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Dear Mr. Csorfoly,
I discovered today that you have taken the data for Platts Urdu dictionary from our Digital Dictionaries of South Asia web site and mounted it at <>. The data appears to have been scraped from our site in 2006.
Our Creative Commons license states that you are free to copy the data for non-commercial use. But, you have not adhered to the requirements of our license. Specifically, you have violated the license by creating a derivative work and placing that work on the Web. The primary reason why we restrict derivative works is that we are continuing to develop the dictionary data. In the case of the Platts dictionary, we have added Perso-Arabic characters subsequent to the time when you scraped the data from our site. Also, you are required to include an attribution to our Digital Dictionaries of South Asia site, something you have not done.
Please remove our data from your Wiktionary Web site.
James Nye
Bibliographer for Southern Asia, and
Director, South Asia Language and Area Center
University of Chicago

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