombohedral
Rhombus {m} :: rhombus, rhomb
Rhyacium {prop} :: the Rhyacian
Rhythmik {f} :: rhythm
Rhythmik {f} :: rhythmics
rhythmisch {adj} :: rhythmic
Rhythmische Sportgymnastik {f} :: rhythmic gymnastics
Rhythmus {m} :: rhythm
Rhythmusstörung {f} :: arrhythmia/dysrhythmia
Riad {prop} {n} :: Riad (capital city)
Rial {m} :: rial (currency of various countries)
Ribisel {f} :: currant (Ribes gen. et spp., chiefly the fruits)
Ribonucleotid {n} :: alternative form of Ribonukleotid
Ribonukleinsäure {f} :: ribonucleic acid
Ribonukleotid {n} [organic chemistry] :: ribonucleotide
Ribose {f} [carbohydrate] :: ribose
Ribosom {n} [biology] :: ribosome
Ricarda {prop} :: given name borrowed from Spanish
-rich {suffix} :: suffix to derive masculine nouns, especially for male animals
Richard {prop} :: given name
Rich Internet Application {noun} [software] :: rich Internet application
richten {vt} :: to direct
richten {vt} :: to judge
richten {vr} :: to be directed (auf towards, gegen at)
richten {vr} :: to follow
richten {vr} :: to depend (nach on)
Richter {m} :: judge
Richter {prop} :: surname
Richter {prop} :: Judges: Book of Judges (book of the Bible)
Richterin {f} :: female judge
Richterschaft {f} :: judiciary (The collective body of judges, justices, etc.)
Richterskala {f} :: Richter scale
Richterspruch {m} :: sentence
richtig {adj} :: correct, accurate, right
richtig {adv} :: really
richtiger {adj} :: comparative of richtig
richtigerweise {adv} :: rightly
Richtigkeit {f} :: correctness
richtigstellen {v} :: to correct
richtigsten {adj} :: superlative of richtig
Richtlinie {f} :: directive
Richtlinie {f} :: guideline
Richtlinie {f} :: policy
Richtschnur {f} :: guideline
Richtung {f} :: direction
Richtung {f} :: route or way
Richtung {f} :: departure
richtungsabhängig {adj} [physics] :: anisotropic
Ricke {f} [hunting] :: female roe deer
Ricotta {m} :: ricotta (Italian whey cheese)
ridikül {adj} :: ridiculous
riechbar {adj} :: smellable
riechen {vt} :: to smell (something); to sniff (something)
riechen {vi} :: to use the sense of smell; to detect a smell
riechen {vi} :: to smell something
riechen {vi} :: to reek; to smell bad
riechen {vi} :: to smell (nach like)
riechen {vt} [slang] :: to tolerate (someone); to stand (someone)
riechend {adj} :: smelly, odorous, osmic
Riechkolben {m} [humorous] :: nose, big nose, conk
Riechkolben {m} [anatomy] :: olfactory bulb
Riechsalz {n} :: smelling salt
Riechstoff {m} :: odorant
Riechstoff {m} :: fragrance
Ried {n} :: reed
Ried {prop} {mf} :: surname
Riedau {prop} {n} :: Riedau (municipality)
Riedel {m} :: ridge (length of high ground)
Riedel {prop} :: surname
Riedelbauch {prop} :: surname
Riedlingsdorf {prop} {n} :: Riedlingsdorf (municipality)
Riefe {f} :: groove (narrow channel; often one of several parallel ones)
Riefensberg {prop} {n} :: Riefensberg (municipality)
Riege {f} :: gymnastics team
Riege {f} :: group, team, side, lineup, cast, circle (sports, politics etc.)
Riegel {m} :: bolt; latch
Riegel {m} :: short bar (e.g. of chocolate)
Riegersburg {prop} {n} :: Riegersburg (municipality)
Riemann {prop} :: surname
riemannsche Mannigfaltigkeit {f} :: Riemannian manifold
riemannsche ζ-Funktion {f} :: Riemann zeta function
Riemen {m} :: strap (long, narrow, pliable strip of leather, cloth, or the like)
Riemen {m} :: belt (band used in a machine to help transfer motion or power)
Riemen {m} :: oar (implement used to propel a boat or ship)
Riesa {prop} {n} :: Riesa (town)
Riese {m} :: giant
rieseln {v} :: to trickle
riesen- {prefix} :: giant
Riesenalk {m} :: great auk [Pinguinus impennis]
Riesengalago {m} :: greater galago, thick-tailed bushbaby
Riesenginsterkatze {f} :: giant forest genet (Genetta victoriae)
riesengroß {adj} :: giant
riesenhaft {adj} :: giant
Riesenkalmar {m} :: giant squid
Riesenrad {n} :: Ferris wheel, big wheel
Riesenstern {m} [astronomy] :: giant star
Riesentier {n} :: behemoth
Riesenwelle {f} :: rogue wave
Riesenwildschaf {n} :: argali
riesig {adj} :: gigantic, huge
Riesin {f} :: a female giant (a giantess)
Riesling {m} [singular only] :: Riesling grape (A variety of grape grown especially in Germany and other relatively cool areas)
Riesling {m} :: Riesling (A white wine made from Riesling grapes)
RIF {noun} :: initialism of Ruhe in Frieden
Riff {n} :: reef
Riff {m} {n} :: riff (instrumental melody line)
riffeln {v} :: to groove (provide with narrow, parallel channels)
riffeln {v} :: to ripple (remove seeds from the stalks of flax by means of a comb)
Riffian {prop} {n} :: Riffian (municipality)
Riga {prop} {n} :: Riga (capital city)
rigide {adj} :: rigid (uncompromising)
rigoros {adv} :: rigorously
Rikscha {f} :: rickshaw
Rille {f} :: groove (narrow channel; often one of several parallel ones)
Rind {n} [countable] :: cow; bull; ox; head of cattle (any bovine animal)
Rind {n} [uncountable] :: beef
Rinde {f} :: bark of a tree
Rinde {f} :: rind of a cheese
Rinde {f} :: crust of bread
Rinde {f} [anatomy] :: cortex
Rinderbraten {m} :: roast beef
Rinderhack {n} :: ground beef
Rinderherde {f} :: herd of cattle
Rinderwahn {m} [colloquial] :: mad cow disease
Rinderwahnsinn {m} [disease] :: bovine spongiform encephalopathy, mad cow disease
Rindfleisch {n} :: beef
Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz {n} :: part of the official title of a law dealing with the supervision of the labeling of beef
Rindfleischetikettierungsueberwachungsaufgabenuebertragungsgesetz {noun} :: alternative form of Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz
Rindfleischsuppe {f} :: beef soup
rindsledern {adj} :: cowhide
Rindvieh {n} [mammal] :: cattle
Rindvieh {n} [abusive] :: stupid person
Ring {m} :: a ring (a circular and hollow object, made of any material.)
Ring {m} :: a ring (a piece of trinket [consisting of a precious metal, in general] worn around the finger)
Ring {m} :: a ring (a group of people, often involved into criminal and illegal actions)
Ring {m} [mathematics] :: a ring (algebraic structure)
Ring {m} [geometry] :: a ring (planar geometrical figure)
Ring {m} [heraldiccharge] :: an annulet (ring used as a charge)
Ring {m} [astronomy] :: a ring (a collection of material orbiting a planet)
Ring {m} [sports] :: a ring (a place where events such as wrestling and boxing take place)
Ring {m} :: a street that encircles a city where once the old town walls have been
Ringchen {n} :: diminutive of Ring
Ringdrossel {f} :: ring ouzel (Turdus torquatus)
Ringelblume {f} :: marigold, calendula (Calendula officinalis)
ringeln {vt} :: to twine, entwine, to curl
ringeln {vr} :: to curl
Ringelnatter {f} :: grass snake (Natrix natrix)
Ringeltaube {f} :: wood pigeon
Ringeltaube {f} :: culver
ringen {vi} :: to wrestle
ringen {vi} :: to struggle
ringen {vt} :: to wring (for example “hands”; but not “clothes”, for that see wringen)
Ringen {n} :: (olympic) wrestling
Ringer {m} :: (olympic) wrestler
Ringerin {f} :: feminine noun of Ringer, a female wrestler
Ringfinger {m} :: ring finger (finger next to the little finger)
ringförmig {adj} :: ring-shaped, annular
ringförmig {adj} :: circular
Ringkampf {m} :: (olympic) wrestling match
Ringkämpfer {m} :: wrestler
Ringlein {n} :: diminutive of Ring
Ringlotte {f} [regional] :: alternative form of Reneklode
ringöffnend {adj} [chemistry] :: ring-opening
Ringöffnung {f} [chemistry] :: ring opening (class of reaction)
Ringöffnungspolymerisation {f} [organic chemistry] :: ring-opening polymerisation
Ringstruktur {f} [chemistry] :: ring / cyclic structure
ringsum {adv} :: all around, on all sides
ringsumher {adv} :: all around
Ringverein {m} :: "ring clubs"; Mafia-like criminal organizations active from the 1890s to the 1950s, who identified themselves by means of signet rings
Rinn {prop} {n} :: Rinn (municipality)
Rinne {f} :: groove
rinnen {v} :: to flow
rinnen {v} :: to leak
rinnen {v} :: to run
rinnen {v} :: to trickle
Rinnsal {n} :: trickle
Rinnstein {m} :: sewer, street gutter (prepared channel in a surface)
Riposte {f} :: riposte
ripostieren {v} :: to riposte
Rippchen {n} :: diminutive of Rippe
Rippe {f} :: rib
rippenförmig {adj} :: rib-shaped, costiform
ripuarisch {adj} :: Ripuarian (related to the Ripuarians or their language)
Ripuarisch {n} :: Ripuarian (the Ripuarian dialect)
Risiko {n} :: risk
risikoaffin {adj} :: risk-taking
risikoavers {adj} :: risk-averse
Risikobewertung {f} :: risk assessment
Risikofaktor {m} :: risk factor, hazard factor
risikolos {adj} :: riskfree
Risikomanagement {n} :: risk management
risikoreich {adj} :: risky
risikoscheu {adj} :: risk-averse
riskant {adj} :: risky
riskieren {v} :: to risk
riskiert {v} :: past participle of riskieren
Rispe {f} [botany] :: panicle
rispenförmig {adj} :: paniculate
Riss {m} :: fissure, crack
Riss {m} :: rift, split, tear
Riss {m} :: prey killed by a predatory animal
Riß {m} :: alternative spelling of Riss
Riß {prop} {f} [geography] :: A river, which flows to the Danube
rissfest {adj} :: tear-resistant
Rist {m} [regional] :: instep
Rist {m} [anatomy] :: back of the hand
Rist {m} :: withers
Rita {prop} :: given name
Ritschel {prop} :: surname
Ritt {m} :: ride
Ritten {prop} {m} :: Ritten (municipality)
Ritter {m} :: knight
ritterbürtig {adj} :: highborn, noble
ritterlich {adj} :: chivalrous, knightly
Ritterlichkeit {f} :: chivalry
Ritterschaft {f} :: knighthood
Rittertum {n} :: knighthood
rittlings {adv} :: riding or sitting on something, usually astride, thus with one’s legs hanging on either side
Rittmeister {m} :: A cavalry officer
Ritual {n} :: ritual
rituell {adj} :: ritual
Ritus {m} :: rite (religious custom)
Ritus {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: rite (one of several canonical ways of celebrating mass)
Ritz {m} :: rip, tear, scratch
Ritze {f} :: chink, crack, cranny
Ritze {f} [vulgar] :: vagina, crack
Ritzel {n} :: pinion (smallest gear in a gear train)
ritzen {v} :: to scratch
ritzen {v} :: to cut [self-harming behaviour]
Ritzing {prop} {n} :: Ritzing (municipality)
rival {adj} [economics, of a good] :: rivalrous
Rivale {m} :: rival
rivalisieren {v} :: to rival
Rivalität {f} :: rivalry (competition)
Rivier {n} [Namibia] :: An African (especially Namibian) arroyo: a sandy bed, particularly in the steppe, which fills and flows as a river during the rainy season
Rixe {m} [Austria] :: a thin, tall child
rixig {adj} [Austria] :: thin and tall
Rizin {n} :: ricin
RKL {f} :: initialism of Rundumkennleuchte
RMH {noun} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Reihenmittelhaus
Rn. {noun} :: Randnummer
Roadtrip {m} [tourism] :: road trip
Robbe {f} :: seal (animal, pinniped)
robben {v} :: [when applied to humans] to creep, to crawl; to move on ground level, lying flatly on the stomach with the help of one's forearms or elbows
robben {v} :: [when applied to seals] describing the typical movement of a seal on land
Robbenjagd {f} :: Seal hunting, sealing
Robbenjäger {m} :: Seal hunter, sealer
Robe {f} [literary] :: a long, formal dress worn only on special occasions
Robe {f} [uncommon] :: a judicial or academic robe
Robert {prop} {m} :: given name
Robin {prop} :: given name
Robinsonade {f} :: robinsonade
Robot {f} [historical] :: socage (compulsory labor for serfs in feudalism)
roboten {v} [colloquial] :: to toil
roboten {v} [historical] :: to perform feudal labour
Roboter {m} :: robot
Robotik {f} :: robotics
robust {adj} :: robust
Robustheit {f} :: robustness
Rochade {f} [chess] :: castling; a move where the castle (rook) and king swap places
Rochade {f} [business, government, organizations] :: reshuffle, swap of roles or positions
röcheln {v} :: to wheeze
Rochen {m} :: ray (marine fish with a flat body, large wing-like fins, and a whip-like tail)
rochieren {v} [chess] :: to castle (to perform the move of castling)
Rock {m} :: skirt [garment]
Rock {m} [regional] :: (men's) jacket
Rock {m} [Switzerland] :: dress
Rock {m} :: rock [style of music]
Rockband {f} :: rock band
Röckchen {n} :: diminutive of Rock
Rocken {m} :: distaff
Rocken {m} [archaic] :: alternative form of Roggen
Rocker {m} :: rocker (musician who plays rock music)
Rocker {m} :: rocker (someone passionate about rock music)
Rocker {m} :: biker (a member of a motorcycle gang)
Röcklein {n} :: diminutive of Rock
Rockmusik {f} :: rock music
rodelfrei {adj} :: let off school because of snowy weather
Rodeln {n} :: sledding (The sport of racing on luges)
rödeln {v} :: to work (hard, especially to get something)
rödeln {v} :: to lash, to bind (especially with wires)
rödeln {v} [vulgar] :: to fuck (especially anally)
roden {v} :: to clear (a forest)
roden {v} :: to make arable
Roden {prop} {n} :: Roden (municipality)
Rodeneck {prop} {n} :: Rodeneck (municipality)
Rodler {m} :: luger, sledder (who participates in the sport known as luge)
Rodlerin {f} :: Female luger, sledder (who participates in the sport known as luge)
Roensch {prop} :: surname
Roentgenium {n} :: roentgenium
Rogen {m} :: roe (of fish)
Roggen {m} :: rye
Roggenbrot {n} :: roggenbrot, rye bread
Roggenfeld {n} :: rye field
Roggenmehl {n} :: rye flower
Roggenvollkornbrot {n} :: wholemeal rye bread
roh {adj} :: unprocessed, raw, crude
roh {adj} [figuratively] :: rough, rude
Rohblei {n} :: crude (unwrought) lead
Roheisen {n} :: pig iron
Roheit {f} :: Obsolete spelling of Rohheit (before 1996)
Rohheit {f} :: brutality
Rohheit {f} :: crudeness
Rohling {m} :: brute
Rohling {m} :: blank (compact disc)
Rohm {m} :: obsolete spelling of Rahm
Rohmaterial {n} :: raw material
Rohmetall {n} :: raw metal, crude metal
Rohöl {n} :: crude oil
Rohprodukt {n} :: raw product
Rohr {n} :: duct, pipe, tube
Rohr {n} :: blowpipe
Rohr {n} :: cane (botanical)
Rohrau {prop} {n} :: Rohrau (municipality)
Rohrbombe {f} :: pipe bomb
Röhrchen {n} :: diminutive of Röhre
Röhrchen {n} :: tubule; small tube
Röhrchen {n} :: cannula
Röhrchen {n} :: test tube
Rohrdommel {f} :: Eurasian bittern
Röhre {f} :: tube, duct, pipe
Röhre {f} [colloquial] :: oven
Röhre {f} [colloquial] :: television
Röhrenbach {prop} {n} :: Röhrenbach (municipality)
röhrenförmig {adj} :: tubular
Röhrenspinne {f} :: velvet spider
Röhricht {n} :: cane brake
Rohrkatze {f} :: jungle cat [Felis chaus]
Rohrkrepierer {m} :: barrel burst
Rohrkrepierer {m} :: non-starter
Rohrleitung {f} :: piping, plumbing
Rohrleitung {f} :: pipework
Rohrleitung {f} :: pipeline
Rohrleitung {f} :: tubing
Röhrling {m} :: bolete
Rohrstock {m} :: cane, a hollow wooden plant stem as from a reed
Rohrzucker {m} :: cane sugar (sugar from the sugarcane plant)
Rohsilber {n} :: crude (unwrought) silver
Rohstahl {m} :: crude / raw steel
Rohstoff {m} :: raw material, material
Rohstoff {m} :: resource
Rohstoff {m} :: commodity
Rohstoffbörse {f} :: commodity exchange
Rohstoffknappheit {f} :: shortage of raw materials
Rohteile {n} :: blank (unmachined part)
Rohzustand {m} :: raw state
Rokoko {n} :: rococo
Roland {prop} :: given name
Rolanda {prop} [rare] :: given name
Rolf {prop} :: given name
Rollade {f} :: obsolete spelling of Rolllade
Rolladen {m} :: obsolete spelling of Rollladen
Rollbahn {f} :: taxiway
Röllchen {n} :: diminutive of Rolle
Rolle {f} :: roll, reel, spool
Rolle {f} :: role, tube
Rolle {f} :: a relatively small wheel on which something is rolled (as on a wheelie bin)
Rolle {f} [drama, cinematography] :: role, part
Rolle {f} :: roller, castor, pulley
Rolle {f} [sports] :: roll
Rolle {f} [dialectal, laundry] :: mangle, wringer
Rolle {f} [cooking] :: rolling pin
Rolle {f} [sociology] :: role
Rolle {prop} {mf} :: surname
rollen {vi} [of something round, auxiliary: “sein”] :: to roll
rollen {vt} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to roll (something round, e.g. a wheel)
rollen {vt} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to roll (something on its wheels)
Rollen {noun} [computing] :: scroll lock
rollenförmig {adj} :: Shaped like a roll or tube
Rollenklischee {n} [psychology] :: stereotype
Rollenspiel {n} :: roleplaying game (type of game in which the players assume the role of a character)
Roller {m} :: anything that rolls
Roller {m} :: roller, scooter
Roller {m} :: a device a human on two wheels propelled by stepping on the ground, a kick scooter or push scooter
Roller {m} :: a device a human on two wheels propelled by a motor, Motorroller
Roller Derby {n} :: roller derby
Rollfähre {f} [transportation] :: cable ferry, chain ferry
rollig {adj} :: (of animals) on heat
rollig {adj} :: (of people) horny, lustful
Rollkragen {m} [collar] :: turtleneck
Rollkragenpullover {m} :: turtleneck sweater
Rolllade {f} :: alternative form of Rollladen
Rollladen {m} :: roller shutter
Rollo {n} :: roller blind
Rollo {n} :: roller shutter
Rollrate {f} :: roll rate
Rollschuh {m} :: roller skate
Rollstuhl {m} :: wheelchair
Rolltreppe {f} :: escalator
Rollweg {m} :: taxiway
Rom {prop} {n} :: Rom (capital city)
Rom {prop} {n} :: Rom (former province)
Rom {m} [often, in the plural] :: Rom (member of the Roma people), Romani
Roman {m} [literature] :: novel
Roman {prop} :: given name
Romancier {m} :: novelist
Romandie {prop} {f} :: Romandy
Romanes {n} :: Romani, the language of the Gypsies
romanhaft {adj} :: in the manner of a novel
romanhaft {adj} :: like in a novel; not real or believable
Romani {prop} {n} :: Romani (language)
Romanik {prop} {f} :: the romanesque epoch
romanisch {adj} :: Romance
romanisch {adj} :: Romanesque
romanische Sprache {f} :: Romance language (European language descended from Latin)
romanisieren {v} :: to romanize
Romanisierung {f} :: romanisation (Putting text into the Latin (Roman) alphabet)
Romanisierung {f} :: the act or process of making something Roman
Romanist {m} :: Romanicist, a student or teacher of Romance languages
Romanist {m} :: A student or teacher of the Roman law
Romanistik {f} :: Romance studies
Romanistin {f} :: female Romanicist, a student or teacher of Romance languages
romanistisch {adj} :: romance or novel (attributive)
Romantik {f} :: romanticism
Romantiker {m} :: romantic, romanticist
romantisch {adj} :: romantic
romantisieren {v} :: to romanticize, to romanticise
Romanze {f} :: romance
Römer {m} :: Roman
Römer {m} :: rummer
Römer {prop} {m} :: the building of the city council of Frankfurt am Main
Römer {prop} {mf} :: surname
Römerbrief {m} [biblical] :: Epistle to the Romans
Römerreich {prop} {n} :: Roman Empire
Römertopf {m} :: a Römertopf clay baking pot
Römertum {n} :: the culture, history, religion, and traditions of the Romans
Römerzeit {f} :: Roman age / era
romfreundlich {adj} :: pro-Roman
römisch {adj} :: Roman
Römisch {adj} :: alternative case form of römisch, used in fixed names and titles
römisch-deutsch {adj} :: Romano-Germanic; relating to the Holy Roman Empire
römisch-katholisch {adj} :: Roman Catholic
Rom ist nicht an einem Tag erbaut worden {proverb} :: Rome wasn't built in a day
röm.-kath. {adj} :: abbreviation of römisch-katholisch
Romni {f} :: female equivalent of Rom
Römpp {prop} :: surname
Ronald {prop} :: given name borrowed from English
Rondell {n} :: round place
Rondell {n} [gardening] :: circular flowerbed
Rondell {n} [Austria, gardening] :: circular garden path
Rondell {n} [architecture] :: turret, round tower
Rondell {n} :: roundabout
Ronja {prop} :: given name of Swedish origin
Ronneburg {prop} :: Ronneburg (town)
Ronneburg {prop} :: Ronneburg (town)
Ronneburg {prop} :: surname
Röns {prop} :: Röns (municipality)
röntgen {v} :: to X-ray
Röntgen {n} :: röntgen, X-ray
Röntgen {prop} :: surname, notably of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen
röntgenabsorbierend {adj} :: X-ray-absorbing
Röntgendiagnostik {f} :: radiography (X-ray diagnostics)
Röntgenfilm {m} :: X-ray film
Röntgenfluoreszenz {f} [physics] :: X-ray fluorescence
Röntgenfluoreszenzanalyse {f} :: X-ray fluorescence analysis
Röntgenröhre {f} :: X-ray tube
Röntgenspektrum {n} :: X-ray spectrum
Röntgenstrahl {m} :: X-ray (beam)
Röntgenstrahlung {f} :: X-ray (form of radiation)
Rooibos {m} :: rooibos plant
Rooibusch {m} :: alternative form of Rooibos
Root {prop} {n} :: Root (municipality)
Roppen {prop} {n} :: Roppen (municipality)
Roppen {prop} {n} [historical] :: A village in East Prussia
Roquesit {m} [mineral] :: roquesite
Rorschach {prop} :: surname
Rorschachtest {m} :: Rorschach test
rosa {adj} :: coloured in a pale shade of pink
Rosa {n} :: pink (color)
Rosa {prop} :: given name
Rosafärbung {f} :: pink colouration
rosarot {adj} :: rose-red; pink, rosy
Rosberg {prop} :: Rosberg; surname
Röschitz {prop} {n} :: Röschitz (municipality)
Röschitz {prop} {n} :: Rešice, Czechia
Rose {f} :: rose
Rose {f} [heraldiccharge] :: The rose as used in heraldry, on a coat of arms
Rose {f} :: erysipelas
Rose {prop} :: given name
rosé {adj} :: pale pink (in colour)
roséfarben {adj} :: rosé (pale pink in colour)
Rosegg {prop} {n} :: Rosegg (municipality)
Rosemarie {prop} :: given name, combination of Rose and Marie, roughly equivalent to English Rosemary
Rosenblatt {n} :: rose petal
Rosenblatt {n} :: rose leaf
Rosenfeld {n} :: rose field
Rosenfeld {prop} {n} :: Rosenfeld (municipality)
Rosengarten {m} :: rose garden
Rosenheim {prop} :: Rosenheim (town)
Rosenkohl {m} :: Brussels sprout
Rosenkranz {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: rosary (set of prayers; chain of beads used therefore)
Rosenkranz {m} [also] :: a wreath made of rose twigs
Rosenkranz {prop} {f} {m} :: A surname
Rosenkrieg {m} :: A particularly acrimonious divorce or breakup of a relationship
Rosenmontag {m} :: Rosenmontag, Collop Monday, Rose Monday, Merry Monday, Hall Monday (the Monday before Ash Wednesday, highlight of the German carnival season)
Rosenquarz {m} :: rose quartz
rosenrot {adj} :: roseate
rosenrot {adj} :: rosy
Rosenrot {n} :: rose-red
Rosenstein {prop} {mf} :: surname
Rosenthal {prop} {mf} :: surname
Rosenwasser {n} :: rose water
Rosette {f} :: rosette, a shape like that of a rose
Rosette {f} [colloquial] :: the anus
Rosette {f} :: a small opening
rosettenförmig {adj} :: rosettelike
Rosickyit {m} [mineral] :: rosickyite
rosig {adj} :: rosy
rosiger {adj} :: comparative of rosig
rosigsten {adj} :: superlative of rosig
Rosine {f} :: raisin
Rosinenbomber {m} [colloquial, humorous, historical] :: Candy Bomber, Raisin Bomber (American or British transport aircraft which brought in supplies by airlift to West Berlin during the Soviet Berlin Blockade in 1948/1949)
Rosinenbrot {n} :: raisin bread
Rosinenkuchen {m} [cooking] :: fruitcake
Rosinenkuchenmodell {n} [physics] :: First atom model of Thompson (1903)
Rosinenkuchenrezept {n} :: raisin cake recipe
Rosinenpickerei {f} [colloquial] :: cherry picking (literally: “raisin picking”)
Rosmarin {m} :: rosemary
Rosocyanin {n} [organic compound] :: rosocyanine
Ross {n} [regional or poetic] :: horse
Ross {n} [regional, pejorative] :: stupid person, moron
Roß {n} :: honeycomb
Roß {n} [dated] :: alternative spelling of Ross
Roßbach {prop} {n} :: surname
Roßbach {prop} {n} :: Roßbach (municipality)
Roßbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Bavaria, Germany
Roßbach {prop} {n} :: One of two municipalities in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Roßleithen {prop} {n} :: Roßleithen (municipality)
Rost {m} :: rust (oxidated metal)
Rost {m} :: rust (plant disease)
Rost {m} :: grid (number of parallel staffs)
Rost {m} [usually] :: grill (grid of metal to roast food on)
Rostbraten {m} :: a roast cooked on a grill
Rostbraten {m} [Austria, cooking] :: prime rib
rostbraun {adj} :: russet
rosten {v} :: to rust
rösten {v} :: to toast, roast, or parch
Röster {m} :: roaster (for coffee beans, etc.)
Röster {m} [chiefly Swiss, Southern Germany] :: toaster
Röster {m} [Austria] :: A dessert of stewed fruit
Rostflügel-Ameisenwürger {m} :: rufous-winged antshrike
rostfrei {adj} :: stainless (literally, "free of rust")
Rösti {f} {n} :: rösti, hash browns
rostig {adj} :: rusty
Röstigraben {m} [humorous] :: The perceived cultural border between German- and French-speaking Switzerland
Rostkatze {f} :: rusty-spotted cat (Prionailurus rubiginosus)
Rostock {prop} {n} :: Rostock
rostrot {adj} :: auburn
Rostschutz {m} :: rustproofing (process or agent)
Rostschutzmittel {n} :: rustproofing (material or agent)
Roswitha {prop} :: given name. Saint's name, also borne by a 10th century dramatist and poet
rot {adj} :: red (colour)
rot {adj} [politics] :: red; pertaining to Marxism in the widest sense; social democratic; socialist; communist
rot {adj} [politics, Germany, in particular] :: pertaining to the social democratic SPD or the more rigidly socialist Linke
rot {adj} [possibly mildly offensive] :: red-haired
rot {adj} [historical, possibly offensive] :: redskin; Native American; Indian
Rot {n} :: The colour red
Rot {n} [heraldry] :: gules; red in heraldry
Rot {n} :: the suit hearts in German playing cards
Rotation {f} :: rotation
Rotauge {n} :: roach (Rutilus rutilus)
Rotbarsch {m} :: rose fish, redfish, Sebastes norvegicus
rotblau {adj} :: red-blue, blue-red; synonym of blaurot
Rotbleierz {n} [mineral] :: crocoite (red lead ore)
rotbraun {adj} :: of a reddish brown or brownish red colour of any kind, e.g. maroon, auburn (hair), bay (horse), etc
rotbräunlich {adj} :: brownish-red
Rotbuche {f} :: common beech, European beech
Rotbusch {m} :: alternative form of Rooibos
Rotdrossel {f} :: redwing (Turdus iliacus)
Rote {f} :: female Red (communist or socialist)
Röte {f} :: redness
Rote Armee Fraktion {prop} {f} :: Red Army Faction
Rote Beete {f} :: alternative form of Rote Bete
Rote Bete {f} :: beetroot, red beet
Rote Brigaden {prop} :: Red Brigades
rote Grütze {f} :: alternative letter-case form of Rote Grütze
Rote Grütze {f} :: red fruit jelly, red fruit pudding (a fruit pudding containing chunks of red fruits)
Roteisenstein {m} :: raddle
Roteisenstein {m} :: bloodstone
rote Karte {f} :: red card
rote Karte {f} [football] :: straight red card
Rötel {m} :: red ochre
Röteln {p} :: rubella, German measles
röten {vt} [formal] :: to redden [transitive] (to make red or redder)
röten {vr} :: to redden [intransitive] (to become red or redder)
roter {adj} :: comparative of rot
röter {adj} :: comparative of rot
roter Faden {m} [figurative] :: thread, common thread, golden thread, central theme
roter Faden {m} :: clear structure
Roter Khmer {m} :: a member of the Khmer Rouge
Roter Khmer {m} [in the plural] :: the Khmer Rouge
Roter Platz {prop} {m} :: Red Square (large historical square in central Moscow)
Roter Riese {m} [astronomy] :: red giant (large red star)
Roter Sauser {m} [oenology] :: must made from red grapes that has begun to ferment but that has not turned into wine yet
Rote Rübe {f} :: synonym of Rote Bete
rotes Blutkörperchen {m} [cytology] :: red blood cell, erythrocyte
Rotes Kreuz {prop} {n} :: Red Cross
Rotes Meer {prop} {n} :: the Red Sea
rotesten {adj} :: superlative of rot
rötesten {adj} :: superlative of rot
Rote Waldameise {f} :: southern wood ant, horse ant, Formica rufa
Rotfärbung {f} :: reddening
Rotfärbung {f} :: erythrodontia
Rotfärbung {f} [photography] :: redeye
Rotfuchs {m} :: (Vulpes vulpes), the European red fox
Rotfußralle {f} :: Nkulengu rail
rotgefärbt {adj} :: red-coloured
rot-gelb {adj} [politics, Germany] :: pertaining to a coalition between the SPD (a large social democratic party) and the FDP (a liberal, market-economy-promoting political party)
rot-gelb {adj} :: alternative form of rotgelb
rotgelb {adj} :: red-yellow, yellow-red; synonym of gelbrot
rotgelb {adj} :: alternative form of rot-gelb
rotgesichtig {adj} :: Red-faced (i.e. drunk)
rotglühend {adj} :: red-hot
Rotglut {f} :: red heat
rotgolden {adj} :: reddish-gold (in colour)
rot-grün {adj} [politics, Germany] :: pertaining to a coalition between the SPD (a large social democratic party in Germany) and Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (the largest environmental party in Germany) (literally: red-green, derived from the colors representing these parties)
Rotgüldensee {prop} {m} :: Either of two mountain lakes in Austria
Rotgültigerz {n} [mineral] :: synonym of Proustit
Rotgültigerz {n} [mineral] :: synonym of Pyrargyrit
Rotguss {m} :: red brass, gunmetal
roth {adj} :: obsolete spelling of rot: red
Roth {prop} {mf} :: surname
rothaarig {adj} :: redhaired, redheaded (having red hair)
Rothaarige {mf} :: A redhead person
Rothaut {f} [often considered offensive, humorous, dated] :: redskin (a Native American)
rothäutig {adj} :: red-skinned
Röthe {f} :: obsolete form of Röte
Rothirsch {m} :: red deer, Cervus elaphus
Röthis {prop} {n} :: Röthis (municipality)
Rothkopf {prop} {mf} :: surname
röthlich {adj} :: obsolete spelling of rötlich
Rothschild {prop} {mf} :: surname
Rothschild {m} :: a very rich person, especially one active in the financial world; may or may not have an anti-Jewish undertone
Rothstein {prop} {mf} :: surname
Rothuhn {n} :: red-legged partridge (Alectoris rufa)
rotieren {v} :: to rotate
Rotkäppchen {prop} {n} :: Little Red Riding Hood
Rotkehlchen {n} :: European robin [Erithacus rubecula]
Rotkohl {m} :: red cabbage, Brassica oleracea var. capitata f. rubra
Rotkopf {m} :: A redhead person
Rotkopfente {f} [zoology] :: redhead
rötlich {adj} :: reddish
rötlich-braun {adj} :: reddish-brown, auburn
rötlichbraun {adj} :: reddish-brown
rötlicher {adj} :: comparative of rötlich
Rotlichtbezirk {m} :: red-light district
Rotluchs {m} :: bobcat, Lynx rufus
Rotor {m} :: rotor
rot-rot {adj} [politics, Germany] :: pertaining to a coalition between the SPD (a large social democratic party in Germany) and Die Linke (a far-left political party in Germany)
rot-rot-grün {adj} [politics, Germany] :: pertaining to a triple coalition between the SPD (a large social democratic party in Germany), Die Linke (a far-left political party in Germany), and Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (the largest environmental party in Germany)
Rotrückenbussard {m} :: red-backed hawk (Buteo polyosoma)
Rotrückenwürger {m} :: red-backed shrike
Rotscheitelreiher {m} :: Japanese night heron
Rotscheitel-Wollrücken {m} :: rufous-capped antshrike
Rotschenkel {m} :: common redshank (bird of the species Tringa totanus)
Rotschopf {m} :: A redhead person
Rotschulterbussard {m} :: red-shouldered hawk (Buteo lineatus)
Rotschwanz {m} :: redstart (Phoenicurus)
Rotschwanz {m} :: pale tussock moth
rotsehen {vt} :: to see red
Rotstift {m} :: A red pen
Rotte {f} :: rout
rotten {v} [obsolete] :: to form into a gang, rout, squad
rotten {v} [obsolete] :: alternative form of roden
rotten {v} :: to rot, to decay
Rottenbach {prop} {n} :: Rottenbach (municipality)
Rottenburg {prop} :: Rottenburg (district)
Rottenmann {prop} {n} :: Rottenmann (municipality)
Rottweiler {m} :: a man from the city of Rottweil
Rottweiler {m} :: Rottweiler (dog breed)
Rottweiler {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Rottweil
Rötung {f} :: redness, reddening
rotviolett {adj} :: red-violet (in colour)
rotwangig {adj} :: rosy-cheeked
Rotwein {m} [beverage] :: red wine (red-coloured wine made mostly from black grapes, including the skin)
rot-weiß {adj} :: red and white
rot-weiß {adj} [idiomatic, generally used appositively] :: topped with both ketchup and mayonnaise (chiefly of chips [UK], French fries [US])
rotweißblau {adj} :: red, white, and blue, like or resembling any of several countries' flags (the Netherlands, France, the United States, Russia, etc)
rotweissrot {adj} :: alternative spelling of rotweißrot
rotweißrot {adj} :: red, white, and red, like the Austrian flag
rotwelsch {adj} :: Rotwelsch
Rotwelsch {n} [historical] :: Rotwelsch (secret cant formerly spoken in southern Germany and Switzerland)
Rotwild {n} [hunting] :: red deer
Rotz {m} :: snot
Rotz {m} :: glanders
rotzen {v} [vulgar] :: to spit, to gob (Br.), to slag (Aus.)
rotzfrech {adj} :: cocky, cheeky
rotzig {adj} [literally or figuratively] :: snotty
Rotzigkeit {f} [figuratively, deprecating, no plural] :: The state of snottiness
Rotzigkeit {f} [figuratively, deprecating, with plural] :: An act of snottiness
Rotzinkerz {n} [mineral] :: zincite
Rotznase {f} :: runny nose
Rotznase {f} [derogatory] :: snot-nosed child
Rouge {n} [makeup] :: rouge
Roulade {f} :: roulade
Roulette {n} [gambling] :: roulette
Route {f} :: route
Router {m} :: router (a device that connects local area networks to form a larger internet)
Routine {f} [standard course of action or computing] :: routine
routinemässig {adj} :: alternative spelling of routinemäßig
routinemäßig {adj} :: routine
Routinier {m} :: old hand
routiniert {adj} :: experienced
rovibronisch {adj} :: rovibronic
Rowdy {m} :: rowdy, hooligan
RPzB {f} [military, firearm] :: initialism of Raketenpanzerbüchse
RSb {m} [Austria, delivery, transportation] :: initialism of Rückscheinbrief
RSS-Feed {m} [computing] :: RSS feed
Ruanda {prop} {n} :: Ruanda (country)
ruandisch {adj} :: Rwandan
Rübe {f} :: beet, turnip
Rübe {f} [colloquial] :: head, bonce, noggin
Rubel {m} :: ruble / rouble
Ruben {prop} :: Reuben [biblical character]
Ruben {prop} :: given name
Rübenkraut {m} [regional, western Germany] :: a thick syrup made from sugar beets and eaten on bread or as a sauce
rüber {adv} [colloquial] :: over here
rüber {adv} [colloquial] :: over there
Rubidium {n} :: rubidium
Rubidiumacetat {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium acetate
Rubidiumazid {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium azide
Rubidiumbromat {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium bromate
Rubidiumbromid {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium bromide
Rubidiumchlorat {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium chlorate
Rubidiumchlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium chloride
Rubidiumchromat {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium chromate
Rubidiumdichromat {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium dichromate
Rubidiumdithionat {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium dithionate
Rubidiumfluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium fluoride
Rubidiumformiat {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium formate
Rubidiumhydrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium hydride
Rubidiumhydroxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium hydroxide
Rubidiumiodat {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium iodate
Rubidiumiodid {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium iodide
Rubidiumisotop {n} :: rubidium isotope
Rubidiumnitrat {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium nitrate
Rubidiumoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium oxide
Rubidiumozonid {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium ozonide
Rubidiumpentaborat {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium pentaborate
Rubidiumperchlorat {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium perchlorate
Rubidiumperiodat {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium periodate
Rubidiumperoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium peroxide
Rubidiumsalz {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: rubidium salt
Rubidiumselenid {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium selenide
Rubidiumsulfat {n} [inorganic compound] :: rubidium sulfate
Rubidiumuhr {f} :: rubidium atomic clock
Rubidiumverbindung {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: rubidium compound
Rubiklin {m} [mineral] :: rubicline
Rubik's Cube {m} :: Rubik's cube
Rubin {m} :: ruby (gem)
rubinrot {adj} :: ruby-red
Rubrik {f} :: column (of newspaper)
Rubrik {f} :: category
Rubrik {f} :: rubric
Rübstiel {m} :: turnip greens, turnip top (a vegetable, popular in some regions of Germany, including the Rhineland)
Ruch {m} :: smell, odour
ruchbar {adj} :: well-known, notorious
ruchlos {adj} :: heinous, nefarious, profane, unholy, blasphemous, infamous, wicked, abominable
Ruchlosigkeit {f} :: nefariousness, unholiness, wickedness
Ruck {m} :: jerk
Ruck {m} :: jolt
rück- {prefix} :: back
ruckartig {adj} :: with a jerk
ruckartig {adj} :: sudden
Rückbau {m} :: dismantling, demolition
Rückbildung {f} :: back-formation
Rückblende {f} [literature or film] :: flashback
Rückblick {m} :: review, retrospective
Rückblick {m} :: retrospect, flashback
rückblickend {adj} :: retrospective
rückdrehen {v} [nautical, of wind] :: to back; to shift in an anticlockwise direction
ruckeln {v} :: to jerk, shake
Ruckeln {n} :: bucking, shaking, jerking movements, jerking, jiggling, shuddering (moving in a halting or spasmodic manner)
rücken {vt} :: to move, to push
rücken {vi} :: to move over
Rücken {m} [anatomy] :: back
Rücken {m} :: spine (bound edge of a book)
Rückendeckung {f} :: backing
Rückenlehne {f} :: backrest
Rückenmark {n} [anatomy] :: spinal cord
Rückenschmerzen {mp} :: backache, back pain
Rückenwind {m} :: tailwind
Rückeroberung {f} :: reconquest, recapture
Rückfahrkarte {f} :: return ticket
Rückfall {m} :: relapse
rückfällig {adj} :: recidivist
Rückführung {f} :: repatriation
Rückgabe {f} :: refund, return, restitution
Rückgang {m} :: decline
rückgängig {adj} :: retrogressive
rückgängig machbar {adv} :: undoable
rückgängig machen {v} :: to undo, to reverse
Rückgewinnung {f} :: recovery, reclamation
Rückgewinnung {f} :: retrieval
Rückgrat {n} :: backbone, spine
Rückhalt {m} :: backing, support
Rückhalt {m} [dated] :: reservation
rückhaltlos {adj} :: uncompromising
Rückhand {f} [sports] :: backhand
Rückingen {prop} {n} :: Rückingen (village)
Rückkauf {m} :: repurchase
Rückkauf {m} :: redemption
Rückkehr {f} :: return
Rückkopplung {f} :: feedback
Rücklage {f} :: reserve
Rücklage {f} [in the plural] :: reserves, savings
Rücklauf {m} [computing, typwriter] :: return
rücklaufend {adj} :: backwards (from the back)
rückläufig {adj} :: declining
Rückleuchte {f} :: taillight, tail light, taillamp
Rücklicht {n} :: tail-light, taillamp
Rücklicht {n} [vulgar] ::  the tewel or arsehole
rücklings {adv} :: backwards
Rückmeldung {f} :: feedback (critical assessment on information produced)
Rücknahme {f} :: taking back, repurchase
Rücknahme {f} :: retraction
Rücknahme {f} [law, of an action, appeal, etc.] :: abandonment, withdrawal
Rückruf {m} [business, of products] :: recall, callback
Rückruf {m} [telephony] :: callback
Rucksack {m} :: rucksack, backpack
Rückschau {f} :: review, retrospective
Rückschlag {m} :: setback
Rückschlag {m} :: kickback
Rückschluss {m} :: conclusion
Rückschluss {m} :: inference
Rückseite {f} :: back (the reverse side)
Rücksicht {f} :: consideration (the tendency to consider others)
rücksichtslos {adj} :: inconsiderate
Rückspiegel {m} :: rearview mirror
Rücksprache {f} :: consultation
Rücksprung {m} [computing] :: return, re-entry
Rücksprung {m} [architecture] :: alcove, setback
Rückstand {m} :: residue
Rückstand {m} :: backlog
Rückstand {m} :: arrears
Rückstrahler {m} :: rear reflector
Rücktitration {f} [chemistry] :: back titration
Rücktritt {m} [from an office] :: resignation, demission
Rücktritt {m} [from a contract] :: rescission, cancelation
Rücktritt {m} [bicycle] :: Short form of Rücktrittbremse (back pedal brake)
Rücktrittbremse {f} :: coaster brake, back pedal brake
Rückumlaut {m} [grammar] :: in irregular weak verbs such as brennen, the reversal of umlaut in the past tense
Rückumschlag {m} :: return envelope
Rückversicherer {m} :: reinsurer
rückwärtig {adj} :: rear, back
rückwärtig {adj} :: rearward, backward (Toward the back or rear of something.)
rückwärts {adv} :: backwards
Rückwärtsgang {m} [auto part] :: reverse, reverse gear
rückwärtsgekrümmt {adj} :: curved backwards
rückwärtsgewandt {adj} [literally] :: looking backward, facing backward
rückwärtsgewandt {adj} [figuratively] :: backward (Pertaining to a thought or value that is considered outdated.)
Rückweg {m} :: way back
rückwirkend {adj} :: retroactive
Rückwurf {m} :: throwback
Rückzieher {m} :: backtrack
Rückzieher {m} [soccer] :: overhead kick
Rückzug {m} :: retreat
Rucola {f} [especially, commercial] :: rocket [UK], arugula [US] (a herb; Eruca sativa or Eruca vesicaria)
rüde {adj} :: rude, harsh
Rüde {m} :: dog (male dog, wolf or fox, as opposed to a bitch (often attributive), also used for certain other mammals)
Rudel {n} :: pack (of wolves, dogs, hyenas etc.)
Ruder {n} :: oar
Ruder {n} :: rudder; steer
Ruderer {m} :: agent noun of rudern; oarsman; rower; canoeist; sculler
rudern {vit} :: to row (propel over water using oars)
rudern {vi} :: to flail (one's arms)
Rudern {n} [sport] :: rowing
Rudersdorf {prop} {n} :: Rudersdorf (municipality)
Rudersdorf {prop} {n} :: Rudersdorf (municipality)
Rudi {prop} :: given name
Rüdiger {prop} :: given name
rudimentär {adj} :: rudimentary
Rudloff {prop} :: surname
Rudolf {prop} :: given name
Rüebli {n} [Swiss] :: carrot
Ruf {m} :: call
Ruf {m} :: reputation
rufen {vi} :: to call out; to shout; to cry; to shriek
rufen {vi} [with “nach ...”] :: to call (for someone); to request the presence (of someone)
rufen {vt} :: to call (something) out
rufen {v} [with dative object] :: to ask (someone) to do something; to call for (someone) to do something
rufen {vt} :: to call (someone), e.g. by telephone
rufen Sie die Polizei {phrase} :: call the police
Rüffel {m} :: reprimand, dressing-down
rüffeln {v} :: to reprimand
Rufmord {m} :: calumny, character assassination
Rufnummer {f} :: telephone number
Rufzeichen {n} :: dial tone
Rufzeichen {n} :: call sign
Rufzeichen {n} [Austria] :: exclamation mark
Rugby {n} :: rugby, rugby football
Rüge {f} :: rebuke
rügen {v} :: to reprove (to convey one's disapproval of in a gentle, kind, sweet tone)
Rügen {prop} :: Rügen
rügensch {adj} :: from or pertaining to Rügen; Rugian
rügenswert {adj} :: reprehensible
Ruh {f} [poetic or colloquial] :: alternative form of Ruhe
Ruhe {f} :: quietness (absence of sound)
Ruhe {f} :: rest, repose
Ruheenergie {f} [physics] :: rest energy
ruhelos {adj} :: restless
Ruhelosigkeit {f} :: restlessness
Ruhemasse {f} [physics] :: rest mass
ruhen {vi} [of something animate] :: to rest; to sleep
ruhen {vi} [euphemistic] :: to be buried, to lie
ruhen {vi} [of something inanimate] :: to be positioned; to rest
ruhen {vi} [of a process or event] :: to stall; to be suspended
Ruhepol {m} :: haven, haven of peace, oasis of tranquility, place of peacefulness, quiet place, resting place, calming influence
Ruhepol {m} :: one who is an easer of minds
Ruhepotential {n} :: resting potential
Ruhestand {m} :: retirement
Ruhestörung {f} :: a disturbance, noise
Ruhetag {m} :: day off
Ruhetag {m} :: day of rest, rest day
Ruhetag {m} :: A day of the week, on which a shop or office is closed
Ruhe vor dem Sturm {f} :: calm before the storm
Ruhezustand {m} :: idle state
ruhig {adj} :: quiet
ruhig {adj} :: calm
ruhig {adv} :: quietly
ruhig {adv} :: calmly
ruhig {adv} :: used to express the speaker's lack of objection to another person's actions
ruhig {adv} :: used to soften a request, as if to say “I don’t mind if...” to mean “I would like it if...”
ruhig Blut bewahren {v} [idiom] :: to keep one's cool
Rühle {prop} :: surname
Ruhm {m} :: fame
rühmen {v} :: to praise
rühmen {v} :: to boast
Ruhmeshalle {f} :: hall of fame
rühmlich {adj} :: glorious
rühmlich {adj} :: praiseworthy
ruhmreich {adj} :: glorious
ruhmsüchtig {adj} :: thirsty for fame /glory
ruhmvoll {adj} [worthy of or receiving glory] :: glorious
Ruhr {prop} {f} :: A branch of the river Rhine
Ruhr {f} :: dysentery
Rührei {n} [food] :: scrambled eggs
rühren {vti} :: to stir
rühren {vt} [usually] :: to stir; to move; to cause an emotion, especially sentimentality or compassion
rühren {vr} :: to stir (oneself); to move slightly
Ruhrgebiet {prop} {n} :: Ruhr Area
Rührgerät {n} :: stirrer, mixer [device]
rührig {adj} :: active (given to action rather than contemplation), busy, restless
rühriger {adj} :: comparative of rührig
rührigsten {adj} :: superlative of rührig
Ruhrpott {prop} {m} :: (colloq.) Ruhr Area
rührselig {adj} :: maudlin, mawkish, sentimental
Rührung {f} :: emotion, affection
Ruin {m} :: ruin (something which leads to serious troubles)
Ruine {f} :: ruin, ruins
Ruinenlust {f} [rare] :: Ruinenlust
ruinieren {v} :: to ruin
Rülps {m} :: belch
rülpsen {v} :: to burp
rum. {adj} :: abbreviation of rumänisch
rum {adv} [colloquial] :: alternative form of herum
Rum {m} :: rum
Rum {prop} {n} :: Rum (market town)
rumalbern {v} :: to goof off, to fuck around
Rumäne {m} :: Romanian (male native of Romania)
Rumänien {prop} {n} :: Romania
Rumänin {f} :: Romanian (female native of Romania)
rumänisch {adj} :: Romanian (of or relating to Romania, its people, or language)
Rumänisch {prop} {n} :: Romanian (official language of Romania)
Rumba {f} {m} :: rumba (Latin-American dance)
rumeiern {vi} [colloquial, derogatory] :: to shilly-shally
rumfahren {v} [colloquial] :: clipping of herumfahren
rumkümmeln {v} :: to hang out, in an especially sluggish manner; to loaf
rumlecken {vi} [slang] :: to French kiss
Rummel {m} [uncountable] :: bustle
Rummel {m} [regional, northern Germany] :: fair, funfair
rummeln {v} :: to rumble
Rumpelstilzchen {prop} {n} :: Rumpelstiltskin
Rumpf {m} [anatomy] :: trunk; torso (body excluding the head and limbs)
Rumpf {m} [nautical] :: hull (clipping of Schiffsrumpf)
Rumpf {m} [aviation] :: fuselage (clipping of Flugzeugrumpf)
rümpfen {v} :: to wrinkle
Rumpfwort {n} [morphology] :: initial and final clipping [e.g. Elisabeth → Lisa]
rumsen {v} :: to bang [+ gegen (object) = etwas = against]
rumstehen {v} :: To stand around idly
rund {adj} :: round, rounded, similar as in English, especially:
rund {adj} :: circular
rund {adj} :: spherical, globular, ball-shaped
rund {adj} [euphemistic] :: corpulent, thick
rund {adj} [engine operation] :: regular
rund {adv} :: around
rund {adv} :: roughly, approximately, about
Rund {n} :: round
Rundblick {m} :: panorama
Rundbogenstil {noun} :: "Round-arch style", a style of architecture
Rundbrief {m} :: circular, newsletter
Runde {f} :: a round
Rundell {n} :: alternative form of Rondell
runden {v} :: to round
runder {adj} :: comparative of rund
runder Tisch {m} :: round table
rundes r {n} :: r rotunda
Rundflug {m} :: flight, whose start and landing locations are the same
Rundfunk {m} [uncountable, business] :: broadcasting (The business or profession of radio and television.)
Rundfunk {m} [uncountable] :: radio (technical means)
Rundfunkgebühr {f} :: broadcasting fee
Rundfunkgerät {n} :: radio, radio set
Rundfunkorchester {n} :: radio orchestra
Rundgang {m} :: walk, tour
Rundgang {m} :: rounds
Rundgang {m} [architecture] :: circular gallery
rundgehen {v} :: to go around, circulate
Rundgotisch {f} [typography] :: rotunda
Rundlauf {m} [table tennis] :: round-the-table ping-pong (game with more than two players, where each player after making their strike must run to the other side of table and those who fail to return the ball are eliminated)
rundlich {adj} :: plump, rotund
Rundreise {f} :: round trip
Rundschreiben {n} :: circular, newsletter
rundum {adv} :: all around
rund um die Uhr {adv} [idiomatic] :: around the clock, 24/7
Rundumkennleuchte {f} :: emergency vehicle lighting, flashing light (emergency vehicle lighting)
Rundumschlag {m} :: sweeping blow
Rundung {f} :: rounding
Rundung {f} :: arch, curvature
Rundung {f} :: curve (of body)
rundweg {adv} :: roundly, categorically
Rune {f} :: A letter, or character, belonging to the written language of various ancient Germanic peoples, especially the Scandinavians and the Anglo-Saxons
Runenschrift {f} :: runic writing
Runge {f} :: stake, post, stanchion
runisch {adj} :: runic
Runkelrübe {f} :: mangelwurzel, Beta vulgaris subsp. vulgaris
Runkelrübe {f} :: swede, neep, rutabaga, Brassica napus subsp. rapifera
runter- {prefix} :: A prefix; down-(?)
runter {adv} [colloquial] :: down, down here, downstairs (towards the speaker)
runter {adv} [colloquial] :: down, down there, downstairs (away from the speaker)
runterdrücken {v} :: to depress, push down
runterfallen {v} [colloquial] :: clipping of herunterfallen
runtergerockt {adj} :: worn out
runterkippen {v} [colloquial] :: to down; to quaff (drink in large swigs)
runterkippen {v} [colloquial] :: alternative form of hinunterkippen
runterkommen {v} [colloquial] :: clipping of herunterkommen
runterkommen {v} [colloquial] :: to calm down
runterwürgen {vt} [colloquial] :: to choke down
Runyankore {prop} :: Nyankole [Ugandan Bantu lect]
Runzel {f} :: wrinkle
runzelig {adj} :: wrinkled, wizened, wrinkly
runzeln {v} :: to crinkle, to wrinkle
Rüpel {m} :: lout
rüpelhaft {adj} :: loutish, boorish
Rupert {prop} :: given name
rupfen {v} :: to pluck; to tear off; to rip; to rip off
Rupie {f} :: rupee (monetary currency)
ruppig {adj} :: rough, coarse
Rupprecht {prop} :: given name
Rupprecht {prop} :: surname derived from the given name
Ruprecht {prop} :: given name
Ruprecht {prop} :: surname derived from the given name
Ruprechtshofen {prop} {n} :: Ruprechtshofen (municipality)
rural {adj} [dated, learned] :: rural
Rüsche {f} [textiles] :: ruffle; ruche
Russ {m} :: alternative spelling of Ruß
Ruß {m} :: soot
Rußbach {prop} {n} :: Rußbach (municipality)
Russe {m} :: Russian (person)
Rüssel {m} :: pig's snout
Rüssel {m} :: proboscis; trunk (prolonged nose of certain mammals, notably elephants)
Rüssel {m} :: proboscis (similar organ in certain insects, etc.)
Rüssel {m} [colloquial, possibly offensive] :: beak (human nose, especially a large one)
Rüsselchen {n} :: diminutive of Rüssel
rüsselförmig {adj} :: snoutlike
Rüsselkäfer {m} :: weevil
russen {v} :: alternative spelling of rußen
rußen {vi} [of candles and oil lamps] :: to smoke
rußen {vi} [of ovens] :: to produce soot
rußen {vt} :: to sooty
Russenmagazin {n} [DDR, slang] :: A Russian military store in East Germany
russig {adj} :: alternative spelling of rußig
rußig {adj} :: sooty
Russin {f} :: a female Russian
russisch {adj} :: Russian
Russisch {prop} {n} :: Russian (language)
Russische Föderation {prop} {f} :: Russian Federation
russischstämmig {adj} :: having Russian ancestry
Russistik {f} :: Russian studies (academic discipline)
Russland {prop} {n} :: Russia
Rußland {prop} {n} :: obsolete spelling of Russland
russlanddeutsch {adj} :: Russia German (of or pertaining to the Russia Germans or their languages)
russländisch {adj} :: Russian (from Russia)
russlandweit {adj} :: Russia-wide; in all of Russia
Rust {prop} {n} :: surname
Rust {prop} {n} :: Rust (municipality)
Rust {prop} {n} :: Rust (municipality)
rüsten {v} :: to equip, to arm
rüsten {vt} [chiefly Switzerland] :: to prepare
rüstern {adj} :: elmen (attributive)
rüstig {adj} :: (of an elderly person) healthy, vital, robust
rustikal {adj} :: rustic (country-styled)
rustikal {adv} :: rustically
Rüstorf {prop} {n} :: Rüstorf (municipality)
Rüsttag {m} [Judaism] :: preparation [day before the sabbath]
Rüstung {f} :: armour, armor
Rüstungsproduktion {f} :: arms manufacture
Rüstungswettlauf {m} :: arms race
Rütchen {n} :: diminutive of Rute
Rute {f} :: rod
Rute {f} [biology, hunting] :: tail of a dog
Rute {f} [biology, dated, now stylistically marked, poetic and/or vulgar] :: penis
Rutengänger {m} :: dowser
Rutengängerin {f} :: female dowser
Rutenhirse {f} :: switchgrass
Ruth {prop} :: Ruth [biblical character]
Ruth {prop} :: given name
Ruthe {f} :: obsolete spelling of Rute
Ruthenat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: ruthenate
Ruthenien {prop} :: Ruthenia
Rutheniridosmin {m} [mineral] :: rutheniridosmine
Ruthenium {n} :: ruthenium
Rutheniumhalogenid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: ruthenium halogenide
rutheniumhaltig {adj} :: ruthenium-bearing
Rutheniumisotop {n} :: ruthenium isotope
Rutheniumkatalysator {m} :: ruthenium catalyst
Rutheniumkomplex {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: ruthenium complex
Rutheniumrot {n} :: ruthenium red
Rutheniumverbindung {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: ruthenium compound
Rutherfordium {n} :: rutherfordium
Rutil {m} [mineral] :: rutile
Rutilstruktur {f} :: rutile structure
Rütlein {n} :: diminutive of Rute
Rutsch {m} :: trip; slip
Rutschbahn {f} :: slide (toy)
Rutschblock {m} :: rutschblock (wide block of snow that is progressively loaded to judge stability)
Rutsche {f} :: slide (toy)
Rutsche {f} :: chute
rutschen {v} :: to slide
rütschen {v} :: obsolete form of rutschen
rutschig {adj} :: slippery
rütteln {v} :: to shake, to jolt
Rüttgers {prop} :: surname
Rutzenham {prop} {n} :: Rutzenham (municipality)
RWE {prop} :: initialism of Rheinisch-Westfälisches Elektrizitätswerk
Rydberg-Konstante {f} :: Rydberg constant