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m {n} :: See under M
m' {pron} :: Contraction of mi ('to me') before a vowel
M {letter} :: letter: emme
M {symbol} :: down with
M5S {abbr} :: MoVimento 5 Stelle - an Italian populist political party
ma {conj} :: but
ma {f} :: abbreviation of mamma
ma {interj} [colloquial, emphatic] :: Indicates emotion or emphasis
ma {interj} [colloquial] :: Used to introduce a new topic or a question
Maè {prop} :: A river that flows in Veneto
ma anche no {interj} [colloquial, idiomatic, slang] :: or not (a sarcastic expression of disagreement)
macò {m} :: maco (Egyptian cotton)
Macabeo {m} :: Maccabee
macabramente {adv} :: macabrely
macabro {adj} :: macabre
macaco {m} :: macaque
macaco {m} :: fool, dunce
macadamizzante {v} :: present participle of macadamizzare
macadamizzare {vt} :: To macadamize
macaira {f} :: marlin, spearfish
macao {m} :: macaw
macaone {m} :: swallowtail (butterfly)
Macario {prop} :: given name
macarismo {m} :: macarism
macarismo {m} :: beatitude
maccabaico {adj} :: Maccabaic
Maccabei {prop} :: Maccabees
maccabeo {m} :: fool
maccaluba {f} :: (in Sicily) A volcanic jet of steam, mud, and gases
Maccanelli {prop} :: surname
maccarello {m} :: mackerel (Scomber scombrus)
maccartismo {m} :: McCarthyism
maccartista {m} :: McCarthyite (male)
maccartista {f} :: McCarthyite (female)
macché {interj} :: of course not, not in the least, not on your life
maccha {m} :: alternative spelling of matcha
maccheronata {f} :: blunder
maccheroncino {m} [foods] :: A small macaroni (type of pasta)
maccherone {m} [foods] :: macaroni (type of pasta)
maccheronea {f} :: macaronic composition
maccheroni {n} :: macaroni
maccheronicamente {adv} :: macaronically
maccheronico {adj} :: macaronic
macchia {f} :: stain or smear
macchia {f} :: spot, fleck
macchia {f} :: blot, speck, disgrace
macchia {f} :: shrub, bush, brake
macchiabile {adj} :: stainable
macchia d'aceri {f} :: sugarbush
macchiaiolo {m} :: A member of a Florentine school of impressionism in the second half of the Nineteenth Century
macchiaiuolo {m} :: alternative form of macchiaiolo
macchiante {v} :: present participle of macchiare
macchiantesi {v} :: present participle of macchiarsi
macchia ostinata {f} :: stubborn (ingrained) stain
macchiare {vt} :: to stain, mark, smear
macchiare {vt} :: to blot
macchiare {vt} :: to sully, tarnish
macchiarsi {v} :: reflexive of macchiare
macchiarsi {vr} :: to stain one's body or clothes
macchiarsi {vr} [figuratively] :: to soil one's hands, soil oneself; to sully oneself
macchia solare {f} :: sunspot
macchiatico {m} :: stumpage (right to fell timber)
macchiato {adj} :: stained
macchiato {adj} [of the skin of an animal] :: spotted
macchiatosi {v} :: past participle of macchiarsi
macchiatura {f} :: staining
macchieto {m} :: country area covered by isolated patches of bush and shrub vegetation
macchietta {f} :: little spot; speckle
macchietta {f} :: sketch (little drawing)
macchietta {f} :: strange or ridiculous person
macchiettante {v} :: present participle of macchiettare
macchiettare {v} :: to speckle, dapple or spot
macchiettato {adj} :: speckled, spotted, mottled
macchiettatura {f} :: speckling, mottling
macchiettista {m} :: caricaturist (male)
macchiettista {m} :: character actor
macchiettista {f} :: caricaturist (female)
macchiettista {f} :: character actress
macchiettistico {adj} :: caricatural
macchina {f} :: machine
macchina {f} :: car, motorcar
macchina da cucire {f} :: sewing machine
macchina da scrivere {f} :: typewriter
macchina fotografica {f} :: camera (device for taking photographs)
macchina fotografica digitale {f} :: digital camera
macchinale {adj} :: mechanical
macchinalmente {adv} :: mechanically
macchinante {v} :: present participle of macchinare
macchina per cucire {f} :: sewing machine
macchinare {v} :: to plot, brew or machinate
macchinario {m} :: machinery
macchinata {f} :: A load of washing (as much as the machine will take)
macchinatore {mf} :: plotter, schemer
macchinazione {f} :: plot, machination, conspiracy
macchinazione {f} :: scheme
macchine a fluido {n} :: fluid dynamics
macchinetta {f} :: diminutive of macchina
macchinetta {f} :: small machine; device
macchinetta {f} :: coffee maker, percolator
macchinetta {f} :: brace [for the teeth]
macchinetta {f} :: clipper, trimmer [for the hair]
macchinina {f} :: Small car
macchinina {f} :: model car
macchinina {f} :: toy car
macchinina {f} :: pedal car
macchinina {f} :: dodgem
macchinismo {m} :: mechanism
macchinista {mf} :: engine driver, train driver
macchinista {mf} :: engineer
macchinista {mf} :: stagehand, scene shifter
macchinone {m} :: A big car
macchinosamente {adv} :: complicatedly
macchinosità {f} :: complexity, intricacy
macchinoso {adj} :: complex, complicated, intricate
macchinoso {adj} :: bureaucratic
macchiolina {f} :: fleck, speck
macchione {m} :: thick scrub
macchioso {adj} :: spotted, speckled
macchioso {adj} :: bushy
Maccio {prop} :: A small town the province of Como in Lombardy
macedone {adj} :: Macedonian
macedone {mf} :: Macedonian
macedone {m} [singular only] :: Macedonian language
macedonia {f} [culinary] :: fruit salad (often tinned)
macedonia {f} [figuratively] :: a mixture of heterogeneous elements; a mishmash
macedonia {f} :: medley
Macedonia {prop} :: Macedonia (all senses)
macedonico {adj} :: Macedonian
macedoromeno {adj} :: alternative form of macedorumeno
macedorumeno {adj} :: Macedo-Romanian
macellabile {adj} :: Fit to be slaughtered (of a farm animal)
macellabilità {f} :: fitness for slaughter (of a farm animal)
macellaia {f} :: butcher (female)
macellaio {m} :: butcher
macellante {v} :: present participle of macellare
macellare {vt} :: To butcher, to slaughter
macellaro {m} :: alternative form of macellaio
macellatore {m} :: slaughterer
macellatore {m} :: butcher
macellazione {f} :: slaughter
macellazione {f} :: butchery
macelleria {f} :: butchershop
macello {m} :: slaughterhouse, abattoir
macello {m} :: slaughter, massacre
macello {m} [figuratively] :: mess
macerabile {adj} :: That can be macerated
macerabilità {f} :: The property of what can be macerated
maceramento {m} :: steeping, maceration
macerante {v} :: present participle of macerare
macerantesi {v} :: present participle of macerarsi
macerare {vt} :: to macerate, soak
macerare {vt} :: to torment, mortify, distress
macerarsi {v} :: reflexive of macerare
macerarsi {v} :: to soak, macerate
macerarsi {v} :: to torment oneself
Macerata {prop} :: Macerata (province)
Macerata {prop} :: Macerata (town)
maceratese {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Macerata or its inhabitants
maceratese {mf} :: Native or inhabitant of Macerata
macerato {adj} :: macerated, soaked
macerato {m} :: macerate
maceratoio {m} :: Vessel used for macerating
maceratore {m} :: Person who macerates
maceratosi {v} :: past participle of macerarsi
macerazione {f} :: maceration, soaking
macereto {m} :: scree
macerie {fp} :: rubble
macerie {fp} :: wreckage
macerie {fp} :: debris
macero {adj} :: soaked, steeped, macerated
macero {adj} :: beaten, bruised
Mach {m} :: Mach (number)
machete {m} :: machete
machiavelliano {adj} :: Machiavellian
machiavellicamente {adv} :: In a Machiavellian manner
machiavellico {adj} :: Machiavellian
machiavellismo {m} :: Machiavellianism, Machiavellism
machiavellista {mf} :: Student or follower of Machiavelli
machiavellista {mf} :: Machiavellian
machiavello {m} :: A Machiavellian person
machismo {m} :: machismo
machmetro {m} :: Machmeter
macho {adj} :: macho
macho {m} :: macho
Machri {prop} [obsolete] :: synonym of Chio
macigno {m} :: rock, boulder
macigno {m} :: sandstone, grit
macilento {adj} :: haggard, emaciated, gaunt, sickly
macilenza {f} :: haggardness, emaciation, gauntness
macina {f} :: millstone, grindstone, quern
macinabile {adj} :: That can be ground or milled
macinabilità {f} :: The property of what can be ground or milled
macinacaffè {m} :: coffee grinder, coffee mill
macinacolori {m} :: muller, mullerstone
macinante {v} :: present participle of macinare
macinapepe {m} :: pepper mill
macinare {v} :: to grind or mill
macinare {v} :: to mince (meat)
macinato {adj} :: ground
macinato {adj} :: minced
macinato {m} :: meal (from a mill)
macinato {m} :: mince (meat)
macinatoio {m} :: mill, grinder
macinatore {m} :: grinder, miller (device)
macinatura {f} :: milling (of cereal)
macinatura {f} :: grinding (of coffee)
macinazione {f} :: milling
macinazione {f} :: grinding
macinino {m} :: Small grinder or mill
macinio {m} :: grinding, milling (continuous)
macis {n} :: mace (spice)
maciste {m} :: colossus
maciulla {f} :: scutch
maciullante {v} :: present participle of maciullare
maciullare {v} :: to scutch
maciullare {v} :: to crush or mangle
maciullatura {f} :: scutching
macola {f} :: Variant of macula
macolato {adj} :: alternative form of maculato
macramè {m} :: macramé
macro {f} [computing] :: macro, macroinstruction
macro {f} [photography] :: macrophotography
macro {f} [economics] :: macroeconomy
macro- {prefix} :: macro-
macroanalisi {f} [chemistry] :: macroanalysis
macroanalisi {f} [economics] :: macroeconomics
macrobiotica {f} :: macrobiotics
macrobioticamente {adv} :: macrobiotically
macrobiotico {adj} :: macrobiotic
macroblasto {m} :: macroblast
macrocardia {f} :: cardiomegaly
macrocefalia {f} :: macrocephaly
macrocefalo {adj} :: macrocephalic, macrocephalous
macrocheilia {f} :: macrocheilia
macrochilia {f} [medicine] :: macrocheilia
macrochiria {f} [medicine] :: macrocheiria
macrociclico {adj} [chemistry] :: macrocyclic
macrociclo {m} [chemistry] :: macrocycle
macrocita {m} :: macrocyte
macrocito {m} [cytology] :: macrocyte
macrocitosi {f} :: macrocytosis
macroclima {m} :: macroclimate
macrocosmico {adj} :: macrocosmic
macrocosmo {m} :: macrocosm
macrocristallino {adj} :: macrocrystalline
macrodattilia {f} :: macrodactylia
macrodattilo {adj} :: macrodactylous
macrodistribuzione {f} :: macrodistribution
macrodonte {adj} :: macrodont
macrodontia {f} [pathology] :: macrodontia
macrodontismo {m} :: macrodontia
macroeconomia {f} :: macroeconomics
macroeconomico {adj} :: macroeconomic
macroelemento {m} :: macroelement
macroestesia {f} :: macroesthesia
macroevoluzione {f} :: macroevolution
macrofago {m} [cytology, immunology] :: macrophage
macrofago {adj} :: macrophagous
macrofillo {adj} [botany] :: macrophyllous
macrofillo {m} [botany] :: A macrophyllous leaf
macrofisica {f} [physics] :: macrophysics
macrofossile {m} :: macrofossil
macrofotografia {f} :: macrophotography, photomacrography
macrofotografico {adj} :: macrophotographic
macroftalmia {f} [medicine] :: megalophthalmus, macrophthalmia
macroftalmo {adj} :: megalophthalmic
macrofunzione {f} :: macro function
macrogamete {m} [cytology] :: macrogamete
macrogenesi {f} :: gigantism
macrogenitosomia {f} [medicine] :: macrogenitosomia
macroglobulina {f} :: macroglobulin
macroglossia {f} :: macroglossia
macroglosso {adj} :: macroglossic
macrogruppo {m} :: Any of several major groupings, such as a language family or ethnic group
macroistruzione {f} :: macroinstruction
macrolide {m} [organic chemistry, medicine] :: macrolide
macrolidico {adj} :: macrolidic; macrolide (attributive)
macrolinguistica {f} :: macrolinguistics
macrologia {f} :: macrology
macromelia {f} [medicine] :: macromelia
macrometeorologia {f} :: macrometeorology
macrometrico {adj} [optics] :: macrometric
macromicete {m} :: macromycete, macrofungus
macromilanese {adj} :: Greater-Milan (attributive)
macromolecola {f} :: macromolecule
macromolecolare {adj} :: macromolecular
macron {m} :: macron
macronucleo {m} [cytology] :: macronucleus
macronutriente {adj} :: macronutrient (attributive)
macropetalo {adj} [botany] :: macropetalous
macroplasia {f} [medicine] :: macroplasia
macropodia {f} [medicine] :: macropodia
macropodide {m} :: macropod
macropodo {adj} :: macropodous
macroprogrammazione {f} [computing] :: macroprogramming
macroprosopia {f} [medicine] :: macroprosopia
macroregionale {adj} :: macroregional / macro-regional
macroregione {f} :: macroregion
macrorrinia {f} [medicine] :: macrorhinia
macrorrino {adj} :: macrorhinia (attributive)
macroscelide {m} :: elephant shrew (of genus Macroscelides)
macroscopicamente {adv} :: macroscopically
macroscopico {adj} :: macroscopic (all senses)
macroscopico {adj} [of a mistake] :: blatant
macrosettore {m} :: macrosector (large-scale sector of industry or the economy)
macrosisma {m} :: macroseism
macrosismico {adj} :: macroseismic, megaseismic
macrosismo {m} [geology] :: macroseism
macrosistema {m} :: macrosystem
macrosmatico {adj} :: macrosmatic
macrosociologia {f} :: macrosociology
macrosociologico {adj} :: macrosociological
macrosomia {f} :: macrosomia
macrosomico {adj} :: macrosomic
macrospora {f} :: macrospore
macrosporangio {m} :: macrosporangium
macrostato {m} [physics] :: macrostate
macrostomia {f} :: macrostomia
macrostruttura {f} :: macrostructure
macrotia {f} :: macrotia
macrovascolare {adj} [anatomy] :: macrovascular
macrovescicola {f} :: macrovesicle
macrozona {f} :: macrozone
macula {f} [anatomy, astronomy, geology] :: macula
macula {f} :: stain, blot
macula {f} [pathology] :: macule
maculare {adj} :: macular
maculato {adj} :: spotted
maculopatia {f} [pathology] :: maculopathy
maculoso {adj} :: spotty, spotted
maculoso {adj} :: macular
Madagascar {prop} :: Madagascar
madama {f} :: madam (woman who manages a brothel)
madama {f} [slang] :: The police
madamigella {f} :: Mademoiselle
madamigella {f} :: Miss
maddalena {f} :: madeleine (small cake)
maddalena {f} :: a female repentant sinner
Maddalena {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Magdalene and Madeleine
maddaleone {m} [medicine] :: magdaleon
made in Italy {adj} [of goods] :: manufactured in Italy, especially when made for export
made in Italy {m} :: Italian manufactured goods, considered as a whole, especially when made for export
madera {m} :: madeira (wine)
Madera {prop} :: Madeira (island)
Maderna {prop} :: surname
Maderno {prop} :: surname
madia {f} [furniture] :: cupboard or cabinet (in a kitchen)
madia {f} :: Wooden thing that you knead dough on
madia {f} :: kneading trough
madianita {mf} :: Midianite
madido {adj} :: moist, damp
madienò {interj} :: no! (a vigorous denial)
madiere {m} [nautical] :: rib (of a ship)
madismo {m} :: Mahdism
madonna {f} [now chiefly historical, literary] :: Honorific title used to address women
Madonna {prop} :: Madonna, Our Lady
madonnaro {m} :: A person who makes or sells images of the Madonna
madonnaro {m} :: A pavement artist
madonnaro {m} :: A person who carries a statue of the Madonna during a procession
madonnina {f} :: A small statue of the Madonna
madornale {adj} :: Very large; massive
madornalità {f} :: enormousness, hugeness
madrasa {f} :: madrassah
madre {f} :: mother
Madre di Dio {prop} [Christianity] :: Mother of God (the mother of Christ)
madregalista {m} :: Singer of madrigals (male)
madregalista {f} :: Singer of madrigals (female)
madrelingua {f} :: mother tongue
madrelingua {mf} :: native speaker
madrelingua {adj} :: mother-tongue
madre-nonna {f} :: A mother who is old enough to be a grandmother
madrepatria {f} :: motherland, homeland
madreperla {f} :: mother-of-pearl, nacre
madreperla {m} :: pearl (colour)
madreperla {adj} :: pearl (colour)
madreperlaceo {adj} :: pearly, nacreous
madreperlato {adj} :: frosted
madrepora {f} :: madrepore
madreporico {adj} :: madreporic
Madre Russia {prop} :: Mother Russia
madreselva {f} :: honeysuckle, woodbine
madre sostitutiva {f} :: surrogate mother
Madre Terra {prop} :: Mother Earth
madrevite {f} :: nut (that a bolt screws into)
Madrid {prop} :: Madrid, Spanish capital city and province
madridista {adj} :: Of or from Madrid
madridista {mf} :: Native or inhabitant of Madrid
madrigale {m} :: madrigal
madrigaleggiante {v} :: present participle of madrigaleggiare
madrigaleggiare {vi} :: To compose or sing madrigals
madrigalesco {adj} :: madrigal (attributive)
madrigalesco {adj} :: gallant
madrigalista {m} :: madrigalist
madrigalistico {adj} :: madrigalistic
madrileno {adj} :: Of or from Madrid
madrileno {m} :: Native or inhabitant of Madrid
madrina {f} :: godmother
madrina {f} :: sponsor
madrina {f} [nautical] :: woman who ceremonially names and launches a ship
madrinato {m} :: charity (voluntary assistance)
maestà {f} :: majesty
maestaina {f} :: wayside shrine
maestosamente {adv} :: majestically
maestosamente {adv} :: grandly
maestosità {f} :: majesty
maestosità {f} :: grandeur
maestoso {adj} :: majestic
maestoso {adj} [music] :: A direction to perform a passage or piece of music in a dignified manner
maestra {f} :: teacher (female)
maestra {f} :: schoolteacher (female, especially of younger children)
maestralata {f} :: A gust of mistral wind
maestrale {adj} :: north-west
maestrale {m} :: mistral (wind)
maestranza {f} :: worker
maestranza {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: workforce
maestranze {fp} :: workers, hands
maestrevole {adj} :: masterly
maestrevolmente {adv} :: masterly
maestria {f} :: skill, mastery
maestrina {f} :: A young teacher; a young schoolteacher
maestro {m} :: teacher (male)
maestro {m} :: master (male)
maestro {m} :: mast
maestro {m} [music] :: conductor
maestro {adj} :: proficient, accomplished, expert
maestro {adj} :: main, most important
maestro d'arme {m} :: fencing master
maestro di cappella {m} :: kapellmeister
Maffei {prop} :: surname
maffeiano {adj} :: Maffei (attributive)
mafia {f} :: The Mafia (International organized crime organization)
mafia {f} :: mafia (Individual branch)
mafia {f} :: arrogance
mafiologia {f} :: Study of the Mafia
mafiosa {f} :: a female Mafioso, a female member of the Mafia, a female mobster
mafiosamente {adv} :: In a mafia-style way
mafiosità {f} :: mafia-style behaviour or mentality
mafioso {adj} :: of the Mafia, Mafia (attributive), mafia (attributive), Mafioso (attributive)
mafioso {m} :: a Mafioso, a member of the Mafia, a mobster
maga {f} :: magician, sorceress, enchantress, conjurer
maga {f} :: charmer, beguiler
Magadino {prop} :: A small town near Gambarogno in Ticino
magagna {f} :: flaw, imperfection, defect, blemish
magagna {f} :: infirmity, ailment
magari {adv} :: even
magari {adv} :: maybe, perhaps
magari {conj} :: even if
magari {conj} :: if only
magari {interj} :: of course!; you bet!
magari {interj} :: I wish!; if only!; yeah right!
magazzeno {m} :: store
magazzeno {m} :: warehouse
magazzinaggio {m} :: storage, warehousing
magazzinaggio {m} :: The charge for storing something
magazziniere {m} :: storeman, warehouseman
magazzino {m} :: warehouse, store
magazzino {m} :: stock [of goods]
magazzino {m} :: department store
Magdeburgo {prop} :: Magdeburg (city in Germany)
Magellano {prop} :: Magellan
magenta {m} :: magenta (pinkish purple colour)
magenta {adj} :: magenta (being of the magenta colour)
maggengo {adj} :: May (attributive)
maggesante {v} :: present participle of maggesare
maggesare {vt} :: To fallow
maggese {adj} :: pertaining to the month of May
maggese {m} [agriculture] :: A fallow field
Maggia {prop} :: A small town in the Ticino canton of Switzerland
Maggia {prop} :: A river that flows in Switzerland
maggiaiolo {adj} :: of May, May (attribute)
maggiaiuolo {adj} :: Variant of maggiaiolo
maggio {m} :: May (month)
maggio {m} :: bloom; prime (of life)
maggio {adj} :: greater, bigger
maggio {adv} :: more
maggiociondolo {m} :: laburnum
maggiolata {f} [music] :: May song
Maggioli {prop} :: surname
maggiolino {m} :: cockchafer (insect)
maggiolino {m} :: beetle (VW car)
maggior {adj} :: apocopic form of maggiore
maggiorana {f} :: marjoram (plant and herb)
maggiorante {f} :: majorant
maggioranza {f} :: majority, most
maggiorare {v} :: to increase, to raise
maggiorascato {m} [legal] :: majorat
maggiorasco {m} :: primogeniture
maggiorata {f} :: A buxom woman
maggiorazione {f} :: increase
maggiordomo {m} :: butler, majordomo
maggiore {adj} :: bigger, greater
maggiore {adj} :: biggest, greatest
maggiore {adj} :: longer, longest
maggiore {adj} :: larger, largest
maggiore {adj} :: most important
maggiore {adj} :: major
maggiore {adj} :: greater than
maggiore {adj} :: older, oldest
maggiore {adj} :: most of
maggiore {mf} :: oldest, elder
maggiore {mf} :: major (military)
Maggiore {mf} [when applied to a name] :: the Elder
maggiorenne {adj} :: of age
maggiorenne {mf} :: adult (legal)
maggiorenne {mf} :: major
maggiorente {m} :: An important or influential person
maggioria {f} :: superiority
maggiorità {f} [military] :: regimental office
maggioritariamente {adv} :: as a majority; for the most part
maggioritario {adj} :: majority (attributive)
maggiormente {adv} :: more
maggiormente {adv} :: most
maghetto {m} :: gizzard of a chicken
maghetto {m} [in the plural] :: giblets
maghrebino {adj} :: alternative spelling of magrebino
maghrebino {m} :: alternative spelling of magrebino
magia {f} :: magic
magia {f} :: spell, charm, conjuration
magiaro {adj} [chiefly historical] :: Magyar
magiaro {m} :: Magyar
magicamente {adv} :: magically
magico {adj} :: magic
magico {adj} :: enchanting
magio {m} :: mage
magio {m} [in the plural] :: Magi
magione {f} :: abode, dwelling (poetic)
magismo {m} :: magic, occultism
magismo {m} :: Zoroastrianism
magistero {m} :: teaching (of a master)
magistero {m} :: mastery, skill
magistrale {adj} :: masterly
magistrale {adj} :: magistral
magistrale {adj} :: describing institutes for the education of elementary school teachers
magistralità {f} :: magisterialness
magistralmente {adv} :: masterfully
magistrato {m} :: magistrate
magistratura {f} :: magistracy
magistratura {f} :: The Bench
maglia {f} [in knitting] :: stitch
maglia {f} [of a chain] :: link
maglia {f} :: mesh
maglia {f} :: knitting
maglia {f} [fabric] :: jersey, tricot
maglia {f} [clothes] :: vest, undershirt, shirt, cardigan, jersey, pullover
maglia {f} [sports] :: shirt
maglia {f} [cycle racing] :: jersey
maglia gialla {f} [cycling] :: yellow jersey (shirt worn by the leader in the Tour de France)
magliaia {f} :: knitter (female)
magliaia {f} :: seller of knitwear (female)
magliaio {m} :: knitter (person)
magliaio {m} :: seller of knitwear
magliaro {m} :: rag trader
magliaro {m} :: cheat
maglia rosa {f} [cycling] :: pink jersey (shirt worn by the leader in the Giro d'Italia)
maglieria {f} :: knitwear
maglieria {f} :: knitwear shop
maglierista {m} :: knitter (male)
maglierista {f} :: knitter (female)
maglietta {f} :: T-shirt / tee-shirt
maglietta {f} :: vest, undershirt
maglietta {f} :: ring, eye, loop (as in a ship's rigging)
maglietto {m} :: mallet
maglificio {m} :: knitwear factory
maglina {f} :: jersey
maglio {m} :: mallet
maglio {m} :: trip hammer, about sledge hammer
maglio {m} :: maul
magliolo {m} :: shoot (of a vine)
maglioncino {m} :: light or small sweater, light or small pullover
maglione {m} :: sweater, pullover, jumper
magma {m} :: magma
magma {m} :: jumble
magmatico {adj} [geology] :: magmatic
magmatico {adj} [figuratively, rare] :: jumbled, confused
magmatismo {m} :: magmatism
magnaccia {m} :: pimp, ponce
magnalio {m} :: magnalium
Magnani {prop} :: surname
Magnani {prop} :: Anna Magnani, Italian actress
magnanimamente {adv} :: magnanimously
magnanimità {f} :: magnanimity, generosity
magnanimo {adj} :: magnanimous, generous
magnanina {f} :: Dartford warbler
magnanina sarda {f} :: Marmora's warbler
magnante {v} :: present participle of magnare
magnare {vt} [slang, dialectal, Central and Southern Italy] :: to eat
magnate {m} :: magnate, tycoon, captain of industry
magnatizio {adj} :: magnate (attributive)
magnesia {f} [mineral] :: magnesia
magnesiaco {adj} :: containing magnesium or magnesia; magnesian
magnesiemia {f} [medicine] :: magnesemia
magnesifero {adj} :: magnesian
magnesio {m} [chemistry] :: magnesium
magnesite {f} [mineralogy] :: magnesite
magnetar {f} [astronomy] :: magnetar
magnete {m} :: magnet
magnete {m} :: magneto
magneticamente {adv} :: magnetically
magnetico {adj} :: magnetic (in both the scientific and figurative senses)
magnetismo {m} :: magnetism
magnetite {f} :: magnetite, loadstone
magnetizzabile {adj} :: magnetizable
magnetizzabilità {f} :: magnetizability
magnetizzante {v} :: present participle of magnetizzare
magnetizzantesi {v} :: present participle of magnetizzarsi
magnetizzare {v} :: to magnetize
magnetizzare {v} :: to hypnotize, mesmerize
magnetizzarsi {vr} :: To become magnetized
magnetizzatore {m} :: magnetizer
magnetizzatore {m} :: hypnotist, mesmerist
magnetizzatosi {v} :: past participle of magnetizzarsi
magnetizzazione {f} :: magnetization
magneto- {prefix} :: magneto-
magnetochimica {f} [chemistry] :: magnetochemistry
magnetochimico {adj} :: magnetochemical
magnetodinamica {f} [physics] :: magnetodynamics
magnetodinamico {adj} :: magnetodynamic
magnetoelasticità {f} [physics] :: magnetoelasticity
magnetoelastico {adj} [physics] :: magnetoelastic
magnetoelettrico {adj} :: magnetoelectric
magnetoencefalografia {f} :: magnetoencephalography
magnetoencefalografico {adj} :: magnetoencephalographic
magnetofisica {f} :: magnetics (science)
magnetofluidodinamica {f} [physics] :: magnetohydrodynamics
magnetofonico {adj} :: tape recorder (attributive)
magnetofonico {adj} :: tape-recorded
magnetofono {m} :: tape recorder
magnetografo {m} :: magnetograph
magnetoidrodinamica {f} [physics] :: magnetohydrodynamics
magnetoidrodinamico {adj} :: magnetohydrodynamic
magnetolettore {m} :: magnetic reader or recorder
magnetolettura {f} :: magnetic recording
magnetomeccanico {adj} :: magnetomechanical; magnetomechanics (attributive)
magnetometria {f} :: magnetometry
magnetometrico {adj} :: magnetometric
magnetometro {m} :: magnetometer
magnetomotore {adj} :: magnetomotive
magnetomotrice {adj} [physics] :: magnetomotive
magnetone {m} :: magneton
magnetoottica {f} :: magnetooptics
magnetoottico {adj} :: magnetooptic
magnetopausa {f} :: magnetopause
magnetoresistenza {f} [physics] :: magnetoresistance
magnetoresistore {m} :: magnetoresistor
magnetoscopia {f} :: magnetic particle inspection
magnetosfera {f} :: magnetosphere
magnetosferico {adj} :: magnetospheric
magnetostatica {f} :: magnetostatics
magnetostatico {adj} :: magnetostatic
magnetostratigrafico {adj} :: magnetostratigraphic
magnetostrittivo {adj} :: magnetostrictive
magnetostrizione {f} :: magnetostriction
magnetoterapia {f} :: magnetotherapy
magnetoterapico {adj} :: magnetotherapeutic
magnetotermico {adj} [physics] :: magnetothermic, magnetocaloric
magnificabile {adj} :: That can be glorified
magnificamente {adv} :: magnificently
magnificante {v} :: present participle of magnificare
magnificare {v} :: to glorify, extol
magnificatore {m} :: praiser, extoller, magnifier
magnificazione {f} :: magnification
magnificente {adj} :: magnificent
magnificentemente {adv} :: magnificently
magnificenza {f} :: magnificence, splendour
magnificenza {f} :: munificence
magnifico {adj} :: magnificent
magnifico {adj} :: marvellous, wonderful
magnifico {adj} :: gorgeous, superb
magnifico {adj} :: generous
magniloquente {adj} :: magniloquent, grandiloquent
magniloquente {adj} :: bombastic
magniloquentemente {adv} :: magniloquently, grandiloquently
magniloquentemente {adv} :: bombastically
magniloquenza {f} :: magniloquence, grandiloquence
magniloquenza {f} :: bombast
magnitudine {f} [astronomy] :: magnitude - of a star
magnitudo {f} :: magnitude - of an earthquake
magno {adj} :: great, mighty
Magno {n} [when added to a name] :: the Great
magnogreco {adj} :: Magna Graecia (attributive)
magnolia {f} :: magnolia
mago {m} :: magician, wizard
mago {m} :: fortuneteller
mago {m} :: conjurer, juggler
mago {adj} :: magic
magona {f} :: ironworks
magona {f} :: iron industry
magone {m} [regional, rare] :: gizzard
magone {m} [regional, figuratively] :: grief, unhappiness
Magonza {prop} :: Magonza (city/state capital)
magra {f} :: low water (in a river)
magra {f} :: scarcity (of money etc)
Magra {prop} :: A river that flows in Tuscany and Liguria
magramente {adv} :: poorly
magramente {adv} :: meagerly / meagrely
Magreb {prop} :: The Maghreb
magrebina {f} :: feminine of magrebino: Maghrebi [female]
magrebino {adj} :: Maghrebi
magrebino {m} :: Maghrebi [male]
magrebizzazione {f} :: Assimilation to the Maghreb region of Africa
magredo {m} :: A very permeable soil, formed by floods, typical of the Friuli; it has poor vegetation and is sparsely cultivated
magrezza {f} :: thinness, leanness
magrezza {f} :: meagreness / meagerness
magrissimo {adj} :: Very slim, very thin, very skinny, skin and bones
magrissimo {adj} :: Very scant, very poor, very scarce
magrissimo {adj} :: Very lean, very low-fat
magrittiano {adj} :: Magrittean
magro {adj} :: thin, lean, slim, spare
magro {adj} [of food] :: low-fat, lean
magro {adj} :: meagre, poor, scarce
magro {m} :: lean part
magro {m} [of meat] :: lean, lean meat
magrolino {adj} :: thin, skinny
magrone {m} :: fattening pig
mah {interj} :: An expression of doubt or uncertainty
mah {interj} :: An expression of disapproval or resignation
maharatto {m} :: Marathi (language)
mahdismo {m} :: Mahdism
mahdista {mf} :: Mahdist
mai {adv} :: never
mai {adv} :: ever, always
maiala {f} [rare] :: sow
maiala {f} :: slut, whore (promiscuous woman)
maialata {f} :: boorishness
maialatura {f} :: pork butchery
maiale {m} :: pig
maiale {m} :: pork
maialesco {adj} :: piggish, hoggish, boorish
maialetto {m} :: piglet
maialino {m} :: piglet
maidico {adj} :: maize (attributive)
maidicolo {adj} [agriculture] :: maize-growing
maidicoltura {f} [agriculture] :: maize growing
maidismo {m} :: pellagra
mai e poi mai {adv} :: never ever; never, ever again
maiestatico {adj} :: regal, royal
maieutica {f} [philosophy] :: maieutics, Socratic method
maieutico {adj} :: maieutic, maieutical
mail {f} :: email
mainardiano {adj} :: Relating to Meinhard (any of several Counts of Gorizia / Tyrol)
maiolica {f} :: Italian-style tin-glazed earthenware, coated with opaque white enamel and ornamented with brush-painted metallic enamel colours
maiolica {f} :: = majolica
maiolicaio {m} :: Maker or seller of majolica ware
maiolicante {v} :: present participle of maiolicare
maiolicare {v} :: to tile with majolica
maionese {f} :: mayonnaise
Maiorca {prop} :: Majorca
maiorchino {adj} :: Majorcan
maiorchino {m} :: Majorcan
mai più {adv} :: evermore; never again
Maira {prop} :: A river that flows in Piedmont
mais {m} :: maize, corn
maiscoltore {m} :: maize grower or farmer
maiscoltura {f} :: maize growing
maitresse {f} :: keeper (of a brothel)
maiuscola {f} :: capital letter
maiuscola {f} :: upper case
maiuscoletto {m} :: small caps
maiuscolo {adj} :: capital (letters)
maiuscolo {adj} :: upper case
Majorana {prop} :: surname
Majorana {prop} :: Ettore Majorana, Italian physician
makò {m} :: maco (Egyptian cotton)
mal {m} :: apocopic form of male
mal- {prefix} :: bad; badly
mala {f} :: underworld, gangland
malacarne {f} :: bad or rotten meat
malacarne {f} :: scoundrel
Malacarne {prop} :: surname
malacca {f} :: rattan
malaccetto {adj} :: unwelcome
malaccio {m} :: Grave or serious illness
malaccortamente {adv} :: unwisely, imprudently
malaccortezza {f} :: unwisdom, imprudence
malaccorto {adj} :: unwise, imprudent
malaccorto {adj} :: ill-advised
Malachia {prop} [Biblical character] :: Malachi
Malachia {prop} :: given name
malachite {f} [mineral] :: malachite
malacia {f} [pathology] :: malacia
malaco- {prefix} [biology] :: Forms terms relating to molluscs
Malacoda {prop} :: A fictional devil in the Divine Comedy
malacofauna {f} [zoology] :: malacofauna
malacologia {f} [zoology] :: malacology
malacologo {m} :: malacologist
malacopia {f} :: first draft, rough draft (of a text)
malacreanza {f} :: rudeness, impoliteness
malafede {f} :: bad faith, or an intent to deceive
malafemmina {f} :: whore
malaffare {m} :: ill repute
malaffare {m} :: ill fame
malaga {f} :: Malaga (grape variety, wine)
malagestione {f} :: poor management
malagevole {adj} :: difficult
malagevolmente {adv} :: difficultly
malagiustizia {f} [legal] :: A wrong committed by a judicial authority against a citizen
malagrazia {f} :: bad grace
malalingua {f} :: backbiter
malalingua {f} :: rumourmonger
malamente {adv} :: dishonestly
malamente {adv} :: badly, wrongly, incorrectly
malamente {adv} :: rudely
malandato {adj} :: ruined, dilapidated
malandato {adj} :: in bad condition, or poor health
malandra {f} :: malanders
malandrinaggio {m} :: highway robbery, brigandage
malandrinata {f} :: A trick or stunt
malandrinata {f} :: bravado
malandrinesco {adj} :: highway robbery (attributive)
malandrinesco {adj} :: rascally
malandrino {adj} :: dishonest, crooked
malandrino {adj} :: mischievous
malandrino {m} :: brigand
malandrino {m} :: rascal, rogue
malanga {f} :: malanga
malanimo {m} :: hostility
malanimo {m} :: malevolence
malanno {m} :: illness, disease
malanno {m} :: misfortune, mishap, mischief
malaparata {f} :: difficult situation
Malaparte {prop} :: surname
Malaparte {prop} :: Curzio Malaparte, Italian writer, journalist and poet
malapena {s} :: Only used in the adverb a malapena
malare {adj} [skeleton] :: malar
malare {m} [skeleton] :: malar, cheekbone
malaria {f} [diseases] :: malaria
malarico {adj} :: Of, relating to, causing or suffering from malaria; malarial
malarico {m} :: A person with this disease
malariologia {f} [medicine] :: Study of malaria
malarioterapia {f} [medicine] :: malariotherapy
malasanità {f} :: medical malpractice
malasorte {f} :: bad luck, hard luck
malassorbimento {m} :: malabsorption
Malatesta {prop} :: surname several members of which family were important in Italian history
malatestiano {adj} :: Malatestan; relating to the historic Malatesta family
malaticcio {adj} :: Sickly, unhealthy, especially of a child
malato {adj} :: ill, sick, unwell, affected, sore
malato {adj} :: (plant) diseased
malato {m} :: patient, sick person, invalid
malattia {f} :: illness, sickness, disease, ailment
malattia da graffio di gatto {f} [diseases] :: cat scratch fever
malattia di Parkinson {f} [diseases] :: Parkinson's disease
malauguratamente {adv} :: unfortunately, regretfully
malaugurato {adj} :: inauspicious
malaugurio {m} :: ill omen
malaugurio {m} :: jinx
malaugurosamente {adv} :: inauspiciously
malauguroso {adj} :: inauspicious
malavita {f} :: underworld, gangland
malavita {f} :: racketeers as a whole
malavitosa {f} :: criminal (female)
malavitoso {adj} :: underworld (attributive)
malavitoso {m} :: criminal
malavoglia {f} :: unwillingness
malavoglia {f} :: reluctance
malavvedutamente {adv} :: imprudently
malavveduto {adj} :: imprudent
malavventuratamente {adv} :: unfortunately, unluckily
malavventurato {adj} :: unlucky, unfortunate
malavventurosamente {adv} :: synonym of malauguratamente
malavventuroso {adj} :: synonym of malaugurato
malavvezzo {adj} :: spoilt (over-indulged)
malavvezzo {adj} :: rude (ill-mannered)
Malawi {prop} :: Malawi
malawiana {f} :: Malawian (female)
malawiano {adj} :: Malawian
malawiano {m} :: Malawian
malaysiano {adj} :: Malaysian
malaysiano {m} :: Malaysian
malbianco {m} :: powdery mildew
malcaduco {m} [obsolete, medicine] :: epilepsy
malcapitato {adj} :: unlucky, unfortunate
malcapitato {m} :: Such a person
malcautamente {adv} :: rashly, unwarily, unwisely
malcauto {adj} :: rash, unwary, unwise
malcelato {adj} :: ill-concealed (sentiments, motives etc)
malcerto {adj} :: uncertain
mal comune mezzo gaudio {phrase} :: shared trouble is a half joy
malconcio {adj} :: battered
malconcio {adj} :: unhealthy
malconsigliato {adj} :: misguided
malconsigliato {adj} :: ill-advised
malcontento {adj} :: discontented
malcontento {m} :: discontent, discontentment, unrest
malcontento {m} :: malcontent - person
malcorrisposto {adj} :: unrequited (not returned)
malcostume {m} :: immorality
malcostume {m} :: corruption
malcostume {m} :: sleaze
malcreanza {f} :: rudeness, impoliteness
mal d'auto {m} :: carsickness
maldefinito {adj} :: ill-defined
maldestramente {adv} :: clumsily, awkwardly
maldestro {adj} :: clumsy, awkward
maldicente {adj} :: slanderous
maldicente {mf} :: slanderer
maldicenza {f} :: slander
maldicenza {f} :: backbiting
maldicenza {f} :: gossip
mal di denti {m} :: toothache
mal di gola {m} :: sore throat
mal di mare {m} :: sea-sickness
mal di pancia {m} :: bellyache
mal di schiena {m} :: backache
maldisposto {adj} :: ill-disposed
mal di testa {m} :: headache
Maldive {prop} :: Maldives
maldiviana {f} :: Maldivian (female)
maldiviano {adj} :: Maldivian
maldiviano {m} :: Maldivian
maldiviano {prop} :: The Maldivian language
male {adv} :: badly, wrongly
male {m} :: evil, harm
male {m} :: pain, ache, illness, sickness, disease
Malebolge {prop} :: The name of the eighth circle of Hell in the Divine Comedy
Malebranche {prop} :: a group of devils in the Divine Comedy
maledettamente {adv} :: terribly, awfully
maledettamente {adv} :: a damn sight more, a fuck sight more
maledettamente {adv} :: a hell of a lot
maledettissimo {adj} :: Very horrible, awful
maledetto {adj} :: damned, damn, cursed, blasted
maledetto {adj} :: horrible, awful
maledettosi {v} :: past participle of maledirsi
maledica {f} :: feminine of maledico
maledicamente {adv} :: slanderously
maledicente {v} :: present participle of maledire
maledicentesi {v} :: present participle of maledirsi
maledico {adj} [literary] :: slanderous
maledico {m} :: slanderer
maledir {v} :: apocopic form of maledire
maledire {vt} :: To curse
maledirsi {vr} :: To curse oneself
maledirsi {vr} :: To curse one another
maledizione {f} :: curse, spell, malediction, bane
maleducatamente {adv} :: rudely, impolitely
maleducato {adj} :: ill-bred, ill-mannered, bad-mannered, rude, impolite
maleducato {m} :: Such a person
maleducazione {f} :: rudeness, impoliteness
malefatta {f} :: misdeed, wrongdoing
maleficamente {adv} :: evilly
maleficamente {adv} :: balefully, malignly
maleficenza {f} :: maleficence, wickedness, malignancy
maleficio {m} :: An evil spell, bane, curse
malefico {adj} :: evil
malefico {adj} :: baleful, malign
malefico {adj} :: dark (forces etc)
malefizio {m} :: alternative form of maleficio
maleico {adj} :: maleic
maleodorante {adj} :: malodorous, evil-smelling
maleolente {adj} :: malodorous
malerba {f} :: weed
malese {adj} :: Malay, Malayan
malese {mf} :: Malay, Malayan
malese {m} :: The Malayan language
malese ambonese {m} :: Ambonese (language)
Malesia {prop} :: Malaysia
malesiana {f} :: Malaysian, Malayan (female)
malesiano {adj} :: Malaysian, Malayan
malesiano {m} :: Malaysian, Malayan
malesiano {m} [singular only] :: The Malay language
malessere {m} :: indisposition, malaise
malessere {m} :: unease, uneasiness
malestro {m} :: mischief
malestro {m} :: harm, damage
malevolenza {f} :: malevolence
malevolmente {adv} :: malevolently
malevolo {adj} :: malicious, malevolent, impish
malevolo {adj} :: spiteful
malfacente {v} :: present participle of malfare
malfamato {adj} :: disreputable
malfare {vi} :: To do wrong
malfare {vt} :: To do something wrong or badly
malfatto {adj} :: Badly made; shoddy
malfatto {adj} :: unshapely
malfatto {m} :: misdeed
malfatto {m} [in the plural] :: Type of gnocchi
malfattore {m} :: wrongdoer, evildoer, malefactor
malfattrice {f} :: (female) wrongdoer, evildoer, malefactor
malfermo {adj} :: faltering, unsteady
malfermo {adj} :: unstable
malfermo {adj} :: trembling - voice
malfidato {adj} :: distrustful, mistrustful
malfidato {m} :: A distrustful or mistrustful person
malfidente {adj} :: mistrustful, distrustful
malfido {adj} :: unreliable, untrustworthy
malfondato {adj} :: ill-founded
malfondato {adj} :: groundless
malformativo {adj} :: malformed
malformato {adj} :: misshapen
malformato {adj} :: malformed
malformazione {f} :: malformation
malfrancese {m} :: syphilis
malfunzionamento {m} :: malfunction
malfunzionante {adj} :: not working properly, defective, broken
malfunzione {f} :: malfunction
malga {f} :: mountain pasture (alpeggio)
malga {f} :: alpine building
malgarbo {m} :: rudeness, impoliteness
malgarbo {m} :: slight, insult
malgascia {f} :: Malagasy, Madagascan (female)
malgascio {adj} :: Malagasy, Madagascan
malgascio {m} :: Malagasy, Madagascan
malgascio {prop} :: The Malagasy language
malgovernabile {adj} :: ungovernable
malgovernabile {adj} :: uncontrollable, unruly
malgoverno {m} :: misgovernment, misrule
malgrado {adv} :: despite [oneself, etc.]
malgrado {prep} :: in spite of, despite
malgrado {conj} :: even though, although
Mali {prop} :: Mali
malia {f} :: charm, enchantment
malia {f} :: spell
maliana {f} :: Malian (female)
maliano {adj} :: Malian
maliano {m} :: Malian
maliarda {f} :: sorceress, witch, enchantress
maliardo {adj} :: enchanting, charming
malico {adj} :: malic
malignamente {adv} :: malignly, malignantly
malignante {v} :: present participle of malignare
malignare {v} :: to malign
malignità {f} :: malice, spite, spitefulness
maligno {adj} :: spiteful, malicious
maligno {adj} :: evil, impish
maligno {adj} [oncology] :: malignant
malignosamente {adv} :: evilly, malignly
malignoso {adj} :: evil, malign
malinconia {f} :: melancholy
malinconicamente {adv} :: melancholically, gloomily
malinconico {adj} :: gloomy, melancholy, melancholic
malinconioso {adj} :: melancholy
malinconioso {adj} :: sad
malinconioso {adj} :: dismal
malincuore {adv} :: grudgingly, reluctantly
malinformato {adj} :: ill-informed
malintenzionatamente {adv} :: ill-intentionedly, evil-mindedly
malintenzionato {adj} :: ill-intentioned, evil-minded
malintenzionato {m} :: prowler, stalker
malinteso {adj} :: misunderstood
malinteso {m} :: misunderstanding, misconstruction, misapprehension
maliosamente {adv} :: enchantingly
malioso {adj} :: enchanting, charming
Malipiero {prop} :: surname
malissimo {adv} :: Superlative of male
malizia {f} :: malice, spite
malizia {f} :: mischievousness
malizia {f} :: trick
maliziosamente {adv} :: mischievously
maliziosamente {adv} :: naughtily
maliziosità {f} :: malice, spite
maliziosità {f} :: mischievousness
maliziosità {f} :: trick
malizioso {adj} :: mischievous
malizioso {adj} :: naughty, sly
malizioso {adj} :: artful, crafty
malizioso {adj} :: witty
mallardo {m} :: mallard (wild duck)
malleabile {adj} :: malleable
malleabile {adj} :: pliable
malleabile {adj} :: soft
malleabilità {f} :: malleability
malleabilmente {adv} :: malleably
malleabilmente {adv} :: pliably
malleolare {adj} [skeleton] :: malleolar
malleolo {m} [skeleton] :: malleolus
Mallero {prop} :: A small river that flows in Lombardy
mallevadore {m} :: guarantor, sponsor
mallevadoria {f} :: guarantee
mallevadoria {f} :: sponsion
malleveria {f} :: guarantee, surety
mallo {m} :: cupule
mallo {m} [botany] :: husk, hull, shell
mallofago {m} :: chewing louse / biting louse (of suborder Mallophaga)
malloppo {m} :: bundle - of sticks ecc
malloppo {m} :: loot, scratch - stolen
malloppo {m} :: load
malloppo {m} :: dough
malloreddus {n} :: A Sardinian form of gnocchi
malmaritata {adj} :: misallied
malmenante {v} :: present participle of malmenare
malmenare {vt} :: to beat up, batter
malmenare {vt} :: to ill-treat, maltreat, manhandle, maul
malmesso {adj} [of a person] :: In a difficult situation
malmesso {adj} [of a person] :: Badly dressed
malmesso {adj} [of a machine etc] :: In need of repair
malmettente {v} :: present participle of malmettere
malmettere {vt} :: To ruin or spoil something
malmostoso {adj} [northern Italy] :: peevish, cantankerous, surly
malmustoso {adj} :: alternative form of malmostoso
malnato {adj} :: Of low birth
malnato {adj} :: wretched
malnato {adj} :: wicked, evil
malnato {adj} :: ill-bred
malnoto {adj} :: little-known
malnutrito {adj} :: malnourished
malnutrizione {f} :: malnutrition
malo {adj} [archaic] :: bad, evil, wicked
malo {adj} [archaic] :: unfit, incompetent, inadequate
malocchio {m} :: evil eye (curse)
malocchio {m} :: spell (curse)
malonico {adj} :: malonic
malora {f} :: ruin
malore {m} :: a sudden, unexpected illness; fainting fit
malpagato {adj} :: poorly paid
malparlante {adj} :: That speaks badly or incorrectly
malpartito {m} :: A tight situation
malpensante {adj} :: Badly thought of
Malpighi {prop} :: surname
Malpighi {prop} :: Marcello Malpighi, Italian doctor
malpreparato {adj} :: ill-prepared
malproprio {adj} :: unsuitable
malproprio {adj} :: inappropriate, incorrect
malridotto {adj} :: shabby, tatty
malridotto {adj} :: beat-up
malriuscito {adj} :: unsuccessful
malriuscito {adj} :: botched
malsano {adj} :: unhealthy, unwholesome
malsano {adj} :: insalubrious
malservito {adj} :: Badly run (public services etc)
malsicuro {adj} :: unsafe
malsicuro {adj} :: faltering (walk)
malsicuro {adj} :: unreliable (evidence ecc.)
malsoddisfatto {adj} :: dissatisfied (with)
malta {f} :: mortar (mixture of lime or cement, sand, and water)
Malta {prop} :: Malta
maltaggio {m} :: malting
maltagliati {n} :: A form of pasta that has been cut into irregular shapes
maltante {v} :: present participle of maltare
maltare {v} :: To malt (sprout a cereal)
maltasi {f} [enzyme] :: maltase
maltato {adj} :: malted
maltatore {m} :: maltster
maltazione {f} :: malting
maltempo {m} :: Bad weather
maltenuto {adj} :: unkempt
maltenuto {adj} :: unkept (not maintained)
malteria {f} :: malthouse
maltese {adj} :: Maltese
maltese {mf} :: Maltese
maltese {m} :: The Maltese language (singular only)
maltese {m} :: A Maltese coin from the 18th century
maltese {m} :: A Maltese breed of dog
malthusianismo {m} :: Malthusianism
malthusiano {adj} :: Malthusian
maltificazione {f} :: malting (process)
maltina {f} [enzyme] :: diastase
maltinto {adj} :: Badly coloured or dyed
maltinto {adj} :: dun (horse)
maltitolo {m} [carbohydrate] :: maltitol
malto {m} :: malt
maltollerabile {adj} :: hardly bearable, hardly tolerable
maltollerante {adj} :: impatient, intolerant
maltolto {m} :: loot
maltolto {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: ill-gotten gains
maltosio {m} [carbohydrate] :: maltose
maltotrioso {m} [carbohydrate] :: maltotriose
maltrattamento {m} :: ill treatment, mistreatment
maltrattante {v} :: present participle of maltrattare
maltrattare {vt} :: to ill-treat, mistreat, manhandle
maltrattare {vt} :: to misuse
maltrattare {vt} :: to misinterpret
maltusianismo {m} :: Malthusianism
maltusiano {adj} :: Malthusian
maltusiano {m} :: Malthusian
maluccio {adv} :: poorly
maluccio {adv} :: rather badly
malumore {m} :: bad temper
malumore {m} :: disagreement, unrest, friction
malva {f} :: mallow (plant)
malva {m} :: mauve
malva {adj} :: mauve
malvacea {f} [botany] :: malvaceous plant
malvaceo {adj} [botany] :: malvaceous
malvagiamente {adv} :: wickedly
malvagio {adj} :: wicked, malign
malvagio {adj} :: malicious
malvagio {adj} :: bad
malvagio {m} :: A wicked person
malvagità {f} :: wickedness, malignancy
malvarosa {f} :: hollyhock
malvasia {f} :: malmsey
malvedente {v} :: present participle of malvedere
malvedere {vt} :: [obsolete] To cast an evil eye on
malveggente {v} :: present participle of malvedere
malversante {v} :: present participle of malversare
malversare {vt} :: To embezzle
malversatore {m} :: embezzler
malversazione {f} :: embezzlement
malversazione {f} :: misappropriation
malvestito {adj} :: Poorly dressed; shabby
malvissuto {adj} :: dissolute
malvisto {adj} :: unpopular
malvivente {adj} :: criminal
malvivente {mf} :: criminal
malvivenza {f} :: criminals
malvolente {v} :: present participle of malvolere
malvolentieri {adv} :: unwillingly, petulantly, grudgingly
malvolere {vt} :: To hate or dislike
malvolere {m} :: indolence
malvolere {m} :: malevolence
malvolontieri {adv} :: unwillingly, grudgingly
malvone {m} :: hollyhock
malware {m} [computing] :: malware (software developed to harm a computer system)
mambo {m} :: mambo (dance and music)
mamelucco {m} :: Varient of mammalucco
mamelucco {m} :: mamluk / mameluke
mamertino {adj} :: Mamertine
mamillare {adj} :: Variant of mammillare
mammà {f} :: mommy, mum, mummy
mamma {f} :: mom [US], mommy [US], mum [UK], mummy [UK]
mamma {f} :: mother
mammalogia {f} [zoology] :: mammalogy
mammalogo {m} :: mammalogist
mammalucco {m} :: mameluke
mammalucco {m} :: fool
mamma mia {interj} :: my goodness!, goodness me!
mammana {f} :: midwife
mammario {adj} [anatomy] :: mammary
mammasantissima {m} :: Any person in an important position in an organization, but especially in the Sicilian Mafia or the Neapolitan Camorra
mammella {f} :: breast (human)
mammella {f} :: udder, dug (animal)
mammellare {adj} :: Variant of mammillare
mammellonare {adj} :: mammillary
mammellonato {adj} :: mamillated, mammillated
mammellone {m} :: mamelon
mammifero {m} :: mammal
mammifero {adj} :: mammalian
mammillare {adj} :: mammillary
mammina {f} :: Young mother
mammina {f} :: mummy or mommy (UK or US)
mammismo {m} :: momism
mammo {m} [colloquial] :: A man who has the role of a mother
mammografia {f} [medicine] :: mammography
mammografico {adj} :: mammographic
mammogramma {m} :: mammogram
mammola {adj} :: violet
mammola {f} :: violet
mammoletta {mf} :: coward
mammoletta {mf} :: weakling
Mammolo {prop} :: Bashful (Disney character)
mammologia {f} :: mammology, mammalogy
Mammona {prop} :: Mammon
mammone {m} :: mummy's boy, mother's boy
mammoplastica {f} [surgery] :: mammaplasty, mammoplasty
mammut {m} :: mammoth
Mamoiada {prop} :: A small town in the Nuoro province of Sardinia
manachino {m} :: manakin
Manacorda {prop} :: surname
management {m} [management] :: management
manager {m} [sports] :: manager
manageriale {adj} :: managerial
managerialità {f} :: managerial skills
managerialità {f} :: managers
manaiuola {f} :: hatchet
manale {m} :: half glove
Manasse {prop} [Biblical character] :: Manasseh
Manasse {prop} :: given name
manata {f} :: slap
manata {f} :: handful, fistful
manato {m} :: manatee
manca {f} :: left hand
mancamento {m} :: faint, faintness, swoon
mancante {v} :: present participle of mancare
mancante {adj} :: lacking
mancante {adj} :: incomplete
mancanza {f} :: lack, shortage, deficiency, want
mancanza {f} :: absence
mancanza {f} :: fault, mistake, slip
mancanza {f} :: defect, failing
mancare {vi} :: to lack
mancare {vi} :: to be lacking
mancare {vi} :: to be missing, absent
mancare {vi} :: to fail
mancare {vi} [of a person] :: to miss
mancare {vt} :: to miss
mancare l'obiettivo {v} :: to fail
mancare l'obiettivo {vi} :: To be unsuccessful
mancare l'obiettivo {vt} :: Not to achieve a particular stated goal
mancargli qualche rotella {v} :: a few sandwiches short of a picnic
mancargli qualche rotella {v} [idiomatic] :: Exhibiting disquiet or unsoundness of mind; not sane; mad
mancargli qualche rotella {v} :: one card shy of a full deck
mancargli qualche rotella {v} [idiomatic] :: mentally deranged; demented; insane
mancargli qualche rotella {v} :: to be mad / crazy / insane
mancato {adj} :: missed
mancato {adj} :: lost, wasted
mancato {adj} :: failed
mancato {adj} :: abortive, unsuccessful
mancese {m} :: Manchu (language)
mancese {m} :: Manchurian (person)
mancese {adj} :: Manchurian
manche {f} :: heat (sports)
manche {f} :: hand, round (of cards)
manchevole {adj} :: inadequate, insufficient
manchevolezza {f} :: defectiveness
manchevolezza {f} :: defect, imperfection
manchevolezza {f} :: discourtesy
manchevolmente {adv} :: inadequately, insufficiently
manciù {adj} :: Manchu
manciù {mf} :: Manchu (person or language)
mancia {f} :: tip [in a restaurant, etc.]
manciata {f} :: handful
mancina {f} :: left hand
mancina {f} :: left-handed person (female)
mancinella {f} :: manchineel
Mancini {prop} :: surname
mancinismo {m} :: left-handedness
mancinista {mf} :: A left-handed person
mancino {adj} :: left-handed
mancino {m} :: Left-handed person
Manciuria {prop} :: Manchuria
manciuriano {adj} :: Manchurian
manciuriano {m} :: Manchurian
manco {adj} [archaic, literary] :: faulty, imperfect, maimed, missing something
manco {adv} :: not even
mancolista {f} :: A list of things missing from a collection; a want list
mancorrente {m} :: handrail
mandaico {adj} :: Mandaean, Mandean
mandamentale {adj} :: Pertaining to a mandamento
mandamento {m} :: A former type of Italian administrative district
mandante {v} :: present participle of mandare
mandante {mf} :: instigator (of a crime)
mandante {mf} :: principal (leader of a group being tried)
mandantesi {v} :: present participle of mandarsi
mandarancio {m} :: clementine (fruit)
mandare {vt} :: to send, forward, dispatch, transmit
mandare {vt} :: to throw, cast
mandare {vt} :: to drive
mandare {vt} :: to send out, emit, utter
mandare a monte {v} [idiomatic] :: to mess up, to ruin
mandare in onda {v} :: to air, broadcast
mandare via {v} :: to dismiss
mandarina {f} :: mandarin, mandarin duck
mandarinato {m} :: mandarinate
mandarinesco {adj} :: mandarin (attributive)
mandarinetto {m} :: mandarin-flavoured liqueur
mandarinismo {m} :: mandarinism
mandarino {adj} :: mandarin (in color/colour)
mandarino {m} :: mandarin orange, mandarin (fruit and tree)
mandarino {m} :: mandarin (color)
mandarino {adj} :: Mandarin, Chinese
mandarino {m} :: mandarin (bureaucrat of the Chinese Empire)
mandarino {m} [by extension] :: mandarin (pedantic or elitist bureaucrat)
mandarino {m} :: Mandarin (language)
mandarsi {v} :: reflexive of mandare
mandarsi {v} :: to send oneself
mandata {f} :: consignment
mandata {f} :: turn (of a lock)
mandata {f} :: run
mandatario {m} :: agent
mandatario {m} :: proxy
mandato {m} :: mandate, charge, commission, task
mandato {m} [legal, trade] :: warrant, order, writ, summons
mandatorio {adj} :: mandatory
mandatosi {v} :: past participle of mandarsi
mandeismo {m} :: Mandaeism, Mandaeanism
mandelico {adj} :: mandelic
mandeo {adj} :: Mandaean, Mandean
mandibola {f} [skeleton] :: jaw, jawbone, mandible
mandibolare {adj} :: mandibular
mandibulotomia {f} [surgery] :: mandibulotomy
mandingo {m} :: Mandinka
mandingo {m} :: Mandingo
mandinko {adj} :: Mandinka
mandola {f} [musical instruments] :: mandola
mandolinata {f} [music] :: A composition for mandolin
mandolinista {m} :: mandolinist (male)
mandolinista {f} :: mandolinist (female)
mandolino {m} :: mandolin
mandoloncello {m} [musical instruments] :: mandocello
mandorla {f} :: almond (fruit/nut)
mandorlato {adj} :: almonds (attributive - but mainly referring to food made with almonds)
mandorlato {m} :: Almond cake
mandorleto {m} :: almond grove
mandorlo {m} :: almond (tree)
mandra {f} :: herd (Variant of: mandria)
mandracchio {m} [nautical] :: creek (dock for small boats)
mandragola {f} :: mandrake, mandragora
mandragora {f} :: mandrake
mandria {f} :: herd
mandriana {f} :: cowgirl
mandriano {m} :: cowboy, herdsman, cowhand
mandriano {m} :: drover
mandriano {m} :: buttero
mandrillo {m} :: mandrill
mandrillo {m} [colloquial] :: lecher
mandrinante {v} :: present participle of mandrinare
mandrinare {vt} :: To expand (tubes etc)
mandrinatura {f} :: expanding
mandrino {m} :: mandrel
mandrino {m} :: chuck (e.g. of a drill)
mandritta {f} :: The right hand (or the right side of anything else)
mandritto {m} :: hook (boxing, especially from right to left)
mandritto {m} :: cuff, slap
manducante {v} :: present participle of manducare
manducare {vt} [obsolete] :: to eat
Manduria {prop} :: A town in the Taranto province of Puglia
manduriano {adj} :: Mandurian
-mane {suffix} :: -mane, -maniac; Used to form adjectives and nouns describing sufferers of a mania
maneggevole {adj} :: easy to handle; manageable
maneggevolezza {f} :: manageability
maneggevolezza {f} :: handleability
maneggiabile {adj} :: handy
maneggiabile {adj} :: manageable
maneggiabilità {f} :: manageability, handiness
maneggiamento {m} :: plot, intrigue
maneggiante {v} :: present participle of maneggiare
maneggiar {v} :: apocopic form of maneggiare
maneggiare {vt} :: to handle
maneggiatore {m} :: handler, wielder, manager
maneggio {m} :: riding school
maneggio {m} :: ring, rink
maneggio {m} :: management, handling
maneggio {m} :: scheme, ploy
maneggione {m} :: manoeuvrer, wangler, wirepuller
manescamente {adv} :: aggressively
manesco {adj} :: aggressive (liable to hit people)
manetta {f} [in the plural] :: handcuffs
manetta {f} :: lever, handle, throttle
manfanile {m} :: swipple
manfano {m} :: bung-hole
manfano {m} :: swipple
manfano {m} [regional] :: virile member
manforte {f} :: aid, help, assistance
Manfredi {prop} :: Manfred
Manfredo {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Manfred
Manfredonia {prop} :: a town in the province of Foggia in Apulia in Italy
manfredoniane {adj} :: Of or from Manfredonia
manfredoniane {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Manfredonia
manfrina {f} :: playacting
manga {m} [manga] :: manga
manganante {v} :: present participle of manganare
manganare {vt} :: To mangle
manganato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: manganate
manganatore {m} :: mangler (male)
manganatrice {f} :: mangler (female)
manganatura {f} :: mangling
manganellante {v} :: present participle of manganellare
manganellare {vt} :: To beat with a truncheon, baton or similar stick
manganellata {f} :: A blow from a truncheon, baton or similar stick
manganello {m} :: truncheon, baton, cosh
manganese {m} [chemistry] :: manganese
manganesifero {adj} :: manganiferous
manganico {adj} :: manganic
manganina {f} :: manganin
manganite {f} :: manganite
mangano {m} :: mangle
mangano {m} :: pressing machine (in a laundry); calender
mangano {m} [obsolete] :: An ancient military catapult
manganoso {adj} :: manganous
mangereccio {adj} :: edible, eatable
mangeria {f} :: graft (illegal profits)
mangeria {f} :: bribery
manghina {f} :: ditch
mangiabambini {m} :: bogeyman
mangiabile {adj} :: edible, eatable
mangiacarte {m} :: pettifogger
mangiacristiani {m} :: bully
mangiadischi {m} :: record player (portable)
mangia-e-bevi {m} :: An ice cream with fruit and a liqueur
mangiafagioli {m} :: bean-eater
mangiafagioli {m} [colloquial] :: Tuscan (person from Tuscany)
mangiafumo {m} :: air-purifying candle
mangiafuoco {m} :: fire eater
mangiamoccoli {m} :: (religious) bigot
mangianastri {m} :: cassette player
mangiante {v} :: present participle of mangiare
mangiantesi {v} :: present participle of mangiarsi
mangiapane {mf} :: sponger, freeloader
mangiapatate {mf} :: potato-eater
mangiapatate {mf} [derogatory] :: idler (worthless person)
mangiapatate {mf} [offensive, ethnic slur] :: Kraut, Fritz (a German)
mangiapatate {adj} [offensive, ethnic slur] :: Kraut (German)
mangiapolenta {mf} :: polenta-eater
mangiapolenta {mf} [derogatory, Central Italy and Southern Italy] :: northerner (person from northern Italy)
mangiapreti {mf} :: A fiercely anticlerical person
mangiar {v} :: apocopic form of mangiare
mangiarane {mf} [offensive, ethnic slur] :: frog, Frenchy (a French person)
mangiare {vt} :: to eat
mangiare {vt} :: to consume
mangiare {vi} :: to tuck in, to start to eat
mangiare {m} :: eating
mangiare {m} :: food
mangiare {m} :: scoff
mangiare a crepapancia {v} :: to eat until about to burst
mangiare la foglia {v} :: to get wise
mangiare la foglia {v} :: to smell a rat
mangiare la polvere {v} :: to quit
mangiare la polvere {v} :: to fail
mangiarino {m} :: delicacy, dainty
mangiarsi {v} :: reflexive of mangiare
mangiarsi {v} :: to squander
mangiarsi il fegato {v} :: to fret and fume
mangiasoldi {adj} :: slot machine (attributive)
mangiata {f} :: feed, nosh
mangiato {adj} :: eaten
mangiatoia {f} :: manger
mangiatore {m} [chiefly in combination] :: eater
mangiatoria {f} :: bribery, graft
mangiatosi {v} :: past participle of mangiarsi
mangiatrice {f} [chiefly in combination] :: eater (female)
mangiauomini {f} :: man-eater, femme fatale
mangime {m} :: animal feed, fodder
mangime {m} :: birdseed
mangimificio {m} :: animal feed factory
mangimistica {f} :: The production of animal feed
mangimistico {adj} :: animal feed (attributive)
mangiona {f} :: big eater (female)
mangione {m} :: big eater; one who eats a lot
mangiucchiante {v} :: present participle of mangiucchiare
mangiucchiare {v} :: to nibble
mango {m} :: mango
mangostano {m} :: mangosteen
mangrova {f} :: alternative form of mangrovia
mangrovia {f} :: mangrove
mangrovieto {m} :: mangrove swamp / forest
mangusta {f} :: mongoose
mania {f} :: mania
mania {f} :: habit (if strange)
mania {f} :: quirk
mania {f} :: bug
-mania {suffix} :: -mania; Used to form feminine nouns describing forms of mania or addiction
maniacale {adj} :: maniacal, maniac
maniacalità {f} :: maniacality, mania
maniacalmente {adv} :: maniacally
maniaco {adj} :: maniac, maniacal
maniaco {adj} :: crazy, mad
maniaco {adj} :: erotomanic
maniaco {m} :: A maniac
maniaco {m} :: geek
maniaco-depressivo {adj} :: manic-depressive
maniato {adj} :: resembling
maniato {adj} :: duplicate
maniato {adj} :: To be like or similar to (something); to represent as similar
maniato {adj} :: similar
manica {f} :: sleeve, shirtsleeve
manica {f} [figuratively] :: gang, pack
Manica {prop} :: the Channel, the English Channel
manicaretto {m} :: delicacy, dainty (to eat)
manicato {adj} :: Having a handle
manicheismo {m} :: Manichaeism
manicheo {adj} :: Manichaean
manicheo {m} :: Manichaean
manichetta {f} :: oversleeve
manichetta {f} :: hose (for water etc.)
manichino {m} :: dummy, mannequin, mannikin
manico {m} :: handle
manico {m} :: shaft
manico {m} :: neck (of a violin etc)
manicomiale {adj} :: mental hospital (attributive)
manicomio {m} :: lunatic asylum
manicomio {m} :: madhouse (all senses)
manicotto {m} :: muff
manicotto {m} :: sleeve (in moving parts of a machine)
manicotto {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: large tubes of pasta with a savoury filling baked in the oven
manicure {f} :: manicure
manicure {f} :: manicurist
manicurista {m} :: manicurist (male)
manicurista {f} :: manicurist (female)
manide {f} :: Manide
maniera {f} :: manner, way
maniera {f} :: style
maniera {f} [in the plural] :: manners
manieratamente {adv} :: affectedly
manierato {adj} :: mannered, affected
manierismo {m} :: Mannerism
manierista {m} :: Mannerist (male)
manierista {f} :: Mannerist (female)
manieristicamente {adv} :: Manneristically
manieristico {adj} [arts] :: Manneristic
maniero {m} :: manor
manieroso {adj} :: genteel
manieroso {adj} :: affected
manifattura {f} :: manufacture
manifattura {f} :: factory
manifatturante {v} :: present participle of manifatturare
manifatturare {v} :: To manufacture
manifatturiere {m} :: factory owner or worker
manifatturiero {adj} :: manufacturing
manifestabile {adj} :: manifestable
manifestamente {adv} :: obviously; self-evidently; manifestly
manifestante {mf} :: demonstrator
manifestantesi {v} :: present participle of manifestarsi
manifestare {vt} :: to manifest, to show, to display, to reveal, to disclose, to express, to evince
manifestarsi {vr} :: To appear, to show
manifestarsi {vr} :: To manifest itself
manifestatosi {v} :: past participle of manifestarsi
manifestazione {f} :: expression (of opinion etc)
manifestazione {f} :: demonstration (all senses)
manifestazione {f} :: manifestation
manifestazione {f} :: event
manifestino {m} :: leaflet
manifesto {adj} :: manifest, apparent, evident, obvious
manifesto {m} :: manifesto
manifesto {m} :: poster, placard, bill, notice
manifesto {m} [theater] :: playbill, programme, program
manifesto {m} [nautical] :: manifest
maniglia {f} :: handle (on a door etc)
maniglia {f} [furniture] :: bail (drawer pull)
maniglia {f} :: strap (on a vehicle, to hold onto)
maniglia {f} :: shackle
maniglione {m} :: clevis
maniglione {m} :: shackle
manigoldo {m} :: rascal, rogue, scamp
Manila {prop} :: Manila
manimettente {v} :: present participle of manimettere
manimettere {vt} :: Variant of manomettere
manina {f} :: Small or delicate hand
manina {f} :: Child's hand
manina {f} :: backscratcher
manina {f} :: Typographical index mark in the form of a hand
manioca {f} :: manioc, cassava
manipolabile {adj} :: That can be altered or influenced
manipolabile {adj} :: Susceptible to manipulation
manipolante {v} :: present participle of manipolare
manipolare {vt} :: to manipulate, handle
manipolare {vt} :: to work, fashion
manipolare {vt} :: to rig [an election, etc.]
manipolativo {adj} :: manipulative
manipolatore {m} :: manipulator
manipolatorio {adj} :: manipulatory
manipolatrice {f} :: manipulator (female)
manipolazione {f} :: manipulation
manipolazione {f} :: rigging (of an election etc)
manipolo {m} :: handful (especially a small group of soldiers)
manipolo {m} :: maniple
Mani pulite {prop} :: The judicial investigation into Italian state corruption in the 1990s
maniscalco {m} :: blacksmith, farrier
manismo {m} :: manism
manista {mf} :: manist
manitù {m} :: manitou
manleva {f} [legal] :: bail bond
manlevante {v} :: present participle of manlevare
manlevare {vt} :: to guarantee
manlevare {vt} :: to indemnify
Manlio {prop} :: given name
man mano {adv} :: apocopic form of a mano a mano
man mano che {adv} :: as; while
manna {f} :: manna (all senses)
mannaggia {interj} [colloquial, non-vulgar] :: damn!, dang!
mannaia {f} :: ax / axe
mannaia {f} :: cleaver
mannaia {f} :: poleax / poleaxe
mannaia {f} :: blade of a guillotine
mannano {m} [carbohydrate] :: mannan
mannaro {adj} :: Used with animal names to indicate a person who changes shape into that animal; were-
mannella {f} :: bundle
mannello {m} :: bundle, sheaf
mannese {adj} :: Manx
mannese {m} :: Manx (language)
manneto {m} :: manna ash wood, manna ash plantation
mannite {f} :: mannite
mannitolo {m} :: mannitol
Manno {prop} :: given name
Mannoia {prop} :: surname
Mannoia {prop} :: Fiorella Mannoia, Italian singer
mannopiranosio {m} [carbohydrate] :: mannopyranose
mannosidasi {f} [enzyme] :: mannosidase
mannosidosi {f} [pathology] :: mannosidosis
mannosio {m} :: mannose
Mannu {prop} :: The name of two rivers that flow in Sardinia
mano {f} [anatomy] :: hand
mano {f} :: band, company (Boccaccio; v. manus)
mano {f} :: round
manodopera {f} :: manpower
manodopera {f} :: labour
Manolesso {prop} :: surname
manometrico {adj} :: manometric
manometro {m} :: manometer
manomettente {v} :: present participle of manomettere
manomettere {vt} :: to tamper with
manomettere {vt} :: to open [a letter without permission]
manomettere {vt} :: to force [a lock]
manomettere {vt} :: to break (open a safe)
manomissione {f} :: tampering (with)
manomissione {f} :: damaging
manomissione {f} :: falsification, alteration
manomissione {f} :: violation
manomissione {f} :: manumission
manomorta {f} [legal] :: mortmain
manomorta {f} :: dead hand
manona {f} :: A big hand
mano nella mano {adv} :: hand in hand
manonera {n} :: alternative form of Mano Nera
Mano Nera {prop} :: Black Hand (extortionist organization)
manopola {f} :: knob (that twists), dial
manopola {f} :: grip, twist grip
manopola {f} :: mitt, mitten, muffle
manopola {f} :: gauntlet
manopola {f} :: cuff
manoscritto {adj} :: handwritten
manoscritto {m} :: manuscript
manoscrivere {v} :: to handwrite
manovalanza {f} :: manual or unskilled workers, considered as a category
manovale {m} :: manual or unskilled worker; labourer
manovella {f} :: handle
manovella {f} :: crank
manovellismo {m} :: crank gear
mano vincente {f} :: winning hand (The set of cards that beats all others in a card game)
manovra {f} :: manoeuvre
manovra {f} :: shunting (trains)
manovra {f} [in the plural] :: rigging (of a ship)
manovra {f} [by ellipsis of manovra fiscale] :: fiscal measure (part of the budget)
manovrabile {adj} :: manoeuvrable; maneuverable
manovrabile {adj} :: malleable, pliable (person)
manovrabilità {f} :: manoeuvrability / maneuverability
manovrante {v} :: present participle of manovrare
manovrare {vt} :: To maneuver
manovrare {vt} :: To operate
manovrare {vt} [figuratively] :: To manipulate
manovratore {m} :: driver or operator of a crane, tram or shunting engine
manovratore {m} :: manoeuvrer / maneuverer
manrovescio {m} :: backhander (blow with the back of the hand)
manrovescio {m} [fencing] :: backhand (stroke)
mansarda {f} :: mansard
mansarda {f} :: attic, penthouse
mansardato {adj} :: mansard (attributive)
mansionario {m} :: job description
mansione {f} :: duty, task
mansione {f} :: job, office
mansuefacente {v} :: present participle of mansuefare
mansuefacentesi {v} :: present participle of mansuefarsi
mansuefare {vt} :: to domesticate an animal
mansuefare {vt} :: to break a wild horse
mansuefarsi {v} :: reflexive of mansuefare
mansuefarsi {v} :: to be domesticated [of an animal]
mansuefarsi {v} :: to become calm, mild [of a person]
mansuefattosi {v} :: past participle of mansuefarsi
mansuetamente {adv} :: tamely
mansuetamente {adv} :: gently, docilely
mansueto {adj} :: tame (animal)
mansueto {adj} :: gentle, docile (person)
Mansueto {prop} :: given name
mansuetudine {f} :: meekness, docility, gentleness, mansuetude
Mantüa {prop} :: medieval spelling of Mantova
-mante {suffix} :: -mancer
manteca {f} :: pomade, brilliantine
manteca {f} :: paste
mantecante {v} :: present participle of mantecare
mantecare {vt} :: To whip or whisk
mantecato {adj} :: whipped, whisked
Mantegazza {prop} :: surname
Mantegazza {prop} :: A village near Vanzago in Lombardy
Mantegna {prop} :: surname
Mantegna {prop} :: Andrea Mantegna, Italian painter
mantella {f} :: cloak, mantel, cape, hood (a covering draped over the upper part)
mantellata {f} :: mattress (retaining wall)
mantellata {f} :: Mantellate (Dominican nun)
mantelletta {f} :: mantlet
mantelletta {f} :: mantelletta
mantelletto {m} :: mantelet
mantellico {adj} [geology] :: mantellic
mantellina {f} :: mantelet, cape, capote
mantello {m} :: cloak
mantello {m} :: coat (of an animal)
mantello {m} :: blanket, mantle (of snow)
mantello {m} :: casing, shell
mantello {m} :: pavement
mantenente {v} :: present participle of mantenere
mantenentesi {v} :: present participle of mantenersi
mantenere {v} :: to keep, stand by, maintain, support, uphold
mantenere {v} :: to hold, defend
mantenere {v} :: to uphold
mantenersi {v} :: reflexive of mantenere
mantenersi {vr} :: to stay, keep, remain
mantenibile {adj} :: keepable
mantenimento {m} :: maintenance (all senses)
mantenuta {f} :: kept woman
mantenutasi {v} :: past participle of mantenersi
mantenuto {m} :: gigolo
mantenutosi {v} :: past participle of mantenersi
mantica {f} :: divination
mantice {m} :: bellows - of a furnace or an organ
mantice {m} :: vestibule
mantice {m} :: calash
mantico {adj} :: mantic
mantide {f} :: mantis
mantide religiosa {f} :: praying mantis
mantiglia {f} :: mantilla
mantissa {f} :: mantissa (parte decimale del logaritmo)
manto {m} :: mantel, cloak
manto {m} :: layer, surface, blanket, carpet
manto {m} :: pavement
Manto {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Manto
manto stradale {m} :: pavement (road surface)
Mantova {prop} :: Mantua
mantovana {f} :: Mantuan - female
mantovana {f} :: barge board
mantovana {f} :: pelmet, valence
mantovana {f} :: type of almond cake
mantovano {adj} :: Mantuan
mantovano {m} :: Mantuan - male
manuale {adj} :: manual
manuale {m} :: manual, handbook
manualetto {m} :: diminutive of manuale
manualetto {m} :: Short manual, short textbook
manualista {mf} :: writer of handbooks
manualistica {f} :: manuals, handbooks (collectively)
manualistico {adj} :: manual or handbook - attributive
manualità {f} :: manual ability, manual skill
manualizzante {v} :: present participle of manualizzare
manualizzare {vt} :: To make manual
manualmente {adv} :: manually, by hand
manubriato {adj} :: containing a handle
manubrio {m} :: handlebars
manubrio {m} :: dumbbell
manubrio {m} :: bolt (handle, of a rifle etc)
manubrio {m} [anatomy, zoology] :: manubrium
manuelino {adj} :: Manueline
manufatto {m} :: manufactured item
manufatturiero {adj} :: manufacturing (attributive)
manumea {f} :: manumea
Manunta {prop} :: surname probably originating in the Mediterranean island of Sardinia
manutenente {v} :: present participle of manutenere
manutenere {vt} :: to maintain (something) in good repair; to upkeep
manutengolo {m} :: accomplice
manutengolo {m} :: go-between, procurer
manutenibilità {f} :: maintainability
manutentivo {adj} :: maintenance, servicing (attributive)
manutentore {m} :: maintenance man
manutentore {m} :: service engineer
manutentorio {adj} :: maintenance (attributive)
manutenzione {f} :: maintenance
manutenzione {f} :: upkeep
manutenzione {f} :: servicing
manutergio {m} :: manuterge
-manzia {suffix} :: -mancy
manzo {m} :: ox, steer
manzo {m} :: beef
Manzoni {prop} :: surname
Manzoni {prop} [masculine only] :: Alessandro Manzoni (1785–1873), Italian poet and novelist
manzoniana {f} :: feminine noun of manzoniano
manzoniano {adj} [literature] :: Manzonian (of or in the style of Alessandro Manzoni)
manzoniano {m} [literature] :: Manzonian (follower or imitator of Alessandro Manzoni)
maoismo {m} :: Maoism
maoista {adj} :: Maoist
maoista {m} :: Maoist - male
maoista {f} :: Maoist - female
maoistico {adj} :: Maoist
maomettano {adj} :: Mohammedan: Muslim
maomettano {m} :: Mohammedan: Muslim
maomettismo {m} :: Mohammedanism: Islam
Maometto {prop} :: Mohammed
Maon {prop} :: Maun (island of Croatia)
maona {f} [nautical] :: barge, lighter, mahone
maori {adj} :: Maori
maori {mf} :: Maori
mapo {m} :: Cross between clementine and grapefruit (Citrus paradisi x Citrus reticulata); a kind of tangelo or ugli
mappa {f} [regional] :: tablecloth, napkin, cloth
mappa {f} [archaic] :: Any pictorial representation of a piece of land
mappa {f} [topography] :: Any graphic representation with a scale above 1:10,000; map, chart
mappa {f} :: The final part in a traditional key
mappaggio {m} :: mapping
mappale {m} :: cadastral map
mappaluna {f} :: map of the moon
mappamondo {m} :: globe (spherical map of the world)
mappamondo {m} :: planisphere
mappante {v} :: present participle of mappare
mappare {vt} :: To map or chart
mappatella {f} :: A cloth used by agricultural workers to hold their lunch
mappatura {f} :: mapping
mappazza {f} [colloquial] :: stodge (heavy food)
mappetta {f} [Switzerland] :: plastic folder
maquillage {m} :: maquillage
mar {m} :: (form of mare used in poetry and in names of some seas) sea
marò {m} [nautical] :: ordinary seaman
marabù {m} :: marabou
marabutto {m} :: marabout
maracaia {m} :: margay
Maracanaço {prop} [football] :: Maracanaço (final match in the 1950 FIFA World Cup)
Maracanazo {prop} [football] :: Maracanaço (final match in the 1950 FIFA World Cup, won by Uruguay over Brazil)
marachella {f} :: mischief, prank
mar Adriatico {prop} :: alternative form of mare Adriatico
maragià {m} :: maharajah
maramaglia {f} :: riff-raff, mob
maramaldeggiante {v} :: present participle of maramaldeggiare
maramaldeggiare {vi} :: To bully
maramaldesco {adj} :: bullying
maramaldo {m} :: bully
marameo {interj} :: An expression of derision, normally accompanied by a gesture
maranese {adj} :: Of or from Marano Lagunare
marangone {m} :: cormorant
Marangoni {prop} :: surname, typical of Veneto
Marano Lagunare {prop} :: A small town in the province of Udine in Friuli-Venezia Giulia
marantico {adj} :: marasmic
marasca {f} :: morello, morello cherry
maraschino {m} :: maraschino (liqueur)
marasco {m} :: morello
marasma {m} :: marasmus
marasma {m} :: chaos, confusion
marasso {m} :: adder (snake)
Maratea {prop} :: A small town in the Potenza province of Basilicata
marateoto {adj} :: Of or from Maratea
maratona {f} [athletics, swimming] :: marathon
Maratona {prop} :: Marathon
maratoneta {mf} :: marathoner
maratonina {f} :: half marathon
maratto {m} :: Marathi (language and inhabitant (male) of Maharashtra)
maratto {m} :: Maharashtrian
maratto {adj} :: Marathi
maratto {adj} :: Maharashtrian
maraviglioso {adj} :: alternative form of meraviglioso
Marazzi {prop} :: surname
marazzo {m} :: bog, swamp, marsh
marc' {interj} [military] :: march!
marca {f} :: brand, make or trademark (of a commercial product)
marca {f} :: stamp (made with a rubber imprint)
marca {f} [obsolete] :: march (border region)
Marcabò {prop} :: A fortress built by the Venetians to defend their trade in the River Po
Marcabò {prop} :: (be extension) The plain of the river Po
Marcacci {prop} :: surname
marcamento {m} [sports] :: marking
marcante {v} :: present participle of marcare
marcantonio {m} :: A handsome or strapping man (literally a "Mark Anthony")
marcantonio {m} :: hunk
marcantonio {m} :: he-man
Marcantonio {prop} :: Mark Anthony
marcapezzi {mf} :: marker
marcapiano {m} :: stringcourse
marcare {v} :: to mark (all senses)
marcare {v} :: to brand (an animal)
marcare {v} :: to label
marcare {v} :: to underline or stress
marcare {v} :: to score (a goal)
marcare con asterisco {v} :: to star
Mar Caspio {prop} :: Caspian Sea
marcatamente {adv} :: markedly, sharply, prominently
marcatempo {m} :: time clock, punch clock
marcatissimo {adj} :: Very marked or pronounced
marcato {adj} :: stressed, pronounced
marcato {adj} [music] :: marked, accented
marcatore {m} :: marker (all senses)
marcatrice {f} :: marker (female form of marcatore)
marcatrice {f} :: marking machine
marcatura {f} :: marking (all senses)
marcatura {f} :: branding
marcatura {f} :: labelling
Marcello {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Marcellus
marcente {v} :: present participle of marcire
marcescente {adj} :: rotting, decaying, marcescent
marcescenza {f} :: rottenness, decay
marcescibile {adj} :: Liable to rot or decay
marcetta {f} [music] :: (little) march
Marche {prop} :: Marche (region)
marchesa {f} :: marchioness
marchesato {m} :: marquisate
marchese {m} :: marquis
Marchesi {prop} :: Marquesas Islands
marchesina {f} :: Young daughter of a marquis
marchesino {m} :: Young son of a marquis
marchetta {f} :: national insurance stamp
marchetta {f} :: token payment received by a prostitute; trick
marchiano {adj} :: glaring, gross (mistake)
marchiante {v} :: present participle of marchiare
marchiare {v} :: to mark
marchiare {v} :: to brand
marchiatura {f} :: marking (of goods)
marchiatura {f} :: branding (of animals)
marchigiano {adj} :: Of or relating to the Marche region
marchigiano {m} :: A resident or native of the Marche
marchigiano {m} :: The dialect spoken in the Marche
marchingegno {m} :: contraption
marchingegno {m} :: expedient, dodge
marchio {m} :: brand, trademark, mark, label
marchio {m} :: branding iron (A piece of metal bent into a distinctive shape, heated and used to brand livestock)
marchio di fabbrica {m} :: trademark
marchionale {adj} :: marquis (attributive)
marcia {f} :: march
marcia {f} :: racewalking, speedwalking
marcia {f} :: gear
marciano {adj} :: Relative to San Marco (patron saint of Venice)
marciano {adj} :: Venetian
Marciano {prop} :: Marcian, Marcianus
marciante {v} :: present participle of marciare
marciapiede {m} :: pavement [British]
marciapiede {m} :: sidewalk [US]
marciar {v} :: apocopic form of marciare
marciare {vi} :: to march
marciare {vi} :: to walk [as a competitive sport]
marciare {vi} :: to go, run, travel [of a vehicle]
marciatore {m} :: marcher
marciatore {m} [athletics] :: racewalker, walker
marciatrice {f} :: (female) marcher
marciatrice {f} [athletics, female] :: race walker, walker
marcio {adj} :: rotten
marcio {adj} :: rotting
marcio {adj} :: festering
marcio {adj} :: corrupt
marcio {m} :: The bad or rotten part of something
marcioso {adj} [literary] :: purulent
marcire {vt} :: To rot
marcire {vi} :: To rot, fester or go bad
marcita {f} :: water meadow
marcitoio {m} :: pulping plant (for making paper)
marciume {m} :: rot
marciume {m} :: corruption
marco {m} :: mark (money)
Marco {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Mark
Marco {prop} :: Mark [biblical character]
Marco {prop} :: the Gospel of Mark
marcofilia {f} :: marcophily (branch of philately)
marconese {adj} :: Of or from Marconia
Marconi {prop} :: surname
Marconi {prop} :: Guglielmo Marconi, Italian physicist and inventor
Marconia {prop} :: A small town near Pisticci
marconiano {adj} :: Of or relating to Marconi
marconigrafia {f} :: wireless telegraphy
marconigramma {m} :: marconigram
marconista {m} :: wireless operator
marconiterapia {f} :: diathermy
marcorella {f} :: annual mercury (Mercurialis annua)
Mar del Giappone {prop} :: Sea of Japan (the sea between Japan and the rest of Asia)
Mardocheo {prop} :: Mordecai
Mardonio {prop} :: given name
mare {m} :: sea
marea {f} :: tide
marea {f} [figuratively] :: blizzard (large amount of paperwork)
marea {f} :: pile, heap
mare Adriatico {prop} :: Adriatic Sea
mareale {adj} :: tidal
marebbano {adj} :: Of or from Marebbe
marebbano {m} :: A dialect of Ladin spoken in the Marebbe region
Marebbe {prop} :: A small town in the Bolzano province of Trentino-Alto Adige
mare Caraibico {prop} :: Caribbean Sea
Marecchia {prop} :: A river that flows in Emilia-Romagna
Mare d'Irlanda {prop} :: Irish Sea
mareggiante {v} :: present participle of mareggiare
mareggiare {vi} :: to fluctuate, undulate
mareggiare {vi} :: to swell [of the sea]
mareggiata {f} :: sea storm
mareggio {m} :: swell, surge
maremma {f} :: A marshy coastal plain
Maremma {prop} :: The coastal plain of southern Tuscany and northern Lazio
maremmano {adj} :: Maremma - attributive
maremmano {m} :: Native or inhabitant of the Maremma
maremoto {m} [geology] :: seaquake
maremoto {m} :: tsunami
marena {f} :: sour cherry (Prunus cerasus)
marengo {m} :: Napoleon (French coin)
Marenzio {prop} :: surname
Marenzio {prop} :: Luca Marenzio, Italian composer
mareografo {m} :: tide gauge, marigraph
mareogramma {m} :: marigram
mareomotore {adj} :: tidal power (attributive)
marescalco {m} :: marshall
marescialla {f} :: marshall (female)
marescialla {f} :: warrant officer (female)
marescialla {f} :: wife of such an officer
marescialla {f} :: an authoritarian or domineering woman
maresciallato {m} :: marshalship
maresciallo {m} :: marshall
maresciallo {m} :: warrant officer
marese {m} :: marsh
maretta {f} :: choppy sea
maretta {f} :: friction, trouble
Marettimo {prop} :: One of the Egadi islands
marezzante {v} :: present participle of marezzare
marezzare {v} :: to marble, vein or grain
marezzare {v} :: to water (fabric)
marezzato {adj} :: marbled, veined
marezzato {adj} :: watered, moiré
marezzatura {f} :: veining
marezzatura {f} :: watering (fabric)
marezzatura {f} :: grain (of wood)
marezzo {m} :: grain (in wood)
Marfisa {prop} :: given name
margarina {f} :: margarine
margarita {m} :: margarita [cocktail]
margherita {f} [obsolete] :: pearl
margherita {f} :: daisy
Margherita {prop} :: given name, cognate to Margaret; Daisy
margheritina {f} :: daisy (Bellis perennis)
margheritina {f} :: A female member or supporter of La Margherita (The Daisy), an Italian dissolved political party
margheritino {adj} :: Of or pertaining to La Margherita (The Daisy), an Italian dissolved political party
margheritino {m} :: A member or supporter of La Margherita party
Mar Giallo {prop} :: Yellow Sea (asian sea)
marginale {adj} :: marginal
marginale {adj} :: secondary
marginalismo {m} :: marginalism
marginalissimo {adj} :: Very secondary
marginalista {adj} :: marginalist, marginalistic
marginalisticamente {adv} :: marginalistically
marginalistico {adj} :: marginalistic
marginalità {f} :: marginality
marginalizzante {v} :: present participle of marginalizzare
marginalizzare {vt} :: to marginalize
marginalizzazione {f} :: marginalization
marginalmente {adv} :: marginally, incidentally
marginante {v} :: present participle of marginare
marginare {vt} :: to border, edge
marginare {vt} :: to margin
marginatore {m} :: margin stop (on a typewriter)
marginatura {f} :: margin
marginatura {f} :: edge, border
margine {m} :: margin, border, edge, brink, bank, brow
margine di azione {n} :: leeway
margine interno {f} :: gutter (unprinted space between rows of stamps)
marginoso {adj} :: With large margins. (of books)
margotta {f} :: layering
margottante {v} :: present participle of margottare
margottare {vt} :: To layer
margravia {f} :: margravine
margraviato {m} :: margraviate
margravio {m} :: margrave (all senses)
Maria {prop} :: given name, cognate with English Mary
Maria {prop} :: Mary; Miriam (biblical figures)
Maria {f} [colloquial] :: cannabis, marijuana
Maria Luisa {prop} :: given name
Maria Maddalena {prop} :: Mary Magdalene [biblical character]
Mariangela {prop} :: given name
marianista {adj} :: Marianist
marianista {mf} :: Marianist
Marianna {prop} :: given name
mariano {adj} :: Marian
Mariano {prop} :: given name
Mariarosa {prop} :: Rosemary
maricoltore {m} :: mariculturist
maricoltura {f} :: mariculture
Marietta {prop} :: given name
Marignano {prop} :: alternative form of Melegnano
marijuana {f} :: marijuana, specifically:
marijuana {f} :: Drug smoked or ingested for euphoric effect, cannabis
marijuana {f} :: The hemp plant itself: Cannabis sativa
marimettente {v} :: present participle of marimettere
marimettere {vt} [Tuscany] :: alternative form of manomettere
marina {f} :: coast
marina {f} :: seascape
marina {f} :: navy
marina {f} :: marina
marinaia {f} :: sailor, mariner (female)
marinaio {m} :: sailor, mariner, seaman
marinaio d'acqua dolce {m} [nautical, usually mildly derogatory] :: landlubber [literally "freshwater mariner"]
marinante {v} :: present participle of marinare
marinare {vt} [cooking] :: to marinade, marinate
marinare {vt} :: to play truant
marinarescamente {adv} :: In the manner of a sailor
marinaresco {adj} :: sailor (attributive)
marinaretto {m} :: Young sailor
marinaretto {m} :: Child wearing a sailor suit
marinaro {adj} :: seafaring
marinaro {adj} :: sailor (attributive)
marinaro {adj} [of food] :: Served with seafood
marinato {adj} :: marinated
marinatura {f} :: marinating, marinading
marineria {f} [nautical] :: marine (mercantile)
marineria {f} [nautical] :: navy
marineria {f} :: the practice and art of sailing
marinese {adj} :: Of or from Marino (in Lazio)
Marinetti {prop} :: surname
Marinetti {prop} :: Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Italian writer and poet
marinismo {m} :: Marinism
marinista {m} :: Marinist (male)
marinista {f} :: Marinist (female)
marinistico {adj} :: Marinism (attributive)
marino {adj} :: sea, marine, nautical, seaside
Marino {prop} :: surname
Marino {prop} :: given name
Marino {prop} :: A town in the Roma province of Lazio
Mario {prop} :: given name, cognate to Marius
mariolatria {f} :: Marolatry
marioleria {f} :: roguery
marioleria {f} :: swindle
marioleria {f} :: prank
mariolesco {adj} :: rascally
mariolo {m} :: scoundrel, rascal
mariologia {f} [religion] :: Mariology
mariologico {adj} :: Mariological
marionetta {f} :: puppet, marionette
marionettista {m} :: puppet master (male)
marionettista {f} :: puppet master (female)
marionettistico {adj} :: puppet, marionette (attributive)
Mar Ionio {prop} :: Ionian Sea
marisca {f} :: anal skin tag
marista {adj} :: Marist
marista {mf} :: Marist
maritabile {adj} :: marriageable
maritalmente {adv} :: maritally
maritante {v} :: present participle of maritare
maritantesi {v} :: present participle of maritarsi
maritare {vt} :: To marry
maritarsi {vr} :: To get married
maritato {adj} :: married
maritatosi {v} :: past participle of maritarsi
maritino {m} :: hubby
marito {m} :: husband
maritozzo {m} [central Italy, Rome] :: maritozzo (type of sweet bun)
marittimità {f} :: The property of being maritime
marittimo {adj} :: maritime
marittimo {adj} :: coastal
marittimo {m} :: seaman, sailor, navigator, mariner, seafarer
mariuolo {m} :: rascal, rogue, scoundrel
Markab {prop} :: Markab, a star in the constellation of Pegasus
marketing {m} :: marketing (commercial activities)
marmaglia {f} :: riff-raff
Mar Mediterraneo {prop} :: Mediterranean Sea
marmellata {f} :: jam (food)
marmellata {f} :: marmalade (when made from oranges)
marmetta {f} :: A type of floortile made from marble chips
marmettaio {m} :: marble tile maker, seller or layer
marmifero {adj} :: marble (attributive)
marmifero {adj} :: rich in marble
marmiglia {f} :: terrazzo (flooring that looks like marble)
marmista {m} :: mason (who works in marble)
marmitta {f} :: cooking pot, stockpot
marmitta {f} :: silencer [British], muffler [US]
marmittone {m} [military slang] :: sprog, rookie, yard bird
marmo {m} :: marble (stone)
marmocchio {m} :: kid, sprog, brat
Marmolada {prop} :: A mountain in north-east Italy, the highest one of the Dolomites
marmolite {f} [mineralogy] :: marmolite
marmoreamente {adv} :: in marble
marmoreo {adj} :: marble (attributive)
marmorizzante {v} :: present participle of marmorizzare
marmorizzare {vt} :: to marble
marmorizzazione {f} :: marbling
Mar Morto {prop} :: Dead Sea (lake in the Middle East)
marmosetta {f} :: marmoset
marmotta {f} :: marmot
marmotta {f} :: groundhog
marmotta americana {f} :: groundhog or woodchuck
marmotta caligata {f} :: whistler (type of marmot)
marna {f} :: marl
marna {f} :: mudstone (properly roccia di marna)
Marna {prop} :: Marne
marnante {v} :: present participle of marnare
marnare {vt} :: To marl
marnatura {f} :: marling
marniera {f} :: marl pit
marnoso {adj} :: marly
maro {m} :: cat thyme (Teucrium marum)
marocchina {f} :: Moroccan (female)
marocchinante {v} :: present participle of marocchinare
marocchinare {vt} :: To tan leather into morocco
marocchineria {f} :: Morocco goods
marocchino {adj} :: Moroccan
marocchino {m} :: Moroccan
Marocco {prop} :: Morocco
marone {m} [slang, vulgar, mostly in the plural] :: ball, bollock
maronita {m} :: Maronite
maronita {adj} :: Maronite
maroso {m} :: breaker, billow
Marpessa {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Marpessa
marpione {m} :: lecher
marra {f} :: hoe
marra {f} :: fluke (of an anchor)
Marrakech {prop} :: Marrakech (city in Morocco)
marrana {f} [regional] :: A ditch or trench situated in the city of Rome
marrancio {m} :: cleaver (butcher's knife)
marrano {m} :: boor
marrano {m} :: traitor
marranzano {m} [musical instruments] :: Jew's harp
marrella {f} [obsolete] :: arrow, dart
marronata {f} :: chestnut preserve
marronata {f} :: blunder
marroncino {adj} :: light brown
marroncino {m} :: light brown colour
marrone {adj} :: brown
marrone {m} :: brown
marrone {m} :: a large and savoury chestnut variety
marrone {m} :: the tree that produces that chestnut
marrone {m} [by extension] :: chestnut
marrone {m} [slang, vulgar, chiefly plural] :: ball, bollock
marrone {m} :: botch up
Marrone {prop} :: surname
Marrone {prop} :: Tito Marrone, Italian poet
marroneto {m} :: chestnut wood (forest), especially one of marrone chestnuts
marron glacé {m} :: marron glacé (chestnut preserved in sugar or syrup and flavoured with vanilla)
Mar Rosso {prop} :: Red Sea (sea between Africa and Arabia)
marrubio {m} :: horehound
marruca {f} [plant] :: Jerusalem thorn, Christ's thorn (Paliurus spina-christi)
marrucheto {m} :: thicket of Jerusalem thorn, thicket of Christ's thorn (Paliurus spina-christi)
marsala {m} :: Marsala (wine)
Marsala {prop} :: Marsala (town)
marsalato {adj} :: maderized (oxidized, of wine)
marsalese {adj} :: Of or from Marsala
marsc' {interj} [military] :: march!
marshallese {adj} :: Marshallese
marshallese {m} :: Marshallese (language)
Marsia {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Marsyas
Marsica {prop} :: The region around Avezzano in Abruzzo
marsicano {adj} :: Of or from Marsica
Marsiglia {prop} :: Marseilles
marsigliese {adj} :: Of or from Marseilles (city in southern France)
marsigliese {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Marseilles
Marsigliese {prop} :: The Marseillaise (French national anthem)
Marsili {prop} :: surname
Marsili {prop} :: An undersea volcano in the Tyrrhenian Sea
Marsilio {prop} :: given name
marsina {f} :: dress coat, tails
marsovino {m} :: porpoise
marsupiale {adj} :: marsupial
marsupiale {m} :: marsupial (mammal)
marsupio {m} :: pouch
marsupio {m} :: marsupium
marsupio {m} :: child carrier
marsupio {m} :: bum bag
marsupio {m} :: car transporter
Marta {prop} :: Martha [biblical character]
Marta {prop} :: given name of biblical origin
martagone {m} :: martagon, Turk's-cap lily (Lilium martagon)
Marte {prop} :: Mars [god and planet]
martedì {m} :: Tuesday
martellamento {m} :: hammering
martellamento {m} [idiomatic] :: overkill
martellante {v} :: present participle of martellare
martellante {adj} :: thumping, pounding, hammering
martellare {v} :: to hammer
martellare {v} :: to beat
martellare {v} :: to bombard
martellata {f} :: hammer blow
martellatore {m} :: hammerer
martellatura {f} :: hammering
martelletto {m} [music] :: hammer (of a piano, and of a percussion instrument)
martelletto {m} :: typebar (of a typewriter)
martelletto {m} :: gavel
martelletto {m} :: striker (of a clock)
martelliera {f} :: A collection of hammers (as in a piano)
martellina {f} :: pick, bush hammer
martellinante {v} :: present participle of martellinare
martellinare {vt} :: To bushhammer
martellinatura {f} :: bushhammering
martellio {m} :: hammering (continuous)
martellista {mf} :: hammer thrower
martello {m} :: hammer
martello {m} [sports] :: hammer
martello {m} [skeleton] :: malleus, hammer
martello {m} :: gavel (tool)
martello {m} [music] :: hammer (in a piano)
martello pneumatico {m} :: jackhammer, pneumatic drill
Martignano {prop} :: A small town in the Lecce province of Puglia
martin {m} :: Only used in the term martin pescatore
Martina {prop} :: given name
martinella {f} :: A white grape variety from Piedmont
martinella {f} :: A bell once used, in the Florentine area, to send military signals
martinetta {f} :: Type of tinamou
martinetta dal ciuffo {f} :: elegant crested tinamou
martinetta di quebracho {f} :: quebracho crested tinamou
martinetto {m} :: jack (tool)
martinezismo {m} :: Martinezism (branch of Martinism)
martingala {f} :: short, ornamental belt (on a jacket etc)
martingala {f} :: martingale
Martinica {prop} :: Martinique
martinicano {adj} :: Martinican
martinicano {m} :: Martinican
martinicca {f} :: wagon brake
martinichese {adj} :: Martinican
martinichese {mf} :: Martinican
martinismo {m} :: Martinism (branch of esoteric Christianity)
martinista {mf} :: Martinist
martino {m} :: myna (bird)
Martino {prop} :: Martin (given name)
martin pescatore {m} :: kingfisher
martire {mf} :: martyr
martirio {m} :: martyrdom
martirio {m} :: agony, torture (figurative)
martirizzamento {m} :: martyrdom
martirizzante {v} :: present participle of martirizzare
martirizzantesi {v} :: present participle of martirizzarsi
martirizzare {vt} :: to martyr
martirizzare {vt} :: to torture
martirizzarsi {v} :: reflexive of martirizzare
martirizzarsi {vr} :: to punish or torment oneself
martirizzato {adj} :: martyred
martirizzatore {m} :: martyrizer
martirizzatosi {v} :: past participle of martirizzarsi
martiro {m} :: (obsolete, poetic) martirio
martirologio {m} :: martyrology
Mar Tirreno {prop} :: Tyrrhenian Sea (sea to the west of Italy)
martora {f} :: marten
martoriante {v} :: present participle of martoriare
martoriare {vt} :: To torment or torture
maruzza {f} :: snail, sea snail
marxianamente {adv} :: Marxianly
marxiano {adj} :: Marxian
marxiano {m} :: Marxian
marxismo {m} :: Marxism, marxism
marxismo-leninismo {m} :: Marxism-Leninism
marxista {adj} :: Marxist, marxist
marxista {mf} :: Marxist, marxist
marxista-leninista {adj} :: Marxist-Leninist
marxista-leninista {mf} :: Marxist-Leninist
marxisticamente {adv} :: Marxistically
marxistico {adj} :: Marxist
marza {f} :: graft (botanical)
Marzïa {prop} :: medieval spelling of Marzia
marzaiola {f} :: garganey
marzaiolo {adj} :: March (attributive)
marzapane {m} [chiefly uncountable] :: marzipan
Marzenego {prop} :: A river that flows in Veneto
Marzia {prop} :: Marcia
marziale {adj} :: martial
Marziale {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Martial
marzialità {f} :: bellicosity, martiality
marzialmente {adv} :: martially
marziana {f} :: A Martian (female)
marziano {adj} :: Martian
marziano {m} :: A Martian (male or of unspecified sex)
Marzio {prop} :: given name
marzo {m} :: March [the month]
marzolino {adj} :: of March, March (attribute)
Marzorati {prop} :: surname
marzotica {f} :: A type of ricotta cheese from Puglia
mas {m} [nautical] :: motor torpedo boat
Masaccio {prop} :: Nickname of Italian painter "Tommaso di ser Giovanni di Mone Cassai"
masaniello {m} :: agitator, revolutionary
Mascagni {prop} :: surname
Mascagni {prop} :: Pietro Mascagni, Italian composer
mascalcia {f} :: farriery
mascalese {adj} :: Of or from Mascali
Mascali {prop} :: A small town in the Catania province of Sicily
mascalzonata {f} :: dirty trick
mascalzone {m} :: rascal, scoundrel, rapscallion
mascara {m} :: mascara
mascareta {f} [nautical] :: A light punt used for fishing, racing and recreation
mascarpone {m} :: mascarpone
mascella {f} [skeleton] :: jaw
mascellare {adj} [skleleton] :: maxillary, jaw (attributive)
mascellare {m} [skeleton] :: maxillary, jawbone
maschera {f} :: mask
maschera {f} :: surface, fiction
maschera {f} :: cinema attendant [takes tickets, shows patrons to their seats]
mascheramento {m} :: masking
mascheramento {m} :: camouflage
mascherante {v} :: present participle of mascherare
mascherante {adj} :: masking
mascherantesi {v} :: present participle of mascherarsi
mascherare {vt} :: to mask
mascherare {vt} :: to hide, conceal
mascherarsi {v} :: ‎reflexive of mascherare
mascherarsi {v} :: to disguise oneself (as)
mascherarsi {v} :: to dress up (as)
mascherata {f} :: masquerade
mascheratamente {adv} :: disguisedly
mascherato {adj} :: masked
mascherato {adj} :: disguised
mascherato {adj} :: hidden, concealed
mascherato {adj} :: camouflaged
mascheratosi {v} :: past participle of mascherarsi
mascheratura {f} :: masking (all senses)
mascheratura {f} :: masquerade
mascheratura {f} :: disguise
mascheretto {m} :: tidal bore
mascherina {f} :: Small mask
mascherina {f} :: patch (animal marking)
mascherina {f} :: toecap
mascherina {f} :: radiator grill
mascherina {f} :: template
mascherone {m} :: mask (especially a grotesque one)
Mascheroni {prop} :: surname
maschetta {f} [nautical] :: cheek of a block
maschiaccio {m} :: rough or wild boy
maschiaccio {m} :: tomboy (girl)
maschiamente {adv} :: malely, masculinely
maschiamente {adv} :: virilely, manfully
maschiamente {adv} :: vigorously
maschiante {v} :: present participle of maschiare
maschiare {vt} :: To tap (a thread)
maschiatore {m} :: tapper (person)
maschiatrice {f} :: tapper (person, female) (machine)
maschiatura {f} :: tapping, screw thread
maschicidio {m} :: The killing of men; androcide
maschietta {f} :: boyish girl
maschietta {f} :: flapper (unconventional woman from the 1920s)
maschiettante {v} :: present participle of maschiettare
maschiettare {vt} :: To hinge (fit with hinges)
maschiettatura {f} :: hingeing (fitting with hinges)
maschietto {m} :: Little boy
maschietto {m} :: Male baby
maschietto {m} :: hinge
maschile {adj} :: masculine, male
maschile {adj} :: virile, manly
maschile {adj} :: men's, boys'
maschilismo {m} :: male chauvinism
maschilista {adj} :: male chauvinist (attributive)
maschilista {mf} :: male chauvinist
maschilisticamente {adv} :: (male) chauvinistically
maschilistico {adj} :: (male) chauvinistic, masculinist
maschilità {f} :: masculinity, manliness
maschilmente {adv} :: in a masculine manner
maschilmente {adv} :: virilely
maschio {adj} :: male, masculine
maschio {adj} :: virile, manlike, manful, manly
maschio {adj} :: vigorous
maschio {m} :: male, boy, man, son
maschio {m} :: keep (tall tower in a castle)
maschio {m} :: tap (cutting tool)
maschione {m} :: A strong and handsome man
mascolinamente {adv} :: mannishly
mascolinismo {m} :: masculinism
mascolinità {f} :: masculinity
mascolinizzante {v} :: present participle of mascolinizzare
mascolinizzantesi {v} :: present participle of mascolinizzarsi
mascolinizzare {vt} :: to masculinize
mascolinizzarsi {v} :: reflexive of mascolinizzare
mascolinizzarsi {vr} :: to become masculinized
mascolinizzatosi {v} :: past participle of mascolinizzarsi
mascolinizzazione {f} :: masculinization
mascolino {adj} :: masculine, male (attributive)
mascolino {adj} :: mannish
mascolo {adj} :: synonym of maschio
mascone {m} [nautical] :: loof
mascotte {f} :: mascot
masculo {adj} :: synonym of maschio
maskio {m} :: alternative form of maschio
masnada {f} :: gang, band (of thieves etc)
masnadiere {m} :: highwayman, bandit, brigand
masnadiero {m} :: gang-member
masnadiero {m} :: robber
masochismo {m} :: masochism
masochista {f} :: masochist
masochisticamente {adv} :: masochistically
masochistico {adj} :: masochistic, masochist (attributive)
masoretico {adj} :: Masoretic
Maspero {prop} :: surname
massa {f} :: mass (all senses)
massa {f} :: crowd
Massa Carrara {prop} :: Massa Carrara
massacrante {v} :: present participle of massacrare
massacrante {adj} :: exhausting, gruelling
massacrantesi {v} :: present participle of massacrarsi
massacrare {vt} :: to massacre, slaughter
massacrare {vt} :: to murder (a song or tune)
massacrare {vt} [figuratively] :: to make mincemeat out of (defeat utterly)
massacrarsi {v} :: reflexive of massacrare
massacrarsi {v} :: to be severely wounded
massacrarsi {v} :: to be heavily defeated
massacratore {m} :: massacrer
massacratosi {v} :: past participle of massacrarsi
massacro {m} :: massacre
massa d'acqua {f} :: body of water
Massa e Carrara {prop} :: Massa Carrara (province)
massaggiante {v} :: present participle of massaggiare
massaggiantesi {v} :: present participle of massaggiarsi
massaggiare {v} :: to massage
massaggiarsi {vr} :: ‎ To massage (part of one's body)
massaggiatore {m} :: masseur
massaggiatosi {v} :: past participle of massaggiarsi
massaggiatrice {f} :: masseuse
massaggio {m} :: massage
massaia {f} :: housewife
massaio {m} :: bailiff (of an agricultural estate)
massaio {m} :: farmer
massaro {m} :: bailiff (of an agricultural estate)
massaro {m} :: farmer
massellante {v} :: present participle of massellare
massellare {vt} :: To cast (metal) into pigs or ingots
massellato {adj} :: edge-glued
massellatura {f} :: pig-breaking (in iron-founding)
massello {m} :: pig (of iron)
massello {m} :: ingot
massello {m} :: solid wood
Massenzio {prop} :: Maxentius
masseria {f} :: Large farm, sometimes fortified
masserizia {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: Household furnishings or effects
massese {adj} :: Massa Carrara (attributive)
massese {mf} :: Native or inhabitant of Massa Carrara
massetere {m} [muscle] :: masseter
masseterino {adj} [muscle] :: masseteric, masseterine
masseto {m} [regional] :: rocky land
massetto {m} :: screed (building material)
massicciamente {adv} :: massively
massicciamente {adv} :: energetically, resolutely
massicciante {v} :: present participle of massicciare
massicciare {vt} :: To ballast (roads, railways)
massicciata {f} :: ballast, hard core
massicciata {f} :: permanent way
massicciata {f} :: roadbed
massicciatore {m} :: Person who constructs roadbeds
massiccio {adj} :: massive, solid
massiccio {adj} :: stout
massiccio {adj} :: heavy
massiccio {m} :: massif
massiccio facciale {m} [skeleton] :: facial bones, facial skeleton
massico {adj} [physics] :: mass (attributive)
massificante {v} :: present participle of massificare
massificare {vt} :: to massify, standardize
massificato {adj} :: standardized, massified
massificazione {f} :: standardization, massification
massima {f} :: maxim
massima {f} :: maximum (temperature etc)
massimale {adj} :: maximal, maximum
massimale {m} :: A maximum limit or quota
massimalismo {m} :: maximalism (in art and politics)
massimalista {adj} :: maximalist (in art and politics)
massimalista {mf} :: maximalist (in art and politics)
massimalistico {adj} :: maximalist
massimamente {adv} :: especially, chiefly, particularly
massimamente {adv} [archaic] :: maximally; to the greatest extent
massimante {v} :: present participle of massimare
massimare {vt} :: To maximize
massimario {m} :: An anthology of maxims or sayings
massimario {m} :: A register of the decisions given by the Italian Court of Cassation; a person who compiles this register
massime {adv} [literary] :: especially, chiefly, particularly
Massimiano {prop} :: Maximian
massimiliano {adj} :: Maximilian (attributive)
Massimiliano {prop} :: given name, cognate to Maximilian
massiminimo {m} :: maximin
massimizzante {v} :: present participle of massimizzare
massimizzare {vt} :: to maximize
massimizzato {adj} :: maximized
massimizzazione {f} :: maximization
massimo {adj} :: maximum
massimo {adj} [archaic] :: chief; principal
massimo {m} :: maximum
Massimo {prop} :: given name derived from Latin Maximus
massivamente {adv} :: massively
massivamente {adv} :: en masse
massivo {adj} :: massive
massivo {adj} :: mass (emigration etc)
massivo {adj} :: en masse
massmediale {adj} :: mass media (attributive)
massmediatico {adj} :: mass media (attributive)
massmediologia {f} :: media studies (study of the mass media)
massmediologo {m} :: media expert
masso {m} :: rock, boulder
massofisioterapia {f} :: massage and physiotherapy
massofisioterapico {adj} :: massage and physiotherapy (attributive)
massofisioterapista {mf} :: masseur and physiotherapist
massone {m} :: freemason
massoneria {f} :: Freemasonry
massonico {adj} :: masonic
massoso {adj} :: rocky
massoterapia {f} :: massotherapy
massoterapico {adj} :: massotherapy (attributive)
massoterapista {mf} :: massotherapist
mastaba {f} :: mastaba
mastalgia {f} :: mastalgia
mastcellula {f} [biology] :: mast cell
mastectomia {f} [surgery] :: mastectomy
mastectomizzato {adj} :: mastectomized
mastello {m} :: wooden tub (for harvesting etc)
masterizzabile {adj} :: recordable, writable (CD etc)
masterizzante {v} :: present participle of masterizzare
masterizzare {v} [computing] :: To burn (a CD or DVD)
masterizzatore {m} :: CD burner, burner
masterizzazione {f} [computing] :: burning (of a CD or DVD)
masterizzazione {f} :: mastering (of a record)
masticabile {adj} :: chewable
masticante {v} :: present participle of masticare
masticare {vt} :: to chew
masticare {vt} :: to crunch
masticatore {adj} [anatomy] :: masticatory
masticatorio {adj} [anatomy] :: masticatory
masticatorio {m} [medicine] :: masticatory
masticatura {f} :: chewed material
masticazione {f} [physiology] :: chewing, mastication
masticazione {f} :: mastication (the process of crushing as though chewed)
mastice {m} :: mastic, filler, putty
mastigonemo {m} :: mastigoneme
mastino {m} :: mastiff
mastio {m} :: keep (tall tower in a medieval castle)
mastite {f} [diseases] :: mastitis
masto- {prefix} :: mast-
mastocarcinoma {m} [oncology] :: mastocarcinoma
mastocita {m} [cytology] :: mast cell, mastocyte
mastocito {m} :: Variant of mastocita
mastodinia {f} [pathology] :: mastodynia
mastodonte {m} :: mastodon
mastodonte {m} [by extension] :: a large, clumsy person
mastodontico {adj} :: mammoth, gigantic
mastografia {f} :: mastography, mammography
mastoide {f} [skeleton] :: mastoid
mastoidectomia {f} [surgery] :: mastoidectomy
mastoideo {adj} [anatomy] :: mastoid, mastoidal, mastoideus
mastoidite {f} [pathology] :: mastoiditis
mastopatia {f} [pathology] :: disease of the mammary gland; mastopathy
mastopessi {f} [surgery] :: mastopexy
mastopessia {f} [surgery] :: mastopexy
mastoplastica {f} [surgery] :: mastoplasty, mammaplasty
mastra {f} [nautical] :: coaming
mastro {m} :: master [especially in combination with the name of a trade]
mastro {adj} :: principal, main
Mastroianni {prop} :: surname
Mastroianni {prop} :: Marcello Mastroianni, Italian actor
mastruca {f} :: sheepskin or goatskin jacket
masturbante {v} :: present participle of masturbare
masturbantesi {v} :: present participle of masturbarsi
masturbare {vt} :: to masturbate
masturbarsi {v} :: reflexive of masturbare
masturbarsi {v} :: to masturbate
masturbatore {m} :: masturbator
masturbatorio {adj} :: masturbatory
masturbatosi {v} :: past participle of masturbarsi
masturbatrice {f} :: female masturbator
masturbazione {f} :: masturbation
masurio {n} :: masurium (technetium)
matafione {m} [nautical] :: A small cable used to support or fasten a sail.
matallo {m} :: wayfaring-tree, hoarwithy (plant of genus Viburnum lantana)
matassa {f} :: skein, hank
matassina {f} :: skein
match {m} :: match (sports event)
match {m} :: horserace involving only two horses
matcha {m} :: matcha (powdered green tea for ceremonies)
Matelica {prop} :: a town in the province of Macerata in Marche in Italy
matelicese {adj} :: Of, or from, Matelica
matelicese {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Matelica
matematica {f} :: mathematics, maths, math
matematica {f} :: mathematician (female)
matematicamente {adv} :: mathematically
matematico {adj} :: mathematical
matematico {m} :: mathematician
matematizzabile {adj} [maths] :: mathematizable
matematizzante {v} :: present participle of matematizzare
matematizzare {vt} :: [maths] to mathematize
matematizzazione {f} :: mathematization
matera {v} :: obsolete form of materia
Matera {prop} :: A town and associated province in Basilicata
materano {adj} :: Of or from Matera
materassa {f} :: Variant of materasso
materassabile {adj} :: beddable
materassaia {f} :: mattress maker (female)
materassaio {m} :: mattress maker
materassificio {m} :: mattress factory
materassino {m} :: mat (for use in a gym etc)
materasso {m} :: mattress
materasso ad acqua {m} [furniture] :: waterbed
materasso ad aria {m} [furniture] :: air bed, air mattress
materasso giapponese {m} [furniture] :: futon a thin mattress of tufted cotton or similar material
materia {f} :: matter, substance, material, stuff
materia {f} :: subject-matter, matter, subject, topic
materiale {adj} :: material
materiale {adj} :: physical, bodily
materiale {adj} :: rough, uncouth
materiale {m} :: material, stuff
materiale {m} :: materials, equipment
materiale {m} :: rough person
materialismo {m} :: materialism, constant concern over material possessions and wealth
materialista {adj} :: materialist
materialista {mf} :: materialist
materialisticamente {adv} :: materialistically
materialistico {adj} :: materialistic
materialità {f} :: materiality
materializzante {v} :: present participle of materializzare
materializzantesi {v} :: present participle of materializzarsi
materializzare {vt} :: to materialize
materializzarsi {vr} :: To materialize
materializzatosi {v} :: past participle of materializzarsi
materializzazione {f} :: materialization
materialmente {adv} :: materially
materialmente {adv} :: simply, really, quite
materialone {m} :: lout (rough person)
materia organica {f} :: organic matter
materia prima {f} :: raw material
materia prima {f} :: staple
matericità {f} :: materiality
materico {adj} :: material
maternamente {adv} :: maternally
maternità {f} :: maternity, motherhood
maternità {f} :: maternity ward
materno {adj} :: maternal, mother (attribute), motherly
materozza {f} :: riser (casting)
materozzolo {m} :: A piece of wood attached to a key such that it is more difficult to forget where it is
Matilde {prop} :: given name
matildico {adj} :: Relating to Matilde di Canossa
matita {f} :: pencil
matraccio {m} [chemistry] :: flask
matraccio di Erlenmeyer {m} [chemistry] :: Erlenmeyer flask
matre {f} :: obsolete form of madre
matriarca {f} :: matriarch
matriarcale {adj} :: matriarchal
matriarcato {m} :: matriarchy
matricaria {f} :: chamomile
matrice {f} :: matrix (in all senses)
matrice {f} :: stencil
matrice {f} [figurative] :: origin; background
matrice {f} :: stub (of a cheque etc.)
matrice diagonale {f} [maths] :: diagonal matrix
matriciale {adj} :: matrix (attributive)
matricidio {m} :: matricide
matricina {f} :: sapling
matricino {adj} :: Only used in the term albero matricino
matricola {f} :: register
matricola {f} :: number (in a register etc)
matricola {f} :: freshman, fresher
matricolante {v} :: present participle of matricolare
matricolare {adj} :: register, registration [attributive]
matricolare {vt} :: alternative form of immatricolare
matricolato {adj} :: able, expert
matricolato {adj} :: downright, out-and-out
matrigna {f} :: stepmother
matrilineare {adj} :: matrilineal
matrilinearità {f} :: matrilineality
matrilocale {adj} :: matrilocal
matrilocalità {f} :: matrilocality
matrimoniabile {adj} :: marriageable
matrimoniale {adj} :: matrimonial, marriage [attributive], nuptial, married
matrimoniale {adj} :: double
matrimoniale {adj} :: master
matrimonialista {m} :: (male) A divorce lawyer, a lawyer specializing in marriage law
matrimonialista {f} :: (female) A divorce lawyer, a lawyer specializing in marriage law
matrimonialmente {adv} :: As husband and wife
matrimonio {m} :: marriage
matrimonio {m} :: wedding (ceremony)
matrimonio di convenienza {m} :: marriage of convenience
matrimonio in bianco {m} :: white marriage
matrimonio in bianco {m} :: white wedding
matrimonio riparatore {m} :: shotgun wedding
matrimonio riparatore {m} :: shotgun marriage
matriosca {f} :: alternative spelling of matrioska
matrioska {f} :: matryoshka, Russian doll
matrizzante {v} :: present participle of matrizzare
matrizzare {vi} :: To take after one's mother
matroide {m} [mathematics] :: matroid
matrona {f} :: matron
matronale {adj} :: matronly
matronalmente {adv} :: matronly
matroneo {m} :: A women's gallery in early churches
matronimia {f} :: metronymy
matronimico {adj} :: matronymic, metronymic
matta {f} :: madwoman
matta {f} [cards] :: joker
mattacchione {m} :: rascal, joker
mattafione {m} [nautical] :: reef point
mattana {f} :: fit of temper, tantrum
mattanza {f} :: Last phase of tuna fishing in which a very large net is closed around a group of fish and drawn together, the fish being hooked using harpoons and then beaten to death via repeated blows
mattanza {f} [by extension, colloquial] :: massacre, carnage
mattare {vt} :: to kill
mattare {vt} :: to torture
Mattarella {prop} :: surname
Mattarella {prop} :: Sergio Mattarella, Italian politician and twelfth President of Italy
mattarello {m} :: rolling pin
mattata {f} :: mad / stupid act
mattatoio {m} :: abattoir, slaughterhouse
mattatore {m} :: star turn (star performer)
mattazione {f} :: slaughtering
Matteo {prop} :: given name; the Italian equivalent of Matthew
Matteo {prop} [biblical character] :: Matthew, the Gospel of Matthew
Matteotti {prop} :: surname
matterello {m} :: rolling pin
mattezza {f} :: madness (all senses)
mattezza {f} :: nonsense
Mattia {prop} [biblical character] :: Matthias. the Italian equivalent of Matthias
Mattia {prop} :: given name
mattin {m} :: apocopic form of mattino
mattina {f} :: morning
mattinale {adj} :: morning (attributive)
mattinata {f} :: morning
mattinata {f} :: matinée
mattinataccia {f} :: A morning of bad weather or when things go wrong
mattiniero {m} :: early riser
mattiniero {m} :: lark
mattino {m} :: morning
matto {adj} :: mad, crazy
matto {m} :: madman
matto del barbiere {m} [chess] :: scholar's mate
mattoide {adj} :: nutty, screwy
mattolina {f} :: woodlark
mattonaia {f} :: brickyard, brickfield
mattonaio {m} :: brickmaker
mattonante {v} :: present participle of mattonare
mattonare {vt} :: To pave with bricks
mattonata {f} :: A blow with a brick
mattonato {adj} :: paved with bricks
mattonato {m} :: brick floor
mattoncino {m} :: small brick
mattoncino {m} :: A piece of tile etc used for making a mosaic floor
mattone {m} :: brick
mattonella {f} :: tile
mattonellificio {m} :: tile factory
mattoniera {f} :: brick-moulding machine
mattonificio {m} :: brick factory
mattutino {adj} :: morning
maturabile {adj} :: accruable
maturamente {adv} :: ripely, maturely
maturanda {f} :: A candidate for the esame di maturità (female)
maturando {m} :: A candidate for the esame di maturità (male)
maturante {v} :: present participle of maturare
maturantesi {v} :: present participle of maturarsi
maturare {v} :: to ripen
maturare {v} :: to mature
maturare {v} :: to accrue
maturarsi {v} :: reflexive of maturare
maturarsi {vr} :: to mature, ripen
maturarsi {vr} :: to grow up
maturatosi {v} :: past participle of maturarsi
maturazione {f} :: maturing
maturazione {f} :: maturation
maturità {f} :: maturity, adulthood
maturità {f} :: exam equivalent to A-level in the UK; the esame di maturità
maturo {adj} :: ripe, mature
matusa {mf} :: old fogey, fuddy-duddy
matusalemme {m} [colloquial] :: relic, fossil (decrepit old man)
Matusalemme {prop} [biblical character] :: Methuselah
mauritana {f} :: Mauritanian (female)
Mauritania {prop} :: Mauritania
mauritano {adj} :: Mauritanian
mauritano {m} :: Mauritanian
Mauritius {prop} :: Mauritius
mauriziana {f} :: Mauritian (female)
mauriziano {adj} :: Mauritian
mauriziano {m} :: Mauritian
Maurizio {prop} :: Maurice (male given name)
Mauro {prop} :: given name
mausoleo {m} [architecture] :: mausoleum
mavì {adj} [archaic, literary] :: sky blue
mavì {m} [archaic, literary] :: sky blue
max {abbr} :: (short form of massimo) max
maxi {adj} :: Having larger than normal dimensions
maxi {adj} [of clothing] :: Longer than normal
maxi {f} :: maxi (long skirt or dress)
maxi- {prefix} :: maxi-
maxicalcolatore {m} [computing, colloquial] :: mainframe (computer)
maxicappotto {m} :: maxicoat
maxiemendamento {m} :: All the amendments to a bill presented to parliament
maxigonna {f} :: maxidress, maxiskirt
maxillo- {prefix} :: maxillo-
maxillo-facciale {adj} [anatomy] :: maxillofacial
maximulta {f} :: An exceptionally heavy fine
maxiprocesso {m} :: Very long trial with a large number of co-defendants
maxischermo {m} :: A vary large TV screen used in a public space to relay concerts etc
Mazara del Vallo {prop} :: a town in the province of Trapani in Sicily in Italy
mazarese {adj} :: Of or relating to the Sicilian town of Mazara del Vallo or its inhabitants
mazarese {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Mazara del Vallo
Mazaro {prop} :: A small river that flows in Sicily
mazurca {f} :: mazurka
mazza {f} :: club (weapon)
mazza {f} :: baton
mazza {f} :: mace (ceremonial weapon)
mazza {f} :: sledgehammer
mazza {f} :: maul
mazza {f} :: mallet
mazza {f} [vulgar] :: penis
mazzacavallo {m} :: well sweep (device, with a long poll, for raising water)
mazzacavallo {m} :: pile driver
mazza chiodata {f} [weaponry] :: morning star
mazza da baseball {f} [sports] :: baseball bat
mazza da croquet {f} [sports] :: croquet mallet
mazza da fabbro {f} [blacksmithing] :: sledgehammer, about-sledge
mazza di tamburo {f} [mushrooms] :: parasol mushroom (Macrolepiota procera)
mazzafegato {m} :: A type of salami from central Italy
mazza ferrata {f} [weaponry] :: mace
mazzafrusto {m} [weaponry] :: flail, chain mace
mazzapicchio {m} :: poleaxe
mazzapicchio {m} :: cooper's mallet
mazzaranga {f} :: tamper (machine)
mazzarella {f} :: (in parts of Tuscany) A stick used (by a buttero) to herd oxen and horses
mazzata {f} :: A heavy blow
Mazzeo {prop} :: surname
Mazzeo {prop} :: given name
mazzeranga {f} :: tamper (in road-mending)
mazzeratura {f} :: A form of capital punishment in which a person was drowned inside a sack
mazzetta {f} :: bundle
mazzetta {f} :: wad (of money)
mazzetta {f} [by extension] :: bribe
mazzetta {f} :: mallet
mazzetto {m} :: diminutive of mazzo
mazzetto {m} :: posy, nosegay
mazziante {v} :: present participle of mazziare
mazziare {vt} :: To hit or beat
mazziere {m} :: mace bearer (in a procession)
mazziere {m} :: dealer (in a card game)
Mazzini {prop} :: surname
Mazzini {prop} :: Giuseppe Mazzini, Italian patriot
mazziniano {adj} :: Mazzinian
mazzo {m} :: bunch (of flowers, keys etc)
mazzo {m} :: pack (of cards)
Mazzocchi {prop} :: surname
mazzolante {v} :: present participle of mazzolare
mazzolare {vt} :: To club (especially to beat to death with a club)
mazzolata {f} :: a blow with a mallet or club
mazzolatura {f} :: mazzatello (capital punishment using a mallet)
mazzolatura {f} :: An agrarian operation to drain marshy ground
mazzolino {m} :: diminutive of mazzo
mazzolino {m} :: posy, nosegay, bouquet
mazzuola {f} :: mallet
mazzuolo {m} :: mallet
mazzuolo {m} :: stonemason's hammer
mazzuolo {m} :: head of a golf club
mazzuolo {m} :: drumstick (of a bassdrum)
mèche {f} :: streak (in the hair)
me {pron} :: to me
meandro {m} :: meander
meandro {m} :: maze, labyrinth
Meandro {prop} :: Meander
meato {m} [anatomy] :: meatus
meato {m} :: Small, usually uncomfortable natural passage or tunnel
meatoscopia {f} [medicine] :: meatoscopy
mebezonio {n} [medicine] :: mebezonium
MEC {initialism} :: ECM (European Common Market)
mecca {f} :: Mecca (attractive place)
meccanica {f} :: mechanics (science)
meccanica {f} :: mechanism
meccanica {f} :: mechanic (female)
meccanica {f} :: engineer (female)
meccanicamente {adv} :: mechanically
meccanica quantistica {f} [physics] :: quantum mechanics
meccanicismo {m} :: mechanism (philosophical movement)
meccanicista {mf} :: mechanist
meccanicisticamente {adv} :: mechanistically
meccanicistico {adj} :: mechanistic
meccanicità {f} :: mechanicalness
meccanico {adj} :: mechanical
meccanico {adj} :: clockwork
meccanico {m} :: mechanic (male)
meccanico {m} :: engineer (male)
meccanismo {m} :: mechanism
meccanismo a molla {n} :: clockwork (mechanism powered by a coiled spring)
meccanizzabile {adj} :: mechanizable
meccanizzante {v} :: present participle of meccanizzare
meccanizzare {vt} :: to mechanize
meccanizzazione {f} :: mechanization
meccano {adj} :: Meccan
meccano- {prefix} :: mechano-
meccanocalorico {adj} [physics] :: mechanocaloric
meccanografia {f} :: data processing (mechanical)
meccanograficamente {adv} :: By means of data processing
meccanografico {adj} :: data processing (mechanical, attributive)
meccanografico {adj} :: punched-card (attributive)
meccanoterapia {f} [medicine] :: mechanotherapy
meccanotessile {adj} :: mechano-textile (spinning and weaving by machine)
meccatronica {f} :: mechatronics
meccatronica {f} :: electromechanics
meccatronico {adj} :: mechatronic, electromechanical
mecenate {m} :: patron (of the arts etc)
Mecenate {prop} :: Maecenas
mecenatico {adj} :: patron (attributive)
mecenatismo {m} :: patronage (of the arts etc)
meche {f} :: streak (artificial, in the hair)
mechitarista {m} :: Mekhitarist, Mechitarist
Meclemburgo {prop} :: Mecklenburg
meco {prep} [archaic, literary] :: with me
meconio {m} :: meconium
meconio {m} :: opium
meda {f} [nautical] :: beacon
medaglia {f} :: medal
medaglia d'argento {f} :: silver medal
medaglia d'argento {f} :: silver medalist
medaglia di bronzo {f} :: bronze medal
medaglia di bronzo {f} :: bronze medalist
medaglia d'oro {f} :: gold medal
medaglia d'oro {f} :: gold medalist
medagliante {v} :: present participle of medagliare
medagliare {vt} :: To decorate with a medal
medagliato {adj} :: medaled, bemedaled (decorated with a medal)
medagliere {m} [sports] :: number of medals won; medal table (during a competition, such as the Olympic Games)
medagliere {m} :: collection of medals
medaglietta {f} :: Small medal
medaglietta {f} :: nametag (for a dog etc)
medaglione {m} :: medallion (all senses)
medaglione {m} :: locket
medaglista {mf} :: medalist / medallist (all senses)
medaglistica {f} :: Study, or design of medals
medaglistica {f} :: numismatics
Medardo {prop} :: given name
medesimamente {adv} :: likewise
medesimamente {adv} :: simultaneously
medesimità {f} :: sameness, identicalness
medesimo {adj} :: same, identical, equal
medesimo {adj} :: very
medesimo {pron} :: The same one
media {f} :: average, mean (especially an overall, average grade)
media {m} :: media
mediale {adj} [anatomy] :: medial
medialmente {adv} :: medially
mediamente {adv} :: on average, on the average
mediana {f} [statistics] :: median
mediana {f} [sports] :: halfway line
medianicità {f} :: mediumship
medianico {adj} :: extrasensory
medianismo {m} :: mediumistic phenomena
medianità {f} :: extrasensory powers
mediano {adj} :: median
mediano {m} :: median
mediano {m} [rugby] :: halfback
mediano di mischia {m} [rugby] :: scrum-half
mediante {prep} :: by, through, by means of, using
mediare {vt} :: to mediate
mediare {vt} :: (mathematics) to average
mediastinico {adj} :: mediastinal
mediastino {m} [anatomy] :: mediastinum
mediastinoscopia {f} [medicine] :: mediastinoscopy
mediatamente {adv} :: indirectly
mediateca {f} :: library of tapes, videos and similar media
mediatico {adj} :: media (attributive)
mediatizzazione {f} :: mediatization (all senses)
mediato {adj} :: indirect
mediato {adj} :: mediated
mediatore {m} :: mediator, negotiator
mediatore {m} :: middle man, agent
mediatore {m} [biology] :: mediator
mediatrice {f} :: mediator (female)
mediatrice {f} :: agent (female)
mediazione {f} :: mediation
mediazione {f} :: brokerage
medicabile {adj} :: treatable, curable, medicable
medicale {adj} :: medical
medicalizzante {v} :: present participle of medicalizzare
medicalizzare {vt} :: To medicalize
medicalizzazione {f} :: medicalization, medicalisation
medicalmente {adv} :: medically
medicamento {m} :: medication, medicine, medicament
medicamentoso {adj} :: medicinal
medicante {v} :: present participle of medicare
medicantesi {v} :: present participle of medicarsi
medicare {vt} :: To medicate, to dress, to treat
medicarsi {vr} :: To medicate oneself
medicastro {m} :: medicaster, quack (incompetent doctor of medicine)
medicato {adj} :: medicated
medicatore {m} :: One who heals or cures
medicatore {adj} :: healing, curing
medicatosi {v} :: past participle of medicarsi
medicatrice {f} :: feminine of medicatore
medicatura {f} :: dressing, medication
medicazione {f} [medicine] :: dressing
mediceo {adj} [historical] :: of or pertaining to the House of Medici family; Medici (attributive)
medichessa {f} [colloquial] :: midwife
Medici {prop} :: surname of a powerful and influential aristocratic Florentine family from the 13th to 17th centuries
medicina {f} :: medicine
medicinale {m} :: medicine
medicinale {m} :: drug
medicinale {adj} :: medicinal
medicinalmente {adv} :: medicinally
medicina veterinaria {f} :: veterinary medicine
medico {adj} :: medical
medico {m} [Medicine] :: doctor, physician
medico di famiglia {m} :: general practitioner, GP, family doctor
medico-legale {adj} :: forensic
mediconzolo {n} :: quack
medico-sociale {adj} :: medical and social
medico-specialistico {adj} :: specialist-medical
medicuccio {m} :: quack (doctor)
medietà {f} :: middleness, centrality
medieuropeo {adj} :: Central European
medievale {adj} :: medieval
medievalismo {m} :: medievalism, mediaevalism
medievalista {mf} :: medievalist, mediaevalist
medievalistica {f} :: medieval studies
medievalistico {adj} :: medievalism, mediaevalism (attributive)
medievalmente {adv} :: in a medieval manner
medievistica {f} :: medieval studies
medimno {m} :: medimnus
medio- {prefix} :: medio-
medio {m} [anatomy] :: middle finger, tall man
medio {adj} :: mean, average
Medio Campidano {prop} :: Province of Sardinia, Italy
mediocre {adj} :: mediocre, ordinary, middling
mediocre {adj} :: second-rate, poor, shoddy
mediocre {mf} :: mediocre person; mediocrity
mediocredito {m} :: medium-term credit (or an institution that provides it)
mediocremente {adv} :: ordinarily
mediocremente {adv} :: moderately
mediocremente {adv} :: poorly, scarcely
mediocrità {f} :: mediocrity
medioeuropeo {adj} :: Central European
medioevale {adj} :: alternative spelling of medievale
medioevo {s} :: Middle Ages
Medioevo {m} :: Middle Ages
mediogioco {m} [chess] :: middlegame
mediolanense {adj} :: Milanese
mediolanuto {adj} :: synonym of semilanuto
mediolaterale {adj} [anatomy] :: mediolateral
mediolatinità {f} :: literary and cultural traditions of Medieval Latin
mediolatino {m} :: Medieval Latin
medioleggero {m} :: welterweight
mediologia {f} :: media studies
mediologico {adj} :: media studies (attributive)
mediomassimo {m} :: light heavyweight
mediometraggio {m} :: A (short feature) film that lasts less than about 50 minutes
Medio Oriente {prop} [geography] :: Middle East
mediopalatale {adj} [anatomy] :: mediopalatal
mediopassivo {m} :: mediopassive (voice)
mediorientale {adj} :: Middle Eastern
medioteca {f} :: tape, video or other media library
meditabile {adj} :: That is worth meditation
meditabondo {adj} :: meditative, thoughtful
meditante {v} :: present participle of meditare
medita prima di agire {proverb} :: look before you leap
meditare {vt} :: To ponder over; to meditate on
meditare {vt} :: To plan; to think through
meditare {vi} :: To meditate
meditatamente {adv} :: meditatively
meditatamente {adv} :: deliberately
meditativamente {adv} :: meditatively, thoughtfully
meditativo {adj} :: meditative, thoughtful
meditato {adj} :: meditated
meditato {adj} :: premeditated
meditato {adj} :: planned, worked-out
meditatore {m} [rare, rare] :: thinker (one who thinks)
meditatore {m} [rare, figuratively] :: plotter (one who plots)
meditatrice {f} [rare, rare] :: thinker (one who thinks)
meditatrice {f} [rare, figuratively] :: plotter (one who plots)
meditazione {f} :: meditation
mediterraneità {f} :: The quality of being Mediterranean, Mediterranean essence or spirit
mediterraneo {adj} :: Mediterranean
Mediterraneo {prop} :: Mediterranean Sea
Medoro {prop} :: given name
medulloblastoma {m} [oncology] :: medulloblastoma
medulloleso {adj} :: Having damage to the spinal cord
Meduna {prop} :: A river that flows in Friuli-Venezia Giulia
medusa {f} [animals] :: A jellyfish
Medusa {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Medusa
meduseo {adj} :: Medusa (attributive)
meduseo {adj} :: charming
meduseo {adj} :: frightening
meeting {m} :: meeting (gathering of people for a purpose)
mefisto {m} :: three-pointed woollen cap worn by skiers
Mefistofele {prop} :: Mephistopheles
mefistofelicamente {adv} :: in a Mephistophelean manner
mefistofelicamente {adv} :: sardonically, malignantly
mefistofelico {adj} :: Mephistophelean, Mephistophelian
mefistofelico {adj} :: sardonic, malignant, malefic
mefite {f} :: mephitis
mefite {f} :: skunk
mefiticamente {adv} :: mephitically
mefiticamente {adv} :: corruptly
mefitico {adj} :: mephitic
mefitico {adj} :: corrupt
mega- {prefix} :: mega- (all senses)
megabit {m} [computing] :: megabit
megabuco {m} [computing] :: Major bug, especially one involving a security issue
megabyte {m} [computing] :: megabyte
megacariocita {m} [biology] :: megakaryocyte
megacero {m} :: A large, extinct deer of the genus Megaloceros
megaciclo {m} :: megacycle
megacolon {m} [pathology] :: megacolon
megacomplesso {m} :: megacomplex
megaconcerto {m} [music] :: A very large concert (especially a pop concert)
megadiverso {adj} :: megadiverse
megafonista {mf} :: A person speaking through a megaphone / loudhailer / bullhorn
megafono {m} :: megaphone, loudhailer, bullhorn
megagalattico {adj} :: gigantic
megagrammo {m} :: megagram
megahertz {m} :: megahertz
megalite {m} :: megalith
megalitico {adj} :: megalithic
megalito {m} :: Variant of megalite
megalitro {m} :: megalitre
megalo- {prefix} :: megalo-
megaloblastico {adj} [cytology, pathology] :: megaloblastic
megaloblasto {m} [cytology, pathology] :: megaloblast
megalocefalia {f} :: megalocephaly, megacephaly
megalocefalo {adj} :: megalocephalic, megacephalic
megalodonte {m} :: megalodon
megalomane {adj} :: megalomaniac
megalomane {mf} :: megalomaniac
megalomania {f} :: megalomania
megalosauro {m} :: megalosaur
megaohm {m} :: megaohm
megapixel {m} :: megapixel
megapode {m} :: megapod, megapode
megapodio {m} :: megapode
megarese {adj} :: Of or from Megara
megarico {adj} :: Megaric
megaron {m} :: megaron
megaschermo {m} :: large screen (for showing film/video at an outdoor event)
megaspora {f} [botany] :: megaspore
megastore {m} :: superstore
megastruttura {f} :: megastructure
megateneo {m} :: A very large university, especially one with a reputation for being a party school
megaterio {m} :: megathere, megatherium
megaton {m} :: megaton
megatone {m} :: megaton
megattera {f} :: humpback whale (of genus Megaptera)
megavolt {m} :: megavolt
megawatt {m} :: megawatt
megawattora {m} :: megawatt-hour
megera {f} :: shrew (woman, not rodent)
megera {f} :: hag, trot
Megera {prop} [Greek god] :: Megaera
meglenoromeno {adj} :: Megleno-Romanian
meglenorumeno {adj} :: Megleno-Romanian, Moglenitic, Meglenitic
meglio {adj} :: (the) better, (the) best
meglio {adv} :: better
meglio {adv} :: (the) best
meglio {m} [singular only] :: the best thing, the best part
meglio {m} [singular only] :: the better
meglio tardi che mai {phrase} :: better late than never
meglio un uovo oggi che una gallina domani {proverb} :: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush; better an egg today than a hen tomorrow
meharista {m} :: méharist (camel cavalry)
meiosi {f} [biology] :: meiosis
meiotico {adj} :: meiotic
meitnerio {m} [chemistry] :: meitnerium
Mekong {prop} :: Mekong
mela {f} :: apple (fruit)
mela cotogna {f} :: quince (fruit)
melacotogna {f} :: alternative spelling of mela cotogna
Melada {prop} :: Molat (island of Croatia)
mela della discordia {f} :: apple of discord
melafonino {m} [colloquial] :: iPhone
melagrana {f} :: pomegranate (fruit)
melagranata {f} :: pomegranate (fruit)
melagrano {m} :: (Variant of: melograno) pomegranate tree
melamina {f} [chemistry] :: melamine
melaminico {adj} :: melamine (attributive)
melammina {f} :: alternative spelling of melamina
melamminico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: melamine (attributive)
melampiro {m} :: cow-wheat (of genus Melampyrum)
Melampo {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Melampus
melancolia {f} :: melancholia
melancolia {f} :: melancholy
melanconia {f} :: Variant of melancolia
melanconico {adj} :: Variant of malinconico
melanesiano {adj} :: Melanesian
melanesiano {m} :: Melanesian
melangola {m} :: Seville orange, bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) (fruit)
melangolo {m} :: Seville orange, bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) (tree)
Melania {prop} :: given name corresponding to English Melanie
melanico {adj} :: melanic
melanina {f} :: melanin
melanismo {m} :: melanism
melanocita {m} [medicine] :: melanocyte
melanodermia {f} :: melanoderma
melanoide {adj} :: melanoid
melanoidina {f} [organic chemistry] :: melanoidin
melanoma {m} [oncology] :: melanoma
melanosi {f} [pathology] :: melanosis
Melantone {prop} :: Melanchthon (Philipp Melanchthon)
melanuria {f} [pathology] :: blackwater fever
melanzana {f} :: aubergine [British]; eggplant [US]
melanzana {f} [US, Italian-American slang] :: dummy (as though “eggplant-head”)
melanzane alla parmigiana {n} :: A southern Italian dish made from aubergines baked with tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese
melappio {m} :: A syrup, made from red apples, used as a popular cure for colds
melarancia {f} :: sweet orange, Citrus sinensis (fruit)
melarancio {m} :: sweet orange, Citrus sinensis (tree)
melario {m} :: honeycomb
melario {adj} :: honey (attributive)
melarosa {f} :: rose apple (Syzygium jambos) (fruit and tree)
mela selvatica {f} :: crabapple (fruit)
melasma {m} [pathology] :: melasma
melassa {f} :: molasses, treacle
melata {f} :: honeydew (sweet sticky substance)
melato {adj} :: honeyed (all senses)
melatonina {f} [organic compound] :: melatonin
melatoninergico {adj} :: melatoninergic
Melchiorre {prop} :: Melchior
Melchiorre {prop} :: given name
Melchisedec {prop} [biblical character] :: Melchizedek
melchita {adj} :: Melkite
Meleagro {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Meleager
Melegnano {prop} :: A small town in the province of Milano in Lombardy
melena {f} [pathology] :: melena
melensaggine {f} :: nonsense
melensamente {adv} :: dully, stupidly
melensamente {adv} :: obtusely
melenso {adj} :: dull, stupid
melenso {adj} :: obtuse
melenzana {f} [obsolete or dialectal] :: alternative form of melanzana
meleto {m} :: an orchard of apple trees
Melfa {prop} :: A river that flows in Lazio
melica {f} :: melic poetry
melico {adj} :: melic
melifaga {f} :: honeybird
meliga {f} :: sorghum
meliga {f} :: maize
meliloto {m} :: sweet clover, melilot (of genus Melilotus)
melina {f} [football] :: A tactic, in the final minutes of a game, in which the winning side maintains possession of the ball with a series of short passes
melismatico {adj} [music] :: melismatic
melissa {f} :: lemon balm
Melissa {prop} :: given name, cognate to Melissa
Mella {prop} :: A river that flows in Lombardy
melletta {f} :: mud
mellifago {adj} :: melliphagous / meliphagous
mellifero {adj} [botany] :: melliferous
mellifero {adj} :: honey (attributive)
mellificante {v} :: present participle of mellificare
mellificare {vi} :: to make honey
mellificazione {f} :: honey-making
mellifluamente {adv} :: mellifluously
mellifluità {f} :: mellifluousness
mellifluo {adj} :: sugary, honeyed
mellifluo {adj} :: mellifluous
Mellina {prop} :: medieval spelling of Mechelen
mellite {f} :: honeystone, mellite
mellito {adj} :: sweet, honeyed, suave
mellivora {f} :: ratel or honey badger
mellofono {m} :: mellophone
melma {f} :: slime
melma {f} :: mud, muck
melma {f} :: slush
melmosità {f} :: sliminess, muddiness, slushiness
melmoso {adj} :: slimy
melmoso {adj} :: slushy, muddy
melo {m} :: apple tree, apple
melodia {f} [music] :: melody, tune
melodicamente {adv} :: melodically
melodico {adj} :: melodic
melodiosamente {adv} :: melodiously, musically
melodiosità {f} :: melodiousness
melodioso {adj} :: melodious, musical
melodista {mf} :: melodist
melodramma {m} :: melodrama
melodrammaticamente {adv} :: melodramatically
melodrammaticità {f} :: melodramatic quality or condition
melodrammatico {adj} :: melodramatic
melodrammatico {adj} :: awkwardly theatrical
melodrammatico {adj} :: corny, schmaltzy
melograna {f} :: pomegranate (especially the fruit)
melogranato {m} :: pomegranate tree
melogranato {m} :: pomegranate (fruit)
melograno {m} :: pomegranate tree
melologo {m} [music] :: melodrama
melolonta {f} :: cockchafer (of genus Melolontha)
melomane {mf} :: melomaniac
melomania {f} :: melomania
melonaio {m} :: melon field
meloncello {m} :: small melon, small musk melon
melone {m} :: melon, musk melon
melopea {f} [music] :: melopoeia
melopiano {m} [musical instruments] :: melopiano
melopsittaco {m} :: budgerigar (of genus Melopsittacus)
Meloria {prop} :: A rocky skerry situated off the coast of Tuscany, famous for the battle between Genoa and Pisa
melos {m} :: melody (poetic)
melo selvatico {m} :: crabapple (tree)
meloterapia {f} [music, medicine] :: music therapy
melozziano {adj} [arts] :: Pertaining to, or in the style of Melozzo da Forlì
Melpomene {prop} [Greek god] :: Melpomene
meltemi {m} :: etesian wind
melzese {m} :: Native or inhabitant of Melzo
melzese {adj} :: Of or from Melzo
Melzo {prop} :: A small town in the Milano province of Lombardia
mem {n} :: mem, specifically:
mem {n} :: The name of the Phoenician-script letter 𐤌
mem {n} :: The name of the Hebrew-script letter מ/ם
membra {f} :: limbs
membrana {f} [anatomy, botany] :: membrane
membrana cellulare {f} [cytology] :: cell membrane
membranaceo {adj} [anatomy, biology] :: membranous, membranaceous
membranaceo {adj} :: parchment (attributive, of a book or codex)
membrana nittitante {f} :: nictitating membrane
membrana sierosa {f} [anatomy] :: serous membrane
membrana sinoviale {f} [anatomy] :: synovial membrane
membraniforme {adj} :: membranous
membranofono {m} [music] :: membranophone
membranoso {adj} :: membranous
membrato {adj} :: membered
membrato {adj} [heraldry, of a bird] :: Having legs of a colour different to that of the body
membratura {f} :: frame, framework
membro {m} :: A member (one who belongs to a a group; an element of a set)
membro {m} :: The member, the penis
membro {m} [anatomy] :: A member, a limb
membro del parlamento {m} :: Member of Parliament, MP
membruto {adj} :: strong-limbed
meme {m} :: meme
memento {m} :: memento, keepsake
memento {m} :: warning
Memnone {prop} :: Memnon
memorabile {adj} :: memorable, unforgettable
memorabilità {f} :: memorability
memorabilmente {adv} :: memorably
memorandum {m} :: memorandum
memorare {vti} [obsolete, literary] :: To call to mind, to remember
memore {adj} :: retaining the memory (of something); mindful
memore {adj} [by extension] :: grateful
memoria {f} :: memory, recall
memoria {f} :: recollection, remembrance
memoria {f} :: note
memoria {f} :: monograph
memoria {adv} :: by heart
memoria cache {f} [computing] :: cache, cache memory
memoriale {adj} :: memorial, commemorative
memoriale {m} :: memoirs
memorialista {mf} :: memorialist
memoria tampone {f} [computing] :: buffer
memorizzabile {adj} :: memorizable
memorizzabile {adj} [computing] :: storable
memorizzante {v} :: present participle of memorizzare
memorizzare {vt} :: to memorize
memorizzare {vt} [computing] :: to store [data in memory]
memorizzato {adj} :: memorized
memorizzato {adj} :: stored (in computer memory)
memorizzazione {f} :: memory [especially computer memory]
men {adv} :: apocopic form of meno
menù {m} :: Variant of menu
menabò {m} :: layout (of a printed page)
menabrida {m} :: lathe carrier, lathe dog
menadito {m} :: Only used in the adverb a menadito
Menago {prop} :: A river that flows in Veneto
menagramo {mf} :: jinx, Jonah
menaide {f} :: A kind of drift net for catching sardines
Menalippo {prop} :: given name
Menandro {prop} :: Menander
menante {v} :: present participle of menare
menar {v} :: apocopic form of menare
menarca {m} [physiology] :: menarche
menare {vt} :: to take, lead [someone to a place]
menare {vt} [rare] :: to drive (a vehicle)
menare {vt} :: to move forcibly; to drag, hurtle
menare {vt} :: to bring
menare {vt} [obsolete] :: to produce, beget
menare {vt} :: to pass, spend (time)
menare {vt} :: to move rapidly, shake, agitate
menare {vt} [by extension, rare, of a tool] :: to use
menare {vt} [of blows] :: to (forcefully) deal
menare {vt} [by extension] :: to hit, beat
menare il can per l'aia {v} [idiomatic] :: to beat around the bush
menare vanto {v} :: to blow one's own horn
menarola {f} :: brace (tool)
menata {f} :: beating, hiding
menata {f} :: lecture, telling-off
menatore {m} :: ox driver
mendace {adj} [archaic] :: mendacious, lying
mendacemente {adv} [archaic] :: untruthfully, mendaciously, deceitfully
mendacio {m} [literary] :: A lie or falsehood
mendacità {f} :: mendacity, lie, falsehood, deceit
mendelevio {m} [chemistry] :: mendelevium
mendeliano {adj} [genetics] :: Mendelian
mendelismo {m} :: Mendelism
mendicamente {adv} :: mendicantly
mendicante {adj} :: begging, mendicant
mendicante {mf} :: beggar, mendicant
mendicante {v} :: present participle of mendicare
mendicare {vi} :: To beg
mendicare {vt} :: To beg for
mendicità {f} :: mendicity, beggary
mendico {adj} :: mendicant
mendico {m} :: mendicant
mendoso {adj} [literary] :: imperfect, faulty
Mendrisio {prop} :: A small town in the Ticino canton of Switzerland
menefreghismo {m} :: An uncaring or couldn't-care-less attitude
menefreghista {adj} :: uncaring or couldn't-care-less
menefreghista {mf} :: A person with an uncaring or couldn't-care-less attitude
meneghino {adj} [colloquial] :: Milanese
meneghino {m} [colloquial] :: Milanese (person and dialect)
Menelao {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Menelaus
menestrello {m} :: minstrel
Menfi {prop} :: Memphis (in ancient Egypt)
Mengolo {prop} :: surname
meninge {f} [anatomy] :: meninx
meninge {f} [in the plural, familiar] :: brains
meningeo {adj} [anatomy] :: meningeal
meningite {f} [pathology] :: meningitis
meningitico {adj} :: meningitic
meningococcico {adj} :: meningococcal
meningococco {m} [microbiology] :: meningococcus
menippeo {adj} :: Menippean
Menippo {prop} :: Menippus
meniscale {adj} [anatomy] :: meniscus (attributive)
meniscectomia {f} [surgery] :: meniscectomy
menisco {m} [anatomy] :: meniscus, a part of the knee
menisco {m} :: A lens that in convex on one surface and concave on the other
menisco {m} :: A meniscus; curved surface of a liquid
Menkent {prop} :: Menkent, the third brightest star in the constellation of Centaurus
Mennea {prop} :: surname
Mennea {prop} :: Pietro Mennea, Italian athlete
menno {adj} :: castrated
menno {adj} :: impotent
menno {adj} :: ineffective, incapable
Mennone {prop} :: alternative form of Memnone
mennonita {adj} :: Mennonite
mennonitismo {m} :: Mennonitism
meno {adv} :: less
meno {adv} :: no (adverb). Compare Latin minus
meno {adv} [mathematics] :: minus
meno {adv} [music] :: less
meno {adj} :: less
meno- {prefix} :: meno- (all senses)
Meno {prop} :: Main (German river)
Menocchia {prop} :: A small river that flows in Marche
menologio {m} :: menology
menomabile {adj} :: That can be diminished
meno male {interj} :: thank goodness!; That's a good thing!
meno male {interj} :: (followed by che) It's a good thing that..; It's a good job that..; It was lucky for me (or you, her, etc) that.
menomale {interj} :: Variant of meno male
menomamente {adv} :: alternative form of minimamente
menomante {v} :: present participle of menomare
menomare {vt} :: To maim or disable
menomato {adj} :: maimed
menomato {adj} :: disabled
menomazione {f} :: disablement
menopausa {f} :: menopause
menorragia {f} [medicine] :: menorrhagia
menorrea {f} :: menorrhagia, menorrhoea
menostasi {f} :: menostasis, amenorrhea
meno un quarto {m} :: quarter to
mensa {f} :: refectory
mensa {f} :: a meal, food on the table
mensa {f} :: a table
mensa {f} [uncommon] :: a Christian altar
menscevico {adj} :: Menshevist
menscevismo {m} :: Menshevism
mensile {adj} :: monthly
mensile {m} :: monthly (publication)
mensilità {f} :: monthly payment, monthly salary
mensilità {f} :: monthly instalment
mensilità {f} :: monthly recurrence
mensilmente {adv} :: monthly
mensiocronologia {f} :: mensiochronology
mensola {f} [furniture] :: shelf
mensola {f} :: console, console table
mensola {f} :: cantilever
mensolina {f} :: shelf
menstruante {v} :: present participle of menstruare
menstruare {v} :: To menstruate
mensuale {adj} :: Variant of mensile
mensualità {f} :: Variant of mensilità
mensurale {adj} [music] :: mensuralist
mensuralismo {m} [music] :: mensuralism
menta {f} :: mint (plant and herb)
menta {f} :: peppermint (confection)
mentale {adj} :: mental (of the mind)
mentale {adj} [anatomy] :: mental, genial
mentale {adj} [muscle] :: mentalis, mentalis muscle
mentale {m} [muscle] :: mentalis
mentalità {f} :: mentality
mentalmente {adv} :: mentally
Mentana {prop} :: A small town in the province of Roma in Lazio
menta piperita {f} [plant] :: peppermint
mentastro {m} :: apple mint (Mentha suaveolens)
mentastro {m} :: water mint (Mentha aquatica)
mentastro {m} :: horse mint (Mentha longifolia)
mentastro {m} [regional] :: horehound
mente {f} :: mind
-mente {suffix} [productive] :: Used to form adverbs from adjectives; -wise, -ly, -ally
mentecatto {adj} :: half-witted
mentecatto {adj} :: imbecilic
mentecatto {m} :: half-wit
mentecatto {m} :: imbecile
mentente {v} :: present participle of mentire
mententesi {v} :: present participle of mentirsi
menticolo {adj} :: mint-growing (attributive)
mentina {f} :: peppermint
mentire {vi} :: to lie (tell an untruth)
mentirsi {v} :: reflexive of mentire
mentirsi {v} :: to lie (be untruthful)
mentitamente {adv} :: deceivingly
mentito {adj} :: false
mentito {adj} :: fake, sham, imitation
mentitore {m} :: liar
mentitosi {v} :: past participle of mentirsi
mentitrice {f} :: female liar
mento {m} [anatomy] :: chin, mentum
-mento {suffix} :: Forms nouns that represent the action of a related verb
mentolato {adj} :: mentholated
mentolo {m} [organic compound] :: menthol
mentonasco {m} :: Mentonasc
Mentone {prop} :: Menton (town in France)
mentoniera {f} :: chinrest
mentoniero {adj} [anatomy] :: genial, mental, mentum (attributive)
mentore {m} :: mentor
mentovante {v} :: present participle of mentovare
mentovare {vt} :: To mention
mentr {conj} :: apocopic form of mentre
mentre {conj} :: while; as (during the same time that)
mentre {conj} :: while; whilst; whereas (but in contrast...)
mentuccia {f} :: lesser calamint (Calamintha nepeta)
menu {m} :: menu
menzionabile {adj} :: mentionable
menzionante {v} :: present participle of menzionare
menzionare {vt} :: To mention
menzione {f} :: mention
menzogna {f} :: lie, falsehood, fib
menzognero {adj} :: false, untrue
Mera {prop} :: A river that flows in Switzerland and Lombardy
Merak {prop} :: Merak, the fifth brightest star in the constellation of Ursa Major
meramente {adv} :: purely, merely
meranese {adj} :: Of or from Merano
meranese {mf} :: Native or inhabitant of Merano
Merano {prop} :: A town near Bolzano in Trentino-Alto Adige
meraviglia {f} :: (feeling) wonder, astonishment, amazement, surprise
meraviglia {f} :: (wonderful thing) wonder, marvel, astonishment
meravigliante {v} :: present participle of meravigliare
meravigliantesi {v} :: present participle of meravigliarsi
meravigliare {vt} :: to surprise, to amaze, to astonish
meravigliarsi {v} :: reflexive of meravigliare
meravigliarsi {vr} :: to cause surprise, cause amazement
meravigliarsi {vr} :: to be surprised, be astonished, marvel, wonder
meravigliatosi {v} :: past participle of meravigliarsi
meravigliosamente {adv} :: marvellously, wonderfully, perfectly
meraviglioso {adj} :: marvellous, wonderful, splendid, glorious
meraviglioso {m} :: the marvellous, the supernatural
mercé {f} :: mercy
Mercadante {prop} :: surname
Mercadante {prop} :: Saverio Mercadante, Italian composer
Mercalli {prop} :: surname
Mercalli {prop} :: Giuseppe Mercalli, Italian geologist
mercante {m} :: merchant, dealer, trader, monger
mercanteggiabile {adj} :: merchantable
mercanteggiamento {m} :: bargaining, haggling
mercanteggiante {v} :: present participle of mercanteggiare
mercanteggiare {vi} :: To haggle or bargain
mercanteggiare {vt} :: To sell
mercantesco {adj} :: merchant, trader (attributive)
mercantesco {adj} :: mercenary
mercantessa {f} :: (female) merchant, dealer, trader
mercantile {adj} :: merchant (attribute), mercantile, commercial
mercantile {m} :: merchant ship
mercantilismo {m} [economics] :: mercantilism
mercantilista {adj} :: mercantilist, mercantilistic
mercantilistico {adj} :: mercantilist, mercantilistic
mercantilmente {adv} :: commercially
Mercantini {prop} :: surname
Mercantini {prop} :: Luigi Mercantini, Italian poet
mercanzia {f} :: merchandise
mercanzia {f} :: poor quality goods, junk
mercaptano {m} [organic chemistry] :: mercaptan
Mercati {prop} :: surname
mercatino {m} :: A street market, a market or a small street market
mercatino dell'usato {m} :: rummage sale, jumble sale, garage sale
mercatino di Natale {m} :: Christmas market
mercatismo {m} :: The advocacy of free-market economic policies
mercatista {adj} :: marketist (attributive)
mercatista {mf} :: marketist
mercatistica {f} :: marketing
mercato {m} :: market (in all senses)
mercato azionario {m} :: stock market
mercato delle pulci {m} :: flea market, rummage sale, jumble sale
mercato finanziario {m} [finance, economics] :: financial market
mercatologia {f} :: marketing
mercatologia {f} :: market research
merce {f} :: goods, wares, merchandise, products, commodities
mercedario {adj} :: mercy (attributive)
mercede {f} :: recompense
mercede {f} :: merit
mercede {f} :: pity
mercede {f} :: mercy
mercenariamente {adv} :: mercenarily
mercenario {adj} :: mercenary
mercenario {m} :: mercenary (soldier)
merceologia {m} :: The study of, or knowledge of commodities
merceologicamente {adv} :: commercially
merceologico {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the study of, or knowledge of commodities
merceologico {adj} :: commercial
merceria {f} :: haberdashery, haberdasher's
mercerizzante {v} :: present participle of mercerizzare
mercerizzare {vt} :: To mercerize (fabric)
mercerizzato {adj} :: mercerized
mercerizzazione {f} :: mercerization
merciaia {f} :: haberdasher
merciaio {m} :: haberdasher
mercificabile {adj} :: That can be commercialized