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N {n} (north) :: N {m}
n00b {n} (beginner) SEE: newbie ::
n/a {adj} (not applicable) :: nicht zutreffend, nicht auswertbar, n.a.
n/a {adj} (not available) :: nicht vorhanden, nicht verfügbar, nicht angegeben (n.a.), keine Angabe (k.A.)
nab {v} (to seize a criminal) :: schnappen
nab {v} (to grab or snatch) :: schnappen
Naberezhnye Chelny {prop} (city in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia) :: Nabereschnyje Tschelny {n}
NaCl {n} (sodium chloride) SEE: sodium chloride ::
NaCl {n} (table salt) SEE: table salt ::
nacre {n} (pearly substance on the interior of shells) SEE: mother-of-pearl ::
nada {pron} (nothing) SEE: nothing ::
Nadia {prop} (female given name) :: Nadja
nadir {n} (point of the sky) :: Nadir {m}
Nadsat {prop} (Russian-influenced argot used in A Clockwork Orange (1962)) :: Nadsat
naevus {n} (abnormal area on skin) SEE: mole ::
naevus flammeus {n} (anatomy: vascular birthmark) :: Feuermal {n}
nag {n} (old useless horse) :: Schindmähre {f}, Klepper {m}
nag {v} (complain about insignificant matters) :: nörgeln
Nagasaki {prop} (Japanese port) :: Nagasaki, Nangasaki
nagger {n} (one who nags) :: Nörgler {m}
nagging {adj} (causing persistent mild pain) :: nagend, bohrend, quälend , lästig
naggy {adj} (Prone to nag) :: nörglerisch
Nagorno-Karabakh {prop} (region in South Caucasus) :: Bergkarabach {n}, Nagorny Karabach {n}
Nagorno-Karabakh Republic {prop} (country in South Caucasus) :: Republik Bergkarabach {f}
Nagorny Karabakh {prop} (Nagorno-Karabakh) SEE: Nagorno-Karabakh ::
Nagykanizsa {prop} (town in Hungary) :: Großkanizsa
nah {interj} (no) :: ne, nee,
Nahuatl {prop} (language) :: Nahuatl {n}, Aztekisch {n}
Nahum {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Nahum
naiad {n} (female deity) :: Najade {f}
naiad {n} (aquatic larva) :: Najade {f}
nail {n} (on fingers and toes) :: Nagel {m}
nail {n} (spike-shaped metal fastener used for joining wood or similar materials) :: Nagel {m}
nail {v} (employ a nail as a fastener) :: festnageln, nageln, annageln
nail {v} (catch) :: festnageln, sich krallen
nail {v} (engage in sexual intercourse) :: nageln
nail bomb {n} (bomb with sharp objects around the explosive) :: Nagelbombe {f}
nailbrush {n} (a small brush to clean the fingernails) :: Nagelbürste {f}
nail clipper {n} (nail trimmer) :: Nagelknipser {m}
nail cutter {n} (nail clipper) SEE: nail clipper ::
nail file {n} (A file for shaping one's fingernails and toenails) :: Nagelfeile {f}
nail gun {n} (gun which drives nails) :: Druckluftnagler {m}
nailhead {n} (the head of a nail) :: Nagelkopf {m}
nail one's colours to the mast {v} (to clearly show one's support) :: Farbe bekennen, hartnäckig aushalten, nicht kapitulieren
nail polish {n} (cosmetic lacquer) :: Nagellack {m}
nail polish remover {n} (solvent used to remove nail polish) :: Nagellackentferner {m}
nail scissors {n} (small scissors) :: Nagelschere {f}
nail trimmer {n} (nail clipper) SEE: nail clipper ::
Naissaar {prop} (island in northern Estonia) :: Naissaar, Nargen [obsolete], Nargent [obsolete]
naive {adj} (lacking experience, wisdom, or judgement) :: unbefangen, naiv, blauäugig
naiveness {n} (lack of sophistication, experience, judgement or worldliness; artlessness; gullibility; credulity) :: Naivität {f}
naivety {n} (naïveté) SEE: naïveté ::
Nakba {prop} (Nakba) :: Nakba {f}
naked {adj} (not wearing any clothes) :: nackt
naked {adj} (lacking some clothing) :: nackt
naked {adj} :: nackt, blank
naked as the day one was born {adj} (completely naked) :: im Adamskostüm
naked eye {n} (unaided eyesight) :: bloßes Auge {n}, Freiäugig
nakedhood {n} (nakedness) SEE: nakedness ::
nakedness {n} (state of being naked) :: Nacktheit {f}
Nakhodka {prop} (city in Russia) :: Nachodka {n}
Nalchik {prop} (city in Russia) :: Naltschik {n}
naled {n} (ice) :: Aufeis {n}
NAM {prop} (Non-Aligned Movement) :: Bewegung der Blockfreien Staaten
namaste {n} (a greeting) :: Namaste {n}
namaz {n} (prayer) SEE: prayer ::
namaz {n} (salat) SEE: salat ::
name {n} (word or phrase indicating a particular person, place, class or thing) :: Name {m}
name {n} (reputation) :: Name {m}, Ruf {m}
name {v} (to give a name to) :: nennen, taufen, bezeichnen, benennen
name {v} (to mention, specify) :: nennen
name {v} (to identify, define, specify) :: nennen
name {v} (to publicly implicate) :: benennen
name {v} (to designate for a role) :: ernennen
name-calling {n} (abusive or insulting language) :: Beschimpfung {f}
name card {n} (business card) SEE: business card ::
name day {n} (feast day of a saint) :: Namenstag {m}
nameless {adj} (having no name) :: namenlos
namely {adv} (specifically) :: und zwar, nämlich
nameplate {n} (A plate or plaque inscribed with a name) :: Namensschild {n}
namesake {n} (person with the same name as another) :: Namensvetter {m}, Namensvetterin {f}, Namenscousin {m}, Namenscousine {f}, Namenskusine {f}
namespace {n} (conceptual space) :: Namensraum {m}
Namibia {prop} (Republic of Namibia) :: Namibia
Namibian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Namibia) :: namibisch
Namibian {n} (a person from Namibia or of Namibian descent) :: Namibier {m}, Namibierin {f}
naming convention {n} (collection of rules) :: Namenskonvention
Namur {prop} (city) :: Namur, Namür
na-na na-na boo-boo {phrase} (taunt tune) :: ätsch, ätsch bätsch
nancy {n} ((derogatory slang) effeminate male homosexual) SEE: fairy ::
Nancy {prop} (a city in northeastern France) :: Nanzig {n}
NAND gate {n} (a physical Boolean device) :: NAND-Gatter {n}
Nanga Parbat {prop} (mountain in the Himalayas) :: Nanga Parbat
Nanjing {prop} (Chinese city) :: Nanking
nanny {n} (child's nurse) :: Kindermädchen {n}, Kinderfrau {f}
nanny {n} (female goat) SEE: nanny goat ::
nanny goat {n} (female goat) :: Geiß {f} [Austrian, Swiss, South German], Mutterziege {f}, Zicke {f}, Ziegenweibchen {n}
nano- {prefix} (10-9) :: nano-
nanoindentation {n} (an indentation test carried out at nanoscale) :: Nanoindentierung {f}
nanometer {n} (nanometre) SEE: nanometre ::
nanometre {n} (subunit of length) :: Nanometer {m}
nanoparticle {n} (microscopic particle) :: Nanoteilchen
nanosatellite {n} (artificial satellite) :: Nanosatellit {m}
nanoscientist {n} (a scientist whose speciality is nanoscience) :: Nanowissenschaftler {m}, Nanowissenschaftlerin {f}
nanosecond {n} (measure of time) :: Nanosekunde {f}
nanotechnology {n} (science and technology of creating nanoparticles) :: Nanotechnologie {f}
nanotube {n} (A carbon molecule, in the shape of a tube) :: Nanoröhre {f}
nanowire {n} (wire whose width is of the order of nanometers) :: Nanodraht {m}
Nanterre {prop} (city in Île-de-France) :: Nanterre
Nantes {prop} (a city in west France) :: Nantes
Naomi {prop} (Biblical character) :: Noemi {f}, Noomi {f}
nap {n} :: Nickerchen {n}
nap {n} (a soft or fuzzy surface on fabric or leather) :: Tuchnoppe {f}, Flor {m}, Noppe {f}, Pol {m}, Flocke {f}
napa cabbage {n} (type of Chinese cabbage) :: Chinakohl {m}
napalm {n} (inflammable substance) :: Napalm {n}
nape {n} (back part of the neck) :: Nacken {m}, Genick {n}
nape of the neck {n} (nape of the neck) :: Nacken {m}, Genick {n}
naphtha {n} (naturally occurring liquid petroleum) :: Naphtha {f} {n}
naphtha {n} (liquid distilled from petroleum) :: Naphtha {f} {n}
naphthalene {n} (white crystalline hydrocarbon) :: Naphthalin {n}
Napier's bones {n} (a set of numbered rods used for multiplication and division) :: Napiersche Rechenstäbchen {n-p}
napkin {n} (diaper) SEE: diaper ::
napkin {n} (sanitary napkin) SEE: sanitary napkin ::
napkin {n} (serviette) :: Serviette {f}, Mundtuch {n}
napkin ring {n} (ring holding napkin) :: Serviettenring {m}
Naples {prop} (province in Italy) :: Neapel {n}
Naples {prop} (city in Italy) :: Neapel {n}
Naples yellow {n} (yellow pigment, lead(II) antimonate) :: Neapelgelb {n}, Antimongelb {n}
Napoleon {prop} (Napoleon Bonaparte) :: Napoleon {m}
Napoleonic {adj} (of or pertaining to Napoleon Bonaparte) :: napoleonisch
nappy {n} (diaper) SEE: diaper ::
narcissism {n} (excessive love of oneself) :: Narzissmus {m}
narcissist {n} (one who shows extreme love for themselves) :: Narzisst {m}, Narzisstin {f}
narcissist {n} :: Narzisst {m}
narcissistic {adj} (having an inflated idea of one's own importance) :: narzisstisch
narcissistic {adj} (obsessed with one's image and ego) :: narzisstisch
narcissus {n} (any of several bulbous flowering plants, of the genus Narcissus) :: Narzisse {f}
Narcissus {prop} (mythical youth) :: Narziss
narco- {prefix} (of or pertaining to narcotics or their trade and use) :: Drogen-
narcolepsy {n} (sleeping disorder) :: Narkolepsie {f}
narcoleptic {n} (one who suffers from narcolepsy) :: Narkoleptiker {m}
narcoleptic {adj} (pertaining to narcolepsy) :: narkoleptisch
narcology {n} (study of drug abuse) :: Narkologie {f}
narcoterrorism {n} (terrorism as a factor in narcotrafficking) :: Drogenterrorismus {m}, Narcoterrorismus {m}
narcotherapy {n} (narcotic therapy) :: Schlafkur {f}
narghile {n} (tobacoo pipe) SEE: hookah ::
nark {v} (annoy) :: nerven
Narnia {prop} (a fictional land) :: Narnia
narrate {v} (to relate a story) :: erzählen
narration {n} (act of recounting or relating) :: Erzählung {f}
narrative {adj} (telling a story) :: erzählend, erzählerisch, in erzählender Form darlegend
narrative {n} (systematic recitation of an event) :: Erzählung {f}, Geschichte {f}, Bericht {m}, Schilderung {f}, Darstellung eines Ereignisablaufes {f}, erzählerische Geschehenswiedergabe {f}
narrator {n} (in story) :: Erzähler {m}, Erzählerin {f}
narrow {adj} (having small width) :: eng, begrenzt, schmal
narrow {v} (to reduce in width or extent) :: einschränken,beschränken, eng, schlank, schmal
narrow {v} (to get narrower) :: sich verengen
narrow down {v} (to make more specific) :: einengen, eingrenzen, einschränken, zuspitzen
narrow gauge {n} (a railway gauge that is less than the standard gauge) :: Schmalspur {f}
narrowly {adv} (by a narrow margin; closely) :: eng
narrow-minded {adj} (having restricted or rigid views, and being unreceptive to new ideas) :: engstirnig, kleingeistig, beschränkt
narrow-minded {adj} (intolerant, bigoted or prejudiced) :: engstirnig
narrowness {n} (state of being narrow) :: Enge, Beschränktheit
narthex {n} (vestibule leading to the nave) :: Rute {f}, Narthex {m}
Narva {prop} (City in Estonia) :: Narva {n}, Narwa {n}
narwhal {n} (Arctic cetacean) :: Narwal {m}
nary {adj} :: kein
Naryan-Mar {prop} (city in Russia) :: Narjan-Mar {n}
NASA {prop} (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) :: NASA {f}
nasal {adj} (pertaining to the nose) :: nasal
nasal {adj} (having a quality imparted by means of the nose) :: nasal
nasal {n} (vowel or consonant articulated with air flowing through the nose) :: Nasenlaut; Nasallaut, Nasal {m}, Nasalis {f}
nasal bone {n} (either of two small oblong bones which form "the bridge" of the nose) :: Nasenbein {n}
nasal cavity {n} (air-filled space behind nose) :: Nasenhöhle {f}
nasal consonant {n} (nasal consonant) :: Nasal {m}, Nasallaut {m}, Nasenlaut {m}
nasalization {n} (articulation such that air flows through the nose and mouth) :: Nasalierung {f}
nasalize {v} (allow air to flow through the nose during the articulation of a speech sound) :: nasalieren
nasal polyp {n} (growth in the nose) :: Nasenpolyp {m}
nasal septum {n} (septum in the nose) :: Nasenscheidewand {f}
nasal vowel {n} (nasal vowel) :: Nasenvokal {m}, Nasalvokal {m}, nasaler Vokal {m}, nasalierter Vokal {m}
nascent {adj} (emerging; just coming into existence) :: aufkeimend, im Entstehen begriffen, werdend
nascent {adj} (in chemistry) :: naszierend
nase {n} :: Nase
Nash equilibrium {n} (set of choices of players' strategies) :: Nash-Gleichgewicht {n}
Nashi {prop} (youth movement in Russia) :: Naschi {p}
Nassau {prop} (capital of the Bahamas) :: Nassau
Nastaliq {prop} (Nastaʿlīq) :: Nastaliq {n}
nasturtium {n} (a plant used in salads) :: Kapuzinerkresse {f}
nasty {adj} (dirty, filthy) :: abscheulich, böse, ekelhaft, scheußlich, schlimm, unangenehm, widerlich
nasty {adj} (contemptible of a person) :: boshaft, fies, garstig, gemein, gehässig,widerlich
nasty {adj} (indecent or offensive; obscene, lewd) :: anstößig, ekelhaft, obszön, schmutzig, unanständig
Natalia {prop} (female given name) SEE: Natalie ::
Natalie {prop} (female given name) :: Natalie
Natasha {prop} (female given name) :: Natascha {f}
natch {adv} (naturally) :: na klar
Nathan {prop} (biblical prophet) :: Natan {m}
Nathan {prop} (male given name) :: Nathan {m}, Natan {m}
Nathanael {prop} (biblical Apostle) :: Natanael, Nathanael
Nathaniel {prop} (cognate of the name) SEE: Nathanael ::
nation {n} (community of people) :: Volk {n}, Nation {f} [chiefly when sovereign also]
nation {n} (sovereign state) :: Staat {m}
nation {n} (association of students) :: Nation {f}
national {adj} (of or having to do with a nation) :: national, Staats-
national {adj} (of or having to do with a country) :: Staats-, national
national {n} (subject) :: Staatsangehöriger {m}, Staatsangehörige {f}, Staatsbürger {m}, Staatsbürgerin {f}, Bürger {m}, Bürgerin {f}
National Aeronautics and Space Administration {prop} (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) :: Nationale Luft- und Raumfahrtbehörde (der USA / der Vereinigten Staaten) {f}
national anthem {n} (official song of a nation or country) :: Nationalhymne {f}
national average {n} (term used in comparisons) :: Landesdurchschnitt {m}
national costume {n} (clothing of a particular style and colours worn to represent a country) :: Nationaltracht {f}, Volkstracht {f}
national day {n} (day marking a country's establishment) :: Nationalfeiertag {m}
national debt {n} (money owed by the government of a nation) :: Staatsverschuldung {f}
national emblem {n} (official emblem of a nation or country) :: Staatswappen {n}
national epic {n} (epic poem) :: Nationalepos {n}
national holiday {n} (statutory holiday enacted by a country to commemorate the country itself) :: Nationalfeiertag {m}
national holiday {n} (public holiday) :: Feiertag {m}, nationaler Feiertag {m}
nationalisation {n} (making private assets public) :: Nationalisierung {f}, Verstaatlichung {f}
nationalism {n} (idea of supporting one's country and culture) :: Nationalismus {m}
nationalism {n} (support of one nation's interests to the exclusion of others) SEE: jingoism ::
nationalist {adj} (of or relating to nationalism) :: nationalistisch
nationalist {n} (advocate of nationalism) :: Nationalist {m}, Nationalistin {f}
nationalistic {adj} (of, relating to, or advocating nationalism) SEE: nationalist ::
nationality {n} (membership of a nation or state) :: Nationalität
nationality {n} (nationalism) SEE: nationalism ::
nationality sign {n} (sign on an automobile) :: Nationalitätszeichen {n}
nationalization {n} (nationalisation) SEE: nationalisation ::
nationalize {v} (to make a private asset public) :: nationalisieren, verstaatlichen
national park {n} (national park) :: Nationalpark {m}
national security {n} (safety of a country) :: nationale Sicherheit {f}, äußere Sicherheit {f}
National Socialism {n} (ideology of Adolf Hitler's NSDAP) :: Nationalsozialismus {m}
National Socialist {n} (Adherent of National Socialism) :: Nationalsozialist {m}, Nationalsozialistin {f}
national sports team {n} (national sports team) :: Nationalmannschaft {f}, Auswahlmannschaft {f}, Auswahl {f}, Mannschaft {f}
national treasure {n} (something deemed to be of value to an entire nation) :: nationaler Schatz {m}
nation of laws {n} (nation-state subject to rule of law) :: Rechtsstaat {m}
nation-state {n} (nation state or nation-state) :: Nationalstaat {m}
nationwide {adj} (nationwide) :: landesweit
native {adj} (belonging to one by birth) :: gebürtig
native {adj} (characteristic of or relating to people inhabiting a region from the beginning) :: gebürtig
native {adj} (characteristic of or existing by virtue of geographic origin) :: einheimisch
native {adj} :: nativ
native {n} (person who is native to a place) :: Ureinwohner {m}, Ureinwohnerin {f}, Eingeborener {m}, Eingeborene {f}
native {n} (native speaker) SEE: native speaker ::
Native American {adj} (of the American Indians) SEE: Indian ::
native code {n} (source code readable by the processor) :: nativer Code {m}, nativer Kode {m}
native companion {n} (brolga) SEE: brolga ::
native language {n} (one's first language learned in childhood) SEE: mother tongue ::
native speaker {n} (person who grew up with a particular language as their mother tongue) :: Muttersprachler {m}, Muttersprachlerin {f}, native speaker {m}, native Speaker {m}, Native Speaker {m} [Duden], Muttersprachiger {m} [Swiss], Muttersprachige {f} [Swiss]
nativity {n} (Nativity) SEE: Nativity ::
Nativity {prop} (birth of Jesus) :: Weihnachtsgeschichte {f}
nativity play {n} (the production/performance) :: Krippenspiel
nativity scene {n} (nativity scene) :: Weihnachtskrippe {f}, Krippe {f}
NATO {prop} (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) :: NATO {f}, Nato {f}
Natterer's slaty antshrike {n} (bird) :: Natterers Tropfenameisenwürger {m}
natto {n} (Japanese food product) :: Natto {m}
natty {adj} (Smart and fashionable) :: schick, nett
natural {adj} (relating to nature) :: natürlich
natural {adj} (colour: almost white) :: naturfarben, naturfarbig
natural {adj} (colour: not adjusted) :: naturfarben, naturfarbig
natural {adj} (without adjustment) :: natürlich, naturwüchsig
natural {n} (someone with innate ability) :: Naturtalent {n}
natural child {n} (child born to unmarried parents) :: Kind der Liebe {n}, außereheliches Kind {n}, uneheliches Kind {n}
natural disaster {n} (natural phenomenon) :: Naturkatastrophe {f}
natural gas {n} (mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons associated with petroleum deposits) :: Erdgas {n}
naturalist {n} (a person who studies nature or natural history) :: Naturforscher {m}, Naturforscherin {f}
naturalist {n} (a person who advocates philosophical naturalism) :: Naturalist {m}, Naturalistin {f}
naturalistic {adj} (having the appearance of nature, lifelike, realistic) :: naturgetreu, realitätsnah, lebensecht, wirklichkeitsnah, wie im echten Leben
naturalistic {adj} (of or relating to naturalism) :: naturalistisch
naturalization {n} (act of granting (or getting granted) citizenship) :: Einbürgerung {f}
naturalize {v} (to acclimatize an animal or plant) SEE: acclimatize ::
naturalize {v} (to grant citizenship) :: einbürgern
natural language {n} (human language developed naturally) :: natürliche Sprache {f}
natural language processing {n} (field concerning interaction with computers using natural languages) :: linguistische Datenverarbeitung {f}
natural law {n} (An ethical theory) :: Naturgesetz {n}
natural log {n} (natural logarithm) SEE: natural logarithm ::
natural logarithm {n} (logarithm in base e) :: natürlicher Logarithmus {m}
naturally {adv} (surely) :: natürlich
naturalness {n} (state or quality of being natural) :: Natürlichkeit {f}
natural number {n} (positive integer or non-negative integer) :: natürliche Zahl
natural numbers {n} (number theory) :: natürliche Zahlen {f-p}
natural person {n} (human being) :: natürliche Person {f}
natural philosopher {n} (person who studied natural philosophy) :: Naturphilosoph {m}
natural preserve {n} (nature reserve) SEE: nature reserve ::
natural reserve {n} (nature reserve) SEE: nature reserve ::
natural resource {n} (source of wealth that occurs naturally) :: natürliche Ressource {f}
natural science {n} (science involved in studying phenomena or laws of the physical world) :: Naturwissenschaft {f}
natural scientist {n} (scientist dedicated to natural science) :: Naturwissenschaftler {m}, Naturwissenschaftlerin {f}
natural selection {n} (natural selection) :: natürliche Selektion {f}, natürliche Auslese {f}, natürliche Zuchtwahl {f}
nature {n} (the natural world) :: Natur {f}
nature {n} (essential characteristics) :: Natur {f}
nature {n} (primitive state of being) :: Natur {f}
nature {n} (everything related to biological and geographical states) :: Natur {f}
nature preserve {n} (nature reserve) SEE: nature reserve ::
nature reserve {n} (area managed to conserve natural features) :: Naturschutzgebiet {n}
nature's scythe {n} (penis) SEE: penis ::
naturism {n} (the belief in or practice of going nude or unclad) :: Naturismus {m}
naturopath {n} (practitioner of naturopathy) :: Naturheilkundige {m} {f}, Naturarzt {m}
naturopathy {n} (system of therapy) :: Naturheilkunde {f}
naught {pron} (nothing) :: nichts
naught {n} (nothingness) :: Nichts {n}
naughty {adj} (bad; tending to misbehave or act badly) :: ungezogen, unartig, ungehorsam, dreist, frech
naughty {adj} (risqué, sexually suggestive) :: frech, unanständig
naumachia {n} (recreation of sea battles in Ancient Rome) :: Naumachie {f}
naumannite {n} (mineral form of silver selenide) :: Naumannit {m}
Nauru {prop} (Republic of Nauru) :: Nauru
Nauruan {n} (person from Nauru) :: Nauruer {m}, Nauruerin {f}
Nauruan {adj} (pertaining to Nauru) :: nauruisch
Nauruan {prop} (language of Nauru) :: Nauruisch {n}
nausea {n} (feeling of physical unwellness, usually with the desire to vomit) :: Übelkeit {f}
nausea {n} (strong dislike or disgust) :: Ekel {m}
nausea {n} (motion sickness) SEE: motion sickness ::
nauseating {adj} (causing disgust, revulsion or loathing) :: ekelerregend
nautical {adj} (relating to ships, shipping, navigation, and seamen) :: nautisch
nautical mile {n} (nautical: a unit of measure equal to 1852 metres) :: Seemeile {f}
nautilus {n} (marine mollusc of the family Nautilidae) :: Nautilus {m}, Perlboot {n}
Navajo {n} (person) :: Navajo {m}, Navaho {m}
Navajo {prop} (language) :: Navajo {n}, Navaho {n}
Navarre {prop} (autonomous community of Spain) :: Navarra
nave {n} (the middle or body of a church) :: Schiff {n}
nave {n} (hub of a wheel) :: Nabe {f}
navel {n} (remnant of umbilical cord) :: Bauchnabel {m}, Nabel {m}
navel-gazing {n} (contemplation of one's navel as an aid to meditation) SEE: omphaloskepsis ::
navel-gazing {n} (excessive focus on oneself) :: Nabelschau {f}
naïveté {n} (lack of sophistication, experience, judgement or worldliness; artlessness; gullibility; credulity) :: Naivität {f}
navigable {adj} (for a body of water: sea, river etc.) :: schiffbar
navigatable {adj} (navigable) SEE: navigable ::
navigation {n} (canal) SEE: canal ::
navigation {n} (theory, practice and technology of charting a course for a ship, aircraft or spaceship) :: Navigation {f}
navigation {n} (traffic or travel by vessel) :: Schifffahrt {f}
navigator {n} (officer who navigates) :: Navigator {m}
navy {n} (sea force) :: Marine {f}, Seestreitkräfte {f-p}
navy {n} (department) :: Marineamt {n}
navy {n} (navy blue colour) :: Marineblau
nay {conj} (or even) :: oder sogar
Naypyidaw {prop} (capital of Burma) :: Pyinmana Naypyidaw
Nay Pyi Taw {prop} (Naypyidaw) SEE: Naypyidaw ::
naysayer {n} (consistent critic) :: Neinsager {m}
Nazarene {n} (A person from Nazareth) :: Nazarener {m}
Nazareth {prop} (Nazareth) :: Nazareth {n}, Nazaret {n}
Nazaritism {n} (vows and practices of a Nazarite) :: Nasiräertum {n}
nazi {adj} (Nazi) SEE: Nazi ::
nazi {n} (Nazi) SEE: Nazi ::
Nazi {n} (member of the Nazi party) :: Nazi {m}, Faschist {m}
Nazi {adj} (pertaining to the Nazi Party or Nazism) :: Nazi-, nazistisch
Nazianzus {prop} (Town in the region of Cappadocia) :: Nazianz
Nazism {prop} (the ideology of Adolf Hitler’s NSDAP) :: Nazismus {m}, Faschismus {m}
NBC {n} :: ABC
N-bomb {n} (neutron bomb) SEE: neutron bomb ::
n-dimensional {adj} (having arbitrary number of dimensions) :: n-dimensional
N'Djamena {prop} (capital city of Chad) :: N'Djamena {n}
née {adj} (used to indicate maiden name of a woman) :: geborene {f}, geb.
Neanderthal {n} (a Homo neanderthalensis specimen) :: Neandertaler {m}
Neanderthal {n} (a primitive person) :: Neandertaler {m}
neap {adj} (designating type of tide) :: Nipptide {f}, Nippflut {f}
Neapolitan {adj} (pertaining to Naples) :: Neapolitaner, neapolitanisch
Neapolitan {adj} (ice cream) :: Fürst-Pückler-Eis {n} (prince Pückler's ice cream)
Neapolitan {n} (inhabitant or resident of Naples) :: Neapolitaner {m}, Neapolitanerin {f}, Neapeler {m}, Neapelerin {f}
Neapolitan {prop} (language of Naples, Italy) :: Neapolitanisch {n}
neap tide {n} (tide which occurs when the moon is in its first or third quarter) :: Nippflut {f}, Nipptide {f}
near {adj} (physically close) :: nah
near {adj} (of an event, approaching) :: nahe
near {adv} (having a small intervening distance with regard to something) :: nah
near {prep} (in close proximity to) :: neben, in der Nähe von
near {v} (come closer to) :: sich nähern
near {adv} (nearly) SEE: nearly ::
near abroad {n} (the other countries and political regions which are in the vicinity of a country or political region) :: Nahes Ausland {n}
nearby {adj} (adjacent) :: in der Nähe
nearby {adv} (close to) :: nebenan, in der Nähe, nah
near-death experience {n} (experience by people whose heart and brain have temporarily ceased to function) :: Nahtod-Erfahrung, Nahtoderfahrung, Nahtodeserfahrung, Todesnähe-Erfahrung
Near East {prop} (region in Asia) :: Naher Osten {m}
near field communication {n} (communication over very short distances, as by contact or near contact of electronic devices) :: Near Field Communication {f}, Nahfeldkommunikation {f}
nearly {adv} (almost, but not quite) :: beinahe, fast
nearness {n} (proximity) SEE: proximity ::
near sighted {adj} (myopic) :: kurzsichtig
nearsightedness {n} (property of being nearsighted) :: Kurzsichtigkeit {f}
near thing {n} (close call) SEE: close call ::
neat {n} (cattle) SEE: cattle ::
neat {adj} (tidy, free from dirt) :: sauber, gepflegt, nett, adrett
neat {adj} (undiluted, particularly of alcoholic drinks) :: pur, unverdünnt, unvermischt
neat {adj} (chemistry: with no solvent or cosolvent) :: rein, lösungsmittelfrei
neat {adj} (having a simple elegance or style; clean, trim, tidy, tasteful) :: nett, gepflegt, geschmackvoll
neat {adj} (well-executed or delivered; clever, skilful, precise) :: geschickt, ordentlich, genau, akkurat
neat {adj} (colloquial: good, excellent, desirable) :: sehr gut, klasse, toll, prima
neat {n} (cow, bovine) :: Hornvieh; Rindvieh, Hausrind {n}
neatherd {n} (person who looks after bulls, cows or oxen) :: Kuhhirt {m}, Kuhhirte {m}, Kuhhirtin {f}
Nebraska {prop} (US state) :: Nebraska {n}
Nebuchadnezzar {prop} (a ruler of Babylon) :: Nebukadnezar {m}
nebula {n} (a space cloud) :: Nebel {m}, Wolke {f}
nebulous {adj} (in the form of a cloud) :: neblig, nebelig
nebulous {adj} (ill-defined) :: nebulös, unklar, verworren, nebelhaft
nebulously {adv} (as if viewed through a cloud or haze) :: neblig
nebulously {adv} (vaguely) :: nebulös
necessarily {adv} (of necessity) :: notwendigerweise, [very rare] nötig, zwangsläufig
necessary {adj} (needed, required) :: nötig, notwendig, erforderlich
necessary {adj} (such as must be) :: zwangsläufig, geboten
necessary condition {n} (logical statement) :: notwendige Bedingung {f}, notwendiges Kriterium {n}
necessary evil {n} (unfavorable thing that must be done or accepted) :: notwendiges Übel {n}
necessitate {v} (to make necessary; require something to be brought about) :: erfordern, zwingen
necessity {n} (quality or state of being necessary, unavoidable, or absolutely requisite) :: Notwendigkeit {f}, Nezessität {f}
necessity {n} :: Notwendigkeit {f}
necessity is the mother of innovation {proverb} (necessity is the mother of invention) SEE: necessity is the mother of invention ::
necessity is the mother of invention {proverb} (a person in need will find a way) :: Not macht erfinderisch, Notwendigkeit ist die Mutter der Erfindung, Not bricht Eisen
necessity knows no law {proverb} (a person who is in great need of something will find a way to get it, and break the law if needed) :: Not kennt kein Gesetz, Not kennt kein Gebot, Not bricht Gebot
neck {n} (part of body connecting the head and the trunk) :: Hals {m}, [back of the neck] Nacken {m}, [back of the neck] Genick {n}
neck {n} (part of a shirt, dress etc.) :: Kragen {m}
neck {n} (tapered part of a bottle) :: Hals {m}, Flaschenhals {m}
neck {n} (extension of stringed instrument) :: Hals {m}
neck {v} (hang by the neck; strangle; kill) :: hängen, erhängen, würgen, erwürgen
neck {v} (make love) :: knutschen, sich küssen, sich lieben
neck {v} (drink rapidly) :: schlucken, saufen, stürzen, hinunterstürzen, runterstürzen
neck {n} (folklore: shapeshifting water spirit) SEE: nix ::
neck and neck {adj} (very close in progress) :: Kopf an Kopf
Neckar {prop} (river) :: Neckar {m}
neckerchief {n} (type of scarf) :: Halstuch {n}
necklace {n} (jewelry) :: Halskette {f}, Collier {n}
necklet {n} (necklace) SEE: necklace ::
necktie {n} (strip of cloth worn around the neck and tied in the front) :: Krawatte {f}, Schlips {m}
neckwarmer {n} (piece of clothing) :: Halswärmer {m}
necro- {prefix} (related to death) :: nekro-
necrocracy {n} (government that still operates under the rules of a former, dead leader) :: Nekrokratie {f}
necrology {n} (listing of people who have died) :: Nekrolog
necromancer {n} (person who practices necromancy) :: Totenbeschwörer {m}, Totenbeschwörerin {f}, Nekromant {m}, Nekromantin {f}
necromancy {n} (divination involving the dead) :: Totenbeschwörung {f}, Nekromantie {f}, Totenorakel {n}
necrophilia {n} (pathological attraction to dead bodies) :: Nekrophilie {f}
necrophilia {n} :: Nekrophilie {f}
necrophore {n} (Any of various beetles that bury the carcasses of small vertebrates) :: Aaskäfer {m}
necropolis {n} (large cemetery) :: Nekropole {f}, Nekropolis {f}, Totenstadt {f}
necropsy {n} (pathological dissection of a corpse) :: Nekropsie {f}
necrosis {n} (localized death of cells or tissue) :: Nekrose {f}, Gewebetod
nectar {n} (drink of the gods) :: Nektar {m}
nectar {n} (sweet liquid secreted by flowers) :: Nektar {m}
nectar {n} (any delicious drink) :: Nektar {m}
nectarine {n} (fruit) :: Nektarine {f}
need {n} (something required) :: Notwendigkeit {f}, Bedarf {m}, Bedürfnis {n}
need {v} (to have an absolute requirement for) :: benötigen, brauchen
need {v} (to want strongly) :: brauchen
neediness {n} (characteristic of being needy) :: Bedürftigkeit {f}
needle {n} (implement for sewing etc.) :: Nadel {f}
needle {n} (indicating device) :: Nadel {f}
needle {n} (sensor phonograph stylus) :: Nadel {f}
needle {n} (leaf of conifer) :: Nadel {f}
needle {v} (to tease in order to provoke) :: hänseln
needle bearing {n} (type of bearing) :: Nadellager {n}
needle-clawed bushbaby {n} (primate of the genus Euoticus) :: Kielnagelgalago {m}
needlefish {n} (slender fish) :: Hornhecht {m}
needle gun {n} (a firearm that has a needle-like firing pin) :: Zündnadelgewehr {n}
needle in a haystack {n} (idiomatic) :: Nadel im Heuhaufen {f}
needlenose pliers {n} (a variety of pliers with long, narrow extensions) :: Spitzzange {f-p} {n-p}
needless {adj} (not needed) :: unnötig, überflüssig
needless to say {adv} (obviously) :: selbstredend, selbstverständlich
needlework {n} (process of working with a needle) :: Handarbeit {f} [handiwork]
Neředín {prop} (quarter of Olomouc) :: Neretein {m}
needs {adv} (necessarily) SEE: necessarily ::
needy {adj} (in need, poor) :: bedürftig
neener {interj} (a hostile taunt) :: ätsch, ätsch-bätsch, ätschi-bätsch
ne'er-do-well {n} (good-for-nothing) SEE: good-for-nothing ::
nefarious {adj} (sinful, villainous, criminal, or wicked, especially when noteworthy or notorious for such characteristics) :: berüchtigt, schändlich, ruchlos, verachtenswert, bösartig, böse
negation {n} (act of negating something) :: Verneinung {f}, Negierung {f}
negation {n} (denial or contradiction) :: Verneinung {f}
negation {n} (negation in logic) :: Negation {f}
negationism {n} (denialism) SEE: denialism ::
negative {adj} (not positive or neutral) :: negativ
negative {adj} (of electrical charge) :: negativ
negative {adj} (inherently damaging) :: schlecht, negativ
negative {n} (photography) :: Negativfilm {m}, Negativ {n}
negative clause {n} (negative clause, negative sentence) :: negativer Satz {m}
negativeness {n} (negativity) SEE: negativity ::
negativity {n} (characteristic of having a negative charge) :: Negativität {f}
Negev {prop} (a desert in southern Israel) :: Negev {f}
neglect {v} (disregard) :: verachten, missachten
neglect {v} (fail to care for) :: vernachlässigen
neglect {v} (failure due to carelessness) :: versäumen
neglect {v} :: vernachlässigen
neglect {n} (act of neglecting) :: Vernachlässigung {f}
neglect {n} (habitual lack of care) :: Nachlässigkeit {f}
neglectful {adj} (tending to neglect) :: nachlässig
negligence {n} (failure to exercise a standard of care (law)) :: Fahrlässigkeit {f}
negligence per se {n} (culpa imputed irrebuttably, because of the violation of a statute) :: does not exist in Germany, the general norm for compensation of damages arising from delicts involving violation of protection laws being § 823 II BGB under the regime of which the claimant still has the onus probandi for culpa or dolus, though the violation being proven may be considered proof prima facie – which can be rebutted by the defendant. Theoretically it would be unwiderleglich vermutetes Verschulden {n}
negligent {adj} (careless) SEE: careless ::
negligent {adj} (culpable due to negligence) :: fahrlässig
negligible {adj} (able to be ignored or excluded) :: vernachlässigbar
negotiability {n} (state of being negotiable) :: Verhandelbarkeit {f} [general sense, not finance]
negotiable {adj} (able to be traversed) :: überwindbar [of an obstacle], befahrbar [of a road, railroad line, etc.], gangbar [of a path; also literally]
negotiable {adj} (able to be transferred to another person, with or without endorsement) :: negoziabel
negotiable {adj} (open to negotiation or bargaining) :: verhandelbar
negotiate {v} (confer to reach an agreement (intransitive)) :: verhandeln
negotiate {v} (arrange a mutual agreement (transitive)) :: aushandeln
negotiate {v} (coping with, getting over) :: überwinden
negotiating table {n} (place for negotiations) :: Verhandlungstisch {m}
negotiation {n} (process of achieving agreement) :: Verhandlung {f}
negress {n} (A black female) :: Negerin {f}
negro {adj} (offensive: relating to the black ethnicity) :: schwarz
negro {adj} (black or dark brown in color) :: schwarz
negro {adj} :: schwarz
negro {n} (Negro) SEE: Negro ::
Negro {n} (person with dark skin) :: Neger {m} [dated, derogatory], Negerin {f} [dated, derogatory], Mohr {m} [dated], Mohrin {f} [dated], Maximalpigmentierter {m} [humorous], Negerlein {n} [diminutive], Negerchen {n} [diminutive]
negroid {adj} (of the negroid race) :: negrid
negroni {n} (cocktail made from gin, Campari and vermouth) :: Negroni {m}
Negrophobia {n} (the fear, hate or dislike of Black people) :: Negrophobie {f}
negus {n} (a drink) :: Negus {m}
negus {n} (supreme Ethiopian ruler) :: Negus {m}
Nehemiah {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Nehemia
Nehemiah {prop} (male given name) :: Nehemia {m}
neigh {n} (the cry of a horse) :: Wiehern {n}
neigh {v} ((of a horse) to make its cry) :: wiehern
neighborhood {n} (nearby area) :: Nachbarschaft {f}, Umgebung {f}, Kiez {m}, Viertel {n}, Quartier {n}, Stadtteil {m}
neighborhood {n} (inhabitants of a residential area) :: Nachbarschaft {f}
neighborhood {n} (division of a municipality or region) :: Stadtteil {m}, Viertel {n}
neighborhood {n} (approximate amount) :: ungefähr, im Bereich von
neighborhood {n} (quality of physical proximity) :: Nachbarschaft
neighboring {adj} (Situated or living nearby or adjacent to) :: benachbart
neighbour {n} (a person living on adjacent or nearby land) :: Nachbar {m}, Nachbarin {f}
neighbour {n} (fellow human) :: Nächster {m}, Nächste {f}, Mitmensch {m}
neighbour {v} (to be adjacent to) :: benachbart sein
Nei Mongol {prop} (Inner Mongolia) SEE: Inner Mongolia ::
neither {determiner} (not one of two; not either) :: weder
neither {pron} (not either one) :: keiner, keine, keines
neither {conj} (not either (used with nor): neither X nor Y) :: weder X noch Y
neither fish, flesh, nor good red herring {phrase} (unsuitable for anything or anybody) :: weder Fisch noch Fleisch
neither fish nor fowl {n} (something or someone not easily categorized; something that does not fit in a group or situation) :: weder Fisch noch Fleisch
neither … nor {conj} (used for showing that something is not true of two or more people, things, actions, qualities, or ideas) :: wedernoch
nekton {n} (organisms in the ocean) :: Nekton {n}
nelly {n} (petrel) :: Riesensturmvogel
Nelson's elk {n} (wapiti subspecies) :: Wapiti
Neman {prop} (river to the Baltic Sea) :: Memel {f}
Neman {prop} (town in Kaliningrad Oblast) :: Ragnit
nematode {n} (small invertebrate animal) :: Fadenwurm {m}
Nemean Lion {prop} (mythical lion of Nemea) :: Nemeischer Löwe
nemesis {n} (archenemy) SEE: archenemy ::
Nemesis {prop} (Greek goddess of retribution) :: Nemesis {f}
nene {n} (Branta sandvicensis) :: Hawaiigans {f}
Nenets {prop} (language) :: Nenzisch {n}
neo- {prefix} (new) :: neo-, neu-
neo- {prefix} (contemporary) :: neo-
neoclassicism {n} (movement) :: Neoklassizismus {m}
neodymium {n} (chemical element) :: Neodym {n}
neofascism {n} (right-wing political movement) :: Neofaschismus {m}
neofascist {adj} (of or pertaining to neofascism) :: neofaschistisch
neofascist {n} (a follower of neofascism) :: Neofaschist {m}, Neofaschistin {f}
Neogrammarian {n} (member or follower of the Neogrammarian school) :: Junggrammatiker {m}
Neogrammarian {adj} (of or pertaining to the Neogrammarian school) :: junggrammatisch
neo-Lamarckian {adj} (relating to Neo-Lamarckism) :: neolamarckistisch
Neo Latin {prop} (New Latin) SEE: New Latin ::
Neo-Latin {n} (New Latin) SEE: New Latin ::
neoliberal {adj} (in accordance with neoliberalism) :: neoliberal
neoliberal {n} (person who subscribes to neoliberalism) :: Neoliberaler {m}, Neoliberale {f}
neoliberalism {n} (political ideology) :: Neoliberalismus {m}
neolithic {adj} (hopelessly outdated) :: steinzeitlich, uralt, vorsintflutlich, neolithisch
Neolithic {adj} (of or relating to the New Stone Age) :: jungsteinzeitlich, neolithisch
Neolithic {prop} (the New Stone Age) :: Jungsteinzeit {f}, Neolithikum {n}
neologism {n} (recently coined word) :: Neologismus {m}
neology {n} (the study or art of neologizing (creating new words)) :: Neologismus
Neo-Middle Egyptian {prop} (Neo-Middle Egyptian) :: Neo-Mittelägyptisch {n}, Neomittelägyptisch {n}
neon {n} (element) :: Neon {n}
neonate {n} (newborn infant) SEE: newborn ::
neonatologist {n} (person who studies or applies neonatology) :: Neonatologe {m}, Neonatologin {f}
neonatology {n} (branch of medicine that deals with newborn infants) :: Neonatologie {f}
neo-Nazi {n} (person who believes in a Nazi ideology) :: Neonazi {m}
neo-Nazism {n} (the ideology held by neo-Nazis) :: Neonazismus {m}
neonicotinoid {n} (class of insecticides) :: Neonikotinoid {n}
neopaganism {n} (modern or revived form of paganism) :: Neuheidentum {n}, Neopaganismus {m}
neophilia {n} (love of new things) :: Neophilie {f}
neophobia {n} (fear of new things) :: Neophobie {f}
neophyte {n} (beginner) :: Beginner {m}
neophyte {n} (recently introduced plant species) :: Neophyt {m}
neoplasm {n} (abnormal new growth of disorganized tissue) :: Blastom {n}, Geschwulst {f}, Neoplasie {f}, Neoplasma {n}, Neubildung {f}
Neoplatonism {prop} (school of philosophy) :: Neuplatonismus {m}
Neoplatonist {n} (member) :: Neuplatoniker {m}, Neuplatonikerin {f}
neoprene {n} (synthetic rubber, a polymer of chloroprene, used in various consumer products) :: Neopren {n}
neo-romanticism {n} :: Neuromantik {f}
neoteny {n} (retention of juvenile characteristics in the adult) :: Neotenie {f}, Verjugendlichung {f}
neoterise {v} (to modernise) :: neue Wortschöpfungen einführen
neoterize {v} (to modernise) :: neue Wortschöpfungen einführen
Nepal {prop} (Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal) :: Nepal {n}
Nepalese {adj} (Nepali) SEE: Nepali ::
Nepalese {n} (Nepali) SEE: Nepali ::
Nepalese {prop} (Nepali) SEE: Nepali ::
Nepali {adj} (pertaining to Nepal) :: nepalesisch
Nepali {n} (person) :: Nepalese {m}, Nepalesin {f}
Nepali {prop} (language) :: Nepalesisch {n}, Nepali {n}
nephew {n} (fraternal or sororal nephew, see also: fraternal nephew; sororal nephew) :: Neffe {m}
nephew-in-law {n} :: Schwiegerneffe
Nephilim {prop} :: Nephilim {p}
nephology {n} (branch of meteorology) :: Nephologie, Wolkenkunde {f}
nephrite {n} (semi-precious stone) :: Nephrit {m}
nephrolith {n} (kidney stone) SEE: kidney stone ::
nephrologist {n} (physician) :: Nephrologe {m}, Nierenarzt {m}
nephron {n} (basic structural and functional unit of the kidney) :: Nephron {n}
nephrotoxic {adj} (poisonous to kidney tissue) :: nephrotoxisch
nepotism {n} (favoring of relatives or personal friends) :: Nepotismus {m}, Vetternwirtschaft {f}
Neptune {prop} (eighth planet of the solar system) :: Neptun {m}
Neptune {prop} (Roman god of the ocean) :: Neptun {m}
Neptunian {adj} (of, pertaining to, or supporting Neptunism) :: Neptunisch
Neptunian {n} (proponent of Neptunism) :: Neptunier {m}, Neptunist {m}
Neptunism {prop} (scientific theory) :: Neptunismus {m}
Neptunist {n} (proponent) :: Neptunist {m}
neptunium {n} (chemical element) :: Neptunium {n}
nerd {n} (intellectual, skillful person, generally introverted) :: Sonderling {m}, Nerd {m}, Fachidiot {m}, Tüftler {m}, Bücherwurm {m}, Computerfreak {m}
nerdy {adj} (Of or like a nerd) :: nerdig, absonderlich
neritic {adj} :: neritisch
Nero {prop} (Roman Emperor from 54 to 68) :: Nero {m}
neroli {n} (essential oil obtained from the blossom of the bitter orange) :: Neroli
nerve {n} (bundle of neurons) :: Nerv {m}
nerve {n} ((colloquial) neuron) :: Nerv {m}
nerve {n} (courage) :: Nerv {m}
nerve {n} (patience) :: Nerv {m}
nerve {n} (stamina) :: Nerv {m}
nerve {v} (strengthen) SEE: strengthen ::
nerve {v} (encourage) SEE: encourage ::
nerve agent {n} (weapon of mass destruction) SEE: nerve gas ::
nerve cell {n} (cell of the nervous system) :: Nervenzelle {f}, Neuron {n}
nerve fibre {n} (axon) SEE: axon ::
nerve gas {n} (weapon of mass destruction) :: Nervengas {n}, Nervenkampfstoff {m}
nerve impulse {n} (signal transmitted along a nerve fibre) :: elektrische Erregung einer Nervenzelle {f}, Aktionspotenzial eines Neurons {n}, Nervenimpuls {m}
nerve-racking {adj} (intensely irritating or distressing) :: nervenzerfetzend, nervenaufreibend, nervenzermürbend
nervosity {n} (nervousness) SEE: nervousness ::
nervous {adj} (apprehensive, anxious) :: nervös
nervous breakdown {n} (disabling attack of a psychological disorder) :: Nervenzusammenbruch {m}
nervously {adv} (in a nervous manner) :: nervös, erregbar, gereizt, hektisch, unruhig
nervousness {n} (state or quality of being nervous) :: Nervosität {f}, Unruhe {f}
nervous system {n} (system which coordinates the activity of the body) :: Nervensystem {n}
nesonym {n} (toponym of an island) :: Nesonym {n}
-ness {suffix} (appended to adjectives to form nouns meaning "the state of being...", "the quality of being...", or "the measure of being...") :: -nis, -heit, -keit
Nessie {prop} (nickname for the Loch Ness monster) :: Nessie
nest {n} (bird-built structure) :: Vogelnest {n}, Nest {n}
nest {n} (place for depositing eggs) :: Nest {n}
nest {n} (snug residence) :: Nest {n}
nest {n} (retreat) :: Nest {n}
nest {n} (hideout) :: Nest {n}
nest {v} (to build or settle into a nest) :: nisten
nest box {n} (birdhouse) SEE: birdhouse ::
nested {adj} (embedded) SEE: embedded ::
nested {adj} (successively fitted one inside another) :: verschachtelt
nest egg {n} (egg placed in a bird's nest) :: Nestei {n}
nest egg {n} (savings) :: Notgroschen {m} (emergency penny), finanzielles Polster {n} (financial cushion)
nestle {v} (to settle oneself comfortably and snugly) :: es sich gemütlich machen
nestle {v} (to press oneself against another affectionately) :: sich anschmiegen
nestling {n} (small, young bird that is still confined to the nest) :: Jungvogel {m}, Küken {n}, Nestling {m}
Nestorian {adj} (related to the teachings of Nestorius) :: nestorianisch
Nestorian {n} (A member of a "Nestorian" church) :: Nestorianer {m}, Nestorianerin {f}
Nestorianism {n} (The religious beliefs of the followers of Nestorius) :: Nestorianismus {m}
net {n} (mesh of string, cord or rope) :: Netz {n}
net {n} (device for catching fish, butterflies etc.) :: Netz {n}
net {n} (anything that has the appearance of a net) :: Netz {n}
net {n} (figurative: trap) :: Netz {n}
net {n} (interconnecting system) :: Netz {n}
net {v} (catch by means of a net) :: mit einem Netz fangen
net {adj} (remaining after expenses or deductions) :: Netto-
net {adv} (after expenses or deductions) :: netto
net {n} (The amount remaining after expenses are deducted, profit) :: Netto {n}
net {v} (receive as profit) :: netto verdienen
Netanyahu {prop} (surname) :: Netanjahu
netball {n} (sport) :: Netball {m}
netbook {n} (economical notebook computer) :: Netbook {n}
nether {adj} (lower) :: nieder
nether {adj} (beneath the earth's surface) :: unterirdisch
Netherlander {n} (someone from the Netherlands) :: Niederländer {m}, Niederländerin {f}
Netherlandic {prop} (Dutch) SEE: Dutch ::
Netherlandish {prop} (Dutch) SEE: Dutch ::
Netherlands {prop} (country in northwestern Europe, see also: Holland) :: die Niederlande {n-p}
Netherlands {adj} (pertaining to the Netherlands) :: niederlandisch, holländisch
Netherlands Antilles {prop} (former autonomous territory) :: Niederländische Antillen {p}
netizen {n} (member of Internet community) :: Netizen {m}, Netcitizen {m}, Netzbürger {m}
net profit {n} (the gross revenue minus all expenses) :: Reingewinn {m}
netsuke {n} (miniature sculptures) :: Netsuke {n}
nettle {n} (stinging herb of genus Urtica) :: Nessel {f}, Brennnessel {f}
nettle {n} (deadnettle) SEE: deadnettle ::
nettle-rash {n} (itchy areas of the skin) SEE: urticaria ::
net weight {n} (weight of a product) :: Nettogewicht {n}
network {n} (interconnected group or system) :: Netzwerk {n}
network {n} (directory of people) :: Netzwerk {n}
network {n} (multiple computers and other devices connected together) :: Netzwerk {n}
network {v} (interact socially) :: sich vernetzen
network {v} (to connect two or more computers or other computerized devices) :: vernetzen
network {v} (to interconnect a group or system) :: vernetzen
networkability {n} :: Netzwerkfähigkeit {f}
networking {n} (act of connecting computers into network) :: Vernetzung {f}
networking {n} (meeting new people) :: Networking {n}
network interface card {n} (computer hardware component) :: Netzwerkkarte {f}
network neutrality {n} (principle for user-access networks) :: Netzneutralität {f}
Neuchâtel {prop} (canton) :: Kanton Neuenburg
Neuchâtel {prop} (city) :: Neuenburg
neural {adj} (of or relating to the nerves) :: neural
neuralgia {n} (nerve pain) :: Neuralgie {f}
neuralgic {adj} (pertaining to or affected by neuralgia) :: neuralgisch
neural network {n} :: neuronales Netzwerk {n}
neurasthenic {adj} (pertaining to neurasthenia) :: neurasthenisch
neurasthenic {n} (person who has neurasthenia) :: Neurastheniker {m}, Neurasthenikerin {f}
neurite {n} (any projection from the body of a neuron) :: Neurit {m}
neuro- {prefix} (relating to nerves or the nervous system) :: neuro-
neurodiversity {n} (the variety of configurations of the brain) :: Neurodiversität {f}
neuroendocrine {adj} (pertaining to the nervous system and endocrine system together) :: neuroendokrin
neuroleptic {n} (pharmacology: an antipsychotic drug) :: Neuroleptikum {n}
neuro-linguistic programming {n} (psychology: field of study) :: neurolinguistisches Programmieren {n}
neurolinguistics {n} (science) :: Neurolinguistik {f}
neurological {adj} (dealing with the study of the brain) :: neurologisch
neurologist {n} (doctor or scientist who practices or specializes in neurology) :: Neurologe {m}, Neurologin {f}, Nervenarzt {m}, Nervenärztin {f}
neurology {n} (branch of medicine that deals with the nervous system and its disorders) :: Neurologie, Nervenkunde {f}
neuron {n} (a cell of the nervous system) :: Neuron {n}, Nervenzelle {f}
neuropathic {adj} (of, or relating to neuropathy) :: neuropathisch, nervös (Leiden etc.), nervenkrank
neuropathy {n} (disease of the nervous system) :: Nervenleiden {n}, Neuropathie {f}
neurophysiology {n} (branch of physiology that deals with the nervous system) :: Neurophysiologie {f}
neuropsychiatry {n} (branch of medicine) :: Neuropsychiatrie
neuroscience {n} (scientific study of the nervous system) :: Neurowissenschaften {p}, Hirnforschung
neurosis {n} (mental disorder) :: Neurose {f}
neurosurgeon {n} (brain surgeon) :: Neurochirurg {m}, Neurochirurgin {f}
neurotic {adj} (overanxious) :: neurotisch
neurotic {n} (person who has a neurosis) :: Neurotiker {m}, Neurotikerin {f}
neurotoxic {adj} (having a toxic effect on nerve tissue) :: neurotoxisch
neurotoxin {n} (type of toxin) :: Nervengift {n}, Neurotoxin {n}
neurotransmitter {n} (substance responsible for sending nerve signals across a synapse between two neurons) :: Neurotransmitter {m}
neurotrophic {adj} (of or relating to neurotrophy) :: neurotroph
neurotropic {adj} (of or pertaining to neurotropism) :: neurotrop
neurotypical {adj} (having normal way of processing information) :: neurotypisch
neurula {n} (zoology: an embryo of vertebrates in the state when the primitive band is first developed) :: Neurula {f}
Neustria {prop} (western part of the Frankish empire) :: Neustrien
neuter {adj} (neutral, neither one thing nor another) :: neutral
neuter {adj} (grammar: having a form which is not masculine nor feminine) :: neutrisch, sächlich, neutral, neuter [Latin declension, with Latin nouns]
neuter {adj} (grammar: intransitive, see also: intransitive) :: intransitiv, neuter [Latin declension, with Latin nouns]
neuter {adj} (having no generative organs, or imperfectly developed ones) :: geschlechtslos
neuter {n} (the neuter gender (grammar)) :: sächliches Geschlecht {n}, Neutrum {n}, neutrisches Geschlecht {n}
neuter {n} (grammar: noun of the neuter gender) :: Neutrum {n}, sächliches Hauptwort {n}, sächliches Substantiv {n}, neutrisches Hauptwort {n}, neutrisches Substantiv {n}
neuter {v} (to remove sex organs from an animal) :: verschneiden, kastrieren
neutral {adj} (not taking sides in a conflict) :: neutral
neutral {adj} (neither beneficial nor harmful) :: neutral
neutral {adj} (having no obvious colour) :: neutral
neutral {adj} (physics: possessing no charge) :: neutral
neutral {adj} (chemistry: neither acidic nor alkaline) :: neutral
neutral {n} (nonaligned state) :: neutraler Staat {m}
neutral {n} (person who takes no side in a dispute) :: Neutraler {m}
neutral {n} (position of gears) :: Leerlaufstellung {f}, Ruhelage {f}
neutrality {n} (state of being neutral; taking no part on either side) :: Neutralität {f}
neutralize {v} (to make even, inactive or ineffective) :: neutralisieren
neutrino {n} (en elementary particle with extremely small mass and no electric charge) :: Neutrino {n}
neutron {n} (subatomic particle) :: Neutron {n}
neutron activation analysis {n} (technique to measure the decay of elements) :: Neutronenaktivierungsanalyse {f}
neutron bomb {n} (atomic bomb that produces a greater amount of neutrons) :: Neutronenbombe {f}
neutron capture {n} (nuclear reaction in which neutrons are absorbed) :: Neutroneneinfang {m}
neutron cross section {n} (cross section of a neutron capture reaction) :: Neutroneneinfangquerschnitt {n}
neutron number {n} (number of neutrons in the nucleus) :: Neutronenzahl {f}
neutron star {n} (star composed of neutrons) :: Neutronenstern {m}
Nevada {prop} (US state) :: Nevada {n}
never {adv} (at no time) :: nie, niemals, nimmer
never again {adv} (at no time in the future) :: nie wieder, niemals mehr, nimmermehr
never ever {adv} (emphatic never) :: nie im Leben
neverland {n} (an ideal or imaginary place) :: Nimmerland {n}
never mind {v} (it is not important) :: macht nichts, ganz egal, das macht nichts, das ist egal, schon gut
never mind {v} (do not be concerned (about someone or something, or about doing something)) :: kümmere dich nicht, kümmer dich nicht, sorge dich nicht, sorg dich nicht
never mind {v} (I was wrong; I withdraw my previous statement) :: vergiss es, nicht so wichtig
never mind {v} (let alone; much less) SEE: let alone ::
nevermore {adv} (never again) SEE: never again ::
never say die {interj} (do not despair) :: nicht verzagen, nicht aufgeben, nicht verzweifeln
never say never {phrase} (never say never) :: sag niemals nie
nevertheless {adv} (in spite of what preceded) :: nichtsdestoweniger, trotzdem, auch wenn, dennoch, unbenommen; nichtsdestotrotz [colloquial, humorous]
Nevi'im {prop} (constituent of the Bible) :: Nevi'im {p} {m}
nevus {n} (benign lesion on skin) SEE: mole ::
nevus flammeus nuchae {n} (malformation) :: Storchenbiss {m}, Bossard-Fleck {m}
new {adj} (recently made or created) :: neu
new {adj} (additional, recently discovered) :: neu
new {adj} (current or later) :: neu
new {adj} (distinguishing something established more recently) :: neu
new {adj} (in original condition, pristine) :: neu
new {adj} (refreshed, reinvigorated) :: neu
new {adj} (newborn) :: neu
new {adj} (of recent origin) :: neu
new {adj} (strange, unfamiliar) :: neu
new {adj} (recently arrived or appeared) :: neu
new {adj} (inexperienced, unaccustomed) :: neu
newb {n} (newbie) SEE: newbie ::
newbie {n} (new (inexperienced) user or participant) :: Neuling {m}, Anfänger {m}
newborn {adj} (recently born) :: neugeboren
newborn {n} (recently born baby) :: Neugeborenes {n} [male or female], Neugeborener {m} [male], Neugeborene {f} [female]
New Britain {prop} (island) :: Neupommern
New Brunswick {prop} (province in eastern Canada) :: Neubraunschweig, Neues Braunschweig {n}
New Caledonia {prop} (overseas territory of France) :: Neukaledonien {n}
New Caledonian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to New Caledonia) :: neukaledonisch
New Caledonian {n} (person from New Caledonia) :: Neukaledonier {m}, Neukaledonierin {f}
Newcastle {prop} (city) :: Newcastle
Newcastle disease {n} (disease of poultry) :: Newcastle-Krankheit {f}
newcomer {n} (new participant in some activity) :: Neuling {m}
newcomer {n} :: Neuling {m}
New Delhi {prop} (capital of India) :: Neu-Delhi {n}
newel {n} (central pillar of staircase) :: Spindel {f}
New England {prop} (six states of the United States) :: Neuengland
New Englander {n} (person from New England) :: Neuengländer {m}, Neuengländerin {f}
New English {prop} (form of the English language spoken since the Great Vowel Shift, completed in roughly 1550) :: Neuenglisch {n}, modernes Englisch {n}; [adjective] neuenglisch
newfangled {adj} (modern, unfamiliar or different) :: neumodisch
Newfoundland {prop} (Island off the coast of Eastern Canada) :: Neufundland {n}
Newfoundland {n} (dog) :: Neufundländer
Newfoundland and Labrador {prop} (Province in eastern Canada) :: Neufundland und Labrador {n}
New Guinea {prop} (large island) :: Neuguinea {n}
New Guinea flightless rail {n} (bird) :: Baumralle {f}
New Hampshire {prop} (US state) :: New Hampshire
New High German {prop} (modern German language) :: Neuhochdeutsch {n}; Volynian German: Neihochdeitsch {n}
New High German {adj} (of or relating to the modern German language) :: neuhochdeutsch
New Holland {prop} (obsolete: Australia) :: Neuholland
New Ireland {prop} (island) :: Neumecklenburg
New Jersey {prop} (a northeast state of the United States of America) :: New Jersey, Neujersey [obsolete]
New Kingdom {prop} (Egypt from the 18th Dynasty through the 20th) :: Neues Reich {n}
New Latin {prop} (Latin after the Middle Ages) :: Neulatein {n}, Neulateinisch {n}
newly {adv} (Very recently) :: neu
newlywed {n} (a recently married person) :: Neuvermählter {m}, Neuvermählte {f}
newlywed {adj} (recently married) :: neuvermählt
Newman {prop} (surname meaning "new man") :: Neumann
New Mexico {prop} (US State) :: New Mexico {n}, Neumexiko
new moon {n} (phase of moon when in conjunction with sun) :: Neumond {m}
new moon {n} (the moon when in conjunction with sun) :: Neumond {m}
new moon {n} (phase of moon when it is waxing) :: Neumond {m}
new moon {n} (the moon when it is waxing) :: Neumond {m}
new moon {n} (the day when the new moon is first seen) :: Neumondtag {m}
newness {n} (novelty) :: Neuheit {f}
New Objectivity {prop} (artistic movement) :: Neue Sachlichkeit {f}
New Orleans {prop} (city) :: New Orleans {n}
new potato {n} (one of the earliest potatoes of a new crop) :: Frühlingskartoffel {f}
news {n} (new information of interest) :: Neuigkeiten {f-p}, Nachricht {f}, Nachrichten {f-p}, Neues {n}
news {n} (reports of current events) :: Nachricht {f}, Nachrichten {f-p}
news agency {n} (organisation that gathers and distributes news) :: Nachrichtenagentur {f}, Presseagentur {f}
newsagent {n} (retail business) :: Zeitungskiosk {m}
newsagent {n} (person) :: Zeitungsverkäufer {m}, Zeitungshändler {m}
newscaster {n} (one who delivers the news) :: Nachrichtensprecher {m}, Nachrichtensprecherin {f}
news conference {n} (press conference) SEE: press conference ::
newsgroup {n} (repository for posting messages on a computer network) :: Newsgroup {f}
newsletter {n} (publication) :: Mitteilungsblatt {n}, Newsletter {m}
New South Wales {prop} (one state of Australia) :: New South Wales {n}
New Spain {prop} (historical colony) :: Neuspanien {f}
newspaper {n} (publication) :: Zeitung {f}
newspaper {n} (paper on which newspapers are printed) :: Zeitungspapier {n}
newspeak {n} (use of ambiguous words to deceive listeners) :: Neusprech {n}
Newspeak {prop} (fictional language) :: Neusprech {n}
Newspeak {n} (newspeak) SEE: newspeak ::
newsroom {n} (the office of a news organisation) :: Redaktion {f}, Newsdesk {n}, Newsroom {m}
New Stone Age {prop} (Neolithic) SEE: Neolithic ::
New Swabia {prop} :: Neuschwabenland
newsworthy {adj} (interesting enough to be reported as a news) :: berichtenswert, veröffentlichungswürdig, interessant, eine Nachricht wert seiend , mit Nachrichtenwert [postpositioned]
newt {n} (type of salamander) :: Molch {m}
New Testament {prop} (second half of the Christian Bible) :: Neues Testament {n}
newton {n} (derived unit of force) :: Newton {m}
Newtonian {adj} (related to Newton) :: Newtonsch
newton metre {n} (standard unit of torque or energy) :: Newtonmeter {m} {n}
new wine in an old bottle {n} :: neuer Wein in alten Schläuch, junger Wein in alten Schläuch, alter Wein in neuen Schläuch
New World {prop} (the Americas and Oceania) :: neue Welt {f}
New World monkey {n} (families of primates found in Central and South America) :: Neuweltaffe {m}
New World Order {prop} (vision for the world) :: Neue Weltordnung {f}
New Year {n} (the first few days of a calendar year) :: Neujahr
New Year {n} (January 1 in the Julian and Gregorian calendar and the days following) :: Neujahr {n}
New Year's Day {n} (holiday occurring on January 1st) :: Neujahr {n}, Neujahrstag {m}
New Year's Eve {prop} (holiday on December 31st) :: Silvester {n}; Altjahrsabend {m} [dated]
New Year's resolution {n} (vow one makes for the coming year) :: Neujahrsvorsatz {m}
New York {prop} (state) :: New York, New-York, Neuyork {n} (obsolete)
New York {prop} (city) SEE: New York City ::
New York City {prop} (large city in the USA) :: New York City, New York, Neuyork (obsolete)
New Yorker {n} (a native or resident of New York City) :: New Yorker {m}, New Yorkerin {f}
New Yorker {n} (a native or resident of the state of New York) :: New Yorker {m}, New Yorkerin {f}
New Zealand {prop} (country in Oceania) :: Neuseeland {n}
New Zealand {prop} (attributive form - relating to New Zealand) :: neuseeländisch
New Zealand dollar {n} (official currency of New Zealand) :: Neuseeland-Dollar {m}
New Zealander {n} (a person from New Zealand or of New Zealand descent) :: Neuseeländer {m}, Neuseeländerin {f}
New Zealand falcon {n} (Falco novaeseelandiae) :: Maorifalke {m}
New Zealandic {adj} (of New Zealand) :: neuseeländisch
New Zealandress {n} (female New Zealander) :: Neuseeländerin {f}
next {adj} (following in a sequence) :: nächster
next {adj} (being closer to the present location than all other items) :: nächster
next {adj} (nearest date, time, space or order) :: nächster
next {adv} :: als nächstes
next {prep} (on the side of) :: neben
next {n} (the one that follows after this one (in languages with a definite article that is generally required in this sense)) :: der/die Nächste
next {prep} (next to) SEE: next to ::
next door {adv} (in the adjacent home or place) :: nebenan
nextly {adv} (next) SEE: next ::
next of kin {n} (closest blood relative, often heir to inheritance) :: Angehörige {f}, Angehöriger {m}, usually plural: Angehörige (m+f)
next of kin {n} (spouse, close friend, close relative) :: Angehöriger {m}, Angehörige {f}
next time {n} (on the following occasion) :: nächstes Mal
next to {prep} (beside; alongside) :: neben
next to last {adj} (penultimate) SEE: penultimate ::
next to nothing {pron} (very little) :: so gut wie nichts, fast nichts
next year {adv} (year after this one) :: nächstes Jahr
nexus {n} (connection) :: Verbindung {f}, Verknüpfung {f}
nexus {n} (connected group) :: Verbindung {f}, Netzwerk {n}
nexus {n} (centre of something) :: Zentrum {n}, Kern {m}
négligée {n} (nightgown) :: Negligee {n}, Negligé {n}
NGO {n} (non-governmental organization) :: NGO, NRO
niacin {n} (water-soluble vitamin) :: Niacin {n}
nib {n} (tip of a pen) :: Federspitze {f}
nibble {v} (eat with small bites) :: knabbern
nibble {n} ((computing) A unit of memory equal to half a byte, or four bits) :: Nibble
Nicaea {prop} (ancient city) :: Nicäa {f}
Nicaragua {prop} (a country in Central America) :: Nicaragua {n}
Nicaraguan {adj} (pertaining to Nicaragua) :: nicaraguanisch
Nicaraguan {n} (person from Nicaragua) :: Nicaraguaner {m}, Nicaraguanerin {f}
nice {adj} (pleasant) :: freundlich, sympathisch, lieb, nett
nice {adj} (attractive) :: schön, hübsch, nett
nice {adj} (having a pleasant taste or aroma) :: lecker, angenehm
Nice {prop} (city in France) :: Nizza {n}
nice-looking {adj} (attractive) SEE: attractive ::
nicely {adv} (pleasantly) :: gut
Nicene {adj} (all senses) :: nizäisch, nizänisch
Nicene Creed {prop} (official creed of the early Christian church stating tenets of the Christian faith) :: Bekenntnis von Nicäa {n}, Nizäisch-Konstantinopolitanische Glaubensbekenntnis {n}
nice to meet you {phrase} (pleased to meet you) SEE: pleased to meet you ::
niche {n} (cavity, hollow, or recess) :: Nische {f}, Mauernische {f}, Wandnische {f}, Mauerrücksprung {m}
niche {n} (ecological function of an organism) :: ökologische Nische {f}
niche {n} (position of opportunity) :: Nische {f}, Marktnische {f}, Marktlücke {f}
niche market {n} (relatively small and specialist market, product differentiated in small segment of consumers.) :: Nischenmarkt {m}
Nicholas {prop} (male given name) :: Nikolaus, Klaus
nick {v} ((slang) to steal) :: klauen
nickel {n} (element) :: Nickel {n}
nickeline {n} (a mineral, nickel arsenide) :: Nickelin {m}
nickel-plated {adj} (coated with nickel) :: vernickelt
nickname {n} (familiar, invented given name) :: Spitzname {m}
nickname {n} (byname) :: Beiname {m}
Nicobar Islands {prop} (archipelago) :: Nikobaren
Nicodemus {prop} (biblical Pharisee) :: Nikodemus
Nicola {prop} (Nicole) SEE: Nicole ::
Nicola {prop} (feminine form of Nicholas) :: Nicole {f}
Nicole {prop} (female given name) :: Nicole {f}
Nicole {prop} (Nicola) SEE: Nicola ::
Nicosia {prop} (capital of Cyprus) :: Nikosia
nicotine {n} (addictive alkaloid derived from tobacco) :: Nikotin {n}
nicotine patch {n} (adhesive patch) :: Nikotinpflaster {n}
nictitating membrane {n} (transparent protective fold of skin) :: Nickhaut {f}
Nidwalden {prop} (Canton) :: Nidwalden
niece {n} (fraternal or sororal niece, see also: fraternal niece; sororal niece) :: Nichte {f}
niece-in-law {n} (niece of someone's husband) SEE: niece ::
niece-in-law {n} (niece of someone's wife) SEE: niece ::
Niederkorn {prop} (canton) :: Niederkorn
nief {n} (fist) SEE: fist ::
nief {n} (serf or bondsman born into servitude) :: Sklave {m}, Leibeigene {m}
Nietzsche {prop} (surname) :: Nietzsche
Nietzschean {adj} (pertaining to Nietzsche or his writings) :: nietzschesch
Nietzscheanism {n} (philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche) :: Nietzscheismus {m}
nifty {adj} (good, useful) :: flott, schlau, raffiniert, elegant, schick, geschickt, hübsch, toll, pfiffig, ausgefeilt
nigella {n} (flower) :: Schwarzkümmel {m}, Jungfer im Grünen {f}
nigella {n} (spice) :: Schwarzkümmel {m}
Niger {prop} (country) :: Niger
Nigeria {prop} (a country in Western Africa) :: Nigeria {n}
Nigerian {n} (person) :: Nigerianer {m}, Nigerianerin {f}
Nigerian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Nigeria, the Nigerian people or culture) :: nigerianisch
Nigerien {n} (person) :: Nigrer {m}, Nigrerin {f}
Nigerien {adj} (pertaining to Niger) :: nigrisch
niggard {v} (a miser or stingy person) SEE: skinflint ::
nigger {n} (negro person) :: Neger {m}, Negerin {f}, Nigger {m}, Bimbo {m}, Kaffer {m}, Kafferin {f}, Mohr {m} (obsolete)
nigh {adj} (near, close by) :: nahe, nah bei
nigh {adv} (almost; nearly) :: beinahe, nahezu
night {n} (period between sunset and sunrise) :: Nacht {f}
night {n} (evening or night spent at a particular activity) :: Abend {m}, [in bed] Nacht {f}
night {n} (night spent at a hotel) :: Übernachtung {f}, Nacht {f}
night {n} (quality of sleep obtained during a night) :: Nacht {f}
night {n} (darkness) :: Nacht {f}, Dunkelheit {f}
night {interj} (Short for good night) :: Nacht!
night and day {adv} (day and night) SEE: day and night ::
night and day {adv} (opposite) :: wie Tag und Nacht
night-blind {adj} (unable to see clearly in low light; suffering from night blindness) :: nachtblind
night blindness {n} (nyctalopia; the inability to see clearly in faint light) :: Nachtblindheit {f}
nightcap {n} (warm cap worn at night) :: Schlafmütze {f}
nightcap {n} (beverage) :: Absacker {m} [colloquial], Schlummertrunk {m}
nightclothes {n} (clothing worn while sleeping) :: Nachtwäsche {f}
nightclub {n} (establishment that is open late at night) :: Nachtklub {m}, Nightclub {m}
nightdress {n} (sleeping garment worn by women) SEE: nightgown ::
night emission {n} (nocturnal emission) SEE: nocturnal emission ::
nightfall {n} (the close of the day; the coming of night) :: Einbruch der Nacht {m}, Einbruch der Dunkelheit {m}, Zwielicht {n}
nightgown {n} (sleeping garment worn by women) :: Nachthemd {n}
nighthawk {n} (night owl) SEE: night owl ::
night heron {n} (species of heron) :: Nachtreiher {m}
nightie {n} (sleeping garment worn by women) SEE: nightgown ::
nightingale {n} (bird) :: Nachtigall {f}
nightjar {n} (nocturnal bird of the family Caprimulgidae) :: Ziegenmelker {m}, Nachtschwalbe {f}
nightlife {n} (Selection of nocturnal activities) :: Nachtleben {n}
nightlight {n} (a small, dim light or lamp left on overnight) :: Nachtlicht {n}
nightmare {n} (dream) :: Albtraum {m}, Alptraum {m}, [dated] Albdruck {m}, Nachtmahr {f}
nightmare {n} (experience) :: Albtraum {m}, Alptraum {m}
nightmarish {adj} (resembling a nightmare) :: albtraumhaft, alptraumhaft, albtraumartig, alptraumartig
night market {n} (a market that only operates at night) :: Nachtmarkt {m}
night of the long knives {n} (purge) :: Nacht der langen Messer {f}
night owl {n} (one who is awake at night) :: Nachteule {f}, Nachtschwärmer {f}, Nachtmensch {p}
night safe {n} :: Nachttresor {m}, Nachtsafe {m}
night school {n} (A school with classes held predominantly in the evening) :: Abendschule {f}
nightshade {n} (deadly nightshade) SEE: deadly nightshade ::
nightshade {n} (plant of genus Solanum) :: Nachtschatten {m}
night shift {n} (period) :: Nachtschicht {f}
night shift {n} (group of workers) :: Nachtschicht {f}
nightshirt {n} (shirt-like garment) SEE: nightgown ::
nightstand {n} (small table placed at the head side of a bed) :: Nachttisch {m}
night terror {n} (sleeping disorder) :: Nachtangst {f}, Pavor Nocturnus {m}
nighttime {n} (hours of darkness) :: Nacht {f}
night watchman state {n} (Translations) :: Nachtwächterstaat {m}, Minimalstaat {m}
nightwear {n} (nightclothes) SEE: nightclothes ::
nihilarian {adj} (of or pertaining to nihilism) :: nihilistisch
nihilism {n} (negation of one or more aspects of life; extreme philosophical scepticism) :: Nihilismus {m}
nihilism {n} (rejection of all moral principles) :: Nihilismus {m}
nihilist {n} (person who accepts nihilism) :: Nihilist {m}, Nihilistin {f}
Nihongo {n} (Japanese) SEE: Japanese ::
nihonium {n} :: Nihonium {n}
Nijmegen {prop} (city in the Netherlands) :: Nimwegen
Nike {prop} (Greek goddess of victory) :: Nike {f}
nikud {n} (system of diacritics for Hebrew) :: Nikud {n}
Nile {prop} (river) :: Nil {m}
Nilean {adj} (Nilotic) SEE: Nilotic ::
Nile perch {n} (Lates niloticus) :: Nilbarsch {m}
nilgai {n} (large antelope of northern India) :: Nilgau {m}, Nilgauantilope {f}
Nilotic {adj} (pertaining to the Nile) :: nilotisch; nilisch [rare]
nimble {adj} (quick and light in movement or action) :: schnell, gelenkig, behänd, flink, wendig, leichtfüssig, gewandt, geschickt
nimble {adj} (quick-witted and alert) :: geschickt
nimbleness {n} (the quality of being nimble) :: Wendigkeit {f}, Gewandtheit {f}, Behändigkeit {f}, Beweglichkeit {f}
nimbus {n} (circle of light; halo) :: Nimbus {m}
nimbus {n} (rain cloud) :: Nimbus {m}
Nina {prop} (female given name) :: Nina
nincompoop {n} (silly or foolish person) :: Dummkopf {m}, Einfaltspinsel {m}, Trottel {m}
nine {num} (cardinal number) :: neun
nine {n} (the digit or figure 9) :: Neun {f}
nine {n} (card with nine pips) :: Neun {f}
nine {n} :: Neun {f}
nine hundred {num} (cardinal number 900) :: neunhundert
nine men's morris {n} (board game) :: Mühle {f}
nine o'clock {n} (the start of the tenth hour) :: neun Uhr
nineteen {num} (cardinal number) :: neunzehn
nineteenth {adj} (the ordinal form of the number nineteen, see also: 19th) :: neunzehnte
nineteenthly {adv} (in nineteenth place) :: neunzehntens
nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine {num} (cardinal number 9,999) :: neuntausendneunhundertneunundneunzig
nineties {n} (the decade of the 1990s) :: neunziger Jahre {n-p}, Neunziger {p}, Neunzigerjahre {n-p}, 90er Jahre {n-p}
ninetieth {adj} (ordinal form of ninety) :: neunzigste
ninety {num} (90) :: neunzig
ninety-eight {num} (98) :: achtundneunzig
ninety-five {num} (95) :: fünfundneunzig
ninety-four {num} (94) :: vierundneunzig
ninety-nine {num} (cardinal number 99) :: neunundneunzig
ninety-one {num} (cardinal number ninety-one) :: einundneunzig
ninety-seven {num} (97) :: siebenundneunzig
ninety-six {num} (96) :: sechsundneunzig
ninety-three {num} (93) :: dreiundneunzig
ninety-two {num} (92) :: zweiundneunzig
Nineveh {prop} (capital of Assyria) :: Ninive
ninhydrin {n} (organic compound: 2,2-dihydroxyindane-1,3-dione) :: Ninhydrin {n}
ninja {n} (person trained in ninjutsu) :: Ninja
ninjutsu {n} (ninjutsu) :: Ninjutsu {n}
ninny {n} (a silly or foolish person) :: Dummkopf {m}, Idiot {m}
Nintendo {n} (Nintendo Entertainment System, or other video game system made by Nintendo) :: Nintendo {n}
ninth {adj} (ordinal form of nine, see also: 9th) :: neunte
ninth {n} (something in the ninth position) :: Neunter
ninth {n} (one of nine equal parts of a whole) :: Neuntel
ninthly {adv} (in the ninth place) :: neuntens
niobium {n} (chemical element) :: Niob {n}
nip {n} (playful bite) :: kneifen, zusammenquetschen
Nip {n} (offensive: a Japanese person) SEE: Jap ::
Niphon {prop} (Honshu) SEE: Honshu ::
nip in the bud {v} (to prevent at an early stage) :: im Keim ersticken
nipple {n} (projection of mammary gland) :: Nippel {m}, Brustwarze {f}
nipple {n} (small protrusion on machinery that fits into a groove) :: Nippel {m}
nipple {n} (short threaded connecting tube) :: Stutzen {m}, Verbindungsstück {n}
nipplewort {n} (Lapsana communis) :: Rainkohl {m}
Nippo- {prefix} (relating to Japan or Japanese) :: Japanisch-
nip point {n} (point of convergence with a rolling part) :: Walzenspalt {m}
Nippon {prop} (a country in East Asia) SEE: Japan ::
Nipponese {adj} (Japanese) SEE: Japanese ::
Nipponese {prop} (Japanese) SEE: Japanese ::
niqab {n} (veil which covers the face) :: Niqab {m}
niqqud {n} (nikud) SEE: nikud ::
nirvana {n} (Buddhism: cessation of suffering) :: Nirvana {n}, Nirwana {n}
nirvana {n} (state of bliss) :: Nirvana {n}, Nirwana {n}
nisba {n} (grammar term) :: Nisbe {f}
Nishapur {prop} (a city in Iran) :: Nischapur
nit {n} (egg of a louse) :: Nisse {f}
nithing {n} (coward, dastard) SEE: coward ::
nithing {adj} (cowardly, dastardly) SEE: cowardly ::
nitpick {v} (to correct minutiae or find fault) :: pingelig sein, schikanieren
nitpick {v} (to pick nits) :: lausen
nitpicker {n} (one who nitpicks) :: Erbsenzähler {m}, Erbsenzählerin {f}, [colloquial] Korinthenkacker {m}, [colloquial] Korinthenkackerin {f}, Griffelspitzer {m}, Griffelspitzerin {f}
nitpicky {adj} (overly critical) :: spitzfindig, übergenau, pedantisch, überkorrekt
nitrate {n} (any salt or ester of nitric acid) :: Nitrat {n}
nitric acid {n} (HNO3) :: Salpetersäure {f}
nitric oxide {n} (binary compound of nitrogen and oxygen) :: Stickoxid {n}
nitriding {n} (method of hardening steel) :: Nitrieren {n}
nitrile {n} (class of organic compounds) :: Nitril {n}
nitrite reductase {n} (enzyme that catalyses the reduction of nitrite ions) :: Nitritreduktase {f}
nitrogen {n} (chemical element) :: Stickstoff {m}
nitrogen dioxide {n} (the binary compound NO2) :: Stickstoffdioxid {n}, Nitrogendioxid {n}
nitrogen monoxide {n} (nitric oxide) SEE: nitric oxide ::
nitrogenous {adj} (of nitrogen) :: Stickstoff-
nitroglycerine {n} (the compound glyceryl-tri-nitrate) :: Nitroglyzerin {n}
nitro-hydrochloric acid {n} (aqua regia) SEE: aqua regia ::
nitrolime {n} (calcium cyanamide) :: Kalkstickstoff {n}
nitrosylsulfuric acid {n} (nitrosyl derivative of sulfuric acid) :: Nitrosylschwefelsäure {f}
nitrous acid {n} (weak acid, HNO2) :: salpetrige Säure {f}
nitrous oxide {n} (nitrous oxide) :: Distickstoffmonoxid {n}
nitrox {n} (mixture of nitrogen and oxygen used as a breathing gas) :: Nitrox
nitty {adj} (foolish, inane) SEE: foolish ::
nitty {adj} (fastidious, fussy, nit-picky) SEE: fastidious ::
nitty {adj} ((excessively) detailed, specific) SEE: detailed ::
nitty {n} (dope fiend, druggie) SEE: drug addict ::
nitty-gritty {n} (essence or core of something) :: Wesentliche {n}, Kern {m}
nitwit {n} (scatterbrained or stupid person) :: Schwachkopf, Dummkopf {m}
Niue {prop} (island of Niue) :: Niue {n}
Niuean {n} (person) :: Niueaner {m}, Niueanerin {f}
Niuean {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Niue) :: niueanisch
Nivkh {prop} (language) :: Niwchische
Nivôse {prop} (the fourth month of the French Republican Calendar) :: Nivôse {m}, Nivose {m}, Schneemonat {m}
nix {n} (colloquial: nothing) :: nix
nix {v} (to reject or cancel) :: verwerfen, annullieren, stornieren
nix {v} (to destroy) :: zerstören, vernichten
nix {n} (water spirit) :: Nix {m}, Nöck {m}
nixie {n} (water spirit) SEE: nix ::
Nizhny Novgorod {prop} (large city in Russia) :: Nischni Nowgorod {n}
Nkore {prop} (Nyankole) SEE: Nyankole ::
Nkulengu rail {n} (bird) :: Rotfußralle {f}
no {determiner} (not any) :: kein
no {determiner} (used to show an activity is forbidden) :: verboten [preceded by an infinitive]
no {particle} (used to show disagreement or negation) :: nein [standard]; nee [colloquial; with variants]
no {particle} (used to show agreement with a negative question (in some languages this response is the usual word for "yes")) :: nein
no {n} (a negating expression) :: Nein {n}
no {n} (a vote not in favor) :: Gegenstimme {f}
No. {n} (abbreviation of "number") :: Nr.
Noah {prop} (biblical character) :: Noah {m}, Noach {m}
Noah {prop} (male given name) :: Noah {m}
Noah's ark {prop} (the vessel built by Noah under God's instructions, as described in Genesis) :: Arche Noah {f}
nobelium {n} (chemical element) :: Nobelium {n}
Nobel laureate {n} (person who has been awarded a Nobel Prize) :: Nobelpreisträger {m}
Nobel Prize {n} (international prize) :: Nobelpreis {m}
no biggie {n} (not a big deal) :: kein Problem
nobiliary particle {n} (a preposition found in names) :: Adelsprädikat {n}
nobility {n} (noble or privileged social class) :: Adel {m}
noble {n} (aristocrat) :: Adliger {m}, Adlige {f}, Aristokrat {m}, Adeliger {m}, Edelmann {m}
noble {adj} (having honorable qualities) :: nobel, edel, großzügig, großmütig, hehr
noble {adj} (of or relating to the nobility; distinguished from the masses by birth) :: adlig, aristokratisch, vornehm, nobel, erhaben, erlaucht, prächtig, stattlich
noble fir {n} (Abies procera) :: Edeltanne {f}
noble gas {n} (element of group 18 of the periodic table) :: Edelgas {n}
nobleman {n} (man of noble rank, title, or status; peer; aristocrat) :: Edelmann {m}, Adeliger {m}, Adliger {m}, Aristokrat {m}
noble metal {n} (metal resistant to corrosion) :: Edelmetall {n}
noble rot {n} (fungus) :: Edelfäule
noble savage {n} :: edle Wilde {m}, edler Wilder {m}
noblesse oblige {n} (the honourable obligation that is the responsibility of those of high rank) :: Adel verpflichtet [phrase]
noblewoman {n} (a woman of noble rank) :: Edelfrau {f}, Adlige {f}
nobody {pron} (not any person; the logical negation of somebody) SEE: no one ::
nobody {n} (unimportant person) :: niemand {m}, keiner {m}
nobody's perfect {phrase} (phrase to remind that we all fail at times) :: niemand ist perfekt
no-brainer {n} (an easy or obvious conclusion, decision, solution, task (idiomatic)) :: einfache Sache {f}, Selbstläufer {m}
nocebo {n} (pharmacologically inactive substance experienced as harmful due to previous negative perception) :: Nocebo {n}
nock {n} (the notch at the rear of an arrow) :: Nocke {f}
no comment {interj} ("official" refusal to relay any further information) :: kein Kommentar
no comment {interj} (refusal to say the obvious impolite retort) :: kein Kommentar
noctilucin {n} (fat-like substance) SEE: noctilucine ::
noctilucine {n} (substance responsible for the bioluminescence) :: Noctilucin {n}
noctuid {n} (moth of the family Noctuidae) SEE: owlet moth ::
noctule {n} (bat of the genus Nyctalus) :: Abendsegler {m}
nocturnal {adj} (primarily active during the night) :: nachtaktiv
nocturnal {adj} (taking place at night) :: nächtlich
nocturnal emission {n} (ejaculation or orgasm while asleep) :: Pollution {f}
nocturne {n} (a dreamlike or pensive composition) :: Nachtstück {n} [art], Nocturne {f} {n} [music], Nokturne {f} {n} [music, rare]
nod {v} (incline the head up and down) :: nicken
nod {v} (gradually fall asleep) :: einnicken
nod {n} (instance of moving one's head) :: Kopfnicken {n}
node {n} (vertex of a graph of a network) :: Knoten {m}, Ecke {f}
nod off {v} (fall asleep) :: einnicken
no doubt {adv} (without a doubt) :: fraglos, zweifellos
no entry {phrase} (entry is forbidden) :: Eingang verboten, Eintritt verboten, Zutritt verboten
no fear {interj} (no way) SEE: no way ::
no-fly zone {n} (an airspace in which aircraft, especially military aircraft, are forbidden to fly) :: Flugverbotszone {f}, gesperrter Luftraum {m}
no-frills {adj} (basic or simple) :: ohne Schnickschnack
Nogai {prop} (language) :: nogaische Sprache
Nogai {n} (person) :: Nogaier
noggin {n} (head) :: Birne {f}, Rübe {f}
no go {n} (something which should not or cannot be done) :: No-Go {n}
no good deed goes unpunished {proverb} (beneficial actions often go unappreciated or are met with outright hostility; if they are appreciated, they often lead to additional requests) :: der Fluch der guten Tat
no holds barred {adj} :: alles ist erlaubt (literally, "all is allowed")
no idea {interj} (I don't know) :: keine Ahnung
noise {n} (various sounds, usually unwanted) :: Lärm {m}, Geräusch {n}, Krach {m} [as in Krach machen: to make a lot of noise]
noise {n} (sound or signal generated by random fluctuations) :: Rauschen {n}, Störung {f}
noise {n} (technical: unwanted part of a signal) :: Rauschen {n}
noiseless {adj} (silent) :: geräuschlos
noiselessly {adv} (in a quiet manner) :: geräuschlos
noise pollution {n} (excessive noise) :: Lärmbelastung {f}
noise power {n} (power of the noise in a signal) :: Rauschleistung
noisily {adv} (in a noisy manner) :: geräuschvoll
noisome {adj} (hurtful or noxious to health) :: ungesund, schädlich
noisome {adj} (offensive to the senses) :: widerlich, ekelhaft, eklig
noisy {adj} (making a noise) :: laut, geräuschvoll
no kidding {interj} (exclamation of amazement) :: [colloquial, vulgar] ohne Scheiß, [colloquial] im Ernst, echt
nolens volens {adv} (willing or unwilling) SEE: willy-nilly ::
no less {adv} (furthermore, not to mention) :: zumal, noch dazu
no longer {adv} (not any more) :: nicht mehr, nicht länger, [South German, Austria] nimmer
nomad {n} (a member of society or class who wander with their herds) :: Nomade {m}, Nomadin {f}
nomad {n} (a wanderer) SEE: wanderer ::
nomadic {adj} (of or relating to itinerant herdsmen) :: nomadisch
nomadic {adj} (of or relating to any habitually wandering person) :: nomadisch
nomadism {n} (way of life of a nomad) :: Nomadentum {n}
no man's land {n} (place where no one can or should be) :: Niemandsland {n}
no man's land {n} (stretch of land between the border posts of two contiguous sovereign states) :: Niemandsland {n}
nomarch {n} (head of a nome) :: Nomarch {m}
no matter {prep} (regardless of) :: egal
no matter what {prep} (whatever) :: was auch immer
nom de guerre {n} (pseudonym) SEE: pseudonym ::
nom de plume {n} (pseudonym) SEE: pseudonym ::
nomen agentis {n} (agent noun) SEE: agent noun ::
nomenclature {n} (set of names or terms) :: Nomenklatur {f}
nomen gentilicium {n} (name designating a Roman citizen as a member of a particular gens) :: Gentilname {m}
nominalization {n} (use of a verb or an adjective as a noun) :: Nominalisierung {f}, Substantivierung {f}, Hauptwortbildung {f}
nominalize {v} (to change into a noun, see also: substantivise) :: nominalisieren
nominalizer {n} (nominalizer) :: Substantivator {m}
nominate {v} (to name someone for a particular role or position) :: nominieren
nomination {n} (An act or instance of nominating) :: Nominierung {f}, Aufstellung {f}, Kandidatenkür {f}
nominative {n} (the nominative case) SEE: nominative case ::
nominative {adj} (being in the nominative case) :: Nominativ-, nominativisch
nominative case {n} (case used to indicate the subject) :: Nominativ {m}, Werfall {m}, Wer-Fall {m}
nominee {n} (a person named or designated to any office, duty or position) :: Nominierte {m}, Kandidat {m}
nomism {n} (idea of the chief aspect of religiousness) :: Nomismus {m}, Bundesnomismus {m} [covenantal]
nomocracy {n} (political system under the sovereignty rational laws and civic rights) :: Nomokratie {f}
no more {adv} (not any longer) :: nicht mehr
-nomy {suffix} (system of rules, laws, or knowledge about a particular field) :: -nomie
non- {prefix} (not) :: nicht-
non-aggression principle {n} :: Nichtaggressionsprinzip
nonagon {n} (A polygon with nine sides and nine angles) :: Nonagon {n}, Neuneck {n}
nonalcoholic {adj} (containing at most trace amounts of alcohol) :: alkoholfrei
nonaligned {adj} (not allied) :: bündnisfrei, blockfrei
nonane {n} (nonane) :: Nonan {n}
nonasyllabic {adj} (having nine syllables) :: neunsilbig
non-binary {adj} (not binary) :: nichtbinär
non-binary {adj} (outside the gender binary, see also: genderqueer) :: nichtbinär, nicht-binär, nonbinär
non-breaking space {n} (a variant of the space character) :: geschütztes Leerzeichen {n}
nonce {n} (a stupid or worthless person) SEE: goof ::
nonce {n} (a nonce word) SEE: nonce word ::
nonce {n} (the one or single occasion; the present reason or purpose) :: einmalig, Einmal-
nonce word {n} (word invented for the occasion) :: Ad-hoc-Bildung {f}, Ad-hoc-Wortbildung {f} Augenblicksbildung {f}, Gelegenheitsbildung {f}, okkasionelle Bildung {f}, Okkasionalismus {m}
nonchalance {n} (indifference; carelessness; coolness) :: Nonchalance {f}
nonchalant {adj} (casually calm and relaxed) :: nonchalant, lässig
nonchalant {adj} (indifferent; unconcerned; behaving as if detached) :: nonchalant, gleichgültig
noncitizen {n} (someone who is not a citizen of the country in question) :: Nichtbürger {m}, Nichtbürgerin {f}
noncombustible {n} (any substance that is not combustible) :: nicht brennbarer Stoff {m}
noncommercial {adj} (not engaged in commerce) :: unkommerziell
noncommissioned officer {n} (non-commissioned officer) SEE: non-commissioned officer ::
non-commissioned officer {n} (person of authority in the military who has not received a commission) :: Unteroffizier {m}
noncommittal {adj} (tending to avoid commitment) :: unverbindlich
noncompliance {n} (failure to comply) :: Nichtbeachtung, Nichteinhaltung, Nichterfüllung
noncompliant {adj} (not compliant, wayward, insubordinate, rebellious, flouting rules or conventions) :: ungehorsam
nonconformist {n} (someone who does not conform to accepted beliefs, customs or practices) :: Nonkonformist {m}, Nonkonformistin {f}
nonconformist {adj} (not conforming to established customs etc) :: nonkonformistisch
nonconformity {n} (rejection of or the failure to conform, especially to standards, rules, or laws) :: Nichtkonformität {f}, Nonkonformität {f}, Nonkonformismus {m}
noncontroversial {adj} (uncontroversial) SEE: uncontroversial ::
none {pron} (not any person) :: niemand
none {pron} (not any thing) :: keine
none of someone's business {n} (matter that someone is not entitled to be involved in) :: das geht nichts an,das geht einen Dreck an
none of your beeswax {phrase} (A riposte to badgering questioning) :: das geht dich einen feuchten Kehricht an
nones {n} (midday) SEE: noon ::
nones {n} (midday meal) SEE: lunch ::
nonetheless {adv} (nevertheless) :: nichtsdestoweniger, nichtsdestotrotz
no news is good news {proverb} (lack of information suggests nothing bad) :: keine Nachrichten sind gute Nachrichten
nonexistent {adj} (not existent) :: nichtexistierend, nicht vorhanden, nicht existent
nonfiction {n} (written works intended to give facts) :: Sachliteratur {f}
nonfossiliferous {adj} (not fossiliferous, not containing fossils) :: fossilleer
nonfree {adj} (not free of charge) :: kostenpflichtig
non-governmental organization {n} (organization with no government participation) :: Nichtregierungsorganisation {f}
nonillion {num} (1030) :: Quintillion {f}, Quinquillion {f}
nonillion {num} (1054) :: Nonillion {f}
noninflammatory {adj} (not inflammatory) :: nichtentzündlich, nichtentflammbar
noninstrumental {adj} (not instrumental) :: nichtinstrumental
noninterference {n} (policy of not interfering in the domestic policies of another) :: Nichteinmischung {f}
non-iron {adj} (not needing to be ironed) :: bügelfrei
nonlawful {adj} (unlawful) SEE: unlawful ::
non-life-threatening {adj} (not endangering the continued life) :: nicht lebensbedrohlich
nonlinear {adj} (of a set of points: not lying on a straight line) :: nicht linear, nichtlinear
nonlinear {adj} (chemistry, of molecules) :: nicht linear, nichtlinear
nonlinear {adj} (mathematics, of a function) :: nicht linear, nichtlinear
nonlinear {adj} (of a system: whose output is not directly proportional to its input) :: nicht linear, nichtlinear
nonlinear {adj} (erratic and unpredictable) :: nicht linear, nichtlinear
nonlinearity {n} (state of being nonlinear) :: Nichtlinearität {f}
nonlinearity {n} (deviation from linearity) :: Nichtlinearität {f}
non-member {n} (someone who is not a member) :: Nichtmitglied {n}
nonmetal {n} (element that does not have the properties of a metal) :: Nichtmetall {n}
non-native speaker {n} (someone who has another native tongue then the language being used) :: Nichtmuttersprachler {m}, Nichtmuttersprachlerin {f}, Nicht-Muttersprachler {m}, Nicht-Muttersprachlerin {f}
non-negative {adj} :: nichtnegativ
nonnegative {adj} (either zero or positive) :: nichtnegativ
non-negotiable {adj} (not subject to negotiation) :: nicht verhandelbar
nonobservance {n} (failure to observe) :: Nichtbeachtung {f}, Ignoranz {f}
no-nonsense {adj} (practical, not concerning oneself with anything silly or unimportant) :: sachlich, nüchtern
nonpareil {n} (that has no equal) :: unerreicht
nonpareil {n} (6-point type) :: Nonpareille
nonpayer {n} (one who is not a payer, who does not pay) :: Nichtzahler {m}, Nichtzahlerin {f}
nonpayment {n} (failure to pay) :: Nichtzahlung {f}
nonperson {n} (not a real person; a subhuman) :: Unperson {f}
non-player character {n} (character in a role-playing game or computer game) :: Nicht-Spieler-Charakter (NSC or NPC)
nonplus {v} (To perplex) :: verwirren, verdutzen, verblüffen
nonplussed {adj} (bewildered) :: verblüfft
nonplussed {adj} (unimpressed) :: unbeeindruckt
nonpositive {adj} (either zero or negative) :: nichtpositiv
nonpracticing {adj} (nonpracticing - profession) :: nichtpraktizierend, nicht praktizierend
nonpracticing {adj} (nonpracticing - religion) :: nichtpraktizierend, nicht praktizierend
nonprofessional {adj} (not professional) :: Amateur-, Laien-, Hobby-, Freizeit-, unprofessionell, amateurhaft, dilettantenhaft, laienhaft
nonprofessional {n} (amateur) :: Amateur {m}, Amateurin {f}, Nichtprofessioneller {m}, Nichtprofessionelle {f}, Amateur-, Laien-, Freizeit-, Laie {m}, Laiin {f}, Nichtfachmann {m}, Nichtfachfrau {f}, Dilettant {m}, Dilettantin {f}, Stümper {m}, Stümperin {f}, Murkser {m}, Murkserin {f}, Nichtskönner {m}, Nichtskönnerin {f}
nonprofit {adj} (not seeking to produce a profit) :: ohne Gewinnerzielungsabsicht
nonprofit {n} (nonprofit organization) :: Non-Profit-Organisation {f}
nonrecurring {adj} (occurring only once) :: einmalig
nonrepudiation {n} (assurance of digital sending or receipt) :: Unleugbarkeit {f}
nonsectarian {adj} (of or pertaining to nonsectarianism) :: konfessionsfrei, konfessionslos, konfessionsungebunden, nicht konfessionsgebunden, konfessionell ungebunden, bekenntnisfrei, unvoreingenommen
nonsectarian {n} (one who is not a sectarian) :: Konfessionsfreier {m}, Konfessionsloser {m}, Bekenntnisfreier {m}
nonsectarianism {n} (Of or pertaining to nonsectarianism) :: Konfessionsfreiheit {f}, Konfessionslosigkeit {f}, Bekenntnisfreiheit {f}
nonsense {n} (meaningless words) :: Blödsinn {m}, Nonsens {m}, [colloquial] Quatsch {m}, Unsinn {m}, Tüddelkram {m}
nonsense {n} (untrue statement) :: Nonsens {m}, Unsinn {m}
nonsense {interj} (emphatic rejection) :: papperlapapp
nonsense {adj} (nonsensical) SEE: nonsensical ::
nonsensical {adj} (without sense) :: sinnwidrig, unsinnig, widersinnig
nonsensically {adv} (in a nonsensical manner) :: unsinnigerweise, unsinnig
non sequitur {n} (any abrupt and inexplicable transition or occurrence) :: unlogische Aussage {f}
non sequitur {n} (invalid argument) :: unlogisches Argument {n}, Nonsens {m}
non-smoker {n} (somebody who does not smoke tobacco) :: Nichtraucher {m}, Nichtraucherin {f}
non-smoking {adj} (having restrictions on smoking) :: Nichtraucher-
non-smoking {adj} (not using tobacco) :: Nichtraucher
nonstop {adj} (without stopping) :: ununterbrochen, durchgehend
nonstop {adv} (without stopping) :: pausenlos, nonstop
nonsymmetric {adj} (asymmetrical) SEE: asymmetrical ::
nontrinitarianism {n} (antitrinitarianism) SEE: antitrinitarianism ::
nonuplet {n} (one of nine babies born at the same birth) :: Neunling {m}
non-venomous {adj} (not producing venom) :: ungiftig
nonviolence {n} (philosophy that rejects violence) :: Gewaltlosigkeit {f}, Gewaltfreiheit {f}
non-violent {adj} (without violence) :: gewaltlos, gewaltfrei
non-violent {adj} (opposed to violence) :: gewaltlos, gewaltfrei, friedliebend
noob {n} (newbie) :: Noob {m}, Nub {m} [non-standard, but effective], Neuling {m}
noodle {n} (fool) SEE: fool ::
noodle {n} (string or strip of pasta) :: Nudel {f}
no offense {phrase} (no offense) :: nichts für ungut, nehmen Sie es mir nicht übel [formal], nimm es mir nicht übel [informal]
nook {n} (small corner formed by two walls) :: Nische {f}, Alkoven {m}
noology {n} (noology) :: Noologie {f}
noon {n} (midnight) SEE: midnight ::
noon {n} (midday) :: Mittag {m}
no one {pron} (not even a single person) :: niemand, keiner {m}
no one is born a master {proverb} (no one is born a master) :: es ist noch kein Meister vom Himmel gefallen
noose {n} (adjustable loop or rope) :: [generally] Schlinge {f}; [in hanging often] Strick {m} (properly the rope)
noosphere {n} (noosphere, theoretical stage of evolutionary development) :: Noosphäre {f}
no pain, no gain {proverb} (discomfort is necessary to achieve goals) :: ohne Schweiß kein Preis [without sweat there's no reward], ohne Fleiß kein Preis [without diligence there's no reward], von nichts kommt nichts [nothing comes from nothing], wer nicht wagt, der nicht gewinnt [who doesn't risk, doesn't win], Schmerz vergeht, die Ehre bleibt [pain goes away, honour stays], Schmerz vergeht, der Stolz bleibt [pain goes away, pride stays]
no parking {phrase} (no parking) :: Parken verboten
nope {particle} (informal "no") :: nee,
no problem {interj} (it does not pose a problem) :: kein Problem
no problem {interj} (no thanks or apology is necessary) :: dafür nicht, keine Ursache, nichts zu danken
no quarter {n} (no mercy for the life of a captured opponent) :: kein Pardon, kein Quartier
nor {conj} (nor) :: noch
noradrenaline {n} (the compound norepinephrine) :: Noradrenaline {n}
noradrenergic {adj} :: noradrenerg
nordic {adj} (Nordic) SEE: Nordic ::
Nordic {adj} (of or relating to the Nordic countries) :: nordisch
nordic combined {n} (event in skiing) :: Nordische Kombination {f}
Nordic countries {n} (the Nordic countries collectively) :: nordische Länder {n-p}, der Norden {m}
Nordic walking {n} (sport) :: Nordic Walking {n}
Nord-Pas-de-Calais {prop} (region of France) :: Nord-Pas-de-Calais {n}
norepinephrine {n} (norepinephrine) :: Norepinephrin {n}
Norfolk Island {prop} (external territory of Australia) :: Norfolkinsel {f}
NOR gate {n} (a physical Boolean device) :: NOR-Gatter {n}
noria {n} (any machine using buckets) :: Schöpfwerk {n}
norm {n} (that which is normal) :: Regel {f}, Norm {f}
norm {n} (rule that is enforced by members of a community) :: Norm {f}
norm {n} (math: function that maps vectors to non-negative scalars) :: Norm {f}
Norma {prop} (constellation) :: Winkelmaß {n}
normal {adj} (according to norms or rules) :: normal
normal {adj} (usual, ordinary) :: normal
normal {n} (mathematics: a line perpendicular to another) :: Normale {f}
normalcy {n} (state of being normal) :: Normalität {f}
normal distribution {n} (probability distribution) :: Normalverteilung {f}, Gauß-Verteilung {f}
normal form {n} (math: standard way of presenting an object) SEE: canonical form ::
normality {n} (state of being normal) :: Normalität {f}
normality {n} ((chemistry) concentration of a solution) :: Äquivalentkonzentration {f}
normalizable {adj} (normalizable) :: normalisierbar
normalization {n} (any process that makes something more normal or regular) :: Normalisierung {f}
normalize {v} (to make normal) :: normalisieren
normalize {v} (mathematics) :: normieren, normalisieren
normally {adv} (under normal conditions or circumstances; usually; most of the time) :: normalerweise
normally {adv} (in the expected or customary manner) :: normal
normal potential {n} (electrode potential) :: Normalpotential {n}
normal school {n} (school for training teachers) :: Normalschule {f} [archaic]
normal subgroup {n} (subgroup that is invariant under conjugation) :: Normalteiler {m}, normale Untergruppe {f}
normal time {n} :: reguläre Spielzeit {f}
Norman {n} (a person from Normandy) :: Normanne {m}, Normannin {f}
Normandy {prop} (region of France) :: Normandie {f}
normative {adj} (of, pertaining to, or using a norm or standard) :: normativ
normativity {n} (state of being normative) :: Normativität {f}
normopathy {n} (pursuit of conformity) :: Normopathie {f}
normothermic {adj} (having normal body temperature) :: normotherm
norovirus {n} (genus of Norwalk virus) :: Norovirus {m} {n}
Norse {adj} (of North Germanic languages) :: altnordisch
Norse {n} (2½-point type) :: Microscopique
north {n} (compass point) :: Norden {m}, Nord {m}
north {adj} (of or pertaining to the north) :: nördlich
north {adj} (toward the north) :: nordwärts, nordwärtig
north {adj} (meteorology: of wind, from the north) :: nord-
north {adj} (part of a corridor used by northbound traffic) :: nord-
north {adv} (towards the north) :: nordwärts, nach Norden
North Africa {prop} (the northern part of Africa) :: Nordafrika {n}
North African {adj} (of or pertaining to North Africa) :: nordafrikanisch
North African {n} (native or inhabitant of North Africa) :: Nordafrikaner {m}, Nordafrikanerin {f}
North America {prop} (continent) :: Nordamerika {n}
North American {adj} (relating to North America) :: nordamerikanisch
North American {n} (North American person) :: Nordamerikaner {m}, Nordamerikanerin {f}
North Atlantic Treaty Organization {prop} (intergovernmental military alliance) :: Nordatlantische Vertragsorganisation {f}
northbound {adj} (heading or moving in a northerly direction) :: nach Norden, Richtung Norden
northbound {adv} (toward the north) :: nach Norden, Richtung Norden
North Carolina {prop} (state of the United States) :: Nordkarolina, North Carolina
North Caucasus {prop} (region in the south of Russia) :: Nordkaukasus {m}
North Dakota {prop} (state of the United States of America) :: North Dakota, Norddakota
northeast {n} (compass point) :: Nordosten {m}
Northeast China Plain {prop} (plain located in Northeast China) :: Nordostchinesische Ebene {f}
northeastern {adj} (of, related to, located in, or from the northeast) :: nordöstlich
northern {adj} (facing, situated in or related to the north) :: nördlich
northern bobwhite {n} (Colinus virginianus) :: Virginiawachtel {f}
northern bottlenose whale {n} (species of bottlenose whale) :: Dögling {m}
Northern Cyprus {prop} (a de-facto state) :: Nordzypern {n}, Türkische Republik Nordzypern {f}, TRNZ
northerner {n} (person from the north of a region) :: Bewohner des Nordens {m}, Bewohnerin des Nordens {f}, Nordländer {m}, Nordländerin {f}
Northern Europe {prop} (sociopolitical region of Europe) :: Nordeuropa {n}
Northern European {adj} (Northern European) :: nordeuropäisch
Northern European {n} (Northern European person) :: Nordeuropäer {m}, Nordeuropäerin {f}
northern flicker {n} (Colaptes auratus) :: Goldspecht {m}
northern fulmar {n} (Fulmar glacialis) :: Eissturmvogel {m}
northern fur seal {n} (Callorhinus ursinus) :: Nördlicher Seebär {m}
northern gannet {n} (Morus bassanus) :: Basstölpel {m}
northern goshawk {n} (Accipiter gentilis) :: Habicht {m}
Northern Hemisphere {n} (hemisphere to the north of its equator) :: Nordhalbkugel {f}
Northern Ireland {prop} (Northern Ireland) :: Nordirland {n}
northern lapwing {n} (Vanellus vanellus) :: Kiebitz {m}
northern lights {n} (the aurora of the northern hemisphere) :: Nordlicht {n}
Northern Macedonia {prop} (country) SEE: North Macedonia ::
Northern Mariana Islands {prop} (archipelago) :: Nördliche Marianen {f-p}
Northern Marianas {prop} (Northern Marianas) :: Nördliche Marianen {f-p}
northernmost {adj} (farthest north) :: nördlichster {m}
northern pike {n} (Esox lucius) :: Europäischer Hecht
northern pintail {n} (Anas acuta) :: Spießente {f}
northern raccoon {n} (Procyon lotor) SEE: raccoon ::
northern raven {n} (common raven) SEE: common raven ::
northern red oak {n} (red oak) SEE: red oak ::
Northern Sami {prop} (most widely spoken Sami language) :: Nordsamisch {n}
Northern Sea Route {prop} (a shipping lane in the Arctic Ocean) :: Nordostpassage {f}
northern shrimp {n} (Pandalus borealis) :: Eismeergarnele {f}
Northern Sotho {prop} (language) :: Nord-Sotho {n}
Northern Territory {prop} (Territory in northern Australia) :: Northern Territory {n}
northern wild rice {n} (Zizania palustris) :: Wasserreis {m}
North Frisian {prop} (Frisian language) :: Nordfriesisch {n}
North Frisian {n} (person belonging to the North Frisian people) :: Nordfriese {m}, Nordfriesin {f}
North Frisian {adj} (pertaining to the North Frisians) :: nordfriesisch
North Island {prop} (one of the two major islands making up New Zealand) :: Nordinsel {f}
North Korea {prop} (North Korea) :: Nordkorea {n}
North Korean {n} (person from North Korea) :: Nordkoreaner {m}, Nordkoreanerin {f}
North Korean {adj} (pertaining to North Korea) :: nordkoreanisch, officially: der Demokratischen Volksrepublik Korea
North Macedonia {prop} (country in Europe) :: Nordmazedonien {n}
north pole {n} (northernmost point on celestial bodies) :: Nordpol {m}
north pole {n} (positive pole of a magnetic dipole) :: Nordpol {m}
North Pole {prop} (northernmost point on Earth) :: Nordpol {m}
North Rhine-Westphalia {prop} (state) :: Nordrhein-Westfalen
North Sea {prop} (a marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean between Britain, Scandinavia and Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France) :: Nordsee {f}
North Star {prop} (Pole Star) SEE: Pole Star ::
Northumbria {prop} (An Anglo-Saxon kingdom in the Northeast of England.) :: Nordumbrien {n}, Northumbrien {n}
North Vietnam {prop} :: Nordvietnam {n}
northward {adv} (towards the north) :: nordwärts
northwest {n} (compass point) :: Nordwesten {m}
northwest {adj} (northwestern) :: nordwestlich
northwest {adj} (towards the northwest) :: nordwestlich
Northwest Territories {prop} (Territory in northern Canada) :: Nordwest-Territorien {f-p}
Norwalk virus {n} (virus) :: Norwalkvirus {n}, Norwalk-Virus {n}
Norway {prop} (Scandinavian country) :: Norwegen {n}
Norway maple {n} (Acer platanoides) :: Spitzahorn {m}
Norway spruce {n} (Picea abies) :: Gemeine Fichte, Fichte {f}
Norwegian {n} (native of Norway) :: Norweger {m}, Norwegerin {f}
Norwegian {n} (language of Norway) :: Norwegisch {n}
Norwegian {adj} (of or pertaining to Norway) :: norwegisch
Norwegian {adj} (of or pertaining to Norwegians) :: norwegisch
Norwegian {adj} (of or pertaining to the Norwegian language) :: norwegisch, norwegischsprachig, norwegischsprachlich, norwegischsprechend
Norwegian Bokmål {n} (Bokmål) SEE: Bokmål ::
Norwegian Nynorsk {n} (Nynorsk) SEE: Nynorsk ::
Norwegian Sea {prop} (part of the Atlantic) :: Europäisches Nordmeer {n}
NOS {n} (Network Operating System) :: Netwerkbetriebsystem {n}
nose {v} (to snoop) :: schnüffeln
nose {n} (protuberance on the face) :: Nase {f}
nose {n} (snout, nose of an animal) :: Schnauze {f}, Rüssel {m}
nose {n} (tip of an object) :: Nase {f}
nose {n} (length of a horse’s nose) :: Nasenlänge {f}
nose {n} (skill in recognising bouquet) :: Nase {f}
noseband {n} (part of a bridle or halter) :: Pullerriemen {m}, Nasenriemen {m}, Reithalfter {n}
nosebleed {n} (haemorrhage from the nose) :: Nasenbluten {n}
nose flute {n} (Polynesian musical instrument) :: Nasenflöte {f}
nosegay {n} (small bunch of fragrant flowers or herbs) :: Biedermeiersträußchen {n}, Blumensträußchen {n}, Sträußchen {n}
nosegay {n} (aroma, scent) SEE: aroma ::
noseless {adj} (lacking a nose) :: nasenlos
nosema disease {n} (disease of honey bees) :: Nosemaseuche {f}
nose-picking {n} (insertion of a finger into one's nostril, especially to remove mucus.) :: nasenbohren
nose ring {n} (ring affixed to the snout of cattle) :: Nasenring {m}
nose ring {n} (ring worn as jewellery on the nose) :: Nasenring {m}
nose to the grindstone {n} :: sich dahinterklemmen, sich abschinden, sich abrackern
nosey parker {n} (prying person) :: neugierige Nase {f}, elender Schnüffler {m}, Topfgucker {m}
nosh {n} (blowjob) SEE: blowjob ::
nosh {v} (to perform fellatio (on)) SEE: blow ::
nosh {n} (slang: food) SEE: grub ::
nosh {n} (snack) SEE: snack ::
nosh {v} (snack) SEE: snack ::
no shit, Sherlock {interj} (a riposte to someone who has just said something obvious) :: kein Scheiß, Sherlock
no smoke without fire {proverb} (gossip and accusations are often substantiated by fact) :: kein Rauch ohne Feuer, wo Rauch ist, ist auch Feuer, Irgendetwas ist immer dran.
no smoking {phrase} (phrase used in notices indicating that the smoking of cigarettes is not permitted) :: Rauchen verboten
nosology {n} (the systematic investigation or classification of disease) :: Nosologie {f}
no sooner said than done {phrase} (no sooner than something is said it will be done) :: gesagt, getan
nosophobia {n} (excessive or irrational fear of contracting a disease) :: Nosophobie {f}
no spring chicken {n} (person who is no longer particularly young) :: kein junger Hüpfer
nostalgia {n} (bittersweet yearning for the things of the past) :: Nostalgie {f}, Sehnsucht {f}, Wehmut {f}
nostalgia {n} (longing for home or familiar surroundings) SEE: homesickness ::
nostalgic {adj} (pertaining to nostalgia) :: nostalgisch
nostalgic {n} (person who displays nostalgia) :: Nostalgiker {m}
Nostratic {prop} (language) :: Nostratisch {n}
nostrificate {v} (nostrify) SEE: nostrify ::
nostrification {n} (granting recognition to a degree from a foreign university) :: Nostrifizierung
nostrify {v} (to grant recognition to a foreign degree) :: nostrifizieren
nostrify {v} (to adopt, accept, or include as part of one's own culture) :: nostrifizieren
nostril {n} (either of the two orifices located on the nose) :: Nasenloch {n}, [of animals] Nüster {f}
no strings attached {adj} (characterized by an abscence of conditions or obligations) :: bedingungslos, vollkommen unverbindlich
no strings attached {adv} (without conditions or obligations) :: ohne Bedingungen, ohne Haken und Ösen, ohne jegliche Verpflichtung, vollkommen unverbindlich
nosy {adj} (prying, inquisitive or curious in other’s affairs; tending to snoop or meddle) :: neugierig, topfguckerisch
not {adv} (negates meaning of verb) :: nicht
not {conj} (And not) :: nicht
notability {n} (quality of being notable) :: Bekanntheit {f}
notability {n} (notable person or thing) :: Bekanntheit {f}, Celebrity {f}
notable {adj} (worthy of notice; remarkable) :: bemerkenswert
not anymore {adv} (no longer) SEE: no longer ::
notarize {v} (witness of the authenticity of a document) :: notariell beglaubigen
notary {n} (notary public) :: Notar
notary public {n} (officer who can administer oaths and statutory declarations) :: Notar {m}
not at all {adv} (not) :: überhaupt nicht, gar nicht
not at all {interj} (conventional reply to expression of gratitude) :: bitte, gern geschehen, keine Ursache
notation {n} (act or process of representing by a system or set of marks, signs, figures or characters) :: Bezeichnung {f}, Darstellung {f}
notation {n} (system of characters, symbols or abbreviated expressions used to express technical facts or quantities) :: Schreibweise {f}, Bezeichnung {f}, Bezeichnungen {p}, Notation {f}, Darstellungsart {f}, Darstellung {f}
notation {n} (specific note or piece of information written in such a notation) :: Notiz {f}, Vermerk {m}, Anmerkung {f}, Zusatz {m}, Bemängelung {f}
not bad {adj} (reasonably good) :: nicht schlecht, nicht schlimm
notch {n} (V-shaped cut) :: Kerbe {f}, Nut {f}, Furche {f}
notch {n} (such a cut, used for keeping a record) :: Kerbe {f}
notch {n} (indentation) :: Einrückung {f}, Einkerbung {f}, Senke {f}, Beule {f}, Vertiefung {f}, Eindruck {m}
notch {n} (mountain pass) :: Pass {m}, Bergpass {m}, Engpass {m}
notch {n} (level or degree) :: Stückchen {n}, Spur {f}, Tick {m}, My {n}, Stück {m}, Stufe {f}
notch {v} (to cut a notch) :: einkerben, nuten, einschneiden, ausklinken
notch {v} (to record by notches) :: ankerben, anschreiben
notch {v} (to achieve) :: erreichen, gelingen
notchback {n} (motor car whose rear window makes an angle) :: Stufenheck {n}
note {n} (memorandum) :: Notiz {f}, Zettel {m}
note {n} (character indicating the length and pitch of a tone) :: Note {f}
note {n} (musical sound) :: Ton {m}
note {n} :: Notiz {f}
note {n} (banknote) SEE: banknote ::
Noteć {prop} (river) :: Netze
notebook {n} (empty book able to be used for notes) :: Notizbuch {n}
notebook {n} (notebook computer) :: Notebook {n}, Laptop {n} {m}
notepad {n} (bound pad of paper) :: Notizblock {m}, Schreibblock {m}
note value {n} (musical notation) :: Notenwert {m}
not even {adv} (constitutes an emphatic negation) :: nicht mal, nicht einmal, eben/selbst/sogar... nicht (can be split)
noteworthy {adj} (worthy of attention) :: bemerkenswert
not for nothing {phrase} (for an extremely good reason) :: nicht umsonst
not-for-profit {adj} (not aiming for profit) SEE: nonprofit ::
NOT gate {n} (logic gate) :: NICHT-Gatter {n}
not half bad {adj} (pretty good (idiomatic)) :: halb so schlimm
no, thanks {interj} (no, thanks) :: nein, danke, danke, ich danke
no thank you {interj} (polite way of saying no) :: nein danke
nothing {pron} (not any thing) :: nichts
nothing {pron} (something trifling) :: nichts, gar nichts
nothingness {n} (state of nonexistence; the condition of being nothing) :: Nichtvorhandensein {n}, Nichts {n}
nothingness {n} (void; emptiness) :: Nichts {n}, Leere {f}
nothingness {n} (quality of inconsequentiality; lacking in significance) :: Bedeutungslosigkeit {f}
nothingness {n} :: Nichts {n}
nothing ventured, nothing gained {proverb} (if one takes no risks, one will not gain any benefits) SEE: no pain, no gain ::
no through road {n} (cul-de-sac) SEE: cul-de-sac ::
notice {n} (written or printed announcement) :: Bekanntmachung {f}
notice {n} (formal notification or warning) :: Benachrichtigung {f}, Mitteilung {f}
notice {n} (notification of termination of employment) :: Kündigungsfrist {f}, Kündigung {f}
notice {n} (prior notification) :: Bescheid
notice {v} (to remark upon) :: bemerken, merken
notice {v} (to become aware of) :: bemerken, feststellen
noticeable {adj} (worthy of note; significant) :: auffällig
noticeable {adj} (capable of being seen or noticed) :: wahrnehmbar
notice board {n} (bulletin board) SEE: bulletin board ::
notice period {n} (period between receipt of the letter of dismissal and last working day) :: Kündigungsfrist {f}
notification {n} (act of notifying) :: Benachrichtigung {f}
notify {v} ((transitive) to give (someone) notice of (something)) :: mitteilen, benachrichtigen
not in the least {adv} (not at all) :: nicht im Geringsten
not in the slightest {adv} (not in the least) SEE: not in the least ::
notion {n} (mental apprehension of whatever may be known or imagined; an idea; a conception) :: Ahnung {f}, Ansicht {f}, Auffassung {f}, Begriff {m}, Denkbild {n}, Gedanke {m}, Idee {f}
notion {n} (sentiment; an opinion) :: Einfall {m}
notion {n} (inclination; intention; disposition) :: Neigung {f}, Absicht {f}, Lust {f}
notochord {n} :: Notochorda {f}
not only … but also {conj} :: nicht nursondern auch
notoriety {n} (condition of being infamous) :: Notorität {f}, schlechter Ruf {m}, Allbekanntheit {f}, traurige Berühmtheit {f}
notorious {adj} (known widely and infamously) :: berüchtigt, notorisch
Notre Dame {prop} (French cathedral) :: Notre-Dame {f}, Notre-Dame de Paris {f}
no trespassing {phrase} (phrase forbidding access to a place) :: Betreten verboten, Zutritt verboten, unbefugtes Betreten verboten
not so fast {phrase} (stop doing something) :: nicht so schnell
Nottingham {prop} (city) :: Nottingham
not to mention {conj} (much less) :: zugeschweigen [archaic], ganz zu schweigen von
not touch something with a barge pole {v} (to avoid at all costs) :: mit der Kneifzange nicht anfassen
notwithstanding {adv} (never the less) SEE: nevertheless ::
notwithstanding {conj} (although) :: obwohl, obgleich, wenngleich, obschon
notwithstanding {prep} (in spite of) :: ungeachtet, trotz
not yet {adv} (not for the moment, though expected later) :: noch nicht
Nouakchott {prop} (capital of Mauritania) :: Nouakchott
nougat {n} (a confection of honey and roasted nuts) :: Nougat {m} {n}
nought {n} (zero) :: null
noughties {n} (First decade) :: Nullerjahre {n-p}, Nuller-Jahre {n-p}, nuller Jahre {n-p}
noughts and crosses {n} (game) SEE: tic-tac-toe ::
noumenal {adj} (of or pertaining to the noumenon) :: noumenisch
noumenon {n} (thing as it is independent of any conceptualization, see also: thing-in-itself) :: Noumenon {n}
noun {n} (grammatical category (narrow sense)) :: Dingwort {n}, Gegenstandswort {n} [ambiguous], Hauptnennwort {n}, Hauptwort {n}, Selbstwort, Substantiv {n}, Substantivum {n}
noun {n} (grammatical category (broad sense)) :: Namenwort {n}, Nennwort {n}, Nomen {n}
noun {v} (convert into a noun) SEE: substantivise ::
noun class {n} (a category into which nouns may be organised) :: Nominalklasse {f}
noun numeral {n} :: Nomen numerale {n}, Zahlnennwort {n}
noun phrase {n} (phrase that can serve as the subject or the object of a verb) :: Nominalphrase {f}
noun substantive {n} (noun) SEE: noun ::
nourish {v} (to feed and cause to grow) :: ernähren, nähren, aufziehen
nourish {v} (To educate; to instruct; to bring up; to nurture) :: erziehen, großziehen, aufziehen
nourish a viper in one's bosom {v} (to do kind deeds rewarded with harm) :: eine Schlange am Busen nähren
nourishment {n} (the act of nourishing or the state of being nourished) :: Ernährung {f}
nourishment {n} (something that nourishes; food) :: Nahrung {f}, Ernährung {f}
nous {n} (reason in philosophy) :: Nous
nouveau riche {n} (new money: wealthy persons whose fortunes are newly acquired, and who are therefore perceived to lack the refinement of those who were raised wealthy) :: Neureicher {m}, Parvenü {m}, Emporkömmling {m}, Neureiche {p} {f}, Geldadel {m}
nova {n} (sudden brightening of a star) :: Nova {f}
Nova Scotia {prop} (province in eastern Canada) :: Neuschottland {n}, Nova Scotia {n}
novation {n} (new contract) :: Novation {f}, Neuerungsvertrag {m}
Novaya Zemlya {prop} (archipelago in Russia) :: Nowaja Semlja {f}
novel {adj} (new, original, especially in an interesting way) :: neuartig, neu
novel {n} (work of prose fiction) :: Roman {m}
novelist {n} (author of novels) :: Romanautor {m}, Romanschreiber, Romancier {m}
novella {n} (short novel) :: Novelle {f}
novelty {n} (state of being new) :: Neuheit {f}, Neuartigkeit {f}
novelty {n} (new product) :: Neuheit {f}, neues Produkt {n}, Krimskrams {m}
November {prop} (eleventh month of the Gregorian calendar) :: November {m}, [archaic] Nebelung {m}
novemvigintillion {num} (1090) :: Quindezillion
Novgorod {prop} (city) :: Nowgorod {n}
novice {n} (beginner) :: Neuling {m}, Anfänger {m}
novice {n} (new member of a religious order) :: Novize {m}
novichok {n} (nerve agent) :: Nowitschok {m}
Novi Sad {prop} (largest city of the Serbian province of Vojvodina) :: Neusatz {n}, Novi Sad {n}
novitiate {n} (the period during which a novice of a religious order undergoes training) :: Noviziat {n}
novity {n} (novity) SEE: novelty ::
Novokuznetsk {prop} (city) :: Nowokusnezk {n}
Novorossiya {prop} (an area north of the Black Sea) :: Neurussland {n}
Novosibirsk {prop} (city in Russia) :: Nowosibirsk {n}
now {adv} (at the present time) :: jetzt, nun, gerade
now {conj} (since, because) :: nun da, nun wo, jetzt wo
now {interj} (signal to begin) :: jetzt, los
now {n} (the present time) :: Jetzt {n}
nowadays {adv} (at the present time) :: gegenwärtig, zur Zeit, derzeitig, jetzt, zurzeit, momentan
nowadays {adv} (in the current era) :: heutzutage, heute
now and again {adv} (now and then) SEE: now and then ::
now and then {adv} ((idiomatic) sometimes; occasionally; intermittently) :: hin und wieder, ab und zu, mitunter
no way {interj} (absolutely not) :: auf keinen Fall, keineswegs, nie im Leben, nichts da, nix da
nowhere {adv} (in no place) :: nirgendwo, nirgends
nowheres {adv} (nowhere) SEE: nowhere ::
nowhither {adv} (to no place) SEE: nowhere ::
nowise {adv} (in no manner) :: auf gar keinen Fall
now, now {interj} :: aber, aber
no wonder {n} (small wonder) SEE: small wonder ::
no worries {interj} (you're welcome) SEE: you're welcome ::
Nowruz {prop} (Iranian New Year) :: Nouruz {m}
nozzle {n} (short tube) :: Düse {f}, Stutzen {m}, Tülle {f}, Öffnung {f}, Schnauze {f}, Ausgießer {m}, Zotte {f}, Zeute {f}, Schneppe {f}, Zerstäuberdüse {f}, Auslauf {m}, Ausguss {m}, Austrittsdüse {f}, Gasdüse {f}
nozzle {n} (inlet or outlet pipe) :: Rohrstutzen {m}, Ablaufstutzen {m}, Gewindestutzen {m}, Anzapfstutzen {m}, Abdampfstutzen {m}, Füllstutzen {m}, Abfüllstutzen {m}, Stutzen {m}, Spülstutzen {m}
nozzle {n} :: Düse {f}
NP-complete {adj} (both NP and NP-hard) :: NP-vollständig
nth {adj} (occurring at position n) :: n-te
nu {n} (name for the letter of the Greek alphabet: Ν and ν) :: Ny {n}
nuance {n} (minor distinction) :: Nuance {f}
nuance {n} (subtlety or fine detail) :: Nuance {f}
nuanced {adj} (having nuances) :: nuanciert
nub {n} (a small lump or knob) :: Klümpchen {n}, Stückchen {n}, Noppe {f}
nub {n} (essence or core of an issue, argument etc.) :: Pointe, Kernpunkt {m}, Kern {m}
nubby {adj} (covered with small knobs) :: knotig
nubby {adj} (nub-like) :: noppig, genoppt
Nubia {prop} (ancient kingdom) :: Nubien {n}
nubuck {n} (type of brushed leather) :: Nubuk {n}, Nubukleder {n}
nucellus {n} (tissue which surrounds and protects the embryo) :: Nucellus
nuclear {adj} (involving nuclear energy) :: nuklear, Kern-
nuclear age {n} (age when nuclear technology was developed) :: Atomzeitalter {n}
nuclear binding energy {n} (the energy needed to caused fission of an atomic nucleus into its component parts) :: Kernbindungsenergie {f}
nuclear chemistry {n} (application of chemical techniques to the solution of problems in nuclear physics) :: Kernchemie {f}
nuclear energy {n} (energy released by a nuclear reaction) :: Kernenergie {f}, Atomenergie {f}
nuclear family {n} (a family unit consisting of a father, mother and children) :: Kernfamilie {f}
nuclear fission {n} (atom-splitting nuclear reaction) :: Kernspaltung {f}
nuclear fuel {n} (radioactive fuel) :: Kernbrennstoff {m}
nuclear fusion {n} (the combining of the nuclei of small atoms to form the nuclei of larger ones) :: Kernfusion {f}
nuclear meltdown {n} (severe nuclear reactor accident) :: Kernschmelze {f}
nuclear membrane {n} (double lipid bilayer surrounding genetic material in eukaryotic cells) :: Kernmembran, Kernhülle
nuclear physics {n} (branch of physics) :: Kernphysik {f}
nuclear power {n} (power from nuclear reactions) :: Kernkraft {f}, Atomkraft {f}, Nuklearenergie {f}
nuclear power {n} (nation with nuclear weapons) :: Atommacht {f}
nuclear power plant {n} (type of power plant) :: Atomkraftwerk {n},Kernkraftwerk {n}
nuclear power station {n} (type of power station) SEE: nuclear power plant ::
nuclear reaction {n} (process) :: Kernreaktion {f}
nuclear reactor {n} (device) :: Kernreaktor {m}, Atomreaktor {m}
nuclear war {n} (war fought using nuclear weapons) :: Atomkrieg {m}
nuclear waste {n} (type of waste) SEE: radioactive waste ::
nuclear weapon {n} (explosive device) :: Atomwaffe {f}, Kernwaffe {f}, Nuklearwaffe {f}
nuclear winter {n} (predicted drop in global temperature following a nuclear war) :: nuklearer Winter
nuclease {n} (any of several enzymes capable of cleaving the phosphodiester) :: Nuklease {f}
nucleic acid {n} (acidic chainlike biological macromolecule) :: Nukleinsäure {f}
nucleocosmochronology {n} (technique for estimating age of astronomical objects) :: Nukleokosmochronologie {f}
nucleolus {n} (part of nucleus of a cell) :: kernkörperchen
nucleon {n} (a proton or a neutron) :: Nukleon {n}
nucleosome {n} (repeating subunit in chromatin) :: Nukleosom {n}
nucleosynthesis {n} (process that leads to synthesis in stars) :: Nukleosynthese {f}
nucleotide {n} (monomer constituting DNA or RNA) :: Nukleotid {n}
nucleus {n} (physics: massive, positively charged core of an atom) :: Atomkern {m}
nucleus {n} (cytology: large organelle found in cells) :: Zellkern {m}, Nukleus {m}
nucleus {n} (linguistics: centre of a syllable) :: Silbenkern {m}, Nukleus {m}, Silbengipfel {m}
nucleus {n} :: Nukleus {m}, Kern {m}
nuclide {n} (nucleus specified by its atomic number and atomic mass) :: Nuklid {n}
nude {adj} (without clothing or other covering) :: nackt, bloß
nude {adj} (of color of bare skin) :: fleishfarben, hautfarben
nudge {n} (a gentle push) :: Stups (leise oder heimlich), Schubs {m}, Stoß {m}, Stupser {m}, Knuff {m}, Puff {m}, Rippenstoß {m}
nudge {v} (To push against gently, especially in order to gain attention or give a signal) :: anstoßen, anschubsen, anstupsen, schubsen, stupsen, schupfen, knuffen
nudge {v} (To near or come close to something) :: sich annähern, sich nähern
nudism {n} (the belief in or practice of social, non-sexual nudity) :: Nudismus {m}, Freikörperkultur {f}, FKK {f}
nudity {n} (the state of being without clothing on the body) :: Nacktheit {f}
nudiustertian {adj} (Of or relating to the day before yesterday) :: vorgestern
nugatory {adj} (trivial, trifling) :: belanglos
nugatory {adj} (ineffective, invalid) :: erfolglos, uneffektiv
nugget {n} (small chunk or clump) :: Klumpen {m}
nuisance {n} (minor annoyance or inconvenience) :: Ärgernis {n}, Ärger {m}
nuisance {n} (person or thing causing annoyance of inconvenience) :: Quälgeist {m}
nuisance {n} (law: anything harmful or offensive to the community or to a member of it) :: Belästigung {f}
nu jazz {n} (fusion music genre) :: Nu Jazz {m}, Nujazz {m}
null and void {adj} (invalid, cancelled, unenforceable) :: null und nichtig {n}
nullary sum {n} (empty sum) SEE: empty sum ::
null hypothesis {n} (hypothesis) :: Nullhypothese {f}
nullify {v} (to make legally invalid) :: annullieren
Null Object pattern {prop} :: Nullobjekt {n}
null result {n} (a result that does not support the hypothesis) :: Nullresultat {n}
null set {n} (empty set) SEE: empty set ::
null set {n} (negligible set) :: Nullmenge {f}
numb {adj} (physically unable to feel) :: taub, benommen, betäubt, gefühllos, starr
numb {v} (to cause to become numb) :: betäuben
numbat {n} (small marsupial) :: Ameisenbeutler {m}
number {n} (abstract entity) :: Zahl {f}
number {n} (numeral) :: Nummer, Ziffer {f}
number {n} (mathematics: number) :: Zahl {f}
number {n} (used to show the rank of something in a list or sequence) :: Nummer {f}
number {n} (quantity) :: Anzahl {f}, Zahl {f}
number {n} (grammar: state of being singular, dual or plural) :: Zahl {m}, Numerus {m}
number {n} (performance) :: Nummer {f}
number {v} (label with numbers; assign numbers to) :: nummerieren
number {v} (to total; to amount to) :: zählen
numberful {adj} (numerous) SEE: numerous ::
numbering {n} (the action of creating such a sequence) :: Nummerierung {f}
number line {n} (line that graphically represents the real numbers) :: Zahlenstrahl {m}
number plate {n} (license plate) SEE: license plate ::
Numbers {prop} (fourth book of the Bible) :: Numeri {m-p}
number sign {n} (hash) SEE: hash ::
numbersome {adj} (numerous) SEE: numerous ::
number theory {n} (branch of pure mathematics) :: Zahlentheorie {f}
numerable {adj} (numerous) SEE: numerous ::
numerable {adj} :: zählbar
numeracy {n} (numerical skill) :: Zahlenanalphabetismus {m}
numeral {n} (non-word symbol that represents a number) :: Zahl {f}, Ziffer {f}, Zahlzeichen {n}
numeral {n} (word or symbol representing a number, see also: noun numeral) :: Numerale {n} [only referring to words], Zahlwort {n}
numerator {n} (in a fraction) :: Zähler {m}
numerator {n} (person who counts things) :: Zähler {m}
numeric {adj} (of, or relating to numbers) SEE: numerical ::
numerical {adj} (of or pertaining to numbers) :: numerisch, nummerisch, in Zahlen ausgedrückt {f}, zahlenmäßig
numericize {v} (represent using numbers) :: beziffern
numerology {n} (study) :: Numerologie {f}
numeronym {n} (number-based word) :: Numeronym {n}
numerous {adj} (Indefinitely large numerically) :: zahlreich, vielzählig
Numidia {prop} (region in northern Africa) :: Numidien {n}
Numidian {adj} (pertaining to Numidia) :: numidisch
numinous {adj} (of or relating to a numen (divinity); indicating the presence of a divinity) :: numinos
numinous {adj} (evoking a sense of the mystical, see also: awe-inspiring) :: numinos
numismatic {adj} (of or pertaining to a coin, coins, currency) :: numismatisch
numismatic {adj} (of or pertaining to numismatics) :: numismatisch
numismatics {n} (study of coins) :: Numismatik {f}, Münzkunde {f}, Münzwissenschaft {f}
numismatist {n} (one who collects coins and/or currencies) :: Numismatiker {m}, Numismatikerin {f}
nummular {adj} (numismatic) SEE: numismatic ::
nun {n} (member of a Christian religious community of women) :: Nonne {f}, Ordensschwester {f}, Klosterschwester {f}, Schwester
nunatak {n} (mountaintop surrounded by glacial ice) :: Nunatak {m}
nunation {n} (suffix in Arabic) :: Nunation {f}
nunchaku {n} (weapon) :: Nunchaku {n}
nuncio {n} (one who bears a message) SEE: messenger ::
nunnery {n} :: Nonnenkloster {n}
nuptial {adj} (pertaining to wedding and marriage) :: hochzeitlich
Nuremberg {prop} (city in Germany) :: Nürnberg {n}
Nuremberg defense {n} (explanation offered as an excuse for behaving in a criminal or wrongful manner) :: Befehl ist Befehl (an order is an order), Handeln auf Befehl {n}
nurse {n} (person who takes care of other people's young) :: Kinderfrau {f}, Kindermädchen {n}
nurse {n} (person trained to provide care for the sick) :: Schwester {f}, Krankenschwester {f}, Pflegerin {f}, Krankenpflegerin {f}, Pfleger {m}, Krankenpfleger {m}
nurse {v} (to breast feed) :: stillen
nurse {v} (to care for the sick) :: pflegen
nurse {v} (to treat kindly and with extra care) :: hätscheln
nurse {v} (to drink slowly) :: saugen
nurse {v} (to foster, to nourish) :: hegen
nurse {n} (wet nurse) SEE: wet nurse ::
nursery {n} (place for the care of children) :: Kindergarten {m}, Kinderzimmer {n}, Kinderstube {f}, Krippe {f}
nursery {n} (place for cultivation of young plants) :: Gärtnerei {f}, Baumschule {f} [for trees]
nurseryman {n} (person who rears and sells plants in a nursery) :: Pflanzenzüchter {m}
nursery rhyme {n} (short poem or song for children) :: Kinderreim {m}
nursery school {n} (a school for pre-school children) :: Kindergarten, Vorschule {f}
nursery web spider {n} (spider) :: Raubspinne {f}
nurse shark {n} (any shark of the family Ginglymostomatidae) :: Ammenhai {m}
nursing {n} (breastfeeding) SEE: breastfeeding ::
nursing bra {n} (bra specifically designed for breastfeeding mothers) :: Still-BH {m}, Schwangerschafts-BH, Umstands-BH {m}
nursing home {n} (place of residence) :: Pflegeheim {n}
Nur-Sultan {prop} (Astana) SEE: Astana ::
Nur-Sultan {prop} (Almaty) SEE: Almaty ::
nurturance {n} (provision of care) :: mütterliche Umsorgung {f}, liebevolles Kümmern {n}, Hegung {f}, Pflege {f}, Hegen {n}
nurture {n} (act of nourishing or nursing; tender care; education; training) :: Umsorgen {n}, Umhegen {n}, Päppeln {n}
nurture {n} (environmental influences that contribute to the development of an individual) :: Erziehung {f}, Pflege {f}, Umwelteinflüsse {f}
nurture {v} (to nourish or nurse) :: umsorgen, hegen und pflegen
nurture {v} (figuratively, to encourage) :: fördern, voranbringen
Nusayri {n} (mystical religious group) :: Nusairier {m}
nut {n} (hard-shelled fruit) :: Nuss {f}
nut {n} (that fits on a bolt) :: Mutter {f}
nut {n} (slang: insane person) :: Irre {f}, Irrer {m}, Spinner {m}
nut {n} (slang: the head) :: Birne {f}, Rübe {f}, Dötz {m}
nut {n} (slang: testicle) :: Ei {n}, Nuss {f}
nutation {n} (physics term) :: Nutation {f}
nutation {n} (astronomical term) :: Nutation {f}
nutcracker {n} (implement for cracking nuts) :: Nussknacker {m}
Nutella {prop} (hazelnut spread) :: Nutella {f} {n} {m}
nutfarm {n} (informal term for lunatic asylum) SEE: madhouse ::
nuthatch {n} (passerine bird from the family Sittidae) :: Kleiber {m}
nuthouse {n} (informal term for lunatic asylum) SEE: madhouse ::
nutlet {n} (small nut) :: Nüsschen {n}
nutmeg {n} (tree) :: Muskatbaum {m}, Muskatenbaum {m}
nutmeg {n} (seed) :: Muskat {m}, Muskatnuss {f}
nutmeg {v} (soccer/football sense of the verb) :: tunneln
nutria {n} (coypu) SEE: coypu ::
nutrient {n} (substance that provides nourishment) :: Nährstoff {m}
nutrient {adj} (providing nourishment) :: nahrhaft
nutrition {n} (nutrition) :: Ernährung {f}, Nahrung {f}, Nutrition {f}
nutritional {adj} (pertaining to nutrition) :: Ernährungs- [noun prefix]
nutritional yeast {n} (preparation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae) :: Hefeflocken {f-p}, Nährhefe {f}, Würzhefe {f}
nutritionism {n} :: Ernährungswissenschaft {f}
nutritionist {n} (an expert or specialist in nutrition) :: Ernährungswissenschaftler {m}, Ernährungswissenschaftlerin {f}, Ernährungsberater {m}, Ernährungsberaterin {f}
nutritious {adj} (providing nutrients) :: nahrhaft
nuts {n} (nut) SEE: nut ::
nuts and bolts {n} (inner workings of something) :: A und O {n}
nutshell {n} (the shell that surrounds the kernel of a nut) :: Nussschale {f}
nutty {adj} (containing nuts) :: nussreich
nutty {adj} (reminiscent of nuts) :: nussig
nutty {adj} (barmy, crazy, mad) :: verrückt, bekloppt
Nuuk {prop} (capital of Greenland) :: Nuuk {n}, Godthåb {n}
nux vomica {n} (strychnine tree) :: Brechnuss {f}
nux vomica {n} (fruit of the strychnine tree) :: Brechnuss {f}
nuzzle {v} (touch with the nose) :: hätscheln, schnüffeln, wühlen, liebkosen, sich anschmiegen
Nyankole {prop} (lect) :: Runyankore {n}
nychthemeron {n} (one day and one night) :: Etmal {n}
nyctalopia {n} (night blindness) SEE: night blindness ::
nyctography {n} :: Nyctographie
nyctophobia {n} (fear of the night) :: Nyktophobie {f}
Nyirtass {prop} (Nyírtass, Hungary) :: Nyírtass, Tass, Tash, Tausch
nylon {n} (substance) :: Nylon {n}
nylon {n} (sheer stocking) :: Nylon {m}, Nylonstrumpf {m}
nymph {n} (mythology: water, forest or mountain spirit) :: Nymphe {f}
nymph {n} (young girl who may inspire lust) :: Nymphomanin
nymphomania {n} (excess of sexual behaviour or desire in women) :: Nymphomanie {f}
nymphomaniac {n} (woman with excessive sexual desire) :: Nymphomanin {f}
nymphomaniac {adj} (of woman: having excessive sexual desire) :: nymphomanisch, nymphoman
nymphomaniacal {adj} (nymphomaniac) SEE: nymphomaniac ::
Nynorsk {n} (one of the two major Norwegian (written) languages) :: Nynorsk {n}, Neunorwegisch {n}
Nyíregyháza {prop} (city in Hungary) :: Nyíregyháza {n}
Nyx {prop} (the primordial goddess of night) :: Nyx