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  1. International Phonetic Alphabet


IPA Examples
IPA pen, spin, tip
IPA but, web
IPA two, sting, bet
IPA do, odd
IPA chair, nature, teach
IPA gin, joy, edge
IPA cat, kill, skin, queen, thick
IPA go, get, beg
IPA fool, enough, leaf
IPA voice, have
IPA thing, teeth
IPA this, breathe, father
IPA see, city, pass
IPA zoo, rose
IPA she, sure, emotion, leash
IPA pleasure, beige
IPA ham, ahead
IPA man, ham
IPA no, tin
IPA ringer, sing, sink
IPA finger
IPA left, bell
IPA run, very[1]
IPA yes
IPA we
IPA what[2]
Marginal consonants
IPA loch, Chanukkah[3]
IPA uh-oh (/ʌʔoʊ/), Hawaii[4]
IPA intonation
IPA Examples
IPA bid, pit[6]
IPA bead, peat[6]
IPA bed, pet
IPA bad, pat
IPA balm, father, pa
IPA bod, pot, cot
IPA bawd, paw, caught
IPA good, foot, put
IPA booed, food
IPA bud, butt
IPA bay, hey, fate
IPA buy, high, ride, write
IPA bough, how, pout
IPA boy, hoy
IPA beau, hoe, poke[7]
IPA beauty, hue, pew, new[8]
R-colored vowels[9]
IPA mirror
IPA beer, mere
IPA berry, merry
IPA bear, mare, Mary
IPA barrow, marry
IPA bar, mar
IPA moral, forage
IPA born, for
IPA boar, four, more
IPA hurry, Murray
IPA boor, moor
IPA (IPA(No language code specified.): ɝː) bird, myrrh, furry
Reduced vowels
IPA roses, business (/ˈbɪznɨs/)[10]
IPA Rosa’s, cuppa (/ˈkʌpə/)
IPA (IPA) runner,[11] mercer (/ˈmɜrsər/)

IPA chart 2005.png


  1. Although the IPA symbol IPA represents a trill, IPA is widely used instead of IPA in broad transcriptions of English.
  2. IPA is found in some dialects, such as Scottish and Southern American English; elsewhere it is pronounced the same as IPA.
  3. In most dialects, IPA is pronounced as IPA and IPA, respectively, in these two words.
  4. Most people pronounce the English word Hawaii without the IPA (glottal stop) that occurs in the Hawaiian word Hawai‘i.
  5. It is arguable that English does not distinguish primary from secondary stress, but it is conventional to notate them as here. Likewise, it is debatable whether a word like Glennallen is IPA or IPA; for clarity, the former is used.
  6. ^ 6,0 6,1 American convention is to write IPA when unstressed, as in wiki IPA and serious IPA; British convention used to be IPA and IPA, but the OED and other influential dictionaries recently converted to IPA.
  7. Commonly transcribed as IPA or IPA.
  8. In many dialects, dew IPA is pronounced the same as do IPA. This is automatic, and therefore only IPA need be shown in a pronunciation guide.
  9. In many dialects, IPA occurs only before vowels. Note that due to American influence, the schwas have been left out in many Wikipedia articles. That is, IPA etc. are not always distinguished from IPA etc. When they are, the distinction may be transcribed IPA etc. by analogy with vowels not followed by IPA.
  10. Few British dictionaries distinguish this from IPA, though the OED uses pseudo-IPA symbol IPA.
  11. Similarly IPA for bottle, button, rhythm,