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Frequencies listed here are per billion. Fractions are limited to two decimal places. Case insensitive.



the of and to in I that was his he it with is for as had you not be her on at by which have or from this him but all she they were my are me one their so an said them we who would been will no when there if more out up into do any your what has man could other than our some very time upon about may its only now like little then can should made did us such a great before must two these see know over much down after first mr good men


own never most old shall day where those came come himself way work life without go make well through being long say might how am too even def again many back here think every people went same last thought away under take found hand eyes still place while just also young yet though against things get ever give god years off face nothing right once another left part saw house world head three took new love always mrs put night each king between tell mind heart few because thing whom far seemed looked called whole de set both got find


done heard look name days told let lord country asked going seen better p having home knew side something moment father among course hands woman enough words mother soon full end gave room almost small thou cannot water want however light quite brought nor word whose given door best turned taken does use morning myself Gutenberg felt until since power themselves used rather began present voice others white works less money next poor death stood form within together till thy large matter kind often certain herself year friend half order round true anything keep sent wife means believe passed feet


near public state son hundred children thus hope alone above case dear thee says person high read city already received fact gone girl known hear times least perhaps sure indeed english open body itself along land return leave air nature answered either law help lay point child letter four wish fire cried 2 women speak number therefore hour friends held free war during several business whether er manner second reason replied united call general why behind became John become dead earth boy lost forth thousand looking I'll family soul feel coming England spirit question care truth ground really rest mean


different making possible fell towards human kept short town following need cause met evening returned five strong able french live lady subject sn answer sea fear understand hard terms doubt around ask arms turn sense seems black bring followed beautiful close dark hold character sort sight ten show party fine ye ready story common book electronic talk account mark interest written can't bed necessary age else force idea longer art spoke across brother early ought sometimes line saying table appeared river continued eye ety sun information later everything reached suddenly past hours strange deep change miles feeling act meet paid


further purpose happy added seem taking blood rose south beyond cold neither forward view I've position sound none entered clear road late stand suppose la daughter real nearly mine laws knowledge comes toward bad cut copy husband six France living peace didn't low north remember effect natural pretty fall fair service below except american hair London laid pass led copyright doing army run horse future opened pleasure history west pay red an' 4 hath note although wanted gold makes desire play master office tried front big dr lived certainly wind receive attention government unto church strength length company placed paper


letters probably glad important especially greater yourself fellow bear opinion window ran faith ago agreement charge beauty lips remained arm latter duty send distance silence foot wild object die save gentleman trees green trouble smile books wrong various sleep persons blockquote happened particular drew minutes hardly walked chief chance according beginning action deal loved visit thinking follow standing knows try presence heavy sweet plain donations immediately wrote mouth rich thoughts months u won't afraid Paris single joy enemy broken unless states ship condition carry exclaimed including filled seeing influence write boys appear outside secret parts please appearance evil march George


whatever slowly tears horses places caught stay instead struck blue york impossible period sister battle school Mary raised occasion married man's former food youth learned merely reach system twenty dinner quiet easily moved afterwards giving walk stopped laughed language expression week hall danger property wonder usual figure born court generally grew showed getting ancient respect third worth simple tree leaving remain society fight wall result heaven William started command tone regard expected mere month beside silent perfect experience street writing goes circumstances entirely fresh duke covered bound east wood stone quickly notice bright Christ boat noble meant somewhat sudden value


c. direction chair due support tom date waiting Christian village lives reading agree lines considered field observed scarcely wished wait greatest permission success piece British ex Charles formed speaking trying conversation proper hill music opportunity that's German afternoon cry cost allowed girls considerable c broke honour seven private sit news top scene discovered marriage step garden race begin per individual sitting learn political difficult bit speech Henry lie cast eat authority etc. floor ill ways officers offered original happiness flowers produced summer provide study religion picture walls personal America watch pleased leaves declared hot understood effort prepared escape attempt supposed


killed fast author indian brown determined pain spring takes drawn soldiers houses beneath talking turning century steps intended soft straight matters likely corner trademark justice simply produce trust appears Rome laugh forget Europe passage eight closed ourselves gives dress passing terrible required medium efforts sake breath wise ladies possession pleasant perfectly o' memory usually grave fixed modern spot troops rise break fifty island meeting camp nation existence reply I'd copies sky touch equal fortune v. shore domain named situation looks promise orders degree middle winter plan spent allow pale conduct running religious surprise minute roman cases shot lead move names


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occupied draw stage portion expressed opening June spirits fish tongue capital angry growing served carriage weather breast presently snow David papers necessity practice claim hast education sharp prince permitted group enemies Robert played throughout pity expense yours million add pray taught explained tired leading kill shadow companion weight mass established suffered gray brave thin satisfied check virtue golden numerous frequently famous telling powerful alive waters national weak divine material principal gathered suggested frank valley guess finding yellow heat remains bent seized guard equally naturally box remarkable gods moon slight style pointed saved windows crossed Louis pounds ain't evidently principle immediate


willing consequence Richard principles characters Paul season remarked science tender worked grown whispered interested quarter midst liked advanced apparently bore pwh active noticed aware Thomas uncle list dangerous august calm genius sacred kingdom entire popular unknown nice habit Spanish familiar reader published direct handsome you'll joined actually kings sd posted approach Washington hearing needed increased walking twice throw intellectual appointed wisdom ceased truly numbers demanded priest wounded sorrow drive fault listened palace affair contact distinguished station beat distributed e listen Italy fool becomes watching hurt wants express occurred favour height size edge subjects task follows interests nine sympathy burst putting


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