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Rabaul {prop} (town in New Britain) :: Rabaul, Simpsonhafen [before 1918]
rabbet {n} (channel, groove of recess in e.g. wood) :: Nutnaht {f}, Falz {m}
rabbet joint {n} (rabbet) SEE: rabbet ::
rabbi {n} (Jewish scholar or teacher) :: Rabbiner, Rabbinerin {f}
rabbinate {n} (office or function of a rabbi) :: Rabbinat {n}
rabbinic {adj} (Relating to rabbis) :: rabbinisch
rabbinical {adj} (Referring to rabbis, their writings, or their work) :: rabbinisch
rabbit {n} (mammal) :: Kaninchen {n}, Karnickel {n} [colloquial], Schlappohr {n} [humorous]
rabbit fever {n} (tularemia) SEE: tularemia ::
rabbit food {n} (food formulated for rabbits) :: Kaninchenfutter {n}
rabbit food {n} (informal, derogatory: salad and vegetables) :: Kaninchenfutter {n}, Hasenfutter {n}
rabbit hole {n} ((entrance to) a rabbit warren or burrow) :: Kaninchenloch {n}, Kaninchenhöhle {f}, Kaninchenbau {m}
rabbit hutch {n} (a cage in which rabbits are kept) :: Kaninchenstall {m}
rabbit punch {n} (a chopping punch to the back of the neck or head) :: Nackenschlag {m}, Genickschlag {m}
rabbit's foot {n} (rabbit's foot - a good luck charm) :: Hasenpfote {f}
rabbit warren {n} (An underground system of interconnected tunnels occupied by rabbits) :: Gänge des Kaninchenbaus {p}
rabbit warren {n} (A confusingly labyrinthine environment) :: Labyrinth {n}
rabble {n} (the mass of common people; the lowest class of people) :: Pöbel {m}
rabble rouser {n} ((idiomatic) someone or something that tends to inspire mobs) :: Hetzer {m}, Scharfmacher {m}, Volksverhetzer {m}
rabblerousing {adj} :: hetzerisch, aufhetzerisch
Rabelaisian {adj} (pertaining to the works or period of Rabelais) :: rabelaisisch
rabic {adj} (of or pertaining to rabies) :: Tollwut-
rabid {adj} (affected with rabies) :: tollwütig
rabid {adj} (of or pertaining to rabies, or hydrophobia) :: Tollwut- {f}
rabid {adj} (furious; raging; extremely violent) :: wütend
rabid {adj} (very extreme, unreasonable, or fanatical in opinion; excessively zealous) :: fanatisch
rabidly {adv} (in a rabid manner) :: tollwütig, wütend, fanatisch
rabidness {n} (the property of being rabid) :: Fanatismus {m}, Wildheit {f}
rabies {n} (viral disease) :: Tollwut {f}
raccoon {n} (nocturnal omnivore living in North America, Procyon lotor) :: Waschbär {m}, [obsolete] Schupp {m}
raccoon dog {n} (Nyctereutes procyonoides) :: Marderhund {m}
race {n} (contest) :: Rennen {n}
race {v} (to move or drive at high speed) :: rasen
race {n} (a large group of people set apart from others on the basis of a common heritage) :: Rasse {f}, Geschlecht {n}
race {n} (a population geographically separated from others of its species that develops significantly different characteristics; informal for subspecies) :: Rasse {f}
race {n} (a breed or strain of domesticated animal) :: Rasse {f}
race car {n} (car that goes at very fast speeds) :: Rennwagen {m}, Rennauto {n}
race card {n} :: Rennprogramm {n}
race car driver {n} (person who races in a race car for a living) :: Rennwagenfahrer {m}, Autorennfahrer {m}
racecourse {n} (a course over which races are run) :: Rennstrecke {f}
racecourse {n} ((UK) a racetrack where horse races are run) :: Rennbahn {f}, Pferderennbahn {f}
race hatred {n} (hatred towards an ethnic group) :: Rassenhaß {m}
racehorse {n} (a horse that competes in races) :: Rennpferd {n}
raceme {n} (type of inflorescence) :: Blütentraube {f}, Traube {f}
race meeting {n} (a series of horse races at a particular racecourse on a particular day) :: Rennveranstaltung {f}
racemose {adj} (botany: having flowers arranged along a single central axis) :: traubig, razemös
racer {n} (racehorse) SEE: racehorse ::
racer {n} (someone who takes part in a race) :: Rennfahrer {m}, Rennfahrerin {f}
racer {n} (something used for racing) :: Rennwagen {m} (car), Rennjacht {f} (yacht), Rennrad (bicycle)
race relations {n} :: Beziehungen zwischen den Rassen {f-p}
racetrack {n} (a course over which races are run) :: Rennbahn {f}, Rennstrecke {f}, [for horses] Pferderennbahn {f}
Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti {prop} (region of Georgia) :: Ratscha-Letschchumi und Niederswanetien
Rachel {prop} (younger daughter of Laban) :: Rachel, Rahel
rachitic {adj} (of, relating to, or affected by rickets) :: rachitisch
rachitis {n} (rickets) :: Rachitis {n}
Rachmanism {n} ((UK) The exploitation of tenants of slum properties by unscrupulous landlords) :: Mietwucher {m}
racial {adj} (of or relating to a race (or a people)) :: rassisch, Rassen-
racial discrimination {n} (type of discrimination) :: Rassendiskriminierung {f}
racialism {n} (racism) :: Rassismus {m}
racialist {n} :: Rassist {m}, Rassistin {f}, rassistisch
racially {adv} (relating to race) :: rassistisch motiviert
Racibórz {prop} (city in Poland) :: Ratibor
racily {adv} (in a racy manner) :: schwungvoll
raciness {n} (the property of being racy) :: Schwung {m}, Feuer {n}, Gewagtheit {f}, Rassigkeit {f}, Feurigkeit {f}, Rasanz {f}
racing {n} (the sport of competing in races) :: Rennen {n}
racing driver {n} (1. a person whose profession is driving racing cars) :: Rennfahrer {m}
racism {n} (racial prejudice or discrimination) :: Rassismus {m}
racist {n} (person who believes a particular race is superior to others.) :: Rassist {m}, Rassistin {f}
racist {adj} (relating to racism) :: rassistisch
rack {n} (series of shelves) :: Regal {n}
rack {n} (torture device) :: Streckbank {f}
rack {n} (woman's breasts) :: Holz vor der Hütte [literally "wood[pile] in front of the hut"]
racket {n} (implement) :: Schläger {m}
racket {n} (loud noise) :: Lärm {m}, Krach {m}, Radau {m}
racketeer {n} (criminal) :: Gaunereien {p} {f}
racketeering {n} (criminal action) :: Gaunerei {f}
rack one's brain {v} (struggle to think of something) :: sich den Kopf zerbrechen
rack railway {n} (railway that uses a rack and pinion mechanism) :: Zahnradbahn
raclette {n} (dish) :: Raclette {m} {f}
raclette {n} (cheese) :: Raclettekäse {m}, Raclette {m}
raconteur {n} (storyteller) :: Geschichtenerzähler {m} Anekdotenerzähler {m}
racoon {n} (raccoon) SEE: raccoon ::
racquet {n} (an implement with a handle used to hit a ball) :: Schläger {m}
ractopamine {n} (a drug used as a feed additive to promote leanness in pigs raised for their meat) :: Ractopamin {n}
rada {n} (soviet) SEE: soviet ::
rada {n} (a parliamentary body in a number of Slavic countries) :: Rada {f}
Rada {prop} (rada) SEE: rada ::
radar {n} (method of detecting distant objects) :: Radar {m}, Funkmessgerät
radar dome {n} (weatherproof enclosure used to protect a radar antenna) :: Radarkuppel {f}
radial {adj} (arranged like rays that radiate from, or converge to a common center) :: radial
radial engine {n} (type of engine) :: Sternmotor {m}
radian {n} (unit) :: Radiant {m}
radiation {n} (shooting forth of anything from a point or surface) :: Strahlung {f}
radiation {n} (process of radiating waves or particles) :: Strahlung {f}
radiation {n} (radioactive energy) :: Strahlung {f}, Radiation {f}
radiation {n} :: Strahlung {f}
radiation chemistry {n} (study of the chemical changes that result from the absorption of ionizing radiation) :: Strahlenchemie {f}
radiation sickness {n} (illness produced by ionizing radiation) :: Strahlenkrankheit {f}
radiator {n} (anything which radiates or emits rays) :: Strahler {m}, Radiator {m}
radiator {n} (device that lowers engine coolant temperature by conducting heat to the air) :: Kühler {m}
radiator {n} (finned metal fixture that carries hot water or steam in order to heat a room) :: Heizkörper {m}
radical {adj} (thoroughgoing) :: radikal
radical {adj} (favouring fundamental change) :: radikal
radical {adj} (chemistry: involving free radicals) :: radikalisch
radical {adj} (mathematics: involving roots) :: Wurzel- [compound]
radical {adj} (slang: excellent) :: krass
radical {n} (person with radical opinions) :: Radikaler {m}, Radikale {f}
radical {n} (arithmetic: root (of a number or quantity)) :: Wurzel {f}, Radix {f}
radical {n} (linguistics: portion of a character that provides an indication of its meaning) :: Radikal {n}
radical {n} (organic chemistry: free radical) :: Radikal {n}
radicalism {n} (social or political movements that aim at fundamental change in the structure of society) :: Radikalismus {m}
radicalization {n} (the process or result of radicalizing) :: Radikalisierung {f}
radicalize {v} ((transitive) to make radical) :: radikalisieren
radio {n} (technology) :: [broadcasting] Radio {n}, Hörfunk {m}; [with several transmitters, e.g. police] Funk {m}
radio {n} (receiver) :: Radio {n}, Radioempfänger {m}, Funkempfänger {m}, Rundfunkempfangsgerät {n}, Rundfunkempfänger {m}, Rundfunkgerät {n}
radio {n} (transmitter) :: Rundfunksender {m}, Radiosender {m}, Funksender {m}, Funkgerät {n}
radio- {prefix} (radiation) :: radio-
radio- {prefix} (radio (broadcasting)) :: funk-, radio-
radioactive {adj} (exhibiting radioactivity) :: radioaktiv
radioactive decay {n} (physical process) :: radioaktiver Zerfall {m}
radioactive fallout {n} (material from a radioactive plume) :: radioaktiver Niederschlag
radioactive waste {n} (type of waste) :: radioaktiver Abfall {m}
radioactivity {n} (emission of ionizing radiation) :: Radioaktivität {f}
radioactivity {n} (radiation emitted) :: Radioaktivität {f}
radio amateur {n} (person who practises the hobby of amateur radio) :: Funkamateur {m}, Amateurfunker {m}; Funkamateurin {f}, Amateurfunkerin {f}
radio astronomy {n} (branch of astronomy) :: Radioastronomie {f}
radio button {n} (preset button on a radio) :: Radiotaste {f}, Schaltknopf {m}
radio button {n} (selction button in graphical user interface) :: Funkknopf {m}, Optionsfeld {n}, Optionsschaltfläche {f}, Radiobutton {n}
radio cassette {n} (radio cassette player) SEE: radio cassette player ::
radio cassette player {n} (device combining radio and cassette player) :: Radiokassettenspieler {m}
radiochemistry {n} (chemistry of radioactive substances) :: Radiochemie {f}
radio clock {n} (a clock that is synchronized to a remote time standard by means of radio signals) :: Funkuhr {f}
radio-controlled {adj} (controlled remotely using radio signals) :: funkgesteuert
radio-controlled car {n} (radio-controlled car) :: funkgesteuertes Auto {n}, funkgesteuerter Wagen {m}
radio drama {n} (acoustic performance) :: Hörspiel {n}
radiogram {n} (radiograph) SEE: radiograph ::
radiogram {n} (a message, like a telegram, transmitted by radio) :: Funkspruch {m}
radiogram {n} (device combining radio and gramophone) :: Musiktruhe {f}
radiograph {n} (image produced by radiation) :: Röntgenbild {n}
radiography {n} (the process of making radiographs, and the science of analyzing them) :: Radiographie {f}, Röntgendiagnostik {f}, Röntgen {n}, Röntgenographie {f}
radioisotope {n} (a radioactive isotope of an element) :: Radioisotop {n}
radiolarian {n} (marine protozoa) :: Strahlentierchen {n}, Radiolarie {f}
radiological {adj} (pertaining to radiation, radioactivity or nuclear weapons) :: radiologisch
radiologist {n} (practitioner of radiology) :: Radiologe {m}, Radiologin {f}, Röntgenologe {m}, Röntgenologin {f}
radiology {n} (the use of radiation in diagnosis) :: Radiologie {f}, Röntgenologie {f}
radionuclide {n} (radioactive nuclide) :: Radionuklid {n}
radio silence {n} (period of time when all radio transmissions cease) :: Funkstille {f}
radio silence {n} (period of time during which nothing is heard from a person or organization) :: Funkstille {f}
radio station {n} (broadcast station emitting an audio signal) :: Radiosender {m}
radio telescope {n} (astronomical device) :: Radioteleskop {n}
radiotelescopy {n} (manufacture and use of radio telescopes) :: Radiotelescopie {f}
radiotoxicological {adj} (pertaining to radiotoxicology) :: radiotoxikologisch
radio wave {n} (electromagnetic radiation) :: Radiowelle {f}
Radio Yerevan {prop} (fictional radio station) :: Radio Eriwan
radish {n} (plant) :: Radieschen {n}, Rettich {m}
radish {n} (edible root) :: Radieschen {n}
radish {n} (a plant of the Raphanus genus) :: Rettich {m}
radium {n} (chemical element with an atomic number of 88) :: Radium {n}
radius {n} (bone (human)) :: Speiche {f}, Radius {m}
radius {n} (line segment) :: Radius {m}
radius {n} (length of this line segment) :: Halbmesser {m}, Radius {m}
radix {n} (biology: root) SEE: root ::
radix {n} (linguistics: word from which other words may be derived) :: Stammwort {n}
radix {n} (mathematics: number of distinct symbols used to represent numbers) :: Basis {f}
radome {n} (radar dome) SEE: radar dome ::
radon {n} (chemical element) :: Radon {n}
raffinose {n} (trisaccharide) :: Raffinose {f}
raffle {n} (drawing) :: Tombola {f}, Verlosung {f}
raffle {v} (to award by means of a raffle) :: verlosen
raft {n} (flat, floating structure) :: Floß {n}
raft {n} (inflatable floating craft) :: Schlauchboot {n}
rafter {n} (one of a series of sloped beams) :: Sparren {m}
rafting {n} (sport) :: Rafting {n}
raftsman {n} (person who transports a raft of floating logs downstream to a sawmill) :: Flößer {m}
rag {n} (piece of cloth) :: Lappen {m}
rag {n} (mean or tattered attire) :: Lumpen {m}, Fetzen {m}
rag {v} (To scold or rail at; to rate; to tease; to torment; to banter) :: Unfug treiben
ragbag {n} (collection of miscellaneous things) SEE: hodgepodge ::
rag doll {n} (a doll made from cloth and rags) :: Stoffpuppe {f}
rage {n} (a violent anger) :: Wut {f}, Zorn {m}, Raserei {f}, Rage {f}
rage {v} (act in an angry manner) :: wüten, rasen, toben
rage {v} (move with great violence) :: toben, tosen
ragequit {v} (slang: quit a video game in anger) :: ragequitten
Ragnarok {prop} (the final battle in Norse mythology) :: Ragnarök
ragout {n} (stew of meat and vegetables mixed together) :: Ragout {n}
ragpick {v} (scavenge) SEE: scavenge ::
rag rug {n} ( rug made of odd scraps of fabric) :: Flickenteppich {m}
rags and tatters {n} (very old, torn clothes) :: Lumpen {f-p}
rags to riches {n} (in a biographical context, from poverty to exceptional wealth) :: vom Tellerwäscher zum Millionär (from dishwasher to millionaire)
Ragusa {prop} (Dubrovnik) SEE: Dubrovnik ::
ragweed {n} (plant of the genus Ambrosia) :: Ambrosie {f}, Traubenkraut {n}, Beifußblättrige Ambrosie {f}, Beifußblättriges Traubenkraut {n}
raid {n} (attack for the purpose of making arrests, seizing property, or plundering) :: Razzia {f}, Überfall {m}
raid {v} (to engage in a raid) :: überfallen
rail {n} (means of transportation) SEE: railway ::
rail {n} (horizontal bar; railing) :: Geländer {n}, [naut.] Reling {f}
rail {n} (metal bar) :: Schiene {f}, [track, sometimes incorrectly used like rail, slang] Gleis {n}
rail {n} (horizontal piece of wood in a door or window) :: [hardly used] Kreuz {n}, [window] Fensterkreuz {n}, Türkreuz {n}, Balken {m}
rail {n} (small bird in the family Rallidae) :: Ralle {f}
rail {v} (to complain) :: hetzen
railgun {n} (electromagnetic gun) :: Railgun {f}
rail hail {n} (hail accelerated to high speeds) :: Schienenhagel
railing {n} (fence or barrier) :: Geländer {n}
railman {n} (railwayman) SEE: railwayman ::
railroad {n} (permanent road consisting of fixed metal rails) SEE: railway ::
railroad {n} (transportation system) SEE: railway ::
railroad {v} (to manipulate and hasten a procedure) :: peitschen (durch)
railroad crossing {n} (level crossing) SEE: level crossing ::
railroader {n} (one who works for a railroad company) :: Eisenbahner {m}, Eisenbahnerin {f}
railroad station {n} (place where trains stop for passengers) SEE: railway station ::
railroad switch {n} (points) SEE: points ::
railroad tie {n} (piece supporting the rails of a railroad) :: Schwelle {f}, Bahnschwelle {f}, Eisenbahnschwelle {f}
railroad track {n} (track for trains) :: Bahnstrecke {f}, Eisenbahnstrecke {f}
rail track {n} (parallel steel rails) :: Gleis {n}
railway {n} (track, consisting of parallel rails) :: Eisenbahnlinie {f}, Gleis {n}
railway {n} (transport system using these rails) :: Eisenbahn {f}, Bahn {f}
railway line {n} (railway track) :: Gleis
railwayman {n} (man who works on a railway) :: Eisenbahner {m}
railway station {n} (place where trains stop) :: Eisenbahnstation {f}, Bahnstation {f}
railway station {n} (an urban terminal for a number of trains) :: Bahnhof {m}
rain {n} (condensed water from a cloud) :: Regen {m}
rain {n} (any matter falling) :: Regen {m}
rain {n} (an instance of particles falling) :: Regen {m}
rain {v} (of rain: to fall from the sky) :: regnen
rain {v} (to fall in large quantities) :: regnen
rain barrel {n} (barrel used to collect rainwater) SEE: water butt ::
rainbow {n} (multicoloured arch in the sky) :: Regenbogen {m}
rainbow {adj} (multicoloured) :: bunt, vielfarbig
rainbow {n} (baseball: curveball) SEE: curveball ::
rainbow-colored {adj} (having many colors, reminiscent of those in the rainbow) :: regenbogenfarben, regenbogenfarbig
rainbowlike {adj} (resembling a rainbow; displaying a range of colours) :: regenbogenartig
rainbow table {n} :: Rainbow Table {f}
rainbow trout {n} (Oncorhynchus mykiss (countable)) :: Regenbogenforelle {f}
rainbow trout {n} :: Regenbogenforelle, Stahlkopfforelle
rain buckets {v} (to rain heavily) SEE: rain cats and dogs ::
rain cats and dogs {v} (to rain very heavily) :: Bindfäden regnen, in Strömen regnen, aus allen Kannen gießen, aus allen Kannen schütten, es schüttet wie aus Eimern
rain check {n} (any postponement, especially of an offer) :: Gutschein {m}, Gutschrift {f}, Verschieben auf später {n}
rain cloud {n} (cloud from which rain is falling) :: Regenwolke {f}, Nimbus, Schleierwolke {f}
raincoat {n} (waterproof coat) :: Regenmantel {m}
rain dance {n} (ceremonial dance intended to provoke rain) :: Regentanz {m}
raindrop {n} (droplet of rainwater) :: Regentropfen {m}
rainfall {n} (amount of rain that falls on a single occasion) :: Niederschlag {m}, Regenfall {m}
rainforest {n} (type of forest) :: Regenwald {m}
rain gauge {n} (device to measure rainfall) :: Niederschlagsmesser {n}, Regenmesser {n}
rainless {adj} (without rain) :: niederschlagsfrei
rain on someone's parade {v} (to disappoint or discourage someone) :: jemandem in die Suppe spucken
rain or shine {adv} (regardless of the circumstances) :: komme, was da wolle
rain pitchforks {v} (rain cats and dogs) SEE: rain cats and dogs ::
rainstick {n} (rainstick) :: Regenmacher {m}
rainstorm {n} (storm characterized by substantial rainfall) :: Regensturm {m}
rainwater {n} (rainfall) SEE: rainfall ::
rainwater {n} (water sourced from rain) :: Regenwasser {n}
rainy {adj} (abounding with rain) :: regnerisch
rainy day {n} (difficult period of need) :: schlechte Zeiten {f-p}
rainy day {n} (literal usage) :: Regentag {m}
rainy season {n} (portion of the year when rainfall amounts are greatest) :: Regenzeit {f}
raion {n} (administrative unit) :: Rajon
raise {v} (to cause to rise) :: heben, anheben, hochziehen, aufgehen, aufrichten, bauen, bergen, erheben, sich erheben lassen, erhöhen, hochheben, aufrichten, aufschütten, errichten, abheben, aufstocken, hochziehen, aufziehen, heraufsetzen, emporheben, lüpfen, aufheben, hochfahren, hochschrauben, lüften, hochsetzen, aufgehen lassen, ansteigen lassen
raise {v} (to cause to live again) :: sich erheben lassen, ins Leben zurückbringen, wiederbeleben
raise {v} (to increase; to scale up) :: erhöhen, hochsetzen, heraufsetzen, anheben, vergrößern, steigern, hochschrauben, anheben
raise {v} (to collect) :: sammeln, einsammeln, erheben, aufbringen, einwerben, zusammenbekommen, zusammenkriegen
raise {v} (to bring up, to grow) :: großziehen, erziehen, aufziehen, heranziehen, anbauen
raise {v} (to mention (a question, issue) for discussion) :: aufbringen, einbringen, erheben, aufwerfen
raise {n} (increase in wages) :: Gehaltserhöhung {f}, Erhöhung
raise Cain {v} (to cause trouble) :: Ärger machen, Streit anzetteln
raised bog {n} :: Regenmoore, Hochmoore
raise someone's consciousness {v} (to increase awareness) :: Bewusstsein wecken, Bewusstsein schaffen, Aufmerksamkeit lenken auf, Aufmerksamkeit richten auf, Blick richten auf, Achtsamkeit erhöhen
raisin {n} (dried grape) :: Rosine {f}
raisin bread {n} (raisin bread) :: Rosinenbrot {n}, Stuten {m} [North German]
raising {n} (recruitment) SEE: recruitment ::
raison d'être {n} (Reason for existence) :: Daseinsberechtigung {f}; Daseinszweck {m}; Existenzberechtigung {f}; Lebensbestimmung {f}; Lebenszweck {m}; Lebensinhalt {m}
rajah {n} (Hindu prince) :: Raja {m}
Rajasthan {prop} (a state in western India) :: Rajasthan {n}
Rajasthani {prop} (Rajasthani language) :: Rajasthani {n}
rake {n} (garden tool) :: Rechen {m}, Harke {f}
rake {n} (rail transport: set of vehicles) :: Wagenzug {m}
rake {n} (Toothed machine, used for collecting hay or grain) :: Schwader {m}
rake {v} (use a rake on) :: harken, rechen
rake {v} (search thoroughly) :: durchkämmen
rake {n} (A fashionable man of immoral habits) :: Windhund {m}, Lebemann {m}
Rakvere {prop} (Town in Estonia) :: Rakvere, (old names: Wesenberg, Wesenbergh)
Raków {prop} (Polish town 1569–1869 and village 1869–present, important centre of Socinianism in the 16th–17th CC.) :: Raków
rale {n} (abnormal sound made by lungs and heard with a stethoscope) SEE: rales ::
rales {n} (symptom) :: Rasselgeräusch {n}
rally {n} (demonstration) :: Kundgebung {f}
rally {n} (motor racing: event) :: Rallye {f}
Ralph {prop} (male given name) :: Ralf
ram {n} (male sheep) :: Schafbock {m}, Schafsbock {m}, Widder {m}, Hammel {m} [castrated], Schöps {m} [castrated; regional, eastern Germany, Austria]
ram {n} :: Sturmbock {m} , Ramme {f} , Widderschiff {n}
ram {v} (intentionally collide with (a ship)) :: rammen
ram {v} (strike (something) hard) :: rammen
ram {n} (battering ram) SEE: battering ram ::
Rama {prop} (avatar of Lakshmi) :: Rama
Ramadan {prop} (holy ninth month of Islamic lunar calendar) :: Ramadan {m}
Ramallah {prop} (city) :: Ramallah {n}
ramble {n} (stroll) SEE: stroll ::
ramble {v} (wander) SEE: wander ::
ramble {n} (A rambling; an instance of someone talking at length without direction) :: Abschweifen
ramble {v} (to walk for pleasure; to amble or saunter) :: spazieren, bummeln, schlendern
rambler {n} (recreational walker) SEE: hiker ::
rambling {adj} (long and digressing of a speech) :: langatmig, weitschweifend, abschweifend, palavernd
rambling {n} (meandering talk) :: Palaver {n}, Gerede {n}, Geschwafel {n}, Sermon {m}, Weitschweifigkeit {f}
rambling {n} (gentle hiking) :: Wandern, Herumziehen, Spaziergang, Spazierengehen
rambunctious {adj} (energetic and difficult to control) :: wild
rambutan {n} (fruit) :: Rambutan {m}
ram cichlid {n} (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) :: Schmetterlingsbuntbarsch {m}
Ramesses {prop} (name of pharaohs) :: Ramses {m}, Ramesses {m}
ramie {n} (Boehmeria nivea) :: Ramie {f}
ramification {n} (branching process) :: Verästelung {f}, Verzweigung {f}, Ramifikation {f}
ramification {n} (consequence or development complicating a problem) :: Verwicklung {f}; [also] Auswirkung {f}, Folge {f}, Konsequenz {f}
ramify {v} (to divide into branches) :: ramifizieren, verzweigen, verästeln
Ramin {prop} (Male given name) :: Ramin {m}
Ramin {prop} (Surname) :: Ramin {m} {f}
Ramin {prop} (municipality in Germany (coordinates: 53°24′N 14°17′E)) :: Ramin {n}
Ramin {prop} (Surname) :: Ramin {m} {f}
Ramism {n} (theories based on the teachings of Peter Ramus) :: Ramismus {m}
ramp {n} (inclined surface) :: Rampe {f}, Auffahrt {f}
ramp {n} (aviation: mobile staircase) :: Gangway {f}, Rampe {f}
rampage {n} (a course of violent, frenzied action) :: Randale {f}, Wutanfall {m}, Randalieren {n}
rampage {v} (to move about wildly or violently) :: randalieren, toben, rasen, toben
rampant {adj} (rearing animal) :: sich aufbäumend
rampant {adj} (unrestrained) :: zügellos
rampant {adj} :: zügellos
rampart {n} (defensive ridge of earth) :: Festungswall {m}, Wall {m}
rampart {n} (defensive structure; bulwark) :: Bollwerk {n}
rampart {n} (protection against intrusion) :: Bollwerk {n}
rampart {n} (steep bank of a river or gorge) :: Wall {m}
rampion {n} (Campanula rapunculus) :: Rapunzel {f}
rampion {n} (Phyteuma) :: Teufelskralle {f}
ramraid {n} :: no common term: Blitzeinbruch {m} [occasionally used, but ambiguous, can mean any swift burglary]; Rammeinbruch {m} [unambiguous, but rare]
ramrod {n} (device used with early firearms) :: Ladestock {m}, Ladstecke {m}, Ladstecken {m}, Ladstab {m}
ramshackle {adj} (in disrepair or disorder) :: baufällig (buildings), klapprig
ramson {n} (ramsons) SEE: ramsons ::
ramsons {n} (Allium ursinum) :: Bärlauch {m}, Rams {m} [Bavarian]
ranch {n} (large plot of land) :: Ranch {f}
ranch {n} (small farm that cultivates vegetables or livestock) :: Ranch {m}, Farm {f}
rancid {adj} (rancid) SEE: offensive ::
rancid {adj} (being rank in taste or smell) :: ranzig
rancidity {n} (state of being rancid) :: Ranzigkeit {f}
rancidness {n} (the characteristic of being rancid) :: Ranzigkeit {f}
rancor {n} (the deepest malignity or spite) :: Groll {m}
rancorous {adj} (full of rancor) :: nachtragend, rachsüchtig
rand {n} (currency of South Africa) :: Rand {m}
random {adj} (all outcomes being unpredictable) :: zufällig
random access memory {n} :: Arbeitsspeicher {m}
randomness {n} (property of all possible outcomes being equally likely) :: Zufälligkeit {f}
random number {n} (number allotted randomly using a suitable generator) :: Zufallszahl {f}
random variable {n} (measurable function from a sample space) :: Zufallsgröße {f}, Zufallsvariable {f}
random walk {n} (stochastic path) :: Irrfahrt, Zufallsbewegung
randy {adj} (sexually aroused) :: (sexuell) erregt, geil
randy {adj} (rude or coarse) :: grob, gemein
range {n} (step of a ladder) SEE: rung ::
range {n} (line of mountains, buildings etc.) :: Gebirgskette {f}, Gebirge {n}, Gebirgszug {m}
range {n} (large stove with many hotplates) :: Herd {m}
range {n} (selection, array) :: Spanne {f}, Auswahl {f}, Sortiment {n}, Palette {f}
range {n} (area for practicing shooting) :: Schießstand {m}
range {n} (area for military training or equipment testing) :: Übungsplatz {m}
range {n} (distance to the object) :: Abstand {m}, Entfernung {f}
range {n} (maximum reach of capability) :: Reichweite {f}
range {n} (area of open, often unfenced, grazing land) :: Weide {f}, Weideland {n}, Weideflächen {p} {f}
range {n} (extent of excursion; reach; scope) :: Bereich {m}, Gebiet {n}
range {n} (math: set of values of a function) :: Wertevorrat {f}, Zielmenge {f}, Wertebereich {m}
range {n} (statistics: difference between largest and smallest observation) :: Spannweite {f}
range {n} (ecology: area where a species is found) :: Verbreitungsgebiet {n}, Lebensraum {m}
range {n} (aggregate of individuals in one rank or degree) :: Rank {m}
range {n} (extent which something covers or includes) :: Bereich {m}, Größenordnung {f}, Umfang {m}, Weite {f}, Interval {n}, Strecke {f}
range {v} (to classify) SEE: classify ::
range {v} (to travel over) SEE: roam ::
range {v} (to separate into parts) SEE: sift ::
rangefinder {n} (instrument) :: Entfernungsmesser {m}, Distanzmessgerät {n}
range hood {n} (kitchen device) SEE: extractor hood ::
range of motion {n} (distance a movable object may travel while attached to another) :: Bewegungsumfang {m}, Bewegungsradius {m}, Bewegungsreichweite {f}, Bewegungsbereich {m}, Bewegungsspielraum {m}
range pole {n} (Rod or pole marked with alternating red and white bands used by surveyors) :: Fluchtstange {f}, Fluchtstab {m}
Rangoon {prop} (Yangon) SEE: Yangon ::
Rangoonese {adj} (of, from or pertaining to Rangoon) :: Ranguner
Rangoonese {n} (someone from Rangoon) :: Ranguner {m}, Rangunerin {f}
rank {adj} (having a very strong and bad odor) :: stinkend
rank {adj} (highly offensive; disgusting) :: ekelhaft
rank {n} (position based on a shared property) :: Rang {m}; Dienstgrad {m}
rank {n} (hierarchical level in an organization) :: Dienstgrad {m}
rank {n} (chess: one of the horizontal lines of squares) :: Reihe {f}
rank {n} :: Platz {m}, Reihe {f}
rank {v} (to have a ranking) :: an einer Stelle stehen
rank and file {n} (enlisted soldiers) :: einfache Soldaten {m-p}, Mannschaften {f-p}
rank and file {n} (non-leaders) :: die breite Masse {f}, Fußvolk {n}, Basis {f}, die niederen Ränge {m-p}
ranking {n} (placement in a list) :: Rangordnung {f}, Rangfolge {f}, Ranking {n}
ransack {v} (to loot or pillage) :: plündern
ransack {v} (to make a thorough search or examination for plunder) :: durchwühlen
ransom {n} (money paid for the freeing of a hostage) :: Lösegeld {n}
ransom {v} (to pay a price to set someone free) :: (mit Lösegeld) freikaufen, auslösen, loskaufen
ransom {v} (to exact a ransom for, or a payment on) :: auspressen
ransomware {n} (malware) :: Ransomware {f}, Erpressungssoftware {f}
rant {v} (to speak or shout at length in uncontrollable anger) :: poltern
ranula {n} (small cyst) :: Froschgeschwulst {f}
ranunculus {n} (buttercup) SEE: buttercup ::
rap {n} (rap music) SEE: rap music ::
rapacious {adj} (avaricious) :: unersättlich
rapacious {adj} (which subsists off live prey) :: Raub-
rapakivi {n} (form of granite) :: Rapakiwi {m}, Murkstein {m} [dated]
rape {n} (act of forcing sexual activity) :: Vergewaltigung {f}
rape {v} (force sexual intercourse) :: vergewaltigen, schänden
rape {n} (rapeseed) SEE: rapeseed ::
rape culture {n} (rape culture, cultivation of rape, rape cultivation) :: Rapsanbau {m}, Rapsbau {m}, Rapskultur {f}, [obsolete spelling] Rapscultur {f}; [older spellings, South German]: Repsanbau {m}, Repsbau {m}, Repskultur {f}, Repscultur {f}
rape culture {n} (rape culture) :: Vergewaltigungskultur {f}, Rape Culture {f} [commonly used Anglicism]
rape oil {n} (rapeseed oil) SEE: rapeseed oil ::
rapeseed {n} (rapeseed plant) :: Raps {m}
rapeseed oil {n} (vegetable oil) :: Rapsöl {n}
Raphael {prop} (Archangel) :: Raphael {m}
Raphael {prop} (given name) :: Raphael {m}
rapid {adj} (Very swift or quick) :: schnell
rapid {n} (section of river) :: Stromschnelle {f}
rapid eye movement {n} (rapid movement of the eyes) :: schnelles Augenrollen {n}
rapid-fire {adj} (able to fire bullets in quick succession) :: Schnellfeuer-
rapidly {adv} (with speed) :: schnell
rapier {n} (slender straight sharply pointed sword) :: Florett {n}, Rapier {n}, Stoßdegen {m}
rapine {n} (seizure of someone's property by force) :: Raub {m}
raping {n} (rape) SEE: rape ::
rapini {n} (vegetable Brassica rapa) SEE: turnip greens ::
rapist {n} (someone who rapes someone else) :: Vergewaltiger {m}, Vergewaltigerin {f}
rap music {n} (music form) :: Rap {m}
rapper {n} (performer of rap music, or one who raps) :: Rapper {m}
rapport {n} (A relationship of mutual trust and respect) :: gutes Verhältnis {n}, enges Verhältnis {n}, harmonisches Verhältnis {n}
rapprochement {n} (reestablishment of cordial relations) :: Annäherung {f}, Wiederannäherung {f}
rapt {adj} (very interested; fascinated) :: tief
rapt {adj} (enthusiatic; ecstatic, elated, happy) :: begeistert
raptor {n} (bird of prey) SEE: bird of prey ::
rapture {n} (gathering up of believers in end times) :: Entrückung
Rapture {prop} (prophesied sudden removal of Christian believers) SEE: rapture ::
rapturous {adj} (being full of rapture) :: entrückt, begeistert, entzückt, hingerissen
rapunzel {n} (corn salad) SEE: corn salad ::
rapunzel {n} (rampion) SEE: rampion ::
Rapunzel {prop} (a German fairy tale) :: Rapunzel
Rapunzel {prop} (the main character of that tale) :: Rapunzel {f}
rara avis {n} (rare or unique person or thing) :: seltener Vogel {m}
rare {adj} (very uncommon) :: selten, rar
rare {adj} (thin density gas) :: verdünnt
rare {adj} (cooked very lightly) :: blutig, englisch
rare bird {n} (unusual or exceptional person or thing) SEE: rara avis ::
rare earth {n} (naturally occurring oxide of the lanthanide metals) :: seltene Erde {f}
rare earth element {n} (type of metal) :: Metalle der Seltenen Erden {n-p}, Seltenerdmetalle {n-p}
rare earth metal {n} (rare earth element) SEE: rare earth element ::
rarefied {adj} (distant from the lives and concerns of ordinary people) :: abgehoben, abstrakt, realitätsfern, entrückt
rarefied {adj} (elevated in style or nature) :: erhaben, sublim, anspruchsvoll, exklusiv, verfeinert
rarefied {adj} (less dense than usual) :: verdünnt, dünn
rarefy {v} (to make rare etc.) :: verdünnen, evakuieren, rarefizieren, verfeinern, selektieren, ausdünnen
rarefy {v} (to enlarge without adding new matter) :: aufblasen, verlängern
rarely {adv} (not occurring at a regular interval) :: selten
rareness {n} (property of being rare) :: Rarität {f}
rareripe {adj} (of a fruit or vegetable) :: frühreif
rareripe {adj} (of a person) :: frühreif
rarity {n} (measure of the scarcity of an object) :: Seltenheit {f}
rarity {n} (rare object) :: Seltenheit {f}, Rarität {f}
rascal {n} (cheeky person) :: Bengel {m}, Strolch {m}, Schlingel {m}, Frechdachs {m}, Bösewicht {m}, Lümmel {m}, Übeltäter {m}, Strauchdieb {m}, Racker {m}, Proll {m}, Rabauke {m}
rash {adj} (hasty) :: voreilig, vorschnell
rash {n} (of skin) :: Hautausschlag {m}
rasher {n} (a strip of bacon) :: Schnitte {f}, Speckschnitte {f}, Scheibe {f}, Speckscheibe {f}, Streifen {m}, Speckstreifen {m}
rashly {adv} (in a rash manner) :: vorschnell
rasorial {adj} (scratching the ground for food, as domestic fowl or other gallinaceous birds) :: scharrend
rasp {n} (coarse file) :: Raspel {f}
rasp {v} :: raspeln
raspberry {n} (plant) :: Himbeere {f}, Himbeerstrauch {m}
raspberry {n} (fruit) :: Himbeere {f}
raspy {adj} (irritable) SEE: irritable ::
raspy {adj} (rough, raw) :: rau
rassolnik {n} (a soup in Russian cuisine) :: Rassolnik {m}
rat {n} (rodent) :: [♂♀] Ratte {f}, [♂♀] Ratz {m} [regional], [♂♀] Ratze {f} [regional, colloquial], [♀] Rättin {f}, [♂] Rattenmännchen {n}, [♀] Rattenweibchen {n}
rat {n} (traitor) :: Verräter {m}
rat {n} (scoundrel or villain) :: Schurke {f}
rat {n} (informer or snitch) :: Spitzel {m}
rat {v} (to tell on someone) :: verraten
ratany {n} (Krameria) :: ratanhia {f}
rat-arsed {adj} (extremely drunk) SEE: shitfaced ::
ratatouille {n} (traditional French Provençal stewed vegetable dish) :: Ratatouille {f} {n}
ratcatcher {n} (person who catches rats) :: Rattenfänger {m}, Rattenfängerin {m}
ratchet {n} (pawl, click or detent for a ratchet wheel) :: Sperrklinke {f}
ratchet {n} (mechanism composed of a ratchet wheel and pawl) :: Gesperre {n}
ratchet {n} (ratchet wrench) :: Ratsche {f}
ratchet up {v} (to increase) :: hochschrauben
ratchet wrench {n} (A type of wrench) :: Knarre {f}, Ratsche {f}
rate {n} (speed) SEE: speed ::
rate {n} (the proportional relationship between one amount, value etc. and another) :: Rate {f}
rate {n} (the relative speed of change or progress) :: Rate {f}
rate {n} (the price of a(n individual) thing; cost) :: Rate {f}
rate {n} :: Verhältnis {n}
rate {v} (berate) SEE: berate ::
ratel {n} (Mellivora capensis) SEE: honey badger ::
rather {adv} (preferably) :: eher, lieber
rather {adv} (on the contrary) :: im Gegenteil
rather {adv} (more precisely) :: eher, um genau zu sein
rather {adv} (somewhat, fairly) :: eher, ziemlich, recht
rather than {prep} (instead of, in preference to) :: statt
ratification {n} (act or process of ratifying, or the state of being ratified) :: Bestätigung {f}
ratification {n} (formal declaration of agreement to a treaty etc) :: Ratifikation {f}, Ratifizierung {f}
ratify {v} (give formal consent to) :: bestätigen, ratifizieren [treaty]
ratio {n} (arithmetics: relative magnitude of two quantities expressed as quotient) :: Verhältnis {n}
ration {n} (portion allocated) :: Ration {f}
ration {v} (to portion out, especially during a shortage of supply) :: rationieren
rational {adj} (capable of reasoning) :: vernünftig, sinnvoll, rational
rational {adj} (reasonable; not absurd) :: vernünftig
rational {adj} (arithmetic: of a number) :: rational
rational {adj} (arithmetic: of an algebraic expression) :: rational
rational {n} (rational number) SEE: rational number ::
rationale {n} (explanation of the basis or fundamental reasons) :: Argumentation {f}, Begründung {f}
rationale {n} (liturgical vestment) :: Rationale {n}, Superhumerale {n}
rational function {n} (function) :: rationale Funktion {f}
rationalise {v} (rationalise) SEE: rationalize ::
rationalism {n} (philosophical theory) :: Rationalismus {m}
rationalization {n} (process or result of rationalizing) :: Rationalisierung {f}
rationalize {v} (to make something rational) :: rationalisieren
rational number {n} (quotient of integers) :: rationale Zahl {f}
ration card {n} (food stamp) SEE: food stamp ::
rationing {n} (ration) SEE: ration ::
ration stamp {n} (food stamp) SEE: food stamp ::
ratite {n} (bird) :: Laufvogel {m}
rat king {n} (conglomeration of rats with tails joined) :: Rattenkönig {m}
ratline {n} (net like ropework of the shrouds) :: Webeleine {f}
rat poison {n} (poison for killing rats etc.) :: Rattengift {n}
rat race {n} (activity which is hectic, tedious, and congested with participants) :: Rattenrennen {n}
rattan {n} (climbing palm) :: Rattan {n}, Rotangpalme {f}
rattan {n} (material) :: Peddigrohr {n}, Rattan {n}
rattle {n} (baby’s toy) :: Rassel, Klapper {f}
rattle {v} (to create a sound by shaking) :: rasseln, scheppern
rattle {v} (to scare, startle, unsettle, or unnerve) :: verunsichern
rattle {n} (death rattle) SEE: death rattle ::
rattler {n} (rattlesnake) SEE: rattlesnake ::
rattlesnake {n} (venomous snake) :: Klapperschlange {f}
rattrap {n} (device used to catch rats) :: Rattenfalle {f}
raucous {adj} (harsh and rough-sounding) :: rau
raucous {adj} (disorderly and boisterous) :: krakeelig, lärmend
raunchy {adj} (lecherous) :: obszön, pervers
raunchy {adj} (with dishonorable, base and vulgar expression) :: vulgär
rave {n} (dance party) :: Rave {m} {n}
rave {v} (to attend a rave) :: raven
raven {n} (bird) :: Rabe {m}, Kolkrabe {m}
raven {adj} (of the color of the raven; jet-black) :: rabenschwarz
raven {n} (prey; plunder; food obtained by violence) :: Beute {f}
Ravenna {prop} (city) :: Ravenna {n}
ravenous {adj} (very hungry) :: gefräßig, ausgehungert, heißhungrig
ravine {n} (a deep narrow valley) :: Schlucht {f}, Klamm {f}
ravined {adj} (having ravines) :: zerschluchtet
ravioli {n} (pasta) :: Ravioli {p}
ravish {v} (rape) SEE: rape ::
raw {adj} (uncooked) :: roh
raw {adj} (untreated) :: Roh-
raw {adj} (crude in quality) :: rau
raw {adj} (of data, statistics etc: uncorrected, without analysis) :: Roh-
raw material {n} (material in its unprocessed, natural state) :: Rohstoff {m}, Grundstoff {m}
raw material {n} :: Rohmaterial {n}, Grundstoff {m}, Rohstoff {m}
rax {v} (to stretch after sleep) :: sich recken
ray {n} (beam of light or radiation) :: Strahl {m}
ray {n} (mathematics: line extending indefinitely in one direction from a point) :: Strahl {m}, Halbgerade {f}
ray {n} (colloquial: tiny amount) :: Hoffnungsstrahl {m} [ray of hope]
ray {n} (marine fish with a flat body, large wing-like fins, and a whip-like tail) :: Rochen {m}
ray gun {n} (a science fiction energy weapon) :: Strahlengewehr {n}
Raymond {prop} (male given name) :: Raimund
razor {n} (shaving knife) :: Rasiermesser {n}, Rasierapparat {m}, Rasierer {m}
razor {n} (shaving instrument) :: Rasierer {m}
razorbill {n} (a large black and white auk, Alca torda) :: Tordalk {m}
razor blade {n} (razor blade) :: Rasierklinge {f}
razor clam {n} (a clam with a long curved shell resembling a straight razor) :: Meerscheide {f}, Schwertmuschel {f}, Scheidenmuschel {f}
razor-sharp {adj} (as sharp as a razor, extremely or ultimately sharp) :: messerscharf, rasiermesserscharf
razor shell {n} (razor clam) SEE: razor clam ::
razor-thin {adj} (extremely fine; so thin as to be almost invisible) :: hauchdünn
razor-thin {adj} (a very small difference, or advantage, when comparing two items) :: hauchdünn
razor wire {n} (a form of security wire) :: NATO-Draht {f}
R&D {n} (Research and Development) :: F&E {f}, F+E, FE, FuE
re- {prefix} (again) :: re-, wieder-
reach {v} (to extend, to thrust out) :: greifen nach, langen nach
reach {v} (to deliver by stretching out, to hand over) :: reichen
reach {v} (to obtain by stretching forth, to extend so as to touch) :: erreichen, kommen an, drankommen
reach {v} (to hit with an arrow, a bullet etc.) :: erreichen
reach {v} (to extend an action, effort, or influence to) :: erreichen
reach {v} (to touch by virtue of extent) :: erreichen, drankommen
reach {v} (to arrive at by effort) :: erreichen
reach {v} (to understand; to comprehend) :: begreifen
reach {v} (to stretch out the hand) :: ausstrecken, reichen
reach {v} :: erreichen
reach {n} (extended portion of land or water) :: Kanalhaltung {f} [section between locks], Strecke {f} [section between falls]
reachable {adj} (within easy reach) :: erreichbar
reach for the sky {interj} (surrender) SEE: hands up ::
reach out {v} (to extend one's hand) :: wegstrecken, die Hand ausstrecken
reach out {v} (to ask for help) :: um Hilfe ersuchen, um Hilfe bitten
reach out {v} (to make more friends) :: den Freundeskreis erweitern
reach out {v} (to attempt to initiate communication) :: zu erreichen versuchen
reacquaint {v} (to acquaint again; to reintroduce or refamiliarise) :: wieder vertraut machen, wieder in Kontakt kommen, wieder neu gewöhnen, erneut kennenlernen, wieder anfreunden
react {v} (to act upon each other) :: reagieren
reactance {n} (opposition to the change in current) :: Blindwiderstand {m}, Reaktanz {f}
reactant {n} (participant at the start of a chemical reaction) :: Reaktant {m}, Edukt {n}, Reagenz {n}
reaction {n} (action in response to an event) :: Reaktion {f}
reaction {n} (chemical transformation) :: Reaktion {f}
reactionary {adj} (opposed to change) :: reaktionär
reactionary {n} (such a person) :: Reaktionär {m}, Reaktionärin {f}
reaction mechanism {n} (set of individual chemical reactions) :: Reaktionsmechanismus {m}
reactive power {n} (imaginary component of the power of an alternating current circuit) :: [1] Blindleistung {f}, Scheinleistung {f}
reactor {n} (a device which uses atomic energy to produce heat) :: Reaktor {m}, Atomreaktor {m}, Meiler {m}, Atommeiler {m}
reactor {n} (a chemical substance which responds to the presence or contact with another substance) :: Reagenz {n}
read {v} (look at and interpret letters or other information) :: lesen
read {v} (speak aloud words or other information that is written) :: vorlesen
read {v} (have the ability to read text or other information) :: lesen können
read {v} (of text, etc., to be interpreted or read in a particular way) :: gelesen werden
read {v} (be able to hear (in a radio communication)) :: verstehen
read {v} (make a study of) :: studieren, hören
readability {n} (property of being capable of being read; legibility) :: Lesbarkeit {f}
readable {adj} (legible) SEE: legible ::
readable {adj} :: lesbar
readableness {n} (readability) SEE: readability ::
read between the lines {v} (infer a meaning that is not stated explicitly) :: zwischen den Zeilen lesen
reader {n} (person who reads a publication) :: Leser {m}, Leserin {f}
reader {n} (person who recites literary works, usually to an audience) :: Vorleser {m}, Vorleserin {f}
reader {n} (person employed by a publisher to read works and determine their merits) :: Verlagslektor {m}
reader {n} (any device that reads something) :: Lesegerät {n}
reader {n} (a book of exercises to accompany a textbook) :: Übungsbuch {n}, Übungsheft {n}
reader {n} (an elementary textbook for those learning to read, especially for foreign languages) :: Lesebuch {n}
reader {n} (a literary anthology) :: Anthologie {f}, Blütenlese {f}
reader {n} (lecturer) SEE: lecturer ::
reader {n} (proofreader) SEE: proofreader ::
readily {adv} (showing readiness) :: bereitwillig
readiness {n} (state or degree of being ready) :: Bereitschaft {f}
reading {n} (process of interpreting written language) :: Lesen {n}
reading {n} (occasion in which material is read aloud) :: Rezitation {f}, Lesung {f}, Gedichtlesung {f}
reading {n} (one of several stages a bill passes through) :: Lesung {f}, Beratung {f}
reading {n} (something to read) SEE: reading material ::
Reading {prop} (the town) :: Reading
reading glasses {n} (spectacles to deal with the effects of presbyopia) :: Lesebrille {f}
reading material {n} (anything produced for reading) :: Lesestoff {m}
reading room {n} (space set aside for reading) :: Lesesaal {m}
readme {n} (a file meant to be read before taking any significant action) :: Readme, Liesmich
readmission {n} (a second or subsequent admission) :: Wiederaufnahme {f}
read-only {adj} (capable of being read but not written) :: schreibgeschützt
read-only memory {n} (memory chip that stores values but doesn't allow updates) :: Festwertspeicher {m}, Nur-Lese-Speicher {m}
read out {v} (read something and say the words to others) :: vorlesen, verlesen
readout {n} (display that presents numerical data) :: Anzeige {f}, Sichtanzeige {f}, Auslesedisplay {n}, Ableseanzeige {f}, Ausleseanzeige {f}
readout {n} (account of the topics discussed in a meeting) :: zusammenfassender Bericht {m}
read-out {n} (information displayed on a graduated scale) :: Anzeigewert {m}, Auslesewert {m}
read-out {n} (information output from a computer in a readable form) :: Auslesung {f}
read someone the riot act {v} (scold or berate) :: jemandem die Leviten lesen
ready {n} (cash) SEE: cash ::
ready {adj} (prepared for immediate action or use) :: bereit, fertig, gar [of food], parat
ready {adj} (at hand; opportune; convenient) :: bereit
ready {v} (to make prepared for action) :: bereit machen, fertig machen, klar machen, vorbereiten
ready, aim, fire {interj} (sequence of commands) :: anlegen, zielen, Feuer
ready meal {n} (prepackaged meal requiring minimal preparation from the eater) :: Fertiggericht {n}
ready-mixed {adj} (mixed in advance) :: fertig gemischt, werksgemischt
ready, set, go {phrase} (on your mark, get set, go) SEE: on your mark, get set, go ::
ready, steady, go {phrase} (on your mark, get set, go) SEE: on your mark, get set, go ::
reagent {n} (substance used in chemical reactions) :: Edukt {n}, Reagenz {n}
real {adj} (true, genuine, not merely nominal) :: wahr, wirklich, echt
real {adj} (genuine, not artificial, counterfeit or fake) :: echt, wirklich
real {adj} (genuine, unfeigned, sincere) :: echt
real {adj} (that has physical existence) :: real
real {adj} (mathematics: relating to numbers with a one-to-one correspondence to the points on a line) :: reell
real {adj} (absolute, complete, utter) :: echt, typisch
real {n} (a unit of currency used in Brazil) :: Real {m}
real {n} (mathematics: a real number) SEE: real number ::
real {adv} (really) SEE: really ::
real estate {n} (property that cannot easily be moved) :: Immobilie {f}
real estate {n} (space used for a particular purpose) :: Spielraum {m}, Platz {m}
real-estate {adj} (Referring or relating to real estate) :: Immobilien-
realgar {n} (mineral) :: Realgar {n}, Rubinschwefel {m}, rotes Schwefelarsenik {n}, rote Arsenblende {f}, Rauschrot {n}
realism {n} (concern for fact or reality) :: Realismus {m}
realist {n} (one who sees things as they are) :: Realist {m}, Realistin {f}
realist {n} (advocate of artistic realism) :: Realist {m}, Realistin {f}
realistic {adj} (expressed or represented as being accurate) :: realistisch
realistic {adj} (relating to the representation of objects, actions or conditions as they actually are or were) :: realistisch
reality {n} (state of being actual or real) :: Wirklichkeit {f}, Realität {f}
reality {n} (a real entity, event etc.) :: Realität {f}
reality {n} (an individual observer's subjective perception) :: Realität {f}
reality {n} :: Wirklichkeit {f}, Realität {f}
reality principle {n} (mechanism which guides a person in coping with the real world) :: Realitätsprinzip
reality show {n} (a reality television program) :: Reality-Show {f}, Reality-TV {n}, Realityshow {f}
reality television {n} (television genre) :: Reality-TV {n}
realization {n} (act of figuring out or becoming aware) :: Erkenntnis {f}
realization {n} (act of making real) :: Verwirklichung {f}, Realisation {f}, Erfüllung {f}, Umsetzung {f}
realize {v} (to make real) :: verwirklichen, realisieren [mainly used together with project]
realize {v} (to become aware of) :: sich bewusst werden; erkennen; realisieren, feststellen
realize {v} (to convert any kind of property into money) :: realisieren [only a gain in stock exchange]
real life {n} (life outside of a contrived or fantastical environment) :: wirkliches Leben {n}
real life {adj} (not fictional) :: Real-
reallocate {v} (to change the user or purpose) :: neu verteilen
really {adv} (actually) :: wirklich
really {adv} (informally, as an intensifier; very, very much) :: wirklich
really {interj} (indicating surprise at, or requesting confirmation of, some new information) :: (ach) ja?, echt?, wirklich?, tatsächlich?
really {interj} (sarcastic, typically exaggerated question) :: ach nee; ach was; sag bloß; [informal] was du nicht sagst, [formal] was Sie nicht sagen
really {interj} (indicating affirmation, agreement) :: echt, wirklich, absolut, auf jeden Fall, stimmt, in der Tat
really {interj} (indicating displeasure at another person's behaviour) :: also wirklich!
realm {n} (territory or state) :: Reich {n}, Königreich {n}
real number {n} (limit of a convergent sequence of rational numbers) :: reelle Zahl {f}
real number {n} (floating-point number) SEE: floating-point number ::
real numbers {n} (smallest set) :: Reelle Zahlen {f}
real part {n} (of complex number) :: Realteil {m}
realpolitik {n} (pragmatic international government policy) :: Realpolitik {f}
real presence {n} (presence of Christ's body and blood) :: Realpräsenz {f}
real property {n} (real estate) SEE: real estate ::
real school {n} :: Realschule, Realgymnasium
real socialism {n} (a pragmatic brand of socialism) :: Realsozialismus {m}
real time {n} (time duration) :: Echtzeit {f}
realtime {adj} (computer term) :: in Echtzeit
real-time strategy {n} (video game genre characterised by real-time movement of troops) :: Echtzeitstragiespiel {n}, Echtzeit-Stragiespiel {n}
realtor {n} (dealer in real estate) :: Immobilienmakler {m}
ream {v} (to enlarge a hole) :: reiben [jargon], aufbohren [informal]
ream {v} (to remove burrs and debris from a freshly bored hole) :: entgraten
ream {n} (bundle of paper) :: Ries {n}
ream {n} (abstract large amount) :: Menge {f}
reamer {n} (tool for boring) :: Reibahle {f}, Räumahle {f}, Räumer {m}
reanimate {v} (to animate anew) :: wieder beleben, reanimieren [medicine]
reanimation {n} (act of reanimating) :: Reanimation {f}, Wiederbelebung {f}
reap {v} (to cut with a sickle) :: ernten, schneiden, mähen, sensen, absensen
reap {v} ( To receive as a reward) :: ernten, einheimsen, einsammeln, sammeln
reap {n} (bundle of grain) :: Garbe {f}
reaper {n} (one who reaps) :: Schnitter {m}, Mäher {m}, Mähder {m}
reaper {n} (the Grim Reaper) SEE: Grim Reaper ::
reaper {n} (machine used for harvesting) SEE: harvester ::
reap hook {n} (sickle) SEE: sickle ::
reaping hook {n} (sickle) SEE: sickle ::
reap what one sows {v} (receive justice) :: wer Wind sät, wird Sturm ernten
rear {v} (to lift, raise etc. physically) :: aufrichten
rear {v} (to bring up to maturity) :: aufziehen, erziehen, großziehen
rear {n} (the part of an army or fleet which comes last) :: Nachhut {f}
rear admiral {n} (naval officer below the rank of vice admiral) :: Konteradmiral {m}
rear admiral {n} (proctologist) SEE: proctologist ::
rear-end {v} (of a vehicle, to strike (another vehicle) from behind) :: hinten auffahren
rear-end collision {n} :: Auffahrunfall {m}
rearguard {n} (the rearmost part of a force) :: Nachhut {f}
rearmament {n} (the process of rearming) :: Wiederaufrüstung {f}, Wiederbewaffnung {f}
rear-view mirror {n} (mirror inside a vehicle giving view of the traffic behind) :: Rückspiegel {m}
rear window {n} (window at the back of a car) :: Heckscheibe {f}
reason {n} (that which causes: a cause) :: Grund {m}, Ursache {f}
reason {n} (motive for an action or determination) :: Grund {m}
reason {n} (excuse, explanation: thought or consideration offered in support of a determination) :: Grund {m}
reason {n} ((the capacity of the human mind for) rational thinking) :: Verstand {m}, Vernunft {f}, Intellekt {m}
reason {v} (to arrange and present the reasons for or against; to examine, debate, discuss) SEE: debate ::
reason {n} (math: ratio, proportion) SEE: ratio ::
reasonable {adj} (just; fair; agreeable to reason) :: vernünftig
reasonable {adj} (inexpensive) :: vernünftig, anständig
reasonable {adj} (satisfactory) :: vernünftig, anständig
reasonableness {n} (state or characteristic of being reasonable) :: Vernünftigkeit {f}
reasonably {adv} (in accordance with reason) :: vernünftig
reasonably {adv} (not extremely) :: halbwegs
reasonably {adv} (fairly) :: einigermaßen
reasoning {n} (deduction of inferences or interpretations) :: Argumentation {f}
reassess {v} (assess again) SEE: re-evaluate ::
reassure {v} (to assure anew; to restore confidence to; to free from fear or self-doubt) :: versichern, beruhigen
reassuring {adj} (that reassures; causing comfort or confidence) :: ermutigend, beruhigend, bestätigend
reata {n} (lasso) SEE: lasso ::
rebaptize {v} (to baptize again) :: wieder taufen
rebaptize {v} (to name again) :: umtaufen, umbenennen, neu benennen, mit einem neuen Namen versehen
rebar {n} (steel reinforcing bar for concrete) :: Bewehrungsstab {m}
rebarbative {adj} (repellent) :: abstoßend
rebate {n} (A deduction from an amount to be paid; an abatement) :: Ermäßigung {f}
rebate {n} (The return of part of an amount already paid) :: Rückzahlung {f}, Rückvergütung {f}
rebate {n} (rabbet) SEE: rabbet ::
Rebecca {prop} (female given name) :: Rebekka
Rebekah {prop} (sister of Laban and wife to Isaac) :: Rebekka {f}
rebel {n} (person who resists an established authority) :: Rebell {m}, Aufrührer {m}
rebel {v} (to resist or become defiant towards) :: rebellieren, sich auflehnen, aufbegehren
rebellion {n} (armed resistance) :: Rebellion {f}, Aufstand {m}
rebellion {n} (defiance) :: Rebellion {f}
rebellious {adj} (showing rebellion) :: aufsässig, rebellisch
rebirth {n} (reincarnation) :: Wiedergeburt {f}
rebirth {n} (revival, reinvigoration) :: Wiedergeburt {f}
rebirth {n} (spiritual renewal) :: Wiedergeburt {f}
reblog {v} (to blog something previously posted on another blog) :: rebloggen
reboot {n} (instance of rebooting) :: Neustart {m}, Reboot {m}
reboot {n} (the restarting of a series' storyline, discarding all previous continuity) :: Reboot {m}
reboot {v} (To execute a computer's boot process and reload the operating system) :: neu laden, neu starten
reborrowing {n} (word taken back from another language) :: Rückentlehnung {f}
rebound {n} (recoil of an object bouncing off another) :: Rückprall {m}
rebound {n} (return to health) :: Rebound {m}
rebound {n} (in basketball) :: Rebound {m}
rebound {v} (To bound or spring back from a force) :: zurückprallen
rebound {v} :: abprallen, sich erholen
rebound tenderness {n} (pain felt upon removal of pressure) :: Loslaßschmerz {f}
rebreather {n} (breathing apparatus) :: Kreislaufatemgerät {n}, Kreislauftauchgerät {n}, Rebreather {m}
rebroadcast {v} (broadcast again) :: wiederholen, noch einmal senden
rebuff {n} (refusal) :: Abfuhr {f}, Zurückweisung {f}
rebuff {v} (refuse) :: Abfuhr erteilen, zurückweisen
rebuild {v} (to build again) :: wiederaufbauen, umbauen
rebuilding {n} (act of building again) :: Wiederaufbau {m}
rebuke {n} (harsh criticism) :: Tadel {m}, Anschiss, Rüge, Schelte {f}
rebuke {v} (to criticise harshly; to reprove) :: tadeln, schimpfen mit, ausschimpfen, schelten, ermahnen, mahnen,abmahnen, warnen, rüffeln, zurechtweisen, rügen, maßregeln, Vorwürfe machen, Ärger machen, Vorhaltungen machen, einen Verweis erteilen, verwarnen, abkanzeln, verwarnen, verweisen
rebus {n} (puzzle) :: Bilderrätsel, Rebus
rebuttal {n} (act of refuting something by making a contrary argument) :: Erwiderung {f}, Gegenschrift {f} [in writing], Gegenbeweis {m} [law], Widerlegung {f}
recalcitrant {adj} (marked by a stubborn unwillingness to obey figures of authority) :: widerspenstig, störrisch, bockig, aufsässig, trotzig, renitent, hartnäckig, dickköpfig, aufmüpfig
recalcitrant {adj} (hard to deal with or operate) :: stur, eigensinnig, störrisch, unbequem, aufmüpfig, aufsässig, unkooperativ, hartnäckig, spröde, bockig
recalcitrant {n} (A person who is recalcitrant) :: Dickkopf {m}, Querulant {m}, Trotzkopf {m}, Störer {m}, Störenfried {m}
recalculate {v} (calculate again) :: nachrechnen, neuberechnen, rückberechnen
recall {v} (to call (someone) back to a specific place, station) :: zurückrufen
recall {v} (to remember, recollect) :: sich erinnern, sich entsinnen, gedenken
recall {n} (product recall) :: Rückruf {m}, Rückrufaktion {f}
recall {v} (to recall) SEE: reproduce ::
recant {v} (to withdraw or repudiate formally and publicly) :: zurücknehmen, zurückziehen, widerrufen
recapitulate {v} :: rekapitulieren
recapitulation {n} (subsequent enumeration of the major points) :: Rekapitulation
recapitulation {n} (music: third major part of a movement in sonata form) :: Reprise {f}
recapture {v} (to capture something for a second time) :: wieder einfangen, zurückerobern
receipt {n} (act of receiving) :: Empfang {m}
receipt {n} (amount received) :: Einnahme {f}
receipt {n} (written acknowledgement) :: Empfangsbestätigung {f}, Quittung {f}
receive {v} (take what is offered, accept from another) :: bekommen, erhalten, empfangen, [colloquial] kriegen
receive {v} (take possession of) :: empfangen
Received Pronunciation {prop} (form of English pronunciation) :: Schulenglisch {n}, Britisches Englisch {n}
receiver {n} (person who receives) :: Empfänger {m}
receiver {n} (person appointed to settle financial affairs) :: Konkursverwalter {m}, Insolvenzverwalter {m}
receiver {n} (person who accepts stolen goods) :: Hehler {m}
receiver {n} (electronic device) :: Empfangsgerät {n}, Empfänger {m}
receiver {n} (telephone handset) :: Hörer {m}
receivership {n} (trusteeship in bankruptcy) :: Konkursverwaltung
recency {n} (newness) SEE: newness ::
recension {n} (critical revision of a text) :: Rezension {f}
recent {adj} (having happened a short while ago) :: jüngst, neu, kürzlich, frisch
recently {adv} (in the recent past) :: neulich, kürzlich, letztens, unlängst, vor Kurzem, vor kurzem [all referring to a particular recent event]; in letzter Zeit [referring to the recent time as a whole]
recentralization {n} (the action of recentralizing) :: Rezentralisierung {f}, Rezentralisation {f}
recentralize {v} (to centralize again) :: rezentralisieren
receptacle {n} (container) :: Gefäß {n}, Behälter {m}
receptacle {n} (botany: part of flower) :: Blütenboden {m}, Blütenachse {f}
receptacle {n} (electrical: contact device) :: Steckdose {f}, Buchse {f}, Anschlussbuchse {f}, Fassung {f}, Steckerbuchse {f}, Federleiste {f}, Steckbuchse {f}, Steckhülse {f}
reception {n} (act of receiving) :: Aufnahme {f}, Empfang {m}
reception {n} (social engagement) :: Empfang {m}
reception {n} (front desk) :: Rezeption {f}, Empfang {m}
reception {n} :: [1, 2, 4] Empfang {m}, Aufnahme {f}
receptionist {n} (employee who receives visitors and/or calls, typically in an office setting) :: Empfangsdame {f}, Empfangssekretärin {f}, Portier {m}
receptionist {n} :: Empfangsbedienstete {f}
receptivity {n} (the state of being receptive) :: Aufnahmefähigkeit {f}, Empfänglichkeit {f}
recess {n} (break, pause or vacation) :: Ferien {p}, Unterbrechung {f}, Pause {f}
recess {n} (inset, hole, space or opening) :: Vertiefung {f}, Winkel {m}, Aushöhlung {f}, [construction] Nische
recess {n} (botany, zoology: sinus) SEE: sinus ::
recession {n} (a period of reduced economic activity) :: Rezession {f}
recessive {adj} (in genetics) :: rezessiv
recessive {adj} (in grammar) :: rezessiv
rechargeable {adj} (able to be recharged) :: wiederaufladbar
recheck {n} (countercheck) :: gegenchecken
recidivism {n} (committing new offenses after being punished for a crime) :: Rückfall {m}
recidivist {n} (one who falls back into prior habits, especially criminal habits) :: Wiederholungstäter {m}, Wiederholungstäterin {f}
recipe {n} (instructions for making or preparing food dishes) :: Rezept {n}, Kochrezept {n}
recipient {n} (one who receives) :: Empfänger {m}, Empfängerin {f}
recipient {n} (individual receiving donor organs or tissues) :: Empfänger {m}
reciprocal {adj} (done by each of two people towards the other) :: gegenseitig, reziprok
reciprocal {adj} (done, given, felt, or owed in return) :: entgegengesetzt, umgekehrt
reciprocal {n} (in mathematics) :: Kehrwert {m}
reciprocal pronoun {n} (a part of speech) :: reziprokes Pronomen {n}, Reziprokpronomen {n}, Reziprokum {n}
reciprocate {v} (to mutually give and take something; to interchange) :: etwas austauschen
reciprocate {v} (to counter, retort or retaliate) :: erwidern
reciprocating engine {n} (piston engine) SEE: piston engine ::
reciprocity {n} (the state or quality of being reciprocal) :: Gegenseitigkeit {f}, Reziprozität {f}, Umkehrbarkeit {f}
recital {n} (a vocal, instrumental or visual performance by a soloist) :: Vortrag {m}
recital {n} (a formal explanation of the reasons on which the transaction is founded) :: Erwägungsgrund {m}
recital {n} (narration) SEE: narration ::
recitation {n} (act of reciting) :: Rezitation {f}, Vortragen {n}
recitative {n} (dialogue in an opera etc.) :: Rezitativ {n}
recite {v} (to recite) SEE: say ::
recite {v} (to repeat aloud some passage, poem or other text) :: vortragen; rezitieren; zu Gehör bringen; [poem also:] aufsagen; deklamieren
reckless {adj} (careless or heedless; headstrong or rash) :: waghalsig, unverantwortlich, unbekümmert, leichtsinnig, leichtfertig
reckless {adj} (indifferent to danger or the consequences) :: rücksichtslos, waghalsig, verwegen, halsbrecherisch
recklessness {n} (being reckless) :: Leichtsinnigkeit {f}, Fahrlässigkeit {f}, Gewagtheit {f}, Rücksichtslosigkeit {f}
reckon {v} (to count; to enumerate; to number; also, to compute; to calculate) :: berechnen, errechnen, rechnen, ausrechnen, zusammenrechnen
reckon {v} (to count as in a number, rank, or series; to estimate by rank or quality; to place by estimation) :: abschätzen, kalkulieren
reckon {v} (to conclude, as by an enumeration and balancing of chances; hence, to think; to suppose) :: schätzen, vermuten, mutmaßen, rechnen mit
reckoning {n} (an opinion or judgement) :: Abrechnung {f}
reckon without one's host {v} (misjudge or miscalculate) :: die Rechnung ohne den Wirt machen
reclaim {v} (to recycle) SEE: recycle ::
reclaim {v} (to tame or domesticate a wild animal) SEE: tame ::
recline {v} (to cause to lean back; to bend back) :: zurücklehnen
reclusive {adj} (preferring privacy) :: zurückgezogen
recognise {v} (to match in memory; to know from a previous encounter) :: erkennen, wiedererkennen
recognise {v} :: anerkennen
recognition {n} (the act of recognizing or the condition of being recognized) :: Erkennen {n}, Wiedererkennen {n}, Erkennung {f}
recognition {n} (acceptance as valid or true) :: Anerkennung {f}
recognition {n} (official acceptance of the status of a new government by that of another country) :: Anerkennung {f}
recognition {n} (honour, favorable note, or attention) :: Anerkennung {f}
recognizable {adj} (able to be recognized) :: erkennbar
recognize {v} (to match in memory; to know from a previous encounter) :: erkennen, wiedererkennen, kennen
recognize {v} :: anerkennen
recognized {adj} (notable, distinguished, honored) :: anerkannt
recoil {n} (pushback from a fired firearm) :: Rückstoß {m}
recoil {v} (to pull back, especially in disgust, horror or astonishment) :: zurückschrecken
recoil {v} (to jerk back, to kick back as a firearm) :: zurückschlagen, einen Ruckschlag erzeugen
recoilless rifle {n} (weapon) :: rückstoßfreies Geschütz {n}
recollect {v} (to recall past events) :: sich erinnern, sich entsinnen, gedenken
recollection {n} (act of recalling to the memory) :: Erinnerung {f}, Rückbesinnung {f}
recommend {v} (to commend to the favorable notice of another) :: empfehlen
recommend {v} (to advise, propose) :: empfehlen
recommendation {n} (act of recommending) :: Empfehlung {f}
recommendation {n} (that which is recommended) :: Empfehlung {f}
recompense {n} (that which compensates for a harm done) :: Entschädigung {f}
recompense {v} (to give compensation) :: entschädigen
recompete {v} :: wieder bewerben, an einer Neuausschreibung teilnehmen
recompilation {n} (act or process of recompiling) :: erneute Übersetzung {f}
reconcilable {adj} (capable of being reconciled) :: vereinbar
reconcile {v} (to restore a friendly relationship) :: versöhnen
reconciliation {n} (reestablishment of friendly relations) :: Versöhnung {f}, Aussöhnung {f}, Wiederaussöhnung {f}, Wiederversöhnung {f}, Schlichtung {f}
reconciliation {n} (Roman Catholic sacrament) :: Rekonziliation {f}
reconciliation {n} (accounting process) :: Abgleich {m}, Abstimmung, Übereinstimmung {f}, Schlichtung {f}, Überleitung {f}
reconnaissance {n} (act of gathering information) :: Aufklärung {f}, Kundschaft {f}
reconnoiter {v} (perform a reconnaissance) :: erkunden, kundschaften
reconquest {n} (act or process of conquering again) :: Rückeroberung {f}
Reconquista {n} (reconquest of Spain and Portugal by Christians) :: Reconquista {f}, Rekonquista {f}
reconsider {v} (To consider a matter thought already to have been decided) :: überdenken
reconstitute {v} (to constitute again) :: einweichen
reconstruct {v} (to construct again) :: wiederaufbauen
reconstructed language {n} (a hypothetical language formed by making comparisons between actual languages) :: rekonstruierte Sprache {f}
reconstruction {n} (something reconstructed or restored) :: Rekonstruktion {f}
reconstruction {n} (act of restoring) :: Rekonstruktion {f}, Wiederaufbau {m}
reconstruction {n} (attempt to understand) :: Rekonstruktion {f}
record {n} (information put into a lasting physical medium) :: Aufzeichnung {f}, Aufnahme {f}
record {n} (phonograph record) :: Schallplatte {f}
record {n} (computing: set of data relating to a single individual or item) :: Datensatz {m}
record {n} (most extreme known value of some achievement) :: Rekord {m}, Höchstleistung {f}, Bestleistung {f}
record {v} (make a record of) :: eintragen, protokollieren, aufzeichnen
record {v} (make an audio or video recording of) :: aufzeichnen
record {v} ((intransitive) make audio or video recording) :: aufzeichnen
recordable {adj} (able to be used to record something) :: bespielbar
record chart {n} (Ranking of music by popularity) :: Hitparade
recorder {n} (recording device) :: Rekorder {m}
recorder {n} (musical instrument) :: Blockflöte {f}
recording {n} (reproduction stored in a permanent medium) :: Aufnahme {f}
record label {n} (record company) :: Musiklabel {n}, Plattenlabel {n}, Label {n}
record player {n} (analogue electronic device for playing gramophone records, see also: gramophone) :: Plattenspieler {m}, Grammofon {n}
recount {v} (to tell, narrate) :: erzählen, berichten
recover {v} (transitive: to get back, regain) :: zurückgewinnen
recover {v} (intransitive: to get better, regain health) :: genesen, erholen
recoverable {adj} (capable of being regained or recovered) :: rückholbar, rückgewinnbar, wiederherstellbar
recoverable {adj} (restorable from sickness, faintness, danger, etc.) :: heilbar, genesungsfähig, erholungsfähig, wiederherstellungsfähig
recoverable {adj} (capable of being brought back to a former condition) :: wiederherstellbar, wiederherstellungsfähig
recoverable {adj} (obtainable from a debtor or possessor) :: erzielbar, holbar, eintreibbar, wiedergewinnbar
recovery {n} (act or process of regaining or repossession of something lost) :: Wiedererlangung {f}, Wiedergewinnung {f}, Zurückgewinnung {f}
recovery {n} (return to normal health) :: Genesung {f}, Erholung {f}, Gesundung {f}
recovery {n} (return to former status) :: Wiederherstellung {f}, Erholung {f}
recovery {n} (economics: renewed growth after a slump) :: Erholung {f}
recovery boiler {n} (boiler for recovering soda) :: Rückgewinnungskessel {m}
recovery boiler {n} (heat recovery boiler) :: Abhitzekessel {m}
recreate {v} (to produce again, to recreate) SEE: reproduce ::
recreation {n} (activity that diverts, amuses or stimulates) :: Erholung {f}, Unterhaltung {f}
recriminate {v} (to accuse in return) :: im Gegenzug beschuldigen, Gegenbeschuldigungen erheben; [rare also] gegenbeschuldigen; [with a following sub-clause] entgegnen, zurückwerfen (dass)
recrimination {n} (act of recriminating) :: Erheben einer Gegenbeschuldigung {n}
recrimination {n} (counter- or mutual accusation) :: Gegenbeschuldigung {f}, gegenseitige Beschuldigung {f}
recruit {n} (newly enlisted soldier) :: Rekrut {m}
recruit {v} (to enroll or enlist new members or potential employees) :: rekrutieren
recruit {v} (to supply with new men, as an army) :: rekrutieren
recruiter {n} (one employed to recruit others) :: Rekrutierer {m}
recruitment {n} (process or art of finding candidates or recruits) :: Rekrutierung {f}
rectal {adj} (Of, via or related to the rectum) :: rektal
rectangle {n} (quadrilateral) :: Rechteck {n}, Karree {n}, Orthogon
rectangular {adj} (having a shape like a rectangle) :: rechteckig, rechtwinklig, rechtwinkelig
rectifier {n} (a device that converts alternating current into direct current) :: Gleichrichter {m}
rectify {v} (to heal) SEE: heal ::
rectify {v} (to purify or refine by distillation) :: destillieren
rectify {v} (to correct or amend something) :: korrigieren
rectilinear {adj} (in a straight line) :: geradlinig
rector {n} (headmaster) :: Rektor {m}
rectory {n} (residence of Roman Catholic priest) :: Pfarrhaus {n}
rectoscope {n} (proctoscope) :: Rektoskop {n}
rectum {n} (terminal part of the large intestine) :: Rektum {n}, Mastdarm {m}, Enddarm {m}
recumbent {adj} (lying down) :: ruhend
recumbent {n} (special type of bicycle) :: Liegerad {n}
recumbent bicycle {n} (recumbent) SEE: recumbent ::
recuperate {v} (recover, especially from an illness) SEE: recover ::
recuperation {n} (convalescence) :: Erholung {f}
recuperation {n} (Instance of getting something back) :: Wiedergewinnung {f}
recurrence {n} (the instance of recurring; frequent occurrence) :: Rekurrenz {f}
recurrence {n} (a return of symptoms as part of the natural progress of a disease) :: Rekurrenz {f}
recurrent {adj} (recurring time after time) :: wiederholt, wiederkehrend
recurrent {adj} (math: non-transient) :: rekurrent
recurring {adj} (happening frequently) :: [immer, periodisch] wiederkehrend
recursion {n} (in mathematics) :: Rekursion {f}
recursion {n} :: Rekursion {f}
recursive {adj} (drawing upon itself) :: rekursiv
recursive {adj} (mathematics: of an expression, in which each term is determined by applying a formula to preceding terms) :: rekursiv
recursive {adj} (computing: of a program or function that calls itself) :: rekursiv
recursive {adj} (computing: of a function which can be computed in a finite amount of time) :: rekursiv
recursive {adj} (computing: of a set whose characteristic function is recursive) :: rekursiv
recursively enumerable {adj} ((computing theory) of a set, such that there exists a deterministic algorithm which will list all the items in the set and no others) :: rekusiv aufzählbar
recursivity {n} (quality of being recursive) :: Rekursivität
recuse {v} (To refuse or reject) :: wegen Befangenheit ablehnen
recuse {v} (To refuse to act as a judge; to declare oneself disqualified to act) :: sich für befangen erklären
recyclable {adj} (able to be recycled) :: recycelbar, recyclebar, wiederverwertbar
recyclate {n} (raw material sent to a waste recycling plant) :: Rezyklat {n}
recycle {v} (to break down and reuse component materials) :: wiederverwerten, recyceln, recyclen
recycle {v} (to reuse as a whole) :: wiederverwerten
recycle bin {n} (container) :: Papierkorb {m}
recycling {n} (the practice of sorting and collecting waste materials for new use) :: Recycling {n}, Wiederverwertung {f}
red {adj} (having red as its colour) :: rot
red {adj} (of hair: orange-brown) :: rot, rothaarig
red {adj} (left-wing, socialist or communist) :: rot
red {n} (colour) :: Rot {n}
red {n} (socialist, communist) :: Rote {f}, Roter {m}
redact {v} (to censor, to black out or remove parts of (a document) while releasing the remainder) :: bearbeiten, redigieren
red admiral {n} (butterfly) :: Admiral {m}
Redange {prop} (city) :: Redingen
Red Army Faction {prop} (group) :: Rote Armee Fraktion, RAF
Red Army man {n} (the lowest military rank of the Red Army) :: Rotarmist
redback {n} (Latrodectus hasselti) :: Rotrückenspinne {f}
red-backed hawk {n} (Buteo polyosoma) :: Rotrückenbussard {m}
red-backed shrike {n} (medium-sized bird) :: Neuntöter {m}, Rotrückenwürger {m}
red-baiting {n} (red-baiting) :: Kommunistenhetze {f}
red-banded sand wasp {n} (red-banded sand wasp) :: Gemeine Sandwespe {f}
Red Baron {n} (ace fighter pilot) :: Rote Baron
red beet {n} (beetroot) SEE: beetroot ::
red-black tree {n} (binary search tree) :: Rot-Schwarz-Baum {m}
red blood cell {n} (haemoglobin-carrying blood cell in vertebrates) :: rotes Blutkörperchen {n}, rote Blutzelle {f}, Erythrozyt {m}
redbreast {n} (European robin) SEE: European robin ::
Red Brigades {prop} (former Marxist-Leninist militant group based in Italy) :: Rote Brigaden {f}
redbud {n} (Judas tree) SEE: Judas tree ::
redbush {n} (both senses) SEE: rooibos ::
red cabbage {n} (a variety of cabbage having red leaves) :: Rotkohl {m}
red card {n} (sports: card) :: rote Karte {f}
red carpet {n} (a strip of red carpet laid for a VIP) :: Roter Teppich {m}
Red Crescent {prop} (branch of the Red Cross) :: Roter Halbmond {m} / der Rote Halbmond {m}
red-crested pochard {n} (Netta rufina) :: Kolbenente {f}
Red Cross {prop} (Red Cross) :: Rotes Kreuz {n}
red currant {n} (fruit) :: Johannisbeere {f}
red dead man's fingers {n} (Alcyonium palmatum) :: Große Meerhand {f}
red deer {n} (Cervus elaphus) :: Rothirsch {m}
redden {v} (to become red) :: erröten
redden {v} (to make red) :: röten
reddish {adj} (resembling the colour red) :: rötlich
reddish {adj} (quite red; red to a certain extent) :: rötlich
reddish-green {adj} (reddish, greenish color (of plants)) :: rötlichgrün, rötlich-grün, rotgrün
redditive {n} :: Beantwortungswort, Antwortswort
red dwarf {n} (small star) :: Roter Zwerg {m}
redeem {v} (to recover ownership of something by paying a sum) :: zurückkaufen
redeem {v} (to liberate by payment of ransom) :: loslösen, freikaufen
redeem {v} (to set free by force) :: befreien
redeem {v} (to save, rescue, recover) :: befreien
redeem {v} (to convert into cash) :: einlösen
redeem {v} (to repair, restore) :: wiederherstellen
redeem {v} (to change for the better, reform) :: verbessern
redeem {v} (to restore the reputation, honour of ...) :: [Ruf] wiederherstellen
redeem {v} :: erlösen, ablösen, tilgen, zurückkaufen, freikaufen
redeemer {n} (one who redeems) :: Erlöser {m}
Redeemer {prop} (Jesus Christ) :: Erlöser {m}
redemption {n} (the act of redeeming or something redeemed) :: Erlösung {f}
redemption {n} (the recovery, for a fee, of a pawned article) :: Loskauf {m}
redemption {n} (salvation from sin) :: Erlösung {f}
redemptorist {n} (member of the Roman Catholic missionary congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer) :: Redemptorist {m}
red envelope {n} (monetary gift) :: Hong Bao {m} {n} [from Chinese], roter Umschlag {m}
redfish {n} (Sebastes norvegica) :: Rotbarsch {m}
red flag {n} (a cue, warning, or alert; a sign or signal that something is wrong) :: Warnsignal {n}, Warnhinweis {m}
red fox {n} (Vulpes vulpes) :: Rotfuchs {m}
red giant {n} (large red star) :: Roter Riese {m}
red-haired {adj} (having red hair) SEE: redheaded ::
red-handed {adj} (in the act of wrongdoing) :: in flagranti [ertappt], auf frischer Tat [ertappt], bei der Tat
redhead {n} (red-haired person) :: Rotkopf {m}, Rotschopf {m}, Rothaarige {m} {f}
redhead {n} (Aythya americana) :: Rotkopfente {f}
redheaded {adj} (having red hair) :: rothaarig
red herring {n} (smoke-cured herring) :: Bückling {m}
red herring {n} (misleading clue) :: falsche Fährte {f}, Nebelkerze {f} [figurative], Ablenkung {f} [general]
red hot {n} (hot dog) SEE: hot dog ::
red-hot {adj} (Very fresh, new, recent and up to date.) :: rotglühend
redirect {v} (substitute an address or pointer to a new location) :: weiterleiten
redirect {n} (redirection) SEE: redirection ::
redirection {n} (setting a new direction) :: Weiterleitung {f}, Umleitung {f}
redirection {n} (automated process) :: Weiterleitung {f}
rediscovery {n} (act of rediscovering) :: Wiederentdeckung {f}
redistribution {n} (act of changing the distribution of resources) :: Umverteilung {f}
red kite {n} (Milvus milvus) :: Rotmilan {m}
red knot {n} (the bird Calidris canutus) :: Knutt {m}, Knuttstrandläufer {m}
red kuri squash {n} (orange colored winter squash) :: Hokkaido {m}, Hokkaidokürbis {m}
red-legged partridge {n} (red-legged partridge) :: Rothuhn {n}
red light {n} (a warning light, especially as a traffic signal) :: Rotlicht {n}
red-light district {n} (area of prostitution) :: Rotlichtbezirk {m}, Straßenstrich {m}, Rotlichtviertel {n}
red line {n} (a boundary or limit which should not be crossed) :: rote Linie {f}
red line {n} (a line dividing ice rink in half) :: rote Linie {f}
red lynx {n} (bobcat) SEE: bobcat ::
redneck {n} (uneducated, unsophisticated person) :: Prolet {m}, Proll {m}
red-necked grebe {n} (Podiceps grisegena) :: Rothalstaucher {m}
red-necked phalarope {n} (Phalaropus lobatus) :: Odinshühnchen {n}
red-necked stint {n} (Calidris ruficollis) :: Rotkehl-Strandläufer {m}
redness {n} (quality of being red) :: Röte {f}
redness {n} (red discoloration) :: Rötung {f}
redo {v} (to do again) :: noch einmal machen
red oak {n} (Quercus rubra tree) :: Roteiche {f}
redolent {adj} (fragrant or aromatic) :: nach etw. duftend
redoubt {v} (to dread) SEE: dread ::
redoubt {n} (fortification) :: Redoute {f}
redound {v} (to result in, contribute to) :: zu etw. führen, zu etw. beitragen,
redound {v} (to come back, accrue upon) :: zurückfallen, einholen
red panda {n} (Ailurus fulgens) :: Roter Panda, Kleiner Panda
red pepper {n} (red colored pepper) :: Paprika {m} {f}
red phalarope {n} (Phalaropus fulicarius) :: Thorshühnchen {n}
red poppy {n} (Papaver rhoeas) SEE: corn poppy ::
red rail {n} (bird of extinct Mauritian species) :: Mauritius-Ralle {f}
Red River {prop} (the Red River of Yunnan in southern China and of northern Vietnam) :: Roter Fluss {m}
red scare {n} (perceived threat from communism and leftist movements) :: Rote Angst {f}
Red Sea {prop} (sea between Africa and Arabia) :: Rotes Meer
redshank {n} (Old World wading bird) :: Rotschenkel {m}
redshift {n} (change in wavelength) :: Rotverschiebung {f}
red-shouldered hawk {n} (Buteo lineatus) :: Rotschulterbussard {m}
redskin {n} (an American Indian) :: [male or female] Rothaut {f}
Red Square {prop} (Moscow square) :: Roter Platz {m}, der Rote Platz {m}
redstart {n} (ground-feeding bird) :: Rotschwanz {m}
red-tailed hawk {n} (bird of prey) :: Rotschwanzbussard {m}
red-tailed tropicbird {n} (species of tropicbird) :: Rotschwanz-Tropikvogel {m}
red tape {n} (excessive bureaucracy) :: Amtsschimmel {m}
red tea {n} (black tea) SEE: black tea ::
red tea {n} (beverage made from the rooibos plant) SEE: rooibos ::
red-throated diver {n} (loon) :: Sterntaucher {m}
red-throated pipit {n} (Anthus cervinus) :: Rotkehlpieper {m}
red-throated tit {n} (Melaniparus fringillinus) :: Rostkehlmeise {f}, Rostkehl-Rußmeise {f}
red tide {n} (algal bloom) :: rote Flut {f}
red turtle dove {n} (bird) :: Weinrote Turteltaube
reduce {v} (to bring down) :: reduzieren, herabsetzen
reduce {v} (to lose weight) :: abnehmen
reduce {v} :: vermindern, reduzieren
reduced {adj} (made smaller, less) :: verkleinert
reduced {adj} (lowered in price) :: reduziert
reduced ring {n} (ring that has no nonzero nilpotent elements) :: reduzierter Ring {m}
reducer {n} (something that reduces) :: Reduzierer {m}
reducer {n} (plumbing component) :: Reduzierung {f}
reducing flame {n} (chemistry: part of a flame that has an excess of fuel) :: Reduktionsflamme {f}
reduction {n} (act, process, or result of reducing) :: Reduktion {f}, Reduzierung {f}
reduction {n} (chemistry: reaction in which electrons are gained and valence is reduced) :: Reduktion {f}
reduction {n} (computability theory: a transformation of one problem into another problem) :: Reduktion {f}
reduction furnace {n} (furnace in which an ore is reduced to a metal) :: Reduktionsofen {m}
redundancy {n} (state of being redundant) :: Redundanz {f}
redundancy {n} (duplication of components or circuits to provide survival of the total system in case of failure of single components) :: Redundanz {f}
redundancy {n} (duplication of parts of a message to guard against transmission errors) :: Redundanz {f}
redundancy {n} (state of being unemployed because one's job is no longer necessary) :: [kind of dismissal] betriebsbedingte Kündigung; [kind of unemployment] strukturelle Arbeitslosigkeit
redundant {adj} (superfluous) :: überflüssig
redundant {adj} (needlessly wordy) :: redundant, über­zäh­lig
reduplicate {v} (To repeat a word or section of a word) :: reduplizieren
red valerian {n} (Centranthus ruber) :: (Rote) Spornblume {f}
red wine {n} (red coloured wine) :: Rotwein {m}
redwing {n} (Turdus iliacus) :: Rotdrossel {f}
red-winged blackbird {n} (Agelaius phoeniceus) :: Rotflügelstärling {m}
redwood {n} (the species Sequoia sempervirens) :: Mammutbaum {m}
reed {n} (grass-like plant) :: Schilf {n}, Ried {n}, Rohr {n}
reed {n} (hollow stem) :: Schilfrohr {n}
reed {n} (music: part of mouthpiece) :: Rohrblatt {n}, Blatt {n}, Blättchen {n}
reed {n} (music: instrument) :: Rohrblattinstrument {n}
reed {n} :: Zunge {f}, Kontaktzunge {f} (metall reed, e.g. in reed switches)
reed bed {n} (place where reeds grow) :: Röhricht {n}
reeducation camp {n} :: Umerziehungslager {n}
reed warbler {n} (Acrocephalus scirpaceus) :: Teichrohrsänger {m}
reed warbler {n} (bird of the genus Acrocephalus) :: Rohrsänger {m}
reef {n} (rocks at or near surface of the water) :: Riff {n}, Felsenriff {n}
reef {v} (sailing) :: reffen
reef {n} (reef knot) SEE: reef knot ::
reefer {n} (marijuana) SEE: marijuana ::
reefer {n} (marijuana cigarette) :: Joint {m}, Tüte {f}
reef knot {n} (type of knot) :: Kreuzknoten {m}
reek {n} (unpleasant smell) :: Gestank {m}
reek {n} (vapor) :: Dampf {m}
reek {v} (to have or give off a strong, unpleasant smell) :: stinken
reel {n} (spool) :: Spule {f}
reel {n} (device for a harvesting machine) :: Haspel {f}
reel {v} (to walk shakily or unsteadily) :: taumeln
reelect {v} (to elect for a subsequent time) :: wiederwählen
reelection {n} (the act of being elected after already being elected once) :: Wiederwahl {f}
reeling {n} :: Taumel {m}
re-evaluate {v} (evaluate again) :: neu zu bewerten
reeve {n} :: Graf {m}
re-examine {v} (to examine again) :: nachprüfen
refactor {v} ((computing) to rewrite existing source code in order to improve its readability, reusability or structure without affecting its meaning or behaviour) :: überarbeiten
refactoring {n} (process in which code is refactored) :: Refactoring {n}, Refaktorierung {f}, Refaktorisierung {f}, Überarbeiten {n}
refectory {n} (dining-hall) :: Refektorium {n}, Speisesaal {m}, Mensa {f}, Remter {m}
refer {v} (to direct to a source for help or information) :: verweisen
refer {v} (to allude to (grammar term)) :: sich auf etwas beziehen
referee {n} (sport: umpire, judge, the supervisor of a game) :: Schiedsrichter {m}, Schiedsrichterin {f}
referee {n} (person who settles a dispute) :: Schlichter {m} [general], Schiedsmann {m} [in jurisdiction], Ombudsmann {m}, Ombudsfrau {f} [where formalized using this term]
referee {n} (person who writes a letter of reference) :: Empfehlungsgeber {m}, Befürworter {m}, Protagonist {m}
referee {n} (expert who judges a manuscript) :: Rezensent {m}, Lektor {m}
referee {v} (to act as a referee) :: schiedsrichtern
reference {n} (measurement one can compare to) :: Referenz {f}
reference {n} (information about a person) :: Referenz {f}
reference {n} (academic writing: source) :: Quelle {f}
reference {v} (to refer to) :: referenzieren
reference {v} (to mention) :: sich beziehen
reference {n} (reference work) SEE: reference work ::
reference book {n} (book providing factual information) :: Nachschlagewerk {n}, Referenzbuch {n}
reference book {n} (library: book that may not be borrowed) :: Präsenzbestand {m}
reference counting {n} (act of making a count) :: Referenzzählung {f}
reference work {n} (compendium of information) :: Nachschlagewerk {n}
referendum {n} (direct popular vote) :: Referendum {n}, Volksabstimmung {f}
referential integrity {n} (referential integrity) :: referentielle Integrität
referral {n} (act or process of transferring) :: Überweisung {f}
referrer {n} (person who refers another) :: Referrer {m}
refill {v} (to fill up again) :: nachfüllen
refillable {adj} (capable of being refilled) :: nachfüllbar
refine {v} (to improve in accuracy, delicacy, or excellence) :: verfeinern
refinement {n} (act, or the result of refining; the removal of impurities, or a purified material) :: Verbesserung {f}, Veredelung {f}
refinement {n} (high-class style; cultivation) :: Veredeln {n}, Veredelung {f}
refinery {n} (building used to produce refined products) :: Raffinerie {f}
refining {n} (process) SEE: refinement ::
reflect {v} (to bend back from a surface) :: reflektieren, zurückspiegeln, spiegeln
reflect {v} (to be bent back from a surface) :: sich spiegeln, gespiegelt werden
reflect {v} (to mirror, or show the image of something) :: widerspiegeln
reflect {v} (to think seriously; to ponder or consider) :: sinnen, nachdenken, reflektieren
reflecting {n} (instance of reflecting) :: Reflektieren {n}
reflecting telescope {n} :: Spiegelteleskop {n}
reflection {n} (act of reflecting; the state of being reflected) :: Reflexion {f}, Abbild {n}, Reflektion {f}
reflection {n} (property of a propagated wave) :: Reflektion {f}
reflection {n} (something that is reflected) :: Reflektion {f}
reflection {n} (careful thought or consideration) :: Abwägung {f}, Reflektion {f}
reflection {n} (computing: Process of determining the capabilities of an object at run-time) :: Reflexion {f}
reflection nebula {n} (type of nebula) :: Reflexionsnebel {m}
reflector {n} (small reflecting disk on a vehicle) :: Reflektor {m}
reflector {n} (reflecting telescope) SEE: reflecting telescope ::
reflex {n} (automatic response) :: Reflex {m}
reflex {n} (the descendant of an earlier language element, such as a word or phoneme, in a daughter language) :: Kontinuante {f}, Fortsetzer {m}
reflex arc {n} (neural pathway) :: Reflexbogen {m}
reflexive {adj} (in grammar) :: reflexiv
reflexive {adj} (in mathematics) :: reflexiv
reflexive {n} (reflexive pronoun) SEE: reflexive pronoun ::
reflexive {n} (reflexive verb) SEE: reflexive verb ::
reflexive pronoun {n} (a part of speech) :: Reflexivpronomen {n}, Reflexivum {n}
reflexive verb {n} (verb with equivalent subject and direct object) :: reflexives Verb {n}
reflexivity {n} (The condition or state of being reflexive) :: Reflexivität {f}
reflux {n} (backwards flow of any fluid) :: Rückfluss {m}, Reflux {m}
reflux {n} (technique using a reflux condenser) :: Rückfluss {m}
reflux condenser {n} (water-cooled, double walled piece of laboratory glassware) :: Rückflusskühler {m}, Refluxkondensator {m}, Rückflusskondensator {m}
refold {v} (fold again) :: neu falten
reforest {v} (afforest) SEE: afforest ::
reform {n} (amendment) :: Reform {f}
reform {v} (to put into a new and improved form or condition) :: reformieren
reformer {n} (one who reforms, or who works for reform) :: Reformer {m}
reformer {n} (one who was involved in the Reformation) :: Reformator {m}
reformist {adj} (advocating reform of an institution or body) :: reformistisch, Reform-
reformist {n} (one who advocates reform (of an institution)) :: Reformist {m}, Reformistin {f}
Reform Judaism {prop} (a form of Judaism) :: Reformjudentum {n}
refract {v} (to refract) SEE: disperse ::
refract {v} (to cause to change direction) :: brechen
refraction {n} (bending of any wave) :: Brechung {f}
refractive index {n} (ratio of the speed of light in vacuum to another medium) :: Brechzahl {f}, Brechungsindex {m}
refractometer {n} (instrument used to measure the refractive index) :: Refraktometer {n}
refrain {v} (to keep oneself from action) :: sich zurückhalten, Abstand nehmen von
refrain {n} (burden of song) :: Refrain {m}
refresh {v} (to renew or revitalize) :: erfrischen, erquicken, auffrischen
refresh {v} (to reload a document) :: aktualisieren, neu laden
refreshing {adj} (refreshing) :: erfrischend
refreshment {n} (A light snack or drink) :: Erfrischung {f}
refrigerate {v} (freeze) SEE: freeze ::
refrigerate {v} (keep cool in refrigerator) :: kühlen
refrigerate {v} (cool down) SEE: cool down ::
refrigeration {n} (process of transferring heat from an object in order to cool it) :: Kühlung {f}
refrigeration {n} (process of preserving something by cooling) :: Tiefkühlung {f}
refrigerator {n} (appliance) :: Kühlschrank {m}, Kühlraum {m} [large], Eiskasten {m} [Austria], Frigidaire {m} [Austria, obsolete]
refuel {v} (to refill with fuel) :: tanken, auftanken
refuge {n} (state of safety, protection or shelter) :: Zuflucht {f}
refuge {n} (place providing safety, protection or shelter) :: Herberge {f}, Zuflucht {f}
refuge {n} (refuge island) SEE: refuge island ::
refugee {n} (person seeking political asylum) :: Flüchtling {m}, Flüchtlingin {f} [obsolete], Asylant {m}, Asylantin {f}, Asylbewerber {m}, Asylbewerberin {f}
refugee {n} (person seeking economic asylum) :: Flüchtling {m}
refugee {n} (person seeking refuge from natural disaster) :: Flüchtling {m}
refugee {n} (person granted formal asylum) :: Flüchtling {m}
refugee camp {n} (camp built to receive refugees) :: Flüchtlingslager {n}
refuge island {n} (raised platform or other protective barrier in the middle of a street) :: Verkehrsinsel {f}
refund {v} (to return (money) to (someone)) :: erstatten, zurückerstatten
refund {n} (amount of money returned) :: Erstattung {f}, Rückerstattung {f}, Rückzahlung {f}
refurbish {v} (rebuild or replenish) :: wiederaufarbeiten, restaurieren, generalüberholen, wieder instand setzen , alle Mangel beseitigen, wieder in einen gebrauchsfähigen Zustand versetzen
refurbished {adj} (rebuilt or replenished; restored to original working order) :: generalüberholt
refusal {n} (the act of refusing) :: Ablehnung {f}, Weigerung {f}, Verweigerung {f}
refuse {n} (items or material that have been discarded) :: Abfall {m}, Müll {m}
refuse {v} ((transitive) decline (request, demand)) :: sich weigern, verweigern, ablehnen, abschlagen
refuse {v} ((intransitive) decline a request or demand) :: sich weigern
refutability {n} (ability to be refuted) :: Widerlegbarkeit {f}
refutation {n} (an act of refuting) :: Widerlegung {f}, Gegenschrift {f} [in writing]
refute {v} (to prove (something) to be false or incorrect) :: widerlegen, entkräften
refute {v} (to deny the truth or correctness of (something)) :: anfechten, widersprechen
regain {v} (to get back, to recover possession of) :: wiedergewinnen
regal {adj} (of or having to do with royalty) :: königlich, majestätisch
regale {n} (a feast, meal) :: Gastmahl {n}
regale {v} (to please someone with entertainment) :: ergötzen
regale {v} (to provide a meal and entertainment) :: festlich bewirten
regalia {n} (royal rights, prerogatives and privileges) :: Hoheitsrechte {n-p}, Regalien {n-p}
regalia {n} (emblems, symbols or paraphernalia) :: Insignien {f-p}
regalia {n} (decoration or insignia of an office) :: Ornat {m} {n}
regard {n} (concern for another) :: Respekt {m}, Achtung {f}
regard {n} (aspect; detail) :: Bezug {m}, Aspekt {m}, Hinsicht {f}
regard {n} (the estimation in which someone of something is held) :: Wertschätzung {f}
regarding {prep} (concerning) :: bezüglich [+ genitive case], mit Bezug auf [+ accusative case]
regardless {prep} (paying no attention to) :: ungeachtet
regardless of {prep} (without attention to) :: ohne Rücksicht auf
regards {n} (greeting to pass to another person) :: Grüße
regards {n} (greeting at the end of a letter) :: mit freundlichen Grüßen, beste Grüße
regency {n} (system of government) :: Regentschaft {f}
regenerate {v} (to construct or create anew, especially in an improved manner) :: regenerieren
regenerate {v} (to revitalize) :: regenerieren
regenerate {v} (to replace lost or damaged tissue) :: regenerieren, erneuern
Regensburg {prop} (city in Germany) :: Regensburg {n}
regent {n} (one who rules in place of the monarch) :: Regent {m}, Regentin {f}
reggae {n} (music genre) :: Reggae {m}
reggaeton {n} (Latin American musical genre) :: Reggaeton {m}
regicide {n} (the killing of a king) :: Königsmord {m}
regicide {n} (one who kills a king) :: Königsmörder {m}
regime {n} (mode of rule or management) :: Regime {n}
regime {n} (form of government) :: Regime {n}
regime {n} (period of rule) :: Regime {n}
regime change {n} (overthrow of a government) :: Regimewechsel {m}, Regimeänderung {f}
regiment {n} (army unit) :: Regiment {n}
Regina {prop} (female given name) :: Regina
regiolect {n} :: Regiolekt {m}, Regionalsprache {f}, regionale Umgangssprache {f}
region {n} (any considerable and connected part of a space or surface) :: Gegend {f}, Region {f}, Raum {m}, Gebiet {n}
region {n} (an administrative subdivision) :: Bezirk {m}, Gau {n}
regional {adj} (pertaining to a specific region) :: regional
regionalism {n} (linguistic characteristic, see also: provincialism) :: Regionalismus {m}
regional lockout {n} (prevents the playing of imported media on a domestically marketed device) :: regionale Aussperrung
regionally {adv} :: regional
register {n} (formal recording) :: Register
register {n} (computing: part of the central processing unit used to store and manipulate numbers) :: Register {n}
register {n} (linguistics: style of a language used in a particular context) :: Stilschicht, Stilebene, Stilfärbung
register {v} (to enter in a register) :: registrieren
register {n} (cash register) SEE: cash register ::
registered {adj} (having had one's name added to an official list) :: eingetragen, registriert
registered mail {n} (type of mail) :: Einschreiben {n}
registered trademark {n} (officially registered trademark) :: eingetragenes Warenzeichen {n}, eingetragenes Markenzeichen {n}
register office {n} (the local office in which births, marriages and deaths are registered, and in which civil marriages are conducted) :: Standesamt {n}
registrar {n} (official keeper of records) :: Registrator {m}, Registrar {m}
registration {n} (the act of signing up or registering for something) :: Registrierung {f}, Anmelden {n}
registration {n} (that which registers or makes something official) :: Registrierung {f}, Anmeldung {f}
registration {n} (the location where guests register) :: Anmeldung {f}, Empfang {m}, Rezeption {f}
registration {n} (the art of selecting and combining the stops or registers of an organ) :: Registrierung {f}
registry {n} (building) :: Registratur {f}
registry {n} (register) :: Register {n}
registry {n} (registration) :: Registrierung {f}
registry {n} (database) :: Register {n}
regmaglypt {n} (small, shallow indentation or pit on the surface of a meteorite) :: Regmaglypte {f}
regolith {n} (layer of loose rock that constitutes the surface of most land) :: Regolith {m}
regression {n} (an action of regressing, a return to a previous state) :: Rückbildung {f}, Rückfall {m}, Rückgang {m}, Rückschritt {m}
regressive {adj} (whose rate decreases as the amount increases) :: regressiv
regret {v} (feel sorry about some past thing) :: bedauern, bereuen, Leid tun, leidtun
regret {n} (instance of such an emotion) :: Reue {f}
regretful {adj} (full of regret) :: bedauernd, reuevoll
regrettable {adj} (of an event, action, or state, allowing or deserving regret) :: bedauerlich, bedauernswert
regrettably {adv} (in a manner inspiring or deserving regret) :: bedauerlicherweise
regular {adj} (having a constant pattern) :: regulär, regelmäßig, Gleichmäßig
regular {adj} (grammar) :: regelmäßig
regular {adj} (having expected characteristics) :: normal, gewöhnlich
regular {n} (routine visitor) :: Stammgast {m}, Stammgästin {f}
regular {n} (frequent customer) :: Stammkunde {m}
regular {adj} (crystallography: isometric) SEE: isometric ::
regular expression {n} (computing: a concise description of a pattern to be matched) :: regulärer Ausdruck {m}, RegExp {m}, Regex {m}
regular verb {n} (a verb which conjugates regularly) :: regelmäßiges Zeitwort, regelmäßiges Verb {n}, reguläres Verb {n}
regulate {v} (control) SEE: control ::
regulate {v} (adjust) :: regeln, regulieren
regulation {n} (act or condition) :: Regeln {n}
regulation {n} (law or administrative rule) :: Regelung {f}, Regulativ {n}, Bestimmung {f}
regulation {n} (EU: self-effecting legislative act) :: Verordnung {f}
regulatory {adj} (of or pertaining to regulation) :: regulativ, regulatorisch
regulatory framework {n} (set of regulations) :: regulatorischer Rahmen {m}, Regulierungsrahmen {m}, Rahmenregelungen {f-p}, rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen {f-p}, rechtliches Umfeld {n}
Regulus {prop} (star) :: Regulus {m}
rehabilitate {v} (to restore (someone) to their former state, reputation, possessions, status etc.) :: rehabilitieren, wiederherstellen, wiedereinsetzen, wieder einsetzen
rehabilitate {v} (to restore the reputation or image of) :: verteidigen, rehabilitieren, reinwaschen
rehabilitate {v} (to return to original condition) :: wiedereinsetzen, wiederherstellen
rehabilitate {v} (to restore or repair) :: rekonstruieren, wiederherstellen, restaurieren, reparieren, wieder nutzbar machen, reaktivieren, sanieren
rehabilitate {v} (to restore into society) :: wiedereingliedern, rehabilitieren, resozialisieren, wieder eingliedern
rehabilitate {v} (to return to good health after illness) :: rehabilitieren
rehabilitate {v} (to recover) :: sich erholen
rehabilitation {n} (process) :: Rehabilitation {f}, Wiederherstellung {f}, Entlastung {f}, Ehrenrettung {f}, Wiedereinsetzung {f}, Resozialisierung {f}, Wiedernutzbarmachung {f}, Wiedereingliederung {f}
rehash {n} (something reworked, or made up from old materials) :: Aufbereitung {f}
rehearsal {n} (practicing of performance to test or improve it) :: Probe {f}, Übstunde {f}
rehearse {v} (repeat what has already been said) :: wiederholen
rehearse {v} (narrate or tell) :: erzählen
rehearse {v} (practice by repetition or recitation) :: üben, proben
reheat {v} (heat something after it has cooled off) :: aufwärmen, erhitzen
Reich {n} (a German empire or nation) :: Reich {n}
reichsmark {n} (monetary unit) :: Reichsmark {f}
Reichstag {prop} (the lower chamber of the federal parliament of Germany until 1945) :: Reichstag {m}
reification {n} (Consideration of an abstract thing as if it were concrete, or of an inanimate object as if it were living) :: Verdinglichung {f}, Vergegenständlichung {f}, Reifikation {f}
reification {n} (programming: Process that makes out of a non-computable/addressable object a computable/addressable one) :: Reifizierung {f}
reify {v} (to regard something abstract as if it were a concrete material thing) :: verdinglichen, vergegenständlichen, reifizieren [rare]
reign {n} (The exercise of sovereign power) :: Herrschaft {f}, Regentschaft {f}
reign {n} (The period during which a monarch rules) :: Regentschaft {f}
reign {v} (exercise sovereign power) :: herrschen, regieren
reign of terror {n} (period of brutal intimidation by those in power) :: Schreckensherrschaft {f}, Terrorherrschaft {f}
reiki {n} (Japanese form of alternative medicine) :: Reiki {n}
reimburse {v} (to compensate with pay or money; especially, to repay money spent on one's behalf) :: erstatten
reimbursement {n} (compensating someone for an expense.) :: Erstattung {f}
rein {n} (strap or rope) :: Zügel {m}
rein {v} :: zügeln
reincarnation {n} (rebirth of a mental capacity in a physical life form) :: Wiedergeburt {f}, Reinkarnation {f}
reincarnation {n} (idea of such a rebirth) :: Wiedergeburt {f}, Reinkarnation {f}
reincarnation {n} (fresh embodiment) :: Wiedergeburt {f}
reincarnation {n} (new, often improved, version) :: Wiedergeburt {f}
reindeer {n} (Rangifer tarandus) :: Ren {n}, Rentier {n}
reindeer moss {n} (Cladonia rangiferina) :: Rentierflechte {f}
reinette {n} (any of various kinds of apple) :: Renette {f}, Reinette {f}
reinfarction {n} (second or subsequent infarction) :: Reinfarkt {m}, Rezidivinfarkt {m}
reinflate {v} (to inflate again) :: wieder aufblasen
reinflation {n} (inflation again) :: Wiederaufblasen {n}
reinforce {v} (to strengthen by addition) :: verstärken, aussteifen, versteifen, ertüchtigen, aufdoppeln
reinforced concrete {n} (building material) :: Stahlbeton {m}
reinforcement {n} (act or state of reinforcing or being reinforced) :: Verstärkung {f}
reinforcement {n} (thing that reinforces) :: Verstärkung {f}
reinforcement {n} (in plural: additional troops or materiel sent to support a military action) :: Verstärkung {f}
reinforcement {n} (behavioral psychology: process whereby a behavior with desirable consequences comes to be repeated) :: Verstärkung {f}
reinstall {v} (install again) :: neu installieren
reinstate {v} (To restore to a former position or rank) :: wieder einsetzen, wieder einstellen
reinterpret {v} (to interpret again) :: neu interpretieren
reinvent the wheel {v} (do work unnecessarily) :: das Rad neu erfinden
reis {n} (arabic leader) :: Rais {m}
reiterate {v} (to say or do for a second time) :: reiterieren
reject {v} (to throw away, reject) SEE: discard ::
reject {v} (refuse to accept) :: verwerfen, ablehnen, zurückweisen
rejection {n} (the act of rejecting) :: Ablehnung {f}
rejig {v} (rearrange) :: umkrempeln
rejoice {v} (make happy) :: erfreuen
rejoice {v} (be happy) :: sich freuen
rejoinder {n} (defendant's answer) :: Gegenerwiderung {f}, Duplik {f}
rejoinder {n} (reply) :: schlagfertige Erwiderung {f}, schlagfertige Entgegnung {f}, schlagfertige Bemerkung {f}
rejuvenate {v} (render young again) :: verjüngen
rejuvenation {n} (the process of rendering young again) :: Verjüngung {f}
rekindle {v} (To kindle once again) :: wiederentfachen
rekindle {v} (To revive) :: wiederentfachen
relapse {v} (To fall back again) :: zurückfallen
relapse {v} ((medicine) To recur; to worsen) :: sich verschlimmern, sich verschlechtern
relapse {n} (the act or situation of relapsing) :: Rückfall {m}, Rezidiv {n}
relatable {adj} (possible to relate) :: zuordenbar, beziehbar, vermittelbar [of ideas]
relate {v} (to narrate) SEE: narrate ::
relate {v} (to interact) SEE: interact ::
related {adj} (standing in relation or connection) :: in Verbindung stehend, verwandt, ähnlich
related {adj} (being a relative of) :: verwandt
related {adj} (narrated; told) :: erzählt
related {adj} (fulfilling a relation) :: in Relation stehen
relation {n} (way in which two things may be associated) :: Beziehung {f}
relation {n} (mathematics: set of ordered tuples, a Boolean function of two or more arguments) :: Relation {f}
relation {n} (set of ordered tuples retrievable by a database) :: Relation {f}
relation {n} (member of one's family) :: Verwandter {m}, Verwandte {f}, Verwandtschaft {f} [collective], Familienangehöriger {m}, Familienangehörige {f}, Angehöriger {m}, Angehörige {f}, Familienmitglied {n}
relational {adj} (relative) SEE: relative ::
relational {adj} (relating to, using, or being a method of organizing data in a database) :: relational
relational database {n} (relational database) :: relationale Datenbank {f}
relational model {n} (database model) :: relationales Datenbankmodell {n}
relationship {n} (connection or association) :: Beziehung {f}, Verwandtschaft {f}
relationship {n} (kinship) :: Verwandtschaft {f}
relationship {n} (romantic or sexual involvement) :: Beziehung {f}, Verhältnis {n}
relative {adj} (conditional; depending on something else) :: vergleichsweise, relativ
relative {n} (someone in the same family; someone connected by blood, marriage, or adoption) :: Verwandter {m}, Blutsverwandter {m}, Verwandte {f}, Blutsverwandte {f}, Angehöriger {m}, Angehörige {f}, Familienangehöriger {m}, Familienangehörige {f}, Freund {m}, Blutsfreund {m}, Freundin {f}, Blutsfreundin {f}
relative address {n} (a location of data in computer memory) :: relative Adresse {f}
relative clause {n} (type of subordinate clause) :: Relativsatz {m}
relative humidity {n} (amount of water vapor in the air) :: relative Luftfeuchtigkeit {f}
relatively {adv} (proportionally) :: relativ, verhältnismäßig
relatively {adv} (somewhat) SEE: somewhat ::
relatively prime {adj} ((of two or more positive integers) having no factors in common) :: relativ prim
relative pronoun {n} (pronoun that introduces a relative clause) :: Relativpronomen {n}
relative superlative {n} (a form of the superlative) :: relativer Superlativ {m}
relativism {n} (theory that truth and moral values are relative) :: Relativismus {m}
relativity {n} (the state of being relative) :: Relativität {f}
relativity {n} (physics principle) :: Relativität {f}
relax {v} (to calm down) :: relaxen, runterkommen, beruhigen
relax {v} (to make something loose) :: lockern, entspannen
relax {v} (to become loose) :: locker werden
relax {v} (to make something less severe or tense) :: entspannen, lockern
relax {v} (to become less severe or tense) :: entspannen, locker werden
relax {v} (to make something (such as codes and regulations) more lenient) :: entspannen, lockern
relax {v} (to become more lenient) :: entspannen, locker werden
relax {v} (to relieve (something) from stress) :: entspannen
relaxed {adj} (having an easy-going mood) :: entspannt, locker
relaxed {adj} (free from tension or anxiety, at ease) :: entspannt
relay {n} (electrical actuator) :: Relais {n}
relay {n} (athletics discipline) :: Staffellauf {m}
relay race {n} (sports contest) :: Staffelwettbewerb {m} [general], Staffellauf {m} [running], Staffelschwimmen {n} [swimming]
releasable {adj} (capable of, or suitable for, release) :: lösbar [capable ], freizugebend [suitable ], freigebbar
release {n} (event of setting free) :: Entlassen {n}
release {n} (software: distribution of a computer software product) :: Version {f}
release {n} (product made recently available) :: Veröffentlichung {f}
release {n} (that which is released or let go) :: Freisetzung {f}
release {n} (law: giving up of a claim; debt release) :: Schulderlass {m}
release {v} (to let go (of)) :: loslassen
release {v} (to make available to the public) :: veröffentlichen
release {v} (to free or liberate) :: freilassen
release {v} (to discharge) :: freisetzen
release version {n} (a software development status) :: Release-Version {f}
releasing hormone {n} (hormone that is involved primarily in stimulating the release of another hormone) :: Releasing-Hormon {n}
relegate {v} (to exile) :: verbannen, fortschicken, absetzen, relegieren
relegate {v} (to consign) :: zurückstufen, herabsetzen, degradieren, zurückversetzen, herabstufen, absteigen lassen, einstufen, zuweisen
relegate {v} (to refer) :: zuweisen
relegation {n} (act of being relegated) :: Abstieg {m}, Absteigen {n}
relentless {adj} (unrelenting or unyielding in severity) :: unnachgiebig
relevance {n} (property or state of being relevant, pertinency) :: Relevanz {f}, Aktualität {f}, Belang {m}
relevancy {n} (relevance) SEE: relevance ::
relevant {adj} (directly related, connected, or pertinent to a topic) :: relevant
reliability {n} (quality of being reliable) :: Zuverlässigkeit {f}
reliability {n} (quality of a measurement) :: belastbar {f}
reliable {adj} (fit to be relied on) :: verlässlich, zuverlässig
reliably {adv} (in a reliable manner) :: zuverlässig, verlässlich
reliance {n} (The act of relying on someone or something; trust) :: Verlass {m}, Vertrauen {n}
reliance {n} (The condition of being reliant or dependent) :: Abhängigkeit {f}
reliance {n} (A person or thing which relies on another) :: Vertrauende {m}, Abhängige {m}
reliant {adj} (having reliance on somebody or something) :: abhängig, angewiesen
relic {n} (old thing, possibly kept for sentimental reasons) :: Relikt {m}
relic {n} (part of a body or an object of religious significance) :: Reliquie {f}
relief {n} (removal of stress or discomfort) :: Erleichterung {f}, Entlastung {f}
relief {n} (feeling associated with removal of stress or discomfort) :: Erleichterung {f}
relief {n} (person who takes over a shift) :: Ablösung {f}
relief {n} (humanitarian aid or assistance) :: Hilfe {f}, Unterstützung {f}, Beistand {m}
relief {n} (aid or assistance offered in time of need) :: Nothilfe {f}
relief {n} (type of artwork) :: Relief {n}
relief {n} (difference of elevations on a surface) :: Relief {n}
relief printing {n} (printing method) :: Hochdruckverfahren {m}
relieve oneself {v} :: seine Notdurft verrichten
religation {n} (second or subsequent ligation) :: Wiederverschluss {m}, Religation {f}
religion {n} (system of beliefs dealing with soul, deity and/or life after death) :: Religion {f}
religiosity {n} (quality of being religious) :: Religiosität {f}
religious {adj} (concerning religion) :: religiös, gläubig
religious {adj} (committed to the practice of religion) :: religiös, gläubig
religiousness {n} (religiosity) SEE: religiosity ::
relinquish {v} (to give up, abandon) :: verlassen, aufgeben, überlassen
relinquish {v} (to let go, physically release) :: abtreten, Verzicht leisten {f}, verzichten
relinquish {v} (to surrender, yield control or possession) :: aufgeben
relinquish {v} (to accept to give up, withdraw etc.) :: aufgeben, abtreten
reliquary {n} (container for religious relics) :: Reliquienschrein {m}, Reliquiar {n}
relish {n} (pleasing taste) :: Aroma {n}, Geschmack {m}, Genuß {m}
relish {n} (savor; quality; characteristic tinge) :: Qualität {f}, Geschmack {m}, Eigenart {f}, Besonderheit {f}, Charakteristik {f}
relish {n} (fondness) :: Vorliebe {f}, Interesse {n}, Neigung {f}, Zuneigung {f}
relish {n} (pickled sauce) :: [specialist use, chiefly for foreign cuisines] Chutney {n}, Relish {n}; [any liquid-based condiment] Soße {f}; [any fairly dry condiment] Würze {f}; [vegetable-based side dish] Gemüse {n}, Gemüsesalat {m}
relish {v} (to taste or eat with pleasure; to like the flavor of) :: genießen, sich schmecken lassen, reizvoll finden
relish {v} (to take great pleasure in) :: Gefallen finden an, mit Wollust tun, mit Genuß tun, mit Freude tun, mit Begeisterung tun, begeistert sein, genußvoll tun
relish {v} ((obsolete) to give a relish to; to cause to taste agreeably) :: aromatisieren
relish {v} ((obsolete) to have a pleasing or appetizing taste) :: schmecken
reload {v} (load a gun or cartridge again) :: nachladen
relocate {v} (to move (something) from one place to another) :: umziehen, verlagern, verlegen
relocation {n} (moving to another place) :: Umzug {m}
reluctance {n} (unwillingness to do something) :: Widerstreben {n}
reluctant {adj} (not wanting to take some action) :: zögernd, widerwillig, widerstrebend
reluctantly {adv} (in a reluctant manner) :: ungern
rely {v} (rest with confidence) :: sich verlassen (auf)
rely on {v} (to be confident in) :: sich verlassen auf, zählen auf
remain {n} :: Überrest {m} , Überreste {m} , sterbliche Überreste {m}
remain {v} (to stay behind while others withdraw) :: bleiben, [stay behind] zurückbleiben, [to be left over] übrigbleiben
remain {v} (to continue unchanged) :: bleiben
remain {v} (to continue in a state of being) :: bleiben
remain {n} (That which is left of a being after its life is gone) SEE: remains ::
remainder {n} (what remains after some has been removed) :: Rest {m}
remainder {n} (mathematics: amount left over after repeatedly subtracting the divisor) :: Rest {m}
remainder {n} (items left unsold and subject to reduction in price) :: Restposten
remainder {n} :: Rest {m}
remainder {v} (commerce) :: runtersetzen
remains {n} (remains) SEE: wreck ::
remains {n} (what is left after a person (or any organism) dies; a corpse) :: Gebeine {p}, Überreste {m-p}
remains {n} (relic of an ancient building or other structure) :: Ruinen {p}
remain to be seen {v} (be as yet unknown) :: zeigen [reflexive], abzuwarten bleiben
remake {n} (new version of film) :: Remake {n}
remand {n} (sending an accused person back into custody) :: Präventivhaft {f}
remand {n} (sending a matter back to a lower court) :: Zurückverweisung {f}
remand {v} (send a case back to a lower court) :: zurückverweisen
remark {n} (expression of something noticed) :: Bemerkung {f}, Anmerkung {f}
remark {n} :: Bemerkung {f}
remarkable {adj} (worthy of being remarked) :: bemerkenswert, verwunderlich
remastered {adj} (that has been produced by remastering) :: überarbeitet, neu gemastert
rematch {n} (second contest between the same opponents, a return game) :: Revanche {f}
remedial {adj} (intended to correct or improve deficient skills) :: Nachhilfe-, -nachhilfe {f}
remediation {n} (action or process to remedy a situation) :: Sanierung {f} (ecology), Wiedergutmachung {f}
remedy {n} (something that corrects or counteracts) :: Gegenmittel {n}
remedy {n} (medicine, application, or treatment) :: Heilmittel {n}
remedy {v} (To provide or serve as a remedy for) :: beheben
remember {v} (to recall from one's memory) :: sich erinnern
remember {v} (to memorize) :: sich merken
remember {v} ((obsolete) to remind) SEE: remind ::
remembrance {n} :: Erinnerung {f}
Remich {prop} (city) :: Remich
remind {v} (Cause one to experience a memory; bring to a person's notice) :: erinnern
reminder {n} (something that reminds) :: Gedächtnisstütze {f}
reminder {n} ((finance) Writing that reminds of open payments) :: Mahnung {f}, Mahnungbrief {n}, Mahnschreiben {n}, Zahlungserinnerung {f}
reminiscence {n} (act of remembering) :: Erinnern {n}
reminiscence {n} (mental image) :: Erinnerung an {f}, Erinnerungen {p} {f}, Rückerinnerung {f}, Reminiszenz {f}
reminiscent {adj} (of, or relating to reminiscence) :: reminiszent, erinnernd
reminiscent {adj} (suggestive of an earlier event or times) :: erinnernd, wachrufend
reminiscent {adj} (tending to bring some memory etc. to mind) :: erinnernd, Erinnerungen hervorrufend
reminiscent {adj} (remembering; undergoing reminiscence) :: erinnernd
remiss {adj} (not energetic or exact in duty or business; careless) :: nachlässig
remission {n} (pardon of a sin) :: Erlass {m}, Vergebung {f}
remit {v} (to postpone) SEE: postpone ::
remittance {n} (A payment to a remote recipient) :: Geldüberweisung {f}, Überweisung {f}
remix {n} (rearrangement of an older piece of music) :: Remix {m}
remnant {n} (small portion remaining of a larger thing or group) :: Rest {m}, Überbleibsel {n}, Relikt {n}, Überrest
remnant {n} (unsold end of piece goods) :: Restposten {m}
remodel {v} (to change appearance of) :: umbilden, umgestalten
remora {n} (elongate fish from the family Echeneidae) :: Schiffshalter {m}
remorse {n} (feeling of regret or sadness for doing wrong or sinning) :: Reue {f}, Gewissensbisse {p}
remorseful {adj} (feeling or filled with remorse) :: reuevoll, reumütig, reuig
remorseful {adj} (expressing or caused by remorse) :: reuevoll, reumütig, reuig
remote {adj} (at a distance) :: fern, entfernt, abgelegen, fernbetrieb
remote {n} (remote control) :: Fernbedienung {f}
remote control {n} (device used to operate an appliance or mechanical toy from a short distance away) :: [all senses] Fernsteuerung {f}; [with non-vehicles more often] Fernbedienung {f}
remote control {n} (means) :: Fernsteuerung {f}
remoteness {n} (quality of being remote) :: Abgelegenheit {f}
remote sensing {n} (gaining information about an object without coming in direct contact with it) :: Fernerkundung {f}
remote sensing {n} (remote viewing) SEE: remote viewing ::
remote viewing {n} (paranormal ability to gather information from great distances) :: Fernwahrnehmung {f}
remoulade {n} (condiment) :: Remoulade {f}
removal {n} (The relocation of a business etc) :: Umzug {m}
removal {n} (The dismissal of someone from office) :: Entlassung {f}
remove {v} (to remove) SEE: delete ::
remove {v} (to take away) :: entfernen
remove {v} (to murder someone) :: beseitigen
remove {v} (to discard, set aside) :: verdrängen
remove {v} (to change one's residence) :: umziehen
REM sleep {n} (stage of sleep during which most brain activity and dreams occur, characterised by rapid eye movement) :: REM-Schlaf {m}, REM-Phase {n}, paradoxer Schlaf {m}, desynchronisierter Schlaf {m}
remuneration {n} (something given in exchange for goods or services rendered) :: Vergütung {f}, Belohnung {f}
remuneration {n} (a payment for work done; wages, salary, emolument) :: Lohn {m}
remuneration {n} (a recompense for a loss; compensation) :: Entschädigung {f}
Remus {prop} (the founder of Rome) :: Remus
ren {n} (a kidney) SEE: kidney ::
renaissance {n} (rebirth or revival) :: Wiedergeburt {f}
renaissance {n} (Renaissance) SEE: Renaissance ::
Renaissance {prop} (14th century revival) :: Renaissance {f}
Renaissance {prop} (the period) :: Renaissance {f}
Renaissance {prop} (any similar revival) :: Renaissance {f}, Wiedergeburt {f}
Renaissance {adj} (relating to the Renaissance) :: renaissancistisch
Renaissance {adj} (relating to the style of the Renaissance) :: renaissancistisch
renal {adj} (pertaining to the kidneys) :: renal, Nieren-
renal pelvis {n} (funnel-like dilated proximal part of the ureter in the kidney) :: Nierenbecken {n}
rename {v} (to give a new name to) :: umbenennen, umtaufen
renaming {n} (act in which something is renamed) :: Umbenennung {f}
Renata {prop} (female given name) :: Renate
renationalize {v} :: reverstaatlichen
render {v} (to cause to become) :: zu etwas führen, machen
render {v} (to interpret) :: interpretieren, wiedergeben, aufführen, vortragen
render {v} (to translate) :: übersetzen
render {v} (to pass down) :: verkünden, fällen
render {v} (to make over as a return) :: übergeben, wiedergeben, zurückgeben
render {v} (to give; to give back) :: geben, zurückgeben, leisten, übergeben, erbringen, erweisen
render {v} (to transform digital information in the form received from a repository into a display on a computer screen, or for other presentation to the user) :: rendern, ausgeben, synthetisieren, wiedergeben, erzeugen, simulieren, berechnen
render {v} (to capture and turn over to another country secretly) :: entführen
render {v} (convert animal fat into liquid form or into a usable byproduct) :: auslassen, ausschmelzen, umsetzen
render {v} (cover a wall with a layer of plaster) :: verputzen, putzen
render {v} (to pass; to run; said of the passage of a rope through a block, eyelet, etc.) :: durchlaufen
render {v} (to yield or give way) :: Vorfahrt {f} achten, durchlassen
render {n} (stucco or plaster) :: Wandputz {m}
render {n} (a digital image produced by rendering a model) :: Bildsynthese {f}, Modellierung {f}, Simulation {f}, Darstellung {f}, Wiedergabe {f}
renderer {n} (computer graphics: a process that generates a visual image) :: Renderer {m}
render unto Caesar {v} (to give (something) to one's state or government, especially in the form of a tax payment) :: gebt dem Kaiser, was des Kaisers ist
rendezvous {n} (meeting or date) :: Rendezvous {n}
rendezvous {n} (agreement to meet) :: Rendezvous {n}
rendezvous {v} (meet at an agreed time and place) :: sich treffen
rendition {n} (interpretation of a musical score) :: Wiedergabe {f}, Interpretation {f}, Aufführung {f}, Vortrag {m}
Renée {prop} (female given name) SEE: Renata ::
renegade {n} (outlaw or rebel) :: Rebell
renegade {n} (disloyal person who betrays or deserts his cause or religion etc.) :: Abtrünniger {m}, Überläufer {m}, Renegat {m}
renege {v} (break a promise or commitment) :: (sein) Wort brechen, nicht Wort halten
renege {v} (deny, renounce) :: verleugnen
renegotiate {v} (to negotiate new terms) :: neu verhandeln, neu aushandeln, nachverhandeln
renew {v} (to make new again) :: erneuern
renew {v} (to substitute for a new one of the same nature) :: erneuern
renewable {adj} (Able to be renewed) :: erneuerbar
renewable {adj} (Sustainable) :: erneuerbar, nachwachsend, nachhaltig
renewable energy {n} :: erneuerbare Energie {f}, regenerative Energie {f}
renewal {n} (act of renewing) :: Erneuerung {f}
renminbi {n} (currency in China) :: Renminbi {m}
rennet {n} (An enzyme) :: Lab {n}
rennet stomach {n} (abomasum) SEE: abomasum ::
renovate {v} (to renew; to revamp) :: renovieren, erneuern, restaurieren
renovated butter {n} (product made by cleaning rancid butter) :: renovierte Butter {f}, Prozeßbutter {f} [pre-1996 spelling], Prozessbutter {f} [post-1996 spelling, rare]
renovation {n} (act or process of renovating) :: Renovierung {f}
renown {n} (Fame or wide recognition) :: Ansehen {n}, Ruf {m}, Ruhm {m}
renowned {adj} (famous) :: berühmt, renommiert
rent {n} (payment made by a tenant) :: Miete {f}, Mietzins {m}
rent {n} (payment made for the use of equipment or a service) :: Miete {f}, Mietzins {m}
rent {v} (to occupy premises in exchange for rent) :: mieten
rent {v} (to grant occupation in return for rent) :: vermieten
rent {v} (obtain/have temporary possession of an object such as a movie) :: mieten
rent {n} (a tear or rip) :: Riss {m}
rental {n} (business) :: Verleih {m}
rental car {n} (rented car) :: Mietwagen {m}
rent-a-mob {n} (rent-a-mob) :: bestellbarer Haufen Randalierer {m}
rent boy {n} (young male prostitute) :: Callboy {m}, Gigolo {m}, Stricher {m} [pejorativ]
rentcharge {n} (periodic payment) :: Rentenschuld {f}
rentier {n} (individual who receives capital income) :: Rentier {m}, Rentière {f}
reoffender {n} (repeat offender) SEE: repeat offender ::
rep {n} (reputation) SEE: reputation ::
rep {n} (representative) SEE: representative ::
rep {n} (repetition) SEE: repetition ::
repaid {v} (past tense of repay) :: zurückgezahlt
repaid {v} (past participle of repay) :: zurückgezahlt
repair {v} (to restore to good working order) :: reparieren
repair {n} (act of repairing something) :: Reparatur {f}
repair {n} (result of repairing something) :: Ausbesserung {f}, Instandsetzung {f}
repair {v} (to transfer oneself to another place) :: begeben
reparation {n} (payment to undo transgressions) :: Reparation {f}, Entschädigung {f}, Wiedergutmachung {f}
reparation {n} (renewing or restoring) :: Reparatur {f}
repartee {n} (swift witty retort) :: schlagfertige Antwort {f}; Konter {m}
repartee {n} (conversation marked by swift witty retorts) :: Schlagabtausch {m}; Geplänkel {n}
repartee {n} (skill in making swift witty retorts) :: Schlagfertigkeit {f}
repartee {v} (to reply with a swift witty retort) :: schlagfertig antworten
repartee {v} (to have a conversation marked by swift witty retorts) :: sich einen Schlagabtausch {m} liefern
repast {n} (literary: a meal) :: Mahl {n}
repatriation {n} (the process of returning of a person to their country of origin) :: Repatriierung {f}
repay {v} (pay back) SEE: pay back ::
repdigit {n} (number composed of one digit) :: Schnapszahl {f}
repeal {v} (to cancel) :: annullieren
repeat {v} (do or say again) :: wiederholen
repeated {adj} (said or done again) :: wiederholt
repeatedly {adv} (done several times) :: wiederholt
repeat offender {n} (repeat offender) :: Mehrfachtäter {m}, Mehrfachtäterin {f}, Wiederholungstäter {m}, Wiederholungstäterin {f}
repechage {n} (heat for competitors who have lost in a previous round) :: [esp. in rowing] Hoffnungslauf {m}, [in fencing] Trostrunde {f}
repel {v} (physics: to force away) :: abstoßen
repent {v} (to feel sorrow or regret for what one has done or omitted to do) :: bereuen
repent {v} (to feel pain on account of, to remember with sorrow) :: bereuen, bedauern
repent {v} :: bereuen, bedauern
repentance {n} (condition of being penitent) :: Reue {f}
repentance {n} (feeling of regret or remorse) :: Reue {f}
repentant {adj} (feeling sorrow for wrongdoing) :: reumütig
repercussion {n} (consequence, result of action) :: Echo {n}, Widerhall {m}, Auswirkung {f}, Nachwirkung {f}, Rückwirkung {f}
repertoire {n} (list of dramas, operas, pieces, parts, etc., which a company or a person has rehearsed) :: Repertoire {n}
repertoire {n} (set of skills possessed by a person; collection of items) :: Repertoire {n}
repetition {n} (act or an instance of repeating or being repeated) :: Wiederholung {f}, Repetition {f}
repetitious {adj} (characterized by excessive repetition) :: wiederholend
repetitive {adj} (happening many times in a similar way) :: repetitiv
rephrase {v} (find a different way to say something) :: umformulieren
replace {v} (to substitute) :: ersetzen
replaceable {adj} (capable of being replaced) :: ersetzbar
replacement {n} (a person or thing that takes the place of another; a substitute) :: Ersatz {m}, Ersatzspieler {m}
replacement {n} (act of replacing) :: Ersatz {m}
replay {n} (the replaying of something) :: abspielen
replete {adj} (abounding) :: satt
replica {n} (exact copy) :: Nachbildung {f}, exakte Kopie {f}
replication {n} (process by which an object, person, place or idea may be copied) :: Nachbildung {f}, Nachbau {m}, Vervielfältigung {f}, Kopieren {n}, Replizierung {f}, Replikation {f}
replication {n} (copy, reproduction) :: Nachbildung {f}, Nachbau {m}, Vervielfältigung {f}, Kopie {f}, Replikation {f}, Replikat {n}
replication {n} (a response from the plaintiff to the defendant's plea) :: Erwiderung {f}, Gegenrede {f}, Replik {f}
reply {v} (to give a written or spoken response) :: antworten, erwidern
reply {n} (written or spoken response) :: Antwort {f}, Entgegnung {f}
reply {n} (something given in reply) :: Antwort
report {v} (to relate details of) :: berichten, melden, anzeigen (to report someone for something [to the police]), verzeigen [Switzerland, Liechtenstein]
report {v} (to notify formally) :: melden
report {v} (military: to appear or present oneself) :: sich melden
report {n} (information describing events) :: Bericht {m}, Reportage {f}, Mitteilung {f}, Meldung
reportage {n} (reporting of news, especially by an eyewitness) :: Berichterstattung {f}
reportage {n} (news or information that has been reported; media coverage) :: Berichterstattung {f}
report card {n} (grades) :: Zeugnis {n}, Zeugnisblatt {n}, Schulzeugnis {n}
reported speech {n} (a form of speech used to express what another has said) :: indirekte Rede {f}
reporter {n} (journalist) :: Reporter {m}, Reporterin {f}
reporting {n} (creation of reports) :: Berichterstattung {f}, Berichtswesen {n}
repository {n} (a location for storage, often for safety or preservation) :: Ablage {f}, Depot {n}, Archiv {n}
reprehensible {adj} (blameworthy) :: verwerflich
reprehensible {adj} (deserving of reprehension) :: tadelnswert, rügenswert, kritikwürdig
represent {v} (to stand in the place of) :: darstellen, repräsentieren
representation {n} :: Repräsentation {f}, Darstellung {f}
representative {adj} (typical) :: repräsentativ
representative {n} (one who speaks for another) :: Repräsentant {m}, Vertreter {m}, Sprecher {m}
representative {n} (representative of a constituency) :: Abgesandter {m}, Vertreter {m}, Delegierter {m}
representative {n} (one that is taken as typical of its class) :: Repräsentant {m}
representative {n} (company agent) :: Vertreter {m}, Außendienstler {m}, Aussendienstler {m}, Gebietsrepräsentant {m}
repression {n} (act of repressing) :: Repression {f}
repressive {adj} (serving to repress or suppress; oppressive) :: repressiv
reprieve {n} (cancellation of a punishment) :: Begnadigung {f}, Strafaufschub {m}, Galgenfrist {f}, Gnadenfrist {f}, Vollzugsaufschub {m}, Frist {f}, Atempause {f}, Aufschub {m}
reprieve {n} (relief from pain) :: Erlösung {f}, Erleichterung {f}, Atempause {f}
reprimand {n} (a severe, formal or official reproof) :: Zurechtweisung {f}, Maßregelung {f}, Rüffel {m}
reprimand {v} (to reprove in a formal or official way) :: zurechtweisen, maßregeln, abkanzeln, rüffeln
reprint {n} (printed matter that has been published before but is now being released again) :: Neuauflage {f}, Neudruck {m}, Nachdruck {m}
reprint {v} (to print something that has been published in print before) :: neu auflegen, neu drucken, nachdrucken
reprisal {n} (retaliation) :: Vergeltungsmaßnahme {f}, Repressalie {f}, Vergeltungsschlag {m}, Vergeltungsakt {m}
reprise {n} (repetition) SEE: repetition ::
repristinate {v} (To restore to an original state) :: repristinieren
reprivatization {n} (returning to private ownership) :: Reprivatisierung {f}
reproach {n} (mild rebuke, or an implied criticism) :: Vorwurf {m}
reproach {n} (disgrace or shame) :: Schande {f}
reproach {v} (to criticize or rebuke someone) :: einen Vorwurf machen, Vorwürfe machen, vorwerfen
reproachful {adj} (with reproach) :: vorwurfsvoll
reprobate {adj} (rejected) :: zurückgewiesen, abgelehnt, aussortiert
reprobate {adj} (rejected by God) :: verworfen
reprobate {adj} (immoral) :: verkommen, verwerflich, verworfen, ruchlos
reprobate {n} (sinful person) :: Sünder {m}
reprobate {n} (individual with low morals) :: Schurke {m}, Gauner {m}, Halunke {m}
reprobate {v} (condemn) :: verdammen
reprobate {v} (abandon) :: verlassen, für gottlos erklären
reprobate {v} (refuse) :: verwerfen, verwehren, verweigern, ablehnen
reproduce {v} (to produce an image or copy of something) :: reproduzieren
reproduce {v} (to generate offspring) :: sich vermehren, sich reproduzieren
reproducibility {n} (quality of being reproducible) :: Reproduzierbarkeit {f}
reproducible {adj} (capable of being reproduced at a different time or place and by different people) :: reproduzierbar
reproduction {n} (the act of reproducing new individuals biologically) :: Fortpflanzung {f}, Reproduktion {f}
reproduction {n} (the process by which an organism produces others of its kind) SEE: procreation ::
reproductive {adj} (of or relating to reproduction) :: reproduktiv, Fortpflanzungs-
reproductive organ {n} (organ used in sexual reproduction) SEE: sex organ ::
reprotoxic {adj} (having a toxic effect on reproduction) :: fortpflanzungsgefährdend
reprove {v} (to convey one's disapproval of (something)) :: rügen, tadeln, maßregeln, zurechtweisen, mahnen, ermahnen
reptile {n} (a cold-blooded vertebrate) :: Kriechtier {n}, Reptil {n}, Wurm {m} [poetic]
reptiloid {n} (a reptilian humanoid creature) :: Reptiloid {m}
republic {n} (a type of state) :: Republik {f}
republic {n} (one of the kinds of parts constituting Russia) :: Republik {f}, Teilrepublik
republican {adj} (of or belonging to a republic) :: republikanisch
republican {n} (someone who favors a republic) :: Republikaner {m}, Republikanerin {f}
Republican {adj} (republican) SEE: republican ::
Republican {adj} (pertaining to the Republican Party) :: republikanisch
Republican {n} (supporter of the Republican Party of the U.S.) :: Republikaner {m}, Republikanerin {f}
republicanism {n} (republicanism as a form of government) :: Republikanismus {m}
Republic of Albania {prop} (Official name of Albania) :: Republik Albanien {f}
Republic of Armenia {prop} (official name of Armenia) :: Republik Armenien {f}
Republic of Austria {prop} (official name of Austria) :: Republik Österreich {f}
Republic of Bulgaria {prop} (official name of Bulgaria) :: Republik Bulgarien {f}
Republic of China {prop} (state in East Asia) :: Rebublik China {f}, Taiwan {n}
Republic of Croatia {prop} (official name of Croatia) :: Republik Kroatien {f}
Republic of Côte d'Ivoire {prop} (official name of Côte d'Ivoire) :: Republik Côte d’Ivoire {f}
Republic of Estonia {prop} (official name of Estonia) :: Republik Estland {f}
Republic of Finland {prop} (official full name of Finland) :: Republik Finnland {f}
Republic of Hungary {prop} (former official name of Hungary) :: Republik Ungarn {f}
Republic of Iceland {prop} (conventional descriptive name of Iceland) :: Republik Island {m}
Republic of India {prop} (official name of India) :: Republik Indien {f}
Republic of Ireland {prop} (country) :: Republik Irland
Republic of Korea {prop} (country) :: Republik Korea {f}
Republic of Kosovo {prop} (official name of Kosovo) :: Republik Kosovo {f}
Republic of Latvia {prop} (Official name of Latvia) :: Republik Lettland {f}
Republic of Lithuania {prop} (Official name of Lithuania) :: Republik Litauen {f}
Republic of Macedonia {prop} (Republic of Macedonia, see also: Macedonia) :: Republik Mazedonien {f}
Republic of North Macedonia {prop} (Republic of North Macedonia, see also: North Macedonia) :: Republik Nordmazedonien {f}
Republic of Peru {prop} :: Republik Peru
Republic of Poland {prop} (official name of Poland) :: Republik Polen {f}
Republic of Serbia {prop} (official name of Serbia) :: Republik Serbien {f}
Republic of Slovenia {prop} (official name of Slovenia) :: Republik Slowenien {f}
Republic of South Africa {prop} (official name of South Africa) :: Republik Südafrika {f}
Republic of the Congo {prop} (country) :: Republik Kongo {f}
Republic of Turkey {prop} (official name of the country of Turkey) :: Republik Türkei {f}
Republika Srpska {prop} (Entity within Bosnia and Herzegovina) :: Republika Srpska {f}
repudiate {v} (to reject the truth of, deny) :: verleugnen (sb./sth.), abstreiten, leugnen, zurückweisen
repudiate {v} (to refuse to have anything to do with) :: verleugnen, verstoßen, sich distanzieren, zurückweisen, sich verweigern
repudiation {n} (refusing) :: Ablehnung {f}
repudiator {n} (one who repudiates) :: Ablehner {m}, Ablehnerin {f}, Nichtanerkenner {m}, Nichtanerkennerin {f}, Verleugner {m}, Verleugnerin {f}
repugnant {adj} (offensive or repulsive; arousing disgust or aversion) :: abstoßend, widerlich
repulsive {adj} (tending to rouse aversion or to repulse) :: abstoßend, widerlich
repulsive {adj} (physics: having the capacity to repel) :: abweisend
repurpose {v} (alter) :: umändern, abändern, umwandeln, abwandeln
reputable {adj} (having a good reputation) :: ehrbar, ehrenhaft, ehrenwert, achtenswert, achtbar, reputabel, reputierlich
reputation {n} (what somebody is known for) :: Ansehen {n}, Ruf {m}, Klang {f}, Bekanntheit {f}
repute {n} (reputation, especially a good reputation) :: Ruf {m}
request {v} (to express the need or desire for) :: anfordern, erwünschen, verlangen nach, begehren
request {v} (to ask somebody to do something) :: erbitten, ersuchen, bitten um
request {n} (act of requesting) :: Bitte {f}, Nachfrage {f}, Wunsch {m}, Begehren {n}, Begehr {n}, Ersuchen {n}, Gesuch {n}
request {n} (formal message requesting something) :: Gesuch {n}, Ansinnen {n}, Antrag {m}, Anfrage {f}, Eingabe {f}
request {n} (condition of being sought after) :: Nachfrage {f}
request {n} (message sent over a network) :: Anfrage {f}, Request {m}
requiem {n} (mass to honor and remember a dead person) :: Requiem {n}, Totenmesse {f}, Seelenmesse {f}
requiem {n} (musical composition composed for such a mass) :: Requiem {n}, Totenmesse {f}
requiem shark {n} (member of the Carcharhinidae) :: Requiemhai {m}
requiescat in pace {phrase} (may he/she rest in peace) :: er ruhe in Frieden, möge er in Frieden ruhen
require {v} (ask) SEE: ask ::
require {v} (to demand, call for authoritatively) :: erfordern
require {v} (to need) :: brauchen, benötigen
requirement {n} (necessity) :: Anforderung {f}
requirement {n} (something asked) :: Anforderung {f}
requirement {n} (engineering: constraint) :: Anforderung {f}
requisite {adj} (essential; required) :: erforderlich, notwendig
requisite {n} (indispensable item) :: Erfordernis, Voraussetzung
requisition {v} (to demand something) :: requirieren
requite {v} (to repay, recompense, reward) :: belohnen, erwidern
requite {v} (to retaliate) :: vergelten
reread {v} (to read again) :: wieder lesen, nochmals lesen
reredos {n} (screen or decoration behind the altar in a church) SEE: retable ::
reroute {v} (to change the route taken by something) :: umleiten
rerun {n} (television program shown after its initial presentation) :: Wiederaufführung {f}, Widerholung {f}
resalable {adj} (capable of being resold) :: wiederverkaufbar, wiederverkaufsfähig, wiederverkäuflich
reschedule {v} (to schedule again) :: verlegen, verschieben, vertagen, umbuchen
rescind {v} (repeal, annul, or declare void) :: widerrufen, annullieren, aufheben, für ungültig erklären, rückgängig machen, außer Kraft setzen, zurücknehmen, zurückziehen
rescript {n} (legal gloss provided by an absolute ruler) :: Reskript {n}
rescript {n} (legal gloss provided by the pope without precedential force) :: Reskript {n}
rescue {v} (to save from any danger or violence) :: retten
rescue {n} (act of rescuing, saving) :: Rettung {f}
rescue {n} (liberation) SEE: liberation ::
rescuer {n} (person who rescues) :: Retter {m}
resealable {n} (package or opening designed so that it can be resealed) :: wiederverschließbar
research {n} (inquiry or examination) :: Forschung {f}
research {n} (piece of research) :: Untersuchung {f}, Forschungsarbeit {f}
research {v} (to examine with continued care) :: forschen, erforschen
research {v} (to make an investigation into) :: erforschen, recherchieren
researcher {n} (one who researches) :: Forscher {m}, Forscherin {f}
research professor {n} :: Forschungsprofessor
resect {v} (remove part of an organ surgically) :: resektieren, herausschneiden
resell {v} (To sell again) :: wiederverkaufen
reseller {n} (company or individual) :: Wiederverkäufer {m}
resemblance {n} (state of resembling) :: Ähnlichkeit {f}
resemble {v} (compare) SEE: compare ::
resemble {v} (to be like or similar to something else) :: ähneln, gleichen
resent {v} (to feel resentment) :: grollen, böse sein, hassen
resent {v} (to express displeasure or indignation at) :: sich ärgern, empört sein, sich empören, übelnehmen, verübeln, übel nehmen
resentful {adj} (full of resentment) :: empört, verärgert, ärgert
resentful {adj} :: empört, verärgert
resentment {n} (anger or displeasure felt out of belief that others have engaged in wrongdoing or mistreatment; indignation.) :: Ressentiment {n}, Abneigung {f}, Missgunst {f}, Ärger {m}, Groll {m}, Feindseligkeit {f}, Unmut {m}, Verbitterung {f}, Verstimmung {f}, Verachtung {f}
reservation {n} (act of withholding) :: Reservierung {f}
reservation {n} (limiting qualification) :: Bedenken {f-p}, Vorbehalt {m}
reservation {n} (tract of land) :: Reservat {n}
reservation {n} (arrangement by which something is secured in advance) :: Reservierung {f}
reservation {n} :: Vorbestellung {f}, Vorbehalt {m}
reserve {v} (to reserve) SEE: hold ::
reserve {n} (the act of reserving or keeping back; reservation) :: Reservieren {n}, Bedenken {n}, Vorbehalt {m}
reserve {n} (that which is reserved or kept back, as for future use) :: Reserve {f}
reserve {n} (known unexploited natural resource) :: Schutzgebiet {n}
reserve {n} (restraint of freedom in words or actions) :: Reserviertheit {f}
reserve {n} (military: body of troops in the rear of an army) :: Reserve {f}
reserve {v} (to keep back; to retain) :: vorbehalten
reserve {v} (to keep in store for future or special use) :: vorbehalten
reserve {v} (to book in advance) :: reservieren, buchen, vormerken
reserve bank {n} (reserve bank as a central bank) SEE: central bank ::
reserved {adj} (slow to reveal emotion or opinions) :: reserviert
reserved {adj} (set aside for a particular person or purpose) :: reserviert
reserved word {n} (a word in a programming language that has a fixed meaning) :: reserviertes Wort {n}
reservist {n} (a soldier who is assigned as reserved; after training, no longer in full active duty) :: Reservist {m}, Reservistin {f}
reservoir {n} (place where anything is kept in store) :: Reservoir {n}
reservoir {n} (large natural or artificial lake used as a source of water supply) :: Stausee {m}
reset {v} (to set back to the initial state) :: zurücksetzen, rücksetzen
resettle {v} (to settle in a different place) :: umsiedeln
resettle {v} (to force someone to settle in a different place) :: umsiedeln
resettlement {n} (the transportation of a group of people to a new settlement) :: Umsiedlung {f}
reside {v} (to dwell permanently or for a considerable time) :: wohnen
residence {n} (place where one lives) :: Wohnsitz {m}, Wohnort {m}
residence {n} (place where a corporation is established) :: Sitz {m}, Firmensitz {m}
residence {n} (building used as a home) :: Wohnhaus {n}
residence permit {n} (right to legally reside in a country) :: Aufenthaltsgenehmigung {f} [official designation in Germany until 2005], Aufenthaltstitel {m} [official designation in Germany since 2005], Aufenthaltserlaubnis {f}, Niederlassungserlaubnis {n}
residency {n} (condition of being a resident of a particular place) :: Aufenthalt {m}
residency {n} (home or residence of a person, especially in the colonies) :: Wohnsitz {m}, ständiger Aufenthaltsort {m}
residency {n} (position or term of a medical resident) :: Assistenzzeit {f}, Facharztausbildung {f}
residency {n} (position of a musical artist who commonly performs at a particular venue) :: Gastauftritt {m}, Gastspiel {n}, Gastaufenthalt {m}
resident {n} (person living at a location or an area) :: Einwohner {m}, Einwohnerin {f}, Bewohner {m}, Bewohnerin {f}
resident {n} (physician receiving specialized medical training) :: Assistentarzt {m}
residential {adj} (of or pertaining to a place of personal residence) :: wohn-, Wohn-
residual-current device {n} (a device that breaks an electric circuit) :: Fehlerstromschutzschalter {m}, FI-Schalter {m}
residue {n} (whatever remains) :: Überrest {m}
residue {n} ((chemistry) substance that remains after evaporation, distillation, filtration) :: Rückstand {m}
residue {n} ((law) property or effects remaining in an estate after deduction of debts, charges and bequests) :: Nachlass {m}
residue {n} ((mathematics) form of complex number) :: Residuum {n}
resign {v} (quit a job or position) :: zurücktreten, kündigen
resignation {n} (act of resigning) :: Rücktritt {m}
resignation {n} (declaration that one resigns) :: Rücktrittserklärung {f}
resignation {n} (state of uncomplaining acceptance) :: Resignation {f}
resign oneself {v} (give up) :: resignieren, sich abfinden
resilience {n} (mental ability) :: Resilienz {f}, Belastbarkeit {f}, Widerstandsfähigkeit {f}
resilience {n} (physical property of material) :: Elastizität {f}, elastisches Verformungsarbeitsaufnahmevermögen {n}
resilience {n} (ability of a system or company to recover) :: Resilienz {f}
resilient {adj} (able to withstand force without cracking; elastic) :: elastisch, federnd, spannkräftig, unverwüstlich, belastbar, resilient
resilient {adj} (returning quickly to normal after damaging events or conditions; psychologically or structurally tough) :: widerstandsfähig
resin {n} (secretion of plants) :: Harz
resin {n} (viscous liquid of plant origin) :: Harz {n}
resist {v} (to attempt to counter actions or effects of) :: widerstreben
resist {v} (to withstand actions or effects of) :: widerstehen
resist {v} (to oppose) :: widerstreiten
resist {v} (to be distasteful to) :: zuwider sein
resist {n} (protective coating or covering) :: Deckmittel {n}
resistance {n} (act of resisting) :: Widerstand {m}
resistance {n} (force that tends to oppose motion) :: Widerstand {m}
resistance {n} (shortened form of electrical resistance) :: Widerstand {m}
resistance {n} (underground organization struggling for liberation) :: Widerstand {m}
resistant {adj} (that which makes resistance) :: resistent
resistant {adj} (that which is not overcome by a disease or drug) :: resistent
resistor {n} (one who resists, especially a person who fights against an occupying army) :: Widerstandskämpfer {m}, Widerständler {m}
resistor {n} (an electric component that transmits current in direct proportion to the voltage across it) :: Widerstand {m}
resizable {adj} (computing: able to be resized) :: größenveränderbar
resole {v} (to replace or reattach the sole of an article of footwear) :: neu besohlen
resolute {adj} (firm, unyielding, determined) :: entschieden, entschlossen, resolut
resoluteness {n} (state or characteristic of being resolute) :: Entschiedenheit {f}
resolution {n} (state of being resolute) :: Entschlossenheit {f}, Standfestigkeit {f}
resolution {n} (statement of intent) :: Vorsatz {m}
resolution {n} (computing, photography: degree of fineness of image) :: Auflösung {f}
resolution {n} (computing: number of pixels in an image as stored or displayed) :: Auflösung {f}, [device] Auflösungsvermögen {f}
resolution {n} (math: act or process of solving) :: Lösung {f}
resolution {n} (formal statement adopted by an assembly) :: Entschließung {f}, Entschluss {m}, Resolution {f}
resolve {v} (to find a solution to) :: lösen, auflösen
resolve {n} (will power) :: Entschlossenheit {f}
resonance {n} :: Mesomerie
resonate {v} (to vibrate or sound, especially in response to another vibration) :: schwingen, mitschwingen, nachhallen
resonate {v} (to have an effect or impact; to influence; to engender support) :: einen Widerhall finden
resonator {n} (object or system that resonates) :: Resonator {m}
resonator {n} (hollow cavity) :: Resonator {m}
resonator {n} (electronic circuit) :: Resonator {m}
resort {n} (a relaxing environment for people on vacation) :: Kurort {m}, Resort {m}, Ferienort {m}
resort {n} (something or someone turned to for safety) :: Ausweg {m}, Zuflucht {f}
resort {v} (to have recourse out of necessity or frustration) :: zurückgreifen, verlegen sich, verfallen
resort {v} (to fall back) :: zurückfallen, heimfallen, zurückkehren
resort {v} (to make one's way) :: kommen
resound {v} ((intransitive) to reverberate with sound or noise) :: erschallen, tönen, erklingen
resource {n} (something that one uses to achieve an objective) :: Ressource {f}, Mittel {n}, Rohstoff {m}, Quelle {f}, Einsatzmittel {n}, Betriebsmittel {n}, Hilfsmittel {n}
resource {n} (personal capacity) :: Fähigkeiten {f-p}, Mittel {f-p}
resource {n} :: Hilfsmittel {n}, Ressource {f}
resourceful {adj} (capable or clever; able to put available resources to efficient or ingenious use) :: findig, einfallsreich
resourcefulness {n} (the ability to cope with situations) :: Einfallsreichtum {m}, Findigkeit {f}, Genialität {f}
respect {n} (admiration for a person or entity because of perceived merit) :: Achtung {f}, Respekt {m}
respect {v} (to have respect for) :: respektieren
respect {v} (to have regard for the rights of others) :: respektieren
respect {v} (to abide by an agreement) :: respektieren
respectable {adj} (deserving respect) :: angesehen, geachtet
respected {adj} (deserving of respect) :: geachtet
respectful {adj} (characterized by respect) :: respektvoll
respective {adj} (referencing two or more things as individuals) :: jeweilig
respectively {adv} (in a relative manner) :: beziehungsweise, jeweils
respiration {n} (breathing) :: Atmung
respiration {n} (exchange of gases) :: Veratmung {f}
respirator {n} (device to allow breathing) :: Beatmungsgerät {n}
respiratory {adj} (relating to respiration; breathing) :: Atem-, respiratorisch
respiratory system {n} (system of organs) :: Atmungssystem {n}
respite {n} (brief interval of rest or relief) :: Aufschub {m}, Frist {f}, Atempause {f}, Bedenkzeit {f}
respite {v} ((transitive) To delay or postpone) :: aufschieben, verschieben
respite care {n} (provision of short-term relief to a person who provides regular care to an individual) :: Entlastungspflege {f}
resplendent {adj} (shiny and colourful, and thus pleasing to the eye) :: prachtvoll, prächtig, glänzend
respond {v} (to say in reply, to respond) SEE: return ::
respond {v} (to say something in return) :: antworten
respond {v} (to act in return) :: reagieren
response {n} (an answer or reply) :: Antwort {f}
responsibility {n} (the state of being responsible) :: Verantwortung {f}, Verantwortlichkeit {f}
responsibility {n} (a duty, obligation or liability for which someone is responsible) :: Verantwortung {f}
responsible {adj} (answerable for an act performed or for its consequences) :: verantwortlich
responsible {adj} (able to answer reasonably for one's conduct) :: vernünftig
responsible {adj} (involving a degree of personal accountability) :: verantwortungsvoll
responsible {adj} (being a primary cause or agent of some event or action) :: verantwortlich
responsible {adj} (able to be trusted) :: zuverlässig
responsive {adj} (able to receive and respond to external stimuli) :: ansprechbar
ressentiment {n} (obsolete: resentment) SEE: resentment ::
rest {n} (relief afforded by sleeping; sleep) :: Ruhe {f}, Erholung {f}
rest {n} (relief from exertion; state of quiet and recreation) :: Pause {f}
rest {n} (peace, freedom from trouble, tranquility) :: Ruhe {f}
rest {n} (repose afforded by death) :: Ruhe {f}
rest {n} (pause of a specified length in a piece of music) :: Pause {f}
rest {n} (symbol indicating a pause in music) :: Pausenzeichen {n}
rest {n} (physics: absence of motion) :: Ruhe {f}, Stillstand {m}
rest {n} (stick used to support the cue in snooker) :: Hilfsqueue {n}
rest {n} (object designed to be used to support something else) :: Lehne {f}
rest {v} (intransitive: take repose) :: ruhen, sich erholen
rest {n} (remainder) :: Rest {m}
rest {v} (to remain) SEE: remain ::
rest area {n} (rest area along a road) :: Autobahnraststätte {f}, Rasthof {m}
restart {n} (act of restarting) :: Neustart {m}
restart {v} (To start again) :: neustarten
restart {v} (In computing, to reboot) :: neustarten
restate {v} (rephrase) SEE: rephrase ::
restaurant {n} (an eating establishment in which diners are served food) :: Restaurant {n}, Gaststätte {f}
restaurateur {n} (owner of a restaurant) :: Restaurantbesitzer {m}, Restaurantbesitzerin {f}, Restaurantbetreiber {m}, Restaurantbetreiberin {f}, Gastronom {m}, Gastronomin {f}, Gastwirt {m}, Gastwirtin {f}, Restaurateur {m}, Restaurateurin {f}
rest day {n} (day spent resting) :: Ruhetag {m}
restharrow {n} (any of various species of small shrubs making up the genius Ononis) :: Hauhechel {f}
resting place {n} (place where one is buried) :: Ruhestätte {f}, Ruhestatt {f}
resting-place {n} (place where one can rest) SEE: resting place ::
rest in peace {v} (blessing or expression of hope) :: Ruhe in Frieden
restitution {n} (legal: process of compensation for losses) :: Entschädigung {f}, Rückerstattung {f}
restitution {n} (act of making good or compensating for loss or injury) :: Entschädigung {f}
restless {adj} (not allowing or affording rest) :: unruhig
restless {adj} (unable to be still or quiet) :: unruhig
restless {adj} (not satisfied to be at rest or peace) :: ruhelos, rastlos
restless {adj} :: ruhelos, unruhig
restlessness {n} (state or condition of being restless) :: Ruhelosigkeit {f}, Unruhe {f}
rest mass {n} (mass of a body when it is not moving) :: Ruhemasse {f}
rest on one's laurels {v} (rely on a past success instead of trying to improve oneself further) :: sich auf seinen Lorbeeren ausruhen
restoration {n} (the process of bringing an object back to its original state) :: Restaurierung {f}, Wiederherstellung {f}, Restauration {f}
restoration {n} (the return of a former monarchy or monarch to power) :: Restauration {f}
restorative {adj} :: erholsam, stärkend, restaurativ, wiederherstellend, regenerierend
restore {v} (To reestablish, or bring back into existence) :: wiederherstellen, restaurieren
restrain {v} (to control or keep in check) :: [formally] zügeln
restrain {v} (to deprive of liberty) :: einschränken, behindern
restrain {v} (to restrict or limit) :: abgrenzen, begrenzen, eingrenzen
restrained {adj} (held back, limited, kept in check or under control) :: beherrscht, maßvoll
restraining order {n} (An order issued by a court of law or other legal authority for a specified timeframe forbidding the restrained party from contacting and close proximity to the protected party and other restrictions) :: Kontaktverbot {n}
restraint {n} (something that restrains, ties, fastens or secures) :: Beschränkung {f}, Zügelung {f}, Einschränkung {f}, Zwang {m}, Befestigung {f}, Zurückhaltung {f}, Hemmung {f}, Verbot {n}, Hemmnis {n}, Behinderung {f}, Auflage {f}, Verhinderung {f}, Gebundenheit {f}, Zwängung {f}
restraint {n} (control or caution; reserve) :: Zurückhaltung {f}, Beherrschung {f}, Kontrolle {f}, Selbstbeherrschung {f}
restrict {v} (to restrain within bounds) :: beschränken
restricted {adj} (limited within bounds) :: begrenzt
restriction {n} (act or state) :: Beschränkung {f}, Verbot {n}
restriction {n} (regulation or limitation) :: Beschränkung {f}, Einschränkung {f}
restrictive {adj} (confining; limiting) :: einschränkend, restriktiv
restroom {n} (public room containing a toilet) :: Toilette {f}
restructure {v} (to change the organization of) :: umstrukturieren
result {n} (that which results) :: Ergebnis {n}, Resultat {n}
resume {n} (curriculum vitae) SEE: curriculum vitae ::
resume {v} (start something again that has been stopped or paused) :: wiederaufnehmen, fortsetzen
resume {n} (summary) :: Zusammenfassung {f}
resumption {n} (act of resuming something again) :: Wiederaufnahme {f}
resumptive pronoun {n} (a pronoun in a relative clause which refers to the antecedent of the relative pronoun (grammar)) :: resumptives Pronomen {n}
resurrect {v} (to raise from dead) :: wiederbeleben
resurrection {n} (the act of arising from the dead) :: Wiederauferstehung {f}, Auferstehung {f}
Resurrection {prop} (resurrection of Jesus) :: Wiederauferstehung {f}, Auferstehung {f}
resuscitate {v} (restore consciousness) :: wiederbeleben
resuscitation {n} (the act of resuscitating) :: Wiederbelebung {f}
ret {v} (to soak linen, hemp etc.) :: rotten
retable {n} (table or shelf behind an altar) :: Altarretabel {n}
retail {n} (sale of goods directly to the consumer) :: Einzelhandel {m}, Einzelhandelsabsatz {m}, Kleinverkauf {m}
retailer {n} (retail sales company or salesman) :: Einzelhändler {m}, Händler {m}, Verkäufer {m}, Ladenbesitzer {m}
retain {v} (to keep in possession or use) :: behalten
retain {v} (to hold secure) :: festhalten
retainer {n} (a dependent or follower of someone of rank) :: Dienstmann {m}, Gefolgsmann {m}, Vasall {m}
retainer {n} (a paid servant, especially one who has been employed for many years) :: Bediensteter {m}
retainer {n} (a device that holds teeth in position after orthodontic treatment) :: Retainer, Zahnspange {f}
retaining wall {n} (structure) :: Stützmauer {f}, Stützwand {f}
retaliate {v} (do something harmful to get revenge) :: Vergeltung üben, sich rächen
retaliation {n} (act of responding violently to an act of harm or perceived injustice) :: Vergeltung {f}
retaliatory {adj} (relating to or part of a retaliation) :: Vergeltungs-
retard {n} (retardation; delay) :: Verzögerung {f}, Verspätung {f}
retard {v} (keep delaying; impede; etc) :: verhindern
retard {v} (put off; postpone) :: verschieben, aufschieben
retard {v} (stay back) :: zurückbleiben
retch {v} (to make an effort to vomit) :: würgen
retell {v} (to tell again) :: wiedererzählen, nacherzählen
retention {n} (the act of retaining or something retained) :: Zurückhaltung {f}
retention {n} (the act or power of remembering things; memory) :: Behalten {n}
retention {n} :: Erinnerung
rethink {v} (think again about a problem) :: überdenken
reticence {n} (the avoidance of saying too much) :: Reserviertheit {f}, Schweigsamkeit {f}
reticence {n} (a silent nature) :: Zurückhaltung {f}
reticent {adj} (reserved) :: still, verschwiegen, zurückhaltend
reticle {n} (a gridwork or lattice of lines set into the eyepiece of optical instruments) :: Fadennetz {n}, Strichplatte {f}, Fadenkreuz {n}
reticulated python {n} (Malayapython reticulatus) :: Netzpython {f}
reticule {n} (reticle) SEE: reticle ::
reticulum {n} (the second stomach of a ruminant) :: Netzmagen {m}, Reticulum
Reticulum {prop} (small constellation of the southern summer sky) :: Netz {n}
retina {n} (thin layer of cells at the back of the eyeball) :: Netzhaut {f}, Retina {f}
retinue {n} (comitatus) :: Gefolge {m}
retire {v} (to stop working on a permanent basis) :: in Pension gehen, in Rente gehen, in den Ruhestand gehen
retiree {n} (someone who has retired from active working) :: Rentner {m}, Rentnerin {f}, Ruheständler {m}, Ruheständlerin {f}
retirement {n} (act of retiring, or the state of being retired) :: Rente {f}, Ruhestand {m}
retirement {n} (portion of one's life after retiring) :: Ruhestand {m}, Lebensabend {m}, Rente {f}, Pension {f}
retirement {n} (place of seclusion or privacy) :: Abgeschiedenheit {f}
retirement community {n} (retirement village) SEE: retirement village ::
retirement home {n} (multi-residence housing facility intended for the elderly) :: Altersheim {n}, Altenheim {n}, Seniorenheim {n}
retirement village {n} (residential complex designed for senior citizens) :: Altenwohnanlage {f}
retool {v} (to adjust, to rebuild) :: umrüsten, neu ausrüsten, neu ausstatten, neu strukturieren, umstellen
retort {v} (to retort; to throw back) SEE: return ::
retort {n} (sharp or witty reply) :: schlagfertige Antwort {f}, Erwiderung {f}, Retourkutsche {f}
retort {n} (flask used for distillation) :: Retorte {f}
retort {n} (an airtight vessel) :: Autoklav {m}
retort pouch {n} (food packaging) :: Folienbeutel {m}, Folienverpackung {f}, Sterilverpackung {f}
retouch {v} (to improve something, especially a photograph) :: retuschieren
retouch {n} (act of retouching) :: Retusche {f}
retrace {v} (to trace again) :: nachvollziehen, zurückverfolgen
retractable {adj} (capable of being retracted) :: einziehbar
retreat {n} (act of pulling back or withdrawing) :: Rückzug
retreat {v} (to withdraw military forces) :: sich zurückziehen
retreat {n} (lavatory) SEE: toilet ::
retreat {v} (retreat) SEE: withdraw ::
retreat {n} (outhouse) SEE: outhouse ::
retreat {n} (to turn back, retreat) SEE: return ::
retribution {n} (punishment inflicted in the spirit of moral outrage or personal vengeance) :: Vergeltung {f}
retrievable {adj} (capable of being retrieved or recovered) :: abrufbar, rückholbar, rückgewinnbar
retrieve {v} (to regain or get back something) :: zurückholen, zurückerhalten, wiedererhalten, wiedererlangen
retrieve {v} (to rescue) :: retten
retrieve {v} (to salvage something) :: bergen, wiedererlangen
retrieve {v} (to remedy or rectify something) :: wiedergutmachen, richtigstellen
retrieve {v} (to remember or recall something) :: erinnern, sich erinnern
retrieve {v} (to fetch or carry back something) :: zurückbringen, zurückholen
retrieve {v} (to fetch and bring in game) :: apportieren
retrieve {v} (to fetch and bring in game systematically) :: apportieren
retrieve {v} (to fetch or carry back systematically, notably as a game) :: apportieren
retro- {prefix} (back or backward) :: retro-
retro {n} (retrorocket) SEE: retrorocket ::
retroactive {adj} (extending in scope, effect, application or influence to a prior time or to prior conditions) :: rückwirkend
retroactively {adv} (done after the fact) :: rückwirkend
retrocognition {n} (extrasensory knowledge of past events) :: Retrokognition {f}
retrofit {n} (act of retrofitting) :: Nachrüsten {n}, Umrüsten {n}
retroflex {adj} (of pronunciation in which the tongue underside approaches/touches the palate) :: subapiko-palatal
retroflex {adj} (of pronunciation in which the tongue tip approaches/touches the back of the alveolar ridge) :: apiko-postalveolar
retroflex {adj} (of pronunciation in which the tongue blade approaches/touches the back of the alveolar ridge) :: lamino-postalveolar
retroflex {adj} (of any of the retroflex pronunciations) :: retroflex
retroflex {n} (any of the retroflex consonants) :: Retroflex {m}
retrograde {adj} (Directed backwards...) :: retrograd
retrogression {n} (decline) :: Rückschritt {m}
retromingent {adj} (cowardly) SEE: cowardly ::
retronym {n} (A new coinage for an old concept) :: Retronym {n}
retrorocket {n} (rocket engine on a larger rocket or spacecraft designed to slow or reverse its motion) :: Bremsrakete {f}
retrospect {n} (consideration of past times) :: Rückblick {m}, Rückschau {f}
retrospective {adj} (of, relating to, or contemplating the past) :: rückblickend, rückschauend
retrospective {adj} (looking backwards) :: zurückblickend
retrospective {adj} (affecting or influencing past things; retroactive) :: rückwirkend
retrosynthesis {n} (prediction of precursors in a synthesis reaction) :: Retrosynthese {f}
returf {v} (to lay turf again) :: rekultivieren
return {n} (answer) SEE: answer ::
return {v} (to come or go back) :: zurückkehren, zurückkommen
return {v} (to give something back to its original holder or owner) :: zurückgeben
return {n} (act of returning) :: Rückkehr {f}
return {n} (return ticket) :: Rückfahrkarte {f}
returner {n} (American football) :: Returner {m}
return ticket {n} (a ticket granting permission to travel to a place and back again) :: Hin-und Rückfahrt {f} [Fahrkarte], Rückfahrkarte {f}
retweet {n} (message reposted or forwarded) :: Retweet {m}
Reuben {prop} (first son of Jacob) :: Ruben
Reuben {prop} (male given name) :: Ruben
reunification {n} (the unification of something that was previously divided; used especially of a country) :: Wiedervereinigung {f}
reunify {v} :: wiedervereinigen
reunion {n} (the process or act) :: Wiedervereinigung {f} [reunification], Treffen {n}, Zusammenkunft {f}
reunion {n} (planned event) :: Treffen {f}
reunion {n} (reunification) SEE: reunification ::
Reunionese {adj} (of, from or pertaining to Réunion) :: von Réunion
reuptake {n} (reabsorption of neurotransmitter by neuron) :: neuronalen Wiederaufnahme
reusable {adj} (able to be used again) :: wiederverwendbar
reuse {n} (act of salvaging or restoring a discarded item to yield something usable) :: Wiederverwendung {f}
reuse {v} (to use again) :: wiederverwenden
Reuter {prop} (German surname) :: Reuters
Reuven {prop} (given name) SEE: Reuben ::
rev {v} (to increase the speed of a motor) :: aufheulen lassen, hochdrehen, auf Touren bringen
revamp {v} (to renovate, revise, improve or renew; to patch) :: umgestalten, aufpolieren, umarbeiten, ausbessern (wiederherstellen)
revanche {n} (revenge or retaliation) :: Revanche {f}, Rache {f}
revanchism {n} (political policy of endeavouring to regain lost territory) :: Revanchismus {m}
revanchist {n} (avenger) SEE: avenger ::
revanchist {n} (revanchist, vengeful person) :: Revanchist {m}, Revanchistin {f}
revanchist {adj} (advocating a policy of revanche) :: revanchistisch
rev counter {n} (rev counter) SEE: tachometer ::
reveal {v} (to uncover) :: enthüllen
reveal {v} (to communicate that which could not be known or discovered without divine or supernatural instruction) :: offenbaren
reveille {n} (the sounding of a bugle or drum early in the morning to awaken soldiers) :: Wecken {n}, Weckruf {m}
revel {n} (An instance of merry-making; a celebration) :: Ausgelassenheit, Feier
revel {v} (make merry) :: feiern, schwelgen
revelation {n} (the act of revealing or disclosing) :: Enthüllung {f}
revelation {n} (something dramatically disclosed) :: Enthüllung {f}, Offenbarung {f}
revelation {n} (manifestation of divine truth) :: Offenbarung {f}
Revelation {prop} (book of Bible) :: Offenbarung {f}, Offenbarung des Johannes {f}, Apokalypse {f}
reveller {n} (one who attends revels) :: Feiernder {m}, Feiernde {f}, Schwelger {m}, Schwelgerin {f}, Nachtschwärmer {m}, Nachtschwärmerin {f}
revelry {n} (joyful merry-making) :: Festlichkeit {f}, Lustbarkeit {f}, Prasserei {f}
revenant {n} (Someone who returns from a long absence) :: Heimkehrer {m}, Rückkehrer {m}
revenant {n} (supernatural being) :: Wiedergänger {m}, Widergänger {m}
revenge {n} (retaliatory action) :: Rache {f}
revenge {v} (to take revenge for an action) :: rächen
revenge is a dish best served cold {proverb} (revenge is best or most satisfying when delayed) :: Rache serviert man am besten kalt
revenge is sweet {phrase} (said when one is satisfied after taking revenge on oneself) :: rache ist süß
revenge porn {n} (explicit media distributed as revenge) :: Racheporno {m}
revenue {n} (income from an investment) :: Einnahmen {f-p}
revenue {n} :: Einkommen {n}
reverb {n} (electronic effect) :: Hall {m}
reverberate {v} (to ring with many echos) :: nachhallen, nachklingen, nachdröhnen
reverberation {n} (violent oscillation or vibration) :: Zurückschlagen {n}
reverberation {n} (echo, or a series of overlapping echos) :: Hall {m}, Nachhall {m}, Widerhall {m}, Widerklang {m}, Nachhallen {n}, Widerschallen {n}, Zurückschallen {n}
reverberation {n} (reflection of light or heat) :: Widerschein {m}, Zurückwerfen {n}, Zurückstrahlen {n}, Zurückwurf {m}, Widerspiegelung {f}
reverberation {n} (evolving series of effects) :: Nachwirkung {f}, Nachhall {m}
reverence {n} (veneration; profound awe and respect) :: Ehrfurcht {f}, Bewunderung {f}, Verehrung {f}, Hochachtung {f}
reverence {n} (act of showing respect) :: Ehrerbietung {f}, Reverenz {f}
reverence {n} (form of address) :: Reverenz {f}
reverend {n} (member of the Christian clergy) :: [Seiner, Euer - in reference] Hochwürden, [Seiner, Euer - in reference] Ehrwürden
Reverend {n} (minister) SEE: reverend ::
Reverend {n} (honorary title added to the names of Christian clergy) :: Hochwürden
reverent {adj} (showing respect or reverence; respectful) :: ehrerbietig
reverie {n} (state of dreaming while awake) :: Tagtraum {m}
reverie {n} (conceit of imagination) :: Träumerei {f}, Fantasie {f}
revers {n} (lapel, reversed) :: Revers {n}
reverse {adj} (causing movement in the opposite direction) :: umgekehrt
reverse {n} (side of a medal, badge, or coin opposite the obverse) :: Kehrseite {f}, Rückseite {f}, Hinterseite {f}
reverse {n} (gear) :: Rückwärtsgang {m}
reverse {v} (to turn something around) :: umkehren, umdrehen
reverse {v} (to turn something inside out or upside down) :: umkehren, umdrehen
reverse cowgirl position {n} (A sex position) :: umgekehrte Reitstellung {f}
reverse dowry {n} (bride price) SEE: bride price ::
reverse engineering {n} (analyzing the construction and operation of a product in order to manufacture a similar one) :: Reverse Engineering {n}, Reverse-Engineering {n}, Nachkonstruktion {f}, Nachbauen {n}, Nachbau {m}
reverse engineering {n} (analysis of computer system) :: Nachkonstruktion {f}, Nachbau {m}
reverse osmosis {n} (technique) :: Umkehrosmose {f}
reverse Polish notation {n} (an arithmetic notation) :: Umgekehrte Polnische Notation {f}
revert {v} (to turn back, or to the contrary; to reverse) :: rückgängig machen
review {n} (second or subsequent reading of a text or artifact) :: Durchsicht {f}, Nachprüfung {f}, Überprüfung {f}, Rezension {f}
review {n} (account intended as a critical evaluation of a text or a piece of work) :: Rezension {f}, Kritik {f}
review {n} :: [1] Überarbeitung {f}, [2,4] Überprüfung {f}, [3] Rezension {f}, [8] Truppenschau {f}
review {v} (to write a review) :: rezensieren
reviewer {n} (critic) :: Rezensent {m}, Rezensentin {f}
revile {v} (to attack with abusive language) :: schmähen, beschimpfen
revise {v} (to review, alter and amend, especially of written material) :: revidieren
revise {v} (to look over again) :: wiederholen
Revised Romanization of Korean {prop} (Romanization standard for Korean) :: Revidierte Romanisierung {f}
revision {n} (act of revising) :: Wiederholung {f}, Überarbeitung {f}
revisionism {n} (advocacy of a revision of some view) :: Revisionismus {m}
revitalise {v} (to give new life, energy, activity or success) :: revitalisieren
revivable {adj} (possible to return to life) :: wiederbelebbar
revival {n} (reviving) :: Wiederbelebung {f}
revival {n} (renewed interest in religion) :: Erweckung {f}
revive {v} (to bring again to life) :: wiederbeleben
revocation {n} (action of revoking) :: Widerruf {m}
revoke {v} (to cancel or invalidate by withdrawing or reversing) :: widerrufen, revozieren, einziehen, zurücknehmen, entziehen, zurückziehen, aberkennen, annullieren, rückgängig machen, aufkündigen, für nichtig erklären, für ungültig erklären, aufheben, aberkennen, ungültig machen
revolt {v} (to rebel) :: revoltieren
revolt {n} (act of revolting) :: Revolte {f}
revolution {n} (political upheaval) :: Revolution {f}
revolution {n} (removal and replacement of a government) :: Revolution {f}
revolution {n} (turning of an object around an axis) :: Umdrehung {f}
revolution {n} (sudden, vast change in a situation or discipline) :: Revolution {f}
revolutionary {adj} (of or pertaining to a revolution in government) :: revolutionär
revolutionary {n} (A revolutionist; a person who revolts) :: Revolutionär {m}, Revolutionärin {f}
revolutionize {v} (to radically or significantly change, as in a revolution) :: revolutionieren
revolve {v} (to orbit a central point) :: sich drehen
revolve {v} (to turn on an axis) :: sich drehen
revolver {n} (a handgun with revolving chambers) :: Revolver {m}
revolving door {n} (rotating door) :: Drehtür {f}
revue {n} (form of theatrical; any entertainment featuring skits, dances, and songs) :: Revue {f}
revulsion {n} (abhorrence, a sense of loathing, intense aversion, repugnance, repulsion, horror) :: Abscheu {m} {f}, Widerwille {m}
revulsion {n} (sudden violent feeling of disgust) :: Ekel {m}, Ekelgefühl {n}
revulsion {n} (treatment of one diseased area by acting elsewhere; counterirritation) :: Ableitung {f}, Revulsio {f}
reward {n} (something of value given in return for an act) :: Belohnung {f}, Lohn {m}
reward {n} (prize promised for a certain deed or catch) :: Belohnung {f}
reward {n} (result of an action) :: Lohn {m}
reward {v} (give a reward to) :: belohnen
reward {v} (recompense) SEE: recompense ::
rewarding {adj} (giving satisfaction) :: belohnend
rewatch {v} (to watch again) :: rewatchen, nocheinmal ansehen
rewind {v} (to wind again) :: zurückspulen
rewind {v} (wind back) SEE: wind back ::
reword {v} (rephrase) SEE: rephrase ::
Reykjavik {prop} (capital of Iceland) :: Reykjavík {n}
Reynard {prop} (name in European folklore for the red fox) :: Reineke, Reineke Fuchs
Reynold {prop} (male given name) :: Reinhold
RFID {n} (radio-frequency identification (initialism)) :: RFID
RGB {n} (red, green, blue) :: RGB
Rügen {prop} (Germany’s largest island) :: Rügen
Rhaeto-Romance {prop} (a group of related Romance languages) :: Rätoromanisch {n}
rhea {n} (flightless bird) :: Nandu {m}
Rhea {prop} (moon) :: Rhea {f}
rheme {n} (part of a sentence) :: Rhema {n}
Rhenish {adj} (Pertaining to the river Rhine) :: rheinisch
Rhenish {n} (dialect) :: Rheinisch {n}
Rhenish Palatinate {prop} :: Rheinpfalz {f}
rhenium {n} (chemical element) :: Rhenium {n}
rheology {n} (physics of the deformation and flow of matter) :: Rheologie {f}, Fließkunde {f}
rheometer {n} (device) :: Rheometer {n}
rhesus {n} (Macaca mulatta) SEE: rhesus macaque ::
rhesus macaque {n} (Macaca mulatta) :: Rhesusaffe {m}
rhesus monkey {n} (rhesus macaque) :: Rhesusaffe {m}
rhetoric {n} (art of using language for persuasion) :: Rhetorik {f}
rhetorical {adj} (part of or similar to rhetoric) :: rhetorisch
rhetorical device {n} (type of phrase) :: Hilfsmittel {n}
rhetorical question {n} (question) :: rhetorische Frage {f}
rheumatic {adj} (referring to rheumatism) :: rheumatisch
rheumatics {n} (rheumatism) SEE: rheumatism ::
rheumatism {n} (any painful disorder of muscles, tendons, joints, bones and nerves) :: Rheuma {n}, Rheumatismus {m}
rheumatology {n} (branch of medicine) :: Rheumatologie {f}
Rhine {prop} (river that flows through Europe) :: Rhein {m}
Rhineland {prop} (land on both sides of the river Rhine) :: Rheinland {n}
Rhinelander {n} (someone from Rhineland) :: Rheinländer {m}, Rheinländerin {f}
Rhineland-Palatinate {prop} (state) :: Rheinland-Pfalz
rhinencephalon {n} (smell-brain) SEE: smell-brain ::
rhinestone {n} (an artificial diamond) :: Strass {m}
rhinitis {n} (inflammation) :: Rhinitis {f}
rhinoceros {n} (herbivorous pachyderm with horn(s)) :: Nashorn {n}, Rhinozeros {n} [formal]
rhinoceros beetle {n} (tropical beetle) :: Nashornkäfer {m}
rhinoplasty {n} (plastic surgery used to improve a person's nose) :: Nasenplastik {f}, plastische Nasenoperation {f}, Rhinoplastik {f}
rhizome {n} (horizontal underground stem of some plants) :: Rhizom {n}
rhizosphere {n} (soil region influenced by plant roots) :: Rhizosphäre {f}
Rhône {prop} (Rhone) SEE: Rhone ::
rho {n} (letter of Greek alphabet) :: Rho {n}
Rhode Island {prop} (a state of the United States of America) :: Rhode Island
Rhodes {prop} (island) :: Rhodos
Rhodes {prop} (capital of the Dodecanese) :: Rhodos
Rhodesia {prop} (historical name of Zimbabwe) :: Rhodesien {n}
Rhodesian {adj} (from Rhodesia) :: rhodesisch
Rhodesian {n} (Someone from Rhodesia) :: Rhodesier {m}
rhodium {n} (chemical element) :: Rhodium {n}
rhodochrosite {n} (crystalline mineral composed mainly of manganese carbonate) :: Rhodochrosit {m}
rhododendron {n} (flowering shrub in the genus Rhododendron) :: Rhododendron {m}, Alpenrose {f}
rhododendron {n} (oleander) SEE: oleander ::
rhodonite {n} (A manganese inosilicate mineral) :: Rhodonit {m}
rhombencephalon {n} (hindbrain) SEE: hindbrain ::
rhombic {adj} (of or pertaining to a rhombus) :: rhombisch
rhombicosidodecahedron {n} (Archimedean solid) :: Rhombenikosidodekaeder
rhombicuboctahedron {n} (polyhedron with 8 triangular and 18 square faces) :: Rhombenkuboktaeder {n}
rhombohedral {adj} (having three equal axes and oblique angles) :: rhomboedrisch
rhombohedron {n} (prism with six faces, each a rhombus) :: Rhomboeder {n}
rhombus {n} (A parallelogram having all sides of equal length) :: Rhombus {m}, Raute {f}
Rhone {prop} (river) :: Rhône {f}, Rhone {f}
rhubarb {n} (any plant of the genus Rheum) :: Rhabarber {m}
Rhuddanian {prop} (subdivision of the Silurian period) :: Rhuddanium
rhumb {n} (One of the 32 points of the compass (compass points)) :: Kompasspunkt {m}, Rhumb {n} {m} [old Anglicism]
rhumb {n} (A unit of angular measure equal to 1/32 of a circle or 11.25°) :: Rhumb {n} {m} [old Anglicism]
rhumb {n} (A line which crosses successive meridians at a constant angle) SEE: rhumb line ::
rhumb line {n} (a line cutting all meridians at a constant angle) :: Loxodrome {f}, Windlinie {f}
rhyme {n} (verse, poetry) :: Reim {m}
rhyme {n} (word that rhymes with another) :: Reim {m}
rhyme {n} (rhyming; sameness of sound of some parts of words, as ‘the poem exhibits rhyme’) :: Reim {m}
rhyme {v} (transitive, to rhyme with) :: sich reimen (mit)
rhyme {v} (reciprocal) :: sich reimen
rhyme {v} (put words together) :: reimen
rhyme {n} (rime) SEE: rime ::
rhyme or reason {n} (logic or common sense) :: Sinn und Verstand
rhymester {n} (rhymer, inferior poet) :: Dichterling {m}, Verseschmied {m}, Verseschmiedin {f}, Versemacher {m}, Versemacherin {f}, Reimschmied {m}, Reimschmiedin {f}, Reimemacher {m}, Reimemacherin {f}
rhythm {n} (variation of strong and weak elements of sounds over time) :: Rhythmus {m}
rhythm {n} :: Rhythmus {m}
rhythm {n} (rhythm section) SEE: rhythm section ::
rhythm and blues {n} (rhythm and blues) :: Rhythm and Blues {n}
rhythmic {adj} (of or relating to rhythm) :: rhythmisch
rhythmic {adj} (characterized by rhythm) :: rhythmisch
rhythmic {adj} (with regular, repetitive motion or sound) :: rhythmisch
rhythmic gymnastics {n} (a discipline of gymnastics) :: Rhythmische Gymnastik {f}
rhythm section {n} (section of a band maintaining the rhythm) :: Rhythmusgruppe
rial {n} (currency in Middle East) :: Rial {m}
rib {n} (curved bone) :: Rippe {f}
rib {n} (part similar to rib) :: Rippe {f}, Strebe {f}
rib {n} (cut of meat) :: Rippchen {m}, costillar {m}
rib {n} (nautical: part of a ship’s framework) :: Spant {m} {n}
ribald {adj} (coarse, lewd, vulgar) :: [more neutral] frivol; [more negative] zotig, anstößig
ribaldry {n} (humorous language or behaviour) :: Possenspiel {m}, Zote {f}, Kramanzen {f-p}, Gaukelwerk {m}, Anzüglichkeit {f}
ribauldequin {n} (organ gun) SEE: organ gun ::
ribbed vault {n} (structure created by intersection of vaults) :: Kreuzrippengewölbe {n}
ribbing {n} (A rib, or the collective ribs, on an object) :: Rippung {f}, Verrippung {f}
ribbit {n} (the sound made by a frog or toad) SEE: croak ::
ribbit {v} (make the sound of a frog or toad) SEE: croak ::
ribbit {interj} (the sound made by a frog or toad) :: quak
ribbon {n} (long, narrow strip of material) :: Band {n}
ribbon {n} (inked ribbon) :: Farbband {n}
ribbon cable {n} (cable with many parallel wires one next to the other) :: Flachbandkabel {n}
ribbon seal {n} (a species of true seal) :: Bandrobbe {f}
rib cage {n} (part of skeleton) :: Brustkorb {m}
riboflavin {n} (the vitamin B2, riboflavin) :: Riboflavin
ribonuclease {n} (enzyme catalyzing the hydrolysis of ribonucleic acid) :: Ribonuklease {f}
ribonucleic acid {n} (derivative of DNA, used in the transcription of genetic material) :: Ribonukleinsäure {f} (RNS {f})
ribonucleotide {n} (nucleotide having ribose as its sugar) :: Ribonukleotid {n}
ribose {n} (naturally occurring pentose sugar) :: Ribose {f}
ribosome {n} (organelle) :: Ribosom {n}
ribwort {n} (Old World plantain) :: Spitzwegerich {m}
rice {n} (plants) :: Reis {m}
rice {n} (seeds used as food) :: Reis {m}
rice cake {n} :: Reiskuchen {m}, Reiswaffel {f}
rice cooker {n} (kitchen appliance designed to cook rice) :: Reiskocher {m}
ricefield {n} (field where rice is grown) SEE: paddy ::
rice flour {n} (flour made of rice) :: Reismehl {n}
rice milk {n} (milky liquid from rice) :: Reismilch {f}
rice noodle {n} (noodle made of rice) :: Reisnudel {f}
rice paddy {n} (field immersed in water dedicated for the cultivation of rice) SEE: paddy ::
rice paper {n} (paper made from parts of the rice plant) :: Reispapier {n}
rice pudding {n} (milk pudding made from rice, milk, sugar and nutmeg) :: Milchreis {m}
ricer {n} (kitchen utensil) :: Kartoffelpresse {f}
rice vinegar {n} (a type of vinegar) :: Reisessig {m}
rice wine {n} (alcoholic drink brewed from rice) :: Reiswein {m}
rich {adj} (having wealth) :: reich
Richard {prop} (male given name) :: Richard {m}, Rikard {m}
riches {n} (money, goods, wealth, treasure) :: Reichtümer {p}
rich Internet application {n} (web application) :: Rich Internet Application {f}
Richmond {prop} (capital of Virginia) :: Richmond
richness {n} (state or quality of being rich) :: Reichtum {m}
Richter {prop} (surname) :: Richter
Richter scale {prop} (logarithmic scale) :: Richterskala {f}
ricin {n} (poison) :: Rizin {n}
rickets {n} (disorder of infancy) :: Rachitis {f}, [obsolete] Rhachitis {f},englische Krankheit {f}
rickety {adj} (not strong because of poor construction or upkeep) :: wackelig
rickety {adj} (feeble in the joints, tottering) :: gebrechlich
rickety {adj} (affected with rickets) :: rachitisch
ricksha {n} (rickshaw) SEE: rickshaw ::
rickshaw {n} (two-wheeled carriage) :: Rikscha {f}
ricochet {n} (an instance of ricocheting) :: Querschuss {m}, Querschläger {m}
ricochet {v} (To rebound) :: abprallen, querschlagen
ricotta {n} (Italian whey cheese) :: Ricotta {m}
riddle {n} (sieve) SEE: sieve ::
riddle {n} (verbal puzzle) :: Rätsel {n}
riddle {v} (to solve, answer, or explicate a riddle or question) :: enträtseln
riddle {v} (to fill with holes like a riddle) :: durchlöchern
ride {v} (to transport oneself by sitting on and directing a horse, bicycle etc.) :: [horse] reiten, [bicycle] fahren
ride {v} (to be transported in a vehicle as a passenger) :: fahren
ride {n} (instance of riding) :: Fahrt {f}
ride height {n} (ground clearance) SEE: ground clearance ::
rider {n} (robber) SEE: robber ::
rider {n} (one who rides, see also: cyclist; driver) :: Reiter {m}, Reiterin, Mitfahrer {m}, Mitfahrerin
rider {n} (politics: additional provision annexed to a bill) :: Zusatzklausel {f}
ride roughshod over {v} (treat roughly or without care; act in a bullying manner) :: mit Füßen treten, missachten, sich hinwegsetzen über, trampeln über
ridge {n} (line of intersection) :: Grat {m}
ridge {n} (highest point on a roof) :: First {m}
ridge {n} (chain of mountains) :: Grat, Kamm {m}
ridge {n} :: First {m}, Bergrücken {m}, Rücken {m}
ridicule {v} (to make fun of someone) :: verspotten
ridiculous {adj} (foolish, absurd) :: lächerlich
ridiculously {adv} (in a ridiculous manner) :: lächerlich
ridiculousness {n} (characteristic of being ridiculous) :: Lächerlichkeit {f}
ridiculousness {n} (result of being ridiculous) :: Lächerlichkeit {f}
riding crop {n} (horsewhip) :: Gerte {f}
riel {n} (currency of Cambodia) :: Riel {m}
Riemannian geometry {n} (branch of differential geometry) :: Riemannsche Geometrie {f}
Riemannian manifold {n} (real differentiable manifold) :: riemannsche Mannigfaltigkeit
Riemann surface {n} (manifold) :: riemannsche Fläche {f}
Riemann zeta function {n} (analytic continuation of a function defined as the sum of a Dirichlet series) :: riemannsche ζ-Funktion {f}
Riesling {n} (a variety of grape) :: Rieslingtraube {f}
Riesling {n} (a white wine made from this grape) :: Riesling {m}
riff {n} (repeated instrumental melody line) :: Riff {m}, Motiv {n}, Ostinato {n}
riff {n} (clever or witty remark) :: witzige Bemerkung {f}
riffraff {n} (the rabble) :: Pöbel {m}
rifle {n} (firearm with a rifled barrel) :: Gewehr {n}
rift {n} (shallow place in a stream) SEE: ford ::
rift {n} (chasm or fissure) :: Riss {m}
rig {n} (the arrangement of masts etc.) :: Takelage {f}, Takelung {f}
rig {n} (special equipment or gear) :: Vorrichtung {f}, Anlage {f}, Ausrüstung {f}
rig {n} (large truck) :: Sattelschlepper {m}
rig {n} (the special apparatus used for drilling oil wells) :: Bohrturm {m}, Bohrinsel {m}
rig {n} (a costume or outfit) :: Aufmachung {f}
rig {v} (to equip and fit a ship) :: auftakeln
rig {v} (to manipulate something dishonestly) :: manipulieren
Riga {prop} (capital of Latvia) :: Riga {n}
Rigel {prop} (star) :: Rigel
rigged {adj} (pre-arranged) :: abgesprochen
rigged {adj} (having the rigging up) :: aufgetakelt
rigging {n} (tackle of a sailing vessel) :: Takelage {f}
right {adj} (straight, not bent) :: gerade
right {adj} (perpendicular) :: rechtwinklig; richtig
right {adj} (of direction, opposite of left) :: recht
right {adv} (on the right side) :: rechts
right {adv} (towards the right side) :: rechts, nach rechts
right {adv} (exactly) :: ganz
right {adv} (very, extremely) :: ganz
right {adv} (in a correct manner) :: richtig
right {adv} (to a great extent) :: recht
right {interj} (yes, that is correct; I agree) :: ja, das ist richtig
right {interj} (changing the subject in a discussion) :: also
right {interj} (checking agreement) :: nicht wahr?, oder?, ne?
right {n} (legal or moral entitlement) :: Recht {n}
right {n} (right, not left, side) :: Rechte {f}
right {n} (right hand) :: Rechte {f}
right {n} (right-wing politicians and parties) :: Rechte {f}
right {v} (to correct) :: berichtigen, richtigstellen, korrigieren
right {adj} (all right, not requiring assistance) SEE: all right ::
right angle {n} (angle of 90 degrees) :: rechter Winkel {m}
right-angled {adj} (having a right angle) :: rechtwinklig
right-angled triangle {n} (right-angled triangle) SEE: right triangle ::
right ascension {n} (angular distance) :: Rektaszension {f}
right away {adv} (very soon; immediately) :: sofort
righteous {adj} (free from sin or guilt) :: rechtschaffend
righteous {adj} (justified morally) :: gerecht
righteousness {n} (quality or state of being righteous) :: Rechtschaffenheit {f}, Gerechtigkeit {f}
rightful {adj} (by right, by law) :: rechtmäßig
right-handed {n} (of one who uses their right hand in preference to, or more skillfully than their left.) :: rechtshändig
right-handedness {n} (state of being right-handed) :: Rechtshändigkeit {f}, Dextralität {f} [technical]
right-hander {n} (one who is right-handed) :: Rechtshänder {m}, Rechtshänderin
right-hand man {n} (trusted assistant) :: rechte Hand {f}
right-hand woman {n} (trusted female assistant) :: rechte Hand {f}
rightish {adj} (right-wing) SEE: right-wing ::
rightist {n} (supporter of the political right) :: Rechter {m}, Rechte {f}
right now {adv} (immediately) SEE: immediately ::
right now {adv} (at this precise moment) :: gerade jetzt, genau jetzt
right of asylum {n} (right) :: Asyl {n}, Asylrecht {n}
right of first refusal {n} (contractual provision) :: Vorkaufsrecht {n}
right of way {n} (right to proceed first in traffic) :: Vorfahrt {f}
right of way {n} (legal right of passage) :: Wegerecht {n}
rightsholder {n} (a person or organization that owns the legal rights to something) :: Rechtsinhaber {m}
right stochastic matrix {n} (a square matrix) :: Übergangsmatrix {f}
right to keep and bear arms {n} (the right of individuals to possess weapons and armor) :: Waffenführungsrecht {n}
right to life {n} (one of fundamental human rights) :: Recht auf Leben {n}
right to work {n} (the fundamental human right to have employment) :: Recht auf Arbeit {n}
right triangle {n} (a triangle having a right angle as one of its interior angles) :: rechtwinkliges Dreieck {n}
right wing {n} (political) :: rechter Flügel {m}
right-wing {adj} (resisting political change) :: recht
right-winger {n} (person who belongs to the political right) :: Rechter {m}, Rechte {f}, Rechtsaußen {m}, Person vom rechten Flügel {f}
right-winger {n} (sports: winger on the right) :: Rechtsaußen {m}
righty {n} (a right-handed person) :: Rechtshänder {m}, Rechtshänderin {f}
rigid {adj} (stiff) :: steif, starr
rigid {adj} (rigorous, unbending) :: steif
rigid {adj} (uncompromising) :: rigide
rigidity {n} (The quality or state of being rigid) :: Festigkeit {f}
rigidness {n} (rigidity) SEE: rigidity ::
rigmarole {n} (complex obsolete procedure) :: Theater {n}, Zirkus {m}
rigmarole {n} (nonsense talk) :: Geschwätz {n}
rigor mortis {n} (Temporary stiffness of a body's muscles and joints following death) :: Totenstarre {f}, Leichenstarre {f}
rigorous {adj} (showing, causing or favoring rigor) :: streng, rigoros
rigorous {adj} (severe; intense) :: rauh
rigorous {adj} :: rigoros, kräftig, gewaltig
Rigveda {prop} (Rigveda) :: Rigveda {m}, Rigweda {m}
Rijeka {prop} (coastal city in Croatia) :: Rijeka {n}, [dated] Sankt Veit am Flaum {m}, Sankt Veit am Pflaum {m}
rile {v} (to anger, annoy) :: aufbringen, reizen, ärgern
rim {n} (edge around something) :: Rand {m}, Kante {f}, Felge [of a wheel]
rim {n} (wheel rim) :: Felge {f}
rime {n} (hoar frost) :: Raureif {m}
rime {n} (second part of a syllable) :: Silbenreim {m}
Rimini {prop} (province of Italy) :: Rimini {n}
Rimini {prop} (a resort town in Italy) :: Rimini {n}
rind {n} (hard outer layer of fruit, cheese) :: Rinde {f}, Schwarte {f}
rinderpest {n} (disease) :: Rinderpest {f}
ring {n} (circumscribing object) :: Ring {m}
ring {n} (round piece of (precious) metal worn around the finger) :: Ring {m}
ring {n} (bird band) :: Ring {m}
ring {n} (place where some sports take place) :: Ring {m}
ring {n} (arena where circus acts take place) :: Manege {f}
ring {n} (group of people (for illicit purposes)) :: Ring {m}
ring {n} (geometry: a planar geometrical figure) :: Ring {m}
ring {n} (telephone call) :: klingeln
ring {n} :: Klang {m}
ring {v} ((intr.) to produce a resonant sound) :: läuten, klingeln
ring {v} ((tr.) to make something produce a resonant sound) :: läuten
ring {v} (to appear to be) :: klingen
ring {v} (to telephone (someone)) :: anrufen
ring {n} (algebra: an algebraic structure) :: Ring {m}
ring {n} (burner (e.g. of a stove)) SEE: burner ::
ring {n} (typography: diacritical mark in the shape of a hollow circle) SEE: kroužek ::
ring a bell {v} (to seem vaguely familiar) :: bekannt vorkommen; etwas sagen
ring-billed gull {n} (Larus delawarensis) :: Ringschnabelmöwe {f}
ring binder {n} (folder) :: Aktenordner {m}
ring down the curtain {v} (stop) SEE: stop ::
ring finger {n} (finger between the middle finger and little finger) :: Ringfinger {m}
ringgit {n} (currency) :: Ringgit {m}
ringleader {n} (leader of a group of people, especially an unofficial group) :: Anführer {m}, Anführerin {f}
ringleader {n} (person who starts and leads a disturbance, a conspiracy, or a criminal gang) :: Rädelsführer {m}, Rädelsführerin {f}
ringneck dove {n} (Streptopelia risoria) :: Lachtaube {f}
ring ouzel {n} (Turdus torquatus) :: Ringdrossel {f}
ring road {n} (highway) :: Ringstraße {f}, Umgehungsstraße {f}
ring-shaped {adj} (shaped like a ring) :: ringförmig
ringtone {n} (sound made by a telephone when ringing) :: Klingelton {m}
ring true {v} (to seem to be correct) :: echt klingen, glaubhaft klingen, überzeugend klingen
ring up the curtain {v} (start) SEE: start ::
ringwoodite {n} (cubic form of olivine) :: Ringwoodit {m}
ringworm {n} (contagious fungal affliction of the skin) :: Glatzflechte [bovines]
rinse {v} (to wash something quickly using water and no soap) :: spülen
rinse {v} (to remove soap from something using water) :: spülen
rinse aid {n} (cleaning product said to improve finish of items in dishwashers) :: Klarspüler {m}
Rio de Janeiro {prop} (municipality) :: Rio de Janeiro {n}
riot {n} (wanton or unrestrained behavior) :: Aufruhr {m}
riot {n} (tumultuous disturbance of public peace) :: Aufruhr {m}, Tumult {m}, Krawall {m}, Randale {f-p}
rioter {n} (one who riots) :: Randalierer {m}, Randaliererin {f}
riot police {n} (a unit of police specifically trained to deal with rioting crowds) :: Bereitschaftspolizei {f}
rip {v} (to fart) SEE: fart ::
rip {n} (tear) SEE: tear ::
rip {v} (to mock) SEE: mock ::
rip {v} (to divide or separate the parts of) :: reissen, zerreißen, trennen, auftrennen, zertrennen
rip {v} (to rapidly become two parts) :: zerreißen, aufreißen, zerfetzen
rip {v} (to get by, or as if by, cutting or tearing) :: entreißen
rip {v} (to move quickly and destructively) :: reißen, stürmen, rasen, pressen
rip {v} (woodworking: to cut wood along the grain) :: einen Längsschnitt durchführen, einen Längsschnitt machen, der Länge nach auftrennen
rip {v} (to copy data to a device) :: rippen
rip {v} (to steal, to rip off) :: klauen, abziehen, übers Ohr hauen, neppen
rip {v} (to rush headlong) :: stürmen, voranstürmen, vorstürmen, durchfegen
rip {n} (something unfairly expensive) SEE: rip-off ::
rip {n} (type of tide or current) SEE: rip current ::
RIP {interj} (abbreviation: rest in peace) :: RIF
rip current {n} (strong water flow) :: Rippströmung {f}, Brandungsrückstrom {m}
ripe {adj} (ready for reaping or gathering, of fruits and seeds) :: reif
ripe {adj} :: reif
ripe {adj} (intoxicated) SEE: intoxicated ::
ripen {v} (to grow ripe) :: reifen
ripening {n} (process) :: Reifung {f}
rip off {v} (to pull off by ripping) :: abreißen, wegreißen
rip off {v} ((idiom) to steal, cheat or swindle) :: abzocken, abziehen, schachern, übers Ohr hauen
rip off {v} ((idiom) to charge an exorbitant or unfair rate) :: abzocken
rip off {v} ((idiom) to copy, especially illegally) :: abkupfern, klauen
rip-off {n} (unfair price or rate) :: Abzocke {f}
riposte {n} ((fencing)) :: Riposte {f}
ripped {adj} (torn, either partly or into separate pieces) :: zerrissen
ripple {n} (moving disturbance or undulation in the surface of a liquid) :: Kräuseln {n}, kleine Welle {f}
ripple {n} (small oscillation of an otherwise steady signal) :: Welligkeit {f}
ripple {n} (implement for removing the seeds from flax) :: Riffel {f}, Riffelkamm {m}
ripsaw {n} (type of saw) :: Längsschnittsäge {f}, Spaltsäge {f}, Fuchsschwanz {m}, Fuchsschwanzsäge {f}, Blattspaltsäge {f}, Schlitzsäge {f}, Längsaufteilsäge {f}, Auftrennsäge {f}, Längssäge {f}, Besäumsäge {f}, Trennkreissäge {f}, Säge zum Längstrennen {f}, Längskreissäge {f}, Längs-Aufteilsäge {f}, Besäumkreissäge {f}, Tennsäge {f}, Trennbandsäge {f}
riptide {n} (rip current) SEE: rip current ::
Ripuarian {prop} (West Germanic dialect) :: Ripuarisch {n}
Ripuarian {prop} :: Nordmittelfränkisch, (19th centrury, also: Mittelfränkisch)
Ripuarian {adj} (pertaining to a/the tribal Ripuarian(s)) :: ripuarisch
Ripuarian {adj} (pertaining to dialect) :: ripuarisch
Ripuarian {adj} :: nordmittelfränkisch, (19th centrury, also: mittelfränkisch)
rise {v} (to move upwards) :: steigen, aufsteigen, hochsteigen, hochfliegen
rise {v} (of a celestial body: to appear to move from behind the horizon) :: aufgehen
rise {v} (to assume an upright position after lying down or sitting) :: aufstehen
rise {v} (to get up) :: aufstehen
rise {v} (to be resurrected) :: auferstehen
rise {v} (of a quantity, etc: to increase) :: zunehmen, ansteigen, sich erhöhen
rise {v} (of a dough, etc: to begin; to develop.) :: gehen
rise {v} (to have its source) :: entspringen
rise {n} (action of moving upwards) :: Anstieg {m}, Zunahme {f}, Erhöhung {f}, Aufgang {m}, Aufstieg {m}
rise {n} (increase (in a quantity, price, etc)) :: Anstieg {m}, Ansteigen {n}, Zunahme {f}, Erhöhung {f}
riser {n} (part of a step) :: Setzstufe {f}
risible {adj} (pertaining to laughter) :: Lach- (in composite words)
risible {adj} (provoking laughter) :: lachhaft
risible {adj} (prone to laughter) :: lachlustig
rising {adj} (going up) :: steigend, aufgehend
risk {n} (possible, usually negative, outcome) :: Risiko {n}
risk {n} :: Risiko {n}
risk {v} :: riskieren, wagen
risk-averse {adj} (unwilling to take risks) :: risikoscheu
risk-free {adj} (safe) :: risikolos, sicher
riskfree {adj} (free from risk) :: risikolos
risk management {n} (process of dealing with risk) :: Risikomanagement {n}
risk visualization {n} (the use of graphics to augment the quality of risk communication) :: Risikovisualisierung
risky {adj} (dangerous, involving risks) :: riskant, gefährlich, gewagt, pikant
risotto {n} (food) :: Risotto {n}
risqué {adj} (bordering on the indelicate) :: schlüpfrig, gewagt
rite {n} (ritual) :: Ritus {m}, Brauch
rite of passage {n} (ceremony to celebrate a transition) :: Übergangsritus {m}, Initiationsritus {m}, Übergangsritual {n}, Initiation {f}, Passageritus {m}, Erwachsenwerden {n}
ritual {adj} (related to a rite) :: rituell
ritual {n} (rite) :: Ritual {n}
ritualistic {adj} (in the manner of a ritual) :: ritualhaft
ritually {adv} (in a ritual manner) :: rituell
rival {n} (competitor with the same objective) :: Gegner {m}, Rivale {m}, Konkurrent {m}
rival {v} (to oppose or compete with) :: rivalisieren
rivalrous {adj} (having a relationship of rivalry) :: rivalisierend
rivalrous {adj} (which can be consumed by one person) :: rival
rivalry {n} (competition) :: Rivalität {f}
rive {v} (to rend asunder by force) :: aufreißen
rive {v} ((reflexive) to be split or rent) :: (etwas) spalten
river {n} (large stream which drains a landmass) :: Fluss {m}, Strom {m}
river {n} (any large flow of a liquid) :: Strom {m}
riverbed {n} (a river bottom) :: Flussbett {n}
riverboat {n} (watercraft) :: Binnenschiff {n}
river god {n} (river-being) :: Flussgott {m}
river horse {n} (hippopotamus) SEE: hippopotamus ::
riverside {n} (side of a river) :: Flussufer {n}
rivet {n} (cylindrical mechanical fastener) :: Niet {m}
rivet {v} (to attach or fasten parts by using rivets) :: vernieten
rivet {v} (to install rivets) :: nieten
rivet {v} (to command the attention of spectators) :: Aufmerksamkeit richten auf, Blick heften auf
rivulet {n} (small brook) :: Flüsschen {n}, Bächlein {n}
rix-dollar {n} (A rix-dollar) :: Reichsthaler
Riyadh {prop} (capital of Saudi Arabia) :: Riad {n}
Rāma {prop} (avatar of Vishnu) :: Rama
RNA {n} (abbreviation of ribonucleic acid) :: RNS {f} (Ribonukleinsäure {f})
röntgen {n} (unit of exposure to ionizing radiation) :: Röntgen {n}
roach {n} (US: cockroach) SEE: cockroach ::
roach {n} (Rutilus rutilus) :: Plötze {f}, Rotauge {n}
road {n} (a way for travel) :: Straße {f}, Straßen {p}, Weg {m}, Route {f}
road {n} (nautical: partially sheltered waters) SEE: roadstead ::
road apple {n} (road apple) :: Pferdeapfel {m}
roadblock {n} (Something that blocks or obstructs a road) :: Absperrung {f}
roadbuilding {n} (construction of roads) :: Straßenbau {m}
road game {n} (athletic contest played in the opposing team's turf) SEE: away game ::
road hog {n} (bad or inconsiderate driver) :: Verkehrsrowdy {m}
roadhouse {n} (establishment) :: Rasthaus {n}, einsamer Landgasthof {m}
Roadian {prop} (subdivision of the Permian period) :: Roadium
road map {n} (a map with a visual representation of roads used for automobile travel and navigation) :: Straßenkarte {f}
road roller {n} (heavy engineering vehicle used to compact asphalt) :: Walze {f}, Straßenwalze {f}
road salt {n} (deicing or anti-icing salt) :: Streusalz {n}, Auftausalz {n}, Tausalz {n}
roadside {n} (area on either side of a road) :: Straßenrand {m}
road sign {n} (sign for traffic control or driver information) :: Verkehrszeichen {n}, Verkehrsschild {n}, Verkehrshinweisschild {n}, Verkehrstafel {f}, Verkehrshinweistafel {f}
roadstead {n} (partly-sheltered anchorage outside a harbour) :: Reede
road trip {n} (recreational or impromptu excursion) :: Roadtrip {m}
road user {n} (road user) :: Verkehrsteilnehmer {m}
roadway {n} (main or central portion of a road used by the vehicles) :: Fahrbahn {f}, Straße {f}
roadway {n} (portion of bridge/railway used by traffic) :: Straßendamm {m}
roadworker {n} (worker) :: Straßenbauarbeiter {m}, Straßenbauarbeiterin {f}, Straßenarbeiter {m}, Straßenarbeiterin {f}
roadworthiness {n} (property of being roadworthy) :: Fahrtüchtigkeit {f}, Verkehrstauglichkeit {f}, Straßenverkehrstauglichkeit {f}
roadworthy {adj} (able to be driven) :: fahrtüchtig, verkehrstauglich, straßenverkehrstauglich
roam {v} (wander freely) :: wandern, umherziehen
roaming {n} (wandering) :: Wandern {n}
roaming {n} (using a cell phone outside of its original registering zone) :: Roaming {n}
Roana {prop} (commune in Italy) :: Rain, Rovan [archaic]
roan antelope {n} (Hippotragus equinus) :: Pferdeantilope {f}
roar {v} (to make loud, deep cry of emotion) :: brüllen
roar {v} (of animals, to make a loud deep noise) :: brüllen
roast {v} (to cook food by heating in an oven or fire) :: braten
roast {v} (to process by drying through heat-exposure) :: rösten
roast {n} (cut of meat) :: Braten {m}
roast {n} (meal) :: Braten {m}
roast {adj} (having been cooked by roasting) :: gebraten
roast beef {n} (Beef cooked by roasting) :: Roastbeef {n}, Rinderbraten {m}
roastbeef {n} (roast beef) SEE: roast beef ::
roasted {adj} (cooked by roasting) :: gebraten, gegrillt, geröstet
roast pork {n} (Pork cooked by roasting) :: Schweinsbraten {m}, Schweinebraten {m}
rob {v} (to steal from, using violence) :: rauben
rob {v} :: rauben
robber {n} (one who robs) :: Räuber {m}, Räuberin {f}
robber crab {n} (coconut crab) SEE: coconut crab ::
robbery {n} (act or practice of robbing) :: Raub {m}
robbery {n} (attempt of taking the property of another by threat) :: Raub {m}
robe {n} (long, loose outer garment) :: Robe {f}
Robert {prop} (given name) :: Robert, Rupprecht
robin {n} (Erithacus rubecula) :: Rotkehlchen {n}
robin {n} (Turdus migratorius) :: Wanderdrossel {f}
Robin {prop} (Male given name) :: Robin
Robin Hood {prop} (legendary outlaw) :: Robin Hood {m}
robinsonade {n} (genre of adventure fiction) :: Robinsonade {f}
robot {n} (intelligent mechanical being) :: Roboter {m}
robot {n} (traffic light) SEE: traffic light ::
robotics {n} (The science and technology of robots) :: Robotik {f}
robotization {n} :: Roboterisierung {f}, Ro­bo­ti­sie­rung {f}
robotize {v} (to automate by making use of robots) :: roboterisieren, robotisieren
robovac {n} (robotic vacuum cleaner) :: Saugroboter {m}
robust {adj} (evincing strength) :: robust
robustness {n} (quality of being robust) :: Robustheit {f}
roc {n} (enormous mythical bird in Eastern legend) :: Rokh {m}, Roch {m}
Roche limit {n} (distance) :: Rochegrenze {f}
rock {n} (natural mineral aggregate) :: Fels {m}, Gestein {n}
rock {n} (mass of projecting rock) :: Felsen {m}, Fels {m}, Klippe {f}
rock {n} (large stone or boulder) :: Felsbrocken {m}, Felsblock {m}, [erratic] Findling {m}, Fels {m}
rock {n} (hill or island without vegetation) :: Klippe {f}, Felsen {m}, Schäre {f}
rock {n} (something strong, stable, and dependable) :: Fels {m}, Fels in der Brandung {m}
rock {n} (distinctive composition of minerals) :: Gestein {n}
rock {n} (precious stone or gem) :: Klunker {m}
rock {n} (confectionery made from sugar) :: Kandiszucker {m}, Zuckerstange {f}
rock {v} (move gently back and forth) :: schwanken, schaukeln, [baby] wiegen
rock {v} (sway or tilt violently back and forth) :: schaukeln, [nautical] stampfen
rock {v} (disturb the mental or emotional equilibrium) :: aufwühlen, schockieren
rock {n} (style of music) :: Rock {m}
rock {v} (to play, perform, or enjoy rock music) :: rocken
rock {v} (slang: to be very favourable or skilful) :: rocken [but usually the English term is used]
rock {v} (to thrill or excite) :: aufmischen (originally means “beat up”)
rock {n} (distaff) SEE: distaff ::
rock and roll {n} (style of music) :: Rock ’n’ Roll {m}
rock band {n} (rock group) SEE: rock group ::
rock crystal {n} (clear quartz) :: Bergkristall {m}
rock dove {n} (Columba livia) :: Felsentaube {f}
rocker {n} (musician who plays rock music) :: Rocker {m}, Rockerin {f}, Rockmusiker {m}, Rockmusikerin {f}
rocker {n} (Someone passionate about rock music) :: Rocker {m}, Rockerin {f}
rockery {n} (section of a garden made from decorative rocks) :: Steingarten {m}
rocket {n} (a rocket engine) :: Rakete {f}
rocket {n} (non-guided missile) :: Rakete {f}
rocket {n} (a vehicle) :: Rakete {f}
rocket {n} (a projectile firework) :: Rakete {f}
rocket {n} (arugula) SEE: arugula ::
rocket launcher {n} (device for launching a missile) :: Raketenwerfer {m}, Raketenabschussgerät {n}
rocket science {n} (anything overly complex (idiomatic)) :: Raumfahrttechnik {f}
rockfall {n} (a quantity of rocks that has fallen from a cliff) :: Steinschlag {m}
rockfish {n} (fish of the genus Sebastes) :: Rotbarsch
rockfowl {n} (passerine bird) :: Felshüpfer {m}
rock garden {n} (rockery) SEE: rockery ::
rock group {n} (musical group specializing in rock music) :: Rock-Gruppe {f}, Rockgruppe {f}, Rockband {f}
rockhopper penguin {n} (crested penguin) :: Felsenpinguin {m}
rock hyrax {n} (Procavia capensis) :: Klippschliefer {m}
Rockies {prop} (Rocky Mountains) SEE: Rocky Mountains ::
rocking chair {n} (chair with a curved base which can be gently rocked) :: Schaukelstuhl {m}
rocking horse {n} (a child’s toy consisting of a (usually wooden) horse mounted on a rocker or swing) :: Schaukelpferd {n}, [South German, Austrian] Hutschpferd {n}
rock lobster {n} (spiny lobster) SEE: spiny lobster ::
rock maple {n} (sugar maple) SEE: sugar maple ::
rockmelon {n} (melon) SEE: melon ::
rock music {n} (popular music genre) :: Rockmusik {f}
rock paper scissors {n} (popular child's game) :: Schnick Schnack Schnuck {n}, Schere, Stein, Papier {n}, Ching, Chang, Chong {n}, Klick, Klack, Kluck {n}
rock partridge {n} (rock partridge) :: Steinhuhn {n}
rock pigeon {n} (Columba livia) :: Felsentaube {f}
rock pipit {n} (Anthus petrosus) :: Felsenpfeifer
rock samphire {prop} (Crithmum maritimum) :: Meerfenchel {m}
rockslide {n} (type of landslide characterized by falling rocks) :: Bergsturz {m}
rock sugar {n} (white sugar that has been crystallized into chunks) :: Kandiszucker
rocky {adj} (full of rocks) :: felsig, steinig
Rocky Mountains {prop} (mountain range) :: Rocky Mountains {m-p}
rococo {adj} (old-fashioned) SEE: old-fashioned ::
rococo {n} (style of baroque architecture etc.) :: Rokoko {n}
rococo {adj} (of or relating to the rococo style) :: Rokoko-
rod {n} (straight round stick, shaft, or bar) :: Stange {f}, Stock {m}
rod {n} (fishing rod or pole) :: Angel {f}, Angelrute {f}
rod {n} (stick or bundle used for punishment) :: Rute {f}
rod {n} (stick to measure length) :: Zollstock {m}, Metermaß {n}
rod {n} (part of the retina of the eye) :: Stäbchen {n}
rod {n} (slang: pistol) SEE: pistol ::
rod cell {n} (any of the cylindrical photoreceptor cells in the retina) :: Stäbchen {n}
rodent {n} (mammal of the order Rodentia) :: Nagetier {n}, Nager {m}
rodeo {n} (sport) :: Rodeo {m} {n}
Roderick {prop} (male given name) :: Roderich {m}
roe {n} (roe deer) SEE: roe deer ::
roe {n} (eggs of fish) :: Rogen {m}
roebuck {n} (male roe deer) :: Rehbock {m}
roe deer {n} (small deer species, Capreolus capreolus) :: Reh {n}
roentgenium {n} (chemical element) :: Roentgenium, Röntgenium {n}
roger {interj} (received) :: verstanden
Roger {prop} (male given name) :: Rutger {m}, Rüdiger {m}
roger that {interj} (received) SEE: roger ::
rogue {n} (a scoundrel, rascal or unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person) :: Schurke {m}
rogue {n} (a mischievous scamp) :: Lümmel {m}, Strolch
rogue {n} (a vagrant) :: Vagabund {m}, Landstreicher {m}
rogue {n} :: Schurke {m}, Schelm {m}
rogue planet {n} :: Einzelgänger-Planet {m}
rogue state {n} (state or nation acting outside of the accepted international norms and policies) :: Schurkenstaat {m}
rogue wave {n} (unexpected, dangerously large wave) :: Monsterwelle {f}, Riesenwelle {f}, Kaventsmann {m}
roil {v} (render turbid) :: trüben
roil {v} (to annoy) :: ärgern
Roland {prop} (male given name) :: Roland
role {n} (character or part) :: Rolle {f}
role {n} (the expected behavior of an individual in a society) :: Rolle {f}
role {n} (the function or position of something) :: Rolle {f}, Aufgabe {f}, Funktion {f}
role conflict {n} (conflict) :: Rollenkonflikt {m}
role model {n} (a person who serves as an example) :: Vorbild {n}
roleplay {n} (roleplaying game) SEE: roleplaying game ::
roleplaying game {n} (type of game in which the players assume the role of a character) :: Rollenspiel {n}
roll {v} (to cause to revolve) :: rollen
roll {v} (to wrap round on itself) :: aufrollen, aufwickeln [wool]
roll {v} (to drive or impel forward with an easy motion) :: rollen
roll {v} (to press or level with a roller) :: walzen, [dough] ausrollen
roll {v} (to move, or cause to be moved, upon rollers or small wheels) :: rollen
roll {v} (to beat with rapid, continuous strokes, as a drum) :: wirbeln
roll {v} (US slang: a manner of behaving or a way of doing certain things) :: laufen
roll {n} (the act of rolling) :: [intransitive] Rollen, [a cigarette, etc.] Drehen, [steel bars, etc] Walzen, Rolle {f}, Rollen {m}
roll {n} (a roll in gymnastics) :: Rolle {f}, Vorwärtsrolle {f}, Überschlag {m}, Purzelbaum {m}
roll {n} (that which rolls; a roller) :: Roller {m}
roll {n} (a heavy cylinder used to break clods) :: Walze {f}, Sternwälzegge {f}
roll {n} (one of a set of revolving cylinders between which metal is pressed) :: Walze
roll {n} (oscillating movement of a vessel from side to side) :: Rollen, Schlingern
roll {n} (a heavy, reverberatory sound) :: Rollen, Grollen
roll {n} (the uniform beating of a drum) :: [sound] Wirbel, [activity] Wirbeln
roll {n} (that which is rolled up) :: Rolle [paper, etc.], Bündel [banknotes], Ballen [fabric], Röllchen [butter]
roll {n} (a scroll) :: Schriftrolle {f}, Buchrolle {f}, Schriftband {m}
roll {n} (an official or public document) :: Liste, Register, Namensliste
roll {n} (a list of names or an official register of names) :: Rolle {f}, Namensrolle {f}
roll {n} (quantity of cloth wound into a cylindrical form) :: Rolle {f}, Ballen {m}
roll {n} (shortened raised biscuit or bread) :: Brötchen, Semmel, Schrippe, Rolle {f}
roll {n} (part; office; duty) :: Rolle {f}, Funktion {f}
rollator {n} (walking frame with wheels) :: Rollator {m}
rollback {n} (a withdrawal of military forces) :: Entzug {m}
rollback {n} ((computing) an operation to return the database to the previous commit point) :: Rollback {n}
roll call {n} (reading of a list of names and responses) :: Appell {m}
rolled fillet {n} (chopped veal rolled in a piece of bacon) :: Röllchen
rolled oats {n} (oat groats rolled into flat flakes) :: Haferflocken {f}, Schmelzflocken {f}
roller {n} (slang: police) SEE: cop ::
roller {n} (roller pigeon that somersaults backwards at high speed) :: Roller {m}, Rollertaube {f}, Orientalischer Roller {m}, Orientalische Rollertaube {f} (compare Tümmler {m}, Tümmlertaube {m}, Werfer {m}, Ostpreußischer Werfer {m})
roller {n} (bird of the family Coraciidae) :: Racke {f}
roller {n} (hair roller) SEE: hair roller ::
rollerblade {n} (type of roller skate) :: Inlineskate {m}; Inliner {m}; Rollerblade {m} [rare]
roller blind {n} (blind for a window) :: Rollo {n}, Jalousie {f}
roller chain {n} (chain drive used for transmission of mechanical power) :: Rollenkette {f}
rollercoaster {n} (amusement ride) :: Achterbahn {f}
roller derby {n} (sport) :: Roller Derby {n}
roller shutter {n} (shutter consisting of a series of horizontal sections that are hinged together) :: Rollladen {m}, Rolllade {f}, Rollo {n}
roller skate {n} (a boot having small wheels) :: Rollschuh {m}
roller skating {n} (skating on roller skates) :: rollschuhlaufen
rolling paper {n} (paper for rolling cigarettes) :: Zigarettenpapier {n}, Blättchen {n}
rolling pin {n} (food preparation utensil) :: Nudelholz {n}
rolling resistance {n} (force) :: Rollwiderstand {m}
rolling stock {n} (railway vehicles collectively) :: Schienenfahrzeuge {p}, Lokomotiven und Wagons {p}
rolling stock {n} (any railway vehicle) :: Schienenfahrzeug {n}
rolling stone {n} (womanizer) SEE: womanizer ::
rolling stone {n} (person who moves around and never settles down) :: Rumtreiber {m}, Herumtreiber {m}
rollmop {n} (fillet of herring) :: Rollmops {m}
roll one's eyes {v} (turn one's eyes upwards) :: die Augen rollen
roll out {v} (deploy, release or launch) :: ausliefern
roll rate {n} (The rate at which an aircraft can change its roll attitude) :: Rollrate {f}
rollup {n} (self-made cigarette) :: selbst gedrehte Zigarette {f}, Selbstgedrehte {f}
roll up one's sleeves {v} (roll one's sleeves up) :: Ärmel hochkrempeln
roll up one's sleeves {v} (prepare to work) :: die Ärmel hochkrempeln
roly-poly {n} (A toy that rights itself when pushed over) :: Stehaufmännchen {n}
Rom {n} (a member of the Romani people) :: Zigeuner {m}, Zigeunerin {f} [female]; Sinti und Roma {p} [in plural], Roma und Sinti {p} [in plural], Roma {p} [in plural]; Rom {m}, Romni {f}, Roma {p}, Sinto {m}, Sinti {m-p}, Sintiza {f}, Sinteza {f}
Rom {prop} (language) SEE: Romani ::
Rom {adj} (Romani) SEE: Romani ::
Roma {prop} (the Romani macrolanguage) SEE: Romani ::
Roma {n} (member of the Roma/Romani people) SEE: Romani ::
Roma {adj} (Romani) SEE: Romani ::
Roma {prop} (the Romani people) :: Roma
Romaine lettuce {n} (Lactuca sativa longifolia) :: Römersalat {m}
romaja {n} (romanization of Korean) :: Romaja {n}
romaji {n} (romanization of Japanese) :: Rōmaji {n}, Romaji {n}
Roman {adj} (of or from Rome) :: römisch
Roman {adj} (of or from the Roman Empire) :: römisch
Roman {adj} (of Western character set) :: lateinisch
Roman {adj} (Roman Catholic) :: katholisch
Roman {n} (a native or resident of Rome) :: Römer {m}, Römerin {f}
Roman {n} (a native or inhabitant of the Roman Empire) :: Römer {m}
Roman {n} (the Roman script) :: Lateinisch {n}, ABC {n}
Roman {prop} (male given name) :: Roman {m}
Roman alphabet {n} (Latin alphabet) SEE: Latin alphabet ::
Roman candle {n} (a type of firework) :: Römische Licht, [in Switzerland] Römische Kerze
Roman Catholic {adj} :: römisch-katholisch
Roman Catholic {n} (person) :: Katholik {m}, Katholikin {f}, Römisch-Katholik {m} [considered redundant, rare], Römisch-Katholikin {f} [considered redundant, rare] (compare Alt-Katholik {m}, Alt-Katholikin {f}, Altkatholik {m}, Altkatholikin {f})
Roman Catholic Church {prop} (Catholic Church) :: Römisch-Katholische Kirche {f} [less common in German than in English]
romance {n} (intimate relationship, love affair) :: Liebesgeschichte {f}; [sometimes pejorative] Romanze {f}
romance {n} (idealized love) :: große Liebe {f}; romantische Liebe {f}; Minne {f}
romance {n} (story or novel dealing with idealized love) :: Liebesgeschichte {f}; [sometimes pejorative] Romanze {f}
Romance {adj} (of or dealing with languages or cultures derived from Roman influence and Latin) :: romanisch
Romance language {n} (language descended from Latin) :: romanische Sprache {f}
Romandy {prop} (French-speaking Switzerland) :: Romandie {f}
Roman Empire {prop} (ancient Latin empire) :: Römisches Reich {n}, Römerreich {n}
Romanesque {adj} (Applied to the debased style of the later Roman empire) :: romanisch
Romani {n} (member of the Roma people) SEE: Rom ::
Romani {prop} (language) :: Roma-Sprache {f}, Romani {n}, Zigeunersprache {f}
Romani {n} (nomadic people) SEE: Roma ::
Romania {prop} (South-Eastern European country) :: Rumänien {n}
Romanian {adj} (of or relating to Romania, its people, or language) :: rumänisch
Romanian {n} (native of Romania) :: Rumäne {m}, Rumänin {f}
Romanian {n} (official language of Romania) :: Rumänisch {n}
Romanicist {n} (Romanicist) :: Romanist {m}, Romanistin {f}
romanise {v} (romanize) SEE: romanize ::
Romanise {v} (romanize) SEE: romanize ::
Romanization {n} (putting text into the Latin (Roman) alphabet) :: Romanisierung {f}
romanize {v} (to put letters or words into the Latin alphabet) :: romanisieren, latinisieren
Roman mile {n} (Roman unit of length) :: Meile {f}
Roman nose {n} (aquiline nose) SEE: aquiline nose ::
Roman numeral {n} (numeral represented by letters) :: römische Ziffer {f}
Romans {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Römerbrief {m}
Romans {prop} (30th sura of the Qur'an) :: Römerbrief {m}
Romansch {n} (the Romance language) :: Rätoromanisch {n}, Bündnerromanisch {n}
romantic {adj} (fantastic, idealistic) :: romantisch
romantic {adj} (powerfully sentimental, evocative) :: romantisch
romantic {adj} (concerned with, or conducive to, romance and love) :: romantisch
romantic {n} (person with romantic character) :: Romantiker {m}, Romantikerin {f}
romantic {n} (person who is behaving romantically) :: Romantiker {m}, Romantikerin {f}
Romantic {adj} (Of or pertaining to Romanticism) :: romantisch
romanticism {n} (romantic quality, spirit or action) :: Romantik {f}
Romanticism {prop} (artistic and intellectual movement) :: Romantik {f}
romanticist {n} (advocate or follower of romanticism) :: Romantiker {m}, Romantikerin {f}
romanticize {v} (to view something in a romantic manner) :: romantisieren
Romaphobia {n} (fear, dislike or hate of Roma people) :: Romaphobie {f}
Rome {prop} (city) :: Rom {n}
Romeo {n} (boyfriend) SEE: boyfriend ::
Romeo {prop} (character in Romeo and Juliet) :: Romeo {m}
Romeo and Juliet {prop} (the tragedy) :: Romeo und Julia
Rome wasn't built in a day {proverb} (it takes a long time to create something complicated or impressive) :: Rom ist nicht an einem Tag erbaut worden
romp {v} (to play roughly or energetically) :: raufen
romp {n} (period of boisterous play) :: Balgerei {f}, Tollerei {f}, Toben {n}, Tollen {n}, Herumtollen {n}, Herumtoben {n}, Rauferei {f}
Ronald {prop} (male given name) :: Ronald {m}
rondel {n} (long thin medieval dagger) :: Scheibendolch {m}
ronin {n} (masterless samurai) :: Ronin {m} (Rônin {m}, Rōnin {m})
rood screen {n} (carved screen) :: Lettner {m}, Doxale {n}
roof {n} (the cover at the top of a building) :: Dach {n}
roof {v} (to cover or furnish with a roof) :: überdachen
roofer {n} (craftsman who lays or repairs roofs) :: Dachdecker {m}, Dachdeckerin {f}
roofing {n} (material used on the outside of a roof) :: Bedachungsmaterial {n}
roofline {n} (profile of roofs) :: Dachlinie {f}
Roof of the World {prop} (the high mountainous regions in Asia) :: Dach der Welt {n}
roof over one's head {n} (somewhere to live) :: Dach überm Kopf {n}
roof rabbit {n} :: Dachhase {m}
roof rack {n} (rack attached to the top of a car) :: Dachgepäckträger {m}
roof tile {n} (tile covering a roof) :: Dachziegel {m}, Dachpfanne {f}
rooftop {n} (top surface of a roof) :: Hausdach {n}
rooibos {n} (shrub) :: Rooibos {m}
rooibos {n} (tea) :: Rooibostee {m}
rooibos tea {n} (rooibos) SEE: rooibos ::
rook {n} (bird) :: Saatkrähe {f}
rook {n} (swindler) :: Schwindler {m}, Schwindlerin {f}, Betrüger {m}, Betrügerin {f}, Gauner {m}, Gaunerin {f}
rook {v} (cheat, swindle) :: schwindeln, betrügen, [idiomatic] übers Ohr hauen, lügen, hintergehen, [idiomatic] falsch spielen, [idiomatic] hinters Licht führen, ergaunern, abgaunern
rook {n} (chesspiece) :: Turm {m}
rook {n} (fortification) :: Festung {f}, Burg {f}
rookie {adj} (amateur) SEE: amateur ::
rookie {n} (an inexperienced recruit) :: Frischling {m}
rookie {n} (a novice) :: Anfänger {m}, Neuling {m}
room {n} (space) :: Raum {m}, Platz {m}
room {n} (division in a building) :: Raum {m}, Zimmer {n}, Kammer (especially a storeroom or bedroom), Gemach {n} [dated or high]
rooming house {n} (house that rents furnished apartments) :: Fremdenheim {n} [obsolescent], Wohnheim {n}
roommate {n} (a person with whom one shares a room) :: Mitbewohner {m}, Mitbewohnerin {f}, Zimmergenosse {m}, Zimmergenossin {f}, Zimmerkollege {m}, Zimmerkollegin {f}
room service {n} (provision of food and drink to a guest room) :: Zimmerservice {m} {n}, Zimmerdienst {m}
room temperature {n} (normal temperature) :: Zimmertemperatur {f}, Raumtemperatur {f}
roomy {adj} (spacious) :: geräumig (rooms), weit (clothing)
roost {v} :: auf einem Ast schlafen, auf einer Stange schlafen
rooster {n} (flower) SEE: violet ::
rooster {n} (male chicken; male gallinaceous bird) :: Hahn {m}
rooster {n} (powerful person) SEE: big cheese ::
rooster {n} (informant) SEE: informant ::
rooster {n} (violent person) SEE: brawler ::
root {n} (part of a plant) :: Wurzel {f}, Wurzeln {p}
root {n} (of a tooth) :: Wurzel {f}, Wurzeln {p}, Zahnwurzel {f}
root {n} (part of a hair under the skin) :: Haarwurzel {f}, Wurzel {f}
root {n} (primary source) :: Quelle {f}, Quellen {p}
root {n} (arithmetic: number or expression which when raised to a power gives the specified number or expression) :: Wurzel {f}
root {n} (graph theory: node in a tree that has no parent) :: Wurzelknoten {m}
root {n} (linguistic morphology: primary lexical unit of a word) :: Grundwort {n}
root {n} (philology: word from which another word or words are derived) :: Stamm {m}
root {v} (to turn up or dig with the snout - as pigs) :: wühlen
root {n} (arithmetic: square root) SEE: square root ::
root {n} (root vegetable) SEE: root vegetable ::
root canal {n} (hollow part of the root of a tooth) :: Wurzelkanal {m}
root canal {n} (surgical operation on a root canal) :: Wurzelkanalbehandlung {f}
rootedness {n} (state or quality of being rooted) :: Verwurzelung {f}, Verwurzeltsein {n}
root for {v} (encourage a favored person) :: anfeuern
root hair {n} :: Wurzelhaar {n}
rootless {adj} (having no roots) :: wurzellos
rootlessness {n} (property of being rootless) :: Wurzellosigkeit {f}, Entwurzelung {f}, Entwurzeltsein {n}
root mean square {n} (type of average) :: quadratisches Mittel {n}
root of unity {n} (field element, some positive power of which equals 1) :: Einheitswurzel {f}
roots {n} :: Ahnen {f}, Wurzeln {f}, Anfänge {f}
root vegetable {n} (edible root) :: Wurzelgemüse {n}
rope {n} (thick, strong string) :: Seil {n}, Tau {n}
rope {n} (a length of this string) :: Seil {n}, Tau {n}
rope bridge {n} (bridge made of rope) :: Seilbrücke {f}
rope ladder {n} (flexible ladder) :: Strickleiter {f}, Fallreep {n}
ropemaker {n} (maker of ropes) :: Seiler {m}, Seilerin {f}
ropeway {n} (cableway) SEE: cableway ::
rorqual {n} (whale with long skin folds below mouth) :: Furchenwal {m}
Rorschach test {n} (method of psychological evaluation that uses subject's interpretations of inkblots) :: Rorschachtest {m}
rosé {n} (wine) :: Roséwein {m}
Rosa {prop} (female given name) SEE: Rose ::
Rosamund {prop} (female given name) :: Rosamunde {f}
rosary {n} (Catholic prayer beads) :: Rosenkranz {m}
rosary {n} (devotion) :: Rosenkranz {m}
Rosberg {prop} :: Rosberg
rose {n} (shrub) :: Rose {f}
rose {n} (flower) :: Rose {f}
rose {n} (a plant or species in the rose family (Rosaceae)) :: Rosengewächs {n}, Rosengewächse {n-p}, rosenblütige Pflanze {f}, rosenblütige Pflanzen {f-p}
rose {n} (colour) :: rosa
rose {n} (nozzle) :: Brause {f}
rose {adj} (colour) :: rosa, pink, rosarot
Rose {prop} (female given name) :: Rosa
roseate tern {n} (tern, Sterna dougallii) :: Rosenseeschwalbe {f}
rosebush {n} (rose plant) :: Rosenstock {m}
rose chafer {n} (Cetonia aurata) :: Rosenkäfer {m}, Gemeiner Rosenkäfer {m}, Goldglänzender Rosenkäfer {m}, Goldkäfer {m}
rose-colored glasses {n} (overly optimistic perception of something) :: rosarote Brille {f-s}
rose fish {n} (Sebastes norvegicus) :: Rotbarsch {m}
rose garden {n} (garden planted in roses) :: Rosengarten {m}, Rosarium {n}
rosehip {n} (the fruit of a rose plant) :: Hagebutte {f}
roselle {n} (Hibiscus sabdariffa) :: Hibiskus {m}, Roselle {f}, Afrikanische Malve {f}
rosemary {n} (shrub) :: Rosmarin {m}
Rosemary {prop} (female given name) :: Rosemarie
Rosenstein {prop} (surname) :: Rosenstein
rose petal {n} (petal of a rose flower) :: Rosenblatt {n}
rose quartz {n} (pinkish to reddish-colored quartz) :: Rosenquarz {m}
Rosetta Stone {prop} (large inscribed stone) :: Stein von Rosette {m}
rosewater {n} (a liquid produced by steeping rose petals in water) :: Rosenwasser {n}
Rosh Hashanah {prop} (Jewish holiday) :: Rosch ha-Schana
Rosicrucian {n} (member of Rosicrucian Order) :: Rosenkreuzer {m}, Rosenkreuzerin {f}, Rosenkreutzer {m}, Rosenkreutzerin {f}, Rosencreutzer {m}, Rosencreutzerin {f}, Rosenkreuzler {m}, Rosenkreuzlerin {f}, Rosenkreutzler {m}, Rosenkreutzlerin {f}
Rosicrucian {adj} (related to Rosicrucianism) :: rosenkreuzerisch, rosenkreuzisch, rosenkreutzerisch, rosenkreutzisch, rosencreutzerisch, rosencreutzisch
rosin {n} (liquid resin) SEE: resin ::
rosin {n} (solid form of resin) :: Kolophonium {n}
Ross's gull {n} (Rhodostethia rosea) :: Rosenmöwe {f}
roster {n} (schedule) SEE: schedule ::
roster {n} (a list of names) :: Liste {f}, Teilnehmerliste {f}, Matrikel {f}
Rostock {prop} (city) :: Rostock {n}
Rostov {prop} (Rostov Veliky, Yaroslavl oblast, Russia) :: Rostow {n}
Rostov-na-Donu {prop} (a city in Russia) SEE: Rostov-on-Don ::
Rostov-on-Don {prop} (a city in Russia) :: Rostow am Don {n}
rostral bone {n} (edentulous ossification that forms the ceratopsian beak) :: Rostralknochen {m}
rostrum {n} (zoology: beak) SEE: beak ::
rostrum {n} (projecting prow of a rowed warship) :: Rammsporn {m}
rosé wine {n} (pink coloured wine) :: Roséwein {m}, Rosé {m}
rosy {adj} (rose-coloured) :: rosig
rosy {adj} (optimistic) :: rosig
rot {v} ((intransitive) to suffer decomposition) :: verrotten, verderben, faulen, verfaulen
Rotarian {n} (member of a Rotary Club) :: Rotarier {m}, Rotarierin {f}
rotary {n} (traffic circle) SEE: traffic circle ::
rotary {adj} (capable of rotation) :: rotierbar, rotierend
rotary phone {n} (rotary dial telephone) :: Wählscheibentelefon
rotatable {adj} (having the ability to rotate) :: drehbar
rotate {v} (to spin, turn, or revolve) :: sich drehen, rotieren
rotation {n} (act of turning around a centre) :: Rotation {f}
rotation {n} (single cycle of turning) :: Umdrehung {f}
rotation curve {n} (a plot of the orbital velocity of solar systems with respect to the center of its galaxy, as a function of the distance between the two) :: Rotationskurve {f}
rote {n} (process of committing to memory) :: Auswendiglernen {n}
rote {n} (mechanical routine) :: Routine {f}, Gewohnheit {f}
rotgut {n} (raw or poor quality alcoholic liquor) :: Fusel {m}
roti {n} (unleavened flatbread) :: Fladenbrot {n}, Roti {n}
rotor {n} (a rotating part of a mechanical device) :: Rotor {m}
rotor {n} (the wing of a helicopter or similar) :: Hauptrotor {m}
rotten {adj} (decayed, gone bad) :: faul, verfault
rotten {adj} (mean) :: scheußlich
Rotterdam {prop} (city and port in The Netherlands) :: Rotterdam {n}
Rotterdammer {n} (person from Rotterdam) :: Rotterdamer {m}, Rotterdamerin {f}
Rottweiler {n} (breed of dog) :: Rottweiler {m}
rotula {n} (kneecap) SEE: kneecap ::
rotunda {n} (roundabout) SEE: roundabout ::
rotunda {n} (architecture: round building, often with a dome) :: Rotunde {f}
rotunda {n} (typography: Gothic typeface based on a 13th-C. rounded script) :: Halbgotisch {f}, Rotunda {f}, Rundgotisch {f}
roué {n} (A debauched or lecherous person) :: Roué {m}, Lustmolch {m}
Roubaisian {n} (Someone from Roubaix) :: Roubaiser {m}, Roubaiserin {f}, Roubaixer {m}, Roubaixerin {f}
rouge {n} (color) :: Rouge {n}, Rosarot {n}
rouge {n} (blush) SEE: blush ::
Rouget's rail {n} (bird) :: Braunralle {f}
rough {adj} (not smooth) :: rau, grob
rough {adj} (approximate) :: grob
rough {n} (unmowed part of golf-course) :: Rough {n}
rough {v} (to render rough) SEE: roughen ::
roughage {n} (dietary fibre) SEE: dietary fibre ::
roughage {n} (rough or coarse material) :: Raufutter {n} [farming, ecology]
rough breathing {n} (Ancient Greek diacritical mark) :: Spiritus asper {m}
rough collie {n} (breed of dog) :: langhaariger schottischer Schäferhund
roughen {v} (to make rough) :: aufrauen, anrauen, rau machen, rauen
roughen {v} (to become rough) :: rau werden
rough-legged buzzard {n} (Buteo lagopus) :: Raufußbussard {m}
roughly {adv} (approximately) SEE: approximately ::
roughy {n} (orange roughy) SEE: orange roughy ::
rouille {n} (type of sauce from Provence, France) :: Rouille
roulade {n} (A slice of meat that is rolled up, stuffed, and cooked) :: Roulade {f}
roulette {n} (game of chance) :: Roulette {n}
round {adj} (circular or cylindrical) :: rund
round {adj} (spherical) :: rund
round {adj} (of corners that lack sharp angles) :: abgerundet
round {adj} (plump) :: mollig, rund
round {adj} (complete, not lacking) :: rund
round {adj} (of a number that has been rounded off) :: rund
round {adj} (pronounced with the mouth in the shape of an "O") :: gerundet
round {n} (circular object) :: Kreis {m}, Runde {f}
round {n} (circular or repetitious route) :: Runde {f}, Visite {f} [doctor's round]
round {n} (song with each subset starting at a different time) :: Kanon {m}
round {n} (serving) :: Runde
round {n} (segment of a sport event) :: Runde {f}
round {n} (stage of a sports competition) :: Runde
round {v} (to approximate a number) :: runden
round {prep} (around) SEE: around ::
round {adv} (around) SEE: around ::
roundabout {n} (road junction at which traffic streams circularly around a central island) :: Kreisverkehr {m}, Kreisel {m} [informal]
roundabout {n} (children's play apparatus which rotates around a central axis when pushed) :: Karussell {n}
roundabout {n} (fairground carousel) :: Karussell {n}
roundabout {n} (detour) :: Umleitung {f}
round angle {n} (an angle of 360 degrees) :: Vollwinkel {m}
round bracket {n} (parenthesis, bracket) :: runde Klammer {f}
round dance {n} (dance for couples with a revolving motion) :: Rundtanz {m}, Kreistanz {m}
round down {v} (to round downwards to the desired accuracy) :: abrunden
rounded {adj} (pronounced with the lips drawn together) :: gerundet
roundel {n} (heraldry: a circular spot; a charge in the form of a small coloured circle) :: Kugel {f}
roundhouse kick {n} :: Roundhouse-Kick
rounding {adj} (round or nearly round; becoming round; roundish) :: gerundet
rounding {n} (the act of rounding a mathematical value) :: Runden {n}, Rundung {f}
roundish {adj} (somewhat round) :: rundlich
round off {v} (to change the shape of an object to make it more circular) :: abrunden
round off {v} (to change a number into an approximation having fewer significant digits) :: runden
round off {v} (to complete or finish something) :: abrunden
round table {n} (conference) :: runder Tisch {m}
Round Table {prop} (King Arthur's table) :: Tafelrunde {f}
round the clock {prep} (24 hours per day) SEE: around the clock ::
round trip {n} (a trip from one destination to another and then returning to the starting location) :: Rundreise {f}, Hin- und Rückfahrt {f}
round up {v} (to collect or gather (something) together) :: zusammentreiben, zusammentrommeln [colloquial]
round up {v} (to round up a number) :: aufrunden
roundworm {n} (invertebrate of the phylum Nematoda) SEE: nematode ::
rouse {v} (to wake) :: erwecken, aufwachen,