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Wałbrzych {prop} (city in southwest Poland) :: Wałbrzych, Waldenburg
wacko {adj} (amusingly eccentric or irrational) :: durchgeknallt
wacky {adj} (zany) SEE: zany ::
wad {n} (soft plug) :: Vorladung {f}, Vorschlag {m}, Pfropfen {m}
wad {n} (ejaculate) :: Wichse {f}
Wadden Sea {prop} (Wadden Sea) :: Wattenmeer {n}
waddle {n} (swaying gait) :: watschelnder Gang {m}
waddle {v} (To walk with short steps, tilting the body from side to side) :: watscheln
wade {v} (to walk through water or something that impedes progress) :: waten
wader {n} (boot) :: Watstiefel {m}
wader {n} (bird) :: Watvogel {m}
wad hook {n} (two spiral blades arranged something like a corkscrew for extracting spherical objects from the bottom of a bore-hole, particularly a bullet from a firearm) :: Kugelzieher {m}, Krätzer {m}, Flintenkrätzer {m}, Schusszieher {m}, Dammzieher {m} [in artillery]
wading bird {n} (long-legged bird) :: Watvogel {m}, Stelzvogel {m}
wading pool {n} (shallow pool) :: Planschbecken
Wadowice {prop} (city in Poland) :: Wadowitz
wafer {n} (biscuit) :: Oblate {f}, Waffel {f}
wafer {n} (religious token) :: Hostie {f}
wafer {n} (electronics) :: Wafer {m}, Halbleiterscheibe {f}
Waffen-SS {prop} (combat arm of the Schutzstaffel) :: Waffen-SS {f}
waffle {n} (flat pastry) :: Waffel {f}
waffle {n} (speech or writing that is vague) :: Geschwafel {n}, leere Phrasen {f-p}
waffle {v} (to speak or write at length without any clear point or aim) :: schwafeln
waffle {v} (vacillate) SEE: vacillate ::
waffle iron {n} (a cooking appliance used to make waffles) :: Waffeleisen {n}
waft {v} (to float easily and gently on the air) :: treiben, wehen, wallen, wabern, streichen, umwehen, tragen, getragen werden
waft {v} (to be moved on a buoyant medium) :: schweben, schwimmen, treiben, dahinsegeln
waft {v} (to give notice to by waving something) :: signalisieren, senden, aussenden, fortsenden, winken
waft {n} (something carried through the air) :: Hauch {m}
wag {v} (to swing from side to side) :: wedeln
wag {v} (to not go to school) :: schwänzen
wage {n} (money paid to a worker) :: Lohn {m}, Arbeitsentgelt {n}
wage {v} (to conduct or carry out) :: führen
wager {n} (a stake; a pledge) :: Wette {f}
wager {n} (an agreement) :: Wette {f}
wager {n} (the subject of a bet) :: Wetteinsatz {m}
wager {v} (to bet on something) :: wetten
wager {v} (put up as collateral) :: wetten
waggle {v} (move with short, quick motions; wobble) :: wackeln, wedeln
waggle dance {n} (dance of bees) :: Schwänzeltanz
waggon {n} (wagon) SEE: wagon ::
Wagner {prop} (surname) :: Wagner {m} {f}
wagon {n} (four-wheeled cart for hauling loads, see also: cart) :: Wagen
wagon {n} (child's riding toy) :: Bollerwagen {m}
wagtail {n} (various small passerine birds) :: Stelze {f}
Wahhabi {n} (an adherent of the puritanical reform movement) :: Wahhabit {m}
Wahhabism {prop} (branch of Sunni Islam) :: Wahhabismus {m}
Wahhabite {n} (follower of Wahhabism) :: Wahhabit {m}
wail {v} (to cry out) :: jammern, heulen
wail {v} (to weep, lament) :: heulen
wail {v} (to make a sound like crying) :: heulen
wail {v} :: [1,2] klagen
wail {n} (loud cry or shriek) :: Schrei {m}, Schmerzensschrei {m}
wailer {n} (one who wails) :: Klagender {m}, Klagende {f}
wainscotting {n} (Wooden (especially oaken) panelling on the lower part of a room’s walls) :: Fußbodenleiste {f}, Lambris {f}
wainwright {n} (maker of wagons) :: Wagner {m}, Stellmacher {m}, Wagenbauer {m}, Wagenmacher {m}, Radmacher {m}
waist {n} (part of the body between the pelvis and the stomach) :: Taille {f}
waist {n} (the middle portion of the hull of a ship or the fuselage of an aircraft) :: Rumpf {m}
waistband {n} (band of fabric encircling the waist) :: Bund {m}
waistcoat {n} (a sleeveless, collarless garment) :: Weste {f}, [regional, obsolescent] Gilet {n}
waistline {n} (line around the body at the waist; its measurement) :: Taille {f}
waistline {n} (narrowest part of a garment) :: Taille {f}
wait {v} (delay until some event) :: warten
wait {v} (to serve customers) :: bedienen
wait {n} (a delay) :: Warten
wait {v} (transitive: delay until) SEE: await ::
wait-and-see {adj} (tending to observe) :: abwartend
waiter {n} (a server in a restaurant or similar) :: Kellner {m}, Kellnerin {f}
waiter {n} (someone who waits) :: Wartender {m}, Wartende {f}
wait for {v} (await) SEE: await ::
waiting list {n} (ordered list of people waiting to obtain a good or service) :: Warteliste {f}
waiting move {n} (chess: passive move) :: Abwartezug {m}
waiting room {n} (room) :: Wartezimmer {n}, Warteraum {m}
waitlist {n} (waiting list) SEE: waiting list ::
waitress {n} (female waiter) :: Kellnerin {f}
waive {v} (to relinquish; to give up claim to) :: verzichten, aufgeben
waive {v} (to put aside, avoid) :: verlassen, aufgeben
waiver {n} (the act of waiving) :: Verzicht {m}
wake {v} (to stop sleeping) :: aufwachen, erwachen
wake {v} (to make somebody stop sleeping) :: aufwecken, wecken
wake {n} (period after death) :: Totenwache {f}
wake {n} (path left behind a ship on the surface of the water) :: Kielwasser {n}
wake {n} (turbulent air left behind a flying aircraft) :: Nachlauf {m}
wakeful {adj} (restless) :: wach, schlaflos, wachsam, aufmerksam, unruhig, vigilant
wakefulness {n} (state of being wakeful) :: Wachsamkeit {f}, Aufmerksamkeit {f}, Schlaflosigkeit {f}, Wachheit {f}, Vigilanz {f}
wake up {v} (to (become) awake) :: aufwachen, erwachen, wach werden
wake up {v} (to awaken (someone else)) :: aufwecken, wecken, wach machen
wake up {v} (to become more aware of a real-life situation.) :: aufwachen, wach werden, sich bewusst werden
wake-up call {n} (morning courtesy call) :: Weckruf {m}
wake up on the wrong side of bed {v} (to be irritable) SEE: get up on the wrong side of the bed ::
Waldemar {prop} (male given name) :: Waldemar
Waldensian {adj} (of or pertaining to the Waldenses) :: waldensisch {m}, Waldenser- [e.g., Waldenserkirche]
Waldensian {n} (one who holds the doctrines of the Waldenses) :: Waldenser {m}, Waldenserin {f}
waldmeister {n} (herb) SEE: sweet woodruff ::
Waldorf salad {n} (type of salad) :: Waldorfsalat {m}
Wales {prop} (a constituent nation of the UK) :: Wales {n}
walk {v} (to move on the feet) :: laufen, gehen, wandern, spazieren gehen, wandeln [archaic]
walk {v} (colloquial: to avoid a criminal court case) :: freigelassen werden, freikommen
walk {v} (colloquial: to be stolen) :: wegkommen
walk {v} (to travel a distance by walking) :: laufen
walk {v} (to take for a walk) :: ausführen, begleiten
walk {n} (trip made by walking) :: Spaziergang {m}
walk {n} (distance walked) :: Weg {m}
walking {n} (gerund of walk) :: Wandern {n}, Spazierengehen {n}, Gehen {n}, Laufen {n} [colloquial]
walking cane {n} (walking stick) SEE: walking stick ::
walking frame {n} (framework device) :: Rollator {m}
walking stick {n} (cane) :: Spazierstock {m}, Krückstock {m}, Gehstock {m}, vierfüßiger Gehstock {m}
walking stick {n} (insect) SEE: stick insect ::
walk in the park {n} (something easy or pleasant) :: Zuckerschlecken {n}, Spaziergang {m}
walkman {n} (any personal cassette player) :: Walkman {m}
walk-on {n} (actor with a small part) :: Statist {m}, Statistin {f}, Komparse {m}
walk on eggshells {v} (to act carefully to avoid upsetting someone) :: sich auf Eierschalen bewegen
walk-on girl {n} (woman who escorts a player to the stage at a darts event) :: Walk-on-Girl
walkout {n} (stoppage of work) SEE: strike ::
walk over {v} (first sense: to physically walk over) :: hinüberlaufen, hinübergehen
walk over {v} (to treat someone as inferior) :: herumschikanieren, herumtrampeln
walk the plank {v} (to be forced to resign from a position in an organization) :: über die Planke gehen
walk the talk {v} (to act in accordance with one's words) :: seinen Worten Taten folgen lassen
walk through {v} :: durchgehen
walkthrough {n} ((video games) playthrough detailing the steps involved in winning the game) :: Komplettlösung
walkway {n} (clearly defined path) :: Fußweg {m}
wall {n} (defensive rampart) :: Wall {m}
wall {n} (structure built for defense surrounding an area) :: Mauer {f}, Wall {m}
wall {n} (substantial structure acting as side or division in a building) :: Wand {f}, Mauer {f}
wall {n} (impediment to free movement) :: Barriere {f}, Hemnis {n}
wall {n} (butterfly Lasiommata megera) :: Mauerfuchs {m}
wall {n} (anatomy, zoology, botany: divisive or containing structure) :: Wand {f}
wall {v} (to enclose by surrounding with walls) :: einmauern, zumauern
wallaby {n} (Any of several species of Marsupial) :: Wallaby {n}
Wallachia {prop} (region in Romania) :: Walachei {f}
Wallachia {prop} (region in Moravia) :: Mährische Walachei {f}
Wallachian {adj} (related to Wallachia) :: walachisch, wallachisch
Wallachian {prop} (language, see also: Romanian) :: Walachisch {n}, Wallachisch {n}
wall bars {n} (exercise equipment) :: Sprossenwand {f}
wall chaser {n} (power tool) :: Mauernutfräse {f}
wall clock {n} (clock mounted on a wall) :: Wanduhr {f}
wallcreeper {n} (Tichodroma muraria) :: Mauerläufer {m}
wallet {n} (case for keeping money) :: Portemonnaie {n}, Portmonee {n}; Brieftasche {f}; Geldbeutel {m}; Geldbörse {f}, Börse {f}
walleye {n} (Sander vitreus) :: Glasaugenbarsch {m}
walleyed {adj} (having eyes with a pale coloured iris) :: Birkauge
wallflower {n} (any of several short-lived herbs or shrubs of the Erysimum) :: Goldlack {m}, Lackstock {m}, Lackviole {f}, Schöterich {m}
wallflower {n} (socially awkward person) :: Mauerblümchen {n}
wall hanging {n} (wall decoration) :: Wandbehang {m}, Wandverzierung {f}, Wandteppich {m}
wall in {v} (enclose by surrounding with walls) :: ummauern
Wallis and Futuna {prop} (an overseas territory of France in Oceania) :: Wallis und Futuna
Wallonia {prop} (a region) :: Wallonien {n}, Wallonie {f}
Walloon {prop} (Romance language) :: Wallonisch {n}
Walloon {n} (an inhabitant of Wallonia) :: Wallone {m}, Wallonin {f}
Walloon {adj} (referring to the French-speaking people of southern Belgium) :: wallonisch
Walloon {adj} (referring to the Romance language) :: wallonisch
wallow {v} (to roll oneself about, as in mire; to tumble and roll about; to move lazily or heavily in any medium; to flounder; as, swine wallow in the mire) :: sich wälzen, sich suhlen
wallow {v} (to immerse oneself in, to occupy oneself with, metaphorically) :: sich suhlen
wallow {v} :: sich wälzen , suhlen , schwelgen (to wallow in vice) dem Laster frönen; (to wallow in money) im Geld schwimmen; (to wallow in pleasure) im Vergnügen schwelgen
wallow {n} :: Bad {n} , Suhle {f}
wallpaper {n} (decorative paper for walls) :: Tapete {f}
wallpaper {n} (computing: image used to cover a desktop) :: Hintergrundbild {n}, Wallpaper
wallpaper {v} (to cover with wallpaper) :: tapezieren
wall plug {n} :: Dübel {m}, Schraubdübel {m}, Wanddübel {m}
walls have ears {proverb} (be careful about what you say) :: Wände haben Ohren
wall socket {n} (electricity power point) :: Steckdose {f}
walnut {n} (tree) :: Walnussbaum {m}
walnut {n} (nut) :: Walnuss {f}
walnut {n} (wood) :: Nussbaumholz {n}
walnut {n} (colour) :: dunkelbraune Farbe {f}
Walpurgis night {n} (Walpurgis Night) :: Walpurgisnacht {f}
walrus {n} (large Arctic marine mammal) :: Walross {n}
Walter {prop} (male given name) :: Walter {m}, Walther {m}
waltz {n} (a ballroom dance) :: Walzer {m}
waltz {n} (piece of music) :: Walzer {m}
wan {adj} (pale, sickly-looking) :: fahl, matt
wan {adj} (dim, faint) :: fahl, matt
wand {n} (hand-held narrow rod) :: Stab {m}
wander {v} (to move without purpose or destination) :: umherstreifen, umherstreichen, herumziehen, stromern, zigeunern, schlendern, bummeln, wandeln
wander {v} (to commit adultery) :: fremdgehen, einen Seitensprung tun
wander {v} (to go somewhere indirectly) :: umherschweifen
wander {v} (of the mind, to lose focus or clarity of argument or attention) :: abschweifen
wanderer {n} (one who wanders) :: Wanderer {m}
wandering albatross {n} (Diomedea exulans) :: Wanderalbatros {m}
Wandering Jew {prop} (the Jewish shoemaker from the Christian legend) :: Ewiger Jude {m}, Wandernder Jude {m}
wandering spider {n} (spider of the family Ctenidae) :: Wanderspinne {f}
wanderlust {n} (a strong impulse or longing to travel) :: Fernweh {n}, Wanderlust {f}, Reiselust {f}
Wanderwort {n} (Translations) :: Wanderwort {n}
wane {v} (to progressively lose its splendor, value, ardor, power, intensity, etc.) :: schwinden
wane {v} (the Moon becoming less visible) :: abnehmen
wane {v} (to decrease physically in size, amount, numbers or surface) :: schrumpfen
wangle {v} (falsify) SEE: falsify ::
waning moon {n} (moon as it progresses from full moon to a new moon) :: abnehmender Mond {m}
wank {v} (intransitive: to masturbate) :: wichsen
wank {v} (transitive: to masturbate) :: wichsen
wank {n} (act of masturbation) :: Selbstbefriedigung {f}, onanieren
Wankel engine {n} (type of engine) :: Wankelmotor {m}
wanker {n} (person who wanks) :: Wichser {m}
wanker {n} (idiot) :: Wichser {m}
wanker {n} (someone who shows off too much) :: Angeber {m}, Macker {m}, Wichser {m}
wannabe {n} (someone who wishes something but lacks the qualifications) :: Möchtegern {m}
want {v} (desire) :: wollen
want {n} (desire, wish, longing) :: Not {f}
want {n} (lack (of)) :: Mangel {m}
want {n} (poverty) :: Not {f}
want {v} (lack) SEE: lack ::
wanted {adj} (desired) :: ersehnt, gewünscht, erwünscht
wanton {adj} (undisciplined) :: wild, unkontrolliert, unbeherrscht, unberechenbar
wanton {adj} (playful, carefree) :: ausgelassen, leichtfertig, boshaftes
wanton {adj} (lewd, immoral; sexually open/free) :: lüstern, unkeusch
wanton {adj} (capricious, reckless of morals or justice) :: rücksichtslos
wanton {n} (overly playful person) :: boshaftes Kind, Balg, Schelm
waqf {n} (inalienable endowment for charity) :: Waqf
war {n} (conflict involving organized use of arms) :: Krieg {m}
war {n} (card game) :: Krieg {m}
war {v} (to engage in conflict) :: Krieg führen, [obsolete] kriegen
warble {n} (lesion under the skin of cattle, caused by by the larva of a bot fly) :: Dasselbeule
warbler {n} (bird of the Parulidae family) :: Waldsänger {m}
war bride {n} (woman) :: Soldatenbraut, Kriegsbraut
war cemetery {n} (cemetery reserved for the graves of victims of warfare) :: Soldatenfriedhof, Gefallenenfriedhof
war chest {n} (fund to finance a war) :: Kriegskasse {f}
war chest {n} (fund for some specific campaign) :: Kriegskasse {f} [informal]
war crime {n} (offense for violations of the law of war) :: Kriegsverbrechen {n}
war criminal {n} (person guilty of a war crime) :: Kriegsverbrecher {m}
war cry {n} (war cry) :: Kriegsgeschrei {n}
ward {n} (action of a watchman) :: Wache {f}
ward {n} (person under guardianship) :: Mündel {n}, Pflegling
ward {n} (administrative subdivision of cities) :: Stadtbezirk {m}
ward {n} (Mormonism: subdivision of church) :: Gemeinde
ward {n} (part of a hospital where patients reside) :: Station {f}
ward {n} (minor looked after by a guardian) :: Mündel {n}
ward {n} (on a lock or key) :: Einschnitt {m} [of key], Aussparung {f} [of lock]
-ward {suffix} (forming adverbs) :: -wärts
war dance {n} (ceremonial dance performed before a major battle or after a victory) :: Kriegstanz {m}
warden {n} (a chief administrative officer of a prison) :: Gefängnisdirektor {m}, Gefängnisdirektorin {f}
warden {n} (an official charged with supervisory duties) :: Aufseher {m}
warder {n} (guard) :: Wärter {m}; Gefängniswärter {m}; Wächter {m}
ward off {v} (to parry, or turn aside) :: abwehren
ward off {v} (to avert or prevent) :: verhindern
wardrobe {n} (lavatory) SEE: toilet ::
wardrobe {n} (outhouse) SEE: outhouse ::
wardrobe {n} (movable furniture for storing clothes) :: Garderobe, Kleiderschrank
wardrobe malfunction {n} ((euphemism) an accidental instance of indecent exposure) :: (literal) Garderobenstörung {f}
-wards {suffix} (forming adverbs) :: -wärts
ware {n} (product) :: Ware {f}
warehouse {n} (A place for storing large amounts of products) :: Lager {n}, Lagerhaus {n}, Speicherhaus {n}
warehouse {v} (store) :: lagern, einlagern
warehouseman {n} (person who manages or works in a warehouse) :: Lagerhalter {m}, Lagerverwalter {m}, Lagerist {m}
warehousewoman {n} (woman who manages or works in a warehouse) :: Lagerhalterin {f}, Lagerverwalterin {f}
warfare {n} (the waging of war or armed conflict against an enemy) :: Kriegsführung {f}
warfare {n} (military operations of some particular kind) :: Kriegsführung {f}
war film {n} (film set in wartime) :: Kriegsfilm {m}
war game {n} :: Planspiel {n}; Planübung {f}; Militärübung {f}; Gefechtsübung {f}; Gefechtssimulation {f}; [when large also] Manöver {n}; Militärmanöver {n}; [now rare also] Kriegsspiel {n}
war game {n} (game) :: Kriegsspiel {n}
war grave {n} (burial place) :: Soldatenfriedhof, Gefallenenfriedhof
warhead {n} (part of a missile, projectile, torpedo, rocket, or other munition) :: Sprengkopf {m}, Gefechtskopf {m}
Warholian {adj} (of or pertaining to Andy Warhol) :: Warhol'sch, warholsch
wariness {n} :: Vorsicht {f}
warlike {adj} (belligerent) :: streitlustig, angriffslustig, kampfeslustig
warlike {adj} (bellicose) :: kriegerisch, kämpferisch
warlock {n} (male magic-user) :: Hexer {m}, Hexenmeister {m}, Zauberer {m}
warlord {n} (high military officer in a warlike nation) :: Kriegsherr {m}
warlord {n} (local ruler or bandit leader where the government is weak) :: Kriegsherr {m}
warm {adj} (having a temperature slightly higher than usual) :: warm
warm {adj} (caring, of relation to another person) :: warmherzig, fürsorglich
warm {v} (to make or keep warm) :: wärmen
war machine {n} (weapon) :: Kriegsmaschine {f}
war machine {n} (resources) :: Kriegsmaschinerie {f}
warm-blooded {adj} (maintaining constant body temperature) SEE: endothermic ::
war memorial {n} (commemorial monument) :: Ehrenmal {n}, Kriegerdenkmal {n}
warm front {n} (the trailing edge of a mass of cold air) :: Warmfront {f}
warming {n} (a small rise in temperature) :: Erwärmung {f}
warmonger {n} (one who advocates war) :: Bellizist {m}, Bellizistin {f}, Kriegstreiber {m}, Kriegstreiberin {f}, Kriegshetzer {m}, Kriegshetzerin {f}
warmongering {n} (bellicism, militarism) :: Kriegstreiberei {f}
warmongery {n} (act of promoting, or inciting war-like, bellicose actions) :: Kriegstreiberei {f}
warm someone's heart {v} (warm the cockles of someone's heart) SEE: warm the cockles of someone's heart ::
warmth {n} (moderate heat; sensation of being warm) :: Wärme {f}
warm the cockles of someone's heart {v} (to provide happiness to someone) :: Herz wärmen
warm up {v} (to become warmer) :: sich aufwärmen
warm up {v} (to reheat food) :: aufwärmen, wärmen
warm up {v} (to make an audience enthusiastic) :: aufwärmen
warn {v} (to make someone aware of impending danger) :: warnen, verständigen
warn {v} (to notify someone of something) :: warnen
Warner {prop} (male given name of Germanic origin) :: Werner
warning {n} (instance of warning someone) :: Warnung {f}
warning {n} (something spoken or written that is intended to warn) :: Warnung {f}, Mahnung {f}
warning {interj} (warning of danger in signs) :: Achtung, Warnung
warning shot {n} (shot fired) :: Warnschuss {m}
warning shot {n} (action intended as a warning) :: Schuss vor den Bug {m}
warning triangle {n} (a triangle used to warn other road users) :: Warndreieck {n}, Pannendreieck {n}
war of aggression {n} (military conflict waged without the justification of self-defense, usually for territorial gain and subjugation) :: Angriffskrieg
war of conquest {n} (war of conquest, see also: war of aggression) :: Eroberungskrieg {m}
war of nerves {n} (conflict in which demoralizing and frightening tactics are used) :: Nervenkrieg {m}
war of nerves {n} (situation in which opposed parties maintain a tense, contentious relationship) :: Nervenkrieg {m}
warp {n} (state of being bent out of shape) :: Entstellung {f}, Verwerfung {f}, Verkrümmung {f}, Verwölbung {f}, Verbiegung {f}, Verdrehung {f}, Krümmung {f}, Verformung {f}
warp {n} (distortion or twist) :: Verzerrung {f}, Verziehung {f} [wood], Verwindung {f}, Verwerfung {f}, Verziehen {n}
warp {n} (threads running lengthwise) :: Webkette {f}, Kettfäden {f}
warp {n} (nautical: line used in warping) :: Verholtau {n}
warp {v} (to twist or turn something out of shape) :: biegen
warp {v} (to move a vessel) :: verholen, schleppen
war paint {n} (pigment) :: Kriegsbemalung {f}
warpath {n} (course of action that leads to hostility) :: Kriegspfad {m}
warp beam {n} (warp roll) :: Kettbaum {m}
warped {adj} (distorted by warping) :: verzogen
war profiteer {n} (person or group that gains from selling weapons and military equipment) :: Kriegsgewinnler {m}, Kriegsgewinnlerin {f}, Kriegsprofiteur {m}, Kriegsprofiteurin {f}
warrant {n} (something that provides assurance or confirmation) :: Nachweis {m}
warrant {v} (to guarantee) :: garantieren
warrant {v} (to justify) SEE: justify ::
warrant {v} (to authorize) SEE: authorize ::
warranted {adj} (authorized with a warrant) :: berechtigt, gewährleistet, echt, garantiert, unter Garantie
warrant of payment {n} (written order instructing someone to pay some amount of money at a specific time) :: Zahlungsbefehl {m}, Mahnbescheid {m}
warranty {n} (legal: an agreement which states that the goods or property in question will be in exactly the same state as promised) :: Garantie {f}
warranty {n} (a written guarantee, usually over a fixed period, provided to someone who buys a product or item, which states that repairs will be provided free of charge in case of damage or a fault) :: Garantie {f}
war-ridden {adj} (dominated or plagued by war) :: kriegsgeschädigt, kriegsgebeutelt, vom Krieg gebeutelt, Kriegs-
warrior {n} (person actively engaged in battle, conflict or warfare) :: Krieger {m}, Kriegerin {f}
Warsaw {prop} (capital city of Poland) :: Warschau {n}
Warsaw Pact {prop} (pact) :: Warschauer Pakt {m}
Warsaw Pact {prop} (military alliance) :: Warschauer Pakt {m}
Warsaw Uprising {prop} (millitary operation) :: Warschauer Aufstand {m}
warship {n} (ship built or armed for naval combat) :: Kriegsschiff {n}
Warsovian {adj} (Varsovian) SEE: Varsovian ::
Warsovian {n} (Varsovian) SEE: Varsovian ::
wart {n} (type of growth occurring on the skin) :: Warze {f}
Warta {prop} (river) :: Warthe
warthog {n} (a species of wild pig) :: Warzenschwein {n}
wartime {n} (period of a war) :: Kriegszeit {f}
war torn {adj} (subjected to the ravages of war) :: kriegsgebeutelt, kriegszerrüttet
war-torn {adj} (extensively damaged as the result of war) :: kriegsgebeutelt, kriegszerrüttet
war tuba {n} (acoustic locator) :: Kriegstuba {f}
warty {adj} (having warts) :: warzig
war-weary {adj} (weary or tired of war) :: kriegsmüde
war-weary {adj} (tired from fighting in a war) :: kriegsmüde
war widow {n} (woman whose spouse has been killed in conflict) :: Kriegswitwe {f}
wary {adj} (cautious of danger; timorously or suspiciously prudent; circumspect; scrupulous) :: achtsam, umsichtig, vorsichtig, wachsam
wary {adj} (characterized by caution; guarded; careful) :: vorsichtig
war zone {n} (region of ongoing war) :: Kriegsgebiet {n}
wasabi {n} (green Japanese condiment) :: Wasabi {m}
wash {v} (to clean with water) :: waschen, spülen
wash {v} (to move or erode by the force of water in motion) :: wegspülen
wash {v} (to clean oneself) :: sich waschen
wash {n} (process or an instance of washing or being washed by water) :: Wäsche
wash {n} (painting) :: Lavierung
washable {adj} (capable of being washed without being damaged) :: waschbar, waschecht
washbasin {n} (basin used for washing, sink) :: Waschbecken {n}, Waschschüssel {f}
washboard {n} (board to do laundry) :: Waschbrett {n}
washboard {n} (percussion instrument) :: Waschbrett {n}
washcloth {n} (cloth used to wash) :: Waschlappen {m}
wash down {v} (to help to swallow by drinking a liquid) :: herunterspülen
washed up {adj} (having no future) :: am Ende, fertig, erledigt
washer {n} (something that washes) :: Waschmaschine {f} (washing machine), Spülmaschine {f} (dishwasher)
washer {n} (person who washes for a living) :: Wäscher {m}, Wäscherin {f}, Waschfrau {f}
washer {n} (flat disk) :: Scheibe {f}, Unterlegscheibe {f}
washer {n} (face cloth) :: Waschlappen {m}
washerwoman {n} (woman who washes other people's laundry) :: Wäscherin {f}, Waschfrau {f}
washing {n} (action of the verb "to wash") :: Waschen {n}
washing {n} (textiles that have been or are to be washed) :: Wäsche {f}
washing machine {n} (machine that washes clothes) :: Waschmaschine {f}
washing mitt {n} :: Waschhandschuh {m}
washing powder {n} (powder for washing clothes) :: Waschpulver {n}
washing soda {n} (sodium carbonate) :: Waschsoda {n} {f}
Washington {prop} (name) :: Washington {n}
Washington, D.C. {prop} (federal capital of the United States of America) :: Washington, D.C.
washing-up {n} (washing of dishes etc.) :: Abwasch {m}
washing-up liquid {n} (liquid soap used to wash dishes) :: Spülmittel {n}
washroom {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet ::
wash up {v} (wash one's hands and/or face (US)) :: sich waschen, Hände waschen [to wash hands]
wash up {v} (be carried on to land by water) :: aufspülen
wash up {v} (clean utensils, dishes, etc.) SEE: do the dishes ::
wasla {n} (an Arabic diacritic denoting elision of the alif) :: Wasla {n}
wasp {n} (insect) :: [♂♀] Wespe {f}
wasp waist {n} (waist like that of a wasp) :: Wespentaille {f}
wassail {n} (beverage served during a wassail) :: Glühwein, Glühbier, Glühmost
waste {n} (useless by-products, garbage) :: Müll {m}, Abfall {m}, Ausschuss {m}
waste {n} (waste land, desolate region) :: Einöde {f}
waste {n} (action of wasting, ineffective use) :: Verschwendung {f}, Vergeudung {f}
waste {n} (gradual loss or decay) :: Verfall {m}
waste {adj} (barren) :: wüst, öde
waste {adj} (excess) :: überflüssig
waste {adj} (superfluous; needless) :: überflüssig
waste {v} (to destroy) :: verwüsten
waste {v} (to decay) :: verfallen
waste {v} (to squander) :: verschwenden
waste {v} (slang: to kill) :: töten
wastebasket {n} (wastepaper basket) SEE: wastepaper basket ::
wastebasket {n} (garbage can) SEE: garbage can ::
waste breath {v} (to speak futilely) :: Atem verschwenden
wasted {adj} (not profitably used) :: vertan
wasteful {adj} (inclined to waste) :: verschwenderisch
wastegate {n} (a valve that diverts exhaust gases) :: Bypassventil {n}
wasteland {n} (region with no remaining resources; desert) :: Ödland {n}, Wüste {f}
wasteland {n} (barren and uninteresting place) :: Ödnis {f}
waste not, want not {proverb} :: Spare in der Zeit, so hast du in der Not
waste of time {n} (meaningless or fruitless activity) :: Zeitverschwendung {f}
wastepaper {n} (unwanted paper that has been discarded) :: Altpapier {n}, Makulatur {f}
wastepaper basket {n} (small open container for discarded paper) :: Papierkorb {m}
waste sorting {n} (separation of waste) :: Mülltrennung {f}
waste time {v} (allow time to elapse in an unproductive manner) :: Zeit vergeuden
wastewater {n} (water containing waste products) :: Abwasser {n}
watch {n} (portable or wearable timepiece) :: Uhr {f}, Armbanduhr {f}
watch {n} (particular time period) :: Wache {f}
watch {n} (person or group of people who guard) :: Wache {f}
watch {n} (group of sailors and officers) :: Wache {f}
watch {v} (to look at for a period of time) :: ansehen, sehen, zusehen
watch {v} (to observe) :: beobachten
watch {v} (to attend or guard) :: aufpassen, überwachen
watch {v} (to be vigilant) :: wachen
watch cap {n} (knitted cap) SEE: beanie ::
watchdog {n} (dog) SEE: guard dog ::
watcher {n} (guard) SEE: guard ::
watchlist {n} (list for special attention) :: Beobachtungsliste {f}
watchmaker {n} (person who repairs (and originally made) watches) :: Uhrmacher {m}, Uhrmacherin {f}
watchman {n} (guard) :: Wächter {m}
watch one's mouth {v} (watch one's mouth) :: aufpassen, was man sagt (to watch what one says); nicht in diesem Ton reden (not to talk in this tone); [formal] auf seine Ausdrucksweise achten (to mind one's diction)
watch out {v} (to use caution) :: aufpassen
watch out {interj} (proceed with caution) :: Achtung, Vorsicht, vorsichtig
watch over {v} (to guard and protect) :: behüten, wachen
watchtower {n} (observation tower) :: Wachturm
watchword {n} (word used as expressive of a principle) :: Motto {n}, Schlagwort {n}, Parole {f}
watchword {n} (a prearranged reply to the challenge of a sentry or a guard) :: Losung {f}, Parole {f}, Kennwort {n}
water {n} (amniotic fluid) SEE: amniotic fluid ::
water {n} (mineral water) SEE: mineral water ::
water {v} (to pour water into the soil surrounding (plants)) :: gießen, bewässern
water {v} (to provide (animals) with water) :: tränken
water {v} (colloquial: to urinate) :: Harn lassen
water {v} (to fill with or secrete water) :: tränen
water {n} (clear liquid H₂O) :: Wasser
water {n} (one of the basic elements) :: Wasser {n}
water {n} (body of water, or specific part of it) :: Gewässer {n-p}
water {n} (urine) :: Wasser {n}
water {n} (serving of water) :: Wasser {n}
water balloon {n} (small rubber or latex balloon, filled with water and used as an informal weapon) :: Wasserbombe {f}
water bear {n} (A member of the phylum Tardigrada) :: Bärtierchen {n}, Wasserbär {m}
waterbody {n} (significant accumulation of water) SEE: body of water ::
water bottle {n} (A bottle used for carrying water) :: Wasserflasche {f}, Karaffe {f}
water buffalo {n} (large ungulate) :: Wasserbüffel {m}
water butt {n} (barrel for holding rainwater) :: Regentonne {f}
water cannon {n} (device shooting water) :: [chiefly riot control] Wasserwerfer {m}; [police jargon also] WaWe {f}; [other uses also] Strahlrohr; Wasserkanone; Wasserspritze
water carrier {n} (Aquarius) SEE: Aquarius ::
water carrier {n} (domestique) SEE: domestique ::
water chestnut {n} (Eleocharis dulcis) :: Wasserkastanie {f}
water clock {n} (device for measuring time) :: Wasseruhr {f}
water clock {n} (clepsydra) SEE: clepsydra ::
water closet {n} (room with a toilet) SEE: toilet ::
water closet {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet ::
watercolor {n} (a painting technique) SEE: watercolour ::
watercolor {n} (an artwork) SEE: watercolour ::
watercolor {n} (any paint used in this method) SEE: watercolour ::
watercolor {adj} (pertaining to the methods or products of watercolor) SEE: watercolour ::
watercolour {n} (pigment) :: Wasserfarbe {f}
watercolour {n} (painting) :: Aquarell {n}, Wasserfarbe {f}
water column {n} (environmental sciences, hydrology) :: Wassersäule {f}
watercourse {n} (channel through which water flows) :: Wasserlauf {m}, Flußlauf {m}, Lauf {m}
watercraft {n} (a boat, ship, sea scooter, or similar vehicle) :: Wasserfahrzeug {n}
watercraft {n} (any self-propelled motorized vessel) :: motorgetriebenes Wasserfahrzeug {n}, Motorwasserfahrzeug {n}
watercress {n} (Nasturtium officinale) :: Brunnenkresse {f}, Echte Brunnenkresse {f}, Wasserkresse {f}
watercress {n} (Nasturtium microphyllum) :: Bastard-Brunnenkresse {f}
water cycle {n} (the natural cycle of water through evaporation, condensation and precipitation) :: Wasserkreislauf {m}
water diviner {n} (water diviner) SEE: dowser ::
water dog {n} (water dog) :: Wasserhund {m}
waterdog {n} (axolotl) SEE: axolotl ::
water down {v} (to dilute) :: mit Wasser verdünnen
water down {v} (to make weaker) :: verwässern
waterdrop {n} (single drop of water) :: Wassertropfen {m}
waterer {n} (device from which animals drink) :: Tränke {f}
waterfall {n} (flow of water over the edge of a cliff) :: Wasserfall {m} [common], Katarakt {m}
waterfall {n} (waterfall-like outpouring) :: Wasserfall {m}, Kaskade {f}
Waterford {prop} (the city) :: Waterford
Waterford {prop} (the county) :: Waterford
water fountain {n} (device designed to dispense drinking water) :: Trinkbrunnen {m}, Wasserspender {m}
waterfowl {n} (birds that spend most of their non-flying time on water) :: Wasservogel {m}
waterfront {n} (dockland district of a town) :: Hafenviertel {n}
water gas {n} (mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide) :: Wassergas {n}
Watergate {prop} (scandal) :: Watergate {m}
water gun {n} (toy gun used to shoot water) SEE: squirt gun ::
water hardness {n} (level of dissolved calcium salts in water) :: Wasserhärte {f}
water heater {n} (appliance for heating water) :: Heißwasserbereiter {m}, Warmwasserbereiter {m}, Boiler {m}
water hemlock {n} (plant in the genus Cicuta) SEE: cowbane ::
waterhole {n} (depression in which water collects) :: Wasserloch {n}
water hyacinth {n} (aquatic flowering plant of the genus Eichhornia) :: Wasserhyazinthe {f}
watering can {n} (utensil for watering plants) :: Gießkanne {f}
watering pot {n} (watering can) SEE: watering can ::
waterish {adj} (watery) SEE: watery ::
water level {n} (level of a body of water) :: Wasserspiegel {m}, Wasserstand {m}
water level {n} (waterline of a ship) :: Wasserlinie {f}
water lily {n} (Any members of Nymphaeaceae) :: Seerose {f}
water line {n} (line of water along a ship) :: Wasserlinie {f}
waterline {n} (line on the hull of a ship) :: Wasserlinie {f}
waterline {n} (line on the land) :: Wasserstand {m}
watermark {n} (translucent design impressed on paper) :: Wasserzeichen {n}
watermark {v} (to mark paper with a watermark) :: mit Wasserzeichen versehen
water meadow {n} (low-lying area of grassland subject to seasonal flooding) :: Aue {f}
watermelon {n} (plant) :: Wassermelone {f}
watermelon {n} (fruit) :: Wassermelone {f}
water meter {n} (device for measuring water usage volume) :: Wasserzähler {m}
watermill {n} (mill powered by water) :: Wassermühle {f}
water park {n} (aquapark) SEE: aquapark ::
water parsnip {n} (Sium gen. et spp.) :: Merk {m}, Berle {f}
water pipe {n} (water conduit) :: Wasserleitung {f}, Wasserrohr {n}
water pipe {n} (tobacco smoking device) :: Wasserpfeife {f}
water pipe {n} (narcotics smoking device) :: Wasserpfeife {f}
water pipit {n} (bird) :: Wasserpieper {m}
water pistol {n} (toy gun used to shoot water) SEE: squirt gun ::
water plantain {n} (Alisma) :: Froschlöffel {m}
water police {n} (police department charged with patrolling harbours and waterways) :: Wasserschutzpolizei {f}
water pollution {n} (water pollution) :: Gewässerverschmutzung {f}
water polo {n} (a water sport) :: Wasserball {m}
water polo player {n} (player of water polo) :: Wasserballspieler
water pox {n} (A common childhood disease caused by virus) :: Windpocken, Wasserpocken
waterproof {adj} (unaffected by water) :: wasserfest
waterproof {adj} (made or covered with material that doesn't let water in) :: wasserdicht, wasserfest, wasserundurchlässig
waterproofing {n} (treatment to make waterproof) :: imprägnieren
water rail {n} (Rallus aquaticus) :: Wasserralle {f}
water scorpion {n} (insect of the family Nepidae) :: Wasserskorpion {f}
watershed {n} (boundary between adjacent catchment basins) :: Wasserscheide {f}
watershed {n} (critical point marking a change in course or development) :: Wendepunkt {m}
watershed {n} (drainage basin) SEE: drainage basin ::
water ski {n} (ski used for water skiing) :: Wasserski {m}
water ski {v} (ride on water skis) :: Wasserski fahren
water skiing {n} (water sport) :: Wasserski {m}
water slide {n} (a recreational slide with water flowing down it) :: Wasserrutsche {f}
water softener {n} (device which reduces the calcium and magnesium concentration of hard water) :: Trinkwasserenthärtungsanlage {f} [drinking water softener]
water-soluble {adj} (dissolving easily in water) :: wasserlöslich
waterspout {n} (channel through which water is discharged) :: Wasserspeier {m}
water strider {n} (any of a number of predatory insects in the family Gerridae) :: Wasserläufer {m}
water table {n} (level underground) :: Grundwasserspiegel {m}
water tank {n} (large container used to store water) :: Wassertank {m}, Wasserspeicher {m}
water tap {n} (a spout connected to a socket to provide water from the main water supply) :: Wasserhahn {m}, Kran {m} (regional)
watertight {adj} (tightly made) :: wasserdicht
watertightness {n} (condition of being watertight) :: Wasserdichtheit {f}, Wasserdichtigkeit {f}, Wasserundurchlässigkeit {f}
water tower {n} (tank of water) :: Wasserturm {m}
water turbine {n} (device) :: Wasserturbine {f}
water under the bridge {n} (something in the past that cannot be controlled but must be accepted) :: Schnee von gestern
water vapor {n} (water in a gaseous state) :: Wasserdampf {m}
water vapor {n} (steam) :: Dampf {m}
waterway {n} (navigable body of water) :: Wasserstraße {f}, Wasserweg {m}, Fahrwasser {n}
water wheel {n} (wheel propelled by water) :: Wasserrad {n}
water wing {n} (inflatable plastic band worn on the upper arms) :: Schwimmflügel {m}
water works {n} (system of supplying water) :: Wasserwerk {n}
waterworks {n} (the water supply system of a town etc., including reservoirs, pumps and pipes) :: Wasserwerk {n}
watery {adj} (wet, soggy or soaked with water) :: wässrig
watery {adj} :: wässrig
watery {adj} (tearful) SEE: tearful ::
watt {n} (derived unit of power) :: Watt {n}
watt-hour {n} (unit of electrical energy equal to the power of one watt in use for one hour) :: Wattstunde {f}
wattle {n} (construction of branches and twigs) :: Flechtwerk {n}
wattle {n} (fold of skin hanging from the neck of birds) :: Kehllappen {m}
wattle {n} (fleshy appendage on the neck of goat) :: Glöckchen {n}, Berlocke {f}
waulk {v} (full) SEE: full ::
wave {v} (to move back and forth repeatedly) :: wedeln, schwenken, flattern, wogen
wave {v} (to wave one’s hand) :: winken
wave {v} (to have an undulating or wavy form) :: wellen
wave {v} (to produce waves to the hair) :: ondulieren, wellen
wave {v} (to cause to move back and forth repeatedly) :: wedeln
wave {v} (to signal with a waving movement) :: zuwinken
wave {n} (moving disturbance, undulation) :: Welle {f}, Woge {f}
wave {n} (moving disturbance in a field) :: Welle {f}, Wirbel {m}
wave {n} (shape which alternatingly curves in opposite directions) :: Welle {f}
wave {n} (sudden unusually large amount of something) :: Welle {f}
wave {n} (sideways movement of the hand) :: Wink {m}
waveform {n} (physics) :: Wellenform {f}
wavefunction {n} (notion in quantum mechanics) :: Wellenfunktion {f}
waveguide {n} (a structure which guides waves) :: Wellenleiter {m}
wavelength {n} (the length of a single cycle of a wave) :: Wellenlänge {f}
wave packet {n} (collection of waves) :: Wellenpaket {n}
wave packet {n} (probability wave) :: Wellenpaket {n}
wave-particle duality {n} (concept applying to matter and radiation) :: Welle-Teilchen-Dualismus
wavy {adj} (heraldry) :: Wellenschnitt {m}
wax {n} (oily, water-resistant substance) :: Wachs {n}
wax {n} (preparation containing wax, used as a polish) :: Bohnerwachs {n}
wax {adj} (made of wax) :: wächsern, Wachs-
wax {v} (apply wax to) :: wichsen (shoes), bohnern (floor) wachsen
wax {v} (phase of a planet) :: zunehmen
wax {v} (to assume specified characteristic) :: werden
wax {v} (literary: grow) :: wachsen, zunehmen
wax {v} (of the moon: appear larger each night) :: zunehmen
wax {n} (beeswax) SEE: beeswax ::
wax {n} (earwax) SEE: earwax ::
wax gourd {n} (vine) SEE: winter melon ::
wax gourd {n} (fuzzy melon fruit) SEE: winter melon ::
waxing {n} (cosmetic procedure) :: Wachsen {n}, Waxing {n}
waxing moon {n} (The moon as it progresses from a new moon to a full moon) :: zunehmender Mond {m}
waxlike {adj} (waxy) SEE: waxy ::
wax museum {n} (museum featuring statues made of wax) :: Wachsfigurenkabinett {n}
wax paper {n} (semi-translucent, moisture-proof paper made with a waxy coating) :: Ölpapier {n}, Wachspapier {n}
wax tablet {n} (tablet covered with wax) :: Wachstafel
waxwing {n} (songbird of genus Bombycilla) :: Seidenschwanz {m}
waxwork {n} (a wax figure, an effigy of a famous person) :: Wachsfigur {f}
waxworks {n} (exhibition of waxwork figures; wax museum) :: Wachsfigurenkabinett {n}
waxy {adj} (Resembling wax in texture or appearance) :: wächsern, wachsartig, Wachs-
way {adv} (very) SEE: very ::
way {adv} (far) SEE: far ::
way {n} (road, direction, path) :: Weg {m}
way {n} (method or manner) :: Weise {f}, Art {f}, Methode {f}
way {adv} (much) SEE: much ::
waybill {n} (document that lists the final destination (and other details) of each part of a cargo) :: Frachtbrief {m}
wayfarer {n} (traveller) :: Wandersmann
wayfaring-tree {n} (Viburnum lantana) :: Wolliger Schneeball
way in {n} (entrance) :: Eingang {m}
waylay {v} (to lie in wait for and attack from ambush) :: wegelagern, auflauern
waylay {v} (to accost or intercept unexpectedly) :: auflauern
way of life {n} (style of living) :: Lebensweise {f}, Lebensstil {m}
Way of St. James {prop} (Any of the pilgrimage routes to the shrine of the apostle St. James the Great) :: Jakobsweg {m}
Way of the Cross {n} (series of images) :: Kreuzweg {m}
way out {n} (exit) SEE: exit ::
wayside {adj} (situated near the side of a road) :: Wegrand {m}
way to go {interj} (expression of congrats, encouragement or approval) :: Gut gemacht!, Bravo!, Weiter so!
way to go {n} (right route) :: richtige Richtung {f}
way to go {n} (preferred decision) :: richtige Entscheidung {f}
way too {adv} (all too, much too, to a degree that is very excessive) :: allzu
way too {adv} :: sehr, ganz, wahrlich
wayward {adj} (given to wilful, perverse deviation from the expected norm; tending to stray) :: eigenwillig, eigensinnig, launisch, eigenwillig
wayward {adj} (obstinate, contrary and unpredictable) :: widerspenstig, unberechenbar, ungeraten, eigenwillig
wayward {adj} (not on target) :: ziellos
we {pron} (the speakers, or the speaker(s) and other person(s) not being addressed (exclusive we: he or she or they and I)) :: wir
weak {adj} (lacking in force or ability) :: schwach
weak {adj} (dilute, lacking in taste or potency) :: schwach
weak {adj} (grammar: regular in inflection) :: schwach
weak {adj} (slang: bad or uncool) :: [colloquial] out, unschön, häßlich, uninteressant
weak declension {n} (declension pattern of a weak noun) :: schwache Deklination {f}
weaken {v} (to make weaker) :: schwächen, abschwächen
weaken {v} (to become weaker) :: schwächeln
weaker sex {n} (women regarded collectively) :: schwaches Geschlecht {n}
weaker vessel {n} (a woman; women collectively) :: das schwächste Werkzeug
weakest link {n} (the part of a system that is most likely to fail or cause problems) :: schwächstes Glied {n}
weakling {n} (person of weak or even sickly physical constitution) :: Schwächling {m}
weakling {n} (person of weak character) :: Schwächling {m}, Feigling {m}, Weichei {n}
weakly-typed {adj} (computing - belonging to the type system which does not enforce variable type) :: schwach typisiert
weak-minded {adj} (weak-willed) :: willensschwach
weakness {n} (condition of being weak) :: Schwäche {f}
weakness {n} (special fondness) :: Schwäche {f}, Faible {n}
weak spot {n} :: Schwachpunkt
weak verb {n} (Translations) :: schwaches Verb {n}
weak-willed {adj} (irresolute) :: willensschwach
weal {n} (a raised, longitudinal wound, usually purple, on the surface of flesh caused by stroke of rod or whip) :: Strieme {f}
wealth {n} (riches; valuable material possessions) :: Reichtum {m}, Vermögen {n}
wealth {n} (great amount; an abundance or plenty, usually of money) :: Fülle {f}
wealthy {adj} (rich) :: wohlhabend, reich
wean {v} (to cease giving milk) :: abstillen, entwöhnen
wean {v} (to cease to depend) :: entwöhnen
weaning {n} :: Entwöhnung {f}
weapon {n} (instrument of attack or defense in combat) :: Waffe {f}, Arm {m}
weaponless {adj} (lacking a weapon) :: waffenlos
weapon of mass destruction {n} (weapon causing large-scale death or destruction) :: Massenvernichtungswaffe {f}
weaponry {n} (weapons collectively) :: Waffen {f-p}, Bewaffnung {f}
weaponsmith {n} (a person skilled at making edged weapons) :: Waffenschmied {m}, Waffenschmiedin {f}
wear {v} (to have on (clothes)) :: tragen, anhaben
wear {v} (to diminish due to use) :: sich abnutzen
wear {n} (clothing) :: Bekleidung {f}, Kleidung {f}, Mode {f}
wear {n} (damage) :: Abnutzung {f}, Verschleiß {m}
wearable {adj} (able to be worn) :: tragbar
wear down {v} (to cause physical or mental fatigue) :: verschleißen
wearing {adj} (intended to be worn) :: Tragen {n}
wearisome {adj} (tedious) :: ermüdend, langweilig, lästig
wear one's heart on one's sleeve {v} (to be transparent or forthright about one's emotions) :: das Herz auf der Zunge tragen
wear out {v} (to deteriorate or become unusable or ineffective due to continued use, exposure, or strain) :: ausleiern (to get wider)
wear rose-colored glasses {v} (to be excessively optimistic) :: etwas durch die rosarote Brille sehen
wear the pants {v} (wear the trousers) SEE: wear the trousers ::
wear the trousers {v} (to be the dominant partner) :: die Hosen anhaben
weary {adj} (tired, fatigued) :: müde
weary {adj} (expressive of fatigue) :: müde
weasel {n} (least weasel, Mustela nivalis) :: Wiesel {n}, Mauswiesel {n}, Zwergwiesel {n}, Kleinwiesel {n}, [popularly] Hermännchen {n}
weasel {n} (any mammal of the genus Mustela) :: Wiesel {n}
weasel word {n} (A word used to qualify a statement so as to make it potentially misleading) :: schwammiger Begriff {m}
weather {n} (state of the atmosphere) :: Wetter {n}
weather {v} (to endure an event) :: überstehen
weather {n} (situation) SEE: situation ::
weather balloon {n} (meteorological balloon) :: Wetterballon {m}
weathercock {n} (weather vane) :: Wetterfahne {f}
weather deck {n} (uncovered deck, deck open to weather, uppermost deck) :: Oberdeck {n}, Wetterdeck {n}
weathered {adj} (worn by weather) :: verwittert
weather forecast {n} (prediction of future weather) :: Wettervorhersage {f}
weather forecaster {n} (person who forecasts the weather) :: Meteorologe {m}, Meteorologin {f}
weathering {n} (breaking down of rocks) :: Verwitterung
weatherlore {n} (traditional knowledge or beliefs regarding the weather) :: Wetterregeln {f-p}, Bauernregeln {f-p} [the last term is not only referring to the weather]
weatherman {n} (weather forecaster) :: Wetteransager {m}, Wetterfrosch {m}, Meteorologe {m}
weather map {n} (map showing the analysis of meteorological quantities) :: Wetterkarte {f}
weatherperson {n} (weatherman) SEE: weatherman ::
weather report {n} (translations) :: Wetterbericht {m}
weather satellite {n} (weather satellite) :: Wettersatellit {m}
weatherstrip {n} (material used to prevent cold air from entering) :: Dichtprofil {n}, Dichtungsprofil {n}, Bürstendichtung {m}, Bodendichtung {f}, Dichtband {n}, Keder {m}, Fugendichtung {f}, Fugendichtband {n}
weatherstrip {v} (to apply such a strip) :: dichten, abdichten
weather vane {n} (a device showing the direction of the wind) :: Wetterfahne {f}, Windfahne {f}
weave {v} (to form something by passing strands of material over and under one another) :: weben
weave {v} (to spin a cocoon or a web) :: weben
weave {n} (a type or way of weaving) :: Webart {f}
weaver {n} (one who weaves) :: Weber {m}, Weberin {f}
weaver {n} (bird in the family Ploceidae) :: Webervogel {m}
web {n} (the World Wide Web (also spelled Web)) :: Web {n}
web {n} :: Netz {n}
web {n} (spiderweb) SEE: spiderweb ::
web app {n} (web application) SEE: web application ::
web application {n} (computer application) :: Webanwendung {f}, Webapplikation {f}
webbed {adj} (with the digits connected by a thin membrane) :: mit Schwimmhäuten
webbing {n} (A sturdy woven fabric) :: Gurtband {n}
webbing {n} (A belt and shoulder harness) :: Gurt {m}
web browser {n} (a computer program used to navigate the World Wide Web) :: Browser {m}
webcam {n} (video camera viewed over a network) :: Webcam {f}
web colors {n} (complete palette of colors that are displayed on the web and on the computer) :: Webfarben
web conference {n} (meeting, presentation or communication conducted via the World Wide Web) :: Webkonferenz {f}
weber {n} (derived unit of magnetic flux) :: Weber {n}
webhook {n} (method of augmenting or altering the behavior of a Web application or a Web page using custom callbacks) :: WebHook {m}
web hosting {n} (service) :: Webhosting {n}
webinar {n} (interactive seminar conducted via the World Wide Web) :: Webinar {n}
weblication {n} (web application) SEE: web application ::
weblog {n} (blog) SEE: blog ::
web page {n} (a single page in a website) :: Webseite {f}
web server {n} (software) :: Webserver {m}
Web service {n} (software designed to support interaction over a network) :: Webservice {m}
website {n} (a collection of pages on the World Wide Web) :: Website {f}, Webangebot {n}, Webauftritt {m}, Internetauftritt {m}, Webpräsenz {f}, Internetpräsenz {f}
wed {v} (to join in matrimony) :: trauen, verheiraten, vermählen
wed {v} (transitive: to take as one's spouse) :: heiraten, zur Frau nehmen [take a wife], zum Mann nehmen [take a husband]
wed {v} (intransitive: to take a spouse) :: heiraten
Wed {n} (abbreviation of Wednesday) :: Mi., Mit., Mittw.
wedding {n} (marriage ceremony) :: Hochzeit {f}, Trauung {f}
wedding {n} (joining of two or more parts) :: Hochzeit {f}
wedding cake {n} (cake used as part of a wedding ceremony) :: Hochzeitstorte {f}
wedding day {n} :: Hochzeitstag
wedding dress {n} (the clothing worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony) :: Brautkleid {n}
wedding gown {n} (wedding dress) SEE: wedding dress ::
wedding ring {n} (a ring symbolizing marriage) :: Ehering {m}, Trauring {m}
wedge {n} (simple machine) :: Keil {m}, Weck {m}
wedge {n} (piece of food etc.) :: Stück {n}
wedge {n} (geometry: type of five-sided polyhedron) :: Keil {m}
wedge {n} (type of golf club) :: Wedge {f}
wedge {v} (to force into a narrow gap) :: einkeilen, klemmen
wedge {n} (sandwich) SEE: sub ::
wedge {n} (typography: háček) SEE: háček ::
wedgie {n} (prank in which a person's underpants are pulled up sharply) :: Hosenzieher {p} {n}
Wednesday {n} (day of the week) :: Mittwoch {m}, [poetic] Wotanstag {m}
wee {adj} (small, little) :: winzig, klein
wee {n} :: Pipi {n}
wee {v} :: pinkeln, pissen, Pipi machen
weed {n} (cigar) SEE: cigar ::
weed {n} (the weed) SEE: tobacco ::
weed {n} (unwanted plant) :: Unkraut {n}
weed {n} (slang: marijuana) :: Gras {n} [slang]
weed {v} (to remove weeds from) :: jäten
weed {n} (duckweed) SEE: duckweed ::
weedkiller {n} (chemical that destroys unwanted plants) :: Herbizid {n}, Unkrautvernichtungsmittel {n}
week {n} (period of seven days) :: Woche {f}
weekday {n} (weekday) :: Wochentag {m}, Werktag {m}
weekdays {adv} (On weekdays) :: werktags
weekend {n} (break in the working week) :: Wochenende {n}
weekly {adv} (once every week) :: wöchentlich
weekly {adv} (every week) :: wöchentlich
weekly {adj} (of or relating to a week) :: wöchentlich
weekly {adj} (happening once a week or every week) :: wöchentlich
weekly {n} (publication that is published once a week) :: Wochenzeitschrift {f}, Wochenblatt {n}, Wochenzeitung {f}
weenie {n} (Someone weak and unimportant) :: Weichei {n}, Lusche {f}
weep {v} (to cry, shed tears) :: weinen
weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth {n} (consternation, worry) :: Heulen und Zähneklappern, Heulen und Zähneknirschen
weeping willow {n} (Salix babylonica) :: Echte Trauerweide {f}, Chinesische Trauerweide {f}, Babylonische Trauerweide {f}
weeping willow {n} (hybrids of Salix babylonica) :: Trauerweide {f}
weepy {adj} (inclined to weep) :: weinerlich
wee small hours {n} (very early morning) :: früher Morgen {m}, Morgengrauen {n}
weever {n} (fish of Trachinidae) :: Petermännchen {n}
weevil {n} (beetle in the superfamily Curculionoidea) :: Rüsselkäfer {m}
wee-wee {n} :: Pipi {f} {n}; Pimmel {m}
wee-wee {v} :: pinkeln
weft {n} (horizontal threads) :: Schussfäden {f}
Wehrmacht {prop} (German armed forces from 1935 to 1945) :: Wehrmacht {f}
weigh {v} (to determine the weight of an object) :: wiegen, wägen [jargon or Swiss German]
weigh {v} (to weigh out) :: abwiegen, auswiegen
weigh {v} (to determine the intrinsic value or merit of an object) :: abwägen
weigh {v} (to consider a subject) :: erwägen
weigh {v} (to have a certain weight) :: wiegen
weigh {v} (nautical: to raise an anchor) :: hieven
weighbridge {n} (weighing platform) :: Brückenwaage {f}, Straßenfahrzeugwaage {f}, Waagenbrücke {f}
weighing {adj} (weighing) :: Wiegen
weighing machine {n} (a mechanical device for determing the weight of an object or person) :: Waage
weight {n} (physics: mass) SEE: mass ::
weight {n} (force due to gravity) :: Gewicht {n}
weight {n} (object to make something heavier) :: Gewicht {n}
weight {n} (weight for training muscles) :: Gewicht {n}
weight {v} (add weight) :: beschweren, gewichten
weight {v} (in mathematics) :: gewichten
weight gain {n} (increase in weight) :: Gewichtszunahme {f}
weightless {adj} (which has no weight) :: gewichtslos
weightless {adj} (which is not being affected by gravity) :: schwerelos
weightlessness {n} (having zero weight) :: Schwerelosigkeit {f}
weightlessness {n} (experience or instance of being weightless) :: Schwerelosigkeit {f}
weightlifter {n} (person who uses weights) :: Gewichtheber {m}
weightlifting {n} (sport in which competitors lift heavy weights) :: Gewichtheben {n}
weight loss {n} (reduction of body mass) :: Gewichtsverlust
weighty {adj} (heavy) :: wichtig
weighty {adj} (rigorous; severe; afflictive) :: wichtig
Weimar {prop} (city) :: Weimar
Weimar Republic {prop} (Germany between 1919 and 1933) :: Weimarer Republik {f}
Weinsberg {prop} (town in Germany) :: Weinsberg
weir {n} (adjustable dam) :: Wehr {n}
weir {n} (fence to catch fish) :: Fischwehr {n}
weird {adj} (having supernatural or preternatural power) :: geheimnisvoll, unheimlich, übernatürlich
weird {adj} (having an unusually strange character or behaviour) :: seltsam, komisch, eigenartig, merkwürdig
weird {adj} (deviating from the normal; bizarre) :: eigenartig, merkwürdig, sonderbar, seltsam, bizarr
weirdo {n} (strange person) :: Exzentriker {m}, Spinner {m}
welcome {adj} (whose arrival is a cause of joy) :: willkommen
welcome {interj} (greeting given upon someone's arrival) :: willkommen
welcome {n} (act of greeting someone's arrival) :: Begrüßung {f}, Empfang {m}
welcome {n} (utterance of such a greeting) :: Begrüßung {f}
welcome {v} (affirm or greet the arrival of someone) :: begrüßen, willkommen heißen
welcome {v} (to accept willingly) :: begrüßen, gutheißen
welcome back {phrase} (welcome back) :: willkommen zurück
weld {n} (herb) :: Färberwau {m}, Färberresede {f}, Gelbkraut {n}, Gilbkraut {n}
weld {v} (to join materials (especially metals) by applying heat) :: schweißen
weldable {adj} (able to be welded) :: schweißbar
welder {n} (one who welds) :: Schweißer {m}, Schweißerin {f}
welder {n} (item of equipment) :: Schweißgerät {n}
welding {n} (action or process of welding) :: Schweißen {f}
welfare {n} (health, safety, well-being, happiness and prosperity) :: Wohlergehen {n}, Wohlfahrt {f}
welfare {n} (aid, provided by a government, etc.) :: Sozialhilfe {f}, Wohlfahrt {f}
welfare parasite {n} (person who is seen as living on the welfare of others) :: Sozialschmarotzer {m}, Sozialparasit {m}
welfare state {n} (social system in which the state takes overall responsibility for the welfare of its citizens) :: Wohlfahrtsstaat {m}
welfare state {n} (country in which such a system operates) :: Wohlfahrtsstaat {m}
welfare trap {n} (situation) :: Arbeitslosigkeitsfalle {f}
welkin {n} (sky) SEE: sky ::
well {adv} (accurately; competently) :: gut
well {adv} (completely; fully) :: ganz
well {adj} (in good health) :: gesund, gut
well {interj} (used to introduce a statement that may be contrary to expectations) :: na, na ja
well {interj} (to acknowledge a statement or situation) :: gut
well {interj} (used in conversation to fill space) :: na, naja
well {interj} :: na
well {n} (hole sunk into the ground) :: Brunnen {m}, Quelle {f}
well {n} (spring) :: Quelle, Brunnen {m}
well {v} (to issue forth) :: quellen
well {n} (cockpit of a sailing boat) SEE: cockpit ::
well begun is half done {proverb} (much depends on the beginning of an endeavour) :: frisch gewagt ist halb gewonnen
well-behaved {adj} (having good manners and acting properly) :: wohlerzogen, artig, brav
well-being {n} (state of health, happiness and/or prosperity) :: Wohlbefinden {n}, Wohl {n}
well-brought-up {adj} (having good manners) :: wohlerzogen
well-deserved {adj} (richly deserved) :: wohlverdient
well done {adj} (well cooked) :: gut durch, durchgebraten
well done {interj} (exclamation of praise) :: gut gemacht
well-endowed {adj} (having a large penis) :: gut bestückt {m}
Wellerism {n} (proverb) :: Wellerismus {m}, Sagwort {n}
well-established {adj} (well-known) SEE: well-known ::
well-formed {adj} (syntactically correct) :: wohlgeformt
well-founded {adj} (based on reasoning, evidence and good judgement) :: fundiert
well-heeled {adj} (rich; affluent) :: betucht
well-informed {adj} (furnished with knowledge) :: gut informiert
Wellington {prop} (capital of New Zealand) :: Wellington {n}
Wellington boot {n} (Wellington boot) SEE: Wellington boots ::
Wellington boots {n} (waterproof rubber boot) :: Gummistiefel
well-intentioned {adj} (having good intentions) :: gut gemeint
well-known {adj} (familiar, widely known) :: wohlbekannt, wohl bekannt
well-meaning {adj} (with good intentions) :: gutmeinender
wellness {n} (The quality or state of being in good health.) :: Wohlbefinden {n}
well-nigh {adv} (almost) :: beinahe, nahezu
well off {adj} (being in fortunate circumstances) :: gut dran {m}
well-ordering {n} (a type of total order) :: Wohlordnung {f}
well-read {adj} (well informed and knowledgeable because of having read extensively) :: belesen
well-thumbed {adj} (showing signs of frequent or heavy use) :: zerlesen
well-to-do {adj} (rich) :: bemittelt {f}
well-wisher {n} (someone who extends good wishes) :: Wohlwünscher {m}, Wohlwünscherin {f}
welly {n} (force on a pedal or increase to any fuel or power for an engine or motor) :: Gas
wels catfish {n} (Silurus glanis) :: Wels {m}
Welsh {adj} (of or pertaining to Wales) :: walisisch
Welsh {adj} (of or pertaining to the Welsh language) :: walisisch
Welsh {n} (language) :: Walisisch {n}
Welsh {n} (collectively, people of Wales) :: Waliser {m-p}
Welshman {n} (native or inhabitant of Wales) :: Waliser {m}
Welsh onion {n} (Allium fistulosum) SEE: spring onion ::
Welshwoman {n} (woman who is a native or inhabitant of Wales) :: Waliserin {f}
welt {v} (to cause to have welts) :: falten, falzen
weltanschauung {n} (worldview) SEE: worldview ::
welter {n} (general confusion or muddle) :: Woge, Flut, Fülle, Unzahl, Durcheinander, Wirrwarr
welter {v} (to roll around; to wallow) :: sich wälzen, sich herumwälzen, sich suhlen
welter {v} (to revel, luxuriate) :: schwelgen
welter {v} (to rise and fall, to tumble over, to roll) :: wogen
welter-weight {n} (boxer) :: Weltergewicht {n}
weltschmerz {n} (world-weariness) :: Weltschmerz {m}
Wenceslas {prop} (male given name) SEE: Wenceslaus ::
Wenceslaus {prop} (male given name) :: Wenzel {m}, Wenzeslaus {m}
wench {n} ((archaic) girl or young woman) :: Magd {f}, Mädchen {n}, [regional] Mädel {n}
wench {v} (to frequent prostitutes) :: huren
wend {v} (To direct (one's way or course); pursue one's way; proceed upon some course or way) :: folgen, verfolgen
Wend {n} (Slav) SEE: Slav ::
Wend {n} (member of a Slavic people from the borders of Germany and Poland) :: Wende {m}, Wendin {f}
Wendish {adj} (Sorbian) SEE: Sorbian ::
Wendish {prop} (Sorbian) SEE: Sorbian ::
Wendy house {n} (toy house for children to play in) :: Spielhaus {n}, Spielhäuschen {n}
Wenker sentence {n} (any of 40 sample sentences developed as an effort to map spoken dialects of the German language) :: Wenkersatz {m}
Wenzhou {prop} (city in China) :: Wenzhou {n}
werefox {n} (shapeshifter assuming the shape of a fox) :: Werfuchs {m}
werewolf {n} (wolflike human) :: Werwolf {m}, Werwölfin {f}, Mannwolf {m}, Lykanthrop {m}, Lykanthropin {f}
wergeld {n} (reparative payment) :: Wergeld {n}, Manngeld {n}, Blutgeld {n}
Wermelskirchen {prop} (a city in Western Germany) :: Wermelskirchen
Wernicke's area {n} (posterior section of the superior temporal gyrus) :: Wernicke-Zentrum {n}, Wernicke-Areal {n}, Wernicke-Region {f}
Weser {prop} (river in Germany) :: Weser {f}
west {n} (compass point) :: West {m}, Westen {m}
west {adj} (towards the west) :: westlich, westwärts
west {adj} (western) :: westlich
west {adj} (occidental) :: westlich, abendländisch
West {prop} (Western world) :: Westen {m}
West {prop} (Western block, Western Europe) :: Westen {m}
West {prop} (Western Europe, non-Cold War concept) :: Westeuropa {n}
West Africa {prop} (An area of west Africa, spanning 16 African countries) :: Westafrika {n}
West Bank {prop} (territory) :: Westbank {f}, Westjordanland {n}, [Switzerland] Cisjordanien {n}, [dated or rare] Westjordanien {n}
West Bengal {prop} (state) :: Westbengalen {n}
West Berlin {prop} (western Berlin between 1949 and 1990) :: West-Berlin {n}
westbound {adv} (towards the west) :: nach Westen, Richtung Westen
westbound {adj} (which is, or will be, moving towards the west) :: nach Westen, Richtung Westen
West Central German {n} :: Westmitteldeutsch {n}
West Central German {adj} :: westmitteldeutsch
West Coast {prop} (the western seaboard of the United States) :: Westküste {f}
westerly {adj} (to/from the west) :: westlich
westerly {n} (wind blowing from the west) :: Westwind {m}
western {adj} (pertaining to the west) :: westlich, West-
western {n} (film or other dramatic work) :: Western {m}
Western {adj} (of, situated in, or related to the West) SEE: western ::
Western Abenaki {prop} (the language) :: Abenaki, Abenakisch
Western Africa {prop} (West Africa) SEE: West Africa ::
Western Armenian {n} (language) :: Westarmenisch {n}
Western Asia {prop} (the westernmost subregion of Asia) :: Westasien {n}
Western Australia {prop} (state of Australia) :: Western Australia {n}
western barn owl {n} (Tyto alba furcata) :: Schleiereule {f}, Baumkauz {m}, Waldkauz {m}
western capercaillie {n} (Tetrao urogallus) :: Birkhuhn {n}, Spielhuhn {n}, Auerhuhn {n}
western cattle egret {n} (Bubulcus ibis) :: Kuhreiher {m}
Western concert flute {n} (transverse woodwind instrument made of metal or wood) :: Querflöte {f}
western diamondback rattlesnake {n} (Crotalus atrox) :: Texas-Klapperschlange {f}
westerner {n} (inhabitant of Europe and the Americas) :: Westler {m}, Abendländer {m}, Wessi {m} {f} [West German]
Western Europe {prop} (Western Europe) :: Westeuropa {n}
Western European {adj} (Western European) :: westeuropäisch
Western European {n} (Western European person) :: Westeuropäer {m}, Westeuropäerin {f}
Western Hemisphere {prop} (hemisphere of the Earth) :: westliche Hemisphäre {f}
westernization {n} (assimilation of the western culture) :: Verwestlichung {f}
westernize {v} (make something western) :: verwestlichen
westernmost {adj} (farthest west) :: westlichster {m}
western osprey {n} (Pandion haliaetus) SEE: osprey ::
Western Sahara {prop} (a territory in northern Africa) :: Westsahara {f}
western sandpiper {n} (Calidris mauri) :: Bergstrandläufer {m}
western slaty antshrike {n} (bird) :: Westlicher Tropfenameisenwürger {m}
Western Wall {prop} (ancient wall in Jerusalem, remnant of the Jewish Second Temple) :: Klaugemauer {f}
West Flanders {prop} (Belgian province in Flanders) :: West-Flandern
West Flemish {prop} (group of Flemish dialects) :: Westflämisch {n}
West Frisian {prop} (language spoken in Friesland) :: Westfriesisch {n}
West Germany {prop} (former European country) :: Westdeutschland, Bundesrepublik Deutschland, BRD
West Indies {prop} (islands of the Caribbean sea) :: Westindien {n}
West Jerusalem {prop} (western sector of Jerusalem) :: Westjerusalem {n}
Westman Islands {prop} (archipelago off the south coast of Iceland) :: Westmännerinseln {p}
Westminster Abbey {prop} (large Gothic church) :: Westminster Abbey {f}, Abtei von Westmünster {f}, Westmünsterabtei {f}
Westminster Cathedral {prop} (chuerch) :: Westminster Cathedral {f}, Kathedrale von Westmünster {f}
Westphalia {prop} (province of Germany) :: Westfalen
Westphalian {adj} (pertaining to Westphalia or its people and culure) :: westfälisch
Westphalian {n} (someone from Westphalia) :: Westfale {m}, Westfälin {f} [female]
Westphalian {n} (group of dialects spoken in Westphalia) :: Westfälisch {n}, westfälisches Platt {n}, westfälisches Plattdeutsch {n}
Westphalian {n} (breed of Westphalian horse) :: Westfale {m}
West Slavic {prop} (of or relating to the West Slavs) :: westslawisch
West Virginia {prop} (US state) :: West Virginia
westward {adv} (towards the west) :: westwärts
wet {adj} (made of liquid or moisture) :: nass
wet {adj} (of an object: covered with or impregnated with liquid) :: nass, feucht
wet {adj} ((slang) sexually aroused and thus having a moistened vulva) :: feucht
wet {v} (cover or impregnate with liquid) :: befeuchten, durchnässen, nass machen
wet {v} (urinate accidentally in or on) :: nässen, nass machen
wet {v} (become wet) :: nass werden
wet {v} (form an intermetallic bond) :: benetzen
wet behind the ears {adj} (inexperienced, not seasoned) :: grün hinter den Ohren (green behind the ears), noch grün hinter den Ohren sein (still being green behind the ears), nicht trocken hinter den Ohren (not dry behind the ears), noch nicht trocken hinter den Ohren (not yet dry behind the ears), feucht hinter den Ohren (wet behind the ears), noch feucht hinter den Ohren (still wet behind the ears)
wet blanket {n} (someone who takes the fun out of a situation or activity) :: Spielverderber {m}, Spaßbremse {f}, Miesmacher {m}, Miesmacherin {f}
wet chemical {adj} (Relating to wet chemistry) :: nasschemisch
wet dream {n} (literally) :: feuchter Traum {m}; [medical] Pollution {f}
wet dream {n} (figuratively) :: feuchter Traum {m}
wet dream {n} (ejaculation or orgasm while asleep) SEE: nocturnal emission ::
wet end {n} (section of a paper machine) :: Siebpartie {f}
wether {n} (castrated buck goat) :: Mönch {m}, kastrierter Ziegenbock {m}
wether {n} (castrated ram) :: Hammel {m}, Schöps {m}
wetland {n} (land that is covered mostly with water, with occasional marshy and soggy areas) :: Feuchtgebiet {n}
wetness {n} (condition of being wet) :: Nässe {f}, Feuchte {f}
wet nurse {n} (woman hired to suckle another woman's child) :: Säugamme {f}, Amme {f}
wet one's whistle {v} (to have a drink) :: sich die Kehle befeuchten
wet season {n} (rainy season) SEE: rainy season ::
wetsuit {n} (close fitting, insulating garment) :: Tauchanzug {m}
Wexford {prop} (county) :: Wexford
Wexford {prop} (town) :: Wexford, Wiesefurt {f}
whack {n} (A blow, impact or slap) :: Schlag {m}
whack {v} (to hit, slap or strike) :: schlagen
whale {n} (large sea mammal) :: Wal {m}
whalebone {n} (horny material from fringed plates of upper jaw of baleen whale) :: Fischbein {n}
whaler {n} (person who hunts whales) :: Walfänger {m}, Walfängerin {f}
whale shark {n} (Rhincodon typus) :: Walhai
whale watching {n} (observing whales in their natural habitat) :: Walbeobachtung {f}
whaling {n} (practice of hunting whales) :: Walfang {m}
whaling {n} (whale watching) SEE: whale watching ::
wharf {n} (man-made landing place) :: Kai {m}, Wharf {m}
what {pron} (what? (interrogative pronoun)) :: was
what {pron} (relative pronoun: that which; those that; the thing that) :: was
what {pron} (nonstandard relative pronoun) :: der {m}, die {f}, das {n}
what {adv} (such) :: was für, so
what {adv} :: was für, wie, so
what {interj} (expression of surprise) :: was!
what {determiner} (which) :: welcher {m}, welches {n}, welche {f}
what about {adv} (used to make a suggestion) :: wie wär's mit
what about {adv} (used to ask someone to consider something or someone that they have apparently not considered) :: und, was ist mit
whataboutery {n} (whataboutism) SEE: whataboutism ::
whataboutism {n} (propaganda technique) :: Whataboutism {m}
what a lovely day {phrase} (what a lovely day) :: was für ein schöner Tag
what a pity {phrase} (used to express regret) :: das ist aber schade, schade
what are you doing {phrase} (what are you doing) :: [formal] was machen Sie?, was tun Sie?, [informal] was machst du?, was tust du?
what a shame {phrase} (used to express regret) SEE: what a pity ::
whatchamacallit {n} (any object the actual name of which the speaker does not know or cannot remember) :: Dingsbums {n}, Dingsda
what date is it today {phrase} (what date is it today?) :: welches Datum ist heute?
what day is it today {phrase} (what day is it today? (current day of the week or of the month)) :: [chiefly day of the week] was ist heute für ein Tag; [day of the month usually] den Wievielten haben wir heute
what does XX mean {phrase} (what does XX mean?) :: was bedeutet XX?
what do you know {phrase} (what a surprise) :: Wer hätte das gedacht?
what do you mean {phrase} (what do you mean?) :: was meinst du?
what do you say {phrase} (used to remind a child to say a polite expression) :: wie sagt man
whatever {determiner} (no matter which; for any) :: Jacke wie Hose
whatever {determiner} (anything) :: was immer, was auch immer
whatever {pron} (anything) :: egal
whatever {interj} (indicating the speaker does not care what someone says) :: naja, egal
what for {adv} (For what reason; why) :: wofür
what goes around comes around {proverb} (actions have consequences) :: wie man in den Wald hineinruft, so schallt es heraus (what you shout into the forest, will echo out again); man erntet, was man sät (you reap what you sow); wie man sich bettet, so liegt man (as you make your bed, so you must lie in it); die Vergangenheit holt einen immer ein (your past always catches up with you); das kommt davon (that comes from that); sowas kommt von sowas (such a thing comes from such a thing); wie du mir, so ich dir (as you do to me, I do to you)
whath {determiner} (which ordinal number) SEE: whatth ::
what have you {pron} (any of several additional things) :: was immer, was auch immer, und so weiter
what if {adv} (used to introduce suggestion) :: was wenn
what is more {adv} (furthermore) :: außerdem, überdies, darüber hinaus
what is that {phrase} (what is that?) :: was ist das?
what is your name {phrase} (what is your name?) :: wie heißen Sie? [formal], wie heißt du? [casual], was ist Ihr Name? [formal], was ist dein Name? [informal]
what languages do you speak {phrase} (what languages do you speak?) :: [formal] welche Sprachen sprechen Sie?, [informal] welche Sprachen sprichst du?
what number {adv} (what number, which (in a numbered series)) :: wievielter
WhatsApp {n} :: WhatsApp-Nachricht {f}
WhatsApp {v} :: whatsappen
what's done is done {proverb} :: was getan ist, ist getan
what's going on {interj} (an informal greeting) :: wie geht's, was geht ab? [slang]
what's good {phrase} (what's up) SEE: what's up ::
what's-his-name {pron} (A person or entity whose name one does not remember) :: Dingsda {m} {f}
what's in it for me {phrase} (what are the advantages to me) :: was hab ich davon, was springt für mich dabei heraus
what's new {phrase} (informal greeting asking what has happened recently) :: was gibt's Neues?
whatsoever {adj} (in any way) :: überhaupt
what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander {proverb} (if something is acceptable for one person, it is acceptable for another) :: was dem einen recht ist, ist dem anderen billig
what's the matter {phrase} (what's wrong?) :: was ist los?, was is passiert?
what's up {phrase} (How are you?) :: wie geht’s?, was läuft?, was geht?, was geht ab?
what's your job {phrase} (what's your job?) :: [formal] als was arbeiten Sie?; was machen Sie beruflich?; [familiar] als was arbeitest du?; was machst du beruflich
what's your phone number {phrase} (what's your phone number?) :: Wie lautet deine Telefonnummer? [informal], Wie lautet Ihre Telefonnummer? [formal], was ist Ihre Telefonnummer? [formal], was ist deine Telefonnummer? [informal]
whatth {n} (which ordinal number) :: wievielter
what the fuck {phrase} (An intensive form of what) :: was zum Teufel?, was zum Scheiß?
what the fuck {interj} (expressing astonishment) :: was zum Henker
what the fuck {interj} (expressing nonchalance) :: was auch immer
what the heck {phrase} (softer form of "what the hell") :: was zum Kuckuck
what the hell {phrase} (an intensive form of what) :: was zum Teufel?
what the hell {phrase} (why not?) :: was soll's, scheiß drauf
what time is it {phrase} (what is the time of day?) :: wieviel Uhr ist es?, wie spät ist es?
what would you like {phrase} (used to ask the interlocutor what they would like to order, to buy or have a look at) :: was möchten Sie?
what you see is what you get {proverb} ((idiomatic, computing) the screen image resembles the printed output) :: was du siehst, ist was du bekommst
wheal {n} (small raised swelling on the skin) SEE: weal ::
wheat {n} (grain) :: Weizen {m}
wheatear {n} (various passerine birds) :: Steinschmätzer {m}
wheatfield {n} (wheat field) :: Weizenfeld
wheat flour {n} (flour from wheat) :: Weizenmehl {n}
wheat germ {n} (embryo of the wheat kernel) :: Weizenkeim {m}
wheat weevil {n} (species of weevils) :: gemeiner Kornkäfer {m}, Kornkrebs {m}
wheedle {v} (cajole) :: überreden, beschwatzen, umschmeicheln, schmeicheln, herumkriegen
wheedle {v} (obtain by guile or trickery) :: abschwatzen, abschmeicheln, abbetteln, abheucheln, erschmeicheln, abschwätzen, aus dem Kreuz leiern, aus den Rippen leiern
wheek {n} (onomatopoeia to symbolize a guinea pig's squeak) :: quiek
wheel {n} (a circular device facilitating movement or transportation) :: Rad {n}
wheel {n} (steering device in a vessel) :: Steuerrad {n}
wheel {n} (wheel rim) :: Felge {f}
wheel {v} (To travel around in large circles, particularly in the air) :: kreisen
wheel {n} (steering wheel and its implied control of a vehicle) SEE: steering wheel ::
wheelbarrow {n} (small cart) :: Schubkarre {f}; [regional] Scheibtruhe {f}
wheelbase {n} (distance btw. axles) :: Achsabstand {m}, Achsstand {m}, Radstand {m}
wheelchair {n} (chair) :: Rollstuhl {m}, Krankenfahrstuhl {m}, Fahrstuhl {m}
wheelchair user {n} (person who uses a wheelchair) :: Rollstuhlfahrer {m}, Rollstuhlfahrerin {f}
wheel clamp {n} (a device locked to the wheel of a motor car to prevent it from being driven) :: Autokralle {f}, Parkkralle {f}, Radkralle {f}, Kralle {f}
wheeler-dealer {n} (political or commercial schemer) :: Geschäftemacher {m}, Geschäftemacherin {f}
wheelhouse {n} (enclosed compartment on the deck of a vessel from which it may be navigated) :: Ruderhaus {n}, Steuerhaus {n}
wheelie {n} (action or stunt where a bicycle, etc., is ridden while standing only on its rear wheel or wheels) :: Wheelie {m}
wheel of Fortune {prop} (Tarot card) :: Rad des Schicksals {n}
Wheel of Fortune {prop} (television game show) :: Glücksrad {n}
wheelset {n} (A wheel and axle combination) :: Radsatz {m}
wheeltapper {n} (railway employee tasked with tapping the train's wheels with a hammer to detect cracks) :: Radklopfer {m}
wheelwright {n} (person who builds and repairs wheels) :: Wagner {m}, Radmacher {m}
wheeze {v} (breathe hard) :: keuchen, röcheln, schnaufen, schwer atmen, pfeifend atmen; [regional] giemen
wheeze {n} (piping or whistling sound caused by difficult respiration) :: Keuchen {n}, Schnaufen {n}, Röcheln {n}
wheezy {adj} (that wheezes) :: engbrüstig
whelk {n} (edible sea snail of the family Buccinidae) :: Wellhornschnecke {f}
whelp {n} (young of a mammal) :: Welpe {m}, Welpin {f}
whelp {v} ((animals) to give birth) :: werfen, Junge werfen, jungen, wölfen
when {adv} (at what time, as a direct question) :: wann
when {adv} (at what time, as an indirect question) :: wann
when {conj} (at what time) :: wann
when {conj} (at such time as) :: wenn
when {conj} (as soon as) :: wenn, sobald
when {conj} (at a time in the past) :: als
when {pron} (what time; which time) :: wann
when {n} (the time) :: Wann {n}
whence {adv} (from where; from which place or source) :: woher
whence {conj} (conjunction) :: von daher
whence {conj} :: woher
whenever {conj} (when) SEE: when ::
whenever {conj} (at any time that) :: wenn, wann immer, wann auch immer
whenever {conj} (every time that) :: sooft, immer wenn, jedes Mal, wenn
when Hell freezes over {adv} (never) :: wenn die Hölle zufriert, alle Jubeljahre, wenn Ostern und Pfingsten auf einen Tag fallen
when in Rome {proverb} (adjust to local customs) SEE: when in Rome, do as the Romans do ::
when in Rome, do as the Romans do {proverb} (behave as those around do) :: andere Länder, andere Sitten, mit den Wölfen heulen, [dated] wes Brot ich ess, des Lied ich sing, wenn du in Rom bist, verhalte dich wie die Römer
when life gives you lemons, make lemonade {proverb} (make the best out of difficult situations) :: wenn das Leben dir eine Zitrone gibt, mach Limonade draus; wenn dir das Leben eine Zitrone gibt, mach Limonade draus
when pigs fly {adv} (never, expressed by an idiom) :: am Sankt-Nimmerleins-Tag (on Saint Never’s day), wenn Ostern und Pfingsten auf einen Tag fallen (when Easter and Pentecost fall on the same day)
when push comes to shove {phrase} (when the pressure is on) :: wenn es ernst wird, wenn es hart auf hart kommt
when the cat's away {proverb} (People take advantage of the absence of authority) :: ist die Katze aus dem Haus
when the cat's away the mice will play {proverb} (in the absence of a controlling entity, subordinates will take advantage of circumstances) :: ist die Katze aus dem Haus, tanzen die Mäuse auf dem Tisch
where {conj} (at or in which place) :: wo, woher [where from]
where {conj} (to which place or situation) :: wohin
where {conj} (legal: in the situation in which) :: wo
where {adv} (at or in what place) :: wo
where {adv} (to what place) :: wohin
where {adv} (from what place) :: woher
where {adv} (in what situation) :: wo
where {pron} (the place in which) :: wo
where {n} (the place in which something happens) :: Wo {n}
whereabouts {n} (location) :: Verbleib {m}
whereafter {adv} (translation) :: wonach, infolgedessen, seitdem, woraufhin, worauf,
where are we {phrase} (where are we) :: wo sind wir?
where are we going {phrase} (where are we going?) :: wo gehen wir?
where are you {phrase} (where are you?) :: wo bist du? [informal], wo sind Sie? [formal]
where are you from {phrase} (in which country or region were you born or raised) :: [formal] woher kommen Sie ?, [informal] woher kommst du ?
where are your parents {phrase} (where are your parents?) :: wo sind deine Eltern?
whereas {conj} (but in contrast; whilst on the contrary…) :: wohingegen, wogegen, während
whereas {conj} (it being the case that…) :: wobei
whereby {adv} (by which) :: wodurch
where can I find a hotel {phrase} (where can I find a hotel) :: wo ist hier ein Hotel
where does this bus go {phrase} (where does this bus go) :: wohin fährt dieser Bus?
where does this train go {phrase} (where does this train go) :: wohin fährt dieser Zug?
where do you live {phrase} (where do you live?) :: wo wohnen Sie? [formal], wo wohnst du? [informal]
wherefore {conj} (because of which) :: warum, weswegen, wofür
wherefrom {adv} (from which) :: woher
where is the toilet {phrase} (where is the toilet?) :: wo ist die Toilette?
wherenot {n} (wherever) SEE: wherever ::
whereof {conj} (of what; of which; of whom) :: wovon
where there is a will there is a way {proverb} (if someone wants or wills something strongly enough, a way can be found) :: wo ein Wille ist, ist auch ein Weg, wollen heißt können, man muss nur wollen
where there's smoke, there's fire {proverb} (if there is telltale evidence of some event, the event is probably occurring) :: wo Rauch ist, ist auch Feuer
whereto {adv} (to what place; whither) :: wohin
wherever {conj} (in any place, anywhere) :: wo auch immer, wo immer
wherewith {adv} (with which) :: womit
wherewithal {n} (the ability and means to accomplish some task) :: Mittel {n-p}, Geldmittel {n-p}
where you at {phrase} (where are you) SEE: where are you ::
whet {v} (hone or rub on with some substance for the purpose of sharpening) :: wetzen
whether {conj} (introducing indirect questions) :: ob
whether {conj} (if, whether or not) :: ob
whether {conj} (introducing adverbial clause; no matter whether or not) :: ob
whetstone {n} (stone used to hone tools) :: Schleifstein {m}, Wetzstein {m}, Abziehstein {m}
whew {interj} (an expressive sound made indicating the release of one's inner tension) :: puh, uff
whew {interj} (an expression of amazement or surprise) :: puh
whey {n} (liquid remaining after milk has been curdled) :: Molke {f}
which {determiner} ((interrogative) what, of those mentioned or implied) :: welcher {m}, welche {f}, welches {n}, welche {p}
which {determiner} ((relative) the one(s) that) :: welcher {m}, welche {f}, welches {n}, welche {p}
which {pron} ((interrogative) what one or ones) :: welcher {m}, welche {f}, welches {n}, welche {p}
which {pron} ((relative) who, whom, what) :: der {m}, welcher {m}, was [referring back to a clause]
whiff {n} (odour carried briefly through the air) :: Hauch {m}
Whig {n} (a member of an 18th- and 19th-century political party) :: Whig {m}
while {n} (uncertain duration of time, a period of time) :: Weile {f}, Weilchen {n} diminutive, Zeitspanne {f}
while {conj} (during the same time that) :: während, solange
while {conj} (although) :: obwohl
while {conj} (until) SEE: until ::
while away {v} (spend time idly) :: sich die Zeit vertreiben
while loop {n} (section of code) :: while-Schleife {f}
while one is at it {conj} :: wenn man schon mal dran ist
whim {n} (fanciful impulse) :: Laune {f}, Grille {f}, Marotte {f}, Kaprize {f}, Verrücktheit {f}, wunderlicher Einfall {m}
whimbrel {n} (a large wading bird, Numenius phaeopus) :: Regenbrachvogel {m}
whimper {n} (a low intermittent sob) :: Wimmern {n}, Gewimmer {n}
whimper {v} (to cry or sob softly and intermittently) :: wimmern, winseln
whimsical {adj} (Given to whimsy; capricious; odd; peculiar; playful; light-hearted or amusing) :: launenhaft, spielerisch, launisch, schrullig, drollig, wunderlich, seltsam, skurril, originell
whimsicality {n} (caprice) SEE: caprice ::
whimsically {adv} (in a whimsical manner) :: wunderlich
whimsy {n} (idea) :: Laune {f}, Grille {f}, Schrulle {f}, Marotte {f}, Klamauk {m}
whimsy {n} (character) :: Launigkeit {f}, Spleenigkeit {f}, launiger Charakter {m}
whinchat {n} (Saxicola ruberta) :: Braunkehlchen {n}
whine {n} (a long-drawn, high-pitched complaining cry or sound) :: Jaulen {n}, Heulen {n}, Jammern {n}, Gejammer {n}
whine {v} (to utter a whine) :: jaulen, heulen, jammern
whine {v} (to complain or protest with a whine or as if with a whine) :: jaulen, heulen, jammern, quengeln
whinge {n} (to complain or protest) :: jammern, meckern, plärren
whinny {n} (a gentle neigh) :: Wiehern {n}
whinny {v} (of a horse; to make a gentle neigh) :: wiehern
whinnying {n} (gentle neighing) :: Gewieher {n}
whip {n} (rod or rope) :: Peitsche {f}
whip {v} (to hit with a whip) :: peitschen, auspeitschen, anpeitschen
whip {v} (by extension, to hit with any flexible object) :: peitschen
whip {v} (to defeat) :: schlagen
whip {v} (to mix food in a rapid aerating fashion) :: schlagen
whip {v} (to urge into action) :: anpeitschen
whip {n} (whipped cream) SEE: whipped cream ::
whiplash {n} (lash of a whip) :: Peitschenriemen {m}
whiplash {n} (whiplash injury) :: Schleudertrauma {n}, Halswirbelsäulenschleudertrauma {n}, HWS-Schleudertrauma {n}, Halswirbelsäulen-Distorsion {f}, HWS-Distorsion {f}, Distorsion der Halswirbelsäule {f}, Schleudertrauma der Halswirbelsäule {n}
whipped cream {n} (thick cream that has had air incorporated into it by rapid beating) :: Schlagsahne {f}, in Austria: Schlagobers {n}
whippersnapper {n} (young, cheeky person) :: junger Spund {m}, Jungspund {m}
whipping boy {n} (someone punished for the errors of others) :: Prügelknabe {m}
whirl {v} (To rotate, revolve, spin rapidly) :: wirbeln
whirl {v} (to make something whirl around) :: wirbeln, schnell drehen, im Kreise drehen
whirl {n} (act of whirling) :: Wirbeln {n}, Wirbel {m}
whirl {n} (confused tumult) :: Trubel {m}, Durcheinander {n}
whirl {n} (rapid series of events) :: Strudel {m}
whirl {n} (dizziness or giddiness) :: Taumel {m}, Gewirbel {n}, Schwindel {m}, Durcheinander {n}
whirl {n} (brief experiment or trial) :: Versuch {m}, Chance {f}
whirlpool {n} (swirling body of water) :: Wirbel {m}, Strudel {m}, Stromschnelle {f} [of a river]
whirlwind {n} (a violent windstorm of limited extent characterised by an inward spiral motion of the air) :: Wirbelwind {m}, Wirbelsturm {m}
whirlwind {n} (figuratively: a body of objects or events sweeping violently onward) :: Wirbelwind {m}
whirr {v} (To move or vibrate (something) with a buzzing sound) :: surren
whisk {n} (kitchen utensil) :: Schneebesen {m}, Schaumschläger {m}
whisker {n} (hair of the beard) :: Barthaar {n}, Barthaare {p} {n}
whisker {n} (long projecting hair at the sides of the mouth of a cat) :: Schnurrhaar {n}, Vibrisse {f}
whisker {n} ((colloquial) very small distance between two things) :: Haaresbreite {f}
whisker {n} (a graphic element that shows the maxima and minima in a box plot) :: Whisker {m}
whiskered {adj} (1. Possessed of whiskers) :: schnauzbärtig, schnurrbärtig
whiskered tern {n} (Chlidonias hybrida) :: Weißbart-Seeschwalbe {f}
whiskey {n} (alcoholic drink) :: Whisky {m}
whisky {n} (whiskey) SEE: whiskey ::
whisper {n} (act of speaking in a quiet voice) :: Geflüster {n}, Flüstern {n}, Wispern {n}
whisper {v} (to talk in a quiet voice) :: flüstern, wispern
whispering {n} (Something that is whispered) :: Geflüster {n}
whistle {n} (device used to make a whistling sound) :: Pfeife {f}, Trillerpfeife {f}, Flöte {f}
whistle {n} (act of whistling) :: Pfeifen {n}
whistle {n} (sound made by whistling) :: Pfeifen {n}, Pfiff {m}
whistle {n} (sound similar to the sound made by whistling) :: Pfeifen {n}, Pfiff {m}
whistle {v} (to produce a whistling sound) :: pfeifen, flöten
whistle {n} (slang: a suit) SEE: suit ::
whistle-blower {n} (one who reports a problem or violation to the authorities) :: Whistleblower {m}, Hinweisgeber {m}, Hinweisgeberin {f}, Enthüller {m}, Skandalaufdecker {m}
whistle in the dark {v} (make a show of bravery) :: im Dunkeln pfeifen
whistle past the graveyard {v} (to try to be cheerful in the face of one's fears) :: [semantically close, but less idiomatic] der Angst ins Gesicht lachen (to laugh into the face of fear), die Angst weglachen (to laugh away one’s fear); [more idiomatic, but usually referring to emotions other than fear] zweckoptimistisch sein (to be practically optimistic), gute Mine zum bösen Spiel machen (to keep a good face during the evil play)
whistling duck {n} (bird of the genus Dendrocygna) :: Pfeifgans {f}
white {n} (color/colour) :: Weiß, Weiss {n} [Switzerland]
white {n} (Caucasian person) :: Weißer {m}, Weiße {f} (Weiße {m} {f} def.)
white {n} (albumen) :: Eiweiß {n}
white {n} (white of the eye) :: Lederhaut {f}, weiße Augenhaut {f}
white {n} (common name for the Pieris genus of butterflies) :: Weißling {m}
white {n} (street name for cocaine) :: Schnee {m}
white {n} (white wine) SEE: white wine ::
white {adj} (Cistercian) SEE: Cistercian ::
white {adj} (bright and colourless) :: weiß, weiss [Switzerland]
white {adj} (of or relating to Caucasians) :: weiß, weiss [Switzerland]
white arsenic {n} (arsenious acid) :: Weißarsenik {n}
white as a sheet {adj} (pale as if suffering from shock) :: kreidebleich
white as snow {adj} (very white) :: schneeweiß
whitebeam {n} (any of various Eurasian deciduous trees of the genus Sorbus subg. Aria) :: Mehlbeere {f}
white bear {n} (polar bear) SEE: polar bear ::
white-bearded antshrike {n} (passerine bird) :: Weißbart-Ameisenwürger {m}
white-bellied tit {n} (Melaniparus albiventris) :: Weißbauchmeise {f}, Weißbauch-Rußmeise {f}
white-billed diver {n} (Gavia adamsii) :: Gelbschnäbliger Eistaucher {m}
white blood cell {n} (cytology: a type of blood cell that is involved with an immune response) :: weißes Blutkörperchen {n}, Leukozyt
whiteboard {n} (large vertical writing area) :: Tafel {f}, Weißwandtafel {f}, Whiteboard {n}
white bread {n} (bread made from white flour) :: Weißbrot {n}, Weissbrot {n} [Switzerland, Liechtenstein]
white bream {n} (European fish) :: Blei
white cabbage {n} (Brassica oleracea var. capitata f. alba) :: Weißkohl {m}
white chocolate {n} (food) :: weiße Schokolade {f}
white clover {n} (Trifolium repens) :: Weißklee {m}, Kriechklee {m}
white coat {n} (white coat worn in laboratories) :: weißer Kittel {m}, Kittel {m}
white coffee {n} (coffee with milk added) :: Milchkaffee {m}
white dwarf {n} (white dwarf star) :: Weißer Zwerg {m}
white-eyed gull {n} (Ichthyaetus leucophthalmus) :: Weißaugenmöwe {f}
whitefin dolphin {n} (baiji) SEE: baiji ::
whitefish {n} (whiting) SEE: whiting ::
whitefish {n} (beluga) SEE: beluga ::
whitefish {n} (fish of the genus Coregonus) :: Coregonen, Schnäpel, Reinanken, Renken, Maränen
white flag {n} (a flag used as a symbol of surrender) :: weiße Flagge {f}, Parlamentärflagge {f}, Parlamentärsflagge {f}
white-flippered penguin {n} (Eudyptula albosignata albosignata) :: Weißflügelpinguin {m}
whitefly {n} (Any of various Aleyrodidae) :: Mottenschildlaus {f}
white fox {n} (arctic fox) SEE: arctic fox ::
white-fronted goose {n} (Anser albifrons) :: Blässgans
white gold {n} (A precious metal alloy consisting of gold and a platinum group metal) :: Weißgold {n}
white goosefoot {n} (Chenopodium album) :: Weißer Gänsefuß {m}
white gourd {n} (vine) SEE: winter melon ::
white gourd {n} (fuzzy melon fruit) SEE: winter melon ::
white-haired {adj} (having white hair) :: weißhaarig
whitehead {n} (pimple) :: Mitesser {m}, Komedo {m}
white-headed duck {n} (Oxyura leucocephala) :: Weißkopf-Ruderente {f}
white hole {n} (singularity) :: Weißes Loch {n}
Whitehorse {prop} (capital of the Yukon Territory, Canada) :: Whitehorse
white-hot {adj} (hot enough to glow) :: weißglühend
White House {prop} (the official residence of the President of the United States of America) :: Weißes Haus {n}
white-knuckle {adj} (causing fear, excitement, apprehension, suspense or nervousness) :: aufregend, dramatisch, spannend, nervenaufreibend, erregend, spannungsvoll
white label {adj} (a generically manufactured product) :: No-Name-, Eigenmarke {f} [noun]
white lie {n} (deliberate untrue statement which is intended to produce a favorable result) :: soziale Lüge {f}, Notlüge {f}
white lightning {n} (illegally distilled whiskey) SEE: moonshine ::
white-lipped snail {n} (Capaea hostensis) :: Weißmündige Bänderschnecke {f}
whitelist {n} (list of people that are known) :: weiße Liste {f}
white man {n} (Caucasian) SEE: Caucasian ::
white millet {n} (proso millet) SEE: proso millet ::
white mustard {n} (Sinapis alba) :: Weißer Senf {m}
whiten {v} (to make white or whiter; to bleach or blanch) :: weißen
whiten {v} (to become white or whiter; to bleach or blanch) :: weiß werden
white-naped tit {n} (Machlolophus nuchalis) :: Weißflügelmeise {f}
whiteness {n} (state of being white) :: Weiße {f}, Weißheit {f}, Weißsein {n} [sociology]
whiteness studies {n} (academic discipline) :: Weißseinsforschung {f}
white night {n} (night with only civil twilight) :: weiße Nacht {f}
white noise {n} (random signal with flat power spectral density) :: weißes Rauschen {n}
white-nosed coati {n} (Nasua narica) :: Weißrüssel-Nasenbär {m}
white oak {n} (Quercus alba) :: Weißeiche
whiteout {n} (correction fluid) SEE: correction fluid ::
white owl {n} (Tyto alba) SEE: western barn owl ::
white paper {n} (marketing document) :: Weißbuch {n}, Whitepaper {m}
white paper {n} (EU document) :: Weißbuch {n}
white pepper {n} (Light-colored seed of pepper) :: weißer Pfeffer {m}
white pointer {n} (great white shark) SEE: great white shark ::
white poplar {n} (Populus grandidentata) :: Großzähnige Pappel {f}
white rhinoceros {n} (Ceratotherium simum) :: Breitmaulnashorn {n}
white roe {n} (milt) SEE: milt ::
white-rumped sandpiper {n} (Calidris fuscicollis) :: Weißbürzel-Strandläufer {m}
White Russian {n} (Belarusian language) SEE: Belarusian ::
White Russian {n} (a cocktail) :: Weißer Russe {m}, White Russian {m}
white sauce {n} (mayonnaise) SEE: mayonnaise ::
white sauce {n} (béchamel sauce) SEE: béchamel sauce ::
White Sea {prop} (a sea to the northwest of Russia) :: Weißes Meer {n}
white-shouldered antshrike {n} (passerine bird) :: Perlschulter-Ameisenwürger {m}
whitesmith {n} (tinsmith) SEE: tinsmith ::
white space {n} (white area between written characters and graphic regions on a produced page) :: Leerraum {m}
white space {n} (single character or series of characters) :: Leerzeichen {n}
white stork {n} (large wading bird, Ciconia ciconia) :: Weißstorch {m}
white supremacy {n} (ideology) :: weiße Vorherrschaft {f}, Überlegenheit der Weißen {f}
white-tailed deer {n} (type of deer) :: Weißwedelhirsch {m}
white-tailed eagle {n} (Haliaeetus albicilla) :: Seeadler {m}
white-tailed lapwing {n} (Vanellus leucurus) :: Weißschwanzkiebitz {m}
white-tailed plover {n} (Vanellus leucurus) SEE: white-tailed lapwing ::
white tea {n} (drink) :: weißer Tee {m}
whitethorn {n} (Crataegus monogyna) :: Weißdorn {m}
white-throated dipper {n} (Cinclus cinclus) :: Wasseramsel {f}
white-throated rail {n} (bird) :: Cuvier-Ralle {f}
white tie {n} (men's most formal eveningwear) :: Frack-Anzug {m}, Frack {m}
whitetip reef shark {n} (Triaenodon obesus) :: Weißspitzen-Riffhai {m}
white trash {n} (white person or people of low social status (pejorative)) :: White Trash {n}, weißer Abschaum {m}, weißes Gesindel mit viel Geld {n} [with cash]
white vinegar {n} (vinegar that has been distilled) :: Essigessenz {f}
white wagtail {n} (bird in the wagtail family) :: Bachstelze {f}
whitewall {n} (tyre with white sidewalls) :: Weißwandreifen {m}
whitewash {n} (lime and water mixture) :: Tünche {f}
whitewash {n} (victory) :: Zu-null-Sieg {m}
whitewash {n} (campaign to paper over unfavorable elements.) :: reinwaschen, schönfärben
whitewash {v} (paint) :: etwas weiß anstreichen, weißen, weißeln
whitewash {v} (cover errors) :: [sb.] jemanden reinwaschen, [sth.] etwas schönfärben, [sth.] etwas beschönigen
white whale {n} (a cetacean, Delphinapterus leucas) SEE: beluga ::
white willow {n} (Salix alba) :: Silber-Weide {f}
white wine {n} (light coloured wine) :: Weißwein {m}
white-winged tern {n} (Chlidonias leucopterus) :: Weißflügel-Seeschwalbe {f}
whither {adv} (to which place) :: wohin
whiting {n} (fish, Merlangius merlangus) :: Wittling {m}, Merlan {m}
whitish {adj} (somewhat white) :: weißlich, [Swiss] weisslich
whitishness {n} (the quality of being whitish, somewhat white) :: Weißlichkeit {f}, Weisslichkeit {f} [Switzerland and Liechtenstein]
whitlow {n} (an infection) :: Panaritium {n}
Whit Monday {prop} (The day after Pentecost) :: Pfingstmontag {m}
Whitsun {n} (Whitsunday) :: Pfingstsonntag {m}
Whitsunday {n} (the Sunday of the feast of Pentecost) :: Pfingstsonntag {m}
whittle {v} (cut or shape wood with a knife) :: schnitzen
whittle {v} (reduce or gradually eliminate something) :: wegschnibbeln
whiz {n} (urination) SEE: urination ::
whiz {v} (urinate) SEE: urinate ::
whiz {v} (to make a whirring or hissing sound) :: zischen
who {pron} (who? (interrogative pronoun)) :: wer
who {pron} (who (relative pronoun)) :: der, die, das
whoa {interj} (stop, said to a horse) :: brr, oha
whoa {interj} (slow down) :: langsam
whoa {interj} (expression of surprise) :: boah, boa, oha, öha [dialectal], eha [dialectal]
who are you {phrase} (who are you?) :: wer sind Sie?, [informal] wer bist du?
who are you and what have you done with someone {phrase} (Expression to drastic change of a person) :: Wer sind Sie und was haben Sie mit jemandem gemacht
who cares {phrase} (reply to an unimportant statement) SEE: so what ::
whodunit {n} (a crime novel or drama) :: Kriminalroman {m}, [colloquial] Krimi {m}, Detektivroman {m}
whoever {pron} (whatever person or persons) :: wer immer, wer auch immer
who knows {phrase} (rhetorical question: one doesn't know) :: wer weiß?
whole {adj} (entire) :: ganz, heil, gesamt
whole {adv} (colloquial: in entirety) :: ganz
whole {n} (something complete) :: Ganze {n}
whole cloth {n} (complete fabrication) :: frei erfunden
wholegrain {n} (cereal grain that contains germ, endosperm, and bran) :: Vollkorn {n}
wholehearted {adj} (having no reservations; showing unconditional and enthusiastic support) :: herzlichst, vollen Herzens, rückhaltlos, von ganzem Herzen, mit ganzem Herzen
wholeheartedly {adv} (in a wholehearted manner; with one's whole heart; enthusiastically) :: von ganzem Herzen, vollen Herzens
wholemeal {adj} (containing or made from the whole grain) SEE: wholegrain ::
wholemeal bread {n} (bread) :: Vollkornbrot {n}
whole milk {n} (milk from which nothing has been removed) :: Vollmilch {f}
wholeness {n} (quality of being whole) :: Ganzheit {f}, Ganzheitlichkeit {f}, Vollständigkeit {f}
whole note {n} (semibreve) SEE: semibreve ::
whole number {n} (integer) SEE: integer ::
whole number {n} (natural number) SEE: natural number ::
wholesale {n} (sale of products, often in large quantities, to retailers or other merchants) :: Großhandel {m}
wholesale {adj} (of or relating to sale in bulk or large quantity) :: Großhandels-
wholesaler {n} (person or company that sells goods wholesale to retailers) :: Großhändler {m}
wholesome {adj} (promoting good health, and well-being) :: gesund, heilsam, gesundheitsfördernd, gesundheitsförderlich
wholesome {adj} (sound and healthy) :: gesund, förderlich
wholesome {adj} (promoting virtue or being virtuous) :: tugendhaft, rechtschaffen
wholly {adv} (to the fullest extent) SEE: completely ::
whom {pron} (what person; object of a verb (accusative)) :: wen
whom {pron} (what person or people, object of a preposition (dative)) :: wem
whom {pron} (relative pronoun) :: dem {m}, der {f}, den {m}, die {f}; [1] wer, [1] wem
whoopee cushion {n} (inflatable bag used as practical joke) :: Furzkissen {m}
whooper {n} (whooper swan) SEE: whooper swan ::
whooper swan {n} (the species of swan Cygnus cygnus) :: Singschwan {m}
whoopie cushion {n} :: Furzkissen {n}
whooping cough {n} (a contagious disease) :: Keuchhusten {m}
whopper {n} (something remarkably large) :: Mordsding {n}, Oschi
whopper {n} (outrageous lie) :: Lüge {f}, Lügengeschichte {f}, enorme Lüge {f}
whopping {adj} (exceptionally great or large) :: riesig, enorm
whore {n} :: Hure {f}, Schlampe {f}, Nutte {f}
whore {v} (to prostitute oneself) :: sich prostituieren, herumhuren, rumhuren
whore {v} (to pimp) SEE: pimp ::
whore around {v} (to regularly copulate with people that one is not in a relationship with) :: herumhuren, rumhuren
whoremaster {n} (pimp) SEE: pimp ::
whoremonger {n} (frequent customer of whores) :: Freier {m}
whoremonger {n} (pimp) :: Lude {m}, Zuhälter {m}
whorl {n} (pattern of concentric circles.) :: Wirbel {m}, Kringel {m}, Windung {f}
whorl {n} (spindle whorl.) :: Spinnwirtel {m}
whorled {adj} (formed from whorls; having whorls) :: wirtelig
whose {determiner} (of whom (interrogative)) :: wessen
whose {determiner} (of whom (relative)) :: dessen {m} {n}, deren {f-p}
whose {determiner} (of which (relative)) :: dessen {m} {n}, deren {f-p}
whose {pron} ((interrogative) of whom, belonging to whom) :: [whose is/are, to whom does it / do they belong?] wem gehört/gehören?
who watches the watchers {phrase} (concern about whether the law is enforced on those who enforce the law) :: wer wird die Wächter selbst bewachen
who would have thunk it {phrase} (who would have guessed it?) :: wer hätte das gedacht?
wh-question {n} (question introduced by a wh-word) :: W-Frage {f}
wh-word {n} (interrogative word) :: W-Wort {n}
why {adv} (for what reason) :: warum, wieso, weshalb, weswegen
why {adv} :: warum
why {n} (the reason) :: warum
why {interj} (exclamation of surprise) :: nanu, na
why not {adv} (why is that not true) :: warum nicht
why not {adv} (state one has no objection) :: warum nicht, wieso nicht
wick {n} (the porous cord that draws up liquid fuel for burning) :: Docht {m}, Dacht {m} {n} [archaic], [when for candles] Kerzendocht {m}
wick {adj} (Alive, lively) :: lebendig, lebhaft
wicked {adj} (evil or mischevous) :: böse
wicked {adj} (slang: awesome) :: super, genial, toll, geil
wickedness {n} (state of being wicked) :: Bosheit {f}
wicker {n} (flexible branch or twig) :: Weide {f}
wicker {n} :: Flechtwerk {n}
wicker {n} (wickerwork) SEE: wickerwork ::
wickerwork {n} (things made of wicker) :: [collectively] Flechtwaren {f-p}; Korbwaren {f-p}; Flechtwerk {n}; [particular item] Flecht- + noun; Geflecht {n}
wicket {n} (small door or gate) :: Türchen {n}, Törchen {n}, Pförtchen {n}, Schlupftür {f}
wicket {n} (small window or other opening) :: Fensterchen {n}
wicket {n} (service window) :: Schalter {m}
widdle {v} (urinate) SEE: urinate ::
wide {adj} (having a large physical extent from side to side) :: breit, weit
wide area network {n} (network) :: Wide Area Network {n} [formal], Weitverkehrsnetz {n}
wide awake {adj} (awake and very alert) :: hellwach
wide berth {n} ( considerable or comfortable distance from a person or object) :: gehöriger Abstand {m}, sichere Entfernung {f}, sichere Distanz {f}
widely {adv} (commonly, generally) :: breit
widely {adv} (separated by a large distance) :: entfernt
widen {v} (to become wider) :: sich weiten
widen {v} (to make wider) :: erweitern, weiten
widen {v} (to broaden or extend) :: erweitern
widespread {adj} (affecting a large area) :: weitverbreitet
widget {n} (small scraping tool) :: Schaber {m}
widget {n} (component of a graphical user interface that the user interacts with) :: Steuerelement {n}, Widget {n}
widow {n} (woman whose spouse has died) :: Witwe {f}
widow {n} (single line of type carried over to the next page) :: Hurenkind {n}
widowed {adj} ((of a previously married person) whose spouse has died) :: verwitwet
widower {n} (a man whose spouse has died and who has not remarried) :: Witwer {m}
widowerhood {n} (The period of being a widower) :: Witwertum {n}
widowhood {n} (The period of being a widow) :: Witwenschaft {f}, Witwentum {n}, Witwenstand {m}, Verwitwung {f}
widow-maker {n} (something which or someone who takes the lives of men) :: Witwenmacher
widow's mite {n} ((numismatics) lepton) SEE: lepton ::
widow's mite {n} (very small gift or donation) :: Scherflein {n}
width {n} (measurement of something from side to side) :: Breite {f}, Weite {f}
wield {v} (to handle with skill and ease) :: beherrschen
wield {v} (to exercise authority or influence) :: Einfluss ausüben
wiener {n} :: Würstchen {n}
Wiener schnitzel {n} (veal cutlet) :: Wiener Schnitzel
wienie {n} (A penis) :: Pimmel {m}, Schwanz {m}, Schniedel {m}, Penis {m}
Wiesbaden {prop} :: Wiesbaden {n}
wife {n} (married woman) :: Ehefrau {f}, Frau {f}, Eheweib {n}, Weib {n}, Gemahlin {f}, Gattin {f}
wifebeater {n} (singlet) SEE: singlet ::
wife-beating question {n} (loaded question) :: Fangfrage {f}
wife carrying {n} (Scandinavian sport) :: Frauentragen {n}
wifey {n} ((informal, affectionate) wife) :: Angetraute {f}, bestes Stück {n}, beste Ehefrau von allen {f}
Wi-Fi {n} (computing: wireless data communication standard) :: WLAN {n}, Wi-Fi {n}, kabellose Netzverbindung {f}
wig {n} (head of artificial hair) :: Perücke {f}
wigeon {n} (a kind of duck) :: Pfeifente {f}
wiggle {v} (to move with irregular motions) :: schlängeln, schwänzeln, wackeln
wiggle room {n} (opportunity to make alternative decisions) :: Spielraum {m}
wigmaker {n} (person who makes wigs) :: Perückenmacher {m}, Perückenmacherin {f}
Wigner's friend {prop} :: Wigners Freund {m}
wigwam {n} (a Native American dwelling) :: Wigwam {n}
wiki {n} (collaborative website) :: Wiki {n}
wikification {n} (the process of adding wiki syntax to text in a wiki platform) :: Wikifizierung {f}
wikify {v} (to adapt (text) to a wiki, see also: wiki; -ify) :: wikifizieren
Wikipedia {prop} (online encyclopedia) :: Wikipedia
Wikipedian {n} (a person who uses, edits, or contributes to Wikipedia) :: Wikipedianer {m}, Wikipedianerin {f}
Wikipedian {adj} (of or relating to Wikipedia) :: wikipedianisch, Wikipedia-
Wiktionarian {n} (A person who contributes to Wiktionary) :: Wiktionärist {m}, Wiktionäristin {f}
Wiktionary {prop} (the collaborative project; a particular version of this project written in a certain language) :: Wiktionary {n}, Wikiwörterbuch {n}
Wilamowice {prop} (city in Poland) :: Wilmesau
wild {adj} (not domesticated or tamed) :: wild
wild {adj} (raucous, unruly, and savage) :: wild
wild animal {n} (animal living in a natural, undomesticated state) :: wildes Tier {n}, Wildtier {n}
wild ass {n} (mammal) :: Wildesel {m}
wild boar {n} (Sus scrofa) :: Wildschwein {n}, [collective] Wildschweinrudel {n}, Wildeber {m}, Wildsau {f}, [from DWB] Bacher {m}, Keiler {m}, Bache {f}, [hunting, collective] Schwarzwild {n}, [young offspring] Frischling {m}, [colloquial] Schwarzkittel {n}
wild card {n} (special card) :: Joker {m}
wildcard {n} (special character) :: Platzhalter
wild cat {n} (Felis silvestris) SEE: wildcat ::
wild cat {n} (undomesticated cat) :: Wildkatze {f}
wild cat {n} (domesticated cat returned to the wild) SEE: feral cat ::
wild cat {n} (Lynx rufus) SEE: bobcat ::
wildcat {n} (Felis silvestris) :: Wildkatze {f}
wildcat {n} (undomesticated cat) SEE: wild cat ::
wildcat {n} (domesticated cat returned to the wild) SEE: feral cat ::
wildcat {n} (Felix rufus) SEE: bobcat ::
wildcat {n} (wildcat strike) SEE: wildcat strike ::
wildcat strike {n} (a labour strike that has not been authorized by the leaders of the union) :: wilder Streik {m}
wild cherry {n} (Prunus avium tree) :: Süßkirsche {f}
wild cherry {n} (Prunus avium fruit) :: Süßkirsche {f}
wildebeest {n} (gnu) SEE: gnu ::
wilderness {n} (uncultivated tract of land) :: Wildnis {f}, Wüste {f}
wildfire {n} (rapidly spreading fire) :: Lauffeuer {n}, Waldbrand {m} (forest fire)
wildfire {n} (Greek fire) SEE: Greek fire ::
wild goose {n} (species of wildlife goose) :: Wildgans, Graugans
wild-goose chase {n} (fruitless, futile pursuit) :: ein sinnloses Unterfangen {n}, fruchtloses Unterfangen {n}
Wild Hunt {n} (folk myth) :: Wilde Jagd {f}
wildlife {n} (animals and plants in their natural environment) :: Tierwelt {f}, Fauna {f}
wildlife reserve {n} (nature reserve) SEE: nature reserve ::
wildlife sanctuary {n} (nature reserve) SEE: nature reserve ::
wild rice {n} (any species of Zizania) :: Wasserreis {m}, Wildreis {m}
wild service tree {n} (Sorbus torminalis) :: Elsbeere {f}
wild strawberry {n} (Fragaria vesca) :: Walderdbeere {f}
wild thyme {n} (species of flowering plant in the mint family) :: Sandthymian {m}, Quendel {m}, Feldkümmel {m}
wild turkey {n} (Meleagris gallopavo) :: Truthahn
Wild West {prop} (western United States during the 19th-century era of settlement) :: Wilder Westen {m}
wile {n} (trick or stratagem) :: Schlich {m}
Wilfred {prop} (male given name) :: Wilfried
wilful {adj} (intentional) :: vorsätzlich, absichtlich
wilful {adj} (stubborn) :: eigenwillig, eigensinnig
Wilhelmina {prop} (female form of William) :: Wilhelmine
will {v} (indicating future action) :: werden, present tense form is often used
will {n} (act of choosing to do something; conscious intent or volition) :: Wille {m}
will {n} (legal document) :: Testament {n}, Letzter Wille {m}
will {v} (to wish strongly) :: wollen
will do {v} (affirmative yes) :: mach ich, wird gemacht
willful ignorance {n} (A decision in bad faith to avoid becoming informed) :: Ignoranz {f}
William {prop} (male given name) :: Wilhelm {m}
willie wagtail {n} (bird) :: Gartenfächerschwanz
willing {adj} (ready to do something that is not a matter of course) :: willens, gewillt, willig, bereit
willingly {adv} (of one’s own free will) :: gern, gerne
willingness {n} (state of being willing) :: Willigkeit {f}, Bereitschaft {f}
will-less {adj} (of a person, lacking volition, not exercising one's will) :: willenlos
willlessness {n} (state or condition of being willless) :: Willenlosigkeit {f}
will o' the wisp {n} (strange light) :: Irrlicht, Sumpflichter
willow {n} (tree) :: Weide {f}, Weidenbaum {m}
willow grouse {n} (Lagopus lagopus) :: Moorschneehuhn {n}
willowherb {n} (Epilobium) :: Weidenröschen {n}
willow ptarmigan {n} (Lagopus lagopus) SEE: willow grouse ::
willow warbler {n} (Phylloscopus trochilus) :: Fitis {m}
willpower {n} (strength of will) :: Willensstärke {f}
willy {n} (The penis) :: Pimmel {m}, Schniedel {m}, Pullermann {m}
willy-nilly {adv} (whether desired or not) :: wohl oder übel; ob man will oder nicht; volens nolens
willy-nilly {adv} (without regard for consequences or wishes of those involved) :: wohl oder übel; ob man will oder nicht; nolens volens
willy-nilly {adv} (seemingly at random, haphazardly) :: willkürlich , einfach so, wahllos, scheinbar zufällig
will you marry me {phrase} (marriage proposal) :: willst du mich heiraten?
Wilson's phalarope {n} (Phalaropus tricolor) :: Wilsonwassertreter {m}
Wilson's storm petrel {n} (small seabird) :: Buntfuß-Sturmschwalbe {f}
wilt {v} (to droop) :: welken
wilted {adj} ((of plants) drooping due to lack of water) :: verwelkt; welk
wily {adj} (sly, cunning) :: schlau, listig, gerissen
wimp {n} (someone who lacks confidence) :: Schwächling {m}, Weichei {n}
wimpy {adj} (feeble, indecisive, cowardly) :: schwach, feige, unentschlossen
win {v} (transitive: achieve victory in) :: gewinnen
win {v} (obtain (someone) by wooing) :: gewinnen, erobern
win {v} (intransitive: achieve by winning) :: siegen, gewinnen
win {n} (individual victory) :: Erfolg {m}, Sieg {m}, Einzelsieg {m}
wince {n} (gesture of shrinking away) :: Zusammenzucken {n}
wince {v} (to flinch as if in pain) :: zusammenzucken
winch {n} (machine) :: Winde {f}
winch {v} (use a winch) :: winden
wind {v} (to introduce by insinuation) SEE: insinuate ::
wind {n} (movement of air) :: Wind {m}
wind {v} (blow air through (a wind instrument)) :: blasen
wind {v} (to turn coils of something around) :: aufwickeln
wind {v} (to tighten a clockwork mechanism) :: aufziehen
wind {v} (to travel in a way that is not straight) :: sich winden, sich schlängeln
wind back {v} (to wind towards the beginning) :: zurückspulen, rückspulen
windbag {n} (someone who talks excessively) :: Schwätzer {m}, Schwätzerin {f}, Schwafler {m}, Schwaflerin {f}, Plaudertasche {f}
windbreak {n} (a sheet, stack of material, or screen used to protect people from wind) :: Windschutz {m}
windbreaker {n} (thin outer coat) :: [dünne] Jacke {f}, Windjacke {f}
windcheater {n} (a heavy weatherproof jacket) SEE: windbreaker ::
wind chime {n} (decorative tubular bells) :: Windspiel {n}
wind chimes {n} (chime made from suspended wooden, metal, etc. tubes, bells and rods that tinkle when moved by the wind) :: Windspiel {n}
windfall {n} (something that has been blown down by the wind) :: Windbruch {m}
windfall {n} (fruit fallen off a tree naturally) :: Fallobst {n}
windfall {n} (sudden large benefit) :: warmer Regen {m}
wind farm {n} (collection of wind turbines) :: Windpark {m}
windflower {n} (Anemone nemorosa) SEE: wood anemone ::
Windhoek {prop} (capital of Namibia) :: Windhuk {n}, Windhoek {n}
wind horse {n} (allegory for the human soul) :: Windpferd {m}
windhover {n} (common kestrel) SEE: common kestrel ::
winding {adj} (twisting, turning or sinuous) :: gewunden
winding tower {n} (structure supporting machinery above the entrance to an underground mineshaft) :: Förderturm {m}
wind instrument {n} (type of musical instrument) :: Blasinstrument {n}
windle {n} (redwing) SEE: redwing ::
windmeter {n} (an instrument for measuring and recording the speed of the wind) SEE: anemometer ::
windmill {n} (machine) :: Windmühle {f}
windmill {n} (structure) :: Windmühle {f}
windmill {n} (child's toy) :: Windmühle {f}
window {n} (opening for light and air) :: Fenster {n}, Windauge, Luke {f}
window {n} (period of time) :: Intervall {n}, Zeitraum {m}, Zeitspanne {f}, Zeitfenster {n}
window {n} (area on a computer screen) :: Fenster {n}
window {n} (shop window) SEE: shop window ::
window cleaner {n} (person) :: Fensterputzer {m}, Fensterputzerin {f}
window frame {n} (framework around a window) :: Fensterrahmen {m}
windowless {adj} (having no windows, especially no external windows) :: fensterlos
windowpane {n} (piece of glass filling a window) :: Scheibe {f}, Fensterscheibe {f}, Glasscheibe {f}
Windows {prop} (Microsoft Windows) :: Windows
window screen {n} (mesh set in a frame and covering the opening of a window) :: Fenstergitter {n}, Fliegenschutzgitter {n}, Fliegengitter {n}
window-shopping {n} (browsing shops with no intention of buying) :: Schaufensterbummel {m}
windowsill {n} (the horizontal member protruding from the base of a window frame) :: Fensterbank {f}; Fensterbrett {n}
windpipe {n} (anus) SEE: anus ::
windpipe {n} (trachea) :: Trachea {m}, Luftröhre {f}
wind power {n} (power harnessed from the wind) :: Windenergie {f}
windrow {n} (row of cut grain or hay) :: Schwade {f}
windscreen {n} (windshield) SEE: windshield ::
windscreen washer {n} (device to clean windscreens) :: Windschutzscheibenwaschanlage {f}
windscreen wiper {n} (a device to clear a windscreen) SEE: windshield wiper ::
windshield {n} (screen located in front of a vehicle to protect from wind and weather) :: Windschutzscheibe {f}
windshield {n} (cover for a microphone to exclude airy noises) :: Windschutz {m}, Mikrofon-Windschutz {m}
windshield wiper {n} (device to clear a windshield) :: Scheibenwischer {m}
windsock {n} (tube designed to indicate wind direction and relative wind speed) :: Windsack {m}
wind speed {n} (speed of the wind) :: Windgeschwindigkeit {f}
windsurf {v} (ride a surfboard with a sail) :: windsurfen
windsurfing {n} (a marine sport) :: Windsurfen {n}
wind tunnel {n} (test facility) :: Windkanal {m}
wind turbine {n} (device) :: Windkraftanlage {f}
wind up {v} (to conclude, complete, or finish) :: beschließen
wind up {v} (to tighten by winding or twisting) :: aufziehen
wind up {v} (to play a prank, to take the mickey or mock) :: aufziehen
wind up {v} (to dissolve a partnership or corporation and liquidate its assets) :: auflösen
windward {adj} (towards the wind) :: luvwärts gelegen, windwärts gelegen, im Wind gelegen, gegen den Wind gelegen, über dem Winde gelegen
windward {adv} (towards the wind) :: luvwärts, windwärts, im Wind, gegen den Wind, über dem Winde
windward {n} (towards the wind) :: Luv {f}
windy {n} (fart) SEE: fart ::
windy {adj} (orally verbose) SEE: long-winded ::
windy {adj} (accompanied by wind) :: windig
wine {n} (alcoholic beverage made from grapes) :: Wein {m}
wine {n} (alcoholic beverage made from other fruit or vegetables) :: Wein {m}
wine {n} (wine colour) :: weinrot {n}
wine {v} (entertain with wine) :: mit Wein traktieren
wine {v} (drink wine) :: Wein trinken
winebag {n} (bag used to carry wine) :: Weinbeutel {m}
wine bar {n} (drinking establishment where only wine is served) :: Weinbar {f}, Weinstube {f}
wineberry {n} (Japanese wineberry) :: japanische Weinbeere {f}, rotborstige Himbeere {f}
wine bottle {n} (bottle for holding wine) :: Weinflasche {f}
wine cellar {n} (underground place for storing wine) :: Weinkeller {m}
wine cellar {n} :: Weinkeller {m}
winecup {n} (vessel from which wine is drunk) :: Weinbecher {m}
wine-dark {adj} (dark like wine) :: weinfarben, weindunkel
wine from unpressed grapes {n} (wine) :: Ausbruch {m} [historically; now used of sweet botrytized wine], Vorlauf {m}, Vorsprung {m}, Vorlass {m}, Vorschuss {m}, Beerwein {m}
wine glass {n} (glass vessel for drinking wine from) :: Weinglas {n}
wine gum {n} (soft jelly lolly) :: Weingummi
wine list {n} (list of wines available at a restaurant or bar) :: Weinkarte {f}
winemaker {n} (a person or company that makes wine) SEE: vintner ::
winemaking {n} (the act of making wine) :: Weinherstellung {f}, Vinifikation {f}
winepress {n} (device for squeezing grapes) :: Kelter {m}, Weinkelter {m}, Trotte {f} [regional], Torkel {m} [regional]
winery {n} (a place where wine is made, or a company that makes wine) :: Kellerei {f}
wineskin {n} (bag for holding wine) :: Weinschlauch {m}
wine vinegar {n} (vinegar made from wine) :: Weinessig {m}
Winfred {prop} (male given name) :: Winfried
wing {n} (part of an animal) :: Flügel {m}, Schwinge {f}
wing {n} (part of an aircraft) :: Flügel {m}
wing {n} (extension to a main body) :: Flügel {m}, Gebäudeflügel {m} [building], Gebäudetrakt {m} [building]
wing {n} (fraction of a political movement) :: Flügel {m}
wing {n} (air force unit) :: Tragfläche {f}, Tragflügel {m}
wing {n} (panel of a car which encloses the wheel area) :: Kotflügel {m}
wing {n} :: [2] Flügel {m}
wing {v} (to be extemporaneous) :: improvisieren
wing {v} (to fly) SEE: fly ::
wing {v} (to throw) SEE: throw ::
wing chair {n} (chair) :: Ohrensessel {m}
wingding {n} (fit or spasm) :: Anfall {m}
wingding {n} (party) :: Feier {f}, Fete {f}
winged {adj} (having wings) :: geflügelt
winged word {n} (well-known and attributable quotation) :: geflügeltes Wort {n}
winghead shark {n} (Eusphyra blochii) :: Flügelkopf-Hammerhai {m}
wingman {n} (pilot partner) :: Katschmarek {m}, Flügelmann {m}
wing mirror {n} (mirror on the side of a car) :: Außenspiegel {m}, Seitenspiegel {m}
wing nut {n} (nut with wing-like projections) :: Flügelmutter {f}
wingnut {n} (nut with winglike projections) SEE: wing nut ::
wingnut {n} (genus Pterocarya (botany)) :: Flügelnuss {f}
wingnut {n} (odd, eccentric, and/or extreme person) :: Spinner {m}
wingspan {n} (the distance from left wingtip to right) :: Flügelspannweite {f}, Spannweite {f}
wink {v} (to blink with only one eye as a message, signal, or suggestion) :: zuzwinkern [to somebody], zwinkern
winkle {n} (gastropod) SEE: periwinkle ::
winner {n} (one who has won or often wins) :: Gewinner {m}, Gewinnerin {f}, Sieger {m}, Siegerin {f}
Winnie the Pooh {prop} (the fictional bear) :: Pu der Bär {m}
winning streak {n} (an uninterrupted sequence of wins) :: Glückssträhne {f}
winnow {v} (to separate the heavier and lighter with a current of air) :: worfeln, windsichten [technical], trennen
winnow {v} (figuratively: to separate, sift, analyze, test) :: trennen, separieren, aussortieren, sichten
winnowing basket {n} (basket used to winnow) :: Worfel {f}, Kornschwinge {f}, Wanne {f}
wino {n} (alcoholic (pejorative)) :: Weinsäufer {m}, Weinsäuferin {f}, Saufbruder {m}, Saufschwester {f}, Wermutpenner {m}, Wermutpennerin {f}, Spriti {m}
win over {v} (to persuade) SEE: persuade ::
winsome {adj} (charming, engaging, winning) :: gewinnend
winter {n} (fourth season, marked by short days and lowest temperatures) :: Winter {m}, Winterzeit {f}
winter {v} (spend the winter, as in a particular place on holiday) :: wintern
winter cherry {n} (bladder cherry) SEE: bladder cherry ::
winter coat {n} (warm coat) :: Winterjacke {f}, Wintermantel {m}
winter coat {n} (seasonal appearance) :: Winterfell {n}
wintergreen {n} (evergreen) SEE: evergreen ::
wintergreen {n} (evergreen perennial of the genus Pyrola) :: Wintergrün {n}
wintergreen {n} (Gaultheria procumbens) :: Scheinbeere {f}
winter melon {n} (fuzzy melon fruit) :: Wachskürbis {m}
winter solstice {n} (the moment when the hemisphere is most inclined away from the sun) :: Wintersonnenwende {f}
winter sport {n} (sport played on ice or snow) :: Wintersportart {f} [a winter sport], Wintersport {m} [winter sports]
winter storm {n} (A winter storm) :: Wintersturm {m}
Winterthur {prop} (city) :: Winterthur {n}
wintertide {n} (wintertime) SEE: wintertime ::
wintertime {n} (the season of winter) :: Winterzeit {f}
winter tire {n} :: Winterreifen {m}
Winter Triangle {prop} (a bright asterism of the northern winter sky) :: Winterdreieck {n}
Winter War {prop} (war) :: Winterkrieg {m}
winter wheat {n} (type of wheat) :: Winterweizen {m}
wintry {adj} (suggestive or characteristic of winter; cold, stormy) :: winterlich
win-win {adj} (of a situation that benefits two parties) :: zum beiderseitigen Vorteil, Doppelsieg, Win-Win
wipe {v} (remove surface substance) :: wischen
wipe {v} (erase a computer disk) :: löschen
wipe off {v} (removing by wiping) :: abwischen
wipe out {v} (to destroy or obliterate) :: auslöschen, vernichten
wipe out {v} (to erase) :: auswischen, ausradieren
wipe the slate clean {v} (to make a fresh start, forgetting differences) :: reinen Tisch machen
wire {n} (thin thread of metal) :: Draht {m}
wire {n} (metal conductor that carries electricity) :: Draht {m}, Ader {f}
wire {v} (informal: to send a message or a money value to another person through a telecommunications system) :: Geld überweisen
wire {n} (informal: telegraph) SEE: telegraph ::
wire {n} (informal: message transmitted by telegraph) SEE: telegram ::
wire cutters {n} (hand tool) :: Seitenschneider {m}
wired {adj} (equipped with wires) :: kabelgebunden
wired {adj} (equipped with hidden electronic eavesdropping devices) :: verwanzt
wired {adj} (reinforced, supported, tied or bound with wire) :: verdrahted
wired {adj} (very excited, hyper; high-strung) :: aufgedreht
wireframe {n} (model of three-dimensional object) :: Drahtmodell {n}
wireless {adj} (not having any wires) :: drahtlos
wireless {adj} (of or relating to wireless telegraphy) :: drahtlos, Funk-, Radio-
wireless {adj} :: drahtlos
wireless {n} (radio) :: Funk {m}, Rundfunk {m}, Radio {n}
wireless {n} (wireless connectivity to a computer network) :: WLAN {m}
wireless network {n} (a type of computer network that is not connected by cables of any kind) :: Drahtlosnetzwerk {n}
wiretap {n} (covert connection) :: Wanze {f}
wiretap {v} (to install or to use such a device) :: verwanzen
wire transfer {n} (electronic transfer of funds) :: Überweisung {f}, Banküberweisung {f}
wiring harness {n} (bundle of insulated wires) :: Kabelbaum {m}
wiry {adj} (thin, muscular and flexible) :: drahtig
Wisconsin {prop} (state of the United States of America) :: Wisconsin
Wisconsinite {n} (person from Wisconsin) :: Mensch aus Wisconsin {m}
wisdom {n} (element of personal character) :: Weisheit {f}
wisdom {n} (piece of wise advice) :: Weisheit {f}
wisdom {n} (discretionary use of knowledge for the greatest good) :: Weisheit {f}
wisdom {n} (ability to apply relevant knowledge in an insightful way) :: Weisheit {f}
wisdom {n} (ability to make a decision based on the combination of knowledge, experience, and intuitive understanding) :: Weisheit {f}
wisdom {n} (ability to know and apply spiritual truths) :: Weisheit {f}
wisdom tooth {n} (rearmost molar in humans) :: Weisheitszahn {m}
wise {adj} (showing good judgement) :: weise, klug
wiseacre {n} (one who feigns knowledge or cleverness) :: Klugscheißer {m}, Besserwisser {m}, Neunmalkluger {m}
wise guy {n} (one who is insolent or flippant) :: Naseweis {m}, Rotznase {f}, Schlaumeier {m}, Neunmalkluger {m}, Bessewisser {m}
wisely {adv} (in a wise manner) :: weise
wisent {n} (European bison, Bison bonasus) :: Wisent {m}, Europäischer Bison {m}
wish {n} (desire) :: Wunsch {m}
wish {v} (to hope for an outcome) :: wünschen
wish {v} (to bestow a thought) :: wünschen
wishable {adj} (desirable) SEE: desirable ::
wishbone {n} (bird's bone) :: Gabelbein {n}
wishful thinking {n} (illusion that what one would like is true) :: Wunschdenken {n}
wishing well {n} (well where wishes were thought to be granted) :: Wunschbrunnen {m}
wish list {n} (list of desired things) :: Wunschliste {f}, Wunschzettel {m}
wishlist {n} (a list of desired things) :: Wunschliste {f}, Wunschzettel {m}
wishy-washy {adj} (wavering or lacking in commitment, certainty, or support) :: Wischiwaschi-
wishy-washy {adj} (thin or watery) :: verwässert
wisp {n} (a small bundle, as of straw or other like substance) :: Haarbüschel {m}, Strohbündel {m}, Wisch {m}
wispy {adj} (Consisting of or resembling a wisp) :: dünn, dürr, fein
wisteria {n} (a genus of about ten species of woody climbing vines) :: Blauregen {m}
wistful {adj} (full of longing) :: wehmütig
wit {n} (intellectual ability) :: Verstand {m}, Intellekt {m}
wit {n} (Ability to think quickly) :: Auffassungsgabe {f}
wit {n} (Spoken humour, particularly that thought of quickly) :: Witz {m}
wit {n} (A person who tells funny anecdotes or jokes) :: Witzbold {m}
wit {v} (Know, be aware of) :: wissen
wit {n} (intelligence) SEE: intelligence ::
witch {n} (person who uses magic) :: Hexe {f}, Gabelreiterin {f}
witch {n} (derogatory: ugly or unpleasant woman) :: Hexe {f}
witch {n} (Glyptocephalus cynoglossus) SEE: Torbay sole ::
witchcraft {n} (the practice of witches) :: Hexerei {f}, Hexenkunst {f}
witch doctor {n} (person believed to ward off witchcraft and heal through magic) :: Hexendoktor {m}, Hexendoktorin {f}, Medizinmann {m}, Medizinfrau {f}
witches' Sabbath {n} (supposed meeting of witches at midnight to practice sorcery or to take part in a demonic orgy) :: Hexensabbat {m}
witchgrass {n} (couch grass) SEE: couch grass ::
witch hazel {n} (tree of the genus Hamamelis) :: Zaubernuss {f}
witch hazel {n} (Hamamelis virginiana) :: herbstblühende Zaubernuss, virginische Zaubernuss {f}
witch-hunt {n} (persecution of persons believed to be using magic) :: Hexenjagd {f}
witch-hunt {n} (campaign to punish dissident persons) :: Hexenjagd {f}
witching hour {n} (hour after midnight, when witches were thought to be active) :: Geisterstunde {f}
witch's milk {n} (milk secreted from the breasts of newborn babies) :: Hexenmilch {f}
with {prep} (against) :: mit, gegen
with {prep} (in the company of) :: mit, nebst
with {prep} (in addition to) :: mit
with {prep} (in support of) :: mit, bei
with {prep} (by means of) :: mit
with a grain of salt {adv} (with common sense and skepticism) :: mit einem Körnchen Salz
with all due respect {prep} (phrase used before disagreeing with someone) :: bei allem nötigen Respekt, bei allem gebotenen Respekt, mit Verlaub
with a vengeance {prep} (with intense motivation) :: mit aller Macht
with bated breath {prep} (eagerly) :: mit angehaltenem Atem
with child {prep} (pregnant (euphemistic)) :: in guter Hoffnung sein, in der Hoffnung sein
with difficulty {prep} (an action which is difficult to perform) :: mit Mühe, mühsam
withdraw {v} (pull back) :: zurückziehen
withdraw {v} (take back) :: zurücknehmen
withdraw {v} (remove, stop providing) :: entziehen
withdraw {v} (extract (money from an account)) :: abheben
withdraw {v} (retreat) :: sich zurückziehen, abziehen
withdrawal {n} (receiving from someone's care what one has earlier entrusted to them) :: Entnahme {f}
withdrawal {n} (type of metabolic shock) :: Entzug {m}
withdrawal {n} (act of withdrawing) :: Entzug {m}
withdrawn {adj} (introvert) :: verschlossen
wither {v} ((intransitive) shrivel, droop, dry up) :: vertrocknen, welken, verwelken, verdorren
wither {v} (to lose vigor or power) :: schwächer werden, verkümmern, schwinden
witherite {n} (mineral) :: witherit
withers {n} (part of the back of a draft animal) :: Widerrist {m}
witherward {adj} (opposite, opposing; hostile) :: entgegengesetzt
with flying colors {prep} ((idiom) extremely well) :: mit Bravour
with friends like these who needs enemies {phrase} (an expression indicating that one's close associates prove more adversarial than one's opponents) :: mit solchen Freunden, braucht man keine Feinde
withhold {v} (to keep an object) :: zurückhalten, einbehalten
withhold {v} (to keep information) :: zurückhalten, vorenthalten
withhold {v} (to retain) :: vorenthalten
withholding tax {n} (A withholding, a tax withheld from employees' salary and paid to the government) :: Abgeltungsteuer {f}, Abgeltungssteuer {f}
within {prep} (spatial enclosure) :: in, innerhalb
with one hand tied behind one's back {adv} (hands down) SEE: hands down ::
with one's bare hands {prep} (barehandedly) :: mit den bloßen Händen
without {prep} (not having) :: ohne
without a doubt {prep} (certainly) SEE: certainly ::
without a doubt {prep} (probably) SEE: probably ::
without a doubt {prep} :: zweifelsohne
without doubt {prep} (without a doubt) SEE: without a doubt ::
without fail {prep} (certainly) :: unbedingt
without loss of generality {prep} (without loss of generality) :: ohne Beschränkung der Allgemeinheit, o. B. d. A., o. E.
without prejudice {prep} :: [+gen.] unbeschadet
with pleasure {prep} (willingly, without argument) :: gern, gerne
with regard to {prep} (concerning) :: bezüglich, in Bezug auf, hinsichtlich
with respect {prep} (mild apology) :: mit Verlaub
with respect to {prep} (pertaining to) :: in Bezug auf, bezüglich
withspeak {v} (speak against) SEE: oppose ::
withspeak {v} (contradict) SEE: contradict ::
withstand {v} (to resist) :: widerstehen
withstand {v} :: widerstehen
withy {n} (osier) SEE: osier ::
withy {n} (long, flexible twig of the osier) SEE: osier ::
witless {adj} (Without wit or understanding) :: hirnlos, [formally] geistfrei {n}
witness {n} (attestation of a fact or event) :: Zeugnis {n}
witness {n} (one who has a personal knowledge of something) :: Zeuge {m}, Zeugin {f} [female]
witness {n} (someone called to give evidence in a court) :: Zeuge {m}, Zeugin {f} [female]
witness {v} ((transitive) to furnish proof of) :: bezeugen
witness {v} ((transitive) to see or gain knowledge of through experience) :: Zeuge sein
witness protection {n} (government program that provides new identities and protection for witnesses) :: Zeugenschutzprogramm {n}, Zeugenschutz {m}
wits' end {n} (at (one's) wits' end) SEE: perplexed ::
Wittenheim {prop} (a city in France) :: Wittenheim
witticism {n} (witty remark) :: Witz {m}
wittiness {n} (the quality of being witty) :: Witzigkeit {f}
witty {adj} (possessing a strong intellect or intellectual capacity) :: witzig
witty {adj} (clever; amusingly ingenious) :: geistreich, witzig
witty {adj} (full of wit) :: geistreich
witty {adj} (quick of mind; insightful; in possession of wits) :: geistreich, schlagfertig
wizard {n} (person skilled with magic) :: Zauberer {m}, Magier {m}, Hexenmeister {m}
wizard {n} (computing: program or script used to simplify complex operations) :: Assistent {m}
wizardess {n} (sorceress) SEE: sorceress ::
wizardry {n} (art of a wizard; sorcery) :: Zauberei {f}
wizened {adj} (withered) :: runzelig, schrumpelig
woad {n} (Isatis tinctoria) :: Färberwaid {m}, Waid {m}
wobble {v} (move with an uneven or rocking motion) :: eiern
wobbler {n} (tantrum) SEE: tantrum ::
Woden {prop} (the Germanic chief god) :: Wotan
woe {n} (grief; sorrow; misery; heavy calamity) :: Weh {n}, Jammer {m}, Kummer {m}, Leid {n}
woe is me {interj} (interjection) :: weh mir
wog {n} (an offensive term for a dark-skinned person) :: Kanake {m}, Ölauge {m}
wog {n} (person of Italian descent) SEE: wop ::
woggle {n} (Boy Scout’s neckerchief clasp or slide) :: Halstuchring {m}
wok {n} (large round pan) :: Wok {m}
wolf {n} (animal) :: Wolf {m}, Meister Graubein {m} [esp. in fables & fairy tales]
wolf {v} (to devour) :: herunterschlingen
wolf {n} (constellation) SEE: Lupus ::
wolfberry {n} (Lycium) :: Bocksdorn {m}
wolfberry {n} (Lycium barbarum or Lycium chinense) :: Chinesischer Bocksdorn {m}
wolfberry {n} (fruit of Lycium barbarum or Lycium chinense) :: Gojibeere {f}, Chinesische Wolfsbeere {f}, Wolfsbeere {f}
wolf cub {n} (young wolf) :: Wolfswelpe {m}, Wolfswelpin {f}, Wolfsjunges {n}
wolf down {v} (consume quickly) :: verschlingen
wolffish {n} (fish) :: Seewolf {m}
Wolfgang {prop} (male given name) :: Wolfgang
wolfhound {n} (dog) :: Wolfshund {m}
wolf in sheep's clothing {n} (a disguised danger) :: Wolf im Schafspelz {m}
wolfkin {n} (young or small wolf) SEE: wolf cub ::
wolfling {n} (wolf cub) SEE: wolf cub ::
wolfpack {n} (group of wild wolves, see also: pack) :: Wolfsrudel {n}, Rudel von Wölfen {n}, Rudel Wölfe {n}
wolfpack {n} (group of submarines) :: Wolfsrudel {n}
wolfram {n} (tungsten) SEE: tungsten ::
wolfram {n} (wolframite) SEE: wolframite ::
wolframite {n} (wolframite) :: Wolframit {m}
wolfsbane {n} (herbs of the genus Aconitum) SEE: aconite ::
wolf spider {n} (any of several spiders of the family Lycosidae) :: Wolfspinne {f}
wolf whelp {n} (young, esp. infant, wolf) SEE: wolf cub ::
wolf whistle {n} (whistle indicating sexual interest.) :: Nachpfeifen {n}
wollastonite {n} (grey inosilicate mineral) :: Wollastonit
wolpertinger {n} (fictional creature) :: Wolpertinger {m}, Wolperdinger {m}
wolverine {n} (Gulo gulo) :: Vielfraß {m}, Bärenmarder {m}
woman {n} (wife) SEE: wife ::
woman {n} (adult female person) :: Frau {f}, Weib {n} [sometimes pejorative]
womanhater {n} (hater of women) SEE: misogynist ::
womanhood {n} (state of being a woman) :: Weiblichkeit {f}, Fraulichkeit {f}, Frausein {n}
womanhood {n} (qualities considered typical for a woman) :: Fraulichkeit {f}
womanhood {n} (women as a group) :: alle Frauen {f-p}, Frauen {f-p}
womanizer {n} (habitual seducer of women) :: Frauenheld {m}, Schürzenjäger {m}, Weiberheld {m}, Womanizer {m}
womankind {n} (woman, taken collectively) :: weibliches Geschlecht {n}, Frauenwelt {f} [obsolete, rare], Weiberleut [Bavarian, Austrian , colloquial, pejorative]
womanliness {n} (femininity) SEE: femininity ::
womanly {adj} (having the characteristics of a woman) :: weiblich, fraulich
woman of the world {n} (worldly woman) :: Frau von Welt {f}
womb {n} (uterus) :: [specific organ] Gebärmutter {f}; [specialist also] Uterus {m}; [pregnant body as the “seat of life”] Mutterleib {m}, Schoß {m}
womb {n} (belly) SEE: belly ::
wombat {n} (marsupial) :: Wombat {m}
womenfolk {n} (women collectively) :: Frauensleute {p} [obsolete], Weibervolk {n} [obsolescent, often pejorative], Weibsleute [colloquial, obsolescent]
women's refuge {n} (women's shelter) SEE: women's shelter ::
women's shelter {n} (temporary refuge for women) :: Frauenhaus {n}
women's studies {n} (academic field) :: Frauenforschung {f}, Frauenstudium {n}, Frauenstudien {n-p}
wonder {n} (something that causes amazement or awe, a marvel) :: Wunder {n}, Mirakel {n}
wonder {v} (to be affected with surprise) :: sich wundern
wonder {v} (to ponder about something) :: sich fragen
wonderful {adj} (excellent, extremely impressive) :: wunderbar, wundervoll
wonderfully {adv} (to an extent inspiring wonder) :: wunderbar
wonderland {n} (Imaginary or real place full of wonder or marvels) :: Wunderland
wonder of the world {n} (something remarkable in the world) :: Weltwunder {n}
wonderous {adj} (wondrous) SEE: wondrous ::
Wonder Woman {n} (woman of extraordinary powers) SEE: superwoman ::
wondrous {adj} (amazing, inspiring awe) :: wundersam, erstaunlich, verwunderlich
wone {v} (to live, reside, stay) :: wohnen
wonk {n} (overly studious person) :: Streber {m}, Streberin {f}
wont {n} (habitual way of doing things) :: Gewohnheit {f}
wont {adj} (accustomed or apt) :: gewohnt
wonton {n} (Chinese dumpling) :: Wan Tan, Wantan, Wonton, Huntun
woo {v} (to endeavor to gain someone's affection) :: den Hof machen, umwerben
wood {n} (substance) :: Holz {n}
wood {n} (wood from a particular species) :: Holz {n}, Holzart {f}
wood {n} (woodland) :: Waldland {n}, Waldung {f}
wood {n} (firewood) :: Feuerholz {n}, Brennholz {n}
wood {n} (type of golf club) :: Holz {n}
wood {n} (slang: an erection) :: Latte {f}
wood {v} (to cover or plant with trees) :: aufforsten
wood anemone {n} (Anemone nemorosa) :: Buschwindröschen {n}
woodblock printing {n} (technique for printing text, images or patterns) :: Blockdruck {m}
woodcarver {n} (a person who is skilled at woodcarving) :: Holzschnitzer {m}, Schnitzer {m}
wood carving {n} (art) :: Holzschnitzerei {f}
woodchip {n} (chip of wood) :: Holzschnitzel {m}, Holzhackschnitzel {m}, Holzspan {m}
woodchip {n} (fibre of wood) :: Holzfaser {f}
woodchuck {n} (rodent of the family Sciuridae) :: Waldmurmeltier {n}
woodcock {n} (wading bird in the genus Scolopax) :: Waldschnepfe {f}
woodcraft {n} (art or skill) SEE: wood carving ::
wood cudweed {n} (Gnaphalium sylvaticum) :: Wald-Ruhrkraut {n}
woodcut {n} (method of printmaking) :: Holzschnitt {m}, Holzschneidekunst {f}, Xylographie {f}, Xylografie {f}
woodcut {n} (print) :: Holzschnitt {m}
woodcutter {n} (lumberjack) SEE: lumberjack ::
woodcutter {n} (person who makes woodcuts) :: Formschneider {m}, Xylograph {m}
wood duck {n} (A colorful North American duck, Aix sponsa, that nests in hollow trees.) :: Brautente {f}
wood ear {n} (black fungus) :: Judasohr {n}
wooded {adj} (covered with trees) :: bewaldet, baumreich
wooden {adj} (made of wood) :: hölzern, Holz-, hölzern
wooden {adj} (figuratively) :: hölzern
wood engraving {n} (detailed variation of woodcut) :: Holzstich {m}, Holzriss {m}
wooden spoon {n} (spoon made from wood) :: Kochlöffel {m}, Holzlöffel {m}
wooden spoon {n} (prize for coming last in a competition) :: rote Laterne {f}
Woodford's rail {n} (bird) :: Salomonenralle {f}
wood grouse {n} (Tetrao urogallus) SEE: western capercaillie ::
woodie {n} (erection) SEE: erection ::
woodland {adj} (of or pertaining to a creature or object existing in a woodland) :: Wald-
woodland {n} (land covered with woody vegetation) :: Wald {m}, Forst {m}, Waldung {f}, Waldland {n}
woodlark {n} (Lullula arborea) :: Heidelerche {f}
woodlouse {n} (any species of suborder Oniscidea) :: Landassel {f}, Assel {f}
wood mouse {n} (European rodent) :: Waldmaus {f}
woodpecker {n} (bird in Picinae) :: Specht {m}
wood pigeon {n} (Columba palumbus) :: Ringeltaube, Holztaube
wood pulp {n} (pulp from trees used to make paper) :: Holzschliff {m}
woodruff {n} (herb) :: Waldmeister {m}
woods {n} (forest) SEE: forest ::
wood sandpiper {n} (Tringa stagnatilis) :: Bruchwasserläufer {m}
wood screw {n} (a screw designed for a wood) :: Holzschraube {f}
wood sorrel {n} (a white-flowered woodland plant, Oxalis acetosella) :: Waldsauerklee {m}
wood sorrel {n} (any of several other species of the genus Oxalis) :: Sauerklee {m}
wood strawberry {n} (Fragaria vesca) SEE: wild strawberry ::
wood warbler {n} (Phylloscopus sibilatrix) :: Waldlaubsänger {m}
woodwind instrument {n} (musical instrument) :: Holzblasinstrument {n}
woodwork {n} (handiwork of wood) :: Holzverarbeitung {f}
woodwork {n} (wood product) :: Holzarbeit {f}
woodwork {n} (working with wood) :: Tischlerei {f}
woodwork {n} (a woodworking shop or factory) :: Schreinerei {f}, Tischlerei {f}
woodworker {n} (a person skilled at woodworking) :: Schreiner {m}, Tischler {m}
woodworm {n} (larvae that bore into wood) :: Holzwurm {m}
woody {adj} (covered in woods) :: bewaldet, waldig
woody {adj} (non-herbaceous) :: holzig
woody {adj} (lignified) :: verholzt
woodyard {n} (yard where wood is stored and processed) :: Holzplatz {m}
wooer {n} (someone who woos or courts) :: Liebeswerber {m}, Verehrer {m}, Freier [dated], Bewerber {m}
woof {n} (set of yarns placed crosswise in a loom) :: Schußfaden {m}
woof {n} (sound of a dog) :: wau, wuff, rawau
woofer {n} (low-frequency audio speaker) :: Bass {m}, Basslautsprecher {m}
wooing {n} (courting) SEE: courtship ::
wool {n} (hair of sheep, etc.) :: Wolle {f}
wool {n} (cloth or yarn) :: Wolle {f}
woolen {adj} (made of wool) :: wollen, Woll-
woolen {n} (item of clothing made from wool) :: Wollware {f}
woolgathering {n} (Indulgence in daydreams) :: Tagträumerei {f}
woolly {adj} (made of wool) :: wollen, Woll-
woolly {adj} (having a thick, soft texture, as if made of wool) :: wollartig, wollig, zottig, schwammig, lose
woolly {adj} (of thinking, principles, etc, based on emotion rather than logic) :: blumig, wolkig, verklärt
woolly {adj} (unclear, fuzzy, hazy, cloudy) :: unscharf, verschwommen, schwammig, vage, unkonkret
woolly bear {n} (hairy caterpillar) :: Haarraupe {f}, haarige Raupe {f}, behaarte Raupe {f}
woolly bear {n} (larva of a moth of the family Arctiidae) :: Bärenspinnerraupe {f}
woolly hat {n} (beanie) SEE: beanie ::
woolly rhinoceros {n} :: Wollnashorn {n}
woomera {n} (atlatl) SEE: atlatl ::
woozy {adj} (queasy, dizzy, or disoriented) :: benebelt
wop {n} (person of Italian descent) :: Itaker {m}, Itakerin {f}, Spaghettifresser {m}, Spaghettifresserin {f}, Tschingg {m} [Switzerland, parts of Austria], Tschingili {m} [Baden], Itaka {m} {f}, Katzelmacher {m}, Katzelmacherin {f}
Worcestershire sauce {n} (English condiment) :: Worcestershiresauce
word {n} (unit of language) :: Wort {n}
word {n} (something which has been said) :: Wort {n}
word {n} (promise) :: Ehrenwort {n}
word {n} (the word of God) :: Wort {n}
word {n} (proverb) SEE: proverb ::
word {n} (watchword) SEE: watchword ::
Word {n} (Creative word of God) :: Wort {n}
wordbook {n} (lexicon) SEE: lexicon ::
wordbook {n} (libretto) SEE: libretto ::
word formation {n} (formation of new words) :: Wortbildung
word for word {adv} (in exactly the same words) SEE: verbatim ::
word-for-word {adj} (Using exactly the same words as were originally used) :: wortwörtlich
word-hoard {n} (vocabulary) SEE: vocabulary ::
Wordian {prop} (A subdivision of the Permian period.) :: Wordium
wording {n} (choice of words) :: Formulierung {f}, Wortlaut {m}
wordlist {n} (collection of all words from a particular source) :: Wörterliste {f}, Wortliste {f}
word of honor {n} (a promise, or a pledge of one's good faith) :: Wort der Ehre {n}
word of honour {n} (word of honor) SEE: word of honor ::
word of mouth {n} (verbal means of passing of information) :: Mundpropaganda {f}, Mund-zu-Mund-Propaganda {f}
word order {n} (order of syntactic constituents) :: Wortfolge {f}, Wortstellung {f}
wordplay {n} :: Wortspiel {n}
word processor {n} (software) :: Textverarbeitungsprogramm {n}
words {n} (lyrics) SEE: lyrics ::
word search {n} (a word game) :: Wörtersuchspiel {n}
wordster {n} (one who uses words instead of actions) SEE: hypocrite ::
word-stock {n} (vocabulary) SEE: vocabulary ::
wordy {adj} (using an excessive number of words) :: langatmig, weitschweifig, wortreich
work {n} (labour, employment, occupation, job) :: Arbeit {f}
work {n} (place where one is employed) :: Arbeit {f}
work {n} (effort expended on a particular task) :: Arbeit {f}
work {n} (literary, artistic, or intellectual production) :: Werk {n}
work {n} (measure of energy expended in moving an object) :: Arbeit {f}
work {n} (thermodynamics: energy in transit between one form or repository and another) :: Arbeit {f}
work {n} :: [1,2,3,6,7] Arbeit {f}, [4,5] Werk {n}
work {v} (to do a specific task) :: arbeiten
work {v} (function correctly) :: funktionieren, wirken
workable {adj} (capable of functioning) :: machbar, brauchbar, funktionsfähig, umsetzbar , praktikabel
workaday {adj} (suitable for everyday use) :: Alltags-
workaday {adj} (mundane or commonplace) :: Alltags-, alltäglich
workaholic {n} (person) :: Arbeitstier {n}, Arbeitssüchtiger {m}, Arbeitssüchtige {f}
workaround {n} ((computing) a procedure or a temporary fix) :: Workaround {m}
workbench {n} (sturdy table) :: Werkbank {f}, Arbeitstisch {m}
workbook {n} (book used by a student) :: Arbeitsbuch {n}
worker {n} (person who performs labor) :: Arbeiter {m}, Arbeiterin {f}, Angestellter {m}, Angestellte {f}, [Austrian German, colloquial] Hackler {m}, Hacklerin {f}, Arbeitnehmer {m}, Arbeitnehmerin {f}
worker {n} (insect) :: Arbeiterin {f}, Arbeitsameise {f} [ant], Arbeitsbiene {f} [bee], Arbeitstermite {f} [termite], Arbeitswespe {f} [wasp]
worker bee {n} (sterile bee) :: Arbeiterin {f}
workers of the world, unite {phrase} (workers of the world, unite) :: Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt euch!
work ethic {n} (value that one ought to work hard at one's job or duties) :: Arbeitsmoral {f}
work ethic {n} (tendency to work hard at one's job or duties) :: Arbeitsmoral {f}
work experience {n} (short unpaid period of time at a workplace) :: Praktikum {n}
workflow {n} (The rate at which a flow of work takes place) :: Arbeitsablauf {m}
workflow {n} (A process or procedure by which tasks are completed) :: Arbeitsablauf {m}
workforce {n} (workers employed by an organization) :: Belegschaft {f}, Arbeitskräfte {f-p}
work function {n} (The minimum energy needed to remove an electron from the surface of a material) :: Ablösearbeit {f}, Auslösearbeit {f}, Austrittsarbeit {f}
work hardening {n} (repeated plastic deformation of a material) :: Kaltumformung
workhorse {n} (a horse used primarily for work) :: Arbeitspferd {n}
workhorse {n} (anyone that does a lot of work) :: Arbeitstier {n}
working {n} (method of operation) :: Ansatz {m}
working animal {n} (animal kept for work) :: Arbeitstier {n}
working class {n} (social class doing physical work) :: Arbeiterklasse {f}
working conditions {n} (environment in which one works) :: Arbeitsbedingungen {f-p}
working day {n} (day of a week in which work is done) :: Arbeitstag {m}, Werktag {m}
working dog {n} (type of dog breed) :: Arbeitshund {m}
working hypothesis {n} (hypothesis that is unverified yet tentatively chosen) :: Arbeitshypothese {f}
working life {n} (period spent in employment) :: Arbeitsleben {n}, Erwerbsleben {n}
working time {n} (law: time spent at occupational labor) :: Arbeitszeit {f}
working title {n} (a temporary name) :: Arbeitstitel {m}
working week {n} (range of days of the week) SEE: workweek ::
work in progress {n} (work) :: laufende Arbeiten, in Bearbeitung
work-intensive {adj} (labor-intensive) SEE: labor-intensive ::
work life {n} (part of life spent at work) :: Arbeitsleben {n}
work-life balance {n} (working time) :: Work-Life-Balance {f}
workload {n} (The amount of work assigned to a particular worker, normally in a specified time period) :: Arbeitsbelastung {f}
workmate {n} (coworker) SEE: coworker ::
work of art {n} (product of the fine arts) :: Kunstwerk {n}
work of art {n} (something beautiful or exquisite) :: Kunstwerk {n}
work one's butt off {v} (to work excessively) :: sich den Arsch aufreißen
work out {v} (to conclude with the correct solution) :: ausarbeiten
work out {v} (to succeed) :: Erfolg haben {m}, gelingen
work out {v} (to habitually exercise rigorously) :: trainieren
workout {n} (an exercise session; a period of physical exercise) :: Workout {m}, Workout {n}, Training {n}, Fitnesstraining {n}
work permit {n} (authorization to work in a foreign country) :: Arbeitserlaubnis {f}
workpiece {n} (The material or partially finished piece on which a tool operates.) :: Werkstück {n}
workplace {n} (place where someone works) :: Arbeitsplatz {m}
work placement {n} (practicum) SEE: practicum ::
workroom {n} (A room where work is done) :: Arbeitszimmer {n}
works {n} (plural form of work (in its countable senses)) :: Arbeiten
works council {n} (organization) :: Betriebsrat {m}
workshop {n} (small manufacturing room) :: Werkstatt {f}
workshop {n} (intensive course of education) :: Workshop {m}
workshop {n} (academic conference) :: Workshop {m}
workshy {adj} (disinclined to work) :: arbeitsscheu
worksome {adj} (industrious) SEE: industrious ::
worksome {adj} (laborious) SEE: laborious ::
workspace {n} (area allocated for someone to work in) :: Arbeitsbereich {m}, Arbeitsfläche {m}
workspace {n} (computing: A file (or system of files) in which related software and data can be manipulated) :: Arbeitsbereich {m}
workstation {n} (powerful desktop computer) :: Workstation {f}
workstation {n} (area for single worker) :: Arbeitsplatz {m}
workstead {n} (laboratory) SEE: laboratory ::
worktop {n} (kitchen work surface) :: Arbeitsfläche {f}
work-to-rule {n} (labor protest in which the minimum work is carried out) :: Dienst nach Vorschrift {m} (work-to-rule)
work up {v} (To develop) SEE: develop ::
workwear {n} (clothes designed to be worn while working) :: Berufskleidung {f}, Berufsbekleidung {f}, Arbeitskleidung {f}
workweek {n} (range of days of the week) :: Arbeitswoche {f}
work wonders {v} :: Wunder wirken, Wunder tun
world {n} (human collective existence) :: Welt {f}
world {n} (the universe) :: Welt {f}
world {n} (the Earth) :: Welt {f}, Erde {f}
worldbuilding {n} (act or process of building of a fictional world) :: Weltenbau {m}
world champion {n} (winner of world cup or world championship) :: Weltmeister {m}, Weltmeisterin {f}
world clock {n} (clock) :: Weltzeituhr {f}
world cup {n} (event; competition) :: Weltmeisterschaft {f}, WM {f}
World Exposition {n} (a regular international exposition) :: Weltausstellung {f}, Expo {f}
world-famous {adj} (renowned in many parts of the world) :: weltbekannt, weltberühmt
World Heritage Site {n} (place listed by UNESCO as being of significance) :: Welterbe {n}
world language {n} (language spoken internationally) :: Weltsprache {f}
world line {n} (path in spacetime) :: Weltlinie {f}
worldly {adj} (concerned with the human, earthly or physical rather than spiritual) :: weltlich
worldly {adj} (concerned with the secular rather than sacred) :: weltlich
worldly {adj} (versed in the ways of the world) :: weltgewandt, weltmännisch
worldly-wise {adj} (experienced in the ways of the world) :: weltklug
world music {n} :: Weltmusik {f}
world order {n} (structure that manages the world's stability) :: Weltordnung {f}
world peace {n} (ideology of universal global understanding and nonviolence) :: Weltfrieden {m}
world power {n} (nation which influences world affairs) :: Weltmacht {f}
world record {n} (the world's best score or time) :: Weltrekord {m}
world's oldest profession {n} (euphemism for prostitution) :: das älteste Gewerbe der Welt {n}
World Trade Center {prop} (former complex of buildings) :: World Trade Center {n}
World Trade Organization {prop} (World Trade Organization) :: Welthandelsorganisation {f}
worldview {n} (personal view of the world) :: Weltanschauung {f}, Weltbild {n}
worldview {n} (totality of one's beliefs about reality) :: Weltbild {n}
worldview {n} (general philosophy or view of life) :: Weltanschauung {f}
world war {n} (a war involving the major nations of the world) :: Weltkrieg {m}
World War I {prop} (war) :: Erster Weltkrieg
World War II {prop} (war from 1939 to 1945) :: Zweiter Weltkrieg {m}
World War III {prop} (hypothetical world war (World War III)) :: Dritter Weltkrieg {m}
World War IV {prop} (hypothetical world war (World War IV)) :: Vierter Weltkrieg {m}
World War One {prop} (World War I) SEE: World War I ::
World War Two {prop} (World War II) SEE: World War II ::
worldwide {adj} (affecting every place in the world) :: weltweit
worldwide {adv} (throughout the world) :: weltweit
World Wide Web {prop} (information space on the Internet) :: World Wide Web {n}
worm {n} (animal) :: Wurm {m}
worm {n} (contemptible being) :: elender Wurm {m}
worm {n} (self-replicating program) :: Wurm {m}
worm {n} (something helical, especially the thread of a screw) :: Gewinde {n}
worm {n} (dragon or mythological serpent) :: Lindwurm {m}
worm {v} (to get information that someone is reluctant to give) :: einem alles aus der Nase ziehen, etwas aus der Nase ziehen, Würmer aus der Nase ziehen
worm and wheel {n} (A gear arrangement) :: Schneckengetriebe {n}
worm drive {n} (A gear arrangement) :: Schneckengetriebe {n}
worm-eaten {adj} (eaten by worms, especially having a worm inside) :: wurmstichig [fruit], madig [meat, cheese, etc.]
wormhole {n} (a hole burrowed by a worm) :: Wurmloch {n}
wormhole {n} (a shortcut between distant parts of space) :: Wurmloch {n}
worminess {n} (quality of being wormy) :: Wurmigkeit {f}
Worms {prop} (a city in Germany) :: Worms
worm's-eye view {n} (a view of an object from below, from the ground) SEE: frog's-eye view ::
wormwood {n} (Artemisia absinthium) :: Wermut {m}
wormy {adj} (infested with worms) :: wurmig
worn {v} (past participle of wear) :: getragen
worn out {adj} (damaged and useless due to hard or continued use) :: abgenutzt
worn out {adj} (exhausted from exertion) :: erschöpft, schlapp
worn-out {adj} (worn-out) SEE: worn out ::
worried {adj} (thinking about unpleasant things that have happened or that might happen) :: besorgt
worrisome {adj} (causing worry; perturbing or vexing) :: besorgniserregend
worry {v} (be troubled) :: besorgt sein, sich Sorgen machen [sich is in the dative case, e.g. "mach dir keine Sorgen"]
worry {v} (disturb the peace of mind of) :: besorgen
worry {n} (strong feeling of anxiety) :: Sorge {f}
worry {v} (strangle) SEE: strangle ::
worrying {adj} (inducing worry) :: beunruhigend
worrywart {n} (person who worries excessively) :: Schwarzseher {m}, Schwarzmaler {m}
worse {adj} (comparative form of bad) :: schlechter, schlimmer, ärger
worse {adv} (comparative of badly) :: schlechter, schlimmer
worsen {v} (transitive: make worse) :: verschlechtern
worsen {v} (intransitive: get worse) :: verschlechtern, sich verschlechtern
worsen {v} :: verschlechtern, verschlimmern
worship {n} (devotion accorded to a deity or to a sacred object) :: Verehrung {f}, Anbetung {f}
worship {n} (the religious ceremonies that express this devotion) :: Gottesdienst {m}, Verehrung {f}, Anbetung {f}
worship {n} (the ardent love of a person) :: Verehrung {f}, Anbetung {f}
worship {v} (to honor and adore, especially as a deity) :: verehren, anbeten
worshipper {n} (person who worships) :: Anbeter {m}, Anbeterin {f}
worst {adj} (most inferior) :: [+ der, die, das] schlechteste, schlechtester; [+ der, die, das] schlimmste, schlimmster
worst case scenario {n} (Situation which could not be any worse) :: größter anzunehmender Unfall {m}
worst comes to worst {adv} (if a bad situation develops) :: alle Stricke reißen (all ropes snap); es kommt zum Schlimmsten (it comes to the worst); es kommt zum Äußersten (it comes to the outmost); schlimmstenfalls
worsted {n} (yarn made from wool) :: Kammgarn {n}
wort {n} (liquid extract) :: Würze {f}
worth {adj} (obsolete: valuable, worthwhile) SEE: worthwhile ::
worth {adj} (equal in value to) :: Wert
worth {adj} (deserving of) :: verdienen, sich lohnen [verb]
worth {adj} (making a fair equivalent of) :: Wert
worth {n} (value) :: Wert {m}
worthless {adj} (not having worth and use, without value, inconsequential) :: wertlos
worthwhile {adj} (good and important enough to spend time, effort, or money on) :: lohnend, wertvoll, sinnvoll
worthy {adj} (having worth, merit or value) :: würdig
-worthy {suffix} (of sufficient worth for) :: -wert, -würdig
would {v} (indicating an action or state that is conditional on another) :: Use the subjunctive mood or "würde + infinitive; We would be warmer if you hadn't opened the window! - Uns wäre wärmer, wenn du das Fenster nicht geöffnet hättest!
would {v} (indicating a possible (but not definite) future action or state) :: Use the conjunctive mood; We sat on the bench, wondering if the bus would be late this time. - Wir saßen auf der Bank und fragten uns, ob der Bus diesmal zu spät käme.
would {v} (indicating an action in the past that was planned or intended) :: Use either the Subjunctive I or II form of the verb, or würde + infinitive; The waiter said he would be right back. - Der Kellner sagte, er sei sofort wieder da.
would {v} (indicating an action in the past that happened repeatedly or commonly) :: Use the preterite tense and immer for emphasis on the repetitive nature; In the winters, we would sit by the hole on the frozen lake and fish for hours. - Im Winter saßen wir immer um ein Loch auf den gefrorenen See und angelten stundenlang.
would {v} (used to express a polite request) :: Use the conditional paraphrase employing würden; Would you please turn off the TV? - Würden Sie bitte den Fernseher ausschalten?
woulda, coulda, shoulda {phrase} (expression of dismissiveness) :: hätte, hätte, Fahrradkette
would-be {adj} (attempting or desiring something) :: möchtegern, pseudo-
would like {v} (transitive) :: möchten
would like {v} (intransitive) :: möchten
wouldn't hurt a fly {v} (is of very gentle nature (idiom)) :: keiner Fliege etwas zuleide tun können
wouldn't kick someone out of bed {v} (one finds a person sexually attractive) :: würde jemanden nicht von der Bettkante stoßen
wound {n} (injury) :: Wunde {f}, Verletzung {f}
wound {n} (something that offends a person’s feelings) :: Verletzung {f}
wound {v} (hurt or injure) :: verletzen, verwunden
wound {v} (hurt (someone's feelings)) :: verletzen
wounded {adj} (suffering from a wound) :: verwundet
woundwort {n} (any of several plants formerly used for wounds) :: Berufskraut {n}, Berufkraut {n}, Wundkraut {n}
woundwort {n} (genus Stachys) :: Heilziest {m}, Gliedkraut {n}, Wundkraut {n}, Ziest {m}, Ziestkraut {n}, Berufskraut {n} / Berufkraut {n}, Rossnessel {f}
woven {adj} (fabricated by weaving) :: gewoben
wow {interj} (excitement) :: toll!, boah!, Junge! {m}, Mensch! {m}
wow {interj} (amazement) :: wow, boah
wow {v} (to amaze or awe) :: begeistern, in Begeisterung versetzen, tief beeindrucken
wrack {v} (rack) SEE: rack ::
wrack {n} (archaic, except in dialects: ruin, destruction) :: Wrack {n}
wrack {n} (the remains, a wreck) :: Wrack {n}
wraith {n} (A ghost or specter, especially seen just after a person's death) :: Gespenst
wramp {v} (to sprain part of the body) SEE: sprain ::
Wrangel Island {prop} (an island in the Chukchi Sea) :: Wrangelinsel {f}
wrangle {v} (to bicker) :: rangeln, streiten
wrangle {v} (to herd livestock) :: treiben
wrangle {v} (to embroil, quarrel) :: rangeln
wrangle {n} (act of wrangling) :: Rangelei {f}, Streit {m}
wrap {v} (to enclose completely in fabric, paper, etc) :: wickeln, einwickeln, einpacken, hüllen, umhüllen
wrap {n} (garment) :: Schal {m}, Umhang {m}
wrap around one's little finger {v} (to successfully control or influence) :: um den Finger wickeln, um den kleinen Finger wickeln
wrapper {n} (something that is wrapped around something else as a cover or protection) :: Verpackung {f}, Umschlag {m}
wrapper {n} ((computing) A construct that serves to mediate access to another object.) :: Wrapper-Klasse {f}
wrapping {n} (material) SEE: packaging ::
wrapping paper {n} (paper used for wrapping parcels or presents) :: Packpapier {n} (not decorative), Geschenkpapier {n} (decorative)
wrap up {v} (To fold and secure something to be the cover or protection) :: einhüllen, einpacken, eintüten, packen, umhüllen, verpacken
wrap up {v} (To finish off a task completely) :: zum Abschluss bringen, zusammenfassen
wrasse {n} (Fish) :: Lippfisch {m}
wrath {n} (great anger) :: Zorn {m}, Wut {f}
wrath {n} (punishment as a revenge) :: Vergeltung {f}
wreak {v} (to cause or inflict causing injury) :: verursachen, auslassen, anrichten
wreak {v} (to take vengeance) :: rächen
wreak havoc {v} (To cause damage, disruption, or destruction) :: Chaos anrichten, Verwüstung verursachen
wreath {n} (ornamental circular band) :: Kranz {m}, Gebinde {n}
wreath {n} (heraldry: support of a crest) :: Helmwulst, Wulst
wreck {n} (ruined object or person) :: Wrack {n}, Schrott {m}, Schrotthaufen {m}, Schrottkiste {f}
wreck {n} (remains) :: Wrack {n}
wreck {n} (collision) :: Zusammenstoß {m}
wreckage {n} (something wrecked) :: Trümmer {n-p}
wrecker {n} (tow truck) SEE: tow truck ::
wreckfish {n} (perciform marine fish of the family Polyprionidae) :: Wrackbarsche {f}
wrecking ball {n} (heavy steel ball used for demolition) :: Abrissbirne {f}
wren {n} (bird of family Troglodytidae) :: Zaunkönig {m}
wrench {n} (screw) SEE: screw ::
wrench {n} (violent twisting movement) :: Drehbewegung {f}
wrench {n} (hand tool) :: Schraubenschlüssel {m}, Schlüssel {m}
wrench {n} (violent emotional change caused by separation) :: Abschiedsschmerz {m}; Stich ins Herz {m}
wrench {v} (to pull or twist) :: drehen
wrench {v} (to sprain a joint) :: verrenken
wrencher {n} (one who wrenches) :: Schrauber {m}
wrest {v} (to seize) SEE: seize ::
wrest {v} (to obtain by pulling or violent force) :: entreißen
wrest {v} (to distort, pervert, twist) SEE: distort ::
wrestle {v} (to contend, with an opponent, by grappling and attempting to throw) :: ringen
wrestler {n} (person who wrestles) :: Ringer {m}
wrestling {n} (sport) :: Ringkampf {m}, Ringen {n}
wretch {n} (exile) SEE: exile ::
wretch {n} (unhappy, unfortunate, or miserable person) :: Loser {m}, Tropf {m}, armer Schlucker {m}, armer Teufel {m}, armes Schwein {n}, armseliger Wicht {m}
wretch {n} (unpleasant, annoying person) :: elender Wicht {m}
wretched {adj} (very miserable) :: sehr schlecht, miserabel
wretched {adj} (worthless) :: wertlos
wriggle {v} (to twist one's body and move the limbs) :: sich winden, sich schlänglen, zappeln
wring {v} (to squeeze or twist tightly so that liquid is forced out) :: wringen, auswringen
wrinkle {n} (furrow in a smooth surface) :: Falte {f}
wrinkle {n} (line or crease in the skin) :: Falte {f}, Runzel {f}
wrinkle {n} (fault, imperfection or bug) :: [small] Problem {n}
wrinkle {v} (to make wrinkles in; to cause to have wrinkles) :: zerknittern, runzeln
wrinkle {v} (to pucker or become uneven or irregular) :: schrumpeln, verschrumpeln
wrinkle {v} (to develop irreversibly wrinkles; to age) :: runzelig werden, altern
wrinkled {adj} (having many wrinkles) :: faltig
wrinkle-free {adj} (without wrinkles) :: faltenfrei, faltenlos, knitterfrei
wrinkleless {adj} (wrinkle-free) SEE: wrinkle-free ::
wrinkly {adj} (having wrinkles) :: faltig
wrist {n} (wrist) :: Handgelenk {n}
wristband {n} (the cuff of a sleeve that wraps around the wrist) :: Armband {n}, Manschette {f}
wristband {n} (a strip of material worn around the wrist, e.g. to absorb perspiration, especially in sports) :: Armband {n}
wristband {n} (a band that supports a wristwatch) :: Armband {n}
wristlet {n} (handcuff) SEE: handcuff ::
wristwatch {n} (watch worn on the wrist) :: Armbanduhr {f}
writ {n} (a written order) :: Erlaß {m}, Gerichtsurkunde {f}, Verfügung {f}, Zwangsbefehl {m}
write {v} (to form letters, etc.) :: schreiben
write {v} (to send a letter to) :: schreiben
write {v} (to be the author of) :: schreiben, verfassen, texten, dichten
write {v} (to be an author) :: schreiben, texten, dichten
write {v} (record (data)) :: brennen, schreiben, beschreiben [transitive]
writeback {n} (data storage operation) :: Zurückschreiben {n}
write down {v} (to set something down in writing) :: aufschreiben
write down {v} (to make a downward adjustment in the value of an asset) :: abschreiben
writedown {n} (adjustment; precise amount adjusted by an act of writing down an asset) :: Abschreibung {f}
write out {v} (to write at full length) :: ausschreiben
writer {n} (person who writes; an author) :: Schriftsteller {m}, Schriftstellerin {f}, Autor {m}, Autorin {f}, Schreiber {m}, Schreiberin {f}
writer's block {n} (the temporary inability to write) :: Schreibblockade {f}
writer's cramp {n} (cramp in the writing hand) :: Schreibkrampf {m}, Graphospasmus {m}, Cheirospasmus {m}
writhe {v} (to twist or contort the body) :: winden, krümmen
writhing {adj} (Bended in twisting struggle) :: gekrümmt
writing {n} (written letters or symbols) :: Schrift {f}
writing {n} (something written) :: Schrift {f}, Schriftstück {n}
writing {n} (process of representing a language) :: Schreiben {n}, [only idiomatic] Schrift {f}
writing {n} (work of an author) :: Schrift {f}, Arbeit {f}, Werk {n}
writing {n} (made for or used in writing) :: Schrift-
writing as separate words {n} (writing an expression with spaces) :: Getrenntschreibung {f}
writing desk {n} (desk) :: Schreibpult {n}, Schreibtisch {m}
writing pad {n} (Collection of blank pages of writing paper) :: Heft {n}
writing paper {n} (paper for writing on) :: Schreibpapier {n}
written {adj} (of, relating or characteristic of writing) :: geschrieben, schriftlich
Wroclaw {prop} (a city in southwestern Poland) :: Breslau {n}, Wrocław {n} [modern loan from Polish]
wrong {adj} (incorrect) :: falsch, verkehrt
wrong {adj} (immoral) :: schlecht, unrecht, ungerecht, unfair
wrong {adv} (wrongly) SEE: wrongly ::
wrongdoing {n} (violation of standards) :: Fehlverhalten {n}
wrongdoing {n} :: Fehlverhalten {n}
wrongly {adv} (incorrectly; by error) :: fälschlicherweise
wrong number {n} (A call with a mistake in the number dialled) :: falsche Nummer {f}
wrong-way driver {n} :: Falschfahrer {m}, Falschfahrerin {f}, Geisterfahrer {m}, Geisterfahrerin {f}
wrought {adj} (Having been worked or prepared somehow) :: bearbeitet, gefertigt, getrieben, gehämmert
wrought iron {n} (form of iron that is not cast) :: Schmiedeeisen {n}
wrought-iron {adj} (made from wrought iron) :: schmiedeeisern
WRT {prep} (abbreviated forms of prepositions denoting with respect to) :: bzgl.
Württembergian {adj} (of or relating to Württemberg) :: württembergisch
wrung {v} (past tense of wring) :: wrang
wrung {v} (past participle of wring) :: gewrungen
wry {adj} (contorted) :: verdreht
wry {adj} (dryly humorous) :: sarkastisch, ironisch
wry {adj} (twisted) :: verdreht, gewunden
wryneck {n} (either of two small woodpeckers, Jynx torquilla and Jynx ruficollis) :: Wendehals {m}
wryneck {n} (torticollis) SEE: torticollis ::
WSC {prop} (Mandarin) SEE: Mandarin ::
wüstite {n} (a mineral, iron(II) oxide) :: Wüstit {m}
WTF {phrase} (What the fuck) :: WZT
Wuchiapingian {prop} (A subdivision of the Permian period.) :: Wuchiapingium
wuderove {n} (herb) SEE: sweet woodruff ::
wulfenite {n} (a mineral, lead molybdate) :: Wulfenit {m}
wunderkind {n} (highly talented individual who is successful at a young age) :: Wunderkind {n}
wunderkind {n} (child prodigy) SEE: child prodigy ::
Wuppertal {prop} (a city in Germany) :: Wuppertal {n}
wurst {n} (German- or Austrian-style sausage) :: Wurst {f}
wurtzite {n} (zinc iron sulfide mineral) :: Wurtzit {m}
wushu {n} (martial art) :: Wushu {n}
wuss {n} (weak, ineffectual person) :: Weichei {n} [colloquial], Feigling {m}, Schlappschwanz {m} [colloquial], Waschlappen {m} [colloquial], Memme {f} [colloquial], Schwächling {m}, Lulu {n} [Austrian]
wuss out {v} (chicken out) SEE: chicken out ::
wussy {n} (wuss) SEE: wuss ::
wuther {v} (To make a rushing sound; to whizz) :: rauschen, düsen, zischen, schwirren
WW1 {prop} (World War I) SEE: World War I ::
wy {n} (name of the letter Y, y) SEE: wye ::
Wyandot {n} :: Wyandot, Huronen {p}
wye {n} (name of the letter Y, y) :: Ypsilon {n}, Y grec {n} [Switzerland also]
Wymysorys {prop} (A West Germanic language spoken in the Polish town of Wilamowice.) :: Wilmesaurisch {n}
wynkernel {n} (common moorhen) SEE: common moorhen ::
Wyoming {prop} (US state) :: Wyoming
WYSIWYG {n} (computer program that allows editing on screen what the printed version would be like) :: WYSIWYG, wirklichkeitsgetreue Darstellung auf dem Bildschirm
wyvern {n} (mythical dragon-like creature) :: Lindwurm {m}