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They are already lacking content and as such useless. The only content is that it is Hungarian and the part of speech which is too little info for it to be useful, therefore should be deleted Csd81 (vita) 2019. december 9., 23:59 (CET)[válasz]

Admins delete pages, you just blank them. Regards --Schniggendiller (vita) 2019. december 10., 00:01 (CET)[válasz]
The problem is that there are no active admins on this project. Csd81 (vita) 2019. december 10., 00:02 (CET)[válasz]
Please stop it now, Csd81! --Schniggendiller (vita) 2019. december 10., 00:04 (CET)[válasz]
OK, but give me the reason, why it is wrong? Csd81 (vita) 2019. december 10., 00:05 (CET)[válasz]
Imagine you go to a library, needing a book about the History of the Roman Empire. You check the catalogue at the computer, and it says, there's a book in section C, shelf 4. You go to section C, shelf 4, but there's no book about the Roman Empire there. Wouldn't it be better if the catalogue tells you there isn't a book about this in this library?
A blank page pretends something that isn't there. A deleted page doesn't.
Regards --Schniggendiller (vita) 2019. december 10., 00:12 (CET)[válasz]

Please delete the first 1400 pages from this list: – Aláíratlan hozzászólás, szerzője (vitalap | szerkesztései) 2019. december 10., 00:15‎ (CET)[válasz]


I asked him to stop, or I have to block him. I have to find a bot to revert the deletes, I don't have it handy. --grin 2019. december 11., 13:39 (CET) m:User:Hoo man/Scripts/Smart rollback[válasz]

Thanks grin. Csd81's edits could be easily reverted by using m:User:Hoo man/Scripts/Smart rollback. I have this script included in my global.js, hence, I could revert Csd81's edits, if you want. But of course, there are also similar edits done by IPs, cf. samples of :-/ Regards --Schniggendiller (vita) 2019. december 11., 13:53 (CET)[válasz]