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l. {adv} :: abbreviation of links
l. {adj} :: abbreviation of lateinisch
l. {v} :: abbreviation of lesen and of the Latin lege (imperatives both meaning “read”)
L {letter} :: The twelfth letter of the German alphabet
L {m} :: abbreviation of Liter
Laakirchen {prop} {n} :: Laakirchen (municipality)
Laas {prop} :: Laas (municipality)
Lab {n} :: rennet
labberig {adj} [regional, chiefly northern and central Germany] :: slack; not tight
labberig {adj} [regional, chiefly northern and central Germany] :: soft; not crisp (e.g. of bread)
Labe {f} [literary] :: a refreshment, such as a cool drink or food product
Label {n} :: a record label
Label {n} :: a brand of clothes or sometimes other fashionable products like cosmetics, sports equipment, etc
Label {n} :: a commercial label or seal indicating an official certification or the like
Label {n} [rare] :: label; tag (in general)
Labello {m} [countable] :: lip balm; chapstick (a plastic stick including a substance that is applied to the lips to relieve dry lips)
Labello {m} [usually, uncountable] :: lip balm; chapstick (such a substance)
laben {vr} [formal, chiefly] :: to refresh with, to enliven by exposing to, to let feast [+ an (object) = etwas = on]
labern {v} [obsolete, except possibly regionally] :: to slurp; to drink noisily
labern {v} [colloquial] :: to talk or speak unnecessarily lengthily; to talk idly; to engage in unsubstantiated talk; to babble
labern {v} [colloquial] :: to chat; to talk among each other (usually about light topics); the verb retains a certain nuance, but becomes rather neutral
Labia {p} :: labia
labial {adj} :: labial
labialisieren {v} :: to labialize
Labiau {prop} {n} [historical] :: Labiau (the former name of Polessk, a formerly German city in historical East Prussia, now the <<obl/Kaliningrad>> of <<c/Russia>>)
labil {adj} :: unstable
labil {adj} :: labile (apt or likely to change)
labiodental {adj} :: labiodental
Labiodental {m} [phonetics] :: labiodental
Labmagen {m} :: abomasum, rennet stomach, the fourth compartment of the stomach of a ruminant
Labor {n} :: laboratory
Laborant {m} :: laboratory assistant
Laborantin {f} :: female laboratory assistant
Laborarzt {m} :: laboratory physician
Laboratorium {n} :: laboratory (room, building or institution equipped for scientific research)
Labordiagnostik {f} :: laboratory testing / diagnostics
Laborgerät {n} :: laboratory apparatus / equipment
laborieren {vit} [archaic] :: to work in a laboratory, to apply chemistry on a specific thing
laborieren {vi} :: to travail, to labor, especially with a disease
Laborinstrument {n} :: laboratory instrument
Laborkittel {m} :: lab coat
Labormaßstab {m} :: laboratory-scale
Labradorente {f} :: Labrador duck (Camptorhynchus labradorius)
Labskaus {n} [cuisine] :: labskaus [a seaman's dish of Northern Germany, prepared from salted meat or corned beef, fish, potatoes and various other ingredients]
Labyrinth {n} [Greek mythology] :: labyrinth
Labyrinth {n} :: labyrinth, maze (technically not quite correct, compare w:Labyrinth and w:Maze)
labyrinthartig {adj} :: labyrinthine (in form)
labyrinthisch {adj} :: labyrinthine
Lache {f} :: puddle
Lache {f} :: pool
Lache {f} :: a loud laughter
Lache {f} :: a person's particular way of laughing; one's laugh
lächeln {v} :: to smile
Lächeln {n} :: smile (facial expression)
lachen {v} :: to laugh
Lachen {n} :: laughter
Lacher {m} :: laugher
Lacher {m} :: laugh
lächerlich {adj} :: ridiculous
Lächerlichkeit {f} [usually, uncountable] :: ridiculousness
Lächerlichkeit {f} [countable, chiefly in the plural] :: trivial matter, trifle
Lachgas {n} :: laughing gas
lachhaft {adj} :: laughable, risible
Lachkrampf {m} :: laughing fit
lachlustig {adj} :: inclined to laughter, risible (person)
Lachmöwe {f} :: black-headed gull
Lachnummer {f} [colloquial] :: laughing stock
Lachs {m} :: salmon, lox
Lachsforelle {f} :: one of several species in the Salmonidae family, used to be only Salmo trutta trutta, nowadays usually rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss
Lack {m} :: varnish
Lackaffe {m} [colloquial, insult] :: A person who is unsympathetic and seems wealthy or foppish (stereotypically e.g. a banker with a big loud sports car)
Lacke {f} [Austria] :: puddle
lacken {vt} :: to lacquer
Lackenbach {prop} {n} :: Lackenbach (municipality)
Lackendorf {prop} {n} :: Lackendorf (municipality)
lackieren {v} :: to lacquer
Lackleder {n} :: patent leather
Lackmus {m} {n} :: litmus (dyestuff)
Lackmuspapier {n} :: litmus paper
Lackmustest {m} :: litmus test
Lackstock {m} [dated] :: common wallflower (Erysimum cheiri)
Lacrosse {noun} :: lacrosse
Lactat {n} [chemistry] :: lactate
Lactose {f} :: alternative spelling of Laktose
Lädchen {n} :: diminutive of Laden
Lädchen {n} :: diminutive of Lade
Lade {f} :: drawer
Ladegerät {n} :: battery charger
Ladekabel {n} :: charging cable
laden {vti} :: to load (something) e.g. into a container or onto a vehicle, to load up
laden {vti} [weaponry] :: to load (some weapon)
laden {vt} [computing] :: to load (some data) from a store
laden {vt} [computing] :: to download from a network
laden {vt} [engineering] :: to charge (a battery or capacitor) with electricity
laden {vt} :: to invite
laden {vt} [legal] :: to summon
Laden {m} :: shop
Laden {m} [colloquial] :: any establishment entertaining guests, especially a pub or bar, but also a hotel, restaurant, discotheque, etc
Laden {m} [colloquial] :: a (usually organised) group of people and its affairs: a company, political party, club, school, etc
Laden {m} :: shutter (window shutter)
Laden {m} :: loading
Ladenbesitzer {m} :: shopkeeper
Ladendieb {m} :: shoplifter (male or of unspecified sex)
Ladendiebstahl {m} :: shoplifting
Ladendorf {prop} {n} :: Ladendorf (municipality)
Ladenhüter {m} [derogatory] :: non-seller, shelf warmer (product that sells poorly)
Ladentisch {m} :: counter, shop counter
Lader {m} :: loader
Lader {m} :: blower
Ladestock {m} [historical firearms] :: ramrod
lädieren {v} :: to damage
lädieren {v} :: to injure
Ladinisch {prop} {n} :: Ladin
Ladis {prop} {n} :: Ladis (municipality)
Lädlein {n} :: diminutive of Laden
Lädlein {n} :: diminutive of Lade
Ladung {f} :: cargo
Ladung {f} :: charge
Ladung {f} :: load
Ladungsausgleich {m} [physics, chemistry] :: charge balance
Ladungsdichte {f} [physics] :: charge density
Ladungsverteilung {f} [physics] :: charge distribution
Lady {f} :: lady/Lady
Lafette {f} :: gun carriage
laff {adj} [regional, chiefly northern and central Germany] :: lethargic; weak; slack
laff {adj} [regional, chiefly northern and central Germany] :: tasteless
Lafnitz {prop} {n} :: Lafnitz (municipality)
Lafnitz {prop} {f} :: A tributary of the Danube that runs through Bavaria
Lag {m} {n} [colloquial, computing] :: lag, the performing a requested operation only delayed
Lag {m} {n} [economic theory] :: the timespan between which a change of a variable effects on an other variable
Lage {f} :: location, position
Lage {f} :: situation
Lage {f} :: thickness (layer)
Lageenergie {f} :: potential energy
Lager {n} :: a place where one sleeps, such as a bed or a spot in a barn, etc
Lager {n} :: a lair of an animal (but not usually underground, for which Bau)
Lager {n} :: a camp (accomodation of tents or quickly built houses)
Lager {n} [obsolete] :: an army, especially but not exclusively when encamped
Lager {n} [figurative] :: a camp, party (group of people sharing some interest or opinion)
Lager {n} :: a stock; storage; depot; repository (building or room used for keeping goods)
Lager {n} [geology, mining] :: a measure (of some resource)
Lager {n} [mechanics] :: a bearing
Lager {n} :: short for Lagerbier: lager (beer of low fermentation)
Lagerfeuer {n} :: campfire
Lagergefäß {n} :: storage vessel
Lagergeld {n} :: storage charge
Lagergeld {n} :: The internal currency, issued to prisoners in a concentration camp, that could not be used in the outside world
Lagerhaus {n} :: warehouse, storehouse, magazine, depot
Lagerkoller {m} [colloquial] :: cabin fever
lagern {v} :: to store
Lagerraum {m} :: storage room
Lagerregal {n} :: storage rack
Lagerschale {f} :: bushing (bearing shell)
Lagerstätte {f} :: deposit
Lagerstätte {f} :: repository
Lagertank {m} :: storage tank
Lagerung {f} :: storage
Lagerung {f} :: warehousing
Lagerung {f} :: storing
Lagerwerkstoff {m} :: bearing material
Lagewort {n} [grammar] :: supine
Lagewort {n} [grammar, younger usage] :: preposition
laggen {v} ::  to lag, to perform requested operations only delayed
Lagune {f} :: lagoon
Lahar {m} :: lahar (volcanic mudflow)
lahm {adj} :: lame
Lahm {prop} :: surname
Lahmacun {f} {n} {m} :: lahmacun (Oriental dish consisting of dough topped with meat; a common snack in Germany, often rolled and filled with salad)
lahmarschig {adj} :: feckless
lähmen {v} :: to paralyze
lahmgelegt {v} :: past participle of lahmlegen
lahmlegen {vt} :: to bring to a standstill
Lähmung {f} :: paralysis
Lähmungserscheinung {f} [pathology] :: sign / symptom of paralysis
Lahn {prop} {f} :: a tributary river of the Rhine in Germany
Laib {m} :: loaf
Laibach {prop} :: Laibach (capital city)
Laibchen {n} :: diminutive of Laib
Laibchen {n} [Austrian] :: Short form for the food Fleischlaibchen, Gemüselaibchen
Laiblein {n} :: diminutive of Laib
Laich {m} [zoology] :: spawn [eggs laid in the water by aquatic organisms]
laichen {v} [zoology] :: to spawn (to deposit numerous eggs in water)
Laichplatz {noun} :: breeding-ground
Laie {m} :: layman, layperson, amateur, nonprofessional (male or of unspecified sex)
Laie {m} :: laic (nonclergyman) (male or of unspecified sex)
laienhaft {adj} :: amateurish
laikal {adj} :: lay, laical
Laizismus {m} :: laicism
laizistisch {adj} :: laicistic
Laizität {f} :: synonym of Säkularismus
Lajen {prop} {n} :: Lajen (municipality)
Lakai {m} :: lackey
Lake {f} :: brine (saltwater used for pickling)
Laken {n} :: sheet; bed sheet (linen used to cover mattresses or furniture, or sometimes instead of a blanket)
Laken {n} [rare] :: other kinds of linens or large cloths
lakonisch {adj} :: laconic (using as few words as possible to communicate much information)
Lakritz {n} {m} :: licorice, liquorice (confectionary)
Lakritze {f} :: alternative form of Lakritz
Laktose {f} [carbohydrate] :: lactose
laktosefrei {adj} :: lactose-free
lakustrisch {adj} :: lacustrine
lallen {v} :: to babble
Lallname {m} :: a hypocoristic form of a given name which is phonologically simplified in child language but enters adult use. Especially in ancient names of Asia Minor (in Anatolian languages such as Phrygian, Luwian, Hittite), but also used for other languages
Lallwort {n} :: a babble word (phonemically basic word, easy for small children to produce and hence produced by them early on, e.g. Mama)
Lama {n} :: llama
Lama {m} :: lama (male or of unspecified sex)
Lamäng {f} [colloquial, humorous] :: hand
lamarckistisch {adj} :: Lamarckist (attributive)
Lambach {prop} {n} :: surname
Lambach {prop} {n} :: Lambach (municipality)
Lambach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lothringia
Lambada {m} :: lambada (Brazilian dance)
Lambda {n} :: lambda (Greek letter)
Lambdapunkt {m} [physics] :: lambda point
Lambdasonde {f} :: lambda probe
Lambrechten {prop} {n} :: Lambrechten (municipality)
lame {adj} [slang] :: boring; unimpressive
lame {adj} [slang] :: unskilled; useless
Lamelle {f} [mycology] :: gill
lamentieren {v} :: to lament
Lametta {n} :: lametta, tinsel
Lametta {n} [colloquial] :: medal, decoration
Lamina {f} :: lamina
Laminat {n} :: laminate (material formed of thin sheets glued together)
Laminat {n} :: laminate flooring
Lamm {n} :: lamb
Lammbraten {m} :: roast lamb
Lämmchen {n} :: diminutive of Lamm
lammen {v} :: to lamb
Lämmerschwanz {m} :: lamb tail
Lammfell {n} :: lambskin
Lammfellhandschuh {m} :: lambskin glove
Lammfleisch {n} :: lamb (meat from a sheep)
lammfromm {adj} :: as meek as a lamb; lamblike; like little lambs
Lamm Gottes {prop} {n} [Christianity] :: Lamb of God (biblical title of Jesus Christ)
Lämmlein {n} :: diminutive of Lamm
Lämpchen {n} :: diminutive of Lampe
Lampe {f} :: lamp, light (piece of furniture, or fixture mounted on a wall or ceiling, holding one or more electric light sockets)
Lampe {f} :: bulb, light bulb (evacuated glass bulb containing a metal filament or an article that resembles such a bulb) (clipping of Glühlampe)
Lampenfieber {n} :: stage fright
Lampenschirm {m} :: lampshade
Lampion {m} {n} :: paper lantern
Lampionblume {f} :: bladder cherry
Lamprechtshausen {prop} {n} :: Lamprechtshausen (municipality)
Lana {prop} {n} :: Lana (municipality)
lancieren {v} :: to launch
Land {n} :: country (territory of a nation)
Land {n} :: state, province (political division of a federation retaining a notable degree of autonomy)
Land {n} :: land (real estate or landed property)
Land {n} :: land (part of Earth which is not covered by oceans or other bodies of water)
Land {n} :: country, countryside (rural area, as opposed to a town or city)
Landarzt {m} :: country doctor
Landarztgattin {f} :: country doctor's wife
Landassel {f} :: Any member in the suborder Oniscidea: woodlouse
Landau {prop} :: Landau (independent city)
Landau {prop} :: surname
Landauer {m} :: Inhabitant of Landau
Landauer {m} [dated] :: landau (type of lightweight four-wheeled carriage)
Landau in der Pfalz {prop} :: Landau in der Pfalz (independent city)
Landbau {m} :: husbandry
Landbau {m} :: cultivation (of the land)
Ländchen {n} :: diminutive of Land
Landebahn {f} :: runway
Landeck {prop} {n} :: Landeck (municipality)
Landekopf {m} [military] :: beachhead
landen {vi} [auxiliary verb: sein, aviation] :: to land
landen {vt} [auxiliary verb: haben, aviation] :: to land
Landepiste {f} :: landing strip
Länderei {f} :: estate [area of land]
Landesbank {f} :: regional state bank
landesbedeutsam {adj} :: significant at a country level
Landesgrenze {f} :: national border; state boundary
Landeshauptstadt {f} :: capital (of a state, country etc)
Landesherr {noun} [historical] :: A territorial lord; a local ruler in the period beginning with the Early Middle Ages
Landeshoheit {f} :: sovereignty
Landesinneres {n} :: interior of a country
Landeskirche {f} :: regional church
Landeskirche {f} :: national church
Landeskriminalamt {n} :: state office of criminal investigations
Landesminister {m} :: male state/provincial minister
Landesministerin {f} :: feminine noun of Landesminister
Landesministerium {n} :: state/provincial ministry
landespolitisch {adj} :: Relating to national politics
Landesrat {m} [Austria] :: a minister of state
Landesregierung {f} :: state government
Landessprache {f} :: national language
Landestelle {f} :: landing strip
Landesvater {m} [historic] :: territorial lord
Landesvater {m} [often, humorous] :: head of state
Landesverband {m} :: national / state association
Landesverrat {m} [law] :: treason
Landesverräter {m} [law] :: traitor
Landesverräterin {f} :: feminine noun of Landesverräter
landesverräterisch {adj} [law] :: traitorous
landesweit {adj} :: nationwide, national
Landfriede {m} [historical, Holy Roman Empire] :: Landfriede; a peace between territorial rulers of the Holy Roman Empire
Landfriedensbruch {m} :: (law) Breach of the Peace
Landgasthof {m} :: country inn
Landgericht {n} [legal] :: district court
Land gewinnen {v} [idiom] :: to leave [quickly]
Land gewinnen {v} [idiom] :: to improve one's situation
Landgraf {m} :: landgrave
Landgut {n} :: country estate, manor, demesne
Landhaus {n} :: country house
Landkarte {f} :: map
Landkreis {m} :: county (administrative region of various countries)
Landkreis {m} :: district (see Districts of Germany, which are called Landkreise in German)
landläufig {adj} :: popular
Ländle {n} [colloquial, jocular] :: Baden-Württemberg
Ländle {n} [Austria, regional, jocular] :: Vorarlberg
ländlich {adj} :: rural
landlos {adj} :: landless
Landmann {m} :: labourer; farmer
Landmann {m} :: peasant
Landmaschine {f} :: agricultural machine / implement
Landmine {f} :: land mine
Landpfleger {m} [historical] :: governor
Landrat {m} :: District / county council
Landrat {m} :: Chief administrative officer of a district
Landratte {f} :: landlubber (someone unfamiliar with the sea or seamanship)
Landsberg {prop} {n} :: The name of several European cites
Landsberg {prop} {n} :: surname
Landschaft {f} :: landscape
landschaftlich {adj} :: scenic
landschaftlich {adj} [linguistics] :: regional
Landschaftsgärtner {m} :: landscaper (male or of unspecified sex) (one that does landscaping)
Landschaftsgenetik {f} :: landscape genetics
Landshut {prop} {n} :: Landshut (independent city)
Landsknecht {m} [countable, historical] :: lansquenet (German mercenary of the 15th or 16th century)
Landsknecht {m} [uncountable] :: lansquenet (gambling card game)
Landsmann {m} :: a (male) national; one who comes from some country or region
Landsmann {m} :: a (male) compatriot; a fellow countryman; one who comes from the same country or region as another
Landsmannschaft {f} :: an association or club of people from the same region (or country) living elsewhere
Landsmannschaft {f} :: a student’s association of such kind (many of which exist in traditional university cities in German-speaking Europe)
Landsmannschaft {f} [politics] :: an association representing expelled populations from Germany’s former eastern territories
landständisch {adj} [historical] :: pertaining to the Landstände
Landstrasse {f} :: alternative spelling of Landstraße
Landstraße {f} :: state road
Landstraße {f} :: country road, rural road
Landstreicher {m} :: vagrant, vagabond, tramp, hobo
Landstreicherei {f} :: vagrancy
Landstreicherin {f} :: feminine noun of Landstreicher
Landstrich {m} :: area, district (An area or landscape within a larger area)
Landstuhl {prop} {n} :: Landstuhl (town/and/municipality)
Landsturm {prop} {m} [historical] :: Any of the final reserves of the armed forces in Prussia and later Germany, in Austria, or in Switzerland, generally made up of older people, sometimes constituted as a regular portion of the country's armed forces, sometimes irregular
Landtagswahl {f} :: state election
Landung {f} [aviation] :: landing
Land unter {n} :: A severe flood; a storm tide
Land unter {n} [slang] :: A situation where one is swamped with work
Landweg {m} :: land route
Landwein {m} :: simple regional wine; country wine, vin de pays
Landwirt {m} :: farmer, agriculturist (male or of unspecified sex)
Landwirthschaft {f} :: obsolete form of Landwirtschaft
landwirthschaftlich {adj} :: obsolete form of landwirtschaftlich
Landwirtin {f} :: farmer (female)
Landwirtschaft {f} :: agriculture
landwirtschaftlich {adj} :: agricultural
landwirtschaftlich {adj} :: agrarian
lang {adj} :: long; lengthy (in space or time)
lang {adj} [of a person] :: tall
lang {adj} [with units of time, chiefly Jahre] :: many (indicating the length of the time in total)
lang {adv} [chiefly colloquial, but also found in formal style] :: alternative form of lange
lang {adv} :: long, sprawled, stretched (physically)
lang {postp} :: for (temporal)
lang {postp} [chiefly colloquial, but also found in formal style] :: alternative form of entlang
Lang {prop} :: surname
Lang {prop} {n} :: Lang (municipality)
langanhaltend {adj} :: lasting, lingering, enduring
langärmelig {adj} :: longsleeved
langärmlig {adj} :: longsleeved
langatmig {adj} :: long-winded
Langatmigkeit {f} :: long-windedness
Langau {prop} {n} :: Langau (municipality)
langdauernd {adj} :: long-lasting
lange {adv} :: long, for a long time
lange {adv} :: in a long time
Lange {prop} :: surname
Länge {f} :: length
Länge {f} [geography, astronomy] :: longitude
langen {v} [colloquial, southern] :: to reach for something, to grab
langen {v} [colloquial, southern] :: to pass, to hand something to someone
langen {v} [colloquial, southern] :: to suffice, to be enough
Langen {prop} :: Any of several small towns in Germany
Langen {prop} :: surname
Langenberg {prop} {n} :: Any of several places in Germany
Langenegg {prop} {n} :: Langenegg (municipality)
Langenfeld {prop} {n} :: surname
Langenfeld {prop} {n} :: Langenfeld (municipality)
Langenfeld {prop} {n} :: Langenfeld (municipality)
Langenfeld {prop} {n} :: Langenfeld (municipality)
Längenfeld {prop} {n} :: Längenfeld (municipality)
Längengrad {m} [geography] :: longitude
Längenmaß {n} :: unit of length
Langenrohr {prop} {n} :: Langenrohr (municipality)
Langenstein {prop} {n} :: Langenstein (municipality)
Langenwang {prop} {n} :: Langenwang (municipality)
Langenzersdorf {prop} {n} :: Langenzersdorf (municipality)
länger {adj} :: comparative of lang
lange Rede, kurzer Sinn {phrase} :: long story short
längerlebig {adj} :: longer-lived
langer Rede kurzer Sinn {phrase} :: alternative form of lange Rede, kurzer Sinn
langersehnt {adj} :: long-awaited, long-desired
Langeweile {f} :: boredom
langfristig {adj} :: long-term
langgehen {vt} :: to walk along
langgestreckt {adj} :: elongated
langjährig {adj} :: long-standing, long-term
Langkampfen {prop} {n} :: Langkampfen (municipality)
langkettig {adj} :: long-chain
langlebig {adj} :: long-lived
Langlebigkeit {f} :: longevity
länglich {adj} :: oblong, longish
Langlieger {m} :: a recumbent bicycle with a particularly long wheelbase
Langlieger {m} :: somebody who occupies a bed in a hospital or a part thereof like an intensive care unit for so long a duration that his biding is part of the plannings
langmachen {vr} [somewhat, colloquial] :: to stretch (in order to reach something)
langmachen {vr} [colloquial] :: to lie down
langmachen {vt} [colloquial] :: to scold harshly
Langmut {f} :: forbearance, longanimity
langmütig {adj} :: long-suffering, longanimous
Langobarde {m} :: Lombard, Langobard (male or of unspecified sex) (from the tribe of the Lombards)
Langobardin {f} :: Lombard, Langobard (female) (from the tribe of the Lombards)
langobardisch {adj} :: Lombardic (of or pertaining to the Lombards)
Langobardisch {n} :: Lombardic (the language of the Lombards)
Langohr {n} :: donkey
Langohr {n} :: rabbit
Langohr {n} [zoology] :: long-eared bat [animal of the genus Plecotus]
längs {adv} :: lengthwise; lengthways
längs {prep} [+ genitive] :: along (by the length; in a line with the length)
langsam {adj} :: slow (taking a long time to move or travel; not happening in a short time)
langsam {adv} :: slowly (at a slow pace)
langsamer {adj} :: comparative of langsam
Langsamkeit {f} :: slowness
Langschläfer {m} :: late riser, slugabed
Langschlag {prop} {n} :: Langschlag (municipality)
Langschwanz-Ameisenwürger {m} :: large-tailed antshrike
Langschwanzkatze {f} :: margay [Leopardus wiedii]
Langschwanzpinguin {m} :: brush-tailed penguin, a penguin of the Pygoscelis genus
Langschwert {n} [antiquarian] :: longsword; any type of long sword, specifically of the Germanic spatha
Langschwert {n} [medieval history] :: as a proper name, calque of the sobriquet of Guillaume Longue Épée (d. 942)
Längsreihe {f} :: longitudinal row
Längsstreifen {m} :: vertical stripe
längst {adv} :: long ago, long
langstängelig {adj} :: Having a long stalk
langstänglig {adj} :: alternative form of langstängelig
längsten {adj} :: superlative of lang
langstielig {adj} :: long-stemmed
Langstrecke {f} [generally or sports] :: long distance
Langstreckenläufer {m} :: long-distance runner
Langstreckenrakete {f} :: long-range missile
Languste {f} :: rock lobster, spiny lobster (crustacean of the family Palinuridae)
Langvokal {m} [phonology] :: long vowel
Langwaffe {f} :: A firearm with a barrel longer than 30 cm
langweilen {v} :: to bore (inspire boredom in somebody)
langweilen {vr} :: to be bored, to feel bored
langweilig {adj} :: boring
langweiliger {adj} :: comparative of langweilig
langweiligsten {adj} :: superlative of langweilig
langwellig {adj} :: longwave
langwierig {adj} :: lengthy, protracted, prolonged
langwierig {adj} :: lingering
Langwierigkeit {f} :: lengthiness
Langzeichen {n} :: Traditional Chinese character
Langzeitarbeitslosigkeit {f} :: long-term unemployment
Langzeittherapie {f} [medicine] :: long-term therapy
Lannach {prop} {n} :: Lannach (municipality)
Lans {prop} {n} :: Lans (municipality)
Lanthan {n} :: lanthanum
Lanthanoid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: lanthanide, lanthanoid
Lanthanoidenkontraktion {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: lanthanide contraction
Lanze {f} :: lance, spear
Lanzendorf {prop} {n} :: Lanzendorf (municipality)
Lanzenkirchen {prop} {n} :: Lanzenkirchen (municipality)
Lanzenspitze {f} :: spearhead (head of a spear or lance)
Laos {prop} {n} :: Laos
Laote {m} :: Lao (male person)
Laotin {f} :: Lao (female person of Lao ethnicity)
laotisch {adj} :: Lao (of, from, or pertaining to Laos, the people or their language)
Laotisch {prop} {n} :: Lao (language)
lapidar {adj} :: lapidary; brief, succinct (frequent connotation: more succinct than appropriate in the given situation)
Lapislazuli {m} [mineral] :: lapis lazuli
Lapointe {prop} {mf} :: surname
Lappalie {f} :: bagatelle, trifle, minor thing
Läppchen {n} :: diminutive of Lappen
Lappe {m} :: native of Lapland
Lappen {m} :: cloth, rag
Lappen {m} [anatomy] :: lobe
Lappen {m} [colloquial] :: driver's license
Lappen {m} [youth slang] :: loser; idiot
Lappenente {f} :: musk duck (Biziura lobata)
läppern {vr} [somewhat, colloquial] :: to mount up from small individual amounts to a large sum
läppisch {adj} :: silly, childish, footling
läppisch {adj} :: lousy
Lappland {prop} {n} :: Lapland
Läpplein {n} :: diminutive of Lappen
lapsus linguae {m} :: A lapsus linguae; an inadvertent remark, a slip of the tongue
Laptop {m} {n} :: laptop computer
Lara {prop} {f} :: given name
Lärche {f} :: larch (Larix decidua)
larifari {adj} :: sloppy, untidy
Larissa {prop} :: given name
Lärm {m} :: annoying noise; noise [when subjectively considered to be a disturbance]
lärmen {v} :: to make lots of annoying noise, to make a racket; to din
larmoyant {adj} :: tearful, maudlin
Larmoyanz {f} [derogatory] :: maudlinness, mawkishness, self-pity
Lars {prop} :: given name
Larve {f} [zoology] :: larva (early stage of growth for some insects and amphibians)
Larve {f} [southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland, otherwise archaic, literary] :: mask
Lasagne {f} :: lasagna (kind of dish involving pasta)
Lasberg {prop} {n} :: Lasberg (municipality)
lasch {adj} :: lax, lackadaisical, limp
Lasche {f} :: tongue (a flap or protrusion)
Laser {m} :: laser (beam of light)
Läser {m} :: obsolete spelling of Leser
Laserdiode {f} :: laser diode
Laserdrucker {m} :: laser printer (computer printer)
laserinduziert {adj} :: laser-induced
Laserkraut {n} :: any of several plants of the genus Laserpitium; laserwort
Laserkühlung {f} [physics] :: laser cooling
Lasertechnik {f} :: laser technology
Läsion {f} [medicine] :: lesion
Lassee {prop} {n} :: Lassee (municipality)
lassen {vt} [with an infinitive] :: to allow; to permit; to let
lassen {vt} [with an infinitive] :: to have someone (do something); to have (something done); to make (something happen); to cause (something to be done)
lassen {vt} :: to let; to leave
lassen {vt} :: to stop (something); to quit; to refrain from; to help doing (something)
lassen {vi} :: to cease; to desist
lassen Sie es sich schmecken {interj} :: bon appétit
lass es dir schmecken {interj} :: bon appétit
lässig {adj} :: casual, easy-going
lässig {adj} [colloquial] :: cool, awesome
Lässigkeit {f} :: casualness, easygoingness
Lassing {prop} {n} :: Lassing (municipality)
lässlich {adj} :: venial, pardonable
lässlich {adj} :: insignificant
Laßnitzhöhe {prop} {n} :: Laßnitzhöhe (municipality)
Lasso {n} :: lasso
lasst es euch schmecken {interj} :: bon appétit
Last {f} :: load
lasten {v} [with auf] :: to weigh on, to bear on
Laster {n} :: vice (bad habit)
Laster {m} [colloquial] :: agent noun of lasten; truck, lorry (motor vehicle for transporting goods)
lasterhaft {adj} :: vicious
lästern {vt} :: to blaspheme against
lästern {vi} [with über + accusative] :: to gossip, usually in a disdainful way; to bitch about; to speak ill of someone behind their back
lästig {adj} :: tiresome
lästig {adj} :: annoying
Lastkraftwagen {m} :: truck
Lastschrift {f} :: direct debit
Lasttier {n} :: beast of burden
Lastwagen {m} :: truck, lorry
lasziv {adj} :: lascivious; wanton
lat. {adj} :: abbreviation of lateinisch
Latein {n} :: [language] Latin
Lateinamerika {prop} {n} :: Latin America
lateinamerikanisch {adj} :: Latin American
lateinisch {adj} [of the language] :: Latin
lateinisch {adj} [of the script] :: Latin
lateinisch {adj} [Swiss] :: pertaining to the French, Italian, and Romansh; also Spanish and Portuguese peoples
Lateinisch {prop} {n} :: Latin (language of the ancient Romans)
Lateinisch {prop} {n} :: Latin (alphabet)
Lateinisch {adj} [obsolete] :: Latin
latent {adj} :: latent
latente Wärme {f} [thermodynamics] :: latent heat
Latenz {f} :: latency
Latenzzeit {f} :: latency
lateral {adj} :: lateral
Lateral {m} [phonetics] :: lateral
Laterna magica {f} :: magic lantern
Laterne {f} :: lantern
Laternenfisch {m} :: lanternfish
Laternenträger {m} :: lantern beetle
Laternenträger {m} :: a kind of fish (Hemigrammus falsei, Hemigrammus mattei)
Laterns {prop} {n} :: Laterns (municipality)
Latex {m} :: latex (rubber)
Latexallergie {f} :: allergy to latex
Latexrock {m} :: latex skirt
latinisch {adj} :: Latin (of Latium)
latinisieren {v} :: to Latinize
Latinisierung {f} :: Latinization
Latino {m} :: Latino (male person from Latin America)
Lativ {m} [grammar] :: lative case
latreutisch {adj} :: latreutic (pertaining to latria)
Latrine {f} :: latrine (very simple toilet facility)
Latsch {prop} {n} :: Latsch (municipality)
Latte {f} :: batten; lath; slat (narrow board or strip, usually of wood)
Latte {f} [slang] :: erection
lattenstramm {adj} :: Very drunk
Latüchte {f} :: lamp, lantern, luminous object
Latwerge {f} [medicine] :: electuary
Latwerge {f} [Northern German] :: fruit mush, especially plum puree
Latz {m} :: bib (item of clothing for babies)
Lätzchen {n} :: diminutive of Latz; bib (item of clothing for babies)
Latzhose {f} :: overalls (loose fitting pants with cross-straps and bib)
lau {adj} :: lukewarm
Laub {n} [collective] :: foliage, greenery, leaves (on a tree or fallen onto the ground, but particularly the latter)
Laub {n} :: leaves, a suit in German playing cards
Laubbaum {m} :: deciduous tree
Laubbaum {m} :: broad-leaved tree
Laubbläser {m} :: leafblower
Laubblatt {n} [botany] :: leaf (foliage leaf of deciduous plants (trees and shrubs))
Laube {f} :: bower, arbor (shady, leafy shelter in a garden or woods)
Laube {f} :: alcove
Laube {f} [architecture] :: arcade (covered passage, usually with shops)
Laube {m} [ichtiologia] :: bleak (kind of fish)
Laubenvogel {m} :: bower bird
Laubfrosch {m} :: tree frog
Laubgehölz {n} [forestry] :: deciduous tree or shrub
Laubholz {n} :: hardwood (The wood from any dicotyledonous tree.)
Laubhütte {f} [Judaism] :: sukkah
Laubhüttenfest {n} [Judaism] :: Sukkot
Laubmoos {n} :: moss
Laubsäge {f} :: jigsaw
Laubsänger {m} :: warbler (bird in the genus Phylloscopus or Seicercus)
Laubsturm {m} :: leafstorm
Laubwald {m} :: deciduous forest
Lauch {m} :: leek
Lauch {m} [slang, pejorative] :: wimp (weak, pathetic person)
lauchig {adj} :: having a taste reminding of leek
Lauchmotte {f} :: leek moth
Laudanum {n} :: laudanum
Lauenburg {prop} :: Lauenburg (town), formally Lauenburg an der Elbe or Lauenburg/Elbe
Lauenburg {prop} :: Lauenburg (town in Pomerania: Lębork), formerly formally Lauenburg in Pommern or Lauenburg i. Pom.
lauern {v} :: lurk; to follow, watch, or spy in hiding or in the background
lauern {v} :: to lie in wait or ambush
Lauf {m} :: a run
Lauf {m} :: a leg of certain animals
Lauf {m} [of a gun] :: barrel
Lauf {m} [onward movement] :: course
Lauf {prop} {n} :: Lauf (town)
Laufbahn {f} [running] :: track
Laufbahn {f} :: career
Laufband {n} [exercise] :: treadmill
Laufband {n} :: conveyor belt
Laufband {n} :: moving walkway
laufen {vti} :: to walk; to jog; to run (to move on foot; either at a normal or an increased speed)
laufen {vi} [of a fluid] :: to flow; to leak; to run
laufen {vi} [of an event] :: to be in progress; to run
laufen {vi} [computing] :: to run, to execute (a program)
laufen {vi} [of an event] :: to be in order; to work; to function
laufen {vi} [of time] :: to pass; to flow
Laufen {n} [sports] :: "running"
laufend {adj} [attributive, presently or currently happening; being in progress] :: current, ongoing, pending
laufend {adj} [attributive] :: constant
laufend {adv} [colloquial] :: constantly, continually
laufen lassen {v} [idiomatic] :: to release (literally: "to let run")
laufen lassen {v} :: to leave running
Laufer {m} :: alternative form of Läufer
Läufer {m} :: agent noun of laufen; runner (someone who runs)
Läufer {m} :: runner (strip of fabric used to decorate a table)
Läufer {m} :: runner (narrow long carpet)
Läufer {m} [chess] :: bishop
Läuferbauer {m} [chess] :: bishop's pawn
Lauffeuer {n} :: wildfire, rapidly-spreading fire
läufig {adj} :: in heat, on heat
Laufmasche {f} :: the run of a thread of a piece of disintegrating clothing
Laufpass {m} [dated, military] :: certificate of discharge
Laufpass {m} [figurative, colloquial] :: axe (dismissal or rejection)
Laufring {m} :: ballrace
Laufsteg {m} :: catwalk
Laufuhr {f} :: running watch
Laufvogel {m} :: flightless bird, ratite
Laufwerk {n} [computing] :: drive
Laufwerk {n} :: part of a clockwork mechanism
Laufwerk {n} :: part of a railroad car
Laufzeit {f} [physics or electronics or telecommunications or broadcasting] :: delay
Laufzeit {f} [computing] :: run time
Laufzeit {f} :: operating life
Laufzeit {f} :: period of validity
Lauge {f} :: lye
Laugensalz {n} :: (any of several) alkaline salt
Laune {f} :: mood
Laune {f} :: whim
launenhaft {adj} :: capricious
launig {adj} :: humorous
launig {adj} :: jocose
launig {adj} :: whimsical
launisch {adj} :: moody, capricious
Laura {prop} :: given name
Laurein {prop} {n} :: Laurein (municipality)
Laurens {prop} :: given name
Laurenz {prop} :: given name
Laurier {prop} {mf} :: surname
Laurin {prop} :: given name
Laurit {m} [mineral] :: laurite
Laus {f} :: louse
lauschen {vi} :: to listen (to wait for a sound)
lauschen {vi} :: to eavesdrop
lauschen {vt} [with dative] :: to listen to
Läuschen {n} :: diminutive of Laus
lauschig {adj} :: snug
lausen {vt} :: to louse
lausig {adj} :: lousy [remarkably bad]
Lausitz {prop} :: Lusatia
Laussa {prop} {n} :: Laussa (municipality)
laut {adj} :: loud, noisy
laut {prep} :: according to
Laut {m} :: sound
Laut {m} :: noise
Lauta {prop} {n} :: Lauta (town)
lautbar {adj} [dated] :: Sounding aloud, resounding, echoing, reverberating
lautbar {adj} [dated] :: Public, open to the public, common, general
laut denken {v} :: to think aloud
Laute {f} :: lute
lauten {v} :: To sound
lauten {v} :: To read (have a certain wording)
läuten {v} :: to ring: to make or to produce sound
läuten {v} :: to toll: to produce the sound of a bell
Lautenwerck {n} :: a European keyboard instrument of the Baroque period, similar to a harpsichord but strung with gut strings rather than metal strings
lauter {adj} [formal] :: sincere; honorable; of integrity; correct
lauter {adj} [formal, literary, most often of metal] :: genuine; pure
lauter {adj} [colloquial, uninflected, not comparable] :: a lot of; a bunch of; much; many; several
lauter {adv} [formal] :: in a sincere, honorable, correct manner; with integrity
lauter {adv} [colloquial] :: just; only; exclusively; often best translated with all
lauter {adj} :: comparative of laut
Lauterach {prop} {n} :: Lauterach (municipality)
Lauterach {prop} {n} :: Lauterach (municipality)
Lauterach {prop} {f} :: Lauterach (river)
läutern {v} :: to refine
läutern {v} :: to cleanse, purify
Läuterung {f} :: catharsis
Läuterung {f} :: refinement, purification
Lautgesetz {n} [linguistics] :: sound law
lauthals {adv} :: at the top of one's voice (especially in the context of singing)
Lautlehre {f} [science] :: phonology and phonetics combined
lautlich {adj} :: phonetic
lautlos {adj} :: soundless
Lautmalerei {f} [linguistics] :: onomatopoeia (property)
lautmalerisch {adj} :: onomatopoeic
Lautreihe {f} :: series of sounds
Lautschrift {f} :: phonetic alphabet, phonetic transcription
Lautsprache {f} :: vocal language [i.e. as opposed to a sign language]
Lautsprecher {m} :: loudspeaker
Lautsprecher {m} [loosely, pars pro toto] :: loudhailer (electronic megaphone)
lautstark {adj} :: noisy, loud
Lautstärke {f} :: volume
Lautstärke {f} :: loudness
Lautstärkeanzeige {f} [technical device] :: volume indicator, volume display
Lautstärkeregler {m} :: loudness control, volume control button
Lautung {f} :: pronunciation
Lautverschiebung {f} [linguistics] :: A sound shift, a regular process affecting a sound of a language, changing it into another sound
Lautwandel {m} [linguistics] :: sound change
lauwarm {adj} :: lukewarm
Lava {f} :: lava
Lavabo {n} [Switzerland] :: sink, washbasin
Lavafluss {m} :: lava flow
Lavalampe {f} :: lava lamp
Lavamünd {prop} {n} :: Lavamünd (municipality)
Lavant {prop} {n} :: Lavant (municipality)
Lavant {prop} {f} :: Lavant (river)
Lavanttal {prop} {n} :: A region of Carinthia in Austria based on the Lavant river valley
Lavaret {m} :: lavaret, common whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus)
Lavendel {m} [plant] :: lavender
lavendelfarben {adj} :: lavender (coloured)
Lavendelwasser {n} :: lavender water
lavieren {v} [nautical] :: to tack (manoeuvre a ship through strong winds)
lavieren {v} [figurative] :: to manoeuvre so as to avoid difficulties
Lawine {f} :: avalanche
Lawinenschutzmauer {f} :: avalanche protection wall, wall to protect against avalanches
Lawrencium {n} :: lawrencium
lax {adj} :: lax
lax {adj} [morale or ethics] :: easy, loose
Laxenburg {prop} {n} :: Laxenburg (municipality)
laxierend {adj} [medicine] :: laxative, purgative
Layout {n} :: layout
Layouter {m} :: a layout person: someone who deals with layout
Laysanente {f} :: Laysan duck (Anas laysanensis)
Lazarett {n} [dated] :: any military hospital
Lazarett {n} :: a military hospital under war conditions
Lazarett {n} :: short for Feldlazarett
Lazarett {n} :: a similar non-military facility (usually after a natural disaster)
Lazarus {prop} {m} :: Lazarus
LDK {prop} :: Lahn-Dill-Kreis, a district in Hesse, Germany
LDVH {phrase} :: Lies das verdammte Handbuch! RTFM (literally, "read the damned manual")
-le {suffix} [chiefly dialectal] :: suffix used to create a diminutive form, mostly in Alemannic and Upper Franconian dialects; e.g., HausHäusle
Lea {prop} :: Leah [biblical character]
Lea {prop} :: given name currently popular
Leadhillit {m} [mineral] :: leadhillite
leaken {v} :: to leak (to reveal secret information to the public)
Lebemann {m} :: bon vivant
Lebemann {m} :: playboy
leben {vi} :: to live, to be alive
leben {vi} :: to dwell, to reside
leben {vi} :: to live, to exist, to occupy a place
leben {vi} [hyperbole] :: To cope with, to live with, to deal with
Leben {n} [uncountable] :: living
Leben {n} :: life; being alive
Leben {n} [uncountable, biology] :: a state in which organic entities such as animals, plants and bacteria have properties like metabolism, adaption and replication
Leben {n} [uncountable, biology] :: the entirety of those who are in this state
Leben {n} [countable] :: the time period in which one is in this state; the time between birth and death
Leben {n} [uncountable, religion, philosophy] :: a state of being in touch or in line with certain metaphysical forces and principles by which biological life is governed
Leben {n} [countable] :: life; way of life (a particular manner of behaving and passing one’s time, whether real or ideal, and whether self-chosen or not)
Leben {n} [countable] :: biography; life; life story (an account of a person’s life, whether real or virtual)
Leben {n} [usually, uncountable] :: existence; life (a position one has created for oneself, often manifested in success, prosperity, and standing)
Leben {n} [usually, uncountable] :: life; precious or beloved thing that someone considers fundamental to their existence
Leben {n} [countable, video games] :: a measure of successful play
Leben {n} :: life; numbers of times a game can be played
Leben {n} :: health; hit points
Leben {n} [youth slang] :: used as the object of certain verbs, often ones that are per se intransitive, for emphasis
lebend {adj} :: living
lebend {adj} :: live, alive
lebendgebärend {adj} :: viviparous, live-bearing
Lebendgewicht {n} :: live weight (weight of a living animal)
lebendig {adj} :: living, alive; animate
lebendig {adj} :: lively, vivacious, spirited, animated; vibrant
lebendig {adj} :: active, agile
Lebendiger {noun} :: a person who is alive
Lebensabend {m} :: eventide, late life
Lebensalter {n} :: age (of life)
Lebensbedingung {f} :: condition of life
lebensbedrohlich {adj} :: life-threatening
Lebensdauer {f} :: lifespan, lifetime
lebensecht {adj} :: lifelike
Lebensende {n} :: end of (one's) life, death
lebenserfahren {adj} :: experienced (in life)
Lebenserwartung {f} :: life expectancy
Lebensfaden {m} :: thread of life
lebensfeindlich {adj} :: hostile to life
Lebensform {f} :: lifeform
Lebensform {f} :: lifestyle
Lebensgefahr {f} :: danger to life
lebensgefährlich {adj} :: extremely dangerous, life-threatening (dangerous enough potentially to result in death, as opposed to merely injury)
Lebensgefährte {m} :: significant other, life partner, life companion, companion
Lebensgefühl {n} :: sense of life (conscious feeling of participating in real life)
Lebensgemeinschaft {f} :: community
Lebensgemeinschaft {f} [biology] :: biocoenosis / biocenosis
Lebensgröße {f} [especially in the phrase "in Lebensgröße"] :: full size
Lebensgrundlage {f} :: livelihood
Lebenshaltungskosten {p} :: cost of living
Lebensjahr {n} :: year of one's life
Lebensjahr {n} :: at the age of
Lebenskraft {f} :: vitality, life force
lebenslang {adj} :: lifelong
lebenslänglich {adj} [law] :: for life, life
Lebenslauf {m} :: curriculum vitae [UK], résumé [US]
Lebenslüge {f} :: grand lie, grand delusion: a self-deception which forms a core part of a person or group's identity
lebenslustig {adj} :: fun-loving
Lebensmensch {m} [especially in Austria] :: the most important person (whether a relative, a spouse or a friend) in one's life
Lebensmittel {n} :: any item or substance intended for human consumption (excluding medical drugs and mind-altering drugs other than alcohol)
Lebensmittel {n} [in the plural] :: groceries; roughly, though not usually including housewares
Lebensmittelallergie {f} :: food allergy
Lebensmittelchemie {f} [chemistry] :: food chemistry
Lebensmittelergänzung {f} :: food supplement
Lebensmittelfarbe {f} :: food colouring
Lebensmittelfarbstoff {m} :: food colouring
Lebensmittelgeschäft {n} :: grocery, grocery store
Lebensmittelhandlung {f} :: grocery, grocery store
Lebensmittelindustrie {f} :: food industry
Lebensmittelladen {m} :: grocery, grocery store
Lebensmittelsicherheit {f} :: food safety
Lebensmittelsicherheit {f} :: food security
Lebensmitteltechnik {f} :: food technology
Lebensmittelvergiftung {f} :: food poisoning (any food-borne disease)
Lebensmittelzusatzstoff {m} :: food additive
lebensmüde {adj} :: weary of life
lebensnotwendig {adj} :: vital, essential
Lebensplanung {f} :: planning for life
Lebensqualität {f} :: quality of life
Lebensraum {m} :: living space
Lebensraum {m} :: habitat
Lebensraum {m} :: lebensraum
Lebensreform {f} [historical] :: A social movement in late 19th-century and early 20th-century Germany and Switzerland that propagated a back-to-nature lifestyle
lebensrettend {adj} :: life-saving
Lebensretter {m} :: lifesaver, lifeguard
Lebensstandard {m} :: standard of living
Lebensstil {m} :: lifestyle
Lebenstraum {m} :: life dream
Lebensunterhalt {m} :: livelihood
Lebensversicherung {f} :: life insurance, life assurance
Lebenswandel {m} :: lifestyle
Lebenswasser {n} [mythology] :: water of life
Lebensweg {m} :: life, life's journey
Lebensweise {f} :: way of life
Lebenswelt {f} :: (living) environment
lebenswert {adj} :: worth living
lebenswichtig {adj} :: vital
lebenswichtig {adj} :: essential
Lebenszeichen {n} :: sign of life
Lebenszeit {f} :: lifetime
Lebenszyklus {m} :: life cycle
leben und leben lassen {v} :: live and let live (be tolerant)
leben wie Gott in Frankreich {v} [idiomatic] :: to live in luxury (literally: to live like God in France)
Leber {f} :: liver
Leberdegeneration {f} [pathology] :: liver degeneration
Leberentzündung {f} :: hepatitis
Leberfleck {m} :: mole (spot on the skin)
Leberkäs {m} :: alternative form of Leberkäse
Leberkäse {m} :: A dish similar to meat loaf, popular in southern Germany, Austria and parts of Switzerland
leberkrank {adj} :: liver disease (attributive)
Leberl {prop} :: surname
Leberlein {n} :: diminutive of Leber
Leberschaden {m} :: liver damage
Leberschädigung {f} [pathology] :: liver damage / injury
leberspezifisch {adj} [medicine, pathology] :: liver-specific
Lebertran {m} :: cod liver oil
Lebervergrößerung {f} [pathology] :: liver enlargement; hepatomegaly
Leberwurst {f} :: liverwurst, liver sausage
Leberzirrhose {f} :: cirrhosis of the liver
Lebewesen {n} :: organism (any living thing)
Lebewesen {n} [in common usage] :: creature; an animal or human
Lebewohl {n} [literary] :: farewell (wish of happiness or safety at parting)
lebhaft {adj} :: lively, active, buoyant or agile
lebhaft {adj} :: brisk
lebhaft {adj} [music] :: allegro
Lebkuchen {m} :: lebkuchen (a form of gingerbread)
Lebkuchenhaus {n} :: gingerbread house
Leblanc {prop} {mf} :: surname
leblos {adj} :: lifeless
Lebtag {m} [dated] :: days of life
leb wohl {interj} :: farewell, goodbye
Lebzeiten {p} :: lifetime
Lech {prop} {m} :: A river in Austria and Germany
Lechaschau {prop} {n} :: Lechaschau (municipality)
lechzen {v} :: to crave [+ nach (object)]
leck {adj} :: leaky
Leck {n} :: leak (hole in a large container, such as in a tank)
Leck {n} [nautical] :: leak (hole in the body of a ship)
Leckage {f} :: leak, leakage
lecken {vti} [also with an + dative] :: to lick (strike with the tongue)
lecken {vti} :: to lick (perform cunnilingus)
lecken {v} :: to leak [a liquid, such as water]
lecken {v} :: to seep
Lecken {n} :: cunnilingus (oral sex performed on a female person)
lecker {adj} :: yummy, tasty
lecker {adj} [regional, chiefly West Central German, sometimes uninflected, especially in the neuter] :: attractive (woman or man)
lecker {adv} :: well, with pleasure [usually referring to eating and drinking]
Lecker {m} :: licker, one who licks
Leckerbissen {m} :: delicacy, tidbit
Leckerei {f} :: delicacy, delectable
leckerfritzig {adj} :: yummy
leck mich am Arsch {interj} [vulgar, idiomatic] :: kiss my ass
leck mich im Arsch {phrase} [vulgar] :: kiss my ass
Leckrate {f} :: leakage rate
Leckstelle {f} :: leakage point
LED {f} :: LED (light-emitting diode)
Leder {n} :: leather
Ledercorsage {f} :: alternative spelling of Lederkorsage
Lederhose {f} :: Any trousers made of leather
Lederhose {f} :: A lederhosen, a traditional (mainly Bavarian) pair of knee-breeches in heavy, creaking leather, with suspenders
Lederhose {f} [colloquial, pejorative] :: A Bavarian person
Lederhose {f} [colloquial, pejorative] :: A member of supporter of Bayern Munich
Lederkorsage {f} :: leather corsage
Ledermantel {m} :: leather coat
ledern {adj} :: leather, leathery
ledern {adj} :: dry (boring)
Lederschlaufe {f} :: leather loop, leather strap
Lederstiefel {m} :: leather boot
ledig {adj} :: unmarried
ledig {adj} [dated, literary] :: free; rid (of)
ledig {adj} [archaic, of a, child] :: born out of wedlock
ledig {adj} [archaic, dialectal] :: empty
lediglich {adv} :: merely
Lee {f} :: leeward side of a ship (the side away from the wind direction)
leer {adj} :: empty
Leer {prop} {n} :: Leer (town)
Leere {f} :: emptiness
Leere {f} :: obsolete spelling of Lehre
leeren {v} :: to empty
leeressen {vt} :: to eat [out of a food container until it is empty]
leeres Stroh dreschen {v} [idiom] :: to talk pointlessly
Leergewicht {n} :: tare; weight when empty
Leergut {n} :: empty [empty container for recycling]
Leergutautomat {m} :: reverse vending machine
Leerlauf {m} [automotive] :: neutral gear
Leerlauf {m} [figuratively] :: running in place
leerlaufen {vi} :: to empty
leerlaufen {vi} :: to idle, to run at idle
Leerlaufstellung {f} [automotive] :: neutral (position)
Leerstelle {f} :: space, gap
Leerverkauf {m} [finance] :: short sale
Leerwort {n} [linguistics] :: function word
Leerzeichen {n} :: space (gap between written characters)
leewärts {adv} :: leeward
Lefze {f} :: lip of a dog, predator, etc. (particularly when aggressive, baring the teeth)
Lefze {f} [anatomy, archaic] :: lip in general
Lefze {f} [anatomy, obsolete] :: labium
legal {adj} :: legal
legalisieren {v} :: to legalize
Legalisierung {f} :: legalization (process of making something legal)
Legalität {f} :: legality
legasthen {adj} [having dyslexia] :: dyslexic, dyslectic
Legasthenie {f} [neurology, pathology] :: dyslexia
Legastheniker {m} :: dyslexic, dyslectic
legasthenisch {adj} [having dyslexia] :: dyslexic, dyslectic
Legat {n} :: legacy, a detachment of certain items of the heritage
Legat {m} :: legate
Legebatterie {f} :: battery cage, laying cage (cage for chicken to lay eggs)
legen {vt} :: to lay, to put, to place, to position, so that it afterwands lies as opposed to being gesetzt, gestellt
legen {v} [animal husbandry] :: to castrate
Legen {n} :: laying, placement
legendär {adj} :: legendary
Legende {f} :: legend
legendenumwoben {adj} :: legendary (wrapped in legends)
leger {adj} :: casual, informal
leger {adj} [of clothing] :: dressed down
legerer {adj} :: comparative of leger
legersten {adj} :: superlative of leger
legierbar {adj} :: alloyable
legieren {v} :: To alloy
legieren {v} :: To thicken
legiert {v} :: past participle of legieren
legiert {adj} :: alloyed
Legierung {f} :: alloy, alloying
Legierungsbestandteil {m} :: component of an alloy
Legierungselement {n} [metallurgy] :: alloying element
Legierungsmetall {n} :: alloy metal
Legierungszusatz {m} :: alloying additive
legiferieren {v} :: to legislate
Legion {f} :: legion
Legislative {f} [politics] :: legislature
Legislaturperiode {f} :: legislative session
legitim {adj} :: legitimate
legitimistisch {adj} :: legitimistic
Leguan {m} :: iguana, lizard
Leguminose {f} :: legume
Lehen {n} :: feud or fief (estate granted to a vassal by a feudal lord)
Lehm {m} :: loam
Lehmann {prop} :: surname
lehmartig {adj} :: loamy
lehmhaltig {adj} :: loamy
lehmig {adj} :: loamy, clayey
Lehmziegel {m} :: adobe
Lehnbedeutung {f} [lexicography] :: semantic loan
Lehne {f} :: arm (of a chair), armrest
Lehne {f} :: back (of chair), backrest
lehnen {vir} :: to lean
lehnen {vt} :: to lean something
Lehnsherr {m} :: liege lord
Lehnstuhl {m} :: easy chair
Lehnübersetzung {f} [lexicography] :: loan translation, calque
Lehnwort {n} :: loanword, foreign word, borrowing
Lehramt {n} :: teaching post
Lehrbuch {n} :: textbook
lehrbuchmäßig {adj} :: textbook (perfectly correct)
Lehre {f} :: science
Lehre {f} [religion] :: teaching, tenet
Lehre {f} :: apprenticeship
Lehre {f} :: doctrine
Lehre {f} :: lesson
Lehre {f} :: theory
Lehre {f} :: jig, gauge (tool)
lehren {vti} :: to teach a class, a subject; to be a teacher
lehren {vt} [formal] :: to teach somebody something
Lehrer {m} :: agent noun of lehren; teacher (male or of unspecified sex)
Lehrerin {f} :: teacher (thing which or female person who teaches)
Lehrerpult {n} :: teacher's desk
Lehrfreiheit {f} :: academic freedom
Lehrgegenstand {m} :: material that is taught in a lesson
Lehrgegenstand {m} [Austria] :: subject (particular area of study)
Lehrjahre {noun} :: apprenticeship
Lehrkörper {m} :: faculty (staff of teachers)
Lehrkörper {m} [rare, chiefly erroneous or jocular] :: a teacher
Lehrkraft {f} :: (qualified) teacher
Lehrling {m} :: apprentice
Lehrmaterial {n} :: teaching material
lehrreich {adj} :: instructive, teaching, informative, educational, salutary
Lehrstelle {f} :: apprenticeship
Lehrwerk {n} :: textbook
-lei {suffix} :: means sort, kind, type; added to numerals or some pronouns: indicates the specified number of types
Leib {m} [dated, literary or religious] :: body
Leib {m} [dated, literary or religious] :: womb
Leib {m} [dated, literary] :: belly; abdomen; stomach
Leib {m} [dated, literary] :: trunk; torso; especially without limbs
Leibarzt {m} :: personal physician
Leibchen {n} [dated] :: bodice, especially of a dirndl
Leibchen {n} [Austria, Swiss] :: men's undershirt
Leibchen {n} [Austria, Swiss] :: jersey (shirt worn by an athlete)
Leibchen {n} :: T-shirt
Leibchen {n} :: A traditional sleeveless shirt worn by children, often with garters attached
leibeigen {adj} :: unfree, in bondage; serf (attributive)
Leibeigener {m} :: An unfree person; a slave, serf or indentured servant
Leiben {prop} {n} :: Leiben (municipality)
Leibesfrucht {f} :: unborn child; embryo, fetus
Leibesfülle {f} :: corpulent body
Leibesvisitation {f} :: body cavity search
Leibgericht {n} :: favourite dish
leibhaftig {adj} :: physical, material
leibhaftig {adj} :: incarnate, corporeal
Leibhaftige {m} [theology, euphemistic, with definite article] :: the Devil
Leibhaftigkeit {f} [philosophy, theology] :: corporeality, materiality, physicality
leiblich {adj} :: bodily, physical, worldly
leiblich {adj} :: consanguine
Leibnitz {prop} :: Leibnitz (town)
Leibnitz {prop} :: surname
Leibnitz {prop} :: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, German mathematician and philosopher
Leibniz {prop} :: surname
Leibniz {prop} :: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646–1716), German mathematician, philosopher, and polymath
Leibrock {m} :: frock coat
Leibrock {m} [biblical] :: ephod
Leibschmerz {m} :: bellyache (abdominal pain)
Leib und Leben {noun} :: life and limb
Leibwächter {m} :: bodyguard (male or of unspecified sex)
Leich {m} :: a song consisting of strophes of unequal length
Leiche {f} :: dead body, corpse
leichenblass {adj} :: deathly pale
Leichenficker {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: man who has sex with a human corpse
Leichenhalle {f} :: morgue, mortuary
Leichenhaus {n} :: morgue, mortuary
Leichenschänder {m} :: person who has sex with a dead human body
Leichenschänder {m} :: person who treats a dead human body in a disrespectful way
Leichenschändung {f} :: desecration of corpse(s)
Leichenschändung {f} :: necrophilia
Leichenschau {f} :: inquest of a body
Leichenschauhaus {n} :: morgue, mortuary
Leichenschmaus {m} :: communal meal eaten by mourners after a funeral
Leichenstein {m} [obsolete] :: tombstone (stone on grave)
Leichentuch {n} [burial] :: shroud
Leichenverbrennung {f} :: cremation
Leichenwagen {m} :: hearse
Leichnam {m} :: corpse (dead human body)
leicht {adj} :: light (not heavy)
leicht {adj} :: easy (not difficult)
leicht {adj} :: light, lite, diet (of food which is low in calories)
leicht {adj} :: slight
leicht {adv} :: slightly
Leichtathletik {f} [sports, athletics] :: track and field (group of athletic sports)
Leichtbau {m} :: lightweight construction
leichtentzündlich {adj} :: highly inflammable
leichter {adj} :: comparative of leicht
Leichter {m} [nautical] :: lighter; barge
leichtfertig {adj} :: flippant, frivolous, thoughtless
leichtflüchtig {adj} :: volatile
leichtflüssig {adj} :: light, mobile
leichtflüssig {adj} :: low melting (melting at low temperature)
leichtgläubig {adj} :: credulous, gullible
Leichtheit {f} :: lightness (property of being light)
leichtherzig {adj} :: lighthearted, carefree
Leichtigkeit {f} :: easiness
Leichtigkeit {f} :: lightness
Leichtindustrie {f} :: light industry
Leichtlegierung {f} :: light alloy
leichtlöslich {adj} :: easily / readily soluble
Leichtmetall {n} :: light alloy
Leichtmetallfelge {f} :: alloy wheel
Leichtsinn {m} :: carelessness, recklessness
leichtsinnig {adj} :: careless, reckless
leichtsinnigerweise {adv} :: carelessly
leid {adj} [obsolete outside of fixed expressions] :: distressing, uncomfortable
Leid {n} :: woe, grief, distress, sorrow, suffering, affliction
Leid {n} :: wrong, harm, injury
leiden {vt} :: to bear; to endure; to undergo (some hardship)
leiden {vi} :: to suffer; to feel pain
leiden {vi} :: to suffer (from; a disease)
Leiden {n} :: suffering, pain, grief
Leiden {n} :: disease
Leiden {prop} {n} :: Leiden (city)
Leidener {adj} :: Leyden (attributive)
Leidener {m} :: inhabitant of or one hailing from Leyden
Leidenschaft {f} :: passion, fervor
leidenschaftlich {adj} :: passionate
leidenschaftlicher {adj} :: comparative of leidenschaftlich
leidenschaftlichsten {adj} :: superlative of leidenschaftlich
leidenschaftslos {adj} :: dispassionate
leidenschaftslos {adv} :: dispassionately
leider {adv} :: unfortunately
Leider {m} :: sufferer
leidig {adj} :: unpleasant, tiresome
leidig {adj} :: vexatious, annoying
leidlich {adj} :: tolerable; passable; mediocre (only just good enough; not good, but not extremely bad either)
leidlich {adv} :: tolerably; passably; halfway; more or less
leidsam {adj} :: woeful, distressing, sorrowful
leid sein {v} [with genitive] :: to be tired of
Leidtragende {f} :: mourner, sufferer
Leidtragender {m} :: mourner, sufferer
leidtun {v} :: to regret, to be sorry [with the cause of the regret as the subject and the person feeling regret as the indirect object]
Leid tun {v} :: obsolete spelling of leidtun
Leidwesen {n} :: chagrin
Leier {f} [musical instruments] :: lyre
Leier {f} [constellation] :: Lyra (constellation)
Leierkasten {m} :: barrel organ
leiern {v} :: to hum, to drone
Leierschwanz {m} :: lyrebird
Leifers {prop} {n} :: Leifers (municipality)
Leiharbeit {f} :: leased work
Leiharbeiter {m} :: leased worker, agency worker, contract worker, temporary worker (male or of unspecified sex)
Leiharbeiterin {f} :: feminine noun of Leiharbeiter
Leihe {f} :: pawn shop
leihen {vt} :: to lend; [US] to loan
leihen {vt} :: to borrow
Leihgabe {f} :: loaned item
Leihhaus {n} :: pawnshop
leihweise {adv} :: on loan, as a loan
Leim {m} :: glue
leimen {v} :: to glue
Leimen {prop} {n} :: Leimen (municipality)
Leimen {prop} {n} :: Leimen (municipality)
Leimkraut {n} :: campion
Leimschleuderspinne {f} :: spitting spider
-lein {suffix} :: suffix used to create a diminutive form; e.g., KindKindlein
Lein {m} :: linen
Lein {m} :: flax
Leine {f} :: leash (strap, cord or rope with which to restrain an animal)
leinen {adj} :: canvas, cloth (attributive)
Leinen {n} :: linen
Leinen {n} :: canvas
Leinenhemd {n} :: linen shirt
Leinenhose {f} :: linen trousers, linen pants
Leinenlaken {n} :: linen sheet
Leinsamen {m} :: linseed, flaxseed
Leinsamenöl {n} :: linseed oil, flaxseed oil
leinwand {adj} [Austria] :: cool, great, super
Leinwand {f} [textiles] :: fabric, linen, canvas
Leinwand {f} [art] :: canvas
Leinwand {f} [cinema] :: screen
Leipogramm {n} :: lipogram
Leipzig {prop} {n} :: Leipzig (city)
Leipziger {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Leipzig
leis {adj} [colloquial, poetic] :: alternative form of leise
Leisach {prop} {n} :: Leisach (municipality)
leise {adj} :: quiet, soft, low
leise {adj} :: slight, faint, light
leiser {adj} :: comparative of leise
Leiste {f} :: ledge
Leiste {f} [anatomy] :: groin
Leiste {f} [heraldiccharge] :: bar
leisten {v} :: to perform
leisten {vr} :: to afford
Leisten {m} :: last (tool for shaping or preserving the shape of shoes)
Leistung {f} :: performance, accomplishment
Leistung {f} :: service
Leistung {f} [law] :: contractual performance
Leistung {f} [physics] :: power
Leistungsdichte {f} :: power density
leistungsfähig {adj} :: efficient, effective, capable, able
leistungsfähig {adj} :: powerful
Leistungsfähigkeit {f} :: efficiency, effectiveness, performance, capability, ability
Leistungsgesellschaft {f} :: meritocracy (type of society where wealth, income, and social status are assigned through competition)
Leistungskurs {m} :: honors course, advanced course in specialist subjects [learning: an elective college-level subject in the upper classes of a German Gymnasium]
Leistungsort {m} [contract law] :: place of performance
Leistungsschutzrecht {n} :: related rights (the rights given by copyright law to non-authors, e.g., to publishers)
Leistungssport {m} :: competitive sport
Leistungssportler {m} :: competitive athlete / sportsman
leistungsstark {adj} :: powerful, mighty
Leistungssteigerung {f} :: performance enhancement
Leistungstransistor {m} :: power transistor
Leitartikel {m} [journalism] :: editorial, leading article, leader (The first, or the principal, editorial article in a newspaper.)
Leite {f} :: slope, incline
leiten {v} :: to lead
leiten {v} :: to manage (an organization)
leiten {v} :: to conduct (a liquid, electricity etc)
leitend {adj} :: leading, senior, executive
leitend {adj} :: conducting, conductive
Leiter {f} :: ladder
Leiter {m} :: agent noun of leiten
Leiter {m} :: leader; chief; head; conductor; director; manager; superintendent (male or of unspecified sex)
Leiter {m} [physics, electricity, electronics] :: conductor, lead, wire, line
Leiterbahn {f} :: (electrical) conductor
Leiterin {f} :: female equivalent of Leiter
Leiterplatte {f} :: circuit board, printed circuit board
Leiterplattenbeschichtung {f} :: printed circuit board coating
Leitfaden {m} :: manual, guide
Leitfaden {m} :: guiding principle, yardstick
leitfähig {adj} :: conductive, conducting
Leitfähigkeit {f} :: conductivity
Leithaprodersdorf {prop} {n} :: Leithaprodersdorf (municipality)
Leitkegel {m} :: traffic cone
Leitkultur {f} :: guiding culture
Leitlinie {f} :: guideline, principle
Leitlinie {f} :: clue
Leitmotiv {n} [music] :: leitmotif
Leitung {f} :: cable, line, wire
Leitung {f} :: conduit, pipe
Leitung {f} :: management
Leitung {f} :: conduction
Leitungsband {n} [physics] :: conduction band
Leitungscode {m} :: line code
Leitungswasser {n} :: tap water
Leitungsweg {m} :: routing (of cables)
Leitwolf {m} [zoology] :: alpha wolf (leader of a pack)
Leitwolf {m} [figuratively] :: leader
Leitzahl {f} :: guide number
Leitzersdorf {prop} {n} :: Leitzersdorf (municipality)
Leitzordner {m} :: alternative form of Leitz-Ordner
Leitz-Ordner {m} :: ring binder
leiwand {adj} :: cool, great, super
Lekt {m} [linguistics] :: lect
Lektion {f} :: lesson
Lektor {m} :: reviser, proofreader (a person who proofreads or corrects written material)
Lektor {m} :: language instructor
Lektor {m} :: lector (a lay person who reads aloud certain religious texts in a church service)
Lektüre {f} [act of reading or material read] :: reading
Lemberg {prop} {n} [historical] :: Lemberg (former name of Lviv, a <<city>> in western <<c/Ukraine>>)
Lemma {n} :: lemma, headword
Lemma {n} [mathematics] :: lemma (proposition used mainly in the proof of some other proposition)
Lemmagruppe {f} [lexicography] :: category or grouping of lemmata, lemma group (a set of lemmata grouped together in an index because of some shared property)
Lemmaliste {f} [lexicography] :: list of lemmata
Lemmel {prop} :: surname
Lemming {m} :: lemming
lemnisch {adj} :: Lemnian (of or pertaining to Lemnos)
Lemnisch {n} :: Lemnian (language)
Lemniskate {f} :: lemniscate
lemniskatisch {adj} :: in the shape of a lemniscate
Lemongras {n} :: lemongrass
Lemur {m} :: lemur
Lemure {m} :: lemur
Lena {prop} :: given name derived from Helena and Magdalena
Lende {f} :: loin
Lendenschurz {m} :: loincloth
Lengau {prop} {n} :: Lengau (municipality)
Lengenfeld {prop} {n} :: Lengenfeld (municipality)
Lengenfeld {prop} {n} :: Lengenfeld (municipality)
Leni {prop} :: given name
Lenierung {f} [phonology] :: lenition
Leninallee {prop} {f} [East German] :: synonym of Landsberger Allee
Leninallee {prop} {f} :: An avenue in Cottbus
Leninallee {prop} {f} [East German] :: synonym of Lindenallee
Leninallee {prop} {f} [East German] :: synonym of Am grünen Tal
Leninallee {prop} {f} [East German] :: synonym of Zeppelinstraße
Leninallee {prop} {f} [East German] :: synonym of Merseburger Straße
Leninallee {prop} {f} [East German] :: synonym of Talstraße
Leninallee {prop} {f} :: An avenue in Stendal
Leningrad {prop} {n} [historical] :: Leningrad (major city), now Saint Petersburg
Leninismus {m} :: Leninism
leninistisch {adj} :: Leninist
Leninplatz {prop} {m} [East German] :: synonym of Platz der Vereinten Nationen
Leninplatz {prop} {m} [East German] :: synonym of Wiener Platz
Leninplatz {prop} {m} [East German] :: synonym of Obermarkt
Leninplatz {prop} {m} [East German] :: synonym of Marienplatz
Leninplatz {prop} {m} [East German] :: synonym of Neuer Markt
Leninplatz {prop} {m} :: A square in Borne
Leninplatz {prop} {m} :: A square in Bützow
Leninplatz {prop} {m} :: A square in Edderitz
Leninplatz {prop} {m} :: A square in Ostrau
Leninplatz {prop} {m} :: A square in Falkensee
Leninplatz {prop} {m} :: A square in Könnern
Leninstraße {prop} {f} :: A street in Weißenfels
Leninstraße {prop} {f} :: A street in Etgersleben
Leninstraße {prop} {f} :: A street in Premnitz
Leninstraße {prop} {f} :: A street in Saubach
Leninstraße {prop} {f} :: A street in Teutschenthal
Leninstraße {prop} {f} :: A street in Zschornewitz
Lenisierung {f} [phonology] :: lenition
lenkbar {adj} :: steerable
lenken {v} :: to steer, drive
lenken {v} :: to navigate, guide
lenken {v} :: to regulate
Lenker {m} :: handlebar
Lenkertasche {f} :: handlebar bag
Lenkrad {n} :: steering wheel
Lenkstange {f} :: handlebar
Lenkung {f} :: steering
Lenkwaffenzerstörer {m} :: guided missile destroyer (ship)
Lennard {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Lennart
Lennart {prop} :: given name
Lenz {m} [archaic, poetic or humorous] :: spring (season)
Lenze {m} :: obsolete form of Lenz
Lenzing {m} [obsolete] :: March (month)
Lenzing {prop} {n} :: Lenzing (municipality)
Leo {prop} :: given name
Leoben {prop} {n} :: Leoben (municipality)
Leobendorf {prop} {n} :: Leobendorf (municipality)
Leobersdorf {prop} {n} :: Leobersdorf (municipality)
Leogang {prop} {n} :: Leogang (municipality)
Leon {prop} :: given name
Leonding {prop} {n} :: Leonding (municipality)
Leonhard {prop} :: given name
Leoni {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Leonie
Leonie {prop} :: given name borrowed from French Léonie
Leonore {prop} :: given name, short form of Eleonore
Leopard {m} :: leopard
Leopardenhai {m} :: leopard shark (Triakis semifasciata)
Leopardenhai {m} :: zebra shark (Stegostoma fasciatum)
Leopardin {f} :: leopardess
Leopold {prop} :: given name
Leopoldschlag {prop} {n} :: Leopoldschlag (municipality)
Leopoldsdorf {prop} {n} :: Leopoldsdorf (municipality)
Lepidolith {m} [mineral] :: lepidolite
lepontisch {adj} :: Lepontic (related to the Lepontic people or its language)
Lepontisch {n} :: Lepontic (the Lepontic language)
Lepra {f} :: leprosy
Leprakolonie {f} :: leper colony
leprös {adj} :: leprous
Lepton {n} :: lepton
-ler {suffix} :: used to create agent nouns, similar to -er
Lerche {f} :: lark (bird of the family Alaudidae)
Lernbehinderung {f} [psychology] :: learning disability
lernen {vit} :: to learn
lernen {vi} :: to study (revise or review materials)
lernen {vt} [somewhat colloquial] :: to train to become something
lernen {vt} [dialectal, with dative] :: to teach
Lernen {n} :: learning, study
Lernkartei {f} :: flashcard
Lerntherapie {f} :: educational therapy
Lesachtal {prop} {n} :: Lesachtal (municipality)
Lesart {f} :: version, reading
lesbar {adj} :: legible
lesbar {adj} :: readable
lesbarer {adj} :: comparative of lesbar
Lesbarkeit {f} :: legibility
Lesbarsein {f} :: legibility
lesbarsten {adj} :: superlative of lesbar
Lesbe {f} [colloquial] :: lesbian
Lesbianismus {m} :: lesbianism
lesbisch {adj} [of a, woman] :: lesbian (attracted to other women)
lesbisch {adj} :: lesbian (homosexual between women)
lesbisch {adj} :: Lesbian (of or pertaining to the island of Lesbos)
Lesbischsein {n} :: lesbianism, the state of being lesbian
Lese {f} :: [viniculture] harvest, picking
Lesebeispiel {n} :: reading example
Lesebuch {n} :: primer, reader
Lesefähigkeit {f} :: reading ability, reading capability, reading skills
Lesekopf {m} :: read head
lesen {vti} :: to read (look at and understand symbols, words, or data)
lesen {v} :: to select and gather or harvest (things like grapes)
Lesen {n} :: reading
lesend {adj} :: reading, scanning
lesenswert {adj} :: readable; worth reading
Leser {m} :: agent noun of lesen; reader
Leseratte {f} :: bookworm (avid reader)
Leserin {f} :: female reader
leserlich {adj} :: legible (being clear enough to be read, readable, particularly for handwriting)
Leserschaft {f} :: readership
Lesezeichen {n} :: bookmark
Lesgisch {prop} {n} [language] :: Lezgian
lesothisch {adj} :: Lesothan
Lesotho {prop} {n} :: Lesotho
Lessach {prop} {n} :: Lessach (municipality)
Lesung {f} :: reading (incl. poetry, prose, legislative, and liturgical)
Lesung {f} [liturgy] :: reading, lection, lesson
letal {adj} :: lethal
Letalität {f} :: lethality
Letalität {f} :: mortality
lethargisch {adj} :: lethargic
Lette {m} :: Latvian (person)
Letter {f} [rare] :: a letter (character)
Letter {f} :: a type in typesetting
Letter {f} :: large or decorated letter as used for book covers, headlines, signs, and inscriptions
Lettgallen {prop} {n} :: Lettgallen (region)
Lettin {f} :: Latvian (female person)
lettisch {adj} :: Latvian (related to Latvia, the Latvians or their language)
Lettisch {n} :: Latvian (language)
Lettland {prop} {n} :: Latvia
Lettner {m} [architecture] :: rood screen (carved screen)
letzeburgisch {adj} :: Luxembourgish; of the language or people of Luxembourg
Letzte {f} :: feminine noun of Letzter
letzte Meile {f} [telecommunications] :: last mile
letztendlich {adv} :: eventually, finally, ultimately, at last
letztendlich {adj} :: eventual, ultimate
letztens {adv} :: recently; the other day
letztens {adv} [now only in enumerations] :: lastly; finally
letzter {adj} :: last
Letzter {m} :: the last one
Letztere {f} :: (the) latter [referring to a feminine noun]
letzterer {adj} :: latter
Letzter Wille {m} :: will (bequest)
letztgültig {adj} :: final, ultimate, in the end
letztlich {adv} :: finally, ultimately
letztlich {adv} :: lately
Leu {m} [archaic, poetic] :: lion
Leuchtdiode {f} :: light-emitting diode, LED
Leuchte {f} :: lamp, light
Leuchte {f} :: beacon
leuchten {v} :: to shine
Leuchten {n} :: radiance, brightness
Leuchten {n} :: luminescence, incandescence
leuchtend {adj} :: luminous
leuchtend {adj} :: vibrant (of a colour); glowing, bright
leuchtend {adv} :: luminously
Leuchter {m} :: candlestick, sconce
Leuchter {m} :: candelabra
Leuchter {prop} :: surname
Leuchterscheinung {f} :: luminous effect / phenomenon
Leuchtfarbe {f} :: fluorescent paint
Leuchtgas {n} :: illuminating gas
Leuchtkäfer {m} :: glowworm
Leuchtmittel {n} :: illuminant; lamp
Leuchtmunition {f} [military] :: flare
Leuchtprobe {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: A sensitive test for tin that involves the production of stannane
Leuchtreklame {f} :: neon sign / illuminated advertisement
Leuchtröhre {f} :: fluorescent tube (light fitting)
Leuchtspur {f} :: tracer
Leuchtspurmunition {f} :: tracer ammunition
Leuchtstoff {m} :: phosphor (luminescent of fluorescent material)
Leuchtstofflampe {f} :: fluorescent lamp
Leuchtthurm {m} :: obsolete spelling of Leuchtturm
Leuchtturm {m} :: lighthouse
Leucit {m} [mineralogy] :: leucite
leugbar {adj} :: deniable
leugnen {v} :: to deny
Leugner {m} :: denier
Leugnung {f} :: denialism, denial, negacionism, disavowal, objection, rejection, repudiation
Leukämie {f} :: leukemia
Leukotrien {noun} :: leukotriene
Leukoxen {m} [mineral] :: leucoxene
Leukozyt {m} :: leukocyte (a white blood cell)
Leukozytose {f} :: leukocytosis
Leumund {m} [literary] :: reputation; reports about someone; opinions about someone
Leumundszeugnis {n} :: a testimony delivered on someone's reputation
Leumundszeugnis {n} [Swiss, law] :: proof of good conduct
Leut {p} :: alternative form of Leute
Leut {n} [archaic, southern] :: a people, a nation, a tribe
Leutasch {prop} {n} :: Leutasch (municipality)
Leutchen {n} :: diminutive of Leute
Leute {p} :: people (several individual persons, a group of people in general, esp. of one kind or another), folk (folks), peeps [slang], guys (boys and/or girls)
Leutlein {n} :: diminutive of Leute
Leutnant {m} :: lieutenant
leutselig {adj} :: sociable, affable
Leutseligkeit {f} :: affability
levantinisch {adj} :: Levantine
Level {m} {n} :: level (degree or amount)
Level {m} {n} [gaming] :: level (one of several discrete segments of a game)
Leverkusen {prop} {n} :: Leverkusen (city)
Leviathan {m} [biblical] :: leviathan
Levitikus {prop} [religion] :: Leviticus, Book of Leviticus (book of the Bible)
Levkoje {f} :: stock (Matthiola gen. et spp.)
Levkoje {f} [archaic] :: wallflower (Erysimum olim Cheiranthus gen. et spp.)
levurozid {adj} :: fungicidal
Lewisformel {f} :: Lewis formula, Lewis structure
Lewisit {n} [mineral] :: lewisite
Lexem {n} [linguistics] :: lexeme (unit of vocabulary, the different forms of the same lemma)
lexikalisch {adj} :: lexical
Lexikograf {m} :: lexicographer
lexikografisch {adj} :: lexicographical
Lexikographie {f} :: lexicography (art or craft of writing dictionaries)
lexikographisch {adj} :: lexicographic
Lexikologie {f} :: lexicology (linguistic discipline)
Lexikon {n} :: reference book; a book, usually alphabetically ordered, in which definitions and facts can be looked up, such as an encyclopaedia, dictionary, etc
Leyd {n} :: obsolete spelling of Leid
L-förmig {adj} :: L-shaped
LFV {prop} [soccer] :: The Liechtenstein Football Association (de:Liechtensteiner Fussballverband)
Lhasa {n} :: Lhasa (capital city)
li. {adv} :: abbreviation of links
Liaison {f} [linguistics or tryst or illicit sexual affair] :: liaison
Liane {f} :: liana (plant)
Liane {prop} :: given name
Liane {prop} :: A river in Northern France
Libanese {m} :: Lebanese (a person from Lebanon)
Libanese {m} :: Lebanese (a male person from Lebanon)
Libanesin {f} :: Lebanese (A female person from Lebanon)
libanesisch {adj} :: Lebanese (of, from, or pertaining to Lebanon, its people or language)
Libanon {prop} {m} :: Lebanon, Mount Lebanon (mountain range)
Libanon {prop} {m} {n} :: Lebanon (country)
Libelle {f} :: dragonfly
Libellenflügel {m} :: dragonfly wing
liberal {adj} :: liberal; permissive; allowing personal freedoms
liberal {adj} [politics] :: libertarian; liberal in the traditional sense [see usage notes below]
Liberaler {m} :: Liberal
Liberalisierung {f} :: liberalisation / liberalization
Liberalisierung {f} :: deregulation
Liberalismus {m} :: liberalism
Liberia {prop} {n} :: Liberia
Liberianer {m} :: Liberian (A male person from Liberia)
Liberianerin {f} :: Liberian (female person from Liberia)
liberianisch {adj} :: Liberian (pertaining to Liberia)
Libero {m} [soccer, volleyball] :: libero
libertär {adj} :: libertarian
Libertarismus {m} :: libertarianism
libidinös {adj} :: libidinous
Libido {f} :: libido (sexual urges or drives)
Libretto {n} :: libretto
Libyen {prop} {n} :: Libya
Libyer {m} :: Libyan (person from Libya)
Libyerin {f} :: Libyan (female person from Libya)
libysch {adj} :: Libyan (Of, from, or pertaining to Libya, the Libyan people or the Libyan language)
-lich {suffix} :: an adjectival suffix
-lich {suffix} :: an adverbial suffix
licht {adj} :: light, bright (luminescent)
licht {adj} :: unobstructed, clear
Licht {n} :: light
Licht {n} [hunting] :: eye of game, especially ground game
Lichtausbeute {f} :: light yield (luminous efficiency)
Lichtbild {n} :: photo, photograph
Lichtbild {n} :: passport photo
Lichtbogen {m} :: (electric) arc
Lichtbogenofen {m} :: electric arc furnace
lichtbrechend {adj} :: refracting, refractive
Lichtbrechung {f} :: refraction (of light)
Lichtchen {n} :: diminutive of Licht
lichtdurchlässig {adj} :: translucent; diaphanous
Lichtecho {n} :: light echo
Lichteinwirkung {f} :: exposure to light
lichtempfindlich {adj} :: photosensitive
lichten {vt} :: to thin out; to clear; to make sparse
lichten {vr} :: to thin out; to be cleared; to become sparse (usually slowly)
lichten {vr} [literary] :: to become light, bright (usually slowly)
lichten {vr} [literary, of facial expression] :: to become bright; to lose sternness
lichten {v} [nautical] :: to weigh (the anchor)
Lichtenbach {prop} :: former name of Svetli Potok (Gottscheer village in Carniola)
Lichtenberg {prop} {n} :: Lichtenberg (municipality)
Lichtenberg {prop} {n} :: Lichtenberg (city)
Lichtenberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Alsace
Lichtenegg {prop} {n} :: Lichtenegg (municipality)
Lichtenegg {prop} {n} :: Podlehnik, Slovenia
Lichtenwörth {prop} {n} :: Lichtenwörth (municipality)
lichterloh {adj} [of fire] :: fierce; large; blazing
Lichtfarbe {f} :: color of light
lichtfunkelnd {adj} [poetic] :: sparkling in light, twinkling
Lichtgeschwindigkeit {f} :: speed of light
lichtgrau {adj} :: light grey
lichtgrün {adj} :: light green
Lichting {f} [East Prussian dialect, rare] :: lightning
Lichting {prop} [rare] :: surname
lichtingsch {adj} [East Prussian dialect] :: like or involving lightning
Lichtjahr {n} [astrophysics] :: light year
Lichtlein {n} :: diminutive of Licht
Lichtmangel {m} :: lack of light
Lichtmenge {f} [physics] :: luminous energy (quantity of light)
Lichtmessgerät {n} :: light meter
Lichtmikroskop {n} :: optical microscope
Lichtquelle {f} :: A source of light
Lichtschacht {m} :: lightwell
Lichtschalter {m} :: light switch
Lichtschutzfaktor {m} :: sun protection factor
Lichtspektrum {n} :: (visible) light spectrum
Lichtstabilität {f} :: stability to light
Lichtstrahl {m} :: ray of light
Lichtstunde {f} :: light-hour (unit of distance)
Lichttechnik {f} :: lighting technology
lichtundurchlässig {adj} :: opaque
Lichtung {f} [forest] :: clearing
Lichtverschmutzung {f} :: light pollution
Lichtverunreinigung {f} :: light pollution
Lichtwelle {f} [physics] :: light wave
Lichtwellenleiter {m} :: optical fibre
Lichtwellenleiter {m} :: optical waveguide
Lid {n} :: eyelid
lidschäftig {adj} :: wonky
Lidschatten {m} :: eye shadow
Lidstrich {m} :: eyeliner
lieb {adj} :: lovable; dear; darling; sweet; good-hearted; kind
lieb {adj} [of a child or animal also] :: good; well-behaved
lieb {adj} [in or as an address] :: dear
liebäugeln {v} [with an idea or thing] :: to flirt, to have one's eye on, to toy
liebäugeln {v} [with a person] :: to make eyes at
Liebchen {n} :: sweetheart (a term of address)
Liebchen {n} :: dear (anything or anyone dear)
Liebchen {n} :: paramour
Liebe {f} [uncountable] :: love (tender feeling of affection)
Liebe {f} [countable] :: a feeling of love for someone or something particular
Liebe {f} [countable] :: a love relationship
Liebe {f} [uncountable, euphemism] :: sex; sexual relations; sexual intercourse
Liebe auf den ersten Blick {phrase} :: love at first sight (an instantaneous attraction)
Liebelei {f} :: fling, dalliance
Liebe machen {v} :: make love (to engage in sexual intercourse)
Liebe macht blind {proverb} :: love is blind
lieben {vti} [usually, sometimes, _] :: to love, to have a strong affection for (someone or something)
lieben {vr} :: to love one another
lieben {vr} [poetic] :: to make love, to have sex
Lieben {noun} :: the loved ones
Liebenau {prop} {n} :: Liebenau (municipality)
Liebenau {prop} {n} :: Liebenau (municipality)
Liebenau {prop} {n} :: Liebenau (municipality)
Liebenfels {prop} {n} :: Liebenfels (municipality)
liebenswert {adj} :: likable, amiable, literally "worthy to be loved"
liebenswürdig {adj} :: likable, kind
Liebenswürdigkeit {f} :: kindness, graciousness, charmingness, courtesy
lieber {adj} :: comparative of lieb
lieber {adj} :: nominative singular of lieb
lieber {adv} :: comparative of gern; rather, better, by preference
Lieber {noun} :: lover
lieber ein Ende mit Schrecken als ein Schrecken ohne Ende {proverb} :: it is better to end a bad situation quickly, then to let it go on forever
lieber eine Stumme im Bett als eine Taube auf dem Dach {proverb} :: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
Liebesbrief {m} :: love letter
liebesfähig {adj} :: amorous
Liebesgedicht {n} :: love poem
liebeshungrig {adj} :: love-hungry
liebeskrank {adj} :: lovesick, lovelorn
Liebeskummer {m} :: lovesickness
Liebeslied {n} :: love song
Liebesspiel {n} :: lovemaking
Liebesspiel {n} [zoology] :: mating ritual
Liebestod {m} :: Liebestod
liebestoll {adj} :: love-crazy (madly in love)
Liebestöter {m} [colloquial, humorous] :: unsexy underwear
Liebestöter {m} [by extension] :: anything perceived as a turn-off
Liebeswerben {n} :: courtship
liebevoll {adj} :: loving
liebevoll {adj} :: affectionate
Liebfrauenmilch {prop} :: A German white wine that is produced mostly for export and better known as Liebfraumilch (without the -en-) in English
lieb gehabt {v} :: past participle of lieb haben
liebgehabt {v} :: past participle of liebhaben
liebgewinnen {v} :: to grow fond of
lieb haben {v} [somewhat, colloquial] :: to love
liebhaben {v} :: alternative spelling of lieb haben
Liebhaber {m} [chiefly in compounds] :: aficionado, enthusiast, lover
Liebhaber {m} :: lover (particularly of a married person: an affair)
Liebhaber {m} :: lovemaker; a person with regard to their qualities as a sexual partner
Liebhaberei {f} :: hobby, non-professional activity
Liebig {prop} :: surname
Liebig {prop} :: Justus von Liebig, German chemist
Liebigit {m} [mineral] :: liebigite
liebkosen {v} :: to snuggle; cuddle
Liebkosung {f} :: caress; cuddle
lieblich {adj} [wine] :: sweet
lieblich {adj} [dated, humorous or poetic] :: charming; adorable; lovely (of a person, usually female and/or a child)
lieblich {adj} [dated, humorous or poetic] :: lovely; wonderful
lieblicher {adj} :: comparative of lieblich
lieblichsten {adj} :: superlative of lieblich
Liebling {m} :: darling
Liebling {m} :: favorite
Liebling {m} [in compounds] :: favorite
Liebling {prop} :: surname originating as a nickname
Lieblingsjünger {m} [Christianity, Bible] :: Beloved Disciple, disciple whom Jesus loved (in Gospel of John)
lieblos {adj} :: loveless, unloving
Lieboch {prop} {n} :: Lieboch (municipality)
Liebreiz {m} :: charm
liebreizend {adj} :: lovely, charming
liebsten {adj} :: superlative of lieb
liebsten {adv} :: superlative of gern
Liebstöckel {m} {n} :: lovage, sea parsley, Levisticum officinale
Liechtenstein {prop} {n} :: Country in Europe. Official name: Fürstentum Liechtenstein
Liechtensteiner {m} :: Liechtensteiner (A person from Liechtenstein or of Liechtenstein descent)
Liechtensteinerin {f} :: Liechtensteiner (A female person from Liechtenstein or of Liechtenstein descent)
liechtensteinisch {adj} :: Of or from Liechtenstein
Lied {n} [music] :: song (a musical composition with lyrics for voice or voices, performed by singing)
Liedchen {n} :: diminutive of Lied
liederlich {adj} :: slovenly, wanton, dissolute, lax
Liedermacher {m} :: music artist (male or of unspecified sex) (person who writes and sings his or her own sophisticated lyrics, using little musical accompaniment, similar to a singer-songwriter)
Liedgut {n} :: body of songs
Liedlein {n} :: diminutive of Lied
Liedtext {m} :: lyrics
Lieferant {m} :: supplier
Lieferant {m} :: provider
Lieferant {m} :: vendor
Lieferant {m} :: deliverer
lieferbar {adj} :: deliverable, in stock
liefern {v} :: to supply, provide (goods etc.) (an to)
liefern {v} :: to deliver (goods, an order etc.)
liefern {v} [crops] :: to yield (produce outcome)
liefern {v} [information] :: to research, to read up on something
liefern {v} [battle, duel, war] :: to fight
Lieferung {f} :: delivery, shipment
Lieferwagen {m} :: van
Lieferwagen {m} :: delivery van
Liefland {prop} {n} :: archaic spelling of Livland
Lieg {prop} {n} :: Lieg
Liege {f} :: daybed
Liege {f} :: couch
liegen {vi} :: to lie (to be in a horizontal position)
liegen {v} [Swiss] :: to lie down
liegen {vi} :: to be, to lie somewhere (of flat objects, also of inpatients in a hospital; otherwise use sitzen or stehen)
liegen {vi} :: to be located, to lie somewhere (of countries, towns, houses, etc.)
liegen {vi} :: to be, to stand (of indices, measurements)
liegen bleiben {v} :: alternative form of liegenbleiben
liegenbleiben {v} :: to stay lying on the ground
liegenbleiben {v} :: to stay in bed
liegenbleiben {v} :: to be left behind
liegenbleiben {v} [automotive] :: to have a breakdown
liegend {adj} :: prone, lying, recumbent
liegend {adj} :: horizontal
liegenlassen {v} :: to misplace, to leave behind
Liegenschaft {f} :: property, piece of real estate
Liegerad {n} :: recumbent (bicycle)
Liegestütz {m} :: push-up; press-up (exercise)
Liegestütze {f} [chiefly colloquial] :: alternative form of Liegestütz
Liese {prop} :: given name
Liesel {prop} {n} {f} :: given name, a pet form of Elisabeth
Lieselotte {prop} :: given name
Liesl {prop} :: given name
Liezen {prop} {n} :: Liezen (municipality)
Lifehack {m} :: lifehack
Lift {m} :: lift; elevator (mechanical device for vertically transporting goods or people)
Liga {f} :: league (group or organization)
Ligand {m} [chemistry] :: ligand
Ligandenaustausch {m} [chemistry] :: ligand exchange / replacement
Ligandenfeldtheorie {f} [physics, chemistry] :: ligand field theory
Ligase {f} [enzyme] :: ligase
Ligist {prop} {n} :: Ligist (municipality)
Lignin {m} [organic compound] :: lignin
Ligurien {prop} {n} :: Ligurien (region)
Liguster {m} :: privet
liieren {vr} [with someone] :: to ally, to associate, to establish a romantic relationship, to marry
Like {m} {n} [internet] :: like (individual vote showing support for, or approval of, something posted on the Internet)
liken {v} [internet] :: To like (on social media)
Likör {m} :: liqueur
Liktor {m} :: lictor
lila {adj} :: colored lilac, purple, violet
Lila {n} :: violet, purple (colour)
lilafarben {adj} :: lilac-colored
lilafarbig {adj} :: lilac-colored
Lili {prop} {f} :: given name, pet form of Elisabeth or Emily
Lilie {f} :: lily, lilium (flower)
Lilie {f} [heraldiccharge] :: fleur-de-lis
Lilienfeld {prop} {n} :: Lilienfeld (municipality)
Lilli {prop} :: given name, diminutive of Elisabeth
Lilly {prop} :: given name from a pet form of Elisabeth
Lima {prop} :: Lima (capital city)
Limburg {prop} {n} :: Limburg (provinces of Belgium and the Netherlands)
limburgisch {adj} :: Limburgish, Limburgian (related to Limburg (in any of its meanings), to its people or to its language)
Limburgisch {prop} {n} :: Limburgish; Limburgian (Germanic dialect continuum between Low Franconian and Central Franconian)
Limburgisch {prop} {n} :: the dialects of this group which are spoken in the Netherlands and Belgium
Limburgisch {prop} {n} :: the entire group including the dialects on German territory (which latter show a stronger High German influence)
Limes {m} [mathematics] :: limit
Limes {m} :: limes (a boundary or border, especially of the Roman Empire)
Limette {f} :: lime (fruit)
Limit {n} :: limit (restriction)
limitieren {v} :: to limit
limitierend {adj} :: limiting
limnisch {adj} :: limnic
Limnologie {f} :: limnology
limnologisch {adj} :: limnological
limnophil {adj} :: limnophilous
Limo {n} [colloquial] :: Short form of Limonade
Limonade {f} [narrow sense] :: lemonade
Limonade {f} [broad sense, colloquial] :: any carbonated soft drink; soda; pop; fizzy drink (particularly kinds other than coke, though it may also be included)
Limoncello {m} [also uncountable] :: limoncello (Italian lemon-flavoured liqueur)
Limone {f} :: lime (fruit)
Limone {f} [dated, rare] :: lemon (fruit)
Limonit {m} [mineral] :: limonite
Limousine {f} :: saloon; saloon car [UK]; sedan [US] (car with a lowered boot/trunk)
Limousine {f} [also, but not specifically] :: limousine (luxury version of the above)
Lina {prop} :: given name
lind {adj} [archaic, poetic] :: mild; gentle
Linda {prop} :: given name of Germanic origin
Lindan {n} [organic compound] :: lindane (hexachloro cyclohexane)
Linde {f} :: linden, lime tree (Tilia gen. et spp.)
Linden {prop} {n} :: A town and one of three municipalities in Germany
Lindenbaum {m} :: lime, linden tree
Lindenberg {prop} {n} :: Lindenberg (municipality)
Lindenberg {prop} {n} :: Lindenberg (municipality)
lindern {v} :: to alleviate, to ease, to relieve
Lindern {prop} {n} :: Lindern (municipality)
lindgrün {adj} :: lime-green
Lindner {prop} {mf} :: surname
Lindwurm {m} [mythological creature] :: lindworm, dragon, sea serpent
Lindwurm {m} [heraldiccharge] :: wyvern
Lineal {n} :: ruler (measuring or drawing device)
Linearmotor {m} :: linear motor
-ling {suffix} :: Indicates possession of or connection with a quality or property, such as Schwächling (weakling) from schwach (weak) or Frühling (the season Spring [which comes early]) from früh (early)
-ling {suffix} :: A modifier of nouns, meaning a follower or resident of what is denoted by the stem form, such as Häftling from Haft
Lingenau {prop} {n} :: Lingenau (municipality)
Lingerie {f} :: lingerie
Lingerie {f} [Switzerland] :: laundry
-lings {suffix} [rare, not productive] :: forms adverbs that describe the manner of an action, particularly a movement
Lingua franca {f} :: lingua franca
lingual {adj} :: lingual; related to the tongue
lingual {adj} :: lingual, linguistic; related to language
Linguist {m} :: linguist
Linguistik {f} :: linguistics
Linguistin {f} :: female linguist
linguistisch {adj} :: linguistic (relating to linguistics)
linguistisch {adj} :: linguistic (relating to language)
Linie {f} :: line
Linie {f} [chess] :: file
Linie {f} :: equator (nautical)
Linienspektrum {n} [physics] :: line spectrum
linientreu {adj} :: orthodox (adhering to an ideology or the party line)
liniert {adj} :: lined, ruled
liniiert {adj} :: alternative form of liniert
link {adj} :: left
link {adj} :: sly; cunning
link {adj} :: dangerous
Link {m} [computing] :: hyperlink
Link {m} :: link
Linke {f} :: left wing
Linke {f} :: female leftist
Linke {f} :: left hand
Linke {f} :: left (the left side)
linken {v} :: to deceive
linker {adj} :: left
Linker {m} :: left-winger, leftist
linkisch {adj} :: gauche (awkward, bumbling)
links {adv} :: on the left
links {adv} :: to the left
links {adv} :: inside out
linksalternativ {adj} [politics] :: leftish alternative
linksdonauisch {adj} :: on the left side of the Danube
linksdrehend {adj} :: levorotatory
linksdünisch {adj} :: lying on the left (that is, south) side of the Duna (Daugava)
linkselbisch {adj} :: on the left side of the Elbe
linksextrem {adj} [politics] :: far left
Linksextremismus {m} :: far left / extreme left extremism
linksextremistisch {adj} [politics] :: extreme far left
Linkshänder {m} :: left-hander (male)
linkslastig {adj} [politics] :: left-wing
linksmaasisch {adj} [rare] :: on the left (thus: west) side of the Meuse
linksodrisch {adj} [rare] :: on the left (thus: west) side of the Oder river
linksrekursiv {adj} [grammar] :: left-recursive
linksrheinisch {adj} :: on the left (thus: west) side of the Rhine
Linksruck {m} [politics] :: shift to the left, swing to the left
linksseitig {adj} :: sinister (on the left side)
Linksverkehr {m} :: left-hand driving, driving on the left
linksweserisch {adj} [rare] :: on the left (west) side of the river Weser
Linnen {n} [literary] :: linen
Linolschnitt {m} :: linocut
Linse {f} [optics] :: lens
Linse {f} [plant or foods] :: lentil
linsen {v} :: to peek
linsenförmig {adj} :: lenticular (shaped like a lens)
Linus {prop} :: given name
Lipid {n} [organic compound] :: lipid
Lipidmembrane {f} :: lipid membrane
Lipödem {n} :: lipedema
lipophil {adj} :: lipophilic
lipophob {adj} [chemistry] :: lipophobic
Lipophobie {f} [chemistry] :: lipophobicity (state of being lipophobic)
Lippe {f} [anatomy] :: lip
Lippe {prop} {f} :: Lippe, a river in north-western Germany
Lippenbekenntnis {n} :: lip service
Lippenblütler {m} :: a plant of the labiate family
Lippenlaut {m} [phonetics] :: labial
Lippenlesen {n} :: lipreading
Lippenleser {m} :: lipreader
Lippenpflegestift {m} [countable] :: lip balm; chapstick (a plastic stick including a substance that is applied to relieve dry lips)
Lippenpflegestift {m} [usually, uncountable] :: lip balm; chapstick (such a substance)
Lippenstift {m} :: A lipstick
Lipsius {prop} :: surname
Liptauer {m} :: Liptauer
Liquid {m} [linguistics] :: liquid
Liquida {f} [linguistics] :: liquid
Liquidator {m} :: liquidator
liquidieren {v} :: to liquidate
Liquidität {f} [economics] :: liquidity
Lisa {prop} :: given name derived from Elisabeth
Liselotte {prop} :: given name
liskovsche Substitutionsprinzip {prop} {n} [programming, object-oriented] :: Liskov substitution principle
Lisl {prop} {f} :: given name
lispeln {v} :: to lisp
Lissabon {prop} {n} :: Lissabon (capital city)
List {f} :: cunning; craft
List {f} :: trick
Liste {f} :: list
listen {v} :: to list
listig {adj} :: cunning, wily, crafty
listrisch {adj} :: listric
Lisztäffchen {n} :: cottontop tamarin, Saguinus oedipus
Lisztaffe {m} :: cottontop tamarin, Pinché tamarin, Saguinus oedipus, a New World monkey
lit. {adj} :: abbreviation of litauisch
lit. {adj} :: abbreviation of literarisch
Lit. {f} :: abbreviation of Literatur
Litanei {f} :: litany
Litauen {prop} {n} :: Lithuania
Litauer {m} :: Lithuanian (man from Lithuania)
Litauerin {f} :: Lithuanian (woman from Lithuania)
litauisch {adj} :: Lithuanian (referring to Lithuania, its people or its language)
Litauisch {prop} {n} :: Lithuanian (language)
Liter {m} {n} :: liter; litre
literal {adj} :: [of cultures, etc., not of individuals] literate
literarisch {adj} :: literary
Literat {m} [formal] :: man of letters, author (male or of unspecified sex)
Literatin {f} :: woman of letters, author (female)
Literatur {f} :: literature
Literaturkritik {f} :: literary criticism
Literaturkritiker {m} :: literary critic
Literatursprache {f} :: literary language
Literaturwissenschaft {f} :: literary science
Litfasssäule {f} :: alternative spelling of Litfaßsäule
Litfaßsäule {f} :: Morris column (column or pillar used to display posters, advertising, etc.)
Lithium {n} :: lithium; the chemical element and lightest alkali metal with the atomic number 3
Lithiumacetat {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium acetate
Lithiumaluminiumhydrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium aluminium hydride
Lithiumamalgam {f} :: lithium amalgam
Lithiumamid {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium amide
Lithiumbatterie {f} :: lithium battery
Lithiumborhydrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium borohydride
Lithiumbromid {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium bromide
Lithiumcarbonat {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium carbonate
Lithiumchlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium chloride
Lithiumcitrat {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium citrate
Lithiumdeuterid {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium deuteride
Lithiumfluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium fluoride
Lithiumhexafluorophosphat {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium hexafluorophosphate
Lithiumhydrid {noun} :: lithium hydride
Lithiumhydroxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium hydroxide
Lithiumiodid {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium iodide
Lithiumion {n} :: lithium ion
Lithiumisotop {n} :: lithium isotope
Lithiumlegierung {f} :: lithium alloy
Lithiummetaborat {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium metaborate
Lithiummetall {n} :: lithium metal
Lithiummineral {n} :: lithium mineral
Lithiumniobat {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium niobate
Lithiumnitrat {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium nitrate
Lithiumnitrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium nitride
lithiumorganisch {adj} :: organolithium
Lithiumorganyle {f} [organic chemistry] :: organolithium
Lithiumoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium oxide
Lithiumperchlorat {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium perchlorate
Lithiumperoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium peroxide
Lithiumphosphat {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium phosphate
Lithiumsalz {n} :: lithium salt
Lithiumstearat {n} [organic compound] :: lithium stearate
Lithiumsulfat {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium sulfate
Lithiumtetraborat {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium tetraborate
Lithiumtherapie {f} :: lithium therapy
Lithiumtitanat {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium titanate
Lithiumtritid {n} [inorganic compound] :: lithium tritide
Lithiumverbindung {f} :: lithium compound
Lithografie {f} :: lithography
Lithographie {f} :: alternative spelling of Lithografie
lithographisch {adj} :: lithographic
lithologisch {adj} :: lithological
lithophil {adj} :: lithophilic
Lithosphäre {f} :: lithosphere
Litotes {f} [rhetoric] :: litotes
Litschau {prop} {n} :: Litschau (municipality)
Litschi {f} :: lychee (fruit), (Litchi chinensis), also spelled litchi (the U.S. FDA spelling) or laichi
Liturgie {f} :: liturgy
liturgisch {adj} :: liturgic, liturgical
Litze {f} :: ornamental cord or fabric (braided or twisted); gimp; braid; trim
Litze {f} [military] :: Such an ornament as insignia of corps or rank
Litze {f} [electrics] :: cord; flex (conductor of twisted wires)
Litzelsdorf {prop} {n} :: Litzelsdorf (municipality)
live {adv} [broadcast, event] :: live (at it happens, in real time, directly)
Livermorium {n} :: livermorium
Livestream {m} [internet] :: live stream
Livia {prop} :: given name
Livland {prop} {n} :: Livonia
Livree {f} [dated] :: livery
livriert {adj} [dated] :: wearing livery
Lizenz {f} :: license
Lizenzgeber {m} :: licensor
lizenzieren {v} :: to license
Lizenznehmer {m} :: licensee
Lizitation {f} [Austria, otherwise obsolete] :: auction
Lizitation {f} [Austria, card games, especially, bridge] :: bidding
Ljubljana {prop} {n} :: Ljubljana (capital city)
LKA {noun} :: abbreviation of Landeskriminalamt
Lkw {m} :: alternative spelling of LKW
LKW {m} :: truck (abbreviation of Lastkraftwagen)
Lob {n} :: praise
Lobby {f} :: lobby (class or group of people who try to lobby or influence public officials; collectively, lobbyists)
lobbyieren {v} [especially Swiss] :: to lobby (to attempt to influence in favor of a specific opinion or cause)
Lobbyismus {m} :: lobbyism, lobbying
loben {v} :: to praise
lobenswert {adj} :: laudable
Lobgesang {m} :: song of praise
löblich {adj} :: laudable
Lobmingtal {prop} {n} :: Lobmingtal (municipality)
Lobopfer {n} [biblical] :: thank offering
Lobpreis {m} :: praise
lobpreisen {vt} :: to praise
lobsagen {v} :: to praise
lobsingen {v} :: to sing praises
Loch {n} :: hole; perforation
Loch {n} :: hole in the ground; pit
Loch {n} :: gap; bare spot
Loch {n} [dentistry] :: cavity
Loch {n} :: dungeon; underground prison
Loch {n} [colloquial] :: prison; jail / gaol
Loch {n} [colloquial] :: apartment, flat or house in a bad condition; dump
Loch {n} [colloquial] :: boring small town or village
Lochau {prop} {n} :: surname
Lochau {prop} {n} :: Lochau (municipality)
lochen {v} :: to punch (holes)
Locher {m} :: hole punch
löcherig {adj} :: porous
Löcherleitung {f} [physics] :: hole conduction (of electricity)
löchern {v} [dated] :: to perforate
löchern {v} [colloquial] :: to pester
Lochfraßkorrosion {f} :: pitting corrosion
Lochkarte {f} :: punch card
Löchlein {n} :: diminutive of Loch
löchrig {adj} :: alternative form of löcherig
Lochstreifen {m} [computing] :: paper tape, punched tape
Lochung {f} :: punched hole, punched holes
Lochzange {f} :: [a device, generally slender and round, used for creating holes in thin material] punch
Locke {f} :: curl (single loop in hair)
Locke {f} :: lock or length of hair, especially when wavy or falling in a particular direction
Locked-in-Syndrom {n} [medicine, neurology] :: locked-in syndrome
locken {vt} :: to lure, entice
locken {vt} :: to tempt
locken {vt} [impersonal] :: to be lured
locken {vt} :: to curl sth
locken {vr} :: to curl
Lockenhaus {prop} {n} :: Lockenhaus (municipality)
Lockenwickler {m} :: curler; hair curler; hair roller; roller
locker {adj} :: loose
locker {adj} :: relaxed
lockermachen {v} :: to loosen
lockermachen {v} :: to pay out
lockern {v} :: to loosen, to ease, to relax
Lockerung {f} :: easing, loosening, relaxation
Lockesch {adj} :: Lockean
lockig {adj} :: curly
lockig {adj} :: having curly hair
Lockmittel {n} :: lure
Lockruf {m} :: siren call
Lockruf {m} [zoology] :: mating call
Lockvogel {m} :: decoy
Lockwort {n} :: [lexicography] a term arisen in animal-directed speech to attract a beast
Lockwort {n} [literary] :: adult-directed speech that is sweet, enticing, or persuasive
lodern {v} :: to blaze; to flare (fire)
Lofer {prop} {n} :: Lofer (municipality)
Löffel {m} :: spoon
Löffel {m} :: hare's ear
Löffelchen {n} :: diminutive of Löffel
Löffelchen {n} [sleeping position] :: spoon position
Löffelente {f} :: a duck, Northern shoveler or shoveler (Anas clypeata)
Löffellein {n} :: diminutive of Löffel
Löffelliste {f} [neologism] :: bucket list
löffeln {v} :: to spoon (eat or scoop with a spoon)
löffelrein {adj} :: spoonable (able to be eaten with a spoon straight from the original packaging)
Löffelsprache {f} :: (literally: spoon language) a ludling which involves the reduplication of all vowel sounds (or all non-word-final vowel sounds) and the infixation of the syllable lew
löffelweise {adv} :: by the spoonful
Löffler {m} :: spoonbill (bird in the family Threskiornithidae with a large spatulate bill)
Löffler {m} :: Eurasian spoonbill (bird of the species Platalea leucorodia)
Logarithmus {m} :: logarithm (for a number x, the power to which a given base number must be raised in order to obtain x)
Logbuch {n} :: logbook
-loge {suffix} :: -logist
Loge {f} [freemasonry] :: lodge
Loge {f} [theater] :: box
-logie {suffix} :: -logy
logieren {v} :: to lodge
Logik {f} :: logic
Logikgatter {n} :: logic gate
-login {suffix} :: -logist (female)
Logis {n} [rare] :: lodging
logisch {adj} :: logical
logisch {adv} :: logically
logisch {adv} [slang] :: of course, absolutely, certainly
Logistik {f} :: logistics
logistisch {adj} [logistics or mathematics or statistics] :: logistic
logistisch {adj} [logistics] :: logistical
logo {adv} [slang] :: of course, absolutely, certainly
logografisch {adj} :: logographic
logographisch {adj} :: alternative form of logografisch
Lohe {f} [archaic, poetic] :: flame, flare
lohfarben {adj} :: tan, tawny
Lohn {m} :: wage
Lohn {m} :: reward
Lohnart {f} :: type of salary or wage
Löhne {prop} {n} :: Löhne (town)
lohnen {vr} :: to be worthwhile
lohnen {vr} :: to pay off
lohnend {adj} :: worthwhile, rewarding, remunerative
lohnenswert {adj} :: rewarding, worthwhile
Lohnfortzahlung {f} :: sick pay (continued payment of wages in case of illness)
Lohnnebenkosten {p} [plurale tantum] :: incidental wage cost
Lohnsteuer {noun} :: wage tax
Loich {prop} {n} :: Loich (municipality)
Loipe {f} :: loipe (cross-country skiing trail)
Lok {f} :: train locomotive, loco
lokal {adj} :: local
Lokal {n} :: A restaurant, especially when small and/or traditional; a pub that serves hot food; an inn
Lokal {n} [in certain compounds] :: A room or facility used for public services
Lokalelement {n} [physics] :: local cell
lokale Variable {f} [programming] :: local variable
lokalisieren {v} :: to localize
Lokalisierung {f} :: localization
Lokalkolorit {n} :: local color
Lokalrunde {f} :: A round of free drinks for everyone in a pub
Lokalteil {m} :: local section on a newspaper
Lokativ {m} :: locative
Lokführer {m} :: clipping of Lokomotivführer (train driver) (male or of unspecified sex)
Lokführerin {f} :: clipping of Lokomotivführerin (train driver) (female)
Lokomotive {f} [transportation, train] :: train locomotive
Lokomotivführer {m} :: engineer [Canada and the US], engine driver [Britain], train driver (male or of unspecified sex)
Lokomotivführerin {f} [job, train] :: engineer [Canada and the US], engine driver [Britain], train driver (female)
lokrisch {adj} [music] :: Locrian
Lokus {m} [colloquial] :: toilet
lokutionär {adj} :: locutionary
lokutiv {adj} :: locutive
Löli {m} [Switzerland, colloquial, derogatory] :: synonym of Tollpatsch
Lolli {m} :: lollipop (sweet)
Löllingit {n} [mineral] :: lollingite
Lombarde {m} :: Lombard
Lombardei {prop} {f} :: Lombardei (region)
London {prop} {n} :: London (capital city)
Lonsdaleit {m} [mineral] :: lonsdaleite
Look {m} [colloquial] :: look
Loosdorf {prop} {n} :: Loosdorf (municipality)
Loparit {m} [mineral] :: loparite
Lorbas {m} [dialectal, derogatory] :: boor, lout
Lorbeer {m} :: laurel, bay
Lorbeerblatt {n} :: bay leaf
Lorbeerkranz {m} :: laurel wreath
Lorchel {f} :: lorchel (Helvella)
Lord {m} :: lord
Lore {prop} :: given name
Lore {f} :: A minecart
Lore {f} :: A train wagon or locomotive used in the Frisian islands in Germany
Lorentz-Kraft {f} :: Lorentz force (force)
Lorenz {prop} :: given name
Lorenz {prop} :: surname
Lorüns {prop} {n} :: Lorüns (municipality)
-los {suffix} :: -less
los- {prefix} :: A verb prefix;
los {adj} [colloquial or dated] :: alternative form of lose
los {adv} :: off, rid of
los {adv} :: going on
los {adv} [colloquial, regional, Westphalia, Lower Saxony] :: open
los {interj} :: come on!, let's go!
Los {n} :: lottery ticket
Los {n} :: lot, fate
lösbar {adj} :: solvable (e.g. a problem)
losbrechen {vt} [with haben] :: to break off
losbrechen {vt} [with sein] :: to break out [begin suddenly]
löschen {vt} :: to quench (fire, thirst, or lime)
löschen {vt} :: to delete, to erase (remembrance, memory, data)
löschen {v} [nautical] :: to unload (goods from a ship)
Löschen {n} :: erasure, deletion
Loschmidt-Konstante {f} :: Loschmidt constant
Löschmittel {n} :: extinguishing agent
Löschpapier {n} :: blotting paper
Löschpulver {n} :: dry powder (in a fire extinguisher)
Löschung {f} :: deletion
Löschung {f} :: extinction
Löschung {f} [physics, chemistry] :: quenching
lose {adj} :: loose, slack
Lösegeld {n} :: ransom (money paid for the freeing of a hostage)
Lösemittel {n} :: solvent
losen {v} :: to draw lots; to draw straws; to toss up
lösen {vt} :: to loose; to loosen; to detach; to remove
lösen {vt} :: to separate
lösen {vt} :: to cast off; to remove
lösen {vt} [of a problem, puzzle, question, conflict, figuratively] :: to solve; to resolve; to answer
lösen {vr} :: to come loose
lösen {vr} :: to dissolve
lösen {v} [of a ticket] :: to buy
lösen {vt} :: to release; to undo; to untie; to ease
lösen {vt} [of a relationship, figuratively] :: to dissolve; to disband; to break up; to end
lösend {adj} :: solvent
Losenstein {prop} {n} :: Losenstein (municipality)
loser {adj} :: comparative of lose
losfahren {v} :: to hit the road
losgeben {v} :: to release
losgeben {v} :: to set free
losgegangen {v} :: past participle of losgehen
losgehen {v} :: to leave
losgehen {v} :: to start
losgehen {v} :: to go off
losgelegt {v} :: past participle of loslegen
losgeprügelt {v} :: past participle of losprügeln
loskaufen {vt} :: to ransom [someone]
losketten {v} :: to unchain
loslachen {v} :: To burst out laughing
loslassen {v} :: to let loose, let go (physically or emotionally)
loslegen {vi} [colloquial] :: To start forcefully
löslich {adj} [chemistry] :: soluble
löslicher Kaffee {m} :: instant coffee
Löslichkeit {f} :: solubility
Löslichkeitsprodukt {n} [chemistry, physics] :: solubility product
loslösen {v} :: to detach [completely]
losmachen {v} :: to detach
losmarschieren {vi} :: to march off
losmüssen {v} :: to have to go, have to leave
losprügeln {v} :: to start beating, thrashing
losreißen {vr} :: to break loose, tear oneself away (von from)
Löss {m} [geology] :: loess
lossagen {vr} :: to renounce [+ von (object) = etwas]
losschießen {v} [with haben] :: to open fire
losschießen {v} [with sein] :: to start moving quickly
losschlagen {v} :: to knock loose
losschlagen {v} :: to strike
losschlagen {v} :: to attack
losschrauben {vt} :: to unscrew
Lost {n} :: mustard gas
Losung {f} :: slogan; motto
Losung {f} [military, etc.] :: password
Losung {f} :: drawing (e.g. in a lottery)
Losung {f} [hunting] :: droppings
Lösung {f} :: solution (answer to a riddle or problem)
Lösung {f} :: solution (solvent + solute; action of dissolving)
Lösung {f} :: cancellation
Lösung {f} :: breaking away
Lösungsentwurf {m} :: draft solution
Lösungsmittel {n} :: solvent
lösungsorientiert {adj} :: solution-oriented
loswerden {v} :: to get rid of
loswerden {v} :: to get off one's chest
losziehen {v} :: to go off, to leave
Lot {n} :: plummet
Lot {n} :: solder
Lot {n} [historic] :: lot (old unit of weight)
Lot {prop} {m} :: Lot
loten {v} [nautical] :: to sound
löten {v} :: to solder
Löten {n} :: soldering
Loth {n} :: obsolete spelling of Lot
Lothar {prop} :: given name, borne by medieval Frankish royalty
Lothringen {prop} {n} :: Lothringen (region)
Lötkolben {m} :: soldering iron
Lötmetall {n} :: solder
Lotos {m} :: lotus
lotrecht {adj} :: perpendicular
lotrecht {adj} :: plumb, vertical
Lotse {m} [nautical] :: pilot; lodesman (person who helps navigate a difficult waterway)
Lotse {m} [aviation, short for Fluglotse] :: air traffic controller
Lotse {m} [figurative] :: guide
lotsen {v} :: to guide
Lotte {prop} :: given name
Lotterie {f} :: lottery
Lotto {n} :: lotto
Lottospiel {n} :: lotto game, lottery
Lotung {f} [nautical] :: sounding
Lötung {f} :: soldering
Lötzinn {n} :: tin solder
Louis {prop} :: given name
Louisa {prop} {f} :: given name, a latinized form of Louise
Louise {prop} :: given name borrowed from French Louise
Lounge {f} :: lounge (waiting room)
Lounge {f} :: lounge (bar)
Lover {m} [colloquial] :: lover; romantic partner; implying that it is either an affair or not a serious relationship; otherwise jocular
Low Carb {n} :: (low-carb diet) shortening of Low-Carb-Diät
Löwchen {n} [not all too frequent] :: diminutive of Löwe
Löwchen {n} :: Löwchen (dog)
Löwe {m} :: lion
Löwe {m} [heraldiccharge] :: lion, as used on a coat of arms
Löwe {m} [zodiac constellations, astrology] :: Leo
Löwen {prop} {n} :: Löwen (city)
Löwenäffchen {n} :: lion tamarin
Löwenanteil {m} [idiom] :: lion's share
Löwenkopf {m} :: lionhead rabbit
Löwenkopf {m} :: lionhead cichlid (fish)
Löwenkopf {prop} {m} :: Lion's Head, a mountain in South Africa
Löwenkopfkaninchen {n} :: lionhead rabbit
Löwenmähne {f} :: lion's mane
Löwenmähne {f} :: flowing mane
Löwenzahn {m} :: a plant of the Taraxacum or Leontodon genera
Löwenzahn {m} :: dandelion
Löwenzahn {m} :: Taraxacum campylodes (syn. Taraxacum officinale)
Löwenzahn {m} :: tooth of a lion
Löwin {f} :: lioness
Lowitz {prop} :: surname
loyal {adj} :: loyal
loyaler {adj} :: comparative of loyal
Loyalität {f} :: loyalty
loyalsten {adj} :: superlative of loyal
LSD {noun} :: initialism of Lysergsäure-diethylamid; LSD
LSSAH {prop} [military, historical] :: abbreviation of Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler: a Waffen-SS division of the Third Reich
lt. {prep} :: abbreviation of laut
Luanda {prop} {n} :: Luanda (capital city)
Lübeck {prop} {n} :: Lübeck
Lübecker {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Lübeck
Lübecker Hütchen {noun} :: traffic cone
lübsch {adj} :: Of or from Lübeck
Luca {prop} :: given name, borrowed from Italian in the 2000s
Lucas {prop} :: given name
Lüchow-Dannenberg {prop} :: Lüchow-Dannenberg (district)
Luchs {m} :: lynx
Luchsspinne {f} :: lynx spider
Lucia {prop} {f} :: given name
Lucianer {m} :: Saint Lucian
Lucianerin {f} :: female Saint Lucian
lucianisch {adj} :: Saint Lucian
Lucie {prop} :: given name
Lücke {f} :: gap, lacuna
Lückenbüßer {m} :: stopgap
Lückenfüller {m} :: stopgap
lückenhaft {adj} :: patchy, scrappy
lückenlos {adj} :: without a gap, gapless
lückenlos {adj} [figuratively] :: complete
Lückentest {m} [education] :: synonym of Lückentexttest (cloze)
Lückentext {m} [education] :: cloze; text in a cloze
Lückentexttest {m} [education] :: cloze
Luddit {m} :: Luddite
Lude {m} [colloquial] :: pimp
Luder {n} [hunting] :: bait
Luder {n} [derogatory] :: slut, ho
Ludesch {prop} {n} :: Ludesch (municipality)
ludisch {adj} :: ludic
lüdisch {adj} :: Ludian, Ludic
Ludmannsdorf {prop} {n} :: Ludmannsdorf (municipality)
Ludolfzahl {f} [mathematics] :: Ludolph's number or Ludolphine number: the number π (an irrational constant representing the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter in Euclidean geometry; approximately 3.14159...,)
Ludwig {prop} {m} :: given name
Ludwig {prop} {mf} :: surname
Ludwigsburg {prop} {n} :: Ludwigsburg (city)
Ludwigsburger {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Ludwigsburg
Luft {f} :: air, atmosphere
Luft {f} :: breeze, zephyr, breath
Luftabschluss {m} :: exclusion of air
Luftangriff {m} [military] :: airstrike
Luftaufklärung {f} [military] :: aerial reconnaissance
Luftaufnahme {f} :: aerial photograph
Luftballon {m} :: (air) balloon
Luftballon {m} [astronomy, dated] :: the constellation Globus aerostaticus
lüftbar {adj} :: ventilatable
Luftbefeuchter {m} :: humidifier
Luftbild {n} :: aerial view, bird's-eye view
Luftbläschen {n} :: diminutive of Luftblase
Luftblase {f} :: air bubble
Lüftchen {n} :: diminutive of Luft
luftdicht {adj} :: airtight
Luftdruck {m} :: air pressure
luftdurchlässig {adj} :: breathable (of a fabric)
luftempfindlich {adj} :: sensitive to air
lüften {v} :: to air, to ventilate
Luftentfeuchter {m} :: dehumidifier
Lüfter {m} :: fan (electrical device)
Lüfterflügel {m} :: a fan blade
Luftfahrt {f} :: aeronautics, aviation
Luftfahrtindustrie {f} :: aircraft / aerospace industry
Luftfahrzeug {n} :: aircraft
luftfeucht {adj} :: humid
Luftfeuchte {f} :: humidity
Luftfeuchtigkeit {f} :: humidity (of the air)
luftgefüllt {adj} :: air-filled
luftgefüllt {adj} :: pneumatic
luftgekühlt {adj} :: air-cooled
Luftgitarre {f} :: air guitar
Luftgüte {f} :: air quality
lufthaltig {adj} :: aerated
lufthaltig {adj} :: porous
Lufthauch {m} :: small breeze
Luftherrschaft {f} [military] :: Control over an airspace
Lufthülle {f} [rare] :: atmosphere
luftig {adj} :: lofty
Luftkissenboot {n} :: hovercraft
Luftkrieg {m} :: airwar, aerial warfare
Luftkuss {m} :: air kiss; flying kiss (any gesture representing a kiss from afar)
luftleer {adj} :: evacuated (of air), exhausted
luftleer {adj} :: airless
Luftlinie {f} :: straight line
Luftlinie {f} :: as the crow flies
Luftloch {n} [aviation] :: air pocket
Luftloch {n} :: air hole (hole in a surface that allows air to pass)
Luft-Luft-Rakete {f} [military] :: air-to-air missile
Luftpolsterfolie {f} :: bubble wrap
Luftpost {f} :: airmail (postal system)
Luftpost {f} :: airmail (item delivered by this postal system)
Luftpumpe {f} :: air pump
Luftpumpe {f} :: Antlia
Luftqualität {f} :: air quality
Luftraum {m} [aviation, politics] :: airspace
Luftröhre {f} :: windpipe, trachea
Luftsauerstoff {m} :: atmospheric oxygen
Luftschacht {m} :: airduct, ventiduct
Luftschiff {n} :: airship
Luftschlag {m} [military] :: air strike
Luftschlange {f} :: paper streamer
Luftschleuse {f} :: airlock
Luftschloss {n} [idiomatic] :: castle in the air, castle in the sky, pipe dream
Luftspiegelung {f} :: mirage
Luftstickstoff {m} :: atmospheric nitrogen
Luftstrom {m} :: airflow, airstream
lufttechnisch {adj} :: air technology (attributive)
Lufttemperatur {f} :: atmospheric temperature
lüftungstechnisch {adj} :: ventilation technology (attributive)
Luftverflüssigung {f} :: liquefaction of air
Luftverschmutzung {f} :: air pollution
Luftverunreinigung {f} :: air pollution
Luftwaffe {f} :: airforce
Luftwaffenangehörige {f} :: air force member (female)
Luftwaffenangehöriger {m} :: air force member
Luftweg {m} :: airway
Luftwurzel {f} :: aerial root
Luftzerlegung {f} :: air separation (industrial process)
Luftzerlegungsanlage {f} :: air separation plant
Luftzufuhr {f} :: air supply
Luftzug {m} :: (light) breeze; draught [UK] / draft [US]
Luftzutritt {m} :: air access / admission
Lüge {f} :: lie
lugen {v} :: to look
lügen {vi} :: to tell a lie; to lie (to intentionally give false information)
lügen {vi} [less often] :: to give false information (unintentionally)
lügen, dass sich die Balken biegen {v} [simile] :: to lie through one's teeth
Lügendetektor {m} :: lie detector
Lügengeschichte {f} :: cock-and-bull story (fanciful story)
Lügengeschichte {f} [often plural] :: porkies; whopper (a lie, especially an elaborate but implausible one)
Lügen haben kurze Beine {proverb} :: a lie has no legs
Lügen haben schöne Beine {proverb} :: lying can be an attractive option; lies can be deceptively attractive
Lügenpresse {f} [pejorative] :: lying press
Lügen strafen {v} [idiom] :: to give the lie
lügen wie gedruckt {v} [simile] :: to lie through one's teeth, to lie with abandon
Lügner {m} :: liar (male or of unspecified sex) (one who tells lies)
Lügnerin {f} :: liar (female)
lügnerisch {adj} :: mendacious
Lug und Trug {noun} :: lies and deceit; smoke and mirrors
Luis {prop} :: given name, a German spelling of Louis or borrowed from Spanish Luis
Luisa {prop} :: given name, German spelling of Louisa, or borrowed from Spanish Luisa
Luise {prop} :: given name
Lukas {prop} :: Luke [biblical character]
Lukas {prop} :: given name, sometimes also spelled Lucas
Lukasevangelium {n} [biblical] :: Gospel of Luke
Luke {f} :: hatch (opening in the ceiling/floor of a room, in the deck of a ship, etc.)
Lukian {prop} :: Lucian (the Sophist)
lukrativ {adj} :: lucrative
lukrativer {adj} :: comparative of lukrativ
lukrativsten {adj} :: superlative of lukrativ
lukrieren {v} [archaic outside of Austria] :: to win, to profit by means of
lukulent {adj} :: luculent, bright, clear
lukullisch {adj} :: Lucullan
lullen {v} :: To lull
Lulu {prop} :: given name; rare today
Lulu {n} [Austria, childish] :: urine (Austrian child language)
lumbersexuell {adj} :: lumbersexual
Lumineszenz {f} [physics] :: luminescence
luministisch {adj} :: lighting-effects (attributive)
Luminol {n} :: luminol (chemical that exhibits blue chemiluminescence)
Luminometer {n} :: photometer
Luminophor {m} [chemistry, physics] :: luminophore
luminös {adj} :: luminous
Lumme {f} :: A seabird belonging to the genera Uria of the auk family Alcidae, particularly the common guillemot, Uria aalge
Lümmel {m} [original] :: farmer, peasant
Lümmel {m} [colloquial] :: boy or man with bad, rude manners
Lümmel {m} [familiar, positive] :: scamp
Lümmel {m} [slang] :: penis
Lümmeltüte {f} [colloquial] :: condom
Lump {m} :: cad (mean, ignoble, or dirty male person)
Lumpen {m} :: rag, tatter, shred
Lumpenproletariat {n} :: lumpenproletariat
Luna {prop} [Roman mythology] :: Luna
Luna {prop} :: given name of modern usage
lunar {adj} :: lunar
Lunch {m} {n} :: An English-style midday meal, generally smaller than the German-style Mittagessen
Lund {m} :: puffin
Lunden {prop} {n} :: Lunden (municipality)
Lüneburg {prop} :: Lüneburg
Lungau {prop} :: A geographic region congruent with the political district of Tamsweg in Austria
Lunge {f} [physiology] :: lung
Lungenbläschen {n} :: alveolus
Lungenentzündung {f} [disease] :: pneumonia
Lungenepithelzelle {f} :: columnar epithelial cell
Lungenerkrankung {f} [pathology] :: pulmonary disease
Lungenfunktion {f} [physiology] :: functional test of the lung
lungengängig {adj} :: respirable
Lungengewebe {n} :: lung tissue
lungenkrank {adj} [healthcare] :: suffering from a lung disease
Lungenkrankheit {f} [pathology] :: lung disease
Lungenkrebs {m} [pathology] :: lung cancer
Lungenödem {n} [pathology] :: pulmonary oedema
Lungenproblem {n} [pathology] :: lung problem
Lungenschaden {m} :: lung damage
lungern {v} :: to hang around
Lunisolarkalender {m} :: lunisolar calendar
Lunte {f} [cord that conveys the fire to some explosive device] :: fuse
Lupe {f} :: magnifying glass, microscope
lupenrein {adj} :: flawless, impeccable, perfect
lupfen {v} [regional, southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland] :: to lift; to raise
lupfen {v} [soccer] :: to lift the ball steeply, usually without spin, by putting the tip of one’s foot under it and abruptly lifting the leg
lüpfen {v} [chiefly literary] :: to slightly lift a hanging covering in order to see or show that beneath it
lüpfen {v} [football] :: alternative form of lupfen
Lupine {f} :: lupin, lupine
Lurch {m} [biology] :: amphibian
Lurnfeld {prop} {n} :: Lurnfeld (municipality)
Lusche {f} [cards] :: deuce (worthless card)
Lusche {f} [colloquial] :: loser, good-for-nothing
Lusche {f} [colloquial] :: weakling, pussy
Lusche {f} [colloquial, regional] :: slut
Lusche {f} [colloquial, regional] :: cigarette
Lüschen {prop} :: surname
Lüsen {prop} {n} :: Lüsen (municipality)
Lusitaner {m} :: Lusitanian (male native or inhabitant of ancient Lusitania)
Lusitanerin {f} :: Lusitanian (female native or inhabitant of ancient Lusitania)
lusitanisch {adj} :: Lusitanian (of or pertaining to Lusitania)
Lusitanisch {n} :: Lusitanian (extinct paleo-Hispanic language)
Lust {f} :: desire; the wish to do or have something
Lust {f} :: satisfaction of desire; pleasure; fun
Lustbarkeit {f} [dated] :: festivity
Lustenau {prop} {n} :: Lustenau (municipality)
Luster {m} [Austria] :: chandelier
Lüster {m} [dated] :: chandelier
Lüsterklemme {f} :: lustre terminal, luster terminal, screw terminal, connector strip, chocolate block
lüstern {adj} :: libidinous
Lustgarten {m} :: pleasure garden
lustgetrieben {adj} :: pleasure-seeking
lustig {adj} :: funny, humorous
lustig {adj} [chiefly colloquial] :: enjoyable, amusing, fun
lustigerweise {adv} :: funnily enough, amusingly
Lustigkeit {f} :: gaiety, cheerfulness
Lustigkeit {f} :: funniness, fun
lustig machen {vr} [with über] :: to mock, deride, make fun of
Lustknabe {m} :: catamite
lustlos {adj} :: listless, sluggish
Lustmolch {m} [derogatory, colloquial, somewhat, dated] :: lecher, sex fiend
Lustmörder {m} :: lust killer, sex killer
Lustspiel {n} :: a comedy, a comedic work of drama or literature
lustvoll {adj} :: sensual, exciting; libidinous
lustvoll {adv} :: lustfully
Lustwäldchen {n} [poetic] :: small, park-like forest to promenade in
Lutetium {n} :: lutetium
Luther {prop} :: surname
Lutherbibel {f} [biblical, Christianity] :: A translation, published in 1534, of the Bible from the original Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament) by Martin Luther
lutherisch {adj} :: Lutheran
Luthern {prop} {n} :: Luthern (municipality)
Luthersch {adj} :: alternative form of lutherisch
Luthertum {n} :: Lutheranism
lutschen {v} :: to suck; to keep something in one's mouth while licking it constantly, as done with lollipops or hard candies
Lutscher {m} :: agent noun of lutschen; sucker
Lutscher {m} :: lollipop, lolly
Lutschtablette {f} [medicine] :: lozenge
lütt {adj} [colloquial, regional, northern Germany] :: small, little
Lüttich {prop} {n} :: Liège
lüttje Lage {f} [regional, parts of Northern Germany, including Hannover] :: synonym of Herrengedeck
Lutz {prop} {m} :: given name, shortened form of Ludwig or Ludger
lützel {adj} [dialectal or obsolete] :: little, small (in size)
Lutzmannsburg {prop} {n} :: Lutzmannsburg (municipality)
Luv {f} :: the windward side of a ship (the side facing the wind)
luvwärts {adv} [nautical] :: aweather
luvwärts {adv} [nautical] :: windward
Luwisch {prop} {n} :: Luwian, the Luwian language
Lux {n} :: lux
Luxemburg {prop} {n} :: Luxembourg (country)
Luxemburg {prop} {n} :: Luxemburg (capital)
Luxemburger {m} :: Luxembourger (person from Luxembourg)
Luxemburgerin {f} :: Luxembourger (female person from Luxembourg)
luxemburgisch {adj} :: Letzeburgesh, Luxembourgish, Luxembourgian (related to Luxembourg, its people or its language)
Luxemburgisch {n} :: Letzeburgesh, Luxembourgish, Luxembourgian (language)
luxuriös {adj} :: luxurious
Luxus {m} :: luxury
Luzern {prop} {n} :: Luzern (capital city)
Luzia {prop} :: given name
luzid {adj} :: lucid
luzid {adj} :: translucent
Luzie {prop} :: given name
Luzifer {prop} {m} :: Lucifer [figure mentioned in Isaiah 14:12, generally identified with Satan]
Luzifer {prop} {m} :: Lucifer [the planet Venus as the daystar]
LW {noun} :: abbreviation of Lehnwort
Lyase {f} [enzyme] :: lyase
Lybien {prop} {n} [now uncommon, proscribed] :: alternative form of Libyen
Lydia {prop} {f} :: Lydia [biblical character]
Lydia {prop} {f} :: given name
lydisch {adj} :: Lydian (related to the Lydians, their country or their language)
lydisch {adj} :: Lydian (related to the Ancient Greek music mode)
Lydisch {n} :: Lydian (the Lydian language)
Lykaonien {prop} {n} :: Lycaonia
lymphatisch {adj} :: lymphatic
Lymphdrüse {f} :: lymph gland
Lymphe {f} :: lymph (the fluid carried by the lymphatic system)
Lymphknoten {m} :: lymph node (filtrating oval bodies of the lymphatic system)
Lymphsystem {n} :: lymphatic system
lynchen {v} :: to lynch, to kill someone (in a mob or crowd)
Lyra {f} :: lyre
Lyrik {f} :: poetry, verse; lyric poetry
Lyrik {f} :: lyrics
Lysergsäure-diethylamid {noun} [chemistry] :: The psychedelic drug LSD, acid
Lysergsäurediethylamid {n} :: alternative form of Lysergsäure-diethylamid
Lysin {n} :: lysine
Lysosom {n} [cytology] :: lysosome
Lyssa {f} :: rabies
Lyzeum {n} [archaic] :: a grammar school for girls
Lyzeum {n} [obsolete] :: a grammar school (for boys or in general)
Lyzeum {n} [obsolete] :: a honorific byname for a university
Lyzeum {n} [archaic, Bavaria, Roman Catholicism] :: a type of theological and philosophical institutes (existing under this name until 1923)
Lyzien {prop} {n} :: Lycia