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mañana {adv} (tomorrow) SEE: tomorrow ::
macadamia {n} (tree) :: macademia, macademiatræ
macadamia {n} (macadamia nut) SEE: macadamia nut ::
macadamia nut {n} (edible seed of the macadamia tree) :: macademianød {c}
macaroon {n} (soft biscuit or cookie prepared with almond or coconut dough) :: makron {c}
Macau {prop} (a city just west of Hong Kong) :: Macao
macaw {n} (various parrots) :: ara
Macedonia {prop} (ancient kingdom) :: Makedonien
Macedonia {prop} (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, see also: former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) :: Makedonien
Macedonia {prop} (region of northern Greece) :: Makedonien, Græsk Makedonien
machine {n} (mechanical or electrical device) :: maskine {c}
machine code {n} (machine language) SEE: machine language ::
machine gun {n} (type of firearm) :: maskingevær {n}
machine language {n} (set of instructions for a computer) :: maskinkode {c}
machine-readable {adj} :: maskinlæsbar
machinery {n} (machines constituting a production apparatus) :: maskineri {n}
machinery {n} (working parts of a machine as a group) :: maskineri {n}
machinery {n} (collective parts of something which allow it to function) :: maskineri {n}
machine translation {n} (act of translating something by means of a machine) :: maskinoversættelse {c}
machinist {n} (operator) SEE: operator ::
macho man {n} (masculine man) :: machomand {c}
mackerel {n} (edible fish) :: makrel
macro {n} (an abbreviation of complicated input) :: makro {c}
macrocosm {n} (the universe) SEE: universe ::
macroeconomics {n} (study of the entire economy) :: makroøkonomi
mad {adj} (insane (adj.)) :: vanvittig, skør, sindssyg, gal
mad {adj} (angry) :: vred, gal
Madagascar {prop} (country in Southern Africa) :: Madagaskar
madam {n} (polite term of address to a woman) :: frue {c}
madhouse {n} (insane asylum) :: galehus {n}
madhouse {n} (place resembling an insane asylum) :: galehus {n}
madness {n} (insanity) :: galskab {c}, sindssyge {c}, vanvid {n}
madness {n} (rash folly) :: galskab {c}, vanvid {n}
Madras {prop} (city) :: Madras
Madrid {prop} (capital of Spain) :: Madrid
madrone {n} (strawberry tree) SEE: strawberry tree ::
maelstrom {n} (large whirlpool) :: malstrøm
mafia {n} (a crime syndicate) :: mafia
magazine {n} (periodical) :: tidsskrift {n}, magasin {n}
magazine {n} (ammunition storehouse) :: magasin {n}
Magdalene {prop} (female given name) :: Magdalene
Magdalene {prop} (biblical character) SEE: Mary Magdalene ::
mage {n} (magician, wizard or sorcerer) :: mager, magiker, troldmand
maggot {n} (dipterous insect's larva that eats decomposing flesh) :: maddike
magic {n} (use of supernatural rituals, forces etc.) :: magi
magician {n} (performer of tricks) :: tryllekunstner {c}
magic wand {n} (wand used to perform magic) :: tryllestav {c}
magic word {n} (word with magical effect) :: trylleformel {c}, hekseformular {c}, trylleord {n}
magma {n} (molten matter) :: magma
magma chamber {n} (a large underground pool of molten rock) :: magmakammer
Magna Carta {prop} (Magna Carta) :: Magna Carta {c}
Magna Graecia {prop} (Ancient Greek colonies in Italy and Sicily) :: Magna Graecia
magnanimity {n} (The quality of being magnanimous; greatness of mind; elevation or dignity of soul) :: storsind {n}, højsind {n}, ædelmod {n}, ædelmodighed {c}
magnanimous {adj} (noble and generous in spirit) :: storsindet
magnate {n} (Powerful industrialist; captain of industry.) :: magnat {c}
magnesium {n} (chemical element) :: magnesium {n}
magnet {n} (piece of material that attracts some metals by magnetism) :: magnet {c}
magnetic tape {n} (acrylic tape used for recording data) :: magnetbånd
magnetism {n} (the property of being magnetic) :: magnetisme {c}
magnifying glass {n} (instrument) :: lup, forstørrelsesglas
magnum opus {n} (masterpiece) :: mesterværk {n}
Magnus {prop} (male given name) :: Magnus, Mogens
magpie {n} (bird of genus Pica) :: skade {c}
magpie {n} (Pica pica) :: husskade {c}
Magyar {adj} (Hungarian) SEE: Hungarian ::
mahlab {n} (aromatic spice made from cherry stones) :: weichseltræ {n}
Mahlon {prop} (biblical character) :: Maklon
mahogany {n} (tropical tree) :: mahogni
mahogany {n} (wood) :: mahogni {n} {c}
maiden {adj} (virgin) SEE: virgin ::
maiden name {n} (married woman's original last name) :: pigenavn
maieutics {n} (Socratic method) SEE: Socratic method ::
mail {n} (postal delivery system) :: post
mail {n} (organisation) :: postvæsenet, [colloquial] posten
mail {n} (parcels and letters) :: post
mail {n} (electronic mail) :: mail, e-mail, e-post
mailbox {n} (box into which mail is put) :: postkasse
mailman {n} (post office employee) :: postbud {c}
mail slot {n} (slot for mail delivery) :: brevsprække
mail train {n} (mail train) :: posttog
maim {v} (to cause permanent loss of a part of the body) :: lemlæste
main {n} (mainland) SEE: mainland ::
main clause {n} (grammar: clause that can stand alone syntactically) :: hovedsætning {c}
Maine {prop} (US State) :: Maine
mainland {n} (the main landmass of a country or continent) :: fastland {n}
mainland China {prop} (area under the jurisdiction of the People's Republic of China, excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) :: Fastlandskina
mainmast {n} (mainmast) :: stormast
mainsail {n} (largest sail on a sailing vessel) :: storsejl {n}
main sequence {prop} :: hovedserien {c}
main street {n} (principal street of a town) :: hovedgade {c}
maintain {v} (to maintain, to consider) SEE: hold ::
maintain {v} (to keep up) :: vedligeholde
maintenance {n} (keeping a machine or system in service) :: vedligeholdelse {c}
maintenance {n} (tort) :: hævdelse {c}, forsvar {n}
maintenance {n} (legal: payment made to a spouse after a divorce) SEE: alimony ::
maize {n} (corn; a type of grain of the species Zea mays) :: majs {c}
majestic plural {n} (plural used by a sovereign) :: pluralis majestatis, majestætisk flertal {c}
Majesty {pron} (term of address for royalty and imperiality) :: majestæt {c}
Majorca {prop} (island) :: Mallorca
majority {n} (more than half) :: flertal {n}
majority {n} (legal adulthood) :: myndighedsalder {c}
make {v} (to construct) :: lave, udføre
make {v} (to create) :: lave, fremstille, skabe
make {v} (to cause to be) :: gøre
make {v} (to force to do) :: få til
make {n} (brand ) :: mærke {n}, fabrikat {n}
make a mistake {v} (to err) :: fejle
make a mountain out of a molehill {v} (to treat a problem as greater than it is) :: gøre en myg til en elefant
make an example of {v} (punish someone as a warning to others) :: statuere et eksempel
make love {v} (to engage in sexual intercourse) :: elske
maker {n} (one who makes) :: fabrikant
make room {v} (to create space for new objects) :: gør plads
make sense {v} (be coherent) :: give mening
makeup {n} (cosmetics) :: makeup, sminke
Malé {prop} (capital of the Maldives) :: Malé
Malabo {prop} (capital of Equatorial Guinea) :: Malabo
Malachi {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Malachis
Malachi {prop} (minor prophet) :: Malachis
Malachi {prop} (male given name) :: Malachis
malachite {n} (mineral) :: malakit {c}
Malagasy {prop} (the language of the Malagasy, when considered one language) :: malagassisk
malaria {n} (disease) :: malaria
Malawi {prop} (Republic of Malawi) :: Malawi
Malay {adj} (of the Malay people) :: malaysisk, malajisk
Malay {adj} (of or pertaining to Malaysia) :: malaysisk, malajisk
Malay {adj} (in, of or otherwise pertaining to the Malay language) :: malaysisk, malajisk
Malay {n} (Malay person) :: malaysier, malaj
Malay {n} :: malaysisk, malajisk
Malay {prop} :: malaysisk, malajisk
Malayalam {prop} (language) :: malayalam
Malaysia {prop} (country in Southeast Asia) :: Malaysia
Malaysian {prop} (Malay) SEE: Malay ::
Maldives {prop} (country in South Asia) :: Maldiverne
Maldivian {prop} (language) SEE: Dhivehi ::
male {adj} (grammatically masculine) SEE: masculine ::
male chauvinism {n} (belief in the innate superiority of men over women) :: mandschauvinisme {c}
male chauvinist {n} (A male advocate of male chauvinism) :: mandschauvinist {c}
maledict {v} (curse) SEE: curse ::
malediction {n} (curse) SEE: curse ::
male-dominated {adj} (where men are in predominance) :: mandsdomineret
male member {n} (penis) SEE: penis ::
Mali {prop} (a country in Western Africa) :: Mali
malicious {adj} (Of, pertaining to, or as a result of malice or spite) :: maliciøs
malkin {n} (cat) SEE: cat ::
mallard {n} (a common and widespread dabbling duck, Anas platyrhynchos) :: gråand
Malmö {prop} (city in Sweden) :: Malmø
malnourished {adj} (suffering from malnutrition) :: fejlernæret, underernæret
malnutrition {n} (lack of adequate nourishment) :: fejlernæring {c}, underernæring {c}
Malta {prop} (republic) :: Malta
Malta {prop} (island) :: Malta
Maltese {prop} (language of Malta) :: maltesisk
malware {n} (software developed to cause harm to a computer system) :: malware, skadelig software
mama {n} (mother) SEE: mother ::
mamma {n} (mother) SEE: mother ::
mammal {n} (animal of the class Mammalia) :: pattedyr {n}
mammalian {n} (any mammal) SEE: mammal ::
mammary gland {n} (milk-secreting gland) :: mælkekirtel {c}
mammoth {n} (elephant-like mammal) :: mammut {c}
man {interj} (an interjection used to place emphasis upon something or someone) :: mand
man {v} (to supply with staff or crew) :: bemande
man {v} (to take up position in order to operate something) :: besætte
Man {prop} (genus Homo) :: menneske {n}
manacle {n} (a shackle restricting free movement of the hands) :: håndjern
manage {v} (to handle or control a situation or job) :: klare, håndtere
manager {n} (person whose job is to manage something (for female equivalents, see manageress)) :: bestyrer {c}, leder, chef, direktør {c}
manager {n} (administrator, for a singer or group) :: promotor
managing director {n} (the chief executive of a limited company) :: administrerende direktør {c}
Managua {prop} (capital of Nicaragua) :: Managua
Manama {prop} (the capital city of Bahrain) :: Manama
manatee {n} (any of several plant-eating marine mammals, of family Trichechidae) :: søko {c}
Manchuria {prop} (Manchuria) :: Manchuriet {n}
mandarin {n} (Chinese Imperial bureaucrat) :: mandarin {c}
mandarin {n} (fruit) SEE: mandarin orange ::
mandarin {n} (tree) SEE: mandarin orange ::
mandarin {n} (mandarin duck) SEE: mandarin duck ::
Mandarin {prop} (Standard Mandarin, see also: Chinese) :: mandarin {n}
mandarin duck {n} (bird) :: mandarinand {c}
mandarin fish {n} (colorful saltwater fish) :: mandarinfisk
mandarin orange {n} (fruit) :: mandarin {c}
mandatory {adj} (obligatory) :: obligatorisk
mandola {n} (musical instruments) :: mandola
mandrake {n} (botany) :: alrune
mane {n} (longer hair growth on back of neck of a horse) :: manke {c}, man {c}
mane {n} (longer hair growth around head of male lions) :: manke {c}
maneuverable {adj} (able to be maneuvered) :: manøvredygtig
manga {n} (comic originated in Japan) :: manga {c}
manga {n} (comic done in Japanese style) :: manga {c}
manganese {n} (chemical element) :: mangan {n}
mango {n} (fruit) :: mango
manhater {n} (misanthrope) SEE: misanthrope ::
man-hour {n} (amount of work) :: mandetime {c}, mandtime {c} [uncommon]
mania {n} (violent derangement) :: mani {c}
-mania {suffix} (indicating a compulsion or obsession) :: -mani {c}
manic depression {n} (bipolar disorder) :: maniodepressiv sindslidelse
manic-depressive {adj} (exhibiting manic depression) :: maniodepressiv
manifesto {n} (a public declaration of principles, policies, or intentions, especially that of a political party) :: manifest {n}
-manifold {n} (manifold) SEE: manifold ::
manifold {n} (locally Euclidean space) :: mangfoldighed {c}
Manila {prop} (capital of the Philippines) :: Manila
Manila hemp {n} (the fibre of the abaca) :: manilahamp, Manilahamp, Manila
man is the measure of all things {phrase} :: mennesket er alle tings mål
Manitoba {prop} (Province in western Canada) :: Manitoba
mankind {n} (human race) :: menneskehed {c}
manly {adj} (having the characteristics of a man) :: mandlig
manly {adj} (Having the qualities of a man such as courage) :: mandig
manna ash {n} (Fraxinus ornis) :: manna-ask
manners {n} (etiquette) :: manerer {c-p}
man-of-war {n} (cnidarian) SEE: Portuguese man-of-war ::
manor {n} (mansion) :: herregård {c}
manticore {n} (mythical creature) :: manticore {c}
mantle {n} (incandescent gauze in a gas lamp) :: glødenet {n}
mantling {n} (heraldry: drapery behind and around a coat of arms) :: hjelmklæde {n}
manual {n} (handbook or booklet that instructs) :: manual {c}
manufacture {v} (to make things) :: fremstille
manure {v} (to apply manure) :: gøde, gødske
manure {n} (excrement) :: møg {c}, gødning {c}
manus {n} (hand) SEE: hand ::
manuscript {n} (book, composition or any other document, written by hand) :: håndskrift {n}, manuskript {n}
manuscript {n} (book, article etc, submitted for reproductive publication) :: manuskript {n}
Manx shearwater {n} :: almindelig skråpe {c}
many {determiner} (an indefinite large number of) :: mange, mangen {c}
many a mickle makes a muckle {proverb} (lot of small amounts together, become a large amount) :: mange bække små gør en stor å
many thanks {phrase} (many thanks) :: mange tak
Maoism {n} (philosophy espoused by Mao Zedong) :: maoisme
Maoist {n} (Maoist advocate) :: maoist {c}
map {n} (visual representation of an area) :: kort {n}
map {n} (function) :: afbildning {c}
maple {n} (tree of the Acer genus) :: ahorn {n}, [rare] løn {c}, [rare] ær {c}
Maputo {prop} (capital of Mozambique) :: Maputo
Marathi {prop} (language of Maharashtra) :: marathi
Marathi {n} (people of Maharashtra) :: maratha {c}
marathon {n} (road race) :: maraton {n} {c}, maratonløb {n}
marathoner {n} (someone who participates in marathons and other long-distance races) :: maratondeltager {c}, maratonløber {c}
marble {n} (crystalline limestone) :: marmor {n}
march {n} (formal, rhythmic way of walking) :: march {c}
march {n} (political rally or parade) :: march {c}
march {n} (song in the genre of music written for marching) :: march {c}
march {n} (steady forward movement or progression) :: gang {c}, udvikling {c}
march {v} (walk with long, regular strides) :: marchere, udvikle sig [figuratively]
march {v} (go to war; make military advances) :: marchere, rykke frem
march {n} (obsolete: border region) :: mark {c} [Holy Roman Empire], grænsemark {c} [Holy Roman Empire], grænseland {n}
march {n} (region at a frontier governed by a marquess) :: mark {c}
march {v} (to have common borders or frontiers) :: grænse til
March {prop} (third month of the Gregorian calendar) :: marts
mare {n} (female horse) :: hoppe {c}
Margaret {prop} (female given name) :: Margrethe
marginalize {v} (relegate something to margins or to a lower limit) :: marginalisere
margravate {n} (territory governed by a margrave) :: markgrevskab {n}
margrave {n} (military officer in charge of German border area) :: markgreve {c}
margrave {n} (hereditary prince) :: markgreve {c}
Mariana Trench {prop} (trench in the North Pacific Ocean) :: Marianergraven
Marie {prop} (female given name) SEE: Mary ::
marigold {n} (Calendula) :: morgenfrue {c}
marigold {n} (Tagetes) :: tagetes {c}, fløjlsblomst {c}
Marina {prop} (female given name) :: Marina
marine biology {n} (branch of biology) :: marinbiologi
marine corps {n} (military organization of marines who are trained and equipped to fight on or from ships) :: marineinfanteri {f}
mariner {n} (sailor) SEE: sailor ::
mariner's compass {n} (compass) SEE: compass ::
Marius {prop} (male given name) :: Marius
marjoram {n} (culinary herb) :: merian
Mark {prop} (male given name) :: Marcus, Markus
Mark {prop} (the Evangelist) :: Markus
Mark {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Markusevangeliet {n} [definitive form]
market {n} (spacious site for trading) :: marked {n}, markedsplads {c}, torv {n}
market {n} (organised event of trading) :: marked {n}
market {n} (group of potential customers) :: marked {n}, målgruppe {c}
market {n} (geographical area where a commercial demand exists) :: marked {n}
market {n} (total sum of trading) :: handel {c}
market {n} (used attributively) :: markeds-
market {v} (to make available and promote) :: markedsføre
market {v} (to sell) SEE: sell ::
market {n} (flea market) SEE: flea market ::
market share {n} (percentage of some market) :: markedsandel {c}
marksman {n} (a man skilled in shooting at a target) :: finskytte {n}
mark up {v} (to increase the price) :: mærke op, opmærke
markup {n} (notation used to indicate how text should be displayed) :: opmærkning {c}
markup language {n} (computer language using markups) :: opmærkningssprog {n}
marl {n} (a mixed earthy substance) :: mergel {c}
Marlene {prop} (female given name) :: Marlene
marmalade {n} (jam) :: syltetøj
marmot {n} (rodent of the genera Marmota) :: murmeldyr
maroon {n} (dark red, somewhat brownish colour) :: maron
marriage {n} (state of being married) :: ægteskab {n}, giftermål {n}
marriage {n} (union of two people) :: ægteskab {n}, giftermål {n}
marriage {n} (wedding) :: bryllup {n}, vielse {c}
marriage {n} (close union) :: forbindelse {c}, forening {c}
marriage {n} (joining of two parts) :: forening {c}
marriage agency {n} (business) :: ægteskab agentur
marriage of convenience {n} (marriage motivated by some reason other than love) :: fornuftsægteskab {n}
married {adj} (In a state of marriage; having a wife or a husband) :: gift
married couple {n} (two people who are married to each other) :: ægtepar {n}
marrow {n} (substance inside bones) :: marv {c}
marry {v} (to take a husband or wife) :: gifte sig
Mars {prop} (planet) :: Mars
Mars {prop} (god of war) :: Mars
Marseille soap {n} (kind of hard soap) :: Marseille sæbe {c}
marsh {n} (area of low, wet land) :: mose
Marshallese {prop} (language) :: marshallesisk
Marshall Islands {prop} (Republic of the Marshall Islands) :: Marshalløerne
marsh horsetail {n} (plant) :: kær padderok {c}
marshmallow {n} (plant) :: skumfidus {c}
marshmallow {n} (confectionery) :: skumfidus {n}, marshmallow {c}
marsupial {n} (mammal of which the female typically has a pouch) :: pungdyr {n}
marten {n} (mammal) :: mår {c}
Martha {prop} (female given name) :: Martha
Martha {prop} (biblical sister of Lazarus and Mary) :: Martha
Martial {prop} (Roman poet) :: Martial
martial art {n} (fighting style) :: kampsport
Martian {n} (imaginary inhabitant of the planet Mars) :: marsmand {c}, marsboer {c}
Martin {prop} (given name) :: Martin, Morten
Martina {prop} (female given name) :: Martine
Martinique {prop} (Department of Martinique) :: Martinique
martyr {v} (torture) SEE: torture ::
marvel {n} (miracle) SEE: miracle ::
marvel {n} (astonishment) SEE: astonishment ::
Marxism {n} (philosophy) :: marxisme {c}
Marxism {n} (ideology) :: marxisme {c}
Mary {prop} (female given name) :: Maria, Marie
Mary {prop} (biblical mother of Jesus) :: Maria
Mary Magdalene {prop} (female disciple of Jesus) :: Maria Magdalene
marzipan {n} (confection of almond paste, sugar and egg white) :: marcipan {c}
mascara {n} (eyelash cosmetic) :: mascara
masculine {adj} (of the male sex; biologically male, not female; manly) :: mandlig
masculine {adj} (belonging to males; appropriated to, or used by, males) :: maskulin
masculine {adj} (having male qualities, not feminine or effeminate) :: maskulin, mandig
masculine {adj} (grammar: being of the masculine class, being inflected in the masculine manner) :: hankøns-
masculinity {n} (degree or property of being masculine) :: maskulinitet {c}
masdar {n} (verbal noun) SEE: verbal noun ::
Maseru {prop} (capital of Lesotho) :: Maseru
mash {n} (a mass of mixed ingredients) :: grød
mash {n} (in brewing) :: mæsk
mash {n} (mashed potatoes) SEE: mashed potatoes ::
mashed potatoes {n} (potatoes that have been boiled and mashed) :: kartoffelmos {c}
masjid {n} (mosque) SEE: mosque ::
mask {n} (cover for the face) :: maske {c}
mason {n} (Freemason) SEE: Freemason ::
masonite {n} (a type of hardboard) :: masonit {c}
Masr {prop} (Egypt) SEE: Egypt ::
mass {n} (physics: quantity of matter which a body contains) :: vægt {c} [proscribed in technical contexts], masse {c}
Mass {n} (Roman Catholic Church: the principal liturgical service) :: messe
Massachusetts {prop} (a state of the United States of America) :: Massachusetts
massacre {n} (intentional mass killing) :: massakre {c}
massacre {v} (to kill in considerable numbers) :: massakrere
massage {n} (rubbing, kneading, or hitting muscled part of a body) :: massage {c}
masseur {n} (a person who performs massage) :: massør {c}
masseuse {n} (a female masseur) :: massøse {c}
mass flow {n} :: massestrøm
Massif Central {prop} (area) :: Centralmassivet
mass media {n} (public communication that reaches a large audience) :: massemedier
mass medium {n} (means of public communication that reaches a large audience) :: massemedie
mass murder {n} (successive killing of many people) :: massemord {n}
mass murderer {n} (someone who commits a mass murder, see also: serial killer) :: massemorder {c}
mast {n} (support of a sail) :: mast {c}
master of ceremonies {n} (host at a formal event) :: ceremonimester {c}
masterpiece {n} (piece of work that has been given much critical praise) :: mesterværk {n}
master's {n} (master's degree) SEE: master's degree ::
master's degree {n} (postgraduate degree) :: kandidat {c}, kandidatgrad {c}
master's thesis {n} (thesis) :: speciale {n}, kandidatspeciale {n}, kandidatafhandling {c}
masterwork {n} (piece of quality indicative of having been made by a master) SEE: masterpiece ::
masterwort {n} (Aegopodium podagraria) SEE: ground elder ::
mastery {n} (philosopher's stone) SEE: philosopher's stone ::
masticate {v} (chew) SEE: chew ::
masturbate {v} (to masturbate) :: masturbere, onanere
masturbation {n} (manual erotic stimulation of the genitals) :: masturbation {c}, onani {c}
Masuria {prop} (an area in northeastern Poland) :: Masurien
mat {n} (foot wiping device or floor covering) :: måtte {c}
match {n} (sporting event) :: kamp {c}
match {n} (device to make fire) :: tændstik {c}
matchbox {n} (small cardboard box in which matches are kept) :: tændstikæske {c}
matching {n} (graph theory: set of edges) :: parring {c}
match point {n} (state in a game) :: matchbold {c}
mate {n} (checkmate) SEE: checkmate ::
material {adj} (related to matter) :: materiel
material {adj} (worldly) :: materiel
material {n} (matter) :: materiale {n}
material {n} (text) :: materiale {n}, stof {n}
material {n} (cloth) :: stof {n}
materialize {v} (to cause to take physical form or to appear) :: materialisere
materialize {v} (to take physical form or to appear seemingly from nowhere) :: materialisere
maternal aunt {n} (one's mother's sister) :: moster {c}
maternal aunt {n} (one's mother's sister-in-law) :: tante
maternal grandfather {n} (one's mother's father) :: morfar {c}
maternal grandmother {n} (The mother of one's mother) :: mormor {c}
maternal uncle {n} (brother of one's mother) :: morbror {c}, onkel {c}
mathematical {adj} (of, or relating to mathematics) :: matematisk
mathematics {n} (field of study) :: matematik {c}
maths {n} (short form of mathematics) :: matematik {c}
Matilda {prop} (female given name, cognates and transliterations) :: Mathilde
matrimony {n} (marriage or the state of being married) :: ægteskab {c}
matrimony {n} (the marriage ceremony) :: vielse {c}
matrix {n} (womb) SEE: womb ::
matrix {n} (math: rectangular arrangement of numbers or terms) :: matrix {c}
matryoshka {n} (Russian doll) SEE: Russian doll ::
Matthew {prop} (male given name) :: Mathias, Mads
Matthew {prop} (biblical disciple) :: Matthæus
Matthew {prop} (gospel of Matthew) :: Matthæusevangeliet {n} [definitive form]
Matthias {prop} (the Apostle replacing Judas) :: Matthias
Matthias {prop} (male given name) :: Mathias, Matthias
mattress {n} (a pad on which a person can recline and sleep) :: madras {c}
Maundy Thursday {prop} (Thursday before Easter) :: skærtorsdag
Maurice {prop} (male given name) :: Mourits
Mauritania {prop} (Islamic Republic of Mauritania) :: Mauretanien
Mauritius {prop} (Republic of Mauritius) :: Mauritius
maxim {n} (moral precept) :: maksime {c}
may {v} (have permission to) ::
may {v} (possibly, but not certainly) :: måske
May {prop} (fifth month of the Gregorian calendar) :: maj
maybe {adv} (indicating a lack of certainty) :: måske
maybe {adv} (as a pro-sentence) :: måske
May bug {n} (cockchafer) SEE: cockchafer ::
May Day {n} (workers' holiday) :: første maj {c}, 1. maj, arbejdernes internationale kampdag {c} [formal, very rare]
mayonnaise {n} (dressing) :: mayonnaise {c}, majonæse {c}
mayor {n} (leader of a city) :: borgmester {c}, borgmesterinde {c}
Mayotte {prop} (Territorial Collectivity of Mayotte) :: Mayotte
maypole {n} (pole, garlanded with streamers held by people who dance around it to celebrate May Day) :: majstang, midsommerstang
may the Force be with you {phrase} (wish someone luck) :: må Kraften være med dig
Mazandaran {prop} (northern province of Iran) :: Mazenderan
Mazandaran Sea {prop} (an alternative name of the Caspian Sea) :: Kaspiske Hav
Mbabane {prop} (capital of Swaziland) :: Mbabane
Möbius band {n} (Möbius strip) SEE: Möbius strip ::
Möbius strip {n} (one-sided surface) :: möbiusbånd {n}
Möbius strip {n} (narrow strip given a half twist) :: möbiusbånd {n}
mâche {n} (Valerianella locusta) :: tandfri vårsalat
me {pron} (direct object of a verb) :: mig
me {pron} (object of a preposition) :: mig
me {pron} (indirect object of a verb) :: mig
me {pron} (reflexive indirect object of a verb) :: mig
me {pron} (complement of the copula) :: mig
me {pron} (marking ownership) :: min
me {pron} (subject of a verb with “and”) :: jeg
me {pron} (subject of a verb without “and”) :: jeg
mead {n} (alcoholic drink) :: mjød {c}
meadow {n} (field or pasture) :: eng {c}
meadowlark {n} (songbird) :: englærke {c}
meadowsweet {n} (Filipendula ulmaria) :: mjødurt
meagre {n} (Argyrosomus regius) :: almindelig ørnefisk {c}
meal {n} (food that is prepared and eaten) :: måltid {n}
mean {v} (to convey, indicate) :: betyde
mean {v} (to signify) :: mene
mean {n} (method by which something is done) :: middel {n}
meaning {n} (symbolic value of something) :: betydning {c}, mening {c}
meaning {n} (significance of a thing, as "the meaning of life") :: mening {c}
meaning {n} (definition or connotation of a word) :: betydning {c}
meaning of life {n} (hypothetical answer to life's ultimate questions) :: meningen med livet {c}
means of grace {n} (means by which God gives grace) :: nådemiddel {n}
means of production {n} (combination of the means of labor and the subject of labor) :: produktionsmiddel {c}
measles {n} (acute highly contagious viral disease) :: mæslinger {c-p}
measure {n} (action to achieve some purpose) :: foranstaltning {c}
measuring tape {n} (tape measure) SEE: tape measure ::
meat {n} (animal flesh used as food) :: kød {n}
meat {n} (type of meat) :: kød {n}
meat {n} (any sort of flesh) :: kød {n}
meat {n} (totem) SEE: totem ::
meatarian {n} (person who eats meat) :: kødspiser {c}
meatatarian {n} (meatarian) SEE: meatarian ::
meatloaf {n} (mixture of ground meat) :: farsbrød {n}, forloren hare {?}
Mecca {prop} (city in Saudi Arabia) :: Mekka
Mecca {n} (important place to visit by people with a particular interest) :: mekka {n}
mechanic {n} (skilled worker) :: mekaniker {c}
mechanical energy {n} (mechanical energy) :: mekanisk energi {c}
mechanical pencil {n} (pencil with a lead that wears away with use) :: stiftblyant {c}, trykblyant {c}
mechanism {n} (mechanical means for the conversion or control of motion) :: mekanisme {c}
medal {n} (stamped metal disc) :: medalje {c}
Mede {n} (inhabitant of Media) :: meder {c}
Media {prop} (historical region in northwestern Iran) :: Medien
media circus {n} (media circus) :: mediecirkus {n}
mediaeval {adj} (medieval) SEE: medieval ::
median {n} (geometry: line segment joining vertex and midpoint of opposing side) :: median {c}
Median {adj} (relating to Media or Medes) :: medisk
Median {n} (language) :: medisk
Median {n} (Mede) SEE: Mede ::
media studies {n} (academic discipline) :: medievidenskab
medic {n} (doctor) SEE: doctor ::
medic {n} (paramedic) SEE: paramedic ::
medical history {n} (details about patient's previous medical experiences) :: anamnese {c}
medical record {n} (details about a patient's previous medical experiences) SEE: medical history ::
medical student {n} (student at a medical school) :: medicinstuderende {c}
medicine {n} (substance which promotes healing) :: medicin {c}
medicine {n} (field of study) :: medicin {c}
medicine {n} (ritual Native American magic) :: medicin
medicine man {n} (shamanistic healer) :: medicinmand {c}
medicine woman {n} (shamanistic healer) :: medicinkvinde {c}
medieval {adj} (of or relating to the Middle Ages) :: middelalderlig
Medieval Latin {prop} (language) :: middelalderlatin {n}
mediocre {adj} (having no peculiar or outstanding features) :: middelmådig
meditation {n} (devotional contemplation) :: meditation {c}
Mediterranean {prop} (Mediterranean Sea) SEE: Mediterranean Sea ::
Mediterranean Sea {prop} (the sea between Europe and Africa) :: Middelhavet {n}
medium {n} (material or empty space through which signals, waves or forces pass) :: medium {n}
medium {n} (format for communicating or presenting information) :: medium {n}
medium {n} (means, channel or agency by which an aim is achieved) :: middel
medium {n} (someone who supposedly conveys information from the spirit world) :: medium
medley {n} (collection of related songs) :: medley {n}
medley {n} (swimming event) :: medley {n}
meerkat {n} (small carnivorous mammal) :: surikat {c}
meerschaum {n} :: merskum
meet {v} (encounter by accident) :: møde, træffe
meet {v} (see through arrangement) :: mødes
meet {v} (to get acquainted) :: møde
meet {v} (converge and touch) :: mødes
meet {v} (comply with) :: opfylde
meet {v} (hit something while moving) :: træffe, ramme
meeting {n} (gathering for a purpose) :: møde {n}
megalomania {n} (psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence) :: storhedsvanvid {n}, megalomani {c}
megawatt {n} (one million watts) :: megawatt {c}
megawatt-hour {n} (unit of energy) :: megawatt-time {c}
meitnerium {n} (chemical element) :: meitnerium
melancholic {adj} (filled with or affected by melancholy) :: melankolsk
melancholy {adj} (Affected with sadness or depression) :: melankolsk
melancholy {n} (Sadness or depression) :: melankoli, vemod {n}
Melanesia {prop} (part of Oceania) :: Melanesien {p}
melange {n} (collection containing a variety of miscellaneous things) :: blanding {c}
Melanie {prop} (female given name) :: Melanie
melanoma {n} (type of skin tumor) :: melanom
melatonin {n} (hormone) :: melatonin {c}
melee {n} (Hand-to-hand combat. Mano-à-mano) :: nærkamp
melee {n} (battle fought at close range) :: håndgemæng, sammenstød
Melekeok {prop} (a state of Palau) :: Melekeok
Melissa {prop} (female given name) :: Melissa
melodious {adj} (having a pleasant melody) :: melodiøs
melody {n} (sequence of notes that makes up a musical phrase) :: melodi {c}
melon {n} (fruit) :: melon {c}
melongene {n} (eggplant) SEE: eggplant ::
Melpomene {prop} (Muse of tragedy) :: Melpomene
melt {n} (idiot) SEE: idiot ::
melting point {n} (temperature at which solid and liquid phases are in equilibrium) :: smeltepunkt
member {n} (in set theory) SEE: element ::
member {n} (one who officially belongs to a group) :: medlem {n}
Member of Parliament {n} (representative) :: folketingsmedlem {n}, parlamentsmedlem {n}
membership {n} (fact of being a member) :: medlemskab {n}
membership {n} (in set theory) :: medlemskab
membership card {n} (card held by a member) :: medlemskort {n}
memento mori {n} (memento mori) :: memento mori
memorial service {n} (funeral) SEE: funeral ::
memory {n} (ability to recall) :: hukommelse {c}
memory {n} (RAM or ROM) :: hukommelse {c}
mend {v} (to repair) :: reparere, [informally] fikse
mend {v} (to repair a tear in clothing) :: lappe
mend {v} (to alter for the better; to set right; to reform; hence, to quicken) :: forbedre
mendacious {adj} (false) SEE: false ::
mendaciousness {n} (mendacity) SEE: mendacity ::
mendacity {n} (fact or condition of being untruthful; dishonesty) :: uhæderlighed {c}, løgnagtighed {c}
mendelevium {n} (chemical element) :: mendelevium {n}
menopause {n} (ending of menstruation) :: overgangsalder {c}
Mensa {prop} (constellation) :: Taffelbjerget
Menschanschauung {n} (human-view) :: menneskesyn {n}, menneskeanskuelse {c}
Menshevik {n} (member of a faction of the Russian revolutionary movement) :: mensjevik {c}
menstrual cycle {n} (recurring cycle) :: menstruationscyklus {c}
menstruate {v} (to undergo menstruation) :: menstruere
menstruation {n} (periodic discharging of the menses) :: menstruation {c}
mental hospital {n} (facility designed to treat persons with mental disorders) :: psykiatrisk hospital, sindssygehospital (obsolete)
mental institution {n} (psychiatric hospital) SEE: mental hospital ::
mentality {n} (mindset) :: mentalitet {c}
menthol {n} (cyclic monoterpene alcohol) :: mentol
mention {v} (mention) SEE: cover ::
mention {v} (make a short reference to something) :: omtale
menu {n} (details of the food to be served at a banquet) :: spisekort {n}, menu {c}
menu {n} (printed list of dishes offered in a restaurant) :: menu
meow {interj} (cry of a cat) :: mjav, miav
meow {n} (cry of a cat) :: miav, mjav, miau
mercenary {n} (person employed to fight) :: lejesoldat {c}
merchant {n} (person who traffics in commodities) :: købmand {c}
merchant fleet {n} (fleet of merchant ships) :: handelsflåde {c}
merchantman {n} (merchant) SEE: merchant ::
mercury {n} (element) :: kviksølv {n}
Mercury {prop} (planet) :: Merkur
mercy {n} (relenting; forbearance to cause or allow harm to another) :: barmhjertighed, nåde
mercy killing {n} (euthanasia) SEE: euthanasia ::
mergirl {n} (mermaid) SEE: mermaid ::
meringue {n} (mixture) :: marengs {c}
meringue {n} (shell) :: marengs {c}
meritocracy {n} (rule by merit) :: meritokrati {n}
merlin {n} (small falcon) :: dværgfalk {c}
mermaid {n} (mythological woman with a fish's tail) :: havfrue {c}
merman {n} :: havmand {c}
Merovingian {n} (Salian Frankish dynasty) :: merovingerne {c-p} [dynasty name], merovinger {c} [a member of the dynasty]
Merovingian {adj} (of or relating to the dynasty) :: merovingisk
merry Christmas {phrase} (good wishes at Christmas time) :: glædelig jul, god jul
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year {phrase} (traditional greeting for the Christmas and the new year) :: glædelig jul og godt nytår!
mesencephalon {n} (midbrain) SEE: midbrain ::
mesentery {n} (the membrane that attaches the intestines to the wall of the abdomen) :: tarmkrøs {n}
mesh {n} (structure) :: net {n}
mesh {n} (opening) :: maske {c}
mesmerize {v} (to exercise mesmerism on) :: hypnotisere
Mesolithic {n} (Mesolithic period) :: ældre stenalder
Mesopotamia {prop} (region between Euphrates and Tigris) :: Mesopotamien
mess {n} (disagreeable mixture or confusion of things) :: rod
mess {n} (church service) SEE: Mass ::
message {n} (communication, concept or information conveyed) :: budskab {n}, besked, bud {n}
message in a bottle {n} (message put in an empty bottle and set adrift on the ocean) :: flaskepost {c}
messenger {n} (one who brings messages) :: bud {n}
messiah {n} (ordained to lead the people of Israel) :: messias
messianic {adj} (of, relating to, or resembling a messiah, the Messiah) :: messianske {c}
metabolism {n} (complete set of chemical reactions that occur in living cells) :: stofskifte
metabolite {n} (any substance produced by, or taking part in, a metabolic reaction) :: metabolit
metal {n} (atomic element or material made of such atoms) :: metal {n}
metal detector {n} (a hand-held device) :: metaldetektor {c}
metal detector {n} (a structure, similar to a doorway) :: metaldetektor {c}
metallurgy {n} (science of metals) :: metallurgi {c}
metamorphic rock {n} (one of the major groups of rock that makes up the crust of the Earth) :: metamorfe bjergarter
metamorphosis {n} (transformation) :: metamorfose
metaphor {n} (uncountable: figure of speech) :: metafor {c}
metaphor {n} (countable: word or phrase used in metaphor) :: metafor {c}
metastasis {n} (the transference of a bodily function or disease to another part of the body) :: metastase
meteor {n} (streak of light) :: meteor {c} {n}
meteorology {n} (science) :: meteorologi {c}
meteor shower {n} (Meteors seen on Earth for short time period) :: meteorregn {c}
meter {n} (measuring instrument) :: måler {c}
meter {n} (unit of length) SEE: metre ::
meter {v} (to measure) SEE: measure ::
methanal {n} (formaldehyde) SEE: formaldehyde ::
method {n} (process by which a task is completed) :: metode {c}
method {n} ((programming) subroutine or function in object-oriented languages) :: metode {c}
Methodism {n} (Methodist Christian movement founded by John Wesley) :: metodisme {c}
methyl- {prefix} (prefix used to form terms describing the attachment of a methyl group) :: methyl-, metyl-
methyl bromide {n} (methyl bromide) SEE: bromomethane ::
metic {n} (resident alien in ancient Greece) :: metoik
metonym {n} (word that names an object from a single characteristic of it) :: metonym {n}
metonymic {adj} (Of, or relating to, a word that names an object from a single characteristic of it or of a closely related object) :: metonymisk
metonymic {n} (metonym) SEE: metonym ::
metonymy {n} (figure of speech) :: metonymi {c}
metonymy {n} (metonym) SEE: metonym ::
metre {n} (unit of length) :: meter {c}
metre per second {n} (SI unit for measuring speed) :: sekundmeter {c}, meter pr. sekund
metrical foot {n} (basic unit of verse) :: versefod/versfod {c} (versefødder/versfødder {p})
metric space {n} (space (mathematics)) :: metrisk rum {n}
metro {n} (underground railway) :: metro {c}, undergrundsbane {c}, tunnelbane {c}
metrology {n} (science of measurement) :: metrologi {c}
metronome {n} (a device used in music) :: metronom {c}
metropolis {n} (metropolitan archbishop) SEE: archbishopric ::
metropolitan {n} (bishop empowered to oversee other bishops) :: [in Orthodox Church] metropolit {c}
metrosexual {n} (man concerned with personal appearance) :: metrosexuel
mettle {n} (metal) SEE: metal ::
Meuse {prop} (river) :: Meuse
mew {n} (crying sound of a cat) SEE: meow ::
mew {v} (meow) SEE: meow ::
Mexican {n} (person from Mexico or of Mexican descent) :: mexicaner
Mexican {adj} (of or pertaining to Mexico) :: mexicansk
Mexican {n} (Nahuatl language) SEE: Nahuatl ::
Mexican {adj} (of or pertaining to Nahuatl language) SEE: Nahuatl ::
Mexican Spanish {prop} (Mexican dialect of Spanish) :: mexicansk spansk {c}
Mexico {prop} (country) :: Mexico, Mexicos Forenede Stater
Mexico {prop} (Mexico City) SEE: Mexico City ::
Mexico City {prop} (capital of Mexico) :: Mexico City
mezuzah {n} (piece of parchment attached to the doorpost of a house) :: mezuzah {c}
mezzanine {n} (a secondary floor, in between the main floors of a building) :: mezzanin {c} [especially when inserted between the two lowest floors above ground]
Mia {prop} (female given name) :: Mia
Miami {prop} (city in Florida, United States) :: Miami
Micah {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Mika
Micah {prop} (Biblical character: minor prophet and author) :: Mika
Micah {prop} (Biblical character: Ephraimite featured in Judges 17–18) :: Mika
Micah {prop} (male given name) :: Mika
Michael {prop} (male given name) :: Michael, Mikael
Michael {prop} (archangel) :: Mikael
Michaela {prop} (feminine form of Michael) :: Michala, Michella, Michelle
Michal {prop} (biblical character) :: Mikal {c}
Michelle {prop} (female given name) SEE: Michaela ::
Michigan {prop} (US state) :: Michigan
Mickey Mouse {prop} (Disney character) :: Mickey Mouse
microbe {n} (microorganism) :: mikrobe
microcredit {n} (microloan) SEE: microloan ::
microlitre {n} (microlitre) :: mikroliter {c}
microloan {n} (small loan given to a poor person to enable him to become self-employed) :: mikrolån {n}
micrometer {n} (one millionth of a meter) :: mikrometer {c}
micrometre {n} (micrometer) SEE: micrometer ::
Micronesia {prop} (country) :: Mikronesien
micronutrient {n} (essential mineral or vitamin) :: mikronæringsstof {n}
microorganism {n} (an organism too small to be seen by unaided eye) :: mikroorganisme {c}
microphone {n} (transducer of sound waves to electricity) :: mikrofon
microscope {n} (an optical instrument) :: mikroskop {n}
microscopic {adj} (relating to microscopes) :: mikroskopisk
microscopic {adj} (so small that it can only be seen using a microscope) :: mikroskopisk
microscopic {adj} (very small) :: mikroskopisk
microsecond {n} (unit of time equal to 10−6 seconds) :: mikrosekund {n}
microwave {n} (microwave oven) SEE: microwave oven ::
microwave {n} (electromagnetic wave) :: mikrobølge {c}
microwave oven {n} (oven using microwave energy) :: mikrobølgeovn {c}, mikroovn {c}
micturate {v} (urinate) SEE: urinate ::
midbrain {n} (part of brain) :: mesencephalon, midthjernen
midday {n} (12 o'clock during the day) SEE: noon ::
middle {n} (centre, midpoint) :: midte {c}
Middle Ages {prop} (historical period) :: middelalder {c}
middle class {n} (social and economic class) :: middelklasse {c}
Middle Danish {prop} (Middle Danish) :: gammeldansk
middle ear {n} (cavity in the ear) :: mellemøre {n}
Middle-earth {prop} (Middle Earth) SEE: Midgard ::
Middle Earth {prop} (Earth) SEE: Earth ::
Middle Earth {prop} (Midgard) SEE: Midgard ::
Middle East {prop} (region comprising southwest Asia and northeast Africa) :: Mellemøsten
middle finger {n} (finger between the forefinger and the ring finger) :: langfinger {c}, langemand {c}
Middle High German {adj} (Middle High German) :: middelhøjtysk
Middle High German {prop} (Middle High German) :: middelhøjtysk
Middle Kingdom {prop} (a nickname for China) :: Riget i Midten {n} [definite form]
Middle Low German {prop} (language) :: middelnedertysk
middle name {n} (name between given name and surname) :: mellemnavn {n}
Middle Saxon {prop} (Middle Low German) SEE: Middle Low German ::
midfield {n} (middle of the field) :: midtbane {c}
midfielder {n} (player) :: midtbanespiller {c}
Midgard {prop} (Earth) SEE: Earth ::
Midgard {prop} (the abode of humans, between heaven and hell) :: Midgård
midget {n} (person of small stature of adult height less than 4'10") :: dværg
midget {n} (derogatory: any short person) :: gnom, mandsling
midget {n} (attributively: that is the small version of something) :: dværg-; mini-
mid-life crisis {n} (emotional period of doubt) :: midtlivskrise {c}
midnight {n} (12 am) :: midnat {n}
midnight sun {n} (phenomenon occurring when Sun does not set) :: midnatssol {c}
midwife {n} (person who assists women in childbirth) :: jordemoder {c}, jordemor {c}
midwife {n} (person who assists in bringing something about) :: fødselshjælper {c}
mielie {n} (maize) SEE: maize ::
migraine {n} (headache usually affecting only one side of the head) :: migræne {c}
migrant {n} (A migratory bird or other animal) :: trækfugl {c} [bird]
migrant {n} (A person moving from one region or country to another) :: migrant {c}
migrant worker {n} (guest worker) SEE: guest worker ::
Migration Period {prop} (mass migration of Germanic people in Europe during the early Middle Ages) :: folkevandringstiden
mikado {n} (emperor of Japan) :: mikado {c} [archaic]
mikado {n} (a game of skill) :: mikado
Milan {prop} (city and capital) :: Milano
Milanese {adj} (pertaining to Milan) :: milanesisk
Milanese {n} (native or inhabitant of Milan) :: milaneser {c}
milch cow {n} (cow kept for milking) SEE: dairy cow ::
mildew {n} (growth of minute fungi) :: meldug, mug {n} {c}
mile {n} (measure of length) :: mil
milestone {n} (one of a series of numbered markers placed along a road at regular intervals) :: milepæl {c}
milestone {n} (important event) :: milepæl {c}
Miletus {prop} (ancient Greek city) :: Milet
milieu {n} (person’s social setting or environment) :: miljø {n}
military {adj} (characteristic of members of the armed forces) :: militær
militiaman {n} (member of a militia) :: militssoldat {c}
milk {n} (liquid) :: mælk {c}
milk {v} (to express milk from mammal) :: malke
milk {n} (semen) SEE: semen ::
milk-cap {n} (mushroom of the genus Lactarius) :: mælkehat
milk chocolate {n} (Chocolate that includes milk powder as one of its ingredients) :: mælkechokolade {c}
milk cow {n} (dairy cow) SEE: dairy cow ::
milkmaid {n} (a young woman who milked the cows on a farm) :: malkepige {c}
milkman {n} (man who delivers milk early in the morning) :: mælkemand {c}
milk powder {n} (pulverized milk solids) :: mælkepulver {n}
milk tooth {n} (tooth of the first set of teeth) :: mælketand {c}
Milky Way {prop} (galaxy) :: Mælkevejen
mill {n} (grinding apparatus) :: mølle {c}
mill {n} (building housing a grinding apparatus) :: mølle {c}
mille-feuille {n} (a type of pastry with several layers of puff pastry) :: napoleonskage {c}
miller {n} (person) :: møller {c}
Miller {prop} (surname meaning "a miller") :: Møller
millet {n} (any of a group of various types of grass or its grains used as food) :: hirse
milliard {num} (10^9) :: milliard {c}
milligram {n} (milligram) :: milligram {n}
milliliter {n} (milliliter) SEE: millilitre ::
millilitre {n} (a unit of volume) :: milliliter {c}
millimeter {n} (millimetre) SEE: millimetre ::
millimetre {n} (unit of measure) :: millimeter {c}
million {num} (cardinal number) :: million
millionaire {n} (somebody whose wealth is greater than one million) :: millionær
millionairess {n} (woman whose wealth is greater than one million dollars) :: millionærinde {c}
millionth {n} (one of a million equal parts of a whole) :: milliontedel {c}
millipede {n} (elongated arthropod) :: tusindben {n}
millisecond {n} (one one-thousandth of a second) :: millisekund
millstone {n} (large round stone used for grinding grain) :: møllesten {c}
milt {n} (the organ spleen) SEE: spleen ::
mimic {n} (imitation) SEE: imitation ::
mind {n} (ability for rational thought) :: sind {n}, sjæl {c}; indstilling {c}
mind {v} (to remember) SEE: remember ::
mind control {n} (subverting an individual's control of his or her mind) :: tankekontrol {c}
mind-reader {n} (someone telepathic) :: tankelæser {c}
mine {pron} (that which belongs to me) :: min {m}
mine {n} (place from which ore is extracted) :: mine {c}
minecart {n} (a wheeled container that travels on tracks, used for moving mining materials) :: tipvogn {c}
miner {n} (a person who works in a mine) :: minearbejder {c}, grubearbejder {c}
mineral {adj} (relating to or containing minerals) :: mineralsk
mineralogical {adj} (relating to mineralogy) :: mineralogisk
mineralogy {n} (the study or science of minerals) :: mineralogi
mineral water {n} (water containing dissolved minerals) :: danskvand {n} {c}, mineralvand {n} {c}
minibus {n} (a small bus) :: minibus {c}
minidress {n} (woman's short dress) :: minikjole {c}
mining {n} (activity of removing solid valuables from the earth) :: minedrift {c}
minion {n} (loyal servant of another more powerful being) :: håndlanger {c}
miniskirt {n} (skirt) :: miniskørt {n}
minister {n} (politician who heads a ministry) :: minister {c}
ministry {n} (government department) :: ministerium {n}
ministry {n} (complete body of government ministers) :: regering {c}, kabinet {n}
ministry {n} (practice and education of the minister of a particular religion) :: præsteembede {n}
minium {n} (red lead) :: mønje
minke whale {n} (Balaenoptera acutorostrata or Balaenoptera bonaerensis) :: vågehval {c}
Minnesota {prop} (a state of the United States of America) :: Minnesota
minor {adj} (of little importance) :: ubetydelig
minor {adj} (musical scale) :: mol {c}
minor {n} (someone below the legal age) :: mindreårig
minor {n} (subject of secondary concentration) :: bifag {n}
Minorca {prop} (An island of Spain) :: Menorca
minority {n} (subgroup that does not form a numerical majority) :: mindretal
minority cabinet {n} (minority government) SEE: minority government ::
minority government {n} (government backed by less than half of votes in parliament) :: mindretalsregering {c}
Minsk {prop} (capital of Belarus) :: Minsk
mint {n} (money-producing building or institution) :: mønt
mint {adj} (unused stamp) :: postfrisk
mint {n} (plant) :: mynte {c}
minute {n} (unit of time) :: minut {n}
minute of angle {n} (one 60th of a degree) :: bueminut
miracle {n} (wonderful event attributed to supernatural powers) :: mirakel {n}, under {n}
mirage {n} (an optical phenomenon) :: luftspejling
mirage {n} (illusion) SEE: illusion ::
Miriam {prop} (sister of Moses and Aaron) :: Mirjam
Miriam {prop} (female given name) :: Miriam, Mirjam
mirror {n} (smooth reflecting surface) :: spejl {n}
misanthrope {n} (one who hates all mankind) :: misantrop {c}
misanthropic {adj} (hating or disliking mankind) :: misantropisk, menneskefjendsk
misanthropist {n} (misanthrope) SEE: misanthrope ::
misbegotten {n} (one born out of wedlock) SEE: bastard ::
misbegotten {adj} (of a person: born out of wedlock) SEE: illegitimate ::
miscarry {v} (to fail to achieve) :: mislykkes
miscellaneous {adj} (consisting of a variety of ingredients or parts) :: diverse
miscellaneous {adj} (having diverse characteristics) :: blandet, diverse
miscomprehend {v} (misunderstand) SEE: misunderstand ::
misconclusion {n} (misconclusion) :: fejlslutning {c}
mise en scène {n} (the arrangement of props and actors on a stage or for film) :: iscenesættelse {c}
miser {n} (skinflint or scrooge) :: gnier {c}
miserable {adj} (in a state of misery) :: elendig
miserly {adj} (like a miser; very covetous; stingy) :: gnieragtig, gerrig, nærig
misery {n} (great unhappiness) :: elendighed
misfortunes never come singly {proverb} (bad things come in groups) SEE: it never rains but it pours ::
mislead {v} (lead in a false direction) :: vildlede
mislead {v} (trick or mislead) SEE: deceive ::
misogynist {n} (hater of women) :: kvindehader {c}
miss {v} (to feel the absence of someone or something) :: savne
miss {n} (a failure to hit) :: forbier {c}
miss {n} (unmarried woman) :: frøken
miss {n} (Miss) SEE: Miss ::
Miss {n} (title) :: frøken (Frk.)
missile {n} (self-propelled, guidable projectile) :: missil
missionary {n} (person traveling to spread a religion) :: missionær {c}
missionary {n} (missionary position) SEE: missionary position ::
missionary position {n} (position for sexual intercourse) :: missionærstilling {c}
Mississippi {n} (state) :: Mississippi
Mississippi {n} (river) :: Mississippifloden
Missouri {prop} (US state) :: Missouri
miss out {v} (to miss something that should not be missed) :: gå glip af
misspell {v} (to spell incorrectly) :: stave forkert
misspelling {n} (misspelt word) :: stavefejl {n}
mistake {n} (an error) :: fejl {c}
mistake {v} (to take one thing for another) :: misforstå
Mister Right {n} (perfect, ideal or suitable male mate or husband) :: Prinsen på den hvide hest
mistletoe {n} (either species of such evergreen plant) :: mistelten
mistress {n} (woman in extramarital relationship) :: elskerinde {c}
misunderstand {v} (to understand incorrectly, while believing one has understood correctly) :: misforstå
misuse {n} (incorrect, improper or unlawful use) :: misbrug {n} {c}
mite {n} (arachnid) :: mide {c}
mitochondrion {n} (respiratory organelle) :: mitokondrie {n}
mitre {n} (a covering for the head, worn on solemn occasions by church dignitaries) :: mitra {c}
mitt {n} (mitten) SEE: mitten ::
mitten {n} (glove with a separate sheath for the thumb only) :: luffe {c}, vante {c}
mix {v} (stir two or more substances together) :: blande, mikse, røre
mix {v} (combine items from two or more sources normally kept separate) :: blande
mix {v} (music: combine several tracks) :: mikse
mix {v} (music: produce a finished version of a recording) :: mikse
mix {n} (result of mixing two or more substances) :: blanding
mix {n} (result of combining items normally kept separate) :: blanding
mixed {adj} (having two or more separate aspects) :: blandet
mixed {adj} (including both males and females) :: blandet
mixed {adj} (Stemming from two or more races or breeds) :: blandet
mixer {n} (blender) :: mikser, håndmikser, blender
mizzen {n} (mizzenmast) SEE: mizzenmast ::
mizzenmast {n} (nautical: aftmost mast) :: mesanmast {c}
Mjollnir {prop} (the hammer of Thor, Thor's hammer Mjollnir) :: Mjølner {c}
moa {n} (extinct bird) :: moa
moat {n} (defensive ditch) :: voldgrav {c}
mob {n} (mafia) SEE: mafia ::
mobile {n} (mobile phone) SEE: mobile phone ::
mobile phone {n} (portable telephone) :: mobiltelefon {c}
mobile telephone {n} (mobile phone) SEE: mobile phone ::
mocha {n} (coffee) :: mokka
mock exam {n} (an examination where the marks do not count) :: terminsprøve {c}
modal {n} (modal verb) SEE: modal verb ::
modal verb {n} (a kind of verb) :: modalverbum {n}, mådesudsagnsord {n}
mode {n} (in computing) :: tilstand {c}
model aircraft {n} (aircraft made to a smaller scale) :: modelfly {n}
moderately {adv} (in a moderate manner) :: moderat
Modern Danish {prop} (Modern Danish) :: nydansk
Modern Greek {prop} (Modern Greek) :: nygræsk {n}
modest {adj} (not bragging or boasting about oneself or one's achievements) :: beskeden
modest {adj} (Small) :: beskeden, moderat
modest {adj} (Avoiding being sexually suggestive.) :: blufærdig, anstændig, sømmelig, ærbar
modesty {n} (the quality of being modest) :: beskedenhed {c}
modify {v} (to make partial changes to) :: modificere
modulate {v} (to regulate) :: modulere, regulere
modulate {v} (to change the pitch (transitive)) :: modulere
modulate {v} (to move from one key to another (intransitive)) :: modulere
modulation {n} (Applying a signal to a carrier) :: modulation
modulation {n} (variation and regulation) :: modulation
Mogadishu {prop} (capital city) :: Mogadishu
Mohammad {prop} (male given name) SEE: Muhammad ::
Mohammad {prop} (prophet) SEE: Muhammad ::
Mohammedan {n} (Muslim) :: muhammedaner {c} [largely archaic]
Mohammedan {adj} (Muslim, Islamic) :: muhammedansk [largely archaic]
Mohawk {n} (hairstyle) :: hanekam
Mohican {n} (hairstyle) SEE: Mohawk ::
moiety {n} (half) SEE: half ::
molar {n} (back tooth) :: kindtand {c}
molar {n} (unit of concentration) :: molar
molasses {n} (thick brownish syrup refined from raw sugar) :: melasse {c}
mold {n} (woolly or furry growth of tiny fungi) :: mug {n} {c}
Moldavia {prop} (Moldova) SEE: Moldova ::
Moldavia {prop} (region made up of the country of Moldova and northeastern Romania) :: Moldavien
Moldavian {prop} (language) :: moldovisk {n}
Moldavian SSR {prop} (name for the Republic of Moldova) :: Moldaviske SSR, Moldaviske Socialistiske Sovjetrepublik
Moldova {prop} (country) :: Moldova
Moldovan {n} (Moldavian) SEE: Moldavian ::
Moldovan {prop} (Moldavian) SEE: Moldavian ::
Moldovan {adj} (Moldavian) SEE: Moldavian ::
mole {n} (dark spot on the skin) :: modermærke {n}
mole {n} (burrowing insectivore) :: muldvarp {c}
mole {n} (internal spy) :: muldvarp {c}
mole {n} (massive structure used as a pier or breakwater) :: mole {c}
mole {n} (unit of amount) :: mol {n}
molecular formula {n} (a notation indicating the number of atoms of each element present in a compound) :: sumformel {c}, bruttoformel {c}
molecule {n} (group of atoms held together by chemical bonds) :: molekyle {n}
moll {adj} (minor) SEE: minor ::
mollie {n} (Molotov cocktail) SEE: Molotov cocktail ::
mollusc {n} (soft-bodied invertebrate of phylum Mollusca, see also: clam; oyster; mussel) :: bløddyr {n}
Molotov cocktail {n} (simple incendiary bomb) :: molotovcocktail {c}
molybdenum {n} (chemical element) :: molybdæn {n}
moment {n} (very brief period of time) :: øjeblik
moment of inertia {n} (physical measure) :: inertimoment {n}
momentum {n} (product of mass and velocity) :: impuls {c}, bevægelsesmængde {c}
Monaco {prop} (country in Europe) :: Monaco
Monaco {prop} (capital city) :: Monaco
monarch {n} (ruler) :: monark {c}
monarchy {n} (form of government with a hereditary head of state) :: monarki {n}
monastery {n} (building for monks) :: kloster {n}
Monastir {prop} (former name of Bitola in Macedonia) :: Bitola
Monday {n} (day of the week) :: mandag
money {n} (means of exchange and measure of value) :: betalingsmiddel {n}
money {n} (currency) :: valuta {c}, møntenhed {c}
money {n} (cash) :: penge, rede penge
money {n} (available liquid assets) :: pengesum {c}
money {n} (wealth) :: velstand {c}, penge {c}
money {n} (item of value used as payment) :: værdigenstand
money {n} (person who funds an operation) :: pengemand {c}
money {n} (as modifier) :: penge-
moneyboy {n} (rentboy) :: trækkerdreng
money laundering {n} (act of obscuring the origin of money that has been obtained illegally) :: pengevask {c}
money machine {n} (money machine) :: pengemaskine {c}
Mongol {n} (A person from Mongolia; a Mongolian) SEE: Mongolian ::
Mongolia {prop} (Central Asian country) :: Mongoliet {n}
Mongolian {adj} (of or relating to Mongolia or its peoples, languages, or cultures) :: mongolsk
Mongolian {n} (native or inhabitant of Mongolia) :: mongol
Mongolian {n} (language of Mongolia) :: mongolsk
Mongolian {n} (person of Mongoloid physical type) :: mongol
Monica {prop} (female given name) :: Monica
Monika {prop} (female given name) SEE: Monica ::
moniker {n} (signature) SEE: signature ::
monitor {n} (computer display) :: skærm {n}, monitor {c}
monitor {n} (monitor lizard) SEE: monitor lizard ::
monitor lizard {n} (lizard of the genus Varanus) :: varan {c}
monk {n} (slang: judge) SEE: judge ::
monk {n} (male member of monastic order) :: munk
monkey {n} (primate) :: abe {c}, [children's language] abekat {c}
monkey-eating eagle {n} (Philippine eagle) SEE: Philippine eagle ::
monkey wrench {n} (adjustable wrench) :: skiftenøgle
monochasium {n} (cyme with one flower on each axis) :: enarmet kvast
monocotyledon {n} (Plant belonging to Monocotyledones or Liliopsida) :: enkimbladede
monocracy {n} (autocracy) SEE: autocracy ::
monogermane {n} (germane) SEE: germane ::
monoglottism {n} (condition of being able to speak only a single language) SEE: unilingualism ::
monogram {n} (a design composed of one or more letters used as an identifying mark) :: monogram {n}
monolingual {adj} (only knowing or spoken in one language) :: ensproget
monolingualism {n} (condition of being able to speak only a single language) SEE: unilingualism ::
mononucleosis {n} (infectious mononucleosis, glandular fever) :: mononukleose {c}, kyssesyge {c}
monophthong {n} (vowel that has same sound throughout its pronunciation) :: monoftong {c}
monopolize {v} (have a monopoly) :: monopolisere
monopoly {n} (situation of exclusive supply) :: monopol {n}
monopoly {n} (exclusive possession) :: monopol {n}
monopoly {n} (privilege granting such control) :: monopol {n}
monopoly {n} (market thus controled) :: monopol {n}
monopoly {n} (holder of such control) :: monopolist {c}
Monopoly {prop} (a board game) :: Matador
Monopoly money {n} (strange-looking foreign currency) :: matadorpenge
monotheism {n} (belief in one God) :: monoteisme
monotheistic {adj} (believing in a single god) :: monoteistisk
monotonous {adj} (having an unvarying tone or pitch) :: enstonig, monoton
monotonous {adj} (tedious, repetitious or lacking in variety) :: ensformig, monoton
monotony {n} (tedium) :: monotoni
monounsaturated {adj} (monunsaturated) :: monoumættet
Monrovia {prop} (capital of Liberia) :: Monrovia
mons pubis {n} (fleshy protuberance over the pubic bones) :: venusbjerg {n}
monster {n} (terrifying dangerous creature) :: uhyre {n}
monstrosity {n} (Monstrous thing, person or act) :: skrummel
Montana {prop} (US state) :: Montana
Montenegrin {adj} (relating to Montenegro) :: montenegrinsk
Montenegrin {n} (person from Montenegro) :: montenegriner {c}
Montenegrin {prop} (the standardized variety of Serbo-Croatian) :: montenegrinsk
Montenegro {prop} (country in Europe) :: Montenegro
Montevideo {prop} (capital of Uruguay) :: Montevideo
month {n} (period into which a year is divided) :: måned {c}
Montserrat {prop} (island) :: Montserrat
monument {n} (structure built for commemorative or symbolic reasons) :: monument, mindesmærke
moo {n} (characteristic sound made by a cow or bull) :: muh
moo {v} (to make a lowing sound) :: brøle
moo {interj} (sound made by a cow or bull) :: muh
moody {adj} (Given to sudden or frequent changes of mind; temperamental) :: lunefuld, humørsyg
moody {adj} (sulky or depressed) :: melankolsk, vemodig
moon {n} (largest natural satellite of planet Earth) :: månen
moon {n} (any substantially sized natural satellite of a planet) :: måne {c}
moon {n} (month) :: måned {c}
Moon {prop} (sole natural satellite of the Earth) :: Månen {c}
moonbase {n} (a base located on a moon) :: månebase {c}
moonbeam {n} (moonlight generally) SEE: moonlight ::
mooncake {n} (Chinese pastry) :: månekage
moon landing {n} (arrival of a spacecraft on the moon) :: månelanding {c}
moonlight {n} (light reflected from the moon) :: måneskin {n}
moonstruck {adj} (crazy or insane when affected by the phases of the Moon) :: månesyg {c}
moor {n} (region with poor, marshy soil, peat and heath) :: hede {c}
moor {v} (to cast anchor or become fastened) :: fortøje
moor {v} (to fix or secure, as a vessel, in a particular place by casting anchor, or by fastening with cables or chains) :: fortøje
mooring {n} (place to moor a vessel) :: fortøjning {c}
mooring {n} (act of securing a vessel) :: fortøjning {c}
Moorish {adj} (of or pertaining to Moors) :: mauriske
moose {n} (largest member of the deer family (Alces alces)) :: elg {c}, elsdyr {n}
moot {n} (debate) SEE: debate ::
moot {n} (discuss) SEE: discuss ::
moped {n} (two-wheeled vehicle) :: knallert
moraine {n} (accumulation of rocks and debris) :: moræne {c}
morality {n} (recognition of / obedience to the rules of right conduct) :: moral {c}
moral philosophy {n} (ethics) SEE: ethics ::
moratorium {n} (authorization permitting temporary suspension of payments) :: moratorium {n}
Morava {prop} (river in Central Europe) :: Morava {c}
Moravia {prop} (historical region) :: Mähren {c}, Mæhren {c}
more {adv} (comparative of much) :: mere
more {adv} (word to form a comparative) :: mere
more haste, less speed {proverb} (when one is in a hurry, one often ends up completing a task more slowly) :: hastværk er lastværk
more or less {adv} (approximately) :: mere eller mindre
morgue {n} (place for dead people) :: morgue {c}, lighus {n}
morgue {n} (haughty attitude) SEE: arrogance ::
Mormon {prop} (ancient prophet) :: Mormon
Mormon {n} (member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) :: mormon {c}
morna {n} (a genre of Cape Verdean music) :: morna
morning {n} (part of the day between dawn and midday) :: morgen {c}, formiddag
morning {n} (the part of the day after midnight and before midday) :: morgen {c}
morning after {n} (hangover) SEE: hangover ::
morning gift {n} (gift given by husband to wife upon first morning of marriage) :: morgengave {c}
morning person {n} (early bird) SEE: early bird ::
morning star {n} (spiked weapon on staff) :: morgenstjerne
Moroccan {n} (person from Morocco) :: marokkaner
Moroccan {adj} (pertaining to Morocco) :: marokkansk
Morocco {prop} (country) :: Marokko
moron {n} (person of borderline intelligence) :: debil person
moron {n} (person who makes uncool attempts to impress others) :: tåbe {c}
moron {n} (idiot) SEE: idiot ::
Moroni {prop} (capital of the Comoros) :: Moroni
morpheme {n} (smallest linguistic unit) :: morfem {n}
Morpheus {prop} (Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams) :: Morfeus
morphism {n} (arrow) :: morfi {c}
morphism {n} (map) :: morfi {c}
morphism {n} :: morfi {c}
morsel {n} (small fragment) :: bid {c}, godbid {c}, stump
mortal {adj} (susceptible to death) :: dødelig
mortality {n} (condition of being susceptible to death) :: dødelighed {c}
mortality {n} (death rate) :: dødelighed {c}
mortar {n} (mixture of lime or cement, sand and water) :: mørtel
mortgage {n} (special form of secured loan) :: pant
mortician {n} (undertaker) SEE: undertaker ::
mortise-and-tenon joint {n} (joint) :: tapsamling, mortise og tenon samling
mortuary {n} (morgue) SEE: morgue ::
mosaic {n} (artwork) :: mosaik {c}
mosaic {n} (composite picture) :: collage {c}
Moscow {prop} (Capital city of Russia) :: Moskva
Moses {prop} (the biblical patriarch) :: Moses
mosque {n} (a place of worship for Muslims) :: moské {c}, moske {c}
mosquito {n} (small flying insect of the family Culicidae, known for biting and sucking blood) :: stikmyg {c}
mosquito net {n} (fine net used to protect against mosquitos) :: myggenet {n}
moss {n} (bog) SEE: bog ::
moss {n} (plants of the division Bryophyta) :: mos {c}
most {adv} (adverb forming superlative) :: mest, -st, -est
most of all {adv} (to a greater extent than anything else) :: allermest
moth {n} (insect similar to a butterfly) :: møl
mother {n} (motherfucker) SEE: motherfucker ::
mother {n} (female (human) who parents a child, gives birth to a baby, or is pregnant) :: moder, mor {c}
mother {n} (one’s female parent) :: moder, mor {c}
mother {v} (to treat as a mother would be expected to) :: være mor for, tage sig ordentlig af
motherboard {n} (primary circuit board of a computer) :: bundkort {n}
Mother Earth {prop} (personification of Earth) :: Moder Jord
motherfucker {n} (generic term of abuse) :: skiderik {c}, stodder {c}
motherhood {n} (the state of being a mother) :: moderskab
mother-in-law {n} (spouse’s mother) :: svigermor {c}
motherland {n} (the country of one's ancestors) :: hjemland {n}
motherland {n} (the country of one's birth) :: fædreland {n}, fødeland {n}
motherland {n} (country of origin) :: fædreland {n}, hjemland {n}
motherland {n} (mother country in contrast to its colonies) :: moderland {n}
motherly {adj} (befitting a mother; warm, caring, nurturing, protective, loving) :: moderlig
mother-of-pearl {n} (the hard pearly inner layer of certain mollusk shells) :: perlemor {n}
mother's milk {n} (breast milk) SEE: breast milk ::
mother tongue {n} (one's native tongue) :: modersmål {n}
motion {n} (state of progression from one place to another) :: bevægelse {c}
motion picture {n} (movie) SEE: movie ::
motion sickness {n} (nausea or dizziness in a moving vehicle) :: transportsyge {c}
motive {n} (a cause to commit a crime) :: bevæggrund {c}, motiv {n}
motive {n} (music: theme or subject) :: motiv {n}
motive {n} (arts: motif) :: motiv {n}
motor {n} (engine) :: motor {c}
motorboat {n} (boat driven by an engine) :: motorbåd {c}
motorcycle {n} (open-seated motor-powered vehicle with two wheels) :: motorcykel {c}
motorist {n} (one who drives a motor vehicle) :: bilist {c}
motor vehicle {n} (any land-based means of transportation) :: motorkøretøj {n}
motorway {n} (broad highway) :: motorvej {c}
motto {n} (sentence, phrase or word forming part of an heraldic achievement) :: motto {n}
motto {n} (suggestive sentence, phrase or word) :: motto {n}
mouflon {n} (sheep) :: muflon
mould {n} (mould) SEE: mold ::
mould {v} (mould) SEE: mold ::
mouldwarp {n} (mole) SEE: mole ::
mound {n} (vulva) SEE: vulva ::
mount {n} (mountain) SEE: mountain ::
mountain {n} (large mass of earth and rock) :: bjerg {n}
mountain bike {n} (bicycle especially designed for off-road riding) :: mountainbike {c}
mountain chain {n} (a series of mountain ranges) :: bjergkæde {c}
mountain lion {n} (Puma concolor) SEE: cougar ::
Mount McKinley {prop} (Denali) SEE: Denali ::
Mount of Olives {prop} (mountain ridge) :: Oliebjerget
mourn {v} (express sadness for, grieve over) :: sørge
mouse {n} (rodent of the genus Mus) :: mus {c}
mouse {n} (shy person) :: mus
mouse {n} (computing: input device) :: mus
mousetrap {n} (device for killing mice) :: musefælde {c}
moustache {n} (hair on upper lip) :: overskæg {n}
mouth {n} (the opening of a creature through which food is ingested) :: mund {c}, kæft {c}
mouth {n} (the end of a river out of which water flows) :: udmunding {c}
mouth organ {n} (mouth organ) SEE: harmonica ::
mouthpiece {n} (part of a wind or brass instrument) :: mundstykke {n}
mouthpiece {n} (spokesman who speaks on behalf of someone else) :: talsrør {n}, [often pejorative], talsmand {c}
move {v} (to change place or posture; to go) :: bevæge sig, flytte sig, sætte i bevægelse
move {v} (to act; to take action) :: bevæge sig
move {v} (to change residence) :: flytte
move {v} (to change the place of a piece) :: trække (in chess)
move {v} (to cause to change place or posture; to set in motion) :: flytte, bevæge
move {v} (to transfer from one space or position to another) :: flytte
move {v} (to excite to action) :: bevæge
move {v} (to arouse the feelings or passions of) :: bevæge, tilskynde
move {v} (to propose; to recommend) :: foreslå, fremsætte forslag om
move {n} (the act of moving; a movement) :: bevægelse
move {n} (an act for the attainment of an object or purpose) :: skridt
move {n} (the event of changing one's residence) :: flytning
move {n} (the act of moving a token on a gameboard) :: træk
movement {n} (trend in various fields or social categories) :: bevægelse
movement {n} (music: division of a larger musical composition) :: sats {c}
movie {n} (motion picture) :: film {c}, biograf {c}
moviehouse {n} (cinema) SEE: cinema ::
moviemaker {n} (a person who makes movies as a profession) SEE: filmmaker ::
moviemaking {n} (the production of movies) SEE: filmmaking ::
movie theater {n} (cinema) SEE: cinema ::
moving truck {n} (moving truck) :: flyttebil {c}
moving walkway {n} (slow conveyor belt that transports people horizontally) :: rullende fortov {c}
mow {v} (to cut something down) :: meje, slå, klippe
mower {n} (lawnmower) SEE: lawnmower ::
Mozambique {prop} (country in Southern Africa) :: Mozambique
MP3 player {n} (electronic device for playing digital audio files in the MP3 format) :: mp3-afspiller {c}
Mr. {n} (Mr) SEE: Mr ::
Mr {n} (abbreviation of Mister) :: Hr
Mrs {abbr} (title before woman's name) :: fr.
métier {n} (activity that is pursued as a trade or profession; a calling) :: kald {n}
métier {n} (activity to which a person is particularly suited; a forte) :: styrke {c}, force {c}
mu {n} (Greek letter) :: my
much {determiner} (a large amount of) :: meget
much obliged {adj} (thank you) SEE: thank you ::
much obliged {adj} (grateful) SEE: grateful ::
muck spreader {n} (farm machinery) :: gyllespreder
mucus {n} (slippery secretion) :: slim {c} {n}
mud {n} (mixture of soil and water) :: mudder {n}, ælte {n}
mud bath {n} :: mudderbad {n}
mudguard {n} (a cover over, or a flap behind, the wheels of a vehicle) :: skærm
mudslide {n} (geological disaster in which a large amount of mud gathers and moves rapidly down a hill or slope) :: mudderstrøm {c}
muesli {n} (breakfast dish) :: mysli {c}
muezzin {n} (person who issues call to prayer) :: muaddhin
muffin {n} (individual cake) :: muffin {c}
muffler {n} (scarf) SEE: scarf ::
mug {n} (large cup) :: krus {n}
mug {n} ((slang) the face) :: fjæs {n}
mug {n} ((colloquial) a person who is easily fooled) :: {n}, tosse {c}
mugwort {n} (any of several artemisias) :: bynke
mugwort {n} (Artemisia vulgaris) :: grå-bynke
Muhammad {prop} (the prophet who introduced Islam) :: Muhammed
Muhu {prop} (island) :: Muhu
mulatto {n} (A person of mixed black and white descent) :: mulat {c}
mulberry {n} (the fruit) :: morbær {n}
mule {n} (offspring of male donkey and female horse) :: muldyr {n}
mulled wine {n} (wine with spices served hot) :: gløgg {c}
mullet {n} (fish of the family Mugilidae (grey mullets)) :: multe
mullet {n} (hairstyle) :: svenskerhår {n}
multicellular {adj} (having many cells) :: flercellet, multicellulær
multicolor {adj} (multicolored) SEE: multicolored ::
multicolored {adj} (having multiple colors) :: flerfarvet
multiculturality {n} (multiculturality) :: multikulturalitet {c}
multilingual {adj} (pertaining to multiple languages) :: flersproget
multiplayer {n} (allowing multiple players to play simultaneously) :: multiplayer, flerspiller
multiple {adj} (having more than one element, part, component or function) :: flere
multiple {n} (a number that may be divided by another number with no remainder) :: multiplum {n}
multiplicative identity {n} (algebra) :: etelement {n}
mumble {v} (to speak unintelligibly) :: mumle
mumble {n} (quiet vocalization) :: mumlen
mumble {n} (low tone of voice) :: mumlen
mummy {n} (embalmed corpse) :: mumie {c}
Munich {prop} (capital of Bavaria) :: München
municipality {n} (a district with a government that typically encloses no other governed districts) :: kommune {c}
mural crown {n} (heraldry: a crown representing city walls or towers, used on coats of arms representing towns) :: murkrone {c}
murder {n} (an act of deliberate killing) :: mord {n}
murder {n} (the crime of deliberate killing) :: mord {n}
murder {v} (deliberately kill) :: myrde
murder {v} (defeat decisively) :: smadre
murder {v} (express one’s anger at) :: myrde, slå ihjel
murder {v} (devour) :: kvæle
murderer {n} (person who commits murder) :: morder {c}
murky {adj} :: mørk, dunkel, dyster
murmur {n} (low sounds or speech) :: mumlen
murmur {n} (sound by turbulent flow of blood etc.) :: susen, rislen
murmur {v} (to speak or make low, indistinguishable noise; to mumble) :: mumle
murrey {n} (mulberry) SEE: mulberry ::
musalla {n} (prayer rug) SEE: prayer rug ::
muscle {n} (contractile tissue) :: muskel {c}
muscleman {n} (bodyguard) SEE: bodyguard ::
Muscovite {n} (resident of Moscow) :: moskovit {c}
Muscovite {adj} (Relating to Moscow) :: moskovitisk
Muscovy {prop} (Grand Duchy of Moscow) :: Moskovien, Storfyrstendømmet Moskva
muscular {adj} (of or relating to muscles) :: muskulær
muscular {adj} (having strength) :: muskuløs
muscular {adj} (having large, well-developed muscles) :: muskuløs
muscular dystrophy {n} (muscular dystrophy) :: muskelsvind
muse {n} (a source of inspiration) :: muse
Muse {n} (one of the nine Ancient Greek deities of the arts) :: Muse
museum {n} (building or institution) :: museum {n}
mushroom {n} (fruiting body of a fungus) :: svamp
mushroom {n} (champignon) SEE: champignon ::
mushroom cloud {n} (mushroom shaped cloud) :: paddehatsky {c}, paddehattesky {c}
music {n} (sound, organized in time in a melodious way) :: musik {c}
music {n} (any pleasing or interesting sounds) :: musik {c}
music {n} (sheet music) :: noder {p}
musical {n} (stage performance, show or film) :: musical {c}, musikal {c}
musical instrument {n} (a device, object, contrivance or machine used to produce musical notes or sounds) :: musikinstrument {n}
musical notation {n} (writing system) :: nodeskrift {c}
music chart {n} (ranking of music) :: Hitliste
musician {n} (person who performs or writes music) :: musiker {c}
music notation {n} (system which represents aurally perceived music) SEE: musical notation ::
musicology {n} (study of music) :: musikvidenskab {c}
music school {n} (school of music) :: musikskole {c}
music stand {n} (stand for holding sheet music) :: nodeholder {c}
music video {n} (motion picture accompanying a song) :: musikvideo
musket {n} (firearm) :: musket {c}
musketeer {n} (foot soldier) :: musketer {c}
muskrat {n} (Ondatra zibethicus) :: bisamrotte
Muslim {n} (believer of Islam) :: muslim {m} {f}
muslin {n} (very different styles of fabric) SEE: fabric ::
musquash {n} (Ondatra zibethicus) SEE: muskrat ::
muss {n} (mess) SEE: mess ::
mussel {n} (any small edible bivalve shellfish, see also: clam; oyster; mollusc) :: musling {c}
must {v} (be required to) :: skulle
mustache {n} (moustache) SEE: moustache ::
mustard {n} (plant) :: sennep
mustard {n} (condiment) :: sennep {c}
muster {v} (to show, exhibit) SEE: show ::
mutagen {n} (agent or substance that can cause genetic mutation) :: mutagen {n}
mutation {n} (heritable change in genetic material) :: mutation {c}
mute {adj} (not having the power of speech) :: stum, umælende
mutilate {v} (To physically harm as to impair use) :: lemlæste
mutiny {n} (organized rebellion) :: mytteri {n}, oprør {n}
mutual {adj} (having the same relationship, each to each other) :: gensidig
mutual {adj} (reciprocal) :: gensidig
mutual {adj} (possessed in common) :: fælles
muzzle {n} (part of animal's head) :: snude {c}
my {determiner} (belonging to me) :: min {c}
Myanmar {prop} (Southeast Asian country) :: Myanmar
Myanmar {prop} (Burmese) SEE: Burmese ::
my condom broke {phrase} :: mit kondom gik i stykker
mycorrhiza {n} (symbiotic relationship between the mycelium of a fungus and the roots of a plant) :: svamperod, svamprod
my emphasis {interj} (my emphasis) :: min kursivering [strictly in the case of italics], min fremhævelse [less common]
Mykolaiv {prop} (a city in Ukraine) :: Mykolajiv, Nikolajev
my name is {phrase} (a way to identify oneself) :: jeg hedder...
myocardial infarction {n} (heart attack) SEE: heart attack ::
myopia {n} (disorder of vision) :: nærsynethed {c}
myopic {adj} (unable to see distant objects unaided) :: nærsynet
myriad {n} (vast diversity or number) :: myriade {c}
myrrh {n} (dried sap of the myrrha tree) :: myrra
myrtle {n} (evergreen shrub) :: myrte
Mysia {prop} (ancient region) :: Mysien
mystery {n} (something secret or unexplainable) :: mysterium {n}
mystery {n} (someone or thing with an obscure or puzzling nature) :: mysterium {n}
myth {n} (divine story) :: myte {c}
mythology {n} (collection and study of myths) :: mytologi