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Usage in other kanji[szerkesztés]

  • 637 hand
    • 638 watch over
    • 639 chafe
    • 640 ego
      • 641 righteousness
        • 642 deliberation
        • 643 sacrifice
        • 984 ceremony
      • 1476 starve
    • 709 beat
    • 801 manipulate
    • 1938 raise

KANJIDIC Entry[szerkesztés]

  • 3C6A U624b B64 G1 S4 F60 N1827 V2060 H3456 DK2155 L637 K42 O118 DO37 MN11768 MP5.0078 E32 IN57 DS28 DH35 DT30 DC57 DJ170 DB2.19 DG847 DG1147 P4-4-3 I3c0.1 Q2050.0 DR2247 ZPP2-1-3 Yshou3 Wsu シュ ズ て て- -て た- {hand}

EDICT Entries[szerkesztés]

げ [おてあげ] /(n) all over/given in/given up hope/bring to knees/(P)/ おい [おてあらい] /(n) toilet/restroom/lavatory/bathroom (US)/(P)/ おい [おてつだい] /(n,vs) maid/help/(P)/ おいさん [おてつだいさん] /(n) maid/(P)/

  • [あくしゅ] /(n,vs) handshake/(P)/
  • [いって] /(n) move (in game)/method/single-handed/monopoly/(P)/
  • [いちばんて] /(n) first player/first worker/(P)/
  • [みぎて] /(n) right hand/(P)/
  • [うんてんしゅ] /(n) driver/chauffeur/(P)/
  • [よこて] /(n) (1) side/beside/(2) feature of a sword blade/(P)/
  • [おうて] /(n) checkmate/check/(P)/
  • [したて] /(n) (1) humble position/inferior/(2) underarm grip on opponent's belt (sumo)/(P)/
  • [へた] /(adj-na,n) unskillful/poor/awkward/(P)/
  • げ [したてなげ] /(n) (baseball) an underhand throw/(sumo) an underarm throw/(P)/
  • [かしゅ] /(n) singer/(P)/
  • [がいやしゅ] /(n) outfielder/(P)/
  • [きしゅ] /(n) standard-bearer/(P)/
  • [きしゅ] /(n) horseman/rider/(P)/
  • [さかて] /(n) an underhand or backhand grip/(P)/
  • [にがて] /(adj-na,n) poor (at)/weak (in)/dislike (of)/(P)/
  • [からて] /(n) karate/(P)/
  • [きめて] /(n) person who decides/deciding factor/clincher/trump card/winning move/(P)/
  • [ごて] /(n) (1) losing the initiative (in Go)/(2) rear guard/(3) white player (shogi)/(P)/
  • [かたりて] /(n) speaker/narrator/reciter/(P)/
  • [ひだりて] /(n) left hand/(P)/
  • [さんるいしゅ] /(n) third baseman/(P)/
  • [やまて] /(n) hilly (residential) section of a city/uptown/(P)/
  • [して] /(n) protagonist/hero/leading part/(P)/
  • [しめいてはい] /(n) search for a named suspect/(P)/
  • [わかて] /(n) young person/(P)/
  • [とって] /(n) handle/grip/knob/(P)/
  • [て] /(n) hand/(P)/
  • がける [てがける] /(v1) to make/to do/to produce/to work on/(P)/
  • ごろ [てごろ] /(adj-na,n) moderate/handy/(P)/
  • ごわい [てごわい] /(adj) difficult/tough/stubborn/redoubtable/(P)/
  • すり [てすり] /(n) handrail/railing/(P)/
  • のひら [てのひら] /(n) the palm (of one's hand)/(P)/
  • [てびき] /(n) guidance/guide/introduction/(P)/
  • き [てびき] /(n) guidance/guide/introduction/(P)/
  • [てびきしょ] /(n) handbook/manual/guide/(P)/
  • え [てごたえ] /(n) response/(P)/
  • [てにもつ] /(n) hand luggage/hand baggage/(P)/
  • かり [てがかり] /(n) (1) clue/key/(2) contact/trail/scent/track/(3) on hand/handhold/(P)/
  • [てま] /(n) time/labour/labor/(P)/
  • [しゅき] /(n) note/memorandum/(P)/
  • [てがた] /(n) (1) draft/draught/promissory note/(2) signed hand-print (sumo)/(P)/
  • [てがる] /(adj-na,n) easy/simple/informal/offhand/cheap/(P)/
  • い [てがたい] /(adj) steady/firm/solid/secure/(P)/
  • [てもと] /(n) (1) (money) on hand or at home/one's purse (handbag)/(2) usual skill/(P)/
  • る [てこずる] /(v5r) (uk) to have much trouble/to have a hard time/to not know how to handle/(P)/
  • [てぐち] /(n) modus operandi/criminal technique/trick/(P)/
  • え [てびかえ] /(n) (1) note/memorandum/(2) holding oneself back/(P)/
  • [たづな] /(n) bridle/reins/(P)/
  • [てぎわ] /(n) performance/skill/tact/(P)/
  • く [てぎわよく] /(adv) efficiently/skillfully/cleverly/(P)/
  • り [てづくり] /(adj-no,n) handmade/homegrown/hand-crafted/homemade/(P)/
  • め [てはじめ] /(n) outset/(P)/
  • [てがみ] /(n) letter/(P)/
  • ち [てもち] /(n) holdings/goods on hand/(P)/
  • り [てとり] /(n) talented sumo wrestler/good at manipulating (others)/(P)/
  • [てくび] /(n) wrist/(P)/
  • [しゅじゅつ] /(n) surgical operation/(P)/
  • [てじゅん] /(n) process/procedure/sequence/protocol/(P)/
  • き [てかき] /(n) (1) handwriting/(2) skilled penman/(P)/
  • け [てだすけ] /(n) a help/(P)/
  • き [てまねき] /(n) beckoning/(P)/
  • [てじょう] /(n) handcuffs/manacles/(P)/
  • い [てぬぐい] /(n) (hand) towel/(P)/
  • り [てぶり] /(n) movements or gestures of hands or arms/(P)/
  • [てすう] /(n) trouble/labor/labour/handling/(P)/
  • [てすうりょう] /(n) handling charge/commission/(P)/
  • り [てすり] /(n) handrail/railing/(P)/
  • [てせい] /(n) handmade/(P)/
  • い [てあらい] /(n) restroom/lavatory/hand-washing/(P)/
  • [てまえ] /(n) before/this side/we/you/(P)/
  • い [てばやい] /(adj) nimble/(P)/
  • り [てづくり] /(adj-no,n) handmade/homegrown/hand-crafted/homemade/(P)/
  • [てあし] /(n) one's hands and feet/limbs/(P)/
  • [てつづき] /(n,vs) procedure/(legal) process/formalities/(P)/
  • き [てつづき] /(n,vs) procedure/(legal) process/formalities/(P)/
  • [てぶくろ] /(n) glove/(P)/
  • り [てさぐり] /(n,vs) fumbling/groping/(P)/
  • [しゅだん] /(n) means/way/measure/(P)/
  • れ [ておくれ] /(adj-na,n) (1) being (too) late/(2) belated treatment/(P)/
  • [しゅちゅう] /(n) in one's hands/in one's control/(P)/
  • [てちょう] /(n) notebook/(P)/
  • し [てなおし] /(n) later adjustment/(P)/
  • い [ていたい] /(adj) severe/hard/(P)/
  • げ [てさげ] /(n) handbag/purse/(P)/
  • い [てつだい] /(n) help/helper/assistant/(P)/
  • う [てつだう] /(v5u) to help/to assist/to take part in/(P)/
  • す [てわたす] /(v5s) to hand over/to surrender/(P)/
  • [てあて] /(n) allowance/compensation/treatment/medical care/(P)/
  • て [てあて] /(n) allowance/compensation/treatment/medical care/(P)/
  • [しゅどう] /(n) manual/(P)/
  • れ [ていれ] /(n) repairs/maintenance/(P)/
  • [てはい] /(n,vs) arrangement/search (by police)/(P)/
  • [てうす] /(adj-na,n) short of hands/insufficient/(P)/
  • き [てぬき] /(n) omitting crucial steps/a drop in activity/(P)/
  • [てじな] /(n) sleight of hand/conjuring trick/magic/juggling/(P)/
  • け [てわけ] /(n,vs) division of labour/division of labor/(P)/
  • [てがら] /(n) achievement/feat/meritorious deed/distinguished service/(P)/
  • し [てばなし] /(n) without holding on/without using the hands/letting go one's hold/lack of reserve or restraint/openly/(P)/
  • [しゅほう] /(n) technique/(P)/
  • [てほん] /(n) model/pattern/(P)/
  • ち [ておち] /(n) oversight/omission/(P)/
  • て [てだて] /(n) means/method/(P)/
  • [しゅわ] /(n) sign language/(P)/
  • [しゅわん] /(n) ability/(P)/
  • [じょしゅ] /(n) helper/helpmeet/assistant/tutor/(P)/
  • [かって] /(adj-na,n) kitchen/one's own convenience/one's way/selfishness/(P)/
  • [こてさき] /(n) (superficial) cleverness/(P)/
  • [こぎって] /(n) cheque/check/(P)/
  • [じょうず] /(adj-na,n) skill/skillful/dexterity/(P)/
  • げ [うわてなげ] /(n) (baseball) an overhand throw/(sumo) a throw using the outside of the arm/(P)/
  • [あらて] /(n) fresh supply of troops/newcomer/new method/(P)/
  • [ひとで] /(n) (1) someone else's hands/other hands/(2) hand (worker)/aide/(3) starfish/(P)/
  • [きって] /(n) stamp (postage)/merchandise certificate/(P)/
  • [せんて] /(n) (1) the first move/forestalling/initiative/(2) black player (shogi)/(P)/
  • [せんしゅ] /(n) (1) player (in game)/(2) team/(P)/
  • [せんしゅけん] /(n) leading/top-rank/champion/(P)/
  • [せんしゅむら] /(n) athlete's village (during Olympics)/(P)/
  • [あいて] /(n) (1) companion/partner/company/(2) other party/addressee/(3) opponent (sumo)/(P)/
  • る [あいてどる] /(v5r) to take on an opponent/to challenge/(P)/
  • [あいてかた] /(n) other (opposite) party/(P)/
  • [おおて] /(n) (1) front castle gate/(2) both arms open/outstretched arms/(3) major companies/(P)/
  • [にないて] /(n) a bearer/carrier/person in charge/(P)/
  • [ちゃくしゅ] /(n,vs) embarkation/launch/(P)/
  • [いたで] /(n) serious wound/hard blow/(P)/
  • [どて] /(n) embankment/bank/(P)/
  • [とうしゅ] /(n) (baseball) pitcher/(P)/
  • [とうしゅせん] /(n) pitching duel/pitchers' battle/(P)/
  • [はたらきて] /(n) worker/breadwinner/supporter/able person/able man/(P)/
  • [ないやしゅ] /(n) infielder/baseman/(P)/
  • [にるいしゅ] /(n) second baseman/(P)/
  • [にゅうしゅ] /(n,vs) obtaining/coming to hand/(P)/
  • [はで] /(adj-na,n) showy/loud/gay/flashy/gaudy/(P)/
  • [かいて] /(n) buyer/(P)/
  • [かいて] /(n) buyer/(P)/
  • [うりて] /(n) seller/vendor/(P)/
  • [はくしゅ] /(n) clapping hands/applause/(P)/
  • [ばんて] /(n) count/(P)/
  • [ふうじて] /(n) a sealed move/(P)/
  • [ききて] /(n) hearer/listener/audience/(P)/
  • [かたて] /(n) one hand/(P)/
  • [ほしゅ] /(n) catcher (baseball)/(P)/
  • [みょうしゅ] /(n) (1) spectacular move (chess, shogi, etc.)/brilliant move/(2) expert/virtuoso/master/(P)/
  • [めいしゅ] /(n) expert/(P)/
  • [やしゅ] /(n) a fielder/(P)/
  • [あそびあいて] /(n) playmate/playfellow/(P)/
  • [ゆうげきしゅ] /(n) shortstop/(P)/
  • [りょうて] /(n) (1) (with) both hands/(2) approvingly/(P)/


  1. Frequency: 143 out of 9933.



Pinyin & Meaning[szerkesztés]

  1. shou3 - hand/(formal) to hold/person engaged in certain types of work/person skilled in certain types of work/personal(ly)/convenient/CL:|[shuang1],|[zhi1]

Pronunciation Clues[szerkesztés]

  1. Pronunciation clue for (shou3): The component is pronounced as 'shou3'.

Example Words[szerkesztés]

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