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G {letter} :: The seventh letter of the German alphabet
Gaaden {prop} {n} :: Gaaden (municipality)
Gaal {prop} {n} :: Gaal (municipality)
Gabardine {noun} :: gabardine (type of fabric)
Gabe {f} :: gift, present, donation, alms
Gabel {f} :: fork
Gabel {f} :: pitchfork
Gabel {f} :: prong
Gäbelchen {n} :: diminutive of Gabel
Gabelfrühstück {m} [dated] :: brunch
gabeln {v} :: to fork (use a fork to move food to mouth)
gabeln {v} :: to pitchfork (use a pitchfork to carry)
gabeln {v} :: to fork; branch; branch out
Gabelreiterin {f} :: witch
Gabelstapler {m} :: forklift, lift truck (a small industrial vehicle)
Gabelung {f} :: fork, bifurcation
Gabersdorf {prop} {n} :: Gabersdorf (municipality)
Gabersdorf {prop} {n} :: Wojbórz, Poland
Gabione {f} :: gabion
Gablitz {prop} {n} :: Gablitz (municipality)
Gabriel {prop} :: Gabriel (Archangel)
Gabriel {prop} :: given name
Gabriela {prop} :: given name, a Latinate variant of Gabriele, feminine form of Gabriel
Gabriele {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Gabriel
gab's {contraction} :: gab es
Gabun {prop} {n} :: Gabon
Gabuner {m} :: Gabonese (A man from Gabon or of Gabonese descent)
Gabunerin {f} :: Gabonese (A woman from Gabon or of Gabonese descent)
gabunisch {adj} :: Gabonese (Of, from, or pertaining to Gabon or the Gabonese people)
gackern {v} :: to cackle (to give the loud repetitive cry of a chicken; to laugh in a way reminiscent of this)
Gackern {n} :: cluck
Gacrux {prop} :: Gacrux
Gaden {m} [Switzerland] :: bungalow
Gaden {m} [regional or archaic] :: room, chamber
Gadolinit {m} [mineral] :: gadolinite
Gadolinium {n} :: gadolinium
Gaeltacht {f} :: Gaeltacht
gaffen {v} :: to stare at curiously, rubberneck
Gaffer {m} :: agent noun of gaffen
Gaffer {m} [colloquial] :: rubberneck, gawker, onlooker (undesired spectator of a scene of crime or accident)
Gaflei {prop} {?} :: A village in Triesenberg, Liechtenstein
Gaflenz {prop} {n} :: Gaflenz (municipality)
Gag {m} :: gag (a joke or other mischievous prank)
gaga {adj} [predicative, colloquial] :: gaga
gagausisch {adj} :: Gagauz (related to Gagauzia, to the Gagauzians or to the Gagauz language)
Gagausisch {n} :: Gagauz (the Gagauz language)
Gage {f} [of an artist] :: fee
Gagel {m} :: bog-myrtle
Gagelstrauch {m} :: bog-myrtle
gähnen {v} :: to yawn
Gaianer {m} :: Gaian, Gaian Green
Gaimberg {prop} {n} :: Gaimberg (municipality)
Gais {prop} :: Gais (municipality)
Gais {prop} :: Gais (municipality)
Gaißau {prop} {n} :: Gaißau (municipality)
Gal. {noun} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Galerie
Gala {f} :: gala
Galago {m} :: galago, bushbaby
galaktisch {adj} :: galactic
galant {adj} :: gallant
galanter {adj} :: comparative of galant
Galanterie {f} [dated] :: gallantry
galantesten {adj} :: superlative of galant
Galápagos-Pinguin {m} :: Galápagos penguin
Galatien {prop} {n} :: Galatia
Galaxie {f} [astronomy] :: galaxy (huge gravitationally bound system of stars)
Galaxiengruppe {f} [astronomy] :: galaxy group
Galaxienhaufen {m} [astronomy] :: galaxy cluster
Galaxiensuperhaufen {m} [astronomy] :: synonym of Superhaufen (super cluster)
Galaxis {f} :: Galaxy (especially our Milky Way galaxy)
Galbanharz {n} :: galbanum
Galeere {f} :: galley (large vessel for war)
Galenit {m} [mineral] :: galena
Galerie {f} :: gallery
Galerist {m} :: gallerist
Galgant {m} :: galangal
Galgen {m} :: gallows
Galgenhumor {m} :: gallows humor
Galgenvogel {m} :: good-for-nothing
Galicien {prop} {n} :: Galicien (autonomous community)
galicisch {adj} :: Galician (of Galicia in Iberia)
Galicisch {n} :: Galician (language)
Galiläa {prop} {n} :: Galiläa (region)
Galionsfigur {f} [nautical or figuratively] :: figurehead
Gälisch {n} :: Gaelic
Galizien {prop} {n} :: Galizien (region)
galizisch {adj} :: Galician (of Galicia in Iberia)
Gallan {n} [inorganic compound] :: gallane (gallium hydride)
Gallat {n} [organic chemistry] :: gallate
Galle {f} :: gall
Galle {f} :: bile
Gallenblase {f} :: gall bladder
Gallenflüssigkeit {f} :: bile (fluid)
Gallensäure {f} [biochemistry] :: bile acid
Gallenstein {m} :: gallstone
Gallert {n} :: gelatin
gallertartig {adj} :: gelatinous
Gallerte {f} :: alternative form of Gallert
gallertig {adj} :: gelatinous
Gallien {prop} {n} :: Gaul
Gallier {m} :: Gaul (man (regardless of sex) from Gaul)
Gallierin {f} :: Gaul (woman from Gaul)
gallig {adj} :: acerbic, caustic
gallig {adj} :: bitter, embittered
gallisch {adj} :: Gaulish (of or pertaining to Gaul)
Gallisch {n} :: Gaulish (the language of Gaul)
Gallit {n} [mineral] :: gallite
Gallium {n} :: gallium
Galliumantimonid {n} [inorganic compound] :: gallium antimonide
Galliumarsenid {n} [inorganic compound] :: gallium arsenide
Galliumarsenidphosphid {n} [inorganic compound] :: gallium arsenide phosphide
galliumhaltig {adj} :: galliferous
Galliumhydroxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: gallium hydroxide
Galliummineral {n} [mineralogy] :: gallium mineral
Galliumnitrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: gallium nitride
galliumnitridbasiert {adj} :: gallium nitride-based (semiconductor)
galliumorganisch {adj} [organic chemistry] :: organogallium
Galliumphosphid {n} [inorganic compound] :: gallium phosphide
galliumreich {adj} [mineralogy] :: gallium-rich
Gallneukirchen {prop} {n} :: Gallneukirchen (municipality)
Gallone {f} :: gallon
galloromanisch {adj} :: Gallo-Roman
gallorömisch {adj} :: Gallo-Roman
Gallspach {prop} {n} :: Gallspach (municipality)
Gallzein {prop} {n} :: Gallzein (municipality)
Galmei {m} [mineral] :: calamine
Galopp {m} :: gallop
galoppieren {v} :: to gallop
Galosche {f} :: overshoe, galoshe
Galtür {prop} {n} :: Galtür (municipality)
Galvanik {f} :: electroplating
Galvanikindustrie {f} :: electroplating industry
galvanisch {adj} :: galvanic
galvanisieren {vt} :: to galvanize; to coat with a thin layer of metal by electrochemical means; to electroplate
galvanisiert {v} :: past participle of galvanisieren
Galvanisierung {f} :: galvanization
Galvanotechnik {f} :: electroplating (science and technology of)
Gamasche {f} [covering worn over a shoe] :: spat, legwarmer
Gamasche {f} [North Germany, colloquial, with haben or kriegen] ::  fear, angst
Gambia {prop} {n} :: Gambia
gambisch {adj} :: Gambian (of Gambia)
Gambit {n} [chess] :: gambit, a form of opening a chess game
Gambrinismus {m} :: beer addiction
gamen {vi} [colloquial] :: to play a video game
Gaming {prop} {n} :: Gaming (municipality)
Gamlitz {prop} {n} :: Gamlitz (municipality)
Gamma {n} :: gamma (Greek letter)
Gammastrahl {m} :: gamma ray
Gammastrahlenenquelle {f} :: gamma ray source
Gammastrahler {m} :: gamma ray emitter
Gammastrahlung {f} :: gamma radiation
Gammastrahlungsdetektor {m} :: gamma ray detector
Gammelfleisch {n} :: Spoiled meat
Gammelfleischparty {noun} :: A party for people over the age of 30
gammelig {adj} [somewhat, colloquial] :: rotten, old
gammeln {v} [of food or figurative] :: to become old; to rot
gammeln {v} [colloquial] :: to bum around; to do nothing productive; to be idle; to live the life of a hobo
Gammler {m} :: hobo, tramp, loafer, long-haired layabout, bum, slacker
Gampern {prop} {n} :: Gampern (municipality)
Gämse {f} :: chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra)
Gamut {m} :: gamut (colour range available to a monitor or printer)
Ganache {f} :: ganache (rich cream)
Ganasche {f} [zootomy, usually, in plural] :: lower jaw (of a horse)
Ganeff {m} [Austria, slang] :: thief, fraudster, member of the criminal underworld
Gang {m} :: motion, movement, progress
Gang {m} :: way, an instance of walking
Gang {m} :: hallway
Gang {m} [automobile] :: gear
Gang {m} [of a meal] :: course
Gang {f} :: gang (group of criminals, particularly in a North American context)
Gangart {f} :: gait (way of walking)
gangbar {adj} :: passable, accessible
gangbar {adj} :: practicable, feasible
gängeln {v} :: to make walk
gängeln {v} [figuratively] :: to straitjacket
Gänger {m} :: walker
Ganges {prop} {m} :: Ganges (river in India and Bangladesh)
gängig {adj} :: common
gängiger {adj} :: comparative of gängig
gängigsten {adj} :: superlative of gängig
Ganglion {n} :: ganglion
Gangrän {f} :: gangrene (the necrosis or rotting of flesh)
Gangster {m} :: gangster
gang und gäbe {adv} [idiomatic] :: to be commonplace
Ganja {n} [slang] :: ganja, marijuana
Ganove {m} [slang] :: thief, fraudster, member of the criminal underworld
Gans {f} :: goose
Gänschen {n} :: diminutive of Gans
Gänschen {n} :: gosling
Gänseblümchen {n} [botany] :: daisy
Gänsebraten {m} :: roast goose
Gänsebrust {m} :: goose breast
Gänsefuß {m} :: foot of a goose
Gänsefuß {m} [botany] :: goosefoot, pigweed (Chenopodium sp.)
Gänsefuß {m} [anatomy] :: pes anserinus ("goose foot")
Gänsefüßchen {n} :: quotation mark
Gänsehaut {f} :: goose pimples, goose bumps, goose flesh
Gänseküken {n} :: gosling
Gänseleber {f} :: goose liver
Gänseleberpastete {f} :: foie gras
Gänseleberwurst {f} :: goose liverwurst, goose liver sausage
Gänseliesel {prop} {f} {n} :: The Goose-Girl, a now-famous statue and fountain in Göttingen, Germany, affectionately called die meistgeküsste Jungfrau der Welt
Ganser {prop} {mf} :: surname
Gänserich {m} :: gander
Gänserndorf {prop} {n} :: Gänserndorf (municipality)
Gänsesäger {m} :: common merganser (Mergus merganser)
Gansfleisch {n} :: goose bumps
Gänslein {n} :: diminutive of Gans; little goose, gosling
Ganter {m} :: gander (male goose)
gantz {adj} :: obsolete spelling of ganz
ganz {adj} :: entire; whole; complete
ganz {adj} [colloquial] :: all [with definite article or determiner]
ganz {adj} [colloquial] :: whole; intact
ganz {adj} [in certain combinations] :: true; real
ganz {adj} [mathematics] :: integer (of a number)
ganz {adv} :: quite, rather
ganz {adv} :: very
ganz {adv} :: wholly, entirely, all
Gänze {f} :: totality
Ganzes {n} :: whole
ganze Zahl {f} [arithmetic] :: integer (noun)
Ganzheit {f} :: totality
ganzheitlich {adj} :: integral, integrated
ganzheitlich {adj} :: wholistic
ganzjährig {adj} :: perennial (all year)
gänzlich {adv} :: completely, totally, altogether
gänzlich {adv} :: fully
gänzlich {adj} :: sheer, stark, outright
ganz Ohr sein {v} [idiomatic] :: to be all ears (to listen carefully or eagerly; to anticipate)
ganzseitig {adj} :: full-page
ganztägig {adj} :: all-day
ganztägig {adj} :: full-time
Ganzzahl {f} [arithmetic] :: integer (noun)
ganzzahlig {adj} :: integer
gar {adj} :: cooked, done (of food such as meat or vegetables: ready for consumption)
gar {adv} [with a negative] :: at all; even
gar {adv} [chiefly formal or literary] :: even; expressing a climax
gar {adv} [chiefly formal or literary, with zu] :: all
gar {adv} [Austria, Switzerland, otherwise archaic, poetic] :: very; quite; really
Garage {f} :: garage (building used to store cars, tools, etc.)
Garage {f} :: car park, parking garage (building, often with multiple storeys, for vehicles to park in)
Garagentor {n} :: garage door
Garagenverkauf {m} :: garage sale
Garant {m} :: guarantor
Garantie {f} :: guarantee
Garantie {f} :: warranty
garantieren {v} :: to guarantee
Garaus {m} [archaic] :: very end
Garaus {m} [archaic, by extension] :: downfall
Garbage Collector {m} [programming] :: garbage collector
Garbe {f} :: sheaf
Garbe {f} [heraldiccharge] :: garb
Garbe {f} [obsolete as a simplex] :: yarrow
Gardasee {prop} {m} :: Lake Garda (Italian Lago di Garda or Benaco)
Garde {f} [military] :: guard
Garderobe {f} :: coatrack, hallstand (piece of furniture on which clothes may be hung)
Garderobe {f} :: cloakroom (room in a public building where clothes may be stored)
Garderobe {f} :: dressing room (room in a theatre where actors change costume)
Garderobe {f} :: wardrobe (department in charge of clothing for theatre or cinema productions)
Garderobe {f} :: wardrobe (collection of clothing, such as those owned by one person)
Gardine {f} :: thin, translucid (often partly transparent) curtain covering a window
Gardinenpredigt {f} :: reprehension of the husband by his wife
garen {vt} :: cook (prepare (food) for eating)
garen {vi} :: cook (become ready for eating)
gären {vi} :: to ferment
gären {vi} [impersonal, figuratively] :: to be agitated; to seethe
gargantuesk {adj} [elevated, rather rare] :: gargantuan (chiefly of appetite, food portions, body girth)
Gargazon {prop} {n} :: Gargazon (municipality)
Gärling {m} :: dough glob during bulk fermentation
Gärling {m} :: obsolete form of Herling
Garn {n} :: yarn
Garn {n} [hunting, fishing] :: net
Garnele {f} :: shrimp (decapod crustacean)
gar nicht {adv} :: not at all
gar nicht {adv} :: not one bit
gar nicht {adv} :: no way
gar nicht {adv} :: never
gar nicht {adv} :: in no manner
garnieren {v} :: to garnish
Garnierung {f} :: garnish
Garnison {f} [dated, outside, Austria and Switzerland] :: garrison
Garnisonsstadt {f} :: garrison town
Garnisonstadt {f} :: garrison town
Garnitur {f} :: set
Garsten {prop} {n} :: Garsten (municipality)
garstig {adj} :: rude, nasty, beastly
Gart.ant. {noun} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Gartenanteil
Gärtchen {n} :: diminutive of Garten
Garten {m} :: garden, yard (grounds at the front or back of a house)
Garten {m} :: garden (outdoor area containing one or more types of plants, usually plants grown for food or ornamental purposes)
Garten {m} :: orchard (garden or an area of land for the cultivation of fruit or nut trees)
Gartenanteil {m} :: share of garden
Garten Eden {prop} {m} [Christianity] :: Garden of Eden
Gartenhaus {n} :: summer house, garden shed
Gartenhäuschen {n} :: diminutive of Gartenhaus
Gartenmelde {f} :: the plant species Atriplex hortensis, garden orache
Gartenrotschwanz {m} :: the common redstart (a bird in the flycatcher family, Phoenicurus phoenicurus)
Gartenstadt {f} :: garden city
Gartentisch {m} :: garden table
Gartenzwerg {m} :: garden gnome
Gärtner {m} :: gardener (male or of unspecified sex)
Gärtnerei {f} :: nursery
Gärtnerei {f} [colloquial, uncountable] :: gardening
Gärtnerin {f} :: gardener (female)
Gartow {prop} :: Gartow (town)
Gärung {f} :: fermentation
Gas {n} :: gas (matter in a physical state between liquid and plasma)
Gasballon {m} :: gas balloon
Gasbeleuchtung {f} :: gas lighting
gasbetrieben {adj} :: gas-operated, gas-powered
Gaschromatografie {f} :: gas chromatography
Gaschromatographie {f} :: gas chromatography
Gaschurn {prop} {n} :: Gaschurn (municipality)
gasdicht {adj} :: gastight
Gasen {prop} {n} :: Gasen (municipality)
Gasen {prop} {mf} :: surname
Gasentladung {f} :: gas discharge
Gasentladungslampe {f} :: glow discharge lamp (gas discharge lamp)
Gasentladungsröhre {f} :: (gas) discharge tube
Gasflasche {f} :: gas cylinder
Gasform {f} :: gaseous form
gasförmig {adj} :: gaseous (relating to, or existing as, gas)
gasförmig {adj} :: gassy
Gas geben {v} :: to accelerate a car; to step on the gas
Gas geben {v} [colloquial] :: to drive very fast
Gasgemisch {n} :: gas mixture
gashaltig {adj} :: gaseous
gasig {adj} :: fluid, gaseous
Gaskammer {f} :: gas chamber
Gaskraftwerk {n} :: gas-fired power station
Gasleitung {f} :: gas main (large gas pipe)
Gasmaske {f} [headgear] :: gas mask
Gasmolekül {n} :: gas molecule
Gasmule {noun} :: Gasmoulos
Gaspedal {n} :: throttle; accelerator; accelerator pedal
Gasphase {f} [physics] :: gas phase
Gasplanet {m} [astronomy] :: gas giant
Gaspoltshofen {prop} {n} :: Gaspoltshofen (municipality)
Gässchen {n} :: diminutive of Gasse; small, narrow lane
Gasse {f} :: lane
Gasse {f} :: alley
Gassi {noun} [slang] :: A walk for a dog; walkies
Gassigehen {n} [slang] :: Dog walking; walkies
Gasstrom {m} :: stream of gas
Gast {m} :: guest
Gastank {m} :: gas tank
Gastarbeiter {m} :: guest worker, migrant worker, foreign worker
Gästehaus {n} :: guesthouse
Gasterei {f} [archaic] :: banquet, feast, where many guests come to be served food
Gästerei {f} :: alternative form of Gasterei
Gastern {prop} {n} :: Gastern (municipality)
Gästezimmer {n} :: guest room
gastfrei {adj} :: hospitable
gastfreundlich {adj} :: hospitable
Gastfreundlichkeit {f} :: hospitality (act or service)
Gastfreundschaft {f} :: hospitality
Gastgeber {m} :: host (a person who allows a guest, particularly into the host's home)
Gasthaus {n} :: restaurant, inn
Gasthof {m} :: inn, pub, guesthouse
Gastlichkeit {f} :: hospitality, conviviality
Gastmahl {n} :: feast, regale
gastral {adj} :: gastric
gastrisch {adj} [anatomy] :: gastric
gastro- {prefix} :: gastro- [of or relating to the stomach]
gastroenterisch {adj} :: gastroenteric, gastrointestinal
gastrointestinal {adj} :: gastrointestinal
Gastronomie {f} :: gastronomy
Gaststätte {f} :: restaurant
Gasturbine {f} :: gas turbine
Gasuhr {f} :: gas meter
Gaswerk {n} :: gasworks
Gaswolke {f} :: gas cloud
Gaszähler {m} :: gas meter (device which measures the amount of gas supplied to a property)
Gaszentrifuge {f} [physics] :: gas centrifuge
-gate {suffix} :: -gate (forms names of scandals)
Gate {n} :: airport gate
Gate {f} [Austria, colloquial, obsolete] :: men's long underwear
gäten {v} :: alternative form of jäten
Gateway {n} [computer network] :: gateway
Gatt {n} [nautical] :: eyelet; hole for a rope or hook
Gatt {prop} {n} :: alternative spelling of GATT
Gatte {m} :: husband
Gatte {m} :: male spouse
Gatter {n} :: gate
Gatter {n} :: grating
Gatter {n} :: fence
Gattin {f} :: married woman, wife; female form of Gatte
Gattung {f} :: genus
Gattung {f} [grammar] :: voice, gender (of verbs)
Gattung {f} :: genre
Gattungsname {m} [grammar] :: common noun
Gattungsname {m} :: generic name
Gattungszahlwort {n} [numeral] :: variative numeral
Gau {m} [now chiefly in placenames] :: shire; district
Gau {m} [historic] :: an administrative unit of the Third Reich
Gau {m} [colloquial] :: an accident, a calamity
GAU {m} :: größter anzunehmender Unfall: worst possible or foreseeable accident: the worst possible accident considered for controlling, engineering, or planning when designing something such as a nuclear or industrial plant
GAU {m} [figurative] :: disastrous event in many contexts
Gaube {f} [regional, chiefly northern and central Germany] :: dormer; dormer-window (roofed projection from a sloping roof with a window at the front)
Gaubitsch {prop} {n} :: Gaubitsch (municipality)
Gaucho {m} :: gaucho
Gaudium {n} [dated] :: delight
Gaugraf {m} [historical] :: count of a shire or district, local judge
Gaugräfin {f} [historical] :: feminine noun of Gaugraf
Gaukelei {f} [Medieval] :: jugglery, buffoonery
Gaukelei {f} :: pretense, sham, trickery
gaukeln {v} [dated] :: to perform magic
Gaukler {m} :: juggler, legerdemainist
Gaul {m} [regional] :: horse
Gaul {m} [more widespread] :: hack, nag (bad, old or incapable horse)
Gauleiter {m} [historical] :: A leader of a local branch of the NSDAP (more commonly known as the Nazi Party) or the head of a Reichsgau (an administrative division of the German state until 1945)
Gaullismus {m} :: Gaullism
Gaum {m} [obsolete] :: alternative form of Gaumen
Gaumen {m} :: palate (roof of the mouth)
Gaumen {m} [figurative] :: the sense of taste
Gaumen {m} [obsolete] :: oral cavity
Gaumenlaut {m} [phonetics] :: palatal
Gaumenmandel {f} :: palatine tonsil
Gaumensegel {n} :: velum
Gaumensegellaut {m} [phonology] :: velar
Gaumenspalte {f} [pathology] :: palatoschisis, cleft palate
Gauner {m} [colloquial] :: crook, racketeer (one who commits crimes)
Gauner {m} [colloquial] :: sly, cunning person
Gaunerei {f} :: swindle
gaunern {v} :: to cheat, swindle
Gaunersprache {f} :: cant (secret language)
Gaußsch {adj} :: Gaussian
Gauß-Verteilung {f} :: Gaussian distribution
Gaweinstal {prop} {n} :: Gaweinstal (municipality)
gay {adj} :: gay
Gayer {prop} :: surname
Gazastreifen {prop} {m} :: Gaza (region), Gaza Strip
Gaze {f} :: gauze
Gazelle {f} :: gazelle
GDI {prop} {f} :: initialism of (Sammlung der) griechischen Dialekt-Inschriften
ge- {prefix} :: Forms collective nouns, almost always neuter gender. Whenever possible, the root vowel is modified as well: Ader/Geäder, Ast/Geäst, Berg/Gebirge, Busch/Gebüsch, Rippe/Gerippe, Stein/Gestein, Strauch/Gesträuch, Wasser/Gewässer, Wolke/Gewölk
ge- {prefix} :: Forms action nouns, usually with a sense of repetition or continuation. All of these nouns are neuter and have no plural. For example: ächzen/Geächze, heulen/Geheule/Geheul, reden/Gerede, seufzen/Geseufze
ge- {prefix} :: Forms nomina rei actae, verbal nouns that refer to the patient of the action, always of neuter gender. For example: schenken/Geschenk, legen/Gelege, prägen/Gepräge
ge- {prefix} :: Forms past participles in combination with a suffix -en or -(e)t: schlafen/geschlafen, denken/gedacht, retten/gerettet. Nouns are frequently made from the past participle
ge- {prefix} :: Forms verbs with terminative aktionsart: geleiten, genießen, gebären, gelangen, gereuen, geziemen, geruhen, genesen. This is hardly productive after Early New High German and outside of dialects
geachtet {adj} :: esteemed, respected
geachtet {v} :: past participle of achten
geächzt {v} :: past participle of ächzen
geadelt {v} :: past participle of adeln
Geäder {n} :: venation
Geäder {n} [anatomy, collective] :: veins
Geäfter {n} [hunting] :: dewclaw of a hoofed animal such as a deer or wild boar
gealtert {v} :: past participle of altern
geändert {adj} :: changed
geängstigt {v} :: past participle of ängstigen
geartet {adj} :: natured
Geäse {n} [hunting] :: pasture, fodder or feeding ground for deer
Geäse {n} :: deer's mouth, muzzle, snout
Geäst {n} :: boughs, branches
geätzt {v} :: past participle of ätzen - etched
geäussert {v} :: past participle of äussern
geäußert {adj} :: expressed
geb. {adj} :: geboren, geborener, geborene: née (signifies maiden name of a woman), born
geb. {adj} :: gebunden: bound, married
Gebäck {n} :: pastry (food group)
gebacken {v} :: past participle of backen
gebackt {v} :: past participle of backen
gebaggert {v} :: past participle of baggern
Gebälk {n} [architecture] :: entablature
gebalkt {adj} [heraldry] :: fess-having
geballert {v} :: past participle of ballern
gebändert {adj} :: banded, striped
gebannt {v} :: past participle of bannen
gebappt {v} :: past participle of bappen
Gebärde {f} :: any gesture of the body
Gebärde {f} [sign language] :: a gesture used in sign language
gebärden {vi} :: to sign
gebärden {vr} :: to behave
Gebärdensprache {f} :: sign language
Gebaren {n} :: behaviour [UK] / behavior [US]
gebären {vi} :: to give birth; referring to labour, or to labour and pregnancy as a whole
gebären {vt} :: to give birth to; to bear
gebärfähig {adj} :: prolific (capable of bearing children)
gebärfreudig {adj} :: giving birth to many children
Gebärfreudigkeit {f} :: The characteristic of giving birth to many children
Gebärmutter {f} :: womb, uterus
Gebärmutterschleimhaut {f} [anatomy] :: endometrium
Gebäu {n} [dated] :: building, edifice, structure
Gebäude {n} :: building, edifice, structure
Gebäudeinstallation {f} :: electrical wiring (in a building)
gebaut {v} :: past participle of bauen
gebeamt {v} :: past participle of beamen
gebellt {v} :: past participle of bellen
geben {vt} :: To give; to hand
geben {vt} :: To present; to put
geben {vt} [impersonal] :: there to be (there is; there are); indicates that something exists
geben {vt} :: To result in
gebenedeit {adj} :: blessed
gebenedeit {v} :: past participle of benedeien
Geber {m} :: giver, donor, grantor (male or of unspecified sex)
Geber {m} :: encoder (device)
Gebet {n} :: prayer
Gebetsmühle {f} :: prayer wheel
gebetsmühlenartig {adj} :: mantralike, prayerlike, monotonous
Gebetsteppich {m} [Islam] :: prayer rug, prayer mat
gebettet {v} :: past participle of betten
gebeugt {adj} :: bent
gebeutelt {adj} :: plagued, ridden
Gebiet {n} :: area
Gebiet {n} :: territory
Gebiet {n} [math] :: a set with certain properties:
Gebiet {n} :: [commonly] a (non-empty) open and connected set
Gebiet {n} :: an open set
gebieten {vt} :: to demand
gebieten {vt} :: to command
Gebieter {m} :: arbiter, commander, ruler, master, lord (male or of unspecified sex)
Gebietshoheit {f} :: territorial sovereignty, territorial jurisdiction
Gebilde {n} :: construction, formation, structure
Gebilde {n} :: shape, pattern, figure
gebildet {adj} :: educated
gebildet {adj} :: erudite, literate
gebildet {adj} :: intellectual, cultured
gebilligt {v} :: past participle of billigen
Gebinde {n} :: package, bundle
Gebinde {n} :: wreath
Gebirge {n} :: a group of mountains, mountain range, mountains
Gebirge {n} :: geographical area containing mountains
gebirgig {adj} :: mountainous
gebirgsbildend {adj} :: orogenic (mountain-building)
Gebirgsdorf {n} :: mountain village
Gebirgswels {m} :: Sisoridae, a family of catfish
Gebiss {n} [anatomy] :: set of teeth
Gebiss {n} [dentistry] :: dentures
Gebiss {n} :: bit (for a horse)
geblafft {v} :: past participle of blaffen
geblakt {v} :: past participle of blaken
Gebläse {n} :: ventilator
geblaut {v} :: past participle of blauen
geblieben {v} :: past participle of bleiben
geblinkt {v} :: past participle of blinken
Geblüt {n} :: blood
Geblüt {n} :: bloodline, heritage
gebölkt {v} :: past participle of bölken
gebollert {v} :: past participle of bollern
Geboltskirchen {prop} {n} :: Geboltskirchen (municipality)
geboren {v} :: past participle of gebären
geboren werden {v} :: to be born
geborgen {adj} :: safe, secure, protected and hidden away from dangers
Geborgenheit {f} [usually, uncountable] :: The state of having a sense of security and well-being
geborsten {v} :: past participle of bersten
geboßt {v} :: past participle of boßen
Gebot {n} :: command, commandment
Gebot {n} :: bid, bidding
gebracht {v} :: past participle of bringen
gebracht {adj} :: brought, carried
gebrannt {adj} :: burnt
gebrannt {adj} :: fired (e.g. in a kiln)
gebrannt {adj} :: distilled
gebraten {adj} :: roast, fried
Gebrauch {m} :: use, usage
Gebrauch {m} :: application
gebrauchen {v} :: to use
gebräuchlich {adj} :: common, customary, usual, in use
Gebrauchsanweisung {f} :: instruction sheet, directions for use, operating manual
gebrauchsfähig {adj} :: usable, serviceable, working
Gebrauchsfähigkeit {f} :: usability, serviceability
gebrauchsfertig {adj} :: off-the-shelf, ready to use
gebrauchsfertiger {adj} :: comparative of gebrauchsfertig
gebrauchsfertigsten {adj} :: superlative of gebrauchsfertig
Gebrauchsfreundlichkeit {f} :: useability
Gebrauchsgegenstand {m} :: utility item, object of utility, utensil, implement
Gebrauchsmusik {f} :: "utility music" (music composed for a specific, identifiable purpose, not just for its own sake)
gebraucht {adj} [broadly] :: used
gebraucht {adj} [narrowly, without comparative or superlative] :: secondhand
Gebrauchtware {f} :: second-hand goods
gebraust {v} :: past participle of brausen
gebrechen {v} :: [with an + dative] to lack
Gebrechen {n} :: disability, infirmity (lasting physical damage)
Gebrechen {n} [Austria] :: damage, a technical bug
gebrechlich {adj} [of a person, especially due to old age] :: rickety, infirm, fragile
Gebrechlichkeit {f} :: infirmity
Gebresten {n} [Swiss, otherwise archaic] :: disability, infirmity (lasting physical damage)
gebresthaft {adj} [archaic] :: sickly (having the appearance of sickness)
gebresthaftesten {adj} :: superlative of gebresthaft
gebrochen {adj} :: broken
gebrochen {adj} [math] :: fractional
gebrochen {adj} [typography] :: blackletter
gebrochen {v} :: past participle of brechen
gebröselt {v} :: past participle of bröseln
gebrowst {v} :: past participle of browsen
Gebrüder {mp} [plurale tantum, dated except in company names] :: brothers, brethren
gebrüht {v} :: past participle of brühen
Gebrüll {n} :: roaring, shouting
Gebrumm {n} :: growling, humming
gebuchtet {adj} :: bayed (having bays)
gebuckelt {adj} :: humpbacked, hunchbacked
gebückt {v} :: past participle of bücken
gebuddelt {v} :: past participle of buddeln
Gebühr {f} :: fee
Gebühr {prop} {mf} :: surname
gebühren {v} :: to belong to, to be due to
gebühren {vr} :: to be proper
gebührend {adj} :: befitting, worthy
gebührenfrei {adj} :: free of charge
gebührenpflichtig {adj} :: chargeable (subject to a charge / toll)
gebührlich {adj} :: appropriate, proper, due
gebumst {v} :: past participle of bumsen
Gebund {n} :: bundle
gebunden {adj} :: bound, constrained to something
gebunden {adj} :: committed; married or in a fixed relationship
gebunden {adj} [music] :: legato
gebunden {adj} [music] :: fretted [of the clavichord]
gebundene Rotation {f} [astronomy] :: tidal locking
Geburt {f} :: birth
Geburtenkontrolle {f} :: birth control
Geburth {f} :: obsolete spelling of Geburt
gebürtig {adj} :: native
Geburtsdatum {n} :: date of birth
Geburtshelfer {m} :: midwife (male), accoucheur, obstetrician
Geburtshelferin {f} :: midwife (accoucheuse), obstetrician (female)
Geburtshilfe {f} [medicine] :: obstetrics (care of women during and after pregnancy)
Geburtsjahr {n} :: year of birth
Geburtsname {m} :: name at birth, maiden name
Geburtsort {m} :: birthplace, place of birth
Geburtsrecht {n} :: birthright
Geburtstag {m} :: birthday
Geburtstagsfeier {f} :: birthday party
Geburtstagsgeschenk {n} :: birthday present (a present given to someone to celebrate their birthday)
Geburtstagskarte {f} :: birthday card (a greeting card for someone's birthday)
Geburtstagskind {n} :: birthday boy or -girl, person whose birthday it is
Geburtsurkunde {f} :: birth certificate
Gebüsch {n} :: brush (vegetation, generally larger than grass but smaller than trees)
gebüßt {v} :: past participle of büßen
gebützt {v} :: past participle of bützen
gechillt {adj} [colloquial] :: chill
gechillt {v} :: past participle of chillen
Geck {m} [somewhat, dated] :: dandy, coxcomb, poser (vain, narcisstic man)
gecken {v} :: to act like a dandy
Gecko {m} [reptiles, zoology] :: gecko
gecremt {v} :: past participle of cremen
gecrèmt {v} :: past participle of crèmen
gedacht {v} :: past participle of denken
gedacht {v} :: past participle of gedenken
Gedächtnis {n} :: memory (ability to recall)
Gedächtnis {n} [poetic, chiefly Christianity] :: remembrance
Gedächtnisprotokoll {n} :: minutes written from memory
gedämmt {v} :: past participle of dämmen
gedampft {v} :: past participle of dampfen
Gedanke {m} :: thought
Gedankenblitz {m} :: sudden inspiration, brainwave, flash of insight
Gedankenexperiment {n} [physics, epistemology] :: gedankenexperiment, a thought experiment
Gedankengang {m} :: reasoning; train of thought
Gedankengut {n} :: mindset, philosophy
gedankenlos {adj} :: thoughtless, unthinking
Gedankenlosigkeit {f} :: thoughtlessness (lack of thought)
Gedankenspiel {n} :: intellectual game
Gedankenstrich {m} [typography] :: dash (typographic symbol)
Gedankenübertragung {f} :: telepathy
gedankenverloren {adj} :: absent-minded
gedankenverloren {adj} :: distracted
Gedankenwelt {f} :: thought-world, world of ideas
gedanklich {adj} :: mental
Gedärm {n} :: the whole of an organism's intestines, guts, insides
gedauert {v} :: past participle of dauern
Gedeck {n} :: place setting; cover (a person’s setting of cutlery etc. at a set table)
gedeckt {adj} :: covered
gedeckt {adj} [colour] :: sober
gedeckt {v} :: past participle of decken
gedehnt {adj} :: stretched
gedehnt {v} :: past participle of dehnen
gedeihen {vi} :: to thrive; to flourish; to prosper
gedeihlich {adj} :: profitable, productive
gedenken {v} :: to remember, commemorate
gedenken {v} :: to intend
Gedenken {n} :: remembrance
Gedenkstätte {f} [place or structure] :: memorial
Gedenktag {m} :: remembrance day
Gedersdorf {prop} {n} :: Gedersdorf (municipality)
gedeucht {v} :: past participle of dünken
Gedicht {n} :: poem
gedichtet {v} :: past participle of dichten
gediegen {adj} [of a, metal] :: pure, unadulterated, sterling, solid, native
gediegen {adj} :: solid, high-quality, well-made
gediegen {adj} :: solid, reliable, good
gediegen {adj} [Northern Germany, colloquial] :: odd, strange, peculiar, weird
Gedöns {n} [colloquial] :: fuss, ado, hullabaloo
gedoppelt {v} :: past participle of doppeln
gedöst {v} :: past participle of dösen
Gedränge {n} :: crowd
Gedränge {n} :: hustle
Gedränge {n} :: jostle
Gedränge {n} :: pushing and shoving
gedriftet {v} :: past participle of driften
gedrillt {v} :: past participle of drillen
gedröhnt {v} :: past participle of dröhnen
gedrungen {adj} :: stubby, squat
gedrungen {v} :: past participle of dringen
geduckmäusert {v} :: past participle of duckmäusern
geduftet {v} :: past participle of duften
Geduld {f} :: patience
Geduld {prop} {mf} :: surname
geduldig {adj} :: patient (ability or willingness to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering)
geduldiger {adj} :: comparative of geduldig
geduldigsten {adj} :: superlative of geduldig
Geduld ist eine Tugend {proverb} :: patience is a virtue
Geduldsspiel {n} :: puzzle, waiting game
Geduldsspiel {n} :: test of patience
gedümpelt {v} :: past participle of dümpeln
gedünstet {v} :: past participle of dünsten
gedurft {v} :: past participle of dürfen
geduscht {v} :: past participle of duschen
geeggt {v} :: past participle of eggen
geehrt {v} :: past participle of ehren
geeicht {v} :: past participle of eichen
geeignet {adj} :: suitable, appropriate
geeignet {adj} :: convenient
geeigneter {adj} :: comparative of geeignet
geeignetsten {adj} :: superlative of geeignet
geeinigt {v} :: past participle of einigen
geeist {v} :: past participle of eisen
Geek {m} :: geek
geentert {v} :: past participle of entern
geerntet {v} :: past participle of ernten
Geest {f} :: geest (a somewhat elevated landscape in a plain with sandy grounds and frequent heaths)
Gefahr {f} :: danger
Gefahr {f} :: threat
gefährden {vt} :: to endanger, compromise
Gefährdung {f} :: threat, hazard, danger
gefahren {v} :: past participle of fahren
Gefahrenhinweis {m} :: safety notice / warning
gefahrenreich {adj} :: dangerous
Gefahrensymbol {n} :: hazard symbol / icon / sign
Gefahrgut {n} :: hazardous material, dangerous goods
gefährlich {adj} :: dangerous
gefährlicher {adj} :: comparative of gefährlich
gefährliches Halbwissen {n} :: a degree of superficial knowledge that becomes dangerous or deceptive because it has one trust one’s own amateurish judgment
Gefährlichkeit {f} :: dangerousness
gefährlichsten {adj} :: superlative of gefährlich
gefährlich wird es, wenn die Dummen fleißig werden {proverb} :: It will be dangerous when the dumb become industrious. We are in trouble when idiots take the initiative
gefahrlos {adj} :: safe
gefahrlos {adj} :: harmless
Gefahrstoff {m} :: hazardous substance
Gefahrstoffkennzeichnung {f} :: hazardous-substance directive / warning
Gefahrstoffverordnung {f} [legal, chemistry] :: An ordinance concerning hazardous substances
Gefährt {n} :: vehicle
Gefährte {m} :: companion
Gefährtin {f} :: female companion, female friend
gefahrvoll {adj} :: dangerous, hazardous
Gefälle {n} :: downwards slope
Gefälle {n} :: gradient
gefallen {vi} [with dative] :: to please; to appeal to
gefallen {v} :: past participle of fallen
gefallen {v} :: past participle of gefallen
gefallen {adj} :: fallen, dropped
Gefallen {m} [a deed in which help is voluntarily provided] :: favor, favour [UK]
gefallener Engel {m} :: fallen angel (angel who was exiled from heaven)
gefällig {adj} :: pleasing, pleasant
gefällig {adj} :: accommodating
Gefälligkeit {f} :: favor
Gefälligkeit {f} :: obligingness
gefälligst {adv} [in a more or less angry request or order] :: will you?
gefälligst {adv} [dated] :: kindly
gefällt {v} :: past participle of fällen
gefällt {adj} :: precipitated
gefällt {adj} :: felled (tree)
gefälscht {adj} :: counterfeit, forged
gefalzt {v} :: past participle of falzen
gefangen {adj} :: caught
gefangen {adj} :: imprisoned
gefangen {adj} :: trapped
gefangen {v} :: past participle of fangen
Gefangenenlager {n} :: prison camp
Gefangenenwärter {m} [dated] :: prison warder, prison guard, turnkey (male or of unspecified sex)
Gefangenenwärter {m} :: guard in a (makeshift) prison camp (male or of unspecified sex)
Gefangener {m} :: prisoner, captive, detainee, prison inmate, incarceree (male or of unspecified sex)
Gefangenschaft {f} :: imprisonment, captivity
Gefangensein-Syndrom {n} [colloquial] :: synonym of Locked-in-Syndrom
Gefängnis {n} :: (building) prison, jail
Gefängnis {n} :: (sentence) prison
Gefängnisstrafe {f} :: prison sentence, imprisonment
Gefängniswärter {m} :: prison officer, prison guard, prison warder (warder), turnkey (male or of unspecified sex)
Gefängniswärterin {f} :: (female) prison warder
Gefängniszelle {f} :: prison cell
gefärbt {adj} :: dyed
gefärbt {adj} :: coloured
Gefäss {n} :: alternative spelling of Gefäß
Gefäß {n} [anatomy] :: vessel
Gefäß {n} :: container, jar, pot
Gefäßentzündung {f} [pathology] :: vasculitis
Gefäßfunktion {f} :: vascular function
Gefäßpflanze {f} :: vascular plant
gefasst {adj} :: cool, with composure
gefaßt {adj} :: obsolete spelling of gefasst
Gefäßwand {f} :: vascular wall
Gefäßwand {f} :: vessel wall
gefast {v} :: past participle of fasen
Gefecht {n} :: fight, military encounter, skirmish
Gefechtskopf {m} :: warhead
Gefechtsmarsch {m} [military] :: a training march under combat conditions, thus with a rifle, tactical gear, and usually a full rucksack, generally through mixed terrain (thus combined with a Geländemarsch), and with the obligation to support and, if need be, carry exhausted or injured comrades; distinct from an Orientierungsmarsch inasmuch as the marching route is signposted
gefeiert {adj} :: celebrated, acclaimed
gefeiert {v} :: past participle of feiern
gefeit {v} :: past participle of feien
gefensterlt {v} :: past participle of fensterln
gefertigt {adj} :: wrought, manufactured
gefesselt {adj} :: tied up, shackled, fettered
gefesselt {adj} :: fascinated
gefesselt {v} :: past participle of fesseln
gefesselter {adj} :: comparative of gefesselt
gefesseltsten {adj} :: superlative of gefesselt
gefestet {v} :: past participle of festen
gefestigt {v} :: past participle of festigen
gefeuert {v} :: past participle of feuern
gefickt {v} :: past participle of ficken
Gefieder {n} :: plumage
gefiedert {adj} :: feathered, plumed
gefiedert {adj} [botany] :: pinnate
Gefilde {n} [mostly plural] :: fields
gefiltert {adj} :: filtered
gefilzt {v} :: past participle of filzen
gefinkelt {adj} :: cunning
gefistet {v} :: past participle of fisten
gefizt {adj} [Swiss] :: clever
geflackert {v} :: past participle of flackern
geflattert {v} :: past participle of flattern
Geflecht {n} :: mesh, netting
Geflecht {n} :: network
gefleckt {adj} :: mottled, pied
gefleckt {adj} :: pinto
Gefleckter Leierfisch {m} :: spotted dragonet
Geflecktheit {f} :: mottledness, spottiness
geflenst {v} :: past participle of flensen
gefleucht {v} :: past participle of fleuchen
geflickt {v} :: past participle of flicken
geflirrt {v} :: past participle of flirren
geflissentlich {adj} :: deliberate, intentional
geflissentlich {adj} :: assiduous, studious, diligent
geflitzt {v} :: past participle of flitzen
geflochten {v} :: past participle of flechten
geflohen {v} :: past participle of fliehen
geflötet {v} :: past participle of flöten
geflüchtet {v} :: past participle of flüchten
Geflügel {n} :: poultry, meat from birds
Geflügel {n} :: poultry, birds raised for their meat
Geflügelpest {f} [pathology] :: avian influenza [strain of influenza]
geflügelt {adj} :: winged
geflügelt {adj} [botany] :: alate
geflügeltes Wort {n} :: winged word
geflunkert {v} :: past participle of flunkern
gefluppt {v} :: past participle of fluppen
Geflüster {n} :: a murmur, whispering
geflutet {v} :: past participle of fluten
geflutscht {v} :: past participle of flutschen
gefodert {v} :: past participle of fodern
geföhnt {v} :: past participle of föhnen
Gefolge {n} :: retinue, entourage
gefolgert {v} :: past participle of folgern
Gefolgschaft {f} :: following
Gefolgschaft {f} :: loyalty
Gefolgsmann {m} :: liegeman
gefönt {v} :: past participle of fönen
gefoppt {v} :: past participle of foppen
gefordert {adj} :: claimed
gefordert {adj} :: postulated
gefordert {adj} :: stipulated
gefördert {adj} :: promoted, sponsored, funded
geformt {v} :: past participle of formen
geforscht {v} :: past participle of forschen
gefotzt {v} :: past participle of fotzen
gefoult {v} :: past participle of foulen
gefragt {v} :: past participle of fragen "asked"
gefragt {adj} :: in demand; requested; asked for
gefräßig {adj} :: voracious, gluttonous
Gefreiter {m} [military] :: lance corporal (military rank)
Gefrierbrand {m} :: freezer burn
gefrieren {vi} :: to freeze (to become solid due to low temperature)
gefriergetrocknet {adj} :: freeze-dried
Gefrierpunkt {m} :: freezing point
Gefrierschrank {m} :: freezer (container or room keeping things frozen)
Gefriertruhe {f} :: chest freezer
gefroren {adj} :: frozen
Gefüge {n} :: arrangement, structure, framework
gefügig {adj} :: amenable
Gefühl {n} :: feeling
Gefühl {n} :: sense of something. (für etwas)
gefühllos {adj} :: insensitive
gefühllos {adj} :: numb
gefühllos {adj} :: impassive
gefühlsarm {adj} :: emotionless
gefühlsbetont {adj} :: emotive
gefühlsbetont {adj} :: sensitive (to other's feelings)
gefühlsblind {adj} :: alexithymic
Gefühlsduselei {f} :: mawkishness, maudlinness
Gefühlsregung {f} :: emotion
gefühlsselig {adj} :: sentimental, maudlin
Gefühlszustand {m} :: emotional state
gefühlvoll {adj} :: sentimental, soulful
gefühlvoll {adj} :: empathetic
geführt {adj} :: guided, conducted
geführt {adj} :: managed, administered
gefüllt {adj} :: stuffed, filled
gefunden {adj} :: found, located
gefunden {adj} :: encountered
gefunzt {v} :: past participle of funzen
gefurcht {adj} :: striated; furrowed, grooved
Gefurchter Dickmaulrüssler {m} :: vine weevil
gefurzt {v} :: past participle of furzen
gefuttert {v} :: past participle of futtern
Gegacker {n} :: cackle, cluck
gegammelt {v} :: past participle of gammeln
gegangen {v} :: past participle of gehen
gegäten {v} [rare] :: past participle of gäten; synonym of gegätet
gegätet {v} :: past participle of gäten
gegeben {adj} :: given
gegeben {adj} :: preexisting
gegeben {adj} :: factual
gegebenenfalls {adv} :: possibly; if circumstances require; where applicable
Gegebenheit {f} :: condition, situation
Gegebenheit {f} :: fact, datum
gegeifert {v} :: past participle of geifern
gegeizt {v} :: past participle of geizen
gegen- {prefix} :: against, contrary to, contra-
gegen {prep} [+ accusative] :: against
Gegenanzeige {f} :: contraindication
Gegenargument {n} :: counterargument
gegenbeschuldigen {v} [rare] :: to recriminate
gegenbeschuldigt {v} :: past participle of gegenbeschuldigen
Gegenbeschuldigung {f} :: recrimination
Gegenbeweis {m} :: counterevidence
gegenchecken {vt} :: to countercheck, recheck, double-check
Gegend {f} :: region
gegeneinander {adv} :: against each other / one another
gegeneinander ausspielen {v} :: to play off against each other
Gegengeschenk {n} :: reciprocal present
Gegengewicht {n} [weight or figuratively] :: counterbalance
gegengezeichnet {v} :: past participle of gegenzeichnen
Gegengift {n} :: antidote
gegengleich {adj} :: Diametrically opposed, the mirror image to something else
gegengleich {adj} :: Travelling at the same speed in the opposite direction to something else
gegengleich {adv} :: In a way that is exactly opposed to or the mirror image of another action
Gegengruß {m} :: greeting or salute in return
Gegenion {n} :: counterion
gegenläufig {adj} :: opposite, contrary, reverse
gegenläufig {adj} :: contrarotating
Gegenleistung {f} :: return, return service, quid pro quo
Gegenmaßnahme {f} :: countermeasure
Gegenmaßnahme {f} :: counteraction
Gegenmittel {n} :: remedy, antidote
Gegenpapst {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: antipope
Gegenpart {m} :: a literary figure that contrasts with another; a part or role opposite another actor
Gegenpart {m} [elevated, literary] :: counterpart
Gegenpart {m} [obsolete, law] :: the opposite party in a lawsuit
Gegenpol {m} :: antipole
Gegenrichtung {f} :: opposite direction
Gegensatz {m} :: opposition, antagonism
Gegensatz {m} :: opposite
Gegensatz {m} :: conflict, contradiction
Gegenschlag {m} :: counterstrike
gegenseitig {adj} :: mutual, reciprocal
gegenseitig {adj} :: opposite
Gegenseitigkeit {f} :: reciprocity
Gegensinn {m} :: opposite meaning
Gegensinn {m} :: opposite direction
gegensinnig {adj} :: In the opposite direction
Gegenspieler {m} :: opponent
Gegenspieler {m} :: adversary, antagonist
Gegenstand {m} :: object, item, thing, article
gegenständlich {adj} :: objective, concrete, representational
gegenständlicher {adj} :: comparative of gegenständlich
gegenstandslos {adj} :: insubstantial
gegenstandslos {adj} :: lapsed, obsolete, void
Gegenstandswort {n} :: noun
Gegenstandswort {n} :: concrete noun
Gegenstück {n} :: counterpart
Gegenteil {n} :: opposite (contrary thing)
gegenteilig {adj} :: contrary, opposite, converse
gegenüber {prep} :: opposite
gegenüber {prep} :: to, toward, towards
gegenüber {prep} :: compared to
gegenüber {prep} :: vis-à-vis, in dealings with, in dealing with, towards
gegenüber {adv} :: on the opposite side
Gegenüber {n} :: counterpart
Gegenüber {n} :: opponent
Gegenüber {n} :: the other; the partner in a conversion; someone who is face to face with you
gegenübergestanden {v} :: past participle of gegenüberstehen
gegenübergestellt {v} :: past participle of gegenüberstellen
gegenübergestellt {adj} :: contrasted
gegenübergestellt {adj} :: opposed
gegenübergestellt {adj} :: confronted
gegenüberliegend {adj} :: opposite, lying (being situated) opposite (of something)
gegenüberstehen {v} :: To face, confront
gegenüberstellen {v} :: To contrast
gegenüberstellen {v} :: To oppose
gegenüberstellen {v} :: To confront
Gegenüberstellung {f} :: comparison
Gegenüberstellung {f} :: policy lineup; identity parade
Gegenwart {f} :: the present
Gegenwart {f} :: presence (of someone/something)
gegenwärtig {adj} :: current, contemporary, present, existing
Gegenwärtigkeit {f} :: presence
Gegenwärtigkeit {f} :: topicality, currentness, up-to-dateness
gegenwartsbezogen {adj} :: contemporary, topical
Gegenwartsbezogenheit {f} :: topicality
Gegenwartssprache {f} [linguistics] :: contemporary language
Gegenwind {m} :: headwind
Gegenwort {n} :: antonym; opposite
gegenzeichnen {v} :: to countersign
Gegenzeichnung {f} :: countersign, countersignature
Gegenzeichnung {f} :: countersigning
Gegenzug {m} :: countermove
gegerbt {v} :: past participle of gerben
gegessen {v} :: past participle of essen
gegibbelt {v} :: past participle of gibbeln
gegiebelt {adj} :: gabled (having gables)
gegiert {v} :: past participle of gieren
geglaubt {v} :: past participle of glauben
geglitten {v} :: past participle of gleiten
geglotzt {v} :: past participle of glotzen
geglückt {v} :: past participle of glücken
geglüht {v} :: past participle of glühen
geglüht {adj} :: annealed
geglupscht {v} :: past participle of glupschen
Gegner {m} :: adversary, opponent
Gegnerin {f} :: adversary, opponent (sexless, or female)
gegnerisch {adj} :: antagonistic, hostile
gegnerisch {adj} :: adverse
Gegnerschaft {f} :: opposition
Gegnerschaft {f} :: hostility
gegoren {v} :: past participle of gären
gegossen {adj} :: cast, moulded
gegossen {adj} :: poured
gegrabbelt {v} :: past participle of grabbeln
gegrämt {v} :: past participle of grämen
gegrapscht {v} :: past participle of grapschen
gegrast {v} :: past participle of grasen
gegraust {v} :: past participle of grausen
gegrient {v} :: past participle of grienen
Gegröle {n} :: caterwauling
gegrollt {v} :: past participle of grollen
gegrölt {v} :: past participle of grölen
gegrübelt {v} :: past participle of grübeln
gegründet {v} :: past participle of gründen
gegründet {adj} :: founded, established
geguckt {v} :: past participle of gucken
gehaart {v} :: past participle of haaren
Gehabe {n} :: affectation, posturing
Gehabstand {m} [chiefly Namibia] :: walking distance; the distance of a comfortable walk
gehabt {v} :: past participle of haben
Gehacktes {n} :: minced meat
gehakt {v} :: past participle of haken
gehallt {v} :: past participle of hallen
Gehalt {n} :: salary
Gehalt {m} :: content
gehalten {v} :: past participle of halten
Gehaltscheck {m} :: Paycheck
Gehaltserhöhung {f} :: salary increase
Gehaltsliste {f} :: payroll [list of employees who receive salary, together with the amounts due to each]
Gehaltsverrechner {m} [Austria] :: payroll manager
Gehaltsverrechnerin {f} [Austria] :: payroll manager (female)
gehampelt {v} :: past participle of hampeln
gehandhabt {v} :: past participle of handhaben
gehandhabt {adj} :: wielded
gehandhabt {adj} :: handled
gehandhabt {adj} :: managed
gehängt {v} :: past participle of hängen
gehängt {adj} :: hung
gehängt {adj} :: hanged
geharnischt {adj} :: harnessed, wearing a harness (medieval armour)
geharnt {v} :: past participle of harnen
gehärtet {v} :: past participle of härten
gehärtet {adj} :: hardened, annealed
gehärtet {adj} :: hydrogenated (fat)
gehascht {v} :: past participle of haschen
gehässig {adj} :: spiteful, hateful, mean
gehasst {adj} :: hated
gehastet {v} :: past participle of hasten
gehauen {v} :: past participle of hauen
gehäuft {v} :: past participle of häufen
gehäuft {adj} :: cumulative
gehäuft {adj} :: heaped, piled, massed
Gehäuse {n} :: casing, case
Gehäuse {n} :: shell
Gehäuse {n} :: housing
Gehäuseschnecke {f} :: snail
gehäusetragend {adj} [biology] :: shell-bearing
gehaust {v} :: past participle of hausen
gehaut {adj} [Austria, colloquial] :: scheming, shifty, sly, cunning
gehaut {adj} [regional, colloquial, especially of men] :: sexually experienced
gehechelt {v} :: past participle of hecheln
geheckt {v} :: past participle of hecken
geheftet {v} :: past participle of heften
Gehege {n} :: enclosure (fenced-in area for keeping animals)
gehegt {v} :: past participle of hegen
gehehlt {v} :: past participle of hehlen
geheilt {v} :: past participle of heilen
geheim {adj} :: secret
Geheimagent {m} :: secret agent (male or of unspecified sex)
Geheimbund {m} :: secret society
Geheimcode {m} :: secret code, cipher
Geheimdienst {m} :: literally 'secret service', intelligence agency, secret agency, intelligence service
geheimer {adj} :: comparative of geheim
Geheimfavorit {m} :: outsider, secret tip (a contestant who is not among the general favourites, but is given a chance of winning, e.g. by an expert)
Geheimgesellschaft {f} :: secret society
Geheimhaltung {f} :: secrecy
Geheimnis {n} :: secret
geheimnisvoll {adj} :: mysterious
geheimnisvoll {adj} :: cryptic, arcane
geheimnisvoll {adj} :: secretive
Geheimrat {m} :: privy councillor, Geheimrat, the title of the highest officials of a German royal or principal court, and also of very eminent professors in some German universities
Geheimratsecken {noun} :: a form of slight or beginning male pattern baldness where the hairline has receded on the temples and the sides of the forehead, but less so in the middle
Geheimschrift {f} :: cypher (secret font)
geheimsten {adj} :: superlative of geheim
geheischt {v} :: past participle of heischen
Geheiß {n} :: behest; request; demand
geheißen {v} :: past participle of heißen
geheizt {v} :: past participle of heizen
geheizt {adj} :: heated
gehellt {v} :: past participle of hellen
gehemmt {adj} :: inhibited
gehemmt {adj} :: self-conscious
gehen {vi} :: to go, to walk
gehen {vt} :: to walk (some distance); to go (some distance) by foot
gehen {vi} :: to leave
gehen {vi} :: to leave, to take off (areoplane, train)
gehen {vi} [impersonal] :: to be going; to be alright; indicates how the dative object fares
gehen {vi} [slightly, colloquial] :: to be possible
gehen {vi} [colloquial] :: to work, to function (of a machine, method or the like)
gehen {vi} [colloquial] :: to be in progress; to last
gehen {vi} [regional or dated, impersonal, with auf followed by a time] :: to approach; to be going (on some one)
Gehen {n} :: "going"
gehenkelt {adj} :: handled (having one or more handles)
gehenkt {v} :: past participle of henken
geherrscht {v} :: past participle of herrschen
geheuer {adj} [obsolete, except when negated] :: pleasant, comfortable
geheuer {adj} :: sure
Geheul {n} :: howling
geheylt {v} :: past participle of heylen
geheyßen {v} :: past participle of heyßen
Gehilfe {m} :: a man who has passed a Gehilfenprüfung
Gehilfe {m} :: male assistant, male associate, male aide, male adjunct
Gehilfe {m} [criminal law] :: male abettor, male criminal associate
Gehilfenschaft {f} [Switzerland, law] :: abetment
Gehilfin {f} :: woman who has passed a Gehilfenprüfung
Gehilfin {f} :: female assistant, female associate, female aide, female adjunct
Gehilfin {f} [criminal law] :: female abettor, female criminal associate
gehinkt {v} :: past participle of hinken
Gehirn {n} :: brain
Gehirnchen {n} :: diminutive of Gehirn
Gehirnentzündung {f} :: encephalitis (inflammation of the brain)
Gehirnerschütterung {f} [pathology, of the brain] :: concussion
Gehirnfunktion {f} [physiology] :: brain function
Gehirnlein {n} :: diminutive of Gehirn
Gehirnschädigung {f} :: brain damage
Gehirnwäsche {f} :: brain-washing
Gehirnwelle {f} [medicine] :: brainwave
Gehirnzelle {f} :: brain cell
gehisst {v} :: past participle of hissen
gehl {adj} [regional] :: alternative form of gelb: yellow
Gehminute {f} :: a minute by foot; the distance a person walks in a minute
gehn {v} [colloquial, poetic, dated in formal prose] :: alternative form of gehen
geh nur {interj} [archaic] :: Used to express aggressive disbelief
gehobelt {v} :: past participle of hobeln
gehoben {adj} [linguistics] :: elevated
gehoben {adj} :: lofty
gehoben {adj} :: upscale
gehobener {adj} :: comparative of gehoben
gehobensten {adj} :: superlative of gehoben
Gehöft {n} :: farm, farmstead, of any size, but especially a small one
Gehöfte {n} [obsolete] :: alternative form of Gehöft
gehökert {v} :: past participle of hökern
Gehölz {n} :: a small wood, copse
Gehölz {n} :: brush, underbrush
Gehölz {n} [collectively] :: woody plants
gehont {adj} [technology] :: honed
gehonter {adj} :: comparative of gehont
gehontesten {adj} :: superlative of gehont
gehoppelt {v} :: past participle of hoppeln
gehopst {v} :: past participle of hopsen
Gehör {n} :: hearing (sense or faculty of perceiving and interpreting sound)
Gehör {n} [in certain constructions] :: attention; being heard; being listened to
gehorchen {v} :: to obey
gehorchen {v} :: to listen to reason, hearken
gehorchend {adj} :: obedient
gehorcht {v} :: past participle of horchen
gehören {v} :: to belong to, be the property of [with dative]
gehören {v} :: to be a prerequisite for; to be a characteristic of [with zu]
gehören {v} :: to belong to, be a part of [with zu]
gehören {vr} :: to be proper
gehören {v} :: ought to be
gehörend {adj} :: pertaining, belonging, appertaining
Gehörgang {noun} :: ear canal
gehörig {adj} :: proper
gehörig {adj} :: belonging to
gehörig {adv} :: awfully, a lot
gehörlos {adj} :: deaf (not hearing)
Gehörn {n} :: horns
gehörnt {adj} :: horned
gehorsam {adj} :: obedient
Gehorsam {m} :: obedience
gehorsamer {adj} :: comparative of gehorsam
Gehorsamkeit {f} :: dutifulness, obedience
gehorsamsten {adj} :: superlative of gehorsam
Gehorsamsverweigerung {f} [military] :: insubordination
Gehörsinn {m} :: aural sense, sense of hearing
gehört {v} :: past participle of hören
gehört {v} :: past participle of gehören
gehortet {v} :: past participle of horten
gehren {v} :: to mitre
Gehrung {f} :: mitre [joint]
Gehschule {f} :: physical therapy institution for patients with prostheses
Gehschule {f} [Austria] :: playpen for toddlers
Gehsteig {m} :: sidewalk
geht's {contraction} :: geht es
gehts {contraction} [by the German spelling reform of 1996] :: alternative spelling of geht's
gehüllt {v} :: past participle of hüllen
gehumpelt {v} :: past participle of humpeln
gehuscht {v} :: past participle of huschen
Gehweg {m} :: sidewalk (paved footpath)
geiaht {v} :: past participle of iahen
Geier {m} :: vulture
Geiersberg {prop} {n} :: Geiersberg (municipality)
Geifer {m} :: slobber
geifern {v} :: to salivate
geifern {v} :: to revile
Geige {f} [musical instruments] :: violin, fiddle
Geigenbauer {m} :: violin maker
Geigenbogen {m} :: violin bow
Geigenkasten {m} :: violin case
Geigenspiel {n} :: violin playing
Geigenspieler {m} :: violin player, violinist (male or of unspecified sex)
Geiger {m} :: fiddler, violinist
Geigerzähler {m} :: Geiger counter
geil {adj} [mildly, vulgar] :: salacious; lustful; horny
geil {adj} [colloquial, mildly vulgar, with auf] :: keen on; bent on
geil {adj} [colloquial, mildly vulgar] :: great; cool; awesome
geil {adj} [colloquial, vulgar, of people] :: sexy; hot
geil {adj} [archaic, of plants] :: growing abundantly
geiler {adj} :: comparative of geil
Geilheit {f} :: horniness
geilo {adj} [slang, childish] :: cool, awesome
geilsten {adj} :: superlative of geil
Geinberg {prop} {n} :: Geinberg (municipality)
Geisel {f} :: hostage
Geisel {m} [now rare] :: hostage
Geisel {prop} {mf} :: surname
Geiselnahme {f} :: taking of hostages
Geiselnehmer {m} :: hostage-taker, kidnapper, captor
Geiser {m} [archaic] :: alternative form of Geysir
Geisha {f} :: geisha
Geiss {f} :: alternative spelling of Geiß
Geiß {f} [regional] :: goat (species)
Geiß {f} [regional] :: she-goat
Geiß {f} :: female roe deer
Geißbock {m} :: billy goat, he-goat
Geissel {f} :: alternative spelling of Geißel
Geißel {f} :: scourge (source of persistent trouble)
Geißel {f} :: scourge (whip, often of leather)
Geißel {f} [biology] :: flagellum
Geißlein {n} :: diminutive of Geiß
Geist {m} :: spirit
Geist {m} [Christianity] :: the Holy Spirit; Holy Ghost
Geist {m} :: essence
Geist {m} :: mind
Geist {m} :: wit
Geist {m} :: ghost; spook
Geist {m} [Egoistic philosophy] :: spook
Geist {m} [chiefly in compounds] :: an alcoholic drink; a spirit
Geister {prop} {mf} :: surname
Geisterbahn {f} [ride at a funfair] :: ghost train
Geisterfahrer {m} [somewhat colloquial] :: a wrong-way driver, ghost driver (one who drives in the direction opposite to that prescribed for the given lane)
geisterhaft {adj} :: ghostly, spectral, unearthly
Geisterschiff {n} :: ghost ship
Geisterstadt {f} :: ghost town
Geisterstunde {f} :: witching hour
Geisterzug {m} :: ghost train
Geisterzug {m} :: alternative carnival parade in Cologne, Germany
geistesabwesend {adj} :: distracted; not concentrated; absent-minded
Geistesgegenwart {f} :: presence of mind
geisteskrank {adj} :: insane, mentally ill
Geisteswissenschaft {f} :: humanities [the branch of learning that includes the arts, classics, philosophy and history etc.]
geisteswissenschaftlich {adj} :: humanities (attributive)
Geisteszustand {m} :: state of mind (psychological state)
geistig {adj} :: mental
geistig {adj} :: intellectual
geistig {adj} :: spiritual
geistiges Eigentum {n} :: intellectual property
Geistigkeit {f} :: spirituality
geistlich {adj} :: spiritual (of or pertaining to God or a church)
Geistliche {f} :: priest (female)
Geistlicher {m} :: priest, clergyman, cleric
Geistlichkeit {f} :: clergy
geistreich {adj} :: witty
Geiz {m} :: meanness, miserliness, stinginess
geizen {v} :: to be miserly, to be stingy
geizen {v} :: to be sparing
Geizhals {m} :: miser, skinflint
geizig {adj} :: ungenerous; stingy; cheap; mean [UK] (greedy to keep one’s own for oneself; unwilling to share)
geizig {adj} :: miserly; niggardly; closefisted (unwilling to spend one’s money; excessively economical)
geiziger {adj} :: comparative of geizig
geizigsten {adj} :: superlative of geizig
Geizkragen {m} :: miser, skinflint
gejährt {v} :: past participle of jähren
gejappt {v} :: past participle of jappen
gejapst {v} :: past participle of japsen
Gejauchze {n} :: (loud, ongoing) cheering, rejoicing, exulting
gejettet {v} :: past participle of jetten
gejobbt {v} :: past participle of jobben
gejobbt {adj} :: working, employed
gejubelt {v} :: past participle of jubeln
Gejuchz {n} :: obsolete form of Gejauchze
Gejuchze {n} :: alternative form of Gejauchze
gekabbelt {v} :: past participle of kabbeln
gekäbbelt {v} :: past participle of käbbeln
gekachelt {v} :: past participle of kacheln
gekalkt {v} :: past participle of kalken
gekantet {v} :: past participle of kanten
gekantet {adj} :: canted
gekauft {v} :: past participle of kaufen
Gekeife {n} :: nagging
gekeimt {v} :: past participle of keimen
gekennzeichnet {v} :: past participle of kennzeichnen
gekennzeichnet {adj} :: marked, denoted, characterized
gekettet {adj} :: chained
Gekicke {n} :: a boring or inept way of playing football (soccer), usually by both teams
gekickt {v} :: past participle of kicken
gekippt {v} :: past participle of kippen
geklafft {v} :: past participle of klaffen
geklaut {v} :: past participle of klauen
gekloppt {v} :: past participle of kloppen
geknallt {v} :: past participle of knallen
geknickt {v} :: past participle of knicken
gekniet {v} :: past participle of knien
gekniffen {v} :: past participle of kneifen
geknittert {v} :: past participle of knittern
gekokelt {v} :: past participle of kokeln
gekollert {v} :: past participle of kollern
gekommen {v} :: past participle of kommen
gekonnt {adj} :: masterful, skilful
gekonnt {adv} :: masterfully, skilfully
geköpert {adj} :: twilled
gekoppelt {v} :: past participle of koppeln
gekoppelt {adj} :: coupled, linked
gekoren {v} :: past participle of kiesen
gekost {v} :: past participle of kosen
Gekrächze {n} :: [continuous] croaking, cawing
gekränkelt {v} :: past participle of kränkeln
gekrault {v} :: past participle of kraulen
Gekreische {n} :: screaming, shrieking
Gekreische {n} :: screeching
gekreißt {v} :: past participle of kreißen
gekremt {v} :: past participle of kremen
gekrischen {v} :: past participle of kreischen
gekröpft {adj} :: cranked
Gekröse {n} :: mesentery and similar structural membranes or ligaments in the abdomen
gekrost {v} :: past participle of krosen
gekröst {v} :: past participle of krösen
gekrümmt {v} :: past participle of krümmen
gekrümmt {adj} :: curved, bent, crooked, contorted
gekuckt {v} :: past participle of kucken
gekugelt {v} :: past participle of kugeln
gekühlt {adj} :: chilled, refrigerated
gekühlt {adj} :: cooled
gekullert {v} :: past participle of kullern
gekürt {v} :: past participle of küren
gekürzt {adj} [literature] :: abridged
geküsst {v} :: past participle of küssen
gel {adj} [obsolete] :: alternative spelling of gehl, alternative form of gelb
Gel {n} :: gel
Gelaber {n} [colloquial] :: drivel (senseless talk)
Gelächter {n} :: laughter, laughing
Gelächter {n} :: object of ridicule
geladen {v} :: past participle of laden
geladen {adj} :: charged, loaded, laden
geladen {adj} :: angry
Gelage {n} :: carousal
gelagert {v} :: past participle of lagern
gelähmt {v} :: past participle of lähmen
gelaicht {v} :: past participle of laichen
gelammt {v} :: past participle of lammen
Gelände {n} :: area, terrain
geländegängig {adj} :: off-road, cross-country
Geländemarsch {m} [military] :: a training march through mixed terrain, in tactical gear and usually with a full rucksack; distinct from a Gefechtsmarsch inasmuch as there is no obligation to carry exhausted or injured comrades and no rifles are typically carried
Geländer {n} :: any long construction for people to hold on to or prevent them from falling down: railing, guardrail, handrail, banister, balustrade, parapet
Geländewagen {m} :: off-roader
gelangen {v} :: to get to a place
gelangweilt {adj} :: bored
gelangweilt {v} :: past participle of langweilen
gelärmt {v} :: past participle of lärmen
Gelass {n} :: small chamber
Gelaß {n} :: alternative spelling of Gelass
gelassen {adj} :: calm
Gelassenheit {f} :: serenity, calm, tranquillity, repose
Gelassenheit {f} :: poise, equanimity
gelastet {v} :: past participle of lasten
Gelatine {f} :: gelatine
gelatinös {adj} :: gelatinous
gelaufen {v} :: past participle of laufen
geläufig {adj} :: common
geläufig {adj} :: familiar
geläufig {adj} :: current, prevalent
gelaunt {adj} :: (in combination) humoured, tempered (in a specified mood)
gelauscht {v} :: past participle of lauschen
Geläut {n} :: peal [of bells]
gelautet {v} :: past participle of lauten
geläutet {v} :: past participle of läuten
gelb {adj} :: yellow
gelb {adj} [politics, Germany] :: pertaining to the FDP (a libertarian and market-economy promoting political party in Germany)
gelb {adj} [archaic] :: blond
Gelb {n} :: yellow
Gelb {n} :: (short for: Eigelb) yolk
Gelbaugenpinguin {m} :: yellow-eyed penguin
Gelbbleierz {n} [mineral] :: yellow galena
gelbbraun {adj} :: tawny, buff (yellow-brown)
gelbe Karte {f} :: yellow card
gelber {adj} :: comparative of gelb
gelbe Rübe {f} [regional] :: carrot
Gelbes {n} :: yellow (colour)
Gelbe Seiten {fp} :: yellow pages
Gelbes Meer {prop} {n} :: a ocean between China and Korea; Yellow Sea
Gelbfärbung {f} :: yellowing
gelbgrau {adj} :: yellow-grey
gelbgrün {adj} :: yellow-green
Gelbgrün {n} :: yellow-green
gelbgrünlich {adj} :: yellowish-green, greenish-yellow
gelblich {adj} :: yellowish
gelbrot {adj} :: yellow-red
gelb-rote Karte {f} [football] :: second yellow card; indirect red card (card signifying the dismissal of a player who has already been booked and would receive another yellow card)
gelbsten {adj} :: superlative of gelb
Gelbstoff {m} [dated] :: A yellow pigment, especially a xanthophyll
Gelbstoff {m} :: Gelbstoff, the optically measurable component of dissolved organic matter in water, which primarily occurs naturally from tannin released from decaying detritus
Gelbsucht {f} [pathology] :: jaundice, icterus
gelbsüchtig {adj} :: jaundiced
Gelbton {m} :: yellow shade / tone
gelb vor Neid {adj} [idiom] :: green with envy
Geld {n} :: money
Geldanlage {f} :: investment
Geldautomat {m} [chiefly Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg] :: ATM, automated teller machine
Geldbetrag {m} :: amount (of money)
Geldbeutel {m} [dated in many regions] :: wallet, purse
Geldbörse {f} :: wallet, purse
Geldbuße {f} [legal] :: fine
Geldgeber {m} :: financial backer, sponsor, funder
Geldgeber {m} :: (financial) donor (male or of unspecified sex)
geldgeil {adj} :: avaricious
Geldgier {f} :: greed for money
geldgierig {adj} :: greedy for money
Geldhochzeit {f} :: a wedding where one partner marries the other for money
Geldhochzeit {f} :: a wedding where the couple ask their guests to give them money instead of presents
geldhungrig {adj} :: avaricious
Geldkatze {f} :: money belt
Geldmittel {n} :: financial means
Geldpolitik {f} :: monetary policy
geldpolitisch {adj} :: monetary policy (attributive)
Geldsack {m} :: moneybag, notably rich person; especially a spoiled or arrogant one
Geldschein {m} :: banknote, bill
Geldscheinbündel {n} :: bankroll (A roll of banknotes)
Geldschrank {m} :: safe (box, usually made of metal, in which valuables can be locked for safekeeping)
Geld stinkt nicht {proverb} :: The value of money is not affected by the business it comes from, even from the most unpleasant one
Geldstrafe {f} [legal] :: fine (payment for breaking the law)
Geldstück {n} [money] :: coin (piece of currency)
Geldsumme {f} :: sum of money
Geldumlauf {m} :: money supply
Geldumlauf {m} :: currency, cash cycle, cash flow, cycle of money, circulation of money, monetary circulation
Geldwäsche {f} :: money laundering
Geldwäscher {m} :: money launderer
Geldwäscherei {f} :: money laundering
Geldwechsler {m} :: money changer (male or of unspecified sex)
Geldwechsler {m} :: change machine that changes (or exchanges) money
geldwert {adj} :: pecuniary, financial, monetary
Geld wie Heu haben {v} [idiom] :: to be rolling in dough
geleckt {adj} :: spruced up
geleckt {adj} :: licked
geleckt {v} :: past participle of lecken
Gelee {n} {m} :: jelly
Gelege {n} :: eggs, clutch of eggs
gelegen {adj} [not comparable] :: situated
gelegen {adj} :: convenient
gelegen {v} :: past participle of liegen
Gelegenheit {f} :: opportunity
Gelegenheit {f} :: facility
Gelegenheitsarbeit {f} :: odd job, casual work
Gelegenheitsarbeiter {m} :: odd job worker, casual worker, odd job man
Gelegenheitsbildung {f} :: nonce word
gelegentlich {adj} :: occasional
gelegentlich {adv} :: occasionally
Gelehrsamkeit {f} :: erudition; learnedness
gelehrt {adj} :: learned, scholarly
Gelehrte {f} :: female scholar, savant, pundit, woman of letters, academic
Gelehrter {m} :: scholar, savant, pundit, man of letters, academic (male or of unspecified sex)
geleimt {v} :: past participle of leimen
Geleise {n} [obsolete, except, Switzerland, Austria] :: alternative form of Gleis
geleistet {v} :: past participle of leisten
Geleit {n} :: escort
geleiten {v} :: to escort; convoy
Geleitschutz {m} [military] :: convoy protection, escort protection
Geleitwort {n} :: introduction, foreword, preamble
Geleitzug {m} [military, nautical] :: convoy
Gelenk {n} :: joint
gelenkig {adj} :: supple, lithe
gelenkig {adj} :: nimble, agile
Gelenkschmerz {m} [pathology] :: anthralgia, joint pain
geler {adj} :: comparative of gel
gelernt {adj} :: skilled, trained
gelernt {adj} :: learnt / learned
Gelichter {n} :: kind, genus
Gelichter {n} :: throng, mob, vulgus, who follows
geliebt {v} :: past participle of lieben
geliebt {adj} :: loved
Geliebte {f} :: female lover; romantic partner; now usually implying an affair, otherwise somewhat poetic
Geliebter {m} :: lover; romantic partner; now usually implying an affair, otherwise somewhat poetic
gelieren {v} :: to gelatinize / gelatinise
gelikt {v} :: past participle of liken
gelind {adj} :: alternative form of gelinde
gelinde {adj} :: mild, soft
gelinde gesagt {interj} [idiom] :: to say the least
Gelindigkeit {f} :: leniency
gelingen {vi} :: to succeed
Gelinger {prop} :: surname
gelinkt {v} :: past participle of linken
gelinst {v} :: past participle of linsen
gelispelt {v} :: past participle of lispeln
gell {adj} [literary] :: shrill
gell {adv} [colloquial, regional, southern Germany, Switzerland, Austria] :: right?; is it?; is it not?
gellen {vi} :: To emit a clear, penetrating sound
gellen {vi} :: To be shaken by a sound; reverberate
geloben {v} [formal] :: to vow (to make a vow)
Gelöbnis {n} :: a ceremony where oaths or vows are taken
Gelöbnis {n} [Germany, military] :: a ceremony where conscripted recruits are sworn in, distinct from the swearing-in of regular soldiers, which is called Vereidigung (since 2011, conscript service is voluntary, but it is still distinguished from regular voluntary service)
Gelöbnis {n} [dated] :: oath; vow
gelockt {v} :: past participle of locken
gelogen {v} :: past participle of lügen
gelogen {adj} :: untrue; having been lied about
gelöscht {adj} :: deleted, erased, blanked
gelöscht {adj} :: extinguished, quenched
gelöst {adj} :: solved, resolved
gelöst {adj} :: relaxed
gelöst {adj} :: detached, disengaged
gelöst {adj} :: undone (knot)
Gelse {f} [Austria] :: mosquito
Gelsenkirchen {prop} {n} :: Gelsenkirchen (city)
Gelsenkirchener {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Gelsenkirchen
Gelsenkirchener {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Gelsenkirchen
gelten {vi} :: to be valid; to count; to hold true
gelten {vi} :: to be effective; to be in force
gelten {vt} :: to be worth
gelten {vi} [formal] :: to be for/of (+ dative)
gelten {vi} [with “als” or “für”] :: to be regarded (as something); to pass (for something)
gelten {v} [impersonal] :: to be necessary
gelten {vi} [with “lassen”] :: to pass; to go; (Often translated with lassen as a unit into allow, endure, permit, accept, etc.)
geltend {adj} :: applicable
geltend {adj} :: valid
geltend {adj} :: current
geltend {adj} :: effective
geltend machen {vt} :: to assert, to enforce, to put forward
geltend machen {vr} :: to show, to make itself felt
Geltung {f} :: importance
Geltung {f} :: prestige
geltungssüchtig {adj} :: craving recognition or admiration
Gelübde {n} [especially, religion] :: oath; vow (solemn promise to act in a specified manner)
gelungen {adj} :: successful, well done
gelungen {adj} [colloquial, perhaps regional] :: odd, strange in a funny way
gelyncht {v} :: past participle of lynchen
gemach {interj} [dated] :: slowly!, easy!
Gemach {n} [dated] :: chamber (especially of a palace)
gemächlich {adj} :: leisurely/taking one's time, gentle, steady
Gemächlichkeit {f} :: leisureliness
gemacht {v} :: past participle of machen
Gemächt {n} [archaic] :: genitalia
Gemächt {n} [archaic] :: husband
Gemächt {n} [archaic] :: agreement
Gemächt {n} [archaic] :: testament
Gemächt {n} [archaic] :: morning gift
Gemächt {n} [archaic] :: riot
Gemächt {n} [archaic] :: ornament
Gemächt {n} [archaic] :: magic
Gemächt {n} [archaic] :: work
Gemahl {m} [formal, dated] :: spouse; husband
Gemahlin {f} :: feminine noun of Gemahl; married woman, wife, spouse - only used for others' wives in formal settings
Gemahlin {f} :: Queen, consort, wife of a monarch
gemahnt {v} :: past participle of mahnen
gemäht {adj} :: mown
gemailt {v} :: past participle of mailen
Gemälde {n} :: painting
gemalmt {v} :: past participle of malmen
gemalt {v} :: past participle of malen
gemampft {v} :: past participle of mampfen
Gemar {prop} {n} :: Guémar (a commune in the Haut-Rhin department of Alsace)
gemartert {v} :: past participle of martern
gemäss {adj} :: alternative spelling of gemäß
gemäss {prep} :: alternative spelling of gemäß
gemäß {adj} :: corresponding to; matching to
gemäß {prep} :: according to, in accordance with
gemäßigt {adj} :: moderate
gemäßigte Zone {f} :: temperate zone
gemästet {v} :: past participle of mästen
gemauert {v} :: past participle of mauern
gemehrt {v} :: past participle of mehren
gemein {adj} :: mean
gemein {adj} :: common
Gemeinde {f} :: municipality
Gemeinde {f} :: parish
Gemeinde {f} :: church, congregation, assembly
Gemeinde {f} :: community
Gemeindebackhaus {n} :: communal oven
Gemeindehaus {n} :: church hall, parish hall
Gemeindehaus {n} :: community center, community hall
Gemeindehaus {n} :: town hall
Gemeinderat {m} :: A local authority in Germany, Austria or Switzerland
Gemeindeverwaltung {f} :: municipal administration
Gemeindezentrum {n} [religion] :: parish centre (building owned by a parish or religious community providing space for communal activities, adminstration, etc.)
Gemeindezentrum {n} :: community centre (similar building owned by a town or city)
Gemeine Fichte {f} :: Norway spruce (any tree of the species Picea abies)
gemeiner {adj} :: comparative of gemein
gemeinfasslich {adj} :: universally comprehensible; exoteric
gemeinfrei {adj} :: public domain, uncopyrighted
Gemeinfreiheit {f} :: public domain
gemeingefährlich {adj} :: dangerous to everyone
gemeingermanisch {adj} :: Common Germanic
Gemeingut {n} [economics] :: common good
Gemeinheit {f} :: meanness, nastiness, baseness
Gemeinheit {f} :: dirty trick, raw deal
gemeinhin {adv} :: commonly
gemeinnützig {adj} :: charitable
gemeinnützig {adj} :: not-for-profit
Gemeinplatz {m} :: commonplace, truism
gemeinsam {adj} :: common, mutual, shared
gemeinsam {adv} :: together, jointly
gemeinsame Sache machen {v} [idiom] :: to make common cause [+ mit (object) = with]
Gemeinschaft {f} :: community, collective
gemeinschaftlich {adj} :: common, shared, mutual
gemeinschaftsbildend {adj} :: building community
Gemeinschaftsgefühl {n} :: gemeinschaftsgefuhl
Gemeinschaftsraum {m} :: common room
Gemeinschaftswanne {f} :: synonym of Whirlpool
gemeinslawisch {adj} :: Common Slavic
gemeint {adj} :: intended
Gemeinwesen {n} :: community; polity
Gemeinwohl {n} :: common good
gemeistert {v} :: past participle of meistern
gemeldet {adj} :: registered
gemelkt {v} :: past participle of melken
Gemenge {n} :: mixture
Gemengsel {n} :: mixture
gemessen {adj} :: measured
Gemetzel {n} :: butchery; slaughter (of people)
gemimt {v} :: past participle of mimen
Gemination {f} :: gemination
gemindert {v} :: past participle of mindern
Gemisch {n} :: mixture
Gemisch {n} :: composite
Gemisch {n} :: miscellany
gemischt {adj} :: mixed, blended
gemischt {adj} :: hybrid
gemischt {adj} :: assorted
gemischt {adj} :: composite
gemischte Deklination {f} :: mixed declension
gemischte Deklination {f} [German grammar] :: A type of declension that adjectives use after ein, kein, and possessive determiners
gemischte Deklination {f} [German grammar] :: A type of noun declension with -en in the plural, but -s, -es, -ens in the genitive singular
gemischte Deklination {f} [Latin grammar] :: A subclass of the third declension of nouns and adjectives
gemixt {v} :: past participle of mixen
gemobbt {v} :: past participle of mobben
gemolken {v} :: past participle of melken
gemöppert {v} :: past participle of möppern
Gemse {f} :: alternative spelling of Gämse
gemufft {v} :: past participle of muffen
gemuht {v} :: past participle of muhen
gemunkelt {v} :: past participle of munkeln
Gemurmel {n} :: murmur
Gemurmel {n} :: mutter
Gemüse {n} [uncountable, countable] :: vegetable; vegetables (kinds of plants)
Gemüse {n} [uncountable, countable] :: a seasoned vegetable-based side dish, such as a relish (not necessarily pickled and not usually in the form of a paste)
Gemüsebrühe {f} :: vegetable broth/stock
Gemüsegabel {f} :: vegetable fork
Gemüsegarten {m} :: vegetable garden
Gemüsegeschäft {n} :: greengrocery, a greengrocer's shop
Gemüsehändler {m} :: greengrocer
Gemüsehandlung {f} :: greengrocery, a greengrocer's store
Gemüsekonserven {noun} :: tinned / canned vegetables
Gemüseladen {m} :: greengrocery, a greengrocer's shop
Gemüselöffel {m} :: vegetable spoon
Gemüsemesser {n} :: vegetable knife
Gemüseplatte {f} :: vegetable platter
Gemüsesuppe {f} :: vegetable soup
gemusst {v} :: past participle of müssen
Gemüt {n} [chiefly literary] :: feeling; heart; soul; mind
gemütlich {adj} :: cosy, gemütlich
gemütlicher {adj} :: comparative of gemütlich
Gemütlichkeit {f} :: cosiness
gemütlichsten {adj} :: superlative of gemütlich
gemutmaßt {v} :: past participle of mutmaßen
Gemütslage {f} :: mood, emotional situation
Gemütszustand {m} :: state of mind, emotional state
-gen {suffix} :: used to make diminutives [especially in the 18th century]
-gen {suffix} :: A producer of something
-gen {suffix} :: producing something
gen {prep} [literary, somewhat, dated] :: in the direction; to; towards (a place or time)
Gen {n} :: gene
genaht {v} :: past participle of nahen
genannt {adj} :: called, mentioned, named
genant {adj} :: embarrassing
genau {adj} :: exact
genau {adv} :: just, exactly
genau dann, wenn {conj} :: if and only if
genau genommen {adv} :: strictly speaking
Genauigkeit {f} :: accuracy
genauso {adv} :: just as, just the same
genauso gut {adv} :: as well
genausogut {adv} :: obsolete spelling of genauso gut
Gendarm {m} :: gendarme
Gendarmerie {f} :: gendarmerie
Gender {n} [sociology] :: gender, especially as a social category
Genderismus {m} [pejorative] :: "gender mainstreaming"; views and actions that recognize and attempt to redress sexism
Genderismus {m} [countable] :: a genderism, a gendered or gender-stereotyped behavior, activity or statement
gendern {v} :: to use gender-inclusive or gender-neutral language (in or upon a text, a language, etc)
genderqueer {adj} :: genderqueer
Genealoge {m} :: genealogist
Genealogie {f} :: genealogy
Genealogin {f} :: feminine noun of Genealoge, a female genealogist
genealogisch {adj} :: genealogical
genehm {adj} :: convenient
genehmigen {v} :: to permit, to sanction, to approve
Genehmigung {f} [administration] :: permit
genehmigungsfähig {adj} :: authorized
genehmigungsfrei {adj} :: Not subject to authorization or approval
genehmigungspflichtig {adj} :: requiring authorization
geneigt {adj} :: inclined
geneigt {v} :: past participle of neigen
general- {prefix} :: general (Including or involving every part or member of a given or implied entity, whole etc.)
General {m} [military] :: general (officer in any general rank)
General {m} [military] :: general (officer in a specific general rank, usually the highest)
General {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: general (head of an order)
Generaladmiral {m} [historical] :: general admiral (a rank between admiral and grand admiral in the Nazi German navy)
Generalbass {m} :: basso continuo, continuo
Generalbaß {m} :: alternative spelling of Generalbass
Generalbundesanwalt {m} :: Public Prosecutor General
Generalgouverneur {m} :: governor-general
generalisieren {v} :: to generalize
Generalisierung {f} :: generalization
Generalissimus {m} :: generalissimo
Generalität {f} :: generality
Generalität {f} [military] :: generals [as a whole]
Generalleutnant {m} :: lieutenant general
Generalmobilmachung {f} :: full mobilization
Generalprobe {f} [theater or figuratively] :: dress rehearsal
Generalprobe {f} [art] :: final rehearsal
Generalschlüssel {m} :: master key (a key that opens a set of several locks)
Generalsekretär {m} :: general secretary, secretary general, first secretary
Generalstab {m} [military] :: general staff
Generalstreik {m} :: general strike
Generation {f} :: generation
Generationenkonflikt {m} :: generational conflict
generativ {adj} :: generative
Generator {m} :: generator (electrical machine)
generell {adj} :: general
generell {adv} :: generally
generieren {v} :: to generate
generiert {adj} :: generated
Generierung {f} :: generation, creation
generisch {adj} :: generic (all senses)
generös {adj} :: generous
Generosität {f} :: generosity (the trait of being willing to give your money and/or time)
genesen {vi} :: to recover; to recuperate
Genesis {f} :: genesis
Genesis {prop} {f} [religion] :: Genesis, the first book of the Bible
Genesung {f} [health] :: recovery
Genetik {noun} :: genetics (branch of biology)
Genetiker {m} :: geneticist
Genetikerin {f} :: female geneticist
genetisch {adj} :: genetic
Genf {prop} {n} :: Genf (major city)
Genf {prop} {n} :: Genf (canton)
Genfer {m} :: Genevan
Genfer Konvention {prop} {f} :: Geneva Convention (international treaty)
Genfersee {prop} {m} :: Lake Geneva
genial {adj} :: genius, ingenious, genial (in the sense of genius)
Genick {n} :: back of the neck, nape
Genickschuss {m} :: shot in the nape, an execution-style shot in the neck at the base of the skull
Genie {n} :: genius
Genie {n} [military] :: military engineers (unit)
genieren {vr} :: to be ashamed
genieren {vr} :: to be embarrassed
genieren {vt} :: to embarrass
genießbar {adj} :: palatable
geniessen {v} :: alternative spelling of genießen
genießen {vt} :: to enjoy (an experience); to relish; to savor
genießen {vt} [formal] :: to have (food or beverage), to eat, to drink
genießen {v} [figuratively] :: to receive; to have
Genießer {m} :: agent noun of genießen
Genießer {m} :: savourer
Genießer {m} :: epicure, gourmet
Geniestreich {m} :: stroke of genius
Genist {n} [obsolete] :: nest
genistet {v} :: past participle of nisten
genital {adj} :: genital
Genitiv {m} [grammar] :: the genitive case
genitivisch {adj} [grammar] :: genitive (of or pertaining to the genitive)
Genitivus {m} [grammar] :: genitive, genitive case
Genius {m} :: genius (extraordinary mental capacity)
Genius {m} :: a genius (a person with genius)
Genius {m} [mythology] :: guardian spirit, genius
Genkinit {m} [mineral] :: genkinite
Genmais {m} :: genetically manipulated maize/corn plants
genmanipuliert {adj} :: genetically manipulated, genetically modified
geno- {prefix} :: geno-
Genom {n} [genetics] :: genome (complete genetic information of an organism)
genommen {v} :: past participle of nehmen
genormt {v} :: past participle of normen
genormt {adj} :: standardized
Genosse {m} [mostly in compounds] :: partner in something, mate
Genosse {m} [communism, socialism] :: comrade, fellow socialist or communist
Genosse {m} [politics, outside of communistic/socialist contexts] :: a member of the SPD, the German social democratic party
Genossenschaft {f} [business] :: cooperative
genossenschaftlich {adj} [legal status of a company] :: cooperative
Genotyp {m} [genetics] :: genotype
genotypisch {adj} :: genotypic, genotypical
Genoveva {prop} :: given name. Made popular by a 17th century romance of Genoveva of Brabant, but rare today
Genozid {m} {n} :: genocide
Genre {n} :: genre
Genschere {f} [biochemistry] :: gene scissors, gene shears
Gent {prop} {n} :: Gent (city)
Gentechnik {f} :: genetic engineering
gentechnikfrei {adj} :: GM-free
gentechnisch {adj} :: genetic engineering (attributive)
gentil {adj} :: nice, amiable
Gentleman {m} :: gentleman (well-mannered, charming man)
Gentrifikation {f} :: gentrification
Gentrifizierung {f} :: gentrification
Genua {prop} :: Genua (capital city)
Genua {prop} :: Genua (metropolitan city)
genueser {adj} :: Genoese; alternative form of Genueser
genuesisch {adj} :: Genoese
genug {determiner} [invariable] :: enough, sufficient, an adequate number or amount of
genug {pron} [invariable] :: enough, an adequate number or amount
genug {adv} :: enough, sufficiently, in an adequate way
genug {interj} :: enough!
Genüge {f} {n} [formal] :: sufficiency; a sufficient amount
genügen {vit} [with dative] :: to suffice, to do enough, to be enough
genügend {adj} :: sufficient, ample
genügend {adj} :: satisfactory
genügend {adj} [education, chiefly Austria] :: D (grade)
genügsam {adj} :: frugal, austere
genügsam {adj} :: modest [in one’s demands], contented [with what one has]
Genügsamkeit {f} :: frugality, austerity
Genügsamkeit {f} :: modesty [in one’s demands], contentment [with what one has]
genügt {v} :: past participle of genügen
genugtun {v} [dated] :: to satisfy
Genugtuung {f} :: satisfaction
Genugtuung {f} [law] :: compensation
Genugtuung {f} [law, Switzerland] :: pain and suffering money
genuin {adj} [medicine] :: native
genuin {adj} :: genuine
genuin {adv} :: genuinely
genung {determiner} :: alternative form of genug
genung {pron} :: alternative form of genug
genung {adv} :: alternative form of genug
Genus {n} [grammar] :: gender (of substantives, pronouns etc.)
Genus {n} [grammar] :: voice, gender (of verbs)
genuschelt {v} :: past participle of nuscheln
Genuss {m} :: enjoyment, pleasure
Genuss {m} :: consumption (of food, drink)
Genuß {m} :: alternative spelling of Genuss
genüsslich {adj} :: pleasurable
Genussmittel {n} :: a foodstuff or beverage consumed mainly for enjoyment, such as alcohol, coffee, chocolade, spices, usually also including tobacco and comparable non-mind-altering substances for smoking, chewing, etc
genusssüchtig {adj} :: hedonistic
genutzt {adj} :: occupied
genutzt {adj} :: used, utilized
genützt {v} :: past participle of nützen
geo- {prefix} :: geo- (global, pertaining to the Earth, pertaining to geography)
Geochemie {f} :: geochemistry
geochemisch {adj} :: geochemical
Geodäsie {f} :: geodesy
Geodäte {f} :: geodesic
geodätisch {adj} :: geodesic, geodetic, geodetical
Geodreieck {n} :: set square (90-45-45 triangle with an integrated protractor made of clear plastic)
geodynamisch {adj} :: geodynamic
Geografie {f} :: geography
geografisch {adj} :: geographical
geografisch {adv} :: geographically
Geographie {f} :: alternative spelling of Geografie
geographisch {adj} :: alternative spelling of geografisch
Geologe {m} :: geologist (person skilled at geology)
Geologie {f} :: geology
Geologin {f} :: (female) geologist
geologisch {adj} :: geologic, geological
Geometrie {f} [mathematics] :: geometry
geometrisch {adj} :: geometric
geomorphologisch {adj} :: geomorphologic
Geophysik {f} :: geophysics (branch of earth science)
Geopolitik {f} :: geopolitics
geopolitisch {adj} :: geopolitical
geordnet {adj} :: orderly
geordnet {adj} :: well-ordered
Georg {prop} :: given name
Georgia {prop} {n} :: Georgia (state)
Georgien {prop} {n} :: Georgia (country in Eurasia)
Georgier {m} :: Georgian (man from the country of Georgia)
Georgierin {f} :: Georgian (woman from the country of Georgia)
georgisch {adj} :: Georgian (relating to the country Georgia, to its people or to its language)
Georgisch {n} :: Georgian (the language of the country of Georgia)
Georgisch {n} :: Georgian (the alphabet of this language)
geortet {v} :: past participle of orten
geortet {adj} :: located
Geosphäre {f} :: geosphere
geostationär {adj} :: geostationary
geostrategisch {adj} :: geostrategic
geoutet {v} :: past participle of outen
Geowissenschaften {p} :: geoscience, earth science
geowissenschaftlich {adj} :: geoscientific
geozentrisch {adj} :: geocentric
Gepäck {n} :: luggage, baggage
Gepäckträger {m} :: luggage carrier, rack
gepanzert {adj} :: armored
Gepard {m} :: cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus)
geparkt {v} :: past participle of parken
gepeinigt {v} :: past participle of peinigen
gepennt {v} :: past participle of pennen
geperlt {adj} :: beaded, pearled
gepfeffert {adj} :: peppery, spicy
gepfeffert {adj} :: exorbitant, expensive
gepflegt {adj} :: neat, trim
gepflegt {v} :: past participle of pflegen
gepickt {v} :: past participle of picken
Geplänkel {n} :: a minor or harmless fight
Geplänkel {n} [dated, by force] :: skirmish; brouhaha
Geplänkel {n} [in words] :: banter; repartee; jocundity
geplant {adj} :: proposed, scheduled, planned
Geplapper {n} :: babbler; blabbermouth
Geplärre {n} :: blaring
Geplärre {n} :: wailing
Geplauder {n} :: small talk, chatter
gepoppt {v} :: past participle of poppen
geprägt {adj} :: coined, embossed
geprägt {adj} :: shaped, formed, molded, characterized
gepresst {v} :: past participle of pressen
gepresst {adj} :: pressed, constrained
gepresst {adj} :: huddled
gepriesen {v} :: past participle of preisen
geprostet {v} :: past participle of prosten
geprustet {v} :: past participle of prusten
gepuddelt {v} :: past participle of puddeln
gepuffert {v} :: past participle of puffern
gepuffert {adj} [chemistry] :: buffered
gepunktet {adj} :: dotted
gepunktete Linie {f} :: dotted line
Ger {m} :: spear
Gera {prop} :: Gera (independent city)
gerade {adj} [of a number] :: even
gerade {adv} :: now, at the moment
gerade {adv} :: just, a short while ago
gerade {adv} :: just, only, not more than
gerade {adv} :: exactly
gerade {adv} [Germany except Ruhr, Rheinland and Westphalia] :: expresses the continuous aspect
gerade {adj} :: straight
Gerade {f} [geometry] :: line (infinite one-dimensional figure)
geradeaus {adv} :: straight (in a forward direction)
geradebiegen {vt} :: to straighten
geradebiegen {vt} [colloquial] :: to fix, make right
gerädert {adj} :: knackered, whacked (very tired)
gerades r {n} :: straight or regular r (as contrasted with rundes r (r rotunda))
geradestehen {v} :: to take responsibility [+ für (object) = for]
gerade Zahl {f} [mathematics] :: even number
geradezu {adv} :: downright
geradezu {adv} :: almost
geradkettig {adj} [chemistry] :: straight-chain
geradlinig {adj} :: rectilinear, straight, direct
Geraffel {n} [colloquial, Southern Germany, Austria] :: stuff, junk, scrap
geragt {v} :: past participle of ragen
Gerald {prop} {m} :: given name
Gerangel {n} :: tussle, skirmish
Gerangel {n} :: wrangling, jockeying
Geranie {f} :: geranium, Pelargonium
gerannt {v} :: past participle of rennen
Geras {prop} {n} :: Geras (municipality)
Gerät {n} [countable] :: device, tool, appliance, machine
Gerät {n} [uncountable] :: equipment, tools
Gerät {n} [dated, uncountable] :: contents, furniture
geraten {vi} :: to turn out, succeed
geraten {vi} :: to thrive
geraten {vi} [with “an ...” or “auf ...” and an accusative noun] :: to come (across, by); to fall (upon)
geraten {vi} [with “in ...” or “unter ...” and a state or condition in the accusative] :: to get (into); to fall (into); to come (to); to fly (into)
geraten {adj} :: advisable
geraten {adj} :: guessed; solved
geräteübergreifend {adj} :: cross-device (working across multiple devices)
gerathen {v} :: obsolete spelling of geraten
Gerätschaft {f} :: tool, appliance
Gerätschaft {f} :: equipment
gerätselt {v} :: past participle of rätseln
geraubt {v} :: past participle of rauben
geräuchert {adj} :: smoked
geraucht {v} :: past participle of rauchen
geraum {adj} :: containing much space, considerable (large in amount)
geraum {adj} :: lasting some time
geräumig {adj} :: spacious, roomy
geräumt {adj} :: vacated, cleared, evacuated, depleted
geräumt {adj} :: [snow] ploughed
Geräusch {n} :: noise, sound
geräuscharm {adj} :: quiet, low-noise
Geräuschemacher {m} [film] :: foley artist, sound effects technician (male or of unspecified sex)
geräuschlos {adj} :: silent
geräuschlos {adv} :: silently, without a sound
geräuschvoll {adj} :: noisy
geräuschvoll {adv} :: noisily
gerben {v} :: to tan (prepare hide)
gerben {v} [dated] :: to beat, spank, tan
gerben {v} [obsolete, vulgar] :: to fuck (have sexual intercourse with)
gerben {v} [obsolete] :: to crush and decorticate grains
Gerber {m} :: tanner
Gerberei {f} :: tannery
Gerd {prop} :: given name, a contraction of Gerhard
Gerda {prop} :: given name
Gerdes {prop} :: surname
gerecht {adj} :: just, fair
gerecht {v} :: past participle of rechen
gerechterweise {adv} :: justly, rightfully
gerechtfertigt {adj} :: justified
Gerechtigkeit {f} :: justice
Gerede {n} :: gossip, gossiping
Gerede {n} [colloquial] :: chatter, babble
geregelt {adj} :: regulated
geregelt {v} :: past participle of regeln
gereimt {v} :: past participle of reimen
gereinigt {adj} :: purified, refined
Gereiztheit {f} :: irritation (medical)
Gerersdorf {prop} {n} :: Gerersdorf (municipality)
Geretsberg {prop} {n} :: Geretsberg (municipality)
gerettet {v} :: past participle of retten
gereuen {v} [impersonal] :: to repent, regret
Gerhard {prop} :: given name
Gerhardt {prop} {m} :: given name
Gerhardt {prop} {mf} :: surname derived from the given name Gerhard
Gericht {n} :: court (of justice)
Gericht {n} :: judgement
Gericht {n} :: dish
gerichtlich {adj} :: judicial
Gerichtsbarkeit {f} :: jurisdiction
Gerichtsbarkeit {f} :: judicial role
Gerichtsdokument {n} :: court document
Gerichtshof {m} [legal] :: law court; court of justice
Gerichtsmedizin {f} [legal, medicine] :: medical jurisprudence
gerichtsmedizinisch {adj} :: coroner (attributive)
Gerichtssaal {m} :: courtroom
Gerichtsschöffe {m} [in Germany and Austria] :: a lay judge [see Wikipedia]
Gerichtsurkunde {f} :: writ
Gerichtsurteil {n} [law] :: judgment, court decision, court ruling
Gerichtsverfahren {n} :: legal process, legal proceedings, trial, lawsuit
Gerichtsverhandlung {f} [legal] :: trial
Gerichtsvollzieher {m} :: bailiff, huissier de justice
Gerichtswesen {n} [law] :: judiciary
Gericke {prop} :: surname
geriehen {v} :: past participle of reihen
gerieren {vr} :: to behave in a certain way
geriffelt {v} :: past participle of riffeln
gering {adj} :: little, low
Gering {prop} {n} :: Gering (municipality)
geringer {adj} :: comparative of gering
geringfügig {adj} :: minor, slight, marginal, negligible, insignificant
geringfügig {adv} :: marginally, slightly
gering schätzen {v} :: alternative spelling of geringschätzen [permitted since 1996; preferred by Duden]
geringschätzen {vt} :: to despise, disdain, hold in contempt, attach little value to
Geringschätzung {f} :: contemptuousness
Geringverdiener {m} :: low-income person
gerinnen {v} :: to coagulate (become congealed)
Gerinnsel {n} [hematology, pathology] :: blood clot
Gerinnung {f} :: clotting, coagulation
Gerinnung {f} :: curdling (of milk)
Gerippe {n} :: skeleton (system of bones)
Gerippe {n} :: framework
Gerippe {n} :: airframe
gerissen {adj} :: cunning
gerissen {v} :: past participle of reißen
Gerissenheit {f} :: cunning
Gerlind {prop} :: given name
Gerlinde {prop} :: given name, notably of the mother of Hartmut in German mythology
Gerlos {prop} {n} :: Gerlos (municipality)
Gerlosberg {prop} {n} :: Gerlosberg (municipality)
germ. {adj} :: abbreviation of germanisch
German {n} [organic chemistry] :: germane
Germanat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: germanate
Germane {m} :: German (male or of unspecified sex) (member of an Germanic tribe)
Germanentum {n} :: the culture, history, religion, and traditions of the Germanic peoples
Germanien {prop} {n} :: Germania
Germanin {f} :: Teuton (female) (member an (ancient) Germanic tribe)
germanisch {adj} :: Germanic
Germanisch {prop} {n} :: Germanic (early language)
germanisieren {v} :: to Germanize
germanisieren {v} [Nazism, uncommon] :: to confiscate Jewish property and make it the property of a German
Germanismus {m} :: Germanism
Germanist {m} :: An expert in German studies. (male or of unspecified sex)
Germanist {m} :: A student of German studies. (male or of unspecified sex)
Germanistik {f} :: [narrower sense] German studies (German language, literature, and culture)
Germanistik {f} :: [wider sense] Germanic studies (Germanic languages, literatures, and cultures)
germanistisch {adj} :: Germanist (attributive)
Germanit {n} [mineral] :: germanite
Germanium {n} :: germanium
Germaniumdioxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: germanium dioxide
Germaniumerz {n} :: germanium ore
germaniumhaltig {adj} :: germaniferous
Germaniumhydrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: germanium hydride, germane
Germaniumoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: germanium oxide
Germaniumsulfid {n} [inorganic compound] :: germanium sulfide
Germaniumtetrachlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: germanium tetrachloride
Germund {prop} :: given name
gern {adv} :: willingly; gladly; with pleasure; usually expressed verbally in English, with like, enjoy, etc
gern {adv} [only with mögen] :: much; a lot
gern {adv} [chiefly colloquial] :: easily; often
gerne {adv} :: alternative form of gern. [Both are roughly equally frequent.]
Gernegroß {m} :: a wannabe
gern geschehen {phrase} :: You're welcome: a response to an expression of thanks
gern geschehen {phrase} :: It's a pleasure
gernhaben {v} :: to be fond of, to like
Gerold {prop} :: given name
Geröll {m} :: boulder
gerollt {v} :: past participle of rollen
geronnen {v} :: past participle of rinnen
Gerontokratie {f} :: gerontocracy (government by elders)
Gerontologie {f} :: gerontology
geröstet {v} :: past participle of rösten - roasted, parched, toasted, burnt
gerötet {v} :: past participle of röten
gerötet {adj} :: flushed, reddened
Gersdorffit {m} [mineral] :: gersdorffite
Gerste {f} :: barley
Gerstenkorn {n} :: barleycorn
Gerstenkorn {n} :: stye (bacterial infection of the eyelash or eyelid)
Gert {prop} :: given name derived from Gerhard
Gerte {f} :: crop (implement)
gertenschlank {adj} :: willowy, slender, svelte
Gertraud {prop} :: given name
Gertrud {prop} :: given name
Geruch {m} :: smell, odour
geruchfrei {adj} :: odorless
geruchlich {adj} :: olfactory
geruchlos {adj} :: odourless / odorless
geruchlos {adj} :: unscented
geruchsempfindlich {adj} :: sensitive to smell
geruchsfrei {adj} :: odourless
geruchslos {adj} :: odourless
geruchsneutral {adj} :: unscented
Geruchsschwellenwert {m} :: odour detection threshold
Geruchssinn {m} :: smell (sense of)
Geruchssinn {m} :: olfaction
geruchsspezifisch {adj} :: odour-specific
Geruchsstoff {m} :: odorant (fragrant substance)
geruchsunempfindlich {adj} :: insensitive to smell
Geruchsunempfindlichkeit {f} :: insensitivity to smell
Gerücht {n} :: rumour, rumor
Gerüchteküche {f} [colloquial, slightly derogatory] :: rumor mill, rumour mill
geruchtilgend {adj} :: deodorant
gerückt {v} :: past participle of rücken
geruhen {v} :: to deign, condescend
geruhsam {adj} :: sedate, leisurely
geruhsam {adj} :: peaceful, quiet
Gerümpel {n} :: junk, litter, trash, rubbish
gerundet {v} :: past participle of runden
Gerundium {n} :: gerund
Gerundivum {n} :: gerundive
gerußt {v} :: past participle of rußen
Gerüst {n} :: scaffold, scaffolding
Gerwald {prop} :: given name
Ges {noun} [music] :: G-flat
gesagt {v} :: past participle of sagen
gesagt, getan {phrase} [idiom] :: no sooner said than done
Gesalbte {m} :: anointed
gesalzen {adj} :: salted
gesammt {adj} :: obsolete spelling of gesamt
Gesammtgebiet {n} :: obsolete spelling of Gesamtgebiet
gesamt {adj} :: total, whole, entire, overall, big
Gesamtbild {n} :: big picture
Gesamtbild {n} :: general impression
gesamtdeutsch {adj} :: relating to Germany as a whole, including all territories that are viewed as forming part of it
gesamtdeutsch {adj} :: including the contemporary territories of the Federal Republic of Germany (that is both the former West Germany and East Germany)
gesamtdeutsch {adj} [historic, archaic since circa 1975] :: including the territories of the German Reich as of 1937
gesamtdeutsch {adj} [historic, archaic since circa 1950] :: including all continuous areas of German-speaking majority in Europe (though often without Switzerland)
Gesamtdeutschland {prop} {n} :: Germany as a whole
Gesamtdrehimpuls {m} [physics] :: total angular momentum
Gesamtgebiet {n} :: entire area
Gesamtgehalt {n} :: total content
Gesamtgröße {f} :: total size
Gesamtheit {f} :: totality, entirety
Gesamtherstellung {f} :: total production
Gesamtjahr {n} :: full year
Gesamtkunstwerk {n} :: Gesamtkunstwerk (artistic creation that encompasses music, theatre and the visual arts)
Gesamtkunstwerk {n} [chiefly jocular] :: a dazzling or flashy personality, particularly one who wears extraordinary clothes, piercings, tattoos, etc
Gesamtkunstwerk {n} [chiefly jocular] :: a place, scene, or idea, often seemingly chaotic, which is implied to have an underlying beauty
Gesamtlage {f} :: overall situation
Gesamtmasse {f} :: total / overall mass
Gesamtmenge {f} :: total (amount, quantity)
Gesamtmenge {f} :: aggregate
Gesamtproduktion {f} :: total production
Gesamtproduktion {f} :: overall productivity
Gesamtschule {f} :: comprehensive school
Gesamtstickstoffgehalt {m} :: total nitrogen content (as a measure of protein content)
Gesamtsystem {n} :: total or overall system
Gesamtverband {m} :: association (organization)
Gesamtzahl {f} :: total number
Gesamtzusammenhang {m} :: overall context
gesandt {v} :: past participle of senden
Gesandte {f} :: female envoy
Gesandter {m} :: envoy
Gesandtschaft {f} [dated] :: embassy
Gesang {m} :: (the result of) singing, vocals
Gesang {m} :: section of an epic poem; canto
Gesangbuch {n} :: songbook
Gesangbuch {n} :: hymnbook; hymnal
Gesangslehrer {m} :: singing teacher, voice teacher (not a singing coach or vocal coach, called Stimmtrainer or Vocal Coach)
Gesangsverein {m} :: choral society
Gesäss {n} :: alternative spelling of Gesäß
Gesäß {n} [formal, anatomy] :: backside, buttocks
Gesäßbacke {f} :: buttcheek
gesättigt {adj} :: saturated
gesättigter {adj} :: comparative of gesättigt
gesättigtsten {adj} :: superlative of gesättigt
Gesatz {n} :: obsolete spelling of Gesetz
gesaugt {v} :: past participle of saugen
gesaugt {adj} :: sucked
gesaugt {adj} :: vacuumed
Gesäusel {n} :: whispering, rustling
gesäuselt {v} :: past participle of säuseln
geschädigt {v} :: past participle of schädigen
geschädigt {adj} :: damaged, impaired, marred
geschafft {v} :: past participle of schaffen
Geschäft {n} :: shop; store
Geschäft {n} :: business
Geschäft {n} :: business activity
Geschäft {n} :: transaction
geschäften {v} [Switzerland] :: to deal; to trade (to do business with)
geschäftig {adj} :: busy, bustling, industrious
Geschäftigkeit {f} :: eager activity, bustle
geschäftlich {adj} :: business
Geschäftsablauf {m} :: business; course of business
Geschäftsbedingung {f} [business] :: conditions of trading
Geschäftsbedingung {f} [business] :: terms of business
Geschäftsbereich {m} :: business area / scope
Geschäftsbereich {m} :: portfolio (political)
Geschäftsfrau {f} :: businesswoman
geschäftsführend {adj} :: acting
geschäftsführend {adj} :: executive, managing
Geschäftsführer {m} :: managing director (male or of unspecified sex)
Geschäftsführung {f} :: management (of a company)
Geschäftsgang {m} :: business; course of business
Geschäftsjahr {n} :: financial year
Geschäftsmann {m} :: businessman
Geschäftsmodell {n} :: business model
Geschäftsreise {f} :: business trip (travel for business purposes)
Geschäftssinn {m} :: business savvy, business sense, business acumen
Geschäftsstrategie {f} :: business strategy
Geschäftstätigkeit {f} :: business activity / operations
Geschäftsträger {m} :: chargé d'affaires
Geschäftsträgerin {f} :: chargée d'affaires
geschäftstüchtig {adj} :: businesslike, enterprising
Geschäftsviertel {n} [of a city] :: business district, commercial district, shopping area
Geschäftsvorfall {m} :: business transaction
geschämt {v} :: past participle of schämen
geschätzt {adj} :: appreciated, treasured, valued
gescheckt {adj} :: spotted
gescheckt {adj} :: checkered
gescheckt {adj} :: patchy
geschehen {vi} :: to occur; to happen
geschehen {v} [with dative or with "mit ...", impersonal] :: to happen (to someone); to serve (someone)
Geschehen {n} :: events, happenings
Geschehen {n} :: that is happening, that was happening
geschehen ist geschehen {phrase} :: no use crying over spilt milk
geschehen ist geschehen {phrase} :: what's done is done
gescheid {adj} :: alternative form of gescheit
gescheit {adj} :: clever, brainy, intelligent
gescheitert {adj} :: failed, aborted, unsuccessful, abortive
Geschenk {n} :: present, gift
Geschenk des Himmels {noun} :: godsend, gift from the gods, gift from the heavens
geschenkt {interj} :: forget it; forget about it; that’s not so problematic; that’s one thing; that’s not the worst part
geschert {v} :: past participle of scheren
Geschichte {f} [uncountable] :: history
Geschichte {f} :: story
Geschichtenbuch {n} :: storybook
Geschichtenerzähler {m} :: storyteller
geschichtet {v} :: past participle of schichten - layered, laminated, stratified
geschichtlich {adj} :: historical
Geschichtsbuch {n} :: history book
Geschichtsfälschung {f} :: falsification of history
geschichtslos {adj} :: unhistorical, ahistorical
Geschichtsquelle {f} :: historical source
Geschichtsschreiber {m} :: historian
geschichtsträchtig {adj} :: historic (having a significant history)
Geschichtswissenschaft {f} :: history (branch of knowledge that studies the past)
Geschick {n} [formal] :: destiny, fate
Geschick {n} :: the political and economic situation or development; living conditions
Geschick {n} :: deftness, skill, ability
Geschick {n} [regional] :: order
Geschicklichkeit {f} :: dexterity (skill in performing tasks, especially with the hands)
geschickt {adj} :: adept, habile, skillful, clever
geschickt {adv} :: adeptly, skillfully
Geschirr {n} :: dishware
Geschirr {n} :: yoke
Geschirrspüler {m} :: dishwasher [machine]
Geschirrspüler {m} :: dishwasher [person]
Geschirrspülmaschine {f} :: dishwasher
Geschirrtuch {n} :: dish towel; tea towel (cloth principally used to dry dishes with, but also sometimes surfaces etc.)
geschlagen {v} :: past participle of schlagen
Geschlecht {n} :: sex; gender
Geschlecht {n} [grammar] :: gender
Geschlecht {n} :: sex organ
Geschlecht {n} :: genus, type, race
Geschlecht {n} :: lineage, generation, family
Geschlecht {n} :: dynasty, house
Geschlechterforschung {f} :: gender studies
geschlechtlich {adj} :: sexual
Geschlechtsdrüse {f} :: gonad (sex gland such as a testicle or ovary)
Geschlechtsidentität {f} :: gender identity
Geschlechtsidentitätsstörung {f} :: gender identity disorder, GID
Geschlechtskrankheit {f} :: sexually transmitted disease
geschlechtslos {adj} :: sexless
geschlechtslos {adj} :: asexual
geschlechtsneutral {adj} :: androgynous
geschlechtsneutral {adj} :: gender-neutral, unisex
Geschlechtsorgan {n} :: sex organ (organ used in sexual reproduction)
geschlechtsreif {adj} :: sexually mature
Geschlechtsumwandlung {f} :: sex change
geschlechtsuntypisch {adj} :: gender-atypical
Geschlechtsverkehr {m} [formal] :: sexual intercourse
Geschlechtswort {n} [grammar] :: article
geschleckt {v} :: past participle of schlecken
geschleimt {v} :: past participle of schleimen
geschlichtet {v} :: past participle of schlichten
geschlossen {adj} :: shut; closed; locked
geschlossen {adj} [of a party, society] :: private, non-public
geschlossen {adj} [of a community, group, team] :: cohesive; solidary
geschlossener Fonds {m} :: closed-end fund
geschlungen {v} :: past participle of schlingen
Geschmack {m} :: taste
Geschmack {m} :: flavour
Geschmack {m} [Swiss] :: smell, odor
Geschmäckle {n} [slang] :: A hint of impropriety; fishiness
geschmäcklerisch {adj} [pejorative] :: pretentiously faddish, arrogantly contemptuous of tastes other than one’s own
geschmacklich {adj} :: tasty, flavoursome
geschmacklos {adj} :: tasteless (all senses)
Geschmacklosigkeit {f} :: tastelessness
geschmacksneutral {adj} :: tasteless (having a neutral taste)
Geschmacksrichtung {f} :: flavour
Geschmacksrichtung {f} :: taste
Geschmackssinn {m} :: gustatory sense, sense of taste
Geschmacksstoff {m} :: flavouring
Geschmacksstörung {f} [pathology] :: dysgeusia
Geschmacksverstärker {m} :: flavour enhancer (a substance added to a food product to enhance its taste)
geschmackvoll {adj} :: tasteful
Geschmeide {n} :: jewelry
geschmeidig {adj} :: smooth
geschmeidig {adj} :: flexible
Geschmeidigkeit {f} :: pliability,suppleness,
Geschmeiß {n} [figurative or literal] :: vermin
geschmolzen {adj} :: molten
geschmolzen {adj} :: melted, liquefied
geschmückt {v} :: past participle of schmücken
geschnaubt {v} :: past participle of schnauben
geschnauft {v} :: past participle of schnaufen
geschneit {v} :: past participle of schneien
geschnoben {v} :: past participle of schnauben
gescholten {v} :: past participle of schelten
Geschöpf {n} :: creature
geschoren {v} :: past participle of scheren
Geschoss {n} :: projectile
Geschoss {n} :: storey, floor (e.g. 2nd floor)
Geschoß {m} [alternative or Austria] :: alternative form of Geschoss
geschreckt {v} :: past participle of schrecken
Geschrei {n} :: yelling, hue, clamor
Geschreie {n} :: yelling, hue, clamor
geschrieben {v} :: past participle of schreiben
geschrieen {v} :: past participle of schreien
geschrien {v} :: past participle of schreien
geschürft {v} :: past participle of schürfen
geschürft {adj} :: dug (up)
geschüttet {v} :: past participle of schütten
Geschütz {n} [military] :: gun, cannon
geschützt {adj} :: protected, sheltered
geschützt {adj} :: immune
geschwächt {v} :: past participle of schwächen
Geschwader {n} :: squadron
Geschwader {n} [dated, WWI aviation] :: air squadron
Geschwader {n} [dated, WWII aviation] :: wing
Geschwader {n} [military aviation] :: group
Geschwafel {n} :: nonsense, gibberish: speech or writing that is meaningless, or pointless and vague
geschwärt {v} :: past participle of schwären
Geschwätz {n} :: twaddle, nonsense
Geschwätz {n} :: gossip
geschwätzig {adj} [pejorative] :: garrulous; gabby
geschweift {adj} :: curved, cambered
geschweifte Klammer {f} :: curly bracket
geschweige {conj} :: let alone; used after a negative or limiting clause to introduce another that applies even less
geschweige {conj} :: (rare) let alone; used after an affirmative clause to introduce another that applies even more
geschweige denn {conj} :: let alone
geschweißt {adj} :: welded
geschwind {adj} [literary] :: quick, swift
Geschwindigkeit {f} :: speed, pace, tempo, velocity, rate
Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung {f} :: speed limit
Geschwindigkeitsgrenze {f} :: speed limit
Geschwindigkeitsmesser {m} :: speedometer, tachometer, velocimeter
geschwirrt {v} :: past participle of schwirren
Geschwister {n} :: sibling
Geschwisterkind {n} :: sibling
Geschwisterkind {n} [dated, regional] :: niece, nephew
Geschwisterkind {n} [dated, regional] :: cousin
geschwollen {v} :: past participle of schwellen
geschwollen {adj} :: swollen, puffy, turgid
geschwollen {adj} :: sententious, orotund, bombastic, pompous
geschworen {v} :: past participle of schwören
Geschworene {f} :: jury
Geschwuchtel {n} [pejorative, colloquial or slang] :: faggotry; gayness; behaviour associated with that of male homosexuals, such as lack of valour
Geschwulst {n} :: tumor
geschwunden {v} :: past participle of schwinden
geschwungen {v} :: past participle of schwingen
Geschwür {n} :: abscess, ulcer
gesehen {v} :: past participle of sehen
Gesell {m} :: alternative form of Geselle
Geselle {m} :: journeyman
Geselle {m} :: associate
Geselle {m} :: fellow (of the guild)
gesellig {adj} :: social, sociable, convivial
Geselligkeit {f} :: conviviality, sociability
Gesellschaft {f} :: society, community
Gesellschaft {f} [business] :: company
Gesellschafter {m} :: business associate, partner
Gesellschafter {m} :: shareholder
gesellschaftlich {adj} :: [of or pertaining to society] social
Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung {f} :: limited liability company
gesellschaftskritisch {adj} [arts, journalism, science] :: sociocritical; critical of society or some aspect thereof; political; advancing for reform
Gesellschaftsspiel {n} :: parlour game
gesendet {v} :: past participle of senden
gesessen {v} :: past participle of sitzen
Gesetz {n} :: law, act, bill, statute
Gesetzbuch {n} :: code
Gesetzentwurf {m} [legal] :: bill (parliamentary)
Gesetzesbrecher {m} :: literally 'law breaker', criminal, felon
Gesetzeshüter {m} :: law enforcement officer
gesetzestreu {adj} :: law-abiding
Gesetzesübertretung {f} :: legal offence, infringement of the law, breach of law
gesetzeswidrig {adj} :: unlawful
Gesetzeswidrigkeit {f} :: unlawfulness
Gesetzgeber {m} :: legislator
Gesetzgebung {f} :: legislation (act of legislating)
gesetzlich {adj} :: lawful, legal, legitimate
gesetzliche Zahlungsmittel {n} :: legal tender
Gesetz von Demeter {prop} {n} [software, object-oriented] :: Law of Demeter
gesetzwidrig {adj} :: unlawful
Gesetzwidrigkeit {f} :: unlawfulness
gesichert {v} :: past participle of sichern
Gesicht {n} [anatomy] :: the face
Gesicht {n} :: a facial expression, a look
Gesicht {n} [figuratively] :: outward appearance, reputation
Gesicht {n} [dated] :: sight, vision; the ability to see
Gesicht {n} :: a vision, sight; something extraordinary or supernatural that is seen
Gesicht {n} [obsolete] :: phenomenon
Gesichtchen {n} :: diminutive of Gesicht
Gesichtlein {n} :: diminutive of Gesicht
Gesichtsausdruck {m} :: facial expression
Gesichtserker {m} [jocular] :: nose
Gesichtsfarbe {f} :: complexion
Gesichtskreis {m} :: field of vision, visual field
Gesichtskreis {m} [dated] :: horizon
Gesichtskreis {m} [figuratively] :: knowledge, horizon
Gesichtspunkt {m} :: standpoint, aspect, view
Gesichtspunkt {m} :: point of view
Gesichtsschleier {m} [Islam] :: niqab
Gesichtsschleier {m} [ornithology] :: facial disc
Gesichtsverletzung {f} :: facial injury, facial trauma
Gesichtszug {m} :: facial feature
gesiezt {v} :: past participle of siezen
Gesims {n} :: cornice
Gesims {n} [dated] :: moulding
Gesinde {n} [archaic] :: hands, farmhands, (domestic) servants, domestics, the menial staff
Gesindel {n} :: riffraff, lower class
Gesine {prop} {f} :: given name
gesinnt {adj} :: having a particular intention
Gesinnung {f} :: mentality, attitude
gesinnungsethisch {adj} [ethics, philosophy] :: pertaining to the ethic of ultimate ends
gesintert {adj} :: sintered
gesittet {adj} :: civilized, well-mannered, cultivated
Gesittung {f} :: civilized behaviour
gesogen {v} :: past participle of saugen
gesollt {v} :: past participle of sollen
gesondert {v} :: past participle of sondern
gesondert {adj} :: separate, separated
gesondert {adv} :: separately
gesonnen {v} :: past participle of sinnen
gesotten {v} :: past participle of sieden
gespalten {adj} [heraldry] :: per pale
Gespan {m} [dated] :: assistant, worker, comrade
Gespan {m} [history] :: Hungarian count
Gespann {n} :: team (of yoked animals)
Gespann {n} :: a group of close partners, especially a pair of two
Gespann {n} :: horse and cart, horse and carriage; oxcart
Gespann {n} :: a caravan of connected vehicles
Gespann {n} [Swiss] :: a lath framework
Gespann {m} :: alternative form of Gespan
gespannt {adj} :: curious, excited
gespannt {adj} :: tense
Gespanntheit {f} :: curiosity, excitement
Gespanntheit {f} :: tenseness
gespeichert {adj} :: stored, saved
gespeist {v} :: past participle of speisen
Gespenst {n} :: ghost, spectre
Gespenstergeschichte {f} :: ghost story
gespenstisch {adj} :: ghastly, spooky, ghostly
Gespenstschrecke {f} :: stick insect
gesperrt {v} :: past participle of sperren
gespieen {v} :: past participle of speien
gespien {v} :: past participle of speien
Gespinst {n} :: spun yarn
Gespinst {n} :: web, tissue, cocoon
gespottet {v} :: past participle of spotten
Gespräch {n} :: conversation, chat
gesprächig {adj} :: talkative
Gesprächspartikel {m} :: interjection, a particle without an actual meaning, which is used in a conversation
Gesprächspartner {m} :: interlocutor, collocutor (male or of unspecified sex) (A person who takes part in a dialogue or conversation)
Gesprächsthema {n} :: topic (of a conversation)
gesprenkelt {adj} :: spotted, flecked, sprinkled
gesprenkelt {v} :: past participle of sprenkeln
gesprochen {v} :: past participle of sprechen
gesprudelt {v} :: past participle of sprudeln
gesprungen {v} :: past participle of springen
gespukt {v} :: past participle of spuken
Gespür {n} :: intuition
gespürt {v} :: past participle of spüren
gespurtet {v} :: past participle of spurten
Gestade {n} :: bank, shore
Gestalt {f} :: shape, form
Gestalt {f} :: image of some person
Gestalt {f} :: figure, character (person)
gestalten {v} :: to form, to shape, to create, to arrange
gestalterisch {adj} :: artistic, pertaining to composition
gestaltet {adj} :: featured
gestaltet {adj} :: shaped, designed, arranged
Gestaltung {f} :: design
gestanden {v} :: past participle of stehen
gestanden {v} :: past participle of gestehen
geständig {adj} :: confessing; self-confessed, self-acknowledged
Geständnis {n} :: confession (open admittance of having done something)
Gestank {m} :: stench, stink, fetidness
Gestapo {prop} {f} :: Gestapo
gestatten {vt} :: to allow
Gestattung {f} :: permission, authorization
gestaubsaugt {v} :: past participle of staubsaugen
gestaunt {v} :: past participle of staunen
gestaut {v} :: past participle of stauen
Geste {f} :: gesture
gestehen {v} :: to confess
gesteigert {adj} :: increased
Gestein {n} :: rock (material)
gesteinsbildend {adj} [geology] :: petrogenetic
Gesteinsprobe {f} [geology] :: rock sample
Gestell {n} :: frame, chassis
Gestell {n} :: rack, stand
Gestell {n} :: trestle
gestellt {adj} :: staged; contrived; faked
gestern {adv} :: yesterday
Gestern {n} :: yesterday (the recent past)
gesteuert {adj} :: controlled, steered, guided
gestiefelt {adj} :: booted (wearing boots)
gestiegen {adj} :: risen
gestielt {adj} :: handled (having a handle)
gestielt {adj} :: stemmed, stalked (having a stem/stalk)
gestiert {v} :: past participle of stieren
gestikulieren {v} :: to gesticulate
gestikuliert {v} :: past participle of gestikulieren
Gestirn {n} :: constellation
Gestirn {n} :: star
Gestirn {n} :: heavenly body
gestirnt {adj} :: starry
Gestöber {n} :: flurry
gestohlen {v} :: past participle of stehlen
Gestöhn {n} :: groaning
gestorben {adj} :: deceased (no longer alive)
gestört {adj} :: disturbed
Gestotter {n} :: stuttering
gestr. {v} :: abbreviation of gestrichen
gestr. {adj} :: abbreviation of gestrig
Gesträuch {n} :: shrubbery
gestreift {adj} :: striped
gestreikt {v} :: past participle of streiken
gestresst {adj} :: stressed
gestresster {adj} :: comparative of gestresst
gestresstesten {adj} :: superlative of gestresst
gestrig {adj} :: of yesterday, yesterday's
geströmt {v} :: past participle of strömen
Gestrüpp {n} :: brushwood
Gestühl {n} :: seating
gestundet {v} :: past participle of stunden
gestürzt {v} :: past participle of stürzen
Gestüt {n} :: stud farm
gestützt {v} :: past participle of stützen
Gesuch {n} :: application
Gesuch {n} :: petition
Gesuch {n} :: request
gesund {adj} :: healthy (enjoying health)
gesund {adj} :: healthy (conducive to health)
gesünder {adj} :: comparative of gesund
gesunder Geist in gesundem Körper {proverb} :: A healthy mind in a healthy body
gesunder Menschenverstand {m} :: common sense
gesündesten {adj} :: superlative of gesund
Gesundheit {f} :: health (state of being in good physical condition and free from illness)
Gesundheit {f} [figurative] :: health; soundness; strength; stability (state of being in good condition)
Gesundheit {interj} :: bless you; gesundheit (response to someone’s sneezing)
gesundheitlich {adj} :: health (attributive)
gesundheitlich {adj} :: sanitary, hygienic
Gesundheitsapostel {m} :: health freak
gesundheitsgefährdend {adj} :: hazardous to health
Gesundheitsgefährdung {f} :: a health hazard
Gesundheitsministerium {n} :: health ministry
Gesundheitspolitik {f} :: health policy
gesundheitspolitisch {adj} :: health policy (attributive)
Gesundheitsreform {f} :: healthcare reform
Gesundheitsschaden {m} :: damage to health
gesundheitsschädigend {adj} :: harmful to health
gesundheitsschädlich {adj} :: unhealthy, harmful, deleterious (to health)
Gesundheitsschutz {m} :: health protection
Gesundheitssystem {n} :: health care
Gesundheitswesen {n} :: healthcare, healthcare sector, health system
Gesundheitswesen {n} :: health service
Gesundheitszustand {m} :: health; state of health
gesund und munter {adj} [idiom] :: alive and kicking
Gesundung {f} [health] :: recovery
gesund wie ein Fisch im Wasser {adj} [idiom] :: as sound as a bell
gesungen {v} :: past participle of singen
gesurrt {v} :: past participle of surren
ge- -t {circumfix} :: Forms past participles of weak verbs: machen/gemacht, sagen/gesagt
getan {v} :: past participle of tun
getarnt {adj} :: camouflaged, masked, concealed, in disguise
getätigt {v} :: past participle of tätigen
geteert {v} :: past participle of teeren
geteilt {adj} :: shared, split
geteilt {adj} :: divided
geteilt {adj} [heraldry] :: per fess
geten {v} [proscribed, obsolete] :: alternative form of jäten
getextet {v} :: past participle of texten
Getier {n} [collectively] :: beasts, animals
getigert {adj} :: striped
getilgt {v} :: past participle of tilgen
getitelt {v} :: past participle of titeln
getitelt {v} :: furnish with subtitles
getoppt {v} :: past participle of toppen
Getöse {n} :: din, racket
getötet {v} :: past participle of töten
getrabt {v} :: past participle of traben
Getrampel {n} :: tramping
Getränk {n} :: drink, beverage (liquid for consumption)
Getränkekiste {f} :: bottle crate
getrauen {vr} :: to dare
Getreide {n} [uncountable] :: cereal; corn; grain (type of plant and its fruit)
Getreide {n} [countable] :: a particular kind of cereal
getrennt {adj} :: separate, apart
getrennt {adv} :: separately
Getrete {n} :: an instance of continued or collective kicking (striking with the foot)
Getrete {n} :: a way of playing football (soccer) that involves many slide tackles and fouls; a match characterised by such rough or unfair play
getreu {adj} :: accurate, faithful, true to
getreu {prep} :: true to
getreuer {adj} :: comparative of getreu
getreusten {adj} :: superlative of getreu
Getriebe {n} :: gear, gears, transmission
Getriebe {n} :: entirety of the actions of a group
Getriebegehäuse {n} :: gearbox
Getriebeglocke {f} :: bell housing, bellhousing
getriebelos {adj} :: gearless
Getriebewelle {f} :: driveshaft
getrocknet {adj} :: dried, desiccated, dehydrated
getrompetet {v} :: past participle of trompeten
getröpfelt {v} :: past participle of tröpfeln
getropft {v} :: past participle of tropfen
getrost {adj} :: confident
getrübt {v} :: past participle of trüben
getrübt {adj} :: clouded, hazy
getrübt {adj} :: embittered
getrunken {v} :: past participle of trinken
Getter {m} [physics] :: getter
Gettermetall {n} [physics] :: getter metal
Getto {n} :: ghetto
Getue {n} :: fuss
Getue {n} :: ado
Getümmel {n} :: tumult, commotion [of people]
Geusenwort {n} :: reappropriated pejorative
Gevatter {m} :: godfather
Geviert {n} [dated] :: square
Gevögel {n} [collectively] :: birds
Gewächs {n} :: plant
gewachsen {v} :: past participle of wachsen
gewachsen {adj} :: grown; sprouted; evolved
Gewächshaus {n} :: greenhouse, hothouse, forcing house
gewachst {v} :: past participle of wachsen
gewagt {adj} :: daring
gewählt {adj} :: chosen, elected
gewählt {adj} :: choice
gewählt {adj} :: refined, elegant
Gewähr {f} :: guarantee, warranty
gewahren {vt} [literary] :: to become aware of
gewähren {v} :: to grant, to allow
gewährleisten {v} :: to guarantee
gewährleistet {v} :: past participle of gewährleisten - guaranteed, warranted, ensured
Gewährleistung {f} :: guarantee
Gewahrsam {m} [law, uncountable] :: effective control on a physical object, possessio naturalis
Gewahrsam {m} [law, uncountable] :: safekeeping, custody of a person, a measure to avert danger (a Gefahrenabwehrmaßnahme)
Gewahrsam {m} [police jargon, countable] ::  the place where safekeeping of a person is realized
gewahrt {v} :: past participle of wahren
gewährt {v} :: past participle of währen
Gewährung {f} :: grant, granting
gewallfahrt {v} :: past participle of wallfahren
gewallfahrtet {v} :: past participle of wallfahrten
gewalmt {adj} [architecture, of a roof] :: hipped
Gewalt {f} :: strong or violent force
Gewalt {f} [with gegen] :: violence
Gewalt {f} [with über] :: physical control or power
Gewalt {f} [with über, now chiefly restricted to certain contexts] :: authority; legally established control or power
gewaltbereit {adj} :: prone to violence; violent (inclined and likely to act violently, especially of groups, but also individuals)
gewaltfrei {adj} :: nonviolent
Gewaltfreiheit {f} :: nonviolence
gewaltig {adj} :: enormous, huge
gewaltig {adj} :: massive, mighty
gewaltlos {adj} :: non-violent
Gewaltlosigkeit {f} :: nonviolence
Gewaltmonopol {n} :: Monopoly on violence
gewaltsam {adj} :: violent, forcible
Gewalttäter {m} :: violent criminal
Gewalttäterin {f} :: feminine noun of Gewalttäter
gewalttätig {adj} :: violent
gewalttätiger {adj} :: comparative of gewalttätig
Gewalttätigkeit {f} :: violence
gewalttätigsten {adj} :: superlative of gewalttätig
gewaltverherrlichend {adj} :: glorifying violence, advocating violence
Gewaltverherrlichung {f} :: glorified violence
Gewand {n} :: garment
gewandert {v} :: past participle of wandern
Gewandhaus {n} [historical] :: cloth hall
gewandt {adj} :: dexterous, versatile, skilled, smart
gewandt {adj} :: eloquent
gewandt {adv} :: dexterously, deftly, nimbly
Gewandtheit {f} :: nimbleness, agility, dexterity, skill, skilfulness, versatility
Gewandtheit {f} :: eloquence
gewankt {v} :: past participle of wanken
gewappnet {v} :: past participle of wappnen
gewärmt {v} :: past participle of wärmen
gewärtigen {v} [archaic] :: to expect
gewärtigt {v} :: past participle of gewärtigen
Gewäsch {n} [colloquial] :: drivel, twaddle, claptrap
gewaschen {v} :: past participle of waschen - washed, laundered
Gewässer {n} :: body of water, waterbody, water (significant accumulation of water covering the Earth)
gewassert {v} :: past participle of wassern
gewatet {v} :: past participle of waten
gewatschelt {v} :: past participle of watscheln
Gewebe {n} :: fabric (woven fabric), cloth, tissue, stuff, weave, mesh (e.g. wire mesh)
Gewebe {n} [medicine, anatomy] :: tissue
Gewebe {n} [biology] :: web (spider's web)
Gewebestoff {m} :: fabric
gewebt {v} :: past participle of weben
Gewehr {n} :: rifle
Gewehrkugel {f} :: bullet (projectile fired from a gun)
Gewehrschuss {m} :: gunshot, rifle shot
Gewehrschuß {noun} :: alternative spelling of Gewehrschuss
gewehrt {v} :: past participle of wehren
geweidet {v} :: past participle of weiden
Geweih {n} :: antler, horns
geweiht {v} :: past participle of weihen
geweint {v} :: past participle of weinen
geweissagt {v} :: past participle of weissagen
geweißt {v} :: past participle of weißen
gewelkt {v} :: past participle of welken
gewellt {v} :: past participle of wellen
gewellt {adj} :: corrugated
gewellt {adj} :: wavy, curly
gewellt {adj} :: undulating
Gewerbe {n} [trading] :: business, commercial enterprise, industry, trade
gewerblich {adj} :: commercial, industrial
gewerbsmäßig {adj} :: professional
Gewerk {n} :: trade, craft
Gewerk {n} :: the provided result of a locatio conductio operis
Gewerke {m} :: mining shareholder
Gewerkschaft {f} :: labor union, trade union
Gewerkschafter {m} :: unionist, trade unionist
Gewerkschaftler {m} :: unionist, trade unionist
gewertet {v} :: past participle of werten
Gewese {n} [colloquial, pejorative, regional] :: fuss (excessive activity, worry, bother, or talk about something)
gewesen {v} :: past participle of sein - been
gewest {v} [dialectal] :: past participle of sein - been
gewichen {v} :: past participle of weichen
gewichst {v} :: past participle of wichsen
Gewicht {n} :: weight
Gewichtheben {n} :: weightlifting
Gewichtheber {m} [weightlifting] :: weightlifter
gewichtig {adj} :: weighty
gewichtig {adj} :: influential
Gewichtsanteil {m} :: proportion by weight
Gewichtseinheit {f} :: unit of weight
Gewichtsprozent {n} :: percentage by weight
Gewichtsreduktion {f} :: weight loss
Gewichtsreduzierung {f} :: weight reduction
Gewichtsverlust {m} :: weight loss
Gewichtszunahme {f} :: weight gain
gewieft {adj} :: cunning
gewiegt {v} :: past participle of wiegen
Gewieher {n} :: whinnying
gewillkürt {adj} :: selected
gewillt {adj} :: willing
Gewinde {n} [engineering] :: thread (helical ridge or groove, as on a screw)
Gewindestift {m} :: set screw (A screw with threads the entire length and no head.)
gewinkelt {adj} :: angled (bent at an angle)
Gewinn {m} :: profit
Gewinn {m} :: gain
Gewinn {m} :: winnings
Gewinn {m} :: yield
Gewinn {m} :: prize
gewinnbar {adj} :: winnable
gewinnbringend {adj} :: profitable
gewinnen {vi} :: to win; to be victorious
gewinnen {vt} :: to win something; to gain
gewinnen {vt} :: to win over; to persuade
gewinnen {vt} :: to win or extract a resource
Gewinner {m} :: agent noun of gewinnen; winner
Gewinnler {m} :: profiteer
Gewinnspiel {n} :: contest, raffle, quiz, tombola, sweepstake, competition, lottery
gewinnsüchtig {adj} :: mercenary
gewinnsüchtig {adj} :: profiteering
Gewinnung {f} :: production
Gewinnung {f} :: extraction
Gewinnung {f} :: reclamation
Gewinnwarnung {f} [stock market] :: profit warning
Gewirk {n} [dated] :: structure
Gewirk {n} [manufacturing] :: fabric made by a knitting machine
Gewirk {n} [beekeeping] :: the structure of the honeycombs in a hive
Gewirr {n} :: tangle, snarl
Gewirr {n} :: confusion, jumble
gewirrt {v} :: past participle of wirren
gewiss {adj} :: certain
gewiss {adv} :: certainly, indeed
gewiß {adj} :: alternative spelling of gewiss
gewiß {adv} :: alternative spelling of gewiss
Gewissen {n} :: conscience (moral sense or faculty)
gewissenhaft {adj} :: conscientious, scrupulous, meticulous
gewissenhaft {adj} :: pedantic
Gewissenhaftigkeit {f} :: conscientiousness
Gewissensbiss {m} :: pang of conscience
gewisser {adj} :: comparative of gewiss
gewissermaßen {adv} :: in a way
gewissesten {adj} :: superlative of gewiss
Gewissheit {f} :: certainty
Gewißheit {noun} :: alternative spelling of Gewissheit
Gewitter {n} :: thunderstorm, lightning storm
gewittern {v} :: to thunder and rain/snow
gewitzigt {adj} :: wiser (as a result of negative experience)
gewitzt {adj} :: shrewd, smart, cunning
gewoben {v} :: past participle of weben
Gewoge {n} :: waving, fluctuation, billowing
gewogen {v} :: past participle of wiegen
gewöhnen {v} [an] :: to get used to; to accustom oneself to; to adapt to
Gewohnheit {f} :: habit
gewohnheitsmäßig {adj} :: habitual, customary
Gewohnheitsrecht {n} [law] :: customary right
gewohnheitsrechtlich {adj} [legal] :: customary
Gewohnheitstier {n} :: creature of habit
gewöhnlich {adj} :: usual, normal, ordinary
gewöhnlich {adv} :: usually
gewöhnlicherweise {adv} :: usually, normally, generally
gewohnt {adj} :: usual, customary
gewohnt {adj} :: familiar, accustomed
gewohnt {adj} :: wont
gewohnt {v} :: past participle of wohnen
gewöhnt {v} :: past participle of gewöhnen
gewohntermaßen {adv} :: as usual
Gewöhnung {f} :: habituation, addiction
gewöhnungsbedürftig {adj} :: requiring getting used to
Gewölbe {n} :: vault
Gewölk {n} :: cloud mass
gewollt {adj} :: deliberate; intentional; intended
gewollt {adj} [piece of art] :: contrived; unnatural; awkward; cheesy
gewonnen {v} :: past participle of gewinnen
gewonnen {adj} :: gained, won
gewonnen {adj} :: obtained, acquired
gewonnen {adj} :: recovered
geworden {adj} :: become, got
geworden {adj} :: grown
geworden {adj} :: incarnate
Gewühl {n} :: crowd (unordered crowd)
Gewühl {n} :: turmoil
gewunden {adj} :: winding, tortuous
gewünscht {adj} :: desired, wanted
gewünscht {adj} :: requested
Gewürm {n} :: vermin
gewurschtelt {v} :: past participle of wurschteln
gewurstelt {v} :: past participle of wursteln
Gewürz {n} :: spice, condiment, seasoning
Gewürzgurke {f} :: gherkin
Gewürzkraut {n} :: seasoning herb
Gewürzmühle {f} :: spice grinder
Gewürznelke {f} :: clove
Gewürzpflanze {f} :: spice plant
Gewürztraminer {prop} :: Gewürztraminer (An aromatic grape variety, used in white wines, performing best in cooler areas.)
Gewürztraminer {prop} :: Gewürztraminer (A white wine made from this grape)
gewuschelt {v} :: past participle of wuscheln
gewusst {v} :: past participle of wissen
gewußt {v} :: obsolete spelling of gewusst
Geyer {prop} :: Geyer (town)
Geysir {m} [planetology, geology, volcanology] :: geyser
gezackt {v} :: past participle of zacken
Gezähe {n} :: Gezähe; miner's toolset
gezankt {v} :: past participle of zanken
gezecht {v} :: past participle of zechen
gezehrt {v} :: past participle of zehren
gezeichnet {adj} :: drawn
gezeichnet {adj} :: subscribed
Gezeit {f} :: tide
Gezeiten {p} [plural only] :: tides (periodic change of the sea level)
Gezelt {n} [poetic] :: tent
Gezeter {n} :: clamor, hue and cry
Gezeter {n} :: nagging
gezettelt {v} :: past participle of zetteln
geziehen {v} :: past participle of zeihen
gezielt {adj} :: aimed, targetted
geziemen {vr} [dated, chiefly] :: to beseem, to be appropriate
gezirpt {v} :: past participle of zirpen
gezoomt {v} :: past participle of zoomen
Gezücht {n} :: brood
gezupft {v} :: past participle of zupfen
gezuppt {v} :: past participle of zuppen
gezürnt {v} :: past participle of zürnen
gezwirnt {v} :: past participle of zwirnen
Gföhl {prop} {n} :: Gföhl (municipality)
GG {noun} [German VDP wine classification] :: initialism of Großes Gewächs
ggf. {adv} :: abbreviation of gegebenenfalls
ggT {m} [mathematics] :: abbreviation of größter gemeinsamer Teiler
ggü. {prep} :: abbreviation of gegenüber
GH {m} [law] :: initialism of Gerichtshof
Ghana {prop} {n} :: Ghana
Ghanaer {m} :: Ghanaian (person from Ghana or of Ghanaian descent; male or unspecified sex)
Ghanaerin {f} :: Ghanaian (woman from Ghana or of Ghanaian descent)
ghanaisch {adj} :: Ghanaian (of, from, or pertaining to Ghana or the Ghanaian people)
Ghetto {n} :: alternative spelling of Getto
Ghostwriter {m} :: ghostwriter
gibbeln {v} [colloquial, regional, western Germany] :: to giggle (to laugh in a silly or hysterical way)
Gibbon {m} :: gibbon
Gibibyte {n} :: gibibyte (230 bytes)
Gibraltar {prop} {n} :: Gibraltar
gibraltarisch {adj} :: Gibraltarian
gibt es hier einen Lebensmittelladen {phrase} :: is there a grocery store nearby?
gibt's {contraction} :: contraction of gibt es
gibts {contraction} :: alternative form of gibt's
Gicht {f} [medical] :: gout
Giebel {m} :: gable
Gier {f} :: greed
Gier {prop} {mf} :: surname
gieren {v} [with nach] :: to desire greedily, to lust for
gieren {v} [possibly dated] :: to open one’s jaws so as to snap
gieren {v} [nautical, aviation] :: to yaw
gierig {adj} :: greedy
gierig {adj} :: eager
gierigsten {adj} :: superlative of gierig
Gieß {prop} :: surname
gießbar {adj} :: pourable
giessen {v} :: alternative spelling of gießen
gießen {vt} :: to pour; usually only of liquids, especially of large quantities
gießen {vt} :: to pour; to cast; to found (shape molten metal or glass by pouring)
gießen {vt} [gardening] :: to water
gießen {vi} [impersonal, of rain] :: to pour down; to rain strongly
Gießen {prop} {n} :: Gießen (town)
Gießerei {f} :: foundry
Gießkanne {f} :: watering can (a container used to carry and dispense water for plants)
Gießpfanne {f} :: (foundry) ladle
Gießverfahren {n} :: casting (process)
GIF {n} :: GIF
Gift {n} :: poison; toxin; venom
Gift {f} [obsolete] :: gift; something given
giftfrei {adj} :: poison-free
Giftgas {n} [military] :: poison gas
giftgrün {adj} :: intense, bright green (in colour), bilious green
gifthaltig {adj} :: poisoned, poisonous
gifthältig {adj} [Austria] :: alternative form of gifthaltig
giftig {adj} :: poisonous
giftig {adv} :: venomously
Giftigkeit {f} :: vitriol, venom
Giftigkeit {f} :: toxicity
Giftigkeit {f} :: virulence
Giftmord {m} :: poisoning (form of murder)
Giftmörder {m} :: poisoner
Giftpflanze {f} [botany] :: poisonous plant
Giftschlange {f} :: venomous snake
Giftschrank {m} :: poison cabinet (or place where undesirable things can be locked away)
Giftspritze {f} :: lethal injection
Giftstachel {m} [zoology] :: sting
Giftwirkung {f} [pathology] :: toxic effect
Giftzahn {m} :: fang (animal tooth used to inject venom)
Gig {m} :: gig (performing engagement by a musical group, usually used when referring to events with small audience and contemporary music such as rock or punk)
giga- {prefix} :: giga-
Gigabyte {n} :: gigabyte (one billion bytes)
Gigant {m} :: behemoth
Gigant {m} :: mammoth
gigantisch {adj} :: gigantic
gigantischer {adj} :: comparative of gigantisch
gigantischsten {adj} :: superlative of gigantisch
Gigantismus {m} :: gigantism
gigantomanisch {adj} :: gigantomaniac
Gigapascal {m} :: gigapascal
Gigawatt {n} :: gigawatt
gigerlhaft {adj} :: dandified
Gila-Krustenechse {f} :: Gila monster
Gilbert {prop} :: given name
Gilbhart {m} [poetic or archaic] :: October
Gilde {f} [usually, historic] :: guild of merchants
Gilde {f} [figurative] :: some group of prestigious people
gilden {v} [colloquial, chiefly childish] :: to count; to be valid
Gimpel {m} :: bullfinch
Gin {m} :: gin (liquor made from juniper berries)
Gina {prop} :: given name, short form of Regina
Gingivitis {f} [dentistry, scientific terminology] :: gingivitis
gings {contraction} :: contraction of ging es
Ginkgo {m} :: ginkgo (tree)
Ginko {m} :: alternative spelling of Ginkgo
Ginster {m} :: broom [shrub], especially
Ginster {m} :: Genista
Ginster {m} [colloquial] :: Cytisus
Ginster {m} [colloquial] :: gorse (Ulex)
Gipfel {m} :: peak, pinnacle
Gipfel {m} :: summit
Gipfeli {n} [Switzerland] :: synonym of Croissant
gipfeln {v} :: to culminate
Gipfeltreffen {n} [gathering of leaders] :: summit
Gips {m} :: gypsum
Gips {m} :: short for Gipsverband
Gipsverband {m} [medicine, orthopedics] :: cast
Giraffe {f} :: giraffe (animal)
Giraffe {prop} {f} :: The constellation Camelopardalis
Girant {m} [banking] :: endorser
Girl {n} :: girl; young woman; usually implying physical attractiveness, often in the context of show or entertainment
Girlande {f} :: festoon (ornament)
Girlitz {m} :: serin [Serinus]
Girondist {m} [history] :: Girondist (member of a radical political group during the French Revolution)
Girondistin {f} [history] :: female Girondist (member of a radical political group during the French Revolution)
Gis {n} [music] :: G-sharp
Gischt {m} :: The frothy foam on sea waves
Gischt {m} [dated] :: Other kinds of foam or froth that form on liquids, such as on beer or boiling water
Gisela {prop} :: given name
Gitarre {f} :: guitar
Gitarrenbauer {m} :: luthier, guitar maker
Gitarrenklang {m} :: guitar sound
Gitarrenkonzert {n} :: guitar concert (musical event)
Gitarrenkonzert {n} :: guitar concerto (musical composition)
Gitarrenspiel {n} :: guitar playing, guitar play
Gitarrenspieler {m} :: guitarist
Gitarrenspielerin {f} :: guitarist (female person playing or performing on the guitar)
Gitarrespielen {n} [music] :: guitar playing
Gitarrist {m} :: guitarist
Gitarristin {f} :: guitarist (female person playing or performing on the guitar)
Gitschtal {prop} {n} :: Gitschtal (municipality)
Gitter {n} :: lattice, grid, mesh (of metal)
Gitter {n} :: grating, bars
Gitterdefekt {m} :: lattice defect (in a crystal)
Gitterenergie {f} :: lattice energy
Gitterkonstante {f} :: lattice constant
Gitterparameter {m} :: lattice parameter, lattice constant
Gitterstruktur {f} :: lattice structure (especially of a crystal)
Givebox {f} :: A box in a public place in which people can put unwanted objects for other people to take; a dropbox
Gizeh {prop} {n} :: Giza (place in Egypt)
GJ {noun} [star] :: GJ, the prefix of catalog entries in the Gliese star catalog, for the Gliese-Jahreiß expansion
GJ {noun} [star, by extension] :: prefix for any catalogued in the Gliese star catalog
Glace {f} [Switzerland] :: ice cream
Gladiator {m} :: gladiator
Gladiole {f} :: gladiolus, sword lily (plant of the genus Gladiolus)
glamourös {adj} :: glamorous
Glanegg {prop} {n} :: Glanegg (municipality)
Glanz {m} :: gleam, sparkle, glitter
Glanz {m} :: splendor, glory
glänzen {v} :: to shine, gleam, sparkle, glisten
glänzen {v} :: to be good
glänzend {adj} :: shiny, glossy
glänzend {adj} :: lustrous, gleaming
glanzhell {adj} :: bright and clear (especially of white wine)
Glarus {prop} {n} :: Glarus
Glas {n} [material] :: glass
Glas {n} [container] :: glass
Glas {n} [container] :: jar (made of glass)
Glas {n} [amount of liquid] :: glass
Glas {n} [nautical] :: time stamp for half an hour
Glasampulle {f} :: glass ampule
glasartig {adj} :: glassy
glasartig {adj} :: vitreous
Glasauge {n} :: glass eye
Glasblasen {n} :: glassblowing
Glasbläser {m} :: glassblower
Glasbläserei {f} :: glassblowing
Glasbläserei {f} :: glassblowing workshop
Glasbläserin {f} :: female glassblower
Gläschen {n} :: diminutive of Glas
Glasdeckel {m} :: glass lid
Gläserklirren {n} :: clinking of glasses, tinkling of glasses
gläsern {adj} :: glass, glassen, glazen
gläsern {adj} :: glassy, vitreous
Glasfaser {f} :: fiberglass, glass fibre used in fibre optics
Glasflasche {f} :: glass bottle
Glasgerät {n} :: glassware
Glasharmonika {f} :: glass harmonica
Glashaus {n} :: glasshouse
Glasherstellung {f} :: glass production / manufacture
glasieren {v} :: to glaze
glasig {adj} :: glassy, transparent
Glasindustrie {f} :: glass industry
glasklar {adj} :: crystal clear, limpid
Glaskolben {m} [chemistry] :: flask (glass vessel (piston-shaped))
Glaskörper {m} [anatomy] :: vitreous humour, vitreous body
Glaskugel {f} :: marble (small glass ball)
Glaskugel {f} :: glass sphere (spherical object made from glass; a bauble, etc.)
Glaskugel {f} :: crystal ball (large glass ball)
Gläslein {n} :: diminutive of Glas
Glasmacher {m} :: glassmaker (male or of unspecified sex)
Glasmacherin {f} :: glassmaker (female)
Glasnudel {f} :: glass noodle, cellophane noodle
Glasplatte {f} :: glass plate
Glasröhre {f} :: glass tube
Glasscheibe {f} :: pane (sheet of glass); windowpane
Glasspiegel {m} :: glass mirror
Glasur {f} [cooking or ceramics] :: glaze, icing
Glasware {f} :: glassware
glatt {adj} :: without roughness or unevenness: smooth; sleek, slick; clean (of a shave or cut); straight (of hair)
glatt {adj} :: slippery (from e.g. ice, but not from grease)
glatt {adj} [colloquial] :: clear, unequivocal
glatt {adj} [mathematics, of a function] :: smooth (having derivatives of all finite orders at all points within the function’s domain)
glattbügeln {v} :: to iron out
Glätte {f} :: smoothness
Glatteis {n} :: black ice
Glätteisen {n} :: straightener (for hair)
Glätteisen {n} [Swiss] :: iron (for pressing clothes)
Glatten {prop} {n} :: Glatten (town)
glätten {v} :: to smooth
glätten {v} :: to unwrinkle
glattflächig {adj} :: smooth-surfaced, smooth
glattrasiert {adj} :: clean-shaven
glattstellen {v} [finance] :: to balance
glattzüngig {adj} :: flattering
Glatze {f} :: baldness, bald head
Glatze {f} [slang, political] :: skinhead
Glatzkopf {m} :: baldie
glatzköpfig {adj} :: bald
Glaube {m} :: faith; belief
glauben {v} :: to believe (to think someone/something exists = an + acc.; to think something someone says is correct = dat.)
glauben {v} :: to think
Glauben {m} :: alternative form of Glaube
Glaubensartikel {m} [religion] :: article of faith
Glaubensbekenntnis {m} :: creed; statement of faith
Glaubensbote {m} :: missionary, evangelizer
Glaubensbruder {m} :: brother in faith, (male) co-religionist
Glaubensgemeinschaft {f} :: denomination, confession
glauben Sie an Gott {phrase} :: do you believe in God
Glaubensschwester {f} :: sister in faith; (female) co-religionist
glaubhaft {adj} :: believable
Glaubhaftigkeit {f} [uncountable] :: plausibility, believability, trustworthiness
gläubig {adj} :: devout
gläubiger {adj} :: comparative of gläubig
Gläubiger {m} :: creditor (a person to whom a debt is owed)
Gläubiger {m} :: believer
glaublich {adj} :: probable, likely
glaubst du an Gott {phrase} :: do you believe in God?
glaubwürdig {adj} :: credible
Glaubwürdigkeit {f} :: credibility, believability
glauk {adj} :: velvety, frosted
Glaukophan {m} [mineral] :: glaucophane
glawben {v} :: obsolete spelling of glauben
glazial {adj} :: glacial
Glazialzeit {f} :: ice age
glazifluvial {adj} :: glacifluvial
Glaziologie {f} :: glaciology
-gleich {suffix} :: -like (having some of the characteristics of) [used to form adjectives from nouns]
-gleich {suffix} :: equal in regard to [used to form adjectives from nouns]
gleich {adj} :: equal
gleich {adj} :: same; very similar
gleich {adj} [often proscribed] :: same; identical
gleich {adv} :: alike
gleich {adv} :: in a moment
gleich {adv} :: at once, at a time, simultaneously
gleich {adv} :: now
gleichalterig {adj} :: coeval
gleichaltrig {adj} :: alternative form of gleichalterig
gleichartig {adj} :: kindred, similar, comparable
gleichartig {adj} :: homogenous
gleichbedeutend {adj} :: synonymous
gleichbehandeln {v} :: to treat equally
gleichberechtigt {adj} :: Having equal rights
Gleichberechtigung {f} :: equality (equal rights or status)
Gleiche {n} :: The same (thing, etc.)
Gleiche {f} :: Topping out
gleichen {v} [with a dative case object] :: to be like (something); to equal (something); to resemble
gleichen {vr} :: to be alike
gleichermaßen {adv} :: equally
gleicherweise {adv} :: likewise
gleichfalls {adv} :: likewise
gleichfarbig {adj} :: of the same colour
gleichförmig {adj} :: uniform, steady, homogeneous
Gleichförmigkeit {f} :: uniformity, homogeneity
gleichgeschlechtlich {adj} :: same-sex
Gleichgewicht {n} :: equilibrium
Gleichgewicht {n} [of a person] :: balance, poise
Gleichgewichtsreaktion {f} [chemistry] :: equilibrium reaction
Gleichgewichtszustand {m} :: state of equilibrium, equilibrium state
gleichgültig {adj} :: indifferent
gleichgültig {adj} :: unimportant
Gleichgültigkeit {f} :: indifference
Gleichheit {f} :: equality (fact of being equal)
Gleichheitsrecht {n} :: equal rights
gleichkommen {v} [with dative] :: to amount to
gleichlautend {adj} :: identical
gleichmachen {vt} :: to level
gleichmäßig {adj} :: consistent
gleichmäßig {adj} :: uniform, even, regular
Gleichmut {mf} :: equanimity
gleichmütig {adj} :: equanimous
gleichnamig {adj} :: homonymous
gleichnamig {adj} :: eponymous
Gleichnis {n} :: simile
Gleichnis {n} [biblical] :: parable
Gleichrichter {m} [electronics] :: rectifier
gleichsam {adv} [formal] :: as it were; so to speak
gleichsam {adv} [rare, nonstandard, proscribed] :: equally; likewise
gleichschalten {vt} [electrical engineering] :: to synchronise
gleichschalten {vt} [Nazism] :: to force into Gleichschaltung
gleichschalten {vt} [politics, by extension] :: to subjugate (someone)’s thought and action to the policies and worldview of the ruling class
Gleichschaltung {f} :: synchronisation, bringing into line; Gleichschaltung
gleichschenklig {adj} :: isosceles
gleichsehen {v} [with dative] :: to look like
gleichseitig {adj} [maths] :: equilateral
gleichsetzen {v} :: to equate
Gleichspannung {f} :: DC voltage
gleichstellen {v} :: to make [sombody] equal
Gleichstellung {f} :: equality (equal rights or status)
Gleichstellungsbeauftragte {f} :: female commissioner for equality; woman charged with ensuring that people are treated equally (especially, one charged with ensuring that men and women are treated equally)
Gleichstellungsbeauftragter {m} :: male commissioner for equality; man charged with ensuring that people are treated equally (especially, one charged with ensuring that men and women are treated equally)
Gleichstrom {m} :: direct current
gleichtönig {adj} [music, of aerophones] :: unisonoric, producing the same tones regardless of whether the instrument is being expanded or compressed
gleichtun {v} :: to do the same, to follow suit
Gleich und Gleich gesellt sich gern {proverb} :: birds of a feather flock together
Gleichung {f} :: equation, equality
gleichursprünglich {adj} :: equiprimordial, coöriginal
Gleichverteilung {f} :: even distribution
Gleichverteilung {f} [mathematics] :: uniform distribution
gleichwertig {adj} :: (not normally comparable) equivalent, equal
gleichwertig {adj} :: tantamount
Gleichwertigkeit {f} :: equivalence
gleichwie {conj} [literary] :: just like, just as
gleichwohl {adv} :: nevertheless
gleichzeitig {adj} :: simultaneous, concurrent, coincident, concomitant
gleichzeitig {adv} :: simultaneously
Gleichzeitigkeit {f} :: simultaneity
gleichziehen {v} :: to catch up [+ mit (object) = with]
Gleinstätten {prop} {n} :: Gleinstätten (municipality)
Gleis {n} :: railway (track on which trains run)
Gleis {n} :: (individual) track
Gleisdorf {prop} {n} :: Gleisdorf (municipality)
Gleisner {m} :: hypocrite (person practising hypocrisy)
gleißen {v} :: to gleam, glisten
Gleitbeutler {m} [zoology] :: petaurid
gleiten {vi} :: to glide; to float; to move effortlessly
gleiten {vi} :: to slide; to slip; to transition smoothly
Gleithörnchen {n} :: flying squirrel
Gleitkomma {n} :: floating point
Gleitkommazahl {f} :: floating-point number
Gleitlager {n} :: plain / simple / friction bearing
Gleitlaut {m} [linguistics] :: offglide
Gleitschirmfliegen {n} :: paragliding (the sport of gliding with a paraglider)
Gleitsichtbrille {f} :: varifocals
Gleitzeit {f} :: flexitime
Gleiwitz {prop} {f} :: Gliwice
Glencheck {m} :: Glenurquhart
Gletscher {m} :: glacier
Gletschereis {n} :: glacier ice
Gletscherspalte {f} :: crevasse
glibberig {adj} :: slimy, glutinous
Glied {n} :: member
Glied {n} :: limb, joint
Glied {n} [mathematics] :: term
Glied {n} :: link (in a chain)
Glied {n} :: penis, member
Gliederfüßer {m} :: arthropod
gliedern {v} :: to structure, to organize
gliedern {v} :: to divide
Gliederreissen {n} :: alternative spelling of Gliederreißen
Gliederreißen {n} [colloquial] :: rheumatism
Gliederschmerz {m} :: rheumatism, pain in the limbs
Gliederung {f} :: classification
Gliederung {f} :: outline
Gliederung {f} :: structure
Gliederungseditor {m} [software] :: outliner
Gliedmaße {f} :: limb
Gliedstaat {m} :: A member state of a federal government
glimmen {v} :: to shine
glimmen {v} :: to glow
Glimmen {n} :: glow
Glimmentladung {f} :: glow discharge
Glimmer {m} [mineral] :: mica
Glimmlampe {f} :: glowlamp
Glimpf {m} :: leniency
glimpflich {adj} :: mild, gentle
glimpflich {adj} :: lenient
Glinzendorf {prop} {n} :: Glinzendorf (municipality)
glitschig {adj} :: slippery, slick, greasy, slimy, squidgy
Glitzer {m} :: spangle
glitzern {v} :: to glitter, sparkle
global {adj} :: global (worldwide)
globale Erwärmung {f} :: global warming
globale Variable {f} [programming] :: global variable
globalisieren {v} :: to globalize, to globalise
Globalisierung {f} :: globalisation, globalization
Globalisierungsfalle {f} :: Pitfall of globalisation
Globasnitz {prop} {n} :: Globasnitz (municipality)
Globin {n} [protein] :: globin
Globulin {n} [protein] :: globulin
Globus {m} :: globe
Glöckchen {n} :: diminutive of Glocke
Glocke {f} :: bell (percussive instrument)
Glockenblume {f} :: bellflower, Campanula
glockenförmig {adj} :: bell-shaped
Glockengießer {m} :: bell founder (person who makes bells in a foundry)
Glockenguß {m} :: alternative spelling of Glockenguss
glockenhell {adj} :: (of a sound) bright and clear (like a bell)
Glockenschwengel {m} :: tongue, clapper (of a bell)
Glockenspiel {n} :: a mechanical construction which plays at certain times, or on demand, melodies with bells, often with figures that are moved during the play
Glockenspiel {n} :: glockenspiel (musical instrument)
Glockenstube {f} :: belfry
Glockenturm {m} [architecture] :: bell tower
Glöckner {m} :: bell-ringer; campanologist
Glödnitz {prop} {n} :: Glödnitz (municipality)
Gloggnitz {prop} {n} :: Gloggnitz (municipality)
glorifizieren {v} :: to glorify
Glorifizierung {f} :: glorification
glorreich {adj} :: glorious
glorreich {adj} :: illustrious
Glosche {f} [Gastronomy] :: cloche, dome-shaped tableware covering
glosen {v} :: to smoulder, to smolder
Glossar {n} :: glossary
Glossierung {f} :: gloss (brief explanatory note or translation)
glottal {adj} :: glottal
Glottal {m} [phonetics] :: glottal
glottalisieren {v} [linguistics] :: to glottalize
Glottis {f} :: glottis
Glotze {f} [colloquial] :: television
glotzen {v} [colloquial] :: to stare, gape, gawk, goggle (eyes)
Glucinium {n} :: glucinium
gluck {interj} :: glug (onomatopoeia for pouring or swallowing a liquid)
Glück {n} :: happiness; joy; bliss (state or emotion)
Glück {n} :: luck; chance (positive coincidence)
Glucke {f} :: brooding hen; hen with chicks
Glucke {f} [figurative] :: overprotective mother
Glucke {f} :: eggar (moth of the family Lasiocampidae)
Glucke {f} :: cauliflower mushroom (mushroom of the genus Sparassis)
glucken {v} :: to cluck
glucken {v} :: to brood
glucken {v} [colloquial] :: to sit around
glücken {v} :: to succeed
glücklich {adj} [of living beings] :: happy; both momentarily and generally in life
glücklich {adj} [of events] :: lucky; fortunate
glückliche Fügung {f} :: serendipity
glücklicher {adj} :: comparative of glücklich
glücklicherweise {adv} [slightly formal] :: fortunately; luckily
glücklichsten {adj} :: superlative of glücklich
glücklos {adj} :: luckless
glückloser {adj} :: comparative of glücklos
glücklosesten {adj} :: superlative of glücklos
Glücksbringer {m} :: lucky charm, talisman, amulet
glückselig {adj} :: blissful
glückselig {adj} :: beatific
Glückseligkeit {f} :: beatitude
Glückseligkeit {f} :: bliss
glucksen {vi} :: to chortle, chuckle
Glücksfall {m} :: godsend, fluke (a stroke of luck, a lucky or improbable occurrence)
Glücksgefühl {n} :: euphoria
Glücksgriff {m} :: good / wise choice; lucky find
Glückshaut {f} :: caul [amnion]
Glückskeks {m} :: fortune cookie
Glückskind {n} :: lucky person
Glückspilz {m} [colloquial] :: lucky devil
Glücksrad {n} :: Fortune's wheel
Glücksrad {n} :: The German incarnation of the American game show Wheel of Fortune
Glücksritter {m} :: adventurer, fortune-hunter
Glücksritter {m} :: man with a position in the social world
Glücksritter {m} :: soldier of fortune, mercenary
Glücksspiel {n} :: game of chance
Glücksspiel {n} :: gamble
Glücksspieler {m} :: gambler
Glückstadt {prop} :: Glückstadt (town)
Glückstag {m} :: lucky day
Glückwunsch {m} :: congratulation
Gluconat {n} [organic chemistry] :: gluconate
Gluconeogenese {f} [biochemistry] :: gluconeogenesis
Glucose {f} :: alternative form of Glukose
Glühbirne {f} :: light bulb (lamp consisting of a glass bulb with a heated filament, or similar lighting article)
glühen {v} :: to glow
Glühen {n} :: glow
Glühen {n} :: incandescence
glühend {adj} :: glowing, light-emitting, bright-hot
glühend {adj} :: fervent
Glühfaden {m} :: filament (in an electric lamp)
Glühlampe {f} :: incandescent light bulb, incandescent lamp
Glühlampenwendel {f} :: filament (of a light bulb)
Glühröhrchen {n} :: ignition tube
Glühröhrchenprobe {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: ignition tube test
Glühstrumpf {m} :: gas mantle
Glühwein {m} :: mulled wine
Glühwendel {f} :: filament (in an incandescent light bulb)
Glühwurm {m} [dated] :: glowworm, firefly
Glühwürmchen {n} :: glowworm, firefly
Glukose {f} [carbohydrate] :: glucose
Glumse {f} [regional, originally, Prussia] :: quark cheese
Gluon {n} :: gluon
glupschen {v} :: to look with big eyes; to eye
Glurns {prop} :: Glurns (municipality)
Glut {f} :: great heat from (or as if from) something that glows
Glut {f} :: embers, a quantity of glowing coals
Glutamat {n} [organic chemistry] :: glutamate
Glutaminsäure {f} [organic compound] :: glutamic acid
Glutathion {n} [organic compound] :: glutathione
Glutathionperoxidase {f} [enzyme] :: glutathione peroxidase
Gluten {n} :: gluten
glutenfrei {adj} :: gluten-free (containing no gluten)
glutrot {adj} :: dark red (in colour)
Glycerid {n} [organic chemistry] :: glyceride
Glycerin {n} [organic compound] :: glycerine
Glycin {n} :: glycine (amino acid)
Glycolipid {n} :: glycolipid
Glycolsäure {n} [organic compound] :: glycolic acid
Glycosyltransferase {f} [enzyme] :: glycosyltransferase
Glykogen {n} [carbohydrate] :: glycogen
Glykogensynthasekinase {f} [enzyme] :: glycogen synthase kinase
Glykolsäure {f} [organic compound] :: glycolic acid
Glykolyse {f} [biochemistry] :: glycolysis
GmbH {noun} :: Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
Gmunden {prop} {n} :: Gmunden (municipality)
GN8 {phrase} [Internet] :: abbreviation of gute Nacht
Gnad' {noun} :: contraction of Gnade
Gnade {f} :: mercy
Gnade {f} :: grace
Gnade {f} :: graciousness
Gnade {f} [legal] :: pardon
gnaden {v} [archaic, with dative] :: to have mercy on somebody
Gnadendorf {prop} {n} :: Gnadendorf (municipality)
gnadenlos {adj} :: merciless
Gnadenschuss {m} :: coup de grace
Gnadenschuß {noun} :: alternative spelling of Gnadenschuss
Gnadenstoß {m} :: coup de grâce
Gnadenwald {prop} {n} :: Gnadenwald (municipality)
gnädig {adj} :: gracious
gnädig {adj} :: propitious
gnädig {adj} :: merciful
Gnas {prop} {n} :: Gnas (municipality)
Gnat {f} [rare] :: Gnat (jet fighter aircraft)
Gneis {m} [geology] :: gneiss
Gnesau {prop} {n} :: Gnesau (municipality)
Gnitze {f} :: biting midge
Gnom {m} :: gnome, goblin, dwarf
Gnoseologie {f} [philosophy] :: epistemology
Gnosis {f} [gnosticism] :: gnosis
Gnostiker {m} [gnosticism] :: Gnostic, a believer in Gnosticism
Gnostikerin {f} [gnosticism] :: Gnostic, a believer in Gnosticism
gnostisch {adj} [gnosticism] :: Gnostic, related to Gnosticism
Gnostizismus {m} :: Gnosticism
Gnu {n} :: gnu
Go {n} :: go (board game)
Goalmann {m} [regional] :: goalkeeper
Gobi {f} :: a desert in China and Mongolia; Gobi
Goch {prop} {n} :: Goch (municipality)
Goethe {prop} :: surname, notably of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Goethesch {adj} :: Goethean
Goethit {m} [mineral] :: goethite
Göffel {m} :: spork; foon (eating utensil)
Göfis {prop} {n} :: Göfis (municipality)
Gogel {prop} {mf} :: surname
Gogel {f} :: alternative form of Kogel
Goi {m} :: A goy, gentile in the Jewish sense of ethnic non-Jew
goidelisch {adj} :: Goidelic
Goj {m} :: alternative form of Goi
Gold {n} :: gold (chemical element, Au)
goldartig {adj} :: golden
Goldbarren {m} :: bullion (gold bars)
Goldberg {prop} {n} :: Goldberg (municipality)
Goldbergbau {m} :: gold mining
Goldbergbau {m} :: gold-mining industry
Goldbergwerk {n} :: gold mine
Goldblat {prop} :: surname
Goldblech {n} :: sheet gold, gold foil
Goldbulle {f} [historical] :: golden bull (decree issued by an emperor)
Golddistel {f} :: golden thistle (Scolymus gen. et spp.)
Golddistel {f} :: common carline thistle (Carlina vulgaris)
Golddraht {m} :: gold wire
golden {adj} :: golden; gold (made of gold)
golden {adj} :: golden (gold-coloured)
goldene Hochzeit {f} :: golden wedding
Goldene Hochzeit {f} :: alternative form of goldene Hochzeit
Goldener Schnitt {prop} {m} :: golden ratio
Goldene Zahl {prop} {f} [mathematics] :: the irrational number phi of the golden ratio / golden section (sectio aurea)
Goldene Zahl {prop} {f} [chronology] :: golden number (numerus aureus)
Golden Goal {n} [football] :: golden goal
Goldesel {m} :: cash cow
Goldfaden {m} :: gold thread
Goldfarb {prop} {mf} :: surname
Goldfarbe {f} :: gilt, gilding
goldfarben {adj} :: golden (gold-coloured)
goldfarbig {adj} :: golden (gold-coloured)
Goldfisch {m} :: goldfish, Carassius auratus
goldgelb {adj} :: golden-yellow (in colour)
Goldgewinnung {f} :: gold production / recovery
goldglänzend {adj} :: shining like gold
Goldgräber {m} :: gold digger
Goldgräberstimmung {f} [figuratively] :: gold rush mood
Goldgrube {f} :: gold mine
Goldgrube {f} [colloquial, figurative] :: gold mine, bonanza, money-spinner (very profitable economic venture)
goldgrün {adj} :: golden-green
Goldhähnchen {n} :: goldcrest [Regulus regulus]
goldhaltig {adj} :: auriferous
goldhältig {adj} [Austria] :: alternative form of goldhaltig
Goldhamster {m} :: golden hamster
Goldhochzeit {f} :: alternative form of Goldene Hochzeit
goldig {adj} :: golden (color)
goldig {adj} :: cute
goldiger {adj} :: comparative of goldig
goldigsten {adj} :: superlative of goldig
Goldkopf {prop} {mf} :: surname
Goldkopflöwenäffchen {n} :: golden-headed lion tamarin, Leontopithecus chrysomelas
Goldlack {m} :: common wallflower (Erysimum cheiri)
Goldlagerstätte {f} :: gold deposit
Goldlegierung {f} :: gold alloy
Goldmedaille {f} :: gold medal
Goldmine {f} :: goldmine
Goldmünze {f} :: gold (coin)
Goldrausch {m} :: gold rush
goldrichtig {adj} :: spot-on
goldrot {adj} :: golden-red
Goldrute {f} :: goldenrod
Goldschakal {m} :: golden jackal
Goldschmidt {prop} :: surname
Goldschnabelralle {f} :: paint-billed crake
Goldschopfpinguin {m} :: macaroni penguin
Goldschraube {f} :: gold screw
Goldspecht {m} :: northern flicker [Colaptes auratus]
Goldstandard {m} :: gold standard
Goldstein {prop} {mf} :: surname
Goldwörth {prop} {n} :: Goldwörth (municipality)
Golf {m} [geography] :: bay, gulf
Golf {n} [sports] :: golf
Golf {m} :: Volkswagen Golf, the most popular car in Germany throughout the 1980s and 1990s
Golfball {m} :: a golf ball
golfen {v} [colloquial, sports] :: to play golf
Golfer {m} [sports] :: golfer
Golferin {f} [sports] :: female golfer
Golfklub {m} :: golf club (organization)
Golfkrieg {prop} {m} :: Gulf War (one of several wars fought in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s)
Golfkriegssyndrom {n} :: Gulf War syndrome
Golfplatz {m} :: golf course
Golfschläger {m} :: golf club (equipment)
Golfspieler {m} [sports] :: golfer
Golfspielerin {f} [sports] :: female golfer
Golfstaat {m} :: Gulf State
Golfstrom {m} :: Gulf Stream
Golf von Alaska {prop} {m} :: Gulf of Alaska
Golf von Bengalen {prop} {m} :: Bay of Bengal
Golf von Biskaya {prop} {m} :: Bay of Biscay
Golf von Guinea {prop} {m} :: Gulf of Guinea
Golf von Kalifornien {prop} {m} :: Gulf of California, Sea of Cortez
Golf von Mexiko {prop} {m} :: Gulf of Mexico
Goliath {prop} {m} :: Goliath [biblical character]
Göllersdorf {prop} {n} :: Göllersdorf (municipality)
Gollum {m} :: Gollum
Gols {prop} :: Gols (municipality)
Göming {prop} {n} :: Göming (municipality)
Gonade {f} :: gonad (sex gland such as a testicle or ovary)
Gondel {f} :: gondola
Gondellied {n} :: barcarole
Gondwana {prop} {n} :: Gondwana (southern supercontinent)
gönnen {v} :: to allow
gönnen {v} :: to afford
gönnen {vr} :: to indulge oneself, to treat oneself
gönnen {v} :: to be happy for someone because of their happiness
Gönnen {n} :: the state of granting
Gönner {m} :: patron, benefactor, backer, favorer, sponsor (male or of unspecified sex)
gönnerhaft {adj} :: condescending, patronizing
Gönnerschaft {f} :: patronage
Gönnung {f} :: indulging
googeln {v} :: to google
Google {prop} {n} :: Google (search engine)
Googol {n} :: googol
Göppingen {prop} {n} :: A town near Stuttgart in Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Gör {n} :: alternative form of Göre
Gorbatschow {prop} {mf} :: Gorbachev, a Russian name; referring especially to Michail Gorbatschow (Mikhail Gorbachev, Soviet head of state) and Wodka Gorbatschow, Germany's leading vodka brand
Gordischer Knoten {m} :: Gordian knot
Göre {f} [possibly pejorative, but usually mild] :: cheeky young child
Göriach {prop} {n} :: Göriach (municipality)
Gorilla {m} :: gorilla
Gorleben {prop} :: A small town in the Gartow region of Lüchow-Dannenberg
Görlitz {prop} {n} :: Görlitz
Goropismus {m} :: goropism
Görz {prop} {n} :: Görz (town)
Gosau {prop} {n} :: Gosau (municipality)
Gosch {f} :: alternative form of Gosche
Gösch {f} :: flag on the bow of a ship
Gösch {f} :: little flag in the corner of a flag (such as the Union Jack within the flag of Australia)
Gosche {f} [regional, colloquial, usually pejorative] :: mouth
Goschen {f} :: alternative form of Gosche
Goscherl {n} [Bavaria, Austria, colloquial] :: mouth
Goscherl {n} [Austria] :: clipping of Froschgoscherl
goschert {adj} :: cheeky
Gose {f} :: gose (beer)
Goslar {prop} :: Goslar (town)
Gosse {f} :: gutter (most often as a symbol for alcoholism, homelessness, and/or other social hardships)
Gössel {n} [chiefly Northern German] :: gosling
Gössendorf {prop} {n} :: Gössendorf (municipality)
Gote {m} :: Goth (male or of unspecified sex) (a person belonging to the Gothic people)
Gotik {prop} {f} :: the gothic epoch in architecture
Gotin {f} :: Goth (female) (a woman or girl belonging to the Gothic people)
gotisch {adj} :: Gothic
Gotisch {n} :: Gothic (the Gothic language)
Gotisch {f} :: Gothic script (the Gothic typeface)
gotische Schrift {f} :: Gothic alphabet
gotische Schrift {f} :: blackletter
Gott {m} :: god
Gott {prop} {m} :: God
GOtt {prop} {m} [obsolete] :: alternative case form of Gott
Götterbild {n} :: idol
Götterdämmerung {f} :: twilight of the gods, Götterdämmerung
Götterdienst {m} :: polytheistic worship
Göttergatte {m} [humorous] :: husband
gottergeben {adj} :: resigned (out of duty)
Götterspeise {f} [Greek mythology] :: ambrosia
Götterspeise {f} :: jelly, jello
Gottesacker {m} [formal] :: graveyard, God's acre
Gottesanbeterin {f} :: mantis, praying mantis
Gottesbeweis {m} [religion, theology] :: proof of the existence of God
Gottesdienst {m} :: worship (religious ceremony)
Gottesdienst {m} :: divine service, church service, religious service
Gottesfurcht {f} :: fear of God
gottesfürchtig {adj} :: god-fearing
Gottesgebärerin {prop} {f} [Christianity, especially, Eastern Orthodoxy] :: Mother of God (the Virgin Mary)
Gottesgnadentum {n} :: divine right of kings
Gotteshaus {n} :: place of worship, house of God
Gotteslamm {prop} {m} :: Lamb of God
gotteslästerlich {adj} :: blasphemous, sacrilegious
Gotteslästerung {f} :: blasphemy
Gottesleugner {m} :: atheist
Gottesleugnung {f} :: atheism
gottesmillionisch {adj} [Swabian] :: extremely, very
Gottesmord {m} :: deicide
Gottesmutter {prop} {f} [Christianity, especially, Roman Catholicism] :: Mother of God (the Virgin Mary)
Gottesurteil {n} :: ordeal (trial in which the accused was subjected to a dangerous test)
Gottfried {prop} :: given name
gottfroh {adj} :: Very happy
gottgefällig {adj} :: godly
gottgegeben {adj} :: God-given
gottgleich {adj} :: godlike
Gott hab ihn selig {phrase} [Christianity] :: God rest his soul; God have mercy on his soul (blessing used when mentioning a beloved deceased male person)
Gott hab sie selig {phrase} [Christianity] :: God rest her soul; God have mercy on her soul (blessing used when mentioning a beloved deceased female person)
Gott hab sie selig {phrase} [Christianity] :: God rest their souls; God have mercy on their souls (blessing used when mentioning several beloved deceased people)
Gotthard {prop} :: given name
Gotthard {prop} :: surname, more often spelled Gotthardt
Gotthardt {prop} :: surname
Gottheit {f} :: deity (essential nature of a god, divinity)
Gottheit {f} [elevated] :: The state of being a god; divinity
Gotthelf {prop} {m} :: surname
Götti {m} [Swiss] :: godfather
Gott im Himmel {interj} :: good heavens, oh my God
Göttin {f} :: goddess
Göttingen {prop} {n} :: Göttingen (independent city)
Gottklasse {f} [rare, object-oriented programming] :: God class
göttlich {adj} :: divine, godly
göttlicher {adj} :: comparative of göttlich
göttliche Vorsehung {f} [theology] :: Divine Providence
Göttlichkeit {f} :: godliness, divinity
göttlichsten {adj} :: superlative of göttlich
Gottlieb {prop} {m} :: given name
Gottlieb {prop} {m} :: surname
gottlos {adj} :: godless; atheist; not professing faith in God
gottlos {adj} [derogatory] :: evil; ungodly; diabolic; reprobate
Gottlosigkeit {f} :: wickedness
Gottlosigkeit {f} :: godlessness
Gott mit uns {phrase} [historical] :: "God is with us"
Gottobjekt {n} [programming, object-oriented] :: synonym of God object
gottsch. {adj} :: abbreviation of gottscheerisch
Gottschalk {prop} {m} :: given name
Gottschalk {prop} {mf} :: surname
gottscheerisch {adj} :: Gottscheerish; of or pertaining to the Gottscheers or their Germanic lect
Gottseibeiuns {m} [euphemism, dated] :: the Devil; Satan
gottseidank {adv} :: alternative spelling of Gott sei Dank
Gott sei Dank {adv} :: fortunately; luckily
Gott sei Dank {interj} :: thank goodness; thank God
Gottseligkeit {f} :: piety, godliness
Gottvater {m} [Christianity] :: God the Father, as the first person of Trinity
gottverdammt {adj} :: goddamned
gottverdammt {interj} :: goddamn
gottverlassen {adj} :: godforsaken
Götze {m} :: idol
Götze {m} [obsolete] :: any image; a mask, a mummer
Götze {m} [obsolete] :: fool
Götze {prop} :: surname
Götzendämmerung {f} [no plural] :: twilight of the idols
Götzendiener {m} :: idolator
Götzendienst {m} :: idolatry
Götzens {prop} {n} :: Götzens (municipality)
Götzis {prop} {n} :: Götzis (municipality)
Gouache {f} :: gouache
Gouda {m} :: A type of cheese
Gouda {prop} :: Gouda (city)
Gourmet {m} :: gourmet
goutieren {v} :: to appreciate
goutieren {v} :: to approve
Gouvernante {f} [dated] :: governess
Gouverneur {m} :: governor (male or of unspecified sex)
GPS {n} :: GPS
G-Punkt {m} :: G-spot (sensitive, erogenous zone on the vagina)
gr. {adj} :: abbreviation of griechisch
Grab {n} :: grave
Grab {n} :: tomb
Grabbeigabe {f} :: funerary object (grave goods)
Grabbelkiste {f} [regional, chiefly northern Germany, colloquial] :: box of spare parts
grabbeln {v} [regional, chiefly northern Germany, colloquial] :: to grab
Grabbeltisch {m} [colloquial, regional, chiefly Northern Germany] :: bargain bin
graben {vti} :: to dig
graben {vtir} [of an animal] :: to burrow
Graben {m} :: ditch
Graben {m} :: trench
Graben {m} [geology] :: graben
Grabenkampf {m} :: trench warfare
Graber {prop} {mf} :: surname
Gräber {m} :: digger (someone or something that digs)
Grabern {prop} {n} :: Grabern (municipality)
Grabhügel {m} :: tumulus, burial mound, grave mound
Grablicht {n} :: grave lantern
Grabmal {n} :: tomb
Grabrede {f} :: eulogy
Grabstein {m} :: tombstone
Gracht {f} :: canal within a city (with residential buildings on either side)
Grachtenrundfahrt {f} :: touristic boat tour along the city canals (as operated in many Dutch cities)
grad {adv} [colloquial] :: alternative form of gerade
Grad {m} :: degree
Grad Celsius {m} :: degree Celsius
Gradient {m} [mathematics] :: gradient
gradlinig {adj} :: alternative form of geradlinig
graduell {adj} :: gradual (proceeding by steps or small degrees)
-graf {suffix} :: alternative form of -graph
Graf {m} :: count (member of German nobility)
Graf {prop} :: surname
Graf {m} :: alternative spelling of Graph (smallest unit in a text)
Grafem {n} :: rare spelling of Graphem
Grafenegg {prop} {n} :: Grafenegg (municipality)
Grafenschachen {prop} {n} :: Grafenschachen (municipality)
Grafenschlag {prop} {n} :: Grafenschlag (municipality)
Grafenwörth {prop} {n} :: Grafenwörth (municipality)
Graffiti {n} :: graffiti
Graffito {n} {m} :: graffito
-grafie {suffix} :: alternative form of -graphie
Grafik {f} :: graph
Grafik {f} :: chart, diagram, graphic
Grafikkarte {f} :: video card
Gräfin {f} :: countess
-grafisch {suffix} :: -graphic
grafisch {adj} :: graphic, graphical
grafische Benutzeroberfläche {f} :: graphical user interface
Grafit {m} :: alternative form of Graphit
grafithaltig {adj} :: graphitic
gräflich {adj} :: comital, of or pertaining to a count or an earl
gräflich {adj} :: belonging to a count or earl
gräflich {adv} :: lordly, like a count or earl
Grafschaft {f} :: county (land ruled by a count or countess)
Grahambrot {n} :: Graham bread
Graka {f} [slang] :: graphics card
Gral {m} :: grail
Gral {m} :: clipping of Heiliger Gral (Holy Grail)
Gralla {prop} {n} :: Gralla (municipality)
gram {adj} :: angry
Gram {m} :: grief
Gramastetten {prop} {n} :: Gramastetten (municipality)
grämen {vt} [dated or literary] :: to trouble; to worry; to make unhappy
grämen {vr} [dated or literary] :: to feel sorrow; to worry; to be unhappy
Gramm {n} :: gram (unit of mass)
Grammatik {f} :: grammar
grammatikalisch {adj} :: grammatical
grammatikalisieren {v} [linguistics] :: to grammaticalize
Grammatikalisierung {f} [linguistics] :: grammaticalization
Grammatiker {m} :: grammarian
grammatisch {adj} :: grammatical
grammatischer Wechsel {m} [Indo-European studies] :: Verner alternation
Gramm-Molekül {n} [chemistry] :: gram molecule, mole
gramvoll {adj} :: sorrowful
Grän {prop} {n} :: Grän (municipality)
Granat {m} :: The common shrimp, Crangon crangon
Granat {m} [mineral] :: garnet
Granatapfel {m} :: pomegranate
Granate {f} :: a grenade (weapon)
granatenvoll {adj} :: Completely drunk
Grande {m} [chiefly politics, journalism] :: grandee (person of high rank)
grandios {adj} :: grandiose
Granit {m} [rock] :: granite
graniten {adj} [attributive] :: granite
Granne {f} :: awn
Granne {f} [botany] :: the bristly tip of the husks of grasses, cereals, and grains
Granne {f} :: stiff hair protruding from the fur or outer coat of mammals
Grant {m} [Austria, Bavaria] :: resentment
grantig {adj} [dialectal] :: grumpy, angry
Granulat {n} :: granule
Granulat {n} :: pellet
Granulat {n} :: granulate
Gränze {f} :: alternative form of Grenze
Grapefrucht {f} :: grapefruit
Grapefruit {f} :: grapefruit
Grapefruitlöffel {m} :: grapefruit spoon
Grapefruitsaft {m} :: grapefruit juice
-graph {suffix} :: -graph
Graph {m} [mathematics] :: graph
Graph {n} :: a symbol as the smallest unit in a text which has not yet been classified as a grapheme
Graphem {n} :: grapheme
graphematisch {adj} :: graphemic
Graphentheorie {f} [informatics, mathematics] :: graph theory
-graphie {suffix} :: -graphy
-graphisch {suffix} :: -graphic
graphisch {adj} :: alternative spelling of grafisch