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  • IPA: [ ˈɒŋɡol ˈvonzɒtoʃ ˈiɡeːk]


Angol vonzatos igék

abandon - elhagy, hátrahagy
abandon sb to sth
he abandoned the people to their fate. sorsukra hagyta az embereket
abandon sth to sb/sth
they had to abandon their house to the enemy.
abandon oneself to sth
she abandoned herself to her emotions. Átadta magát az érzelmeinek.
unable - tud, képes
unable to do sth
he is better/more able to help you than us. többet tudna segíteni
about - azon van
about to do sth
I was just about to tell him the story, when his wife arrived.
not be about to do sth
I'm not about to tell him sorry after all that he's done to me. nem vagyok hajlandó
absent - hiányzik
absent from sth
she is absent from school today.
absorbed - elmélyedt
absorbed in sb/sth
he seems absorbed in his newspaper.
abstain - tartózkodik
abstain from sth
you have to abstain from alcohol from now on.
absurd - nevetséges
absurd to do sth
he is absurd to think that he is so attractive.
it is absurd to do sth
it is absurd to assume that a woman is less competent than a man.
it is absurd that
it was absurd that she hadn't guessed the answer straightaway.
it is absurd that sb should do sth
it is absurd that they should start to argue over the issue again.
accept - elfogad
accept sth
the publisher accepted my book for publication.
accept sth as sth
I don't accept john's story as the true version.
accept that
she couldn't accept that her mother was dead. nem tudott belenyugodni
sb/sth is accept to do sth
humans are generally accepted to be superior to animals. általánosan elfogadottan
it is acceptd that
it is generally accepted that humans are superior to animals.
accept sb as sth
they accepted him as the leader of the party.
accept sb to sth
he was accepted to university. felvették
accept sb to do sth
he was accepted to study film. felvették
accept sb into sth
it was great to be accepted warmly into such a nice family. befogadott
acceptable - elfogadható
acceptable to sb
the solution is not acceptable to everyone.
accessible - hozzáférhető
accessible to sb
his letters are accessible to the public.
accountable - felelős
accountable to sb for sth
she is accountable to herself for her deeds.
accuse - vádol
accuse sb of sth
they accused him of the murder.
accustomed - hozzá van szokva
accustomed to doing sth
I am accustomed to listening to his bad jokes.
acknowledge - elismer
acknowledge sth
I acknowledge the truth of your statement.
acknowledge doing sth
they acknowledged having lost the battle. beismerték, hogy
it is acknowledged to do sth
it is generally acknowledged that the turks won the battle at mohács. elismert tény, hogy
acknowledge to sb that
they acknowledged to us that they lost the battle. beismerték, hogy
acknowledge sb/sth as sth
they acknowledged jim as their leader. elfogadták vezetőjüknek
acknowledge sb/sth to do sth
jim was acknowledged to be their leader.
acquainted - ismer
acquainted with sb/sth
I am not acquainted with his friend.
acquit - felment
acquit sb of sth
she was acquitted of murder charges.
act - cselekszik
it was proved that she acted in self-defence.
act sb/sth
she has been acting the perfect wife all morning. a tökéletes feleség szerepét játszotta
act adj
she acted blind. Úgy tett, mintha vak lenne.
act like sb/sth
he acts like an idiot. Úgy viselkedik, mint egy idióta.
act as if/though
she acted as if she'd never seen me before. úgy tett, mintha
act as/like sth
punishment acts as a deterrent. elrettentésként hat
act on sth
drugs act quickly on the brain. gyorsan hatnak
act on behalf of/for
he acted on behalf of/for the defendant. a vádlott nevében cselekedett
adapt - átdolgoz, adaptál
adapt sth for sth
shakespeare's plays have been adapted for children.
adapt oneself to sth
he adapted himself to the change quite quickly. alkalmazkodott
adapt sth to do sth
we adapted our future plans to meet the company's requirements. megváltoztattuk
add - hozzáad
add sth to sth
shall I add your name to the participants' list? hozzáírjam
add sth and sth
if you add 3 and 3, you get 6. összeadod
add that
she added that they would come back soon. hozzátette
addicted - függő
addicted to sth
unfortunately, he is addicted to drugs.
address - megcímez
address sth to sb/sth
I addressed the letter to my boss.
address sb
I didn't expect him to address me in hungarian. magyarul szólít meg
address sth to sb
address your questions to your tutor. kérdéseiddel fordulj a tutorodhoz
address sb as sth
you should address her as 'miss teacher.' úgy kell szólítanotok, hogy
address oneself to sth
the authors address themselves to rather different problems. foglalkoznak
adept - jártas
adept at/in doing sth
he is adept at repairing computers.
adequate - megfelelő
adequate for/to sb/sth
her voice is not adequate for the role of carmen.
adequate to do sth
it will be adequate to meet our needs. elegendő, hogy kielégítse a szükségleteinket
adhere - betart
adhere to sth
you must adhere to this diet if you want to lose weight.
adjust - igazít, megigazít
adjust sth
he adjusted her hat.
adjust sth to sth
always adjust your lecture to the knowledge of your students.
adjust to sth
I took a long time to adjust to the local traditions. hozzászokni
adjust to doing sth
I finally adjusted to living in the city. hozzászoktam
adjust oneself to doing sth
you'll quickly adjust yourself to living in the states. hozzászoksz
admire - csodál
admire sb/sth for sth
I admire jennifer for the way she talks to the press.
admire sb for doing sth
everyone admires her for working so hard.
admit - beismer
admit to doing sth
he admits to having neglected his children.
admit to sth
he admits to his mistakes.
admit to sb that
he admitted to his parents that he had failed his exam. bevallotta
sb/sth is admitted to do sth
the offensive is generally admitted to be a failure. elismert tény, hogy
it is admitted that
it is generally admitted that the government acted too late.
admit sb/sth to/into sth
you will be admitted only five minutes before the performance starts. csak öt perccel az előadás megkezdése előtt engednek be.
admit of sth
keynes's economics admits of a variety of interpretations. többféle értelmezést megenged
advertise - reklámoz, hirdet
advertise sth as sth
the soap was advertised as the best one ever.
advertise for sb/sth
the company is advertising for secretaries. titkárnőket keres
advisable - tanácsos
it is advisable to do sth
it is advisable to follow the rules.
it is advisable that
it is advisable that the date set for completion involves a group meeting.
it is advisable that sb should do sth
it is advisable that everybody should follow the rules.
advise - tanácsol
advise sb against doing sth
I advised him against marrying her.
advise sb on/about sth
he advised the king about/on matters of state. a király tanácsadója volt államügyekben
advise sb to do sth
the doctor advised me to take a week off. azt javasolta, hogy vegyek ki egy hét szabadságot
advise doing sth
I'd advise taking a different approach.
advise that sb should do sth
we advised that they should leave early.
it is advised that
it is strongly advised that you leave the building at once. tanácsos
advise sb wh
can you advise me what to do? adnál tanácsot, hogy mit tegyek
advise sb of sth
you are kindly requested to advise us of any changes in your personal details. kérjük, tudasson
advise sb that
I regret to advise you that your application has not been accepted. sajnálattal tudatom
affirm - megerősít
affirm sth
she affirmed her love for him.
affirm that
he affirmed that he was telling the truth. azt állította, hogy
afford - megteheti
afford sth
I can't afford a new car. nem engedhetek meg magamnak egy új autót.
afford to do sth
I can't afford to criticise the boss.
afraid - fél
afraid of sb/sth
she was afraid of her father.
afraid of doing sth
he was afraid of walking in the dark.
afraid to do sth
he was afraid to call her.
afraid that
he was afraid that they would fire him for being late for work.
afraid for sb/sth
he was afraid for his children. féltette
agree - egyetért
agree with sb on/about sth
she didn't agree with them on the holiday plan.
agree with sth
she didn't agree with the holiday plan.
agree that
we all agree that such a student must be expelled.
agree with sb that
president clinton agreed with the african leader that something should be done about the famine in africa.
be agreed on/about sth
the board of directors agreed on the plan. megállapodtak a tervvel kapcsolatban
be agreed that
we are all agreed that such a student must be expelled. mindnyájan egyetértünk
it is agreed that
it was agreed that we would discuss the matter once more. megegyeztünk abban, hogy
agree to sth
the king finally agreed to the princess's marriage. beleegyezett
agree to do sth
he agreed to help. beleegyezett
agree wh
we couldn't agree whether to tell or not. nem tudtunk megegyezni
aim - megcéloz, célba vesz
aim at/for sth
they are aiming at bigger production. nagyobb termelés a céljuk
aim at doing sth
they aim at improving their english. az a céljuk, hogy
aim to do sth
they are aiming to improve their english. az a céljuk
be aimed at
these measures are aimed at reducing unemployment. ezeknek az intézkedéseknek az a célja
aim sth at sb/sth
she aimed the gun at his back.
aim for sb/sth
he aimed for his hat. a kalapjára célzott
aim sth at sb
the book is aimed at advanced learners.
alarmed - aggódik
alarmed at/by sth
she was alarmed at staying alone in the house.
alarmed to do sth
she was alarmed to stay alone in the house.
alarmed that
she is alarmed that she would stay alone in the house.
alarming - aggasztó
it is alarming to do sth
it can be very alarming to watch a toddler have violent behaviour.
it is alarming that
it is alarming that the water could be poisoned.
alien - idegen
alien to sb/sth
violence is alien to her.
allege - állít
allege that
the newspapers allege that he has been murdered.
sb/sth is alleged to do sth
he is alleged to have been murdered. állítólag
it is alleged that
it is alleged that he has been murdered. állítólag
allergic - allergiás
allergic to sth
he is allergic to some plants.
allow - megenged
allow sb to do sth
I don't allow my daughter to stay out after dark.
allow doing sth
he doesn't allow smoking here.
sth is allowed
smoking is not allowed here. tilos a dohányzás
allow oneself/sb sth to do sth
I allow myself/her 20 minutes to get to the office. 20 percet adok magamnak/neki
allow sth for sb/sth
how much time would you allow for the journey? mennyi idő szükséges?
allow sb sth
she has never stolen anything. – I allow you that. ezt elismerem.
allow that
we should allow the possibility that he is the best. be kell ismernünk
allow for sb/sth
it takes about two hours allowing for traffic jams. számításba véve
allow of sth
it is a fair question, and allows of more than one answer.
alternate - váltakozik
sth alternates with sth
her good mood alternated with despair.
alternate between sth and sth
my parents alternated between being strict and lenient. egyszer szigorúak, máskor engedékenyek voltak
alternate sth with sth
babies alternate sleeping with eating. felváltva
alternate sth and sth
babies alternate sleeping and eating. felváltva
amazed - meglepett, megdöbbent
amazed at/by sb/sth
I was amazed at her kindness.
amazed to do sth
I am amazed to hear that everybody is alive. megdöbbenten hallom
amazed that
I am amazed that he hasn't got the letter; I sent it last monday. meg vagyok döbbenve
amazed wh
I am amazed how beautiful you've become. csak ámulok, hogy
amount - kitesz
sth amounts to sth
his message amounts to a refusal. egyenértékű
angry - mérges
angry with/at sb
he was angry with his secretary.
angry about/at sth
she was really angry about the delay.
angry to do sth
I was angry to miss that film.
angry that sb should do sth
he was angry that he should take part in the ceremony.
announce - bejelent
announce sth to sb
the couple have announced their marriage to the media.
announce that
we are pleased to announce that a triplets have been born.
it is announced that
it was announced that the price of petrol would be raised.
announce wh
they announced when and where their wedding was going to take place.
announce oneself/sb
the servant announced the famous guests as they entered the door.
annoy - idegesít
annoy sb
his compliments annoyed her.
it annoys sb to do sth
it annoyed me to think how much he spent on clothes. még rágondolni is idegesítő
it annoys sb that
it annoyed me that he was late again.
it annoys sb wh
it annoys me when people smoke in a library.
annoyed - ideges
annoyed with sb at/about sth
I was annoyed with myself about forgetting my mother's birthday. mérges voltam
annoyed to do sth
she was annoyed to discover that her ice-cream disappeared from the fridge. idegesen vette tudomásul
annoyed that
I was annoyed that he had left without saying goodbye. haragudtam, hogy
answer - válaszol, megválaszol
answer sth
she could answer all my questions.
answer sb sth
answer me this.
answer that
she answered that she would do it.
answer sb that
he answered me that he couldn't help that time.
answer for sth
you will answer for these documents. te leszel a felelős
answer to sb
you answer to the sales manager. a kereskedelmi igazgatónak tartozol beszámolni.
anxious - aggódik
anxious about sth
I am anxious about the contract.
anxious for sb
she is anxious for her son.
anxious for sth
she was anxious for that job. nagyon akarta azt az állást.
anxious to do sth
he was anxious to study in the states. alig várta, hogy
anxious for sb to do sth
I am anxious for her to achieve her aims. nagyon kívánom, hogy elérje a céljait.
anxious that
he was anxious that she accompanied him to the party. nagyon szerette volna, ha
anxious that sb should do sth
I am anxious that you should stay here until I return. nagyon szeretném, ha
apologize - elnézést kér
apologize to sb for sth
he apologized to the hostess for coming early.
apologize that
he apologized that he was late.
apparent - nyilvánvaló
apparent from sth that
it was apparent from her voice that she was afraid.
apparent to sb that
it became apparent to everybody that he wasn't rich at all.
appeal - fellebez
appeal to sb/sth against sth
he said he would appeal to the court against the verdict.
appeal to sb for sth
the police appeal to the army for help. segítséget kér a hadseregtől
sb/sth appeals to sb
his soft voice appeals to me. tetszik nekem
appear - tűnik
appear to be sth
he appeared to be an optimist.
appear adj
he appeared tired.
appear to do sth
he appears to know the truth. úgy tűnik, hogy
it appears as if/as though
it appears as if he is surprised. úgy tűnik, mintha
it appears that
it appeared that they agreed. úgy tűnt, hogy
it appears adj that
it appears unlikely that they will win. valószínűtlennek tűnik
apply - pályázik
apply to sb/sth for sth
I finally applied to five universities for scholarship last year.
apply to do sth
sam has applied to join the fire brigade. jelentkezett
apply sth to sth
the equipment was applied to surgery. alkalmazták
sth apply to sb/sth
this rule does not apply to you. nem vonatkozik rád
apply oneself to doing sth
we applied ourselves to finding the solution. mindent elkövettünk
appreciate - méltányol, értékel
appreciate sth
I really appreciate your kindness.
appreciate doing sth
I appreciate being treated like a princess.
appreciate sb doing sth
we would appreciate you helping us. hálásak lennénk
appreciate that
I appreciated that he took me home.
appreciate it if
I would appreciate it if you would send me a prompt reply.
appreciate it when
I really appreciate it when men propose to me.
appreciate wh
he doesn't appreciate how much we spent on him. nem fogja fel, hogy mennyit költöttünk rá
appropriate - megfelelő
appropriate for/to sth
this dress is not appropriate for a wedding.
approve - egyetért
approve of sb/sth
she doesn't approve of what I said.
argue - veszekszik
argue with sb over/about sth
they are always arguing with each other about unimportant things.
argue for/in favour of doing sth
he argued for/in favour of raising income tax. érvelt mellette
argue against doing sth
he argued against raising income tax. érvelt ellene
argue that
I would argue that soft drugs should be made legal. vitatkoznék arról
it is argued that
it could be argued that soft drugs should be made legal. lehetne arról vitatkozni
arrange - elintéz, megbeszél
arrange sth with sb
I arranged a meeting with my lawyer.
arrange with sb to do sth
I arranged with them to meet them at 10 o'clock.
arrange sth for sb
he arranged a dinner for the guests. megszervezett egy vacsorát
arrange for sb to do sth
they arranged for the painter to have an exhibition. megszervezték a festőnek a kiállítást
arrange with sb for sth to do sth
I arranged with my boss for a mini bus to pick us up.
arrange that
I arranged that they should talk to each other at the party.
arrange for sth
the university arranges for sport facilities as well. lehetőséget teremt
arrest - letartóztat
arrest sb for sth
he was arrested for robbery yesterday.
arrive - érkezik, megérkezik
arrive at …
I arrived at heathrow yesterday.
arrive in …
I have just arrived in london.
arrive adj
our plane arrived a bit late.
ashamed - szégyell
ashamed of sb/sth/oneself doing sth
I was ashamed of him being drunk all the time.
ashamed to be sth
I felt ashamed to be drunk.
ashamed to do sth
I am ashamed to admit that I told her our secret.
ashamed that
I felt ashamed that I hadn't helped him more.
ask - kér, kérdez
ask sb about sb/sth
ask him about the money he owes you.
ask sth
you should ask his opinion.
ask sb sth
I asked her their name. megkérdeztem tőle a nevüket.
ask sb wh
he asked jill what the girl's name was.
ask sb for sth
why do you ask me for advice? miért tőlem kérsz tanácsot?
ask sb sth
can I ask you a favour? kérhetek egy szívességet?
ask sth of sb
can I ask a favour of you?
ask sb to do sth
she asked me to help her. arra kért, hogy
ask that sb should do sth
he asked that he should be sent the details. arra kért, hogy
ask to do sth
he asked to see the manager. beszélni akart
ask sth for sth
he asked too much for that run-down house. sokat kért érte
aspire - vágyik
aspire to sth
he aspires to a business career.
aspire to do sth
she aspired to be the next marilyn monroe.
assert - állít
assert sth
he asserted her ideas in front of everyone. világosan elmondta
assert sth to be adj
he asserted the charges to be incorrect.
assert that
he asserted that he was not guilty.
it is asserted that
it is commonly asserted that young children need constant care. elfogadott tény, hogy
assert oneself
he wanted to assert himself at all costs. érvényesülni akart
assign - kijelöl
assign sb sth
the teacher assigned me a very difficult task.
assign sth to sb
he assigned me to the duties of the administrative assistants.
assign sb to/as sth
the company assigned john as the new sales manager.
assign sb/sth to do sth
german troops were assigned to keep peace in the region.
assist - segít
assist sb in/with sth
we'll try to assist you with your studies.
assist sb in doing sth
they tried to assist me in finding a job.
assist sb to do sth
we are assisting students to find accommodation.
associate - társít
associate sb/sth with sb/sth
he is associated with comedies.
associate with sb
why do you associate with those posh people? miért barátkozol
associate oneself with sth
I would like to associate myself with the director. szeretném kifejezni egyetértésem
assume - feltételez
assume sb to be adj
I assumed him to be french.
assume that
scientists assume that global warming is increasing.
it is assumed that
it is assumed that lung cancer is caused by smoking.
assume sth
you will assume the control of the miammar branch. átveszed a vezetését
assure - biztosít
assure sb of sth
I assured him of our full support.
assure sb that
I can assure you that everything is going to be all right.
assure oneself of sth
he assured himself of their honesty. megbizonyosodott
assure oneself that
he assured himself that nothing had changed while he was away. megbizonyosodott
assure sb sth
victory would assure us a place in the semi-finals.
astonished - megdöbbent
astonished at/by sb/sth
my father was astonished at my decision.
astonished to do sth
my mother was astonished to see that I was pregnant. döbbenten látta
astonished that
he seemed astonished that I was pregnant.
attach - csatol
attach sth to sth
I attach my thesis to the application.
attach oneself to sb
she attached to him during the trip. rátapadt
attach to sb/sth
no health risk attaches to this sweetener. nem veszélyezteti
attempt - megkísérel
attempt sth
she attempted an escape from the camp, but she was caught.
attempt to do sth
she attempted to meet the queen in paris.
attend - jár vhová
attend sth
a lot of people attend church regularly.
attend to sb/sth
attend to your work, please. figyelj a munkádra
attract - vonz
attract sb to sb/sth
his intelligence attracts me to him. az intelligenciája teszi vonzóvá
attract sb/sth to sth
the parade attracted thousands of young people to berlin.
attribute - tulajdonít
attribute sth to sth
she attributes her victory to hard training.
attribute sth to sb
this painting is attributed to giorgione.
available - rendelkezésre áll
available for sb/sth
these sports facilities are available for everyone.
avoid - elkerül
avoid sb/sth
the crash couldn't be avoided. elkerülhetetlen volt
avoid sb/sth doing sth
they built a dam to avoid the water flooding the city.
avoid doing sth
he tried to avoid meeting them.
aware - tudatában van
aware of sth
I am aware of how much effort you have put into this job.
aware that
I was aware that something unusual was happening.
bad - rossz
bad at sth
he is really bad at maths.
bad at doing sth
she is bad at telling lies. ügyetlenül hazudik
bad for sb/sth
such hot weather is bad for everyone. nem tesz jót senkinek
bad to do sth
matt isn't too bad to work with.
it is bad to do sth
it is bad to drink too much alcohol. káros
so bad that
the situation is so bad that authorities are considering immediate action.
it is bad that sb should do sth
it is bad that so much violence should be presented on tv.
ban - megtilt, eltilt
ban sth
smoking is banned in the restaurant. tilos
ban sb from sth
he is banned from alcohol.
ban sb from doing sth
she is banned from driving because of speeding.
bargain - alkudozik
bargain with sb about/over/on sth
my mother is always bargaining with the dealers about the prices in the market.
bargain for/on sth
we didn't bargain on meeting you here. nem számítottunk rá, hogy
base - alapoz
base sth on/upon sth
he based his ideas on research.
base sb/sth/oneself in …
they have based themselves in boston. bostonban van a telephelyük.
basic - alapvető
basic to sth
a thorough knowledge of mathematics is basic to economics. matematikatudás az alapja
bear - elvisel, bír
not bear sth
her music does not bear comparison with his. nem említhető egy lapon
not bear doing sth
her condition doesn't bear thinking about. még rágondolni is rossz
bear sth against/towards sb
she bears a grudge against him. neheztel rá.
bear sb sth
she bears him a grudge. neheztel rá.
bear oneself adv
he bore himself with dignity at the trial. méltóságteljesen viselkedett
bear on sth
the decision bears on the public atmosphere. hatással van
bear with sb/sth
bear with her, she is going to be alright. légy türelmes
bear - nem tud vmit elviselni
can't/couldn't bear sth
I can't bear extreme cold or heat.
can't/couldn't bear to do sth
I can't bear to lose such a wonderful friend.
can't/couldn't bear doing sth
I can't bear losing such a wonderful friend.
can't/couldn't bear it when
I can't bear it when she cries.
beat - ver, megver
beat sb at sth
my father always beats me at chess.
beat sth and sth together
beat the eggs and sugar together. verd fel
it beats me wh
it beats me why she has disappeared. rejtély számomra
beg - könyörög
beg sb for sth
he begged them for water.
beg sth of/from sb
he begged water from the guards.
beg to do sth
he begged to be released.
beg sb to do sth
she begged him not to leave her.
beg for sth from sb
the children were begging for food from the ladies in the street. koldultak
beg sth from sb
they managed to beg some money from the gentleman. sikerült koldulniuk némi pénzt
begin - elkezd, elkezdődik
the film began at 8.
begin sth
they began the concert.
begin doing sth
he began talking.
begin to do sth
she began to laugh.
begin as sth
he began as a journalist, before starting to write novels. újságíróként kezdte
believe - hisz
believe sb/sth
I have never believed him.
believe sb/sth to be adj
they believed him to be capable of anything. mindenre képesnek tartották
believe that
people used to believe that the sun revolves around the earth. valaha azt hitték, hogy
it is believed that
it is believed that eating melons makes one happy. a közhiedelem szerint
sb/sth is believed to do sth
eating salmon is believed to make one even happier. a közhiedelem szerint
can't believe wh
I can't believe how much happier I am.
believe so/not
'is she still in?' 'I believe so/not.'
believe in sb/sth
she believes in god.
believe in doing sth
he believes in eating a lot of vegetables.
believe sth of sb
I can't believe it of him. nem tudom elhinni róla
belong - tartozik
belong to sb
these islands belong to britain.
belong to sth
she has always belonged to a party. tagja volt
belong in/on etc.
this plate belongs in the cupboard. a konyhaszekrényben van a helye
beneficial - hasznos
beneficial to sth/sb
regular exercise is beneficial to health.
benefit - hasznot húz
benefit sb/sth
we try to find a solution that benefits everyone. mindenki javát szolgálja
benefit from/by sth
only joe benefits from this business.
best - legjobb
it is best to do sth
it is best to go by bus. az lesz a legjobb
it is best that
it is best that we all sit down and talk things over.
it is best if
it is best if you leave her alone.
bet - fogad
bet sth on sth
she bet $3000 on that horse.
bet against sb
I would bet against him.
bet that
she bet that imperial would win.
bet sb sth that
he bet me $20 that I wouldn't jump.
betray - elárul
betray sb/sth to sb
he betrayed the secret of the atomic bomb to russia.
betray oneself
she betrayed herself when she started to cry. elárulta magát
better - jobb
better at sth
he is better at arts than at sciences.
it is better for sb to do sth
it would be better for her to talk things over.
it is better that
it is better that she is far away.
it is better that sb should do sth
it is better that you should go to the doctor.
beware - vigyázz
beware of sb/sth
beware of the dwarf. óvakodj
beware of doing sth
beware of saying anything about him. vigyázz rá, hogy
beware sth
beware icy roads.
beware doing sth
beware driving on icy roads.
biased - elfogult
biased towards/in favour of sb/sth
he is biased in favour of educated people.
biased against sb/sth
she is biased against the rich. előítélete van
bid - ajánl
bid sth for sth
they bid $2000 for the sculpture.
bid for sth
a german company is also bidding for the telephone company. résztvesz a pályázaton
bid to do sth
the runner is bidding to keep her place in the national team. megpróbálja
blame - okol
blame sb/sth for sth
I don't blame you for the accident.
blame sth on sb/sth
the police are blaming the fire on a cigarette. a rendőrség szerint a tüzet egy cigaretta okozta.
sb/sth is to blame for sth
who's to blame for the accident? kinek a hibája volt
blend - összekever
blend sth with sth
blend the sugar with the baking soda.
blend sth and sth together
blend together the sugar and the baking soda.
sth blends with sth
margarine does not blend with water. nem keveredik
sth and sth blend together
margarine and oil do not blend together. nem keverednek
blind - vak
blind to sth
she is blind to all his lies. nem veszi észre
blind to do sth
I was blind not to realize that he was cheating me out of my money.
boast - dicsekszik
boast about/of sth
he is always boasting about his career.
boast sth
the city boasts ten turkish baths. tíz törökfürdővel dicsekedhet
boast that
he boasted that he had been to africa.
bored - unatkozik
bored with sb/sth
he is bored with her. unja
bored with doing sth
she got bored with dancing. megunta
borrow - kölcsönöz
borrow sth from sb/sth
you are allowed to borrow ten books from the library.
bother - törődik
bother with/about sth
don't bother with your hair, we're going swimming.
bother to do sth
she didn't even bother to tell me that she would be late. ahhoz sem vette a fáradságot
bother doing sth
why bother going out with him if you don't like him? mi értelme van
bother sb with/about sth
I don't want to bother him with my problems. nem akarom zavarni
bother sb that
does it bother her that you are shorter than her? zavarja, hogy
it bothers me to do sth
it bothers me to think that she is travelling alone. aggaszt
be bothered about sb/sth
I am not bothered about her opinion. nem érdekel
can't be bothered to do sth
I can't be bothered to write a letter to her. nincs az az isten, hogy most levelet írjak neki.
bound - elkerülhetelen, biztos
bound to do sth
you are bound to pass your driving test. biztos, hogy
it is bound to do sth
it was bound to happen. meg kellett történnie.
bound by sth
she is not bound by the contract. nem kötelezi
bound by sth to do sth
you are bound by the contract to move out of the flat. a szerződés arra kötelezi, hogy
bound for …
the train was bound for moscow. moszkvába tartott a vonat.
brag - dicsekszik
brag to sb about/of sth
he is always bragging to his friends about his father.
brave - bátor
brave to do sth
he was brave to do what he did.
it is brave of sb to do sth
it was brave of you to sing that song in belfast.
break - eltör,eltörik
the vase broke.
break sth into sth
he broke the vase into pieces.
break sth in sth
she broke the apple in two.
break for sth
let's break for dinner. tartsunk vacsoraszünetet!
break into sth
our house has been broken into. betörtek hozzánk.
bring - hoz
bring sb/sth with one
bring an umbrella with you. hozz magaddal esernyőt!
bring sth for sb
he brought a bunch of flowers for me.
bring sb sth
he brought me a bunch of flowers.
bring sb/sth sth
his novel brings him a lump sum each year. szép summát hoz a konyhára
bring sth to sb/sth
she brings ten years' practice to the company. tíz éves gyakorlatával gazdagítja a vállalatot.
bring sth against sb
they brought a charge against her. megvádolták.
bring oneself to do sth
she couldn't bring herself to study more. nem tudta rávenni magát
bring sb doing sth
her singing brought the people coming. az éneklésére odajöttek az emberek.
bribe - megveszteget
bribe sb with sth
he bribed him with money.
bribe sb into doing sth
they bribed him into accepting the offer. lefizették
bribe sb to do sth
he was bribed to give false evidence.
build - épít
build sth of sth
these houses are built of wood.
build sth from sth
this building is built from concrete.
build sth for sb
jeremy had a house built for his daughter.
build sb sth
jack built us a hut in the forest.
busy - elfoglalt
busy with sb/sth
he is busy with his homework.
busy doing sth
she is busy reading. javában olvas.
buy - vesz
buy sb sth
I bought him a pullover.
buy sth for sb
I bought a pullover for him.
buy sth adj
I bought my computer second-hand. használtan vettem
sth buys sth
10 dollars doesn't buy much. nem sok mindenre elég
buy sb
you can't buy me. nem vásárolhatsz meg.
call - hív
call sb/sth sth
they called the puppy trevor. a trevor nevet adták a kiskutyának.
call sb/sth after sb/sth
she is called clare after her mother. clare-nek hívják az édesanyja után.
call sb for sth
she called her mother for help. kiáltott
call sb/sth
I immediately called the police. felhívtam a rendőrséget
campaign - kampányt szervez
campaign for sb/sth
she is campaigning for the conservation of rain forests.
campaign against sb/sth
she is campaigning against animal experiments.
campaign to do sth
she is campaigning to save the elephants in sri lanka.
capable - képes
capable of sth
you are capable of efficient work.
capable of doing sth
you are capable of working much more efficiently.
care - érdekli
care about sth
she's never cared about her appearance.
care that
she doesn't seem to care that he has been in prison.
care wh
I don't care what he does.
care about sb
she really cares about her children. törődik
care for sb
he has to care for his sick mother. gondoskodnia kell
care for sb/sth
I don't care for her. nem kedvelem
care for sth
would you care for a drink? parancsolsz egy italt?
care to do sth
would you care to join us? volna kedved csatlakozni hozzánk?
careful - óvatos
careful of/about sth
be careful of the cars. figyelj az autókra!
careful with sth
be careful with that vase.
careful to do sth
be careful not to make any noise. vigyázz
careful doing sth
be careful carrying those heavy bags. Óvatosan vidd azokat a nehéz szatyrokat!
careful that
be careful that you don't end up writing a novel. vigyázz, hogy
careful wh
you have to be careful when the pavements are icy.
careless - gondatlan
careless about/with sth
don't be careless about your handwriting. figyelj
careless of sth
she was careless of the gossip she caused. nem érdekelte
careless to do sth
the nurses were careless to allow him walk out of the hospital alone. gondatlanság volt a nővérek részéről
it is careless of sb to do sth
it was careless of me to leave the child alone. gondatlanság volt
catch - elkap
catch sth
he caught the ball.
catch sb doing sth
she caught him smoking in the dark. rajtakapta
catch oneself doing sth
he caught himself wondering whether he was doing the right thing. azon kapta magát
cater - ellát
cater for sth
they cater for schools. élelmeznek
cater for sb/sth
the language school caters for all levels. minden szintű nyelvtudást kielégít
cater to sb/sth
this is a magazine which caters to the mass market. a tömegízlést elégíti ki
cause - okoz
cause sth
the bad weather causes problems for the tourist industry.
cause sb sth
he caused his parents much distress.
cause sb/sth to do sth
the dry weather caused the plants to die. elpusztította
caution - figyelmeztet
caution sb against sth
jack cautioned her against giving up her job. óva intette
caution sb about sth
she cautioned him about the dangers of rafting.
caution sb for sth
he was cautioned for stealing instead of being sent to a detention centre. figyelmeztetésben részesült
caution sb that
he cautioned her that leaving the country is not the best decision.
cease - megszűnik
my unemployment benefit ceased a month ago.
cease sth
cease fire! tüzet szüntess!
cease to do sth
you never cease to make me laugh. mindig megnevettetsz.
cease doing sth
they have ceased working. abbahagyták
certain - biztos
certain of/about sth
can we be certain of/about the truth of what she says?
certain of doing sth
if you want to be certain of getting a window seat, hurry up.
certain to do sth
prices are certain to rise. az árak bizonyára emelkednek majd.
it is certain that
it is certain that they will come.
certain wh
I am not certain who won.
certify - igazol
certify sb/sth as sth
the bank certified my accounts as correct.
certify sb/sth to be sth
the secretary certified the document to be a true copy.
certify that
the doctor wasn't willing to certify that he had been ill the last week.
chance - megkockáztat
chance sth
'take your raincoat.' 'no, I'll chance it.'
chance doing sth
I'll chance driving even if it is icy.
chance to do sth
I chanced to meet him. véletlenül összefutottam vele.
it so chanced that
it so chanced that she spoke fluent english. véletlenül úgy adódott
chance on/upon sb
one day she chanced upon her grandma's wedding dress. rábukkant
change - változik, változtat
you haven't changed a bit since I last saw you.
change sb/sth
his wife changed him completely.
change sb/sth from sth into/to sth
the angel changed the girl from a beggar into a princess. átváltoztatta
change sb/sth for sth
we changed our flat for a smaller one. elcseréltük
change sth to sth
after they got married, he changed his name to hers. átvette a nevét
change sth
can we change newspapers? cserélhetünk
change sth with sb
can I change my newspaper with you? cserélhetek önnel
change into/out of sth
he changed into/out of his best suit. átöltözött
change sth into sth
can you change dollars into pounds? váltani
change sth for/into sth
could you change a five pound note for coins? felváltani
characteristic - jellemző
characteristic of sb/sth
this behaviour is characteristic of her.
charge - vádol
charge sb with sth
they charged him with the murder.
charge sb with doing sth
they charged him with stealing.
charge sb/sth for sth
we won't charge you for the delivery of the furniture. nem számítunk fel költséget
charge sb sth for sth
we won't charge you anything for the delivery of the furniture. nem számítunk fel költséget
charge sth to sth
they charged the costs to the artist. a színészre hárították a költségeket.
charge to do sth
they charge to deliver the product. szállítási költséget számítanak fel.
cheap - olcsó
it is cheap to do sth
it is cheap to run this car.
cheat - csal, megcsal
cheat sb/sth
the shop assistant tried to cheat the customer. megpróbálta becsapni
cheat at sth
he always cheats at games. csal a játékban
cheat on sb
he is always cheating on ursula.
cheat sb out of sth
the young man tried to cheat the old lady out of her money. megpróbálta kicsalni a pénzét
check - ellenőriz
check sth for sth
check the pipes for leaks.
check with sb that
check with jane that she has arranged everything. kérdezd meg, hogy
check with sb wh
check with jane when she is going to arrive. beszéld meg, hogy
choose - választ
choose between sth and/or sth
I have to choose between my career and him.
choose sth from sth
they had to choose one from the five candidates.
choose sb/sth as sth
they chose him as president.
choose to do sth
the author chooses to remain anonymous.
choose sb to do sth
they chose him to be the representative.
choose wh
we will have to choose whether to stay or go.
claim - állít
claim sth
doctors are claiming a breakthrough in the fight against aids. áttörésről beszélnek
claim to do sth
she claimed to own a car.
claim sb/sth to do sth
the book is claimed to be suitable for self-study. állítólag alkalmas
claim that
he claims that the decision was not fair.
it is claimed that
it was claimed that some people work 20 hours a day. állítólag
claim on/for sth
did you claim for damages after the accident? követeltél kártérítést
clear - világos, egyértelmű
clear about/on sth
are you clear about the conditions? tisztában vagy
it is clear to sb that
it was clear to me that he was trying to deceive us.
it is clear wh
it is not clear what his message was.
clear wh
she is not clear what she'll be responsible for. nincs tisztában vele, hogy
clear of sth
leave the exit clear of cars, please. hagyják üresen
clever - ügyes, okos
clever at sth
he is clever at communicating with people. ügyes
clever to do sth
I was really clever to find my way back. ügyes voltam
it is clever of sb to do sth
it is not too clever of you to arrest him, is it?
close - közeli, közel
close to sb/sth
our cottage is close to the beach.
close to doing sth
we are close to reaching an agreement. majdnem
close about sth
he has always been close about his clients' deals. bizalmasan kezelte
coincide - egybeesik
the two conferences coincide.
coincide with sth/sb
the demonstration coincided with the prime minister's speech.
collaborate - együttműködik
collaborate with sb on sth
we have collaborated with each other on several projects for the past few years.
collaborate with sb in sth/in doing sth
she decided to collaborate with the journalist in writing her husband's biography.
collaborate to do sth
the doctors are collaborating to find the cure for cancer.
collide - összeütközik
a van and a train collided yesterday.
collide with sb/sth
she collided with a bus.
collide over sth
we never collide over important decisions. mindig egyetértünk
collide with sb over sth
I never collide with him over important decisions. mindig egyetértünk
combine - egyesít
combine sth
they combined the advantages of the procedures.
combine sth with sth
combine the flour with some milk. keverd össze
combine sth and sth
combine the flour and milk together. keverd össze
combine to do sth
hydrogen and oxygen molecules combine to form water. vegyülnek
come - jön
come for/about sth
I have come for the cds.
come to do sth
she is coming to visit us.
come to sth with sb
are you coming to the cinema with us?
come doing sth
why don't you come running tonight?
command - parancsol, megparancsol
command sth
he commanded the execution of the hostages.
command sb to do sth
he commanded the soldiers to cease fire.
command that sb should do sth
the government commanded that all church valuables should be collected and sold.
commence - elkezd, kezdődik
commence with sth
the conference commenced with a welcome from the organizers at 9 o'clock.
commence sth
he commenced his law studies 4 years ago.
commence doing sth
she commenced dancing at the age of 5.
commensurate - arányos
commensurate with sth
your salary will be commensurate with your qualifications.
comment - megjegyez
comment on/upon sth
she wasn't willing to comment on the events. nem volt hajlandó kommentálni
comment that
the scientist commented that level of nitrogen in the air is too high.
commit - elkövet
commit sth
I have never committed adultery.
commit sb/oneself to sth
if you want to be an actor you must commit yourself to it. el kell kötelezned magad mellette
commit sb/oneself to doing sth
the government committed itself to improving the health care system. elkötelezte magát az egészségügyi rendszer fejlesztése mellett
commit sb/oneself to do sth
the government committed itself to improve the health care system.
commit to sb/sth
before you commit to a venue go there yourself and find out what it is like exactly. mielőtt döntesz a helyszínről
commit sb to sth
he's been committed to prison for fraud. bebörtönözték
common - közös
common to sb/sth
this idea is common to all religions.
communicate - közöl, átad
communicate sth to sb
she communicated the message to me in sign language.
communicate with sb
they communicated with each other in body language. kommunikáltak
communicate wh
you must be able to communicate what you think.
comparable - hasonlítható
comparable to/with sb/sth
the economic situation in russia is not comparable to that in china.
compare - összehasonlít
compare sb/sth and sb/sth
my teacher compared my first and last essay.
compare sb/sth to/with sb/sth
my teacher compared my first essay to/with the last one.
sth compares with/to sb/sth
this office building doesn't compare with our previous one. nyomába sem ér
compare sb/sth to sb/sth
the critics compared his talent to that of joseph heller. azt állítják, hogy a tehetsége joseph heller-éhez fogható
compatible - összeférhető
compatible with sb/sth
this software is not compatible with my computer.
compel - kényszerít
compel sth
his illness compelled his resignation.
compel sb to do sth
the snow compelled us to stay at home.
compensate - kárpótol
compensate sb for sth
the company will compensate you for the damage.
compete - versenyez
compete in sth against sth
she is going to compete in the race against her biggest rival.
compete with/against sb for sth
several companies are competing with each other for the project.
compete to do sth
several companies are competing to get the contract.
competent - alkalmas
competent in sth
she is competent in music.
competent to do sth
she is competent to do the job. alkalmas
complain - panaszkodik
complain to sb about/of sth
he complained to me about the food.
complain to sb that
he complained to the waiter that the meat was cold. reklamált a pincérnél
complain of sth
he is complaining of acute earache.
compliment - bókol
compliment sb on sth
he complimented her on her dress.
comply - eleget tesz
comply with sth
you have to comply with the law, or you'll be punished.
composed - áll vmiből
composed of sth
the group is composed of intermediate students.
comprised - áll vmiből
comprised of sth
the uk is comprised of england, northern ireland, scotland and wales.
conceal - eltitkol
conceal sb/sth from sb/sth
they concealed his illness from her.
concede - beismer
concede sth to sb
she conceded the truth to me.
concede sb sth
she conceded me the truth.
concede that
he conceded that the other car would have been a better choice.
conceive - megért, felfog
conceive sb
her daughter was conceived during their honeymoon. megfogant
conceive of sth as sth
he conceives of society as a jungle.
conceive that
I find it hard to conceive that people are still treated so badly.
conceive wh
she cannot conceive what it is like to be away from your country. el sem tudja képzelni, hogy
concentrate - koncentrál
I am trying to concentrate.
concentrate sth on sth
I would like to concentrate all my efforts on my job.
concentrate sth on doing sth
I must concentrate my mind on finding a solution.
concerned - aggódik
concerned about/for sth
I'm a bit concerned for/about your health.
concerned to do sth
he was concerned to hear that 2 of his workers had been in prison. aggodalommal hallotta
concerned that
she was concerned that she might lose her job.
concerned about/with sth
linguistics is concerned with the study of language. foglalkozik
conclude - következtet
conclude sth from sth
she concluded nothing from his behaviour.
conclude from sth that
she concluded from his speech that he planned to change everything.
conclude that
he concluded that no further actions were necessary.
it is concluded that
it was concluded that the best option was to move the factory.
conclude sth with sth
the ceremony was concluded with the national anthem. a himnusszal fejeződött be
conclude sth with sb
china concluded a treaty with japan. megegyezett
condemn - elítél
condemn sb/sth for/as sth
people condemn kate for her dishonest behaviour.
condemn sb to sth
she was condemned to life imprisonment.
confess - bevall
confess to sth
he confessed to the theft.
confess to doing sth
he confessed to stealing the ring.
confess that
he confessed that he had stolen the ring.
confess sth to sb
he confessed his sins to the priest. meggyónta
confide - bizalmasan közöl
confide sth to sb
she confided her plan to her best friend.
confide to sb that
he confided to me that she was going to have a baby.
confide in sb
I can really confide in her. megbízhatok benne
confident - biztos vmiben
confident in/about sth
we are confident in/about our ability to provide enough food for the refugees.
confident of sth
the labour lobby says it is still confident of victory.
confident that
the latvians are confident that these talks will continue.
confirm - megerősít
confirm sth
his words confirmed my suspicion.
confirm sb in sth
the success of the project confirmed leonard in his decision.
confirm that
she has confirmed that she is arriving on tuesday.
it is confirmed that
it has been confirmed that the meeting is to be held next week.
confirm wh
can you confirm when you last saw him?
conform - alkalmazkodik
conform to sth
she refused to conform to the school rules.
conform to/with sth
the new swimming pool does not conform with fire regulations. nem felel meg
congratulate - gratulál
congratulate sb on sth
I congratulated him on his victory.
congratulate oneself on sth
you can congratulate yourself on/upon having done a good job.
conscious - tudatában van
conscious of sth
she is really conscious of her bad manners.
conscious of doing sth
he is conscious of annoying many people.
conscious that
he is conscious that he annoys many people.
consent - jóváhagy
consent to sth
she consented to her son's decision.
consent to do sth
he consented to help her. beleegyezett
consider - megfontol
consider sth
I've heard that you are considering a new career.
consider doing sth
we consider moving.
consider wh
we have to consider where to go on holiday.
consider sb/sth as sth
she considers herself as a professional player. profi játékosnak tartja magát.
consider sb/sth to be adj
who do you consider to be lucky? kit tartasz
consider that
he considers that the use of syntax will be necessary for any further improvement. úgy tartja
it is considered that
it is considered that it would be easier to raise the £80,000 independently of mr corvedale. úgy tartják
sb/sth is considered to do sth
she is considered to be the most talented dancer in the world. őt tartják
consist - áll vmiből
consist in sth
the therapy really consists in spoiling the patient.
consist of sth
the committee consists of ten members.
content - elégedett
content with sth
she had to be content with the silver medal. meg kellett elégednie
content that
he was content that montgomery had been taken in.
content to do sth
I am content to forgive him. hajlandó vagyok
content that sb should do sth
athens was content that sparta should take the command-in-chief. beleegyezett
continue - folytat, folytatódik
the course continues until august.
continue sth
the police are continuing the investigation.
continue to do sth
the snow continued to fall all morning. tovább esett
continue doing sth
she wanted to continue acting after having her daughter.
continue as sth
I want you to continue as my secretary. szeretném, ha továbbra is a titkárom lenne.
contribute - hozzájárul
contribute sth to/towards sth
she wished to contribute $400 to the flood fund.
contribute to sth
human error contributed to the tragedy. közreműködött
contribute sth to sth
he contributed an article to the local paper. írt egy cikket
convert - átalakít
convert sth from sth into/to sth
they converted the building from a shopping centre into an office block.
convert sb from sth to sth
she has been converted from christianity to buddhism. megtérítették
convey közvetít
convert sth to sb
please convey the information to the young gentleman.
convert that
she tried to convey that she was in a bad mood. érzékeltetni
convert wh
she tried to convey how desperate she was. érzékeltetni
convict - elítél
convict sb of sth
she was convicted of blackmail.
convince - meggyőz
convince sb/oneself of sth
I couldn't convince him of my plan.
convince sb to do sth
john convinced me to go in his car
convince sb that
I can't convince my family that we cannot afford to go on holiday.
cope - bír, megbirkózik
cope with sth
she can't cope with this job.
counsel - tanácsol
counsel sth
I can only counsel caution.
counsel sb to do sth
he counselled her to leave the country.
count - számol
count from sth to/up to sth
little jimmy can count from 1 up to 20.
count sth
bridget jones always counts the calories she has eaten.
count for sth
it counts for nothing what she says. nem számít
sth counts as sth
this money does not count as income. nem számít jövedelemnek
count sb/sth as sb/sth
I count her as my best friend. tartom
count sb/sth adj
I count myself really lucky.
count on sb/sth to do sth
I count on him to help me. számítok rá
count on doing sth
you can't count on having such a big salary for life. nem építhetsz arra, hogy
counter - szembeszáll, ellenáll
counter sth
he countered an attempt to make him resign. elhárította az arra tett kísérletet, hogy
counter sb/sth with sth
swedish corruption has been countered with caribbean fraud. szembehelyezték
counter that
I tried to convince him but he countered that we were not aware of the details.
crazy - őrült
crazy about sb/sth
she is crazy about hats. megőrül a kalapokért.
critical - kritikus
critical of sb/sth
teenagers are very critical of their teachers.
critical to/for sb/sth
parental supervision is critical for the well being of teenagers. elengedhetetlen
criticize - kritizál
criticize sb/sth for sth
he is always criticizing me for the way I dress. kritizál
crowded - tömött, zsúfolt
crowded with sb/sth
the city is crowded with tourists. tele van
cruel - kegyetlen
cruel to sb/sth
she is very cruel to men.
cruel to do sth
now I've got to be cruel to be kind.
it is cruel of sb to do sth
it was cruel of him to keep his albino fish under bright lights.
cry - sír
he was crying in the dark.
cry about/over sth
it is no use crying over a boy.
cry for sb/sth
don't cry for me, argentina.
cry for sth
he was crying for help. segítségért kiabált.
curious - kíváncsi
curious about sth
we were all curious about when the exam results would come out.
curious to do sth
indiana jones was curious to find out where the treasure had been hidden.
curious that
it was curious that not even her husband seemed to know the truth. furcsa volt
cut - vág
cut sb sth
she cut me a piece of cake.
cut sth for sb
she cut a piece of cake for me.
cut sth from sth
she cut a slice from the bread.
cut sth in/into sth
she cut the apple into four slices.
cut by …
her wages were cut by ten per cent. csökkentették
cut from … to…
you have to cut your paper from 3000 words to 2000. le kell rövidítened
dangerous - veszélyes
dangerous for sb to do sth
it's very dangerous for you to be with me.
dare - mer
dare to do sth
he didn't dare to jump off the bridge.
dare sb to do sth
he dared me to jump off the bridge.
date - származik
date from …
this tradition dates from the 15th century.
deal - foglalkozik
deal in sth
they deal in cosmetics. kozmetikumokban utaznak
deal with sb
she deals with children.
deal with sth
she deals with the complaints. intézi
deal sth to sb
deal twelve cards to everybody. ossz!
dear - kedves
dear to sb
my husband is very dear to me.
deceive - becsap
deceive sb into doing sth
he deceived the old lady into lending him a lump sum.
decide - dönt, eldönt
we haven't decided yet.
decide sth
we haven't decided the verdict yet.
decide between sth and sth
it's difficult to decide between the two.
decide against sth
we decided against going home.
decide in favour of doing sth
we decided in favour of going home.
decide on/upon doing sth
he decided on changing his job.
decide to do sth
she decided not to go alone.
decide that
he decided that he would leave his wife.
it decideed that sb should do sth
it was decided that the system should be improved. az a döntés született
decide wh
they couldn't decide where to go on holiday.
declare - bejelent
declare sth
they declared war on japan. hadat üzentek
declare against/for sb/sth
the french publicly declared against/for the scots, and promised them military help. bejelentették, hogy a skótok ellen/mellett vannak
declare that
the government declared that more money would be sent on health care. hivatalosan bejelentette/közzétette
declare sth adj
the painting was declared original.
declare sth to be sth
the sculpture has been declared to be a copy. másolatnak nyilvánították
dedicate - szentel
dedicate oneself/sth to doing sth
mother teresa dedicated her life to helping poor people.
dedicate sth to sb
the novel is dedicated to her daughter. a lányának ajánlotta
dedicate sth to sb/sth
a memorial stone was dedicated to the writer.
delay - elhalaszt
delay sth
they agreed to delay the offensive.
delay doing sth
they delayed introducing new measures.
delighted - örül
delighted by/at/with
he was delighted with her reaction.
delighted to do sth
I was delighted to discover that there were some distinguished names among ours.
delighted that
I was delighted that you could come.
delude - áltat
delude sb/oneself into doing sth
he deluded himself into thinking that it was love.
delude sb/oneself that
he was deluding himself that it was love.
demand - követel
demand sth
he demanded all her money.
demand to do sth
I demand to see the manager.
demand that
the hijacker demanded that he got $50,000,000.
demand that sb should do sth
the hijacker demands that he should get $50,000,000.
demonstrate - bemutat, szemléltet
demonstrate sth to sb
the president clearly demonstrated the dangers of the act to all mps.
demonstrate sth to be sth
the proposal was demonstrated to be acceptable.
demonstrate that
football fans demonstrated that they could celebrate in a peaceful way.
it is demonstrated that
it has been demonstrated that older workers can successfully acquire new skills.
demonstrate wh
tony demonstrated how to get a seat on a commuter train.
demonstrate against sth
the crowd were demonstrating against higher taxes. tüntetett
demonstrate in favour of
the crowd were demonstrating in favour of lower taxes. tüntetett
deny - tagad, megtagad
deny sth
he denied the accusation. visszautasította a vádakat
deny sth to sb
he denies nothing to her.
deny sb sth
he denies her nothing.
deny doing sth
he denied stealing the car.
deny that
he denied that he had stolen the car.
deny oneself sth
don't deny yourself anything!
depart - elindul
depart for…
he departed for brussels the next day.
depart from…
she departed from russia a week ago.
depend - függ
it all depends/that depends.
depend on/upon sb/sth
you can depend on her. számíthatsz rá
depend on sb for sth
I depend on you for help. a segítségedre szorulok
depend on sb to do sth
you can depend on her to solve the situation.
depend on sb/sb's doing sth
you can depend on me/my helping.
it depend on sth
it depends on the weather.
it depends on wh
it depends on what time we get home. attól függ, hogy hánykor érünk haza.
dependent - függő
dependent on/upon sb/sth for sth
the organization is heavily dependent on them for its financial survival. rájuk van utalva
depict - leír
depict sb/sth as sb/sth
the painter depicted rose as an angel.
depict sb doing sth
the artist depicted her picking flowers.
deprive - megfoszt
deprive sb/sth of sth
everyone was deprived of his rights by the regime.
describe - leír
describe sb/sth to/for sb
could you describe her to me?
describe sb/sth as adj/sth
she described him as short and blond, and aged about 30.
describe sb as doing sth
he described her as looking shabby.
describe doing sth
she described seeing some small objects landing in her garden.
describe wh
describe what he was wearing.
deserve - megérdemel
deserve sth
the film deserved its popularity.
deserve to do sth
he deserved to win.
desire - kíván, vágyik
desire sth
everybody desires happiness.
desire to do sth
most people desire to live in the city.
desire sb to do sth
sir j. franklin desires me to give his compliments. sir. j. franklin kívánságára
desperate - kétségbeesett
desperate for sth
she was really desperate for love.
desperate to do sth
I was really desperate to meet him.
deter - elrettent, visszatart
deter sb from doing sth
his mood deterred him from ringing his bank.
determine - meghatároz
determine sth
they tried to determine the exact place of the murder.
determine wh
the police are trying to determine what happened.
determine that
the court determined that the defendant should pay compensation. azt a határozatot hozta
determine to do sth
they determined to leave early.
determined - eltökélt, határozott
determined on sth
they were determined on leaving early.
determined to do sth
she became determined to warn as many people as she could.
determined that
the ec is determined that the community's electronics industry will not fall to the japanese.
determined that sb should do sth
britain is determined that the plan should be worked out by member governments.
detrimental - káros
detrimental sth/sb
smoking is detrimental to health.
develop - fejleszt
blackwell has developed a lot recently.
develop from sth into sth
blackwell developed from a small family business into a major publishing group.
develop sth from sth into sth
they developed blackwell from a small family business into a major publishing group.
devote - szentel
devote oneself to sb/sth
he devoted himself to his children.
devote sth to sb
I can only devote an hour to practice.
devoted - odaadó
devoted to sb/sth
she is devoted to her animals.
die - meghal
die of/from sth
she died of aids.
die for sth
he died for his country.
die sth
he died a happy man.
die adj
he died young.
differ - különbözik
sth and sth differ
our opinions differ considerably.
sth differs from sth
her opinion differs from mine.
differ with sb about/on/over sth
I have to differ with you about this matter. nem tudok egyetérteni
different - különböző
different from/to bre//than ame sb/sth
indian languages are not significantly different from each other.
differentiate - különbséget tesz
differentiate between sb/sth and sb/sth
it is difficult to differentiate between the two species.
differentiate sb/sth from sb/sth
she can't differentiate this species from the other.
differentiate sb/sth from sb/sth
the green tail differentiates the male from the female. megkülönbözteti a hímet a nősténytől
difficult - nehéz
difficult to do sth
she was very difficult to follow.
it is difficult for sb to do sth
it was difficult for me to follow her.
direct - irányít, utasít
direct sth to/towards sth/sb
I have to direct my attention to the refugees. a menekültekre kell figyelnem.
direct sth at/against sth/sb
never direct you anger at your children. sohase töltsd ki a haragod a gyerekeiden!
direct sb to …
she directed him to the theatre. megmutatta az utat
direct sth
a police officer was directing the traffic at the crossroads.
direct sb to do sth
he was directed to evacuate the building.
direct that sb/sth should do sth
the order directed that there should be no contact between the father and the girl.
disagree - nem ért egyet
disagree with sb on/over/about sth
I disagree with her on almost everything.
disagree with doing sth
I disagree with giving military help. ellenzem a katonai segítséget.
disagree that
it was hard to disagree that it was necessary.
disappointed - csalódott
disappointed about/at sth
she was disappointed at her results.
disappointed in/with sb/sth
I'm disappointed in you. csalódtam benned
disappointed to do sth
I was disapponted to see that my father was so drunk. csalódottan láttam, hogy
disappointed that
I am disapponted that there is no more left.
discontented - elégedetlen
discontented with sth
I was discontented with the food in the camp.
discourage - elkedvetlenít
discourage sth
schools try to discourage drug taking among teenagers. próbálják megakadályozni
discourage sb from doing sth
her parents tried to discourage her from being a teacher.
discover - felfedez
discover sth
columbus discovered america.
discover sb adj
he was discovered dead at his home yesterday. holtan találtak rá
discover sb doing sth
the famous football player was discovered playing on a local works pitch.
sb is discovered to do sth
she was discovered to be a genius. rájöttek, hogy egy zseni
discover that
I discovered that my father couldn't sing. rájöttem
it is discoverd that
it was discovered that he had taken all the money. kiderült
discover wh
we never discovered why he left. sohasem tudtuk meg, hogy miért
discriminate - megkülönböztet
discriminate against/in favour of sb/sth
they discriminate against/in favour of women.
discriminate between sb/sth and sb/sth
it is difficult to discriminate between culture and nature.
discriminate sb/sth from sb/sth
I couldn't discriminate her voice from her mother's.
discuss - megvitat, megbeszél
discuss sth with sb
they discussed the plan with the board.
discuss doing sth
they discussed buying a new computer.
discuss wh
they discussed when the deadline would be.
disgusted - undorodik
disgusted at/by/with sb/sth/oneself
I was disgusted with myself for being so rude.
disgusted to do sth
I was disgusted to hear him burp.
dislike - nem szeret
dislike sb/sth
I don't dislike him at all.
dislike it wh
she dislikes it when people are aggressive.
dislike doing sth
I dislike hurting my father.
dislike sb's doing sth
he disliked her leaving home.
dismiss - elbocsát
dismiss sb/sth as sth
his idea was dismissed as unworkable. elvetették az ötletét
dismiss sth from sth
she dismissed him from her thoughts. elhesegette a gondolataiból
dismiss sb from sth
he was dismissed from his job yesterday.
dispense - biztosít
dispense sth to sb
the government dispenses free education to everyone.
dispense with sb/sth
dogs can dispense with their tail but never their head. megválhatnak
dispose - megszabadul vmitől
dispose of sb/sth
it is a problem how to dispose of nuclear waste.
disposed - hajlamos, vmilyen szándékú
disposed to/towards sb/sth
he seems well disposed to/towards asians. jóindulatú
disposed to do sth
he was not disposed to give an interview. nem volt hajlandó
disqualify - kizár
disqualify sb
she was disqualified for 2 years. diszkvalifikálták
disqualify sb from doing sth
his heart problem disqualified him from doing military service. felmentette a katonai szolgálat alól
dissuade - lebeszél
dissuade sb
she couldn't be dissuaded.
dissuade sb from doing sth
I tried to dissuade her from watching that film.
distinct - más, különböző
distinct from sth
pop music is distinct from classical music.
distinguish - különbséget tesz
distinguish between sb/sth and sb/sth
children are not able to distinguish between reality and fantasy.
distinguish sb/sth from sb/sth
children are not able to distinguish reality from fantasy.
distinguish sb/sth from sb/sth
the male fish is distinguished from the female by its red colour. a színe különbözteti meg a hímet
distinguish oneself as sth
he distinguished himself as a dancer. táncosként tűnt ki
distract - eltérít, elvon
distract sb/sth from sth
she is always distracting me from studying.
divide - eloszt, feloszt
divide sth into sth
she divided the class into four groups.
divide sth between/among sb
the robbers divided the money between themselves.
divide sb/sth from sb/sth
the urals divide europe from asia. választja el
divide sth by sth
8 divided by 4 is 2. osztva
divorce - elválik
she divorced last month.
divorce sb
she divorced her husband.
do - csinál
do sth
what are you doing this evening?
do as …
do as you please. tégy, ahogy a kedved tartja
do adv
he does well at school. jól tanul.
do sth for sb
they'll do a copy for everyone. mindenkinek készítenek másolatot.
do sb sth
they'll do everyone a copy.
do for sb/sth
this dress will do for the party, won't it? megfelelő, elég jó
do as sth
this box will do as a wardrobe for a while. megteszi
do sb for sth
I was done for speeding last week. megbüntettek
do doing sth
I've done working. we can leave. befejeztem a munkát
doubt - kételkedik
doubt sth
I don't doubt her testimony.
doubt that
she has never doubted that her father would come back.
doubt wh
I doubt whether the new teacher will be better. kétlem, hogy
doubtful - kétséges
doubtful about doing sth
I am really doubtful about accepting his offer. bizonytalan vagyok
it doubtful if/that/whether
it is doubtful if this sculpture is original. nem valószínű
draw - húz, kihúz
draw sth on sb
the cowboy drew his pistol on the indian.
draw sb to sth
the movie is drawing a lot of people to the cinema. vonz
draw sth from sb
the measure has drawn a lot of criticism from the opposition. kivált
draw sth from sth
we drew our conclusions from the defeat. levontuk a következtetéseket
draw with/against sb
france drew with/against argentina. döntetlent játszott
draw at/on sth
he was drawing on his cigarette. szív
draw sth from/out of sth
I drew $200 from my account. kivesz
draw sth/sb to do sth
france was drawn to play against england.
dread - fél, retteg
dread sth
she has been dreading this meeting for years.
dread to do sth
I dread to think what could happen to us. gondolni sem merek rá
dread doing sth
I dread losing my job.
dread that
I dreaded that he wouldn't come back.
dream - álmodik
dream of/about sth/sb
I dreamt about philip last night.
dream of/about doing sth
he has always dreamt of becoming an actor.
dream that
I dreamt that I was in bruce willis's arms.
dress - öltözik, felöltözik
she was dressing very slowly.
dress sb in sth
she dressed the baby in warm clothes. felöltöztette
dress sb for sth
he dressed for dinner.
dress sb in sth
she was dressed in blue.
dress sb as sth
the little girl was dressed as a lady. öltöztették
drink - iszik
drink to sb/sth
let's drink to adam.
due - esedékes
due to sth/sb
many people died due to the lack of nutritional food. következtében
due for sth
their new record is due for release in june.
due to do sth
his five-day trip to japan is due to begin on thursday.
eager - buzgó, lelkes
eager for sth
he is fit and eager for the challenge.
eager to do sth
the princess is eager to meet the winners. alig várja, hogy
eager that
he is eager that his wife leaves nothing to her brother. arra áhítozik, hogy
easy - könnyű
easy to do sth
this machine is easy to clean.
easy doing sth
it is not easy working out how many bottles to buy.
it is easy to do sth
it was easy to persuade her.
sb/sth is easy to do
she was easy to persuade.
economical - gazdaságos
economical on sth
old cars are not economical on fuel.
it is economical to do sth
in hungary it's more economical to go by train than by bus. jobban megéri
it is economical doing sth
in hungary it's more economical going by train than by bus.
elaborate - részletesen kidolgoz, bővebben kifejt
elaborate on/upon sth
unfortunately, we cannot elaborate on this topic now.
elect - választ
elect sb to sth
he was elected to parliament. beválasztották
elect sb as sth
she was elected as mp for sussex west.
elect to do sth
more and more women elect to work part-time. azt választják, hogy
elevate - felemel
elevate sb/sth to sth
the king elevated him to earl of stair. megtette stair grófjává
elevate sb/sth into sth
he's elevated himself into the big league. felküzdötte magát
elicit - kicsal
elicit sth from sb
the strikers failed to elicit a response from the director.
eligible - jogosult, alkalmas
eligible for sth
young refugees are not eligible for state scholarships.
eligible to do sth
you are not eligible to drink alcohol under 18.
eliminate - eltávolít
eliminate sb/sth from sth
high-sugar foods should be eliminated from a healthy eating plan.
embark - belefog
they embarked at 10 o'clock the night before. hajóútra indul
embark on/upon sth
he is about to embark on a political career.
embarrassed - zavart
embarrassed about/at sth
he was embarrassed about the hole in his sock. zavarban volt
embarrassed to do sth
she was embarrassed to take off her clothes. kínosnak érezte, hogy
emerge - felbukkan
some new documents emerged yesterday. napvilágra került
emerge from sth
she finally emerged from the cave. előbukkant
emerge as sth
she emerged as a serious rival to the newcastle runner.
it emerged that
it emerged that the company had gone bankrupt. kiderült
emigrate - emigrál
emigrate from… to…
she emigrated from england to zimbabwe.
empathize - átérzi vki helyzetét
empathize with sb/sth
some colonists emphathized with the poor natives.
emphasize - hangsúlyoz
emphasize sth
he emphasized the importance of immediate action.
emphasize that
he emphasized that they would have to change some of their plans.
it is emphasized that
it should be emphasized that this is the company's last chance.
emphasize wh
he emphasized how little chance they had to win the match.
employ - alkalmaz
employ sth
the police employed force.
employ sb as sth
he is employed as a mechanic.
employ sb to do sth
actors are employed to work only six hours.
empty - üres
empty of sth
the small room was nearly empty of furniture.
enclose - bekerít
enclose sth by/in/with sth
the garden is enclosed by a tall cast-iron fence.
endure - elvisel
endure sth
he couldn't endure loneliness.
endure doing sth
she couldn't endure parting from her husband.
endure to do sth
she couldn't endure to part from her husband.
engage - lefoglal
engage sth
he engaged the enemy. megtámadta
engage sb as sth
she engaged him as a sub-editor. segédszerkesztőként alkalmazta
engage sb to do sth
he was engaged to read the 9 o'clock news. arra szerződtették
engage with sb/sth
she is able to engage with old people. kapcsolatot teremteni
engage in sth
they immediately engaged in conversation. beszédbe elegyedtek
engage sb in sth
she managed to engage him in conversation. bevonni a társalgásba
engaged - elfoglalt
engaged in/on sth
both countries are now engaged in war in the gulf. harcban áll
engaged to sb
she is engaged to john. john a jegyese.
enjoy - élvezi
enjoy sth
we enjoyed the trip very much.
enjoy oneself
I enjoyed myself in italy. jól éreztem magam
enjoy doing sth
I enjoy playing cards.
enjoy it wh
she enjoys it when people are watching her.
enjoyable - élvezetes
sth enjoyable to do
this book is enjoyable to read.
it is enjoyable to do sth
it is enjoyable to walk around here.
enough - elég
enough for sb
my room is big enough for me.
enough for sb to do sth
she is old enough to make decisions alone.
it is enough for sb to do sth
it's sunny enough even for you to swim and eat out.
it is adj enough that
it's bad enough that women are afraid to walk at night.
it is adj enough that sb should do sth
it's bad enough that women should be afraid to walk at night.
entail - maga után von
entail sb/sth doing sth
repairing the car will entail us spending a lot of money.
enter - belép
she entered and stared at me.
enter sth
somebody entered the room.
enter for sth
2000 runners have entered for the competition. 2000 futó nevezett be
enter sb in/for sth
he entered ten horses in the races. tíz lovat nevezett be
enter sth in/on/into sth
I entered all the figures into the computer. betáplálta az összes számadatot
enthusiastic - lelkes
enthusiastic about sb/sth
she didn't sound too enthusiastic about her new hairdresser.
enthusiastic about doing sth
he is really enthusiastic about travelling in the states.
entitle - feljogosít
entitle sb to sth
everybody is entitled to health care. mindenkinek joga van
entitle sb to do sth
this card entitles you to travel free on public transport.
entrust - rábíz
entrust sth to sb
she entrusted the documents to him. a gondjaira bízta
entrust sb with doing sth
she entrusted him with handling the documents.
envious - irigy
envious of sb/sth
I have never been envious of my brother's career. nem irigykedtem
equal - ige egyenlő vmivel
equal sb/sth
ten times two equals twenty. ugyanannyi, mint
equal - mn. egyenlő
equal to sb/sth
1 mile is equal to 1.609 km.
equip - felszerel
equip sb/sth with sth
the office is equipped with phones and fax machine.
equip sb for sth
this course equips candidates for accountancy. felkészíti a vizsgázókat
equip sb/sth to do sth
education should equip children to act in their own interest. fel kellene készítenie a gyerekeket
escape - elszökik
escape from sb/sth
we managed to escape from the camp.
escape sth
she escaped death by jumping out of the window. megmenekült a haláltól
escape doing sth
she narrowly escaped being captured. megmenekült a fogságtól
escape with sth
they escaped with no injuries. megúszták
escape adj
all the prisoners escaped unhurt. sértetlenül megúszták
escape into sth
a lot of waste is escaping into the lake. szivárog
essential - nélkülözhetetlen
essential to/for sth
physical strength is essential for this job.
it is essential for sb/sth to do sth
it is essential for doctors to keep the laboratory rules.
it is essential that
it is essential that you keep the laboratory rules.
establish - alapít
establish sth
the state was established in 1875. 1875-ben alapították
establish sb/sth/oneself in/at sth as sth
when they met again, he was established in the country as a farmer. vidéken telepedett le
establish that
the doctors have established that the cause of the death was poisoning. az orvosok megállapították
it is established that
it has been established that she was poisoned by him. kimutatták
establish wh
the police have established where he spent the night of the murder. a rendőrök kinyomozták
estimate - becsül, megbecsül
estimate sth at sth
the police estimate the demonstrators at 5000.
estimate to do sth
the crowd is estimated to be 5000.
estimate that
they estimated that the new house would cost about $30,000. úgy tervezték
it is estimated that
it is estimated that the new office building would cost about $80,000. a tervek szerint
estimate wh
it is hard to estimate how many people drink more than a litre of alcohol every day.
evident - egyértelmű
evident to sb that
it was evident that he was rich.
evident wh
it was evident why the play became a success.
evolve - kialakul
evolve sth from sth into sth
multimedia has evolved from a technological issue into a metaphysical one. metafizikai kérdéssé változott
evolve from sth
man evolved from higher apes. az ember a majomból fejlődött ki
examine - vizsgál
examine sth
his case will have to be examined more carefully.
examine sth/sb for sth
all these cars have been examined for damage.
examine sb in/on sth
I examined him on his maths knowledge. levizsgáztattam
examine wh
we should examine how he came to this conclusion.
excel - kitűnik
excel oneself
he excelled himself as a centre-forward.
excel in/at sth
as a teenager, she excelled in foreign languages.
excel at doing sth
my husband excels at cooking. remekül főz
exchange - vált
exchange sth with sth
jane exchanged glances with george. pillantásokat váltott
exchange sth for sth
I'd like to exchange my money for british pounds. átváltani
exclude - kizár
exclude sb/sth from sth
you will be excluded from the network if you fail to log in more than five times. letiltanak a hálózatról
exclusive - vmi nélkül
exclusive of sb/sth
the price is exclusive of lunch, it is only for breakfast and dinner. az árban nincs benne
exist - létezik
dinosaurs don't exist anymore.
exist on sth
old people can't exist on their pension in hungary. nem tudnak megélni
there exists sth
there must exist a better solution.
expect - vár
expect sb/sth
they are expecting a child.
expect to do sth
we expect to meet them today. arra számítunk, hogy
expect sb/sth to do sth
we expect the letter to arrive today.
expect that
I expect that she will be angry. valószínűnek tartom, hogy
expect of sb
don't expect impossible things of me. ne várj el tőlem
it is expected that
it is expected that prices will rise. valószínű, hogy
expel - kirúg, kizár
expel sb/sth from sth
he was expelled from the local school for smoking. eltanácsolták
expensive - drága
expensive to do sth
cars are expensive to produce.
it is expensive to do sth
it is expensive to buy food that children do not eat.
experiment - kísérletezik
experiment on sb/sth
she finds experimenting on animals outrageous.
experiment with sth
the farmers experimented with some alternative methods.
explain - elmagyaráz
I asked her what the matter was but she didn't want to explain.
explain oneself
he tried to explain himself kimagyarázni magát
explain sth to sb
I'll explain everything to you.
explain to sb that
he explained to us that his train had been late.
explain to sb wh
he explained why he was late. megmagyarázta, hogy miért késett
it is explained wh
it will be explained how the machine works.
exploit - kihasznál
exploit sb/sth
a lot of companies exploit their employees.
explore - felderít
explore sth for sth
the children explored the area for treasure.
export - exportál
export sth to …
a lot of hungarian wine is exported to foreign countries.
expose - kitesz vmi hatásának
expose sb/sth/oneself to sth
don't expose yourself to strong sunlight.
be exposed as adj/sth
in the report he was exposed as a traitor. leleplezték, mint árulót
express - kifejez
express sth to sb
she expressed her doubts to me.
express oneself
little children often can't express themselves.
express wh
he wanted to express how delighted he was.
express sb/sth as
we wanted to express ourselves as artists.
expressive - kifejező
expressive of sth
this music is expressive of the portuguese soul.
extract - kivesz
extract sth from sth
they extracted this passage from his first novel.
face - szembenéz
face sth
you'll have to face the consequences.
face doing sth
he couldn't face meeting her.
be faced with sth
he was suddenly faced with a dilemma. hirtelen szembesülnie kellett
fail - megbukik
fail in sth
I failed in the attempt to take her with me. nem sikerült
fail sth
he failed the exam.
fail sb
the teacher failed the best student, which was a surprise. megbuktatta
fail to do sth
she never fails to telephone me. soha nem felejti/mulasztja el
sth fail
the engine of the plane failed. leállt a motor
fail sb
when he deserted the army he felt that he failed his family. csalódást okoz
fair - korrekt, tisztességes
fair with sb
he was very fair with his men, and everyone liked him.
it is fair to/on sb to do sth
it is not fair to the students to make them write five tests on the same day.
it is fair to do sth
it is not fair to blame him for everything.
it is fair that
it is not fair that you blame them for everything.
faithful - hűséges
faithful to sb/sth
the dog has always been faithful to its master.
fall - esik
she fell into the lake.
fall adj
he fell ill last week. megbetegedett
fall by sth
inflation fell by 2 per cent. 2 százalékot esett
familiar - ismerős
familiar to sb
her voice is really familiar to me.
familiar with sth
he is familiar with ancient history. sokat tud az ókori történelemről.
familiar with sb
the boss is really familiar with her secretary. jóban vannak
familiarize - megismerkedik
familiarize oneself/sb with sth
I have to familiarize myself with the system first.
famous - híres
famous for sth
jim morrison was famous for his music.
famous as sth
jim morrison was famous as a singer.
fancy - tetszik, kedvére van
fancy sth
do you fancy a beer? nem kérsz egy sört?
fancy sb
I am sure he fancies you. tetszel neki
fancy oneself as sth
he fancies himself as a famous politician. úgy tekint magára
fancy doing sth
do you fancy having a drink tonight? volna kedved
fancy that
he fancied that he could fly. azt képzelte
fantasize - fantáziál
fantasize about sth
she sometimes fantasized about marrying keanu reeves.
far - messze
far from sth
the shop is not far from here.
fascinated - elragadtatott
fascinated by sth
she has always been fascinated by chinese pottery. mindig lenyűgözte
fascinated to do sth
she was fascinated to hear that her husband had reached the north pole. örömmel fogadta a hírt
favourable - előnyös
favourable to/for sb/sth
the conditions of the contract seemed favourable for both sides.
fear - fél
fear sb
all the children fear her.
fear to do sth
he feared to admit where he had spent the night before.
fear doing sth
the little girl feared showing her school report to her parents.
fear that
officials fear that drugs will become even more popular. attól tartanak
fear sb adj
at least 35 people are feared dead.
fear sb to do sth
children are feared to be under the ruins.
fear it is feared that
it is feared that he has been killed.
fear for sb/sth
she feared for her son while he was in the war. féltette
fear so/not
'is he coming?' 'I fear so/not.' attól félek, hogy igen/nem.
fearful - fél
fearful for sb
his mother has been fearful for her son all her life. féltette
fearful of sth/of doing sth
they were fearful of the attack/of being attacked. rettegtek a támadástól
fearful that
she was fearful that she would faint on stage. attól félt, hogy
feed - etet
feed sb/sth on/with sth
the monkeys in the zoo are fed on bananas.
feed sth to sb/sth
bananas are fed to the monkeys in the zoo. banánt adnak
feed sth into sth
copy paper is fed into the machine automatically. automatikusan tölti
feel - érez
feel adj
I feel so free with you.
feel sth
I feel no responsibility at all!
feel like sb
I felt like a cartoon character.
feel sb/sth doing sth
he felt somebody stroking his head. érezte, hogy valaki megsimogatja a fejét
feel sb/sth do sth
I felt her love go through me.
feel be felt to do sth
they were felt to be in danger. úgy érezték, hogy veszélyben vannak
feel that
I felt that I had to tell the truth.
feel it to do sth
she felt it to be her duty to bring up her sister's children.
feel it adj
he felt it important to mention that he was unemployed.
sb/sth feels as if/as though
his head felt as though he had taken a cold shower. olyan volt, mintha
it feels as if/as though
it felt as though he had taken a cold shower.
sb/sth feels adj
her body feels really cold. hideg a tapintása
sb/sth feels like
this table feels like wood. tapintásra fa
feel wh
feel how smooth it is. fogd csak meg
feel - like kedve van
feel doing sth
I feel like eating an ice-cream.
fetch - érte megy és elhoz
fetch sb sth
could you fetch me my glasses please? I've left them in the garden. kimennél a szemüvegemért
fetch sb for sb
could you fetch a glass of water for your mother please? hoznál egy pohár vizet
fight - harcol
fight sth against sb
they fought a war against the rebels in gambia.
fight sb/sth for sth
milan fought the city of como for control of lombardy.
fight sth
they are trying to fight racism. próbálnak küzdeni a fajgyűlölet ellen
fight for sth
the activists are fighting for equal rights.
fight to do sth
the captain fought to save the ship in the storm.
fight with sb about/over sth
don't fight with her about trivial things. ne vitatkozz vele
sb and sb fight
john and jack were fighting about trivial things. veszekedtek
figure - gondol, képzel
figure in/amongst sth
the issue also figured in the politician's speech. szerepelt
figure that
we figured that the danger was minimal. úgy találtuk
figure on doing sth
I hadn't figured on meeting you here. számít vmire
fill - megtelik
fill with sth
her eyes filled with tears.
fill sth with sth
he filled my glass with wine. teletöltötte a poharamat
fill sb/oneself with sth
I filled myself with ice-cream I'm not hungry anymore. telezabáltam magam
find - talál
find sth
we found a nice pub in cheltenham road.
find sth for sb
could you find my keys for me?
find sb sth
could you find me my keys? megkeresnéd
find sb/sth adj
the kidnapped child was found healthy. egészségesen találták meg
find sb doing sth
I found him sleeping in the garden on the lawn. aludt, mikor rátaláltam
find that
the survey found that 15 per cent are satisfied with their life. kimutatta
find sb/sth to be adj
my parents found charles to be charming.
sb/sth is found to do sth
the cell is found to function like a helix. kimutatták, hogy
it was found that
it was found that most parties emphasize social security.
find it adj
I found it hard to deal with these children.
find it sth
I find it a strain to have to talk to people again. nehezemre esik
finish - befejez
finish sth
have you finished the painting?
finish doing sth
would you finish talking, please? abbahagynátok végre a beszélgetést?
finish sth with sth
we finished training with a relaxing exercise.
finish sth by/with doing sth
he finished the poem by raising his voice.
finish as sth
he finished as a star.
first - első
first to do sth
he was first to cross the atlantic.
fit - edzett
fit for sth
he is not fit enough for a marathon.
fit to do sth
he is not fit enough to run a marathon.
fit for sb/sth
the goods must be fit for the buyer's purpose. megfelelőnek kell lennie
fit to do sth
these goods are fit to satisfy the customers' needs. megfelelő
flood - eláraszt
flood sb/sth with sth
the hotel is flooded with complaints about the room service.
flood in/into/out of sth
the football fans flooded into the city centre. bezúdultak
fluent - folyékony
fluent in sth
he is really fluent in urdu. folyékonyan beszél
follow - követ, követi
I tried to explain but she didn't seem to follow what I was saying.
there followed sth
there followed much confusion. aztán nagy zavar keletkezett.
follow sb
somebody has been following me.
it follows that
it follows that the prisons debate is not just about prisons. ebből az következik
fond - szeret
fond of sb/of doing sth
I am really fond of watching your goldfish. szeretem nézni az aranyhalad.
foolish - buta, nevetséges
foolish to do sth
we would be foolish to expect leaders not to make any mistakes. butaság lenne
it is foolish for/of sb to do sth
it's just foolish for/of us to travel separately. butaság
forbid - megtilt
forbid sth
the sect forbids all kinds of entertainment.
forbid sb from doing sth
bill forbade me from telling you the details.
forbid sb to do sth
my doctor forbade me to lift any weight.
forbid doing sth
she forbade selling their mother's house.
force - kényszerít
force sb into doing sth
I was forced into accepting the job.
force sb to do sth
I was forced to accept the job.
foreign - idegen
foreign to sb/sth
laziness is foreign to him.
forget - elfelejt
forget about sb/sth
he forgot about her birthday.
forget about doing sth
I forgot about posting the letter. elfelejtettem, hogy feladtam
forget doing sth
I'll never forget seeing you for the first time. soha nem felejtem el azt, amikor először láttalak
forget to do sth
I forgot to post the letter. elfelejtettem feladni
forget that
he forgot that I would come.
forget wh
I've forgotten where I put my keys.
forgetful - feledékeny
forgetful of sb/sth
mankind is often forgetful of its history. könnyen elfelejti
forgive - megbocsát
forgive sb/oneself for sth/for doing sth
I can't forgive him for deceiving me.
forgive sth
I can't forgive his rude remarks.
forgive sb's doing sth
forgive my disturbing you please. kérem bocsássa meg, hogy zavarom
fortunate - szerencsés
fortunate to do sth
I was fortunate to have met him.
it is fortunate for sb that
it is fortunate for him that mr browning has rescued him. szerencse, hogy
it is fortunate that sb should do sth
how fortunate that you should be here. micsoda szerencse
free - ige kiszabadít
free sb from sth
almost all the political prisoners were freed from prison.
free sb/sth/oneself of/from sb/sth
they have decided to free all political prisoners from jail. úgy döntöttek, hogy szabadon engedik
free sth
she freed some time for her music lessons. felszabadított némi időt
free sb to do sth
winning the lottery freed her to live as she liked. lehetővé tette
free - mn. szabad
free from/of sth
your disk is free from viruses. vírusmentes
free for sth
are you free for a drink tonight? ráérsz egy italra
free to do sth
applicants are free to choose their courses. szabadon választhatnak
friendly - barátságos
friendly to/towards sb
all the locals were so friendly to me.
friendly with sb
I am not friendly with my neighbours. nem vagyok jóban
friendly to do sth
she's quite friendly to talk to actually.
frighten - megijeszt
frighten sb
he didn't want to frighten you.
frighten sb into/out of doing sth
he was frightened out of the robbery/stealing the money. elijesztették
it frightens sb to do sth
it frightens me to imagine you there alone. még elképzelni is ijesztő
frightened - ijedt
frightened of doing sth
I am frightened of touching spiders. félek
frightened to do sth
I am too frightened to talk to him. félek beszélni vele
frightened that
she was frightened that little mike would fall off the bike. félt, hogy
frightened for
all mothers are frightened for their children. féltik a gyermekeiket
frustrated - frusztrált
frustrated by sth
I was frustrated by a slow start.
frustrated at/with doing sth
I felt really frustrated with having to wait.
full - tele
full of sth
my bag is full of books.
function - működik
function as sth
my old elementary school now functions as a nursery school.
funny - furcsa
it is funny to do sth
it's funny to look back on it now.
it is funny that
it's funny that after all these years I still haven't forgotten his name.
it is funny that sb should do sth
it's funny that you should mention that.
funny wh
it's funny how the mind works at a time like this.
furious - mérges
furious with sb
he was absolutely furious with me, I didn't know why.
furious at/about sth/sb
she was furious at having missed the plane.
furious that
we were furious that you left without leaving a message.
furnish - bebútoroz
furnish sth with sth
she furnished the house with antique furniture.
furnish sb/sth with sth
he is furnished with all the relevant facts. birtokában van
fussy - kényes
fussy about sth
she is really fussy about table manners.
gain - szerez
gain sb sth
his gift for music gained him world-wide reputation.
gain sth by/from sth
everybody will gain something from this project. mindenki nyer valamit
gamble - szerencsejátékot játszik
the earl has gambled all his life.
gamble sth on sth
my father gambled all my inheritance on horses. feltettem az egész örökségem
gamble on sth/doing sth
they gambled on waiting a couple of hours at the border. biztosra vették
gamble that
many people gambled that he would be put to prison. sokan azt tippelték
gaze - bámul
gaze at sb/sth
she was gazing at the prince.
get - kap, szerez
get sth
he got a cd for his birthday.
get sth for sb
can you get a book for me from the library?
get sb sth
can you get me a book from the library?
get adj
didn't he get very angry? mérges lett
get sb/sth doing sth
the mechanic will get the car going. elindítja
get to do sth
we got to talk to her in the end. sikerült
get sb/sth to do sth
I'll try to get her to help you. megpróbálom rávenni
get sb/sth done
why did she get her hair cut? miért vágatta le a haját?
give - ad
give sb sth
he gave me a ring. adott nekem egy gyűrűt/felhívott telefonon
give sth to sb
she gave it to me on my eighteenth birthday.
give sth to sth
I always give a little money to charity.
give sb sth for sth
I will give you $50 for this bike.
give sth
the writer gave a reading from his latest novel. felolvasást tartott
glad - örül
glad about sth
I am glad about your engagement.
glad to do sth
I am glad to hear that you were accepted for the job. örömmel hallom
glad that
I am glad that you are here.
glad wh
she was glad when the school year was over.
glad if
I would be glad if you could help me. hálás lennék
glad of sb/sth
sergeant crane and I would be glad of tea. hálásak lennénk
glance - pillant
glance at sb/sth
he glanced at the door.
glance at/down/over/through
he only glanced through the newspaper. átfutotta
glare - bámul
glare at sb/sth
she wasn't crying, she just glared at me angrily.
go - megy
go to sth with sb
are you going to the party with him?
go for sth
let's go for a drink.
go adj
he went bald at the age of twenty. megkopaszodott
go to do sth
he has gone to visit his grandma. elment meglátogatni
go doing sth
she regularly goes running. jár futni
go that
the story goes that she has been to visit him at least twice. a történet szerint
go on sth
in third world countries money goes on debt and arms. a pénzt adósságok törlesztésére és fegyverekre költik
go to sb for sth
the house went to the state for very little money. kevés pénzért kelt el
good -
good at sth/doing sth
she is good at maths.
good with sth/sb
she is good with old people. jól bánik az idős emberekkel
good to sb
he was very good to my mother when I was away.
good for sth/sb
too much exercise is not good for the body.
good to do sth
he is good to work with.
it is good doing/to do sth
it's so good working/to work with you again.
it is good of sb to do sth
it was really good of you to help us. kedves volt tőled
it is good for sb to do sth
it is good for you to experience failure as well. jót tesz
it is good that
it's good that you came to me.
grab - megfog, megragad
grab sth from sb/sth
the child grabbed a piece of apple pie from the tray.
grab at/for sth
the thief grabbed for the lady's bag. a hölgy táskája után kapott
graduate - végez, elvégez
graduate in sth
she graduated in economics in 1987. közgazdaságtanból diplomát szerzett
graduate from …
he graduated from stanford university last year.
graduate from sth to sth
she graduated from being a model to playing in a soap opera. előlépett
grant - biztosít
grant sb sth
they granted everybody security.
grant sth to sb
they granted security to everybody.
grant that
they granted that everybody would be secure.
grateful - hálás
grateful to sb for sth
I was grateful to her for her help.
grateful to do sth
after the race I didn't feel like going out at all; I was grateful to be alive. örültem, hogy élek
grateful that
I'm grateful that I don't have to go through the whole procedure again. örülök, hogy
grateful if
we would be grateful if you could reply to us as soon as possible.
great - remek
it is great to do sth
it is great to have heroines and heroes to admire.
it is great doing sth
it is great living in a wide open world.
it is great for sb that
it is great for the yard that the horse has won the race.
grieve - fájdalmat okoz
grieve for/over sb/sth
he is still grieving for his wife. siratja a feleségét
grieve sth
he is grieving the death of his wife.
it grieves sb to do sth
it grieved him to say goodbye. fájt, hogy búcsúznia kellett
it grieves sb that
it grieved them that they couldn't help her. fájdalommal töltötte el őket
grin - mosolyog
grin at sb
she is always grinning at me.
grin sth
he grinned hello.
grow -
this tree has grown a lot since I was last here.
grow sth
he grows spices in his garden. termeszt
grow adj
he grew rich during the recession years. meggazdagodott
grow into/out of sb/sth
she grew into the habit of working at night. rászokott
grow to do sth
we grew to like her after a while. megkedveltük
grumble - morog
grumble at/to sb about/at sb/sth
he is always grumbling to me about his boss.
grumble that
he grumbled that he was hungry.
guarantee - garantál
guarantee sb sth
our travel agency guarantees you a decent hotel.
guarantee sth for sb
our travel agency guarantees a decent hotel for you.
guarantee to do sth
the company guaranteed to refund the money.
guarantee sb that
we can guarantee you that the system is safe.
guarantee wh
they couldn't guarantee what the outcome would be.
guess - kitalál
guess sth
I can't guess the answer.
guess at sth
I can only guess at her opinion, I haven't talked to her yet. csak találgatni tudok
guess that
I'd guess that she is married. azt gondolnám, hogy házas
guess wh
can you guess who I've met?
guess so/not
'are they married?' 'I guess so/not.' nem hinném/úgy hinném
guilty - bűnös
guilty of sth
he was found guilty of the murder.
guilty about sth
he felt guilty about having hurt his mother. bűntudata volt
hand - átad
hand sth to sb
she handed the paper to me.
hand sb sth
she handed me the paper.
happen - történik
happen to do sth
I happen to know her. történetesen ismerem
it happen that
it happened that she lost her job suddenly. úgy alakult, hogy
sth happen to sb/sth
what happened to your new shoes?
it so happen that
it so happened that we were both fired on the same day. úgy esett, hogy
as it happens
I met her just the other day, as it happens. ahogy ez már csak lenni szokott
see sth happening to sb
I can't see that happening to me. nem tudom elképzelni, hogy ez velem is előfordulhatna.
happy - boldog
happy for sb
I am really happy for them.
happy with/about sb/sth
she was really happy with her results. elégedett volt
happy to do sth
I am happy to announce the winner. örömmel jelentem be
happy that
I am happy that you are with us again.
hard - nehéz
sth is hard for sb to do
a good job is hard to find.
it is hard for sb to do sth
it is hard for old people to find a good job.
it is hard doing/to do sth
it's hard working/to work in shifts.
hard on sb/sth
typing all day can be hard on the hands. megerőlteti a kezet
harmful - ártalmas
sth is harmful to sb/sth
smoking is definitely harmful to your health.
hate - gyűlöl, utál
hate about sb/sth
what I hate about him is his egoism.
hate sb for sth
I hated her for being so rude.
hate doing sth
he has always hated reading books.
hate sb doing sth
I hate him complaining all the time.
hate to do sth
I would hate to tell him the truth. nem szeretném elmondani neki
hate sb to do sth
I'd hate him to think that I don't care. nem szeretném, ha azt gondolná
hate it somewhere
she hated it in the capital and moved to the countryside.
hate it if/when
I hate it when people laugh at each other.
hazardous - veszélyes
hazardous to sth
these chemicals are potentially hazardous to health.
hazardous for sb
these chemicals are hazardous for us.
hear - hall
hear sb/sth
I couldn't hear her voice in the disco.
hear sb/sth do sth
I heard him break a glass. hallottam, hogy eltörte a poharat
hear sb/sth doing sth
I heard him singing in the bathroom. hallottam, hogy énekel
hear sb/sth is heard to do sth
he was heard to break the glass. hallották, hogy eltörte a poharat
hear sb/sth is hearn doing sth
he was heard singing in the bathroom. hallották, hogy énekelt
hear that
I heard that she got married.
hear wh
did you hear what I said?
hear about sb/sth
I was really happy to hear about your wedding.
hear sth from/of sb/sth
I haven't heard anything from her for ages.
heavy - nehéz
heavy with sth
the tree was heavy with nectarines. csüngtek a kopaszbarackok a fán.
sth is heavy for sb to do
the suitcase was too heavy for me to carry.
help - segít
help sb with sth
she helped me with the housework.
help sb to do sth
I helped him to clean the house.
help sb in doing sth
this booklet really helped me in planning my career.
help sb to sth
shall I help you to some more sauce? adhatok még egy kis szószt esetleg?
help - nem tud megállni vmit
can't/ couldn't help doing sth
I couldn't help laughing when I heard that incredible story. nem tudtam megállni nevetés nélkül
can't/ couldn't help but do sth
I couldn't help but laugh when I heard that story. csak nevetni tudtam
helpful - hasznos
helpful for/to sb
the course is very helpful to pregnant women.
it helpful for sb to do sth
it is helpful for students to do exercises on using phonetic symbols.
helpful in doing sth
watching programmes in a foreign language is helpful in developing listening.
it is helpful that
it was helpful that these topics also interested the boys. az segített, hogy
high - magas
high in sth
chocolate is high in fat. nagy a zsírtartalma
hinder - megakadályoz
hinder sb/sth from doing sth
his father hardly hindered him from meeting girls.
hint - céloz
hint at sth
he was only hinting at his feelings all night.
hint to sb that
they hinted to the guest that it was late. éreztette a vendéggel
hit - üt
hit sb/sth with sth
the old lady hit the mugger with her umbrella. rásózott a rablóra
hit sth on/against sth
she hit her head against the glass door. beverte a fejét
dishonest - őszinte
dishonest about sth
I have always been honest about my feelings.
dishonest with sb
I have never been honest with you.
dishonest to do sth
she delayed her answer, but she was too honest to stay silent.
hope - remél
hope for sth
we are hoping for good results. reménykedünk a jó eredményekben
hope to do sth
I hope to announce the winner shortly. reményeim szerint rövidesen bejelentem
hope that
I hope that he is well.
it is hoped that
it is hoped that the african economy will improve.
hope so/not
'is he going to come?' 'I hope so/not.'
hopeful - bizakodó
hopeful about sth
she is not very hopeful about her application.
hopeful that
we're very hopeful that we will have some extra support. nagyon bízunk benne, hogy
hopeless - reménytelen
hopeless at sth
she is hopeless at music.
it is hopeless to do sth
it is hopeless to find a solution on the basis of this.
it is hopeless doing
it is hopeless trying to get him to give any money.
horrible - borzasztó
horrible to do sth
her face is horrible to look at.
it is horrible to do sth
it is horrible to think of what happened to that poor family.
is horrible that sb should do sth
it is horrible that you should tempt me so heartlessly.
hungry - éhes
hungry for sth
the girl is simply hungry for love.
hunt - vadászik
hunt sth
elephants are still hunted in some areas.
hunt for sth
I am still hunting for a good computer.
hunt for sb
the police are hunting for the robbers. a rendőrség még mindig üldözi a rablókat
hurt - fáj
hurt sb
children often hurt themselves. megütik magukat
it hurts wh
it hurts when I raise my hand.
it hurts sb to do sth
it hurts me to see that people are so ignorant of the poor. rosszulesik látnom
it hurts that
it hurts that people are so ignorant of the poor. rosszulesik, hogy
ideal - ideális
ideal for sth/for doing sth
he is the ideal candidate for the presidency.
identical - ugyanolyan
identical to/with sb/sth
her hat is identical to/with mine.
identify - azonosít
identify sb/sth as sb/sth
the body was identified as that of the wanted criminal.
identify with sb
I couldn't identify with anyone in the novel. nem tudtam azonosulni egyik szereplővel sem
identify wh
they are trying to identify what went wrong. próbálják megállapítani
ignorant - tudatlan
ignorant of/about sth
he is completely ignorant of what goes on in the world. fogalma sincs róla
ill - beteg
ill with sth
a lot of people are ill with flu at the moment.
illustrate - illusztrál
illustrate that
the data illustrated that the development was considerable.
illustrate wh
the film illustrated how difficult it was to dive. a film bemutatta
imagine - képzel, elképzel
imagine sth adj
little children imagine animals free and happy.
imagine doing sth
she can't imagine living in a big city.
imagine sb doing sth
I can't imagine him shouting.
imagine that
she imagined that she was rich.
imagine wh
we can't imagine what the solution could be.
imagine so/not
'is he suffering?' 'I imagine so/not.'
immune - immunis
immune to sth
she is immune to mumps.
immune from sth
not even the pope is immune from criticism. védett a kritikával szemben
imply - utal, sugall
imply sth about sth
his poems imply much about the ways in which he wanted to be seen. sokat elmond arról, hogy
imply that
his suggestion implies that money is the key factor. azt sugallja
import - importál
import sth from …
we import cars from japan.
important - fontos
important to do sth
it is important to explain why the information is required.
sth is important to sb
it was suddenly very important to me that he should live.
important for sb to do sth
. it is important for us to understand what is going on.
it is important to sb that
it's important to me that she talks now.
it is important that sb should do sth
it is important that teachers should help students in the learning process.
impose - kivet
impose sth on/upon sth/sb
the government has decided to impose a higher tax on tobacco.
impress - hatással van
impress sb with sth/sb
he was really impressed by her beauty. lenyűgözte a szépsége
impress sth on/upon sb
he impressed the importance of the campaign upon the party members. hangsúlyozta a párttagoknak
it impresses sb that
it impressed me that she called me back immediately. meggyőző volt számomra, hogy
improve - fejlődik
her output has improved a lot since last year.
improve sth
they wanted to improve their english. fejleszteni
improve on/upon sth
he has improved on last year's results. javított a múlt évi eredményein
indebted - lekötelezett
indebted to sb for sth
she is indebted to her teacher for his help. le van kötelezve a tanárának
indifferent - közömbös
indifferent to sb/sth
she is completely indifferent to others' opinion.
indispensable - elengedhetetlen
indispensable to sb/sth
understanding is indispensable to a good marriage.
indispensable for doing sth
a good computer is indispensable for writing a book.
infect - fertőz
infect sb/sth with sth
he infected his sister with the disease.
infected - fertőzött
infected with sth
she is infected with aids. aids fertőzött
infected by sth
she was infected by her brother's enthusiasm. átragadt rá a testvére lelkesedése
infer - kikövetkeztet
infer sth from sth
I always try to infer the meaning of the words from the context.
infer that
he inferred that the chairman knew what was going on.
inferior - alsóbbrendű
inferior to sb/sth
some people consider romantic fiction inferior to historical fiction.
inflict - mér vkire vmit
inflict sth on/upon sth
the greeks inflicted a defeat on the persians. legyőzték
inflict sb on sb
sorry for inflicting my mother on you again. bocs, hogy rád tukmálom
inform - közöl
inform sb of/about sth
he informed me of the results.
inform on/against sb
the criminal informed on the rest of the band. beköpte a banda többi tagját
inform sb that
he informed the police that some money was missing.
inform sb wh
he informed the police where the criminal was hiding.
infringe - megszeg, megsért
infringe sth
I don't feel that I infringed any rules.
infringe on/upon sth
I won't answer questions that infringe upon my civil rights.
inherit - örököl
inherit sth from sb
I will inherit a lot of money from my uncle in a short time.
insist - ragaszkodik
insist on doing sth
he insisted on taking the bigger cake.
insist on sb/sb's doing sth
I insist on you/your taking the bigger cake.
insist that sb should do sth
he insisted that he should concentrate on improving his speaking skill.
inspire - ösztönöz, inspirál
inspire sb to sth
his enthusiasm inspired the team to victory. győzelemre tüzelte a csapatot
inspire sb to do sth
the trainers tries to inspire children to take up athletics.
inspire sb with sth
his comments inspired me with confidence. bizalommal töltött el engem
inspire sth in sb
the building inspired michelangelo in his designs for st. peter's. megihlette
insure - biztosít
insure oneself/sth against/for sth
he insured himself against sickness before going to the us. bebiztosította magát
intend - szándékozik
intend doing/to do sth
we don't intend spending/to spend any more money on this.
intend sb/sth to do sth
I intend her to have something to do with the arts.
intend that
we intend that the money should be divided equally. az a célunk, hogy egyenlően legyen elosztva a pénz
it is intended that
it was intended that the negotiations would finish by the end of the week. az volt a cél
intend sb/sth for sth
she intends her child for a medical career. orvosi pályára szánja
interest - érdekel
interest sb
this essay will interest a lot of people.
interest in doing sth
they tried to interest me in buying the property. próbáltak érdekeltté tenni
interested - érdeklődő
interested in sb
I am really interested in her. nagyon érdekel
interested in doing sth
he is really interested in studying astrology. érdekli az asztrológia
interested to do sth
she was really interested to hear about his travels. érdeklődéssel hallgatta
interfere - beleavatkozik
interfere in sth
don't interfere in his private matters.
interfere with sth/sb
don't interfere with him while he's working. ne zavard, miközben dolgozik!
interfere between
I would never interfere between a husband and a wife. soha sem állnék férj és feleség közé.
interrogate - kihallgat
interrogate sb about sth
the police interrogated the neighbours about the robbery.
intervene - közbelép
intervene in sth
the united nations finally intervened in the war.
interview - interjút készít
interview sb about sth
the politician was interviewed about the elections.
interview sb for sth
looks don't matter when we interview someone for a job. amikor felvételi beszélgetést folytatunk valakivel
introduce - bemutat
introduce sb to sb
she introduced me to a french boy.
introduce oneself to sb
she introduced herself to everybody. bemutatkozott
introduce sb to sth
the first few chapters introduce the readers to the theory. bevezeti az olvasót
introduce sth to sb
my grandfather introduced the pleasures of sailing to us. bevezetett minket a vitorlázás gyönyöreibe
introduce sth to/into sth
corn was introduced to europe in the middle ages. a kukoricát a középkorban hozták be európába
invest - befektet
invest sth in/on sth
he invested all his money in shares.
invest sth to do sth
all profits will be invested to benefit the youth of the area.
invest sth in doing sth
I have invested so much time in writing this paper.
investigate - nyomoz
investigate sth
the police have been investigating the murder for weeks.
investigate sb for sth
she is being investigated for drug trafficking.
investigate wh
the police are investigating where the crime might have happened.
invisible - láthatatlan
invisible to sb/sth
cells are invisible to the eye.
invite - meghív
invite sb to sth
she invited me to the party as well.
invite sb to do sth
I invited him to come with us to alaska. hívtam, hogy jöjjön velünk
invite sb to/for sth
applications are invited for research assistants. jelentkezéseket várunk
invite sth from sb
applications are invited from anyone interested. várjuk a jelentkezését
involve - maga után von
involve sth
the technique involves the use of tiles.
involve sb/sb's doing sth
the actor's contract with the company involves him/his using their product. a szerződés része az, hogy
involve sb in doing sth
the chairman should involve the board in making decisions. be kellene vonnia az igazgatótanácsot a döntéshozatalba
involved - részes vmiben
involved in sth
don't get involved in their project. ne keveredj bele
involved in/with sth/sb
I was so involved in the movie I didn't hear the phone ring. annyira belemélyedtem a filmbe
ironical - irónikus
it is ironical that
it is ironic that a catholic church was renovated by muslims.
irresponsible - felelőtlen
it is irresponsible of sb to do sth
it was irresponsible of the council not to take further action.
irritated - ideges
irritated at/by/with sth
I am really irritated by his behaviour. irritál a viselkedése
join - csatlakozik
join sth
he joined the army when he was only 18. belépett a hadseregbe
join sb/sth to do sth
join us to help raise funds.
join sth to sth
the top section was joined to the side. összekötötték
join in doing sth
will you join us in organizing the party? beszállsz a buli szervezésébe?
joke - viccel
joke about sth
he was joking about the rumours of his marriage.
joke that
he used to joke that he would disappear one day. azt mondogatta viccesen
judge - ítél, megítél
judge sb/sth by/on sth
it is unwise to judge him on his performance at the end of the season.
judge sb/sth to be adj
the indirect benefits are judged to be very beneficial to brazil.
judge that
they judged that she was tired because the baby was coming too soon.
judge wh
we couldn't judge what the outcome would be.
judge it adj to do sth
she judged it safer to load them into a box.
just - igazságos
it is just to do sth
it is just to punish criminals.
it is just that
it was not just that servants became lords and lords beggars.
justify - igazol
justify sth
his result justified the faith his trainers had put in him.
justify sth to sb
he had to justify his decision to the committee. meg kellett indokolnia
justify sb/sth doing sth
these circumstances justify us spending more money. indokolják
justified - jogos
justified in doing sth
your girlfriend was probably justified in feeling lonely. jogosan érezte magát magányosnak
keen - szeret, szívesen
keen on sb/sth/doing sth
most men are keen on playing football. szeret focizni
keen to do sth
he was keen to learn some quick and easy techniques. szívesen tanult
keen for sb to do sth
he was keen for me to tell my parents what had happened. szerette volna, ha elmondom
keen that
the policeman was quite keen that I stayed the night in santa fe. nagyon szerette volna
keen that sb should do sth
the policeman was quite keen that I should stay the night in santa fe. nagyon szerette volna, hogy
keep - tart, betart
keep sth
everybody has to keep his ticket.
keep sth for sth
can you keep the seat for me for a few minutes? foglalod a helyet
keep sth adj
she used a fine shampoo to keep her hair smooth. selymes maradjon a haja
keep sb/sth done
keep me informed of the news, please. folyamatosan tájékoztass
keep sb/sth as sth
I try to keep things as simple as possible. igyekszem mindent annyira egyszerűen csinálni, amennyire csak lehet.
keep doing sth
I keep forgetting the name of that actor. állandóan elfelejtem
keep sb doing sth
don't keep them waiting! ne várakoztasd meg őket
keep sb from doing sth
we tried to keep them from screaming. próbáltuk vigasztalni őket
keep sb/sth from sb/sth
she kept her secret from her friends. eltitkolta
keep sth to oneself
she kept her secret to herself. megtartotta magának
keep to sth
I keep to my path. járom az utam.
kill - öl
live electrical wires can kill.
kill sb/sth
he killed the man.
kill oneself
she tried to kill herself after the tragedy.
kill time doing sth
I kill time reading newspapers. elütöttem az időt
unkind - kedves
unkind to sb
most of the time he is very kind to us.
unkind to do sth
he was so kind as/kind enough to explain everything to us. volt olyan kedves
it is unkind of sb to do sth
it was very unkind of you to say that. nem volt szép tőled
know - tud, ismer
'she is ill.' 'I know.'
know sb/sth
I know her very well.
know sb/sth to do sth
I know him to be very patient.
know sb/sth as sth
she is known as a poet. költőként ismert
know sb/sth for sth
she is known for her poetry. ismert a költészetéről
know sth about/of sb/sth
do you know everything about the plan?
know that
we know that swimming is healthy.
it is known that
it is known that swimming is healthy. köztudott
know wh
she didn't know who to turn to. nem tudta kihez forduljon.
label - kikiált
label sb as sth
darwin was labelled as a heretic by many.
label sb as adj
some people tend to label others as gay.
lack - hiányzik
lack sth
we lacked the money necessary for the renovation.
lacking - hiányzik
be lacking in sth
a lot of children are lacking in imagination. nincs képzelőerejük
last - utolsó
last to do sth
the captain is the last to leave the ship.
late - késő
late for sth
it is very impolite to be late for a wedding ceremony. elkésni
late with sth
they are late with the rent. késnek
late in doing sth
we were late in filing our tax return. elkéstünk
it is too late to do sth
it is too late to phone them now.
laugh - nevet
laugh at sb/sth
we couldn't stop laughing at her.
laugh with sb
and when her husband cracked another joke, she could laugh with the rest.
laugh about sb/sth
you have to laugh about things like this otherwise you'd go mad.
lead - vezet
lead by sth
the team was leading by one goal when the accident happened.
lead sb/sth in sth
they lead the way in cancer research. elöljárnak
lead sb/sth
he was leading the crowd.
lead sb/sth to do sth
his remark led me to think. gondolkodásra késztettek
lead sb/sth to/into sth
the new tax system led the country to a crisis. válságba juttatta
lead to sb/sth doing sth
the revolution led to thousands of people emigrating. a forradalom azt eredményezte, hogy
learn - tanul
he is learning fast.
learn sth
did you learn the words for today?
learn from sth
it is best to learn from others' mistakes.
learn sth about sth
we learnt a lot about literature in his classes.
learn to do sth
we learnt to play the flute at school.
learn wh
they are learning how to dance.
learn of/about sth
reporters soon learned of/about our arrival. értesültek
learn that
we learnt that he wasn't coming. megtudtuk
leave - hagy
leave sb/sth with sb
leave your phone number with the secretary!
leave sth for sb
can you leave this book here for me, please?
leave sth to sb
he left his estate to her. ráhagyta
leave sb sth
he left her his estate.
leave sb/sth for sb/sth
she left budapest for london. elhagyta
leave sb adj
the film left me cold. hidegen hagyott
leave sb sth
the war left her an orphan. árva lett
leave sb/sth to do sth
leave the pasta to cook for 15 minutes.
leave sb/sth doing sth
I left him working in the garden.
lend - kölcsönad
lend sth to sb
can you lend a pen to me?
lend sb sth
can you lend me a pen?
lend to sb
banks here aren't ready to lend to anyone. kölcsönöz
lend oneself to sth
animals lend themselves to humorous interpretations. alkalmasak
let - hagy, enged
let sb/sth do sth
you didn't let her speak!
let sth to sb
she lets rooms to lodgers. kiad, bérbe ad
liable - felelős
liable for sb/sth
the company is liable for the damage.
liable to sth
children are liable to accidents in the house. hajlamosak
liable to do sth
the boss is liable to fire you if you keep on arriving late. valószínű, hogy ki fog rúgni
lie - fekszik
he was lying on the ground.
there lies sb/sth
there lay a body in the street.
lie adj
the dress lay untouched for years.
lie about sb/sth
why would he lie about his job? hazudik
lie to sb about sth
how could she lie to me about this? hazudik
like - szeret, kedvel
like sb/sth
we like chess.
like sb/sth adj
I like my day well-organized.
like sth about sb/sth
what we like about joe is his optimism.
like doing/to do sth
I like getting/to get up early.
like sb/sth to do sth
I'd like you to listen to this.
like sb/sb's doing sth
we like him/his joking.
like it wh
I like it when you imitate him.
unlikely - valószínű
sb/sth is unlikely to do sth
we are likely to arrive later than we expected. valószínű, hogy
it is unlikely that
it is likely that we'll arrive later than we expected.
link - összeköt
link to sth
these computers are linked to each other.
link with sth
western psychology tried to link acupuncture with the human nervous system. összefüggést keresni
listen - hallgat
listen to sth
we listened to jazz music yesterday.
listen to sb/sth doing sth
the mother listened to her child playing the piano.
listen for sth
I listened for noise but everything was really quiet. hallgatóztam, figyeltem
live - él
many people choose to live alone these days.
live with sb/sth
they live with nine dogs.
live for sb/sth
she lives for her children.
live like sb/sth
they lived like beggars.
live on sth
how can he live on this salary? megélni
live to sth
she will live to old age, I hope. hosszú élete lesz
live to do sth
perhaps this little child will live to see the bicentennial. megéli
long - vágyik
long for sb/sth
we are longing for a challenge.
long for sb to do sth
she longed for him to explore the world.
look - néz
look at sb/sth
she looked at the photos and sighed.
look sth/adj
she didn't look fit to come out of hospital. látszott
look like sb/sth
you look like your mother. úgy nézel ki, mint
look as if/as though
you look as if/as though you could do with a coffee. úgy nézel ki, mint aki
it looks as if/as though
it looked as if/as though nothing had happened. úgy tűnt, hogy
it looks adj to do sth
it looked important to call a meeting. fontosnak tűnt
lose - elveszít
lose sth
I lost my umbrella.
lose sb sth
his errors lost him the match. a hibái miatt veszített.
lose sth to sb
we lost the match to the dutch.
lose to sb by sth
our team lost to them by three points. három ponttal veszítettünk
lose against sb/sth
they fought hard but in the end they lost against us.
lose sth on sth
we lost a big sum on that contract.
lose sth by doing sth
we lost a big sum by accepting their offer.
lose oneself in sth
little children lose themselves in tales. belefeledkeznek
love - szeret
love sb/sth
we love you.
love sth about sb/sth
what we love about joe is his optimism. azért szeretjük joe-t, mert
love for sb/sth to do sth
I'd love for you to see our new flat.
love doing/to do sth
I love watching tv/to watch tv.
love sb's/sb doing sth
they loved his/him dancing.
love it wh
I love it when you smile like that.
lovely - nagyszerű, remek
it is lovely of sb to do sth
it was lovely of you to arrange this party. kedves tőled
it is lovely that
it is lovely that you could all come.
it is lovely to do sth
it is lovely to have another woman in the house.
it is lovely doing sth
it was lovely meeting you.
unlucky - szerencsés
unlucky with sb/sth
we were lucky with the weather.
unlucky to do sth
you are lucky to be alive. szerencse, hogy élsz.
unlucky in doing sth
you are lucky in having such a wonderful friend.
unlucky that
we were lucky that the rain stopped.
it is unlucky for sb that
it's lucky for us that we got here early.
mad - mérges
mad at/with sb
she is really mad at/with me for coming late.
mad about sth
she got mad about the washing machine. ideges lett a mosógép miatt
mad about/on sb/sth
she has always been mad about tennis. megőrül érte
mad with sth
she was mad with love. őrülten szerelmes
mad to do sth
you are mad to risk your life for nothing. őrült vagy, ha kockáztatod az életed
make - csinál, készít
make sth
I made a cup of tea.
make sb sth
I made her coffee.
make sb sth
we made him president. elnököt csináltunk belőle
make sth sth
I made painting the house my project for the summer. a ház kifestését tűztem ki célul
make sth for sb
I made coffee for her.
make sth of sth
the table is made of wood. fából készült
make sth from sth
glass is made from sand. homokból van
make sth out of sth
they made money out of the success. sok pénzt kerestek
make sth into sth
they made the book into a film. megfilmesítették
make sth with sth
this dish was made with a special spice.
make sth of sb/sth
don't make an actress of her.
make sb/sth adj
we try to make him happy. boldoggá akarjuk tenni
make sb do sth
we made him give up his plan. rávettük, hogy
be made to do sth
he was made to give up his plan. rávették, hogy
make it adj that
they made it clear that they wanted to leave. világossá tették
make it sth to do sth
I made it my duty to clean up. kötelességemnek tartottam
manage - vezet, irányít
don't worry, you'll manage. sikerülni fog
manage sth
he manages the shop.
manage to do sth
I managed to climb the tree. sikerült megmászni a fát
manage on sth
I just can't manage on £ 500 per week. nem tudok kijönni
manage with/without sth
we cannot manage with the children/without a computer. nem bír a gyerekekkel/nem tud meglenni számítógép nélkül
marry - házasodik
she married last year.
marry sb
she married her ex-husband again. feleségül ment
marry sb to sb
he married his daughter to a rich businessman. hozzáadta a lányát egy üzletemberhez.
marry adj
her mother married young.
get married to sb
she got married to her cousin last year. feleségül ment
matter - számít
it matter
she was late, but it didn't matter.
matter to sb
her dog matters more to her than her cat. fontosabb neki
it matter to sb that
doesn't it matter to you that we are lost? mit számít az neked
it matter to sb wh
it doesn't matter to me how old you are.
mean - jelent
mean sth to sb
money means nothing to me.
mean sth as sth
I meant my remark as a compliment. bóknak szántam a megjegyzésem
mean sth for sb
the dress was meant for his fiancée. a menyasszonyának szánta
sb is meant for sth
jane and jack are not meant for each other. nem egymásnak lettek teremtve
sb mean to be sth
judy's father meant her to be a chess player. sakkozónak szánta
mean doing
travelling by air means getting up early.
mean sth/sb doing sth
accepting the job will mean you working hard.
mean to do sth
I didn't mean to hurt you. nem akartalak megbántani
mean sb/sth to do sth
the children were meant to stay with you. úgy volt, hogy
mean that
it doesn't mean that we can't go on holiday.
mean wh
I always mean what I say. komolyan gondolom
meet - találkozik
they've never met before.
meet sb/sth
I met her at the zoo.
meet with sth
his speech was met with anger. haraggal fogadták a beszédét
mention - említ, megemlít
mention sb/sth to sb
he mentioned my name to her.
mention sth as
his name has been mentioned as the future pope. szóba jött a neve
mention to sb that
she mentioned to me that he was leaving.
mention to sb wh
did he mention to you why he was leaving?
mind - bán, zavar
he got up late, but he didn't mind. de nem bánta
mind sth
I don't mind the noise at all. nem zavar a zaj
mind doing
do you mind working in the garden? bánod, ha a kertben kell dolgoznod
mind sb/sb's doing sth
I hope you don't mind me/my opening the window. remélem, nem zavarja
mind it that
we didn't mind it that we had to wait. nem bántuk, hogy
mind if
do you mind if I smoke?
mind wh
my parents never minded how late I arrived.
miss - hiányzik
miss sth
he tried to score a goal, but he missed it. mellé lőtt
miss doing sth
I miss running in the morning.
mistake - összetéveszt, eltéveszt
mistake sb/sth as sb/sth
he mistook my joke as an insult. sértésnek vette a viccem
mistake sb/sth for sb/sth
I think you are mistaking me for someone. valakivel összekeversz
mistaken - téved
mistaken about sb/sth
you are completely mistaken about them. nagyon tévedsz velük kapcsolatban
mistaken as to sth
they were mistaken as to her feelings. tévedésben éltek
move - mozog, mozdít
he didn't move.
move sth
he moved his head.
move from …/to…
we moved from the city to the country. elköltöztünk
move sb from… to…
he's being moved to the paris office. áthelyezik
move into/out of sth
he moved into his new flat. beköltözött
move sb to sth
the performance moved me to tears. meghatott
move sb to do sth
his speech moved me to believe in his theory. arra késztetett, hogy
name - nevez, elnevez
name sb/sth sth
we named the cat tiger.
name sb/sth after/for sb
she is named after/for her grandmother. a nagymamája után nevezték el
name sb
the criminal has not been named yet. még nem nevezték meg
name sb as sth
gore has been named as the nominee for the democrats. jelölték
name sb to sth
he was named to the board in mr. jones's place. kinevezték
unnatural - természetes
unnatural for sb/sth to do sth
it is natural for everybody to be sad sometimes.
unnatural that
it is natural that we are hungry after walking so much.
unnatural that sb should do sth
it is natural that children should help their parents.
unnecessary - szükséges
unnecessary for sb/sth to do sth
it is necessary for new-born babies to eat every three hours.
unnecessary that
it is necessary that she is there.
unnecessary that sb should do sth
it is necessary that the king should be hanged.
need - szüksége van
need sth
I need money.
need sth adj
I need my steak well-done. jól átsütve kérem
need doing/to be done
the room needs cleaning/to be cleaned. ráférne a szobára egy kis takarítás
need to do sth
she needs to be more careful. óvatosabbnak kellene lennie
need sb to do sth
I need you to do me a favour. meg kell tenned egy szívességet nekem
need sth done
I need these letters typed by four. legépelve kérném ezeket a leveleket.
neglect - elhanyagol
neglect sth
he neglected his studies.
neglect to do sth
she neglected to mention that she was married. elfelejtette megemlíteni
negotiate - tárgyal
negotiate for/about sth
we negotiated for higher pay last week.
negotiate sth
we negotiated the release of the hostages. megegyeztünk
negotiate with sb for/about sth
the president negotiated with the opposition leaders about taxes.
negotiate to do sth
the investors negotiated to buy the plot.
nervous - ideges
nervous about/of sth
I was nervous about my new job.
nervous doing sth
some people feel nervous going through customs. idegesek a vámvizsgálatnál
new - új
new to sb
this kind of music is completely new to me.
new to sth
I am new to the system.
nice - kellemes
nice to sb
he was really nice to her. kedves
nice to do sth
she is nice to know.
it is nice doing sth
it was nice meeting you. Örülök, hogy találkoztunk.
it is nice of sb to do sth
it was nice of you to accompany me. kedves volt tőled
it is nice to do sth
it's nice to meet you again.
nice that
it is nice that you can join us.
nice about sth
the company was nice about my complaint. jól reagált a panaszra
nominate - jelöl
nominate sb as sth
he was nominated as best actor.
nominate sb for sth
she has been nominated for the academy award.
nominate sb to sth
he was nominated to the board. kinevezték
nominate sth as sth
2 may was nominated as the day of the final exams. május 2-át jelölték ki
nominate sb to do sth
he was nominated to carry the olympic torch. kijelölték
note - megfigyel
note sth
note the beautiful baroque furniture in the room.
note that
she noted that the weather was lovely. megjegyezte
note wh
note how monkeys eat bananas.
notice - észrevesz
he was being laughed at, but he didn't notice.
notice sth
he noticed a small green object in the garden. figyelmes lett
notice sb/sth do sth
we didn't notice him come in. nem vettük észre, amikor bejött.
notice sb/sth doing sth
I noticed him dancing with his teddy bear. Észrevettem, hogy a játékmackójával táncol.
notice that
I noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra.
notice wh
I didn't notice how sad she was.
object - ellenez
object to sb/sth
the president objected to the new financial policy.
object to sb/sb's doing sth
I objected to him/his leaving the camp. elleneztem, hogy elhagyja
object that
he objected that he was dismissed without any explanation. tiltakozott, hogy
oblige - kötelez
oblige sb to do sth
the law obliges children to go to school until they are sixteen.
oblige sb with sth
I'm very sorry I can't oblige you with cigarettes, sir. nagyon sajnálom, de nem áll módomban cigarettával megkínálni.
oblige sb by doing sth
he obliged me by lending his flat to me. lekötelezett
obliged - lekötelezett, hálás
obliged to sb for doing sth
we are much obliged to you for helping us. nagyon hálásak vagyunk
obliged to do sth
some children are obliged to work to help their families. kötelesek
oblivious - nincs tudatában
oblivious to/of sth
she was oblivious to/of the danger around her.
obvious - nyilvánvaló
it is obvious to sb that
it's obvious to everyone that we are all responsible.
it is obvious wh
it was obvious why they came.
occur - történik
the crash occurred while the plane was landing.
there occur sth
there occurred an accident on the highway.
occur to sb
the idea occurred to him while running. akkor ötlött fel benne a gondolat
occur to sb to do sth
it occurred to john to invite jane for a drink. eszébe jutott
occur to sb that
it didn't occur to me that this affair could ever end. eszembe sem jutott
odd - furcsa
it is odd to do sth
it must be odd to live alone.
odd that
it's odd that she hasn't written.
odd that sb should do sth
it's odd that she should say such things.
offer - ajánl, felajánl
offer sth to sb for sth
the company offers a bonus to its employees for doing overtime. a cég túlórát fizet
offer sb sth
we offered him the house while we were abroad.
offer to do sth
my brother offered to do the washing up.
omit - elfelejt, elmulaszt
omit sth/sb from sth
they omitted my name from the list. törölték a nevem a listáról
omit doing/to do sth
the article omitted to point out that the story had come from nigerian official sources.
open - kinyílik, kinyit
the window opened in the middle of the night.
open sth adj
we opened the door wide.
open by doing sth
he opened the ceremony by thanking the sponsors. azzal nyitotta meg az ünnepélyt
open with sb doing sth
the book opens with the writer giving a boring description. kezdődik
operate - működik
this machine won't operate without an expert.
operate sth
the company operates a late-night service. működtet
operate on sb for sth
she was operated on for appendicitis. megműtötték
operate on sb/sth
the surgeon operated on her/on her stomach last night. megoperálta
opt - választ, dönt
opt for/against sth
we opted for/against a career in economics.
opt to do sth
the other parties opted to wait and see.
order - rendel
order sb sth
have you ordered yourself anything yet?
order sth for sb
I ordered a steak for him.
order sth
the ministry ordered an inquiry. kivizsgálást rendelt el
order sb to do sth
the doctor ordered her to stay at home. az orvos azt rendelte, hogy
order that sb should do sth
the director ordered that everyone should arrive on time.
organize - szervez, elrendez
organize sth
it's hard to organize a conference.
organize oneself/sb
she is unable to organize herself. képtelen összeszedett lenni
organize sb into sth
they organized themselves into an association. tömörültek
organize sth/sb to do sth
we organized a taxi to pick them up at the airport.
owe - tartozik
owe sb sth for sth
I owe him $50 for the tickets.
owe sth to sb for sth
I owe $50 to him for the tickets.
owe sb sth
you owe me a favour. tartozol egy szívességgel
owe sth to sb
she owes her success to me. nekem köszönheti a sikerét
pain - fáj
pain sb
he was deeply pained by her behaviour. mélyen megbántódott
it pain sb to do sth
it pained her to think about her childhood. fájt még csak rágondolni is
it pain sb that
it pained her that he had left her.
participate - résztvesz
participate in sth
she participated in the competition.
pass - halad, elhalad
cars couldn't pass because of the roadworks.
pass sth
she finally managed to pass the exam. sikerült átpasszírozni magát a vizsgán
pass sb
she passed me in the street yesterday.
pass sb sth
could you pass me the pepper, please? ideadnád
pass sth to sb
could you pass the pepper to me, please?
pass adj
the smallest hint of laziness cannot pass unnoticed. nem múlhat el észrevétlenül
pass time doing sth
we passed the evening playing darts. azzal töltöttük az estét
pass on sth
he passed on the question. passzolt
pass for/as sb/sth
she could easily pass for/as a princess. elmenne hercegnőnek
pass sth on sb
the judge finally passed sentence on them. kimondta az ítéletet
passionate - szenvedélyes
passionate about sth
he is passionate about cars. lelkesedik a kocsik iránt
impatient - türelmes
impatient with sb/sth
he is really patient with children.
pay - fizet, kifizet
pay sb
she was unwilling to pay me.
pay sb for sth
I paid him for the house.
pay sth to sb
he paid the bill/ransom/fee/fine to her.
pay sb sth
he paid her the bill/ransom/fee/fine.
pay sth to do sth
I paid a lot of money to have my car fixed. sokba került
pay for sb to do sth
her parents paid for her to study abroad. fizették a tanulmányait
pay sb to do sth
it would pay you to use an accountant. kifizetődő lenne számodra
pay sb adv
this job will pay you well. jól fizető munka
peculiar - különös
peculiar to sb/sth
this is a monkey peculiar to sri lanka. különleges sri lanka-I majom
perform - előad
perform sth
we performed the play in the open air.
perform adv
she performed really well at the exam. jól teljesített
permit - engedélyez
permit sth
we don't permit mobile phones during the lesson.
permit oneself sth
she permitted herself a beer. megengedett magának
permit sb to do sth
the guards didn't permit visitors to enter the castle.
permit doing sth
they don't permit smoking in the area. nem szabad
sth permit of sth
the rule permits of no other interpretation. nem enged meg
persevere - kitart
persevere with sb/sth
he persevered with his french lessons. kitartóan járt
persevere in sth/doing sth
he persevered in attending french lessons.
persist - kitart
persist in/with sth
he persisted in/with his inquiry.
persist in doing sth
he persisted in continuing his inquiry.
persuade - rábeszél
persuade sb into/out of doing sth
we persuaded her into/out of calling him.
persuade sb of sth
he persuaded me of his innocence. meggyőzött
persuade sb to do sth
she persuaded me to enter the contest.
persuade sb that
he persuaded me that the film was worth seeing. meggyőzött
plan - tervez, megtervez
plan sth
he planned the opera house.
plan sth for sth
we planned everything for the trip. mindent elterveztünk
plan to do sth
she is planning to have a child soon.
plan that
they planned that they would meet the next day.
plan wh
we didn't plan what we were going to say.
plan on doing sth
we haven't planned on going out tonight.
plan for sb
the organizers only planned for two hundred people. kétszáz emberre tervezték
play - játszik
play with sb/sth
the baby was playing with the new toy all day.
play sth with sb
we played ball games with the children.
play at/at doing sth
the boys played at/at being soldiers. katonásdit játszottak
play sth with/against sb
he played tennis against bill yesterday.
play sb at sth
have you played him at badminton yet? játszottál már ellene
play sth to/for sb
she played the piano to/for her father. zongorázott
play for sb
she played for her father.
play sb sth
he played us a song. eljátszott nekünk egy dalt
play sth on sth
he played a song on his guitar.
plead - könyörög
plead with sb for sth
she pleaded with him for her freedom.
plead to do sth
he pleaded to go.
plead that
he pleaded that he was innocent. ártatlannak vallotta magát
plead sth
his lawyer told him to plead mental illness. hivatkozzon elmezavarra
plead sth for sth
he pleaded his mother's illness for his absence. édesanyja betegségére hivatkozva
plead for sb/sth
she pleaded for the abolition of the death penalty. felemelte szavát
pleasant - kellemes
pleasant to sb
we did all we could to be pleasant to the old lady. hogy az idős néni kedvére tegyünk
it is pleasant to do sth
it was pleasant to have dinner with you.
it is pleasant doing sth
it was pleasant walking in the october afternoon.
it is pleasant that
it was pleasant that she found the song painless.
pleased - elégedett
pleased with sb/sth
he was pleased with himself. elégedett volt önmagával
pleased about/with/at sth
she was pleased about her results. elégedett volt az eredményeivel
pleased to do sth
I was pleased to hear from you. örültem, hogy hallok felőled
pleased that
we are pleased that you could come. örülünk, hogy el tudtál jönni
point - mutat
point at/to/towards sb/sth
it is rude to point at people. nem illik mutogatni
point sth at sb/sth
he pointed the gun at his wife's lover. ráfogta a fegyvert
point to sth
all her reactions point to her guilt. a bűnösségére utalnak
point adv
the sign points west.
pointless - értelmetlen
it is pointless doing/to do sth
it is pointless waiting/to wait anymore.
impolite - udvarias
impolite to sb
he was polite to the old lady.
impolite to do sth
we were impolite to leave them alone.
it is impolite of sb to do sth
it was polite of her not to ask anything.
popular - népszerű
popular with sb
the great wall of china is popular with tourists.
positive - biztos
positive about sth
she has always been positive about the future. pozitívan állt hozzá
positive that
we were positive that he would come.
impossible - lehetséges
it is impossible for sb to do sth
is it possible for us to stay for the night? maradhatunk éjszakára?
impossible that
it's possible that I'll be a bit late.
postpone - elhalaszt
postpone sth to/until sth
they postponed the outing until monday.
postpone doing sth
they postponed building the new underground line.
pour - tölt
it pour
it's pouring, take an umbrella. szakad az eső
pour sb sth
he poured me some coffee.
pour sth for sb
he poured some coffee for me.
practise - gyakorol
practise for sth
she is practising for her concert.
practise sth on sb/sth
she had been practising her method on him for years.
practise doing sth
he practised typing all day.
practise as sth
she practised as a doctor in the usa. az usa-ban praktizált
pray - imádkozik
pray to sb for sb/sth
she was praying to god for her sons.
pray to do sth
he prayed to be free.
pray for sb to do sth
she prayed for her son to be free.
pray to sb that
she prayed to god that her husband would come back.
predict - jósol
predict sth
he predicted a bright future.
predict that
she predicted that she would marry in a year.
predict wh
no one could predict what would happen next.
sth is predicted to do sth
the rain is predicted to stop in a few days. az előrejelzések szerint pár napon belül eláll az eső.
it is predicted that
it is predicted that the rain will stop in a few days.
prefer - jobban szeret
prefer sth to sth
I prefer tea to coffee.
prefer sth adj
I prefer my steak well-done. jól átsütve szeretem
prefer doing sth to sth
she prefers hiking to running.
prefer to do sth rather than
he prefers to be alone rather than be/being with other people.
prefer sb to do sth
I prefer him to stay at home. azt szeretném, hogy itthon maradjon.
prefer that
I'd prefer that you stayed out of this argument. helyesebben tennéd
prefer it if
we'd prefer it if you came in person.
prejudiced - előítélete van
prejudiced against sb/sth
they are prejudiced against eastern medicine.
preoccupied - nagyon foglalkoztatja vmi
preoccupied with sth
he was preoccupied with the problems of the journey.
prepare - készít, felkészít
prepare sth from sth
she prepared a salad from fresh vegetables.
prepare sb for sb/sth
they prepare students for the entrance exam.
prepare sth for sb/sth
she prepared a salad for the party.
prepare oneself for sth
they were preparing themselves for the battle for months.
prepare to do sth
we were preparing to go abroad. külföldre készülődünk.
prepare sb/oneself to do sth
they prepared themselves to take a risk.
prepared - felkészült
prepared for sth
we were prepared for the worst. fel vagyunk készülve
prepared to do sth
I wasn't prepared to help her. nem voltam hajlandó
present - ajándékoz
present sb with sth
her friends presented her with a hat.
present sth to sb
the queen presented the painting to the national gallery.
present sth for sth
his plan was presented for consideration. előterjesztették
present sth to sb
he presented his proposal to the committee. előterjesztette
present sth/sb/oneself as
the writer presented john as a negative hero. negatív hősként ábrázolta
present sb to sb
he presented his fiancée to his parents. bemutatta a menyasszonyát
press - szorít, nyom
press sth/sb/oneself against sth
she pressed her head against the door.
press sth to sth
he pressed a pillow to his face.
press sth together
he pressed his hands together.
press sb for sth
they are pressing me for the money. pénzt akarnak belőlem kiszedni.
press sb into sth/into doing sth
my parents are pressing me into the family business. nyomást gyakorolnak rám
press for sb to do sth
the public has pressed for the government to act immediately. azt követelte a kormánytól
press sb on doing sth
they pressed ibm on these issues. nyomást gyakoroltak
presume - feltételez
presume sth
the lawyer presumed her innocence.
presume sb to be adj
the lawyer presumed her to be innocent. ártatlannak tartja az ügyvédje
presume sb to do sth
she presumed him to be the manager.
presume that
I presumed that he was aware of the conditions.
it is presumeed that
it is presumed that he died in the war. állítólag
presume to do sth
I wouldn't presume to tell you how to behave towards your clients.
pretend - színlel, úgy tesz
pretend to do sth
he pretended to love her.
pretend to sb that
he pretended to his mother that everything was fine.
prevent - megakadályoz
prevent sth
nobody could have prevented that accident.
prevent sb from doing sth
his physical handicap couldn't prevent him from attending all the games.
prevent doing sth
she prevented putting too much money into the business.
prevent sb/sb's doing sth
her absence didn't prevent him/his thinking about her.
proceed - halad
proceed with sth
we are proceeding with the works slowly.
prohibit - megtilt
prohibit sth
smoking is prohibited in the hospital.
prohibit sb from doing sth
his doctor prohibited him from driving. megtiltotta neki
promise - ígér, megígér
promise sth to sb
he has promised some books to us.
promise sb sth
she promised me her help.
promise to do sth
he promised to help me.
promise sb that
she promised me that she would be punctual.
sth promise to be adj/sth
the match yesterday promised to be exciting. izgalmasnak ígérkezett
promote - előléptet
promote sb from sth to sth
he was promoted from grade seven to grade eight. nyolcadikos lett
promote sth as sth
the castle is promoted as a tourist attraction. turista látványosságként reklámozzák
prone - hajlamos
prone to sth
children are prone to illnesses.
prone to do sth
tired drivers are prone to fall asleep.
propose - javasol
propose sb for/as sth
I propose her for/as president.
propose sth to sth
he proposed a change to the system.
propose to do sth
I propose to make an early start.
propose doing sth
I propose making an early start.
propose that
I propose that he waits for a while.
propose that sb should do sth
I proposed that he should wait for a while.
it is proposed that
it is proposed that all the equipment is installed on the premises.
it is proposed that sb/sb should do sth
it was proposed that he should be elected for 10 years.
protect - véd, megvéd
protect against sth
a new vaccine will protect against pneumonia.
protect sb/sth against sth
drinking a lot of tea protected him against the flu.
protect sb from sth
this sun shade will protect you from the sun.
protest - tiltakozik
protest to sb about/against/at sth
students were protesting to the principal about the unfairness of the exam.
protest that
he protests that he knows nothing about the murder. azt állítja
proud - büszke
proud of sb/sth
he was proud of his victories.
proud to do sth
he was proud to announce the birth of his child. büszkén jelentette be
proud that
we were proud that he won.
prove - bizonyít, bebizonyít
prove sth to sb
he tried to prove his statement to the jury.
prove sb adj
the detective proved the two men guilty.
prove oneself to sb
he is always proving himself to others.
prove oneself to be sth
he proved himself to be a hardworking man.
prove that
he tried to prove that he was innocent.
it is prove d that
it was proved that he was innocent. bebizonyosodott
prove wh
she couldn't prove where she'd been.
sb/sth prove to be sth/adj
their new play proved to be successful/a great success. nagy sikernek bizonyult
prove adj to do sth
the question proved impossible to answer. lehetetlennek bizonyult válaszolni a kérdésre
prove to do sth
old people prove to need constant care.
provide - biztosít
provide sth for sb/sth
he provided accommodation for everybody.
provide for sb/sth
she has to provide for her children. gondoskodnia kell
provide sb with sth
he provided everybody with accommodation.
provide for sth
the constitution provides for a multiparty system. rendelkezik
provide that
this bill provides that money should be allocated for flood control. a törvényjavaslat elrendeli
punish - büntet, megbüntet
punish sb for sth/doing sth
the teacher punished the child for telling a lie.
punish sth by/with sth
the witch was punished with the death penalty.
push - nyom
push sb into doing sth
she pushed me into taking up karate. rábeszélt
push sb to do sth
she pushed me to take up karate. rábeszélt
qualified - képzett
qualified for sth
she is qualified for the job.
qualified as sth
she is qualified as a therapist.
qualified to do sth
she is qualified to do the job.
quarrel - veszekedik
quarrel with sb about/over sth
they quarrelled with each other about the household chores.
question - kihallgat
question sb about/on sth
she was questioned about the robbery.
question sth
I have never questioned her honesty. sohasem vontam kétségbe
question wh
he questioned whether I was right. megkérdőjelezte, hogy
quick - gyors
quick at doing sth
he's quick at solving problems.
quick to do sth
she is really quick to learn.
raise - felemel, megemel
raise sth
help us to raise funds! anyagi alapot teremteni
raise sth to sth
they raised my salary to 35,000 forints. hooray!
raise sb from sth
he raised her from the dead. feltámasztotta
raise oneself
walter slowly raised himself upright in the chair. felemelkedett
react - reagál
react to sth
how did she react to the news?
react by doing sth
he reacted by shouting.
react against sth
he reacted against the spartan environment of potsdam. ellenállt
read - olvas
she was reading all afternoon.
read sth to sb/oneself
she read tales to her dogs.
read sb sth
she read her dogs tales.
read about/of sth
I read about the plane crash in cairo.
read that
she read that her mother was a pilot.
read sth as sth
he thought his smile was read as an insult. sértésnek vették
read like sth
his speeches read like haikus. úgy hatnak, mintha
sth reads adj
their first book reads well. jól olvasható
read sth into sth
don't read too much into her reactions. ne magyarázz bele
ready - kész
ready for sth
are you ready for the show?
ready with sth
she is always ready with good ideas. mindig van valami jó ötlete
ready to do sth
he is always ready to fight.
realize - felismer, megért
realize sth
did you realize your mistake?
realize that
he realized that he had been cheated.
it is realized that
it was realised that all their military secrets had been lost. kiderült
realize wh
nobody realized how important the decision was.
recall - emlékszik
recall sth
he couldn't recall my phone number.
recall doing sth
he couldn't recall talking to her.
recall sb doing sth
I couldn't recall him answering the question.
recall that
he recalled that she always had coffee at 10.
recall wh
he couldn't recall where they had met.
reckon - becsül
reckon sth at sth
I reckon the cost at about a million.
reckon to do sth
we reckon to finish the task by monday the latest. úgy számoljuk
sb/sth is reckoned to do sth
he is reckoned to be highly talented. nagyon tehetségesnek tartják.
reckon that
I reckon that it's much healthier to live outside the city. úgy gondolom
it is reckoned that
it was reckoned that he would be promoted. mindenki azt gondolta, hogy
reckon it sth
we reckon it a victory that they've accepted our proposal. győzelemnek könyveljük el
recognize - megismer, felismer
recognize sb/sth by/from sth
we recognized her by/from her voice.
recognize sth as sth
the government recognized violence on tv as a problem. elismerte, hogy
sth/sb is recognized to be
he is recognized to be an expert in this field. elismert szakértő
sb/sth is recognized as sth
he is recognized as an expert.
recognize that
he recognized that she hated her job. beismerte
it is recognized that
it was recognized that the proposal was not viable. elismerték
recognize wh
she recognized how important the matter was.
recommend - ajánl
recommend sb/sth to sb
can you recommend a good language school to me?
recommend sb/sth as sb/sth
she was recommended as a plumber.
recommend sb/sth for sth
he was recommended for the job.
recommend sb to do sth
I recommended joe to take over the job. joe-t ajánlottam
recommend doing sth
I recommended going by bus.
recommend sb's doing sth
he recommended their buying a new house.
recommend that
we recommended that you come after nine.
recommend to sb that sb should do sth
he recommended to us that our money should be invested.
it is recommendd that sb/sth should do sth
it is recommended that you should wear a helmet. ajánlott
recommend wh
attendance is strongly recommended where the suspect is a person at risk. melegen ajánlott
reduce - csökkent
reduce sth by sth
the price of this fridge is reduced by 50%.
reduce sth from sth to sth
we have reduced the length of the journey from two weeks to one.
reduce sb to doing sth
she was reduced to begging him to help. odáig lealacsonyodott, hogy
refer - utal
refer to sth
he referred to the previous lesson by mentioning the turks.
refer sb to …
he was referred to the best clinic. beutalták
reflect - gondolkodik, töpreng
reflect on/upon sth
we'll need to reflect on the consequences.
reflect that
she reflected that she would probably never see the place again.
reflect wh
local planning must reflect what people, not developers, want. azt kell tükröznie
refrain - tartózkodik
refrain from doing sth
we were asked to refrain from smoking.
refuse - megtagad, visszautasít
refuse sb sth
he refused them nothing.
refuse to do sth
the government refused to comment on security matters.
regard - tekint, tart
regard sb/sth with sth
he regarded them with contempt. megvetéssel szemlélte őket.
regard sb/sth as
he regarded her as an excellent candidate.
regard it as adj to do sth
she regarded it as dishonest to cheat on the exam.
regret - sajnál
regret sth
I regret nothing.
regret to do sth
I regret to inform you that your application has not been accepted. sajnálattal közlöm
regret doing sth
I regret saying/having said such a horrible thing. sajnálom, hogy ilyen borzasztó dolgot mondtam.
regret that
I regret that I was unable to attend your wedding.
would regret it if
I would regret it if I didn't jump at this opportunity.
regret wh
she regrets what she's done.
related - rokona
related to sb/sth
he is related to the president somehow. rokona
relevant - lényeges
relevant to sb/sth
this is not relevant to our discussion.
relevant for sb/sth
there is no doubt that capital is relevant for making decisions.
rely - bízik
rely on/upon sb/sth for sth
we rely on computers for help. számítógépekre támaszkodunk
rely on/upon sb/sth to do sth
we rely on computers to help us.
rely on/upon sb/sb's doing sth
I relied on you/your coming to the party. bíztam benne, hogy
rely on/upon sth doing sth
you can rely on the prices staying the same.
remain - marad
remain as sth
she remained as a member of parliament for another term.
there remains sth
there remained some questions about his proposal.
remain adj
we remained silent after the film.
remain to do sth
they remained to see the match.
it remains to be done
it remains to be settled in court how much compensation they will get. majd a bíróságon elválik, hogy
it remains adj that
it remains true that money doesn't necessarily mean happiness. örök igazság, hogy
remember - emlékszik
they must have met before but he couldn't remember.
remember sb/sth
I didn't remember his birthday.
remember sb/sth as sb/sth
I remember her as a young girl.
remember sb/sth for sth
this place will always be remembered for the battle.
remember to do sth
I'll remember to post your letter. nem fogom elfelejteni, hogy feladjam
remember doing sth
I remember walking in the forest with him. emlékszem, amikor sétáltam
remember sb/sb's doing sth
I remember him/his being very talkative.
remember that
she remembered that she had a date.
remember wh
he couldn't remember how to make spaghetti sauce.
remember sb to sb
please remember me to your sister. add át az üdvözletem
remind - emlékeztet
remind sb of/about sth
he reminded me of my promise.
remind sb of sb/sth
you remind me of uncle sam.
remind sb to do sth
she reminded me to close the door.
remind sb that
he reminded me that the outing had been put off.
remind sb wh
please remind me when the film starts.
repeat - megismétel
repeat sth to sb
can you repeat the question to me, please?
repeat sth after sb
repeat the sentences after me.
repeat oneself
tell me if I'm repeating myself. ha ismétlem magam
repeat that
she repeated that the case was really urgent.
replace - kicserél
replace sb/sth by/with sb/sth
we have just replaced the old monitor with a new one.
reply - válaszol
reply to sb/sth with sth
she replied to me with a smile.
reply that
he replied that he couldn't make a decision alone.
report - jelent, beszámol
report on sth to sb
the journalist reported on whaling to the national geographic channel.
report to sb
hotel guests are asked to report to the receptionist on arrival. jelentkezni
report sb/sth adj
they reported the victim badly injured.
report sb to sb for sth
pelikán was reported to the secret police for owning a pig. feljelentették, azért
report sb/sth as doing sth
the building was reported as being in bad condition.
report doing sth
they reported seeing her in the forest.
sb/sth is reported to do sth
the building was reported to be in a bad condition.
report that
the programme reported that prices would not rise.
it is reported that
it is reported that the epidemic is spreading.
report wh
it's been reported where the robber is hiding.
represent - képvisel
represent sb/sth
unions represent workers.
represent sb/sth as sth
the queen is represented as an angel in the film. angyalként ábrázolják
represent sb/sth doing sth
the painting represents the earl killing the king. a király meggyilkolásakor ábrázolja
represent sth to sb
she represented her claims to the insurance company. benyújtotta kártérítési igényét
represent that
the court held that the accused represented that the bank owed him the money and that he was entitled to withdraw it. azt az álláspontot képviselte
request - kérelmez, kér
request sth from sb
we requested information from the agency.
request sb to do sth
gentlemen are requested to wear a jacket.
request of sb that sb should do sth
the guard requested of them that they should leave their cameras outside.
require - szüksége van vmire
require sth
we require extra help.
require sth of sb
efficiency is required of a secretary in our company.
require sb to do sth
the car requires an expert to repair it.
require that
the rule requires that you can only smoke in the courtyard. a szabály megköveteli
require that sb should do sth
the situation requires that I should be there. a helyzet megkívánja
it is required of sb that sb should do sth
it is required that all information should be provided to the patient. kötelező /it is required of me that I should give evidence. azt kívánják tőlem, hogy
sth requires doing sth
all cars require servicing.
resign - lemond
resign as sth
he resigned as chairman last year.
resist - ellenáll
resist sth
the police resisted the demands of the kidnapper.
resist doing sth
she resisted telling him about the surprise.
respond - válaszol
respond to sth with sth
he responded to my suggestion with a laugh.
respond to sth by doing sth
he responded to my suggestion by laughing.
respond that
she responded that it wasn't her fault.
responsible - felelős
responsible for sb/sth
he is responsible for the project.
responsible for doing sth
we are responsible for killing the prisoners.
responsible to sb/sth
he is responsible to the president only. az elnöknek köteles beszámolni
responsible to do sth
it was not responsible to show a programme like that on television. felelőtlenség volt
reveal - elárul, felfed
reveal sth to sb
the journalist revealed the truth to the public.
reveal as sb/sth
she was revealed as a spy. leleplezték
reveal that
his face revealed that he was nervous.
it is revealed that
it has been revealed that the criminals have left the country.
reveal wh
his face didn't reveal how he felt.
right - helyes
right about sb/sth
you were right about him, he is really stupid. igazad volt vele kapcsolatban
right to do sth
he was right to leave her. igaza volt, hogy
right in doing sth
you were absolutely right in refusing the offer. teljesen igazad volt, hogy
right that sb should do sth
it is right that he should be treated equally.
risk - kockáztat
risk sth
he risked his life for his turtle.
risk sth on sth
he risked everything on roulette.
risk doing sth
how could he risk losing all his money?
risk sb doing sth
he couldn't risk his partner telling everything to the police so he killed him.
rob - kirabol
rob sb/sth of sth
they robbed the lady of her jewellery.
rude - goromba, udvariatlan
rude to sb
he was really rude to his mother.
it is rude of sb to do sth
it was really rude of you to treat her like that.
rule - uralkodik
the king ruled for fifty years.
rule over sb/sth
elizabeth ii. rules over england.
rule on sth
the judge ruled on the legality of the procedure. döntött
rule in favour of/for sb/sth
the court ruled in favour of the defendant. a vádlott javára döntött
rule against sb/sth
the court ruled against the defendant. a vádlott ellen döntött
rule sb/sth adj
the consumption of alcohol was ruled illegal. törvénytelennek nyilvánították
rule that
the court ruled that he was innocent. ártatlannak nyilvánította
run - fut
he's been running for half an hour.
run sth
we ran six kilometres a day.
run in sth
she will be running in the 400 metres.
run for sth
gore is running for president. jelölteti magát
run against sb
gore is running against the young bush.
run on sth
our car runs on unleaded petrol. működik
run sth for sb
I'll run a bath for you. eresztek
run sb sth
I'll run you a bath.
run with sth
her eyes were running with tears. ömlött a szeméből a könny
run adj
the river ran dry in the dry season. kiszáradt
sad - szomorú
sad that
he was sad that the camp was over.
sad to do sth
we were sad to leave. sajnáljuk, hogy mennünk kell
it is sad to do sth
it is sad to be alone.
it is sad that
it is sad that she is so lonely.
safe - biztonságos
safe for sb
this area is not safe for children.
safe safe from sb/sth
in the hut we were safe from attack. biztonságban voltunk
it is safe for sb to do sth
is it safe for me to come by bus?
it is safe doing sth
it's safe coming by bus.
satisfy - kielégít
satisfy sth
the decision didn't satisfy everyone.
satisfy sb of sth
the boss was satisfied of the need for a new computer. meggyőzték a főnököt
satisfy oneself that
she satisfied herself that she did the right thing. meggyőzte magát
satisfied - elégedett
satisfied with sb/sth
she was satisfied with her result.
satisfied to do sth
he is satisfied to live in london.
satisfied that
I am satisfied that he hasn't lied.
save - megment
save sb/sth from sth/from doing sth
the lifeguard saved her from drowning.
save sth for sth
we've been saving money for a new car for years. új autóra gyűjtünk
save sth on sth
my grandmother saves a lot of money on electricity. sokat spórol
save sth on sth
my grandmother saves a lot of money on electricity.
save sb sth
thank you for helping me; you saved me a lot of time. sok időt megspóroltál nekem
save sb/sth doing sth
borrowing the book from the library would save you buying it. megtakarítaná
say - mond
say sth to sb
she didn't say a word to us. egy szót sem szólt
say to sb that
she said to me that she was leaving.
say wh
say what you mean.
sb is said to do sth
he is said to be/have gone abroad. állítólag külföldre ment
it is said that
it is said that he is/has gone abroad. azt mondják
say to do sth
the guidebook says to visit the castle. azt ajánlja, hogy
scream - visít, üvölt
scream in/with sth
the child screamed with delight. felsikoltott örömében
scream sth at sb
she screamed bad words at her husband.
scream for sth/sb
ann screamed for help. segítségért kiáltott
scream that
the child screamed that he hated his parents.
search - keres
search sb/sth for sth
the customs officer searched the tourists/his suitcase for drugs. átkutatta
search sth for sb/sth
he was searching the internet for information.
see - lát
see sb/sth
I couldn't see anything in the dark.
see sb adj
I prefer to see you happy.
see sb/sth do sth
I saw him faint. láttam, amikor elájult
see sb/sth doing sth
I saw him coming up the stairs. láttam, hogy jött felfelé
see sb/sth is seen to do sth
he was seen to leave the office at 10. látták, hogy elhagyta
see sb/sth is seen doing sth
he was seen leaving the office at 10. látták, amint elhagyja
see that
I saw that she was pregnant.
see wh
did you see where she was going?
see to do sth
I couldn't see to knit.
see sb as sth
I saw her as the future pm. őt képzelem el
see sb doing sth
I can't see him giving up his career. nem tudom elképzelni
see it is seen that
it is seen that the programme was only of small benefit. jól látszik, hogy
see sb about sth
I went to see the doctor about my headache. elmentem az orvoshoz
see that
see that all the windows are closed. jól nézd meg, hogy
see sb
I'm seeing joe tomorrow. találkozom joe-val
seek - keres
seek sth/sb
they sought accommodation near the sea.
seek sth from sb
they sought advice from the lawyer. tanácsot kértek
seek sb/sth for sth
russian fishermen sought dolphins for their meat and oil.
seek to do sth
she sought to speak to the manager. megpróbált beszélni
seem - tűnik
seem to sb to be sth
he seemed to me to be an optimist.
seem like sth
it seems like a good idea.
seem to do sth
he seems to be sleeping.
seem adj
you seem tired.
it seems as if/as though
it seems as if he is tired. úgy tűnik, mintha
it seems to sb that
it seemed to me that they agreed. úgy tűnt, hogy
it seems adj that
it seems reasonable that they ask the voters about their expectations. ésszerűnek tűnik
it seems adj to do sth
it seems reasonable to ask the voters about their expectations. ésszerűnek tűnik
select - választ
select sb/sth for sth
they have selected her for the post.
select sb/sth as sth
she has been selected as the leader of the team.
select sth from sth
she selected my name from the list.
select sb/sth to do sth
their team was selected to take part in the project.
sell - elad
sell sth to sb at/for sth
I sold my bike to jack for $200.
sell sb sth at/for sth
I sold jack my bike for $200.
sth sells
her novel simply didn't sell. nem fogyott a regénye
sth sells for sth
the dresses sell for even $400. még 400 dollárért is elkelnek
send - küld
send sb sth
she sent me a letter.
send sth to sb
she sent a letter to me.
send for sb
send for a doctor!
send sb to/into sth
her jokes always send me to laughter. mindig megnevettetnek
sensible - okos, értelmes
sb is sensible to do sth
she was sensible not to accept his invitation. okosan tette
it is sensible of sb to do sth
it was sensible of her not to accept his invitation.
sensitive - érzékeny
sensitive to/about sth
old people are often sensitive to/about noise.
sensitive to sb/sth
he is sensitive to the problems of others.
separate - szétválaszt
separate sb/sth from sb/sth
separate the dirty clothes from the clean ones. válaszd külön
sb/sth and sb/sth separate
my father and my mother separated two years ago. két éve váltak el
separate from sb
my father separated from my mother two years ago.
set - kitűz
set sth for sb
the teacher set an easy task for the children.
set sb sth
the teacher set the children an easy task.
set sb to do sth
she set herself to swim 200 kms. kitűzte maga elé
set sth
she set the plate on the table. elhelyezte
set sb doing sth
his ideas set me thinking. gondolatokat ébresztettek bennem
share - megoszt, eloszt
share sth with sb
would you mind sharing your room with me?
share sth among/between sb
we shared the chocolate between us.
sb and sb share sth
my brother and I share an interest in animals. közös érdeklődési körünk
shoot -
shoot sth at sb/sth
he shot an arrow at the bird.
shoot sth from sth
the hunter shot a bullet from his gun.
shoot sth at sb
he shot an angry look at her. mérges pillantást vetett felé
shoot sb sth
he shot her an angry look.
shout - kiált, kiabál
shout sth at/to sb
she shouted bad words at/to her husband. szitkokat szórt a férjére
shout at/for sb to do sth
my father shouted at/for me to bring the car keys. odakiáltott nekem, hogy
shout that
the child shouted that he hated his parents.
show - mutat, megmutat
show sth to sb
he showed the letter to me.
show sb sth
he showed me the letter.
show sb to do sth
the figures show the economy to be improving.
show that
the figures show that the economy is improving.
show sb that
the figures show us that the economy is improving.
it is shown that
it was shown that the tape was genuine.
show sb wh
this shows you how easy the task is. ebből is látszik
it is show wh
in the following sections it is shown how the parties have developed their ideas.
show sb as sth
the picture shows her as a happy child. boldog gyermekként ábrázolja
show sb doing sth
the film showed the hero jumping off a bridge.
his new film is showing in cinemas all over europe. játszák a filmjét
silly - buta
silly to do sth
you were silly to worry.
it is silly of sb to do sth
it was silly of you to worry. butaság volt
it is silly that
it was silly that the whole business took so long. nevetséges
simple - egyszerű
sth is simple for sb to do
this song is simple for children to learn.
it is simple for sb to do sth
it is simple for children to learn this song.
sing - énekel
sing sth to sb
she was singing a song to herself in the bathroom.
sing sb sth
she was singing herself a song in the bathroom.
sit - ül
sit doing sth
we sat singing at home for hours.
sit for sth
I sat for a difficult exam. nehéz vizsgát tettem.
sit for sb
my sister is sitting for me tonight. bébiszitterkedik
sit in/on/for sth
he sat on the city council. tagja
sit as sth
he sat as an mp for 10 years. 10 évig volt képviselő
slow - lassú
slow to do sth
he was slow to go home. lassan ment haza
slow in/about doing sth
he was slow about making a decision.
smell - szaga/illata van
sb/sth smell adj
her perfume smells bad.
sb/sth smell as if/as though
she smells as if she has eaten garlic. olyan a lehellete, mintha fokhagymát evett volna
sb/sth smell of sth
his breath smells of beer. sörtől bűzlik a lehellete
smell sth
she smelt the flower. megszagolta
smell sb/sth doing sth
I smelt the pie burning. éreztem, hogy odaég a pite
smell that
I smelt that the pie was burning.
smile - mosolyog
smile at sb/sth
the baby smiled at his mother.
smile sth
he smiled happiness.
sorry - elnézést
sorry about sth
I'm sorry about yesterday.
sorry to do sth
I'm sorry to have troubled you.
sorry for doing sth
I'm sorry for coming late.
sorry that
I'm sorry that I woke you up.
sorry for sb
I am sorry for the poor. sajnálom a szegényeket
sound - hangzik
sb/sth sound adj
the car sounds a bit rough these days. furcsa hangokat ad
sb/sth sound like sth
it sounds like a great idea.
sb/sth sound as if/as though
you sound as if you've been crying.
sth sound
the bell sounded at ten o'clock. harangoztak/csöngettek
sound sth
the driver sounded his horn. dudált
speak - beszél
speak to sb about sb/sth
he spoke to me about his plans for hours.
speak with sb about sb/sth
he spoke with me about his plans for hours.
speak of/about sb/sth
she still speaks about her travels in africa.
specialize - specializálódik
specialize in doing sth
he specialized in microbiology after his fourth year.
spend - költ
spend sth on sb/sth
she has spent all her money on clothes.
spend sth on doing sth
we spend a lot of money on travelling.
spend sth on sth
he spent a lot of time on his french homework. sok időt töltött
spend time in doing sth
she spends a lot of time in studying. sok időt tölt
stand - áll
the girl was standing at the corner.
stand adj
he stood barefoot.
there stand sb/sth
there stood a cowboy on the prairie.
stand sth
we stood the table in the middle of the room. állítottuk
stand for sth
she stood for what she believed in. kiállt amellett, amiben hitt.
stand as sth
she stood as a candidate. jelöltként indult
stand to do sth
you stand to win the competition. jó esélyed van rá
stand on sth
where do you stand on private health care? mi a véleményed
stand - ki nem állhatja
stand sth/doing/to do sth
I can't stand watching/to watch bad films.
stand sb doing sth
I can't stand people laughing at me.
stand it wh
she can't stand it when people criticize her.
start - kezd, elkezd, kezdődik
the match started on time.
start sth
who started the quarrel?
start on sth
he started on his new novel.
start sth with sth
he started the day with coffee.
sth start with sth
his day starts with coffee.
start sth as sth
she started her career as a model.
start doing/to do sth
she started laughing/to laugh.
start sth by doing sth
he starts his day by drinking coffee.
start sb doing sth
the programme started her thinking. gondolatokat ébresztett benne
state - bejelent, kijelent
state sth
he stated his intention to marry her.
state that
she stated categorically that she wasn't going to marry him.
sth is stated to do sth
the deadline was stated to be postponed.
it is stated that
it was stated that inflation was rising.
state wh
he stated clearly what he wanted.
stay - marad
she didn't want to stay any longer.
stay sth
after we had broken up, we stayed good friends.
stay adj
bridget stayed unsatisfied after dinner.
stay to do sth
we stayed to see the performance.
stay and do sth
we can stay and help you.
stay doing sth
she stayed dancing until dawn. hajnalig táncolt.
steal - lop
steal sth from sb/sth
she was stealing cutlery from us for years.
stop - megáll, megállít
the van stopped at the corner.
stop sb/sth
the traffic warden stopped me.
stop for sth
they stopped for a drink.
stop to do sth
she stopped to have a cigarette. megállt egy cigarettára.
stop doing sth
he stopped smoking. abbahagyta
stop sb/sb's/sth doing sth
you can't stop us going/our going. nem akadályozhatod meg, hogy
stop sb/sth from doing sth
you can't stop us from going. nem akadályozhatod meg, hogy
stop wh
he stopped what he was doing. abbahagyta
strange - furcsa, különös
strange to sb
his idea seemed strange to me.
it is strange of sb to do sth
it was strange of her to be back.
it is strange that
it is strange that he arrived before her.
stress - hangsúlyoz
stress sth
she stressed the importance of education.
stress to sb that
the politician stressed to the journalists that the meeting was a success.
stress wh
he stressed how important it was to improve health care.
strict - szigorú
strict with sb
he is really strict with his children.
stupid - ostoba
stupid to do sth
I was stupid to believe him.
it is stupid of sb to do sth
it was stupid of me to believe him.
stupid doing sth
I felt stupid saying that.
subscribe - előfizet
subscribe to sth
how many people subscribed to the magazine?
succeed - sikerül
the play didn't succeed. nem volt sikeres
succeed as sth
he succeeded as a long-distance runner. hosszútávfutóként futott be
succeed in doing sth
we succeeded in getting into the finals.
succeed sb as sth
prince charles will succeed elizabeth ii. as the king. követi a trónon
succeed to sth
he succeeded to the throne in 1603. lépett trónra
successful - sikeres
successful in/at doing sth
he was successful in selling his book.
successful with sth
this dressing is especially successful with a salad of crisp vegetables.
suffer - szenved, elszenved
suffer sth
she suffered a heart attack.
suffer from sth
he can't stand to see him suffering from the flu.
suffer for sth
he is suffering for his bad decision. issza a levét
suggest - javasol
suggest sth to sb
he suggested a solution to me.
suggest sb/sth for sth
who would you suggest for this role? kit ajánlanál
suggest sb/sth as sth
who would you suggest as desdemona ? kit ajánlanál
suggest doing sth
I suggested seeing a film.
suggest sb's doing sth
I suggested his taking up some sport.
suggest to sb that
I suggest to him that he takes up some sport.
suggest to sb that sb should/might do sth
I suggested to him that he should take up some sport.
it is suggested that sb/sth should do sth
it has been suggested that everybody should vote.
suggest to sb wh
he suggested to me where to look for a job.
suggest sth to sb
the evidence suggested murder to the detective. sugallt
suggest that
the evidence suggests that mr. smith has been murdered. a bizonyíték arra utal
suit - megfelel
suit sb/sth
this bank suits my needs.
it suits sb to do sth
it suits me to start work on tuesday.
sth suits sb
orange suits you. jól áll neked
suitable - megfelelő, alkalmas
suitable to/for sb/sth
this seems suitable to our purposes.
suitable to do sth
he seems suitable to perform the job.
supply - ellát
supply sb/sth with sth
the distributors supplied the local shops with chocolate.
supply sth to sb/sth
the soviet union used to supply arms to iran.
support - támogat
support sb/sth in sth
they supported the rebels in their fight.
suppose - feltesz
getting to know her is not as easy as you might suppose. ahogy gondolnád
suppose sb to be adj
I supposed him to be innocent.
suppose sb to be sth
I supposed her boyfriend to be a rope-walker.
sb/sth is supposed to do sth
he is supposed to come. állítólag
it is supposed to do sth
it is supposed to rain. állítólag
it is supposed that
it was generally supposed that it wouldn't happen again.
surprise - meglep
sth surprise sb
the present surprised my mother.
it surprise sb to do sth
it surprises me to see him on tv.
it surprise sb that
it surprised me that he was wearing a skirt.
it surprise sb wh
it's always surprised them how well-dressed he was.
sure - biztos
sure about/of sb/sth
we were sure about one thing.
sure to do sth
she is sure to receive a warm welcome.
sure of doing sth
she is sure of receiving a warm welcome.
sure that
I am sure that he didn't mean to hurt you.
sure wh
she wasn't sure what she should say.
survive - fennmarad, tovább él
survive from sth
the custom has survived from the middle ages.
survive as sth
he survived as an individual.
survive on sth
he survived on food from the soldiers.
survive sth adj
he survived the accident healthy. túlélte
survive sb
she survived her husband only by a year. csak egy évvel élte túl
survive to do sth
he survived to write about the death camp.
suspect - gyanakszik, gyanít
suspect sth
she suspected nothing.
suspect sb to do sth
they suspected him to be involved in a theft. arra gyanakodtak, hogy
suspect sb of doing sth
the police suspected him of committing the crime. gyanúsította
suspect that
I suspect that he has stolen my umbrella.
it is suspected that
it is suspected that he has committed the crime. arra gyanakodnak, hogy
suspect wh
I suspected where he came from.
sympathize - együttérez
sympathize with sb/sth
most people sympathize with the rebels. szimpatizál
tackle - megbirkózik
tackle sth
I can't tackle this problem alone. megbirkózik
take - visz, elvisz
take sth
she never takes my advice. sohasem fogadja meg a tanácsom.
take sth with sb
I forgot to take my swimming suit with me.
take sth to sb
I'll have to take this bag to my uncle.
take sb sth
I'll have to take my uncle this bag.
take sth from sb
the soldiers managed to take the town from the enemy. sikerült bevenniük a várost
take sb sth
they took the earl prisoner. foglyul ejtették
take sth as sth
am I supposed to take your remark as a compliment? bóknak kellene vennem
take sb/sth for sb/sth
don't take me for a fool. ne nézz hülyének!
take sb/sth to be sth
even the experts took the sculpture to be a genuine rodin. eredetinek tartották
take sb doing sth
will you take me shopping tomorrow?
take it that
I take it that you'll be busy today. felteszem
it takes sb/sth to do sth
it takes courage to climb mount everest. bátornak kell lenni
sth takes time
the journey to my workplace takes ten minutes. tart
it takes time to do sth
it takes ten minutes to get to my workplace.
it takes time sb to do sth
it takes me ten minutes to get to my workplace.
talk - beszél, beszélget
talk sth
don't talk nonsense!
talk to/with sb about sb/sth
they were talking to each other about politics for hours.
talk of/on sth
she is talking of moving to the states.
talk of sb as sth
she talked of him as a hero.
talk sb into/out of sth
she talked me into/out of taking up karate. rábeszélt/lebeszélt
talk as if
he talks as if he knew everything.
taste - vmilyen ízű
sb/sth taste adj
the soup tastes delicious.
sb/sth taste like sth
it tastes like lemon.
sb/sth taste as if/as though
this cake tastes as if my grandma had made it.
taste of sth
this water tastes of metal. fém íze van
taste sth
I'll taste the cake to see whether it's ok. megkóstolom
teach - tanít, megtanít
she teaches at the local school.
teach sb sth
they teach them english.
teach sth to sb
they teach english to them.
teach sb to do sth
my grandma taught me to knit.
teach sb that
my teachers taught me that I won't succeed without hard work.
teach sb wh
she taught me how to change a nappy.
teach sth about sth
he taught me a lot about women.
tell - mond, elmond
tell sb sth
she told everybody the secret.
tell sth to sb
she told the secret to everybody.
tell sb about sth
the old man told us stories about the war.
tell sb to do sth
he told me to sit down.
tell sb that
they told us that he was a liar.
tell sb wh
she didn't tell me what to expect.
can tell
as far as I can tell, he is doing well. amennyire meg tudom ítélni
can tell that
I could tell that he was tired. láttam
can tell wh
I can't tell what's written on it. nem tudom megállapítani
tell sb/sth from sb/sth
it's difficult to tell your voice from your sister's. nehéz megkülönböztetni
tell on sb/sth
the pressure is now beginning to tell on the iraqi leader. kezd megmutatkozni
tempt - csábít
tempt sb to do sth
he tempted me to accept his offer. rábeszélt
tempt sb into doing sth
she tempted me into taking up dancing. rábeszélt
tend - hajlamos
tend to do sth
he tends to put on weight.
tend to/towards sth
she tends toward racism. hajlik
tend to sb/sth
the nurse tended to the wounded soldier. gondját viselte
test - próbál, kipróbál
test sb/sth for sth
they tested the machine for efficiency.
test sth on sth
they haven't tested the medicine on people yet.
testify - tanúskodik
testify against sb
he decided to testify against his wife.
testify for sb
he decided to testify for the defence.
testify about sth
he testified about the murder.
testify to doing sth
he testified to having heard the shot.
testify that
he testified that he had heard the shot.
sth testifys to sth
the documentary testifies to the cruelty of mankind. bizonyítja
thank - köszön
thank sb
thank you.
thank sb for doing sth
thank you for sending the invitation to her.
thankful - hálás
thankful for sth
after the war she was thankful for food.
thankful to do sth
she was thankful to be alive after the accident.
thankful that
I was thankful that he didn't visit me.
thick - vastag
thick with sth
the kitchen was thick with smoke. vágni lehetett a füstöt
think - gondol
think about sth
I was thinking about my childhood the other day.
think of sth
we are thinking of selling our flat. gondolkodunk
think of sb as sth
he doesn't think of himself as a politician. nem tekinti magát politikusnak.
think like sb
don't think like an old woman.
think adj
let's think positive.
think sb/sth adj
I think him an admirable person. szerintem
think to do sth
she never thought to call. nem jutott eszébe
think that
we thought that it would rain.
I am trying to think where he could be.
sb/sth is thought to do sth
the earth was thought to be flat.
it is thought that
it was thought that the earth was flat.
think so/not
'is she ill?' 'I think so/not.'
don't think so
'is she ill?' 'I don't think so.'
think it adj that
I think it impossible that we can finish this in time. elképzelhetetlennek tartom
think it adj to do sth
I think it impossible to finish this in time.
think it adj wh
I think it best if you call him at once. szerintem az lenne a legjobb, ha
think it sth that
I think it a miracle that they've survived. csodának tartom
think it sth wh
I would think it an honour if he asked me to help. megtiszteltetésnek tartanám
thirsty - szomjas
thirsty for sth
he was thirsty for knowledge.
thoughtful - figyelmes
it is thoughtful of sb to do sth
it was thoughtful of you to call her on her birthday.
threaten - fenyeget
threaten sb/sth
war threatened the country.
threaten sb with sth
the robber threatened the cashier with a gun.
threaten to do sth
the robber threatened to kill the cashier.
threaten that
the robber threatened that he would kill the cashier.
throw - dob
throw sth to sb
she threw the ball to him. odadob
throw sth at sb
the indian threw a stone at the cowboy. odavágta, megdobta
tired - fáradt
tired of sb/sth
he was tired of her. elegem volt belőle.
tired of doing sth
he was tired of waiting. elege volt a várakozásból.
tolerant - türelmes
tolerant of/towards sb/sth
she is very tolerant towards little children.
tolerate - elvisel
tolerate sth
I can't tolerate his behaviour.
tolerate doing sth
she won't tolerate being refused.
tolerate sb doing sth
I won't tolerate you being late.
trade - kereskedik
trade in sth with sb
the venetians traded in spices with the arabs for centuries.
trade sth for sth
during the war they traded arms for food. fegyvereket cseréltek élelmiszerre
trade as sb/sth
myers & anor traded as furniture retailers and supplied free coffee to customers. bútor kiskereskedőként működött
train - képez, tanít
train sb in/for sth
he is trained in trade. kereskedelmi képzettsége van
train sb as sth
he is trained as a pilot. pilótának képezték
train sb/sth for sth
he trains dolphins for the circus. betanít
train to do sth
he is training to be a pilot. pilótának tanul
train for sth
she has been training for the olympics for years. edz
train sb to do sth
I've had to train myself to go running every day. hozzá kell szoktatnom magam
transfer - áthelyez, átszállít
transfer sb/sth from … to …
the patient was transferred from the hospital to a special clinic.
transfer sth to sb
she transferred the house to her son. átíratta
transform - átalakít
transform sth/sb from … into…
ramadhan transformed iran from an oil exporter into an importer.
translate - fordít
translate sth from sth into sth
she translates poems from english into german.
translate sth as sth
she translated 'geneva' as 'genoa'.
sth translate as sth
the hungarian word 'cipőfűző' translates as 'shoelace'.
treat - bánik, kezel
treat sb/sth with sth
she treated her grandfather with respect.
treat sb/sth as sth
he treated me as a friend. barátjaként kezelt. – mert az voltam
treat sb/sth like sth
he treated me like a dog. úgy bánt velem, mint egy kutyával
treat sb/oneself to sth
I treated myself to a whisky after the meeting. megengedtem magamnak
treat sb for sth
she was treated for appendicitis. vakbéllel kezelték.
trick - becsap
trick sb out sth
she tricked him out of all his money. kicsalta az összes pénzét
trick sb into sth
he tricked me into lying to her. ravaszul rávett, hogy
trick sb into doing sth
the beggar tricked me into giving him money. rávett
trouble - zavar
trouble sb/oneself with sth
I don't want to trouble you with my questions.
trouble sb to do sth
may I trouble you to close the window, please?
trouble oneself about/over sth
you don't need to trouble yourself about/over him. ne izgasd magad
trouble oneself to do sth
she didn't trouble herself to call me. nem vette a fáradságot
it troubles sb that
it troubles me that we didn't invite her. fáj nekem
untrue - igaz,
untrue to sb/sth
you should be true to your principles.
untrue to do sth
it is true to say that opposites attract each other.
untrue that
it was true that his horses tended to have brief careers.
try - próbál, megpróbál
I am not sure that I can help, but I'll try.
try sth
have you tried that new tea? kipróbáltad
try to do sth
I tried not to laugh. megpróbáltam
try doing sth
why don't you try taking an aspirin? miért nem kísérled meg
try for sth
he is trying for a better post. egy jobb beosztásra pályázik
try sb for sth
she is being tried for robbery. tárgyalják az ügyét
turn - megfordul
suddenly she turned.
turn sth
he turned the letter.
turn sth into/to sth
he turned water into wine. átváltoztatta
turn sth
he turned a communist after his parents were murdered. kommunista lett
turn adj
leaves turn brown in the autumn. elsárgulnak
turn sb for sth
she turned to me for help. hozzám fordult
turn to doing sth
he turned to painting. festeni kezdett
typical - tipikus
typical of sth
this wine is typical of the region.
it is typical of sb to do sth
it is typical of brian to spend all his money.
understand - ért, megért
understand sb/sth
I don't understand their explanation.
understand sth about sth
they don't understand anything about politics. nem értenek a politikához
understand from sth that
I understand from your words that you want to be alone for a while.
understand sb/sb's doing sth
I didn't understand them/their leaving so soon.
understand sb to do sth
I understood you to say that we would leave.
it is understood that
it is understood that her new novel is out in a month. úgy értesültem
understand wh
I don't understand why you are leaving.
undertake - vállal, elvállal
undertake sth
you must undertake this project.
undertake to do sth
she undertook to recount the story as it was.
undertake that
the government undertook that the highway would be built in one year.
unique - egyedülálló
unique to sb/sth
this plant is unique to australia. egyedül ausztráliaban található meg
update - korszerűsít, felújít
update sth
we have to update our computer.
update sb on sth
I have to update my boss on the events. tudatnom kell az újabb fejleményeket a főnökömmel.
upset - ige felizgat, kiborít
upset sb/sth
don't upset john.
upset oneself by doing sth
don't upset yourself by thinking of him.
it upsets sb to do sth
it upsets me to think about the damage.
it upsets sb that
it upset john that mary got married.
upset - szomorú, csalódott
upset about sth
she is upset about his decision.
upset to do sth
she was upset to find out the truth.
upset that
we were upset that he was leaving. nagyon megviselt minket
urge - sürget
urge sth
they were urging a quick reply.
urge sb to do sth
he urged me to make a decision soon.
urge doing sth
they urged a decision soon.
urge that sb should do sth
I urged that the meeting should be postponed.
use - használ
use sth
may I use your phone?
use sth for doing sth
use a knife for cutting this.
use sth as sth
they used his testimony as evidence against her.
use sb/sth to do sth
we are using pictures to motivate children.
used - hozzá van szokva
used to doing sth
I am used to listening to her horror stories. hozzá vagyok szokva
useful - hasznos
useful to sb
she is really useful to us.
useful for doing sth
this medicine is useful for relieving pain.
it is useful to do sth
it is useful to memorise texts sometimes.
useless - hiábavaló
useless at doing sth
he is useless at learning languages. reménytelen
it is useless to do sth
it is useless to wait for him any longer.
it is useless doing sth
it is useless waiting for him any longer.
unusual - szokásos
it is unusual for sb/sth to do sth
it is usual for opera singers to spend a lot of time abroad. természetes
value - felbecsül
value sth at sth
the house is valued at 10 million.
value sb/sth as sth
we valued his advice as the perfect solution. értékeltük
value sb/sth for sth
we value the house for its natural surroundings. megbecsüljük
view - tekint
view sb/sth as sth
they viewed the match as a crucial step for winning the championship.
view sb/sth with sth
strangers in the village were viewed with suspicion.
view it as sth
he viewed it as a success that his film was considered artistic.
visible - látható
visible to sth
pluto is not visible to the naked eye.
vital - létfontosságú
vital for/to sth
vitamins are vital to humans.
it is vital to do sth
it is vital to eat vitamin c.
it is vital that
it was vital that you spent a week with your father.
it is vital that sb should do sth
it is vital that you should learn german.
vote - szavaz, megszavaz
vote sb/sth sth
the parliament voted the town a large sum of money.
vote on sth
the company voted on lowering the prices.
vote for/against sth
they voted for/against the proposal.
vote out of sth
the government was voted out of office. szavazással leváltották
vote to do sth
the band voted to give a free concert.
vote that
we voted that we would leave immediately.
wait - vár
have you been waiting long?
wait for sb/sth to do sth
I was waiting for the concert to start.
wait two minutes/an hour etc.
she waited two hours and then she left.
wait to do sth
hurry up! we are waiting to leave.
wait on sb
she was waiting on drunken guests all night. felszolgált
wait on sb/sth
we can't wait on their decision. kivárni
want - akar
want sth
she wants a husband.
want to do sth
I wanted to help.
want sb to do sth
I wanted him to help.
want sb/sth to be done
the teacher wants the essays to be written by monday.
want sth adj
I want my coffee black.
want sb doing sth
I don't want you staying up late.
want be wanted for sth
he is wanted for robbery. körözik
sth wants doing
the room wants cleaning. ráférne
warn - figyelmeztet, óv
warn sb about/against sb/sth
they warned us against bill.
warn sb of sth
did you warn her of the danger?
warn of sth
they warned of the danger of walking alone at night.
warn sb to do sth
the doctor warned suzy to keep the medicine away from her daughter.
warn that
he warned that it was dangerous.
warn sb that
she was warned that she would be fired.
warn sb wh
she was warned how tiring the journey would be.
waste - pazarol
waste sth on sb/sth
he wasted money on gambling.
waste sth in doing sth
you're wasting your time in sitting here.
watch - figyel
I waved to her, but she wasn't watching.
watch sth
do you often watch tv? nézel
watch sb/sth do sth
I watched her pack the suitcase.
watch sb/sth doing sth
we watched him climbing the stairs.
watch wh
watch how to do it first.
welcome - üdvözöl
welcome sth
we welcome your decision. örülünk
welcome sb to sth
he welcomed the guests to the performance.
win - nyer
win sth
we won the game.
win sth from sb
real madrid won the cup from manchester united last year.
win sb sth
he won himself a renault clio.
win sth for sb
he won a renault clio for himself.
win by sth to sb
the team won by one goal to italy.
win against sb/sth
agassi has won against sampras.
unwise - bölcs
unwise to do sth
she was wise to accept his advice.
it is unwise of sb to do sth
it was wise of you not to say anything.
wish - kíván
wish that
I wish I knew/had known her. bárcsak
you may stay here if you wish.
wish sb sth
I wish you good luck.
wish for sth
I wish for things I can never have. vágyakozom
wish for sb to do sth
I wished for her to pass the exam.
wish to do sth
I wish to speak to the manager.
wish sb to do sth
I wished them to leave immediately.
withdraw - visszavon, visszavonul
withdraw sb/sth from
they withdrew the team from the competition.
withdraw to/into
he has withdrawn into his bedroom.
wonder - csodálkozik
wonder about sth
we were wondering about the exam results. kíváncsiak voltunk
wonder wh
she wondered what might have happened to him. azt szerette volna tudni, hogy
wonder at
we wondered at her talent. meglepődtünk
wonder that
I wonder that she kept his photograph.
work - dolgozik
he has never worked.
work on/at sth
he is working on a new book.
work as sth
he works as a guide.
work for sb/sth
she works for british airways.
work in sth
she works in the fashion business.
work for sth
mother teresa worked for peace.
work to do sth
we are working to get this published.
work on sb/sth
her beauty doesn't work on me. nem hat rám
worry - aggódik
worry about/over sb/sth
I worry about her future.
worry sb/oneself about sb/sth
what worries me about her is her laziness. aggaszt
worry that
she worried that we would be late again.
worth - érdemes
worth sth
this painting is worth a lot. sokat ér
sth is worth doing
this novel is worth reading.
it is worth doing sth
it is worth reading it/this novel.
worthwhile - érdemes
it is worthwhile doing/to do sth
it is worthwhile visiting/to visit the castle.
write - ír
when I entered the room she was writing.
write sth about/on sth
he is writing an essay on public transport.
write sth to sb
have you written a postcard to grandma?
write sb sth
have you written grandma a postcard?
write sth for sb
he wrote a sonnet for her.
write doing/to do sth
they wrote complaining/to complain about the accommodation.
write that
she wrote that she was having a good time.
write sb that ame
she wrote me that she was having a good time.
wrong - helytelen, hibás
wrong about sb/sth
we were wrong about her; she is nice after all. tévedtünk
wrong to do sth
we were wrong to assume that he was honest. hibásan feltételeztük
wrong with sb/sth
what's wrong with you? mi a baj
wrong for sth
he is wrong for the role. nem való
wrong that
it was wrong that you paid for everything.
wrong that sb/sth should do sth
it's wrong that we should have to wait so long.
it is wrong of sb to do sth
it was wrong of you to lie to me.
it is wrong for sb to do sth
it's wrong for you to be here.
yell - kiált
yell sth at sb
he yelled encouragement at the swimmer.
yell at sb for/about sth
he yelled at him for breaking the vase.
yell at sb to do sth
she yelled at me to get off the roof.
yield - magadja magát
yield to sb/sth
she yielded to him after a long argument.
yield sb/sth to sb
the researcher yielded his secret to his colleagues. megosztotta
young - fiatal
young for sth
she was too young for the role when the filming began.
too young to do sth
they are too young to travel around europe alone.