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Żywiec {prop} (city in Poland) :: Saybusch , Seipusch
za {n} (pizza) SEE: pizza ::
zabaglione {n} (custard-like dessert made with egg yolks, sugar and Marsala wine) :: Zabaione {f}, Zabaglione {f}, Sabayon {n}
Zabrze {prop} (city in Silesia, Poland) :: Zabrze; Hindenburg in Oberschlesien
Zachariah {prop} (Zechariah) SEE: Zechariah ::
Zachariah {prop} (male given name) SEE: Zachary ::
Zacharias {prop} (Zechariah) SEE: Zechariah ::
Zacharias {prop} (male given name) SEE: Zachary ::
Zachary {prop} (male given name) :: Zacharias {m}
Zadar {prop} (A city in Croatia) :: Zadar
Zagreb {prop} (capital of Croatia) :: Zagreb {n}, [archaic] Agram
zaibatsu {n} (a Japanese conglomerate (or South Korean)) :: Zaibatsu {n}
Zakarpattia {prop} (oblast) :: Transkarpatien {n}
Zakarpatye {prop} (Zakarpattia) SEE: Zakarpattia ::
Zakynthos {prop} (Greek island, the third largest of the Ionian Islands) :: Zakynthos {f}
Zambezi {prop} (African river) :: Sambesi {m}
Zambia {prop} (country in Southern Africa) :: Sambia {n}
Zambian {n} (A person from Zambia or of Zambian descent) :: Sambier {m}, Sambierin {f}
Zambian {adj} (Of or pertaining to Zambia or its people or language) :: sambisch
Zambo {n} (Afro-Indian) :: Zambo {m}, Sambo {m}
Zamboni {n} (ice resurfacer) SEE: ice resurfacer ::
Zanclean {prop} (subdivision of the Pliocene epoch.) :: Zancleum
zander {n} (Sander lucioperca) :: Zander {m}, Sander {m}, Schill {m}, Hechtbarsch {m}
zander {n} (fish of the genus Sander) :: Zander {m}
zany {adj} (ludicrously or incongruously comical) :: verrückt, durchgeknallt
Zanzibar {prop} (island region) :: Sansibar {n}
zap {v} (change channels repeatedly) :: zappen
Zapata rail {n} (bird) :: Kubaralle {f}
Zaporizhia {prop} (city) :: Saporischschja {n}, Saporoschschje {n}
zapper {n} (remote control) :: Fernbedienung {f}
Zaragoza {prop} (city in Spain) :: Saragossa {n}
Zarathustra {prop} (Zoroaster) SEE: Zoroaster ::
z-axis {n} (axis on a graph that is usually drawn vertically) :: Z-Achse
Zazaki {prop} (language) :: Zazaki, Zaza-Sprache
zeal {n} (fervor or devotion) :: Eifer {m}, Begeisterung {f}
Zealand {prop} (Dutch province) SEE: Zeeland ::
Zealand {prop} (Danish island) :: Seeland {n}
zealot {n} (zealous person) :: Zelot {m}, Fanatiker {m}
zealot {n} (member of the Zealot movement in Judea) :: Zelot {m}
zealotry {n} (Something characteristic of a zealot) SEE: fanaticism ::
zealous {adj} (full of zeal; ardent) :: eifrig, begeistert
zealously {adv} (with zealotry) :: in eifriger Weise
Zebedee {prop} (biblical character) :: Zebedäus {m}
zebibyte {n} (270 bytes) :: Zebibyte {n}
zebra {n} (African animal) :: Zebra {n}, Tigerpferd {n}
zebra crossing {n} (pedestrian crossing featuring broad white stripes) :: Zebrastreifen {m}, Fußgängerüberweg {m} [formally]
zebra dove {n} (Geopelia striata) :: Sperbertaube {f}
zebra finch {n} (bird) :: Zebrafink {m}
zebrafish {n} (Danio rerio) :: Zebrabarbe {f}, Zebrabärbling {m}
zebra mongoose {n} (banded mongoose) SEE: banded mongoose ::
zebra mussel {n} (Dreissena polymorpha) :: Wandermuschel {f}
zebra shark {n} (Stegostoma fasciatum) :: Zebrahai {m}
zebra turkeyfish {n} (venomous fish) :: Zebra-Zwergfeuerfisch {m}
zebu {n} (domesticated ox native to Asia and Africa) :: Zebu {n}, Buckelrind {n}
Zechariah {prop} (king of Israel) :: Secharja, Sacharja
Zechariah {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Sacharja, Secharja
Zechariah {prop} (Hebrew prophet traditionally considered the author of the Book of Zechariah) :: Zacharias {m}, Secharja, Sacharja
Zechariah {prop} (father of John the Baptist) :: Zacharias {m}, Secharja
zed {n} (name of the letter Z, z) SEE: zee ::
zedoary {n} (Curcuma zedoaria) :: Modern German: Zitwer {m}
zee {n} (name of the letter Z, z) :: Zet {n}, Zett {n}
Zeeland {prop} (province) :: Seeland {n}
Zeelandic {prop} (language) :: Seeländisch {n}
zeitgeist {n} (the spirit of the age) :: Zeitgeist {m}
zeitnot {n} (time trouble, time pressure (chess)) :: Zeitnot {f}, Zeitdruck {m}, Zeitmangel {m}
Zelda {prop} (female given name) :: Zelda {f}
zelkova {n} (kind of tree in the elm family) :: Zelkove, Zelkowe, Zelkoua, Zelkowa
Zemfira {prop} (transliteration of Земфи́ра) :: Semfira {f}
zen {adj} (denomination of Buddhism) :: Zen {m}
Zen {n} (denomination of Buddhism) :: Zen {m}
Zen {n} (philosophy) :: Zen {m}
Zenaga {prop} (language) :: Zenaga {n}
Zen Buddhism {n} (the Zen denomination of Buddhism) :: Zenbuddhismus {m}
Zend {prop} (exegesis of the Avesta's texts, or misnomer for Avestan language) :: Zendisch {n}
zenith {n} (astronomy: point vertically above a position or observer) :: Zenit {m}
zenith {n} (astronomy: highest point reached by a celestial body) :: Zenit {m}
zenith {n} (highest point or state; peak) :: Zenit {m}
Zephaniah {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Zephanja
zephyr {n} (light refreshing wind; a gentle breeze, see also: breeze) :: Zephir {m}
zephyr {n} (thing of fine, soft, or light quality, especially fabric) :: Zephir {m}
Zeppelin {n} (a type of large German dirigible airship of the early 20th century) :: Zeppelin {m}
zerg {v} (To attack an opponent with a large swarm of units before they have been able to build sufficient defences) :: zergen
zero {num} (cardinal number before 1, denoting nothing) :: null, Null {f}, zero, Zero
zero {n} (numeric symbol of zero) :: Null {f}
zero {n} (digit zero) :: Null {f}
zero {n} (nothing, or none) :: Null {f}
zero {n} (zero value of a magnitude) :: Nullpunkt {m}
zero {n} (point of origin on a scale) :: Null {f}
zero {n} (value of a function’s independent variables when the value of the function is zero) :: Nullstelle {f}
zero {n} (identity element of a monoid) :: Null {f}
zero {n} (person of little importance) :: Null {f}, Nichts {n}, Niemand {m}
zero {v} (to set to zero) :: nullen, auf Null stellen
zero coupon bond {n} (bond that has no coupon) :: Nullkuponanleihe, Zerobond {m}
zero-point energy {n} (energy possessed by something at a temperature of absolute zero) :: Nullpunktenergie {f}
zero-point energy {n} (The lowest energy possible energy of a system) :: Nullpunktenergie {f}
zero-sum game {n} (system in which one player's winnings must equal losses of others) :: Nullsummenspiel {n}
zeroth {adj} (ordinal number corresponding to zero) :: nullter {m}, nullte {f} [or masculine and neutral definite], nulltes {n}
zeroth {adj} (corresponding to a position preceding the first) :: nullte
zero tolerance {n} (strict policy of enforcing all the laws or rules) :: Nulltoleranz {f}
Zerubbabel {prop} (a governor of the Persian Province of Judah, who led the first group of Jews returned from the Babylonian Captivity) :: Serubbabel
zest {n} (enthusiasm) :: Lust {f}, Freude {f}, Begeisterung {f}, Genuss {m}
zest {n} (outer skin of citrus) :: [2] Würze {f}
zester {n} (kitchen implement) :: Fadenschneider, Zestenreißer {m}, Zitronenschaber {m}, Zitrusschaber {m}
zeta {n} (Sixth letter of the modern Greek alphabet (Ζ, ζ)) :: Zeta {n}
zeta {n} (Seventh letter of the ancient Greek alphabet) :: Zeta {n}
zeta function {n} (function) :: ζ-Funktion {f}
Zeta Geminorum {prop} (star) :: Mekbuda
zetta- {prefix} (SI prefix) :: Zetta-
zettabyte {n} (270 or 1021 bytes) :: Zettabyte {n}
zeugma {n} (using a word to apply to more than one noun) :: Zeugma {n}
Zeus {prop} (supreme ruler of all Greek gods) :: Zeus {m}
Zeuxis {prop} (given name) :: Zeuxis
Zheleznogorsk {prop} (town) :: Schelesnogorsk
Zhuang {prop} (language) :: Zhuang {n}
Zhukov {prop} (Russian surname) :: Schukow, Shukow
Zhuyin {prop} (Zhuyin fuhao) SEE: Zhuyin fuhao ::
Zhuyin fuhao {prop} (Zhuyin fuhao (bopomofo)) :: Zhuyin Fuhao {m} {n}, Zhuyin {n}, Bopomofo
ziggurat {n} (temple tower of the ancient Mesopotamian valley) :: Zikkurat {f}
zigzag {n} (line or path) :: Zickzack {m}
zigzag {adv} (in a zigzag manner or pattern) :: zickzack
Zika virus {n} (virus) :: Zika-Virus {n}
zilch {n} ((informal) nothing) :: nix
Zimbabwe {prop} (Republic of Zimbabwe) :: Simbabwe
Zimbabwean {n} (а person from Zimbabwe or of Zimbabwean descent) :: Simbabwer {m}, Simbabwerin {f}
Zimbabwean {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Zimbabwe or the Zimbabwean people) :: simbabwisch
zinc {n} (element) :: Zink {n}
zinc group {n} (Group 12 of the periodic table, comprising zinc, cadmium, mercury and copernicium) :: Zinkgruppe {f}
zinc pyrithione {n} (a coordination complex of zinc) :: Zink-Pyrithion {n}
zinnia {n} (flower) :: Zinnie {f}
Zion {prop} (mountain in Israel) :: Zion
Zionism {n} (Jewish national liberation movement) :: Zionismus {m}
Zionist {n} (advocate of Zionism) :: Zionist {m}, Zionistin {f}
Zionist {adj} (of or relating to Zionism, a Zionist, or Zionists ) :: zionistisch
Zionistic {adj} (of or pertaining to Zionism) :: zionistisch
zip {n} (energy, vigor, vim) :: Schwung {m}
zip {v} (to convert a computer file into a smaller package) :: zippen
zip {n} (US postal code) :: PLZ {f}, Postleitzahl {f}
zip {n} (any postal code) :: PLZ {f}, Postleitzahl {f}
zip {n} (zip fastener) SEE: zip fastener ::
zip code {n} (postcode) SEE: postcode ::
Zip drive {n} (storage device) :: Zip-Laufwerk
zip fastener {n} (a fastener used in clothing, bags) :: Reißverschluss {m}
zipline {n} (pulley suspended on a cable) :: Seilrutsche {f}, Tirolienne {f} [Switzerland]
Ziploc {n} (disposable, resealable storage bag fastened by a pair of interlocking flanges) :: Druckverschlussbeutel {m}, Gleitverschlussbeutel {m}
zipper {n} (zip fastener) SEE: zip fastener ::
zip-wire {n} (zipline) SEE: zipline ::
zircon {n} (mineral) :: Zirkon
zirconium {n} (chemical element) :: Zirkon {n}, Zirkonium {n}
zit {n} (pimple) :: Pickel {m}, Pustel {f}
zither {n} (musical instrument) :: Zither {f}
zloty {n} (the currency unit of Poland) :: Zloty {m}, Złoty {m}
Zoë {prop} (female given name) :: Zoe
zodiac {n} (belt-like region in the sky) :: Zodiac {m}, Zodiak {m}
zodiac {n} (twelve signs in astrology) :: Tierkreis {m}
zolotnik {n} (an old Russian unit of weight) :: Solotnik {m}
zombie {n} (the undead) :: Zombie {m}
zonality {n} (state or condition of being zonal) :: Zonalität {f}
zone {n} (area distinguished on the basis of a particular characteristic etc) :: Bereich {m}, Distrikt {m}, Eingabefeld {n}, Feld {n}, Gebiet {n}, Gürtel {m}, Landstrich {m}, Zone {f}
zone {n} (high performance phase or period) :: Fixierungszeitraum {m}
zone {n} (networking: that collection of a domain's DNS resource records that are not delegated to another authority) :: Zone {f}
zone {n} (computing: logical group of network devices on AppleTalk) :: Zone {f}
zone {v} (to divide or assign areas) :: absperren, verzonen
zone {v} (to temporarily enter a daydream state) :: mit den Gedanken abschweifen, sich nicht konzentrieren
zone out {v} (stop paying attention) :: ausblenden
zoning {n} (legal: regulation of property use and construction) :: Bebauungsplan {m}, Bauordnung {f}
zonked {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk ::
zonohedron {n} (special case of convex polyhedron) :: Zonoeder {m}
zoo {n} (park where live animals are exhibited) :: Zoo {m}, Tiergarten {m}, Tierpark {m}
zoochory {n} (dispersion of plants by animals) :: Zoochorie {f}
zookeeper {n} (person employed at a zoo to attend to the animals) :: Tierpfleger {m}, Tierpflegerin {f}
zoolatry {n} (worship of animals) :: Zoolatrie {f}
zoolite {n} (fossilized animal) :: Zoolith {m}
zoologic {adj} (zoological) SEE: zoological ::
zoological {adj} (of, or relating to animals) :: zoologisch
zoological {adj} (of, or relating to zoology) :: zoologisch
zoological garden {n} (zoo (stilted or formal)) :: zoologischer Garten {m}, Tiergarten {m}
zoologist {n} (one who studies zoology) :: Zoologe {m}, Zoologin {f}
zoology {n} (science that studies the animal kingdom) :: Zoologie {f}, Tierkunde {f}
zoom {n} (humming noise from something moving very fast) :: Brummen {n}, brummendes Geräusch {n}
zoom {n} (quick ascent) :: schneller Aufstieg {m}
zoom {n} (big increase) :: Vergrößerung {f}
zoom {n} (augmentation of a view) :: Vergrößerung {f}
zoom {v} (to move very fast with a humming noise) :: schwirren, surren
zoom {v} (to fly an airplane straight up) :: schwirren
zoom {v} (to move rapidly) :: schwirren
zoom {v} (to go up sharply) :: schwirren
zoom {v} (to change the focal length of a zoom lens) :: zoomen
zoom in {v} (to focus a zoom lens in order to obtain a larger image) :: hineinzoomen
zoonosis {n} (animal disease that can be transmitted to humans) :: Zoonose {f}
zoophilia {n} (sexual attraction to or interaction with animals) :: Zoophilie {f}
zoophobia {n} (unusual fear of animals) :: Zoophobie {f}
zooplankton {n} (free-floating small protozoa or crustaceans) :: Zooplankton {n}
zootomy {n} (dissection or anatomy of animals) :: Zootomie {f}
zope {n} (fish) :: Zope, Spitzpleinzen
zorbing {n} (a sport) :: Zorbing {n}
Zoroaster {prop} (founder of Zoroastrianism) :: Zarathustra {m}
Zoroastrian {n} (a follower of Zoroastrianism) :: Zoroastrier
Zoroastrianism {prop} (religion and philosophy ascribed to Zoroaster) :: Zoroastrismus {m}, Zarathustrismus {m}
Zouave {n} (Kabyle or French soldiers in Kabyle dress) :: Zuave {m}
zowerswopped {adj} (bad-tempered) SEE: bad-tempered ::
zubr {n} (zubr) SEE: wisent ::
zucchetto {n} (small skullcap worn by Catholic clergy) :: Pileolus {m}, Zucchetto {m}, Soli Deo {m}, Subbirettum {n}, Submitrale {n}, Scheitelkäppchen {n}, Kalotte {f}
zucchini {n} (courgette) SEE: courgette ::
Zuckerberg {v} (An Ashkenazic Jewish surname of German origin) :: Zuckerberg
Zug {prop} (canton) :: Kanton Zug
Zug {prop} (town) :: Zug
zugzwang {n} (lack of choice in what to do) :: Zugzwang {m}
zu-infinitive {n} (a German infinitive form created by adding or infixing the particle zu) :: zu-Infinitiv {m}
Zulu {adj} (pertaining to the Zulu people, culture, or language) :: Zulu-, zulu-, zuluisch
Zulu {n} (member of the Zulu people) :: Zulu {m} {f}
Zulu {n} (African ethnic group) :: Zulu {m-p}, Zulus {m-p}
Zulu {n} (language) :: Zulu {n}, Zulusprache {f}, Zuluisch {n}, isiZulu {n}
Zumba {prop} (dance fitness program) :: Zumba {n}
Zurich {prop} (city) :: Zürich {n}
Zurich {prop} (canton) :: Kanton Zürich
Zuricher {n} (someone from Zurich) :: Zürcher {m}, Zürcherin {f}
Zwergspitz {n} (Pomeranian Dwarf-Spitz) :: Zwergspitz
Zwickau {prop} (city in Germany) :: Zwickau {n}
Zwingli {prop} (German surname) :: Zwingli
Zwinglian {adj} (relating to Zwingli) :: zwinglianisch {m}
ZWNJ {n} (zero-width non-joiner) :: Bindehemmer {m}
zygoma {n} (cheekbone) SEE: cheekbone ::
zygomatic {adj} (Pertaining to the zygoma) :: zygomatisch
zygomatic bone {n} (cheekbone) SEE: cheekbone ::
zygomorphic {adj} (biology: having bilateral symmetry) :: zygomorph
zygote {n} (fertilized egg cell) :: Zygote {f}
-zygous {suffix} (having a specified zygotic constitution) :: -zygot
zzz {interj} :: schnarch; chrrr [representing [χː], the usual onomatopoeia, but less common as a spelling; English zzz may also be understood by some]