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m/ {prep} [rare] :: abbreviation of mit
m. {prep} :: abbreviation of mit
m. {adj} [also grammar] :: abbreviation of männlich
m. {adj} [grammar] :: abbreviation of maskulin
M {letter} :: The thirteenth letter of the German alphabet
Ma. {noun} :: abbreviation of Mundart
mäanderartig {adj} :: meandering
mäanderförmig {adj} :: meandering
mäandrisch {adj} :: meandering
Maas {prop} {f} :: the Meuse (major European river)
Maas {n} :: obsolete spelling of Maß
Maat {m} [nautical] :: mate (naval non-commissioned officer)
Maat {m} [nautical, Germany] :: a naval rank, “OR5” on the NATO rank scale
maberes {adj} :: pregnant, gravid
Macao {prop} {n} :: Macau (A Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China just west of Hong Kong)
Macaron {n} :: macaron
Macchie {f} :: macchia
Machart {f} :: make
machbar {adj} :: practicable, feasible
Machbarkeit {f} :: producibility, feasibility
machen {vt} :: to make, produce, create (an object, arrangement, situation, etc.)
machen {vt} :: to take (a photo)
machen {vt} [of food, drinks, etc.] :: to make, prepare
machen {vt} [colloquial] :: to do, perform, carry out (to execute; to put into operation (an action))
machen {vt} [with a noun] :: to do; indicates an activity associated with a noun
machen {vt} :: to go (to make the (specified) sound)
machen {vt} :: to make (to cause or compel (to do something))
machen {vt} [of difficulties, pain, etc.] :: to cause (to set off an event or action or produce as a result)
machen {vt} [with an adjective] :: to make (to cause to be)
machen {vt} [with a noun] :: to make (aus (“into”)) (to cause to become)
machen {vt} [usually not translated literally] :: to make (to have as a feature)
machen {vt} [colloquial, colloquial] :: to come to, total, cost (to require the payment of)
machen {vt} [arithmetic] :: to make, be (to have a sum of)
machen {vt} [colloquial, colloquial] :: to make (to earn, gain wages, profit, etc.)
machen {vt} :: to be, play (to act as the indicated role, especially in a performance)
machen {vt} [of a bed] :: to make (to cover neatly with bedclothes)
machen {vt} [impersonal, colloquial] :: to matter (to be important)
machen {vi} [with auf] :: to make, make oneself out to be, act, play (to behave so as to give an appearance of being; to act as if one were (something, or a certain way))
machen {vi} [colloquial, euphemistic] :: to do one's business, do number two or number one, go (to defecate or urinate)
machen {vr} :: to do (to fare or perform (well or poorly))
machen {vr} :: to look (to have an appearance of being)
machen {vr} [_, dative, colloquial] :: to get cracking (an (“on,” “with”)), get a move on (it), to get down (an (“to”)) (something); [in imperative:] come on, let's go
Machenschaft {f} :: machination
Macher {m} :: agent noun of machen; maker (male or of unspecified sex; one who makes; person or thing that makes or produces something)
Macherin {f} :: maker (female) (person who makes or produces something, especially used in compounds)
Macherin {f} :: big hitter (female)
Machete {f} :: machete
machiavellistisch {adj} :: Machiavellian (Machiavellian)
Macho {m} [pejorative] :: macho
machomäßig {adj} [colloquial, pejorative] :: macho
mach's gut {interj} :: take care; bye-bye
Macht {f} :: might, power
Machtdemonstration {f} :: show of force
Machtergreifung {f} [historical] :: seizure of [the reins of] power, specifically in reference to Hitler's appointment as chancellor on 30 January 1933
Machthaber {m} :: ruler, ruling power
Machthaber {m} :: potentate
Machthaberin {f} :: A female ruler
Machthaberin {f} :: A female potentate
mächtig {adj} [+ genitive] :: powerful, mighty
mächtig {adj} [colloquial] :: intense, intensely
mächtig {adj} [regional] :: very filling (of food)
Machtkampf {m} :: power struggle, struggle for power
Machtkämpfchen {n} :: diminutive of Machtkampf
machtlos {adj} :: powerless
Machtlosigkeit {f} :: powerlessness, helplessness
macht nichts {phrase} :: never mind, it doesn't matter (it is not important)
Machtpolitik {noun} [literally] :: power politics
machtpolitisch {adj} :: power-political
Machtposition {f} :: position of power
Machtstruktur {f} :: power structure
Machtübergabe {f} :: handover of power
Machtübernahme {f} :: takeover of power
machtvoll {adj} :: powerful
Machtwort {n} :: a "word of power", a word that condenses in itself many concepts (for example, sein - to be)
Machtwort {n} [figuratively] :: authority, power; say
machulle {adj} :: bankrupt
machulle {adj} :: tired, exhausted
machulle {adj} :: crazy
Machung {f} [chiefly in compounds] :: making
Machwerk {n} :: bad job, badly crafted object
Machwerk {n} [rare] :: crafted object
Macke {f} :: quirk (odd behaviour of someone)
Macke {f} :: defect
Macker {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: macho; bossy man
Macker {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: boy friend (male friend)
Macker {m} [colloquial, chiefly northern Germany] :: guy; fellow; dude
Macker {m} [colloquial, chiefly northern Germany] :: boss; chief
Mäckes {m} [colloquial] :: McDonald's
Macron {n} :: alternative spelling of Makron
Madagaskar {prop} {n} :: Madagascar
madagassisch {adj} :: Malagasy (related to Madagascar, its people or its language)
Madagassisch {prop} {n} :: Malagasy (language)
Mädchen {n} :: girl
Mädchen {n} :: maiden
Mädchen, die flöten, und Hühnern, die krähen, soll man beizeiten die Hälse umdrehen {proverb} :: alternative form of Mädchen, die pfeifen, und Hühnern, die krähen, soll man beizeiten die Hälse umdrehen
Mädchen, die pfeifen, und Hühnern, die krähen, soll man beizeiten die Hälse umdrehen {proverb} [dated when humorous, otherwise archaic] :: a whistling girl and a crowing hen always come to some bad end; used to discourage girls from whistling, which was formerly considered indecorous
Mädchen für alles {f} [colloquial, possibly, offensive] :: a person of either sex who has a wide variety of abilities and does odd jobs; a handyman; a jack-of-all-trades
mädchenhaft {adj} :: girlish, maidenly
Mädchenname {m} :: girl's name
Mädchenname {m} :: maiden name (maiden surname, unmarried name)
Made {f} :: maggot
madegassisch {adj} :: Madagascan, Malagasy
made in Germany {adj} :: Made in Germany
Madeira {prop} {n} :: Madeira
Mädel {n} [colloquial, central Germany and southern] :: girl (especially member of a group of female friends)
Mädelchen {n} :: diminutive of Mädel
Madeleine {prop} :: given name
Madenhacker {m} :: oxpecker
Madenkäse {m} :: maggot cheese, casu marzu
Madenschraube {f} :: set screw (A screw with threads the entire length and no head.)
Madenwurm {m} :: pinworm, threadworm
Mäder {prop} {n} :: Mäder (municipality)
madig {adj} :: maggoty, infested with maggots
madigmachen {v} [somewhat, colloquial] :: to put someone off something; to spoil something for someone
madigmachen {v} [somewhat, colloquial] :: to try to talk someone out of something for selfish reasons
madj. {adj} :: abbreviation of madjarisch
Madjar {m} :: alternative form of Magyar
madjarisch {adj} :: alternative form of magyarisch
Madjarisch {prop} :: alternative form of Magyarisch
Madleen {prop} :: given name,a contraction of Magdalene
Madlen {prop} :: given name, a contraction of Magdalene
Madlene {prop} :: given name,a contraction of Magdalene
Madrasa {f} :: alternative form of Medresse
Madrid {prop} {n} :: Madrid (capital city)
Madrider {m} [chiefly colloquial] :: synonym of Madrilene
Madrider {adj} [chiefly colloquial] :: synonym of madrilenisch
Madrigal {n} :: madrigal
Maffia {f} :: alternative spelling of Mafia
Mafia {f} :: Mafia
mafios {adj} :: alternative form of mafiös
mafiös {adj} :: Mafia-like
Mafioso {m} :: Mafioso
Magazin {n} :: magazine (periodical)
Magazin {n} :: warehouse
Magazin {n} :: storage [especially in a library or museum]
Magazin {n} :: magazine (ammunition storehouse)
Magazin {n} :: magazine (weapon’s ammunition holder)
Magd {f} :: maid; female servant, especially on a farm
Magd {f} [archaic] :: girl; virgin; young woman
Magd {f} [colloquial] :: prostitute
Magda {prop} :: given name, short for Magdalene
Magdalena {prop} :: given name
Magdalene {prop} :: given name
Mägdchen {n} [rare] :: diminutive of Magd
Mägdchen {n} [obsolete] :: alternative form of Mädchen
Magdeburger {adj} :: pertaining to Magdeburg
Magdeburger {m} :: Magdeburger (male person from Magdeburg)
magdeburgisch {adj} :: Of or from Magdeburg, Magdeburgian
Mägdlein {n} :: diminutive of Magd
Mage {m} [archaic or dialectal] :: alternative form of Magen
Mage {m} [archaic] :: kinsman, relative
Magellan-Pinguin {m} :: Magellanic penguin
Magellanstraße {prop} {f} :: Strait of Magellan
Magen {m} :: stomach, maw
Magenbeschwerde {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: stomachache (abdominal discomfort)
Magenentzündung {f} [pathology] :: inflammation of the lining of the stomach, gastritis
Magengrube {f} :: epigastrium, upper abdomen
Mageninhalt {m} :: stomach contents
Magenkrebs {m} [pathology] :: stomach cancer
Magensaft {m} :: gastric juice
magensaftresistent {adj} :: enteric (resistant to gastric juices)
Magensäure {f} :: gastric acid (stomach acid)
Magenschmerz {m} [often, in the plural] :: stomach ache
Magensonde {f} :: feeding tube, stomach tube
Magenta {n} :: magenta (color)
mager {adj} :: lean, without fat
mager {adj} :: meager, skinny
Magerkeit {f} :: leanness, skinniness
Magermilch {f} :: skimmed milk, skim milk, low-fat milk
Magersucht {f} :: anorexia
magersüchtig {adj} :: anorexic
Maghemit {m} [mineral] :: maghemite
maghrebinisch {adj} :: Maghrebi
Magie {f} :: magic
Magier {m} :: magician
magisch {adj} :: magical
magischer {adj} :: comparative of magisch
magischsten {adj} :: superlative of magisch
Magister {m} :: magister, an academic degree usually comparable to an M.A. or M.Sc.
Magistra {f} :: female magister, an academic degree usually comparable to an M.A. or M.Sc.
Magistra {f} [witchcraft] :: The high priestess or female leader of a coven, the feminine of Magister or Master
Magistrale {f} :: main traffic line, main thoroughfare
Magistrat {m} :: city council
Magistrat {m} :: magistracy
Magma {n} [geology] :: magma
magmatisch {adj} :: magmatic
Magnat {m} :: magnate (powerful industrialist)
Magnat {m} [history] :: High-ranking nobleman
Magnat {m} :: A member of the House of Magnates of the Kingdom of Hungary
Magnat {m} :: A member of the magnate (aristocratic nobility) social class of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Magnatin {f} :: feminine equivalent of Magnat
Magnesit {m} [mineral] :: magnesite
Magnesium {n} :: magnesium
Magnesiumbromid {n} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium bromide
Magnesiumcarbid {n} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium carbide
Magnesiumcarbonat {n} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium carbonate
Magnesiumchlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium chloride
Magnesiumcitrat {n} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium citrate
Magnesiumdiborid {n} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium boride
Magnesiumfluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium fluoride
Magnesiumhydrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium hydride
Magnesiumhydroxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium hydroxide
Magnesiumiodid {n} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium iodide
Magnesiumion {n} :: magnesium ion
Magnesiumlegierung {f} :: magnesium alloy
Magnesiummangel {m} [pathology] :: magnesium deficiency
Magnesiummineral {n} [mineralogy] :: magnesium mineral
Magnesiumnitrat {n} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium nitrate
Magnesiumnitrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium nitride
Magnesiumoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium oxide
Magnesiumperchlorat {n} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium perchlorate
Magnesiumperoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium peroxide
Magnesiumphosphat {n} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium phosphate
Magnesiumpulver {n} :: magnesium powder
Magnesiumsalz {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: magnesium salt
Magnesiumstearat {n} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium stearate
Magnesiumsulfat {n} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium sulfate
Magnesiumsulfid {n} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium sulfide
Magnesiumverbindung {f} :: magnesium compound
Magnet {m} :: magnet
Magnetband {n} :: magnetic tape
Magnetbandgerät {n} :: tape recorder, tape deck
Magneteisenerz {n} [mineral] :: magnetite (or similar magnetic iron ore)
Magneteisenstein {m} :: lodestone
Magnetfeld {n} [physics] :: magnetic field
magnetisch {adj} [physics] :: magnetic
magnetisierbar {adj} :: magnetizable
magnetisieren {v} :: To magnetize / magnetise
magnetisiert {v} :: past participle of magnetisieren
Magnetisierung {f} :: magnetization
Magnetismus {m} :: magnetism
Magnetit {m} [mineral] :: magnetite
Magnetkies {m} [mineral] :: pyrrhotite
Magnetochemie {f} [physical chemistry] :: magnetochemistry
Magnetosphäre {f} :: magnetosphere
Magnetresonanzspektroskopie {f} :: magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR)
Magnetresonanztomografie {f} :: alternative form of Magnetresonanztomographie
Magnetresonanztomographie {f} :: magnetic resonance tomography
Magnetron {n} [physics] :: magnetron
Magnetstein {m} :: lodestone
Magnolie {f} :: magnolia
Magnum {f} :: alternative form of magnum
Magnus {prop} :: given name, common especially in southern Germany. Here sometimes shortened to Mang
mags {contraction} :: contraction of mag es
Magyar {m} :: Magyar
magyarisch {adj} :: Magyar; Hungarian
Magyarisch {prop} [uncommon] :: Magyar; Hungarian
mäh {interj} :: baa (cry of sheep)
Maharadscha {m} :: maharaja (Indian ruler)
Mahd {f} :: mowing
Mähdrescher {m} :: combine (combine harvester)
Mähdrescherfahrer {m} :: combine driver
mähen {v} :: to mow
Mäher {m} :: mower (A machine for cutting grass or other plants that grow on the ground.)
Mäher {m} :: reaper (A machine used to harvest crops.)
Mahl {n} [literary] :: meal, repast
mahlen {vti} :: to grind
Mahlstrom {m} [rare] :: whirlpool; maelstrom
Mahlstrom {prop} {m} :: Moskenstraumen (system of whirlpools off the Norwegian coast)
Mahlzeit {f} :: meal
Mahlzeit {f} :: mealtime
Mahlzeit {interj} [colloquial] :: Enjoy your meal! (more formal: guten Appetit!)
Mahlzeit {interj} [colloquial] :: good afternoon
Mähne {f} :: mane
mahnen {v} :: to urge (someone) to do a specific, necessary task
mahnen {v} :: to beg fervidly
mahnen {v} :: to warn (someone) of (something) emphatically
mahnen {v} :: to remind pressingly, admonish
Mähnenhirsch {m} :: rusa deer or Sunda sambar, Cervus timorensis
Mähnenhund {m} :: maned wolf
Mähnenratte {f} :: crested rat, maned rat
Mähnenrobbe {f} :: South American sea lion
Mähnenwolf {m} :: maned wolf
Mahnmal {n} :: A monument that serves as a reminder of a tragic event and a warning that the event should not be allowed to occur again
Mahnung {f} :: warning
Mahnung {f} :: reminder
Mahnwache {f} :: candlelight vigil
Mahr {m} :: mare, incubus
Mahr {f} :: mare, succubus
Mahr {prop} {mf} :: surname
Mähre {f} [archaic or literary] :: a female horse
Mähre {f} [derogatory] :: a decrepit old horse; a nag
Mähre {m} :: Moravian (person from Moravia; male or unspecified sex)
Mähren {prop} {n} :: Moravia
mährisch {adj} :: Moravian
Mai {m} :: May (month)
Maibaum {m} :: maypole (garlanded pole put up for May Day, e.g. on a village square)
Maibaum {m} [Rhineland, especially Cologne-Bonn area] :: a garlanded young birch tree that a young man puts up in front of the house of his sweetheart during the night before May Day
Maibock {noun} :: A maibock, a type of bock beer
Maid {f} [archaic, poetic] :: maiden; virgin; girl
Maien {m} [poetic] :: synonym of Mai
Maien {m} [Switzerland] :: meadow of flowers
Maien {m} [Switzerland] :: bouquet of flowers
Maien {m} :: A birch branch or maypole decorated with paper flowers
Maiensäß {n} [Switzerland] :: A type of low Alpine pastureland, typically featuring barns and other small buildings
Maiensäß {n} [Switzerland] :: Alpine hut (in such a landscape); châlet
Maier {prop} :: surname A spelling variant of Meyer
Maiglöckchen {n} :: lily of the valley, Convallaria majalis
Maik {prop} :: given name, a phonetic spelling of Mike
Maikäfer {m} :: cockchafer, May bug (large European beetle from the genus Melolontha)
Maike {prop} :: given name, a Low German and West Frisian pet form of Maria
Mail {f} [somewhat, colloquial] :: alternative form of E-Mail
Mailand {prop} {n} :: Mailand (capital city)
Mailand {prop} {n} :: Mailand (metropolitan city)
Mailänder {m} :: Milanese
Mailberg {prop} {n} :: Mailberg (municipality)
mailen {v} :: to email, e-mail
Mailingliste {f} :: mailing list
Mainhattan {prop} [jocular] :: Nickname for the city of Frankfurt am Main
Mainstream {m} :: mainstream
mainstreamig {adj} :: mainstream
Mainz {prop} {n} :: Mainz (city/state capital)
Mainzer {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Mainz
mainzisch {adj} :: Of or from Mainz
Maipilz {m} :: St. George's mushroom (an edible mushroom, Calocybe gambosa)
Mairenke {f} :: Danube bleak (fish) (Alburnus chalcoides)
Mais {m} :: maize; corn [US]
Maisch {m} :: Crushed grapes or other fruits, often used to make wine or brandy
Maisch {m} :: Ground malt used in beermaking
maisgelb {adj} :: Intense yellow (the colour of maize)
Maisgrieß {m} :: cornmeal
Maishofen {prop} {n} :: Maishofen (municipality)
Maiskolben {m} :: corncob, ear of corn, ear of maize
Maisonette {f} [apartment on two or more floors] :: maisonette
Maisonettenwohnung {f} [apartment on two or more floors] :: maisonette
Maissau {prop} {n} :: Maissau (municipality)
Mais.-Whg. {noun} :: abbreviation of Maisonettenwohnung
Mais.-Whgn. {noun} :: abbreviation of Maisonettenwohnungen
Maitli {n} [Swiss] :: girl, lass
Maizena {noun} :: cornstarch
Maja {prop} :: given name, diminutive of Maria
Majestät {f} :: majesty
majestätisch {adj} :: majestic
Majestätsbeleidigung {f} :: lese majesty
Majewski {prop} {mf} :: surname
Majo {f} [colloquial, proscribed] :: mayonnaise
Majonäse {f} [proscribed (since 2017)] :: mayonnaise
Major {m} [military] :: major
Majoran {m} :: marjoram, Origanum majorana
majorenn {adj} [archaic] :: at legal age, not underage
Majorin {f} :: The wife of a major (officer)
Majorität {f} :: majority
Majuskel {f} :: majuscule, capital letter
Majuskelschrift {f} :: majuscule script
makaber {adj} :: macabre
makabrer {adj} :: comparative of makaber
Makadam {m} {n} :: macadam (surface of a road)
Makake {m} :: macaque
Makedonien {prop} {n} :: Macedonia (ancient Greek kingdom; region of northern Greece; modern geographical region)
makedonisch {adj} :: Macedonian
Makel {m} :: flaw; blemish
makellos {adj} :: flawless, immaculate
mäkeln {vi} [with an + dative] :: to nag; to find fault with
Make-up {n} :: makeup; make-up
Makkaroni {f} :: macaroni
Makler {m} :: broker
Makler {m} :: realtor, estate agent
mäklig {adj} :: fastidious
Makrele {f} :: mackerel
Makromolekül {n} [chemistry, physics] :: macromolecule
makromolekular {adj} :: macromolecular (relating to macromolecules)
Makron {n} :: macron
Makronährstoff {m} :: macronutrient
Makrone {f} :: macaroon
makroökonomisch {adj} :: macroeconomic
Makrophage {m} :: macrophage
makroskopisch {adj} :: macroscopic
Makrozustand {m} :: macrostate
Makulatur {f} :: wastepaper
Makulatur {f} [figuratively] :: something worthless or meaningless
Makulatur {f} [printing] :: spoilage
-mal {suffix} :: times
mal. {adj} :: abbreviation of mundartlich
mal {adv} :: times (indicating multiplication of two numbers)
mal {adv} [colloquial] :: alternative form of einmal, may serve to introduce a new information
mal {adv} [colloquial] :: Softening a sentence, thus making a request or command more polite. By extension, indicating a command or request
Mal {n} :: time (as in the first time; many times)
Mal {n} :: occasion, case, occurrence
Mal {n} :: mark, sign
Mal {n} :: mole (on skin)
Malabsorption {f} :: malabsorption
Malachit {m} [mineral] :: malachite
malad {adj} :: unwell
malade {adj} :: ill, unwell, sick
Malaie {m} :: Malay (man)
Malaiin {f} :: Malay (woman)
malaiisch {adj} :: Malay
Malaiisch {n} :: Malay (language)
Malaise {f} :: malaise
Malaria {f} :: malaria
Malariaerreger {m} :: malaria pathogen
Malariasymptom {n} :: malaria symptom
Maläse {f} :: alternative spelling of Malaise
Malawi {prop} {n} :: Malawi
Malawier {m} :: Malawian (A male person from Malawi or of Malawian descent)
Malawierin {f} :: Malawian (A female person from Malawi or of Malawian descent)
malawisch {adj} :: Malawian (Of, from, or pertaining to Malawi or the Malawian people)
Malayalam {n} :: Malayalam
Malaysia {prop} {n} :: Malaysia
Malaysien {n} [Austria] :: Malaysia
Malaysier {m} :: Malaysian
Malaysierin {f} :: A female Malaysian
malaysisch {adj} :: Malaysian
Malbuch {n} :: coloring book
maledeien {v} [dated] :: to condemn, curse
Malediven {prop} {p} :: Maldives
Malediver {m} :: Maldivian (male person from the Maldives or of Maldivian descent)
Malediverin {f} :: Maldivian (female person from the Maldives or of Maldivian descent)
maledivisch {adj} :: Maldivian (Of, from, or pertaining to the Maldives, the Maldivian people or the Maldivian language.)
Maledivisch {n} :: Dhivehi
malen {v} :: to paint (to create a painting)
Maler {m} :: agent noun of malen (male or of unspecified sex)
Maler {m} :: painter (artist who paints pictures)
Maler {m} :: painter (skilled worker who paints walls etc.)
Malerbetrieb {m} :: decorating business, painting contractor
Malerei {f} :: painting (action or activity)
Malerfarbe {f} [art] :: artist's colour/paint
Malerin {f} :: painter (female), paintress [dated]
malerisch {adj} :: relating to painting, the work of a painter; painterly
malerisch {adj} [especially of nature, landscape] :: picturesque; scenic
malerischer {adj} :: comparative of malerisch
malerischsten {adj} :: superlative of malerisch
Malerkitt {m} :: painter's putty
Malheur {n} :: mishap
Mali {prop} {n} :: Mali
malisch {adj} :: Malian (Of, from, or pertaining to Mali or the Malian people)
maliziös {adj} :: malicious
Malle {prop} {n} [colloquial] :: short for Mallorca
Mallnitz {prop} {n} :: Mallnitz (municipality)
Mallorca {prop} {n} :: Mallorca/Majorca (island)
Mallorka {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Mallorca
malmen {v} [rare] :: to grind loudly (the teeth, for example as part of the process of eating or as bruxism)
Malmö {prop} {n} :: Malmö (city)
malochen {v} :: to drudge, labour
malocht {v} :: past participle of malochen
Malonsäure {f} [organic compound] :: malonic acid
Malonsäureanhydrid {n} [organic compound] :: malonic anhydride
Mals {prop} :: Mals (municipality)
Mäls {prop} :: A village in Balzers, Liechtenstein
Malta {prop} {n} :: Malta
Malte {prop} :: given name
Malter {m} {n} [historical] :: A former unit of volume whose precise size varied according to location and material measured; generally in the range of 100 to 200 liters
Malter {m} {n} [archaic, Austria] :: mortar (mixture of lime or cement, sand and water)
Malter {prop} {mf} :: surname
Malters {prop} :: Malters (municipality)
Maltese {m} :: person from Malta; Maltese
Malteser {m} :: Maltese (male or female inhabitant of Malta)
Malteser {m} :: member of the Order [of the Knights] of Malta
Malteser {m} :: Maltese (a small breed of dog)
Malteserin {prop} {f} :: Maltese (female inhabitant of Malta)
Malteserkreuz {n} :: Maltese cross
maltesisch {adj} :: Maltese
Maltesisch {prop} {n} :: Maltese (language of Malta)
malthusisch {adj} :: Malthusian
malträtieren {v} [chiefly colloquial] :: to mistreat something (use or treat with little care)
malträtieren {v} [colloquial, humorous, otherwise archaic] :: to abuse; to maltreat someone
Malve {f} :: mallow
Malware {f} :: drawing goods, such as colored pencils, ink, etc
Malz {n} :: malt
Mama {f} :: mum, mummy, mom, mommy
Mamba {f} :: mamba (snake)
Mambo {m} :: mambo (music)
Mambo {m} :: mambo (dance)
mamertinisch {adj} :: Mamertine
Mami {f} :: mom, mum
Mammakarzinom {n} [pathology] :: breast cancer
Mammografie {f} :: mammography
Mammographie {f} :: mammography
Mammon {m} :: Mammon
Mammon {m} [colloquial] :: money
Mammoth Mountain {prop} {m} :: Mammoth Mountain, a volcanic area in California
Mammut {n} :: mammoth
mampfen {v} [colloquial] :: to munch
Mamsell {f} [dated or humorous] :: damsel, miss
Mamsell {f} [dated] :: housekeeper
Mamsellchen {n} :: diminutive of Mamsell
man {pron} :: one, you (indefinite pronoun; construed as a third-person singular)
man {pron} :: they, people (people in general)
man {pron} :: someone, somebody (some unspecified person)
man {pron} :: they (some unspecified group of people)
man {adv} [colloquial, regional, northern Germany] :: just; only
MAN {prop} :: initialism of Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg (a German mechanical engineering company)
Management {n} :: management (administration; the process or practice of managing)
Managementsystem {n} [management] :: management system
managen {v} :: to manage (organise)
Manager {m} :: manager [see usage notes below] (male or of unspecified sex)
Manager {m} :: agent of an artist or sportsperson (male or of unspecified sex)
Manati {m} :: manatee
manch {pron} [used as an adjective or a noun] :: many a; many; some
mancherlei {adj} :: Various, of many types
mancherorts {adv} :: in some places
manchmal {adv} :: sometimes
Mandant {m} :: client (of a lawyer)
Mandarin {m} :: mandarin (Chinese Imperial official)
Mandarin {prop} {n} :: Mandarin, standard Chinese
Mandarine {f} :: mandarin orange (fruit)
Mandarinente {f} :: mandarin duck
Mandarinfisch {m} :: mandarin fish (colorful saltwater fish, Synchiropus splendidus)
Mandat {n} :: mandate (official command)
Mandatar {m} :: mandatary
Mandatar {m} [Austria] :: deputy, representative
mandatorisch {adj} :: mandatory
Mandel {f} :: almond
Mandel {f} [anatomy, in brain] :: amygdala
Mandel {f} [anatomy, in throat] :: tonsil
Mandel {n} :: a quantity of 15
Mandel {f} :: a quantity of 15
Mandelbaum {m} :: almond tree
Mandelbaum {prop} {mf} :: surname
Mandelbrotmenge {f} :: Mandelbrot set
Mandelentzündung {f} [pathology] :: tonsillitis
Mandelmilch {f} :: almond milk
mandibulär {adj} :: mandibular
Mandioka {f} :: cassava
Mandoline {f} :: mandolin
Mandschurei {prop} :: Manchuria
Manege {f} [circus] :: ring
Manen {p} :: manes
Manfred {prop} :: given name revived in the 19th century and popular in the 20th century
mang {prep} [regional, northern Germany, chiefly colloquial, dated] :: among; amidst
Manga {m} :: manga (a Japanese comic)
Mangan {n} :: manganese
Manganat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: manganate
Mangancarbonat {n} [inorganic compound] :: manganese carbonate
Mangandioxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: manganese dioxide
Manganerz {n} :: manganese ore
Mangangruppe {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: manganese group
Manganhalogenid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: manganese halide
manganhaltig {adj} [mineralogy] :: manganese-bearing
Manganhydroxide {n} [inorganic compound] :: manganese hydroxide
Manganin {n} :: manganin
Manganit {m} [mineral] :: manganite
Manganknolle {f} :: manganese nodule
Mangannitrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: manganese nitride
Manganocen {n} [inorganic compound] :: manganocene
Manganometrie {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: manganometry
manganometrisch {adj} :: manganometric
Manganoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: manganese oxide
manganreich {adj} [mineralogy] :: manganese-rich
Mangansilikat {n} [inorganic compound] :: manganese silicate
Mangansulfat {n} [inorganic compound] :: manganese sulfate
Mangantetrafluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: manganese tetrafluoride
Mangel {m} :: lack
Mangel {m} :: deficiency (dietary)
Mangel {f} :: mangle
Mangelerkrankung {f} [pathology] :: deficiency disease
Mangelerscheinung {f} :: deficiency
mangelhaft {adj} :: defective
Mangelhaftigkeit {f} :: deficiency
Mangelhaftigkeit {f} :: defectiveness
mangeln {v} :: to lack
mangelnd {adj} :: lacking, wanting, insufficient
mangels {prep} [with genitive] :: for lack of
Mangelsymptom {n} :: deficiency symptom
Mangelversorgung {f} :: lack of supply
Mangelware {f} :: scarce good
Mangelzustand {m} :: (state of) deficiency
Mango {f} :: mango (fruit)
Mangold {m} :: chard (Beta vulgaris var. cicla)
Mangostane {f} :: mangosteen
Mangrove {f} :: mangrove
Mangrovenwald {m} :: mangrove forest
Mangroveralle {f} :: chestnut rail
man hat schon Pferde kotzen sehen {proverb} [vulgar] :: anything can happen
Manhattan {prop} {n} :: Manhattan (borough/and/island)
Manhattan {m} :: Manhattan (cocktail)
manichäisch {adj} :: Manichaean
Manie {f} :: mania
Manier {f} [arts] :: manner, style
Manier {f} :: Plural: see Manieren
Manieren {fp} :: manners
manieriert {adj} :: mannered, affected
Manieriertheit {f} :: mannerism
manierlich {adj} :: mannerly
manierlich {adj} :: well-mannered
manifest {adj} :: manifest
Manifest {n} :: manifesto
Manifest {n} :: manifest
maniform {adj} :: Having the form of a mania
Maniküre {f} :: manicure
Manila {prop} {n} :: Manila (capital city)
Manioc {noun} :: alternative form of Maniok
Manioca {f} :: alternative form of Manioka
Maniok {m} :: cassava
Manioka {noun} :: manioc [cassava]
Manipulation {f} :: manipulation
manipulativ {adj} :: manipulative
manipulierbar {adj} :: manipulable
Manipulierbarkeit {f} :: manipulability
manipulieren {v} :: to manipulate
Manipulierer {m} :: manipulator
Manipuliererin {f} :: A female manipulator
manipuliert {v} :: past participle of manipulieren
Manipulierung {f} :: manipulation
manisch {adj} :: manic
manisch-depressiv {adj} :: manic-depressive
man ist, was man isst {proverb} :: you are what you eat
Mank {prop} {n} :: Mank (municipality)
Mank {prop} {f} :: Mank (river)
Manko {n} :: shortcoming
man muss das Eisen schmieden, solange es heiß ist {proverb} :: one should strike while the iron is hot
man muss mit den Wölfen heulen {proverb} :: Behave as those around do, so as to not get into trouble; when in Rome, do as the Romans do
Mann {m} :: man, male human being
Mann {m} :: husband
Männchen {n} :: diminutive of Mann: a little or small man
Männchen {n} :: a male animal or a male plant
Männchen {n} :: a trick that dogs or other quadrupeds do, consisting of resting on their hind legs with an upright body (and begging)
Männeken {n} [regional, northern Germany, chiefly colloquial] :: diminutive of Mann, usually pejorative
Mannequin {n} [person who serves as a subject for fashion] :: model
Männerchor {m} :: male choir
Männerfuss {m} :: alternative spelling of Männerfuß
Männerfuß {m} :: man's foot
männermordend {adj} :: man-killer (seductress, attributive)
Männerstimme {f} :: male voice, man's voice
Mannesmann {prop} :: surname
mannhaft {adj} :: manly
mannhaft {adj} :: brave, bold
Mannheim {prop} {n} :: Mannheim (city)
Mannheim {prop} {n} [historical] :: One of the four districts of the Grand Duchy of Baden
Mannheimer {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Mannheim
mannigfach {adj} :: manifold, multifarious
mannigfaltig {adj} :: diverse, manifold, varied, multifarious
Mannigfaltigkeit {f} :: diversity
Mannigfaltigkeit {f} [math] :: manifold (topological space)
männiglich {pron} [archaic, outside, Switzerland] :: everyone
männiglich {pron} [archaic, outside, Switzerland] :: general
Mann im Mond {m} :: man in the moon
Männin {f} [biblical] :: woman
Männin {f} [rare] :: manly woman
Manning {prop} {n} :: Manning (municipality)
Männlein {n} [southern, possibly dated] :: male animal
Männlein {n} :: diminutive of Mann
männlich {adj} :: male
männlich {adj} :: manly
männlich {adj} [grammar, not comparable] :: masculine
männlicher {adj} :: comparative of männlich
Männlichkeit {f} :: manliness, manhood, masculinity
Männlichkeit {f} [euphemistic] :: male genitalia
männlichsten {adj} :: superlative of männlich
mannmännlich {adj} :: homosexual (male)
Mannomann {interj} :: expression of astonishment
Mannsbild {n} :: man, male [often with the connotation of being strong, handsome or manly]
Mannschaft {f} :: crew members of a ship
Mannschaft {f} :: team (group of people)
Mannschaft {f} [now, rare] :: group of soldiers belonging to one military unit
Mannschaft {prop} {f} :: the national football team of Germany
Mannschaftsraum {m} [nautical] :: seamen's mess
Mannschaftsraum {m} [sports] :: team quarters, crew's quarters
Mannschaftsriege {f} :: team selection, team side, team lineup (sports, politics etc.)
mannshoch {adj} :: man-high
Mannsperson {f} :: man
Mannsschild {m} :: any plant of the genus Androsace
mannstoll {adj} :: man-mad, nymphomaniac
Mannweib {n} [derogatory] :: manly woman
Manometer {n} :: manometer (instrument)
Manometer {interj} :: oh man [an exclamation of astonishment or annoyance]
Manöver {n} :: maneuver
manövrieren {v} :: to maneuver
manövrierfähig {adj} :: maneuverable
Manövrierfähigkeit {f} :: maneuverability
Mansarddach {n} :: mansard roof
Mansarde {f} :: loft apartment, attic flat [UK]; [often single room]
Manschette {f} :: cuff
Manschette {f} :: sleeve
Mansfeld {prop} :: Mansfeld (town)
Mansfelder {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Mansfeld
man soll den Tag nicht vor dem Abend loben {proverb} :: don't count your chickens before they're hatched
Mantel {m} :: mantle
Mantel {m} :: coat
Mantelaffe {m} :: mantled guereza, pied tamarin, Saguinus bicolor
Mäntelchen {n} :: diminutive of Mantel
Mantelplume {m} :: mantle plume
Manteltier {n} [zoology] :: tunicate
Mantisse {f} [maths] :: mantissa
Mantra {n} :: mantra
Manual {n} :: manual (keyboard of an organ etc.)
Manuel {prop} {m} :: given name borrowed from Spanish and Portuguese
Manuela {prop} {f} :: given name borrowed from Spanish and Portuguese, popular during the second half of the 20th century
manuell {adj} :: manual (done or operated by hand)
Manufaktur {f} :: manufactory
Manuskript {n} :: manuscript
Manx {n} :: Manx Gaelic, the Goidelic Celtic language spoken on the Isle of Man
Mao {prop} :: Mao; a Chinese surname, usually referring to Mao Zedong (in German Mao Tse-tung or rarer Mao Zedong)
Mao-Anzug {m} :: Mao suit
Maoismus {m} :: maoism
Mäppchen {n} :: diminutive of Mappe
Mäppchen {n} [Germany] :: pencil case
Mappe {f} :: portfolio (case; collection)
Mappe {f} :: briefcase
Mappe {f} :: folder
Mappe {f} :: plastic folder
Mappe {f} :: loose-leaf binder
Mär {f} [literary] :: an often repeated untruth, a fable, a false narrative
Mär {f} [archaic] :: tale, fairytale, fable
Mär {f} [archaic] :: tidings, news
Maraca {noun} :: maraca [musical instrument]
Maracuja {f} :: passion fruit (edible fruit)
Maraka {noun} :: alternative form of Maraca
Marasmus {m} [medicine] :: marasmus
marastisch {adj} [pathology] :: marantic
Marathi {n} :: one of the languages spoken in India; Marathi
Marathon {m} [sports or figuratively] :: marathon
Marc {prop} {m} :: given name borrowed from French
Marcel {prop} :: given name
Marchegg {prop} {n} :: Marchegg (municipality)
Märchen {n} :: fairy tale
Märchenbuch {n} :: book of fairytales
märchenhaft {adj} :: fabulous
Marchtrenk {prop} {n} :: Marchtrenk (municipality)
Marco {prop} :: given name borrowed from Italian
Marcus {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Markus
Marder {m} :: marten
Mareike {prop} :: given name, a Low German diminutive of Maria
Maren {prop} :: given name from Danish
Marend {n} [Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol] :: afternoon snack
Marga {prop} :: given name
Margareta {prop} :: given name
Margarete {prop} :: given name
Margaretha {prop} :: given name
Margarethe {prop} {f} :: given name, alternative spelling of Margarete
Margarine {f} :: margarine
Margarodit {?} [mineral] :: margarodite
Marge {f} :: margin
Margell {f} [uncommon, dialectal, originally, Prussia] :: a girl
Margellchen {n} :: diminutive of Margell
Margerite {f} :: oxeye daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare)
marginal {adj} :: marginal
Margit {prop} :: given name
Margot {prop} :: given name
Margret {prop} :: given name, a short form of Margarete, =Margaret
Margrit {prop} :: given name derived from Margarete ( =Margaret)
Maria {prop} {f} {m} :: given name
Maria {prop} {f} {m} :: given name, used as a middle name, chiefly by Catholics
Maria Magdalena {prop} :: Mary Magdalene [biblical character]
Marian {prop} :: given name
Marianne {prop} :: given name
Mariapfarr {prop} {n} :: Mariapfarr (municipality)
Mariasdorf {prop} {n} :: Mariasdorf (municipality)
Mariastein {prop} {n} :: Mariastein (municipality)
Maria von Magdala {prop} :: Mary Magdalene [biblical character]
Mariazell {prop} {n} :: Mariazell (municipality)
Marie {prop} {f} :: given name, a German variant of Maria, or borrowed from French
Marie {f} [slang, Austria] :: money
Marienberg {prop} :: A town in Erzgebirgskreis, Saxony
Marienglas {n} [mineral] :: selenite
Marienkäfer {m} :: ladybug, ladybird
Marie-Theres {prop} :: given name
Marie-Therese {prop} {f} :: given name
Marihuana {n} :: marijuana
Marille {f} [Austria] :: apricot
Marillenknödel {m} [cooking] :: apricot dumpling
marin {adj} :: marine
Marina {prop} :: given name
Marinade {f} :: marinade
Marine {f} :: navy
marinieren {v} :: to marinate
Mario {prop} :: given name
Marion {prop} {f} :: given name
Marionette {f} :: A marionette or any type of puppet generally
marionettengleich {adj} :: puppet (attributive)
Marionettenregierung {f} :: puppet government
Mariske {f} :: anal skin tag
maritim {adj} :: maritime
Marius {prop} :: given name of Latin origin
Marjell {f} :: alternative spelling of Margell
Marjellchen {n} :: diminutive of Marjell
Mark {f} :: the name of a currency, mark
Mark {f} :: a usually fortified area along the border; marches
Mark {prop} {m} :: given name, short form of compound names beginning with the Germanic element mark "area along the border", such as Markolf and Markward
Mark {n} :: marrow
Mark {n} :: pith, the solid mass in the inner of a fruit
Mark {prop} {m} :: given name
Mark {m} :: alternative form of Merk
markant {adj} :: distinctive (easily identifiable)
markant {adj} :: striking (individual and impressive)
Markasit {m} [mineral] :: marcasite
Marke {f} :: mark (like trade mark), brand
Marke {f} :: stamp (for letters)
Markenname {m} :: brand name
markenrechtlich {adj} [legal] :: trademarked
markentypisch {adj} :: typical of a certain brand, typical of a certain (trade) mark
Markenzeichen {n} :: trademark
markerschütternd {adj} :: bloodcurdling, agonizing, excruciating, piercing
Marketender {m} [military] :: sutler
Marketing {n} :: marketing (promotion, distribution and selling of a product or service)
Markgraf {m} [historical] :: margrave
markieren {v} :: to mark (indicate)
markieren {v} [social networking] :: to tag (to mention a friend to notify)
Markierung {f} :: mark, marking, tag
Markierung {f} :: brand
Markierungsschnittstelle {f} [software, design] :: marker interface pattern
Markierungsschnittstelle {f} [software, object-oriented] :: marker interface
markig {adj} :: terse, pithy
markig {adj} :: string, powerful, sturdy
märkisch {adj} :: Of or from the Margraviate of Brandenburg
märkisch {adj} :: Of or from the County of Mark or Märkischer Kreis
Markise {f} [historical] :: marquise
Markise {f} :: marquise (style of cut gemstone)
Markise {f} :: awning
Marko {prop} :: given name
Markör {m} :: billiard-marker, marker
Markör {m} [Austria, dated] :: waiter
Markör {m} [agriculture] :: furrow opener
Markt {m} :: market
Markt {m} [title that is prepended to a town name] :: market town
Marktanteil {m} [economics] :: market share
marktbar {adj} :: marketable
markten {v} :: to do business, to have commerce and that often with haggling
marktfähig {adj} :: marketable
Marktführer {m} :: market leader, brand leader
Marktgemeinde {f} :: market town
Marktl {prop} :: Marktl (village)
Marktnische {f} :: niche market
Marktplatz {m} :: marketplace, market square (open area in a town housing a public market)
Marktstruktur {f} [economics] :: market structure
Marktwert {m} :: market value
Marktwirtschaft {f} [economics] :: market economy (type of economy)
marktwirtschaftlich {adj} [economics] :: market economy (attributive)
Markus {prop} :: Mark the Evangelist [biblical character]
Markus {prop} :: given name
Marleen {prop} :: given name
Märlein {n} [obsolete] :: synonym of Märchen
Marlen {prop} :: given name
Marlene {prop} :: given name
Marlies {prop} :: given name, combination of Maria and Elisabeth
Marlis {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Marlies
Marmel {f} [dated] :: alternative form of Murmel
Marmelade {f} [Germany, Austria] :: jam
Marmelade {f} [EU regulation] :: marmalade
Marmor {m} [rock] :: marble
Marmorkatze {f} :: marbled cat [Pardofelis marmorata]
Marmorkrebs {m} :: marbled crayfish
marmorn {adj} [attributive] :: marble
Marmortisch {m} :: marble table
Marne {prop} {n} :: Marne (town)
Marne {prop} {n} :: Marne (city)
marode {adj} :: ailing
marode {adj} :: ramshackle
Marodeur {m} :: marauder (male or of unspecified sex)
marodieren {vi} :: to maraud
Marokkaner {m} :: Moroccan (person from Morocco)
Marokkanerin {f} :: Moroccan (female person from Morocco)
marokkanisch {adj} :: Moroccan (pertaining to Morocco)
Marokko {prop} {n} :: Morocco
Marone {f} :: sweet chestnut (fruit)
Marone {f} [fungi] :: bay bolete
maronitisch {adj} :: Maronite, Maronitic
Marotte {f} :: quirk, idiosyncrasy
Marotte {f} :: marotte (prop stick or sceptre with a carved head on it)
Marquis {m} :: marquess
Marquise {f} :: marquise, marchioness
Marrakesch {prop} {n} :: Marrakech
Mars {prop} {m} :: Mars (planet)
Mars {prop} {m} :: Mars (Roman god)
Marsberg {prop} {n} :: A town in Sauerland, Germany
Marsch {m} :: march
Marsch {f} [geography] :: marsh
Marschall {m} [military] :: marshal; field marshal (highest military rank in some armies)
Marschall {m} [historic] :: marshal (officer in the household of a medieval prince)
Marschallstab {noun} [military] :: baton
Marschflugkörper {m} :: cruise missile
marschieren {v} :: to march (to walk with others in a column, in step)
marschieren {v} :: to march (to walk taking long, regular strides)
marschiert auf {v} :: past participle of aufmarschieren
Marschmusik {f} :: The genre marching music, written to march on (as in military or other parade context) and/or in binary measure
Marschroute {f} [military] :: route of marching
Marschroute {f} [figuratively] :: line of approach, tactics
Marseiller {m} :: Marseillais (native or inhabitant of Marseille)
Marshalling {n} [software] :: marshalling
Marshallinseln {prop} {p} :: Marshall Islands
marshallisch {adj} :: Marshallese
Marshmallow {n} :: marshmallow (confectionery)
Marshsch {adj} :: Marsh (surname) (attributive)
Marssymbol {n} :: Mars symbol
Marstall {m} :: royal stable
Marta {prop} :: Martha [biblical character]
Marta {prop} :: given name
Marter {f} :: torture, ordeal
martern {v} :: to torture, to martyr
Martha {prop} {f} :: Martha (biblical figure)
Martha {prop} {f} :: given name
martialisch {adj} :: martial, menacing
Martin {prop} :: given name
Martin {prop} :: surname
Martina {prop} :: given name
Martingal {n} :: martingale (piece of harness)
Martini {m} :: martini (cocktail)
Martinsberg {prop} {n} :: Martinsberg (municipality)
Martinsberg {prop} {n} [historical] :: Marcinków, Poland
Martinsberg {prop} {n} :: Șomartin, Romania
Martinsgans {f} :: roast goose traditionally eaten at Martinmas
Märtyrer {m} [religion] :: martyr
Märtyrerin {f} [religion] :: (female) martyr
Märtyrertum {n} :: martyrdom
Martyrologium {n} :: martyrology
Marunke {f} [East Central German] :: Prunus domestica subsp. intermedia [the plant is dated]
Marvin {prop} :: given name
Marwig {prop} {m} :: given name
Marwin {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Marvin
Marx {prop} :: surname
Marxismus {m} :: Marxism
Marxismus-Leninismus {prop} :: Marxism-Leninism
Marxist {m} :: Marxist
Marxistin {f} :: a female Marxist
marxistisch {adj} :: Marxist
Marz {prop} {n} :: Marz (municipality)
März {m} :: March
Märzenbecher {m} :: snowflake (flower): Leucojum vernum
Marzipan {n} {m} [generally uncountable] :: marzipan
Marzipankartoffel {f} :: A spherical marzipan sweet popularly eaten at Christmas
Mascara {m} [neologism, especially, advertising] :: synonym of Wimperntusche
Masche {f} [knitting, crocheting] :: stitch
Masche {f} :: hole (in a net)
Masche {f} :: link (in chainmail)
Masche {f} [colloquial] :: trick, scam, shtick
Maschendrahtzaun {m} :: wire net fence, wire mesh fence, chain link fence
Maschikuli {m} :: machicolation
Maschine {f} :: machine
Maschine {f} :: engine
Maschine {f} [slightly, colloquial] :: airplane
Maschine {f} [colloquial] :: motorcycle
maschinell {adj} :: mechanical, automatic
maschinelles Lernen {n} :: machine learning
Maschinenbau {m} :: engineering, especially mechanical engineering
Maschinenfabrik {f} :: machine-producing plant (factory or industrial facility)
Maschinenführer {m} :: operator, machine operator
Maschinengewehr {n} :: machine gun
maschinenlesbar {adj} :: machine-readable
maschinenmäßig {adj} :: machinelike
Maschinenmusik {f} [music] :: Literally translating as machine music. Music with tones in structured manner produced by digital or analog instruments (machines) on the basis of mathematical or/and musical algorithms
Maschinenpistole {f} :: submachine gun
Maschinenraum {m} :: engine room
maschinenschriftlich {adj} :: typewritten
Maschinensprache {f} [programming] :: machine language (set of instructions for a computer)
Maschinenstürmer {m} :: Luddite
Maschinenstürmerin {f} :: feminine noun of Maschinenstürmer
Maschinerie {f} :: machinery
Maschinführer {m} :: alternative form of Maschinenführer
Maser {f} :: knot (bright excrescence on the trunk of a tree)
Masern {p} :: measles
Maserung {f} :: grain (linear texture of material or surface)
mask. {adj} :: abbreviation of maskulin
Maskara {m} :: alternative spelling of Mascara
Maskarenen {prop} {fp} :: Mascarenes, the Mascarene Islands
Maske {f} :: mask
Maske {f} [film production or theater] :: workspace of an make-up artist
Maske machen {v} [film production or theater] :: to make-up (an actor), to perform the activity of an make-up artist
Maskenball {m} :: masked ball
Maskenbildner {m} :: make-up artist (male or of unspecified sex)
Maskerade {f} :: masquerade
maskieren {vt} :: to mask
Maskottchen {n} :: mascot
maskulin {adj} :: masculine, manly
maskulin {adj} [grammar] :: masculine, of or pertaining to the masculine gender
Maskulinum {n} [grammar, no plural] :: masculine, masculine gender
Maskulinum {n} [grammar] :: masculine, a word (like a substantive, pronoun) with masculine gender
Masochismus {m} [psychology, strictly] :: masochism (sexual enjoyment of receiving pain or humiliation)
Masochismus {m} [loosely] :: masochism (joyful wallowing in pain or hardship)
Masochist {m} :: masochist
masochistisch {adj} [psychology, strictly] :: masochistic (experiencing sexual enjoyment in the receiving of pain or humiliation)
masochistisch {adj} [loosely] :: masochistic (joyfully wallowing in pain or hardship)
Mass {noun} :: alternative spelling of Maß
Maß {n} :: size
Maß {n} :: extent
Maß {n} :: measure
Maß {n} :: moderation
Maß {f} [Southern Germany] :: a litre/tankard of beer
Massage {f} :: massage
Massaker {n} :: massacre
massakrieren {v} :: to massacre
Maßanzug {m} :: bespoke suit, made-to-measure suit
Maßband {n} :: tape measure
Masse {f} :: mass [quantity of matter]
Masse {f} :: matter
Masse {f} [electricity] :: ground
Maßeinheit {f} :: unit of measure
maßeinheitslos {adj} [physics] :: dimensionless (Lacking a unit of measure)
massen {conj} :: alternative spelling of maßen
maßen {conj} [archaic] :: since
Massenanteil {m} [chemistry] :: mass fraction
Massenarbeitslosigkeit {f} :: mass unemployment
Massenbewegung {f} :: movement with many people; mass movement
Massendefekt {m} [physics] :: mass defect
Massendifferenz {f} [physics] :: mass difference, mass defect
Massengrab {n} :: mass grave
massenhaft {adj} :: in vast numbers, of vast numbers
Massenkarambolage {f} :: pile-up (major car accident, typically involving five or more vehicles)
Massenkommunikation {f} :: mass communication
Massenkunstoff {m} :: bulk plastics, mass-produced plastics
Massenkunstoffe {m} :: commodity plastics
Massenmedium {n} :: mass medium
Massenmord {m} :: mass murder
Massenmörder {m} :: mass murderer
Massenproduktion {f} :: mass production
Massenprozent {n} :: percentage by mass
Massenspektrometer {n} :: mass spectrometer
Massenspektrometrie {f} [chemistry, physics] :: mass spectrometry
massenspektrometrisch {adj} :: mass-spectrometric
massentauglich {adj} :: popular, mainstream (suitable for the mass of the people)
Massentötung {f} :: mass killing
Massenunterschied {m} [physics] :: mass difference, mass defect
Massenvergiftung {f} :: mass (large-scale) poisoning
Massenvernichtungswaffe {f} :: weapon of mass destruction
massenweise {adv} :: many, lots of
Massenzahl {f} [physics] :: mass number
Masseprozent {n} :: percentage by weight
massereich {adj} :: massive
Masseur {m} :: masseur (male or of unspecified sex)
Masseurin {f} :: masseuse (woman masseur), masseur (female)
Masseuse {f} :: prostitute [working in a "massage parlor"]
Masseuse {f} [dated, female masseur] :: masseuse
maßgebend {adj} :: authoritative
maßgeblich {adj} :: applicable, relevant
maßgeblich {adj} :: significant, decisive, authoritative
maßgeblich {adj} :: essential
maßgeblich {adj} :: prevailing, representative
Maßgeblichkeit {f} :: relevance, decisiveness, authoritativeness
massieren {vt} :: to massage
massieren {vt} :: to mass, concentrate
massig {adj} :: bulky (large in size, mass, or volume)
-mässig {suffix} :: alternative spelling of -mäßig
-mäßig {suffix} :: -like (having some of the characteristics of)
-mäßig {suffix} :: -wise (with respect to, concerning)
mäßig {adj} :: moderate, modest
Mäßigung {f} :: temperance
massiv {adj} :: solid, not hollow
massiv {adj} [figuratively] :: heavy, massive
Massiv {n} :: massif
Maßkolben {m} [chemistry] :: volumetric flask
maßlos {adj} :: exorbitant
maßlos {adj} :: self-indulgent
maßlos {adv} :: extremely, grossly
Massnahme {f} :: alternative spelling of Maßnahme
Maßnahme {f} :: measure (tactic or strategy)
Maßregel {f} :: measure (action, legislation)
Maßstab {m} :: scale (on a map)
Maßstab {m} :: measure, criterion
maßstabgerecht {adj} :: alternative form of maßstabsgerecht
maßstabgetreu {adj} :: alternative form of maßstabsgetreu
maßstabsgerecht {adj} :: to scale, true to scale
maßstabsgetreu {adj} :: to scale, true to scale
maßvoll {adj} :: moderate
maßvoll {adj} :: restrained
Mast {f} :: fodder
Mast {f} :: mast
Mast {m} :: pylon
Mast {m} :: mast
Mastbaum {m} :: mast
Mastdarm {m} [anatomy] :: rectum
Mastdarmakrobat {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: ass-kisser
Mastdarmakrobat {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: person interested in anal sex
mästen {v} :: to fatten
Master {m} :: master's degree
Master {m} :: master graduate
Mastering {n} [sound] :: audio mastering
Mastsau {f} :: pig which is fattened for meat production
Mastsau {f} [vulgar, offensive] :: fat person
Mästung {f} :: fattening
Masturbation {f} :: masturbation
masturbatorisch {adj} :: masturbatory
masturbieren {v} :: masturbate (to masturbate)
masturbiert {v} :: past participle of masturbieren
Mastvieh {n} [collective] :: beef cattle, fattened livestock raised for meat
Masuren {prop} :: Masuren (area)
masurisch {adj} :: Masurian
Masurium {n} :: masurium
Matador {m} [bullfighting] :: matador (bullfighter)
Match {n} [sports] :: match
Material {n} :: material (matter)
Materialermüdung {f} :: material fatigue
Materialisation {f} :: materialization, materialisation [UK]
materialisieren {v} :: to materialize, to materialise [UK]
Materialismus {m} :: materialism
materialistisch {adj} :: materialistic
Materialklasse {f} :: class of material
Materie {f} :: matter
materiell {adj} :: material
Mathe {f} {n} [colloquial] :: math, maths (short form of mathematics)
Mathematik {f} :: mathematics
Mathematiker {m} :: mathematician (male or of unspecified sex)
Mathematikerin {f} :: mathematician (female)
mathematisch {adj} :: mathematical
Mathias {prop} :: given name, alternative spelling of Matthias
Mathilde {prop} :: given name
Matinee {f} :: matinee
Matinée {f} :: alternative spelling of Matinee
Matjes {m} :: young herring, usually pickled
Matjeshering {m} :: young herring, usually pickled
Matratze {f} :: mattress (a pad often of soft cushiony material for sleeping on)
Matratze {f} [vulgar, pejorative slang] :: a promiscuous woman; whore; slut
Mätresse {f} [Renaissance] :: mistress
matriarchalisch {adj} :: matriarchal
Matrikel {f} :: registering, matriculation
Matrix {f} [mathematics] :: matrix
Matrose {m} :: seaman; sailor [of low rank] (male or of unspecified sex)
Matsch {m} :: mud
Matsch {m} :: slush
matschen {v} :: to splash or wallow in mud
matt {adj} :: dull (not shiny)
matt {adj} :: exhausted, weak, feeble (not lively, vigorous, energetic)
Matt {n} [chess] :: mate, checkmate
Matte {f} :: mat
Matte {f} [Switzerland or dialectal] :: meadow
matter {adj} :: comparative of matt
Matterhorn {prop} {n} :: Matterhorn (mountain)
Mattersburg {prop} {n} :: Mattersburg (municipality)
mattgolden {adj} :: glossless gold (in colour)
mattgrau {adj} :: dull / matt grey
Matthäus {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Matthew
Matthäus {prop} {m} :: given name, rare in this form. Normal given name forms: Matthias, Mathias
Matthäusevangelium {n} [Bible] :: Gospel of Matthew
Matthias {prop} [biblical character] :: Matthias
Matthias {prop} :: given name. Variant spelling: Mathias
Mattighofen {prop} {n} :: Mattighofen (municipality)
Mattigkeit {f} :: fatigue, exhaustion
Mattsee {prop} {n} :: Mattsee (municipality)
matt setzen {v} :: alternative form of mattsetzen
mattsetzen {v} :: to checkmate
Matura {f} :: matura; school-leaving exam such as the A level, Abitur etc
Maturität {f} [dated] :: maturity; state of maturity
Maturität {f} [Switzerland] :: Abitur
Maturität {f} [Switzerland] :: higher education entrance qualification
Matuschek {prop} {mf} :: surname
Matz {prop} {m} :: given name
Matz {m} [colloquial] :: boy
Matz {m} [colloquial] :: pig
Mätzchen {n} :: antics, shenanigans
Matze {f} :: matzo
Matzen {m} :: synonym of Matze
mau {adj} :: queasy, poor, poorly, ill, bad, lousy
mau {adj} :: down, blue
mau {adv} :: badly, bad
mau {adv} :: slack
mauer {adj} :: comparative of mau
Mauer {f} :: a wall, usually one made of stone or concrete
Mauer {prop} {f} [always with definite article] :: the Berlin Wall
Mauer {prop} {n} :: Mauer (town)
Mauerassel {f} :: Oniscus asellus, the common woodlouse
Mauerbach {prop} {n} :: Mauerbach (municipality)
Mauerblümchen {n} :: wallflower (socially awkward person)
Mäuerchen {n} :: diminutive of Mauer
Mauerfall {m} :: fall of the Berlin Wall
Mauerkirchen {prop} {n} :: Mauerkirchen (municipality)
Mauerkrone {f} [architecture] :: coping
Mauerkrone {f} [heraldry] :: mural crown
Mauerkronenstein {m} :: capstone, copestone, coping stone
Mauerlattich {m} :: wall lettuce (Mycelis muralis, the only species in Mycelis, also listed as Lactuca muralis)
Mäuerlein {n} :: diminutive of Mauer
mauern {v} :: to build a wall, to lay bricks
Mauern {prop} {n} :: Mauern (town)
Mauernische {f} :: niche (recess in a wall)
Mauersegler {m} :: common swift
Mauerspecht {m} :: wall-pecker
Mauervorsprung {m} :: projection on a wall
Mauke {f} :: mud fever (infection of horses′ lower limbs)
Mauke {f} [colloquial, pejorative, chiefly plural, regional] :: foot
Maul {n} :: mouth of an animal
Maul {n} [pejorative] :: mouth of a person
Maul {n} :: a part of a tool that holds or carries something
Maulaffe {m} [originally] :: head-shaped holder for fatwood, where the fatwood is put into the head's mouth
Maulaffe {m} :: gaper
Maulbeere {f} :: mulberry
Mäulchen {n} :: diminutive of Maul
Maulesel {m} :: hinny (hybrid offspring of a male horse and a female donkey)
maulfaul {adj} :: taciturn, uncommunicative
Maulficker {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: person who inserts his penis into another person's mouth
Maulgeige {f} [regional, musical instrument] :: Jew's harp
Maulheld {m} [pejorative] :: bragger
Maulhure {f} [vulgar, offensive] :: woman who uses lewd language
Maulkorb {m} :: muzzle (device to keep a dog from biting)
Maulkorberlass {m} :: gag order
Maulschelle {f} :: A box on the ear, cuff on the ear
Maultasche {f} :: Maultasche [Swabian pasta]
Maultasche {f} [dated] :: slap in the face
Maultier {n} :: mule (offspring of male donkey and female horse)
Maultrommel {f} :: Jew's harp, mouth harp
Maul- und Klauenseuche {f} :: foot-and-mouth disease
Maulwurf {m} :: mole (small, burrowing insectivore of the family Talpidae)
Maulwurf {m} :: mole (internal spy)
Maulwurfhügel {m} :: molehill
Maulwurfsgrille {f} :: mole cricket
Mau-Mau {n} :: Mau Mau (card game)
Maure {m} :: Moor (male or of unspecified sex)
Mauren {prop} {n} :: Mauren (municipality)
Maurer {m} :: mason (male or of unspecified sex)
Maurer {m} :: An inhabitant of Mauren
Maurer {prop} {mf} :: surname
Mauretanien {prop} {n} :: Mauritania
Mauretanier {m} :: Mauritanian (male person from Mauritania)
Mauretanierin {f} :: Mauritanian (female person from Mauritania)
mauretanisch {adj} :: Mauritanian (Of, from, or pertaining to Mauritania, the Mauritanian people or the Mauritanian language)
maurisch {adj} :: Moorish
mauritisch {adj} :: Mauritian (of, from, or pertaining to Mauritius, its people, or their language or culture)
Mauritius {prop} {n} :: Mauritius
Mauritius-Ralle {f} :: red rail
Maus {f} :: mouse (animal)
Maus {f} :: mouse (computer input device)
Mauschel {m} [offensive, derogatory] :: poor Jew
Mauscheldeutsch {prop} {n} :: Yiddish-accented German
mauscheln {v} :: to scheme, collude
mauscheln {v} :: to cheat
mauscheln {v} :: to mumble
mauscheln {v} :: to speak Yiddish
Mäuschen {n} :: diminutive of Maus
Mäuschen {n} :: honey, sweetie, pumpkin (pet name)
Mäuschen {n} :: fly on the wall (someone, usually theoretical, who listens at a private meeting)
Mäuschen {n} [possibly regional] :: the funny bone
mause {adj} :: synonym of mausetot
Mäuse {fp} [slang] :: money
Mäusebussard {m} :: common buzzard
Mausefalle {f} :: mousetrap
Mauseloch {n} :: mousehole
Mauser {f} :: moult (the process in which a bird’s plumage renews)
Mauser {prop} :: surname
Mäuserich {m} :: male mouse
Mäusespeck {m} :: marshmallow (confectionery)
mausetot {adj} :: stone dead, dead as a dodo, dead as a doornail
mausgrau {adj} :: mousy (in colour)
Mausklick {m} :: click (act of pressing a button on a computer mouse)
Mausoleum {n} :: mausoleum
Mauß {f} :: [dated] alternative spelling of Maus
Mauß {prop} {mf} :: a German surname
maustot {adj} :: alternative form of mausetot
Mauszeiger {m} [graphical user interface] :: mouse cursor
Maut {f} [for a road, tunnel, etc.] :: toll
Mauterndorf {prop} {n} :: Mauterndorf (municipality)
mautfrei {adj} :: toll-free
Mauthausen {prop} {n} :: Mauthausen (municipality)
Mauthner {prop} :: surname
mautpflichtig {adj} [attribute, as in: toll road] :: toll; only possible (to drive on) after one has paid a toll
Max {prop} :: given name, a popular shortened form of Maximilian
maxillar {adj} :: maxillary
maxillär {adj} :: maxillary
maximal {adj} :: maximal
Maximalpigmentierter {m} [humorous] :: black man
Maxime {f} :: maxim
maximieren {v} :: to maximize
Maximierung {f} :: maximization
Maximilian {prop} :: given name
Maximum {n} :: maximum
Maya {m} :: Maya
Maya {prop} :: given name
mayaisch {adj} [rare] :: Maya (Mayan)
mayanisch {adj} :: Mayan
Mayer {prop} :: surname A spelling variant of Meyer
Mayo {f} [colloquial] :: mayonnaise
Mayonnaise {f} :: mayonnaise
Mayrhof {prop} {n} :: Mayrhof (municipality)
Mazedonien {prop} {n} :: Macedonia (ancient Greek kingdom; region of northern Greece); alternative form of Makedonien
Mazedonien {prop} {n} :: Macedonia, North Macedonia (country in the Balkan Peninsula)
Mazedonier {m} :: person from Macedonia; Macedonian
mazedonisch {adj} :: Macedonian (of Macedonia, its people or language)
Mazedonisch {prop} {n} :: Macedonian (Slavic language of Macedonia)
Mäzen {m} :: Maecenas, patron, sponsor
mäzenatisch {adj} :: patronly
Mazze {f} :: alternative spelling of Matze
md. {adj} :: abbreviation of mitteldeutsch
Md. {prop} :: abbreviation of Mitteldeutschlandcentral Germany
me. {adj} :: abbreviation of mittelenglisch
m. E. {phrase} :: abbreviation of meines Erachtens IMO
m.E. {phrase} [sometimes proscribed] :: initialism of meines Erachtens (in my opinion, IMO)
ME {noun} [real estate listing] :: abbreviation of Mieteinnahmen
Mebibyte {n} :: mebibyte (1,048,576 bytes)
Mechaniker {m} :: mechanic, repairman, fitter, mechanician, machinist, grease monkey [colloquial - auto mechanic] (male or of unspecified sex) ["Mechaniker" is used in many compounds with multiple senses]
Mechanikerin {f} :: mechanic, repairwoman, fitter, mechanician, machinist, grease monkey [colloquial - auto mechanic] (female) ["Mechanikerin" is used in many compounds with multiple senses]
mechanisch {adj} :: mechanical
mechanisch {adv} :: mechanically
Mechanismus {m} :: mechanism
mechanistisch {adj} :: mechanistic
Mechatronik {f} :: mechatronics (synergistic combination)
Mechthild {prop} :: given name, a medieval variant of Mathilde ( = Matilda)
meckern {v} :: to bleat (sound of a goat)
meckern {v} :: to moan, grouse, grump, bitch, beef, gripe
Mecklenburg {prop} {n} :: Mecklenburg
mecklenburgisch {adj} :: Mecklenburgish
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern {prop} {n} :: Mecklenburg-Cispomerania, Mecklenburg-Hither Pomerania, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Mecklenburg-Upper Pomerania
Meck-Pomm {prop} :: abbreviation of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Medaille {f} :: medal
Medaillenspiegel {m} :: medal table; medal count
Medaillon {n} :: medallion, locket (a metallic pendant to store a small item)
Medaillon {n} :: showy coin
Medaillon {n} [rare] :: mole, naevus, birthmark
Media {f} [linguistics] :: media
medial {adj} :: medial
Median {m} :: median (statistics: measure of central tendency)
Mediation {f} :: mediation
Mediator {m} [law] :: mediator (male or of unspecified sex)
Mediator {m} [medicine, biology, biochemistry] :: mediator
Mediatorin {f} [law] :: female mediator
mediatorisch {adj} :: mediatory
mediäval {adj} :: medieval
Mediävistik {f} :: medieval studies (academic study of the Middle Ages)
Medicane {m} [meteorology] :: medicane
Medienbericht {m} :: media report
Medienexperte {m} :: media expert, expert on the media
Medienexpertin {f} :: female media expert, female expert on the media
Mediengeschichte {f} :: media history
mediengeschichtlich {adj} :: media-historical
Medienhistoriker {m} :: media historian (a specialist in the history of mass media)
Medienhistorikerin {f} :: female media historian (a female specialist in the history of mass media)
medienhistorisch {adj} :: media-historical
Medienhype {m} [internet] :: media circus
medienpolitisch {adj} :: media politics (attributive)
medienscheu {adj} :: media-shy; low-profile
medienwirksam {adj} :: effectively spread through the media
Medienwissenschaft {f} :: media studies
Medienwissenschaftler {m} :: media scholar (a specialist in the history and effects of mass media)
Medienwissenschaftlerin {f} :: female media scholar (a female specialist in the history and effects of mass media)
Medikalisierung {noun} :: medicalization
Medikament {n} :: drug, medicine
medikamentös {adj} :: medicinal
Medikation {f} :: medication (all the medicines regularly taken by a patient)
medioker {adj} :: mediocre
Meditation {f} :: meditation
mediterran {adj} :: Mediterranean
meditieren {v} :: to meditate
Medium {n} [usually, in the plural] :: media, medium (format for communicating or presenting information)
Medium {n} :: medium (the nature of the surrounding environment, e.g. solid, liquid, gas, vacuum or a specific substance)
Medium {n} :: medium (someone who supposedly conveys information from the spirit world)
Medizin {f} :: medicine (the study of disease and treatment; the profession based thereon)
Medizin {f} [especially, figurative] :: medicine (healing substance or cure)
Mediziner {m} :: doctor (male or of unspecified sex) (physician)
Medizinerin {f} :: doctor (female) (physician)
medizinisch {adj} :: medicinal, medicated
medizinisch {adj} :: medical
medizinische Chemie {f} [chemistry] :: medicinal chemistry
Medizinprodukt {n} :: medical product
Medizintechnik {f} :: medical technology / engineering
Medresse {f} :: madrasah (Islamic school of higher learning)
Meer {n} :: sea
Meer {n} [archaic, except in placenames] :: lake
Meerbusen {m} :: bay, gulf, inlet
Meereis {n} :: sea ice
Meerenge {f} :: strait (narrow channel of water)
Meeresalge {f} :: seaweed
Meeresarm {m} :: estuary
Meeresboden {m} :: seabed
Meereschemie {f} [chemistry] :: chemical oceanography
Meeresfisch {m} :: saltwater fish, seafish
Meeresfrüchte {p} :: seafood
meeresgrün {adj} :: sea green
Meeresgrün {n} :: sea green
Meereshorizont {m} :: the sea's horizon
Meeresküste {f} :: seashore, ocean shore, seacoast
Meereslebewesen {n} :: marine organism
Meereslebewesen {n} [in the plural] :: marine life
Meeresorganismus {m} :: marine organism
Meeresschicht {f} :: ocean layer
Meeresschildkröte {f} :: sea turtle (any turtle that inhabits oceans)
Meeresschwamm {m} :: marine sponge
Meeressediment {n} :: marine sediment
Meeresspiegel {m} :: sea level (the nominal height of the surface of the oceans above which heights of geographical features and aircraft flight levels are measured)
Meeresstrand {m} :: seashore
Meeresstraße {f} [geography] :: strait; narrow channel of water connecting to bigger bodies of water
Meeresstraße {f} [nautical] :: waterway; a navigable body of water such as a river, channel or canal
Meeresströmung {f} :: ocean current
Meerestier {n} [zoology] :: marine animal
Meeresvogel {m} :: seabird
Meerjungfrau {f} :: mermaid
Meerkatze {f} :: guenon (kind of monkey)
Meerrettich {m} :: horseradish
Meerrettichsoße {f} :: horseradish sauce
Meerrettichsuppe {f} :: horseradish soup
Meersalz {n} :: sea salt
Meerschaum {m} :: seafoam (the foam of the churned-up sea)
Meerschaum {m} :: a soft white mineral, meerschaum
Meerschaum {m} :: air fern (a hydroid in the genus Sertularia)
Meerschwein {n} :: porpoise
Meerschwein {n} [usually, diminutive] :: guinea pig
Meerschweinchen {n} :: guinea pig, cavy
Meersmann {prop} :: surname
Meerwasser {n} :: seawater
Meerwasserentsalzungsanlage {f} :: seawater desalination plant
Meerwassersaline {f} :: salt pan (for the evaporation of seawater)
Meeting {n} :: meeting (in the sense of a gathering of people/parties for a purpose, often used with the definite article to refer to "meetings" or "a meeting ")
mega- {prefix} :: mega-
Megabyte {n} :: megabyte (about a million bytes)
Megacandela {n} :: a megacandela, a million candelas
megacool {adj} [rare] :: megacool (very cool)
Megafon {n} :: loudhailer [UK], bullhorn [US] (electronic megaphone)
Megafon {n} [rare] :: non-electric megaphone, speaking trumpet
Megajoule {n} :: megajoule
megakurz {adj} :: very short, megashort
megaloman {adj} :: megalomaniacal
megalomanisch {adj} :: megalomaniacal
Megalomärtyrer {m} :: great martyr
Megalomärtyrerin {f} :: great martyress; female equivalent of Megalomärtyrer
Megaphon {n} :: alternative spelling of Megafon
Megatonne {f} :: megaton
Megawatt {n} :: megawatt
Meggenhofen {prop} {n} :: Meggenhofen (municipality)
Mehdi {prop} {m} :: given name
Mehl {n} :: flour; meal (ground cereal)
Mehl {n} :: powder; dust (any result of grinding)
mehlig {adj} :: mealy
Mehlnährschaden {m} :: kwashiorkor
Mehlsack {m} :: flour sack, flour bag
Mehlschwalbe {f} :: house martin [Delichon urbicum]
Mehlspeise {f} :: Any food made with flour, sometimes also milk, butter, and eggs
Mehlspeise {f} [Austria] :: dessert, sweet
Mehlspeise {f} [Austria] :: cake
Mehltau {m} :: mildew
Mehmet {prop} {m} :: given name
mehr {adj} :: comparative of viel; more
mehr {adv} :: more
mehr {adv} [+ negation] :: no longer, never again, nothing more
Mehr {n} :: increase, excess
Mehr {n} :: majority
mehratomig {adj} [physics, chemistry] :: polyatomic
mehrdeutig {adj} :: equivocal, ambiguous
Mehrdeutigkeit {f} :: ambiguity
mehrdimensional {adj} :: multidimensional
Mehrdimensionalität {f} :: multidimensionality
Mehreinnahme {f} :: additional receipt, additional revenue
mehren {vt} :: to increase
mehren {vr} :: to increase
mehrenteils {adv} :: to the larger part
mehrere {pron} :: several; more than one; a number of
mehrerlei {adj} :: Of various type
mehrfach {adj} :: several, multiple
Mehrfachauswahlfrage {f} [education] :: multiple-choice question
Mehrfachbindung {f} [chemistry, physics] :: multiple bond
Mehrfachrasierer {m} :: reusable razor
Mehrfachvererbung {f} [programming, object-oriented] :: multiple inheritance
Mehrfamilienhaus {n} :: multifamily house
Mehrfamilienwohnhaus {n} :: multifamily house
mehrfarbig {adj} :: multicoloured, varicoloured
mehrgleisig {adj} :: multitrack (of a railway)
Mehrheit {f} :: majority; bulk
Mehrheit {f} [politics] :: majority (specified as absolute Mehrheit)
Mehrheit {f} [politics] :: plurality (specified as relative Mehrheit)
mehrheitlich {adj} :: majority (attributive)
mehrheitlich {adv} :: predominantly
mehrheitlich {adv} :: preponderantly
mehrjährig {adj} :: perennial
Mehrkomponentenreaktion {f} [chemistry] :: multicomponent reaction
mehrkomponentig {adj} :: multicomponent
Mehrkosten {p} :: cost overrun
mehrlappig {adj} :: Having multiple lobes
mehrmalig {adj} :: repeated
mehrmals {adv} :: several times, repeatedly
mehrmonatig {adj} :: several-months-long; lasting several months
mehrmotorig {adj} :: multi-engine
Mehrnährstoffdünger {m} :: compound fertilizer
mehr oder weniger {adv} :: more or less
Mehrpersonenhaushalt {m} :: multiperson household
Mehrpreis {m} :: money that must be payed in addition; additional price
mehrreihig {adj} :: multi-rowed
mehrschichtig {adj} :: multilayer
mehrsilbig {adj} :: polysyllabic
mehrspaltig {adj} :: multicolumn
Mehrspartenhauseinführung {f} [engineering] :: multiple-service building entry (building entry that combines conduits for water, electricity, gas, and other supply pipes)
mehrsprachig {adj} :: multilingual
Mehrsprachigkeit {f} :: multilingualism
mehrspurig {adj} :: multilane
mehrstufig {adj} :: multistage
mehrstufig {adj} :: multistate
mehrstufig {adj} :: multilevel
mehrstündig {adj} :: lasting several hours
mehrtägig {adj} :: multiday
mehrteilig {adj} :: multipart
mehrweg- {prefix} :: reusable
Mehrwegbehälter {m} :: reusable container
Mehrwegbesteck {n} :: reusable cutlery
Mehrwegfeuerzeug {n} :: refillable lighter
Mehrwegflasche {f} :: returnable bottle
Mehrweggeschirr {n} :: reusable dishes
Mehrwegglas {n} :: reusable glass jars
Mehrwegpackung {f} :: reusable (food) container
Mehrwegrasierer {m} :: reusable razor
Mehrwegspritze {f} :: reusable syringe
Mehrwegverpackung {f} :: reusable (food) container
Mehrwert {n} :: surplus value
Mehrwertsteuer {f} :: value added tax (tax levied on added value of an exchange)
mehrwöchig {adj} :: several weeks long
Mehrzahl {f} :: majority (the larger part of a group)
Mehrzahl {f} [grammar] :: plural
Mehrzeller {m} :: multicellular organism
Mehrzentrenbindung {f} :: multi-centre bond
meiden {vt} :: to avoid
meiden {vt} :: to shun
meiden wie die Pest {v} [simile, idiomatic] :: avoid like the plague
Meier {m} [historical] :: administrator or leaseholder of a manor
Meier {m} [historical] :: independent peasant or tenant
Meier {m} :: any plant of the genus Asperula
Meier {prop} {mf} :: surname
Meierei {f} :: dairy (place, often a farm, where milk products are sold)
Meik {prop} :: given name, phonetic spelling of Mike
Meike {prop} {f} :: given name, variant spelling of Maike, a Low German and West Frisian pet form of Maria
Meile {f} :: mile
Meile {f} :: league (unit of distance)
Meilenstein {m} :: milestone (also figurative)
meilenweit {adj} :: miles-wide (for miles)
Meiler {m} :: earth kiln (for producing charcoal)
Meiler {m} :: (short for: Atommeiler) nuclear reactor
Meilinger {prop} :: surname
mein {determiner} [possessive] :: my
meine Güte {interj} :: my goodness
Meineid {m} :: perjury
meinen {v} :: to think; to believe; to suppose (have an opinion or impression)
meinen {v} :: to say; to utter; not used with nouns; not used in the imperative and rarely in the infinitive
meinen {v} :: to mean; to be convinced or sincere about something
meinen {v} :: to mean; to have in mind; to convey
meinen {v} [now rare] :: to mean; to signify
meiner {pron} :: mine (substantival possessive)
meiner Meinung nach {phrase} :: in my opinion
meines Erachtens {phrase} :: in my opinion
meinesgleichen {pron} :: the likes of me
meines Wissens {adv} [idiom] :: to my knowledge
meinethalben {adv} [dated] :: because of me
meinetwegen {adv} :: because of me, for my sake
meinetwegen {adv} [colloquial] :: as far as I'm concerned (I don't mind if); for all I care
meine Wenigkeit {pron} [deprecating or humorous] :: I, me; little old me
mein Gott {interj} :: oh my God
meinige {pron} :: of mine
Meiningen {prop} {n} :: Meiningen (municipality)
Meiningen {prop} {n} :: Meiningen (municipality)
mein lieber Schwan {interj} :: Expressing surprise or astonishment
mein Name ist Hase {phrase} [idiomatic] :: I know nothing; I am not involved (literally: my name is Hase)
meins {pron} [in substantival use only, chiefly colloquial, but accepted in writing] :: alternative form of meines
Meinung {f} :: opinion
Meinungsforscher {m} :: opinion pollster who is male
Meinungsforscherin {f} :: opinion pollster who is female
Meinungsfreiheit {f} :: freedom of opinion
Meinungsmache {f} :: spin
Meinungsumfrage {f} :: opinion poll
Meinungsverschiedenheit {f} :: difference of opinion, disagreement, argument
Meiose {f} :: meiosis (cell division)
Meise {f} :: chickadee, tit (small passerine bird of the genus Parus or the family Paridae)
Meiseldorf {prop} {n} :: Meiseldorf (municipality)
Meisner {prop} :: surname
Meissel {m} :: alternative spelling of Meißel
Meißel {m} :: chisel
meißeln {v} :: to chisel
Meissen {prop} {n} :: alternative spelling of Meißen
Meißen {prop} {n} :: Meißen (city)
meißenisch {adj} :: Of or from Meissen
meißnisch {adj} :: alternative form of meißenisch
meist- {prefix} :: forms the superlative of past participles when this form is used to express frequency
meist {adv} [formal] :: mostly, most often, usually
meistbesucht {adj} :: most-visited
meisten {adj} :: superlative of viel
meistens {adv} :: mostly (for the most part)
meistens {adv} :: most often, usually, normally (most of the time)
meistenteils {adv} :: mostly, to the most part
Meister {m} :: master
Meister {m} [sports] :: champion
meisterhaft {adj} :: masterful, virtuoso
meisterlich {adj} :: masterful, masterly
meistern {v} :: to master (acquire complete knowledge or skill in art, technique or subject)
Meisterschaft {f} :: mastery
Meisterschaft {f} :: championship
Meisterstück {n} :: masterpiece (work created in order to qualify as a master craftsman)
Meisterstück {n} [by extension] :: masterpiece (work of outstanding creativity, skill or workmanship)
Meisterung {f} :: mastering
Meisterwerk {n} :: masterwork
meistgebraucht {adj} :: most-widely-used
meistgeklickt {adj} [Internet] :: most-clicked and this most-viewed
meistverkauft {adj} :: most-sold
meistverwendet {adj} :: most commonly / frequently used
Meitnerium {n} :: meitnerium
Meitschi {noun} [Switzerland] :: lass, girl
Mekbuda {prop} :: Zeta Geminorum
Mekka {prop} :: Mekka (large city)
Mekong {prop} {m} :: Mekong (river)
Melancholie {f} :: melancholia (a deep sadness or depression)
melancholisch {adj} :: melancholic
Melange {f} :: melange (all meanings)
Melani {prop} [rare, uncommon] :: given name; alternative form of Melanie
Melani {prop} :: An Italian surname
Melanie {prop} :: given name
melanistisch {adj} :: melanistic
Melanterit {m} [mineral] :: melanterite
Melanzani {f} [Austria] :: aubergine, eggplant
Melasse {f} :: molasses, treacle
Melchior {prop} :: given name
Melchior {prop} :: surname derived from the given name
melde- {prefix} :: Relating to registration, dispatches, or announcements
Melde {f} [obsolete] :: message
Melde {f} :: a plant of the genus Atriplex, orache, saltbush
Meldegänger {noun} [military] :: A regimental runner
melden {vt} :: to report
melden {vt} :: to tell on (someone)
melden {vr} :: to put one's hand up (in school)
melden {vr} :: to get in touch with someone, touch base (make contact with someone)
melden {v} :: to stay in touch (keep in contact with someone)
melden {v} :: to follow up, get back to (return contact with someone)
Meldezettel {m} :: registration card
Meldung {f} :: report
Meldung {f} :: notification
meldungspflichtig {adj} :: notifiable
melieren {v} [textiles] :: to mix
meliert {adj} :: mottled
Melina {prop} :: given name
meliorativ {adj} :: meliorative
Melissa {prop} :: given name
Melisse {f} :: lemon balm; any of several plants of the genus Melissa
Melk {prop} {n} :: Melk (municipality)
Melk {prop} {f} :: Melk (river)
melken {vt} :: to milk (a cow, goat etc.)
melken {vt} [figuratively] :: to drain; to draw from (someone or something), especially without consent; to milk (someone) for money, information, etc
Melker {m} :: milker
Melkkuh {f} [idiomatic] :: cash cow
Melkmaschine {f} :: milking machine
Mellau {prop} {n} :: Mellau (municipality)
Mellitsäure {f} [organic compound] :: mellitic acid
Mellitsäureanhydrid {n} [organic compound] :: mellitic anhydride
Melodie {f} :: melody (sequence of notes that makes up a musical phrase)
melodiös {adj} :: melodious
melodisch {adj} :: melodic
Melodrama {n} :: melodrama
melodramatisch {adj} :: melodramatic
Melone {f} :: A melon (fruit)
Melone {f} :: A bowler hat
Meltau {m} :: honeydew
Melte {f} :: obsolete form of Melde
Mem {n} :: meme
Membervariable {f} [software, object-oriented] :: member variable
Membran {f} :: membrane
Membran {f} :: diaphragm
Membrane {f} :: membrane
Membranpotential {n} [biology] :: membrane potential
membranständig {adj} :: membrane-bound
Memel {prop} {f} :: Memel (city)
Memel {prop} {f} :: Memel (a <<river>> in <<c/Lithuania>> that runs by this city)
Memeler {noun} :: Memelian, native or inhabitant of Memel
Memeler {adj} :: of or pertaining to the river Memel, the city Memel, or the people of Memel
Memetik {f} :: memetics
Memme {f} :: breast
Memme {f} [derogatory] :: sissy
Memmingen {prop} :: Memmingen (independent city)
Memo {n} :: memo
Memoiren {p} :: memoirs
Memoisation {f} [computer] :: memoization
Memorandum {n} :: memorandum
Menage {f} :: condiment set (found on dining tables)
Menage {f} [dated] :: container for transporting a warm meal
Menage {f} [obsolete, outside, Austria] :: military food rations
Menagerie {f} :: menagerie (collection of live wild animals)
Menagerie {f} :: menagerie (a mix of various things)
menagieren {v} [dated, regional] :: to feed yourself
menagieren {v} [Austria, military] :: to take food
menagieren {vr} [dated] :: to control yourself, restrain yourself
Menarche {f} :: menarche
Mendelejew {prop} {n} :: Mendeleev
Mendelevium {n} :: mendelevium
Menden {prop} {n} :: A town in the Sauerland of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Menetekel {n} :: writing on the wall
Menge {f} :: quantity
Menge {f} :: multitude
Menge {f} :: crowd
Menge {f} [mathematics] :: set
mengen {v} :: to mix
Mengen {prop} {n} :: Mengen (town)
Mengenelement {n} :: macronutrient
Mengenlehre {f} :: set theory (mathematical theory of sets)
mengenmäßig {adj} :: quantitative
mengenmäßig {adv} :: quantitatively
Mengenrabatt {m} :: bulk / quantity discount
Mengentext {m} :: body text
Mengentheorie {f} :: set theory (mathematical theory of sets)
Mengenverhältnis {n} :: proportion
Menhir {m} :: menhir
Meningitis {f} :: meningitis
Mennig {m} :: red lead, lead tetroxide
Mennigvogel {m} :: minivet
Mensa {f} :: cafeteria [at a university], student canteen
mensch {pron} [indefinite, colloquial, rare] :: one, they [indefinite third-person singular pronoun]
Mensch {m} :: human, human being, person
Mensch {m} [interjection] :: man
Menschanschauung {f} :: Menschanschauung
Mensch ärgere Dich nicht {prop} :: Mensch ärgere Dich nicht, a board game similar to Ludo
Menschchen {n} [very rare] :: diminutive of Mensch
Menschenaffe {m} [colloquial] :: An ape or great ape (a tail-less primate)
Menschenaffe {m} [scientific] :: A hominid (a member of the family Hominidae, including humans)
menschenähnlich {adj} :: humanlike, humanoid, anthropoid
Menschenfeind {m} :: misanthrope
menschenfeindlich {adj} :: misanthropic
menschenfeindlich {adj} :: inhuman
Menschenfleisch {n} :: human flesh
menschenfressend {adj} :: man-eating, person-eating
Menschenfresser {m} [colloquial] :: cannibal
Menschenfresser {m} :: man-eater (animal that eats humans)
Menschenfresser {m} [mythology] :: ogre
Menschenfreund {m} :: philanthropist (male or of unspecified sex)
menschenfreundlich {adj} :: philanthropic, benevolent
menschenfreundlich {adj} :: hospitable
menschenfreundlich {adj} :: humane
Menschenfuss {m} :: alternative spelling of Menschenfuß
Menschenfuß {m} :: human foot
menschengemacht {adj} :: man-made
Menschengeschlecht {n} :: humankind
menschengestaltig {adj} :: anthropomorphic
Menschenhand {f} :: human hand
Menschenhand {f} [used attributively] :: hand-made
Menschenhandel {m} :: human trafficking
Menschenjagd {f} :: manhunt
Menschenkenntnis {f} :: knowledge of human nature
Menschenkind {n} :: human child
Menschenleben {n} :: human life
menschenleer {adj} :: without humans; deserted
Menschenmenge {f} :: crowd, throng (of people)
Menschenrasse {f} :: a race of mankind [usually plural]
Menschenrecht {n} :: human right
Menschenrechtsverletzung {f} :: violation of human rights
Menschenscheu {f} :: anthropophobia
Menschensohn {prop} {m} [Christianity] :: Son of Man
menschenunwürdig {adj} :: inhumane, degrading
menschenverachtend {adj} :: inhuman, misanthropic
Menschenverstand {m} :: human reason
Menschenversuch {m} [usually in the plural] :: human experiment(ation); experiment(ation) on one or more human beings
menschenwürdig {adj} :: humane
Menschheit {f} :: humanity (human beings as a group), mankind
Menschheitsbeglücker {m} [ironic] :: a person who thinks of him/herself to bring happiness to mankind by his/her actions
Menschheitsgeschichte {f} :: human history
Menschlein {n} [rare] :: diminutive of Mensch
menschlich {adj} :: human, manlike
menschlich {adj} :: humane, kind
Menschlichkeit {f} :: humanity (the human condition)
Menschwerdung {f} [religion, chiefly Christianity] :: incarnation
Menschwerdung {f} [biology, anthropology] :: the evolutionary and intellectual development by which Homo sapiens sapiens came into being
Menstruation {f} :: menstruation
Menstruationsbeschwerden {p} :: period pain(s), menstrual cramps
Menstruationszyklus {m} :: menstrual cycle
menstruieren {v} :: to menstruate
Mensur {f} :: academic fencing (fencing practiced by some student corporations)
Mensur {f} [music] :: mensur (measurement of the length of the vibrating string from the nut to the bridge)
Mensur {f} [chemistry, dated] :: graduated cylinder
mental {adj} :: mental
Mentalität {f} :: mentality, mindset
Mentalitätsgeschichte {f} [historiography] :: history of mentalities
mentalitätsgeschichtlich {adj} [historiography] :: of, or pertaining to the history of mentalities
Mentalitätswandel {m} :: change of mentality, change of attitude
Menthol {n} :: menthol
Mentor {m} :: mentor
Menü {n} :: set meal, set menu
Menü {n} [computing] :: menu
Menuett {n} :: minuet
Meran {prop} {n} :: Meran (municipality)
Mercaptan {n} [organic chemistry] :: mercaptan
Mercedes-Benz {prop} :: Mercedes-Benz (an automotive brand from Daimler-Benz)
merci {interj} [chiefly Switzerland] :: thank you
Meridian {m} :: meridian
Meristem {n} :: meristem (zone of active cell division)
Meritokratie {f} :: meritocracy
meritokratisch {adj} :: meritocratic
Merk {m} :: water parsnip (Sium gen. et spp.)
Merk {n} :: mark, token, indicium
merkantil {adj} :: mercantile
merkantilistisch {adj} :: mercantilistic
Merkel {prop} :: surname
Merkel-Raute {f} :: a hand gesture made by resting one’s hands in front of the stomach so that the fingertips meet with the thumbs and index fingers forming a rough quadrangular shape
merken {vt} :: to notice
merken {vr} :: to memorize, remember
merken {v} :: to realize
merklich {adj} :: appreciable, noticeable
merklich {adj} :: distinct
Merkmal {n} :: feature, characteristic, attribute (important or main item)
merkmalhaltig {adj} [linguistics] :: characteristic, significant
merkmallos {adj} :: featureless
merkmallos {adj} [linguistics] :: uncharacteristic, insignificant
Merkspruch {m} :: mnemonic
Merkur {prop} {m} :: Mercury (planet)
Merkur {prop} {m} [Roman god] :: Mercury
Merkur {prop} {m} :: mercury (alchemy)
merkwürdig {adj} :: strange, odd
merkwürdig {adj} [obsolete] :: remarkable, noteworthy; worthy to remember
merkwürdigerweise {adv} :: strangely enough, curiously enough, oddly enough
Merkwürdigkeit {f} :: strangeness, oddity
Merle {prop} :: given name
Merlot {m} :: Merlot
Merowinger {prop} {p} :: Merovingians
merowingisch {adj} :: Merovingian
Merseburg {prop} {n} :: Merseburg (city)
Merseburger {adj} :: pertaining to Merseburg
Merseburger {m} :: Merseburger (person from Merseburg)
Merseburger {m} :: Merseburger (male person from Merseburg)
Merseburgerin {m} :: Merseburger (female person from Merseburg)
Merw {prop} {n} :: Merv (historic city in Central Asia, now Turkmenistan)
mesalliieren {vr} :: to misally; to marry beneath one's rank
Meschede {prop} :: Meschede (town)
meschugge {adj} [colloquial, used only as an adjectival predicative] :: meshugge, meshuga
mesenchymal {adj} :: mesenchymal
Meskalin {n} :: mescaline
mesmerisieren {v} [medicine, historical] :: to mesmerize
Mesmerismus {m} [medicine, historical] :: mesmerism
Mesoarchaikum {prop} :: the Mesoarchean
Mesolekt {m} [linguistics] :: mesolect
Mesologie {f} [biology] :: mesology
Mesomerie {noun} :: resonance (chemistry)
Meson {n} :: meson
Mesopotamien {prop} {n} :: Mesopotamia (region between Euphrates and Tigris)
Mesoproterozoikum {prop} :: the Mesoproterozoic
Mesosphäre {f} :: mesosphere
Mesozoikum {prop} :: the Mesozoic
Message {f} :: message
Messaging {n} [colloquial, computing] :: messaging
Messaging {n} [colloquial, internet] :: instant messaging
messbar {adj} :: measurable
Messbarkeit {f} :: measurability
Messbecher {m} :: measuring cup
Meßbecher {m} :: alternative spelling of Messbecher
Messbuch {m} :: missal
Meßbuch {m} :: alternative spelling of Messbuch
Messdiener {m} [Christianity] :: altar boy, altar girl
Messdienerin {f} [Christianity] :: altar girl
Messe {f} :: fair (trade exhibition)
Messe {f} [Christianity] :: mass, the eucharistic liturgy
Messebau {m} :: exhibition stand design, exhibition stand build services
messen {vt} :: to measure (something)
messen {vr} :: to compete
messen {vi} :: to measure; to be a given size, height, width, length, etc
meßen {v} :: obsolete spelling of messen
Messer {n} :: knife
Messer {m} :: agent noun of messen
Messer {m} :: measurer, surveyor
Messer {m} :: gauge, meter
Messerchen {n} :: diminutive of Messer
Messerlein {n} :: diminutive of Messer
messerscharf {adj} :: razor-sharp
Messerspitze {f} :: knife tip
Messerspitze {f} [cooking] :: an imprecise amount of a (chiefly powdery) ingredient; a pinch; as much as would fit on the tip of a knife
Messerstecherei {f} :: stabbing, knife fight; knifing
Messerwerfer {m} :: knife thrower
Messgerät {n} :: gauge, meter (measuring device)
Messias {m} [Christianity] :: The Messiah / messiah (Jesus Christ, Jesus the Messiah, Jesus the Christ)
Messias {m} :: Any other person believed or claiming to be the Messiah / messiah
Messias {m} [figurative] :: A messiah or messiah-like figure
Messie {m} :: compulsive hoarder
Messing {n} :: brass
messingen {adj} :: brazen (made of brass)
messingfarben {adj} :: having the color of brass
messingfarbig {adj} :: having the color of brass
Messingschicht {f} :: brass coating / layer
Messinstrument {n} :: measuring instrument, measuring device, measuring tool
Messkolben {m} [chemistry] :: volumetric flask
Messopfer {n} [Catholicism] :: Eucharist
Messschieber {m} :: vernier caliper
Messstation {f} :: measuring station
Messtechnik {f} :: metrology
Messtechnik {f} :: measurement
Messuhr {f} :: dial gauge
Messung {f} :: measurement, mensuration
Messung {f} :: metering
Messverfahren {n} :: measurement method / process
Messwert {m} :: measurement, reading (measured value)
Messy {m} :: alternative spelling of Messie
Met {m} :: mead
meta- {prefix} :: meta-
Meta {prop} :: given name, a variant of Margarete ( =Margaret) popular in Germany around 1900
Metaanalyse {f} :: meta-analysis
metabolisch {adj} :: metabolic
metabolisiert {v} :: past participle of metabolisieren
metabolisiert {adj} :: metabolized
Metabolismus {m} :: metabolism
Metaborat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: metaborate
metabotrop {adj} :: metabotropic
metadiegetisch {adj} [narratology] :: metadiegetic
Metakieselsäure {n} [inorganic compound] :: metasilicic acid
Metal {m} :: heavy metal (music)
Metall {n} :: metal
Metall {n} [heraldry] :: metal
metallähnlich {adj} :: metallic (similar to a metal)
Metallanteil {m} :: metal content
metallartig {adj} :: metalloid
Metallatom {n} [chemistry, physics] :: metal atom
Metallbesteck {n} :: metal cutlery
Metalldeckel {m} :: metal lid
metallen {adj} :: metallic
Metaller {m} :: metalworker
Metaller {m} :: metaller, metalhead
Metallfaß {m} :: alternative spelling of Metallfass
Metallgabel {f} :: metal fork
Metallgeschmack {m} :: metallic taste
Metallgewinnung {f} :: metal extraction (branch of metallurgy)
Metallgitter {n} :: metal grid
metallhaltig {adj} :: metalliferous
Metallhydrid {n} [chemistry] :: metal hydride
Metallierung {f} :: metallation
Metallion {n} :: metal ion
metallisch {adj} :: metallic
Metallisierung {f} :: metallization
Metallizität {f} :: metallicity
Metalllegierung {f} [metallurgy] :: metal alloy
Metalllöffel {m} :: metal spoon
Metallmesser {n} :: metal knife
Metalloberfläche {f} :: metal surface
Metallocen {n} [organic chemistry] :: metallocene
Metalloenzyme {f} [enzyme] :: metalloenzyme
Metalloid {n} :: metalloid
Metalloprotein {n} [protein] :: metalloprotein
metallorganisch {adj} [organic chemistry] :: organometallic
metallorganische Chemie {f} [chemistry] :: organometallic chemistry
Metallothionein {n} [protein] :: metallothionein
Metalloxid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: metal oxide
Metallpulver {n} :: metal powder
Metallquirl {m} :: metal beater, commonly made of steel
Metallrohr {n} :: metal tube, metal pipe
Metallröhrchen {n} :: diminutive of Metallrohr
Metallsalz {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: metal salt
Metallschicht {f} :: metallic layer
Metallschräubchen {n} :: diminutive of Metallschraube
Metallschraube {f} :: metal screw
Metallschutzgasschweißen {n} :: gas metal arc welding
Metallselenid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: metal selenide
Metallspiegel {m} :: speculum (metal mirror, especially in a telescope)
Metallstaub {m} :: metal dust / powder
Metallstück {n} :: piece of metal
Metallteil {m} :: metal part
Metallurg {m} :: metallurgist
Metallurgie {f} :: metallurgy (science of metals)
Metallurgietechnik {f} [metallurgy] :: metallurgical technology
metallurgisch {adj} :: metallurgical
Metallverarbeitung {f} :: metal processing
Metallverbindung {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: metal compound
Metallwert {m} :: value of the metal in a coin
metamorph {adj} :: metamorphic
metamorph {adj} :: metamorphous
metamorphisch {adj} :: metamorphic
Metamorphose {f} :: metamorphosis
Metapher {f} :: metaphor
metaphorisch {adj} :: metaphorical
Metaphosphat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: metaphosphate
Metaphysik {f} :: metaphysics
metaphysisch {adj} :: metaphysical
Metasprache {f} :: metalanguage
metastabil {adj} :: metastable
Metastase {f} [pathology] :: metastasis
Metastudie {f} :: metastudy
metatheoretisch {adj} :: metatheoretical
Metathese {f} :: metathesis
Metavanadat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: metavanadate
Metempsychose {f} [religion, chiefly in the singular] :: metempsychosis
Meteor {m} :: meteor (streak of light caused by extraterrestrial matter entering the atmosphere)
Meteoreisen {n} [geology] :: meteoritic iron
Meteorit {m} [astronomy, geology] :: meteorite
Meteoritenschauer {m} :: meteorite shower
meteoritisch {adj} :: meteoritic
Meteorologe {m} :: meteorologist
Meteorologie {f} :: meteorology
Meteorologin {f} :: female meteorologist
meteorologisch {adj} :: meteorological
Meter {m} :: meter (unit of measure)
meterdick {adj} :: metres-thick
meterhoch {adj} :: metres-high
Meterspur {f} [rail] :: metre gauge. Some tramways and historic trains run on it
Methan {n} [organic compound] :: methane
Methanal {n} [organic compound] :: methanal, formaldehyde
Methanhydrat {n} :: methane hydrate
Methanisierung {f} [chemistry] :: methanation
Methanol {n} [organic compound] :: methanol
Methanthiol {n} [organic compound] :: methanethiol
Methionin {n} :: methionine (amino acid)
Methode {f} :: method (process by which a task is completed)
Methode {f} [object-oriented programming] :: method (subroutine or function in object-oriented languages)
Methodik {f} :: methodology
Methodik {f} [in the plural] :: methods (collectively)
methodisch {adj} :: methodical
methodistisch {adj} :: Methodist
Methodologie {f} :: methodology (a collection of methods, practices, procedures and rules used by those who work in some field)
methodologisch {adj} :: methodological
Methoni {prop} :: Methoni
Methyl {n} :: methyl
Methylbromid {n} [organic compound] :: methyl bromide
Methylchlorid {n} [organic compound] :: methyl chloride
Methylen {n} [organic chemistry] :: methylene
Methylenblau {n} [organic compound] :: methylene blue
Methylenchlorid {n} [organic compound] :: methylene chloride
Methylgruppe {f} [organic chemistry] :: methyl group
Methylisobutylketon {n} [organic compound] :: methyl isobutyl ketone
Methyllithium {n} [organic compound] :: methyllithium
Methylmethacrylat {n} [organic compound] :: methyl methacrylate
Methylorange {n} [organic compound] :: methyl orange
Metier {n} :: métier, profession
Metnitz {prop} {n} :: Metnitz (municipality)
Metnitz {prop} {f} :: Metnitz (river)
Metonym {n} [grammar] :: metonym
Metonymie {f} :: metonymy
metonymisch {adj} :: metonymic
-metrie {suffix} :: -metry
Metrik {f} [grammar] :: metrics
Metrik {f} [math] :: metric
metrisch {adj} :: metric (relating to metric system)
Metro {f} :: metro
metrologisch {adj} :: metrological
Metronom {n} :: metronome
Metropole {f} :: metropolis; very large city; city which dominates its surroundings due to its population, administrative power or culture(s)
Metropolis {f} :: metropolis
Metropolis {f} :: a bishop's see
metrosexuell {adj} :: metrosexual
Mett {n} [regional, northern and central Germany] :: minced meat
Mett {n} [more widely used] :: such meat, seasoned and eaten raw, usually on bread (a popular snack in Germany)
Mette {f} :: Matins
Metternich {prop} :: surname
Metteur {m} :: typesetter
Mettmach {prop} {n} :: Mettmach (municipality)
Mettwurst {f} :: a strongly flavoured German sausage made from raw minced pork, which is preserved by curing and smoking
Metz {prop} {n} :: Metz (capital city)
metzeln {v} :: to slaughter
Metzer {m} :: Metzian (a person from, or an inhabitant of, Metz)
Metzer {adj} :: Metzian (of or pertaining to the city of Metz)
Metzerin {f} :: feminine noun of Metzer
Metzger {m} [regional, chiefly western Germany, southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland] :: butcher (male or of unspecified sex)
Metzgerei {f} :: butcher's (butcher's shop)
Metzgete {f} [Switzerland] :: A feast, especially at a farm, of sausages and other meat from newly-slaughtered animals, especially pigs
Metzgete {f} [Switzerland] :: A plate of ham, sausages and other pork meats served with sauerkraut
Meuchelmord {m} :: assassination
Meuchelmörder {m} :: assassin
meucheln {v} :: to assassin, assassinate
Meuchelpuffer {m} :: pistol
meuchlerisch {adj} :: treacherous
meuchlerisch {adj} :: murderous
meuchlings {adv} :: underhandedly, dastardly
Meute {f} :: a pack of animals, especially hunting dogs
Meute {f} :: a large mob of people, especially ones who are angry or agitating for something
Meuterei {f} :: mutiny
Meuterer {m} :: mutineer
meutern {v} :: to mutiny
Mexicum {prop} {n} :: [dated] Mexico
Mexikaner {m} :: Mexican (person)
Mexikanerin {f} :: Mexican (female person from Mexico or of Mexican descent)
mexikanisch {adj} :: Mexican
Mexikanischer Wolf {m} :: Mexican wolf
Mexiko {prop} {n} :: Mexiko (country)
Mexikoente {f} :: Mexican duck (Anas diazi)
Mexiko-Stadt {prop} :: Mexiko-Stadt (capital)
Meyer {prop} :: surname
Meyer {prop} :: surname
meyn {determiner} :: obsolete spelling of mein
meyne {pron} :: obsolete spelling of meine
meyne {determiner} :: obsolete spelling of meine
meynem {determiner} :: obsolete spelling of meinem
meynen {determiner} :: obsolete spelling of meinen
meyner {pron} :: obsolete spelling of meiner
meyner {determiner} :: obsolete spelling of meiner
meynes {pron} :: obsolete spelling of meines
meynes {determiner} :: obsolete spelling of meines
mfG {adj} [colloquial] :: initialism of mit freundlichen Grüßen (with friendly greetings) or mit freundlichem Gruß
MFH {noun} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Mehrfamilienhaus
mfr. {adj} :: abbreviation of mittelfränkisch
mfr. {adj} :: abbreviation of mittelfranzösisch
mfrz. {adj} :: abbreviation of mittelfranzösisch
MfS {prop} {n} :: initialism of Ministerium für Staatssicherheit
MG {n} :: initialism of Maschinengewehr
mhd. {adj} :: abbreviation of mittelhochdeutsch
Mi. {noun} :: abbreviation of Mittwoch "Wednesday"
Mi {noun} :: abbreviation of Mittwoch "Wednesday"
Mia {prop} :: given name
Miargyrit {m} [mineral] :: miargyrite
Miassit {m} [mineral] :: miassite
miau {interj} :: meow (cry of a cat)
miauen {v} :: to meow
miaut {v} :: past participle of miauen
Micha {prop} {m} [countable] :: given name
Micha {prop} {m} [uncountable] :: the biblical book of Micah
Micha {prop} :: given name
Michäas {prop} {m} [biblical, rare] :: the book of Micah
Michäas {prop} {m} [biblical, rare] :: the figure Micah
Michäas {prop} {m} :: given name
Michael {prop} {m} :: given name
Michael {prop} {m} :: Michael the Archangel
Michaela {prop} :: given name
Michel {prop} {m} :: given name
Michel {m} [derogatory] :: simpleton
Michelbach {prop} {n} :: Michelbach (municipality)
Michelbach {prop} {n} :: One of two municipalities in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Micheldorf {prop} {n} :: Micheldorf (municipality)
Michelhausen {prop} {n} :: Michelhausen (municipality)
Michelle {prop} {f} :: given name recently borrowed from French
Michiganwaldsänger {m} :: Kirtland's warbler (Dendroica kirtlandii)
mickrig {adj} :: puny, small
mickrig {adj} :: crippled
mickrig {adj} [of handwriting] :: scratchy, scrawly
Micky Maus {prop} :: Mickey Mouse
Midas {prop} {m} :: Midas
Mieder {n} :: bodice
Mieders {prop} :: Mieders (municipality)
Mieming {prop} {n} :: Mieming (municipality)
Miene {f} :: expression, face
mies {adj} [usually, somewhat jocular] :: mean, wretched, as in ein mieser Kater ("a horrible hangover"), ein mieser Kerl ("a mean guy")
mies {adj} :: appalling, poor
Miesenbach {prop} {n} :: Miesenbach (municipality)
Miesepeter {noun} :: curmudgeon (ill-tempered person)
Miesepeter {noun} :: whinger
miesepetrig {adj} :: grumpy, crotchety (in a bad mood)
Miesmuschel {f} :: a type of edible mussel common to the North Sea- the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis
Miete {f} :: rent
Mieteinnahmen {fp} [plurale tantum] :: rental income
mieten {vt} :: to hire, to rent
Mieter {m} :: renter
Mieter {m} :: tenant
Mieterin {f} :: feminine noun of Mieter
mietfrei {adj} :: rent-free
Mietling {m} :: hireling
Mietshaus {n} :: any house where people live for rent, e.g. an apartment building
Mietvertrag {m} :: lease agreement
Mietvertrag {m} :: rental agreement
Mietwagen {m} :: rental car, hired car
Mieze {f} [colloquial] :: pussy (cat)
Mieze {f} :: (informal) attractive woman
Mieze {f} :: (informal) pretty cat
Miezekatze {f} :: pussy-cat
Migräne {f} :: migraine
Migrant {m} :: migrant
migrantisch {adj} :: migrant (attributive), migratory
Migration {f} :: migration
Migration {f} [computing] :: migration
Migrationshintergrund {m} :: migrantion background [i.e. being a migrant or having one or more parents or grandparents be migrants]
migrieren {v} :: to migrate
Mike {prop} :: given name
mikro- {prefix} :: micro-
Mikro {n} [colloquial] :: clipping of Mikrofon
Mikro {f} [colloquial] :: clipping of Mikrowelle
Mikrobe {f} :: microbe
mikrobiell {adj} :: microbial
Mikrobiologie {f} :: microbiology
mikrobiologisch {adj} :: microbiological
mikrobisch {adj} [biology] :: microbial
mikrobischer {adj} :: comparative of mikrobisch
mikrobischsten {adj} :: superlative of mikrobisch
Mikroelektrode {f} :: microelectrode
Mikroelektronik {f} :: microelectronics
Mikrofaser {f} [textile] :: microfiber
Mikrofon {n} :: microphone
Mikrogramm {n} :: microgram
Mikrokristall {m} :: microcrystal
mikrokristallin {adj} :: microcrystalline
mikromechanisch {adj} :: micromechanical
Mikrometer {m} {n} :: micrometer
mikrominiaturisieren {v} :: to microminiaturize
Mikromol {n} [chemistry] :: micromole
Mikromotor {m} :: micromotor
Mikronährstoff {m} :: micronutrient
Mikronesien {prop} {n} :: Micronesia
Mikronesier {m} :: Micronesian (A person from Micronesia or of Micronesian descent)
Mikronesierin {f} :: Micronesian (woman from Micronesia or of Micronesian descent)
mikronesisch {adj} :: Micronesian (Of, from, or pertaining to Micronesia or the Micronesian people)
mikroökonomisch {adj} :: microeconomic
Mikroorganismus {m} :: microorganism
Mikroplastik {f} :: microplastic
Mikroprozessor {m} :: microprocessor
Mikroskop {n} :: microscope
Mikroskop {prop} {n} :: Microscopium (constellation)
mikroskopisch {adj} :: microscopic
mikrosomal {adj} :: microsomal
Mikrostruktur {f} :: microstructure
Mikrowelle {f} [cooking] :: microwave, microwave oven
Mikrowelle {f} [physics, usually plural] :: microwave
Mikrowellenfilter {n} [physics] :: microwave filter
mikrowellengeeignet {adj} :: microwave safe
Mikrowellenherd {m} [formal] :: microwave oven (appliance for cooking food using microwave energy)
Mikrowellenstrahlung {f} :: microwave radiation
mikturieren {v} [medical] :: to urinate, micturate
Mikwe {f} [Judaism] :: mikveh (ritual bath)
Milan {m} :: kite (bird)
Milankovich-Zyklus {m} [climatology] :: alternative form of Milanković-Zyklus
Milankovic-Zyklus {m} [climatology] :: alternative form of Milanković-Zyklus
Milanković-Zyklus {m} [climatology] :: Milankovitch cycle
Milankovitch-Zyklus {m} [climatology] :: alternative form of Milanković-Zyklus
Milankowitsch-Zyklus {m} [climatology] :: alternative form of Milanković-Zyklus
Milbe {f} :: mite (an arachnid)
Milbenkäse {m} :: mite cheese, Milbenkäse
Milch {f} :: milk (white liquid produced by female mammals for their young to consume)
Milch {f} :: milk (white or whitish liquid that is exuded by certain plants)
Milch {f} :: white liquid that is a mixture of other substances, where one of the components is very finely distributed
Milch {f} :: white semen of a male fish
Milchbart {m} [literal] :: milk moustache (white residue on the upper lip after a deep sip of milk)
Milchbart {m} :: downy beard of a youth
Milchbart {m} [by extension, derogatory] :: a youth who has such a beard; immature man
Milchbruder {m} :: milk brother
Milchfieber {n} :: milk fever
Milchfisch {m} :: milkfish, Chanos chanos
Milchflasche {f} :: milk bottle
Milchgesicht {n} [colloquial, derogatory] :: milksop, greenhorn (weak, immature youth)
Milchgesicht {n} :: baby face (youthful face)
Milchglas {n} :: milk glass (opaque glass)
Milchglas {n} :: milk drinking glass
Milchhörnchen {n} :: synonym of Hörnchen
milchig {adj} :: milky
Milchkaffee {m} :: latte (steamed milk with espresso)
Milchkaffee {m} :: coffee with milk
Milchkaffee {m} :: café au lait
Milchkarton {m} :: milk carton
Milchkuh {f} :: dairy cow, milk cow
Milchmädchen {n} :: milkmaid
Milchmädchenrechnung {f} [idiomatic] :: naive calculation, counting the chickens before they're hatched
Milchmann {m} :: milkman
Milchmixgetränk {n} :: milkshake
Milchprodukt {n} :: dairy product
Milchpulver {n} :: milk powder, powdered milk
Milchquarz {m} :: milky quartz
Milchreis {m} :: rice pudding
Milchreis {m} :: pudding rice
Milchsäure {f} [organic chemistry] :: lactic acid
Milchschlange {f} :: milk snake (Lampropeltis triangulum)
Milchschokolade {f} :: milk chocolate
Milchschwester {f} :: milk sister
Milchshake {m} :: milkshake
Milchstorch {m} :: milky stork [Mycteria cinerea]
Milchstraße {f} :: Milky Way (Galaxy)
Milchvieh {n} :: dairy cattle
Milchzahn {m} :: milk tooth (tooth of the first set of teeth)
Milchzucker {m} :: lactose
mild {adj} :: mild (in all of its common senses)
Milde {f} :: mildness
Milde {f} :: leniency
Mildenberger {prop} :: surname
mildern {v} :: to mitigate
mildernd {adj} :: mitigating, alleviating, extenuating
Milderung {f} :: mitigation
mildesten {adj} :: superlative of mild
mildiglich {adv} :: generously
mildtätig {adj} :: charitable, beneficient
Milieu {n} :: social background, environment
Milieu {n} :: atmosphere, ambiance
Milieu {n} :: underworld; demimonde [dated], world of prostitution
militant {adj} :: militant
Militanz {f} :: militancy
Militär {n} :: military
Militär {m} :: serviceman
Militärakademie {f} :: military academy, military school
Militärangehöriger {m} :: serviceman
Militärdienst {m} :: military service
Militärgeschichte {f} :: military history; military story
militärisch {adj} :: military
militarisieren {v} :: to militarize
militarisierend {v} :: participle of militarisieren
militarisiert {v} :: past participle of militarisieren
Militarismus {m} :: militarism
Militarist {m} :: militarist
Militaristin {f} :: female militarist
militaristisch {adj} :: militaristic
Militärregierung {f} [politics] :: military government
Militärzensur {f} :: military censorship
Miliz {f} :: militia
Milizionär {m} :: militiaman
Millardenmarkt {m} :: market worth billions
Mille {f} [colloquial, usually, in the plural] :: synonym of tausend
millenarisch {adj} :: millenarian
Millennium {n} :: millennium (thousand-year period)
milli- {prefix} :: milli-
Milliardär {m} :: billionaire
Milliarde {num} :: milliard, [short scale] billion, 109
milliardenschwer {adj} [colloquial] :: worth billions
milliardste {ordinal num} :: billionth
milliardstel {adj} :: billionth (thousand millionth)
Milliardstel {n} :: billionth (thousand millionth)
Milligramm {n} :: milligram
Millikelvin {n} :: millikelvin
Milliliter {m} :: millilitre (one thousandth of a litre)
Millimeter {m} {n} :: millimetre (one thousandth of a metre)
Millimetternich {prop} {m} [pejorative] :: Nickname for Engelbert Dollfuss, Austrofascist dictator of Austria
Million {f} :: A million, 106
Millionär {m} :: millionaire (male or of unspecified sex)
Millionärin {f} :: millionaire (female), millionairess
millionenfach {adj} :: millionfold
Millionenhöhe {f} :: million(s)
millionenschwer {adj} :: multimillion, millions (of)
Millionenstadt {f} :: a city with a population above one million; megacity
millionste {ordinal num} :: millionth
millionstel {adj} :: millionth (part of)
Millionstel {n} :: one millionth (fraction)
Millisekunde {f} :: millisecond (one one-thousandth of a second)
Millsch {adj} :: Millian
Mills Mess {m} :: Mills Mess
Mils {prop} :: Mils (municipality)
Milz {f} :: spleen, milt
Milzbrand {m} :: anthrax
mim {contraction} [colloquial] :: contraction of mit dem
mimen {v} :: to mime
mimetisch {adj} :: mimetic
Mimose {f} [botany] :: Mimosa; sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica)
Mimose {f} [figuratively] :: A very touchy person
Mimosengewächs {n} :: any plant of the Mimosoideae subfamily
mimosenhaft {adj} :: oversensitive
Minarett {n} :: minaret (mosque tower)
minder {adj} [nowadays formal] :: comparative of wenig
minder {adj} [nowadays formal] :: comparative of gering
minderbemittelt {adj} [dated] :: less well-off
minderbemittelt {adj} [dated] :: mentally deficient, retarded
minderbemittelt {adj} [colloquial, derogatory, offensive] :: retarded (very stupid)
Minderheit {f} :: minority
Minderheitensprache {f} :: minority language
Minderheitsregierung {f} :: minority government (government backed by less than half of votes in parliament)
minderjährig {adj} :: underage
Minderjähriger {m} [Law] :: minor (someone below the legal age)
mindern {v} :: to abate
mindern {v} :: to debase
Minderung {f} :: decimation
Minderung {f} :: decline, decrease
Minderung {f} :: decrementation
Minderung {f} :: depression
Minderung {f} :: deterioration
Minderung {f} :: diminution
Minderung {f} :: drop-off
Minderung {f} :: impairment
Minderung {f} :: lessening
Minderung {f} :: loss
Minderung {f} :: lowering, reduction
Minderung {f} [legal] :: mitigation
Minderung {f} [legal] :: price reduction
minderwertig {adj} :: shoddy, inferior
minderwertiger {adj} :: comparative of minderwertig
Minderwertigkeit {f} :: inferiority, low quality
Minderwertigkeitskomplex {m} :: inferiority complex
minderwertigsten {adj} :: superlative of minderwertig
Minderzahl {f} :: minority, inferior number(s)
mindest {adj} [archaic] :: superlative of minder
mindestens {adv} :: at least (at a lower limit)
mindestens haltbar bis {phrase} :: best before
Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum {n} :: expiry date, best-before date
Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum {n} :: shelf life
Mindestlohn {m} :: minimum wage
Mine {f} [weapons] :: a mine
Mine {f} [mining] :: a mine
Mine {f} :: pencil lead, ballpoint pen reservoir (tube)
Minenfeld {n} :: minefield
Minenministerium {n} :: ministry of mining
Mineral {n} :: mineral
Mineralanalyse {f} [mineralogy, inorganic chemistry] :: mineral analysis
mineralisch {adj} :: mineral
mineralisieren {v} :: to mineralize
Mineralklasse {f} [mineralogy] :: mineral class
Mineralkonzentrat {n} :: mineral concentrate
Mineralname {m} [mineralogy] :: mineral name
Mineraloge {m} :: mineralogist
Mineralogie {f} :: mineralogy
mineralogisch {adj} :: mineralogical
Mineralöl {n} :: oil, mineral oil (petroleum product)
Mineralsäure {f} :: mineral acid
Mineralstoff {m} :: mineral
Mineralstoff {m} :: mineral supplement
Mineralstoffwechsel {m} [biochemistry] :: mineral metabolism
Mineralsystematik {f} [mineralogy] :: mineral classification
Mineralwasser {n} :: mineral water, carbonated water
Miniatur {f} :: miniature
Miniaturbild {n} [computing] :: thumbnail (a miniature preview of a larger image)
Miniaturporträt {n} :: miniature portrait
Minibildchen {n} :: a particularly small picture
Minigolf {noun} [sports] :: minigolf, miniature golf
Minikleid {n} :: minidress (a short dress)
Minikleidchen {n} :: diminutive of Minikleid
minim {adj} [dated, outside, Swiss] :: minimal
minimal {adj} :: minimal
Minimalismus {m} :: minimalism
Minimalist {m} :: minimalist
minimalistisch {adj} :: minimalist
Minimalpaar {n} :: minimal pair (pair of words)
minimieren {v} :: to minimize / minimise
Minimierung {f} :: minimization
Minimum {n} :: minimum
Mining {prop} {n} :: Mining (municipality)
Minirock {m} :: miniskirt
Minischwein {n} :: minipig
Minister {m} :: minister (a person who is commissioned by the government for public service)
ministeriell {adj} :: ministerial
ministeriell {adv} :: ministerial
Ministerin {f} :: minister (woman who is commissioned by the government for public service)
Ministerium {n} :: ministry
Ministerium für Staatssicherheit {n} :: Ministry for State Security; Stasi
Ministerpräsident {m} :: minister-president, prime minister
Ministerpräsidentenkandidat {m} :: prime ministerial candidate, candidate for prime minister, candidate for the office of prime minister
Ministerpräsidentenkandidatin {f} :: prime ministerial candidate, candidate for prime minister, candidate for the office of prime minister (female)
Ministerpräsidentin {f} :: prime minister (female)
ministrabel {adj} :: ministrable
Minivan {m} :: a little van; minivan
Mink {m} [not generally understood] :: American mink (Neovison vison)
Minna {prop} :: given name
Minne {f} [archaic, poetic or humorous] :: romantic love
Minne {f} [historical, Middle Ages] :: courtly love; a kind of chivalrous, serving love by a knight for a noblewoman, generally secret and sometimes adulterous
minnen {v} [poetic] :: to love
Minnesang {m} [historical] :: a form of medieval courtly love song
Minnesänger {m} :: minnesinger
minnig {adj} :: amiable
minniglich {adj} :: synonym of minnig
minoisch {adj} :: Minoan
minorenn {adj} [archaic] :: underage
Minrecordit {m} [mineral] :: minrecordite
Minsk {prop} {n} :: Minsk (capital city)
MINT {noun} :: acronym of Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaft und Technik, Similar to and used in the same context as STEM
minus {adv} [mathematics] :: minus, less
Minus {n} [mathematics] :: minus (negative quantity)
Minus {n} :: minus (defect or deficiency)
Minus {n} [colloquial] :: minus (minus sign)
Minuskelschrift {f} :: minuscule script
Minuspunkt {m} :: minus point, disadvantage, negative
Minute {f} :: minute (unit of time; unit of angle)
minutenlang {adj} :: lasting for minutes, minuteslong
Minutentakt {m} :: minute interval
Minuterie {f} :: time switch, timer
minutiös {adj} :: minute
minütlich {adj} :: minutely (happening every minute)
minuziös {adj} :: alternative form of minutiös
Minze {f} :: mint (genus Mentha)
Mio. {noun} :: abbreviation of Million or Millionen
Mio {noun} :: Abbreviation of Million or Millionen
mir. {adj} :: abbreviation of mittelirisch
mir {pron} [regional, dialectal or colloquial] :: alternative form of wir
Mira {prop} [star] :: Mira
Mira {prop} {f} :: given name
Mirabelle {f} :: mirabelle plum, mirabelle prune
Mirakel {n} :: miracle
Mirakelfrucht {f} :: miracle berry
mirakulös {adj} :: miraculous
mir geht's gut, danke {phrase} [colloquial] :: The expected, polite response to wie geht's
Miriam {prop} {f} [biblical character] :: Miriam
Miriam {prop} {f} :: given name
Mirjam {prop} [biblical character] :: Miriam
Mirjam {prop} :: given name, more often spelled Miriam
mir nichts, dir nichts {adv} [idiomatic, figurative] :: suddenly; without warning, or consideration, or regard for own detriment
mirs {contraction} :: contraction of mir es
Misanthrop {m} :: misanthrope
mischbar {adj} :: miscible
Mischehe {f} :: mixed marriage
Mischelement {n} :: Any element that exists in nature as a mixture of isotopes
mischen {v} :: to mix
mischen {v} [card games] :: to shuffle
Mischendorf {prop} {n} :: Mischendorf (municipality)
Mischkristall {m} :: mixed crystal
Mischkunststoff {m} :: mixed plastics
Mischling {m} [also, biology] :: hybrid
Mischling {m} [usually, offensive] :: half-breed, breed (short form); person of mixed race
Mischmasch {m} :: mishmash, hotchpotch, hodgepodge
Mischna {prop} {f} :: Mishna
Mischoxid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: mixed oxide
Mischpoche {f} :: alternative form of Mischpoke
Mischpoke {f} [colloquial, now, rare] :: family
Mischpoke {f} [by extension, colloquial, now, rare] :: a bunch or group of people
Mischpolymerisat {n} [chemistry] :: copolymer
Mischpult {n} [music] :: mixing console, mixing desk, soundboard, audio mixer
Mischsalz {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: mixed salt
Mischsprache {f} [linguistics] :: mixed language
Mischung {f} :: mix, mixture
Mischvolk {n} :: mixed race, mixed ethnicity
miserabel {adj} [pejorative] :: miserable, lousy
Misere {f} :: misery
misgendern {v} [LGBT] :: to misgender
misogyn {adj} :: misogynistic, misogynist, misogynic, misogynous
Misogynie {f} :: misogyny
Mispel {f} :: medlar
miss- {prefix} :: Same functions and meanings as the English prefix mis-; a nominal, adjectival and inseparable verbal prefix that negates the meaning or expresses the opposite of its stem or indicates that something isn't being done correctly or isn't correct or good
Miss {f} :: title for a beauty queen
miß- {prefix} :: obsolete spelling of miss-
miß {v} :: obsolete spelling of miss
Miß {f} :: obsolete spelling of Miss
missachten {v} :: to ignore (deliberately pay no attention to), disregard
missachten {v} :: to flout
mißachten {v} :: obsolete spelling of missachten
missachtet {v} :: past participle of missachten
mißachtet {v} :: past participle of mißachten
Missachtung {f} :: disregard ([+ genitive] for), flouting ([+ genitive] of)
Missachtung {f} :: disrespect, disdain
Missbildung {f} :: malformation, deformity
missbilligen {v} :: to disapprove, to frown upon
Missbilligung {f} :: disapproval
Missbrauch {m} :: abuse
Mißbrauch {m} :: alternative spelling of Missbrauch
missbrauchen {v} :: to abuse (use improperly)
missbrauchen {v} :: to maltreat; to abuse (treat improperly or violently)
missbrauchen {v} :: to abuse; to violate (rape or assault sexually)
mißbrauchen {v} :: alternative spelling of missbrauchen
Missbraucher {m} :: abuser
missbräuchlich {adj} :: improper, wrongful
missbräuchlicherweise {adv} :: improperly, wrongfully
missbraucht {v} :: past participle of missbrauchen
mißbraucht {v} :: obsolete spelling of missbraucht
missdeuten {v} :: to misinterpret
missen {v} [elevated] :: to be without, to lack
missen {v} [rare] :: to miss
missen {v} [rare] :: to lose
Misserfolg {m} :: failure
Missetat {f} :: misdeed
Missetäter {m} :: malefactor
Missgeburt {f} [derogatory] :: a creature born with severe birth defects / deformities
missgelaunt {adj} :: sullen, moody, grumpy
Missgeschick {n} :: mishap
missglückt {adj} :: unsuccessful, failed
missgönnen {v} :: to grudge, begrudge
Missgunst {f} :: jealousy, resentment
missgünstig {adj} :: resentful, jealous
misshandeln {v} :: to mistreat, to abuse
mißhandeln {v} :: obsolete spelling of misshandeln
mißhandelt {v} :: past participle of mißhandeln
Missingsch {n} :: Missingsch, a dialect of High German with significant Low German influence
Mission {f} :: mission (all senses)
Missionar {m} :: missionary
missionarisch {adj} :: missionary
Missionarsstellung {f} :: missionary position
Missklang {m} :: dissonance, discord
Misskredit {m} :: discredit
misslich {adj} :: awkward (perverse; adverse; untoward)
misslingen {vi} :: to fail; to be unsuccessful
mißlingen {v} :: obsolete spelling of misslingen
misslungen {v} :: past participle of misslingen
mißlungen {v} :: past participle of mißlingen
Missmut {m} :: discontent, moroseness
missmutig {adj} :: sullen, morose, bad-tempered, discontented, surly, scowling
Missouri {prop} {n} :: Missouri (state)
Missouri {prop} {m} :: Missouri (river)
missourisch {adj} :: Missourian
Missstand {m} :: bad state of affairs
Mißstand {m} :: obsolete spelling of Missstand
misstrauen {v} :: to suspect, distrust, have doubts about
Misstrauen {n} :: mistrust
mißtrauen {v} :: obsolete spelling of misstrauen
Mißtrauen {n} :: obsolete spelling of Misstrauen
Misstrauensvotum {n} :: vote of no confidence
misstrauisch {adj} :: distrustful, suspicious
misstraut {v} :: past participle of misstrauen
mißtraut {v} :: past participle of mißtrauen
Missvergnügen {n} :: displeasure, discontent, dissatisfaction (state of being dissatisfied)
missvergnügt {adj} :: discontented, unhappy
missverstanden {v} :: past participle of missverstehen
missverständlich {adj} :: misleading
Missverständnis {n} :: misunderstanding, misinterpretation
Mißverständnis {n} :: obsolete spelling of Missverständnis
Mißverständniß {n} :: obsolete spelling of Missverständnis
missverstehen {v} :: to misunderstand, to misapprehend
mißverstehen {v} :: obsolete spelling of missverstehen
Mist {m} :: manure (domestic animals’ excrement mixed with hay)
Mist {m} [colloquial] :: crap, bullshit
Mist {m} [Austria] :: rubbish, garbage, waste
Mistel {f} :: mistletoe
Mistelbach {prop} {n} :: Mistelbach (municipality)
Mistelbach {prop} {n} :: Mistelbach (town)
Misteldrossel {f} :: mistle thrush [Turdus viscivorus]
misten {v} [agriculture] :: to manure
misten {v} :: [of animals] to crap
Mistgabel {f} :: pitchfork (farm tool with tines)
Mistkäfer {m} :: dung beetle
Mistkerl {m} [offensive] :: bastard; swine; nasty guy
Mistkübel {m} :: rubbish bin
Miststück {n} [offensive] :: mean person; bitch (may be male or female)
Mistwetter {n} [colloquial] :: bad weather, typically rainy and cold
mit- {prefix} :: a prefix of nearly unlimited productivity, expressing that something is done together with others who do the same thing, sometimes equivalent to English co- or along
mit {prep} [takes dative] :: with (in the company of; alongside)
mit {prep} [takes dative] :: with, by (using as an instrument; by means of)
mit {prep} [takes dative] :: with (as an accessory to)
mit {prep} [takes dative] :: with (having)
mit {prep} [takes dative] :: at (with the age of)
mit {prep} [takes dative] :: with, including, with ... included
mit {adv} :: among; denotes a belonging of a person or a thing to a group
mit {adv} :: also, too (in addition; besides; as well)
mit {adv} [somewhat, colloquial] :: with (something), with it
mit Abstand {adv} :: by far (literally: with distance)
mit Ach und Krach {prep} [idiomatic] :: by the skin of one's teeth
mit allem Drum und Dran {prep} [idiom] :: lock, stock, and barrel
mit allen Schikanen {prep} [idiom] :: with all the bells and whistles
mit allen Wassern gewaschen sein {v} [idiomatic] :: know every trick in the book
mit anderen Worten {phrase} [idiom] :: in other words
mit angehaltenem Atem {adv} [idiomatic] :: with bated breath
Mitarbeit {f} :: cooperation, collaboration
Mitarbeit {f} :: assistance
mitarbeiten {vt} :: to collaborate, cooperate
Mitarbeiter {m} :: employee; person who works, with others, in a particular business
Mitarbeiter {m} :: assistant; person who assists another person in a business
Mitarbeiterin {f} :: associate, employee, colleague (female)
mitbekommen {vt} :: To get or be given something when leaving
mitbekommen {vt} :: to notice
mitbekommen {vt} :: to understand
Mitbestimmung {f} :: participation, co-determination
Mitbewohner {m} :: a person living in the same house, room, apartment etc. as oneself; a cohabitor, roommate, roomie, flatmate
mit bloßem Auge {prep} :: with the naked eye
mitbringen {vt} :: to bring along, to bring with
mitbringen {vt} :: to take along, to take with
Mitbringsel {n} :: A small present brought by a guest or someone returning from a journey
Mitbruder {m} [religion] :: A brother in the faith, especially a fellow member of the Catholic clergy or a fellow monk
Mitbruder {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: A fellow human being; male in the singular, also generic in the plural
Mitbürger {m} :: fellow citizen
mit dem Feuer spielen {idiom} :: to play with fire
mit dem linken Fuß zuerst aufgestanden sein {v} [idiom] :: to get up on the wrong side of the bed
mitdenken {v} :: to follow
mit den Schultern zucken {v} :: to shrug
mit den Wölfen heulen {v} [idiom] :: to follow the masses
mit der Kneifzange nicht anfassen {v} :: not touch something with a barge pole (to avoid contact with someone or something at all costs)
mit deutschem Gruß {phrase} [nazism] :: A way to close a note or letter
miteinander {adv} :: together (with)
miteinander {adv} :: with each other
mit einem Bein im Gefängnis stehen {v} [idiom] :: to be involved in illegal activities
mit einem blauen Auge davonkommen {v} [idiom] :: to get off with a slap on the wrist
mit einem Fuß im Grab stehen {idiom} :: to have one foot in the grave
mit einemmal {adv} :: alternative form of mit einem Mal
mit einem Mal {adv} [archaic] :: all of a sudden, suddenly
mitessen {v} :: to partake [in eating], to eat along
Mitesser {m} :: agent noun of mitessen; blackhead, comedo
mit etwas Schritt halten {v} [idiom] :: to keep up with
mitfahren {v} :: to drive with
Mitfahrgelegenheit {f} :: lift, ride
Mitfahrgelegenheit {f} :: carpooling (sharing a car journey with someone else)
mitfinanzieren {v} :: To cofinance
mitfinanziert {v} :: past participle of mitfinanzieren
mitfolgen {v} :: to follow along
mit freundlichen Grüßen {adj} :: with friendly greetings; yours sincerely; best regards; a polite way of closing a letter, especially when the sender is known to the recipient
mit Fug und Recht {adv} :: justifiably, rightly
mitfühlen {v} :: to empathize, empathise, sympathize, sympathise
mitfühlend {adj} :: sympathetic
mitgeben {v} :: to give someone something to take along
mitgeben {v} :: to teach someone something, especially one of the younger generation; to pass on
mitgeben {v} [with einen] :: to deal somebody a slap or blow while passing by or while they are walking away
mitgeben {v} [with einen, figurative] :: to criticise or insult somebody in passing when talking about another topic
mit Geduld und Zeit kommt man weit {proverb} :: good things come to those who wait; patience is a virtue; one will get that for which one hopes, if one waits
Mitgefühl {n} :: compassion
mitgeführt {v} :: past participle of mitfahren
mitgeführt {adj} :: entrained (carried along)
mitgegangen {v} :: past participle of mitgehen
mitgehalten {v} :: past participle of mithalten
mitgehen {v} :: to come along
mitgehen {v} :: to accompany
mitgehen lassen {v} [idiomatic] :: to steal, especially while being some place for some other purpose
mitgehen lassen {v} :: to take something, possibly because one forgets to put it back
mitgeholfen {v} :: past participle of mithelfen
mitgemacht {v} :: past participle of mitmachen
mitgemeint {v} :: past participle of mitmeinen
mitgemeint {adj} :: included
mitgeschwungen {v} :: past participle of mitschwingen
mitgespielt {v} :: past participle of mitspielen
mitgeteilt {v} :: past participle of mitteilen
Mitgift {f} :: dowry
Mitglied {n} :: member
Mitgliederliste {f} :: list of members
Mitgliederversammlung {f} :: general assembly (political meeting)
Mitgliedorganisation {f} :: member organisation (organisation connected to an umbrella organisation)
Mitgliedschaft {f} :: membership (fact of being a member)
Mitgliedsfunktion {f} [computing] :: member function
Mitgliedsstaat {m} :: member state
Mitgliedstaat {m} :: member state
Mitgründer {m} :: cofounder
mit Haken und Ösen {prep} [idiom] :: by hook or by crook
mit halbem Herzen {adv} :: half-heartedly
mithalten {v} :: to keep up with (stay even or ahead)
mit Hängen und Würgen {prep} [idiom] :: with great effort
mit heißer Nadel gestrickt {adj} :: Made in a hurry
mithelfen {v} :: to help, to assist
mit Herz {adv} :: good-hearted
mithilfe {prep} :: by means of, with
mit Hilfe {prep} :: alternative spelling of mithilfe
Mithilfe {f} :: help, assistance
mithin {adv} :: therefore, consequently
mithören {v} :: to overhear
mithören {v} :: to listen to, to listen in
mithören {v} :: to eavesdrop, to listen in
mithören {v} [military, of enemy communications] :: to intercept
mit jemandem ins Gericht gehen {v} [idiom] :: to take a hard look at someone, to judge someone
mit jemandem ist nicht gut Kirschen essen {phrase} [idiom] :: it is difficult to get along with someone
mit jemandem Schlitten fahren {v} [pejorative, colloquial] :: [idiom] to treat someone hard and ruthless
mit Kind und Kegel {adv} [idiomatic, somewhat, colloquial] :: as a large group; with all of one's family, contents, and/or livestock
Mitknecht {m} :: fellow servant
mitkommen {v} :: to come with, to join and come along with (another person)
mitkommen {v} :: to understand (something)
Mitläufer {m} [derogatory] :: A passive follower; one who is a member of a group but does nothing to further its aims
Mitlaut {m} [phonetics, chiefly restricted to elementary school usage] :: consonant
mit leeren Händen {adj} [idiomatic] :: empty-handed
Mitleid {n} :: pity, compassion
mitleiden {v} :: to feel compassion
mitleiderregend {adj} :: pitiful, pathetic
mitleidig {adj} :: compassionate, sympathetic
mitmachen {vi} :: to take part
mit Mann und Maus {adv} [somewhat, colloquial] :: to a man, with everybody, with all means available
Mitmensch {m} :: fellow human being, fellow man
mitmischen {vi} :: to be involved, interfere
mitnehmen {v} :: to carry along
mitnehmen {v} :: to pick up
mitnehmen {v} :: to take away
mitnichten {adv} [dated or often, humorous] :: by no means, not at all
Mitochondrienmatrix {f} :: mitochondrial matrix
Mitochondrion {noun} :: alternative spelling of Mitochondrium
Mitochondrium {n} :: mitochondrion (respiratory organelle)
mit offenen Augen schlafen {v} [idiom] :: to daydream, to be inattentive
mit offenen Karten spielen {v} :: to play with the cards on the table
Mitose {f} :: mitosis (division of a cell nucleus)
mitotisch {adj} :: mitotic
mitreden {v} :: to join in a conversation
mitreden {v} :: to have a say
mitreißen {v} :: to entrain
mitreißen {v} :: to carry away
mitreißend {adj} :: stirring, rousing
mitreißend {adj} :: thrilling, exciting
mit Sack und Pack {adv} [idiomatic] :: with all his/her/their belongings
mitsamt {prep} [with dative] :: together with
Mitscherlichit {m} [mineral] :: mitscherlichite
mitschneiden {vt} :: to record
Mitschnitt {m} :: recording
Mitschrift {f} :: transcript, written record
mitschuld {adj} :: complicit
Mitschuld {f} :: complicity
mitschuldig {adj} :: partly responsible
Mitschüler {m} :: schoolmate (person who attended school with the subject)
mitschwingen {v} :: to resonate
mit seinem Latein am Ende sein {idiom} :: to be at one's wit's end
mitsingen {v} :: to sing along
mit sozialistischem Gruß {phrase} [obsolete, DDR] :: A politically correct way to close a note or letter
mitspielen {v} :: To cooperate
mitspielen {v} :: To play along
mitspielen {v} :: To feature (in a film)
Mitsprache {f} :: say [ability to influence to a decision]
Mitspracherecht {n} :: voice, say [right to influence a decision]
Mitstudent {m} :: fellow student (male or of unspecified sex)
Mitstudentin {f} :: fellow student (female)
Mitsubishi {prop} {n} :: Mitsubishi (company)
Mitsubishi {m} :: Mitsubishi (car of that company)
Mittag {m} :: noon, midday, late morning, early afternoon (time from about 11 a.m. to 2 p.m)
Mittag {m} [archaic] :: south (compass point representing 180°)
Mittag {n} [somewhat, colloquial] :: lunch (light meal eaten around midday)
mittagessen {v} [southern Germany, Austria] :: to lunch, to have lunch
Mittagessen {n} :: lunch
mittäglich {adj} :: midday
mittags {adv} :: at midday
Mittagsland {n} [dated] :: south
Mittagsmahl {n} [literary] :: luncheon
Mittagspause {f} :: lunchbreak, lunch hour (A break at work for having lunch, usually at a fixed time around noon and unpaid.)
Mittagsschlaf {m} :: afternoon nap
Mittagssonne {f} :: midday sun, noon sun
Mittagszeit {f} :: lunchtime
mittagwärts {adv} [archaic] :: southwards
Mittäter {m} :: accomplice
Mittäterschaft {f} :: complicity
Mitte {f} :: middle
Mitte {f} :: center
Mitte {prop} {n} :: The most central borough of Berlin
mitteilen {v} :: to inform, to tell, to disclose
mitteilen {v} :: to share with
mitteilsam {adj} :: communicative
mitteilsam {adj} :: talkative, garrulous
Mitteilung {f} :: message (communications: Information which is sent from a source to a receiver)
mittel- {prefix} :: middle, medium
mittel {adj} [attributive, now archaic in the positive, see usage notes] :: middle, in the middle
mittel {adj} [colloquial, predicative, invariable] :: average, middling
Mittel {n} :: agent, appliance
Mittel {n} :: means
Mittel {n} :: medicament, remedy
Mittel {n} :: (only plural) funds, capital
Mittel {n} :: median
Mittel {n} [uncountable, printing, dated] :: The middle of the 7 traditional sizes of German type, between Cicero and Tertia, standardized as 14 point and taken as roughly equivalent to "English" type
Mittelalter {n} :: Middle Ages
mittelalterig {adj} :: alternative form of mittelaltrig
mittelalterlich {adj} :: medieval
Mittelaltermarkt {m} :: "medieval market", partly staged similar to Renaissance fairs
mittelaltrig {adj} :: medieval
Mittelamerika {prop} {n} :: Central America (the part of the Americas between North America and South America)
mittelamerikanisch {adj} :: Central American
Mittelasien {prop} {n} :: synonym of Zentralasien
mittelatlantisch {adj} :: mid-Atlantic (attributive)
mittelbar {adj} :: indirect, mediate
Mittelbauer {m} [chess] :: central pawn
Mittelbauer {m} :: mid-size farmer
Mittelberg {prop} {n} :: surname
Mittelberg {prop} {n} :: Mittelberg (municipality)
mitteldeutsch {adj} :: central German; from or pertaining to any area that is currently or was historically central Germany, or from or pertaining to the people, culture or dialects of this area; Central German
Mitteldeutsch {prop} {n} :: Central German
mittelenglisch {adj} :: Middle English (related to the Middle English language)
Mittelenglisch {n} :: Middle English (the Middle English language)
Mitteleuropa {prop} {n} :: Central Europe
mitteleuropäisch {adj} :: Central European
Mittelfeld {n} [sports] :: midfield
Mittelfeld {n} :: the middle, the mediocre area of a range or spectrum
Mittelfeldspieler {m} [soccer] :: midfielder
Mittelfeldspielerin {f} [soccer] :: female midfielder
Mittelfinger {m} :: middle finger
mittelfränkisch {adj} :: Central Franconian
mittelfranzösisch {adj} :: Middle French (related to the Middle French language)
Mittelfranzösisch {n} :: Middle French (the Middle French language)
mittelfristig {adj} :: medium-term
Mittelgebirge {n} :: low mountain range
Mittelgebirge {n} :: German Central Uplands (pl.)
mittelgradig {adj} :: moderate
mittelgriechisch {adj} :: Middle Greek
mittelgroß {adj} :: medium-sized
mittelgroß {adj} [of a person] :: medium height
Mittelhirn {n} :: midbrain
mittelhochdeutsch {adj} :: Middle High German
Mittelhochdeutsch {prop} {n} :: Middle High German
mittelirisch {adj} :: Middle Irish (related to the Middle Irish language)
Mittelirisch {n} :: Middle Irish (the Middle Irish language)
Mittelklasse {f} :: middle class
Mittelkonsole {f} :: center console or centre console
Mittellatein {n} :: Medieval Latin (language)
mittellateinisch {adj} :: Medieval Latin (related to the Medieval Latin language)
Mittellauf {m} :: middle reaches
Mittellinie {f} :: a line through the middle or centre of something; midline; centreline
Mittellinie {f} [sports] :: halfway line
mittellos {adj} :: without means, penniless
Mittelmaß {n} :: mediocrity
mittelmäßig {adj} :: mediocre
Mittelmeer {prop} {n} :: the Mediterranean Sea
Mittelmeerraum {m} :: Mediterranean area or region
mittelneolithisch {adj} :: of, from or relating to the time of the Neolithic from ca. 4500 till 4000 BC
mittelniederdeutsch {adj} :: Middle Low German (related to the Middle Low German language)
Mittelniederdeutsch {n} :: Middle Low German (the Middle Low German language)
mittelniederländisch {adj} :: Middle Dutch (related to the Middle Dutch language)
Mittelniederländisch {n} :: Middle Dutch (the Middle Dutch language)
mittelnorwegisch {adj} :: Middle Norwegian (related to the Middle Norwegian language)
Mittelnorwegisch {n} :: Middle Norwegian (the Middle Norwegian language)
Mittelohr {n} :: middle ear
mittelozeanisch {adj} :: mid-oceanic
mittelpersisch {adj} :: Middle Persian (related to the Middle Persian language)
Mittelpersisch {n} :: Middle Persian (the Middle Persian language)
mittelprächtig {adj} :: mediocre (middling good)
Mittelpunkt {m} :: center
Mittelrhein {prop} {m} :: Middle Rhine
mittelrheinisch {adj} :: of or pertaining to the Middle Rhine
mittels {prep} :: by (indicates a means)
Mittelschicht {f} :: middle class
Mittelschmerz {m} :: Pain felt in the ovary when ovulating
Mittelschule {f} :: middle school, junior high school
Mittelsmann {m} :: middleman, go-between, intermediary, mediator [law], agent (male or of unspecified sex)
Mittelspiel {n} [board games] :: middlegame
Mittelstand {m} [literally] :: The middle class, wealthy ('bourgeois') section of the third estate
Mittelstand {m} :: The independent professionals, private initiative, notably tradesmen, entrepreneurs etc
mittelständisch {adj} :: middle-class
mittelständisch {adj} :: medium-sized
mittelstark {adj} :: moderate (of medium strength)
mittelsten {adj} :: superlative of mittel
Mittelweg {m} :: middle course
Mittelwert {m} [math] :: average, arithmetic mean
Mittelwort {n} [grammar] :: participle
Mittelwort der Gegenwart {n} [grammar] :: present participle
Mittelwort der Vergangenheit {n} [grammar] :: past participle
Mittel zum Zweck {n} [idiomatic] :: means to an end
mitten {adv} :: In the middle
mittendrin {adv} :: right in the middle
Mitternacht {f} :: midnight
Mitternacht {f} [archaic] :: north
mitternachts {adv} :: at midnight
mitternachtsblau {adj} :: midnight blue
Mitternachtsblau {n} :: midnight blue
mitternachtwärts {adv} [archaic] :: northwards
Mittersill {prop} {n} :: Mittersill (municipality)
mittheilen {v} :: obsolete spelling of mitteilen
mittig {adj} :: central
mittig {adj} :: centred
mittig {adj} :: concentric
Mittler {m} :: mediator
mittlerer {adj} :: comparative of mittel
mittlerer {adj} :: in the middle
mittlerer {adj} :: middling, average
mittlerweile {adv} :: meanwhile
mittlerzeit {adv} [dated] :: meanwhile
mittragen {vt} :: to carry along
mittragen {vt} :: to support [e.g. a decision]
mittschiffs {adv} :: amidships
Mittsommer {m} :: midsummer (the period around the summer solstice)
mittun {v} [colloquial] :: to participate
Mittwinter {m} :: midwinter (the period around the winter solstice)
Mittwoch {m} :: Wednesday
Mittwochabend {m} :: Wednesday evening
Mittwochmittag {m} :: Wednesday noon
Mittwochnachmittag {m} :: Wednesday afternoon
mittwochs {adv} :: every Wednesday, on Wednesdays
Mittwochvormittag {m} :: Wednesday morning (time before noon)
mitunter {adv} :: now and then, occasionally
mitunterzeichnen {v} :: cosign (sign a document jointly with another person)
mitverantwortlich {adj} :: co-responsible; responsible along with others
Mitvergangenheit {f} [grammar] :: preterite
mit Verlaub {prep} :: with respect; with all due respect
mit Verlaub {prep} :: pardon my French
mit vollen Zügen {adv} :: to the full (in the context of enjoyment)
Mitwelt {f} :: contemporary world
mitwirken {v} :: to participate, cooperate
Mitwirkung {f} :: Participation, involvement, the quality of being involved
Mitwirkung {f} :: Cooperation
Mitwisser {m} :: conspirator, confidant
Mitwisserin {f} :: feminine noun of Mitwisser, confidante
Mitwisserschaft {f} :: connivance, complicity
Mitwissersein {n} :: connivance, complicity
Mitzi {prop} :: A High German nickname for Maria
mitziehen {v} [sports, auxiliary: haben] :: to keep pace, keep up
mitziehen {vi} [auxiliary: sein] :: to tag along
Mitzwa {f} :: mitzvah (any of the 613 commandments of Jewish law)
Mix {m} :: mix
mixen {vt} [especially of drinks] :: to mix (cause two or more substances to become combined or united)
mixen {vt} [music] :: to mix (combine several tracks; produce a finished version)
Mixer {m} :: blender, mixer (kitchen appliance)
mixolydisch {adj} [music] :: Mixolydian
Mixtur {f} [medicine] :: mixture
Mizzi {prop} :: A High German nickname for Maria
Mjollnir {prop} :: alternative spelling of Mjölnir
Mjöllnir {prop} :: alternative spelling of Mjölnir
Mjölner {prop} :: alternative spelling of Mjölnir
Mjolnir {prop} :: alternative spelling of Mjölnir
Mjölnir {prop} [Norse mythology, weapons] :: Mjollnir (Thor's hammer)
mlat. {adj} :: abbreviation of mittellateinisch
MM {noun} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Monatsmiete or Monatsmieten
mMn {phrase} :: abbreviation of meiner Meinung nach - IMO
mnd. {noun} :: abbreviation of Mittelniederdeutsch
mnemonisch {adj} :: mnemonic
mnemotechnisch {adj} :: mnemotechnic
mnestisch {adj} :: mnestic
mnl. {adj} :: initialism of mittelniederländisch
Mo. {noun} :: abbreviation of Montag
Mo {noun} :: abbreviation of Montag "Monday"
Mob {m} :: mob (unruly group of people)
mobben {v} :: to bully
Mobbing {n} :: bullying
Mobbing {n} :: mobbing
Möbel {n} :: furniture
Möbel {n} :: piece of furniture
Möbelbauer {m} :: furniture maker
Möbelstoff {m} :: upholstering fabric
Möbelstück {n} :: piece of furniture (an item that belongs to the furniture of a room)
mobil {adj} :: mobile
Mobile {n} [arts] :: mobile
Mobilfunk {m} :: mobile / cellular telephony
Mobilfunknetz {n} :: mobile phone network
mobilgemacht {v} :: past participle of mobilmachen
Mobiliar {n} :: furnishing, furniture
mobilisieren {v} :: to mobilize
mobilisiert {v} :: past participle of mobilisieren
Mobilisierung {f} :: mobilization
Mobilität {f} :: mobility
mobilmachen {v} [military or in a general sense] :: to mobilize
Mobilmachung {f} [military] :: mobilization
mobilsten {adj} :: superlative of mobil
Mobiltelefon {n} :: mobile phone (a portable telephone)
Möbius {prop} :: surname
Möbiusband {n} :: Möbius strip
möbl. {adj} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of möbliert
möblieren {v} :: to furnish
möbliert {adj} :: furnished
Möchtegern {m} :: a wannabe
möchts {contraction} :: contraction of möchte es
Mock-Objekt {n} [programming, object-oriented] :: mock object
modal {adj} :: modal
Modallogik {f} :: modal logic
Modalverb {n} :: modal verb
Modalverbum {n} [grammar] :: modal verb
Modder {m} [regional, chiefly Northern Germany] :: mud
Mode {f} :: fashion, trend
modebewusst {adj} :: fashion-conscious
Modegewürz {n} :: allspice (Pimenta dioica)
Model {n} [person who serves as a subject for fashion] :: model
Modell {n} :: A model of an object
Modell {n} :: A theoretical model
modellieren {v} [to build a model or to build from a substance] :: to model
Modellorganismus {m} [biology] :: model organism
Modell-Präsentation-Steuerung {f} [software, design] :: synonym of Model-View-Controller
modeln {v} :: to model
Model-View-Controller {m} [software, design] :: The model-view-controller
Model-View-Presenter {m} [software design pattern] :: model-view-presenter
Modem {m} {n} :: modem; a device that encodes digital computer signals into analog telephone signals and vice-versa. It allows computers to communicate over a phone line
Moder {m} :: a decomposing mass
Moder {m} :: moldiness
Moder {m} :: moldy smell
moderat {adj} :: moderate
moderativ {adj} :: moderative, moderating
Moderator {m} :: moderator (mediator, chairman, web forum administrator)
Moderator {m} :: (TV, radio) host [US], presenter [UK]
Moderator {m} [physics] :: moderator (substance to decrease the speed of fast neutrons)
moderieren {v} [to act as a moderator] :: to moderate
modern {v} :: to rot, to molder
modern {adj} :: modern
Moderne {f} :: modernity
Moderne {f} :: modernism
Moderne {f} :: the modern era
moderner {adj} :: comparative of modern
modernisieren {v} :: To modernize
modernisiert {v} :: past participle of modernisieren
Modernisierung {f} :: modernization
Modernismus {m} :: modernism
modernsten {adj} :: superlative of modern
Modeschmuck {m} :: costume jewellery
Modesünde {f} :: fashion faux pas, "fashion sin"
Modifikation {f} :: modification
modifizieren {vt} :: to modify
modisch {adj} :: fashionable
modischer {adj} :: comparative of modisch
modischsten {adj} :: superlative of modisch
Mödling {prop} {n} :: Mödling (municipality)
modrig {adj} :: mouldy, rotting, musty
Modul {n} :: module
Modul {m} [mathematics] :: module
modular {adj} :: modular
Modulator {m} :: modulator
Modultest {m} [software, testing] :: unit test
Modus {m} :: mode, mood
Modus {m} [music] :: mode
Modus {m} [grammar] :: mood
Mogadischu {prop} :: Mogadischu (capital city)
Mogelei {f} :: cheating
mogeln {v} :: to cheat
Mogelpackung {f} :: Deceptive packaging, such as a large container with little content; more generally, an item promoted with misleading advertising
Mogelpackung {f} [by extension] :: Anything of a deceptive or dubious nature
mögen {vt} :: to like (something or someone)
mögen {vi} :: to want to go
mögen {v} [auxiliary, with infinitive] :: may [expresses a possibility, never a permission]
mögen {v} [auxiliary, in negation, with infinitive] :: to be hesitant to (do something)
mögen {v} [auxiliary, in the present subjunctive, with infinitive] :: may [paraphrases the optative]
mögen {vt} [in the past subjunctive] :: to want; would like (to have or to do something)
mögen {v} [auxiliary, in the past subjunctive, with infinitive, ] :: to want to; would like to; to wish to (do something)
Mogersdorf {prop} {n} :: Mogersdorf (municipality)
Möggers {prop} {n} :: Möggers (municipality)
möglich {adj} [chiefly predicative] :: possible (what can be done or achieved)
möglich {adj} :: potential; likely
möglich {adj} [colloquial, idiomatic, with alle, alles] :: a whole bunch of; a great deal of; a lot of; many
möglicherweise {adv} :: possibly, potentially
möglicherweise {adv} :: perhaps
möglicherweise {adv} :: conceivably
Möglichkeit {f} :: possibility, likelihood
Möglichkeit {f} :: option, choice
Möglichkeitsform {f} [grammar] :: German word for Konjunktiv – the conjunctive mode
möglichst {adv} :: preferably
Mogul {m} :: mogul (rich or powerful person)
Mohammed {prop} {m} :: Muhammad (the prophet of Islam)
Mohammed {prop} {m} :: given name very popular among Muslims
Mohammedaner {m} [dated] :: "Mohammedan": Muslim
Mohar {n} [dated for disuse of object] :: foxtail millet, Setaria italica, properly Setaria italica subsp. moharra syn. Setaria italica var. minor, while Tschumise – čumíza, but this is rare in German – is Setaria italica subsp. maxima
Mohn {m} :: poppy (Papaver)
Mohnblume {f} :: common poppy (Papaver rhoeas)
Mohnbrötchen {n} :: poppyseed bun
Mohnflesserl {n} :: Braided poppy seed bread
Mohnkapsel {f} :: poppy seed capsule
Mohnkuchen {m} :: poppyseed cake (cake filled with a mass of poppyseeds and sugar; originally from eastern regions, especially Silesia, but now traditional throughout Germany and Austria)
Mohr {m} [dated] :: blackamoor, negro; Moor
Möhrchen {n} :: diminutive of Möhre
Mohre {f} :: obsolete form of Möhre
Möhre {f} [regional] :: carrot
Mohrenkopf {m} [now, possibly, offensive] :: Chocolate-coated marshmallow treat
Mohrenland {n} [dated, biblical] :: Ethiopia
mohrenschwarz {adj} [archaic, now offensive] :: black as a Moor
Mohrin {f} :: [female] moor
Mohrrübe {f} [regional] :: carrot
Mohs {prop} :: surname
Mohs {prop} :: Friedrich Mohs, German mineralogist
Mohshärte {f} :: Mohs scale (of mineral hardness)
moin {interj} [colloquial, Northern Germany] :: hi
Moissanit {m} [mineral] :: moissanite
mokant {adj} :: sardonic, mocking, sarcastic
Mokassin {m} [footwear] :: moccasin
mokieren {vr} [with preposition: über] :: to mock (someone, something)
Mokka {m} :: Turkish coffee
Mokka {m} [Austria] :: black coffee
Mokscha {m} :: Moksha (language)
Mol {n} [chemistry, physics] :: mole (unit of amount)
molar {adj} [chemistry] :: molar
Mölbling {prop} {n} :: Mölbling (municipality)
Molch {m} :: newt
Moldau {prop} {f} {n} :: Moldova (river)
Moldau {prop} {f} {n} [officialese, Germany, Austria] :: Moldova (country)
Moldau {prop} {f} :: Vltava (river)
moldauisch {adj} :: Moldovan
Moldauisch {n} :: Romanian language in Moldova; Moldovan
Moldawien {prop} {n} [common but unofficial] :: Moldova (country)
Moldawien {prop} {n} :: Moldavia (historical region between Romania and Moldova)
Mole {f} :: jetty, mole
Molekül {n} [chemistry, physics] :: molecule
molekular {adj} :: molecular (relating to molecules)
Molekulardynamik {f} [physics] :: molecular dynamics
molekulardynamisch {adj} [physics] :: molecular dynamics (attributive)
molekularpathologisch {adj} :: molecular pathological
Molekularsieb {n} [chemistry] :: molecular sieve
Molekularstrahlepitaxie {f} :: molecular beam epitaxy
Molekülmasse {f} :: molecular mass, molecular weight
Molekülorbital {n} [physics, chemistry] :: molecular orbital
Molekülorbitaltheorie {f} [chemistry, physics] :: molecular orbital theory
Molekülstruktur {f} [chemistry] :: molecular structure
Molke {f} :: whey
Molken {m} [regional] :: synonym of Molke
Molkerei {f} :: dairy (place where milk is processed)
Moll {n} [music] :: minor
Moll {prop} {mf} :: surname
Möller {prop} :: surname
Molli {m} [slang] :: diminutive of Molotowcocktail
mollig {adj} :: chubby, plump
molliger {adj} :: comparative of mollig
molligsten {adj} :: superlative of mollig
Molluske {f} :: mollusc
Moloch {m} :: behemoth
Moloch {m} [figuratively] :: Moloch (person or thing demanding or requiring a very costly sacrifice)
Molotowcocktail {m} :: Molotov cocktail
Moltebeere {f} :: cloudberry, Rubus chamaemorus (plant and fruit)
Mölten {prop} {n} :: Mölten (municipality)
Molvolumen {n} [chemistry] :: molar volume
Molybdän {n} :: molybdenum
Molybdänbergbau {m} :: molybdenum mining
Molybdänblau {n} :: molybdenum blue
Molybdändioxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: molybdenum dioxide
Molybdändisulfid {n} [inorganic compound] :: molybdenum disulfide
Molybdänerz {n} [mineralogy] :: molybdenum ore
Molybdänglanz {m} [mineralogy] :: molybdenite
molybdänhaltig {adj} [mineralogy] :: Containing or yielding molybdenum
Molybdänhexacarbonyl {n} [inorganic compound] :: molybdenum hexacarbonyl
Molybdänit {m} [mineral] :: molybdenite
Molybdänmangel {m} :: (dietary) manganese deficiency
molybdänreich {adj} [mineralogy] :: rich in molybdenum
Molybdäntrioxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: molybdenum trioxide
Molybdat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: molybdate
molybdathaltig {adj} [mineralogy] :: Containing / yielding molybdate
Molybdation {n} [chemistry] :: molybdate ion
Molybdit {m} [mineral] :: molybdite
Molybdophosphat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: molybdophosphate, phosphomolybdate
Molybdopterin {n} [biochemistry] :: molybdopterin
Moment {m} :: moment
Moment {n} [physics] :: momentum
momentan {adj} :: current
momentan {adj} :: present
momentan {adv} :: at the moment
momentan {adv} :: currently
momentan {adv} :: for the time being
momentan {adv} :: just now
momentan {adv} :: presently
Momentaufnahme {f} [portrayal of something at a moment in time] :: snapshot
Momentchen {n} :: diminutive of Moment
Mona {prop} :: given name
Monaco {prop} {n} :: Monaco (city-state)
monadisch {adj} :: monadic
monadologisch {adj} :: monadological
Monarch {m} :: monarch (head of state in a monarchy)
Monarchfalter {m} :: monarch butterfly
Monarchie {f} :: monarchy
Monarchist {m} :: monarchist
monastisch {adj} :: monastic
Monat {m} :: month (division of a year, usually one twelfth ≈ 30 days)
Monat {m} :: month (any period of such length)
Monat {m} :: month (period between two new moons)
monatelang {adj} :: lasting for months, months of
monatelang {adv} :: for months
monatlich {adj} :: monthly
Monatsanfang {m} :: beginning of the month
Monatsende {n} :: end of month, end of the month
Monatsmiete {f} :: monthly rent
Monazit {m} [mineral] :: monazite
Monazitsand {m} :: monazite sand
Mönch {m} :: monk
Mönch {m} :: blackcap
Mönchengladbach {prop} {n} :: Mönchengladbach (city)
Mönchhof {prop} {n} :: Mönchhof (municipality)
Mönchin {f} [rare] :: nun
mönchisch {adj} :: monkish
Mönchsgeier {m} :: Eurasian black vulture
Mönchstum {n} :: monkhood
Mond {prop} {m} [astronomy] :: The Moon; Earth's only natural satellite, and also a luminary
Mond {m} [astronomy] :: A moon, a natural satellite that is orbiting its corresponding planet
Mond {m} [literary, dated] :: A month, especially a lunar month
Mond {m} [heraldiccharge] :: moon (often used to describe a crescent)
Mondamin {noun} :: cornstarch
mondän {adj} [sometimes, pejorative] :: elegant, posh, glamorous, fashionable
Mondbein {n} [anatomy] :: lunate bone
Mondfinsternis {f} :: lunar eclipse
Mondfisch {m} :: sunfish, ocean sunfish, common mola (Mola mola)
Mondgesicht {n} [medicine] :: moon face
Mondgesicht {n} [pejorative] :: an unattractively round face (e.g. in an overweight person)
Mondgesicht {n} [childish] :: a crude drawing of a face, consisting of a circle and four marks for the eyes, nose, and mouth
Mondgestein {n} :: moon rock
mondhell {adj} :: moonlit
Mondjahr {n} :: lunar year
Mondlandschaft {f} :: moonscape
Mondlandung {f} :: moon landing, lunar landing
Mondlicht {n} :: moonlight
mondlos {adj} :: moonless
Mondmonat {m} :: lunar month
Mondphase {f} :: lunar phase
Mondschein {m} :: moonshine (shine of the moon)
Mondsee {prop} {n} :: Mondsee (municipality/and/lake)
Mondsichel {f} :: a moonsickle, a thin crescent of the moon
Mondstein {m} :: moonstone (translucent gemstone)
mondsüchtig {adj} :: moonstruck
Monegasse {m} :: a person from Monaco
Monegassin {f} :: a female person from Monaco
monegassisch {adj} :: Monégasque
Monel {n} :: Monel
monetär {adj} :: monetary
Monetarismus {m} :: monetarism
Moneten {p} [colloquial, originally, school slang] :: money
Mongo {m} [pejorative] :: an idiot
Mongole {m} :: Mongolian (native or inhabitant of Mongolia)
Mongolei {prop} {f} :: Mongolia
mongolid {adj} [race] :: mongoloid
Mongolin {f} :: Mongolian (female native or inhabitant of Mongolia)
mongolisch {adj} :: Mongolian (of or relating to Mongolia or its peoples, languages, or cultures)
Mongolisch {n} :: Mongolian (group of languages from Mongolia)
Mongolismus {m} [dated, today often seen as deprecatory] :: mongolism
Mongolistik {f} :: Mongolian studies (academic study of Mongolian language and literature)
mongoloid {adj} [somewhat, dated] :: affected by the Down syndrome; mongoloid
Monica {prop} {f} :: given name, a less common spelling of Monika
Mönichkirchen {prop} {n} :: Mönichkirchen (municipality)
monieren {v} :: to criticize
Monika {prop} :: given name, very popular in Germany in the 1940s and the 1950s
Monismus {m} :: monism
Monitor {m} :: monitor (display)
mono- {prefix} :: mono-
Monoarsan {n} :: arsane (monoarsane)
Monobraue {f} :: monobrow; unibrow
monochrom {adj} :: monochrome (having only one colour)
monogam {adj} :: monogamous
Monogamie {f} :: monogamy
Monoglycerid {n} [organic chemistry] :: monoglyceride
Monogramm {n} :: monogram (a design composed of one or more letters used as an identifying mark)
monogrammieren {v} :: to monogram ((transitive) to mark something with a monogram)
Monokel {n} :: monocle
monoklin {adj} :: monoclinic
monoklonal {adj} :: monoclonal
monokristallin {adj} :: monocrystalline
monokristallin {adj} :: single crystal (attributive)
Monokultur {f} :: monoculture
monolingual {adj} :: monolingual, unilingual
monolithisch {adj} :: monolithic
Monolog {m} :: monologue (a long speech by one person)
Monom {n} [math] :: monomial
monoman {adj} :: monomaniac
monomanisch {adj} :: monomaniac
monomer {adj} :: monomeric
monomolekular {adj} :: monomolecular
monomorph {adj} :: monomorphic
Mononucleotid {n} :: mononucleotide
Monooxygenase {f} [enzyme] :: monooxygenase
Monophthongisierung {f} :: monophthongization
monophyletisch {adj} :: monophyletic
Monophysitismus {m} [Christianity] :: monophysitism
Monopodium {n} :: monopodium
Monopol {n} :: monopoly
monopolartig {adj} :: monopolistic
Monopolist {m} :: monopolist
monopolistisch {adj} :: monopolistic
monopolkapitalistisch {adj} :: monopolistic-capitalist
monosem {adj} :: monosemous
Monosilan {n} [inorganic compound] :: monosilane
monosyllabisch {adj} :: monosyllabic
Monotheismus {m} :: monotheism
Monotheist {m} :: monotheist
Monotheistin {f} :: female monotheist
monotheistisch {adj} :: monotheistic
monoton {adj} [also maths] :: monotone
monoton {adj} :: monotonous (having an unvarying tone or pitch)
Monoxid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: monoxide
monözisch {adj} [botany] :: monoecious
Monozyt {m} :: monocyte
Monster {n} [colloquial] :: monster
Monsterwelle {f} :: rogue wave
Monstranz {f} :: monstrance
monströs {adj} :: monstrous
Monstrum {n} [colloquial] :: Monster, a particularly cruel person
Monstrum {n} [colloquial] :: Something of particularly large size or impressive ability
Monsun {m} :: monsoon
Monsunzeit {f} :: monsoon season
Montag {m} :: Monday
Montagabend {m} :: Monday evening
Montage {f} [construction or installation] :: mounting
Montage {f} [arts] :: montage
montäglich {adj} :: weekly on the first day of the week
Montagmittag {m} :: Monday noon
Montagnachmittag {m} :: Monday afternoon
montags {adv} :: Mondays, every Monday
Montagvormittag {m} :: Monday morning (time before noon)
montan {adj} :: pertaining to mining or to metallurgy
montan {adj} :: mountainous (botanical habitat)
Montan {prop} {n} :: Montan (municipality)
Montenegriner {m} :: Montenegrin
montenegrinisch {adj} :: Montenegrin
Montenegro {prop} {n} :: Montenegro
Monteur {m} :: mechanic, service technician
montieren {v} :: to mount, to set up
Montmorillonit {m} [mineral] :: montmorillonite
Montreal {prop} {n} :: Montreal (largest city)
Montréal {prop} {n} :: Montréal (largest city)
Montréal {prop} {n} :: Montréal (island)
Montur {f} :: outfit, uniform
Monument {n} :: monument
monumental {adj} :: monumental
Monumentalbau {m} :: monumental building
Moor {n} :: marsh, mire, bog
Moor {n} :: (Hochmoor) moor
Moor {n} :: (Flachmoor) fen
Moorauge {n} :: bog pond
Moorbeere {f} :: northern bilberry, bog bilberry, Vaccinium uliginosum
Moorente {f} :: ferruginous duck (Aythya nyroca)
Moorhuhn {n} :: willow grouse, willow ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus)
Moorhuhn {n} :: Moorhuhn (literally "moorhen", a German casual game franchise for PCs)
Moorleiche {f} :: bog body
Moorrauch {m} :: synonym of Höhenrauch
Moorschneehuhn {n} :: willow ptarmigan, willow grouse (Lagopus lagopus)
Moos {n} :: moss
Moos {n} :: bryophyte (group of moss-like plants)
Moos {n} [regional, chiefly dialectal, southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland] :: bog; fen; marsh
Moosachat {m} :: moss agate
Moosbach {prop} {n} :: Moosbach (municipality)
Moosbach {prop} {n} :: Moosbach (municipality)
Moosbeere {f} :: checkerberry, wintergreen
Moosbeere {f} :: cranberry
Moosbeere {f} :: fenberry
Moosbrunn {prop} {n} :: Moosbrunn (municipality)
Moosdorf {prop} {n} :: Moosdorf (municipality)
Mooskirchen {prop} {n} :: Mooskirchen (municipality)
Moostierchen {n} :: bryozoan
Mop {m} :: obsolete spelling of Mopp
Moped {m} :: moped
Mopp {m} :: mop
moppelig {adj} [colloquial] :: Podgy; chubby
moppen {v} :: to mop
möppern {v} [colloquial, regional, western Germany] :: to grump, to grumble
Mops {m} :: pug (dog)
Mops {m} [colloquial] :: chubby person
Mops {m} [colloquial, chiefly in the plural] :: boob; tit (woman’s breast)
mopsen {vr} [colloquial] :: to be bored
mopsen {v} [colloquial] :: to steal something of low value
Mora {f} [phonology] :: mora
Moral {f} :: moral, morality
Moral {f} :: morale
moralinsauer {adj} :: moralizing, moralistic
moralisch {adj} :: moral
moralischer {adj} :: comparative of moralisch
moralischsten {adj} :: superlative of moralisch
Moralismus {m} :: moralism
Moralität {f} :: morality
Moralität {f} [historical theater] :: morality play
Moralphilosophie {f} :: moral philosophy
Moräne {f} :: moraine
Morast {m} :: mud
Morast {m} :: morass
morastig {adj} :: marshy, boggy, muddy
Moratorium {n} :: moratorium
morbid {adj} :: morbid
Morbus {m} :: disease
Mord {m} :: murder
Mordanschlag {m} :: assassination attempt, attempted murder
Mordbeginn {m} [very, rare, chiefly historical and of a, concentration camp] :: commencement of murder [the point at which systematic murder began]
Morddezernat {n} :: homicide division; division of a police force which is responsible for investigating homicides
Mörder {m} :: murderer (male or of unspecified sex)
Mördergrube {f} :: "pit of murderers"; den of thieves
Mörderin {f} :: murderer (female), murderess (female murderer, woman or girl who commits a murder)
mörderisch {adj} :: murderous
Mordgift {n} :: poison used by a murderer
Mordkommission {f} :: homicide division, homicide squad
Mordlust {f} :: bloodlust
mordsgefährlich {adj} :: highly dangerous
Mordskerl {m} [colloquial] :: big strong guy
Mordskerl {m} [colloquial] :: great guy
mordsmässig {adj} :: alternative spelling of mordsmäßig
mordsmäßig {adj} :: extremely sudden or large
Mordwaffe {f} :: murder weapon
Mordwine {m} :: Mordvin (man belonging to the Mordvin people)
Mordwinin {f} :: Mordvin (woman belonging to the Mordvin people)
mordwinisch {adj} :: Mordvin (related to the Mordvins or to the Mordvin language)
Mordwinisch {n} :: Mordvin (the Mordvin language)
More {f} [phonology] :: mora
morganatisch {adj} :: morganatic
morgen {adv} :: tomorrow
Morgen {m} :: morning (part of the day from dawn to noon)
Morgen {m} [agriculture, dated] :: morgen (measure of land equivalent to two acres); [colloquial] acre [when speaking vaguely], a quarter of a hectare [specific]
Morgen {m} [archaic, poetic] :: east (direction of the rising sun at an equinox)
Morgen {n} :: tomorrow (the day after today)
Morgen {n} :: the future
Morgendämmerung {f} :: dawn, daybreak
morgendlich {adj} :: matinal
Morgenessen {n} [Switzerland] :: breakfast
Morgengabe {f} :: morning gift (the gift given by the bridegroom to the bride on the morning after the wedding night)
Morgengrauen {n} :: crack of dawn; daybreak; dawn
Morgenkaffee {m} :: morning coffee
Morgenland {n} [dated] :: Orient, lands of morning
morgenländisch {adj} :: oriental
Morgenlatte {f} [colloquial] :: morning wood
Morgenmuffel {m} :: someone who is in a bad mood in the morning and does not like to wake up early, a morning grouch, not a morning type of person
Morgenrock {m} :: banyan
Morgenrock {m} :: dressing gown [UK]
Morgenrock {m} :: robe [US], wrapper
Morgenrot {n} :: [morning] red sky
Morgenrot {n} :: [by extension] dawn
Morgenröte {f} :: dawn, aurora
Morgenröthe {f} :: obsolete spelling of Morgenröte
morgenröthlich {adj} [poetic] :: obsolete spelling of morgenrötlich
morgenrötlich {adj} [poetic] :: in a reddish color caused by morning twilight
morgens {adv} :: in the morning, a.m.
Morgensonne {f} :: morning sun, rising sun
Morgenstern {prop} {mf} :: surname
Morgenstern {m} [astronomy] :: morning star (Mercury or Venus)
Morgenstern {m} :: morning star (weapon)
Morgenstund hat Gold im Mund {proverb} :: the early bird gets the worm (literally, "morning-hour has gold in the hand")
morgenwärts {adv} [archaic] :: eastwards
morgig {adj} :: tomorrow's
morgn {adv} [obsolete or eye dialect] :: obsolete spelling of morgen
moribund {adj} :: moribund
Moritat {f} [dated, music] :: murder ballad
Moritz {prop} :: given name
Mormone {m} :: Mormon
Mormonentum {n} :: Mormonism
Morphem {n} :: morpheme
morphemisch {adj} :: morphemic
Morphin {n} :: morphine
Morphium {n} :: morphine
morphiumsüchtig {adj} :: morphinomaniac
Morphologie {f} :: morphology (a scientific study of form and structure)
morphologisch {adj} :: morphological
morphosyntaktisch {adj} :: morphosyntactic
morsch {adj} [of wood] :: rotten, about to break up
morsch {adj} [by extension] :: brittle
Mörschwang {prop} {n} :: Mörschwang (municipality)
Mörsel {m} :: alternative form of Mörser
Mörser {m} :: mortar (weapon)
Mörser {m} :: mortar and pestle (tool)
Mörsergranate {f} :: mortar shell
Mortalität {f} :: mortality
Mortantsch {prop} {n} :: Mortantsch (municipality)
Mörtel {m} [masonry] :: mortar
mörteln {vt} :: to mortar
Mörtschach {prop} {n} :: Mörtschach (municipality)
Mosaik {n} :: mosaic (artwork)
mosaikartig {adj} :: tessellated
mosaisch {adj} :: Mosaic
Mosambik {prop} {n} :: Mozambique
Mosambikaner {m} :: Mozambican (male person from Mozambique or of Mozambican descent)
Mosambikanerin {f} :: Mozambican (female person from Mozambique or of Mozambican descent)
mosambikanisch {adj} :: Mozambican (of, from, or pertaining to Mozambique, the Mozambican people or the Mozambican language)
Moschee {f} [Islam] :: mosque
Moschendorf {prop} {n} :: Moschendorf (municipality)
Moschus {m} :: musk
Moschuskraut {n} :: moschatel, plant of the genus Adoxa
Moscovium {n} :: moscovium
Mose {prop} [Protestantism] :: Moses [biblical character]
Möse {f} [vulgar] :: cunt (female genitalia)
Mosel {prop} {f} :: the Moselle river
moselfränkisch {adj} :: Moselle Franconian
moselromanisch {adj} :: Moselle romanesque
Moses {prop} {m} [Catholicism] :: Moses (biblical figure)
Moskau {prop} {n} :: Moskau (federal city/capital)
Moskauer {m} :: Muscovite
Moskito {m} :: mosquito
Moskowit {m} :: Muscovite
Moskowiter {m} :: Muscovite
Moslem {m} [now, chiefly colloquial] :: alternative form of Muslim
Moslemin {f} :: Muslim [female], Muslimah
moslemisch {adj} :: Muslim, Islamic
Most {m} :: (unfermented or partly fermented) fruit juice; must (of grapes); new wine
Most {m} [southern Germany, Swiss] :: fruit wine
Mostrich {m} [dialectal, northeastern German] :: mustard
Motel {n} [tourism] :: motel
Motiv {n} :: motive
Motiv {n} [arts] :: motif
Motivation {f} :: motivation (willingness of action especially in behavior)
motivieren {v} :: to motivate (encourage)
Motor {m} :: engine (mechanical device)
motorbetrieben {adj} :: motorized
Motorblock {m} :: engine block
Motorboot {n} :: motorboat
Motorhaube {f} [auto part] :: hood, bonnet [UK]
motorisch {adj} :: motor (attributive)
motorisch {adj} :: motorized
motorisiert {adj} :: motorized
Motorola {prop} {n} :: Motorola (company)
Motorola {n} :: Motorola (phone by that company)
Motorrad {n} :: motorcycle
Motorradfahrer {m} :: motorcyclist: someone who rides a motorcycle
Motorradfahrerin {f} :: female motorcyclist ("Motorradfahrer")
Motorroller {m} :: scooter (motor-scooter)
Motorsäge {f} :: chainsaw
Motorsport {m} :: motorsport
mot.S {adj} [military] :: abbreviation of motorisierte Selbstfarlafette meaning self-propelled
Motte {f} :: moth, any nocturnal butterfly
Motte {f} [specifically] :: moth, a member of Tineidae
Motte {f} [specifically] :: the clothing moth, Tineola bisselliella
Mottek {m} [colloquial, regional, Ruhrgebiet] :: hammer
motten {v} [Southern Germany, Switzerland] :: to smoulder
Mottenkugel {f} :: mothball
Mottenschildlaus {f} :: whitefly
mottenzerfressen {adj} :: moth-eaten
Motto {n} :: motto
mot.Z {adj} [military] :: abbreviation of motorisierte Zugkraftwagen meaning motorized towed behind a vehicle
Mötz {prop} {n} :: Mötz (municipality)
motzen {v} :: to grouch
Mouse {f} [computing] :: mouse
moussieren {v} [wine] :: to have above-average carbonation; to sparkle (slightly)
Möwchen {n} :: diminutive of Möwe
Möwchen {n} :: guillemet (kind of quotation mark)
Möwe {f} :: gull, seagull
Moyses {prop} {m} :: obsolete form of Moses
mozarabisch {adj} :: Mozarabic (related to the Mozarabs or to the Mozarabic language)
Mozarabisch {n} :: Mozarabic (the Mozarabic language)
Mozart {prop} {mf} :: surname
Mozartkugel {f} :: Mozart ball
Mozartsch {adj} :: Mozartian
Mozzarella {m} :: mozzarella
MPI {prop} [science] :: initialism of w:Max Planck Institut
MPU {f} :: Medizinisch-Psychologische Untersuchung: medical-psychological screening
Mrd. {noun} :: Abbreviation of Milliarde or Milliarden
Msp. {noun} :: abbreviation of Messerspitze
Msp {noun} :: abbreviation of Messerspitze
MTA {m} :: abbreviation of medizinisch-technischer Angestellter
MTA {f} :: abbreviation of medizinisch-technische Angestellte
Muchel {m} [pejorative slang, possibly regional] :: a person of North African or West Asian descent, typically Muslim, male, and having the perceived qualities of a “chav
muchelig {adj} [slang] :: chavvy
Mucke {f} [colloquial] :: music
Mucke {f} [slang] :: [used by musicians] a gig; an occasion where one is payed for performing music
Mücke {f} [specific sense] :: mosquito
Mücke {f} [broader sense, biology] :: insect of the order Nematocera, that is a mosquito, crane fly, gnat, or midge
Mücke {f} [regional, Austria, parts of southern Germany] :: fly
Muckefuck {m} :: coffee substitute, ersatz coffee
Muckefuck {m} :: thin coffee
muckelig {adj} :: pleasant, cozy
Mücken seihen und Kamele verschlucken {v} [idiom] :: to focus on little things and ignore the important things
Mucki {m} [colloquial, sometimes, jocular] :: muscle
Muckibude {f} [colloquial, sometimes, jocular] :: a gym used primarily for muscle training, either a simple weights room or a commercial fitness centre
mucksch {adj} :: annoyed, moody
mucksmäuschenstill {adj} :: silent
müd {adj} [colloquial, poetic] :: alternative form of müde
Mudder {m} :: a player in a MUD
Mudder {f} [colloquial, slang] :: mother / mamma (as in deine Mudder "yo mamma")
müde {adj} :: tired
Müdigkeit {f} :: tiredness
Müdigkeitssymptom {n} :: sign of tiredness
Mudschahed {m} :: mujahid (male or of unspecified sex) (Muslim holy warrior)
Müesli {n} [Swiss] :: alternative form of Müsli; muesli
Muff {m} :: muff (piece of fur or cloth, usually with open ends, used for keeping the hands warm)
Muff {m} [colloquial, chiefly Northern Germany] :: stench, mouldy smell
Muffel {m} :: muffle (all senses)
Muffel {m} :: mouflon
müffeln {v} :: to have a moldy smell
müffeln {v} [generalized] :: to stink
muffen {v} [colloquial] :: to have a moldy smell
muffen {v} [colloquial, generalized] :: to stink
muffig {adj} [generally] :: smelly, stinking, particularly: having a moldy smell
muffig {adj} [of a room, furniture] :: uninviting, fusty, in need of renovation
muffig {adj} [of a person] :: grumpy, unfriendly
muffig {adj} [figurative] :: old-fashioned, reactionary
Muffin {m} :: muffin (individual cake)
Mufflon {n} :: mouflon (Ovis orientalis orientalis)
Mufflon {n} :: European mouflon (Ovis orientalis musimon)
Mufti {m} [Islam] :: mufti (Muslim scholar)
Mufti {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: a Muslim, particularly one wearing religious attire
Mugel {m} [slang, dialect, Austrian, South German] :: hillock
Mugel {m} [slang, dialect, Austrian, South German, also feminine and neuter] :: large piece
Mugel {m} [skiing] :: mogul, bump
mugelig {adj} [of gemstones] :: polished and dome-shaped
mugelig {adj} [Austria, colloquial] :: hilly
Muggendorf {prop} {n} :: Muggendorf (municipality)
muglig {noun} :: alternative form of mugelig
muh {interj} [onomatopoeia] :: moo
Muhar {n} :: alternative form of Mohar
Mühe {f} :: effort, difficulty
mühelos {adj} :: effortless
muhen {v} :: to moo (sound of a cow)
mühen {vr} :: to labor, toil
mühevoll {adj} :: painstaking, arduous
mühevoller {adj} :: comparative of mühevoll
mühevollsten {adj} :: superlative of mühevoll
Mühldorf {prop} {n} :: Mühldorf (municipality)
Mühldorf {prop} {n} :: Mühldorf (municipality)
Mühle {f} [countable] :: mill
Mühle {f} [uncountable] :: nine men's morris
Mühle {f} [colloquial, derogative] :: old, rickety vehicle
Mühlenspindel {f} :: mill-spindle
Muhler {prop} :: surname
Mühlgraben {prop} {n} :: Mühlgraben (municipality)
Mühlstein {m} :: millstone
Mühlwald {prop} {n} :: Mühlwald (municipality)
Muhme {f} [archaic, ] :: aunt (usually the mother's sister)
Mühsal {f} [literary] :: hardship
mühsam {adj} :: arduous
mühsamer {adj} :: comparative of mühsam
mühsamsten {adj} :: superlative of mühsam
mühselig {adj} :: laborious
mühselig {adv} :: laboriously; with much effort
mühseliger {adj} :: comparative of mühselig
mühseligsten {adj} :: superlative of mühselig
mukös {adj} :: mucous
Mukoviszidose {f} [pathology] :: cystic fibrosis, mucoviscidosis
Mulch {m} :: mulch
mulchen {v} :: to mulch
Mulde {f} :: hollow (lowered area on a surface)
Mulde {f} [geography] :: hollow; depression
Mulde {f} [dated] :: shallow container; trough
Muldenhammer {prop} :: Muldenhammer (municipality)
Mülheim {prop} {n} :: Mülheim
Mülheim an der Ruhr {prop} {n} :: Mülheim an der Ruhr (city)
Mull {m} :: mole; mole rat or other talpid
Mull {m} :: gauze
Mull {prop} {n} :: Mull (Scottish island)
Müll {m} :: trash, garbage, refuse, waste, junk
Müll {m} [colloquial] :: nonsense
Mullah {m} [Islam] :: mullah
Müllbehälter {m} :: garbage can
Müllberg {m} :: A garbage pile; a huge pile of rubbish or garbage
Müllbeutel {m} :: garbage bag
Mülleimer {m} :: rubbish bin; dustbin; trash can (small container for wet rubbish, either indoors or a fixed one outdoors)
müllen {v} :: to make garbage
müllen {v} :: to throw away garbage
Müllendorf {prop} {n} :: Müllendorf (municipality)
Müller {m} :: miller
Müller {prop} {mf} :: surname
Müllerchen {n} :: diminutive of Müller
Müllereierzeugnisse {np} :: milling-industry products, the products of the milling industry
Müllerin {f} :: female miller
Müllerin {f} :: wife of a miller
Müllerlein {n} :: diminutive of Müller
Müllfrau {f} :: garbage woman, dustwoman, garbage collector (female)
Müllhaufen {m} :: trash heap
Müllkorb {m} :: garbage can, recycle bin
Müllmann {m} :: bin man, garbage man, garbage collector (male or of unspecified sex)
Müllplatz {m} :: rubbish dump / tip
Müllsack {m} :: bin bag, garbage bag
Mülltonne {f} :: wheelie bin; garbage can (large container for wet rubbish, usually outdoors and now usually on wheels)
Mülltrennung {f} :: waste sorting
Mülltüte {f} :: bin bag, garbage bag
Müllverbrennung {f} :: waste incineration
Müllverbrennungsanlage {f} :: waste incinerator
Müllwagen {m} :: garbage truck (waste collection vehicle)
mulmig {adj} [of topsoil] :: powdery, loose
mulmig {adj} [colloquial] :: uneasy; having a bad feeling
mulmig {adj} [regional] :: rotten, unsound
mulmiger {adj} :: comparative of mulmig
mulmigsten {adj} :: superlative of mulmig
multi- {prefix} :: multi-
multifunktionell {adj} :: multifunctional
Multifunktionsuhr {f} :: multifunction watch
multikausal {adj} :: multicausal
Multikulti {n} :: multiculturalism
Multikulturalismus {m} :: multiculturalism
multikulturell {adj} :: multicultural
Multimedia {n} :: multimedia
multimedial {adj} :: multimedia (attributive)
Multimilliardär {m} :: multibillionaire
Multimillionär {m} :: multimillionaire
Multiple-Choice-Frage {f} [education] :: synonym of Mehrfachauswahlfrage (multiple-choice question)
Multiplikation {f} :: multiplication (process)
multiplizieren {v} [mathematics] :: multiply (transitive: perform multiplication on (a number))
multitaskingfähig {adj} :: multitasking (attributive)
Multiton {n} [computing, programming] :: The multiton pattern
Multiversum {n} :: multiverse
Mum {f} [colloquial, chiefly film, media] :: mum; Mum; mom; Mom
Mumie {f} :: mummy (embalmed corpse)
Mumifikation {f} :: mummification
mumifizieren {vt} [auxiliary verb: haben] :: to mummify
mumifizieren {vi} [auxiliary verb: sein] :: to mummify
Mumm {m} :: moxie, guts, grit, balls, nerve
mümmeln {vti} :: to nibble
mummen {v} [dated] :: to masquerade
mummen {v} [dated] :: to mumble
Mummenschanz {m} [literal or figurative] :: masquerade
Mumpitz {m} [colloquial, dated] :: nonsense, bullshit (something wrong or unimportant)
Mumps {m} :: mumps
Mumu {f} [slang] :: vagina
München {prop} {n} :: München (caplc)
Münchendorf {prop} {n} :: Münchendorf (municipality)
Münchener {m} :: alternative form of Münchner
Münchenerin {f} :: A citizen of Munich
Münchhausen {prop} {mf} :: surname, from a noble family from Lower Saxony
Münchhausen {prop} {mf} [especially] :: Baron Münchhausen (a semi-fictional character)
Münchhausengeschichte {f} :: cock-and-bull story (a fanciful story; especially but not always one involving implausible feats, a Munchausenism)
Münchner {m} :: a resident or inhabitant of Munich
Mund {m} :: mouth of a person
Mund {f} :: [obsolete] hand
Mund {f} [obsolete] :: legal protection
Mundart {f} :: dialect
mundartlich {adj} :: dialectal
Mündchen {n} :: diminutive of Mund
Mündel {m} {n} :: ward (minor looked after by a guardian)
Mündel {f} [rare] :: female ward (female minor looked after by a guardian)
münden {v} :: to flow (into something)
münden {v} :: to lead (into something)
Munderfing {prop} {n} :: Munderfing (municipality)
Mundfotze {f} :: mouth-pussy
mundgerecht {adj} :: palatable
Mundgeruch {m} :: halitosis (condition of having foul-smelling breath)
Mundharmonika {f} [wind instrument] :: harmonica
mündig {adj} [uncomparable] :: of age
mündig {adj} :: mature
Mündlein {n} :: diminutive of Mund
mündlich {adj} :: [spoken rather than written] oral
Mundpropaganda {f} :: word of mouth
Mundraub {m} :: theft of food for immediate consumption, which in some jurisdictions is treated as a trivial offence (in Germany until 1975)
Mundschenk {m} :: cupbearer
Mundschutz {m} [medicine] :: surgical mask
Mundschutz {m} [sports] :: mouthguard
Mundstück {n} :: mouthpiece (part of a wind instrument)
Mundstück {n} :: bit (piece of metal placed in a horse's mouth)
mundtot {adj} :: silenced (unable to express one’s will or opinion)
Mündung {f} :: mouth (of a river)
Mündung {f} :: muzzle
Mundvorrat {m} [archaic] :: food provisions while travelling
Mundwasser {n} :: mouthwash
Mund-zu-Mund-Beatmung {f} :: mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
Mungbohne {f} :: mung bean, Vigna radiata
Munition {f} :: ammunition, munition
munitionsverseucht {adj} :: contaminated with munitions
munizipal {adj} :: municipal
Munizipalität {f} [politics] :: municipality
munkeln {v} [chiefly impersonal] :: to rumour/rumor
munkeln {v} [rather rare] :: to whisper; to mutter; to speak in private
Münster {prop} {n} :: Münster (city)
Münster {prop} {n} [historical] :: The prince-bishopric based in that city
Münster {prop} {n} :: Münster (municipality)
Münster {prop} {n} :: Münster (municipality)
Münster {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tirol, Austria
Münster {n} {m} :: minster (monastic church)
Münster {m} :: muenster cheese, Münsterkäse
Münstertal {prop} :: Münstertal (municipality)
munter {adj} :: merry, awake, brisk, cheery
Müntze {noun} [obsolete] :: alternative form of Münze
Münzanstalt {f} :: mint (money-producing building or institution)
Münzbach {prop} {n} :: Münzbach (municipality)
Münze {f} :: money, in its senses as
Münze {f} :: a coin, a metallic piece of currency
Münze {f} :: coinage, a system of currency
Münze {f} :: mint (building or institution where coins are produced)
Münzfernsprecher {m} [dated, formal] :: payphone
Münzgeld {n} :: coinage, coins, coin money, hard cash
Münzkirchen {prop} {n} :: Münzkirchen (municipality)
Münzmetall {n} :: coinage metal
Münzprägeanstalt {f} :: mint
Münzprägung {f} :: coinage
Münzsammlung {f} :: coin collection, numismatic collection
Münzstempel {m} [numismatics] :: coin die
Münztelefon {n} :: payphone
Münzunion {f} :: currency union, monetary union
Münzwert {m} :: The nominal value of a coin
Muräne {f} :: moray (eels of the family Muraenidae)
mürb {adj} [especially, South Germany and Austria] :: alternative form of mürbe
mürbe {adj} :: tender (as meat), mushy (as fruit)
mürbe {adj} :: crumbly, about to crumble; short (as a pastry)
mürbe {adj} :: worn-out, fatigued, exhausted
Mürbeteig {m} :: shortcrust pastry
Mure {f} :: mudflow
Mureck {prop} {n} :: Mureck (municipality)
Murexid {n} [organic compound] :: murexide
Murfeld {prop} {n} :: Murfeld (municipality)
Murg {prop} {n} :: Murg (municipality)
Murks {m} [colloquial] :: botch, bodge
murksen {v} [colloquial] :: to botch
Murkstein {m} [dated] :: rapakivi
Murky {prop} :: Murcki, a locale in Poland
Murky-Bässe {noun} [music] :: Intervals, each containing a low note followed by the pitch that is one octave higher, played on a keyboard, especially a harpsichord. A style used in German music, borrowed from the Polish folk music of Murcki
Murmel {f} :: marble (small glass ball)
Murmel {f} :: testicle
murmeln {v} :: to mumble, to murmur
Murmeln {n} :: murmur
Murmeln {n} :: mutter
Murmeltier {n} :: marmot
Murmelvokal {m} [strict sense] :: schwa
Murr {prop} {n} :: Murr (municipality)
Murr {prop} {f} :: Murr (river)
murren {v} :: to grumble
Murren {n} :: murmur
Murren {n} :: mutter
mürrisch {adj} :: grumpy, sullen, morose, surly, moody, dour, cantankerous, glum, crabby
mürrischer {adj} :: comparative of mürrisch
mürrischsten {adj} :: superlative of mürrisch
Murzim {prop} :: Beta Canis Majoris
Mürzzuschlag {prop} {n} :: Mürzzuschlag (municipality)
Mus {n} :: mush, squish
Musau {prop} {n} :: Musau (municipality)
Musche {n} {f} :: alternative form of Mouche
Musche {m} [obsolete, regional] :: Mr., mister, sir
Musche {f} [regional, colloquial, derogatory] :: whore, slut
Muschel {f} :: a bivalve (marine mollusk with a shell, or the shell itself)
Muschel {f} [cooking, often specifically] :: a mussel
Muschel {f} [colloquial, rare] :: a snailshell
Muschi {f} [diminutive] :: [outdated] pussy (hypocoristic term for a house cat)
Muschi {f} [vulgar, slang] :: pussy, (vas muliebre; female private parts; cunt [sense 1])
Muse {f} :: A Muse (deity)
Muse {f} :: A source of inspiration
museal {adj} :: museum (attributive)
Muselman {m} [now, edgy] :: Muslim, Mussulman
Muselmane {m} :: alternative form of Muselman
Muselmann {m} [now, edgy] :: Muslim, Mussulman
Muselmann {m} [historic, prison slang] :: a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp showing symptoms of starvation and exhaustion resigned to his impending death
Museum {n} :: museum (building or institution dedicated to the conservation, exhibition, etc., of objects having scientific, historical, cultural or artistic value)
Museumsstück {n} :: museum object
Museumstück {n} :: alternative form of Museumsstück
Musical {n} :: a musical
musicieren {v} :: obsolete spelling of musizieren
Musik {f} [uncountable] :: music
Musik {f} [countable] :: a musical piece (e.g. in "Eine kleine Nachtmusik")
musikalisch {adj} :: musical
Musikant {m} :: [used for amateur musicians, street performers, or musicians playing traditional folk music] musician
Musikantenknochen {n} :: funny bone
Musikantenwagen {m} :: bandwagon
Musikautomat {m} :: jukebox
Musikbox {f} :: jukebox
Musikchen {n} :: diminutive of Musik
Musiker {m} :: musician
Musikerin {f} :: female musician
Musikinstrument {n} :: musical instrument
Musikinstrumentenhersteller {m} :: musical instrument manufacturer
Musiklehrer {m} :: music teacher
Musiktheorie {f} ::