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s {n} :: See under S
{adv} :: yes
s- {prefix} :: Used to form words that have an opposing sense: un-, in-
s- {prefix} :: Used to form verbs that have a sense of undoing an action: de-, dis-, un-
s- {prefix} :: Used to express a pejorative sense
s- {prefix} :: Used to form verbs with a sense of exit, separation: dis-, ex-, trans-
s- {prefix} :: Used in a privative sense: a-, de-, un-
s- {prefix} :: Used to derive verbs from a noun, adjective or verb
s- {prefix} :: Used as an intensifier
s- {prefix} :: Reduced form of dis-
{pron} :: oneself, himself, herself
s' {pron} [before a vowel] :: apocopic form of si
S {letter} :: letter: esse
S. {abbr} :: abbreviation of Santa
Saara {prop} :: alternative spelling of Sahara
saariano {adj} :: alternative spelling of sahariano
Saba {prop} [biblical] :: Sheba
Saba {prop} :: historical given name
Saba {prop} :: Saba, an island in the Caribbean Netherlands
sabadiglia {f} :: sabadilla
sabatico {adj} :: alternative form of sabbatico
Sabatini {prop} :: surname
sabato {m} :: Saturday
Sabato {prop} :: A river that flows in Campania
Sabato Santo {prop} :: Holy Saturday
Sabaudia {prop} :: A town in the province of Latina in Lazio
sabaudiese {adj} :: Of or from Sabaudia
sabaudo {adj} :: Savoy (attributive), of the Savoy
sabba {m} :: sabbat, witches' Sabbath
sabbatico {adj} :: sabbatical
Sabbatini {prop} :: surname
sabbato {m} :: Saturday
sabbia {f} :: sand
sabbia bituminosa {f} [geology] :: tar sand, oil sand
sabbiante {v} :: present participle of sabbiare
sabbiare {vt} :: to sandblast
sabbiato {adj} :: sandblasted
sabbiatrice {f} :: sandblasting machine
sabbiatura {f} :: sand bath (therapeutic)
sabbiatura {f} :: sandblasting
sabbiatura {f} :: blast cleaning
sabbiera {f} :: sandbox (for metal casting)
sabbietta {f} :: cat litter
sabbiolimoso {adj} :: sandy-loamy (of soil)
sabbion {f} :: apocopic form of sabbione
sabbionaia {f} :: sandbox (box with sand for children)
sabbionara {f} :: alternative form of sabbionaia
sabbione {f} :: coarse or sharp sand
sabbione {f} :: sandy soil or land
sabbioso {adj} :: sandy
sabellico {adj} :: Sabellian, Sabellic
sabello {m} :: Sabellian (all senses, language is masculine singular only)
sabermetrica {f} :: sabermetrics
sabina {f} :: savin (Juniperus sect. Sabina)
sabina marittima {f} :: Phoenician juniper (Juniperus phoenicea
Sabini {prop} :: Sabines
Sabino {prop} :: given name
sabotaggio {m} :: sabotage
sabotante {v} :: present participle of sabotare
sabotare {vt} :: To sabotage
sabotatore {m} :: saboteur
Sabrina {prop} :: given name
sacca {f} :: bag
sacca {f} :: inlet (of a river)
sacca {f} :: pocket (other than clothing)
saccarasi {f} [enzyme] :: saccharase
saccarato {m} [organic chemistry] :: saccharate
saccarato {adj} [organic chemistry] :: saccharated
saccardo {m} [obsolete, military] :: Person who carried baggage and provided supplies
saccardo {m} :: looter, robber
saccarico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: saccharic
saccaride {m} [carbohydrate] :: saccharide, carbohydrate
saccarifero {adj} :: saccharine (sugary)
saccarifero {adj} :: sugar (attributive)
saccarificante {v} :: present participle of saccarificare
saccarificare {vt} :: To saccharify
saccarificazione {f} :: saccharification
saccarimetria {f} :: saccharimetry
saccarimetro {m} :: saccharimeter
saccarina {f} [chemistry] :: saccharin
saccarinato {adj} [organic chemistry] :: saccharated
saccarino {adj} :: sugar (attributive), saccharine
saccaroide {adj} :: saccharoid, saccharoidal
saccarometria {f} :: Variant of saccarimetria
saccarometrico {adj} :: saccharometric
saccarometro {m} :: saccharometer
saccaromicete {m} [botany] :: saccharomycete
saccarosio {m} :: sucrose
saccaroso {m} :: Variant of saccarosio
saccata {f} :: sackful
saccatura {f} :: trough (on a weather map)
saccente {adj} :: presumptuous, conceited
saccente {mf} :: know-it-all
saccentemente {adv} :: presumptuously
saccenteria {f} :: presumptuousness
saccheggiamento {m} :: sacking, plundering, looting, pillaging
saccheggiante {v} :: present participle of saccheggiare
saccheggiare {vt} :: to sack, plunder
saccheggiatore {m} :: plunderer
saccheggiatore {m} :: raider
saccheggio {m} :: sacking, plundering
sacchetta {f} :: nosebag (for a horse)
sacchetta {f} :: pouch
sacchettificio {m} :: bag factory
sacchettino {m} :: small bag or pouch
sacchetto {m} :: Small bag
sacchetto {m} :: Small amount
saccio {v} [regional] :: (I) know (first-person singular present tense of sapere)
Saccione {prop} :: A river that flows in Molise and delimits the boundary with Apulia
sacco {m} :: sack, bag
sacco {m} :: (the contents of one full bag) sack, sackful, bag, bagful
sacco {m} :: (familiarly; a big quantity) lot, lots, piles, loads, ton
sacco {m} [anatomy, botany] :: sac
Sacco {prop} :: A river that flows in Lazio
sacco a pelo {m} :: sleeping bag
saccoccia {f} [regional] :: pocket
sacco d'ossa {n} :: haggard, drawn and emaciated
sacco lacrimale {m} [anatomy] :: lacrimal sac
saccolenzuolo {m} :: sleeping bag
saccolo {m} :: A very small handbag
sacco nanna {m} :: sleeping bag (for babies)
saccone {m} :: A big sack or bag
saccone {m} :: straw mattress, pallet
sacconiano {adj} :: Relating to, or characteristic of Giuseppe Sacconi
saccopelista {mf} :: Person who sleeps in a sleeping bag
sacculo {m} [anatomy, zoology, biology] :: saccule
sacello {m} [architecture] :: A sacellum, a small chapel
sacerdotale {adj} :: priestly
sacerdote {m} :: priest, clergyman
sacerdotessa {f} :: priestess
sacerdozio {m} :: priesthood
sacha {m} :: Sakha (language)
Sacile {prop} :: a town in the province of Pordenone in Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Italy
sacilese {adj} :: Of, or from, Sacile
sacilese {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Sacile
sacrale {adj} :: sacred
sacrale {adj} [skeleton] :: sacral
sacralgia {f} [pathology] :: pain in the sacral region
sacralità {f} :: sacredness, holiness
sacralizzante {v} :: present participle of sacralizzare
sacralizzare {vt} :: to sacralize
sacralizzazione {f} :: sacralization
sacramentale {adj} :: sacramental
sacramentalismo {m} :: sacramentalism
sacramentante {v} :: present participle of sacramentare
sacramentare {vt} :: To administer the sacrament
sacramentare {vt} :: To vow; to swear an oath
sacramentare {vi} :: To swear or curse
sacramentario {adj} :: Sacramentarian, Sacramentalist
sacramentino {adj} :: Sacramentine
sacramento {m} :: sacrament
sacrario {m} :: memorial (monument)
sacrato {m} :: Variant of sagrato
sacrestano {m} :: Variant of sagrestano
sacrestia {f} :: Variant of sagrestia
sacrificabile {adj} :: expendable, sacrificable
sacrificale {adj} :: sacrificial
sacrificante {v} :: present participle of sacrificare
sacrificantesi {v} :: present participle of sacrificarsi
sacrificare {vt} :: to sacrifice
sacrificare {vt} :: to give up, lay down, scrap, waste
sacrificarsi {v} :: reflexive of sacrificare
sacrificarsi {v} :: to sacrifice oneself, sacrifice one's life
sacrificarsi {v} :: to make sacrifices for
sacrificato {adj} :: wasted
sacrificato {adj} :: sacrificed
sacrificatosi {v} :: past participle of sacrificarsi
sacrificio {m} :: sacrifice
sacrificio {m} :: cost
sacrifizio {m} :: alternative form of sacrificio
sacrilegamente {adv} :: sacrilegiously
sacrilegamente {adv} :: profanely
sacrilegio {m} :: sacrilege
sacrilego {adj} :: sacrilegious
sacripante {m} :: braggart
sacrista {m} :: sexton
sacristano {m} :: alternative form of sagrestano
sacro {adj} :: sacred
sacro {m} [skeleton] :: sacrum
Sacrofano {prop} :: A small town in the Roma province of Lazio
sacrosantamente {adv} :: deservedly, rightly
sacrosanto {adj} :: sacrosanct
sacrosanto {adj} :: inviolable
sacrosanto {adj} :: well-deserved
sacrospinale {adj} [anatomy] :: sacrospinal
sadduceo {adj} :: Sadducean
sadduceo {m} :: Sadducee
sadicamente {adv} :: sadistically
sadico {adj} :: sadistic
sadico {m} :: sadist
sadismo {m} :: sadism
sadista {adj} :: sadistic
sadista {m} :: sadist
sadistico {adj} :: sadistic
sadomaso {adj} :: sadomasochistic
sadomaso {n} :: sadomasochism
sadomasochismo {m} :: sadomasochism
sadomasochista {adj} :: sadomasochistic
sadomasochista {m} :: sadomasochist
sadomasochistico {adj} :: sadomasochistic
Sadr {prop} :: Sadr
saetta {f} [obsolete, literary] :: arrow
saetta {f} [obsolete, figuratively, poetic] :: sunbeam, ray or shaft (of sunlight)
saetta {f} [obsolete, by extension] :: hand (of a clock)
saetta {f} :: thunderbolt, lightning
saetta {f} [by extension] :: A very quick or restless person
saetta {f} [archaic, figuratively] :: nothing, anything
saetta {f} [botany] :: The plant Sagittaria sagittifolia; arrowhead
saettante {v} :: present participle of saettare
saettare {vt} :: To shoot or strike with arrows or with thunderbolts
saettatore {m} :: hurler of thunderbolts
saettiera {f} :: loophole (for firing arrows)
saettiera {f} :: embrasure
saettiere {m} :: archer, bowman
saettone {m} :: Aesculapian snake (Zamenis longissimus)
saettuzza {f} :: diminutive of saetta: fine drill bit
safari {m} :: safari
safavide {m} :: Safavid
safena {f} [anatomy] :: saphenous vein
Saffi {prop} :: surname
Saffi {prop} :: Aurelio Saffi, Italian patriot
saffico {adj} :: lesbian, Sapphic
saffismo {m} :: sapphism, lesbianism
Saffo {prop} :: Sappho
sagù {m} :: sago
saga {f} :: saga
saga {f} :: witch
sagace {adj} :: shrewd, sagacious
sagacemente {adv} :: sagaciously
sagacia {f} :: sagacity
sagacia {f} :: shrewdness, acuity
sagacissimo {adj} :: Very shrewd, very sagacious
sagacità {f} :: shrewdness
sagena {f} :: sazhen
Sagex {m} [Switzerland] :: polystyrene / styrofoam
saggezza {f} :: wisdom
saggiamente {adv} :: wisely
saggiante {v} :: present participle of saggiare
saggiare {vt} :: To assay (precious metals); to test
saggiare {v} [election, survey] :: to canvass
saggiatore {m} :: assayer
saggiatura {f} :: assay
saggiavino {m} :: pipette used for sampling wine
saggina {f} [plant] :: sorghum
sagginale {m} :: sorghum stalk
sagginante {v} :: present participle of sagginare
sagginare {vt} :: To fatten
saggio {adj} :: wise
saggio {m} :: sage (wise man)
saggio {m} :: assay, essay; test
saggio {m} :: sample
saggio {m} :: proof
saggio {m} :: display
saggio {m} :: rate
saggio di sconto {m} :: discount rate
saggista {mf} :: essayist
saggistica {f} :: essay-writing
saggistica {f} :: non-fiction
saggistico {adj} :: essay (attributive)
saggistico {adj} :: non-fiction
sagittale {adj} :: sagittal
Sagittario {prop} :: Sagittarius (the star sign)
Sagittario {prop} :: A small river that flows in Abruzzo
sago {adj} :: divining, prophetic, soothsaying
sago {m} [Ancient Rome] :: sagum, a military cloak
sago {m} [literary] :: synonym of saio
sagola {f} [nautical] :: halyard / halliard
sagoma {f} :: outline
sagoma {f} :: form, shape
sagoma {f} :: template
sagoma {f} [figuratively] :: a very funny or extravagant person
sagomante {v} :: present participle of sagomare
sagomare {vt} :: To model or shape an object using a template
sagomato {adj} :: shapely
sagomatrice {f} :: milling machine
sagomatrice {f} :: grinder
sagomatura {f} :: shaping, forming
sagomatura {f} :: profile, outline
sagrì {m} :: lantern shark (Etmopterus spinax)
sagra {f} :: festival (usually concerning a town's produce or speciality)
sagra {f} :: feast
sagrato {m} [architecture] :: parvis
Sagredo {prop} :: surname
Sagredo {prop} :: A noble family of Venice
sagrestano {m} :: sacristan
sagrestia {f} :: sacristy
sagrifizio {m} :: alternative form of sacrificio
sagrista {m} :: sacristan, sexton
Sahara {prop} :: Sahara
sahariano {adj} :: Saharan
saheliano {adj} :: Sahelian
sahib {m} :: sahib
saia {f} [regional] :: A ditch or trench, especially in Sicily
saietta {f} :: thunderbolt
saietta {f} :: lightning
saiga {f} :: saiga
Saint Kitts e Nevis {prop} :: Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Vincent e Grenadine {prop} :: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
saio {m} :: habit (worn by a monk)
Saiph {prop} :: Saiph, the sexth brightest star in the constellation of Orion
Salò {prop} :: A small town in the Brescia province of Lombardia
sala {f} :: room
sala {f} :: hall
sala {f} :: axis
sala {f} :: sedge
salacca {f} :: salted fish
salacca {f} :: stroke, hit, bang
salaccaio {m} :: A street-seller of pilchards (or similar cheap fish)
salaccaio {m} :: A book that is good enough only to wrap pilchards
salace {adj} :: salacious
salace {adj} :: biting, pungent
sala cinematografica {f} :: (movie theatre) cinema, movie theater, film theatre
salacissimo {adj} :: Very biting, very pungent
salacità {f} :: salacity
sala da bagno {f} :: bathroom
sala da ballo {f} :: dancehall
sala d'aspetto {f} :: waiting room, lounge
sala d'attesa {f} :: waiting room, lounge
Saladino {prop} :: Saladin
salagione {f} :: salting (of food)
salamandra {f} :: salamander (all senses)
salamanna {f} :: synonym of zibibbo
salame {m} :: salami
salamelecche {m} :: obsolete form of salamelecco
salamelecco {m} [colloquial, usually derogatory, especially in the plural] :: bowing and scraping, flattery
salamella {f} :: A type of salami in the shape of a horseshoe
Salamina {prop} :: Salamis
salamino {m} :: small salami
salamoia {f} :: brine, pickle
salamoiante {v} :: present participle of salamoiare
salamoiare {vt} :: To pickle in brine
salamone {f} :: Variant of salmone
Salandra {prop} :: surname
Salandra {prop} :: Antonio Salandra, Italian politician
salangana {f} :: swiftlet
sala operatoria {f} [surgery] :: An operating theatre, an operating room
salare {vt} :: to salt
salare {vt} :: to brine
salariale {adj} :: wage, pay (attributive)
salariante {v} :: present participle of salariare
salariare {vt} :: To pay a wage (to)
salariato {adj} :: wage-earning
salariato {m} :: A wage earner
salario {m} :: pay, wages, salary
salassante {v} :: present participle of salassare
salassare {vt} :: to bleed (old medical practice)
salassatore {m} :: bleeder
salassatura {f} :: bleeding (old medical practice)
salasso {m} :: bleeding, bloodletting
sala stampa {f} :: pressroom, press office
Salata {prop} :: surname
Salata {prop} :: Francesco Salata, Italian politician
salatamente {adv} :: dearly, through the nose, an arm and a leg
salatino {m} :: cracker (salted biscuit)
salatissimo {adj} :: Very salty
salatissimo {adj} :: Very costly or expensive
salato {adj} :: salty, salted
salato {adj} :: expensive, costly
salatoio {m} :: salting room
salatura {f} :: salting
salbutamolo {m} [pharmaceutical drug] :: salbutamol
salce {m} :: willow (Variant of: salice)
salcerella {f} :: water purslane (plant of the genus Lythrum)
salceto {m} :: alternative form of saliceto
salciccia {f} :: alternative form of salsiccia
salcigno {adj} :: willow (attributive)
salcigno {adj} :: tough
salcio {m} :: willow (Variant of: salice)
saldabile {adj} :: weldable
saldabile {adj} :: payable
saldabilità {f} :: weldability
saldabilità {f} :: payability
saldaconti {m} :: accounts office or ledger
saldacontista {mf} :: bookkeeper
saldaconto {m} :: accounts office or ledger
saldamente {adv} :: strongly, firmly, fast
saldante {v} :: present participle of saldare
saldante {adj} :: sealing
saldantesi {v} :: present participle of saldarsi
saldare {vt} :: to join
saldare {vt} :: to solder, weld
saldare {vt} :: to settle, pay [a debt, bill, etc.]
saldarsi {v} :: reflexive of saldare
saldarsi {v} [medicine] :: to knit [of broken bones]
saldarsi {v} [medicine] :: to heal [of wounds]
saldatoio {m} :: soldering iron
saldatore {m} :: solderer, welder
saldatore {m} :: soldering iron
saldatosi {v} :: past participle of saldarsi
saldatrice {f} :: welder (welding machine)
saldatura {f} :: soldering, welding
saldatura {f} :: weld
saldatura {f} :: setting (in a broken bone)
saldezza {f} :: firmness, strength, steadfastness
saldissimo {adj} :: Very firm, very stable, very steady, very solid, very strong
saldo {adj} :: firm, steady
saldo {adj} :: sound
saldo {m} :: settlement, payment
saldo {m} :: balance
saldo {m} :: sale (bargain event)
saldobrasatura {f} :: braze welding
sale {m} :: salt, sal
sale ammoniaco {m} :: sal ammoniac
saleggiola {f} :: wood sorrel
sale marino {m} :: sea salt
salente {v} :: present participle of salire
salentina {f} :: A female native or inhabitant of the Salento peninsula
salentino {m} :: A native or inhabitant of the Salento peninsula
salentino {adj} :: Of or relating to the Salento or the Salento people
salernitano {adj} :: Of or relating to Salerno or the Salerno people
salernitano {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Salerno
Salerno {prop} :: Salerno (province)
Salerno {prop} :: Salerno (town)
Salerno {prop} :: The letter S in the Italian phonetic alphabet
salesiano {adj} :: Salesian
salesiano {m} :: Salesian
saletta {f} :: saloon (small public room; officer's dining room on a ship)
Salgari {prop} :: surname, typical of Veneto
Salgari {prop} :: Emilio Salgari, Italian writer
salgariano {adj} :: Salgarian
salgariano {adj} :: swashbuckling
salgemma {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: halite
saliare {adj} :: Salian
salibile {adj} :: climbable, ascendable
salice {m} :: willow (tree of the genus Salix)
salice {m} :: the wood of this tree
salice bianco {m} :: white willow
salice piangente {m} :: weeping willow
saliceto {m} :: A thicket of willow trees
salicilaldeide {f} [organic compound] :: salicylaldehyde
salicilato {m} :: salicylate
salicilato di sodio {n} :: sodium salicylate
salicile {m} [organic chemistry] :: salicyl
salicilico {adj} :: salicylic
salicilismo {m} [pathology] :: salicylism
salico {adj} :: Salic
saliente {v} :: present participle of salire
saliente {adj} :: salient
saliente {adj} :: main
salienza {f} :: prominence, protrusion
salienza {f} :: relevance, importance
saliera {f} :: saltcellar, saltshaker, caster
Salieri {prop} :: surname
Salieri {prop} :: Antonio Salieri, Italian composer
salifero {adj} :: saliferous
salifero {adj} :: salt (attributive)
salificabile {adj} [chemistry] :: salifiable
salificante {v} :: present participle of salificare
salificare {vt} :: To salify
salificazione {f} :: salification
salina {f} :: salt pan, salt marsh, saltworks
salina {f} :: salt mine
salinaio {m} :: salter
salinaro {m} :: salter
salinatore {m} :: salter
Salinello {prop} :: A small river that flows in Abruzzo
salinità {f} :: salinity, saltiness
salinizzante {v} :: present participle of salinizzare
salinizzare {vt} :: to salinize/salinise
salino {adj} :: saline
salino {adj} :: salty
salire {vi} :: to go up, come up
salire {vt} :: to ride, mount
salisburghese {adj} :: Salzburger
salisburghese {mf} :: Salzburger
Salisburgo {prop} :: Salzburg
saliscendi {m} :: latch
saliscendi {m} :: ups and downs
salita {f} :: climb
salita {f} :: increase, rise
salitore {mf} :: climber (of a mountain etc)
saliva {f} [physiology] :: saliva, spittle, spit
salivale {adj} :: salivary
salivante {v} :: present participle of salivare
salivare {adj} [physiology] :: salivary
salivare {vi} [physiology] :: to salivate
salivatorio {adj} :: salivatory
salivazione {f} [physiology] :: salivation
salizada {f} [Venice] :: A wide street, often the principal one of a district
sallustiano {adj} :: Sallustian
Sallustio {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Sallust
salmì {m} :: salmi
salma {f} :: body, corpse
salma {f} :: remains
salmarino {m} :: Variant of sale marino
salmarino {m} :: Variant of salmerino
salmastro {adj} :: brackish, salty
salmastro {m} :: saltiness; salty taste or smell
salmastroso {adj} :: salty
salmeggiante {v} :: present participle of salmeggiare
salmeggiare {vit} :: to chant or sing psalms
salmeria {f} :: train (group of military vehicles)
salmerino {m} :: char (fish)
Salmi {prop} [biblical] :: Psalms
salmistrante {v} :: present participle of salmistrare
salmistrare {vt} :: To corn (preserve with salt or saltpetre)
salmo {m} :: psalm
salmoè {m} :: chalumeau
salmodia {f} [music] :: psalmody
salmodiante {v} :: present participle of salmodiare
salmodiante {adj} :: psalmodizing, chanting
salmodiante {adj} :: monotonous
salmodiare {vi} [music] :: to sing or chant psalms
salmodico {adj} :: psalmodic
salmonato {adj} :: salmon (attributive)
salmone {m} :: salmon
salmone affumicato {m} :: smoked salmon
salmone del Danubio {n} :: Danube salmon, huchen
salmonella {f} :: salmonella
salmonellosi {f} [medicine] :: salmonellosis
salmonide {m} :: salmonid
salmonido {m} :: salmonid (of the family Salmonidae)
salnitro {m} :: saltpetre
salnitroso {adj} :: saltpetre (attributive)
salodiano {adj} :: Of or from Salò
Salomè {prop} :: given name
salomone {m} :: A wise person, especially a wise judge
Salomone {prop} [biblical character] :: Solomon
Salomone {prop} :: given name
salomonese {adj} :: Of or from the Solomon Islands
salomonico {adj} :: Solomonic
salomonico {adj} :: impartial
salomonico {adj} :: fair
salone {m} :: sitting room, living room, lounge [in a house]
salone {m} :: reception room
salone {m} :: saloon [on a ship]
salone {m} :: show, exhibition
salone {m} :: salon [of a hairdresser, etc.]
Salonicco {prop} :: Salonika, Thessaloniki
saloon {m} :: saloon (bar)
salornese {adj} :: Of or from Salorno
Salorno {prop} :: A small town in the Bolzano province of Trentino-Alto Adige
salottiero {adj} :: drawing room (attributive)
salottiero {adj} :: vain, frivolous, idle
salottino {m} :: Small living room, small sitting room
salotto {m} :: living room, sitting room, lounge, den
salotto {m} [furniture] :: suite (furniture for such a room)
salotto {m} :: salon
salpa {f} :: salp (fish of the genus Sarpa)
salpante {v} :: present participle of salpare
salpare {vt} :: [nautical] To weigh the anchor
salpare {vi} :: To set sail
salpareti {n} :: winch
salpareti {n} :: A machine consisting of a drum on an axle, a pawl, and a crank handle, with or without gearing, to give increased mechanical advantage when hauling on a rope
salpinge {f} [anatomy] :: salpinx
salpingectomia {f} [surgery] :: salpingectomy
salpingite {f} [pathology] :: salpingitis
salpingofaringeo {adj} [anatomy] :: salpingopharyngeal
salpingofaringeo {m} [muscle] :: salpingopharyngeus, salpingopharyngeal muscle
salsa {f} :: sauce
salsamentario {m} :: grocer, delicatessen seller
salsamenteria {f} :: delicatessen
salsapariglia {f} :: sarsaparilla (plant)
salsedine {f} :: saltiness
salsedine {f} :: salt
salsedinoso {adj} :: salty
salsicce e fagioli {n} :: a hearty dish of sausages and beans often eaten with potatoes
salsiccia {f} :: sausage
salsicciaio {m} :: sausage maker or seller
salsicciotto {m} :: A small sausage; frankfurter
salsiera {f} :: gravy boat, sauce boat
salsina {f} :: sauce (especially one made from a vegetable pulp)
salso {adj} [rare] :: salty
Salso {prop} :: A river that flows in Sicily
salsoiodico {adj} :: iodized (salt)
saltabeccante {v} :: present participle of saltabeccare
saltabeccare {vi} :: To skip or hop
saltafossi {m} :: A kind of two-wheeled gig
saltafossi {m} :: A gadabout
saltafosso {m} :: A cunning trick to make someone reveal a secret
saltaleone {m} :: spring wire
saltamartino {m} [colloquial] :: grasshopper, cricket (or similar jumping insect (or toy based on it))
saltamartino {m} :: scamp, rascal
saltante {v} :: present participle of saltare
saltar {v} :: apocopic form of saltare
saltare {vi} :: to jump, to leap, to spring
saltare {vi} :: to explode, to blow up
saltare {vi} :: to blow (up), to fuse
saltare {vi} :: to come off, to snap, to break
saltare {vi} :: to fail, to be cancelled
saltare {vi} :: to dance
saltare {vt} :: to jump, to jump over, to leap, to hurdle, to clear
saltare {vt} [figuratively] :: to jump, to skip, to leave out, to cut
saltare {vt} [in recipes] :: to sauté, to toss
saltare fuori {v} :: to pop up
saltatore {m} [athletics] :: jumper
saltatrice {f} [athletics] :: jumper (female)
saltazione {f} :: jump, leap
saltazione {f} :: saltation
saltellamento {m} :: hopping, skipping, jumping about or around
saltellante {v} :: present participle of saltellare
saltellante {adj} :: hopping, skipping
saltellare {vi} :: To hop, skip or jump
saltello {m} :: hop, skip (little jump)
saltelloni {adv} :: leaping, by jumps
salterellante {v} :: present participle of salterellare
salterellare {vi} :: To hop, jump or skip around or about
salterello {m} :: squib (firework)
salterio {m} [musical instruments] :: psaltery
salterio {m} [music] :: psalter
saltimbanca {f} [rare] :: feminine noun of saltimbanco
saltimbanco {m} :: an acrobat
saltimbanco {m} [figuratively, pejorative] :: a charlatan
saltimbocca {m} :: saltimbocca
saltimpalo {m} :: stonechat or African stonechat
salto {m} :: jump, leap, spring, bound
salto {m} [figuratively] :: change, jump, leap, rise, drop
salto {m} :: short call, short distance, hop
salto {m} :: drop, fall
salto {m} :: gap
salto {m} [music] :: interval, leap
Salto {prop} :: A river that flows in Lazio and Abruzzo
salto con l'asta {m} [athletics] :: pole vault
salto con l'asta {m} [athletics] :: pole-vaulting
salto in alto {m} [athletics] :: high jump
salto in lungo {m} [athletics] :: long jump
salto temporale {m} :: timeshift
salto triplo {m} [athletics] :: triple jump
saltuariamente {adv} :: occasionally, now and then
saltuarietà {f} :: discontinuity
saltuario {adj} :: occasional, irregular, odd, casual
saluberrimo {adj} :: Very healthy
salubre {adj} :: healthy, healthful, salubrious
salubrità {f} :: healthiness
salubrità {f} :: soundness
salumaia {f} :: grocer (female)
salumaio {m} :: grocer
salume {m} :: Any food product made from ground meat, especially pork, that is encased and cured with salt and spices, including foods such as salami
salumeria {f} :: A shop specialising in salami; a charcuterie, a delicatessen, a grocer's
salumiera {f} :: grocer (female)
salumiere {m} :: grocer
salumificio {m} :: salami factory
saluretico {adj} :: saluretic
saluretico {m} [pharmacology] :: saluretic
salutante {v} :: present participle of salutare
salutantesi {v} :: present participle of salutarsi
salutare {adj} :: healthy, wholesome, beneficial
salutare {vt} :: to say hello (or good morning, good night, goodbye), greet, see off
salutare {vt} :: to give somebody's regards to somebody, remember somebody to somebody
salutare {vt} :: to welcome, greet, salute, hail
salutariamente {adv} :: salutarily
salutarmente {adv} :: healthily
salutarmente {adv} :: beneficially
salutarsi {v} :: reflexive of salutare
salutarsi {v} :: to say hello (or good morning, good night, goodbye) to each other, to greet each other
salutatosi {v} :: past participle of salutarsi
salutazione {f} [literary] :: salutation
salute {f} :: health, wellbeing
salute {interj} :: cheers!
salute {interj} :: bless you!
salutismo {m} :: health consciousness
salutista {mf} :: health fanatic
salutista {mf} :: Salvationist
salutistico {adj} :: health consciousness (attributive)
saluto {m} :: hello, good morning, good night, goodbye, farewell
saluto {m} :: greetings, regards
saluto {m} :: nod, wave of the hand
saluto {m} [military] :: salute
saluto {m} :: short visit to a person
salutone {m} :: Big hello, big goodbye, big kiss (farewell formula)
salva {f} :: volley, discharge, round, salvo, salute
salvabile {adj} :: That can be saved, rescuable
salvabile {m} :: What can be saved
salvacondotto {m} :: safe-conduct
salvadanaio {m} :: money box, piggy bank
salvadanaro {m} :: alternative form of salvadanaio
salvadito {m} [medicine] :: stall (for the finger)
salvadore {m} [obsolete] :: Variant of salvatore
salvadoregna {f} :: Salvadorian (female)
salvadoregno {adj} :: Salvadorian
salvadoregno {m} :: Salvadorian
salvagente {m} :: life belt, life preserver, life-buoy
salvagocce {m} :: drip-catcher
salvaguardante {v} :: present participle of salvaguardare
salvaguardantesi {v} :: present participle of salvaguardarsi
salvaguardare {vt} :: to safeguard, protect, defend
salvaguardarsi {v} :: reflexive of salvaguardare
salvaguardarsi {v} :: to protect oneself, guard
salvaguardatosi {v} :: past participle of salvaguardarsi
salvaguardia {f} :: safeguard
salvaguardia {f} :: care, custody
salvamento {m} :: saving, rescuing
salvamento {m} :: escape, rescue, safety
salvamento {m} :: lifesaving
salvamotore {m} :: motor overload protection / protector
salvante {v} :: present participle of salvare
salvantesi {v} :: present participle of salvarsi
salvapunte {m} :: toe cap
salvare {vt} :: to save, rescue, retrieve, deliver
salvare {vt} :: to save, guard, safeguard, protect, defend
salvarsi {v} :: reflexive of salvare
salvarsi {v} :: to save oneself, escape, survive, hide
salvarsi {v} :: to protect oneself, defend oneself
salvarsi {v} [religion] :: to be saved
salvaschermo {m} [computing] :: screen saver
salvaslip {m} :: pantyliner
salvaspazio {adj} :: space-saving
salvastrella {f} :: burnet (plant)
salvatacco {m} :: heeltap (for a shoe)
salvataggio {m} :: rescue
salvataggio {m} :: save, saving
salvataggio {m} :: bailout
salvatelecomando {m} :: cover for a remote
salvatico {adj} :: Variant of selvatico
salvatore {m} :: rescuer
salvatore {m} :: saviour
Salvatore {prop} :: The Saviour
Salvatore {prop} :: given name, in honor of Christ as the Saviour; equivalent to Spanish Salvador
salvatosi {v} :: past participle of salvarsi
salvatrice {f} :: rescuer (female)
salvatrice {f} :: saviour (female)
salvavita {m} :: life buoy, life belt
salvavita {m} :: circuit breaker
salvavita {adj} :: lifesaving
salvazione {f} :: salvation
salve {interj} :: hello!; hi!; hail!
salve {interj} :: greetings
Salvemini {prop} :: surname
Salvemini {prop} :: Gaetano Salvemini, Italian politician
salvezza {f} :: salvation
salvia {f} :: sage
salvietta {f} :: serviette, napkin
salviettina {f} :: napkin
salvifico {adj} :: salvific
salvo {adj} :: safe, out of danger, saved, secure from
salvo {adj} :: safe, whole, intact, undamaged
salvo {m} [proceeded by in] :: safe, in a safe place, to safety
salvo {prep} :: except, but, save
salvo {conj} :: except that; save that, unless, if.. not
Salvo {prop} :: surname
Samanta {prop} :: given name of modern usage, derived from English Samantha
samara {f} [of botany] :: samara
Samarcanda {prop} :: Samarkand
Samaria {prop} :: Samaria (ancient city/and/historical region)
samario {m} [chemistry] :: samarium
samaritano {adj} :: Samaritan (all senses)
samaritano {m} :: Samaritan (all senses)
sambenedettese {adj} :: Of or from San Benedetto del Tronto
sambodromo {m} [neologism] :: sambadrome (exhibition place for samba schools in Brazil)
Sambro {prop} :: A river that flows in Emilia-Romagna
sambuca {f} :: sambuca
sambuco {m} :: elder, elderberry (tree)
Samele {prop} :: surname
sammarinese {adj} :: San Marinese (of or from San Marino)
sammarinese {mf} :: San Marinese (Person from San Marino)
Samo {prop} :: Samos
Samoa {prop} :: Samoa
samoana {f} :: Samoan [female]
samoano {adj} :: Samoan
samoano {m} :: Samoan
samoano {m} :: The Samoan language
Samoggia {prop} :: A river that flows in Emilia-Romagna
Samogizia {prop} :: Samogitia
samogizio {adj} :: Samogitian
samoiedo {m} :: Samoyed (all senses)
Samotracia {prop} :: Samothrace
sampdoriano {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the U.C. Sampdoria, the Italian football team based in Genoa
sampdoriano {m} :: A Sampdoria player or supporter
sampi {mf} :: sampi (Greek letter)
sampietrino {m} :: square cobbles used for paving streets
sampietrino {m} :: sett
sampietro {m} :: John Dory (fish)
Samuele {prop} :: given name; equivalent to the English-language Samuel
Samuele {prop} [biblical character] :: Samuel; Books of Samuel (1 Samuele and 2 Samuele)
san {mf} :: san (Greek letter)
san {m} [used before a consonant] :: apocopic form of santo saint
San {mf} :: A form of Santo or Santa
sanabile {adj} :: remediable
sanabile {adj} :: healable, curable
sanabilità {f} :: remediability
sanabilità {f} :: curability
sanabilmente {adv} :: In a remediable manner
sanamente {adv} :: healthily, wholesomely
sanamente {adv} :: soundly
sanante {v} :: present participle of sanare
sanantesi {v} :: present participle of sanarsi
sanare {vt} :: to heal
sanare {vt} [economics] :: to balance, make up, correct
sanarsi {v} :: reflexive of sanare
sanarsi {v} :: to heal, heal up
sanatoria {f} :: act of indemnity
sanatorio {m} :: sanatorium
sanatorio {adj} :: curative
sanatosi {v} :: past participle of sanarsi
sanbabilino {m} :: Any of a group of young fascists who gathered in the Piazza San Babila in the 1970s
San Benedetto del Tronto {prop} :: A seaside town in the Ascoli Piceno province of Marche
sanbernardo {m} :: Saint Bernard (dog)
San Bernardo {prop} :: Saint Bernard (person)
sancente {v} :: present participle of sancire
sancire {vt} :: To sanction, to ratify
sancire {vt} :: To decree, to mark
sancta sanctorum {m} [religion] :: Holy of Holies, sanctum sanctorum
sancta sanctorum {m} [religion] :: tabernacle
sancta sanctorum {m} [by extension] :: private retreat, sanctum, sanctum sanctorum
sanculottide {m} [historical] :: sans-culottide (any of the five or six days added at the end of Fructidor)
sanculotto {m} :: sans-culotte
sandaletto {m} :: (especially in plural) sandal (simple or flimsy)
sandalificio {m} :: sandal factory
sandalo {m} [botany] :: Santalum, sandal, sandalwood
sandalo {m} :: (shoe) sandal
sandalo {m} [nautical] :: punt
sandalone {m} :: peplum, sword-and-sandal (film genre)
Sandi {prop} :: surname
sandinismo {m} :: Sandinism (Latin American anti-imperialist ideology)
sandinista {m} :: Sandinista (member of the Sandinista National Liberation Front)
sandolino {m} [nautical] :: scull
sandolo {m} [nautical] :: alternative form of sandalo
Sandon {n} :: A village near Fossò in Venezia
sandonatese {adj} :: Of or from San Donà di Piave
San Donà di Piave {prop} :: A town (on the river Piave) in the province of Venezia in the Veneto
sandone {mf} :: Native or inhabitant of Sandon
sandra {f} :: zander
Sandra {prop} :: given name, short form of Alessandra
sandracca {f} :: sandarac / sandarach (resin)
sandwich {m} :: sandwich
sanfedismo {m} :: A reactionary, clerical movement in the late 18th century Papal States
sanfedismo {m} :: (be extension) An anti-liberal, pro-papal attitude
sanfedista {mf} :: Follower of sanfedismo
sanfedista {mf} :: reactionary (person)
sanforizzante {v} :: present participle of sanforizzare
sanforizzare {vt} :: To Sanforize (preshrink)
sanforizzato {adj} :: Sanforized (preshrunk)
sanforizzazione {f} :: Sanforization (preshrinking process)
sangallo {m} :: broderie anglaise
sangiaccato {m} :: sanjak (administrative region)
sangiacco {m} :: sanjak (governor of region), sanjakbeg
sangimignanesa {f} :: A native or inhabitant of San Gimignano
sangimignanese {m} :: A native or inhabitant of San Gimignano
San Gimignano {prop} :: A town in the Siena province of Tuscany
sangiorgese {adj} :: Of or from Porto San Giorgio or San Giorgio su Legnano
sangiovese {m} :: Either of two grape varieties grown in Tuscany and Romagna
sangiovese {m} :: Any of several red wines made from these grapes
Sangone {prop} :: A river that flows in Piedmont
sangria {f} :: sangria (alcoholic drink)
Sangro {prop} :: A river that flows in Abruzzo
sangue {m} :: blood
sangue {adj} :: blood red (colour)
sangue blu {m} :: blue blood (heritage of noblity)
sangue del proprio sangue {m} :: children
sangue di drago {m} :: dragon's blood (red pigment)
sangue freddo {m} :: cold blood (lack of emotion)
sangue misto {m} :: alternative form of sanguemisto
sanguemisto {m} :: half-breed
sanguemisto {m} :: cross
sanguifero {adj} [anatomy] :: blood (attributive)
sanguigna {f} [art] :: sanguine (red chalk)
sanguigno {adj} :: blood (attributive)
sanguigno {adj} :: hot-tempered
sanguigno {adj} :: ruddy
sanguigno {adj} :: sanguine
sanguinaccio {m} :: black pudding, blood pudding, blood sausage
sanguinamento {m} :: bleeding
sanguinante {v} :: present participle of sanguinare
sanguinante {adj} :: bleeding
sanguinare {vi} [but takes avere as auxiliary] :: to bleed (lose blood)
sanguinario {adj} :: bloodthirsty
sanguinazione {f} :: bleeding (loss of blood)
sanguinella {f} :: blood orange
sanguinella {f} :: dogwood
sanguinello {m} [mushrooms] :: saffron milk-cap, red pine mushroom (Lactarius deliciosus)
sanguineo {adj} :: blood (attributive)
sanguineo {adj} :: bloodstained
sanguineo {adj} :: consanguineous
Sanguineti {prop} :: surname
Sanguineti {prop} :: Edoardo Sanguineti, Italian writer and poet
sanguinità {f} [obsolete] :: consanguinity, blood relation
sanguinolento {adj} :: bloody, gory
sanguinolento {adj} [of meat] :: rare, underdone
sanguinosamente {adv} :: bloodily
sanguinoso {adj} :: bloody, bloodied, gory
sanguisorba {f} :: burnet (plant)
sanguisuga {f} :: leech
sanguivoro {adj} :: sanguivorous
sanicola {f} [botany] :: sanicle
sanidino {m} [mineralogy] :: sanidine
sanificante {v} :: present participle of sanificare
sanificare {vt} :: To sanitize
sanificazione {f} :: sanitization
sanioso {adj} :: sanious
sanità {f} :: health
sanità {f} :: army medical corps
sanitario {adj} :: sanitary
sanitario {adj} :: health (attributively)
sanitario {m} :: bathroom fitting
sanitario {m} :: doctor (in administration)
sanitarista {mf} :: bathroom (fixtures and fittings) manufacturer
sanitizzante {v} :: present participle of sanitizzare
sanitizzare {vt} :: to sanitize
sanitizzazione {f} :: sanitization
sanitometro {m} :: An official form (and associated parameters) used to determine an Italian citizen's right to free, or reduced-cost healthcare
sanitopoli {f} :: A political/criminal scandal involving care homes in the Abruzzo
San Lorenzo {prop} :: St Lawrence
San Marco {prop} :: San Marco
sanmarinese {adj} :: alternative form of sammarinese
sanmarinese {mf} :: alternative form of sammarinese
San Marino {prop} :: San Marino
sanmicheliano {adj} :: Relating to San Michele (the archangel Michael)
sannicolese {adj} :: Of or from any of several places called San Nicola or San Nicolò
Sannio {prop} :: Samnium
sannita {mf} :: Samnite (person from ancient Samnium)
sannitico {adj} :: Samnite
sano {adj} :: healthy, sound
sano e salvo {adj} :: safe and sound
San Paolo {prop} :: San Paolo (placename)
San Paolo {prop} :: Saint Paul (saint)
San Paolo {prop} :: San Paolo (placename)
sanpietrino {m} :: alternative form of sampietrino
San Pietroburgo {prop} :: Saint Petersburg
San Polo {prop} :: San Polo
sanremese {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Sanremo (town in Liguria)
sanremese {adj} [by extension, music] :: Of or pertaining to the Sanremo Music Festival
sanremese {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Sanremo
Sanremo {prop} [feminine] :: Sanremo (town/and/comune)
Sanremo {prop} [masculine, by extension] :: The Sanremo Music Festival, annually held in this town
San Remo {prop} :: obsolete spelling of Sanremo
sansa {f} :: olive pomace
sansa {f} [music] :: mbira; lamellophone
sanscritista {mf} :: Sanskritist
sanscritizzazione {f} :: Sanskritization / Sanskritisation
sanscrito {adj} :: Sanskrit
sanscrito {m} :: Sanskrit
Sansego {prop} :: Susak (island of Croatia)
sansepolcrista {mf} :: Any of the people who participated in the meeting held by Mussolini in Piazza San Sepolcro in Milan on March 23, 1919, during which the Fascist fighting force was formed
Sansepolcro {prop} :: A town in the Arezzo province of Tuscany
sansevieria {f} :: bowstring hemp (genus Sansevieria)
sansificio {m} :: A factory for the treatment of olive pomace
San Silvestro {prop} :: New Year's Eve
sansimonismo {m} :: Saint-Simonianism
sansimonista {adj} :: Saint-Simonian
sansimonista {mf} :: Saint-Simonian
sansone {m} :: A physically strong man
Sansone {prop} :: Samson [biblical character]
Sansone {prop} :: given name
Sansoni {prop} :: surname
Sansoni {prop} :: An Italian publishing house
sant' {n} :: (form of santo or santa used before a vowel) saint
santa {f} :: saint
santa {f} :: (before a name of a saint or in place names, as Santa) Saint
Santa {prop} :: Saint
santabarbara {f} [nautical] :: powder magazine
santabarbara {f} :: powder keg (explosive situation)
Santa Croce {prop} :: Santa Croce in Venice
Santa Croce {prop} :: A basilica in Florence
Sant'Agata de' Goti {prop} :: A small town in the province of Benevento in Campania
Santa Lucia {prop} :: Saint Lucia
santamente {adv} :: saintly
santarellino {m} :: goody two shoes, goody-goody
santarellino {m} :: prude
santarello {m} :: goody two shoes, goody-goody
santarello {m} :: prude
Santa Sede {prop} :: Holy See (episcopal see of the Roman Catholic Church)
santerellino {m} :: goody two shoes, goody-goody
santerellino {m} :: prude
santerello {m} :: goody two shoes, goody-goody
santerello {m} :: prude
Santerno {prop} :: A river that runs through Tuscany
santificabile {adj} :: sanctifiable
santificabile {adj} :: canonizable
santificante {v} :: present participle of santificare
santificare {vt} :: to sanctify or hallow
santificare {vt} :: to observe (a religious festival)
santificare {vt} :: to canonize
santificato {adj} :: sanctified, hallowed
santificatore {adj} :: sanctifying
santificatore {m} :: sanctifier
santificatrice {f} :: sanctifier
santificazione {f} :: sanctification
santimonia {f} :: sanctimony, sanctimoniousness
santino {m} :: picture of a saint or other holy subject
Santippe {prop} :: Xanthippe
Santippe {f} [figuratively] :: An ill-tempered woman
santissimo {adj} :: Most holy; holiest
Santissimo {n} :: Holy Sacrament
santità {f} :: sanctity, holiness
Santità {f} :: Holiness
santo {adj} :: holy
santo {m} :: saint
santo {m} :: (before a name of a saint or in place names, as Santo) Saint
Santo {prop} :: Saint
santocchieria {f} :: bigotry
santocchio {m} :: bigot
santo cielo {interj} :: good heavens
santolina {f} :: cotton lavender (of genus Santolina)
santone {m} :: dervish, santon
santone {m} :: guru (influential person)
santone {m} :: bigot
santongese {adj} :: Of or from Saintonge
Santongia {prop} :: Saintonge
Santoni {prop} :: Santones
santonina {f} :: santonin
santorale {m} :: sanctorale (annual liturgical cycle based on the feasts of saints)
santoreggia {f} :: savory (plant)
Santorio {prop} :: surname
Santorio {prop} :: Santorio Santorio, Italian physiologist
Santoro {prop} :: surname
Santoro {prop} :: Michele Santoro, Italian journalist and anchorman
Santo Stefano {prop} :: St. Stephen's Day
santuario {m} :: sanctuary, shrine, grotto
santuario mariano {m} :: grotto
Sanudo {prop} :: surname
Sanudo {prop} :: A noble family of Venice
San Valentino {prop} :: Saint Valentine's Day
San Valentino {prop} :: Saint Valentine
sanvincentino {adj} :: Of or from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
sanvitese {adj} :: Of or from San Vito al Tagliamento
San Vito al Tagliamento {prop} :: A small town in the Pordenone province of Friuli-Venezia Giulia
sanza {prep} [obsolete, poetic] :: without
sanza {f} :: alternative form of sansa
Sanza {prop} :: A small town in the province of Salerno in Campania
sanzionabile {adj} :: sanctionable
sanzionabilità {f} :: sanctionability
sanzionante {v} :: present participle of sanzionare
sanzionare {vt} :: To sanction, to ratify
sanzionare {vt} :: To sanction, to punish
sanzionatorio {adj} [legal] :: sanctioning; sanction (attributive)
sanzione {f} :: sanction, approval
sanzione {f} :: sanction, penalty
Saona {prop} :: Saône
sapa {f} :: A reduction of must in Ancient Roman cuisine, made by boiling down grape juice or must in large kettles until reduced to a third of the original volume
saper {v} :: apocopic form of sapere
sapere {vit} :: to know information
sapere {vit} :: to be able to, can, could (know how to)
sapere {vit} :: to taste, smell
sapere {vt} :: to come to know, become informed of, find out
sapere {m} :: knowledge, learning
sapersi {v} :: reflexive of sapere
sapersi {v} :: to be aware of one's own abilities, character, etc
sapidità {f} :: sapidity
sapido {adj} :: sapid
sapiente {v} :: present participle of sapere
sapiente {adj} :: learned
sapiente {adj} :: masterly
sapiente {mf} :: scholar
sapientemente {adv} :: learnedly
sapientesi {v} :: present participle of sapersi
sapientone {m} :: know-it-all
sapientone {m} :: smart aleck
sapientone {m} :: clever dick
sapienza {f} :: knowledge, learning
sapienza {f} :: wisdom
Sapienza {prop} :: Wisdom, Book of Wisdom (deuterocanonical book of the Bible)
sapienzale {adj} :: wisdom, knowledge, learning (attributive)
sapienziale {adj} :: wisdom (attributive)
sapindo {m} :: soapberry (plant)
saponaceo {adj} :: saponaceous, soapy
saponaria {f} :: soapwort (plant)
saponaria {f} [mineralogy] :: soapstone
saponata {f} :: soapsuds, lather
saponata {f} :: soapy water
sapone {m} :: soap
sapone di Marsiglia {m} :: Marseille soap
saponeria {f} :: soapery, soap factory
saponetta {f} :: bar of soap
saponiera {f} :: soap case
saponiere {m} :: soap manufacturer
saponiere {m} :: soap boiler
saponiero {adj} :: soap (attributive)
saponificabile {adj} :: saponifiable
saponificante {v} :: present participle of saponificare
saponificare {vt} :: to saponify
saponificatore {m} :: soap-boiler (person who makes soap)
saponificazione {f} [chemistry] :: saponification
saponificio {m} :: soapery, soap factory
saponina {f} [organic compound] :: saponin
saponoso {adj} :: soapy
sapore {m} :: taste, flavour, savor
saporitamente {adv} :: zestfully, with gusto or relish
saporito {adj} :: tasty, savoury, savory, spicy
saporosamente {adv} :: tastily
saporosità {f} :: tastiness
saporoso {adj} :: savoury, savory, tasty, spicy
Sappada {prop} :: A small town in the Belluno province of Veneto
sappadino {adj} :: of or from Sappada
sappadino {n} :: the Germanic dialect spoken in Sappada, Plodarisch
sappista {m} :: A member of the Squadre di Azione Patriottica partisan movement
saprese {adj} :: Of or from Sapri
Sapri {prop} :: A small town in the Salerno province of Campania
sapro- {prefix} :: Forms terms relating to dead or decaying material
saprobio {m} [biology] :: saprobe
saprobo {m} :: alternative form of saprobio
saprofagia {f} :: saprophagy
saprofago {adj} :: saprophagous
saprofita {adj} :: saprophytic
saprofita {m} [biology] :: saprophyte
saprofitismo {m} [biology] :: saprophytism
saprofito {m} [biology] :: saprophyte
saprofitofago {adj} :: saprophytic
saprogeno {adj} :: saprogenic
saproxilico {adj} :: saproxylic
saproxilo {adj} :: saproxylic (living in decaying wood)
saputamente {adv} :: knowledgeably
saputamente {adv} :: knowingly
saputella {f} :: know-it-all (female)
saputello {m} :: know-it-all
saputosi {v} :: past participle of sapersi
Sara {prop} [biblical character] :: Sarah
Sara {prop} :: given name
sarabanda {f} :: sarabande
sarabanda {f} :: uproar
saracco {m} :: hacksaw
saraceno {adj} :: Saracen
saraceno {m} :: Saracen
Saraceno {prop} :: surname
saracinesca {f} :: roller blind, roller shutter
saracinesca {f} :: sluice gate
saracinesca {f} :: portcullis
saracinesca {f} :: slide (A valve that works by sliding)
saracino {adj} :: Variant of saraceno
saracino {m} :: Variant of saraceno
Saracino {prop} :: surname, variant of Saraceno
Saragat {prop} :: surname
Saragat {prop} :: Giuseppe Saragat, Italian politician and fifth President of Italy
sarago {m} :: white bream
Saragozza {prop} :: Zaragoza, Saragossa, a city in northeast Spain
Sarca {prop} :: A river that flows in Italy
sarcasmo {m} :: sarcasm
sarcasticamente {adv} :: sarcastically
sarcastico {adj} :: sarcastic
sarchiante {v} :: present participle of sarchiare
sarchiare {vt} :: To hoe
sarchiata {f} :: A quick, superficial hoeing
sarchiatore {m} :: hoer (person)
sarchiatrice {f} :: hoeing machine
sarchiatura {f} :: hoeing
sarchiellante {v} :: present participle of sarchiellare
sarchiellare {vt} :: To weed with a garden hoe
sarchiello {m} :: garden hoe
sarchio {m} :: hoe
sarcofaga {f} :: flesh fly
sarcofago {m} :: sarcophagus
sarcofilo {m} :: Tasmanian devil
sarcoglicano {m} [protein] :: sarcoglycan
sarcoide {m} :: sarcoid
sarcoidosi {f} [medicine] :: sarcoidosis
sarcolemmale {adj} :: sarcolemmal
sarcoma {m} [oncology] :: sarcoma
sarcomatoso {adj} [oncology] :: sarcomatous
sarcomero {m} [anatomy] :: sarcomere
sarcoplasmatico {adj} :: sarcoplasmic
sarcopterigo {m} :: Any fish of the class Sarcopterygii
sarcosina {f} [amino acid] :: sarcosine
sarda {f} [zoology, ichthyology] :: sardine
sarda {f} :: female sardinian
sardagnolo {adj} :: Variant of sardegnolo
sardanapalesco {adj} :: Sardanapalian
sardanapalesco {adj} :: luxurious, debauched
sardanapalo {m} :: debauchee
Sardanapalo {prop} :: Sardanapalus
Sardegna {prop} :: Sardinia
sardegnolo {adj} :: Sardinian (especially of an animal, see usage notes if referred to people)
sardegnolo {m} :: An animal from Sardinia
sardegnolo {m} [offensive] :: A person from Sardinia
sardela {f} [Venice] :: sardine
sardella {f} :: sardine (fish)
sardena {f} :: shad (Alosa agone)
sardignolo {adj} :: Variant of sardegnolo
sardina {f} [zoology, ichthyology] :: sardine
sardista {mf} :: A person who advocated autonomy for Sardinia
sardità {f} :: Sardinian character or quality
sardità {f} :: Sardinian spirit or essence
sardizza {f} :: A type of sausage from Puglia
sardo {adj} :: Sardinian
sardo {m} :: Sardinian
sardo campidanese {n} :: Campidanese Sardinian (language)
sardonicamente {adv} :: sardonically
sardonico {adj} :: sardonic
sarevede {interj} :: see you later (closing salutation)
Sargas {prop} :: Sargas, a star in the constellation of Scorpio
sargasso {m} :: sargasso, gulfweed
sargia {f} [textiles] :: sarge
sari {m} :: sari
sariga {f} :: opossum
sarissa {f} :: a long pike used in the traditional Greek phalanx formation
sarmatico {adj} :: Sarmatian
sarmato {m} :: Sarmatian
Sarmazia {prop} :: Sarmatia
sarmentaceo {adj} [botany] :: sarmentaceous
sarmento {m} :: A woody shoot of a vine etc., used as firewood
sarmentoso {adj} [botany] :: sarmentose, sarmentous
sarnese {adj} :: Of or from Sarno
Sarno {prop} :: A town in the province of Salerno in Campania
Sarno {prop} :: A river in Campania
saronnese {adj} :: Of or from Saronno
Saronno {prop} :: A town in the Varese province of Lombardia
Sarpedonte {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Sarpedon
sarrusofono {m} [musical instruments] :: sarrusophone
sarsizza {f} :: synonym of sardizza
sarta {f} :: dressmaker
sartia {f} [nautical] :: shroud
sartiame {m} [nautical] :: All the stays of a ship
sartiante {v} :: present participle of sartiare
sartiare {vt} [nautical] :: to rig
sartina {f} :: dressmaker's apprentice
sarto {m} :: tailor
sartoria {f} :: tailoring
sartoria {f} :: dressmaking
sartoria {f} :: tailor's or dressmaker's (shop)
sartoriale {adj} :: sartorial
sartorialità {f} :: tailoring
sartorialmente {adv} :: sartorially
sartriano {adj} :: Sartrean / Sartrian
sartriano {m} :: Sartrean / Sartrian
Sarzana {prop} :: a town in the province of La Spezia in Liguria in Italy
sarzanese {adj} :: Of, or from, Sarzana
sarzanese {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Sarzana
sasanide {m} :: Sasanid
Saseno {prop} :: Sazan
sashimi {m} :: sashimi
sassafrasso {m} :: sassafras (plant)
sassaia {f} :: stony ground
sassaia {f} :: dyke (barrier of stone)
sassaiola {f} :: stone fight
sassarese {adj} :: of or relating to Sassari or the Sassari people
sassarese {mf} :: a native or inhabitant of Sassari
Sassari {prop} :: Sassari (province)
Sassari {prop} :: Sassari (town)
sassata {f} :: blow from a thrown stone
sassellese {adj} :: Of or from Sassello
sassello {m} :: redwing (Turdus iliacus)
Sassello {prop} :: A small town in the Savona province of Liguria
sasseto {m} :: stony ground
sassifraga {f} :: saxifrage
sassismo {m} :: bouldering
sasso {m} :: (substance) stone, rock
sasso {m} :: (a piece of such substance) stone, rock, boulder, pebble
sassofonista {mf} :: saxophonist
sassofono {m} [musical instruments] :: saxophone
sassofrasso {m} :: sassafras (plant)
sassola {f} [nautical] :: bailer
sassola {f} :: ladle
sassolino {m} :: Small stone, pebble
sassolite {f} [mineralogy] :: sassolite
sassone {adj} :: Saxon
sassone {mf} :: Saxon (person)
sassone {m} :: Saxon (language)
Sassonia {prop} :: Saxony
sassoso {adj} :: stony, rocky
sassuolo {m} :: A red wine from Emilia
satana {m} :: An evil or wicked person
Satana {prop} :: Satan
satanasso {m} :: devil
satanasso {m} :: fiend
Satanasso {n} :: Satan
satanico {adj} :: satanic
satanismo {m} :: Satanism
satanista {adj} :: Satanist
satanista {mf} :: Satanist
satellitare {adj} :: satellite
satellitario {adj} :: satellite (attributive)
satellite {m} :: satellite
satellizzante {v} :: present participle of satellizzare
satellizzare {vt} :: To make into a satellite (politically dependent state)
satelloide {m} :: satelloid
Saticula {prop} :: A Samnite city in Southern Italy, now part of Sant'Agata de' Goti
saticulano {adj} :: Of or from Saticula
saticulano {adj} :: Of or from Sant'Agata de' Goti
satin {m} :: satin
satinante {v} :: present participle of satinare
satinare {vt} :: To glaze, to satin finish or gloss
satinato {adj} :: satin (finish)
satinato {adj} :: glazed
satinato {adj} :: polished
satinatrice {f} :: satin finisher
satinatura {f} :: glazing, glaze
satira {f} :: satire
satireggiante {v} :: present participle of satireggiare
satireggiare {vt} [literary] :: To satirize
satireggiare {vi} [literary] :: To be satirical
satiresco {adj} :: satyric
satiriasi {f} :: satyriasis
satiricamente {adv} :: satirically
satirico {adj} :: satirical
satirista {mf} :: satirist
satiro {m} :: satyr
satisfacente {v} :: present participle of satisfare
satisfare {vit} :: obsolete form of soddisfare
satizza {f} :: synonym of sardizza
Satàn {prop} :: medieval spelling of Satana
satollante {v} :: present participle of satollare
satollantesi {v} :: present participle of satollarsi
satollare {vt} :: to stuff
satollare {vt} :: to sate, satiate
satollarsi {v} :: reflexive of satollare
satollarsi {v} :: to stuff oneself; to eat one's fill
satollatosi {v} :: past participle of satollarsi
satollo {adj} :: full, replete
satrapia {f} :: satrapy
satrapo {m} :: satrap
Satriani {prop} :: surname
Satriani {prop} :: Joe Satriani, American guitarist of Italian descent
Satta {prop} :: surname
Satta {prop} :: Melissa Satta, Italian showgirl
saturabile {adj} :: saturable
saturabilità {f} :: saturability
saturante {v} :: present participle of saturare
saturare {vt} :: to saturate
saturato {adj} :: saturated
saturatore {m} :: saturator
saturazione {f} :: saturation (all senses)
satureia {f} :: summer savory (plant)
saturità {f} [obsolete] :: satiety, surfeit
saturnale {adj} :: Saturnian
Saturnali {prop} :: Saturnalia
saturniano {adj} :: Saturnian
saturnino {adj} :: saturnine
saturnio {adj} :: Saturnian
saturnismo {m} :: saturnism (lead poisoning)
saturno {m} :: (in alchemy) lead
Saturno {prop} :: Saturn
saturo {adj} [chemistry, physics] :: saturated
sa tutto {m} :: know-it-all
sa tutto {m} :: smart aleck
sa tutto {m} :: clever dick
saudita {adj} :: Saudi Arabian
saudita {mf} :: Saudi Arabian
Saudito {adj} :: Saudi
sauna {f} :: sauna
saurano {adj} :: of or from Sauris
saurano {n} :: the Germanic dialect spoken in Sauris, a form of Tyrolean Bavarian
Sauris {prop} :: A germanophone village in the province of Udine in Friuli-Venezia Giulia
saurisco {m} :: saurischian
sauro {m} :: (in zoology) lizard
sauro {m} [of horses] :: sorrel, chestnut
Sauro {prop} :: surname
Sauro {prop} :: Nazario Sauro, Italian patriot
sauropode {m} :: A sauropod
Sava {prop} :: The river Sava
savana {f} :: savanna
Savena {prop} :: A river that flows through Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna
Saveria {prop} :: given name
saveriano {adj} :: Xaverian
Saverio {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Xavier
saviamente {adv} :: wisely, prudently
saviezza {f} :: wisdom, prudence
Savinia {prop} :: Savinja (statistical region of Slovenia)
savio {adj} :: wise
savio {adj} :: sensible
savio {m} :: A wise man
Savio {prop} :: A river in Emilia-Romagna
Savoia {prop} :: Savoy
savoiarda {f} :: Savoyard (female)
savoiardo {adj} :: Savoyard; of Savoy
savoiardo {m} [dessert] :: ladyfinger
savoiardo {m} :: Savoyard
savoiardo {m} :: The Savoyard dialect
Savoja {prop} :: obsolete spelling of Savoia
Savona {prop} :: Savona (province, town)
Savona {prop} :: The letter S in the Italian phonetic alphabet
savonarola {f} :: Savonarola chair, X-chair
Savone {prop} :: A small river in Campania
savonese {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Savona
savonese {adj} :: Of or relating to Savona or the Savona people
Savorgnan {prop} :: surname
Savorgnan {prop} :: A noble family of Venice
savorra {f} :: ballast
savorra {f} :: junk
Savuto {prop} :: A river that flows in Calabria
saxofonista {mf} :: saxophonist
saxofono {m} [musical instruments] :: saxophone
saziabile {adj} :: satiable, satisfiable
saziabilità {f} :: satiability
saziante {v} :: present participle of saziare
saziantesi {v} :: present participle of saziarsi
saziare {vt} :: to satisfy
saziare {vt} :: to satiate
saziarsi {v} :: reflexive of saziare
saziarsi {v} :: to eat one's fill
saziatosi {v} :: past participle of saziarsi
sazietà {f} :: satiety, fullness
sazietà {f} :: surfeit, overabundance
sazio {adj} :: sated (with), full up, full (of)
sbaccellante {v} :: present participle of sbaccellare
sbaccellare {vt} :: to shell [peas, beans etc.]
sbaccellatura {f} :: shelling (of peas, beans etc.)
sbaciucchiamento {m} :: smooching, necking
sbaciucchiante {v} :: present participle of sbaciucchiare
sbaciucchiantesi {v} :: present participle of sbaciucchiarsi
sbaciucchiare {vt} :: To smother with kisses; to smooch or neck
sbaciucchiarsi {v} :: reflexive of sbaciucchiare
sbaciucchiarsi {vr} :: to kiss and cuddle
sbaciucchiatosi {v} :: past participle of sbaciucchiarsi
sbadacchiatura {f} :: A system of temporary wooden planks propped up to support the walls of an excavation
sbadataggine {f} :: absent-mindedness, inattention, inadvertence
sbadataggine {f} :: carelessness, heedlessness
sbadatamente {adv} :: carelessly, thoughtlessly
sbadato {adj} :: careless, thoughtless
sbadato {adj} :: scatterbrained
sbadigliante {v} :: present participle of sbadigliare
sbadigliare {vi} :: to yawn
sbadiglio {m} :: yawn
sbafante {v} :: present participle of sbafare
sbafare {vt} :: to devour, wolf down
sbafare {vt} :: to sponge, scrounge
sbafatore {m} :: sponger, scrounger
sbaffante {v} :: present participle of sbaffare
sbaffare {vt} :: To smudge or smear
sbaffo {m} :: smudge, smear
sbafo {m} :: Only used in the adverb a sbafo
sbafone {m} :: sponger, scrounger
sbagliante {v} :: present participle of sbagliare
sbagliantesi {v} :: present participle of sbagliarsi
sbagliare {v} :: to make a mistake
sbagliare {v} :: to goof
sbagliarsi {v} :: reflexive of sbagliare
sbagliarsi {v} :: to be mistaken, be wrong, make a mistake, go wrong, err
sbagliatissimo {adj} :: superlative of sbagliato
sbagliato {adj} :: wrong, mistaken, erroneous, incorrect
sbagliatosi {v} :: past participle of sbagliarsi
sbaglio {m} :: mistake, failure, goof
sbalenza {f} :: swing
sbalenza {f} :: seesaw
sbalestramento {m} :: tension, strain
sbalestrante {v} :: present participle of sbalestrare
sbalestrare {vt} [obsolete] :: to fling, hurl
sbalestrare {vt} [figuratively] :: to unsettle, disconcert
sbalestrato {adj} :: unsettled, disconcerted
sballante {v} :: present participle of sballare
sballare {vt} :: To unpack
sballare {vi} :: To go out (use all one's playing cards)
sballare {vi} :: To talk nonsense
sballatura {f} :: unpacking
sballonata {f} :: boasting, bragging
sballottamento {m} :: tossing, jerking, jolting
sballottante {v} :: present participle of sballottare
sballottare {vt} :: To toss or throw (about or around)
sballottato {adj} :: tossed or thrown about
sballottio {m} :: continuous tossing or jolting
sballottolante {v} :: present participle of sballottolare
sballottolare {v} :: alternative form of sballottare
sbalordente {v} :: present participle of sbalordire
sbalordentesi {v} :: present participle of sbalordirsi
sbalordimento {m} :: amazement, astonishment
sbalordire {v} :: to stun, amaze or astound
sbalordirsi {vr} :: To be amazed, to be astonished, to marvel
sbalorditaggine {f} :: thoughtlessness, carelessness
sbalorditaggine {f} :: blunder
sbalorditivo {adj} :: amazing, astounding, mind-boggling
sbalordito {adj} :: amazed, astonished
sbalorditosi {v} :: past participle of sbalordirsi
sbalzante {v} :: present participle of sbalzare
sbalzare {vt} :: To throw, fling, toss or hurl
sbalzare {vt} :: To emboss
sbalzatore {m} :: embosser
sbalzo {m} :: start, jump (spontaneous movement)
sbalzo {m} :: sudden change
sbalzo {m} :: embossing
sbancamento {m} :: excavation (earth moving for building or road making)
sbancante {v} :: present participle of sbancare
sbancare {vi} :: to break the bank
sbancare {vt} [finance] :: to bankrupt, ruin financially
sbancare {vt} :: to excavate
sbandamento {m} :: skid
sbandamento {m} [nautical] :: list
sbandamento {m} :: confusion
sbandamento {m} [aviation] :: bank
sbandante {v} :: present participle of sbandare
sbandantesi {v} :: present participle of sbandarsi
sbandare {v} :: to skid
sbandare {v} [nautical] :: to list
sbandarsi {v} :: reflexive of sbandare
sbandarsi {vr} :: to disperse
sbandarsi {vr} :: to scatter
sbandarsi {vr} :: to break up
sbandata {f} :: skid
sbandata {f} [nautical] :: list
sbandata {f} :: fancy, whim
sbandato {m} :: A mixed-up person
sbandatosi {v} :: past participle of sbandarsi
sbandente {v} :: present participle of sbandire
sbandieramento {m} :: waving of flags
sbandieramento {m} :: ostentation, display, parade, boasting
sbandierante {v} :: present participle of sbandierare
sbandierare {vt} :: to wave [flags]
sbandierare {vt} :: to flaunt, display, trumpet
sbandieratore {m} :: flag-waver (person who waves a banner at public occasions)
sbandire {vt} [rare] :: To exile or banish
sbandire {vt} [rare] :: To divulge or disclose
sbandometro {m} :: bank-and-turn indicator
sbaraccante {v} :: present participle of sbaraccare
sbaraccare {vt} :: To clear up
sbaragliamento {m} :: rout
sbaragliante {v} :: present participle of sbaragliare
sbaragliare {vt} :: To defeat, beat or overcome
sbaraglio {m} [military] :: defeat
sbarazzante {v} :: present participle of sbarazzare
sbarazzantesi {v} :: present participle of sbarazzarsi
sbarazzare {vt} :: to clear or clear out
sbarazzarsene {v} :: To bump off
sbarazzarsene {v} :: To get rid of
sbarazzarsi {v} :: reflexive of sbarazzare
sbarazzarsi {v} :: to get rid of
sbarazzatosi {v} :: past participle of sbarazzarsi
sbarazzino {adj} :: impish, cheeky, mischievous
sbarazzino {m} :: scamp, imp
sbarbante {v} :: present participle of sbarbare
sbarbantesi {v} :: present participle of sbarbarsi
sbarbare {vt} :: to shave
Sbarbaro {prop} :: surname
Sbarbaro {prop} :: Camillo Sbarbaro, Italian writer and poet
sbarbarsi {v} :: reflexive of sbarbare
sbarbarsi {v} :: to shave
sbarbatello {m} :: novice, greenhorn
sbarbatello {m} :: nipper, shaver (young person)
sbarbato {adj} :: shaven
sbarbatosi {v} :: past participle of sbarbarsi
sbarbatura {f} :: shaving
sbarcabile {adj} :: unloadable
sbarcante {v} :: present participle of sbarcare
sbarcare {vt} :: To unload (goods)
sbarcare {vt} :: To disembark or land (people from an aircraft or ship)
sbarcare {vt} :: To put down (from a bus etc)
sbarcare {vi} :: To land or disembark
sbarcare {vi} :: To get off or alight (from a train etc)
sbarcare il lunario {v} :: to eke out a living
sbarco {m} :: unloading
sbarco {m} :: disembarkation, landing
sbarco {m} :: putting down
sbardante {v} :: present participle of sbardare
sbardare {vt} :: To unharness
sbarellante {v} :: present participle of sbarellare
sbarellare {vi} :: To totter or wobble
sbarellare {vi} :: To be off one's nut, to be off one's rocker
sbarra {f} :: bar (sports)
sbarra {f} :: barrier
sbarra {f} :: tiller (nautical)
sbarra {f} :: stroke (of a pen etc)
sbarra {f} [heraldry] :: bend sinister
sbarramento {m} :: barrier
sbarramento {m} :: dam
sbarramento {m} :: barrage
sbarrante {v} :: present participle of sbarrare
sbarrare {vt} :: to block, bar [a path, etc.]
sbarrare {vt} :: to open wide [the eyes]
sbarrare {vt} :: to cancel, cross out, strike out
sbarrato {adj} :: barred, blocked, obstructed
sbarrato {adj} :: staring (eyes)
sbarrato {adj} :: crossed (cheque)
sbarrato {adj} [heraldry] :: bendy sinister
sbarratura {f} :: crossing (of a cheque etc.)
sbarretta {f} [music] :: bar line
sbarrista {mf} :: A gymnast on the horizontal bar
sbasito {adj} :: fainted, passed out
sbassamento {m} :: lowering
sbassamento {m} :: demotion
sbassamento {m} :: dropping (from a team)
sbassante {v} :: present participle of sbassare
sbassare {vt} :: to lower; to put down
sbassare {vt} :: to relegate; to demote
sbassare {vt} [figuratively] :: to put (one) in one's place; to show (one) one's place
sbassare {vt} [figuratively] :: to drop (from a team)
sbastente {v} :: present participle of sbastire
sbastire {vt} :: To remove the basting / tacking from (stitched clothing)
sbatacchiamento {m} :: banging, slamming
sbatacchiante {v} :: present participle of sbatacchiare
sbatacchiare {vt} :: To slam, bang or shove
sbatacchiare {vt} :: To flap (wings)
sbatacchiare {vi} :: To bang or slam (of a door, window etc)
sbattente {v} :: present participle of sbattere
sbattentesi {v} :: present participle of sbattersi
sbattere {vt} :: to beat
sbattere {vt} :: to whisk [eggs, etc.]
sbattere {vt} :: to whip [cream, etc.]
sbattere {vt} :: to flap [wings]
sbattere {vt} :: to slam, bang [a door]
sbattere {vt} :: to throw
sbattere {vt} :: to churn
sbattere {vt} :: to bonk
sbattere {vt} [slang] :: to fuck
sbattere la testa contro un muro {v} :: to beat one's head against a stone wall
sbattere la testa contro un muro {v} :: to waste effort
sbattere le ciglia {v} :: to blink
sbattere via {v} :: To throw away
sbattersene {v} :: to visibly and completely ignore someone or something; to not give a damn about
sbattersi {v} :: reflexive of sbattere
sbattersi {vr} :: to fidget
sbattersi {vr} :: to worry; to be on tenterhooks
sbattersi {vr} [slang] :: to fuck
sbattezzante {v} :: present participle of sbattezzare
sbattezzantesi {v} :: present participle of sbattezzarsi
sbattezzare {vt} :: To force someone to renounce Christianity
sbattezzarsi {vr} :: To renounce Christianity
sbattezzatosi {v} :: past participle of sbattezzarsi
sbattighiaccio {m} :: (cocktail) shaker
sbattimento {m} :: beating; hurling, dashing
sbattimento {m} :: slamming, banging
sbattimento {m} :: hassle
sbattimento {m} :: flutter (of an aircraft)
sbattitore {m} :: mixer, beater (household appliance)
sbattitrice {f} :: mixer, beater (industrial machine)
sbattitura {f} :: beating
sbattitura {f} :: hurling, flinging
sbattitura {f} :: slamming, banging
sbattitura {f} :: whipping, whisking (eggs etc.)
sbattiuova {m} :: (egg) whisk
sbattuto {adj} :: beaten (eggs)
sbattuto {adj} :: worn out (person)
sbattutosi {v} :: past participle of sbattersi
sbavante {v} :: present participle of sbavare
sbavantesi {v} :: present participle of sbavarsi
sbavare {vi} [but takes avere as auxiliary] :: to dribble, drool, slobber, slaver
sbavare {vi} [but takes avere as auxiliary] :: to run, smear, smudge, leak
sbavarsi {vr} :: To dribble, to drool
sbavatore {m} :: fettler
sbavatosi {v} :: past participle of sbavarsi
sbavatura {f} :: dribble
sbavatura {f} :: smear, smudge
sbavatura {f} :: flaw, imperfection
sbavatura {f} :: burr
sbavone {m} :: slobberer, drooler
sbeccante {v} :: present participle of sbeccare
sbeccare {vt} :: To chip
sbeffeggiante {v} :: present participle of sbeffeggiare
sbeffeggiare {vt} :: To mock or make fun of
sbeffeggiatoria {f} :: derision, mocking
sbellicante {v} :: present participle of sbellicarsi
sbellicantesi {v} :: present participle of sbellicarsi
sbellicarsi {vr} :: To split one's sides (laughing)
sbellicatosi {v} :: past participle of sbellicarsi
sbendante {v} :: present participle of sbendare
sbendare {vt} :: To remove a bandage from
sberla {f} :: slap
sberleffo {m} :: face, grimace
sberrettata {f} :: The doffing of one's cap to greet someone
sbertucciante {v} :: present participle of sbertucciare
sbertucciare {vt} :: To crumple, to crease, to wrinkle, to crush
sbertucciare {vt} :: To make fun of, to mock
sbevacchiante {v} :: present participle of sbevacchiare
sbevacchiare {vi} :: To tipple
sbevazzamento {m} :: tippling
sbevazzante {v} :: present participle of sbevazzare
sbevazzare {vi} :: To tipple
sbiadente {v} :: present participle of sbiadire
sbiadentesi {v} :: present participle of sbiadirsi
sbiadire {vti} :: To fade
sbiadirsi {vr} :: To fade
sbiadito {adj} :: faded
sbiadito {adj} :: colourless, dull
sbiaditosi {v} :: past participle of sbiadirsi
sbiancamento {m} :: whitening, bleaching
sbiancante {v} :: present participle of sbiancare
sbiancante {adj} :: whitening
sbiancante {m} :: whitening agent
sbiancare {vt} :: To whiten, bleach
sbiancatura {f} :: whitening (process)
sbianchente {v} :: present participle of sbianchire
sbianchimento {m} :: bleaching
sbianchire {vt} :: to whiten, bleach
sbianchire {vt} [cooking] :: to blanch [food]
sbianco {adj} :: bleached
sbicchierante {v} :: present participle of sbicchierare
sbicchierare {vi} :: To drink together, in company
sbicchierata {f} :: A drink (in company)
sbiecamente {adv} :: aslant, askew, sidelong, obliquely
sbieco {adj} :: sloping, oblique, slanting, slanted
sbiellante {v} :: present participle of sbiellare
sbiellare {vt} :: To break down or pack up (of a car)
sbiettante {v} :: present participle of sbiettare
sbiettare {vt} :: To remove wedges from
sbigottente {v} :: present participle of sbigottire
sbigottentesi {v} :: present participle of sbigottirsi
sbigottimento {m} :: dismay
sbigottimento {m} :: astonishment
sbigottimento {m} :: marvel
sbigottimento {m} :: surprise
sbigottir {v} :: apocopic form of sbigottire
sbigottire {vt} :: To dismay or dumbfound
sbigottire {vi} :: To be amazed, to be dumbfounded
sbigottirsi {vr} :: To be dismayed
sbigottirsi {vr} :: To be astonished or amazed
sbigottito {adj} :: amazed
sbigottito {adj} :: dismayed
sbigottitosi {v} :: past participle of sbigottirsi
sbilanciamento {m} :: unbalance
sbilanciante {v} :: present participle of sbilanciare
sbilanciantesi {v} :: present participle of sbilanciarsi
sbilanciare {vt} :: to throw something off balance, overbalance, upset, unbalance
sbilanciarsi {v} :: reflexive of sbilanciare
sbilanciarsi {vr} :: to lose one's balance
sbilanciarsi {vr} :: to commit oneself
sbilanciatosi {v} :: past participle of sbilanciarsi
sbilancio {m} :: deficit (economic)
sbilenco {adj} :: crooked, misshapen, lopsided
sbilenco {adj} :: twisted
sbirbante {v} :: present participle of sbirbare
sbirbare {vt} :: To obtain (something) dishonestly
sbirbare {vi} :: To live at the expense of, or on the labours of others
sbirbarsela {v} :: to enjoy life and get by with little effort
sbirciante {v} :: present participle of sbirciare
sbirciare {vt} :: To peep or peek at
sbirciata {f} :: peep, glance
sbirciatina {f} :: glance
sbirraglia {f} :: cops, the police
sbirro {m} :: cop (policeman)
sbizzarrente {v} :: present participle of sbizzarrire
sbizzarrentesi {v} :: present participle of sbizzarrirsi
sbizzarrire {vt} :: To give free rein to
sbizzarrirsi {vr} :: To indulge oneself
sbizzarritosi {v} :: past participle of sbizzarrirsi
sbloccante {v} :: present participle of sbloccare
sbloccante {v} :: present participle of sbloccare
sbloccantesi {v} :: present participle of sbloccarsi
sbloccare {vt} :: to unblock
sbloccare {vt} :: to free
sbloccarsi {v} :: reflexive of sbloccare
sbloccarsi {vr} :: to become unblocked
sbloccarsi {vr} :: to be freed
sbloccatosi {v} :: past participle of sbloccarsi
sblocco {m} :: unblocking, clearing, freeing
sboba {f} :: slop, swill
sbobba {f} :: pigswill, slop
sbobinamento {m} :: transcript
sbobinamento {m} :: transcription
sbobinante {v} :: present participle of sbobinare
sbobinare {vt} :: To transcribe (something that was recorded on tape)
sbobinatura {f} :: transcription (of a text from tape)
sboccante {v} :: present participle of sboccare
sboccare {vi} [of a river] :: to flow into
sboccare {vi} [of a street] :: to lead into
sboccare {vi} :: to end up or arrive at
sboccare {vi} :: to reach a conclusion
sboccare {vi} :: to come to
sboccare {vi} [with "in"] :: to break out (in)
sboccare {vi} :: to overflow
sboccare {vt} :: to break the mouth or lip of a jug etc
sboccare {vt} :: to let out a small amount of liquid from a container in order to expel impurities
sboccataggine {f} :: scurrility (foul or vulgar language)
sboccatamente {adv} :: coarsely, vulgarly
sboccato {adj} :: foul-mouthed (person)
sboccato {adj} :: coarse (language)
sbocciante {v} :: present participle of sbocciare
sbocciare {vi} :: To bloom, flower or blossom
sbocciolatura {f} :: disbudding
sbocco {m} :: mouth, outlet, exit, end, way out, flowing
sbocconcellante {v} :: present participle of sbocconcellare
sbocconcellare {vt} :: To nibble
sbocconcellatura {f} :: nibbling
sbocconcellatura {f} :: chipping
sboffo {m} :: alternative form of sbuffo
sbollentante {v} :: present participle of sbollentare
sbollentare {vt} :: To blanch, scald or parboil
sbollente {v} :: present participle of sbollire
sbollire {vi} :: To cool down
sbolognante {v} :: present participle of sbolognare
sbolognare {vt} :: To get rid of
sbornia {f} :: drunkenness, binge drinking
sborniante {v} :: present participle of sborniare
sborniantesi {v} :: present participle of sborniarsi
sborniare {vt} :: to make drunk
sborniarsi {v} :: reflexive of sborniare
sborniarsi {vr} :: to get drunk
sborniarsi {vr} :: to get high
sborniatosi {v} :: past participle of sborniarsi
sbornione {m} :: boozer (person)
sborra {f} [colloquial] :: spunk, cum (ejaculate)
sborrante {v} :: present participle of sborrare
sborrare {vi} [obsolete] :: to leak, ooze
sborrare {vi} [obsolete] :: to boil over
sborrare {vi} [colloquial] :: to cum; to ejaculate
sborsante {v} :: present participle of sborsare
sborsare {vt} :: To pay out, fork out, disburse or shell out
sboscante {v} :: present participle of sboscare
sboscare {vt} :: alternative form of diboscare
sbottante {v} :: present participle of sbottare
sbottare {vi} :: To burst out (laughing etc)
sbottonante {v} :: present participle of sbottonare
sbottonantesi {v} :: present participle of sbottonarsi
sbottonare {vt} :: to unbutton
sbottonarsi {v} :: reflexive of sbottonare
sbottonarsi {vr} :: to unbutton
sbottonarsi {vr} :: to open up
sbottonato {adj} :: unbuttoned
sbottonatosi {v} :: past participle of sbottonarsi
sbottonatura {f} :: unbuttoning
sbozzante {v} :: present participle of sbozzare
sbozzare {v} :: to sketch out
sbozzare {v} :: to rough-hew
sbozzatore {m} :: rough-hewer
sbozzatura {f} :: rough-hewing
sbozzatura {f} :: outlining, sketching
sbozzimante {v} :: present participle of sbozzimare
sbozzimare {vt} :: To desize (textiles)
sbozzimatura {f} :: desizing
sbozzolante {v} :: present participle of sbozzolare
sbozzolare {vi} :: To emerge from a cocoon
sbozzolare {vt} :: To gather cocoons
sbozzolatura {f} :: gathering of cocoons (or the season for gathering)
sbracalato {adj} :: slovenly, sloppy, slipshod
sbracante {v} :: present participle of sbracare
sbracantesi {v} :: present participle of sbracarsi
sbracare {vt} :: To remove the trousers; to debag
sbracare {vi} :: To lose control of oneself
sbracarsi {vr} :: To remove one's trousers
sbracarsi {vr} :: To relax, to let one's hair down, to put one's feet up, to kick back
sbracato {adj} :: trouserless
sbracato {adj} :: sloppy, shabby, raggedy
sbracato {adj} :: coarse, vulgar
sbracatosi {v} :: past participle of sbracarsi
sbracciantesi {v} :: present participle of sbracciarsi
sbracciarsi {vr} :: To wave one's arms; to gesticulate
sbracciato {adj} :: sleeveless
sbracciato {adj} :: With bare arms
sbracciatosi {v} :: past participle of sbracciarsi
sbraccio {m} [sports] :: throwing action
sbraciante {v} :: present participle of sbraciare
sbraciare {vt} :: To poke or stir
sbraciatoio {m} :: poker
sbraitante {v} :: present participle of sbraitare
sbraitare {v} :: to shout, holler, scream or yell
sbraitio {m} :: shouting, yelling, ranting
sbramatura {f} :: husking (of rice)
sbranante {v} :: present participle of sbranare
sbranantesi {v} :: present participle of sbranarsi
sbranare {vt} :: To tear to pieces, to tear apart to tear at
sbranarsi {vr} :: To tear to pieces each other, to tear to pieces one another
sbranatosi {v} :: past participle of sbranarsi
sbrancante {v} :: present participle of sbrancare
sbrancare {vt} :: to disperse or scatter a group of things, animals or people
sbrancare {vt} :: to break up [a gang, etc.]
sbrancarsi {v} :: reflexive of sbrancare
sbrancarsi {v} :: to spread out
sbrattante {v} :: present participle of sbrattare
sbrattare {vt} :: to tidy up
sbrattare {vt} :: to clear, clean
sbrattata {f} :: Quick clean or tidying-up
sbratto {m} :: clearing, cleaning, tidying
sbreccante {v} :: present participle of sbreccare
sbreccare {vt} :: To chip the edge off
sbreccato {adj} :: chipped
sbrecciato {adj} :: chipped
sbricco {m} [obsolete] :: scoundrel, rogue
sbriciolabile {adj} :: That can be crumbled
sbriciolamento {m} :: crumbling
sbriciolante {v} :: present participle of sbriciolare
sbriciolantesi {v} :: present participle of sbriciolarsi
sbriciolare {vt} :: To crumble
sbriciolare {vt} :: To destroy or demolish
sbriciolarsi {vr} :: To crumble
sbriciolato {adj} :: demolished
sbriciolatosi {v} :: past participle of sbriciolarsi
sbriciolatura {f} :: crumbling
sbriciolatura {f} :: scraps, crumbs, fragments
sbrigabile {adj} :: That can be done or settled
sbrigante {v} :: present participle of sbrigare
sbrigantesi {v} :: present participle of sbrigarsi
sbrigare {vt} :: to deal with, get through [a task, etc.]
sbrigare {vt} :: to attend to, see to [a client, etc.]
sbrigarsi {v} :: reflexive of sbrigare
sbrigarsi {v} :: to hurry up, get a move on
sbrigativamente {adv} :: quickly, summarily, hastily
sbrigativamente {adv} :: brusquely
sbrigatività {f} :: hastiness
sbrigativo {adj} :: hasty, hurried
sbrigativo {adj} :: brusque, rough-and-ready, rough
sbrigativo {adj} :: quick
sbrigatosi {v} :: past participle of sbrigarsi
sbrigliamento {m} :: unbridling
sbrigliamento {m} :: debridement
sbrigliante {v} :: present participle of sbrigliare
sbrigliantesi {v} :: present participle of sbrigliarsi
sbrigliare {vt} :: To unbridle
sbrigliare {vt} :: To debride
sbrigliarsi {vr} :: To be unbridled
sbrigliatezza {f} :: unruliness, rowdiness
sbrigliato {adj} :: unbridled, unrestrained
sbrigliato {adj} :: debrided
sbrigliatosi {v} :: past participle of sbrigliarsi
sbrilluccicante {v} :: present participle of sbrilluccicare
sbrilluccicare {vi} :: to shine with rapid and intermittent sparks of light
sbrinamento {m} :: defrosting
sbrinante {v} :: present participle of sbrinare
sbrinare {vt} :: To defrost
sbrinatore {m} :: deicer
sbrinatore {m} :: defroster (or the defrost button on a fridge)
sbrindellante {v} :: present participle of sbrindellare
sbrindellare {vt} :: To tear or rip to shreds
sbrindellato {adj} :: ragged, tattered, in tatters
sbrisolona {f} :: A type of crumbly cake made with nuts or almonds, typical of Mantua
sbrodolamento {m} :: staining, dirtying
sbrodolamento {m} :: prolixity
sbrodolante {v} :: present participle of sbrodolare
sbrodolantesi {v} :: present participle of sbrodolarsi
sbrodolare {vt} :: To strain (with soup or other food)
sbrodolare {vt} :: To draw out (a speech)
sbrodolarsi {vr} :: To stain or dirty oneself (with food)
sbrodolata {f} :: long-winded speech or talk
sbrodolatosi {v} :: past participle of sbrodolarsi
sbrodolona {f} :: messy eater (female)
sbrodolona {f} :: windbag (female)
sbrodolone {m} :: messy eater
sbrodolone {m} :: windbag
sbrogliante {v} :: present participle of sbrogliare
sbrogliantesi {v} :: present participle of sbrogliarsi
sbrogliare {vt} :: to unravel
sbrogliare {vt} [nautical] :: to unfurl [a sail]
sbrogliare {vt} :: to solve, hack [a problem]
sbrogliarsi {v} :: reflexive of sbrogliare
sbrogliarsi {v} :: to disentangle, free oneself
sbrogliatosi {v} :: past participle of sbrogliarsi
sbronza {f} :: drunkenness, binge drinking
sbronzante {v} :: present participle of sbronzarsi
sbronzantesi {v} :: present participle of sbronzarsi
sbronzarsi {vr} :: To get very drunk
sbronzatosi {v} :: past participle of sbronzarsi
sbronzo {adj} [colloquial] :: blotto, pissed, plastered, sozzled
sbroscia {f} [regional] :: soft snow
sbroscia {f} [regional] :: slops, swill, dishwater
sbruffante {v} :: present participle of sbruffare
sbruffare {vt} :: To spray, spurt or snort
sbruffare {vt} :: To boast
sbruffata {f} :: spurting, snorting
sbruffata {f} :: boast
sbruffo {m} :: spurt, splutter
sbruffona {f} :: (female) boaster, braggart
sbruffonata {f} :: bragging, boasting
sbruffone {m} :: boaster, braggart
sbruffoneria {f} :: boasting, bragging
sbucante {v} :: present participle of sbucare
sbucare {vi} :: to pop out (of or from), flush
sbucare {vi} :: to spring (from)
sbucciante {v} :: present participle of sbucciare
sbucciantesi {v} :: present participle of sbucciarsi
sbucciapatate {m} :: potato peeler
sbucciare {vt} :: to peel [fruits, potatoes]
sbucciare {vt} :: to shell [peas]
sbucciarsi {v} :: reflexive of sbucciare
sbucciarsi {v} :: to graze, scrape, skin
sbucciarsi {v} :: to peel
sbucciatosi {v} :: past participle of sbucciarsi
sbucciatura {f} :: graze (skin damage)
sbudellamento {m} :: gutting
sbudellante {v} :: present participle of sbudellare
sbudellantesi {v} :: present participle of sbudellarsi
sbudellare {vt} :: to disembowel
sbudellarsi {v} :: reflexive of sbudellare
sbudellarsi {vr} :: to disembowel oneself
sbudellarsi {vr} :: to split one's sides (laughing)
sbudellatosi {v} :: past participle of sbudellarsi
sbuffante {v} :: present participle of sbuffare
sbuffante {adj} :: snorting, fuming
sbuffare {vt} :: to puff
sbuffare {vt} :: to snort, fume [with annoyance or rage]
sbuffo {m} :: gust or puff (of wind)
sbugiardante {v} :: present participle of sbugiardare
sbugiardantesi {v} :: present participle of sbugiardarsi
sbugiardare {vt} :: to show someone to be a liar
sbugiardare {vt} :: to contradict, deny
sbugiardarsi {vr} :: To contradict oneself
sbugiardatosi {v} :: past participle of sbugiardarsi
sbullettante {v} :: present participle of sbullettare
sbullettare {vt} :: To untack
sbullonante {v} :: present participle of sbullonare
sbullonare {vt} :: to unbolt
sburrante {v} :: present participle of sburrare
sburrare {vt} :: To skim or cream (milk)
scabbia {f} [disease] :: scabies
scabbioso {adj} [pathology, botany] :: scabby
scabino {m} :: alderman (in medieval times)
scabiosa {f} :: scabious [plant]
scabrezza {f} :: roughness
scabro {adj} :: rough, coarse, uneven
scabro {adj} :: concise, terse
scabrosamente {adv} :: with difficulty, knottily
scabrosamente {adv} :: indecently, scabrously
scabrosità {f} :: thorniness
scabrosità {f} :: roughness
scabrosità {f} :: indecency, offensiveness
scabroso {adj} :: difficult, thorny, knotty
scabroso {adj} :: embarrassing
scabroso {adj} :: indecent, scabrous
scabroso {adj} :: rough
scacazzante {v} :: present participle of scacazzare
scacazzare {vt} [vulgar] :: to shit or crap
scaccato {adj} :: checkerboard [US], chequerboard [British] (design)
scaccato {adj} [heraldry] :: chequy, checky
scacchiante {v} :: present participle of scacchiare
scacchiare {vt} :: To prune or pollard
scacchiatura {f} :: pruning, pollarding
scacchiera {f} :: chessboard
scacchiera {f} :: checkerboard [US], chequerboard or draughtboard [British]
scacchista {f} :: chess player
scacchistico {adj} :: chess (attributive)
scacciacani {mf} :: pistol that fires blanks (as a signal, or to scare off)
scacciafumo {m} :: air blast (from an explosion)
scacciamosche {m} :: flywhisk, flyswatter
scacciante {v} :: present participle of scacciare
scacciapensieri {f} [musical instruments] :: Jew's harp
scacciapensieri {f} :: pastime
scacciare {vt} :: to drive away or chase away
scacciare {vt} :: to throw out or turn out
scacciare {vt} :: to overcome or dispel
scacco {m} :: chess piece, chessman
scacco {m} :: square (chess)
scacco {m} :: check
scacco {m} [in the plural] :: chess
scaccolante {v} :: present participle of scaccolarsi
scaccolantesi {v} :: present participle of scaccolarsi
scaccolare {vt} :: To pick one's nose
scaccolarsi {vr} :: To pick one's nose
scaccolatosi {v} :: past participle of scaccolarsi
scacco matto {m} [chess] :: checkmate
scacco matto {m} :: smothered mate (scacco matto da cavallo)
scaccomatto {m} :: alternative form of scacco matto
scadente {adj} :: Of poor quality, of low quality, cheap, inferior
scadente {adj} :: poor, low, bad
scadente {v} :: present participle of scadere
scadenza {f} :: expiration, expiry, expiry date, deadline, date
scadenzante {v} :: present participle of scadenzare
scadenzare {vt} :: To set a time limit or expiry date
scadenzario {f} :: bill book, tickler, schedule book
scadere {vi} :: to decline, go down
scadere {vi} :: to expire [of a document, etc.]
scadere {vi} :: to become due [of a payment, etc.]
scadimento {m} :: decline, decay, degradation
Scaduto {prop} :: surname
scafandro {m} :: diving suit
scafandro {m} :: spacesuit
scafante {v} :: present participle of scafare
scafare {vt} :: to sharpen the wits of
scafare {vt} :: to teach a thing or two
scafare {vt} :: to make more skilled
scafatese {adj} :: Of, or from, Scafati
scafatese {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Scafati
Scafati {prop} :: a town in the province of Salerno in Campania in Italy
scafato {adj} :: shrewd, astute
scafato {adj} :: cunning
scafato {adj} :: alert, sharp
scaffalante {v} :: present participle of scaffalare
scaffalare {vt} :: to fit with shelves
scaffalare {vt} :: to arrange on shelves
scaffalatura {f} :: shelves, shelving
scaffale {m} [furniture] :: shelf
scaffale {m} [furniture] :: bookshelf, bookcase
scafista {mf} :: A person who maintains and repairs the hulls of ships or aircraft
scafista {mf} :: A person who smuggles cigarettes using fast motorboats
scafista {mf} :: A people trafficker who uses fast boats
scafo {m} [nautical] :: hull (of a ship)
scafo- {prefix} :: scapho- (shaped like the hull of a ship)
-scafo {suffix} [nautical] :: Used to form the names of craft having a specified hull
scafocefalia {f} :: scaphocephaly
scafocefalico {adj} :: scaphocephalic
scafocefalo {m} :: scaphocephalic (person)
scafoide {adj} [skeleton] :: scaphoid, navicular
scafoide {m} [skeleton] :: scaphoid, scaphoid bone, navicular bone
scafopodo {m} :: tusk shell, tooth shell (of class Scaphopoda)
scagionante {v} :: present participle of scagionare
scagionantesi {v} :: present participle of scagionarsi
scagionare {vt} :: To exonerate
scagionarsi {vr} :: To exonerate oneself
scagionatosi {v} :: past participle of scagionarsi
scaglia {f} :: flake, sliver, scale
scagliabile {adj} :: throwable
scagliante {v} :: present participle of scagliare
scagliantesi {v} :: present participle of scagliarsi
scagliare {vt} :: To hurl, to throw, to fling, to cast, to shoot, to sling
scagliarsi {vr} :: To pounce, to hurl oneself, to fling oneself
scagliatosi {v} :: past participle of scagliarsi
scaglionamento {m} :: An arrangement of troops in lines or echelons
scaglionante {v} :: present participle of scaglionare
scaglionare {vt} :: to space out or spread out
scaglionare {vt} :: to echelon
scaglione {m} :: group
scaglione {m} :: echelon
scaglione {m} [heraldry] :: chevron
scaglionetto {m} :: chevronel
scaglioso {adj} :: scaly
scagnozzo {m} :: lackey
scagnozzo {m} :: hanger-on
scala {f} :: ladder
scala {f} :: stair
scala {f} :: scale
scalabile {adj} :: scalable
scalabilità {f} :: scalability
scalandrone {m} [nautical] :: gangplank, gangway
scalante {v} :: present participle of scalare
Scala Nuova {prop} :: former name of Kuşadası, Scala Nuova (city)
scalare {vt} :: To climb or scale
scalare {vt} :: To pay off a debt in instalments
scalare {vt} :: To layer the hair
scalare {adj} :: graded, scaled
scalare {adj} :: scalar
scalare {m} [mathematics] :: scalar
scalariforme {adj} :: scalariform
scalata {f} :: scaling, climbing
scalata {f} :: climb
scalatore {m} :: climber, mountaineer, escalader
scalatore {m} [cycle racing] :: climber
scalatorio {adj} :: mountain climbing (attributive)
scalatrice {f} :: (female) climber, mountaineer, escalader
scalatrice {f} [cycle racing] :: climber (female)
scalcagnato {adj} :: down at hill (shoe)
scalcagnato {adj} :: shabby, run-down
scalcante {v} :: present participle of scalcare
scalcare {vt} :: To carve or cut (a joint of meat etc)
scalciante {v} :: present participle of scalciare
scalciare {vi} :: To kick
scalcinante {v} :: present participle of scalcinare
scalcinare {vt} :: To remove plaster from
scalcinato {adj} :: Not plastered
scalcinato {adj} :: shabby, much worn
scalcinatura {f} :: Removal of plaster
scalco {m} :: carver
scaldaacqua {m} :: geyser (water heater)
scaldabagno {m} :: water heater, boiler (domestic), geyser (domestic)
scaldabiberon {m} :: baby's bottle warmer
scaldacollo {m} :: neck warmer (short, thick scarf)
scaldacqua {m} :: alternative form of scaldaacqua
scaldacuore {m} :: wrap-around cardigan
scaldaletto {m} :: warming pan (for a bed)
scaldamuscoli {m} :: leg warmer
scaldante {v} :: present participle of scaldare
scaldantesi {v} :: present participle of scaldarsi
scaldapanche {mf} :: idler, loafer (lazy person)
scaldapiatti {m} :: plate warmer
scaldapiedi {m} :: foot warmer
scaldar {v} :: apocopic form of scaldare
scaldare {vt} :: to heat up
scaldarsi {v} :: reflexive of scaldare
scaldarsi {v} :: to warm oneself
scaldarsi {v} :: to warm up
scaldarsi {v} :: to get excited, worked up
scaldatoio {m} :: calefactory
scaldatosi {v} :: past participle of scaldarsi
scaldavivande {m} :: chafing dish (dish warmer)
scaldino {m} [dated] :: warmer (for the hands, feet or a bed)
scalea {f} :: flight of steps, perron
scaleno {adj} [geometry] :: scalene
scaleno {adj} [anatomy] :: scalene, scalenus
scaleno {m} [muscle] :: scalenus
scaleno anteriore {m} [muscle] :: scalenus anterior, anterior scalene muscle
scalenoedro {m} [geometry] :: scalenohedron
scaleno medio {m} [muscle] :: scalenus medius, middle scalene muscle
scaleno posteriore {m} [muscle] :: scalenus posterior, posterior scalene muscle
scaleo {m} :: step ladder
Scalera {prop} :: surname
scaletta {f} :: little ladder or step ladder
scaletta {f} :: programme, schedule
scaletta {f} :: outline, syllabus
scalettante {v} :: present participle of scalettare
scalettare {vt} :: to terrace (cut steps in)
scalettare {vt} :: to schedule
scalettato {adj} :: stepped, terraced
scalettato {adj} :: indexed
scalfante {v} :: present participle of scalfare
scalfare {vt} :: To widen the armhole(s) of
Scalfaro {prop} :: surname
Scalfaro {prop} :: Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, Italian politician and ninth President of Italy
scalfarotto {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: wool or fur slipper(s)
scalfente {v} :: present participle of scalfire
scalfentesi {v} :: present participle of scalfirsi
scalferotto {m} :: alternative form of scalfarotto
scalfire {vt} :: To scratch or graze
scalfire {vt} :: To touch, affect or hurt
scalfirsi {vr} :: To be scratched or grazed
scalfitosi {v} :: past participle of scalfirsi
scalfittura {f} :: scratch
scalfo {m} :: armhole
scalificio {m} :: ladder factory
scaligero {adj} :: Of or relating to Verona or the Verona people; Veronese
scaligero {adj} :: Of or relating to La Scala theatre in Milan
scaligero {adj} :: Of or relating to House of Scaliger, a noble family of Verona
scaligero {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Verona; a Veronese
scaligero {m} :: A La Scala theatre artist or employee
scalimetro {m} :: engineer's scale
scalinata {f} :: staircase, stairway
scalinata {f} :: flight of steps or stairs
scalino {m} :: step
scalino {m} :: rung (of a ladder)
scalmana {f} :: chill
scalmana {f} :: hot flush
scalmana {f} :: fancy, craze
scalmanante {v} :: present participle of scalmanarsi
scalmanantesi {v} :: present participle of scalmanarsi
scalmanarsi {vr} :: To bustle or hurry
scalmanarsi {vr} :: To get excited, to work oneself up
scalmanata {f} :: (female) hothead, rowdy
scalmanato {adj} :: hotheaded, rowdy
scalmanato {m} :: hothead, rowdy
scalmanatosi {v} :: past participle of scalmanarsi
scalmiera {f} [nautical] :: rowlock, oarlock
scalmo {m} [nautical] :: tholepin, rowlock, oarlock, futtock
scalo {m} :: slipway (for small boats)
scalo {m} :: stop, stopover
scalo {m} :: port of call
scalo {m} :: airstrip, runway (for planes)
Scalo {prop} :: (in combination) the name of a community that has grown up around a railway station some distance from the town it serves
scalogna {f} :: bad luck
scalognato {adj} :: unlucky
scalogno {m} :: shallot
scalone {m} :: grand staircase
scaloppa {f} :: escalope
scaloppa {f} :: cutlet
scaloppante {v} :: present participle of scaloppare
scaloppare {vt} :: To scallop (meat)
scaloppina {f} :: escalope, scallop (cooked)
scaloppina {f} :: cutlet (cut of meat)
scalpante {v} :: present participle of scalpare
scalpare {vt} :: To scalp
scalpellante {v} :: present participle of scalpellare
scalpellare {vt} :: To chisel
scalpellare {vt} :: To scalpel
scalpellatore {m} :: stonecutter
scalpellatore {m} :: fettler
scalpellatura {f} :: chiselling
scalpellinante {v} :: present participle of scalpellinare
scalpellinare {v} :: Variant of scalpellare
scalpellino {m} :: stonecutter, stonemason
scalpello {m} :: chisel
scalpello {m} [medicine] :: scalpel (for cutting bones)
scalpicciare {vi} :: To shuffle or scuttle
scalpiccio {m} :: shuffling, scuttling
scalpitante {v} :: present participle of scalpitare
scalpitante {adj} :: pawing (horse)
scalpitante {adj} :: eager, raring
scalpitar {v} :: apocopic form of scalpitare
scalpitare {vi} :: To paw
scalpitare {vi} :: To be eager or raring
scalpitio {m} :: pawing, stamping (of the ground)
scalpo {m} :: scalp
scalpore {m} :: sensation
scalpore {m} :: furore
scaltramente {adv} :: cleverly, shrewdly
scaltrente {v} :: present participle of scaltrire
scaltrentesi {v} :: present participle of scaltrirsi
scaltrezza {f} :: shrewdness, astuteness
scaltrezza {f} :: cunning, slyness
scaltrire {vt} :: To make someone wiser or more expert
scaltrirsi {v} :: reflexive of scaltrire
scaltrirsi {vr} :: to become wiser, more expert
scaltrirsi {vr} :: to sharpen one's wits
scaltritosi {v} :: past participle of scaltrirsi
scaltro {adj} :: shrewd, astute
scaltro {adj} :: cunning, sly
scalzabile {adj} :: That can be ousted; removable
scalzacane {mf} :: down-and-out
scalzacane {mf} :: bungler, blunderer
scalzamento {m} :: undermining
scalzante {v} :: present participle of scalzare
scalzantesi {v} :: present participle of scalzarsi
scalzapelli {m} :: orange stick
scalzare {vt} :: to take off a shoe, sock
scalzare {vt} :: to bare the roots of a plant
scalzare {vt} :: to undermine
scalzare {vt} :: to oust, remove
scalzarsi {v} :: reflexive of scalzare
scalzarsi {v} :: To remove one's shoes and socks
scalzatosi {v} :: past participle of scalzarsi
scalzatura {f} :: sapping, undermining
scalzo {adj} :: barefoot
Scamandro {prop} :: Scamander (river)
scambiabile {adj} :: exchangeable
scambiante {v} :: present participle of scambiare
scambiantesi {v} :: present participle of scambiarsi
scambiare {vt} :: to exchange, swap, switch
scambiare {vt} [economy] :: to exchange, trade, bargain, swap
scambiare {vt} :: to mistake for, take for, take instead of, mix up
scambiarsi {v} :: reflexive of scambiare
scambiarsi {v} :: to exchange, swap
scambiatore {m} :: exchanger
scambiatore {m} :: heat exchanger (properly scambiatore di calore)
scambiatore di calore {m} :: heat exchanger
scambiatosi {v} :: past participle of scambiarsi
scambievole {adj} :: mutual, reciprocal
scambievolmente {adv} :: mutually, reciprocally
scambio {m} :: exchange, interchange, swap
scambio {m} :: mix up, mistake
scambio {m} :: (economy, finance) exchange, trade, trading, dealings, swap, bargain
scambio {m} :: (railway etc.) points, frog, switch
scambismo {m} :: swinging (non-monogamous sexual lifestyle)
scambista {mf} :: signalman (in a railway signal box)
scambista {mf} [sex] :: swinger
scambista {mf} :: money changer
scambista {mf} :: swapper (person who exchanges things)
scamiciante {v} :: present participle of scamiciarsi
scamiciantesi {v} :: present participle of scamiciarsi
scamiciarsi {vr} :: To take one's jacket off
scamiciato {adj} :: In one's shirtsleeves
scamiciato {adj} :: In disarray
scamiciato {m} :: pinafore
scamiciatosi {v} :: past participle of scamiciarsi
scammonea {f} :: alternative form of scamonea
scamone {m} [regional] :: synonym of culaccio: rump [UK]; sirloin [US] (cut of meat)
scamonea {f} [plant] :: The plant Convolvulus scammonia: scammony
scamorza {f} :: An unfermented cow's-milk cheese from Southern Italy
scamorza {f} :: fool, idiot
scamosciante {v} :: present participle of scamosciare
scamosciare {vt} :: To chamois or suede (leather)
scamosciato {adj} :: suede (attributive)
scamosciatura {f} :: chamoising, sueding (tanning of soft leather)
scamozzante {v} :: present participle of scamozzare
scamozzare {vt} :: To pollard or lop
scamozzatura {f} :: pollarding, lopping
scampagnata {f} :: trip or outing to the countryside
scampanante {v} :: present participle of scampanare
scampanare {vi} :: To peal (bells)
scampanare {vi} :: To flare (clothes)
scampanata {f} :: pealing
scampanato {adj} :: flared (clothes)
scampanatura {f} :: flare (on trouser legs etc.)
scampanellante {v} :: present participle of scampanellare
scampanellare {vi} :: To peal (of bells)
scampanellata {f} :: peal (of bells)
scampanellio {m} :: peal, pealing (of bells)
scampanio {m} :: peal (of bells)
scampante {v} :: present participle of scampare
scampantela {v} :: present participle of scamparla
scampare {v} :: to escape (from)
scamparla {v} :: to survive, to come out alive
scamparla {v} :: to escape
scampatala {v} :: past participle of scamparla
scampo {m} :: prawn
scampo {m} :: escape, way out
scampolo {m} :: remnant
scamuffante {v} :: present participle of scamuffare
scamuffare {v} :: to uncover what was disguised or hidden
scana {f} :: fang, in the sense of pointed tooth
scanalante {v} :: present participle of scanalare
scanalare {vt} :: To cut or plough a groove
scanalato {adj} :: grooved
scanalato {adj} :: fluted
scanalatura {f} :: groove
scanalatura {f} :: fluting (architectural)
scanalatura {f} :: canal (irrigation)
scancellabile {adj} :: erasable, deletable
scancellante {v} :: present participle of scancellare
scancellare {vt} :: To delete, to rub out
scancellare {vt} :: to cross out
scancellatura {f} :: erasing, crossing out, deletion
scandagliabile {adj} :: That can be sounded, fathomable
scandagliamento {m} :: sounding, fathoming (measurement of water depth)
scandagliamento {m} :: in-depth investigation
scandagliante {v} :: present participle of scandagliare
scandagliare {vt} [nautical] :: to sound, fathom
scandagliare {vt} :: to investigate; to take soundings
scandagliatore {m} [nautical] :: leadsman
scandaglio {m} :: sounding, fathoming (measurement of depth of water)
scandaglio {m} :: lead (plummet to measure depth of water)
scandalismo {m} :: scandal-mongering, sensationalism
scandalista {mf} :: scandalmonger, sensationalist
scandalistico {adj} :: scandal (attributive), muckraking, scandalmongering
scandalizzante {v} :: present participle of scandalizzare
scandalizzantesi {v} :: present participle of scandalizzarsi
scandalizzare {vt} :: to scandalize, shock
scandalizzarsi {v} :: reflexive of scandalizzare
scandalizzarsi {vr} :: to be scandalized or shocked
scandalizzatosi {v} :: past participle of scandalizzarsi
scandalo {m} :: scandal
scandalosamente {adv} :: scandalously, shockingly, outrageously
scandaloso {adj} :: scandalous, shocking, outrageous
scandente {v} :: present participle of scandire
scandiccese {adj} :: Of, or from, Scandicci
scandiccese {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Scandicci
Scandicci {prop} :: a town in the province of Florence in Tuscany in Italy
Scandinavia {prop} :: Scandinavia, specifically:
Scandinavia {prop} [political, cultural, linguistic, etc.] :: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden collectively
Scandinavia {prop} [geographic] :: The Scandinavian Peninsula
scandinavistica {f} :: Scandinavian studies
scandinavo {adj} :: Scandinavian
scandinavo {m} :: Scandinavian (person)
scandinavo {m} :: Scandinavian (any of the languages used in the Scandinavian countries)
scandio {m} [chemistry] :: scandium
scandire {vt} :: to scan [verse, computing]
scandire {vt} :: to articulate (pronounce clearly)
scandire {vt} :: to spell [a word]
scandire {vt} :: to beat time
scandola {f} :: shingle (building material)
scandolo {m} :: Variant of scandalo
Scandone {prop} :: surname
Scania {prop} :: Scania
scannafosso {m} :: drain (agricultural channel)
scannante {v} :: present participle of scannare
scannantesi {v} :: present participle of scannarsi
scannare {vt} :: to butcher, slaughter [an animal]
scannare {vt} [computing] :: alternative form of scannerizzare
scannarsi {v} :: reflexive of scannare
scannarsi {v} :: to be at each other's throat
scannatoio {m} :: slaughterhouse, abattoir, shambles
scannatore {m} :: cutthroat (unscrupulous person)
scannatosi {v} :: past participle of scannarsi
scannellante {v} :: present participle of scannellare
scannellare {vt} :: To channel, slot or groove
scannellato {adj} :: fluted, grooved
scannellatura {f} :: grooving, channelling, fluting
scannellatura {f} :: groove, flute, slot
scannello {m} :: topside (of beef etc)
scannerante {v} :: present participle of scannerare
scannerare {vt} [computing] :: to scan (using a scanner)
scannerizante {v} :: present participle of scannerizare
scannerizare {v} :: To scan (a document etc, using a scanner)
scannerizzante {v} :: present participle of scannerizzare
scannerizzare {vt} :: [computing] To scan (use a scanner)
scannerizzazione {f} :: scan (made using a scanner)
scanno {m} :: seat, bench
scansabile {adj} :: avoidable
scansafatiche {mf} :: idler, loafer
scansafatiche {mf} :: lazybones
scansafatiche {mf} :: cop-out
scansamano {m} :: A device, in a printing press etc, that prevents that machinery coming into contact with the operator's hands
scansante {v} :: present participle of scansare
scansantesi {v} :: present participle of scansarsi
scansare {vt} :: to move, shirk, shift
scansare {vt} :: to dodge, avoid
scansare {vt} :: to ward off
scansarsi {v} :: reflexive of scansare
scansarsi {v} :: to move out of the way
scansarsi {v} :: to dodge
scansatosi {v} :: past participle of scansarsi
scansia {f} :: shelf, bookcase, bookshelf
scansionante {v} :: present participle of scansionare
scansionare {vt} :: [colloquial, computing] To scan (use a scanner)
scansionatore {m} [computing] :: scanner
scansione {f} :: scansion
scantinato {m} :: basement
scantonante {v} :: present participle of scantonare
scantonare {vi} :: To turn the corner
scantonare {vi} :: To change the subject
scantonare {vi} :: To slip away or slide off
scanzonato {adj} :: easy-going
scapaccione {m} :: smack, slap, clout
scapataggine {f} :: thoughtlessness
scapato {adj} :: thoughtless, heedless
scapato {adj} :: scatterbrained
scapecchiante {v} :: present participle of scapecchiare
scapecchiare {vt} :: To hackle
scapecchiatoio {m} :: hackle
scapecchiatura {f} :: hackling
scapece {m} :: escabeche
scapestrata {f} :: (female) daredevil, madcap
scapestrataggine {f} :: wildness, recklessness
scapestrataggine {f} :: profligacy
scapestrato {adj} :: madcap, reckless, rash
scapestrato {m} :: daredevil, madcap
scapezzante {v} :: present participle of scapezzare
scapezzare {vt} :: To pollard
scapezzare {vt} :: To behead
scapicollante {v} :: present participle of scapicollarsi
scapicollantesi {v} :: present participle of scapicollarsi
scapicollarsi {vr} :: to rush, plunge, dash headlong down
scapicollarsi {vr} :: to strive (do one's utmost)
scapigliante {v} :: present participle of scapigliare
scapigliare {vt} :: To dishevel or ruffle someone's hair
scapigliato {adj} :: dishevelled
scapigliato {adj} :: dissolute
scapigliatura {f} :: profligacy, loose living
scapitante {v} :: present participle of scapitare
scapitare {vi} :: To lose
scapito {m} :: detriment
scapitozzante {v} :: present participle of scapitozzare
scapitozzare {v} :: Variant of capitozzare
scapo {m} [botany] :: stem (of a plant)
scapo {m} :: trunk (of a column)
scapocchiante {v} :: present participle of scapocchiare
scapocchiare {vt} :: To break or knock the head off of something
scapola {f} [skeleton] :: shoulder blade, scapula
scapolare {adj} [skeleton] :: scapular
scapolo {m} :: bachelor
scapolone {m} :: confirmed bachelor
scapolo-omerale {adj} [anatomy] :: scapulo-humeral, scapulohumeral
scappamento {m} :: exhaust (of a car)
scappante {v} :: present participle of scappare
scappare {vi} :: to run away
scappare {vi} :: to flee
scappare {vi} :: to escape
scappare {vi} :: to scarper
scappata {f} :: dash, short run, visit
scappatella {f} :: escapade
scappatina {f} :: Quick visit
scappatoia {f} :: way out, loophole
scappatoia {f} :: pretext
scappavia {f} :: pinnace
scappellante {v} :: present participle of scappellare
scappellantesi {v} :: present participle of scappellarsi
scappellare {vt} :: To remove the top (of a mushroom)
scappellare {vt} :: To remove the turns of a cable from the bits
scappellarsi {vr} :: To raise one's hat
scappellata {f} :: raising of one's hat
scappellatosi {v} :: past participle of scappellarsi
scappellotto {m} :: cuff, slap or clip (on one's head or ear)
scappottante {v} :: present participle of scappottare
scappottare {vt} :: To fold back the top of a soft-top car
scappottare {vi} [sports] :: To avoid a whitewash
scapricciante {v} :: present participle of scapricciare
scapricciare {vt} :: To indulge (the whim of)
scapsulante {v} :: present participle of scapsulare
scapsulare {vt} [surgery] :: to decapsulate
scarabattola {f} :: trinket, trifle
scarabattola {f} :: glass-case, show-window
scarabattolo {m} :: display cabinet (glass-fronted)
scarabeo {m} :: beetle
scarabocchiante {v} :: present participle of scarabocchiare
scarabocchiare {vt} :: To scribble or doodle
scarabocchio {m} :: scribble, doodle, daub, scrawl, sketch
scaracchiante {v} :: present participle of scaracchiare
scaracchiare {vt} :: To gob (spit phlegm)
scaracchio {m} :: gob, phlegm (spat out)
scarafaggio {m} :: cockroach
scarafaggio {m} [figurative] :: A short.person that has black hair or usually wears black clothes
scaramantico {adj} :: warding off bad luck
scaramanzia {f} :: superstition
scaramanzia {f} :: counter-spell
scaramazza {f} :: baroque pearl
scaramuccia {f} :: skirmish
scaramuccia {f} :: squabble
scaraventante {v} :: present participle of scaraventare
scaraventare {vt} :: To fling, throw, hurl or slam
scaraventarsi {vr} :: To hurl oneself, to fling oneself, to dash, to rush
scarcassato {adj} :: smashed, shattered
scarceramento {m} :: release (as from prison)
scarcerante {v} :: present participle of scarcerare
scarcerare {vt} :: To release (from prison), to set free
scarcerazione {f} :: release (from prison)
Scarda {prop} :: Škarda (island of Croatia)
scardaccio {m} :: creeping thistle (Cirsium arvense)
scardaccione {m} :: creeping thistle (Cirsium arvense)
scardante {v} :: present participle of scardare
scardare {vt} :: To husk
scardassante {v} :: present participle of scardassare
scardassare {vt} :: To card (wool etc)
scardassatore {m} :: carder
scardassatura {f} :: carding
scardasso {m} :: card (used in carding)
scardinamento {m} :: unhinging
scardinamento {m} :: disruption, upset
scardinante {v} :: present participle of scardinare
scardinantesi {v} :: present participle of scardinarsi
scardinare {vt} :: To unhinge, to take off its hinges
scardinare {vt} :: To demolish, to destroy, to undermine
scardinarsi {vr} :: To come off its hinges
scardinarsi {vr} :: To break up
scardinatosi {v} :: past participle of scardinarsi
scardola {f} :: rudd (fish)
Scardona {prop} :: Skradin
scareggioso {adj} :: disgusting, revolting, repellent
Scarfoglio {prop} :: surname
scarica {f} :: shot (of a gun)
scarica {f} :: flood, hail (figurative)
scarica {f} :: discharge (of electricity)
scaricabarile {m} :: A children's game in which two people stand back-to-back and lift each other
scaricabile {adj} :: unloadable
scaricabile {adj} :: deductable (for taxation)
scaricabile {adj} :: downloadable
scaricabilità {f} :: The property of being downloadable
scaricabilità {f} :: deductibility
scaricamento {m} :: unloading, discharge
scaricamento {m} [computing, ] :: download
scaricante {v} :: present participle of scaricare
scaricare {vt} :: to unload, discharge, empty, unburden
scaricare {vt} [computing] :: to download
scaricare {vt} :: to get rid of, drop, dump, dispose
scaricare {vt} :: to relieve, vent, release
scaricatore {m} :: loader
scaricatore {m} :: docker, longshoreman (especially scaricatore di porto)
scaricatore di porto {m} :: longshoreman, docker
scarico {adj} :: unloaded
scarico {adj} :: empty
scarico {adj} :: run-down, (clock, watch)(Having the spring unwound)
scarico {adj} :: flat (battery)
scarico {adj} :: untroubled
scarico {m} :: unloading
scarico {m} :: dumping, tipping
scarico {m} :: rubbish dump or tip
scarico {m} :: draining, sink
scarificante {v} :: present participle of scarificare
scarificare {vt} :: To scarify
scarificatore {m} :: scarifier
scarificazione {f} :: scarifying
scarificazione {f} :: scarification
Scarlatti {prop} :: surname
Scarlatti {prop} :: Any of several of a family of Italian composers
scarlattina {f} [diseases] :: scarlet fever, scarlatina
scarlattinoso {adj} [pathology] :: scarlet (attributive), scarlatinal
scarlatto {adj} :: scarlet
scarlatto {m} [colors] :: scarlet
scarmigliante {v} :: present participle of scarmigliare
scarmigliantesi {v} :: present participle of scarmigliarsi
scarmigliare {vt} :: To dishevel
scarmigliarsi {vr} :: To be dishevelled
scarmigliato {adj} :: ruffled
scarmigliato {adj} :: dishevelled
scarmigliatosi {v} :: past participle of scarmigliarsi
Scarmiglione {prop} :: A fictitious devil in the Divine Comedy
scarnante {v} :: present participle of scarnare
scarnare {vt} :: To flesh
scarnatoio {m} :: fleshing knife
scarnente {v} :: present participle of scarnire
scarnificante {v} :: present participle of scarnificare
scarnificare {vt} :: To strip the flesh from
scarnificazione {f} :: stripping of flesh
scarnire {vt} :: To strip the flesh off
scarnire {vt} :: To skive
scarnire {vt} :: To strip to the bare bones
scarnissimo {adj} :: Very bare, very spare, very scanty
scarnito {adj} :: lean, skinny
scarnito {adj} :: bare-bones
scarnitrice {f} :: skiving / paring machine
scarnitura {f} :: stripping of flesh
scarno {adj} :: lean, bony, thin (person, hands etc)
scarno {adj} :: gaunt (look)
scarno {adj} :: meagre
scarno {adj} :: bare
scaro {m} :: parrotfish
scarogna {n} :: alternative form of scalogna
scarola {f} :: endive
Scarïotto {prop} :: medieval spelling of Iscariota
scarpa {f} :: (protective covering for the foot) shoe
scarpa {f} [architecture] :: juxtaposition of a wall inclined to the base of a tower or a boundary wall (buttress)
scarpaio {m} :: shoe pedlar
Scarpanto {prop} :: Karpathos
scarpariello {m} :: A dish of bucatini, in a piquant sauce, from Aversa in Campania
scarpata {f} :: escarpment, scarp, slope
scarpata {f} :: blow or kick (with a shoe)
scarpello {m} :: alternative form of scalpello
scarpetta {f} :: A child's shoe
scarpetta {f} :: An elegant ladies shoe
Scarpetta {prop} :: surname
scarpiera {f} :: shoe rack
scarpinante {v} :: present participle of scarpinare
scarpinare {vi} :: to hike, trek
scarpinata {f} :: trek, hike
scarponcino {m} :: child's or small boot
scarpone {m} :: boot (footwear)
Scarponi {prop} :: surname
scarrabile {adj} :: demountable
scarrellante {v} :: present participle of scarrellare
scarrellare {v} :: To retract the slide of a firearm to allow the first cartridge to enter the chamber and to cock the firing pin
scarrocciante {v} :: present participle of scarrocciare
scarrocciare {v} [nautical] :: To make leeway
scarroccio {m} [nautical] :: leeway
scarrozzante {v} :: present participle of scarrozzare
scarrozzare {vit} :: to drive around
scarrucolante {v} :: present participle of scarrucolare
scarrucolare {vi} :: To remove a belt from a pulley
scarrucolio {m} :: running of a pulley block (or the noise this makes)
scarruffante {v} :: present participle of scarruffare
scarruffare {vt} :: To ruffle, tousle or dishevel
scarruffato {adj} :: dishevelled
scarruffato {adj} :: ruffled, tousled (hair)
scarsamente {adv} :: poorly
scarseggiante {v} :: present participle of scarseggiare
scarseggiare {vi} :: To be scarce
scarsella {f} :: purse
scarsella {f} :: pocket
scarsella {f} [architecture] :: rectangular apse
scarsezza {f} :: shortage, scarcity, scarceness, lack
scarsissimo {adj} :: Very poor, very lean
scarsissimo {adj} :: poorest, leanest
scarsità {f} :: shortage, scarcity
scarso {adj} :: scarce, scanty, scant, poor, little, limited, short
scarso {adj} :: feeble, weak
scarso {adj} :: light (wind)
scartabellante {v} :: present participle of scartabellare
scartabellare {vt} :: To leaf through, to look through
scartabile {adj} :: discardable, rejectable
scartafaccio {m} :: notebook (looseleaf)
scartamento {m} :: gauge (of a railway etc)
scartamento allargato {m} :: broad gauge
scartamento normale {m} :: standard gauge
scartamento ridotto {m} :: narrow gauge
scartante {v} :: present participle of scartare
scartare {vt} :: to unwrap [a sweet]
scartare {vt} :: to discard, reject
scartare {vt} :: to dodge, swerve
scartavetrante {v} :: present participle of scartavetrare
scartavetrare {vt} :: To sandpaper
scartellante {v} :: present participle of scartellare
scartellare {vi} :: To disregard the norms of a banking cartel
scartina {f} :: low card (in card games)
scartina {f} :: nonentity, nobody
scartinante {v} :: present participle of scartinare
scartinare {vt} :: To insert slip sheets between
scartino {m} :: slip sheet
scarto {m} :: reject, waste, scrap
scarto {m} :: discard (playing card)
scarto {m} :: swerve
scarto {m} :: gap, difference, deviation
scartocciante {v} :: present participle of scartocciare
scartocciare {vt} :: to unwrap
scartocciare {vt} :: to husk or strip
scartocciatura {f} :: stripping, husking, shucking (agricultural)
scartoffia {f} :: Unimportant writing
scartoffia {f} [in the plural] :: papers
scassacazzo {mf} [vulgar] :: nuisance, bother, pain in the neck (person)
scassante {v} :: present participle of scassare
scassantesi {v} :: present participle of scassarsi
scassapalle {mf} [vulgar] :: A very boring or annoying person; a pain in the ass
scassare {vt} :: To wreck or smash
scassarsi {vr} :: To be wrecked or smashed
scassatosi {v} :: past participle of scassarsi
scassinamento {m} :: burglary, breaking and entering
scassinante {v} :: present participle of scassinare
scassinare {vt} :: to force, break [open]
scassinare {vt} :: to pick [a lock]
scassinatore {m} :: burglar, housebreaker
scassinatore {m} :: bank robber
scassinatore {m} :: safe-cracker
scassinatrice {f} :: (female) burglar, housebreaker
scassinatrice {f} :: (female) bank robber
scassinatrice {f} :: (female) safe-cracker
scassinatura {f} :: forcing or breaking open
scasso {m} :: burglary, breaking and entering
scatarrante {v} :: present participle of scatarrare
scatarrare {vi} :: To hawk (To forcibly attempt to cough up phlegm)
scatarrata {f} :: hawking (coughing up of phlegm)
scatenamento {m} :: running riot
scatenamento {m} :: outbreak (of violence)
scatenante {v} :: present participle of scatenare
scatenante {adj} :: provoking
scatenante {adj} :: triggering
scatenantesi {v} :: present participle of scatenarsi
scatenare {vt} :: to provoke, spark off or stir up (trouble etc.)
scatenare {vt} :: to unchain
scatenarsi {v} :: reflexive of scatenare
scatenarsi {v} :: to break [of a storm, etc.]
scatenarsi {v} :: to break out [of a revolt, etc.]
scatenarsi {v} :: to go wild
scatenatasi {adj} :: unleashed, let loose
scatenato {adj} :: wild
scatenato {adj} :: unchained, loose
scatenatosi {v} :: past participle of scatenarsi
scato- {prefix} :: Forms terms relating to excrement
scatofagia {f} :: coprophagia, coprophagy
scatola {f} :: box
scatola {f} :: tin, can
scatola cranica {f} [skeleton] :: braincase, brainbox
scatola del cambio {f} :: gearbox (in a car)
scatolaia {f} :: box maker or seller (female)
scatolaio {m} :: box maker or seller
scatolame {m} :: tins, cans, tinned or canned food
scatola nera {f} :: black box
scatolare {adj} :: boxy (box-shaped)
scatolata {f} :: boxful
scatolato {adj} :: boxed in
scatoletta {f} :: A small box, especially an airtight box containing food
scatolificio {m} :: box factory, box manufacturer
scatolina {f} :: A small box
scatolino {m} :: Little box
scatolino {m} :: pillbox
scatolo {m} [organic compound] :: skatole
scatologia {f} :: scatology
scatologico {adj} :: scatological, lavatorial
scatolone {m} :: large box, especially one for transporting smaller boxes of merchandise
scattante {v} :: present participle of scattare
scattante {adj} :: quick off the mark
scattare {vi} :: To be released; to spring back or click open or shut
scattare {vt} :: To take a photograph; to snap
scatterometro {m} :: scatterometer
scattista {mf} :: sprinter
scatto {m} :: release
scatto {m} :: trigger
scatto {m} :: click
scatto {m} :: spurt
scatto {m} :: jump, start
scatto {m} :: increment
scatto {m} :: dash
scattoso {adj} :: jumpy, choppy
scaturente {v} :: present participle of scaturire
scaturente {adj} :: arising (from)
scaturigine {f} :: spring, source, origin
scaturire {vi} :: to well (out of)
scaturire {vi} :: to flow or derive (from)
scautismo {m} :: scouting (activities of boy scouts and girl scouts)
scautista {m} [obsolete] :: boy scout
scavalcamento {m} :: jump or leap (over something)
scavalcante {v} :: present participle of scavalcare
scavalcare {vt} :: to pass over, climb over
scavalcare {vt} :: to overtake, leapfrog
scavalcato {adj} :: overtaken
scavalcato {adj} :: leapfrogged
scavallante {v} :: present participle of scavallare
scavallare {vt} :: to uncross [one's legs]
scavallare {vi} :: to romp, frolic
scavallare {vi} :: to lead an unruly life
scavallare {vt} :: to unhorse
scavallare {vi} :: to work hard
scavallare {vi} :: to come off its hinges
scavante {v} :: present participle of scavare
scavapatate {m} :: potato digger (agricultural machine)
scavare {vt} :: to dig
scavare {vt} :: to excavate
scavare {vt} :: to bore
scavare {vt} :: to hollow out
scavatore {m} :: excavator
scavatrice {f} :: excavator (machine)
scavatura {f} :: digging, excavation (process)
scavatura {f} :: hole, cavity
scavetto {m} :: A chip shot (in soccer)
scavezzacollo {m} :: daredevil
scavezzante {v} :: present participle of scavezzare
scavezzare {vt} :: To break
scavezzatrice {f} :: breaker (of textile threads)
scavezzatura {f} :: breaking (of textile threads)
scavo {m} :: excavation
scavo archeologico {m} :: archaeological excavation
scazonte {m} :: scazon
scazzato {adj} :: idle, slack
scazzo {m} :: row, fight
scazzone {m} :: bullhead (Cottus gobio)
scazzone {m} [heraldry] :: chalbot
scazzottante {v} :: present participle of scazzottare
scazzottantesi {v} :: present participle of scazzottarsi
scazzottare {vt} :: To beat up or thrash
scazzottarsi {vr} :: To punch each other
scazzottata {f} :: fight, punch-up
scazzottatosi {v} :: past participle of scazzottarsi
scazzottatura {f} :: fistfight, brawl, punch-up
scegliente {v} :: present participle of scegliere
sceglientesi {v} :: present participle of scegliersi
scegliere {vt} :: to choose
scegliersi {v} :: reflexive of scegliere
scegliersi {vr} :: to choose [for oneself]
scegliersi {vr} :: to be chosen
sceglitore {m} :: sorter, chooser
sceglitrice {f} :: (female) sorter, chooser
sceiccato {m} :: sheikdom, sheikhdom
sceicco {m} :: sheik
scekerante {v} :: present participle of scekerare
scekerare {v} :: Variant of shakerare
scelleratamente {adv} :: wickedly, evilly
scelleratezza {f} :: wickedness
scelleratezza {f} :: crime
scelleratissimo {adj} :: Very wicked
scellerato {adj} :: wicked, evil, villainous
scellerato {m} :: wicked person, evil person, villain
scellerità {f} [obsolete] :: wickedness
scellerità {f} [obsolete] :: crime
scellino {m} :: shilling (former British coin)
scellino {m} :: shilling (Somali coin)
scellino {m} :: schilling (former Austrian coin)
scelta {f} :: choice
scelta {f} :: selection, pleasure
sceltezza {f} :: choice
sceltezza {f} :: refinement, delicacy
scelto {adj} :: chosen
scelto {adj} :: selected
scelto {adj} :: top quality
sceltosi {v} :: past participle of scegliersi
scema {f} :: (female) fool, idiot
scemante {v} :: present participle of scemare
scemare {vi} :: to lessen
scemare {vi} :: to decline [in force]
scemare {vi} :: to abate [wind speed]
scemato {adj} :: lessened, decreased, abated
scemato {adj} :: reduced, diminished
scemenza {f} :: stupidity
scemenza {f} :: nonsense
scemo {adj} :: stupid, silly
scemo {m} :: fool, idiot
scemo del villaggio {m} :: village idiot
scempiaggine {f} :: foolishness
scempiante {v} :: present participle of scempiare
scempiare {vt} :: To make single
scempio {adj} :: single
scempio {m} :: destruction, havoc, ruin
scempio {m} :: slaughter
scena {f} :: scene (in all senses)
scena {f} :: stage (of a theatre etc)
scenario {m} :: scenery, set
scenario {m} :: backdrop
scenarista {mf} :: dramatist, playwright
scenarista {mf} :: screenwriter
scenata {f} :: row, scene
scendente {v} :: present participle of scendere
scendente {adj} :: descending, falling
scendente {m} :: pennant (especially n a coat of arms)
scender {v} :: apocopic form of scendere
scendere {vt} [non-standard] :: to go (all the way) down, come (all the way) down (the stairs)
scendere {vt} [non-standard] :: to climb (all the way) down (a ladder)
scendere {vi} :: to descend, move downward; go down
scendere {vi} :: to climb down from, come down from
scendere {vi} :: to get out of (bed)
scendere {vi} :: to get off; get out of; disembark from; alight
scendere {vi} [of a river] :: to flow down, run down, descend
scendere {vi} [of rain] :: to fall (to the ground)
scendere {vi} [of levels, temperature] :: to drop, fall, go down
scendibagno {m} :: bathmat
scendiletto {m} :: bedside rug
sceneggiante {v} :: present participle of sceneggiare
sceneggiare {vt} :: To dramatize
sceneggiato {adj} :: dramatized
sceneggiatore {m} :: scriptwriter
sceneggiatrice {f} :: scriptwriter (female)
sceneggiatura {f} :: screenplay
scenetta {f} :: skit, sketch, gag (short comic theatrical piece)
scenicamente {adv} :: scenically
scenico {adj} :: scenic (all senses)
scenico {adj} :: scenery (stage, attributive)
scenografa {f} :: set designer, scenographer (female)
scenografia {f} :: scenery
scenografia {f} :: scenography, set design
scenograficamente {adv} :: scenically
scenograficamente {adv} :: scenographically
scenografico {adj} :: stage (attributive)
scenografico {adj} :: scenographic
scenografo {m} :: set designer, scenographer
scenotecnica {f} :: staging, stagecraft
scepsi {f} [philosophy] :: scepsis, skepsis
sceriffo {m} :: sheriff
scernente {v} :: present participle of scernere
scernere {vt} :: To see, notice or discern
scervellante {v} :: present participle of scervellarsi
scervellantesi {v} :: present participle of scervellarsi
scervellarsi {vr} :: To rack one's brain or puzzle
scervellato {adj} :: brainless, empty-headed, scatterbrained
scervellatosi {v} :: past participle of scervellarsi
scespiriano {adj} :: Shakespearian
scetavaiasse {m} :: alternative spelling of scetavajasse
scetavajasse {m} [musici] :: scetavajasse (Neapolitan percussion instrument)
scettica {f} :: (female) sceptic, skeptic
scetticamente {adv} :: sceptically
scetticismo {m} :: scepticism, skepticism
scettico {adj} :: sceptical, skeptical
scettico {m} :: sceptic, skeptic
scettro {m} :: sceptre, scepter
sceverante {v} :: present participle of sceverare
sceverare {v} :: to distinguish X from Y
scevro {adj} :: free, without
Schaffhausen {prop} :: Schaffhausen (canton)
Schaffhausen {prop} :: Schaffhausen (city)
Scheat {prop} :: Aludra, the second brightest star in the constellation of Pegasus
scheda {f} :: card
scheda {f} :: index card
scheda {f} :: ballot
scheda {f} [computing] :: tab (navigational widget for switching between documents or sets of controls)
scheda elettorale {f} :: ballot (paper used for vote-casting)
scheda madre {f} [computer hardware] :: motherboard
schedante {v} :: present participle of schedare
scheda perforata {f} [computing] :: punch card, punched card
schedare {vt} :: to card-index
schedare {vt} :: to put on (a police) record
schedario {m} :: card index
schedario {m} :: filing cabinet
schedarista {mf} :: filing clerk
schedato {adj} :: Having a (police) record
schedato {m} :: Person with a (police) record
schedatore {m} :: cataloguer
schedatura {f} :: filing
schedatura {f} :: booking (of criminals)
schedina {f} :: football pools coupon (or similar form)
Schedir {prop} :: Schedar, the second brightest star in the constellation of Cassiopeia
schedulante {v} :: present participle of schedulare
schedulare {vt} [computing] :: To schedule
schedulatore {m} [computing] :: scheduler
scheggia {f} :: splinter, chip, spell, spelk
scheggiabile {adj} :: That can splinter or chip
scheggiante {v} :: present participle of scheggiare
scheggiantesi {v} :: present participle of scheggiarsi
scheggiare {vt} :: To splinter or chip
scheggiarsi {vr} :: To splinter or chip
scheggiatosi {v} :: past participle of scheggiarsi
scheggiatura {f} :: chip, splinter (of wood)
scheggiatura {f} :: chipping, splintering
scheggioso {adj} :: That easily splinters
scheggioso {adj} :: Littered with shards or sharp stones
schei {mp} :: money
Schelda {prop} :: Scheldt
scheletogeno {adj} :: skeletogenic
scheletrato {m} [dentistry] :: A removable, partial denture, typically made from a chromium / cobalt / molybdenum alloy
scheletrente {v} :: present participle of scheletrire
scheletricità {f} :: skinniness
scheletricità {f} :: conciseness
scheletrico {adj} [skeleton] :: skeletal, skeleton (attributive)
scheletrico {adj} :: skeletal, scrawny, skinny
scheletrire {vt} :: To skeletonize
scheletrito {adj} :: skeleton (attributive)
scheletrito {adj} :: all skin and bone
scheletrito {adj} :: bare (branch of tree etc)
scheletro {m} [anatomy] :: skeleton
scheletro {m} :: very thin person (a bag of bones)
scheletro {m} :: framework (of a structure)
scheletro {m} :: outline (of a project etc)
scheletro nell'armadio {m} [idiom] :: skeleton in the closet, skeleton in the cupboard (shameful secret)
schema {m} :: outline, schema, layout, diagram, plan, draft, project, arrangement
schema {m} :: pattern, mould, norm
schematicamente {adv} :: schematically
schematicità {f} :: sketchiness
schematico {adj} :: schematic, sketchy
schematismo {m} :: schematism
schematizzante {v} :: present participle of schematizzare
schematizzare {vt} :: to schematize
schematizzazione {f} :: diagramming, schematisation, schematization
scheo {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: money
scherano {m} :: myrmidon
scherma {f} [fencing] :: fencing
schermabile {adj} :: screenable
schermaggio {m} :: screening, shielding
schermaglia {f} :: skirmish, controversy
schermante {v} :: present participle of schermare
schermante {adj} :: shielding, screening
schermare {vt} :: To screen
schermata {f} [computing] :: screen, screenshot
schermatura {f} :: screening (all senses)
schermente {v} :: present participle of schermire
schermentesi {v} :: present participle of schermirsi
schermidore {m} [fencing] :: fencer, swordsman
schermire {vt} :: To protect or shield
schermirsi {vr} :: To protect or shield oneself
schermirsi {vr} :: To avoid or evade
schermistico {adj} [fencing] :: fencing (attributive)
schermitore {m} :: alternative form of schermidore
schermitosi {v} :: past participle of schermirsi
schermitrice {f} [fencing] :: fencer, swordswoman
schermo {m} :: screen
schermo al plasma {m} :: plasma display, plasma screen
schermografante {v} :: present participle of schermografare
schermografare {vt} :: To X-ray
schermografia {f} :: X-ray imaging
schermografico {adj} :: X-ray (attributive)
schernente {v} :: present participle of schernire
schernevole {adj} :: scornful, sneering, mocking
schernevolmente {adv} :: scornfully, sneeringly, mockingly
schernire {vt} :: To mock or sneer at
schernitore {adj} :: mocking, sneering
scherno {m} :: scorn, sneer
scherno {m} :: jeer, scoff
scherno {m} :: mockery
scherzante {v} :: present participle of scherzare
scherzare {vi} :: to joke, jest, be funny
scherzare {vi} :: to gamble, trifle, play
scherzetto {m} :: trick
scherzevole {adj} :: playful
scherzevole {adj} :: facetious
scherzi d'acqua {m} :: synonym of giochi d'acqua
scherzo {m} :: joke, jest, trick, hoax, frolic
scherzo {m} :: [something easy to do] joke, trifle, cinch
scherzo {m} [music] :: scherzo
scherzosamente {adv} :: jokingly
scherzosità {f} :: playfulness
scherzosità {f} :: facetiousness
scherzoso {adj} :: playful
scherzoso {adj} :: facetious
schettinaggio {m} :: roller skating
schettinante {v} :: present participle of schettinare
schettinare {vi} :: To roller skate
schettinatore {m} :: roller skater
schettino {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: roller skate
schiacciamento {m} :: squashing, crushing
schiacciamento {m} :: mashing
schiacciamento {m} :: pressing
schiacciamento {m} :: flattening
schiaccianoci {m} :: nutcracker, (pair of or set of) nutcrackers
schiacciante {v} :: present participle of schiacciare
schiacciante {adj} :: crushing
schiacciante {adj} :: overwhelming
schiacciantemente {adv} :: crushingly
schiacciantemente {adv} :: overwhelmingly
schiacciantesi {v} :: present participle of schiacciarsi
schiacciapatate {m} :: potato masher
schiacciare {vt} :: to crush, squash, crack, press, push, squeeze, mash
schiacciare {vt} :: to overwhelm, smash, flatten, crush
schiacciare un pisolino {v} :: to take a nap or snooze
schiacciare un pisolino {v} :: to doze off
schiacciarsi {vr} :: To get crushed, to get squashed
schiacciarsi {vr} :: To crush, squeeze or catch (one's finger, foot etc)
schiacciasassi {m} :: steamroller, road roller
schiacciata {f} [tennis] :: smash
schiacciata {f} [volleyball] :: spike, smash
schiacciata {f} [basketball] :: dunk, dunk shot
schiacciata {f} [regional] :: A focaccia
schiacciata {f} :: crush, squeeze
schiacciato {adj} :: flat (of the shape of a nose)
schiacciatore {m} [volleyball] :: smasher, spiker
schiacciatore {m} [basketball] :: dunker
schiacciatosi {v} :: past participle of schiacciarsi
schiacciatrice {f} [volleyball] :: smasher, spiker (female)
schiacciatrice {f} [basketball] :: dunker (female)
schiacciatura {f} :: crushing, squashing, squeezing
schiaffante {v} :: present participle of schiaffare
schiaffare {vt} [colloquial] :: To throw or chuck
schiaffeggiante {v} :: present participle of schiaffeggiare
schiaffeggiare {vt} :: To slap or smack
schiaffetto {m} :: slap on the wrist (mild reprimand)
schiaffo {m} :: slap (in the face)
schiaffo {m} :: rebuff
schiaffone {m} :: slap, smack (especially a hard one)
schiamazzante {v} :: present participle of schiamazzare
schiamazzare {vi} :: to make noise, clamour, din
schiamazzare {vi} [of animals] :: to cackle, chatter, squawk
schiamazzare {vi} :: to squall
schiamazzatore {m} :: A rowdy or boisterous person
schiamazzio {m} :: A continuous, insistent cackle, squawk or similar noise
schiamazzo {m} :: noise, clamour, din, disturbance; cackle, chatter (of animals)
schiantante {v} :: present participle of schiantare
schiantantesi {v} :: present participle of schiantarsi
schiantare {vt} :: To break (violently)
schiantarsi {vr} :: To crash
schiantatosi {v} :: past participle of schiantarsi
schianto {m} :: crash
schianto {m} :: smasher (good looking person)
Schiaparelli {prop} :: surname
Schiaparelli {prop} :: Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli, Italian astronomer
schiappa {f} :: incompetent
schiarente {v} :: present participle of schiarire
schiarentesi {v} :: present participle of schiarirsi
schiarimento {m} :: lightening
schiarimento {m} :: brightening up, clearing up
schiarire {vt} :: to lighten
schiarire {vt} :: to fade
schiarirsi {v} :: reflexive of schiarire
schiarirsi {v} :: to lighten
schiarirsi {v} :: to fade
schiarirsi {v} :: to clear up, brighten up
schiarita {f} :: clearing up, brightening up
schiarita {f} :: improvement
schiaritosi {v} :: past participle of schiarirsi
schiaritura {f} :: lightening, brightening
schiascopia {f} [medicine] :: skiascopy
schiatta {f} :: lineage, ancestry; offspring, progeny
schiatta {f} :: ethnicity
schiattante {v} :: present participle of schiattare
schiattare {vi} :: To drop dead
schiattare {vi} :: To burst
schiava {f} :: slave (female)
schiava della moda {f} :: slave to fashion
schiavardante {v} :: present participle of schiavardare
schiavardare {vt} :: to unbolt (remove bolts from)
schiavetto {m} [colloquial] :: flunky
schiavina {f} :: pilgrim's hooded cloak
schiavismo {m} :: slavery
schiavista {adj} :: slave (attributive)
schiavista {mf} :: slaver (slave trader)
schiavista {mf} :: slave driver
schiavistico {adj} :: slavery, slave (attributive)
schiavitù {f} :: slavery
schiavizzante {v} :: present participle of schiavizzare
schiavizzare {vt} :: to enslave
schiavizzatore {m} :: enslaver
schiavo {adj} :: enslaved
schiavo {m} :: slave
Schiavo {prop} :: surname
schiavo della moda {m} :: slave to fashion
schiavone {adj} :: Slavonian
schiavone {m} :: Slavonian
Schiavone {prop} :: surname
Schiavone {prop} :: Francesca Schiavone, Italian tennis player
schiccherante {v} :: present participle of schiccherare
schiccherare {vt} :: To drink up
schiccherare {vi} :: To tipple
schiccherare {vi} :: To scribble
Schicchi {prop} :: surname
schidione {m} :: spit (for roasting)
schiena {f} :: (the rear of the body) back
schienale {m} [furniture] :: back, backrest (of a seat)
schienale {m} :: saddle (of meat)
schienata {f} [sports] :: fall
schiera {f} :: rank (line of soldiers)
schieramento {m} :: formation, array
schieramento {m} :: deployment
schieramento {m} :: alliance
schierante {v} :: present participle of schierare
schierantesi {v} :: present participle of schierarsi
schierare {vt} :: To draw up (in military formation)
schierarsi {v} :: reflexive of schierare
schierarsi {vr} :: to draw up [in military formation]
schieratosi {v} :: past participle of schierarsi
schiettamente {adv} :: frankly, bluntly
schiettamente {adv} :: straightforwardly
schiettezza {f} :: frankness, straightforwardness
schietto {adj} :: frank, straightforward
schifante {v} :: present participle of schifare
schifantesi {v} :: present participle of schifarsi
schifare {vt} :: To loathe
schifare {vt} :: To disgust or nauseate
schifarsi {vr} :: To be disgusted
schifato {adj} :: disgusted
schifatosi {v} :: past participle of schifarsi
schifazzo {m} :: dingy (small sailing boat)
schifezza {f} :: hideousness, filthiness
schifezza {f} [colloquial] :: rubbish, junk, crap, slime
schifiltà {f} :: fastidiousness, squeamishness, fussiness
schifiltosa {f} :: fastidious or fussy woman
schifiltosamente {adv} :: fastidiously, squeamishly, fussily
schifiltosità {f} :: fastidiousness, squeamishness, fussiness
schifiltoso {adj} :: fastidious, fussy, squeamish
schifiltoso {m} :: fastidious person
schifio {m} :: alternative form of schifo
schifo {m} :: disgust, nausea, loathing
schifo {m} [colloquial] :: crap, rubbish
schifo {m} :: dingy (small sailing boat)
schifosaggine {f} :: loathsomeness, repulsiveness
schifosaggine {f} :: disgusting thing or action
schifosamente {adv} :: disgustingly
schifosamente {adv} :: dreadfully, awfully
schifosità {f} :: loathsomeness, repulsiveness
schifosità {f} :: disgusting thing or action
schifoso {adj} :: disgusting, loathsome, lousy, crappy, stinking, filthy, rotten
schifoso {m} [derogatory] :: bastard, disgusting person
schinciante {v} :: present participle of schinciare
schinciare {v} [rare] :: To stagger or reel (as if drunk)
schiniere {m} :: greave, shin guard
Schio {prop} :: A small town in the province of Vicenza in the Veneto
schioccante {v} :: present participle of schioccare
schioccare {vt} :: to crack, snap, click
schioccare {vt} :: to smack [one's lips]
schiodante {v} :: present participle of schiodare
schiodantesi {v} :: present participle of schiodarsi
schiodar {v} :: apocopic form of schiodare
schiodare {vt} :: To remove the nails from, to unnail
schiodarsi {vr} :: To get going
schiodarsi {vr} :: To get one's backside off
schiodatosi {v} :: past participle of schiodarsi
schiodatura {f} :: unnailing (removal of nails)
schioppettata {f} :: gunshot
schioppo {m} :: gun, rifle
schiribilla {f} :: little crake
schiribizzo {m} :: whim, fancy, caprice
schisandra {f} :: magnolia vine (of genus Schisandra)
schisto {m} :: Variant of scisto
schistosità {f} :: Variant of scistosità
schistoso {adj} :: Variant of scistoso
schistosomiasi {f} [medicine] :: schistosomiasis, bilharzia
schitarrante {v} :: present participle of schitarrare
schitarrare {vi} :: to strum
schiudente {v} :: present participle of schiudere
schiudere {vt} :: to open
schiudere {vt} :: to unlock
schiudere {vt} :: to unclench
schiudersi {v} :: reflexive of schiudere
schiudersi {v} :: to open
schiudersi {v} :: to dawn
schiudersi {v} :: to unclench
schiudersi {v} :: to hatch
schiuma {f} :: foam
schiuma {f} :: froth
schiuma di sapone {f} :: lather
schiumaiola {f} :: Variant of schiumarola
schiumante {v} :: present participle of schiumare
schiumare {vt} :: To skim
schiumare {vi} :: To foam
schiumarola {f} :: skimming spoon, skimmer
schiumatura {f} :: skimming
schiumogeno {adj} :: foaming
schiumogeno {m} :: foaming agent
schiumosità {f} :: foaminess
schiumoso {adj} :: foamy, lathery
schiusa {f} :: hatch
schivabile {adj} :: avoidable
schivafatiche {mf} [literary] :: idler, loafer
schivante {v} :: present participle of schivare
schivare {vt} :: to dodge
schivare {vt} :: to avoid
schivare {vt} :: to evade
schivata {f} :: dodge (an instance of dodging)
schivezza {f} [literary, archaic] :: averseness
schivezza {f} [literary, archaic] :: contempt, disdain
schivo {adj} :: reluctant
schivo {adj} :: shy
schivo {adj} :: averse to (doing) something
schizocarpo {m} [botany] :: schizocarp
schizocromismo {m} :: schizochromism
schizofita {f} [botany] :: schizophyte
schizofrenia {f} :: schizophrenia
schizofrenico {adj} :: schizophrenic
schizofrenico {m} :: schizophrenic
schizogenesi {f} :: schizogenesis
schizoide {adj} :: schizoid
schizoide {mf} :: schizoid
schizoidia {f} :: schizophrenia
schizomicete {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: schizomycete (bacterium)
schizotimia {f} :: schizothymia
schizzante {v} :: present participle of schizzare
schizzare {vit} :: to squirt
schizzare {vit} :: to splash
schizzare {vit} :: to spatter
schizzettante {v} :: present participle of schizzettare
schizzettare {vt} :: To syringe or spray
schizzetto {m} :: water pistol, squirt gun, water gun
schizzetto {m} :: syringe, spray
schizzignosa {f} :: Variant of schizzinosa
schizzignoso {adj} :: Variant of schizzinoso
schizzignoso {m} :: Variant of schizzinoso
schizzinosa {f} :: fastidious, squeamish or fussy woman
schizzinosamente {adv} :: fastidiously, squeamishly, fussily
schizzinosità {f} :: fastidiousness, squeamishness, fussiness
schizzinoso {adj} :: fastidious, squeamish, fussy
schizzinoso {m} :: fastidious, squeamish or fussy person
schizzo {m} :: squirt, splash
schizzo {m} :: stain, spot, flake
schizzo {m} :: sketch (rough)
schopenhaueriano {adj} :: Relating to, or characteristic of Arthur Schopenhauer; Schopenhauerian
schwarzite {f} [chemistry] :: schwarzite
sci {m} :: ski
sci {m} :: skiing
sciò {interj} :: shoo!, clear off!
scià {m} :: shah
scia {f} :: wake (of a boat)
scia {f} :: slipstream (of a vehicle or bicycle)
scia {f} [by extension] :: trail, wake, footsteps
scia- {prefix} :: scio- (shade, shadow)
sciabecco {m} [nautical] :: xebec
sciabica {f} :: A kind of trawl or dragnet
sciabicante {v} :: present participle of sciabicare
sciabicare {vi} :: to trawl
sciabigotto {m} :: twerp
sciabile {adj} :: skiable
sciabilità {f} :: Property of being skiable; skiability
sciabola {f} :: sabre, saber
sciabola {f} [fencing] :: sabre, saber
sciabolante {v} :: present participle of sciabolare
sciabolare {vt} :: To slash with a sabre
sciabolata {f} :: sabre cut
sciabolatore {m} [fencing] :: sabreur
sciabolatrice {f} [fencing] :: sabreur (female)
sciabordante {v} :: present participle of sciabordare
sciabordare {vt} :: To shake, slosh or stir (up)
sciabordare {vi} [of waves etc] :: To lap
sciabordio {m} :: lapping (sound)
sciabordio {m} :: slosh
sciacallaggio {m} :: looting
sciacallaggio {m} :: profiteering
sciacallo {m} :: jackal
sciacallo {m} :: profiteer
sciacallo {m} :: looter
sciaccò {m} :: shako
sciacquadita {m} :: finger bowl
sciacquante {v} :: present participle of sciacquare
sciacquantesi {v} :: present participle of sciacquarsi
sciacquare {vt} :: To rinse
sciacquarsi {vr} :: To rinse (oneself)
sciacquatosi {v} :: past participle of sciacquarsi
sciacquatura {f} :: rinsing
sciacquatura {f} :: dishwater
sciacquetta {f} [regional] :: dishwasher (woman)
sciacquetta {f} [regional] :: frippet
sciacquio {m} :: swashing
sciacquo {m} :: mouthwash
sciacquone {m} :: flush
Sciaffusa {prop} :: Schaffhausen
sciafilia {f} [botany] :: sciophyte
sciafilo {adj} [botany] :: sciaphilous
sciafita {f} [botany] :: sciophyte
sciagura {f} :: disaster, calamity
sciagurata {f} :: wretch (female)
sciaguratamente {adv} :: unluckily
sciaguratamente {adv} :: wickedly
sciaguratissimo {adj} :: Very wretched, very unlucky, very miserable
sciagurato {adj} :: wretched
sciagurato {m} :: wretch
scialacquamento {m} :: squandering
scialacquante {v} :: present participle of scialacquare
scialacquare {vt} :: To squander, waste or dissipate
scialacquatore {m} :: spendthrift, squanderer
scialacquatrice {m} :: (female) spendthrift, squanderer
scialacquio {m} :: squandering
scialagogo {adj} :: sialagogic
scialagogo {m} :: sialagogue
scialante {v} :: present participle of scialare
scialare {vi} :: to be extravagant
scialare {vi} :: to spend money like water
scialatelli {m} :: A form of tagliatelle, with a square cross-section, from near Naples
scialbo {adj} :: dull, colourless, drab
scialbo {adj} :: pale
scialitico {adj} :: scialytic
sciallato {adj} :: shawl (attributive)
scialle {m} :: shawl
sciallo {adj} [slang] :: calm, relaxed, sane (particularly during study)
scialo {m} :: extravagance, waste (of money)
scialone {m} :: spendthrift, squanderer
scialorrea {f} [medicine] :: hypersalivation
Scialpi {prop} :: surname
Scialpi {prop} :: Giovanni Scialpi, Italian actor and singer
scialpinismo {m} [skiing] :: ski-touring, backcountry/mountain skiing
scialpinista {mf} :: off-pister (off-piste skier)
scialpinistico {adj} :: alpine skiing (attributive)
scialuppa {f} :: sloop
scialuppa {f} :: lifeboat
scialuppa {f} :: tender
scialuppa di salvataggio {f} :: lifeboat
sciamana {f} :: shamaness (female shaman)
sciamanesimo {m} :: shamanism
sciamanico {adj} :: shamanistic
sciamanismo {m} :: shamanism
sciamanizzante {v} :: present participle of sciamanizzare
sciamanizzare {vt} :: To shamanize
sciamannante {v} :: present participle of sciamannare
sciamannare {v} :: to mess up
sciamannare {v} :: to untidy
sciamannare {v} :: to crumple
sciamannato {adj} [regional] :: untidy
sciamano {m} :: shaman
sciamante {v} :: present participle of sciamare
sciamare {vi} :: To swarm
sciamatura {f} :: swarming
sciame {m} :: swarm
sciame {m} :: crowd
sciammannato {adj} [regional] :: untidy (Variant of sciamannato)
sciampagna {f} :: champagne (wine)
sciampista {mf} :: alternative spelling of shampista
sciampo {m} :: alternative spelling of shampoo
sciancante {v} :: present participle of sciancare
sciancantesi {v} :: present participle of sciancarsi
sciancare {vt} :: To cripple or lame
sciancarsi {vr} :: To become crippled, to become lame
sciancata {f} :: cripple (female)
sciancato {adj} :: crippled, lame
sciancato {m} :: cripple
sciancatosi {v} :: past participle of sciancarsi
sciancrante {v} :: present participle of sciancrare
sciancrare {v} [of tailoring] :: To fit at the waist
sciancrato {adj} :: waisted (having a waist or narrowing)
sciancratura {f} :: waistline (of a dress)
sciancratura {f} :: narrowing (in the centre of a snowboard etc)
sciangai {m} :: pick-up sticks, mikado (game)
sciante {v} :: present participle of sciare
sciantosa {f} :: chanteuse (cabaret singer)
sciantung {m} :: shantung
sciapito {adj} :: alternative form of scipito
sciarada {f} :: charades (game)
sciaraitico {adj} :: Sharia
sciare {vi} :: to ski
sciarm {m} :: alternative spelling of charme
sciarmutta {f} :: prostitute (used in Italian East-North Africa colonies for indigenous prostitute)
sciarpa {f} :: scarf
sciarpona {f} :: big scarf
sciarra {f} :: fight, brawl
sciarrano {m} :: comber (fish Serranus scriba)
sciatalgia {f} [pathology] :: sciatica
sciatica {f} [pathology] :: sciatica
sciatico {adj} :: sciatic
Sciato {prop} :: Skiathos (island of Greece)
sciatore {m} :: skier in general, male skier
sciatorio {adj} :: ski, skiing (attributive)
sciatrice {f} :: female skier
sciattamente {adv} :: untidily, carelessly, sloppily
sciatteria {f} :: shabbiness, slovenliness, sloppiness, untidiness
sciattezza {f} :: shabbiness, slovenliness, sloppiness, untidiness
sciatto {adj} :: slovenly, untidy, shabby, sloppy
sciatto {adj} :: careless
sciattona {f} :: sloven (slovenly woman)
sciattona {f} :: frump
sciattone {m} :: sloven (slovenly person)
sciavero {m} :: slab
scibile {m} :: knowledge
scicche {adj} :: chic
sciccheria {f} :: elegance, stylishness
sciccoso {adj} [colloquial] :: swanky, ritzy
sci di fondo {m} [sports] :: cross-country skiing
sciente {adj} :: aware, conscious
scientemente {adv} :: deliberately
scientificamente {adv} :: scientifically
scientificità {f} :: The scientific character
scientifico {adj} :: scientific
scientismo {m} :: scientism
scientista {adj} :: scientist (attributive), scientistic
scientista {f} :: scientist
scientometria {f} :: scientometrics
scienza {f} :: science
scienza {f} :: learning, knowledge
scienziata {f} :: scientist
scienziata {f} :: woman of science
scienziato {m} :: scientist
scienziato {m} :: man of science
sciffoniera {f} :: chiffonier
scifozoo {m} :: scyphozoan
sciismo {m} :: Shia (branch of Islam)
sciistico {adj} :: ski (attributive), skiing (attributive)
sciita {adj} :: Shiite
sciita {mf} :: Shiite
scilinguagnolo {m} :: loquacity, tongue
scilinguato {adj} :: stammering, stuttering
scilipotismo {m} :: A political transformation typified by that of Domenico Scilipoti
scilla {f} :: squill (plant of the genus Scilla)
Scilla {prop} :: Scylla
scillitano {adj} :: Scillitan
scimitarra {f} :: scimitar
scimmia {f} :: simian
scimmieggiante {v} :: present participle of scimmieggiare
scimmieggiare {vt} :: To ape, mimic
scimmiesco {adj} :: ape-like, simian
scimmietta {f} [colloquial] :: little monkey (naughty child)
scimmione {m} :: gorilla, ape
scimmione {m} :: A clumsy and brutish person
scimmiottamento {m} :: aping, mimicry
scimmiottante {v} :: present participle of scimmiottare
scimmiottare {vt} :: to mock, make fun of
scimmiottare {vt} :: to mimic, ape
scimmiottatura {f} :: aping, mimicry
scimmiotto {m} :: Small or young monkey
scimmiotto {m} [colloquial] :: friend, pal
scimpanzé {m} :: chimpanzee
scimunita {f} :: fool, idiot
scimunitaggine {f} :: foolishness, silliness (quality, or act of)
scimunito {adj} :: stupid, foolish, silly
scimunito {m} :: fool, idiot
scinco {m} :: skink
scindente {v} :: present participle of scindere
scindentesi {v} :: present participle of scindersi
scindere {vt} :: To split up or divide
scindere {v} [chemistry] :: to cleave
scindersi {vr} :: To divide or split up into pieces
scindibile {adj} :: separable
scingente {v} :: present participle of scingere
scingere {vt} :: [literary] To untie or undo
scintigrafia {f} [medicine] :: scintigraphy
scintigrafico {adj} :: scintigraphic
scintigrafo {m} :: scintiscanner
scintigramma {m} :: scintigram, scintiscan
scintilla {f} :: spark
scintillante {adj} :: scintillating, sparkling or brilliant
scintillare {vi} :: To scintillate, sparkle, coruscate or glitter; to give off sparks
scintillatore {m} :: scintillator (all senses)
scintillazione {f} :: sparkling
scintillazione {f} :: scintillation
scintillio {m} :: sparkle, twinkle
scintillio {m} :: sparkling, twinkling
scintillio {m} :: scintillation
scintillometro {m} [physics] :: scintillation counter
scintoismo {m} :: Shinto, Shintoism
scintoista {mf} :: Shintoist
scintoistico {adj} :: Shintoist
Scio {prop} [dated] :: synonym of Chio
scioccamente {adv} :: foolishly
scioccante {v} :: present participle of scioccare
scioccante {adj} :: shocking
scioccare {vt} :: to shock
scioccato {adj} :: shocked
sciocchezza {f} :: foolishness, silliness
sciocchezzuola {f} :: trifle, trivia
sciocchezzuola {f} :: small present
sciocchino {adj} :: silly
sciocchino {m} :: silly person
sciocchissimo {adj} :: Very silly, very stupid
sciocco {adj} :: silly, foolish, stupid, daft
sciocco {adj} :: tasteless, insipid, saltless, unsalted
sciocco {m} :: fool, simpleton, nitwit, noodle
scioccona {f} :: Great fool (female)
scioccone {m} :: Great fool
sciochezza {f} :: An act of stupidity
scioglibile {adj} :: soluble
sciogliente {v} :: present participle of sciogliere
scioglientesi {v} :: present participle of sciogliersi
sciogliere {vt} :: to melt, liquify, dissolve, thaw
sciogliere {vt} :: to undo, untie
sciogliere {vt} :: to loosen the hair
sciogliere {vt} :: to release someone, set someone free
sciogliere {vt} :: to cancel or annul a contract or law
sciogliere {vt} :: to dissolve or wind up an organization
sciogliersi {v} :: reflexive of sciogliere
sciogliersi {v} :: to melt
sciogliersi {v} :: to dissolve
sciogliersi {v} :: to thaw
sciogliersi {v} :: to free oneself, release oneself
sciogliersi {v} :: to break up [a group]
scioglilingua {m} :: tongue-twister
scioglimento {m} :: melting
scioglimento {m} :: dissolving
scioglimento {m} :: dissolution
scioglimento {m} :: annulment
scioglitore {m} :: liquifier etc
sciogun {n} :: alternative form of shogun
sciogunale {n} :: alternative form of shogunale
sciogunato {m} :: alternative form of shogunato
sciolina {f} [skiing] :: ski wax
sciolinante {v} :: present participle of sciolinare
sciolinare {vt} :: To apply ski wax
sciolinatura {f} :: waxing of skis
sciolo {m} :: sciolous
sciolta {f} [colloquial] :: the runs, diarrhoea
scioltamente {adv} :: freely, easily
scioltezza {f} :: nimbleness, agility
scioltezza {f} :: ease, smoothness
scioltezza {f} :: fluency (at language)
sciolto {adj} [of a person] :: agile, nimble
scioltosi {v} :: past participle of sciogliersi
scioperante {v} :: present participle of scioperare