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G20 {prop} (group of finance ministers and central bank governors from 20 economies) :: Gruppe der Zwanzig {f}
G8 {prop} (Group of 8) :: Gruppe der Acht {f}
gab {n} (Idle chatter) :: Geschwätz {n}, Gequassel {n}
gab {v} (to talk or chatter a lot, usually on trivial subjects) :: schwatzen, quasseln
gabardine {n} (type of woolen cloth) :: Gabardine {m}
gabbro {n} (igneous rock) :: Gabbro {m}
gabby {adj} (inclined to talk too much, especially about trivia) :: geschwätzig
gable {n} (triangular area of wall) :: Giebel {m}
gable end {n} (side of a building) :: Stirnseite {f}
gable roof {n} (a single-ridge roof that terminates at gable ends) :: Satteldach {n}
Gabon {prop} (Gabonese Republic) :: Gabun
Gabonese {n} (A person from Gabon or of Gabonese descent) :: Gabuner {m}, Gabunerin {f}
Gabonese {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Gabon or the Gabonese people) :: gabunisch
Gaborone {prop} (capital of Botswana) :: Gaborone {n}
Gabriel {prop} (male given name) :: Gabriel {m}
Gabriel {prop} (archangel) :: Gabriel {m}
Gabriela {prop} (female given name) :: Gabriele
gadfly {n} (fly of the family Oestridae) SEE: botfly ::
gadfly {n} (slang: bloodsucker) :: Blutsauger {m}
gadfly {n} (fly of the family Tabanidae) SEE: horsefly ::
gadget {n} (any device or machine) :: Apparat {n}, Gadget {n}, Gerät {n}
gadolinium {n} (chemical element) :: Gadolinium {m}
gadwall {n} (a common and widespread dabbling duck) :: Schnatterente {f}
Gaea {prop} (earth goddess) :: Gaia {f}
Gael {n} (ethnic group) :: Gäle {m}, Gälin {f}
Gaelic {prop} (Scottish Gaelic) SEE: Scottish Gaelic ::
Gaelic {prop} (Goidelic) SEE: Goidelic ::
gaff {n} (minor error or faux pas) SEE: gaffe ::
gaff {n} (handle with a hook) :: Fischhaken {n}
gaffe {n} (a foolish error, especially one made in public) :: Fauxpas {m}, Ausrutscher {m}, Patzer {m}
gaffer {n} (baby) SEE: baby ::
gaffer {n} (chief lighting technician) :: Oberbeleuchter {m}
gaffer {n} (glassblower) SEE: glassblower ::
gaffsail {n} (topsail) :: Gaffelsegel {n}
gag {n} (device to restrain speech) :: Knebel {m}
gag {n} (order or rule forbidding discussion) :: Maulkorberlass {m}
gag {n} (joke or prank) :: Witz {m}, Gag {m}
gag {v} (To experience the vomiting reflex) :: würgen
gag {v} (To restrain someone's speech) :: knebeln, mundtot machen
gaga {adj} (senile) :: senil, tüdelig
gaga {adj} (crazy) :: verrückt, bekloppt, plemplem, gaga
gaga {adj} (infatuated) :: verknallt
Gagauz {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Gagauzia, Gagauz people, or the language) :: gagausisch
Gagauz {prop} (language) :: Gagausisch {n}
Gagauzia {prop} (Autonomous region) :: Gagausien {n}
gage {v} (gauge) SEE: gauge ::
gag order {n} (an order issued by a court) :: Maulkorberlass {m}
gahnite {n} (mineral) :: Gahnit {m}
Gaian {n} (radical Green) :: Gaianer {m}
gaiety {n} (state of being happy) :: Frohsinn {n}
gain {v} (acquire) :: gewinnen
gain {n} (act of gaining) :: Gewinnen {n}, Zugewinnen {n}
gain {n} (what one gains (profit)) :: Gewinn {m}, Zugewinn {m}, Ertrag {m}, Ausbeute {f}
gain {n} (factor by which signal is multiplied) :: Verstärkung {f}
gainsay {v} (to contradict something said) :: leugnen, widersprechen
gain weight {v} (put on weight) SEE: put on weight ::
gainword {n} (a word a language has borrowed from another language) SEE: loanword ::
gait {n} (manner of walking) :: Gang {m}, Gangart {f}
gait {n} (horse's way of moving) :: Gangart {f}
gaiter {n} (covering for the ankle and instep) :: Gamasche
gaiwan {n} :: Gaiwan
galactagogue {n} (substance that induces lactation) :: Galaktagogum {n}
galactic {adj} (relating to a/the galaxy) :: galaktisch
galago {n} (primate) :: Galago {m}
galah {n} (cockatoo) :: Rosakakadu {m}
galah {n} (fool) SEE: fool ::
galangal {n} (any of several plants of the ginger family) :: Galgant {m}
Galatia {prop} (region of Asia Minor) :: Galatien {n}
Galatians {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Galater
galaxy {n} (collection of billions of stars, galactic dust, black holes, etc) :: Galaxie {f}, Galaxis {f}, Welteninsel {f}
galaxy {n} (the Milky Way) SEE: Milky Way ::
galaxy cluster {n} (cluster of galaxies) :: Galaxienhaufen {m}
galaxy group {n} :: Galaxiengruppe {f}
galbanum {n} (bitter, aromatic resin or gum, extracted from plants of the genus Ferula) :: Galbanharz {n}
gale {n} (meteorology: a very strong wind) :: Sturm {m}
gale {n} (Myrica gale) :: Gagelstrauch {m}
galena {n} (mineral) :: Galenit {m}
galeophobia {n} (fear of cats and felines) SEE: ailurophobia ::
galeophobia {n} (irrational fear of sharks or dogfish) :: Selachophobie {f}
galette {n} (a type of flat, round cake) :: Galette {f}
Galicia {prop} (Iberian kingdom, region of Spain) :: Galicien {n}, Galizien {n}
Galicia {prop} (historical kingdom in Central Europe) :: Galizien {n}
Galician {adj} (pertaining to Galicia in Iberia) :: galicisch, galizisch
Galician {n} (person(s) from Galicia, Spain) :: Galicier {m}, Galicierin {f}, Galizier {m}, Galizierin {f}
Galician {n} (Romance language spoken in Galicia) :: Galizisch {n}, Galicisch {n}
Galilean {adj} (of or pertaining to the region of Galilee) :: galiläisch
Galilean {adj} (of or pertaining to a Galilean, Galileans) :: galiläisch
Galilean {n} (zealous follower of Judas of Galilee) :: Galiläer {m}, Galiläerin {f}
Galilean {adj} (of or pertaining to Galileo Galilei) :: galileisch
Galilee {prop} (region of northern Israel) :: Galiläa {n}
gall {n} (impudence or brazenness) :: Frechheit {f}, Unverfrorenheit {f}
gall {v} (to trouble or bother) :: stören, lästigfallen
gall {v} (to harass, harry) :: belästigen, schikanieren
gall {v} (to chafe) :: wundreiben, wundscheuern
gall {v} (to exasperate) :: ärgern
gall {n} (blister or tumor-like growth found on the surface of plants) :: Galle {f}, Gallapfel {m}, Pflanzengalle {f}, Zezidie {f}, Cecidie {f}
gall {n} (bile) SEE: bile ::
gall {n} (gall bladder) SEE: gall bladder ::
gallantry {n} (courage) :: Tapferkeit
gallate {n} (oxoanion of gallium) :: Gallat {n}
gallate {n} (salt or ester of gallic acid) :: Gallat {n}
gall bladder {n} (pear-shaped organ that stores bile) :: Gallenblase {f}
galleass {n} (vessel) :: Galeasse {f}
Gallegan {prop} (the Galician language) SEE: Galician ::
galleon {n} (large sailing ship) :: Galeone {f}
gallerist {n} (the owner or operator of an art gallery) :: Galerist {m}, Galeristin {f}
gallery {n} (institution, building, or room for the exhibition and conservation of works of art) :: Galerie {f}
gallery {n} (establishment that buys, sells, and displays works of art) :: Galerie {f}
gallery {n} (area of a theater, concert hall, or auditorium) :: Galerie {f}
gallery {n} (roofed promenade along the wall of a building) :: Galerie {f}
galley {n} (ship propelled primarily by oars) :: Galeere {f}
galley {n} (cooking room or kitchen and cooking apparatus of a vessel or aircraft) :: Kombüse {f}
galley proof {n} (trial page or proof of continuous text) :: Druckfahne {f}, Korrekturfahne {f}
galliard {n} (9-point type) SEE: bourgeois ::
galliard {n} (8-point type) SEE: brevier ::
Gallic {adj} (of or relating to Gaul or France) :: gallisch
gallic acid {n} (acid found in galls, etc) :: Gallussäure {f}
gallicize {v} (to make French as the culture, customs, pronunciation, or style) :: französisieren
galliform {adj} (of or pertaining to a chicken or other member of the order Galliformes) :: galliform, hühnerartig
galliform {n} (galliform bird) :: Hühnervogel {m}, hühnerartiger Vogel {m}
gallimaufry {n} (Hash of various kinds of meats) :: Gemisch {n}, Mischmasch {m}
gallimaufry {n} (Any absurd medley) :: Sammelsurium {n}
galling {adj} (vexing) :: ärgerlich
Gallio {prop} (town in Italy) :: Gelle, Gäll
Gallipoli {prop} (peninsula) :: Gallipoli {n}
gallium {n} (chemical element) :: Gallium {n}
gallium arsenide {n} (binary compound of gallium and arsenic, GaAs) :: Galliumarsenid {n}
gallium arsenide phosphide {n} :: Galliumarsenidphosphid {n}
gallon {n} (a unit of volume used for liquids) :: Gallone {f}
gallon {n} (a Gallon in the U.S. Customary System) :: Gallone {f}
gallop {n} (fastest gait of a horse) :: Galopp {m}
gallop {v} (to ride at a galloping pace) :: galoppieren
Gallo-Roman {n} (Romanized Gaul) :: Galloromanisch {n}
Gallo-Roman {adj} (pertaining to the period of Roman rule in Gaul) :: galloromanisch, gallorömisch
gallows {n} (wooden framework on which persons are put to death by hanging) :: Galgen {m}
gallows bird {n} (person who deserves to be hanged) :: Galgenvogel {m}
gallows humor {n} (comedy that still manages to be funny in the face of a perfectly hopeless situation) :: Galgenhumor {m}, grünes Lachen {n}
gallstone {n} (small, hard object, that sometimes forms in the gall bladder) :: Gallenstein {m}
galoot {n} (clumsy or uncouth person) :: Tölpel {m} [pejorative], Dummkopf {m}, Steinzeitmensch {m} [figurative]
galore {adj} (in abundance) :: im Überfluss {m}
galosh {n} (waterproof overshoe used to provide protection from rain or snow) :: Galosche {f}, Überschuh {m}, Gamasche {f}
galoshe {n} (overshoe worn in wet weather) :: Galosche {f}
Galápagos penguin {n} (penguin) :: Galápagos-Pinguin {m}
galpal {n} (close female friend) SEE: girlfriend ::
galvanic {adj} (of or pertaining to galvanism; electric) :: galvanisch
galvanised {adj} (coated with zinc) :: galvanisiert
galvanization {n} (the process of galvanizing) :: Galvanisierung {f}
galvanize {v} (to coat with rust-resistant zinc) :: verzinken
galvanize {v} (to coat with a thin layer of metal by electrochemical means) :: galvanisieren
galvanize {v} (to shock or stimulate into sudden activity) :: aufrütteln, aufschrecken, wachrütteln, einen Impuls setzen, beleben
Galway {prop} (county in Ireland) :: Galway {n}, County Galway {n}
Galway {prop} (city in Ireland) :: Galway {n}
Galway Bay {prop} (bay off the west coast of Ireland) :: Galway Bay {f}, Galwaybucht {f}
Gambia {prop} (The Republic of The Gambia) :: Gambia
Gambian {adj} (of Gambia) :: gambisch
Gambian {n} (person from Gambia) :: Gambier {m}, Gambierin {f}
gambist {n} :: Gambist {m}, Gambistin {f}
gambit {n} (chess move) :: Gambit {n}
gamble {n} (a risk undertaken with a potential gain) :: Glücksspiel {n}, Hazardspiel {n}
gamble {n} (a risky venture) :: Glücksspiel {n}
gamble {v} (to take a risk, with the potential of a positive outcome) :: riskant spielen, spekulieren, [slang] zocken, hasardieren
gamble {v} (to play risky games for monetary gain) :: wetten, spielen, [slang] zocken
gamble {v} ((transitive) to risk something for potential gain) :: aufs Spiel {n} setzen, hasardieren, wagen
gambler {n} (one who plays at a game of chance) :: Glücksspieler {m}, [female] Glücksspielerin {f}
gambler {n} (one who takes significant risks) :: Hasardeur {m}, [female] Hasardeurin {f}
gambling {n} (activity characterised by a balance between winning and losing that is governed by a mixture of skill and chance) :: Glücksspiel {n}
gamboge {n} (resin of the gamboge tree) :: Gamboge, Gummigutt {n}, Gummigutta {n}, Gutti
game {n} (playful activity that may be unstructured, amusement, pastime) :: Spiel {n}
game {n} (particular instance of playing a game; match) :: Spiel {n}
game {n} (video game, see also: video game) :: Computerspiel {n}, Videospiel {n}
game {n} (wild animals hunted for food) :: Wild {n}
game {adj} (willing to participate) :: bereit, dabei
game {v} (To play games and be a gamer) :: zocken
game {v} (to gamble) SEE: gamble ::
gamebook {n} :: Spielbuch {n}
gamecock {n} (fighting cock) :: Kampfhahn {m}
game console {n} (video game console) SEE: video game console ::
gamekeeper {n} (person employed to maintain the game) :: Wildhüter {m}
gameness {n} (courage) SEE: courage ::
game of chance {n} (game in which the outcome is at least partly determined by random variables) :: Glücksspiel {n}
game over {phrase} (message) :: Game over {n}
game point {n} :: Spielball {m}
gamer {n} (person who plays video games) :: Spieler {m}, Spielerin {f}, Gamer {m}
games console {n} (video game console) SEE: video game console ::
game show {n} (a radio or television programme) :: Spielshow {f}
gamester {n} (gambler) SEE: gambler ::
gamete {n} (reproductive cell) :: Geschlechtszellen, Gamet {m}
game theory {n} (mathematical study of strategic situations) :: Spieltheorie {f}
gamification {n} (use of gameplay) :: Gamification {f}, Gamifikation {f}, Gamifizierung {f}, Spielifikation {f}, Gamifizierung {f}
gamify {v} (to convert into the form of a game) :: gamifizieren
gamin {n} (homeless boy; street urchin) :: Straßenjunge {m}
gaming console {n} (video game console) SEE: video game console ::
gaming machine {n} (machine for gambling) :: Spielautomat {m}
gamma {n} (the name of the third letter of the Greek alphabet) :: Gamma {n}
gamma-aminobutyric acid {n} (amino acid) :: 4-Aminobutansäure {f}
gamma function {n} (function which generalizes the notion of a factorial) :: Gammafunktion {f}
gamma-hydroxybutyric acid {n} (chemical) :: 4-Hydroxybutansäure {f}
gamma ray {n} (very high frequency electromagnetic radiation) :: Gammastrahlung {f}
gamma-ray burst {n} (flash of gamma rays) :: Gammastrahlenblitz {m}, Gammablitz {m}
gamut {n} (complete range) :: Skala {f}, Palette {f}
gamut {n} (all the notes in the musical scale) :: Tonumfang {m}
gamut {n} (all the colours available to a device) :: Farbumfang {m}, Gamut {m}
Gan {prop} (one of Sinitic languages) :: Gan {n}
ganache {n} :: Ganache {f}, Canache {f}, Pariser Creme {f}, Ganachecreme, Ganachecrème
gander {n} (a male goose) :: Gänserich {m}, Ganter {m}, Ganterich {m} [North German], Ganser {m} [Austrian, South German], Ganauser {m} [Austrian]
gander {n} ((slang) a look) :: Blick {m}
Gandhi {prop} (surname Gandhi) :: Gandhi
Ganesha {prop} (Hindu god) :: Ganesha
gang {n} (a company of persons) :: Bande {f}, Rotte {f}, Clique {f}, Freundeskreis {m}
gang {n} (a company of labourers) :: Arbeitsmannschaft {f}, Arbeitskolonne {f}, Arbeitstrupp {m}, Arbeitsgruppe {f}
gang {n} (criminal group with a common background) :: Bande {f}, Verbrecherbande {f}, Gangsterbande {f}
gang {n} (group of criminals who band together for mutual protection) :: Bande {f}
gang bang {n} (orgy) SEE: orgy ::
gang bang {n} (gang rape) SEE: gang rape ::
gangboard {n} (board used as a temporary footbridge between a ship and a dockside) :: Steg {m}, Landungssteg {m}, Landungsbrücke {m}
Ganges {prop} (the sacred river) :: Ganges {m}
ganglion {n} (cluster of interconnecting nerve cells outside the brain) :: Ganglion {m}
ganglion {n} (centre of power or authority) :: Kopf {m}
Gang of Four {prop} (leftist political faction) :: Viererbande {f}
gangplank {n} (board used as a temporary footbridge between a ship and a dockside) :: Steg {m}, Landungssteg {m}, Landungsbrücke {m}
gang rape {n} (rape by a number of people) :: Gruppenvergewaltigung {f}
gangrene {n} (the necrosis or rotting of flesh) :: Gangrän {f}, Wundbrand, Brand
gangster {n} (street gang member) :: Gangster {m}, Bandit {m}
gangue {n} (earthy waste substances occurring in metallic ore) :: Gang {m}, Gangart {f}, Gangerz {n}
ganguro {n} (Japanese fashion trend involving dyed hair and tanned skin) :: Ganguro {n}
gangway {n} (passageway) :: Gang {m}, Gangway {f}
gangway {n} (temporary bridge) :: Gangway {f}
gangway {n} (temporary plank bridge, path, or passageway) :: Landungsbrücke {f}
gangway {n} (clear path through a crowd) :: Durchgang {m}
gangway {n} (nautical: passage on upper deck) :: Gangway {f}
gangway {n} (nautical: passage through the side of a ship) :: Gangway {f}
gangway {interj} (make way) :: Mach Platz!
gangway {n} (aisle) SEE: aisle ::
ganja {n} (slang for marijuana) :: Ganja {n}
gannet {n} (glutton) SEE: glutton ::
gannet {n} (sea bird) :: Basstölpel {m}, Tölpel {m}
gantlope {n} (gauntlet) SEE: gauntlet ::
gantry {n} (framework of steel bars bridging over something) :: Signalbrücke {f}
Ganymede {prop} (in Greek mythology) :: Ganymed {m}
Ganymede {prop} (satellite of Jupiter) :: Ganymed {m}
gaol {v} (jail) SEE: jail ::
Gaonic {adj} (related to the Geonim) :: gaonäisch
Gaosyong {prop} (Kaohsiung) SEE: Kaohsiung ::
Gaoxiong {prop} (Kaohsiung) SEE: Kaohsiung ::
gap {n} (hiatus) SEE: hiatus ::
gap {n} (opening made by breaking or parting) :: Spalte {f}, Ritz {m}, Ritze {f}
gap {n} (opening allowing passage or entrance) :: Spalt {m}
gapless {adj} (having no gaps) :: lückenlos
gap of danger {n} (place which is hard to defend, danger) :: Schlucht der Gefahr {f}
gar {n} (garfish) :: Knochenhecht {m}
garage {n} (aviation: shed for housing an aircraft) SEE: hangar ::
garage {n} (petrol filling station) SEE: gas station ::
garage {n} (building or section of building to store a car, tools etc.) :: Garage {f}
garage {n} (space in a canal to enable vessels to pass each other) SEE: siding ::
garage door {n} (door on a garage) :: Garagentor {n}, Garagentür {f} [small door for people]
garage sale {n} (a sale of used household goods in the driveway or garage) :: Garagenverkauf {m}
garbage {n} (waste material) :: Abfall {m}, Müll {m}
garbage bag {n} (plastic bag for the disposal of household waste) :: Müllbeutel {m}
garbage can {n} (waste receptacle) :: [outdoors, movable] Mülltonne {f}; [indoors or fixed outdoors] Mülleimer {m}, Abfalleimer {m}; [indoors, for paper and dry rubbish] Papierkorb {m}, Abfallbehälter {m}
garbage collection {n} (service for transporting household garbage) :: Müllabfuhr {f}
garbage collection {n} (programming) :: Freispeichersammlung {f}, automatische Speicherbereinigung {f}
garbage collector {n} (worker) :: Müllmann {m} [normal]; Müllwerker {m} [officialese]; Müllfrau {f}, Müllwerkerin {f}
garbage collector {n} (program) :: Garbage Collector {m}
garbage disposal {n} (device in kitchen sink to wash away waste) :: Küchenabfallzerkleinerer {m}
garbage man {n} (garbage collector) SEE: garbage collector ::
garbage truck {n} (waste collection vehicle) :: Müllauto {n}, Müllwagen {m}
garbage woman {n} (female garbage collector) :: Müllfrau {f}; Müllwerkerin {f} [official]
garbanzo {n} (edible pulse) :: Kichererbse {f}
garble {v} (to mutilate; to pervert) :: verstümmeln
garbologist {n} (garbage collector) SEE: garbage collector ::
garbologist {n} (one who examines refuse using archaeological techniques) :: Garbologe {m}, Garbologin {f}
garbology {n} (anthropological study of society through refuse) :: Garbologie {f}
garden {n} (piece of land outside with flowers and plants) :: Garten {m}
garden {n} (gardens with public access) :: Garten {m}
garden {n} (grounds at the front or back of a house) :: Garten {m}, [at the front of a house] Vorgarten {m}
garden {n} (slang: the pubic hair) :: Gestrüpp {n}
garden {v} (grow plants) :: gärtnern
garden balsam {n} (Impatiens balsamina) :: Springkraut {n}, Rühr-mich-nicht-an {n}
gardenburger {n} (vegetarian imitation hamburger) :: Brätling {m}
garden city {n} (planned city with gardens) :: Gartenstadt {f}
garden cress {n} (the leafy plant) :: Kresse {f}, Gartenkresse {f}
gardener {n} (one who gardens) :: Gärtner {m}, Gärtnerin {f}
garden gnome {n} (a small statue of a gnome used as a garden ornament) :: Gartenzwerg {m}
garden hose {n} (type of hose) :: Gartenschlauch {m}
garden hose {n} (length of hose) :: Gartenschlauch {m}
gardenia {n} (tree or shrub of the genus Gardenia) :: Gardenie {f}
gardening {n} (the care of a garden) :: Gartenarbeit {f}, Gärtnerei {f}
Garden of Eden {prop} (place where Adam and Eve first lived) :: Garten Eden {m}
garden variety {adj} (ordinary) :: Feld-Wald-und-Wiesen-, Feld-, Wald- und Wiesen-, Wald- und Wiesen-
garfish {n} (fish of family Belonidae) :: Hornhecht {f}
garganey {n} (duck) :: Knäkente {f}
gargle {v} (to clean one's mouth) :: gurgeln
gargle {v} (to make such a sound) :: gurgeln
gargle {n} (liquid) :: Gurgellösung {f}, Gurgelwasser {n}
gargoyle {n} (carved grotesque figure on a spout) :: Wasserspeier
garish {adj} (overly ostentatious; so colourful as to be in bad taste) :: grell, protzig, auffallend, aufdringlich, knallig, knallbunt, schreiend bunt
garland {n} (wreath of flowers) :: Girlande {f}
garland {n} :: Girlande {f}
garland chrysanthemum {n} (Glebionis coronaria) :: Kronenwucherblume {f}, Speisechrysantheme {f}, Salatchrysantheme {f}, Garland-Chrysantheme {f}
garlic {n} (plant) :: Knoblauch {m}
garlic bread {n} (bread topped with garlic) :: Knoblauchbrot {n}
garlic mustard {n} (Alliaria petiolata) :: Knoblauchrauke {f}, Knoblauchhederich {m}, Läuchel {m}
garlic press {n} (ustensil) :: Knoblauchpresse {f}
garment {n} (single item of clothing) :: Kleidungsstück {n}
garmon {n} (a small Russian button accordion) :: Garmon {n}
garner {n} (granary) :: Magazin {n}, Reservoir {n}, Speicher {m}, Vorratsraum {m}
garner {v} (to reap grain, gather it up, and store it in a granary) :: aufspeichern
garnet {n} (mineral) :: Granat {m}
garnet {n} (colour) :: Granat, Granatrot {n}
garnish {v} (to decorate with ornamental appendages) :: verzieren
garnish {v} (to ornament) :: verzieren, garnieren
garnish {n} :: Garnierung {f}
garnish {v} (fetter) SEE: fetter ::
garnishment {n} (a judgment that a third party should pay money owing to a defendant directly to a plaintiff) :: Pfändung {f}, Zahlungsverbot an den Drittschuldner {n}
garniture {n} (something that garnishes) :: Garnitur
garçon {n} (a male waiter (in a French context), see also: waiter) :: Garçon {m}
garçonnière {n} (bachelor pad) SEE: bachelor pad ::
garret {n} (an attic or semi-finished room just beneath the roof of a house) :: Mansarde {f}, Dachwohnung {f}
garret window {n} (skylight that lies along the slope of the roof) :: Dachflächenfenster {n}, Dachfenster {n}
garrison {n} (post) :: Standort {m}, Garnison {f}
garrison {n} :: Standort {m} [Germany], Garnison {f} [Austria, Switzerland]
garrote {n} (iron collar used to execute by strangulation) :: Würgeisen {n}
garrote {n} (cord or wire used for strangulation) :: Garotte {f}
garrulity {n} (state or characteristic of being garrulous) :: Geschwätzigkeit {f}
garrulous {adj} (excessively or tiresomely talkative) :: geschwätzig
garrulousness {n} (garrulity) SEE: garrulity ::
garter {n} (band around leg) :: Strumpfband {n}
garter belt {n} (suspender belt) SEE: suspender belt ::
gas {n} ((uncountable, chemistry) state of matter) :: Gas {n}
gas {n} ((US) gas in digestion) :: Blähung {f}
gas {v} (kill with poisonous gas) :: vergasen
gas {n} (fuel) :: Benzin {n}
gas {v} (give a vehicle more fuel in order to accelerate) :: Gas geben
gas {v} (fill a vehicle's fuel tank) :: auftanken, tanken
gasbag {n} (gasbag) SEE: windbag ::
gasbag {n} (bag or bladder to hold a reservoir of gas) :: Gassack {m}
gas bladder {n} (internal organ) SEE: swim bladder ::
gas centrifuge {n} :: Gaszentrifuge {f}
gas chamber {n} (a sealed chamber in which people are executed with gas) :: Gaskammer {f}, Vergasungskeller {m}
gasconade {n} (boastful talk) :: Gascognade {f}
gas constant {n} (universal constant R) :: Gaskonstante {f}
Gascony {prop} (Former region of France) :: Gascogne {f}
gas cylinder {n} (cylindrical vessel) :: Gasflasche {f}
gaseous {adj} (relating to, or existing as, gas) :: gasförmig
gaseous {adj} (of a liquid containing bubbles: gassy) :: gashaltig, kohlensäurehaltig (of carbonated beverages)
gas field {n} (natural gas field) :: Erdgasfeld {n}
gas giant {n} (large planet of gas) :: Gasriese {m}, Gasplanet {m}
gash {n} (vulva) SEE: vulva ::
gasholder {n} :: Gasbehälter {m}, Gasspeicher {m}, Gasometer {m}
gasifier {n} (apparatus used to perform gasification) :: Vergaser {m}
gasify {v} (to convert into gas) :: vergasen
gasket {n} (mechanical seal) :: Dichtung {f}
gaslight {n} (light produced by burning gas) :: Gaslicht {n}
gaslight {n} (lamp that burns gas) :: Gaslampe {f}
gaslight {v} (to manipulate someone psychologically such that they question their own sanity) :: mit Psychotricks langsam irre machen, mit Psychotricks allmählich in den Wahnsinn treiben
gas mask {n} (a covering for the face with a filter to protect the user from poisonous gas) :: Gasmaske {f}, Atemschutzmaske {f}
gas meter {n} (a meter which measures the amount of gas supplied to a property via a gas main) :: Gaszähler {m}
Gasmoulos {n} :: Gasmule
gasoline {n} (motor fuel) :: Benzin {n}
gasometer {n} (gasholder) SEE: gasholder ::
gasp {v} (to draw in the breath suddenly) :: keuchen
gasp {v} (to breathe laboriously or convulsively) :: japsen, prusten, keuchen
gasp {n} (A short, sudden intake of breath) :: Atemzug {m}, Luftholen {n}, Schnaufen {n}, Keuchen {n}, Prusten {n}
gasp {n} (A draw or drag on a cigarette (or gasper)) :: Zug {m}
gas pedal {n} (accelerator) SEE: accelerator ::
gas plant {n} (Dictamnus albus) :: Diptam {m}, Aschwurz {m}, Brennender Busch {m}
gas pump {n} (device at a gas station that dispenses gasoline) :: Zapfsäule {f}
gas station {n} (an establishment which sells gasoline to pump directly into a car) :: Tankstelle {f}, Tanke {f} [colloquial]
gassy {adj} (tending to release flatus) SEE: flatulent ::
gassy {adj} (of a beverage: containing dissolved gas) :: gasförmig
gas tank {n} (fuel tank) :: Benzintank {m}, Tank {m}
gastralgia {n} (stomachache) SEE: stomachache ::
gastric {adj} (Of or relating to the stomach) :: gastrisch
gastric acid {n} (acidic secretion of the stomach) :: Magensäure {f}, Magensaft {m}
gastric juice {n} (secretion of the stomach) SEE: gastric acid ::
gastritis {n} (inflammation of the lining of the stomach) :: Gastritis {f}, Magenschleimhautentzündung {f}
gastro- {prefix} (meaning stomach) :: gastro-
gastroenteritis {n} (inflammation) :: [medical] Gastroenteritis {f}; [common] Margen-Darm-Grippe {f}, Brechdurchfall {m}
gastroenterology {n} (the study of the digestive system) :: Gastroenterologie {f}
gastrointestinal tract {n} (digestive tract) SEE: digestive tract ::
gastronome {n} (gourmet) SEE: gourmet ::
gastronomy {n} (study of the relationship between food and culture) :: Gastronomie {f}
gastroschisis {n} :: Gastroschisis {f}
gas up {v} ((US slang) To fill a gas tank with fuel) :: auftanken, tanken
gasworks {n} (factory) :: Gaswerk {n}
-gate {suffix} (component in names of scandals) :: -gate {n}
gate {n} (door-like structure outside) :: Tor {n}
gate {n} (doorway, opening, or passage in a fence or wall) :: Tor {n}
gate {n} (movable barrier) :: Schlagbaum {m}, Schranke {f}
gate {n} (in an air terminal) :: Flugsteig {m}, Gate {n}
gateau {n} (rich, iced cake) :: Kuchen {m}, Torte {f}
gatecrash {v} (to go to a social event without being invited, or without having paid) :: ungebeten erscheinen
gatecrasher {n} (a person who gatecrashes) :: Eindringling {m}
gateway {n} (entrance) :: Einfahrt {f}, Tor {n}, Zugang {m}
gateway {n} (computer network access point) :: Gateway {n}, Protokollumsetzer {m}
gateway drug {n} (substance that is believed to encourage the user to experiment with more harmful substances) :: Einstiegsdroge {f}
gather {v} (to bring together; to collect) :: sammeln, versammeln
gatherer {n} (person who gathers things) :: Sammler {m}
gathering {n} (get-together, social function) :: Zusammenkunft {f}
Gatling gun {n} (a type of machine gun) :: Gatling-Kanone
gauche {adj} (awkward, bumbling) :: unbeholfen, linkisch, plump
gaucho {n} (South American cowboy) :: Gaucho {m}
gaudy {adj} (very showy or ornamented) :: knallig, grell, protzig, kitschig, aufsehenerregend
Gaugamela {prop} (village) :: Gaugamela
gauge {n} (a measure; a standard of measure; an instrument to determine dimensions, distance, or capacity; a standard) :: Meter {n}, Messgerät {n}, Maß {n}
gauge {n} (any instrument for ascertaining or regulating the level, state, dimensions or forms of things; as, a rain gauge; a steam gauge) :: Messgerät {n}, Meter {f}
gauge {n} (distance between the rails of a railway) :: Spurweite {f}
gauge {n} (a semi-norm; a function that assigns a non-negative size to all vectors in a vector space) :: Maß {n}
gauge {v} (measure) :: messen
gauge boson {n} (particle) :: Eichboson {n}
gauge theory {n} (type of field theory) :: Eichtheorie {f}
gauging {n} :: Eichung {f}, eichen, ergründen
Gaul {prop} (region) :: Gallien {n}
Gaul {n} (person) :: Gallier {m}, Gallierin {f}
gauleiter {n} (an official in charge of a district of Nazi Germany) :: Gauleiter {m}
Gaulish {adj} (of or pertaining to Gaul) :: gallisch
Gaulish {prop} (Celtic language of Gaul) :: Gallisch {n}
gaunt {adj} (lean, angular and bony) :: knochig, dünn, hager, mager
gaunt {adj} (haggard, drawn and emaciated) :: abgemagert, ausgemergelt
gaunt {adj} (bleak, barren and desolate) :: kahl, nackt, öde, verlassen, trostlos, karg
gauntlet {n} (protective armor for the hands) :: Kampfhandschuh {m}
gauntlet {n} (two parallel rows of attackers who strike at a criminal) :: Spießrutenlauf
gauntlet {n} (any challenging, difficult, or painful ordeal) :: Spießrutenlauf {m}
gaur {n} (Bos gaurus) :: Gaur {m}
Gaussian {adj} (Gaussian) :: Gaußsch
Gaussian distribution {n} (probability distribution) :: Gauß-Verteilung {f}
gauze {n} (thin fabric with open weave) :: Gaze {f}
gauze {n} (cotton fabric used as surgical dressing) :: Gaze {f}, Mullbinde
gavel {n} (wooden mallet) :: Hammer {m}; Richterhammer {m} [judge]; Auktionshammer {m} [auctioneer]
gavial {n} (crocodilian of genus Gavialis) :: Gangesgavial {m}, Gharial {m}, Gavial {m}
gay {adj} (sexually promiscuous) SEE: promiscuous ::
gay {adj} (happy, joyful and lively) :: fröhlich, lustig, ausgelassen
gay {adj} (festive, bright, colorful) :: bunt
gay {adj} (homosexual, see also: homosexual; lesbian) :: homosexuell, schwul [of men], Homofürst {m} [humorous slang, of men], lesbisch [of women]
gay {adj} (typical of homosexual appearance) :: schwul [of men]
gay {adj} (lame, uncool (used to express dislike)) :: schwul
gay {n} (homosexual person, especially male, see also: lesbian; homosexual; fairy; fag; poof; bender; bugger) :: Homosexueller [gender-neutral], Schwuler {m}, Homo {m}, Gay {m}
gay bar {n} (nightclub whose primary clientele are LGBT people) :: Gay-Bar {f}, Schwulenbar {f}
gaydar {n} (ability to detect if a person is gay) :: Gaydar {n}
gay marriage {n} (marriage between two people of the same sex) :: gleichgeschlechtliche Ehe {f}, Homoehe {f}, Homo-Ehe {f}, Schwulenehe {f}
gay pride {n} (a feeling of pride in one's homosexuality) :: Gay Pride
gay rights {n} (gay rights) :: Schwulenrechte {n-p}, Lesben- und Schwulenrechte {n-p}
Gaza {prop} (city) :: Gaza {n}
Gaza {prop} (Gaza Strip) SEE: Gaza Strip ::
Gazaean {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Gaza or its people.) SEE: Gazan ::
Gazaean {n} (An inhabitant of Gaza or native to it.) SEE: Gazan ::
Gazan {n} :: Gazäer
Gazan {adj} :: gazäisch
Gaza Strip {prop} (Gaza Strip) :: Gazastreifen {m}
gaze {v} (To stare intently or earnestly) :: anstarren
gazebo {n} (roofed structure) :: [general] Pavillon {m}; [Austria also] Salettl {n}; [in a private garden also] Laube {f}, Gartenlaube {f}
gazehound {n} (sighthound) SEE: sighthound ::
gazelle {n} (antelope) :: Gazelle {f}
gazette {n} (newspaper, see also: newspaper) :: Amtsblatt {n}, Anzeiger {m}
gazetteer {n} (geographic dictionary or encyclopedia) :: Ortslexikon {n}
gcd {n} (initialism for greatest common divisor) :: ggT {m}
G clef {n} (treble clef) :: Violinschlüssel {m}
G-d {prop} (deliberately incomplete spelling of God) :: G'tt, G-tt
Gdańsk {prop} (city of Poland) :: Danzig {n}, Gdańsk {n}
Gödel's incompleteness theorem {prop} (theorem) :: Gödelscher Unvollständigkeitssatz {m}
GDP {n} (abbreviation of gross domestic product, see also: gross domestic product) :: BIP
GDPR {prop} (2018 EU regulation concerning personal data) :: DSGVO {f}, DS-GVO {f}, EU-DSGVO {f}, EU-DS-GVO {f}, EU-Datenschutzgrundverordnung {f}
GDR {prop} (German Democratic Republic) :: DDR {f}
Gdynia {prop} (city) :: Gdingen
gear {n} (equipment or paraphernalia) :: Ausrüstung {f}
gear {n} (a wheel with grooves) :: Zahnrad {n}
gear {n} (a particular combination or choice of interlocking gears) :: Gang {m}
gear {n} (motor car transmission) :: Gangschaltung {f}
gear {n} ((slang) recreational drugs) :: Stoff {m}
gearbox {n} (train of gears) :: Getriebe {n}
gear lever {n} (lever used to change gears) :: Schalthebel {m}, Schaltknüppel {m}
gear stick {n} (gear lever) SEE: gear lever ::
gearstick {n} (gear lever) SEE: gear lever ::
gear wheel {n} (wheel with a toothed rim) :: Zahnrad {n}
Geat {n} (tribe member) :: Gaute {m}
gecko {n} (lizard of the family Gekkonidae) :: Gecko {m}
gedankenexperiment {n} (thought experiment) SEE: thought experiment ::
geek {n} (Australian: look) SEE: look ::
geek {n} (expert in a technical field, particularly to do with computers) :: Geek {m}, Freak {m}, Spezialist {m}
geek {n} (person intensely interested in a particular field or hobby) :: Spezialist {m}, Freak {m}
geek {n} (carnival performer) :: Straßenkünstler {m}
geeky {adj} (like a geek) :: dämlich
gee up {interj} (direction to a horse) SEE: giddyup ::
geez {interj} (An exclamation denoting surprise or frustration) :: jessas
geez {interj} (Exclamation of fright) :: Jesses
geez {interj} (Exclamation of incredulity) :: jessas
Ge'ez {prop} (Ethiopian language) :: Altäthiopisch {n}
geezer {n} (device for boiling water) SEE: geyser ::
geezer {n} (male person) :: Typ {m}, Kerl {m}
geezer {n} (informal: old person, especially male) :: Knacker {m}, Greis {m}, alter Knacker {m}, alte Schachtel {f} [old woman]
Gehenna {prop} (hell, in Abrahamic religions) :: Gehinnom
Gehinnom {prop} (Jewish realm of the afterlife) SEE: Gehenna ::
Geiger counter {n} (device) :: Geigerzähler {m}
geisha {n} (a Japanese entertainer) :: Geisha {f}
gel {n} (suspension of solid in liquid) :: Gel {n}
gel {n} (any gel for a particular cosmetic use) :: Gel {n}
gelada {n} (primate) :: Dschelada {f}
Gelasian {prop} :: Gelasium
gelatin {n} (protein derived through partial hydrolysis of the collagen) :: Gelatine {f}
gelatin {n} (edible jelly) :: Gelatine {f}
gelatinous {adj} (jelly-like) :: gelatineartig, gelatinös
gelatinous {adj} (of or referring to gelatin) :: Gelatine-
gelbstoff {n} (optically measurable component of dissolved organic matter in water) :: Gelbstoff {m}
geld {n} (money) SEE: money ::
geld {v} (castrate) SEE: castrate ::
gelding {n} (eunuch) SEE: eunuch ::
gelding {n} (castrated male horse) :: Wallach {m}
gelee {n} (any gelled suspension made for culinary purposes) :: Gelee {n}
gem {n} (precious stone) :: Edelstein {m}, Juwel {n}, Kleinod {n}
gemination {n} (phonetical phenomenon) :: Gemination {f}
Gemini {prop} (constellation) :: Zwillinge {m-p}
Gemini {prop} (astrological sign) :: Zwillinge {m-p}
Gemini {n} (Someone with a Gemini star sign) :: Zwilling {m}
Gemma {prop} (Alpha (α) Coronae Borealis) :: Gemma
gemsbok {n} (a large African antelope of the Oryx genus) :: Spießbock {m}, Gemsbok {m}
gemstone {n} (a gem) :: Edelstein {m}, Juwel {n}, Kleinod {n}
gemütlich {adj} (cozy) :: gemütlich
Gemütlichkeit {n} (coziness) :: Gemütlichkeit
-gen {suffix} (producer of something) :: -gen
gendarme {n} (member of the gendarmerie) :: Gendarm {m}
gendarme {n} (any policeman) :: Gendarm {m}
gendarmerie {n} (military body charged with police duties) :: Gendarmerie {f}
gender {v} (engender) SEE: engender ::
gender {n} (grammar: division of nouns and pronouns) :: Geschlecht {n}, Genus {n}
gender {n} (division, class, kind) :: Geschlecht {n}
gender {n} (biological sex) :: Geschlecht {n}
gender {n} (identification as a man, a woman, or something else) :: Gender {n}, soziales Geschlecht {n}, Geschlecht {n}
gender {n} (grammar: voice (of verbs)) SEE: voice ::
gendercide {n} (killing of people because of their gender) :: Genderzid {n}
gender dysphoria {n} (profound unhappiness related to characteristics associated with one's birth-assigned sex, experienced by some transgender people) :: Gender-Dysphorie {f}
genderfluid {adj} (not conforming to fixed gender) :: geschlechtsflüssig
gender identity {n} (person's sense of self as a member of a particular gender) :: Geschlechtsidentität {f}
gender identity disorder {n} (gender dysphoria condition) :: Geschlechtsidentitätsstörung {f}
gender ideology {n} :: Genderideologie {f}, Gender-Ideologie {f}
gender-neutral {adj} (applicable to all genders) :: geschlechtsneutral
gender-neutral {adj} (grammar: lacking gender assignment) :: geschlechtslos
genderqueer {adj} (having a non-binary gender, see also: non-binary) :: genderqueer
gender studies {n} (academic field) :: Geschlechterforschung {f}, Genderstudies {f-p} [both common]; Genderforschung {f}, Genderstudien {n-p}, Geschlechterstudien {n-p}, Frauen-, Männer- und Geschlechterforschung {f} [all less common]
gene {n} (unit of heredity) :: Gen {n}
genealogical {adj} (of or relating to genealogy) :: genealogisch
genealogically {adv} (from a genealogical perspective) :: genealogisch
genealogist {n} (person who studies or practises genealogy, expert in genealogy) :: Ahnenforscher {m}, Ahnenforscherin {f}, Genealoge {m}, Genealogin {f}, Stammbaumforscher {m}, Stammbaumforscherin {f}
genealogy {n} (descent of a person, family or group from ancestors) :: Abstammung {f}
genealogy {n} (record or table of such descent) :: Ahnentafel {f}
genealogy {n} (study and recording of descents) :: Ahnenforschung {f}, Genealogie {f}
general {adj} (involving every part or member, not specific or particular) :: allgemein, generell
general {adj} (not limited in application; applicable to a whole class or category) :: allgemein
general {n} (military rank) :: General {m}
general anaesthesia {n} (general anesthesia) SEE: general anesthesia ::
general anesthesia {n} (a type of anesthesia that causes loss of sensation to the whole body, usually to the point of unconsciousness) :: Narkose {f}
general anesthetic {n} (substance) :: Narkosemittel {n}, Narkotikum {n} [technical], Allgemeinanästhetikum {n} [technical]
General Assembly {prop} (United Nations General Assembly) SEE: United Nations General Assembly ::
general education {n} (education in a number of important subjects) :: Allgemeinbildung {f}
general election {n} (election held at regular intervals) :: allgemeine Wahlen {f-p}
generalisation {n} (formulation of general concepts) :: Verallgemeinerung {f}, Generalisierung {f}
generalisation {n} (inductive reasoning) :: Verallgemeinerung {f}, Generalisierung {f}
generalisation {n} :: (linguistics) Bedeutungserweiterung, Bedeutungsverallgemeinerung
generalissimo {n} (supreme commander) :: Generalissimus {m}
generalist {n} (person with a broad general knowledge) :: Generalist {m}
generalizability {n} (1. The quality of being generalizable) :: Verallgemeinerbarkeit {f}
generalizable {adj} (1. Capable of being generalized) :: verallgemeinerbar
generalization {n} (formulation of general concepts) :: Verallgemeinerung {f}, Generalisierung {f}
generalization {n} (inductive reasoning) :: Verallgemeinerung {f}, Generalisierung {f}
generalization {n} :: (linguistics) Bedeutungserweiterung, Bedeutungsverallgemeinerung
generalize {v} (to infer or induce from specific cases to more general cases or principles) :: verallgemeinern
general knowledge {n} (wide body of information that a person acquires from education and from life) :: Allgemeinwissen {n}
generally {adv} (popularly or widely) :: allgemein, gewöhnlich, im Allgemeinen
generally {adv} (as a rule; usually) :: hauptsächlich, überhaupt, üblicherweise
generally {adv} (without reference to specific details) :: allgemein, generell
general partnership {n} (type of partnership) :: [Germany] offene Handelsgesellschaft {f}, [Switzerland] Kollektivgesellschaft {f}
general population {n} (general public) SEE: general public ::
general practitioner {n} (physician who provides primary care; family doctor) :: Allgemeinmediziner {m}, Allgemeinmedizinerin {f}, Hausarzt {m}, Hausärztin {f}, Allgemeinarzt {m}, Allgemeinärztin {f}
general public {n} (members of the public who have no special role) :: Allgemeinheit {f}
general-purpose {adj} (all-purpose) :: Allzweck- [in compound words]
general relativity {n} (theory in physics) :: Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie {f}, allgemeine Relativitätstheorie {f}
General Secretary {n} (chief administrator of political parties or organizations) :: Generalsekretär {m}
general staff {n} (officers in charge of army) :: Generalstab {m}
general store {n} (a store which sells a large variety of useful things) :: Kaufhaus {n}, Kramladen {m}
general strike {n} (work stoppage) :: Generalstreik {m}
generate {v} (to bring into being) :: generieren
generate {v} :: erzeugen
generation {n} (single step in the succession of natural descent) :: Generation {f}, Geschlecht {n}
generation {n} :: Generation {f}
generational {adj} (of, pertaining to, or changing over generations) :: generationell, generationsmäßig, Generations-
generator {n} (apparatus: electrical generator) :: Generator
generic {adj} (very comprehensive) :: allgemein, generisch, typisch
generic {adj} (of, or relating to a genus) :: artmäßig, gattungsmäßig, arttypisch
generic {adj} (not having a brand name) :: Generikum {n}
generic {adj} ((computing) written so as to operate on any data type) :: generisch
genericized trademark {n} (brand name that has come into general use) :: generischer Markenname {m}, generalisierter Markenname {m}
generosity {n} (the trait of being willing to donate) :: Großzügigkeit {f}, Generosität {f}, Großmut {m}
generosity {n} (acting generously) :: Großzügigkeit {f}, Freizügigkeit {f}
generosity {n} (the trait of being more than adequate) :: Großmut {m}
generosity {n} (good breeding; nobility of stock) :: Edelmut {m}
generosity {n} (a generous act) :: Edelmut {m}, Großzügigkeit {f}
generous {adj} (willing to give and share unsparingly) :: großzügig, generös
generous {adj} (large, ample) :: großzügig, generös
genesis {n} (the origin, start, or point at which something comes into being) :: Genese {f}, Genesis {f}
Genesis {prop} (the book of the Bible) :: Genesis {f}, 1. Buch Mose {n} (das erste Buch Mose)
genet {n} (mammal of the genus Genetta) :: Genette {n}, Ginsterkatze {f}
gene therapy {n} (therapy involving the insertion of genes into a patient's cells) :: Gentherapie {f}
genetic {adj} (relating to genetics or genes) :: genetisch
genetically {adv} (relating to genes) :: genetisch
genetic engineering {n} (practice or science of genetic modification) :: Gentechnik {f}
geneticist {n} (scientist who studies genes) :: Genetiker {m}, Genetikerin {f}
genetics {n} (branch of biology) :: Genetik {f}
genetics {n} (genetic makeup of a specific individual or species) :: Genetik {f}
Geneva {prop} (city) :: Genf {n}
Geneva {prop} (canton) :: Kanton Genf
Geneva {prop} (lake) :: Genfersee
Geneva Convention {prop} (international treaty) :: Genfer Konvention {f}
Genevieve {prop} (female given name) :: Genoveva {f}
Genghisid {adj} (relating to the Genghisids) :: dschingisidisch
Genghis Khan {prop} (Genghis Khan) :: Dschingis Khan {m}
genial {adj} (marked by genius) :: genial
genie {n} (an unseen being in Muslim theology) :: Dschinn {m}, Djinn {m}
genie {n} (a fictional magical being) :: Dschinn {m}, Djinn {m}
genie is out of the bottle {phrase} (something has been brought into reality that cannot be eliminated or undone) SEE: what's done is done ::
genitalia {n} (genitals or sex organs) :: Genitalien {n-p}
genitals {n} (genitalia) SEE: genitalia ::
genital wart {n} (sexually transmitted infection) :: Condylom {n}, Condyloma {n}, Kondylom {n}, Kondyloma {n}, Feigwarze {f}, Feuchtwarze {f}, Genitalwarze {f}, venerische Warze {f}
genitive {adj} (of or pertaining to the case of possession) :: genitivisch
genitive {n} (inflection pattern) :: Genitiv {m}, Wesfall {m}, Wessenfall {m}, zweiter Fall {m}
genitive absolute {n} (independent genitive phrase) :: Genitivus absolutus {m}
genitive case {n} (genitive) SEE: genitive ::
genius {n} (someone possessing extraordinary intelligence or skill) :: Genie {n}
genius {n} (extraordinary mental capacity) :: Genialität {f}
genizah {n} (depository where sacred Hebrew books, etc., are kept before being buried in a cemetery) :: Geniza
genoa {n} (a staysail) :: Genua {f}
Genoa {prop} (province) :: Genua {n}
Genoa {prop} (Italian city) :: Genua {n}
genocidaire {n} (person involved in perpetrating a genocide) :: Génocidaire {n}
genocide {n} (systematic killing of substantial numbers of people) :: Völkermord {m}, Genozid {m}
Genoese {n} (an inhabitant or resident of Genoa) :: Genuese {?}, Genueser
Genoese {adj} (of, from or relating to Genoa) :: genuesisch
genome {n} (complete genetic information of an organism) :: Genom {n}
genotype {n} (DNA sequence which determines a specific characteristic) :: Genotyp {m}
genotypic {adj} (pertaining to a genotype) :: genotypisch
genotypical {adj} (of or relating to genotype) :: genotypisch
Genovese {adj} (Genoese) SEE: Genoese ::
genre {n} (kind; type; sort) :: Genre {n}, Gattung {f}
gens {n} (legally defined unit of Roman society) :: Gens
Genseric {prop} (male given name) :: Geiserich
genteel {adj} (excessively polite and well-mannered) :: höflich
gentian {n} (Any of various herbs of the family Gentianaceae) :: Enzian {m}
gentian {n} (The dried roots and rhizome of a European gentian) :: Enzian {m}
gentian blue {n} (A purplish blue colour) :: Enzianblau {n}
gentian blue {adj} (gentian blue) :: enzianblau
genticide {n} (killing of a race or nation of people) SEE: genocide ::
gentile {adj} (non-Jewish) :: nichtjüdisch
gentile {n} (non-Jewish person) :: Goj, Nichtjude
gentile {n} (kind of noun) :: Gentile
gentility {n} (The state of being elegant) :: Vornehmheit {f}, vornehme Lebensart {f}, Freundlichkeit {f}, Herzlichkeit {f}
gentle {adj} (tender and amiable) :: liebenswürdig
gentle {adj} (soft and mild rather than hard or severe) :: einfühlsam, sanftmütig, sanft
gentle {adj} (docile and easily managed) :: einfühlsam
gentle {adj} (gradual rather than steep or sudden) :: gemächlich, sachte
gentle {adj} (polite and respectful rather than rude) :: freundlich, liebenswürdig
gentleman {n} (man of breeding) :: Herr
gentleman {n} (polite term for a man) :: Herr {m}
gentleman {n} (polite form of address to men) :: Herr {m}, meine Herren {p}
gentlemanly {adv} (in the manner of a gentleman) :: vornehm
gentleman's agreement {n} (agreement) :: stillschweigendes Abkommen {n}
gentleness {n} (being gentle) :: Sanftmut {f}
gentoo penguin {n} (penguin) :: Eselspinguin {m}
gentrification {n} (process of renewal accompanying an influx of relatively affluent people) :: Gentrifizierung {f}, Gentrifikation {f}
gentrify {v} (to renovate something, especially housing to make more appealing to the middle classes) :: gentrifizieren
genuflect {v} (to bend the knee, as in servitude or worship) :: niederknien
genuflection {n} (the act of genuflecting, in the sense of bowing down) :: Niederknien {n}, Kniebeuge {f}, Kniefall {m}
genuine {adj} (real, authentic) :: echt, original, genuin
genuinely {adv} (truthfully, truly) :: wirklich, echt, ernsthaft, aufrichtig, tatsächlich
genuineness {n} (the quality of being genuine; authenticity) :: Aufrichtigkeit {f}, Wahrhaftigkeit {f}, Echtheit {f}, Authentizität {f}, Glaubwürdigkeit {f}
genus {n} (rank in a taxonomic classification between family and species) :: Gattung {f}
genus {n} (taxon at this rank) :: Gattung {f}
genus name {n} (genus name, generic name) :: Gattungsname {m}, Genusname {m}
genu varum {n} (bowleg) SEE: bowleg ::
geo- {prefix} (Earth) :: geo-
geocache {n} (hidden item in geocaching) :: Geocache {m}
geocaching {n} (pastime) :: Geocaching {n}
geocentric {adj} (having Earth at center) :: geozentrisch
geochemistry {n} (branch of chemistry) :: Geochemie {f}
geodesic {n} (mathematics: the shortest line between two points on a specific surface) :: Geodäte {f}
geodesic {adj} (of or relating to geodesy) :: geodätisch
geodesic {adj} (of or relating to a geodesic dome) :: geodätisch
geodesy {n} (scientific discipline) :: Geodäsie {f}
geodetic {adj} (geodesic) SEE: geodesic ::
geodetic {adj} (relating to geodesy) :: geodätisch
geoduck {n} (P. abrupta) :: Elefantenrüsselmuschel {f}
geodynamo {n} :: Geodynamo {n}
Geoffrey {prop} (a male given name) :: Gottfried {m}
Geoffroy's cat {n} (Leopardus geoffroyi) :: Kleinfleckkatze {f}
geoglyph {n} (Large-scale drawing) :: Geoglyphe {f}, Geoglyph {m}
geographer {n} (a specialist in geography) :: Geograf {m}, Geografin {f}, Geograph {m}, Geographin {f}
geographic {adj} (pertaining to geography) :: geografisch
geographic {adj} (determined by geography) :: geografisch
geographical {adj} (geographic) SEE: geographic ::
geographically {adv} (in a geographical manner) :: geografisch
geographic information system {n} (an electronic system) :: Geoinformationssystem {n}
geography {n} (study of physical structure and inhabitants of the Earth) :: Geografie {f}, Geographie {f}, Erdkunde
geoid {n} (surface of constant gravitational potential at zero elevation) :: Geoid
geolocate {v} (to use GPS to provide map coordinates) :: geolokalisieren
geolocation {n} (the identification of geographic location) :: Geolokalisierung {f}
geologic {adj} (relating to geology) :: geologisch
geological {adj} (geologic) SEE: geologic ::
geologist {n} (person skilled at geology) :: Geologe {m}, Geologin {f}
geology {n} (the study of the earth) :: Geologie {f}
geometric {adj} (of or relating to geometry) :: geometrisch
geometric {adj} (using simple shapes) :: geometrisch
geometrical {adj} (geometric) SEE: geometric ::
geometric mean {n} (measure of central tendency) :: geometrisches Mittel {n}
geometric progression {n} (sequence) :: geometrische Reihe {f}, geometrische Progression {f}
geometry {n} (branch of mathematics) :: Geometrie, Raumlehre
geometry {n} (type of geometry) :: Geometrie
geomorphologic {adj} :: geomorphologisch
geomorphological {adj} (pertaining to geomorphology) :: geomorphologisch
geophysicist {n} (one who studies geophysics) :: Geophysiker {m}, Geophysikerin {f}
geophysics {n} (branch of earth science) :: Geophysik {f}
geopolitical {adj} (of, or relating to geopolitics) :: geopolitisch
geopolitics {n} (the study of the effects of geography on international politics) :: Geopolitik {f}
George {prop} (male given name) :: Georg
Georgetown {prop} (capital of Guyana) :: Georgetown
Georgia {prop} (country) :: Georgien {n}, Grusien {n}
Georgia {prop} (state of the USA) :: Georgia
Georgian {n} (language of the country Georgia) :: Georgisch {n}, Grusinisch {n}, Kartwelisch {n}
Georgian {n} (person from the country of Georgia) :: Georgier {m}, Georgierin {f}, Grusier {m}, Grusierin {f}
Georgian {adj} (pertaining to the country, people or language of Georgia) :: georgisch, grusinisch
Georgian SSR {prop} (Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic) :: Georgische SSR {f}
Georgian studies {n} (Kartvelian studies) SEE: Kartvelian studies ::
geoscience {n} (earth science) SEE: earth science ::
geostationary {adj} (fixed distance orbit) :: geostationär
geotechnical {adj} (related to the soil) :: geotechnisch
geothermal energy {n} (heat under the ground used to heat water and make steam to turn generator turbines and make electricity) :: Erdwärme {f}
ger {n} (yurt) SEE: yurt ::
Gerald {prop} (male given name) :: Gerald
geranium {n} (cranesbill) :: Storchschnabel {m}
geranium {n} (common name for Pelargoniums) :: Geranie {f}
Gerard {prop} (male given name) :: Gerhard
gerbera {n} (A daisy of the genus Gerbera) :: Gerbera {f}
gerbil {n} (small rodent) :: Rennmaus {f}, Wüstenrennmaus {f}, mongolische Rennmaus {f}
gerenuk {n} (Litocranius walleri) :: Giraffengazelle {f}
geriatric {n} (slang: old person) :: Greis, alter Mensch
geriatrics {n} (branch of medicine dealing with the elderly) :: Geriatrie {f}
germ {n} (mass of cells) :: Keim {m}
germ {n} (pathogenic microorganism) :: Keim {m}
German {n} (native or inhabitant of Germany; person of German citizenship or nationality) :: Deutscher {m}, Deutsche {f}
German {n} (member of the Germanic ethnic group which is the most populous ethnic group in Germany) :: Deutscher {m}, Deutsche {f}
German {n} (member of a Germanic tribe) :: Germane {m}, Germanin {f}
German {n} (1½-point type) :: Achtelcicero
German {n} (the German language) :: Deutsch {n}, Hochdeutsch {n}, deutsche Sprache {f}
German {adj} (of or relating to the country of Germany) :: deutsch
German {adj} (of or relating to the German people) :: deutsch
German {adj} (of or relating to the German language) :: deutsch
German Autumn {prop} (set of events in late 1977) :: Deutscher Herbst
German-based {adj} :: deutschbasiert
German Bight {prop} (bay in the North Sea) :: Deutsche Bucht
German-Canadian {adj} (germanophone Canadian) :: deutschsprachig kanadisch, deutschsprechend kanadisch
German-Canadian {adj} (German-Canadian) :: deutschkanadisch, deutsch-kanadisch
German chamomile {n} (annual plant used for tea) :: Kamille {f}
German cockroach {n} (Blattella germanica) :: Deutsche Schabe {f}
German Democratic Republic {prop} (East Germany from 1949-1990) :: Deutsche Demokratische Republik {f}
germane {adj} (related to the topic being discussed) :: relevant
germane {n} (germanium tetrahydride) :: Monogerman
German Empire {prop} (Germany between 1871 and 1918) :: Deutsches Reich {n} [more general], Deutsches Kaiserreich {n}
Germania {prop} (historical region) :: Germanien {n}
Germanic {prop} (early language, see also: Ur-Germanic) :: Germanisch {n}
Germanic {adj} (relating to the Germanic peoples) :: germanisch
Germanic {adj} (relating to the language or group of languages known as Germanic) :: germanisch
Germanic {adj} (having German characteristics) :: deutsch, deutsch klingend, typisch deutsch
Germanism {n} (a word or idiom of the German language) :: Germanismus {m}
Germanist {n} (person who studies Germanic languages and cultures) :: Germanist {m}, Germanistin {f}
germanium {n} (chemical element) :: Germanium {n}
germanium tetrahydride {n} (germane) SEE: germane ::
Germanization {n} (Making more German) :: Germanisierung {f}, Eindeutschen {n}
Germanize {v} (make more German) :: eindeutschen, germanisieren
German measles {n} (the disease rubella) SEE: rubella ::
Germanness {n} (being German) :: Deutschheit {f}, Deutschsein {n}
Germano- {prefix} (relating to Germany and German culture) :: Deutsch-
germanomethane {n} (germane) SEE: germane ::
germanophilia {n} (the love of the country, culture or people of Germany) :: Germanophilie {f}, Deutschfreundlichkeit {f}, Deutschlandfreundlichkeit {f}
Germanophobia {n} (hatred or fear of Germany or anything German) :: Germanophobie {f}, Deutschfeindlichkeit {f}
Germanophone {adj} (German-speaking) :: deutschsprachig
Germanophone {n} (German speaker) :: Deutschsprachiger {m}, Deutschsprachige {f}
German Shepherd {n} (Medium sized breed of dog) :: deutscher Schäferhund {m}
German Spaniel {n} (dog breed) :: Deutscher Wachtelhund
German sparrow {n} (tree sparrow) SEE: tree sparrow ::
German studies {n} (academic discipline) :: Germanistik {f}
Germany {prop} (country in Central Europe) :: Deutschland {n}
Germinal {prop} (the seventh month of the French Republican Calendar) :: Germinal {m}, Keimmonat {m}
germinate {v} (sprout or produce buds) :: keimen
germ plasm {n} (cytoplasm of germ cells) :: Keimplasma {n}
germ warfare {n} (the use of harmful organisms as a weapon) SEE: biological warfare ::
gerontocracy {n} (government by elders) :: Gerontokratie {f}
gerontology {n} (branch of science) :: Gerontologie {f}, Alternsforschung
gerontophilia {n} (sexual attraction) :: Gerontophilie {f}
Gertrude {prop} (female given name) :: Gertrud, Gertraud, Gertrude
gerund {n} (verb form functioning as a verbal noun) :: Gerundium {n}, Vertretungswort
gerund {n} (verb form functioning as an adverb) :: Gerundium {n}
gerundive {n} (Latin verbal adjective that describes obligation or necessity) :: Gerundiv {n}, Gerundivum {n}
Gesamtkunstwerk {n} (operatic performance) :: Gesamtkunstwerk {n}
Gessler {prop} (A German surname​) :: Gessler
gestalt {n} (collection of entities that creates a unified concept) :: Gestalt {f}
gestalt therapy {n} (branch of psychotherapy) :: Gestalttherapie {f}
Gestapo {prop} (the secret police of Nazi Germany) :: Gestapo {f}
gestation {n} (period of time a fetus develops inside mother's body) :: Reifung {f}, Heranreifen {n}
gesticulate {v} (to make gestures) :: gestikulieren
gesticulate {v} (to express through gestures) :: gestikulieren
gesticulation {n} (act of gesticulating) :: Gestikulierung {f}
gesture {n} (motion of the limbs or body) :: Geste {f}, Gebärde {f}, Attitüde {f}
gesture {n} (act or remark) :: Geste {f}
gesture {v} ((intransitive) to make a gesture) :: gestikulieren
gesture {v} ((transitive) to express something by a gesture) :: (jemandem etwas) bedeuten
gesundheit {interj} (said to someone who has just sneezed) SEE: bless you ::
get {v} (to obtain) :: besorgen, holen, erwischen, kriegen [colloquial], sich schnappen, anschaffen
get {v} (to receive) :: bekommen, [colloquial] kriegen
get {v} (to become) :: werden, in some cases: gehen (sometimes translated by a reflexive verb: get drunk = sich betrinken)
get {v} (to fetch) :: mitbringen, holen
get {v} (to arrive at) :: ankommen, erreichen
get {v} (colloquial: to understand) :: kapieren, haben [regional]
get {v} (colloquial: to be) :: werden
get {v} (to beget) SEE: beget ::
get {v} (to getter) SEE: getter ::
get a grip {v} (to relax; to calm down; to stop being angry) :: reiß dich zusammen
get along {v} (interact or coexist well, without argument or trouble) :: sich verstehen, sich vertragen
get along {v} (survive; to do well enough) :: zurechtkommen, klarkommen, zurechtfinden
get a move on {v} (hurry up) SEE: hurry up ::
get a room {phrase} (used to instruct a couple to stop displaying physical affection in public) :: nehmt euch ein Zimmer [not very much used]
get at {v} (to manage to gain access to) SEE: access ::
get at {v} (to attack verbally or physically) SEE: attack ::
get at {v} (to annoy, bother) SEE: annoy ::
get at {v} ((slang) to contact someone) SEE: contact ::
get at {v} (to mean, signify, drive at) SEE: drive at ::
get away {v} (to avoid capture; to escape (from)) SEE: escape ::
get away {v} (To start moving; to depart) SEE: depart ::
getaway {n} (effecting of an escape) :: Flucht {f}
getaway {n} (vacation or destination) :: Kurzurlaub {m} [vacation]; Erholungsort {m} [destination]
getaway {adj} (pertaining to an escape) :: Flucht-
get away with {v} (to escape punishment for) :: mit etwas davonkommen, mit etwas durchkommen, ungeschoren davonkommen
get a word in edgewise {v} (to break into or participate in a conversation) :: ins Wort fallen
get back {v} (to return to where one came from) :: zurückkommen
get back {v} (to retrieve, to have an item returned) :: zurückbekommen
get back {v} (to do something to hurt or harm someone) :: heimzahlen
get back at {v} (to retaliate) :: sich rächen
get back to {v} (to return contact with (someone); to return to someone in response to a request) :: sich melden
get by {v} (subsist) :: auskommen, durchkommen, zurechtkommen, klarkommen
get cold feet {v} (to become nervous or anxious and reconsider a decision about an upcoming event) :: kalte Füße bekommen
get down {v} (go down (intransitive)) SEE: go down ::
get down {v} (bring down (transitive)) SEE: let down ::
get down to brass tacks {v} (deal with the important details) :: zur Sache kommen
get dressed {v} (to beclothe oneself, to put on clothes) :: sich anziehen
get drunk {v} (to intoxicate oneself with alcohol) :: sich betrinken, saufen
get drunk {v} (transitive; to make drunk) :: betrunken machen, abfüllen
Gethsemane {prop} (garden in ancient Jerusalem) :: Getsemani, Gethsemani, Gethsemane
get in {v} (to board) :: einsteigen
get in {v} (to enter) :: einsteigen
get in the way {v} (to obstruct, hinder, or interfere) :: stören, dazwischenkommen, hindern, behindern
get it over with {v} :: hinter sich bringen
get it up {v} (achieve a penile erection) :: einen hochkriegen
get laid {v} (take part in a sexual act) SEE: have sex ::
get laid {v} (to have sex) :: bumsen
get lost {interj} (Go away!) :: hau ab!, geh weg!, verschwinde!, mach, dass du wegkommst!, verpiss dich!, schleich dich!
get lost {v} (become lost) :: sich verirren , sich verlaufen , die Orientierung verlieren
get married {v} (become married to someone) :: sich verheiraten, heiraten
get married {v} (become married to each other) :: sich verheiraten
get off {v} (to disembark from) :: aussteigen
get off one's chest {v} (to relieve oneself by talking to someone) :: loswerden
get on {v} (to board or mount) :: einsteigen
get one's finger out {v} (stop delaying) :: Gas geben
get one's hands dirty {v} :: sich die Hände schmutzig machen, sich die Finger schmutzig machen
get one's wires crossed {v} (to misunderstand one another) :: einander missverstehen, an einander vorbeireden
get on someone's nerves {v} (annoy or irritate) :: jemandem auf die Nerven gehen, jemandem auf den Geist gehen
get on with {v} (proceed with) :: fortfahren, sich begeben
get out {v} (To help someone leave) :: raus
get out of bed on the wrong side {v} (to start the day in a bad mood) SEE: get up on the wrong side of the bed ::
get out of Dodge {v} :: eine Fliege machen
get out of here {interj} (command to leave) :: hau ab!, geh weg!, verschwinde!, mach, dass Du wegkommst!, verpiss Dich!
get out of here {interj} (expression of disbelief) :: hör doch auf, echt jetzt
get outta here {interj} (get out of here) SEE: get out of here ::
get over {v} (recover) SEE: recover ::
get over {v} (to overcome) :: überwinden
get over {v} (to forget, and move on) :: überwinden, verschmerzen
get ready {v} (to make ready or prepare) :: bereit machen, fertig machen, klar machen, vorbereiten
get rid of {v} (remove) :: loswerden, abschaffen
gettable {adj} (obtainable) SEE: obtainable ::
getter {n} (absorbing material) :: Getter {m}
get the hang of {v} (to learn to handle with some skill) :: etwas kapieren, die Kurve heraushaben, mit etwas umgehen lernen, etwas in den Griff bekommen, etwas in den Griff kriegen [colloquial]
get to {v} (to upset or annoy) :: zu schaffen machen
get to know {v} (to become acquainted with someone) :: kennenlernen
get to the bottom of {v} (understand the truth about) :: einer Sache auf den Grund gehen
get to the point {v} (State directly) :: auf den Punkt kommen, zur Sache kommen
get up {v} (to rise from one's bed) :: aufstehen, sich erheben
get up on the wrong side of the bed {v} (to feel irritable without a particular reason) :: mit dem linken Fuß zuerst aufgestanden sein [lit.: "got up first on the left foot"], mit dem falschen Fuß aufgestanden sein [lit.: "got up on the wrong foot"]
get used {v} (to get accustomed (to)) :: sich gewöhnen (an)
get well soon {phrase} (expressing hope that someone recovers soon) :: gute Besserung
get wind of {v} (To hear about; to learn of, especially especially with respect to facts intended to have been confidential) :: von etwas Wind bekommen
geyser {n} (boiling spring) :: Geysir {m}
GFY {phrase} (Good for you) :: schön für dich
Ghana {prop} (The Republic of Ghana) :: Ghana
Ghanaian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Ghana or the Ghanaian people) :: ghanaisch
Ghanaian {n} (person from Ghana or of Ghanaian descent) :: Ghanaer {m}, Ghanaerin {f}
Ghanan {adj} (Ghanaian) SEE: Ghanaian ::
Ghanan {n} (Ghanaian) SEE: Ghanaian ::
gharial {n} (gavial) SEE: gavial ::
ghastly {adj} (horrifyingly shocking) :: grässlich, gespenstisch, haarsträubend
ghastly {adj} (extremely bad) :: schauderhaft
ghazal {n} (a poetic form) :: Ghasel {n}
ghee {n} (South Asian style clarified butter) :: Ghee {n}
Gheg {prop} (Gheg) :: Gegisch {n}
Ghent {prop} (capital city of the province of East Flanders, Belgium) :: Gent {n}
Gheorgheni {prop} (city) :: Niklasmarkt
gherkin {n} (small cucumber) :: Salzgurke {f} [pickle], Gewürzgurke {f} [pickle], Gürkchen {n} [small cucumber]
Gherla {prop} (city, see also: Armenopolis) :: Neuschloss
ghetto {n} (area of a city in which Jews were concentrated) :: Getto {n}, Ghetto {n}, Judenviertel {n}, Judengasse {f}
ghetto {n} (area of a city where people of another ethnicity concentrate or are concentrated) :: Getto {n}, Ghetto {n}
ghetto {v} (confine to a ghetto) :: gettoisieren
ghetto bird {n} (police helicopter) :: Polizeihubschrauber {m}, Polizeihelikopter {m}
ghetto blaster {n} (powerful portable stereo system) SEE: boom box ::
Ghibelline {n} (member of a medieval Italian faction that supported the German emperors) :: Ghibelline {m}, Gibelline {m}, Waiblinger {m}
ghit {n} (ghit (contraction of “Google hit”)) :: Google-Hit {m}, Google-Treffer {m}
ghost {n} (spirit appearing after death) :: Gespenst {n}, Geist {m}, Phantom {n}, Spuk {m}, Erscheinung {f}
ghost {n} (faint shadowy semblance) :: Schatten {m}
ghost {n} (false image on a television screen) :: Geisterbild {n}
ghost {n} (soul) SEE: soul ::
ghost {n} (ghostwriter) SEE: ghostwriter ::
ghost driver {n} (wrong-way driver) SEE: wrong-way driver ::
ghost goal {n} (apparent goal) :: Phantomtor {n}, Wembley-Tor {n}
ghosthunter {n} (person who tries to track down ghosts) :: Geisterjäger {m}
ghosting {n} (appearance of ghosts on a television screen) :: Geisterbild {n}
ghost net {n} (fishing net discarded or lost in the ocean) :: Geisternetz {n}
ghost ship {n} (abandoned, possibly adrift ship that is haunted) :: Geisterschiff {n}
ghost story {n} (story about ghosts) :: Gespenstergeschichte {f}
ghost town {n} (town which has become deserted) :: Geisterstadt {f}, Geisterdorf {n}, Geistersiedlung {f}, Geisterort {m}, Ghosttown {n}
ghost train {n} (fairground attraction) :: Geisterbahn {f}
ghost train {n} (theatrical performance beside a train) :: Geisterzug
ghostwriter {n} (professional writer for another person) :: Ghostwriter {m}, Phantomschreiber {m}
ghoul {n} (a spirit said to feed on corpses) :: Ghul {m}
ghrelin {n} (peptide hormone that increases appetite) :: Ghrelin {n}
gianduja {n} (Piedmontese chocolate preparation) :: Gianduja {m}
giant {n} (mythical human) :: Riese {m}, Riesin {f}, Gigant {m}, Gigantin {f}
giant {n} (Greek mythological creature) :: Gigant {m}
giant {n} (very tall person) :: Riese {m}, Riesin {f}, Hüne {m}, Hünin {f}
giant {n} (luminous star) :: Riese {m}
giant {adj} (giant) :: riesig, gigantisch
giant anteater {n} (species) :: Großer Ameisenbär {m}
giant burrowing cockroach {n} (Macropanesthia rhinoceros) :: Australische Großschabe {f}
giant fennel {n} (Ferula communis) :: Riesenfenchel {m}, Steckenkraut {n}
giant forest genet {n} (Genetta victoriae) :: Riesenginsterkatze {f}
Giant Mountains {prop} (the particular mountain range) :: Riesengebirge
giant otter {n} (Pteronura brasiliensis) :: Riesenotter
giant panda {n} (mammal) :: Panda
giant slalom {n} (skiing discipline) :: Riesenslalom {m}
giant squid {n} (any of the very large squid of genus Architeuthis) :: Riesenkalmar {m}
giant star {n} (star that has stopped fusing hydrogen) :: Riesenstern {m}
giant tortoise {n} (a giant tortoise) :: Riesenschildkröte {f}
giant wood rail {n} (bird) :: Ypecaharalle {f}
gibberish {n} (unintelligible speech or writing) :: Kauderwelsch {n}, Kokolores {m}, Gequassel {n}, Geschwafel {n}
gibbet {n} (upright post with a crosspiece used for execution and subsequent public display; a gallows) :: Galgen {m}
gibbon {n} (small ape) :: Gibbon {m}
gibbous {adj} (humpbacked) SEE: humpbacked ::
gibibit {n} (230 bits) :: Gibibit {n}
gibibyte {n} (230 bytes) :: Gibibyte {n}
giblet {n} (edible bird entrails) :: Innereien {f-p}
giblets {n} (the organs of poultry) :: Hühnerklein {n}, Eingeweide {f}
Gibraltar {prop} (British overseas territory) :: Gibraltar
Gibraltar {prop} (Strait of Gibraltar) SEE: Strait of Gibraltar ::
Gibraltarian {adj} (of or pertaining to Gibraltar) :: gibraltarisch
Gibraltarian {n} (native or inhabitant of Gibraltar) :: Gibraltarer {m}, Gibraltarerin {f}
giddiness {n} (dizziness) SEE: dizziness ::
giddy {adj} (dizzy) :: schwindelig, schwindlig
giddy {adj} (causing dizziness) :: schwindelerregend
giddyup {interj} (used to make a horse go faster) :: , hüa
GIF {n} (short video without audio) :: Gif {n}
gift {n} (something given to another voluntarily, without charge) :: Geschenk {n}, Präsent {n} [rarely], Spende {f}, Gabe {f}
gift {n} (something received incidentally, without effort) :: Geschenk {n}
gift {n} (a talent or natural ability) :: Begabung {f}, Talent {n}
gift card {n} (a card issued by retailers) :: Geschenkkarte {f}
gift certificate {n} (voucher entitling the bearer to free products or services) :: Gutschein {m}
gifted {adj} :: begabt, geistvoll, begnadet
gift of the gab {n} (ability to talk readily) :: Wortgewalt {f}, Eloquenz {f}, Redegabe {f}, flottes Mundwerk {n} [informal]
gift voucher {n} (voucher given as a present) SEE: gift certificate ::
gig {n} (performing engagement by a musical group) :: Auftritt {m}
giga- {prefix} (SI prefix) :: giga-
gigabyte {n} (one billion bytes) :: Gigabyte {n}
gigantic {adj} (very large) :: gigantisch
gigantism {n} (quality or state of being gigantic) :: Gigantismus {m}
gigantomaniac {adj} :: gigantomanisch
giga-watt {n} (gigawatt) SEE: gigawatt ::
gigawatt {n} (109 watts) :: Gigawatt {n}
giggle {v} (laugh) :: kichern
giggle {n} (laugh) :: Gekicher {n}
gigolo {n} (male having sexual relationships for money) :: Gigolo {m}, Stricher {m}
gigolo {n} (hired escort or dancing partner) :: Gigolo {m}
Gila monster {n} (Heloderma suspectum) :: Gila-Krustenechse {f}
Gilbert {prop} (male given name) :: Gilbert
gild {v} (to cover with a thin layer of gold) :: vergolden
gild {v} (to adorn) :: schmücken
gilded {adj} (made of gold or covered by a thin layer of gold) :: vergoldet
gilded cage {n} (place or situation which is attractive but constraining) :: goldener Käfig {m}
gilding {n} (art) :: Vergolden {n}
gilding {n} (leaf) :: Blattgold {n}
gilding {n} (coating) :: Vergoldung {f}
Gilead {prop} (Biblical region east of the Jordan) :: Gilead
Giles {prop} (male given name) :: Ägidius
Gilgamesh {prop} (legendary king of Uruk) :: Gilgamesch {m}
gill {n} (breathing organ of fish) :: Kieme {f}
gill {n} (mushroom organ) :: Lamelle {f}
gill {n} (fleshy flap that hangs below the beak of a fowl) SEE: wattle ::
gill {n} (flesh under or about the chin) SEE: wattle ::
gilo {n} (fruit of a species of fruiting plant) :: äthiopische Eierfrucht {f}, afrikanische Eierfrucht {f}, afrikanische Aubergine {f}
gilt {n} (gold or other metal in a thin layer; gilding) :: Vergoldung {f}
gilt {adj} (golden coloured) :: gülden
Gim {prop} (Korean surname) SEE: Kim ::
gimbal {n} (device for suspending something) ::  ; kardanische Aufhängung {f}
gimlet {n} (tool) :: Nagelbohrer
gimlet {n} (cocktail) :: Gimlet {m}
gimmick {n} (trick or a device) :: Kniff {m}, Kunstgriff {m}, Trick {m}
gimmick {n} (clever ploy or strategy) :: Aufhänger {m} [advertising], Gag {m} [colloquial]
gimmicky {adj} (resembling, or characteristic of a gimmick) :: effekthascherisch, künstlich
gimmicky {adj} (containing gimmicks) :: trickreich, mit allerlei Kniffen
gimp {n} (a cripple) :: Krüppel {m}, Depp {m}
gin {n} (alcoholic beverage) :: Gin {m}
gin and tonic {n} (cocktail made from gin and tonic) :: Gin Tonic {m}
ginger {n} (plant) :: Ingwer {m}
ginger {n} (spice) :: Ingwer {m}
ginger {n} (person with reddish-brown hair) :: Rotkopf {m}, Rotschopf {m}
ginger {adj} (reddish-brown) :: fuchsrot {n}, fuchsig, rötlich braun, rötlich-gelb, rotblond, rothaarig
ginger ale {n} (ginger beer) SEE: ginger beer ::
ginger beer {n} (queer) SEE: queer ::
ginger beer {adj} (queer) SEE: queer ::
ginger beer {n} (drink flavoured with ginger) :: Ingwerbier {n}
gingerbread {n} (type of cake) :: Pfefferkuchen {m}, Lebkuchen {m}, Ingwerbrot {n}, Gewürzkuchen {m}, Honigkuchen {m}, Lebzelten {m}
gingerbread man {n} (cookie in the shape of a person, flavoured with ginger) :: Pfefferkuchenmann {m}, Lebkuchenmann {m}
gingerly {adv} (gently) :: behutsam, vorsichtig, zimperlich, sanft
gingham {n} (a cotton fabric made from dyed and white yarn woven in checks) :: Gingan {m}
gingiva {n} (gum) SEE: gum ::
gingival {adj} (alveolar) SEE: alveolar ::
gingivitis {n} (inflammation of the gums) :: Zahnfleischentzündung {f}, Gingivitis {f} [scientific]
ginglymus {n} (hinge joint) SEE: hinge joint ::
ginkgo {n} (tree) :: Ginkgo {m}, Ginko {m}, Ginkgobaum {m}, Ginkobaum {m}, Ginkjo {m}, Mädchenhaarbaum {m}, Frauenhaarbaum {m}
ginormous {adj} (very large) :: gigantisch, riesig, elefantös [colloquial, humorous]
gin rummy {n} (card game) :: Gin Rummy {n}, Gin Rommé {n}
ginseng {n} (any of several plants, of the genus Panax) :: Ginseng {m}
ginseng {n} (root of such a plant, or the extract) :: Ginseng {m}
ginseng {n} :: Ginseng {m}
gippo {n} (Egyptian) SEE: Egyptian ::
gippo {n} (Gypsy) SEE: Gypsy ::
giraffe {n} (mammal) :: Giraffe {f}
giraffe weevil {n} (Trachelophorus giraffa) :: Giraffenkäfer {m}
girder {n} (main horizontal support in a building) :: Träger {m}, Balken {m}, Unterzug {m}, Tragbalken {m}, Binder {m}
girdle {n} (zodiac) SEE: zodiac ::
girdle {n} (belt) :: Hüfthalter {m}
girl {n} (young female person) :: Mädchen {n}, [regional] Mädel {n}, Wicht [archaic, dialectal]
girl {n} (woman) :: Frau {f}
girlfriend {n} (a female partner in a romantic relationship) :: [with possessive pronoun] Freundin {f}, Girlfriend {f} [colloquial, rare]
girlfriend {n} (a female friend) :: eine Freundin {f}
girl group {n} (pop group made up of young women) :: Girlgroup
Girl Guides {prop} (youth organisation) :: Pfadfinderinnenbewegung {f}
girlish {adj} (like a girl) :: mädchenhaft
girlishness {n} (quality of being girlish) :: Mädchenhaftigkeit {f}, mädchenhaftes Aussehen {n}, mädchenhaftes Wesen {n}
Girl Scout {n} (a member of the Girl Scouts) :: Girl Scout {f}
girl's name {n} (given name for a girl) :: Mädchenname {m}
Girondist {n} (member of a moderate faction during the French revolution) :: Girondist {m}, Girondistin {f}
girth {n} (A band or strap passed under an animal to hold a saddle in place) :: Sattelgurt {m}
girth {n} (the distance measured around an object) :: Umfang {m}
girth {n} (equipment) :: Sattelgurt {m}
girya {n} (kettlebell) SEE: kettlebell ::
Giselle {prop} (female given name) :: Gisela {f}
gissard {n} (one who tends to geese) SEE: gosherd ::
gist {n} (the most essential part) :: Hauptinhalt {m}, Hauptpunkt {m}, Kern {m}, Kernaussage {f}, Wesentliche {n}
git {n} (A contemptible person) :: Idiot {m}, Blödmann {m}, Dummkopf {m}
GI tract {n} (digestive tract) SEE: digestive tract ::
give {v} (transfer the possession of something to someone else) :: geben, abgeben
give {v} (bend slightly when a force is applied) :: nachgeben
give {n} (give (noun)) :: Dehnbarkeit {f}
give a damn {v} (to be concerned about) SEE: give a shit ::
give a fig {v} (give a shit) SEE: give a shit ::
give a fuck {v} (give a shit) SEE: give a shit ::
give a hoot {v} (to care about) SEE: give a shit ::
give a light {v} (give a shit) SEE: give a shit ::
give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime {proverb} (more worthwhile to teach someone than do it for them) :: Gib einem Mann einen Fisch und du ernährst ihn für einen Tag. Lehre einen Mann zu fischen und du ernährst ihn für sein Leben.
give a monkey's {v} (give a shit) SEE: give a shit ::
give a shit {v} (to (not) care) :: scheißegal [negative sense] (e.g.: mir ist (es) scheißegal), Scheißdreck [negative sense, vulgar] (e.g.: Das kümmert mich einen Scheißdreck)
give a tinker's cuss {v} (give a shit) SEE: give a shit ::
give a tinker's damn {v} (give a shit) SEE: give a shit ::
give a toss {v} (give a shit) SEE: give a shit ::
give away {v} (to make a gift of something) :: weggeben
give-away shop {n} (shop) :: Umsonstladen
give back {v} (return) :: zurückgeben
give birth {v} (produce new life) :: gebären
give head {v} (slang: to perform oral sex on another person) :: jemandem einen blasen
give in {v} (to collapse or fall) :: einbrechen, zusammenfallen
give in {v} (to relent or yield) :: nachgeben, einlenken, aufgeben
give me {v} (expression of preference) :: geben Sie mir, [informal plural] gebt mir, [informal singular] gib mir
given {adj} (currently discussed) :: vorliegend
given name {n} (name chosen for a child by its parents) :: Vorname {m}
give notice {v} (to announce one's intent to leave a job) :: kündigen
give off {v} (to emit) :: emittieren
give or take {adv} (approximately) SEE: approximately ::
giver {n} (one who gives) :: Geber {m}, Geberin {f}, Gebender {m}, Gebende {f}, Spender {m}, Spenderin {f}, Schenker {m}, Schenkerin {f}, Schenkender {m}, Schenkende {f}, Gönner {m}, Gönnerin {f}, Stifter {m}, Stifterin {f}, Donator {m}, Donatorin {f}
give rise to {v} (to be the origin of; to produce) :: führen zu
give someone a break {v} (rest) SEE: rest ::
give someone the cold shoulder {v} (snub) :: jemandem die kalte Schulter zeigen
give the finger {v} (make an obscene gesture) :: den Stinkefinger zeigen
give them an inch and they'll take a mile {proverb} :: Gib jemandem den kleinen Finger und er nimmt die ganze Hand
give two hoots {v} (give a shit) SEE: give a shit ::
give up {v} (surrender) :: aufgeben, sich ergeben, kapitulieren
give up {v} (stop, quit, desist) :: aufgeben
give up {v} (lose hope) :: aufgeben
give up {v} (abandon) :: aufgeben
give up {v} (admit defeat) :: aufgeben, kapitulieren
give up the ghost {v} (to die) :: den Geist aufgeben
give way {v} (to yield to persistent persuasion) :: nachgeben, weichen
give way {v} (to collapse or break under physical stress) :: nachgeben, weichen
give what for {v} (scold) SEE: scold ::
GIYF {interj} (Abbreviation of Google is your friend) :: GIDF
Giza {prop} (city in Egypt) :: Gizeh {n}
gizmo {n} (thingy) :: Dingsbums {n}
gizzard {n} (portion of the esophagus with ingested grit) :: Kaumagen {m}
glacial {adj} (relating to glaciers) :: glazial
glacial {adj} (cold and icy) :: eisig, eiskalt
glacial {n} (glacial period) :: Kaltzeit {f}, Eiszeit {f}
glacial acetic acid {n} :: Eisessig {m}
glacial erratic {n} (rock) :: Findling {m}
glacier {n} (a large body of ice which flows under its own mass, usually downhill) :: Gletscher {m}, Ferner {m}, Kees {n}
glaciology {n} (study of ice and its effect on the landscape) :: Glaziologie {f}
glad {adj} (pleased, happy, satisfied) :: froh, fröhlich
gladden {v} (to cause to become more glad) :: freuen, erfreuen
glade {n} (open space in the woods) :: Lichtung {f}
gladiator {n} (a professional boxer) SEE: boxer ::
gladiator {n} ((in ancient Rome) a person (professional or slave) who entertained the public by engaging in mortal combat with another, or with a wild animal) :: Gladiator {m}
gladiolus {n} (plant) :: Gladiole {f}
gladly {adv} (in a glad manner) :: gern
gladly {adv} (willingly, certainly) :: gern
glad wrap {n} (thin plastic food wrap) :: Adhäsionsfolie {f}
Glagolitic {n} (the oldest known Slavonic alphabet) :: Glagolica {f}
Glagolitic alphabet {n} (writing system) SEE: Glagolitic ::
glaive {n} (light lance) :: Lanze {f}, Pike {f}, Speer {m}
glaive {n} (weapon consisting of a pole with a large blade) :: Glefe {f} (alternative spellings: Gläfe {f}, Gleve {f}), Fauchard {f}
glamorous {adj} (Having glamour; stylish) :: glamourös, bezaubernd
glance {v} (to look briefly at something) :: blicken
glance {n} (a brief or cursory look) :: Blick {m}, Streifblick {m}
glance {n} (a deflection) :: Glanz {m}
glance {n} (mineral) :: Steinkohle {f}
glance coal {n} :: Steinkohle {f}
gland {n} (organ that synthesizes and secretes substance) :: Drüse {f}, [scent] Stinkdrüse {f}
gland {n} (secretory structure on the surface of an organ) :: Drüse {f}
glanders {n} (disease) :: Rotz {m}
glandular {adj} (pertaining to a gland or glands) :: glanduläre, drüsig
glans {n} (acorn or mast of the oak) :: Eichel {f}
glans {n} (goiter) SEE: goitre ::
glans {n} (conical vascularized body forming the extremity of the penis) SEE: glans penis ::
glans {n} (clitoral glans) SEE: clitoral glans ::
glans clitoridis {n} (clitoral glans) SEE: clitoral glans ::
glans penis {n} (conical vascularized body forming the extremity of the penis) :: Eichel {f}
glare {n} (light) :: Blendung {f}
glare {n} (a stare) :: entrüstetes Starren
glare {v} (to stare angrily) :: missbilligend anstarren
glaring {adj} (reflecting with glare) :: grell leuchtend, hell strahlend
glaring {adj} (blatant, obvious) :: krass, schreiend, eklatant
Glarus {prop} (a canton of Switzerland) :: Kanton Glarus
Glarus {prop} (a town in Switzerland) :: Glarus
Glasgow {prop} (the city Glasgow) :: Glasgow {n}
Glasgow kiss {n} (headbutt) SEE: headbutt ::
glasnost {n} (a policy of the Soviet Union) :: Glasnost {f}
glass {n} (hourglass) SEE: hourglass ::
glass {n} (substance) :: Glas {n}
glass {n} (drinking vessel) :: Glas {n}
glass {n} (mirror) SEE: mirror ::
glass {n} (barometer) SEE: barometer ::
glassblower {n} (person skilled in the art of glassblowing) :: Glasbläser {m}, Glasbläserin {f}
glassblowing {n} (art of making objects from molten glass) :: Glasblasen {n}
glass ceiling {n} (unwritten, uncodified barrier) :: Gläserne Decke {f}
glass cutter {n} (glazier) SEE: glazier ::
glass cutter {n} (tool) :: Glasschneider {m}
glasscutter {n} (glass-cutting device) SEE: glass cutter ::
glasses {n} (plural of "glass") SEE: glass ::
glasses {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles ::
glass eye {n} (artificial eye) :: Glasauge {n}
glass harmonica {n} (a musical instrument) :: Glasharmonika {f}
glass jaw {n} (sensitive chin or jaw) :: Glaskinn {n}
glassmaker {n} :: Glasmacher {m}
glass transition temperature {n} :: Glasübergangstemperatur {f}
glass wool {n} (insulating material) :: Glaswolle {f}
glassworks {n} (a factory that produces glass) :: Glashütte {p}
glasswort {n} (Crithmum maritimum) SEE: rock samphire ::
Glaswegian {adj} :: glasgowisch
Glaswegian {n} (native or resident of Glasgow) :: Glasgower {m}, Glasgowerin {f}
glaucoma {n} (eye disease) :: Glaukom {n}, Grüner Star {m}
glaucophane {n} (a blue amphibole mineral) :: Glaukophan {m}
glaze {n} (coating on pottery) :: Glasur {f}
glaze {n} (layer of paint) :: Lasur {f}
glaze {n} (meteorology: smooth coating of ice caused by freezing rain) :: Reif {m}
glazier {n} (craftsman who works with glass, fitting windows, etc) :: Glaser {m}, Glaserin {f}
glazing bar {n} (muntin) SEE: muntin ::
gleam {n} (small shaft or stream of light) :: Schein {m}, Schimmer {m}
gleam {n} (glimpse or indistinct sign) :: Funke {m}
gleam {n} (brightness or splendor) :: Glanz {m}
glean {v} (harvest grain left behind after the crop has been reaped) :: nachlesen, schmorren
glean {v} (gather information in small amounts, with implied difficulty, bit by bit) :: herausbekommen, zusammentragen
glee {n} (Joy; merriment; mirth; gayety; particularly, the mirth enjoyed at a feast) :: Freude {f}, Fröhlichkeit {f}, Ausgelassenheit {f}
glee {n} (Music; minstrelsy; entertainment) :: Rundgesang {m}
glee {n} (An unaccompanied part song for three or more solo voices) :: Rundgesang {m}
gleeful {adj} (joyful) :: schadenfroh
glen {n} (secluded and narrow valley) :: Tobel {m} {n}
glib {adj} (having a ready flow of words but lacking thought or understanding) :: schwatzhaft, beredsam
glib {adj} (smooth or slippery) :: glatt, rutschig, schlüpfrig
glib {adj} (artfully persuasive but insincere in nature) :: aalglatt, gewandt, einschmeichelnd-betrügerisch
glibness {n} (the condition of being glib) :: Gewandtheit
glide {n} (semivowel) SEE: semivowel ::
glide {v} (To move softly, smoothly, or effortlessly) :: gleiten
glide {v} (To fly unpowered, as of an aircraft) :: gleiten
glide {v} (To cause to glide) :: gleiten lassen
glider {n} (aircraft) :: Segelflugzeug {n}, Gleiter {m}, Gleitflugzeug {n}
glider {n} (animal with the ability to glide) :: Gleiter {m}
glimmer {n} (faint light) :: Schimmer {m}
glimmer {v} (to shine with faint unsteady light) :: glimmern
glint {n} (short flash of light) :: Glitzern {n}
glint {v} (to flash briefly) :: glitzern
glioblastoma {n} (fast-growing tumor of the brain) :: Glioblastom {n}
glisten {v} (to reflect light with a glittering luster) :: glitzern, glänzen, gleißen
glitch {n} (problem, bug, imperfection, quirk) :: Störung {f}, Fehler {m}, Macke {f}
glitch {n} :: Glitch {n}
glitter {v} (to sparkle with light) :: glitzern
glitz {n} (brilliant showiness) :: Pomp {m}
Gliwice {prop} (city in Poland) :: Gleiwitz
gloat {v} (to exhibit a conspicuous sense of self-satisfaction) :: hämisch freuen, sich weiden an, sich diebisch freuen, sich ergötzen
gloat {v} (to triumph, crow, relish, glory, revel) :: sich brüsten, großtun, angeben, protzen, triumphieren, jubilieren, frohlocken, begeistert sein
gloat {n} (an act or instance of gloating) :: hämische Freude {f}, Schadenfreude {f}, Triumph {m}
gloating {n} (act of one who gloats) :: Siegesfreude {m}, siegesfreudiger Ausdruck {m}, Ausdruck von Häme {m}, Häme {f}, Sichbrüsten {n}
global {adj} (concerning all parts of the world) :: global
global {adj} (of a variable, in computing) :: global
globalisation {n} (process of becoming a more interconnected world) :: Globalisierung {f}
globalisation {n} (process of world economy becoming dominated by capitalist models) :: Globalisierung {f}
globalism {n} (doctrine of globalization) :: Globalismus {m}
globalist {adj} :: globalistisch
globalist {n} :: Globalist {m}, Globalistin {f}
globalize {v} (To make something global in scope) :: globalisieren
global order {n} (world order) SEE: world order ::
global positioning system {n} (system determining precise location based on signals received from satellites) :: Globales Navigationssatellitensystem {n}
Global Positioning System {prop} (system which enables a mobile receiver to determine its precise location) :: Global Positioning System {n}
global warming {n} (increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere to cause climate change) :: globale Erwärmung {f}, Erderwärmung {f}, Treibhausklima {n}
globe {n} (planet Earth) :: Erde {f}, Erdkugel {f}
globe {n} (model of Earth) :: Globus {m}
globefish {n} (blowfish) SEE: blowfish ::
globeflower {n} (plant of the genus Trollius) :: Trollblume {f}
globetrotter {n} (person who travels often to faraway places) :: Weltenbummler {m}, Weltenbummlerin {f}, Globetrotter {m}
globin {n} :: Globin {n}
globular cluster {n} (large spherical star cluster) :: Kugelsternhaufen {m}
globulin {n} (protein) :: Globulin {n}
globus cruciger {n} (royal symbol of power) :: Reichsapfel {m}
glocalization {n} :: Glokalisierung {f}
glockenspiel {n} (musical instrument) :: Glockenspiel {n}
glogg {n} (Scandinavian version of mulled wine) :: Glögg {m}, Glühwein {m}
glomerulus {n} (small intertwined group of capillaries) :: Nierenkörperchen {n}
gloom {n} (darkness, dimness or obscurity) :: Düsternis {f}, Dunkelheit {f}
gloom {n} (a melancholy, depressing or despondent atmosphere) :: Trübnis {f}
gloom {n} (cloudiness or heaviness of mind; melancholy; aspect of sorrow; low spirits; dullness) :: Schwermut {m}, Melancholie {f}, Niedergeschlagenheit {f}
gloomy {adj} (imperfectly illuminated) :: düster, finster, trübe, dunkel, trüb
gloomy {adj} (affected with, or expressing, gloom; melancholy) :: düster, dunkel, melancholisch, betrübt, niedergeschlagen, deprimiert, traurig, schwermütig, freudlos
glorification {n} (the act of glorifying or the state of being glorified) :: Glorifizierung {f}
glorify {v} (to exalt, or give glory or praise to something or someone) :: verherrlichen
glorify {v} (to make something appear to be more glorious than it is) :: glorifizieren, verklären
glorify {v} (to worship or extol) :: anbeten
glorious {adj} (exhibiting attributes, qualities, or acts that are worthy of or receive glory) :: ruhmvoll, glorreich, herrlich
glorious {adj} (splendid; resplendent; bright; shining) :: prachtvoll
glory {n} (great beauty or splendour) :: Pracht {f}, Herrlichkeit {f}, Prunk {m}, Gepränge {n}
glory {n} (honour and valour) :: Ruhm {m}, Glorie {f}
glory {n} (worship or praise) :: Rühmen {n}, Glorie {f}
glory {n} (optical phenomenon) :: Glanz {m}, Glorie {f}, Brillianz {f}
glory {v} (to exult with joy; to rejoice) :: jubilieren, jubeln, auskosten
glory hole {n} (sex) :: Glory Hole, Ruhmesloch {n}, Klappenloch {n} [slang], Schwanzloch {n} [slang]
gloss {n} (glossary) SEE: glossary ::
gloss {n} (surface shine) :: Glanz {m}
gloss {v} (give a gloss or sheen to) :: polieren
gloss {n} (brief explanatory note or translation of a difficult or complex expression) :: Glosse {f}, Glossem {f}; Erläuterung {f} [a hypernymic term], Randbemerkung {f} [a hyponymic term]
gloss {n} (extensive commentary on some text) :: Erläuterung {f}
glossary {n} (list of words with their definitions) :: Glossar {n}
glossolalia {n} (speaking in tongues) :: Zungenreden {n}, Zungenrede {f}, Glossolalie {f}, Glottolalie {f}, Glossolalieren {n}
glossolalia {n} (xenoglossy) SEE: xenoglossy ::
glossolalist {n} (one who exhibits glossolalia; one who speaks in tongues) :: Glossolaler {m}, Glossolale {f}, Glottolaler {m}, Glottolale {f}, Zungenredner {m}, Zungenrednerin {f}
glossy {adj} (having a reflective surface) :: glänzend
glossy antshrike {n} (a passerine bird of the antbird family) :: Trauerameisenwürger {m}
glossy ibis {n} (Plegadis falcinellus) :: Brauner Sichler {m}
glottal {adj} (of or relating to the glottis) :: glottal
glottalize {v} (to apply glottalization) :: glottalisieren
glottal stop {n} (plosive sound articulated with the glottis) :: Knacklaut, glottaler Plosiv {m}, Stimmritzenverschlusslaut {m}, Glottisschlag {m}
glottis {n} (organ of speech) :: Glottis {f}
glove {n} (item of clothing) :: Handschuh {m}
glove box {n} (plastic box with rubber gloves fastened around holes) :: Handschuhbox {f}, Glove-Box {f}
glove box {n} (glove compartment) SEE: glove compartment ::
glove compartment {n} (compartment recessed in an automobile’s dashboard) :: Handschuhfach {n}, Handschuhkasten {m}
glover {n} (person who makes gloves) :: Handschuhmacher {m}, Handschuhmacherin {f}
glow {v} (to give off light from heat or to emit light as if heated) :: glühen
glow {v} (to radiate thermal heat) :: abstrahlen
glow {v} (to shine brightly and steadily) :: leuchten
glow {n} (the state of a glowing object) :: Glühen {n}
glow discharge {n} :: Glimmentladung {f}
glowing {adj} (that which glows) :: glühend
glowworm {n} (beetle larva or female) :: Glühwürmchen {n}, Leuchtkäfer {m}
gluconate {n} (any salt or ester of gluconic acid) :: Gluconat {n}
gluconic acid {n} (organic compound C6H12O7) :: Gluconsäure
glucosamine {n} (an amino derivative of glucose) :: Glucosamin {n}
glucose {n} (simple monosaccharide sugar) :: Glukose {f}, Traubenzucker {m}
glue {n} (sticky adhesive substance) :: Klebstoff {m}, Leim {m}, Kleber {m}
glue {v} (join with glue) :: leimen, kleben
glue {n} (birdlime) SEE: birdlime ::
glue-boiler {n} (who produces glue) :: Leimsieder {m}, Leimkocher {m}
glue gun {n} (gun-shaped glue applicator in general) :: Klebepistole {f}
glue gun {n} (hot glue gun) SEE: hot glue gun ::
glue stick {n} (solid adhesive tube) :: Klebestift {m}
gluey {adj} (viscous and adhesive, as glue) :: klebrig
glug {interj} (sound of pouring or swallowing a liquid) :: gluck
gluhwein {n} (type of mulled wine) :: Glühwein {m}
glum {adj} (despondent) :: bedrückt, niedergeschlagen, verdrießlich, trist, mürrisch, deprimiert, trostlos, dunkel, missmutig
glume {n} :: [botany] Spelze {f}
gluon {n} (massless gauge boson) :: Gluon {n}
glut {n} (excess) :: Schwemme {f}, Überfluss {m}, Überschuss {m}
glut {v} (fill, satisfy, sate) :: auffüllen, sättigen, befriedigen, stillen
glutamate {n} (salt or ester of glutamic acid) :: Glutamat {n}
glutamic acid {n} (the nonessential amino acid (α-amino-glutaric acid)) :: Glutaminsäure {f}
glutamine {n} (nonessential amino acid; C5H10N2O3) :: Glutamin {n}
glutaraldehyde {n} (pentane-1,5-dial) :: Glutaraldehyd {n}
gluteal {adj} (relating to the buttocks) :: glutäal, Glutäal-, gluteal, Gluteal-, Gesäß-
gluteal cleft {n} (cleft between buttocks) :: Analrinne {f}
gluten {n} (cereal protein) :: Gluten {n}
gluten-free {adj} (containing no gluten) :: glutenfrei
glutinous {adj} (glue-like) :: klebrig
glutinous rice {n} (rice variety) :: Klebreis {m}
glutton {n} (wolverine) SEE: wolverine ::
glutton {n} (one who eats voraciously) :: Vielfraß {m}, Nimmersatt {m}, Völler {m}
glutton {n} (one who gluts himself) :: Unersättlicher {m}, Unersättliche {f}
gluttonous {adj} (given to excessive eating; prone to overeating) :: gefräßig, unersättlich
gluttonous {adj} (greedy, see also: ) :: unersättlich, gierig, verfressen
gluttony {n} (the vice of eating to excess) :: Völlerei {f}, Fresssucht {f}, Gefräßigkeit {f}
glycemic index {n} (measure) :: glykämischer Index {m}
glycerine {n} (the compound glycerol) :: Glyzerin {n}
glycine {n} (amino acid) :: Glycin {n}
glycogen {n} (polysaccharide that is the main form of carbohydrate storage in animals) :: Glykogen {n}
glycogenolysis {n} (production of glucose-1-phosphate) :: Glykogenolyse {f}
glycol {n} (any aliphatic diol) :: Glykol {n}
glycoprotein {n} (protein with covalently bonded carbohydrates) :: Glykoproteine
glyph {n} (carved relief representing a sound, word or idea) :: Zeichen {n}, Symbol {n}
glyph {n} (graphic representation of a character) :: Glyphe {f}
glyphosate {n} (chemical) :: Glyphosat {n}
G major {n} (the major key with G as its tonic) :: G-Dur {n}
G major {n} (the major chord with a root of G) :: G-Dur {n}
GM-free {adj} :: gentechnikfrei
G minor {n} (the minor key with G as its tonic) :: g-Moll {n}
G minor {n} (the minor chord with a root of G) :: g-Moll {n}
gnash {v} (to grind one's teeth in pain or in anger) :: knirschen
gnat {n} (any small insect of the order Diptera) :: Stechmücke {f}, [colloquial, regional] Schnake {f}
Gnat {n} (fighter type) :: Gnat {f}
gnaw {v} (to bite something persistently) :: nagen, kauen, knabbern
gnaw {v} (to produce anxiety or worry) :: nagen, verfolgen, umtreiben, beschäftigen
gneiss {n} (common and widely-distributed metamorphic rock) :: Gneis {m}
gnocchi {n} (pasta-like dumplings) :: Nocken, Nockerln
gnome {n} (legendary being) :: Gnom {m}
gnome {n} (small owl, Glaucidium gnoma) :: Gnomen-Sperlingskauz {m}
gnomon {n} (object used to tell time by the shadow it casts when the sun shines on it) :: Gnomon {m}
gnosis {n} (gnosis) :: Gnosis {f}
Gnostic {adj} (relating to Gnosticism) :: gnostisch
Gnostic {n} (a believer in Gnosticism) :: Gnostiker {m}, Gnostikerin {f}
Gnosticism {n} (Gnosticism) :: Gnostizismus {m}
gnu {n} (large antelope of the genus Connochaetes) :: Gnu {n}
go {v} (to move through space (especially from one place to another) ) :: gehen
go {v} (to take a turn ) :: dran sein , ziehen
go {v} (to disappear ) :: verschwinden , weggehen , fortgehen
go {v} (to be destroyed ) :: kaputtgehen , kaputt sein , zerstört sein
go {v} (to make (a specified sound) ) :: machen
go {n} (attempt) :: Versuch
go {n} (board game) :: Go {n}
go {v} (leave) SEE: leave ::
go {v} (attack) SEE: attack ::
go {v} (attend) SEE: attend ::
go {v} (change) SEE: change ::
go {v} (turn out) SEE: turn out ::
go {v} (walk) SEE: walk ::
go {v} (urinate, defecate) SEE: urinate ::
go {v} (survive) SEE: survive ::
go {v} (extend) SEE: extend ::
go {v} (of time: elapse, pass) SEE: elapse ::
go {v} (lead (tend or reach in a certain direction)) SEE: lead ::
go {v} (die) SEE: die ::
Goa {prop} (state in western India) :: Goa
go about {v} (to tackle) :: anpacken
goad {n} (stimulus) SEE: stimulus ::
goad {n} (pointed stick used to prod animals) :: Stachelstock {m}
goad {v} (to prod with a goad) :: anstacheln , antreiben
goad {v} (to encourage or stimulate) :: anspornen, anstacheln
goad {v} (to incite or provoke) :: reizen, aufreizen , anstacheln
goad {v} :: anstacheln, antreiben
go ahead {v} (proceed) :: [polite] bitte, [informal] los, nur zu, na los
goal {n} (result one is attempting to achieve) :: Ziel {n}
goal {n} (in many sports, an area into which the players attempt to put an object) :: Tor {n}
goal {n} ((sport) act of placing the object into the goal) :: Tor {n}
goal {n} (point(s) scored) :: Tor {n}
goalie {n} (colloquial form of goalkeeper or goaltender) :: Goalie {m}, [Swiss] Goali {m}
goalkeeper {n} (player that protects a goal) :: Torwart {m}, Torwartin {f}, Torhüter {m}, Torhüterin {f}, Torwächter {m}, Torwächterin {f}, Tormann {m}, Torfrau {f}, Keeper {m} [Austrian, Swiss], Keeperin {f}, Schlussmann {m}, Schlussfrau {f}, Goalie {m}, Goali {m}, Goalmann {m} [Austrian], Goalfrau {f}, Torsteher {m}, Torsteherin {f}, Fliegenfänger {m} [football/soccer jargon], Fliegenfängerin {f}
goal kick {n} (a set piece taken from the goal area after the ball has gone out of play) :: Abstoß {m}
goalless {adj} (without ambition) :: ziellos
goalless {adj} (without scored goals) :: torlos
goal line {n} (in soccer) :: Torlinie {f} [chiefly between the goalposts]; Torauslinie {f} [elsewhere]
goal post {n} (vertical support limiting a goal) :: Torpfosten {m}
goalpost {n} (vertical side pole of a goal) :: Torpfosten {m}
goalscorer {n} (person who scores a goal) :: Torschütze {m}, Torschützin {f}
goaltender {n} (player that protects a goal) SEE: goalkeeper ::
Goan {n} (a person or resident from the Indian state of Goa) :: Goaner {m}, Goanerin {f}
Goan {adj} (of or pertaining to Goa or its people, culture or languages) :: Goaner, goanisch
go astray {v} (develop bad habits; behave improperly or illegally) :: auf die schiefe Bahn geraten
goat {n} (animal) :: Ziege {f}, Geiß {f}, Bock {m}
goat cheese {n} (cheese produced by goat milk) :: Ziegenkäse {m}
goatee {n} (beard at the center of the chin) :: Spitzbart {m}, Kinnbart {m}, Ziegenbart {m}, Goatee {m}
goatfucker {n} (derogatory term for a person of North African or Asian descent) :: Kanake; Ölauge; Ziegenficker [literal equivalent]
goatgrass {n} (Aegilops) :: Walch {m}, Walchgras {n}
goatherd {n} (person who herds, tends goats) :: Ziegenhirt {m}, Ziegenhirte {m}, Ziegenhirtin {f}
goatmeat {n} (goat eaten as meat) :: Ziegenfleisch {n}
goatmilk {n} (product) :: Ziegenmilch {f}
goat's-beard {n} :: Bocksbart {m}
goat's rue {n} (Galega officinalis) :: Geißraute {f}
go away {interj} :: geh weg!, gehen Sie weg [formal]
go away {v} (to depart or leave a place) :: weggehen, fortgehen [on foot], wegfahren, fortfahren [by car, train, bus, etc.]
go away {v} (to travel somewhere, especially on holiday or vacation) :: verreisen
go away {v} (to become invisible, vanish or disappear) :: verschwinden
go-away bird {n} (bird of the genus Corythaixoides) :: Lärmvogel {m}
go-away bird {n} (Corythaixoides concolor) :: Grauer Lärmvogel {m}
gob {n} (slang: mouth) :: Schnauze {f} [slang]
go back {v} (to return to a place) :: zurückgehen, zurückfahren
go back on {v} (be treacherous or faithless to; betray) :: hintergehen, betrügen, verraten, im Stich lassen
go back on {v} (fail to keep, renege on) :: zurücknehmen, rückgängig machen
go bad {v} (of foods: to spoil or rot) :: verderben {n}
go ballistic {v} (become very angry) :: in die Luft gehen
go bankrupt {v} (to become bankrupt) :: bankrott gehen, Bankrott machen, fallieren
gobble {v} (to eat hastily or greedily) :: schlingen
gobble {v} (to make the sound of a turkey) :: kollern
gobbledygook {n} (Nonsense; meaningless or encrypted language.) :: Geschwafel {n}, Kauderwelsch {n}
gobbledygook {n} (Something written in an overly complex, incoherent, or incomprehensible manner.) :: Fachchinesisch {n}, geschwollenes Zeug {n}, aufgeblasenes Gesülze {n}
gobbler {n} (one who eats quickly) :: Fresser {m} [slang]
gobbler {n} :: Puter
go belly-up {v} (go bankrupt) SEE: go bankrupt ::
Gobi {prop} (desert) :: Gobi {f}
goblet {n} (drinking vessel with a foot and stem) :: Kelch {m}
goblin {n} (hostile diminutive humanoid in fantasy literature) :: Kobold {m}
go by {v} (to pass by without paying attention to) :: vorbeigehen, vorbeifahren
goby {n} (certain Godiidae) :: Grundel {f}
goby {n} (gudgeon) SEE: gudgeon ::
go-cart {n} (a racing vehicle) :: Kart {n}, Go-Kart {n}
go crazy {v} (go nuts) SEE: go nuts ::
god {n} :: Gott {m}, Göttin {f}, Gottheit {f}, Götter {p}
god {n} (idol) :: Idol
God {prop} :: Gott {m}
God {prop} (single male deity of duotheism) :: Gott {m}
God {n} (an omnipotent being) :: Gott {m}
God bless you {interj} (said as a short prayer for the recipient) :: Gott segne dich
God bless you {interj} (said to somebody who has sneezed) :: Gesundheit!
godchild {n} (a child whose baptism is sponsored by a godparent) :: Patenkind {n}
goddamn {interj} (an expression of anger, surprise, or frustration) :: verdammt noch mal, gottverdammt
goddamn {adj} (intensifier) :: verdammt, gottverdammt, verflucht, höllisch
Goddard {prop} (male given name) :: Gotthard
Goddard {prop} (surname) :: Gotthardt
goddess {n} (female deity) :: Göttin {f}, weibliche Gottheit {f}, weiblicher Gott {m}
Goddess {prop} (single goddess of monotheism) :: Göttin {f}, Gott {n}
Goddess {prop} (single goddess of ditheism) :: die Göttin {f}
godfather {n} (man present at the christening of a baby who promises to help raise the child in a Christian manner) :: Pate {m}, Firmpate {m}, Patenonkel {m}, Götti {m} [Swiss, Alemannic], Taufpate {m}, Gevatter {m}, Taufzeuge {m}, Gote {m} [regional], Göd {m} [Austrian, Bavarian], Taufgöd {m} [Austrian], Firmgöd {m} [Austrian]
godfather {n} (mafia leader) :: Pate {m}
God-fearer {n} (God-fearer) :: Gottesfürchtiger {m}, Gottesfürchtige {f}
godfearing {adj} (obedient to a deity) :: gottesfürchtig
godfearing {adj} (religiously devout) :: gottesfürchtig
God-fearing {adj} (following the precepts of a religious practice and respects and reveres god and his authority) :: gottesfürchtig
God forbid {interj} (Don't let it be) :: Gott behüte; Gott bewahre; da sei Gott vor
godforsaken {adj} (particularly awful; very bad; miserable; terrible) :: gottverlassen
Godfrey {prop} (male given name) :: Gottfried
god game {n} (video game type) :: Göttersimulation {f}
God-given {adj} (given or sent by God or appearing so) :: gottgegeben
godhead {n} (deity) SEE: deity ::
godhead {n} (God) SEE: God ::
godhead {n} (divinity, godhood) SEE: divinity ::
God helps those who help themselves {proverb} (good fortune comes to those who make an effort to accomplish things) :: hilf dir selbst, dann hilft dir Gott
godhood {n} (divinity) SEE: divinity ::
God knows {phrase} (Only known to God; only known to the gods) :: Gott weiß, weiß Gott
godless {adj} (not acknowledging any deity or god; without belief in any deity or god) :: unreligiös, nicht gottgläubig
godlessness {n} (state of being godless) :: Gottlosigkeit {f}
godlike {adj} (having characteristics of a god) :: gottgleich, göttlich
godliness {n} (the condition and quality of being godly) :: Göttlichkeit {f}
godly {adj} (of or pertaining to a god) :: göttlich
godly {adj} (devoted to a god or God) :: fromm
godly {adj} (gloriously good) :: rechtschaffen
godmother {n} (woman present at the christening of a baby who promises to help raise the child in a Christian manner) :: Patin {f}, Patentante {f}, Taufpatin {f}, Gotte {f} [Swiss, Alemannic], Firmgodl {f} [Austrian], Firmpatin {f}, Godel {f} [South German], Godl {f} [Austrian, Bavarian], Gote {f} [regional], Taufgodl {f} [Austrian], Gevatterin {f}
God object {n} :: Gottobjekt {n}
go down {v} (descend) :: absteigen, hinabsteigen
go down {v} (decrease) :: abnehmen
godparent {n} (godfather or godmother) :: Pate {m}, Patin {f}
godsend {n} (an unexpected good fortune) :: Glücksfall {m}, Geschenk des Himmels
godsent {adj} (sent by God) :: gottgesandt
God's house {n} (church) SEE: church ::
Godspeed {n} (wish that the outcome of someone's actions is positive for them) :: viel Erfolg!
God the Father {prop} (aspect of the Trinity) :: Gott der Vater {m}
God the Holy Ghost {prop} (aspect of the Trinity) :: Gott der Heiliger Geist {m}
God the Holy Spirit {prop} (God the Holy Ghost) SEE: God the Holy Ghost ::
God the Son {prop} (the aspect of the Trinity corresponding to Jesus Christ) :: Gott der Sohn {m}
go Dutch {v} (split the cost) :: getrennte Kasse machen
God willing {interj} (God willing) :: wenn Gott will, wenn Gott es will, so Gott will
godwit {n} (Bird) :: Schnepfe {f}
God works in mysterious ways {proverb} (a situation may be beneficial later) :: die Wege des Herrn sind unergründlich; Gottes Wege sind unergründlich
Godzilla {prop} (Japanese science-fiction monster) :: Godzilla {m}
goer {n} (foot) SEE: foot ::
goer {n} (one who goes) :: -gänger {m}, -gängerin {f} [component as in "Kinogänger"], Geher {m}, Geherin {f} [walker]
Goethe {prop} (surname) :: Goethe {m} {f}
Goethean {adj} (relating to Goethe) :: Goethesch, goethisch, göthesch, göthisch
goethite {n} (an iron oxyhydroxide that is the main constituent of rust) :: Goethit {m}
go far {v} (to attain success) :: es weit bringen
gofer {n} (worker) :: Aushilfskraft {f}
go figure {phrase} (expression of perplexity or surprise) :: stell dir vor
go for broke {v} (to wager everything) :: alles aufs Spiel setzen
go for broke {v} (to try everything possible in a final attempt) :: alles auf eine Karte setzen
go for it {v} (to put maximum effort into something) :: alles geben, (richtig) reinhauen
go fuck oneself {v} (a variant of fuck you) :: leck mich am Arsch, fick dich, fick dich ins Knie
go-getter {n} (one who is motivated or inclined to excel) :: Draufgänger {m}
goggle {n} (a pair of protective eyeglasses) SEE: goggles ::
goggle {v} (stare with wide eyes) :: glotzen
goggles {n} (protective eyewear) :: Schutzbrille {f}
Goidelic {n} (division of the Celtic languages) :: Gälisch {n}
going {n} (progress) :: Fortschritt {m}
going {n} (conditions for advancing) :: Weiterkommen {n}
going concern {n} (working business) :: Fortführungsprinzip {n}
go in one ear and out the other {v} (to be heard but not attended to) :: zum einen Ohr hinein- und zum anderen wieder hinausgehen
go it alone {v} (do something alone or independently) :: im Alleingang + verb (e.g., erledigen)
go-it-alone {adj} (done alone or independently) :: im Alleingang
goitre {n} (enlargement of the neck) :: Kropf {m}, [medicine] Struma {f}, [medical, obsolete] Satthals {m}
goji berry {n} (wolfberry) SEE: wolfberry ::
gokkun {n} (genre of pornography) :: Gokkun {n}
Golan Heights {prop} (plateau) :: Golanhöhen {p}
Golconda {prop} (ruined city in Andhra Pradesh, India) :: Golkonda {f}, Golkanda {f}, Golconda {f}
gold {adj} (made of gold, golden) :: golden, gülden
gold {adj} (having the colour of gold) :: golden, gülden [archaic], goldfarben, goldfarbig
gold {n} (element) :: Gold {n}
gold {n} (coin) :: Goldmünze {f}, Goldstück {n}
gold {n} (gold medal) :: Goldmedaille {f}
Gold Coast {prop} (in Australia) :: Gold Coast {n}
gold coin {n} (coin made of gold) :: Goldmünze {f}
goldcrest {n} (bird) :: Goldhähnchen {n}
gold digger {n} (someone who digs or mines for gold) :: Goldgräber {m}
gold digger {n} (person who cultivates a personal relationship in order to attain money and/or material goods, power) :: Abzockerbraut {f} [Slang]
golden {adj} (made of, or relating to, gold) :: golden, gülden
golden {adj} (having a colour or other richness suggestive of gold) :: golden, gülden
golden {adj} (marked by prosperity, creativity, etc.) :: golden
golden {adj} (advantageous or very favourable) :: golden
golden age {n} (time of progress and achievement) :: goldenes Zeitalter
goldenberry {n} (cape gooseberry) SEE: cape gooseberry ::
golden calf {n} (A golden image of a calf) :: goldenes Kalb {n}
golden-crested wren {n} (goldcrest) SEE: goldcrest ::
golden eagle {n} (large bird of prey) :: Steinadler {m}
Golden Fleece {prop} (in mythology) :: Goldenes Vlies {n}
golden fruit dove {n} (the fruit dove species Ptilinopus luteovirens) :: Goldtaube {f}
golden goal {n} (first goal scored during extra time) :: Golden Goal {n}
golden goose {n} (something that generates much profit) :: goldene Gans {f}
golden hamster {n} (a small rodent, Mesocricetus auratus) :: Goldhamster {m}
golden handshake {n} (generous severance payment) :: goldener Handschlag {m}
Golden Horde {prop} (the Mongol invaders) :: Goldene Horde {f}
Golden Horn {prop} (inlet) :: Goldenes Horn {n}
golden jackal {n} (Canis aureus) :: Goldschakal {m}
golden mole {n} (mole of the family Chrysochloridae) :: Goldmull {m}
golden parachute {n} (agreement on benefits) :: goldener Fallschirm {m}
golden pheasant {n} (golden pheasant) :: Goldfasan
golden plover {n} (Pluvialis dominic) SEE: American golden plover ::
golden ratio {n} (irrational number) :: Goldener Schnitt {m}
goldenrod {n} (plant) :: Goldrute {f}
golden rule {n} (idiomatic) :: goldene Regel {f}
golden rule {n} (ethics) :: goldene Regel {f}
golden wedding {n} (anniversary celebration) :: Goldhochzeit {f}, goldene Hochzeit {f}
Golden Week {prop} (holiday) :: Goldene Woche {f}
goldfinch {n} (any of several passerine birds) :: Stieglitz {m}
goldfish {n} (fish) :: Goldfisch {m}
goldfish bowl {n} (bowl in which fish are kept) :: Goldfischglas {n}
goldilocks {n} (girl with golden hair) :: Goldlöckchen {n} [grammatical neuter but may use "sie" - "she"]
Goldilocks {prop} (fairy tale character) :: Goldlöckchen {n}
gold leaf {n} (gold beaten into a thin sheet) :: Blattgold {n}, Goldblatt {n}
gold medal {n} (medal made of, or having the colour of, gold) :: Goldmedaille {f}
gold mine {n} (mine for gold) :: Goldmine {f}, Goldbergwerk {n}
gold mine {n} (very profitable economic venture) :: Goldgrube {f}
gold mine {n} (reserve of something sought after) :: Goldgrube {f}
gold rush {n} (period of feverish migration into an area in which gold has been discovered) :: Goldrausch {m}
goldsmith {n} (person who makes things out of gold) :: Goldschmied {m}, Goldschmiedin {f}, Gold- und Silberschmied {m}, Gold- und Silberschmiedin {f}
goldsmithery {n} (the work of a goldsmith) :: Goldschmiedekunst
gold standard {n} (monetary system) :: Goldstandard {m}
golem {n} (creature) :: Golem {m}
golf {n} (ball game) :: Golf {n}
golf {v} (play golf) :: golfen
golf ball {n} (small ball used in golf) :: Golfball {m}
golf club {n} (the implement) :: Golfschläger {m}
golf club {n} (a club or organization) :: Golfklub {m}
golf course {n} (the land where one plays golf) :: Golfplatz {m}
golfer {n} (someone who plays golf) :: Golfer {m}, Golferin {f}, Golfspieler {m}, Golfspielerin {f}
Golgotha {prop} (the crucifixion hill, see also: Calvary) :: Golgotha
Goliard {n} (wandering student) :: Vagant {m}
Goliath {prop} (biblical giant) :: Goliath {m}
Gollum {n} (fictional character) :: Gollum
Golodomor {prop} (Holodomor) SEE: Holodomor ::
go mad {v} (to become insane) SEE: go nuts ::
Gomel {prop} (city) :: Homel {n}, Gomel {n}
Gomorrah {prop} (city in the Middle East) :: Gomorrha {n}, Gomorra {n}, Gomorrhah {n}
-gon {suffix} (plane figure) :: -eck {n}
gonad {n} (sex gland) :: Gonade {f}, Geschlechtsdrüse {f}, Keimdrüse {f}
gonad {n} (slang, testicles) :: Eier {n-p}
gondola {n} (narrow boat, especially in Venice) :: Gondel {f}
gondola {n} (enclosed car suspended to a cable onto which it travels) :: Seilbahn {f}
gondolier {n} (Venetian boatman who propels a gondola) :: Gondoliere {m}, Gondolier {m}, Gondelfahrer {m}, Gondelführer {m}, Gondelschiffer {m}, Gondelier {m}
Gondwana {prop} (southern supercontinent) :: Gondwana {n}
Gondwanaland {prop} (Gondwana) SEE: Gondwana ::
goner {n} (someone doomed, a hopeless case) :: ein hoffnungsloser Fall {m}, Todgeweihter {m}
gong {n} (percussion instrument) :: Gong {m} {n}
gongfu {n} (kung fu) SEE: kung fu ::
gonorrhea {n} (STD) :: Gonorrhoe {f}
go nuts {v} (to become mad) :: verrückt werden, durchdrehen
go nuts {v} (in the imperative) :: leg los
goo {n} (sticky or gummy semi-solid or liquid substance) :: Schmiere {f}, Klebstoff {m}, [North German, colloquial] Glibber {m}, [colloquial] Soße {f}, klebriges Zeug {n}, Papp {m}
goo {n} (sentimentality) :: [colloquial] Schmalz {m}, übertriebene Sentimentalität {f}
good {adj} (acting in the interest of good; ethical good intentions) :: gut
good {adj} (useful for a particular purpose) :: gut
good {adj} (of food, edible; not stale or rotten) :: gut
good {adj} (of food, having a particularly pleasant taste) :: lecker, gut
good {adj} (healthful) :: gut, gesund
good {adj} (pleasant; enjoyable) :: gut, schön, angenehm
good {adj} (of people, competent or talented) :: gut
good {adj} (effective) :: gut, effektiv
good {adj} (favourable) :: gut
good {adj} (beneficial; worthwhile) :: gut
good {n} (the forces of good) :: das Gute {n}
good {n} (item of merchandise) :: Gut {n}
good afternoon {phrase} (greeting said in the afternoon) :: guten Tag, guten Nachmittag [uncommon]
Good Book {prop} (the Good Book) :: gutes Buch {n} [das gute Buch]
goodbye {interj} (farewell, see also: bye) :: auf Wiedersehen, auf Wiederschauen [Austria], Gott befohlen, auf Wiederhören (telephone), tschüss, tschau (ciao), lebe wohl, adieu, bis später, bis bald
goodbye {n} (an utterance of goodbye) :: Abschied {m}
goodbye, cruel world {phrase} (exclamation prior to suicide) :: mach's gut, grausame Welt!, auf Wiedersehen, grausame Welt!
good day {phrase} (greeting between sunrise and sunset) :: guten Tag
good-den {interj} (good evening) SEE: good evening ::
good evening {n} (greeting said in the evening) :: guten Abend
good faith {n} (good, honest intentions) :: guter Glaube {m}; bestes Wissen und Gewissen {n}
good for nothing {adj} (good-for-nothing) SEE: good-for-nothing ::
good-for-nothing {adj} (useless, worthless) :: Tunichtgut {m}
good-for-nothing {n} (person of little worth or usefulness) :: Taugenichts {m}, Nichtsnutz {m}, Krattler {m}, Tunichtgut {m}
good fortune {n} (good luck) SEE: good luck ::
Good Friday {prop} (The Friday before Easter Sunday, the commemoration of the day on which Christ was crucified) :: Karfreitag {m}, Charfreitag {m}, Hoher Freitag {m}, Stiller Freitag {m}
good heavens {interj} (exclamation of surprise or shock) :: Gott im Himmel
good-looking {adj} (attractive) :: hübsch, schön, attraktiv
good luck {interj} (wish of fortune or encouragement) :: viel Glück! {n}, viel Erfolg! {m}
good morning {interj} (when seeing someone for the first time in the morning) :: guten Morgen
good-natured {adj} (of or pertaining to an amicable, kindly disposition) :: gutmütig
goodness {n} (state or characteristic of being good) :: Güte {f}, Gütigkeit {f}, [elevated] Herzensgüte {f}, Tugend {f}, Integrität {f}
good news {n} (something positive) :: gute Nachricht {f}
good news {n} (the message of Jesus concerning the salvation of the faithful) :: gute Nachricht {f}
good night {phrase} (a farewell) :: gute Nacht
good riddance {interj} (used to indicate that a departure or loss is welcome) :: gehe mit Gott, aber geh! [go with God, but go!]
goods {n} (that which is produced, traded, bought or sold) :: Güter {f-p}, Ware {f}
Good Samaritan {n} (subject of the parable) :: barmherziger Samariter {m}
good sense {n} (common sense) SEE: common sense ::
goods train {n} (train used for transportation of goods) :: Güterzug {m}
good things come to those who wait {proverb} (patience is a virtue) :: was lange währt, wird endlich gut, gut Ding will Weile haben
goodwill {n} (favorably disposed attitude) :: guter Wille {m}
goodwill {n} :: Freundschaft {f}
good wine needs no bush {proverb} :: gute Ware lobt sich selbst
gooey {adj} (soft, sticky and viscous) :: klebrig, zähflüssig
goof {v} (to make a mistake) :: fehlen
go off {v} (explode) :: explodieren
go off {v} (putrefy; become inedible) :: schlecht werden, sauer werden [milk], ranzig werden [butter]
goof up {v} (to make a mistake) :: vermurksen, verpfuschen
goofy {adj} (silly) :: albern, trottelig, doof
Goofy {prop} (Disney character) :: Goofy {m}
google {v} (to search for on the Internet) :: googeln, googlen
Google {v} (to search the internet using the Google search engine) SEE: google ::
Google {prop} (Google (in other scripts, the trademark may also be written in Roman letters)) :: Google {n}
googol {num} (1 followed by 100 zeros) :: Googol {n}
googolplex {num} (ten to the power of a googol) :: Googolplex
gook {n} (derogatory slur for an Asian person) :: Schlitzauge {n}
goombah {n} (person of Italian descent) SEE: wop ::
go on {v} (continue) :: weitermachen [continue in action] , weiter gehen [continue in extent]
go on {v} (happen) :: passieren, los sein [colloquial], abgehen [slang]
goon {n} (a thug) :: Schläger {m}, Gorilla {m}
goon {n} (a fool) :: Trottel {m}
goon squad {n} (a group of individuals serving as enforcers, bodyguards, and the like) :: Schlägertrupp {m}, Schlägertruppe {f}
goosander {n} (diving duck) :: Säger {m} [Mergus], Sägetaucher {m} [Mergus], Gänsesäger {m} [Mergus merganser]
goose {n} (a grazing waterfowl of the family Anatidae) :: Gans {f}
gooseberry {n} (fruit) :: Stachelbeere {f}
gooseberry {n} (additional person) :: fünftes Rad am Wagen [idiomatic]
goose bump {n} (raised skin caused by cold, excitement, or fear) :: Gänsehaut {f}
goosebump {n} (goose pimple) SEE: goose pimple ::
goose egg {n} (nothing) :: überhaupt nichts
goose egg {n} (swelling or bump) :: Beule {f}
goose flesh {n} (goose pimple) SEE: goose pimple ::
goosefoot {n} (flowering plant of the subfamily Chenopodioideae) :: Gänsefuß {m}
gooseherd {n} (person who tends to geese) SEE: gosherd ::
goose is cooked {phrase} (all hope is gone) :: erledigt sein, geliefert sein, Die Messe ist gelesen
gooseneck {n} (anything shaped like a goose's neck) :: Schwanenhals {m}
gooseneck {n} (swivel connection on a sailboat for the boom to attach to the mast) :: Lümmelbeschlag {m}
gooseneck barnacle {n} (Pollicipes pollicipes) :: Entenmuschel {f}
goose pimple {n} (bumps on the skin) :: Gänsehaut {f}
goose skin {n} (goose pimple) SEE: goose pimple ::
goose-step {n} (a style of marching) :: Stechschritt {m}
goose-step {v} (to march with a goose-step) :: im Stechschritt marschieren
go out {v} (to leave, especially a building) :: hinausgehen, [towards the speaker] herausgehen, ausgehen
go out {v} (to leave one's abode to go to public places) :: ausgehen
go out {v} (to be turned off or extinguished) :: erlöschen, verlöschen
go out {v} (to become extinct, to expire) :: aussterben
gopher {n} (a small burrowing rodent) :: Erdhörnchen {n}, Ziesel {m}, Zieselmaus {f}, (of the family Geomyidae) Taschenratte {f}
go postal {v} (behave in a hysterical, angry or irrational manner) :: ausrasten [informal]
Gorbachev {prop} (Russian surname) :: Gorbatschow
Gordian knot {n} (mythical knot) :: Gordischer Knoten
Gordias {prop} (name of kings of Phrygia) :: Gordios, Gordias
gore {n} (thick blood) :: Blut {n}, geronnenes Blut {n}
gore {v} (to pierce) :: aufspießen, stechen
gore {n} (triangular patch of fabric) :: Gehre {f}, Zwickel {m}
gorge {n} (The front aspect of the neck) :: Gurgel {f}, Kehle {f}
gorge {n} (inside of the throat, see also: gullet) :: Speiseröhre {f}
gorge {n} (deep, narrow passage with steep, rocky sides) :: Schlucht {f}
gorgeous {adj} (very beautiful) :: fantastisch, großartig, herrlich, hinreißend, prachtvoll, sagenhaft, toll [coll.], traumhaft, umwerfend [colloquial], wunderschön
gorget {n} (armour) :: Ringkragen {m}
gorgon {n} (monster in Greek mythology) :: Gorgo {f}, Gorgone {f}
Gori {prop} (a city in eastern Georgia) :: Gori
gorilla {n} (ape) :: Gorilla {m}
Gorizia {prop} (town & province) :: Görz {n}
gormless {adj} (lacking intelligence or understanding; foolish) :: dämlich
Gorno-Altaysk {prop} (town, centre of the Altai Republic, Russia) :: Gorno-Altaisk {n}
gorodki {n} (an ancient Russian folk sport) :: Gorodki {p}
go round in circles {v} (To repeatedly do the same thing) :: sich im Kreis drehen
gorse {n} (evergreen shrub) :: Ginster {m}, Stechginster {m}
Gorstian {prop} :: Gorstium
gory {adj} (covered with blood, very bloody) :: blutig, blutrünstig, mörderisch
gory {adj} (unpleasant) SEE: unpleasant ::
Goryeo {prop} (a historical Korea) :: Goryeo {n}
gosh {interj} (mild expression of surprise or enthusiasm) :: meine Güte, Mensch, Mann
goshawk {n} (bird of prey) :: Habicht {m}
gosherd {n} (one who takes care of geese) :: Gänsehirt {m}, Gänsehirte {m}, Gänsehirtin {f}
gosling {n} (young goose) :: Gänseküken {n}, Gänslein {n}, Gänschen {n}, [North German] Gössel {n}, junge Gans {f}
gosling {n} (callow, or foolish and naive, young person) :: Grünschnabel {m}
go south {v} (become unfavorable) :: auf dem absteigenden Ast sein
gospel {n} (first section of New Testament) :: Evangelium {n}
gospel {n} (account of the life, death, and teachings of Jesus) :: Evangelium {n}
gossamer {n} (cobwebs floating in the air) :: Altweiberfäden {p} {m}, Flugfäden {p} {m}
gossip {n} (idle talk) :: Klatsch {m}, Tratsch {m}
gossip {v} (to talk about someone else's private or personal business) :: tratschen, klatschen
gossip {v} (to talk idly) :: klatschen, schwatzen
gotcha {contraction} (gotcha) :: hab dich, erwischt
goth {n} (person who is part of the goth subculture) :: Grufti {m}, Schwarzer {m}
Goth {n} (member of the East Germanic tribe) :: Gote {m}, Gotin {f}
Gothenburg {prop} (city on the west coast of Sweden) :: Göteborg {n}, Gotenburg {n}, [older spelling] Gothenburg {n}
Gothenburger {n} (person from, or an inhabitant of, Gothenburg) :: Göteborger {m}, Gotenburger {m}, Göteborgerin {f}, Gotenburgerin {f}
Gothic {prop} (extinct Germanic language) :: Gotisch {n}
Gothic {adj} (of or relating to the Goths) :: gotisch
Gothic {adj} (of or relating to the architectural style) :: gotisch
Gothic {adj} (of the type formerly used for printing German) :: gotisch
Gothic {adj} (of a sans serif typeface) :: gotisch
Gothic {adj} (of or relating to the goth subculture or lifestyle) :: Gothic
Gothic alphabet {n} (27-letter alphabet of the Gothic language) :: gotische Schrift {f}, gotisches Alphabet {n}
got it {v} (Do you understand?) :: verstanden?, kapiert?
got it {v} (I understand) :: verstanden
Gotland {prop} (island of Sweden) :: Gotland {n}
go to bed {v} (to lie down to sleep) :: zu Bett gehen, schlafen gehen
go to hell {v} (interjection) :: fahr zu Hölle, fahrt zu Hölle {p}
go too far {v} :: zu weit gehen, es zu weit treiben
go to sleep {v} (fall asleep) SEE: fall asleep ::
go to someone's head {v} :: zu Kopf steigen [+ Dat]
go to the dogs {v} (idiomatic: to decline or deteriorate) :: vor die Hunde gehen
go to the ends of the earth {v} (bend over backwards) SEE: bend over backwards ::
go to war {v} (enter armed conflict) :: in den Krieg ziehen
go to work {v} (work) SEE: work ::
go to work {v} (commute) SEE: commute ::
Gottschee {prop} (region) :: Gottschee
Gottschee {prop} (city) :: Gottschee
Gottscheer {n} (Germanic person from Gottschee) :: Gottscheer
Gottscheerish {prop} (lect) :: Gottscheerisch
gouache {n} (paint) :: Gouache {f}, Guasch {f}
gouache {n} (painting) :: Gouache {f}, Guasch {f}
gouda {n} (semi-hard cheese) :: Gouda {m}
Gouda {prop} (city in the Netherlands) :: Gouda
Gouda {n} (cheese) :: Gouda
gouge {v} (to cheat or impose upon) SEE: cheat ::
gouge {n} (chisel with a curved blade) :: Grabstichel {m}, Hohlbeitel {m}, Hohlmeißel {m}, Stichel {m}
gouge {n} (cut or groove) :: Furche {f}, Rille {f}
gouge {v} (to make a groove, hole, or mark in by scooping) :: ausstechen, bohren, einschlagen
gouge {v} (to charge an unfairly or unreasonably high price) :: abzocken, schröpfen
goulash {n} (A stew of beef or veal and vegetables, flavoured with paprika and sour cream) :: Gulasch {n}
gound {n} (mucus produced by the eyes during sleep) SEE: sleep ::
go under {v} (to fail by going bankrupt) SEE: go bankrupt ::
go under {v} (to descend into a body of water) :: untergehen
go up {v} (to move upwards) :: hinaufgehen, steigen
go up {v} (to rise or increase) :: ansteigen, aufsteigen, hochgehen
gourd {n} (dried and hardened shell of a gourd fruit) :: Kalebasse {f}
gourmand {n} (person given to excess in the consumption of food and drink) :: Gourmand {m}, Schlemmer {m} / Schlemmerin {f}, Vielfraß {m}, Völler {m}
gourmand {n} (person who appreciates good food) :: Feinschmecker {m}, Feinschmeckerin {f}, Gourmet {m}
gourmandise {v} (eat food in a gluttonous manner) :: sich voll fressen
gourmet {adj} :: Feinschmecker-, Genießer-, Feinkost-
gourmet {n} (gourmet; a person who appreciates good food) :: Feinschmecker {m}, Feinschmeckerin {f}, Gourmet {m}, Genießer {m}
gout {n} (arthritic disease) :: Gicht {f}
govern {v} (to exercise sovereign authority in) :: regieren
govern {v} (to control the actions of) :: regulieren
govern {v} (to exercise a determining influence on) :: lenken
govern {v} (to control the speed or magnitude of) :: regeln
govern {v} ((intr.) to exercise political authority) :: regieren
govern {v} ((intr.) to have a determining influence) :: regeln
governability {n} (ability to be governed) :: Regierbarkeit {f}
governable {adj} (capable of being governed) :: regierbar
governance {n} (the process, or the power, of governing; government or administration; control and monitoring) :: Regieren {n}, Regierungsführung {f}, Führung {f}, Staatsführung {f}, Herrschen {n}, Herrschaft {f}, Regentschaft {f}, Lenkung {f}, Staatslenkung {f}
governance {n} (the specific system by which a political system is ruled) :: Regierungsform {f}, Führungsstruktur {f}
governance {n} (the group of people who make up an administrative body) :: Führung {f}, Staatsführung {f}
governess {n} (woman paid to educate children in their own home) :: Hauslehrerin {f}, Erzieherin {f}, Gouvernante {f} [dated]
government {n} (body with the power to make and/or enforce laws) :: Regierung {f}
governmental {adj} (relating to a government) :: Regierungs
governor {n} (leader of a region or state) :: Gouverneur {m}, Gouverneurin {f}
governor {n} (device which regulates or controls) :: Regler {m}
governorate {n} (territory ruled by a governor) :: Gouvernement {n}
governor general {n} (governor or viceroy possessing some military authority) :: Generalgouverneur {m}
governor general {n} (representative of the monarch) :: Generalgouverneur {m}
governor-general {n} (commonwealth official) :: Generalgouverneur {m}
governor-general {n} (similar official in other countries) :: Generalgouverneur {m}
go with {v} (match, correspond with) :: passen zu
go without saying {v} (to be obvious, apparent or clear) :: es versteht sich von selbst [expression in the 3rd person sg]
gown {n} (loose, flowing upper garment) :: Umhang {m}, Umwurf {m}, Überwurf {m}
gown {n} (woman's dress) :: Kleid {n}, Abendkleid {n}
gown {n} (official robe) :: Robe {f}, Talar {m}
gown {n} (dressing gown) SEE: dressing gown ::
go wrong {v} (to fail) :: schiefgehen, schieflaufen
goy {n} (non-Jew) :: Goi {m}, Goj {m}, Nichtjude {m}
Gozitan {n} (inhabitant of Gozo) :: Gozitaner {m}, Gozitanerin {f}
Gozitan {adj} (pertaining to Gozo) :: gozitanisch
GPL {prop} :: Prägermanisch {n}
GPS {n} (Global Positioning System) :: GPS {n}
GPS receiver {n} (GPS receiver) :: Navigationsgerät {n}; [informal] Navi {n}
grab {v} (to seize) :: greifen
grab {v} (to make a sudden grasping or clutching motion (at something)) :: greifen
grab {n} (a mechanical device that grabs) :: Greifer {m}
graben {n} (elongated block of the Earth's crust that has dropped relative to the surrounding blocks) :: Graben {m}
Gracchus {prop} (Roman cognomen) :: Gracchus
grace {n} (short prayer of thanks before or after a meal) :: Tischgebet {n}
grace {n} (elegant movement, poise or balance) :: Anmut {f}, Grazie {f}
grace {n} (allowance of time granted to a debtor) :: Aufschub {m}, Fristverlängerung {f}, Zahlungsfrist {f}
grace {n} (free and undeserved favour, especially of God) :: Gnade {f}, Gunst {f}, Huld {f}
grace {n} (divine assistance in resisting sin) :: Gnade {f}, Gunst {f}, Huld {f}
grace {v} (to adorn; to decorate; to embellish and dignify) :: schmücken, zieren
graceful {adj} (showing grace) :: anmutig, ansprechend, elegant, graziös, reizend, zierlich, huldreich
gracefully {adv} (in a graceful manner) :: anmutig, anstandslos, elegant, graziös, würdevoll
gracefulness {n} (the state of being graceful) :: Anmut {f}
grace note {n} (musical note played to ornament the melody) :: Vorschlagsnote {f}
Graces {prop} (trio of Greek goddesses) :: Grazien {f}
gradation {n} (a sequence of gradual, successive stages; a systematic progression) :: Abstufung {f}
grade {n} (rating) :: Note {f}
grade {n} (performance expressed by a number, letter, or other symbol) :: Note {f}, Zensur {f}
grade {n} (degree or level of something) :: Grad {m}, Sorte {f}
grade {n} (level of pre-collegiate education) :: Klasse {f}
grade crossing {n} (level crossing) SEE: level crossing ::
grade school {n} (elementary or primary school) SEE: primary school ::
gradient {n} (slope or incline) :: Steigung {f}, Gefälle {n}, Neigung {f}
gradient {n} (rate of inclination or declination of a slope) :: Steigung {f}, Gefälle {n}, Neigung {f}
gradient {n} (in calculus) :: Gradient {m}
gradient {n} (in physics) :: Gradient {m}
gradient {n} (in vector algebra) :: Gradient {m}
gradual {adj} (proceeding by steps or small degrees) :: graduell, schrittweise zunehmend
gradually {adv} (in gradual manner) :: nach und nach, allmählich
graduate {n} (from a university) :: Absolvent {m}, Absolventin {f}
graduate {n} (US: from a high school) :: Absolvent {m}, Absolventin {f}
graduate {v} (to be recognized by a university as having completed the requirements of a degree) :: absolvieren, graduieren
graduate {v} (to mark a scale on (something) so it can be used for measuring) :: graduieren
graduate school {n} (a school that awards advanced degrees) :: Graduiertenschule {f}
graduate student {n} (university student working on a master's or Ph.D.) SEE: postgraduate ::
graduation {n} (the action or process of graduating) :: Abschluss {m}
graduation {n} (a commencement ceremony) :: Abschlussfeier {f}
graduation {n} (a marking (i.e. on a container) indicating a measurement) :: Graduierung {f}
graffiti {n} (drawings on a surface) :: Graffito {m} {n}, Graffiti {m-p} {n-p}
graffiti artist {n} (Person who paints graffiti) :: Graffitikünstler {m}, Graffitikünstlerin {f}
graffitist {n} (graffiti artist) SEE: graffiti artist ::
graft {n} (small shoot or scion) :: Pfropfreis {n}
graft {n} (portion of living tissue used in the operation of autoplasty) :: Transplantat {n}
graft {v} (to implant to form an organic union) :: transplantieren
graft {v} (to insert scions) :: pfropfen
Graham biscuit {n} (bread made of unbolted wheat flour) SEE: Graham bread ::
Graham bread {n} (bread baked of graham flour) :: Grahambrot {n}
grain {n} (harvested seeds of various grass-related food crops) :: Korn {n}, Getreide {n}
grain {n} (single seed of grain) :: Körnchen {n}, Korn {n}
grain {n} (the crops from which grain is harvested) :: Getreide {n}
grain {n} (linear texture of material or surface) :: Maserung {f}
grain {n} (single particle of a substance) :: Körnchen {n}
grain {n} :: [1, 2, 3, 5] Korn, [1, 3] Getreide, [4] Strich, [6] Gran
grained {adj} (Having a grain or grains) :: körnig
graining {n} (practice of imitating woodgrain) :: maserieren
grainline {n} :: Fadenlauf {m}
grains of paradise {n} (spice) :: Paradieskörner {m-p}, Malagettapfeffer {m}, Guineapfeffer {m}, Meleguetapfeffer {m}
gram {n} (unit of mass) :: Gramm {n}
-gram {suffix} (something written) :: -gramm
gramarye {n} (mystical learning) SEE: magic ::
grammar {n} (rules for speaking and writing a language) :: Grammatik {f}, Sprachlehre {f}
grammar {n} (study of internal structure and use of words) :: Grammatik {f}, Grammatiktheorie {f}, Sprachlehre {f}, Sprachkunst {f}
grammar {n} (book describing grammar) :: Grammatik {f}, Sprachlehre {f}
grammar {n} (in computing: formal system specifying the syntax of a language) :: Grammatik {f}
grammarian {n} (person who studies grammar) :: Sprachlehrer {m}, Grammatiker {m}
grammar Nazi {n} (person who habitually corrects or criticizes the language usage of others) :: Sprachpolizei {f}
grammar school {n} (secondary school that stresses academic education) :: Gymnasium {n}
grammary {n} (grammar) SEE: grammar ::
grammatical {adj} (acceptable as determined by the rules of the grammar) :: grammatisch, grammatikalisch; (but usually grammatisch korrekt / richtig)
grammatical {adj} (of or pertaining to grammar) :: grammatisch; grammatikalisch
grammatical alternation {n} (Verner alternation) SEE: Verner alternation ::
grammatical case {n} (mode of inflection of a word) :: Fall {m}, Kasus {m}
grammaticalization {n} :: Grammatikalisierung {f}
grammatically {adv} (in a grammatical manner) :: grammatisch
grammatical mood {n} (in grammar, type of the relationship) :: Modus {m}, Aussageform {f}, Aussageweise {f}, Weise {f}, Sprechart, Art {f}
grammatician {n} (grammarian) SEE: grammarian ::
grammaticist {n} (grammarian) SEE: grammarian ::
grammaticity {n} (the existence of analyzable grammatical structure) :: Grammatizität
grammatischer Wechsel {n} (Verner alternation) SEE: Verner alternation ::
gram molecule {n} (mole) SEE: mole ::
gramophone {n} (record player) :: Grammophon {n}, Grammofon {n}
gramps {n} (grandfather) :: Opa {m}
grampus {n} (killer whale) SEE: orca ::
Gramscian {adj} (of Antonio Gramsci and his works) :: gramscistisch
Granada {prop} (city in Spain) :: Granada {n}
granary {n} (storage facility) :: Getreidespeicher {m}, Kornhaus {n}, Kornspeicher {m}
granary {n} (fertile, grain-growing region) :: Kornkammer {f}
grand {adj} (of large size or extent) :: groß
grand {adj} (great in size, and fine or imposing in appearance or impression) :: groß, großartig
grand {adj} (having higher rank or more dignity, size, or importance than other similar things) :: Groß-
grand {adj} (standing in the second or more remote degree of parentage or descent) :: Groß-
grand {n} (one thousand of some currency) :: Tausi {m} [colloquial]
grand {n} (grand piano) SEE: grand piano ::
grandaunt {n} (great-aunt) SEE: great-aunt ::
Grand Canyon {prop} (large national park and gorge) :: Grand Canyon {m}
grandchild {n} (child of someone’s child) :: Enkelkind {n}
granddaughter {n} (daughter of someone’s child) :: Enkelin {f}
grand duchess {n} (grand duke’s consort) :: Großherzogin {f}
grand duchess {n} ((grand)daughter of a Russian czar or emperor) :: Großherzogin {f}
grand duchy {n} (a dominion or region ruled by a grand duke or grand duchess) :: Großherzogtum {n}
Grand Duchy of Lithuania {prop} (former European state) :: Großfürstentum Litauen {n}
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg {prop} (official name of Luxembourg) :: Großherzogtum Luxemburg {n}
grand duke {n} (ruler or monarch of a grand duchy) :: Großherzog {m}
grand duke {n} (son or grandson of a czar) :: Großfürst {m}
grandee {n} (high ranking nobleman in Spain or Portugal) :: Grande {m}
grandee {n} (person of high rank) :: Grande {m}
grandee {n} (title for a high ranking nobleman in Spain or Portugal) :: Grande {m}
Grand Est {prop} (region of France) :: Großer Osten
grandfather {n} (grandfather (from either side)) :: Großvater {m}, Grossvater {m} [Switzerland and Liechtenstein], Opa {m}, Opi {m}, Großvater väterlicherseits {m} [paternal], Großvater mütterlicherseits {m} [maternal]
grandfather clock {n} (pendulum clock) :: Bodenstanduhr {f}, Standuhr {f}, Großvateruhr {f}
grandfatherly {adj} (in the manner of a grandfather) :: großväterlich
grandfather paradox {n} (type of paradox) :: Großvaterparadoxon {n}, Großvater-Paradoxon {n}
Grand Inquisitor {n} (lead official of the Inquisition) :: Großinquisitor {m}
grandiosity {n} (the state of being grandiose) :: Großspurigkeit {f}
grand jury {n} :: Grand Jury {f}
grandma {n} (grandmother (informal)) :: Oma, Omi
grandmaster {n} (Grandmaster) SEE: Grandmaster ::
Grandmaster {n} (highest title for chess player) :: Großmeister {m}, Großmeisterin {f}, Grossmeister {m} [Switzerland, Liechtenstein], Grossmeisterin {f} [Switzerland, Liechtenstein]
Grand Master {n} (title) :: Großmeister {m}
grandmother {n} (mother of someone's parent) :: Großmutter {f}, Oma {f}, Omi {f}, Großmütterchen {n} [diminutive], Großmütterlein {n} [diminutive]
grand narrative {n} (metanarrative) SEE: metanarrative ::
grandnephew {n} (grandson of a sibling) :: Großneffe {m}
grandniece {n} (granddaughter of a sibling) :: Großnichte {f}
grandpa {n} (grandfather (informal)) :: Opa, Opi
grandparent {n} (parent of one's parent) :: Großeltern {p} [plural only], Großelternteil {m}
grandparenthood {n} (state of being a grandparent) :: Großelternschaft {f}
grand piano {n} (type of piano) :: Flügel {m}
grand prince {n} (ruler's title) :: Großfürst {m}
Grand Prix {n} (any of several international races, especially one of a series for Formula One racing cars) :: Großer Preis {m}, Grosser Preis {m}, Grand Prix {m}
grandson {n} (son of one's child) :: Enkelsohn {m}, Enkel {m}, Großsohn {m}, Grosssohn {m} [Switzerland & Liechtenstein]
grandstand {n} (seating area) :: Tribüne {f}
grand theft auto {n} (criminal act of stealing a motor vehicle) :: [legal] Kraftfahrzeugdiebstahl {m}; [common; with cars] Autodiebstahl {m}; [common; with motorbikes] Motorraddiebstahl {m}
granduncle {n} (great-uncle) SEE: great-uncle ::
grand unification theory {n} (theory that unifies fundamental forces) :: große vereinheitlichte Theorie {f}
granite {n} (type of rock) :: Granit {m}
granitoid {n} (any mineral that resembles granite) :: Granitoid
granny {n} (colloquial: grandmother) :: Oma {f}, Omi {f}
granny {n} (colloquial, derogatory: an elderly woman) :: Alte {f}
granodiorite {n} (intrusive igneous rock) :: Granodiorit
granola {n} (breakfast and snack food) :: Müsli {n}
grant {v} (To give over) :: gewähren
grant {v} (To bestow or confer, with or without compensation, particularly in answer to prayer or request) :: erteilen
grant {v} (To assent; to consent) :: bewilligen
granted {adv} (Used to concede a point) :: zugegebenermaßen, freilich
granulate {v} (to segment) :: granulieren
granulated sugar {n} (granulated sugar) :: Haushaltszucker {m}, Kristallzucker {m}
granule {n} (small particle) :: Körnchen {n}
granulomatous {adj} (of, pertaining to, or characterized by granulomata) :: granulomatös
grape {n} (fruit) :: Traube {f}, Weintraube {f}, Weinbeere [regional]
grape {n} (vine) :: Weinrebe {f}
grape {n} (grapeshot) SEE: grapeshot ::
grapefruit {n} (fruit) :: Grapefruit {f}, Pampelmuse {f}
grape juice {n} (grape juice) :: Traubensaft {m}
grapery {n} (a place used for grape cultivation) :: Weintreibhaus {n}
grapeshot {n} (type of shot) :: Kartätsche {f}
grapevine {n} (the plant on which grapes grow) :: Weinstock {m}, Rebstock {m}
grapevine {n} (informal means of circulating gossip) :: Gerüchteküche {f}, Buschtrommel {f}, Buschtrommeln {p} {f}, Urwaldtrommel {f}, Flurfunk {m}, Gerüchteküche {f}
graph {n} (mathematical diagram) :: Graph {m}, Funktionsgraph {m}
graph {n} (ordered pair in graph theory) :: Graph {m}
graph {n} (chart) SEE: chart ::
-graph {suffix} (something related to writing etc.) :: -graph
grapheme {n} (fundamental unit of a writing system) :: Graphem {n}
graphene {n} (large-scale, one-atom thick layer of graphite) :: Graphen
graphic {adj} (drawn, pictorial) :: graphisch, grafisch
graphic {adj} (vivid, descriptive) :: graphisch, grafisch
graphic {n} (a drawing or picture) :: Graphik {f}
graphic {n} ((in the plural) computer generated images as viewed on a screen forming part of a game or a film etc.) :: Graphik {f}
graphical {adj} (of, related to, or using graphics) :: grafisch
graphical user interface {n} (type of user interface) :: grafische Benutzeroberfläche {f}, grafische Benutzerschnittstelle {f}
graphic artist {n} (graphic designer) SEE: graphic designer ::
graphic design {n} :: Grafikdesign {n}
graphic designer {n} (artist) :: Grafiker {m}, Grafikerin {f}; alternate spellings: Graphiker {m}, Graphikerin {f}
graphic novel {n} (comic book) :: Comicbuch {m}, Graphic Novel {f}
graphics {n} (the graphic arts) :: Grafik {f}
graphics {n} (pictorial representation and manipulation of data) :: Grafik {f}
graphics card {n} (display adapter) :: Grafikkarte {f}
graphics tablet {n} (input device) :: Grafiktablett {n}
graphing paper {n} (graph paper) SEE: graph paper ::
graphite {n} (form of carbon) :: Graphit {m}
graphite fluoride {n} :: Graphitfluorid {n}
grapholect {n} (a written variant of a language) :: Grapholekt {m}
graphologist {n} (graphologist) :: Grafologe {m}, Grafologin {f}, Graphologe {m}, Graphologin {f}
graph paper {n} (ruled paper) :: Millimeterpapier {n}
graph theory {n} (study of networks of nodes and vertices) :: Graphentheorie {f}
-graphy {suffix} (Suffix denoting a written or represented in the specified manner, or about a specified subject) :: -graphie
grappa {n} (Italian grape-based spirit) :: Grappa {m} {f}
grapple {v} (to seize and hold firmly) :: packen, ergreifen
grapple {v} (to ponder and intensely evaluate a problem) :: auseinandersetzen [reflexive], herumschlagen [reflexive]
grapple {v} (to wrestle or struggle) :: ringen, kämpfen
grappling {n} (grappling hook or grappling iron) SEE: grappling hook ::
grappling {n} (act in which something is grappled) :: herumschlagend, packend
grappling hook {n} (a type of hook) :: Enterhaken {m}
grasp {v} (to grasp) SEE: hold ::
grasp {v} (to grip) :: greifen, erfassen
grasp {v} (to understand) :: begreifen, verstehen, erfassen
grasp {n} (grip) :: Griff {m}
grasp {n} (understanding) :: Verständnis {n}
grasping {adj} (greedy, eager for wealth) :: gierig
grass {n} (ground cover plant) :: Gras {n}
grass {n} (lawn) :: Rasen {m}
grass {n} (marijuana) :: Gras {n}
grass {n} (informer) :: Spitzel {m}
grass {v} (to inform on) :: verpfeifen
grass court {n} (tennis court with a grass surface) :: Grasplatz {m}
grass-green {adj} (Of a bright green colour, like that of grass.) :: grasgrün
grasshopper {n} (an insect of the order Orthoptera) :: Heuschrecke {f}, Grashüpfer {m}
grass mud horse {n} (Mythical Baidu deity used for circumventing censorship) :: Gras-Schlamm-Pferd
grass of Parnassus {n} (plant of the genus Parnassia) :: Herzblatt {n}
grass script {n} (style of cursive script used in Chinese calligraphy) :: Grasschrift {f}
grass skirt {n} (skirt made of dried grass) :: Grasrock {m}
grass snake {n} (Natrix natrix) :: Ringelnatter {f}
grass widow {n} (woman whose husband is away) :: Strohwitwe {f}, grüne Witwe {f}
grass widower {n} (a married man whose wife is away) :: Strohwitwer {m}
grassy {adj} (covered with grass) :: grasbewachsen
grate {n} (horizontal metal grill) :: Rost {m}
grate {v} (cooking: to shred by rubbing) :: reiben
grate {v} :: reiben
grateful {adj} (showing gratitude) :: dankbar
grateful {adj} (recognizing the importance of a source of pleasure) :: wohltuend, zufrieden
gratefulness {n} (the state of being grateful) :: Dankbarkeit
grater {n} (a tool with which one grates) :: Reibe {f}, Küchenreibe {f}
graticule {n} (reticle) SEE: reticle ::
gratification {n} (reward; recompense; gratuity) :: Befriedigung
grating {n} (barrier) :: Gitter {n}
grating {n} :: Gitter {n}
gratis {adv} (free, without charge) SEE: for free ::
gratis {adj} (free of charge) SEE: free of charge ::
gratitude {n} (state of being grateful) :: Dankbarkeit {f}
gratuitous {adj} (given freely) :: gratis, kostenlos, geschenkt, frei, unentgeltlich, unverdient
gratuitous {adj} (not called for by the circumstances) :: unnötig, überflüssig, nutzlos, willkürlich, grundlos, beliebig, unerwünscht, unaufgefordert, unbegründet
gratuity {n} (reward provided freely, without obligation) :: Zuwendung {f}, Geldgeschenk {n}, Gratifikation {f}
gratuity {n} (service charge) :: Vergütung {f}
graupel {n} (supercooled droplets of water condense on a snowflake) :: Graupel {m} {f}
grave {n} (excavation for burial) :: Grab {n}
grave {adj} (having a sense of seriousness) :: gewichtig, gemessen, gravitätisch
grave {adj} (low in pitch, tone) :: dumpf, dunkel
grave {adj} (serious in a negative sense) :: respektgebietend, furchtgebietend
grave {n} (grave accent) SEE: grave accent ::
grave accent {n} (grave accent) :: Gravis {m}
gravedigger {n} (a person employed to dig graves) :: Totengräber {m}
gravedigger {n} (A necrophore, or burying beetle) :: Totengräber {m}
grave goods {n} (objects buried with a body) :: Grabbeigabe {f-s}, Grabbeigaben {f-p}, Totengabe {f}
gravel {n} (small fragments of rock) :: Kies {m}, Schotter {m}, Kiesel {m}
gravel {v} (To apply a layer of gravel to the surface of a road, etc) :: schottern
gravel pit {n} (quarry) :: Kiesgrube {f}, Schottergrube {f}
graverobber {n} (one who robs graves or tombs) :: Grabräuber {m}, Grabräuberin {f}
gravestone {n} (stone slab set at the head of a grave) SEE: tombstone ::
graveyard {n} (tract of land in which the dead are buried) :: Friedhof {m}, Kirchhof {m}, Begräbnisplatz, Gottesacker {m}, Leichenhof
graveyard shift {n} (night shift) SEE: night shift ::
gravid {adj} (pregnant; now used chiefly of egg-laying animals, or metaphorically) :: trächtig, gravid
gravitation {n} (fundamental force of attraction) :: Schwerkraft {f}, Gravitation {f}
gravitational {adj} (pertaining to gravitation) :: Gravitations-, gravitativ, gravitationsbedingt
gravitational field {n} (the field produced by the gravitational force of mass) :: Gravitationsfeld {n}
gravitational force {n} (fundamental force) :: Erdanziehungskraft {f}, Gravitationskraft {f}, Schwerkraft {f}
gravitational lens {n} (astronomy: body big enough to bend light rays) :: Gravitationslinse {f}
gravitational wave {n} (fluctuation in spacetime that propagates as a wave at the speed of light) :: Gravitationswelle {f}
graviton {n} (a hypothetical gauge boson) :: Graviton {n}
gravity {n} (graveness, the condition or state of being grave) :: Bedenklichkeit {f}, Ernst {m}
gravity {n} (resultant force on Earth's surface) :: Erdanziehung {f}, Gravitation {f}
gravity {n} (gravitation, gravity force on two mass bodies) :: Schwerkraft {f}, Gravitation {f}
gravity assist {n} :: Gravitationsmanöver {n}, Schwerkraftumlenkung {f}, Swing-by {m}, Vorbeischwungmanöver {n}
gravity bong {n} (gravity bong) :: Eimer {m}
gravlax {n} (appetizer of dry-cured salmon) :: Graved Lachs {m}, Gravlax {m}
gravy {n} (sauce) :: Soße {f}
gravy boat {n} (dish for gravy) :: Soßenschüssel {f}, Sauciere {f}
gravy train {n} (occupation that generates considerable income with little or less effort) :: lauer Lenz {m}
gray {adj} (having a color somewhere between white and black, as the ash of an ember) :: grau
gray {adj} (dreary, gloomy) :: grau
gray {v} (to become gray) :: ergrauen, grau werden
gray {n} (colour) :: Grau {n}
gray {n} (extraterrestrial being) :: Graue {m}, Grauen {f-p}
gray {n} (SI unit of absorbed radiation) :: Gray {n}
gray-blue {adj} (blue-gray) SEE: blue-gray ::
graybody {n} (body that radiates energy having a blackbody distribution reduced by a constant factor) :: grauer Körper {m}
grayish {adj} (somewhat gray) :: gräulich
grayling {n} (Thymallus thymallus) :: Äsche {f}, Europäische Äsche {f}
grayling {n} (Hipparchia semele) :: Ockerbindiger Samtfalter {m}
gray out {v} :: ausgrauen
gray tape {n} (duct tape) SEE: duct tape ::
gray water {n} (non-potable, but non-toxic water) :: Grauwasser {n}, Nutzwasser {n}
Graz {prop} (city) :: Graz {n}
graze {n} (act of grazing or scratching lightly) :: Kratzen {n}, Schrammen {n}, Schaben {n}, Schleifen {n}, Schürfen {n}
graze {n} (light scratch) :: Kratzer {m}, Schramme {f}, Abschürfung {f}, Schürfwunde {f}
graze {v} (to feed or supply with grass) :: grasen lassen, weiden lassen, beweiden
graze {v} (to eat grass from a pasture) :: weiden, grasen
graze {v} (to tend cattle while grazing) :: hüten, grasen lassen, weiden lassen
graze {v} (to rub or touch lightly the surface of in passing) :: touchieren, streifen, ankratzen, schrammen
graze {v} (to cause a slight wound to) :: abschürfen, schürfen, ankratzen
grease {n} (animal fat) :: Fett {n}
grease {n} (oily or fatty matter) :: Schmierfett {n}, Schmiere {f}
greaseball {n} (person of Italian descent) SEE: wop ::
greased lightning {n} (Something incredibly fast) :: geölte Blitz {m}, wie der geölte Blitz {m}
grease nipple {n} (fitting fixed to a piece of machinery) :: Schmiernippel
greasepaint {n} (mixture of grease and coloring) :: Theaterschminke {f}
greasy {adj} (having a slippery surface) :: schmierig, rutschig
greasy {adj} (Containing a lot of grease or fat) :: fettig
great {adj} (important) SEE: important ::
great {adj} (very big, large scale) :: groß
great {adj} (very good) :: großartig, schön, fein, wundervoll
great {adj} (important title) :: der Große {m}
great {adj} :: groß, weit, ausgedehnt, bedeutend [3]
great {interj} (great!) :: prima
great {n} (person of major significance, accomplishment or acclaim) :: Größe {f}
great- {prefix} (removal of one generation) :: ur-
great antshrike {n} (Taraba major) :: Weißbrust-Ameisenwürger {m}
great ape {n} (ape of the taxonomic family Hominidae) :: Großaffe {m}, Grossaffe {m} [Switzerland, Liechtenstein], Großäffin {f}, Grossäffin {f} [Switzerland, Liechtenstein], Menschenaffe {m}, Menschenäffin {f}, Hominide {m}, Hominid {m} [less common], Hominidin {f}
great auk {n} (Pinguinus impennis) :: Riesenalk {m}
great-aunt {n} (aunt of one’s parent) :: Großtante
Great Barrier Reef {prop} (Great Barrier Reef) :: Great Barrier Reef {n}, Großes Barriereriff {n}
Great Bear {prop} (a bright circumpolar asterism of the northern sky) :: Großer Bär {f}
great black-backed gull {n} (Larus marinus) :: Mantelmöwe {f}
Great Britain {prop} (island) :: Großbritannien {n}
Great Britain {prop} (United Kingdom, see also: United Kingdom; Kingdom of Great Britain) :: Großbritannien {n}
great bustard {n} (Otis tarda) :: Großtrappe {f}
great cardiac vein {n} (large vein) :: große Herzvene {f}
great circle {n} (circle) :: Großkreis {m}
greatcoat {n} (heavy overcoat) :: Wintermantel {m}
great cormorant {n} (Phalacrocorax carbo) :: Kormoran {m}
great crested grebe {n} (freshwater bird) :: Haubentaucher {m}
Great Dane {n} (mastiff) :: Deutsche Dogge {f}, Dänische Dogge {f}
greater {adj} (area with surrounding region) :: Groß-
greater {adj} (greater) SEE: bigger ::
greater adjutant {n} (Leptoptilos dubius) :: Große Adjutant {m}, Argala-Marabu {m}
greater bamboo lemur {n} (Prolemur simus) :: Breitschnauzen-Halbmaki {m}, Großer Halbmaki {m}, Großer Bambuslemur {m}
Greater Caucasus {prop} (mountain range) :: Großer Kaukasus
greater celandine {n} (Chelidonium majus) :: Schöllkraut {n}
greater galago {n} (primate of the genus Otolemur) SEE: thick-tailed bushbaby ::
Greater London {prop} (administrative area) :: Groß-London {n}
Greater Poland {prop} (region of Poland) :: Großpolen {n}
greater prairie chicken {n} (Tympanuchus cupido) :: Präriehuhn {n}
greater rhea {n} (Rhea americana) :: Nandu {m}
greater scaup {n} (Aythya marila) :: Bergente {f}
greater spotted eagle {n} (Clanga clanga) :: Schelladler {m}
greater than {n} (the '>' character) :: größer als
greater yellowlegs {n} (Tringa melanoleuca) :: Großer Gelbschenkel {m}
greatest common divisor {n} (largest positive integer or polynomial) :: größter gemeinsamer Teiler {m}
greatest thing since sliced bread {n} ((idiomatic) a relatively recent invention) :: das Größte seit der Erfindung der Bratkartoffel
Great Game {prop} (the strategic rivalry and conflict) :: Große Spiel {n}
great-grandchild {n} (The child (son or daughter) of one's grandchild) :: Urenkelkind {n}, Urenkel {m}, Urenkelin {f}
great-granddaughter {n} (the daughter of someone's grandchild) :: Urenkelin {f}
great-grandfather {n} (father of grandparent) :: Urgroßvater {m}, Urgrossvater {m} [Switzerland, Liechtenstein]
great grandmaster {n} (a grandmaster in a field, whose skills or accomplishments exceed those of other grandmasters) :: Großmeister {m}
great-grandmother {n} (mother of one's grandparent) :: Urgroßmutter {f}, Urgrossmutter {f} [Switzerland and Liechtenstein]
great-grandparent {n} (parent of a grandparent) :: Urgroßelternteil {m}, Urgroßeltern {p} [plural only], Urgroßvater {m} [great-grandfather], Urgroßmutter {f} [great-grandmother]
great-grandson {n} (son of a grandchild) :: Urenkel {m}
great-great-grandchild {n} (the child of one's great-grandchild) :: Ururenkelkind {n}, Ururenkel {m}
great-great-granddaughter {n} (the daughter of one's great-grandchild) :: Ururenkelin {f}
great-great-grandfather {n} (The father of someone's great-grandparent) :: Ururgroßvater {m}
great-great-grandmother {n} (The mother of someone’s great-grandparent) :: Ururgroßmutter {f}
great-great-grandparent {n} (parent of a great-grandparent) :: Ururgroßelternteil {m}
great-great-grandparents {n} (great-great-grandparents) :: Ururgroßeltern {p}
great-great-grandson {n} (the son of one's great-grandchild) :: Ururenkel {m}
great green macaw {n} (endangered parrot) :: Großer Soldatenara
great grey owl {n} (Strix nebulosa) :: Bartkauz {m}
great grey shrike {n} (Lanius excubitor) :: Raubwürger
great haste makes great waste {proverb} (haste makes waste) SEE: haste makes waste ::
greathearted {adj} (bighearted) SEE: bighearted ::
Great Lakes {prop} (a group of five lakes on the United States-Canada border) :: Große Seen {m-p}
Great Leap Forward {prop} (Great Leap Forward (in China)) :: Großer Sprung nach vorn {m}
Great Lent {prop} (Great Lent) :: große Fastenzeit {f}, Große Fastenzeit {f}
great martyr {n} (a saint who was martyred after suffering great torture) :: Großmärtyrer {m}, Großmärtyrerin {f}, Megalomärtyrer {m}, Megalomärtyrerin {f}
great minds think alike {proverb} (used to emphasize two people reaching the same conclusion) :: zwei Dumme, ein Gedanke
greatness {n} (The state, condition, or quality of being great; as, greatness of size, greatness of mind, power, etc) :: Größe {f}
great northern diver {n} (large member of the diver family, Gavia immer) :: Eistaucher {m}
great northern loon {n} (great northern diver) SEE: great northern diver ::
great northern prawn {n} (Pandalus borealis) :: Eismeergarnele {f}
Great Patriotic War {prop} (the war between the USSR and Nazi Germany between 1941 and 1945) :: Großer Vaterländischer Krieg {m}
great power {n} (powerful state) :: Großmacht {f}
great primer {n} :: Tertia
Great Pyramid at Giza {prop} (Great Pyramid of Giza) SEE: Great Pyramid of Giza ::
Great Pyramid of Giza {prop} (the largest and most famous of the Egyptian pyramids) :: Cheops-Pyramide {f}
Great Pyrenees {n} (dog breed) :: Pyrenäen-Berghund
great ramshorn {n} (Planorbarius corneus) :: Posthornschnecke {f}
Great Recession {prop} (Great Recession) :: Weltwirtschaftskrise ab 2007 {f}
Great Russia {prop} (the territories of "Russia proper") :: Großrussland {n}
Great Russian {prop} (Russian language, when considered mutually intelligble with Ukrainian and Belarusian) :: Großrussisch {n}
Great Satan {prop} (pejorative: United States of America) :: Großer Satan
great skua {n} (Great Skua) :: Große Raubmöwe {f}
great snipe {n} (Gallinago media) :: Doppelschnepfe {f}
great spotted woodpecker {n} (species of woodpecker) :: Buntspecht {m}
Great Successor {prop} :: Große Nachfolger
great tit {n} (bird) :: Kohlmeise {f}
great-uncle {n} (uncle of one's parent) :: Großonkel {m}
Great Vowel Shift {prop} (major change in the pronunciation of the English language) :: Große Vokalverschiebung {f}
Great Wall of China {prop} (Chinese fortification) :: Chinesische Mauer {f}
Great War {prop} (epithet for World War I) :: Großer Krieg {m}
great white shark {n} (Carcharodon carcharias) :: Weißer Hai {m}
greave {n} (piece of armour that protects the leg, especially the shin) :: Schienbeinschutz {m}, Schienbeinschützer {m}, Schienbeinschoner {m}, Beinschiene {f}
greaves {n} (residue from animal fat) :: Grieben {f-p}, Grammeln {f-p} [southern Germany, Austria]
grebe {n} (any of several waterbirds in the family Podicipedidae) :: Lappentaucher {m}
Grecism {n} (word or idiom of the Greek language used in another language) :: Gräzismus {m}
Greco- {prefix} (relating to Greece or Greek) :: Griechisch-
Greco-Roman {adj} (of or pertaining to Greek or Roman culture) :: griechisch-römisch
Greece {prop} (country in Southeastern Europe) :: Griechenland {n}
greed {n} (selfish desire for more than is needed) :: Gier {f}, Habsucht {f}, Habgier {f}, Raffgier {f}, Raffsucht {f}
greedily {adv} (in a greedy manner) :: gierig
greedy {adj} (having greed; consumed by selfish desires) :: gierig, habgierig, habsüchtig
greedy {adj} (prone to overeat) :: gefräßig
Greek {n} (inhabitant, etc., of Greece) :: Grieche {m}, Griechin {f}
Greek {n} (language of the Greek people) :: Griechisch {n}, griechische Sprache {f}
Greek {adj} (of the Greek language, people or country) :: griechisch
Greek fire {n} (flammable substance) :: griechisches Feuer {n}
Greek Orthodox {adj} (Greek Orthodox (adjective)) :: griechisch-orthodox
Greek Orthodox Church {prop} (Greek Orthodox Church) :: Griechisch-Orthodoxe Kirche {f}
green {adj} (having green as its colour) :: grün
green {adj} (inexperienced) :: grünschnäblig, naiv, unerfahren
green {adj} (environmentally friendly) :: grün
green {adj} (of fruit: unripe) :: grün
green {n} (colour) :: Grün {n}
green {n} (member of a green party) :: Grüne {m} {f}
green as a gooseberry {adj} (very young and inexperienced) :: grün hinter den Ohren
green-backed firecrown {n} (Sephanoides sephaniodes) :: Chile-Kolibri {m}
green-backed tit {n} (Parus monticolus) :: Bergkohlmeise {f}
green bean {n} (immature pods of any kind of bean) :: grüne Bohne {f}, Brechbohne {f}, Prinzessbohne {f} [very young]
green belt {n} (area of agricultural land around an urban area) :: Grüngürtel {m}
green bottle fly {n} (flies in the genera Lucilia and Phaenicia) :: Goldfliege
green card {n} (US work permit) :: Green Card {f}
green energy {n} (non-polluting energy) :: Ökostrom
greenery {n} (marijuana) SEE: marijuana ::
green-eyed {adj} (having green eyes) :: grünäugig
greengage {n} (a plum with greenish-yellow flesh and skin) :: Reneklode {f}, Edelpflaume {f}, Ringlotte {f}, Rei­ne­clau­de {f}
green gram {n} (Bean from the seed of Vigna radiata) SEE: mung bean ::
greengrocer {n} (person who sells fresh vegetables and fruit) :: Gemüsehändler {m}, Gemüsehändlerin {f}, Obst- und Gemüsehändler {m}, Obst- und Gemüsehändlerin {f}, Gemüsemann {m}, Gemüsefrau {f}
greengrocer's {n} (shop for fruit and vegetables) :: Gemüseladen {m}, Gemüsehandlung {f}, Obst- und Gemüseladen {m}, Obst- und Gemüsehandlung {f}, Gemüsegeschäft {n}
greengrocer's apostrophe {n} (incorrectly used apostrophe) :: Deppenapostroph {m}, Idiotenapostroph {m}
greengrocery {n} (shop) SEE: greengrocer's ::
greenhorn {n} (inexperienced person) :: Grünschnabel {m} (green beak), Gelbschnabel (yellow beak)
greenhouse {n} (building in which plants are grown more quickly than outside) :: Gewächshaus {n}, Treibhaus {n}
greenhouse effect {n} (process by which a planet is warmed by its atmosphere) :: Treibhauseffekt {m}
greenhouse gas {n} (any gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect) :: Treibhausgas {n}
greenish {adj} (somewhat green) :: grünlich
greenishness {n} (the quality of somewhat green) :: Grünlichkeit
greenish warbler {n} (Phylloscopus trochiloides) :: Grünlaubsänger {m}
green jersey {n} (shirt worn by the leader of the Tour de France points competition) :: Grünes Trikot {n}
Greenland {prop} (a large self-governing island in North America) :: Grönland {n}
Greenlander {n} (a person from Greenland or of Greenlandic descent) :: Grönländer {m}, Grönländerin {f}
Greenlandic {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Greenland, its people or language) SEE: Greenlandish ::
Greenlandic {n} (language) SEE: Greenlandish ::
Greenlandish {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Greenland, its people or language) :: grönländisch
Greenlandish {n} (language) :: Grönländisch {n}, Kalaallisut {n}
Greenland shark {n} (Somniosus microcephalus) :: Grönlandhai {m}, Eishai {m}
green light {n} (green traffic light) :: grünes Licht {n}, Grünlicht {n}
green light {n} (permission) :: grünes Licht {n}
greenlight {v} (to approve) :: grünes Licht geben, genehmigen
green line {n} (demarcation line) :: grüne Linie {f}
greenmarket {n} (market) :: Bauernmarkt
green monkey {n} (monkey of Chlorocebus) :: Grüne Meerkatze {f}
Green Party {prop} (particular green party of a country or region) :: Die Grünen
green pepper {n} (green sweet bell pepper) :: grüne Paprika {f}
green pepper {n} (green peppercorn) :: grüner Pfeffer {m}
green roof {n} (roof of a house or other building which is covered with soil and grass, plants, trees, etc.) :: begrüntes Dach {n}
greens {n} (leaves of certain edible green plants) :: Blattgemüse
Greens {prop} (green party) :: die Grünen {m-p}
green sandpiper {n} (Tringa ochropus) :: Waldwasserläufer {m}
green sea turtle {n} (species) :: Suppenschildkröte {f}
greenshank {n} (wading bird) :: Grünschenkel {m}, Heller Wasserläufer {m} [dated]
greenstick fracture {n} (a partial fracture of a long bone) :: Grünholzfraktur {f}
green tea {n} (leaves) :: grüner Tee {m}
green tea {n} (drink) :: grüner Tee {m}
green thumb {n} (skill) :: grüner Daumen {m}
green thumb {n} (person) :: grüner Daumen {m}
green turtle {n} (green sea turtle) SEE: green sea turtle ::
greenware {n} (unfired pottery) :: Rohware {f}
green with envy {adj} (consumed by envy) :: grün vor Neid
green woodpecker {n} (Picus viridis) :: Grünspecht {m}
greet {v} (to address with salutations or expressions of kind wishes) :: begrüßen, grüßen
greeting {n} (acknowledgement of a persons presence or arrival) :: Gruß {m}, Begrüßung {f}
greeting card {n} (card sent as a greeting) :: Glückwunschkarte {f}, Grußkarte {f}
gregarious {adj} (of a person who enjoys being in crowds) :: gesellig
gregarious {adj} (of animals that travel in herds) :: Herden-
Gregorian {adj} (of, or relating to a person named Gregory) :: gregorianisch
Gregorian calendar {prop} (calendar) :: Gregorianischer Kalender {m}
Gregory {prop} (male given name) :: Gregor {m}
Grenada {prop} (Caribbean country) :: Grenada {n}
grenade {n} (pomegranate) SEE: pomegranate ::
grenade {n} (small explosive device) :: Granate {f}
grenade launcher {n} (weapon that shoots grenades) :: Granatwerfer {m}
Grenadian {n} (A person from Grenada) :: Grenader {m}, Grenaderin {f}
Grenadian {adj} (pertaining to Grenada) :: grenadisch
grenadier {n} (soldier) :: Granatier, Granatierer, Grenadier
grep {v} (use the program grep) :: greppen
Gressoney-La-Trinité {prop} (town in Italy) :: Gressoney-La-Trinité
Gressoney-Saint-Jean {prop} (town in Italy) :: Gressoney-Saint-Jean
Gretel {prop} (given name) :: Gretel {n} {f}
Gretel {prop} (character in the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel) :: Gretel {n} {f}
Grevenmacher {prop} (city) :: Grevenmacher
grey {adj} (having a color somewhere between white and black, as the ash of an ember) :: grau
grey {adj} (dreary, gloomy) :: grau
grey {v} (to become grey) :: ergrauen, grau werden
grey {n} (colour) :: Grau {n}
grey {n} (extraterrestrial being) :: Graue {m}, Grauen {f-p}
grey area {n} (area intermediate between two fuzzily-distinguished categories) :: Grauzone {f} [especially in legal terminology]
greybeard {n} (old man) :: Graubart {m}
grey-blue {adj} (blue-gray) SEE: blue-gray ::
grey crested tit {n} (Lophophanes dichrous) :: Birkenmeise {f}
grey crow {n} (hooded crow) SEE: hooded crow ::
grey-headed chickadee {n} (Poecile cinctus) :: Lapplandmeise {f}
grey heron {n} (the Old World wading bird Ardea cinerea of the heron family) :: Graureiher {m}, Fischreiher {m}
greyhound {n} (lean breed of dog used in hunting and racing) :: Windhund {m}, Windhundrüde {m}, Windhündin {f}, Windhundwelpe {m}
greylag {n} (large European goose) SEE: greylag goose ::
greylag goose {n} (Anser anser) :: Graugans {f}, Wildgans {f}
grey matter {n} (collection of cell bodies) :: Graue Substanz {f}
grey-necked wood rail {n} (Aramides cajanea) :: Cayenne-Ralle {f}
grey partridge {n} (Perdix perdix) :: Rebhuhn {n}
grey seal {n} (Halichoerus grypus) :: Kegelrobbe {f}
grey-tailed tattler {n} (Tringa brevipes) :: Grauschwanz-Wasserläufer {m}
grey-throated rail {n} (bird) :: Augenralle {f}
grey wolf {n} (a large grey wolf) :: Wolf {m}
grid {n} (rectangular array of squares or rectangles of equal size) :: Gitter {n}, Gatter {n}
grid {n} (electricity delivery system) :: Stromnetz {n}, Leitungsnetz {n}
grid {n} (method of marking off maps) :: Gitternetz {n}, Gradnetz {n}, Raster {n}, Koordinatennetz {n}
grid {n} (electrode of a vacuum tube) :: Gitter {n}, Steuergitter {n}
grid {v} (to mark with) :: rastern
gridiron {n} (rack or grate for broiling) :: Rost {m}
gridlock {n} (traffic congestion) :: Verkehrsinfarkt {m}, Verkehrskollaps {m}
gridlock {n} (on a smaller scale) :: Stau {m}
gridlock {n} (deadlock) :: Stillstand {m}
gridlocked {adj} (stationary in a gridlock) :: festgefahren
grief {n} (sadness) :: Kummer {m}
grievance {n} (something which causes grief) :: Ärgernis {n}, Missstand {m}, Mißstand {m}, Übelstand {m}, Kümmernis {n}
grievance {n} (a wrong or hardship suffered) :: Kränkung {f}, Missstand {m}, Mißstand {m}, Kümmernis {n}, Kummer {m}
grievance {n} (feelings of being wronged; outrage) :: Groll {m}, Kummer {m}, Kränkung {f}, Wut {f}, Ärger {m}
grievance {n} (complaint) :: Beschwerde {f}, Klage {f}, Ärgernis {n}
grievance {n} (formal complaint) :: Beschwerde {f}, Klage {f}
grieve {v} (to experience grief) :: trauern
griffin {n} (mythical beast having the body of a lion and the wings and head of an eagle) :: Greif {m}
griffon {n} (legendary creature) SEE: griffin ::
griffon vulture {n} (Gyps fulvus) :: Gänsegeier {m}
grift {n} (con game) SEE: con game ::
grill {n} (grating, grid) :: Grill {m}
grill {n} (vehicle front cover) :: Grill {m}
grill {n} (barbecue) :: Grill {m}
grill {v} (to cook food on a grill) :: grillen, grillieren [Switzerland]
grim {adj} (dismal and gloomy, cold and forbidding) :: grimmig, düster, finster
grim {adj} (rigid and unrelenting) :: unbeugsam, unnachgiebig, eisern
grim {adj} (ghastly or sinister) :: gruselig
grimace {n} (a distortion of the face) :: Grimasse {f}
grimace {v} (to make grimaces) :: Grimassen schneiden
grime {n} (Dirt that is ingrained and difficult to remove) :: Schmutz, Ruß
grimly {adv} (in a grim manner) :: grimmig
Grimm {prop} (surname) :: Grimm {m} {f}
Grimmian {adj} (of or relating to the Brothers Grimm) :: Grimmsch
grimoire {n} (book of instructions in the use of alchemy or magic) :: Grimoire, Zauberbuch
Grim Reaper {prop} (personification of Death) :: Sensenmann {m}, Schnitter {m}, Todesengel {m}
grin {n} (A smile revealing the teeth) :: Grinsen {n}
grin {v} (To smile showing the teeth) :: grinsen
grind {v} (to reduce smaller pieces) :: mahlen, zermahlen
grind {v} (to remove material by rubbing with an abrasive surface) :: schleifen
grind {v} (to slide a skateboard or snowboard across an obstacle) :: grinden
grind {n} (a specific degree of pulverization of coffee beans) :: Mahlung {f}, Mahlfeinheit {f}
grind {n} (a tedious task) :: Schinderei {f}, Quälerei {f}
grinder {n} (sandwich) SEE: sub ::
grinder {n} (tool) :: Schleifmaschine {f}
grinder {n} (kitchen gadget) :: Mühle {f}
grinding stone {n} (tool) :: Mahlstein {m}, Reibstein {m}, Handmühle {f}
grindstone {n} (wheel for grinding) :: Schleifstein {m}
grin like a Cheshire cat {v} (to smile broadly) :: grinsen wie ein Honigkuchenpferd (smile like a honey cake horse), grinsen von Ohr zu Ohr (smile from ear to ear)
grip {v} (to grip) SEE: grasp ::
grip {n} (grip) SEE: grasp ::
grip {v} (to take hold) :: festhalten, greifen
grip {n} (A hold or way of holding, particularly with the hand) :: Griff {m}
grip {n} (A handle or other place to grip) :: Griff {m}
gripe {n} (that which is grasped) :: Griff {m}
gripe {n} (Gyps fulvus) SEE: griffin ::
gripe {n} (nautical: piece of timber that terminates the keel) SEE: forefoot ::
grippe {n} (flu) SEE: flu ::
grisly {adj} (horrifyingly repellent; terrifying, gruesome) :: grässlich
Grisons {prop} (a canton of Switzerland) :: Graubünden
grist for the mill {n} ((idiomatic, chiefly US) Something that is useful or that creates a favorable opportunity) :: Wasser auf die Mühlen
gristle {n} (cartilage) :: Knorpel {m}
grit {n} (collection of hard materials) :: Splitt {m}, Schotter {m}, Streu {f}, Grieß {m}, Streumittel {n}, Streugut {n}, Schrot {n}
grit {n} (inedible particles in food) :: Ballaststoff {m}, Grieß, Schrot {m}
grit {n} (measure of coarseness) :: Korn {n}, Körnung {f}
grit {n} (strength of mind) :: Mut {m}, Schneid {m}
grit {v} (to clench) :: knirschen, knarren
grit {n} (husked but unground oats) :: Hafergraupen {p} {f}
grit one's teeth {v} (face up to a difficult or disagreeable situation, and deal with it) :: die Zähne zusammenbeißen
grits {n} (coarsely ground corn) :: Maisgrieß {m}, Polenta {f}
gritter {n} (vehicle) :: Streufahrzeug {n}
gritty {adj} (containing sand or grit) :: sandig
gritty {adj} (spirited; resolute; unyielding) :: mutig
grizzly {n} (grizzly bear) SEE: grizzly bear ::
grizzly bear {n} (Ursus arctos horribilis) :: Grizzlybär {m}
Görlitz {prop} (city in Saxony, Germany) :: Görlitz {n}
groan {n} (low mournful uttered sound) :: Stöhnen {n}
groan {n} (low guttural sound uttered in frustration or disapproval) :: Seufzen {n}, Ächzen {n}
groan {n} (low creaking sound from applied pressure or weight) :: Knarren {n}
groan {n} :: Stöhnen {n}
groan {v} (to make a groan) :: ächzen, stöhnen
groaning {adj} :: ächzend, stöhnend
groaning {n} :: Ächzen {n}, Geächze {n}, Gestöhn {n}, Gestöhne {n}, Stöhnen {n}
groat {n} (hulled grain) :: Graupe {f}, Grütze {f}
grocer {n} (person selling foodstuffs and household items) :: Lebensmittelhändler {m}, Lebensmittelhändlerin {f}, Kaufmann {m}, Kauffrau {f}, Krämer {m}, Krämerin {f}
groceries {n} (commodities sold by a grocer or in a grocery) :: Lebensmittel {n-p}
grocer's {n} (shop selling groceries) :: Lebensmittelladen {m}, Krämer {m}
grocery {n} (retail foodstuffs and other household supplies) SEE: groceries ::
grocery {n} (shop or store that sells groceries) :: Lebensmittelladen {m}, Lebensmittelgeschäft {n}, Lebensmittelhandlung {f}
grocery list {n} (list of grocery items to be bought) :: Einkaufszettel {m}
grocery store {n} (grocery) SEE: grocery ::
Grodno {prop} (city) :: Hrodna {n}, Grodno {n}
grog {n} (alcoholic beverage made with rum and water) :: Grog {m}
grog {n} (type of pre-fired clay) :: Schamotte {f}
groggy {adj} (Slowed or weakened, as by drink, sleepiness, etc.) :: benommen, mitgenommen
grogram {n} (strong, rough fabric made up of a mixture of silk, and mohair or wool) :: Grogram, Grogramstoff {m}
groin {n} (long narrow depression of the human body that separates the trunk from the legs) :: Leiste {f}
groined vault {n} (structure created by intersection of vaults) SEE: groin vault ::
groin vault {n} (structure created by intersection of vaults) :: Kreuzgratgewölbe {n}, Kreuzgewölbe {n}
grok {v} (to have an intuitive understanding) :: schnallen
grok {v} (to fully understand) :: begreifen, verstehen
grommet {n} (reinforced eyelet, or a small metal or plastic ring) :: Grommet, Durchführungstülle {f}, Augenring {m}, Öse {f}, Tülle {f}, Ringkausch {f}, Kausch {f}
Groningen {prop} (city) :: Groningen, Grunneng
Groningen {prop} (province) :: Groningen, Grunneng
groom {n} (bridegroom) SEE: bridegroom ::
groom {n} (person who cares for horses) :: Stallknecht {m}, Pferdeknecht {m}
groom {v} (to attend to one's appearance) :: vorbereiten, ordnen, zurechtmachen, pflegen, Toilette machen, herausputzen
groom {v} (to care for animals) :: pflegen, [a horse] striegeln, putzen
groom {v} (to prepare a ski slope) :: präparieren
grooming {n} (care for one's appearance) :: Körperpflege {f}
grooming {n} (act of teaching) :: Coaching {n}
grooming {n} (caring for horses) :: Pferdepflege {f}, Tierpflege {f}, Fellpflege {f}, Viehputz {m}
grooming {n} (attempting to gain the trust of a minor) :: sich vertraut machen
groove {n} (long, narrow channel) :: Rille {f}, Nut {f}
groove {n} (fixed routine) :: gewöhnlicher Gang {m}, üblicher Ablauf {m}, übliche Routine {f}, fester Rhythmus {m}, eingefahrenen Gleise {p}
groove {n} (pronounced, enjoyable rhythm) :: Groove {m}
groove {n} ((mining) A shaft or excavation) :: Schacht {m}, Ausschachtung {f}
groove {v} (to cut a furrow into a surface) :: einkerben, auskehlen, nuten, rillen
groove {v} (to enjoy rhythmic music) :: grooven
groove fricative {n} (phonetics: hissing sound) SEE: sibilant ::
groovy {adj} (cool, neat, interesting) :: toll, fetzig, schick [fashion]
grope {v} (obsolete: to feel with or use the hands) :: tasten
grope {v} (to search by feeling) :: tappen, herumtasten
grope {v} (to touch closely and sexually) :: begrapschen, grapschen
groschen {n} (coin) :: Groschen {m}
gross {adj} (serious, flagrant, shameful) :: grob
gross {adj} (whole amount, total) :: brutto, Brutto-
gross {adj} (disgusting) :: ekelhaft, Ekel erregend
gross {adj} (coarse, rude, obscene) :: grob, unanständig
gross {adj} (bulky, fat) :: dick
gross {adj} (dull) :: grob, unempfindlich
gross {n} (twelve dozen) :: Gros
gross {n} (total earnings or amount) :: Brutto
gross domestic product {n} (economic production of a particular territory) :: Bruttoinlandsprodukt {n} (abbreviation BIP {n})
gross national income {n} (total market value of all the goods and services produced by a nation, see also: gross national product) :: Bruttonationaleinkommen {n}
gross national product {n} (economics) :: Bruttosozialprodukt {n}
gross profit {n} (the difference between net sales and the cost of goods sold) :: Bruttogewinn {m}, Rohertrag {m}
grossular {n} (a type of garnet) :: Grossular {m}
grosz {n} (one hundredth of a Polish zloty) :: Groschen {m}, Grosz {m}
grotesque {adj} (distorted and unnatural in shape or size; abnormal and hideous) :: grotesk
grotto {n} (small cave) :: Grotte {f}
grotto {n} (artificial cavern-like retreat) :: Grotte {f}
grouchy {adj} (irritable; easily upset; angry; tending to complain) :: genervt
ground {n} (surface of the Earth) :: Erde {f}, Erdboden {m}, Land {n}, Grund {m}, Boden {m}
ground {n} (soil, earth) :: Erde {f}, Boden {m}, Erdreich {n}
ground {n} (bottom of a body of water) :: Grund {m}
ground {n} (basis, foundation, groundwork) :: Grundfeste {f}
ground {n} (background, context, framework, surroundings) :: Hintergrund {m}
ground {n} (electrical conductor connected to point of zero potential) :: Erde {f}, Masseleitung {f}, Masseverbindung, Erdung
ground {n} (electrical point of zero potential) :: Bezugspotenzial {n}, Masse {f}, Massepotenzial {n}
ground {v} (to connect an electrical conductor) :: erden
ground {v} (to require a child to remain at home) :: Hausarrest geben
ground {v} (to forbid an aircraft or pilot to fly) :: Startverbot erteilen
ground {adj} (crushed, or reduced to small particles.) :: gemahlen
ground {n} (terrain) SEE: terrain ::
ground {v} (to run aground) SEE: run aground ::
ground beef {n} (meat) :: Rinderhack {n}
groundbreaking {adj} (innovative) :: bahnbrechend
ground-breaking {adj} (innovative) :: bahnbrechend
ground clearance {n} (distance) :: Bodenfreiheit {f}
ground cover {n} (something that overlays land) :: Bodendecker {m}
grounded {adj} (of a conductor connected to earth) :: geerdet
grounded {adj} (not allowed to fly) :: mit Flugverbot belegt
ground-effect machine {n} (hovercraft) SEE: hovercraft ::
ground floor {n} (floor of a building closest to ground level) :: Erdgeschoss {n}
ground frost {n} (frozen upper level of soil) :: Bodenfrost {n}
groundhog {n} (woodchuck) SEE: woodchuck ::
ground ivy {n} (Glechoma hederacea) :: Gundermann {m}, Gundelrebe {f}
ground-ivy {n} (Glechoma hederacea) :: Gundelrebe {f}, Gundermann {m}
groundless {adj} (baseless) :: grundlos, unbegründet
ground meat {n} (ground meat) :: Hackfleisch {n}
groundpecker {n} (bird) :: Tibetmeise {f}
ground pine {n} (Ajuga, Ajuga chamaepitys) SEE: bugle ::
grounds {n} (sediment at the bottom of a liquid) :: Satz {m}
ground shark {n} (Greenland shark) SEE: Greenland shark ::
groundskeeper {n} (someone who handles upkeep of grounds) :: Platzwart {m}
groundspeed {n} (horizontal speed relative to the ground) :: Geschwindigkeit über Grund {f}, Grundgeschwindigkeit {f}
ground spider {n} (spider) :: Plattbauchspinne {f}
ground state {n} :: Grundzustand {m}
ground-to-air {adj} :: Boden-Luft
ground-to-ground {adj} :: Boden-Boden
ground-to-ship {adj} :: Boden-Schiff
ground water {n} (underground water) SEE: groundwater ::
groundwater {n} (Water existing beneath the earth's surface in underground streams and aquifers) :: Grundwasser {n}
groundwork {n} (foundation) :: Grundlage {f}
ground zero {n} (location on the surface marking the detonation of a bomb) :: Boden null, Bodennullpunkt {m}, Ground Zero {m}
group {n} (number of things or persons being in some relation to each other) :: Gruppe {f}
group {n} (in group theory) :: Gruppe {f}
group {n} (people who perform music together) :: Gruppe {f}, Musikgruppe {f}
group {n} (column in the periodic table) :: Gruppe {f}
group {n} (subset of a culture or of a society) :: Gruppe {f}
group {n} (in Unix) :: Benutzergruppe {f}
group {n} (A set of teams playing against each other in a division, while at the same not playing against other sets of teams of the same division.) :: Gruppe {f}
group {v} (put together to form a group) :: gruppieren
group {n} (functional entity consisting of certain atoms whose presence provides a certain property to a molecule) SEE: functional group ::
group action {n} (a mapping of a mathematical group) :: Gruppenaktion {f}, Gruppenoperation {f}, Gruppenwirkung {f}
group dynamics {n} :: Gruppendynamik {f}
grouper {n} (fish) :: Zackenbarsch {m}
grouping {n} (a collection of things or people) :: Gruppierung {f}
grouping {n} (the action of the verb to group) :: Eingruppierung {f}
group marriage {n} (type of marriage) :: Gruppenehe {f}, Vielehe {f}
group of death {n} (a group in a multi-stage tournament which is unusually competitive) :: Todesgruppe {f}
group sex {n} (sexual practice) :: Gruppensex {m}
group theory {n} (mathematical theory of groups) :: Gruppentheorie {f}
groupthink {n} (tendency of a group to conform to the majority view) :: Gruppendenken {n}
groupwork {n} (work done in groups) :: Gruppenarbeit {f}
grouse {n} (any of various game birds of the subfamily Tetraoninae) :: Raufußhuhn {n}
grout {n} (mortar used between tiles) :: Fugenmörtel {m}
grout {n} (coarse meal) :: Grieß {m}
grout {n} (dregs) :: Satz {m}
grout {v} (insert mortar between tiles) :: verfugen
grove {n} (small forest) :: Hain {m}, Gehölz {n}
grove {n} (orchard) SEE: orchard ::
grovel {v} (to crawl) :: kriechen
grovel {v} (to abase oneself) :: kriechen, katzbuckeln, auf dem Bauch rutschen
grovel {v} (to be slavishly nice in the hope of securing something) :: kriechen, schleimen
grove snail {n} (common species of landsnail) :: Schwarzmündige Bänderschnecke {f}
grow {v} ((intransitive) to become bigger) :: wachsen
grow {v} ((intransitive) to appear or sprout) :: wachsen
grow {v} ((transitive) to cause something to become bigger) :: anbauen, ziehen, züchten
grow apart {v} (gradually become estranged) :: sich auseinanderleben
growl {n} (deep, rumbling, threatening sound) :: Knurren {n}
growl {n} (sound made by the stomach when hungry) :: Magenknurren {n}
growl {v} (to utter a deep guttural sound) :: knurren
growth {n} (increase in size) :: Wachstum {n}
growth {n} (act of growing) :: Wachstum {n}
growth {n} (pathology: abnormal mass such as a tumor) :: Geschwulst {f}
growth medium {n} (culture medium) SEE: culture medium ::
growth ring {n} (tree ring) SEE: tree ring ::
grow up {v} (to mature and become an adult) :: erwachsen, aufwachsen
groyne {n} (structure to prevent erosion) :: Buhne {f}, Wellenbrecher {m} {m-p}
Grozny {prop} (city in Russia) :: Grosny {n}
grub {n} (immature insect) :: Larve {f}, Wurm {m}
grubby {adj} (having grubs in it) :: madig, wurmstichig
grubhouse {n} (pithouse) SEE: pithouse ::
grudge {n} (deep seated animosity) :: Groll {m}, Neid {m}
grudge {v} (to be unwilling to give) :: missgönnen
grudging {adj} (unwilling or with reluctance) :: widerwillig
Grudziądz {prop} (city) :: Graudenz
grue {adj} (philosophy: of an object that is first green, then blue) :: blün
grue {adj} (linguistics: green or blue in languages that do not distinguish the two colors) :: blün
grue {v} (shudder) SEE: shudder ::
grue {n} (shudder) SEE: shudder ::
gruel {n} (thin watery porridge) :: Grütze {f}, Schleimsuppe {f}
gruelling {adj} (so difficult or taxing as to make one exhausted) :: zermürbend
gruesome {adj} (repellently frightful and shocking; horrific or ghastly) :: grauenhaft, grauenvoll
grumble {n} (a low thundering, rumbling or growling sound) :: Gegrummel {n}, Grummeln {n}
grumble {n} (the sound made by a hungry stomach) :: Knurren {n}
grumble {v} (to murmur or mutter with discontent) :: murren
grumble {v} :: brummen
grumpy {adj} (unhappy and/or irritable) :: mürrisch
grunge {n} (dirt, filth) :: Schmutz {m}, Dreck {m}
grunge {n} (subgenre of alternative music) :: Grunge {m}
grunt {n} (short, snorting sound) :: Grunzer {m}, Stöhnen {n}
grunt {n} (cry of a pig) :: Grunzen {m}
grunt {n} (fish of the family Haemulidae) :: Grunzer {m}
grunt {n} (a person who does ordinary and boring work) :: Hucker {m}, Handlanger {m}, Hilfsarbeiter {m}, Ungelernter {m}, Hiwi {m} [pejorative]
grunt {n} ((slang) the amount of power of which a vehicle is capable) :: Wumms {m}, Pfeffer {m}
grunt {v} (of a person: to make a grunt or grunts) :: grunzen
grunt {v} (of a pig: to make a grunt or grunts) :: grunzen
gruntle {v} (grunt) SEE: grunt ::
Grus {prop} (spring constellation of the southern sky) :: Kranich {m}
gruyere {n} (type of cheese) :: Greyerzer {m}
Gruyère {n} (cheese) SEE: gruyere ::
Grévy's zebra {n} (Equus grevyi) :: Grevyzebra {n}
Gryffindor {n} (Gryffindor House Harry Potter) :: Greiftür {f}
G-sharp minor {n} (minor key) :: gis-Moll
G-spot {n} (sensitive, erogenous zone on the anterior wall of the vagina) :: G-Punkt {m}
G-string {n} (on a stringed musical instrument, the string that produces G) :: G-Saite {f}
G-string {n} (a scanty piece of underwear or lingerie) :: String {m}, Tanga {m}, Stringtanga {m}, G-String {m} {f}, Minislip {m}
guacamole {n} (avocado-based greenish dip) :: Guacamole {f}
Guadalcanal {prop} (Pacific island) :: Guadalcanal {m}
Guadalquivir {prop} (river in southern Spain) :: Guadalquivir {m}
Guadeloupe {prop} (island) :: Guadeloupe
Guadeloupe {prop} (overseas department of France) :: Guadeloupe {n}
Guadeloupean {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Guadeloupe) :: von Guadeloupe
Guadiana {prop} (river in Spain and Portugal) :: Guadiana {m}
Guam {prop} (Territory of Guam) :: Guam
Guamanian {n} (person from Guam) :: Guamischer {m}, Guamischerin {f}
Guamanian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Guam) :: guamisch
guanaco {n} (Lama guanicoe) :: Guanako {n}, Huanako {n}
Guangzhou {prop} (Chinese city) :: Guangzhou {n}
guanine {n} (substance obtained from guano) :: Guanin {n}
guano {n} (dung from a sea bird or from a bat) :: Guano {m}
Guantanamo Bay {prop} (US naval base) :: Guantanamo-Bucht {f}
guanylate {n} (salt or ester of guanylic acid) :: Guanylat {n}
Guaraní {prop} (South-American language) :: Guaraní {n}
guarantee {n} (anything that assures a certain outcome) :: Garantie {f}
guarantee {n} (written declaration) :: Garantie {f}
guarantee {n} (person who gives such a guarantee) :: Garant {m}
guarantee {v} (to give an assurance that something will be done right) :: garantieren, versichern
guarantee {v} (to make something certain) :: garantieren
guarantor {n} (person or company that provides a guarantee) :: Garant {m}, Garantiegeber {m}
guaranty {n} (undertaking to answer for payment, performance of contract, etc.) :: Garantievertrag {m}
guard {n} (person who or thing that protects something) :: Wächter {m}
guard {n} (part of machine blocking dangerous parts) :: Schutz {m}
guard {v} (to protect from some offence) :: schützen, bewachen
guard dog {n} (dog used to protect a property or its owner) :: Wachhund {m}, Wachhündin {f}
guardian {n} (guard or watcher) :: Wächter {m}, Wache {f}
guardian {n} (law: person legally responsible for a minor in loco parentis) :: Vormund {m}, Erziehungsberechtigter {m}, Erziehungsberechtigte {f}
guardian {n} (superior in a Franciscan monastery) :: Guardian {m}
guardian angel {n} (spirit) :: Schutzengel {m}
guardianship {n} (position) :: Vormundschaft {f}, Schutz {m}
guardrail {n} (rail set alongside a dangerous place) :: Geländer {n} [generic], Leitplanke {f} [automotive], Schutzplanke {f} [automotive, officialese], Leitlinie {f} [figurative]
guardsman {n} (a soldier on guard) :: Wärter {m}, Gardist {m}
guardsman {n} (a member of the National Guard) :: Gardist {m}
guardsman {n} (a member of a Guards regiment) :: Gardist {m}
guard stone {n} (architectural element located at the corner and/or foot of gates etc. to prevent damage) :: Radabweiser
Guatemala {prop} (country in Central America) :: Guatemala {n}
Guatemalan {n} (person) :: Guatemalteke {m}, Guatemaltekin {f}
Guatemalan {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Guatemala or its people) :: guatemaltekisch
guava {n} (tree or shrub) :: Guave {f}, Guavenbaum {m}
guava {n} (fruit) :: Guave {f}
guberniya {n} (an administrative subdivision in the Russian empire) :: Gubernia {f}, Gubernat {n}, Statthalterschaft {f}, Gouvernement {n}
gudgeon {n} (Fish, Gobio gobio) :: Gründling {m}
gudgeon {n} (fitting into which the pintle of the rudder fits) :: unteres Ruderscharnier {n}, Ruderöse {f}
guelder rose {n} (guelder rose, snowball tree) :: Schneeball {m}
Guelph {n} (member of a medieval Italian faction that supported the Pope) :: Guelfe {m}, Welfe {m}
Guelphic {adj} :: guelfisch
guenon {n} (monkey of the genus Cercopithecus) :: Meerkatze {f}
Guernsey {prop} (island) :: Guernsey
guerrilla {n} (irregular soldier) :: Partisan {m}, Partisanin {f}, Guerillakämpfer {m}
guerrilla {n} (guerrilla war) :: Guerilla {f}
guess {v} (to reach an unqualified conclusion) :: schätzen, raten
guess {v} (to solve by a correct conjecture) :: erraten
guess {v} (to suppose) :: schätzen, wohl, glauben
guess {n} (prediction about the outcome of something) :: Vermutung {f}
guessing game {n} (game the object of which is for a player or players to guess a word, etc) :: Ratespiel {n}
guess what {phrase} (used to dramatize the unsurprising) :: rate mal
guesswork {n} (estimate, judgment or opinion) :: Mutmaßung {f}, Vermutung , Raterei {f}, Rätselraten {n}
guest {v} (to receive or entertain hospitably as a guest) SEE: host ::
guest {n} (recipient of hospitality) :: Gast {m}
guest {n} (patron, customer) :: Gast {m}
guest {n} (invited performer) :: Gast {m}
guest {v} (to appear as a guest) :: gastieren
guest book {n} (ledger for visitors to leave comments about an establishment) :: Gästebuch {n}
guest book {n} (website feature functioning like a physical guest book) :: Gästebuch {n}
guesthouse {n} (small house for visitors) :: Gästehaus {n}, Gästeheim {n}
guesthouse {n} (boarding house) SEE: boarding house ::
guest of honour {n} (guest of honour) :: Ehrengast {m}
guest room {n} (room in a home or hotel set aside for the use of visiting guests) :: Gästezimmer {n}
guest speaker {n} :: Gastredner {m}, Gastrednerin {f}
guest worker {n} (guest worker) :: Gastarbeiter {m}, ausländischer Arbeitnehmer {m}
guff {n} (nonsensical talk or thinking) :: Quatsch {m}, Stuss {m}, Nonsens {m}, Schmarren {m} [Southern Germany], Quark {m}, Käse {m}, Kappes {m} [Rhineland], Unsinn {m}, Blödsinn {m}, Stuss {m}, Mumpitz {m}
guff {v} (break wind) :: pupen, pupsen, furzen
guffaw {n} (a boisterous laugh) :: schallendes Gelächter
guffaw {v} (To laugh boisterously) :: schallend lachen
GUI {n} (acronym of graphical user interface) :: GUI {f}
Guianan slaty antshrike {n} (bird) :: Tüpfelwollrücken {m}
guidance {n} (the act or process of guiding) :: Anleitung {f}, Richtungsweisung {f}, Handlungsempfehlung {f}, Orientierungshilfe {f}
guidance {n} (advice) :: Rechtleitung {f}
guidance {n} (system to control the path of a vehicle) :: Lenkung {f}
guide {n} (someone who guides) :: Reiseleiter {m}, Reiseleiterin {f}, Fremdenführer {m}, Fremdenführerin {f}
guide {n} (document, book) :: Anleitung {f}
guide {v} (to serve as a guide person) :: führen
guide book {n} (book that provides guidance) :: Reiseführer {m}
guide dog {n} (dog that is trained to be of assistance to a blind person) :: Blindenhund {m}
guideline {n} (non-specific rule or principle) :: Richtlinie {f}
guido {n} (person of Italian descent) SEE: wop ::
guild {n} (association of tradespeople) :: Gilde {f}, Zunft {f}
guilder {n} (unit of currency) :: Gulden {m}
guile {n} (astuteness, cunning) :: Gerissenheit {f}
guile {v} (to deceive, to beguile) :: irreleiten, irreführen
guileless {adj} (honest but naïve) :: arglos
guilelessness {n} (the characteristic of being guileless; honesty) :: Arglosigkeit {f}
Guillain-Barré syndrome {n} (rapid-onset muscle weakness resulting from impaired peripheral nervous system function) :: Guillain-Barré-Syndrom {n}
guillemet {n} (either of the punctuation marks « or ») :: Guillemet {m} {n}; Möwchen {n}
guillemot {n} (seabird) :: Lumme {f}
guillotine {n} (machine used for capital punishment) :: Guillotine {f}, Fallbeil {n}
guillotine {n} (device that cuts paper) :: Papierschneider {m}
guillotine {v} (execute by use of a guillotine) :: guillotinieren
guilt {n} (responsibility for wrongdoing) :: Schuld {f}
guilt {n} (the regret of having done wrong) :: Schuldgefühl {n}
guilt-ridden {adj} (having a strong sense of guilt) :: mit Schuldgefühlen beladen, von Schuld gebeutelt , schuldgeplagt
guilty {adj} (responsible for a dishonest act) :: schuldig
guilty {adj} (judged to have committed a crime) :: schuldig, [Switzerland] fehlbar
guilty {adj} (having a sense of guilt) :: schuldbewusst
guilty {adj} (blameworthy) :: schuldig, tadelnswert, tadelnswürdig
guilty conscience {n} (a feeling of guiltiness) :: schlechtes Gewissen
guilty pleasure {n} (something that brings pleasure but is considered taboo) :: heimliches Vergnügen {n}, lasterhaftes Vergnügen {n}, billiges Vergnügen {n}, sündhafte Freude {f}
guinea {n} (coin worth 21 shillings) :: Guinee {f}
guinea {n} (person of Italian descent) SEE: wop ::
Guinea {prop} (short form of the Republic of Guinea) :: Guinea
Guinea-Bissau {prop} (Republic of Guinea-Bissau) :: Guinea-Bissau
guinea fowl {n} (bird) :: Perlhuhn {n}
Guinean {adj} (from Guinea) :: guineisch
Guinean {adj} (from Guinea-Bissau) :: guinea-bissauisch
Guinean {n} (someone from Guinea or of Guinean descent) :: Guineer {m}, Guineerin {f}
guinea pig {n} (rodent) :: Meerschweinchen {n}, [colloquial] Meerschwein {n}
guinea pig {n} (experimental subject) :: Versuchskaninchen {n}, Proband {m}, Probandin {f}, Versuchsperson {f}
guise {n} (way of speaking or acting) :: Art und Weise {f}, Auftreten {n}
guise {n} (appearance in manner or dress) :: Erscheinung, Auftreten
guise {n} (cover; cloak) :: Deckmantel {m}
guitar {n} (musical instrument) :: Gitarre {f}
guitarist {n} (person playing or performing on the guitar) :: Gitarrenspieler {m}, Gitarrenspielerin {f}, Gitarrist {m}, Gitarristin {f}
Gujarat {prop} (state in India) :: Gujarat {n}
Gujarati {n} (language) :: Gujaratisch {n}, Gudscharati {n}
Gujarati {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Gujarat, or the Gujarati people) :: gudscheratisch, gudscharatisch, guzeratisch, guzaratisch
gulag {v} (Soviet labour camp) :: Gulag {m}, Gulag {n} [rare], GULag {m}
gulch {n} (glutton) SEE: glutton ::
gulch {n} (act of gulping) SEE: gulp ::
gulch {n} (a narrow v-shaped valley) :: (tiefe) Schlucht {f}
Guldborgsund {prop} (strait) :: Guldborgsund {m}
gules {n} (blazoning term for red) :: Rot
gules {adj} (heraldry, of the colour red) :: rot
gulf {n} (geography) :: Golf {m}, Meerbusen {m}
Gulf of Alaska {prop} (arm of the Pacific Ocean) :: Golf von Alaska {m}
Gulf of Bothnia {prop} (arm of the Baltic) :: Bottnischer Meerbusen {m}
Gulf of California {prop} (body of water) :: Golf von Kalifornien {m}
Gulf of Finland {prop} (arm of the Baltic Sea) :: Finnischer Meerbusen {m}
Gulf of Guinea {prop} (part of the Atlantic Ocean) :: Golf von Guinea {m}
Gulf of Mexico {prop} (gulf between USA and Mexico) :: Golf von Mexiko {m}
Gulf of Naples {prop} (Mediterranean gulf along the coast of Campania) :: Golf von Neapel {m}
Gulf of Riga {prop} (inland body of water that is part of the Baltic Sea in eastern Europe and is near Latvia and Estonia) :: Rigaischer Meerbusen
Gulf Stream {prop} (warm ocean current) :: Golfstrom {m}
Gulf War {prop} (war fought at the Persian Gulf) :: Golfkrieg {m}
Gulf War syndrome {n} (chronic multisymptom disorder) :: Golfkriegssyndrom {n}
gull {n} (seabird) :: Möwe {f}
gull-billed tern {n} (Gelochelidon nilotica) :: Lachseeschwalbe {f}
gullet {n} (the throat or esophagus) :: Speiseröhre {f}
gullibility {n} (quality of being easily deceived) :: Leichtgläubigkeit {f}
gullible {adj} (easily deceived or duped, naïve) :: einfältig, leichtgläubig, naiv, gutgläubig
gully {n} (a trench, ravine or narrow channel which was worn by water flow, especially on a hillside) :: Erosionsrinne {f}
gulp {n} (usual amount swallowed) :: Schluck {m}
gulp {n} (sound of swallowing) :: schlucken
gulp {v} (to swallow eagerly, or in large draughts) :: schlingen, verschlingen
gum {n} (chewing gum) SEE: chewing gum ::
gum {n} (flesh around teeth) :: Zahnfleisch {n}
gum {n} (sticky substance exuded by certain plants) :: Kautschuk {m}
gum {n} (single piece of chewing gum) :: Kaugummi {n}
gum arabic {n} (substance from acacia trees) :: Gummiarabikum {m}
gumball {n} :: Kaugummikugel {f}
gummi {n} (gelatinous candy) :: Gummi, Fruchtgummi
gummy {n} (gelatinous candy) SEE: gummi ::
gummy bear {n} (candy) :: Gummibärchen {n}, Gummibär {m}
Gummy Bears {prop} (candy) :: Gummibärchen {n}
gumption {n} (common sense, initiative) :: Grips {m}, Vernunft {f}
gumption {n} (boldness of enterprise) :: Biss {m}, Durchhaltevermögen {n}, Unternehmenssinn {m}
gumption {n} (energy of body and mind) :: Enthusiasmus {m}, Lebenslust {f}
gumshoe {n} (slang: a detective) :: Schnüffler {m}
gumshoe {v} (to act as a detective) :: schnüffeln
gun {n} (a very portable, short weapon, for hand use) :: Pistole {f}
gun {n} (a less portable, long weapon) :: Gewehr {n}
gun {n} ((military) A cannon with relatively long barrel, operating with relatively low angle of fire, and having a high muzzle velocity) :: Geschütz {n}, Kanone {f}
gun {n} ((military) a cannon with tube length 30 calibers or more) :: Geschütz {n}, Kanone {f}
gun {n} :: Geschütz, Kanone
gunboat {n} (small armed vessel) :: Kanonenboot {n}
gun carriage {n} (metal frame on which a piece of ordnance is mounted for firing or transportation) :: Lafette {f}
gun control {n} (law or policy restricting or limiting the possession of firearms by private citizens) :: Waffenkontrolle {f}
gun dog {n} (dog used by hunter) :: Apportierhund, Jagdhund {m}
gunfighter {n} (gunslinger) SEE: gunslinger ::
gunk {n} (dirt or grime; any vague or unknown substance) :: Dreck {m}, Schleim {m}, Schmiere {f}, Schmodder {m}, Schmutz {m}
gunmetal {n} (alloy of copper, tin and zinc) :: Rotguss {m}
gunnel {n} (gunwale) SEE: gunwale ::
gunnery {n} :: Schießwesen {n}
gunpoint {n} (a location in the front of the muzzle of a gun) :: Laufmündung {f}
gunpoint {n} (threat or coercion by display or aiming a firearm or similar weapon) :: Androhung von Schusswaffengewalt {f}, vorgehaltene Waffe {f}
gunport {n} (a hatch in the hull of a ship through which a cannon is fired) :: Stückpforte {f}
gunpowder {n} (explosive mixture) :: Schießpulver {n}, Schwarzpulver {n}
Gunpowder Plot {prop} (failed plot to kill the king of England) :: Pulververschwörung {f}
gunrunner {n} (person who smuggles arms and ammunition) :: Waffenschmuggler {m}, Waffenschmugglerin {f}
gunrunning {n} (smuggling of arms and ammunition) :: Waffenschmuggel {m}
gunshot {n} (act of discharging a firearm) :: Schuss {m}
gunsight {n} (an optical instrument) :: Visier {n}
gunslinger {n} (person expert at the quick draw) :: Revolverheld {m}
gunsmith {n} (person skilled in the repair and servicing of firearms) :: Waffenschmied {m}, Waffenschmiedin {f}, Büchsenmacher {m}, Büchsenmacherin {f}
gunstick {n} (stick to ram down the charge) SEE: ramrod ::
gunstock {n} (The rear part of a rifle or shotgun which is pressed into the shoulder) SEE: stock ::
Gunt {prop} (river in Tajikistan) :: Gunt {m}
Gunter {prop} (male given name) :: Günter, Günther
gunwale {n} (top edge of the side of a boat) :: Dollbord
gun worm {n} (corkscre-like device to remove charges) SEE: wad hook ::
guoxue {n} (sinology; Chinese studies) SEE: Chinese studies ::
Guoyu {prop} (Mandarin) SEE: Mandarin ::
guqin {n} (instrument) :: Qin {f}
gurgle {v} (to flow with a bubbling sound) :: gurgeln
gurgle {v} (to make such a sound) :: gurgeln
gurgle {n} (gurgling sound) :: Gurgeln {n}
Guria {prop} (region of Georgia) :: Gurien
gurnard {n} (marine fish of the family Triglidae) :: Seehahn {m}, Knurrhahn {m}
gurney {n} (a stretcher having wheeled legs) :: Rollbahre {f}, Tragbahre {f}, Trage {f}
gurrier {n} (street urchin) SEE: street urchin ::
guru {n} (spiritual teacher) :: Guru {m}
guru {n} (advisor or mentor) :: Guru {m}
gush {n} (sudden rapid outflow) :: Schwall {m}, Flut {f}
gush {v} (to flow forth suddenly) :: sich ergießen, strömen, herausquellen
gush {v} (to make an excessive display of enthusiasm) :: schwärmen
gusle {n} (single-stringed instrument) :: Gusle {f}, Gusla {f}
gusli {n} (an ancient Russian musical instrument) :: Gusli {p}
gusset {n} :: Zwickel {m}
gust {n} (strong, abrupt rush of wind) :: {f}
gustation {n} (The ability to taste flavors; the sense of taste) :: Geschmack {m}
gustatory {adj} (relating to taste) :: Geschmacks-
Gustav {prop} (given name) :: Gustav
Gustave {prop} (Gustav) SEE: Gustav ::
Gustavus {prop} (male given name) SEE: Gustav ::
gusto {n} (enthusiasm) :: Begeisterung {f}, Überschwänglichkeit {f}, Enthusiasmus {m}, Ausgelassenheit {f}
gusty {adj} (of wind: blowing in gusts) :: böig
gut {n} (alimentary canal) :: Darm {m}, Eingeweide {n-p}
gut {n} (abdomen) :: Bauch {m}, Ranzen {m-p}
gut {n} (intestines of an animal used to make strings of a tennis racket or violin, etc) :: Darm {f}, Darmsaite {f}
gut {v} (To eviscerate) :: ausnehmen, ausweiden
gut {v} (To remove or destroy the most important parts of) :: ausweiden
gut {adj} (made of gut) :: darmbesaitet
gut {adj} (instinctive) :: instinktiv
gut {adj} :: Bauch-, Bauchgefühl-
gut {n} (intestine) SEE: intestine ::
Gutenberg {prop} (surname) :: Gutenberg
gut feeling {n} (an instinct or intuition) :: Bauchgefühl {n}, Intuition {f}
gut reaction {n} (instantaneous reaction) :: Reaktion aus dem Bauch {f}, Reaktion aus dem Bauch heraus {f}, Bauchentscheidung {f}, instinktive Reaktion {f}
guts {n} (entrails) :: Eingeweide {n-p}
guts {n} ((slang) courage) :: Frechheit
gutsy {adj} (marked by courage) :: mutig, schneidig, beherzt
gutta {n} (Doric architectural element) :: Gutta
gutter {v} (to cut or form into small longitudinal hollows) SEE: channel ::
gutter {n} (prepared channel in a surface) :: Rinne {f}, Gosse {f}
gutter {n} (ditch along the side of road) :: Rinne {f}, Graben {m}, Straßengraben {f}
gutter {n} (duct or channel beneath the eaves) :: Dachrinne {f}, Regenrinne {f}
gutter {n} (any narrow channel or groove) :: Nut {f}, Gang {f}
gutter {n} (space between columns in text) :: Spaltenabstand {f}
gutter {n} (drainage channel) :: Kanal {m}, Entwässerungskanal {m}, Drainage {f}
gutter {n} (low, vulgar state) :: Gosse {f}
gutter {v} (to flow or stream; to form gutters) :: ausspülen
gutter rabbit {n} :: Dachhase {m}
guttural {adj} (sounding harsh and throaty) :: guttural, kehlig
guy {n} (male, man) :: Typ {m}, Kerl {m}
guy {n} (in plural: people) :: Typen {m-p}, Kerle {m-p}, Leute {p}
Guy {prop} (male given name) :: Veit
Guyana {prop} (country) :: Guyana {n}
Guyanese {n} (person from Guyana) :: Guyaner {m}, Guyanerin {f}
Guyanese {adj} (pertaining to Guyana) :: guyanisch
guyline {n} (guy) SEE: guy ::
guy rope {n} (rope or cable used to steady a tall structure or thing being hoisted) :: Abspannseil {n}
Guzhangian {prop} :: Guzhangium
guzzle {v} (to drink (or sometimes eat) voraciously) :: saufen [drink], verschlingen [eat]
guzzle {v} (to consume alcoholic beverages, especially frequently or habitually) :: saufen
guzzle {v} ((by extension) to consume anything greedily) :: schlucken [gas]
Gwoyeu Romatzyh {prop} (a transliteration system) :: Lateinumschrift der Reichssprache
gybe {v} (to change tack with the wind behind) :: kreuzen
gym {n} (sporting facility specialized for lifting weights and exercise) :: Gymnastikraum {m}, Fitnessstudio {n}, Turnhalle {f}
gym {n} (short form of gymnasium) SEE: gymnasium ::
gymnasiast {n} (gymnasium student) :: Gymnasiastin {f} [female], Gymnasiast {m} [male]
gymnasium {n} (place for indoor sports) :: Sporthalle {f}, Turnhalle {f}, Gymnastikraum {m}, Fitnessstudio {n}
gymnasium {n} (type of school) :: Gymnasium {n}
gymnast {n} (one who performs gymnastics) :: Turner {m}, Turnerin {f}
gymnastic {n} (gymnast) SEE: gymnast ::
gymnastics {n} (a sport) :: Turnen {n}, Gymnastik {f}
gymnastics {n} (complex intellectual or artistic exercise) :: Gymnastik {f}
gymnosperm {n} (plant whose seeds are not in an ovary) :: Nacktsamer {m}, nacktsamige Pflanze {f}
gym shorts {n} (type of shorts) :: Turnhose
gynaecologist {n} (specialist in diseases of the female reproductive system) :: Gynäkologe {m}, Gynäkologin {f}, Frauenarzt {m}, Frauenärztin {f}, Frauenheilkundler {m}, Frauenheilkundlerin {f}
gynandromorph {n} (a person having certain physical characteristics of both sexes) SEE: hermaphrodite ::
gynecological {adj} (pertaining to gynecology) :: gynäkologisch
gynecologist {n} (gynaecologist) SEE: gynaecologist ::
gynecology {n} (branch of medicine specializing in the problems of women) :: Frauenheilkunde {f}, Gynäkologie {f}
gynecomastia {n} (development of breasts in males) :: Gynäkomastie {f}
gynophobia {n} (fear or hatred of women) :: Gynophobie {f}, Gynäkophobie {f}, Gynäphobie {f}, Weiberscheu {f}
gypsiology {n} (study of the life and culture of gypsies) :: Romistik, Tsiganologie, Tziganologie, Zigeunerkunde, Zigeunerwissenschaft
gypsum {n} (mineral) :: Gips {m}
gypsum board {n} (drywall panels) :: Rigips
gypsy {n} (member of the Rom people) SEE: Rom ::
gypsy {n} (any itinerant person, or any person suspected of making a living from dishonest practices or theft) :: Zigeuner {m}, Zigeunerin {f}
gypsy {n} (member of the Rom people) SEE: Gypsy ::
Gypsy {n} (a member of the Romani people) SEE: Rom ::
Gypsy {n} (a member of the Romani people or another nomadic group) :: Zigeuner {m} (Zigeunerin {f})
Gypsy {prop} (the language of the Romani people) SEE: Romani ::
Gypsy {adj} (of or belonging to the Roma people) SEE: Romani ::
Győr {prop} (city in Hungary) :: Győr {n}, Raab {n}
gyre {n} (a swirling vortex) :: Strudel {m}
gyre {n} (a circular current, especially a large-scale ocean current) :: ozeanischer Wirbel {m}, Wirbel {m}
gyrfalcon {n} (falcon) SEE: falcon ::
gyrfalcon {n} (Falco rusticolus) :: Gierfalke {m}, Geierfalke {m}, Gerfalke {m}, Jagdfalke {m}
gyro {n} (gyroscope) SEE: gyroscope ::
gyro {n} (Greek sandwich) :: Gyros {n}
gyron {n} (heraldic charge) :: Ständer {m}
gyronny {adj} (heraldic term) :: geständert
gyroscope {n} (apparatus) :: Gyroskop {n}
gyroscopic {adj} :: gyroskopisch
gyrus {n} (anatomy) :: Gyrus {m}
Gzhelian {prop} :: Gzhelium