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-n- {interfix} :: Genitival interfix indicating that the former part is a characteristic of the latter
-n {suffix} :: alternative form of -en
'n {art} [colloquial] :: alternative form of ein
'n {art} [colloquial] :: alternative form of einen
'n {adv} [colloquial] :: short for denn (used for general emphasis)
n {art} :: nonstandard form of 'n
N {letter} :: The fourteenth letter of the German alphabet
N {noun} :: abbreviation of Nord; north
na {interj} :: well!, so!; used to introduce a statement
na {interj} :: oh, hm, huh, och, nu; expressing a (usually mild) degree of surprise, doubt, or frustration
na {interj} [regional, chiefly northern and central Germany] :: huh?; used as a question marker, often implying that the speaker knows the answer
na {interj} [regional, chiefly northern and central Germany] :: hey!, hi!; used as a greeting, but with an interrogative intonation, as if saying “So? You see me there?”, or “So? How is everything?”
na {interj} [regional, chiefly southern Germany and Austria] :: alternative form of nein
{interj} [colloquial, regional] :: alternative form of nein
Naas {prop} {n} :: Naas (municipality)
Nabe {f} :: hub
Nabel {m} [anatomy] :: navel; bellybutton
Nabel {m} [figurative] :: centre; middle
Nabelschau {f} :: navel-gazing
Nabelschnur {f} :: umbilical cord
Näber {m} :: auger [borer]
nach- {prefix} :: indicates a later action as in nacharbeiten, nachbessern
nach- {prefix} :: indicates following or pursuit of someone or something, as in nachgehen, nachfahren
nach- {prefix} :: indicates repetition or succession, as in nachfüllen, nachkaufen
nach- {prefix} :: to check something nachzählen, nachprüfen
nach- {prefix} :: to improve something, as in nachfärben, nachhelfen
nach- {prefix} :: indicates the exact copying of something as in nachmachen, nachdrucken, nachahmen, nachbeten
nach- {prefix} :: indicates a purposeful action, as in nachdenken, nachforschen
nach {prep} [+ dative] :: after, past (later in time)
nach {prep} [+ dative] :: after, behind (in sequence)
nach {prep} [+ dative] :: to, towards (with geographical names; see usage notes below)
nach {prep} [+ dative] :: according to; guided by
nach {prep} [+ dative] :: by the authority of; following
nach {prep} [+ dative, with verbs of sensual perception] :: like (see usage notes below)
nach {prep} [+ dative] :: for [indicating desire for an object]
nach {postp} :: according to
nach {adv} [in compound verbs] :: after, behind, later, next to
nach Adam Riese {v} [idiom] :: according to Cocker
nachäffen {v} :: to ape, to mimic
Nachäffung {f} :: aping, mimicry
nachahmen {v} :: to copy, imitate, emulate (a person)
Nachahmer {m} :: agent noun of nachahmen; copycat, imitator
Nachahmung {f} :: mimicry
Nacharbeit {f} :: rework
Nacharbeit {f} :: detention
nacharten {v} [with dative] :: to take after, resemble [e.g. a parent]
nachbacken {v} :: to recook
nachbacken {v} :: to recreate [a dish]
Nachbar {m} :: neighbour
Nachbaratom {n} [chemistry] :: neighbouring atom
Nachbarelement {n} :: neighbouring element (in the periodic table)
Nachbarhaus {n} :: house next door
Nachbarin {f} :: female neighbor
Nachbarjunge {m} :: neighbor boy
Nachbarjunge {m} :: boy next door
Nachbarschaft {f} :: neighbourhood
Nachbarschaft {f} :: neighbourship
Nachbarschaft {f} :: proximity
Nachbarshund {m} :: neighbour's dog
Nachbartisch {m} :: neighboring table
nachbauen {v} :: to rebuild, to recreate, to build a replica
Nachbearbeitung {f} :: postprocessing
Nachbeben {n} :: aftershock
nachbehandeln {vt} :: to treat again
nachbeten {v} [religion] :: to repeat a prayer [e.g. when led by a priest]
nachbeten {vt} [derogatory] :: to parrot
nachbilden {v} :: to reproduce, to copy
nachbilden {v} :: to emulate
Nachbildung {f} :: replica
nachbleiben {v} :: to stay behind
nachblicken {v} :: to (have a) look at
nachbörslich {adj} :: after-hours
nachchristlich {adj} :: AD
nach Christus {phrase} :: anno Domini, AD
nachdem {conj} :: after (that)
nachdenken {v} :: to think, to reflect
nachdenklich {adj} :: thoughtful, pensive
nachdenklicher {adj} :: comparative of nachdenklich
nachdenklichsten {adj} :: superlative of nachdenklich
nachdichten {v} :: to translate paraphrastically
Nachdruck {m} :: emphasis (special weight or forcefulness given to something considered important)
Nachdruck {m} :: reprint
nachdrucken {v} :: to reprint
nachdrücklich {adj} :: emphatic, insistent
nachdrücklichst {adv} :: most emphatically
Nachdurst {m} [colloquial] :: thirst due to dehydration through excessive alcohol consumption
nacheifern {v} :: to emulate
Nacheifern {n} :: emulation
Nacheile {f} [law] :: hot pursuit
nacheilen {vt} :: to hurry after
nacheinander {adv} :: successively
nacheinander {adv} :: consecutively
nacheinander {adv} :: one after the other, one after another
nachempfinden {vt} :: to empathize
nachempfinden {vt} :: to model [+ Dativ (object) = after]
Nachen {m} [archaic, poetic, dialectal] :: small boat used on inland waters
nacherzählen {vt} :: to retell
Nacherzählung {f} :: retelling
Nachfahre {m} :: descendant
Nachfahre {m} :: scion
nachfahren {vi} :: to follow (jedem somebody); to follow on
Nachfahrin {f} :: feminine noun of Nachfahre
nachfinanzieren {v} :: To provide supplementary financing
nachfinanziert {v} :: past participle of nachfinanzieren
Nachfolge {f} :: (line of) succession
nachfolgen {v} :: to follow after, to succeed
nachfolgend {adj} :: successive, following, subsequent
Nachfolger {m} :: successor
Nachforderung {f} :: supplementary claim
nachforschen {v} :: to investigate
nachforschen {v} :: to inquire
Nachforschung {f} :: investigation
Nachforschung {f} :: inquiry
Nachfrage {f} :: request, inquiry
Nachfrage {f} [economics] :: demand
Nachfragesituation {f} [economics] :: demand situation
nachfühlen {vt} :: to empathize about [dative = with]
nachführen {v} [Switzerland] :: to update, upgrade
nachgeäfft {v} :: past participle of nachäffen
nachgeahmt {v} :: past participle of nachahmen
nachgeben {v} :: to give way
nachgeben {v} :: to give in
nachgeben {v} :: to collapse
nachgeben {v} :: to decrease, drop, fall
Nachgebühr {f} :: postage due
Nachgeburt {f} :: afterbirth
nachgedruckt {v} :: past participle of nachdrucken
nachgefragt {adj} :: highly desired
nachgegangen {v} :: past participle of nachgehen
nachgehen {v} :: to follow, pursue [+ dative]
nachgeladen {v} :: past participle of nachladen
nachgelebt {v} :: past participle of nachleben
nachgeliefert {v} :: past participle of nachliefern
nachgeliefert {adj} :: resupplied
nachgemacht {v} :: past participle of nachmachen
nachgerade {adv} [literary, formal] :: downright; positively; well-nigh
nachgerade {adv} [archaic] :: gradually; finally
nachgeraten {v} [formal] :: to take after (a parent or ancestor)
nachgesagt {v} :: past participle of nachsagen
nachgeschaltet {adj} :: downstream
nachgeschlagen {v} :: past participle of nachschlagen
Nachgeschmack {m} :: aftertaste
nachgewiesen {v} :: past participle of nachweisen
nachgewiesen {adj} :: proven, ascertained, attested
nachgiebig {adj} :: compliant, pliable
nachgießen {v} :: to top up
nachhaken {v} :: to continue probing
nachhaken {v} [sports] :: to tackle
Nachhall {m} :: reverberation, echo
nachhallen {v} :: to reverberate
Nachhallraum {m} [room] :: echo chamber
nachhaltig {adj} :: sustainable
Nachhaltigkeit {f} :: sustainability
nachhängen {v} :: to dwell on
nachhaus {adv} :: alternative spelling of nach Hause
nachhause {adv} :: alternative spelling of nach Hause
nach Hause {adv} :: home, homeward (mobile, goal-oriented)
nachher {adv} :: afterwards, later
nachherig {adj} :: subsequent
nach Herzenslust {adv} :: to one's heart's content
Nachhilfe {f} [rare] :: extra help, assistance
Nachhilfe {f} :: private lessons, coaching, tuition, tutoring
Nachhinein {noun} :: only used in im Nachhinein
nach hinten losgehen {v} [idiom] :: to backfire
nachholen {v} :: to catch up, to make up
Nachhut {f} :: rear, rearguard (the part of an army or fleet which comes last)
Nachhut {f} :: (by extension) anyone who comes last
nachjagen {v} :: to pursue, to chase
Nachkommastelle {f} :: decimal place
Nachkomme {m} :: offspring, descendant, scion (male or of unspecified sex)
nachkommen {vi} :: to come later; to come up; to come when others already have
nachkommen {vi} [+ mit, chiefly in negation] :: to keep up (with); to keep track (of)
nachkommen {vi} [+ dative] :: to comply (with); to meet; to satisfy (obligations, requirements, etc.)
Nachkriegszeit {f} :: postwar period (time following some war)
Nachkriegszeit {f} [historical] :: the period after World War II, per se until this day, but particularly the years 1945-50, characterized in Germany (and some other parts of Europe) by widespread famine, or the years 1945-90, characterized by the division of Germany
nachladen {v} :: to reload
Nachlass {m} :: heritage
Nachlass {m} :: discount
Nachlaß {m} :: alternative spelling of Nachlass
nachlassen {vi} :: to abate
nachlassen {vt} [business] :: to discount, mark down
nachlässig {adj} :: negligent, careless
nachlässiger {adj} :: comparative of nachlässig
Nachlässigkeit {f} :: negligence; carelessness
nachlässigsten {adj} :: superlative of nachlässig
nachlaufen {v} :: to run after
nachleben {v} :: to follow (to live one's life according to a role model or someone's teachings, or one's own calling)
nachlesen {vt} :: to look up
nachlesen {vt} :: to proofread
nach Lust und Laune {adv} [idiomatic] :: as one pleases
nachmachen {v} [colloquial] :: to imitate, to copy
nachmalig {adj} :: later; ensuing, succeeding
nach mir die Sintflut {phrase} :: Used to indicate indifference to events that will happen after one is no longer directly involved
Nachmittag {m} :: afternoon (part of the day from about 2 p.m. to about 6 p.m.)
nachmittags {adv} :: in the afternoons, p.m.
nachmittelalterlich {adj} :: postmedieval
Nachnahme {f} :: COD, collect on delivery
Nachname {m} :: last name; surname
nachnehmen {v} :: to take seconds
nachnehmen {v} :: to collect on delivery
nach oben {adv} :: up, upwards
nach oben {adv} :: upstairs
nachplappern {vt} :: to regurgitate [repeat information]
nachprüfen {v} :: to ascertain; to review, check, reexamine
Nachrang {m} :: a subordinant or less important thing
Nachrang {m} [Austria] :: the obligation to give the right of way to others on the road
nachrangig {adj} :: subordinate, lower-level
Nachrangigkeit {f} :: subordination
nachrechnen {v} :: to recalculate, to check one's calculations
Nachrede {f} :: afterword, epilogue
nachreisen {v} :: to follow someone's travel
nachrennen {v} :: to run after
Nachricht {f} :: message (communications: Information which is sent from a source to a receiver)
Nachricht {f} :: notification
Nachricht {f} :: news (only in plural)
Nachrichten {p} :: news
Nachrichtenagentur {f} :: news agency (organisation that gathers and distributes news)
Nachrichtendienst {m} :: intelligence agency (a department, agency or unit designed to gather such information)
Nachrichtendienst {m} :: news agency [rare]
nachrichtenorientiert {adj} [computing] :: message-oriented
Nachrichtensendung {f} :: news program, newscast
Nachrichtensprecher {m} :: newscaster, newsreader [esp. Brit.], news anchor [esp. Am.], news presenter [Br.]
Nachrichtensprecherin {f} :: a female newscaster
Nachrichtenverschlüsselung {f} :: message encryption
Nachrichter {m} :: executioner
Nachrichter {m} :: somebody responsible for gathering and transmitting messages
nachrichtlich {adj} :: informational
Nachruf {m} :: obituary; epitaph (text written about a deceased person)
Nachruhm {m} :: posthumous fame
nachrüsten {v} :: to retrofit
nachsagen {v} :: To repeat (a rumour etc)
nachsagen {v} :: To accuse
nachsasanidisch {adj} :: Post-Sassanian
nachsassanidisch {adj} :: alternative form of nachsasanidisch
Nachsatz {m} :: postscript
nachschauen {v} :: to (have a) look; to look and see, to check
nachschieben {v} :: to push from behind
nachschieben {v} :: to add [i.e. to a message, statement, question]
Nachschlag {m} :: [food] seconds
Nachschlag {m} :: [drinks] refill
nachschlagen {v} :: to look up
Nachschlagewerk {n} :: reference work
Nachschub {m} [military, usually singular] :: supplies, fresh supply, replenishment
nachsehen {v} :: to look into (investigate, explore, or consider), check up on
nachsehen {v} :: to look up (obtain information about something from a text source)
nachsehen {v} :: to look at [something] as it moves away
nachsehen {v} :: to forgive, excuse, be understanding about
nachsetzen {v} :: to place after
nachsetzen {v} :: to chase after
Nachsicht {f} :: forgiveness, clemency
nachsichtig {adj} :: forgiving, clement
Nachsilbe {f} :: suffix
nachsingen {v} :: to repeat [i.e. a song]
nachsinnen {v} :: to ponder [afterwards]
nachsitzen {vi} :: to be in detention
Nachsitzen {n} :: detention
Nachspann {m} :: end credits
Nachspeise {f} :: dessert
Nachspiel {n} :: postlude
Nachspielzeit {f} [soccer] :: injury time
nachsprechen {v} :: to repeat [what someone else said]
nachspringen {vt} :: to jump after
nachspüren {v} :: to track down
nachspüren {v} :: to look into
nächst {prep} [formal] :: besides, in addition to
nachstehen {v} :: to be inferior
nachstellen {vt} :: to reenact
nachstellen {vt} [grammar] :: to place after, to make postpositive
nachstellen {vi} :: to follow, to stalk (jemandem someone)
Nachstellung {f} :: reenactment
Nachstellung {f} :: readjustment
Nachstellung {f} :: stalking
Nächstenliebe {f} [Christianity] :: charity
Nächstenliebe {f} :: altruism
nächster {adj} :: next, following
nachstürmen {v} :: to rush after
Nacht {f} :: night
Nacht {f} :: darkness
Nachtaffe {m} :: Night monkey, owl monkey a New World monkey of the Aotus genus
nachtaktiv {adj} :: nocturnal
nachtblind {adj} :: night-blind
Nachtblindheit {f} :: night blindness
Nachtdienst {m} :: night service
Nachteil {m} :: disadvantage, demerit
Nachteil {m} :: drawback
nachteilig {adj} :: detrimental, disadvantageous, adverse
Nachtessen {n} [Switzerland, Southern Germany] :: supper (food before going to bed)
Nachteule {f} :: night person
Nachtfalter {m} :: moth (insect similar to a butterfly; especially any nocturnal species of the Macrolepidoptera grouping)
Nachthemd {n} :: nightie (sleeping garment worn by women)
Nachtigall {f} :: nightingale
Nachtigallenboden {m} :: nightingale floor
nächtigen {v} :: to stay the night, to stay over, to crash
Nachtisch {m} [food] :: dessert
Nachtjagdflieger {m} :: night fighter pilot
Nachtjäger {m} [military, aviation] :: a nightfighter, a fighter plane designed for night combat, at a time when fighters were typically daylight and good weather only aircraft
Nachtkerze {f} :: evening primrose, any plant of the genus Oenothera
Nachtklub {m} :: nightclub
Nachtlager {n} :: night lodging, bivouac
Nachtlampe {f} :: nightlight
Nachtleben {n} :: nightlife
nächtlich {adj} :: nocturnal (taking place at the night)
Nachtlicht {n} :: nightlight, night light
Nachtlokal {n} :: nightclub; club
Nachtmahl {n} [dated and literary, outside, southern Germany and Austria] :: supper, evening meal
Nachtmahr {m} [dated] :: nightmare
Nachtmensch {m} :: night person
Nachtmusik {f} :: serenade
Nachtpfauenauge {n} :: a butterfly of the Saturnia genus
Nachtportier {m} :: night porter
Nachtquartier {n} :: night's lodging
Nachtrag {m} :: addendum (something to be added)
nachtragen {v} :: to append, to supplement
nachtragen {v} :: to resent
nachtragend {adj} :: rancorous
nachtragend {adj} :: unforgiving, vindictive
nachträglich {adj} :: subsequent
nachträglich {adj} :: additional
nachträglich {adj} :: belated
nachträglich {adv} :: subsequently
nachträglich {adv} :: afterwards
nachträglich {adv} :: belatedly
nachtrauern {v} :: to mourn, to regret
Nachtreiher {m} :: night heron, specifically black-crowned night heron
Nachtruhe {f} :: sleep ((countable) act or instance of sleeping)
nachts {adv} :: at night, nights
Nachtschatten {m} :: night-time shadow
Nachtschatten {m} :: nightshade (any of several plants belonging to the genus Solanum)
Nachtschicht {f} :: night shift
nachtschwarz {adj} :: as black as the night
Nachtshopping {n} :: night shopping
Nachtsichtgerät {n} :: nightscope (night vision device)
Nachtspeicherheizung {f} :: storage heater
nachts sind alle Katzen grau {proverb} :: all cats are grey in the dark
Nachttisch {m} :: nightstand, bedside table
Nachttischlampe {f} :: bedside light
Nachttopf {m} :: chamber pot (a bowl kept in a bedroom to serve as a temporary toilet)
nachtun {v} :: to emulate, imitate
Nachtvogel {m} :: nocturnal bird, nightbird
Nachtwache {f} :: night watch
Nachtwächter {m} [historical] :: night watchman (a guard that protects cities at night)
Nachtwächterstaat {m} :: night watchman state
nachtwandeln {v} :: to sleepwalk
Nachtzeit {f} :: nighttime
nach und nach {adv} :: gradually, little by little, bit by bit
nachverfolgen {vt} :: to keep track of, to trace
nachverhandeln {v} :: to renegotiate
nachvollziehbar {adj} :: understandable, comprehensible
nachvollziehbar {adj} :: traceable
Nachvollziehbarkeit {f} :: understandability, comprehensibility
Nachvollziehbarkeit {f} :: traceability
nachvollziehen {v} :: to understand, to comprehend
nachvollziehen {v} :: to retrace, to reconstruct
nachvollzogen {v} :: past participle of nachvollziehen
nachwachsend {adj} :: renewable, sustainable
nachwachsend {adj} :: up-and-coming
Nachwahl {f} :: by-election
nachwandeln {vt} :: to follow [+ dative]
Nachweis {m} :: proof, verification, confirmation
nachweisbar {adj} :: detectable, measurable
nachweisbar {adj} :: verifiable, provable
nachweisen {v} :: to prove, substantiate, verify, establish, demonstrate
Nachweisgrenze {f} :: detection limit
nachweislich {adj} :: demonstrable, verifiable
Nachweisreagenz {n} [chemistry] :: detection reagent (used to show the presence of a specific chemical entity)
Nachweisreaktion {f} [chemistry] :: detection reaction
Nachwelt {f} :: posterity (all the future generations)
nach wie vor {adv} :: still
Nachwort {n} :: afterword
Nachwuchs {m} :: offspring
nachwürzen {v} :: to add more spices to (something which one has already added spices to)
nachzählen {v} :: to count [to determine a number]
Nachzügler {m} [someone who lags behind] :: laggard
Nacken {m} [anatomy] :: nape of the neck
nackend {adj} [dialectal, otherwise archaic] :: alternative form of nackt
nackig {adj} [chiefly colloquial] :: naked, nude
nackt {adj} :: naked
nackt {adj} [of a person, strictly] :: nude; not wearing any clothes
nackt {adj} [of a person, loosely] :: not properly clothed; wearing much less than weather, custom, etc. would demand
nackt {adj} [of a body part] :: bare; not covered
nackt {adj} [figurative] :: bare (not insulated, protected, hidden, etc.)
Nacktaufnahme {f} :: nude photo
nackter {adj} :: comparative of nackt
nacktesten {adj} :: superlative of nackt
Nacktheit {f} :: nudity (nudity)
Nacktnasenwombat {m} :: common wombat, coarse-haired wombat, Vombatus ursinus (-> wombat)
Nacktschnecke {f} :: slug (mollusk)
Nacktschnecke {f} :: nudibranch
Nacktschwanzgürteltier {n} :: naked-tailed armadillo, an armadillo of the Cabassous genus
Nadel {f} :: needle; hook (implement for sewing, knitting, or crocheting)
Nadel {f} :: pin (implement for fixing something)
Nadel {f} :: needle (indicating device)
Nadel {f} :: needle (sensor for phonograph stylus)
Nadel {f} :: needle (leaf of conifer)
Nadelbaum {m} :: conifer, coniferous tree
nadelbaumartig {adj} :: resembling a conifer
Nadelblatt {n} [botany] :: needle (needle-shaped leaf of a conifer tree)
nadelförmig {adj} :: needlelike, spicular
Nadelgehölz {n} [forestry] :: coniferous tree or shrub
Nadelholz {n} :: softwood (The wood of a conifer.)
Nadel im Heuhaufen {phrase} [idiomatic] :: needle in a haystack
Nadelkissen {n} :: pincushion
Nadellager {n} :: needle bearing
Nadelöhr {n} :: eye (hole in needle)
Nadelöhr {n} :: bottleneck (narrowing of the road, especially resulting in a delay)
Nadelstich {m} :: stitch
Nadelstich {m} :: pinprick
Nadelstreifen {m} :: pinstripe
Nadelwald {m} :: coniferous forest
Nadeschda {prop} :: A transliteration of the Russian female given name Наде́жда (hope)
Nadia {prop} :: given name, a French style spelling of Nadja
Nadin {prop} :: given name, a rendering of the French pronunciation of Nadine
Nadine {prop} :: given name borrowed from French
Nadja {prop} :: given name
Nagel {m} [anatomy] :: A nail, the horny plate on fingers and toes of humans and certain animals which mostly consists of keratin
Nagel {m} :: A nail, a man-made pointed fastener used for joining different materials by penetrating them
Nagelbombe {f} :: nail bomb
Nagelbürstchen {n} :: diminutive of Nagelbürste
Nagelbürste {f} :: nailbrush
Nägelchen {n} :: diminutive of Nagel
Nageleisen {n} :: nail puller
Nagelfeile {f} :: nail file
nagelfest {adj} :: Only used in the idiom niet- und nagelfest
Nagelknipser {m} :: nail clipper
Nagelkopf {m} :: nailhead
Nagellack {m} :: nail polish
Nagellackentferner {m} :: nail polish remover
Nägel mit Köpfen machen {v} [idiomatic] :: to act with deliberation, vigour, and professionalism, not waveringly or desultorily
nageln {v} :: to nail (to hammer or drive a nail into something)
nageln {v} [vulgar] :: to nail (of a male, to have sexual intercourse with a female)
nageln {v} :: to produce a knocking sound
nagelneu {adj} :: brand new
Nagelschere {f} :: nail scissors
nagen {v} :: to gnaw
Nager {m} :: rodent
Nagetier {n} :: rodent
nah {adj} :: near (in space or time or in an abstract sense), nearby
nah {adv} :: near (in space or time or in an abstract sense)
nah am Wasser gebaut {adj} :: prone to crying, who tends to cry easily
Nahaufnahme {f} :: close-up
nahe {prep} [+dative] :: near
nahe {adj} [dated] :: alternative form of nah
nahe {adv} [dated] :: alternative form of nah
Nähe {f} :: nearness, closeness
Nähe {f} :: vicinity, neighbourhood
nahegekommen {v} :: past participle of nahekommen
nahekommen {v} :: To approach or come close
nahekommen {v} :: To approximate
naheliegen {v} :: to be obvious, to stand to reason
nahen {v} :: to approach
nähen {v} :: to sew
näher {adj} :: comparative of nah
Näher {m} :: sewer
näherkommen {v} :: to come closer
näherkommen {v} :: to become closer [socially]
nähern {vr} :: to approach
Naher Osten {prop} {m} :: Middle East (region comprising southwest Asia and northeast Africa)
Naher Osten {prop} {m} [loosely, nonstandard] :: the MENA region
Näherung {f} :: approximation
Näherung {f} :: approach, proximity
näherungsweise {adv} :: approximately
nahestehen {v} :: to have a close connection to
nahestehen {v} :: to be similar in respect to a certain trait [+ dat = similar to whom] [+ in (object) = by which trait]
nahezu {adv} :: almost, nearly, virtually
nahezu {adv} :: approximately
Nahkampf {m} :: close combat
Nahkampfsocke {f} [slang] :: condom
Nähmaschine {f} :: sewing machine
Nahme {m} :: obsolete form of Name
nähren {v} :: to feed
nahrhaft {adj} :: nutritious, nutrient, nourishing
Nährmedium {n} [biology] :: culture medium
Nährmutter {f} [obsolete] :: foster mother
Nährstoff {m} :: nutrient
nährstoffreich {adj} :: eutrophic; nutritious
Nährstoffzufuhr {f} :: nutrient supply
Nahrung {f} :: food and drink
Nahrungsbestandteil {m} :: dietary component
Nahrungsergänzung {f} :: nutritional supplement
Nahrungsergänzungsmittel {n} :: dietary supplement
Nahrungskette {f} :: food chain
Nahrungsmittel {n} :: item of sustenance; a foodstuff or beverage that is mainly consumed for nourishment
Nahrungspflanze {f} :: food plant, food crop
Nahrungsquelle {f} :: A source of nutrition
Nahrungszusammensetzung {f} :: food / diet composition
Nährwert {m} :: nutritional value
Naht {f} :: suture, seam
nahtfrei {adj} :: seamless
nahtlos {adj} :: seamless
Nahtod-Erfahrung {f} :: near-death experience
Nahverkehr {m} :: local / short-distance transport / travel
naiv {adj} :: green (inexperienced)
naiv {adj} :: naive
naiverweise {adv} :: naively
Naivität {f} :: naivety
naja {interj} :: well
naja {interj} :: uh-huh, if you say so (expresses disagreement with what was said but an unwillingness to argue about it)
na klar {interj} :: sure, sure thing, of course
Naktivismus {m} :: a German nudist movement, which preaches and practices activities in the nude, such as naked hiking and biking, as well as skinny-dipping
Naktivist {m} :: A practitioner of Naktivismus, active nudism
Nals {prop} :: Nals (municipality)
Namaste {interj} :: Namaste!
Namaste {n} :: namaste
Name {m} :: name (forename, Christian name, given name)
Name {m} :: name (surname, family name)
Name {m} :: name (full name)
Name {m} [grammar, in compounds] :: noun, examples include Eigenname (proper noun), Sammelname (collective noun) and Gattungsname (appellative or common noun). Note: Compounds which aren't hyponyms of substantive are rare and obsolete, like Hauptname or Dingname (substantive noun), Beiname (adjective noun), Fürname (pronoun)
Namen {m} :: alternative form of Name
Namenforschung {f} :: onomastics
Namenkunde {f} :: onomastics
namenlos {adj} :: nameless, innominate
namens {adv} :: by the name of, named
Namensartikel {m} [journalism] :: byline article
Namensgeber {m} :: eponym
Namensgebung {f} :: naming (name giving)
namensgleich {adj} :: homonymous
Namensschwester {f} :: namesake [female person having the same name as another]
Namenstag {m} :: name day
Namensträger {m} :: bearer of a name, namesake, person or community of people who share a name
Namensursprung {m} :: origin of a name
Namensvetter {m} :: namesake (male person or place having the same name as another)
Namensvorschlag {m} :: proposed name
Namenszusatz {m} :: suffix [in a personal name]
namentlich {adj} :: by name
namentlich {adv} :: especially, namely
Namenwort {n} [grammar] :: a part of speech which can be declined, i.e. substantive, adjective, numeral, article or pronoun
Namenwort {n} [grammar] :: a substantive or adjective
namhaft {adj} :: well-known, famous
namhaft {adj} :: considerable
namhaft machen {vt} :: to make known
namhaft machen {vt} :: to name, to designate
Namhaftmachung {f} :: making known
Namhaftmachung {f} :: naming, designation
Namibia {prop} {n} :: Namibia
Namibier {m} :: Namibian (a person from Namibia or of Namibian descent)
Namibierin {f} :: Namibian (a female person from Namibia or of Namibian descent)
namibisch {adj} :: Namibian (of, from, or pertaining to Namibia)
näml. {adv} :: abbreviation of nämlich
nämlich {adj} :: namely
nämlich {adv} :: namely
Namlos {prop} {n} :: Namlos (municipality)
NAND-Gatter {n} [electronics] :: NAND gate, a logic gate performing a Boolean logic NAND operation
Nandu {m} :: nandu
Nänie {f} :: nenia
nano- {prefix} :: nano-
Nanoampere {n} :: nanoampere
Nanoantikörper {m} :: nanoantibody
Nanobakterium {n} :: nanobacterium
Nanobeschichtung {f} :: nanocoating
Nanobiologie {f} :: nanobiology
Nanobiotechnologie {f} :: nanobiotechnology
Nanobot {n} :: nanobot
Nanochemie {f} :: nanochemistry
Nanodraht {m} :: nanowire
nanoelektromechanisch {adj} :: nanoelectromechanical
Nanoelektronik {f} :: nanoelectronics
nanoelektronisch {adj} :: nanoelectronic
Nanofarad {n} :: nano-farad, nanofarad
Nanofaser {f} :: nanofibre
Nanogramm {n} :: nanogram
Nanoindentierung {f} :: nanoindentation
Nanojoule {n} :: nanojoule
Nanokondensator {m} :: nanocapacitor
Nanokristall {m} :: nanocrystal
Nanolithografie {m} :: nanolithography
Nanomaterial {n} :: nanomaterial
Nanomedizin {f} :: nanomedicine
Nanometer {m} {n} :: nanometer [US], nanometre [UK]
Nanomotor {m} :: nanomotor
Nanoobjekt {n} :: nanoobject
Nanopartikel {f} :: nanoparticle
nanopartikulär {adj} :: nanoparticulate
Nanoröhrchen {n} :: nanotube
Nanoröhre {f} :: nanotube
Nanosatellit {m} :: nanosatellite
Nanoschaum {m} :: nanofoam
Nanosekunde {f} :: nanosecond
Nanosilber {n} :: nanosilver
nanoskalig {adj} :: nanoscale
Nanostäbchen {n} :: nanorod
Nanosystem {n} :: nanosystem
Nanotechnik {f} :: nanotechnology
Nanotechnologie {f} :: nanotechnology
Nanoteilchen {n} :: nanoparticle
Nanotesla {n} :: nanotesla
Nanotherapie {f} :: nanotherapy
Nanovolt {n} :: nanovolt
Nanowatt {n} :: nanowatt
nanu {interj} [chiefly Northern Germany] :: An expression of wonderment or confusion
Nanzig {prop} {n} :: Nancy (city)
Nanziger {m} :: A male person from Nanzig
Nanziger {adj} :: Of Nanzig
Napf {m} :: small bowl; cup; now chiefly to hold fodder for animals
Näpfchen {n} :: diminutive of Napf
Napfkuchen {m} [regional, chiefly northern and central Germany] :: bundt cake
Napoleon {prop} {m} [history] :: Napoleon Bonaparte
napoleonisch {adj} :: Napoleonic
Nappa {n} :: nappa leather, napa leather
Nappaleder {n} :: nappa leather, napa leather
'n Appel und 'n Ei {phrase} [idiomatic, regional] :: peanuts; a low, minuscule price (literally: an apple and an egg)
Narbe {f} :: scar
Narbe {f} [botany] :: stigma
Narbe {f} [botany] :: sod, turf, sward (the upper part/the surface of a lawn)
Narde {f} :: nard
Narkolepsie {f} :: narcolepsy
Narkoleptiker {m} :: narcoleptic
narkoleptisch {adj} :: narcoleptic
Narkose {f} [medicine] :: general anesthesia
Narkosearzt {m} :: anaesthetist
Narkotikum {n} [surgery] :: anesthetic
Narkotikum {n} [drug] :: narcotic
narkotisch {adj} :: narcotic
narkotisieren {vt} :: to narcotize
narkotisierend {adj} :: narcotic
Narr {m} [poetic for younger speakers] :: fool (a person being stupid or oblivious to facts)
Narr {m} [historical] :: jester, fool (a person employed to feign idiocy, often as a satirical cover for valid political arguments)
Narr {m} :: Used in compounds to indicate an obsession; freak
narratorisch {adj} :: narratorial
narren {vt} :: to fool
Narrenfreiheit {f} :: jester's license, jester's freedom
Narrengold {n} :: fool's gold; pyrite; a mineral from the class of sulfides with the chemical formula FeS2
Narrenmatt {n} [chess] :: fool's mate
narrensicher {adj} :: foolproof; surefire
Narretei {f} :: tomfoolery
Narrheit {f} :: foolishness
närrisch {adj} :: silly, idiotic
Narwal {m} :: narwhal (Arctic cetacean)
Narzisse {f} :: daffodil, narcissus
Narzissmus {m} :: narcissism
Narzisst {m} :: narcissist
narzisstisch {adj} :: narcissistic
narzisstischer {adj} :: comparative of narzisstisch
narzisstischsten {adj} :: superlative of narzisstisch
NASA {prop} {f} [with definite article] :: NASA (abbreviation of National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
nasal {adj} :: nasal
Nasal {m} :: nasal
Nasallaut {m} [phonetics] :: nasal
Nasalvokal {m} [phonology] :: nasal vowel
naschen {v} :: to nibble, to eat sweets on the sly
Näschen {n} :: diminutive of Nase
naschhaft {adj} :: greedy
Naschi {prop} :: Nashi (youth movement in Russia)
Naschkatze {f} :: person/child with a sweet tooth
naschsüchtig {adj} :: greedy (addicted to eating)
nascierend {adj} :: obsolete form of naszierend
Nase {f} :: nose
Nase {f} :: snout
Nase {f} :: nase
näseln {v} :: to talk nasally; to talk through one's nose
Nasenbär {m} :: coati, a mammal of the Nasua genus
Nasenbein {n} [anatomy] :: nasal bone; nose bridge
Nasenbluten {n} :: nosebleed
Nasenflöte {f} :: nose flute
Nasenlaut {m} [phonetics] :: nasal
Nasenloch {n} :: nostril (either of the two orifices located on the nose)
Nasenring {m} :: nose ring
Nasenscheidewand {f} [anatomy] :: nasal septum
Nasenscheidewandverkrümmung {f} [pathology] :: deviated nasal septum
naseweis {adj} :: cheeky and clever
nasführen {v} :: to dupe
Nashorn {n} :: rhinoceros
Nasiräer {m} :: Nazarite
Nasiräertum {n} :: Nazaritism
Näslein {n} :: diminutive of Nase
nass {adj} :: wet
Nass {n} :: moisture
Nass {n} :: a nickname for a heavy drinker or a topographic name for someone living on wet land, or around moisture (ex:Swamp, Marsh)
naß {adj} :: alternative form of nass
Naß {n} :: alternative form of Nass
nasschemisch {adj} :: wet chemical
Nässe {f} :: wetness
nässen {vi} :: to become wet
nässen {vt} :: to make wet
Nassereith {prop} {n} :: Nassereith (municipality)
nassforsch {adj} :: brash
nasskalt {adj} :: cold and damp; dank
nassklebend {adj} :: adhesive
nassmachen {v} :: to wetten
nassspritzen {v} :: to spray wet, to splash liquid onto and thus cause to be saturated
naszierend {adj} :: nascent
Natali {prop} :: given name
Natalie {prop} :: given name
Natan {prop} {m} :: given name
Natascha {prop} :: given name
Natel {n} [Switzerland] :: mobile phone, cellphone
Nathalie {prop} :: given name, alternative spelling of Natalie
Nathan {prop} {m} :: Nathan [biblical prophet]
Nathan {prop} {m} :: given name
Nation {f} :: nation community of people
Nation {f} :: nation a sovereign state
national {adj} :: national (being part of the national identity)
national {adj} :: national (of importance for, or to the benefit of the nation as a whole)
national {adj} :: nationwide, national (covering a country, as opposed to regional and international levels; see usage note below)
national {adj} :: (moderately) nationalist
nationalbewusst {adj} :: nationalist
Nationalepos {n} :: national epic
Nationalfeiertag {m} :: national day
Nationalgericht {n} :: National dish; a food characteristic of a certain country
Nationalhymne {f} :: national anthem
nationalisieren {v} :: to nationalize
Nationalisierung {f} :: nationalization
Nationalismus {m} :: nationalism
Nationalist {m} :: nationalist
Nationalistin {f} :: a female nationalist
Nationalität {f} :: nationality
nationalkonservativ {adj} :: national conservative
Nationalmannschaft {f} [sports] :: national sports team
Nationalökonomie {f} [economics] :: the study of the economics of nations
Nationalpark {m} [tourism] :: national park
Nationalsozialismus {m} :: National Socialism
Nationalsozialist {m} :: National Socialist
nationalsozialistisch {adj} :: national socialist
Nationalspieler {m} [sports] :: national player (member of a national sports team)
Nationalspielerin {f} [sports] :: female national player (female member of a national sports team)
Nationalsprache {f} :: national language (a language considered, usually by law, to be a native part of the national culture)
nativ {adj} :: native
native speaker {m} :: alternative form of Native Speaker
native Speaker {m} [rare] :: alternative form of Native Speaker
Native Speaker {m} [anglicism, linguistics, especially English studies] :: a native speaker
NATO {prop} :: NATO
Nato-Draht {m} :: concertina wire, razor barbed wire
Natriämie {f} [pathology] :: natremia
Natrium {n} :: sodium
Natriumaluminat {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium aluminate
Natriumamalgam {n} :: sodium amalgam
Natriumamid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium amide
natriumarm {adj} :: low-salt
Natriumarsenit {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium arsenite
Natriumazid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium azide
Natriumberyllat {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium beryllate
Natriumborhydrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium borohydride
Natriumbromid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium bromide
Natriumcarbonat {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium carbonate
Natriumchlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium chloride
Natriumchloridlösung {f} :: sodium chloride solution
Natriumchloridlösung {f} [medicine] :: saline (sterile solution)
Natriumchromat {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium chromate
Natriumcyanid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium cyanide
Natriumdampf {m} :: sodium vapour
Natriumdampflampe {f} :: sodium vapour lamp
Natriumdichromat {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium dichromate
Natriumfluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium fluoride
Natriumgermanat {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium germanate
Natriumhalogenid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: sodium halide
natriumhaltig {adj} :: sodium-containing
Natriumhydrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium hydride
Natriumhydrogencarbonat {n} :: sodium bicarbonate, NaHCO3
Natriumhydrogenkarbonat {n} :: alternative form of Natriumhydrogencarbonat
Natriumhydroxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium hydroxide
Natriumhydroxidlösung {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: sodium hydroxide solution
Natriumhyperoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium hyperoxide
Natriumhypochlorit {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium hypochlorite
Natriumiodid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium iodide
Natriumkanal {m} [biochemistry] :: sodium channel
Natriummangel {m} [pathology] :: sodium deficiency
Natriummetavanadat {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium metavanadate
Natriummineral {n} [mineralogy] :: sodium mineral
Natriummolybdat {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium molybdate
Natriummolybdophosphat {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium molybdophosphate, sodium phosphomolybdate
Natriumnitrat {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium nitrate
Natriumnitrit {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium nitrite
Natriumoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium oxide
Natriumperborat {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium borate
Natriumperoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium peroxide
Natriumsalz {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: sodium salt
Natriumselenid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium selenide
Natriumselenit {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium selenite
Natriumspiegel {m} :: sodium level (in the blood or urine)
Natriumstannat {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium stannate
Natriumsulfat {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium sulfate
Natriumsulfid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium sulfide
Natriumsulfit {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium sulfite
Natriumtetraborat {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium tetraborate
Natriumthiosulfat {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium thiosulfate
Natriumtrioxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sodium trioxide
Natriumverbindung {n} [chemistry] :: sodium compounds
natriuretisch {adj} :: natriuretic
Natron {n} :: bicarb (sodium bicarbonate)
Natronfeldspat {n} [mineral] :: albite
Natronkalk {m} :: soda lime
Natronlauge {f} :: caustic soda, soda lye
Natronsalpeter {m} [mineral] :: soda niter
Natter {f} :: snake of the colubrid family
Natterers Tropfenameisenwürger {m} :: Natterer's slaty antshrike
Natternbach {prop} {n} :: Natternbach (municipality)
Natters {prop} {n} :: Natters (municipality)
Natur {f} :: nature, disposition, constitution, essence
Natur {f} :: temperament, temper, frame of mind
Natur {f} :: natural scenery
Naturalien {p} :: natural produce
Naturalien {p} :: payment in kind
naturalistisch {adj} :: naturalistic
naturbelassen {adj} :: natural, untouched
naturblond {adj} :: natural-blond
Naturell {n} :: disposition, nature, temperament
Naturerbe {n} :: natural heritage
Naturgeschichte {f} :: natural history
Naturgewalt {f} :: force of nature
naturhistorisch {adj} :: natural history (attributive)
Naturkatastrophe {f} [environment] :: natural disaster
Naturkunde {f} :: natural history
natürlich {adj} :: natural, normal
natürlich {adv} :: naturally
natürlich {adv} :: of course
natürlicherweise {adv} :: naturally
natürliche Zahl {f} [mathematics] :: natural number
naturnah {adj} :: close to nature
Naturns {prop} :: Naturns (municipality)
Naturphilosoph {m} :: natural philosopher
Naturschutz {m} :: (nature) conservation
Naturschutzgebiet {n} :: nature reserve
Natursekt {m} [vulgar, pornography, euphemism, urophilic] :: urine (used in urophilic circles)
Naturstoff {m} :: natural product
Naturstoffchemie {f} [chemistry] :: natural product chemistry
Naturtalent {n} :: natural (someone with skills not achieved by learning and practice)
naturtrüb {adj} :: (naturally) cloudy (of a liquid)
naturverbunden {adj} :: nature-loving, outdoorsy
Naturvolk {n} :: indigenous people
Naturwissenschaft {f} :: natural science
naturwissenschaftlich {adj} :: naturalized (Science)attributive)
Naturzustand {m} :: natural state
Nauders {prop} {n} :: Nauders (municipality)
Naue {f} [southern German] :: boat, barge
Naue {f} [Switzerland] :: barge (used on lakes)
'nauf {adv} :: alternative form of hinauf
Naumannit {m} [mineral] :: naumannite
na und {interj} :: so what (reply of indifference)
Nauru {prop} {n} :: Nauru
nauruisch {adj} :: Nauruan (pertaining to Nauru)
Nauruisch {n} :: Nauruan (language)
nautisch {adj} :: nautical
Navi {n} [colloquial] :: satnav; satellite navigation system
Navigation {f} :: navigation (theory and practice of charting a course for a ship, aircraft or spaceship)
Navis {prop} {n} :: Navis (municipality)
Nazaräer {prop} {m} :: an epithet of Jesus
Nazaräer {m} :: Nazarene (an early-first-millennium term for a Christian)
Nazaräer {m} :: Nazarene (a member of an early sect of Judaeo-Christians, who regarded Jesus as the Messiah, but who continued to observe the Law of Moses and who rejected the canonical gospels in favour of the Gospel of the Hebrews)
Nazaret {prop} :: Nazaret (largest city)
Nazi {m} :: a member or (ideological) supporter of the NSDAP, Nazism, or neo-Nazism; a National Socialist
Nazi {m} :: a general, extremely strong insult, chiefly of someone right-wing, authoritarian or xenophobic
Nazi {m} [used in compounds] :: an expression of strong contempt for someone or something right-wing, authoritarian or xenophobic, as in Nazischwein, Nazipropaganda, etc
Nazi {prop} {m} [rare after the mid-1900s] :: given name, a pet name of Ignaz or Ignatius
nazifizieren {v} :: To Nazify
nazifiziert {v} :: past participle of nazifizieren
nazifreundlich {adj} :: pro-Nazi
Nazi-Jargon {m} [politics] :: nazi jargon
Nazischwein {n} [pejorative] :: nazi pig
Nazismus {m} :: Nazism
Nazoräer {prop} {m} :: an epithet of Jesus
Nazoräer {m} :: Nazarene (an early-first-millennium term for a Christian)
Nazoräer {m} :: Nazarene (a member of an early sect of Judaeo-Christians, who regarded Jesus as the Messiah, but who continued to observe the Law of Moses and who rejected the canonical gospels in favour of the Gospel of the Hebrews)
NB {noun} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Neubau
Nb.-Whg. {noun} :: abbreviation of Neubauwohnung
NB-Whg. {noun} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Neubauwohnung
Nb.-Whgn. {noun} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Neubauwohnungen
n. Chr. {phrase} :: abbreviation of nach Christus or nach Christo
nd. {adj} :: abbreviation of niederdeutsch
'ne {art} [colloquial] :: contraction of eine
ne {interj} [colloquial] :: right?; is it?; is it not?; tag question
ne {interj} :: alternative spelling of nee
ne {art} [nonstandard] :: alternative spelling of 'ne
Neandertaler {m} :: Neanderthal (member of the now extinct species Homo neanderthalensis)
Neandertaler {m} :: Neanderthal (primitive person)
Neapel {prop} {n} :: Neapel (city)
Neapel {prop} {n} :: Neapel (province)
neapolitanisch {adj} :: Neapolitan
nebbich {interj} [colloquial, dated or archaic] :: so what; whatever; big deal; who cares
Nebel {m} :: fog, mist, haze
Nebel {m} [astronomy] :: nebula
Nebel {prop} {n} :: A municipality on the island of Amrum in Germany
Nebel {prop} {mf} :: surname
Nebelberg {prop} {n} :: Nebelberg (municipality)
Nebelgranate {f} [military] :: smoke grenade
nebelhaft {adj} :: nebulous, obscure
nebelhaft {adj} :: foggy
nebelhaft {adj} :: vague
Nebelhorn {n} :: foghorn
nebelig {adj} :: foggy
Nebelkerze {f} :: smoke grenade, smokescreen
Nebelkrähe {f} :: hooded crow
nebeln {v} :: to grow foggy
nebeln {v} :: to lay a smokescreen
Nebelparder {m} :: clouded leopard [Neofelis nebulosa]
Nebelstreif {m} :: wisp of fog
Nebelung {prop} {m} [obsolete] :: November (eleventh month of the Gregorian calendar)
nebelverhangen {adj} :: fog-shrouded
Nebelwerfer {m} :: a World War II German series of mortar weapons
neben- {prefix} :: near, next to
neben {prep} [with accusative or dative] :: near, near to, next to, beside
nebenamtlich {adj} :: In a secondary rôle
nebenan {adv} :: next-door
nebenbei {adv} :: besides, additionally, along the way
nebenbei {adv} :: by the way
nebenberuflich {adj} :: part-time, avocational
Nebenbetonungszeichen {n} [typography] :: secondary stress, secondary accent (a mark)
Nebenblatt {n} :: stipule
Nebenbuhler {m} :: rival (especially romantic)
nebeneinander {adv} :: next to each other
Nebeneingang {m} :: side entrance, secondary entrance (of a building)
Nebenfluss {m} [geology, water stream] :: tributary stream, tributary river, tributary
Nebenform {f} :: variant
Nebengruppe {f} :: subgroup
Nebenhoden {m} [anatomy] :: epididymis
Nebenjob {m} :: Side job
Nebenkeule {f} :: side lobe
Nebenkosten {noun} [plurale tantum] :: side costs, additional costs
Nebenläufigkeit {f} :: concurrency
Nebenläufigkeit {f} [software, object-oriented] :: The concurrency design pattern
Nebenprodukt {n} :: by-product
Nebenpunkt {m} :: side issue
Nebenrolle {f} :: supporting actor
Nebensache {f} :: minor matter, minor point, side issue, irrelevant fact
nebensächlich {adj} :: irrelevant, unimportant, insignificant
Nebensächlichkeit {f} :: irrelevance, unimportance
Nebensächlichkeit {f} :: triviality
Nebensatz {m} [grammar] :: subordinate clause
Nebensatzkonjugation {f} [grammar, rare] :: conjugation of a verb in a subordinate clause (as opposed to conjugation in a main clause)
Nebenschauplatz {m} :: secondary theater
Nebenschilddrüse {f} [anatomy] :: parathyroid (gland)
Nebensinn {m} [linguistics] :: connotation
nebenstehend {adj} :: adjacent, adjoining
Nebenthema {n} :: secondary theme
Nebentisch {m} :: side table, occasional table, end table
Nebentisch {m} :: next table, neighbouring table (in restaurant etc.)
Nebenton {m} [linguistics] :: secondary stress
Nebenwirkung {f} :: side effect
Nebenwirkung {f} [medicine] :: side effect, adverse effect
nebenwirkungsarm {adj} :: Having few side effects
Nebenwort {n} [grammar] :: adverb
Nebenwurzel {f} :: adventitious root, secondary root
Nebenzimmer {n} :: neighbouring room
neblig {adj} :: foggy
Nebochant {m} [Austria, colloquial, derogatory] :: a person who is willing but inept, incompetent (to do, execute a job, task etc.) and therefore considered useless and good for nothing
Nebochant {m} [Austria, colloquial, derogatory] :: a person who is blameworthily ignorant of facts and innovations
nebst {prep} [literary] :: besides; with; in addition to; accompanied by
nebulös {adj} :: nebulous
Necessaire {n} :: wash bag
Necessaire {n} :: manicure set
Nécessaire {n} :: alternative spelling of Necessaire
Neckar {prop} {m} :: Neckar (river)
necken {v} :: to tease
Neckenmarkt {prop} {n} :: Neckenmarkt (municipality)
neckisch {adj} :: teasing, playful, mischevious
nee {interj} [colloquial, regional] :: alternative form of nein
Neeb {prop} :: surname
Neele {prop} :: given name
Neffe {m} :: nephew
Negation {f} [logic] :: negation
negativ {adj} :: negative (undesirable)
negativ {adj} :: negative, negatory
negativ {adj} :: negative (less than zero)
negativ {adj} :: negative (producing no evidence)
negativ {adj} :: negative, pessimistic, not fun-loving
Negativ {n} :: negative
Negativität {f} :: negativity
neger {adj} [Austrian, colloquial, dated, possibly offensive] :: broke, bankrupt
Neger {m} [dated, now offensive, usually derogatory] :: black; negro; nigger
Neger {m} [dated] :: cue card
Neger {prop} :: surname
Negerkuss {m} [now, possibly, offensive] :: Chocolate-coated marshmallow treat
Negermusik {f} [now, offensive] :: "nigger music": any music produced by blacks
Negermusik {f} [now, offensive] :: in particular, jazz and swing music made by African-Americans
negieren {v} :: to negate
Negligé {n} :: alternative spelling of Negligee
Négligé {n} [Switzerland] :: alternative spelling of Negligee
Negligee {n} :: negligee
negoziabel {adj} [law, finance] :: negotiable (able to be transferred to another person)
negrid {adj} :: negroid (of the negroid race)
nehmen {vt} :: to take
nehmen {vr} :: to cause oneself to be (in some state); to become; to take oneself (to some state)
nehmen {vt} :: to seize; to capture
nehmen {vt} :: to receive; to accept
nehmen Sie Platz {phrase} :: have a seat, take a seat
Nehrung {f} [geography] :: spit
Neid {m} :: envy, jealousy
Neidbau {m} :: spite house; a structure built primarily to harass or harm a neighbour [which is therefore generally illegal to construct]
neiden {v} :: to have envy
Neider {m} :: one who shows envy; envier
neidisch {adj} :: envious, jealous
neidischer {adj} :: comparative of neidisch
neidischsten {adj} :: superlative of neidisch
Neidling {prop} {n} :: Neidling (municipality)
neidlos {adj} :: ungrudging
neidvoll {adj} :: envious
Neige {f} :: slope, decline
Neige {f} :: dregs, sediment
neigen {v} :: to bend
neigen {v} :: to tilt
neigen {v} :: to tend
Neigung {f} :: propensity
Neigung {f} :: inclination
Neigung {f} :: tilt, slant
Neigung {f} :: affinity
nein {interj} :: no
Nein {n} :: a no
nein danke {interj} :: no thank you (polite way of saying no)
Neinsager {m} :: naysayer
Neisse {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Neiße
Nekrolog {m} :: obituary, necrology
Nekrophilie {f} :: necrophilia
Nekrose {f} [pathology] :: necrosis
nekrotisch {adj} :: necrotic
Nektar {m} :: nectar
Nektarine {f} :: nectarine (fruit, unlikely tree)
Nele {prop} :: given name popular in the 2000s
Nelke {f} :: clove (plant and spice)
Nelke {f} :: carnation, pink
Nelkenwurz {f} :: avens
'nem {art} [colloquial] :: contraction of einem dative no and masculine singular form of 'n
nem {art} [colloquial] :: contraction of einem
Nemesis {prop} {f} :: Nemesis
'nen {art} [colloquial] :: contraction of einen accusative masculine singular form of 'n
nen {art} :: nonstandard form of 'n
Nendeln {prop} {n} :: A village in Eschen, Liechtenstein
nennen {vt} :: to name; to give a name to (someone); to call (someone something)
nennen {vt} :: to call (someone or something by some name or title)
nennen {vt} :: to mention
nennen {vt} :: to call out; to give (e.g. some request)
nennen {vr} :: to be called; to be named; to go by some name
nennenswert {adj} :: considerable, appreciable
nennenswert {adj} :: noteworthy, significant
nennenswert {adv} :: considerably, appreciably
nennenswert {adv} :: significantly
Nenner {m} :: denominator (the number or expression written below the line in a fraction)
Nennform {f} [lexicography] :: lemma, dictionary form
Nennschwaben {p} :: those Danube Swabians who did not come from Swabia, who were thus "Swabians" in name only
Nennung {f} :: mention
Nennwert {m} :: face value
Nennwort {n} [grammar] :: a part of speech which can be declined, i.e. substantive, adjective, numeral, article or pronoun
Nennwort {n} [grammar] :: a substantive or adjective
Nenzing {prop} {n} :: Nenzing (municipality)
neo- {prefix} :: neo-
Neoarchaikum {prop} :: the Neoarchean
neodarwinistisch {adj} :: Neo-Darwinist
Neodym {n} :: neodymium
Neogen {prop} :: the Neogene
neoklassisch {adj} :: neoclassical
neokolonialistisch {adj} :: neocolonialist
neolamarckistisch {adj} :: neo-Lamarckian
neoliberal {adj} :: neoliberal
Neoliberalismus {n} :: neoliberalism
Neolithikum {n} :: Neolithic, New Stone Age
neolithisch {adj} :: Neolithic (relating to the New Stone Age)
Neologismus {m} :: neologism
Neon {n} :: neon
Neonatologe {m} :: neonatologist (male or of unspecified sex) (person who studies or applies neonatology)
Neonatologie {f} :: neonatology (branch of medicine that deals with newborn infants)
Neonatologin {f} :: neonatologist (female) (person who studies or applies neonatology)
neonatologisch {adj} :: neonatal
Neonazi {m} :: neo-Nazi
neongrün {adj} :: bright green (like a neon sign)
Neongrün {n} :: neon green
Neonlampe {f} :: neon lamp
Neonlampe {f} :: fluorescent lamp
Neonlicht {n} :: neon light
Neophyt {m} :: neophyte (recently introduced plant species)
Neoproterozoikum {prop} :: the Neoproterozoic
neovitalistisch {adj} :: neovitalistic
Nepal {prop} {n} :: Nepal
Nepalesin {f} :: Nepalese (female person)
nepalesisch {adj} :: Nepalese (pertaining to Nepal)
Nephrit {m} [mineral] :: nephrite
Nephrologe {m} :: nephrologist (male or of unspecified sex) (physician)
Nephrologin {f} :: nephrologist (female) (physician)
Nephropathie {f} :: nephropathy
nephrotoxisch {adj} :: nephrotoxic
Nepotismus {m} :: nepotism
Nepp {m} [dated or regional] :: rip-off (unfair deal)
Nepp {m} [dated or regional] :: fake, rip-off (inferior copy)
Neptun {prop} {m} :: Neptune, a planet in the Solar System
Neptun {prop} {m} [Roman god] :: Neptune
Neptunium {n} :: neptunium
'ner {art} [colloquial] :: contraction of einer
ner {art} [colloquial] :: contraction of einer
Nerd {m} :: nerd (a person, often very studious, with poor social skills)
nerdig {adj} :: nerdy
neritisch {adj} :: neritic
Nerv {m} :: nerve
nerval {adj} :: neural
nerven {v} :: to bug; to annoy
nervenaufreibend {adj} :: unnerving
Nervenbündel {n} :: bundle of nerves
Nervengas {n} :: nerve gas
Nervenheilanstalt {f} [healthcare] :: mental hospital, psychiatric hospital
Nervenkitzel {m} :: thrill
Nervenklinik {f} [colloquial] :: mental hospital, psychiatric hospital
nervenkrank {adj} :: mentally ill
Nervenkrieg {m} :: war of nerves
Nervensäge {f} [pejorative, of a person] :: pain in the neck, pain in the ass
nervenstark {adj} :: to have strong nerves; strong-nerved
Nervenstärke {f} :: composure; nerves of steel
Nervensystem {n} :: nervous system
Nervenzelle {f} :: neuron
nervenzerfetzend {adj} :: nerve-racking
Nervenzusammenbruch {m} :: nervous breakdown
nervig {adj} [literally or figuratively] :: sinewy
nervig {adj} [botany, of leaves] :: veined, ribbed
nervig {adj} [colloquial] :: pesky
nervlich {adj} :: nervelike, nervous (relating to the nervous system)
nervös {adj} :: nervous (anxious)
nervös {adj} :: jumpy
nervöser {adj} :: comparative of nervös
nervösesten {adj} :: superlative of nervös
Nervosität {f} :: nervousness
nervtötend {adj} :: tedious, pesky
Nerz {m} :: mink
Nessel {f} :: nettle
Nessel {m} :: muslin
Nesseltier {n} [zoology] :: cnidarian (any of various invertebrate animals, such as jellyfish, hydras, sea anemones and corals)
Nesselzelle {f} [biology] :: cnidocyte, nematocyst, cnidoblast (a capsule, in certain cnidarians, containing a barbed, threadlike tube that delivers a paralyzing sting)
Nessessär {n} [dated] :: alternative spelling of Necessaire
Nessie {prop} [cryptozoology] :: Nessie
Nest {n} :: nest
Nest {n} [colloquial] :: small village
Nestbeschmutzer {m} [derogatory] :: person who denigrates their own family or country
nesteln {v} :: to fumble, to fiddle
Nestflüchter {m} :: a nidifugous bird
Nesthäkchen {n} [colloquial] :: the lastborn of a family’s children, especially when pampered (as goes the cliché)
Nesthocker {m} :: nidicolous bird
Nesthocker {m} [figuratively] :: one who lives with their parents beyond the usual age
Nesthocker {m} [figuratively, less common] :: stay at home
Nestling {m} :: nestling (small, young bird that is still confined to the nest)
Nestorianer {m} [Christianity] :: Nestorian (a member of the Nestorian church)
Nestorianerin {f} [Christianity] :: Nestorian (a member of the Nestorian church)
nestorianisch {adj} [Christianity] :: Nestorian (related to Nestorianism or the Nestorian church)
Nestorianismus {m} [Christianity] :: Nestorianism
net {adv} [colloquial, regional, Austria, southern Germany, parts of central Germany] :: alternative form of nicht
Netanjahu {prop} :: surname Netanyahu
Netflix {prop} {n} [internet] :: Netflix
nett {adj} [of people] :: nice; friendly; likable
nett {adj} [of people; deeds] :: kind; sweet; helpful
nett {adj} [of things; situations] :: nice; okay; decent; often expressing a more reluctant praise
netter {adj} :: comparative of nett
nettesten {adj} :: superlative of nett
netto {adv} :: net (as in net profit or net weight)
Networking {n} :: networking (meeting new people)
Netz {n} :: net; web; mesh (construction of interwoven fibres, e.g. that of a fisher, a spider, etc.)
Netz {n} [general, also, telecommunication] :: network; grid (a system, often interconnected, that covers a certain area)
Netz {n} [colloquial, telecommunication] :: signal (connection to a network)
Netz {n} [colloquial, with definite article] :: the internet
netzartig {adj} :: reticular, netlike
netzförmig {adj} :: reticular, reticulated, netlike, retiform
Netzhaut {f} :: retina
Netzkabel {n} [electricity] :: power cord
Netzkabel {n} [computing, colloquial] :: synonym of Netzwerkkabel
Netzmagen {m} [anatomy] :: reticulum
Netzneutralität {f} :: network neutrality
netzpolitisch {adj} [Internet] :: net policy (attributive)
Netzstrumpf {m} :: mesh/fishnet stocking
Netzwerk {n} :: network
Netzwerkkarte {f} :: network interface card, NIC
Netzwerkverbindung {f} :: network connectivity, network connection
neu- {prefix} :: new
neu {adj} :: new
neu {adj} :: modern, recent, latest
Neuanfang {m} :: new beginning, new start, fresh start
Neuankömmling {m} :: newcomer
neuartig {adj} :: novel, innovative
neuartig {adj} :: unprecedented
Neuartigkeit {f} :: novelty
Neuauflage {f} :: reprint (book, pamphlet or other printed matter that has been published once before but is now being released again)
Neuauszählung {f} :: recount (especially of votes)
Neubau {m} :: new building
Neubauwohnung {f} :: newly built apartment
Neuberger {prop} {mf} :: surname
Neubildung {f} :: regeneration, restructuring
Neubildung {f} :: neogenesis
Neubrandenburg {prop} :: Neubrandenburg (independent city)
Neudau {prop} {n} :: Neudau (municipality)
Neu-Delhi {prop} {n} :: Neu-Delhi (capital)
neudeutsch {adj} :: new German, New German
Neudruck {m} :: reprint (book, pamphlet or other printed matter that has been published once before but is now being released again)
neue Besen kehren gut {proverb} :: a new broom sweeps clean
Neue Deutsche Härte {prop} {f} :: Neue Deutsche Härte; a genre of German hard rock/heavy metal music originating in the 1990s, incorporating elements of dance music and electronica
Neue Deutsche Welle {prop} {f} :: New German Wave, often abbreviated as NDW, a genre of German music originally derived from punk rock and New Wave music
Neue Kerze {noun} [archaic] :: candela
Neuenburg {prop} {n} :: Neuenburg (canton)
Neuenburg {prop} {n} :: Neuenburg (capital city)
Neuengland {prop} {n} :: New England
neuenglisch {adj} :: Modern English
Neuenglisch {n} :: Modern English
neuer {adj} :: comparative of neu
neuerdings {adv} :: lately
neuerdings {adv} :: again
neuerlich {adj} :: further
neuerlich {adj} :: recent
neuerlich {adv} :: again, anew
neuerlich {adv} :: lately, recently
Neuerung {f} :: innovation
Neues {n} :: nominalization of neues: Something new
neues Bundesland {n} :: a “new state” of Germany
Neues Testament {prop} {n} :: New Testament (second half of the Christian Bible)
Neufelden {prop} {n} :: Neufelden (municipality)
Neufrankreich {prop} {n} :: New France
Neufundland {prop} {n} :: Newfoundland
Neufundland und Labrador {prop} {n} :: Newfoundland and Labrador
neugeboren {adj} :: newborn
Neugeborenes {n} :: [male or female] newborn, neonate
neugeborn {adj} :: obsolete spelling of neugeboren
Neugewürz {n} :: allspice (Pimenta dioica)
Neugier {f} [inquisitiveness; tendency to ask questions, investigate or explore] :: curiosity
Neugierde {f} [inquisitiveness; tendency to ask questions, investigate or explore] :: curiosity
neugierig {adj} :: nosy, curious, inquisitive, prying
neugierig {adv} :: inquisitively, full of curiosity
neugieriger {adj} :: comparative of neugierig
neugierigsten {adj} :: superlative of neugierig
neugriechisch {adj} :: Modern Greek
Neugriechisch {n} :: Modern Greek (Modern Greek language)
Neuguinea {prop} {n} :: New Guinea
Neuheidentum {n} :: neopaganism
Neuheit {f} :: novelty
neuhochdeutsch {adj} :: New High German (related to the New High German language)
Neuhochdeutsch {n} :: New High German (the New High German language)
Neuigkeit {f} :: news (item of)
neuisländisch {adj} :: (of or pertaining to the) New Icelandic, i.e. modern Icelandic (language)
Neujahr {n} :: New Year
Neujahrsansprache {f} :: New Year's speech
Neujahrskonzert {n} :: New Year's Concert (musical event)
Neujahrstag {m} :: New Year's Day
Neujahrsvorsatz {m} :: New Year's resolution
Neukaledonien {prop} {n} :: Neukaledonien (overseas territory)
Neuland {n} :: newly converted farmland
Neuland {n} [figuratively] :: uncharted waters
Neulatein {prop} {n} :: New Latin
neulateinisch {adj} [of the chronolect] :: New Latin
Neulengbach {prop} {n} :: Neulengbach (municipality)
neulich {adv} :: recently (in the recent past)
Neuling {m} :: newcomer, newbie, rookie, novice, fledgling (beginner)
Neumann {prop} :: surname
neumodisch {adj} :: newfangled
Neumond {m} :: new moon
Neumünster {prop} :: Neumünster (independent city)
neun {num} :: nine (numerical value represented by the Arabic numeral 9; or describing a set with nine elements)
Neun {f} :: nine
neuneckig {adj} :: nonagonal, enneagonal
Neuner {m} [colloquial] :: item (e.g. a bus, a playing card, etc.) numbered nine
neunfach {adj} :: ninefold
neunhundert {num} :: nine hundred
neuniederländisch {adj} :: Modern Dutch
Neuniederländisch {n} :: Modern Dutch
Neunkirchen {prop} {n} :: Neunkirchen (municipality)
Neunkirchen {prop} {n} :: One of six municipalities in Germany
Neunkirchen {prop} {n} :: Neunkirchen-lès-Bouzonville, Lothringia
neunmal {adv} :: nine times
neunmalklug {adj} :: arrogantly clever
neunmonatig {adj} :: nine-month (attributive)
neunmonatlich {adj} :: nine-monthly (occurring once every nine months)
Neunorwegisch {n} :: Nynorsk (one of the two written standards in Norway)
neunprozentig {adj} :: nine-percent
neunschwänzige Katze {f} :: cat-o’-nine-tails
neunstellig {adj} :: nine-digit
neunstündig {adj} :: nine-hour (attributive)
neunstündig {adj} :: synonym of mehrstündig
neuntausendneunhundertneunundneunzig {num} :: nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine; 9,999
neunte {ordinal num} :: ninth
Neuntöter {m} :: red-backed shrike
neunundachtzig {num} :: eighty-nine (89)
neunundachtzigste {ordinal num} :: eighty-ninth
neununddreissig {num} :: alternative spelling of neununddreißig
neununddreißig {num} :: thirty-nine
neununddreißigste {ordinal num} :: thirty-nine
neunundfünfzig {num} :: fifty-nine (59)
neunundfünfzigste {ordinal num} :: fifty-ninth
neunundneunzig {num} :: ninety-nine (99)
neunundneunzigste {ordinal num} :: ninety-ninth
neunundsechzig {num} :: sixty-nine (69)
Neunundsechzig {f} :: sixty-nine (natural number)
Neunundsechzig {f} :: sixty-nine (oral sex position)
Neunundsechzig {f} [colloquial] :: A group of sixty-nine people
neunundsechzigste {ordinal num} :: sixty-ninth
neunundsiebzig {num} :: seventy-nine (79)
neunundsiebzigste {ordinal num} :: seventy-eighth
neunundvierzig {num} :: forty-nine (49)
neunundvierzigste {ordinal num} :: forty-ninth
neunundzwanzig {num} :: twenty-nine
neunundzwanzigste {ordinal num} :: twenty-ninth
neunwöchig {adj} :: nine-week (attributive)
neunzehn {num} :: nineteen
neunzehnfach {adj} :: nineteenfold
neunzehnte {ordinal num} :: nineteenth
neunzig {num} :: ninety
neunzigprozentig {adj} :: ninety-percent
neunzigste {ordinal num} :: ninetieth
Neuordnung {f} :: realignment, rearrangement
Neuordnung {f} :: reorganization
neuplatonisch {adj} :: Neoplatonic
Neuralgie {f} [neurology, pathology] :: neuralgia
neuralgisch {adj} [neurology, pathology] :: neuralgic
neuralgisch {adj} [by extension] :: critical, causing trouble
neurasthenisch {adj} :: neurasthenic
Neuregelung {f} [legal] :: revision (of regulations)
neureich {adj} :: nouveau riche, new-rich
Neurochirurgie {f} [surgery] :: neurosurgery
neurodegenerativ {adj} :: neurodegenerative
neurogen {adj} :: neurogenic
Neuroleptikum {n} :: antipsychotic, neuroleptic
neurolinguistisches Programmieren {n} [psychology] :: neuro-linguistic programming
Neurologie {f} :: neurology (branch of medicine that deals with the nervous system and its disorders)
neurologisch {adj} :: neurological
neuromuskulär {adj} :: neuromuscular
Neuron {n} [cytology] :: neuron
neuronales Netzwerk {n} :: neuronales Netzwerk
Neuropathie {f} [pathology] :: neuropathy
Neurose {f} :: neurosis
Neurotiker {m} :: neurotic person
neurotisch {adj} :: neurotic
neurotischer {adj} :: comparative of neurotisch
neurotischsten {adj} :: superlative of neurotisch
neurotoxisch {adj} :: neurotoxic
Neurotransmitter {m} :: neurotransmitter
neurotroph {adj} :: neurotrophic
Neuschnee {m} :: fresh snow, new snow
Neuschöpfung {f} [linguistics] :: neologism that is not built out of preexisting morphemes
Neuschottland {prop} {n} :: Nova Scotia (Province in eastern Canada)
Neuseeland {prop} {n} :: New Zealand
Neuseeländer {m} :: New Zealander (a person from New Zealand or of New Zealand descent)
Neuseeländerin {f} :: New Zealander (female) (woman or girl from New Zealand or of New Zealand descent)
neuseeländisch {adj} :: New Zealandic
Neusilber {n} :: nickel silver, German silver
neusilbern {adj} :: nickel silver, German silver (attributive)
neusprachlich {adj} [linguistics] :: pertaining to modern languages
Neusprech {n} :: newspeak (use of ambiguous or euphemistic words in order to deceive the listener)
Neusprech {prop} {n} :: Newspeak (fictional language)
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt an der Rems, a municipality in Baden-Württemberg
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt im Schwarzwald, a municipality in Baden-Württemberg
Neustadt {prop} :: Bad Neustadt an der Saale, a municipality in Bavaria
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt an der Aisch, a municipality in Bavaria
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt bei Coburg, a municipality in Bavaria
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt an der Donau, a municipality in Bavaria
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt am Kulm, a municipality in Bavaria
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt am Main, a municipality in Bavaria
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt an der Waldnaab, a municipality in Bavaria
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt (municipality)
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt im Odenwald, a municipality in Hesse
Neustadt {prop} :: A municipality, also in Hesse
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt am Rübenberge, a municipality in Lower Saxony
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt an der Weinstraße, a municipality in Rhineland-Palatinate
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt/Westerwald, a municipality in Rhineland-Palatinate
Neustadt {prop} :: Yet another municipality in Rhineland-Palatinate
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt in Sachsen, a municipality in Saxony
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt/Vogtl., a municipality in Saxony
Neustadt {prop} :: Yet another municipality in Saxony
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt in Holstein, a municipality in Schleswig-Holstein
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt/Harz, a municipality in Thuringia
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt an der Orla, a municipality in Thuringia
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt am Rennsteig, a municipality in Thuringia
Neustadt {prop} :: Still another municipality in Thuringia
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt an der Donau, a municipality in Hungary
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt am Zeltberg, a municipality in Hungary
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt an der Mettau, a municipality in the Czech Republic
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt an der Tafelfichte, a municipality in the Czech Republic
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt an der Waag, a municipality in Slovakia
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt im Burzenland, a municipality in Romania
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt an der Warthe, a municipality in Poland
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt in Westpreußen, a municipality in Poland
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt in Oberschlesien, a municipality in Poland
Neustadt {prop} :: Neustadt (in Ontario)
Neustart {m} :: restart
neustarten {v} :: to restart
Neustrien {prop} {n} :: Neustria
neustrisch {adj} :: Neustrian
neusumerisch {adj} :: Neo-Sumerian
Neutal {prop} {n} :: Neutal (municipality)
Neuter {n} [grammar, dated, rare] :: the neuter gender, neuter
neutestamentlich {adj} [Christianity] :: of or pertaining to the New Testament
neutral {adj} :: neutral
neutralisieren {v} :: to neutralize
Neutralisierung {f} :: neutralization
Neutralität {f} :: neutrality
Neutrino {n} :: neutrino
Neutron {n} :: neutron
Neutronenaktivierungsanalyse {f} :: neutron activation analysis
Neutronenbeschuss {m} [physics] :: neutron bombardment
Neutronenbombe {f} :: neutron bomb
Neutroneneinfang {m} [physics] :: neutron capture
Neutroneneinfangquerschnitt {n} [physics] :: neutron cross section
Neutroneneinfangreaktion {f} [physics] :: neutron capture reaction
Neutronenemission {f} [physics] :: neutron emission
Neutronenmangel {m} [physics] :: neutron deficiency (in the nucleus of an unstable isotope)
Neutronenquelle {f} :: neutron source
Neutronenstern {m} [astronomy] :: neutron star
Neutronenstrahlung {f} [physics] :: neutron radiation or emission
Neutronenüberschuss {m} [physics] :: neutron excess (in the nucleus of an unstable isotope)
Neutronenzahl {f} [physics] :: neutron number
Neutrum {n} [grammar, no plural] :: neuter (gender, voice)
Neutrum {n} [grammar] :: word of neutral gender
neuw {adj} :: obsolete spelling of neu
Neuwahl {f} :: new election, a revote
neuwertig {adj} :: mint, as new
neuwlich {adv} :: obsolete spelling of neulich
Neuzeit {f} :: modern age
neuzeitlich {adj} :: modern
neuzeitlich {adj} :: new age
Neuzustand {m} :: new state
Nevada {prop} {n} :: Nevada (state)
new {adj} :: obsolete spelling of neu
News {p} :: (latest) news
Newton {m} :: newton (unit of measure)
Newtonmeter {m} [physics] :: newton metre
Newtonsch {adj} :: Newtonian
New York {prop} {n} :: New York (largest city)
New York {prop} {n} :: New York (state)
Nf. {noun} :: abbreviation of Nebenform
Nf. {noun} :: abbreviation of Nachfolge
Nf. {noun} :: abbreviation of Nachfolger
Nf. {noun} :: abbreviation of Nachfolgerin
Nfl. {noun} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Nutzfläche
nhd. {adj} :: abbreviation of neuhochdeutsch
Niacin {n} [biochemistry] :: niacin, a B vitamin
Niagarafälle {prop} {mp} :: Niagara Falls
Nibble {n} [computing] :: nibble (half a byte)
Nibelung {m} :: Nibelung
Nibelungenlied {prop} {n} :: A tragic epic poem, written in Middle High German, partially set in the land of the Nibelungs
Nibelungentreue {f} :: absolute (and potentially fatal) loyalty
Nicaragua {prop} {n} :: Nicaragua
Nicaraguaner {m} :: Nicaraguan (person from Nicaragua)
Nicaraguanerin {f} :: Nicaraguan (female person from Nicaragua)
nicaraguanisch {adj} :: Nicaraguan (pertaining to Nicaragua)
nich {adv} [colloquial] :: alternative form of nicht
nicht- {prefix} :: non-, un-
nicht {adv} :: not, non- (negates the meaning of a verb, adjective, or adverb)
nicht {interj} [tag question, dated or formal] :: right?; is it?; is it not?
nicht alle Tassen im Schrank haben {v} [idiomatic] :: to not have all one's marbles, (being) a few cards short of a deck, have a screw loose
nicht auf der Brennsuppe dahergeschwommen sein {v} [regional, Bavaria, Austria] :: [idiom] not be naive, to have experience
Nichtbeachtung {f} :: nonobservance; disregard; intentional failure to follow a suggestion, rule, leader, etc
nicht der Rede wert sein {v} [idiom] :: to be nothing worth mentioning
nicht die Bohne {idiom} :: not at all
Nichte {f} :: niece
nicht einmal {adv} :: not even
Nichteisenlegierung {f} [metallurgy] :: non-ferrous alloy
Nichteisenmetall {n} :: nonferrous metal
nichtenzymatisch {adj} :: nonenzymatic
NICHT-Gatter {n} [electronics] :: NOT gate, a logic gate performing a Boolean logic NOT operation
nichtig {adj} :: void (having lost all legal validity)
Nichtigkeit {f} :: nothingness
Nichtigkeit {f} :: triviality, vanity, emptiness
Nichtigkeit {f} [legal] :: nullity, invalidity
nichtinstrumental {adj} [music, rare] :: noninstrumental
nichtionisch {adj} [chemistry] :: nonionic
Nichtjude {m} :: a non-Jew, a goy
nichtjüdisch {adj} :: non-Jewish, Gentile / gentile
nichtklassisch {adj} :: nonclassical
Nichtkonformität {f} :: nonconformity
nichtkristallin {adj} :: noncrystalline
nichtleitend {adj} :: nonconducting
nichtleitend {adj} :: insulating
nichtleuchtend {adj} :: nonluminous
nichtlinear {adj} :: nonlinear
nichtmagnetisch {adj} :: nonmagnetic
nichtmagnetisierbar {adj} :: nonmagnetizable
nichtmenschlich {adj} :: nonhuman
Nichtmetall {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: nonmetal
nichtmetallisch {adj} :: nonmetallic
Nichtmetalloxid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: nonmetal oxide
Nichtmuttersprachler {m} :: non-native speaker
Nichtmuttersprachlerin {f} :: feminine noun of Nichtmuttersprachler
nichtnegativ {adj} :: nonnegative (either zero or positive)
nichtoxidierend {adj} :: nonoxidizing
nichtperturbativ {adj} [physics] :: nonperturbative
nichtpositiv {adj} [maths] :: nonpositive
Nichtraucher {m} :: non-smoker
Nichtraucherin {f} :: (female) non-smoker
Nichtregierungsorganisation {f} :: non-governmental organization
nichtrelativistisch {adj} [physics] :: nonrelativistic
nichtrostend {adj} :: rustproof, stainless
nichts {pron} :: nothing
Nichts {n} :: nothingness, void
nichts anbrennen lassen {v} [colloquial] :: To play the field; to have several romantic relations at the same time; to take every chance that presents itself
Nichtschwimmer {m} :: non-swimmer
Nichtschwimmerin {f} :: (female) non-swimmer
nichts da {interj} [colloquial] :: no way!
nichtsdestotrotz {adv} [colloquial, humorous, nonstandard] :: nonetheless
nichtsdestoweniger {adv} :: nonetheless
Nichtsein {n} :: nonexistence
nichts für ungut {phrase} :: no offense, no hard feelings, no disrespect
nichts Gutes im Schilde führen {idiom} :: to be up to no good
Nichtskönner {m} [derogatory] :: bungler
Nichtsnutz {m} [derogatory] :: goof-off, no good, wastrel, spalpeen, nogoodnik, ne'er-do-well [a person who is useless and good for nothing]
nichtsnutzig {adj} :: useless, worthless, good-for-nothing
nichtssagend {adj} :: bland, vapid, meaningless, trite, vacuous
Nichtswisser {m} :: ignoramus
nichtswürdig {adj} :: unworthy, despicable, contemptible
nichtsymbiotisch {adj} :: nonsymbiotic
Nichttänzer {m} :: non-dancer
Nichttänzerin {f} :: (female) non-dancer
nicht tot überm Zaun hängen wollen {v} [of a place] :: to abhor; to hate; to find unbearable
Nichtverfügbarkeit {f} :: unavailability
nicht von schlechten Eltern {phrase} [colloquial] :: good quality
nicht wahr {phrase} [tag question, rather formal] :: right?; is it?; is it not?
nicht zutreffend {phrase} :: not applicable (abbreviation: n. z.)
Nick {prop} :: given name, diminutive of Nikolaus and related names
Nickel {n} :: nickel (a silvery elemental metal with an atomic number of 28 and symbol Ni)
Nickel {m} :: A coin of ten pfennigs
Nickelarsenid {n} [inorganic compound] :: nickel arsenide
Nickelarsenkies {m} [mineral] :: gersdorffite (nickel arsenic sulfide)
Nickelbasislegierung {f} :: nickel-based alloy
nickelfrei {adj} :: nickel-free
Nickelgruppe {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: nickel group (of the periodic table :- nickel, palladium, platinum and darmstadtium)
Nickelherstellung {f} :: nickel production
Nickelin {m} [mineral] :: nickeline
Nickellegierung {f} :: nickel alloy
Nickelsdorf {prop} {n} :: Nickelsdorf (municipality)
nicken {v} :: to nod
Nickerchen {n} [colloquial] :: nap, catnap, snooze
Nickname {m} [computing] :: nickname in the sense of screenname, handle
Niclas {prop} :: given name
Nico {prop} :: given name
Nicola {prop} :: given name, a feminine form of Nikolaus used since the 1960s
Nicola {prop} :: given name occasionally borrowed from Italian Nicola
Nicolas {prop} :: given name
Nicolaus {prop} {m} :: given name
Nicole {prop} :: given name
Nicotin {n} :: alternative spelling of Nikotin
Nicotinamid {n} [organic compound] :: nicotinamide
nie {adv} :: never, never at all (referring to an indefinite period of time)
nie {adv} :: never, not once (referring to a defined period of time; see usage notes below)
nie da gewesen {adj} :: unprecedented; hitherto unseen
nieder- {prefix} :: A prefix; equivalent to down-(?)
nieder {adj} :: low
nieder {adj} :: mean
nieder {adj} [of a job] :: menial
nieder {adv} :: down
niederbayerisch {adj} :: Lower Bavarian
Niederbayern {prop} :: Lower Bavaria
niederbayrisch {adj} :: alternative form of niederbayerisch
niederbrennen {v} :: to burn down
niederdeutsch {adj} :: Low German (related to the Low German language)
Niederdeutsch {prop} {n} :: Low German (West Germanic language that did not undergo the High German consonant shift)
Niederdruck {m} :: low gas or vapor pressure
Niederdruck {m} [Austria, uncountable] :: low air pressure
Niederdruck {m} [Austria, uncountable, printing] :: gravure
niederdrücken {v} :: to press down
niederdrücken {v} :: to oppress
niederenergetisch {adj} :: low-energy (attributive)
niederfallen {v} [formal] :: to fall to the ground
niederfallen {v} [Austria] :: to fall, fall over, fall down
Niedergang {m} :: demise, downfall, decline, comedown
Niedergang {m} [nautical] :: companionway
niedergelegt {v} :: past participle of niederlegen
niedergeschlagen {v} :: past participle of niederschlagen
Niedergeschlagenheit {f} :: dejection, despondency, depression, low spirits
niedergestoßen {v} :: past participle of niederstoßen
Niederhollabrunn {prop} {n} :: Niederhollabrunn (municipality)
Niederkappel {prop} {n} :: Niederkappel (municipality)
niederknieen {vr} :: to kneel down
niederknieend {adj} :: kneeling down
niederknien {v} :: to kneel down, to genuflect
niederkommen {v} :: to give birth
Niederkunft {f} [formal] :: birth, childbirth, confinement, childbed, accouchement, travail, delivery
Niederlage {f} :: defeat
Niederland {n} :: lowland
Niederlande {prop} {np} :: the Netherlands
Niederländer {m} :: a Dutch person, a Dutchman
Niederländerin {f} :: Dutchwoman (a Dutch woman)
niederländisch {adj} :: Dutch (of the Netherlands, people, or language)
Niederländisch {n} :: Dutch, the Dutch language
niederlassen {vr} :: to settle, to relocate
Niederlassung {f} :: settlement
Niederlassung {f} [business] :: branch
niederlegen {vt} :: to lay down
niederlegen {vr} :: to lie down
niederlegen {vt} :: to write down
niederlegen {v} :: to quit
Niederlegung {f} :: putting down
Niederlegung {f} [of an office] :: resignation
Niederleis {prop} {n} :: Niederleis (municipality)
niedermähen {v} :: to mow down
niedermetzeln {vt} :: to massacre, slaughter
niedermolekular {adj} :: of low molecular weight
Niederndorf {prop} {n} :: Niederndorf (municipality)
Niederndorferberg {prop} {n} :: Niederndorferberg (municipality)
Niederneukirchen {prop} {n} :: Niederneukirchen (municipality)
Niedernsill {prop} {n} :: Niedernsill (municipality)
Niederösterreich {prop} {n} :: Lower Austria
niederösterreichisch {adj} :: Lower Austrian
Niederrhein {prop} {m} :: Lower Rhine (the Rhine in Germany north of Bonn)
Niederrhein {prop} {m} :: Lower Rhine region (a narrower geographical region along the Rhine, north-west of Düsseldorf)
niederrheinisch {adj} :: of or pertaining to the Lower Rhine (Niederrhein)
Niedersachsen {prop} {n} :: Lower Saxony
niedersächsisch {adj} :: Low Saxon (attributive)
Niedersächsisch {prop} {n} :: Low Saxon (language, language group or group of dialects)
niederschauen {v} :: to look down
niederschießen {vit} [with haben] :: to shoot down
Niederschlag {m} :: fallout, condensation
Niederschlag {m} [meteorology] :: precipitation
niederschlagen {v} :: to defeat (an enemy)
niederschlagen {v} :: to quell (a rebellion)
niederschlagen {v} :: to strike (someone) down, to beat (someone) down; to force someone downwards
niederschlagen {v} :: to cast down (one's eyes), to look down
niederschlagsarm {adj} :: low-rainfall
niederschlagsfrei {adj} :: rainless, free of precipitation
niederschlagsreich {adj} :: rainy
Niederschlagswahrscheinlichkeit {f} :: probability (chance) of precipitation
niederschmetternd {adj} :: devastating, shattering, staggering, crushing
niederschreiben {v} :: to write down
niederschreien {vt} :: to shout down
Niederschrift {f} :: minute, written record
niedersorbisch {adj} :: Lower Sorbian (related to Lower Lusatia, to its people or to the Lower Sorbian language)
Niedersorbisch {prop} {n} :: Lower Sorbian (a Slavic language spoken in part of Brandenburg)
niederstarren {vt} :: stare down, intimidate by glaring at
niederstechen {vt} :: to stab down
niederstoßen {vt} :: to thrust down, to knock down (to hit or knock (something) so that it falls)
niederstürzen {vi} :: to crash down
niederstürzen {vt} :: to topple
Niederthalheim {prop} {n} :: Niederthalheim (municipality)
Niedertracht {f} :: malice
niederträchtig {adj} :: malevolent, vile, malign
Niederträchtigkeit {f} :: perfidy, maliciousness, infamy, ignominy
Niederung {f} :: lowland
Niederwaldkirchen {prop} {n} :: Niederwaldkirchen (municipality)
niederwärts {adv} :: downwards
niederwerfen {v} :: to throw down
niedlich {adj} :: cute, pretty, charming, adorable
niedlich {adj} [humorous] :: tiny, minute
niedlicher {adj} :: comparative of niedlich
Niedlichkeit {f} :: cuteness
niedlichsten {adj} :: superlative of niedlich
Niednagel {m} :: hangnail
Niednagel {m} :: ingrown nail
niedrig {adj} :: low
Niedrigkeit {f} :: lowliness
Niedrigwasser {n} :: low water level
Niedrigwasser {n} :: low tide
Niels {prop} :: given name
niemals {adv} :: never (at no time)
niemand {pron} :: nobody, no one
Niemand {m} :: nobody (unimportant person)
Niemand {pron} [now, proscribed] :: alternative form of niemand
Niemandsland {n} :: no man's land
Niere {f} :: kidney
Niere {f} [obsolete] :: testicle
nierenförmig {adj} :: kidney-shaped
Nierenfunktion {f} :: renal function
Nierenfunktionsstörung {f} [pathology] :: renal dysfunction
Nierenglomerulus {m} :: renal glomerulus
Nierenschädigung {f} :: kidney damage
Nierenstein {m} :: nephrolith, kidney stone
nierentoxisch {adj} :: nephrotoxic
Nierentransplantation {f} :: kidney transplantation
Nierentubulus {m} :: renal tubule
Nierenversagen {n} [healthcare] :: kidney failure, renal failure
nierig {adj} [mineralogy] :: reniform
nieseln {v} [chiefly impersonal] :: to drizzle
Nieselregen {m} :: drizzle
niesen {vi} :: to sneeze
Niesen {n} :: sneeze
Nießbrauch {m} [legal] :: usufruct
Niet {n} {m} :: rivet
Niete {f} :: blank, dud (lottery ticket that does not give a payout)
Niete {f} :: loser; good-for-nothing
Niete {f} :: rivet
nieten {v} :: To rivet
niet- und nagelfest {adj} [idiomatic] :: nailed down [as in: everything that wasn't nailed down; literally: riveted down and nailed down]
Nietzsche {prop} {mf} :: surname
nigelnagelneu {adj} :: brand spanking new
Niger {prop} {m} {n} :: Niger (country)
Niger {prop} {m} :: Niger (river)
Nigeria {prop} {n} :: Nigeria (country)
Nigerianer {m} :: Nigerian, person from Nigeria (of unspecified sex, or specifically male)
Nigerianerin {f} :: female equivalent of Nigerianer
nigerianisch {adj} :: Nigerian
Nigger {m} [offensive, derogatory] :: nigger (male or of unspecified sex)
nigrisch {adj} :: Nigerian
Nihilartikel {m} [nonstandard] :: A deliberately fictitious entry in an encyclopedia or dictionary, which is intended to be more or less quickly recognized as false by the reader
Nihilismus {m} :: nihilism
Nihilist {m} :: nihilist (person)
nihilistisch {adj} :: nihilarian, nihilistic
Nihonium {n} :: nihonium
nikaraguanisch {adj} :: alternative form of nicaraguanisch
Nike {prop} {f} :: Nike (Greek goddess)
Nike {prop} {n} :: Nike (company)
Nike {m} :: a Nike shoe
Nikitsch {prop} {n} :: Nikitsch (municipality)
Niklas {prop} :: given name derived from Nikolaus
Niklasdorf {prop} {n} :: Niklasdorf (municipality)
Niko {prop} :: given name
Niko {prop} [rare] :: given name.
Nikodemus {prop} :: Nicodemus (biblical figure)
Nikolaus {prop} {m} :: St. Nicholas
Nikolaus {prop} {m} :: A figure, originally identical with the former and similar to the Anglo-Saxon Santa Claus, bringing children (small) presents during the night before the 6th of December
Nikolaus {prop} {m} :: given name
Nikolaus {m} :: a representation of St. Nicholas (e.g. an actor or a figurine)
Nikolaus {m} :: the day of 6th December
Nikolsdorf {prop} {n} :: Nikolsdorf (municipality)
Nikosia {prop} {n} :: Nikosia (capital)
Nikotin {n} :: nicotine
nikotinarm {adj} :: low-nicotine
nikotinfrei {adj} :: nicotine-free
nikotingelb {adj} :: nicotine-rich, high-nicotine
nikotinhaltig {adj} :: Containing nicotine
nikotinsüchtig {adj} :: addicted to nicotine
Nil {prop} {m} :: Nile
Nilbarsch {m} :: Nile perch, Lates niloticus (fish)
nilisch {adj} [uncommon] :: Nilotic: of or pertaining to the Nile
nillenkrank {adj} :: (of a man) Suffering from a venereal disease
nilotisch {adj} :: Nilotic: of or pertaining to the Nile
nilotisch {adj} :: Nilotic: of or pertaining to the Nilotic language family
Nilpferd {n} :: hippopotamus
Nils {prop} :: given name borrowed from Swedish and Norwegian
Nimbus {m} :: nimbus
nimmer {adv} [regional, chiefly southern Germany, Austria] :: no more, no longer
nimmer {adv} [regional, chiefly southern Germany, Austria] :: never again
nimmer {adv} [archaic or poetic, literary] :: never, at no time
nimmermehr {adv} :: nevermore, never again
Nimmersatt {m} :: glutton
Nimmersatt {m} :: yellow-billed stork, Mycteria ibis
Nimmerwiedersehen {n} [colloquial, often jocular] :: never getting together again; never seeing again; never an instance of seeing someone or each other again
Nimmerwiedersehen {interj} :: alternative form of auf Nimmerwiedersehen
Nina {prop} :: given name popular since the 1980s
Ninhydrin {n} [organic compound] :: ninhydrin
Ninja {m} :: ninja
Niob {n} :: niobium
Niobat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: niobate
Niobcarbid {n} [inorganic compound] :: niobium carbide
Niobchlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: niobium chloride
Niobfluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: niobium fluoride
niobhaltig {adj} [mineralogy] :: Containing/yielding niobium
Niobit {m} [mineral] :: niobite
Nioblegierung {f} [metallurgy] :: niobium alloy
Niobpentoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: niobium pentoxide
Nipkow {prop} :: surname
Nippel {m} [technical] :: nipple
Nippelspanner {m} :: spoke wrench
nippen {v} :: to sip; to take a nip
Nipponium {n} :: nipponium
Niqab {m} [clothing] :: niqab
nirgends {adv} :: nowhere (in no place)
nirgends {adv} :: never (at no time)
nirgendwo {adv} :: nowhere (in no place)
nirgendwohin {adv} :: nowhere (to no place)
Nirvana {noun} :: alternative spelling of Nirwana
-nis {suffix} :: A suffix for deriving nouns from verbs or adjectives
-nis {suffix} :: A suffix for deriving nouns from verbs or adjectives, etymologically identical to the preceding
Nisbe {f} :: nisba (derivational word ending in Arabic and sometimes related languages; a word so derived)
Nische {f} :: niche
Nischenmarkt {m} :: niche market
nischt {pron} [colloquial, regional, in eastern Germany] :: alternative form of nichts
nisl. {adj} :: abbreviation of neuisländisch
-niß {suffix} :: obsolete spelling of -nis
Nisse {f} :: nit
nisten {v} [of animals] :: to nest
Nitrat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: nitrate
Nitration {f} [chemistry] :: nitration
Nitratmineral {n} [mineralogy] :: nitrate mineral
Nitratreduktase {f} [enzyme] :: nitrate reductase
Nitratsalz {n} :: nitrate salt
Nitrid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: nitride
Nitril {n} [organic chemistry] :: nitrile
Nitrit {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: nitrite
Nitritreduktase {f} [enzyme] :: nitrite reductase
nitro- {prefix} :: nitro-
Nitrogen {n} :: nitrogen
Nitrogenase {f} [enzyme] :: nitrogenase
Nitrogenium {n} :: nitrogen
Nitroglycerin {n} [organic compound] :: nitroglycerine
Nitrogruppe {f} [organic chemistry] :: nitro group (functional group)
Nitromethan {n} [organic compound] :: nitromethane
Nitrosylschwefelsäure {n} [inorganic compound] :: nitrosylsulfuric acid
Nitroverbindung {f} [organic chemistry] :: nitro compound
niueanisch {adj} :: Niuean
nival {adj} :: nival
Niveau {n} :: level
niveaugleich {adj} :: on the same level
niveaulos {adj} :: mediocre
niveauvoll {adj} :: high-class
nivellieren {v} :: to level
nix {pron} [colloquial] :: alternative form of nichts
nix {interj} :: no way!
Nix {m} :: nix (water demon in human form that lures people into the water and drowns them)
nix da {interj} [colloquial] :: no way!
Nixe {f} :: mermaid (mythological woman with a fish's tail)
Nizza {prop} {n} :: Nizza (coastal city/capital)
NK {noun} :: abbreviation of Nebenkosten
NK {noun} :: abbreviation of Neue Kerze
nl. {adj} :: abbreviation of niederländisch
nlat. {adj} :: abbreviation of neulateinisch
NLW {prop} {f} :: initialism of Neulateinische Wortliste
Nm {noun} :: initialism of Newtonmeter (American: newton meter, British: newton metre)
NN {noun} :: initialism of Normalnull
{interj} [colloquial, regional, chiefly northern and central Germany] :: alternative form of nein
Noah {prop} {m} :: Noah (biblical character)
Noah {prop} {m} :: given name
nobel {adj} :: noble, honourable
Nobelium {n} :: nobelium
Nobelpreis {m} :: Nobel Prize
Nobelpreisrede {f} :: Nobel Prize acceptance speech
Nobelpreisträger {m} :: Nobel laureate
nobelpreiswürdig {adj} :: worthy of a Nobel Prize
nobler {adj} :: comparative of nobel
Noblesse {f} :: nobility
noch {adv} :: still, yet (up to and including a given time)
noch {adv} :: yet, eventually (at an unknown time in the future)
noch {adv} :: additionally, in addition, besides, else; more often expressed in English with another, more
noch {adv} :: (only) just; barely (by a small margin)
noch {adv} [with comparative] :: even
noch {conj} [following a negation, especially weder] :: nor; function word introducing each except the first term or series, indicating none of them is true
nochall {adv} [Namibia] :: namely
nochall {adv} [Namibia] :: however
noch dazu {adv} :: to boot, into the bargain, for good measure
noch einmal {adv} :: one more time, again
noch grün hinter den Ohren sein {proverb} :: wet behind the ears (literally still being green behind the ears)
noch in den Kinderschuhen stecken {v} [idiomatic] :: to be in its infancy
noch ist Polen nicht verloren {phrase} [idiomatic] :: all isn’t lost; hope springs eternal
Nöchling {prop} {n} :: Nöchling (municipality)
nochmal {adv} [colloquial] :: once again
nochmal {adv} [colloquial] :: one more time
nochmals {adv} :: again, once more
noch nicht {adv} :: not yet
Nocke {f} [Austria] :: gnocchi
Nocke {f} [Bavaria, Austria, colloquial, derogatory, obsolete] :: stupid, conceited woman
Nockenwelle {f} :: camshaft (a shaft fitted with cams)
Noemi {prop} :: Naomi [biblical character]
Noemi {prop} :: given name
noetisch {adj} :: noetic
No-Go {n} [colloquial] :: no go (something which should not or cannot be done)
Nokia {prop} {n} :: Nokia (town)
Nokia {prop} {n} :: Nokia (company)
Nokia {n} :: Nokia (phone of that company)
nölen {v} :: to gripe
Noltemeyer {prop} :: surname
Nomade {m} :: nomad
Nomadentum {n} :: nomadism
nomadisch {adj} :: nomadic
Nomen {n} [grammar] :: parts of speech which can be declined, i.e. substantive, adjective, numeral, article, pronoun
Nomen {n} [grammar] :: a substantive or adjective; a noun (broad sense)
Nomen {n} [grammar, younger usage, as yet less common] :: substantive; noun (narrow sense)
Nomen {n} [in some compound words derived from Latin] :: name
Nomen agentis {noun} :: agent noun
Nomenklatur {f} :: nomenclature
Nomen loci {n} [grammar] :: a noun, usually deverbal, that gives the place where something is done
nominal {adj} :: nominal
nominalistisch {adj} :: nominalistic
Nominalklammer {f} [linguistics] :: A syntactic phenomenon in some Germanic languages (and perhaps other languages) according to which attributes usually precede the noun in a noun phrase even if this creates a wide gap between the noun and its article or determiner at the beginning of the phrase
Nominalklasse {f} [linguistics] :: noun class
Nominalphrase {f} :: noun phrase (phrase that can serve as the subject or the object of a verb)
Nominalwert {m} :: nominal value, face value
Nominativ {m} [grammar] :: the nominative case
nominieren {v} :: to nominate
Nominierung {f} :: nomination
nomma {adv} [colloquial] :: again, once more
Nomokratie {f} [politics] :: nomocracy
Nomokratiechen {n} :: diminutive of Nomokratie
nomologisch {adj} :: nomological
nomothetisch {adj} :: nomothetic
Nonagon {n} :: nonagon
Nonan {n} [organic compound] :: nonane
Nonchalance {f} :: nonchalance
nonchalant {adj} :: nonchalant
None {f} [music] :: An interval of 13 (kleine None) or 14 (große None) half-tones
Nonillion {num} :: A long scale nonillion, 1054; a short scale septendecillion
nonkonform {adj} :: nonconformist
Nonkonformismus {m} :: nonconformism
Nonkonformist {m} :: nonconformist (male or of unspecified sex)
nonkonformistisch {adj} :: nonconformist
nonkonformistischer {adj} :: comparative of nonkonformistisch
nonkonformistischsten {adj} :: superlative of nonkonformistisch
Nonkonformität {f} :: nonconformity (rejection of or the failure to conform, especially to standards, rules, or laws)
Nonne {f} :: nun
Nonne {f} :: nun moth
Nonplusultra {n} :: ultimate, very best [of something]
Non Plus Ultra {noun} [printing, dated] :: A small size of type, equivalent to 2 point
Nonsens {m} :: rubbish, nonsense
Noosphäre {f} :: noosphere
Nora {prop} :: given name
Norbert {prop} :: given name
nord- {prefix} :: north (attribute), northern
Nord {m} :: the north (used without article; a short form of Norden)
Nord {m} :: a wind coming from the north (used with article)
Nordafrika {prop} {n} :: North Africa
nordafrikanisch {adj} :: North African
Nordamerika {prop} {n} :: North America
nordamerikanisch {adj} :: North American
Nordamerikanische Pfeifente {f} :: a species of duck, American wigeon (Anas americana)
Nordchina {n} :: a not clearly defined northern part of China; northern China
Nordd. {prop} :: abbreviation of Norddeutschland
norddeutsch {adj} :: North German; northern German; from or pertaining to northern Germany or the people, the culture or the dialects of this region
norddeutsche Palme {f} [jocular] :: kale
norddonauisch {adj} :: to the north of the Danube; North Danubian
nordelbisch {adj} :: on the north side of the Elbe; North Elbian
Norden {m} :: north (direction)
Norden {m} :: north (region)
Norden {prop} {n} :: Norden (town)
Norden {prop} {mf} :: surname
Norderney {prop} :: Norderney, one of the seven populated East Frisian Islands off the North Sea coast of Germany
Nordeuropa {prop} {n} :: Northern Europe
nordeuropäisch {adj} :: Northern European
Nordfrankreich {n} :: northern France
Nordfriese {m} :: North Frisian (man belonging to the North Frisian people)
Nordfriesin {f} :: North Frisian (woman belonging to the North Frisian people)
nordfriesisch {adj} :: North Frisian (related to the North Frisians or to the North Frisian language)
Nordfriesisch {n} :: North Frisian (the North Frisian language)
nordgermanisch {adj} :: North Germanic
Nordhalbkugel {f} :: northern hemisphere
Nordirland {prop} {n} :: Northern Ireland (country)
nordisch {adj} :: Nordic
nordisch {adj} :: Norse
Nordkorea {prop} {n} :: North Korea
nordkoreanisch {adj} :: North Korean (pertaining to North Korea)
nördl. {adj} :: abbreviation of nördlich
nördlich {adj} :: north, northern
Nördliche Marianen {prop} :: Northern Mariana Islands
nördlicher {adj} :: comparative of nördlich
Nördlicher Schwarzameisenwürger {m} :: black antshrike
nördlichsten {adj} :: superlative of nördlich
nördlichste Stadt Italiens {f} :: the “northernmost city of Italy”, said of several cities in Germany, which are traditionally Catholic, have a relatively warm climate, and possess other qualities associated with Italy by stereotype:
nördlichste Stadt Italiens {f} :: Munich, due to its relaxed and elegant life-style;
nördlichste Stadt Italiens {f} :: Regensburg, due to its mediaeval architecture and winding lanes;
nördlichste Stadt Italiens {f} :: Cologne, due to its inhabitants’ proverbial sociability, liveliness, and lack of discipline and work ethics
nördlichste Stadt Italiens {f} :: Bonn
nördlichste Stadt Italiens {f} :: Augsburg
Nordlicht {n} :: northern lights
Nordlicht {n} [colloquial] :: a person from Northern Germany
Nordmann {m} :: Viking
Nordmanntanne {f} :: Nordmann fir, Caucasian fir (Any tree of the species Abies nordmanniana, a large evergreen coniferous tree naturally occurring at altitudes of 900–2,200 m.)
Nordmann-Tanne {f} :: alternative form of Nordmanntanne
nordniederdeutsch {adj} :: North Low German
Nordost {m} :: northeast
Nordostchina {prop} {n} :: northeast China; Manchuria
nordostchinesisch {adj} :: northeast-Chinese; Manchurian
nordostdeutsch {adj} :: from or pertaining to northeastern Germany or the people, the culture or the dialects of this region
Nordosten {m} :: northeast
nordöstlich {adj} :: northeasterly
Nordpol {m} :: North Pole; north pole
Nordrhein {prop} :: North Rhine province (a short-lived administrative unit in the British occupation zone of Germany after the Second World war)
nordrheinisch {adj} :: to the north of the Rhine
nordrheinisch {adj} :: of, located by or pertaining to the northern portions of the Rhine
Nordrhein-Westfalen {prop} {n} :: North Rhine-Westphalia
nordrhein-westfälisch {adj} :: Of or from North Rhine-Westphalia
Nordsamisch {prop} {n} :: Northern Sami (language)
Nordsee {prop} {f} :: the North Sea
Nordseegarnele {f} :: The common shrimp, Crangon crangon
nordsiebenbürgisch {adj} :: north Transylvanian
nordwärts {adv} :: northward, northwards (towards the north)
Nordwest {m} :: northwest
nordwestdeutsch {adj} :: from or pertaining to northwestern Germany or the people, the culture or the dialects of this region
Nordwesten {m} :: northwest
Nordwesteuropa {prop} {n} :: northwestern Europe
nordwestlich {adj} :: northwest, northwesterly
nordwestlich {adv} :: northwesterly
Nordwind {m} :: north wind
NOR-Gatter {n} [electronics] :: NOR gate, a logic gate performing a Boolean logic NOR operation
nörgeln {v} :: to nag, to grumble
Nörgler {m} :: agent noun of nörgeln nagger
nörglerisch {adj} :: querulous, naggy
Norm {f} :: norm (rule that is enforced by members of a community)
Norm {f} :: technical norm, such as DIN
Norm {f} :: minimally required performance at work or in sports
Norm {f} [mathematics] :: norm
normal {adj} :: normal
Normal {n} [science] :: standard, normal
Normalbedingung {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: normal / standard condition(s)
Normalbürger {m} :: average citizen
Normaldruck {m} :: normal / standard pressure
normalerweise {adv} :: normally
Normalfall {m} :: rule (normal case)
normalisierbar {adj} :: normalizable
Normalität {f} :: normality, normalcy
Normalnull {noun} :: The mean altitude of sea level. Geographical altitude dates are based on this level
Normalpotential {n} [physics, chemistry] :: normal potential
Normalspur {noun} :: A standard gauge, on which most German trains run, such as the national train, urban light rail, metro-systems and most tramways
Normalsterbliche {m} [humorous, female] :: mere mortal
Normalsterblicher {m} [humorous, male] :: mere mortal
Normalteiler {m} :: normal subgroup (subgroup that is invariant under conjugation)
Normaltemperatur {f} :: normal temperature
Normaluhr {f} :: public clock, turret clock
Normalverbraucher {m} [economics] :: average consumer
Normalverbraucherin {f} [economics] :: feminine equivalent of Normalverbraucher
Normalverteilung {f} :: normal distribution
Normalzustand {m} :: normal state
Normandie {prop} {f} :: Normandy [region of France]
normannisch {adj} :: Norman
normativ {adj} :: normative (of, pertaining to, or using a norm or standard)
Normbedingung {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: standard condition(s)
Normdatum {n} [usually, in plural] :: standard data
normgerecht {adj} :: regulation, standard (according to standards)
normotherm {adj} :: normothermic
Normverbrauch {m} :: standard consumption
normwidrig {adj} :: non-standard
Norne {f} [Norse mythology] :: Norn
Norne {f} [plant] :: calypso (orchid)
Norovirus {m} {n} [virology] :: norovirus
Norwegen {prop} {n} :: Norway
Norweger {m} :: Norwegian (native of Norway)
Norwegerin {f} :: Norwegian (female native of Norway)
norwegisch {adj} :: Norwegian (of or pertaining to Norway, its people or its language)
Norwegisch {prop} {n} :: the Norwegian language
Nosean {m} [mineral] :: nosean, noselite
Nösnerland {prop} :: Nösnerland
nosokomial {adj} :: nosocomial
Nosologie {f} :: nosology
nosologisch {adj} :: nosologic
Nossen {prop} {n} :: Nossen (town)
Nostalgie {f} :: nostalgia (yearning for the past, homesickness)
nostalgisch {adj} :: nostalgic
nostratisch {adj} :: Nostratic (related to the Nostratic language family and the study thereof)
Nostratisch {n} :: Nostratic (the Nostratic language family)
Nostrifikation {f} :: nostrification: process or act of granting recognition to a degree from a foreign university
Nostrifikation {f} [legal] :: the act or process of naturalizing, of granting citizenship to someone who previously had another citizenship
nostrifizieren {v} :: to nostrify: to grant recognition to a degree from a foreign university
nostrifizieren {v} :: to nostrify: to adopt as part of one's own culture or language
nostrifizieren {v} [legal] :: to naturalize: to grant citizenship to someone who previously had another citizenship
Nostrifizierung {f} :: nostrification: process or act of granting recognition to a degree from a foreign university
Nostrifizierung {f} [legal] :: the act or process of naturalizing, of granting citizenship to someone who previously had another citizenship
Not {f} :: need, imminence
Not {f} :: necessity, poverty
Not {f} :: emergency, crisis
not amused {adj} [colloquial] :: angered
Notar {m} :: notary public
notariell {adj} :: notarial
Notarzt {m} :: emergency physician (male or of unspecified sex)
Notärztin {f} :: emergency physician (female)
Notation {f} :: notation
Notaufnahme {f} :: emergency room
Notaufnahme {f} [historical] :: The act or location of receiving refugees from East Germany into West Germany
Notausgang {m} :: emergency exit, fire escape
Notbeleuchtung {f} :: emergency lighting
Notbremse {f} :: emergency brake
Notbremsung {f} :: emergency braking
Notdurft {f} [dated] :: necessity
Notdurft {f} [euphemistic] :: call of nature
notdürftig {adj} :: makeshift, jury-rigged
Note {f} [music] :: note (character indicating the length and pitch of a tone)
Note {f} [diplomacy] :: note
Note {f} [school] :: grade, mark
Notebook {n} :: notebook computer
Notenbank {f} :: central bank
Notenblatt {n} :: sheet of music
Notenhals {m} [music] :: stem (the vertical stroke of a symbol representing a note in written music)
Notenkopf {m} [music] :: notehead (the elliptical part of a note)
Notenschlüssel {m} [music] :: clef
Notenschrift {f} :: musical notation
Notenwert {m} [music] :: note value
Notfall {m} :: emergency, distress
Notfallmedizin {f} [medicine] :: emergency medicine (study or profession)
notfalls {adv} :: if necessary
notfalls {adv} :: in case of emergency
notgedrungen {adj} :: necessarily [forced by necessity]
notgeil {adj} [colloquial, vulgar, sometimes pejorative] :: lustful, extremely horny, sexually longing in such a way that one may find it hard to control oneself
Notgeld {noun} :: Money issued by an institution in a time of economic or political crisis, usually without official sanction from the central government
Noth {f} :: obsolete spelling of Not
nöthig {adj} :: obsolete spelling of nötig
notieren {v} :: to note, to note down, to write down
notiert {adj} :: listed
notiert {adj} :: noted, noticed
nötig {adj} :: necessary
nötig {adv} :: urgently
nötigen {v} :: to coerce
Nötigung {f} :: coercion
Notiz {f} :: note (memorandum)
Notiz {f} :: memo
Notizblock {m} :: notepad
Notizbuch {n} :: notebook (book)
Not kennt kein Gebot {proverb} [idiom] :: necessity knows no law
Notlage {f} :: emergency (situation requiring urgent assistance)
notlanden {v} :: to make an emergency landing, to make a forced landing
Notlandung {f} :: emergency landing, forced landing
notleidend {adj} :: destitute
Notlösung {f} :: emergency solution, stopgap solution
Notlüge {f} :: a harmless or trivial lie, especially one told to avoid hurting someone's feelings; white lie
notorisch {adj} :: notorious
Notruf {m} :: emergency call
Notsignal {n} :: distress signal
Notstand {m} :: emergency, state of emergency
Nottaufe {f} :: emergency baptism
nottun {v} :: to be necessary
Notverkauf {m} [finance] :: bailout
Notwehr {f} :: self-defense
notwendig {adj} :: necessary; essential; indispensable
notwendigerweise {adv} :: necessarily
Notwendigkeit {f} :: necessity
Notzeit {f} :: rainy day, time of need
Nougat {n} {m} :: nougat
Noumenon {n} :: noumenon
Novelle {f} :: novella (a short novel)
Novelle {f} [law] :: amendment (correction or addition to a law)
Novellist {m} :: novelist
November {m} :: November
Novemberverbrecher {m} [derogatory] :: November Criminals
Novize {m} :: novice (male)
Novize {f} :: novice (female)
Noviziat {m} :: novitiate
nowomoskowskisch {adj} [very rare] :: of or pertaining to Novomoskovsk
Nowosibirsk {prop} :: Nowosibirsk (oblast)
Nowosibirsk {prop} :: Nowosibirsk (city/administrative center)
NPD {prop} [initialism, politics] :: initialism of National Democratic Party of Germany, a German neo-Nazi white nationalist political party
NP-vollständig {adj} [computing theory] :: NP-complete
Nr. {noun} :: No., no. abbreviation of Nummer
NR {noun} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Nichtraucher
NRO {noun} :: abbreviation of Nichtregierungsorganisation
NRW {prop} {n} :: abbreviation of Nordrhein-Westfalen
-ns- {interfix} :: used to link elements in some compounds
NS {noun} :: abbreviation of Nervensystem
NS {noun} :: abbreviation of Nachsatz, abbreviation of Nachschrift
NS {noun} :: abbreviation of Nukleinsäure
NS {noun} :: abbreviation of Nebensatz [contrast Hauptsatz, HS]
NS {noun} [mathematics] :: abbreviation of Nullstelle
NS {noun} :: Nationalsozialismus
NS {prop} :: abbreviation of Niederschlesien
NS {prop} [now, colloquial] :: abbreviation of Niedersachsen [compare the official abbreviation NI]
NS {prop} :: Neues Serbien, Nova Srbija – New Serbia, Nova Srbija (NS)
NSDAP {prop} {f} [history] :: abbreviation of Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei [National Socialist German Workers Party], the full name of the Nazi party
NT {prop} {n} :: Neues Testament (NT; New Testament)
nu {adv} [colloquial] :: alternative form of nun
nu {interj} [colloquial] :: alternative form of nun
nu {interj} [colloquial, regional, Saxony] :: yes; yeah; expresses agreement or understanding
nu {interj} [colloquial, regional, Saxony] :: well; fills pause
Nu {n} {m} :: used in im Nu (immediately, in no time)
Nuance {f} :: nuance
nuanciert {adj} :: nuanced
Nubien {prop} :: Nubia
nubisch {adj} :: Nubian
Nubuk {n} :: nubuck
Nubukleder {n} :: nubuck
nüchtern {adj} :: sober (not drunk; serious, not playful or passionate)
nüchtern {adj} [medicine] :: with an empty stomach
nüchtern {adj} :: matter-of-fact, unemotional
Nüchternheit {f} :: sobriety
Nüchternheit {f} :: austerity
Nucleinsäure {f} :: alternative form of Nukleinsäure
Nucleotid {n} :: nucleotide
Nudel {f} :: pasta, noodle
Nudelholz {n} :: rolling pin
Nudelsuppe {f} :: noodle soup
Nudelteig {m} :: pasta dough, noodle dough
Nudismus {m} :: nudism
Nugat {n} {m} :: alternative spelling of Nougat
nuklear {adj} :: nuclear
Nuklearanlage {f} :: nuclear (power) plant
Nuklearbrennstab {m} :: nuclear fuel rod
Nuklearenergie {f} :: nuclear energy, nuclear power
Nuklearmedizin {f} :: nuclear medicine (branch of the profession)
nuklearmedizinisch {adj} :: nuclear medicine (attributive)
Nukleartechnik {f} :: synonym of Kerntechnik
Nukleinbase {f} [biochemistry] :: nucleobase
Nukleinsäure {f} :: nucleic acid
Nukleon {n} [physics] :: nucleon
Nukleonenzahl {f} :: nucleon number, mass number
nukleophil {adj} [chemistry] :: nucleophilic
Nukleophil {n} [chemistry] :: nukleophile
Nukleosynthese {f} :: nucleosynthesis
Nukleotid {n} [biochemistry] :: nucleotide
Nuklid {n} [physics] :: nuclide
null {num} :: zero; nil; nought; [tennis] love (integer number between -1 and 1, denoting no quantity at all)
null {num} [colloquial] :: zero; no
null {adj} [specialist, law, chiefly predicative] :: null (having no validity)
Null {f} [mathematics] :: zero (a numeral; numeric symbol of zero)
Null {f} [derogatory] :: failure, loser
Nullableitung {f} [linguistics] :: zero derivation
null-acht-fünfzehn {adj} :: alternative form of nullachtfünfzehn
nullachtfünfzehn {adj} :: boring, monotonous, cookie-cutter
Nullaussage {f} [colloquial] :: A meaningless and insubstantial statement; one which, though it may not be incorrect as such, has no actual point or wisdom; a banality
nulldimensional {adj} :: zero-dimensional
Nullenergiehaus {n} :: zero-energy house or building
Nuller {m} [equestrianism] :: clear round
Nuller {m} [Switzerland, shooting] :: miss
Nuller {m} [Switzerland, athletics] :: false start
Nuller {m} [Switzerland, gymnastics] :: unfinished pommel horse routine
Nuller {m} [Southern Germany, Austria] :: zero (digit)
nullkommajosef {adj} :: zero, none
Nullkuponanleihe {f} :: zero coupon bond
Nullobjekt {n} [architecture, computing, design] :: Null Object pattern
Nullobjekt {n} [category theory] :: null object
Nullobjekt {n} [computing] :: The null object used in the Null Object pattern
null problemo {interj} [colloquial] :: no problemo
Nullpunkt {m} :: zero point
Nullpunktenergie {f} :: zero-point energy
nullte {adj} :: zeroth
Nulltoleranz {f} :: zero tolerance
null und nichtig {adj} :: null and void
nullwertig {adj} [chemistry] :: zerovalent
Nulpe {f} [somewhat, dated, derogatory] :: fool, nitwit
Numeral {n} :: alternative form of Numerale
Numerale {n} [grammar] :: numeral, number
Numerale {n} :: sensu stricto: either a cardinal numeral (cardinal number, cardinal) or a ordinal numeral (ordinal number, ordinal)
Numerale {n} :: sensu lato (younger): every word which represents a number
Numeri {prop} :: Numbers (book of the Bible)
numerieren {v} :: alternative spelling of nummerieren
numeriert {v} :: past participle of numerieren
numerisch {adj} :: numeric
Numerologie {f} :: numerology
Numerus {m} [grammar] :: number
Numidien {prop} {n} :: Numidia
numinos {adj} :: numinous
Numismatik {f} :: numismatics
numismatisch {adj} :: numismatic
Nummer {f} :: number; see usage notes below
Nummer {f} :: issue (of a magazine, etc.)
Nummer {f} [slightly colloquial] :: size (of shoes or clothes)
Nummer {f} :: song; composition (chiefly of easy listening)
Nummer {f} :: act; stunt; shtick
Nummer {f} [colloquial] :: character (idiosyncratic person)
Nummer {f} [slang] :: sex; an instance of sexual intercourse
nummerieren {v} :: to number
Nummerierung {f} :: numbering
nummerisch {adj} :: alternative form of numerisch (numeric)
Nummernschild {n} :: license plate; number plate
nun {adv} :: now, at this moment
nun {adv} :: now, then; expressing a logical or temporal consequence
nun {adv} :: unstressed and expletive, used for minor emphasis
nun {interj} :: now, well, so
nun einmal {adv} :: just, simply
nunmehr {adv} :: as from now, henceforth
nur {adv} :: only, just, merely, simply
nur {adv} :: ever; at all
nur {adv} :: however, though
nur {conj} [chiefly colloquial] :: but
nur Bahnhof verstehen {v} [idiomatic] :: to understand nothing at all
Nurdachhaus {n} :: A-frame house
nurmehr {adv} :: only
Nürnberg {prop} {n} :: Nürnberg (major city)
Nürnberger {m} :: Native or resident of Nuremberg
nur über meine Leiche {adv} :: over my dead body, never
Nusairier {m} [religion] :: Nusayri
nuscheln {v} :: to mumble (to speak unclearly, with poor enunciation)
Nuscheln {n} :: mumbling (speech unintelligible due to a lack of enunciation)
Nuss {f} :: nut
Nuß {f} :: obsolete spelling of Nuss
Nußbach {prop} {n} :: Nußbach (municipality)
Nußbach {prop} {n} :: Nußbach (municipality)
Nußbach {prop} {n} :: Măieruș, Romania
Nussbaum {m} :: walnut (tree)
nussförmig {adj} :: nuciform
nussig {adj} :: nutty (reminiscent of nuts)
Nussknacker {m} :: nutcracker
Nußknacker {noun} :: alternative spelling of Nussknacker
Nüsslisalat {m} [Switzerland] :: lamb's lettuce
Nussschale {f} :: nutshell
Nüster {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: nostril; said of animals, particularly horses
Nut {f} :: groove, slit, slot; rabbet
Nut {f} :: kerf
Nut {prop} {f} :: Nut
Nutella {f} {n} {m} [uncountable] :: Any type of chocolate sandwich spread, especially Nutella
Nutella {f} {n} {m} [countable] :: A container of chocolate sandwich spread
Nutrition {f} :: nutrition
nutritiv {adj} :: nutritive, nutritious
Nutte {f} [colloquial] :: whore; prostitute
Nuttendiesel {noun} [slang, derogatory] :: cheap perfume
Nuttenficker {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: someone who has sex with a prostitute
Nuttenjäger {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: male (human or animal) who seeks sexual relationships with young females
Nuttensohn {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: son of a whore, variant of Hurensohn
Nutterich {m} :: male prostitute
nuttig {adj} [colloquial] :: slutty (of dress, makeup, behaviour: resembling that of a prostitute; exceedingly revealing or sexy)
nutzbar {adj} :: available, usable, utilizable
nutzen {vt} :: to make use of; to deploy; to exploit; to harness; to take (the opportunity of)
nutzen {vti} [most often negated or in questions] :: to be useful, to be of use, to do good
nutzen {vti} [+ dative] :: to benefit someone, to help, to do good to
Nutzen {m} :: benefit
nützen {v} :: alternative form of nutzen
Nutzer {m} :: user
Nutzfläche {f} :: usable area
Nutzfläche {f} :: floor space
Nutzlast {f} [aeronautics, space] :: payload
nützlich {adj} :: useful; helpful
nützlicher {adj} :: comparative of nützlich
Nützlichkeit {f} :: usefulness
nützlichsten {adj} :: superlative of nützlich
nutzlos {adj} :: useless
Nutzlosigkeit {f} :: uselessness
Nutznießer {m} :: beneficiary
Nutznießer {m} [legal] :: usufructuary
nutznießerisch {adj} :: usufructuary
Nutznießung {f} [legal] :: usufruct
Nutztier {n} :: livestock; domesticated animals in general
Nutztier {n} :: farm animals; domesticated animals that are mainly found on a farm
Nutzung {f} :: use
Nutzungsbedingung {f} [in plural] :: terms and conditions
Nutzwert {m} :: usage value
n. u. Z. {adv} :: initialism of nach unserer Zeitrechnung; CE
Nüziders {prop} {n} :: Nüziders (municipality)
n.V. {phrase} [football] :: initialism of nach Verlängerung
Ny {n} :: nu (Greek letter)
Nyírtass {prop} :: Nyirtass; Nyírtass (village)
Nymphe {f} :: nymph
nymphenhaft {adj} :: nymphic
nymphoman {adj} :: nymphomaniac
Nymphomanie {f} :: nymphomania
Nymphomanin {f} :: nymphomaniac
nymphomanisch {adj} :: nymphomaniacal, nymphomaniac
Nynorsk {n} :: Nynorsk