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  • 642 deliberation
    • 335 words (say, speech)
    • 641 righteousness
      • 547 sheep
      • 640 ego
        • 637 hand
        • ⼽ * fiesta
          • ⼷ * arrow
          • ⊕ * something added

KANJIDIC Entry[szerkesztés]

  • 3544 U8b70 B149 G4 S20 F25 N4448 V5716 H1647 DK1087 L642 K52 O2876 DO245 MN36027 MP10.0601 E454 IN292 DS581 DH477 DT639 DC130 DJ494 DB3.6 DG1711 P1-7-13 I7a13.4 Q0865.3 DR3059 Yyi4 Weui ギ T1 かた のり {deliberation} {consultation} {debate} {consideration}

EDICT Entries[szerkesztés]

  • [いぎ] /(n) objection/dissent/protest/(P)/
  • [かいぎ] /(n) meeting/conference/session/assembly/council/convention/congress/(P)/
  • [かいぎしつ] /(n) conference room/council room/(P)/
  • [かくぎ] /(n) cabinet meeting/(P)/
  • [ぎあん] /(n) (1) legislative bill/measure/(2) agenda item/(P)/
  • [ぎいん] /(n) member of the Diet, congress or parliament/(P)/
  • [ぎいん] /(n) congress or parliament/(P)/
  • [ぎいんうんえいいいんかい] /(n) House Steering Committee/(P)/
  • [ぎかい] /(n) Diet/congress/parliament/(P)/
  • [ぎけつ] /(n,vs) resolution/decision/vote/(P)/
  • [ぎじ] /(n) proceedings/(P)/
  • [ぎじどう] /(n) Diet building/(P)/
  • [ぎじろく] /(n) record of proceedings/minutes/(P)/
  • [ぎじょう] /(n) assembly hall/the House/(P)/
  • [ぎせき] /(n) parliamentary seat/(P)/
  • [ぎだい] /(n) topic of discussion/agenda/(P)/
  • [ぎちょう] /(n) chairman/speaker (of assembly)/president (of council, senate, etc.)/(P)/
  • [ぎていしょ] /(n) protocol/(P)/
  • [ぎろん] /(n,vs) argument/discussion/dispute/(P)/
  • [きょうぎ] /(n,vs) conference/consultation/discussion/negotiation/(P)/
  • [くぎ] /(n) ward assemblyman/(P)/
  • [けつぎ] /(n) resolution/vote/decision/(P)/
  • [けんぎ] /(n) proposition/motion/proposal/suggestion/(P)/
  • [けんぎ] /(n) prefectural assembly/(P)/
  • [こうぎ] /(n,vs) protest/objection/(P)/
  • [ごうぎ] /(n) consultation/conference/(P)/
  • [こっかいぎいん] /(n) member of National Diet/Diet member/(P)/
  • [こっかいぎじどう] /(n) (1) National Diet (Japanese parliament)/(2) Capitol Hill (US)/(P)/
  • [さんぎいん] /(n) House of Councillors/(P)/
  • [しぎ] /(n) (abbr) city councillor/city councilor/city assemblyman/(P)/
  • [しぎかい] /(n) city council/(P)/
  • [しゅうぎいん] /(n) Lower House/House of Representatives/(P)/
  • [しょうこうかいぎしょ] /(n) Chamber of Commerce and Industry/(P)/
  • [しんぎ] /(n) deliberation/(P)/
  • [そうぎ] /(n) dispute/quarrel/strike/(P)/
  • [そんぎかい] /(n) village assembly/(P)/
  • [だいぎ] /(n) representing others in a conference/(P)/
  • [だいぎし] /(n) parliamentarian/member of a congress/(P)/
  • [ちほうぎかい] /(n) local assembly/(P)/
  • [ちょうぎかい] /(n) town council/(P)/
  • [とぎ] /(n) Metropolitan assemblyman/(P)/
  • [とうぎ] /(n) a party council/party conference/(P)/
  • [とうぎ] /(n,vs) debate/discussion/(P)/
  • [どうぎ] /(n) a motion/(P)/
  • [にほんがくじゅつかいぎ] /(n) Science Council of Japan/(P)/
  • [ひょうぎ] /(n,vs) conference/discussion/(P)/
  • [ひょうぎいん] /(n) board of trustees/a council/board meeting/(P)/
  • [ふしぎ] /(adj-na,n) wonder/miracle/strange/mystery/marvel/curiosity/(P)/
  • [ぶつぎ] /(n) public discussion (criticism)/(P)/
  • [ほんかいぎ] /(n) plenary session/regular session/(P)/
  • [ろんぎ] /(n) discussion/(P)/
  • [わぎ] /(n) peace conference or negotiations/(P)/


  1. Frequency: 6280 out of 9933.



Pinyin & Meaning[szerkesztés]

  1. yi4 - to comment on/to discuss/to suggest

Pronunciation Clues[szerkesztés]

  1. Pronunciation clue for (yi4): The component is pronounced as 'yi4'.
  2. Pronunciation clue for (yi4): The component is pronounced as 'yan2'.
  3. Pronunciation clue for (yi4): The component is pronounced as 'yang2'.

Example Words[szerkesztés]

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