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ma {n} (colloquial form of mother) :: Mamma {f}, Mutter {f}
mañana {adv} (tomorrow) SEE: tomorrow ::
Maastricht {prop} (capital of the province of Limburg in The Netherlands) :: Maastricht
macabre {adj} (representing or personifying death) :: makaber
macabre {adj} (ghastly, shocking, terrifying) :: grausig
macadam {n} (surface of a road) :: Makadam {m} {n}
macadamia {n} (macadamia nut) SEE: macadamia nut ::
macadamia nut {n} (edible seed of the macadamia tree) :: Macadamianuss {f}
macaque {n} (any monkey of the genus Macaca) :: Makak {m}, Makake {m}
macaron {n} (pastry) :: Macaron {n}
macaroni {n} (type of pasta) :: Makkaroni {p}
macaroni penguin {n} (Eudyptes chrysolophus) :: Goldschopfpinguin {m}
macaroon {n} (soft biscuit or cookie prepared with almond or coconut dough) :: Makrone {f}
Macau {prop} (a city just west of Hong Kong) :: Macao
macaw {n} (various parrots) :: Ara {m}
MacBook {n} (device) :: MacBook {n}
macchia {n} (shrubland biota) :: Macchie {f}
mace {n} (weapon) :: Streitkolben {m}
mace {n} (ceremonial form of this weapon) :: Amtsstab {m}
mace {n} (a spice) :: Macis {f}
Macedonia {prop} (ancient kingdom) :: Makedonien {n}
Macedonia {prop} (Republic of North Macedonia, see also: Republic of North Macedonia) :: Mazedonien {n}
Macedonia {prop} (region of northern Greece) :: Makedonien {n}
Macedonia {prop} (modern geographical region) :: Makedonien {n}
Macedonian {adj} (of Macedonia or its people or language) :: makedonisch, mazedonisch
Macedonian {n} (person from Macedonia) :: Mazedonier {m}, Mazedonierin {f}
Macedonian {n} (Slavic language of Macedonia) :: Mazedonisch {n}
Macedo-Romanian {prop} (Aromanian) SEE: Aromanian ::
macerate {v} (to soften or separate by immersion in a liquid) :: mazerieren
macerator {n} (a machine that reduces solids to small pieces) :: Zerkleinerer
Mach {n} (ratio, see also: Mach number) :: Mach {n}
machete {n} (a sword-like tool) :: Machete {f}
Machiavellian {adj} (attempting to achieve goals by cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous methods) :: machiavellistisch
Machiavellianism {n} (philosophy) :: Machiavellismus {m}
Machiavellianism {n} (political maneuver) :: Machiavellismus {m}, Realpolitik {f}
machicolation {n} (opening between corbels that support a projecting parapet, or in the floor of a gallery or the roof of a portal, of a fortified building) :: Maschikuli {m}
machination {n} (clever scheme or artful plot, usually crafted for evil purposes) :: Machenschaft {f}
machine {n} (mechanical or electrical device) :: Maschine {f}
machine {n} (archaic: vehicle, automobile) :: Maschine {f}
machine {n} (a person who is very proficient) :: Maschine {f}
machine {v} (make by machine) :: herstellen
machine {v} (shape or finish by machinery) :: bearbeiten
machine code {n} (machine language) SEE: machine language ::
machine code {n} (machine code) :: Maschinencode {m}, Maschinenkode {m}
machine gun {n} (type of firearm) :: Maschinengewehr {n}, MG {n}
machine-gunner {n} (someone who uses a machine gun) :: Maschinengewehr {n}, Maschinengewehrschütze
machine language {n} (set of instructions for a computer) :: Maschinensprache {f}, Maschinencode {m}, Maschinenkode {m}
machine learning {n} (field of study) :: maschinelles Lernen {n}
machinelike {adj} :: maschinenmäßig
machine-readable {adj} :: maschinenlesbar
machinery {n} :: Maschinerie {f}
machine tool {n} (tool used for machining) :: Werkzeugmaschine {f}
machine translation {n} (act of translating something by means of a machine) :: maschinelle Übersetzung {f}
machine-washable {adj} (dishwasher-safe) SEE: dishwasher-safe ::
machinist {n} (operator) SEE: operator ::
machinist {n} (one skilled in the use of machine tools) :: Schlosser {m}
machismo {n} (exaggerated masculinity) :: Machismo {m}
Machmeter {n} (an instrument that measures the speed of an aircraft relative to that of sound and displays it in Mach numbers) :: Machmeter {m}
Mach number {n} (ratio, see also: Mach) :: Mach-Zahl {f}
macho {adj} (manly, tough) :: machomäßig
macho {n} (macho person) :: Macho {m}, Macker {m}
macho {n} (male llama) :: Lamahengst {m}
mackerel {n} (edible fish) :: Makrele {f}
mackerel bird {n} (wryneck) SEE: wryneck ::
mackintosh {n} (raincoat in general) SEE: raincoat ::
macramé {n} (textile) :: Makramee {n}
macro {adj} (very large in scale) :: makro-
macro {n} (an abbreviation of complicated input) :: Makro {n}
macro- {prefix} (large) :: makro-
macroblock {n} (block of adjacent pixels) :: Macroblock {m}
macrocephaly {n} (a condition in which the head is abnormally large) :: Makrozephalie {f}
macrocosm {n} (the universe) SEE: universe ::
macrocosm {n} (a complex structure containing numerous smaller-scale structures) :: Makrokosmos {m}
macroeconomics {n} (study of the entire economy) :: Makroökonomie {f}
macro language {n} :: Makrosprache {f}
macromolecule {n} (large molecule) :: Makromolekül {n}
macron {n} (short, straight, horizontal diacritical mark) :: Längenstrich {m}, Längestrich {m}, Makron {n}, Verlängerungszeichen {n}
macrophage {n} (type of white blood cell) :: Makrophage {m}, Fresszelle {f}
macroprudential {adj} (prudential on a system scale) :: makroprudenziell, makroprudentiell
macroscopic {adj} (visible to the unassisted eye) :: makroskopisch
macrostate {n} (group of properties) :: Makrozustand {m}
macula {n} (anatomy: yellow spot near the center of retina) :: Gelber Fleck {m}
mad {adj} (insane (adj.)) :: wahnsinnig, verrückt, toll, irre, geisteskrank
mad {adj} (angry) :: sauer, böse
Madagascar {prop} (country in Southern Africa) :: Madagaskar
Madagascar buzzard {n} (Buteo brachypterus) :: Madagaskar-Bussard {m}
Madagascar wood rail {n} (Madagascar wood rail) :: Graukehlralle {f}
madam {n} (polite term of address to a woman) :: Frau {f}, Fräulein {n} (traditionally, for unmarried women)
madam {n} (woman who manages a brothel) :: Puffmutter {f}, Bordellwirtin {f}
mad cow {n} (mad cow disease) :: Rinderwahn {m}, Rinderwahnsinn {m}
mad cow disease {n} (informal: bovine spongiform encephalopathy) :: Rinderwahnsinn {m}
madden {v} (make angry) :: rasend machen
madden {v} (make insane) :: wahnsinnig machen
madder {n} (plant) :: Färberkrapp {m}, Färberröte {f}, Krapp {m}
madder {n} (root) :: Krappwurzel {f}
madder {n} (dye) :: Krapprot {n}, Krappfarbstoff {m}, Alizarin {n}, Alizarinrot {n}
madder {n} (colour) :: Krapprot {n}
madder {adj} (colour) :: krapprot
made in China {adj} (manufactured in the PRC) :: hergestellt in China
made in Japan {adj} (manufactured in Japan) :: hergestellt in Japan
madeleine {n} (small gateau in the shape of a scallop shell) :: Madeleine {f} {n}
made man {n} (man whose fortune has been made) :: gemachter Mann {m}
madhouse {n} (insane asylum) :: Irrenhaus {n}, Irrenanstalt {f}, Klapsmühle {f}
Madhya Pradesh {prop} (Madhya Pradesh, India) :: Madhya Pradesh {n}
madman {n} (An insane man) :: Irrer {m}, Wahnsinniger {m}, Verrückter {m}
madness {n} (insanity) :: Wahnsinn {m}, Verrücktheit {f}
madness {n} :: Tollheit {f}
Madonna {prop} (Virgin Mary) SEE: Virgin Mary ::
Madras {prop} (city) :: Madras {n}
madrasa {n} (madrasah) SEE: madrasah ::
madrasah {n} (school for Islamic theology) :: Medresse {f}; Madrasa {f}
Madrid {prop} (capital of Spain) :: Madrid {n}
madrigal {n} (either musical sense) :: Madrigal {n}
Madrilenian {adj} (of Madrid) :: Madrider
Madrilenian {n} (Someone from Madrid) :: Madrider {m}, Madrilene {m}, Madriderin {f}, Madrilenin {f}
Madrileño {adj} (of Madrid) SEE: Madrilenian ::
Madrileño {n} (Someone from Madrid) SEE: Madrilenian ::
madrone {n} (strawberry tree) SEE: strawberry tree ::
mad scientist {n} (stock character in popular fiction) :: verrückter Wissenschaftler {m}
madwoman {n} (a woman who is insane) :: Irre {f}, Wahnsinnige {f}, Verrückte {f}
Maecenas {n} (a generous benefactor; specifically, a patron of literature or art) :: Mäzen {m}
maelstrom {n} (large whirlpool) :: Mahlstrom {m}
mafia {n} (a crime syndicate) :: Mafia {f}
Mafia {prop} (international criminal organisation of Sicilian origin) :: Mafia {f}
Mafia {prop} (organized criminal syndicate) :: Mafia {f}
Mafioso {n} (member of the mafia, see also: mobster) :: Mafioso {m}, Mafiosa {f}
magazine {n} (periodical) :: Zeitschrift {f}, Journal {n}, Magazin {n}
magazine {n} (ammunition storehouse) :: Magazin {n}, Munitionslager {n}
magazine {n} (ammunition clip or chamber enabling multiple rounds to be held before firing) :: Magazin {n}
Magdalene {prop} (female given name) :: Magdalena
Magdalene {prop} (biblical character) SEE: Mary Magdalene ::
Magdeburg {prop} (city) :: Magdeburg {n}
mage {n} (magician, wizard or sorcerer) :: Magier {m}, Magierin {f}, Zauberer {m}, Zauberin {f}, Zaubrer {m}, Zaubrerin {f}
Magellanic penguin {n} (Penguin) :: Magellan-Pinguin {m}
magenta {n} (colour) :: Magenta
Maggie {prop} (female given name) :: Gretel {n} {f}, Greta {f}, Gretchen {n}, Grete {f}, Meta {f}
maggot {n} (dipterous insect's larva that eats decomposing organic matter) :: Made {f}, Fleischmade {f}
maggot therapy {n} (type of biotherapy) :: Madentherapie {f}
maggoty {adj} (infested with and/or partially eaten by maggots) :: madig, wurmstichig
Maghreb {prop} (region in Africa) :: Maghreb {n}
Maghrebi {adj} (of or relating to the Maghreb) :: maghrebinisch
Magi {prop} (the wise men who gave gifts to Jesus) :: Heilige Drei Könige, Weise aus dem Morgenland
magic {n} (use of supernatural rituals, forces etc.) :: Magie {f}, Zauber {m}, Zauberei {f}, Hexerei {f}
magic {n} (ritual associated with supernatural magic or mysticism) :: Magie {f}
magic {n} (illusion performed to give the appearance of magic or the supernatural) :: Magie {f}
magic {n} (something spectacular or wonderful) :: Magie {f}, Zauber {m}
magic {adj} (having supernatural talents, properties or qualities) :: magisch
magical {adj} (relating to magic) :: magisch, zauberisch
magically {adv} (in a magical manner) :: märchenhaft, magisch, magischerweise
magic carpet {n} (a carpet capable of magical flight) :: fliegender Teppich {m}
magician {n} (practitioner of allegedly supernatural magic) :: Magier {m}, Zauberer {m}, Zaubrer {m}, Magierin {f}, Zauberin {f}, Zaubrerin {f}
magician {n} (performer of tricks) :: Magier {m}, Magierin {f}, Zauberkünstler {m}, Zauberkünstlerin {f}, Illusionskünstler {m}, Illusionskünstlerin {f}, Gaukler {m}
magician {n} :: Magier {m}, Zauberer {m}
magic lantern {n} (early form of slide projector) :: Laterna magica, Skioptikon {n}
magic mushroom {n} (mushroom-like fungus that has psychedelic effects) :: Zauberpilz {m}
magic square {n} (n-by-n arrangement of n2 numbers) :: magisches Quadrat
magic trick {n} (act of illusion or magic) :: Zauberkunststück {n}
magic wand {n} (wand used to perform magic) :: Zauberstab {m}
magic word {n} (word with magical effect) :: Zauberspruch {m}, Zauberwort {n}, Zauberformel {f}
magic word {n} (the word "please" or "thanks") :: Zauberwort {n}
magma {n} (molten matter) :: Magma {n}
magmatic {adj} (of, related to, or produced by magma) :: magmatisch
Magna Carta {prop} (charter granted by King John to the barons at Runnymede in 1215) :: Magna Carta {f}
Magna Graecia {prop} (Ancient Greek colonies in Italy and Sicily) :: Magna Graecia
magnality {n} (great or wonderful thing) SEE: miracle ::
magnanimity {n} (The quality of being magnanimous; greatness of mind; elevation or dignity of soul) :: Großmut {m}, Großzügigkeit {f}, Seelengröße {f}
magnanimous {adj} (noble and generous in spirit) :: großmütig
magnesite {n} (a form of magnesium carbonate, O3, occurring as dolomite (with calcite) but rarely found in the pure state) :: Magnesit {m}
magnesium {n} (chemical element) :: Magnesium {n}
magnesium oxide {n} (white powder) :: Magnesiumoxid {n}
magnet {n} (piece of material that attracts some metals by magnetism) :: Magnet {m}
magnetic {adj} (of, relating to, caused by, or operating by magnetism) :: magnetisch
magnetic {adj} (having the properties a magnet) :: magnetisch
magnetic {adj} (determined by earth's magnetic fields) :: magnetisch
magnetic {adj} (having an extraordinary ability to attract) :: anziehend, [slang] magnetisch
magnetic field {n} (a field of magnetic force) :: Magnetfeld {n}
magnetic moment {n} (magnetic moment) :: magnetisches Moment {n}
magnetic pole {n} :: Magnetpol {m}, magnetischer Pol {m}
magnetic resonance tomography {n} :: Magnetresonanztomografie {f}
magnetic tape {n} (acrylic tape used for recording data) :: Magnetband {n}
magnetism {n} (the property of being magnetic) :: Magnetismus {m}
magnetism {n} (science which treats of magnetic phenomena) :: Magnetismus {m}
magnetism {n} (power of attraction; power to excite the feelings) :: Anziehungskraft {f}
magnetite {n} (a mineral) :: Magnetit {m}
magnetize {v} (to make magnetic) :: magnetisieren
magnetochemistry {n} (branch of chemistry that studies the effect of magnetic field) :: Magnetochemie {f}
magnetoencephalography {n} (technique) :: Magnetenzephalographie {f}, Magnetoenzephalographie {f}
magnetosphere {n} (region around a planet) :: Magnetosphäre {f}
magnification {n} (act of magnifying) :: Vergrößerung {f}
magnification {n} (apparent enlargement) :: Vergrößerung {f}
magnificent {adj} (grand, elegant or splendid in appearance) :: prächtig
magnificent {adj} (exceptional for its kind) :: ausgezeichnet
magnify {v} (to make larger) :: vergrößern
magnifying glass {n} (instrument) :: Lupe {f}, Vergrößerungsglas {n}
magnitude {n} (of a vector) :: Betrag {m}
magnolia {n} (tree) :: Magnolie {f}
magnolia warbler {n} (Dendroica magnolia) :: Magnolien-Waldsänger {m}
magnum opus {n} (masterpiece) :: Meisterwerk {n}
magpie {n} (bird of genus Pica) :: Elster {f}
magpie-lark {n} (Grallina cyanoleuca) :: Drosselstelze
Magyar {adj} (Hungarian) SEE: Hungarian ::
maharaja {n} (a Hindu prince ranking above a raja) :: Maharadscha {m}
Maharashtra {prop} (state in western India) :: Maharashtra
Maharastra {prop} (Maharashtra) SEE: Maharashtra ::
Mahilyow {prop} (Mogilev) SEE: Mogilev ::
mahjong {n} (game for four players) :: Mah-Jongg {n}
mahleb {n} (aromatic spice made from cherry stones) :: Mahlab {m}
Mahlon {prop} (biblical character) :: Machlon {m}
Mahlon {prop} (male given name) :: Machlon {m}
mahogany {n} (tropical tree) :: Mahagonibaum {m}
mahogany {n} (wood) :: Mahagoni {n}
Mahorais {n} (person from Mayotte) :: von Mayotte
Mahoran {adj} (from Mayotte) :: von Mayotte
mahout {n} (elephant driver and keeper) :: Elefantentreiber {m}
mahr {n} (a mandatory gift from the groom to the bride upon marriage in Islamic cultures) :: Brautgabe {f}
maid {n} (young female) :: Mädchen {n}
maid {n} (female servant or cleaner) :: Stubenmädchen {n}
maiden {n} (unmarried young female) :: Jungfrau {f} (virgin), Mädchen {n}, Maid {f} [dated or poetic]
maiden {n} (female virgin) :: Jungfrau {f}
maiden {adj} (virgin) SEE: virgin ::
maiden flight {n} (the first flight of an airplane) :: Jungfernflug {m}
maidenhair {n} (fern) :: Frauenhaarfarn {m}, Frauenhaar {n}, Venushaar {n}
maidenhair fern {n} (maidenhair) SEE: maidenhair ::
maidenhead {n} (virginity) :: Jungfräulichkeit {f}
maidenhood {n} (condition of being maiden) :: Jungfräulichkeit {f}
maiden name {n} (married woman's original last name) :: Mädchenname {m}
Maiden's Tower {prop} (a tower located in the Bosphorus) :: Leanderturm
maiden voyage {n} (first trip of a vessel) :: Jungfernfahrt {f}
maid of honor {n} (the primary woman who attends the bride at a wedding ceremony) :: Trauzeugin {f}
maidservant {n} (female servant, maid) :: Zugehfrau {f} [dated], Mensch {n} [archaic], Mamsell {f} [dated], Dienstmädchen {n}, Hausmädchen {n}, Thusnelda {f} [dated], Minna {f} [archaic], Perle {f} [dated, slang], Filine {f} [archaic, student slang], Besen {m} [archaic, humorous], Magd {f}
maieutics {n} (Socratic method) SEE: Socratic method ::
mail {n} (postal delivery system) :: Post {f}
mail {n} (organisation) :: Post {f}
mail {n} (parcels and letters) :: Post {f}
mail {n} (electronic mail) :: E-Mail {f}
mail {v} (to send via the post) :: mailen, versenden, schicken, verschicken
mail {n} (armour consisting of metal rings or plates linked together) :: Kettenpanzer {m}, Kettenhemd {n}
mailboat {n} (a boat used to transport mail) :: Postschiff {n}
mailbox {n} (box into which mail is put) :: Briefkasten {m}
mailing list {n} (collection of names and addresses) :: Mailingliste {f}, Verteiler {m}
Maillard reaction {n} (condensation reaction of an amino acid) :: Maillard-Reaktion {f}
mailman {n} (post office employee) :: Briefträger {m}, Postmann {m}, Postbote {m}, Briefzusteller {m}, Zusteller {m}
mailplane {n} (aircraft that delivers mail) :: Postflugzeug {n}
mail slot {n} (slot for mail delivery) :: Briefschlitz {m}, Briefkasten {m}
mail train {n} (mail train) :: Postzug {m}
maim {v} (to cause permanent loss of a part of the body) :: verstümmeln, verschandeln
Maimonides {prop} (medieval Jewish philosopher) :: Maimonides
main {adj} (chief, most important, or principal in extent, etc.) :: haupt-, hauptsächlich
main {n} (large pipe or cable) :: Hauptleitung {f}
main {n} (mainland) SEE: mainland ::
main {n} (high seas) SEE: high seas ::
Main {prop} (river in southern Germany) :: Main {m}
main building {n} (most important building of a group of buildings (e.g. in a school/university)) :: Hauptgebäude {f}
main clause {n} (grammar: clause that can stand alone syntactically) :: Hauptsatz {m}
main course {n} (main dish of a meal) :: Hauptgericht {n}
main dish {n} :: Hauptgericht {n}, Hauptspeise {f}
Maine {prop} (US State) :: Maine {n} [US-Bundesstaat]
mainframe {n} (large computer) :: Großrechner {m}
mainland {n} (the main landmass of a country or continent) :: Festland {n}, Kontinent {m}
mainland China {prop} (area under the jurisdiction of the People's Republic of China, excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) :: Festlandchina {n}
mainlander {n} (someone who lives on the mainland) :: Festländer {m}, Festländerin {f}, Festlandbewohner {m}, Festlandbewohnerin {f}, Festlandsbewohner {m}, Festlandsbewohnerin {f}
mainly {adv} (chiefly; for the most part) :: hauptsächlich
mainmast {n} (mainmast) :: Großmast {m}
main road {n} (major road in a town, village etc.) :: Bundesstraße {f}
mains {n} (domestic electrical supply) :: Stromnetz {n}
mainsail {n} (largest sail on a sailing vessel) :: Großsegel {n}
mainshock {n} (maximum shock in earthquake) :: Hauptbeben {n}
mainstay {n} (chief support) :: Stütze {f}
mainstay {n} (nautical: stabilizing rope) :: Großstag {n}
mainstream {adj} (used or accepted broadly; common, usual or conventional) :: Mainstream-, etabliert, konventionell
mainstream {n} (that which is common) :: Hauptrichtung {f}, Mainstream {m}
main street {n} (principal street of a town) :: Hauptstraße {f}
Main Street {prop} (generic name of a primary street) :: Hauptstraße {f}; Dorfstraße {f}
maintain {v} (to maintain, to consider) SEE: hold ::
maintain {v} (to keep up) :: unterhalten, warten, beibehalten, aufrechterhalten
maintainability {n} (ease with which something can be maintained) :: Wartbarkeit {f}
maintainable {adj} :: wartbar
maintaining {n} :: Warten {n}
maintenance {n} (keeping a machine or system in service) :: Instandhaltung {f}, Wartung {f}
maintenance {n} (legal: payment made to a spouse after a divorce) SEE: alimony ::
main thing {n} (most important factor) :: Hauptsache {f}
main verb {n} (verb in a clause with the highest semantic content) :: Hauptverb
Mainz {prop} (the state capital of Rhineland-Palatinate) :: Mainz {n}
maisonette {n} (apartment, often on two floors) :: Maisonette {f}, Maisonettenwohnung {f}
maize {n} (corn; a type of grain of the species Zea mays) :: Mais {m}, [Germany (East Central German), Austria] Kukuruz {m}, [southeastern and western Austria, Liechtenstein] Türken {m}, [regional] Türkenkorn {n}, Türkisch Korn {n}, Türkischer Weizen {m}, Welschkorn {n}, [Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina)] Milje {m}, {n}
majestic {adj} (having splendor or royalty) :: majestätisch
majestical {adj} (majestic) SEE: majestic ::
majestically {adv} (in a majestic manner) :: majestätisch
majestic plural {n} (plural used by a sovereign) :: Pluralis Majestatis {m}
majesty {n} (the quality of being impressive and great) :: Majestät {f}
Majesty {pron} (term of address for royalty and imperiality) :: Majestät {f}
majiang {n} (mahjong) SEE: mahjong ::
majlis {n} (council, assembly, or public meeting, in some Muslim countries or territories) :: Madschlis {m}
major {n} (military rank) :: Major {m}
major {adj} (of great significance or importance) :: bedeutend, wichtig
major {adj} (of full legal age; having attained majority) :: volljährig
major {adj} (music: of a scale that follows the pattern: tone - tone - semitone - tone - tone - tone - semitone) :: dur
major {adj} :: große {f}
major {n} (the main area of study) :: Hauptfach {n}
major {n} (person of legal age) :: Volljährige {m}
major {v} (to concentrate on a particular area of study) :: sich spezialisieren
majorant {n} (function that dominates others) :: Majorante {f}
major arcana {n} (Tarot cards) :: Große Arcana {p}, Trumpfkarten {p}, Trionfi {p}
major axis {n} (longest diameter of an ellipse) :: Hauptachse {f}
Majorca {prop} (island) :: Mallorca {n}
majordomo {n} (head servant) :: Majordomus {m}, Hausmeier {m}, Haushälter {m}, Hausverwalter {m}
majordomo {n} (manager of an estate; overseer of a farm) :: Gutsverwalter {m}, Hausverwalter {m}
majordomo {n} (any overseer, organizer, person in command) :: Aufseher {m}, Verwalter {m}, Geschäftsführer {m}
major general {n} (a military officer) :: Generalmajor {m}, Generalmajorin {f}
majority {n} (more than half) :: Mehrheit {f}, Majorität {f}
majority {n} (legal adulthood) :: Erwachsenenalter {n}
major key {n} (music: a musical key based upon a major scale) :: Durtonart {f}, Dur {n}
major scale {n} (diatonic scale) :: Dur {n}
major third {n} (interval of four semitones) :: große Terz {f}
majuscule {n} (upper-case letter) SEE: capital letter ::
Makassar {prop} (city in Indonesia) :: Makassar {n}
make {v} (to construct ) :: machen, bauen
make {v} (to produce) :: machen, produzieren
make {v} (to create) :: machen
make {v} (to interpret) :: machen, interpretieren
make {v} (to bring into success) :: machen
make {v} (to cause to be) :: machen
make {v} (to cause to do) :: lassen, bringen
make {v} (to force to do) :: lassen, zwingen
make {v} (to indicate or suggest to be) :: machen
make {v} (to cover with bedclothes) :: machen
make {n} (brand ) :: Fabrikat {n}, Marke {f}
make a big thing out of {v} (to make a fuss about) :: um ein Gewese machen; viel Aufhebens um machen
make a joke of {v} (make light of) SEE: make light of ::
make a killing {v} (to win or earn a large amount of money) :: den großen Reibach machen, Reibach machen, sich eine goldene Nase verdienen
make a living {v} (earn enough income) :: sich seinen Lebensunterhalt verdienen [sich in dative case]
make amends {v} (to repair a relationship; to make up; to resolve an argument or fight; to make reparations or redress) :: Genugtuung leisten
make a mistake {v} (to err) :: versehen
make a mountain out of a molehill {v} (to treat a problem as greater than it is) :: aus einer Mücke einen Elefanten machen (to make an elephant out of a mosquito)
make an effort {v} (to try; to work towards a goal) :: sich Mühe geben ["sich" is in the dative case], sich anstrengen
make an exhibition of oneself {v} (to embarrass oneself in public) :: sich zum Narren machen, sich blamieren
make a show of oneself {v} (To embarrass oneself or others in public) :: sich zum Affen machen; sich lächerlich machen; eine lächerliche Figur abgeben; unangenehm auffallen
make a spectacle of oneself {v} (To embarrass oneself or others in public) :: sich zum Affen machen; sich lächerlich machen; eine lächerliche Figur abgeben; unangenehm auffallen
make do {v} (to get by (with)) :: sich begnügen, sich behelfen, auskommen, sich abfinden, vorliebnehmen, klarkommen, hinkommen, hinlangen, hinreichen, vorlieb nehmen, zufriedengeben, zurechtkommen
make ends meet {v} (get by financially) :: über die Runden kommen, über den Monat kommen
make for {v} (set out to go to, move towards) :: sich zusteuern auf [+ accusative], zustreben
make friends {v} (to create friendships) :: Freunde finden, sich anfreuden
make friends {v} (to befriend, to become closer) :: sich anfreunden
make fun of {v} (tease, ridicule) :: sich lustig machen über, verspotten
make hay {v} (to cut grass to turn into hay) :: Heu machen
make hay while the sun shines {v} (act while an opportunity exists) :: das Eisen schmieden, so lange es heißt ist
make head or tail of {v} (understand even minimally) :: sich einen Reim darauf machen
make it {v} (to succeed in doing something, for example in reaching a place, or getting there on time) :: es schaffen
make it {v} (to survive, to live through something) :: es schaffen
make it {v} (to become famous and successful) :: es schaffen
make known {v} (to announce generally) :: bekanntmachen, verkünden
make known {v} (to disclose a secret) :: verraten, ausplaudern, weitersagen
make light of {v} (regard without due seriousness) :: nicht allzu ernst nehmen, sich nicht viel machen aus, auf die leichte Schulter nehmen
make love {v} (to engage in sexual intercourse, see also: copulate) :: Liebe machen
make music {v} (to sing or play a musical instrument) :: musizieren
make out {v} (to draw up; designate as the recipient) :: ausstellen, adressieren
make out {v} (to discern) :: wahrnehmen, merken, mitbekommen, erkennen, herauslesen, bemerken
make out {v} (to manage, get along) :: durchkommen, abschneiden
make out {v} :: rummachen, heiß küssen, knutschen, küssen, sich küssen
make over {v} (To renovate) :: renovieren, aufarbeiten, überarbeiten, instandsetzen, umgestalten
makeover {n} (a major change in use or appearance) :: Umgestaltung {f}, Überarbeitung {f}, Renovierung {f}, Neugestaltung {f}, Aufarbeitung {f}, Instandsetzung {f}
make peace {v} (to end hostilities) :: Frieden schließen
maker {n} (one who makes) :: Macher {m}, Hersteller {m}, Fabrikant {m}
make room {v} (to create space for new objects) :: Platz machen, Platz schaffen
make sense {v} (be coherent) :: Sinn ergeben, sinnvoll sein, Sinn geben, Sinn machen
make sense {v} (decipher, understand) :: schlau werden aus, verstehen, begreifen
make shift {v} (contrive, find a way through difficulty) :: behelfen [reflexive]
makeshift {n} (temporary substitution) :: Provisorium {n}, Notlösung {f}, Notbehelf {m}
makeshift {adj} (made to work or suffice) :: behelfsmäßig, provisorisch
make someone's blood run cold {v} (cause a person to feel fear) :: einem das Blut in den Adern gefrieren lassen (to make someone’s blood freeze in the veins)
make sure {v} (to verify; to recheck; to use extra care or caution) :: sicherstellen, sichergehen
make the bed {v} (arrange sheets, etc smoothly and neatly) :: das Bett machen
make up {v} (to compensate, fill in or catch up) :: wiedergutmachen
make up {v} (to invent, imagine, or concoct) :: erfinden, ausdenken
makeup {n} (cosmetics) :: Schminke {f}, Make-up {n}
make-up artist {n} (artist who applies makeup for theatrical, television, or film productions) :: Visagist {m}, Maskenbildner {m}
make up one's mind {v} (to decide, to reach a conclusion) :: sich entscheiden
make yourself at home {phrase} :: fühlen Sie sich wie zu Hause [formal], fühle dich wie zu Hause [to one person, informal], fühlt euch wie zu Hause [to many people, informal]
Makhachkala {prop} (capital of Dagestan, Russia) :: Machatschkala {n}
makhorka {n} (Nicotiana rustica) :: Bauern-Tabak {m}, Rundblatt-Tabak {m}, Machorka {f}
making {n} (act, see also: workmanship; construction) :: Anfertigen {n}, Anfertigung {f}, Fabrikation {f}, Herstellung {f}
Malé {prop} (capital of the Maldives) :: Malé
malabsorption {n} (state of abnormal absorption) :: Malabsorption {f}
Malachi {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Malachias
Malachi {prop} (minor prophet) :: Malachias
Malachi {prop} (male given name) :: Malachias
malachite {n} (mineral) :: Malachit {m}
malachite {n} (colour) :: malachitfarben
malacology {n} (study of molluscs) :: Malakologie {f}
maladaptive {adj} (maladaptive) :: maladaptiv, ungeschickt, unangepasst, fehlangepasst, schlecht angepasst
maladroit {adj} (not adroit; clumsy) :: ungeschickt, unbeholfen
malady {n} (a disease, illness, or other health disorder) :: Krankheit {f}, Übel {n}
Malagasy {n} (person) :: Madagasse {m}, Madagassin {f}
Malagasy {n} (the language of the Malagasy, when considered one language) :: Madagassisch {n}, madagassische Sprache {f}
Malagasy {adj} (pertaining to Madagascar) :: madagassisch
malaise {n} (bodily feeling) :: Unbehagen {n}, Unwohlsein {n}
malar {n} (cheekbone) SEE: cheekbone ::
malar bone {n} (cheekbone) SEE: cheekbone ::
malaria {n} (disease) :: Malaria {f}
malarkey {n} (nonsense; rubbish) :: Quatsch {m}, Unsinn {m}, Schwachsinn {m}, Blödsinn {m}, Unfug {m}, Mumpitz {m} [dated], Humbug {m} [dated], Kappes {m} [regional, Rhineland], Schmarrn {m} [regional, Bavaria]
Malawi {prop} (Republic of Malawi) :: Malawi
Malawian {n} (A person from Malawi or of Malawian descent) :: Malawier {m}, Malawierin {f}
Malawian {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Malawi or the Malawian people) :: malawisch
Malay {adj} (of the Malay people) :: malaiisch
Malay {adj} (of or pertaining to Malaysia) :: malaiisch
Malay {n} (Malay person) :: Malaiie {m}, Malaiin {f}
Malay {n} (the Malay language) :: Malaiisch {n}
Malay {n} :: Malaiisch
Malayalam {n} (language) :: Malayalam {n}
Malayan night heron {n} (Gorsachius melanolophus) :: Wellenreiher {m}
Malay Archipelago {prop} (archipelago) :: Malaiischer Archipel
Malaysia {prop} (country in Southeast Asia) :: Malaysia {n}, Malaysien {n}
Malaysian {prop} (Malay) SEE: Malay ::
Malaysian {adj} (Pertaining to Malaysia) :: malaysisch
Malaysian {n} (a native of Malaysia) :: Malaysier {m}, Malaysierin {f}
Maldives {prop} (country in South Asia) :: Malediven
Maldivian {n} (person) :: Malediver {m}, Malediverin {f}
Maldivian {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to the Maldives, the Maldivian people or the Maldivian language.) :: maledivisch
Maldivian {n} (language) SEE: Dhivehi ::
male {adj} (grammatically masculine) SEE: masculine ::
male {adj} (belonging to the sex which typically produces sperm, or the gender typically associated with it) :: männlich
male {adj} :: männlich
male {n} (human of masculine sex or gender) :: Mann {m}
male {n} (animal of masculine sex) :: Männchen {n}, Er {m}
male circumcision {n} (removal of the foreskin) :: Beschneidung des männlichen Genitals {f}, männliche Beschneidung {f}, Zirkumzision {f}, Vorhautbeschneidung {f}, Beschneidung des Mannes {f}, Beschneidung männlicher Genitalien {f}
maledict {v} (curse) SEE: curse ::
maledict {v} (berate) SEE: berate ::
malediction {n} (curse) SEE: curse ::
malefactor {n} (criminal or felon) :: Übeltäter {m}, Missetäter {m}
malefactor {n} (evildoer) :: Übeltäter {m}
male fern {n} (Dryopteris filix-mas) :: Echte Wurmfarn {m}, Männerfarn {m}
maleness {n} (characteristic, state or condition of being male) :: Männlichkeit {f}
malevolence {n} (hostile feeling and attitude) :: Böswilligkeit {f}, Missgunst {f}
malevolent {adj} (having or displaying ill will; wishing harm on others) :: böswillig
malfeasance {n} (wrongdoing) :: Übeltat {f}, Untat {f}, [strong] Schandtat {f}
malfeasance {n} (misconduct doing damage) :: Sabotage {f}, Sabotageakt {m}
malformed {adj} (not formed correctly) :: deformiert, missgebildet, missgestaltet
malfunction {n} (faulty functioning) :: Fehlfunktion {f}, Funktionsstörung {f}
malfunction {n} (failure to function) :: Fehlfunktion {f}, Funktionsstörung {f}
malfunction {v} (to function improperly) :: nicht funktionieren
malfunction {v} (to fail to function) :: nicht funktionieren
Mali {prop} (a country in Western Africa) :: Mali
Malian {n} (A person from Mali or of Malian descent) :: Malier {m}, Malierin {f}
Malian {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Mali or the Malian people) :: malisch
malic acid {n} (the organic acid) :: Äpfelsäure
malice {n} (intention to harm) :: Boshaftigkeit {f}, Böse {n}, Bosheit {f}, Bösartigkeit {f}
malicious {adj} (Of, pertaining to, or as a result of malice or spite) :: böse, boshaft, malitiös
maliciousness {n} (maliciousness) SEE: malevolence ::
malign {adj} (evil or malignant) :: böse, böswillig, übel, schlimm, schlecht
malign {adj} (malevolent) :: böse, bösartig, böswillig, arglistig, grausam, übelwollend, schädlich, unheilvoll, verderblich, niederträchtig, heimtückisch
malign {adj} (oncology: malignant) :: maligne, bösartig
malign {v} (slander or traduce; to make defamatory statements about) :: schlechtmachen, schlecht machen, lästern, verleumden, Übles nachsagen
malignant {adj} (harmful, malevolent, injurious) :: bösartig
malignant {adj} (tending to produce death) :: bösartig, malign
malinger {v} (to feign illness) :: simulieren
malingerer {n} (person who malingers) :: Simulant {m}, Simulatin {f}, Scheinkranker {m}, Scheinkranke {f}
malkin {n} (cat) SEE: cat ::
Malko Tŭrnovo {prop} (town) :: Malko Tarnowo
mall {n} (enclosed shopping centre) :: Einkaufszentrum {n}
mallard {n} (a common and widespread dabbling duck, Anas platyrhynchos) :: Stockente {f}
malleability {n} (the quality or state of being malleable) :: Schmiedbarkeit {f}, Biegsamkeit {f}, Geschmeidigkeit {f}
malleable {adj} (able to be hammered into thin sheets) :: hämmerbar, schmiedbar, formbar, verformbar, dehnbar, plastisch, biegsam, biegbar, weich, geschmeidig, veränderbar, gestaltbar, knetbar
malleable {adj} (liable to change) :: veränderlich, flexibel, formbar, dehnbar, beeinflußbar
malleate {v} (to beat into shape with a hammer) :: hämmern, schmieden
mallet {n} (small maul) :: [of wood] Holzhammer {m}, Klopfholz {n}; [of rubber] Gummihammer {m}
malleus {n} (the small hammer-shaped bone of the middle ear) :: Hammer {m}, Malleus {m}
Mallorcan {adj} (of, from, or relating to, Mallorca) :: mallorquinisch
Mallorcan {n} (someone from Mallorca) :: Mallorquiner {m}, Mallorquinerin {f}
mallow {n} (any of a group of plants in several genera of the taxonomic family Malvaceae) :: Malve {f}
Malmö {prop} (city in Sweden) :: Malmö {n}
malmsey {n} (wine made from malvasia) :: Malvasier {m}
malnourished {adj} (suffering from malnutrition) :: unterernährt
malnutrition {n} (lack of adequate nourishment) :: Unterernährung {f}, Mangelernährung {f}
malonic anhydride {n} :: Malonsäureanhydrid {n}
malparkage {n} (An act of illegal parking) :: Falschparken {n}
malpractice {n} (the improper treatment of a patient by a physician that results in injury or loss) :: Kunstfehler {m}, Behandlungsfehler {m}
malt {n} (sprouted grain used in brewing) :: Malz {n}
malt {v} (to convert grain into malt) :: mälzen
Malta {prop} (republic) :: Malta
Malta {prop} (island) :: Malta
Maltese {n} (Maltese people collectively: plural) :: Malteser {m-p}
Maltese {n} (inhabitant of Malta) :: Malteser {m}, Maltese {m}; Malteserin {f} [female]
Maltese {n} (breed of dog) :: Malteser
Maltese {n} (language of Malta) :: Maltesisch {n}
Maltese {adj} (pertaining to Malta or its language) :: maltesisch
Maltese cross {n} (cross) :: Malteserkreuz {n}
Maltese cross {n} (plant) :: Brennende Liebe {f}
malthouse {n} (plant) :: Mälzerei {f}
maltodextrin {n} (type of dextrin) :: Maltodextrin {n}
maltose {n} (the disaccharide C12H22O11) :: Maltose {f}, Malzzucker {m}
maltreat {v} (treat badly) :: misshandeln
maltreatment {n} (cruel or harmful treatment) :: Misshandlung {f}
malt whiskey {n} (malt whisky) SEE: malt whisky ::
malt whisky {n} (whisky made from malted barley) :: Malt Whisky {m}
malvasia {n} (grapevine used to make malmsey) :: Malvasier {m}
malware {n} (software developed to cause harm to a computer system) :: Schadsoftware {f}
mama {n} (mother) SEE: mother ::
mama {n} (mum) SEE: mum ::
mama bear {n} (protective woman) :: Helikoptermutti {f}
mama's boy {n} (momma's boy) SEE: momma's boy ::
mamba {n} (venomous snake) :: Mamba {f}
mambo {n} (Latin American music genre) :: Mambo {m}
mamma {n} (mother) SEE: mother ::
mamma {n} (mum) SEE: mum ::
mammal {n} (animal of the class Mammalia) :: Säugetier {n}
mammalian {n} (any mammal) SEE: mammal ::
mammary gland {n} (milk-secreting gland) :: Milchdrüse {f}
mammogram {n} (X-ray picture of the breasts) :: Mammogramm {n}
mammography {n} (X-ray examination of the breasts) :: Mammografie {f}
mammoth {n} (elephant-like mammal) :: Mammut {n}
Mammoth Mountain {prop} (vulcan area in California) :: Mammoth Mountain {m}
mammy {n} (child's name for mother) :: Mami, Mama.
mamushi {n} (Gloydius blomhoffi) :: Mamushi {f}
mamzer {n} (person of illegitimate birth) :: Mamser {m}, Mamzer {m}
man {interj} (an interjection used to place emphasis upon something or someone) :: Mann {m}
man {v} (to supply with staff or crew) :: bemannen
man {v} (to take up position in order to operate something) :: bemannen, besetzen
man {n} (adult male human) :: Mann {m}, Herr {m}
man {n} (human) :: Mensch {m}
man {n} (piece in board games) :: Stein {m}, Spielfigur {f}, Schachfigur {f} [chess], Figur {f} [chess]
Man {prop} (genus Homo) :: Mensch
manacle {n} (fetter, restriction) SEE: fetter ::
manacle {n} (shackle for the wrist) :: Handschellen {f}
manage {v} (to direct or be in charge) :: verwalten, leiten
manage {v} (to succeed at an attempt) :: hinbekommen, schaffen
manage {v} (to achieve without fuss, or without outside help) :: schaffen
manageable {adj} (capable of being managed) :: handhabbar
managed code {n} :: verwalteter Code {m}, verwalteter Kode {m}
management {n} (administration; the process or practice of managing) :: Verwaltung {f}, Führung {f}, Handhabung {f}, Leitung {f}, Regie {f}, Management {n}
management system {n} :: Managementsystem {n}
manager {n} (person whose job is to manage something) :: Direktor {m}, Manager {m}, Verwalter {m}
managing director {n} (the chief executive of a limited company) :: Geschäftsführer {m}, Geschäftsführerin {f}
man and wife {n} (opposite-sex married couple) SEE: husband and wife ::
manatee {n} (any of several plant-eating marine mammals, of family Trichechidae) :: Rundschwanzseekuh {f}, Manati {m}
Manaus {prop} (capital of Amazonas) :: Manaus
man-bag {n} (small bag used by men) :: Herrenhandtasche {f}
Manchester {prop} (major city in the north-west of England) :: Manchester
Manchuria {prop} (historical region in Northeast Asia) :: Mandschurei {n}
Manchurian Plain {prop} (Northeast China Plain) SEE: Northeast China Plain ::
-mancy {suffix} (specified forms of divination) :: -mantie {f}
mandarin {n} (Chinese Imperial bureaucrat) :: Mandarin {m}
mandarin {n} (fruit) SEE: mandarin orange ::
mandarin {n} (tree) SEE: mandarin orange ::
mandarin {n} (mandarin duck) SEE: mandarin duck ::
Mandarin {n} (Standard Mandarin, see also: Chinese) :: Mandarin {n}, Hochchinesisch {n}
mandarin duck {n} (bird) :: Mandarinente {f}
mandarin fish {n} (carnivorous freshwater fish) :: Aucha-Barsch {m}
mandarin fish {n} (colorful saltwater fish) :: Mandarinfisch {m}
mandarin orange {n} (tree) :: Mandarine {f}
mandarin orange {n} (fruit) :: Mandarine {f}
mandatary {n} (one who receives a mandate) :: Mandatar {m}
mandate {n} (official command) :: Mandat {n}
mandatory {adj} (obligatory) :: zwingend notwendig, obligatorisch
man-day {n} (one person's working time) :: Arbeitstag {m}, Personentag {m}
Mandelbrot set {n} (set of complex numbers c) :: Mandelbrotmenge {f}
mandible {n} (lower jaw) :: Unterkiefer {m}, [jawbone] Unterkieferknochen {m}
mandible {n} (mouthpart of an arthropod) :: Mandibel {f}
mandibular {adj} (of or pertaining to the mandible) :: mandibulär
mandocello {n} (string instrument) :: Mandoloncello {n}
mandola {n} (musical instrument) :: Mandola
mandolin {n} (musical instrument) :: Mandoline {f}
Mandopop {n} (Mandarin pop music) :: Mandopop {m}
mandorla {n} (A vesica piscis-shaped aureola) :: Mandorla {f}
mandrake {n} (botany) :: Alraune {f}
mandrel {n} (object used as an aid for shaping a material) :: Dorn {m}, Spreizdorn {m}, Aufweitdorn {m}, Drehstift {m}, Ringriegel {m}
mandrel {n} (component that guides, grips or clamps) :: Spindel {f}, Dorn {m}, Stützdorn {m}, Spanndorn {m}, Montagedorn {m}, Mandrell {n}, Drehstift {m}, Stiftdorn {m}, Scheibenträger {m}
mandrill {n} (Mandrillus sphinx) :: Mandrill {m}
mane {n} (longer hair growth on back of neck of a horse) :: Mähne {f}
mane {n} (longer hair growth around head of male lions) :: Mähne {f}
man-eater {n} (animal that eats humans) :: Menschenfresser {m}
man-eater {n} (cannibal) :: Menschenfresser {m}
man-eater {n} (woman) :: Vamp {m}
maneb {n} (fungicide) :: Maneb {n}
maned rat {n} (long-haired and bushy-tailed East African rodent) :: Mähnenratte {f}
maned wolf {n} (Chrysocyon brachyurus) :: Mähnenwolf {m}
manes {n} (spirits of the dead) :: Manen {p}
maneuver {n} (a movement, often one performed with difficulty) :: Manöver {n}
maneuver {n} (a large training exercise of military troops) :: Manöver {n}
maneuver {v} (to move carefully, and often with difficulty, into a certain position) :: manövrieren
maneuverable {adj} (able to be maneuvered) :: manövrierfähig
manga {n} (comic originated in Japan) :: Manga {m}
manga {n} (comic done in Japanese style) :: Manga {m}
mangaka {n} (a professional manga or anime artist) :: Mangaka {m}, Mangazeichner {m}
manganese {n} (chemical element) :: Mangan {n}
manganese group {n} :: Mangangruppe {f}
manganese tetrafluoride {n} :: Mangantetrafluorid {n}
manganin {n} (manganin) :: Manganin {n}
manganometric {adj} :: manganometrisch
manganometry {n} :: Manganometrie {f}
mange {n} (skin disease) :: Krätze {f}, Räude {f}, Grind {m}, Skabies {f}, Tierräude {f}
manège {n} (art) :: Dressierkunst {f}, Reitkunst {f}
manège {n} (school) :: Reitschule {f}
manège {n} (unroofed arena) :: Reitplatz, Reitbahn (not Manege = circus ring, riding hall arena)
mangelwurzel {n} (root vegetable) :: Runkelrübe {f}, Futterrübe {f}
manger {n} (trough for animals to eat from) :: Krippe {f}
mangle {v} (to change, mutilate or disfigure) :: verstümmeln, zerfleischen, [figuratively] durch die Mangel drehen, kalandrieren, zurichten
mangle {n} (a hand-operated device with rollers for wringing laundry) :: Mangel {f}, Wäschemangel {f}, Rollmangel {f}
mangle {v} (to wring laundry) :: mangeln, wringen, auswringen
mango {n} (tropical fruit tree Mangifera indica) :: Mangobaum {m}
mango {n} (fruit) :: Mango {f}
mango juice {n} (juice) :: Mangosaft {m}
mangold {n} (mangelwurzel) SEE: mangelwurzel ::
mangosteen {n} (fruit) :: Mangostane {f}
mangrove {n} (tropical tree or shrub that grows in shallow water) :: Mangrovenbaum {m}
mangrove {n} (habitat) :: Mangrove {f}
mangy {adj} (afflicted with mange) :: krätzig, räudig; schäbig
manhandle {v} (to handle roughly) :: misshandeln
manhater {n} (misanthrope) SEE: misanthrope ::
manhater {n} (misandrist) SEE: misandrist ::
manhole {n} (a hole in the ground used to access the sewers or other underground vaults and installations) :: Mannloch {n}, Kontrollschacht {m}
manhood {n} (state of being human) :: Menschentum {n}, Menschsein {n}, Menschheit {f}
manhood {n} (state of being a man as distinguished from a child or a woman.) :: Männlichkeit {f}, Mannsein {n}
manhood {n} (male genitalia) :: Männlichkeit {f}, Gemächte {n}, männliche Genitalien {n-p}, männliche Geschlechtsteile {m-p} {n-p}
manhunt {n} (organized search) :: Menschenjagd {f}, Fahndung {f}
mania {n} (violent derangement) :: Manie {f}
mania {n} (excessive desire) :: Manie {f}, Fimmel {m}
-mania {suffix} (indicating a compulsion or obsession) :: -manie {f}
maniac {n} (insane person) :: Irre {m}
manic {adj} (suffering from mania) :: manisch
manic {adj} :: manisch
manic-depressive {adj} (exhibiting manic depression) :: manisch-depressiv
Manichaean {n} (a follower of Manichaeism) :: Manichäer {m}, Manichäerin {f}
Manichaean {adj} (of or relating to Manichaeism) :: manichäisch
Manichaeism {prop} (religion) :: Manichäismus {m}
manicure {n} (cosmetic treatment for the fingernails) :: Maniküre {f}
manicurist {n} (manicurist) :: Handpfleger {m}, Handpflegerin {f}, Nagelpfleger {m}, Nagelpflegerin {f}, Manikürist {m}, Maniküristin {f}, Maniküre {f}
manifest {adj} (evident to the senses, especially to the sight; apparent) :: manifest
manifest {n} (list of passengers or goods) :: Ladungsliste {f}
manifest {n} (obsolete: public declaration) :: Manifest {f}
manifest {v} (to show plainly; to make to appear distinctly) :: manifestieren
manifestation {n} (the act or process of becoming manifest) :: Manifestation {f}, Erscheinung {f}
manifesto {n} (public declaration) :: Manifest {n}
manifold {adj} (various in kind or quality) :: vielfältig, mannigfaltig
manifold {adj} (exhibited at diverse times or in various ways) :: vielfach, vielfältig, wiederkehrend, mannigfach
manifold {n} (pipe fitting) :: Verteiler {m}, Sammler {m}
manifold {n} (locally Euclidean space) :: Mannigfaltigkeit {f}
manifold {n} (omasum) SEE: omasum ::
Manila {prop} (capital of the Philippines) :: Manila {n}
Manila hemp {n} (the fibre of the abaca) :: Manila, Manilafaser {f}, Manilahanf {m}, Abaka {m}, Abaca
man in the moon {prop} (human face in the full moon) :: Mann im Mond {m}
manioc {n} (tropical plant) :: Mandiok {f}
maniple {n} (division of the Roman army) :: Manipel {n}
maniple {n} (vestment) :: Manipel {n}
manipulability {n} (condition of being manipulable) :: Manipulierbarkeit {f}
manipulable {adj} (manipulatable) SEE: manipulatable ::
manipulatable {adj} (gullible) SEE: gullible ::
manipulatable {adj} (able to be manipulated) :: manipulierbar
manipulate {v} (influence or manage) :: manipulieren
manipulation {n} (practice of manipulating) :: Manipulation {f}
manipulation {n} (devious management) :: Manipulierung {f}, Manipulieren {n}, Manipulation {f}
manipulative {adj} (describing a person who manipulates others) :: manipulativ
Manipur {prop} (Manipur, India) :: Manipur
man is the measure of all things {phrase} :: der Mensch ist das Maß aller Dinge
Manitoba {prop} (Province in western Canada) :: Manitoba
manitou {n} (A god or spirit as the object of religious awe or ritual among some American Indians) :: Manitu {m}
mankind {n} (human race) :: Menschheit {f}, Menschengeschlecht {n}
mankind {n} (men collectively, as opposed to all women) :: Männer {p}
manky {adj} (unpleasantly dirty and disgusting) :: ekelig, eklig, widerlich, verdreckt
manliness {n} (similarity to man) :: Männlichkeit {f}, Mannhaftigkeit {f}
manly {adj} (having the characteristics of a man) :: männlich
man-made {adj} (created by a human) :: menschengemacht
man-midwife {n} (man who assists women in childbirth) :: Entbindungspfleger {m}, Geburtshelfer {m}, Entbindungshelfer {m}
manna {n} (food) :: Manna {f} {n}
manna ash {n} (Fraxinus ornis) :: Manna-Esche {f}, Blumen-Esche {f}
manned {adj} (operated by a person) :: bemannt
mannequin {n} (model of the human body used for the displaying of clothes) :: Gliederpuppe {f}, Modellpuppe {f}, Schaufensterpuppe {f}
mannequin {n} (a person who models clothes) :: Model {n}, Mannequin {n}
manner {n} (way of performing or effecting; method or style) :: Manier {f}
mannerism {n} (group unconscious habitual behaviors) :: Manierismus {m}
manner of articulation {n} (configuration and interaction of the articulators) :: Artikulationsart {f}
manners {n} (etiquette) :: Manieren {f-p}
Mannheim {prop} (a city in Germany) :: Mannheim {n}
manoeuvrability {n} (quality of being manoeuvrable) :: Manövrierbarkeit {f}, Manövrierfähigkeit {f}
man of few words {n} (man who doesn't speak much) :: Schweiger {m}
man of letters {n} (a literary man) :: Literat {m}, Literatin {f}
man of the world {n} (worldly man) :: Mann von Welt {m}
man-of-war {n} (armed naval vessel) :: Kriegsschiff {n}
man-of-war {n} (cnidarian) SEE: Portuguese man-of-war ::
manometer {n} (instrument to measure pressure) :: Druckmessgerät {n}, Manometer {n}
manor {n} (landed estate) :: Manor {n}, Gut {n}, Landgut {n}, Rittergut {n}
manor {n} (mansion) :: Herrenhaus {n}, Gutshaus {n}
manor {n} (feudal district) :: Herrschaft {f}
man overboard {interj} (cry indicating someone has fallen over the side) :: Mann über Bord
manpower {n} (workforce) SEE: labour force ::
man proposes, God disposes {proverb} (things don't always work out as they were planned) :: der Mensch denkt, Gott lenkt
mansard {n} (mansard roof) SEE: mansard roof ::
mansard roof {n} (a roof with a shallower slope descending into a steeper slope) :: Mansarddach {n}
man's best friend {n} (an affectionate term for a dog) :: bester Freund des Menschen {m}
manse {n} (house inhabited by the minister of a parish) :: Pfarrhaus {n}
manservant {n} (male servant) :: Diener {m}
mansion {n} (large house or building) :: Herrenhaus {n}, Villa {f}, Anwesen {n}
manslaughter {n} (act of killing unlawfully) :: Totschlag {m} (intentional); [Verbrechen] mit Todesfolge {m} (intentional harm but unintentional killing); fahrlässige Tötung {m} (negligent)
manslayer {n} (one who commits manslaughter) :: Totschläger {m}
mansplain {v} :: herrklären, mansplainen
mansplaining {n} :: Herrklären {n}
manta ray {n} (any of several very large pelagic rays) :: Mantarochen {m}, Riesenmanta {m}
mantel {n} (shelf above a fireplace) :: Kaminregal {n}
mantelpiece {n} (shelf) :: Kaminsims {n} {m}
mantilla {n} (Spanish lace veil worn over a woman's hair and shoulders) :: Mantilla {f}, Mantille {f}
mantilla {n} (woman's light cloak) :: Mantilla {f}, Mantille {f}
mantis {n} (any of various large insects of the order Mantodea) :: Gottesanbeterin {f}
mantissa {n} (part of a logarithm after the decimal point) :: Mantisse {f}
mantis shrimp {n} (stomatopod) :: Fangschreckenkrebs {m}
mantle {n} (fireplace shelf) SEE: mantel ::
mantle {n} (clothing like an open robe or cloak) :: Mantel {m}
mantle {n} (figurative: anything that covers or conceals something else) :: Mantel {m}, Hülle {f}, Umhüllung {f}
mantle {n} (zoology: body wall of a mollusc) :: Mantel {m}
mantle {n} (incandescent gauze in a gas lamp) :: Glühstrumpf {m}
mantle {n} (anatomy: cerebral cortex) :: Hirnrinde {f}, short: Rinde {f}
mantle {n} (geology: layer of the Earth) :: Erdmantel {m}, Mantel {m}
mantled guereza {n} (Colobus guereza) :: Mantelaffe {m}
mantling {n} (heraldry: drapery behind and around a coat of arms) :: Helmdecke {f}
mantra {n} (the hymn portions of the Vedas) :: Mantra {n}
mantra {n} (a phrase repeated to assist concentration during meditation) :: Mantra {n}
mantra {n} (a slogan or phrase often repeated) :: Mantra {n}
manual {n} (handbook or booklet that instructs) :: Handbuch {n}
manual {n} (musical keyboard) :: Manual {n}
manual {n} (manual transmission) :: Schaltgetriebe
manual {adj} (performed with the hands) :: manuell
manual labor {n} (physical work) :: Handarbeit {f}
manually {adv} (by hand) :: manuell
manufacture {n} (action or process of making goods systematically or on a large scale) :: Produktion {f}, Herstellung {f}
manufacture {n} (anything made, formed or produced; product) :: Produkt {f}
manufacture {v} (to make things) :: herstellen, erzeugen, anfertigen
manufacture {v} (to produce goods) :: herstellen
manufacture {v} (to create false evidences) :: fabrizieren
manufacture {v} :: erzeugen , fertigen , produzieren , fabrizieren , basteln
manufacturer {n} (one who manufactures) :: Hersteller {m}
manufacturing {n} (create goods from materials) :: Herstellung {f}, Produktion
manul {n} (Otocolobus manul) :: Manul {m}, Pallaskatze {f}
manumission {n} (release from slavery, freedom, the act of manumitting) :: Freilassung {f}
manumit {v} (to free one's slave) :: freisprechen, freilassen
manure {v} (to apply manure) :: düngen
manure {n} (excrement) :: Mist {m}, Dung {m}, Odel {m}
manus {n} (hand) SEE: hand ::
manuscript {adj} (handwritten, or by extension typewritten) :: Handscrift, Manuskript
manuscript {n} (book, composition or any other document, written by hand) :: Handschrift {f}
manuscript {n} :: Manuskript {n}, Handschrift {f}, Kodex {m}
manwhore {n} (a man who sells his body for money; a male prostitute) :: Stricher {m}
manwhore {n} (promiscuous man) :: Stricher {m}
Manx {n} (language) SEE: Manx Gaelic ::
Manx Gaelic {n} (a Goidelic language spoken on the Isle of Man) :: Manx, Manx-Gälisch
Manx shearwater {n} :: Schwarzschnabel-Sturmtaucher
many {determiner} (an indefinite large number of) :: viele
many a mickle makes a muckle {proverb} (lot of small amounts together become a large amount) :: Kleinvieh macht auch Mist
manyplies {n} (omasum) SEE: omasum ::
many thanks {interj} (many thanks) :: vielen Dank, besten Dank
Maoism {n} (philosophy espoused by Mao Zedong) :: Maoismus {m}
Maoist {adj} (of Maoism) :: maoistisch
Maoist {n} (Maoist advocate) :: Maoist {m}, Maoistin {f}
Mao jacket {n} (Mao suit) SEE: Mao suit ::
Maori {n} (language of the Māori) :: Maori {n}
Mao suit {n} (jacket popularised in China) :: Mao-Anzug {m}
map {n} (visual representation of an area) :: Landkarte {f}, Karte {f}, Plan {m}
map {n} (function) :: Abbildung {f}
map {v} (to create a visual representation of a territory) :: abbilden, kartografieren
map {v} (to act as a function on) :: abbilden
maple {n} (tree of the Acer genus) :: Ahorn {m}
maple leaf {n} (leaf) :: Ahornblatt {n}
maple sugar {n} (type of sugar made from boiled maple sap) :: Ahornzucker {m}
maple syrup {n} (syrup made from the sap of the sugar maple) :: Ahornsirup {m}
Mapudungun {prop} (language) :: Mapudungun {n}
maquette {n} (A preliminary model or sketch) :: Makette {f}
mar {v} (to spoil, to damage) :: verderben, stören, verunstalten, beeinträchtigen, versauen
marabou {n} (large wading bird native to Africa) :: Marabu {m}
Maracanaço {prop} (final match in the 1950 FIFA World Cup) :: Maracanaço {n}, Maracanazo {n}, Schock von Maracanã {m}
marantic {adj} :: marastisch
maraschino cherry {n} (preserved, sweetened cherry) :: Cocktailkirsche {f}, Belegkirsche {f}, Maraschino-Kirsche {f}
marasmus {n} (wasting disease) :: Marasmus {m}
Marathi {n} (language of Maharashtra) :: Marathi {n}
Marathi {n} (people of Maharashtra) :: Marathi {m}
Marathi {adj} (pertaining to Maharashtra or its language) :: marathisch
marathon {n} (road race) :: Marathon {m}
marathon {n} (any extended or sustained activity) :: Marathon {m}
Marathon {prop} (town in Greece) :: Marathon
maraud {v} (intransitive: to move about in roving fashion looking for plunder) :: marodieren
maraud {v} (transitive: to raid and pillage) :: plündern
marauder {n} (one who moves about in roving fashion looking for plunder) :: Marodeur {m}
marble {n} (crystalline limestone) :: Marmor {m}
marble {n} (spherical ball) :: Murmel {f}
marble {v} (to cause to have the streaked appearance of marble) :: marmorieren
marble cake {n} (cake with two or more colours) :: Marmorkuchen {m}
marbled {adj} (composed of marble) :: marmorn
marbled {adj} (having marbling) :: marmoriert, geädert
marbled {adj} (resembling marble) :: marmorn, marmoriert
marbled {adj} (interlaced with fat) :: marmoriert, durchwachsen
marbled cat {n} (Pardofelis marmorata) :: Marmorkatze {f}
marcasite {n} (mineral) :: Markasit {m}
marcassin {n} (young wild boar) :: Frischling {m}
Marcel {prop} (male given name) :: Marcel {m}
march {n} (formal, rhythmic way of walking) :: Marsch {m}
march {n} (political rally or parade) :: Parade {f}
march {n} (song in the genre of music written for marching) :: Marsch {m}, Marschmusik {f}
march {n} (steady forward movement or progression) :: Fortgang {m}, Lauf {m}
march {v} (walk with long, regular strides) :: marschieren
march {v} (go to war; make military advances) :: in den Krieg ziehen
march {n} (border region) :: Mark {f}
march {n} (region at a frontier governed by a marquess) :: Mark {f}
March {prop} (third month of the Gregorian calendar) :: März {m}, Lenzing {m}
marchioness {n} (wife of a marquess) :: Marquise {f}
march to the beat of a different drum {v} (to do things unconventionally) :: aus der Reihe tanzen, aus der Art schlagen
Marcionism {n} (early Christian teaching) :: Marcionismus {m}, Markionismus {m}
Marcius {prop} (a Roman nomen gentile) :: Marcius
mare {n} (female horse) :: Stute {f}, [obsolete] Mähre {f}, Pferdeweibchen {n}
mare {n} (evil spirit) :: Mahr {m} {f}, Alb {m}, Nachtalb {m}, Drude {m}
mare {n} (planetology: dark circular plain) :: Mare {n}
mare's milk {n} (white liquid produced by the mammary glands of a mare) :: Stutenmilch {f}
Margaret {prop} (female given name) :: Margarete {f}
margarine {n} (spread) :: Margarine {f}
margarita {n} (cocktail with tequila, orange liqueur, and lime) :: Margarita
margay {n} (Leopardus wiedii) :: Langschwanzkatze {f}
margin {n} (edge of the paper that remains blank) :: Seitenrand {m}
margin {n} (yield or profit) :: Gewinnspanne {f}, Gewinnmarge {f}, Marge {f}
marginalia {n} (notes in the margin of document, see also: marginal note) :: Randnote {f}
marginalize {v} (relegate something to margins or to a lower limit) :: marginalisieren, exkludieren
marginal note {n} (note in the margin) :: Randvermerk {m}, Randnotiz {f}
marginal sea {n} (part of ocean) :: Randmeer {n}
margravate {n} (territory governed by a margrave) :: Markgrafschaft {f}
margrave {n} (military officer in charge of German border area) :: Markgraf {m}
margrave {n} (hereditary prince) :: Markgraf {m}
marguerite {n} (oxeye daisy) SEE: oxeye daisy ::
Mariana Trench {prop} (trench in the North Pacific Ocean) :: Marianengraben
Marie {prop} (female given name) SEE: Mary ::
marigold {n} (Calendula) :: Ringelblume {f}
marigold {n} (Tagetes) :: Studentenblume {f}, Tagetes {f}
marijuana {n} (the drug) :: Marihuana {n}
marimba {n} (musical instrument) :: Marimbaphon {n}
marina {n} (harbour) :: Jachthafen {m}, Bootshafen {m}; [specialist, not generally understood also] Marina {f}
Marina {prop} (female given name) :: Marina
marinade {v} (marinate) SEE: marinate ::
marinade {n} (liquid mixture) :: Marinade {f}
marinate {v} (soak in marinade) :: marinieren
marine {n} (member of a marine corps) :: Marineinfanterist {m}
marine biologist {n} (someone who studies marine biology) :: Meeresbiologe {m}, Meeresbiologin {f}
marine biology {n} (branch of biology) :: Meeresbiologie {f}
marine corps {n} (military organization of marines who are trained and equipped to fight on or from ships) :: Marine {f}, Marineinfanteriekorps {n}, Marineinfanterie {f}
marine mammal {n} (mammal living in seawater) :: Meeressäuger {m}, Meeressäugetier {n}
mariner {n} (sailor) SEE: sailor ::
mariner's compass {n} (compass) SEE: compass ::
Mariolatry {n} (adoration or veneration of the Virgin Mary to an extent regarded as inappropriate or even idolatrous) :: Mariolatrie {f}
marionette {n} (string puppet) :: Marionette {f}
marionettist {n} (A marionette-puppeteer) :: Marionettenspieler {m}, Marionettenspielerin {f}
marital {adj} (pertaining to marriage) :: ehelich
marital rape {n} (rape by an intimate partner) ::  : vergewaltigung in der ehe
marital status {n} (term describing relationship) :: Familienstand {m}
mariticide {n} (a man who kills his wife) SEE: uxoricide ::
maritime {adj} (bordering on the sea) :: maritim, See-
maritime pine {n} (a pine tree) :: Seekiefer {f}
Marius {prop} (male given name) :: Marius {m}
marjoram {n} (plant) :: Majoran {m}
marjoram {n} (culinary herb) :: Majoran {m}
mark {n} (indication for reference or measurement) :: Zeichen {n}
mark {n} (academic score) :: Note {f}, Zensur {f}
mark {v} (put a mark upon) :: markieren
mark {v} (indicate) :: markieren, kennzeichnen
mark {v} (take note of) :: merken
mark {v} (blemish) :: beflecken
mark {v} (correct) :: korrigieren
mark {v} (sports: to follow a player) :: decken
mark {n} (unit of currency) :: Mark {f}, [1924-1948 German currency] Reichsmark {f}
Mark {prop} (male given name) :: Markus {m}
Mark {prop} (the Evangelist) :: Markus
Mark {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Markus {m}
marker {n} (object to mark location) :: Markierung {f}
marker {n} (marker pen) SEE: marker pen ::
marker interface {n} :: Markierungsschnittstelle {f}
marker interface pattern {n} :: Markierungsschnittstelle {f}
marker pen {n} (pen) :: Textmarker {m}, Filzstift {m}, Filzschreiber {m}, Marker {m}
market {n} (spacious site for trading) :: Markt {m}, Marktplatz {m}
market {n} (organised event of trading) :: Markt {m}
market {n} (group of potential customers) :: Markt {m}
market {n} (total sum of trading) :: Markt {m}
market {n} (used attributively) :: Markt-
market {n} :: Markt {m}
market {v} (to make available and promote) :: vermarkten
market {v} (to sell) SEE: sell ::
market {n} (flea market) SEE: flea market ::
market basket {n} (a fixed list of items) :: Warenkorb
market economy {n} (economy in which and services are exchanged in a free market) :: Marktwirtschaft {f}
market failure {n} (a situation in which the allocation of goods and services by a free market is not efficient) :: Marktversagen {n}
market-garden {n} (garden for growing vegetables to sell) :: Gärtnerei {f}
market gardening {n} (the growing of vegetables for market) :: Gemüseanbau {m}, Handelsgärtnerei {f}
marketing {n} (the promotion, distribution and selling of a product or service) :: Marketing {n}
marketplace {n} (open area in a town housing a public market) :: Marktplatz {m}
marketplace {n} (space, actual or metaphorical, in which a market operates) :: Marktplatz {m}
marketplace {n} (the world of commerce and trade) :: Marktplatz {m}
market price {n} (going price) :: Marktpreis {m}
market share {n} (percentage of some market) :: Marktanteil {m}
market square {n} (open area in a town housing a public market) :: Marktplatz {m}
market town {n} (town that has a traditional right to hold a regular market) :: Marktgemeinde {f}
markhor {n} (Capra falconeri) :: Schraubenziege
marking gauge {n} :: Streichmaß
markka {n} (unit of currency) :: Finnische Mark {f}, Finnmark {f}, Mark {f}
mark of Cain {n} (stigma of shame) :: Kainsmal {n}, Kainszeichen {n}
marksman {n} (a man skilled in shooting at a target) :: Scharfschütze {m}, Präzisionsschütze {m}
marksmanship {n} (ability to shoot accurately at a target) :: Scharfschießen {n}
markswoman {n} (woman skilled in shooting target) :: Scharfschützin {f}, Präzisionsschützin {f}
markup {n} (notation used to indicate how text should be displayed) :: Auszeichnung {f}
markup language {n} (computer language using markups) :: Auszeichnungssprache {f}
marl {n} (a mixed earthy substance) :: Mergel {m}
Marlene {prop} (female given name) :: Marlene
marlinspike {n} :: Marlspieker {m}
marmalade {n} (jam) :: Marmelade {f}
marmoset {n} (small monkey) :: Marmosette {f}
marmot {n} (rodent of the genera Marmota) :: Murmeltier {n}
Marne {prop} (river) :: Marne
maroon {n} (runaway slave) :: Maroon [Maroons {p}, from English], Maroon-Männer {m-p}, Maroon-Frauen {f-p}
maroon {n} (castaway) :: Ausgesetzter {m}, Ausgesetzte {f}, Ausgestoßener {m}, Ausgestoßene {f}, Ausgestossener {m} [Switzerland & Liechtenstein], Ausgestossene {f} [Switzerland & Liechtenstein]
maroon {adj} (associated with Maroon culture, communities or peoples) :: Maroon-, der Maroons [genitive]
maroon {v} (to abandon) :: im Stich lassen, aussetzen, von der Außenwelt abschneiden
maroon {n} (dark red, somewhat brownish colour) :: [general] Rotbaun {n}; [more brownish tones] Kastanienbraun {n}; [more reddish tones] Weinrot {n}, Bordeaux {n}
maroon {adj} (color) :: [general] rotbraun; [more brownish tones] kastanienbraun; [more reddish tones] weinrot, bordeauxrot
marque {n} (brand of a manufactured product) :: Marke {f}
marquee {n} (large tent) :: Festzelt {n}
marquee {n} (projecting canopy) :: Vordach {n}, Markise {f}
marquee {n} (a banner on a web page displaying text that scrolls horizontally) :: Lauftext {m}, Laufschrift {f}
marquess {n} (title of nobility) :: Marquis {m}, Markgraf {m}
marquis {n} (nobleman) SEE: marquess ::
Marrakech {prop} (city in Morocco) :: Marrakesch
marriage {n} (state of being married) :: Ehe {f}
marriage {n} (union of two people) :: Ehe {f}
marriage {n} (wedding) :: Hochzeit {f}, Heirat {f}, Eheschließung {f}, Trauung {f}
marriage {n} (close union) :: Ehe {f}
marriage {n} (joining of two parts) :: Verheiratung {f}
marriage agency {n} (business) :: Heiratagentur {f}, Heiratsbüro {n}
marriage certificate {n} (document) :: Trauschein {m}
marriage of convenience {n} (marriage motivated by some reason other than love) :: Vernunftehe {f}, Konvenienzehe {f}
marriage vow {n} (solemn promise) :: Ehegelübde {n}, Ehegelöbnis {n}
married {adj} (In a state of marriage; having a wife or a husband) :: verheiratet
married couple {n} (two people who are married to each other) :: Ehepaar {n}
marron glacé {n} (chestnut preserved in sugar or syrup and flavoured with vanilla) :: glasierte Marone {f}
marrow {n} (substance inside bones) :: Mark {n}
marrow {n} (kind of vegetable) :: Flaschenkürbis {m}
marrowbone {n} (bone with edible marrow) :: Markknochen {m}
marry {v} (to take a husband or wife) :: heiraten, [get married] sich verheiraten, freien
marry {v} (to be joined in marriage) :: heiraten
marry {v} (to unite in wedlock) :: verheiraten
marry me {phrase} (marriage proposal to a woman (the shortest form)) :: heirate mich
marry me {phrase} (marriage proposal to a man (the shortest form)) :: heirate mich
marry up {v} (join) SEE: join ::
marry up {v} (to marry someone of a higher class) :: sich hochheiraten
Mars {prop} (planet) :: Mars {m}
Mars {prop} (god of war) :: Mars {m}
Mars {prop} (brand of chocolate bar) :: Mars {n}
Marseillais {n} (native or inhabitant of Marseille) :: Marseiller {m}
Marseillaise {prop} (the French national anthem) :: Marseillaise {f}
Marseilles {prop} (city in France) :: Marseille {n}
Marseille soap {n} (kind of hard soap) :: Marseiller Seife {f}
marsh {n} (area of low, wet land) :: Marsch {f}, Moor {n}, Sumpf {m}
marshal {n} (officer in the household of a medieval prince or lord) :: Marschall {m}
marshal {n} (military officer of the highest rank) :: Marschall {m}, Feldmarschall {m}
Marshallese {n} (language) :: Marshallisch
marshalling {n} :: Marshalling {n}
marshalling yard {n} :: Rangierbahnhof {m}
Marshall Islands {prop} (Republic of the Marshall Islands) :: Marshallinseln
marsh buck {n} (Tragelaphus spekii) :: Sumpfantilope
marshmallow {n} (plant) :: Eibisch {m}
marshmallow {n} (confectionery) :: Mäusespeck {m}, Marshmallow {n}
marshrutka {n} (share taxi) :: Marschrutka {f}, Sammeltaxi {n}
marsh sandpiper {n} (Tringa stagnatilis) :: Teichwasserläufer {m}
marsh tit {n} (bird) :: Sumpfmeise {f}
marsh warbler {n} (Acrocephalus palustris) :: Sumpfrohrsänger {m}
marshy {adj} :: sumpfig
marsquake {n} :: Marsbeben {n}
Mars Rover {n} (vehicle) :: Mars-Rover {m}
Mars symbol {n} (the ♂ symbol) :: Marssymbol {n}
marsupial {n} (mammal of which the female typically has a pouch) :: Beuteltier {n}
marsupialization {n} (surgical technique) :: Marsupialisation
marsupium {n} (pouch of a marsupial) :: Beutel {m}
marten {n} (mammal) :: Marder {m}
martensite {n} (solution of carbon in iron) :: Martensit {n}
Martha {prop} (female given name) :: Martha
Martha {prop} (biblical sister of Lazarus and Mary) :: Marta, Martha
martial {n} (soldier, warrior) SEE: soldier ::
martial {adj} (of or relating to the planet Mars) SEE: Martian ::
martial {n} (synonym of Martian) SEE: Martian ::
martial {adj} (of, relating to, or suggestive of war, see also: warlike) :: kriegerisch, martialisch, kampflustig
martial {adj} (relating to or connected with armed forces or military life) :: soldatisch, militärisch
martial {adj} (characteristic of or befitting a warrior) :: kriegerisch, soldatisch
martial {adj} :: martialisch
Martial {prop} (Roman poet) :: Martial
martial art {n} (fighting style) :: Kampfkunst {f}, Kampfsport {m}
martial art {n} (military prowess) :: Kriegskunst {f}
martial law {n} (rule by military authorities) :: Kriegsrecht {n}, Ausnahmezustand {m}
Martian {adj} (of or relating to the planet Mars) :: marsianisch, Mars-
Martian {n} (inhabitant of the planet Mars) :: Marsianer {m}, Marsianerin {f}, Marsbewohner {m}, Marsbewohnerin {f}, Marsmensch {m}
Martian {prop} (hypothetical language spoken on Mars) :: Marsianisch {n}
martin {n} (bird) :: Mehlschwalbe {f}
Martin {prop} (given name) :: Martin {m}
Martina {prop} (female given name) :: Martina {f}
martingale {n} (piece of harness) :: Martingal {n}
martini {n} (cocktail) :: Martini {m}
Martinican {adj} (From Martinique) :: von Martinique
Martinique {prop} (Department of Martinique) :: Martinique
Martinmas {n} (St. Martin's Day) :: Martinstag {m}, Martini {n}
martlet {n} (depiction of a mythological bird) :: Merlette {f}
martyr {n} (one willing to be killed for religion) :: Märtyrer {m}, Märtyrerin {f}
martyr {n} :: Märtyrer {m}
martyr {v} (torture) SEE: torture ::
martyr {v} (persecute) SEE: persecute ::
martyrdom {n} (condition of a martyr) :: Märtyrertod {m}
martyrdom {n} :: Martyrium {n}
martyrology {n} (list of martyred Christian saints) :: Martyrologium {n}
marvel {n} (miracle) SEE: miracle ::
marvel {n} (wonder) SEE: wonder ::
marvel {v} (become filled with wonderment) :: wundern
marvel {n} (astonishment) SEE: astonishment ::
marvellous {adj} (exciting wonder) SEE: marvelous ::
marvel of Peru {n} (Mirabilis jalapa) :: Wunderblume {f}, falsche Jalappa {f} [archaic], Nachtschön {n} [archaic]
marvelous {adj} (exciting wonder or surprise) :: wunderbar, wundersam
Marx {prop} (surname) :: Marx
Marxian {adj} (of or pertaining to Karl Marx and his ideas) :: marxsch, Marx'sch
Marxism {n} (philosophy) :: Marxismus {m}
Marxism {n} (ideology) :: Marxismus {m}
Marxism-Leninism {prop} (communist ideological stream) :: Marxismus-Leninismus {m}
Marxist {adj} (following Marxism) :: marxistisch
Marxist {n} (one who follows Marxism) :: Marxist {m}, Marxistin {f}
Mary {prop} (female given name) :: Maria {f}
Mary {prop} (biblical mother of Jesus) :: Maria {f}
Maryborough {prop} (city in Queensland) :: Mariaburg {f}
Maryborough {prop} (town in Victoria) :: Mariaburg {f}
Mary Jane {n} (slang for marijuana) :: Marihuana {n}, Gras {n}
Mary Jane {n} (type of shoe) :: Spangenschuh {m}
Maryland {prop} (US state) :: Maryland {n}, Marieland {n}
Mary Magdalene {prop} (female disciple of Jesus) :: Maria von Magdala, Maria Magdalena
marzipan {n} (confection of almond paste, sugar and egg white) :: Marzipan {n}
masala chai {n} (kind of sweet spiced tea) :: Masala chai {m}, Chai {m}
mascara {n} (eyelash cosmetic) :: Wimperntusche {f}; [neologism also] Mascara, Maskara {f} {m}
Mascarene Islands {prop} (islands) :: Maskarenen {f}
mascarpone {n} (cheese) :: Mascarpone {m}
mascot {n} (something thought to bring good luck) :: Maskottchen {n}, Maskotte {f}
mascot {n} (something used to symbolize a sports team or other group) :: Haustier {n}
masculine {adj} (of the male sex; biologically male, not female; manly) :: männlich
masculine {adj} (having male qualities, not feminine or effeminate) :: männlich, maskulin
masculine {adj} (grammar: being of the masculine class, being inflected in the masculine manner) :: männlich, maskulin
masculine {n} ((grammar) the masculine gender) :: Maskulinum {n}; [gender] maskulines Genus {n}, männliches Geschlecht {n}
masculinism {n} (masculism) SEE: masculism ::
masculinist {adj} (masculist) SEE: masculist ::
masculinist {n} (masculist) SEE: masculist ::
masculinity {n} (degree or property of being masculine) :: Männlichkeit {f}, Maskulinität {f}
masculinization {n} (act of making masculine) :: Maskulinisierung {f}, Vermännlichung {f}
masculinize {v} (make (more) masculine) :: vermännlichen, maskulinisieren
masculism {n} (a social theory or political movement) :: Maskulinismus {m}, Maskulismus {m}
masculist {adj} :: maskulinistisch
masculist {n} :: Maskulinist {m}, Maskulinistin {f}
masdar {n} (verbal noun) SEE: verbal noun ::
maser {n} (beam of microwaves) :: Maser {m}
mash {n} (a mass of mixed ingredients) :: Brei {m}
mash {n} (in brewing) :: Maische {f}
mash {n} :: Maische {f} (1, brewing), Brei {m} , Mus {n} , Futterbrei {m}
mash {v} :: mischen, zerstampfen
mash {n} (mashed potatoes) SEE: mashed potatoes ::
mashed potatoes {n} (dish) :: Kartoffelbrei {m}, Kartoffelpüree {n}
mashup {n} ((computing slang) A derivative work consisting of two pieces of (generally digital) media...) :: Mashup {n}
mashup {n} ((music slang) ) :: Mashup {n}, Bastard Pop {m}
masjid {n} (mosque) SEE: mosque ::
mask {n} (cover for the face) :: Maske {f}, Verhüllung
mask {n} (that which disguises) :: Maske {f}
mask {v} (to cover, as the face, by way of concealment or defense against injury) :: maskieren
mask {v} (to disguise; to cover; to hide) :: maskieren
mask {v} (to wear a mask; to be disguised in any way) :: sich maskieren
masked ball {n} (a formal dance with dancers wearing masks) :: Maskenball {m}
masked lapwing {n} (Vanellus miles) :: Maskenkiebitz {m}
masked palm civet {n} (Paguma larvata) :: Larvenroller {m}
masking tape {n} (tape made of a thin paper) :: Malerband {n}, Kreppklebeband {n}, Kreppband {n}
masochism {n} (the enjoyment of receiving pain or humiliation) :: Masochismus {m}
masochist {n} (someone who enjoys pain or humiliation) :: Masochist {m}
masochistic {adj} (deriving pleasure from abuse, being punished, or dominated) :: masochistisch
mason {n} (one who builds with stone or brick) :: Maurer {m}
mason {n} (Freemason) SEE: Freemason ::
masonite {n} (a type of hardboard) :: Masonit
Masoretic {adj} (relating to the Masora or to its authors) :: masoretisch
Masovia {prop} (Region of Poland) :: Masowien
masquerade {n} (act of living under false pretenses; concealment of something by a false or unreal show, see also: disguise; pretence) :: Maskerade {f}
masquerade {v} (disguise) SEE: disguise ::
Masr {prop} (Egypt) SEE: Egypt ::
mass {n} (quantity of matter cohering together to make one body) :: Masse {f}
mass {n} (large quantity; sum) :: Masse {f}
mass {n} (physics: quantity of matter which a body contains) :: Masse {f}
mass {n} :: Masse {f}
mass {n} (religion: Eucharist) :: Messe {f}
mass {n} (religion: celebration of the Eucharist) :: Messe {f}
mass {n} (religion: sacrament of the Eucharist) :: Messe {f}
mass {n} (musical setting of parts of the mass) :: Messe {f}
Mass {n} (Roman Catholic Church: the principal liturgical service) :: Messe {f}
Mass {n} (a musical composition set to portions of the Mass) :: Messe {f}
Massachusetts {prop} (a state of the United States of America) :: Massachusetts
massacre {n} (intentional mass killing) :: Massaker {n}
massacre {v} (to kill in considerable numbers) :: massakrieren
massage {n} (rubbing, kneading, or hitting muscled part of a body) :: Massage {f}
massage {v} (to perform a massage on somebody) :: massieren
massage {v} (to manipulate data or a document) :: schönen
mass defect {n} (difference between the mass of an atom and that of its components) :: Massendefekt {m}
mass difference {n} :: Massendifferenz {f}
masses {n} (people, especially a large number) :: Massen {f-p}
masseter {n} (the large muscle which raises the under jaw, and assists in mastication) :: Masseter {m}
masseur {n} (a person who performs massage) :: Masseur {m}, Masseurin {f}, Masseuse {f} [dated feminine form or sexual connotation]
masseuse {n} (a female masseur) :: Masseurin {f}
mass flow {n} :: Massenstrom {m}
mass fraction {n} :: Massenanteil {m}
mass funeral {n} (formalities that accompany a mass burial) :: Massenbegräbnis {n}
mass grave {n} (a grave containing many corpses) :: [in a war or any other zone of conflict (corpses are anonymous and not put in a coffin] Massengrab {n}; [natural disaster, war, etc. (corpses are put in a coffin and totally or partially identified)] Sammelgrab {n}
massif {n} (principal mountain mass) :: Massiv {n}
Massif Central {prop} (area) :: Zentralmassiv {n}
massive {adj} (massive) :: massiv
massively multiplayer online role-playing game {n} (online computer role-playing game) :: Massen-Mehrspieler-Online-Rollenspiel
massless {adj} (having no mass) :: masselos
mass media {n} (public communication that reaches a large audience) :: Massenmedien {n-p}
mass medium {n} (means of public communication that reaches a large audience) :: Massenmedium {n}
mass murder {n} (successive killing of many people) :: Massenmord {m}
mass murderer {n} (someone who commits a mass murder, see also: serial killer) :: Massenmörder {m}
mass noun {n} (noun describing something that cannot be counted) :: unzählbares Substantiv {n}
mass production {n} (process of manufacturing products on a large scale) :: Massenproduktion {f}
mass transit {n} (transportation system) :: öffentlicher Verkehr {m}
mast {n} (support of a sail) :: Mast {m}
mastectomy {n} (surgical procedure to remove all or part of the breast) :: Brustamputation {f}; [chiefly specialist] Mastektomie {f}
master {n} (someone who has control over something or someone) :: Meister
master {n} (owner of an animal or slave) :: Frauchen {n} [animal], Herrchen {n} [animal]
master {n} (expert at something) :: Meister {m}
master {n} (courtesy title of a man) :: Meister {m}
master {v} (to learn to a high degree) :: meistern, beherrschen
master data {n} (information) :: Stammdaten {n-p}
mastering {n} :: Bewältigung {f}, Meisterung {f}
master key {n} (a key that opens a set of several locks) :: Generalschlüssel {m}, Hauptschlüssel {m}, Zentralschlüssel {m}, Passepartout {m}
mastermind {n} (person with extraordinary intellect) :: Superhirn {n}
mastermind {n} (person responsible for a major operation) :: Drahtzieher {m}
master of ceremonies {n} (host at a formal event) :: Zeremonienmeister {m}, Conférencier {m}
master of ceremonies {n} (someone who conducts a program by introducing performers) :: Showmaster {m}, Moderator {m}, Ansager {m}, Conférencier {m}, Präsentator {m}
masterpiece {n} (piece of work that has been given much critical praise) :: Meisterstück {n}, Meisterwerk {n}
master plan {n} (a comprehensive document that sets out an overall strategy) :: Gesamtkonzept {n}, Masterplan {m}, Rahmenplan {m}
master plan {n} (a graphic outline that shows all the major elements of a building project) :: Bauleitplan {m}, Bebauungsplan {m}, Generalplan {m}, Hauptbebauungsplan {m}, Raumordnung {f}
master race {n} (race of people) :: Herrenrasse {f}, Herrenvolk {n}
master's thesis {n} (thesis) :: Masterarbeit {f}
masterstroke {n} (Action demonstrating great skill) :: Meisterleistung {f}
masterwork {n} (piece of quality indicative of having been made by a master) SEE: masterpiece ::
masterwork {n} (piece done to be ranked a master) :: Meisterwerk {n}
masterwort {n} (Peucedanum ostruthium) :: Meisterwurz {f}
masterwort {n} (Astrantia spp.) :: Sterndolde
mastery {n} (philosopher's stone) SEE: philosopher's stone ::
mastery {n} :: Meisterschaft {f}
mastic {n} (the shrub or tree Pistacia lentiscus) :: Mastix {m}, Wilde Pistazie {f}, Mastixstrauch {m}, Mastix-Pistazie {f}, Mastix-Baum {m}, Mastix-Strauch {m}, Mastixpistazienstrauch {m}
mastic {n} (the tree's resin) :: Mastix {m}
mastic {n} (the flexible, waterproof filler) :: Dichtmasse {f}, Versiegelung {f}, Dichtstoff {m}, Gummimasse {f}
masticate {v} (chew) SEE: chew ::
mastiff {n} (mastiff) :: Dogge {f}
mastitis {n} (inflammation of a breast or udder) :: Mastitis {f}, Mastadenitis {f}
masturbate {v} (to masturbate) :: masturbieren
masturbation {n} (manual erotic stimulation of the genitals) :: Masturbation {f}, Onanie {f}, Selbstbefriedigung {f}
masturbator {n} (someone who masturbates) :: Onanist {m}, Wichser {m}, Masturbierer {m}
masturbatory {adj} (pertaining to masturbation) :: masturbatorisch
masu {n} (square wooden box) :: Masu {m}
Masuria {prop} (an area in northeastern Poland) :: Masuren
Masurian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Masuria) :: masurisch
mat {n} (foot wiping device or floor covering) :: Matte {f}
mat {n} (protector) :: Matte {f}, Unterlage {f}
mat {n} (athletics: protective pad) :: Matte {f}
matador {n} (bullfighter) :: Matador {m}
match {n} (sporting event) :: Spiel {n}, Wettspiel {n}, Wettkampf {m}, Match {m} {f}
match {n} (attribute equaling or exceeding) :: ebenbürtig
match {v} (to agree; to equal) :: übereinstimmen, passen
match {n} (device to make fire) :: Streichholz {n}, Zündholz {n}, Hölzchen {n}
matcha {n} (powdered green tea for ceremonies) :: Matcha {m}
matchbox {n} (small cardboard box in which matches are kept) :: Streichholzschachtel {f}
matchday {n} (day with a sporting event) :: Spieltag {m}
match fixing {n} (the act of losing, or playing to a pre-determined result) :: Match-Fixing {n}, Spielmanipulationen {f-p}
matching {adj} (the same as another; sharing the same design) :: zusammenpassend
matchmake {v} (to do matchmaking: to set up a date between two people or to arrange a marriage) :: verkuppeln
matchmaker {n} (someone who finds suitable marriage partners) :: Kuppler {m}, Kupplerin {f}, Ehestifter {m}, Ehestifterin {f}, Heiratsvermittler {m}, Heiratsvermittlerin {f}, Schadchen {m} {n} [Jewish]
matchmaker {n} (someone who makes matchsticks) :: Streichholzmacher {m}, Streichholzmacherin {f}, Zündholzmacher {m}, Zündholzmacherin {f}
matchmaking {n} (attempt to make two people romantically interested in each other) :: Eheanbahnung {f}, Heiratsvermittlung {f}, Kuppelei {f}, Ehestiftung {f}
match point {n} (state in a game) :: Matchball {m}
matchstick {n} (piece of wood) :: Streichholz {n}, Zündholz {n}
mate {v} (to engage in sexual intercourse) SEE: copulate ::
mate {n} (checkmate) SEE: checkmate ::
mate {n} (nautical: ship's officer on commercial vessel) :: Maat {m}
mate {n} (friend, see also: friend) :: [colloquial] Kumpel {m}
mate {n} :: Mate {m}, Matt , Kumpel {m}
mate {v} (copulate) :: sich paaren
mateology {n} (vain discourse) :: Mataiologie {f}, Matäologie {f}
material {adj} (related to matter) :: materiell
material {adj} (worldly) :: materiell
material {n} (matter) :: Material {n}, Rohstoff {m}
material {n} (text) :: Material {n}
material {n} (cloth) :: Stoff {m}
materialism {n} (concern over material possessions) :: Materialismus {m}
materialism {n} (philosophical belief) :: Materialismus {m}
materialist {n} (someone who is materialistic) :: Materialist {m}, Materialistin {f}
materialist {adj} (having features typical of philosophical materialism) :: materialistisch
materialistic {adj} (being overly concerned with possessions) :: materialistisch
materialistic {adj} (of or concerning philosophical materialism) :: materialistisch
materialization {n} (conversion of something into a physical form) :: Materialisation {f}, Verkörperung {f}
materialization {n} (conversion of energy into mass) :: Materialisation {f}
materialize {v} (to cause to take physical form or to appear) :: materialisieren
materialize {v} (to take physical form or to appear seemingly from nowhere) :: sich materialisieren
material noun {n} :: Stoffname; Nomen materiale, Materiale
materials science {n} (study of materials) :: Materialwissenschaft {f}, Werkstoffkunde {f}
mater lectionis {n} (consonant used to represent a vowel sound) :: Lesemutter {f}, Mater lectionis {f}
maternal {adj} (of or pertaining to a mother) :: mütterlich
maternal {adj} (related through the mother, or her side of the family) :: mütterlich
maternal aunt {n} (one's mother's sister) :: Tante mütterlicherseits {f}
maternal death {n} (death of a woman that occurs directly related to the procreative process) :: Schwangerschaftstod {m}
maternal grandfather {n} (one's mother's father) :: Großvater mütterlicherseits
maternal grandmother {n} (The mother of one's mother) :: Großmutter mütterlicherseits
maternal uncle {n} (brother of one's mother) :: Onkel {m}
maternity leave {n} (leave of absence) :: Mutterschaftsurlaub {m}, Mutterschutz {m}, Erziehungsurlaub {m}
maternity ward {n} (hospital ward) :: Entbindungsstation {f}
mates' rates {n} :: Freundschaftspreis {m}
math {n} (short form of mathematics) :: Mathe {f}
mathematical {adj} (of, or relating to mathematics) :: mathematisch
mathematical {adj} (possible but highly improbable) :: rechnerisch
mathematical economics {n} (sub-field of economics) :: Wirtschaftsmathematik {n}
mathematically {adv} (according to or using mathematics) :: mathematisch
mathematical space {n} (a set that consists of selected mathematical object) :: mathematischer Raum {m}
mathematician {n} (expert in mathematics) :: Mathematiker {m}, Mathematikerin {f}
mathematics {n} (field of study) :: Mathematik {f}
mathematizable {adj} (able to be transcribed in mathematical concepts) :: mathematisierbar
mathesis {n} (learning) :: Mathesis {f}
maths {n} (short form of mathematics) :: Mathe {f}
Matilda {prop} (female given name, cognates and transliterations) :: Mathilde, Mechthild
matinee {n} (a showing of a movie or theatrical performance in the afternoon) :: Matinee {f}, Matinée {f}
mating {n} (pairing of organisms for copulation) :: Paarung {f}, Begattung {f}
mating season {n} (time of year during which animals mate) :: Paarungszeit {f}
matins {n} (Earliest canonical hours) :: Mette {f-p}
matriarch {n} (a female leader of a family, a tribe or an ethnic or religious group) :: Matriarchin {f}
matriarchal {adj} (governed by a matriarch) :: matriarchal, matriarchalisch, matriarchisch
matriarchy {n} (social system) :: Matriarchat {m} {n}
matricide {n} (killing of one's mother) :: Muttermord {m}
matricide {n} (person who kills their mother) :: Muttermörder {m}, Muttermörderin {f}
matriculant {n} (one who has matriculated or been registered on a list or roll) :: Abiturient {m}, Abiturientin {f}
matriculation {n} (enrollment in a college or university) :: Immatrikulation {f}, Einschreibung {f}
matrimony {n} (marriage or the state of being married) :: Ehe {f}
matrimony {n} (the marriage ceremony) :: Hochzeit {f}, Heirat {f}, Eheschließung {f}, Trauung {f}
matrimony vine {n} (wolfberry) SEE: wolfberry ::
matristic {adj} (matristic) :: matristisch
matristics {n} (matristics) :: Matristik {f}
matrix {n} (womb) SEE: womb ::
matrix {n} (math: rectangular arrangement of numbers or terms) :: Matrix {f}
matrix {n} (two-dimensional array) :: Matrix {f}
matrix {n} (table of data) :: Matrix {f}
matrix {n} (mold for casting a letter (hot metal typesetting)) :: Matrize {f}
matrix {n} (binding component of compound materials) :: Matrix {f}
matronly {adj} (in the capacity of a matron) :: matronenhaft
matronymic {adj} (matronymic (adjective)) :: matronymisch, metronymisch
matronymic {n} (matronymic (noun)) :: Matronymikon {n}, Metronymikon {n}, Matronymikum {n}, Matronym {n}, Metronym {n}, Muttername {m}, Muttersname {m}
matryoshka {n} (Russian doll) SEE: Russian doll ::
matsutake {n} :: Matsutake {m}, Krokodilritterling {m}
Matsuyama {prop} (a city of Japan) :: Matsuyama
matte {n} (decorative border around a picture) :: Passepartout {n}
matte {adj} (not reflective of light) :: matt
matter {n} (basic structural component of the universe) :: Materie {f}
matter {n} (non-antimatter matter) :: Materie {f}
matter {n} (kind of substance) :: Masse {f}, Substanz {f}, Stoff {m}
matter {n} (reason for concern) :: Angelegenheit {f}
matter {n} (situation, condition, subject or affair) :: Angelegenheit {f}
matter {n} (cause) :: Anlass {m}
matter {n} (neurology: nerve tissue type) :: Substanz {f}
matter {v} (to be important) :: wichtig sein, etwas ausmachen, zählen
Matterhorn {prop} (mountain) :: Matterhorn {n}
matterwave {n} :: Materiewelle {f}
Matthew {prop} (male given name) :: Matthias {m}, Matthäus {m}
Matthew {prop} (biblical disciple) :: Matthäus
Matthew {prop} (gospel of Matthew) :: Matthäus {m}
Matthias {prop} (the Apostle replacing Judas) :: Matthias
Matthias {prop} (male given name) :: Matthias, Mathias
matting {n} (surface used for surrounding pictures) SEE: matte ::
mattock {n} (agricultural tool) :: Mattock {m}, Hacke {f}
mattress {n} (a pad on which a person can recline and sleep) :: Matratze {f}
maturation {n} (process of becoming mature) :: Reifung {f}
maturational {adj} :: Reife-
mature {adj} (fully developed) :: reif, gereift
mature {adj} (profound; careful) :: reiflich
mature {v} (to become mature; to ripen) :: reifen
maturity {n} (state of being mature, ready or ripe) :: Reife {f}
matutinal {adj} (Of, occurring in, or relating to the early morning) :: morgendlich
matzo {n} (thin, unleavened bread) :: Matze {f}
maudlin {adj} (extravagantly or excessively sentimental; self-pitying) :: rührselig, selbstmitleidig
maudlin {adj} (affectionate or sentimental in an effusive, tearful, or foolish manner) :: larmoyant, verheult
maugre {prep} (in spite of) SEE: in spite of ::
maul {n} (heavy, long-handled hammer) :: Spalthammer {m}
maul {v} (handle in a rough way) :: rücksichtslos anfassen, misshandeln
maul {v} (savage) :: übel zurichten
Mau Mau {prop} (card game) :: Mau-Mau {n}
maunch {v} (munch) SEE: munch ::
maundy {n} (commandment) SEE: commandment ::
Maundy Thursday {prop} (Thursday before Easter) :: Gründonnerstag {m}
Maurice {prop} (male given name) :: Moritz
Mauritania {prop} (Islamic Republic of Mauritania) :: Mauretanien {n}
Mauritanian {n} (Mauritanian person) :: Mauretanier {m}, Mauretanierin {f}
Mauritanian {adj} (Mauritanian) :: mauretanisch
Mauritian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Mauritius, its people, or their language or culture) :: mauritisch
Mauritian {n} (person from Mauritius or of Mauritian descent) :: Mauritier {m}, Mauritierin {f}
Mauritius {prop} (country) :: Mauritius {n}
Mauser {n} (firearm) :: Mauser {f}
mausoleum {n} (large tomb) :: Mausoleum {n}
mauve {n} (colour) :: fliederfarben; blasslila; [fairly uncommon also] mauve, malvenfarben, malvenfarbig
maven {n} (expert in a given field) :: Experte {m}, Expertin {f}, Kenner {m}, Kennerin {f}
maverick {adj} (showing independence in thoughts or actions) :: individualistisch, eigenwillig
maverick {n} (unbranded range animal) :: mutterloses Kalb {n} [orphan calf]
maverick {n} (one who is unconventional or does not abide by rules) :: Querkopf {m}, Individualist {m}, Nonkonformist {m}, Paradiesvogel {m}
maverick {n} (one who creates or uses controversial or unconventional ideas or practices) :: eigenwilliger Typ {m}, Nonkonformist {m}, Paradiesvogel {m}, Querkopf {m}
maw {n} (stomach) :: Magen {m}
maw {n} (upper digestive tract) :: Schlund {m}
maw {n} (any great, insatiable or perilous opening) :: Schlund {m}
maw-worm {n} (any parasitic worm which infests the stomach) :: Spulwurm {m}
maxillary {adj} (of or pertaining to the jaw) :: maxillar, maxillär
maxillary sinus {n} (paranasal sinus) :: Kieferhöhle {f}
maxim {n} (moral precept) :: Maxime {f}, Grundsatz {m}
maxima {n} :: Maxima {f}
maximal {adj} (Largest, greatest, highest, most) :: maximal
maximalism {n} (tendency toward excess) :: Maximalismus {m}
Maximilian {prop} (male given name) :: Maximilian
maximization {n} (act of raising something to its greatest value or extent) :: Maximierung {f}
maximize {v} (to make as large as possible) :: maximieren
maximum {n} (highest limit) :: Maximum {n}, höchstmöglich
maximum {n} (math: greatest value) :: Maximum {n}
maximum {adj} (highest degree) :: maximal
may {v} (have permission to) :: dürfen, können
may {n} (the hawthorn bush or its blossom) :: Weißdornblüte {f}
May {prop} (fifth month of the Gregorian calendar) :: Mai {m}, Wonnemond {m}
Maya {n} (person) :: Maja {m}, Maya {m}
maybe {adv} (indicating a lack of certainty) :: vielleicht
maybe {adv} (as a pro-sentence) :: vielleicht, mag sein
May bug {n} (cockchafer) SEE: cockchafer ::
May Day {n} (workers' holiday) :: Erster Mai; der Erste Mai; Tag der Arbeit; Maifeiertag; Kampftag der Arbeiterbewegung
mayfly {n} (insect of order Ephemeroptera) :: Eintagsfliege
mayhem {n} (chaos) :: Chaos {n}
Maykop {prop} (city in Russia) :: Maikop {n}
mayonnaise {n} (dressing) :: [reformed spelling] Majonäse {f}, Mayonnaise {f}, [colloquial] Majo {f}, [colloquial] Mayo {f}
mayor {n} (leader of a city) :: Bürgermeister {m}, Bürgermeisterin {f}
mayoral {adj} (relating to a mayor (or the office of the mayor)) :: Bürgermeister-, bürgermeisterlich
mayoralty {n} (the office or term of a mayor) :: Bürgermeisteramt {n}
mayoress {n} (female mayor) :: Bürgermeisterin {f}
Mayotte {prop} (Territorial Collectivity of Mayotte) :: Mayotte
maypole {n} (pole, garlanded with streamers held by people who dance around it to celebrate May Day) :: Maibaum {m}
may the Force be with you {phrase} (wish someone luck) :: möge die Macht mit dir sein; Hessisch: möge die Macht mid dehr soi
Maytide {prop} (spring month of May) :: Maienzeit
Maytime {n} (Maytide) SEE: Maytide ::
Mazanderani {adj} (pertaining to Mazandaran) :: Masanderanisch {n}
Mazanderani {n} (Mazanderani person) :: Masanderaner {m}
maze {n} (Puzzle to get through) :: Irrgarten {m}
mazel tov {interj} ((Hebrew/Yiddish) congratulations or good wishes, especially at weddings) :: masel tov, masseltopp, masseltoff
mazurka {n} (dance) :: Mazurka {f}
MB {n} (megabyte) :: MB
Möbius band {n} (Möbius strip) SEE: Möbius strip ::
Möbius strip {n} (one-sided surface) :: Möbiusband {n}
Möbius strip {n} (narrow strip given a half twist) :: Möbiusband {n}
Möbius transformation {n} (transformation of the complex plane) :: Möbiustransformation {f}
MC {v} (emcee) SEE: emcee ::
McCarthyism {n} (mass pressure) :: Blockwartmentalität {f}
McCarthyism {prop} (intense opposition to Communism) :: McCarthyismus {m}
McDonald's {prop} (fast-food restaurant) :: McDonald's, Mäckes {m}
mâche {n} (Valerianella locusta) :: Ackersalat, Echter Feldsalat, Gewöhnlicher Feldsalat, [Switzerland] Nüsslisalat, Nüsslisalat Feldsalat, Rapunzel, Salat-Rapünzchen, Sonnenwirbele, [Austria] Vogerlsalat
Mòcheno {prop} :: Fersentalerisch {n} (adjective fersentalerisch)
McIntosh {n} (apple tree and fruit variety) :: McIntosh
me {pron} (myself) SEE: myself ::
me {pron} (direct object of a verb) :: mich
me {pron} (object of a preposition) :: mich [accusative case], mir [dative case]
me {pron} (indirect object of a verb) :: mir
me {pron} (reflexive indirect object of a verb) :: mir
me {pron} (subject of a verb with “and”) :: ich
me {pron} (subject of a verb without “and”) :: ich
mea culpa {n} (My fault, due to my error) :: mea culpa, meine Schuld
mead {n} (alcoholic drink) :: Met {m}
meadow {n} (field or pasture) :: Wiese {f}, Weide {f}, Aue {f}
meadow pipit {n} (bird) :: Wiesenpieper
meadowrue {n} (plant) :: Wiesenraute {f}
meadowsweet {n} (Filipendula ulmaria) :: Mädesüß {n}
meager {adj} (lean) :: mager
meager {adj} (poor, deficient or inferior) :: mager
meagerness {n} (state of being meager) :: Knappheit {f}
meagre {n} (Argyrosomus regius) :: Adlerfisch {m}
meagre {adj} :: mager
meal {n} (food that is prepared and eaten) :: Mahlzeit {f}, Essen {n}
meal {n} (coarse-ground edible part of various grains) :: Mehl {n}
meals on wheels {n} (service that delivers food to those unable to cook for themselves) :: Essen auf Rädern {n}
mealworm beetle {n} (mealworm beetle, Tenebrio molitor) :: Mehlkäfer {m}, Schwarzkäfer {m}
mealy {adj} (resembling meal) :: mehlig
mealybug {n} :: Schmierlaus {f}
mealy-mouthed {adj} (not forthright) :: mit mehligem Mund
mean {v} (to intend; plan on doing) :: beabsichtigen
mean {v} (to convey, indicate) :: bedeuten
mean {v} (to signify) :: meinen, beabsichtigen
mean {v} (to have conviction in what one says) :: meinen
mean {v} (to result in; bring about) :: bedeuten
mean {adj} (causing or intending to cause intentional harm) :: gemein
mean {adj} (low-minded; acting without consideration of others) :: gemein, böse
mean {adj} (low in quality; inferior) :: mittelmäßig
mean {adj} (having the mean as its value) :: Mittel-
mean {n} (method by which something is done) :: Mittel {n}
mean {n} (intermediate value) :: Mittel {n}
meander {n} (winding, crooked or involved course) :: Windung {f}
meander {v} :: mäandern
meandering {adj} (winding, rambling) :: mäandernd, mäanderartig, abschweifend
meandrous {adj} (winding) SEE: winding ::
meanie {n} (unkind person) :: Fiesling {m}
meaning {n} (symbolic value of something) :: Bedeutung {f}
meaning {n} (significance of a thing, as "the meaning of life") :: Sinn {m}
meaning {n} (definition or connotation of a word) :: Bedeutung {f}
meaningful {adj} (having meaning, significant) :: bedeutend, bedeutungsvoll, sinnhaft
meaningfulness {n} (state or measure of being meaningful) :: Sinnhaftigkeit {f}
meaningless {adj} (lacking meaning) :: sinnlos, bedeutungslos
meaninglessly {adv} (in a meaningless manner) :: bedeutungslos, sinnlos, ausdruckslos
meaninglessness {n} (state of lacking meaning) :: Bedeutungslosigkeit {f}, Sinnlosigkeit {f}
meaning of life {n} (hypothetical answer to life's ultimate questions) :: Sinn des Lebens {m}
mean proportional {n} (geometric mean) SEE: geometric mean ::
means {n} (resources) :: Mittel {n}
means of grace {n} (means by which God gives grace) :: Gnadenmittel {n}
means of production {n} (combination of the means of labor and the subject of labor) :: Produktionsmittel {n}
means of transport {n} (mode of transport) SEE: mode of transport ::
means of transportation {n} (general term for the different kinds of transport facilities that are often used to transport people or cargo in many ways) :: Transportmittel {n}, Beförderungsmittel {n} [for people]
means to an end {n} (method by which a goal is achieved) :: Mittel zum Zweck {n}
meantime {adv} (meanwhile) :: unterdessen
mean value theorem {n} (theorem that for a differentiable function on an interval there is a point in the interval where the derivative equals the overall slope) :: Mittelwertsatz {m}
meanwhile {adv} (during the time) :: inzwischen, derweil, einstweilen
meanwhile {adv} (at the same time but elsewhere) :: unterdessen, in der Zwischenzeit, zwischenzeitlich, inzwischen
measles {n} (acute highly contagious viral disease) :: Masern {f-p}
measly {adj} (small in amount) :: mickrig
measurability {n} (susceptibility to measurement) :: Messbarkeit {f}
measurable {adj} (able to be measured) :: messbar
measure {n} (size ascertained by measuring) :: Maß {n}
measure {n} (act of measuring) :: Messung {f}
measure {n} (musical designation) :: Takt {m}
measure {n} (action to achieve some purpose) :: Maßnahme {f}
measure {n} (special mathematical function) :: Maß {n}
measure {n} (criterion) :: Maß {n}, Maßstab {m}
measure {v} (ascertain the quantity of a unit) :: messen
measure {v} (obtain or set apart) :: abmessen
measurement {n} (act of measuring) :: Messung {f}
measurement {n} (magnitude determined by measuring) :: Maß {n}
measure twice and cut once {proverb} (plan and prepare in a careful, thorough manner before taking action) :: Zweimal messen, einmal schneiden!
measure word {n} (measure word, classifier) :: Zählwort {n}
measuring cup {n} (utensil to measure the volume) :: Messbecher {m}
measuring jug {n} (jug for measuring liquids) SEE: measuring cup ::
measuring tape {n} (tape measure) SEE: tape measure ::
meat {n} (animal flesh used as food) :: Fleisch {n}
meat {n} (type of meat) :: Fleisch {n}
meat {n} (any sort of flesh) :: Fleisch {n}
meat {n} (solid edible part of a plant) :: Fruchtfleisch {n}
meat {n} (totem) SEE: totem ::
meatball {n} (meatball) :: Fleischklößchen {n}, Frikadelle {f}, Fleischpflanzl {n} [Bavarian dialect]
meatball {n} (meatball-faggot (pork meatball)) :: Leberfrikadelle
meatgrinder {n} (device for cutting meat) :: Fleischwolf {m}
meat jelly {n} (aspic) SEE: aspic ::
meatless {adj} (without meat) :: fleischlos
meatlike {adj} (resembling meat or some aspect of it) :: fleischähnlich, fleischähnelnd, fleischartiig, fleischig
meatloaf {n} (mixture of ground meat) :: Hackbraten {m}, Fleischkäse {m}, Heuchelhase {m} [regional], falscher Hase {m}, faschierter Braten {m} [esp. Austrian], Wiegebraten {m} [regional]
meat market {n} (market where meat is sold) :: Fleischmarkt {n}, Fleischerei {f}
meat safe {n} :: Speiseschrank {m}
meaty {adj} (of, relating to, or containing meat) :: fleischig, fleischartig
mebibyte {n} (1,048,576 bytes) :: Mebibyte {n}
Mecca {prop} (city in Saudi Arabia) :: Mekka {n}
mechanic {n} (skilled worker on machinery) :: Mechaniker {m}, Mechanikerin {f}
mechanical {adj} (physics: related to mechanics) :: mechanisch
mechanical engineer {n} (someone who specializes in mechanical engineering) :: Maschinenbauingenieur {m}
mechanical engineering {n} (subfield of engineering) :: Maschinenwesen {n}
mechanically {adv} (In a mechanical manner) :: mechanisch
mechanical pencil {n} (pencil with a retractable lead) :: Druckbleistift {m}, Minenschreiber {m}, mechanischer Stift {m}
mechanics {n} (a branch of physics) :: Mechanik {f}
mechanism {n} (mechanical means for the conversion or control of motion) :: Mechanismus {m}
mechanization {n} (the use of machinery to replace human or animal labour) :: Mechanisierung {f}
mechanize {v} (to equip with machinery) :: mechanisieren
mechatronics {n} (synergistic combination) :: Mechatronik {f}
Mecklenburg {prop} (region of Germany) :: Mecklenburg {n}
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania {prop} (one of the component states of Germany) :: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
medal {n} (stamped metal disc) :: Medaille {f}
medalist {n} (one who has received a medal) :: Medaillengewinner {m}, Medaillengewinnerin {f}
medallion {n} (large decorative medal) :: Medaillon {n}
medal table {n} :: Medaillenspiegel
meddle {v} (to interfere in affairs) :: sich einmischen
meddle {v} (to have sex) SEE: have sex ::
meddlesome {adj} (inclined to meddle or interfere) :: aufdringlich, lästig, vorwitzig, zudringlich
Mede {n} (inhabitant of Media) :: Meder {m}, Mederin {f}
media {n} (the journalists and other professionals who comprise the mass communication industry) :: Medien {n-p}
Media {prop} (historical region in northwestern Iran) :: Medien {n}
Media {prop} (territories corresponding to the empire ruled by dynasts from Media) :: Medien {n}
media circus {n} (media circus) :: Medienzirkus {m}, Medienhype {m}
media democracy {n} (media democracy) :: Mediendemokratie {f}
mediaeval {adj} (medieval) SEE: medieval ::
media-historical {adj} (of media history) :: mediengeschichtlich, medienhistorisch
median {n} (geometry: line segment joining vertex and midpoint of opposing side) :: Seitenhalbierende {f}
median {n} (statistics: measure of central tendency) :: Median {m}
median {n} (area separating two lanes of opposite-direction traffic) :: Trennstreifen {m}
median {adj} (having the median as its value) :: mittler
Median {adj} (relating to Media or Medes) :: medisch
Median {prop} (language) :: Medisch {n}
Median {n} (Mede) SEE: Mede ::
mediastinum {n} (the region in mammals) :: Mediastinum {n}
media studies {n} (academic discipline) :: Medienwissenschaft {f}
mediate {adj} (intermediate) SEE: intermediate ::
mediate {v} (resolve differences) :: schlichten
mediate {v} (intervene between conflicting parties) :: vermitteln
mediation {n} (negotiation to resolve differences conducted by some impartial party) :: Vermittlung {f}
mediatization {n} :: Mediatisierung {f}, Medialisierung {f}
mediator {n} (one who negotiates between parties seeking mutual agreement) :: Vermittler {m}
mediatory {adj} (of or relating to mediation) :: vermittelnd, mediatorisch
MediaWiki {prop} :: MediaWiki
medic {n} (doctor) SEE: doctor ::
medic {n} (paramedic) SEE: paramedic ::
medical {adj} (of the practice of medicine) :: medizinisch
medical certificate {n} (statement from a physician) :: Gesundheitszeugnis {n}, Attest {n}
medical history {n} (details about patient's previous medical experiences) :: Krankengeschichte {f}, KG {f}
medical record {n} (details about a patient's previous medical experiences) SEE: medical history ::
medical school {n} (school that teaches medicine) :: medizinische Fakultät {f}
medical tourism {n} (type of tourism) :: Medizintourismus {m}
medicate {v} (administer medication) :: verschreiben
medication {n} (one or all the medicines regularly taken by a patient) :: Medikation {f}, Arzneimittel {n}
medication {n} (administration of medicine) :: Medikation {f}
medicinal {adj} (tending to cure disease) :: medikamentös, medizinal, medizinisch, Arznei-, Heil-
medicinal chemistry {n} (application of chemical research techniques to the synthesis of pharmaceuticals) :: medizinische Chemie {f}
medicine {n} (substance which promotes healing) :: Arznei {f}, Medizin {f}, Medikament {n}
medicine {n} (field of study) :: Medizin {f}, Heilkunde {f}
medicine ball {n} :: Medizinball {m}
medicine man {n} (shamanistic healer) :: Medizinmann {m}
medicine woman {n} (shamanistic healer) :: Medizinfrau {f}
medieval {adj} (of or relating to the Middle Ages) :: mittelalterlich
medieval {adj} (having characteristics associated with the Middle Ages) :: mittelalterlich
medieval {n} (a medieval thing) :: mittelalterlich [adjective; the substantive being understood by context]
medieval {adj} (brutal) SEE: brutal ::
Medieval Greek {n} (Byzantine Greek) SEE: Byzantine Greek ::
Medieval Latin {prop} (language) :: Mittellatein {n}
medieval literature {n} (literature of the Middle Ages) :: Mittelalterliteratur
medieval studies {n} (medieval studies) :: Mediävistik
Medina {prop} (a city in Saudi Arabia) :: Medina {n}
mediocre {adj} (having no peculiar or outstanding features) :: mittelmäßig
mediocre {n} (person of minor significance, accomplishment or acclaim) :: Mittelmäßige
mediocrity {n} (condition of being mediocre) :: Mittelmäßigkeit {f}, Mittelmaß {n}
Medio-Late Egyptian {prop} (Medio-Late Egyptian) :: Medio-Neuägyptisch {n}
mediopassive {adj} (in the mediopassive voice) :: mediopassiv
meditate {v} :: meditieren
meditation {n} (devotional contemplation) :: Meditation {f}
meditation {n} :: Meditation {f}
Mediterranean {adj} (Of or pertaining to the Mediterranean Sea and the region around it) :: mediterran
Mediterranean {prop} (Mediterranean Sea) SEE: Mediterranean Sea ::
Mediterranean flour moth {n} (type of moth that feeds on grain) :: Mehlmolle {f}
Mediterranean gull {n} (Ichthyaetus melanocephalus) :: Schwarzkopfmöwe {f}
Mediterraneanize {v} (to make Mediterranean in behaviour or style) :: mediterranisieren
Mediterranean Sea {prop} (the sea between Europe and Africa) :: Mittelmeer {n}
medium {n} (nature of the surrounding environment) :: Medium {n}
medium {n} (material or empty space through which signals, waves or forces pass) :: Medium {n}
medium {n} (format for communicating or presenting information) :: Medium {n}
medium {n} (someone who supposedly conveys information from the spirit world) :: Medium {n}
medium {adj} (of intermediate size) :: mittelgroß
medium dead {adj} (near death) :: halbtot
medium rare {adj} (cooked somewhat lightly) :: halb durch
medium-sized {adj} (having a medium or intermediate size) :: mittelgroß
medium-speed {adj} :: mittelschnell
medlar {n} (tree) :: Mispel {f}
medlar {n} (fruit) :: Mispel {f}
medley {n} (collection or mixture of things) :: Allerlei {n}, bunte Mischung {f}, buntes Durcheinander {n}
medley {n} (collection of related songs) :: Medley {n}, Potpourri {n}, Melodienreigen {m}, Melodienfolge {f}, bunter Melodienstrauß {m}, Liederstrauß {m}
med school {n} (medical school) SEE: medical school ::
Medusa {prop} (one of the Gorgons) :: Medusa {f}
Medvedev {prop} (transliteration of Медве́дев) :: Medwedew {m}
meek {adj} (humble, modest, or self-effacing) :: sanftmütig, bescheiden, zaghaft, zurückhaltend, fromm, demütig, sanft, hold, lammfromm, moderat
meek {adj} (submissive, dispirited) :: unterwürfig, kleinlaut, widerstandslos, duldsam, ergeben, gottergeben
meek {v} (to tame, to break) :: zähmen
meerkat {n} (small carnivorous mammal) :: Erdmännchen {n}
meerschaum {n} (mineral) :: Meerschaum {m}
meerschaum {n} (smoking pipe) :: Meerschaum {m}
meet {v} (encounter by accident) :: treffen, begegnen
meet {v} (see through arrangement) :: treffen
meet {v} (to get acquainted) :: kennen lernen
meet {v} (converge and touch) :: treffen
meet {v} (gather for a formal discussion) :: treffen
meet {v} (comply with) :: entsprechen, gerechtwerden, nachkommen
meet {v} (hit something while moving) :: treffen
meet {v} (adjoin) :: treffen
meet {v} (come together in conflict) :: aufeinandertreffen, zusammenstoßen
meet {v} ((sport) play a match) :: treffen
meet {adj} (suitable, right; proper) :: recht
meeting {n} (gathering for a purpose) :: Versammlung {f}, Besprechung {f}, Sitzung, Beratung, Zusammenkunft {f}, Tagung {f}
meeting {n} (people at such a gathering) :: Versammlung {f}, Teilnehmer {m}
meeting {n} (encounter between people) :: Treffen {n}, Zusammenkunft {f}, Begegnung {f}
meeting {n} (place or instance of junction or intersection) :: Treffpunkt {m}
meeting {n} :: Treffen {n}; Sitzung {f}, Besprechung {f}
meeting place {n} (place where people arrange to meet) :: Treffpunkt {m}
meeting room {n} (room for holding meetings) :: Konferenzraum {m}, Konferenzsaal {m}
mega- {prefix} (multiplication factor one million) :: mega-
megabat {n} (bat of the family Pteropodidae) :: Flughund {m}, Flughündin {f}, [offspring, young] Flughundjunges {n}
megabyte {n} (about a million bytes) :: Megabyte {n}
megachurch {n} (church with an atypically large congregation) :: Megakirche {f}, Megachurch {f} [anglicism]
megafarad {n} (a unit of electrical capacitance equal to one million farads) :: Megafarad {n}
megagram {n} (unit of mass equal to 1000 kilograms) :: Megagramm {f}
megajoule {n} (one million joules) :: Megajoule {n}
megalith {n} (construction) :: Megalith {m}, Megalithbau {m}, Megalithbauwerk {n}
megalith {n} (stone) :: Megalith {m}
megalodon {n} (a group of extinct sharks) :: Megalodon {m}
megalomania {n} (psychopathological condition) :: Größenwahn {m}
megalomania {n} (obsession) :: Größenwahn {m}
megalomaniac {n} (one affected with or exhibiting megalomania) :: Größenwahnsinnige {m} {f}
megalomaniacal {adj} (of, exhibiting, or affected with megalomania) :: größenwahnsinnig, megaloman
megalopolis {n} (large conurbation) :: Megalopolis {f}
megalosaur {n} (dinosaur of the Megalosauridae family) :: Megalosaurier {m}, Megalosaurus {m}
megaphone {n} (portable device used to amplify a person's voice) :: Megafon {n}, Megaphon {n}, [also fig.] Sprachrohr {n}, Sprechtrichter {m}, [colloquial] Flüstertüte {f}
megapixel {n} (one million pixels, used as a unit of resolution of digital cameras) :: Megapixel {n}
megapolis {n} (megapolis) SEE: megalopolis ::
megaron {n} (Mycenean rectangular hall) :: Megaron {n}
megaton {n} (unit of measure) :: Megatonne {f}
megatsunami {n} (a very large tsunami) :: Megatsunami {m}
megawatt {n} (one million watts) :: Megawatt {n}
megawatt-hour {n} (unit of energy) :: Megawattstunde {f}
me generation {n} (generation concerned solely with themselves) :: Ich-Generation {f}, Mich-Generation {f}
Megleno-Romanian {prop} (language) :: meglenorumänische Sprache {f}
Megrelian {n} (Mingrelian) SEE: Mingrelian ::
meh {interj} :: mh
meiosis {n} (cell division) :: Meiose {f}
meiotic {adj} (of or pertaining to meiosis) :: meiotisch
Meissen {prop} (city) :: Meißen {n}
meitnerium {n} (chemical element) :: Meitnerium {n}
Mekong {prop} (river in Asia) :: Mekong {m}
melancholia {n} (deep sadness or depression) :: Melancholie, Schwermut
melancholic {adj} (filled with or affected by melancholy) :: melancholisch, schwermütig
melancholy {n} (Sadness or depression) :: Melancholie {f}, Schwermut {f}, Wehmut {f}
melancholy {adj} (affected with sadness or depression) SEE: melancholic ::
Melanesia {prop} (part of Oceania) :: Melanesien {n}
melange {n} (collection containing a variety of miscellaneous things) :: Melange {f}
melange {n} (Viennese coffee speciality) :: Melange {f}
Melanie {prop} (female given name) :: Melanie
melanism {n} (congenital excess of melanin pigmentation) :: Melanismus {m}
melanoma {n} (type of skin tumor) :: Melanom {n}
melanopsin {n} (Any of a class of photopigment (an opsin) found in the retina) :: Melanopsin {n}
melatonin {n} (hormone) :: Melatonin {n}
Melbourne {prop} (city in Australia) :: Melbourne {n}
Melburnian {n} (native of Melbourne) :: Melbourner {m}, Melbournerin {f}
Melburnian {adj} (relating to Melbourne) :: Melbourner
Melchior {prop} (male given name) :: Melchior
melee {n} (Hand-to-hand combat) :: Handgemenge {n}, Nahkampf {m}, Händel {n}, Schlägerei {f}, Rauferei {f}, Prügelei {m}
melee {n} (battle fought at close range) :: Nahkampf {m}
melee {n} (noisy, confused or tumultuous fight, argument) :: Gewühl {n}, Gedränge {n}, Rauferei {f}, Keilerei {f}, Tumult {m}, Getümmel {m}
melee {n} (lively contention or debate) :: Streit {n}, Gezänk {n}, Hickhack {n}
melilot {n} (plant of the genus Melilotus) SEE: sweet clover ::
melisma {n} (a passage of several notes sung to one syllable of text) :: Melisma
melissa {n} (plant of genus Melissa) :: Melisse {f}
Melissa {prop} (female given name) :: Melissa
Melk {prop} (city of Austria) :: Melk
Melkite {n} (an Eastern Christian who adhered to the doctrines agreed by the Councils of Ephesus and Chalcedon) :: Melkite {m}, Melkitin {f}
mellifluous {adj} (sweet and smooth (tone, voice...)) :: honigsüss, lieblich, wohlklingend
mellifluous {adj} :: lieblich
mellitic anhydride {n} :: Mellitsäureanhydrid {n}
mellow {adj} (Soft or tender by reason of ripeness; having a tender pulp) :: zart, weich
mellow {adj} (relaxed) :: entspannt
melodious {adj} (having a pleasant melody) :: melodiös, melodisch
melodrama {n} (romantic drama) :: Melodrama {n}
melodramatic {adj} (of or pertaining to melodrama) :: melodramatisch
melody {n} (sequence of notes that makes up a musical phrase) :: Melodie {f}
melomania {n} (an abnormal love of music) :: Melomania {f}
melomel {n} (A mead that contains fruit) :: Fruchtmet
melon {n} (fruit) :: Melone {f}
melon {n} (slang: breasts) :: Melonen {p} {f}
melon baller {n} (tool) :: Kugelausstecher {m}
melongene {n} (eggplant) SEE: eggplant ::
melt {n} (molten material) :: Schmelze {f}
melt {n} (springtime snow runoff in mountain regions) :: Schmelzwasser {n}
melt {v} (intransitive: (of a solid) to become a liquid) :: schmelzen
melt {v} (transitive: to change something from a solid to a liquid) :: schmelzen, zum Schmelzen bringen
melt {n} (idiot) SEE: idiot ::
meltdown {n} (severe overheating of the core of a nuclear reactor) :: Kernschmelze {f}
melter {n} (person or thing that melts) :: Schmelzer {m}
melter {n} (furnace) :: Schmelzofen {m}
melter {n} (laborer) :: Schmelzer {m}, Schmelzerin {f}
melting {n} (process of changing the state of a substance) :: Schmelzen {n}
melting point {n} (temperature at which solid and liquid phases are in equilibrium) :: Schmelzpunkt {m}
melting pot {n} (place where many divergent things come together and are homogenized) :: Schmelztiegel {m}, Schmelztopf {m}
melt in the mouth {v} (to be deliciously soft and creamy, need little chewing) :: auf der Zunge zergehen
meltwater {n} (water from melting ice or snow) :: Schmelzwasser {n}
member {n} (part of a discourse, period, sentence, or verse) SEE: clause ::
member {n} (in set theory) SEE: element ::
member {n} (one who officially belongs to a group) :: Mitglied {n}
member {n} (organ, limb) :: Glied {n}
member {n} (penis) :: Glied {n}
member {n} (logic: one of the propositions making up a syllogism) SEE: premise ::
member function {n} (programming) :: Mitgliedsfunktion {f}
Member of Parliament {n} (representative) :: Abgeordneter {m}
member organisation {n} (organisation connected to an umbrella organisation) :: Mitgliedorganisation {f}
membership {n} (fact of being a member) :: Mitgliedschaft {f}
membership {n} (body of members) :: Mitgliederschaft {f}
membership {n} (in set theory) :: Zugehörigkeit {f}
member state {n} (state that is a member of a confederation) :: Mitgliedsstaat {m}, Mitgliedsland {n}
member variable {n} :: Membervariable {f}
membrane {n} (enclosing or separating tissue) :: Membran {f}, Membrane {f}, Häutchen {n}
membrane {n} (mechanical part that can deform or vibrate when excited by an external force) :: Membran {f}, Membrane {f}
membrane potential {n} :: Membranpotential {n}
meme {n} (unit of cultural information) :: Mem {n}
meme {n} (something copied and circulated online) :: Meme
Memel {prop} (city) :: Memel
Memel {prop} (river) :: Memel
Memelian {n} (native or inhabitant of Memel) :: Memeler
memento {n} (a keepsake) :: Andenken {n}, Erinnerung {f}, Mahnzeichen {n}
memetics {n} (study of memes) :: Memetik {f}
Memnon {prop} (Ethiopian king and warrior) :: Memnon {m}
memo {n} (a short note) :: Memo {n}, Notiz {f}, Zettel {m}
memoir {n} (book describing the personal experiences of an author) :: Memoiren {f-p}, Lebenserinnerungen {f-p}
memoirs {n} (autobiography) SEE: memoir ::
memoization {n} :: Memoisation {f}
memoize {v} :: memoisieren
memorable {adj} (worthy of being remembered) :: denkwürdig, merkwürdig, einprägsam
memorandum {n} (short note serving as a reminder) :: Memorandum {n}
memorandum {n} (written business communication) :: Memorandum {n}
memorandum {n} (brief diplomatic communication) :: Memorandum {n}
memorandum of understanding {n} (document that outlines the legal premises of parties) :: Memorandum of Understanding {n}, Absichtserklärung {f}
memorial {n} (structure) :: Denkmal {n}, Mahnmal {n}
memorial {n} (service) :: Gedenkgottesdienst {m}
memorial {adj} (serving as a remembrance) :: Gedenk-
memorialize {v} (to commemorate) :: eine Denkschrift einreichen, eine Gedenkfeier abhalten (für jemand)
memorial service {n} (funeral) SEE: funeral ::
memorize {v} (to commit to memory, to learn by heart) :: sich einprägen [sich in the dative case], auswendig lernen
memory {n} (ability to recall) :: Gedächtnis {n}
memory {n} (stored record) :: Erinnerung {f}
memory {n} (RAM or ROM) :: Speicher {m}
memory card {n} :: Speicherkarte {f}
memory card {n} (storage format) SEE: flashcard ::
memory leak {n} (fault in memory allocation) :: Speicherleck {n}, Speicherloch {n}
memory stick {n} (portable solid-state flash memory storage device) SEE: flash drive ::
memory stick {n} (memory card, flash card) :: Speicherkarte {f}, SD-Card {f}, Multimedia-Card {f}
Memphis {prop} (city of ancient Egypt) :: Memphis
men {n} (human people) :: Menschen {m-p}, Leute {m-p}
menace {n} (perceived threat or danger) :: Drohung, Bedrohung, Druck {m}
menace {n} (act of threatening) :: Androhung, Bedrohung
menace {n} (annoying and bothersome person) :: Plage, Landplage
menace {v} (to make threats against, to intimidate) :: androhen, bedrohen
menacingly {adv} (In a menacing manner) :: drohend
menagerie {n} (collection of live wild animals on exhibition; the enclosure where they are kept) :: Menagerie {f}
menarche {n} (first menstruation) :: Menarche {f}
mend {v} (to repair) :: reparieren, flicken
mendacious {adj} (false) SEE: false ::
mendacious {adj} (lying, untruthful or dishonest) :: lügnerisch, verlogen
mendaciousness {n} (mendacity) SEE: mendacity ::
mendacity {n} (fact or condition of being untruthful; dishonesty) :: Verlogenheit {f}
mendacity {n} (a deceit, falsehood, or lie) :: Unwahrheit
mendelevium {n} (chemical element) :: Mendelevium {n}
mendicant {adj} (depending on alms) :: Bettel-
mendicant {n} (beggar) :: Bettler {m}
mendicant {n} (friar) :: Bettelmönch
mendicant order {n} (religious order) :: Bettelorden {m}
Menelaus {prop} (the king of Mycenaean Sparta) :: Menelaos
menfolk {n} (men collectively) :: Mannsbilder {n-p}, Mannsvolk [colloquial, obsolescent]
menhir {n} (standing stone as a monument) :: Menhir {m}, Hinkelstein {m}, Druidenstein {m}, Hünenstein {m}
menial {adj} (of or relating to work normally performed by a servant) :: untergeordnet
menial {adj} (of or relating to unskilled work) :: nieder, niedrig
meningeal {adj} (relating to the meninges) :: Hirnhaut-
meninges {n} (the three membranes that envelop the brain and spinal cord) :: Hirnhaut {f}
meningitis {n} (inflammation of the meninges) :: Hirnhautentzündung {f}
meninx {n} (membrane) :: Hirnhaut {f}
meniscus {n} (the curved surface of liquids) :: Meniskus {m}
Meänkieli {prop} (Finnic language spoken in northern Sweden) :: Meänkieli {n}, Tornedalfinnisch {n}
Mennonite {n} (group of Mennonites (churches or denominations)) :: Mennoniten {m-p}; Mennonitentum {n} [movement, branch of Protestantism; collective noun]
Mennonite {n} (member of such a church or denomination or a person with a Mennonite heritage) :: Mennonit {m}, Mennonitin {f}, Mennonist {m}, Mennonistin {f}
Mennonite {adj} (of or related to a Mennonite, Mennonites, their movement or church(es)) :: mennonitisch, Mennoniten- [in compounds]
Mennonite Low German {prop} (variety of Low German, see also: Plautdietsch) :: Mennonitendeutsch {n}, , Mennoniten-Niederdeutsch {n}/Mennonitenniederdeutsch {n} [rare], Mennonitenplautdietsch {n} [very rare]
Mennonitism {n} (the beliefs and practices of Mennonites) :: Mennonitentum {n}
menopause {n} (ending of menstruation) :: Menopause {f}, Wechseljahre {p}
menorah {n} (seven-branch candelabrum) :: Menora
menorah {n} (nine-branch candelabrum) SEE: hanukkiah ::
Mensa {prop} (constellation) :: Tafelberg {m}
Menschanschauung {n} (human-view) :: Menschanschauung {f}
Menshevik {n} (member of a faction of the Russian revolutionary movement) :: Menschewik {m}, Menschewikin {f}
men's room {n} (lavatory intended for men, see also: toilet) :: Herrentoilette {m}
men's studies {n} (the study of men and masculinity) :: Männerforschung {f}, Männerstudium {n}, Männerstudien {n-p}
menstrual cup {n} (A receptacle worn inside the vagina during menstruation to collect menstrual fluid) :: Menstruationstasse {f}
menstrual cycle {n} (recurring cycle) :: Menstruationszyklus {m}
menstruate {v} (to undergo menstruation) :: menstruieren, den Monatsfluss haben
menstruation {n} (periodic discharging of the menses) :: Menstruation {f}, Periode {f}, ihre Tage haben, Regel {f}, Regelblutung {f}, Monatsblutung {f}
mental {adj} (relating to the mind) :: geistig, mental, psychisch, seelisch
mental breakdown {n} (nervous breakdown) SEE: nervous breakdown ::
mental disorder {n} (behavioral pattern) :: psychische Störung, seelische Störung
mental hospital {n} (facility designed to treat persons with mental disorders) :: psychiatrische Klinik {f};Nervenheilanstalt {f}, Irrenanstalt {f} [colloquial], Nervenklinik {f}, Verrücktenanstalt {f} [colloquial]
mental illness {n} (property (uncountable)) :: Geisteskrankheit {f}
mental institution {n} (psychiatric hospital) SEE: mental hospital ::
mentality {n} (mindset) :: Mentalität {f}
mentally {adv} (in a mental manner) :: geistig, psychisch, mental
mentally ill {adj} (having psychological disorder) :: geisteskrank, psychotisch, nervenkrank, psychisch krank , gestört, psychisch gestört
menthol {n} (cyclic monoterpene alcohol) :: Menthol {n}
menticide {n} (brain-washing) :: Mentizid {m} {n}
mention {v} (mention) SEE: cover ::
mention {n} (a speaking or notice of anything, usually in a brief or cursory manner) :: Erwähnung {f}
mention {v} (make a short reference to something) :: erwähnen
mentor {n} (A wise and trusted counselor or teacher) :: Mentor {m}, Vertrauensperson {f}, Vertrauenslehrer {m}
mentor {v} (to act as someone's mentor) :: betreuen
mentoring {n} (one person mentoring another) :: Betreuung {f}, Coaching {n}
menu {n} (details of the food to be served at a banquet) :: Menü {n}
menu {n} (printed list of dishes offered in a restaurant) :: Speisekarte {f}
menu {n} (list from which the user may select an operation to be performed) :: Menü {n}
menu bar {n} (rectangular region of a graphical user interface where computer menus are housed) :: Menüleiste {f}
meow {interj} (cry of a cat) :: miau
meow {n} (cry of a cat) :: Miau {n}, Gemiaue {n}, Gemaunze {n}, Miauen {n}
meow {v} (of a cat, to make its cry) :: miauen, maunzen, mauzen
MEP {n} (Member of the European Parliament) :: Europaabgeordneter {m}, Europaabgeordnete {f}, EU-Abgeordneter {m}, EU-Abgeordnete {f}, Europaparlamentarier {m}, Europaparlamentarierin {f}, EU-Parlamentarier {m}, EU-Parlamentarierin {f}
Mephistopheles {prop} (Devil to whom Faust sold his soul) :: Mephistopheles {m}
Merc {n} :: Benz {m}, Daimler {m}
mercaptan {n} (sulphuric compound) :: Mercaptan {n}
mercenary {n} (person employed to fight) :: Söldner {m}, Söldnerin {f}
mercenary {adj} (motivated by private gain) :: käuflich, gewinnsüchtig, geldgierig
mercerize {v} (to treat cotton with NaOH) :: merzerisieren
merchandise {n} (commodities offered for sale) :: Waren {f-p}
merchant {n} (person who traffics in commodities) :: Kaufmann {m}, Kauffrau {f}
merchant {n} (trading vessel) SEE: cargo ship ::
merchant bank {n} (bank for businesses) :: Handelsbank {f}
merchantman {n} (merchant) SEE: merchant ::
merchantman {n} (cargo ship) SEE: cargo ship ::
merchant navy {n} (civilian naval fleet) :: Handelsmarine {f}, Handelsflotte {f}
merchant ship {n} (marine cargo vessel) SEE: cargo ship ::
merciful {adj} (showing mercy) :: gnädig, barmherzig
merciless {adj} (showing no mercy; cruel and pitiless) :: gnadenlos
mercilessness {n} (the property of being merciless) :: Erbarmungslosigkeit {f}, Schonungslosigkeit {f}
mercurial {adj} (having a lively or volatile character, see also: animated; changeable; quick-witted) :: sprunghaft
mercurial {adj} (containing the element mercury) :: quecksilberhaltig
Mercurian {n} (someone from Mercury) :: Merkurianer {m}, Merkurianerin {f}, Merkurbewohner {m}, Merkurbewohnerin {f}, Merkurmensch {m}
mercury {n} (element) :: Quecksilber {n}
mercury {n} (Mercurialis gen. et spp.) :: Bingelkraut {n}
Mercury {prop} (planet) :: Merkur {m}
Mercury {prop} (Roman god) :: Merkur {m}
mercury sulfide {n} (compound of sulfur and mercury) :: Quecksilbersulfid {n}
mercury-vapour lamp {n} (a gaseous discharge lamp) :: Quecksilberdampflampe {f}
mercy {n} (relenting; forbearance to cause or allow harm to another) :: Barmherzigkeit {f}, Gnade {f}
mercy {n} (forgiveness or compassion) :: Gnade {f}, Barmherzigkeit {f}
mercy {n} (tendency toward forgiveness) :: Barmherzigkeit {f}
mercy killing {n} (euthanasia) SEE: euthanasia ::
mere {adj} (the smallest amount) :: bloß
merely {adv} (only, just, and nothing more) :: bloß, lediglich, nur, schier
meretricious {adj} (of, or relating to prostitutes) :: dirnenhaft
merganser {n} (diving duck) :: Säger {m} [Mergus], Sägetaucher {m} [Mergus], Gänsesäger {m} [Mergus merganser], Dunkelsäger {m} [Mergus octosetaceus], Schuppensäger {m} [Mergus squamatus], Kappensäger {m} [Mergus cucullatus], Mittelsäger {m} [Mergus serrator], Aucklandsäger {m} [Mergus australis, extinct]
merge {v} ((transitive) to combine into a whole) :: zusammenlegen, zusammenfügen, zusammenführen, vereinen, fusionieren (companies, departments)
merge {v} ((intransitive) to combine into a whole) :: verschmelzen, zusammenkommen, sich vereinen, sich zusammenschließen
merge {v} (to blend gradually into something else) :: zusammenkommen
merge {v} :: zusammenkommen, (sich) zusammenschließen, fusionieren
mergeable {adj} (Capable of being merged) :: zusammenführbar
merger {n} (the act or process of merging) :: Verschmelzung {f}, Fusion {f}, Zusammenfügung {f}
merger {n} (the legal union of two or more corporations) :: Fusion {f}, Firmenzusammenschluss {m}, Zusammenschluss {m}
merger {n} :: Zusammenschluss {m}, Fusion {f}
mergirl {n} (mermaid) SEE: mermaid ::
meridian {n} (imaginary great circle on the Earth's surface) :: Meridian {m}
meridian {n} (44-point type) :: Sabon
meringue {n} (mixture) :: Baiser {n}, [rare] Meringue {f}
meringue {n} (shell) :: Baiser {n}
meristem {n} (zone of active cell division) :: Meristem {n}
merit {n} (claim to commendation or a reward) :: Verdienst {n}
meritocracy {n} (rule by merit) :: Meritokratie {f}, Leistungsgesellschaft {f}
meritocratic {adj} :: meritokratisch
Merkel {prop} (surname) :: Merkel {m} {f}
merkin {n} (pubic wig) :: Schamhaartoupet
merlin {n} (small falcon) :: Merlin {m}
Merlin {prop} (Wizard in Arthurian legend) :: Merlin {m}
merlon {n} (any of the projections between the embrasures of a battlement) :: Zinne {f}
mermaid {n} (mythological woman with a fish's tail) :: Nixe {f}, Wassernixe {f}, Seejungfrau {f}, Meerjungfrau {f}
Meroitic {adj} (describing the language once used in Meroë) :: Meroitisch
meronym {n} (word denoting part of whole) :: Meronym {n}, Teilbegriff {m}, Bestandsbegriff {m}
merrily {adv} (in a cheerful or merry manner) :: fröhlich, lustig
merry {adj} (jolly and full of high-spirits) :: fröhlich, froh, gut gelaunt
merry Christmas {phrase} (good wishes at Christmas time) :: frohe Weihnachten, fröhliche Weihnachten
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year {phrase} (traditional greeting for the Christmas and the new year) :: frohe Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr!
merry-go-round {n} (carousel) :: Karussell {n}, Ringelspiel {n}
Mersch {prop} (city) :: Mersch
Merv {prop} (oasis-city in Central Asia) :: Merw {n}
mesa {n} (flat area of land) :: Tafelberg {m}
mescaline {n} (the drug) :: Meskalin
mesencephalon {n} (midbrain) SEE: midbrain ::
mesentery {n} (the membrane that attaches the intestines to the wall of the abdomen) :: Gekröse {n}
mesh {n} (structure) :: Netz {n}, Gitter
mesh {n} (computing: polygon mesh) SEE: polygon mesh ::
meshugge {adj} (crazy, mad, senseless, insane) :: meschugge
mesite {n} (bird of the family Mesithornidae) :: Stelzenralle {f}
mesmerism {n} (mesmerism) :: Mesmerismus {m} [historical]
mesmerize {v} (to exercise mesmerism on) :: faszinieren, fesseln [figuratively]; mesmerisieren [medicine, historical]
mesmerized {adj} (spellbound or enthralled) :: hypnotisiert, fasziniert
mesne {adj} (intermediate) SEE: intermediate ::
meso- {prefix} (prefix meaning middle) :: meso-
mesolect {n} (speech between acrolect and basilect) :: Mesolekt {m}
Mesolithic {n} (Mesolithic period) :: Mittelsteinzeit {m}
mesology {n} (branch of biology and environmental/sociological influence) :: Mesologie {f}
meson {n} (elementary particle) :: Meson {n}
Mesopotamia {prop} (region between Euphrates and Tigris) :: Mesopotamien {n}, Zweistromland
Mesopotamian {n} (person from Mesopotamia) :: Mesopotamier {m}, Mesopotamierin {f}
Mesopotamian {adj} (of or pertaining to Mesopotamia) :: mesopotamisch
mesoregion {n} (meso-region) SEE: meso-region ::
meso-region {n} (administrative system) :: Meso-Regierung
mesosphere {n} (layer of the Earth's atmosphere) :: Mesosphäre {f}
mesothelioma {n} (uncommon malignant tumour of the mesothelium) :: Mesotheliom {n}
Mesozoic {prop} (Mesozoic era) :: Mesozoikum {n}
mesquite {n} (Prosopis) :: Mesquite-Baum {m}
mess {n} (disagreeable mixture or confusion of things) :: Durcheinander {n}, Unordnung {f}
mess {n} (church service) SEE: Mass ::
message {n} (communication, concept or information conveyed) :: Nachricht {f}, Botschaft {f}, Mitteilung {f}
message in a bottle {n} (message put in an empty bottle and set adrift on the ocean) :: Flaschenpost {f}
message-oriented {adj} (depending on messaging) :: meldungsorientiert
message queue {n} :: Nachrichtenwarteschlange {f}, Message Queue {f}, Nachrichten Queue {f}
messenger {n} (one who brings messages) :: Kurier {m}, Bote {m}, Botschafter {m}
messiah {n} (ordained to lead the people of Israel) :: Messias {m}
Messiah {prop} ((Christianity) Jesus) :: Messias {m}
messianic {adj} (of, relating to, or resembling a messiah or the Messiah) :: messianisch
messianic {adj} (of, relating to, or resembling messianism) :: messianisch
Messidor {prop} (the tenth month of the French Republican Calendar) :: Messidor {m}, Erntemonat {m}
Messinian {prop} :: Messinium
mess kit {n} (set of eating utensils) :: Gamelle [Switzerland]
messuage {n} ((legal) A plot of land as the site for a house; later, a residential building taken together with its outbuildings and assigned land) :: Anwesen {n}
mess up {v} (to make a mistake; to do something incorrectly; to perform poorly) :: vermasseln
mess with {v} (to joke with) :: verarschen
messy {adj} (in a disorderly state; causing mess or confusion; chaotic; disorderly) :: chaotisch, unordentlich
mestizo {n} (a person of mixed ancestry) :: Mestize {m}, Mestizin {f}
meta- {prefix} (chemistry: contrasted with ortho- and para-) :: meta-
meta-analysis {n} (statistics) :: Metaanalyse {f}
metabolic pathway {n} (series of chemical reactions) :: Stoffwechselweg {m}
metabolism {n} (complete set of chemical reactions that occur in living cells) :: Stoffwechsel {m}, Metabolismus {m}
metabolite {n} (any substance produced by, or taking part in, a metabolic reaction) :: Metabolit {m}
metacarpal {n} (bone of the metacarpus) :: Mittelhandknochen {m}
metacarpal bone {n} (metacarpal) SEE: metacarpal ::
metacarpus {n} (five bones of the palm) :: Mittelhand {f}
metadata {n} (data that describes data) :: Metadaten {p}
metadiegetic {adj} (pertaining to a story within a story) :: metadiegetisch
metafiction {n} (form of self-referential literature) :: Metafiktion {f}
metagalaxy {n} (any very large-scale organized collection of galaxies) :: Metagalaxis {f}
metal {n} (atomic element or material made of such atoms) :: Metall {n}
metal {n} (certain category of rock music) :: Metal {m}
metalanguage {n} (linguistical term) :: Metasprache {f}
metalanguage {n} (computing term) :: Metasprache {f}
metal aquo complex {n} :: Aquakomplex {m}
metal detector {n} (a hand-held device) :: Metalldetektor {m}
metal detector {n} (a structure, similar to a doorway) :: Metalldetektor {m}
metalexicography {n} (study of lexicography in the abstract) :: Metalexikographie {f}
metalhead {n} (one who listens to heavy metal music) :: Metaller {m}
metallic {adj} (related to metal) :: metallisch
metallic {adj} (made of metal) :: metallisch
metalloenzyme {n} :: Metalloenzyme {f}
metalloid {n} (element) :: Halbmetall {n}, Metalloid {n}
metalloprotein {n} (a protein that contains a metal atom as a cofactor) :: Metalloprotein {n}
metallurgic {adj} (metallurgical) SEE: metallurgical ::
metallurgical {adj} (of or relating to metallurgy) :: metallurgisch
metallurgically {adv} (in a metallurgical manner) :: metallurgisch
metallurgist {n} (person skilled in metallurgy) :: Metallurg {m}, Metallurge {m}, Metallurgin {f}
metallurgy {n} (science of metals) :: Metallurgie {f}, Hüttenkunde {f}, Hüttenwesen {n}
metalorganic {adj} (organometallic) :: metallorganisch
metalorganic {n} (compound) :: metallorganische Verbindung {f}
metamathematics {n} (branch of mathematics dealing with mathematical systems and their nature) :: Metamathematik {f}
metamorphic rock {n} (one of the major groups of rock that makes up the crust of the Earth) :: metamorphes Gestein {n}, Metamorphit
metamorphosis {n} (transformation) :: Verwandlung {f}, Metamorphose {f}
metamorphosis {n} (noticeable change) :: Metamorphose {f}
metamorphosis {n} (in biology) :: Metamorphose {f}, Metamorphose {f}
metanarrative {n} (narrative about narratives of historical meaning, experience or knowledge) :: meistererzählung, metanarrativ
metaphase {n} :: Metaphase {f}
metaphor {n} (uncountable: figure of speech) :: Metapher {f}
metaphor {n} (countable: word or phrase used in metaphor) :: Metapher {f}
metaphorical {adj} (pertaining to a metaphor) :: metaphorisch
metaphorically {adv} (in a metaphoric manner) :: metaphorisch
metaphysical {adj} (of or pertaining to metaphysics) :: metaphysisch
metaphysician {n} (A philosopher who specializes in the scholarly study of metaphysics) :: Metaphysiker {m}, Metaphysikerin {f}
metaphysics {n} (branch of philosophy that studies first principles) :: Metaphysik {f}
metaprogramming {n} (writing of computer programs that write or manipulate other programs (or themselves) as their data) :: Metaprogrammierung {f}
metasearch {n} (search technology) :: Metasuche {f}
metasearch engine {n} :: Metasuchmaschine {f}
metastasis {n} (transference of a bodily function or disease to another part of the body) :: Metastase {f}
metastasize {v} (to spread to other sites in the body) :: metastasieren
metatarsus {n} (bones) :: Mittelfuß {m}
metatheoretical {adj} (pertaining to metatheory) :: metatheoretisch
metathesis {n} (the transposition of letters, syllables or sounds within a word) :: Metathese {f}
metazoic {adj} (relating to the metazoa) :: metazoisch
metempsychosis {n} (Transmigration of the soul) :: Metempsychose {f}, Seelenwanderung {f}
meteor {n} (streak of light) :: Meteor {m}
meteorite {n} (remains of a meteor) :: Meteorit {m}
meteoroid {n} (small debris in a star system) :: Meteorit {m}
meteorologic {adj} (meteorological) SEE: meteorological ::
meteorological {adj} (relating to meteorology) :: Wetter-, meteorologisch [scientific]
meteorologist {n} (person who studies meteorology) :: Meteorologe {m}
meteorologist {n} (weather forecaster) :: Meteorologe {m}
meteorology {n} (science) :: Meteorologie {f}, Wetterkunde {f}, Witterungslehre {f}
meteorology {n} :: Wettervorhersage {f}
mete out {v} (to distribute something in portions) :: verteilen, austeilen, zumessen
meter {n} (measuring instrument) :: Messgerät {n}
meter {n} (increment of music) :: Metrum {n}
meter {n} (rhythm of poetry) :: Versmaß {n}, Metrum {n}, Silbenmaß {n}
meter {n} (unit of length) SEE: metre ::
meter {v} (to measure) SEE: measure ::
-meter {suffix} (used to form a measuring device) :: -meter
metformin {n} (oral drug) :: Metformin {n}
methacrolein {n} (clear, colorless, flammable liquid) :: Methacrolein
methadone {n} (synthetic opioid analgesic) :: Methadon
methamphetamine {n} (the drug (S)-N-methyl-1-phenylpropan-2-amine) :: Methamphetamin {n}
methamphetamine hydrochloride {n} (chemical) :: Methamphetaminhydrochlorid {n}
methanal {n} (formaldehyde) SEE: formaldehyde ::
methane {n} (the compound CH4) :: Methan {n}
methanol {n} (the simplest aliphatic alcohol, CH3OH) :: Methanol {n}
methinks {contraction} (it seems to me) :: mich dünkt, also archaic mir deucht for meseems
methionine {n} (amino acid) :: Methionin
method {n} (process by which a task is completed) :: Art und Weise {f}, Methode {f}, Verfahren {n}
method {n} ((programming) subroutine or function in object-oriented languages) :: Methode {f}
methodical {adj} (in an organized manner) :: methodisch
Methodism {n} (Methodist Christian movement founded by John Wesley) :: Methodismus {m}
Methodist {n} (a member of the Methodist Church) :: Methodist {m}, Methodistin {f}
Methodist {adj} (of or relating to Methodism) :: methodistisch
Methodius {prop} :: Method {m}
methodological {adj} (of, pertaining to, or using methodology) :: methodologisch
methodology {n} (the study of methods used in a field) :: Methodologie {f}, Methodik {f}
methodology {n} (a collection of methods, practices, procedures and rules used by those who work in some field) :: Methodologie {f}, Methodik {f}
Methuselah {prop} (Biblical character) :: Methusalem {m}
methyl {n} (univalent hydrocarbon radical, CH3) :: Methyl {n}
methylated spirit {n} (ethyl alcohol used as a fuel and a solvent) :: Spiritus {m}, Brennspiritus {m}
methylation {n} (addition of a methyl group) :: Methylierung {f}
methyl isobutyl ketone {n} :: Methylisobutylketon {n}
methylpropane {n} (isobutane) SEE: isobutane ::
methylpropene {n} (isobutylene) SEE: isobutene ::
metic {n} (resident alien in ancient Greece) :: Metöke
meticulosity {n} (meticulousness) SEE: meticulousness ::
meticulous {adj} (characterized by very precise, conscientious attention to details) :: akribisch, peinlich genau, pedantisch (pej.), minutiös, minuziös
meticulously {adv} (meticulously) :: minutiös, minuziös, sorgfältig, pingelig, übergenau, akribisch, peinlich genau
meticulousness {n} (state or characteristic of being meticulous) :: Akribie {f}, peinliche Genauigkeit {f}, Gewissenhaftigkeit {f}
metis {adj} (a person of mixed European and Aboriginal descent) :: Mischling {m}
Metis {prop} (in Greek mythology) :: Metis {f}
Metonic cycle {n} :: Metonischer Zyklus {m}
metonym {n} (word that names an object from a single characteristic of it) :: Metonym {n}
metonymic {n} (metonym) SEE: metonym ::
metonymy {n} (figure of speech) :: Metonymie {f}, Namenvertauschung {f}
metonymy {n} (metonym) SEE: metonym ::
me too {phrase} (I agree) :: ich auch
metre {n} (unit of length) :: Meter {m}
metre {n} (rhythm or measure in verse and musical composition) :: Metrum {n}, Versmaß {n} [poetry]
metre gauge {n} (track gauge) :: Meterspur {f}
metric {adj} (relating to metric system) :: metrisch
metric {n} (measure for something) :: Metrik {f}, Messgröße {f}, Maß {n}, Kriterium {n}, Kennzahl {f}, Kenngröße {f}, Indikator {m}
metric {n} (notion in mathematics) :: Metrik {f}
metrical foot {n} (basic unit of verse) :: Versfuß {m}
metrics {v} (study of metrical verse) :: Verslehre; Metrik
metric space {n} (space (mathematics)) :: metrischer Raum {m}
metric ton {n} (unit of mass equal to 1000 kilograms) :: Tonne {f}
metro {n} (underground railway) SEE: subway ::
metro {n} (train of underground railway) SEE: subway ::
metrological {adj} (of or pertaining to metrology) :: metrologisch
metrology {n} (science of measurement) :: Metrologie {f}
metronome {n} (a device used in music) :: Metronom {n}
metropole {n} (city) SEE: metropolis ::
metropolis {n} (large, busy city) :: Metropole {f}, Weltstadt {f}
metropolis {n} :: Metropole
metropolis {n} (metropolitan archbishop) SEE: archbishopric ::
metrosexual {n} (man concerned with personal appearance) :: Metrosexueller {m}
metrosexuality {n} (quality of being metrosexual) :: Metrosexualität {f}
metro station {n} (railway station for a rapid transit system) :: U-Bahnhof {m}
-metry {suffix} (forming nouns relating to measures and measurement) :: -metrie
mettle {n} (metal) SEE: metal ::
mettle {n} (a quality of endurance and courage) :: Mut {m}, Eifer {m}, Enthusiasmus {m}, Stamina {f}
mettle {n} (good temperament and character) :: Feurigkeit {f}
Metz {prop} (the capital city of Moselle department, France) :: Metz {n}
Metzian {adj} (of or pertaining to the city of Metz) :: Metzer
Metzian {n} (a person from, or an inhabitant of, Metz) :: Metzer {m}, Metzerin {f}
meum {n} (meum athamanticum) SEE: baldmoney ::
Meuse {prop} (river) :: Maas {f}
mew {n} (crying sound of a cat) SEE: meow ::
mew {v} (meow) SEE: meow ::
mew {n} (gull or seagull) :: Möwe {f}
mewl {v} (to cry weakly) :: wimmern, quäken
Mexican {n} (person from Mexico or of Mexican descent) :: Mexikaner {m}, Mexikanerin {f}
Mexican {adj} (of or pertaining to Mexico) :: mexikanisch
Mexican {n} (Nahuatl language) SEE: Nahuatl ::
Mexican {adj} (of or pertaining to Nahuatl language) SEE: Nahuatl ::
Mexican {n} (Mexican dialect of Spanish) SEE: Mexican Spanish ::
Mexican duck {n} (Anas diazi) :: Mexikoente {f}
Mexican hairless {n} (Dog of that breed.) :: Mexikanischer Nackthund
Mexican marigold {n} (Tagetes erecta) :: Aufrechte Studentenblume {f}
Mexicanness {n} (quality of being Mexican) :: Mexikanischkeit {f}, Mexikanität {f}
Mexican Spanish {prop} (Mexican dialect of Spanish) :: Mexikanisch {n}
Mexican wave {n} (A phenomenon at sports events) :: La Ola {f}, (colloquial) La-Ola-Welle {f}
Mexican wolf {n} (rare subspecies of grey wolf) :: Mexikanischer Wolf
Mexico {prop} (country) :: Mexiko {n}
Mexico {prop} (Mexico City) SEE: Mexico City ::
Mexico City {prop} (capital of Mexico) :: Mexiko-Stadt, Mexiko [dated]
mezereon {n} (shrub) :: Seidelbast {m}, Kellerhals {m}
mezuzah {n} (piece of parchment attached to the doorpost of a house) :: Mesusa {f}
mezzaluna {n} (crescent-shaped steel blade) :: Wiegemesser {n}, Kräuterwiege {f}
mezzanine {n} (a balcony in an auditorium) :: Loge {f}
mezzanine {n} (a secondary floor, in between the main floors of a building) :: Mezzanin {n}, Zwischengeschoss {n}, Halbgeschoss {n}, Galeriegeschoss {n}, Galerie {f}, Empore {f}
mezzanine {n} (additional flooring laid over a floor to bring it up to some height or level) :: Podest {n}
mezzanine {n} (a floor under the stage, from which contrivances such as traps are worked) :: Unterbühne {f}
mezzo-soprano {n} (pitch) :: Mezzosopran {m}
mezzo-soprano {n} (person having such a voice) :: Mezzosopranistin {f}
Mia {prop} (female given name) :: Mia
miai {n} (formal marriage interview, see also: blind date) :: Miai {n}, Omiai {n}
Miami {prop} (city in Florida, United States) :: Miami
miasma {n} (noxious atmosphere or influence) :: Miasma {n}
mica {n} (hydrous aluminosilicate minerals) :: Glimmer {m}
Micah {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Micha
Micah {prop} (Biblical character: minor prophet and author) :: Micha
Micah {prop} (Biblical character: Ephraimite featured in Judges 17–18) :: Micha
Micah {prop} (male given name) :: Micha
micelle {n} (colloidal aggregate) :: Mizelle {f}
Michael {prop} (male given name) :: Michael {m}
Michael {prop} (archangel) :: Michael {m}
Michaela {prop} (feminine form of Michael) :: Michaela
Michaelmas {prop} (Christian feast) :: Michaelis {n}, Michaeli {n}, Michaelstag {m}, Michaelistag {m}
Michelle {prop} (female given name) SEE: Michaela ::
Michigan {prop} (US state) :: Michigan
Mickey D's {prop} :: Mekkes, Mäkkes
Mickey Mouse {prop} (Disney character) :: Micky Maus
micro- {prefix} (very small) :: mikro-
micro- {prefix} (one millionth) :: mikro-
microaggression {n} (everyday interaction interpreted as aggression) :: Mikroaggression {f}
microbe {n} (microorganism) :: Mikrobe {f}
microbead {n} (microscopic bead) :: Mikrokügelchen {n}
microbial {adj} (relating to microbes) :: mikrobisch
microbiological {adj} (pertaining to microbiology) :: mikrobiologisch
microbiologist {n} (scientist whose speciality is microbiology) :: Mikrobiologe {m}, Mikrobiologin {f}
microbiology {n} (branch of biology dealing with microorganisms) :: Mikrobiologie {f}
microblog {n} (blog on which one posts brief updates) :: Mikroblog {n}
microbody {n} (cellular organelle) :: Microbody {m}, Peroxisom {n}
microbrewery {n} (small commercial brewery) :: Kleinbrauerei {f}
microcar {n} (very small car) :: Kleinstwagen {m}
microchip {n} (integrated circuit) :: Mikrochip {m}
microcomputer {n} (computer designed around a microprocessor) :: Mikrorechner {m}
microcontroller {n} (microcomputer on a single chip) :: Mikrocontroller {m}
microcosm {n} (human nature or body as representative of the wider universe) :: Mikrokosmos {m}
microcosm {n} (smaller system as representative of a larger one) :: Mikrokosmos {m}
microdot {n} (image that has been reduced in size to that of a dot) :: Mikropunkt
microeconomics {n} (study of small-scale economic activities) :: Mikroökonomie {f}
microelectrode {n} (small electrode) :: Mikroelektrode {f}
microfiber {n} (particularly fine fiber) :: Mikrofaser {f}
microflora {n} (microscopic plant life) :: Mikroflora {f}
microfossil {n} (microscopic fossil) :: Mikrofossil {n}
microgram {n} (µg) :: Mikrogramm {n}
microgravity {n} (very low gravity) :: Mikrogravitation {f}
microkini {n} (a very skimpy bikini that covers just the genitals and nipples) :: Microkini {m}, Mikrokini {m}, Mikrobikini {m}
micrometeoroid {n} (astronomy: extraterrestrial particle less than a millimeter in size) :: Mikrometeorit {m}
micrometer {n} (one millionth of a meter) :: Mikrometer {m}
micrometer {n} (instrument) :: Messschraube {f}
micrometre {n} (micrometer) SEE: micrometer ::
micron {n} (micrometer) :: Mikron {n}
Micronesia {prop} (country) :: Mikronesien
Micronesian {n} (A person from Micronesia or of Micronesian descent) :: Mikronesier {m}, Mikronesierin {f}
Micronesian {adj} (Of, from or pertaining to Micronesia or the Micronesian people) :: mikronesisch
micronutrient {n} (essential mineral or vitamin) :: Mikronährstoff {m}, Spurenelement {n}
microorganism {n} (an organism too small to be seen by unaided eye) :: Mikroorganismus {m}
micropaleontology {n} (the study of microfossils) :: Mikropaläontologie {f}
micropayment {n} (financial transaction) :: Kleinbetragzahlung {f}, Mikrozahlung {f}
microphone {n} (transducer of sound waves to electricity) :: Mikrofon {n}
microprocessor {n} (the entire CPU of a computer on a chip) :: Mikroprozessor {m}
microregion {n} (micro-region) SEE: micro-region ::
micro-region {n} (administrative system) :: Mikro-Regierung
microscope {n} (an optical instrument) :: Mikroskop {n}
microscope {v} :: mikroskopieren
microscopic {adj} (so small that it can only be seen using a microscope) :: mikroskopisch
microscopic {adj} (very small) :: mikroskopisch
Microscopium {prop} (faint constellation of the southern spring sky) :: Mikroskop {n}
microscopize {v} (microscope) SEE: microscope ::
microscopy {n} (study of microscopes) :: Mikroskopie {f}
microtome {n} (special instrument) :: Mikrotom {n}
microtomy {n} (preparation of slices by means of a microtome) :: Mikrotomie {f}
microvillus {n} (fingerlike extension) :: Mikrovillus
microwave {n} (microwave oven) SEE: microwave oven ::
microwave {n} (electromagnetic wave) :: Mikrowelle {f}
microwave meal {n} (a pre-cooked meal that is purchased frozen and then cooked in a microwave oven) :: Mikrowellengericht {n}
microwave oven {n} (oven using microwave energy) :: Mikrowellenherd {m}, Mikrowelle {f}, Mikrowellenofen {m}
microwave safe {adj} (Safe to use in microwave ovens) :: mikrowellengeeignet
micrurgy {n} (manipulation of individual cells) :: Mikrurgie
micturate {v} (urinate) SEE: urinate ::
micturient {adj} (needing to urinate) :: Harndrang {m}
micturition {n} (physiology: urination) :: Miktion {f}, Urinieren {n}, Harnlassen {n}
Midas {prop} (Greek mythology) :: Midas {m}
midbrain {n} (part of brain) :: Mittelhirn
midday {n} (12 o'clock during the day) SEE: noon ::
midden {n} (dungheap) :: Misthaufen {m}
midden {n} (refuse heap) :: Müllgrube {f}, Müllhaufen {m}
middle {n} (centre, midpoint) :: Mittelpunkt
middle {n} (part between beginning and end) :: Mitte
middle {n} :: Mitte {f}
middle {adj} (located in the middle; in between) :: Mittel-, mittlere
middle {adj} (central) :: mittig
middle age {n} (the period of life between youth and old age) :: Mittelalter {n}
middle-aged {adj} (of, or relating to middle age) :: mittleren Alters
Middle Ages {prop} (historical period) :: Mittelalter {n}
middlebrow {adj} (neither highbrow or lowbrow) :: mittelmäßig, mäßig
middlebrow {n} (person or thing neither highbrow or lowbrow) :: Durchschnittsmensch {m}
middle class {n} (social and economic class) :: Mittelschicht {f}, Mittelklasse {f}
Middle Cornish {prop} (the Celtic language spoken in Cornwall) :: Mittelkornisch {n}
Middle Dutch {prop} (the Middle Dutch language) :: Mittelniederländisch {n}
middle ear {n} (cavity in the ear) :: Mittelohr {n}
Middle-earth {prop} (fictional place on Earth where most of the stories of J. R. R. Tolkien are set) :: Mittelerde {f}
Middle Earth {prop} (Middle-earth) SEE: Middle-earth ::
Middle Earth {prop} (Earth) SEE: Earth ::
Middle East {prop} (region comprising southwest Asia and northeast Africa) :: Naher Osten {m}, Mittlerer Osten {m}
Middle Egyptian {prop} (Middle Egyptian) :: Mittelägyptisch {n}
Middle English {prop} (Middle English) :: Mittelenglisch {n}
middle finger {n} (finger between the forefinger and the ring finger) :: Mittelfinger {m}
Middle French {n} (Middle French) :: Mittelfranzösisch {n}
middlegame {n} (the period in a game between the opening and endgame) :: Mittelspiel {n}
Middle Greek {prop} (Byzantine Greek) SEE: Byzantine Greek ::
Middle High German {adj} (Middle High German) :: mittelhochdeutsch
Middle High German {prop} (Middle High German) :: Mittelhochdeutsch {n}
Middle Irish {prop} (the Gaelic language spoken in Ireland) :: Mittelirisch {n}
Middle Kingdom {prop} (nickname for China) :: Reich der Mitte {n}
Middle Kingdom {prop} (Egypt in the 12th and 13th dynasties) :: Mittleres Reich {n}
Middle Low German {prop} (language) :: Mittelniederdeutsch {n}
middleman {n} :: Mittelsmann {m}
middleman {n} (intermediary) SEE: intermediary ::
middle name {n} (name between given name and surname) :: zweiter Vorname {m}, Zwischenname {m}, Zweitname {m}
Middle Norwegian {prop} (Middle Norwegian) :: Mittelnorwegisch {n}
middle note {n} (The characteristic parts of a perfume that emerge only after a waiting period) :: Mittelnote {f}, Herznote {f}, Bouquet {m}
middle of nowhere {n} (remote place) :: irgendwo im Nirgendwo, Arsch der Welt, Pampa {f}, wo sich Fuchs und Hase gute Nacht sagen
Middle Persian {prop} (language) :: Mittelpersisch {n}
middle reaches {n} (the middle portion of a river) :: Mittellauf {m}
Middle Saxon {prop} (Middle Low German) SEE: Middle Low German ::
middle school {n} (school contain both primary and secondary students) :: Mittelstufe {f}
middle voice {n} (grammatical form) :: Medium {n}
Middle Welsh {prop} (language) :: Mittelwalisisch {n}
midfielder {n} (player) :: Mittelfeldspieler {m}
Midgard {prop} (Earth) SEE: Earth ::
midge {n} (fly of family Chironomidae or Ceratopogonidae) :: Mücke {f}
midget {n} (person of small stature of adult height less than 4'10") :: Zwerg {m}, Zwergin {f}, Liliputaner {m}, Liliputanerin {f}
midget {n} (derogatory: any short person) :: Zwerg {m}, Zwergin {f}, Winzling {m}, Gnom {m}
midget {n} (attributively: that is the small version of something) :: Zwerg-; mini-, Mini-
midhusband {n} (accoucheur) SEE: accoucheur ::
Midian {prop} (biblical location) :: Midian
mid-life crisis {n} (emotional period of doubt) :: Midlife Crisis {f}
midnight {n} (12 o'clock) :: Mitternacht {f}
midnight blue {n} (dark blue colour) :: Mitternachtsblau {n}
midnight blue {adj} (of a dark blue colour) :: mitternachtsblau
midnight mass {n} (Roman Catholic religious service that marks the beginning of Christmas Day) :: Christmette {f}
midnight sun {n} (phenomenon occurring when Sun does not set) :: Mitternachtssonne {f}
midpoint {n} (point equidistant between two extremes) :: Wechselpunkt {m}, Mittelpunkt {m}, Mitte {f}
midpoint {n} (point which divides a line segment) :: Mittelpunkt {m}, Mitte {f}
midriff {n} (mid section of the human torso) :: Bauch {m}; Taille {f}
midsummer {n} (The middle of summer) :: Hochsommer {m}
midsummer {n} (Midsummer Day) :: Johannistag, Mittsommer {m}
midterm {adj} (halfway through a term) :: Mitte der Amtszeit [politics], Mitte der Laufzeit, Mitte des Semesters
midterm {n} (exam) :: Zwischenprüfung {f}
midway {adv} (halfway) SEE: halfway ::
midweek {adj} (That happens in the middle of the week) :: Mittwoch
Midwest {prop} (area of the United States) :: Mittlerer Westen {m}
midwife {n} (person who assists women in childbirth) :: Hebamme {f}, Entbindungspfleger {m}, Entbindungspflegerin {f}, Geburtshelfer {m}, Geburtshelferin {f}, Entbindungshelfer {m}, Entbindungshelferin {f}
midwife {v} (to act as a midwife) :: Hebamme {f}
midwifery {n} (the practice and science of being a midwife) :: Geburtshilfe {f}
mielie {n} (maize) SEE: maize ::
mien {n} (demeanor; facial expression or attitude, especially one which is intended by its bearer) :: Miene {f}
mien {n} (specific facial expression) :: Miene {f}
miffed {adj} (somewhat indignant, irritated, angry, put out or annoyed) :: [colloquial] angefressen, übelgenommen, [colloquial] verschnupft
might {n} (personal power) :: Macht {f}
might {n} (physical strength) :: Kraft {f}
might {n} (ability) :: Macht {f}, Vermögen {n}
might {v} (indicator of conditional or possible actions) :: könnte, könnten {p}
mighty {adj} (very strong, possessing might) :: gewaltig, mächtig
migraine {n} (headache usually affecting only one side of the head) :: Migräne {f}
migrant {n} (A migratory bird or other animal) :: Zugvogel {m} [bird]
migrant {n} (A person moving from one region or country to another) :: Migrant {m}
migrant worker {n} (agricultural worker) :: Wanderarbeiter {m}, Wanderarbeiterin {f}, Wanderarbeitnehmer {m}, Wanderarbeitnehmerin {f}, Saisonarbeitnehmer {m}, Saisonarbeitnehmerin {f}
migrant worker {n} (guest worker) SEE: guest worker ::
migrate {v} :: migrieren
migration {n} (moving a place to live to another) :: Wohnsitzwechsel {m}, Migration {f}
migration {n} (seasonal moving of animals, birds or fish) :: Migration {f}, Wanderung {f}, Vogelwanderung {f}, Vogelzug {m}, [partial] Vogelstrich {m}, Tierwanderung {f}
migration {n} (computing: changing a platform from an environment to another one) :: Migration {f}
Migration Period {prop} (mass migration of Germanic people in Europe during the early Middle Ages) :: Völkerwanderungszeit {f}
migratory {adj} ((of birds, etc) that migrate) :: Zug-
mikan {n} (seedless cultivar of tangerine) SEE: satsuma ::
mike {n} (informal: microphone) :: Mikro {n}
mikveh {n} (ritual bath in which various Jewish purifications are performed) :: Mikwe {f}
mil {n} (angular mil) :: Strich {m}, artillerischer Strich {m}
Milan {prop} (province) :: Mailand
Milan {prop} (city and capital) :: Mailand
Milanese {adj} (pertaining to Milan) :: mailändisch
Milanese {n} (native or inhabitant of Milan) :: Mailänder {m}, Mailänderin {f}
Milankovitch cycle {n} :: Milanković-Zyklen (pl.)
milch {adj} (giving milk) :: melk
milch cow {n} (cash cow) SEE: cash cow ::
mild {adj} (gentle; pleasant; kind; soft) :: mild
mildew {n} (growth of minute fungi) :: Mehltau {m}, Schimmel {m}
mildew {v} (to taint with mildew) :: schimmeln, verschimmeln
mildew {v} (to become tainted with mildew) :: verschimmeln, schimmeln
mildness {n} (quality of being mild; gentleness) :: Milde {f}
mile {n} (measure of length) :: Meile {f}
mile {n} (Roman measure of length) SEE: Roman mile ::
mileage {n} (total distance travelled) :: Fahrleistung {f}
mileage {n} (distance travelled on certain amount of fuel) :: Reichweite {f}
mileage {n} (allowance for travel expenses per distance travelled) :: Kilometerpauschale {f}, Kilometergeld {n}
mileage {n} (amount of service) :: Laufzeit {f}
mileage {n} (something worth taking into consideration) :: Gehalt {m}
milestone {n} (one of a series of numbered markers placed along a road at regular intervals) :: Kilometerstein {m}, Meilenstein {m}, Postmeilensäule {m} {f}
milestone {n} (important event) :: Meilenstein {m}, Etappenziel {n}
MILF {n} (woman) :: MILF {f}
Milgram experiment {prop} (experiment) :: Milgram-Experiment {n}
miliaria {n} (rash) :: Miliaria {f}, Schweißfrieseln {n}
milieu {n} (medium) SEE: medium ::
milieu {n} (person’s social setting or environment) :: Milieu {n}
militainment {n} (entertainment that features or celebrates the military) :: Militainment {n}
militancy {n} (quality of being militant) :: Militanz {f}
militant {adj} (warlike, belligerent) :: militant
militant {adj} (aggressively active or supportive) :: militant
militarisation {n} (process) SEE: militarization ::
militarism {n} (militarism) :: Militarismus {m}
militarist {n} (one who believes in military force) :: Militarist {m}
militarization {n} (process) :: Militarisierung {f}
militarize {v} (to train or equip for war) :: militarisieren
military {adj} (characteristic of members of the armed forces) :: Militär-, militärisch, Kriegs-
military {adj} (relating to war) :: Kriegs-
military {adj} :: militärisch
military {n} (armed forces) :: Streitkräfte {f-p}; Militär {n}; Armee {f}
military academy {n} (postsecondary officer-prep school) :: Militärakademie {f}
military attaché {n} (a diplomatic attaché for military affairs) :: Militärattaché {m}
military government {n} :: Militärregierung {f}
military order {n} (order of knighthood) :: Militärorden {m}
military police {n} (police unit of a military organization) :: Militärpolizei {f}
military science {n} (academic discipline which examines institutions and behaviours in the military) :: Wehrwissenschaft {f}
military service {n} (service in an army) :: Militärdienst {m}, Wehrdienst {m}, Kriegsdienst {m}
militia {n} (army of trained civilians called upon in time of need) :: [general] Miliz {f}; [official reserve also] Landwehr; Reserve; Volksheer
militiaman {n} (member of a militia) :: Milizionär {m}
milk {v} (to express milk from mammal) :: melken
milk {v} (to express any liquid) :: melken
milk {v} (to take advantage of situation) :: ausschöpfen, ausreizen
milk {v} :: durchkauen
milk {n} (semen) SEE: semen ::
milk {n} (liquid) :: Milch {f}
milkable {adj} :: melkbar
milk brother {n} (male milk sibling) :: Milchbruder {m}
milk chocolate {n} (Chocolate that includes milk powder as one of its ingredients) :: Milchschokolade {f}
milker {n} (person who, or machine which, milks) :: Melker {m}, Melkerin {f}, Melkmaschine {f}
milk fever {n} (fever after childbirth) :: Milchfieber
milkfish {n} (Chanos chanos) :: Milchfisch {m}
milk float {n} (milk float) :: Milchauto {n}, Milchwagen {m}
milk glass {n} (white, opaque glass) :: Milchglas {n}
milking {n} (the act by which a cow is milked) :: Melken {n}
milking machine {n} (machine) :: Melkmaschine {f}
milkmaid {n} (a young woman who milks the cows on a farm) :: Milchmädchen {n}, Melkerin {f}
milkmaid's yoke {n} (carrying pole) SEE: carrying pole ::
milkman {n} (man who delivers milk early in the morning) :: Milchmann {m}
milk powder {n} (pulverized milk solids) :: Milchpulver {n}
milkshake {n} (milk and ice cream beverage) :: Milchmixgetränk {n}, Milchmischgetränk {n}, Milchmix {m}, Milchshake {m}
milk sister {n} (female milk sibling) :: Milchschwester {f}
milk snake {n} (Lampropeltis triangulum) :: Dreiecksnatter {f}, Milchschlange {f}
milk substitute {n} (liquid that replaces milk in a diet or recipe) :: Milchersatz {m}, Pflanzenmilch {f}
milk tea {n} (bubble tea) SEE: bubble tea ::
milk tooth {n} (tooth of the first set of teeth) :: Milchzahn {m}
milk-vetch {n} (Astragalus) :: Tragant {m}
milkweed {n} (a plant) :: Seidenpflanze {f}
milk-white {adj} (having a slightly bluish white color, that of milk) :: milchweiß, milchweiss [Switzerland and Liechtenstein], schneeweiß, schneeweiss [Switzerland and Liechtenstein]
milkwort {n} (Polygala) :: Kreuzblume {f}
milky {adj} (resembling milk in color or consistency) :: milchig
milky quartz {n} (common form of crystalline quartz) :: Milchquarz {m}
milky stork {n} (Mycteria cinerea) :: Milchstorch {m}
Milky Way {prop} (galaxy) :: Milchstraße {f}
Milky Way {prop} (light in night sky) :: Milchstraße {f}
mill {n} (grinding apparatus) :: Mühle {f}
mill {n} (building housing a grinding apparatus) :: Mühle {f}
mill {n} (manufacturing plant) :: Fabrik {f} [general], Werk {n} [general] Papiermühle {f} [for paper]
mill {n} (building housing a manufacturing plant) :: Fabrik {f} [general], Werk {n} [general], Papiermühle {f} [for paper]
mill {v} (grind or process using a mill or other machine) :: mahlen
mill {n} (treadmill) SEE: treadmill ::
mill {n} (milling cutter) SEE: milling cutter ::
mill dam {n} (dam constructed in order to create a millpond) :: Mühldamm {m}
mille-feuille {n} (a type of pastry with several layers of puff pastry) :: Cremeschnitte {f}
millennium {n} (thousand-year period) :: Jahrtausend {n}, Millennium {n}
miller {n} (person) :: Müller {m}, Müllerin {f}
miller {n} (milling machine) SEE: milling machine ::
Miller {prop} (surname meaning "a miller") :: Mueller, Müller
millet {n} (any of a group of various types of grass or its grains used as food) :: Hirse {f}
milli- {prefix} (prefix) :: milli-
Millian {adj} (of or relating to John Stuart Mill) :: Millsch
milliard {num} (10^9) SEE: billion ::
millibar {n} (non-SI unit of pressure) :: Millibar {n}
milligram {n} (milligram) :: Milligramm {n}
milliliter {n} (milliliter) SEE: millilitre ::
millilitre {n} (a unit of volume) :: Milliliter {m}
millimeter {n} (unit of measure) :: Millimeter {m}
millimetre {n} (millimeter) SEE: millimeter ::
millinery {n} (A shop with women's hats) :: Hutgeschäft {n}, Modewaren {p}, Modewarengeschäft {n}, Boutique {f}
millinery {n} (The wares of a shop with women's hats) :: Modewaren {p}
millinery {n} (The business and work that a milliner engages in) :: Hutmacherei {f}
milling cutter {n} (rotary cutting tool) :: Fräswerkzeug {n}, Fräser {m}
milling machine {n} (machine) :: Fräsmaschine {f}
million {n} (cardinal number) :: Million {f}
millionaire {n} (somebody whose wealth is greater than one million) :: Millionär {m}, Millionärin {f}
millionairess {n} (woman whose wealth is greater than one million dollars) :: Millionärin {f}
million-dollar question {n} :: Preisfrage {f}
millionth {adj} (millionth) :: millionstel, milliontel
millipede {n} (elongated arthropod) :: Tausendfüßler {m}
millisecond {n} (one one-thousandth of a second) :: Millisekunde {f}
mill race {n} (channel) :: Mühlgraben {m}, Mühlbach {m}
millstone {n} (large round stone used for grinding grain) :: Mühlstein {m}
millstone {n} (heavy responsibility) :: Klotz am Bein {m}
milquetoast {n} (pejorative: person of meek disposition) :: Angsthase {m}, Hasenfuß {m}
milt {n} (fish semen) :: Milch {f}, Fischmilch {f}
milt {n} (the organ spleen) SEE: spleen ::
Miltiades {prop} (given name) :: Militiades
Mimas {prop} (moon of Saturn) :: Mimas {m}
mimic {n} (imitation) SEE: imitation ::
mimic {v} (to imitate, especially in order to ridicule) :: nachahmen
mimicry {n} (the act or ability to simulate the appearance of someone or something else) :: Mimikry {f}, Nachahmung {f}
mimosa {n} (plant belonging to the genus Mimosa) :: Mimose {f}
mina {n} (monetary unit) :: Mine {f}
mina {n} (unit of weight) :: Mine {f}
mina {n} (myna) SEE: myna ::
minarchism {n} (government with the least necessary power over its citizens) :: Minarchismus {m}
minaret {n} (mosque tower) :: Minarett {n}
mince {n} (finely chopped meat) :: Hackfleisch {n}, Faschiertes {n}, Gehacktes {n}, Hackepeter {m}, Mincemeat {n}
mince {v} (chop fine) :: hacken, wolfen
minced {adj} (finely chopped) :: gehackt, kleingeschnitten, fein gehackt
minced oath {n} (euphemism based on a profanity) :: abgemildertes Schimpfwort {n}, entschärfter Fluch {m}
mincer {n} (a kitchen utensil used for mincing meat) SEE: meatgrinder ::
mince words {v} (to use euphemisms) :: [sense: "not to mince words"] sich kein Blatt vor den Mund nehmen
mind {n} (ability for rational thought) :: Verstand {m}, Geist {m}, Sinn {m}
mind {n} (ability to be aware of things) :: Bewusstsein {n}
mind {n} (ability to remember things) :: Gedächtnis {n}, Gedanken {m-p}
mind {n} (ability to focus the thoughts) :: Aufmerksamkeit {f}, Konzentration {f}
mind {n} (somebody that embodies certain mental qualities) :: Genie {n}
mind {n} (judgment, opinion, or view) :: Meinung {f}, Ansicht {f}
mind {n} (desire, inclination, or intention) :: Verlangen {n}, Lust {f}
mind {n} (healthy mental state) :: Zurechnungsfähigkeit {f}
mind {n} (philosophy: non-material substance) :: Wahrnehmung {f}
mind {v} (to pay attention to, take note of) :: aufpassen, beachten
mind {v} (to dislike, object to, have a contrary opinion toward) :: dagegen haben
mind {v} (to look after, take care of) :: aufpassen
mind {v} (to remember) SEE: remember ::
mind-bending {adj} :: bewusstseinsverändernd
mind-boggling {adj} (that causes the mind to boggle) :: [colloquial] irrsinnig, verblüffend, [colloquial] verrückt, [colloquial] wahnsinnig, unfassbar, verwirrend
mind control {n} (subverting an individual's control of his or her mind) :: Bewusstseinskontrolle {f}
minder {n} (babysitter) :: Tagesmutter {f}
minder {n} (bodyguard) :: Leibwächter {m}
mindfulness {n} (awareness) SEE: awareness ::
mind like a sieve {n} (poor memory) :: ein Hirn wie ein Sieb haben, ein Gedächtnis wie ein Sieb haben
mind one's own business {v} (to concern oneself only with what is of interest to oneself and not interfere in the affairs of others) :: sich um seine eigenen Angelegenheiten kümmern
mindset {n} (a way of thinking) :: Denkweise {f}
mind you {adv} (introducing a qualification or contrastive statement) :: wohlgemerkt
mine {pron} (that which belongs to me) :: mein, meins
mine {n} (excavation from which ore is extracted) :: Grube {f}, Mine {f}, Bergwerk {n}, Zeche {f}, Tagebau {m} (opencast mine)
mine {n} (military: exploding device) :: Mine {f}
mine {v} (to remove ore from the ground) :: fördern, abbauen
mine {v} (to sow mines in) :: verminen
mine {v} (to pick one's nose) SEE: pick one's nose ::
minecart {n} (a wheeled container that travels on tracks, used for moving mining materials) :: Kipplore {f}, Güterlore {f}, Hunt {m}, Förderwagen {m}
minefield {n} (area in which mines have been hidden) :: Minenfeld {n}
minefield {n} (dangerous situation) :: Minenfeld {n}
minelayer {n} (ship capable of laying mines) :: Minenleger {m}
miner {n} (person who works in a mine) :: Bergmann {m}, Bergarbeiter {m}
mineral {n} (in geology) :: Mineral {n}
mineral acid {n} (any inorganic acid) :: Mineralsäure {f}
mineralize {v} (to convert to a mineral, petrify) :: mineralisieren
mineralize {v} (to impregnate with minerals) :: mineralisieren
mineral lick {n} (salt lick) SEE: salt lick ::
mineralogical {adj} (relating to mineralogy) :: mineralogisch
mineralogist {n} (expert in mineralogy) :: Mineraloge {m}, Mineralogin {f}
mineralogy {n} (the study or science of minerals) :: Mineralogie {f}
mineral water {n} (water containing dissolved minerals) :: Mineralwasser {n}, Wasser {n}
mineshaft {n} (mineshaft) :: Bergwerksschacht {f}
minestrone {n} (thick Italian vegetable soup) :: Minestrone {f}, Minestra {f}
minesweeper {n} (vehicle, device or person for the removal of mines) :: Minenabwehrfahrzeug {n}, Minenräumboot {n}
mingle {v} (To mix; to intermix; to combine or join) :: vermischen, vermengen, untermischen [reflexive]
mingle-mangle {n} (collection of miscellaneous things) SEE: hodgepodge ::
Mingrelian {prop} (language) :: Mingrelisch
mini- {prefix} (smaller version of an item) :: mini-
miniature {n} (a model of reduced scale) :: Miniatur {f}
miniature {n} (a token in a game representing a unit or character) :: Miniatur {f}
miniature golf {n} (informal form of golf) :: Minigolf {n}
Miniature Pinscher {n} (Miniature Pinscher) :: Zwergpinscher {m}
miniature poodle {n} (a small poodle) :: Zwergpudel {m} [28-34 cm], Kleinpudel {m} [35-44 cm]
minibar {n} (small refrigerator in a hotel room) :: Minibar {f}
minibus {n} (a small bus) :: Kleinbus {m}, Minibus {m}
minidress {n} (woman's short dress) :: Minikleid {n}
minify {v} (to make smaller) :: verkleinern
minigolf {n} (miniature golf) SEE: miniature golf ::
minikin {n} (3-point type) SEE: excelsior ::
minikini {n} (a very skimpy bikini) :: Minikini {m}
minim {n} (A half note, drawn as a semibreve with a stem) :: halbe Note {f}
minimal {adj} (The smallest possible amount, quantity, or degree) :: minimal
minimalism {n} (style of art) :: Minimalismus {m}
minimalism {n} (style of music) :: Minimalismus {m}
minimalist {adj} (believing in or seeking a minimal state) :: minimalistisch
minimalist {n} (one who believes in or seeks a minimal state) :: Minimalist {m}
minimal pair {n} (Pair of words) :: Minimalpaar {n}
minimart {n} (convenience store) SEE: convenience store ::
minimization {n} (act of lowering something to its smallest value or extent) :: Minimierung {f}
minimize {v} (To make small as possible) :: minimieren
minimize {v} ((computing) To cause a window to disappear) :: minimieren
minimum {n} (lowest limit) :: Minimum {n}, Mindestmaß {n}
minimum {adj} (lowest degree) :: minimal
minimum wage {n} (lowest rate of pay that an employer can legally pay) :: Mindestlohn {m}
mining {n} (activity of removing solid valuables from the earth) :: Bergbau {m}
minion {n} (loyal servant of another more powerful being) :: Ergebener {m}, Untergebener {m}, Lakai {m}
minion {n} (sycophantic follower) :: Günstling {m}
minion {n} (7-point type) :: Kolonel {m}, Colonel, Mignon
minionette {n} (6½-point text) :: Insertio
minipig {n} (small pig) :: Minischwein {m}
minipill {n} (a sort of contraceptive pill) :: Minipille {f}
miniskirt {n} (skirt) :: Minirock {m}, Miniröckchen {n}
minister {n} (politician who heads a ministry) :: Minister {m}, [female] Ministerin {f}
minister {v} (to attend to; to tend) :: sich kümmern, sorgen
ministerial {adj} :: ministeriell
ministerial {n} (unfree noble) :: Ministerial {m}, Dienstmann {m}
minister without portfolio {n} (minister without permanent area of responsibility) :: Minister ohne Geschäftsbereich {m}, Minister ohne Portefeuille {n}
ministration {n} (act of ministering) :: Dienst {m}, Fürsorge {f}, Pflege {f}
ministry {n} (government department) :: Ministerium {n}
ministry {n} (ministration) SEE: ministration ::
minium {n} (red lead) :: Minium
minivan {n} (small van) :: Minivan {m}
miniver {n} (a light gray or white fur) :: Feh {n}
minivet {n} (bird of Pericrocotus) :: Mennigvogel {m}
mink {n} (mammal) :: Nerz {m}, Mink {m} [American mink]
mink {n} (mink coat) SEE: mink coat ::
mink coat {n} (coat) :: Nerz
minke whale {n} (Balaenoptera acutorostrata or Balaenoptera bonaerensis) :: Zwergwal {m}
Min Nan {prop} (the language) :: Min Nan {n}, Minnan {n}
Minnesota {prop} (a state of the United States of America) :: Minnesota
Minnesotan {n} (person from Minnesota) :: Mensch aus Minnesota {m}
minnow {n} (a small freshwater fish) :: Elritze {f}, Bitterfisch {m}, Maipiere, Pfrille {f}
Minoan {adj} (Of or relating to the civilization that developed in Crete from the neolithic period to the Bronze Age) :: minoisch
Minoan {n} (Minoan) :: minoisch
minor {adj} (of little importance) :: gering, geringfügig, klein, unbedeutend, untergeordnet, nachgeordnet
minor {adj} (musical scale) :: moll
minor {n} (someone below the legal age) :: Minderjähriger {m}, Minderjährige {f}, minderjährige Person {f}
minor {n} (subject of secondary concentration) :: Nebenfach {n}
Minorca {prop} (An island of Spain) :: Menorca {n}
minority {n} (subgroup that does not form a numerical majority) :: Minderheit {f}, Minorität {f}
minority {n} :: Minderheit {f}
minority cabinet {n} (minority government) SEE: minority government ::
minority government {n} (government backed by less than half of votes in parliament) :: Minderheitsregierung {f}
minority language {n} (language spoken by a minority) :: Minderheitensprache {f}
minor key {n} (music: a musical key based upon a minor scale) :: Molltonart {f}, Moll {n}
minor planet {n} (celestial body) :: Kleinplanet {m}
minor thing {n} :: Kleinigkeit {f}
minor third {n} (musical interval) :: kleine Terz {f}
minotaur {n} (monster with the head of a bull and the body of a man) :: Minotaur, Minotaure, Minotaurus, Minotauros
Minsk {prop} (capital of Belarus) :: Minsk {n}
minster {n} (a monastic church) :: Münster {n} {m}
minstrel {n} (medieval traveling entertainer) :: Spielmann {m}, Troubadour {m}, Minnesänger {m}
mint {n} (money-producing building or institution) :: Münzanstalt {f}, Münze {f}
mint {n} (large amount of money) :: Heidengeld {n}
mint {v} (to reproduce coins) :: prägen
mint {adj} (of condition, as new) :: wie neu, einwandfrei
mint {adj} (unused stamp) :: postfrisch
mint {n} (plant) :: Minze {f}
minuend {n} (number from which another is subtracted) :: Minuend {m}
minuet {n} (dance) :: Menuett {n}
minuet {n} (music accompanying the dance) :: Menuett {n}
minus {n} (minus sign) SEE: minus sign ::
minus {prep} (mathematics: less) :: weniger, minus
minus {n} (mathematics: negative quantity) :: Minus {n}
minus {n} (downside or disadvantage) :: Minus {n}
minuscule {n} (lower-case letter) :: Kleinbuchstabe {m}, Gemeinbuchstabe {m}, Gemeiner {m} [der Gemeine]
minuscule {adj} (written in minuscules) :: Klein-
minuscule {adj} (very small, tiny) :: [colloquial] klitzeklein, winzig
minus sign {n} (symbol used to denote the operation of subtraction and to indicate that a number is negative) :: Minuszeichen {n}
minute {n} (unit of time) :: Minute {f}
minute {n} (short but unspecified period of time) :: Moment {m}
minute {n} (unit of angular measure) :: Minute {f}
minute {v} (to write the minutes of) :: protokollieren, aufzeichnen
minute {adj} (very small) :: winzig
minute {adj} (very careful and exact, giving small details) :: minutiös, minuziös
minute hand {n} (clock hand) :: Minutenzeiger {m}
minute of angle {n} (one 60th of a degree) :: Bogenminute {f}
minute of arc {n} (minute of angle) SEE: minute of angle ::
minutes {n} (the official notes kept during a meeting) :: Protokoll {n}, Mitschrift {f}, Niederschrift {f}
minuteslong {adj} (lasting minutes) :: minutenlang
minutia {n} (minor detail) :: Detail {n}, Einzelheit {f}
Miocene {prop} (Miocene epoch) :: Miozän {n}
Mira {prop} (star) :: Mira
mirabelle plum {n} (Prunus domestica subsp. syriaca) :: Mirabelle {f}, Gelbe Zwetschge {f}
mirabilite {n} (saline evaporite consisting of sodium sulfate) :: Mirabilit {n}
miracle {n} (wonderful event attributed to supernatural powers) :: Wunder {n}, Mirakel {n}
miracle {n} (a fortunate outcome that prevails despite overwhelming odds against it) :: Wunder {n}
miracle {n} (an awesome and exceptional example of something) :: Wunder {n}
miracle berry {n} (the berry of Synsepalum dulcificum) :: Wunderbeere {f}, Mirakelfrucht {f}
miracle play {n} (miracle play) :: Mirakelspiel {n}
miracle worker {n} (a person who performs a (supernatural) miracle) :: Wundertäter {m}, Wundertäterin {f}
miraculous {adj} (by supernatural or uncommon causes) :: wundertätig, mirakulös, Wunder-
mirage {n} (an optical phenomenon) :: Luftspiegelung {f}, Fata Morgana {f}
mirage {n} (illusion) SEE: illusion ::
Miranda {prop} (moon of Uranus) :: Miranda {m}
Mirandese {prop} (Romance language) :: Mirandés {n}
mirative {n} (grammatical mood) :: Admirativ
mirativity {n} (the quality of being mirative) :: Mirativität {f}
mire {n} (deep mud) :: Morast {m}, Schlamm {m}, Matsch {m}
Miriam {prop} (sister of Moses and Aaron) :: Miriam {f}, Mirjam {f}
Miriam {prop} (female given name) :: Miriam {f}, Mirjam {f}
mirror {n} (smooth reflecting surface) :: Spiegel {m}
mirror {n} (computing: exact copy of a data set) :: Kopie {f}
mirror ball {n} (disco ball) SEE: disco ball ::
mirror image {n} (reversed image) :: Spiegelbild {n}
mirth {n} (merriment) :: Fröhlichkeit {f}, Belustigung {f}, Freude {f}
miry {adj} (boggy, marshy) :: sumpfig, schlammig
mis- {prefix} (bad or wrong; badly or wrongly) :: miss-, ver-
misandric {n} (misandrist) SEE: misandrist ::
misandric {adj} (misandristic) SEE: misandristic ::
misandrist {n} (one who professes misandry; a hater of men) :: Männerhasser {m}, Männerhasserin {f}, Männerfeind {m}, Männerfeindin {f}
misandrist {adj} (misandristic) SEE: misandristic ::
misandristic {adj} (of, relating to, or exhibiting misandry) :: männerfeindlich, männerverachtend, misanthropisch, mi­s­an­th­rop
misandry {n} (hatred of or prejudice against men) :: Männerhass {m}, Männerfeindlichkeit {f}, Misandrie {f}
misanthrope {n} (one who hates all mankind) :: Misanthrop {m}, Menschenhasser {m}, Menschenfeind {m}
misanthropist {n} (misanthrope) SEE: misanthrope ::
misanthropy {n} (hatred or dislike of people or mankind) :: Menschenhass {m}, Menschenfeindlichkeit {f}, Misanthropie {f}
misapprehend {v} (to interpret something incorrectly; to misunderstand) :: missverstehen
misappropriate {v} (to embezzle) SEE: embezzle ::
misbaha {n} (set of Islamic prayer beads) :: Misbaha {m}, Subha {m}
misbegotten {n} (one born out of wedlock) SEE: bastard ::
misbegotten {adj} (of a person: born out of wedlock) SEE: illegitimate ::
misbehavior {n} (conduct that is inappropriate) :: schlechtes Benehmen {n}
miscalculation {n} :: Fehlkalkulation {f}, Rechenfehler {m}
miscarriage {n} (termination of pregnancy) :: Fehlgeburt {f}
miscarriage of justice {n} (error which led to an unjust outcome) :: Justizirrtum {m}
miscarry {v} (to abort a foetus) :: eine Fehlgeburt haben
miscarry {v} (to fail to achieve) :: misslingen
miscast {v} (To cast an actor in an inappropriate role) :: fehlbesetzen
miscellaneous {adj} (consisting of a variety of ingredients or parts) :: gemischt, vermischt, verschieden
miscellaneous {adj} (having diverse characteristics) :: vielseitig
miscellany {n} (Miscellaneous items) :: Gemisch {n}
miscellany {n} (A collection of writings on various subjects, topics) :: Sammlung {f}
mischief {n} (conduct that playfully causes petty annoyance) :: Unfug {m}, Unheil {n}, Querulantentum {n}
mischief {n} (harm or trouble caused by an agent or brought about by a particular cause) :: Unheil {n}, Unfug {m}, Aufruhr {m}
mischief {n} (one who causes mischief) :: Störenfried {m}, Unruhestifter {m}, Rowdy {m}, Schläger {m}, Aufrührer {m}, Anstifter {m}
mischievous {adj} (naughty) :: unartig, ungehorsam, dreist, frech
miscomprehend {v} (misunderstand) SEE: misunderstand ::
misconduct {n} (bad behavior) SEE: misbehavior ::
misconstrue {v} (to interpret erroneously) :: fehldeuten, falsch deuten, falsch interpretieren
miscreant {adj} (lacking in conscience or moral principles; unscrupulous) :: gewissenloser Mensch {m}, Übeltäter {m}, Schurke {m}
miscreant {adj} (holding an incorrect religious belief) :: Ungläubiger {m}, Ketzer {m}
miscreant {n} (one who holds a false religious belief; an unbeliever) :: Missetäter {m}, Missetäterin {f}
misdeed {n} (something wrong done) :: Missetat {f}
misdemeanor {n} (small crime) :: Vergehen {n}, Ordnungswidrigkeit {f}
misdiagnosis {n} (An incorrect diagnosis) :: Fehldiagnose {f}
mise en scène {n} (the arrangement of props and actors on a stage or for film) :: Regie {f}, Mise-en-scène {f}
miser {n} (skinflint or scrooge) :: Geizhals {m}, Geizkragen {m}, Geiziger {m}, Geizige {f}, Pfennigfuchser {m}, Pfennigfuchserin {f}, Pfennigklauber {m}, Pfennigklauberin {f}, Rappenspalter {m} [Swiss German], Rappenspalterin {f}, Knauser {m}, Knauserin {f}
miserable {adj} (in a state of misery) :: elend, erbärmlich, jämmerlich, miserabel
miserable {adj} (very bad (at)) :: miserabel
misericord {n} (ledge) :: Misericordie {f}
misericord {n} (medieval dagger) :: Misericordia {m}
miserliness {n} (property of being miserly) :: Geiz {m}
miserly {adj} (like a miser; very covetous; stingy) :: geizig, knauserig, knausrig, gierig
misery {n} (great unhappiness) :: Misere {f}, Elend {n}
misfire {n} (An act of misfiring) :: Fehlzündung {f} [of a spark plug]
misfire {v} (To fail to ignite in the proper sequence) :: fehlzünden
misfire {v} (To fail to achieve the anticipated result) :: fehlschlagen
misfit {n} (a badly adjusted person) :: Nichtangepasster {m}, Nichtangepasste {f}, Sonderling {m}, Aussenseiter {m}, Unangepasster {m}
misfortune {n} (bad luck) :: Pech {n}, Ungemach {n}
misfortune {n} (an undesirable event such as an accident) :: Unglück {n}, Unfall {m}, Unheil {n}, Mißgeschick {n}
misfortunes never come singly {proverb} (bad things come in groups) SEE: it never rains but it pours ::
misgiving {n} (Doubts, concerns) :: Zweifel
mishap {n} (accident, mistake, or problem) :: Missgeschick {n}
mishear {v} (to hear wrongly) :: sich verhören
mishear {v} (to understand wrongly) :: missverstehen, sich verhören
mishmash {n} (a collection of miscellany) :: Mischmasch
misinform {v} (give or deliver false information) :: falsch informieren
misinformation {n} (disinformation) SEE: disinformation ::
misinterpret {v} (to interpret wrongly) :: missverstehen
misinterpretation {n} (instance of misinterpreting) :: Fehlinterpretation {f}
Miskolc {prop} (city in Hungary) :: Miskolc {n}, Mischkolz {n}
mislay {v} (to leave something in the wrong place and then forget where one put it) SEE: misplace ::
mislead {v} (lead in a false direction) :: in die Irre führen, irreführen; in die Irre führen; in die Irre führen
misleading {adj} (tending to mislead) :: irreführend, missverständlich, verwirrend, verwirrend
misnomer {n} (use of term that is misleading) :: Fehlbenennung {f}, Fehlbezeichnung {f}, Namensirrtum {m}, Unwort {n}
misnomer {n} :: falsche Bezeichung {f}
miso {n} (thick paste for making soup) :: Miso {n}
misogynist {n} (hater of women) :: Frauenhasser {m}, Frauenhasserin {f}, Frauenfeind {m}, Frauenfeindin {f}, Misogyn {m}
misogynist {adj} (misogynistic) SEE: misogynistic ::
misogynistic {adj} (of, relating to, or exhibiting misogyny) :: frauenfeindlich, misogyn, frauenverachtend
misogyny {n} (hatred or contempt for women) :: Frauenhass {m}, Frauenfeindlichkeit {f}, Misogynie {f}, Weiberhass {m}
misplace {v} (to put something somewhere and then forget its location) :: verlegen
mispronounce {v} (to pronounce incorrectly) :: falsch aussprechen
mispronunciation {n} (act of mispronouncing) :: falsche Aussprache {f}, fehlerhafte Aussprache {f}
mispronunciation {n} (mispronounced word or phrase) :: Aussprachefehler {m}
misread {v} (to read wrongly) :: falsch lesen, falsch deuten, falsch verstehen, missverstehen
misrepresentation {n} (erroneous statements, or the act of making these) :: falsche Darstellung {f}, Falschdarstellung {f}, Fehldarstellung {f}
miss {v} (to fail to hit) :: verfehlen
miss {v} (to feel the absence of someone or something; to feel the want or need of) :: vermissen, sich sehnen
miss {v} (to fail to attend) :: verpassen
miss {v} (to be late for something) :: verpassen
miss {v} (to lack something) :: mangeln
miss {n} (a failure to hit) :: Fehlschuss {m}
miss {n} (unmarried woman) :: Fräulein {n}
miss {n} (Miss) SEE: Miss ::
Miss {n} (title) :: Fräulein {n} (Frl.)
missile {n} (air-based weapon) :: Geschoss {n}, Fluggeschoss {n}
missile {n} (self-propelled, guidable projectile) :: Lenkflugkörper {m}, Lenkwaffe {f}
missing {adj} (not able to be located) :: fehlend
missing link {n} (hypothetical primate) :: fehlendes Glied {n}, fehlendes Bindeglied {n}, Missing Link {m} {n}, fehlende Verbindung {f}
missing link {n} (figuratively: sought-after intermediary figure) :: fehlendes Glied {n}, fehlendes Bindeglied {n}, fehlende Verbindung {f}
missing person {n} (person whose whereabouts are unknown) :: Vermisster {m}
mission {n} (set of tasks that fulfills a purpose) :: Auftrag {m}
mission {n} (religious evangelism) :: Mission {f}
missionary {n} (person traveling to spread a religion) :: Missionar {m}
missionary {adj} (relating to a mission) :: missionarisch
missionary {n} (missionary position) SEE: missionary position ::
missionary position {n} (position for sexual intercourse) :: Missionarsstellung {f}
Mississippi {n} (state) :: Mississippi
Mississippi {n} (river) :: Mississippi {m}
Missouri {prop} (US state) :: Missuri {n}, Missouri {n}
Missouri {prop} (river) :: Missuri, Missouri
miss out {v} (to miss something that should not be missed) :: verpassen, verfehlen, auslassen
misspeak {v} (to fail to pronounce, utter, or speak correctly) :: versprechen
misspell {v} (to spell incorrectly) :: falsch buchstabieren, falsch schreiben
misspelling {n} (misspelt word) :: Rechtschreibfehler {m}
misstep {n} (step that is wrong) :: Fehltritt {m}
misstep {n} (error or mistake) :: Fehltritt {m}
misstep {v} (to step badly or incorrectly) :: einen Fehltritt machen
misstep {v} (to make an error or mistake) :: einen Fehltritt machen
missus {n} (wife) SEE: wife ::
missy {n} (a young female; miss) :: Fräulein {n}
mist {n} (Water or other liquid finely suspended in air) :: Nebel {m}, Dunst {m}
mistakable {adj} (possible to be mistaken or misunderstood) :: missverständlich, verwirrend
mistake {v} (to take one thing for another) :: verwechseln
mistake {v} (To make an error) :: fehlen, sich versehen
mistake {n} (an error) :: Fehler {m}
mistaken {adj} (erroneous) SEE: erroneous ::
mistaken {adj} ((with a copula verb, often with about) having an incorrect belief) SEE: be wrong ::
mistakenly {adv} (by accident) :: irrtümlicherweise
mister {n} (title of adult male) :: Herr {m}
mistle thrush {n} (Turdus viscivorus) :: Misteldrossel {f}
mistletoe {n} (any of several hemiparasitic evergreen plants of the order Santalales) :: Mistel {f}
mistreat {v} (treat someone or something roughly or badly) :: misshandeln, schinden
mistreatment {n} (improper treatment) :: Misshandlung {f}, schlechte Behandlung {f}, Schinderei {f}
mistress {n} (woman of authority) :: Frau {f}, Meisterin {f}, Herrscherin {f}
mistress {n} (woman in extramarital relationship) :: Mätresse {f}, Liebhaberin {f}
mistress {n} (dominatrix) :: Domina {f}
mistrial {n} (invalid trial) :: Verfahrenshindernis {n}
mistrust {n} (lack of trust) :: Misstrauen {n}
misunderstand {v} (to understand incorrectly, while believing one has understood correctly) :: missverstehen, falsch verstehen
misunderstanding {n} (mistake) :: Missverständnis {n}
misuse {v} (to use something incorrectly) :: missbrauchen
mitch {v} :: schwänzen
mite {n} (arachnid) :: Milbe {f}
mite {n} (lepton) SEE: lepton ::
Mithraism {prop} (an ancient mystery cult) :: Mithraskult {m}, Mithraismus {m}
Mithridates {prop} (ancient male given name) :: Mithridates {m}
mitigate {v} (to reduce, lessen, or decrease) :: mildern, abschwächen, abmildern
mitigating circumstances {n} (facts that mitigate a crime) :: mildernde Umstände {m}
mitigation {n} (reduction of something harmful) :: Erleichterung, Abmilderung {f}
MIT license {prop} :: MIT-Lizenz {f}, X-Lizenz {f}, X11-Lizenz {f}
mitochondrion {n} (respiratory organelle) :: Mitochondrium {n}, Mitochondrion {n}
mitosis {n} (division of a cell nucleus) :: Mitose {f}
mitosome {n} (organelle found within eukaryotes) :: Mitosom {n}
mitotic {adj} (of or pertaining to mitosis) :: mitotisch
mitre {n} (a covering for the head, worn on solemn occasions by church dignitaries) :: Mitra {f}
mitt {n} (mitten) SEE: mitten ::
mitten {n} (type of glove) :: Fäustling {m}; Fausthandschuh {m}
mitzvah {n} (any of the 613 commandments of Jewish law) :: Mitzwa {f}
mitzvah {n} (an act of kindness) :: Mitzwa {f}
mix {v} (stir two or more substances together) :: mischen, vermischen, vermengen, mixen
mix {v} (music: combine several tracks) :: mischen, abmischen, mixen
mix {n} (result of mixing two or more substances) :: Mischung {f}
mixed {adj} (having two or more separate aspects) :: gemischt
mixed {adj} (including both males and females) :: gemischt
mixed {adj} (Stemming from two or more races or breeds) :: gemischt, vermischt
mixed declension {n} (German mixed declension) :: gemischte Deklination {f}
mixed marriage {n} (marriage between people of different races, cultures, religions, etc) :: Mischehe {f}
mixed martial arts {n} (Style of combat sport) :: Mixed Martial Arts {f-p}
mixed-race {adj} (having genetic characteristics of two or more different races) :: gemischtrassig
mixed reaction {n} (state of diverse reception) :: sortierte Reaktionen, verschiedene Reaktionen
mixed salt {n} :: Mischsalz {n}
mixer {n} (blender) :: Mixer {m}
mixer tap {n} :: Mischbatterie {f}
mixing bowl {n} (Large bowl used for mixing ingredients) :: Rührschüssel {f}, Salatschüssel {f}
mixing up {v} :: Verwechslung {f}
mixture {n} (act of mixing) :: Mischung {f}
mixture {n} (something produced by mixing) :: Mischung {f}
Miyako {prop} (Language) :: Miyako-Sprache
Mizar {prop} (binary star in the constellation Ursa Major) :: Mizar
mizzen {n} (mizzenmast) SEE: mizzenmast ::
mizzenmast {n} (nautical: aftmost mast) :: Achtermast {m}, Besanmast {m}, Hintermast {m}, Kreuzmast {m}
Mjollnir {prop} (the hammer of Thor, Thor's hammer Mjollnir) :: Mjöllnir {m} [Duden online], Mjölnir {m}
Mkhitaryan {prop} (surname) :: Mchitarjan
MMORPG {n} (abbreviation of video game type, see also: massively multiplayer online role-playing game) :: MMORPG {n}
Münchausen syndrome {n} (a psychiatric disorder) :: Münchhausen-Syndrom {n}
mnemonic {adj} (related to mnemonics) :: mnemonisch
mnemonic {n} (Anything (especially something in verbal form) used to help remember something) :: Eselsbrücke {f}, Merkhilfe {f}
mnemonics {n} (study of techniques for improving memory) :: Mnemotechnik
Mnemosyne {prop} (Titaness) :: Mnemosyne {f}
mnemotechnic {adj} (pertaining to mnemotechny) :: mnemotechnisch
Münster {prop} (city in North Rhine-Westphalia) :: Münster
moa {n} (extinct bird) :: Moa
Moab {prop} :: Moab
moan {n} (a low cry of pain) :: Stöhnen {n}
moan {v} (to make a moan or similar sound) :: stöhnen
moaning dove {n} (Columbina passerina) :: Sperlingstäubchen {n}
moat {n} (defensive ditch) :: Burggraben {m}
mob {n} (unruly group of people) :: Pöbel {m}
mob {n} (group of animals) :: Herde {f}
mob {n} (mafia) SEE: mafia ::
mobbing {n} (group bullying) :: Mobbing {n}
mob cap {n} (plain cap or headdress for women or girls) :: Morgenhaube {f}
mobile {adj} (capable of being moved) :: beweglich, mobil
mobile {n} (decoration) :: Mobile {n}
mobile {n} (mobile phone) SEE: mobile phone ::
mobile game {n} (electronic game played using a cellular phone) :: Handy-Spiel
mobile phone {n} (portable telephone) :: Mobiltelefon {n}, Funktelefon {n}, Handy {n}, [Switzerland] Natel {n}
mobile telephone {n} (mobile phone) SEE: mobile phone ::
mobiliary art {n} (portable art) SEE: portable art ::
mobilisation {n} (mobilization) SEE: mobilization ::
mobilise {v} (to make something mobile) :: mobilisieren
mobilise {v} (to assemble troops and their equipment in a coordinated fashion so as to be ready for war) :: mobilmachen
mobilise {v} (to become made ready for war) :: mobilmachen
mobility {n} (ability to move) :: Mobilität {f}
mobilization {n} (marshalling of troops and national resources in preparation for war) :: Mobilmachung {f}
mobilize {v} (mobilise) SEE: mobilise ::
mob rule {n} (government by the masses) :: Pöbelherrschaft
mobster {n} (member of a criminal gang, see also: Mafioso) :: Gangster {m}
mocha {n} (coffee with chocolate) :: Mokka {m}
mocha {n} (coffee/chocolate flavour) :: Mokka- [in compound words]
mock {n} :: Nachahmung {f}
mock {v} (to mimic) :: nachahmen, nachäffen
mock {v} (to taunt) :: aufziehen, hochnehmen
mock {adj} (imitation, not genuine) :: Schein-, nachgemacht
mocker {n} (one who mocks) :: Spötter {m}, Spottdrossel [derogatory]
mock exam {n} (an examination where the marks do not count) :: Probeklausur {f}
mockingbird {n} (songbird of the family Mimidae) :: Spottdrossel {f}
mock object {n} :: Mock-Objekt {n}
mockumentary {n} (programme) :: Mockumentary
mockup {n} (a full-scale working model of something) :: Modell {n}, Mockup {n}, Nachbildung {f}
modal {n} (modal verb) SEE: modal verb ::
modal {adj} (of or relating to a mode or modus) :: modal
modal {adj} (of, relating to, or describing the mood of a clause) :: modal
modal {adj} (requiring immediate computer user interaction) :: modal
modal {adj} :: modal
modality {n} (classification of propositions; mode) :: Modalität {f}
modality {n} :: Modalität {f}
modal particle {n} (linguistic class) :: Modalpartikel {f}
modal verb {n} (a kind of verb) :: Modalverb {n}, Modalverbum {n}
mode {n} (means of accomplishing something) :: Art {f}
mode {n} (in computing) :: Modus {m}
mode {n} (style or fashion) :: Mode {f}
mode {n} (grammatical mood) SEE: grammatical mood ::
model {n} (person) :: Model {n}, Fotomodell {n}, Mannequin {n}
model {n} (miniature) :: Model {n}, Modell {n}
model {n} (simplified representation) :: Modell {n}
model {n} (style) :: Modell {n}
model {n} (structural design) :: Modell {n}
model {n} (praiseworthy example) :: Modell {n}, Vorbild {n}
model {adj} (worthy of being a model) :: Modell-
model {adj} :: Modell-
model {v} (use as a model) :: modellieren
model {v} (make a miniature model) :: modellieren
model {v} (create from a substance) :: modellieren
model aircraft {n} (aircraft made to a smaller scale) :: Modellflugzeug {n}
model building {n} (activity of making models) SEE: modelbuilding ::
modelbuilding {n} (activity of making models) :: Modellbau {m}
modeling {n} (The construction and use of a computer model) :: Modellierung {f}
modelization {n} (the act, process or result of modelizing) :: Modellierung {f}
model solution {n} (exemplary solution) :: Musterlösung {f}
model-view-controller {n} (type of computer user interface) :: Model-View-Controller, Modell-Präsentation-Steuerung
model-view-presenter {n} (type of computer user interface that separates the representation of information from the user's interaction) :: Model-View-Presenter {m}
modem {n} (device that encodes digital computer signals into analog/analogue telephone signals) :: Modem {n}
mode of transport {n} (vehicle or system used to transport people or goods) :: Verkehrsmittel {n}
moderate {adj} (not excessive) :: moderat
moderate {adj} (mediocre) :: mittelmäßig, mäßig
moderate {adj} (having an intermediate position in politics) :: moderat
moderate {v} (to act as a moderator) :: moderieren
moderation {n} (state or quality of being moderate; avoidance of extremes) :: Maßhalten {n}
moderation {n} (instance of moderating; to bring away from extremes) :: Mäßigung {f}
moderation {n} (moderating a discussion: supervision; mediation) :: Diskussionsleitung {f}
moderato {n} (tempo mark) :: Moderato {n}
moderato {n} (passage) :: Moderato {n}
moderato {adj} (played in this style) :: moderato
moderator {n} (someone who moderates) :: Moderator {m}
moderator {n} ((Internet) A person who enforces the rules of a forum) :: Moderator {m}
modern {adj} (pertaining to the current time and style) :: modern
modern art {n} (modern art) :: Moderne Kunst {f}
Modern English {prop} (English spoken since the Great Vowel Shift) SEE: New English ::
Modern Greek {n} (Modern Greek) :: Neugriechisch {n}; [adjective] neugriechisch
modernism {n} (any of several styles of art, architecture, literature, philosophy, etc., that flourished in the 20th century) :: Modernismus {m}
modernity {n} (quality of being modern) :: Modernität {f}
modernization {n} (process of modernizing) :: Modernisierung {f}
modernize {v} (bring something up to date) :: modernisieren
Modern Monetary Theory {prop} (Economic model) :: Modern Monetary Theory
Modern Standard Arabic {prop} (Modern Standard Arabic) :: Standardarabisch {n}, Fusha {f}, Modernes Hocharabisch {n}, modernes Hocharabisch {n}
modest {adj} (not bragging or boasting about oneself or one's achievements) :: bescheiden, maßvoll
modest {adj} (small) :: bescheiden, klein, gering, moderat
modest {adj} (intending to avoid the encouraging of sexual attraction in others) :: anständig, sittsam
modesty {n} (the quality of being modest) :: Bescheidenheit {f}
modicum {n} (small amount) :: bisschen
modification {n} (act or result of modifying or condition of being modified) :: Änderung {f}, Abänderung {f}, Modifikation {f}
modification {n} (alteration or adjustment) :: Änderung {f}, Abänderung {f}, Modifikation {f}
modification {n} (change to an organism) :: Modifikation {f}
modifier {n} (one who modifies) :: Modifikator {m}
modifier {n} (grammar: qualifying word, clause or phrase) :: Bestimmungswort {n}, Bestimmung {f}
modify {v} (to change part of) :: ändern, abändern, modifizieren
modify {v} (to be or become modified) :: bearbeiten
modular {adj} (of or relating to a module or modules) :: modular
modularize {v} :: modularisieren
modularized {v} :: modularisiert
modulation {n} (Applying a signal to a carrier) :: Modulation {f}
modulator {n} (device that modulates) :: Modulator {m}
module {n} (self-contained component of a system) :: Modul {m}
module {n} (unit of education) :: Modul {n}
module {n} (type of algebraic structure) :: Modul {m}
module {n} :: Modul {n}, Modul {m} [qualifier]
module {n} (abelian group) SEE: abelian group ::
modus operandi {n} (person or thing's method of operation) :: Modus Operandi {m}
modus operandi {n} (habits from a criminal) :: Modus Operandi {m}
Moebius syndrome {n} (disorder) :: Möbius-Syndrom {n}, okulofaziale Parese {f}
Moesia {prop} (an ancient region and later Roman province situated in the Balkans) :: Mösien {n}, Moesia
Mogadishu {prop} (capital city) :: Mogadischu {n}
moggy {n} (cat (depreciative slang)) :: Katzenvieh {n}
Mogilev {prop} (city) :: Mahiljou {n}, Mogilew {n}, Mogiljow {n}
mogul {n} (a rich or powerful person) :: Mogul {m}
mogul {n} (a hump on a skiing piste) :: Buckel {m}, Mugel {m}
mogul skiing {n} (type of freestyle skiing) :: Buckelpistenfahren {n}
Mohammad {prop} (male given name) SEE: Muhammad ::
Mohammad {prop} (prophet) SEE: Muhammad ::
Mohammedan {n} (Muslim) :: Mohammedaner {m} [largely obsolete]
Mohammedan {adj} (Muslim, Islamic) :: mohammedanisch [largely obsolete]
Mohawk {n} (hairstyle) :: Irokesenschnitt {m}, Iro {m} [colloquial/slang]
mohel {n} (person who performs circumcision) :: Mohel {m}
Mohican {n} (hairstyle) SEE: Mohawk ::
Mohs scale {prop} :: Mohshärte {f}
moiety {n} (half) SEE: half ::
moist {adj} (slightly wet) :: feucht
moisten {v} (to make moist) :: anfeuchten, befeuchten
moisten {v} (to become moist) :: feucht werden
moisture {n} (a moderate degree of wetness) :: Feuchtigkeit {f}, Nässe {f}
moisturising cream {n} (cream that moisturises the skin) :: Feuchtigkeitscreme {f}
moisturizer {n} (that which causes moisture) :: Befeuchtungsmittel {n}, Feuchtigkeitsspender {m}
moisturizer {n} (moisturising cream) SEE: moisturising cream ::
mojibake {n} (corrupt characters or letters) :: Mojibake {f}, Zeichensalat {m}, Krähenfüße {m-p}
mojito {n} (Cuban cocktail) :: Mojito {m}
mojo {n} (magic charm or spell) :: Magie {f}, Zauber {m}
mojo {n} (personal magnetism; charm) :: Charme {m}
Moksha {prop} (language) :: Mokscha
molar {n} (back tooth) :: Backenzahn {m}
molar {adj} (containing one mole of solute per litre of solution) :: molar
molarity {n} (moles per litre of a solution) :: Molarität {f}
molar volume {n} :: Molvolumen {n}
molasses {n} (thick brownish syrup refined from raw sugar) :: Melasse {f}, Sirup {m}
mold {n} (hollow form or matrix for shaping a fluid or plastic substance) :: Form {f}, Gussform {f}
mold {v} (To shape in or on a mold) :: modellieren
mold {n} (woolly or furry growth of tiny fungi) :: Schimmel {m}, Mehltau {m}
Moldavia {prop} (Moldova) SEE: Moldova ::
Moldavia {prop} (region) :: Moldawien {n}
Moldavian {prop} (language) :: Moldauisch, Moldawisch
Moldavian {adj} (relating to Moldova) :: moldauisch
Moldavian SSR {prop} (name for the Republic of Moldova) :: Moldauische SSR {f}
molding {n} (act or process of shaping in a mold) :: Abformen {n}, Formen {n}, Formung {f}, Ausformung {f}, Formverfahren {n}
molding {n} (anything cast in a mold) :: Guss {m}, Spritzling {m}, Gussstück {n}
molding {n} (architecture: narrow decorative surface) :: Leiste {f}, Profilleiste {f}, Profil {n}, Zierleiste {f}
molding {n} (planing machine) :: Profilhobel {m}
molding {n} (machine to assist in making molds) :: Formmaschine {f}
molding {n} (mill for shaping timber) :: Profilfräse {f}
molding {n} (founding: sand used for making molds) :: Formsand {m}
Moldova {prop} (country) :: Moldawien {n}; [officialese] Moldau {f}, Moldova {n}
Moldovan {n} (Moldavian) SEE: Moldavian ::
Moldovan {prop} (Moldavian) SEE: Moldavian ::
Moldovan {adj} (Moldavian) SEE: Moldavian ::
moldy {adj} (mouldy) SEE: mouldy ::
mole {n} (dark spot on the skin) :: Muttermal {n}, Mal {n}
mole {n} (burrowing insectivore) :: Maulwurf {m}
mole {n} (internal spy) :: Maulwurf {m}, Spion {m}
mole {n} (translations to be checked) :: Braut {f}, Gangsterbraut {f}, Puppe {f}
mole {n} (massive structure used as a pier or breakwater) :: Mole {f}
mole {n} (unit of amount) :: Mol {n}, Gramm-Molekül
mole {n} (hemorrhagic mass of tissue in the uterus) :: Mole {f}
mole {n} (mole rat) SEE: mole rat ::
molecatcher {n} (person who traps and kills moles) :: Maulwurffänger {m}, Maulwurffängerin {f}
mole cricket {n} (insect of Gryllotalpidae) :: Maulwurfsgrille {f}
molecular {adj} (relating to molecules) :: molekular
molecular biologist {n} (scientist who specializes in molecular biology) :: Molekularbiologe {m}, Molekularbiologin {f}
molecular biology {n} (branch of biology) :: Molekularbiologie {f}
molecular cloud {n} (large dense cloud in space) :: Molekülwolke {f}
molecular dynamics {n} :: Molekulardynamik {f}
molecular formula {n} (a notation indicating the number of atoms of each element present in a compound) :: Summenformel {f}, Bruttoformel {f}
molecular genetics {n} :: Molekulargenetik
molecular orbital {n} (molecular orbital) :: Molekülorbital {n}
molecular orbital theory {n} :: Molekülorbitaltheorie {f}
molecule {n} (group of atoms held together by chemical bonds) :: Molekül {n}
molehill {n} (A small mound of earth) :: Maulwurfshaufen {m}
mole rat {n} (rodent) :: Mull {m}
molest {v} (to annoy intentionally) :: belästigen
molinologist {n} (one who studies molinology) :: Molinologe {m}, Molinologin {f}, Mühlenkundler {m}, Mühlenkundlerin {f}
molinology {n} (study of mills) :: Molinologie , Mühlenkunde {f}, Mühlenlehre {f}, Mühlenwesen {n}
Molise {prop} (region of Italy) :: Molise {n}
moll {adj} (minor) SEE: minor ::
mollie {n} (Molotov cocktail) SEE: Molotov cocktail ::
mollify {v} (to ease a burden) :: mildern
mollify {v} (to appease) :: beruhigen
mollusc {n} (soft-bodied invertebrate of phylum Mollusca, see also: clam; oyster; mussel) :: Weichtier {n}, Molluske {f}
molossus {n} (metrical foot) :: Molossus {m}
Molotov cocktail {n} (simple incendiary bomb) :: Molotowcocktail {m}, Brandflasche {f}
molten {adj} (melted) :: geschmolzen
Moluccas {prop} (archipelago) :: Molukken {p}
molybdenite {n} (mineral) :: Molybdänit {m}
molybdenum {n} (chemical element) :: Molybdän {n}
molybdenum blue {n} :: Molybdänblau {n}
molybdomancy {n} (divination by molten metal dropped in water) :: Bleigießen {n}
mom {v} (mother) SEE: mum ::
moment {n} (very brief period of time) :: Augenblick {m}, Moment {m}, Zeitpunkt {m}
moment {n} (moment of force) :: Moment {m}
momentarily {adv} (In a momentary manner) :: momentan
momentary {adj} (lasting for only a moment) :: vorübergehend
moment of inertia {n} (physical measure) :: Trägheitsmoment {n}
moment of truth {n} (deciding instant) :: Stunde der Wahrheit {f}, Moment der Wahrheit {m}, Augenblick der Wahrheit {m}
momentous {adj} (of outstanding importance or great consequence) :: wichtig, bedeutsam
momentousness {n} (quality of being momentous) :: Bedeutsamkeit {f}, Tragweite {f}, Wichtigkeit {f}
momentum {n} (product of mass and velocity) :: Impuls {m}, Bewegungsmenge {f}, Bewegungsgröße {f}
momentum {n} (impetus, either of a body in motion, or of an idea or course of events) :: Schwung {m}, Wucht {f}, Schwungkraft {f}, Moment {n}
momma's boy {n} (male overly attached to his mother) :: Muttersöhnchen {n}
mommy {n} (mum) SEE: mum ::
momo {n} (type of dumpling) :: Momo
Momus {prop} (personification of satire and mockery) :: Momos {m}
Mon {n} (Monday) :: Mo., Mon., Mont.
Monaco {prop} (country in Europe) :: Monaco {n}
monad {n} (something ultimate and indivisible) :: Monade {f}
monad {n} (mathematics and computing term) :: Monade
monadological {adj} :: monadologisch
monarch {n} (ruler) :: Monarch {m}, Monarchin {f}, Fürst {m}
monarchism {n} (advocacy of the monarchistic political system) :: Monarchismus {m}
monarchist {n} (an advocate of, or believer in, monarchy) :: Monarchist {m}, Monarchistin {f}
monarchy {n} (form of government with a hereditary head of state) :: Monarchie {f}
monastery {n} (building for monks) :: Kloster {n}
monastic {adj} (of or relating to monasteries or monks) :: mönchisch, klösterlich
Monastir {prop} (former name of Bitola in Macedonia) :: Bitola
Monday {n} (day of the week) :: Montag {m}
Monday {adv} (on Monday) :: Montag, am Montag
mondegreen {n} (mishearing) :: Verhörer {m}
monetarism {n} :: Monetarismus {m}
monetary {adj} (of or relating to money) :: monetär, Geld-
monetisation {n} (monetization) SEE: monetization ::
monetization {n} (the conversion of something into money) :: Monetisierung {f}
monetize {v} (to convert something into currency) :: monetisieren, zu Geld machen, verflüssigen
monetize {v} (to mint money) :: Geld drucken
monetize {v} (to make a business activity profit-generating) :: monetarisieren, monetär verwerten, geldlich verwerten, gewinnbringend nutzen
money {n} (means of exchange and measure of value) :: Geld {n}
money {n} (currency) :: Geld {n}
money {n} (cash) :: Bargeld {n}
money {n} (wealth) :: Vermögen {n}, Reichtum {m}
moneybags {n} (wealthy person) :: Geldsack {m} [pejorative]
money belt {n} (a belt concealed under clothing) :: Geldkatze
money box {n} (tin with a slot in the top for depositing coins) SEE: piggy bank ::
moneyboy {n} (rentboy) :: Stricher, Nuttesohn [Switzerland]
money can't buy happiness {proverb} (true happiness comes from inside) :: Geld macht nicht glücklich
money changer {n} (person who will exchange currency) :: Geldwechsler {m}
money doesn't grow on trees {proverb} (you must work in order to have money) :: das Geld liegt nicht auf der Straße
money laundering {n} (act of obscuring the origin of money that has been obtained illegally) :: Geldwäsche {f}, Geldwäscherei {f}
moneylender {n} (person who lends money) :: Geldverleiher {m}, Geldverleiherin {f}
money market {n} (market) :: Geldmarkt {m}
money order {n} (a type of cheque) :: Geldbrief {m}, Postanweisung {f}
money plant {n} (Lunaria annua) SEE: honesty ::
money plant {n} (Crassula ovata) :: Geldbaum {m}, Pfennigbaum {m}
money tree {n} (Crassula ovata) SEE: money plant ::
Monégasque {n} (a native or inhabitant of Monaco) :: Monegasse {m}, Monegassin {f}
Monégasque {adj} (of or relating to Monaco or its inhabitants) :: monegassisch
monger {n} (dealer) :: Krämer {m}, Händler {m}, Verkäufer {m}
Mongol {n} (A person from Mongolia; a Mongolian) SEE: Mongolian ::
Mongol {n} (member of the nomadic people) :: Mongole {m}
Mongol {n} (someone with Down's syndrome) :: Mongoloider {m}
Mongolia {prop} (East Asian country) :: Mongolei {f}
Mongolian {adj} (of or relating to Mongolia or its peoples, languages, or cultures) :: mongolisch
Mongolian {n} (native or inhabitant of Mongolia) :: Mongole {m}, Mongolin {f}
Mongolian {n} (language of Mongolia) :: Mongolisch
Mongolian {adj} (designating or affected with Down syndrome) SEE: Mongol ::
Mongolian People's Republic {prop} (Mongolia) SEE: Mongolia ::
Mongolian spot {n} (congenital birthmark in lower back) :: Mongolenfleck {m}, Asiatenfleck {m}, Sakralfleck {m}, Steißfleck {m}, Hunnenfleck {m}, kongenitale dermale Melanozytose {f}
mongolism {n} (Down syndrome) :: Mongolismus {m} [dated]
mongoloid {n} (person with Down syndrome) SEE: Mongol ::
mongoose {n} (a small carnivore of the family Herpestidae) :: Manguste {f}, Mungo {m}
mongrel {n} (someone of mixed kind) :: Mischling {m}, Mischlingshund {m} [dog], Promenadenmischung {f} [dog, humorous]
Monica {prop} (female given name) :: Monika
Monika {prop} (female given name) SEE: Monica ::
moniker {n} (personal name or nickname) :: Name {m}, Spitzname {m}
moniker {n} (signature) SEE: signature ::
monism {n} (doctrine of the oneness and unity of reality) :: Monismus {m}
monition {n} (caution or warning) :: Mahnung {f}
monitor {n} (someone who watches over something) :: Aufpasser {m}, Wächter {m}
monitor {n} (computer display) :: Bildschirm {m}, Monitor {m}
monitor {n} (student leader) :: Tutor {m}
monitor {v} (watch over, guard) :: überwachen, abhören, überprüfen, aufpassen, kontrollieren
monitor {n} (monitor lizard) SEE: monitor lizard ::
monitor {n} (ironclad) SEE: ironclad ::
monitoring {n} (Surveillance or continuous or regular observation) :: Überwachung {f}
monitor lizard {n} (lizard of the genus Varanus) :: Waran {m}
monk {n} (slang: judge) SEE: judge ::
monk {n} (male member of monastic order) :: Mönch {m}
monk {n} (slang: loner) SEE: loner ::
monkey {n} (primate) :: Affe {m}, Äffin {f} [female]
monkey bars {n} (jungle gym) SEE: jungle gym ::
monkey bread {n} (tree) :: Affenbrotbaum {m}
monkey business {n} (an activity that is considered silly, or stupid, or time-wasting (idiomatic)) :: Affentheater {n}
monkey-eating eagle {n} (Philippine eagle) SEE: Philippine eagle ::
monkey-house {n} (brothel) SEE: brothel ::
monkey puzzle {n} (Araucaria araucana) :: chilenische Schmucktanne {f}, Andentanne {f}, Affenschwanzbaum {m}, Chiletanne {f}, Schuppentanne {f}
monkey puzzle tree {n} (monkey puzzle) SEE: monkey puzzle ::
monkey's fist {n} (type of knot) :: Affenfaust {f}
monkey wrench {n} (adjustable wrench) :: Rollgabelschlüssel {m}, Engländer {m}
monkey wrench {n} (problem) :: Problem {n}
monkfish {n} (fish) :: Seeteufel {m}, Meeresteufel {m}
monkhood {n} (state of being a monk) :: Mönchstum {n}
monkhood {n} (monks collectively) :: Mönche {m-p}
monkish {adj} (pertaining to, or resembling a monk or monasticism) :: mönchisch
monkish {adj} (tending to self-denial; ascetic) :: mönchisch
monkshood {n} (herbs of the genus Aconitum) SEE: aconite ::
mono- {prefix} (one) :: mono-, ein-
Monoceros {prop} (winter constellation of the northern sky) :: Einhorn {n}
monochasium {n} (cyme with one flower on each axis) :: Monochasium {n}
monochrome {n} (black and white image) :: Schwarzweißbild {n}, Schwarzweißfotografie {f}
monochrome {adj} (having only one colour) :: einfarbig, monochrom
monocle {n} (a single lens) :: Monokel {n}
monocolor {adj} :: einfarbig
monocoque {n} (structure design) :: Monocoque {n}
monocotyledon {n} (Plant belonging to Monocotyledones or Liliopsida) :: einkeimblättrigen
monocracy {n} (autocracy) SEE: autocracy ::
monoculture {n} (the cultivation of a single crop) :: Monokultur {f}
monoculture {n} (a culture that lacks diversity) :: Monokultur {f}
monocyte {n} (type of blood leukocyte) :: Monozyt {m}
monoecious {adj} (having the male and female reproductive organs on different parts of the same plant) :: monözisch, einhäusig
monoecy {n} (the condition of being monoecious) :: Monözie {f}, Einhäusigkeit {f}
monogamous {adj} (being married to one person at a time) :: monogam
monogamous {adj} (having only one sexual partner at a time) :: monogam
monogamy {n} (permanent pair bond between two beings) :: Monogamie {f}
monogermane {n} (germane) SEE: germane ::
monoglottism {n} (condition of being able to speak only a single language) SEE: monolingualism ::
monogram {n} (a design composed of one or more letters used as an identifying mark) :: Monogramm {n}
monogram {v} ((transitive) to mark something with a monogram) :: monogrammieren
monograph {n} (scholarly book or treatise) :: Monografie {f}
monoid {n} (type of set) :: Monoid {n}
monokini {n} (bikini worn without the upper part) :: Monokini {m}
monolingual {adj} (only knowing or spoken in one language) :: einsprachig, monolingual
monolingualism {n} (condition of being able to speak only a single language) :: Einsprachigkeit {f}, Monolingualität {f}, Monolingualismus {m}, Monolinguismus {m}
monolith {n} :: Monolith {m}
monolithic {adj} (of or resembling a monolith) :: monolithisch
monolithic {adj} (having a massive, unchanging structure that does not permit individual variation) :: monolithisch
monologue {n} (drama: long speech by one person) :: Monolog {m}, Selbstgespräch {n}
monomial {n} (term with numbers and variables) :: Monom {n}, Mononom {n}
monophobia {n} (fear of being alone) :: Monophobie {f}
monophthong {n} (vowel that has same sound throughout its pronunciation) :: Monophthong {m}
monophthongization {n} (the process of becoming monophthong) :: Monophthongisierung
monophthongize {v} (to change to a monophthong) :: monophthongieren
monophysite {adj} (Describing the beliefs of a Μonophysite) :: monophysitisch
Monophysite {n} (member of an early Christian sect which held that Jesus Christ has one nature) :: Monophysit {m}, Monophysitin {f}
monophysitism {n} (Christian believe claiming a human-only nature of Jesus Christ) :: Monophysitismus {m}
monoplane {n} (airplane that has a single pair of wings) :: Eindecker {m}
monopodium {n} (a single and continuous vegetable axis) :: Monopodium, echte Hauptachse {f}
monopolist {n} (one who has, or attempts to acquire, a monopoly on something) :: Monopolist {m}
monopolistic {adj} (In the manner of a monopoly) :: monopolistisch
monopolization {n} (the act of monopolizing or the state of being monopolized) :: Monopolisierung {f}
monopolize {v} (have a monopoly) :: monopolisieren
monopolize {v} (dominate) :: monopolisieren, beherrschen
monopoly {n} (situation of exclusive supply) :: Monopol {n}
monopoly {n} :: Monopol {n}
Monopoly {prop} (a board game) :: Monopoly {n}
monopsony {n} (market situation in which there is only buyer for a product) :: Monopson {m}
monorail {n} (a railroad system where the trains run on one rail) :: Einschienenbahn {f}
monosaccharide {n} (a simple sugar, composed of a single ring) :: Monosaccharid {n}
monosemy {n} (property of terms of having single meaning) :: Eindeutigkeit {f}, Monosemie {f}
monosodium glutamate {n} (mono sodium salt of the amino acid, glutamic acid) :: Mononatriumglutamat {n}
monosyllabic {adj} (consisting of one syllable) :: einsilbig
monosyllabic {adj} (using monosyllables) :: einsilbig, kurz angebunden
monosyllabic {n} (a word consisting of one syllable) :: Einsilbler {m}, Einsilber {m}, , Monosyllabum {n}
monosyllable {n} (a word of one syllable) :: Einsilbler {m}, Einsilber {m}, , Monosyllabum {n}
monotheism {n} (belief in one God) :: Monotheismus {m}
monotheist {n} (a believer in, or advocate of, monotheism) :: Monotheist {m}, Monotheistin {f}
monotheistic {adj} (believing in a single god) :: monotheistisch
monothematic {adj} (composed of a single traditional name element) :: eingliedrig, monothematisch
monotone {adj} (having a single pitch) :: monton
monotone function {n} (calculus: real function that either never decreases or never increases) :: monotone Funktion {f}
monotone function {n} (order theory: function such that either xy implies f(x) ≤ f(y) or xy implies f(y) ≤ f(x)) :: monotone Funktion {f}
monotonic {adj} (mathematics: never decreasing or increasing as its independent variable increases) :: monoton
monotonic {adj} :: gleich bleibend
monotonous {adj} (having an unvarying tone or pitch) :: monoton
monotonous {adj} (tedious, repetitious or lacking in variety) :: monoton, eintönig, abwechslungslos
monotony {n} (tedium) :: Eintönigkeit {f}, Monotonie {f}
monotony {n} (property of mathematical function) :: Monotonie {f}
monotreme {n} (egg-laying mammal) :: Kloakentier {n}
monoxide {n} (oxide containing a single oxygen atom) :: Oxydul
monozygotic {adj} (of an identical twin) SEE: identical ::
mons {n} (mons pubis) SEE: mons pubis ::
Monsignor {n} (ecclesiastic title bestowed on some Roman Catholic clerics by the Pope) :: Monsignore {m}
monsoon {n} (wind) :: Monsun {m}, Monsunwind {m}
monsoon {n} (tropical rainy season, see also: monsoon season) :: Monsun {m}, Monsunzeit {m}
monsoon {n} (rain) :: Monsunregen {m}
monsoon {n} (meteorological system) :: Monsun {m}
monsoon season {n} (part of the year when monsoons occur) :: Monsunzeit {f}
mons pubis {n} (fleshy protuberance over the pubic bones) :: Schamhügel {m}
monster {n} (terrifying dangerous creature) :: Monster {n}, Ungeheuer {n}
monster truck {n} (truck designed to perform in monster truck shows) :: Monstertruck {n}
monstrance {n} (ornamental in which the consecrated host is placed for veneration) :: Monstranz {f}
monstrosity {n} (State of being monstrous) :: ungeheuerlichkeit
monstrous {adj} (hideous or frightful) :: ungeheuerlich, monströs
monstrous {adj} (enormously large) :: monströs
montage {n} (composite work created by assembling other elements) :: Montage {f}
Montagu's harrier {n} (bird of prey) :: Wiesenweihe {f}
Montana {prop} (US state) :: Montana
Mont Blanc {prop} (the highest mountain in Europe) :: Montblanc {m}, Mont Blanc {m}
Montenegrin {adj} (relating to Montenegro) :: montenegrinisch
Montenegrin {n} (person from Montenegro) :: Montenegriner {m}, Montenegrinerin {f}
Montenegrin {n} (the standardized variety of Serbo-Croatian) :: Montenegrinisch {n}
Montenegro {prop} (country in Europe) :: Montenegro {n}; very rare, literally: Schwarzenberg
Monterey cypress {n} (tree native to California) :: Monterey-Zypresse {f}
Montevideo {prop} (capital of Uruguay) :: Montevideo {n}
month {n} (period into which a year is divided) :: Monat {m}
monthly {adj} (Occurring every month) :: monatlich
monthly {adv} (Occurring every month) :: monatlich
monthslong {adj} (lasting for multiple months) :: monatelang
montmorillonite {n} (a type of smectite clay) :: Montmorillonit {m}
Montreal {prop} (a city in Quebec) :: Montreal {n}, Montréal {n}
Montserrat {prop} (island) :: Montserrat {n}
monument {n} (structure built for commemorative or symbolic reasons) :: Denkmal {n}, Monument {n}
moo {n} (characteristic sound made by a cow or bull) :: Muh {n}
moo {v} (to make a lowing sound) :: muhen
moo {interj} (sound made by a cow or bull) :: muh
mooch {v} (beg, cadge, or sponge; to exploit or take advantage of others for personal gain.) :: schnorren
mooch {n} (moocher) SEE: