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w. {adj} :: abbreviation of weiblich
W {letter} :: The twenty-third letter of the German alphabet
W {noun} :: abbreviation of West; west
wa {adv} [colloquial, regional, parts of northern and central Germany] :: right?; is it?; is it not?
wa {particle} [colloquial, potentially rude] :: what, huh (expresses that something was extremely hard to understand acoustically or outlandish in content)
Waadt {prop} {f} :: Vaud (Canton of Switzerland)
Waadtländer {m} :: Vaudois, someone from the canton of Vaud
Waage {f} :: scales (weighing machine)
Waage {f} [zodiac constellations, astrology] :: Libra
Waage {prop} {mf} :: surname
waagerecht {adj} :: horizontal (parallel to the plane of the horizon)
waagrecht {adj} :: alternative form of waagerecht
Waagschale {f} :: scale (dish of a balance)
Waalkes {prop} :: surname from East Frisia
Wabe {f} :: honeycomb
wabenförmig {adj} :: honeycombed
Wabenmuster {n} :: honeycomb (pattern)
wach {adj} :: awake
Wache {f} :: wake, watch (act), vigil
Wache {f} :: watch (person or persons)
Wache {f} :: short for Polizeiwache police station
wachen {v} :: to be awake
wachen {v} :: to watch, to guard
wachhabend {adj} :: being on watch
Wachhabende {f} :: watchwoman
Wachhabender {m} :: watchman
Wachhund {m} :: guard dog
wachküssen {vt} :: to kiss awake
wach liegen {v} :: to lie awake (to try but fail to fall asleep)
wachliegen {v} :: alternative spelling of wach liegen
Wachmann {m} :: watchman, security guard
Wachmann {m} [Austria] :: policeman
Wacholder {m} :: juniper
Wacholderbeere {f} :: juniper berry (the female seed cone of a juniper)
Wacholderdrossel {f} :: fieldfare (Turdus pilaris)
wachrütteln {v} :: to awake, to jolt awake, to stir up, to arouse, to galvanize
Wachs {n} :: wax
Wachs {n} [ornithology] :: cere
wachsam {adj} :: vigilant
wachsamer {adj} :: comparative of wachsam
Wachsamkeit {f} :: vigilance
wachsamsten {adj} :: superlative of wachsam
wachsartig {adj} :: waxy
wachsbleich {adj} :: waxen, waxy (in texture & colour)
wachsen {vi} :: to grow
wachsen {vi} [figuratively] :: to grow, to increase
wachsen {v} :: to wax
wachsend {adj} :: growing, increasing, expanding, mounting, burgeoning
wachsend {adj} [heraldry, of an animal] :: issuant
wächsern {adj} :: waxy, waxen
Wachsfigur {f} :: wax figure
Wachsfigürchen {n} :: diminutive of Wachsfigur
Wachsfigürlein {n} :: diminutive of Wachsfigur
Wachskerzchen {n} :: diminutive of Wachskerze
Wachskerze {f} :: wax candle
Wachskerzlein {n} :: diminutive of Wachskerze
Wachsmalstift {m} :: crayon (of wax)
Wachstropfen {m} :: drop of wax
Wachstube {f} :: guardhouse, guardpost
Wachstube {f} :: tube of wax
Wachstum {n} :: growth
wachstumsfördernd {adj} :: growth-enhancing
Wachstumsrate {f} :: growth rate or rate of growth
Wachstumsstörung {f} [pathology] :: delayed growth
wächswachs {v} :: past participle of wachsen
wachsweich {adj} :: waxy (in texture)
wachsweich {adj} :: compliant, docile, submissive
wachsweich {adj} :: vague, indistinct, imprecise
Wacht {f} :: guard (vigilant state)
Wachtel {f} :: quail
Wachtel {f} :: screw (i.e., prison guard) [slang, pejorative]
Wachtelkönig {m} :: corncrake
Wächter {m} :: guard (person who guards)
Wächterlein {n} :: diminutive of Wächter
Wächterrat {prop} {m} :: (Iran) the Guardian Council, the Council of Guardians
Wachtmeister {m} [historical] :: master sentinel (a rank of NCO in the cavalry, equivalent to a feldwebel)
Wachtmeister {m} [Austria, Switzerland] :: a sergeant; a Wachtmeister
Wachturm {m} :: watchtower
Wachzimmer {n} [Austria] :: office of a police department
Wachzimmer {n} :: recovery room (in a hospital, clinic, etc)
Wachzustand {m} :: waking state
Wackeldackel {m} :: dachshund-shaped bobblehead
Wackeldackel {m} [figuratively] :: yes-man
wackelig {adj} :: shaky
wackelig {adj} :: unsteady
wackeliger {adj} :: comparative of wackelig
wackeligsten {adj} :: superlative of wackelig
Wackelkontakt {m} :: loose connection (in an electric circuit)
wackeln {v} :: to waggle, to wobble
Wackelpeter {m} :: jelly pudding
Wackelpudding {m} :: jelly
Wackelzahn {m} [colloquial] :: loose tooth, wobbly tooth
Wacken {prop} {n} :: Wacken (municipality)
wacker {adj} [dated] :: brave
wacker {adj} [dated] :: efficient
wacker {adj} [dated] :: alert, vigilant, waker
wacklig {adj} :: alternative form of wackelig
Wade {f} :: calf (of the leg)
Wadenbein {n} :: fibula
Wadenkrampf {m} :: calf-muscle cramp; charley horse
Wafer {m} [electronics] :: wafer
Waffe {f} :: weapon, arm
Waffel {f} :: waffle, wafer
Waffeleisen {n} :: waffle iron
Waffenarsenal {n} :: armory / armoury (store or arsenal of weapons)
Waffenerwerbsschein {m} [law] :: certificate of gun acquisition, gun ownership license
waffenfähig {adj} [military, dated] :: fit for military service
waffenfähig {adj} [military, radioactivity] :: weapon grade
Waffenfliege {f} :: soldier fly
Waffengattung {f} [military] :: service branch
Waffenhaus {n} :: church porch
Waffenhaus {n} :: arsenal, armoury
Waffenkunde {f} :: knowledge about weapons
Waffenrecht {n} :: weapon (i.e. knife, gun, etc.) laws
Waffenrock {m} [dated] :: tunic of a knight
Waffenrock {m} [dated] :: military uniform
Waffenruhe {f} :: ceasefire
Waffenschmied {m} :: weaponsmith, armourer (male or of unspecified sex)
Waffenstillstand {m} :: armistice
Waffenstillstand {m} :: ceasefire
Waffenstillstand {m} :: truce
Waffenstillstandsabkommen {n} :: armistice agreement
Waffenstillstandsabkommen {n} :: ceasefire agreement
Waffenstillstandslinie {f} :: ceasefire line
waffentechnisch {adj} :: weapons technology (attributive)
waffnen {vt} [dated] :: to arm
Wage {f} :: obsolete spelling of Waage
Wägeform {f} [chemistry] :: A form of a substance that is suitable for weighing (does not change weight on exposure to the air)
Wägelchen {n} :: diminutive of Wagen
Wagemut {m} :: boldness, daring, audacity, bravery
wagemutig {adj} :: daring, bold
wagen {v} :: to venture, dare
wagen {v} :: to risk, jeopardize
Wagen {m} :: car, vehicle
Wagen {m} :: trolley, wagon
wägen {v} :: to weigh something
Wagenburg {f} :: corral (circle of wagons)
Wagenrücklauf {m} [computing, typwriter] :: carriage return
Waggon {m} :: wagon
waghalsig {adj} :: reckless, foolhardy
waghalsiger {adj} :: comparative of waghalsig
waghalsigsten {adj} :: superlative of waghalsig
Wagna {prop} {n} :: Wagna (municipality)
Wagner {m} [archaic] :: wainwright
Wagner {m} [archaic] :: wheelwright
Wagner {prop} {mf} :: surname
wagnerianisch {adj} :: Wagnerian
Wagnis {n} :: adventure
Wagon {m} :: alternative spelling of Waggon
Wägung {f} :: weighing
Wahhabismus {m} :: wahhabism
wahhabitisch {adj} :: Wahhabi, Wahhabite (attributive)
Wahl {f} :: choice, selection
Wahl {f} :: election
Wahl {f} :: quality level
Wahl {prop} :: surname
Wahlausgang {m} :: election result
wählbar {adj} :: electable
wahlberechtigt {adj} :: eligible or entitled to vote; enfranchised
Wahlberechtigte {f} :: a female who is eligible/entitled to vote, a female eligible voter
Wahlberechtigter {m} :: a person (especially a male) who is eligible/entitled to vote, an eligible voter
Wahlbeteiligung {f} [politics] :: voter turnout
Wahlen {prop} {n} :: Wahlen (municipality)
Wahlen {prop} {mf} :: surname
wählen {v} :: to choose
wählen {v} :: to dial (a telephone number, etc.)
wählen {v} :: to vote
Wähler {m} [politics] :: voter
Wahlergebnis {n} :: election result
Wählerin {f} [politics] :: female voter
wählerisch {adj} :: choosy, selective
wählerischer {adj} :: comparative of wählerisch
wählerischsten {adj} :: superlative of wählerisch
Wahlfälschung {f} :: electoral fraud
Wahlgang {m} :: ballot (round of voting)
Wahlheimat {f} :: one's adopted home or country
Wahlkampf {m} :: electoral campaign, run for office
Wahlkämpfer {m} [politics] :: election campaigner
Wahlkämpferin {f} :: feminine noun of Wahlkämpfer
Wahlkandidatin {f} :: electoral candidate, election candidate (female)
Wahlkreis {m} :: electoral district, constituency
Wahllokal {n} :: voting station [US], polling station [UK]
wahllos {adj} :: random, indiscriminate
Wahlmann {m} [politics] :: elector, member of an electoral college; person elected by eligible voters to a body which, in turn, votes for candidates for particular political offices (male or of unspecified sex)
Wahlmänner-Gremium {n} [politics] :: electoral college
Wahlprogramm {n} [politics] :: election platform [US], election manifesto [UK]
Wahlrecht {n} :: right to vote, suffrage
Wahlrecht {n} :: electoral law
Wählscheibe {f} [telephone] :: dial
Wahlsieg {m} :: election victory, election win
Wahlurne {f} :: ballot box
Wahn {m} :: illusion, delusion, (vain) hope (leerer/eitler Wahn), false idea, false perception, incorrect image
Wahn {m} [psychiatry] :: mania, craze, false interpretation of reality
wähnen {vt} :: to suppose, expect, believe, imagine, ween
wahnhaft {adj} :: delusional
Wahnsinn {m} :: insanity, madness
Wahnsinn {m} [colloquially] :: awesome!, man!, wicked!
wahnsinnig {adj} :: mad, insane
wahnsinnig {adv} :: incredibly, awfully
Wahnsinnsding {n} :: big deal
Wahnvorstellung {f} :: delusion
wahnwitzig {adj} :: absurd
wahnwitzig {adj} :: insane
wahr {adj} :: true
wahren {v} :: to protect, to safeguard
wahren {v} :: to maintain, to preserve
währen {v} :: To last, persist
während {conj} :: while
während {prep} :: [+ genitive or dative] during, at the time of
währenddessen {adv} :: meanwhile, in the meantime
wahrhaben {v} [only in wahrhaben wollen] :: to accept
wahrhaft {adj} :: real, true, veracious
wahrhaftig {adj} :: true, real, veracious
wahrhaftig {adv} :: really, actually
Wahrhaftigkeit {f} :: truthfulness, veracity
Wahrheit {f} :: truth
Wahrheitsfindung {f} :: establishment of the truth
Wahrheitsgehalt {m} :: veracity, truth content
wahrheitsgemäß {adj} :: truthful, true
Wahrheitswert {m} [logic] :: truth value
wahrlich {adv} :: truly, really, verily
wahrnehmbar {adj} [capable of being seen or noticed] :: noticeable
wahrnehmen {v} :: to sense, to perceive, to apprehend, to notice
wahrnehmen {v} [an opportunity, chance, etc.] :: to use
wahrnehmen {v} [a right] :: to assume
Wahrnehmung {f} :: perception
wahrsagen {v} :: to divine, tell fortunes
Wahrsager {m} :: fortuneteller, soothsayer, augur
Wahrsagerin {f} :: feminine noun of Wahrsager
Wahrschau {f} :: warning, caution, attention
Wahrschau {interj} [military] :: Attention! Look out! Watch out!
wahrscheinlich {adj} :: likely, probable, plausible
wahrscheinlich {adv} :: probably, likely
Wahrscheinlichkeit {f} :: probability
Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie {f} :: probability theory
Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie {f} :: probabilistic theory
Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie {f} :: probability calculus
Wahrung {f} :: maintenance
Währung {f} :: currency, bank notes and cents, die Münzen und Banknoten
Währungskürzel {n} :: currency code (ISO 4217)
Währungsmetall {n} :: currency metal
Währungsunion {f} :: monetary union, currency union
Wahrzeichen {n} :: emblem, symbol
Waidbruck {prop} {n} :: Waidbruck (municipality)
Waidler {m} [Bavaria] :: resident of the Bavarian Forest
Waidmann {noun} :: southern german spelling variant of Weidmann
waidmännisch {adj} :: hunter (attributive)
Waidmannsfeld {prop} {n} :: Waidmannsfeld (municipality)
Waidring {prop} {n} :: Waidring (municipality)
Waigel {prop} :: surname
Waise {f} :: orphan
Waisenhaus {n} :: orphanage
Waisenkind {n} :: orphan
Waizenkirchen {prop} {n} :: Waizenkirchen (municipality)
Wal {m} :: whale
Walachei {prop} {f} :: Wallachia
Walachei {prop} {f} [colloquial, often, derogatory] :: remote area
Walburg {prop} :: given name
Walburga {prop} :: given name
Walchsee {prop} {m} :: Walchsee (lake)
Walchsee {prop} {n} :: Walchsee (municipality)
Wald {m} :: forest; woods; woodland
waldaus {adv} :: out of the woods, out of the or a forest
Waldbrand {m} :: forest fire
Waldbröl {prop} :: Waldbröl (town)
Waldburg {prop} {n} :: Waldburg (municipality)
Waldburg {prop} {n} :: Waldburg (municipality)
Wäldchen {n} :: diminutive of Wald
Waldeck {prop} :: A former principality of the German Empire
Waldeck {prop} :: surname
Waldeck-Frankenberg {prop} :: A region of Hessen
Waldegg {prop} {n} :: Waldegg (municipality)
waldein {adv} :: into the woods, into the or a forest
Waldeinsamkeit {f} :: woodland solitude (the feeling of solitude in the woods)
Waldemar {prop} :: given name
Waldenburg {prop} :: Wałbrzych, a city in Silesia
waldensisch {adj} :: Waldensian
Waldenstein {prop} {n} :: Waldenstein (municipality)
Waldesrand {m} :: edge of the forest
Waldhausen {prop} {n} :: Waldhausen (municipality)
Waldhausen {prop} {n} :: Waldhouse, Lothringia
Waldhausen {prop} {n} [historical] :: Boże Małe, Poland
Waldheim {prop} {n} :: Waldheim (town)
Waldhorn {n} :: French horn
Waldhorn {n} :: hunting horn
Walding {prop} {n} :: Walding (municipality)
Waldkatze {f} :: European wildcat (Felis silvestris silvestris)
Waldkauz {m} :: tawny owl
Waldland {n} :: wood (woodland)
Waldmeister {m} :: woodruff
Waldmeistersaft {m} :: woodruff syrup
Waldneukirchen {prop} {n} :: Waldneukirchen (municipality)
Waldrand {m} :: woodland edge, forest edge
Waldrapp {m} :: northern bald ibis (bird of the species Geronticus eremita)
waldreich {adj} :: forested (rich in woodland)
Waldschnepfe {f} :: woodcock
Waldsterben {n} :: "dying of the forest" - the destruction of the forest caused by environmental pollution
Waldstück {n} :: forested area
Waldtraud {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Waltraud
Waldtraut {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Waltraud
Waldung {f} :: wood (woodland)
Waldwasserläufer {m} :: green sandpiper (bird of the species Tringa ochropus)
Waldzell {prop} {n} :: Waldzell (municipality)
Wales {prop} {n} :: Wales
Walfang {m} [hunting] :: whaling
Walfisch {m} :: whale
walgern {v} :: to roll
Walhai {m} :: whale shark (Rhincodon typus)
Waliser {m} :: Welshman
Waliserin {f} :: Welshwoman
walisisch {adj} :: Welsh (of or pertaining to Wales)
walisisch {adj} :: Welsh (of or pertaining to the Welsh language)
Walisisch {prop} {n} :: Welsh (language)
walken {v} :: to tan (in leather-making), to full, to walk (in felt-making)
walken {v} :: to knead
walken {v} [slang] :: to beat
Walker {noun} :: fuller, felt-maker
Walkererde {f} :: fuller's earth
Walküre {f} :: Valkyrie
Wall {m} [military] :: rampart, parapet, earthwork
Wall {m} [engineering] :: levee, embankment
Wall {m} [geography] :: ridge
Wallach {m} :: gelding (castrated male horse)
Wallbrecht {prop} :: surname
wallen {v} [of liquids] :: to move violently
wallen {v} :: to flutter, palpitate
wallen {v} [archaic] :: to go on a pilgrimage
wällen {vt} :: to boil
Wallenstein {prop} :: surname
wallfahren {v} :: to go on a pilgrimage
Wallfahrer {m} :: pilgrim
Wallfahrt {f} :: pilgrimage
wallfahrten {v} :: to go on a pilgrimage
Wallis {prop} {n} :: Wales
Wallis {prop} {n} :: Valais, canton of Switzerland
wallonisch {adj} :: Walloon
Wallonisch {prop} {n} :: Walloon (the language)
Wallriffschildkröte {f} :: flatback turtle, Natator depressus
Walm {m} :: a bevelled roof, particularly if triangular and in a gable
Walmdach {n} :: hip roof (roof formed from inclined, planar ends and sides, joined at their edges to form hips)
Walnuss {f} :: walnut
Walpersbach {prop} {n} :: Walpersbach (municipality)
Walpurga {prop} :: An eighth century saint whose feast day on May 1st coincided with a pagan feast associated in folklore with witchcraft
Walpurga {prop} :: given name
Walpurgis {prop} :: given name
Walpurgisnacht {f} :: Walpurgis night
Walross {n} :: walrus (Odobenus rosmarus)
Walstatt {f} :: battlefield
walten {vt} :: to rule over, to exercise
walten {vi} :: to prevail
Walter {prop} :: given name
Walter {prop} :: surname
Walther {prop} :: given name, a more common spelling and origin of the name Walter
Waltraud {prop} :: given name
Waltraut {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Waltraud
Walz {f} :: journeyman years
Walze {f} :: roll, cylinder
walzen {v} :: to roll
walzen {vt} :: to mill
walzen {v} [dated, dance] :: to waltz (dance the waltz)
walzen {v} [dated] :: to wander
wälzen {v} :: to roll
wälzen {vr} :: to wriggle, writhe, toss and turn
Walzenspinne {f} :: camel spider, solifugid
Walzer {m} :: waltz
Walzertänzer {m} :: waltz dancer
Walzertänzerin {f} :: female waltz dancer
Wamme {f} :: dewlap (hanging skin on certain animals, such as cattle)
Wamme {f} [less common] :: alternative form of Wampe
Wampe {f} [less common] :: alternative form of Wamme
Wampe {f} [colloquial] :: potbelly, paunch
Wams {n} [historical] :: jerkin, doublet
Wand {f} :: wall, partition
Wand {f} :: precipice
Wandel {m} :: transformation, change
Wandel {m} :: conduct, behaviour
wandelbar {adj} :: changeable, varying, inconsistent
wandeln {v} :: to wander, to stroll
wandeln {v} :: to walk
wandeln {vt} :: to transform, change
wandeln {vr} :: to change, transform
Wandelstern {m} [astronomy, archaic] :: A planet (a major body which moves relative to the fixed stars in the night sky)
Wanderer {m} :: hiker
Wanderer {m} :: wanderer
Wanderfalke {m} :: peregrine falcon, Falco peregrinus
Wandergeselle {m} :: journeyman
Wandergewerbe {n} :: itinerant / travelling trade
Wanderlust {f} :: wanderlust; the urge to travel, the love of the "great outdoors"
Wandermenagerie {f} [historical] :: travelling menagerie
wandern {v} :: to hike
wandern {v} :: to wander
Wanderschaft {f} :: wandering
Wandersmann {m} :: wayfarer
Wanderspinne {f} :: wandering spider
Wanderstab {m} :: trekking pole
Wandertaube {f} :: passenger pigeon
Wanderung {f} [archaic] :: journey
Wanderung {f} :: walk, hike
Wanderung {f} :: migration
Wanderungsbewegung {f} :: migration
Wanderwort {n} :: Wanderwort
Wandfarbe {f} :: wall color
Wandfarbe {f} :: wall paint
Wandgemälde {n} :: mural
Wandlung {f} :: change, alteration, transformation
Wandlung {f} :: (electrical) transformer
wandlungsfähig {adj} :: adaptable, versatile
Wandteppich {m} :: tapestry [cloth hung on a wall], wall hanging
Wanduhr {f} :: wall clock
Wang {prop} {n} :: Wang (municipality)
Wang {prop} {n} :: Wang (municipality)
Wängchen {n} :: diminutive of Wange
Wange {f} [chiefly formal or literary] :: cheek (on the face)
Wangenknochen {m} :: cheekbone
Wangerberg {prop} {n} :: A village in Triesenberg, Liechtenstein
Wängle {prop} {n} :: Wängle (municipality)
Wanja {prop} :: given name
Wanja {prop} :: given name
Wankelmut {m} :: fickleness
wankelmütig {adj} :: fickle
wanken {v} :: to falter, stagger
wann {adv} [interrogative, standard] :: when
wann {adv} [indefinite, colloquial] :: sometime
wann {conj} [archaic or dialectal] :: when; if
wann anders {adv} [chiefly colloquial] :: some other time; at another time; at a different point in time
Wanne {f} :: tub; flat-bottomed vessel
Wanne {f} :: for bathing or washing
Wanne {f} :: for technical uses, especially to collect or hold liquids
Wanne {f} [regional, southern] :: for kitchen use
Wanne {f} [historical] :: winnowing basket
Wanne {f} [slang] :: police van
wannen {adv} :: whence
Wannenkonformation {f} [chemistry] :: boat conformation
Wanst {m} [colloquial] :: belly, paunch
Wanst {m} :: rumen, the first compartment of the stomach of a ruminant
Wanst {n} [regional, colloquial] :: brat, annoying child
Want {f} {n} [nautical] :: shroud
Wanze {f} :: bedbug
Wanze {f} :: specifically, any insect of the suborder Heteroptera
Wanze {f} [espionage] :: bug, wire, wiretap
Wapiti {m} :: wapiti (elk, species of deer)
Wappen {n} [heraldry] :: coat of arms
wappnen {vr} :: To prepare oneself, to arm oneself (for something)
wappnen {v} [dated] :: to arm
Waqf {f} :: a waqf
Waran {m} :: monitor lizard
Ware {f} :: goods, merchandise, ware
Warenangebot {n} :: range of products, range of goods
Warenhaus {n} :: department store
Warenkorb {m} :: shopping basket
Warenkorb {m} [economics] :: commodity bundle; market basket
Warenmuster {n} :: (product) sample, commercial sample
Warenregal {n} :: goods shelf
warens {contraction} :: contraction of waren es
Warensendung {f} :: consignment, shipment (of goods)
Warenterminbörse {f} :: futures market (for commodity futures)
Warenverkehr {m} [economics] :: movement of goods, merchandise traffic
Warenwirtschaft {f} :: enterprise resource planning (ERP), merchandise management
Warenzeichen {n} :: trademark
Warft {f} [North Germany] :: synonym of Wurt
warm {adj} :: warm; mildly hot
warm {adj} [of clothes] :: warm; keeping the wearer warm
warm {adj} [dated, except in warmer Bruder] :: homosexual, gay; generally only of male homosexuality; though not in general use, this sense is current enough to make it advisable not to describe the relation between two men as warm (unless the implication is intended)
warmblütig {adj} [zoology] :: warm-blooded
Warmduscher {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: wimp, weakling
Wärme {f} :: warmth
Wärme {f} [physics] :: heat
Wärmeabgabe {f} :: heat dissipation
wärmeableitend {adj} :: heat-dissipating
Wärmeabstrahlung {f} :: heat emission or dissipation
Wärmeausdehnung {f} [physics] :: thermal expansion
Wärmeausdehnungskoeffizient {m} [physics] :: coefficient of thermal expansion
Wärmeaustausch {m} [physics] :: heat exchange
Wärmeaustauscher {m} :: alternative form of Wärmetauscher
Wärmebewegung {f} [physics] :: thermal motion
Wärmebild {n} :: thermogram
Wärmebildkamera {f} :: thermal imaging camera
wärmeisolierend {adj} :: heat-insulating
Wärmekapazität {f} [physics] :: heat capacity
Wärmelehre {f} :: thermodynamics
wärmeleitend {adj} :: thermally conductive
Wärmeleiter {m} :: heat conductor
Wärmeleitfähigkeit {f} [physics] :: thermal conductivity
Wärmeleitfähigkeit {f} [physics] :: thermal conductance
Wärmeleitpaste {f} :: thermal grease, thermal paste
wärmeliebend {adj} :: thermophilic
wärmen {vt} :: To warm
Wärmepumpe {f} [thermodynamics] :: heat pump
wärmer {adj} :: comparative of warm
Wärmer {m} :: warmer [something that either warms or prevents heat loss]
warmer Bruder {m} [dated slang] :: gay man
warm essen {v} [idiomatic, colloqial] :: to eat a warm meal
Wärmestrahlung {f} [physics] :: thermal radiation
Wärmetauscher {m} :: heat exchanger
Wärmetod {m} [thermodynamics] :: heat death
Wärmeübertrager {m} :: heat exchanger
Wärmeübertragung {f} :: heat transfer / conduction
Wärmeverlust {m} :: heat loss
warmfest {adj} :: heat-resistant
Warmfront {f} :: warm front
warmgemäßigt {adj} :: warmish; moderately warm
warmhalten {v} :: to keep warm
warmhalten {v} [colloquial] :: to stay on someone's good side
warmherzig {adj} :: warm-hearted
Warmmiete {f} [rent for dwelling including heating costs] :: total rent; base rent and utilities
wärmsten {adj} :: superlative of warm
Warnblinklicht {n} [automotive, usually, uncountable] :: hazard lights
warnen {v} :: to warn (vor of/against)
Warnschuss {m} :: warning shot
Warnschuß {noun} :: alternative spelling of Warnschuss
Warnsignal {n} :: warning signal
Warnsignal {n} [figurative] :: red flag
Warnung {f} :: warning
Warren {prop} {n} :: Varena, Trentino, Italy
war's {contraction} :: alternative spelling of wars
wars {contraction} :: contraction of war es
wär's {contraction} :: wäre es
Warschau {prop} {n} :: Warschau (capital city)
Wart {m} :: guard, ward
wartbar {adj} :: maintainable
Wartbarkeit {f} :: maintainability
Warte {f} :: lookout
Warte {f} :: guarding post
Warteliste {f} :: waiting list
warten {v} :: to wait
warten {v} :: to maintain (e.g. a car)
Warten {n} :: waiting
Warten {n} [technology] :: maintaining
Wärter {m} :: attendant
Wärter {m} [obsolete] :: maintainer
Wartesaal {m} :: waiting room
Warteschlange {f} :: Queue (of people, or items)
Wartestellung {f} :: waiting position, standby position
Wartezeit {f} :: waiting time
Warth {prop} {n} :: surname
Warth {prop} {n} :: Warth (municipality)
Warth {prop} {n} :: Warth (municipality)
-wärtig {suffix} :: Forming adjectives denoting the position of someone or something
Wartmannstetten {prop} {n} :: Wartmannstetten (municipality)
-wärts {suffix} :: -wards. Forms adverbs denoting course or direction to, or motion or tendency toward. The adverbs are formed either from a noun or from a preposition
Wartung {f} :: maintenance
warum {adv} :: why; for what reason
Warze {f} :: wart
Warzenkopf {m} :: Bornean bristlehead (Pityriasis gymnocephala)
Warzenschwein {n} :: warthog
warzig {adj} :: warty
was {pron} [interrogative] :: what
was {pron} [relative] :: which (referring to the entire preceding clause)
was {pron} [relative] :: that, which (referring to das, alles, etwas, nichts, and neuter substantival adjectives)
was {pron} [relative, colloquial] :: that, which (referring to neuter singular nouns, instead of standard das)
was {pron} [indefinite, colloquial] :: something, anything (instead of standard etwas)
was {pron} [interrogative, colloquial] :: why, what for
was {determiner} [archaic] :: what; what kind of
was {adv} [colloquial] :: a little, somewhat
Wasabi {m} :: wasabi (green Japanese condiment)
was auch immer {pron} :: whatever
was auch passiert {adv} :: come what may
Waschanlage {f} :: wash system
Waschanlage {f} :: car wash
waschbar {adj} :: washable
Waschbär {m} :: raccoon
Waschbecken {n} [especially bathroom, also general] :: sink; basin
Waschbrett {n} [laundry or musical instruments] :: washboard
Waschbrettbauch {m} [bodybuilding] :: washboard stomach, six-pack
Wäsche {f} :: clothes, especially underwear
Wäsche {f} :: laundry
Wäsche {f} :: washing
waschecht {adj} :: washable, fast
waschecht {adj} [figuratively] :: genuine, dyed-in-the-wool, pure
Wäscheklammer {f} :: peg
Wäschekorb {m} :: laundry basket, clothes hamper, laundry bin (container for holding and transporting clothing before and after being laundered)
waschen {v} :: to wash
Waschen {n} :: washing
Waschen {n} [chemistry] :: scrubbing
Wäscher {m} :: fuller
Wäscherei {f} :: laundry (a shop or staffed facility where clothes are laundered)
Wäscheständer {m} :: clotheshorse
Wäschetrockner {m} :: dryer (appliance that removes the water from clothing)
Waschküche {f} :: laundry (private or semi-public room where people launder their clothes, e.g. in a private house or a block of flats); scullery
Waschlappen {m} :: flannel, washcloth
Waschlappen {m} [derogative] :: pansy, sissy
Waschmaschine {f} :: washing machine
wasch mich, aber mach mich nicht nass {proverb} :: Used of someone who wants some good or advantage, but does not want the contemporary inconvenience that it requires; somewhat like have one's cake and eat it
Waschmittel {n} :: laundry detergent
Waschmittelindustrie {f} :: detergent industry
Waschnuss {f} :: soapnut
Waschnuß {f} :: alternative spelling of Waschnuss
Waschraum {m} :: a washroom or bathroom that is not in a private dwelling, e.g. in a barracks or low-cost hostel
Waschraum {m} :: a secondary bathroom within a private dwelling, especially where one washes oneself before entering the house, as on a farm
Waschraum {m} :: a laundry or utility room
Waschschüssel {f} :: washbasin, washbowl
Waschstrasse {f} :: alternative spelling of Waschstraße
Waschstraße {f} :: car wash
was der Bauer nicht kennt, das frisst er nicht {proverb} [more negative] :: some people are afraid of trying something new
was der Bauer nicht kennt, das frisst er nicht {proverb} [more positive] :: some people are content with the simple, traditional ways and do not crave for the latest fashions
was du nicht sagst {interj} [colloquial] :: you don't say
Wasen {m} [obsolete] :: lawn, turf, sod
Wasenmeister {m} :: someone who professionally strips dead animals for reuse, knacker
waser {pron} [obsolete] :: Inflected form of was
was für {determiner} :: what; what kind of
was für {determiner} [in exclamation] :: (oh) what; (oh) such
was für {adv} [youth slang] :: Used to express strong rejection of a particular word in a statement by someone else; much like English “are you kidding?!”
was geht {phrase} [colloquial, casually] :: what's up (literally, "what is going (on)")
was geht {phrase} :: what's happening?
was gibt's Neues {phrase} :: what's new (informal greeting)
was Hänschen nicht lernt, lernt Hans nimmermehr {proverb} :: you can't teach an old dog new tricks
was ihr nicht sagt {interj} [colloquial] :: you don't say
was kostet es {phrase} :: how much does it cost
was man nicht im Kopf hat, hat man in den Beinen {proverb} :: those who can't use their head must use their back (Literally, "What one doesn't have in their head, one has in their legs".)
Wasser {n} :: water (H₂O)
Wasser {n} :: alcoholic beverage, similar to brandy, made from fermented fruit
wasserabweisend {adj} :: water repellent
Wasseramsel {f} :: the water ouzel, the white-throated dipper (Cinclus cinclus)
Wasseramsel {f} :: any bird in the genus Cinclus, a dipper
wasseranziehend {adj} :: hydrophilic
wasseranziehend {adj} :: hygroscopic
wasserarm {adj} :: arid
Wasseraufbereitung {f} :: water treatment
Wasser auf jemandes Mühle leiten {v} [idiom] :: to be grist for someone's mill
Wasseraufnahme {f} :: water absorption
Wasserbad {n} :: water bath
Wasserbad {n} :: bain-marie
Wasserball {m} [uncountable] :: water polo
Wasserball {m} [countable] :: water polo ball
Wasserball {m} [countable] :: beach ball (light inflatable ball)
Wasserballspieler {m} :: water polo player (male or of unspecified sex)
Wasserbär {m} [zoology] :: A tardigrade, water bear (a water-dwelling, eight-legged, segmented micro-animal, a member of the phylum Tardigrada)
Wasserbär {m} :: A batardeau (dam structure)
Wasserbecken {n} :: tank, water basin
Wasserbehälter {m} :: water container, water tank, water reservoir
Wasserbett {n} :: water bed
Wasserbleierde {f} [mineralogy] :: synonym of Molybdit
Wasserbombe {f} [weapon] :: depth charge
Wasserbombe {f} [toy] :: water bomb, water balloon
Wasserbüffel {m} :: water buffalo (large ungulate)
Wasserchemie {f} [chemistry] :: water chemistry
Wässerchen {n} :: little stream
Wasserdampf {m} :: steam
Wasserdampf {m} :: water vapour / water vapor
wasserdicht {adj} :: watertight
Wasserdruck {m} :: water pressure
wasserdurchlässig {adj} :: water-permeable
Wassereis {n} :: ice pop, popsicle, ice lolly
Wassereis {n} :: frozen water
Wasserenthärtung {f} :: water softening
wasserentziehend {adj} :: dehydrating, desiccating
Wasserfahrzeug {n} :: watercraft
Wasserfall {m} :: waterfall
Wasserfarbe {f} :: watercolour, watercolor
Wasserfaß {m} :: alternative spelling of Wasserfass
wasserfest {adj} :: waterproof, water-resistant
Wasserfilterkartusche {f} :: water filtration cartridge
Wasserflasche {f} :: water bottle
Wasserflugzeug {n} :: seaplane
wasserfrei {adj} :: anhydrous
wasserfrei {adj} :: water-free
Wassergas {n} :: water gas
Wassergehalt {m} :: water content
wassergekühlt {adj} :: water-cooled
Wasserglas {n} :: tumbler (drinking glass)
Wasserglas {n} :: water glass
Wassergraben {m} :: moat
Wassergüte {f} :: water quality
Wasserhahn {m} :: tap, faucet (plumbing fitting), water tap
Wasserhärte {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: water hardness
Wasserhund {m} :: water dog
Wasserhündchen {n} :: diminutive of Wasserhund
Wasserhyazinthe {f} :: water hyacinth
wässerig {adj} :: watery
wässeriger {adj} :: comparative of wässerig
wässerigsten {adj} :: superlative of wässerig
Wasser ins Meer tragen {v} :: to carry coals to Newcastle; to bring owls to Athens (do some redundant and pointless)
Wasserkanister {m} :: water jerrycan
Wasserkanister {m} :: water can
Wasserkessel {m} :: kettle, teakettle
Wasserklosett {n} :: water closet
Wasserkocher {m} [cooking] :: electric kettle
Wasserkocher {m} [cooking] :: electric water boiler
Wasserkopf {m} :: hydrocephalus
Wasserkraft {f} :: hydropower, waterpower
Wasserkraftwerk {n} :: hydroelectric power station
Wasserkreislauf {m} :: water cycle
Wasserkühlung {f} :: water cooling
Wasserlauf {m} :: watercourse
Wasserläufer {m} [ornithology] :: sandpiper (any of various wading birds, especially in the genus Tringa)
Wasserläufer {m} [entomology] :: water strider (any of various pleustonic predatory insects of the family Gerridae)
Wasserleitung {f} :: water conduit
Wasserleitung {f} [plumbing] :: water pipe
Wasserlinie {f} :: water line
Wasserloch {n} :: waterhole
wasserlöslich {adj} :: water-soluble
Wasserlöslichkeit {f} :: solubility in water
Wassermann {m} [zodiac constellations, astrology] :: Aquarius, Aquarian
Wassermelone {f} :: watermelon
Wassermolekül {n} :: water molecule
Wassermühle {f} :: water mill
wassern {vi} [auxiliary verb: sein, aviation] :: To land on water
wässern {v} :: [add water or fill with water] to water
Wasserorganismus {m} [biology] :: aquatic organism
Wasserpfeife {f} :: water pipe
Wasserpfeife {f} :: bong
Wasserpfeife {f} :: hookah
Wasserpflanze {f} [botany] :: aquatic plant, hydrophyte, macrophyte (plant that lives in or requires an abundance of water)
Wasserpolacke {m} [derogatory] :: A (male) Pole from Silesia, particularly Upper Silesia
Wasser predigen und Wein trinken {v} [idiomatic] :: to not practice what one preaches
Wasserquelle {f} :: A source of water, a spring of water
Wasserrad {n} :: waterwheel
Wasserrahmenrichtlinie {f} :: Water framework directive
Wasserralle {f} :: water rail
wasserreich {adj} :: watery (water-rich)
Wasserreinigung {f} :: water purification
Wasserrohr {n} :: water pipe
Wassersäule {f} [hydrology, physics] :: water column
Wasserscheide {f} [geography] :: watershed
wasserscheu {adj} :: afraid of water, water-shy, aquaphobic
Wasserscheu {f} :: hydrophobia
Wasserschlange {f} :: water snake
Wasserschlange {prop} {f} :: Hydra (constellation)
Wasserski {m} [uncountable] :: water skiing (the sport of skiing on water)
Wasserski {m} :: water ski (type of ski used for skiing on water)
Wasserskorpion {m} :: water scorpion, (Nepa cinerea, Syn. Nepa rubra)
Wasserspeier {m} :: gargoyle, waterspout
Wasserspiegel {m} :: water level
Wasserspiel {n} :: water feature
Wasserspinne {f} :: water spider, diving bell spider
Wasserstand {m} :: waterline
Wasserstoff {m} :: hydrogen; the lightest and most common element in the universe with the atomic number 1
wasserstoffähnlich {adj} [physics] :: hydrogen-like
Wasserstoffantrieb {m} :: hydrogen propulsion (especially of cars)
Wasserstoffatmosphäre {f} :: hydrogen atmosphere
Wasserstoffatom {n} :: hydrogen atom
Wasserstoffaufnahme {f} :: hydrogen absorption
Wasserstoffbildung {f} [chemistry] :: hydrogen formation
Wasserstoffbombe {f} :: hydrogen bomb
Wasserstoffbrennen {n} :: hydrogen burning
Wasserstoffbrücke {f} [chemistry] :: hydrogen bond
Wasserstoffbrückenbindung {f} [chemistry] :: hydrogen bonding
Wasserstofffahrzeug {n} :: hydrogen-powered vehicle
Wasserstofffusion {f} [physics] :: hydrogen fusion
Wasserstoffgas {n} :: hydrogen gas
wasserstoffhaltig {adj} :: hydrogenous
Wasserstoffion {n} :: hydrogen ion
Wasserstoffisotop {n} :: hydrogen isotope
Wasserstoffkern {m} :: hydrogen nucleus, proton
Wasserstofflinie {f} :: hydrogen line
Wasserstoffmolekül {n} :: hydrogen molecule
Wasserstoffoxid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: hydrogen oxide
Wasserstoffperoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: hydrogen peroxide
Wasserstoffsäure {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: hydracid
Wasserstoffspender {m} [chemistry] :: hydrogen (or proton) donor
Wasserstoffsuperoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: hydrogen peroxide
Wasserstoffverbindung {f} :: hydrogen compound
Wasserstoffversprödung {f} :: hydrogen embrittlement
Wasserstoffwirtschaft {f} :: hydrogen economy
Wasserströmung {f} :: current / stream of water
Wassersucht {f} :: dropsy
Wassertemperatur {f} :: water temperature
Wassertiefe {f} :: water depth
Wassertreter {m} [ornithology] :: phalarope (bird in the genus Phalaropus)
Wassertropfen {m} :: waterdrop
Wasserturm {m} :: water tower
Wasseruhr {f} :: water meter (device used to measure the volume of water usage)
Wasseruhr {f} :: water clock, clepsydra (device for measuring time by letting water flow out of a container)
wasserundurchlässig {adj} :: waterproof
Wasserung {f} [aviation] :: landing on water
wasserunlöslich {adj} :: insoluble in water
Wasserunlöslichkeit {f} :: insolubility in water
Wasservogel {m} :: waterfowl
Wasservorkommen {n} :: water resource(s)
Wasserwaage {f} :: spirit level
Wasserwanze {f} :: water bug (insect infraorder Nepomorpha)
Wasserweg {m} :: waterway
Wasserwerfer {m} [chiefly law enforcement] :: water cannon
Wasserwerk {n} :: waterworks
Wasserzähler {m} :: water meter (device used to measure the volume of water usage)
Wasserzeichen {n} :: watermark
was Sie nicht sagen {interj} [idiomatic] :: you don't say
wässrig {adj} :: aqueous
wässrig {adj} :: watery
wässrig {adj} :: rheumy (eyes)
wässriger {adj} :: comparative of wässrig
wässrigsten {adj} :: superlative of wässrig
was zum Geier {phrase} :: what the hell
was zum Kuckuck {noun} [idiomatic] :: what the heck
was zum Teufel {phrase} :: what the Devil, what the fuck
wat {pron} [colloquial, regional] :: alternative form of was
waten {v} :: to wade
Waterloo {prop} {n} :: Waterloo (village in Belgium)
Waterloo {n} :: a decisive defeat; a Waterloo
Watremez {prop} {mf} :: surname
watscheln {v} :: to waddle
Watt {n} :: foreshore
Watt {n} :: watt (unit of power named after James Watt)
Watte {f} :: cotton wool
Wattebällchen {n} [cosmetics, medicine] :: cotton ball
Watten {n} [card games] :: A card game for four people, played in Bavaria, Austria, South Tyrol and Switzerland
Wattenberg {prop} {n} :: Wattenberg (municipality)
Wattenmeer {n} :: mudflat, tidal flat
Wattenmeer {n} :: Wadden Sea [along the North Sea coast]
Wattens {prop} {n} :: Wattens (municipality)
Wattestäbchen {n} :: cotton swab
wattig {adj} :: cotton wool
Watvogel {m} :: a wading bird
wau {interj} :: woof (sound of a dog)
Wavellit {m} [mineral] :: wavellite
wayne {interj} [youth slang] :: who cares
WBF {f} [financing] :: initialism of Wohnbauförderung (financing of the state for building a house)
WC {n} :: WC (water closet)
Wdh. {noun} :: abbreviation of Wiederholung
WDR {prop} :: initialism of Westdeutscher Rundfunk (Köln)
WE {noun} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Wohneinheit
WE {noun} :: abbreviation of Wochenende
Web {prop} {n} [Internet] :: the Web; the World Wide Web
weben {v} :: to weave
weben {v} :: to intertwine (to twine together)
Weber {m} :: agent noun of weben; weaver, someone who weaves
Weber {prop} :: surname
Weber {n} :: weber
Weberin {f} :: A female weaver, someone who weaves
Weberknecht {m} [arachnid] :: harvestman
WebHook {m} [Web development] :: webhook
Webinar {n} [education] :: webinar
Webkonferenz {f} :: web conference
Weblink {m} :: A hyperlink
Webseite {f} :: web page
Website {f} :: web site
Webstuhl {m} :: loom (for weaving)
webweit {adj} :: web-wide, Internet-wide
Wechsel {m} :: change
Wechsel {m} [finance] :: bill of exchange
Wechselbalg {m} [mythology] :: changeling (an infant that was secretly exchanged for a mother's own baby by an evil creature)
Wechselbalg {m} :: [dated] child born out of wedlock
Wechselgeld {n} :: change (small denominations of money given in exchange for a larger denomination)
wechselgewirkt {v} :: past participle of wechselwirken
wechselhaft {adj} :: changeable, variable
wechselhaft {adj} :: fickle
wechselhaft {adj} :: unstable (of weather)
Wechseljahre {np} :: menopause, change of life
Wechselkurs {m} :: exchange rate
wechseln {v} :: change, exchange
wechselnd {adj} :: alternating
wechselnd {adj} :: shifting
Wechselpräposition {f} [grammar] :: A preposition that can be construed with more than one grammatical case, with the sense depending on this choice of case
Wechselrichter {m} [electronics] :: inverter
wechselseitig {adj} :: mutual
Wechselseitiger Ausschluss {m} [programming] :: synonym of Mutex
Wechselspiel {n} :: interplay
Wechselstrom {m} :: alternating current
Wechselstube {f} :: bureau de change
wechseltönig {adj} [music, of aerophones] :: bisonoric, producing different tones depending on whether the instrument is being expanded or compressed
wechselvoll {adj} :: changeable, varied, checkered
Wechselvordruck {m} :: billing form, bill form
wechselwirken {v} :: To interact
Wechselwirkung {f} :: interaction
Wechselwirkungsenergie {f} [chemistry] :: interaction energy
Weck {m} [Southern Germany] :: bread roll
wecken {vt} :: to wake, to wake up
Wecken {m} [Southern Germany, Austria] :: an oblong wheat roll
Wecken {m} [Austria] :: oblong wheat bread
Wecker {m} :: alarm clock
Wecker {m} :: person with the duty of waking one up at a certain time
Wecker {prop} {mf} :: surname
Weckruf {m} :: wake-up call
Wedel {m} :: whisk
Wedel {m} :: duster
Wedel {m} [botany] :: frond
Wedel {prop} {n} :: Wedel (municipality)
wedeln {v} :: to waggle, to wag
Wedepohl {prop} :: surname
weder {conj} :: neither (only with noch)
weder Fisch noch Fleisch {idiom} [idiomatic] :: neither fish nor fowl (literally: neither fish nor meat)
weder Hand noch Fuß haben {v} [idiom] :: negative of Hand und Fuß haben; to make no sense
wedisch {adj} :: alternative form of vedisch
Weed {n} [slang] :: weed, marijuana
Weer {prop} {n} :: Weer (municipality)
Weerberg {prop} {n} :: Weerberg (municipality)
weg- {prefix} :: away
weg {adj} :: away
weg {adj} :: gone, not there
weg {adj} [now, rare] :: minus
weg {adj} [regional, Westphalia] :: from
weg {adj} [colloquial] :: unconscious; passed out
weg {adj} [colloquial] :: hammered; so drunk as being close to unconsciousness
weg {adv} :: away
Weg {m} :: way
Weg {m} :: path
Wega {prop} {f} [star] :: Vega
wegbefördern {vt} :: to move something away or out of the way
wegbefördern {vt} [colloquial pun] :: to promote someone in order to remove them from a particular position
wegbegeben {vr} :: to leave
Wegbereiter {m} :: pioneer
Wegbereiterin {f} :: feminine noun of Wegbereiter
wegbleiben {v} :: stay away
wegblicken {v} :: to look away
wegbrechen {v} :: to break off
wegbringen {vt} :: to move away, to take away
wegbringen {vt} :: to get rid of
wegbringen {vt} :: to see off
wegdämmern {v} :: to doze off
wegdenken {vt} :: to imagine a situation without
wegdrängen {vt} :: To edge away, to edge off
Wegelagerer {m} :: highwayman
wegen {prep} :: for, because of
Wegerich {m} :: plantain (plant of the genus Plantago)
wegfahren {v} :: to drive away, to drive off
Wegfall {m} :: omission
Wegfall {m} :: discontinuation, lapse
wegfallen {v} :: to fall away, disappear
wegfegen {vt} :: to sweep away
wegfliegen {vi} :: To fly away
wegfliegen {vt} :: To drive something away through the air
wegführen {vt} :: to carry away
Weggabelung {f} :: fork [i.e. in a road/path]
Weggang {m} :: departure
Wegge {m} [Swiss] :: loaf, roll
weggeben {v} :: to give away
weggeben {v} [Austria, rare] :: to take away
weggefahren {v} :: past participle of wegfahren
Weggefährte {m} :: travel companion
weggeflogen {v} :: past participle of wegfliegen
weggegangen {v} :: past participle of weggehen
weggehen {v} :: to go away, leave, scram
weggejagt {v} :: past participle of wegjagen
weggelassen {v} :: past participle of weglassen
weggelassen {adj} :: omitted
weggelaufen {v} :: past participle of weglaufen
weggelegt {v} :: past participle of weglegen
weggeworfen {v} :: past participle of wegwerfen
weghören {v} :: to deliberately not listen
wegjagen {v} :: to chase away, to chase off, to drive away
wegkommen {v} :: to get away, to come out/off (eg well/poorly)
Weglänge {f} :: pathlength
weglassen {v} :: to omit
weglaufen {v} :: to run away
weglegen {v} :: to put away, to lay aside
wegmachen {v} [slightly, colloquial] :: to remove (e.g. a stain)
wegmachen {vr} [colloquial] :: to go away; to bugger off
Wegnahme {f} :: removal
wegnehmen {v} :: to take away
wegpusten {v} :: to blow away
wegräumen {v} :: to put away
wegreißen {v} :: to tear away
wegrennen {v} :: to bolt, to run, to run away
wegsam {adj} :: passable, accessible
wegschaffen {v} :: to take away
wegschauen {v} :: to look away
wegschauen {v} :: to look the other way, to turn a blind eye
wegschicken {v} :: to send away
wegschieben {v} :: to push away
wegschießen {v} :: to shoot off
wegschmeißen {v} :: to ditch, to junk
wegschütten {v} :: to pour away
wegschwimmen {v} :: to swim away
wegsperren {v} :: to lock away
wegspülen {v} :: to wash away
wegstehlen {vr} :: to slip away
wegsterben {v} :: to die
wegtolerieren {v} [colloquial] :: to disregard, overlook (in a manner of tolerance as far as ignorance)
wegtragen {v} :: to carry away
wegtreiben {vt} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to drive away
wegtreiben {vt} [auxiliary: “sein”] :: to drift away
wegtreten {vi} [military, auxiliary: "sein"] :: to dismiss
wegtreten {vi} [auxiliary: "sein"] :: to step aside
wegtreten {vt} [auxiliary: "haben"] :: to kick
wegwaschen {v} :: to wash away
wegweisen {v} :: to send away, show out
wegweisend {adj} :: pointing the way (ahead), pioneering, pathbreaking
Wegweiser {m} :: signpost
Wegweisung {f} [Swiss] :: deportation, expulsion
wegwenden {vr} [possibly] :: to turn away [e.g. one's head]
wegwerf- {prefix} :: disposable
Wegwerfbehälter {m} :: disposable container
Wegwerfbesteck {n} :: disposable (plastic) cutlery
wegwerfen {v} :: to throw away
Wegwerffeuerzeug {n} :: disposable lighter
Wegwerfflasche {f} :: disposable bottle
Wegwerfgeschirr {n} :: disposable tableware
Wegwerfgesellschaft {f} :: throw-away society
Wegwerfglas {n} :: disposable glass
Wegwerfpackung {f} :: disposable (food) container
Wegwerfrasierer {m} :: disposable razor
Wegwerfspritze {f} :: disposable syringe
Wegwerfverpackung {f} :: disposable (food) container
wegwischen {v} :: to wipe away
wegwollen {v} :: to want to leave
Wegzehrung {f} :: provisions for the road
wegziehen {vt} :: to pull away (jedem from someone)
wegziehen {vi} :: to move, move away (von from)
wegziehen {vi} :: to migrate (of birds)
weh {adj} :: sore, painful
weh {interj} :: alas! woe!
Weh {n} :: psychological suffering; misery, woe
Weh {n} [less commonly] :: physical suffering, pain
wehe {interj} :: woe to; don't you dare
Wehe {f} [medicine] :: labour pain, contraction
wehen {v} :: to blow (wind)
wehklagen {v} :: to wail
wehleidig {adj} :: over-sensitive [to pain]; sorry for oneself, whining
weh mir {interj} :: woe is me
Wehmut {f} :: melancholia, nostalgia, wistfulness (yearning for the past, homesickness)
wehmütig {adj} :: wistful, nostalgic (experiencing a sad or bitter-sweet feeling at the memory of something from the past, or at the thought about the nature of life, often momentarily)
Wehmutter {f} [dated] :: midwife
Wehr {f} [archaic, except in compounds and idioms] :: resistance; defence; also in the sense of defenders; guard
Wehr {f} [colloquial, regional] :: short for Feuerwehr
Wehr {n} :: weir
Wehr {n} :: barrage
Wehrdienst {m} :: (mandatory) military service
wehrdiensttauglich {adj} :: fit for military service
wehrdienstuntauglich {adj} :: unfit for military service
Wehrdienstverweigerer {m} :: conscientious objector, conshie
wehren {v} :: to fight
wehren {vr} :: to defend
wehrfähig {adj} :: fit for military service
wehrfähig {adj} :: weapons-grade
wehrhaft {adj} :: well defended
Wehrhaftigkeit {f} :: defensive ability
wehrig {adj} :: busy, bustling; restless
wehrlos {adj} :: defenseless
Wehrlosigkeit {f} :: defenselessness
Wehrmacht {f} :: armed forces
Wehrmacht {f} [historical] :: Wehrmacht
Wehrmann {m} [plural "Wehrmänner" or "Wehrleute"] :: firefighter
Wehrmann {m} [plural "Wehrmänner", Austria, Swiss] :: soldier
Wehrpflicht {f} [military] :: conscription
wehrpflichtig {adj} :: liable to military service
weh tun {v} :: alternative form of wehtun
wehtun {v} [with dative] :: to hurt
wehtun {v} :: to hurt (to be painful)
Weib {n} [nowadays often pejorative] :: woman, broad
Weib {n} [archaic] :: woman, wife
Weibchen {n} :: diminutive of Weib
Weibchen {n} :: female [of an animal]
Weibel {m} [archaic, outside, Switzerland] :: usher
weibeln {v} [archaic] :: to alternate; to move to and fro
weibeln {v} [Switzerland] :: to campaign
Weiberfastnacht {f} :: A holiday celebrated mostly in the Rhineland on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday. Originally a special day for women’s carnival, but now celebrated by both sexes as the beginning of the six-day peak of the carnival season. Remnants of the original purpose are that women are allowed to cut off men's ties and to kiss (on the cheek) whomever they want
Weibern {prop} {n} :: Weibern (municipality)
Weibern {prop} {n} :: Weibern (municipality)
weibisch {adj} :: effeminate
weibischer {adj} :: comparative of weibisch
weibischsten {adj} :: superlative of weibisch
weibl. {adj} :: abbreviation of weiblich
Weiblein {n} :: diminutive of Weib
weiblich {adj} :: female
weiblich {adj} [grammar] :: feminine
weiblich {adj} :: feminine, womanly
weiblicher {adj} :: comparative of weiblich
Weiblichkeit {f} :: femininity, womanliness
weiblichsten {adj} :: superlative of weiblich
Weibsbild {n} [derogatory] :: woman, female
Weibsperson {f} :: woman
weich {adj} :: soft
Weichbild {n} :: city area
Weiche {f} :: railway switch
Weiche {f} :: softness
Weichei {n} [pejorative, slang] :: softy, wimp
weichen {vi} :: to wane
weichen {vit} [with dative or vor] :: to yield
weichen {v} :: to soak
Weichenstörung {f} [railroads] :: points failure
weicher {adj} :: comparative of weich
weicher Trennstrich {m} :: soft hyphen, optional hyphen, discretionary hyphen
weiches Trennzeichen {n} :: soft hyphen, optional hyphen, discretionary hyphen
Weichheit {f} :: silkiness, softness, gentleness
Weichheitszeichen {n} :: soft sign, the Russian sign ь
weichherzig {adj} :: tenderhearted
Weichholz {n} :: softwood
Weichkäse {m} :: soft cheese
Weichlot {n} :: soft solder
Weichmacher {m} :: plasticizer
Weichmacher {m} :: softener
weichmagnetisch {adj} :: soft magnetic
Weichsel {prop} {f} :: Vistula (a river, now entirely in Poland, formerly partly in German Prussia)
Weichsel {f} [as a simplex archaic or dialectal, Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland] :: sour cherry (fruit of the sour cherry tree)
Weichselbaum {prop} {n} :: surname
Weichselbaum {prop} {n} :: Weichselbaum (municipality)
Weichselmetropole {f} :: metropolis on the Vistula [a reference to Warsaw or Cracow]
Weichselstadt {prop} [uncommon, possibly nonstandard] :: alternative form of Weichselstädt
Weichselstadt {f} :: city on the Vistula [e.g. Cracow, Thorn/Torun or any of numerous others]
weichspülen {v} :: to use fabric softener
weichspülen {v} [figurative] :: to gloss over
Weichspüler {m} :: fabric softener
weichsten {adj} :: superlative of weich
Weichteile {p} [anatomy] :: soft tissue
Weichteile {p} [colloquial] :: private parts
Weichtier {n} :: mollusc
Weide {f} :: pasture
Weide {f} :: willow
weiden {v} :: to browse, to graze
Weiden {prop} {n} :: Weiden (city)
Weidenbaum {m} :: literal translation: willow tree
Weiden in der Oberpfalz {prop} :: Weiden in der Oberpfalz (independent city)
Weidevieh {n} :: grazing cattle
weidlich {adj} :: hearty
Weidmann {m} :: hunter
weidwund {adj} :: smitten
weigern {vr} :: to refuse
Weihe {f} :: consecration, any act or procession of making a thing or situation holy
Weihe {f} [Christianity, in particular] :: ordination (Catholic and Orthodox sacrament)
Weihe {f} :: harrier (bird of prey)
weihen {v} [chiefly religion] :: to consecrate
weihen {v} [Christianity, in particular] :: to ordain (a priest)
Weiher {m} :: pond
Weihnacht {f} [literary, poetic] :: alternative form of Weihnachten
weihnachten {v} [impersonal] :: To be nearly Christmas; to have a Christmassy atmosphere
Weihnachten {p} :: Christmas
weihnachtlich {adj} :: of or pertaining to Christmas
Weihnachtsabend {m} :: Christmas Eve
Weihnachtsbäckerei {f} [uncountable] :: Christmastime baking (time of year in which one bakes Christmas baked goods)
Weihnachtsbäckerei {f} [Austria, regionally outside Austria] :: Christmas baked good
Weihnachtsbaum {m} :: Christmas tree
Weihnachtsbaumkerze {f} :: Christmas tree candles
Weihnachtsbaumkugel {f} :: A bauble, shiny spherical decoration, commonly used for Christmas decorations, especially Christmas trees
Weihnachtsengel {m} :: figurine of an angel, used as decoration at Christmastime
Weihnachtsgans {f} :: Christmas goose [roasted goose traditionally eaten at Christmas]
Weihnachtsgebäck {m} :: Christmas cookies, Christmas biscuits
Weihnachtsgedicht {n} :: Christmas poem
Weihnachtsgeschenk {n} :: Christmas present
Weihnachtsinsel {prop} {f} :: Christmas Island
Weihnachtskerzchen {n} :: diminutive of Weihnachtskerze
Weihnachtskerze {f} [Christianity] :: Christmas candle
Weihnachtskerzlein {n} :: diminutive of Weihnachtskerze
Weihnachtskugel {f} :: A bauble, shiny spherical decoration, commonly used for Christmas decorations, especially Christmas trees
Weihnachtslied {n} :: Christmas carol
Weihnachtsmann {m} :: Santa Claus, Father Christmas
Weihnachtsmarkt {m} :: Christmas market
Weihnachtsstern {m} [religion] :: Christmas star, Star of Bethlehem
Weihnachtsstern {m} [decoration] :: Advent star, Christmas star, Froebel star
Weihnachtsstern {m} [botany] :: poinsettia, Christmas flower
Weihnachtstag {m} :: one of the Twelve Days of Christmas
Weihnachtstag {m} [Austria] :: Christmas Day
Weihnachtszeit {f} :: Christmas season, Christmastime, Yuletide (The period from Advent Sunday through the end of the year; specifically the days before and after Christmas. In some regions, this period is extended through Epiphany.)
Weihrauch {m} :: frankincense
Weihwasser {n} [Christianity] :: holy water
Weikendorf {prop} {n} :: Weikendorf (municipality)
weil {conj} :: because, given that
weiland {adv} [archaic or humorous] :: once, in old times
Weilbach {prop} {n} :: Weilbach (municipality)
Weilbach {prop} {n} :: Weilbach (municipality)
Weilchen {n} :: diminutive of Weile
Weile {f} :: while
weilen {vi} :: To be, be present somewhere
weilen {vi} :: (= verweilen) To linger, spend time (in some temporary manner) at some place, with someone, or in some state
Weiler {m} :: hamlet
Weiler {prop} {n} :: Weiler (municipality)
Weimar {prop} {n} :: Weimar
Weimarer Republik {prop} {f} :: the Weimar Republic
weimern {v} :: alternative form of wimmern
Wein {m} :: wine
Weinbau {m} :: winemaking, viniculture, viticulture
Weinbeere {f} [archaic or regional] :: grape (fruit)
Weinberg {m} :: vineyard
Weinbergschnecke {f} :: apple snail, escargot (edible snail from the genus Helix)
Weinbrand {m} :: brandy (drink made from distilled wine)
Weinburg {prop} {n} :: Weinburg (municipality)
Weinburg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Alsace
weinen {v} :: to weep, cry
weinerlich {adj} :: tearful, weepy, about to - or with a tendency to shed tears
weinfarben {adj} :: wine-coloured
weinfarbig {adj} :: wine-coloured
Weinfass {n} :: wine barrel / cask
Weinfaß {m} :: alternative spelling of Weinfass
Weinflasche {f} :: wine bottle
weinfroh {adj} :: tipsy (happy as a result of drinking wine)
weinfröhlich {adj} :: tipsy (happy as a result of drinking wine)
Weingarten {m} :: vineyard
Weingeist {m} :: ethanol, alcohol
weingelb {adj} :: Having a pale yellowish colour (as of some German wine)
Weinglas {n} :: wine glass
Weingraben {prop} {n} :: Weingraben (municipality)
Weingummi {n} {m} :: wine gum
Weinhähnchen {n} :: Italian tree cricket
weinhaltig {adj} :: winey (made from wine)
Weinhaus {n} :: wine house, a place where wine is served
Weinheim {prop} {n} :: Weinheim (town)
Weinherstellung {f} :: winemaking
Weinitzen {prop} {n} :: Weinitzen (municipality)
Weinjahr {n} :: vintage
Weinkarte {f} :: wine list
Weinkeller {m} :: wine cellar
Weinkrampf {m} :: crying fit
Weinkunde {f} :: oenology
Weinkunde {f} [broad sense] :: the study of wine in general (including cultivation, production, marketing, gastronomy, history, etc.)
Weinkunde {f} [narrower sense] :: the knowledge of wine that is relevant to cooks, waiters, and consumers (e.g. brands, tasting, gastronomic rules)
Weinlese {f} :: vintage, the harvesting of wine / grapes
Weinrebe {f} :: grapevine
weinrot {adj} :: burgundy, claret, reddish maroon (having the colour of red wine)
weinsauer {adj} :: tartaric (containing tartaric acid or tartrates)
Weinsäure {f} [organic compound] :: tartaric acid
weinselig {adj} :: tipsy (happy as a result of drinking wine)
Weinstein {prop} {mf} :: surname
Weinstock {m} :: grapevine
Weinstube {f} :: wine bar
Weintraub {prop} {mf} :: surname
Weintraube {f} :: grape
Weintraube {f} :: bunch of grapes
Weinwissenschaft {f} :: oenology; the study of wine in general (including cultivation, production, marketing, gastronomy, history, etc.)
weis {adv} :: alternative form of weise
-weise {suffix} :: Used to form an adverb from a noun
-weise {suffix} :: Used to form an adverb from an adjective or participle together with the interfix -er-
weise {adj} :: wise
Weise {f} :: way, manner
Weise {f} [music] :: tune
Weise {f} [grammar] :: mode/mood (of verbs)
Weise {f} [archaic, poetic] :: a song that tells a story
Weise {f} :: feminine noun of Weiser
Weisel {mf} :: queen bee
Weisel {mf} :: queen ant
weisen {vi} [rare] :: to point
weisen {vt} :: to indicate; to show
Weiser {m} :: sage
weisgemacht {v} :: past participle of weismachen
weisgesagt {v} [obsolete] :: past participle of weissagen
Weishaupt {prop} {mf} :: surname
Weisheit {f} [uncountable] :: wisdom
Weisheit {f} :: insight
Weisheit {f} :: wise saying, wise words
Weisheitszahn {m} :: wisdom tooth (rearmost molar in humans)
weismachen {v} [with dative] :: make believe
weiss {adj} :: alternative spelling of weiß
Weiss {n} :: alternative spelling of Weiß
weiß {adj} :: white
Weiß {n} :: white, whiteness
Weiß {n} :: powder, face powder
Weiß {prop} :: surname
weissagen {v} :: to predict, prophesy
Weissager {m} :: soothsayer, seer (male or of unspecified sex)
Weissagung {f} :: prophecy
Weißarsenik {n} :: white arsenic (arsenic trioxide)
Weißbart-Ameisenwürger {m} :: white-bearded antshrike
Weißbier {n} :: weissbier (Bavarian beer made from wheat)
Weißbier {n} [dated or specialist] :: one of a variety of other beers, such as Berliner Weiße
Weißbinder {m} [Austria] :: cooper
Weißbinder {m} [regional] :: painter (of houses, etc.)
Weißbinderin {f} [Austria] :: (female) cooper
Weißbinderin {f} [regional] :: (female) painter (of houses, etc.)
Weißblech {n} :: tinplate
Weissbrot {n} :: alternative spelling of Weißbrot
Weißbrot {n} :: white bread
Weißbrust-Ameisenwürger {m} :: great antshrike
Weißbuch {n} :: white paper
Weißbüschelaffe {m} :: common marmoset, Callithrix jacchus, a New World monkey
weiß der Geier {phrase} :: God knows, no one knows
Weißdorn {m} :: hawthorn (type of shrub)
Weiße {f} :: white (female) (woman/girl, female Caucasian person)
Weiße {f} :: one of a variety of beers, including the Bavarian weissbier, but especially the one called Berliner Weiße
Weiße {f} :: whiteness
Weiße {m} [obsolete or dialectal] :: alternative form of Weizen
weißen {v} :: to whiten
Weißer {m} :: white person (Caucasian person) (male or of unspecified sex)
Weißer {m} [regional] :: painter
Weißer Zwerg {m} [astronomy] :: white dwarf
Weißes Haus {prop} {n} :: White House (especially the official residence of the US President; presidency, administration and executive)
weißfeldrig {adj} [chess] :: light-square, pertaining to or situated on a light square
Weißflügelpinguin {m} :: white-flippered penguin
Weißgerbung {f} :: tanning (with alum)
weißgesagt {v} :: past participle of weißsagen
weißglänzend {adj} :: glossy-white
weissglühend {adj} :: alternative spelling of weißglühend
weißglühend {adj} :: white-hot
weißglühend {adj} :: glowing white
weißglühend {adj} :: incandescent
weißglühender {adj} :: comparative of weißglühend
weißglühendsten {adj} :: superlative of weißglühend
Weißglut {f} :: incandescence (white heat)
Weißglut {f} [colloquial] :: fury; violent anger
Weißgold {n} :: white gold
weißgolden {adj} :: whitish and golden
Weißgoldring {m} :: white gold ring
weißgrau {adj} :: whitish gray (a very bright shade of gray)
Weißgrau {n} :: whitish gray (a very bright shade of gray)
weißhaarig {adj} :: white-haired
Weißkohl {m} :: cabbage, white cabbage
Weißkopfseeadler {m} :: American eagle, bald eagle
weißlich {adj} :: whitish
Weißmetall {n} :: white metal
Weißmündige Bänderschnecke {f} :: white lipped snail
Weißmuskelkrankheit {f} [pathology] :: white muscle disease
Weißnäherin {f} :: seamstress
Weißpigment {n} :: white pigment
Weißpriach {prop} {n} :: Weißpriach (municipality)
Weißpunktbuntbarsch {m} :: alternative form of Weißpunkt-Buntbarsch
Weißpunkt-Buntbarsch {m} :: white spotted cichlid, Tropheus duboisi
Weißrost {m} :: white rust
Weißrusse {m} :: Belarusian (person)
Weißrussin {f} :: a female Belarusian
weißrussisch {adj} :: Belarusian
Weißrussisch {prop} {n} :: Belarusian language
Weissrussland {prop} {n} :: alternative spelling of Weiß
Weißrussland {prop} {n} :: Weißrussland (country)
Weißrußland {prop} {n} :: obsolete spelling of Weißrussland
weißsagen {v} :: obsolete spelling of weissagen
Weissstorch {m} :: alternative spelling of Weißstorch
Weißstorch {m} :: white stork [Ciconia ciconia]
Weißtanne {f} :: silver fir, European silver fir, Abies alba (large evergreen coniferous tree)
weißte {contraction} :: contraction of weißt du
Weißwein {m} [beverage] :: white wine (light-coloured wine (usually yellow with a hint of green))
Weisswurst {f} [Swiss] :: weisswurst ("white sausage"); synonym of Weißwurst
Weißwurst {f} :: weisswurst ("white sausage"); a traditional Bavarian sausage made from veal and pork bacon
Weißwurstäquator {m} [humorous] :: The perceived cultural border between Bavaria and the rest of Germany
Weisthum {n} :: obsolete spelling of Weistum
Weistrach {prop} {n} :: Weistrach (municipality)
Weistum {n} [medieval law] :: legal sentence, award (chiefly regarding communities in rural areas with partially oral legal traditions)
Weistum {n} [historical legal text] :: written records on legal issues, legal customs and legal instructions (chiefly used in plural)
weisungsbefugt {adj} :: authorised to instruct
weisungsberechtigt {adj} :: authorised to instruct or to act
weit {adj} :: wide
weit {adj} :: large
weit {adv} :: far
weitab {adv} :: far away
weitab {prep} :: far away from
weitaus {adv} :: by far
Weitblick {m} :: farsightedness
Weitblick {m} :: foresight
Weite {f} :: width
Weite {f} :: distance
weiten {vr} [to become wider] :: to widen
Weiten {prop} {n} :: Weiten (municipality)
weitentlegen {adj} :: faraway
weiter- {prefix} :: A verb prefix indicating the continuation of an action; equivalent to (?) on
weiter {adj} :: comparative of weit
weiter {adv} :: comparative of weit
weiter {adv} :: further, farther, more
weiter {adv} :: on; expresses the continuation of an action
weiter {interj} :: go on
weiter {interj} :: next
weiterbestehen {v} :: to persist, linger, survive
Weiterbildung {f} :: further education
Weiterentwicklung {f} :: development
Weiterentwicklung {f} :: progression, advance
weiteressen {vi} :: to continue eating
weiterexistieren {v} :: to continue existing
weiterfahren {v} :: to continue driving
weiterführen {v} :: to continue
weitergeben {v} :: to impart (to communicate the knowledge of)
weitergeben {v} :: to pass on
weitergegangen {v} :: past participle of weitergehen
weitergegeben {v} :: past participle of weitergeben
weitergegeben {adj} :: forwarded
weitergegeben {adj} :: imparted
weitergehen {v} :: to proceed, progress, continue
weitergehen {v} :: to keep moving
weitergeholfen {v} :: past participle of weiterhelfen
weiterhelfen {v} :: to help along
weiterhin {adv} [with a verb] :: still
weiterleben {v} :: to live on, to continue to live, to survive
weiterleiten {v} :: to forward
weiterleiten {v} :: to redirect
Weiterleitung {f} :: forwarding
Weiterleitung {f} :: redirection
weitermachen {v} :: go on, keep going, continue to do something
weiterreden {vi} :: to continue speaking
weiterreisen {v} :: to continue travelling
weitersagen {v} :: to share [information by saying it], to pass on [a story, a piece of gossip, etc.]
Weitersfeld {prop} {n} :: Weitersfeld (municipality)
Weitersfelden {prop} {n} :: Weitersfelden (municipality)
weiter so {phrase} :: Keep it up
weiterstudieren {v} :: to continue one's studies
weiterverarbeitet {v} :: past participle of weiterverarbeiten
weiterverarbeitet {adj} :: processed
Weiterverarbeitung {f} :: processing
weitesten {adj} :: superlative of weit
weitgehend {adj} :: extensive
weitgehend {adv} :: to a large extent, largely, mostly, predominantly
weither {adv} :: afar
weit hergeholt {adj} :: far-fetched (rather unlikely; resting the truth of several unknowns)
weithergeholt {adj} :: alternative spelling of weit hergeholt
weithin {adv} :: widely
weithin {adv} :: largely
Weitkamp {prop} :: surname
weitläufig {adj} :: spacious, ample, expansive
weitläufig {adj} :: rambling, sprawling (larger than needed)
Weitläufigkeit {f} :: spaciousness
Weitra {prop} {n} :: Weitra (municipality)
weiträumig {adj} :: [large in expanse] spacious, roomy, ample
weitreichend {adj} :: far-reaching
weitreichender {adj} :: comparative of weitreichend
weitreichendsten {adj} :: superlative of weitreichend
weitschweifig {adj} :: verbose, wordy, prolix
Weitsicht {f} :: foresight
weitsichtig {adj} [anatomy or figuratively] :: farsighted
Weitspringer {m} :: long jumper
Weitspringerin {f} :: female long jumper
Weitsprung {m} :: long jump
weit und breit {adv} :: far and wide
weitverbreitet {adj} :: widespread
Weiz {prop} {n} :: Weiz (municipality)
Weizen {m} :: wheat
Weizen {n} [colloquial] :: clipping of Weizenbier
Weizenbier {n} :: wheat beer
Weizenbrot {n} :: wheat bread
Weizenfeld {n} :: wheatfield
Weizenkeim {m} :: wheat germ
Weizenkeimöl {n} :: wheat germ oil
Weizenkorn {n} :: wheat grain
Weizenmehl {n} :: wheat flour
Weizenmischbrot {n} :: mixed wheat / rye bread
Weizenstärke {f} :: starch made of wheat; wheat starch
welche {pron} :: some
welcher {determiner} [interrogative] :: which; what
welcher {determiner} [relative, literary] :: which
welcher {pron} [interrogative] :: which (one)
welcher {pron} [relative, literary] :: that; which; who; whom
welk {adj} :: wilted, faded
welken {v} :: to wither
Wellblech {n} :: corrugated iron
Wellchen {n} :: diminutive of Welle
Welle {f} :: wave
Welle {f} :: shaft (mechanical component)
wellen {vtr} :: to wave
wellenförmig {adj} :: wavy, undulating
Wellenfunktion {f} :: wavefunction
Wellengleichung {f} [maths, physics] :: wave equation
Wellenlänge {f} :: wavelength
Wellenlängenbereich {m} :: wavelength range
Wellenleiter {m} :: waveguide
Wellenreiher {m} :: Malayan night heron
wellenreiten {v} [sports] :: to surf
Wellenreiten {n} :: surfing, literally, "wave riding"
Wellensittich {m} :: budgerigar [Melopsittacus undulatus]
Wellentheorie {f} [linguistics] :: wave model; wave theory
Welpchen {n} :: diminutive of Welpe
Welpe {m} :: puppy (male or of unspecified sex) (young dog)
Welpe {m} :: cub (male or of unspecified sex) (young of several wild animals)
Welplein {n} :: diminutive of Welpe
Wels {m} :: wels catfish, Silurus glanis
Wels {m} :: catfish, any fish of the order Siluriformes
welsch {adj} [Switzerland] :: pertaining to the Romance-speaking areas and population of Switzerland
welsch {adj} [dated, also pejorative] :: pertaining to the Romance languages and their speakers in general, particularly French and Italians
welsch {adj} [archaic] :: foreign, not native
welsch {adj} [archaic, also pejorative] :: of non-Germanic words in German; so used, for example, by purists of the 19th and early 20th century
welsch {adj} [archaic] :: pertaining to Wales or the language Welsh
Welscher {m} :: Romance language speaker
Welscher {m} [Swiss] :: French native speaker
Welschland {prop} {n} [Switzerland] :: French-speaking Switzerland; Romandy
Welschnofen {prop} {n} :: Welschnofen (municipality)
Welschschweiz {f} :: Romandy, French-speaking Switzerland
Welt {f} :: world
Weltall {n} :: cosmos
Weltall {n} :: outer space; region beyond Earth’s atmosphere
weltanschaulich {adj} :: ideological
Weltanschauung {f} :: worldview, weltanschauung, philosophy of life, ideology
Weltansicht {f} :: way of viewing the things
Weltausstellung {f} :: World Exposition, World's fair, World Fair, Universal Exposition, Expo
Weltbank {prop} {f} :: World Bank
weltbekannt {adj} :: world-famous
weltberühmt {adj} :: world-famous
Weltberühmtheit {f} [uncountable] :: worldwide fame
Weltberühmtheit {f} [countable] :: world-famous person
Weltbevölkerung {f} :: global population
Weltbild {n} :: worldview
weltbürgerlich {adj} :: cosmopolitan (all senses)
Welteninsel {f} [astronomy, rare] :: galaxy
Weltfrauentag {prop} {m} :: International Women's Day
weltfremd {adj} :: unworldly
weltfremd {adj} :: cloistered
Weltfrieden {m} :: world peace, universal peace
Weltgeist {m} :: world spirit
Weltgeschichte {f} :: world history
weltgeschichtlich {adj} :: world-historical
Weltgesundheitsorganisation {prop} {f} :: World Health Organization
weltgrößte {adj} :: largest / greatest in the world
Weltjahresförderung {f} :: world annual production
Weltjudentum {prop} {n} [pejorative, proscribed] :: a global network of influential Jews that supposedly rules the world or aims at that
Weltklima {n} :: world climate
weltklug {adj} :: sophisticated
Weltkreis {m} [formal] :: world
Weltkrieg {m} :: world war
Weltläufigkeit {f} :: urbanity, refinement
weltlich {adj} :: earthly, mundane, worldly (concerned with the human, earthly, or physical)
weltlich {adj} :: profane (not sacred or holy), secular (not specifically religious), worldly (concerned with the secular rather than the sacred)
Weltlichkeit {f} :: worldliness
Weltlichkeit {f} :: secularism
Weltmacht {f} :: world power
Weltmarkt {m} :: global market
Weltmarktpreis {m} :: world market price
Weltmeer {n} :: ocean
Weltmeister {m} :: world champion
weltmeisterlich {adj} :: world-champion
Weltmeisterschaft {f} :: World Cup
Weltmeisterschaft {f} :: World Championship
Weltmusik {f} :: world music
Weltnetz {n} :: global network, world network
Weltnetz {n} :: the Net, the Internet or World Wide Web
weltoffen {adj} :: liberal-minded
weltoffen {adj} :: cosmopolitan
Weltöffentlichkeit {f} :: world / global public
Weltordnung {f} [politics, philiosophy] :: world order
Weltpriester {m} :: a secular priest
Weltproduktion {f} :: world production (of a commodity)
Weltrangliste {f} [sports] :: world rankings
Weltraum {m} :: space (area beyond the atmosphere of planets)
Weltraumbahnhof {m} :: spaceport
Weltraumfähre {f} [space, NASA] :: space shuttle
Weltraummission {f} :: space mission
Weltraummüll {m} :: space debris, space junk
Weltraumschiff {n} :: spaceship, spacecraft
Weltraumschrott {m} :: space debris, space junk
Weltraumspaziergang {m} :: space walk
Weltraumstation {f} :: space station
Weltraumtechnik {m} :: space technology
Weltraumteleskop {n} [astronomy] :: space telescope
Weltreich {n} :: world-empire; an empire comprising a great portion of the known world
Weltreise {f} :: round-the-world trip
Weltrekord {m} [sports] :: World record
Weltruhm {m} :: worldwide fame
Weltschmerz {m} :: world-weariness; weltschmerz (profound depression regarding the human condition or the state of the world)
Weltschmerz {m} [colloquial, often jocular] :: causeless sadness; undue self-pity
Weltsprache {f} :: global language
Weltsprache {f} :: universal language
Weltstadt {f} :: metropolis, large city of international importance
weltstädtisch {adj} :: cosmopolitan
Weltuntergang {m} :: end of the world
Weltverbesserer {m} :: do-gooder
weltverloren {adj} :: lost to the world, oblivious
weltweit {adj} :: worldwide
Weltwirtschaft {f} :: world economy
Weltwirtschaftskrise {f} :: world-wide economic crisis
Weltwunder {n} :: world wonder [i.e. Wonders of the World]
Weltzeituhr {f} :: world clock
Wembley-Tor {n} [soccer] :: A ghost goal; an apparent goal in which it is not clear whether or not the ball crossed the line
Wemfall {m} [grammar] :: dative case
Wende {f} :: turn (change in temperament or circumstance)
Wende {f} :: turnaround (reversal of policy)
Wende {f} [nautical] :: tacking
Wende {f} [with definite article, historical] :: the process that opened the way to unification between the FRG and GDR to today's FRG
Wende {m} :: a member of a Slavic people from the borders of Germany and Poland; a Sorb; a Kashub
Wendehals {m} :: The Eurasian wryneck (Jynx torquilla)
Wendehals {m} :: An opportunist, a person with no principles
Wendehals {m} [political] :: A political opportunist after a regime change, particularly a communist in East Germany who switched to supporting capitalism after German reunification
Wendel {f} :: coil, spiral, helix
Wendel {f} :: bookmark
Wendelin {prop} :: given name
Wendeltreppe {f} :: spiral stairs, spiral staircase, circular stairs, helical stairs
wenden {vt} :: to turn something so as to cook or roast it from both sides
wenden {vt} [chiefly literary] :: to turn something (in general)
wenden {vt} [literary, dated] :: to avert; to curb
wenden {vi} :: to make a u-turn; to turn around one’s car or vehicle
wenden {vr} [chiefly literary] :: to turn around
wenden {vr} [with an + accusative] :: to turn to; to consult
Wenden {prop} {n} :: a town in the Sauerland of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Wendepunkt {m} :: turning point
Wendepunkt {m} [mathematics] :: inflection point
wendig {adj} :: agile
wendig {adj} :: flexible
wendisch {adj} [dated or regional] :: Sorbian; Wendish (referring to the native West Slavic-speaking population in parts of Saxony and Brandenburg)
wendisch {adj} [historical] :: referring to the Slavic tribes that settled west of the Oder (along the Elbe) or to their later linguistic remnants (outside of Sorbian areas until ca. 1700)
wendisch {adj} [archaic] :: Slavic in general
Wendling {prop} {n} :: surname
Wendling {prop} {n} :: Wendling (municipality)
Wendorf {prop} {n} :: Wendorf (municipality)
Wendung {f} [change of direction, orientation or circumstances] :: turn
Wendung {f} [grammar] :: expression, phrase
Wenfall {m} [grammar] :: accusative case
Wengen {prop} {n} :: Wengen (municipality)
wenig {adj} :: little, few (a small amount, a small number)
weniger {adj} :: less
weniger {adv} :: less
weniger {adv} [mathematics] :: minus
weniger ist mehr {proverb} :: less is more
Wenigkeit {f} :: paucity
wenigstens {adv} :: at least
Wenigzell {prop} {n} :: Wenigzell (municipality)
wenn {conj} :: when
wenn {conj} :: if (on the condition that)
Wenn {n} [colloquial] :: if
wenn das Arbeiten nur leicht wäre, tät's der Bürgermeister selber {proverb} :: "If working were easy, even the Mayor himself would engage on it"
wenn das Aug nicht sehen will, helfen weder Brillen noch Licht {proverb} :: "When the eye doesn’t want to see, neither glasses nor light will help"
wenn der Berg nicht zum Propheten kommt, muss der Prophet wohl zum Berge kommen {phrase} [idiomatic] :: If the mountain won't come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain
wenngleich {conj} :: albeit (despite its being; although)
wenn man vom Teufel spricht {phrase} :: speak of the devil
wenn man vom Teufel spricht, kommt er {phrase} [idiom] :: speak of the devil and he shall appear
wenn nicht {conj} :: unless
wenn Ostern und Pfingsten auf einen Tag fallen {adv} :: when pigs fly (never, expressed idiomatically)
wenns {contraction} :: contraction of wenn es
Wenns {prop} {n} :: Wenns (municipality)
wenn schon, denn schon {phrase} :: if we do it, then let’s do it right; in for a penny, in for a pound
wenns hoch kommt {adv} [chiefly colloquial] :: at best; at most; maximally; typically expressing that something is insufficient or inadequate
wenn überhaupt {adv} :: if at all, if ever
wenn überhaupt {adv} :: if any
Wenzel {prop} :: given name
Wenzel {prop} :: surname
Weppersdorf {prop} {n} :: Weppersdorf (municipality)
Wepse {m} :: Veps (man of Veps origin)
Wepsin {f} :: Veps (woman of Veps origin)
wepsisch {adj} :: Veps (related to the Vepses or their language)
Wepsisch {n} :: Veps (the Veps language)
wer {pron} [interrogative] :: who (what person or people)
wer {pron} [interrogative, colloquial] :: what, which (one) (see usage notes)
wer {pron} [relative] :: whoever, he who, someone who, the person who, anyone who (whatever person or persons)
wer {pron} [indefinite, colloquial] :: somebody, someone; anybody, anyone (an unspecified person)
wer alles haben will, bekommt am Ende nichts {proverb} :: "He who wants to have everything, gets nothing in the end"; One cannot like everything and give equally to everyone, therefore must take sides and choose
wer andern eine Grube gräbt, fällt selbst hinein {proverb} :: he who digs a pit for others falls in himself
wer A sagt, muss auch B sagen {proverb} :: in for a penny, in for a pound
Werbeartikel {m} :: promotional item, promotional article, promotional product
Werbebanner {m} :: banner ad, ad banner
werbefrei {adj} :: advertisement-free
werben {vt} :: to recruit; to enlist
werben {vi} [with für] :: to promote, advertise
Werber {m} [colloquial] :: advertising specialist
Werber {m} [dated] :: military recruiter
Werber {m} [Austria, officialese] :: applicant
Werbespot {m} [advertisement] :: spot, ad, commercial
werbeträchtig {adj} :: Having a great advertising effect
Werbung {f} :: promotion, solicitation, recruitment
Werbung {f} :: commercial advertisement
Werck {n} :: obsolete spelling of Werk
Werdandi {prop} {f} [Norse mythology] :: Verdandi
Werdegang {m} :: career
Werdegang {m} :: development
werden {v} [auxiliary, with an infinitive, past participle geworden] :: will; to be going (to do something); forms the future tense
werden {v} [auxiliary, with a past participle, past participle worden] :: to be done; forms the passive voice
werden {vi} [past participle geworden] :: to become; to get; to grow; to turn
Werden {n} :: becoming (coming into being)
werdend {adj} :: growing, developing, nascent
werdende Mutter {f} :: mother-to-be
wer den Schaden hat, braucht für den Spott nicht zu sorgen {proverb} :: when something bad happens to you, expect people to mock you on top of that
Werder {m} :: eyot
Werder {m} :: holm
Werder {prop} :: any of several places in Germany and elsewhere
wer dreimal durch die Prüfung fällt, bekommt ein gelbes Nummernschild {phrase} [humorous, somewhat, derogatory] :: Used to poke fun at Dutch car drivers; literally: If you fail your driving test three times, you get a yellow number plate
Werfall {m} [grammar] :: nominative case
werfen {vti} :: to throw
werfen {vt} [computing, exception handling] :: to throw
werfen {vt} :: To cast; to project
werfen {vti} :: to give birth [of some animals]
werfen {vr} :: to throw oneself (on a bed etc.)
Werfen {prop} {n} :: Werfen (municipality)
Werfenweng {prop} {n} :: Werfenweng (municipality)
Werfer {m} :: thrower
Werft {f} :: shipyard (place where ships are built and repaired)
Werg {n} :: tow
Wergeld {n} :: wergeld
wergen {adj} :: hempen
wer im Glashaus sitzt, soll nicht mit Steinen werfen {proverb} :: people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
Werk {n} :: work, achievement (the result of working)
Werk {n} :: work, piece (of art, literature, or the like)
Werk {n} :: factory, plant, works
Werk {n} [religion] :: work (morally relevant deed)
Werk {n} [archaic, except in compounds] :: labour, work (the occupation or process of working)
werkeln {v} :: to potter around, to potter about
werkeln {v} :: [Southern Germany, Austria] to be busy (particularly when doing something by hand), to work
werken {v} [colloquial or obsolete] :: to work, to work hard
Werken {n} :: handicraft(s)
Werker {m} :: Worker
Werkküche {f} [DDR] :: canteen (place to eat)
Werkstatt {f} :: workshop (room where things are manufactured)
Werkstoff {m} :: material (raw)
Werkstoffkunde {f} :: materials science
Werkstofftechnik {f} :: materials technology
Werkstube {f} :: workroom
Werkstück {n} :: workpiece
Werktag {m} :: working day (day of a week in which work is done; usually Monday to Saturday)
werktags {adv} :: on weekdays
Werkzeug {n} [countable] :: tool
Werkzeug {n} [uncountable] :: tools
Werkzeuggebrauch {m} :: tool use
Werkzeugstahl {m} :: tool steel
Wermelskirchen {prop} {n} :: Wermelskirchen (city)
wer mit dem Teufel frühstücken will, muss einen großen Löffel haben {proverb} :: "he who wants to breakfast with the devil should have a big spoon"
Wermut {m} :: vermouth
Wermut {m} :: wormwood
Werndorf {prop} {n} :: Werndorf (municipality)
Werner {prop} :: given name popular in Germany since the Middle Ages
Werner {prop} :: surname
wer nichts Gutes tut, tut schon Böses genug {proverb} :: "He who does nothing good has already done enough evil"
wer nicht wagt, der nicht gewinnt {proverb} :: nothing ventured, nothing gained
Wernicke {prop} :: surname
wer nie sein Brot im Bette aß, weiß nicht, wie Krümel piken {phrase} [idiom] :: one must experience something to understand its meaning
wer rastet, der rostet {proverb} :: you snooze, you lose: if one becomes inactive, lazy or left behind once, then one will find it all the more difficult to become active, productive or progressive again
wers {contraction} :: contraction of wer es
wer's glaubt, wird selig {phrase} :: likely story [response of disbelief]
wer sich zum Schaf macht, wird von den Wölfen gefressen {proverb} :: "He who wants to be a sheep, will be eaten by wolves"
Werst {f} [historical, often in translated Russian literature] :: verst (old Russian unit of length, roughly equivalent to a kilometre)
-wert {suffix} :: -worthy
wert {adj} [with accusative] :: worth something, worthy of something
wert {adj} [formal, with genitive] :: worthy of someone
wert {adj} [formal] :: dear
Wert {m} :: worth
Wert {m} :: value
Wertbegriff {m} :: concept of value
wertbeständig {adj} :: stable (in value)
Wertbeständigkeit {f} :: stability of value
werten {vt} :: to rate
werten {vt} [sport] :: to rate
werten {vt} [schools] :: to grade
wertfrei {adj} :: value-free
wertfrei {adj} :: nonjudgmental
Werthurtheil {?} :: obsolete spelling of Werturteil
werthvoll {adj} :: obsolete spelling of wertvoll
-wertig {suffix} [chemistry] :: valent
wertig {adj} :: high-quality
wertig {adj} :: valent
Wertigkeit {f} [chemistry] :: valence
Wertigkeit {f} [linguistics] :: valency
Wertigkeit {f} :: quality, value
Wertkonflikt {m} :: conflict of values
wertkonservativ {adj} :: Having conservative values
wertlos {adj} :: worthless
Wertpapier {n} [finance] :: security (e.g. negotiable instruments, stocks, bonds, or other financial assets.)
Wertpapierkennnummer {f} [finance] :: securities identification number
Wertrationalität {f} :: wertrationalität (rationality in accordance with moral demands instead of organizational and technical demands)
Wertschätzung {f} :: appreciation, esteem, high regard
Wertschätzung {f} :: appraisal, estimation, valuation
Wertstoff {m} :: recyclable material
Wertung {f} [sports] :: rating, score
Wertung {f} :: assessment, evaluation, grading
Werturteil {n} :: judgement of value
wertvoll {adj} :: valuable
werweissen {v} [Switzerland, Liechtenstein] :: to speculate, to guess, to take a shot in the dark; to be (still) undecided, hesitating, unsure; to ask oneself (what to do)
wer Wind sät, wird Sturm ernten {proverb} :: sow the wind, reap the whirlwind
Werwolf {m} :: werewolf
wer zuerst kommt, mahlt zuerst {proverb} :: first come, first served
wes Brot ich ess, des Lied ich sing {proverb} :: who pays the piper calls the tune
-wesen {suffix} :: area of human activity
Wesen {n} :: being
Wesen {n} :: creature
Wesen {n} :: essence, substance
Wesen {n} :: character
wesensgleich {adj} :: identical in nature
wesensgleich {adj} [theology] :: consubstantial
Wesensmerkmal {n} :: (essential) characteristic
Wesenszug {m} :: trait, characteristic
wesentlich {adj} :: significant
wesentlich {adj} :: essential
wesentlich {adj} :: principal
wesentlich {adj} :: crucial
Wesentliche {n} :: gist
Weser {prop} {f} :: Weser (river)
weserisch {adj} :: of, located by or pertaining to the river Weser
Wesfall {m} [grammar] :: genitive case
weshalb {adv} [interrogative] :: why
weshalb {adv} [relative] :: which is why
Wespe {f} :: wasp (insect)
Wespennest {n} :: wasp's nest
Wespenstachel {m} [zoology] :: a wasp's stinger
Wespentaille {f} :: a wasp waist
Wessenfall {m} [grammar] :: genitive case
wessentwegen {adv} [formal, dated] :: because of whom
Wessi {m} :: a person from West Germany, used to distinguish them from a person from East Germany
West {m} :: the west (used without article; a short form of Westen)
West {m} :: a wind coming from the west (used with article)
Westafrika {prop} {n} :: West Africa
westafrikanisch {adj} :: West African
westarmenisch {adj} :: Western Armenian (related to the Western Armenian language or to the Western part of Armenia)
Westarmenisch {n} :: Western Armenian (the Western Armenian language)
Westasien {prop} {n} :: Western Asia
westdeutsch {adj} :: western German; from or pertaining to western Germany or the people, the culture or the dialects of this region
westdeutsch {adj} :: West German; from or pertaining to West Germany (the Federal Republic of Germany, during the period from 1949 to 1990)
Westdeutschland {prop} {n} :: Western Germany
Westdeutschland {prop} {n} :: The states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Saarland
Westdeutschland {prop} {n} :: The above plus Bremen and western parts of Lower Saxony, Hesse, and Baden-Württemberg (perhaps roughly on a line from the mouth of the Elbe to Lake Constance)
Westdeutschland {prop} {n} [historical] :: West Germany, the Federal Republic of Germany in its territories between 1949 and 1990, often including West Berlin (which was not officially part of it)
Westdwina {prop} {f} [chiefly in translations of Slavic-language works or works written with an emphasis on Slavic perspectives] :: the Duna, the Daugava (river in eastern Europe)
Weste {f} :: waistcoat, vest (usually sleeveless garment worn over a shirt)
westelbisch {adj} :: on the west side of the Elbe; West Elbian
Westen {m} :: west
Westen {m} [only with definite article] :: The area of Western Germany, i.e. those territories which were never part of the GDR
Westerland {prop} :: Westerland (city in northern Germany, on the island of Sylt)
Western {m} :: western (film genre)
Westerwald {prop} {m} :: Westerwald, a low mountain range in western Germany
Westeuropa {prop} {n} :: Western Europe
westeuropäisch {adj} :: Western European
Westfalen {prop} {n} :: Westfalen (region)
westfälisch {adj} :: Westphalian
westfriesisch {adj} :: West Frisian
Westfriesisch {prop} {n} :: West Frisian (language)
westgermanisch {adj} :: West Germanic
westindische Elefantenlaus {f} :: Anacardium occidentale, cashew-nut
westindische Elephantenlaus {f} :: archaic spelling of westindische Elefantenlaus
westjiddisch {adj} :: West Yiddish
Westjordanland {prop} {n} :: West Bank (territory)
westl. {adj} :: abbreviation of westlich
Westler {m} [sporadic] :: Westerner, a person from the western world
Westler {m} [rare] :: a person from former West Germany
westlich {adj} :: west, western
Westlicher Fettschwanzmaki {m} :: fat-tailed dwarf lemur, Cheirogaleus medius
westmitteldeutsch {adj} :: West Central German (of or pertaining to the Central High German dialects of western central Germany)
westoberdeutsch {adj} :: West Upper German
westösterreichisch {adj} :: West Austrian
westrheinisch {adj} :: on the west (thus: left) side of the Rhine
Westsahara {prop} {f} :: Western Sahara
westslawisch {adj} :: West Slavic
Westware {f} [historical, East Germany] :: western product
westwärts {adv} :: westward, westwards (towards the west)
westweserisch {adj} [very rare] :: on the west side of the river Weser
Westwind {m} :: west wind
weswegen {adv} :: why, for what reason
wett {adj} [archaic] :: even, quits
Wettbewerb {m} :: competition (contest for a prize or award)
Wettbewerber {m} :: competitor
wettbewerbsfähig {adj} :: competitive
Wettbewerbsfähigkeit {f} :: competitiveness
wettbewerbsverzerrend {adj} :: distorting the conditions of (economic) competition
Wettbewerbsverzerrung {f} :: unfair competition, distortion of competition, distortion of normal trade conditions
wettbewerbswidrig {adj} :: anticompetitive
Wette {f} :: bet
wetteifern {v} :: to vie
wetten {v} :: to bet
Wetter {n} :: weather
Wetter {n} :: storm
Wetter {prop} :: a town in Hessen in Germany
Wetter {prop} :: Wetter (town)
Wetteraukreis {prop} :: Wetteraukreis (district)
wetterbedingt {adj} :: caused ny the weather
Wetterbericht {m} :: weather report
Wetterfahne {f} :: weather vane, weathervane
wetterfühlig {adj} :: weather-sensitive
Wetterglas {n} :: The Goethe barometer
Wetterhahn {m} :: weathercock
Wetterlage {f} :: atmospheric conditions, weather conditions
Wetterleuchten {n} :: sheet lightning
Wetterregel {f} :: a weatherlore saying
Wettervorhersage {f} :: weather forecast
wettgemacht {v} :: past participle of wettmachen
Wettkampf {m} :: contest (competition)
Wettlauf {m} :: a race - a contest between running people
Wettliste {f} :: record of betting
Wettliste {f} :: booking
wettmachen {v} :: to make up for, to make good
Wettmannstätten {prop} {n} :: Wettmannstätten (municipality)
Wettrüsten {n} :: arms race
Wettstreit {m} :: competition (the act of competing or a situation characterised by it)
Wettstreit {m} [rare] :: contest; match; an organised competition
wetzen {v} :: to whet, to sharpen
Wetzstein {m} :: sharpening stone, whetstone
wg. {prep} :: abbreviation of wegen
Wg. {noun} :: abbreviation of Wagen
Wg. {noun} :: abbreviation of Waggon
WG {f} :: flatshare [UK]; living community, group of people sharing an apartment
wgm. {adj} :: abbreviation of westgermanisch
Whatsapp {prop} {f} [internet] :: WhatsApp
Whg. {noun} :: abbreviation of Wohnung
Whgn. {noun} :: abbreviation of Wohnungen
Whirlpool {m} :: jacuzzi, hot tub
Whisky {m} :: whisky (alcoholic drink)
Whiteboard {n} :: whiteboard (white large vertical writing area)
Whitneyit {m} [mineral] :: whitneyite
Wholecar {n} [slang] :: A piece of graffiti that covers an entire train carriage
wibbeln {v} [of people or animals] :: to move in a swift or uncontrolled (but not aggressive) way: to whirl, to twirl, to thrash, to scramble, to jumble, to swarm, etc
Wiberg {prop} :: surname
Wibke {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Wiebke
Wichse {f} [dated] :: polish, especially shoe polish
Wichse {f} [vulgar, slang] :: cum (semen)
wichsen {vt} [dated] :: to wax [an object in order to polish it]
wichsen {vt} [dated] :: to beat; to hit; to pound
wichsen {vi} [vulgar] :: to masturbate; to wank; to toss off; to manually stimulate the sexual organs
Wichser {m} [vulgar] :: wanker, tosser; i.e., a habitual masturbator
Wichser {m} :: An annoying or irritating person
Wichsvorlage {f} :: Masturbation material, for stimulation
Wicht {m} {n} :: a small creature, particularly a goblin, sprite, leprechaun, kobold
Wicht {m} {n} [of a child, mildly, pejorative] :: a cheeky one; a rascal
Wicht {m} {n} [of an adult, more pejorative] :: one who is mean but unimportant
Wicht {n} [archaic, dialectal, northern and western Germany, not pejorative] :: a child or young person, chiefly and in some regions exclusively: a girl
Wichte {f} :: specific weight
Wichtel {m} [folklore, fantasy] :: A gnome, dwarf (small industrious creature, often looking like an old man)
Wichtel {m} :: A secret Santa (person who gives one an anonymous gift)
wichteln {v} :: to exchange secret Santa gifts
Wichteln {n} :: secret Santa
wichtig {adj} :: important, relevant, significant, weighty
wichtiger {adj} :: comparative of wichtig
Wichtigkeit {f} :: importance, significance, momentousness
wichtigmachen {vr} :: to put on airs
Wichtigmacher {m} :: synonym of Wichtigtuer
wichtigsten {adj} :: superlative of wichtig
Wichtigtuer {m} :: stuffed shirt, pompous ass [US] / pompous git [UK] (male or of unspecified sex)
wichtigtun {v} [colloquial] :: to act self-important
Wicke {f} :: vetch (Vicia gen. et spp.)
Wicke {f} [obsolete] :: something worthless, a bugger
Wicke {f} [regional, colloquial] :: state of failure, wreckedness, only in the following constructions:
Wicke {f} :: alternative form of Wieche
Wickelbär {m} :: kinkajou
Wickelkind {n} :: baby in diapers/nappies, swaddling child
Wickelkind {n} :: sissy
wickeln {v} :: to wrap
Wickelraum {m} :: babies’ changing room, baby change (a room in public buildings and in some means of public transport such as passenger trains in which parents can change their infant’s diaper/nappy)
Wickeltisch {m} :: changing table
Wickleder {prop} :: surname
Wicklung {f} :: coil, winding
Widder {m} :: ram (male sheep)
Widder {m} [zodiac constellations, astrology] :: Aries (constellation and astrological sign)
wider- {prefix} :: against, contrary to, contra-
wider {prep} :: against
widerborstig {adj} :: rebellious, unruly, recalcitrant, obstinate, unmanageable
widerfahren {v} [formal, with dative] :: to befall, to happen to
widergesetzlich {adj} :: unlawful, illegal
Widerhaken {m} [of a fishhook, etc.] :: barb
Widerhall {m} :: echo, repercussion
Widerhall {m} :: response
widerhallen {v} :: to echo
widerlegbar {adj} :: refutable
Widerlegbarkeit {f} :: refutability, falsifiability, disprovability
widerlegen {v} :: to disprove, to refute
Widerlegung {f} :: refutation
widerlich {adj} :: disgusting
widerlich {adv} :: disgustingly, distastefully, abhorrently, detestably
Widerlichkeit {f} :: repulsiveness
Widerling {m} :: sleazebag
widernatürlich {adj} :: contrary to nature, especially (though not exclusively) of sexual behaviour; perverse; degenerate; abnormal; unnatural
widernatürliche Unzucht {f} [also, law, now abolished] :: sodomy; a form of sexual intercourse considered perverse and unnatural, especially zoophilia and anal sex
Widerpart {m} :: opponent
Widerpart {m} :: adversary
widerrechtlich {adj} :: unlawful, illegal
Widerrede {f} :: backtalk
widerreden {v} :: to talk back
Widerruf {m} :: revocation, cancellation
widerrufen {vt} :: To revoke, rescind, cancel
widerruflich {adj} :: revocable
Widerrufsrecht {n} [legal] :: revocation
Widersacher {m} :: adversary
Widerschein {m} :: reflection
Widersinn {m} :: misinterpretation, countersense
Widersinn {m} :: inconsistency, contradiction
Widersinn {m} :: nonsense, absurdity
widersinnig {adj} :: nonsensical, absurd
widerspenstig {adj} :: recalcitrant, renitent, rebellious, unruly, wayward, obstinate, unmanageable
Widerspenstigkeit {f} :: recalcitrance
widerspiegeln {v} :: To reflect
widerspiegeln {v} :: To mirror
Widerspiel {n} :: interplay
Widerspiel {n} :: opposite
widersprechen {v} :: to object
widersprechen {v} :: to contradict
widersprechen {vr} :: to be contradictory
Widerspruch {m} :: objection, protest
Widerspruch {m} :: contradiction
widersprüchlich {adj} :: contradictory
widersprüchlich {adj} :: conflicting
widersprüchlichsten {adj} :: superlative of widersprüchlich
widerspruchsfrei {adj} :: consistent
Widerspruchsfreiheit {f} :: consistency
widerspruchslos {adj} :: unopposed
Widerstand {m} :: resistance (act of resisting, or the capacity to resist)
Widerstand {m} :: resistance (physics: force that tends to oppose motion)
Widerstand {m} :: resistance (physics: opposition of a body to the flow of current)
Widerstand {m} :: resistance (sociology/history: An underground organization engaged in a struggle for liberation from forceful occupation)
Widerstand {m} :: resistor (electronic component)
widerstandsfähig {adj} :: resistant, resilient, tough
widerstandsfähiger {adj} :: comparative of widerstandsfähig
Widerstandsfähigkeit {f} :: resilience, robustness
Widerstandsfähigkeit {f} :: resistance
widerstandsfähigsten {adj} :: superlative of widerstandsfähig
Widerstandskämpfer {m} :: resistor, (person who fights to resist against something)
widerstandslos {adj} :: unresisting, passive
widerstehen {v} :: to withstand, to resist
widerstreben {vi} [with dative] :: to resist, go against
widerwärtig {adj} :: distasteful
Widerwärtigkeit {f} :: distastefulness
Widerwille {m} :: reluctance
widerwillig {adj} :: reluctant, unwilling, loth
widerwillig {adv} :: unwillingly
Widerwort {n} [mostly used in the plural] :: rebuttal
Widerwort {n} [mostly used in the plural] :: backtalk
Widmannstädter {prop} :: surname
widmen {vt} :: to dedicate
widmen {vr} [+dative] :: to attend to
Widmung {f} :: dedication
widrig {adj} :: adverse
Widrigkeit {f} :: adversity (adverse event)
Widrigkeit {f} [chiefly in compounds] :: the state of being contrary to
wie {adv} :: how
wie {conj} :: like
wie {conj} :: as
wie {conj} [colloquial, nonstandard] :: than
wie {conj} [chiefly colloquial] :: when [referring to the past]
wie alt bist du {phrase} :: how old are you
wie am Schnürchen {prep} [idiom] :: just as planned; without a problem; like clockwork
wie aus Eimern schütten {v} [idiom] :: to rain cats and dogs
wie bitte {phrase} :: sorry?, pardon?, come again?, excuse me?, I beg your pardon? (used to ask someone to repeat something one hasn’t understood)
Wiebke {prop} :: given name
Wieche {f} [obsolete] :: wisp, strand of fibres
Wieche {f} [obsolete] :: wick, fuse, cord
Wieche {f} [obsolete, medicine] :: specifically, a twist of lint for holding a wound open
Wiedehopf {m} :: hoopoe (bird Upupa epops)
wie dem auch sei {phrase} :: however, howbeit, however it may be, be that as it may
wieder- {prefix} :: A prefix similar to re-, indicating repetition
wieder {adv} :: again
Wiederannäherung {f} :: rapprochement
Wiederaufarbeitung {f} :: nuclear reprocessing
Wiederaufarbeitungsanlage {f} :: nuclear reprocessing plant
Wiederaufbau {m} :: reconstruction, rebuilding
Wiederaufbau {m} :: redevelopment
wiederauferstehen {v} :: to be resurrected; to rise from the dead
Wiederauferstehung {f} [religion] :: resurrection
wiederaufgefüllt {v} :: past participle of wiederaufgefüllen - replenished, restocked
wiederaufladbar {adj} :: rechargeable
Wiederaufnahme {f} :: resumption, revival
Wiederaufnahme {f} :: renewal
Wiederaufnahme {f} :: readmission
wiederbeleben {v} :: to revive, to resuscitate
wiederbelebt {v} :: past participle of wiederbeleben
Wiederbelebung {f} [medicine] :: reanimation
Wiederbelebung {f} :: revival
Wiedereinführung {f} :: reintroduction (of something, eg a product or tax)
Wiedereingliederung {f} :: reintegration
wiedereintrittsfähig {adj} [computing] :: reentrant
wiederentdecken {v} :: to rediscover
wiederentdeckt {v} :: past participle of wiederentdecken
wiederentdeckt {adj} :: rediscovered
Wiederentdeckung {f} :: rediscovery
wiedererkennen {vt} :: to recognize
wiederfinden {v} :: to find again
Wiedergabe {f} :: rendition
Wiedergabe {f} :: render
Wiedergabe {f} :: playback
wiedergeben {v} :: To echo
wiedergeben {v} :: To render, portray, reproduce
wiedergeboren {adj} :: reincarnated
wiedergeboren {adj} :: born-again
Wiedergeburt {f} :: rebirth, reincarnation
wiedergegeben {v} :: past participle of wiedergeben
wiedergegeben {adj} :: reproduced, rendered, portrayed
wiedergekäut {v} :: past participle of wiederkäuen
wiedergekommen {v} :: past participle of wiederkommen
wiedergewählt {v} :: past participle of wiederwählen
wiedergewinnen {v} :: to regain, salvage
wiedergewinnen {v} :: to retrieve, reclaim, recover
Wiedergewinnung {f} :: recovery, retrieval
Wiedergewinnung {f} :: recycling
wiedergewonnen {v} :: past participle of wiedergewinnen
wiedergewonnen {adj} :: reclaimed, recovered, salvaged
wiedergewonnen {adj} :: regained
wiedergutgemacht {v} :: past participle of wiedergutmachen
wiedergutmachen {v} :: to repair, to recompense, to make up for
Wiedergutmachung {f} :: amends, compensation, remediation, reparation
Wiedergutmachung {f} :: After World War II, the term often refers to the reparations that the German government agreed to pay in 1953 to the direct survivors of the Holocaust, and to those who were made to work as forced labour or who otherwise became victims of the Nazis. See the citation page for examples
wiederhergestellt {v} :: past participle of wiederherstellen
wiederherstellen {v} :: to restore
wiederherstellen {v} :: to recreate
wiederherstellend {adj} :: restoring, restorative, reconstructive
Wiederherstellung {f} :: recovery
Wiederherstellung {f} :: restoration, renewal
wiederholen {vti} :: to repeat (to do or say again)
wiederholen {vti} :: to recapitulate (to summarize or repeat in concise form)
wiederholen {vti} :: to revise, review, study (look over again (something previously written or learned))
wiederholen {vti} :: to play again, replay (to perform in (a sport) or participate in (a game) again)
wiederholen {vt} :: to retake (to take or do (an exam, penalty shot, etc.) again; to photograph or film again)
wiederholen {vr} :: to repeat oneself (to say again what one has said)
wiederholen {vr} :: to recur, repeat itself (to happen again)
wiederholt {adv} :: repeatedly
Wiederholung {f} :: repetition
Wiederholungstäter {m} :: repeat offender
Wiederhören {n} :: hearing again; an instance of hearing someone’s or each other’s voice again
Wiederhören {interj} :: alternative form of auf Wiederhören
wiederkäuen {v} :: to ruminate; to chew the cud
Wiederkäuer {m} :: ruminant (artiodactyl ungulate mammal which chews cud)
Wiederkehr {f} :: return
wiederkehren {v} :: to go back, return
wiederkommen {v} :: to return, to come back, to come again
Wiederkunft {f} [religion] :: second coming
wiedersehen {vtr} :: to see again, to meet again
Wiedersehen {n} :: reunion; seeing again; instance of seeing someone or each other again
Wiedersehen {interj} :: alternative form of auf Wiedersehen
Wiedertaufe {f} :: rebaptism
wiedertaufen {v} :: to rebaptize
wie der Teufel das Weihwasser {adv} [simile] :: solicitously; with horror; like the plague
wiederum {adv} :: again, in turn
wiederumb {adv} :: obsolete form of wiederum
wie der Vater, so der Sohn {proverb} :: like father, like son
Wiedervereinigung {f} :: reunification
wiederverkäuflich {adj} :: resaleable
wiederverwendbar {adj} :: reusable
Wiederverwendbarkeit {f} :: reusability
Wiederverwendung {f} :: reuse, recycling, reutilization
wiederverwerten {vt} :: to recycle
wiederverwertet {v} :: past participle of wiederverwerten
Wiederverwertung {f} :: reuse, recycling
Wiedervorlage {f} :: resubmission; the act of handing in a document again
Wiedervorlage {f} [loosely] :: a file in an office where documents are kept on hold for resubmission, especially by a secretary
Wiedervorlage {f} [figurative, chiefly working environment] :: used to imply that something is not currently dealt with but will be, or might be, in the future; backburner
Wiederwahl {f} :: re-election, reelection
wiederwählen {v} :: to reelect
wie die Faust aufs Auge passen {v} [simile] :: to not fit together at all
wie die Faust aufs Auge passen {v} [simile] :: to not fit together well
wie die Ölsardinen {idiom} [simile] :: packed like sardines [literally: like the sardines in oil]
wie du mir, so ich dir {proverb} [literally] :: tit for tat, two can play that game ( As you to me, so I to you.)
wie ein Blitz aus heiterem Himmel {prep} [idiom] :: like a bolt out of the blue, like a bolt from the blue
wie ein Fisch im Wasser {adv} :: in one's element; at home
wie ein Fisch im Wasser {adv} [of health, contentment, etc.] :: as it should be; perfectly
wie ein Grab schweigen {v} [simile] :: to be as silent as the grave, to say absolutely nothing (about a particular subject)
wie ein Ja und ein Amen {adv} :: obediently; submissively; uncritically; concordantly; unanimously; eagerly
wie Espenlaub zittern {v} [idiomatic] :: to shake like a leaf
Wiege {f} :: cradle
Wiege {f} [figuratively] :: infancy, origin
Wiege {f} :: rocking blotter, blotting-paper rocker
wie geht es {phrase} [colloquial] :: literally "how goes it?", how are you, often abbreviated to wie geht's?
wie geht es dir {phrase} :: (informal singular) how are you, often abbreviated to wie geht's?
wie geht es euch {phrase} :: (informal plural) how are you
wie geht es Ihnen {phrase} :: (formal singular) how are you
wie geht's {phrase} [colloquial] :: how are you?
wie gehts {phrase} [colloquial] :: how are you, what's up
wiegeln {v} [regional] :: to rock, sway in a crib
wiegeln {v} [archaic] :: to agitate, incite
wiegen {vt} :: to weigh; to measure the weight of; to balance
wiegen {vir} :: to weigh; to be of a certain weight
wiegen {vtr} :: to move (something) from side to side; to sway; to shake; to rock
wiegen {vt} :: to chop (e.g. herbs); to mince
wiegend {adj} :: swaying
wiegend {adj} :: weighing, cradling
Wiegendruck {m} :: incunabulum, incunable
Wiegenlied {n} :: lullaby (soothing song to lull children to sleep)
wie gewonnen, so zerronnen {idiom} :: easy come, easy go
wie Gott ihn schuf {adv} :: For non-idiomatic uses, see the individual lemmas
wie Gott ihn schuf {adv} [idiomatic] :: in his birthday suit (naked)
wie heißen Sie {phrase} :: what is your name (formal)
wie heißt du {phrase} :: what is your name (casual)
wiehern {v} :: to neigh, to whinny, to nicker (sound of a horse)
wiehern {v} [colloquial] :: to laugh audibly
wie isses {phrase} :: pronunciation spelling of wie ist es
wie ist das Wetter {phrase} :: how's the weather
wie ist es {phrase} [colloquial, somewhat, regional, especially, western Germany] :: how are you?; how are things going?
wie Kastor und Pollux sein {v} [idiom] :: to be very close friends
wie komme ich {phrase} :: how do I get to
wie komme ich zum Bahnhof {phrase} :: how do I get to the train station
wie komme ich zum Busbahnhof {phrase} :: how do I get to the bus station
wie komme ich zum Flughafen {phrase} :: how do I get to the airport
Wiel {f} :: bundle of rope
Wieland {prop} :: given name
Wiele {f} :: alternative form of Wiel
Wielesche {f} :: rowan
wie man in den Wald hineinruft, so schallt es heraus {proverb} :: One is treated the same way as one treats other people; what goes around comes around (literally: as you shout into the woods, so it echoes back out)
wie man sich bettet, so liegt man {proverb} :: as you make your bed, so you must lie in it
wie man sich bettet, so schläft man {proverb} :: as you make your bed, so you must lie in it
Wien {prop} {n} :: Wien (capital city)
Wien {prop} {n} :: Wien (state)
Wien {prop} {f} [geography] :: Wien (river)
wienach {adv} :: how
wienach {adv} :: how, howsoever
Wiener {m} :: An inhabitant of Vienna
Wiener {m} :: wiener, short for Wiener Würstchen
Wienerin {f} :: Viennese (noun: female inhabitant)
wienerisch {adj} :: Viennese (of or relating to Vienna)
wienern {v} :: to shine, polish
wienern {v} :: to speak with a Viennese accent
Wiener Schnitzel {n} :: Wiener schnitzel, veal schnitzel
Wienerwald {prop} {n} :: Wienerwald (municipality)
Wienerwurst {f} :: alternative form of Wiener Wurst; Viennese sausage
Wiener Würstchen {n} :: wiener (sausage)
wie Pilatus ins Credo {phrase} [now, rare] :: undeservingly; in an unearned way; by chance
Wies {prop} {n} :: Wies (municipality)
wie Sand am Meer {prep} [idiomatic] :: (in) an innumerable amount; extremely common
Wiesbaden {prop} {n} :: Wiesbaden
Wiesbadener {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Wiesbaden
Wiese {f} :: a meadow
Wiese {f} :: a lawn, especially a large one, loosely also a smaller one
Wiesel {n} :: weasel (Mustela nivalis)
Wieselburg {prop} {n} :: Wieselburg (municipality)
wieselflink {adj} :: nimble (as a weasel)
wieselig {adj} :: very fast, quick as a flash
Wiesemann {prop} {mf} :: surname
Wiesen {prop} {n} :: surname
Wiesen {prop} {n} :: Wiesen (community)
Wiesen {prop} {n} :: Wiesen (town)
Wiesenblümchen {n} :: diminutive of Wiesenblume
Wiesenblume {f} :: meadow flower
Wiesfleck {prop} {n} :: Wiesfleck (municipality)
Wiesing {prop} {n} :: Wiesing (municipality)
Wiesmath {prop} {n} :: Wiesmath (municipality)
wieso {adv} :: why
wieso {adv} :: how so
wie spät ist es {phrase} :: what time is it?
wie viel {determiner} :: how much; how many
wie viel {adv} [fairly rare] :: how much; how often
wieviel {determiner} :: alternative form of wie viel
wievielter {adj} :: what number, which [in a numbered series], whatth, how manyth
wie vom Donner gerührt {adj} [idiomatic] :: thunderstruck
wie von der Tarantel gestochen {adv} [simile] :: suddenly running or moving very fast; like a madman; like a berserk
wiewohl {conj} :: although, even though
Wiewort {n} [grammar] :: adjective
wie Zahnschmerzen {adv} [colloquial, with a verb of loving, liking] :: not at all
wie Zahnschmerzen {adv} [colloquial, with a verb of hating, disliking] :: very much
WiGa {noun} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Wintergarten
Wiki {n} :: wiki
Wiki-Markup {noun} :: wiki markup
Wikinger {m} :: Viking (male or of unspecified sex)
wikingisch {adj} :: Viking
Wikipedia {prop} {f} :: Wikipedia
Wikipedianer {m} :: Wikipedian
Wikipedianerin {f} :: Wikipedian woman
Wikiwörterbuch {n} :: wiktionary (dictionary produced by cooperative online project)
Wiktionary {prop} {n} :: Wiktionary
Wilajet {n} :: vilayet
wild {adj} :: wild
Wild {n} [animals, hunting] :: game
Wildalpen {prop} {n} :: Wildalpen (municipality)
Wildbret {n} :: meat from game; venison
Wilde Jagd {prop} {f} :: Wild Hunt
wildeln {v} [regional] :: to have haut gout (a slight taint of decay)
wildeln {v} [Austria, colloquial] :: to behave wildly, playfully
Wildendürnbach {prop} {n} :: Wildendürnbach (municipality)
Wildente {f} :: mallard, wild duck (Anas platyrhynchos)
Wildermieming {prop} {n} :: Wildermieming (municipality)
wildern {v} [to take game or fish illegally] :: to poach
wildesten {adj} :: superlative of wild
Wildfang {m} :: a rambunctious child (of any gender, but since the 20th century especially a girl)
Wildfang {m} [specifically] :: a tomboy
wildfremd {adj} :: foreign, completely unknown
Wildgans {f} :: wild goose
Wildkaninchen {n} :: wild rabbit
Wildkatze {f} :: wildcat [Felis silvestris]
Wildkraut {n} :: wild herb
Wildnis {f} :: wilderness
Wildon {prop} {n} :: Wildon (municipality)
Wildpflanze {f} :: wild plant
wildreich {adj} :: game-rich
wildromantisch {adj} :: Very romantic
Wildschönau {prop} {n} :: Wildschönau (municipality)
Wildschwein {n} :: A wild boar
Wildtier {n} :: wild animal; any animal that is not domisticated, living under natural conditions
Wildwasser {n} :: white water
Wilfersdorf {prop} {n} :: Wilfersdorf (municipality)
Wilfried {prop} :: given name
Wilhelm {prop} :: given name
Wilhelm {prop} :: surname
Wilhelmina {prop} :: given name formed in the seventeenth century as a feminine form of Wilhelm
Wilhelmine {prop} :: given name derived from Wilhelm, a popular variant of Wilhelmina
Wilhelmsburg {prop} {n} :: Wilhelmsburg (municipality)
Wilhelmsburg {prop} {n} :: Wilhelmsburg (municipality)
Wilhelmshaven {prop} :: Wilhelmshaven (independent city)
Wilhering {prop} {n} :: Wilhering (municipality)
Wille {m} :: will
Willen {m} :: alternative form of Wille
Willendorf {prop} {n} :: Willendorf (municipality)
willenlos {adj} :: lacking will, lacking willpower, will-less
Willenlosigkeit {f} :: lack of will, lack of willpower, willlessness
willens {adj} :: willing, ready, prepared
Willenserklärung {f} [law] :: declaration of intent
willensstark {adj} :: strong-willed, strong-minded, determined
willentlich {adj} :: deliberate
willentlich {adv} :: deliberately
willfahren {v} [dated, elevated register] :: to obey
willfährig {adj} :: submissive, compliant, willing
Willi {prop} :: given name, alternative spelling of Willy
willig {adj} :: willing
willig {adj} :: amorous, randy, horny (willing to have sex)
Willigkeit {f} :: willingness
willkommen {adj} :: welcome (received with gladness)
willkommen {interj} :: welcome
willkommen heißen {v} :: to (bid) welcome
Willkommenskultur {f} [politics] :: welcoming culture
Willkür {f} :: arbitrariness
Willkürgerichtsbarkeit {f} :: arbitrary justice
Willkürherrschaft {f} :: arbitrary rule, despotic rule, despotism
willkürlich {adj} :: arbitrary, random, haphazard
Willkürlichkeit {f} :: arbitrariness
wills {contraction} :: contraction of will es
Willy {prop} :: given name, diminutive of Wilhelm or of any name beginning with the Germanic element will- such as Wilfried
Wilma {prop} :: given name derived from Wilhelmina
Wilna {prop} {n} :: Wilna (capital)
Wimmelbild {n} :: A picture for children richly detailed with numerous people, animals, and objects
Wimmelbilderbuch {n} :: A picture book containing pictures richly detailed with numerous humans, animals, and things
Wimmelbuch {n} :: A picture book containing pictures richly detailed with numerous humans, animals, and things
wimmeln {v} :: to teem
wimmen {v} [Swiss, viticulture] :: to hold/keep a vintage (grape harvest)
Wimmer {m} [Swiss, viticulture] :: wine-maker; person who gathers grapes and processes them into wine
Wimmer {prop} {mf} :: surname
Wimmer {prop} {mf} :: surname
wimmern {v} :: to whimper
Wimpel {m} {n} {f} :: a small, generally triangular flag; a pennant or pennon
Wimper {f} :: eyelash
Wimper {f} :: lash
Wimper {f} :: cilium
Wimpernschlag {m} [figuratively] :: blink of an eye
Wimperntusche {f} :: mascara
Wimpertierchen {n} :: ciliate
Wimpertierchen {n} :: paramecium
Winckel {prop} :: surname
Wind {m} :: wind; the movement of air usually caused by convection or differences of air pressure
Windbeutel {m} :: cream puff
Windchen {n} :: diminutive of Wind; breeze
Winde {f} :: winch, windlass
Winde {f} [botany] :: bindweed
Windel {f} :: diaper
windelweich {adj} :: weak, submissive
winden {vt} :: to wind
winden {vt} :: to twist; to twirl
winden {vr} :: to squirm; to writhe
Windenergie {f} :: wind power (power harnessed from the wind)
Windfahne {f} :: weather vane, weathervane
Windgeschwindigkeit {f} :: wind speed
Windhauch {m} :: slight breeze
Windhauch {m} [chiefly biblical] :: vanity; vanity of vanities (the futility of all earthly efforts, as in the philosophy of Ecclesiastes)
Windhose {f} [meteorology] :: tornado
Windhund {m} [mammal] :: sighthound, gazehound
Windhund {m} :: (US) greyhound
Windhund {m} [derogatory] :: rake
windig {adj} :: windy
windig {adj} [of a person or undertaking] :: dodgy; dubious
Windigsteig {prop} {n} :: Windigsteig (municipality)
windisch {adj} :: warped, cast
windisch {adj} :: Slovene
Windisch {n} [obsolete] :: Slovene language
Windischer {m} :: Slovene
Windischgarsten {prop} {n} :: Windischgarsten (municipality)
Windkraft {f} :: wind power (power harnessed from the wind)
Windkraftanlage {f} :: wind turbine
Windkraftwerk {n} :: wind power station
Windmühle {f} :: windmill
Windows {prop} {n} [operating systems, trademark] :: Microsoft Windows, an operating system with a graphical user interface that dominates the personal computer market
Windpark {m} :: wind farm
Windpferd {n} :: wind horse
Windpocke {f} [usually plural] :: chicken pox
Windpocken {fp} :: chickenpox
Windrad {n} :: windmill
Windröschen {n} :: anemone
Windsack {m} :: windsock
Windsbraut {f} :: whirlwind
Windschatten {m} :: slipstream
Windschatten {m} [nautical, aviation] :: lee
Windscherung {f} :: wind shear
windschief {adj} [geometry] :: skew (neither perpendicular nor parallel)
Windschutzscheibe {f} :: windshield [US]; windscreen [UK] (front window of a car)
windstill {adj} :: windless, calm
Windströmung {f} :: windstream, wind current
windtreibend {adj} :: capable of inducing the release of gas; carminative
Windung {f} :: torsion
Windung {f} :: turn
Windung {f} :: coil
windwärts {adv} :: windward (against the wind)
Winfried {prop} {m} :: given name
Wingert {m} [regional, western Germany, Switzerland] :: alternative form of Weingarten
Wink {m} :: sign
Wink {m} :: hint, cue, suggestion
Winkel {m} [geometry] :: angle (measure, figure)
Winkel {m} :: corner, nook
Winkel {m} :: chevron
Winkeladvokat {m} [pejorative] :: [lawyer] pettifogger
winkelförmig {adj} :: angular
winkelgleich {adj} [geometry] :: isogonal
Winkelspinne {f} :: house spider (genus Tegenaria)
Winkelzug {m} :: shady move
winken {v} :: to wave
winken {v} :: to beckon
Winker {m} :: trafficator, indicator
Winkerkrabbe {f} :: fiddler crab
Winklarn {prop} {n} :: Winklarn (municipality)
Winklarn {prop} {n} :: Winklarn (municipality)
Winklern {prop} {n} :: Winklern (municipality)
winseln {v} :: to whine, to whimper
Winter {m} :: winter
Winteranfang {m} :: beginning of winter
Winterende {n} :: late winter, end of winter
Wintergarten {m} :: conservatory, sun lounge (kind of room or balcony with glass walls, used to sit in or display plants)
winterhart {adj} :: hardy, winterhardy
Winterkleid {n} :: winterdress
Winterkleid {n} :: winter plumage
Winterkleidchen {n} :: diminutive of Winterkleid
winterlich {adj} :: winterly, wintry
Wintermantel {m} :: winter coat
Wintermonat {m} [uncountable, dated] :: December
Wintermonat {m} :: winter month (especially December, January, February)
Winterreifen {m} :: winter tire, winter tyre
winters {adv} :: winters
Winterschlaf {m} [biology] :: hibernation
Wintersonne {f} :: winter sun, winter sunshine
Wintersonnenwende {f} :: winter solstice
Wintersturm {m} :: winter storm
Wintervogel {m} :: winter bird
Winterweizen {m} :: winter wheat
Winterwetter {n} :: winter weather
Winterzauber {m} :: winter magic
Winterzeit {f} :: wintertime (the season of winter)
Winterzeit {f} :: winter time (time of year when summer time, i.e. daylight saving time, is not in effect)
Win-win-Situation {f} :: win-win situation
Winzer {m} :: vintner, winemaker, person making wine as an occupation
Winzerin {f} :: female vintner, winemaker, person making wine as an occupation
winzig {adj} :: minute, tiny (very small)
Wipfel {m} :: treetop
wipfelschäftig {adj} [botany, of a tree] :: Having a trunk that extends almost to the top
Wippe {f} :: seesaw
wippen {v} :: to seesaw
Wippenham {prop} {n} :: Wippenham (municipality)
wir {pron} :: we
Wirbel {m} :: whirl
Wirbel {m} :: whorl
Wirbel {m} :: vortex
Wirbel {m} :: vertebra
Wirbel {m} :: eddy
wirbellos {adj} :: invertebrate
wirbeln {v} :: to swirl, whirl
Wirbelsäule {f} :: vertebral column, backbone, spine
Wirbelschicht {f} :: fluidized bed
Wirbelschichtreaktor {m} :: fluidized bed reactor
Wirbelsturm {m} :: (major) whirlwind
Wirbeltier {n} :: vertebrate
Wirbelwind {m} [wind or figuratively] :: whirlwind
Wirckung {f} :: obsolete spelling of Wirkung
wird es regnen {phrase} :: is it going to rain
wirds {contraction} :: contraction of wird es
wirken {v} :: to work (to function correctly)
wirken {v} :: to be effective
wirken {v} :: to take effect
wirken {v} :: to act, behave as
wirken {v} [manufacturing] :: to knit
wirken {v} [baking] :: to knead
wirkend {adj} :: acting
wirkend {adj} :: effective
wirkend {adj} :: working
wirklich {adj} :: real
wirklich {adv} :: really, actually
Wirklichkeit {f} :: reality
wirklichkeitsgetreu {adj} :: realistic
wirkmächtig {adj} :: effective, powerful
Wirkmechanismus {m} :: mode of action
wirksam {adj} :: effective
wirksamer {adj} :: comparative of wirksam
Wirksamkeit {f} :: effectiveness
wirksamsten {adj} :: superlative of wirksam
Wirkstoff {m} :: active agent / substance (in a pharmaceutical material)
Wirkung {f} :: effect
Wirkung {f} [physics] :: action
Wirkungsgrad {m} :: effectiveness, efficiency
Wirkungsgrad {m} :: coefficient
wirkungslos {adj} :: ineffective
wirkungsloser {adj} :: comparative of wirkungslos
wirkungslosesten {adj} :: superlative of wirkungslos
Wirkungslosigkeit {f} :: ineffectiveness
Wirkungsquerschnitt {m} :: cross section
Wirkungsweise {f} :: mode of operation / action
Wirkungsweise {f} :: effect
Wirnsberger {prop} :: surname
wirr {adj} :: confused
wirren {v} :: to whirl around (move chaotically)
Wirren {n} :: the act of moving or acting aimlessly, erroneously or while being lost
Wirren {n} :: the act of moving or acting in a manner which is difficult to understand or random
Wirrsal {f} {n} :: chaos, confusion
Wirrwarr {m} {n} {f} :: chaos
wirs {contraction} :: contraction of wir es
wirsch {adj} :: angry, excited
Wirsing {m} :: Savoy cabbage
Wirt {m} :: pubkeeper; innkeeper
Wirt {m} [dated] :: host (someone who receives a guest)
Wirt {m} [biology] :: host (animal infested with a pest)
Wirt {m} [only in compounds] :: agent; caretaker; someone responsible or knowledgeable
Wirt {prop} {mf} :: surname
wirtelig {adj} [chiefly botany] :: whorled
wirtelig {adj} [chiefly botany] :: verticillate
Wirth {m} :: obsolete spelling of Wirt
Wirthschaft {f} :: obsolete spelling of Wirtschaft
Wirtin {f} :: female host
Wirtin {f} :: landlady
Wirtin {f} :: female innkeeper
Wirtschaft {f} :: economy
Wirtschaft {f} :: [southern] inn, pub
wirtschaftlich {adj} :: economical
wirtschaftlich {adj} :: efficient
Wirtschaftlichkeit {f} :: economy, thrift
Wirtschaftlichkeit {f} :: profitability
Wirtschaftsflüchtling {m} :: economic refugee
Wirtschaftsforschung {f} :: economic research
Wirtschaftskrise {f} [economics] :: slump, depression (economic crisis)
wirtschaftsliberal {adj} [politics] :: free market (favoring economic freedom)
Wirtschaftsminister {m} :: minister of the economy (and/or of trade and commerce)
Wirtschaftsministerium {n} :: ministry of the economy
Wirtschaftspolitik {f} :: commercial / economic policy
wirtschaftspolitisch {adj} :: economic policy (attributive)
Wirtschaftswachstum {n} :: economic growth
Wirtschaftswissenschaft {f} :: economics (study)
Wirtschaftswissenschaftler {m} :: economist
Wirtschaftswissenschaftlerin {f} :: female economist
wirtschaftswissenschaftlich {adj} :: economic (relating to the science of economics)
Wirtschaftswunder {m} :: economic miracle
Wirtschaftszweig {m} :: branch of industry, economic sector,
Wirtshaus {n} :: inn, tavern
Wirtspflanze {f} [biology] :: host plant
Wisch {m} [dated or regional] :: wisp (bundle of straw)
Wisch {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: sheet of paper, usually an official document or form
Wisch {prop} {n} :: One of two municipalities in Germany
wischen {v} :: to wipe
wischen {v} [Switzerland] :: to sweep
Wischiwaschi {n} :: wishy-washy (adjective)
Wisconsin {prop} {n} :: Wisconsin (state)
Wisent {m} {n} :: wisent, European bison [Bison bonasus]
Wismar {prop} :: Wismar (independent city)
Wismut {n} :: bismuth
wispeln {v} :: to whisper
wispern {v} :: to whisper; to make a whispering sound (most often in a mysterious or eerie way)
wissbegierig {adj} :: inquisitive
wissen {vti} :: to know; to be aware of (a fact)
wissen {v} :: to remember [with noch]
Wissen {n} :: knowledge
Wissensbereich {m} :: sphere of knowledge
Wissensbereich {m} :: knowledge domain
Wissenschaft {f} :: the state of being acquainted with a circumstance, cognizance
Wissenschaft {f} :: science, scholarship (collective discipline of learning acquired through a scientific or scholarly method; totality of knowledge derived from scientific inquiry)
Wissenschaft {f} :: an academic discipline; in general, the sciences, humanities taken as a whole
Wissenschafter {m} [jobs, science] :: scientist [Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland]
Wissenschafterin {f} [jobs, science] :: alternative form of Wissenschaftlerin [Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland]
Wissenschaftler {m} :: scientist, scholar, researcher, academic (male or of unspecified sex)
Wissenschaftlerin {f} :: scientist, scholar, researcher, academic (female)
wissenschaftlich {adj} :: of or related to Wissenschaft
wissenschaftlich {adj} :: scholarly
wissenschaftlicher {adj} :: comparative of wissenschaftlich
wissenschaftliches Rechnen {n} :: scientific computing
Wissenschaftlichkeit {f} :: scientificity
wissenschaftlichsten {adj} :: superlative of wissenschaftlich
wissenschaftsgeschichtlich {adj} :: relating to the history of science
Wissenschaftstheorie {f} [philosophy] :: philosophy of science
Wissensstand {m} :: standard of knowledge
wissenswert {adj} :: important (worth knowing)
Witherit {m} [mineral] :: witherite
Witold {prop} :: a male given name
wittern {vt} :: to scent (to detect the scent of)
wittern {vt} [hunting] :: to smell something far with a good olfaction
Witterung {f} :: weather
Witterung {f} :: scent (animal's sense of smell)
witterungsbedingt {adj} :: Due to weather conditions
witterungsbeständig {adj} :: weatherproof
witterungsfest {adj} :: weatherproof
Witwe {f} :: widow
Witwenschaft {f} :: widowhood
Witwer {m} :: widower
-witz {suffix} :: A surname suffix
Witz {m} :: wit
Witz {m} :: joke
Witz {m} :: humor
Witzbold {m} [colloquial, often, derogatory] :: joker (A person who makes jokes), wit
Witzboldin {f} [rare] :: feminine noun of Witzbold
witzeln {v} :: to make jokes, to make silly jokes, to joke
witzig {adj} :: funny, humorous
witzig {adj} [archaic] :: resourceful
witziger {adj} :: comparative of witzig
witzigerweise {adv} :: funnily enough
witzigsten {adj} :: superlative of witzig
WKN {noun} :: initialism of Wertpapierkennnummer
Wladiwostok {prop} :: Wladiwostok (city)
WLAN {n} :: WLAN
WM {f} :: abbreviation of Weltmeisterschaft
WM {f} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Warmmiete
wmd. {adj} :: abbreviation of westmitteldeutsch
wo {adv} [interrogative] :: where (at what place)
wo {adv} [relative] :: where (at or in which place or situation)
wo {adv} [relative, somewhat, colloquial] :: when, that (on which; at which time)
wo {adv} [indefinite, colloquial] :: somewhere (in or to an uncertain or unspecified location)
wo {conj} [colloquial] :: when
wo {pron} [relative, dialectal, nonstandard] :: who, whom, which, that
woanders {adv} :: elsewhere, somewhere else
woandershin {adv} :: elsewhere, somewhere else
wobei {adv} :: during what
wobei {adv} :: whereby, whereat, in the course of which
Wobla {f} :: vobla (fish) (Rutilus caspicus)
Woche {f} :: week (period of seven days counting from Monday to Sunday, or from Sunday to Saturday)
Woche {f} :: week (any period of seven consecutive days)
Woche {f} :: week; weekdays (those days of a given week on which most people work)
Wochenbett {n} [medicine] :: puerperium
Wochenblatt {n} :: weekly (a newspaper or journal that is published once a week.)
Wochenende {n} :: weekend (break in the working week, usually Saturday and Sunday)
Wochenendhaus {n} :: weekend house
wochenlang {adj} :: lasting for weeks
wochenlang {adv} :: for weeks
Wochenschau {f} :: newsreel
Wochentag {m} :: weekday (any day of the week)
Wochentag {m} :: weekday (any day of the week except Sunday)
wochentags {adv} :: on weekdays (including Saturdays)
wöchentlich {adj} :: weekly
Wochenzeitschrift {f} :: a weekly
Wochenzeitung {f} :: weekly newspaper (a newspaper that is published once a week.)
-wöchig {suffix} :: Builds an adjective that specifies the number of weeks in a duration or (less frequently) in an age
Wocken {m} [regional] :: distaff
Wodenstag {m} [archaic, outside, dialects] :: Wednesday
Wodka {m} :: vodka
Wodkachen {n} :: diminutive of Wodka
wodurch {adv} :: whereby
wodurch {adv} :: through what
wo ein Wille ist, ist auch ein Weg {proverb} :: where there is a will there is a way
wofür {adv} :: for what, wherefore
Woge {f} [chiefly literary] :: wave
wogegen {adv} :: against what, against which
wogegen {conj} :: whereas
wo gehobelt wird, da fallen Späne {proverb} :: you've got to crack a few eggs to make an omelette; a revolution is not a dinner party (some endeavours inevitably involve meanwhile hardships or collateral damage)
wo gehobelt wird, fallen Späne {proverb} :: alternative form of wo gehobelt wird, da fallen Späne
wogen {v} :: undulate, move in a wavelike manner
woher {adv} :: where from, whence
woher {adv} :: how (not the general meaning of "in which way", but meaning "from which source" or "from where" exactly)
wohin {adv} :: Where to, whither
wohin fährt dieser Bus {phrase} :: where does this bus go
wohin fährt dieser Zug {phrase} :: where does this train go
wohingegen {conj} :: whereas
wohinter {adv} :: behind what
wohl {adv} :: possibly, probably; as I was told (modal particle expressing an assumption, often like English must + infinitive, or [US] guess + clause)
wohl {adv} :: of course, indeed (modal particle adding stress to the statement to contradict a preceding one, often like English do + infinitive)
wohl {adv} [regional, north-western Germany] :: actually, somehow, quite (modal particle making the statement weaker or expressing a concession)
wohl {adv} [mostly elevated] :: well, very well
Wohl {n} :: good
Wohl {n} :: weal
Wohl {n} :: wealthy
Wohl {n} :: welfare
Wohl {n} :: well-being
wohlabgewogen {adj} :: considered, well-thought-out
wohlanständig {adj} :: respectable
wohlauf {adv} [formal] :: well, healthy
Wohlbefinden {n} :: well-being
Wohlbehagen {n} :: comfortable feeling, pleasure, complacency
wohlbehalten {adj} :: safe and sound
wohlbehütet {adj} :: well-cared for
wohlbekannt {adj} :: well-known
wohlbeleibt {adj} :: stout, corpulent
wohlbestallt {adj} :: in a secure professional position
wohl eher {adv} :: non-idiomatic combination of wohl and eher
wohl eher {phrase} :: more like; used to change or correct someone’s choice of words
Wöhler {prop} :: surname
Wohlergehen {n} :: well-being
wohlerzogen {adj} :: well-behaved
Wohlfahrt {f} :: welfare, weal
Wohlfahrtsstaat {m} :: welfare state
wohlfeil {adj} :: cheap
wohlfeil {adj} :: trite
wohlfühlen {vr} :: to feel comfortable
wohlfundiert {adj} :: well-founded
wohlgeboren {adj} :: well-born
wohlgeborn {adj} :: obsolete spelling of wohlgeboren
Wohlgefallen {n} :: pleasure; satisfaction; well-being
wohlgeformt {adj} :: well-formed, well-proportioned
wohlgeformt {adj} :: shapely
wohlgemerkt {adv} :: mind you, take note
wohlgenährt {adj} :: well-fed
wohlgenährt {adj} :: chubby
Wohlgeruch {m} :: fragrance
wohlgesinnt {adj} :: well-disposed, well-meaning, well-intentioned
wohlgesonnen {adj} :: well-meaning, well-disposed
Wohlgestalt {f} :: comeliness, shapeliness
wohlhabend {adj} :: wealthy, rich
wohlhabender {adj} :: comparative of wohlhabend
wohlhabendsten {adj} :: superlative of wohlhabend
wohlig {adj} :: pleasant, pleasurable
wohlklingend {adj} :: euphonious, melodious, dulcet
wohlklingend {adj} :: well-meaning
Wohllaut {m} :: euphony
Wohlleben {n} :: life of luxury; "the good life"
wohlmeinend {adj} :: well-meaning
wohl oder übel {adv} [idiomatic] :: willy-nilly
wohlriechend {adj} :: sweet (having a pleasant smell)
Wohlstand {m} :: wealth, prosperity
Wohltat {f} :: good deed
Wohltäter {m} :: benefactor
Wohltäterin {f} :: benefactor (feminine form)
wohltätig {adj} :: beneficent, charitable
wohltätig {adj} :: pleasant, agreeable, soothing
Wohltätigkeit {f} :: charity
wohltuend {adj} :: soothing
wohltuend {adj} :: refreshing
wohltuend {adj} :: beneficial
wohltuend {adj} :: pleasant
wohltuend {adj} :: genial
wohltun {v} :: to do well
wohlwollen {v} :: to have goodwill towards
Wohlwollen {n} :: goodwill; favour; sympathy
Wohlwollen {n} :: benevolence; benignity
wohlwollend {adj} :: benevolent, complaisant
wohlwollender {adj} :: comparative of wohlwollend
wohlwollendsten {adj} :: superlative of wohlwollend
Wohneinheit {f} :: accommodation unit
wohnen {vi} :: to live, reside, dwell (to remain or be settled permanently, or for a considerable time)
wohnen {vi} :: to stay (to remain in a place for a definite or short period of time)
Wohnfläche {f} :: living space
Wohngebiet {n} :: residential area
Wohngemeinschaft {f} :: apartment-sharing community
wohnhaft {adj} :: resident (in the place mentioned)
Wohnhaus {n} :: residential building
Wohnhaus {n} :: dwellinghouse, residence
Wohnhäuschen {n} :: diminutive of Wohnhaus
Wohnhäuslein {n} [uncommon] :: diminutive of Wohnhaus
Wohnheim {n} [building] :: hostel, boarding house, dormitory
Wohnküche {f} :: eat-in kitchen
Wohnlage {f} :: residential area
wohnlich {adj} :: comfortable, cosy
wohnlich {adj} :: homely
Wohnmobil {n} :: a camper (camper van), motor home, motor caravan, recreational vehicle
Wohnort {m} :: residence
Wohnraum {m} :: housing
Wohnsitz {m} :: residence (place where one lives)
Wohnstallhaus {n} :: byre-dwelling
Wohnung {f} :: domicile; dwelling; lodging; abode; accommodation (any place someone lives in for a span of time longer than a holiday)
Wohnung {f} [especially] :: flat; apartment (such a place when it occupies only part of a building)
Wohnungsbau {m} :: housing
Wohnungsbau {m} :: house building
Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft {f} [finance] :: housing cooperative
Wohnviertel {n} [of a city] :: residential area, residential district, residential neighborhood
Wohnwagen {m} :: caravan [UK], trailer [US]
Wohnzimmer {n} :: living room
Wohnzimmereinrichtung {f} :: living room design, living room furniture
wo ist die Toilette {phrase} :: where is the toilet
wo ist hier ein Hotel {phrase} :: where can I find a hotel
Woitzdorf {prop} :: German name of two small places in the Czech Republic:
Woitzdorf {prop} :: Vojtovice, municipality of Vlčice u Javorníka, Okres Jeseník
Woitzdorf {prop} :: Vojtíškov, municipality of Malá Morava, Okres Šumperk
wo kein Kläger, da kein Richter {proverb} :: For there to be justice, a legal complaint must be filed
WoKü {noun} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Wohnküche
wol {adv} :: obsolete spelling of wohl
wölben {vt} :: to curve, bend
wölben {vr} :: to curve; to bulge out, to arch
Wölbling {prop} {n} :: Wölbling (municipality)
Wölbung {f} :: bulge
Wölbung {f} :: arch, vault
Woldemar {prop} :: given name
Wolf {m} :: wolf
Wolf {m} [constellation] :: the constellation Lupus
Wolf {m} :: shredder, mincer
Wolf {m} :: skin abrasion (acquired on long hikes or marches, through the friction of one's clothes)
Wolf {prop} :: given name, short form of Germanic compound names beginning with the element Wolf-, particularly Wolfgang
Wolf {prop} :: surname derived from the given name, or as a nickname from the animal. Variant: Wolff
Wolfau {prop} {n} :: Wolfau (municipality)
Wolfenstein {prop} :: surname
Wolfern {prop} {n} :: Wolfern (municipality)
Wolfesgrube {f} :: alternative form of Wolfsgrube
Wolff {prop} :: surname A spelling variant of Wolf
Wolfgang {prop} {m} :: given name
Wolfhard {prop} :: given name
Wölfin {f} :: she-wolf, a female wolf
Wolfpassing {prop} {n} :: Wolfpassing (municipality)
Wolfram {n} :: tungsten
Wolfram {prop} {m} :: given name
Wolfram {prop} {m} :: surname derived from the given name
Wolframcarbid {n} [inorganic compound] :: tungsten carbide
Wolframdraht {m} :: tungsten wire
Wolframglühwendel {f} :: tungsten filament (in an incandescent light bulb)
Wolframit {m} [mineral] :: wolframite
Wolfsangel {f} :: wolf hook
Wolfsbach {prop} {n} :: Wolfsbach (municipality)
Wolfsburg {prop} {n} :: Wolfsburg (city)
Wolfsfell {n} :: wolf's fur
Wolfsgraben {prop} {n} :: Wolfsgraben (municipality)
Wolfsgrube {f} :: wolf pit, a deep, covered pit for trapping wolves
Wolfsmaul {n} :: a wolf's mouth
Wolfsmilch {f} :: spurge (any plant of the genus Euphorbia)
Wolfspinne {f} :: wolf spider
Wolfsschwanz {m} :: wolf's tail
Wolfsthal {prop} {n} :: Wolfsthal (municipality)
Wolfurt {prop} {n} :: Wolfurt (municipality)
Wolga {prop} {f} :: Wolga (river)
wolgadeutsch {adj} :: Volga German (of or pertaining to the Volga Germans or their language)
Wolgametropole {f} [in particular] :: metropolis on the Volga; Kazan or Stalingrad/Volgograd
Wolgastadt {f} :: city on the Volga [e.g. Astrakhan, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Stalingrad/Volgograd]
wolgeboren {adj} :: obsolete spelling of wohlgeboren
wolgeborn {adj} :: obsolete spelling of wohlgeboren
wolhyniendeutsch {adj} :: Volhynia German; belonging or pertaining to the Volhynia Germans
Wolhyniendeutsch {n} :: the Volhynia German lect
Wolhyniendeutscher {m} :: Volhynia German, Volhynian German (male or of unspecified sex) (a German native or inhabitant of Volhynia, or a descendant of one)
Wolke {f} :: cloud, a visible mass of condensed water droplets in the air
Wolke {f} :: cloud, made of steam, ash, smoke or anything that resembles such a mass (may also be Schwaden or Schwade in this sense)
Wolke {f} :: nebula, enormous masses of interstellar dust and hydrogen in outerspace (may also be Nebel in this sense)
wölken {v} :: to cloud up
Wolkenbildung {f} :: cloud formation
Wolkenbruch {m} :: cloudburst (sudden heavy rainstorm)
Wolkendecke {f} [meteorology] :: cloud cover
wolkenfrei {adj} :: cloudless
wolkenhoch {adj} :: high as the clouds
Wolkenkratzer {m} :: skyscraper
Wolkenkuckucksheim {n} :: cloud-cuckoo-land
wolkenlos {adj} :: cloudless
wolkenverhangen {adj} :: overcast, cloudy
Wolke sieben {f} :: cloud nine
wolkig {adj} :: cloudy
wolkiger {adj} :: comparative of wolkig
wolkigsten {adj} :: superlative of wolkig
woll {adv} :: obsolete spelling of wohl
Wolldecke {f} :: woollen blanket
Wolle {f} :: wool
wollen {adj} :: woolen, woollen
wollen {vti} [past participle: “gewollt”] :: To want; to wish; to desire; to demand
wollen {v} [auxiliary, past participle: “wollen”] :: To want (to do something)
wollen {v} [auxiliary, past participle: “wollen”] :: To intend, to mean
Wollfaden {m} :: wool thread, strand of wool
wollgeboren {adj} :: obsolete spelling of wohlgeboren
wollgeborn {adj} :: obsolete spelling of wohlgeboren
Wollhandschuh {m} :: woolen glove (US), woollen glove (UK)
Wollknäuel {n} {m} :: ball of wool
Wollmantel {m} :: woolen coat, wool coat
Wollpullover {m} :: woolen pullover, woolen sweater, woolen jumper
Wollschal {m} :: wool scarf
Wollsocke {f} :: woolen sock, wool sock
Wollust {f} :: lust
Wollust {f} [Swiss, archaic] :: lustful person
wollüstig {adj} :: voluptuous, lustful, concupiscent
Wolperdinger {m} :: alternative form of Wolpertinger
Wolpertinger {m} [mythology] :: wolpertinger (a beast of folklore with incongruous features)
Woltz {prop} :: surname
Woltzen {prop} [very, rare] :: surname borne by a few people in Frisia
womit {adv} [interrogative] :: with what, what…with
womit {adv} [relative] :: with which; by which
womöglich {adv} :: possibly
Womrath {prop} :: A municipality in Rheinland-Pfalz
wonach {adv} [interrogative] :: after what
wonach {adv} [relative] :: after what
wonach {adv} :: whereupon
woneben {adv} :: next to what
wo nichts ist, hat der Kaiser, das Recht verloren {proverb} :: "where nothing is left, even the ruler has lost his powers"; only talent and beauty have real value
Wonne {f} :: bliss, joy; delight
Wonne {f} :: lust
Wonnemond {prop} {m} [archaic, poetic] :: May (fifth month of the Gregorian calendar)
Wonneproppen {m} [colloquial, positive] :: cute, usually chubby, baby or small child
Wonneproppen {m} [colloquial, disrespectful] :: chubby person, often female
wonnetrunken {adj} :: blissful
wonnetrunken {adj} :: merry, tipsy (happily drunk)
woran {adv} :: on what, at what
worauf {adv} :: whereupon; upon which; on which; to which; at which; above which; upon
woraufhin {adv} :: whereupon
woraus {adv} :: out of what, from which
Word {prop} {n} :: Word (Microsoft program)
worfeln {v} :: to winnow (to separate the heavier and lighter with a current of air)
worin {adv} :: in what, wherein
Work-Life-Balance {f} :: work-life balance
Workshop {m} :: workshop (course of education)
Workshop {m} :: workshop (academic conference)
Worms {prop} {n} :: Worms (city)
Worones {prop} {n} [rare] :: obsolete form of Woronesch
Woronesch {prop} {n} :: Woronesch (city/administrative center)
Woronesch'sch {adj} [rare] :: Voronezhian; of or pertaining to Voronezh
woronesisch {adj} [very rare, obsolete] :: Voronezhian; of or pertaining to Voronezh
Wörschach {prop} {n} :: Wörschach (municipality)
Wort {n} :: [plural Wörter] word as an isolated unit
Wort {n} :: [plural Worte] utterance, word with context
Wort {n} [uncountable] :: speech, speaking, (figuratively) floor
Wort {n} [uncountable] :: promise, (figuratively) word
Wortanfang {m} [linguistics] :: the first linguistic element in a word
Wortart {f} :: part of speech (the function a word or phrase performs)
Wortbildung {f} [linguistics, uncountable] :: The study of the construction or creation of words from lexical or derivational morphemes, derivation, word formation, wordbuilding
Wortbildung {f} [linguistics, countable] :: The creation of new words from lexical or derivational morphemes, derivation, word formation, wordbuilding
Wortbildung {f} [linguistics, countable] :: The morphological structure of words constructed from lexical or derivational morphemes
Wortbildung {f} [linguistics, countable] :: A new word constructed from lexical or derivational morphemes, derived term, derivation
Wörtchen {n} :: diminutive of Wort
Wörterberg {prop} {n} :: Wörterberg (municipality)
Wörterbuch {n} :: dictionary (reference work with a list of words from one or more languages, and their definitions or translations)
Wörterbüchlein {n} :: diminutive of Wörterbuch: dictionary
Worterklärung {f} :: the definition of a word
Wortfolge {f} :: word order
Wortform {f} [linguistics] :: wordform; [especially] inflected form of a word
Wortgefecht {n} :: war of words
wortgeschichtlich {adj} :: etymological
wortgetreu {adj} :: verbatim
wortgetreu {adj} :: literal
wortgewaltig {adj} :: magniloquent
wortgewandt {adj} :: eloquent, talkative
Wortherkunft {f} :: etymology (word origin)
Wörthersee {prop} :: Wörthersee, Lake Wörth, an alpine lake in the southern Austrian province of Carinthia
wortkarg {adj} :: taciturn, laconic
Wortkargheit {f} :: untalkativeness
Wortklauber {m} :: quibbler [esp. of definitions]
Wortkreuzung {f} [linguistics] :: blend
Wortlaut {m} :: wording
Wörtlein {n} :: diminutive of Wort
wörtlich {adj} :: literal, verbatim
wörtlich {adv} :: literally, verbatim
Wortliste {f} :: word list
wortlos {adj} :: silent
wortlos {adj} :: taciturn
wortmächtig {adj} :: eloquent
wortreich {adj} :: wordy, verbose
wortreicher {adj} :: comparative of wortreich
wortreichsten {adj} :: superlative of wortreich
Wortsalat {m} :: word salad
Wortschatz {m} :: vocabulary
Wortschatz {m} [linguistics] :: lexicon (vocabulary of a language; vocabulary used by an individual)
Wortschöpfer {m} :: inventor of words
Wortschöpferin {f} :: female inventor of words
Wortschrift {f} :: logography
Wortsippe {f} [lexicography] :: a group of words which share a single etymological element
Wortspiel {n} :: pun
Wortstamm {m} [linguistics] :: stem (main part of a word)
Wortstellung {f} :: word order
Worttrennung {f} :: syllabification
Wortverbindung {f} [linguistics] :: collocation
Wortwahl {f} :: choice of words
wortwörtlich {adj} :: word-for-word
Wortwurzel {f} [linguistics] :: root
Wortzwischenraum {m} :: space between words
worüber {adv} :: over what
worum {adv} :: around what
worunter {adv} :: under what
wo Saufen eine Ehre ist, ist Kotzen keine Schande {proverb} :: Where there are false ideals, the vices will be even worse; but chiefly used in the context of hard drinking, as a condemnation thereof
wo Saufen eine Ehre ist, ist Kotzen keine Schande {proverb} :: Used by drinkers, in a positive and literal sense, to excuse their own or other people’s vomiting
Wotan {prop} {m} :: Woden/Odin, a deity of the old Germanic religion, and of modern German reconstructions of this religion
Wotan {prop} {m} :: given name
Wotanstag {m} [dated or regional] :: Wednesday
Wote {m} :: Vote (male or of unspecified sex) (a man, boy or person belonging to the Votic people)
Wotin {f} :: Vote (female) (a woman or girl belonging to the Votic people)
wotisch {adj} :: Votic (related to the Votes or their language)
Wotisch {prop} {n} :: Votic (language)
wovon {adv} [pronominal] :: about what, what ... about:
wovon {pron} [relative] :: of which (referring to the whole clause)
wovon das Herz voll ist, davon geht der Mund über {proverb} :: Words, even when said lightly or in passing, reveal something about someone’s mind
wovor {adv} :: in front of what
Wow-Effekt {m} :: (emotion) wow effect
wo wohnen Sie {phrase} :: where do you live (formal)
wo wohnst du {phrase} :: where do you live (casual)
wozu {adv} [interrogative] :: for what reason, to what purpose, what for, why?
wozu {adv} [interrogative] :: to what, for what, etc
wozu {adv} [relative] :: for which reason, to which purpose
wozu {adv} [relative] :: to which, for which, etc
wozwischen {adv} :: between what
Wrack {n} :: wreck (damaged remains of a ship, airplane, etc.)
Wrack {n} :: wreck (physically and/or mentally unstable person)
Wrap {m} :: wrap (food)
Wrestling {n} :: pro wrestling
wringen {v} :: to wring (clothes)
Wruke {f} [regional, north-eastern Germany] :: swede, neep, rutabaga (Brassica napus subsp. rapifera)
Wucher {m} :: usury
Wucherer {m} :: usurer (one who loans money at exorbitant interest rates)
wuchern {vi} :: to practise usury; to usure
wuchern {vi} [+ mit] :: to make profitable use of; usually in a non-financial sense
wuchern {vi} [of plants] :: to overgrow
wuchern {vi} [of cancer] :: to develop metastases
Wucherpreis {m} :: exorbitant price, extortionate price
Wucherung {f} :: overgrowth (excessive growth)
Wucherung {f} [medicine] :: metastasis
Wucherung {f} [now rare] :: practice of usury
Wuchs {m} :: growth; growing
Wuchs {m} :: form; shape; build (the way something has grown)
Wucht {f} :: weight
Wucht {f} :: force
Wucht {f} :: impetus
wuchten {v} :: to heave
wuchtig {adj} :: bulky, massive
Wudy {prop} :: surname
wuff {interj} :: woof
wühlen {v} :: to rummage, to grub
wühlen {v} :: to dig, to burrow, to tunnel
wühlen {v} [figuratively, politics] :: to agitate
Wühler {m} :: cricetid (rodent of the family Cricetidae)
Wühler {m} [figuratively, politics, pejorative] :: agitator, activist
Wühlmaus {f} :: vole
Wühltisch {m} [somewhat, colloquial] :: bargain bin
Wulf {prop} :: given name
Wulf {prop} :: surname derived from the given name
Wulfenit {n} [mineral] :: wulfenite
Wulkaprodersdorf {prop} {n} :: Wulkaprodersdorf (municipality)
Wullersdorf {prop} {n} :: Wullersdorf (municipality)
Wulst {mf} :: An oblong bulge
Wulst {mf} :: A wreath, garland
Wulst {mf} [architecture] :: A torus
Wumme {f} [colloquial] :: handgun
wummern {v} :: an onomatopoeia, to give off a sudden dull sound
wumpe {adj} [regional, colloquial, usually predicative only] :: all the same, unimportant
wund {adj} :: wounded, injured, sore
Wundauflage {f} [medicine] :: wound dressing
Wundbrand {m} [dated] :: gangrene
Wunde {f} :: sore, wound
Wunder {n} :: miracle
Wunder {n} :: wonder
wunderbar {adj} :: wonderful
wunderbarer {adj} :: comparative of wunderbar
wunderbarsten {adj} :: superlative of wunderbar
Wunderbeere {f} :: miracle berry
wunderfitzig {adj} [Baden] :: curious
Wunderkerze {f} :: A hand-held firework emitting sparks, a sparkler
Wunderkind {n} :: child prodigy
wunderlich {adj} :: quaint, bizarre, strange
wunderlicher {adj} :: comparative of wunderlich
wunderlichsten {adj} :: superlative of wunderlich
Wundermittel {n} :: panacea
Wundermittel {n} :: miracle cure
Wundermittel {n} :: magic pill
wundern {vt} :: to surprise
wundern {vr} :: to be surprised
wundern {vr} :: to wonder
wundernehmen {v} :: to suprise
wundersam {adj} :: wondrous
wundersamer {adj} :: comparative of wundersam
wundersamsten {adj} :: superlative of wundersam
wunderschön {adj} :: gorgeous, very beautiful
wundertoll {adj} :: Very unusual or unbelievable
wundervoll {adj} :: wonderful
wundervoller {adj} :: comparative of wundervoll
wundervollsten {adj} :: superlative of wundervoll
Wunderwaffe {f} :: (historical) A Second World War-era Nazi propaganda term for several weapon designs intended to be revolutionary, most of which were ineffective or not finalized
Wunderwaffe {f} :: (figuratively, usually sarcastically) a universal solution which solves all problems related to a particular issue; magic bullet, panacea
Wunderwerk {n} :: marvel
Wundheilung {f} :: wound healing
Wundrand {m} :: wound edge
wundreiben {v} :: to chafe, to gall
Wundschuh {prop} {n} :: Wundschuh (municipality)
Wundstarrkrampf {m} :: tetanus
Wunsch {m} :: wish
Wünsch {m} :: [obsolete] alternative form of Wunsch; wish
Wunschdenken {n} :: wishful thinking
Wünschelrute {f} :: divining rod (a staff used to find subterranean resources, such as water or metals, by divination)
wünschen {vt} [with reflexive dative] :: to wish for; to make a wish for; to want; to desire
wünschen {vt} [with non-reflexive dative] :: to wish someone something
wünschen {vt} [without dative, formal] :: to demand; to order; in negation: not to tolerate
wünschenswert {adj} :: desirable
wünschenswert {adj} :: preferable
Wunschliste {f} :: wish list, wishlist
wunschlos {adj} :: desireless (having nothing more to be wished for)
Wunschtraum {m} :: dream, pipe dream
Wunschzettel {m} :: List of presents, wish list of presents, Christmas list
Wunschzettel {m} :: Wishlist, wish list
Wuppertal {prop} {n} :: Wuppertal (city)
Würde {f} :: dignity
würdelos {adj} :: undignified
würdevoll {adj} :: dignified
würdevoller {adj} :: comparative of würdevoll
würdevollsten {adj} :: superlative of würdevoll
-würdig {suffix} :: -worthy
würdig {adj} [+ genitive or dative] :: worthy of
würdig {adj} :: honourable, dignified
würdigen {v} :: to appreciate
Würdigung {f} :: appreciation, evaluation
Würdtwein {prop} {mf} [very, rare] :: surname borne by Stephan Alexander Würdtwein
Wurf {m} :: throw
Wurf {m} :: litter (of cubs)
Wurfarm {m} :: throwing arm
Würfel {m} :: die (game piece)
Würfel {m} :: cube
würfelförmig {adj} :: cubiform
würfelig {adj} :: diced
würfeln {v} :: to dice
würfeln {v} :: to play dice
Würfelnatter {f} :: dice snake
Würfelspiel {n} :: (game of) dice
Würfelzucker {m} :: lump sugar; sugarlumps
Würflach {prop} {n} :: Würflach (municipality)
würflig {adj} :: alternative form of würfelig
Wurfmesser {n} :: throwing knife
Wurfschaufel {f} :: winnowing fan
Wurfspiel {n} :: throwing game
Wurfstern {m} :: throwing star
Würgaround {m} [colloquial] :: a workaround, specifically a complicated or undesirable one
Würgegriff {m} :: stranglehold, chokehold
würgen {v} :: to strangle
würgen {v} :: to gag
würgen {v} :: to retch
Würger {m} :: agent noun of würgen
Würger {m} :: strangler (killer)
Würger {m} [ornithology] :: shrike
Würgeschlange {f} :: constrictor, constrictor snake
Wurm {m} {n} [biology] :: worm
Wurm {m} {n} [colloquial] :: maggot, grub
Wurm {m} {n} [archaic] :: any crawling animal, e.g. a reptile
Wurm {m} {n} [poetic, heraldry] :: dragon, lindworm, wyrm
Wurm {m} {n} [computing] :: worm
Wurm {m} {n} [colloquial, affectionate] :: a baby or small child; a mite; any helpless creature
Würmchen {n} :: diminutive of Wurm
wurmen {vt} [of a situation or past event] :: to cause a not necessarily strong but continuous feeling of anger, worry, or regret in someone; to rankle
Würmla {prop} {n} :: Würmla (municipality)
Würmlein {n} :: diminutive of Wurm
Wurmloch {n} [physics] :: wormhole
Wurmschraube {f} [Austria] :: set screw (A screw with threads the entire length and no head.)
wurmstichig {adj} :: wormy, worm-eaten, maggoty
Wurmzüngler {m} [dated] :: chameleon
wurscht {adj} [colloquial] :: irrelevant, meaningless
wurschteln {v} [regional, central Germany] :: alternative form of wursteln
wurst {adv} [colloquial] :: anyway, anyhow
Wurst {f} :: sausage
Würstchen {n} :: diminutive of Wurst, a small sausage, a bratwurst
Würstchen {n} :: a wimp
Wurstebrei {m} :: a regional specialty from Lippe and eastern Westphalia, consisting of ground and boiled meat cuts, as used for sausage making
wursteln {v} :: to meddle; to tamper
wursteln {v} :: to potter; to be busy with minor works and tasks (e.g. about the house)
wursteln {v} :: to struggle with everyday problems; to eke out a living
Wurstgabel {f} :: meat fork
Würstlein {n} :: diminutive of Wurst
Wurstmesser {n} :: knife especially for cutting sausages
Wurstwasser {n} [rare] :: water in which sausages have been cooked and/or packaged
Wurt {f} :: man-made hill or elevation (as used in low areas to protect farmhouses against flooding)
Württemberg {prop} :: Württemberg (area)
württembergisch {adj} :: Of or from Württemberg
Wurtzit {m} [mineral] :: wurtzite
Wurz {f} [archaic or regional] :: root
Würzburg {prop} :: Würzburg (city in Franconia)
Würze {f} :: spice, aroma
Würze {f} [brewing] :: wort
Wurzel {f} :: root
Wurzel {f} [biology] :: root
Wurzel {f} [metaphorical] :: root, the primary source, origin
Wurzel {f} [mathematics] :: root, especially square root
Wurzel {f} [linguistic morphology] :: root, the irreducable skeleton of a word
Wurzel {f} [historical linguistics] :: root, internal etymon
Wurzeldruck {m} :: root pressure
Wurzelgewebe {n} :: root tissue
Wurzelkanal {m} [of a tooth] :: root canal
Wurzelkanalbehandlung {f} [dentistry, surgical operation] :: root canal
wurzellos {adj} :: rootless
Wurzellosigkeit {f} :: rootlessness
wurzeln {v} :: to be rooted
Wurzeln schlagen {v} [idiomatic] :: to put down roots
wurzelverwandt {adj} :: cognate (having the same root)
Wurzelwachstum {n} :: root growth
Wurzelwerk {n} :: root system of a plant
Wurzelwerk {n} [Austria] :: root vegetable
würzen {v} :: to season
würzig {adj} :: spicy
würziger {adj} :: comparative of würzig
würzigsten {adj} :: superlative of würzig
Würzsauce {f} [cooking] :: condiment, relish
wuscheln {v} :: to tousle (e.g. hair)
wuschig {adj} :: sexually aroused
wuselig {adj} :: fidgety
wuselig {adj} :: wary
wuseln {v} :: to move hastily
Wust {m} [pejorative] :: caos, clutter, mess (big amount of disordered things)
wüst {adj} :: desert
wüst {adj} :: wild
wüst {adj} :: ugly
wüst {adj} :: messed up, chaotic, desolated
wüst {adj} :: vulgar, obscene
Wüste {f} :: desert
Wüste {f} :: wilderness, waste, wasteland
Wüstenei {f} :: wasteland
Wüstenfuchs {m} :: fennec
Wüstenrennmaus {f} :: gerbil
Wüstenspringmaus {f} :: jerboa, lesser Egyptian jerboa, Jaculus jaculus
wüster {adj} :: comparative of wüst
wüstesten {adj} :: superlative of wüst
Wüstit {m} [mineral] :: wüstite
Wüstling {m} :: libertine, lecher
Wüstung {f} :: an abandoned village, of which there are only traces left
Wut {f} :: rage; fury; outrage
Wut {f} :: anger; usually “strong, hateful anger” in literary German, but not necessarily in the vernacular
Wut {f} [in compounds, otherwise dated] :: ecstasy; frenzy
Wutanfall {m} :: tantrum, fit
Wutbürger {m} [journalese] :: An angry or enraged citizen, especially one who feels politically marginalized
Wutbürgerin {f} [journalese] :: female form of Wutbürger
wüten {v} :: to rage
wütend {adj} :: furious
wütend {adj} :: angry
wütend {adv} :: angrily, furiously
wutentbrannt {adj} :: furious, enraged
Wüterei {f} :: raging
Wüterich {m} [derogatory] :: furious person
Wüterich {m} [botany] :: cowbane
wutschen {v} :: to whiz away
Wutz {f} [regional] :: swine, pig
Wyoming {prop} {n} :: Wyoming (state)
w. z. b. w. {noun} :: [abbreviation of was zu beweisen war] Q.E.D.
w. z. b. w. {noun} [literal] :: What was to be proven