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-t {suffix} :: -ed (used to form adjectives from nouns)
t {letter} :: letter: te
T {letter} :: The twentieth letter of the German alphabet
Tabak {m} :: tobacco
Tabakkäfer {m} :: tobacco beetle or cigarette beetle (Lasioderma serricorne)
Tabakpflanze {f} :: tobacco plant
Tabakrauch {m} :: tobacco smoke
Tabatiere {f} [dated] :: snuffbox
Tabatiere {f} [Austria, dated] :: tobacco tin
Tabatiere {f} [Austria, dated] :: cigarette case
Tabea {prop} [archaic] :: Tabitha
Tabea {prop} :: given name of biblical origin
tabellarisch {adj} :: tabular
Tabelle {f} :: table (grid of data in rows and columns)
tabellenförmig {adj} :: tabular
tabellenförmig {adj} :: tabulated
Tabellenführer {m} [sport] :: top of the table, league leader
Tabernakel {m} {n} :: tabernacle
Tableau {n} [theatre, film] :: tableau (arrangement of actors on stage or screen)
Tableau {n} [dated] :: painting
Tableau {n} [Austria] :: display poster
Tableau {n} [Austria] :: table, chart, ranking
Tableau {n} [Austria, dated] :: tenant directory
Tablet {n} [computing] :: tablet
Tablett {n} [object on which things are carried] :: tray
Tablette {f} :: tablet (pill)
Tablettendose {f} :: pillbox
tablettenförmig {adj} :: tablet-shaped (small, flat and cylindrical)
tablettensüchtig {adj} :: addicted to pills
tabu {adj} [predicative only] :: taboo
Tabu {n} :: taboo
Tabubruch {m} :: breach of taboo
tabuisieren {v} :: to taboo
Tabuthema {m} :: taboo subject
Tach {noun} [colloquial] :: alternative spelling of Tag
Tach {noun} [colloquial] :: Short form of guten Tag
Tacheles {m} [colloquial] :: straight talk; talking turkey; frankness
Tacho {m} :: speedometer
Tachometer {m} :: tachometer
Tachometer {m} :: odometer
Tachometer {m} :: speedometer
Tachyon {n} :: tachyon
Tacken {m} [colloquial, regional, chiefly northern Germany] :: A bit, a tad, a degree, a level [in the context of “more” and “less”]
Tacken {m} [colloquial, regional, chiefly northern Germany] :: quid, bucks (a term for money)
Tacker {m} :: stapler
Tadel {m} :: reproof
tadellos {adj} :: impeccable, flawless, untainted
tadeln {v} :: to blame, to censure
tadelnswert {adj} :: reprehensible
Tadschike {m} :: Tajik (man from Tajikistan)
Tadschikin {f} :: Tajik (woman from Tajikistan)
tadschikisch {adj} :: Tajik (Of, from, or pertaining to Tajikistan, the Tajik people or the Tajiki dialect)
Tadschikisch {n} :: Tajik (language)
Tadschikistan {prop} {n} :: Tajikistan
Tadten {prop} {n} :: Tadten (municipality)
Taekwondo {n} :: taekwondo
Taenit {m} [mineral] :: taenite
Tafel {f} :: table
Tafel {f} :: slab
Tafel {f} :: board
Tafel {f} :: plaque
Tafel {f} :: blackboard
Tafel {f} :: plate
Tafel {f} :: bar (eg chocolate)
Tafel {f} :: food bank
Tafelaufsatz {m} :: centrepiece, epergne
Tafelberg {m} :: mesa
tafelförmig {adj} :: In the form of a table, slab or plate
tafelig {adj} :: tabular
tafeln {v} :: to feast
Tafelsilber {n} :: silverware (silver cutlery, etc.)
Tafelwein {m} :: table wine
taff {adj} [colloquial] :: tough; robust; assertive and not overly sensitive
taffer {adj} :: comparative of taff
taffsten {adj} :: superlative of taff
Taft {m} :: taffeta
taften {adj} :: taffeta (attributive)
Tag {m} [countable] :: day (24-hour period)
Tag {m} [countable] :: day (period from midnight to the following midnight)
Tag {m} [countable, astronomy] :: day (rotational period of a planet, moon or any celestial body (especially Earth))
Tag {m} [countable] :: day, daylight (period between sunrise and sunset when there is daylight)
Tag {m} [uncountable] :: day, daylight, light (light from the Sun)
Tag {m} [uncountable, figurative] :: light (open view; a visible state or condition)
Tag {m} [uncountable] :: day (part of a day which one spends at work, school, etc.)
Tag {m} [uncountable, figurative] :: day (specified time or period, considered with reference to the prominence or success (in life or in an an argument or conflict) of a person or thing)
Tag {m} [countable, dated, now found chiefly in compounds such as Reichstag or Landtag] :: convention, congress (formal assembly)
Tag {m} :: see Tage for plural-only senses
Tag {interj} [colloquial] :: hello; (good) day
tagaktiv {adj} :: diurnal (active during the day)
Tag der Deutschen Einheit {prop} {m} :: October 3, German Unity Day, anniversary of German reunification ("Wiedervereinigung") in 1990
Tagebau {m} :: open-pit mining, opencast mining
Tagebau {m} :: opencast mine
Tagebuch {n} :: diary, journal
tagein tagaus {idiom} :: day in and day out
tagelang {adj} :: lasting for days
tagelang {adv} :: for days
Tagelöhner {m} [dated] :: day laborer
tagen {v} [of committees etc.] :: to meet
tagen {v} [literary] :: to dawn
Tagesablauf {m} :: daily routine
Tagesanbruch {m} :: dawn (rising of the sun)
Tagesausflug {m} :: a day trip
Tagesbedarf {m} :: daily requirement(s)
Tagesbeginn {m} :: start of the day
Tagesbetreuung {f} :: daycare
Tagesdosis {f} [medicine] :: daily dose
Tagesende {n} :: end of day
tageshell {adj} :: daylit (as bright as day)
Tageskarte {f} [restaurant] :: menu of the day
Tageskarte {f} :: day ticket
Tageslicht {n} :: daylight (light from the sun)
Tageslosung {f} :: a daily motto, resolution
Tageslosung {f} [Austria] :: daily cash receipts
Tagesmutter {f} :: female childminder
Tagesordnung {f} :: agenda; order of the day (business to be done by a body or group of people on a particular day)
Tagesschau {f} :: (television) news
Tagesstätte {f} :: day care center (for children, seniors, or handicapped persons)
Tagestourist {m} :: day-tripper (male or of unspecified sex)
Tagestouristin {f} :: day-tripper (female)
Tageszeit {f} :: time of day
Tageszeit {f} [rather rare, certain contexts and constructions] :: daytime
Tageszeitung {f} :: daily (a newspaper that is published every day)
Tageszufuhr {f} :: daily (dietary) intake
Tagewähler {m} [biblical] :: person who ascribes good or bad luck to specific days
tageweise {adj} :: daily
tageweise {adv} :: daily
Tagfalter {m} [chiefly biology] :: butterfly
taggen {v} [Internet] :: to tag
taghell {adj} :: daylit (as bright as day)
-tägig {suffix} :: in compound words: days old
-tägig {suffix} :: in compound words: days lasting
täglich {adj} :: daily
Tagpfauenauge {n} :: a butterfly, European peacock caterpillar, Inachis io
tags {adv} :: in the daytime
tagsüber {adv} :: by day, during the day, in the day, in the daytime
tagtäglich {adj} :: daily
Tagtraum {m} :: daydream
tagträumen {v} :: to daydream
Tag und Nacht {adv} [idiomatic] :: day and night, night and day
Tag und Nacht {noun} [idiomatic] :: day and night
Tagundnachtgleiche {f} :: equinox
Tag-und-Nacht-Gleiche {f} :: alternative spelling of Tagundnachtgleiche
Tagung {f} :: meeting, conference / convention
Tagwerk {n} [dated] :: a day's work
Taifun {m} :: typhoon
Taiga {f} :: taiga (subarctic zone of coniferous forest)
Taikonaut {m} :: taikonaut (male or of unspecified sex) [Chinese astronaut]
Taille {f} :: waist, waistline
Taiwan {n} :: an island nation in Asia; Taiwan
Taiwaner {m} :: Taiwanese; man living in Taiwan, or pertaining to Taiwan
Taiwanisch {prop} {n} :: Taiwanese (language)
Tajo {prop} :: the Tagus river, especially the Spanish portion of it
Tajostadt {f} :: A city situated on the Tagus river, in particular Toledo or Lisbon
Takelage {f} [nautical] :: rig; rigging (the arrangement of masts etc.)
Takonit {m} [mineral] :: taconite
Takt {m} :: tact (keen perception or discernment)
Takt {m} [music] :: time
Takt {m} [music] :: bar, measure
Takt {m} :: interval
Takt {m} [by extension, colloquial, in the plural] :: moment
Taktgefühl {n} :: tact
taktieren {v} :: to act tactically, to maneuver
taktiert {v} :: past participle of taktieren
Taktik {f} :: tactic, tactics, policy
Taktikanalyse {f} :: tactics analysis, tactical analysis
Taktikwechsel {m} :: change of tactics
taktisch {adj} :: tactical, tactic
taktlos {adj} :: tactless
Taktstock {n} [music] :: baton
Tal {n} :: valley
talauswärts {adv} :: out of the valley
Tal der Tränen {n} :: vale of tears (a place or state of sorrow)
Talent {n} :: talent
talentfrei {adj} :: talentless
talentiert {adj} :: talented
talentvoll {adj} :: Full of talent; talented; gifted
Taler {m} :: taler (former unit of currency)
Talg {m} :: tallow
Talg {m} :: suet
Talg {m} [physiology] :: sebum
Talgdrüse {f} :: sebaceous gland
Talib {m} :: Taliban (member of the Taliban movement or its militia)
Taliban {m} :: Taliban, a member of the Taliban movement
Talisman {m} :: talisman
Talk {m} [mineral] :: talc
Talk {m} [colloquial] :: a talk show
Talkshow {f} :: a talk show
Tallinn {prop} {n} :: Tallinn (capital city)
talmudisch {adj} :: Talmudic
Talnebel {m} :: valley fog
Talsohle {f} :: bottom
Talsohle {f} :: trough, bottom of the economic recession, Talsohle der Rezession
Talsohle {f} :: sole of a valley, bottom of a valley
Talsperre {f} :: dam, barrage
talwärts {adv} :: toward a or the valley
talwärts {adv} [figuratively] :: downward
Talweg {m} [geography] :: thalweg
tamam {interj} [colloquial] :: OK, aight, 👌
Tamara {prop} {f} :: given name
Tamarinde {f} :: tamarind
Tamariske {f} :: (botany) tamarisk
Tamburin {n} :: tambourine
Tamilisch {n} :: Tamil
Tamm {prop} {n} :: Tamm (municipality)
Tampon {m} :: tampon
Tamsweg {prop} {n} :: A political district in the federal state of Salzburg in Austria; congruent with the geographical region of Lungau
Tamsweg {prop} {n} :: The municipality of that district
Tamtam {n} [musical instrument] :: tam-tam
Tamtam {n} [colloquial] :: ballyhoo
Tanach {prop} {m} :: Tanakh
Tand {m} :: trifles; trinkets
tändeln {v} :: to dally
tändeln {v} :: to flirt
Tandem {n} :: tandem (bicycle)
Tandemschach {n} :: bughouse chess (variant of chess)
Tang {m} :: seaweed
Tangens {m} [trigonometry] :: tangent
Tangente {f} [geometry] :: tangent
tangibel {adj} :: tangible
tangieren {v} [math] :: to be tangent to
tangieren {v} :: to bother
tangieren {v} :: to touch
Tango {m} :: tango (dance)
Tangotänzer {m} :: tango dancer
Tangotänzerin {f} :: female tango dancer
Tanja {prop} {f} :: given name, popular especially in the 1970s and 1980s.
Tank {m} :: tank (container for liquids or gases)
Tank {m} [military, archaic to obsolete] :: tank (armoured fighting vehicle)
Tanke {f} [colloquial] :: short for Tankstelle
tanken {vti} :: to fuel, to refuel (fill a fuel tank of a vehicle)
tanken {vti} [colloquial] :: to drink a lot of alcohol
Tankfahrzeug {n} :: tanker
Tankini {m} :: tankini
Tankstelle {f} :: gas station
Tankuhr {f} :: fuel gauge
Tankwagen {m} :: tanker (road vehicle)
Tann {m} [poetic] :: A forest of fir trees
Tanne {f} :: fir (genus Abies)
tannen {adj} :: firren
Tannenbaum {m} :: fir tree
Tannenbaum {m} [specifically] :: Christmas tree
Tannenholz {n} :: firwood, fir (The wood and timber of the fir.)
Tannennadel {f} :: fir needle
Tannenzapfen {m} :: fir cone
Tannenzweig {m} :: fir branch
Tannin {n} :: tannin
Tansania {prop} {n} :: Tanzania
Tansanier {m} :: Tanzanian
Tansanierin {f} :: female Tanzanian
tansanisch {adj} :: Tanzanian
Tantal {n} :: tantalum
Tantalerz {n} [mineralogy] :: tantalum ore
Tantalfluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: tantalum fluoride
Tantalgewinnung {f} :: tantalum mining / production
Tantalit {m} [mineral] :: tantalite
Tantalsäure {f} [inorganic compound] :: tantalic acid
Tante {f} :: aunt
Tante-Emma-Laden {m} :: mom-and-pop grocery store, mom-and-pop convenience store
Tantieme {f} [payment made to a writer, composer, inventor etc] :: royalty
tantig {noun} :: typical of aunts
Tanz {m} :: dance
Tanzball {m} [dance] :: synonym of Ball (ball, prom [US])
tanzbar {adj} :: danceable
tänzeln {v} :: to sashay
tanzen {v} :: to dance
Tänzer {m} :: agent noun of tanzen; dancer
Tänzerin {f} :: female dancer
Tanzmusik {f} :: dance music
Tanzmusiker {m} :: dance musician (male or of unspecified sex)
Tanzschule {f} :: dance school
Tanzverbot {n} :: a ban on dancing; an interdiction to dance
Tanzverbot {n} [specifically, Germany] :: a legal ban on public events involving dance, such as discotheques and rock concerts, in force on certain religious holidays, including e.g. Good Friday
Taoismus {m} :: Taoism
Tapete {f} :: wallpaper (in the original sense only)
Tapetenfarbe {f} :: wallpaper color
tapezieren {v} :: to wallpaper; paper a wall
Tapezierspinne {f} :: purseweb spider
tapfer {adj} :: brave, dauntless, hardy, tough (strong in the face of hardship, pain, and danger)
Tapferkeit {f} :: bravery (being brave)
Tapir {m} :: tapir (large odd-toed ungulate with long prehensile upper lip)
tappen {vi} :: to pad (walk softly, quietly or steadily)
tappen {vi} :: to grope, frisk (search by feeling)
täppisch {adj} :: clumsy, awkward
Tarantel {f} :: tarantula (Lycosa tarantula, kind of wolf spider of southern Europe)
Tarantel {f} :: certain other large species of wolf spider, chiefly of the genera Alopecosa, Hogna, Lycosa
Tarantel {f} [obsolete] :: the disused wolf spider genus Tarentula
Tarantel {f} [rare, nonstandard, anglicism] :: a New World tarantula (spider of the family Theraphosidae)
Tarbusch {m} :: tarboosh
Tarent {prop} {n} :: Tarent (city/and/province)
tarentinisch {adj} :: Tarentine
Tarif {m} :: fee, price, rate
Tarif {m} :: tariff
tariflich {adj} :: tariff (attributive)
tariflich {adj} :: according to the agreed union rate
Tarifverhandlung {f} :: collective bargaining
Tarifvertrag {m} :: collective agreement
tarnen {v} :: to mask; to camouflage; to disguise; to cover up
tarnen {v} [science fiction] :: to cloak
Tarnkappe {f} :: cloak of invisibility
Tarnkappenbomber {m} :: stealth bomber
Tarnowski {prop} {mf} :: surname
Tarnung {f} :: camouflage
Tarock {m} {n} [card games] :: tarot cards
Tarock {m} {n} [card games] :: A game played with tarot cards
Tarot {m} {n} :: tarot
Tarrenz {prop} {n} :: Tarrenz (municipality)
Tarsdorf {prop} {n} :: Tarsdorf (municipality)
Tartrat {n} [chemistry] :: tartrate
Tartsche {f} :: shield, targe
Tartu {prop} :: Tartu (the second-largest <<city>> in <<c/Estonia>>)
Tasche {f} :: bag
Tasche {f} :: pocket
Taschenapotheke {f} :: (pocket) first-aid kit
Taschenbuch {n} :: paperback
Taschendieb {m} :: pickpocket
Taschendiebstahl {m} :: pickpocketing
Taschengeld {n} :: pocket money
Taschenlampe {f} :: A flashlight, a torch: a portable electric light source
Taschenmesser {n} :: pocketknife
Taschenratte {f} :: pocket gopher
Taschenrechner {m} :: electronic calculator that fits in a pocket, pocket calculator, hand-held calculator
Taschentuch {n} :: handkerchief
Taschentuch {n} :: tissue; paper handkerchief
Taschenuhr {f} :: pocket watch
Taschenwörterbuch {n} :: pocket dictionary
Taser {m} :: taser
Tash {prop} :: Tash (Nyírtass); synonym of Nyírtass (Tass). Tash (village)
Tasmanien {prop} :: Tasmania
tasmanisch {adj} :: Tasmanian
Tass {prop} :: Tass; Tass (village)
Tass {prop} :: Nyirtass; former name of Nyírtass; Tass (village)
Tasse {f} :: cup with a handle
tassenförmig {adj} :: cupped, cup-shaped
Tastatur {f} :: keyboard (on a computer, typewriter, etc.)
Tastaturbelegung {f} :: keyboard layout
Taste {f} :: key, button (on a piano, keyboard, etc.)
tasten {v} :: to feel with the hands, to fumble, to grope
Tastenbelegung {f} :: keyboard layout
Tasteninstrument {m} [musical instruments] :: keyboard (any musical instrument played by touching)
Tasteninstrumentenbauer {m} :: keyboard musical instrument maker (a producer of keyboard instruments, such as pianos, harpsichords, pipe organs, accordions, concertinas, etc.)
Tasteninstrumentenhersteller {m} [music] :: manufacturer of keyboard musical instruments
Tastenkombination {f} :: keyboard shortcut, hotkey
Tastsinn {m} :: the sense of touch
Tat {f} :: deed
Tat {f} :: act
Tat {f} [law enforcement] :: crime, offense
tatarisch {adj} :: Tatar
Tatarisch {n} :: Tatar (language)
Tatarstan {prop} {n} :: Tatarstan
tatenlos {adj} :: inactive, idle
Täter {m} :: doer
Täter {m} [legal] :: evildoer; delinquent, offender
Täterschaft {f} [uncountable] :: perpetration
Täterschaft {f} [Swiss, countable] :: group of all perpetrators of a single crime
Tätervolk {n} :: perpetrator people [i.e. a people considered to have collective guilt]
tätig {adj} :: active (given to action)
tätigen {v} :: to effect
Tätigkeit {f} :: activity
Tätigkeit {f} :: job
Tätigkeitswort {n} [grammar] :: verb
Tatjana {prop} :: given name of German speakers
Tatjana {prop} :: A transliteration of Russian female given name Татья́на
Tatkraft {f} :: energy for work
tatkräftig {adj} :: active, energetic
tätlich {adj} :: violent
Tatort {m} :: crime scene (location of a crime)
tätowieren {v} :: to tattoo
Tätowieren {n} :: tattoo (method of decorating the skin by inserting colored substances under the surface)
Tätowierer {m} :: tattooist, tattooer, tattoo artist
tätowiert {adj} :: being tattoed
tätowierter {adj} :: comparative of tätowiert
tätowiertesten {adj} :: superlative of tätowiert
Tätowierung {f} :: tattoo
Tätowierung {f} :: tattooing; the act of applying a tattoo
Tatsache {f} :: fact (a true observation)
Tatsachenbeschöniger {m} :: whitewasher of facts, spin doctor, prevaricator
Tatsachenverdreher {m} :: prevaricator
Tatsachenverdreher {m} :: spin doctor
Tatsachenverdrehung {f} :: distortion of the facts, prevarication
tatsächlich {adj} :: actual, real, factual
tatsächlich {adv} :: actually, really
tatsächlich {interj} :: really?
tätscheln {v} :: to pat
Tattendorf {prop} {n} :: Tattendorf (municipality)
Tattergreis {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: dodderer
Tattergreisin {f} :: feminine noun of Tattergreis
Tatterich {m} [colloquial, uncountable, idiom] :: shakes
Tatterich {m} [colloquial, countable, pejorative] :: dodderer
tatterig {adj} [colloquial, of the fingers or whole body] :: shaky, trembly
tatterig {adj} [colloquial, pejorative, of old people] :: doddery, doddering
tattern {v} [colloquial, of the fingers or whole body] :: to shake, to tremble
Tattoo {n} {m} :: tattoo
Tatu {m} [obsolete] :: armadillo
Tatütata {n} :: The sound of a siren; nee-naw
Tatverdacht {m} [law enforcement] :: suspicion
tatverdächtig {adj} [law enforcement, of a person] :: suspected of having committed a crime
Tatze {f} :: paw of larger animals, especially bears
Tatzelwurm {m} [cryptozoology] :: Tatzelwurm
Tau {m} :: dew
Tau {n} :: strong rope
Tau {n} :: tau (greek letter)
taub {adj} :: deaf (not hearing)
taub {adj} :: numb
taub {adj} :: empty (used for nuts which lack the seed within their shell)
taubblind {adj} :: deafblind
Täubchen {n} :: a small dove
Täubchen {n} :: a term of endearment
Taube {f} :: [male or female] dove, pigeon
Taube {f} [constellation] :: the constellation Columba
Taube {f} :: A deaf woman or girl
Taube {prop} {mf} :: surname
taubenblau {adj} :: blue-grey
Taubenblume {f} :: common columbine, Aquilegia vulgaris
taubeneigroß {adj} :: pigeon-egg-sized
taubengrau {adj} :: dove grey
Taubenhaus {n} :: dovecote
Taubensport {m} :: The sport of pigeon racing (using specially trained homing pigeons)
Taubenzüchter {m} :: dove breeder, pigeon breeder (male or of unspecified sex)
Tauber {m} :: A male pigeon or dove, a cock pigeon or dove
Tauber {prop} {f} :: A river in Franconia, Germany
Tauber {m} :: A deaf man or boy
Täuber {m} :: A male pigeon or dove, a cock pigeon or dove
Taubheit {f} :: deafness (condition of being deaf)
Taubheit {f} :: numbness
Täubin {f} :: A female pigeon or dove, a hen pigeon or dove
Taubnessel {f} :: deadnettle
taubstumm {adj} [now, offensive] :: deaf-mute (unable to hear or speak)
tauchen {v} :: to dive
tauchen {v} [figuratively] :: to bathe
Tauchen {n} :: diving
Taucher {m} :: agent noun of tauchen; diver (someone who dives, especially as a sport; someone who works underwater)
Taucher {m} :: grebe (bird in the family Podicipedidae)
Taucher {m} :: loon, diver (bird in the family Gaviidae)
Taucherglocke {f} :: diving bell
Taucherin {f} :: feminine noun of Taucher
Taucherkrankheit {f} :: decompression sickness
Taucheruhr {f} :: diving watch
Tauchsieder {m} :: immersion heater
tauen {v} [sometimes, impersonal] :: to thaw; to melt
tauen {v} [usually, impersonal] :: to dew; there to appear (dew)
Tauern {prop} :: high mountain pass, especially any in the Austrian Central Alps
Tauern {prop} :: used to name similar mountain ranges, such as High Tauern and Ossiach Tauern
Taufe {f} :: baptism
taufen {v} :: to baptize
Täufer {m} [chiefly Christianity] :: baptist (one who baptises)
Täufer {prop} {m} [Christianity] :: Baptist (title of Saint John the Baptist)
Taufliege {f} :: fruit fly, any insect of the insect family Drosophilidae
taufrisch {adj} :: very fresh
Taufschein {m} :: certificate of baptism
Taufstein {m} :: baptismal font
taugen {v} :: to be fit
Taugenichts {m} [derogatory, perhaps dated] :: good-for-nothing
tauglich {adj} :: fit, suited
Tauglichkeit {f} :: fitness, suitability
Taumel {m} :: frenzy
taumelig {adj} :: giddy, dizzy
taumeln {v} :: to sway; to teeter; to stagger (to start to fall or move as though one might fall)
Taupunkt {m} :: dew point
Taurin {n} [organic compound] :: taurine
Taurusgebirge {prop} :: Taurus Mountains
Taus {prop} :: The Czech town of Domažlice
Tausch {m} :: exchange, barter (exchange for an equal value)
Tausch {prop} :: Nyirtass; former name of Nyírtass; Tausch (village)
Tauschbörse {f} :: (financial) barter exchange, bartering center, online exchange service
Tauschbörse {f} :: (computing) peer-to-peer file sharing service
Tauschbörse {f} :: swap meet, place where people exchange things
tauschen {v} :: to trade
tauschen {v} :: to exchange, swap
täuschen {vt} :: to deceive
täuschen {vr} :: to be wrong, to be mistaken
täuschen {vr} :: to err
Tauscher {m} :: exchanger
Tauscher {m} :: deceiver
Täuschung {f} :: deception
Täuschungsvorwurf {m} :: accusation of deceit or chicanery
tausend {num} :: thousand
Tausend {n} :: thousand (amount)
Tausend {f} :: thousand (the number)
tausenderlei {adj} :: Of many different types
tausendfach {adj} :: thousandfold
Tausendfüßler {m} :: centipede, millipede
Tausendfüßler {m} [zoology] :: myriapod
tausendjährig {adj} :: thousand-year, thousand-years-old, millennial
tausendmal {adv} :: a thousand times
tausendmal {adv} :: countless times
tausendmaltausend {num} [rare] :: million, a thousand thousands
Tausendschön {n} :: daisy
Tausendschönchen {n} :: diminutive of Tausendschön
Tausendschönchen {n} [botany] :: daisy
tausendste {ordinal num} :: thousandth
tausendstel {adj} :: thousandth (thousandth part of)
Tausendstel {n} :: thousandth (fraction)
tausendtausend {num} [rare] :: million, a thousand thousands
Tausi {m} [slang] :: A grand; 1000 units of some currency (usually Euros or Deutschmarks)
Tautologie {f} [linguistics or logic] :: tautology
tautologisch {adj} :: tautological
Tautropfen {m} :: dewdrop
Tauziehen {n} :: the game tug of war
Tauziehen {n} :: a tug of war, a dispute
taxativ {adj} :: taxative, exhaustive, comprehensive
Taxe {f} :: fee, tariff, tax (a payment required to cover administrative costs or in exchange for a service)
Taxe {f} [colloquial, becoming dated] :: alternative form of Taxi
Taxenbach {prop} {n} :: Taxenbach (municipality)
Taxi {n} {m} :: taxi, cab
taxieren {v} :: to appraise
Taxierung {f} :: appraisal
Taxifahrer {m} :: taxi driver, cabdriver, cabbie
Taxifahrerin {f} :: a female taxi driver
Taxiway {m} :: taxiway
Taxler {m} :: taxi driver
Taxonomie {n} :: taxonomy (science of finding, describing, classifying and naming organisms)
taxonomisch {adj} :: taxonomic
Taybeere {f} :: tayberry
-te {suffix} :: forms the first-person and third-person singular of the past tense and past subjunctive of weak verbs and some irregular verbs
-te {suffix} [rare, not productive, only as synchronic surface analysis] :: forms nouns from adjectives
teaken {adj} :: teak (attributive)
Team {n} :: team
teambildend {adj} :: team-building
teamfähig {adj} :: Able to work in a team / group
Teamgeist {m} :: team spirit
Teamwork {n} [chiefly sports] :: teamwork
Tebibyte {n} [computing] :: tebibyte (240 bytes)
Technetat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: technetate
Technetium {n} :: technetium
Technetiumatom {n} :: technetium atom
technetiumbasiert {adj} :: technetium-based
Technetiumchemie {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: technetium chemistry
Technetiumdioxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: technetium dioxide
Technetiumdiselenid {n} [inorganic compound] :: technetium diselenide
Technetiumdisulfid {n} [inorganic compound] :: technetium disulfide
Technetiumditellurid {n} [inorganic compound] :: technetium ditelluride
Technetiumhalogenid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: technetium halide
Technetiumheptoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: technetium heptoxide
Technetiumhexachlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: technetium hexachloride
Technetiumhexafluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: technetium hexafluoride
Technetiumoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: technetium oxide
Technetiumpentafluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: technetium pentafluoride
Technetiumtetrabromid {n} [inorganic compound] :: technetium tetrabromide
Technetiumtetrachlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: technetium tetrachloride
Technetiumverbindung {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: technetium compound
Technik {f} :: technique
Technik {f} :: technology
Techniker {m} :: technician, technologist, engineer (male or of unspecified sex) [frequently used in various compounds]
Technikerin {f} :: technician, technologist, engineer (female) (frequently used in various compounds)
technikfeindlich {adj} :: anti-technology
technisch {adj} :: technical
technisch {adj} :: technological
technisch {adj} :: engineering [attributive]
technische Chemie {f} [chemistry] :: technical chemistry
technogen {adj} :: technogenic
Technologie {f} :: technology
technologisch {adj} :: technological
Techtelmechtel {n} :: a hanky-panky (love affair)
Teckel {m} [specialist, otherwise dated] :: dachshund (sausage dog, wiener dog)
Teddybär {m} :: A teddybear
Tee {m} :: tea (drink made by infusing parts of a plant, especially leaves or buds of Camellia sinensis, in water)
Tee {n} [golf] :: tee
Teebeutel {m} :: tea bag
Teeblatt {n} :: tea leaf
Teeei {n} :: alternative spelling of Tee-Ei
Tee-Ei {n} :: tea ball
Teeglas {n} :: tea glass
Teehaus {n} :: teahouse
Teehäuschen {n} :: diminutive of Teehaus
Teein {n} :: alternative form of Tein
Teekanne {f} :: teapot
Teekessel {m} :: teapot
Teekesselchen {n} :: A small teapot
Teekesselchen {n} :: A word with multiple distinct, unrelated meanings
Teekocher {m} :: an electric kettle, especially when chiefly used to make tea (or coffee)
Teekocher {m} :: a teasmade; an appliance similar to a coffee machine for making tea
Teelicht {n} :: tealight
Teelöffel {m} :: teaspoon
Teelöffel {m} [non-specialist also] :: dessertspoon
Teelöffelchen {n} :: diminutive of Teelöffel
Teenager {m} :: teenager (person between 13 and 19 years of age)
Teenager {m} [humorous] :: a person or animal that nibbles tea [the word has no real-life referent, but sees some usage as a pun on etymology 1]
Teer {m} :: tar
teeren {v} :: to tar
Teesdorf {prop} {n} :: Teesdorf (municipality)
Teesieb {n} :: tea strainer
Teestube {f} :: tearoom
Teetasse {f} :: teacup (cup for drinking tea)
Teewärmer {m} :: tea cozy
Teewurst {f} :: very smooth spreadable smoked German sausage
Teheran {prop} {n} :: Teheran (capital city)
Teich {m} :: pond (natural or man-made)
Teich {m} :: [only in the combination 'der große Teich'] the Atlantic Ocean
Teichfrosch {m} :: common water frog, edible frog (Pelophylax kl. esculentus is a hybrid of the pool frog (Pelophylax lessonae) and the Central Asian marsh frog (Pelophylax ridibundus)
Teichmolch {m} :: newt
Teichrose {f} :: water lily
Teichwasserläufer {m} :: marsh sandpiper (bird of the genus Tringa stagnatilis)
Teig {m} :: dough, paste (a soft mixture of various ingredients such as flour and water used for baking)
Teig {m} :: pastry (the dough which is used as a base for other pastry products)
Teig {m} :: batter (a beaten mixture of egg and milk, mainly used for frying; e.g.: waffles, pancakes)
teigig {adj} :: doughy, doughlike (having the qualities of dough)
Teigling {m} :: A piece of dough
Teiglöffel {m} :: spatula, dough scraper
Teigmesser {n} :: bench knife, dough cutter
Teigschaber {m} :: spatula, dough scraper
Teigtasche {f} :: dumpling
Teigware {f} :: pasta
Teil {m} :: part, fraction (of a whole, an abstract concept)
Teil {n} :: part, piece (a physical object which is used in a greater one)
Teil {n} [colloquial] :: thing (any object, not limited to those which are part of a greater one)
Teil {n} [slang] :: penis (see U.S. slang usage of thing)
Teilarbeitslosigkeit {f} :: partial unemployment
teilbar {adj} :: divisible (capable of becoming two more things; an integer that when divided leaves no remainder)
teilbar {adj} :: [zipper] separating
teilbesetzt {adj} :: partially occupied
Teilchen {n} [physics] :: particle
Teilchen {n} [Western Germany] :: bun (sweet pastry, e.g. Danish pastry)
Teilchenbeschleuniger {m} :: particle accelerator, atom smasher
Teilchendetektor {m} [physics] :: particle detector
Teilchengröße {f} :: particle size
Teilchenphysik {f} :: particle physics
Teildruck {m} :: partial pressure
teilen {v} :: to split, to share
teilen {v} :: to divide
teilerfremd {adj} [mathematics] :: coprime (having no positive integer factors in common, aside from 1)
teile und herrsche {phrase} :: divide and conquer
Teilhabe {f} [sociology] :: participation
Teilhabe {f} [philosophy] :: methexis
teilhaben {v} :: to participate
Teilhaber {m} :: partner, associate, companion, part owner, coowner
Teilmenge {f} :: subset (mathematics: of a set)
Teilmobilmachung {f} :: partial mobilization
Teilnahme {f} :: participation
teilnahmeberechtigt {adj} :: eligible (to participate)
teilnahmslos {adj} :: impassive, indifferent
teilnahmslos {adj} :: listless, lethargic
teilnahmslos {adv} :: indifferently; listlessly
Teilnahmslosigkeit {f} :: lethargy, apathy
teilnehmen {v} :: to participate
Teilnehmer {m} :: agent noun of teilnehmen; participant
Teilnehmerin {f} :: (female) participant
Teilnehmerliste {f} :: list of participants
Teilpächter {m} :: sharecropper
Teilpächterin {f} :: female sharecropper
Teilrepublik {f} :: constituent republic or member state (of a federal state that is a republic or a union of republics, such as the former Soviet Union)
Teilrepublik {f} :: autonomous republic (within a larger state)
Teilsatz {m} [linguistics] :: clause
Teilsieg {m} :: partial victory
Teilung {f} :: division
teilverstaatlicht {adj} :: Partly nationalised
teilweise {adv} :: partially
teilweise {adv} :: to some extent
teilweise {adj} :: partial
Teilzeit {f} :: part time
Teilzeitarbeiter {m} :: part-timer, part-time worker
Tein {n} [organic compound] :: theine (caffeine when present in tea)
Teint {m} :: complexion
Teiste {f} :: A seabird belonging to the genera Cepphus of the auk family Alcidae, particularly the black guillemot, Cepphus grylle
Tejo {prop} :: the Tagus river, especially the Portuguese portion of it
Tejostadt {f} :: A city situated on the Tagus river, in particular Lisbon
Tektit {m} :: tektite
Tektonik {f} :: tectonics
tektonisch {adj} [geology] :: tectonic (relating to large-scale movements)
Telefax {n} :: fax
Telefon {n} :: telephone
Telefonanschluss {m} :: telephone connection
Telefonat {n} :: phone call
Telefonbuch {n} :: telephone directory, phone book
Telefongespräch {n} :: telephone conversation, conversation had by telephone
telefonieren {v} :: to telephone
telefonisch {adj} :: telephonic
Telefonkonferenz {f} :: telephone conference
Telefonnummer {f} :: telephone number
Telefonrechnung {f} :: Telephone bill
Telefonseelsorge {f} [uncountable] :: crisis hotline
Telefonverbindung {f} :: telephone connection, phone call
Telefonverbindung {f} :: telephone connection, telephone link
Telefonverkäufer {m} :: telemarketer
Telefonverschlüsselung {f} :: phone encryption
Telefonvorwahl {f} [telephony] :: area code
Telefonzelle {f} :: telephone booth
telegen {adj} :: telegenic (having an appearance and exhibiting qualities attractive to television viewers)
telegrafisch {adj} :: telegraphic
Telegramm {n} :: telegram, wire
Telegraph {m} :: telegraph
Telekom {f} :: telecommunications company
Telekommunikation {f} :: telecommunication, telecommunications
teleoklin {adj} [biology, psychology] :: teleoclinal, purposeful
Teleologie {f} :: teleology
teleologisch {adj} :: teleological
Telepathie {f} :: telepathy
telepathisch {adj} :: telepathic
Telephon {n} :: obsolete spelling of Telefon
Telephonbuch {n} :: alternative form of Telefonbuch
Teleskop {n} :: telescope
Telex {n} :: printed message sent via a telex machine
Telfs {prop} {n} :: Telfs (municipality)
telisch {adj} [linguistics] :: telic
Teller {m} :: plate, dish
Tellerchen {n} :: diminutive of Teller
Tellerlein {n} :: diminutive of Teller
Tellerrand {m} :: edge, rim of plate
Tellerrand {m} [figuratively] :: horizon (range or limit of one's knowledge or experience)
Tellerwäscher {m} :: dishwasher [person]
Tellur {n} :: tellurium
Tellurid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: telluride
tellurisch {adj} :: tellurian
Tellurium {n} :: tellurion
Telugu {n} :: a language spoken in parts of India; Telugu
Temminckstrandläufer {m} :: Temminck's stint (bird of the species Calidris temminckii)
Tempel {m} :: temple
Tempelberg {prop} {m} :: Temple Mount
Tempelritter {m} :: Knight Templar
Temperament {n} :: temperament
temperamentvoll {adj} :: spirited
Temperatur {f} :: temperature
temperaturabhängig {adj} :: temperature-dependent
Temperaturabhängigkeit {f} :: temperature dependence (sensitivity to temperature)
Temperaturänderung {f} [sciences] :: temperature change
Temperaturanstieg {m} :: rise in temperature
Temperaturbereich {m} :: temperature range
temperaturbeständig {adj} :: temperature-resistant
Temperaturbeständigkeit {f} :: temperature resistance
temperaturempfindlich {adj} :: temperature-sensitive
Temperaturerhöhung {f} :: rise / increase in temperature
Temperaturmessung {f} :: thermometry (temperature measurement)
Temperaturregler {m} :: temperature regulator, temperature controller, thermostat
Temperaturskala {f} :: temperature scale
Temperaturstabilität {f} :: temperature stability
Temperaturwechselbeständigkeit {f} :: thermal shock resistance
temperieren {v} :: to temper
Tempi passati {proverb} [erudite] :: these times are long gone
Templer {m} [history] :: a Templar
Templerorden {prop} {m} [history] :: the Knights Templar
Tempo {n} :: [pace, rate, speed] tempo
Tempo {n} :: a tissue, a paper handkerchief
Tempolimit {n} :: speed limit
Tempomat {m} :: cruise control
temporal {adj} :: temporal
temporär {adj} :: temporary (for a limited time, ephemeral, not constant)
temporeich {adj} :: fast-paced
Tempus {n} :: tense
Tendenz {f} :: tendency
tendenziell {adj} :: tendential
tendenziös {adj} :: tendentious; biased (representing facts in a partisan manner, often manipulatively so)
tendieren {v} :: (tendieren zu): to tend toward/towards
Tengen {prop} {n} :: Tengen (municipality)
Tenne {f} :: threshing-floor
Tenne {f} [by extension] :: a barn attached to a farmhouse, which is used (or was originally used) for threshing and/or keeping fodder
Tenness {n} :: tennessine
Tennis {n} :: tennis
Tennisball {m} :: tennis ball
Tennisplatz {m} [sports] :: tennis court
Tennisschläger {m} :: tennis racket
Tennisspieler {m} :: tennis player (male or of unspecified sex)
Tenno {m} :: tenno (emperor of Japan)
Tennou {m} :: alternative form of Tenno
Tenor {m} [music] :: tenor
Tenor {m} :: essence of argumentation, tenor (tone, as of a conversation)
Tenor {m} [law] :: operative part of a court order
Tenorit {m} [mineral] :: tenorite
Tenorposaune {f} :: tenor trombone
Tensid {n} :: surfactant, tenside
Tensor {m} [mathematics] :: tensor
Tentakel {m} :: tentacle
tentativ {adj} :: tentative
Tenuis {f} :: tenuis
Teppich {m} :: rug, carpet (cloth covering for a floor)
Teppich {m} :: tapestry (cloth hung on a wall)
Teppich {m} :: slick (covering of oil)
Teppichboden {m} :: carpeting, carpeted floor
Teppichfarbe {f} :: carpet color
Teppichflieger {m} [pejorative, offensive] :: wog (person of North African, Middle Eastern or Central Asian descent)
Teppichklopfer {m} :: carpet beater
Teppichmesser {n} :: utility knife, boxcutter
Tepui-Tropfenameisenwürger {m} :: streak-backed antshrike
Tequila {m} :: tequila, an alcoholic liquor distilled from the fermented juice of the Central American century plant Agave tequilana
tera- {prefix} :: tera-
teratologisch {adj} :: teratologic, teratological
Terawatt {n} :: terawatt
Terbium {n} :: terbium
Terekwasserläufer {m} :: Terek sandpiper (bird of the species Xenus cinereus)
Terenten {prop} {n} :: Terenten (municipality)
Terephthalsäure {f} [organic compound] :: terephthalic acid (benzene-1,4-dicarboxylic acid)
Teresa {prop} {f} :: given name
Terfens {prop} {n} :: Terfens (municipality)
Terlan {prop} {n} :: Terlan (municipality)
Term {m} [mathematics] :: term
Termin {m} :: date
Termin {m} :: deadline (date on or before which something must be completed)
Termin {m} :: delivery date (day on which something is scheduled to arrive at the delivery address)
Termin {m} :: appointment, engagement (pre-arranged meeting between people)
Termin {m} [sports] :: fixture (scheduled match)
Termin {m} [law] :: hearing (legal procedure done before a judge, without a jury)
terminal {adj} :: terminal
Terminal {m} :: terminal (at an airport etc)
Termineinlage {f} [banking] :: time deposit
Termingeld {n} [banking] :: time deposit
termingerecht {adj} :: timely, on schedule
Terminkalender {m} :: appointment diary
Terminologie {f} :: terminology
Terminus {m} :: term (word or phrase, especially one from a specialized area of knowledge, i.e., a technical term)
Termite {f} :: termite (white-bodied, wood-consuming insect)
ternär {adj} :: ternary
Ternberg {prop} {n} :: Ternberg (municipality)
Ternitz {prop} {n} :: Ternitz (municipality)
Terpentin {n} :: turpentine
Terpineol {n} [organic chemistry] :: terpineol
Terraforming {n} [science fiction] :: terraforming (planetary engineering)
Terrain {n} :: territory, ground, terrain
Terrarium {n} :: terrarium
Terrasse {f} :: terrace (raised, flat-topped bank of earth with sloping sides)
Terrasse {f} :: patio, porch, veranda, terrace (platform that extends outwards from a building)
Terrasse {f} :: roof terrace, roof garden (flat roof of a building, accessible to the residents)
terrestrisch {adj} :: terrestrial
Terrine {f} :: tureen
Terrine {f} :: terrine
terrisch {adj} [Austria] :: hard of hearing
territorial {adj} :: territorial
Territorium {n} :: territory
Terror {m} :: terror
Terrorangriff {m} :: terror attack
Terrorherrschaft {f} :: reign of terror
terrorisieren {v} :: to terrorize
Terrorismus {m} [no plural] :: terrorism
Terrorist {m} :: terrorist
Terroristenzelle {f} :: terrorist cell
Terroristin {f} :: terrorist (female)
terroristisch {adj} :: terroristic
terrorverdächtig {adj} :: suspected of terrorism
Terrorzelle {f} :: terror cell
Tertia {f} [obsolete] :: the fourth and fifth class of Gymnasium
Tertia {f} [Austria, dated] :: the third class of Gymnasium
Tertia {f} [printing] :: 16-point font size
tertiär {adj} :: tertiary
Tertiär {n} [geology] :: tertiary
Tertiär {n} [chemistry] :: tertiary
Tertiärstruktur {f} [biochemistry] :: tertiary structure
Terz {f} [music] :: An interval of 3 (kleine Terz) or 4 (große Terz) halftones
Terzel {m} [falconry] :: tiercel (male bird of prey)
Tesa {n} [colloquial] :: synonym of Tesafilm
Tesafilm {m} {n} [slightly, colloquial] :: narrow, transparent adhesive tape as commonly used in household and office contexts; Scotch tape; Sellotape
Tesafilm {m} {n} [uncommon] :: adhesive tape in general
Teschler {prop} :: surname
Teschner {prop} :: surname
Tesla {n} :: tesla
Test {m} :: test
Test {m} [obsolete] :: melting pot
Testament {n} [legal] :: will, testament
Testament {n} [biblical] :: testament (part of the Bible)
Testchen {n} :: diminutive of Test
testen {v} :: to test
Testfahrt {f} :: test drive
testgetrieben {adj} :: test-driven
testgetriebene Entwicklung {f} [computer science] :: test-driven development
testieren {v} :: to make a testament
testierfähig {adj} [legal] :: testable (able to make a will)
Testing {n} [software, testing] :: testing
Testosteron {n} :: testosterone
Testsuite {f} [computing] :: test suite
Tetanus {m} :: tetanus
Tetraborat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: tetraborate
Tetrabromid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: tetrabromide
Tetrabutylzinn {n} [organic compound] :: tetrabutyltin
Tetrachlorid {n} [chemistry] :: tetrachloride
Tetrachlorkohlenstoff {n} [organic compound] :: carbon tetrachloride
Tetrachlormethan {n} [organic compound] :: tetrachloromethane
Tetrachlorsilan {n} [organic compound] :: tetrachlorosilane
Tetraeder {m} {n} [geometry] :: tetrahedron
tetraedrisch {adj} :: tetrahedral
Tetraethylblei {n} [organic compound] :: tetraethyl lead
Tetrafluorid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: tetrafluoride
Tetrafluormethan {n} [organic compound] :: tetrafluoromethane
Tetragon {n} :: tetragon, quadrilateral
tetragonal {adj} [crystallography] :: tetragonal
Tetrahalogenid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: tetrahalide
Tetrahydrat {n} [chemistry] :: tetrahydrate
Tetrahydrofuran {n} [organic compound] :: tetrahydrofuran
Tetrahydrothiophen {n} [organic compound] :: tetrahydrothiophene
Tetraiodid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: tetraiodide
Tetrakohlenstoffdioxid {n} [organic compound] :: tetracarbon dioxide
tetramer {adj} :: tetrameric
Tetramer {n} [chemistry] :: tetramer
Tetramethylammoniumhydroxid {n} [organic compound] :: tetramethylammonium hydroxide
Tetramethylsilan {n} [organic compound] :: tetramethylsilane
Tetraoxid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: tetraoxide
Tetraphenylborat {n} [organic compound] :: tetraphenylborate
Tetrarch {m} :: tetrarch
Tetrasauerstoff {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: tetraoxygen
Tetraschwefeltetranitrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: tetrasulfur tetranitride
Tetroxid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: tetroxide
Teubner {prop} :: surname
teuer {adj} :: dear
teuer {adj} :: expensive
teuersten {adj} :: superlative of teuer
Teuerung {f} :: rising prices
Teuerungsrate {f} :: rate of price increases
Teufel {m} [singular only] :: the Devil, Satan
Teufel {m} :: a devil, satan, i.e. a creature of hell, a demon, a fallen angel etc
Teufel {m} :: a devil, satan, i.e. an evil person
Teufelchen {n} :: diminutive of Teufel
Teufelsdutzend {n} :: A baker’s dozen, 13 (literally a devil’s dozen)
Teufelskreis {m} :: vicious circle, vicious cycle
Teufelsrad {noun} :: devil's wheel (amusement ride)
teufelsrot {adj} :: devilishly red; as red as (stereotypical depictions of) the devil
Teufelswels {m} :: Bagarius, a genus of catfish
teuflisch {adj} :: devilish
teurer {adj} :: comparative of teuer
Teuro {m} [pejorative] :: euro (referring to a rise in price associated with the circulation of the currency)
Teutone {m} :: Teuton
teutonisch {adj} :: Teutonic
Teutonismus {m} :: Teutonism
teutsch {adj} :: obsolete form of deutsch
teütsch {adj} :: obsolete form of deutsch
Teutschland {prop} {n} :: obsolete form of Deutschland
Texaner {m} :: a Texan (native or inhabitant of Texas)
Texanerin {f} :: a Texan (a female native or inhabitant of Texas)
texanisch {adj} :: Texan (of or pertaining to Texas)
Texas {prop} {n} :: Texas (state)
Texas-Klapperschlange {f} :: western diamondback rattlesnake, Texas diamond-back (Crotalus atrox)
Texingtal {prop} {n} :: Texingtal (municipality)
Text {m} :: text (writing consisting of several sentences and forming a discrete unit)
Text {m} :: text (passage of a larger opus, often Scripture, examined and interpreted as a unit)
Text {m} :: lyrics, lines (words of a song, film, etc.)
Textanalyse {f} :: text analysis
texten {v} :: To write (song, script etc)
texten {v} :: To text
Texterkennung {f} [computing] :: optical character recognition
Texterkennung {f} [computing] :: predictive text
Textfeld {n} [computing] :: text field, input box
Textil {n} :: textile
Textilchemie {f} [chemistry] :: textile chemistry
Textilfaser {f} :: textile fibre / fiber
Textilie {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: textile(s)
Textkritik {f} :: textual criticism
textlich {adj} :: textlike; textual
Textmarker {m} :: highlighter, marker, marking pen (pen for highlighting)
textuell {adj} :: textual
TG {noun} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Tiefgarage
Thaddäus {prop} :: Thaddaeus (Biblical figure)
Thaddäus {prop} [rare] :: given name
Thailand {prop} {n} :: Thailand
Thailänder {m} :: Thai ((male or female) man from Thailand)
Thailänderin {f} :: Thai (woman from Thailand)
thailändisch {adj} :: Thai (Referring to Thailand)
Thailändisch {prop} {n} :: Thai (language)
Thal {n} :: obsolete spelling of Tal
Thal {prop} {n} :: the name of several locations
Thalamus {m} [anatomy] :: thalamus
thalassogen {adj} :: thalassogenic
Thaler {m} :: obsolete spelling of Taler
Thalgau {prop} {n} :: Thalgau (municipality)
Thalitter {prop} :: A district of Vöhl
Thallium {n} :: thallium
Thalmann {prop} :: surname
Thälmann {prop} :: surname
Thannhausen {prop} {n} :: Thannhausen (municipality)
Thannhausen {prop} {n} :: Thannhausen (municipality)
Tharau {prop} :: Tharau
That {f} :: obsolete spelling of Tat
Thatcherismus {m} :: Thatcherism
thatsächlich {adj} :: obsolete spelling of tatsächlich
Thaur {prop} {n} :: Thaur (municipality)
Thaya {prop} {n} :: Thaya (municipality)
Thaya {prop} {f} :: Thaya (river)
Theater {n} :: theater (place or building, consisting of a stage and seating)
Theater {n} :: theater (drama or performance as a profession or artform)
Theater {n} :: theatrical company, troupe, theater company (company (group or organization) of, often touring, actors, singers or dancers)
Theater {n} :: audience (large gathering of people listening to or watching a performance in a theater)
Theater {n} [colloquial] :: to-do, fuss, hassle (excessive activity, worry, bother, talk, or conflict)
Theaterautor {m} :: playwright, playwriter
Theaterbühne {f} :: theater stage
Theaterschauspieler {m} :: stage actor
Theaterspiel {n} :: play (theater)
Theaterstück {n} :: play (stage play)
theatralisch {adj} :: theatrical (of or relating to the theatre)
theatralisch {adj} :: histrionic (excessively dramatic)
thebanisch {adj} :: Theban
Theil {m} :: obsolete spelling of Teil
Thein {n} :: alternative form of Tein
Theismus {m} :: theism
Theist {m} :: theist
Theistin {f} :: theist
theistisch {adj} :: theistic
Theke {f} :: bar (table or board in a pub or restaurant)
Theke {f} [regional, chiefly western Germany] :: counter (similar table in a shop)
Thekla {prop} :: given name
Thema {n} :: topic, subject, issue
Thema {n} [music] :: theme
thematisch {adj} :: thematic
thematisieren {v} :: to bring up, address an issue
Themavokal {m} [linguistics] :: thematic vowel
Themawechsel {m} :: change of subject
Themenauswahl {f} :: selection of topics
Themenbereich {m} :: subject area
Themenpark {m} :: theme park
Themenübersicht {f} :: topic overview, topic list
Themse {prop} {f} :: the river Thames
themseaufwärts {adv} :: upstream on the River Thames
Themsemetropole {f} :: the metropolis on the Thames: London
Themsestadt {f} :: the city on the Thames: London
theo- {prefix} :: theo-
Theodizee {f} :: theodicy (a justification of a deity)
Theodor {prop} :: given name
theodosianisch {adj} :: Theodosian
Theokratie {f} :: theocracy (government under the control of a state-sponsored religion)
Theologe {m} :: theologian (male or of unspecified sex)
Theologie {f} :: theology
Theologin {f} :: theologian (female)
Theophanie {f} [theology] :: theophany
Theophilus {prop} [biblical character] :: Theophilus (biblical figure)
Theophilus {prop} [rare] :: given name
Theophrastos {prop} {m} :: Theophrastus
Theorbe {f} :: theorbo
Theorem {n} [mathematics] :: theorem
Theoretiker {m} :: theorist
Theoretikerin {f} :: feminine noun of Theoretiker
theoretisch {adj} :: theoretical
theoretische Chemie {f} [chemistry] :: theoretical chemistry
Theorie {f} :: theory
theorielastig {adj} :: Very theoretical
theosophisch {adj} :: theosophic
Therapeut {m} :: therapist
Therapeutikum {n} [medicine] :: therapy (therapeutic agent)
therapeutisch {adj} :: therapeutic
Therapie {f} :: therapy
therapierbar {adj} :: treatable (with a therapy)
therapieresistent {adj} :: resistant to therapy
Theres {prop} :: given name, a phonetic rendering of French Thérèse ( =Teresa)
Theresa {prop} :: given name
Therese {prop} :: given name
Theresia {prop} :: given name, a variant of Theresa (=Teresa)
Theresienfeld {prop} {n} :: Theresienfeld (municipality)
Thermalquelle {f} :: hot spring
Therme {f} :: thermae
thermisch {adj} :: thermal, thermic
Thermit {n} [chemistry] :: thermite
Thermitverfahren {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: thermite process, thermite reaction
thermo- {prefix} :: heat
Thermochemie {f} :: thermochemistry
thermochemisch {adj} :: thermochemical
Thermodynamik {f} :: thermodynamics
thermodynamisch {adj} [physics] :: thermodynamic
thermoelektrisch {adj} :: thermoelectric
Thermoelektrizität {f} :: thermoelectricity
Thermoelement {n} :: thermocouple
Thermolyse {f} :: thermolysis
thermomechanisch {adj} [physics] :: thermomechanical
Thermometer {n} :: thermometer
thermonuklear {adj} :: thermonuclear (of, or relating to the fusion of atomic nuclei at high temperatures)
thermophil {adj} :: thermophilic
Thermosflasche {f} :: Thermos flask, thermos
Thermoskanne {f} :: thermos
Thermosphäre {f} :: thermosphere
Thermostat {m} {n} :: thermostat
Thesaurus {m} :: thesaurus
These {f} :: thesis
thesenhaft {adj} :: in the form of a thesis
Theta {n} :: theta (Greek letter)
thetisch {adj} :: thetic
thetisch {adj} :: thetical
Thiamin {n} [organic compound] :: thiamine
Thieme {prop} :: surname
Thier {n} :: obsolete spelling of Tier
Thierchen {n} :: diminutive of Thier
Thierlein {n} :: diminutive of Thier
Thiersee {prop} {m} :: Thiersee (lake)
Thiersee {prop} {n} :: Thiersee (municipality)
Thing {n} :: Thing (historic Germanic council)
thio- {prefix} :: thio-
Thioacetal {n} [organic chemistry] :: thioacetal
Thiocyanat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: thiocyanate
Thioester {n} [organic chemistry] :: thioester
Thioether {n} [organic chemistry] :: thioether
Thioformaldehyd {n} [organic compound] :: thioformaldehyde
Thioglycolsäure {n} [organic compound] :: thioglycolic acid
Thioglykolsäure {f} [organic compound] :: thioglycolic acid
Thioharnstoff {m} [organic compound] :: thiourea
Thiol {n} [organic chemistry] :: thiol
Thiolgruppe {f} [organic chemistry] :: thiol (functional group)
Thiomolybdat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: thiomolybdate
Thiophen {n} [organic compound] :: thiophene
Thiophosphat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: thiophosphate
Thioredoxin {n} [protein] :: thioredoxin
Thioschwefelsäure {f} [inorganic compound] :: thiosulfuric acid
Thiosulfat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: thiosulfate
Thiosulfit {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: thiosulfite
Third-Class-Objekt {n} [programming, languages] :: third-class object
Thirza {prop} :: given name
thixotrop {adj} :: thixotropic
Thomas {prop} {m} :: Thomas (biblical figure)
Thomas {prop} {m} :: given name of biblical origin
Thomas {prop} {m} :: surname
Thomasberg {prop} {n} :: Thomasberg (municipality)
Thomatal {prop} {n} :: Thomatal (municipality)
Thon {m} [Switzerland] :: tuna
Thon {noun} :: obsolete spelling of Ton
Thor {prop} [Norse mythology] :: Thor, God in Norse mythology
Thor {noun} :: obsolete spelling of Tor
thorakal {adj} :: thoracal
Thorax {m} [anatomy] :: thorax (region of the mammalian body)
Thorium {n} :: thorium
Thoriumisotop {n} :: thorium isotope
Thörl {prop} {n} :: Thörl (municipality)
Thorn {m} :: Þ, thorn (letter)
Thorn {prop} {n} :: Thorn (city)
Thorshühnchen {n} :: red phalarope (bird of the species Phalaropus fulicarius)
Thorsten {prop} :: given name, alternative spelling of Torsten
Thortveitit {m} [mineral] :: thortveitite
Thorwald {prop} :: given name
Thread {m} [Internet] :: thread (series of messages)
Thread {m} [computing] :: thread (unit of execution)
Threnodie {f} :: threnody (song of lamentation)
Threonin {n} [biochemistry] :: threonine
Thriller {m} :: thriller (a suspenseful film or book)
Thriller {m} :: [sometimes] thriller (an exciting occurrence, e.g. a tight sports match)
Thrombose {f} [pathology] :: thrombosis (formation of thrombi, causing obstruction of circulation)
Thron {m} :: throne
Thron {m} [figuratively] :: the monarchy
Thronanwärter {m} :: heir apparent
Thronanwärter {m} :: pretender to the throne, claimant to the throne
thronen {vt} :: to throne
thronen {vt} :: to reign from a throne
thronen {vt} :: to rule from a throne
Thronrede {f} :: Speech from the Throne
Thulium {n} :: thulium
Thuluth {f} [art, calligraphy] :: thuluth
-thum {suffix} :: obsolete spelling of -tum
-thumb {suffix} :: obsolete spelling of -tum
thun {v} :: obsolete spelling of tun
Thunfisch {m} :: tuna; tunafish
Thür {f} :: obsolete spelling of Tür
Thürchen {n} :: diminutive of Thür
thüren {v} [archaic] :: dare, venture
Thurgau {prop} {m} :: Thurgau, canton of Switzerland
Thüringen {prop} {n} :: Thuringia
Thüringen {prop} {n} :: Thüringen (municipality)
Thüringer {m} :: Thuringian (a native or inhabitant of Thuringia)
Thüringer {m} :: Thuringian (a member of an ancient Germanic tribe inhabiting central Germany)
Thüringerberg {prop} {n} :: Thüringerberg (municipality)
Thüringerin {f} :: female Thuringian (a native or inhabitant of Thuringia)
Thüringerin {f} :: female Thuringian (a member of an ancient Germanic tribe inhabiting central Germany)
thüringisch {adj} :: Thuringian (of or pertaining to Thuringia or its people)
Thürlein {n} :: diminutive of Thür
Thurm {m} :: obsolete spelling of Turm
Thurn {prop} {n} :: Thurn (municipality)
Thymian {m} :: thyme
Thymin {n} [organic compound] :: thymine
Thyreoiditis {f} [pathology] :: thyroiditis
Thyristor {m} :: thyristor (semiconductor device)
Thyronin {n} :: thyronine
Thyroxin {n} [organic compound] :: thyroxine
Thyssen {prop} :: surname
Tiara {f} :: tiara (papal crown)
Tiber {prop} {m} :: Tiber (river)
Tibermetropole {f} :: the metropolis on the Tiber: Rome
Tiberstadt {f} :: city on the Tiber
Tiberstadt {f} [in particular] :: Rome
Tibet {n} :: Tibet
tibetanisch {adj} :: related or belonging to Tibet; Tibetan
Tibeter {m} :: Tibetan person
Tibeterin {f} :: a female Tibetan
Tibetfuchs {m} :: Tibetan fox
tibetisch {adj} :: Tibetan
Tibetisch {prop} {n} :: the Tibetan language
ticken {v} :: to tick
Ticket {n} :: ticket
Tic Tac Toe {n} [probably nonstandard] :: alternative spelling of Tic-Tac-Toe
Tic-Tac-Toe {n} [games] :: tic-tac-toe; noughts and crosses
Tide {f} [uncountable] :: tides (the periodic change of the sea level)
Tide {f} [countable] :: tide (one cycle of eb and flood)
tief {adj} :: deep (also figuratively)
tief {adj} :: low
Tief {n} [meteorology] :: low
Tiefbau {m} :: civil engineering
Tiefbauingenieur {m} :: civil engineer
tiefbewegt {adj} :: deeply moved / touched
tiefblau {adj} :: deep / dark blue
Tiefdruckgebiet {n} [meteorology] :: low pressure area
Tiefe {f} :: depth
Tiefenmesser {m} :: depth gauge
tiefer {adj} :: comparative of tief
Tiefgarage {f} :: underground parking
tiefgefroren {adj} :: deep-frozen
Tiefgraben {prop} {n} :: Tiefgraben (municipality)
tiefgreifend {adj} :: profound
tiefgreifend {adj} :: pervasive
tiefgreifend {adv} :: profoundly
tiefgrün {adj} :: deep / dark green
tiefgründig {adj} :: profound
tiefkühlen {v} :: To freeze
Tiefkühltruhe {f} :: chest freezer
Tiefland {n} :: an area that is located just a few meters above sea level; lowland
Tiefpunkt {m} :: bottom, lowest point, low point, low, trough, nadir
tiefrot {adj} :: dark red
Tiefschlag {m} [boxing] :: low blow
Tiefschnee {m} :: deep snow
tiefschürfend {adj} :: profound, meaningful
Tiefschutz {m} :: jockstrap
Tiefschwa {n} [linguistics] :: ɐ; a-schwa
tiefschwarz {adj} :: ebony (colour), deep / inky black
Tiefsee {f} :: deep sea
tiefsinnig {adj} :: profound
tiefsinnig {adj} :: thoughtful, pensive
tiefsten {adj} :: superlative of tief
Tiefststand {m} :: low, bottom, nadir
Tiefstwert {m} [maths] :: minimum (value)
Tieftemperaturtechnik {f} :: cryogenics (low temperature technology)
tieftraurig {adj} :: very sad
tiefviolett {adj} :: deep violet / purple (colour)
Tiefziehen {n} :: deep drawing
Tiegel {m} :: crucible
Tier {n} :: animal [see usage notes below]
Tier {n} :: A person who has a quality thought of as animalistic, such as ferocity, strength, hairiness, etc
Tier {n} [hunting jargon] :: hind (female red deer)
Tierart {f} :: animal species
Tierarzt {m} :: veterinarian (colloquial: vet); veterinary surgeon (male or of unspecified sex)
Tierärztin {f} :: veterinarian (colloquial: vet), veterinary surgeon (female)
Tierchen {n} :: diminutive of Tier; little animal or creature
Tierernährung {f} :: animal nutrition
Tiergarten {m} [historical] :: deer park (enclosed park where deer were kept for hunting by the nobility)
Tiergarten {m} :: zoo
Tiergarten {prop} {m} :: Tiergarten (district)
tiergeographisch {adj} :: animal geographic (pertaining to animal geography)
Tierhaltung {f} :: animal husbandry
Tierhaut {f} :: hide
Tierheim {n} :: animal shelter
tierisch {adj} :: animal (of animals); beastly, brutal
tierisch {adj} [slang] :: extremely
Tierkreis {m} [astrology] :: zodiac
Tierkreiszeichen {n} :: zodiac sign
Tierkunde {f} :: zoology
Tierlein {n} :: diminutive of Tier
tierlich {adj} :: animallike
tierlieb {adj} :: (of a person) loving animals
tierlieber {adj} :: comparative of tierlieb
tierliebsten {adj} :: superlative of tierlieb
Tierpark {m} :: zoo (park where live animals are exhibited)
Tierpfleger {m} :: zookeeper, stockman
Tierquäler {m} :: animal abuser; animal tormentor; person who is cruel to animals
Tierquälerei {f} :: cruelty to animals
Tierrechtsaktivist {noun} :: animal rights activist
Tierreich {n} :: animal kingdom
Tiers {prop} :: Tiers (municipality)
Tierschau {f} :: animal show
Tierschau {f} [historical] :: a travelling menagerie
Tierschutz {m} :: animal protection / welfare
Tierschützer {m} :: animal rights activist
Tiertarock {m} {n} :: a version of tarot cards featuring animals (real and mythological) on the trump cards
Tierversuch {m} :: animal experiment / experimentation
Tierwanderung {f} :: animal migration
Tierwelt {f} :: animal kingdom
Tieschen {prop} {n} :: Tieschen (municipality)
Tiflis {prop} {n} :: Tiflis (capital city)
Tiger {m} :: tiger
Tigerauge {n} [mineral] :: tiger's eye
Tigerhai {m} :: tiger shark
Tigris {prop} {m} :: Tigris
Tikitaka {n} [football] :: tikitaka
Tilde {f} :: tilde
tilgen {v} :: to erase, to extinguish
tilgen {v} [finance] :: to amortize, to repay, to redeem
Tilgung {f} :: erasure, extinction
Tilgung {f} [finance] :: amortization, repayment, redemption
Till {prop} {m} :: given name
Tillmann {prop} :: given name
Tillmann {prop} :: surname derived from the given name
Tillmitsch {prop} {n} :: Tillmitsch (municipality)
Tilman {prop} :: given name
Tilmann {prop} :: given name
Tilsiter {m} :: Tilsit cheese
Tim {prop} :: given name, popular in the 2000s
Tim {prop} :: Tintin
Timberwolf {m} :: timber wolf, grey wolf, Canis lupus lycaon
Timbre {n} :: timbre
Time box {f} [management] :: time box
Timeboxing {n} [management] :: timeboxing
Timelkam {prop} {n} :: Timelkam (municipality)
timen {v} :: to time (e.g. with a stopwatch)
Timeout {m} [communication] :: timeout
Timing {n} :: timing
Timișoara {prop} {f} :: Timișoara
Timm {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Tim
Timo {prop} :: given name derived from Timotheus or Dietmar, fashionable since the 1980s
timokratisch {adj} :: timocratic
Timon {prop} :: given name, also in modern use
timoresisch {adj} :: Timorese
timorisch {adj} :: Timorese
Timotheus {prop} [biblical character] :: Timothy [biblical character]
Tina {prop} {f} :: given name, short for Christina, Kristina, Bettina, and Martina
tindern {vi} [colloquial] :: to use the dating app Tinder
Tinkoff {prop} :: surname of Russian origin
Tinkow {prop} :: alternative form of Tinkoff
Tinktur {f} :: tincture
Tinktur {f} [heraldry] :: tincture
Tinnitus {m} :: tinnitus
Tinte {f} :: ink
Tintenfass {n} :: inkpot, inkwell
Tintenfaß {m} :: alternative spelling of Tintenfass
Tintenfisch {m} :: any member of the Coleoidea subclass of cephalopods; more specifically of cuttlefish, but also of species of octopus, squid etc
Tintenklecks {m} :: blot
Tintenstrahldrucker {m} :: inkjet printer
-tion {suffix} :: -tion
Tip {m} :: obsolete spelling of Tipp
Tipi {n} :: tipi, teepee
Tipp {m} :: tip, hint
Tippel {m} [northern Germany] :: spot, dot
Tippel {m} [Austria, colloquial] :: lump, bump
tippen {v} :: to tap, to strike lightly (often repeatedly)
tippen {v} [typewriter, keyboard] :: to type
tippen {v} :: to make an informed guess
tippen {v} :: to make a prediction (of a sport result, etc.)
Tippfehler {m} :: typo, typographical error
tipptopp {adj} :: tip-top
Tirade {f} :: tirade
Tirol {prop} {n} :: Tirol (state)
tirolerisch {adj} :: Tyrolean
tirolisch {adj} :: synonym of tirolerisch
Tirza {prop} :: Tirzah, the youngest daughter of Zelophchads
Tirza {prop} :: given name
Tisch {m} :: table (furniture with a top surface to accommodate a variety of uses), or [specifically]
Tisch {m} :: desk (table used for writing)
Tisch {m} :: (work)bench (table at which manual work is done)
Tisch {m} [figuratively] :: meal (food served or eaten as a repast)
Tischchen {n} :: diminutive of Tisch; small table, occasional table
Tischdecke {f} :: tablecloth
Tischfußball {m} [chiefly formal] :: table soccer, table football, foosball
Tischgebet {n} :: grace [prayer before meal]
Tischgespräch {n} :: table conversation
Tischlein {n} :: diminutive of Tisch
Tischler {m} [chiefly Eastern Germany, Northern Germany] :: joiner (maker of wooden furniture)
Tischlerei {f} [chiefly Eastern Germany, Northern Germany] :: joinery
Tischnachbar {m} :: The person nearby at the table
Tischplatte {f} :: tabletop
Tischtennis {n} :: table tennis, ping pong
Tischtennisball {m} :: table tennis ball
Tischtennisspieler {m} :: table tennis player (male or of unspecified sex)
Tischtuch {n} :: tablecloth
Tisens {prop} {n} :: Tisens (municipality)
Titan {m} :: titan (giant)
Titan {n} :: titanium
Titanat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: titanate
Titanborid {n} [inorganic compound] :: titanium boride
Titancarbid {n} [inorganic compound] :: titanium carbide
Titandioxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: titanium dioxide
Titangruppe {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: titanium group
Titanhydrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: titanium hydride
titanisch {adj} :: titanic (all senses, though the chemical sense has no comparative or superlative)
Titanit {n} [mineral] :: titanite
Titanium {n} :: titanium
Titanlegierung {f} :: titanium alloy
Titannitrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: titanium nitride
Titansulfat {n} [inorganic compound] :: titanium sulfate
Titantetrachlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: titanium tetrachloride
Titantrichlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: titanium trichloride
Titanweiß {n} :: titanium white
Titel {m} :: title
Titelbild {noun} :: front/cover page of a magazine or other such publications
Titelei {f} :: front matter
titeln {vi} [media] :: to publish a story under a specified headline
titeln {vt} [rare form of betiteln] :: to entitle (give a title to)
Titelseite {f} :: front page
Titelverteidiger {m} [sports] :: title holder (defending champion)
Tithi {m} :: tithi
Titoismus {m} :: Titoism
Titration {f} [chemistry] :: titration
Titrationsmittel {n} [chemistry] :: titrant
titrieren {v} [chemistry] :: To titrate
titriert {v} :: past participle of titrieren
titriert {adj} [chemistry] :: titrated
Titte {f} [colloquial, somewhat, vulgar] :: tit; boob (woman’s breast)
Tizian {prop} :: Titian
Tizian {prop} :: given name
tja {interj} :: oh well, well
Tjaden {prop} :: a male given name
Tjost {f} {m} :: joust
Tmbn. {noun} [music] :: abbreviation of Tamburin
Tmesis {f} :: tmesis
Toast {m} {n} :: toast (salutation)
Toast {m} {n} :: toast (toasted bread)
Toast {m} {n} [short for Toastbrot] :: soft, roughly quadratic white bread, toasted or not
Toastbrot {n} :: soft white bread, typically roughly quadratic, as commonly used for sandwiches in Anglo-Saxon countries
toasten {v} :: to toast (to lightly cook in a kitchen appliance)
toasten {v} :: to toast (to engage in a salutation and/or accompanying raising of glasses while drinking alcohol in honor of someone or something)
Toaster {m} :: toaster
Toast Hawaii {m} :: An open sandwich consisting of a slice of toast with ham, pineapple and cheese, grilled from above
Tobadill {prop} {n} :: Tobadill (municipality)
Tobak {m} [archaic] :: tobacco
Tobel {n} [Switzerland] :: gorge, ravine
toben {v} :: to rage
Tobias {prop} :: Tobias [biblical character]
Tobias {prop} :: given name
Toblach {prop} {n} :: Toblach (municipality)
Tobsucht {f} :: maniacal rage
tobsüchtig {adj} :: raving mad
tocharisch {adj} :: Tocharian (related to the Tocharians or their language)
Tocharisch {n} :: Tocharian (the Tocharian language)
Tochter {f} :: daughter
Tochter {f} :: subsidiary (company)
Töchterchen {n} :: diminutive of Tochter
Tochtergesellschaft {f} :: subsidiary (company)
Tochtergesellschaft {f} :: affiliate
Töchterlein {n} :: diminutive of Tochter
Tochtermann {m} [dated] :: son-in-law
Tochtersprache {f} [linguistics] :: daughter language
Tod {m} :: death
todblass {adj} :: deathly pale
todernst {adj} :: dead serious
Todesangst {f} :: fear of death
Todesdatum {n} :: date of death
Todesengel {m} :: angel of death (a personification of death)
Todesfall {m} :: death
Todesfall {m} :: event of death
Todeskampf {m} :: agony, death throes
Todesmarsch {m} :: death march
todesmutig {adj} :: fearless, courageous, foolhardy
Todesopfer {n} :: casualty
Todesopfer {n} :: fatality
Todessehnsucht {f} :: a longing or yearning for death
Todesstoß {m} :: deathblow
Todesstrafe {f} :: capital punishment, death penalty
Todestag {m} :: day of someone's death, date on which someone will die
Todestag {m} :: anniversary of (someone's previous) death, deathday
Todestal {prop} {n} [geography, rare] :: Death Valley
Todestal {n} :: valley of death
Todestrieb {m} :: death drive, death instinct
Todesursache {f} :: cause of death
Todesurteil {n} :: death warrant, execution warrant
Todeswunsch {m} :: death wish, deathwish
Todeszeitpunkt {m} :: time of death
Todeszelle {f} :: death row cell; cell in a prison in which a person who has been sentenced to death is held
todgeweiht {adj} :: moribund
todgeweiht {adj} :: dying
todkrank {adj} :: terminally ill
tödlich {adj} :: deadly, mortal, lethal, fatal
todmüde {adj} :: dead tired
todschick {adj} :: very fashionable; dressed to kill
todsicher {adj} :: dead certain, surefire
Todsünde {f} :: deadly sin
Todt {m} :: obsolete spelling of Tod
Todt {prop} {mf} :: surname
Todtsein {noun} :: obsolete spelling of Totsein
Töff {m} [Switzerland] :: motorcycle
Toffel {m} :: clipping of Pantoffel
töfte {adj} :: good, great, sweet
Tofu {m} :: tofu
Toga {f} :: toga (loose outer garment worn by the citizens of Rome)
Togo {prop} {n} :: Togo
Togoer {m} :: Togolese (A person from Togo or of Togolese descent)
togoisch {adj} :: Togolese
togolesisch {adj} :: Togolese
Tohuwabohu {n} :: chaos
Toilette {f} :: toilet
Toilette {f} :: toilette
Toilettenbürste {f} :: toilet brush
Toilettenhäuschen {n} :: outhouse [toilet]
Toilettenpapier {n} :: toilet paper (paper on a roll)
toi, toi, toi {interj} [colloquial] :: An expression of encouragement; good luck
Tokelauisch {n} :: Tokelauan (language)
Tokio {prop} {n} :: Tokio (prefecture/capital city)
Tokyo {prop} {n} :: alternative spelling of Tokio
tolerant {adj} :: tolerant
Toleranz {f} :: tolerance
tolerierbar {adj} :: tolerable
tolerieren {v} :: to tolerate
toll {adj} :: great, nice, wonderful
toll {adj} [dated] :: crazy, mad
tolldreist {adj} :: brazen, bold as brass
Tolle {f} :: tuft, floccus, bulged hair formation
tollen {v} :: to romp, gambol, cavort
Tollet {prop} {n} :: Tollet (municipality)
Tollkirsche {f} :: deadly nightshade, Atropa belladonna
tollkühn {adj} :: foolhardy, daredevil, daring
tollkühn {adv} :: daringly
Tollkühnheit {f} :: foolhardiness
Tollpatsch {m} :: blunderer, butterfingers (clumsy person)
tollpatschig {adj} :: clumsy
tollsten {adj} :: superlative of toll
Tollwut {f} :: rabies
tollwütig {adj} :: rabid
Tolpatsch {m} :: obsolete spelling of Tollpatsch
Tölpel {m} :: someone who acts in a clumsy or awkward way (physically or socially)
Tölpel {m} :: idiot, fool
Tölpel {m} :: gannet (a sea bird)
tölpelhaft {adj} :: clumsy, uncouth, blundering
Toluol {n} [chemistry] :: toluene (liquid hydrocarbon, C6H5CH3)
Tom {prop} :: given name
Tomahawk {m} :: tomahawk
Tomate {f} :: tomato (plant, fruit of this plant)
Tomatenmark {n} :: tomato paste
Tomatenpflanze {f} :: tomato plant
Tomatensaft {m} :: tomato juice
Tomatensalat {m} [food] :: tomato salad
Tomatensoße {f} :: tomato sauce
Tomatensuppe {f} :: tomato soup
tomatiert {adj} :: “tomatoed”: made with tomato paste
tombaken {adj} :: made from tombak (alloy of copper and zinc)
Tombola {f} :: raffle (small-scale lottery, usually for fundraising)
Tommy {m} [historical, otherwise dated] :: a Briton, particularly but not exclusively a soldier
Tomografie {f} :: tomography
tomografisch {adj} :: tomographic
Tomographie {f} :: tomography
Ton {m} :: clay
Ton {m} :: tone
Ton {m} [music] :: note (a musical pitch or sound)
Ton {m} :: tone [manner of speaking]
Tonangel {f} :: microphone boom
Tonarm {m} :: tone arm
Tonart {f} [scale of musical notes] :: key
Tonband {m} :: audiotape
Tonbandgerät {n} :: tape recorder
Tonbereich {m} :: tonal range
tönen {vi} :: to give a loud and far-reaching sound
tönen {vi} [Switzerland] :: to sound; to give or have a sound
tönen {vi} [colloquial] :: to boast; to brag (particularly about an intention to do something)
tönen {vt} [of hair] :: to dye with a weak colouring that gives the hair a new tone rather than an entirely different colour; to tint
Toner {m} :: toner (for photocopiers)
Tonerde {f} :: alumina
tönern {adj} :: clay (attributive)
Tonfall {m} :: tone (of voice)
Tonfall {m} [phonology] :: intonation
Tonfilm {m} :: sound film
Tonga {prop} {n} :: Tonga
Tongaer {m} :: Tongan (person)
Tongaerin {f} :: female Tongan
tongaisch {adj} :: Tongan
Tongaisch {prop} {n} :: Tongan (language)
tonhaltig {adj} :: clay (attributive)
tonhältig {adj} :: alternative form of tonhaltig
Tonhöhe {f} [music] :: pitch
tonig {adj} :: clayey
tonisch {adj} :: tonic
Tonium {prop} :: the Tonian
Tonkunst {f} :: [elevated] music
Tonlage {f} [music] :: pitch
Tonleiter {f} :: scale (series of notes)
Tonmineral {n} [geology, mineralogy] :: clay mineral
Tonnage {f} :: tonnage
Tonne {f} :: barrel, vat, tun, drum
Tonne {f} :: for collecting waste or surplus, such as a bin, dumpster/skip, water butt
Tonne {f} :: for storing and transporting industrial materials
Tonne {f} [dated] :: for storing and transporting food and drink, e.g. beer, wine, cabbage, herrings
Tonne {f} :: tonne, ton, metric ton
Tonne {f} [nautical] :: buoy
Tonnengewölbe {n} [architecture] :: barrel vault
tonnenschwer {adj} :: Very heavy (weighing at least a ton)
tonotop {adj} :: tonotopic
Tonsilbe {f} :: stressed syllable
Tonsillektomie {f} [surgery] :: tonsillectomy
Tonsillitis {f} [pathology, scientific terminology] :: tonsillitis
Tonspur {f} :: soundtrack (only [1] a narrow strip running down a movie film that carries the recorded sound in synchronization with the pictures)
Tonsur {f} :: tonsure
Tontaube {f} :: clay pigeon
Tool {n} :: tool
Tooltip {m} [graphical user interface] :: tooltip
Top {n} [clothing] :: a casual women's shirt, often with very short sleeves; a top
Topas {m} [mineral] :: topaz
topasen {adj} [attributive, rare] :: topaz
Topf {m} :: pot (vessel used for cooking or storing food)
Topfblume {f} :: potted flower
Töpfchen {n} :: diminutive of Topf
Töpfchen {n} :: potty
Topfen {m} [Austria, Bavaria] :: quark (soft creamy cheese)
Topfen {m} [Austria, colloquial, obsolete] :: nonsense, rubbish
Töpfer {m} :: potter
Töpfer {prop} {m} :: surname
Töpferei {f} [workshop or craft] :: pottery
töpfern {v} :: to make pottery
Töpferscheibe {f} :: potter's wheel
Töpferware {f} [ceramic wares that contain clay] :: pottery
topfförmig {adj} :: pot-shaped
Topfhandschuh {m} [cooking] :: oven mitt
topfit {adj} :: Perfectly fit
Topflappen {m} :: potholder, oven cloth
Topfpflanze {f} :: potted plant
Topinambur {mf} :: Jerusalem artichoke
topisch {adj} :: topical (applied to a particular part of the body)
Topolekt {m} [linguistics] :: topolect
Topologie {f} [computing or mathematics] :: topology
topologisch {adj} :: topologic, topological
Toponym {n} :: toponym, place name
Topos {m} {n} :: topos (literary theme or motif)
Topp {m} [nautical] :: top of a mast
toppen {v} [colloquial] :: to top (To excel, to surpass, to beat.)
Tor {n} :: gate, archway (passageway covered by an arch, particularly one made of masonry)
Tor {n} :: gate, door (large doorway, opening, or passage in a fence or wall)
Tor {n} [figurative] :: gateway (point that represents the beginning of a transition from one place or phase to another)
Tor {n} [sports] :: goal, net (area into which the players attempt to put a ball)
Tor {n} [sports] :: goal (The act of scoring a goal in sports where doing so is the object)
Tor {m} [dated or literary] :: fool (person with poor judgment or little intelligence)
torarm {adj} [sports] :: goalless
Torauslinie {f} [football, handball, field hockey] :: goal line (line on both sides of the goal, delimiting the pitch)
Torben {prop} :: given name recently borrowed from Danish Torben
Torbogen {m} :: archway
Torero {m} [bullfighting] :: toreador, torero
toreutisch {adj} :: toreutic
Torf {m} :: peat
Torheit {f} :: folly
Torhüter {m} [sports] :: goalkeeper
töricht {adj} :: foolish
Torkel {m} [regional] :: winepress
torkeln {vt} [dated, perfect with haben] :: to press (to extract juice from fruits, especially grapes)
torkeln {vi} [perfect with sein or haben] :: to totter (to move or stand unsteadily)
torkeln {vi} [perfect with sein] :: to stagger (to walk in an awkward, drunken fashion)
Torlinie {f} [football, handball, field hockey] :: goal line (line between the goalposts, which the ball must pass to score a goal)
Torlinie {f} [same sports, rarer] :: goal line (extension of the above, on both sides of the goal, delimiting the pitch)
torlos {adj} :: goalless
Tormann {m} :: goalie, goalkeeper, goaltender
Törn {m} [nautical] :: sail (trip in a sailboat)
Tornado {m} :: tornado
Tornister {m} :: knapsack of a soldier
Tornister {m} :: schoolbag, rectangular satchel employed to carry utilities to an education institution
torpedieren {v} :: to torpedo
Torpedo {m} :: torpedo (weapon)
Torpedo {m} :: torpedo (fish)
torreich {adj} :: goal-rich
Torschlusspanik {f} :: Torschlusspanik (the fear that time is running out to act)
Torschütze {m} :: scorer, goal scorer
Torso {m} :: torso
Torsten {prop} :: given name borrowed from Danish, popular in the 1960s and 1970s
Torte {f} :: A cake that contains a large portion of (whipped) cream, typically more than it contains dough
torten {v} :: to pie (hit in the face with a pie), especially as a form of political protest
Tortendiagramm {n} :: pie chart
Tortenheber {m} :: cake slice
Tortenschlacht {f} :: custard pie battle
Tortur {f} [mostly used in a non-physical or figurative context] :: torture
Tortur {f} :: ordeal
Torus {m} :: torus (shape)
Torwart {m} [sports] :: goalkeeper, goal keeper
tosen {v} :: to thunder (of water etc.)
tosen {v} :: to rage (of wind, a storm etc.)
Tösens {prop} {n} :: Tösens (municipality)
Toskana {prop} :: Toskana (region)
tot {adj} :: dead, deceased
total {adj} :: total
totaler Krieg {m} :: total war
totarbeiten {vr} :: to work [oneself] to death
Tote {f} :: cadaver; corpse (female dead person)
Toteis {n} :: dead ice (former glacier ice that is no longer connected to the active glacier)
Totem {n} :: totem
totemistisch {adj} :: totemistic
töten {v} :: to kill
totenblass {adj} :: deathly pale
Totengeläut {n} :: [the sound of the] death knell
Totenglocke {f} :: death knell (tolling of a bell announcing death)
Totengräber {m} :: gravedigger
Totenhalle {f} :: morgue
Totenhemd {n} :: (burial) shroud
Totenkopf {m} :: skull (cranium)
Totenkopfäffchen {n} :: squirrel monkey
Totenkopffahne {f} :: Jolly Roger
Totenkopfflagge {f} :: Jolly Roger
Totenlade {f} [dated] :: coffin
Totenmesse {f} :: requiem (a mass or other ceremony to honor and remember a dead person)
Totensonntag {m} [Protestantism] :: A holiday of remembering the dead, equivalent to the Catholic (and Anglican) All Souls' Day, kept by German Lutherans and Calvinists on the Sunday before the first Sunday of Advent (thus in late November)
Totentrompete {f} :: black chanterelle (mushroom)
Totenwache {f} :: deathwatch
Toter {m} :: cadaver; corpse (dead person)
Totes Meer {prop} :: the Dead Sea
totgeboren {adj} :: stillborn
Totgeburt {f} :: stillbirth
totlachen {vr} [colloquial] :: to laugh one's head off
totlaufen {vr} [colloquial] :: to peter out
totmachen {vt} :: to kill
Totmannschalter {m} :: dead man's switch
totprügeln {v} :: to beat to death
totquetschen {v} :: to squeeze to death
totreden {v} :: to discuss [a subject] to death
totsagen {v} :: to falsely report someone's death
totsagen {v} :: to falsely report something's end
totsaufen {vr} [colloquial] :: to drink to death
totschießen {vt} :: to shoot dead
Totschlag {m} [legal] :: manslaughter; second-degree murder; an unlawful killing of a person which is subject to a milder punishment than murder
Totschlagargument {n} :: thought-terminating cliché
totschlagen {v} :: to beat to death
Totschläger {m} :: cudgel
Totschläger {m} :: manslayer
Totschwätzer {m} [offensive] :: a person who wastes everybody's time by talking a lot about irrelevant stuff
totstechen {v} :: to stab to death
Tottenham {prop} {n} :: Tottenham (both senses)
tottrinken {vr} [colloquial] :: to drink to death
Tötung {f} :: kill, killing, homicide
Tötungsdelikt {n} [law] :: homicide
touchieren {v} :: to graze; to touch
tough {adj} [slang] :: alternative form of taff: tough; robust; assertive and not overly sensitive
tougher {adj} :: comparative of tough
toughesten {adj} :: superlative of tough
toughsten {adj} :: superlative of tough
Toupet {n} :: toupee
Tour {f} :: tour
tour de force {f} :: alternative form of Tour de Force
Tour de force {f} :: alternative form of Tour de Force
Tour de Force {f} [literary] :: tour de force
Tourismus {m} :: tourism
Tourismusbranche {f} :: tourism industry
Tourist {m} :: tourist (male or of unspecified sex)
Touristenfalle {f} :: tourist trap
Touristin {f} :: tourist (female)
touristisch {adj} :: touristic
Tournee {f} [artists or entertainers or sports] :: tour
Tower {m} :: control tower (for air traffic)
Tower {prop} :: Tower of London
Toxikokinetik {f} :: toxicokinetics
Toxikologe {m} :: toxicologist
Toxikologie {f} :: toxicology
Toxikologin {f} :: female toxicologist
toxikologisch {adj} :: toxicological
Toxin {n} :: toxin
toxisch {adj} :: toxic
Toxizität {f} :: toxicity
Toyota {prop} {n} :: Toyota (company)
Toyota {m} :: Toyota (car of that company)
Toypudel {m} :: a toy poodle between 25 and 28 cm
Tr. {noun} [music] :: abbreviation of Trommel
Trab {m} :: trot (horse gait)
Trabant {m} [historical] :: Bodyguard of a noble
Trabant {m} [astronomy] :: A satellite; a moon
Trabant {m} :: A follower of a figure or cause; a hanger-on
Trabant {m} [humorous] :: A child
Trabant {m} :: an East German make of car
Trabbi {m} :: Trabant
traben {v} :: to trot (said of horses)
Träber {m} :: alternative form of Treber
Trabi {m} :: Trabant
trabig {adj} :: busy, hurried
Traboch {prop} {n} :: Traboch (municipality)
Tracer {m} [chemistry, medicine] :: tracer
Trachea {noun} :: trachea
Trachom {n} [pathology] :: trachoma
Tracht {f} :: traditional costume
trachten {v} :: to strive (try to obtain something)
Trachtenkleid {n} :: traditional costume, traditional dress
Trachtenkleidchen {n} :: diminutive of Trachtenkleid
Trachtenverein {m} :: traditional costume association, local folklore club
trächtig {adj} [of animals] :: pregnant, gravid, big with young
trächtig {adj} [hind, doe] :: in fawn (Cervidae)
trächtig {adj} [cow] :: in calf (Bovinae)
trächtig {adj} [sow] :: in pig
trächtig {adj} [mare, she-ass, she-zebra] :: in foal (Equidae)
Trächtigkeit {f} :: pregnancy (of animals)
Trächtigkeit {f} :: gestation
tradiert {adj} :: handed down
Tradition {f} :: tradition
traditionalistisch {adj} :: traditionalistic
traditionell {adj} :: traditional
traditionelle chinesische Medizin {f} [healthcare] :: traditional Chinese medicine
traditionsbewusst {adj} :: tradition-conscious
traditionsreich {adj} :: rich in tradition
träf {adj} [Switzerland] :: apt
Trafik {f} [Austria] :: newsstand, newsagent
träg {adj} [colloquial, poetic] :: alternative form of träge
Tragant {m} :: milkvetch, tragacanth
Tragbahre {f} :: stretcher, gurney
tragbar {adj} :: portable (able to be carried)
tragbar {adj} :: wearable (able to be worn)
Trage {f} :: stretcher (simple litter designed to carry a sick, injured, or dead person)
träge {adj} :: lazy, idle
träge {adj} :: listless, sluggish, lacking impetus
träge {adj} :: [of an electrical fuse] slow-blow
tragen {vt} :: to carry, to take
tragen {vt} :: to hold
tragen {vti} [fashion] :: to wear (clothing, jewelry)
tragen {vt} [agriculture] :: to produce, to bear, to yield
tragen {vt} :: to support, to maintain
tragen {vi} [agriculture] :: to crop
tragen {vr} [finance] :: to pay for itself
tragend {adj} :: carrying, supporting, bearing
tragend {adj} :: pregnant
tragend {adj} :: fundamental
Träger {m} :: agent noun of tragen; carrier, support
Träger {m} :: girder, beam
Träger {m} :: strap (of a dress)
Träger {m} [math] :: support
Trägergas {n} :: carrier gas
trägerlos {adj} :: strapless
Trägermaterial {n} :: substrate, base (support material)
Trägersubstanz {f} :: vehicle, carrier (of a substance, especially a pharmaceutical)
Trägerwelle {f} :: carrier wave
Tragetasche {f} :: shopping bag, carrier bag, tote bag
Tragetuch {n} :: sling [e.g. for carrying a baby]
tragfähig {adj} :: capable (of carry/load)
Tragflügelboot {n} :: hydrofoil (vessel)
Traggas {n} :: lifting gas
Trägheit {f} [physics or figuratively] :: inertia
tragikomisch {adj} :: tragicomic
Tragikomödie {f} :: tragicomedy
tragisch {adj} :: tragic (causing great sadness)
Tragkraft {f} :: buoyancy
Tragkraft {f} :: capacity, payload
Tragkraft {f} :: burden
Tragödie {f} :: tragedy
Tragwein {prop} {n} :: Tragwein (municipality)
Tragweite {f} :: reach
Tragweite {f} :: momentousness, importance
Trainee {mf} [education] :: trainee
Trainer {m} [sports] :: trainer, coach [male or of unspecified sex]
Trainer {m} :: animal trainer
Trainer {m} [Austria, Switzerland] :: tracksuit
Trainerin {f} :: trainer or coach (female)
Trainerteam {n} :: coaching team
trainieren {v} :: to train, to coach
trainieren {v} :: to work out
Training {n} :: training (exercise, chiefly physical)
Traisen {prop} {n} :: Traisen (municipality)
Traisen {prop} {n} :: Traisen (municipality)
Traisen {prop} {f} :: Traisen (river)
Traiskirchen {prop} {n} :: Traiskirchen (municipality)
Traismauer {prop} {n} :: Traismauer (municipality)
Trakt {m} [anatomy] :: tract (a series of connected body organs)
Trakt {m} [architecture] :: wing, block (of a building)
Traktat {n} {m} :: tract (a brief treatise)
traktieren {v} :: to mistreat
Traktion {f} [technical] :: traction
Traktor {m} :: tractor (a vehicle used in farms)
Traktorist {m} [DDR] :: tractor driver
Traktoristin {f} :: female tractor driver
trällern {v} :: to trill (to sing with a trill)
Tram {f} {n} :: tram
Trampel {n} :: [an insensitive or coarse person] clod
trampeln {vi} :: to trample
Trampelpfad {m} :: desire line (path in formerly pathless area created by people or animals through frequent walking along the same line)
Trampeltier {n} :: Bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus)
Trampeltier {n} :: clumsy person, klutz, bull in a china shop
trampen {v} [archaic or dialectal] :: to step; to tread
trampen {v} :: to hitchhike; to tramp
Tramper {m} [colloquial] :: hitchhiker
Trampolin {n} :: trampoline
Tran {m} :: whale oil
Trance {f} :: trance
Tranche {f} [finance] :: tranche
tranchieren {v} :: to carve, to slice (meat or other foods)
Träne {f} :: tear (in the eye)
tränen {v} :: to water (due to irritation, pain, etc.)
Tränendrüse {f} :: lacrimal gland
Tränengas {n} :: tear gas
Tränen lachen {v} [idiom] :: to laugh to tears
tränennass {adj} :: wet with tears
tränenreich {adj} :: tearful
Trank {m} :: a drink, generally mixed of several ingredients, and often for medical or magical effect; a potion
Trank {m} [elevated, archaic] :: any drink
Tränke {f} :: waterer, fount (device from which animals drink)
Tränke {f} :: drinking trough
Tränke {f} :: watering place
Tränke {f} :: sipper tube
Tränke {f} :: cow tank
tränken {vt} :: to water (to provide (animals) with water)
Transacetylase {f} [enzyme] :: transacetylase
Transaktion {f} :: transaction
transatlantisch {adj} :: transatlantic
transcendental {adj} :: obsolete spelling of transzendental
transchieren {v} :: alternative spelling of tranchieren
Transdanubien {prop} {n} :: Transdanubia
Transdanubien {prop} {n} [Austria, colloquial] :: The part of Vienna that lies to the northeast of the Danube: Donaustadt and Floridsdorf, collectively
transdisziplinär {adj} :: transdisciplinary
Transduktion {f} :: transduction
Transfer {m} [finance] :: transfer (the act of moving money to another country)
Transfer {m} [sports] :: transfer (the act of moving a player to another club)
Transfer {m} [formal, specialist] :: transfer (passing on, moving in general); also of travellers, but otherwise not used of people (except in the sports context)
Transferase {f} [enzyme] :: transferase
Transferfenster {n} [sports] :: transfer window (period during which a club may buy and sell players from/to another)
transferieren {v} [finance] :: to transfer (move money to another country)
transferieren {v} [formal, specialist] :: to transfer (pass on, move in general); also of travellers, but otherwise not usually of people
transferieren {v} [sports, rare] :: to transfer (move a player to another club)
Transferrin {n} [protein] :: transferrin
transfinit {adj} [maths] :: transfinite
Transformation {f} :: transformation
Transformator {m} :: transformer (electrical device)
Transformatorenwicklung {f} :: transformer winding
transformieren {v} :: to transform
transfreundlich {adj} :: trans-friendly
Transfusion {f} [medicine] :: The transfer of blood or blood products from one individual to another
Transfusion {f} :: The act of pouring liquid from one vessel to another
transgeschlechtlich {adj} :: transgender
transident {adj} :: transidentity
Transistor {m} :: transistor
Transit {m} :: transit
transitiv {adj} [grammar, of verbs] :: transitive
transitiv {adj} [math] :: transitive
transitives Verb {n} [grammar] :: transitive verb
transitorisch {adj} :: transitory
transkontinental {adj} :: transcontinental
transkribieren {v} :: to transcribe (convert from speech to written text)
transkribieren {v} :: to transcribe; to transliterate (convert from one script to another)
Transkription {f} :: transcription, transliteration
Translation {f} [math, physics] :: translation (motion without deformation or rotation)
Translation {f} [genetics] :: translation (process whereby a strand of mRNA directs assembly of amino acids into proteins within a ribosome)
Translation {f} [Christianity] :: translation (transfer of a holy relic from one shrine to another)
Translation {f} [linguistics, rare] :: cover term for both written translation and spoken interpreting
Translativ {m} [grammar] :: translative case
transliterieren {v} :: to transliterate
translozieren {v} :: To translocate
transloziert {v} :: past participle of translozieren
transloziert {adj} :: translocated
transluzent {adj} :: translucent
transmembranös {adj} :: transmembranous
Transmetallierung {f} :: transmetallation
transnistrisch {adj} :: Transnistrian
transparent {adj} :: translucent (allowing light to pass through)
transparent {adj} [less common] :: fully transparent; see-through
transparent {adj} [figurative] :: transparent
Transparent {n} :: banner
Transparentpapier {n} :: tracing paper (translucent paper)
Transparenz {f} :: transparency
transphobisch {adj} :: transphobic
Transplantat {n} :: graft, transplant
Transplantation {f} [medicine] :: transplantation
Transport {m} :: transport, transportation
transportabel {adj} :: transportable
Transporter {m} [vehicles] :: transporter, carrier, van
transportierbar {adj} :: portable, transportable
transportieren {v} :: to transport
Transportmittel {n} :: transportation, means of transport
Transportvorgang {m} [physics, biology] :: transport process
Transportweg {m} :: transport route
Transpressionismus {m} :: transpressionism
Transrapid {prop} {m} :: A German maglev monorail system
Transsexualismus {m} :: transsexualism
transspezifisch {adj} :: trans-specific, transspecies
Transsubstantiation {f} :: (Catholic Dogma) transsubstantiation
transversal {adj} :: transversal
Transvestit {m} :: transvestite (male or of unspecified sex)
transzendent {adj} :: transcendent
transzendent {adj} :: transcendental
transzendental {adj} :: transcendental
Transzendentalismus {m} :: transcendentalism
transzendieren {vt} :: to transcend
Trapez {n} :: trapeze, trapezium (gymnastics, sailing)
Trapez {n} [geometry] :: trapezium (UK), trapezoid (US)
Trapez {n} [geometry] :: trapezoid (UK), trapezium (US)
Trapez {n} [astronomy] :: Trapezium Cluster
Trapez {n} :: windsurfing harness
trapezförmig {adj} :: trapezoidal
Trappe {f} [birds] :: bustard
Trash {m} :: unsophisticated, cheap, or cheap-looking product, most often a cultural product such as a film; trash
trashig {adj} [colloquial, chiefly of cultural products] :: trashy; unsophisticated; cheap or cheap-looking
Trasse {f} [track and roadbed of a railway or road] :: line
Trassee {n} [Switzerland] :: line (track and roadbed of a railway or road)
Tratsch {m} :: gossip
tratschen {v} :: to gossip
Trattenbach {prop} {n} :: Trattenbach (municipality)
Traualtar {m} :: marriage altar
Traube {f} :: grape
Traube {f} :: bunch of grapes
Traube {f} :: a large number (of people)
Traube {f} [botany] :: raceme
Traubenkernöl {n} :: grape seed oil
Traubenkirsche {f} :: hagberry, Prunus padus; and New-World plants likened to it, usually black cherry, Prunus serotina, which is actually more common in Germany because of its resistence to European pests
Traubenlese {f} :: grape harvest
Traubenlese {f} :: vintage (yield of grapes during one season)
Traubensaft {m} :: grape juice
Traubenzucker {m} :: grape sugar, glucose
traubig {adj} :: grapy, grapelike
traue keiner Statistik, die du nicht selbst gefälscht hast {proverb} :: Always take statistics with a grain of salt
trauen {v} :: to trust
trauen {vt} :: to marry
trauen {vr} :: to dare
Trauer {f} :: mourning
Trauer {prop} {mf} :: surname
Trauerameisenwürger {m} :: glossy antshrike
Trauerfeier {f} :: funeral ceremony, funeral service
Trauermantel {m} :: mourning cloak, Camberwell beauty (butterfly)
trauern {v} :: to mourn
trauern {v} :: to be sad
Trauerschnäpper {m} :: the pied flycatcher (bird in the flycatcher family, Ficedula hypoleuca)
Trauerschwan {m} :: black swan, Cygnus atratus [refers to the swan species collectively or to an individual swan] (male or of unspecified sex)
Trauerschwänin {f} :: black swan, Cygnus atratus (female)
Trauerspiel {n} :: tragedy (drama)
Trauertag {m} :: day of mourning
Trauerweide {f} :: weeping willow, Peking willow (tree)
Trauerzug {m} :: funeral procession
Traufe {f} :: eaves
traulich {adj} :: familiar; cosy, homely
Traum {m} :: dream
Trauma {n} :: trauma
traumatisch {adj} :: traumatic
traumatisieren {v} :: to traumatize, to traumatise
Traumdeuter {m} :: interpreter of dreams
Traumdeutung {f} :: interpretation of dreams
träumen {v} :: to dream
Träumer {m} :: dreamer
Träume sind Schäume {phrase} :: (the content of) dreams are irrelevant and meaningless; what you have dreamt is not to become reality (≈ dreams are ten a penny, dreams are but shadows; literally: “dreams are foams/froths”)
traumhaft {adj} :: dreamlike, belonging in a dream
traumhaft {adj} :: amazing
Traumjob {m} :: dream job
Traumland {n} :: dreamland
traumlos {adj} :: dreamless
Traumurlaub {m} :: dream vacation
traumwandeln {v} :: to sleepwalk
traumwandlerisch {adj} :: sleepwalking
Traun {prop} {n} :: Traun (municipality)
Traunkirchen {prop} {n} :: Traunkirchen (municipality)
traurig {adj} :: sad
traurig {adv} :: sadly
trauriger {adj} :: comparative of traurig
traurigerweise {adv} :: sadly
Traurigkeit {f} :: sadness, unhappiness
traurigsten {adj} :: superlative of traurig
Trauring {m} :: wedding ring
trau, schau, wem {phrase} :: learn more about a person before you trust them
Traute {prop} :: given name
Trauung {f} :: wedding vows
Trauung {f} [by extension] :: wedding
Trauzeuge {m} :: best man
Trauzeuge {m} :: witness to a marriage
Travertin {m} [geology] :: travertine
Treber {m} :: residue mass from making beer or brandy, draff, marc, pomace
Trebesing {prop} {n} :: Trebesing (municipality)
Treck {noun} :: The Boer migration of 1835-1837 (der Große Treck, "the great trek")
Treck {noun} :: A migration of refugees, such as those in Europe after the second world war
Trecker {m} [regional, chiefly northern and western Germany] :: tractor
Tredezillion {num} :: A long scale tredecillion, 1078
Treff {n} [card games] :: clubs
Treff {m} :: meeting point
treffen {vtr} :: to meet; to encounter
treffen {vti} :: to hit; to strike
treffen {vt} :: to affect; to concern
treffen {vir} [colloquial, often with “gut” or “schlecht”] :: to hit the mark; to suit; to be convenient, fortunate
Treffen {n} :: a meeting
treffend {adj} :: apt, apposite
treffend {adj} :: appropriate
Treffer {m} :: hit (A blow, punch, strike hitting a target.)
trefflich {adj} :: splendid, excellent
Treffpunkt {m} :: meeting place
Treibarbeit {f} :: repoussé work
Treibeis {n} :: drift ice
treiben {vt} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to drive (e.g. livestock); to propel; to force
treiben {vt} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to put forth; to produce; to sprout
treiben {vt} [figuratively, auxiliary: “haben”] :: to urge
treiben {vt} [vulgar, slang, auxiliary: “haben”] :: to fuck
treiben {vi} [auxiliary: “sein”] :: to drift; to float about
treiben {vi} [auxiliary: “sein”] :: to sprout
treiben {vt} :: to do, to get up to
Treiben {n} :: in all its senses
Treiber {m} :: agent noun of treiben
Treiber {m} [computing] :: driver
Treiber {m} [hunting] :: beater (male or of unspecified sex)
Treibgas {n} :: propellant (gaseous)
Treibgut {n} :: flotsam, floating debris
Treibhaus {n} :: greenhouse, hothouse, forcing house
Treibhauseffekt {m} :: greenhouse effect
Treibhausgas {n} :: greenhouse gas
Treibholz {n} :: driftwood
Treibsand {m} :: quicksand
Treibsand {m} [dated] :: silt
Treibstoff {m} :: fuel
Treibstofftank {m} :: fuel tank
Treibstoffverbrauch {m} :: fuel consumption
treideln {v} :: to tow a ship or boat along a river or canal (usually by means of horses)
treife {adj} [Judaism, of food] :: treyf (being unpermitted food)
Trema {n} :: trema (diacritic mark, two dots above the letter to indicate diaeresis)
Tremolit {m} [mineral] :: tremolite
Tremor {m} :: tremor
Trend {m} :: trend (tendency, direction of a development)
Trend {m} :: trend (fab, fashion, popular inclination)
trendig {adj} :: trendy
Trendwende {f} :: turnaround (in the economy)
trennbar {adj} :: separable
trennen {v} :: to separate, sever, part, disunite, uncouple, segregate, unjoin, disjoin
trennen {v} :: to sunder
trennen {v} :: to delink, unlink, disconnect, detach
trennen {v} :: to isolate
Trennlinie {f} :: divide, dividing line, parting line, separating line
Trennstrich {m} :: hyphen (symbol used to indicate a word has been split)
Trennung {f} :: A separation, parting
Trennungszeichen {n} :: hyphen
Trennverfahren {n} [chemistry] :: separation process / method
Trennwand {f} [architecture] :: partition, interior wall, partition wall
Trennwand {f} [furniture] :: folding screen, room divider
Treppe {f} :: stairs
Treppenabgang {m} :: staircase, stairway
Treppenabsatz {m} :: landing (in a staircase)
Treppenflucht {f} :: flight of stairs
Treppenhaus {n} :: stairwell
Treppennatter {f} :: ladder snake (Rhinechis scalaris)
Treppenschacht {m} :: stairway enclosure
Treppenstufe {f} :: step
Treppenwitz {m} [fairly rare] :: staircase wit; l'esprit de l'escalier; a remark or rejoinder thought of only when it is too late
Treppenwitz {m} [more common] :: an ironic and absurd coincidence; something that, if it were not true, would seem like a bad joke
Tresen {m} :: counter, bar
Tresor {m} :: safe, vault
Trespe {f} :: cheat grass; bromegrass; chess (kind of grass growing in fields of corn or grain)
Tresse {f} [uniforms] :: lace, plait
Trester {m} :: press cake
Tretauto {n} :: pedal car
treten {vt} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to step; to tread; to trample
treten {vt} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to kick (a ball)
treten {vi} [auxiliary: “sein”] :: to step; to tread
treten {vi} [auxiliary: “sein”, figuratively] :: to appear
treten {vi} [auxiliary: “sein”] :: to pedal
treten {vi} [auxiliary: “sein”] :: to walk
Treterei {f} :: kicking
Tretlager {n} :: bottom bracket
Tretmühle {f} :: treadwheel, treadmill
Tretroller {m} :: kick scooter, push scooter
treu {adj} :: loyal; faithful; true
Treubach {prop} {n} :: Treubach (municipality)
treudoof {adj} :: naive
Treue {f} :: faithfulness, loyalty
Treuhand {f} [finance] :: trust
Treuhänder {m} [law] :: fiduciary, trustee
treuhänderisch {adj} [law] :: fiduciary
treuherzig {adj} :: trusting, ingenuous
treuliebend {adj} :: loving with a certain degree of devotedness or meekness; [of a husband also] uxorious (but somewhat less negative)
treulos {adj} :: disloyal, perfidious
Treulosigkeit {f} :: disloyalty, perfidy
treusorgend {adj} :: devoted, faithful
trew {adj} :: obsolete spelling of treu
Trgl. {noun} [music] :: abbreviation of Triangel
tri- {prefix} :: tri- (three)
Triade {f} :: triad [underground society]
Trialkyl {n} [organic chemistry] :: trialkyl
Triangel {m} [geometry, obsolete] :: triangle, trigon
Triangel {n} {m} :: triangle (musical instrument)
triangulieren {v} [geometry] :: to triangulate
Triarsan {n} :: triarsane
Trias {prop} :: the Triassic
Triathlon {m} :: triathlon
Tribologie {f} [physics, engineering] :: tribology
Tribometer {n} [physics] :: tribometer (device to measure the friction of a surface)
Tribromid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: tribromide
Tribunal {n} :: an assembly of one or more judges to conduct judicial business
Tribunal {n} :: a court, especially one set up to hold a trial against a certain crime or group of crimes
Tribunal {n} :: the seat of a judge
Tribüne {f} [for a speaker] :: platform, rostrum
Tribüne {f} [seating area] :: grandstand
Tribut {m} :: tribute (payment made by one nation to another in submission)
Tribut {m} [figurative] :: toll
Tributylphosphat {n} [organic compound] :: tributyl phosphate
trichinenhaltig {adj} :: trichinous
Trichlorid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: trichloride
Trichlorsilan {n} [organic compound] :: trichlorosilane
Trichomanie {f} :: trichotillomania
Trichter {m} :: funnel
trichterförmig {adj} :: funnel-shaped
Trichterspinne {f} :: araneomorph funnel-web spider (Agelenidae)
Trick {m} :: trick
Trick {m} :: ruse
Trick {m} :: gimmick
Trickbetrüger {m} :: conman, con artist
trickreich {adj} :: artful
trickreich {adj} :: tricky
trickreich {adj} :: clever
trickreich {adj} :: wily
tricksen {v} :: to trick
tricksen {v} :: to cheat
Trickserei {f} :: trickery
Trieb {m} :: sprout
Trieb {m} [psychology] :: drive (desire or interest)
Trieb {m} :: urge, impulse, desire
Trieben {prop} {n} :: Trieben (municipality)
Triebleben der Klänge {noun} :: Chordal life force
Triebwerk {n} :: engine (especially of an aircraft)
Triebwerk {n} :: motion (of a watch)
Triebwerk {n} :: drive mechanism
Triebwerk {n} :: power plant
triefen {v} :: to drip heavily
triefen {v} :: to be so wet that a large volume of water drips off (of one)
Triefnase {f} :: runny nose
triefnass {adj} :: soaking wet
Trier {prop} {n} :: Trier (independent city)
trierisch {adj} :: Trevian (of or relating to Trier)
Triesen {prop} {n} :: Triesen (municipality)
Triest {prop} {n} :: Triest (capital city)
Triethylaluminium {n} [organic compound] :: triethylaluminium
Triethylamin {n} [organic compound] :: triethylamine
triezen {v} :: to disturb or annoy someone, especially in order to provoke a reaction; to goad
Trifluorid {n} :: trifluoride
Trift {f} :: grassy track, cattle track
Trift {f} :: (poor) pastureland, grazing, sheepwalk
Trift {f} :: log driving, timber floating
Trift {f} :: violent stream or swell (of the sea caused by strong winds)
Trift {f} :: drifting (being moved by external powers; most often of a ship)
Trift {f} :: floating debris (being moved by surface currents)
Trifteis {n} :: drift ice
triftig {adj} :: convincing
triftig {adj} :: valid, cogent
Triglycerid {n} [organic chemistry] :: triglyceride
trigonal {adj} :: trigonal
Trigonometrie {f} :: trigonometry
trigonometrisch {adj} :: trigonometric
Triiodid {n} :: triiodide
Triiodthyronin {n} [organic compound] :: triiodothyronine
Trikohlenstoffdioxid {n} [organic compound] :: tricarbon dioxide
Trikot {n} :: jersey; sport shirt
Trikot {n} [by extension] :: sport kit
Trilemma {n} :: trilemma
Trilliarde {num} :: A long scale trilliard, 1021; a short scale sextillion
trilliardste {ordinal num} :: sextillionth
Trillion {num} :: quintillion (1018)
trillionste {ordinal num} :: quintillionth
Trilogie {f} :: trilogy
Trimester {n} :: trimester, third part of an academic year
Trimethylaluminium {n} [organic compound] :: trimethylaluminium
Trimethylarsin {n} [organic compound] :: trimethylarsine
Trimethylborat {n} [organic compound] :: trimethyl borate
Trimethylgallium {n} [organic compound] :: trimethylgallium
trinär {adj} :: trinary
Trine {f} [colloquial, vulgar] :: a woman, a girl
Trinidad und Tobago {prop} {n} :: Trinidad and Tobago
Trinität {f} :: trinity, triad
Trinität {f} [Christianity] :: Trinity [no plural, singular only]
trinkbar {adj} :: potable
Trinkbecher {m} :: drinking-cup
Trinkbrunnen {m} :: water fountain
trinken {vt} :: to drink (to consume (a liquid) through the mouth or the liquid contained within (a bottle, glass, etc.))
trinken {vi} :: to drink (to consume alcoholic beverages)
trinken {vi} :: to drink; to toast (engage in a salutation (of someone), accompanying the raising of glasses while drinking alcohol)
trinken {vr} :: to drink one's fill; to drink to satiety
Trinken {n} :: drinking (consumption of liquids)
Trinken {n} :: drinking (alcohol abuse)
Trinken {n} [chiefly colloquial, but becoming standard] :: something to drink, a beverage
Trinker {m} :: drinker (one who drinks a particular (nonalcoholic) beverage, used as part of compounds such as: coffee / tea / milk drinker) (male or of unspecified sex)
Trinker {m} :: drinker (one who drinks alcohol) (male or of unspecified sex)
Trinker {m} :: alcoholic (male or of unspecified sex)
trinkfest {adj} :: hard-drinking, having a hollow leg, able to hold one's drink (capable of drinking large amounts of alcohol without getting sick)
Trinkflasche {f} :: drinking bottle
trinkfreudig {adj} :: bibulous, prone to consuming alcohol
trinkfreudiger {adj} :: comparative of trinkfreudig
trinkfreudigsten {adj} :: superlative of trinkfreudig
Trinkgefäß {n} :: drinking vessel
Trinkgeld {n} :: tip (A small amount of money left for a bartender, waiter, taxi driver or other servant as a token of appreciation.)
Trinkglas {n} :: drinking glass
Trinkhalle {f} [regional, Ruhrgebiet] :: kiosk
Trinkspruch {m} :: toast (salutation)
Trinkwasser {n} :: drinking water
Trinkwasserfluoridierung {f} :: fluoridation of drinking water
Trinkwasserquelle {f} :: source of drinking water
Trins {prop} {n} :: Trins (municipality)
Trio {n} :: trio
Trioxid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: trioxide
Trip {m} [drugs] :: trip
Trip {m} [tourism] :: trip
Tripel {n} :: triple (mathematics - a kind of three)
Tripelpunkt {m} [thermodynamics] :: triple point
Triphenylen {n} :: triphenylene
Triphenylphosphan {n} [organic compound] :: triphenylphosphane
Triphenylphosphin {n} [organic compound] :: triphenylphosphine
Triphosphat {n} [chemistry] :: triphosphate
Triphylin {m} [mineral] :: triphyline
Triplett {n} :: triplet
Tripolis {prop} {n} :: Tripolis (capital)
trippeln {v} :: to skip, trip [move in light, quick steps]
Triregnum {n} :: the triregnum, the papal triple crown
Trireme {f} [history, nautical] :: trireme, an ancient galley having three banks of oars
Triselan {n} [organic chemistry] :: triselane
Triselenid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: triselenide
Triskaidekaphobie {f} :: triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13)
Triskele {f} :: triskele
trist {adj} :: dull
trist {adj} :: miserable
trist {adj} :: sad
Tristach {prop} {n} :: Tristach (municipality)
Tristan {prop} :: given name
trister {adj} :: comparative of trist
Tristesse {f} :: sadness, misery
tristesten {adj} :: superlative of trist
trisubstituiert {adj} [chemistry] :: trisubstituted
Trisulfid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: trisulfide
Tritid {n} :: tritide
Tritium {n} :: tritium (hydrogen isotope, chemical symbol: T)
Tritt {m} :: step
Tritt {m} :: kick
Trittbrett {n} :: footboard
Trittbrettfahrer {m} [idiomatic] :: freeloader
trittfest {adj} :: tread-resistant
trittfest {adj} :: surefooted
Tritt in den Arsch {v} [colloquial] :: kick oneself in the ass
Triumph {m} :: triumph
Triumphbogen {m} :: triumphal arch
Triumphbogen {prop} {m} :: Arc de Triomphe
triumphieren {v} :: to triumph
Triumphzug {m} :: victory procession
Triumvirat {n} :: triumvirate
trivial {adj} :: trivial (common, easy, obvious)
trivialer {adj} :: comparative of trivial
trivialisieren {v} :: trivialize, trivialise
Trivialität {f} :: triviality, banality, shallowness, triteness
Trivialität {f} :: trifle
Trivialname {m} :: trivial name
trivialsten {adj} :: superlative of trivial
trochäisch {adj} :: trochaic
trocken {adj} :: dry (not wet; lacking water)
trocken {adj} [wine] :: dry (not sweet)
trocken {adj} [person] :: dry (abstinent after having had an alcohol problem)
trocken {adj} [joke] :: dry (subtly humorous, and often mildly rude)
trocken {adj} :: dry (dull, boring)
Trockenbatterie {f} :: dry battery, dry cell
Trockenbeerenauslese {f} :: Wine produced from specially selected and individually picked grapes. These grapes are afflicted with noble rot and therefore semi-dehydrated and shrivelled
trocken Brot {n} :: bread with nothing on it, particularly without butter or margarine
Trockendock {n} :: drydock
Trockeneis {n} :: dry ice
Trockengewicht {n} :: dry weight
Trockenhaube {f} :: hair dryer, hood, hood of hair dryer
Trockenheit {f} [uncountable] :: dryness, lack of moisture
Trockenheit {f} [countable] :: dryness (degree to which something is dry)
Trockenheit {f} [countable] :: drought
Trockenheit {f} [uncountable] :: dryness [of e.g. a lecture that is factual and boring]
Trockenmasse {f} :: dry matter
Trockenmittel {n} :: desiccant
Trockenobst {n} :: dried fruit
Trockenpflaume {f} :: prune
Trockensubstanz {f} :: dry matter
Trockentuch {n} [perhaps regional] :: dish towel; tea towel (cloth principally used to dry dishes with, but also sometimes surfaces etc.)
Trockenzeit {f} :: dry season
trocknen {v} :: to dry
Trockner {m} :: dryer, clothes dryer
Trockner {m} :: dehumidifier
Trocknung {f} :: drying
Trocknungsmittel {n} :: desiccant (drying agent)
trödeln {v} :: to dally, to trifle, to waste time
Troer {m} :: Trojan
Trofaiach {prop} {n} :: Trofaiach (municipality)
Trog {m} [agriculture] :: trough (narrow container for animals to drink or eat from)
Trog {m} [geology] :: trench [often filled with sediments]
Troglodyt {m} :: troglodyte
Troika {f} :: troika (Russian vessel)
Troika {f} :: triumvirate (Group of three men)
troisch {adj} :: synonym of trojanisch
Troja {prop} {n} :: Troja (ancient city)
Trojaner {m} [person from Troy] :: Trojan
Trojaner {m} [computing] :: trojan
trojanisch {adj} :: Trojan
Trojanisches Pferd {n} :: Trojan horse
Troll {m} [mythology, literature] :: troll
Troll {m} [colloquial] :: an ugly or boorish person
Troll {m} [Internet] :: troll
Trommel {f} :: drum
Trommel {f} :: barrel
Trommelbremse {f} :: drum brake
Trommelfell {n} [music] :: drumhead
Trommelfell {n} [anatomy] :: eardrum
Trommelfeuer {n} [military] :: drumfire, barrage
trommeln {v} :: to drum, to beat a drum
Trommelralle {f} :: invisible rail [Habroptila wallacii]
Trommelwirbel {m} :: drumroll
Trommler {m} :: drummer, one who plays the drums
Trompe {f} [architecture] :: squinch
Trompete {f} :: trumpet (musical instrument)
trompeten {v} :: to trumpet
Trompetenspieler {m} :: trumpet player (male or of unspecified sex)
Tromsø {prop} :: Tromsø
-trop {suffix} :: Placename suffix found chiefly in north-western Germany
Trope {f} :: trope (figure of speech)
Tropen {p} :: tropics (tropical zone of the earth)
tropenfest {adj} :: tropicalized, tropicalised
Tropeninsel {f} :: tropical island
Tropenklima {n} :: tropical climate
Tröpfchen {n} :: droplet
Tröpfcheninfektion {f} :: airborne infection, droplet infection
Tröpfchenmodell {n} [physics] :: droplet model (of the atomic nucleus)
tröpfeln {v} :: to drip, to fall or trickle down in small drops
tröpfeln {v} [colloquial] :: to sprinkle, to rain a few little drops
tropfen {v} :: to drop, to drip
Tropfen {m} :: drop
Tropfenform {f} :: drop shape
tropfenförmig {adj} :: drop-shaped
tropfenweise {adj} :: dropwise
tropfenweise {adv} :: In drops, one drop at a time, dropwise
Tröpflein {n} :: diminutive of Tropfen
tropfnass {adj} :: soaking wet
Tropfstein {m} :: dripstone: stalactite or stalagmite
Tropfsteinhöhle {f} :: cave in which there are dripstones
Trophäe {f} :: trophy
Trophäe {f} [historical] :: tropæum
tropisch {adj} :: tropical (relating to both tropics and tropes)
tropologisch {adj} :: tropological
Troposphäre {f} :: troposphere
Tropus {m} :: trope (figure of speech)
Tross {m} :: baggage train
Trosse {f} :: hawser
Trost {m} :: consolation
trösten {v} :: to console
Tröster {m} :: consoler
tröstlich {adj} :: comforting
trostlos {adj} :: dreary, bleak, desolate
trostlos {adj} :: depressing
trostlos {adj} :: inconsolable
Trostpreis {m} :: consolation prize
Tröte {f} [regional] :: toy horn, toy trumpet (a small trumpet-like wind instrument, especially for children)
Tröte {f} [regional, humorous] :: blowhorn, bullhorn, loudhailer, megaphone
tröten {v} [music] :: to play a wind instrument
Trott {m} :: rut; routine
Trotte {f} [regional, chiefly Switzerland] :: winepress
Trotte {f} [architecture] :: building housing a winepress
Trottel {m} :: idiot
trottelig {adj} :: goofy, gaga, doddery, scatterbrained
trotten {v} :: to trot
Trottoir {n} [Switzerland, regional in Germany] :: sidewalk
trotz {prep} :: in spite of, despite
Trotz {m} :: defiance
trotzdem {adv} :: anyhow, nevertheless
trotzdem {conj} [less frequent, introduces a subordinate clause] :: although
trotzen {vt} [with dative] :: to defy, to brave
trotzig {adj} :: defiant
Trotzkismus {m} :: Trotskyism
Trotzkist {m} :: Trotskyist
Trotzkistin {m} :: female Trotskyist
trüb {adj} :: turbid
trüb {adj} :: dim
trüb {adj} :: sad
Trubel {m} :: turbulence, confusion, hubbub
trüben {v} :: to muddle
Trübheit {f} :: turbidity
Trübheit {f} :: dimness
Trübheit {f} :: sadness
Trübsal {f} [formal] :: A struck-down, sad, worried emotional state
trübselig {adj} :: surly
Trübsinn {m} :: gloom, melancholy
trübsinnig {adj} :: gloomy, dismal, melancholic, depressed
Trübung {f} :: blur, haze, cloudiness
Trübung {f} :: turbidity, clouding
Truchsess {m} [historical] :: steward
Trude {prop} {f} :: given name, diminutive of Gertrude
trudeln {v} :: to spin [irregulary]
Trudeln {n} [aviation] :: spin
Trüffel {f} {m} :: truffle
Trüffelschwein {n} :: truffle pig, truffle hog
Trugbild {n} :: illusion
trügen {vt} :: to deceive
trügen {vi} :: to be deceptive
trügerisch {adj} :: deceptive, misleading, illusory
trügerisch {adj} :: deceitful
Trugschluss {m} :: fallacy (false argument)
Truhe {f} :: chest (box)
Trulla {f} [colloquial] :: A somewhat negative word for a female person, sometimes associated with slovenliness, sometimes more with silliness and loquacity (in this sense especially of little girls)
Trumau {prop} {n} :: Trumau (municipality)
Trümmer {p} {mf} :: ruins, debris, wreckage, remains, fragments
Trümmerfrau {f} [historical] :: woman who helped to rebuild German and Austrian cities after World War II
Trümmersprache {f} [linguistics] :: An extinct language which is attested only in a very small corpus and whose structure is therefore widely unreconstructable; examples include Pictish, Hunnic, and Crimean Gothic
Trump {prop} {mf} :: Trump, surname
Trumpf {m} [also, card games] :: trump
Trümpfe aus der Hand geben {v} [idiom] :: to squander one's advantage
Trumpistan {prop} {n} :: Trumpistan
Trunk {m} :: a drink, generally mixed of several ingredients, and often for medical or magical effect; a potion
Trunk {m} [elevated, archaic] :: any drink
Trunk {m} [archaic, except in compounds] :: the act of drinking
trunken {adj} :: drunk, intoxicated
Trunkenbold {m} [derogatory] :: drunkard
Trunkenheit {f} :: drunkenness, inebriation
Trunkenheit {f} :: intoxication (high excitement of mind)
Trunksucht {f} :: drinking problem, alcoholism
trunksüchtig {adj} :: bibulous, alcoholic
Trupp {m} :: troop
Truppe {f} :: troupe (company of actors, etc.)
Truppe {f} [military] :: force
Truppe {f} [military, no plural] :: forces
Truppe {f} [sports] :: team
Truppenteil {m} :: unit of troops
Truppenübung {f} [military] :: military exercise
Truppenverband {m} :: military unit, task force
Truppenverband {m} :: battle unit
Truppenverband {m} [in the plural] :: forces, troops
Truthahn {m} :: male turkey
Truthenne {f} [specialist or regional] :: female turkey
Truthuhn {n} [specialist or regional] :: turkey (the species; an individual of either sex)
Trutz {m} :: defence, resistance
trutzen {v} :: alternative form of trotzen
trutzig {adj} :: defiant
Trypanosoma {n} :: trypanosome
Tryparsamid {n} :: tryparsamide
Tryptophan {n} :: tryptophan (amino acid)
Tsatsiki {m} {n} :: Tzatziki, tzadziki, or tsatsiki, a Greek meze or appetizer, made of strained yoghurt with cucumbers, garlic, salt and spices
tsch. {adj} :: abbreviation of tschechisch
Tschad {prop} {m} :: Tschad (country)
tschadisch {adj} :: Chadian
Tschagguns {prop} {n} :: Tschagguns (municipality)
Tschaike {f} :: tschaike
Tschako {m} :: shako (military dress hat)
Tschanigraben {prop} {n} :: Tschanigraben (municipality)
Tschatsch {prop} {n} :: Chach
tschau {interj} :: goodbye, ciao
Tscheche {m} :: Czech (man from the Czech Republic)
Tschechei {prop} {f} [now unofficial] :: Czechia, the lands of the Czech
Tschechien {prop} {n} :: the Czech Republic
Tschechin {f} :: Czech (woman from the Czech Republic)
tschechisch {adj} :: Czech
Tschechisch {prop} {n} :: Czech (language)
Tschechische Republik {prop} {f} :: Tschechische Republik (country)
Tschechoslowake {m} :: a male Czechoslovakian
Tschechoslowakei {prop} {f} :: Czechoslovakia
Tschechoslowakin {f} :: a female Czechoslovakian
tschechoslowakisch {adj} :: Czechoslovak, Czechoslovakian
Tscherms {prop} :: Tscherms (municipality)
Tschernken {m} :: climbing boot, mountain boot
Tschernken {m} :: nail for climbing boots
Tschernobyl {prop} {n} :: Tschernobyl (city)
Tschetschene {m} :: Chechen (man from Chechnya)
Tschetschenien {prop} {n} :: Tschetschenien (republic)
Tschetschenin {f} :: Chechen (woman from Chechnya)
tschetschenisch {adj} :: Chechen (of or pertaining to Chechnya)
Tschetschenisch {prop} {n} :: Chechen (the Chechen language)
Tschick {m} [Austrian, colloquial] :: cigarette
Tschick {m} [Austrian, colloquial] :: cigarette butt
Tschik {m} [Austrian, colloquial] :: alternative spelling of Tschick
tschö {interj} :: alternative form of tschüss
tschuess {interj} :: alternative spelling of tschüß
Tschuktsche {m} :: Chukchi (a man belonging to the Chukchi people)
Tschuktschin {f} :: Chukchi (a woman belonging to the Chukchi people)
tschuktschisch {adj} :: Chukchi (related to the Chukchi, their language or their culture)
Tschuktschisch {prop} {n} :: Chukchi (the Chukchi language)
Tschungel {noun} [rare, usually Switzerland] :: Dschungel
Tschuri {prop} {m} :: The comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko
tschüs {interj} [colloquial, rather rare] :: alternative form of tschüss
Tschusch {noun} [Austria, derogative, colloquial] :: a person of Slavic or oriental origin
tschüsch {interj} [immigrant or youth slang, regional] :: whoa; used to express amazement, disbelief, or sometimes contempt
tschüss {interj} [colloquial] :: bye, cheers, ciao
tschüß {interj} [colloquial] :: alternative form of tschüss
Tschuwasche {m} :: Chuvash (a man from Chuvashia)
Tschuwaschien {prop} {n} :: Tschuwaschien (republic)
Tschuwaschin {f} :: Chuvash (woman from Chuvashia)
tschuwaschisch {adj} :: Chuvash (of or pertaining to Chuvashia)
Tschuwaschisch {n} :: Chuvash (the Chuvash language)
Tsd. {noun} :: abbreviation of Tausend
T-Shirt {n} [clothing] :: T-shirt, tee
Tsumebit {n} [mineral] :: tsumebite
Tsumgallit {m} [mineral] :: tsumgallite
Tsunami {m} :: tsunami (large, destructive wave generally caused by a tremendous disturbance in the ocean)
TTS {m} [astronomy] :: initialism of T-Tauri-Stern
TU {noun} :: initialism of Technisch Universität a university of technology
Tuba {f} :: tuba
Tuba {f} [music] :: abbreviation of Basstuba
Tube {f} :: tube (container)
Tube {f} :: Fallopian tube
Tuberkulose {f} :: tuberculosis (infectious disease)
Tübingen {prop} {n} :: Tübingen
Tübinger {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Tübingen
Tubist {m} :: tubist
Tubus {n} :: tube (hollow cylinder) especially such a part of an optical instrument
Tuch {n} :: cloth; piece of fabric or tissue of any kind: scarf, kerchief, blanket, towel, etc
tuchen {adj} :: cloth (attributive)
Tuchfühlung {f} [figuratively] :: close contact
Tüchlein {n} :: diminutive of Tuch
tüchtig {adj} :: efficient
tüchtig {adj} :: capable
tüchtig {adj} :: hard
tüchtig {adj} :: hard-working
tüchtig {adj} :: competent
tüchtig {adj} :: big
tüchtig {adj} :: good
Tüchtigkeit {f} [no plural] :: efficiency, proficiency
Tüchtigkeit {f} [with plural] :: ability, competence
Tücke {f} [uncountable] :: malice, spite
Tücke {f} :: danger
Tücke {f} :: deceit, guile, trickery
tückisch {adj} :: dangerous, perilous
tückisch {adj} :: malicious
Tüddelkram {m} [regional, colloquial] :: knick-knacks, nonsense alternative form of Tüdelkram
tüdelig {adj} :: senile
Tuff {m} :: tuff
Tuff {m} :: tuft
tüfteln {v} :: to tinker
Tüftler {m} [person who tinkers with things] :: tinkerer (male or unspecified sex)
Tugend {f} :: virtue
tugendhaft {adj} :: virtuous, modest
tugendreich {adj} :: virtuous
Tukan {m} :: toucan (bird)
Tukan {m} [constellation] :: Tucana (star constellation)
Tulasilber {n} :: niello (made from silver)
Tulbing {prop} {n} :: Tulbing (municipality)
Tulfes {prop} {n} :: Tulfes (municipality)
Tüll {m} :: tulle
Tullnerbach {prop} {n} :: Tullnerbach (municipality)
Tulpe {f} :: tulip
Tulpenblüte {f} :: tulip blossom
Tulpenblüte {f} :: tulip blossom season, tulip blooming season
-tum {suffix} :: A suffix used to derive abstract nouns: -dom
tumb {adj} [rare, literary, dated] :: simple-minded; naive; oafish
Tümelei {f} :: chauvinism
tümeln {v} :: to act chauvinistically, jingoistically
Tumeltsham {prop} {n} :: Tumeltsham (municipality)
tummeln {vr} :: to romp [move about boisterously]
tummeln {vr} [Austria] :: to hurry
Tumor {m} :: tumor, tumour
Tumordiagnose {f} :: tumour diagnosis
tumorhemmend {adj} :: tumour-inhibiting
Tumormedizin {f} :: tumour medicine / drug
Tumorzelle {f} [cytology] :: tumour cell
Tümpel {m} :: shallow pond, pool
Tumult {m} :: tumult, ruckus, row
tumultuarisch {adj} :: tumultuous
tun {v} :: to do (to perform or execute an action)
tun {v} [with dative] :: to do something (positive or negative) to someone
tun {vr} [with an indefinite pronoun] :: to make a difference; to be different
tun {v} [somewhat colloquial, with “so” or “als ob”] :: to fake; to feign; to pretend
tun {v} [chiefly colloquial] :: to put, to place, to add
tun {v} [chiefly colloquial, with “es”] :: to work, to function
tun {v} [chiefly colloquial, but acceptable in writing] :: Used with the preceding infinitive of another verb to emphasise this verb
tun {v} [colloquial, non-standard] :: Used with the following infinitive of another verb, often to emphasise the statement
tun {v} [colloquial, non-standard] :: Used in the past subjunctive with the infinitive of another verb to form the conditional tense (instead of standard würde)
Tun {n} :: doing, deeds, behaviour
Tunau {prop} {n} :: Tunau (town)
tünchen {v} :: to whitewash [paint over with lime-water mixture]
Tundra {f} :: tundra (arctic form of vegetation)
tunen {vt} [colloquial] :: to tune (modify and optimize technical devices, chiefly cars)
tunen {vtr} [colloquial or humorous] :: to perform plastic surgery on
Tunesien {prop} {n} :: Tunisia
Tunesier {m} :: Tunisian (male person from Tunisia)
Tunesierin {f} :: Tunisian (female person from Tunisia)
tunesisch {adj} :: Tunisian (of or pertaining to Tunisia)
Tunichtgut {m} :: ne'er-do-well
Tunis {prop} {n} :: Tunis (capital city)
tunken {v} :: to dip
tunlich {adj} :: advisable
tunlich {adj} :: possible
tunlichst {adv} :: preferably
tunlichst {adv} :: definitely
Tunnel {m} {n} :: tunnel
Tunnelblick {m} :: tunnel vision
Tünnes {m} [colloquial, regional, Western Germany] :: tomfool, a male person who is (for whatever reason) ridiculous, not to be taken seriously
Tünnes {m} [colloquial, regional, Western Germany] :: a male person who is clumsy or forgetful [less negative than sense 1]
Tunte {f} [colloquial] :: queen (male homosexual)
tuntig {adj} [colloquial] :: camp
tun, was man nicht lassen kann {v} [idiom] :: to do what one thinks one must do; to do what one wants
Tunwort {n} [linguistics] :: verb
Tupamaros West-Berlin {prop} :: a small German left-wing group that carried out a series of bombings and arsons at the end of the 1960s
Tupel {n} [mathematics, set theory] :: tuple
Tupf {m} :: alternative form of Tupfen
Tüpfel {m} :: pit
Tüpfelwollrücken {m} :: Guianan slaty antshrike
tupfen {v} :: to dab (to touch repeatedly with a soft, often moist, object)
Tupfen {n} :: fleck (small spot), speck, spot
Tupilak {m} :: a tupilak
Tupperparty {f} :: a Tupperware party
Tür {f} :: door (rigid plane on a hinge)
Tür {f} :: door; doorway (passage that can be blocked with such a plane)
Türangel {f} :: hinge, door hinge
Turban {m} :: turban
turbieren {v} [obsolete] :: to disturb
Turbine {f} :: turbine
Turbinenblatt {n} :: turbine blade
Turbinenschaufel {f} :: turbine blade
Türblatt {n} :: doorleaf
Turbobenziner {m} :: a car with a turbocharged gasoline engine / petrol engine
Turbodiesel {m} :: a turbocharged diesel engine
Turbodiesel {m} :: a car with a turbocharged diesel engine
Turbogenerator {m} :: turbogenerator
Turbolader {m} :: turbocharger
turbulent {adj} :: turbulent
Turbulenz {f} :: turbulence
Türchen {n} :: diminutive of Tür
Türe {f} [dated, regional] :: alternative form of Tür
Turgor {m} :: turgor, turgidity
Türgriff {m} :: door handle, doorknob
Türhaken {m} :: door hook
Turin {prop} :: Turin (capital city)
Turin {prop} :: Turin (metropolitan city)
Turiner {m} :: Turinese
turingmächtig {adj} [computing] :: Turing complete
Turing-Test {m} :: Turing test
turinisch {adj} :: Turinese
Türke {m} :: a person from Turkey
Türkei {prop} {f} :: Turkey (country)
Türkeitürkisch {n} [scientific] :: Turkish; the varieties of Turkic spoken in Turkey (especially, but not exclusively, the Istanbul-based standard language)
Türkenbund {m} :: Common Turk's Cap Lily, Martagon Lily (Lilum martagon)
Türkentaube {f} :: collared dove
Türkin {f} :: a female person from Turkey, a female Turk
türkis {adj} :: turquoise (colour)
Türkis {m} :: turquoise (gemstone)
türkisch {adj} :: Turkish, Turkic
Türkisch {prop} {n} [common use] :: Turkish (language of Turkey)
Türkisch {prop} {n} [chiefly sciences] :: Turkic (language family or any of its members)
türkische Pizza {f} :: lahmacun (Oriental dish consisting of dough topped with a mass of meat; a common snack in Germany, often rolled and filled with salad)
türkische Wurst {f} :: a special kind of red Turkish sausage, originally called sucuk, with garlic and cumin
türkischstämmig {adj} :: Turkish
türkisfarben {adj} :: turquoise(-coloured)
Türklingel {f} :: doorbell
Türklinke {f} :: door handle
Türklopfer {m} :: door knocker
Turkmene {m} :: Turkmen (man from Turkmenistan)
Turkmenin {f} :: Turkmen (woman from Turkmenistan)
turkmenisch {adj} :: Turkmen (related to Turkmenistan, its people or its language)
Turkmenisch {n} :: Turkmen (language spoken in Turkmenistan)
Turkmenistan {prop} {n} :: Turkmenistan
Türknauf {m} :: doorknob
Türknopf {m} :: doorknob
Turkologie {f} :: Turkology
Turku {prop} {n} :: Turku (city)
Türlein {n} :: diminutive of Tür
'türlich {interj} [slang] :: for sure (affirmative interjection)
türlos {adj} :: doorless
Turm {m} [architecture] :: tower, spire (very tall building or structure, especially with a tapering top)
Turm {m} [architecture] :: steeple (tall tower on a church, normally topped with a spire)
Turm {m} [chess] :: rook (piece shaped like a castle tower)
Turm {m} [sports] :: diving platform (structure used for competitive diving)
Turmalin {m} [mineral] :: tourmaline
Turmbauer {m} [chess] :: rook's pawn
Türmchen {n} :: diminutive of Turm
türmen {vt} [auxiliary verb: haben] :: to pile, to pile up
türmen {vr} [auxiliary verb: haben] :: to pile up
türmen {vi} [auxiliary verb: sein] :: to flee, to escape, to skedaddle
Turmfalke {m} :: kestrel (Falco tinnunculus)
Türmlein {n} :: diminutive of Turm
Turmspitze {f} :: spire
Turmuhr {f} :: clock, church clock, tower clock
Turnau {prop} {n} :: Turnau (municipality)
Turnau {prop} {n} :: Turnov, Czechia
turnen {v} :: to do gymnastics
Turnen {n} :: gymnastics
Turner {m} :: a male gymnast
Turnerin {f} :: a female gymnast
Turnhalle {f} :: gym; sports hall (large room for indoor sports)
Turnhose {f} :: gym shorts
Turnier {n} :: tournament
turniererfahren {adj} :: experienced at competitions
Türnitz {prop} {n} :: Türnitz (municipality)
Türnitz {prop} {f} :: Türnitz (river)
Turnschuh {m} :: gymnastic shoe
Turnschuh {m} [general] :: athletic shoe, sport shoe
Turnus {m} :: rotation (regular change)
turnusgemäß {adv} :: rotationally
turnusgemäß {adv} :: regularly
turnusmäßig {adj} :: in rotation, in turn
Türrahmen {m} :: door frame, door casing
Turrini {prop} {mf} :: surname
Türschlüssel {m} :: door key
Türsteher {m} :: doorman, bouncer
Turteltäubchen {n} :: diminutive of Turteltaube
Turteltaube {f} :: turtle dove (also spelled: turtledove, turtle-dove)
Turteltaube {f} [figurative, usually, in the plural] :: a lovebird; either of the members of an openly affectionate couple
Tusch {m} [music, wind instruments] :: flourish, fanfare
Tusch {m} [Austrian] :: crash, bang, boom
Tusch {m} :: alternative form of Tusche
Tusche {f} :: Heavily tinted fluid with a binding agent used in inscription and labeling, tusche
Tusche {f} :: watercolor
Tusche {f} :: clipping of Wimperntusche
tuscheln {v} :: to whisper, to quietly and secretly say (something, usually something disparaging) about (someone)
Tuscheln {n} :: whispering
tuschen {v} :: to paint with watercolors
tuschen {v} :: to use mascara
Tussi {f} [slang, pejorative] :: chick, bimbo
Tutanchamun {prop} :: Tutankhamon
Tüte {f} :: a small to medium-sized bag, usually of paper or plastic (sometimes also of fabric, for which more properly Beutel)
Tüte {f} [slang] :: joint (marijuana cigarette)
Tutorial {n} :: tutorial
Tutorium {n} :: a tutorial
Tutorium {n} [specifically] :: a university class where skills taught in lectures or seminars are exercised, generally taught by a more advanced student (called Tutor) and often non-obligatory
Tüttel {n} :: nipple
Tüttel {m} {n} :: tittle
Tutu {n} :: tutu (ballet skirt)
TÜV {m} :: MOT [UK], (automobile) inspection [US]
Tuvalu {prop} {n} :: Tuvalu
tuvaluisch {adj} :: Tuvaluan
tuwinisch {adj} :: Tuvan
Tuwinisch {prop} {n} :: Tuvan
Tuwort {n} [linguistics] :: verb
Tweed {m} :: tweed [cloth]
Tweet {m} :: tweet (post to Twitter)
Twen {m} :: twentysomething
Tweng {prop} {n} :: Tweng (municipality)
Twist {m} [dancing] :: twist
Twitter {n} [internet] :: Twitter
twittern {v} :: to tweet (post to Twitter)
Tychit {m} [mineral] :: tychite
Typ {m} :: type
Typ {m} [colloquial] :: guy; bloke
Typberatung {f} :: styling consultation
Type {f} :: a type in typesetting
Type {f} :: a type of a typewriter or some kinds of printer
Type {f} [dated] :: an unspecified person referred to in a somewhat respectless way; bloke
Typentheorie {f} :: type theory
Typinferenz {f} [software] :: type inference
typisch {adj} :: typical
typischerweise {adv} :: typically
typisieren {v} :: to classify, type
typisieren {v} :: to typify
Typisierung {f} [computing] :: typing (act of a type system associating types with each computed value)
Typlokalität {f} :: type locality
Typografie {f} :: alternative form of Typographie
typografisch {adj} :: typographic
typografisch {adv} :: typographically
Typographie {f} :: typography
typographisch {adj} :: alternative form of typografisch
typographisch {adv} :: alternative form of typografisch
Typsystem {n} [computing] :: type system
Typus {m} :: type
Typus {m} :: character (theatrical)
Tyrann {m} :: tyrant
Tyrann {m} [by extension] :: bully
Tyrann {m} [ornithology] :: tyrant flycatcher
Tyrannei {f} :: tyranny
Tyrannenmörder {m} :: tyrannicide (person)
tyrannisch {adj} :: tyrannical
tyrannisieren {vt} :: to tyrannize, to tyrannise
tyrrhenisch {adj} :: Tyrrhenian
Tyrrhenisches Meer {prop} {n} :: Tyrrhenian Sea (Part of the Mediterranean Sea)