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{suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the third-person singular past historic of regular -are verbs
o {n} :: letter: o
o {conj} :: or
-o {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the first-person singular present of regular are and ere verbs and those -ire verbs that do not take -isc-
O {letter} :: letter: o
oasi {f} :: oasis
oasistico {adj} :: oasitic
Ob. {n} [music] :: abbreviation of oboe
obamiano {adj} :: Pertaining to, or characteristic of Barack Obama, his ideas and policies
obbedente {v} :: present participle of obbedire
obbediente {v} :: present participle of obbedire
obbediente {adj} :: obedient
obbedienza {f} :: obedience
obbedir {v} :: apocopic form of obbedire
obbedire {vi} :: to obey
obbiettante {v} :: present participle of obbiettare
obbiettare {vt} :: Variant of obiettare
obbiettivamente {adv} :: objectively
obbiettività {f} :: Variant of obiettività
obbiettivo {adj} :: Variant of obiettivo
obbiettivo {m} :: Variant of obiettivo
obbiezione {f} :: Variant of obiezione
obbliante {v} :: present participle of obbliare
obbliare {v} :: alternative form of obliare
obbligante {v} :: present participle of obbligare
obbligantesi {v} :: present participle of obbligarsi
obbliganza {f} :: synonym of obbligazione
obbligare {vt} :: to oblige
obbligarsi {vr} :: to undertake, to bind oneself, to engage
obbligatamente {adv} :: as an obligation
obbligatamente {adv} :: unavoidably
obbligatario {m} [legal] :: obligee
obbligatissimo {adj} :: very much obliged (used as a formula of thanks)
obbligato {adj} :: obliged, compelled, constrained, forced, bound
obbligato {adj} :: obligatory, unavoidable, forced
obbligato {adj} :: obliged, indebted
obbligato {adj} :: fixed, set
obbligato {adj} [music] :: obbligato
obbligato {m} :: obligator, obligor
obbligatoriamente {adv} :: compulsorily, obligatorily
obbligatorietà {f} [legal] :: The status of something that is compulsory, or legally binding
obbligatorio {adj} :: compulsory, obligatory
obbligatosi {v} :: past participle of obbligarsi
obbligazionario {adj} [finance] :: bond (attributive)
obbligazione {f} [legal] :: obligation
obbligazione {f} [finance] :: bond, debenture
obbligazionista {m} :: bondholder (male or irrespective of sex)
obbligazionista {f} :: bondholder (female)
obbligo {m} :: obligation, duty
obbligo {m} :: condition
obblio {m} :: alternative form of oblio
obbliquo {adj} :: Variant of obliquo
obblivione {m} :: alternative form of oblivione
obbrobrio {m} :: disgrace, shame, opprobrium
obbrobrio {m} :: mess, eyesore
obbrobriosamente {adv} :: shamefully
obbrobriosamente {adv} :: awfully
obbrobriosità {f} :: shame
obbrobriosità {f} :: shamefulness
obbrobriosità {f} :: awfulness
obbrobrioso {adj} :: shameful, despicable, disgraceful, opprobrious
obbrobrioso {adj} :: awful, dreadful, terrible, horrible
obcordato {adj} [botany] :: obcordate
obduzione {f} :: autopsy, obduction
obelisco {m} :: obelisk
obelo {m} :: obelus, dagger, obelisk (typographical symbol)
oberante {v} :: present participle of oberare
oberare {v} :: to overload or overburden (with)
oberato {adj} :: overloaded or overburdened (with)
oberato {adj} :: crippled with
Oberdan {prop} :: surname
Oberdan {prop} :: Guglielmo Oberdan, Italian patriot
obesa {f} :: An obese woman
obesità {f} :: obesity
obeso {adj} :: obese
obeso {m} :: obese person
obice {m} :: howitzer
obiettante {v} :: present participle of obiettare
obiettare {vit} :: to object
obiettivabile {adj} :: objectifiable
obiettivamente {adv} :: objectively
obiettivante {v} :: present participle of obiettivare
obiettivantesi {v} :: present participle of obiettivarsi
obiettivare {vt} :: To objectify
obiettivarsi {vr} :: To be objectified or made concrete
obiettivatosi {v} :: past participle of obiettivarsi
obiettivazione {f} :: objectification, objectivization
obiettivismo {m} :: synonym of oggettivismo
obiettività {f} :: objectivity
obiettivizzante {v} :: present participle of obiettivizzare
obiettivizzare {v} :: alternative form of oggettivizzare
obiettivo {adj} :: objective
obiettivo {m} :: objective (all senses)
obiettivo {m} :: goal
obietto {m} :: synonym of oggetto
obiettore {m} :: objector
obiettore di coscienza {m} :: conscientious objector
obiezione {f} :: objection
obitorio {m} :: morgue
obitorio {m} :: mortuary (of a hospital)
obiurgante {v} :: present participle of obiurgare
obiurgare {v} :: To objurgate
obiurgare {v} :: To deplore; to condemn; to blame
obiurgazione {f} :: objurgation
obiurgazione {f} :: invective
Obizzo {prop} :: given name
oblò {m} [nautical] :: porthole, scuttle
oblò {m} :: window (round, of a washing machine etc)
oblanceolato {adj} [botany] :: oblanceolate
oblatività {f} :: altruism, selflessness, unselfishness
oblativo {adj} :: altruistic, selfless, unselfish
oblato {adj} :: oblate (all senses)
oblato {m} :: oblate
oblatore {m} :: donor, giver
oblatorio {adj} :: oblational
oblazionabile {adj} [legal] :: That can be settled with the payment of a fine
oblazionario {m} :: oblationary
oblazione {f} :: offering (especially of money)
oblazione {f} :: oblation
oblia {f} :: Variant of oblio
obliabile {adj} [literary] :: forgettable
obliante {v} :: present participle of obliare
obliantesi {v} :: present participle of obliarsi
oblianza {f} :: oblivion
obliare {vt} :: to forget
obliarsi {vr} :: To forget oneself
obliatosi {v} :: past participle of obliarsi
oblio {m} :: oblivion
oblioso {adj} [literary] :: oblivious, forgetful
obliquamente {adv} :: obliquely
obliquangolo {adj} [geometry] :: oblique-angled
obliquità {f} :: obliquity, obliqueness
obliquo {adj} :: oblique
obliquo {adj} :: slanting (writing)
obliterante {v} :: present participle of obliterare
obliterare {vt} :: to obliterate
obliterare {vt} :: to cancel [a stamp]
obliterare {vt} :: to stamp, clip [a ticket]
obliterato {adj} :: obliterated
obliteratore {m} :: obliterator (device)
obliteratrice {f} :: stamping or cancelling machine (for tickets etc)
obliterazione {f} :: obliteration, erasure, cancellation
obliterazione {f} :: punching, clipping, cancelling (of a ticket etc)
obliterazione {f} [medicine] :: occlusion
oblivioso {adj} :: oblivious, forgetful
oblomovismo {m} :: Oblomovism
oblungo {adj} :: oblong
obnubilamento {m} :: obnubilation, clouding
obnubilante {v} :: present participle of obnubilare
obnubilantesi {v} :: present participle of obnubilarsi
obnubilare {vt} :: to daze
obnubilare {vt} :: to cloud
obnubilarsi {v} :: reflexive of obnubilare
obnubilarsi {v} :: to dim
obnubilarsi {v} :: to cloud over
obnubilatosi {v} :: past participle of obnubilarsi
obnubilazione {f} :: obnubilation
obnubilazione {f} :: clouding, dimming
obnuziale {adj} :: wedding (attributive)
oboe {m} [musical instruments] :: oboe
oboe d'amore {m} :: oboe d'amore (instrument of the oboe family)
oboista {mf} [music] :: oboist (oboe player)
obolo {m} :: small offering
obolo {m} :: obolus, obol
obovato {adj} [botany] :: obovate
obrettizio {adj} :: alternative form of orrettizio
obrezione {f} :: alternative form of orrezione
obrizzo {adj} :: golden
obrizzo {adj} :: pure, unalloyed
obrogazione {f} :: alternative form of abrogazione
obsecrazione {f} :: alternative form of ossecrazione
obsolescenza {f} :: obsolescence
obsoleto {adj} :: obsolete, outdated
obtrusivo {adj} :: obtrusive
Obvaldo {prop} :: Obwalden (Swiss canton)
oca {f} :: goose; gander (male)
oca {f} [figuratively] :: goose, silly goose, airhead (female)
ocaggine {f} :: silliness, stupidity
ocarina {f} [musical instruments] :: ocarina
ocarinista {mf} :: ocarinist
occamismo {m} :: Ockhamism / Occamism
occamista {mf} :: Ockhamist / Occamist
occamistico {adj} :: Ockhamistic / Occamistic
occasionale {adj} :: occasional, chance (attributive)
occasionale {adj} :: casual, odd
occasionalismo {m} :: occasionalism
occasionalità {f} :: casualness
occasionalmente {adv} :: fortuitously, by chance
occasionalmente {adv} :: occasionally, sometimes, now and then
occasionante {v} :: present participle of occasionare
occasionare {vt} :: To occasion, provoke, give rise (to) or cause
occasione {f} :: opportunity, chance, occasion
occasione {f} :: circumstance, occasion
occasione {f} :: bargain, special offer (in a shop window advertisement)
occasionissima {f} :: A big occasion
occaso {m} :: sunset (real and figurative)
occaso {m} :: the West
occaso {m} :: death
occhiaccio {m} :: Used only in the phrase fare gli occhiacci
occhiaia {f} :: eye socket
occhiaia {f} [in the plural] :: hollows under the eyes
occhialaio {m} :: optician
occhiale {m} [almost exclusively in plural] :: glasses, spectacles
occhialeria {f} :: optician (shop that sells spectacles etc)
occhialetto {m} :: lorgnette
occhiali {mp} :: glasses, spectacles, eyeglasses (US)
occhiali da sole {mp} :: sunglasses, shades
occhiali da vista {n} :: synonym of occhiali
occhiali di protezione {mp} :: goggles
occhialini da nuoto {mp} :: swimming goggles
occhialino {m} :: diminutive of occhiale
occhialino {m} :: lorgnette
occhialino {m} :: monocle
occhialino {m} [in the plural] :: swimming goggles
occhiali protettivi {mp} :: goggles
occhialone {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: Large glasses (spectacles)
occhialone {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: goggles (airman's etc)
occhialuta {f} [colloquial] :: four-eyes (person who wears glasses)
occhialuto {adj} :: spectacled, four-eyed (wearing glasses)
occhialuto {m} [colloquial] :: four-eyes (person who wears glasses)
occhi a mandorla {n} :: slant (A person of Asian descent)
occhiata {f} :: look, glance
occhiataccia {f} :: dirty look
occhiatina {f} :: quick look, slight glance
occhiato {adj} :: ocellated
occhiatura {f} :: holes (in cheese)
occhiazzurro {adj} [literary] :: blue-eyed
occhiceruleo {adj} [literary] :: blue-eyed
occhieggiante {v} :: present participle of occhieggiare
occhieggiantesi {v} :: present participle of occhieggiarsi
occhieggiare {vt} :: to eye, eye up, ogle
occhieggiare {vi} :: to peep, appear
occhieggiarsi {v} :: reflexive of occhieggiare
occhieggiarsi {v} :: to eye each other, exchange glances
occhieggiatosi {v} :: past participle of occhieggiarsi
occhiellaia {f} :: synonym of asolaia
occhiellaio {m} :: eyelet / buttonhole maker (person)
occhiellatrice {f} :: eyelet or buttonhole machine
occhiellatura {f} :: buttonholing, eyeletting
occhiellatura {f} :: buttonholes, eyelets
occhiello {m} :: buttonhole
occhiello {m} :: eyelet
occhiello {m} :: half title
occhiera {f} :: eyebath (container)
occhietto {m} :: wink
occhino {m} :: synonym of occhiera
occhio {m} :: eye
occhio {interj} :: look out! watch out!
occhio {interj} :: mind!
occhio {interj} :: beware!
occhiocotto {m} :: sardinian warbler
occhio della testa {m} :: arm and a leg
occhio di mosca {m} :: A fly's eye
occhio di mosca {m} [uncountable, printing, dated] :: pearl (a small size of type, standardized as 5 point)
occhiolino {m} :: wink
occhiolo {m} :: synonym of occhione
occhione {m} :: eyebolt
occhio per occhio {phrase} :: an eye for an eye (idiomatic) equivalent retribution, tit for tat, returning exactly what you get
occhio verde {m} :: greeneye (Chlorophthalmus agassizi)
occhiuto {adj} :: all-seeing (in reference to Argus)
occhiuto {adj} :: sharp-eyed
occhi vitulini {m} :: cow eyes, sheep's eyes
occidentale {adj} :: west (attribute), western, westerly, occidental
occidentale {adj} :: Western, Occidental
occidentale {mf} :: Western, Occidental
occidentalismo {m} :: Occidentalism, Westernism
occidentalista {mf} :: Occidentalist, Westernist
occidentalistico {adj} :: Occidentalist, Westernist
occidentalizzante {v} :: present participle of occidentalizzare
occidentalizzantesi {v} :: present participle of occidentalizzarsi
occidentalizzare {vt} :: to westernize
occidentalizzarsi {vr} :: To become westernized
occidentalizzato {adj} :: westernized
occidentalizzatosi {v} :: past participle of occidentalizzarsi
occidentalizzazione {f} :: westernization
occidentalmente {adv} :: in a Western manner
occidentalmente {adv} :: westerly (from the west)
occidente {m} :: west, occident
occidente {v} :: present participle of occidere
occidere {vt} [literary] :: obsolete form of uccidere
occipitale {adj} [anatomy] :: occipital
occipitale {m} [skeleton] :: occipital, occipital bone
occipitale {m} [muscle] :: occipitalis, occipitalis muscle
occipite {m} [skeleton] :: occiput
occipitofrontale {adj} [anatomy] :: occipitofrontal
occipitofrontale {m} [muscle] :: occipitofrontalis, occipitofrontalis muscle
occitanico {adj} :: Provençal, Occitan
occitanico {n} :: Occitan (language)
occitano {m} :: Occitan
occitano {adj} :: Occitan (attributive)
occludente {v} :: present participle of occludere
occludere {vt} :: to occlude
occlusale {adj} :: occlusal
occlusione {f} :: occlusion
occlusiva {f} [phonetics] :: stop, plosive, occlusive
occlusiva glottale {f} :: glottal stop
occlusiva glottidale {f} [phonetics] :: glottal stop
occlusivo {adj} [phonetics] :: plosive, occlusive
occlusore {m} :: eye patch
occorrente {v} :: present participle of occorrere
occorrente {adj} :: necessary
occorrente {m} :: Whatever is needed
occorrenza {f} :: eventuality
occorrenza {f} :: occurrence
occorrenza {f} :: necessity, need
occorrere {v} [impersonal] :: must, to need, to be necessary
occorrere {v} [impersonal, of time] :: to take
occorrere {vi} :: to be needed, be necessary, be required
occorrere {vi} :: to need, require, want
occorrere {vi} :: to happen, occur
occultabile {adj} :: concealable
occultabilità {f} :: Property of being concealable
occultamente {adv} :: secretly
occultamente {adv} :: mysteriously
occultamento {m} :: concealment, hiding
occultamento {m} :: occultation
occultante {v} :: present participle of occultare
occultare {vt} :: to hide, conceal, occult
occultato {adj} :: hidden, concealed, occulted
occultatore {m} :: hider, concealer
occultazione {f} :: concealment
occultazione {f} [astronomy] :: occultation
occultezza {f} :: concealment
occultezza {f} :: secrecy
occultismo {m} :: occultism, occult
occultista {f} :: occultist
occultistico {adj} :: occultistic
occulto {adj} :: hidden, concealed
occulto {adj} :: secret
occulto {adj} :: occult
occupabile {adj} :: That can be occupied
occupamento {m} :: synonym of occupazione
occupante {v} :: present participle of occupare
occupante {adj} :: occupying
occupante {mf} :: occupier, occupant
occupantesi {v} :: present participle of occuparsi
occupare {vt} :: to occupy, take over, squat in
occupare {vt} :: to occupy, take up, fill
occupare {vt} :: to employ, find a job
occuparsi {v} :: reflexive of occupare
occuparsi {v} :: to be in, to be, look after, attend to, handle
occuparsi {v} :: to be interested in, be involved in, be active in
occuparsi {v} :: to see to, take care of, look after, attend to
occuparsi {v} :: to find a job
occupatissimo {adj} :: Very busy
occupato {adj} :: occupied, busy, engaged
occupatore {m} :: occupier, occupant
occupatore abusivo {m} :: squatter, unauthorized inhabitant
occupatosi {v} :: past participle of occuparsi
occupazionale {adj} :: occupational
occupazionale {adj} :: employment (attributive)
occupazione {f} :: occupation (the act of occupying and the state of being occupied)
occupazione {f} :: occupation, activity, job, employment, work, business
occupazione {f} [legal] :: occupancy
oceanauta {mf} :: oceanaut
Oceania {prop} :: Oceania
oceaniano {adj} :: Oceanian
oceanico {adj} :: oceanic; ocean (attributive)
oceanico {adj} :: huge, vast
oceanino {adj} [literary] :: ocean (attributive), oceanic
oceano {m} :: ocean
oceano {m} :: immensity, infinity
Oceano {prop} [Greek god] :: Oceanus
oceano Antartico {prop} :: Antarctic Ocean
oceano Artico {prop} :: Arctic Ocean
oceano Atlantico {prop} :: Atlantic Ocean
oceano Giapeto {prop} :: Iapetus (ocean)
oceanografa {f} :: oceanographer (female)
oceanografia {f} :: oceanography
oceanografico {adj} :: oceanographic
oceanografo {m} :: oceanographer (male)
oceano Indiano {prop} :: Indian Ocean
oceano Pacifico {prop} :: Pacific Ocean
ocellato {adj} :: ocellated
ocello {m} :: ocellus (simple eye)
ocello {m} :: eyespot
ocellotto {m} :: Variant of ocelot
ocelot {m} :: ocelot (cat)
ocheggiante {v} :: present participle of ocheggiare
ocheggiare {v} :: alternative form of occhieggiare
ochetta {f} :: gosling
ochetta {f} :: silly, naive girl
ocimo {m} :: synonym of basilico
oclo- {prefix} :: ochlo-
oclocratico {adj} :: ochlocratic, ochlocratical
oclocrazia {f} :: ochlocracy, mob rule
oclologia {f} :: ochlology
oclologico {adj} :: ochlological
o così o cosà {adv} :: Either this way or that way
o così o niente {phrase} [idiomatic] :: my way or the highway
ocra {f} :: ochre
ocraceo {adj} :: ochreous, ochreish
Ocrida {prop} :: Ohrid (city in Macedonia)
OCSE {abbr} :: (Organizzazione per la Cooperazione e lo Sviluppo Economico) OECD
octastilo {adj} :: octastyle
oculare {adj} [anatomy] :: ocular, eye (attributive)
oculare {m} :: eyepiece
oculatamente {adv} :: cautiously, prudently
oculatamente {adv} :: shrewdly
oculatezza {f} :: caution, prudence
oculatezza {f} :: shrewdness
oculato {adj} :: cautious, prudent
oculato {adj} :: shrewd
oculiforme {adj} :: oculiform
oculista {f} :: eye doctor, ophthalmologist, oculist
oculistica {f} :: ophthalmology
oculistico {adj} :: ophthalmologic, ophthalmological, eye (attributive)
oculo {m} [archaeology, architecture] :: A circular opening or window
oculogiro {adj} [physiology] :: oculogyric
oculomotore {adj} :: oculomotor
oculomozione {f} :: oculomotion
oculomucocutaneo {adj} [anatomy] :: oculomucocutaneous
oculorinite {f} [pathology] :: oculorhinitis
od {conj} :: or (used before a vowel for euphony instead of o)
odalisca {f} :: odalisque
odassismo {m} [pathology] :: (discomfort during) teething
oddio {interj} :: oh God; oh my God; God!
oddio {interj} :: good grief
Oddo {prop} :: given name
Oddone {prop} :: Odo
ode {f} :: ode
odeporico {adj} :: Relating to, or occurring during a voyage or trip
Oderzo {prop} :: A town in the Treviso province of Veneto
Odescalchi {prop} :: surname
Odescalchi {prop} :: A noble family from Como
Odessa {prop} :: Odessa (oblast)
Odessa {prop} :: Odessa (city/regional capital)
odessita {adj} :: Odessite
odessita {mf} :: Odessite
odiabile {adj} :: detestable, hateful
odiante {v} :: present participle of odiare
odiantesi {v} :: present participle of odiarsi
odiare {vt} :: to hate, detest, loathe
odiarsi {v} :: reflexive of odiare
odiarsi {v} :: to hate oneself
odiatissimo {adj} :: Most hated or detested
odiato {adj} :: hated, detested
odiatore {m} :: hater (male)
odiatosi {v} :: past participle of odiarsi
odibile {adj} [literary] :: hateful, odious
odiernamente {adv} :: nowadays, these days
odierno {adj} :: today's, of today
odierno {adj} :: present, current
odievole {adj} :: synonym of odiabile
odinico {adj} :: Odinic (all senses)
Odino {prop} :: Odin
odinofagia {f} :: odynophagia
odinofobia {f} :: odynophobia
odinometro {m} :: odynometer, algometer
odio {m} :: hatred
odiosamato {adj} :: love-hate (attributive)
odiosamente {adv} :: hatefully
odiosità {f} :: hatefulness, odiousness, loathsomeness
odiosità {f} :: hateful behaviour
odioso {adj} :: hateful, odious, loathsome, detestable
odissea {f} :: odyssey
Odissea {prop} :: The Odyssey
Odisseo {prop} :: Odysseus
-odo {suffix} :: -ode (electronic components etc)
Odoacre {prop} :: Odoacer
odografo {m} [physics, maths] :: hodograph
odografo {adj} [physics, maths] :: hodographic
odologia {f} :: odology (study of roads, or of the fibres of the nervous system)
odometro {m} :: odometer (surveyor's wheel)
odonimo {m} :: The name / toponym of a street, square etc
odonomastica {f} :: The branch of onomastics that studies the names of streets, squares etc of a particular town/city
odonomastico {adj} :: Of or pertaining to odonomastica
odontalgia {f} :: toothache
odontalgico {adj} :: odontalgic
odontalgico {m} :: odontalgic
odontoblasto {m} :: odontoblast
odontogenesi {f} :: odontogenesis
odontoiatra {mf} :: dentist
odontoiatria {f} :: dentistry
odontoiatrico {adj} :: dental
odontolito {m} :: odontolith
odontologia {f} :: odontology, dentistry
odontologico {adj} :: odontological, dental
odontometro {m} :: perforation gauge
odontopatia {f} [pathology] :: odontopathy
odontoscopio {m} :: synonym of odontometro
odontostomatologia {f} :: odontostomatology / odonto-stomatology
odontostomatologico {adj} :: odontostomatological / odonto-stomatological
odontotecnico {m} :: dental technician
odontotecnico {adj} :: dental technology (attributive)
odor {m} :: apocopic form of odore
odorabile {adj} :: smellable
odorante {v} :: present participle of odorare
odorare {vit} :: to smell
odorativo {adj} :: odorative
odorato {m} [physiology] :: smell (sense of)
odore {m} :: smell, odour, odor, aroma, fragrance, scent
odore {m} :: (plural; plants used to flavour or season food) herbs
odorifero {adj} :: odoriferous
odorizzante {v} :: present participle of odorizzare
odorizzante {adj} :: odorizing
odorizzante {m} :: odorizer
odorizzare {v} :: To odorize, odourise
odorizzazione {f} :: odorization
odorosamente {adv} :: odorously, aromatically
odoroso {adj} :: smelling, perfumed, sweet-smelling, odorous, aromatic
Odra {prop} :: the Oder, a river of central Europe that flows from the Czech Republic through Poland and Germany to the Baltic Sea
Ofanto {prop} :: A river that flows in Apulia
Ofelia {prop} :: Ophelia
ofelimità {f} :: ophelimity
Ofena {prop} :: a small town in the province of L'Aquila in Abruzzo in Italy
ofertosi {v} :: past participle of offrirsi
offella {f} :: A type of sweet biscuit
offelleria {f} :: confectionery
offelleria {f} :: confectioner's (shop)
offelliere {m} :: confectioner
offendente {v} :: present participle of offendere
offendentesi {v} :: present participle of offendersi
offendere {vt} :: to offend
offendere {vt} :: to hurt, injure, harm
offendersi {v} :: reflexive of offendere
offendersi {v} :: to take offense, be offended
offendibile {adj} :: That can be offended
offendibile {adj} :: assailable
offenditore {m} :: offender
offensiva {f} :: attack, assault, offensive
offensivamente {adv} :: offensively
offensivamente {adv} :: insultingly
offensivismo {m} :: An aggressive attitude
offensivismo {m} [sports] :: attack
offensivista {adj} :: offensive
offensivista {adj} [sports] :: attacking
offensivistico {adj} :: synonym of offensivista
offensivo {adj} :: offensive (all senses)
offensivo {adj} :: insulting
offensivo {m} :: offensive
offensore {m} :: aggressor
offensore {m} :: offender
offerente {v} :: present participle of offerire
offerente {mf} :: bidder (in an auction etc)
offerire {vt} :: Variant of offrire
offerta {f} :: offer
offerta {f} :: tender
offerta {f} :: bid
offerta {f} :: offering, donation
offertona {f} :: A big offer, a huge offer
offertorio {m} :: offertory
offesa {f} :: offence (all senses)
offesa {f} :: insult
offesa {f} :: An offended person (feminine of offeso)
offeso {adj} :: offended, hurt
offeso {m} :: An offended person (male)
offesosi {v} :: past participle of offendersi
officiale {adj} :: Variant of ufficiale
officiale {m} :: Variant of ufficiale
officiante {v} :: present participle of officiare
officiante {adj} :: officiating
officiare {v} :: to officiate (all senses)
officiatore {m} :: officiator
officiatura {f} :: alternative form of ufficiatura
officina {f} :: workshop
officinale {adj} :: officinal, medicinal
officiosamente {adv} :: Variant of ufficiosamente
officiosità {f} :: Variant of ufficiosità
officioso {adj} :: Variant of ufficioso
offiziante {v} :: present participle of offiziare
offiziare {v} :: alternative form of officiare
offizio {m} :: alternative form of ufficio
offizioso {adj} :: alternative form of officioso
Offredi {prop} :: surname
offrente {v} :: present participle of offrire
offrentesi {v} :: present participle of offrirsi
offrir {v} :: apocopic form of offrire
offrire {vt} :: to offer, treat
offrirsi {v} :: reflexive of offrire
offrirsi {vr} :: to offer, volunteer (to)
offrirsi {vr} :: to arise, present itself
offuscamento {m} :: darkening
offuscamento {m} :: dulling, blurring, overshadowing
offuscamento {m} :: obfuscation
offuscante {v} :: present participle of offuscare
offuscare {vt} :: to darken, obscure
offuscare {vt} :: to dim, dull, blur
offuscare {vt} :: to obfuscate
offuscarsi {v} :: reflexive of offuscare
offuscarsi {v} :: to darken
offuscarsi {v} :: to become obscured
offuscarsi {v} :: to grow dim
offuscarsi {v} :: to cloud over
offuscatore {adj} :: darkening, obscuring
offuscatore {adj} :: obfuscating
offuscazione {f} :: synonym of offuscamento
oficleide {m} [musical instruments] :: ophicleide
ofide {m} :: ophidian
ofidismo {m} :: ophidism
ofio- {prefix} :: ophio-
ofiolatria {f} :: ophiolatry
ofiologia {f} :: ophiology
ofisuro {m} :: serpent eel (of species Ophisurus serpens)
ofite {f} [mineralogy] :: ophite, verd antique (lapis ophytes)
ofiura {f} :: brittlestar (of genus Ophiura)
ofiziante {v} :: present participle of ofiziare
ofiziare {v} :: alternative form of officiare
ofizio {m} :: alternative form of ufficio
ofizioso {adj} :: alternative form of officioso
oftalmia {f} :: ophthalmitis, ophthalmia
oftalmico {adj} [anatomy, pathology] :: ophthalmic, eye (attributive)
oftalmite {f} [pathology] :: ophthalmia, ophthalmitis
oftalmo- {prefix} :: ophthalmo-
oftalmoiatra {mf} :: ophthalmologist
oftalmologa {f} :: ophthalmologist (female)
oftalmologia {f} :: ophthalmology
oftalmologico {adj} :: ophthalmologic, ophthalmological
oftalmologo {m} :: ophthalmologist
oftalmometria {f} :: ophthalmometry
oftalmometro {m} :: ophthalmometer
oftalmopatia {f} [pathology] :: ophthalmopathy
oftalmoscopia {f} :: ophthalmoscopy
oftalmoscopico {adj} :: ophthalmoscopic
oftalmoscopio {m} :: ophthalmoscope
oftalmospasmo {m} [pathology] :: ophthalmospasm
oftalmostato {m} [surgery] :: ophthalmostat
oftalmoterapia {f} [medicine] :: ophthalmotherapy
oftalmotropo {m} :: ophthalmotrope
ogamico {adj} :: oghamic
oggettino {m} :: objet d'art
oggettistica {f} :: decorative (rather than functional) objects
oggettistica {f} :: the commercial production and sale of such products
oggettivamente {adv} :: objectively, clearly
oggettivamente {adv} :: objectively, impartially
oggettivante {v} :: present participle of oggettivare
oggettivantesi {v} :: present participle of oggettivarsi
oggettivare {vt} :: To objectify
oggettivarsi {vr} :: To be objectified or made concrete
oggettivatosi {v} :: past participle of oggettivarsi
oggettivazione {f} :: objectification, objectivation
oggettivismo {m} :: objectivism
oggettivista {mf} [philosophy] :: objectivist
oggettivistico {adj} :: objectivist, objectivistic
oggettività {f} :: objectivity
oggettivizzante {v} :: present participle of oggettivizzare
oggettivizzare {v} :: To objectify
oggettivo {adj} :: (of or relating to an object) objective
oggettivo {adj} :: objective, unbiased, fair
oggettivo {adj} [grammar] :: objective
oggetto {m} :: object
oggetto celeste {m} [astronomy] :: celestial body, heavenly body
oggetto di scherno {m} :: laughing stock, jest
oggetto di scherno {m} :: a butt person at whom ridicule, jest, or contempt is directed
oggetto volante non identificato {m} :: unidentified flying object
oggettuale {adj} :: object (attributive)
oggettualità {f} :: objecthood
oggettualizzante {v} :: present participle of oggettualizzare
oggettualizzare {v} :: To objectify
oggi {adv} :: today
oggi {m} :: today
oggidì {adv} [dated] :: nowadays, these days
oggigiorno {adv} :: nowadays, these days
oggimai {adv} :: by now, by this time, now, at this point, by then
ogiva {f} :: ogive
ogiva {f} :: pointed arch
ogiva {f} :: groin
ogiva {f} :: nose cone or warhead (of a missile)
ogivale {adj} [architecture] :: ogival
ogivale {adj} [architecture, by extension] :: Gothic
Ogliastra {prop} :: Province of Sardinia, Italy
ogliente {adj} :: alternative form of oliente
Oglio {prop} :: A river that flows in Lombardy
OGM {initialism} :: GMO (genetically modified organism)
ogni {adj} :: each, every
ogni giorno {adv} :: daily (every day)
ogniora {adv} :: alternative form of ognora
ogni promessa è debito {proverb} :: promise is debt
ogniqualvolta {conj} :: each or every time that
Ognissanti {prop} :: All Saints' Day
ogni tanto {adv} :: occasionally, sometimes, now and then, every now and then, from time to time, once in a while
ognitempo {adj} :: all-weather
ognor {adv} :: apocopic form of ognora
ognora {adv} :: always, continually
ognun {pron} :: apocopic form of ognuno
ognuna {pron} :: each one, all
ognuno {pron} :: each one, all
ognuno {pron} [only in the masculine] :: everyone, everybody
ohibò {interj} :: tut-tut!; tsk tsk!; phew! (Used to show disgust, disapproval or surprise)
ohilà {interj} :: oy!, hello!, excuse me! (used to gain someone's attention)
ohimè {interj} :: oh dear!
ohimè {interj} :: oops!
ohmè {interj} :: alternative form of ohimè
ohmetro {m} [physics] :: ohmmeter
ohmico {adj} :: ohmic
ohmmetro {m} :: Variant of ohmetro
oibò {interj} :: alternative spelling of ohibò
Oicle {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Oecles
-oico {suffix} [organic chemistry] :: -oic
-oide {suffix} :: -oid (both nouns and adjectives)
oidico {adj} :: oidial
oidio {m} :: oidium, powdery mildew
oilà {interj} :: alternative form of ohilà
oimè {interj} :: alternative form of ohimè
oinochoe {m} :: oenochoe
oitanico {adj} :: Occitan
oitano {m} :: oïlitan
oitano {adj} :: oïlitan
ojibwa {m} :: Ojibwe (language, people)
Okavango {prop} :: Okavango
olà {interj} :: oi! (used to get someone’s attention)
olanda {f} :: holland (cloth)
Olanda {prop} :: Olanda (region)
Olanda {prop} :: Olanda (country)
olandese {adj} :: Dutch
olandese {m} :: A Dutchman, an Hollander (male or of unspecified sex)
olandese {m} :: (in plural) The Dutch
olandese {m} :: Dutch (language)
olandese {f} :: A Dutchwoman, a female Hollander
Olandese Volante {prop} [nautical folklore] :: Flying Dutchman (mythical ghost ship)
Olao {prop} :: Olaf
Olbia {prop} :: A town in the Olbia-Tempio province of Sardinia
Olbia-Tempio {prop} :: A province of Sardinia centred on the towns of Olbia and Tempio Pausania
oleaceo {adj} :: oily, oleaginous
oleaceo {adj} :: oil (attributive)
oleaginoso {adj} :: oleaginous (oily)
oleandro {m} [plant] :: oleander
oleanolico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: oleanolic
oleare {v} :: to oint, anoint
oleare {vt} :: To smear or rub over with oil or an unctuous substance; also, to spread over, as oil
oleario {adj} :: oil (attributive)
oleastro {m} :: wild olive
oleato {m} [organic chemistry] :: oleate
oleato {adj} :: oiled
olecranico {adj} :: olecranal
olecrano {m} [skeleton] :: olecranon
olefina {f} [organic chemistry] :: olefin
olefinico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: olefinic
oleico {adj} :: oleic
oleicolo {adj} :: alternative form of olivicolo
oleicoltore {m} :: synonym of olivicoltore
oleicoltura {f} :: olive growing
oleifero {adj} :: oleiferous, oleaginous (oil-producing)
oleificio {m} :: oil mill
oleina {f} [chemistry] :: olein
olente {v} :: present participle of olire
oleo- {prefix} :: oleo-
oleoacidimetro {m} :: An acidimeter used to measure the acidity of olive oil
oleochimico {adj} :: oleochemical
oleodinamica {f} :: hydraulics
oleodinamico {adj} :: hydraulic
oleodotto {m} :: oil pipeline
oleografia {f} :: oleography
oleografia {f} :: oleograph
oleograficamente {adv} :: oleographically
oleografico {adj} :: oleographic
oleografico {adj} :: conventional, unoriginal
oleografismo {m} [art] :: oleography (production of oleographs)
oleomargarina {f} :: oleomargarine
oleometro {m} :: oleometer
oleopneumatico {adj} :: hydropneumatic
oleoproteaginosa {f} :: Any food-plant rich in both oil and protein
oleoresina {f} :: oleoresin
oleosità {f} :: oiliness
oleoso {adj} :: oily, oleaginous
oleoso {adj} :: oil (attributive)
olezzante {v} :: present participle of olezzare
olezzare {vi} [literary] :: To smell sweet or good
olezzare {vi} :: To stink sweet or smell (bad)
olezzo {m} [literary] :: scent, sweet smell
olezzo {m} :: stink, stench, bad smell
olfattivo {adj} [physiology] :: olfactory, olfactive
olfatto {m} [physiology] :: The sense of smell, olfaction
olfattometria {f} :: olfactometry
olfattometro {m} :: olfactometer
olfattorio {adj} :: olfactory
olgettina {f} :: A woman who has been seduced by the influence of a powerful or influential politician
oliandolo {m} :: An oil retailer
oliante {v} :: present participle of oliare
oliare {vt} :: To oil
oliario {m} :: An oil store (storage facility)
oliastro {m} :: alternative form of olivastro
oliato {adj} :: oiled
oliatore {m} :: oilcan
oliatura {f} :: oiling
olibano {m} :: frankincense
Oliboni {prop} :: surname
Oliboni {prop} :: Silvio Oliboni, Italian painter
Olibrio {prop} :: Olybrius
oliente {adj} :: smelly, fragrant
oliera {f} :: oil cruet
olig- {prefix} :: alternative form of oligo-, used before a vowel
oligarca {mf} [politics] :: oligarch (member of an oligarchy)
oligarchia {f} [politics] :: oligarchy
oligarchicamente {adv} :: oligarchically
oligarchico {adj} :: oligarchic
oligo- {prefix} :: oligo-
oligoartrite {f} [medicine] :: oligoarthritis
oligoastrocitoma {f} [medicine] :: oligoastrocytoma
oligocene {m} [geology] :: Oligocene
oligocitemia {f} [pathology] :: oligocythemia
oligoclasio {m} [mineralogy] :: oligoclase
oligocrazia {f} :: oligarchy
oligodendrocito {m} :: oligodendrocyte
oligodendrogliale {adj} :: oligodendroglial
oligodendroglioma {m} :: oligodendroglioma
oligodinamico {adj} :: oligodynamic
oligoelemento {m} :: trace element
oligoemia {f} [pathology] :: oligaemia / oligemia
oligoemico {adj} [pathology] :: oligaemic / oligemic
oligofagia {f} :: oligophagy
oligofrenia {f} :: oligophrenia
oligofrenico {adj} :: mentally retarded
oligomenorrea {f} [medicine] :: oligomenorrhea
oligomerizzazione {f} [chemistry] :: oligomerization
oligomero {m} [chemistry] :: oligomer
oligominerale {adj} :: oligomineral
oligomittico {adj} :: oligomictic
oligonucleotide {m} :: oligonucleotide
oligonucleotidico {adj} :: oligonucleotide (attributive)
oligonutriente {m} :: micronutrient
oligopeptide {m} [biochemistry] :: oligopeptide
oligopolio {m} :: oligopoly
oligopolista {adj} :: Variant of oligopolistico
oligopolista {mf} :: oligopolist
oligopolistico {adj} :: oligopolistic
oligopsonio {m} :: oligopsony
oligopsonista {mf} :: oligopsonist
oligopsonistico {adj} :: oligopsonistic
oligosaccaride {m} [carbohydrate] :: oligosaccharide
oligosaccaridico {adj} :: oligosaccharide (attributive)
oligosaccaridosi {f} [pathology] :: oligosaccharidosis
oligospermia {f} [medicine] :: oligospermia
oligoterapia {f} [medicine] :: oligotherapy
oligotrofico {adj} :: oligotrophic
oliguria {f} [pathology] :: oliguria
oligurico {adj} :: oliguric
Olimpia {prop} :: Olympia, the Greek city
Olimpia {prop} :: given name, equivalent to English Olympia
olimpiaco {adj} :: Olympian
olimpiade {f} :: Olympic Games, Olympiad
olimpiade {f} [sports, in the plural] :: Olympic Games, Olympics
Olimpiade {prop} :: Olympiad
olimpicamente {adv} :: imperturbably
olimpicità {f} :: Olympian calm
olimpico {adj} :: Olympic, Olympian
olimpico {adj} :: noble
olimpico {adj} :: solemn
olimpico {adj} :: imperturbable
olimpio {adj} :: Olympian
olimpionica {f} [sports] :: Olympian (female), Olympic athlete (female)
olimpionico {adj} [of or pertaining to the Olympic Games] :: Olympic, Olympian
olimpionico {m} [sports] :: Olympian, Olympic athlete
olimpo {m} :: hall of fame
Olimpo {prop} [mountains] :: Olympus
Olinto {prop} :: Olynthus
olio {m} :: oil
olio di lino {n} :: flaxseed oil
olio di oliva {m} :: olive oil
olio di palma {m} :: palm oil
olio di ricino {m} :: castor oil
olio d'oliva {m} :: olive oil
olio siliconico {m} :: silicone oil
oliosità {f} :: (Variant of: oleosità) oiliness
olioso {adj} :: (Variant of: oleoso) oily, oleaginous
olioso {adj} :: (Variant of: oleoso) oil (attributive)
olioteca {f} :: A shop that sells high-quality olive oil (etc)
olire {v} :: To smell sweetly
olismo {m} :: holism
olistico {adj} :: holistic
oliva {f} :: olive (fruit)
oliva {m} :: olive (colour)
oliva {adj} :: olive-green
olivaceo {adj} :: olivaceous, olive-green
olivagno {adj} :: olive-green
olivagno {m} [plant] :: oleaster, silverberry
olivaio {m} :: room in which the olives are stored after being picked
olivare {adj} :: olivary, olive-like
olivastro {adj} :: olive green
olivastro {m} :: olive green (colour)
olivastro {m} :: wild olive (Olea europea)
olivato {adj} :: cultivated with olive grove
olivato {adj} :: olive green
olivella {f} [plant] :: spurge laurel
olivella {f} [plant] :: privet
olivella {f} :: olive-shaped wedge
olivella {f} [mollusk] :: purple dwarf olive
olivella spinosa {f} [plant] :: sea buckthorn
olivello {m} [plant] :: spurge laurel
olivello {m} [plant] :: sea buckthorn
olivello spinoso {m} [plant] :: sea buckthorn
olivenite {f} [mineral] :: olivenite
oliveta {f} :: (Variant of: oliveto) olive grove
olivetano {adj} :: Olivetan
oliveto {m} :: olive grove
olivetta {f} :: small olive (fruit)
olivetta {f} :: toggle (wooden bar-shaped button)
olivetta {f} [plant] :: privet
olivetta {f} [engineering] :: nut plate
Olivetti {prop} :: surname
Olivetti {prop} :: Camillo Olivetti, Italian inventor and entrepreneur
Olivia {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Olivia or Olive
olivicolo {adj} [agriculture] :: olive-growing, olive (attributive)
olivicoltore {m} [agriculture] :: olive grower
olivicoltrice {f} :: olive grower (female)
olivicoltura {f} [agriculture] :: olive growing
olivicultura {f} :: alternative form of olivicoltura
Oliviero {prop} :: given name, cognate to Oliver
oliviforme {adj} :: oliviform
olivigno {adj} :: olive green
olivina {f} [mineral] :: olivine
olivinico {adj} [mineralogy] :: olivinic
olivo {m} :: olive tree, olive
olla {f} :: earthen jar
olla {f} :: cooking pot
ollare {adj} :: Relating to, or suitable for making an olla
olmaia {f} :: elm wood (forest)
olmaria {f} [plant] :: meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria)
olmeto {m} :: elm wood (forest)
olmio {m} [chemistry] :: holmium
olmo {m} :: elm (Ulmus)
olmo {m} :: field elm (Ulmus minor)
olmo {m} :: wood from those trees
olmo campestre {m} :: field elm (tree, Ulmus minor)
olmo comune {m} :: field elm (tree, Ulmus minor)
olmo siberiano {m} :: Siberian elm (tree)
-olo {suffix} [obsolete] :: Used to form a diminutive of a masculine noun, indicating small size or youth
-olo {suffix} [obsolete] :: Used to form an adjective expressing derivation from a root noun
-olo {suffix} [organic chemistry] :: -ol [forming the names of alcohols]
olo- {prefix} :: holo-
olocausto {m} :: sacrifice (religious)
olocausto {m} :: genocide
olocausto {m} :: holocaust
Olocausto {prop} :: Holocaust
olocene {m} [geology] :: Holocene
olocenico {adj} [geology] :: Holocene (attributive)
olocentrico {adj} [genetics] :: holocentric
olocrazia {f} :: holarchy
olocrino {adj} :: holocrine
olocristallino {adj} :: holocrystalline
oloedria {f} :: holohedry
oloedrico {adj} :: holohedral
oloenzima {m} [enzyme] :: holoenzyme
olofano {m} :: ribbed glass
Oloferne {prop} [Biblical character] :: Holofernes
olofrastico {adj} :: holophrastic
ologenesi {f} :: hologenesis (an early Italian theory of evolution)
ologenetico {adj} :: hologenetic
olografante {v} :: present participle of olografare
olografare {v} :: To hologramize
olografia {f} :: holography
olografico {adj} :: holographic
olografo {adj} :: holograph
ologramma {m} :: hologram
olometabolismo {m} :: holometabolism
olometabolo {adj} :: holometabolous
olomittico {adj} [geology] :: holomictic
olomorfo {adj} [mathematics] :: holomorphic
olona {f} :: duck (fabric)
olona {f} [nautical] :: sailcloth
Olona {prop} :: A river in Lombardy
olosterico {adj} :: holosteric
olotipo {m} [biology, taxonomy] :: holotype
oloturia {f} :: holothurian
olpe {f} :: olpe (flask or vessel)
oltana {f} :: A kind of net used in Lombardy for catching trouts
Oltenia {prop} :: Oltenia
oltr- {prefix} :: Form of oltre- used before a vowel (especially before an a)
oltra {prep} :: Variant of oltre
oltracciò {adv} :: besides that; also; moreover
oltracotante {adj} :: arrogant
oltracotanza {f} :: arrogance
oltracotato {adj} :: arrogant
oltraggiabile {adj} :: That can be offended
oltraggiamento {m} :: insulting, offending
oltraggiamento {m} :: insult, offence (action of the verb)
oltraggiante {v} :: present participle of oltraggiare
oltraggiare {vt} :: to offend or insult
oltraggiatore {m} :: offender
oltraggiatore {m} :: abuser
oltraggiatore {adj} :: offensive, insulting
oltraggio {m} :: offence, insult
oltraggiosamente {adv} :: insultingly
oltraggiosamente {adv} :: offensively
oltraggiosamente {adv} :: outrageously
oltraggioso {adj} :: offensive, insulting
oltralpe {adv} :: in transalpine regions, but especially in France
oltralpino {adj} :: transalpine, but especially French
oltramare {adv} :: alternative form of oltremare
oltramisura {adv} :: alternative form of oltremisura
oltramodo {adv} :: alternative form of oltremodo
oltramondano {adj} :: alternative form of oltremondano
oltramontano {adj} :: beyond the mountains
oltramonti {adv} :: alternative form of oltremonti
oltranza {f} :: extremity
oltranza {f} :: excess, exaggeration
oltranzismo {m} :: extremism
oltranzista {adj} :: extremist (attributive)
oltranzista {mf} :: extremist
oltranzistico {adj} :: extremist, hard-line (attributive)
oltrapassante {v} :: present participle of oltrapassare
oltrapassare {v} :: alternative form of oltrepassare
oltre {adv} :: farther, further, past, by, on
oltre {adv} :: longer, more
oltre {adv} :: upward, over, above
oltre {prep} :: beyond, over, on the other side of
oltre {prep} :: more than, over, above
oltre {prep} :: besides, as well as, in addition to
oltre {prep} :: except, beyond, apart from
oltre- {prefix} :: Forms terms meaning over or beyond
oltreché {prep} :: further than
oltreconfine {adj} :: cross-border
oltreconfine {adv} :: cross-border
oltrecortina {adv} :: Behind the Iron Curtain
oltrecortina {m} :: The Iron Curtain countries
Oltredrava {prop} :: Drava (statistical region of Slovenia)
oltrefiume {adv} :: Beyond (or on the other side of) a river
oltrefrontiera {adv} :: beyond the frontier (of a state)
oltrefrontiera {m} :: The region beyond a frontier
oltremanica {adv} :: Across the English Channel
oltremanica {m} :: The countries beyond the English Channel (from Europe); i.e. the British Isles
oltremare {adv} :: overseas
oltremare {adv} :: abroad
oltremare {adv} :: ultramarine (colour)
oltremare {m} :: overseas, abroad
oltremare {m} :: ultramarine (colour)
oltremarino {adj} :: ultramarine (colour)
oltremirabile {adj} [literary] :: very admirable
oltremisura {adv} :: excessively, overmuch
oltremodo {adv} :: greatly, extremely
oltremondano {adj} :: transcendent
oltremondano {adj} :: other-worldly
oltremontano {adj} :: beyond the mountains
oltremonti {adv} :: beyond the mountains
Oltremura {prop} :: Prekmurje
oltreoceano {adv} :: overseas
oltrepadano {adj} :: Of or from Oltrepò Pavese
oltrepassabile {adj} :: surpassable
oltrepassante {v} :: present participle of oltrepassare
oltrepassare {vt} :: to cross, exceed
oltrepassare {vt} :: to go over, beyond
oltrepassato {adj} :: crossed, exceeded
Oltrepò Pavese {prop} :: The southern part of the province of Pavia
Oltresava {prop} :: Central Sava (statistical region of Slovenia)
oltretomba {m} :: afterlife, hereafter, next world
oltretutto {adv} :: moreover; on top of that; as well as that
oltreumano {adj} :: transhuman
oltreuomo {m} :: superman
omè {interj} :: alas!
omaccio {m} :: A mannish / butch woman
omaggiante {v} :: present participle of omaggiare
omaggiare {vt} :: To pay homage to
omaggiare {vt} :: To present
omaggio {m} :: homage, tribute
omaggio {m} :: respect, regard (especially in plural)
omaggio {m} :: freebie
omaggio {m} :: swag
omaggio {adj} :: free
omagra {f} [pathology] :: A form of gout that affects the shoulder joints
omai {adv} :: contraction of oggimai
Oman {prop} :: Oman
omanita {adj} :: Omani
omanita {m} :: Omani (male or of unspecified sex)
omanita {f} :: Omani (female)
omarino {m} :: synonym of bambino
omaro {m} :: lobster (of genus Homarus)
omaso {m} :: omasum
ombelicale {adj} :: umbilical
ombelicato {adj} :: umbilicate
ombelico {m} :: navel, umbilicus
ombilico {m} :: alternative form of ombelico
ombra {f} :: shade, shadow
ombrante {v} :: present participle of ombrare
ombrare {vt} :: To shade (all senses)
ombratile {adj} :: alternative form of umbratile
ombratura {f} :: shading
ombreggiamento {m} :: shading, hatching
ombreggiante {v} :: present participle of ombreggiare
ombreggiantesi {v} :: present participle of ombreggiarsi
ombreggiare {vt} :: To shade, crosshatch
ombreggiarsi {vr} :: ‎ To be shaded
ombreggiato {adj} :: shaded, shady
ombreggiatosi {v} :: past participle of ombreggiarsi
ombreggiatura {f} [arts] :: shading
ombrella {f} :: Variant of ombrello
ombrella {f} :: The shady foliage of a tree
ombrella {f} [botany] :: umbel
ombrellaia {f} :: umbrella repairer (female)
ombrellaia {f} :: umbrella seller (female)
ombrellaia {f} :: umbrella maker (female)
ombrellaio {m} :: umbrella repairer
ombrellaio {m} :: umbrella maker
ombrellaio {m} :: umbrella seller
ombrellata {f} :: blow with an umbrella
ombrelliera {f} :: synonym of portaombrelli
ombrellifera {f} [botany] :: umbellifer (umbelliferous plant)
ombrellificio {m} :: umbrella factory
ombrelliforme {adj} [botany] :: umbelliform
ombrellino {m} :: small umbrella
ombrellino {m} :: parasol, sunshade
ombrello {m} :: umbrella, brolly, gamp
ombrellone {m} :: A beach umbrella
ombretto {m} :: eye shadow
ombrevole {adj} :: shady, dark
ombria {f} :: shade (mild, diffuse shadow)
ombrifero {adj} :: shady (giving shelter from the sun)
ombrina {f} :: umbra, umbrine, ombre (fish, Umbrina cirrosa)
ombrinale {m} [nautical] :: scupper
ombrofilia {f} :: ombrophily
ombrofilo {adj} [botany] :: shade-loving
ombrofobia {f} :: ombrophobia
ombrofobo {adj} :: ombrophobous
ombrometro {m} :: synonym of pluviometro
Ombrone {prop} :: A river that flows in Tuscany
ombrosamente {adv} :: shadily
ombrosamente {adv} :: touchily
ombrosità {f} :: shadiness
ombrosità {f} :: skittishness
ombrosità {f} :: touchiness
ombroso {adj} :: shady, shadowy (place)
ombroso {adj} :: skittish (horse)
ombroso {adj} :: touchy (person)
OMC {prop} :: initialism of Organizzazione Mondiale del Commercio (WTO (World Trade Organisation))
omega {mf} :: omega (letter; scientific symbol)
omei {interj} :: alternative form of ohimè
omeletta {f} :: alternative form of omelette
omelette {f} :: omelette
omelia {f} :: homily, sermon
omeliario {m} :: A book of homilies
omelista {mf} :: homilist
omentale {adj} :: omental
omento {m} [anatomy] :: omentum
omeo- {prefix} :: homeo-
omeo- {prefix} :: homo-
omeoarchia {f} :: homeoarchy
omeomeria {f} :: homoeomeria
omeomerie {f} [philosophy] :: homoeomery
omeomorfia {f} [biology] :: homeomorphism, homeomorphy
omeomorfismo {m} [mathematics] :: homeomorphism
omeomorfo {adj} :: homeomorphic
omeopata {f} :: homeopath
omeopatia {f} [medicine] :: homeopathy
omeopaticamente {adv} :: homeopathically
omeopatico {adj} :: homeopathic
omeopatista {mf} :: homeopathist
omeopolare {adj} :: homopolar
omeosi {f} :: homoeosis
omeostasi {f} :: homeostasis
omeostatico {adj} :: homeostatic
omeostato {m} :: homeostat
omeotermia {f} :: homeothermy, homeothermia, warm-bloodedness
omeotermo {adj} :: warm-blooded, homeothermic
omeotonico {adj} :: homotonous
omerale {adj} [skeleton] :: humeral
omerico {adj} :: Homeric
omero {m} [skeleton] :: humerus
Omero {prop} :: Homer, the poet
Omero {prop} :: given name of Ancient Greek origin
omeroscapolare {adj} [skeleton] :: humeroscapular
omertà {f} [crime] :: An omertà or any code of silence
omertà {f} [extensively, pejorative] :: A form of solidarity among members of a group, constisting in hiding compromising truths; a wall of silence
omertà {f} [rare, dialectal, Southern Italy] :: humility
omertosamente {adv} :: reticently (because of a conspiracy of silence)
omertoso {adj} :: reticent because of a conspiracy of silence
omettente {v} :: present participle of omettere
omettere {vt} :: To leave out or omit
ometto {m} :: a small or short person [male]
ometto {m} :: a person with little intelligence or culture [male]
ometto {m} :: a petty or narrow-minded person [male]
ometto {m} :: a child who is judicious or otherwise shows adult-like behaviour [male]
OMG {initialism} :: alternative form of OGM
omicciatto {m} :: alternative form of omiciatto
omicciattolo {m} :: alternative form of omiciattolo
omicciolo {m} :: unimportant man; a nobody
omiciatto {m} :: synonym of omiciattolo
omiciattolo {m} :: wretch
omicida {mf} :: murderer
omicida {mf} :: murderess (when feminine)
omicida {adj} :: homicidal, murderous
omicidial {adj} :: apocopic form of omicidiale
omicidiale {adj} :: homicidal, murderous
omicidiale {m} :: assassin, homicide, murderer
omicidiario {adj} :: murderous, homicidal
omicidio {m} :: murder [Britain], homicide [US]
omicidio colposo {n} [law] :: manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter
omicidio volontario {n} [law] :: voluntary manslaughter
omicron {m} :: omicron (Greek letter)
omileta {mf} :: homilist
omiletico {adj} :: homiletic
omilia {f} :: alternative form of omelia
ominazione {f} :: homination
ominide {m} :: hominid
ominide {m} [ethnic slur, derogatory, vulgar, offensive] :: used by fascist cameratas in Italy to discriminate between an Italian and someone of an inferior race and with no soul.
ominido {m} :: hominid
omino {m} :: synonym of ometto
omissibile {adj} :: That can be omitted; omissible
omissione {f} :: omission
omissis {m} :: omission (deliberate)
omissivo {adj} :: Characterized by omission; omissive
Omma {prop} :: surname
ommettere {v} :: alternative form of omettere
omnicomprensivo {adj} :: all-inclusive
omnidirezionale {adj} :: omnidirectional
omnipolare {adj} :: omnipolar
omniscienza {f} [rare] :: omniscience (Variant of onniscienza)
omnivoro {adj} :: alternative spelling of onnivoro
omnivoro {m} :: alternative spelling of onnivoro
omo- {prefix} :: homo-
omo- {prefix} :: homeo-
omoatomico {adj} [chemistry] :: homoatomic
Omobono {prop} :: given name
omocariosi {f} [botany] :: homokaryosis
omocentrico {adj} :: homocentric
omocerco {adj} [zoology] :: homocercal
omociclico {adj} [chemistry] :: homocyclic
omocinetico {adj} :: homokinetic
omocisteina {f} [amino acid] :: homocysteine
omocisteinemia {f} [medicine] :: homocysteinemia
omocistinuria {f} [medicine] :: homocystinuria
omocodia {f} :: The erroneous assignment of the same tax code to two or more people
omocodice {m} :: The same tax code erroneously assigned to two or more people
omocoppia {f} :: homosexual couple
omocromia {f} [zoology] :: homochromy
omocromo {adj} [zoology] :: homochromic
omodiegetico {adj} :: homodiegetic
omodimero {m} :: homodimer
omodonte {adj} [zoology] :: homodont
omodontia {f} [zoology] :: homodonty
omoerotico {adj} :: homoerotic
omoerotismo {m} :: homoeroticism
omofagia {f} :: homophagy, omophagia
omofago {adj} :: omophagic, omophagous
omofago {m} :: omophagist
omofilia {f} :: homophily
omofilia {f} :: homosexuality
omofilo {adj} :: homophile
omofilo {m} :: homophile
omofiscale {mf} :: A person who has been wrongly assigned the same tax ID as another
omofobia {f} :: homophobia
omofobico {adj} :: homophobic
omofobo {adj} :: homophobic
omofonia {f} :: homophony
omofonico {adj} :: homophonic
omofono {m} :: homophone
omofono {adj} :: homophonic
omogalatturonano {m} [carbohydrate] :: homogalacturonan
omogamia {f} [botany] :: homogamy
omogenato {m} :: homogenized baby food
omogeneamente {adv} :: homogeneously
omogeneità {f} :: homogeneity
omogeneizzante {v} :: present participle of omogeneizzare
omogeneizzare {vt} :: to homogenize
omogeneizzato {adj} :: homogenized
omogeneizzato {m} :: homogenized baby food
omogeneizzatore {m} :: homogenizer
omogeneizzazione {f} :: homogenization
omogeneo {adj} :: homogeneous (all senses)
omogenizzante {v} :: present participle of omogenizzare
omogenizzare {vt} :: alternative form of omogeneizzare
omogenizzatore {m} :: Variant of omogeneizzatore
omogenizzazione {f} :: Variant of omogeneizzazione
omogentisico {adj} :: homogentisic 2,5-dihydroxyphenylacetic
omografia {f} [linguistics, mathematics] :: homography
omografico {adj} [linguistics, mathematics] :: homographic
omografo {m} [linguistics] :: homograph
omografo {adj} :: homographic
omogramma {m} [linguistics] :: homograph
omoioideo {adj} [anatomy] :: omohyoid
omoiusia {f} :: homoiousia
omolaterale {adj} [anatomy] :: homolateral, ipsilateral
omolisi {f} [chemistry] :: homolysis
omolitico {adj} [chemistry] :: homolytic
omologabile {adj} :: approvable
omologabilità {f} :: Property of being approvable
omologamente {adv} :: homologously
omologante {v} :: present participle of omologare
omologantesi {v} :: present participle of omologarsi
omologare {vt} :: to approve, confirm
omologare {vt} :: to ratify
omologarsi {v} :: reflexive of omologare
omologarsi {v} :: to conform (to)
omologato {adj} :: approved, confirmed
omologato {adj} :: ratified
omologatosi {v} :: past participle of omologarsi
omologazione {f} :: approval or confirmation
omologazione {f} :: ratification
omologia {f} :: homology (all senses)
omologico {adj} :: homologous, homological
omologo {adj} :: homologous (all senses)
omologo {adj} :: corresponding
omomero {adj} :: homomeric
omomero {m} :: homomer
omomorfia {f} [biology] :: homomorphism
omomorfismo {m} :: homomorphism
omomorfo {adj} :: homomorphic
omomorfosi {f} [biology] :: homomorphosis
omone {m} :: A large or imposing person [male]
omonima {f} :: namesake (female)
omonimia {f} :: homonymy
omonimico {adj} :: homonymic
omonimo {adj} :: homonymous
omonimo {m} :: homonym
omonimo {m} :: namesake (male)
omonucleare {adj} [chemistry] :: homonuclear
omopirimidina {f} [organic compound] :: homopyrimidine
omoplasia {f} [biology] :: homoplasy, homoplasia
omoplata {m} [skeleton] :: omoplate, scapula, shoulder blade
omopolare {adj} [chemistry] :: covalent
omopolare {adj} [physics] :: homopolar, unipolar
omopolimero {m} [chemistry] :: homopolymer
omopolisaccaride {m} [carbohydrate] :: homopolysaccharide
omore {m} :: alternative form of umore
omorganico {adj} :: homorganic
omorgano {adj} :: homorganic
omoritimicamente {adv} :: homorhythmically
omoritimico {adj} :: homorhythmic
omoritmia {f} :: homorhythm
omoritmico {adj} :: homorhythmic
omoschedasticità {f} :: homoskedasticity
omoschedastico {adj} :: homoscedastic
omosessuale {adj} :: homosexual
omosessuale {mf} :: homosexual
omosessualità {f} :: homosexuality
omosex {adj} :: homosexual
omosex {mf} :: homosexual
omosfera {f} :: homosphere
omoteleuto {m} :: homeoteleuton
omotetia {f} [mathematics] :: homothecy, homothety
omotipia {f} [biology] :: homotypy
omotipico {adj} :: homotypic
omotonale {adj} [music] :: homotonal, homotonous
omotonia {f} [music] :: homotonality
omotonia {f} [medicine] :: homotone, homotony
omotonico {adj} [music] :: homotonal
omotonico {adj} [medicine] :: homotonic
omotopia {f} [mathematics] :: homotopy
omotopico {adj} :: homotopic, homotopical
omotossicologia {f} :: homotoxicology
omotossicologico {adj} :: homotoxicological
omotrapianto {m} [surgery] :: homotransplant, homograft
omottero {m} :: homopter, homopteran
omousia {f} :: homoousion
omozigosi {m} [genetics, biology] :: homozygosis
omozigote {adj} :: homozygous
omozigote {m} :: homozygote
omozigotico {adj} :: homozygotic
OMPI {initialism} :: Organizzazione Mondiale per la Proprietà Intellettuale (See WIPO)
OMS {initialism} :: (Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità) WHO (World Health Organisation)
omuncolo {m} :: wretch
onagro {m} :: onager
onanismo {m} [anatomy] :: onanism
onanista {adj} :: onanistic
onanista {f} :: onanist
onanistico {adj} :: onanistic
oncia {f} :: ounce (weight)
oncia {f} [obsolete] :: inch (or several other small units of length)
onciale {adj} :: uncial
onciario {adj} :: Measured in ounces
oncino {m} :: alternative form of uncino
oncocita {m} :: oncocyte
oncogenesi {f} :: oncogenesis
oncogenico {adj} :: oncogenic
oncogeno {adj} :: oncogenic
oncolitico {adj} [oncology] :: oncolytic
oncologa {f} :: oncologist (female)
oncologia {f} [medicine] :: oncology
oncologico {adj} :: oncologic, oncological
oncologo {m} :: oncologist
oncosoppressore {m} :: oncosuppressor
oncoterapia {f} [medicine] :: cancer therapy
oncotico {adj} :: oncotic
oncotomia {f} [surgery] :: cancer surgery
oncotrofico {adj} :: tumour growth (attributive)
onda {f} :: wave
onda di marea {f} :: tidal wave (large and sudden rise and fall in the tide)
onda d'urto {f} [physics] :: shock wave
onda d'urto {f} :: blast
onda gravitazionale {f} [physics] :: gravitational wave
ondametro {m} :: wavemeter
ondante {v} :: present participle of ondare
ondante {adj} :: wavy, sinuous
ondante {adj} :: overflowing
ondare {v} :: alternative form of inondare
onda sonora {f} [physics] :: sound wave
ondata {f} :: A wave
ondata {f} :: (figuratively) A wave, a surge, a snap, a tide
ondata di caldo {f} :: heatwave, hot spell
ondazione {f} :: wave formation (on the surface of water)
onde {adv} [archaic] :: whence; from where or which
onde {conj} [archaic] :: whence; from where or which
onde {conj} [archaic] :: so that, in order to
ondeché {adv} [, obsolete] :: whencever, whencesoever; from whatever place
ondeché {conj} [sentence-initial] :: thence; thereafter
onde che {adv} :: alternative spelling of ondeché
onde che {conj} :: alternative spelling of ondeché
ondeggiamento {m} :: rocking, rolling
ondeggiamento {m} :: swaying
ondeggiamento {m} :: waving, rippling
ondeggiamento {m} :: fluttering
ondeggiamento {m} :: flickering
ondeggiante {v} :: present participle of ondeggiare
ondeggiante {adj} :: oscillating, undulating
ondeggiare {vi} :: to ripple
ondeggiare {vi} :: to flutter
ondeggiare {vi} :: to rock, swing, sway
ondeggiare {vi} :: to waver, hesitate
ondina {f} :: undine, mermaid
ondina {f} :: female swimming champion
ondina {f} [mathematics, physics] :: wavelet
Ondina {prop} :: Undine
ondisonante {adj} :: resonant with the roar of the sea
ondisono {adj} :: That resounds with the roar of the waves; undisonant
ondivago {adj} :: changeable, uncertain, unsteady
ondografo {m} :: ondograph
ondoscopio {m} [physics] :: ondoscope
ondosità {f} :: waviness
ondoso {adj} :: wave (attributive)
ondoso {adj} :: rough (sea)
ondoso {adj} :: wavy
ondulamento {m} :: undulation
ondulante {v} :: present participle of ondulare
ondulante {adj} :: undulating
ondulare {vti} :: to wave (especially the hair)
ondulare {vti} :: to oscillate
ondulare {vti} :: to undulate
ondulato {adj} :: wavy
ondulato {adj} :: undulating
ondulato {adj} :: corrugated
ondulatore {m} [physics] :: undulator; alternator (converts DC to AC)
ondulatorio {adj} :: undulating
ondulatorio {adj} :: wave (attributive, physics)
ondulazione {f} :: undulation
ondulazione {f} :: wave (especially of the hair)
onduregno {adj} :: Honduran
-one {suffix} :: An augmentative suffix, used to indicate largeness or importance
-one {suffix} [organic chemistry] :: ketone
-one {suffix} [physics] :: -on (particle)
oneirologia {f} :: Variant of onirologia
oneiromanzia {f} :: alternative form of oniromanzia
onerato {adj} :: burdened or loaded (with)
onere {m} :: burden
onere {m} :: responsibility
oneri fiscali {m} :: taxes
onerosamente {adv} :: onerously
onerosamente {adv} :: for value; against payment
onerosità {f} :: onerousness
oneroso {adj} :: onerous
oneroso {adj} :: heavy
oneroso {adj} :: hard, difficult
onestà {f} :: honesty
onestà {f} :: fairness
onestà {f} :: virtue, chastity
onestamente {adv} :: honestly
onestamente {adv} :: fairly, virtuously
onestamente {adv} :: frankly
onestante {v} :: present participle of onestare
onestare {v} :: To make honest (or to appear to be honest)
onestare {v} :: To adorn or beautify
onestissimo {adj} :: Very honest, very fair
onesto {adj} :: honest, honourable, honorable, upright
onesto {adj} :: fair, just, decent, reasonable
onesto {adj} :: honest, chaste, virtuous
onesto {adj} :: frank, straightforward
onesto {m} :: honest person
onesto {m} :: what is honest, honourableness
onestuomo {m} :: An honest man
onestuomo {m} :: synonym of galantuomo
Onfale {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Omphale
onfalectomia {f} [surgery] :: omphalectomy
onfalite {f} [pathology] :: omphalitis
onfalo {m} :: navel, umbilicus
onfalo- {prefix} :: omphalo- (relating to the navel)
onfalorragia {f} [pathology] :: omphalorragia, omphalorrage (bleeding from umbilicus)
onfalorrea {f} [pathology] :: omphalorrhoea
onfalotomia {f} [surgery] :: omphalotomy
ongaro {adj} :: alternative form of ungaro
onice {f} :: onyx
onicectomia {f} [surgery] :: ungiectomy
onichia {f} :: alternative form of onicosi
onico- {prefix} :: onycho- (Forms words relating to nails (fingernails or toenails) or claws)
onicofagia {f} [psychopathology] :: onychophagy, onychophagia
onicofago {m} :: onychophagist
onicofago {adj} :: onychophagous
onicogrifosi {f} [pathology] :: onychogryphosis
onicomicosi {f} [pathology] :: onychomycosis
onicopatia {f} [pathology] :: disease of the fingernails or toenails; onychopathy
onicorressi {f} [pathology] :: onychorrhexis
onicosi {f} [pathology] :: onychosis
onigiri {m} :: onigiri
-onimo {suffix} :: -onym
oniomania {f} :: oniomania
onirico {adj} :: dreamlike
onirico {adj} :: oneiric
onirismo {m} :: oneirism
onirologia {f} :: oneirology
oniromanzia {f} :: oneiromancy
onisco {m} :: woodlouse (of genus Oniscus)
onissi {f} [pathology] :: onychitis
Onisto {prop} :: surname
online {adj} :: online
onlus {f} :: not-for-profit organization
onne {adj} :: obsolete form of ogni
onni {adj} :: obsolete form of ogni
onni- {prefix} :: omni-
onnicomprensività {f} :: inclusivity, inclusiveness
onnicomprensivo {adj} :: all-inclusive, all-embracing
onnidistruttivo {adj} :: omnidestructive
onninamente {adv} :: entirely, completely
onnipervadente {adj} :: all-pervading
onnipervasivo {adj} :: all-pervasive
onnipossente {adj} [archaic, literary] :: omnipotent, all-powerful
onnipotente {adj} :: omnipotent
onnipotente {adj} :: all-powerful, almighty
Onnipotente {m} :: The Almighty
onnipotentemente {adv} :: omnipotently
onnipotentemente {adv} :: all-powerfully
onnipotenza {f} :: omnipotence, almightiness
onnipresente {adj} :: omnipresent, ubiquitous, ever-present
onnipresenza {f} :: omnipresence
onnipresenza {f} :: ubiquity
onnisciente {adj} :: omniscient
onniscienza {f} :: omniscience
onniveggente {adj} :: all-seeing
onniveggente {adj} :: Describes an attentive person who doesn't miss anything
onniveggenza {f} :: all-seeingness
onnivora {f} :: omnivore (female)
onnivoro {adj} :: omnivorous
onnivoro {m} :: omnivore
onnubilante {v} :: present participle of onnubilare
onnubilare {v} :: alternative form of obnubilare
-ono {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the third-person plural present of regular -ere verbs and those -ire verbs that don't take "isc"
Onofrio {prop} :: given name
onomanzia {f} :: onomancy
onomasiologia {f} :: onomasiology
onomasiologico {adj} :: onomasiological
onomasiologo {m} :: onomasiologist
onomastico {m} :: name day
onomastico {adj} :: name day (attributive)
onomatomania {f} :: onomatomania
onomatopea {f} :: onomatopoeia
onomatopeicamente {adv} :: In an onomatopoeic manner; onomatopoeically
onomatopeico {adj} :: onomatopoeic
onomaturgia {f} :: neology
onomaturgo {m} :: A person who studies, or has an interest in, neologisms
ononide {f} :: spiny restharrow (Ononis spinosa)
onor {m} :: apocopic form of onore
onorabile {adj} :: honorable
onorabile {adj} :: respectable, decent, proper
onorabilità {f} :: honor
onorabilmente {adv} :: honorably
onorante {v} :: present participle of onorare
onorantesi {v} :: present participle of onorarsi
onoranza {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: honour(s)
onoranza {f} :: regalia
onoranze funebri {fp} :: funeral service, funeral home, funeral parlor (business that provides funeral services)
onorare {v} :: to honour someone
onorare {v} :: to be a credit to someone
onorario {adj} :: honorary, honorific
onorario {adj} :: titular, nominal
onorario {m} :: fee, honorarium
onorarsi {vr} :: To be honoured
onoratamente {adv} :: honourably
onoratezza {f} :: synonym of onorabilità
onoratissimo {adj} :: very honoured (used especially as a formula of courtesy)
onorato {adj} :: honoured
Onorato {prop} :: given name
onoratosi {v} :: past participle of onorarsi
onore {m} :: honour (all senses)
onore {m} :: reputation
onore {m} :: credit (merit)
onoreficenza {f} :: alternative form of onorificenza
onorevole {adj} :: honourable
onorevolemente {adv} :: honourably
onorevolezza {f} :: honourableness
onorevolmente {adv} :: honourably
onorificamente {adv} :: honorarily
onorificenza {f} :: honour
onorifico {adj} :: honorary
Onorio {prop} :: given name derived from Latin Honorius
onoterapia {f} [medicine] :: onotherapy
onsen {m} :: onsen
onta {f} [obsolete] :: shame, disgrace
onta {f} [obsolete] :: insult, affront
onta {f} [obsolete, figuratively, poetic] :: damage, harm, nuisance
ontaneta {f} :: Variant of ontaneto
ontaneto {m} :: alder wood (forest)
ontaneto {m} :: alder plantation
ontano {m} :: alder (tree of the genus Alnus)
ontano {m} :: common alder, black alder (tree, Alnus glutinosa)
ontano {m} :: the wood of such trees
ontano comune {m} :: common alder (tree, Alnus glutinosa)
ontano nero {m} :: black alder (tree, Alnus glutinosa)
ontico {adj} [philosophy] :: ontic
ontogenesi {f} [biology] :: ontogeny
ontogeneticamente {adv} :: ontogenetically
ontogenetico {adj} [biology] :: ontogenetic, ontogenic
ontologia {f} [philosophy] :: ontology
ontologia {f} [Internet] :: ontology
ontologicamente {adv} :: ontologically
ontologico {adj} :: ontological
ontologismo {m} [philosophy] :: ontologism
ontologista {mf} [philosophy] :: ontologist
ontoso {adj} [obsolete] :: shameful, injurious
ontoso {adj} [obsolete] :: indignant, resentful
ontoso {adj} [obsolete] :: ashamed
ontoteologia {f} :: ontotheology
ONU {initialism} [politics, government] :: initialism of Organizzazione delle Nazioni Unite (UNO (United Nations Organization))
onusto {adj} [literary] :: loaded, heavy
onusto {adj} [literary] :: pressured
oo- {prefix} :: oo-
ooblasto {m} [biology] :: ooblast
oocisti {f} [biology] :: oocyst
oocita {m} :: (Variant of ovocita) oocyte
oocito {m} :: (Variant of ovocito) oocyte
ooforectomia {f} [surgery] :: oophorectomy, ovariectomy
ooforite {f} [pathology] :: oophoritis
ooforo {adj} :: oophorous
oogamia {f} :: oogamy
oogenesi {f} :: oogenesis
oogonio {m} [biology] :: oogonium
oolite {m} :: oolite; oolith
oolitico {adj} :: oolithic
oologia {f} :: oology
oosfera {f} [botany] :: oosphere
oospora {f} [botany] :: oospore
ooteca {f} [biology] :: ootheca
opacamente {adv} :: opaquely
opacamento {m} :: clouding (of the eye etc)
opacante {v} :: present participle of opacare
opacare {v} :: To make opaque
opacimetro {m} :: opacimeter
opacità {f} :: opacity, opaqueness
opacità {f} :: dullness
opacizzante {v} :: present participle of opacizzare
opacizzante {adj} :: darkening
opacizzare {v} :: to cloud, darken, make opaque
opacizzazione {f} :: opacification
opaco {adj} :: opaque
opaco {adj} :: matt
opaco {adj} :: dull
opale {m} [mineralogy] :: opal
opalescente {adj} :: opalescent
opalescenza {f} :: opalescence
opalina {f} :: opaline
opalina {f} :: opalescent paper or cloth
opalinizzazione {f} :: opalization
opalino {adj} :: opaline
opalino {adj} :: opal (attributive)
openione {f} :: alternative form of opinione
opera {f} :: work
opera {f} :: means, help, services
opera {f} [music] :: opus
opera {f} [music] :: opera
opera {f} :: institution, institute, society
operabile {adj} :: operable (able to be treated by surgery)
operabilità {f} :: operability
operaia {f} :: worker, factory worker, workwoman, working woman
operaio {adj} :: (relating to workers) working, workmen's, worker's, labour (attribute)
operaio {adj} :: working, worker
operaio {m} :: worker, factory worker, workman, working man
operaismo {m} :: unionism (support for organized labour)
operaistico {adj} :: unionist (supporting organized labour)
operando {m} :: operand
operante {v} :: present participle of operare
operante {adj} :: operating, working
operante {adj} :: operant, active, effective
operantesi {v} :: present participle of operarsi
operare {vi} :: to operate, work, act
operare {vt} :: to work, do, perform, carry out
operare {vt} [surgery] :: to operate on
operarsi {v} :: reflexive of operare
operarsi {vr} :: to be operated on, have an operation
operarsi {vr} :: to occur, take place
operativamente {adv} :: operatively
operativismo {m} [philosophy] :: synonym of operazionismo
operatività {f} :: operativeness, operativity
operativo {adj} :: operative, effective
operativo {adj} :: operating, operational, practical
operatore {m} [mathematics, biology, physics, computing] :: An operator
operatore {m} :: (Feminine operatrice) An operator (one who operates; a telecommunications facilitator)
operatore {m} :: cameraman
operatore ecologico {m} :: refuse collector, garbage collector
operatorio {adj} :: operating
operatosi {v} :: past participle of operarsi
operatrice {f} :: (Feminine of operatore) A female operator (one who operates or a telecommunications facilitator)
operazionale {adj} :: operational
operazionalismo {m} :: alternative form of operazionismo
operazione {f} :: operation (in all senses)
operazione {f} :: surgery
operazione {f} :: process
operazionismo {m} [philosophy] :: operationism
opercolare {adj} :: opercular
opercolato {adj} :: operculated
opercolo {m} :: operculum
operetta {f} :: operetta
operettista {mf} :: composer of operettas
operettistico {adj} :: operetta (attributive)
operettistico {adj} :: light, frivolous
operista {mf} :: composer of operas
operistico {adj} :: opera (attributive)
operone {m} [biology] :: operon
operosamente {adv} :: industriously
operosità {f} :: industry, hard work
operoso {adj} :: industrious, hard-working
opificio {m} :: factory, works, plant
opilione {m} :: harvestman (arachnid of the order Opiliones)
opimo {adj} [literary] :: fat
opimo {adj} [literary, by extension] :: fertile, rich (with fruits or animals)
opimo {adj} [literary, by extension] :: copious, rich
opinabile {adj} :: debatable, questionable
opinabilità {f} :: disputableness
opinabilmente {adv} :: disputably, questionably
opinante {v} :: present participle of opinare
opinare {v} [rare] :: to opine, to think, to deem
opinativo {adj} :: opinionative
opinione {f} :: opinion, mind, view, attitude
opinione pubblica {f} :: public opinion
opinionista {m} :: columnist (male or of unspecified sex)
opinionista {m} :: pundit (male or of unspecified sex)
opinionista {f} :: columnist (female)
opinionista {f} :: pundit (female)
opisometro {m} :: opisometer
opistoconto {m} :: opisthokont
opistodomo {m} :: opisthodomos
opistografo {adj} :: opisthographic
opistosoma {f} [anatomy] :: opisthosoma
opistotono {m} [pathology] :: opisthotonus
opitergino {adj} :: Of or from Oderzo (Roman "Opitergium")
Opizzo {prop} :: alternative form of Obizzo
oplà {interj} :: hup (to a horse etc)
oplà {interj} :: upsadaisy (to a child)
oplita {m} :: hoplite
oplite {m} :: hoplite
oplitico {adj} :: hoplite (attributive)
opobalsamo {m} :: opobalsam, balm of Gilead
-opoli {suffix} :: -gate (used to form names of scandals)
opoponaco {m} :: opopanax, opoponax
opoterapia {f} [medicine] :: organotherapy, opotherapy
opoterapico {adj} :: organotherapeutic, opotherapeutic
oppenione {f} :: alternative form of opinione
oppiaceo {adj} [pharmaceutical drug] :: opiate
oppiaceo {m} [pharmaceutical drug] :: opiate
oppiante {v} :: present participle of oppiare
oppiare {vt} :: To opiate (all senses)
oppiato {adj} :: opiated, opiate
oppiato {m} [pharmacology] :: opiate
oppignorante {v} :: present participle of oppignorare
oppignorare {v} :: alternative form of pignorare
oppilante {v} :: present participle of oppilare
oppilare {v} :: To obstruct, occlude
oppilativo {adj} :: obstructive
oppilazione {f} :: obstruction, occlusion
oppinione {f} :: alternative form of opinione
oppio {m} :: opium
oppio {m} :: alternative form of loppio
oppiofagia {f} :: toxicomania for opium products
oppiofago {m} :: opium eater
oppioide {adj} :: opioid
oppiomane {mf} :: opium addict
oppiomania {f} :: Addiction to opium
opponente {v} :: present participle of opporre
opponente {adj} :: opposing
opponente {mf} :: opponent
opponentesi {v} :: present participle of opporsi
opponibile {adj} :: opposable
opponibile {adj} :: exceptionable
opponibilità {f} :: opposability
opporre {vt} :: to put forward, raise [points of view, arguments]
opporre {vt} :: to oppose
opporre {vt} :: to counter, refute
opporsi {v} :: reflexive of opporre
opporsi {v} :: to oppose
opporsi {v} :: to object
opportunamente {adv} :: opportunely
opportunamente {adv} :: appropriately
opportunismo {m} :: opportunism
opportunista {mf} :: opportunist
opportunisticamente {adv} :: opportunistically
opportunistico {adj} :: opportunist, opportunistic
opportunità {f} :: expediency, advisability, opportunity, timeliness
opportunità {f} :: opportunity, chance, occasion
opportuno {adj} :: opportune, timely, suitable, fit, appropriate, right
oppositamente {adv} :: oppositely
oppositamente {adv} :: contrarily
oppositivo {adj} :: oppositive
oppositore {mf} :: opponent
oppositore {adj} :: opposing
opposizione {f} :: opposition (all meanings)
oppostifoglio {adj} [botany] :: oppositifolious
oppostipetalo {adj} [botany] :: oppositipetalous
oppostisepalo {adj} [botany] :: oppositisepalous
opposto {adj} :: opposite, facing
opposto {adj} :: conflicting
opposto {m} :: opposite
opposto {m} :: reverse
oppostosi {v} :: past participle of opporsi
oppressi {n} :: The oppressed
oppressione {f} :: oppression
oppressivamente {adv} :: oppressively
oppressivo {adj} :: oppressive
oppresso {adj} :: oppressed
oppressore {adj} :: oppressive
oppressore {mf} :: oppressor
opprimente {v} :: present participle of opprimere
opprimente {adj} :: oppressive
opprimente {adj} :: tiresome
opprimente {adj} :: depressing
opprimere {vt} :: to suffocate
opprimere {vt} :: to oppress
oppugnabile {adj} :: contestable, confutable
oppugnabilità {f} :: contestability
oppugnante {v} :: present participle of oppugnare
oppugnare {vt} :: to refute
oppugnatore {m} :: opponent, antagonist
oppugnazione {f} :: refutation, confutation
oppure {conj} :: or
oppure {conj} :: otherwise, or else
oprante {v} :: present participle of oprare
oprare {vit} :: alternative form of operare
-opsia {suffix} [medicine] :: Used with a stem to derive nouns indicating a medical condition of the eye(s); -opsia
-opsia {suffix} [medicine] :: Used with a stem to derive nouns indicating an examination; -opsy
opsina {f} [protein] :: opsin
opsonico {adj} :: opsonic
opsonina {f} [biochemistry] :: opsonin
opsonizzante {v} :: present participle of opsonizzare
opsonizzante {adj} :: opsonizing
opsonizzare {vt} :: to opsonize
opsonizzazione {f} :: opsonization
optacon {m} :: optacon
optante {v} :: present participle of optare
optare {v} :: to opt (for)
optare {v} :: to decide (upon)
optare {v} :: to take out an option on a stock
optimetro {m} :: alternative form of ottimetro
optional {m} :: optional accessory
optional {m} :: handicap (horse racing)
opto- {prefix} :: opto-
optoelettronica {f} :: optoelectronics
optoelettronico {adj} :: optoelectronic
optogalvanico {adj} [physics] :: optogalvanic
optogenetico {adj} :: optogenetic
optografia {f} :: optography
optogramma {m} :: optogram
optometria {f} :: optometry
optometrista {f} :: optometrist
optometro {m} :: optometer
optotipo {m} :: alternative form of ottotipo
opulentamente {adv} :: richly, wealthily, affluently
opulentamente {adv} :: opulently
opulentemente {adv} :: alternative form of opulentamente
opulento {adj} :: rich, wealthy, affluent
opulento {adj} :: opulent
opulenza {f} :: richness, wealth, affluence
opulenza {f} :: opulence
opunzia {f} :: prickly pear (of genus Opuntia)
opuscoletto {m} :: pamphlet, flyer
opuscolo {m} :: booklet, pamphlet
opuscolo {m} :: brochure, leaflet
opzionabile {adj} :: optionable
opzionale {adj} :: optional
opzionalmente {adv} :: optionally
opzionante {v} :: present participle of opzionare
opzionare {vt} :: To option, to have an option on
opzione {f} :: option
or {adv} :: apocopic form of ora (now), used almost exclusively in the archaic forms or ora (just now) and or sono (ago), the latter with an indication of the time elapsed until the present
ora {f} :: hour (period of 60 minutes)
ora {f} :: time (of day), hour
ora {f} :: blow, breeze
ora {adv} :: now
ora {conj} :: and yet
Ora {prop} :: Hora
ora canonica {n} :: right time / moment
oracolare {adj} :: oracular
oracolistico {adj} :: oracular
oracolo {m} :: oracle
ora di punta {n} :: rush hour
ora estiva {f} :: summer time, daylight saving time
orafo {m} :: goldsmith
orafo {adj} :: goldsmith (attributive)
orale {adj} :: [relating to the mouth] oral, buccal, mouth [attributive]
orale {adj} :: [spoken] oral
orale {m} :: oral exam, oral test, oral
ora legale {f} :: daylight saving time, summer time
oralità {f} :: orality
oralmente {adv} :: orally
oramai {adv} :: alternative form of ormai
Orange {prop} :: Orange (town in France)
Orange {prop} :: Orange (river in South Africa)
Orangismo {n} :: Orangeism (the policy of the Orange Order)
Orangista {m} :: Orangeman
orango {m} :: orangutan
orangutan {n} :: orangutan
Orano {prop} :: Oran (city in Algeria)
orario {adj} :: time (attribute)
orario {adj} :: hourly, per hour
orario {m} :: timetable, schedule
orario {m} :: time, hours
ora solare {f} :: solar time
orata {f} :: sea bream
oratore {m} :: speaker, orator
oratoriale {adj} :: oratorial
oratoriamente {adv} :: oratorically
oratoriamente {adv} :: eloquently
oratoriano {m} :: oratorian (member of a Roman Catholic oratory)
oratoriano {adj} :: oratory (attributive)
oratorio {adj} :: oratorical
oratorio {adj} :: solemn
oratorio {m} :: oratory
oratorio {m} :: oratorio
oratrice {f} :: (female) speaker, orator
Orazi {prop} :: Horatii
oraziano {adj} :: Horace (writer, attributive)
Orazio {prop} :: Horace, the Roman poet
Orazio {prop} :: given name
Orazio {prop} :: Horace Horse (Disney character)
orazion {f} :: apocopic form of orazione
orazione {f} :: prayer
orazione {f} :: oration, speech
Orba {prop} :: A river that flows in Piedmont
orbace {m} :: A rough woollen cloth typical of Sardinia
orbace {m} [historical, figuratively] :: The uniform of the Italian National Fascist Party
orbaco {m} :: laurel, bay
orbene {conj} :: well (then)
orbene {conj} :: so
orbetellano {adj} :: Of, or from, Orbetello
orbetellano {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Orbetello
Orbetello {prop} :: a town in the province of Grosseto in Tuscany in Italy
orbettino {m} :: slowworm or blindworm
orbezza {f} :: bereavement
orbicolare {adj} :: orbicular
orbicolare {m} [muscle] :: orbicularis
orbicolare della bocca {m} [muscle] :: orbicularis oris
orbicolare dell'occhio {m} [muscle] :: orbicularis oculi
orbiculare {adj} :: Variant of orbicolare
orbiculare {m} :: Variant of orbicolare
orbifrontale {adj} [anatomy] :: orbifrontal
Orbino {prop} :: medieval spelling of Urbino
orbita {f} [astronomy, mathematics] :: orbit
orbita {f} [skeleton] :: eye socket, orbit
orbitale {adj} [skeleton, astronomy, physics] :: orbital
orbitale {m} [physics] :: orbital
orbitale di antilegame {m} [chemistry, physics] :: antibonding orbital
orbitalico {adj} [chemistry] :: orbital (attributive)
orbitante {v} :: present participle of orbitare
orbitante {adj} :: orbiting
orbitare {v} :: to orbit
orbitario {adj} [skeleton] :: orbital
orbo {adj} :: blind
orbo {adj} :: one-eyed
orbo {adj} :: bereft
orca {f} :: killer whale; orca
Orcade {prop} :: Orkney
Orcadi {prop} :: Orkneys (properly Le Isole Orcadi)
orch. {abbr} [music] :: orchestra
orchesiografia {f} :: orchesography
orchessa {f} :: ogress
orchestica {f} :: orchestics
orchestico {adj} :: orchestic
orchestra {f} :: orchestra
orchestra {f} :: band
orchestra {f} :: orchestra pit
orchestrale {adj} :: orchestral
orchestrale {mf} :: member of an orchestra
orchestrante {v} :: present participle of orchestrare
orchestrare {vt} :: to orchestrate [all senses]
orchestrare {vt} :: to organize
orchestrato {adj} :: orchestrated
orchestratore {adj} :: orchestrating
orchestratore {m} :: orchestrator
orchestrazione {f} :: orchestration (all senses)
orchestrazione {f} :: organization (process)
orchestrina {f} :: An orchestra with few instrumentalists, especially one that plays popular music in variety shows
orchidea {f} :: orchid (plant)
orchidopessi {m} :: orchidopexy
orchiectomia {f} [surgery] :: orchiectomy
orchite {f} [pathology] :: orchitis
orciaia {f} :: The part of an olive oil plant in which jars of freshly-pressed oil are stored
orciaio {m} :: pottery jar maker or seller
orcio {m} :: jug, pitcher, jar
orcio {m} :: jarful
orciolaio {m} :: A person who sells jugs, pitchers, jars etc
orciolo {m} :: (small) jug, pitcher, jar etc
orco {m} :: ogre
orco {m} :: orc
Orco {prop} :: Orcus
Orco {prop} :: A river that flows in Piedmont
Orcomeno {prop} :: Orchomenos
orda {f} :: horde
ordalia {f} :: ordeal (medieval trial)
ordalico {adj} :: ordalian; ordeal (attributive)
ordente {v} :: present participle of ordire
ordigno {m} :: An explosive device, a bomb
ordigno {m} :: A device
ordimento {m} :: plotting
ordimento {m} :: machination
ordinabile {adj} :: That can be ordered
ordinabilità {f} :: Property of what can be ordered
ordinale {adj} :: ordinal
ordinale {adj} :: successive
ordinale {m} :: ordinal number
ordinale {m} :: ordinal adjective
ordinale {m} :: ordinal (religious book)
ordinalmente {adv} :: successively
ordinamentale {adj} :: ordered
ordinamento {m} :: order, arrangement
ordinamento {m} :: rule, regulation (especially in plural)
ordinante {v} :: present participle of ordinare
ordinanza {f} :: order (legal or military)
ordinanza {f} :: ordinance
ordinanza {f} :: decree
ordinanza {f} :: regulation
ordinanza {f} :: batman (officer's servant)
ordinanza {f} :: writ
ordinar {v} :: apocopic form of ordinare
ordinare {vt} :: to order
ordinare {vt} :: to arrange
ordinare {vt} :: to prescribe
ordinare {vt} :: to ordain
ordinariamente {adv} :: in order
ordinariato {m} :: professorship (or similar teaching post)
ordinariato {m} :: ordinariate
ordinarietà {f} :: ordinariness
ordinarietà {f} :: normality
ordinarietà {f} :: regularity
ordinarietà {f} :: mediocrity
ordinario {adj} :: ordinary, usual, normal, customary
ordinario {adj} :: average
ordinario {adj} :: permanent (member of staff)
ordinario {adj} :: vulgar, common
ordinario {m} :: ordinary, usual
ordinario {m} :: professor (at a university)
ordinario {m} :: permanent teacher
ordinario {m} :: Ordinary
ordinata {f} :: ordinate (mathematics), y-axis
ordinatamente {adv} :: tidily, orderly
ordinatamente {adv} :: methodically
ordinatario {m} :: payee
ordinatario {m} :: beneficiary
ordinativo {adj} :: regulating, regulatory
ordinativo {m} :: order (of products)
ordinato {adj} :: ordered
ordinato {adj} :: orderly, methodical
ordinatore {m} :: orderer
ordinatore {m} :: organizer, regulator
ordinatore {m} :: cataloguer
ordinatore {m} [Switzerland, computing] :: computer
ordinatore {adj} :: regulative, regulating, organizing, ordering
ordinatorio {adj} :: peremptory
ordinatorio {adj} :: dictatorial
ordinazione {f} :: order (for material etc)
ordinazione {f} :: ordination
ordine {m} :: order
ordine alfabetico {m} :: alphabetical order
ordinistico {adj} :: regulated by membership in a professional organization
ordire {vt} [textiles] :: to warp
ordire {vt} :: to plot, hatch, scheme
ordito {m} :: warp (of a textile)
ordito {m} :: plot
orditoio {m} :: warping machine / mill
orditore {m} :: warper (textile worker)
orditore {m} :: plotter, schemer
orditura {f} :: warp, warping
orditura {f} :: roof framework
orditura {f} :: plot
ordo {adj} :: ugly, horrible, deformed
Ordona {prop} :: a town in the province of Foggia in Apulia in Italy
ordoviciano {adj} :: Ordovician
ordoviciano {n} :: Ordovician (period)
-ore {suffix} :: used to form a masculine abstract noun from a verb or adjective root
Ore {prop} :: Horae
oreade {f} :: (especially in plural) oread
orecchia {f} :: alternative form of orecchio
orecchia {f} :: any prominent form similar to an ear
orecchia {f} :: either of the "S" shaped holes in a violin etc
orecchiabile {adj} :: catchy (of music)
orecchiabilità {f} :: catchiness (of music)
orecchiabilmente {adv} :: catchily (of music)
orecchiale {m} :: A type of hearing aid that fits behind the external ear
orecchiante {v} :: present participle of orecchiare
orecchiare {vt} :: To pick up
orecchiare {vt} :: To eavesdrop, listen in
orecchietta {f} :: diminutive of orecchia
orecchietta {f} :: an auricle of the heart
orecchietta {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: a type of pasta from Puglia in the shape of little ears
orecchino {m} :: earring
orecchio {m} [anatomy] :: ear
orecchio {m} :: hearing
orecchio {m} :: An ear for music (particular sensibility)
orecchio {m} :: An ear-shaped thing
orecchione {m} :: a large ear
orecchione {m} [in the plural] :: mumps
orecchione {m} :: long-eared bat (of genus Plecotus)
orecchioniera {f} [military] :: trunnion
orecchiuto {adj} :: Having large or long ears (used of animals)
orecchiuto {adj} :: ignorant (donkey-like)
orefice {m} :: jeweller
orefice {m} :: goldsmith
oreficeria {f} :: jeweller's (shop)
oreficeria {f} :: the craft of a jeweller or goldsmith
oreficeria {f} :: jewellery
oreria {f} :: The manufacture of objects from gold and other precious metals
oreria {f} :: The objects so made
Oreste {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Orestes
Oreste {prop} :: given name
Oreto {prop} :: A small river that flows in Sicily
oretta {f} :: About an hour; an hour or so
orezzare {v} :: (of the wind) To blow lightly
orezzare {v} :: To keep oneself cool and fresh
orezzo {m} :: A pleasant, cool breeze (on a summer evening)
orfana {f} :: orphan (female)
orfanella {f} :: little orphan (female)
orfanello {m} :: little orphan
orfanezza {f} :: the state of being an orphan
orfanità {f} :: orphanhood
orfano {adj} :: orphan
orfano {m} :: (male) orphan
orfanotrofio {m} :: orphanage
Orfeo {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Orpheus
Orfeo {prop} :: given name
orfico {adj} :: Orphic, Orphean
orfico {adj} :: mysterious
orfismo {m} :: Orphism
organaio {m} :: alternative form of organaro
organamento {m} :: organization (activity), coordination
organante {v} :: present participle of organare
organare {v} :: To organize
organare {v} [music] :: To compose music for the organ; to play the organ
organario {adj} [music] :: organ (attributive)
organaro {m} [music] :: A person who builds or repairs organs
organdis {m} :: organza
organello {m} [biology] :: organelle
organetto {m} :: barrel organ, hurdy-gurdy
organetto {m} :: melodeon
organetto {m} :: redpoll
organetto artico {m} :: arctic redpoll
organicamente {adv} :: organically
organicante {v} :: present participle of organicare
organicare {v} [biochemistry] :: To assimilate (inorganic compounds such as carbon dioxide)
organicazione {f} [biochemistry] :: assimilation
organicismo {m} [philosophy] :: organicism
organicista {mf} :: organicist
organicistico {adj} :: organicistic
organicità {f} :: organic unity
organico {adj} :: organic (in all senses)
organico {m} :: staff, personnel, cadre
organico {m} :: line-up, formation
organigramma {m} :: organizational chart
organigramma {m} [computing] :: flowchart
organino {m} [musical instruments] :: barrel organ
organi sessuali {mp} [plurale tantum] :: sex organs, genitals, genitalia, privates
organismo {m} :: organism
organismo {m} :: (human body) body, system
organismo {m} [figuratively] :: organization, body, authority, structure, agency
organismo geneticamente modificato {m} :: A genetically modified organism
organista {mf} :: organist
organistico {adj} [music] :: organ or organist (attributive)
organizzamento {m} :: organizing (activity)
organizzante {v} :: present participle of organizzare
organizzantesi {v} :: present participle of organizzarsi
organizzare {vt} :: to organize, arrange, set up
organizzarsi {v} :: reflexive of organizzare
organizzarsi {v} :: to organize, get organized
organizzativamente {adv} :: organizationally
organizzativo {adj} :: organizational
organizzato {adj} :: organized
organizzato {adj} [tourism] :: package
organizzatore {adj} :: organizing
organizzatore {m} :: organizer
organizzatosi {v} :: past participle of organizzarsi
organizzazione {f} :: organization, arrangement, planning
organizzazione {f} :: (entity) organization
organo {m} :: organ [all senses]
organofosfatico {adj} [chemistry] :: organophosphate (attributive)
organogenesi {f} [biology] :: organogenesis
organogenetico {adj} :: organogenetic
organogenia {f} :: organogenesis
organogenico {adj} :: organogenic
organogeno {adj} :: organogenic
organografia {f} :: organography
organografico {adj} :: organographic
organogramma {m} :: alternative form of organigramma
organolettico {adj} :: organoleptic
organolitio {m} [organic chemistry] :: organolithium
organologia {f} :: organology
organologico {adj} :: organologic, organological
organologo {m} :: organologist
organometallico {adj} [chemistry] :: organometallic
organometallo {m} [chemistry] :: organometallic compound
organopatia {f} [pathology] :: organopathy
organoplastia {f} [surgery] :: organoplasty
organoscopia {f} :: organoscopy
organoterapia {f} :: organotherapy
organotropismo {m} :: organotropism
organulo {m} [biology] :: organelle
organzino {m} :: organzine
orgasmante {v} :: present participle of orgasmare
orgasmare {v} :: To have a sexual orgasm
orgasmico {adj} :: orgasmic
orgasmo {m} :: orgasm, climax
orgasmo {m} :: excitement
orgia {f} [sex] :: orgy
orgiaco {adj} :: synonym of orgiastico
orgiasta {mf} :: orgiast
orgiasticamente {adv} :: orgiastically
orgiastico {adj} :: orgiastic
orgoglio {m} :: pride
orgogliosamente {adv} :: proudly
orgogliosissimo {adj} :: superlative of orgoglioso: very proud
orgogliosità {f} :: haughtiness
orgoglioso {adj} :: proud
orgoglioso {adj} :: haughty
orgone {m} :: orgone
orgonico {adj} :: orgonic
oriafiamma {f} :: alternative form of orifiamma
oriana {f} :: annatto (dye)
Oriana {prop} :: given name
oricalco {m} :: orichalcum
oricanno {m} :: A golden perfume-jar
orice {m} :: oryx
oricello {m} :: orchil (all senses)
orichiomato {adj} :: golden-haired
oricrinito {adj} :: alternative form of orichiomato
orientabile {adj} :: adjustable
orientabile {adj} :: steerable
orientabilità {f} :: adjustability
orientale {adj} :: oriental, eastern, east (attribute)
orientale {adj} :: Oriental, Eastern, Asian
orientale {mf} :: Oriental, Asian, Asiatic
orientaleggiante {adj} :: oriental in character
orientalismo {m} :: orientalism
orientalistica {f} :: The study of oriental culture and civilization
orientalistico {adj} :: orientalist (attributive); orientalistic
orientalizzante {v} :: present participle of orientalizzare
orientalizzante {adj} :: orientalising
orientalizzare {vt} :: To orientalize
orientalizzazione {f} :: orientalization
orientalmente {adv} :: orientally
orientamento {m} :: positioning
orientamento {m} :: orientation
orientamento {m} :: direction
orientamento {m} :: tendency, leaning
orientamento {m} :: trend
orientamento {m} :: orienteering
orientamento sessuale {m} :: sexual orientation
orientante {v} :: present participle of orientare
orientantesi {v} :: present participle of orientarsi
orientare {vt} :: to position
orientare {vt} :: to orientate
orientare {vt} :: to direct
orientarsi {v} :: reflexive of orientare
orientarsi {v} :: to find one's bearings
orientarsi {v} :: to orient oneself
orientativamente {adv} :: indicatively, roughly
orientativo {adj} :: preliminary
orientativo {adj} :: indicative
orientatosi {v} :: past participle of orientarsi
orientazione {f} :: orientation
oriente {m} :: geography: east, orient
oriente {m} :: characteristic of a pearl: orient
oriente {m} :: freemasonry: lodge
orientista {mf} [sports] :: orienteer
orifiamma {f} :: oriflamme
orificio {m} :: opening
orificio {m} :: mouth (of a tube etc)
orificio {m} :: orifice
orifizio {m} [anatomy] :: orifice
orifizio {m} :: mouth, opening, orifice
origano {m} :: oregano
orige {m} :: alternative form of orice
Origene {prop} :: Origen
origeniano {adj} :: Origenist
origenista {mf} :: Origenist
originale {adj} :: original
originale {adj} :: genuine, pure
originale {adj} [figuratively] :: original, new, fresh, novel, unusual, individual, creative
originale {adj} [figuratively] :: eccentric, odd, bizarre
originale {m} :: original
originale {m} :: character, odd person
originalissimo {adj} :: Very original
originalità {f} :: originality
originalità {f} :: eccentricity, oddness
originante {v} :: present participle of originare
originantesi {v} :: present participle of originarsi
originare {vt} :: to originate, give origin to, cause
originariamente {adv} :: originally
originario {adj} :: native or indigenous (to)
originario {adj} :: original
originarsi {vr} :: to originate
originatore {m} :: originator
originatosi {v} :: past participle of originarsi
originazione {f} :: origination
origine {f} :: origin, derivation
origliamento {m} :: eavesdropping
origliamento {m} :: overhearing
origliante {v} :: present participle of origliare
origliare {v} :: to eavesdrop, overhear, listen in
origliere {m} :: pillow
orina {f} :: urine
orinale {m} :: chamber pot
orinante {v} :: present participle of orinare
orinare {vi} :: to urinate
orinario {adj} :: Variant of urinario
orinativo {adj} :: urinative, diuretic
orinatoio {m} :: urinal
orinazione {f} :: urination
Orinoco {prop} :: Orinoco (river)
orinoso {adj} :: urinous (Variant of: urinoso)
oriolaio {m} :: alternative form of orologiaio
oriolo {m} :: oriole
Orione {prop} :: Orion
oristanese {adj} :: Of or from Oristano
Oristano {prop} :: Oristano (province)
Oristano {prop} :: Oristano (town)
oritteropo {m} :: aardvark
oriundo {adj} :: native (of a place, especially native of Italy but living abroad)
oriundo {m} :: native (of a place, especially a native of Italy but living abroad)
oriundo {m} :: a foreign sportsman, of Italian ancestry, playing in an Italian team
orizanolo {m} :: oryzanol
orizzon {m} :: horizon
orizzontale {adj} :: horizontal
orizzontale {m} :: (in crosswords) across
orizzontalità {f} :: horizontalness, horizontality
orizzontalmente {adv} :: horizontally
orizzontamento {m} :: orientation (act or process))
orizzontante {v} :: present participle of orizzontare
orizzontantesi {v} :: present participle of orizzontarsi
orizzontare {vt} :: To orientate
orizzontarsi {v} :: reflexive of orizzontare
orizzontarsi {vr} :: to orientate oneself
orizzontarsi {vr} :: to get one's bearings
orizzontatosi {v} :: past participle of orizzontarsi
orizzonte {m} :: horizon
orizzonte degli eventi {m} [astrophysics] :: event horizon
ORL {abbr} :: abbreviation of otorinolaringoiatria
Orlando {prop} :: given name
Orlando {prop} :: surname
Orlando {prop} :: Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, Italian politician
Orlando {prop} :: The city in Florida
orlante {v} :: present participle of orlare
orlare {vt} :: to hem, border, edge, trim
orlatore {m} :: edger, hemmer (person or machine)
orlatrice {f} :: hemmer (person or machine)
orlatrice {f} :: machine that folds down the rim of shotgun cartridges
orlatura {f} :: hemming, hem
orlatura {f} :: neckline (of a dress)
orlatura {f} [heraldry] :: orle
orleanista {adj} :: Relating to the House of Orléans
orlettante {v} :: present participle of orlettare
orlettare {v} :: To mill (the edge of a coin)
orlettatura {f} :: milling (the edge of a coin)
orlettatura {f} :: milled edge (of a coin)
orliccio {m} :: An irregular or torn edge
orliccio {m} :: crust (edge of piece of bread)
orliquia {f} :: synonym of reliquia
orlo {m} :: border, edge, margin, brink, verge; the milled edge of a coin
orlo {m} [of clothes] :: hem, hemline, welt
orlo {m} [heraldry] :: orle
orlo a giorno {m} :: hemstitch
orlon {m} :: Orlon (acrylic fibre)
orma {f} :: footprint
orma {f} :: track, spoor
orma {f} :: trace, mark
ormai {adv} :: by now, by this time, now, at this point, by then
ormai {adv} :: already, yet
ormai {adv} :: nearly, almost
ormante {v} :: present participle of ormare
ormare {v} :: to follow someone's tracks; to pursue
Ormea {prop} :: A small town in the Cuneo province of Piemonte
ormeasco {adj} :: Of or from Ormea
ormeggiante {v} :: present participle of ormeggiare
ormeggiantesi {v} :: present participle of ormeggiarsi
ormeggiare {vt} :: to moor [a vessel]
ormeggiare {v} :: Intensive of ormare- to pursue
ormeggiarsi {v} :: reflexive of ormeggiare
ormeggiarsi {v} :: to moor
ormeggiatore {m} [nautical] :: moorer (person who moors a vessel)
ormeggiatosi {v} :: past participle of ormeggiarsi
ormeggiatrice {f} [nautical] :: moorer (female)
ormeggio {m} :: mooring, berth
ormeggio {m} [in the plural] :: moorings
ormonale {adj} :: hormone (attributive), hormonal
ormone {m} :: hormone
ormone della crescita {m} [hormone] :: growth hormone
ormone follicolo stimolante {m} :: alternative spelling of ormone follicolo-stimolante
ormone follicolo-stimolante {m} [hormone] :: follicle stimulating hormone
ormone luteinizzante {m} [hormone] :: luteinizing hormone
ormonico {adj} :: hormone (attributive), hormonal
ormono {adj} :: hormone (attributive)
ormonogenesi {f} [biochemistry] :: hormonogenesis
ormonoterapia {f} :: hormone therapy
ornamentale {adj} :: ornamental, decorative
ornamentazione {f} :: ornamentation, decoration
ornamento {m} :: ornament
ornamento {m} :: decoration, adornment
ornante {v} :: present participle of ornare
ornantesi {v} :: present participle of ornarsi
ornare {v} :: to decorate or adorn (with)
ornare {v} :: to embellish (with)
ornarsi {vr} :: ‎ To decorate or adorn oneself (with)
ornatamente {adv} :: ornately
ornatamente {adv} :: elegantly
ornatezza {f} :: ornateness
ornatezza {f} :: grace, elegance
ornatista {mf} :: ornamentalist
ornativo {adj} :: ornamental
ornato {adj} :: decorated or adorned (with)
ornato {m} :: embellishment
ornatosi {v} :: past participle of ornarsi
orneblenda {f} [mineralogy] :: hornblende
ornello {m} :: Variant of orniello
Ornica {prop} :: A village in the Bergamo province of Lombardia
ornichese {adj} :: Of or from Ornica
orniello {m} :: manna ash (Fraxinus ornus)
ornitina {f} [amino acid] :: ornithine
ornito- {prefix} :: ornitho-
ornitofilo {adj} [botany] :: ornithophilous
ornitologa {f} :: ornithologist (female)
ornitologia {f} [zoology] :: ornithology
ornitologico {adj} [zoology] :: ornithological
ornitologo {m} :: ornithologist
ornitomanzia {f} :: ornithomancy
ornitomimide {m} :: ornithomimid
ornitonimo {m} :: ornithonym
ornitorinco {m} :: platypus, duck-billed platypus
ornitosi {f} [medicine] :: ornithosis
ornitottero {m} :: ornithopter
orno {m} :: manna ash (tree, Fraxinus ornus)
oro {m} [chemistry] :: gold
oro {m} [sports] :: gold, gold medal
oro {m} :: gold (colour)
oro {m} [heraldry] :: or
oro {m} [in the plural] :: gold jewels
oro {m} [figuratively] :: gold, money, wealth
oro {adj} :: gold (in colour)
oro- {prefix} :: Forms terms relating to mountains
oro- {prefix} :: Forms terms related to the mouth; oral
oro- {prefix} :: Forms relating to the hour of one's birth
orobanche {f} :: broomrape
oro bianco {m} :: white gold
orobico {adj} [linguistics] :: Eastern Lombard
orocrinito {adj} :: alternative form of orichiomato
orofacciale {adj} [anatomy] :: orofacial
orofaringe {mf} :: oropharynx
orofaringeo {adj} [anatomy] :: oropharyngeal
orogenesi {f} [geology] :: orogenesis
orogenetico {adj} :: orogenic
orogenia {f} [geology] :: orogeny
orografia {f} :: orography
orografico {adj} :: orographic
oroidrografia {f} :: orohydrography
oroidrografico {adj} :: orohydrographic
Orolo {prop} :: A small river of Veneto
orologeria {f} :: watchmaking
orologeria {f} :: watchmaker's (shop or workshop)
orologeria {f} :: clockwork
orologiaia {f} :: watchmaker (female)
orologiaia {f} :: watch repairer (female)
orologiaia {f} :: watch seller (female)
orologiaio {m} :: watchmaker
orologiaio {m} :: watch repairer
orologiaio {m} :: watch seller
orologiero {adj} :: watchmaking (attributive)
orologio {m} :: clock, watch (timekeeping instruments)
orologio a cipolla {m} :: pocket watch
orologio a cucù {m} :: cuckoo clock
orologio da tasca {m} :: pocket watch
orologio da taschino {m} :: pocket watch
oro massiccio {m} :: solid gold
oronasale {adj} :: oronasal
oro nero {m} :: black gold
oronimia {f} :: The naming of mountains
oronimo {m} :: oronym (toponym of a mountain)
Oronte {prop} :: Orontes (Syrian river)
Oronzo {prop} :: given name, typical of Apulia
or ora {adv} :: just now, just
oroscopia {f} :: horoscopy
oroscopico {adj} :: horoscope (attributive)
oroscopo {m} :: horoscope
oroterapia {f} :: alternative form of auroterapia
orotico {adj} :: orotic
orotidina {f} [biochemistry] :: orotidine
orpellamento {m} :: synonym of orpellatura
orpellante {v} :: present participle of orpellare
orpellare {vt} :: to cover with pinchbeck
orpellare {vt} :: to disguise, cover up
orpellatura {f} :: covering with pinchbeck
orpello {m} :: pinchbeck
orpello {m} :: tinsel
orpimento {m} [mineralogy] :: orpiment
orrante {v} :: present participle of orrare
orrare {v} :: alternative form of onorare
orrendamente {adv} :: horribly, horrendously
orrendo {adj} :: horrible, horrendous, awful, dreadful, ghastly
orrettizio {adj} [legal] :: obreptitious
orrevole {adj} :: synonym of onorevole
orrezione {f} :: obreption
orribile {adj} :: horrible
orribile {adj} :: awful, dreadful
orribile {adj} :: revolting
orribilità {f} :: horribleness
orribilità {f} :: awfulness, dreadfulness
orribilmente {adv} :: horribly, awfully, dreadfully, revoltingly
orridamente {adv} :: horridly, dreadfully
orridezza {f} :: horridness
orridità {f} :: horridness
orrido {adj} :: horrid, dreadful
orrido {m} :: ravine, gorge (usually with a river coursing inside)
orrifico {adj} :: horrific
orripilante {v} :: present participle of orripilare
orripilante {adj} :: horrifying, hair-raising
orripilantemente {adv} :: horrifyingly, hair-raisingly
orripilare {v} :: To horrify
orripilato {adj} :: terrified
orripilazione {f} :: horripilation
orror {m} :: apocopic form of orrore
orrore {m} :: horror
orrore {m} :: disgust, loathing
orroroso {adj} :: horrifying
orsù {interj} :: come now! (or similar term of encouragement etc)
orsa {f} :: she-bear
orsacchio {m} [rare] :: A young or small bear
orsacchiotto {m} :: diminutive of orso: bear cub
orsacchiotto {m} :: teddy bear
orsaggine {f} :: surliness, grumpiness
orsaggine {f} :: misanthropy
orsetto {m} :: bear cub
orsetto lavatore {m} :: raccoon, racoon, coon (mammal)
Orsini {prop} :: surname
orsino {adj} :: bear-like
orso {m} :: bear
orso bianco {m} :: white bear (mammal)
orso bruno {m} :: brown bear (mammal)
orso dagli occhiali {m} :: spectacled bear
orso grigio {m} :: grizzly bear (mammal)
orso grizzly {m} :: grizzly bear (mammal)
Orsola {prop} :: given name, cognate to Ursula
orsolina {f} :: Ursuline
or sono {adv} :: ago (old-fashioned)
orsono {adv} :: Variant of or sono
orso polare {m} :: polar bear (mammal)
ortaggio {m} :: vegetable (plant)
ortaglia {f} :: kitchen garden
ortaglia {f} :: vegetable
ortale {adj} :: vegetable garden (attributive)
ortale {m} :: vegetable garden
ortatoria {f} :: exhortation (written or spoken)
Orte {prop} :: a town in the province of Viterbo in Lazio in Italy
ortense {adj} :: orchard (attributive)
ortensia {f} :: hydrangea
Ortese {prop} :: surname
ortesi {n} :: orthotics
ortica {f} [plant] :: nettle (herb of the genus Urtica)
ortica {f} [plant] :: stinging nettle, common nettle (Urtica dioica)
orticaio {m} :: nettle patch
orticante {adj} :: stinging
orticante {adj} :: urticant
orticaria {f} [pathology] :: urticaria, nettle-rash, hives
orticarico {adj} :: urticarious
orticello {m} :: diminutive of orto: a small vegetable garden
orticheto {m} :: nettle patch
orticolo {adj} :: horticultural, market garden (attributive)
orticoltore {m} :: horticulturist
orticoltore {m} :: market gardener
orticoltrice {f} :: horticulturist (female)
orticoltrice {f} :: market gardener (female)
orticoltura {f} :: horticulture
orticon {m} :: orthicon (abbreviation of orticonoscopio)
orticonoscopio {m} :: orthoconoscope
orticultore {m} :: alternative form of orticoltore
orticultura {f} :: alternative form of orticoltura
ortifrutticultore {m} :: alternative form of ortofrutticoltore
ortite {f} [mineral] :: orthite
ortivo {adj} :: vegetable garden (attributive)
ortivo {adj} :: orchard (attributive)
ortivo {adj} [astronomy] :: rising
orto {m} :: vegetable garden
orto {m} :: orchard
orto- {prefix} :: ortho-
orto- {prefix} :: garden, orchard (variant of orti-)
ortobicupola {f} [mathematics] :: orthobicupola
orto botanico {m} :: botanical garden
ortocefalia {f} :: orthocephalism, orthocephaly
ortocefalico {adj} :: orthocephalic
ortocentrico {adj} :: orthocentric
ortocentro {m} [mathematics] :: orthocentre / orthocenter
ortoclasio {m} [mineralogy] :: orthoclase
ortocromatico {adj} :: orthochromatic
ortocromatismo {m} :: orthochromatism
ortodontia {f} :: orthodontics, orthodontia
ortodontico {adj} :: orthodontic
ortodontista {mf} :: orthodontist
ortodonzia {f} :: orthodontics (Variant of ortodontia)
ortodossia {f} :: orthodoxy
ortodosso {adj} :: orthodox
ortodosso {m} :: orthodox (person)
ortodromia {f} :: orthodromy
ortodromico {adj} :: orthodromic, orthodrome
ortoepia {f} :: orthoepy
ortoepico {adj} :: orthoepic
ortofloricoltore {m} :: vegetable and flower grower
ortofloricoltrice {f} :: vegetable and flower grower (female)
ortofloricoltura {f} :: vegetable and flower growing
ortoflorofrutticolo {adj} :: vegetable, fruit and flower (attributive)
ortoflorofrutticoltore {m} :: vegetable, fruit and flower grower
ortoflorofrutticoltrice {f} :: vegetable, fruit and flower grower (female)
ortoflorofrutticoltura {f} :: vegetable, fruit and flower growing
ortofonia {f} :: orthoepy (speech therapy)
ortofonico {adj} :: speech therapy (attributive); orthophonic
ortofonico {adj} :: orthoepic
ortofonista {mf} :: speech therapist; orthophonist
ortofonista {mf} :: orthoepist
ortofosfato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: orthophosphate
ortofosforico {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: orthophosphoric
ortofoto {m} [photography] :: orthophoto
ortofotografia {f} [photography] :: orthophotography
ortofrenia {f} :: orthophrenia
ortofrenico {adj} :: orthopsychiatric
ortofrenopedia {f} :: orthopsychiatry
ortofrutta {f} :: fruit and vegetables
ortofrutticolo {adj} :: fruit and vegetable (attributive)
ortofrutticoltore {m} :: fruit and vegetable grower; market gardener
ortofrutticoltrice {f} :: (female) fruit and vegetable grower; market gardener
ortofrutticoltura {f} :: fruit and vegetable growing; market gardening
ortofrutticultore {m} :: alternative form of ortofrutticoltore
ortofrutticultura {f} :: alternative form of ortofrutticoltura
ortogenesi {f} :: orthogenesis
ortogenetico {adj} :: orthogenetic
ortognatismo {m} :: orthognathism
ortognato {adj} :: orthognathic
ortognatodonzia {f} :: orthognathic surgery
ortogonale {adj} :: orthogonal
ortogonalità {f} [mathematics] :: orthogonality
ortogonalizzante {v} :: present participle of ortogonalizzare
ortogonalizzare {v} [maths] :: To orthogonalize
ortogonalizzazione {f} [mathematics] :: orthogonalization
ortogonalmente {adv} :: orthogonally
ortografia {f} :: orthography
ortografia {f} :: spelling
ortograficamente {adv} :: orthographically
ortografico {adj} :: spelling (attributive)
ortografico {adj} :: orthographic, orthographical
ortoidrogeno {m} :: orthohydrogen
ortolana {f} :: Feminine of ortolano
Ortolani {prop} :: surname
ortolano {m} :: greengrocer
ortolano {m} :: market gardener
ortologo {adj} :: orthologous
ortomercato {m} :: fruit and vegetable market
Ortona {prop} :: A town in the Chieti province of Abruzzo
ortonese {adj} :: Of or from Ortona
ortonitrato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: orthonitrate
ortonormale {adj} [mathematics] :: orthonormal
ortopantomografia {f} :: orthopantomography
ortopantomogramma {m} :: orthopantomogram
ortopedia {f} [medicine] :: orthopedics, orthopaedics
ortopedicamente {adv} :: orthopedically, orthopaedically
ortopedico {adj} :: orthopedic, orthopaedic
ortopedico {m} :: orthopedist, orthopaedist
ortopnea {f} :: orthopnea
ortoressia {f} [psychology] :: orthorexia
ortorombico {adj} :: orthorhombic
ortoscopia {f} [medicine] :: orthoscopy
ortoscopico {adj} :: orthoscopic
ortoscopio {m} :: orthoscope
ortose {m} [mineral] :: synonym of ortoclasio
ortosimpatico {adj} :: orthosympathetic
ortosio {m} [mineral] :: synonym of ortoclasio
ortostatico {adj} [medicine] :: orthostatic
ortostatismo {m} :: orthostatism
ortostato {m} :: orthostat
ortostica {f} [botany] :: orthostichy
ortotropo {adj} [botany] :: orthotropic
ortottero {m} :: orthopteran (of order Orthoptera)
ortottica {f} :: orthoptics
ortottico {adj} :: orthoptic
ortottista {mf} :: orthoptist
ortovivaista {mf} :: nurseryman or nurserywoman (person who tends plants in a nursery)
orvietano {adj} :: Of or from Orvieto
orvieto {m} :: orvieto
Orvieto {prop} :: A town in the province of Terni in Umbria
orwelliano {adj} :: Orwellian
orzaiolo {m} :: stye (in the eye)
orzante {v} :: present participle of orzare
orzare {vi} :: [nautical] To haul off, luff or come around
orzata {f} :: barley water
orziera {f} :: A form of coffee pot used for making/serving caffè d'orzo
orzo {m} :: barley
orzo perlato {m} :: pearl barley
osabile {adj} :: attemptable
osanna {m} :: hosanna
osannante {v} :: present participle of osannare
osannare {vt} :: To applaud or acclaim
osannatore {m} :: An enthusiastic supporter
osante {v} :: present participle of osare
osare {vt} :: to dare, venture
osare {vt} :: to risk, attempt
osbergo {m} :: alternative form of usbergo
oscenamente {adv} :: obscenely, indecently
oscenità {f} :: obscenity
osceno {adj} :: obscene, indecent
osceno {adj} :: dreadful, awful
oscillante {v} :: present participle of oscillare
oscillante {adj} :: oscillating
oscillante {adj} :: flickering
oscillare {vi} :: to oscillate
oscillare {vi} :: to swing
oscillare {vi} :: to flicker
oscillare {vi} :: to fluctuate
oscillatore {m} :: oscillator
oscillatore {m} :: oscilloscope
oscillatore armonico {m} [physics] :: harmonic oscillator
oscillatorio {adj} :: oscillatory
oscillatorio {adj} :: oscillating, fluctuating
oscillazione {f} :: oscillation
oscillazione {f} :: fluctuation
oscillografia {f} :: oscillography
oscillografico {adj} :: oscillographic
oscillografo {m} :: oscillograph, oscilloscope
oscillogramma {m} :: oscillogram
oscillometria {f} :: oscillometry
oscillometrico {adj} :: oscillometric
oscillometro {m} :: oscillometer
oscilloscopio {m} :: oscilloscope
oscitante {adj} :: sleepy
oscitante {adj} :: lazy
oscitante {adj} :: negligent
oscitanza {f} :: sleepiness
oscitanza {f} :: laziness
oscitanza {f} :: negligence
osco {adj} :: Oscan
osco {m} :: Oscan (person)
osco {m} :: The Oscan language
osco-umbro {adj} [linguistics] :: Osco-Umbrian
osco-umbro {m} :: The Osco-Umbrian language family
osculante {v} :: present participle of osculare
osculare {vt} [obsolete] :: to kiss
osculare {vt} [mathematics] :: to osculate
osculatore {adj} :: osculating
osculazione {f} [mathematics] :: osculation
osculo {m} [biology] :: osculum
osculo {m} [colloquial] :: kiss (normally bacio)
oscurabile {adj} :: That can be oscured
oscuramente {adv} :: obscurely, darkly
oscuramente {adv} :: mysteriously
oscuramento {m} :: darkening
oscuramento {m} :: obscuring
oscuramento {m} :: dimming
oscuramento {m} :: blackout (of windows, in wartime)
oscurante {v} :: present participle of oscurare
oscurantesi {v} :: present participle of oscurarsi
oscurantismo {m} :: obscurantism
oscurantista {adj} :: obscurantist
oscurantista {mf} :: obscurantist
oscurantistico {adj} :: obscurantist
oscurantistico {adj} :: unenlightened
oscurare {vt} :: to obscure
oscurare {vt} :: to darken
oscurare {vt} :: to shade
oscurarsi {v} :: reflexive of oscurare
oscurarsi {vr} :: to cloud over, darken [of the sky]
oscurarsi {vr} :: to become dim
oscurato {adj} :: darkened
oscurato {adj} :: shaded
oscuratore {m} [nautical] :: porthole cover
oscuratosi {v} :: past participle of oscurarsi
oscurazione {f} :: clouding
oscurità {f} :: darkness
oscurità {f} :: gloominess
oscurità {f} :: obscurity
oscuro {adj} :: dark
oscuro {adj} :: obscure
oscuro {adj} :: gloomy, sombre
oscuro {adj} :: humble
oscuro {m} :: darkness
Osea {prop} [Biblical character] :: Hosea, Book of Hosea
Osea {prop} :: given name
osella {f} :: A commemorative coin issued by the doge of Venice
-osi {suffix} [pathology] :: -osis
osimano {adj} :: Of or from Osimo
Osimo {prop} :: A town in the Ancona province of Marche
-osio {suffix} :: -ose (in the names of carbohydrates)
Osiride {prop} [Egyptian mythology] :: Osiris
Oslo {prop} :: Oslo
osmanico {adj} :: Ottoman
osmanli {adj} :: Ottoman
osmanli {mf} :: Ottoman
osmanto {m} :: osmanthus (especially Osmanthus fragrans)
osmiato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: osmiate
osmico {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: osmic
osmidrosi {f} :: osmidrosis
osmio {m} [chemistry] :: osmium
osmiridio {m} :: osmiridium
osmizza {f} :: A form of farmer's market in the Karst region
osmofilo {adj} :: osmophilic
osmofilo {m} :: osmophile
osmoforo {adj} [chemistry] :: osmophoric
osmolalità {f} [chemistry] :: osmolality
osmolare {adj} :: osmolar
osmolarità {f} [chemistry] :: osmolarity
osmometria {f} [physics, chemistry] :: osmometry
osmometro {m} :: osmometer
osmoregolatore {m} :: osmoregulator
osmoregolatore {adj} :: osmoregulatory
osmosi {f} [physics, chemistry] :: osmosis
osmotattismo {m} [biology] :: osmotrophy
osmotico {adj} :: osmotic
osmotrofo {adj} :: osmotrophic
osmunda {f} :: royal fern, osmund (of genus Osmunda)
-oso {suffix} :: -ous, -ful, -y
Osogna {prop} :: A small town in the Riviera district of Ticino
ospedale {m} :: hospital
ospedale psichiatrico {m} :: mental hospital
ospedaliera {f} :: hospital worker (female)
ospedaliero {adj} :: hospital (attributive)
ospedaliero {m} :: hospital worker (male)
ospedalismo {m} :: hospitalism
ospedalità {f} :: hospitalization
ospedalità {f} :: hospitals
ospedalizzante {v} :: present participle of ospedalizzare
ospedalizzare {vt} :: to hospitalize
ospedalizzazione {f} :: hospitalization
ospitabile {adj} :: That can be lodged or accommodated; lodgeable
ospitale {adj} :: hospitable, friendly, welcoming
ospitaliere {m} :: hospitaler
ospitalità {f} :: hospitality
ospitalmente {adv} :: hospitably
ospitante {v} :: present participle of ospitare
ospitante {mf} :: host
ospitante {f} [sports] :: home team
ospitante {adj} :: host (attributve)
ospitante {adj} [sports] :: home (attributive)
ospitare {vt} :: to put up or accommodate someone
ospitare {vt} :: to hold [an event]
ospitare {vt} :: to play at home to a visiting sports team
ospite {adj} :: hosting (attribute)
ospite {adj} [sports] :: visiting
ospite {mf} :: host, hostess
ospite {mf} :: guest
ospite {mf} [biology] :: host
ospizio {m} :: nursing home
ospizio {m} :: home (for the elderly etc.)
ospizio {m} :: hospice
ospodarato {m} :: hospodarate
ospodaro {m} :: hospodar
ossalacetato {m} [organic chemistry] :: oxaloacetate
ossalacetico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: oxaloacetic
ossalato {m} [organic chemistry] :: oxalate
ossalemia {f} [pathology] :: oxalemia
ossalico {adj} :: oxalic
ossaluria {f} [pathology] :: oxaluria
ossame {m} :: bones
ossatura {f} :: frame, framework
ossatura {f} :: ossature
ossedente {v} :: present participle of ossedere
ossedere {vt} :: [obsolete] To besiege
ossedione {f} :: alternative form of ossidione
osseina {f} [biochemistry] :: ossein
osseo {adj} :: bone (attributive), bony
ossequente {adj} :: respectful, obsequious, deferential
ossequente {adj} :: obedient, compliant
ossequiante {v} :: present participle of ossequiare
ossequiare {vt} :: to respect
ossequiare {vt} :: to pay one's respects to
ossequiente {adj} :: subservient
ossequio {m} :: respect
ossequio {m} :: regard
ossequiosamente {adv} :: respectfully
ossequiosamente {adv} :: obsequiously
ossequiosità {f} :: respectfulness
ossequiosità {f} :: obsequiousness
ossequioso {adj} :: respectful
ossequioso {adj} :: obsequious
Ossero {prop} :: Osor, a town of Croatia
osservabile {adj} :: observable
osservabilità {f} :: observability
osservabilmente {adv} :: observably
osservante {v} :: present participle of osservare
osservante {adj} :: practising (a religion)
osservante {mf} :: Regular churchgoer
osservante {mf} :: observant (type of monk)
osservantemente {adv} :: observantly
osservantesi {v} :: present participle of osservarsi
osservanza {f} :: observance
osservare {vt} :: to observe, watch, study, examine
osservare {vt} :: to observe, remark, point out, object, notice
osservare {vt} :: to observe, keep
osservarsi {v} :: reflexive of osservare
osservarsi {v} :: to look at one's own image, or part of one's body
osservarsi {v} :: to look at each other
osservativo {adj} :: observational
osservatore {adj} :: observant, observing
osservatore {m} :: observer
osservatorio {m} :: observatory
osservatorio {m} :: lookout (military structure)
osservatorio {m} :: Any institution that makes forecasts, especially economic or commercial ones
osservatosi {v} :: past participle of osservarsi
osservazionale {adj} :: observational
osservazione {f} :: observation (all meanings)
osservazione {f} :: remark
osservazione {f} :: note
ossessionante {v} :: present participle of ossessionare
ossessionante {adj} :: obsessive, haunting
ossessionante {adj} :: troublesome, bothersome
ossessionare {vt} :: to obsess
ossessionare {vt} :: to bother, trouble
ossessione {f} :: obsession
ossessione {f} :: nuisance
ossessivamente {adv} :: obsessively
ossessività {f} :: obsessiveness
ossessivo {adj} :: obsessive, haunting
ossessivo {adj} :: troublesome, bothersome
ossesso {adj} :: possessed
ossesso {m} :: A person possessed
ossetico {adj} :: Ossetian, Ossetic
ossetico {m} :: Ossetian
osseto {adj} :: Ossetian
osseto {m} :: Ossetic (language)
osseto {m} :: Ossetian (person, language)
Ossezia {prop} :: Ossetia
Ossezia del Sud {prop} :: South Ossetia
ossi- {prefix} :: oxy-
ossi- {prefix} :: ossi-
ossia {conj} :: that is; to be precise
ossia {conj} :: or rather
ossiacanta {f} :: hawthorn
ossiacetilenico {adj} :: oxyacetylene (attributive)
ossiacido {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: oxyacid
ossialogenuro {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: oxyhalide
ossianesco {adj} :: Ossianesque, Ossianic
ossianico {adj} :: Ossianic
ossicino {m} [skeleton] :: ossicle, small bone
ossicloruro {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: oxychloride
ossicloruro di carbonio {m} [organic compound] :: carbonyl chloride
ossicolo {m} [skeleton] :: ossicle
ossidabile {adj} :: oxidizable
ossidabilità {f} :: oxidability
ossidante {m} :: oxidant
ossidante {adj} :: that oxidizes
ossidante {v} :: present participle of ossidare
ossidantesi {v} :: present participle of ossidarsi
ossidare {vt} :: to oxidize something
ossidarsi {vr} :: to be oxidized
ossidarsi {v} :: to tarnish
ossidasi {f} [enzyme] :: oxidase
ossidative {adj} :: oxidative, oxidizing
ossidativo {adj} [chemistry] :: oxidative
ossidatosi {v} :: past participle of ossidarsi
ossidazione {f} :: oxidation
ossidiana {f} [geology] :: obsidian
ossidimetria {f} [chemistry] :: oxidimetry
ossidimetrico {adj} :: oxidimetric
ossidionale {adj} :: obsidional
ossidione {f} :: siege
ossido {m} :: oxide
ossido di azoto {m} [inorganic compound] :: nitric oxide
ossido di calcio {m} [inorganic compound] :: calcium oxide
ossido di carbonio {n} [chemistry] :: carbon monoxide
ossido di diazoto {m} [chemistry, ] :: nitrous oxide, dinitrogen oxide
ossido di etilene {m} [organic compound] :: ethylene oxide
ossido di magnesio {m} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium oxide
ossido di zinco {m} [inorganic compound] :: zinc oxide
ossido rameico {m} :: cupric oxide
ossidoreduttasi {f} [enzyme] :: oxidoreductase
ossidoriduttasi {m} [enzyme] :: oxidoreductase
ossidoriduttivo {adj} [chemistry] :: oxidoreductive
ossidoriduzione {f} [chemistry] :: redox
ossidrico {adj} :: oxyhydrogen
ossidrile {m} [chemistry] :: hydroxyl
ossidrilico {adj} :: hydroxylic
ossiemoglobina {f} [biochemistry] :: oxyhemoglobin
ossietilene {m} [organic chemistry] :: oxyethylene
ossietilenico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: oxyethylene (attributive)
ossifero {adj} :: ossiferous
ossificante {v} :: present participle of ossificare
ossificantesi {v} :: present participle of ossificarsi
ossificare {vt} :: To ossify
ossificarsi {vr} :: To ossify; to become ossified
ossificatosi {v} :: past participle of ossificarsi
ossificazione {f} :: ossification
ossigenante {v} :: present participle of ossigenare
ossigenantesi {v} :: present participle of ossigenarsi
ossigenare {vt} :: to oxygenate
ossigenarsi {vr} :: to be oxygenated
ossigenasi {m} [enzyme] :: oxygenase
ossigenato {adj} :: oxygenated
ossigenatore {m} :: oxygenator
ossigenatosi {v} :: past participle of ossigenarsi
ossigenatura {f} :: the bleaching of hair with hydrogen peroxide
ossigenazione {f} :: oxygenation
ossigenico {adj} :: oxygenic
ossigeno {m} [chemistry] :: oxygen
ossigenofilo {adj} :: synonym of aerobio
ossigenofobo {adj} :: synonym of anaerobio
ossigenoterapia {f} :: oxygen therapy
ossimetro {m} :: oximeter
ossimiele {m} [medicine] :: oxymel
ossimoro {m} :: oxymoron
ossinitrotriazolo {m} [organic compound] :: nitrotriazolone
ossiopia {f} :: synonym of emeralopia
ossirano {m} [organic compound] :: oxirane, ethylene oxide
ossiriduzione {f} [chemistry] :: redox
ossisulfuro {m} :: oxysulfide
ossisulfuro di carbonio {m} [inorganic compound] :: carbonyl sulfide
ossitaglio {f} :: oxyfuel cutting
ossitocia {f} :: precipitate labour (rapid childbirth)
ossitocico {adj} :: oxytocic
ossitocico {m} [pharmacology] :: oxytocic
ossitocina {f} [hormone] :: oxytocin
ossitona {f} [grammar] :: oxytone
ossitonia {f} :: The condition of being oxytone
ossitonizzante {v} :: present participle of ossitonizzare
ossitonizzare {v} :: To oxytonize
ossitono {adj} [grammar] :: oxytone
ossiuriasi {f} :: oxyuriasis (pinworm infection)
ossiuro {m} [medicine] :: oxyuris
ossivoro {adj} :: Describing surgical implements used to handle small fragments of bone
ossivoro {adj} :: ossivorous
osso {m} [skeleton] :: bone
osso {m} :: stone, pit (in fruits)
ossoammonio {m} [organic chemistry] :: oxoammonium
ossoanione {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: oxoanion
osso buco {m} :: alternative spelling of ossobuco
ossobuco {m} :: osso buco (Italian meat dish)
ossobuco {m} [by extension] :: marrowbone
osso capitato {m} [skeleton] :: capitate bone
osso cuboide {m} [skeleton] :: cuboid bone
osso cuneiforme {m} [skeleton] :: cuneiform bone
osso duro {m} [idiomatic] :: tough cookie
osso duro {m} [idiomatic] :: tall order
osso duro {m} :: See: osso duro
osso etmoide {m} [skeleton] :: ethmoid bone
osso frontale {m} [skeleton] :: frontal bone
osso iliaco {m} [skeleton] :: ilium
osso ioide {m} [skeleton] :: hyoid bone
Ossola {prop} :: surname
Ossola {prop} :: A valley in the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola in Piemonte
osso lacrimale {m} [skeleton] :: lacrimal bone
ossolano {adj} :: Of or from Ossola
ossolano {m} :: Native or inhabitant of Ossola
ossolano {m} [organic compound] :: oxolane
osso lunato {m} [skeleton] :: lunate bone
osso malare {m} [skeleton] :: malar bone
osso mascellare {m} [skeleton] :: maxillary bone, maxilla, jawbone
osso metacarpale {m} [skeleton] :: metacarpal bone
osso metatarsale {m} [skeleton] :: metatarsal bone, metatarsal
osso nasale {m} [skeleton] :: nasal bone
osso navicolare {m} [skeleton] :: navicular bone
ossoniense {adj} :: alternative form of oxoniense
osso occipitale {m} [skeleton] :: occipital bone
osso palatino {m} [skeleton] :: palatine bone
osso parietale {m} [skeleton] :: parietal bone
osso piramidale {m} [skeleton] :: triquetral bone, triquetral, pyramidal bone
osso pisiforme {m} [skeleton] :: pisiform bone
osso radiale {m} [skeleton] :: radius
osso sacro {m} [skeleton] :: sacrum
osso scafoide {m} [skeleton] :: scaphoid bone
osso semilunare {m} [skeleton] :: lunate bone, semilunar bone
osso sesamoide {m} [skeleton] :: sesamoid bone
osso sfenoide {m} [skeleton] :: sphenoid bone
ossoso {adj} :: synonym of osseo- bone (attributive); bony
osso tarsale {m} [skeleton] :: tarsal bone
osso temporale {m} [skeleton] :: temporal bone
osso trapezio {m} [skeleton] :: trapezium, trapezium bone
osso trapezoide {m} [skeleton] :: trapezoid bone
osso uncinato {m} [skeleton] :: hamate bone, hamate, unciform
osso zigomatico {m} [skeleton] :: zygomatic bone
ossuto {adj} :: bony
ossuto {adj} :: angular
ossuto {adj} :: scraggy (animal)
ostacolante {v} :: present participle of ostacolare
ostacolantesi {v} :: present participle of ostacolarsi
ostacolare {vt} :: to obstruct, hinder, get in the way of
ostacolare {vt} :: to fetter
ostacolarsi {vr} :: To get in each other's way
ostacolatosi {v} :: past participle of ostacolarsi
ostacolista {mf} [athletics] :: hurdler
ostacolista {mf} :: steeplechaser (racehorse)
ostacolo {m} :: obstacle
ostacolo {m} [sports] :: hurdle (in plural: hurdles (race))
ostaggio {m} :: hostage
ostante {v} :: present participle of ostare
ostare {vi} :: To stand in the way (be an impediment to action), hinder
Ostarrichi {prop} :: the early inhabitants of present-day Austria
ostativo {adj} [legal] :: prohibitive (being a legal impediment)
oste {m} :: innkeeper, landlord (proprietor of an osteria)
oste {m} :: army or host, especially that of the enemy
ostealgia {f} [pathology] :: ostealgia
osteggiamento {m} :: siege, combat
osteggiante {v} :: present participle of osteggiare
osteggiare {vt} :: To oppose
osteggiare {vt} [military] :: To attack
osteggiatore {m} :: opposer
osteggiatore {m} :: attacker
osteite {f} [pathology] :: osteitis
ostello {m} :: hostel
Ostenda {prop} :: Ostend
ostensibile {adj} :: That can be shown or exhibited; displayable
ostensibilmente {adv} :: blatantly
ostensione {f} :: ostension, display
ostensivamente {adv} :: ostensively
ostensivo {adj} :: ostensive
ostensore {m} :: exhibitor
ostensorio {m} :: monstrance, ostensory
ostentamento {m} :: ostentation (display, show)
ostentante {v} :: present participle of ostentare
ostentare {vt} :: to flaunt, show off
ostentare {vt} :: to feign
ostentatamente {adv} :: ostentatiously
ostentativo {adj} :: ostentatious
ostentatore {m} :: boaster, braggart
ostentatore {adj} :: ostentatious
ostentazione {f} :: ostentation
osteo- {prefix} [anatomy] :: osteo-
osteoalgia {f} :: ostalgia
osteoarticolare {adj} [anatomy] :: osteoarticular
osteoartrite {f} [diseases] :: osteoarthritis
osteoartritico {adj} :: osteoarthritic
osteoartropatia {f} [pathology] :: osteoarthropathy
osteoartrosi {f} [pathology] :: osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease
osteoblastico {adj} [cytology] :: osteoblastic
osteoblasto {m} [cytology] :: osteoblast
osteoblastoma {m} [oncology] :: osteoblastoma
osteocalcina {f} [protein] :: osteocalcin
osteocartilagineo {adj} [anatomy] :: osteocartilaginous
osteocita {m} [cytology] :: osteocyte
osteocito {m} :: (Variant of: osteocita) osteocyte
osteoclasia {f} [surgery] :: osteoclasis
osteoclasta {m} :: alternative form of osteoclasto
osteoclaste {m} [surgery] :: osteoclast (instrument)
osteoclastico {adj} [cytology] :: osteoclastic
osteoclasto {m} [cytology] :: osteoclast
osteoclastogenesi {f} :: osteoclastogenesis
osteoclastoma {m} [oncology] :: osteoclastoma
osteocondrite {f} [pathology] :: osteochondritis
osteocondrodisplasia {f} [pathology] :: osteochondrodysplasia
osteocondroma {m} [pathology] :: osteochondroma
osteocondrosi {f} [pathology] :: osteochondrosis
osteoconduzione {f} [medicine] :: osteoconduction
osteodensitometria {f} [medicine] :: bone densitometry
osteoderma {m} [zoology] :: osteoderm
osteodistrofia {f} [pathology] :: osteodystrophy
osteofibrosi {f} [pathology] :: osteofibrosis
osteofita {f} [anatomy] :: osteophyte
osteogenesi {f} [physiology] :: osteogenesis
osteogenetico {adj} [physiology] :: osteogenic
osteoide {adj} :: osteoid
osteoide {m} :: osteoid
osteoinduzione {f} [medicine] :: osteoinduction
osteointegrazione {f} [medicine] :: osseointegration
osteolisi {f} [pathology] :: osteolysis
osteolitico {adj} [pathology] :: osteolytic
osteologia {f} :: osteology
osteologico {adj} [medicine] :: osteological
osteologo {m} :: osteologist
osteoma {m} [pathology] :: osteoma
osteomalacia {f} [pathology] :: osteomalacia
osteomielite {f} [pathology] :: osteomyelitis
osteomielitico {adj} [pathology] :: osteomyelitic
osteomuscolare {adj} [anatomy] :: of the bones and muscles; osteomuscular
osteone {m} [skeleton] :: osteon
osteonecrosi {f} [pathology] :: osteonecrosis
osteonectina {f} [biochemistry] :: osteonectin
osteopata {mf} :: osteopath
osteopatia {f} :: osteopathy
osteopatico {adj} :: osteopathic
osteopatologia {f} :: osteopathology
osteopenia {f} [pathology] :: osteopenia
osteoperiostite {f} [pathology] :: osteoperiostitis
osteopetrosi {f} [pathology] :: osteopetrosis
osteoplastica {f} [surgery] :: osteoplasty
osteoplastico {adj} [surgery] :: osteoplastic
osteopontina {f} [biochemistry] :: osteopontin
osteoporosi {f} [pathology] :: osteoporosis
osteoporotico {adj} :: osteoporotic
osteoprotegerina {f} [biochemistry] :: osteoprotegerin
osteopsatirosi {f} [pathology] :: osteopsathyrosis
osteoradionecrosi {f} [pathology] :: osteoradionecrosis
osteosarcoma {m} [oncology] :: osteosarcoma
osteosclerosi {f} [pathology] :: osteosclerosis
osteosclerotico {adj} [pathology] :: osteosclerotic
osteosintesi {f} [surgery] :: osteosynthesis
osteotendineo {adj} [anatomy] :: of the bones and tendons; osteotendinous
osteotomia {f} [surgery] :: osteotomy
osteotomico {adj} [surgery] :: osteotomic
osteotomo {m} [surgery] :: osteotome
osteria {f} :: inn
osteria {f} :: small restaurant in the country
osteria {f} :: bistro
osteria {f} :: tavern
osteria {interj} :: blimey! (Expletive - Often used to replace the mildly blasphemous expletive "ostia" (meaning "Host" or "Communion wafer"))
osteria {interj} :: gee
osteriggio {m} [nautical] :: skylight
Osterlicchi {prop} [archaic] :: Austria
ostessa {f} :: innkeeper, landlady (proprietor of an osteria)
ostessa {f} :: innkeeper's wife
ostetrica {f} :: midwife
ostetrica {f} :: obstetrician (female)
ostetricia {f} [medicine] :: obstetrics, midwifery
ostetrico {adj} :: obstetric, obstetrical
ostetrico {m} :: obstetrician
ostia {f} :: host (communion wafer)
ostia {f} :: wafer
ostia {f} :: Mildly blasphemous expletive
ostiariato {m} :: ostiarius, ostiary (minor holy order)
osticamente {adv} :: onerously; with difficulty
ostichezza {f} :: onerousness, difficulty
ostico {adj} :: onerous, difficult
ostiense {adj} :: Of or from Ostia
ostiere {m} :: hostel, accommodation, residence
ostiere {m} :: hotelier
ostiere {m} [military] :: enemy encampment
ostile {adj} :: hostile (towards)
Ostilio {prop} :: Hostilius
ostilità {f} :: hostility
ostilità {f} [military, plural] :: hostilities
ostilmente {adv} :: hostilely
ostinantesi {v} :: present participle of ostinarsi
ostinarsi {vr} :: to insist
ostinarsi {vr} :: to persist
ostinatamente {adv} :: stubbornly, obstinately
ostinatezza {f} :: obstinacy
ostinatezza {f} :: stubbornness
ostinatissimo {adj} :: Very stubborn or obstinate
ostinato {adj} :: stubborn or obstinate
ostinato {m} :: A stubborn or obstinate person
ostinatosi {v} :: past participle of ostinarsi
ostinazione {f} :: obstinacy
ostinazione {f} :: stubbornness
ostinazione {f} :: obstination
Ostinelli {prop} :: surname
ostio {m} [anatomy] :: orifice
ostpolitik {f} :: Ostpolitik
ostracismo {m} :: ostracism
ostracizzante {v} :: present participle of ostracizzare
ostracizzare {vt} :: to ostracize
ostracizzare {vt} :: to banish
ostracizzato {adj} :: ostracized
ostracizzato {adj} :: blackballed
ostraco {m} :: ostracum
ostracoda {m} :: ostracod
ostrica {f} :: oyster
ostricaio {m} :: oyster seller
ostricaio {m} :: oyster bed
ostricoltore {m} :: oyster farmer
ostricoltura {f} :: oyster growing
ostro {m} :: southerly wind; hence the south
ostro {m} :: purple (colour, dye)
Ostrogoti {prop} :: Ostrogoths
ostrogotico {adj} :: Ostrogothic
ostrogoto {adj} :: Ostrogoth
ostrogoto {m} :: Ostrogoth
ostruente {v} :: present participle of ostruire
ostruentesi {v} :: present participle of ostruirsi
ostruibile {adj} :: obstructable (easily obstructed)
ostruire {v} :: to obstruct or block
ostruirsi {vr} :: To become obstructed or blocked
ostruito {adj} :: obstructed, blocked
ostruitosi {v} :: past participle of ostruirsi
ostruttivo {adj} :: obstructing, obstructive
ostruzione {f} :: obstruction, blockage
ostruzione {f} :: obstructing, blocking
ostruzione {f} :: clog
ostruzionismo {m} :: obstructionism
ostruzionismo {m} :: obstruction (sport)
ostruzionista {adj} :: obstructionist (attributive)
ostruzionista {mf} :: obstructionist
ostruzionistico {adj} :: obstructionist
ostunese {adj} :: Of, or from, Ostuni
ostunese {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Ostuni
Ostuni {prop} :: a town in the province of Brindisi in Apulia in Italy
Osvaldo {prop} :: given name, cognate to Oswald
otaku {mf} [fandom] :: otaku (one with an obsessive interest in something such as anime or manga)
otalgia {f} [pathology] :: otalgia
otalgico {adj} :: otalgic
otarda {f} :: great bustard (and similar birds of family Otididae)
otaria {f} :: sea lion, eared seal, otary (and similar animals of family Otariidae)
otaria orsina {m} :: fur seal
otello {m} :: A blindly jealous man
Otello {prop} :: given name
Otello {prop} :: Othello (play, opera, films)
otico {adj} [anatomy] :: otic
otite {f} [pathology] :: otitis
otitico {adj} :: otitic
oto- {prefix} :: oto-
otocisti {f} :: otocyst
otoematoma {m} :: otohaematoma, otohematoma
otogeno {adj} :: otogenic
otoiatra {mf} [medicine] :: otologist (ear specialist)
otoiatria {f} [medicine] :: otology
otoiatrico {adj} :: otological
otolite {f} [anatomy] :: otolith
otologia {f} [medicine] :: otology
otologico {adj} :: otological
otomeningite {f} [pathology] :: meningitis that develops from an ear infection
Otone {prop} :: Otho
otopatia {f} :: otopathy
otoplastica {f} [surgery] :: otoplasty
otorino {m} :: Variant of otorinolaringoiatra
otorinolaringoiatra {m} :: otolaryngologist
otorinolaringoiatria {f} [medicine] :: otolaryngology, otorhinolaryngology
otorinolaringoiatrico {adj} :: otolaryngological
otorragia {f} [medicine] :: otorrhagia
otorrea {f} [pathology] :: otorrhea
otosclerosi {f} [disease] :: otosclerosis
otoscopia {f} [medicine] :: otoscopy
otoscopio {m} [medicine] :: otoscope
ototossicità {f} :: ototoxicity
ototossico {adj} :: ototoxic
otovestibolare {adj} :: otovestibular
otrantino {adj} :: Of or relating to Otranto or the Otranto people
otrantino {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Otranto
Otranto {prop} :: A small town in Puglia
Otranto {prop} :: The letter O in the Italian phonetic alphabet
otre {m} :: leather bottle; wineskin
otricello {m} [botany] :: utricle
otricello {m} [musical instruments] :: synonym of zampogna
otricolano {adj} :: Of or from Otricoli
otricolano {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Otricoli
otricolare {adj} :: utricular
Otricoli {prop} :: A small town in the province of Terni, in Umbria
otricolo {m} [anatomy, botany] :: utricle
otta- {prefix} :: octa-
otta {f} [obsolete, chiefly in the singular] :: hour
otta {f} [obsolete, chiefly in the singular] :: time
ottacordo {m} [musical instruments] :: octachord (eight-stringed instrument)
ottaedrale {adj} :: octahedral
ottaedrico {adj} :: octahedral
ottaedro {m} :: octahedron
ottagesimo {adj} :: synonym of ottantesimo
ottagesimo {m} :: synonym of ottantesimo
ottagonale {adj} :: octagonal
ottagono {m} :: octagon
ottale {adj} :: octal
ottamero {m} [chemistry] :: octamer
ottametro {m} [prosody] :: octameter
ottanale {m} [organic compound] :: octanal
ottangolare {adj} :: alternative form of ottagonale
ottangolo {m} :: synonym of ottagono
ottanico {adj} :: octane (attributive)
ottano {m} :: octane
ottanta {adj} :: eighty
ottanta {m} :: eighty
ottantacinque {adj} :: eighty-five
ottantacinque {m} :: eighty-five
ottantacinquesimo {adj} :: eighty-fifth
ottantacinquesimo {m} :: eighty-fifth
ottantadue {adj} :: eighty-two
ottantadue {m} :: eighty-two
ottantaduesimo {adj} :: eighty-second
ottantaduesimo {m} :: eighty-second
ottantamila {adj} :: eighty thousand
ottantamila {m} :: eighty thousand
ottant'anni {contraction} :: Contraction of: ottanta anni; eighty years
ottantanove {adj} :: eighty-nine
ottantanove {m} :: eighty-nine
ottantanovesimo {adj} :: eighty-ninth
ottantanovesimo {m} :: eighty-ninth
ottantaquattresimo {adj} :: eighty-fourth
ottantaquattresimo {m} :: eighty-fourth
ottantaquattro {adj} :: eighty-four
ottantaquattro {m} :: eighty-four
ottantasei {adj} :: eighty-six
ottantasei {m} :: eighty-six
ottantaseienne {adj} :: eighty-six-year-old
ottantaseienne {mf} :: eighty-six-year-old
ottantaseiesimo {adj} :: eighty-sixth
ottantaseiesimo {m} :: eighty-sixth
ottantasette {adj} :: eighty-seven
ottantasette {m} :: eighty-seven
ottantasettesimo {adj} :: eighty-seventh
ottantasettesimo {m} :: eighty-seventh
ottantatré {adj} :: eighty-three
ottantatré {m} :: eighty-three
ottantatreesimo {adj} :: eighty-third
ottantatreesimo {m} :: eighty-third
ottante {m} :: octant
ottantenne {mf} :: octogenarian
ottantenne {adj} :: eighty-year-old
ottantennio {m} :: A period of eighty years
ottantesimo {adj} :: eightieth
ottantesimo {m} :: eightieth
ottantigrado {adj} :: Divided into eighty degrees; octogesimal
ottantina {f} :: Approximately eighty; eighty-odd (number or age)
ottantottesimo {adj} :: eighty-eighth
ottantottesimo {m} :: eighty-eighth
ottantotto {adj} :: eighty-eight
ottantotto {m} :: eighty-eight
ottantunesimo {adj} :: eighty-first
ottantunesimo {m} :: eighty-first
ottantuno {adj} :: eighty-one
ottantuno {m} :: eighty-one
ottarda {f} :: alternative form of otarda
ottastilo {m} :: alternative form of octastilo
ottativo {m} :: optative
ottativo {adj} :: optative
ottava {f} :: octave
ottava {f} :: eighth
ottava {f} :: octet, octette
ottava rima {f} [poetry] :: ottava rima (arrangement of stanzas of eight lines rhyming ab ab ab cc)
ottavario {m} :: octavary
Ottavia {prop} :: given name derived from Latin Octavia
Ottaviano {prop} :: Octavius
ottavino {m} :: piccolo (musical instrument)
Ottavio {prop} :: given name derived from Latin Octavius
ottavo {adj} :: eighth
ottavo {m} :: eighth (the one in eighth position)
ottavo {m} :: eighth (fraction, masculine only)
Ottawa {prop} :: Ottawa (capital city of Canada)
ottazolfo {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: octasulfur
ottemperante {adj} :: obedient, compliant
ottemperanza {f} :: accordance, compliance
ottemperare {v} :: to obey or comply
ottene {m} [organic compound] :: octene
ottenebramento {m} :: darkening, obscuring
ottenebrante {v} :: present participle of ottenebrare
ottenebrare {v} :: to darken or obscure
ottenebrazione {f} :: darkening
ottenebrazione {f} :: obscuration
ottenente {v} :: present participle of ottenere
ottenere {vt} :: to obtain
ottenere {vt} :: to reach, achieve, gain
ottenere per vie traverse {v} :: to back door
ottenere per vie traverse {v} :: To attempt to accomplish by indirect means, especially when direct means are proscribed
ottenibile {adj} :: obtainable, achievable
ottenimento {m} :: obtaining, receiving
ottenne {adj} :: eight-year-old
ottentotto {m} :: Hottentot
ottentotto {adj} :: Hottentot
ottetto {m} :: octet, octette
ottica {f} :: optics (the science or a specific optical system)
ottica {f} :: perspective, point of view, outlook
otticamente {adv} :: optically
ottico {adj} :: optic, optical
ottico {m} :: optician
ottile {m} [organic chemistry] :: octyl
ottilico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: octylic; octyl (attributive)
ottimale {adj} :: optimum (attribute), optimal
ottimalizzante {v} :: present participle of ottimalizzare
ottimalizzare {vt} :: To optimize
ottimalizzazione {f} :: optimization
ottimamente {adv} :: optimally
ottimante {v} :: present participle of ottimare
ottimare {v} :: synonym of ottimizzare
ottimate {m} :: optimate
ottimazione {f} :: synonym of ottimizzazione
ottimetro {m} :: optimeter
ottimismo {m} :: optimism
ottimista {adj} :: optimistic
ottimista {mf} :: optimist
ottimisticamente {adv} :: optimistically
ottimistico {adj} :: optimistic
ottimizzante {v} :: present participle of ottimizzare
ottimizzare {vt} :: to optimize
ottimizzato {adj} :: optimized
ottimizzatore {m} :: optimizer
ottimizzazione {f} :: optimization
ottimo {adj} :: very good, very fine, excellent, perfect, splendid
ottimo {m} :: the best
ottimo {m} :: optimum
ottimo {m} :: (school mark) excellent, top marks
Ottino {prop} :: surname
otto {num} [cardinal] :: eight
otto {m} :: eight
otto {fp} [following the article le] :: eight o'clock (a.m. or p.m.)
-otto {suffix} :: Used to form diminutives of nouns and adjectives, often with an affected or emotional meaning
ottobasso {m} [musical instruments] :: octobass
ottobrata {f} :: An outing, trip or festival held in October
ottobre {m} :: October
ottobrino {adj} :: October (attributive)
ottocentesco {adj} :: nineteenth-century
ottocentesimo {adj} :: eight hundredth
ottocentesimo {m} :: eight hundredth
ottocentista {mf} :: A specialist in nineteenth century history or culture
ottocentista {mf} :: A nineteenth century writer, artist etc
ottocentista {mf} :: An eight hundred metres athlete
ottocentistico {adj} :: nineteenth-century
ottocento {adj} :: eight hundred
ottocento {m} :: eight hundred
Ottocento {m} :: nineteenth century (1800s)
ottocentocinquanta {adj} :: Eight hundred and fifty
ottocentocinquanta {m} :: Eight hundred and fifty
ottocentocinquantacinque {adj} :: Eight hundred and fifty-five
ottocentocinquantacinque {m} :: Eight hundred and fifty-five
ottocentocinquantadue {adj} :: Eight hundred and fifty-two
ottocentocinquantadue {m} :: Eight hundred and fifty-two
ottocentocinquantanove {adj} :: Eight hundred and fifty-nine
ottocentocinquantanove {m} :: Eight hundred and fifty-nine
ottocentocinquantaquattro {adj} :: Eight hundred and fifty-four
ottocentocinquantaquattro {m} :: Eight hundred and fifty-four
ottocentocinquantasei {adj} :: Eight hundred and fifty-six
ottocentocinquantasei {m} :: Eight hundred and fifty-six
ottocentocinquantasette {adj} :: Eight hundred and fifty-seven
ottocentocinquantasette {m} :: Eight hundred and fifty-seven
ottocentocinquantatré {adj} :: Eight hundred and fifty-three
ottocentocinquantatré {m} :: Eight hundred and fifty-three
ottocentocinquantotto {adj} :: Eight hundred and fifty-eight
ottocentocinquantotto {m} :: Eight hundred and fifty-eight
ottocentocinquantuno {adj} :: Eight hundred and fifty-one
ottocentocinquantuno {m} :: Eight hundred and fifty-one
ottocentocinque {adj} :: Eight hundred and five
ottocentocinque {m} :: Eight hundred and five
ottocentodicianove {adj} :: Eight hundred and nineteen
ottocentodicianove {m} :: Eight hundred and nineteen
ottocentodiciasette {adj} :: Eight hundred and seventeen
ottocentodiciasette {m} :: Eight hundred and seventeen
ottocentodiciotto {adj} :: Eight hundred and eighteen
ottocentodiciotto {m} :: Eight hundred and eighteen
ottocentodieci {adj} :: One hundred and ten
ottocentodieci {m} :: Eight hundred and ten
ottocentododici {adj} :: Eight hundred and twelve
ottocentododici {m} :: Eight hundred and twelve
ottocentodue {adj} :: Eight hundred and two
ottocentodue {m} :: Eight hundred and two
ottocentomila {adj} :: eight hundred thousand
ottocentomila {m} :: eight hundred thousand
ottocentonovanta {adj} :: Eight hundred and ninety
ottocentonovanta {m} :: Eight hundred and ninety
ottocentonovantacinque {adj} :: Eight hundred and ninety-five
ottocentonovantacinque {m} :: Eight hundred and ninety-five
ottocentonovantadue {adj} :: Eight hundred and ninety-two
ottocentonovantadue {m} :: Eight hundred and ninety-two
ottocentonovantanove {adj} :: Eight hundred and ninety-nine
ottocentonovantanove {m} :: Eight hundred and ninety-nine
ottocentonovantaquattro {adj} :: Eight hundred and ninety-four
ottocentonovantaquattro {m} :: Eight hundred and ninety-four
ottocentonovantasei {adj} :: Eight hundred and ninety-six
ottocentonovantasei {m} :: Eight hundred and ninety-six
ottocentonovantasette {adj} :: Eight hundred and ninety-seven
ottocentonovantasette {m} :: Eight hundred and ninety-seven
ottocentonovantatré {adj} :: Eight hundred and ninety-three
ottocentonovantatré {m} :: Eight hundred and ninety-three
ottocentonovantotto {adj} :: Eight hundred and ninety-eight
ottocentonovantotto {m} :: Eight hundred and ninety-eight
ottocentonovantuno {adj} :: Eight hundred and ninety-one
ottocentonovantuno {m} :: Eight hundred and ninety-one
ottocentonove {adj} :: Eight hundred and nine
ottocentonove {m} :: Eight hundred and nine
ottocentootto {adj} :: Eight hundred and eight
ottocentootto {m} :: Eight hundred and eight
ottocentoquaranta {adj} :: Eight hundred and forty
ottocentoquaranta {m} :: Eight hundred and forty
ottocentoquarantacinque {adj} :: Eight hundred and forty-five
ottocentoquarantacinque {m} :: Eight hundred and forty-five
ottocentoquarantadue {adj} :: Eight hundred and forty-two
ottocentoquarantadue {m} :: Eight hundred and forty-two
ottocentoquarantanove {adj} :: Eight hundred and forty-nine
ottocentoquarantanove {m} :: Eight hundred and forty-nine
ottocentoquarantaquattro {adj} :: Eight hundred and forty-four
ottocentoquarantaquattro {m} :: Eight hundred and forty-four
ottocentoquarantasei {adj} :: Eight hundred and forty-six
ottocentoquarantasei {m} :: Eight hundred and forty-six
ottocentoquarantasette {adj} :: Eight hundred and forty-seven
ottocentoquarantasette {m} :: Eight hundred and forty-seven
ottocentoquarantatré {adj} :: Eight hundred and forty-three
ottocentoquarantatré {m} :: Eight hundred and forty-three
ottocentoquarantotto {adj} :: Eight hundred and forty-eight
ottocentoquarantotto {m} :: Eight hundred and forty-eight
ottocentoquarantuno {adj} :: Eight hundred and forty-one
ottocentoquarantuno {m} :: Eight hundred and forty-one
ottocentoquattordici {adj} :: Eight hundred and fourteen
ottocentoquattordici {m} :: Eight hundred and fourteen
ottocentoquattro {adj} :: Eight hundred and four
ottocentoquattro {m} :: Eight hu