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A Wikiszótárból, a nyitott szótárból

A sablonról [sablondok. infó] [szerkesztés]


This template creates a conjugation table for all Spanish verbs.

This template should be placed in a conjugation section, headed by a ====Conjugation==== section header. The template automatically categorizes the entry into the appropriate Spanish verb subcategory (e.g. Category:Spanish verbs ending in -ar). If the verb has vowel or consonant alternations, it will be categorized appropriately (e.g. Category:Spanish verbs with e-ie alternation or Category:Spanish verbs with c-zc alternation), and if the verb is irregular, it will be categorized into Category:Spanish irregular verbs.

Basic usage[szerkesztés]

This template has no required parameters. For regular verbs, including verbs with predictable spelling alternations, no parameters are necessary. Certain verbs require one or more indicators to be given inside of angle brackets (<...>). For example, a verb such as contar with an o-ue alternation requires the <ue> indicator to be given:


You can also specify the verb explicitly, e.g. {{es-conj|contar<ue>}}, or just e.g. {{es-conj|cantar}} if no indicators need to be given. This is useful to conjugate a verb that is different from the pagename of the entry in question, e.g. to give the conjugation of the verb aburrirse on the page aburrir.