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  • 18 risk
    • 12 sun (day, tongue wagging in the mouth)
    • 15 eye (eyeball)

Usage in other kanji[szerkesztés]

KANJIDIC Entry[szerkesztés]

  • 4B41 U5192 B72 C109 G8 S9 XJ0666E F1317 N2117 V3915 H2434 DK1576 L18 K1483 DO1463 MN1538X MP2.0117 E1812 IN1104 DJ1669 DG1384 P2-4-5 I4c5.6 Q6060.0 DR3879 Ymao4 Ymo4 Wmo Wmog ボウ おか.す {risk} {face} {defy} {dare} {damage} {assume (a name)}

EDICT Entries[szerkesztés]

  • す [おかす] / (v5s) to brave / to risk / to face / to venture / to desecrate / to profane / (P) /
  • [ぼうけん] / (n) risk / venture / adventure / (P) /
  • [ぼうとう] / (adv,n) beginning / start / outset / (P) /


  1. Frequency: 1222 out of 9933.



Pinyin & Meaning[szerkesztés]

  1. Mao4 - surname Mao
  2. mao4 - to emit/to give off/to send out (or up, forth)/brave/bold/to cover/to act under false pretences

Pronunciation Clues[szerkesztés]

  1. Pronunciation clue for (mao4): The component is pronounced as 'mao4'.
  2. Pronunciation clue for (mao4): The component is pronounced as 'mu4'.

Example Words[szerkesztés]

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