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f {n} :: See under F
F {letter} :: letter: effe
fa {adv} :: ago
fa {m} [music] :: fa (musical note)
fa {m} :: F (musical note or key)
fabbisogno {m} :: needs, requirements, demand
Fabbri {prop} :: surname
fabbrica {f} :: factory
fabbricabile {adj} :: manufacturable
fabbricabile {adj} :: building (attributive)
fabbricabilità {f} :: capability of being manufactured
fabbricabilità {f} :: suitability for building
fabbrica di ceramiche {f} :: pottery (factory)
fabbricante {v} :: present participle of fabbricare
fabbricante {mf} :: manufacturer
fabbricare {vt} :: to make
fabbricare {vt} :: to manufacture
fabbricare {vt} :: to build, put up, make up
fabbricare {vt} :: to fabricate
fabbricativo {adj} :: building, construction (attributive)
fabbricato {m} :: building, fabric
fabbricatore {m} :: manufacturer, maker
fabbricatore {m} :: builder, constructor
fabbricatrice {f} :: [female] manufacturer, maker
fabbricatrice {f} :: [female] builder, constructor
fabbricazione {f} :: making, manufacture, manufacturing
fabbricazione {f} :: building
fabbricazione {f} :: fabrication
fabbriceria {f} :: board of trustees of a church etc
fabbrichetta {f} :: Small factory
fabbriciere {m} :: Member of a church council
fabbro {m} :: smith
fabbro ferraio {m} :: blacksmith
Fabiana {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Fabiano
fabianesimo {m} :: Fabianism
fabianismo {m} :: Fabianism
fabiano {adj} :: fabian, Fabian
Fabiano {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Fabian
Fabio {prop} :: given name, derived from Latin Fabius
fabrianese {adj} :: Of or from Fabriano
Fabriano {prop} :: A town in the Ancona province of Marche
Fabrizi {prop} :: surname
Fabrizio {prop} :: given name
fabro {m} [literary] :: alternative form of fabbro
fabulazione {f} :: romancing
faccenda {m} :: thing to do; task, labour
faccenda {m} :: issue, matter, affair, business, thing
faccenda {m} :: (plural) housework, household chores
faccendiera {f} :: (female) wheeler dealer, fixer
faccendiere {m} :: wheeler-dealer, fixer
faccendone {m} :: busy bee (busy person)
faccetta {f} :: facet (of a gemstone)
faccettante {v} :: present participle of faccettare
faccettare {vt} :: To cut or facet
faccettatura {f} :: faceting (of a gemstone)
facchinaggio {m} :: porterage
facchinata {f} :: drudgery, toil
facchino {m} :: porter (person who carries luggage)
faccia {f} :: face (of a person or an animal)
faccia {f} :: countenance, expression, face
faccia {f} :: side
faccia {f} :: appearance, look
faccia {f} [geometry] :: face, side
faccia da culo {f} [idiomatic, vulgar] :: asshole (impudent person)
faccia di bronzo {f} :: A brazen-faced person
facciale {adj} :: facial
facciale {adj} :: face (attributive)
facciata {f} :: front; frontage; facade, façade (of a building)
facciata {f} :: side (of a record)
facciata {f} :: exterior (appearance of a person)
faccia tosta {f} :: cheek, nerve
faccia tosta {f} :: brass
faccina {f} :: A small face
faccina {f} :: emoticon
faccino {m} :: little face, small face
facente {adj} :: industrious
facente {adj} :: eager
facentecela {v} :: present participle of farcela
facentesi {v} :: present participle of farsi
faceto {adj} :: witty, humorous
faceto {adj} :: facetious
facezia {f} :: witty remark, witticism, joke
fachirismo {m} :: fakirism
fachiro {m} :: fakir
faciale {adj} :: alternative form of facciale
facil {adj} :: apocopic form of facile
facile {adj} :: easy
facile {adj} :: cosy
facile {adj} :: effortless
facile come bere un bicchier d'acqua {adj} :: Very easy; easy as falling off a log
facilissimo {adj} :: Very easy
facilità {f} :: easiness
facilità {f} :: ease
facilità {f} :: ability, aptitude
facilitante {v} :: present participle of facilitare
facilitare {vt} :: to facilitate
facilitare {vt} :: to ease, help
facilitatore {m} :: facilitator
facilitatrice {f} :: facilitator (female)
facilitazione {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: facilities
facilmente {adv} :: easily
facilmente {adv} :: probably
facilona {f} :: (Variant: facilone) A female slapdash or happy-go-lucky person
facilone {adj} :: slapdash
facilone {adj} :: happy-go-lucky
facilone {m} :: A slapdash or happy-go-lucky person
faciloneria {f} :: A slapdash or happy-go-lucky attitude; carelessness
facinorosa {f} :: rioter (female)
facinorosamente {adv} :: violently, turbulently, riotously
facinorosità {f} :: violence, turbulence, unruliness
facinoroso {adj} :: violent, turbulent, riotous
facinoroso {m} :: rioter
facitore {m} :: maker
facitore {m} :: factor
facocero {m} :: warthog (mammal)
facola {f} :: facula
facoltà {f} :: faculty
facoltà {f} :: power, authority, licence, permission, right
facoltà {f} :: (university) faculty, school
facoltativamente {adv} :: optionally
facoltatività {f} :: optionality
facoltativo {adj} :: optional, facultative
facoltosamente {adv} :: richly
facoltosissimo {adj} :: Very wealthy, very rich
facoltoso {adj} :: wealthy, rich, well-off
facondia {f} :: eloquence, fluency
facondo {adj} :: eloquent, fluent
factotum {m} :: An individual employed to do all sorts of duties
faentina {f} :: faience, majolica
faentino {adj} :: Of or from Faenza
faenza {f} :: faience, majolica
Faenza {prop} :: A town in the province of Ravenna in Emilia-Romagna noted for its majolica pottery
faesite {f} :: hardboard
faggeta {f} :: (Variant of: faggeto) beechwood (beech forest)
faggeto {m} :: beechwood (beech forest)
faggina {f} [botany] :: beech mast, beechnut
faggina {f} [organic compound] :: fagin
faggio {m} :: beech
faggiola {f} [botany] :: beech mast, beechnut
-fagia {suffix} :: -phagy
fagiana {f} [female animals] :: she-pheasant
fagianaia {f} :: pheasantry
fagianella {f} :: little bustard (of genus Tetrax)
fagiano {m} :: pheasant
fagiano comune {m} :: common pheasant
fagiano di monte {m} :: black grouse
fagico {adj} :: phagic
fagiolaia {f} :: bean eater (female)
fagiolaio {m} :: bean eater
fagiolata {f} :: bean soup, bean stew
fagiolata {f} :: bellyful of beans
fagioli all'uccelletto {n} :: A Tuscan dish of baked beans in a tomato sauce flavored with sage
fagioliera {f} :: A terra-cotta pot used for cooking beans
fagiolino {m} :: French bean, green bean, string bean
fagiolo {m} :: bean
fagiolone {m} :: runner bean, scarlet runner bean
faglia {f} [geology] :: fault
fagliato {adj} [geology] :: faulted
fagnanese {adj} :: Of or from Fagnano
Fagnano {prop} :: A district of Gaggiano, historically part of Milan
fago {m} :: phage, bacteriophage
-fago {suffix} :: -phage (nouns)
-fago {suffix} :: -phagous (adjectives)
fago- {prefix} :: phago-
fagocita {m} :: phagocyte
fagocitante {v} :: present participle of fagocitare
fagocitare {vt} :: To phagocytize
fagocitare {vt} :: To absorb
fagocitario {adj} [biology] :: phagocytic
fagocitazione {f} :: swallowing up, engulfing
fagocitazione {f} [biology] :: phagocytation
fagocito {m} [biology] :: phagocyte
fagocitosi {f} [cytology, immunology] :: phagocytosis
fagolisosoma {m} :: phagolysosome
fagopirismo {m} :: fagopyrism
fagopiro {m} :: buckwheat (of genus Fagopyrum)
fagosoma {m} :: phagosome
fagottino {m} :: pocket or pouch of puff pastry
fagottino {m} :: tenoroon (tenor bassoon or, "tenoroon," is a member of the bassoon family of double reed woodwind instruments)
fagottista {mf} :: bassoonist
fagotto {m} :: bundle; sad sack
fagotto {m} :: swag
fagotto {m} [musical instruments] :: bassoon
FAI {prop} :: acronym of Fondo per l'Ambiente Italiano - a conservation fund
faida {f} :: feud, especially a continuing conflict between families (typical of the Camorra and Mafia)
fai da te {adj} :: do-it-yourself, DIY
fai da te {m} :: do it yourself, DIY
fai-da-te {adj} :: alternative spelling of fai da te
fai-da-te {m} :: alternative spelling of fai da te
Faido {prop} :: A small town in the Leventina district of Ticino
faina {f} :: The stone marten or beech marten (Martes foina)
fainesco {adj} :: cunning, sly
fainesco {adj} :: malicious
falò {m} :: bonfire
fala {f} :: A siege tower
falange {f} [anatomy, military] :: phalanx
falange distale {f} [skeleton] :: distal phalanx
falange intermedia {f} [skeleton] :: intermediate phalanx, middle phalanx
falange media {f} [skeleton] :: intermediate phalanx, middle phalanx
falange prossimale {f} [skeleton] :: proximal phalanx
falangetta {f} [skeleton] :: distal phalanx
falange ungueale {f} [skeleton] :: distal phalanx
falanghina {f} :: falanghina
falangina {f} [skeleton] :: intermediate phalanx, middle phalanx
falangismo {m} :: Falangism
falangista {adj} :: Falangist
falangista {mf} :: Falangist
falansterio {m} :: phalanstery
falansterio {m} :: tenement (large, sprawling)
Falaride {prop} :: Phalaris, tyrant of Agrigento
falascià {mf} :: Falasha
falasco {m} :: sedge
falbo {adj} :: sorrel, reddish brown
falcata {f} [athletics] :: stride (of a runner)
falcato {adj} :: sickle-shaped; crescent-shaped; horned
falcatura {f} :: crescent
falcatura {f} :: curvature
falce {f} :: scythe (larger tool than sickle); sickle (smaller tool than scythe)
falce {f} :: crescent (of moon - planet)
falce e martello {f} :: hammer and sickle
falcemia {f} [pathology] :: sickle-cell anemia / sickle-cell anaemia
falcetto {m} :: sickle (smaller tool than scythe)
falchetta {f} [nautical] :: gunwale
falchetto {m} :: a small or young falcon
falchetto {m} :: falconet
falchetto {m} :: a cool boy
falciante {v} :: present participle of falciare
falciare {vt} :: to mow, scythe, slash
falciare {vt} [figuratively] :: to mow down, decimate, wipe out, claim
falciatore {m} :: mower, reaper or harvester (person)
falciatrice {f} :: reaper [reaping machine]
falciatrice {f} :: mower [mowing machine]
falciatura {f} :: reaping
falciatura {f} :: mowing
falcidiante {v} :: present participle of falcidiare
falcidiare {vt} :: To cut or reduce
falcidiare {vt} :: To massacre
falcidiare {vt} :: To decimate
falciforme {adj} :: falciform
falciola {f} :: sickle
falcione {m} :: falchion
falcione {m} :: billhook
falco {m} :: hawk, falcon
falco coda rossa {m} :: red-tailed hawk
falco della regina {m} :: Eleonora's falcon
falco di palude {m} :: marsh harrier
falconara {f} :: falconry (place where hawks are kept or bred)
falcone {m} :: falcon
Falcone {prop} :: surname
Falcone {prop} :: A small town in the province of Messina in Sicily
Falcone {prop} :: Giovanni Falcone, Italian judge and magistrate
falconeria {f} :: falconry
falconetto {m} :: falconet
falconiera {f} :: embrasure
falconiere {m} :: falconer
falconiforme {adj} :: falconiform
falco pecchiaiolo {m} :: honey buzzard
falco pellegrino {m} :: peregrine falcon
falco pescatore {m} :: osprey
falda {f} :: layer, stratum
falda {f} :: brim (of a hat)
falda {f} :: tails (of a coat)
falda {f} :: lower slope (of a mountain)
falda {f} :: snowflake
faldale {m} :: chimney flashing
faldato {adj} :: stratified, layered
faldella {f} :: carded cotton used for linings
faldistorio {m} :: faldstool
faldone {m} :: ring binder
faleceo {adj} :: Phalaecean
falegname {m} :: carpenter, joiner
falegnameria {f} :: carpentry
falegnameria {f} :: A shop selling wooden objects
falena {f} :: moth
falera {f} :: phalera
falerno {m} :: Any of several varieties of wine from southern Italy
falesa {f} :: cliff
falesia {f} [geomorphology] :: coastline with continuous cliffs
falesia {f} :: climbing wall
Falier {prop} :: surname
Falier {prop} :: A noble family of Venice
Falisci {prop} :: An Italic people who live in what is now Lazio
falisco {adj} :: Faliscan
falisco {m} :: Faliscan (people, language singular only)
falla {f} :: leak
fallabile {adj} [obsolete] :: fallacious
fallaccio {m} [football] :: An intentional or professional foul
fallace {adj} :: misleading, deceptive
fallace {adj} :: fallacious
fallacemente {adv} :: misleadingly, deceptively
fallacemente {adv} :: fallaciously
Fallaci {prop} :: surname
Fallaci {prop} :: Oriana Fallaci, Italian writer and journalist
fallacia {f} :: fallacy
fallante {v} :: present participle of fallare
fallantesi {v} :: present participle of fallarsi
fallare {vi} :: to make a mistake
fallarsi {v} :: reflexive of fallare
fallarsi {v} :: to undergo a manufacturing defect
fallato {adj} :: defective
fallatosi {v} :: past participle of fallarsi
fallente {v} :: present participle of fallire
fallibile {adj} :: fallible
fallibilismo {m} [philosophy] :: fallibilism
fallibilità {f} :: fallibility
fallico {adj} :: phallic
fallimentare {adj} :: bankrupt
fallimentarista {m} :: Expert in bankruptcy
fallimento {m} :: failure, flop
fallimento {m} :: bankruptcy
fallire {vt} :: to miss
fallire {vi} :: to fail
fallire {vi} :: to go bankrupt
fallire {vi} :: to flop
fallita {f} :: bankrupt
fallita {f} :: failure
fallito {adj} :: bankrupt
fallito {adj} :: unsuccessful
fallito {m} :: bankrupt
fallito {m} :: failure (person)
fallo {m} :: fault, error
fallo {m} :: foul (in sport)
fallo {m} :: phallus
fallocentrico {adj} :: phallocentric
fallocentrismo {m} :: phallocentrism
fallocrate {m} :: male chauvinist
fallocratico {adj} :: phallocratic
fallocrazia {f} :: phallocracy
falloidina {f} :: phalloidin
falloppa {f} :: alternative form of faloppa
Falloppio {prop} :: surname
Falloppio {prop} :: Gabriele Falloppio, Italian anatomist
fallosamente {adv} [sports] :: whilst committing a foul
fallosità {f} [sports] :: foul play, dirty play
falloso {adj} [sports] :: foul, dirty
faloppa {f} :: A silkworm cocoon of poor quality due to the death of its larva
faloppa {f} [figuratively] :: liar
falpalà {m} :: flounce, furbelow
falsachiglia {f} [nautical] :: false keel, keelson
falsante {v} :: present participle of falsare
falsare {vt} :: To alter, to distort
falsare {vt} :: To falsify
falsariga {f} :: lined or ruled paper placed underneath a line-less page
falsario {m} :: forger, counterfeiter, falsifier
falsa sabina {f} :: Phoenician juniper (Juniperus phoenicea
falsatura {f} :: insert (in clothing)
falsettista {m} [music] :: falsettist
falsetto {m} [music] :: falsetto (voice)
falsettone {m} [music] :: A type of falsetto singing in which the higher notes are sung using a modal voice register
falsificabile {adj} :: falsifiable
falsificabilità {f} :: falsifiability
falsificante {v} :: present participle of falsificare
falsificante {adj} :: falsifying
falsificare {vt} :: to falsify, forge
falsificato {adj} :: forged, falsified
falsificatore {m} :: falsifier
falsificatore {m} :: counterfeiter, forger, faker
falsificazione {f} :: falsification
falsificazione {f} :: forging
falsificazionismo {m} :: falsificationism
falsissimo {adj} :: Completely false, absolutely false
falsità {f} :: falsity, falsehood, lie
falso {adj} :: false
falso {m} :: forgery
falso amico {m} :: false friend
falsobordone {m} [music] :: fauxbordon, fauxbourdon
falsopiano {m} :: sloping ground that is apparently flat (in skiing)
Fïalte {prop} :: medieval spelling of Efialte
fama {f} :: fame, renown
fama {f} :: reputation, name
fama {f} :: report, rumor
Famagosta {prop} :: Famagusta (city in Cyprus)
fame {f} :: hunger
famedio {m} :: memorial chapel
famelicamente {adv} :: ravenously
famelicità {f} :: ravenousness, greed
famelico {adj} :: ravenous
famigerato {adj} :: notorious
famiglia {f} :: family
famiglia {f} :: household
famigliare {adj} :: Variant of familiare
famigliare {mf} :: Variant of familiare
famigliarità {f} :: Variant of familiarità
famiglio {m} :: servant
famigliola {f} :: little family
famigliola {f} :: Common name of several mushroom species, chiefly the honey mushroom (Armillaria mellea)
famigliola gialla {f} [mushrooms] :: sheathed woodtuft (Kuehneromyces mutabilis (synonym: Pholiota mutabilis))
familiare {adj} :: family [attributive], domestic
familiare {adj} :: familiar, well-known
familiare {adj} :: familiar, confidential
familiare {adj} :: friendly, informal
familiare {mf} :: relative (member of the family)
familiare {f} :: station wagon, estate car
familiarissimo {adj} :: Very familiar
familiarità {f} :: familiarity
familiarizzante {v} :: present participle of familiarizzare
familiarizzantesi {v} :: present participle of familiarizzarsi
familiarizzare {v} :: to familiarize
familiarizzare {v} :: to get to know or acquaint oneself (with)
familiarizzarsi {v} :: reflexive of familiarizzare
familiarizzarsi {vr} :: to familiarize oneself (with)
familiarizzatosi {v} :: past participle of familiarizzarsi
familiarmente {adv} :: familiarly
familiarmente {adv} :: confidently
familismo {m} :: familism
familista {mf} :: familist
familistico {adj} :: family (attributive)
familistico {adj} :: familistic
familonimo {m} :: an anthroponym derived from the name of a family
famosissimo {adj} :: Very famous
famoso {adj} :: famous, well-known, renowned
famoso {adj} :: infamous, notorious
famulazione {f} :: servitude, bondage
fan {mf} :: fan (admirer or follower)
fanale {m} :: light (on a car)
fanale {m} :: lamp (illuminating a street)
fanale {m} :: beacon
fanaleria {f} :: lights (especially the lighting system on a car)
fanalino {m} :: light, small light
fanalino di coda {m} [automotive] :: taillight
fanalino di coda {m} :: tail-end
fanalista {m} :: lighthouse keeper
fanalista {m} :: lamplighter
fanatica {f} :: fanatic
fanaticamente {adv} :: fanatically
fanatico {adj} :: fanatical
fanatico {m} :: fanatic
fanatismo {m} :: fanaticism
fanatizzante {v} :: present participle of fanatizzare
fanatizzare {vt} :: to fanaticize
fancazzismo {m} [colloquial] :: The art of lazing around, doing nothing (as a philosophy or lifestyle choice)
fancazzista {mf} [colloquial] :: A person who lazes around all the time, doing nothing
fanciulla {f} :: girl
fanciullaccia {f} :: love-in-a-mist (of the genus Nigella)
fanciullaggine {f} :: childishness (childish behaviour)
fanciulla in pericolo {f} :: damsel in distress (stereotype of a young woman in a dangerous situation)
fanciullata {f} :: childishness (childish act)
fanciullescamente {adv} :: childishly
fanciullesco {adj} :: children's, childish
fanciullezza {f} :: childhood
fanciullina {f} :: Small or young child (female)
fanciullino {m} :: Small or young child
fanciullo {m} :: boy, child
fanculo {interj} :: fuck you!, fuck off!
fanculo {interj} :: fuck
fandonia {f} :: fib
fandonia {f} :: nonsense, humbug, poppycock
fandonia {f} :: lie
fanello {m} :: linnet
fanello nordico {m} :: twite
fanerofita {f} :: phanerophyte
fanerogama {f} :: phanerogam
fanerogamico {adj} [botany] :: phanerogamic
fanese {adj} :: Of or from Fano
fanfaluca {f} :: nonsense, idle chatter
fanfaluca {f} :: whim, fancy
fanfaluca {f} :: (archaic) fragment of cinder raising from something that burns
fanfara {f} [music] :: fanfare
fanfara {f} [music] :: brass band
fanfaronata {f} :: brag, fanfaronade
fanfarone {m} :: braggart
fanfarone {m} :: braggadocio
fanfarone {m} :: bragger, boaster
fangaia {f} :: muddy place
fangaia {f} :: muddy road
fangatura {f} :: mud bath
fanghiccio {m} :: mire (soft or wet mud)
fanghiglia {f} :: mire
fanghiglia {f} :: mud
fango {m} :: mud
fangosità {f} :: muddiness
fangoso {adj} :: muddy
fangoterapia {f} [medicine] :: mud bath treatment
fannia {f} :: kind of fly (of genus Fannia)
fannullaggine {f} :: idleness, laziness
fannullona {f} :: (female) idler, loafer, good-for-nothing
fannullone {m} :: idler, loafer, good-for-nothing
Fano {prop} :: A coastal town in the Pesaro e Urbino province of Marche, Italy
Fano {prop} :: A habitational surname derived from the above town or others of a similar name
fanone {m} :: fanon
fanone {m} :: baleen, whalebone
FANS {initialism} :: NSAID
fanta- {prefix} :: used to form terms relating to fiction or to fantasy
fantacalcio {m} [games] :: fantasy football
fantaccina {f} :: infantrywoman
fantaccino {m} :: infantryman
fantapolitica {f} :: political fiction
fantapolitico {adj} :: political fiction (attributive)
fantascientificamente {adv} :: in the manner of science fiction
fantascientifico {adj} :: science fiction (attributive)
fantascienza {f} :: science fiction
fantasia {f} :: imagination, fantasy, whim, fancy
fantasia {f} :: pattern
fantasiosamente {adv} :: fancifully, imaginatively
fantasiosità {f} :: lively imagination
fantasioso {adj} :: imaginative
fantasioso {adj} :: fanciful, strange
fantasista {m} [football] :: striker
fantasma {m} :: ghost, spectre
fantasma {m} :: illusion
fantasmagoria {f} :: phantasmagoria
fantasmagoricamente {adv} :: phantasmagorically
fantasmagorico {adj} :: phantasmagorical
fantasmatico {adj} :: phantasmal, spectral, ghostly
fantasmino {m} :: invisible sock
fantasticaggine {f} :: daydream, reverie
fantasticamente {adv} :: fantastically, fabulously
fantasticante {v} :: present participle of fantasticare
fantasticare {v} :: to daydream
fantasticare {v} :: to fantasize
fantasticheria {f} :: daydream, reverie
fantastico {adj} :: fabulous, imaginary, imaginative, fantastic
fantastico {adj} [colloquial] :: fantastic, wonderful, great, terrific
fante {m} :: jack, knave (playing card)
fante di cuori {m} :: jack of hearts, knave of hearts
fante di fiori {m} :: jack of clubs, knave of clubs
fante di picche {m} :: jack of spades, knave of spades
fante di quadri {m} :: jack of diamonds, knave of diamonds
fanteria {f} :: infantry
fantesca {f} :: maid, domestic
fantina {f} :: jockey (female)
Fantini {prop} :: surname
fantino {m} :: jockey
fantocciata {f} :: puppet show
fantoccio {m} :: dummy
fantoccio {m} :: puppet
fantoccio {m} :: doll
fantoccio {m} :: figurehead, front man
fantolino {m} :: baby, young child
fantomatico {adj} :: phantom
fantomatico {adj} :: mythical
fantomatico {adj} :: mysterious
Fantoni {prop} :: surname
Fantozzi {prop} :: surname
Fantozzi {n} :: Ordinary, working-class Joe
fantozzianamente {adv} :: awkwardly
fantozzianamente {adv} :: tragicomically
fantozziano {adj} :: awkward
fantozziano {adj} :: tragicomical
Fanucci {prop} :: surname
Fanucci {prop} :: Fanucci Editore, Italian publishers
far {v} :: apocopic form of fare
farabutta {f} :: crook (female)
farabutto {m} :: crook, rogue
farad {m} :: farad
faradico {adj} :: faradic, faradaic
faradizzazione {f} [medicine] :: faradization
faraglione {m} [geology] :: stack; high, steep, isolated rock detached from the cliffs of a nearby shore
farandola {f} :: farandole
faraona {f} :: guinea fowl
faraone {m} :: Pharaoh
faraone {m} :: faro
faraonico {adj} :: pharaonic
faraonico {adj} [figuratively] :: colossal, magnificent, gigantic
far capriole {v} :: Variant of fare capriole
farcela {v} :: to succeed
farcela {v} :: to hack
farcela {v} :: to bring something to a successful conclusion
farcente {v} :: present participle of farcire
farcia {f} [cooking] :: stuffing
farcino {m} :: farcy
farcire {vt} [cooking] :: to stuff, fill, farce
farcito {adj} :: filled, stuffed
farcitura {f} :: stuffing
fard {m} :: blusher, rouge
fardello {m} :: bundle
fardello {m} :: burden
fardo {m} :: A kind of sack used to transport coffee
fare {vt} :: to do
fare {vt} :: to make
fare {vt} :: to act
fare {vt} :: to get someone to be something
fare {m} :: manner, way
farea {f} :: pareas, a kind of legendary snake
fare acqua {v} [nautical] :: To make water, to leak
fare addormentare {v} :: to lull into sleep
fare affidamento {v} :: to rely
fare affidamento {v} :: to depend
fare attenzione {v} :: to look out
fare attenzione {v} :: to pay attention
fare attenzione {v} :: to stay aware
fare attenzione {v} :: to be aware, beware
fare bancarotta {vi} :: To go bankrupt
fare bella mostra {v} :: to show off, exhibit, swagger
fare bella mostra {v} :: (idiomatic)to cut a wide swath
fare capriole {vi} :: To caper, to cavort
fare castelli in aria {v} :: to build castles in the air
fare cilecca {v} :: to fail, lose, disappoint
fare cilecca {v} :: to be impotent
fare cilecca {v} :: to misfire
fare cilecca {v} :: to fall on one's face
fare del proprio meglio {v} :: To do one's best
fare dietrofront {v} :: to about-face
fare freddo {v} :: to be cold (of the weather)
fare fuoco {vt} :: To fire (to shoot a gun)
fare fuori {vt} :: To bump off, to do in, to kill
fare giacomo giacomo {v} :: to tremble or shake
fare girare le palle {v} :: alternative form of far girare le palle
fare giri di parole {v} [idiomatic] :: to beat around the bush
fare gli occhiacci {v} :: to scowl (at)
fare il callo {v} :: to get used
fare il callo {vi} :: Become accustomed to something, to acclimate, to adjust
fare il nanni {v} :: To play the fool
fare il punto {v} :: To take stock
fare il punto {v} [nautical] :: To take a fix, take a bearing
fare il suo corso {v} :: to run one's course
fare il tifo {v} [sports] :: To support a team or sportsman
fare il voltafaccia {v} :: to about-face
fare il voltagabbana {v} :: to about-face
fare la cacca {v} [colloquial] :: To poop; to defecate
fare l'amore {v} :: to make love, snog, smooch, neck
fare la ninna nanna {v} :: to lull into sleep
fare la pipì {v} [colloquial] :: To pee; to urinate
fare la riverenza {v} :: to bow (To bend oneself as a gesture of respect or deference)
fare la riverenza {v} :: to curtsey (to make a curtsey)(small bow of knees and lowered body, usually by a female)
fare la scarpetta {v} [idiomatic] :: to mop up the sauce from a plate of food with a piece of bread
fare la spola {v} :: to shuttle
fare le aste {v} :: to do a preparatory exercise in writing
fare le corna {v} :: To make a sign, with the fist clenched and the index finger and little finger extended, to indicate that a person is a cuckold
fare le veci {v} :: to stand in for
fare l'offeso {v} :: to sulk
fare lo spogliarello {v} :: to strip (to do a striptease)
fare man bassa {v} :: to sack, plunder or loot
fare man bassa {v} :: to gulp down
fare marcia indietro {v} :: to back out (To reverse a vehicle or to withdraw from something one has promised to do)
fare orecchi da mercante {v} :: turn a deaf ear
fare orecchi da mercante {v} [idiomatic] :: to refuse to listen or hear something
fare piazza pulita {v} :: To make a clean sweep
fare quadrato {v} :: to close ranks
fare quattro passi {v} :: to stroll
fare quattro passi {v} :: to range, roam, rove, stray
fare quattro passi {v} :: To wander on foot; to ramble idly or leisurely; to rove
fare quattro passi {v} :: To go somewhere with ease
fare retromarcia {v} :: to back out (to reverse a vehicle)
fare schifo {v} :: to suck, stink
fare sciopero {vi} :: synonym of scioperare
fare spicco {vi} :: to stand out
fare testa o croce {v} :: to flip a coin
fare testa o croce {v} :: to toss a coin
faretra {f} :: quiver (for arrows)
faretto {m} :: downlight
fare una cacata {v} :: to take a crap
fare una figuraccia {vi} [idiomatic] :: To make a bad impression
fare una figuraccia {vi} [idiomatic] :: To make a fool of oneself
fare un buco nell'acqua {v} :: To do something useless
fare un buco nell'acqua {v} :: To fail in an enterprise
fare un giro {v} :: to stroll
fare un giro {v} :: to range, roam, rove, stray
fare un giro {v} :: To wander on foot; to ramble idly or leisurely; to rove
fare un giro {v} :: To go somewhere with ease
fare un lavoretto {v} :: to turn tricks
fare un repulisti {v} :: to have a cleanout (clean something thoroughly)
fare un servizietto {v} :: synonym of fare un lavoretto
fare zuppetta {v} :: to dunk
Farfa {prop} :: A small river that flows in Lazio
farfalla {f} :: butterfly
farfalla {f} :: bow tie
farfalla {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: pasta in the shape of butterflies or bow ties
farfalla {f} [swimming] :: the butterfly stroke
farfallamento {m} :: shimmy, wobbling (abnormal vibration)
farfallina {f} :: Small butterfly
farfallina {f} :: Type of small pasta in the form of a butterfly
farfallino {m} :: bowtie
farfallista {mf} :: swimmer using the butterfly stroke
farfallone {m} :: augmentative of farfalla
farfallone {m} :: philanderer
farfallone {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: larger form of farfalle pasta
farfara {f} :: coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara)
farfaraccio {m} :: butterbur (of genus Petasites)
Farfarello {prop} :: A fictional devil in the Divine Comedy
farfaro {m} :: coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara)
far fronte a {v} :: synonym of fronteggiare
farfugliamento {m} :: splutter
farfugliante {v} :: present participle of farfugliare
farfugliare {v} :: to mumble, fumble, blunder or mutter
farfugliare {v} :: to stammer
farfugliare {v} :: to slur one's words
farfuglio {m} :: stuttering
farfuglione {m} :: mumbler, mutterer
far funzionare {v} :: to make do
far girare i coglioni {v} [idiomatic, vulgar] :: to twist someone's balls, to annoy
far girare le palle {v} [idiomatic, slang] :: to twist someone's balls, to annoy
farina {f} :: flour, meal
farinacciano {adj} :: Relating to, or characteristic of the policies of Italian Fascist Roberto Farinacci
farinaccio {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: Byproduct of the production of flour used for animal feed
farinaceo {adj} :: farinaceous
farinaceo {m} :: starch (from various vegetable sources)
farina di grano {f} :: cornflour, cornmeal
farinaio {m} :: flour store
farinata {f} :: a flat, baked "pancake", somewhat similar to a pizza, made from chick peas
Farinata {prop} :: The nickname of Manente degli Uberti
Farinelli {prop} :: surname
Farinelli {prop} :: Giuseppe Farinelli, Italian composer
farinello {m} :: wheatmeal flour (partially refined flour)
farinevole {adj} :: Made from flour
faringale {adj} :: pharyngeal
faringe {f} [anatomy] :: pharynx
faringeo {adj} :: pharyngeal
faringite {f} [diseases] :: pharyngitis
faringo- {prefix} [anatomy] :: pharyngo-
faringocele {m} [pathology] :: pharyngocele
faringodinia {f} [pathology] :: pharyngalgia, pharyngodynia
faringoesofageo {adj} [anatomy] :: pharyngoesophageal
faringoiatria {f} [medicine] :: Branch of medicine that specializes in problems of the pharynx
faringologia {f} [medicine] :: pharyngology
faringomicosi {f} :: pharyngomycosis
faringoplastica {f} [surgery] :: pharyngoplasty
faringoscopia {f} [medicine] :: pharyngoscopy
faringoscopio {m} [medicine] :: pharyngoscope
faringospasmo {m} [pathology] :: pharyngismus, pharyngospasm
faringotomia {f} [surgery] :: pharyngotomy
faringotonsillite {f} [pathology] :: pharyngotonsillitis
farinoso {adj} :: floury
farinoso {adj} :: that yields flour
farisaicamente {adv} :: hypocritically, pharisaically
farisaico {adj} :: pharisaic, pharisaical
farisaismo {m} :: pharisaism, hypocrisy
farisea {f} :: Pharisee (female)
fariseo {m} :: Pharisee
farista {mf} :: lighthouse keeper
farlocco {adj} :: false
farlocco {adj} :: false, stupid
farmaceutica {f} :: pharmaceutics
farmaceuticamente {adv} :: pharmaceutically
farmaceutico {adj} :: pharmaceutical
farmacia {f} :: pharmacy, chemist's
farmacista {mf} :: pharmacist
farmaco {m} :: medicine, medication, drug
farmaco- {prefix} :: pharmaco-
farmacocinetica {f} [pharmacology] :: pharmacokinetics
farmacocinetico {adj} [pharmacology] :: pharmacokinetic
farmacodinamica {f} [pharmacology] :: pharmacodynamics
farmacodinamico {adj} [pharmacology] :: pharmacodynamic
farmacodipendente {adj} :: drug-dependent
farmacodipendenza {f} [medicine] :: drug dependency
farmacogenomica {f} [medicine, genetics] :: pharmacogenomics
farmacologa {f} :: pharmacologist (female)
farmacologia {f} [medicine] :: pharmacology
farmacologicamente {adv} :: pharmacologically
farmacologico {adj} :: pharmacological, pharmacologic
farmacologo {m} :: pharmacologist
farmacopea {f} :: pharmacopoeia
farmacoprotesico {adj} :: pharmacoprosthetic
farmacoriabilitativo {adj} :: pharmacorehabilitative
farmacoterapeutico {adj} :: pharmacotherapeutic
farmacoterapia {f} [medicine] :: pharmacotherapy
farmacovigilanza {f} :: pharmacovigilance
farmagenomica {f} :: pharmacogenomics
Farnace {prop} :: Pharnaces
Farnese {prop} :: surname
Farnese {prop} :: A historic Italian noble family
farnesiano {adj} :: Relating to the Farnese family (of renaissance Italy)
Farnesina {prop} :: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
farneticamente {adv} :: deliriously
farneticamento {m} :: delirium, raving
farneticante {v} :: present participle of farneticare
farneticante {adj} :: raving
farneticare {vi} :: To rave or talk nonsense
farneticazione {f} :: raving, delirious speech
farnetico {adj} :: raving
farnetico {adj} :: delirious
farnia {f} :: pedunculate oak, English oak (Quercus robur)
faro {m} :: lighthouse
faro {m} :: headlight, headlamp
faroese {adj} :: Faroese
faroese {m} :: Faroese [language]
far parte {v} :: to be part (of); be a member (of)
farragine {f} :: hodgepodge
farragine {f} :: medley
farraginosamente {adv} :: In a muddled or confused manner; confusedly
farraginosità {f} :: muddle, confusion
farraginoso {adj} :: muddled, chaotic
farro {m} [plant] :: emmer (Triticum turgidum)
farro {m} [plant] :: spelt (Triticum spelta)
farsa {f} :: farce
Farsaglia {prop} :: Pharsalia
Farsala {prop} :: Pharsalus
Farsalo {prop} :: Pharsalus
farsela {v} :: to hang about or hang around (with)
farsela {v} :: to make it (have sexual intercourse)
farsela addosso {v} :: to shit oneself
farsene {v} :: to matter
farsene {v} :: to be of some use or import
farsene una ragione {v} :: to resign
farsene una ragione {v} :: to give up
farsene una ragione {v} :: to come to terms with
farsene una ragione {vti} :: To submit passively; to give up as hopeless or inevitable
farsene una ragione {v} [idiomatic, of two or more parties, often with a prepositional phrase] :: to reach an agreement or settle a dispute
farsene una ragione {v} [idiomatic] :: To resolve a conflict with
farsene una ragione {v} [idiomatic] :: To accept or resign oneself to something emotionally painful
farsescamente {adv} :: farcically
farsesco {adj} :: farcical
farsetto {m} :: doublet
farsetto {m} [nautical] :: jersey
farsi {v} :: reflexive of fare
farsi {v} :: to become
farsi {v} :: to make oneself, get oneself
farsi {v} :: to make, have [sexually]
farsi {v} :: to cop off with
farsi bella {v} :: to dress up
farsi desiderare {vr} :: play hard to get
farsi furbo {v} [idiomatic] :: To sense something suspicious, get wise
farsi furbo {v} :: to smell a rat
farsi il culo {v} :: to work someone's ass off
farsi il culo {v} [idiomatic] :: To work excessively or to the point of exhaustion
farsi il culo {v} [idiomatic] :: To work very hard or to excess
farsi in quattro {v} :: to go out of the way
farsi la barba {v} :: To shave oneself (used exclusively for facial hair)
farsi male {vr} :: to hurt oneself, to get hurt
farsi ridere dietro {phrase} :: make a spectacle of oneself
fasatura {f} :: phasing, timing
fascera {f} :: mould for making cheese
fascetta {f} :: Narrow band or strip
fascetta {f} :: ribbon, strap (of a medal)
fascetta {f} :: bandage
fascetta {f} :: wrapper (for a newspaper)
fascetta pubblicitaria {f} :: blurb (short description of a book etc)
fascettario {m} :: mail wrapper or label
fascetto {m} :: fascicle
fascia {f} :: strip, band
fascia {f} :: bandage
fascia {f} :: sash
fascia {f} [geography] :: belt
fascia {f} [heraldry] :: fess
fascia degli asteroidi {f} :: synonym of cintura asteroidale
fasciame {m} [nautical] :: planking (wooden), plating (metal)
fasciante {v} :: present participle of fasciare
fasciantesi {v} :: present participle of fasciarsi
fasciare {vt} :: to bind
fasciare {vt} :: to bandage
fasciare {vt} :: to put on a baby's nappy/diaper
fasciarsi {v} :: reflexive of fasciare
fasciarsi {vr} :: to bind or bandage a limb, etc
fasciato {adj} :: bandaged
fasciato {adj} [heraldry] :: barry
fasciatoio {m} :: baby changing table
fasciatosi {v} :: past participle of fasciarsi
fasciatura {f} :: bandage
fasciatura {f} :: bandaging
fascicolante {v} :: present participle of fascicolare
fascicolare {adj} :: fascicular
fascicolare {vt} :: to bind together
fascicolare {vt} :: to file
fascicolato {adj} [botany, anatomy] :: fasciculate
fascicolatrice {f} :: sorter, collator (device)
fascicolazione {f} [pathology] :: fasciculation
fascicolo {m} :: booklet, pamphlet
fascicolo {m} :: file, dossier
fascicolo {m} :: instalment (of a publication)
fascina {f} :: faggot (bundle of sticks)
fascinaia {f} :: woodpile
fascinata {f} :: mattress
fascinazione {f} :: enchantment
fascinazione {f} :: fascination
fascino {m} :: charm, fascination
fascinosamente {adv} :: charmingly
fascinoso {adj} :: fascinating, charming
fascinoso {adj} :: glamorous, stylish
fascio {m} :: bundle (of wood)
fascio {m} :: sheaf (of hay)
fascio {m} :: bunch (of flowers)
fascio {m} :: beam (of light)
fascio {m} :: fasces (especially in plural)
fascio {m} :: fascism
fascio {m} [slang] :: a fascist
fascio {m} [mathematics] :: sheaf
fascio {m} [anatomy] :: fasciculus, bundle
fascio littorio {m} :: fasces (both in ancient Rome and in fascist Italy)
fascione {m} :: band, banding
fascismo {m} :: Fascism, fascism
fascista {adj} :: fascist
fascista {adj} [derogatory] :: fascist
fascista {m} :: Fascist
fascista {m} [derogatory] :: fascist
fascista {f} :: female fascist
fascista {f} [derogatory] :: female fascist
fascistico {adj} :: fascist
fascistissimo {adj} :: Very fascist
fascistizzante {v} :: present participle of fascistizzare
fascistizzare {vt} :: to make fascist
fascistoide {adj} :: fascistoid
fascite {f} [pathology] :: fasciitis
fase {f} :: phase, stage, period, level, degree, step
fase {f} [mechanics] :: stroke
fase {f} :: line (the engine is in line / out of line - with reference to smooth working)
fase lunare {m} :: lunar phase
fase luteale {f} :: luteal phase
fasianide {m} :: phasianid (a partridge, or other pheasant-like gamebird)
fasometro {m} :: phase meter or indicator
fasore {m} [physics] :: phasor
Fassa {prop} :: One of the principal mountain valleys in the Dolomites
fassamano {m} :: lorgnette
fassano {adj} :: Of or relating to the Val di Fassa (a valley in the Trentino-Alto Adige region) or its people
fassano {m} :: A native or inhabitant of such valley
fastello {m} :: bundle (of sticks etc)
fastidio {m} :: trouble, bother, nuisance
fastidiosaggine {f} :: annoyance, tiresomeness, tediousness
fastidiosamente {adv} :: troublesomely, annoyingly
fastidiosissimo {adj} :: Very annoying
fastidiosissimo {adj} :: Very irritable
fastidiosità {f} :: annoyance, tiresomeness, tediousness
fastidioso {adj} :: annoying, tiresome, vexing
fastidioso {adj} :: irritable, touchy
fastidioso {adj} :: finicky, fussy, fastidious
fastigiato {adj} [botany] :: fastigiate
fasto {m} :: pomp, splendor, magnificence, richness
fastosamente {adv} :: sumptuously, magnificently
fastosità {f} :: pomp, magnificence, splendor, richness
fastoso {adj} :: magnificent, sumptuous
fasullo {adj} :: fake
fasullo {adj} :: false
fasullo {adj} :: bogus, phoney
fata {f} :: fairy [mythical creature]
fatale {adj} :: fatal
fatale {adj} :: predestined, fated
fatale {adj} :: irresistible (woman)
fatalismo {m} :: fatalism
fatalista {mf} :: fatalist
fatalisticamente {adv} :: fatalistically
fatalistico {adj} :: fatalistic
fatalità {f} :: fate
fatalità {f} :: fatality
fatalmente {adv} :: fatally
fatalona {f} :: femme fatale, vamp
fata madrina {f} :: fairy godmother
fata morgana {f} :: alternative spelling of fatamorgana
fatamorgana {f} :: fata morgana (form of mirage caused by temperature inversion)
fata Morgana {prop} [Arthurian legend] :: Morgan le Fay (half-sister of King Arthur)
fatato {adj} :: enchanted, magic
fatica {f} :: effort, endeavour, work (physical or mental)
fatica {f} [figurative] :: difficulty
fatica {f} :: labour, labor, toil, fatigue
fatica {f} :: tiredness, exhaustion, weariness, fatigue
faticabile {adj} :: fatigable
faticabilità {f} :: fatigability
faticaccia {f} :: A great effort; hard work; a pain
faticante {v} :: present participle of faticare
faticare {vi} :: To work hard; to toil
faticata {f} :: hard work
faticata {f} :: toil
faticosamente {adv} :: hardly, tiredly
faticosamente {adv} :: with difficulty
faticosissimo {adj} :: Very tiring
faticosissimo {adj} :: Very laborious
faticosità {f} :: laboriousness, hardiness, difficulty
faticoso {adj} :: tiring, hard, demanding
faticoso {adj} :: difficult, laboured, laborious
fatidicamente {adv} :: fatefully
fatidico {adj} :: fateful
fatina {f} :: fairy or more properly a young or little fairy
fatiscente {adj} :: crumbling, dilapidated, decaying
fatiscentemente {adv} :: in a dilapidated manner
fatiscenza {f} :: dilapidation, disrepair
fato {m} :: fate, destiny
fatta {f} :: type, kind
fatta {f} :: droppings; animal excrement
fattaccio {m} :: foul deed
fattacela {v} :: past participle of farcela
fatta eccezione per {prep} :: With the exception of; except, but
fattariello {m} :: anecdote (especially one in the form of a fable)
fatterello {m} :: diminutive of fatto
fatterello {m} :: minor matter
fatterello {m} :: anecdote
fattevole {adj} :: alternative form of fattibile
fattezze {p} :: features
fattia {f} [obsolete] :: charm, spell
fattibello {m} [obsolete] :: rouge, makeup
fattibile {adj} :: feasible, practicable, possible
fattibilità {f} :: feasibility, practicability, viability
fattibilmente {adv} :: feasibly
fatticità {f} [philosophy] :: facticity
fattispecie {f} :: case, instance
fattitivo {adj} [linguistics] :: factitive
fattivamente {adv} :: actively
fattivamente {adv} :: effectively
fattività {f} :: effectiveness
fattività {f} :: activeness
fattivo {adj} :: active
fattivo {adj} :: effective
fatto {adj} :: done, made
fatto {adj} :: fit, right, made
fatto {adj} :: grown
fatto {adj} [slang, ] :: stoned, baked, high, wasted, stuffed
fatto {m} :: fact, event, occurrence, matter, affair, business, action, story
fatto a mano {adj} :: handmade
fatto compiuto {m} :: fait accompli
fatto di cronaca {m} :: news item
fattoide {m} :: factoid
fatto in casa {adj} :: homemade
fattona {f} :: feminine of fattone
fattone {m} [slang] :: pothead (person who smokes marijuana)
fattore {m} :: factor, element (contributor to a result)
fattore {m} [mathematics, sciences] :: factor
fattore {m} :: maker (creator)
fattore {m} :: bailiff, steward, farmer, land agent (steward of an estate)
fattore di protezione solare {m} :: sun protection factor
fattoressa {f} :: stewardess
fattoressa {f} :: bailiff (female)
Fattori {prop} :: surname
Fattori {prop} :: Giovanni Fattori, Italian painter
fattoria {f} :: farm
fattoriale {adj} :: factorial
fattorino {m} :: errand boy
fattorino {m} :: office junior
fattorino {m} :: bellboy, porter (in a hotel)
fattorino {m} :: delivery boy
fattorizzabile {adj} [mathematics] :: factorizable
fattorizzante {v} :: present participle of fattorizzare
fattorizzare {vt} :: to factorize
fattorizzazione {f} [mathematics] :: factorization
fatto salvo {v} :: save
fatto salvo {v} :: Except; with the exception of
fattosi {v} :: past participle of farsi
fatto su misura {adj} :: custom-made, tailor-made, tailored, made-to-order, bespoke
fattrice {f} :: brood female
fattrice {f} :: broodmare
fattuale {adj} :: factual
fattualità {f} :: factuality
fattualmente {adv} :: factually
fattucchiera {f} :: witch
fattucchiere {m} :: wizard
fattucchiero {m} :: wizard, sorcerer
fattura {f} :: invoice, bill
fattura {f} :: manufacture, make, workmanship, craftsmanship
fattura {f} :: cut, model, design
fattura {f} [familiar] :: charm, spell
fatturabile {adj} :: billable
fatturante {v} :: present participle of fatturare
fatturare {vt} :: to invoice
fatturare {vt} :: to account for
fatturato {m} :: turnover (comercial)
fatturato {adj} :: invoiced
fatturatrice {f} :: invoicing or billing machine
fatturazione {f} :: invoicing, billing
fatturista {mf} :: invoice or accounts clerk
fatuamente {adv} :: fatuously
fatuamente {adv} :: superficially
fatuità {f} :: fatuousness
fatuo {adj} :: fatuous, vain
fatuo {adj} :: superficial
fauce {f} :: jaw
fauce {f} :: mouth (of a volcano etc)
fauna {f} :: fauna
faunesco {adj} :: faunlike
faunistica {f} :: The study of the fauna of a region
faunisticamente {adv} :: faunally
faunistico {adj} :: faunal
fauno {m} :: faun
faustamente {adv} :: happily
faustamente {adv} :: propitiously
faustiano {adj} :: Faustian
Faustiniano {prop} :: given name
Faustino {prop} :: given name
fausto {adj} :: happy
fausto {adj} :: propitious
fausto {m} :: female menstrual cycle
Fausto {prop} :: given name
fautore {m} :: advocate, supporter
fautrice {f} :: advocate, supporter (female)
fauvismo {m} [arts] :: fauvism
fava {f} :: fava bean, broad bean
fava {f} [vulgar] :: cock (slang for penis)
favagello {m} :: lesser celandine (Ficaria verna, formerly Ranunculus ficaria)
favata {f} :: A stew of fava beans, sausage, cabbage etc. from Sardinia
Favata {prop} :: surname
favella {f} :: speech (ability)
favellante {v} :: present participle of favellare
favellare {vt} [literary] :: To speak or talk
favellio {m} :: murmuring
favellio {m} :: chattering
faveto {m} :: fava bean bed or patch
faveto {m} :: fava bean field
Favignana {prop} :: Favignana
favignanese {adj} :: Of or from Favignana
favilla {f} :: spark
favilla {f} :: glimmer
favino {m} [plant] :: field bean (Vicia faba var. minor)
favismo {m} [disease] :: favism
favo {m} :: honeycomb (bee's)
favola {f} :: fairy tale, fairy story
favola {f} :: fable
favola {f} :: shaggy-dog story
favolatore {m} :: storyteller
favoleggiante {v} :: present participle of favoleggiare
favoleggiare {vi} :: To tell stories
favolello {m} :: fabliau
favoletta {f} :: Short fable or fairy tale etc
favolista {mf} :: fabulist
favolistica {f} :: fables (collectively)
favolistico {adj} :: fable (attributive)
favolistico {adj} :: fablelike
favolosamente {adv} :: fabulously, incredibly, fantastically
favolosità {f} :: fabulousness, fabulosity
favolosità {f} :: wonderfulness
favoloso {adj} :: fabulous, wonderful
favonio {m} :: west wind
favonio {m} :: foehn
favorabile {adj} [obsolete] :: favourable
favore {m} :: favour
favoreggiamento {m} :: storytelling
favoreggiante {v} :: present participle of favoreggiare
favoreggiare {vt} :: To favor or favour
favoreggiare {vt} :: To aid and abet
favoreggiatore {m} :: abettor, abetter
favoreggiatrice {f} :: (female) abettor, abetter
favorente {v} :: present participle of favorire
favorente {adj} :: favouring
favorevole {adj} :: favourable
favorevole {adj} :: in favour (of)
favorevole {adj} :: favourable (to)
favorevolmente {adv} :: favourably
favorire {vt} :: to favour, to favor, to help, to aid, to support
favorire {vt} :: to foster, to encourage, to promote, to favour
favorire {vt} [formal] :: to give, to pass
favorita {f} :: favourite
favoritamente {adv} :: synonym of favorevolmente
favoritismo {m} :: favouritism, favoritism
favoritissimo {adj} :: Most favourite or preferred
favoritissimo {adj} :: hot favourite
favorito {adj} :: favourite
favorito {m} :: favourite
faxante {v} :: present participle of faxare
faxare {vt} :: To fax
faxsimile {m} :: alternative form of facsimile
fazion {f} :: apocopic form of fazione
fazione {f} :: faction
faziosa {f} :: partisan (female)
faziosamente {adv} :: factiously
faziosità {f} :: factiousness
fazioso {adj} :: factious
fazioso {m} :: partisan
fazzolettino {m} :: little handkerchief
fazzolettino {m} :: paper handkerchief, tissue
fazzoletto {m} :: handkerchief
FDP {abbr} :: figlio di puttana
febbraietto {m} :: February (considered as the shortest month)
febbraio {m} :: February
febbraro {m} :: obsolete form of febbraio
febbre {f} :: fever
febbre da cavallo {m} :: a strong, raging fever
febbre dell'oro {f} :: gold fever
febbre gialla {f} [diseases] :: yellow fever
febbre suina {f} :: swine flu, swine influenza
febbriciattola {f} :: slight fever
febbricitante {adj} :: feverish
febbricola {f} :: slight fever
febbrifugo {adj} :: antipyretic, febrifugal
febbrifugo {m} [pharmacology] :: antipyretic, febrifuge
febbrile {adj} :: feverish, febrile
febbrilità {f} :: feverishness
febbrilmente {adv} :: feverishly
febbrone {m} :: high fever
Febe {prop} [Greek god] :: Phoebe
Febe {prop} :: given name
Febo {prop} :: Phoebus
fecale {adj} :: fecal
fecalizzazione {f} :: defecation
fecaloide {adj} :: fecaloid
fecaloma {m} [pathology] :: fecaloma
feccia {f} :: dregs
feccia {f} :: trash
feccioso {adj} :: dreggy, turbid, cloudy
feci {fp} [pluralonly] :: faeces/feces
fecola {f} :: fecula, starch
fecola di patate {f} :: potato starch
fecondabile {adj} :: fertilizable
fecondabilità {f} :: fecundability
fecondamente {adv} :: fruitfully
fecondante {v} :: present participle of fecondare
fecondare {vt} :: To fertilize
fecondativo {adj} :: fertility (attributive)
fecondato {adj} :: fertilized
fecondatore {m} :: fertilizer
fecondatore {adj} :: fertilizing
fecondazione {f} :: fertilization
fecondazione {f} :: insemination
fecondazione artificiale {f} :: artificial insemination
fecondazione in vitro {m} :: in vitro fertilization
fecondità {f} :: fertility
fecondo {adj} :: fertile
fecondo {adj} :: fruitful, fecund
fecondo {adj} :: prolific
fedain {mf} :: fedayee or fedayeen
fedare {vt} [obsolete, poetic] :: to filthen, besmirch, make filthy
fedare {vt} [obsolete, poetic, figuratively] :: to taint, corrupt
fede {f} :: faith, belief
fede {f} :: creed, convictions
fede {f} :: faith, loyalty
fede {f} :: wedding ring
fedecommessario {adj} :: Variant of fedecommissario
fedecommessario {m} :: Variant of fedecommissario
fedecommesso {adj} :: Of or pertaining to a trust (legal arrangement)
fedecommesso {m} :: trust (legal arrangement set up by a donor or testator)
fedecommettente {v} :: present participle of fedecommettere
fedecommettere {vt} :: to leave money in trust
fedecommissario {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the beneficiary of a trust
fedecommissario {m} :: The beneficiary of a trust
fedele {adj} :: loyal, faithful, true, devoted
fedele {adj} :: accurate, exact
fedele {m} :: believer, faithful, devotee [male]
fedele {f} :: believer, faithful, devotee [female]
Fedele {prop} :: given name
fedelissimo {adj} :: Very loyal or faithful
fedelissimo {adj} :: Very accurate or exact
fedelissimo {m} :: loyal or faithful friend
fedelissimo {m} :: follower
fedelmente {adv} :: faithfully, loyally
fedelmente {adv} :: faithfully, accurately
fedeltà {f} :: loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity, trustworthiness, allegiance
fedeltà {f} :: accuracy, exactness
fede nuziale {f} :: wedding ring
federa {f} :: pillowcase
federale {adj} :: federal
federalismo {m} [politics] :: federalism
federalista {adj} :: federalist
federalista {m} :: A federalist (male or of unspecified sex)
federalista {f} :: A federalist [female]
federalistico {adj} :: federalist
federalizzante {v} :: present participle of federalizzare
federalizzare {v} :: To federalize
federalizzazione {f} :: federalization
federalmente {adv} :: federally
federante {v} :: present participle of federare
federantesi {v} :: present participle of federarsi
federare {v} :: To federate
federarsi {vr} :: To federate
federativo {adj} :: federative, federal
federato {adj} :: federate, federated
federatosi {v} :: past participle of federarsi
federazione {f} :: federation
Federazione Russa {prop} :: Russian Federation
Federica {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Federico, cognate to English Frederica
federiciano {adj} :: Frederick (attributive)
Federico {prop} :: given name
Federico {prop} :: surname
Federigo {prop} :: given name, alternative form of Federico
fedifraga {f} :: unfaithful woman
fedifrago {adj} [literary] :: unfaithful
fedifrago {adj} [literary] :: faithless
fedifrago {m} [jocular] :: unfaithful person
fedina {f} :: record (police etc)
fedo {adj} [poetic] :: filthy, dirty
Fedone {prop} :: Phaedo
Fedora {prop} :: given name
Fedra {prop} :: Phaedra
Fedrico {prop} :: given name, alternative form of Federico
Fedro {prop} :: Phaedrus
feederaggio {m} :: transshipment (The shipment of goods via intermediate destinations)
fegataccio {m} :: (in plural) guts, courage
fegataccio {m} :: daredevil
fegatella {f} :: liverwort (Marchantia polymorpha)
fegatello {m} :: Roast pig's liver
fegatino {m} :: liver (especially of chicken or small birds)
fegato {m} :: liver (organ of human or animal; organ of animal used as food)
fegato {m} :: courage
fegatoso {adj} :: liverish
felce {f} :: fern
felceta {f} :: Alternative form of felceto
felceto {m} :: ferny place
felceto {m} :: fernery
feldmaresciallo {m} [military ranks] :: general field marshal
feldmaresciallo {m} [military ranks] :: field marshal
feldspatico {adj} [mineralogy] :: feldspathic
feldspato {m} [mineralogy] :: feldspar
feldspatoide {m} [geology] :: feldspathoid
felibrismo {m} :: Félibrige
felibro {m} :: Félibre
felice {adj} :: happy
Felice {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Felix
felice anno nuovo {phrase} :: Happy New Year
felicemente {adv} :: happily, gladly
felicemente {adv} :: safely
Feliciano {prop} :: given name
felicissimo {adj} :: Very happy
felicità {f} :: happiness
Felicita {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Felicity
felicitante {v} :: present participle of felicitare
felicitantesi {v} :: present participle of felicitarsi
felicitare {vt} :: to congratulate
felicitarsi {v} :: reflexive of felicitare
felicitarsi {vr} :: to congratulate
felicitarsi {vr} :: to be glad, rejoice
felicitatosi {v} :: past participle of felicitarsi
felicitazione {f} :: congratulations
felicitazioni {interj} :: felicitations!
felide {m} :: feline (member of the cat family)
Felidi {prop} :: Felidae
felinamente {adv} :: in a feline or catlike manner
feliniforme {adj} :: feliniform
felino {m} :: feline
felino {adj} :: feline
felino {adj} :: catlike
Feliziano {prop} :: alternative form of Feliciano
fellatio {f} :: oral sex in which the penis of one of the participants is orally stimulated
fellazione {f} :: fellation
fellema {m} [botany] :: phellem, cork
felliniano {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Federico Fellini and his works
felloderma {m} [botany] :: phelloderm
fellodermico {adj} :: phellodermal
fellogeno {m} [botany] :: phellogen, cork cambrium
fellone {m} :: traitor, felon
fellone {m} :: scoundrel, villain
fellonescamente {adv} :: traitorously, treacherously, feloniously
fellonesco {adj} :: traitorous, treacherous, felonious
fellonia {f} :: felony
fellonia {f} :: treachery
felloplastica {f} [art, architecture] :: phelloplastics
felpa {f} :: (textile) plush, fleece
felpa {f} :: sweatshirt
felpato {adj} :: brushed
felpato {adj} :: fleecy, nappy
felpato {adj} :: stealthy (footsteps etc)
felpato {m} :: Brushed material
felsineo {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the city of Bologna
felsineo {adj} [football] :: Of or pertaining to the Bologna Football Club
feltrabile {adj} :: That can be felted
feltrabilità {f} :: felting property
feltraio {m} :: felter
feltrante {v} :: present participle of feltrare
feltrantesi {v} :: present participle of feltrarsi
feltrare {vt} :: To felt
feltrarsi {vr} :: To felt
feltratosi {v} :: past participle of feltrarsi
feltratura {f} :: felting
feltrazione {f} :: felting (of wool)
feltrazione {f} :: fiber felting (of paper)
feltrazione {f} [obsolete] :: Variant of filtrazione
feltresco {adj} :: Of or from Montefeltro
feltrino {adj} :: Of or from Feltre
feltro {m} :: felt
feltro {m} :: tomentum
feltroso {adj} :: felt (attributive)
feltroso {adj} :: woolly
feluca {f} :: felucca (watercraft)
feluca {f} :: cocked hat
felze {m} [nautical] :: The cabin of a gondola
femmina {f} :: female
femminella {f} :: wimp
femminella {f} :: sissy, pansy
femminella {f} [nautical] :: brace
femminello {m} :: A variety of lemon from southern Italy
femmineo {adj} :: feminine
femmineo {adj} :: womanish, effeminate
femminicidio {m} :: femicide
femminiello {m} :: androgyne
femminiello {m} :: third gender
femminiello {m} :: transsexual
femminile {adj} :: female
femminile {adj} :: feminine
femminile {adj} :: womanish, womanly
femminilismo {m} :: feminism
femminilità {f} :: womanliness, womanhood, femininity
femminilizzante {v} :: present participle of femminilizzare
femminilizzare {vt} :: to feminize
femminilizzazione {f} :: feminization
femminilmente {adv} :: In a feminine or womanly manner
femminino {adj} :: feminine, womanly
femminismo {m} :: feminism
femminista {m} :: A feminist (male)
femminista {f} :: A feminist (female)
femministico {adj} :: feminist
femminuccia {f} :: diminutive of femmina
femminuccia {f} :: little girl
femminuccia {f} :: female baby
femminuccia {f} [colloquial] :: a weak, cowardly person
femorale {adj} [skeleton] :: femoral
femore {m} [skeleton] :: femur, thighbone
femto- {prefix} :: femto-
femtochimica {f} [chemistry] :: femtochemistry
femtogrammo {m} :: femtogram / femtogramme
femtolitro {m} :: femtolitre / femtoliter
femtometrico {adj} :: femtometric
femtometro {m} :: femtometre / femtometer
femtosecondo {m} :: femtosecond
fenacetina {f} [medicine] :: phenacetin
fenachistoscopio {m} :: phenakistoscope / phenakistiscope
fenacite {f} [mineral] :: phenacite
fenantrene {m} [organic compound] :: phenanthrene
fenantrolina {f} [organic compound] :: phenanthroline
fenato {m} [organic chemistry] :: phenate
fenazina {f} [organic compound] :: phenazine
fendente {v} :: present participle of fendere
fendente {m} :: cut, slash (with a sword)
fendentesi {v} :: present participle of fendersi
fendere {vt} :: to cut through, pass through
fendere {vt} :: to split, cleave, rend
fendere {vt} :: to plough, furrow
fendersi {v} :: reflexive of fendere
fendersi {v} :: to split, cleave
fendibile {adj} :: sliceable
fendinebbia {m} :: fog lamp (on a car)
fendiolo {m} [organic chemistry] :: synonym of benzendiolo
fenditoio {m} :: grafting knife
fenditura {f} :: crack
fenditura {f} :: cleft
fenestrato {adj} [botany] :: fenestrate
fenestratura {f} :: opening, slit (in a wall etc)
fenestrazione {f} :: fenestration
fenetica {f} :: phenetics
fenetico {adj} :: phenetic
feniano {m} :: Fenian
fenicato {adj} [organic chemistry] :: phenolic
fenice {f} :: phoenix
fenichetonuria {f} [medicine] :: phenylketonuria
Fenici {prop} :: Phoenicia
Fenicia {prop} :: Phoenicia
fenicio {adj} :: Phoenician
fenicio {m} :: Phoenician
fenico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: phenolic, carbolic
fenicottero {m} :: flamingo
fenicottero maggiore {m} :: greater flamingo
fenicottero rosso {m} :: Caribbean flamingo
fenilacetico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: phenylacetic
fenilalanina {f} [amino acid] :: phenylalanine
fenilchetonuria {f} [medicine] :: phenylketonuria
fenile {m} [organic chemistry] :: phenyl
feniletere {m} [organic chemistry] :: phenyl ether
fenilico {adj} :: phenyl (attributive)
fenilidrazone {m} [organic compound] :: phenylhydrazone
fenitoina {f} [medicine] :: phenytoin
fennec {m} :: fennec
feno {m} :: fennel
feno {m} [idiomatic] :: queer, poof, nancy boy
feno- {prefix} :: pheno- (all senses)
fenocio {m} :: fennel
fenocio {m} [idiomatic] :: queer, poof, nancy boy, faggot
fenocristallo {m} [geology] :: phenocryst
fenolato {m} [organic chemistry] :: phenolate
fenolato {adj} [organic chemistry] :: phenolated
fenolftaleina {f} [organic compound] :: phenolphthalein
fenolico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: phenolic
fenolo {m} [organic chemistry] :: A phenol (member of chemical class)
fenologia {f} :: phenology
fenologico {adj} :: phenological
fenomenale {adj} :: phenomenal
fenomenalismo {m} [philosophy] :: phenomenalism
fenomenalità {f} :: phenomenality
fenomenicità {f} [philosophy] :: phenomenality
fenomenico {adj} [philosophy] :: phenomenal
fenomenismo {m} [philosophy] :: phenomenalism
fenomeno {m} :: phenomenon (all meanings)
fenomeno di Raynaud {m} [pathology] :: Raynaud's phenomenon
fenomenologa {f} :: phenomenologist (female)
fenomenologia {f} [philosophy] :: phenomenology
fenomenologicamente {adv} :: phenomenologically
fenomenologico {adj} :: phenomenological
fenomenologo {m} :: phenomenologist
fenoplasto {m} :: phenoplast
fenossido {m} [organic chemistry] :: phenoxide
fenotipico {adj} :: phenotypic
fenotipo {m} [genetics] :: phenotype
fentanile {m} :: fentanyl
feocromocitoma {m} [medicine] :: pheochromocytoma / phaeochromocytoma
feoficee {n} :: brown algae (of class Phaeophyceae)
feofita {f} :: brown alga (of class Phaeophyceae)
feomelanina {f} :: pheomelanin
feone {m} [heraldry] :: pheon
feoplasto {m} :: pheoplast
ferace {adj} :: feracious, fruitful
feracità {f} :: fruitfulness, fertility
ferale {adj} :: funereal
ferale {adj} :: sad, tragic
Ferdinando {prop} :: given name
ferente {v} :: present participle of ferire
ferentesi {v} :: present participle of ferirsi
Ferentino {prop} :: A small town in the province of Frosinone, in Lazio
feretro {m} :: coffin
feria {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: holiday [British], vacation [US]
feriale {adj} :: weekday (attributive)
feribile {adj} :: hurtable
ferimento {m} :: wounding (often a stabbing or a shooting)
ferinamente {adv} :: wildly, ferally
ferinità {f} :: wildness, ferity
ferino {adj} :: wild, feral
ferire {vt} :: to wound, to injure, to hurt
ferirsi {vr} :: to hurt oneself, to wound oneself
ferità {f} :: ferity
ferita {f} :: injury
ferita {f} :: wound
ferita {f} :: A wounded or injured person
ferito {m} :: A wounded or injured person
feritoia {f} :: loophole
feritoia {f} :: slit, slot
feritore {m} :: wounder, injurer
feritosi {v} :: past participle of ferirsi
feritrice {f} :: (female) wounder, injurer
ferma {f} [military] :: service
ferma {f} [hunting] :: pointing
fermacalzoni {m} :: bicycle clip
fermacampione {m} :: split pin, cotter pin
fermacapelli {m} :: hair slide, barrette
fermacarro {m} :: buffer (railway)
fermacarro {m} :: bumper / fender (car)
fermacarte {m} :: paperweight
fermacravatta {m} :: tiepin
fermaglio {m} :: clasp
fermaglio {m} :: clip (for documents etc)
fermalibri {m} :: bookend
fermamente {adv} :: firmly
fermanello {m} :: guard ring
fermano {adj} :: Of or from Fermo
fermantesi {v} :: present participle of fermarsi
fermapiedi {m} :: toe clip (on a bicycle)
fermaporta {m} :: doorstop
fermare {v} :: to stop
fermare {v} :: to arrest
fermare {v} :: to hold, stay
fermare {v} :: to shut down
fermarsi {v} :: reflexive of fermare
fermarsi {vr} :: to stop, halt
fermascambi {n} :: point lock, switch lock (railways)
fermata {f} [music] :: fermata (the holding of a note)
fermata {f} [travel] :: stop (place where passengers get on and off)
fermata d'autobus {f} :: bus stop
fermatosi {v} :: past participle of fermarsi
fermatrecce {m} :: hair tie
fermentabile {adj} :: fermentable
fermentante {v} :: present participle of fermentare
fermentare {vti} :: To ferment
fermentativo {adj} :: fermentative
fermentatore {m} :: fermentor, fermenter (vessel)
fermentazione {f} :: fermentation
fermentescibile {adj} :: fermentable
fermentescibilità {f} :: Property of being fermentable
fermentiero {adj} :: fermentation (attributive), ferment (attributive)
fermentiero {m} :: fermentor
fermento {m} :: ferment (all senses)
fermento {m} :: yeast
fermezza {f} :: steadiness, firmness
Fermi {prop} :: # surname
fermio {m} [chemistry] :: fermium
fermione {m} [physics] :: fermion
fermionico {adj} :: fermionic
fermissimo {adj} :: Very firm, very resolute
fermissimo {adj} :: Very still
fermo {m} :: device for holding, restraining, or turning off; latch, catch, stopper, shut-off
fermo {m} :: [banking] an action to cancel the validity of a credit instrument, such a cheque; a stop-payment order
fermo {adj} :: still
fermo {adj} :: firm
Fermo {prop} :: A town, and associated province, in the Marche
fermoposta {m} :: poste restante
feroce {adj} :: ferocious
feroce {adj} :: fierce, cruel
feroce {adj} :: savage
ferocemente {adv} :: ferociously
ferocemente {adv} :: fiercely, cruelly
ferocemente {adv} :: savagely
ferocia {f} :: ferocity
ferocissimo {adj} :: Very ferocious
ferocissimo {adj} :: Very cruel, very fierce
ferocità {f} :: ferocity
ferocità {f} :: cruelty
ferodo {m} :: brake lining
feromonale {adj} :: pheromonal
ferormone {m} :: alternative form of feromone
Ferrabosco {prop} :: surname
ferracavallo {m} :: farrier
ferracavallo {m} :: blacksmith (who makes horseshoes)
Ferragamo {prop} :: surname
Ferragamo {prop} :: Salvatore Ferragamo, Italian designer
ferraglia {f} :: scrap iron
Ferragni {prop} :: surname
ferragostano {adj} :: Relating to, or characteristic of, the Italian August bank holiday
ferragosto {m} :: August bank holiday (15th August)
ferraio {adj} :: that works with iron
ferrame {m} :: ironwork
ferramenta {f} :: hardware
ferramenta {f} :: ironmongery
ferramenta {m} :: ironmonger's (shop)
ferrante {v} :: present participle of ferrare
Ferrante {prop} :: given name
Ferrante {prop} :: surname
Ferrara {prop} :: Ferrara (province)
Ferrara {prop} :: Ferrara (town)
Ferrara {prop} :: surname
ferrare {vt} :: to shoe [a horse]
ferrare {vt} :: to hoop [a barrel]
ferrarese {adj} :: Of or relating to Ferrara or its inhabitants
ferrarese {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Ferrara
Ferrari {prop} :: An Italian patronymic surname derived from Ferraro
Ferrari {prop} :: An Italian motor car manufacturer
Ferraris {prop} :: surname
Ferraris {prop} :: Galileo Ferraris, Italian physicist
ferrarista {f} :: A Ferrari owner
ferrarista {f} :: A Scuderia Ferrari driver or fan
Ferraro {prop} :: An Italian occupational surname derived from ferraio (a smith)
ferrato {adj} :: railway / railroad (attributive)
ferrato {adj} :: skilled
ferrato {adj} :: shod (of a horse)
ferratura {f} :: shoeing (of horses)
ferratura {f} :: horseshoes
ferreamente {adv} :: firmly
ferreo {adj} :: made from iron
ferreo {adj} :: firm
ferrettizzazione {f} [geology] :: ferritization
ferretto {m} :: A piece of iron
ferretto {m} :: underwire (of a bra)
ferretto {m} :: red soil, rich in iron oxides
ferri- {prefix} :: ferri-
ferrico {adj} [chemistry] :: ferric
ferriera {f} :: ironworks
ferrifero {adj} :: ferriferous
ferrigno {adj} :: iron (attributive)
ferrile {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: ferryl
ferrimagnetico {adj} [physics] :: ferrimagnetic
ferrimagnetismo {m} [physics] :: ferrimagnetism
ferrista {mf} [surgery] :: nurse in an operating theatre or similar
ferrite {f} :: ferrite (class of iron oxides)
ferritina {f} [biochemistry] :: ferritin
ferrivecchio {m} :: scrap-metal dealer; rag and bone man
ferro- {prefix} :: ferro-
ferro- {prefix} :: Forms terms relating to railways
ferro {m} [chemistry] :: iron (metal, tool made of iron)
ferrobatterio {m} :: iron bacterium
ferro battuto {m} :: wrought iron
ferrocarenziale {adj} :: iron-deficiency (attributive)
ferrocemento {m} :: ferrocement
ferrochelatasi {f} [enzyme] :: ferrochelatase
ferrochina {f} :: A form of bitter aperitif containing iron citrate
ferrocianidrico {adj} :: ferrocyanic
ferrocianuro {m} [chemistry] :: ferrocyanide
ferrocromo {m} :: ferrochromium
ferro da calza {m} :: knitting needle
ferro da maglia {m} :: knitting needle
ferro da stiro {m} :: (appliance for pressing clothes) iron
ferro di cavallo {m} :: (the U-shaped metallic shoe of a horse) horseshoe, shoe
ferro di cavallo {m} [zoology] :: horseshoe bat
ferroelettricità {f} [physics] :: ferroelectricity
ferroelettrico {adj} :: ferroelectric
ferrofilotranviario {adj} :: public transport (attributive)
ferrolega {f} :: iron aloy
ferromagnetico {adj} [physics] :: ferromagnetic
ferromagnetismo {m} [physics] :: ferromagnetism
ferromodellismo {m} :: model railway construction or collecting
ferromodellista {mf} :: model railway hobbyist
ferropentacarbonile {m} [inorganic compound] :: iron carbonyl, iron pentacarbonyl
ferro per marchiare {m} :: branding iron (A piece of metal bent into a distinctive shape, heated and used to brand livestock)
ferroportina {f} [protein] :: ferroportin
ferroprussiato {m} [obsolete, chemistry] :: ferroprussiate, ferrocyanide
ferroso {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: ferrous (all senses)
ferrossidasi {m} [enzyme] :: ferroxidase
ferrotipia {f} :: ferrotype (process)
ferrotipo {m} :: ferrotype
ferrotranviario {adj} :: public transport (attributive)
ferrotranviere {m} :: public transport employee
ferrovecchio {m} :: scrap merchant
ferrovia {f} :: railway
ferrovia a cremagliera {f} :: rack railway
ferroviaria {f} :: railway police (properly "polizia ferroviaria")
ferroviario {adj} :: railway (attribute), train (attribute), railroad (attribute)
ferroviere {m} :: railwayman
Ferruccio {prop} :: given name
ferrugine {m} :: ferric sulfate (when used as a mordant)
ferrugine {m} :: rust
ferruginosità {f} :: ferruginous quality
ferruginoso {adj} :: ferruginous
ferruminatorio {adj} :: Only used in the term cannello ferruminatorio
fertile {adj} :: fertile
fertilemente {adv} :: fertilely
fertilità {f} :: fertility
fertilità {f} :: fruitfulness
fertilizzante {v} :: present participle of fertilizzare
fertilizzante {adj} :: fertilizing
fertilizzante {m} :: fertilizer
fertilizzare {v} :: to fertilize
fertilizzazione {f} :: fertilization (all senses)
fertilmente {adv} :: fertilely
fertirrigazione {f} :: fertigation
ferulico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: ferulic
fervente {adj} :: fervent, ardent
fervente {v} :: present participle of fervere
ferventemente {adv} :: fervently, ardently
ferventissimo {adj} :: Very fervent, very ardent
fervere {vi} :: to be feverish or fervid
fervidamente {adv} :: fervently, fervidly, ardently
fervidissimo {adj} :: Very fervid, fervent, ardent
fervido {adj} :: fervid, fervent, ardent
fervore {m} :: fervour, ardour
fervorino {m} :: exhortation
fervorino {m} :: talking-to, telling-off
fervorosamente {adv} :: fervently, fervidly, passionately, ardently
fervoroso {adj} :: ardent, fervid, fervent, passionate
ferza {f} :: scourge, lash
ferzo {m} [nautical] :: sailcloth
fesa {f} :: rump of veal or beef
fescennino {adj} :: Fescennine
fessa {f} :: (vulgar) slash, cunt
fessacchiotto {m} :: diminutive of fesso: little fool
fesseria {f} :: stupidity
fesseria {f} :: nonsense
fessino {m} :: placket
fesso {m} :: twit, idiot
fesso {adj} :: silly
fesso {adj} :: idiotic
fesso {adj} :: ruptured, cracked
fessosi {v} :: past participle of fendersi
fessura {f} :: crack, split, fissure, chink, slit, gap, crevice
fessura {f} :: slot (for a coin)
fessura {f} [anatomy] :: fissure
fessurante {v} :: present participle of fessurarsi
fessurantesi {v} :: present participle of fessurarsi
fessurarsi {vr} :: To crack, split or cleave
fessurato {adj} :: cracked, fissured
fessurazione {f} :: fissure
festa {f} :: feast
festa {f} :: holiday (civil)
festa {f} [in the plural] :: holidays [British], vacation [US]
festa {f} :: fair (often in combination)
festa di addio al celibato {f} :: bachelor party, stag night
festa di addio al nubilato {f} :: hen party, bachelorette party, hen night
festa di compleanno {f} :: birthday party
festaiolo {adj} :: festive
festaiolo {adj} :: party (attributive)
festaiolo {m} :: merrymaker, partygoer, binger
festaiolo {m} [colloquial] :: party animal
festante {adj} :: jubilant
festante {adj} :: festive, joyful
festeggiamento {m} :: A celebration
festeggiamento {m} :: treat
festeggiante {v} :: present participle of festeggiare
festeggiare {vt} :: To celebrate
festeggiato {m} :: guest of honour
festicciola {f} :: A party, especially a small one
festinazione {f} :: festination
festino {m} :: party (festive)
festival {m} :: festival
festival {m} :: worker's festival
festività {f} :: festivity, holiday, feast, merrymaking
festivo {adj} :: holiday (attributive), Sunday (attributive)
festivo {adj} :: festive
festivo {m} :: (official) holiday; Sunday
festonante {v} :: present participle of festonare
festonare {v} :: to festoon
festonato {adj} :: festooned
festonato {adj} :: scalloped
festone {m} :: festoon, streamer, paper chain
festone {m} :: scallop, scollop (ornamental feature)
festosamente {adv} :: merrily, joyfully
festosità {f} :: festiveness, festivity, joyfulness
festoso {adj} :: festive, merry, joyful, joyous
festoso {adj} :: playful
fetale {adj} :: fetal, foetal
fetazione {f} :: fetation
fetecchia {f} :: flatulence
fetecchia {f} :: crap (rubbish)
fetente {adj} :: fetid, stinking
fetente {adj} :: disgusting
fetente {mf} :: stinker
fetente {mf} :: rotter
feticcio {m} :: fetish
feticidio {m} :: feticide
feticismo {m} :: fetishism
feticista {adj} :: fetishistic, fetishist (attributive)
feticista {f} :: fetishist
feticisticamente {adv} :: fetishistically
feticistico {adj} :: fetishistic
feticizzazione {f} :: fetishization
fetidamente {adv} :: fetidly
fetido {adj} :: fetid, stinking
fetidume {m} :: rotting matter
fetidume {m} :: stench, stink
feto {m} :: fetus
fetologia {f} :: foetology / fetology
fetologo {m} :: fetologist / foetologist
fetonte {m} :: tropicbird
Fetonte {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Phaeton
fetoplacentare {adj} :: fetoplacental
fetore {m} :: stench, stink
fetoscopia {f} [medicine] :: fetoscopy
fetotossico {adj} :: fetotoxic
fetta {f} :: slice (of meat, cake, etc)
fetta {f} :: piece
fetta biscottata {f} [foods] :: rusk
fettina {f} :: escalope (thin slice of meat for cooking)
fettuccia {f} :: tape
fettuccia {f} :: ribbon
fettuccia {f} [in plural] :: wide form of fettuccine pasta
fettuccina {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: A form of tagliatella
fettuccine Alfredo {n} :: fettuccine pasta served with a sauce containing cream, parmigiano, nutmeg and pepper
fettunta {f} :: synonym of bruschetta (especially in Tuscany)
feudale {adj} :: feudal
feudalesimo {m} :: feudalism
feudalistico {adj} :: feudalistic
feudalità {f} :: feudality
feudalità {f} :: feudatories
feudalizzante {v} :: present participle of feudalizzare
feudalizzare {v} :: To feudalise
feudalizzazione {f} :: feudalization
feudalmente {adv} :: feudally
feudataria {f} :: (female) feudatory, vassal, feoffee
feudatario {m} :: feudatory, vassal, feoffee
feudo {m} :: feud, fiefdom, fief
feudo {m} [figuratively] :: domain, stronghold
FFSS {abbr} :: Ferrovie dello Stato - Italian state railway
Fg. {n} [music] :: abbreviation of fagotto
föhn {m} :: foehn
föhn {m} :: hair dryer
fiaba {f} :: fable
fiaba {f} :: fairy tale, fairy story
fiabescamente {adv} :: in the manner of a fairy tale
fiabesco {adj} :: fairy-tale (attributive)
fiabesco {adj} :: fabulous
fiabistica {f} :: fairy tales (collectively)
fiacca {f} :: tiredness
fiacca {f} :: laziness
fiacca {f} :: sluggishness
fiaccabile {adj} :: That can be wearied
fiaccamente {adv} :: listlessly, sluggishly
fiaccamente {adv} :: tiredly
fiaccante {v} :: present participle of fiaccare
fiaccantesi {v} :: present participle of fiaccarsi
fiaccare {vt} :: To weary, exhaust or weaken
fiaccarsi {vr} :: To wear oneself out or weaken
fiaccatosi {v} :: past participle of fiaccarsi
fiaccatura {f} :: bruising on a horse due to rubbing of the harness or saddle
fiaccheraio {m} :: cab / taxi driver
fiacchezza {f} :: tiredness, weariness
fiacchezza {f} :: laziness
fiacchezza {f} :: sluggishness
fiacco {adj} :: tired, weary
fiacco {adj} :: weak, listless
fiacco {adj} :: bland
fiaccola {f} :: torch (flaming sort)
fiaccola olimpica {f} :: Olympic torch
fiaccolata {f} :: torchlight procession
fiadone {m} :: A type of raviolo, from around Abruzzo, typically eaten at Easter
fiala {f} :: phial
fiamma {f} :: flame (fire also figurative, lover)
fiamma {f} :: pennant, pennon (nautical)
fiamma {f} :: flash (military)
fiammante {adj} :: flaming (colour)
fiammare {v} :: to flame, blaze
fiammata {f} :: flare-up, blaze, burst of flames, flare
fiammato {adj} :: shot (silk or other fabric)
fiammeggiante {v} :: present participle of fiammeggiare
fiammeggiante {adj} :: flaming
fiammeggiante {adj} :: blazing
fiammeggiante {adj} :: flashing
fiammeggiar {v} :: apocopic form of fiammeggiare
fiammeggiare {v} :: to blaze
fiammeggiare {v} :: to flash
fiammeggiare {v} :: to gleam
Fiamme Gialle {prop} :: The Guardia di Finanza - semi-military police countering economic crime, smuggling etc
fiammella {f} :: diminutive of fiamma
fiammella {f} :: small flame
fiammella {f} :: light
fiammiferaia {f} :: match seller (female)
fiammiferaia {f} :: match maker (female)
fiammiferaio {m} :: match seller
fiammiferaio {m} :: match maker
fiammifero {m} :: match (device to make fire)
fiammingo {adj} :: Flemish
fiammingo {m} :: Fleming, Flemish person
fiammingo {m} [singular only] :: Flemish (language)
fiancata {f} :: flank, side
fiancata {f} [nautical] :: broadside
fiancheggiamento {m} :: support, backing
fiancheggiante {v} :: present participle of fiancheggiare
fiancheggiare {v} :: to flank or line
fiancheggiare {v} :: to support or back
fiancheggiatore {m} :: supporter, abettor
fiancheggiatrice {f} :: supporter, abettor
fianchetto {m} [chess] :: fianchetto
fianchetto {m} [automotive] :: body panel
fianco {m} :: flank
fiandra {f} :: damask linen
Fiandra {prop} :: Flanders
Fiandre {prop} :: Flanders (region of Belgium)
fiano {m} :: A grape variety from Campania
fiano {m} :: A delicate white wine made from these grapes
fiasca {f} :: flask
fiascaio {m} :: Person who makes or sells glass flasks
fiaschetta {f} :: hip flask
fiaschetta {f} :: powder flask
fiaschetteria {f} :: A retail wine shop
fiasco {m} :: flask
fiasco {m} :: fiasco
fiasco {m} :: flagon
fiasco {m} [figurative] :: debacle, failure
fiata {f} [obsolete] :: time, instance, occasion
fiatante {v} :: present participle of fiatare
fiatare {vi} :: To breathe
fiatella {f} :: halitosis
fiato {m} :: breath
fiatone {m} :: heavy breathing
fiatone {m} :: panting
fibbia {f} :: buckle
Fibonacci {prop} :: surname
Fibonacci {prop} :: Leonardo Fibonacci, Italian mathematician
fibra {f} :: fiber, fibre
fibra alimentare {f} :: dietary fiber
fibra dietetica {f} :: dietary fiber
fibra di vetro {f} :: fibreglass / fiberglass
fibra naturale {f} :: natural fiber
fibra ottica {f} :: optical fiber
fibra sintetica {f} :: synthetic fiber
fibrato {m} [mathematics] :: fiber bundle
fibrato {adj} :: fibrous
Fibreno {prop} :: A small river that flows in Latium
fibrilla {f} :: fibril
fibrillante {v} :: present participle of fibrillare
fibrillare {adj} :: fibrillary
fibrillare {vi} :: To fibrillate
fibrillazione {f} [pathology] :: fibrillation
fibrillazione {f} [figuratively] :: agitation, nerves
fibrillazione atriale {f} :: atrial fibrillation
fibrillazione ventricolare {f} :: ventricular fibrillation
fibrina {f} [proteins, cytology] :: fibrin
fibrinogeno {m} [protein] :: fibrinogen
fibrinoide {adj} :: fibrinoid
fibrinolisi {f} [biochemistry] :: fibrinolysis
fibrinolitico {adj} :: fibrinolytic
fibrinoso {adj} [biochemistry] :: fibrinous
fibroblasto {m} [cytology] :: fibroblast
fibrocellula {f} :: muscle fiber / muscle fibre
fibrocemento {m} :: fibre cement, fibrocement (containing asbestos etc.)
fibrocistico {adj} :: fibrocystic
fibrocito {m} [biology] :: fibrocyte
fibroide {adj} :: fibroid
fibroina {f} [protein] :: fibroin
fibrolamellare {adj} :: fibrolamellar
fibroma {m} :: fibroma
fibromatoso {adj} :: fibromatous
fibromialgia {f} [medicine] :: fibromyalgia
fibronectina {f} [biochemistry] :: fibronectin
fibrosarcoma {m} [oncology] :: fibrosarcoma
fibroscopio {m} [medicine] :: fiberscope
fibrosi {f} [pathology] :: fibrosis
fibrosi cistica {f} [disease] :: cystic fibrosis
fibrosità {f} :: fibrosity
fibrosità {f} :: stringiness
fibroso {adj} :: fibrous
fibroso {adj} :: stringy (of meat)
fibrotico {adj} :: fibrotic
fibrovascolare {adj} [botany] :: fibrovascular
fibula {f} [skeleton] :: fibula, calf bone
fica {f} [vulgar, slang] :: pussy
fica {f} [vulgar, slang] :: sexually attractive woman
fica {f} [regional] :: fig (fresh fruit)
ficaia {f} :: fig tree, or a plantation of fig trees
ficata {f} :: Clever stunt
ficata {f} :: dog's bollocks (plural only)
ficazza {f} :: A type of Sicilian salami made from tuna
ficcanasante {v} :: present participle of ficcanasare
ficcanasare {vi} :: To nose around or pry; To poke one's nose into
ficcanaso {m} :: busybody
ficcanaso {m} :: nosey parker
ficcanaso {m} :: snooper
ficcante {v} :: present participle of ficcare
ficcantesi {v} :: present participle of ficcarsi
ficcar {v} :: apocopic form of ficcare
ficcare {v} :: to put something into something else
ficcare {v} :: to thrust or drive
ficcarsi {vr} :: to get to
ficcarsi {vr} :: to get into (a situation)
ficcatosi {v} :: past participle of ficcarsi
fiche {f} :: chip (gambling)
fichereto {m} :: fig orchard
ficheto {m} :: fig orchard
fichetto {m} :: dandy
fichissimo {adj} [slang] :: Very great, very cool (Variant of: fighissimo)
fichtiano {adj} :: Fichtean
ficina {f} [enzyme] :: ficain
Ficino {prop} :: surname
Ficino {prop} :: Marsilio Ficino, Italian philosopher, astrologer etc
-ficio {suffix} [not productive] :: alternative form of -ificio
fico {adj} [slang] :: great, cool (admirable)
fico {m} :: fig (fresh fruit and tree)
fico {m} [slang] :: cool guy
fico- {prefix} [botany] :: phyco-
ficobilina {f} :: phycobilin
ficocianina {f} [organic compound] :: phycocyanin
ficodindia {m} :: prickly pear
fico d'India {m} :: prickly pear
ficoeritrina {f} [protein] :: phycoerythrin
ficologia {f} :: phycology
ficologia {f} :: algology
ficologo {m} :: phycologist
fico secco {m} :: dried fig
ficosecco {m} :: fico secco
fida {f} [historical, Feudal age] :: A tax on cultivated land
fida {f} [historical] :: synonym of affida
fida {f} [obsolete] :: safe-conduct
fidantesi {v} :: present participle of fidarsi
fidanza {f} [obsolete, uncountable] :: trust, faith
fidanza {f} [obsolete] :: safe-conduct
fidanzamento {m} :: engagement
fidanzante {v} :: present participle of fidanzare
fidanzantesi {v} :: present participle of fidanzarsi
fidanzare {v} :: to affiance, to promise, to betroth
fidanzare {v} [obsolete] :: to assure
fidanzarsi {vr} :: to get engaged
fidanzata {f} :: fiancée
fidanzatina {f} :: young girlfriend
fidanzatino {m} :: young boyfriend
fidanzatissimo {adj} :: Very devoted or faithful
fidanzato {adj} :: engaged
fidanzato {m} :: fiancé
fidanzato {m} :: boyfriend
fidanzato {m} [in the plural] :: engaged couple
fidanzatosi {v} :: past participle of fidanzarsi
fidare {vt} :: to entrust something to someone; see affidare
fidare {vt} :: to give something on credit, rent (something) out
fidare {vi} :: to have faith [in something or someone]
fidarsi {v} :: reflexive of fidare
fidarsi {v} :: to trust
fidarsi {v} :: to rely (on)
fidatamente {adv} :: confidently (with trust or faith in the outcome)
fidatezza {f} :: trustworthiness
fidatezza {f} :: reliability
fidatissimo {adj} :: Really trusted, absolutely trusted
fidato {adj} :: trusted; trustworthy
fidatosi {v} :: past participle of fidarsi
fidecommessario {m} :: trustee
fidecommesso {m} :: trust (financial)
fidecommettente {v} :: present participle of fidecommettere
fidecommettere {v} :: alternative form of fedecommettere
fidecommissario {adj} :: alternative form of fedecommissario
fidecommissario {m} :: alternative form of fedecommissario
fideismo {m} :: fideism
fideista {adj} :: fideistic
fideista {f} :: fideist
fideisticamente {adv} :: fideistically
fideistico {adj} :: fideistic
fideiussione {f} [legal] :: guarantee
fideiussore {m} [legal] :: guarantor
fideiussorio {adj} :: guaranteed
fidejussione {f} :: obsolete spelling of fideiussione
fidejussore {m} :: alternative form of fideiussore
fidele {adj} :: alternative form of fedele
fidele {mf} :: alternative form of fedele
fidelità {f} :: fidelity, loyalty, faithfulness
fidelizzante {v} :: present participle of fidelizzare
fidelizzare {v} :: to loyalize
fidelizzazione {f} :: loyalization
fidente {adj} :: trusting, confiding (in)
fidente {adj} :: confident (of)
fidente {adj} :: relying (on)
fidentino {adj} :: Of, or from, Fidenza
fidentino {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Fidenza
Fidenza {prop} :: a town in the province of Parma in Emilia-Romagna in Italy
Fidia {prop} :: Phidias
fidiaco {adj} :: Phidian
fido {adj} :: faithful, loyal
fido {m} [banking] :: A credit concession
fiducia {f} :: trust, faith
fiducia {f} :: confidence
fiducia {f} :: credit
fiduciale {adj} :: fiducial
fiduciale {adj} :: fiduciary
fiduciante {mf} [law] :: settlor
fiduciaria {f} [economy] :: A fiduciary company
fiduciaria {f} :: feminine of fiduciario
fiduciario {adj} [legal] :: fiduciary
fiduciario {m} [law] :: fiduciary
fiduciosamente {adv} :: trustfully, trustingly
fiducioso {adj} :: trusting
fiducioso {adj} :: confident
fiele {m} :: gall
Fiemme {prop} :: One of the principal mountain valleys in the Dolomites
fiemmese {adj} :: Of or relating to the Val di Fiemme (a valley in the Trentino-Alto Adige region) or its people
fiemmese {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of such valley
fienagione {f} :: haymaking (act or season)
fienaia {f} :: hayloft
fienaia {f} :: barn
fienaio {adj} :: hay (attributive)
fienarola {f} :: bluegrass (plant)
fienatrice {f} :: mower, reaper or harvester (machine)
fienatrice {f} :: haymaker
fienile {m} :: hayloft
fienile {m} :: barn
fieno {m} :: hay
fienoso {adj} :: haylike
fiera {f} :: fair, exhibition
fiera {f} :: trade show, trade fair
fiera {f} :: wild animal
fieramente {adv} :: proudly
Fieramosca {prop} :: surname
Fieramosca {prop} :: An ancient Italian family, most noted for Ettore Fieramosca
fierezza {f} :: pride
fierezza {f} :: haughtiness
fierezza {f} :: boldness, daring
fierissimo {adj} :: Very proud
fieristico {adj} :: trade fair, trade show, fair, exhibition
fierità {f} :: fierceness
fiero {adj} [literary] :: fierce, specifically:
fiero {adj} :: cruel, merciless
fiero {adj} [figurative, of fate] :: fiercely hostile
fiero {adj} [by extension, of a face] :: frightening, intimidating
fiero {adj} :: frightening, ghastly, horrible
fiero {adj} [of a struggle] :: savage, violent
fiero {adj} [of natural forces] :: furious, raging
fiero {adj} [of feelings or expressions] :: intense, vehement
fiero {adj} [uncommon] :: audacious, bold, daring
fiero {adj} :: proud
fiesolano {adj} :: Of, or from, Fiesole
fiesolano {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Fiesole
Fiesole {prop} :: A small town in the province of Firenze in Toscana
fievole {adj} :: dim (of light)
fievole {adj} :: weak (of sound)
fievolezza {f} :: weakness
fievolezza {f} :: dimness
fievolmente {adv} :: feebly, faintly, weakly
fifa {f} :: fear
fifona {f} :: coward (female)
fifone {m} :: coward
figa {f} :: alternative form of fica
figa {f} [vulgar, chiefly Northern Italy] :: cunt, pussy
figaro {m} [colloquial] :: barber
figaro {m} :: A bolero (short jacket)
figata {f} :: Variant of ficata
figgente {v} :: present participle of figgere
figgere {vt} :: to sink, to tap
figgere {vt} :: to dedicate
fighetto {m} :: alternative form of fichetto
fighissimo {adj} [slang] :: Very great, very cool (admirable)
Figi {prop} :: Fiji
figiana {f} :: Fijian (female)
figiano {adj} :: Fijian
figiano {m} :: Fijian
figiano {prop} :: The Fijian language
figlia {f} :: daughter
figlia {f} [usually, regional] :: girl
figlia d'arte {f} :: An artist or someone in the entertainment business who was born by artist parents or within a family of artists
figlia d'arte {f} [by extension] :: Someone with the same occupation as their parents or family
figlia di puttana {f} [vulgar, derogatory, taboo, slang, literally] :: daughter of a whore
figlia di puttana {f} :: bitch
figliante {v} :: present participle of figliare
figliare {vt} [chiefly of animals] :: to breed, to give birth, to bring forth, to litter
figliastra {f} :: stepdaughter
figliastro {m} :: stepchild
figliastro {m} :: stepson
figlia unica {f} [family] :: female only child
figliazione {f} :: filiation
figlicidio {m} :: filicide
Figline Valdarno {prop} :: A town in the province of Firenze in Toscana
figlio {m} [often, in the plural] :: child (of unspecified sex, in relation to their parents)
figlio {m} :: son
figlioccia {f} :: goddaughter
figlioccio {m} :: godchild
figlioccio {m} :: godson
figlio d'arte {m} :: An artist or someone in the entertainment business who was born by artist parents or within a family of artists
figlio d'arte {m} [by extension] :: Someone with the same occupation as their parents or family
Figlio dell'Uomo {prop} :: Son of Man
Figlio di Dio {prop} [Christianity] :: Son of God
figlio di puttana {m} [vulgar, derogatory, taboo, slang, literally] :: son of a whore; [idiomatically] son of a bitch, motherfucker, arsehole [UK]/asshole [US], bastard
figliol {m} :: apocopic form of figliolo
figliol {f} :: apocopic form of figliola
figliola {f} :: daughter
figliolanza {f} :: offspring
figlioletta {f} :: little daughter
figlioletto {m} :: little child
figlioletto {m} :: little son
figliolo {m} :: son [diminutive]
figliolo {m} :: sonny
figlio unico {m} [family] :: male only child
figliuol {m} :: apocopic form of figliuolo
figliuola {f} :: Variant of figliola
figliuolo {m} :: Variant of figliolo
figo {adj} [slang] :: great, cool (admirable)
figulinaio {m} :: potter, especially one who makes figurines
figura {f} :: figure (all senses)
figura {f} :: illustration
figura {f} :: character
figura {f} :: impression
figura {f} [of playing cards] :: court, coat, face
figurabile {adj} :: imaginable
figuraccia {f} :: A bad impression
figuraccia {f} :: blunder, fluff, boob, gaffe
figurale {adj} :: figural
figurale {adj} :: symbolic
figuralmente {adv} :: figuratively
figuralmente {adv} :: symbolically
figurante {v} :: present participle of figurare
figurante {m} :: extra, bit player, walk-on (in a film, play, TV show etc.)
figurantesi {v} :: present participle of figurarsi
figurare {vi} :: To appear or figure
figurare {vt} :: To picture something
figura retorica {f} :: figure of speech
figurarsi {vr} :: To imagine
figurarsi {v} [idiomatic] :: [as imperative] don't mention it, de nada
figurarsi {v} [idiomatic] :: [as imperative] expression of dismissal or disbelief
figuratamente {adv} :: figuratively
figurativamente {adv} :: figuratively
figurativismo {m} [art] :: figurative art
figuratività {f} :: figurativeness
figurativo {adj} :: figurative
figurato {adj} :: figurative
figurato {adj} :: illustrated
figuratosi {v} :: past participle of figurarsi
figurazione {f} :: representation, depiction
figurazione {f} :: walk-on
figurina {f} :: figurine
figurina {f} :: picture card, trading card (collectable, from cigarettes etc)
figurinista {mf} :: couturier; dress designer
figurino {m} :: fashion sketch or plate
figuro {m} :: A shady or suspicious person
figurona {f} :: A woman giving an excellent impression; bella figura
figurone {m} :: A man giving an excellent impression; bella figura
fil {m} :: apocopic form of filo
fila {f} :: line, rank
fila {f} [masonry] :: row, course (a row of bricks or blocks)
fila {f} :: queue [British], line [US]
-fila {suffix} :: feminine noun of -filo
filabile {adj} :: ductile (able to be drawn into wire)
filacanevo {m} :: rope and/or string made from hemp fibres
filaccia {f} [nautical] :: thrum (short piece of rope)
filaccia {f} :: rope yarn
filaccia {f} :: lint
filaccicoso {adj} :: stringy (meat etc.)
filaccicoso {adj} :: filamentous, filamentary
filaccio {m} [nautical] :: frayed, or poor-quality cable
Filadelfia {prop} :: Philadelphia
filadelfo {m} :: mock orange - plant
filagna {f} :: A standard-sized slab of marble
fila indiana {f} :: single file (line or queue one person wide)
filamento {m} :: filament
filamentoso {adj} :: filamentous, filamentary
filamentoso {adj} :: stringy (food)
filamina {f} [protein] :: filamin
filanca {f} :: A synthetic stretch material, used especially on shoes
filanda {f} :: spinning mill, especially for silk
filandiere {m} :: spinning mill owner or company
filandina {f} :: spinner
filandra {f} :: spinning or weaving waste
Filangieri {prop} :: surname
Filangieri {prop} :: An old Italian noble family
filante {v} :: present participle of filare
filante {adj} :: streaming
filantropa {f} :: philanthropist (female)
filantropia {f} :: philanthropy
filantropicamente {adv} :: philanthropically
filantropico {adj} :: philanthropic
filantropismo {m} :: philanthropism
filantropo {m} :: philanthropist
filare {vt} :: to spin [yarn]
filare {vt} :: to draw [wire]
filare {vt} :: to pay out [rope, etc.]
filare {vt} :: to trail [an oar in the water]
filare {vi} :: to run; to leave [in a hurry]
filare {m} :: row, line, file, especially of trees or vines
filaria {f} :: filaria
filariasi {f} :: filariasis
filarino {m} :: boyfriend
filarino {m} :: crush, puppy love
filariosi {f} :: filariasis
filarmonica {f} :: music society
filarmonico {adj} [music] :: philharmonic
filarsela {v} :: to clear out or slip away (leave quickly)
filastrocca {f} :: nursery rhyme
filastrocca {f} :: rigmarole
filatelia {f} :: philately
filatelica {f} :: philatelist (female)
filatelicamente {adv} :: philatelically
filatelico {adj} :: philatelic
filatelico {m} :: philatelist
filatelista {mf} :: philatelist, stamp collector
filatelista {mf} :: stamp dealer
filaticcio {m} :: filoselle, floss silk
filato {adj} :: spun
filato {adj} :: continuous, uninterrupted
filato {m} :: yarn, thread
filatoio {m} :: spinning machine
filatoio {m} :: spinning wheel
filatore {m} :: spinner (person who spins yarn)
filatrice {f} :: spinner (female person, masculine: filatore)
filatrice {f} :: spinning machine
filatterio {m} :: phylactery
filatura {f} :: spinning (of thread)
filatura {f} :: spinning mill (factory)
fil di ferro {m} :: alternative form of fildiferro
fildiferro {m} :: iron wire
file {m} [computing] :: file
filellenico {adj} :: philhellenic
filellenismo {m} :: philhellenism
filelleno {m} :: philhellene, philhellenist
Filemone {prop} [biblical] :: Philemon
filettante {v} :: present participle of filettare
filettare {vt} :: To thread
filettatore {m} :: threader (person)
filettatrice {f} :: threader (machine that cuts threads)
filettatura {f} :: screw thread, fillet
filettatura {f} :: braid, edging (of clothing)
filetto {m} :: thread or braid
filetto {m} :: fillet (of fish or meat)
filetto {m} :: tic-tac-toe
Filezio {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Philoetius
-filia {suffix} :: -philia
-filia {suffix} :: -phily
filiale {adj} :: filial
filiale {f} :: branch (of a company)
filiale {f} :: subsidiary (of a company)
filiazione {f} :: filiation
filiazione {f} :: derivation, origin
filiazione {f} :: a mass of ice calved from an iceberg
Filiberto {prop} :: given name, cognate to French Philibert
filibustiere {m} :: pirate, corsair, filibuster
filibustiere {m} :: adventurer
filibustiere {m} :: rascal
Filicudi {prop} :: One of the Lipari Islands, in the Tyrrhenian Sea
filiera {f} :: chain, supply chain, productive chain
filiera {f} :: sector, business
filiera {f} :: A die, a tap (device for cutting)
filiforme {adj} :: threadlike, filiform
filiforme {adj} :: spindly
filigrana {f} :: filigree
filigrana {f} :: watermark
filigranato {adj} :: filigreed
filigranato {adj} :: watermarked (paper)
filipendula {f} :: dropwort
Filippa {prop} :: given name, cognate to Philippa
Filippesi {prop} [biblical] :: Philippians
Filippi {prop} :: Philippi
filippica {f} :: invective
filippica {f} :: tirade
filippica {f} :: philippic
Filippiche {prop} :: Philippics
filippina {f} :: Filipina
Filippine {prop} :: Philippines
filippino {adj} :: Filipino
filippino {adj} :: Philippine
filippino {m} :: Filipino
filippino {prop} :: The Filipino language
Filippo {prop} :: given name, equivalent to English Philip
Filippo {prop} :: Philip [biblical character]
Filippopoli {prop} :: obsolete form of Plovdiv
filisteismo {m} :: Philistinism
filisteo {adj} :: philistine
filisteo {adj} :: Philistine
filisteo {m} :: philistine
filisteo {m} :: Philistine
fillio {m} :: leaf insect, walking leaf (of family Phyllidae)
fillirea {f} [plant] :: mock privet
fillochinone {m} [organic chemistry] :: phylloquinone
fillodio {m} [botany] :: phyllode
fillofago {adj} :: phyllophagous (eats shoots and leaves)
fillosilicato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: phyllosilicate
fillossera {f} :: phylloxera
fillotassi {f} [botany] :: phyllotaxis / phyllotaxy
fillotassi {f} [botany] :: The arrangement of leaves on a stem, or the mathematical principles governing such arrangement
fillumenistica {f} :: phillumeny
film {m} :: film
filmabile {adj} :: filmable
filmante {v} :: present participle of filmare
filmare {vt} :: to film, shoot
filmato {m} :: A short film
filmico {adj} :: film (attributive), of the movies, motion-picture
filmina {f} :: film strip
filmino {m} :: A short film
filmistico {adj} :: film, cinema (attributive)
filmografia {f} :: filmography
filmografico {adj} :: filmographic
filmologia {f} :: filmology
filo {m} :: thread (for sewing, etc)
filo {m} :: yarn
filo {m} :: string (cord)
filo {m} :: cable, wire, flex
filo {m} :: blade (of grass, etc)
filo {m} :: grain (of wood)
filo {m} [idiomatic, in the plural] :: threads, strands
-filo {suffix} :: -phile
filo- {prefix} :: phyllo- (leaf)
filo- {prefix} :: phylo- (race etc)
filo- {prefix} :: philo- (affinity); pro-; -phile
filo- {prefix} :: cable (attributive)
filoamericano {adj} :: pro-American
filoarabo {adj} :: pro-Arab
filobus {m} :: trolley bus
filocapitalistico {adj} :: pro-capitalistic
filoccidentale {adj} :: pro-Western
filocinese {adj} :: pro-Chinese (especially pro-communist or Maoist)
filocomunismo {m} :: pro-communism (communist sympathising)
filocomunista {mf} :: communist sympathizer
filocomunista {adj} :: pro-communist
filo conduttore {m} :: central thread
filo conduttore {m} :: main theme
filo d'acqua {m} :: A thin trickle of water
filo dell'acqua {m} :: A stream or current of water
filo del ragionamento {m} :: train of thought
filodendro {m} [botany] :: philodendron
filodiffusione {f} :: rediffusion (radio via cable)
filodiffusore {m} :: rediffusion receiver
filodrammatica {f} :: amateur dramatic society
filodrammatico {adj} :: amateur dramatics (attributive)
filodrammatico {m} :: amateur actor
filoegizia {adj} :: pro-Egypt
filoestense {adj} :: pro-Este
filoeuropeo {adj} :: pro-European
filofascista {adj} :: In favour of fascism
filofascista {mf} :: A supporter of fascism
filofobia {f} :: philophobia
filofrancese {adj} :: francophile
filogenesi {f} [genetics] :: phylogenetics
filogeneticamente {adv} :: phylogenetically
filogenetico {adj} :: phylogenetic
filogovernativo {adj} :: pro-government
filoimperiale {adj} :: pro-empire; pro-imperialism
filo interdentale {m} :: dental floss, floss
filoisraeliano {adj} :: pro-Israeli
filoisraeliano {m} :: pro-Israeli person
filologia {f} :: philology
filologicamente {adv} :: philologically
filologico {adj} :: philological
filologo {m} :: philologist
filomacedone {adj} :: pro-Macedonian
filomafioso {adj} :: Favourable to, or supporting the Mafia
filomazziniano {adj} :: pro-Mazzini
Filomena {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Philomena
filo metallico {n} :: wire
filonazista {adj} :: pro-Nazi
filoncino {m} :: diminutive of filone
filoncino {m} :: breadstick, French stick
filone {m} :: seam (of mineral)
filone {m} :: tradition (cultural)
filone {m} :: genre
filone {m} :: Vienna loaf
filone {m} :: lode
filoniano {adj} :: lode, seam (attributive)
filonucleare {adj} :: pro-nuclear
filooccidentale {adj} :: pro-Western
filoorientale {adj} :: pro-Eastern
filopalestinese {adj} :: Favourable to the Palestinian cause
filopapale {adj} :: pro-papal; pro-Pope
filopersiano {adj} :: pro-Persian
filopode {m} :: filopodium
filorientale {adj} :: pro-Eastern
filorusso {adj} :: pro-Russian
filorusso {m} :: pro-Russian person
filoso {adj} :: stringy
filosocialista {adj} :: pro-socialist
filosofa {f} :: female philosopher
filosofale {adj} :: philosopher (attributive)
filosofante {v} :: present participle of filosofare
filosofare {v} :: to philosophize
filosofastra {f} :: philosophaster, pseudo-philosopher (female)
filosofastro {m} :: philosophaster, pseudo-philosopher
filosofeggiante {v} :: present participle of filosofeggiare
filosofeggiare {vi} :: To philosophize
filosofema {m} :: philosopheme
filosofia {f} :: philosophy
filosofia {f} [printing, dated] :: small pica: 11-point type
filosoficamente {adv} :: philosophically
filosofico {adj} :: philosophical
filosofismo {m} :: philosophism
filosofo {m} :: philosopher
filosovietico {adj} :: pro-Soviet
filospartano {adj} :: pro-Spartan
filo spinato {m} :: barbed wire
filossera {f} :: phylloxera
filostatunitense {adj} :: pro-American
Filostrato {prop} :: Philostratus
Filottete {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Philoctetes
filotto {m} [billiards] :: A shot that knocks down a whole row of pins
filotto {m} [sports] :: An unbroken sequence of wins
filovia {f} :: trolley bus (vehicle or line)
filoviario {adj} :: trolley bus (attributive)
filtrabile {adj} :: filterable
filtrabilità {f} :: filterability
filtraggio {m} :: filtration
filtraggio {m} :: clearance
filtrante {adj} :: filter [attributive]
filtrante {adj} :: filtrate [attributive]
filtrare {vit} :: to filter, screen
filtrato {m} :: filtrate
filtratore {m} [biology] :: filter feeder
filtrazione {f} :: filtration
filtrazione {f} :: filtering, screening
filtro {m} :: filter
filtro {m} :: potion, philtre
filtropressa {m} :: filter press
filugello {m} :: silkworm
filza {f} :: string (especially a series of things)
Filzi {prop} :: surname
Filzi {prop} :: Fabio Filzi, Italian patriot
fimbrina {f} [protein] :: fimbrin
fimicolo {adj} :: fimicolous
fimo {m} [literary] :: dung, ordure
fimosi {f} :: phimosis
final {adj} :: apocopic form of finale
final {m} :: apocopic form of finale
finale {adj} :: final, ending
finale {m} :: end, ending, conclusion
finale {m} :: finale
finale {f} [sports] :: final, finals
finale {f} [of a contest] :: last round, final trial
finale {f} [linguistics] :: termination, ending, final clause
Finale Ligure {prop} :: A town in the province of Savona in Liguria
finalese {adj} :: of or from Finale Ligure
finalese {mf} :: native or inhabitant of Finale Ligure
finalese {m} :: dialect spoken in that place
finalina {f} :: playoff (for third place or bronze medal)
finalismo {m} [philosophy] :: finalism
finalissima {f} :: final (sports)
finalissima {f} :: grand final
finalista {f} [sports] :: finalist
finalistico {adj} :: finalist (attributive)
finalità {f} :: finality
finalità {f} :: aim, purpose
finalizzante {v} :: present participle of finalizzare
finalizzare {v} :: to finalize
finalizzare {v} :: to direct, aim (e.g. one's efforts) at
finalizzazione {f} :: finalization
finalmente {adv} :: at last
finalmente {adv} :: in the end, lastly, finally
finalmente {interj} :: at last!; at long last!
finanche {adv} :: even
financo {adv} :: even though, even if, although, even, also
financo {adv} :: Variant of finanche
finanza {f} :: finance
finanza pubblica {f} [economics] :: public finance
finanziabile {adj} :: That can be financed
finanziabile {adj} :: payable by instalments
finanziabilità {f} :: financeability
finanziabilità {f} :: Property of being payable by instalments
finanziamento {m} :: financing
finanziamento {m} :: funds
finanziante {v} :: present participle of finanziare
finanziare {vt} :: to finance, fund, back, sponsor
finanziaria {f} :: investment company, finance company
finanziariamente {adv} :: financially
finanziario {adj} :: financial
finanziarsi {vr} :: To finance (one's own project)
finanziatore {adj} :: backing (financial)
finanziatore {m} :: backer (financial)
finanziera {f} :: frock coat
finanziere {m} :: financier
finanziere {m} :: customs officer
finca {f} :: column (in a table or register)
finché {conj} :: as long as
finché non {conj} :: until
fin d'ora {adv} :: already, yet
fine {adj} :: thin
fine {adj} :: fine
fine {adj} :: refined
fine {f} :: end
fine {m} :: aim, purpose, end
Fineas {prop} [Biblical character] :: Phinehas
finecorsa {m} :: end of the line (of a transport route)
finegranulante {adj} [photography] :: fine-grained
finemente {adv} :: finely
finemente {adv} :: minutely
finemente {adv} :: precisely
finentela {v} :: present participle of finirla
fine settimana {m} :: weekend
finestra {f} :: window
finestrato {adj} :: windowed
finestratura {f} :: glazing, windows
finestrella {f} :: small window
finestrella {f} :: box
finestrina {f} :: small window
finestrino {m} :: (of a car, train, plane, etc.) window
finestrino {m} :: small window
finestrone {m} :: big window, large window
Finetti {prop} :: surname
finezza {f} :: fineness
finezza {f} :: thinness
finezza {f} :: sharpness
finezza {f} :: keenness
finezza {f} :: shrewdness
finezza {f} :: subtleness
finezza {f} :: refinement
finferla {f} [mushrooms] :: chanterelle, golden chanterelle, girolle (Cantharellus cibarius)
finferlo {m} [mushrooms] :: chanterelle, golden chanterelle, girolle (Cantharellus cibarius)
fingente {v} :: present participle of fingere
fingentesi {v} :: present participle of fingersi
fingere {vt} :: To pretend or feign
fingere {vi} :: To dissemble
fingersi {vr} :: To pretend to be something
finiano {adj} :: Of or relating to Gianfranco Fini or to his policies
finiano {m} :: A follower of Gianfranco Fini, or an advocate of his policies
finibile {adj} :: That can be finished; finishable
finimento {m} :: finishing
finimento {m} :: finishing touch
finimento {m} [in the plural] :: harness (for a horse)
finimondo {m} :: The end of the world
finimondo {m} :: pandemonium, rumpus, ructions
finire {vt} :: to finish
finire {vi} :: to finish, to end
finirla {v} :: to stop or give up an activity; to put an end to
finissaggio {m} :: finishing (operation)
finissaggio {m} :: finish
finissimo {adj} :: superfine
finitala {v} :: past participle of finirla
finitamente {adv} :: finitely
finitezza {f} :: finiteness
finitezza {f} :: perfection
finito {adj} :: finished
finito {adj} :: finite
finitrice {f} :: finishing machine
finitudine {f} :: finitude
finitura {f} :: finish
finitura {f} :: finishing touch
finizione {f} :: finishing
finlandese {adj} :: Finnish
finlandese {mf} :: Finnish
finlandese {m} [singular only] :: The Finnish language
Finlandia {prop} :: Finland
finlandizzante {v} :: present participle of finlandizzare
finlandizzare {vt} :: to Finnicize
finlandizzazione {f} :: Finlandization
finnico {adj} :: Finnic
finno {adj} [historical] :: Of or pertaining to the Finns
finno {m} :: Finn
fino {prep} :: till, until, as far as
fino {adj} :: thin, fine
fino a {prep} :: up to (no more than)
fino a {prep} :: till, until, to (time)
fino a {prep} :: to, as far as, up to (location)
fino all'ultimo {adv} :: to the last, to the end
fino all'ultimo {adv} :: till the last minute
finocchiaccio {m} [plant] :: giant fennel, common giant fennel
finocchiella {f} [plant] :: sweet cicely
finocchietto {m} [plant] :: wild fennel
finocchino {m} :: fennel seed
finocchino {m} :: A kind of cookies flavoured with fennel seeds
finocchio {m} :: fennel
finocchio {m} [idiomatic] :: queer, poof, nancy boy, faggot
finocchiona {f} [meats] :: A kind of salami flavored with fennel seeds, traditionally produced in Tuscany
finocchione {m} :: A variety of sweet fennel typical of Bologna
finor {adv} :: apocopic form of finora
finora {adv} :: so far, till now, up to now, yet
finta {f} :: pretence
finta {f} [sports] :: feint, dummy
fintaggine {f} :: duplicity, falseness
fintamente {adv} :: falsely
fintamente {adv} :: artificially
fintante {v} :: present participle of fintare
fintanto {conj} :: Variant of fintantoché or finché
fintantoché {conj} :: as long as
fintantoché {conj} :: until
fintantoché {adv} :: as long as
fintantoché {adv} :: until
fintantochè {conj} :: alternative form of fintantoché
fintare {vt} [sports] :: To dummy
fintare {vi} [sports] :: To feint
finto {adj} :: false
finto {adj} :: artificial
finto {adj} :: imitation (attributive)
fintosi {v} :: past participle of fingersi
Finzi {prop} :: surname
finzione {f} :: pretense, pretence
finzione {f} :: sham
finzione {f} :: fiction
fio {m} :: retribution
fio {m} :: penalty
fiocamente {adv} :: faintly,weakly
fiocamente {adv} :: dimly (lighting)
fioccante {v} :: present participle of fioccare
fioccare {vi} :: To snow
fioccare {vi} :: To shower, shower down or rain down
fiocchetto {m} :: tassel
fiocco {m} :: bow, ribbon, knot
fiocco {m} :: flock, tuft
fiocco {m} :: flake, snowflake
fiocco {m} :: flake (of food)
fiocco {m} [nautical] :: jib
fiocco {m} [nautical] :: drifter (a very light sail used when no wind available)
fiocco di neve {m} :: snowflake (crystal of snow)
fioccoso {adj} :: Resembling a flake or flock (wool)
fiocina {f} :: harpoon
fiocina {f} :: spear
fiocinante {v} :: present participle of fiocinare
fiocinare {vt} :: to harpoon
fiocinare {vt} :: to spear [a fish, etc.]
fiocinata {f} :: A blow or strike with a harpoon
fiocinatore {m} :: harpooner
fiocine {m} :: grape skin
fiociniere {m} :: harpooner
fioco {adj} :: hoarse, feeble, weak, faint
fioco {adj} :: dim, wan
fionda {f} :: sling, slingshot, catapult, shanghai
fiondante {v} :: present participle of fiondare
fiondantesi {v} :: present participle of fiondarsi
fiondare {vt} :: To catapult or hurl
fiondarsi {vr} :: To fling oneself, to rush
fiondatosi {v} :: past participle of fiondarsi
Fionia {prop} :: Funen (Danish island)
fior {n} :: apocopic form of fiore
Fiora {prop} :: A river that flows in Tuscany
fioraccio {m} :: A floral motif used on pottery in parts of the Abruzzo
fioraia {f} :: (female) florist, flower seller
fioraio {m} :: florist, flower seller
fiorale {adj} :: flower (attributive)
fiorale {adj} :: floral
fiorame {m} :: floral pattern
fiorato {adj} :: flowered, floral, flowery
Fioravanti {prop} :: surname
fiordalisato {adj} [heraldry] :: Decorated with fleurs-de-lis
fiordaliso {m} :: cornflower, bachelor's button
fior di latte {m} :: mozzarella (made from cow's milk, rather than that of water buffalo)
fior di latte {m} :: milk ice-cream
fiordilatte {n} :: alternative spelling of fior di latte
fiordo {m} :: fjord
fiore {m} [also, , figurative] :: flower, bloom, blossom
fiore {m} :: surface
fiore {m} [on playing cards] :: {p} clubs
Fiore {prop} :: given name
Fiore {prop} :: given name
fiore d'arancio {m} :: An orange blossom
Fiorella {prop} :: given name, a variant of Fiore
fiorellino {m} :: floret
fiorellino {m} :: (rare) small flower in general
Fiorello {prop} :: given name
fiorente {v} :: present participle of fiorire
fiorente {adj} :: thriving, flourishing
fiorente {adj} :: blooming
fiorentemente {adv} :: flourishingly
fiorentina {f} :: A female Florentine
fiorentina {f} [only in the feminine] :: T-bone steak
fiorentina {f} [chemistry, only in the feminine] :: separating funnel
fiorentineggiante {v} :: present participle of fiorentineggiare
fiorentineggiare {vi} :: To affect a Florentine manner or speech
fiorentineria {f} :: Florentine speech, especially such an affected speech
fiorentinismo {m} :: A Florentine idiom
fiorentinità {f} :: Property of being Florentine; Florentineness
fiorentino {adj} :: Florentine
fiorentino {m} :: Florentine
fiorentissimo {adj} :: Very flourishing or thriving
Fiorenza {prop} :: given name, feminine of Fiorenzo
Fiorenza {prop} :: obsolete form of Firenze
Fiorenzo {prop} :: given name, masculine of Fiorenza
fioretta {f} :: flowers of wine; flor
fioretta {f} :: mould
fiorettante {v} :: present participle of fiorettare
fiorettare {vt} :: To embellish
fiorettatura {f} :: flourish
fiorettatura {f} :: flowery embellishment (of speech)
fiorettista {f} [fencing] :: foil fencer
fioretto {m} :: Small, devotional sacrifice
fioretto {m} :: good deed
fioretto {m} [fencing] :: foil
fioretto {m} :: drilling bit
fior fiore {n} [idiomatic] :: the best, the crème de la crème
fiorgalletto {m} :: yellow vetch (Lathyrus aphaca)
fioricoltore {m} :: Variant of floricoltore
fioricoltura {f} :: Variant of floricoltura
fioriera {f} :: flower box
fioriera {f} :: flower bowl
fiorifero {adj} [botany] :: floriferous
fiorile {m} [historical] :: Floréal (the eighth month of the French Republican Calendar)
Fiorina {prop} :: given name
fiorino {m} :: fiorino or florin
fiorino {m} :: forint
fiorire {vi} :: to flower, to bloom, to blossom
fiorire {vi} :: to flourish
fiorista {mf} :: florist
fioristico {adj} :: flowers and plants (attributive)
fioritamente {adv} :: floridly
fiorito {adj} :: in flower, flowering, in bloom, in blossom, full of flowers
fiorito {adj} [of fabric, wallpaper, etc] :: flowered
fiorito {adj} :: (ornate) florid, flowery
fioritura {f} :: blooming, flowering, blossoming
fioritura {f} [figuratively] :: flourishing
fioritura {f} :: flowers, bloom, display
fioritura {f} :: embellishment
fiorone {m} :: early fig
fiorone {m} [architecture] :: fleuron
fiorrancino {m} :: firecrest
fiorrancio {m} :: pot marigold (genus Calendula)
Fiorucci {prop} :: surname
Fiorucci {prop} :: Elio Fiorucci, Italian designer
fiosso {m} :: arch (of the foot)
fiosso {m} :: shank or waist (of a shoe)
fiottare {v} :: to gurgle
fiotto {m} :: gush, spurt, flood
fire {v} [Northern Italy, obsolete] :: to be
Firenze {prop} :: Firenze (province/and/city)
Firenze {prop} :: The letter F in the Italian phonetic alphabet
firma {f} :: signature
firmamento {m} :: firmament
firmante {v} :: present participle of firmare
firmare {vt} :: to sign (a document etc.)
firmataria {f} :: signatory (female)
firmatario {m} :: signatory
Firmino {prop} :: given name
firnificazione {f} :: firnification
fisarmonica {f} :: accordion
fisarmonicista {mf} :: accordionist
fiscale {adj} :: fiscal
fiscale {adj} :: tax
fiscale {adj} :: punctilious
fiscaleggiante {v} :: present participle of fiscaleggiare
fiscaleggiare {vi} :: To be very rigorous, exacting or oppressive
fiscalismo {m} :: fiscalism
fiscalismo {m} :: oppressive taxation
fiscalismo {m} :: excessive rigour or strictness
fiscalista {mf} :: tax consultant
fiscalità {f} :: The tax system
fiscalità {f} :: fiscality
fiscalità {f} :: punctiliousness
fiscalizzante {v} :: present participle of fiscalizzare
fiscalizzare {v} :: to tax [especially to transfer contributions or revenue to the inland revenue]
fiscalizzazione {f} :: taxation involving transfer to the inland revenue
fiscalmente {adv} :: fiscally
fiscalmente {adv} :: strictly, by the book, rigorously
fiscella {f} :: A conical wicker basket used to drain fresh ricotta
fischiabile {adj} :: That can be whistled
fischiante {v} :: present participle of fischiare
fischiare {vti} :: to whistle
fischiare {vti} :: to hiss or boo
fischiare {vti} :: to sing (of birds)
fischiata {f} :: whistling
fischiata {f} :: whistle
fischiatina {f} :: whistle
fischiatissimo {adj} :: Very much booed, loudly booed
fischiatore {m} :: whistler
fischiatore {m} :: catcaller
fischiatore {adj} :: whistling
fischiatore {adj} :: hissing (of a snake)
fischiettabile {adj} :: That can be whistled
fischiettante {v} :: present participle of fischiettare
fischiettare {vti} :: to whistle
fischiettio {m} :: whistling (continuous)
fischietto {m} :: whistle (instrument)
fischio {m} :: whistle (sound)
fischione {m} :: widgeon
fisciù {m} :: fichu
fisco {m} :: fisc; exchequer; national treasury; public treasury
fisco {m} :: taxation or the revenue obtained by taxation
fisco {m} :: Inland Revenue [British], Internal Revenue Service [US] (government department with responsibility for collecting taxation)
fisco {m} [colloquial, especially in plural] :: tax inspector, taxman (more properly: ispettore del fisco)
fisetere {m} :: sperm whale
fisiatra {f} :: physiatrist
fisiatria {f} :: physiatrics
fisiatrico {adj} :: physiatrical
fisica {f} :: physics
fisica {f} :: physicist (female)
fisica delle particelle {f} [physics] :: particle physics
fisicalismo {m} [philosophy] :: physicalism
fisicalista {mf} [philosophy] :: physicalist
fisicamente {adv} :: physically
fisicato {adj} :: having a good physique
fisicato {adj} :: muscular
fisicità {f} :: physicality
fisicità {f} :: corporeality
fisico {adj} :: physical
fisico {m} :: physicist [male]
fisico {m} [archaic] :: physician
fisico {m} :: physique
fisicochimico {adj} :: physicochemical
fisicomeccanico {adj} :: physicomechanical
fisima {f} :: fixation
fisio- {prefix} :: physio-
fisiocinesiterapia {f} [medicine] :: physiokinesitherapy
fisiocinesiterapista {mf} :: physiokinesitherapist
fisiocrate {mf} :: physiocrat
fisiocratico {adj} :: physiocratic
fisiocrazia {f} :: physiocracy
fisiognomica {f} :: physiognomy
fisiognomico {adj} :: physiognomic, physiognomical
fisiognomo {m} :: physiognomist
fisiognomonia {f} :: physiognomy
fisiognomonico {adj} :: physiognomic, physiognomical
fisiognosia {f} :: physiognosis
fisiografia {f} :: physiography
fisiografico {adj} :: physiographic
fisiologa {f} :: physiologist (female)
fisiologia {f} :: physiology
fisiologicamente {adv} :: physiologically
fisiologico {adj} :: physiological
fisiologo {m} :: physiologist
fisionomia {f} :: physiognomy
fisionomia {f} :: face, aspect
fisionomicamente {adv} :: physiognomically
fisionomico {adj} :: physiognomic, physiognomical
fisionomista {mf} :: A person with a good memory for faces
fisiopatologia {f} :: physiopathology
fisiopatologico {adj} :: physiopathological
fisiopatologo {m} [pathology] :: physiopathologist
fisiopsicologia {f} :: psychophysiology
fisioterapia {f} :: physiotherapy
fisioterapico {adj} :: physiotherapy (attributive)
fisioterapista {mf} :: physiotherapist
fisisorbimento {m} [physics] :: physisorption
fiso {adj} :: alternative form of fisso
fiso {adv} :: fixedly, intently
fisonomia {f} :: alternative spelling of fisionomia
fisostigmina {f} [medicine] :: physostigmine
fissa {f} :: obsession
fissabile {adj} :: fixable
fissaggio {m} :: fixing (photographic)
fissaggio {m} :: drying (of paint)
fissamaiuscole {m} :: shift lock, caps lock
fissamente {adv} :: fixedly
fissante {v} :: present participle of fissare
fissante {adj} :: fastening, fixing (attributive)
fissantesi {v} :: present participle of fissarsi
fissare {v} :: to fasten, fix, secure
fissare {v} :: to stare at, look fixedly
fissare {v} :: to fix, arrange, set
fissarsi {vr} [of eyes] :: to be fixed
fissarsi {vr} :: to get something into one's head
fissarsi {vr} :: to settle, to settle down
fissata {f} :: A woman with a fixation or obsession
fissativo {adj} :: fixative, fixing
fissativo {m} :: fixative
fissato {adj} :: fixed
fissato {adj} :: set, agreed, bent
fissato {m} :: A person with a fixation or obsession
fissatore {m} :: fixative
fissatore {m} [photography] :: fixer
fissatore {m} :: setting lotion (for the hair)
fissatosi {v} :: past participle of fissarsi
fissazione {f} :: fixation (all meanings)
fissazione {f} :: obsession
fissile {adj} :: fissile
fissile {adj} [physics] :: fissile, fissionable
fissile {adj} [geology] :: fissile
fissilità {f} [physics] :: fissility
fissionabile {adj} [physics] :: fissionable
fissionabilità {f} [physics] :: fissionability
fissionante {v} :: present participle of fissionare
fissionare {v} [physics] :: To fission
fissione {f} :: fission
fissione nucleare {f} [physics] :: nuclear fission
fissipede {m} :: fissiped
fissismo {m} [biology] :: fixism
fissità {f} :: fixedness
fissità {f} :: steadiness
fisso {adj} :: fixed
fisso {adj} :: regular, stable, steady
fisso {adv} :: fixedly, intently
fisso {m} :: fixed salary, fixed pay, fixed allowance
fisso {m} :: home phone
fistione {m} :: pochard
fistola {f} [pathology] :: fistula
fistolizzazione {f} :: fistulization
fistolo {m} :: devil
fistolo {m} :: malignant spirit
fistoloso {adj} :: fistulous
-fita {suffix} :: -phyte
-fitico {suffix} :: -phytic
fito- {prefix} :: phyto-
-fito {suffix} :: -phyte
-fito {suffix} :: -phytic
fitobiologia {f} [botany] :: phytobiology
fitocenosi {f} :: phytocoenosis
fitochimica {f} :: phytochemistry
fitoclima {m} :: phytoclimate
fitoclimatico {adj} :: phytoclimatic
fitocosmesi {f} :: botanical (cosmetic made from plant material)
fitodepurazione {f} :: The purification of water by use of aquatic plants
fitofagia {f} :: phytophagy
fitofago {m} :: phytophage, herbivore
fitofago {adj} [zoology] :: phytophagous, herbivorous
fitofarmaceutico {adj} :: phytopharmaceutical, phytopharmacological
fitofarmacia {f} :: phytopharmacology
fitofarmaco {m} :: pesticide
fitofarmaco {m} :: Any drug of vegetable origin
fitofenologia {f} :: phytophenology
fitogenesi {f} [botany] :: phytogenesis
fitogenetica {f} :: phytogenesis, phytogeny
fitogenetico {adj} :: phytogenetic
fitogenico {adj} [geology] :: phytogenic
fitogeografia {f} [botany] :: phytogeography
fitogeografo {m} :: phytogeographer
fitogeologia {f} :: phytogeology
fitografia {f} [botany] :: phytography
fitografico {adj} :: phytographic
fitoiatria {f} :: plant pathology
fitoiatrico {adj} :: Of or relating to plant pathology
fitolacca {f} :: pokeweed (genus Phytolacca)
fitologia {f} :: phytology
fitomenadione {m} [organic compound] :: phytomenadione
fitomorfico {adj} :: phytomorphic
fitomorfo {adj} :: phytomorphic
fitonimo {m} :: phytonym
fitopaleontologia {f} :: phytopaleontology
fitoparassitologia {f} :: phytoparasitology
fitopatia {f} :: plant disease
fitopatogeno {adj} :: plant pathogenic
fitopatogeno {m} :: plant pathogen
fitopatologa {f} :: phytopathologist (female)
fitopatologia {f} :: phytopathology
fitopatologico {adj} :: phytopathological
fitopatologo {m} :: phytopathologist
fitoplancton {m} :: phytoplankton
fitormone {m} [biochemistry] :: phytohormone, plant hormone
fitosanitario {adj} :: phytosanitary
fitosociologia {f} :: phytosociology
fitosociologico {adj} :: phytosociological
fitosterina {f} :: synonym of fitosterolo
fitosterolo {m} [biochemistry] :: phytosterol
fitoterapia {f} [medicine] :: phytotherapy
fitoterapico {adj} :: phytotherapy (attributive)
fitotomia {f} [botany] :: phytotomy
fitotossicità {f} :: phytotoxicity
fitotossico {adj} :: phytotoxic
fitotrone {m} :: phytotron
fitta {f} :: Sharp pain
fittabile {mf} :: tenant
fittamente {adv} :: thickly, densely
fittavola {f} :: tenant (female)
fittavolo {m} :: tenant
fittezza {f} :: thickness, density, denseness
fittile {adj} :: fictile
fittile {adj} :: clay (attributive)
Fittipaldi {prop} :: surname
fittissimo {adj} :: Very thick
fittiziamente {adv} :: fictitiously
fittizio {adj} :: fictitious
fitto {adj} :: thick
fitto {adj} :: dense
fitto {adj} :: heavy
fitto {adv} :: hard (rain etc)
fitto {m} :: heart, depth (of a forest etc)
fitto {m} :: rent (variant of affitto)
fittonante {adj} [botany] :: taproot (attributive)
fittone {m} [botany] :: taproot
fiumana {f} :: torrent (river in flood)
fiumana {f} [figuratively] :: flood
fiumana {f} [figuratively] :: crowd
fiumana {f} :: feminine of fiumano
fiumano {adj} [rare] :: river (attributive)
fiumano {adj} :: Of or relating to the Croatian city of Rijeka or its people; Rijekan
fiumano {m} :: A Rijekan, a native or inhabitant of Rijeka
fiumara {f} :: torrent
fiumara {f} :: flood (of moving water)
fiume {m} :: river
Fiume {prop} :: Fiume (city)
Fiume Azzurro {prop} :: The river Yangtze, that flows in China
Fiume Giallo {prop} :: The river Huang He, that flows in China
Fiumicino {prop} :: A large town in the province of Roma
Fiumicino {prop} :: The principal international airport of Rome
fiutabile {adj} :: sniffable
fiutante {v} :: present participle of fiutare
fiutare {vt} :: to smell or sniff
fiutare {vt} :: to scent
fiuto {m} :: smell (the sense of smell)
fiuto {m} :: nose (intuition)
FIVET {initialism} :: IVF (in vitro fertilization)
Fl. {n} [music] :: abbreviation of flauto
flabellato {adj} :: flabellate
flabelliforme {adj} [botany, zoology] :: flabelliform
flabello {m} [botany, zoology] :: flabellum
flabello {m} :: flabellum (large fan used for religious ceremonies)
flaccidamente {adv} :: flabbily, flaccidly
flaccidezza {f} :: flabbiness, flaccidity
flaccidità {f} :: flabbiness, flaccidity
flaccido {adj} :: flabby
flaccido {adj} :: slack
flaccido {adj} :: flaccid
flaconcino {m} :: vial (small bottle)
flacone {m} :: bottle (especially for medicine or perfume)
flacone {m} :: plastic bottle for detergent
flagellamento {m} :: flagellation
flagellamento {m} :: scourging, whipping
flagellamento {m} :: lashing
flagellante {v} :: present participle of flagellare
flagellante {adj} :: flagellant
flagellante {mf} :: flagellant
flagellare {v} :: to whip, flog or scourge
flagellato {m} :: flagellate
flagellatore {m} :: flogger (one who flogs or whips)
flagellatore {m} :: castigator
flagellazione {f} :: whipping, scourging, flogging, flagellation
flagellina {f} [protein] :: flagellin
flagello {m} :: scourge
flagello {m} :: bane
flaggante {v} :: present participle of flaggare
flaggare {vt} [computing] :: to flag
flagioletto {m} [musical instruments] :: flageolet
flagrante {adj} :: flagrant
flagrante {adj} :: red-handed
flagrantemente {adv} :: flagrantly
flagranza {f} :: flagrancy
Flaiano {prop} :: surname
flambante {v} :: present participle of flambare
flambare {v} [cooking] :: To flambé
flambazione {f} :: flaming (sterilization in a flame)
flamberga {f} :: flamberge (flame-bladed sword)
Flaminia {prop} :: given name
Flaminio {prop} :: given name
flanella {f} :: flannel
flangia {f} :: flange
flangiante {v} :: present participle of flangiare
flangiare {v} :: to flange
flano {m} :: flong
flappeggio {m} :: flapping hinge (on a helicopter rotor assembly)
flato {m} :: flatus
flato {m} :: fart
flato {m} :: burp
flato {m} :: flatulence
flatulente {adj} :: flatulent, gassy
flatulento {adj} :: flatulent
flatulenza {f} :: flatulence
flaubertiano {adj} :: Flaubertian (relating to Gustave Flaubert)
flautato {adj} :: flutelike
flautino {m} [musical instruments] :: small flute
flautino {m} [musical instruments] :: piccolo
flautista {mf} [music] :: flautist
flauto {m} :: flute
flauto {m} :: recorder
flauto iperbasso {m} [musical instruments] :: hyperbass flute
flauto traverso {m} :: Western concert flute
flavedine {f} :: alternative form of flavedo
flavedo {f} :: flavedo
flavedo {f} [biology] :: synonym of clorosi
flavescente {adj} [literary] :: yellowing (turning yellow or golden)
Flavia {prop} :: given name of Latin origin
flavina {f} [organic chemistry] :: flavin
flavio {adj} :: Flavian
Flavio {prop} :: given name
flavismo {m} [biology] :: A hereditary anomaly in animals, consisting in a yellowish color of the skin, hair or feathers
flavizie {f} :: blondness
flavo {adj} [literary] :: yellow, blond
flavonolo {m} [organic chemistry] :: flavonol
flavoproteina {f} [protein] :: flavoprotein
flebile {adj} :: feeble, faint
flebilmente {adv} :: feebly
flebite {f} [disease] :: phlebitis
flebo {f} :: drip (intravenous)
flebo- {prefix} :: phlebo-
fleboclisi {f} [medicine] :: drip (intravenous)
flebografia {f} [medicine] :: phlebography
flebologia {f} [medicine] :: phlebology
flebologo {m} :: phlebologist
fleborragia {f} [medicine] :: phleborrhagia
flebotomia {f} [surgery] :: phlebotomy
flebotomo {m} [surgery] :: phlebotomist
flebotomo {m} [surgery] :: lancet
flebotomo {m} :: sandfly (genus Phlebotomus)
flebotrombosi {f} [pathology] :: phlebothrombosis
Flegetonta {prop} :: Phlegethon
Flegetonte {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Phlegethon
Flegias {prop} :: Phlegyas
Flegra {prop} :: Phlegra
flegreo {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the volcanic areas of Campania to the west of Naples
Flegreo {adj} :: Phlegraean
Flegïàs {prop} :: medieval spelling of Flegias
flemma {f} :: phlegm
flemmaticamente {adv} :: phlegmatically
flemmaticità {f} :: phlegmatic character
flemmatico {adj} :: phlegmatic
flemmatizzante {v} :: present participle of flemmatizzare
flemmatizzare {v} :: to phlegmatize
flemmatizzato {adj} :: phlegmatized
flemmone {m} [pathology] :: phlegmon
flemmonoso {adj} [pathology] :: phlegmonous
fleo {m} :: timothy, catstail
flerovio {m} [chemistry] :: flerovium
flessibile {adj} :: flexible, pliable, pliant
flessibile {adj} :: adaptable
flessibile {m} :: hose
flessibilità {f} :: flexibility
flessibilmente {adv} :: flexibly
flessile {adj} :: flexile, flexible, pliant
flessimetro {m} :: deflectometer
Flessinga {prop} :: Vlissingen (city in Netherlands)
flessionale {adj} [linguistics] :: inflectional
flessione {f} :: bending
flessione {f} :: bend (any of several gymnastic movements)
flessione {f} :: slight fall or drop
flessione {f} :: inflection
flessione {f} :: push-up
flessivo {adj} [linguistics] :: inflected, inflectional
flesso {adj} [grammar] :: inflected, declined
flesso {m} [mathematics] :: point of inflection
flessografia {f} :: flexography
flessometro {m} :: flexometer
flessometro {m} :: tape measure
flessore {m} [anatomy] :: flexor (muscle)
flessore {adj} :: flexor (attributive)
flessosi {v} :: past participle of flettersi
flessuosamente {adv} :: supply
flessuosamente {adv} :: gracefully
flessuosità {f} :: suppleness
flessuosità {f} :: grace, gracefulness
flessuoso {adj} :: supple
flessuoso {adj} :: graceful, flowing
flessura {f} :: flexure
flettente {v} :: present participle of flettere
flettentesi {v} :: present participle of flettersi
flettere {vt} :: to bend, bow
flettere {vt} :: to submit, master
flettere {vt} :: to decline, inflect
flettersi {v} :: reflexive of flettere
flettersi {vr} :: to bend, bow
flettersi {vr} :: to inflect
flicorno {m} [musical instruments] :: flugelhorn
flippante {v} :: present participle of flippare
flippare {vti} :: To play a pinball machine
flippare {vti} :: To get high (on drugs)
flippato {adj} :: high (slang: stoned)
flipper {m} :: pinball (game and machine)
flirtare {vi} [but takes avere as auxiliary] :: to flirt
flittena {f} [medicine] :: water blister
F.lli {abbr} :: Bros.
floccaggio {m} :: flocking
flocco {m} [nautical] :: alternative form of fiocco
flocculante {v} :: present participle of flocculare
flocculante {adj} :: flocculating
flocculare {vi} :: To flocculate
flocculazione {f} :: flocculation
floema {m} [botany] :: phloem
flogistico {adj} :: phlogistic
flogisto {m} [chemistry] :: phlogiston
flogosi {f} [pathology] :: inflammation, phlogosis
floppy disk {m} :: floppy disk
flora {f} :: flora
Flora {prop} [Roman god] :: The goddess of flowers, Flora
Flora {prop} :: given name
flora batterica {f} :: bacterial flora
floreale {adj} :: floral
floreale {m} :: synonym of fiorile
Floriano {prop} :: Florian (Marcus Annius Florianus)
floribunda {m} :: floribunda (rose cultivar)
floricolo {adj} [agriculture] :: flower growing (attributive)
floricolo {adj} [zoology] :: flower (attributive)
floricoltore {m} :: flower grower
floricoltura {f} :: flower-growing, floriculture
floricultore {m} :: alternative form of floricoltore
floricultura {f} :: alternative form of floricoltura
Florida {prop} :: Florida
floridamente {adv} :: flourishingly, prosperously
floridezza {f} :: prosperity, floridness
floridissimo {adj} :: Very thriving, very prosperous, very healthy
floridità {f} :: prosperity, floridness
florido {adj} :: thriving, flourishing, blooming, healthy, florid
florilegio {m} [dated] :: anthology, florilegium
florilegio {m} [dated, by extension] :: An assortment of things
florilegio {m} [dated, by extension, ironic] :: anthology; gathering, group (of things or people with a negative connotation)
Florio {prop} :: surname
floristica {f} [botany] :: floristics
floristico {adj} :: floristic
floriterapia {f} :: flower therapy
floroglucinolo {m} [organic compound] :: phloroglucinol
florovivaismo {m} :: nursery gardening
florovivaista {f} :: nursery gardener
florovivaistico {adj} :: nursery gardening (attributive)
floscezza {f} :: limpness, floppiness
floscezza {f} :: flaccidity
flosciamente {adv} :: floppily, softly
flosciamente {adv} :: flabbily, flaccidly
floscio {adj} :: floppy, soft
floscio {adj} :: flabby, flaccid
floscio {adj} :: weak
flosculo {m} :: floret
flotta {f} [nautical, aviation] :: fleet
flottaggio {m} :: taxiing (of an aircraft)
flottaggio {m} [chemistry] :: flotation
flottante {v} :: present participle of flottare
flottante {adj} :: floating, afloat
flottare {v} :: to float (all senses)
flottare {v} :: to separate minerals using flotation
flottazione {f} :: floatation
flottiglia {f} :: fleet, flotilla
flottilla {f} :: fleet, flotilla
flou {adj} :: blurred (image)
flou {adj} :: flowing (clothes)
flou {m} :: blurred cinematic effect
flox {m} :: phlox
fluente {adj} :: fluent
fluente {adj} :: flowing
fluente {adj} :: glib
fluente {v} :: present participle of fluire
fluidica {f} :: fluidics
fluidico {adj} :: fluidic
fluidificante {v} :: present participle of fluidificare
fluidificante {adj} :: fluidifying (that make something fluid)
fluidificante {adj} [football, of a defender] :: Who moves forward to support an attack
fluidificare {vt} :: to fluidify (make fluid)
fluidificare {vi} [football, of a defender] :: to move forward to support an attack
fluidificazione {f} :: fluidification, fluidifying
fluidissimo {adj} :: Very fluid
fluidità {f} :: fluidity
fluidità {f} :: fluency (of style)
fluidizzante {v} :: present participle of fluidizzare
fluidizzare {vt} :: to fluidize
fluidizzazione {f} :: fluidization
fluido {m} :: fluid
fluido {adj} :: fluid
fluidodinamica {f} [physics] :: fluid dynamics, hydrodynamics
fluidodinamico {adj} :: fluid dynamics (attributive)
fluire {vi} :: to flow
fluitante {v} :: present participle of fluitare
fluitare {vi} [nautical] :: To float or raft
fluitazione {f} [nautical] :: floating, rafting; flotation
Flumendosa {prop} :: A river that flows in Sardinia
fluorannite {f} [mineral] :: fluorannite
fluorantene {m} [organic compound] :: fluoranthene
fluorapatite {f} [mineral] :: fluorapatite
fluorapofillite {f} [mineral] :: apophyllite, fluorapophyllite
fluorcafite {f} [mineral] :: fluorcaphite
fluoresceina {f} [organic compound] :: fluorescein
fluorescente {adj} :: fluorescent
fluorescenza {f} :: fluorescence
fluorico {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: fluoric
fluoridrico {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: hydrofluoric
fluorite {f} :: fluorite
fluorizzante {v} :: present participle of fluorizzare
fluorizzare {vt} :: to fluoridate
fluorizzazione {f} :: fluoridation
fluoro {m} [chemistry] :: fluorine
fluoroapatite {f} [mineral] :: fluorapatite
fluorocarburo {m} [organic chemistry] :: fluorocarbon
fluorochinolone {m} [medicine] :: fluoroquinolone
fluorocromo {m} :: fluorochrome
fluorofibra {f} :: fluorofiber / fluorofibre
fluoroforo {m} :: fluorophore
fluorofosfato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: fluorophosphate
fluoroidruro {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: fluorohydride
fluoroscopia {f} [medicine] :: fluoroscopy
fluoroscopio {m} [medicine] :: fluoroscope
fluorosi {f} [pathology] :: fluorosis
fluorotantalato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: fluorotantalate
fluorurante {v} :: present participle of fluorurare
fluorurare {vt} :: To fluorinate
fluorurato {adj} :: fluorinated
fluorurazione {f} :: fluorination
fluoruro {m} [chemistry] :: fluoride
fluoruro ceroso {m} [inorganic compound] :: cerium fluoride
fluoruro d'ammonio {m} [inorganic compound] :: ammonium fluoride
fluoruro di alluminio {m} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium fluoride
fluoruro di bario {m} [inorganic compound] :: barium fluoride
fluoruro di calcio {m} [chemistry] :: calcium fluoride
fluoruro di gadolinio {m} [inorganic compound] :: gadolinium fluoride
fluoruro di idrogeno {m} [inorganic compound] :: hydrogen fluoride
fluoruro di itterbio {m} [inorganic compound] :: yterbium fluoride
fluoruro di kripton {m} [inorganic compound] :: krypton fluoride
fluoruro di magnesio {m} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium fluoride
fluoruro di neodimio {m} [inorganic compound] :: neodymium fluoride
fluoruro di piombo {m} [inorganic compound] :: lead fluoride
fluoruro di potassio {m} [inorganic compound] :: potassium fluoride
fluoruro di sodio {m} [inorganic compound] :: sodium fluoride
fluoruro di uranio {m} [inorganic compound] :: uranium fluoride
fluorvesuvianite {f} [mineral] :: fluorvesuvianite
fluosilicato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: fluosilicate
fluosilicico {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: fluosilicic, fluorosilicic
fluoxetina {f} [medicine] :: fluoxetine
flussaggio {m} :: flushing (removal of contaminants from a surface using a flow of liquid)
flussante {m} :: flux (in metallurgy)
flussibile {adj} :: flowing
flussibile {adj} :: fleeting, temporary
flussimetro {m} :: flowmeter
flussione {f} [obsolete, mathematics] :: fluxion
flussione {f} [pathology] :: Excessive flow of blood or other bodily fluid
flussione {f} [veterinary medicine] :: synonym of iridociclite
flusso {m} :: flow
flusso {m} :: flux
flusso del sangue {m} [physiology] :: bloodstream
flussometro {m} :: flowmeter
flussometro {m} :: fluxmeter
flusso piroclastico {m} :: pyroclastic flow
flusso sanguigno {m} [physiology] :: bloodstream
flutto {m} :: wave (in the sea)
flutto {m} [in the plural] :: The sea
fluttuante {v} :: present participle of fluttuare
fluttuante {adj} :: fluctuating
fluttuare {vi} :: to rise and fall [like a wave or a ship]
fluttuare {vi} :: to flutter
fluttuare {vi} :: to fluctuate
fluttuazione {f} :: fluctuation
fluttuoso {adj} :: stormy (of sea)
fluviale {adj} :: riverine, fluvial
fluviale {adj} :: copious, flowing
fluvioglaciale {adj} [geology] :: fluvioglacial
fluviografico {adj} :: fluviographic
fluviografo {m} :: fluviograph
fluviometro {m} :: fluviometer
Fo {prop} :: surname
Fo {prop} :: Dario Fo, Italian comedian, actor, songwriter, winner of the 1997 Nobel Prize in Literature
Foà {prop} :: surname
Foà {prop} :: Arnoldo Foà, Italian actor and film director
foberismo {m} [entomology] :: The behaviour by which some insects put on a frightening appearance for attack or defense purposes
fobia {f} :: phobia
-fobia {suffix} :: -phobia
fobico {adj} :: phobic
fobico {m} :: phobic (person)
-fobo {suffix} :: -phobe (noun)
-fobo {suffix} :: -phobic (adjective)
fobofobia {f} :: phobophobia
foca {f} [mammals] :: seal
focaccia {f} :: A focaccia
focaccia {f} :: A type of cake
focaccina {f} :: scone, muffin (or similar)
focaia {adj} :: flint (attributive)
focaio {adj} :: only used in the term pietra focaia
focale {adj} :: focal
focalità {f} :: The property of being in focus
focalità {f} :: centrality, priority
focalità {f} [oncology] :: foci
focalizzante {v} :: present participle of focalizzare
focalizzantesi {v} :: present participle of focalizzarsi
focalizzare {vt} :: to put something into focus, or into perspective
focalizzarsi {v} :: reflexive of focalizzare
focalizzarsi {v} :: to concentrate (on)
focalizzatosi {v} :: past participle of focalizzarsi
focalizzazione {f} :: focusing
focalizzazione {f} :: focus
foca monaca {f} [mammals] :: monk seal
focara {f} :: A beacon in the form of a pyre
Focara {prop} :: A fictional mountain in the Divine Comedy
focatico {m} :: hearth tax
focato {adj} :: tawny, tan
focatura {f} :: tawny or tan markings
foce {f} :: mouth (of a river)
Focea {prop} :: Phocaea
focena {f} :: porpoise
focese {adj} :: Phocaean
focheggiante {v} :: present participle of focheggiare
focheggiare {vt} :: To focus (an optical instrument)
focherello {m} :: A small fire; alternative form of fuocherello
fochiera {f} [nautical] :: sealer (vessel)
fochista {m} :: Person who tends the fire on a steam engine; stoker or fireman
Focide {prop} :: Phocis
focile {m} :: flintlock (rifle)
focolaio {m} :: focus
focolaio {m} :: centre (of infection)
focolaio {m} :: hotbed, breeding ground, flash point
focolare {m} :: hearth, fireplace
focolare {m} :: home
focolare {m} :: firebox
focolarino {m} :: A member or follower of the Movimento dei Focolari
focomelia {f} :: phocomelia, phocomely
focomelico {adj} :: phocomelia (attributive)
focometro {m} :: focometer, focimeter (optical device)
focone {m} :: touch hole
Foconi {prop} :: surname
focosamente {adv} :: fierily, ardently, passionately
focosità {f} :: fieriness, passion, ardour
focoso {adj} :: fiery, ardent, passionate
focoso {adj} :: mettlesome
focus {m} :: focus (all senses)
fodera {f} :: lining (of clothes)
fodera {f} :: dust jacket
fodera {f} :: cover (for furniture)
foderame {m} :: lining (materials)
foderante {v} :: present participle of foderare
foderare {vt} :: to line [clothing]
foderare {vt} :: to cover [a book]
foderatura {f} :: lining (clothing)
foderatura {f} :: covering
foderina {f} :: dust jacket, dust cover
fodero {m} :: scabbard
fodero {m} :: sheath
fodero {m} :: holster
fodro {m} :: forage (demand for fodder)
foga {f} :: enthusiasm
Fogazzaro {prop} :: surname
Fogazzaro {prop} :: Antonio Fogazzaro, Italian writer
foggia {f} :: shape
foggia {f} :: style
Foggia {prop} :: Foggia (province)
Foggia {prop} :: Foggia (city)
foggiante {v} :: present participle of foggiare
foggiare {vt} :: To shape or mould
foggiatura {f} :: moulding
foglia {f} :: leaf
Foglia {prop} :: A river that flows in Marche
fogliaceo {adj} [botany] :: foliaceous
foglia di fico {f} :: fig leaf (all senses)
foglia d'oro {f} :: gold leaf
fogliame {m} :: foliage, leafage, leaves
fogliante {m} :: Feuillant
foglia oro {f} :: gold leaf
fogliare {adj} [botany] :: leaf (attributive)
fogliato {adj} :: sheeted, laminated
fogliazione {f} [botany] :: foliation
fogliazione {f} :: Variant of foliazione
foglicolo {m} :: alternative form of follicolo
foglietta {f} :: half-litre
foglietto {m} :: A small piece of paper, a slip, a leaflet
foglifero {adj} [botany] :: leaf-bearing
foglio {m} :: (rectangular piece of paper; a thin, flat layer of another material) sheet
fogliolina {f} :: diminutive of foglia
fogliolina {f} [botany] :: leaflet (segment of a compound leaf)
foglioso {adj} :: leafy, foliose
fogna {f} :: sewer
fogna {f} :: pigsty
fogna {f} :: hovel
fognaiolo {m} :: sewage worker
fognaiuolo {m} :: alternative form of fognaiolo
fognante {v} :: present participle of fognare
fognante {adj} :: draining
fognante {adj} :: drainage, sewerage (attributive)
fognare {vt} :: To provide with a drainage or sewerage system
fognario {adj} :: sewer (attributive)
fognatura {f} :: sewage
fohn {m} :: Variant of föhn
foia {f} :: rut, heat (in animals)
foia {f} :: lust (in people)
foiba {f} [geology] :: foiba
foiolo {m} :: honeycomb tripe
foiolo {m} :: omasum
fola {f} :: fairy tale
fola {f} :: fib
folade {f} :: pholas (of genus Pholas)
folaga {f} :: coot, bald coot or Eurasian coot
folata {f} :: gust of wind
folata {f} :: blow
folato {m} [vitamin] :: folate
folcire {vt} :: To support
folclore {m} :: folklore
folclorico {adj} :: folklore (attributive)
folclorismo {m} :: folklore (or its study)
folclorista {mf} :: folklorist
folcloristicamente {adv} :: in the manner of folklore; folkloristically
folcloristico {adj} :: folklore (attributive)
Folco {prop} :: given name
Foletti {prop} :: surname
folgorante {v} :: present participle of folgorare
folgorante {adj} :: dazzling
folgorante {adj} :: withering (look etc)
folgorante {adj} :: violent
folgorante {adj} :: sudden
folgorare {vt} :: To strike (down) (especially with lightning)
folgorare {vi} :: To shine; to flash
folgorazione {f} :: electric shock, electrocution
folgorazione {f} :: brainwave
folgore {f} :: thunderbolt
folgoreggiante {v} :: present participle of folgoreggiare
folgoreggiare {vi} :: To blaze
folgorite {f} [mineralogy] :: fulgurite
foliazione {f} :: foliation (of a book)
folico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: folic
folignate {adj} :: Of, or from, Foligno
folignate {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Foligno
Foligno {prop} :: A town in the province of Perugia in Umbria
folklorico {adj} :: (Variant of folclorico) folklore (attributive)
folkloristico {adj} :: alternative form of folcloristico
folla {f} :: crowd; mob
folla {f} :: multitude, host
follante {v} :: present participle of follare
follare {vt} :: to full (cloth)
follare {vt} :: to press or tread (grapes)
follatoio {m} :: grape (wine) press
follatore {m} :: fuller (person))
follatore {m} :: treader (of grapes)
follatrice {f} :: fulling machine
follatura {f} :: fulling
follatura {f} :: treading (of grapes), pressing
folle {mf} :: madman; madwoman
folle {adj} :: mad; insane
folle {adj} [of a gear wheel] :: idle
folleggiamento {m} :: frolicking
folleggiante {v} :: present participle of folleggiare
folleggiare {vi} :: to frolic
folleggiare {vi} :: to paint the town red
follemente {adv} :: madly, crazily
folletto {m} :: elf (imp, goblin, fairy; esp : a supernatural being who is a survival in popular form of an ancient Etruscan or Roman deity)
follia {f} :: madness, insanity, craziness
follia {f} :: folly, foolishness, absurdity
follia {f} :: fool's errand
follicolare {adj} :: follicular
follicolina {f} [biochemistry] :: folliculin, oestrone
follicolite {f} [pathology] :: folliculitis
follicolo {m} :: follicle
follone {m} :: fulling mill
Folo {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Pholus
foltamente {adv} :: thickly, closely, densely
foltezza {f} :: thickness, denseness
foltissimo {adj} :: Very thick or bushy
folto {adj} :: dense, thick
folto {adj} :: bushy
folto {m} :: thick (of a fight etc)
Fomalhaut {prop} :: Fomalhaut
fomentante {v} :: present participle of fomentare
fomentare {vt} :: To instigate, foment or stir up
fomentatore {m} :: inciter, agitator, abettor
fomentatrice {f} :: inciter, agitator, abettor
fomentazione {f} :: fomentation, agitation
fomento {m} :: poultice
fomento {m} :: trouble, foment
fomite {m} :: incitement
fomite {m} :: cause, source
fon {m} :: hairdryer, blowdryer
fonante {v} :: present participle of fonare
fonare {vt} :: to blow-dry
fonatorio {adj} :: phonatory
fonazione {f} :: phonation
fonda {f} [nautical] :: anchorage
fondaccio {m} :: (in plural) dregs, lees
fondaccio {m} :: goods left unsold
fondaco {m} :: A trading factory, a warehouse
fondale {m} :: bottom (of the sea, or a lake)
fondale {m} :: backdrop (in a theatre)
fondamenta {fp} :: foundations
fondamenta {f} :: (especially in plural) foundation
fondamentale {adj} :: fundamental, basic, essential
fondamentale {m} :: fundamental
fondamentalismo {m} :: fundamentalism (all senses)
fondamentalista {adj} :: fundamentalist (attributive)
fondamentalista {mf} :: fundamentalist
fondamentalistico {adj} :: fundamentalist
fondamentalmente {adv} :: basically, essentially, fundamentally
fondamento {m} :: fundamental
fondamento {m} :: foundation, basis
fondamento {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: groundwork
fondante {adj} :: basic, fundamental
fondantesi {v} :: present participle of fondarsi
fondare {vt} :: to found, establish, constitute, start, set up, build
fondare {vt} [figuratively] :: to found, base, ground
fondarsi {v} :: reflexive of fondare
fondarsi {vr} :: to base oneself on
fondarsi {vr} :: to rely on
fondarsi {vr} :: to be founded on, be based on
fondatamente {adv} :: soundly, validly
fondatamente {adv} :: with good reason
fondatezza {f} :: soundness
fondativo {adj} :: founding
fondato {adj} :: founded, established
fondato {adj} :: sound, valid (well-founded)
fondato {adj} :: reliable
fondatore {m} :: founder
fondatosi {v} :: past participle of fondarsi
fondatrice {f} :: founder (female)
fondazionale {adj} :: foundational
fondazione {f} :: foundation (all senses)
fondello {m} :: lining on the seat of trousers
fondente {adj} :: dark, plain (chocolate)
fondente {adj} :: fondant (sugar)
fondente {v} :: present participle of fondere
fondentesi {v} :: present participle of fondersi
fondere {vt} :: to fuse
fondere {vt} :: to melt, thaw
fondere {vt} :: to cast
fondere {vt} :: to merge, blend
fonderia {f} :: foundry
fondersi {v} :: reflexive of fondere
fondersi {v} :: to melt, fuse
fondersi {v} :: to merge, combine, fuse, amalgamate, unite
fondersi {v} :: to blend in
fondiario {adj} :: land (attributive)
fondibile {adj} :: fusible, meltable
fondiglio {m} :: dregs, lees
fondiglio {m} :: sediment
fondiglio {m} :: grounds (of coffee)
fondina {f} :: soup plate (or similar)
fondina {f} :: holster (for a gun)
fondista {mf} [athletics] :: long-distance runner
fonditore {m} :: caster, founder (foundry worker)
fonditrice {f} :: type casting machine
fondo {adj} :: deep
fondo {m} :: bottom
fondo {m} :: fund
fondo {m} :: background
fondo {m} [athletics] :: long-distance running
fondocampo {m} [sports] :: end zone
fondocampo {m} [tennis] :: backcourt
Fondo monetario internazionale {prop} [finance] :: International Monetary Fund
fondo pensione {m} :: pension fund
fondoschiena {m} [colloquial] :: backside, seat
fondotinta {m} :: foundation (cosmetic)
fondovalle {m} :: The bottom of a valley
fonduta {f} :: a fondue, associated with Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta, made from fontina cheese
fondutina {f} :: A small amount of fondue served as an accompaniment
fonema {m} :: phoneme
fonematica {f} :: phonemics
fonematico {adj} [linguistics] :: phonemic
fonematizzazione {f} :: phonemicization
fonemica {f} [linguistics] :: phonemics
fonemico {adj} :: phonemic
fonendoscopio {m} :: phonendoscope, stethoscope
fonetica {f} :: phonetics
foneticamente {adv} :: phonetically
fonetico {adj} :: phonetic
fonetismo {m} [linguistics] :: phonetism
fonetista {f} :: phonetician
fonia {f} :: telephony
-fonia {suffix} :: -phony
foniatra {mf} :: phoniatrician
foniatria {f} :: phoniatrics
foniatrico {adj} :: phoniatric
foniatrico {adj} :: speech therapy (attributive)
fonicamente {adv} :: phonically
fonico {adj} :: phonic
fonico {adj} :: audio
-fono {suffix} :: -phone
fono- {prefix} :: phono-
fono {m} :: phone (linguistics)
fonoassorbente {adj} :: sound-absorbent
fonoassorbimento {m} :: phonoabsorption (absorption of sound)
fonocardiografia {f} [medicine] :: phonocardiography
fonocardiografo {m} [medicine] :: phonocardiograph
fonocardiogramma {m} [medicine] :: phonocardiogram
fonocassetta {f} :: audio cassette
fonofobia {f} :: phonophobia