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I am {interj} (I'm) SEE: I'm ::
iamb {n} (a metrical foot) :: jambe {c}
iambic {adj} (consisting of iambs or characterized by their predominance) :: jambisk
Iamblichus {prop} (Greek philosopher) :: Iamblichos {m}
I am blind {phrase} (I'm blind) SEE: I'm blind ::
I am English {phrase} (I am English) :: jeg er englænder, jeg er engelsk
I am hungry {phrase} (I'm hungry) SEE: I'm hungry ::
I am thirsty {phrase} (I'm thirsty) SEE: I'm thirsty ::
I am tired {phrase} (I'm tired) SEE: I'm tired ::
I am ... year(s) old {phrase} (I'm ... year(s) old) SEE: I'm ... year(s) old ::
Iapetus {prop} (the Titan) :: Iapetus
Iberia {prop} (region south of the Pyrenees) :: Iberiske Halvø
Iberian Peninsula {prop} (peninsula) :: Den Iberiske Halvø
ibex {n} (type of wild mountain goat) :: stenbuk {c}
Ibiza {prop} (island) :: Ibiza {n}
-ic {suffix} (Note: these translations are a guide only. For more precise translations, see individual words ending in -ic) :: -isk
I came, I saw, I conquered {phrase} (used to indicate a total swift victory) :: jeg kom, jeg så, jeg sejrede
I can't find my ... {phrase} (I can't find my ...) :: jeg kan ikke finde min ... {c}, jeg kan ikke finde mit ... {n}, jeg kan ikke finde mine ... {p}
Icarus {prop} :: Ikaros {}
ice {n} (water in frozen form) :: is {c}
ice {n} (frozen dessert) :: is
ice {n} (diamond) SEE: diamond ::
ice age {n} (period of extensive glaciation (glacial period)) :: istid {c}
ice bear {n} (polar bear) SEE: polar bear ::
iceberg {n} (huge mass of floating ice) :: isbjerg {n}
icebox {n} (refrigerator) SEE: refrigerator ::
icebreaker {n} (ship designed to break through ice) :: isbryder {c}
ice cap {n} (permanent expanse of ice) :: iskappe
ice cream {n} (dessert) :: is {c}
ice cream {n} (in a cone) :: isvaffel {c}, vaffelis {c}
ice cream cone {n} (conical confection for holding ice cream) :: isvaffel {c}
ice cream cone {n} (cone filled with ice cream) :: isvaffel {c}, vaffelis {c}
ice cream maker {n} (machine used to make homemade ice cream) :: ismaskine {c}
ice cube {n} (small piece of ice used for cooling drinks) :: isterning {c}
iced coffee {n} (beverage) :: iskaffe {c}
ice hockey {n} (hockey) :: ishockey
ice hockey player {n} (one who plays ice hockey) :: ishockeyspiller {c}
Iceland {prop} (country in Europe) :: Island
Icelander {n} (a person from Iceland or of Icelandic descent) :: islænding {c}
Icelandic {prop} (language) :: islandsk
Icelandic {adj} (of or relating to Iceland) :: islandsk
Icelandic {n} (Icelander) SEE: Icelander ::
Icelandic Sheepdog {n} (Icelandic Sheepdog) :: islandsk fårehund
Icelandish {prop} (Icelandic) SEE: Icelandic ::
Icelandish {adj} (Icelandic) SEE: Icelandic ::
ice lolly {n} (frozen juice) :: ispind {c}
ice sheet {n} (broad glacial mass) :: indlandsis {c}
ice skate {n} (a light boot, fitted with a blade, used for skating on ice) :: skøjte {c}
icicle {n} (a spear-shape of ice) :: istap {c}
icing {n} (sweet glaze used for baked goods) :: glasur
icing sugar {n} (powdered sugar) SEE: powdered sugar ::
icon {n} (image) :: ikon {c}
icon {n} (religious painting) :: ikon {c}
iconostasis {n} (a wall of icons) :: ikonostase
icosahedron {n} (a polyhedron) :: ikosaeder {n}
I could eat a horse {phrase} (very hungry) :: jeg er skrupsulten
ICU {n} (intensive care unit) :: intensiv afdeling, intensivafdeling {c}
ID {n} (identification or identity documentation) SEE: ID card ::
Ida {prop} (female given name) :: Ida
Idaho {prop} (US state) :: Idaho
ID card {n} (card or badge showing the official identity of the wearer) :: identitetskort {n}
-ide {suffix} (any of a group of related compounds) :: -id {c}
-ide {suffix} (any of a group of several elements) :: -id {c}
idempotent {adj} (mathematics: an action which, when performed multiple time, has no further effect on its subject after the first time it is performed) :: idempotent
identical {adj} (bearing full likeness) :: identisk
identical {adj} (of twins, such that they share the same genetic code) :: enægget
identity {n} (the difference or character that marks off an individual from the rest) :: identitet {c}
identity {n} (name or persona) :: identitet {c}
identity {n} (knowledge of who one is) :: identitet {c}
identity card {n} (a card showing one's identity) SEE: ID card ::
identity politician {n} (identity politician) :: identitetspolitiker {c}
identity politics {n} (identity politics) :: identitetspolitik {c}
ideogram {n} (a symbol) :: ideogram {n}
ideologue {n} (advocate of a particular ideology) :: ideolog
ideology {n} (doctrine, body of ideas) :: ideologi
idiocy {n} (state of being an idiot) :: idioti
idiom {n} (expression peculiar to a given language) :: idiom
idiomatic {adj} (pertaining or conforming to the mode of expression characteristic of a language) :: idiomatisk
idiomatical {adj} (idiomatical) SEE: idiomatic ::
idiosyncrasy {n} (way of behaving or thinking) :: idiosynkratisk {c}
idiosyncrasy {n} ((medicine) individual reaction to a generally innocuous substance) :: overfølsomhed {c}, [rare] idiosynkrasi {c}
idiosyncrasy {n} (peculiarity that serves to distinguish or identify) :: særhed {c}, særegenhed {c}, særpræg {n}, idiosynkrasi {c}
idiot {n} (person of low general intelligence) :: idiot {c}
idle hands are the devil's workshop {proverb} (One who is idle will likely come to do evil) :: lediggang er roden til alt ondt
I'd like to kiss you {phrase} (I'd like to kiss you) :: jeg vil gerne kysse dig
I'd like to know {phrase} (phrase) :: jeg vil gerne vide
idolatry {n} (worship of idols) :: afgudsdyrkelse
idolize {v} (to make an idol of) :: idolisere
I don't care {phrase} (I don't care) :: jeg er ligeglad
I don't eat fish {phrase} (I don't eat fish) :: jeg spiser ikke fisk
I don't eat meat {phrase} (I don't eat meat) :: jeg spiser ikke kød
I don't eat pork {phrase} (I don't eat pork) :: jeg spiser ikke svinekød
I don't know {phrase} (I don’t know) :: jeg ved det ikke
I don't speak English {phrase} (I don't speak English (specifically English)) :: jeg taler ikke engelsk
I don't speak English {phrase} (I don't speak (fill with the name of the current foreign language)) :: jeg kan ikke tale det dansk, jeg taler ikke dansk
I don't think so {phrase} (I think that what has been said is untrue) :: det tror jeg ikke
I don't understand {phrase} (I don't understand) :: jeg forstår ikke
I don't want it {phrase} (I don't want it) :: jeg vil ikke den {c}, jeg vil ikke det {n}
idyll {n} (poem or short written piece) :: idyl {c}
idyll {n} (carefree or lighthearted experience) :: idyl {c}
idyllic {adj} (of or pertaining to idylls) :: idyllisk
idyllic {adj} (happy, peaceful, picturescue) :: idyllisk
i.e. {abbr} (that is) :: dvs.
if {conj} (supposing that) :: hvis, om, dersom, nærmest, snarere
if {conj} (whether) :: om, hvorvidt
if and only if {conj} (implies and is implied by) :: hvis og kun hvis
iff {abbr} (abbreviation of if and only if) :: hviss
if I'm honest {phrase} (to be honest) SEE: to be honest ::
if the mountain won't come to Muhammad {proverb} (if one cannot get one's own way) :: hvis bjerget ikke vil komme til Muhammed, må Muhammed komme til bjerget, når bjerget ikke vil komme til Muhammed, må Muhammed komme til bjerget
if you know what I mean {phrase} (used to allude to something unsaid or hinted at) :: hvis du forstår, hvad jeg mener
igloo {n} (Inuit snow house) :: iglo {c}
igniter {n} (device that is used to ignite something) :: tænder {c}
ignorance {n} (condition of being uninformed or uneducated) :: uvidenhed
ignorance is bliss {proverb} (Ignorance is bliss) :: uvidenhed er en velsignelse
ignore {v} (to deliberately pay no attention to) :: ignorere
I hate you {phrase} (expression of intense dislike) :: jeg hader dig
I have a cold {phrase} (I have a cold) :: jeg er forkølet
I have a fever {phrase} (I have a fever) :: jeg har feber
I have a headache {phrase} (I have a headache) :: jeg har hovedpine
I have AIDS {phrase} (I have AIDS) :: jeg har aids
I have a question {phrase} (I have a question) :: jeg har et spørgsmål
I have asthma {phrase} (I have asthma) :: jeg har astma
I have cancer {phrase} (I have cancer) :: jeg har kræft
I have diabetes {phrase} (I have diabetes) :: jeg har sukkersyge, jeg har diabetes
I have high blood pressure {phrase} (I have high blood pressure) :: jeg har forhøjet blodtryk
I have low blood pressure {phrase} (I have low blood pressure) :: jeg har lavt blodtryk
I have no money {phrase} (I have no money) :: jeg har ingen penge
Iliad {prop} (ancient Greek epic poem about the Trojan War) :: Iliaden {c}
I like you {phrase} (I like you) :: jeg kan lide dig
I live in Melbourne {phrase} (I live in Melbourne (example city)) :: jeg bor i Melbourne
ill {adj} (bad) SEE: bad ::
ill {adj} (in poor health, suffering from a disease) :: syg
ill {adj} (having an urge to vomit) :: kvalm
I'll call the police {phrase} (I'll call the police) :: jeg ringer til politiet
illegitimate {adj} (against the law) :: uretmæssig, uberettiget
illegitimate {adj} (born to unmarried parents) :: illegitim
illegitimate {adj} (illogical) :: ulogisk
Illinois {prop} (a state of the United States of America) :: Illinois
illiteracy {n} (inability to read) :: analfabetisme {c}
illiterate {adj} (unable to read and write) :: analfabetisk
illiterate {n} (an illiterate person) :: analfabet
illness {n} (an instance of a disease or poor health) :: sygdom {c}
illness {n} (a state of bad health) :: syg
illusion {n} (anything that seems to be something that it is not) :: illusion {c}
illusion {n} (belief in something that is in fact not true) :: illusion {c}
illusion {n} (magician's trick) :: illusion {c}
I lost my backpack {phrase} (I lost my backpack) :: jeg har mistet min rygsæk
I lost my bag {phrase} (I lost my backpack) SEE: I lost my backpack ::
I lost my keys {phrase} (I lost my keys) :: jeg har mistet mine nøgler
I love you {phrase} (affirmation of affection or deep caring) :: jeg elsker dig
I love you {phrase} (affirmation of romantic feeling) :: jeg elsker dig
I'm {contraction} (I am) :: jeg er
I'm a Buddhist {phrase} (I'm a Buddhist) :: jeg er buddhist
I'm a Catholic {phrase} (I'm a Catholic) :: jeg er katolik
I'm a Christian {phrase} (I'm a Christian) :: jeg er kristen
image {n} (graphical representation) :: billede {n}
imagery {n} (imitation work) SEE: imitation ::
imaginary {adj} (existing in imagination) :: fantasi-, imaginær
imaginary number {n} (number of the form bi) :: imaginære tal
imagine {v} ((transitive) to form a mental image of something) :: forestille sig
I'm agnostic {phrase} (I'm agnostic) :: jeg er agnostiker
I'm allergic to aspirin {phrase} (I'm allergic to aspirin) :: jeg er allergisk over for aspirin
I'm allergic to nuts {phrase} (I'm allergic to nuts) :: jeg er allergisk overfor nødder
I'm allergic to penicillin {phrase} (I'm allergic to penicillin) :: jeg er allergisk overfor penicillin
I'm allergic to pollen {phrase} (I'm allergic to pollen) :: jeg er allergisk overfor pollen
imam {n} (Muslim leader) :: imam {c}
I'm a Muslim {phrase} (I'm a Muslim) :: jeg er muslim
I'm an atheist {phrase} (I'm an atheist) :: jeg er ateist
I'm a Protestant {phrase} (I'm a Protestant) :: jeg er protestant
I'm a vegetarian {phrase} (I'm vegetarian) :: jeg er vegetar
imbecile {n} (fool) :: tåbe {c}, fjols {n}, idiot {c}, kraftidiot {c}, dumrian {c}, {c}, imbecil
I'm bisexual {phrase} (I'm bisexual) :: jeg er biseksuel
I'm bleeding {phrase} (I'm bleeding) :: jeg bløder, jeg har blødninger [mostly internal bleedings]
I'm blind {phrase} (I'm blind) :: jeg er blind
Imbros {prop} (island) :: Imbros
I'm deaf {phrase} (I'm deaf) :: jeg er døv
I'm divorced {phrase} (I'm divorced) :: jeg er skilt
I'm dying {phrase} (I'm dying) :: jeg er ved at dø
I'm gay {phrase} (I'm gay) :: jeg er bøsse
I'm hungry {phrase} (I'm hungry) :: jeg er sulten
I'm in love with you {phrase} (declaration of romantic feeling) :: jeg er forelsket i dig
imitation {n} (act of imitating) :: imitation {c}, efterligning {c}
imitation {n} (copy) :: imitation {c}, efterligning {c}
I'm Jewish {phrase} (I'm Jewish (ethnic)) :: jeg er jøde
I'm Jewish {phrase} (I'm Jewish (religious)) :: jeg er jødisk
I'm looking for a grocery store {phrase} (I'm looking for a grocery store) :: jeg leder efter en købmand
I'm lost {phrase} (I'm lost) :: jeg er faret vild
immaculate {adj} (having no stain or blemish, spotless, undefiled, clear, pure) :: pletfri
Immaculate Conception {prop} (The doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church) :: ubesmittede undfangelse
Immanuel {prop} (male given name) SEE: Emmanuel ::
Immanuel {prop} (this figure, regarded as Christ) :: Immanuel
I'm married {phrase} (I'm married) :: jeg er gift
immature {adj} (childish) :: umoden, infantil
immediate {adj} (without delay) :: øjeblikkelig
immediate {adj} (very close) :: tæt, umiddelbar
immediately {adv} (in an immediate manner) :: øjeblikkeligt, med det samme
immigrant {n} (person who comes to a country to settle) :: indvandrer {c}, immigrant {c}
immigrate {v} (to move in from another country or area) :: immigrere, indvandre
immigration {n} (the act of immigrating) :: indvandring {c}
immortal {adj} (not susceptible to death) :: udødelig
immortalise {v} (to make eternally famous) :: udødeliggøre
immovable property {n} (real estate) SEE: real estate ::
I'm not interested {phrase} (I'm not interested) :: jeg er ikke interessert
I'm not religious {phrase} (I'm not religious) :: jeg er ikke religiøs
impala {n} (African antelope) :: impala {c}
impale {v} (put to death by piercing with a pale) :: spidde
impale {v} (pierce something with any long, pointed object) :: spidde
impartial {adj} (treating all parties, rivals or disputants equally) :: upartisk
impasse {n} (road with no exit) SEE: dead end ::
impatience {n} (quality of being impatient) :: utålmodighed {c}
impatient {adj} (restless and intolerant of delays) :: utålmodig
imperative {n} (imperative mood) SEE: imperative mood ::
imperative mood {n} (imperative mood) :: bydeform {c}
impertinence {n} (The fact or character of being out of place; inappropriateness) :: uforskammethed {c}
impertinent {adj} (insolent, ill-mannered) :: uforskammet
impertinent {adj} (irrelevant) :: uvedkommende, irrelevant
impetuous {adj} (describing one who makes arbitrary decisions) :: impulsiv
impetuous {adj} (characterized by sudden and violent force) :: opfarende, heftig, fremfusende
implacable {adj} (adamant or immovable) :: stædig
implant {n} (anything surgically implanted in the body) :: implantat {n}
implicit {adj} (implied indirectly) :: implicit
implore {v} (to beg for) :: bønfalde, trygle
important {adj} (having relevant and crucial value) :: vigtig
imposing {adj} (magnificent and impressive because of appearance, size, stateliness or dignity) :: imposant, imponerende, statelig, monumental
impossible {adj} (not able to be done) :: umuligt
impossible {adj} (very difficult to deal with) :: umulig
impossible {adj} (never happening) :: umuligt
impossible {n} (an impossibility) :: umulighed
impoverished {adj} (with no possessions or money) SEE: poor ::
imprecise {adj} (not precise or exact) :: upræcis
impregnate {v} (to cause to become pregnant) :: befrugte, besvangre, inseminere, bolle tyk [vulgar]
impregnate {v} (to add nutrients) SEE: fertilize ::
imprison {v} (to put in or as if in prison; confine) :: fængsle
imprisonment {n} (confinement) :: fangenskab {n}
improper fraction {n} (arithmetic: a vulgar fraction) :: uægte brøk
improve {v} (to make something better) :: forbedre
improve {v} (to become better) :: forbedre (sig)
improvement {n} (act of improving) :: forbedring {c}
improvised explosive device {n} (explosive weapon, see also: IED) :: vejsidebombe {c}
impudent {adj} (Not showing due respect; impertinent; bold-faced) :: næsvis
impulsive {adj} (actuated by impulse or by transient feelings) :: impulsiv
impulsive {adj} (highly reactive; inclined to make rapid decisions without due consideration) :: impulsiv
I'm rubber, you're glue {phrase} (I'm rubber, you're glue) :: det man siger er man selv
I'm sick {phrase} (I'm sick/ill) :: jeg er syg
I'm single {phrase} (I'm single) :: jeg er single, jeg er ikke gift
I'm straight {phrase} (I'm straight) :: jeg er straight, jeg er hetro, jeg er hetroseksuel
I'm thirsty {phrase} (I need a drink) :: jeg er tørstig
I'm tired {phrase} (I am tired (in need of rest or sleep)) :: jeg er træt
I must go {phrase} (I must go) :: jeg må gå
I'm ... year(s) old {phrase} (I am ... year(s) old) :: jeg er ... år gammel
in {prep} (contained by) :: i
in {prep} (language, script, or tone) :: [language], med [script]
in {prep} :: [1,4] i, [2] inden i, [3] af
in {adv} (indoors; at home or the office and available for conversation) :: inde
in {adv} (moving to the interior) :: ind
in {adv} (still able to play) :: inde [ball]
-in' {suffix} (-ing) SEE: -ing ::
Ina {prop} (female given name) :: Ina
in advance {prep} (in advance) SEE: beforehand ::
inadvertent {adj} (not intentional) :: utilsigtet
in a flash {adv} (very quickly) SEE: quick as a flash ::
inane {adj} (lacking sense or meaning) :: intetsigende, åndsforladt
Inari {prop} (lake) :: Enaresøen, Enare
in-box {n} (electronic folder) :: indbakke {c}
Inca {n} (member of the group of Quechuan peoples) :: inka {c}
incandescent {n} (incandescent lamp) SEE: light bulb ::
incarcerate {v} (to lock away in prison) :: indespære, fængsle
in case {conj} (Because event X might occur) :: i fald, for det fald, at, såfremt, i tilfælde af
incense {n} (A perfume often used in the rites of various religions) :: røgelse {c}, virak {c} (dated)
incest {n} (sexual relations between close relatives) :: incest {c}, blodskam {c}
inch {n} (unit of length) :: tomme {c}
in chorus {prep} (in unison) :: i kor
incident {n} (event or occurrence) :: begivenhed {c}
inclined {adj} (having a tendency, preference, likelihood, or disposition) :: tilbøjelig
incoherent {adj} (lacking coherence, inconsistent) :: usammenhængende
income {n} (Money one earns by working or by capitalising on the work of others) :: indtægt {c}, indkomst {c}
income statement {n} (financial statement of net income) :: resultatopgørelse {c}
incompatible {adj} (impossible to coexist; irreconcilable) :: uforenelig
incomplete {adj} (not complete) :: ukomplet
incomprehensible {adj} (impossible or very difficult to understand) :: uforståelig, ubegribelig
incontinence {n} (inability to restrain discharge) :: inkontinens {c}
increase {n} (act of becoming larger) :: stigning {c}
incunable {n} (very early printed book, specifically one printed before 1501; an incunabulum) :: inkunabel
indecisive {adj} (not decisive) :: ubeslutsom
indeclinable {adj} (not declinable) :: ubøjelig
indeed {adv} (modal: truly; in fact; actually) :: sandelig, sandhed, søreme
indeed {adv} (degree: in fact) :: søreme
indefinite {adj} (without limit; forever, or until further notice; not definite) :: ubestemt
indefinite {adj} (vague or unclear) :: uklar
indefinite {adj} (undecided or uncertain) :: ubestemt
indefinite {adj} (an integral without specified limits) :: ubestemt
indefinite pronoun {n} (Pronoun not specifying the identity of its referent) :: ubestemt stedord {n}
in demand {adj} (sought-after) :: efterspurgt, ombejlet
independence {n} (state or quality of being independent) :: uafhængighed {c}, selvstændighed {c}
independence {n} (state of having sufficient means for a comfortable livelihood) :: uafhængighed {c}, selvstændighed {c}
independent {adj} (not dependent; not contingent or depending on something else; free) :: uafhængig, selvstændig
independent clause {n} (grammar: clause that can stand alone) SEE: main clause ::
index {n} (alphabetical listing) :: indeks {n}, indholdsfortegnelse {c}
index {n} (programming: key indicating location of data) :: indeks {n}
index {v} (to arrange an index) :: indeksere
index {n} (index finger) SEE: forefinger ::
index finger {n} (index finger) SEE: forefinger ::
India {prop} (the country) :: Indien
Indian {adj} (of or pertaining to India) :: indisk
Indian {adj} (of, or related to, the aboriginal people of the Americas) :: indiansk
Indian {n} (a person from India) :: inder {c}
Indian {n} (individual of, or related to, the aboriginal people of the Americas) :: indianer {c}
Indiana {prop} (A state in the Midwest of US) :: Indiana
Indianapolis {prop} (capital of the State of Indiana, USA) :: Indianapolis, Indianapolis
Indian Ocean {prop} (the ocean separating Africa, southern Asia, Australia and Antarctica) :: Indiske Ocean
Indies {prop} (East Indies) SEE: East Indies ::
indifferent {adj} (not caring) :: ligeglad
indifferent {adj} (having no preference) :: ligeglad
indifferent {adj} (not significant) :: ligegyldig
indign {adj} (unworthy) SEE: unworthy ::
indirect free kick {n} (soccer) :: indirekte frispark
indirect object {n} (grammatical term) :: hensynsled {n}
indirect speech {n} (reported speech) SEE: reported speech ::
indium {n} (metallic chemical element) :: indium {n}
individuality {n} (person) SEE: person ::
Indochina {prop} (region in Southeast Asia) :: Indokina
indoctrinate {v} (brainwash) SEE: brainwash ::
Indo-European {n} (member of Proto-Indo-European ethnolinguistic group) :: indoeuropæisk
Indo-European {adj} (of or relating to languages originally spoken in Europe and Western Asia) :: indoeuropæisk
Indo-European studies {n} (academic discipline) :: indoeuropæistik {c}
Indology {n} (academic study of India) :: indologi
Indonesia {prop} (country) :: Indonesien
Indonesian {adj} (referring to Indonesia) :: indonesisk
Indonesian {n} (person) :: Indoneser, Indonesere {p}
Indonesian {prop} (language) :: Indonesisk
in duplicate {prep} (existing with a copy) :: i duplikat
Indus {prop} (the river) :: Indus {c}
industrial espionage {n} (use of clandestine methods to acquire secret information for commercial advantage) :: industrispionage
industrialization {n} (process of social and economic change) :: industrialisering {c}
Industrial Revolution {prop} (major technological change in the late 18th and early 19th century) :: industrielle revolution {c}
industrious {adj} (hard-working and persistent) :: arbejdsom, ihærdig, flitig
industry {n} (businesses of the same type) :: industri {c}
industry {n} (businesses that produce goods) :: industri
Indus Valley Civilization {prop} (ancient civilization) :: Induskulturen
indweller {n} (inhabitant) SEE: inhabitant ::
inebriated {adj} (behaving as though affected by alcohol) :: beruset, fuld
I need ... {phrase} (I need ... (something)) :: jeg behøver ..., jeg har brug for ...
inequality {n} (unfair, not equal, state) :: ulighed {c}
inequality {n} (statement that one quantity is less (or greater) than another) :: ulighed {c}
inequation {n} (a statement that two expressions are not the same) SEE: inequality ::
inert gas {n} (noble gas) SEE: noble gas ::
inertial frame of reference {n} (frame of reference) :: inertialsystem {n}
inessential {adj} (not essential) :: uvæsentlig
inexcusable {adj} (not excusable) :: utilgivelig
inexistent {adj} (nonexistent) SEE: nonexistent ::
inexorable {adj} (Unable to be persuaded: relentless) :: ubønhørlig
inexorable {adj} (Impossible to stop or prevent: inevitable) :: ubønhørlig
inexpedient {adj} (not tending to promote a purpose) :: uhensigtsmæssig
inexpediently {adv} (inexpediently) :: uhensigtsmæssigt
infallible {adj} (without fault or weakness; incapable of error or fallacy) :: ufejlbarlig
infamous {adj} (having a bad reputation) :: berygtet, infamøs
infant {n} (very young human being) :: spædbarn {n}
infant {n} (legal minor) :: mindreårig {c}
infant massage {n} (massage therapy for infants) :: babymassage {c}
infantophilia {n} (attraction to small children) :: infantofili
infantry {n} (soldiers who fight on foot) :: infanteri {n}
infantry {n} (the part of an army consisting of infantry soldiers) :: infanteri {n}
infection {n} (uncontrolled growth of harmful microorganisms in a host) :: infektion {f}
infelicitous {adj} (unhappy or unfortunate) :: uheldig
infelicitous {adj} (inappropriate or awkward; not well said, expressed, or done) :: uheldig
inferno {n} (place or situation resembling Hell) :: inferno {n}
inferno {n} (large fire) :: inferno {n}
infidel {n} (non-believer) :: vantro {c}
infinitive {n} (uninflected verb form) :: infinitiv
infinity {n} (endlessness, unlimitedness, absence of end or limit) :: uendelighed
in flagrante delicto {adv} (in the act of committing a misdeed) :: på fersk gerning
in flagrante delicto {adv} (while performing sexual activity) :: med bukserne nede
inflammable {adj} (capable of burning) :: brændbar, letantændelig
inflammation {n} (medical condition) :: betændelse {c}
inflation {n} (increase in prices) :: inflation
inflect {v} (grammar) :: bøje
inflection {n} (change in the form of a word that reflects a change in grammatical function) :: bøjning
inflection {n} (change in pitch or tone of voice) :: modulation
inflection {n} (turning away from a straight course) :: afvigelse
inflection {n} :: vendepunkt
influence {n} (power to affect, control or manipulate) :: indflydelse
influence {v} (transitive: to exert an influence upon) :: påvirke
influential {adj} (having considerable influence) :: indflydelsesrig
inform {v} (instruct) SEE: instruct ::
informant {n} (one who relays confidential information) :: informant {c}
information {n} (communicable knowledge) :: information, informationer
infrared {n} (infrared radiation) :: infrarød stråling {c}
infrared {adj} (having the wavelength in the infrared) :: infrarød
infrequently {adv} (not frequently) :: ualmindelig, sjælden
-ing {suffix} (to form present participles) :: -ende
in general {adv} (in the general case) :: generelt, generelt set
ingenious {adj} (displaying genius or brilliance; tending to invent) :: opfindsomt
ingenious {adj} (characterized by genius; cleverly done or contrived) :: opfindsomt
ingenuity {n} (ability to come up with solutions to difficult problems) :: snedighed
Ingria {prop} (region to the south of Karelia) :: Ingermanland
Ingrid {prop} (female given name) :: Ingrid
Ingushetia {prop} (federal subject of Russia) :: Ingusjien, Ingusjetien
inhabitant {n} :: indbygger {c}
inherent {adj} (natural part or consequence) :: naturlig, iboende
inheritable {adj} (able to be inherited) :: arvelig
inheritor {n} (heir) SEE: heir ::
inhibitor {n} (substance slowing a reaction) :: hæmmer
initialize {v} (to format a storage medium prior to use) :: initialisere
initial-value problem {n} (initial-value problem) :: begyndelsesværdiproblem {n}
initiative {n} (a beginning; a first move) :: initiativ {n}
injective {adj} (inverse-deterministic) :: injektiv
injury {n} (wound) SEE: wound ::
injury {n} (damage or violation) :: sår {c}
ink {n} (coloured fluid used for writing) :: blæk {n}
inkjet printer {n} (device that prints using droplets of ink) :: blækprinter {c}
inlaut {n} (inlaut) :: forlyd {c}
in-law {n} (father-in-law) SEE: father-in-law ::
in-law {n} (mother-in-law) SEE: mother-in-law ::
-in-law {adj} (related through marriage) :: sviger-
in lieu of {prep} (instead; in place of; as a substitute for) :: i stedet for
in love {prep} (of a person or persons: enamored) :: forelsket
in my humble opinion {prep} (used to introduce or qualify a statement) :: efter min beskedne mening
in my opinion {prep} (according to me) :: efter min mening
inn {n} (lodging) :: kro
inner city {n} (central part of a city) :: centrum {n}, bymidte {c}, indre by {c} [when referring to Copenhagen], midtby {c} [when referring to Aarhus]
Inner Mongolia {prop} (an autonomous region in northern China) :: Indre Mongoliet {c}
inner product {n} (generalization of the dot product) :: indre produkt {n}
innominate bone {n} (hip bone) SEE: hip bone ::
innovation {n} (act of innovating) :: innovation {c}
innovative {adj} (characterized by the creation of new ideas or things) :: opfindsom, nyskabende
innuendo {n} (A derogatory hint or reference to a person or thing, an implication or insinuation) :: hentydning {c}, insinuation {c}
innumerable {adj} (not capable of being counted) SEE: countless ::
in order {adj} (in sequence) :: i rækkefølge
in order {adv} (for the purpose of) SEE: in order to ::
in order to {phrase} (as a means of achieving the specified aim) :: for at
inorganic chemistry {n} (chemistry of elements and non-carbon containing compounds) :: inorganisk kemi {c}
in other words {prep} (stated or interpreted another way) :: med andre ord, m.a.o.
in question {adj} (under consideration or discussion) :: pågældende, vedkommende
inquisitive {adj} (eager to acquire knowledge) :: nysgerrig, videnbegærlig
in retrospect {prep} (as can be seen now but was not seen at the outset) :: set i bakspejlet, i retrospekt
insane {adj} (exhibiting unsoundness or disorder of mind) :: sindssyg
insane {adj} (characterized by insanity or the utmost folly) :: sindssyg
insane asylum {n} (mental hospital) SEE: mental hospital ::
insanity {n} (state of being insane) :: sindssyge {c}, galskab {c}, vanvid {n}
insatiable {adj} (not satiable; incapable of being satisfied or appeased) :: umættelig
insect {n} (arthropod of class insecta) :: insekt
insectivore {n} (insect eating animal) :: insektæder {c}
insecure {adj} (not secure) :: usikker
insecure {adj} (not comfortable in certain situations) :: usikker, utryg
insecurity {n} (lack of security, uncertainty) :: usikkerhed
inseminate {v} (to disperse or plant seds) SEE: sow ::
inseminate {v} (to cause to become pregnant) SEE: impregnate ::
insertion {n} (act of inserting, or something inserted) :: (of coins) indkast {n}
inshallah {interj} (God willing (Islam)) :: inshallah
insider trading {n} (trading of securities by a person who has privileged access to information) :: insiderhandel {c}
insinuation {n} (a suggestion or intimation by distant allusion) :: insinuation {c}
insofar as {conj} (to the extent that) :: for så vidt
insolvency {n} (the condition of being insolvent) :: insolvens {c}
insolvent {adj} (Unable to pay) :: insolvent
insomnia {n} (sleeping disorder) :: søvnløshed {c}
inspiration {n} (stimulating influence upon the intellect or emotions) :: inspiration {c}
in spite of {prep} (despite) :: på trods af, til trods for
instant {n} (period of time) :: øjeblik
instant {n} (point in time) :: øjeblik
instead {adv} (in the place of (it)) :: i stedet, i stedet for
instead of {prep} (in lieu of; in place of; rather than) :: i stedet for
institute {n} (college) :: institut
institution {n} (established organisation) :: institution {c}
institution {n} (custom or practice of a society or community) :: institution {c}
institutional {adj} (rudimentary) SEE: rudimentary ::
institutionalize {v} (to establish as a normal practice) :: institutionalisere
institutionalize {v} (to commit a person to confinement in an institution) :: institutionalisere
instruct {v} (teach, give instruction) :: instruere, lære
instruct {v} (order, direct) :: anvise
instruct {v} :: instruere, undervise
instruction {n} (act of instructing, teaching, or furnishing with knowledge; information) :: vejledning {c}
instruction {n} (that which instructs, or with which one is instructed) :: vejlederen {c}
instrument {n} (musical device) :: instrument {n}, musikinstrument {n}
instrument {n} (measuring device) :: måleudstyr {n}, måleapparat {n}, måleinstrument {n}
instrument {n} (tool) :: instrument, værktøj {n}
instrumental {n} (instrumental case) SEE: instrumental case ::
instrumental case {n} (case to express agency or means) :: instrumentalis {c}
insulin {n} (polypeptide hormone) :: insulin
insult {n} (action or speech deliberately intended to be rude) :: fornærmelse {c}
insurance {n} (indemnity) :: forsikring {c}
insurance {n} (business) :: forsikring {c}
insurrection {n} (mutiny or rebellion) :: oprør {n}, opstand {c}
intaglio {n} (printing method) :: dybtryk {n}
integer {n} (integer) :: heltal {n}, helt tal {n}
integral {n} (antiderivative) SEE: antiderivative ::
intel {n} (intelligence) SEE: intelligence ::
intellectual {adj} (spiritual) SEE: spiritual ::
intelligence {n} (capacity of mind) :: intelligens {c}
intelligence {n} (entity that has such capacities) :: intelligens {c}
intelligence {n} (information about the enemy) :: efterretninger {p}
intelligence {n} (a department, agency or unit designed to gather such information) :: efterretningstjeneste {c}
intelligence quotient {n} (IQ score) :: intelligenskvotient {c}
intelligent design {prop} (intelligent design / Intelligent Design) :: intelligent design
intelligential {adj} (of or pertaining to intelligence) :: intelligensmæssig
intelligentsia {n} (intellectual élite) :: intelligentsia {c}
intended {n} (fiancé) SEE: fiancé ::
intensify {v} (to render more intense) :: intensivere
intensive care unit {n} (intensive care unit) SEE: ICU ::
intention {n} (course intended to follow) :: hensigt {c}
inter- {prefix} (among, between) :: inter-, mellem
interactive {adj} (Responding to the user) :: interaktiv
inter alia {adv} (among other things) :: blandt andet
interbellum {n} (time period between wars) :: mellemkrigstid, mellemkrigsårene
intercession {n} (a prayer to God on behalf of another person) :: forbøn {c}
intercontinental {adj} (between two or more continents) :: interkontinental
intercourse {n} (sexual intercourse) :: samleje {n}
interdependence {n} (being interdependent) :: interdependens {c}
interest {n} (finance: price of credit) :: rente {c}
interest {n} (great attention and concern from someone) :: interesse
interest {n} (attention that is given to or received from someone or something) :: interessant
interest {v} (to attract attention or concern) :: interessere
interested {adj} (having or showing interest) :: interesseret
interesting {adj} (arousing or holding the attention) :: interessant
interfix {n} (an empty morph inserted between two morphemes) :: bindebogstav {c}, interfiks {n}
interglacial {n} (warm period) :: mellemistid {c}
interjection {n} (an exclamation or filled pause in grammar) :: udråbsord {n}
interlanguage {n} (lingua franca) SEE: lingua franca ::
Interlingua {prop} (interlanguage based on Romance languages) :: interlingua
intermittent {adj} (stopping and starting at intervals) :: periodisk optrædende, uregelmæssig, afbrudt
internal {adj} (inside of something) :: indvendig, intern
internal combustion engine {n} (a piston or a rotary heat engine) :: forbrændingsmotor {c}
internally displaced person {n} (someone who is forced to flee home but remains within his or her country's borders) :: internt fordreven person {c}
internal monologue {n} (internal monologue) :: indre monolog {c}
internal refugee {n} (internally displaced person) SEE: internally displaced person ::
international auxiliary language {n} (language) :: internationalt hjælpesprog {n}
International Court of Justice {prop} (UN court) :: Den Internationale Domstol {c}
international law {n} (set of rules applied to the relations between nations) :: folkeret {c}, international ret {c}, international lov {c}
International Phonetic Alphabet {prop} (standardized symbols for speech) :: internationale fonetiske alfabet
International Telecommunication Union {prop} (United Nations agency) :: Den Internationale Telekommunikations Union
internet {n} (the Internet, largest global internet) SEE: Internet ::
Internet {prop} (specific internet consisting of the global network of computers) :: Internet {n}
Internet Protocol {n} (one of the computer networking protocols) :: internetprotokol {c}
internship {n} (job taken by a student) :: praktikplads {c}
interpersonal {adj} (between persons) :: interpersonelle
interpreter {n} (one who interprets speech) :: tolk
interrogation {n} (act of interrogating or questioning) :: afhør {n}
interrogation mark {n} (question mark) SEE: question mark ::
interrogation point {n} (question mark) SEE: question mark ::
interrupt {v} (to disturb or halt an ongoing process or action) :: afbryde
intersection {n} (junction of two or more paths, etc) :: kryds {n}
intersection {n} (in geometry) :: skæring, skæringspunkt {n}
intersection {n} (in set theory) :: fællesmængde {c}
intertextual {adj} (intertextual) :: intertekstuel
intertextuality {n} (references among texts) :: intertekstualitet {c}
intervention {n} (act of intervening) :: intervention {c}
interview {n} (conversation with journalist etc.) :: interview
interwar {adj} (Relating to the time between two wars) :: mellemkrigs-
intestine {n} (alimentary canal) :: tarm {c}
in the event {conj} (if) SEE: if ::
in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king {proverb} (In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king) :: i de blindes land er den enøjede mand konge
in the twinkling of an eye {prep} (immediately, instantaneously) :: i løbet af et øjeblik, i et øjeblik, øjeblikkeligt
in the world {prep} (intensifier) :: i alverden
intimacy {n} (feeling of closeness and openness towards someone else) :: intimitet {c}
intonation {n} (the rise and fall of the voice in speaking) :: intonation {c}
intoxicated {adj} (stupefied by alcohol) :: beruset, fuld, drukken
intra- {prefix} (prefix signifying inside, within, interior, during) :: inder-
intramuscular {adj} (inside a muscle) :: intramuskulær
intranet {n} (private computer network that uses the protocols of the Internet) :: intranet {n}
intransitive {adj} (of a verb, not taking a direct object) :: intransitiv
intransitive verb {n} (action verb not taking a direct object, see also: neuter) :: intransitivt verbum {n}
intrasexual {adj} (intrasexual) :: inderkønslig, intraseksuel
intravenous {adj} (inside the veins) :: intravenøs
intravenously {adv} (in an intravenous manner) :: intravenøst
intrinsic {adj} (inherent) :: indre, egentlig
introduce {v} (to cause someone to be acquainted) :: introducere
introduction {n} (act or process of introducing) :: introduktion
introverted {adj} (possessing the characteristic property of an introvert) :: indadvendt
Inuit {n} (the people) :: inuit {c}
Inuit {adj} (of or pertaining to Inuit people, language, or culture) :: inuitisk
invade {v} (to move into) :: invadere, krænke
invade {v} (to enter by force in order to conquer) :: invadere
invade {v} (to infest or overrun) :: invadere, oversvømme
invariable {adj} (not variable) :: uforanderlig
invasion {n} (military action) :: invasion {c}
invented {adj} (imaginary) SEE: imaginary ::
invention {n} (something invented) :: opfindelse
inverse function {n} (function that does the opposite of another) :: invers funktion {c}, omvendt funktion {c}
invert {n} (homosexual) SEE: homosexual ::
invest {v} (to commit resources in the hope of financial gain) :: investere
invigilate {v} (To oversee an exam) :: teste, afprøve
invigilation {n} (act of invigilating) :: testning {c}, afprøvning {c}
invisible {adj} (unable to be seen) :: usynlig
invite {v} (ask for the presence or participation of someone) :: invitere, indbyde
invite {v} (encourage) SEE: encourage ::
invoke {v} (call upon someone for help etc.) :: påkalde, anråbe
invoke {v} (conjure up by incantation) :: påkalde
invoke {v} (bring about as an inevitable consequence) :: medføre, forårsage
invoke {v} (solicit, petition for) :: appellere til
in writing {prep} (via a written message) :: skriftligt
Io {prop} (mythology) :: Io
Io {prop} (moon of Jupiter) :: Io
iodine {n} (element) :: jod
Ionia {prop} ((historical) Ancient Greek settlement in Asia Minor) :: Jonien, Ionien
Ionian Islands {prop} (a group of islands in the Ionian Sea) :: Joniske Øer {p}, Ioniske Øer {p}
Ionian Sea {prop} (European sea) :: Ioniske Hav
ionosphere {n} (part of Earth's atmosphere) :: ionosfære {c}
Iowa {prop} (A state in Midwest in US) :: Iowa
Iran {prop} (country in Western Asia) :: Iran
Irani {adj} (Iranian) SEE: Iranian ::
Irani {n} (Iranian) SEE: Iranian ::
Iranian {n} (person from Iran or of Iranian descent) :: iraner
Iranian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Iran, the people or Iranian languages) :: iransk
Iraq {prop} (country) :: Irak
Iraqi {n} (person from Iraq) :: iraker {c}
irascible {adj} (prone to anger) :: opfarende
Irbe Strait {prop} (strait) :: Irbestrædet
Ireland {prop} (island) :: Irland
Ireland {prop} (country, see also: Republic of Ireland) :: Irland
Irene {prop} (female given name) :: Irene {c}
iridium {n} (chemical element) :: iridium {n}
iris {n} (plant of the genus Iris) :: iris {c}
iris {n} (part of the eye) :: regnbuehinde, iris {c}
Iris {prop} (Greek messenger of the gods) :: Iris
Iris {prop} (female given name) :: Iris
Irish {prop} (the language) :: irsk
Irish {n} :: irer {c}, irlænder {c}
Irish {adj} (pertaining to or originating from Ireland or the Irish people) :: irsk
Irish {adj} (pertaining to the language) :: irsk
Irish Free State {prop} (dominion preceding the proclamation of the Republic of Ireland) :: Irske Fristat {c}
Irishman {n} (man from Ireland) :: irer {c}, irlænder {c} [uncommon]
Irish Sea {prop} (a sea between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland) :: Irske Hav
Irish setter {n} (a breed of gun dog) :: irsk setter {c}
Irish Wolfhound {n} (Irish Wolfhound) :: irsk ulvehund {c}
Irkutsk {prop} (city in Siberia) :: Irkutsk
iron {n} (element) :: jern {n}
iron {n} (for pressing clothes) :: strygejern {n}
iron {n} (type of golf club) :: jern {n}
iron {adj} (made of iron) :: jern-
iron {v} (to pass an iron over clothing) :: stryge
iron {n} (shackles) SEE: shackles ::
Iron Age {prop} (archaeology) :: jernalder {c}
Iron Age {prop} (mythology) :: jernalder {c}
Iron Curtain {prop} (the dividing line between western Europe and the Soviet controlled regions) :: jerntæppe {n}
iron fist {n} (ruthless control) :: jernnæve {c}, jernhånd {c}
ironic {adj} (characterized by irony) :: ironisk
ironing board {n} (a long board on which one can iron) :: strygebræt {n}
iron ore {n} (ore containing iron) :: jernmalm {c}
ironsmith {n} (blacksmith) SEE: blacksmith ::
irony {n} (statement that may mean the opposite of what is written literally) :: ironi {c}
irony {n} (condition contrary to expectations) :: ironi {c}
Iroquois {n} (hairdo) SEE: Mohawk ::
irrational {adj} (unfounded or nonsensical) :: irrationel
irrational {adj} (mathematics: of a number) :: irrational
irresolute {adj} :: tvivlrådig, ubeslutsom, vankelmodig
irrevocable {adj} (unable to be retracted or reversed) :: uigenkaldelig
irrigate {v} (to supply farmland with water) :: vande
irrigation {n} (The act or process of irrigating) :: vanding, overrisling, udskyldning
irritated {adj} (experiencing a feeling of irritation) :: irriteret
irritation {n} (the act of irritating) :: irritation {c}
irritation {n} (oversensitiveness of part of the body) :: irritation {c}
Irtysh {prop} (river in Siberia) :: Irtysj
is {v} :: er
Isaac {prop} (son of Abraham and Sarah) :: Isak
Isaac {prop} (male given name) :: Isak
Isabel {prop} (female given name) :: Isabella {c}
Isabella {prop} (female given name) SEE: Isabel ::
Isaiah {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Esajas
Isaiah {prop} (prophet) :: Esajas {m}
Isaiah {prop} (male given name) :: Esajas
is anyone here a doctor {phrase} (is anyone here a doctor?) :: er der en læge til stede?
-ise {suffix} (-ize) SEE: -ize ::
-ish {suffix} (appended to roots denoting names of nations or regions) :: -isk, -sk, -esisk
is it going to rain {phrase} (is it going to rain) :: kommer det til at regne?
is it safe here {phrase} (is it safe here?) :: er der sikkert her, er her sikkert
Islam {prop} (religion) :: islam
Islamabad {prop} (the capital of Pakistan) :: Islamabad
Islamic State {prop} (jihadist group, see also: IS) :: Islamisk Stat {c}
Islamic State {prop} (proclaimed caliphate) :: Islamisk Stat {c}
Islamization {n} (the conversion of a society to Islam) :: islamisering {c}
Islamophobe {n} (a person who fears or hates Islam and Muslims) :: islamofob {c}
Islamophobia {n} (The fear or hatred of Islam or Muslims) :: islamofobi
island {n} (area of land completely surrounded by water) :: ø {c}, [of sand] holm {c}, [of rock] skær {c}
island {n} (entity surrounded by other entities that are very different from itself) :: ø {c}
islander {n} (person who lives on an island) :: øbo {c}, øboer {c}
isle {n} (isle) SEE: island ::
-ism {suffix} (a principle, belief or movement) :: -isme {c}
isn't {v} (is not) :: er ikke
isn't it so {phrase} (isn't it so?) :: ikke sandt?, eller hvad, ikke
isolate {v} (transitive: to set apart or cut off from others) :: isolere
isolate {v} (transitive: to place in quarantine or isolation) :: isolere
isolate {v} (transitive, chemistry: to separate a substance in pure form from a mixture) :: isolere
isolate {v} (transitive: to insulate, or make free of external influence) :: isolere
isolate {v} (transitive: to insulate an electrical component from a source of electricity) :: isolere
isomorphism {n} (bidirectionally structure-preserving bijection) :: isomorfi {c}
isotropic {adj} (having properties which are equivalent in all directions) :: isotropisk
isotropy {n} (The property of being isotropic) :: isotropi {c}
Israel {prop} (the state) :: Israel
Israeli {n} (person from Israel or of Israeli descent) :: israeler
Israeli {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Israel, the Israeli people) :: israelsk
Istanbul {prop} (largest city of Turkey and last capital of Ottoman Empire) :: Istanbul
is there a grocery store nearby {phrase} (is there a grocery store) :: er her en købmand
isthmus {n} (narrow strip of land) :: landtange {c}
Istria {prop} (peninsula in the Adriatic) :: Istrien
it {pron} (subject — inanimate thing) :: det
Italian {adj} (of or pertaining to Italy) :: italiensk
Italian {n} (person) :: italiener {c}
Italian {prop} (language) :: italiensk {n}
Italianness {n} (quality of being Italian) :: italienskhed {c}
Italian Peninsula {prop} (peninsula) :: Apenniniske halvø, Italienske halvø
Italian Republic {prop} (official name of Italy) :: Italienske Republik {c}
italicize {v} (to put into italics) :: kursivere
Italy {prop} (European country) :: Italien
item {n} (distinct physical object) :: stykke {n}
item {n} (line of text having a particular meaning) :: punkt {n}
item {n} (matter for discussion in an agenda) :: punkt {n}
I think so {phrase} (I think so) :: det tror jeg
I think therefore I am {phrase} (philosophical proof of existence) :: jeg tænker, derfor er jeg
it never rains but it pours {proverb} (unfortunate events occur in quantity) :: en ulykke kommer sjældent alene (a misfortune seldom comes alone)
I told you so {phrase} (told you so!) :: hvad sagde jeg
its {determiner} (belonging to it) :: dens {c}, dets {n}
its {pron} (that which belongs to it) :: dens {c}, dets {n}
it's all Greek to me {phrase} (I don't understand any of this) :: det rene volapyk (pure Volapük)
it's a pleasure {phrase} (you're welcome) SEE: you're welcome ::
it's raining {phrase} (it's raining) :: det regner
it's too expensive {phrase} (it's too expensive) :: det er for dyrt
it takes two to tango {proverb} (some things need the active cooperation of two parties) :: der skal to til tango
it was delicious {phrase} (phrase said to compliment a meal after eating it) :: det var meget lækkert
-ity {suffix} (Used to form nouns from adjectives.) :: -itet {c}, -hed {c}
Ivan {prop} (male given name) :: Ivan
Ivanovo {prop} (city in Russia) :: Ivanovo
I've {contraction} (I have) :: jeg har
I've been raped {phrase} (I've been raped) :: jeg er blevet voldtaget
I've been robbed {phrase} (I've been robbed) :: jeg er blevet bestjålet
I've been shot {phrase} (I've been shot) :: jeg er blevet skudt
I've lost my keys {phrase} (I lost my keys) SEE: I lost my keys ::
Ivor {prop} (male given name) :: Ivar, Iver
ivory {n} (material) :: elfenben {n}
Ivory Coast {prop} (Côte d'Ivoire) SEE: Côte d'Ivoire ::
ivory tower {n} (overly-academic perspective) :: elfenbenstårn {n}
ivy {n} (plant) :: efeu {c}
I want to know {phrase} (I want to know) :: jeg vil vide
I was born in ... {phrase} (I was born in ... (year)) :: jeg er født i ...
I was born in ... {phrase} (I was born in ... (place name)) :: jeg er født i ...
-ization {suffix} (act, process, or result of doing something) :: -isering {c}
-ize {suffix} (suffix used to form verbs) :: -ere
Izhevsk {prop} (capital of Udmurtia) :: Izjevsk